Florida star

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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200683datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date October 3, 1965dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=006830740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
October 3, 1965
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
October 3, 1965
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Of FLA. HISTORY ill': : =+ no.ty or l1or1.cfa nazida

White[ Leaders Needed To Correct Evils Heaped On Negroes : DV* ruwci -OUUUlUioJl '

** *
+ *
** *


*. .J... ... >.... ..j.. .* #*..**. *.*. *.*.** *. #. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. .._r .*.. .*..*. *. .*.. ....... ...... '.1.

1 ANCIENT CITY HOODLUMS I f f ff ff f linger OpoReRt Faces II

hORN ATTACKS ON WHITES I f f Oct. 19 Rea Off

D.yttas Biich-JIWM C.BithuM .

*********.*. CaehmaeCoIhilo
but(Mil niaipr,

Campaign For Civil Rights CoatieeesYTAi ewrwolmtryhy odIIr elndkJ"'ID defeltl4 -for

dare aty CoonBliitao ,rt.
mary rie, tad wUl fw T.
MeGirtoy to die Oet. II rta.tfT. -

VOL. 15 NO, 2! SUNDAY OCTOICR 10, illS 1 15 CENTS .

***** ** ItImrWW MM fotdrrarlCao.adults Hi,er'NW

c'. Rev. King Coming To Crawfordville ,cub M4I Int.1,4U RunMripM ef die by,iced.HaI1srlar 1110 arhIJ vow vMwppcmd

*> *



# # *..> <.... .*.. *.... .... ..- ..--1- -T-

NATCH U. MISS. ,.Jr. IW nf r* 1I..treten Into s NIt.., Iwa cM.,.ftW into KI.I 'IRs Jaxons Hail SeriesOn Convicted!

1.111,. ...." lei,..,', i>r**> ...."fc ..... Mr Mt*" 900 ..,i**. .,..IM 'l.alv4' To Step htoGeorila Seek
0."" ,.,.,.''iA.p.r1...,)j. ,,"'(. NAACP RWW icr.wy. (Wi mi HOfO) Rapists

Crisis Negro Problems I To leaf Chair .
Hotter ...|,. r' clMi '" 1.
T rout Gall T10 MM*.
to '
xbtl Jr. dUcto.4 from Juprmi Court took under dvliirrwnl A IIt! e of Trap*, Ntaftr
U lilt ion rf lU nd
;::ILfrIiIrT bin* dill wMk dill tit vffltttp 41/ .,D.'. N**.> TMi It A* KMi, /In I ..".. ..pl.rM/ dill ""k. 1 fl! Tbima A.HsporolLsk.ird? Mn.

: Into die wtikntnf rtclcl M. p-lit".", ...,.. .,, ec.,.....'...,Mf. II Nit" ''i'. by thr*. Did County ecnvl H. 'r.... r tam Man-
breach &Q Cu.'ordrtllt. c.. /e, lod.I/1./ d5 n1r1 Ie M1 ,' .. sIPv.N.n' ca .**hlM nv riUod *m rill rlD| Ichool *f WMtPitaitoMh
Mondiy, wikiitfttiteitlonUiBvUt4 ...11... .s d' 'M" 151111.1> wII" awl hr A.vIpNI1 ntnri 1n the rr of iw* iridHMM from itotff1MCOJUB

by that Urn. "IM its .Iw"., ,.'fM.,'InJH rklrA. N..,... .... MuUin mlrim. Arm werViri .. MtbttltoM
Ttw riclilalipuM tnCri- ... tnjmuiry of MM.Th .
//ad p.INltslly..a.amk.ly. .1'vUvr.lly major Md bit dOM .dVWMdinoy
ford Ut cflttrt round Its -" ". d.pM1.// roI. .l d1. CAreba, .1 C_.... thr.. mni anon.f. M Wwi Vlntali HIM

eklM of the lortlchoof bleb eIIIl e........... M1 ...""' .,." .,4 ... .,. fbUllpCirlton MhW tfit Jiminto CUM MI. lilt Udvvrthy WM

bmrt In lIS rtttni sppnmoffordndodte tu chases wII. 'In Ivre Mh. wp d. ,..., Ilrvctv k.i heie. and Mick WUlCIIwaUlun' 0.,,,, Wiuan Diitoy Jr. llrlulA

ind by Wiry tf* "MM .- rn.ly/ ....,.,,. rNA ..rII. ., pr.l.I hoe. N.,,. lsvs atwl ea.lctlau riwrsSd to rnnbir. of lilt 0 IJ-
dint to odor Mboote.At ......... flu. r1MN.e ,frrr .AUa, kes Lae '.1.14 wi tat froundt .fllllhe mn" Ices BiMh dumber *f C mIMrM -
rIr 1 nruit. duly! Itt inns ". nOl/DA/ STAR hi. bein Sued aid ,eI.,...... wire forced M .ent... and hM bU. I tap M.t
by CriwfwdrflU Kjr ini- ..,. k.... n1.r..yrl&sr.Nit.Ni ,IN1A1/.d.. that fie trill >nlf look part vim. Akibtru A irttoraliy .
deem to bird bun e.r,.,. wille" Ie pvMl.1 dIA..r. .ed.awtlll. .di. pr.llmhs, la DM cr iMniAiiloM and.. Iswill Bwmtwr "'flit*

0CAbWO10VILIL whtt.W.rxl to out stows wille" ....."' .N..,.-.IIItr.. fv.,.mr.vm.r..| questioned IIIe wtnrrru.Csrlta I5MerllNtuditt
lehooli bM c.id oumrouarmu ere M. Paee.l ....,""" ./ ...| flr >"... w its .,1.., t Hid,'* N w.u..a. Church br., end Mn i wWi

tf Mfr"** by mm! del 1eI'-' S *..11.*.* .. ,|r..,',. &1d.. hvd. Ih* tnt>)MM4 fcttiian reumki aawrwseb.r and lotUJ Styli
ben of ihG'rflltMiHIVwiy ,..',. ...... der ,....'weIt..IIII'Jhvdvrsl "' .. told judpi ihouU.. ..,lk.." r'htlal IICI I......

Piirol.T. ..... let.. rr .,. "reI fa..,. .N'. ...... i.mJ ..1,

... /. JohMn I bllry UMWe Ir Mrn Is'a dir. 11.11 .".M'nay N der la.A, 4 Whites ,Sentenced 1
U4, lf, ... ,... II .4lf" ... .._.,,..,,,...,,,,,.J......,,,... ....i .-'
O.OIOlA ., ,.,... ,... ..
N.y v nMp..a..o.r.I.rM. .. .
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... .m. /M/.st. Il.d 'M.
....., ....... .., fw.d...llsn/tNryf.1.AN. ""II.... h ....... 1ft It.i.......... .... j JOT .K. .
fw I&PMdRd, 4 ..,... .WI ".. .. k5..
ew..ty lit,., ,.. 4.s.....,. MMdd. ...JfIhH"1y -. ,.,.,..1....... __4 only s '. For Attack IrrU
.rr.gelimd ..,. "reI'M M. .rtf.'M .. ,..11." Negroes
** .>!.* (,tri mt Moro>
11111.1' .... 'rv d'.4 N MIw
CAN/M' YdiN MIO.Ae. a si./.r d .. UrJ

Season Off Negroes ,.,,** CKr l- *l J.l.*Av>. Sept 4.rfIIc' nfl arms rqiJW from tat Air. KlKh' '-maam.. 44,

.-.IIIIeI..4 save,.,.,,...., '1.4..a .'fe.b.v/.. .* I. 50yirr fII.1In. r hobli l AkrhIMiCnh.Stifle .

M<.M Wt, WA.. ,,.,.,"..... 1ft d. ."Ie''. "..4 e11 ". Repaid( M fair whdw Drag 98, rtiyAnNirw wn
I vWMrf* .h h..lk.M.
Hoodlums Attack Whites t* "' '''.' .hr 10f I Kiln almatrd

,.. ...,.,'. ,M..M. fa d."' ,,w...... ....",.."... ,11 1 wt.na ramr"'lcIft limp,

SU A.>wttm Tfe AftcteM Ibe dnabd. ro...ht, Tlrn Svtft fill. h* ..U Mk Ih* ..... prIN to H.* ..... .*... .Mi"' h..l .awn N .". Icy by CtrII".1" CartJwdv1.
City' rp fr mnf MHba r r Mpteeocala" K re Man D.l.r pray Mr,cenhter.Md r.dhy kM ..111 ,..... IN 151.10 .11'' _"". WI Hans aihrjr. ,
Uf nUm tefc 1gtw kip for *. earls t* f IMJ hi Anctom ClryMMiwr 11111 eI .....,,_. bvI MI..Ny .. Awl s.5.nsna CI'l'o' "Ird.wnndlw sintrue' .
fon>*r4 let*.rfi*.W. tatl "1. Dvrte ih* |err IN cbinc M pr**. Air fer 411..1 ... N.e11AI, e.i1... 1v/ .. .... ., .. II Iran 111 m.nthr II
..'a,. hoods .., cl,... *Led ,... W kit VMr k CM b* s rood Mal famine.M.w. V.w.r1.V .. /.ey"SO .IIey-.vl1l 70/m eats wore ArdwrW
Inwy Mwrtait for '** wit tilt 'rWo Ar sa MMm At tf. i.n* Um, S.M.CMTM a.... A.4 N dlS. hasp n. II 541011 iwW.. tA

nidi* Span. ?.. roc. rmUJ franb 1SH.d.WWk dry "01' tcheoI to small w. .a .. pr..wld.. ...,. .ew. .*.. dote '" lee
.. M a f.xbtU |11III b*- rare kflTtM tfw f MA* dry5.r. rnctkMi *f Mr com r ,. I' t
AM1d.. N.. r.rt. Ph 4.S.AJ.I.da' .sd l.d y..5d1 lpY
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1d ..u.. err Hr far ..*r. M It .fIlOJ wv1M eau.sp..11
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Hilt reahM III."rkI wih. are mli.bhlttoibL II the ........ fcM .. _wrW ft. W ,.
.BI totrilfjdM ....tt.IIII", ..... bids' IN ferns .,* pltrdnv lMinl del J > v r *
dry wars M w* VUpuW1w fcl* ...,11 J..fIl. ..,. .. .11II .eI, w. ..../.,
by JWi tU.I (.... mUi BtaMi nditickt *r Mii easel M ih* C *rfUClftflll s Ny y
'",, Drywe I ella- Mr die..i to IN ,..d a..n.ursaJutq... *f MrfrM to I......*|tpf* pr. '...... ..ee.4iM.M..,..,.'I.,,"' s5A 'I4IN, ...
Ill, II LIft ytu r'ntltntnl ._tad_.. Ow stiller n. f Ik Asmltml doer |M*,*nMi to co.: Ctrl to WMM .*.**/*M(*. .fcf* "<.<..... ,./14.4MInkN Ali
prr'fftll SMMU.Jax. ... .. 'We 4. N' sets I.wp l
Moat tram .wlelrl **li.4 M *r. tojiry fraai b WM M.O.A. pa "
'''. h* book Inq.rw4tfwlr ..k*. Two Ir t...,.,. MlfVl. i nftl MMI* for"dy 170p.rt.at 1 bM.Ss w saw '". ,.......", .tor. pnsr/dli .. .."., Iwppd by fie ward wMtotfrlvtM
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.?.** M ..D a prt*.*l s- -knu. hi MUftI..& 4... perpst Iv1Ib.+Iw.d.aN'IA.s14 b.1.ba tertto fir.M .
Th M1MtfM recerct- Shim taM due* to cmurktoMoM totr ..* to drttoby Hud by ,........,. ......... ._ M pwreN s.dI..rn .wflo4t. .4 tot* a Mto iwpW1brb
league 11'II M/veti TWI'
CMUMltpctMrt players tut MM .. .. ,.. .. viH y
ry dM *4 .M4ra to fie Milt t .MAN /e1N4.Iy v'Mi diii 'skied .........ah. -
KM M IN paw f torn* nd I,. ..M MU- Wp..irdlr.M 4.4 J Nay..h fIA4 .........,.y Wi.N./...41.ILA .. b. .
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1 JAMES aesroN. or THE new
published by the Florida star, ruollauinB DoBPag7': YORK TIMES WHO WAS IN NET


ERIC 0. SIMPSON..:.....Nilllii E.itirUYSON AQAINST NEGROES. By Whitney M.. Tang Jr.Kteasurlng .

E. WIE............ Kits, E.itir HADE IT SO UNCOMFORTABLE

HILDA VOOTEN. ......... Cireilitiii Maiii "A GRATEFUL DOG O HE ASHED FOR A TRAHSFIR' The frustration of the ghettt.i rum and 'some offices are

IS BETTER ve when they erupt u In Watts playing with fire by allowing ;
ANUNGRATEFVLMWN. / or Harlem, seldom ire visible Negroes to be jammed Into

Mucriil 'Rn. P.m Elfii 4-6712 MAM to the eye of the white mn.Millions ghettos. And such cities an f
,7323 r, r of white Americas In- the rule not the exception.Here's .
eluding the mayors of many a the Taeuber report on I
Miilii. Address large city haw convinced: the South for the 1940-60 pe rtod. '
themselves that ghettos do not Austin 84.8 up to 93.0;Balti
P.O. Bri>j 5tl licksuiilli 1 Fliri.i I exist and that any Negro family more. 90.1 down to 89.6;Birmingham
-.. that wishes to move out ear 88.4 up to 92'.'; Chattanooga j

MIAMI I OFFICE Some whites 86.5 up to91.SDtUu, 1
fail to recognisethat 80.2 up to 94.6; Ft. Worth 81.J I
317-1025 millions of up to 94.3 Houston 84.5 up to
131 NV and An. Phiu Negro families 9X1; Jacksonville, 94.3 up to

, are paying more 96.9; Little Rock. 18.2 up to
for ktslRg a 89.4; Miami, 97.9 unchanged, j
I Harlem slum (and the highest msorclty) in
than their wbitecoaDttrparu the country Nashville 8.5 up
One Year, $8.00 Half Year. $4.00 : to 91.'; New Orleans 8LO up

Mailed to you Anywhere in the United States pay for a Han- !. to 86.X l
Subscription payable in advance 4 ford townhouse.1 Also, Norfolk 96.0 down to
Send Check or Money order to: When Negro 94.6; Richmond. nhp to 94..
leaden assail \ 8; San Antonio 79.6 up to 90.1;
the "color: tax," i Savannah 84.2 up to 92.3; ,
f skimlordlsm. the bigotry of Shreveport! flU up to 95.9;
I many banks and savings and Tampa 90.2 up to 94.5; WU
Jacksonville 1. Florida'UpwardBound' loan associations and their m Ing ton,. Del.. 83.0 down 1019.- i

realtor allies tolling to keep 8; and Wlnston-Sakm! 92.9 up
Negroes In the ghetto these to 95.0.
whites look the other way. One of the corollaries of high,
Prof.ssor'Def'-lds Now comes a definitive study or rising |egregatlon Indexes.b .
measuring the degree of reil- the worsening communications
dentlal segregation In our between the races In a
In on .:lilorlal 'lob oil od "Grand ,,,,. for failure lit RUDE AWAKENING.....FIGHTING ON TWO FRONTS cities. It comet from an city like Mobile. (91.9) then
Upward .IIh' the 7oflahaoe Democrat let forth me eminent and traU-bUzlng sociologist. will not be much occasion: for
Idoa mot certain ""d.,," onrollod o. IAMU or. tovrei //. Dr. Karl Taeuber. for- black and white people to meet
bull yet they or. toddlod and given free ..d"c.Ion merly of the University of In ordinary day-to-day ways.
with fringe benefit, / Chicago Population and Research Each: race, unless change are
The ooVtoricrforowieo'ProfeMorCherfeiU. Smith,, head Center, In the form of brought about, will live In fear
ol the Sociology Deportment, IAMU, to preient on obi. Your Weekly his new book "Negroes In of the other;suspicion,mUtrust
,Critique In dol..oI111.'Up.d.o"rwf'rom."W1 Cities" brought out by Chicago's : and stereotypes will replace
Involve around 150 srva'ent*who receive full eoVcoMon Aldln Publishers.Dr. trust, frankness and the truth
coif and even torn spending money. Dr. Smith, In, fill TIeUbe,', studies of 201 opening the door to demagogue
obi dot" .., warned the editor that to lob.l these largo American cities Indicates ry and upheaval \
.flld."" 1.11",.." was to deny mat 'Individual can be Guide that our urban Negroes are The sob encouraging note In
properly educated with' special 'instructional "M.". Horoscope largely trapped' ; for millions Dr. Taeuber'S findings b that
tion*, can .. reclaim Vother.than condemnation to there can be no escape! and that Integration proceeded slightly
failure.' white ghetto walls cracked In. more rapidly between 1950 and
Smith reminded' the Jollohottoo",., that ""' ... some cities between 1950 and 1960 than In the previous decade
.fIIJ.",. are failure. li among" the very Ity'o"' ...* By PABLO The ASTROLOGER 1980 -- In nearly all cities they -- a process hopefully being acelerated -
the Upward Bound propose. to tost, and net loci .* remain tragically high. today ta Minneapolis
you fry to Imply* Using what he terms a the segregation Index dropped
.%,..,. the follahossee editor peied "theoueir7onVMiat. WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS, "Segregation IniSeJl."Dr.Taeu- two points In the former dread*
"d. olobi/ fhe Upward Bounder ore going' to gel?- ber Wanreuh.de.rt.o(segregation but by a., points In the liner
he replied that they might I become newspaper editor BUSINESS: LOVE TRAVE.L.. by computing the percentage one.
and get w.ll-paid' for even mediocre performance. of non-rhira whowouU White' such gains art urea
Die well-Informed hlitorlan" hoi prepared a lleJ o/ have to shift from on block to except on the Mat' Coast, they
thousand of men who o/ first were failure VWth' proper another to create an unsegregated remain Inadequate ta sunmlng
nurturing' they roar obey them all to en om..I", ARIES CANCER LIBRA CAPRICORN'" metropolis. up. there b not s major U.So
succei For 'Instance, lobe Ruth /ruck.vl 1330 time. m s microscopic eiamlnatlon city which could not erupt as

but fill 714 homo runs obliterated the ttrie-euts. Bern Merck 21st thra Bern June 22n j tkrwJwly Bm Dec. 22e then' of the census tracts Into which did Los Angeles If the threat of
Cy Young one of the great big league' pitchers. ac April 19th Una B.", s.,.. 23re shire Jon 19t11 our cities are divided Dr. violence: hanging like s sword!
cumulated. I victories, ,""It..llo'.'01", .".. manygome Oct. 23 Taeuber finds for Instance, that over our civilisation, b to be
.. One of the lulling.d men who ever lived wo '.....1" free of worry. Yew Stan by 'V".OL M I. ....- Chicago (nS) Is more segregated removed it will retire freedom
a/way trying experiment' that were "IIIIICC."''''. Vet may tori owl III'"ce."",,oaf- Che l yewr ,011..... Since he Sere ,.//ft,. Pie coming wraf to have" ...,." .abewt than I.lemphts.(92.Othat of movement for Negro1citlaens
we never thin, of Thomas Edison a* a 1.1,,,,.. Many for lomewhat concerneo* over ml pedal tort out en .,..,. together of Uranus end Plwto the pen Ale owlcomo 01.major'wno'ertoting Yonkers. N.T.. Tt-1) and White as well M for whitss.
military general, throughout history' fiove foitmany "' *'''. of your heolln ., "h..during met I I. very much on "' com. in your solar 12th hawse he *. This may .. jws- Plain. No T.. (79,3) rank with Hundreds of raimsn relafkw
bottlei but we don't consider, them ',.1111,.**, gvelite..1 yevr pies dele, It would b..rJyprv great tignificanco' relating' to fieeMncosesefineCvleWswhemate Ourkiton ..c.. ('1.8) and councils arc being MttMissjrdfa
Harold Heifer, ,In the Kwanl M..I". ., once sold, I.''''''' occvoaMon But yew don |o tale all toneeaalol) your talents. lowed one end it a practka to procrastinate. That the'wrtwftun wMio MOM suburbs the estfaei wei to
'Succe* I. a bright un that obscures and mole idle should' nol overlook your ,. pree'evMen*agelnil twoVenemerBertclet. -' financial' ,,,,.,..,*. A greet .'....". net In other blight Indeed. bases the hair of ..fill' talef -
culewtfy unimportant the I/Me shadowy fledi of fall- cllp.,.'.,. powers norh.. *J may fcetwrertopwf duel will depend."III.tli.,. Instances when vi,....... end Many s suburb* preening anallAmerican r1otDut s Federal civil -
",..' stills ."tI'..."'n/v'..... (no* off wnlmpertonl trip. Provide lien, yew havoaVsployee'lnJhepoit prompt tlee'.....*. An avent of \ city tmge. rights act In bousing b at
enable you to odoot yourself ... ""known ".....'. of to consider the merit oraVmorit ..,1.,... signtficonco could say Uke Alas,... V... ((91.9) vital as Il'I'IA ompl Jnd.

Should Mr. Civil Rights Go Home? rapidly' to changing tondiHont .me h"....,*. AgreemenNmot of such an wnprWictoble well tote place when Uronwt Jut across Washington.the Potomac(".'7) hat RJ".r'rom s Either brothers we shall or we live wWrUb togetheras .

Tiding .1. very favorable, era ,..hd ...."' "/ IIn.III. aspect Vow era me one end ".. ore conjolnee/ in segregatio Index rating thai together u foo'". If (Mt-
cnaracrer could moan much to stamp approval ofpeo- m etlevol.fi ee'tejvefce, whether sofer 9th h_... It cowie
your only the Ki Kku Klan would minded whir Amer\cane.oaW\
We recently' noted' o reprint elan editorial publldiedby ,....
your'od. o. well otMie" hoveoemeo'certoinrooreS -
pie who are absolutely competent yew be loonier *
important a yowr cheer.: view housing Imef ration as an
the Star which' Dr. Martin turner
Wbshlnglon urged welfare of Ihe members .' III. Mon whether lb.Ik"o hot *
end Irvsrwerthy. or finances
hopes ana are concerned For eimpkti bock Water opportunity, rather Than a
and King,finish the' 'home-mode he civil/ d/hO.lash.foreign policy' expert to go home family circle. When ,In transit" you .It".",. hoi to be oppondod come ,.,.,for preview. *shortcoming Vow should ...... (98.0) are worse than Detroit dues. this country coaM get

This raise the ""." 'on: Should Dr. 'King go h..f end whllo enaroiilng' your to binding e'ocwmenls. *. Great cere mil havoto every effort to ."..,.. the (",I). which Is bad enonghi en with the bulnest el lending
The editorial ..Id There I* something' peiltlvely ridiculous thevghta vocally/ ., with eon this It art the mere cogent Serenity be to*on to prevent threat co", .. ana" affocrstomebestelyewr Compton (I4.<) and Pasadena Its real problems Instead.
end r, be carefwf cud .,.. ... wnle.sitimeInlention beat Los
about Dr. King hobnobbing around"the UNwIthAmbatsader oooo more In your surroundings "'lfi,,. (13.4) oat Angela of worrying over color.
Goldberg and solemnly delivering himself then wiwel.' '. pap..oJ to ee should, ,..,,"" This toJUot- to bring ....'" mat (ILI) acbJ CllubetliTS,3) are Pec ease of the significance

of".""ne'om.,,".* on International' relation, H. some bp.rnw.rh around sure yew ., o much mere I* dulling y.." "......"....01cOftflvct. '-4O-JJ.IJ-1't.4J more restrictive than Newark of the Taeuher tndeies. I era
want peace 'In Viet Nam. Who doe.,,'/* Pie Viet Cong, me AWN or to II..,. everything agreeable, weelenol The ac- fvon then itcewfe'be AQUARIUSBer (11.8)1 and Chester not Is Including bJ ruh./st.. the
".rh."., and perhap the North Vletnometo, neither In 0'''.' shovle visitors' con! I 1s more."re A relejietlenana C matter of prvo'ence to die. worse than Pbllad.WsIa(11.1). figures of 40 of oar 10 largestcittesi

of whom I* (listening' except as one listens for signs ., arrive and e.ert to bo onrertomeet privacy.This wewfo.enable mine whether yaw ore trwfyfwsrifie Jan 20th thus While apologists who ansmpt
wooln.n In, the ."_y.* Vow thou/Wfin/sh, .no III.w. yew to r ocII.".your energIes ; ** in taling twch stand FekUthfellow to teffsoap Negroes with New Tort 19,3
eel fully" ...,,,,oJ vim whet. that ml. I really tot b I.g s-aro ettlnfbeaer Chicago 97.1
The (letter part of the editorial Indicated that Dr. KingIs ond to 'indulge In certain reSections or to confirm -
not qualified to negotiate peace In Viet Nam nor I* ever he* been accemalisheaB.30WIS4J8 .\ regeraYngwhatmefotwre In yew hotter Intereot. II ,tote the ..... s........,... chants, do have t point. Things Us Anrekts 1 1.9PhiladeVhb

lie ,. '...1 peeiHen to do ... Perfiep Dr. King' I* may be holding ,In store. refectionSCORPIO.- boning .. d.wibperr.mdendI.InS are gealmgbetrr. Bvtlttonlya n.1
?* decimal paint. The oflnrgrarlaa Detroit .
somehow qualified to hold, Informed opinion In III... Just .....'I imagine' the ..,... 31 J.IO.u.I"Sl monetary Intoreot cowl ta
some cities Is BahUnere
matter but It I* being done with' epperon! approbation., 42046.1741.421 be reaching o poi'4 where o solow. B.|
It would t ke 100 H TAURUCAe'm altorotion of yearsw
of his, government finally It sold, his qualification In complete yowrbwe9getary
register s, 10 Cteveland
the civil rights movement has ......",.,, nothing, do LEO pelkio* may be percent 9UWashlnrioei
Afril 20 h tin improvement! This soalTs
with the he meWe ...,_ry. Any benefit 79,1
ereo new
survey Oct. 24th thin. pace common to meet..nt.,. St. Lewis
(...", Dr. King I. certainly' empowered ,.help" May 20th Bam July 23rd tkreAeg. per that cewf ...*.._ ?, onwo cities make souhera school 9aiMUwojhee
negotiate peace with' Viet, Nam Cong., and he may not 22.01 Nov. 22.S1 may hemeaowrea'by me sw ont desegregation look rapid. I.. Francbco ...,
be qualified In this area of hymen 0ftfI_.,. But If W lfh (he ..").....c.. few taped the ."" ..... The conwnctien of me ,.,.*.... yew .... aopli > nautrattons of thus abound.Derweee Doom 8X9
our government feel' ho ".. .practical plan for pe... may have oolelnW many Show Impartiality. I. ....r ( of Uronwt one*"/...U *** I* .. years gone by tuMid 1940 and IMO. DottIlIIt. Danes 94.1
It might give him' on appointment, a* ,... "...fI", .'. views' ...... ferworoMeealngone own lev.,... critic .wI |Ivclt. .1.' II th hewie the In.elcolor wp your asset on**material s bidet treosol trim Mo' Now Orteans SO
WI. tnowr King' /uit might .. able to turn the Met .....,. mere on .. comtervoMvo Accept any evidence' test your 01. major event U hoWngo. ,.... of yew *e ...2 ae knerevomeat ofM Pltubirt f 14.6
Mho fail* then. hove other*who luppesed/y/ have theforeignpolicy delusion at ,It bv.w..sb.Per .
..... Iv' when It life mot eowlo fund.. who hove Mod iMoVteennef.MM p.re.rbDyeant I oe.r Sat Aosoaie 90.1Sta
/ I newhow.But. comet to offolrt of "' Hart, sentence on yowrteW firy the your ihapo W fwtwro .!*. or. .,.... q1o whirr toheei galir cities In That Dttgo IUSeattte
,In all front net*, there I* the unfinished buinos ... end Impartially o* yew would. yowr olsappointmonts. lb.younger tiineipisj were
there I is no one bv yew con lenco. friene'thJp*. clwbtoeoclotione. ewe Buffalo. (tXtoowsi t ,.,,
of rights,, to-which King he* committed' hlmielf., Until really, "edH..1cII I I. me bed on other*. This, moy also. lttvdo .. Asjwarlon* who hove to ".1), PhUadettUs. DMffato 94L8CtaclnBati

Ihl,. Is finished' Dr. King must tolly form until' the loot cowrie for yew to lea.MaterialcemWorafJens toting another feel a> homo. hAo.pivii..a.4'Me .... b.pr. meir career. ...... ram orman (9AO data w 11.1), Cbrbmatl, BsXOMomphb
guerilla,, segregotionist' his boon. to your ,
overcome. .
ore more,Wei y your marital or partnership estedation to the toregrownrf wills behind men wewUbe (90.B oo w t9Ci "ltnmapotls. 92.0

to tip me Kales moneny others toootefvnln.{.11.... Judd.....01' ptoying the star role wWI oeVloWto.......sound' (IU... te 79.Ziare/ Dan ILl
Whii's Wrong With Youth? that loan toward ........... much it' has contribute*'to your Afsheoa. more else are signs .tarmie ,...,.. son tu in.Mr. )Iorf... (9&0 data to N." Atlanta 9X6Monniapetb
tulips Des.Mk.ndpuhJkr. prosedHic.JHer, specifwoilyIn .' .., CJnoncIo Interest me bore NMoelth.k'Swains kicrodaiy. .,. eoregatie ef'raOUoM 79JIndlaBapolb
your .
.."."* oear to be......... the monetary oVporimeni wilt .n bo under me most O* ... .. mamteVve* of ute Negrees worsened 916Kansae
A specially designed military/ training' program for Ivory effort should .. oierteo Vow ....y hove .. place ,..' powerM* of protective Mlw Since ,job teeters chance ofobtaining acsjaOy hi Inereaeodl tides where The Mae CHy. lie 91.8Coawobu.

draft r rejectee was recently propel ed by 11 0... low. to hap them mot way. material welfare above sonli- once you myhevetownWgo > .. eVeirW .*v. wans rose bstweee. T.tonq 1944 and 0. Ii3Phateti

ft Horshey. of recta* .,Selective 10..1<<.. H. ."... the Some "...." may hoo*> m enl ,.) restore any. etabiliry I I. certain, ereWt mat may ilea ore eomewoief o* .. It<0! ta P ktsberg.B.O te"," Now irk 9X6 1L6

,.Ion* '...,..", ... almost. approaching tiftfvenal serve pliee'ey, Km** erl,,.rfvieV...towhom your swrrownotng that may. place etroino*..._materiel .ant ta tmUeMpelU. 90.4 to 9L 4 toTetfca. Laleme Btx*

Ie": yew may be Ineboroa'ii have been sorely totling.There reoowrco. oiwef o. ........ 6-fOM..UUN 901 to 13.' to tfNorth Penlaad TilOaUand
".""'or Wen calls lor filii...... "' ,....... train.Ing I* no w., of ,...""
Arm _"' One
one or mat .. and to neat seuheractdes.
con 7X1Ft.
period for from 2S.OCO I 10,000 octH for Any menewver PISCES
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thing meaV at to lasso m. Worth 9O
regular ma.orv service. H. term. !(t} ..... for I-Y*. prsisxt
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the "..,....,.,, ., not oJelnato .oro. when strAe to Dtxk. ne erUonce b tocenntienlfel Lag Beach 94,0Mmtafhani
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Ri d... considered first In .... of emergency or. to import .... 1.. thro
becfossiflodl.V. owHtonalnff oUlaationi. for '.U..I..1S.5 sa should not be noglectoelSAGITTARIUS March 20* rbattMstwsof: 9X9Cblabems
The General, reason that *1. man Is fit ,In; Mme ol aimer ,.,...... ,".,. ..... .5.7 2.1's.v2 rogatsoei b w..... UUUonsof Ctty 8X1Rochojur
emergency. bo hot right to b* trained before on e. of roo...... Conewlt your tooting. fhefoWng real colored ramlUe beet 82.4
VIRGO of Uro.M ..4 flvto .inselw7AAa..mgmeve a JKhengod s shanty to s tenor Teiado 9U
'" .".ne,. fa ,,. thl* moke ion*. 440.77-U.33447
It I. our vnderttonetng that vch yevtht would' botrained youre field for a alarm III. skm St Pmt tUXeffek
away from homo to escape old environment* GEMINI Las Leg 23rl the less .,.... TOre1 .,. grad ..>..Bano N Rae. Cacfa coOd erapi es eipJott N.'

The youth would, bo given educational, opportwnMet Ism ... 21.. .hn s.fl. 22e" Doc. 21Accept who olrooeV era ho****by dna .., es Los Aegeks, for fharcr Oaalu 9X0Meenaah
while ..., from home.General *to. .! aiotrsmeny oe w.. oe "' wdln| psas the lech ) ....
Jooo 21.l U.... aVe our our ..11"- boitocatlen. MUM 9X9Mm '
Herders plan wes prompted by the fact HoW n tight The ....... efctote .. ulbeet.A.nwy horoooMngSW .
that half of America'! yewng mole, are unable to moot of Uronw onoPlwto i I. owtVsrity I* KmJy 1" poM ol oWse. .. sW. toot trttelfsj is* eenrkT-MM BX1UPaso
draft (.......... And wo Min the sftvetio* b) otomvIng ITs now ciao Almowo mis tIN .. tormee hand l eWd.. .mehoighlofMy .... TAis .....1.... JJ,...grdA.r .ahes fhoMUtrr" s teeter 90SJersey
Indeed when during the lost fiscal year the Anvty Mme cWotboyowrmostooeco your sign moy to defy.or eh allonge shoo* Men .rwpt... Awe Barb cftissas soetf*. City TX9
Service rejected 114 000 before even taking Mew front U. SW could alto be me cetmbetore oaHh shying U m general ... rooHy pewees .. M*.y a- SWwo; moo.. pie**** .. Ewe ctdM Me AtLent.to Tara N.'
.. etorvn. Iho end olsemomlns sense $*m* of yaw Vlrf*ere eja 01.1 ;ass 11.. to MX whtci Daywc .u
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moral reason*. This wvey moon being convicted > ,... e doers oron loud to a* coed rnvstcoWo* mtrtighehwo *. l say .. wIeH t.l oesnregaMd. awbutrvgp.la. T.tea N.J
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01. ."' '''' ely o ? me scene* his Holy tohe wile ...... 01 ____.
The. fact r&.. meqwestie "Whet's sib//. on .. day. who *.f. c...... leeJdbeb.H.el r
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ova smarter In ploying .dumb then the young men ol could also. *%n fy o. ......*.. of ..... oosecMe. Fallow pI."oI.-1o Mssep.eae
earlier years.but w. dent believe hid tea coming toe ether..,.....* Mel, lads onW eownoel* **V. holy In4.dy .r e..eAlp.e .
The Warning rate miKtoryrefectioneheuldgri who have horetotoro bee Out *w*. >** ht ...* y et*< or by h.nde.Ao eon provMo paryeoo. Voohe ll4alsomtoahdeV hot r.a.I y co.. J.aoo. Foe ai.d .... ...
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the 50 State Boards .. Health .hkh ... .. inttoneo kmymoo.. lhe4Mvory *- t, foH M e. yew feeeems.dv.e .. ..... *o .... .--.
concern Mme
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charged with protecting the physical condlttonlnj of off .Idroach ol me Hfhl td>......, miter ol g w .' .... Ai.inipr.d..
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our State Board* ol ffdwcatle bo the duty esped.el.ded to ojenlnys were of to riupUfy coHoi* filii gw you eh1 o g1eu h n belly o lea.
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Mqb. alter ol(, wo eon lids the problem drWtrofoctfonel .. ..... ) W rotoMlees whanstrihe dnd) .. .... tocto4 held en yew H.e- wane p.ni..d tu ..
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., .


"i [PIHq Shibboleth. Club FAMUans Elect Queen Court Caroline Moore Former Jaxon C. T. Jones

t .1Kha1'Jle." 0..,W.AnAI I,, 31. 'ring and. Holds SessioN Sets RecitalAt Singing Sunday At St. Stephens I

AA; WW'iom., I74J W An enjoyable and highly little Rock Clifford 1. Jams a native of this city, now residing
ft 3'; successful regualr meeting In New York City, will be presented la recital Sunday at
,'(.. Raman, foe of the Shibboleth Social and r. .4 pun,, la St Stephen AME Chuck, _
"fl.... (&..iI.. 210,10",1. Savings Club (Souths Ide)was A musical featuring Miss The artist. has been singing program committee chairman
t M.. QrtI,. J9J6 *>_"'fl.. held recently In the home elMr. ., Caroline Moore, gospel In choruses, glee clubs end of the Friendly Club vice president .
24lMw and Mr. Ben Cole on a 1 grape and Individual latent church.choirs most of his life of the Appreelatloa Club.
,,,,,..,. HoHoturenSI. Highland avenue. Mrs.Nsta- will be presented by the Fern He sang as soloist with his and president of the rhuch
.. 31 e n" Ger.f 826. Houston SI.. 29. assisted by her daughter *'c,. Baptist Church Sunday at Junior choir and various choruses Board of Directors of the
t Homer ffoHint I,.. FeaosCiry. Norm. 8,X> pm. In the church auditorium. In this tiff and I III s Hamilton Grange Dsy Care Center
24 enrf CynftSi tu,.... Officers and members former member of Second Baptist New York City. He will'be
f d.lt. 3'U' 1rid.r St.. 23. Mrs. Natalie Sims, presl- Other program participants Church accompanied by Gilbert M..
Joe (.. Coo...,. II 154 FlCorofine dent Mrs.Annie Bemly lee will Include Jones Is a member of the Convent Blacken organist Brown
; ..., 22 o.J* Dot'',.. president; Mrs. 'RagenlaAdams The Buckman S Inters, Avenue Baptist Church Memorial Baptist Church.
v,,..... IrooH 11222 FlCor treasureri Mrs. M. .., ? Harris Celestials, J liver- New York City member of the Brooklyn. N. Y.
I' of in. f.oo4 17. F. Memo chapUinj Mrs. awn b'.Iof sires, Robentens and church choirs and has participated The program.1st Tart I

.. '1_.. (F.eUioHad, 764 W S a lite Crelghton. Mrs. others. The program will beopened us guest soloist In may "Ombra Mal Fu." Handelj
Cnwrch St. 20 enef Grace EUubeth Thorn as j Miss by Uttte Rock's choral works presented by "Whe,'" You Walk." Handel
Daisy Crelghton and Mrs. Junior Mate Chorus Brown memorial Baptist "An. Thou Troubles*"
Merfe CHis 1140 Commwmry Josephine Adams. .rz.i 4 Proceeds from the program Church,. Soryv, cant Heights Handel. "Hear lie' Ye fends'
! Court. 20 The president.. request l will tenant the Second Christian Church.. Brooklyn and Wares, Handeli. "To
Leroy Dwight Mafory,1S83 Ing all members to meet In Annual Contest between the St Mark's Methodist Church Music," Schubert "!'reft .,
, University St. 20 and Brand Joke session Sunday. Oct.10 Female Chorus and Choir L Union Baptist Church New York Schubert "Who Is Sylvia?"
j Joyce Richardson: Cckambus; at I p.m. with the St Nlcholas : OUIIN AND CONTESTANTS f>ese ,..,ely young c.ds was cenlMtaitfi M Me ele* The contestants are bin City and other churches In that Schubert "Recitative." "Thus
Gal, IS.Mllte. Ctvlc Ckib la Parish. fioII 01 'Mies FAMir""d! It., ..*.,.cIo.) ... ,*, b. 19544 ecfceel y..,. Miu Alkerta Irewnlre Eula Mae Jones and Mrs. city.He Slitil the Lord." Iflndell Aral
Leroy Brown Tampa, HalL ( ,.l ..... fef'J) of '..$ M,., Wefe..." Mira{ SeWre Ce..ier W Fall., ,....* .., Ae cevel Lot Kearse.The .Is sudylne with Kirs. "&t Who May Abide.; Handel
Fla., 48 and Legunha C.Houston The next regular meeting kite el OM I.. FAA4U" OMier c.&....... ......In/ bi fn. rvnn/of for Mir, "Mitt JwiWer contest will climax on Winifred Watson of New York Inumilssloni. Haul Ik!-7t
1634 W. 9th St.. S3. wW be held Monday, Cct 11 Monday, Oct II during the City, and has been presented In Matachlllti 1-:.
Alt."" .'"/ e r Mtu $ Aemre AMeoeWnr were Savdre) ChrJdi.rhndin' /. ,.,.) tan MaaexiviHe. -
t Wheeler Saltey. 1102 W. at 100 pm. la the home of Joint annlvejsajues' of all several concerts here and In Tart Ih "WhrnlThlnl'pcn
Miu Ckerrtlo Or.Um Iran ,." Mitt Cefestine/ Iran OvineMiss .
1 Slit SI;. SS and Beelorli Wll- Mrt. Elisabeth Thomas on Myna NeWy / choirs and choruses of Llnte New York City. Mr. Jones Is The Maidens? Michael tlCMlI
llama 1454 W. 25th St 53. Wright Avenue. Jecejweline Nltferry*.. Miss SMrf y feeler from Si AvgvstM..nd Mfsa Do Rock a member of the Florldi.Cki\ "Asteep 111 tttt Deep,** H. W,
i Joe Robinson. 2121 BaldwinSt. ,.,.. Wbfler el Miemi.Messenger retrlei "Ah Sweet Mystery

., 61 and;! F1askMkeuweU. .-F. Adams reporter-- el Life," Victor Herbert!

124 Baldwin St.. 72. Cancer Division Li Rose Y. Jones East Bethany Baptist Assn. "AlnTt Cot Time to Dk. ," '1.
Alfred t Otb_. 1116 W, 22nd Johnson "OnlyCod. C.Smlth
St.. 41 and Cstelte V. Corky, T/Sgt. W. Wilson' "His N.n. So '''Hto''II.Jotwt..
1178 "'.2.red St.. 48.Ulle Wins CorpsOf Slates! Annual Recipient Of To Convene Here Oct. 19.24 son; "Cverytlme, I reel The

James Franklin. 12 Assigned To Spirit," H. T, Ifcrklghi "rm
Hart St.. 38 and Virginia M. Program Oct. 12 The 72nd annual meeting of the Cast Florida Bethany Coin To Tell Cod AU Of My
Walker. 1308 W. 7rt' Sa.. 25.miben Engineers Birthday PartyLa Baptist Association will be held Oct. 19-24 In Troubles," L. Brown anti
y, Mlxson, 3271 New 1.51ALeM. The Eugene Butter Dlvlsonof. Antloch Baptist Church Rev. J. J. Jones, host pastor. "Id's Cot the Whole' VterkJ hi
Braque Dr., 23 and Edwin. Citation the American Cancer Society Rose Yvoms Jones, the The association under direction His. Hands." It: Torn-*t
,. Ca. Technical: of Mr. and Mrs. 1.Furor and R. H. Wilson The Rev
Slncteton, 3271 Braque Dr., wOl hold Its annual swards
34. Sergeant WUUs Wilson, son of Woodrow Page, Chief of meeting and Installation of officers 1747 W. Ninth Sa.. of Moderator W. n,1.Hill Mr. H1U. assisted by Reverends Mt.
Ceo. Albert Sharp, 1404 Mrs. Roudlne T. Wilson of 1837 the messenger service for the Oct. 12. ta the cafeteria was the honoree during htr 12th! has. announced s program with C, T. MrCaU. B. H. ZION|
west", 32nd St. 27 and Elaine W. 27th Sa.. J Jacksonville has U.S. Army Corps of EngineersIn of Brewster Methodist Hospital birthday held on the lawn of thereildenre. outstanding theme talemparticipating.This .Is "Detln", Hanky and J. ...,!te., Pslatka -

L. Cobb, 616 Court G. 23. arrived for duty Turner AFB Jacksonville, has been presented at '7i90 pm. the Truth, the Way, to Free'' will begin the session To HostMNskele
Gel The Oct 20 *90 o'clock.to .
decor M
area was colorfully
s IIS check and s certificate C. A. Willis, president harevested and the doctrinal subjects -
0".,...* M....,. 1943 W Sf rr-lilt Wilson a personnel for suggesting sa Improvement all members, officers atrd In a color scheme motif dom. charge el the service& Oct.
technician previously served the office's section and of yttlow and b... decorations ant "Regeneration 21 will be the women. The
Wi leader
St, 21 o4 *. I..no to opera JastlfRation and "Atoneme. -
rhreeeVraH 5343 Meys Or. at Vaadcrbcrg AFB Cal L. He tion. volunteer workers to...nlhhll tastefully arranged throughout ..." ushers and laymen will conduct The Gospel Chorus of Mt
.Is s member of the Strategic Page suggested that s paper Important meeting. the area.Mtuk. the session Ort 22, with Lion MIE Church will Sponsor\
2Jt,,,... 'e*"V Jr. aWeVvi' Air Command America's long- Shredding machine used ....- A fell report. thl1HItna-- furnished the background The .peaken.rtt ReverentC. the moderator's meeting at 2 a program Ort 33 at 7)90
".. 21 oiW VtfiwWo frfeefer.aW range nuclear bomber and mis- troy classified material be sade campaign wW be made by torttrtumeraeagan.splay R. Simpson G, T. McCall p.m. The children's convention p.m.. In the church auditorium.

*,''. F.!., 21 Site force.The moved to s location la s nearby the crusade leader, Uriah Pot.to. by the honoree and will be held. Oct 93.Mission The participants will Incktde
CW..,J,. F.*o* 7395 IrWitf sergeant attended Stanton garage of the Army Engineers .. youthful guests and Miss. JCD'retellll4.urtedlfrayobe. BrotherhoodMeets beard report will be chelr| and eq..tlona; of
School and Allan Han .- Ort. 90, and Re v.Thomas Danlets Link Rock Baptist TsuiAMC.
See Dr.. 35 04 Aim" O,.. High building to reduce noise Awards will be made. persons
More 735 Seen eachtuoWg. la Santa blithe tnerfsrence end dust problems who donated their service tlful and useful gifts.Ctiaperones & will make his report. The I fountain" Chapel AMC' ,
S IrvJwf Dr. c. beyond the call of duty lot the event, Oct. 17 state loaders meeting" Is scheduled lion. Hope Baptist Mt Ararat

W (.. Herri/* Jr. '.rrff, iiiinrsirj Fill Plans for the IBM crusade were Miss Catherine Llndsy. Oct. 92 Speakers wlllbe Baptist. It.PaulLiaptistGram.
f.. It .*J aWboraeon will be outlined and discussed.ANen Godmother of LaRose, Miss The District Laym.nsBrotherhood Rev. J, C. lams, bits H. B.Milter Memorial AMC. JprlnjMllBaptist. .
Sacred Heart COlIn 12. H. Sakma assisted auxiliary to die and C. W. Scott. The .
Mil''., Murray, by Payne Chapel Macedonia
1009 FrewUm' .
$s. 20.fvfeftO
of J" wDl celebrate Its third ''In.J_.. I Mt Florida and Bethany Baptist meeting will cloc with the ushers Cmanue, Evergreen: ,
i J.m.* Smim Jr. anniversary Oct 31 from 4 to Chapel The mm consisted of hot' Association will hold Its parade and mass worship 'Baptist Churches, It James
SIN AkW tet, 2f eW FsWe 6 p.m., la the YWCA. Oderecru dogs punch, ke cream, t.... clrywlde- mass meeting Ort 11 service Oct. 34. AMC Redeem Baptist. Ahysa -
Male M.".;.. 1447 ..,." lodges and chapter assorted ma and candy. at I p.m., In kit;Calvary Baptist tula. Day Spring Grace and
Covrt It have, been Invited te share lathe I TI AME Charch Present wens Church Rev; w.... Hall, heed Hntli Mt Calvary Daptlst Churches'
occasion, Vtrncn and M and a Your**..Cecil : heel pastor.
;I Trustees rites will be observed lsey. EftolMendeil. The meeting .Is being held. The Young People's Department Jiiit Sitsiii
Sunday at AllanCb.p. .rly Johnson. Deverly" Bradley promote fellow ship among the el t'on'1. Jamei Association Lion HOT* Uaptlst Church
1SS1 Swan St. Rev Valerie Mobtey. Janice she mate members the \at alelllrd" Senior Choir 1 and 2 will(
will ronJurt Its amid
J.w. Jones, pastor announ McIntosh, paulene Gross, Jar .. An appolnte win deliver meetlrg Saturday. (In ....tf..W. observe their! anniversary
CO& T AIm. PAGE ced.Rev. lee Hughes, rends Ross, AIMS the address, end choirs Baptist Church', beginning. at 11 jolnth Ort II si I p.n? In theeturch
Jones Is
requesting and. local latent will participate andlwrktrn,
which! affected/ many ernpl yM.. the Mslow. Day,
The suggenloa

class leaders choirs The .. ender ssanirinsj "/. labia. In
t. ..II" rage's personal*., Tony James. arrangements et 4e>> pun., and "t I u. eutstamtlne
vations Of wars .of Improving ushers missionaries and Angela Jones, NtbyCwaant, direction of Leroy. Malloy. beet Union,; It J.IN," will be crown.,. *, fie clip and rtlu rrlI.11,, effkers,
members. ta be ready teserve. and walker, Mrs A..... ..
the Wflce> efficiency.District '' CftU"UUIlllIo Eva Jean president George ed. Mis. Ella M.. Norton U all Hargrove,
engineer Tel R, P. Re. Earneal Will-' Mills.. CeVtaa Brow; Dee- district,, president Assistant chairman and. Mrs C. L Williams lies Lola nrwn" rhalnitanand
Tabk said he ".highly pleased lame, associate minister elDetMeham nil Drown program chairman Is, John president Mrs. '-'111'.I.l.*i(../er."
r te receive" suggestions (ran He Is "' Baptist' Chart' /.... Mary Floyd. Cheryl Francis. chalrman.t .
emplo7eewho are thinking soawtandlnrblsstnand lirpheat. Cheryl Seflbr I. >o-
spiritual sidegospel
about M only their we Hie, preacher berate Ch.", Leila >tende.-
and win
.but have" the Interest of other, deliver the ball Oetty Law Emma Ward,
employees to n-lnd. He paid sermon during the 1100 a."". Danny J IC'kjnotty Joe.Fblnson. *-
service .... .... .... .. .
t tribute te Page for showing. the '. CjrraMa J.cka.n4Hcr- -- -- ---- -
Initiative.Page Sunday School eau e..\. ... H.n. ReglnaklGlover.Neal;" ..
has beeei. with theCeepsof with Mrs. Amanda Cay Danghtry, Hanky M 1C AUlster ::5 .....tJ 1 f 1
Cnjclnrers. for aboitiwe years superlmendeist.Morning, Brian Davis, saowny Davis ..J. iff...' .. '. ;..(; .
and previously worked with the Service, 1LOO Jr., Joyce and Cerls. Mane, '" I t /' t ''it ..
General Services Administration. a....., sermon by' Rev i a / ': A"
Earnest Williams.fo ) .

Dou't Have TO to 'To 'Yuan To Get
Abmni Meets

LOW PRICESDRUG Meets Friday ( .

The J arksenvttte Hampton
Cbb will meet at .00 ,.m.Friday -
(tonigtiq Is the home F'
KEN KNIGHT ef W n. s. CMM Brooks.MU ids imr.-, IiP
W. Mi It, ki Its secens' iAV

Tr4e alt. Tout ..els>hormood CTM sure BMwtkw .| iKg. rerreetacademic ,
Invites You To Listen To- rear.Ae .
tt In.&. HOT ANY runs AC*. IN fat LOCAL funM ........., dr pre.l..
Oelltef, .* slot>> fill all tbcUrs preecrlstloeeDixie Mat Wendell '. MIrN.r..

BIG' lAND ff tme peas en It. .......
win .. She harem.. ef efAeers .
s ;.pert" 1M reervtttwes r
Pharmacy ceeMMnee re.
"DANCE PARTY"Ii' ,.... *. aye snore !.*..g
SUM effect le kwon k%' t
r SMrg" kcal sejdeess Is. a-
1M2 lilts liH AI H/rtli Arnii ....,. HampHei ana HUM, W w,1M'
'P |11.11]: u 12 M eel die recn ef de. artlrt-
_Flwi Cliii S.55A1-i1 ties ,........k re...,....

Ssta/ii I Pea II 12M ,... and Mrs.' iJeyt- Lewsesi
PIT mi (JUT hill uimis are ee-cfceimw ... raw
U1IIII entese. .......... ..
1400 wRHC1400 Mrs. Dish R. leweOkicStairtnM
IT 111 Jim ef tf* ecttvliles0er
cmjpser officers wire r g
served altfWg ll44..1HI... 4.
.l 4et Mrs. 0. Je\ lAw.
..*. Wpre...... Mrs.FeerestUe .
) eu,", re-
Miss ssYaJ
.Ak5at4., ,.,....
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sserstsr; and
bean B fepp.rs Tree-
H.n.,..*asi are
ejried *e ke ks ewMdewe elS
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; 11 be"s.e4rt.4! rl/h Ice told Coc. ;l.. .l I Ift If fM ttWt! > I t ,,l b J"'" enagl
t GatewayMats .' .. b'.. 8.4 ,.+l"\jstl6.IHt.t." III! ilea: tAU Cod .N Nt PM see .r.Ineep kif d 1tfllil.

} Safvf.layrs .... .-. .-

w M.,. w a s.,w........,
_... M T.... ....... area
bp w ......... ..,.. &AU
I wets aad .., ...." ... tn.ar
win fcesM. .."."/. Cotli it
eiiettjw ay Ceeewff AevflUry
IUI VeeereMS of Wee* '"'
I at MO PX Is Jee N. Jane ,
CenMwsey Ceeevr.in .
+1fBeefatilisBest ...wj teMrt. Law4

T. Matte.. gelale s.1.sMs.
..Ie.'e,. skeAeuOUrv ......,...
.... ......epee 1st all Ms. t_
sour ....... ... "' -" ww

I........,._.. iW5s. se ...... .....,sew w-. r fila ........ s. .....> e. JAOHCNVIU.I pxU I'fOCIOER \\, Q1.

SMn4ert a*.
."... sa SSMUC

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\' \ I"" ')'1


.{ J.. .-
''I r \


Central CME Church To Host 93rd Annual Florida' Conference Here

.t ,

} .. ,I
i t I

'. 1 a !
\, -
', I
'" ,
-y I

f >
Bfc --_ &flBWJUll mi: 4ft:

Gathering Following Recent First Confirmation Rites At New, Soon To Be Reconstructed, St. Gabriel's Episcopal Church_

REV. ( pr. ) T Vincent Harris, Mot. YOUNQ ueubers of chub post In for*. h.in; e -t-lttod 'baekcroesd.. fUtterehlte converses ltu rather
greets floss K. Lucas and otbtr .embers .round Joseph Wilson, eonflr-ee, ii CHURCH treasurer Pro neuter I. terrls while other ..b.,. look oat,
aced guests (to-tl Art Studio Photos! }

TrinityTo Fountain Club Ebenezer Jax Choir To Be Nationally Televised Central CME Church To Host

\ Host To Present To Observe 93rd.. Florida ConferenceThe '

Musicale Sunday Recital Laymen's Day "
Rt. Rev. E. P.Murchlnson. presiding prelate,win
I\/i// preside during die Oct 12-1T, 93rd annul *es Ion of the
Trinity DaptLstChurchDuval ,.. Christian Mcthodlsn Episcopal Church st'fcrrralOtC
and Jefferson Streets, Rev C. The regular monthly recital Annual Laymen's Day will .. :', Chrach first and Davis Streets Rev. W.C. flanagan..
J. Crosby, pastor, will be the of the Fountain MIE Church be observed Sunday Oct. 10 ''i > .i elder.
Sunday night hot of i gospel Piano Club will be presented at Ebenecer Methodist .. .. pastor m4 ,r
treat under tho auspices of the Sunday at 3100 p.m.In the church Church during the lljOO a.m. \' ., '. Meeting last Friday morning, lay leaden M the State will

Twelth Hour Prayer Band 2, auditorium with Wilbur]:: JamesIn worship service.Speaker ,t; 1 .... .. .,.'". ,.' \ \ ., the Conference Committee conducted sponsor s banquet in the Mayflower -
Kirs. Johiml Mae Miller, charge. for the event will :' \ Its final pre-planning Hotel at which time State
president. Hostesses will be the Young be James D. Alford. a member .r'1..q., .. .1-\, : :,' II '' schedule and announced the fol- Rep. Benjamin D. Drown of At*
The will Include Ladles of Allen from Mb Olive of the Instructional staffat : \c\ :, Jowlngi lamathe youngest member ever
program ;
song features by many of the AMC Church Matthew W. Gilbert Hgh .. M>w.II ,'.' ,..,y J", t..;.4,,:,;; '" \ J1.I,; ..Official opening. Tuesday to be elected to the Georgia
city's go.pelgrcup. Including Among those to be featured School graduate of Tuske- ,,' ...: "' I' I, ;.n(. ., \ ":; "'IIf' Oct. 12 at 1:30 p.m with Holy House of Representatives, will
the recently organized Gospel on the program will be Mrs. gee Institute, when hews. ;" Communion service to be followed be the speaker.The .
CchocttM, Rev. Ulllle Joe Mary Nealy, William Cannon awarded thebachelor'sdegnu : > by a fellowship receptionfor young people wlU present -
Hill, the Dlvens Specials and John Reed Mt. Olive's Cos* and of Florida A. and -'J' the community. The public a Talent and Coronation
Gospel Cchoes, which will be pal Chorus and the Male and M. University, where he ;, : 'has'been Invited to attend the program Saturday night itrt.l6
special guests- Female Choruses of Little Rork earned the master's degree, cpefi session and to participate beginning at Trop o'clock In the
The program will begin at 8 Baptist Church. Mr. Alford also serves as to-lts activities. church auditorium
o'clock with devotions led by Mrs. S. D. Davis president associate lay leader, presi 'The presence of numerous All young people of the city
the prayer band. Mrs. Inez and Miss Dorothy I King,secretary dent of the Methodist Men .- general officers Is expected to are invltrd.
Dlven will serve as mUtrej are officers of the sponsoring and as amemberoftheCommission grace this yu.'. conference i I'
of ceremonies. The (public IsInvited. group Rev F. W. on Stewardship and ,; On Friday night 'Vt. IS, the Mt. Zta Groups t
I Jones Sr., U the host pastor. Finance of Cbenezer Methodist _
Church,and Is memberof Slate Muskale
OnwgaPstPh!Fraternity. AME Conference'
InstantPhotos Wendell P. Holmes, Jr.. .
.. "" Choirs: of churches of the
IJ church lav leader will preside .ll/: Scheduled For city will feature In an Pet
and special musical \ 29 musical under sponsor
selections will be furnished October ship of d* gospel rhuraesof "
by the William Raines High 5-10 Mu Lion MIa rhurrn.:
; School Glee Club and the Cbeneior NADiaONxfoe GreaterFlorida leaver at Newman Etr'eta.

Trio. Other program Annual ,( The program g ts underway
participants will Includes .'
I 1
50C Mrs. \\'nyvonne T. Russell. coot the Uevrath t- a Ty00 p.nlor.nltlpltil.
P.M. Douglass. Mrs. SarahT. plscopaJ District of the will be the
nclllnger Mrs. Hattie L TV OOSm TIMtiterfevtelfy reJe J.111., and Wesley Johnson. N 9,00 e.m. wilt lie e rfaJMf Jf frem JaciaonvMfe lit she deer fvtvro. cope! Churchis, to convene Little Hock DaptUt. Las
Each Die preeWie eampeuty wejelii JeclsetiwIMereeeftllVJe'WeW' Lpe Ucef f..rl frevps at It. Tlon All AfC, fount aln" Chain AdlC.Mb :,
which will eppeer .n /tfie regrome. ortfcipofine IM tfte taping, wfcich w-i A.I1 M. Tile' Zica MIC (SttthsUe).
Oct. 11 Miskali' Wale* 4 Sh/rf-f ,atf irjWcert Hevte.ere: Trim* kpksl Church (113 AlcMfle Str| Church, October b-10, Zion Hope Dartlit. Mr.' Ararat
i Church W Oe4 >445 Srs.l Sir rn Hop WWen's CA.Ir.,4 AM. SJ.ni Ca.>r '3. > with .Bishop -.C. Hatebo Oaptlst. it. 1'.l 'p'Iar.
Royal Art StudioSOCIAL St. Stephen AMC Church win ett"pr..idiog. Great Ktcmorlal AML,

be the scene of the "Eveningof .' 4ba.t'l90: sdsisters end SprlnghlU Daptlst' I'aynt
Music," featuring the Voices s ISO official Jar dele- Chapel AMC

COMMERCIAl STUDIO SERVICE of Directing Faith the Oct.group 18 at Is 8 Mrs.p.m. Central Sr.1II Young Peoples .ati fro varloia dMa,- : Also' Macedonia Baptist Cverfrvr llapiUt.tnianuel .

cb. lo"north florid Oar-tat. SU James AMI!.Re-
Harper.Featured selections will In- Baptist Slates Youth ,Union Plan. elli cD....,.. OB the /seer drem Daptiat. Abyssinia
515 DAVIS ST. elude spirituals, gospels, .1 P Htdlsoa. church Oaptlst. Daysprlng Itaptlst.
hymns and classical The pro forth, coaferaoce. Grace fUptlst. _hit, Calvary
gram will'benefit. the Women's ChurchServices Day ProgramA Sunday Meetiaf Baptist rhurchcn, n-.
Day celebration\ at the church, srwctlwrf.l .
ELGIN 4-1894 which ls scheduled 24
will begin with Sunday daylong program In observance tint Dora Tentple2onUalonSt.
throughout the day. School at 9tli s.m. Mrs. of annual Youth Day .. Elder riajrHowafdpasiof. ( VII HE III
CLOSED ALL DAY TUESDAYS M.. E. Johnson 1s die superintendent. win..be held Sunday, Rev. r. will boat the 300 P.M. Inkplf. ; :
!II. R. l ee Jr pastor amain tonal projraiA of the ,Young lots Seek ". lest Doctor
Morning Worship will begin atlOtM wJ. Peoples Colon which bold tfirobservancea III. Torn Doctor prescribes. 1I'r'
a.m. with the Deacon In Morning wonbip will begin the "second Sunday!
rI charge of Devotion Demon at 1100 a.rn.. with the of each month Get dperleeced pbareaclsts
Griffith. Associate Minister, pastor" delivering the S.r- RotynFraaerwUtbsmaetrr .:.Aeoor41s to JOe' Doctors
10 118NS TO will deliver the sermon Senior mon. Morris Icing Jr.*Ill be of cerewontes end Unltf Unit Orders. .. U.. oall fillet Co L '1L ac"QlaJU
SERE Y00 Choir 2 will sing, with ..tr.. Curt' of the Thetoiarenes mis
0. W. Tucker\ the Console. give the ,_leonie. address; I .
1814 W. BEAVER Senior Usher Board 2 win Great group will be the Vocs. 1 uonsrotu: ; ) ntAMAasrs TO BOOT TOU-
of Fifth C uUen.
3101 EMERSON J serve.Do T.1.:. Hour will be held at Other participant will In* I'A CO. LIt I LINK OPO
aia p.m. cMe-ine Gospel Cthots, ON1' >>>e.etlcslubber OoodaCvtdUeauadriMPKCBCXIPTIONS !

830 CASSAT AYE. Evening' Worship begins at vena SwcUis. The beeped. CAlLED POt AND DfUVOUOT
&80 p.m, The Pastor Rev R. + ,Cchoettes, nveAtly eta do-
Leaner Jones will speak on s aid by Miss JscqMDns fen.
the subject "The Faith That Brother Nathaniel. .JscVson., '* Lilly's Drug Store
Transforms", .Slater CssteMavtnenae. Mrs. !/
Friends are Invited to come Rose Ue AsUey.' the Silver
WHOLE and worship sties, Dirk JmbO-e1 Singers
AVG. WT. Weekly activities am. .f and Ontf(r. Andrew McCalLKtombers till III-J till EL-3.1211
HINDS 49 Monday, 600 prrw. Mis* of the Vales. amDuckaiaa
BEEF.. 125 LIS. Stonary leednhg.Twsday ) Sln-ers, Cscel
liOO fwnv BlbteSudy. &.Ion. >Hurled; Harris Ste*
t.rs. Jacks. Sfnytrs.Latl-
Study. Ii00p.in. Prayer Meet-" more .", n.- McCewaa\ .
WHOLE ttte principal speaker durtng. natm........ Thames Stagers
C t.dnesday. ItOOpcnx. Senior the youth program etfcOOpun. and Traveling Stars.Mrs. .
Cbatrmaa and ro *
Thetaa Zdwaros win
FRONT&37 Choir I rehearsal. SenlerUahr -
BEEF Dosed 2 meeting. chairman for Iheobservanre be Sunday's ....... and she totatting
LI. Friday 8iOO >m.. Senior In Miss Delilah Seas andJ the general p.kUe totaalgems. Iw
antes TeOrwer. cmetal Y de sum cI IPINO '
Choir 1 rehearsal. Senior Usher o
The public ls cordially *
Board 1 nxetinj.Little Mrs. VMaaCaerryla ,
WHOLE Ylte4 to anead. the variousvents. president and Mrs. Aliens.
C LatUnore,supervisor. Mi

LI. To New HI. Pleasant' Ch rch News r

gwvlas lit N.-ML PC....... CM"C1.r.li-....
WHOLE Observe Fete ...... f.n..y u.-III 10 _.. Ce*. WH. l..1ae. 4
AVa WT. p..MI WI HI;.,_ rte __... ef tl *.%. eW M-
LOINS 49 .-.... Richard HeUtdsy 1..1t surgee ie N .. Io1.13 It..., .. lee. WA.11.N .
75 Lit and W.C MlKhell wlllbe die .. .. .
..id sasieh.rc l>a> iw .*" Cft r-K AaWatej
speakers duruwttw anniver* cK ... rexaW aerv<<. .* 7.... .... ....-....
.aryproVen pan. ol the 11.&lIe Sunday at*00 'mil m... .....".. ... LN.isA. leer. .

stain Soctory ef Little
WT. C Rick Baptist Chmreh l
WHOLE PIGS ;: 45 The .veot will take place
LBS. It des'ms auditorium of Cm.,
di. cbsrtb.Order "
u.iot0 W events WI.t A.a.II. FEELS 52 GOOD/

MS.AISALAD Opeadm selactioa, Char The Latest M is% Nair Styles
It .ertptire, Art.JJS MInelefi "'ROMurstrT KM*
DRESSING 3 UMITI lime.. VUbeRoifersi I caused by ctrtaio manor skin IrriUtlons. Are Taught At The
S ..--. choir _
1YOGf smnAactios 9t snlstres elcerMMaaas I =ati..=-= N e..we_ __ =::.=.... .....-==
SLICED Mrs. Lisle K. .--.r vri..q+v... e..e..an.1.p. ..-.
IACON 2 ,. .
.a Y
Lather welcome, Mrs, .- M.Nawr.'S i.eYeu.t. .. OONKaaspse..asttaile JacksOivilis'krbw
"Oil...... 'A' CUrs Den_. reapoaee.Mrs. .::;--= -= ...... .....--.. ....... -
B. SSRISIAls selection.choir. -.-....... ::- .:: .+.q' ...,a
..... .. .. C ;
PARTS a IB.flXICOMOMT -..-. -... -....... Me'....- C hw eu n ....
*. latrvaKttosi elspeakersi -- --- .. --- -
t1s a winos Deacon =.:.=-....... ea..h L.. Cal I IK.
eflerlrf. .N..rwsr lrea s
11id.hph Jehawa and Mrs ..... Ie .... ....'ri. sat ....0y., .

wggle HHSI nUtktu-' iaaa.et
US. Mrs ItewUs Jeektasi ress IN-IUCCUS.,_. }N'. 630 DAVIS STREET
trcs THicxs Mum rks, PivsUean caaa-. '
-arb. .et h a.dkti.i.e..
IAtCI IK KN UKIT SMI W Bill T! CMMCL( ,.-. )3ttr+ird fltrl4.


i I :

f a. !
(, [{


Social Covrt Action WOMEN'S TALK Dean Greets New Students
Security --- -

I Backs Negro

(Edtor'a sots This" I* the aVrt is a ..,i.. of columnthyf retident lyndon aX john**'' apprntfy I* tit accord
"'Donold..* OittrictMonogorfor Social Security, RCHMOND, Va. (NPQ .4
. with m. o lhr d p.pdoLus.dlwd torn* year
400 W. AaItI., s" ..,.' .'_ ll.. Florida.. T.ed.rri.d.s Dr. W. Ftrguian ReUt" name .oca 'Cheaper oy Ih. Dot.* (cltilclrOlno' pn*> and

will' cover the 1945 dI.", .. in the Social S.cvrily .- WM the.surd November of tppewliwon generwkctloa it economaing' Ih. type 01 peas h* h*. keen. fiwlnfway

Art.l I : ballot at the Demo .y the ...... when h. .tign IMp.""" .plct

The 1965 social tecurity change. ore the matt for. critic nomine for the kgUlt- ol I..ial.tiot.rwI on olher occ.,;.-..

reaching sine the original Social Security Act woe ti... Msembly when the ttm TI'. ..4..... Nd. ".11 ....-IA. now one*. 17 cant.

polled 30 ,.ors .... Health '_elits. po"", ..." to supreme court refused to TOM could fig' r. *.it Ih. swlag ,."".,1 kvt I tool
widow at 40 cltiIJ,...'. pay overturn a lower trlbunrfa "' likerty *l doing It ...,.eIf. The ttj economy mv
decision giving him the .. f4 for the 487 the ,,..
"'."'. t* ago 23. lowered requirement cuss par pan or pent -
*for", o.ffJcltoc" nomination.The dent. etttnevtod I* Cgr*.*mn and gusts recently

tit... or* fuct a few of A.. I] ) action came on a petition ...*.. signing five Ham of'..'......" oc* ll.I9t.TV'

important d..If...* .c....,.*. before the state tribunal ..."" I4SI.SA A tl.Kripfioll the new pint hot not' :

h.* mode in your *ociof tocurrfy which turned back the argue ...s roleoted owl they.... plottic, of the. ,.dipping. ;
of T. DU Sutton for
p.iNpfthI.n.Fh icy.* men placement of his name on the won..114 aoar hS. "."4';" '. nemo, ; .,

popularly coifed -Modiwe; *, hove ballot. Sott.nwutheappsnnt. ,:
goH.n.th. inert publicity. Other changes will meanjvtt 31-*on victor In die July DemoeraUe There't n* argvmnt from; ;"i. cornor-wrdert wori
at much to many people. however. primary race for Ho d'u..e and fov. .vry COIfoIt.faIdI"f moment

Health konofitt will go to peopl* over 45. There w. nomination to one of eight .I It 'or...", ",. wat krvghl forciWy in focw ayIh .Jk -'
two parts to this nw program. The Vatic Won coverthotpilal Richmond Henrlco& county ejvettini Ifnow hew t* a. .ucr.**"" writer t -

cottt, awning home cor., health core at home.ond seats In the house of dele Tho reply-'choin' yovrteff to ty,.., ..* ENTER PAMU Dr. C. I, Walter center'. ...." ol HS. School ef AfHcJtwre and Homo
ovI.,,_..., diognoilic ._Ic.*. People *ver4Swhoalready ,.... And III.'. ,fwat what HI. Cnate and Joanna tar not Ccenomlct, Florida AiM Unlvertiry, '.n.h...*., .plm. Ih* objective el the School ..
draw' iiAiof tocwrity choctt will' get mil c..,. Dr. Reid who had placed do. ..*. ,food eWUng. f.....,*.,t fiv... acting in pale. Agriculture sad Home Ic.lu.> tw. Irethmen itwdenH eVrlng 1 the orlenlotien ,.,1.41)
.rope OII'-oieoll,. N. claim It needed Foils who ninth asked for a recount vition, movie and ... Ih* nags. darting hither, ."fI lor new ...,41....*. SlvdenH checking with Dean Welder ore Irnetl SlopKent ol I or.tow end
are over 45 but Wont collect tocial tecurity checti A threeJttdge court conduct y.n acrou MS.country and aro.,ndlh.world managing, JoAnn Irving ol jotttenvillo.

rill the tociol security office he/ore March 31, I tooondpvt Ing the recount discovered homo. .red.aj.ying; happy....,,;....,
(n o d.... to got hit coverage.Thi that ballots cast to the Skip Tot Nk. Choto ha|wt addd tovonlh **.a to her

Vatic flan, itn'Ifual, for people i4.hove wertodin with precinct were mining. tiring of kerf ..".* ...i''.Joanne I..".., o hUh coll.og .
It thereupon ruled that the CORE Pretests Dartmouth Freedom
foot covered ky tocial tocwrity "'. for almost every votes could not be (Northampton Mat) ft f,** Kappa, he ofwaylwrlHon.

...* over 41 whether ", .,'v. worked under social.- Cant Tills action wiped She loop. vp o A.dypa.dldalsi.a tcript.
writ) *r not and whether th.y'v. retired ., not out JuttooTi 31-vote had ortidet .... rovlewt. ...4. realy tyndicoted column.oth Among Schools Student Party leslsUlsl.tllll

N. payment will k* ....4. until th. plan atari on.July and routed In Dr. Reid be. women ttroit .rgoniitiA kt Mitt I.met

I, "66. Then people over 45 wh. hove signal. lag declared the winner by a c...,..... only o deadline con get her ,. Ih. type. Miles
'lip will get this c.".,.... Mvot margin .,Iter. Tho deadline glvl in. thrMitt C....., '14; Spin Nation Attending BidUA4HINX.TCN

I. In-patient hdtpftaf tervlco for up to W doyt In eachtpoV Miss Alamo*. wet kern with an ..... of trehVa .n.orgy. .
of ilfnettf: It .nd .'. _.,hI",
You pay the firtt MO. Then t your XrootMty m sacra s .
NEW YORK *tt.opening of DOttirNCHAM I Ala. *Jam s I l.NTr llieeUhtmomhs
hetpilal; ) .., eiceedi 60 day, you pay HO, day beginning 2 Attorieys every woman con dev Wop,*the opine. the school year has brought Groan, s junior a t Dartmouth king bittlo by the

with he 4 lit. .,. Social Security pays theretl. CORE'Sponsored activity all College U matriculating atMllr MutlsilrpirreVdMti nnvritt

Hetpitol lervicei include oil lhi* ordinarily tern Seek Seats lkdw kAJsg tvrned owl wnlwcly for...vI.d-ke SVef across tht country. School Collage during the nut semei* to unseat Mls trlrrl** rvr*
nithod fcy ...."i";"l to
w pay far s"*0.' private duty nurte.. ft dnt'l who cht. o (We* day to .., her fovorll hky in schools on sits which will ,,1&11III& Darthrnouth are In last "' ..II. The Dare) hy acute
pay for.,..,.. In Congress, Control fart. Through hor kinecvlort' th* tplod ... wn.famil'or mean that they will be predominantly the second! consecutive year of of Kt <(141< Deniorrats and (I He.

2. Nwrting ham cr. that lollowt ....,,;,., **,. *blrd*( one who emethed window of a e.r. Negro are being exchanging rodents for one public. ansj, adopted. s retohitlmtllsniisitnf
The" -I.dc Wen pays for the first 20 days In tiillodnurting / reached Intido, vnl acted the door ond toeA. women t protaited inlC.NIICit.n-' 'semeiter. tr Ml'DP' ron
home, then all out IS day alter that for ." legislature ,.,..,.... from the ..... Madam.kVeVokher colled t as, and Arl&rwtOllo'Irrlni... The program. detlgned, to MPDP had charged the dele*
additional M day. You pay IS day keg inn ing with sword. yevngtterl ploying "...., *nd had (horn twnv East Su Louti CORE has provide tht ...C'IIarw.ftWolU gatlonTi electlcnwu InvalUhe*
the 211 day. ,.,,',. enfcnW I* 100 days. of nur.ing man poika.Frtvnely.. decided to cppote the city's with academic cnrlrhment and ceuse most Negrces were Oeniedfa

homo co....,.*. in each ..n of ill....*. rout LAUDCXOALC-TVO .... ... day ...*.., arrived In Ih. nictW new school bond U'IIO btuu... 'unique educational eiprrlenrca.One right' to vote
Metro' attorneys plea a the school board has failed main of the The House action rvWued
1 Outpatient hotpitaf oagntlic tervicet.. Yew py Km* end on."'" Ih. tMel In ah* cvl",.'s ,.....*> purpose pro
the first 130 of .,. dud c..P.... tot.. seek Office of Education gram Is to create. the conditions 'fiery. tlt.rutorw1"0111./ *
this..al 20' 01. I
the Social S.
"C. Ion/ ... th. podofkool, which keiongod ,. O modolpoting .
O 1 I'... .
of which whitestudents :
cunty pays th* ro. sods la u. III. con treat approval the school sites under Negro and manly \\ Parry n "
Pod as not being eomrlhitory to n'tahtth.I," Meatand bets wMrhcd. the delete frotnrtiegalWrlet
4 After...."i,.,horn health care kyovltmng nurto.Iherap.tt. tad tile State of florloe .
nmhtr school segregation knowledge with the horethtt were rt"it11\110
; or home health, aide. Tho" tone "/... willpay dale.tare test Tear .. Itt Wf. with
Fur tht or. Mwau furs ore 11'I.Innovation School busing is tMlsw.lnmany this kind enUeavor UlIII.s togreater iteani SperrN't" on
t for 100 of tht Kom health care vitltt during I. Ceori Allen Md Al* / ol *h.* fothJon onKiow sot ondlhroii*.. gem.Fn rommunlittt. In Phllad.lphla fellowship and under' ihs capitols front lawn.her the

each tpWof Ulnet*. e.. HaatlBISpartner lea for or* from m*KA..Pudic( coII.H...-._* pro remsyivanli. Ills stanJIng for ail mankind.Crona veie.
Social Security; pay th. htp.., nurting Aam..c Port LaederdaJ- florid sward the worl '..*,*with good,...." the COKE group which &llIpe savs chat "my person Negro leaJers, wiriwJ y Ideal"
th. perte* who. ...iJ.. the horn* heoMt care torv- *,law nn. said the fhot or. fort for fon far the. girl wh* revolt. in h.vInf holding the. school! boards* It reasons for taking part In the Cen: ontianions .rllne ttoit'I*
icot. You won I collect' coth The cathpaymentt etslon to bus chlMrvn front *.chatve program are la team 'lowert' togobark t<>Mlttlstln
any payment elll pin as a teen VA* .... ....... ,.... o avors.a.s place. fn. colt
go to the hatpital Yo got the s.rvk.eNNe locnon contoint fort ttenciled hi cll........", sad '-crowdt-4 schools toon from the new emlrornem Into end register' to vote,"'irt, i area
leas presently favorable der*.sed onel and who d which I .. leu Hanwr. who, -,wttiU>rf*of ttelitUengcrs. .
The vol.,,.,.,,, tupplomentalpl//0>n that pay your potto dot ,.,,_. dtigned .to Iris l\om 'owt ., Ilib.IbsdsP.4.wrvMwsa am flared.There
tloc*. sleds shift before reliatratlon .. fenders of ths so-ralkpd Ire most IDiery irett Mil i elne endVkhry
tit* rolls a- "neighborhood schoof' who dlfftrenres between. the outlook.oplons &tsy*was psrrrinvd to
Model ratod SS. L ewllitt from glad,
roiad rough ranging o thretMa to picot the school and behavior al myself lit 'lit Ih.* lloute chanter l>> /tUwn ,
New StMlsR H. H. H. orwI ..w.. Scotch pl.ld... koltom pantt tvit to o whit ,board. and thou of tf.* Mlei& Colkje\, to rtw. .b.... wept"
Praises Allen alto voiced Ids
... Wocl fvlv-OoT shard Millie.MJag dr.'KN .
hi tolllwu.... Wisconsin. students However. by tnJer* Ml aninotrryinelerniyselfh' >*
Interest it the see 10UrbnrMtloosJ tw. eC for the kenofM/ W *. Imltote, It. ,... dot CORE Is proiestlng the school standing thete differences, theircautet d.l y, but rm rrylnn for Anvrie. .i
J Grit] Receives District gen mod b saPs sal M. M. 01. d -.. and ond op bards policy of'lmactbus and "_i erne'/ I b.c. todtyshe/ salt."I. | cry that also'
pats Body seat last .0.UI. sue'.Ivied .5 k.g a* o ptimplin or ...* vk.. fvl SS* ,ric.. In-" which .keeps in segregated 10 return to Utrthmouth in Jamtry onttlwilni: of tJ e 1'ntadtake,

Assiim8Rt1AX 1.1I. pairs feel ..* not for tMt inittoto. ", ., era in .... ..,..- >gvro c last rooms theKo* with s such! broader.pros written d<->a on p''prr, 1'1'11"1,
wASHNGms: *(ixrt,)*vicoFreildent loots h rod atOn gre students bused to whits portl-e on lire** only 10 whit. rvtk,"
thsbert U Hum. R4 by sglai"lt schools: to relieve over Grata is .,n."ttk.aaJ.! nt
AWTCtVIA. TM very apo4"Allen'laUo 1 crowding.to. at Darthnxwth Ills\ babbles
praiaod per* con I lad o tooVar'mortW *ho tthlcAon* olControl are 2 Negro BeysTA
(F...Jt.1-Al. completing I.sswlp.lkMs of the CojvtlEmploymnt first aie-eer of Its rc AlnW.fl AmorkoM arond'J W -.."rry tool taffolk C unry.hew York, skiing' fishing and sports
baste military training inn Cpporwalty to iratfaat trot tkt ttrvt orovnd th. tome form yord old |h Xomkionvariety parents and. cat!: are pro I'A **l i.i.Mttaln.lo
M Lackland. Air Fere B..., .ConMnlstlon ta s letter to lit palvtrtlt- riortd*' aLa or m.l.* It for tothWe-eo clo_. lamWongrlcvlnjrW waling a derltkm whkh has prison tem' ,s given two Xegri
AtnnoB 1/. Uroy w.TbcInIlJ chairman ranklla D,s.... meant that Khool bus lervlr 'If .buys aged 13 and..11)..... re.
ftchnol 1 la oMdat .
f I Frencit aenior ofc
,.. ton .,...r.trill Mr*.Ur.* ..It.Jr. IN2.HMtlMatM paltry" U new Nlrtg denied to s rre* Oturtri ft libel aI Neat ."...1&/1./ In rimill Cart
alt eye ooae ftcor and an o.p.rt on the fads |I.tl tomploted' o lovrmonAt >
V. TlMno. Ru 1." a.l wan, The contents of the Vicerreitdenfi domlnantty hegr mlgtibor* Tao-day after rhry son found
ncmily rct4 bU lint tmerwero mar of tte State of t*,oV ..... ol *V. U.S. hood. inTUT gulby of thr last fibniaryrtpr
prmn u.s.Air Forr Art* public at a pros briefing and fl on da's Ltlslatlve fL.aU r.\ CTa" ol a white worn....

Milftwmm. revealed that the staff of thePrciUcnrs sets trot lipeard (OMB Bennett
A treAiM* of Kv It... CoantU: on CejsalOpporatnlry t-.
Hlfh School. Jtcfciowllk, had bora condor
AinnM Theme h. the B.J.orf.ro ttng serveyt el the employneat Vterytalsc apaetrtfa Completes
kibutlmii *brtoli. el mlaorltw. orable so far," Ali

u..Soft from riorU AA.M ",.., year eUow comma C..HUU,,, .&1" "1" ?ebn
Ualvsnhy tsn.b-M.. darn andstaffcenaJnlyot* gettlai sills end HistoryOf
H* fcM boadtilfnMNl for serve the congraral tl ns and
( otters of .CD"','
Uataq nd Arty M a com* ptaiae of everyone kMeresiedto GovernorsWAIimGTCrt. SUPER MAR
orakatlao sp.clsUat MKhr oifial ...a ,m. *r* c* oat aad Mpport, aadaweoat
elate Am. Hfch. Tha. h* belts foe the very refresh ariaalntloata D.C.Derid .-
bocoxn I nwirter ., tf* Air :bz"eiaanple. yeo kavecreat* he'll hc* "S. Mel "s pretent eeveroar. QUANTITY RIGHTS IISIIYIDTHul
Dots, ,.. Convim' WHi U ecU: oa." Haydn Ravel ls ...tat r ten PIICIS GOD THRU SUNDAY AT IDOIWOCO AND AVI. '
tf. Air Fcrrt eompcnrM of Twe of the careris. tie** da's U4rt ,....,..,. art
Tta ta I..
die UJL-CMilM Honk Mrrrrk. five commit i loners are Kg aartaere.ttt merely the *Mt M reponed,
M c.,.... CamnundSocietegist real "'n. AileoaMeraanaea ofncoa at us III.L u. .. t.,. tburhe t.Muse.d U. S. GOODCHUCK GRADE A

,r .Ctvag der eeetwM, and lamMcl Jackstta *.. litk itr.t, fort LM JaekaomUk, I..... kas

drdala.. aera as localcoMaels dUcoverod.Doontn." .
fortt. IroeaMO s 11-yett vewraaof
Hits Misleadlag the 1... of ..,"...** STEWINGROAST
I >>aaty UOP Ck-'H. U. n.... .. gtnekorli w der drnorry *
I.. |a ....ral coeatel W MerUe kt UU..,
Statistics On Negro Cries for the fort laaaerdtJ J.. Fear ee LOON and kas

If rhla ......1 Ag*acy.4ltaoaik ....... the first eeifltojKM

CHICAGO ()ip" 'nI.L. Takt seriekftst painted aettker lea of ,...rMf'I of she N- HENS

C. GaMb. s TalS aea* cat Out poor 1..-,. y*> hs oestit a,kll. erne. k*. shew The luts bet of m
oecrt> are low won so the atatknl gevemeei.
vvrslry sertotoglst.
fare tkey lave CM* who .. wia
.. ... U3 ttn*>a
Kogro crime statistics as eel HHOHI Ho I all donor
"Thh.dq..Sps11+g be. aertoas rtssantkehlnslvtoktr pel-sed actively fbrDoo* elf* go-oners serving Mat

(are the tads anneal INeCtrw end_.,...a la-i the caadtaatoa la turn one tat-A, vat eowfiWd
.., swkjstea kiBontwtrs sA L
of the Amrkaaateeiatieav I< ....... of rkaeWa, M keswa4Mkoa1
he saM that the snletod.CrtwtMl. *->.r c-ralt *a.ld kea f of
by *
mactj ejotead crttnlaal ,,...* -" actlrtty Is r etherevaoJy ato/le.ee Allet Uol-stiliy
SBlaaere+ .ef Mgrees U awe* oUstf faatad sKrealiML
th frot Way aeJie -Mid CMaaita sMIsaaiiekel-ckjo*
thet net .
ed ta the arfo-A- h k..ai
r reC GaY saM crkM sta* I.... M a t.M ttk' |*
N w gtawl. .e/ MinnaIew 8. rV 1 CLOROX
tattrs are ke sd'goat ho* -Cvo rtotlng and .ktoOngare deatlal ,I.U.n. .- .
kae atod the Bret
gross .ss art mis' to ".Mtsiagtustthspeetaasppaa clattatta ".-...** heaae4 .. re at
pkMltlti jek .otslIUr
5__ pal d all 0.granMi.
**** as Coast ke clad fackV tod a.*.. Alc. |astlsis .. of ,.... f,.. d..e4. .
Work keach
middle clasi clcuenst agakutaeaas riots kt
aipeatl ia.o. wkarh iaWb ci.u whites fa a (radeat* of .. days dews to the POTATOES BLEACH

... aad agel-M. parry Magi were ahreetrheeJycalprtu.TIrl rats 04 I h.. .1 n. Ie seotoo) two. The tttt cepOs.
.,. la th* l.soj-....' IItoalet
as 1IpIWO' to older afeks.Kortg Xtitt Way oUkklartf.. Ia graeceu.h

fitaiKres are hepo4er ...a&........... Del.r.. rkwto Trw-Uy.. .
fofice tarveClanrothta --:::=f/If All*., a e.."rea" ., -AtiMrt .., pseh MM tO LB.BAG.
.on say eer gnwp. Plartda iradaata live Iaaw K. J.. r<.... M 29C GAL,19uln ]
'LMe.. rktekta's RrsiCo
at 21U II... Itta Ire .
.,.. k> -ataojoie.- Iwarenaewd.
Part Lttderdala sill "He ..,....-4
, alt .tf.. bid sad tMAttemy ,..w. tattU e-dks 1121. t Bill MM II -HE IN Still

....--. wish *. suit 01 ;.-*.-.,
f Perfect Ufk Caen* lad M aeeikt fkteWa'sweet
, earn Tar kwHane see*

lltilll lei, UOy wowM kaw a-4. *.eot- 37CENTEI
a., .............- .
lilt Plfiltluiii ? ....... .... tier r..ar ii.i.

Stile Pest ** ...... err awl so1' 1 45
mustMervon's twos larUs go-roetrwr CUT WHITE IACON ( *

aoaoe o* law w tw .ano a*
Pharmacy n ixxa; lll't xy. .... fkaeMa ks taJ i J.."..... 25e
err a.. Siea4, l>7eereafforVej .ko M ....-....*,,*,>. SWEET POTATOES i us.K .
...... rtty cM*.larIres .. so IMS. tang... tfceSMI
mi*fT. .. ea* el -. of wftat .*. Is tno H. nuns an4ft
Tm frmrtftiii Fiiriitf K ia Ule s spjai-Bil (e ..- J.... ft.rod r Jrws.tryrIbtt FOREMOST KE MILK

bads. IM es..aur"w lilt tsem1.. ..........
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wits *]e* .*".W as a4 pains lUiOjoJis eeAofkM. |
aiM,.. iNn M IN card
vii tefe.e4 reel
".sun un iI.$.1111Tian treeD4ltat q. w ai .>..... Craw and. etoMUo4. K
*4 ta .w turn Owl of C4o*> Afaf ks U44. LASSIE JANE PEANUT LOITER 12 II. Ill .2'

*' t* ........ Maso freare* Ito riaewe Ce-f-*.*....
I Ma-rM "taa.. vkoe. tinfHa alt I. ......N.enaa.
h it1nt' I. "i" ...,..: .. taetaU ...." tar 20yoeea. ROYAl LONG CRAM RICE 1 tl. '11. 35WtSSoti *
.., rlfr two ....... noel lev .. veMo.m+..
...... tnm Har-d a.tr. steeo oaf feel Ctetsaa.
ate ..... to IMS. OH itI.. Illtil 3'

- --- --- --_ __.. .:-_ .: .. ... .. : .. ..: -: .. .: ..; : .'

.. ". .. ,
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41 .

.1 .. ._ ._.__. .. ...__.._ .. _-.' ...............M..___ I.
i 4A, 4 r e a "

*v .-*
paiT V'F.

'" :- "*v

Officials Enjoy Benefit Performance FAMU Grad Joins Fashion-Tea Acclaimed Success For Men's Day Benefit

Pennsylvania State

College Staff r

(FAMU--A 1960 Florida M
University graduate, Miss
Agnes Lav*me Phllllpi, +, 7
daughter of Mrs. Lisle. MM '
Phillips of Qulncy, will become (
'a member of the stiff
I' I II II of Pennsylvania State College
here this mart
Holding the rank of Assistant
professor, Miss Phillips, s
candidate for the PhD degreein
home economies education,
will be the first member of
her rice to fold prof'ltorlllr.nk !
In the Department of
Home Economics in the College -
I of Home Economics at

w Pennsylvania State '4 w"'M /
I + Slated to receive her doc- .r ,
torate in December from d 4. r Y k l
Perm. State she also earned i a.
the M Ed. In home economics ; hc
education at the same Institution -

.. 4t
Prayer Meitinfs

Tabernacle Baptist Church
4211 SW 25th -Hyde Park
Arei..ls continuing Its nightly
prayer meetings throughoutthe t
week, accord Ing to the pas I Ir
tor, Rev. Elbert X.1.lton.Rey :
King of Rock of Ages

SOCIALTIESDr.. and Mrs John 0. Brown (fro. left) Ins Branch NAACP.s fashion shoe and dance held Baptist Church Is heading the
nightly evangellsttcal servicei -
Richard Harris, Mrs. Etta Wilkinson and Dr. Edwin hat Sunday aftemoon.Mrs.Wilkinson and Dr. ftilrley: : and the public .Is again ,

Shirley were ring: the at ten dees at the annual Ml are board nenbera of the ortanlzatlon.Photo hv Rnker Invited to hear this great I

preacher. I

0 0 0 Among The Stars With Lee Ivory 000

Silly Davit, artitlt and to- column' wosd.dieof.doeovple / ', Martha, ffeevei and th.Von- prlie me ana bit to hear torn- I. .",. and dig cur album.thavgh VCTIOOTS PAOnON BiO attendees and prtnclpaJe pinto froa l.ft'bmett; !!c-

,.rlolr.) chief el Cha/-Ch.c.r of w.... Of e, wrote' to toy ho J.lla.III.{ flnish.dkillingham ..y lewis/ say that he is ..". : 'Mvtlt .. boa You quest Ruth Atrtnit, Barbara Jones, Toevy oaky. Cey Oorha*. Ikea Lou GbrbsH.
records, gave me his word know Iho big production shows at too Howard In Woihingtoa .,sly' thlnilng about writing Mind By.* Denver l CDaehnan, Arlene llllMs, Roy Rots, Porothy Turner. Alberta Rattle
"to reveal' a show 114"1,,... were coming bock He was referring D.C. and 'In uncle, Ind. weekly newipoper column Rachel '". Pratt and Hoeard Cbachsian.. Rotten from left; Models Horace T11t...
'',, when lunched, lost ...& Rufcgr MackeyZera floy, "wtolyn; Jones Howard rbachaan: Albert Rattle Yer-
scoop 1howill' "thole the no- to the big-deaf' ifoge "Yo" Been ,In love Too long we Sure t*>. Supreme ore ,
'i"(xt' his words, mind you. shows at The Club 'Chicago, li the litla thelrlatedh/land' It should, be on InatontaucceM. bu.,. fII.,',. ... for on miring line verhart, jofhlne Phillips, Roland nftJ.,. Little Wanda Jon., ndl"" .
W.'" hear about It not/ week, being produced by owners .the ,teens around the U.S.'.,.. Meanwhile, back at the old onh.. led Skollon/ roevee Tie Floyd T.reu1111.... ajso participated --photos !>r laker
lug H'' bet I know whop His/ Rodn.y lontt end fervl HHI dancing In the street* to, typewriter, |I'm 'learning' aerno .show Sept 2.. too Id Sulti"."
W t'. ,InVenled, on 1AM com.4l Spenn who bought" renovated their previous offering 'No. new' cIt."" ...""' .,1...."..- Show Oct. 10, andHuJfofcafle' *
".r>: h/ch/ will/ ( wrlU! InifantJtedi.'n' and ,.. opened too former where to Rwn't Yaw be'''your. tltt tldeo Young and Red Hall Oct 25, AeMoKoTheOrap- H. H.: H. Slates BEACH SHORTSMIAMI I II
fell), hilieng/ tohecon Club OeLlia. Said Z'ggx' loot"Why 'life I 'love '_-Martha' ,Rosa., Jom..,', .Id_.* have already "' "." Young sold'T.y.r.n'm.
replace' Carl' Smith end Roy do you thin! I Ittortodnty 'indondSMry.. '. vowed they mould defect [I''in fro top Ikon. this weal.. but
nard) Mina Jutt .0'. he don't Z'ggx' Johnson School' ., the ai dolnmy| comp" >:Our first ,(".*', blink,, your .,,.,* or. Atlanta) Meet I liCACH..lt is vstinutrd ahA 2.000.000visitors
'replete, .vivacious, delicious Theatre In DotroU 13 yoon At an articulate and highly's.nsiliv. 43 .rpm ,eI.... will;.. Th. ,words to foot'''oc'.' come to Kilami Deach The number divides
Shee/ial. ? I'm ready when the big ob..", ., ol too on- Out Crowd oWketod to all every year.
ago arrroxlmately e aaUy between the four winter months
Zlgyy,, John ton, to whom thlt producer! ore!' lertalnment., ItoSdn'tlwr-: ,/h.l.s.n,, In the world-liteusf f Didn'f" 1 ttll you obeuf foulMcCartney executives ATLAN7AKPQ0uslnesi and< officials of and the eight'<< months from April through No*
? Everybody" ,laughs predominately Negro collegeswill
N 1h. BtorUi andtnerog- come together at a national -
: ; mop. In turn, ,hugh of the conference InDlrstlerPlais MIAMI! DC ATH: -Although S pabUc beach 1'.11.119111I' .
world' a /ffcey cantfnuo are- hotel, Nov. 2-Js Vice Preil- about two mile of any point on Miami lOath tore are
FLORIDA boo musical' tolngt lhatitagfer dent Hubert H. Humphrey announced STB. S*In mlng pools attached to the arfrtnlmaw r.OOO
the Imagination, '.,,1'* reeeat liThe ...kltDl'.* In the city. Hotels and aparuiunt bstldlrige
National Re la- I have an additional 265 pools.
n.w.I. kit, milk the totting .1 College

'. o benofid ttrlng quartet. It dona conference will be ...................
celled "Y..,.,.,'."too Co fihi sponsored by the Plans for
,lobol. end (. devoid .1"' Progress program of the
./h.rhree Beatles. It It not PresUenfa Comminee on
only' ." vitro hip; ", .''oJ". Out Equal Employment Opportun

NUMBER ONE fig too 'lyric A .boss to not' ,ItIt try.Plans for Progress U s cooperative levitate' if, Suthri cult
dod'ttotod to Mary WWIi' or program which
Jane Aihart Neoedy seeks to provide kadershlpIn
but out. .
achieving"JI employment
opporunlr/ business andIndustry. sur R1SINoLMEAL
While1 wire mettlng I wound H currently te-
inID.'h.ebitaurl.,.,""*en* chides 313 major firms em .I
RHYTHM: BLUESSTATION five a 'Hrfen to The fy.'*C*. ploying a workforce of over '1
& eerto of lew..* fr', ono ., toocuteit LI million
bile rue heard In a longtime Vic President Humphsry
and students .,d..." also smounred that Harold J,
..IeF arlaDri!. director of per
n*"MC w;W reodtfy r+tognao
/...'*eI.Jr.'ou might.t ve4 sonnel services Central WMBMSpotlight
Motors corporation wm.coaIrente serve '
Sees. on .., epee for new -
Four fee* rune by. Ivy N.,*,.,. ae chdnmaNegro
"'. a roc* ',,' roll'toll ..*. .Wkr CtrferTo Product Of The Week
fcW to lie ..!W W.nWiW ,

kinto Th. Taps Ito, looitoJtolfro'tt H. .... OU fokif. Try Ode : Miami Florida '

.. *t>. !Is Itttt ono To... toil toot .
to 0 otoof toroo loot rf..*'.._ With Giters .'. P

: : : whon .a now roeerdwili,..
,.... Ho ...... bum 1 erfntotlin' 'uvn..u-rred .tcMlUU -
DIAL e.bdy.e.boven pee v. a$-"-$Junior from
Itrl VMI..W IW ko dore.d Greeasbore; and. tranetsr
from ROM'.ild J.., Col
Ie,.. .U a candidate for the
Pie O.s-e.. wel.
Svgorgirl. m7
Valverslty of Florida basketball -
It ejWto are aMe mook..Imwtoridfof warn this arcoftflsf '........
dent mete ....,._.. s.. to Craves; year athletic di ..
Ray ".
1260 : and $*>. hod e .
For The # J.1 Sound! ff( lit AwtWr" Ale .,4 In or rector.McMUUosi is reported Maa """

..' d., to .wale *. gig o* Mm* soled coach Kornsea
'. .:'. rfie wee foreeW to g.Ho* 39 Slur for penrlsilM M tryout Ise
.. :' .' each OIl a rwe4 ct mole for *e team and was" teM
J. .
100 :, :"J'O!. \ ... 'Wis.on my monogort govo too tat aU eareOod tMdeaa who
:y f snyr' peamelor my eigbly sdory. art eligible are t>ek cne te
'rl SHORTY$35.ftMDALO .
l'\: ;. :: .::;,, ,; "., /ddMm ............,.. try oat lot any ef tr.r Mlver* .
: *. ". .u. ,....."." ." ike sir* warns Craves said. r
1 D : ma.wd. heady UAerW to Starting date for unity -* MOT *<
IA1.1 ..L: ..: : : ,: ... .... ..., 61..4 d......... ,..,,&4 practice bettatOct. ----... _- -,.--S!
., .. ... 11 aed sho! U Mc4LCioa -
I.rp.ea to -J:: .t ::;.w..a ...
: N" "' .. 'Saps. .*. 01 A.m& make the Ant the 1qII ad. be .w.. r=::r-== taaw aorrrlw .... a. .. ..... 11. ..,.

...,JIvI/ d.rhtIf siegwenenv.d Negro Confe player,....ladsSathaeter 1 ,.vosac.u.e.vs..sr..... sv,....I

.... tl mN She...mole......e/tor wy borpw.0_. e.--- :-=. UCTOvoeioexrMVMa s.s,z=
: Prizes
:ii c 1260 For The # 1 MI.. GIerII =.....: t-:
II wi
> .v. oaNt.d I.. .... .:;::::::: r:;: CIMIIJ
.1 ;
J .leader, a w avw- ,
Pale It lr I teal I e
.. ..
.-J styleon baprsKee red .woe. w .w nee
... ..
Ahaaor la all affaire ., -
.. .. /ell" orHOsl Tlay'w pmeytep .... e.::" .....w
,;II more .l *.,.* ..4... oors 1 1 tote**, ramie. ....- w paeacwiene: .....,

'q' ; : r m: : i Ramsey .. CHno. k leiep ../.. rucaaeee. ILL tackCWra / -- ..-..,...-w.
.. ;, played oyoCrw .......w oa4 bia1e *. tact Isle, tcMIhsrta. --- ..-.-. ... -
.. .. w
: / I sto... bit lotMors se q =: =
there la a* oor : I
: DIAL| : \: N Is Me Rollp s.-.' ..'hl ut ale. ear t .-...,.....
'k0Jai.A' A..or tap ar
a. R l: = v4..r a1.MY1we ,
aU. Lorai 4it: Mi II. Iea.5nvwpeaa.1 :
,04 w.". ..............w.I ass.0.-n., r.w.q
'... .....eepl.y I+biJebuy Ned: 7 UUlT Street.....,"..f19tOpea .r.a M- -- -- Lew.ils M to.C. ..-.. -.--,.
I .... .
wigk loft ..... and R .. ..n It Is. .-...--.... w .eat. .Arwro..toan t=:-== .....
:i 0NM0.I" ......t. w... ft Ra.W, Uo ... Uteal. I.-8CAU''-"- *........... i- =-;:;: :- ..

M :, 1260'For l'R' ........ ...... -.J o Ie paw Ha Oa* vials ,. :;"..:.5.,:. law ::.:: --.. .... ..
The & B w ...mauls r5an.. we n..asee.
# 1 Hits! IUDUI tad ..&.011&eirrenace..4 you will .E: ;--w..N.-.r--. -.

I --
M1 Sew'was
.. .
at. ,..


----- --
---- -

,- ." "- ., \I.J,, Y' .

P r t l, 1 II'I I I


Edward Waters 'Stuns Savannah 36-0 Bethune Wallops Albany 49-12 I

Tigers Entertain FootballResults Floridian T7u Contender's Ace RoundsmanWMSNINOrONb Spotlight On Sports

Rams CHICAOO",(,,,,- Pi* con rvraUugnobloWn, ,a>
Saturday Boning Aiaeciofion!..,! bragging; ...'"/it*rvf*barringcnamaiani
from signing for r niM .. .i'" Mdr"'*..
la winning their second promised when ACM two bit- longer*, Iv' the *4'<4 li nming to write nm* ....,..
straight game of the season via *rest of SEAC cpponents fence EoVrorW Motors 34..s.v...... u .* certainly/ wpratial lofwtion. I* honing'. fro
a lopsided 36-0 defeat of Savannah against one another her Saturday SI. ..0 aVtion! fr..t*.w,.* M anything; if edit to In." ..,_.
State on the Georgians night. fat* Ih. ca*. .f DM/ tiger of Nigeria. Almatf too
bane grounds, Edwards Waters The Tigers' seasons opener lefll".CooA49...AbanSlat / yr .... on D.c. 7 196) In Artantic City N.J., Tiger
College Tigers are eying another here with Morris College of 12 I :rilrf ana fail nil crown to mioWloweignf challenger
win Samrdaynight when manner S.C. two weeks ago was Tonne**** All 32. .r... MrMr Jeer Gioro'ofl. ., PfcilooVpnfa' ft wes few,... H efilfoJ -
they entertain conference rival attended by a host of enthuslas SowHSorn/ ... *. i I. which 01.""'. "'.....** to win .Ml*
Albany State Rams In Wolfson tic local supporters Saturday AI... U 4..S.C Slate oWiion.In .

Par*. night's session should draw an Miu Voloy 51 .AI...... foci TJgf**v*cuntor>pvnchifig.. Oiar""'. wch .
The game gets underway at almost record-breaking crowd Sire 7 .. Q fit not J..y _panting Mo Kr1 ,.. nort* at Me
BtOOrun.Khlk. since demons' lads are on diethresbho14 Nor Carolina' AXf II. J.C end of (he encountor.In .
the demons mea were of another success SmikS 12 Mi' g/oo. Oiar***!!. ...."about Ifio ring aid oro-.
almost scoring at win In Savannah III season Virginia Stofl2..N..arriO .. anise (no Woforving Tigor chanc ,. win led nith'lf
Albany was taking a During last Saturday's nlghf Morgan Star. 30 ..Nor* .. And th. illf'''';.''wes that th* romokn wavM, 1.awn. .
49-7 lambasting at the hands of the Carol inaOSi .
encounter Tiger let it be I i
Bed ine-Cookmds Wildcats known early to Savannahlans Augwatin* 40. .UIf;"'*. I J ,i"t a/for Joy noW ......chnc* to ,ell... an th* *ncownlor. -
during their seasont opener at that they hadn't decided that bo *
arrived fortes ton I3Ilvelidd no vla'onn'y wont** n*pas
Daytona Beach when Senior quarterback Char 4. W liberty of Hgor..ei" -'".
However, anything can happen ks (Fox) Lee hit classmate 'mel .
when Southeastern Athletic
Conference rivals vie halfback AMa MWcr with a St fowl's 50. ,V.fI... 4
particular Saurday. Thus on any a ao-y InS aerial gem for an Initial Sovthvm 23. Morris .a
score. The conversion was Incunpk -
Brown 0 f fA fI
rough and ready encounter Is
-. p.._. Staf.30. i Hamate .
Throughout the remainder of
Wtkh This Corr hands the period constantly the ban wlmlaT.r chanced Stele 34., ..Arlonto
Sid being able to hit paydln.
24-11-13 As a result of the local do- Staf t.I& ..VirginiaUnion -
kinsmen Mixing their opponents 14 'wonty .....* wines_ (Ah,,W) Orantgoft ."shaving roam aham.oa .
11-41-11 with relentless vicious* $*..2t. .....'.,.....,...4 ". oWng bore play in aVaating room colobrafion aftor Ino AMiwiOMto Twice wan A*
irsi, Savannah fumbled early American (...". oomtonf by boating .... WbiMngton S....,., 2.'. Of rlaAeto.WMcits .
I 12 la the second with Junior tackle
Charlie Holmes recovering' fords

4 3I ..a.I visitors on the home waifs Setfesck Rims 49-12 Hayes Named To Hall Of Fame I I I qpl + I '' ''vh

5 I With! AQ-Coofcrencc junior Fer SMSM'S 0"111' Win TALLAHASSEE (FAMU) star halfback on the RattWn*
Lynwood Simmons and Florida A& r. Bob Hayes has football team. He starred In
14-521-44 frosts speedster, back Elijah DAYTONA ICACN Gal. MtOoiro been Inducted Into the Helms the North-South Shrine Cam In
Duncan Cy vevsle
I W.C. drove carrying to the the 20 mall where, E. a pews a.../off onto..**"..'.. SafvroVy al VVWc Athletic Foundation Track and
11-41-14 toy lost the ban on a fumble. StoaV.m .. e gam*...w. ewkIe..r Albany Stato toam Field Hall of Fame. The 64

BoMtUet He UAOMitlsiflS Senior back Kenneth Lawson from A....,. Oa., to ...*ton**l4t. II Olympic was doubleoldme4.lwlDeau Induced Into the I'I i i'l'

recovered again for EWConSavannah's Wit ...... olfw. .
H' Dover option seas to rvn Ik. cwnl to 20- Florid. Sports Walters Association
13 but Uter lost to .. ..., ..... ,,
'H. adds obtneti.D lodff long 12 Of noffhm' *. Hail of rams In WM.H l1 h hh
ball en downs. from foonaol to tarot.pd .
yi, now flanker for the
works it all around DOMINATES iVO HALF
In duplkatlon. Lee hit Miller .
bat 10 .aid/3 yadtewch.sl.ee Dallas Cowboys of the National
OOMINQ ATTTUCnCHS again for a 55ardscortcpassainlor OWoW TV* bWd... was m tonfral Football ofU I
m Lag was ale
tackle Willie Nelson: all owrJng *. ......J Meltm.r4d
11-142-54 amounr4
, to pvr togoor ton- persons honored.
convened. WEC 11.SlYllmah by rovgWng '.....fI.. Paul H. eommtn
---------- lewd drips te, ,.r/If./ Helms
0. an Urn iW, wMdi lal ... chairman for the foundation
MAN'S DAYS The Ckmons mea received SCORE EARLY ....W...* hey caHtng,.,.,. The allied sprinter ors held'
possession of to ball on their ICC tksaW a. to *. tarns .rs of ..* ...... to k\. b.. three world r* ordsi ...
ARE NUMBERED opponents' IS and froeh quarterback to an...._..On4fn'ownmoy aWtol p1w.! ....*** MwfTI for tfw 60-yard dash 6.. for
.. ..,,.,.*. ,.
Raymond Dry ants' dsophomore .Ierc..r. .bkb. .*...a playa from emit the TO-y.rd dash, and ,1 for
lia* s Days are .Naa end WllllsGrwtwsywith Jerry S..... gaAorW m*
a... *vt.,t>*gam.. d.100'ysad dash. Hewas alas BOO HAYES
Jbsred." Health tad Fortuna a scoring p.... Bryant aWgiiin ... Ms 40 .,.., acomorWoO Cod MClew.N'.. the national AAU and NCAA
CaD B. Tours flea tested to Juni r bark Eddie far*tor In.fir*., Only on. to nvoil.Mar MVo sprint champion during his c lWe Miami& and the Senior Dow 11n
Ton KBOW roar Lucky DIll Rhodes for the two-pointer as Caamn's 7 toffio* wad only WoW ...W o. Of. ARM fyio.vl days at Florid. AiM.The Mobile, Ala? during hU senior
to half ended EC 8L Saga MM.
1.22 .! *. sled end amp. ni. rotition 4f Jacksonville nalvewas s days at
tscky Colors Etc. ash 0. anoyay '
From mot msmae Mc Joe. VMfaVat flanVn
Mead 12.00 for your *
Taking advantage of an tobrcakj padre l 0omvn crow* I now 4aoloy lor .. ftrvl sins
w>ros op* Quid for ml Wi woW1 b. glortowsdb .. .
to Tigers dUplay4 I Mk ...ea "tINt; c""" OSUIPEACH
OCTOWlfill third qaaner thriOer when ,. *l brg>f.(n\mrdloM ails tootorW OW4on. OMMo-
chalk Lore handoff to. Lya S.ni ...lcfI ..... mo lomaorotor |*r*... 'M.'.,* Ii... bovfooxwJ -
'h la tie bleak ...10.ud wood Sknmons was food for s63yard *into In. fO".. .*. aV.aly "..,...
sail to rooiAC.: Post scoring stamper. A f.mWW ownf se....,'. frm AA rw.ro... H.. HALVES
p office Bos H7I jtcksoa* Then, shortly after. Leehanord 10 f**. Ice A* .oconW TO MaiWa*W In. OMOaKonaf.> ,
off Duncan who bluted 20yards ....
till to wo inr 04an 0.'
baton W Ate,
I. Florida. rUan to-irfmf
....-.. arrest to goal. tins. toting II." tram m* 4 pad bor Nat to itog. sI*.
On a bad pass from caavr, fin.. !a* Hw/o aWnoa 32pad. ... ......... ... (
N*&.................... to Savannah punter was trappad .,.. ..--....."" aS .ovor 1I 2 u 69C
IV ShdSwe.I.d..C..l
for safety by aJtnT"""err ton* bbo ./to*<.. ... rcMMto1*f I QUANTITY RIGHTS RESERVED'S
defeiuemea tackle Allen V CMS
STKaTT......_........... Jowl and Willis BIythwood ..... Afcowy ..... SPECIALS GOOD THRU SATURDAY
and bark Freddie Jones, thus ,!Int D-It 21 ,

DATE W MET-,..... ending further *cring for to Not ffooMng ,.... 273 41, HERSHEY'S NclsIrsSUGAR
.W. remainder of to .1"". ,.MM. raroag. 110 3t3
,**.. A.C_., 9.n >*44
1 Inrortoyito byt 3 I
,..,.. 1M 3 > SUGAR 5
hate Mo A3
PewetdN 120 54ICO
A. *...\.,to C (ovron..4t yorW pee rnA s.io oi mi
A. ,..ni>,l to C &.wf..1J pad peat ron inn
t ..... liolof r.... 60 pads AI.n iWI. U""I AtTOMATOES/
OhMon. "w,,4, rill by Alec
Jo* two 32 yroV rid to..W lel.69C
oidyone *>-*. to i. O.a 34 padp.a. 15th W..6e ;
rip I ye***"...,.. Maw

Lcel.5..id.w L Ob>ma 3 yorr ride tor aofon/Afonia W/S5.00 OR MORE FOOD ORDER

diet cola C. Sm5w I yor* *.,. AAoniU 3 :m 39CIUIIU.M

......... ..-.. 49AA

that ratesa AI.IIS 1INI

Rattlers ll.43CSWIFT GRAM RICE


famous Ftail SeceialsMX. Drub S.C. 3 11$. 39C

MX.Jksl WIe
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to A4T CaoDtwe Act'** a"f4to State Illlt HIT
cola wtB.snf TO wheat tfwG4oa >
fOs from JetaM&tat.* TALLANA/IEX faeod byMtor MEAL. GRITS
Le.<.,...,. tHO. la 1 ClAAtoutafl | back tiny MwaadvWtaatod 89C
game pUr 4 br tat tw. TO Md teaiod. If 11.
: rda* .*!... It N....|.t II ......, rWldsMfcrsUckrt 49C
'sad-' .*a *.4r aeceojsui s us,
.paling .M AUOs 1 OfakMkad %< gate of ... MOXSJby
sUdwaf to.....y.rie4. a UaMawl4a.C.rttMMSl FRESH IOSTON IUTT PORK
MT Ud e fr%'an ... for bear .*u a ure. .ar* ... .... eta r and
airs betom,*....baa f... peaks JsO. aHaMNaHsa
e d Os """. bis ,..... raa tor 40s ROAST 59
ft was Jofeaj Cranpr. *. Af* .ore and sad oa II and STEAK
'. gtes* saw anamrWcsi frtniCUrko 1 envyard. nm.StaM lB.
.%*did b % ,... s e..dwINpied"
( r oj-e ..'"............,..C;,.* I..oW blab Mud aa M-
ger.tmalMdaaMHi Mr **. yard HM from fttrfftoaa torto
eeoiilnf ,..... wee s kf opiTf. .. wens. tlaal aaer*. FARM HOUSE CREAM KtUllE ?. 59c
.case off goj oar% s*kadbis n. llj krs galead. 3Mard
Staoi M *-7.He ooj air ) .* to grad wMk.
,.... lilt skj cJ IdItl. s BMSoirial Ie i., lion s>- 3. SHORTENING
.,.,.... rw Ida M eojf.Covad GfTaN PIES IIIIT pu finci rimPOTATOES
tei>o **. lr.e(14
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a-Aa t.....+r1 erren. adw.ea SAVIN6S 'S JIH lit -
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eased /r luntr Ms v w 0
led. PtsEIp" .. ...." $l e lEMON OZ.CHOCOUTECOCOMUT. TIDE fit
....... 3'W'IW ..levelMr. ,690
MelwMemei6.mrrmrI III IIIJ ,,,.
,.,.,d bimi. w ee lead FUJI inn
ill.7 a.d ,.a...Tk lame fssred .
Ca. ear a IJ-d. PttB .s
tape Ma Ml cks Is.his gaew.iW flAME lED TOKAYGRAPES CABBAGE115C
III .... a soul of Ml t.... 1
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ern .e lrMtbMlal.. .. rAerrap 10C
M M Yen's fpse
vat co.w,. '-',. ...r. I ?
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Secretary Gets New Post Simpson Circle Y-Teens To Present GirlArr Talkr4i1J111 FREE RUG SHAMPOO

To Present pL Y With Rtatal of fthMpoo
EualpBMit t. N.it1 LawgMotrt

MusicaleThe a Oardta Tools,
:Floor pollehtr Sanders

:Ntcfaanle a Nand !bole. Lo
WSCA Clrolo 4 of G
t ',al Trailtra. 93
S1II)100) .Mtthcxtttt church per day.
xrl willcon tor Batty Jean By Mary Whitman NATIONAL RENTAL CENTER
1' I MI On. of Amerka's rarest ,'oln.romm.morU" .
Bullock and Bronze La
lurlf a a .yni I Tsai .If.Mala St. PO 8.999&
Tttta irrlnc In a fall ; bol of the blitit sold rush In
our blitory.
ualcal Oct. 10 in the
church audltorlia.A trio SALES MANAGER
fro. 111 11.. Ralntt FOR SALE
School 111 appear. DODGE 91 4D CORONET ( NEGRO )
The hostesses art: La 131 MO Call 731-9911 SALJIRY
rranctt Falter, PatriciaBiS.onsJaoquslyn r
I ;,F Shlpp, Chssptoe.. Store Net $15,000 MIMIHJM
Patricia ,rlltDn, Gwen to POTENTIALTHE 1
lie. 1110 1100.00
dolyn Brom, ..attie Doris NEGRO HERITAGE[ LIBRARY
Call 999-7239 i:00: P"
Ltwl'r. and Loretta
the call library' eovtrlaitht
Cousi or. KELP WANTED ntirotf coatrlbttloat

Tbs hosts art: RlckitRoddick .aid! Ouaraatt.d. flood aid aehltTtatatt to aaa

Jaatt Brook, Nee tork LIe-IfJObs, kind it optalu ass of*
II'. JOHN CONVMS, Jff. (D-M/cIt.IItI"/ ) ,for.... to Miformor Alton Rtddlck, Vandtlon 'SS.UI .tt l- fart ads floss ia the jas arta. t.
tocrofory AMu/ ShMey/ Robinson' who LA, lad Johnson and Dolls .Mack RAROLD DtnOftCtT AOWCI
wool fo tolo a pod at locrefory In fho American/ "y. "n u tietlltat oppor
Embassy (In N.w De/hf/ /, ,,.,,., Mlu foblntorv/ who d ....b.n of the 'circle D.",. 1. tabro6k, H.T. tuity far a take tharittaaaitr
from ..,. C",.,.,'s oVtfrfct I In Defro/f/, 'fe>,.." Phi eon.ortumon'i who his a proven
WgtMngton" doff, (oif '."ru"l')'. Site ocfeo1 art: lira tilna irrlnj, APARTMENT FOR RENT rtoord of hiring and trala*
01 fheiecrefory-tfertoaropher for the 1i Co", ,...."' .,, ch ain.an; .Mrs. An an da ..
Cotpltttlfuraitbtd lai IIh. la tht direct
who w.,., ,fo Selmo' Ala to ,Invittlgott" Mo mold/ trills Easter ttcrttary; .Mr... Apt.
there and was a gveri of a spring re the Wiffo/ Hevie by ."".,., Johnion. (NPI photo) Minis Lang, trt lurtr. ... llootrit lit. reply wrltt:

155-/942 atttr I D... VICE PRESIOENT-SALES

Gospel Extravaganza Feature t NEGRO HERITAGE USURY


fg r d Puralahtd. cooktu Prlf. ; FLORIDA 33131
; 4 Unit total or Coapit.Fttk .

0 CRS owrTng rho'poif tommortorhoy.-ToontcorrfofOfKOt In WDiMngfor, O. C. ntSI. days, } D.'. to 11 AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY
Poforb. .,rg. the obovo. Woont C/wb/ of A.L tt.(. Ironch. YWCA will tp*".., t >0)rl p.. tttktada, 9 a..5. to EMPLOYER
T.ik' Saturday, Ocf. 9oM I ::00".m. a tit. VVVCA, 562 W ffgrift tt. Miss 0.1.,5.1. Pan 1 p. .. 1961191.
.r ion foonogo Progrom Olracror.nnouncel The program. will' coniftTol, r.,.rt. from "mo
two c."c.. and will foffowoo1' by o oVwvMfon' / ....1.' and fho torvfrif of ro/roth
monff, All Woonf ",. "".4 to oW.ni M.mb.nAswn. from ,loft .,w ''''.''' McN I,.
Kay Cotton v.,.""Mffdt.", rWyn' N/tlmon/ ont) CocofteMorhlt.I Good news!

Jobs Secured Asthma & Hay Fever Sufferers

I DEATHS For Harlem's. Report Relief in Minutes

Negro WorkersNEW

Mra 1.1..1. .,.,," JU'/ '..11.rooJ '.,.,."c. frantltctit/ lass, YORK M the result. Cloaro:I1..ack.kl Co.(oUoB Do.tV.Wlthowt r.na.Sa Drop Malta o..I.San.lag.HtJ...
All.. 1102 w." ISth Si.Mrs. of picketing and neotfldOlll.IN .
Y. Thomas Johnioa 1159 W. ,". Oowrfy Oliver, 1719 Ntw York City Branch of ,
ajno1 St. t. as tit st.Mrt. tfit NAACP, rtprtscralng the AMefI.. dhwrr M a .....,...., CNSJ. r4 .iA.I Ms.n .
W V-'l1// loll, 2144 r.II.".,. Mary Iwlggt. U. WMto./ Harlem arta, bat tanircd an .......... eiI.mN sl.n.nra. u wnw.n. I Ns r dry sr.MNS ms.pNw
Reel rem ",.m... 954 f. AsN.ySi., Important brtakthreueh In ....04_.. ._... M.n liar....Mae....o.e rrkaN r.NWe Caw.MMIOran_M tatter MMMMM AoII fc TiT MI.1"/ r. $,. Will. ProrA *oUnio3942 eonitruetlcQ work JoEt for deist ..... N Mr Ctmn'mit.' OIl <.. NMi ....
: VonDyto. 40 unemployed Noro wort .......... mUMm ...Maui, .Ill. NMe,4a '?urea ef NI Mr Mal. rr
AugwiNno.Honry tMnton Avo.Uoifor CMUIN. M .......... .,.. rail Mrs ..n.. N err
fvbonai" 120 WbthtngfonSf. / ,.,.. W Wg,..". tr*. a.a r ".IN4 dp Of. 0,141One c-- N1 W New M
I IlloWI-ovorSl' Ltttr afttr Inttnrtralon w_ Assam! CII- aaodac.as. N. .........

: At"" ".. rhomot, S,. AvowMno. .. Mr.. Moog'o' lrow>\ IM I Re',. million of tht Now York City Com-

,r h1: sly!. rood Ave.H.nry Ifock.. 3304 DevISi.' company oa wu Human rtponodtatty Rights the .
k Jackson A4<'" 2742 rvonrUo It would employ tht 40 new
'f,> Orvo.ffooiovoll( Mock Nofhonfol' VWfoht. 975 W '
\fo.;.. It r' ;; / 51 if SI." William/ J08J N W. Aihloy St worktrt of thou now without omplcytju laying' off any "tl ''lcci( Cllf.ttt

Mrt.Mory/ Color. I53f Oof Si. ......, ..,. ;. .,..."...,. "
Owed orrfid -TIte Ooip.lEcfiootwM/ thoir 'InilnimtnH of Failh/ will/ bo ,.,.". (dur.Ing MR. C C. MATTOX' .o "
Of/i 2J11W.
if "
011"' ro r.Mrt. fhonr fl 4 MMII.
rho gospel' .." ."".,.,." Sunday, a 00 p m. ,In Trinity' toplltl' Church Ouyaf ."" 1.1....,. WI/1/omt/ / 2000 Myrtle Art o"d Adam$
J ll.rn>n Sit., rho concert ft "./", .,o".cl" Twofrh/ Hour
.Y.' land 2. fho pwblfcI / '0101.. SI.M .
/I /lnvlt" (Royal Art Studio Photo) ,.. Oro loo SWrh. I2.North ARE PROUD TO ANNOUNCE THE OPENING OF SHIIMP-Mc4. Le"e 7.

OYSTIRS Soloctt t., frjiof PT, $1.4'
H vgh Thom.. comtrrotivo
li Pt tof the bup.s.
,.. .
Si.Mr. .. !. SUS
for $ -
Sro 4or4i "'
.. M..,,,. Wbtroh.ed 701 I EDUCATION, THE KEY 10 SUCCESS"
W I MthStroot.ohn POMPANO. Llrna.d AotiM LI. SI.10

S..h. ,.", 1020 W 0"".' 2S1I NORTH AVENUE JACKSONVILLE LO9STIR p L99e

M ri Vktorto Pfciftoy./ 741 W. SMALL FLOUNOIR.LARCI . L29.
oovor CATFISH S*<
0.JJ, ., 712 Pholptjj ---------------------
\ .
M rt.: Sic' Str.'fort 5744 T... S..rth.'JPill.. Eli''B.Addill lIac.llu CIHUINl SALT MULLET LI.LI.. U.
,., St Oltici PrscsdlrsIsistss Ellis MID. MULLIT . 2M
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1f Address .. .. .e. I ..... ...4
I > *+4 t ttfttft tt -- *)' *t cv
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f'I r----------- rado Coaplotod At Bar ..lla I II. lit
I I lEl'SUSE __________________________t
,i I 1
-- -

Rtslsrs -w ------,----- .-
AUTOMATICS DRYERS Nriilira Skit Ripiirlt :" yI S

Save Aa Neck Atsoo. I aft Aa ktieb At I / a Aa Mob At

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r till lisinsi .U\ti THl ; I< VMItY m THl6t

J -T_ ;... 134 E. INIflN ST

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BATS lUll wrl.w w1 '
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LINT riLTIR TOR u .... t._ a L-. HIAVY DUTY MODIU vw.MPM.r rw' ....... MM w

CLIANIRT CLOTH r'::..:. ::. zI'-: GIANT CAPACITY L..r1....PlUI....Ma1.1/1N I


IMtR tltttrlo at.U
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NAME YOUR OWN TERMS llao a.o. Seas f rara
.4 r...,... All attaeb
oata for .*.... hatter

r TAKE YEARS TO PAY aoloa.* alUtb aUaafttai tttiat.P aa4foat SOUTH SIDE RAMBLERS

.llitaraato... Coabo 4
too la peer at.'. II S PMIlirs HtGMWAt US I SOUTHt
ads ol/at oootklyoata /V-
SPEARS BROS. oQI' : of 9..I'. trtto:
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Crt4lt laoaior. Ill a.CltorMltr .
Rooi, Lara.
325 BROAD STREET 355 4641 I I Il1ttI .&. _

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