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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200682datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date September 26, 1965dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=006820740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
September 26, 1965
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
September 26, 1965
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Full Text

1 9 _]!!- -'



Burns1 Appointee Faces Ouster As President Of Florida Voters League

** *


... .. .. T ..,. ... .....

Power Structure Frustrates CITIZENS' ,


I Duval Negroes At Every Turn MAYOR'S A deeply concerned OFFICE group of E

sight cltUens met with Mayor

(A Report On The Racial Situation In Jacksonville ) Louis David Rlners later representativeTod mayor's' of*

lice Tuesday morning and

charged the city with outright -

leaders WentBuns' News Media Aid In operation racial discrimination of cabpratrtglr lathe i

the city pickup and stations st bnersonAirport. both In YOU 15 NO. 21 SUNDAY OCTOBER 3, 19S5 15 CEN

AMes sssr. .r..r. b o

Enslaving Negroes Meeting lathe Florid a STAR
Oat Of Offices after! the session, three mem
bars of the group said they Conditions Deplorable" Says Pearson r
St. Petersburg There U By Krtc 0. Slap m told David thatNegroeabdrty. i' \ 1

Indication of < serious tpUtIB ers were forbidden to pickup 4t 1 \
the ranks and leadership of (Editora: !Note' : 'This la the fourth la s series passengers at the toned stations

the Florida Voter League del vim Into the political social and economicupeeti mjacksonrtU/Tormtnal
despite the fact that I njove Railroad Station and were
of Metro" lift ia Jacksonville
as they relate
to oust 1.. V. Dads the ore forced to drive to the rear WHITES CONVICTED .
ganlzttlons president out of to the reels at hat IOD. I) area of the facility where It
office failed laat Sunday.A Previous articles spotlighted I the political was Impossibletoserrlce*
mohitfen Introduced by peonage in which IXival Negroes have been ers.
George Allen FbLauderdakanorney Kept to enrich fortune hunting politicians'and The group also said that s
called for the removal their I political machine similar ruling prevailed at
bosses who
of president Davit and Joe get the various hotels and also IN RACE ASSAULTS
their pet laws enacted land
H. lames Jack SC WLU* civil and juicy government bneson Airport
leader who Is board chairman ., contracts that are divided among They also Bald U was reported

of the Florida Voters Le..... the Power Structure to the total exclusion during the metlng si .... ........... ...
The two mea are being' urged of Negroes-- vise. the Mayor's ofTlcw that T TTTTTTTTT
to get out of their officesbecauM even job all cab companies and city Quartet Convicted For Attack On Negro Couple LOST
It II hit they cannot Also essayed was Us role of the chamber of OM* transit bus lints art owned NEGROES

serve the best Imreau of the aerco composed of bankers at re*ants and businessa -

League while both are Identl- It rem ahoy that collective rover streetshas puny BEATEN BY
fled aa staunch (uppontri orGO'I.
envisioned the neiro merely s* a coerce ofaonetary TRAFFIC LIGHT TRAPS
Htydon Burns.Davis :, WHITE QUARTET
recently was appointed eiploitstioa, not as a eustoaer or a A spokesman for the group i

to the position of a aeaber of the coMaalty..aiapl7 a dollar ylelder said the mayor's. representative ,
Coordinator la the Equal Opportunity to thou no meal doraUOD ...t..., Is liven. was) loW thai some traffic r k Four whir n..tt ttrercnvlcted -
program In Florida Jacksonville businessmen. have been wringing lights .la the city aren't I last lamrdiy for assault .
Burns. during the chances thus caus* tonunkr alt g romir
by the dollar out of the
Action on the! resoaitlonwas Negro much the tng drivers to be given traffic by s *1 U; man all t.hlre male
tabled by parlemeatary sirs- same manner that avaricious shortsighted citations wider the charge Criminal, Court Jury, and for
rep brought .la by ErmstlX lumbermen! four decades ago raped American of running lights. y UA I the attend time, PuvalCcvnty
Jackson. fonnerJacksonvtUe forest lands hewing down the timber with The '''nn..aW he also haU the, distinction" of bring
lawyer who Introduced the the saplings, without replanting or nou- told David that this was the tf* only t>"'tliern rivntyrwrt.
tabling motion. Jacks on was pattern of the traffic light sitated to rcnvlrt whlir. "td for
recently appointed by Go*. rishing the soil providing Irrl tlon. at Myrtle Awn.a and crimes against. ....".,,
Haydoa Duma to a poet as and suddenly I they discovered that the land Ninth St. where S paint round gullref the lasiJuK
consultant on the Equal Cpr was becoming barren. There was a shortageof motorcycle patrolmen parked 90 clack am Rev. hen Clerk
trees. during both the early morningand Williams, 11. and his rcwn
evening traffic rush Jtt = ptsloa, Mrs.I Catherine:
The local poser Structure la so dettrslaad to silo said David was told flat, Drown 34, afw>r tKe jury h.ldelttwraieU

j M keep negroes .. Jscaeosrtlla la political eooaoale deb type ., police procedure 1 some 1 hvurs and
I I and sodal en sis vaunt that most of the aerohaBts prevailed mostly Negro residential ; 10 mln.N's Mm

y't bust.ss and banks. and lasureac coap antes areas ; Debby r:wren Mutrhlnse
Another complaint submitted M, of 1754 llairerd R"*l(
folio a rigid policy
of mot sdvertitlsi la
st dry Hall dUctoeodths Arirajr W, Lwi.71ar1/10
.Nero asespapsra that aupport the NAACP. telesteads absence of UafTle lanai MonrrWf CktrnaUmi JohaCd
e oa racial .....or cb fall) to support the at bantU, traveled MyrtlsAvenue ward Trent. M, ., WU Urn
acalse tosses' candidates for political office. and the Ciprvsrwsy I Turmr Raft. and Uarney

They etrry favor' Metroe by ilvla an oocssloaal whirls WM spokesmen said. llhs, N, of CiUahan

< 4oae.lU. itty ..Xi susrealr book ..ttidt-e.r- another srcldmrUdaleaHen .. ._. "" .. ., ,, ... .''&lh' ,. SULGUE iNroKmArio.iiTrial '
.. .. t. .
ties so ion or oditortals. h was reported that David .t cCL ; J w Msilimmy JUVial : .......
port program. Frustration faces the Negro at every turn told me group that ins matterearoatakI r 'flWJjf J ( Wllllan andMr( ...1.till. hives
A meeting of dissatisfied In Jacksonville.He cannot advance economically the traffic I \;" J hl. .... lost while! returslng -
lights ....... .
a5.- --' .," .A.r.afDeeloLstretloss: i..1I..1... i mCOrVVICflO .- 'h _.;_ .
League members which bad
because he Is barred frobusiness would I ..lrNN.a1y tooked Jarhsenvllto! oink
ben called for Orlando on .... U 0".., C'M.l" .f, c..... ..,.,. lwJpe having! '.Ult.d lire, Pewee
the, i am* day for the parpos opportunities by his Inability to secure The Intersect. of Nee : H... fmttltf J,. M ...evl' ta *. .,4., .fIII.LAn.Nb.p relatives, and. had ....4 itwtatt
of considering the, setting of capital.The moment he walks I Into a bank Cenihs and Vhlnea Streetswas ell." .. Jwir '10 m a Nf. evs>'. leiat .*.! were mea for dlrertloa lo ltu
sa Independent organlMtlcn lathe his high visibility (undoubtedly Ne alao rrpertad Is the u are Sees PossibleBy ,''',.,h.a f.", Atltw W '**h. ...., ,,,,...H"I tlrir.
even Davis and James rte grold features) Is the most potent deterrent Ik tights eempUM. I.0, aWn.y f 4.t ewW JJ-* I tIwo..J r'.... OHNI.IpA.1.. tfM rmple'i tear w.. ,forted .
lu.4 to reUaqulsh their posts to getting financial consideration for NAACP Hand eI.. *fc_. *. N..,. Jt4..,'. rfx |tWte fa .... Nt. the yard of Ill and Mrs, ,
was canc0d the day before. business purposes. An overpriced home CITY POLICE orncttt ma mosavi4 ate /eras Aaela/el .idle Ay. ,."...,..M Merman's hem tit OW Kings.
to other business conducted anew One member of the "1.:.1.,. artloa Is tab-aim. Read. h-ro It. window's ofB
each Lark I..,. r. ., ,'"'1'''. ........,.. is M.w
by the Leapt. In Ik Peters car and even a small I boat all of which mlOM reported, that en several medlaiely ..> improve many _,. Od 4Jax .. ear was .,...... ami 0..
berg Sam Jams, president of can be reclaimed and resold will be finan- occasions, sn-unlfermed. aspects of romnwAliy life for rouple bears by Sawed off
.. League's SocendCongres* ced. But for business equipment( or stock police wfflMrs. at persons ...,... In JacksonviOr. t>e baseball b.w.Wlnwsslng.
slonal Dtsutrt gar aa km No. posing. ee such an-**' Megr may lad diem rife Xegrs Social Security Readies if E IncUent."-
press!** report en the dls* cab driver "ne rnlng resorting M tarreea+d prowwr.a sin' 1Il..I,,,, the DvvalCounty )
triers campaign tscwrsar. no frastratlM aspect oft Is that .say of thee alleged traffic. rubs tafrac- la order to achieve his I'airel while Mr. Her
ban renewal. tn Duval Cawmy.to ,rwea otto are deemed best sees laaaa are .... ..... ....11III&.** stated fajtltdM Trainees For Graduation maa 'irantkally Ifte-J (. put
aid...... Jones, and ides ,1.aI..I, ........ a a*, brlca lailif, carpeater .- One cmr4alMant said. .he K. Pearson president sf ifieJachsenvUls his jammed' rifle Imoepsra*
ofrteers .f ihs tftval unit art tad bslldlaf ooatractora .ko deal etth w.. rurswdby such sparseen. Dranrh and 0wfl R.D Donaldson nlatrlct N"n 'gtr of tilt IMWrsfttier
waging a fight at rectify what theme banka year la sad year out. But oa tee other W. Asklry K despU* DM fact rU. lists CeaI.,..,.. Jackannvlll.Jrclslff.curltj 1 office announced LIVES 'TNIF4TCPaPD
Jones called an wAja-t and teat .he had ... NAACP ,
kind. nits ........_- of the .,... s waste p. this tick that .Ithln the testimony revetM
unrflnrttwjtinaar )art system aosjs .et. gerlahUcab.la ,..,.. stated that.hois Ing neat two that litres of the, eVfemlaMStreateMHl
tar tor Id a, eho lit up firms caa sal I... tbs oaas sank. ..< MncakSlMi the grip conditions ta Jacksonville,for seeks, Kollle A. StUlwtll and VlllUsj R. iKe. reuples with

Fibs Divorce secure all klads of fiaaaclat oa Us basis oftaetr said they were. aw tuVths large Member of he-frof amities Tonry, claims rtprtientatlve trains will leer lives whlto foreliM the
'apod credit raUacs laaued by Us various ream af Mtyer Neater ..batwas "are .."web...** Ms be asalgnsd to p.r!. duty atatlona Into tflr tar as tlmi alCtetn.
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the I Irony of It all Is that, In a way 4ct.ln'M Stak thilra glstsre,; Kegreas are liD signed to Manna, cords h"l".t..11 ..4I"III08D.r
Vato SAN AKTKVKV Tar -C'PO of speakingsome of the Negroes' money Is **t i..... by pafsod whim 1ff'OIM-' end Tt>s.r to Ocala.tllleWI 'asss4 Ills "rlOLM''

Assnnss C. DtOfcu-er.Register.,pwhtuhrr.Sasj was S*..4. being lent to -"ltes"II." Negroes can't m SM Inpad.atpsllrymabbtgbums end Tostsrs eiMlsatloa la "."". The ...........' ocr leA fit
for dlvwrrw s......fee the oddda..lve get any. Just think what would happen If By NAACP ma-y sf hkhdeal. .o a iroup sf tr.... ||.t, ssd Toasy la Of. Norman vird and. Pstfeanen

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plus Individuals' who put their money Icy GUI f. Thssa and SMH, ether de* II seEs of apetjaliodtraJslsf % read chess *. men stepped
This tree Mrs. Jooephtne Into local' Unkiwould NAACP Dee H caatrtnaa.Jtw .... Iw before federal Civil Sarttsa f and
withdraw their money .a la Social RSe ear ran frem aVa"*"' .
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and put it In safe deposit boxes Trent and rtoKhlnaea) wtrerWr.d *
alimony of SIM ser Instead erf NAACP vl.M4rsad rill ,
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"..,., end crurl tieaBinaa.** safe deposit Domes for rental" to the public. t\4a summer la aa X/UCT/ tact Jsrfmsvllle ere Nodal Se tirlt' *4wlsl were IMS ."...TKs... stir sKenly mac.,irwa..,.

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: ..1 r f ,


PAlE 2 __ ;

National Newspaper week

NEWS If any American institution is entitled

CONDUCT THATHC > to sing its own praise--.all questions of
publish by the Florid Star Publishing Company. wl> .. false modesty aside..it is the. American

End National Newspaper a.Rk,
ERIC 0. SIMPSON..........Mlllfii! Editor HESro'I which newspaper is! to be observed October .10 through

ALYSON E. RISE......,.i.. News E.itir ifl, provides that 'opportunity. .
There is nothing quite like the U.S.

HILDA WOOTEN......... Circ.litin Miiifir press. In many countries the newspapersare
propaganda organs of government and

.. willingly) or unwillingly abide by' the wishes

2323 Moicriil Real foil ELli 4-818H and orders of those in political power.In .

othersa few papers of vast circulation

MilliU Adlfiss blanket their countries, and there is lit
tle exchange of varying views. In others.
P.O. Boi 511 licksiiiilli 1 1. Florida corruption and venality have destroyed the

public faith in the worth and honor of
its press.

138 NW 3r< AVI. Pkoii 311-1025 Here, however the newspaper with few
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tht public interest.
t of great
i We have of course newspapers
Jacksonville 1, Florida i circulation and international prestige.
-- t importance-
thousands ofsnailerhnewsp weekliesand

Are Negroes Satisfied In America ? l dailies which serve their communities
nothing else
__ A: and their audiencein a way

From time to tineit'has been stated that can. These are, each in Its own independent

Negroes are happy and that is why they can HAVE THEY DIED IN VAIN? way, guardians of a free United States.

smile when others weep. A Negro poet once

wrote a poem!! 1! t1 tlecr' "'e Wear the Mask, .
* *
actors and
meaning we are good thereby

screen from the public our real feelings.One .
of the latest findings of a gallup
poll states that although whites express Your Weekly News Media Aid

satisfaction with their basic circumstancesin .
life, the same cannot be said of the In Enslaving Negroes

nation's Negro population. And the poll-

sters think that these findings may help Horoscope Guide (Co_tit
government officials and civil rights leaders -
Hit '.''.m .I.pI"OI\; Mgrvyrttot" ,oWoVarooV
who are pondering the reasons for the Nee mot ....,. tohvrrori.n.iM.Npr.ln J.cl+.nvill.,

recent Los Angeles riots. The ASTROLOGER )I. net c.'i....,only to m. mordiont. ....I en....;....
Less than a third of the Negroes questioned By PABLO. mon ono* mo Oomkor Crow "'.."".*. van *. ,-.,

were satisfied with their Income a majority StrvcfvroWmotowrt.
was not satisfied with their hou- WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS 'FOR "'. i,ow morfo comprf. .,mo rwilroooW ortfrWIo, *
vftfto monopoly doi'V nowfpooon, M. reJ;. .** Movftion -
sing, while four persons of our every ten / .Mfo,M ...c$".porfc'oi *. .0 >"*i f*.ii"'." *.
were contented with their work. BUS.INESS LOVE TRAVELARIES
.tiff. No*,..*>rutoA tfwnfcvltoraJmfoMContenlcnrfprom
The Negro citizen is not satisfied because *. o* onto..11_ "icftI,.and .1._* oN N..,...

a large part of his past has not M Inifo-woiMiiMj, iMito-oVfraing fcooWlwm* .*o'ropMft.f .

been eradicated, and he still feels the I VALUE WITH THE PASSAGEOF ELEMENTS THAT MAY NOW WHOM) YOU ARE CONDUCTING ory morning" ". Florida r....u"..* Wt*.rt .

handicap of color In spite of the passage TIME SHOULD NOT BE INSURE 'ITS DEVELOPMENTCOULD IMPORTANT NEGOTIATIONS ..."y podof fnivff to Nof,. ftovnot wfcoit ft drool
Born March 2lit thru ih '5.., f''fi.,.'ol.oarof.*... rows 'UooWForono1 A-
April 19th ... ..,.
kovt mo Cd,.., P..pI..1 Jod,_iflo.orj .
ANY PROBLEMS THAT MAY slops W Nogro iwotcrioort.fit .
Freedom Of Choice Requires WisdomNo II CNCOUNTCNIO IN YOU MIND. THE FIRST SIGNSOF TH. LMLESS NEW IDEAS ARE OR SELF COMMAND TO .'Star f"Ii.*.*.ic"oVptcfi,fee cvtorol loool,cMtrWif


one likes to be made to do something, LIKELY TO BOTHER YOU THAT MAY ACCOMPANY. : CHARACTER AS TO CAUSE HARD. YOU CAN BE FAIRLY. .... ...., .tpocr* of mo Nofrj,vnfatonof off...m o
for human beings treasure their IT. MAY NOW BE NOTED. ALARM IN CERTAIN, HIGH
freedomof FOR LONG. DECIDE TO GIVE CERTAIN THAT THOSE WHO .... .."., ...eft .,mo N..rof,iMtforiwnof.,,.....oWjr
choice. They want to decide whether THEM YOUR WHOLE ATTEN IT MAY RE TIME TO RErLECJ. CIRCLES' THERE is NO NEED ARE HOLDING' THE REINS OF .Into N..,. ....*. .. nol h.*..AM. ....... -
they want to be a Democrat or Republican TION. BUT YOU SHOULD NOT ,, TO BE AFRAID, OF NSW 'IDEAS. POWER ARE NOT LIKELY' n.. *_el,.., CoforW ,ooofcV,..... .*. J. *.

a church member or a non-church goer a SCOFF AT THE WORDS OF I I-!! .33-n.U.153 1 975aOl 44-976 TO RELINQUISH" 1)401. NEITHER Wi'tioA .,.., .. I.... wit i.. ....*. loving .nlf IA.trim. .
high school or college graduate a taxi CANCER LIBRA TO THE FORCE OF PERSUASION .. and Nof root... (nvolvoW I'M' .. .. too* *y ..r
WARNING THAT YOUR COL. ..,.. ,. .....
driver or engineer, and so on ad infinlturn. NOR 10 PHYSICAL ll.cr dfi.
: LABORATOftS MAY OFFER, Born J".. 22n4 thrv "'WI. .... T-U nodes.oWnoffng .nd Wmott W."., -
REGARDING THE DANOIRI lf22n4 Bora Sopt. 23r4 thrw STRENGTH. .,. ....", k. to "' Nof,. commwfwty.Ao
Wouldn't' this be a monotonous and "hum OF CERTAIN METHODS OR Oct. 23 7-50-M-17-9 ""y'fIe..y ioV ol Nofr ;,.torn. .*ito c_....y
drum world" if everyone were satisfied BEEN SUFFICIENTLY TESTED YOUR MIND is UNUSUALLY '' YOUR PRIVATE p..rdy.M.pNpro.TA..wA..r..w..r.... .

with the same tastes. But in exercising AGILE. IT is LIFE AS IMPARTIALLY" AS Bora Doc. 22JI01 tkraJo rftfortoo! Muro.,"' .H.e,.,..." "from toooroMnf tfio
your freedom of choice be absolutely sure LIKELY TO TAKE THE MOST YOU ANALYZE THE FAULTSIN 19th' ......* .nW 'coloroo .oSNoM. .. J.Mrelic.iq .... ,...". ..... .

that you are not infringing upon the rights TY. ONCE YOU HAVI TAKEN. UNPREDICTA LI TURNS. OTMERSYOU WILL PROBABLY YOU NAVE THIS MERITED ..... d.M wovkoto inch/.05.J s
and privileges of other individuals. ALL THE FORSEEABLC PRECAUTIONS .MULE' THIS MAY BE VERY REPUTATION OF FINISHING' in.114..dsi..t.v, ...-
Suppose a party of people are riding in AGAINST THEIMPACT VALUABLE, PROM THE POINT ,.,...-
OF CHANGES OR UN- DIRECTLY ON THE CIII0' A...... "' rorfo tr.dTYr.Ii..ainclyd.lAdrNprowrd..c.a .
an automobile on a long trip. One in the FORSEEN EVENTS, YOU CAN OP CREATIVITY OR THOSE YOUR PROILEMS. INSTEAD DONE BEFORE MOST PEOPLE for ,...,., p??e'.' to Jn ,.*.. .. rti.J.fol
group may wish to play the radio, but the WHO CARE FOR YOU. IT NAVE EVEN HAD A CHANCE
other four do not. The one person's wish IN PRODUCTIVITY AID MA. COULD BECOME OAN! EROUS OR CIRCUMSTANCES TO DECIDE HOW TO 00 ABOUT Nero .wbMriBOf t ...., too fcov. eeflfrlhIetI ..

should not interfere with the other four TUI AL RETURNS. T"! : 'IN THE LOCALES WHERE YOU BRING' THEM OUT IN THE IT. SHOULD YOU U, _......nf H..,. o.oro**
many states speaker-ban laws have been LENT SUGGESTIONS FROM TIES. SINCE' WHAT IS ONE BE THIS: II THE MOMENT TO' f von' mo *o-coW.W*Nof ro",."pw-.AN .....df0
enacted to prevent Communist propagandistsfrom AUTHORITATIVE SOURCES PERSON'S NOURISHMENT, CANE IT WOULD. tl. rNi. _. .Aka tl..retl ........ ....,." o..
Influencing the minds of certain c1 tI- FOOD FADS SHOULD THEM NOW ONCE AND FOR FOR THE FAVORABLE CIRCUMSTANCES .1.., ..... ..,...'-* o.4",1..,ovoy ATOM" aie.J6c.nI
zens. Then you nay say Does not a man ALL. ALTHOUGH YOU ,HAVE NOW ON YOUR" now concord nf ... ort ol ....* ewtI.....*. fao?_
have a right to join the Communist party?" BE TAKEN UP WITH GENUINE' THE IENEFITOF, FAVORABLE SIPS ARE ABOUT TO GOELSEWHERE. noy foal moif lirfowort mono eI i,trmjolj In momootinf

Yes he has the right but Negroes have Bom April 20rh" thr. AND !RECOGNIZED AUTHORITIES PLANETARY IKELUENCES TO ..d rod oo5roH !. *........A Wortoortorf

found that acquiescence to Communist ideas Moy20thBEFORE BEFORE THEY ARE A. BACK YOU UP. IN SUCH ENOEAVQRS4 win,..rly roW.....d.. .,...... Vo"y l**o tut ooooWo
is not wise. OOP TED. IF YOU flNCWOIIILY011I1 NOT AQUARIUS ojr oMiof r.ooorTV tomrolv'. Nof,..* h> "...,
In exercising your freedomdo unto others YOU CAN TAXI THE SIDE Or'*NV SITUATION ? tI 5/.JMI ., pod p.gr.ws HelitIIJ w11A'Si.I.IMMwwNwiy. ,

as you would have them do unto you. MAY NEXT BE STEP A FEW FORWARD QUESTIONSTO THERE DANGEROUS, IT CAN THAN BE TO MORE KNOW 'WHAT ve4j( LIFE COULD II ....-J.*. 20th tt*. "'... .... Net rolw J_......>....of "" .,...... ..

WHICH THE ANSWERS IN THE FUTURE B*.FOLLOWING Fokllrhir .Ir1v.1y pan...."., itia. .......... eMi..1/AJM,1._
Why Not Become Audiologists? MUST BE FOUND FIRSTOF NOTHING AT.n.3$4e57LIO ALL. ANOTHER COURSE. THERE is ANYTHING' Is. .... Ie' ....5..a.''1 ,.. -.it
a. -
Too many Negroes are'followlng the tra- ALL, YOU MUST. DECIDE 100-11-1 5-J>5M .. e......W Nojrf Moot
ditional paths in getting an education. POSITIVELY WHETHER THE SCO'PIO$ AND HIGHER-MINC k

They need to venture out into the deep Into MERITS OF PERSONAL GAINFUL Bas J.I, 23xJ tiw.Aq. Bon Oct. 24tl riwvNov. INTERESTS, THIS APPEARS Teacher
new lines of activities and into new ENOCAVORS ARE SUPERIOR 22.1 224 10 BE THE RIGHT MOMENT"" Speaks...
careers and vocations.It TO THOSE OF SPEC- |IT IS MORE OP A TIME TO .
YOU SHOULD NAVE A 0000 'c.Ii..etI I- ,. I)
enough Negroes are being trained in fields FORMER IS A MUCH INTERESTS, THAN TOUR FEEL OUT THE SOURCEOF PROPER GUIDANCE, IN MA.. YMIrg. toOrp mfrwrativlhraHcM d IIrWISS! to *. cowry %TM.

where employment opportunities are unlimi SLOWER AND MORE PAINFUL' INGS. VwEN YOU HAVE YOUR MONETARY PROFIT. THE INS YOUR CHOICE. THIS Ie..b5ll. CMMM Say rocorMMl' lew ".(... Now
ted. For instance, why don't we have people PROCESS IT COULD BE FUTURE! TO THINK' ABOUT, YOU NAVE MAY ALSO BE TIME PO* .pdt ) brWM)* W tfHB ..- *. BAlWtM AlWhwlRf. fAUMMt.V .
in training to become audiologists who SURER 'IN THE LONG ..UN.ON THIS 'IS OF PARAMOUNT MANY FRIENDS SOMC AQUARIMS' TO OITAINESSDSTIAI tte*, MAWT of *om k.v. ro- Stay hsldP d07 5rosaSIWr
are in great demand in industry and media THE OTHER HAND. THOSEOF IMPORTANCE. FOR CHANGESWAV MADE IN BOTH SOCIAL AND DATA SESAA01NeTAR ee..*4 uunby OMBM wf tfwSIM cep MCnwrl ....,...,.
CIRCLES ,..,e.alllntlll d dCNMt .
PROFESSIONAL t N*. T1r are dew
cal clinics veterans hospitals, and college YOU WHO FEEL LUCKY: ENOUGH NOT BE AS FAR OFF
SEEM TO BE AS WELL 01 S- *. dNtrB *.. Afro "to\>
training centers. In industry a well- TO ATTRACT CHANCETO AS YOU THINK.' REFUSE TOn WERE. MATTERS DWATI yroyowil ttttiysckookl .miry SUi ds iwklnf of ',.
trained audiologist with the Ph.D. degree THEIR SIDE NAVE THE TAKEN IN BY PROMISES POSED AS THEY *-)>S3-14-46-421 .* WMJ sw bot eats7pedU. UTtmrfl Ml *.r tm ImO of
might earn $20,000 to $23,000 annually PROSPECT OF QUICK' RICHES THAT YOU KNOW, THROUGH THEY CAN STEER YOU ONTO .., wt* dew ac..a.. II date *.. pCwAutMMUlparioar a-
.An audiologist is concerned with the response -
of the human ear to sound stimuli- PROBLEM THAT MAY OCCUPY THERE PARTNERMAY .... .... 19m *.. Raw .U'htaI iada Walai.SJelt ..... U Ian *i.y WKdwrsf =
He deals with the non-eedical aspects of YOUR MIND CUR IN* THIS is SOMETHING' BREWING YOU MATE OR Mot.h20i* poWal prta. pb.Ln tanf Mrte* Taw phytk

hearing, such as: (1) testing hearing by QUARTER. LIFI' CAN BE THAT COULD SERIOUSLY, II I INCLINED' TO. ADOPT. THIS COWLB BE THE LIST Is. kdlg H...the ester imcNilM vtteli 4M McdMywAti

electronic equipment, (2) diagnosing and QUITE IICIfIIll20 ,. IMPAIR, THC VALUE or YOU EXTRAVAGANT WAYS, A TENDENCY TIME TO ARRIVE AT DECISIONS U 4an| II WInRAIIT If' By .wl Urvw tfN>*otmemkM
evaluating hearing deficiencies (3) teaching WILL' MACS
04 IAort ,.,.. wf te *
llpreadlng and auditory training, and GEMINI THE THIS IS THE AN INROAD IS MADE ON 5.YAIISILE YOU A PARTY TO THE roMATION *. ...tRntaf BAUry. to ad aof ku wflorn *a< k.| smrs toor
((4) giving language Instruction especiallyto .... M.y list thrvJ CHANCE CASH RESERVES. GP PROFITABLE ASSOCIATIONS. I4.XBO NM *lnM* kt- IrJtIC 1PS......... Ie....... so.Mdnts .
pre-achool deaf children. APPROPRIATE MOMENT TO THIS COVLBBE tNG5A1 M .CJa.. e5ta $ ( (M) ywtgWMrS
... 21.t z.>>ott-,)011.271UITT
FAMU Southern University, Hampton institute INSTITUTE PROTECTIVE THE SUBJECT FOR DEEP D da bun r wU.bl or to tomj Mal 1 'rwjK toCArrtml
All US Pita Botch! *t.,. U M.OOO .
t''UJUIIU. M swjcnussd ets
Tennessee State MI University and THERE is NO NEED FOR MEDITATION TNAT WILL BE
d .NK 4 N K.OOOOO I* OUNNI OltiM B oXtMt
South Carolina State College offer preaudlologlcal MANY or YOU TO "RUSH BACK 570UtSO ISM ..... 234 Ian PRODUCTIVE OF POSITIVE IUkBX NlM.IOOMlt.900Iwr 7.rayachtr *.

majors leading to the under TO THE TREADMILL Mill' VIRGO Do..2lH ATHE* TAM NEGATIVE RESULTS. RAt* tt. rtwoOM Comvy.CoMty. kweom a quart .AdIe. *.
graduate bachelor degree From. these institutions YOU ARE STILL IN THC THERE IS CONSIDERABLE" IT COULD SPOIL ... rMUSIerg. d Ot,.ai IACVMI dud cwK *U kor
qualified students can. pursue MIDST or VACATION 01 .... M. 231 ... EMPHASIS ON YOU r!i ENDS THINGS TO DEVELOP AM b11110THAT /. IX L.RAstt.ltr an reelM Mr ckNwrrvlllw
S. .. 22.4 tot m tots SAM km*. Iran '* SSp. *. BatrwttloaAt
the M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in audiology at OTHER PLEASING ACTS VI. AS WILL AS THE CONTACT IS TOO MA. seas to tpdr.l of MKtrU Mt BWpBfiU.0Atotaf llRIflks .

first-rate state and private institutions,. TIES TNt PROBLEMS THAT THE MORE NOVEL AND UNUSUAL THEY CAN MAKE POI "YOU. TEMAL IN CMAIACTS 0* Atters to MM CMBrtii for '"C'....
APPEAR TO M ..... ,,11I. U THE NATURE Or YOU THIS COULD BE THE DETERMINING THAT DOES NOT MET WITH SM owmUAt t....*. TcActMn ,.-"... .... ss-hezr.otS. ...
Ml rrt*f*.,...Tuu taRU. sRYrRrNpeM
your vow AND THOSE ASSOCIATE 'OBJECTIVES" MICM YOU tOUle II THE OLD STMVOr *M Pub BB AMCkwr.From are tMlAtell.. N las a1.1.g
THEY ARC NOW BBWM. WITS YOU TO NAVE NAD "VOW EYE FO* NAVIN TO GIVE IN *.. **BorU pwtotcf rtm wf pith to.*.f.Re ..

SPLENDID OPPORTUNITIES STEP UP THEIR ,IIOM TI 011. ... SUITE 16"1 TIME. WJMEN DC* Tw MCEIVE. wVT THIS ... r.tan Bora sty mt f*. ree.Ir d a rat
counts TO ACOUIBC' KNQWLCD44 ] for FMM.Tiwy .uT wtoct niox MI
iMk BB r*.rs TlaclllE.


.. I_ .--- -
____ A
-i .u.7 '

= : 1


Girl ScoutsCollecting Tigers Musical Counterparts Rate High With Supporters Gateway Vets

Soap Meet Saturday

For Viet Nam election I of of fleers,reports

According; to the spon-. .... of delegates .to
sors-*the U. 8. Marine '" .-::. the recent national contention .
QIP..IOIP 11 the: aost l.. In Tampa, ,and
valuable coBsodlty in payment! of 1986 dues"'by
which there is a very a* candidates, will fee tare
cut shortage In South i the Saturday at 2 p."*.
Viet Nan.That eetlng of Gateway Barrack .

U why the Corps .. 3131, World far
ha* enlisted the local 1 Veterans, USA. inc. ,
airport of the Gateway ':" Commander J.8. IrvingSr.
\ "
i''i <
: : '. ( ,
Girl Scouts in their "OP '. : : :, :: announced.
ration Handclasp." tocolltctttecoawodlty J. 'I 1 state department of-

torahlpaent ?F : < fleer will be present
to our frienda t.; and a full turnout of
In the tar torn Aalatlc e offlcera and .", b.ra oa
nation. .. aC .,s' ,,", expected. Membership
"" .
All troop I 0 Uhe tartly: -." ; ":' book regain open for
U '. ---_:-- J"I. t ",
east district till aa- '41_. _. eligible peraona in bd"U
sable rri d.,. Oct. 8 la J the Barracks and Auillltry. -
front of Penney: a at Geteay 11 __ .. .
i':: p
Slopping Center fro. ,, -- .
3 until 4 P. .. or IB .. Stork
front of the Girl scout Not.

office Monday Oct. 13aae .-
Mr.and Mfl. Rufus lilt-
>e tl.r*to out
Icy, M21 Mahal! la Dr.
their project.
Mr and Yrs Henry Du*
persons wishing to aid
'- hart, 42:0 Moncrlef Rd.
In the ratlonand Mr. and Mr*, joe Oliver
the Girl Scout feel
IUS" 3Mh Street.Mr. .
fldeat that they willay -- ,' "
and Mrs. Ti o contact troop hael.I : "D'
:3 .. 3305 Grunt".J8t.
era or Girl couts la If"" '" '" _.......p- u. .: -t---...:_ __ .
their respective areas KDtWO w/TOxti/ ULLECR cracn and aaartly attired porter. hit Saturday at wolf n Park. The Titers hearts and arplauaeof the attendees durlni half* Mr. and Mra. Robert
to contribute If they: are band supported by its attractive Tiger Belles won byalopaldfei U-2 score over arch rival Morris the featlvitiea. in photo left is I"rUIII MajorTofwj Burke, 1318 Shltner St.
unable to be on hand at troupe, plays the national! anthca under the baton
College of police
mater 8.C. in foreground Little Jacfcfcintlll i right) and John nmppelle >
either Gateway Shopping; of Its capable director. Miss eater took, before Louise Crete-the youngest aajorette-captured the J Orlan,. Field flC't.In. Mr. and MM nratton
Center or later at the a highly appreciative and large turnout of sups (Official rC Tbtoe dartlnllli t, 34th at .
111-..rl. t.u.en.--.. ..-..-. "--a.t. .. .

For Good Job, Well Done I SOCIALLY u) ;'a W SPEAKING Standing In( For Honoree

.. .. .
- --
Mrs, Riby" Hurley, South taat Regional Director: for the group. R
.. .. .
the National Association for the Advaace ent of t
Colored People was IUt.tofbonor at two receptions A report of the 30th Annual !tale of bliss Gema
following her public address in 'Second Baptist !Rho Sorority was forennet oa the sgenda "whan" CamtOalcroa 'i (

Church Sunday afternoon 81 gas Chapter net recently In the none of
The first roclptlonMlch"" began mediately after Dorothy K. Owena
-I the ease Meeting, was held la the boss of Mr. and Newly, elected officers of the local group were

Mrs. John parrot, nan Dirtee Prtve.Oueats Installed during the evening and include Annette ,

beheld lendell p. Holies; Miss Gertrude Cunningham, Basileus. Rwa ... peaiher, first Anti.
doverr Mrs. Paul T. Bennett rj Mr. and Mrs. J. BaalleuaMary; Alice tilth, Oremateua; Marls Jack*
It toloMa .r.; Mrs. 1.0. Mattls; Mrs. Nable ate. eon, First Antl*Grr.at.us; "Roaalee H. Shannon,
;arti ward;; Lewis J. Carter III, Clarence J.IIIOII; Char second Anti0ra.asteue; Annette Hill Taalochoa;
.wN1 lea L. Lee; Miss Mary Smart; Mr. and Mrs. Landon: and Dorothy Owens, Kplatolwa) ,
: t L. IIU...; Benjaala ssith of Rlchaoad Virginia;; .. .. .. 1* fk
4 .. fern son and B.P. Mctaurtn. both of Nee Tort Barbara Harper was hostess when tevlnettee Bridge

City; Mrs, T.J. Croton; Miss Laura LatUer; Mrs. Club held its first Meeting of the current seaeon.Ivalya .
Alice Cos.ay; Gene 8tlneoa; Qallla Jones; -'es Calvin waa guest player.

Dorothy Keith. ; Maloola Jones; Mrs. Vivian Jeffer- Nona Ruth thtte' pearl Macho. Dorothy Oliver,
lOa; .....r. ulliaaa; Mrs. til He Mae Mart; Mrs. and osraldlae Milliard were recipients of prises. x "
Sandra turnings TBMPSOB; Kiss Lois Avery; LLoyd Sara Lovstte, Pauline teals, AIMS. Lee George. Ann t --'C.L..4T'O'HY -
Pear so a Jr. lad Mr. and Mrs. lilt) .d.. Peireon. MonroeDoris' 0. Bennett Caleatlae nuts, an4 nan POP PB 011101 Dactyl T. O.rbsrt. l It.seeps
Many of the fleets st the reception held earlier Fletcher were also partlclpanta the aeetlag.The a Lghy Ie,hie s.M. ...",M,..tb.....a Osebe.e.
la the evenlsg also put la their arpeareate la the N .. .1 .. ...... ellred.r .1 IiWM pelellers. lit rl.sds AIM Uri.wrdh "
t teet atylftath/ Street hose of Mrs. Gwendolyn. H. chsraiag Socialites Bridge Club held Its la* d.ri.i Me .vislseele/ .....1.... ii d.e crewel
Mhs I.h OelMcr.e.....t .......1...0.1..,' '
Muster where. the second receptloa aonortag Mrs.Hurley tie) asetlag la the Moth Drive hose of 'The wlllle "' 'C'le1
..1 CenUr, felleAeMee. ,lit s>re.eMle 1 U e.>el..fXe .red.5%
cam held. Mrs. Nvntsfs geaeiows hoapilall C. Bullsrd.' ( ..e ...,..,, .devsMer. *f Mr, erg Mr je.s BeereVley
,., ..
IU'H'IIDI-' .ri. e. ...,..
Merl i neM ty side the event s aanorable oae. Debris islsey. Barbara Moors Cars John eon
..."fM ky vryfle. .*.. she ... p.wiied a ".... .. .. .. ,'."" eHy .! Ham*** I....''''... he.*.. memaert We.
I** Mr l I.....'U.. ...* .1tIIt Me1e.1d. .U '.......ifr Shirley McCoy, Ouelda/ White, Ale)) Pollard Shir lenity .t "..I". loW U"keMl.,. I I.. the ....is.'e*..4
M.Id-OtaR.N, ..r.l. DoMr >.....-... "eteet. The prelee' Mrs. Mat!* Johaeoa of 1810 I. 77th street, has ley Aadersoa. Shirley Carlos, Kliiabtth Collies' lit le rle>t ace Kere )I...... a seresd ,,,..,,.,..,. sr/.
.... 4"141.4 Mae .. c...., ... led .... ...,.... retailed home after "having" enjoyed a aleaaant. stay Oeorgetta trlght Vivian Olbeoa, and tarts Melts* ReeM.eOel..Mt. .1.. ) ...*, .. the "".. "1....hO.ItIIt.,
.. .. .. ,
Me all el duly {I" pe.4er.lrl her .ti..1tIIt M.. phl.et I la la dl an spoils. lad as BBS were ea hand to help' Jauscn sctlvitles for tII.aHeo&o .H'.. c. .
'" } hoses gueetofMlaa Haturt
thin and Mra.Mat tie Lee. .. .. .. ..

i 'I... sttendedthsfaaed la.I Lydia Sweet, Helen M. Toaey and ao... French r1 Instant
dir Ploeer ,..U val, tM* were asset players whan Ulllan Davis entertalsed
TbiPirficl k red sites of laterwst sad 0.s srldgs Cub last Priday "11I111I. The ..etl.,

Link I was the recipient of stsay was held la The Dsvlsee west Klghth Btreet hor Photos
social ,......tr..., Mrs. High soorera aaosg aeabtr participants latlsded
liticca In, Joaaaoa IsaaeaAer of It Marts Medals, Alveola g riven, and tints TIaMt.
Till Peintlii ;r ,. Piss CeUwlic Qwrr. ttettee Catherlss jscasoa qualified for the door arise 50C
t Hilary sf ". trlan taller, Geneva eneeler, Zalaa Johnenn saris *
ill BiitUtMervon's nights of 't.lo" Lobs Streets, were erwag ether awiibers iree t.Keppos .
Us QolAta. Lists Clt....*,.

Pharmacy its the aoUerefeallkaovawarltose alager'rohaaoa .10'4". To Crown "Sweetheart" Each

sew ., ef this city.r111JOttYlmr TALLAHAUtr. .(fA.C> ", ',ell. Jame Mesree,
bloc .....,. Cwnbert.ien W CJetrvewr.iVke petemirch,
Tur PmcrltJn MIMIC .. .. .. CjKt, vUlbe.,..,ned<'....t. WUllem' B.rll, PM.a|..U, Royal Art StudioSOCIAL
hun .n.,.. A...pslfr& ** MUt... ) keeper eT rccertfi
2112 V. tinuM1 An latereet la Plaecale fees been revived Jaca airaliy t.*H.1 ewntAg JeNkoy, Ltd Mlemli keep
soavllle to the attest that a elsa ess ,....U, Cruder !, whM mentor ef er e/ ...)...r, wUUeDreos'
N-SI4IS Alsi P1 5.1512 .".. ... tor eattsalaets ef this aartlealar gase.Ofncers *. rtorUs MM Caloersttv. at, .*" u4.l- .._,.... PMUseM COMMERCIAL stUDIO SERVICE
..r af fir I.W .aitfie ,..,u...
J-es. Bre .
sf the Las ..,.,.. flnsatee Plsoeale
till anmal. Iweetfiein Cer BMM si..e|... Charles Mils'
1\ \ Cub Isclstfe tares kite president; 0.elds J. eaetlea 8.n. The ewdherlam.. Hams, DewfW, c*.lef vep i. 515 DAVIS ST.
"tt "n\U nttt. vice "..U.U.. Eras II...... setrelery* 9m Perrr-f.lge,lnal.r., lermel" WUUems. Jack*
it11 '"'* treanrer Sse .ttt...., r... ,t.r. sad Barbaranits air end Hems Cceneraks .....;..1 duos II ,........
tt eerHeawtarlae. Use "'all. Jane Dsvle. BUby' *ia be h IUftI ef Cttf erd Helme*. ..e.en, ELGIN'4im
*wbt&; MM.. MMclMe eMWM. *
..,,. t
I C Tkeevana, TOMe Micas Curs tllser* CrTkierfl ef Alpha hither .ea. law reeair, PeMm.
sort sad corgis B sis are eewsg otter sere sfI sir el nrr' A'ia Pet '.' CIty.I"" <<'.,...., JeremeM +
atria veer erei ,.... clover, .la...,tJ. ClOSED All DAY TUESDAYS

9i. par Seminoles To Meet I

MoOy, Oct. 4

ne SeajlMle Csltsrtdaw I
will' hold Its first
: I lip--- ...tlsi, sfter vace
tine la the .fcae ef I'.
IMore r people drink '. a |aro... e$310..e.
lead toad, ea o** .., e,
Seagrams .p. 3n
at f-" ,...
,." j than any other brand of imported H hi sky. B.erts free the nil

1 (Including Scotch). seeds held la fee .fc..e r
If the .....t wI It y
Does that ?
surprise you ..... There will alas

CoitU N they Laos samtdhtfic row dart lam*Oat erg be a .,.11., la illsaettlsc. t\
cts.acr-'t. \'O .vt srl tot 411 don.he( M otfiet*>.taai|cad .,.. .-. U
Ia des ws yx a CIlIa MIl lot ''ll.i
lc ..Tuettes Tlae" let t(3

tell af e.ae f U'
,la *e eke visited bering
e the pest *...f.Aa ---w c

.JeraUe stlM Is iL1i
1f ..gestsdMrs 4

2L (] ,. i, Asrwse lah Beef
.eteMt ire. Sera B. at its Bestr

. .. ... ...*,... aa.rat..e avra .
> &e; tllllaee I. CN


.fI' '

( ,

; I I 1 I


Bishop Conducts St Gabriel's first Confirmation Rites i Allen Chapel Honors Scheduled for Gospel Groups' Manager

.. .
.. r---
SchediliesWOMeR's ,.
DayHoly ia

Communion rites :

will be held Bondy JeT.
4'L 1 4 J.W. Jones, pastor of f

1 I Allen Chapel AME church
1S31 Swan St. announ- k
a '
ced this wee*.
The rites will be administered
r. during the
11:00 ...and 6:30: p. ..
services, the pastor
continued. All officersand
members are expected
r to dine at the Lord's ro r 4 1 et
Table. -. SM

Stewards Trustees
Choirs, Stewardess and
Ushers are expected to
the major C
serve during
services. Visitors are
always wet!001I e. I
Love Feast rites will i
be held Friday night at IDr
8:00: P. .. In the chure
I 8:00: p... in the church)
I 8:00: p... in the church
f IUd!.torlua. Officers and
.I members are expected to

... VICE
-- -- -
Sunday school 9:45:
HISTORIC RITES--Bishop Hamihton Vest, prelate of standJLng st extreme right. Newly confirmed menbers .... r.k a
the Florida Episcopal Diocese- (standing left) con- seated from left are: Ernest Wilson George Free- Morning serviceu ....
ducted the first Confirmation Rites last Sunday landa IBS OeorglaBenJ, Alyson E. Wise and sermon by the putor. APPRHCIATIVS NIGHT! observance will salute Mrs. Inez flfvens. manager. of the dispel
morning at St. Gabrt el'a Episcopal Church, located Joseph Wilson. The temporary structure is scheduled Communion tor the sick Fchoes: Blvens pedals and Gospel Fchoettea, Deacon James Byrd. business
on its recently purchased tract of land at 5225 for renovation in the very near future.Royal 4 P... managerand Mrs. Careth Byrd secretary and only original member of the group
Moncrief Road Bishop west was assisted during the ( Art Studio Foto ) Evening service and The event' will take place at 8:19: P." in Mt. Ararat Baptist Church Annea. ".ftte
service by Rev. (Fr. ) T. Vincent Harris, (Rector) Communion. ben of the Specials' and Echoes will also be honored.' The program will feature

-- --- -- Class Leaders' reports a number of outstanding gospel and church singing groups from the city and vicinity.
Deliver 8:30: p... Tae public is invited (Royal Art Fotot:
Mt. Zion Sunday Recitalist Bishop Hatcher Will

Baptist ChurchAnnual : Sermon Sunday At Mt. lion Concert Principal '

Women's Day will Bishop Rugene: C. Hatcher presiding prelate of ,,}'. l

be observed Sunday, Oct. the AME!: Episcopal: strict of Florida, will deliver f J! j MriIjiitti ,it3MICHURCHI
24 in a daylong aeries the u B.R. sermon flunday at Mt. Zion AM& {, rN.
I of pro grans at Mt. Zion Holy Comounlon will also ........................
Baptist Church (South- be administered duringthe men' Day observance -- OF ODD"
scheduled The Church of God la Christ 4 will observe pastoral -
sldeMrs.Ruth M. Wright, service. for SundayOct.
Day Sunday according to Rider W.P. Faust
r 24.Officers
general chairman, an- The church' a combined
nounced. 1t' choirs will for the annual pastor.
serve duringthe
The services commence with the Sunday school at
celebration are Mrs. II"rie
Other officers are: service. The processional -
10a.m. with Mrs. B.M. Cillls presiding. At 12
Mrs Margaret Bacon, at 10: liS will) be B. Grimmage. 'tIl.rl1411.
o'clock moratag service Choir 1 and Other Board
co-chairman; Mrs. Helen 1 ed by the Stewards, jSISTER j/
1 will serve with ins .. r. Faust at the instrument.
Brown, secretary; Mrs.Estelle Stewardess and Usher
Taylor treasurer l Boards. .. The pastor will deliver the sermon. At 7
; Mrs Mildred Mur- Coach IT.J. demons and p.m., TPWW with Charles Sullivan in charge.
rell, decorations Mfi.I MRS. ARONIA MCI NTT RE, the Edward waters coaches Usher, Board 1 will observe its anniversary Oct.
Joyce T. Tolliver, spon well known singer will and football teams .. The 24th anniversary of the pastor will begin
I, ors and ads; Miss Hazel be presented in a recital will be guests. Oct. 11.WALTERS.
I ._
Valley, tags; Mrs Phyllis Sunday beginning at 0:00: At the close of the MBwORI AU-
Johnsonhospitality p.m. in First I torn Temple. service the Ways and 1 Holy Communion: Services will be held Sunday Is J
Mrs. Loll tab. Coleman, 823 S. Monroe 8t. under Means Committee headed Walters HMO rial AIR Zloo.ckuroh with lev UU
publicity; and Mrs. Reu- the auspices of the by Miss Polly 0. Brooks, t Rogers pastor presiding assisted by other ml Bi
Jab Alston pastor for Pastor's Aid Club, Mrs. will sell dinners in behalf stern sad officers.The .
ROSOTA C'lJU' will be one of the program services begim with the Sunday School st 9:30
the day. Irma Kelly, president.
of the Annual) Wo- ,; ,
principals during the Gospel Rxtravaganuscheduled': ..... Kiss My reland in charge. 'The lesson top
HATTWFR'.. .. .
-- br Mondayoct. 4 at 8:30: p... la First Born Temp* le will be reviewed by the I... Mr. Rogers.
chairman and Mrs. Char le 829 w Monroe St. Mrs. Cohen will be supported Morn lag service at 11 o'clock with the pastor

lotte Stewart, xshalecan by sister Alice to ton and the Rostonettes, First presiding. At 3 P..., the missionaries will attend
Bom's youth Chorus and Choir 1, the Gospel Traveling the laterdenomlaatlonal missionary union Cartstlan -
Members are requestedto Stars the Excelsior Gospel Singers the Eadeavor Hoar at S P..., and evening serviceat
be prepared to pay Gospel Cavaliers. Other gospel groups are iarlted. 7 o'clock. Caber Board 1 and Choir 1 will serve
their annual conference Mrs. Thelma Edwarda will be the mistress of ceremonies with Mrs. Vera J. Roger at the muol.wr. ..
budget fees Sunday. sad Slater Viola Vlckera la the sponsor. -- ZION AMI-
Evening service will The public la invited. Elder A. Rill is host pas dsss meeting and LOT Feast service will be meld
h? begin at 6:00: P. .. and tor. 1m It. ZUoa AlE Cherub toaight .t 'r: 30 o'clock.
will be followed by Holy
\ Communion rites to be
Allen Chapel'sCommunion
administered by the pastor se

I, Rev. C. K. Tostoa. Rites
s uur>s s net4
The public Is cordially
Invited to share la all Slated Sunday
services Sunday w. s arA
Woman* Day. will be observed
AME Conference oct. Jl la Allan 3101 gNERS I Ie3o
Chapel Art Church with
,, Scheduled For 1In.Odell nu.u dldr- cassAt a .

rrS .u mad Mrs. Loaveala
1 +1' October 5.10
Squire aa cochairaaa.The .
IIADJ80Nar.at.r captaias are: Mrs.
Florida Annual Qa fer.Ct ..- 0.1. JO..., Irs. Daisy
i of the Eleventh I- iroea Mrs. Geaeva
plsoopal District the IhihZ,...... hale ill- STEAK SALET.IONE
I African Methodist Episcopal liens Mrs. RosaU Cad-
Church is to ooa* aoa.
Tent at Mt. Zloa AME
E Church October s*lo.
I S with Bishop I.Co Match CROUND

er, presiding. UNIFORMS SIRLOIN
About 190 ministers sad 6 9
ISO official lay delegates .AU ihla..n
I from various churches Iw1.m.L e..eI IP's'

U North Florida c+ HEAVY WtmtM. U4. Wet .lmstsrt U.
I will converge oa the 99
I IIl n..,es..e N arms,
year old Madison church HEAVY WESTERN

for the conference. IB wc'.urwss Me) UA GOY. IMfttCTlOAVO.
addition, aasdrtds of arms a..r+lm. NAUU WCT. 250*
other laymen, ml sales try cams see mar masse hsraurfn AT Tmrs
eDiu work ers, mad several rua wrat s C
presiding elders will nise..1e I..us:

attend the MU scuba
Y2 UEffF

You'll go better refreshed( with Ice-cold Coss-Cots.Gives a Ml to your spirits, I boost to your energy
...a big bold unmistakable UiU. \In short Coca-Cod\ mon than in ordinary soft drink

YM Seek The Best Doctor
them year Doctor Prescribes. Ii" LA.

Get Experleoced Pharmacists. ;
.Accordiag to yomr Doctor's
btj Order t. OM Oaly Tie Beat at '
Quality Drugs ..proprietorJ
"' :1 -
Co uBisnxai' nuuouam TO' cant TOO


\ rJ\13": i" __ = -PUBCUPTTOM CAUO 8oodaCmmdllmBdriM tai AW .......*
1 IMOKIOOl 39c
'. --

L1 Lilly's Drug Store

\\ 4 ones.... IoIlIIIrift" sae Ces.c.he c..w, ... JAQ( NIL1E CDOCEL4 BOTTLING Q).
1 lite. IK in itch IMI M mi u cimn 4
un in. fill n.J.J11


,: \\1


/ (I

SUNDAY OCTOBER 3, 1965 STAI Plpns _-._._

Persons 65 Years, Older Society Sets Former FAMUaas Cited For Services To Teens Bennett 'Introduces Bill

Te Get Medicare Applications Sight SeeiRf : -'-- '.b .Ari---" :!=-- :: To Aid Amsd Forces Rejectees

..... t WASHINGTON. D. C. U.S. Rep Charles. E. Bennsn
fv.ry ,.,..,. J" lIt. 1.iII. 0'" wlto It 65.' --
olds end. ProgramTAMPA .. has Introduced legislation to establish In the Defense
l.fi"l .odd .ee"rily or roilroad ,.,i r. ,
'u ni b.n./ih will r eiw I"rovilt th. ", oi""lorm.. -- Department a special tducatlonal training program
designed to train Armed Forces rejectees to help them
Ian olNtv' lh. n.w 'm.dieo& program, and 0 card fous. The Florida So T
: meet minimum mental requirements, and retrain them
in for the Prevention of 1
opplybrgor this cHon' to a Donaldeen.acid elety In the service to fulfill their military obligations.
.ecurily dilfrid 0"11I"in lochOftY cold th,. Blindness has completed Its
w..k.Th. mailing d"Slght.SaringMo.di" i Bennett a senior member most brilliant and promising
in dicer* application program starts in Jufy, Donaldton appeal keen residents of the powerful House Armed of cur youth' are 'fighting in
form, which was recenlfy' eVecribed1 oddd.'Additien.l. of Florida.This announcement Services Committee, ssldhls Viet Nam and keeping the
by Preii .( Uho' simple' form fn, the It..,,,, 'inivronceproaroms 0. Pence, 1983 Campaign of Defense to carry* world
Chairman of the Florida society out s special educational "1 have proposed that these
history of the it and other _
government changes Ihesociei for the Prevention of training program for both enlistees mental rejectees be Crater<.!
now bvino. moifea1 out to two vriy low it ..,./, from Blindness. and draftees who would and schooled In bask t." rational
end one-half million fcenefict- tho facial' security office at 400 A campaign goal of SSOOOOII. otherwise fall to meet mini roypulreniem ic that
.ri. across fhe counfry..ch W AaIt''.".*It. ..i'"\ .. been set by the Florida mum requirements because of tney might meet the rut-,.: an
wool Society to help finance Its educational deficiencies, requirement" of the imedForces.
With ft It 0 tea/let containIng Vets year-round program of aid The 17-year veteran law This (is no- \ u'!
'information on mo two- UrgedTo to research public and professional L4 maker a World War II Silver or *ml-r\sverty e\,, r '''t.
serf program .hoipirof. imvr- education: and pre- : Ti Star winner said about This Is securing Amen: fs
onco to BOX notoitol end refareo Check vematlve service.Tbe "S'&htl.' one-third of allpangmenwho future by expending our 'CI>l
.." ."..., ono* o voluntary Saving\ Month" campaign Is volunteer and who are drafted of abW-bodird n'en- ,y
", ..co, insurance plan toJi Insurance"Happy pan of a nationwide observance HA.MAC* CIAOS HONOKID ehn '. '..!. .Ph.., left and ru,.,.. Merdin, P. Ph., for military service are rejected sound youax men to keep *
afa pay doctors' ;II.'OCOll. .. sponsored by the National right were honored recently by the ".....t..i.,. 01 citation from Charlet *. Woll'..'", because of nwntal and peace.toBlftIItCt
.. tnit hug moiling Society for the! Prevention ''r, t. Ph choi"" ." ol the beard el the Wal" .." Drug Store, for their tervtee* .a teen educational deficiencies.He said that full Co' -
will' ee (" ,.oJ.",ever...,oral Ingi arc nice Birthday"but they maybe(reel Blindness with Dick Van oger a* ,odvUar in the Junior Achievement Program in fhicago III. Pork" fo.* and cited figures by the" Secretary ...... hearings shall ;c
reels,* Ito OKplainea1 '._. rude for Dyke aj national chairman. I Hardm were ,,,d.tocllrom FA '1I"\ ( 1964, receiving the bachelor el Science degreein of the Army showingthat Held to develop s SOLI" ,
I awakening certain Mra. Hayden Burns ls the in the uniorAchievement In Fiscal. Year 19M, 87, program within the tropes: ''
people, got fheJr informe World War n andKoreanCon pharmacy Iron( tho TollohoMee, (inttttwlion. Aa executive odvltort fhkago
may Chairman for the 000 for ,
Honorary volunteers the Regular moM ol the l Defense to
II in the firm who contributed thair timeand
,I.,. 'tomorrow, whife othersmof filet veterans. program they were among men "
State of Florida to accepting\ Army were rejected from the crease the number ol' volunteen '
talent In h.lping to giv.t..nog.rs greundworkln Amarica'l free enterBfiie system
not got ,It.i,. for moro The Veterans Administration
the Invitation of the Society. service because of their i low and Inductees 11II.
Then o "'0""" However, wo today warned those dlsblcd Mr*. Burns advised Margaret by guiding them in the operation el their awn miniature companies fom hood one el mental scores out of i total military service without loweruv -
hope to roach oil of mo Sociol' veterans who may be C. Crawford Executive DI- the WIll" ..,,'* Chicago area drug stern. a promotion he gained, earlier this yeari and of 110,000 volunteer the Armed i urns tir-
Security b.eneficiorie ago eligible to reinstate their rector. "You and those assoclited Herdin I Is sit ...i,'.,,' Mere manager In theChlcoge land area. Pith ere regiN.red ,h.,. "This. U shocking and daNe
65 by ,Oecombor.* The pro- lapsed GI Insurance policies with you In the wry macittt end both {101"... the Walgreen ergoniaotien I In 1964. Formerly ol, fort Pierce something nest be done"
gram fleet into effect' in July that although they (till haw fine work of the Society certainly Foi i ia the son ol Mr. end Mr*. john Alfred Fc-., 1302 Avenue I, Fort Pierce. A termerresident Dentist, ofjacksonvtlle, 'lit AMERIOAN '
d '9". almost eight months before the merit the appreciation el Tolloh.".., Hardin i* the ten al 1 ''r, and "n Mete Henry Herdin, 1210 Ida, said In a House floor
All eaciof aecwritx end ,.... oVtadllM for applying' birth- and ecmmendttion of all of Callow ay Street TalleaieMee. speech., "especially when, liii CANCER5861ETY
rooo roliromont bonoRcioriot davt for Individual vtMrans Florida's citizens, and I feel we realize that many of tic *
who .,. 65 or rids e.voU/ iHadlly creeping up' onthlm. privileged to have my name

ow'omoticollx far bask ne.- "hvrance. premiums arbutd associated" with Capitol \S. Free Cancer LBJ Praises Youths UrgedTo
pttol insurance II.,.e1i'l; however the nearest the sation. In the Governor .
on age Burns had
a b.n.S c .ry will f of*. applicanta birthday so. M the Signed a proclamation previously designating P.IIhlel Dr. Nixon Enter i' ,
aXe adVee protocfion of mooral *
months roll by a veteran
Insurance ..,..,.w. oo < might find that for Insurant Saving Month.September" as "Sight- Now Available BIRMINGHAM, .Ala, Dr. Foreign Service Behind every groat drink there
., John W. NUon. president of
of 13 month
coil only purposes he U actually ayoar
County Chairmen for the So- If an between the
t .. opplio' for it To do this, older than he realty Is. "B.J. ciety's appeal are Mrs. Sherman the Alabama State NAACP organisation 3d you and S0. have s broad agesof Is a great whiskey.
S.. ahevfeusl chock *?..* ontrio Cannon, Officer: In Charge B. Forbes Tampai Colonel Because oI.wlde.fUbllcnUI" and genial host to educational barkgroudn' and Seagram's 7 Crown
.,.,.,.....", caret sign kitname VA Office J acksonvUle. cautioned. Bay lets C. HeuNhoLMr.C".rwlter..lr. and demand for the free the speclalNAACPronfarenrehere. are Interested In meeting the "
educational pamphlet, Sept. 1112. received
0J* rerun mo card j. .. Frank Harris challenge of service to your Tho Suro One. ;
(he pottage I,.. .,.,,01.. World War II and Korean St Petersburg. General "Things You Should Understand warm praise. from PreiUent country then read on.
If Yen Want A Cancer Lyndon B. Johnson, on thieved
Conflict veterans *lth serve
which como with it Thon.' whon George 0. Pence directs the domination," theFlorldaOl* the conference, Today more than ever
Ine program Mar s in IvI.,. IhoJ have k-e-comectod allowed dlsablUtleiwho all or ofthtlr other county and spectalappeals. vision of the AmorleanCanrer The PresldemrltedDr.NU- before the United dates Government
premium wJI bo o'orfwcfoo'ooch Cl policies pan to Society Is again one ring without on'. advocacy of settlement seeks' "to anrart the
monnS from hit ..,..Ii' orlgUul A special meeting of the COIl a second printing of of local problems when-, best minds and most brilliant
who failed It
lapse to buy
choc. or [uaaU.,. Committee) of the talents to our foreign operatonaregardkaa -
servtr* are this Informative piece of lit aver possible and said that
daring military .
DenaleWn ..........tI that to purchase this new Florida Society was called erature.The Alabama NAACP leader U doIng of background
moat p.." ,. 45 ., of or who Cl Insurance. Saturday September II tt outline pamphlet emphasises a ",rul service to Birmut or race or parry"
.,. not gorling social security In addition vevrans whoa a program In response to how sarry detection of cancer hen and eventually could There are the .ord.ofr..I.l
or roilrooef ,.,i,_.", OOAOSr dUabllitles have" no service the many lens l's received bythe and prompt, proper treatment be of service to the entire na dent Lyndon n.Johns on urging"
*. .,. o//.. ot and organizations II s result disease. can hefc> a are The PretMentlal liner skier a career In the Foreign
{"",,.". benefits They that they are enable. to obtain of many
an and el on amblyorla Service r re that otherwise be read the
.".vl4 write telephone, ., commercial Insuranre at the lives might which Dr. Maw at
which appeared In wide has been
0 Iy. feet. Human dinner heWdur- on to say, "It
vi.;, o social security o.ice Mr.gir.r hlghett rates also nay' be'Ililba read, pvlodicaU. Ambtyopla .Is Rights said that the rt,relirnServIreIs ,
Among types of cancer discussed ing tie NAACP week-.ndron-
for .
this breraese.Alay
for hospital inwroncI.n.6ts..nd rrww.
hidden threat etdkrea'a.y.
to the front line of our effort
In the f..tnr.lao praised the national -
ill ...., with for J, 1M4. is the abicfciw pampMrt are
Although the arnblycpkchild's In the field of 'fc-relicnaffalri.
osadllne for Jlnre cancer of the breast,prostate, leadership of Roy tollkins -
meeWol insurance o applying. eyes may lock straight' cancer in males, cantOr of NAACP executive director And while" tf* wry nature of
Anyone 45 or ovor who the reopening program start. and bright and clear the sight lent tie genital 0"11II' canrerof the work done by the front
wonts ", ..lie. tocfion thaufe onrWI no later of Ambtyopla affects Ito tftroat and rormra k also !.. Birmingham NAACP recognition<< \ it deserves, the
.....MaroS 31,1''', in oroWto for some.tea.Clrtsflnitr .or all the :30, Amerkoa voungsiers. lists "Conner's 1 DangerSlfnals Branch, welromed the 100 assistance given I to s ytiw.
bo awed a* loon .* *. 10,000 polk This phase of pre-school for ojutrk reference' to Swish at the dinner Inraidlngm and itruuling nation, tlw rift
visual screening' remmmfu- certain symptoms that might .w|atei (from n aim repaired Pert, the '"",lder-
rate with available funds end be nutirad U the human body. and the District of Cokinfcla.He Ing fire damped down therealt -
trained_reriomel will be In- The has been them that the NAACP ruMrlhite Importantly to
pemptvlrt told
approved ,. a
A"I' rsm' lie: 0 rorr raaad .Into etfwr'pre. by the rtortda Cancer I II bat* In Alabama to stay. worldpearev"Apfllr' "
u school vtmal screening pro- Council. Florida Medtctl Association Mwe are here to bridge iwkiegap aliens to lake the.
Prtmts Tear CiiJirttf r-ii trams end. arrlerasfd. Into and the Florldl State between the rare se that Foreign Serves Cfflrer Ea-
Florida anas. now rover Board, of Health together we can build better ominatlun null be filed byCctuber
ed. h ls the ronreneus of manyprominent t>'lrrr.lngh' V hesaU. la, IMS for the Deccrmtwr .
Tin eodiBj Lilt. Ira Oust to Cust the Seedily tavlwi am person spevtaliats en ran- Also add re it UTS; the dinner 4, WM etamlnatlonwMrh .N"I'....I'a. -see vase. a nay ____ ww'k I
., erganUMlons mer* cer that this ,...... rind slash were K4i. h'Uklas" will "be given In titles
IT. POPE I. .SKilIHw Till tit, esied In r.....<-ho l visual pro and referred' rs by.. every f til- A, G. Caston. across the C' IUII ry.
bees to can or write rhe Socwty sea bi F I rtltL cold Mavtde I. -

lAKTEl YOGI PIOIIEM MAT 1C.II10D.I at JOel Granada Street s source of Information which.
Tampa. floras could help retard t w rising

IK POWEI( flF COD All nil IHrtng fit mood of September cancer dead rate In FtIda.tast .
tf. Florida lottery year, raw wee it*
f rim, IT CAN IE soinoI010HI. hopes te reach as many spa C.... of dead) of "'"* Florldlans -
liens of Florida as poasfcls. of all afea.I .
tfiroagli tfe use of the various 'ree oc '".of the,arnpewt. '
UITICES IUITIT 110: P.M. inodla, ttterawre maHlnrand "Thlnjt Yea Met L...,. M.A
'f'l'il'Cht.rl.' ..4repreaeaiatlves. Stand. at You want A CanrerCsamtaatian SU P.ER ,
BCT. 3d ttfi lilt loll AXflK; UE. kt rWs mar ," mqM otMalned -

Mr. Florida rttUens may be from y AtnerkanCanrer IIOHI imxvioTHIW
UriciiI! 11' ;; U 7.00 ;.. at Bade wand 9w etfnmatrtMe Sorlety On''''. or write to QUANTITY
,: h 4 di and witty rates ..c....* Poetra....,. fllCIt' GOOD THIU SUNDA1 AT IOCIWOOO AND A' I

413 lE( ST. lilimittu Plat 3S5171J fat COM prewat eye aerUeotsand
poor vuion. HALT Of FRESH


SINGER .O-MATICS ... .... ....... ..... a PORKROAST
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IITWUUT NlnialQ9 50 G LB. '

S1lt hint 8AGLIMIT 29 QT. 35


Used I.....
1 W/55.00 OR LIMIT 1 W/S5.00 OR

..,.r M hoMli .ao1e !2t.MttMtf

S lUger AstM.U(. tees ". Mt
"..u AeVMsUc ..... Invites You To Listen To-


Ottr ISO C.*4 Aotoiatlc Zlfiagt sill
$tra1gAt stUd T1sdm1s.s RIG IAMB U. S. NO. 1 POTATOES ''t Itl 29(

---------- 69
U.rgat S4loctlM at ...4 teeUJM U a* SD.Utwt. U. S. GOOD Rtt STEAK (


IJJItt SeMI Ma itt Sinkt. fm tit sits FAI DETERGENT IUI MIAUARD 59
11ai U 1241
... 21 '". fin.Florid. .
-------- HOUR s u.' m 49*
$Sttt11P I ,.. U12;* ,...

StW. ilHKBo Z S"." NHHT'S PEACHCS >*,. CJ I 25( ,

SOS W. Fees?* ... 153-9177 1400 WIJ4C 1400 VAN CAMP PORK ft lEANS "* '" 2Se I IS


i -- -- ----- -
--- ------ --
--- ----

'.' '" I 1 "
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jfrJ ID, I .. .. ,I..W;,, L ... ,
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-- .. .. .
>1 -Ii"It'\J"r! ,"- !!i. "

Chic Models Spark Last Sunday's NAACP Fashion Show And Benefit Dance

.. N
4 .w >a: r4u

r V, .

I L 4 f I

J -A I

.. s:::

1. (frOl11left.Francfsr.oss 2. (from" left). Ruby' Cur 'Y 3. (from left), r.ozHlll 4. (from" left.Jean fldrley 5. (left.Nwiev Corner ,. (from left). Pelee Hunt

I oooooYesWeAlIT2lko ooo Assistant A & M Professor Miami-Dade Sets Nursing Program I IP

ReappoiHted Danforth Scholar lint for i broad expansion receive the AjiocUw in
of the nun Ing education Science decree and ire "llglbk -
While In oHendonco ol Ih. Unlverilty, el. Michigan Th. body of''my ipeochiotlorthrholdoo' hot the man program it Mlunl-D_ to apply fOl h St.w Ba.rd
whore I was then working toward the M ''I.n degree, with on. won s good elllll" 'for two roans: <"| he woe DURHAM. N.C. (FAMU:) Jimei N. Eaton mil- Junior College were ri* examination to anala Hglj-
In ipuch end lI.n.allInll"IIICI. our InIeto, Pro- an honest man and 2)) no doubt ho dint, hove the opporlunlty lint profeuor of htatory it Florida MM I'niverilty veikd today! by Preitd itt tared None LlcentUM. "11.rldua.1
lessor( Oall E. Donimori, was my instructor In od- to develop. hli tolenl. O'( cowrie, a talent 'in and doctoral candidate{ it Duke University wu one of Peter MuOo Jr. ",ho have to far
vented. public peeking He lint anlgned lo the class those days was I unit of.money. 13 appointed Dutfonh Scholars to attend the 1968Dinforth H. acid that the college will taken the date kill hawhad
a one point tptech with Introduction,body, and corvclu I cloied my talk with me final summery method. anda Teicheri' Conference. The conference held enroll two claiiei annuity. u image core lnthurrrtSft
.lon, bated upon tome BlUle verte, quotation orproverb ,repetition my lib!. verie. : muiUy it Camp Mini anct, Stay .Lake, Michigan. lining with the wtrNr torn
s Talent.' ph.mpt.t's) 'gawp this January, ta the put, Ufinning Application for the nrw
My topic wet "Th Men with One MADtRSt Par my 'free dlicwulon The purpoeeoftheDanforth were conflict between/ trichon itudenu have beta
Cven though God tolled" him a wlckod on tlethfullervent tend No stamps I. Dr. M.H.Boulwara. FloridaA Teachers' Conferenca U to and adrntnlitritlan, end Liter term dll..rt now
I ondeovored to show that h. hod tome good A M Unlverilty, le 110-A Tall.h....., Florida- allow each recipient of the ,'m Inll"111011 Ind com- the accepted btjlnnlng only of sure tr. i fill year,.rm.at being JmlHone leccfted Office In the'conH.lt.lout.4 KI-DJC,
qualities. My sib!. ve,.. was taken from the parobl. 12307. Danforth Teicher Grant tri irantty.
that the North
of. the Talent, five, two, and one., on hit It w II generally agreed that J t was noted the nw on Camputt
aaryctrraehoiar ICtwdulI will mike M.lmlDido 1IMO K.W. 21th Aft.DUd;
conflict and
rote within much of the d4-
the perspective of hU own order on college eampuaei U the nUt Junior college line for ippUcMloni in Nov
world the result udente, In the state te.ruoll midyear 20 and: .nroUmeMlnthlt dll'
and view.
discipline ( preii
j wW be limited lira Trim
of this d U at U faction II' & rurilrfclaiiei.Time&
The theme year's bag i IOC&.ty
% men ild. Arfllcitlon for
11 FLORIDA'S Conference Will The Teach- that U falling to fulfill die required for eompk
It* fill of'M win be accepted
lion orttwMDJCauritnf& pro-
.r'! iUiponM toConntet nd promises of Its phlloeophy.It vpantUJune 11.
gram U four wrens> pku one
took Indlcited dill conflict
Order. Mr. Eaton ...
: summer .Ion. Creduitti'
active pin la the Mmlair.flatted and disorder on the collage
"Conflict and Order onto campu U act necemrUy en
Cimput Scene." 1M evil but In many Instance It
simian was directed by Dr. la a.tall that nl ientiirei'ow OLD FASHIONED GOODNESS
Eugene Dawson pniUltm of more mean In their thinking
Colorado Woman's Cou.... and concerned enough about w
NUMBER ONE Tho guest participant! was Or. their future M lake an active
Dim Farntworth. director role In trying to change sat
i University Health Services; eiety. I
Harvard University.la It was concluded that i
the seminar tmphasUu healthy cottage U one where
placed on me causes of no bad vldual or group hat toe
recent riots and conflicts on much power The power
t RHYTHM BLUES collage eamp&ses and whit should be divided between the
& should bo done to avoid V to president tbfaeulrydraas-
eontila them. Alto .lIaa.... dent, and die shun

Converts AntlochBenefits WMBMSpotlight

fr'I STATION" el.hol' Product Of The Week

System From Fete Miami, Florida

I group | of tke .... .
tv IcUrtU..UaUocla
1 "Udl-Dds Junior Col-
l ge eddo4 mother "tlnf Iwtlit Chorea, itbartj
to in record tfcli weak whoa City, .... .... fUtiae.
1i DIAL tie cunpw oetworh of sans putor. iaheo to stand
MO tekphooei was twitched
tUtlr irttltioo to tloio
i e'er from a convomloailiwltchboard
operation to it* "ho helped list euadsj'sradloe
Centre irtiem.According -Teata be MTb ..,-
toSoathoraBellrecord atsadtasucc..s.
!. JoUamI-Oads U the colorfaltertiUlit u4 an-

1260 For The #1 1 Sound! nnt lyt Florid tern oducetloail* to convert ImttMtloaa to date .1 the have nt-u.z4 of ir. MiMr '

CreriticaiUy. Centre !, guar Or ha ;
i complete, .etteontilnndVeplMno Tho proiri !bll...: :
oachenfo perwlftinf Mlotroe of Ceramttt.Mr
...,. to BIIM and re*
*. Arle.. will tau; t.. SHORTY-$35.
N '. call dlroctr/ through t.,. MtOALO STYLE *MSg
the equkjxnem Intteid of et* apaajkor. loiter &
DIAL "" wring tfiroagh I i..itchboard. Albert ones operator 54.55- ..c:1
of ''f\. HOB 10 of Albert :=. .. r. r-Cast w

The prefUttl pkii four "..raI wo** -W.. ::..-.:..... ...
numorila has DOMI leilfwd Mr*. Albert Bittlt .e* f=rIC = suits .....-. MarM/p II, Mf.
to tie coUefO Th* new Uiftnci -:
are Included to toCreawr .pall to r. "

1260 For The # 1 Prizes! rector; I new.UamI..krhNd.-bet j (lftrbwled. : M.Om Glensfaleladttltssllst ;c----C';;;:...;" _: =cwaaaoaas:.4 c:sn:,

::- -.:::=: r.:;:
DonaU C Bui*, directorof .....P. woe : ... ..... CIIIIIJ
;:;: :.;;... _.ou _
pUanlni davekctnoatat ASvlsor U .ll affairs .r .. ....... .. rt rw :,
lJiirti-D.d.. iiid dIll e..e.," __
.. }tr.:Uo. llanl... bat- .. .
; jIIII.! '. won a the ew tjttmstarted = =:. ? .: ..w
UitJm.The eagadktote4 .MO, IS......, it*. Left1 s.-. orals. s .wI..
; --.a 4 .r.
was by tha reptd PTM torty owe. 10M"
: \ 011he !.Wage, "laacbIt'JI ... err e.a5 w'male
; grow **+*, Tbere lo M hoe II w. r., -

t DIAL I of 11,900 yew h aesaltZfwat...... ndcorreopoadtM I ir..ir.l Ut Ue .MC t II...... .. ..... .. r
; _
toeroiM and ..!... t.et.4it: Ml .... ;&11...:: i.q Y.: ... l:. =- ':..-:.-:: ,
kaIIypbcIaIual.- 1 s street.lleeI:tet-It' -... ....--. -- --. ate"n. Mafw r s..1-'' .
: .
TM :.'
IkMaM&Odra -- -T'-. 0.i .91.
vttl !' I.arib
0g.a Bav e "' -- -
be.l.rgsa mtaqatsg .. a""6r. a..*.U4 U =CARlI .KALI;Itanua: i.nn YtOa.-. -"=r'': 7jgffcyaty

ewe dOnars'syale Deo: -y. dry ofUlan :Mull. nat OM UU UoUMll -w.- -.55.5..w.0.s I a.r ... *_ "Tr* SSIi .JTwilSssSf

.,1260 For The # 1 R & B Hits! !, end louter* Befflaffjeee IWM oM rem Mil .:I aa

ow. ldehtatr/tlfS. fool tte ftl'...... toralSt .,..r. ;:. ;.. S
Sri*. ttU .io wltl ,... .... .... .
.... ..----- --.,. ... ... ,..,


i l

41 I'' I

award_Waters Topples Morris 34-2 In Opener;; Hayes' 3 TDs Thrill 66,557 Fans


I "if"

i'I l



Edward Waters Tigers Season's Opener Synonymous Ot Nation Top Team Of "64

I PHOTO LOT: ALL-CONPERINCE.! tutor! quarterback CGmX PHOTO: LWtOOO (Truck) Slaaion*. AllConPHOTO>> WCHT: LIVINO UP] to the 0tto... They Shall dafenalva suit throufhout the entire ,... I
Chart (fox) Lea rompa! around hit own right and farenca fallback.plama over tor tana1 Initial Not Pus," its ably deawn at rated by the fl..ra'aco (Photos b1 Royal Art and DC)

for 65-yard aoortni Jaunt.WatchThis. re. __
---- ------ -- ---

Allies Lose EWC Tigers Invade Aggies-Rows Schedule Classic -Wildcats Facing,

; Clop
: In Washington For Oct. 23
Opener 17-14
';i4 51'--Egg Best YearCoachDAYTONA
II Savannah WASHINGTON, D. C. The AAT College Aggie and
2S 13 Ir To leJeane Saturday; the Wlnatoo-Sakm Stit College Rama will meat In the .
...-, .... ., r--- 23rd annual Capitol Classic to be played hara at the BEACH Coach Jack(CyMcCUIrenbegtnahi )
I I." ,; '3 CAMP LEJEUNE. N.C. D.C. Stadkim on the night of October 93:. UM. fifth season .t Dethune-Cookman College M ISIS and
I : VIctliM of tint game Jet- Eye Second Win Peter C. Does, director tha Wuhlngton promotion." hopfully even jauntily decimal''It rouU be our beat."

6. : 1. Mr, the AAT College Agile of D. C. Promoter, Inc., The Aggle-Rams aerlea, Fresh front a I.nt.. So It bclU down to thoaa
lt Srarday war defeaiad sponsors of the Classic said repreiemlng one of the keen season, McCUIren ippnlithl end making the difference
by the Camp Lajeuna Before a goodly steed atf :f.fa1W.. EWC, 12.Ior- fill final arrangamantf had eat rivalries" In the CIAA sa seasons chancel thl* I and still McCUlran doeiif
J. Marina. 17.11a a foot- tandmca of 'flrat nlghtari,' been completed between hla dates back to 1962. While" ways HW lott five lettermen rata that aa i serious drawback
15 '1"31" bay tame played bar at Uv the Ox Ctemona coached Ed- rUO.Tha orginliMlon and the two col several" of the contras have end-and. theta going "Thtfa Jet what
421 araedge Stadium. ward Water CoLlege Tigers hard-hlnlni Tigers'forward bg i, both member of the bean close,decided by u law to hurt "' .'.. jot replace we're worrying shoot mora
Excelling la every department "" pie Iou Jy lunched their walk hard hitting Central traercoUeglato Athletic aa two potata loA T hu emerged them. Dot. our Interior line I than anything elae right now.
.;,,51.. .. U .11. except on the core- 'rid...... Sanrdsynfghtkt again forced the vtittortto Aitoclttlon the victor In each of the 13 hould be deaponexparlanre Maybe well be strong there
board, when It really a anted Wolfion Park by lambaatlng ftunbla when Junior guard Jtmai Red" Mllaar, meeting and weight. Idoiftthlnkany- when wa open up"
( Sonet lee a Hi'i1ipoastlass .. MT mlacue mulcted tn rival Norris College 34-5 Donald Duets ril" and quarterback for the Rams, Classic officials said nefotlatlona body c lit run over u*. Overall kleelsirMhan scheduled
Ha* Doug deft own undoing. In a eomeat replete with dire 772. from Thornurllla, Ga.rscovend "and CIAA I leader laatyairla are be Ing conducted our team U more u. eight 'an..., and hu triedto ,
H* add, subtracts, Three catty I fumbk and a thing to coma for futon opponents. the plgakln" mid- tool offeree. II to key mm lathe to have both college bring ...r II need In both rente anddetente. lineup another,"ftitditeanaveif
ft. work it all arooaijCCXW pale Interception aU deep In field. "'WlnetonSalem attack their bands, both com We red Cur freshmen lookto I Just worked out ao
Aggie territory set up (coring The Tiger* journey to3v- Simmon reeled off yardage Mel rhlUlpa, liar blf among thebett.rnxukUNu be the bait we've ever had far." ha Kyi. "I. Inline'
ATiMTIDtt4l320546( *ltu lon* for the Marti amah, G.. Friday noon to to tha 12 and cored after back with the Ia.... U hU representing" CIAA collegti. hara and w* teapot more wa'll hive ourhanUa nillwlthoMone.
or kept AT under tha shadows do combat with another conference a penalty was Inflicted on Him i big man on offenae Pee from them than any In ."
._--. -......--.-. of It* own goal poet for moat opponent. Savannah the rlorwt- The extra point The Aggie will bring to the )I many ...,.."
of the second half. State for attempt was nullified. Classic from 4ku
College a Saturday two starters DU1ruNI-C MAH COLLEGE SCHEDULE
MAN DAYS The Mirlnti cored with a night granter The Horntt then took to the Vtahlngton In John Brown, a .q.iesle/, Se
first quarter field goal of 23 Tha Tigers unleuhad their air which wu (honUved.MalacM '-2, 933-pound center and send sae N ...... October I Albany State (hams! )
ARE NUMBERED yards by Crag. Blake and Into lethal attack early In KM fire( Beaaent. r. 193pound Thorn Cooit a /-., 333- C'c'tober I Morris Drawn' (tics s)
fourth period chalked up period with back Elijah Duncan sophomore back from pound "'Db<<'". October II btnedle' Columbia. s.c.
lian'a .
Day are Nun- Woodbine, Git, ..
two TOa, pnayirdpui: calIng Intercepted The engagement fur the Ag- Alabama .
a rit iwlfty October 23 A. Ie hi a. tlIMnU'-! Ala
ba/od," Heaitk and fortune ply from Jim Laurent to Ron 111 from Miami earrylnjtf Honwf pat and along with glea. will mark their third epptiranra .: :;. "J: October 30 South Carolina Sian Orarrhur. s.c.
hags Tours fnan, BartoUttl. and on a three- dlemalloa..rd..1t1rW J Slmmona and Duncan carried In the Capitol Classic t- ,. November I Clark College Gator flout
Too (DOW Tour Lucky DajaLucky yard bunt by An Redden. The locals teat theU on the pigakln Into the shad"" AAT played agilnalTenntiiea N"nt 13 Open
Colora Etc AAT cored on a pas In- down, but alert tackle Nat d the goal Aa attempted Jute University In ...... November 110 Florida' Mkt Tallahassee
converalon fen wide of It* -., #
rrceptlon by Willie Vaughn 1980. and Virginia
Clover fromjaiaaared a nimble November 97 Allen Unlverilty Tampa"
eDd S3.00 for your and 30-yard teens and on a te place the local back Into mark. Sute CoUeee In W81, toeing i
Horoaoopa: Quid for 1-yand steak by QuanarbackWUlle EWC" 11 Kjerrla 0 athalftime. both. 1'A.1re wlU be pUyInt. iu.L S
thelI'No .. SAVINGS OHO' Hon 'UflCIJr.., concluding their runt In
'OCTOWJl Lyowood Sbrmona 906, .. engagement humorist Stiller ,
Morris 'aUiecllt"OIIl1eo.
a 75-yird drive.
ri- fullback from Citawi-
rill la the blaak below The game, a twn-con- vine placed tr. Tigers Into te the third when dropped s
sod nail to ZOOZAC. Poat Icrence non-count engagement the scoring cokimnby climax* Tigers behind his own goal
linIlII tf. third.Thrilling .
uncovered for the Afgtaat -
dw lint TO. The extra
Office Bos 1171. Jackaon- keg '
..an CIwbo could run ot II and "
failed. Ewe CLOROX
vllle i. Plorlda.NAME. .become an adequate ucce-- I. Morria attrmpt- 0.Cunla yard, reipectlvely' byTI-
.or for liar quamrbackCormll senior back Able illl-

.................... Cordon, now with the New 112 senior Taps back from WUlla-7'" Crf rr. IN 01 Tu.huee i ,
York ,... and a freshman and Eddie Rhodai, WO
nnnlag aenaaUoa BVWendeUBartee ton, ria. aided tf* Tigers rr Junior back from BeDaClade. ,

STRUI.................. a halfback when email he In recevered die second nimble period cllmaied the locals GAl. 49 C
MT chalked up 11 first a coring apree pat final ear
downs .. tat S6I yard In an bas* 3d Simmon carried werthon by...klelTUknan rr. I QUANTITY RIGHTS RESERVED 'WIICSPECIALS
DATE or IJltH o... ntahlng to lOt. and lOt yard to tha I, but a penalty 171 pilot fullback from Bar
to sled toW, agilnit the how nand the veer GOOD THRU SATURDAY
pa ball on the 90. ChartM A l Urge ....,....*ireexpoctM
r C Ue rtT. IM-poand .lafollow the Tigers !wL$5.OO 0R MORE FOOD ORDER t
you D.: 'tRevToQo7oTauToOat dI from Vakkata te livamud for Siairdaynlghr -------------- -______________ _
I.'N"Ma lAeMrnmolat- game.orrtxsrvt IAKE-RITE
.. The ronventoa


Name PM. HIo"" Hometown

DRUGSTORENEEDS '" DUe G,..,.., u rr >ii New... Ca.
....r Grant LT ri" Kttc JadoIaMIUIRdlen
rr no Fen Pierce;
Freddie TIJIor SMpheoaCeerfeTaajn c rr* IM Lab City LIMIT 1 W/S5.00 OR MORE FOOD ORDER
Trade silk Tour Matcaborbood Deed tore Mr 11n Da Ir ay B*arkknernee
PAPOSte WIOM ...... rr 2n .
n tot ran ACT pucn Il1f.11 KM LOOK. wrrrwwrwwwrwrrwwww----------------------------------------
Wilier Simmon* u rr irtQO JarkaonvtlleVakloata.
Dellvet aloe till all Doctor rruullUoaa
te Caarku LaeMaUcM rr* IM .Ca. WSIMt nit PLATE CRISCO
Beta*** Ha r 01 WeedUna.Ca.Miami.
EUJek DancanLyaweod HB r 11111 .COFF I
Dixie Rabin 1fctC HB r TM ftlviera. BcKCalneivUla I MAYONNAISE OIL
Pharmacy ......... n. .act'''' .

1312 tins lid II Minis Au"'hus DcroarvtTKAMlyheeier $ t III. 59C

([all SSH-H flnVflty u r IM Jaebawsius ; 11 M. t.L\r I! 29C 31 flCHtf
Aloes JenaaWUUe LT rr BOS D Ka
,..... LG rir su Fen Pierre -----------------------------------------------------------
FAT nil HUT fini III mtrimIIIU lama JahnaoaiDeataldDevtJ C tit IM MiamiM
; rir rrrrkoniaivioe. AURORA rash Mix Or MaKh -
AT III STilE tub Met*MaCeerge HT rr $40 MefkerwME
kvremNadueiel rr Ml .lan.* UICIIII Sill
Guise LID rr 90! JattaewlHeHLB
Carry HLB r 11) Calnaavtaa TISSUE lurnl HANS I UnEJL DEANS
Itseh LM.. urn ritr iaiKB 1r.he.ettk.4la.skaMrkfa .
rir MO Delr" .....
Cent Tb-h e. ....., r in t riat.wowg IlItI 01 i I mAl iiiiHu I I 1111(1
l! ;;;' lEANS lEANS
"-"''' $ TWIN c

'! '-.. 1 SCLEROSIS MULTIPLE to IIOHt [Royal Crewi PACK 19 5if? 49C

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/ PEACH APPLE, J 20 OLsum 89C

Us latest Mews Half Styles
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Are Taught At The ..bas4Tsai..vl .. jitm nniH nil rm mi P1I
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Tt TeaOl, Mfr" TlartII wwwMww-wrNwr wr r--rNMrrrwwrw r rrwwN--w wr--wrr-wrwN

Collfi IIK ,... U. S. NO. 1

630 DAVIS STREET Orange Park POTATOES 1039i

'litkuif&t flirili


I f t i}( tlt


St.., Gabriel's Medicare Applications To Reach All Eligibles Via Mail; A

The Pre '66 SpectacularFeaturing Episcopal ,.. '' 0s
Church ',. .' APPLICATION FOR ENROLLMENT 4 oI ecu resThe
In Person b In A.
Pe4enl 1 CeenMnl will p..1f. ike...I d*U
.* Holy'comunlon will be Supplementary Mecllcoll"l"ronc. Program 1.._... Tevr.!<.*... .... ...! ((13)will .berfeewetee1
celebrated Sunday during Under the Social Security Act .... yevr iMNllily ...1.1 Mtvrlty ....., The Fabulous the 9:00 ..*. ser- i .
vice at St. Oabrlel'iEpiscopal ,
Church 5225 .
Jackie WilsonWith Moncrief Road.Rev. (Pr .) John Q. Public
T. Vincent Harris, rector 100 Main Street SIGH
lnnolaced. 'Anywhere, U.S.A. HERE

Casual, conservative a. .' Sit*****fcr -' (X)IMMI U .._.... "UUw.1

dress has been authorized i +IOATV.aor
Bobby "live" Blond for attendees during tay.esaADo.ua

the wars summer annths. .'.
rather Harris con "" D..w/M..A... 0'w/Taesa .


PLUS ,' Hayes' Completely furnished "t..arrhd Maid! GIIaua.ed. Good
I N*. fork! Lle-l*' Job.,
couple oaly. NOchlldr.
= : ... Electric tit I3S-I55! EMPLOTli v.kly fare(f AGt1CT adT.H4ROLD : .
Chuck Jackson
j / Scoring 353-M42 after 8 p.n. I Dept S. LjaUrook.wan. LT.I .

47dT iim,'\"

AI "TNT" BraggsJoe I ; In Pro SpreeDALLAS I SPECIAL

very .JniJay. School:

Scott Band Texas-"World' pro football history. girls only complete jNI
Fastest Human" Bob Hayes Dallas' deferue was strictly hairdo. $2.no.
t finally reached his predicted on par with their offense OUR BFAUTT COM .
potential here Sunday after- u they withstood the stub 1106 DAVIS ST.
noon when he dashed for trio.. born 'Skins'( offence time and
THE TEMPTATIONS* BOBBY SCOTT BAND* ofTD-i before 61,577 thrill time again. It WM only In the
ed spectators to lead the Dallas final 4-mlnutei that the vliltori RENT
ELOUISE HESTER Cowboys 27-7 over the were Able to matter a
Washington Re Eastern Conference Kitlonal Sonny Jurgeiu to Bobby Basle bosh or Couple. ,
Georgeous George M. C. Bill Murray M. C. Football League session. Mitchell. VUelaneva .**k dun, 3 p... to ll twrNf ..HT BUS SOU DO HAT
I As i now consequence hold an' undisputed, the Cowboys Place booted kicker two Danny field coals p.". f.ektadi, 9 .... to LEAYIW.ADMilITUIUAYI! ( )J" ,
and 1 bolster .. 7 A 7i20 P.M. ROUT C i ON
first place In their conference. from the 21 to 7 P. 3561198.TEETHING '
Hayes placed his mated Into the Cowboys scoring. w. ADAMS TO lit. 0* tic TO
'FrWay October 8. Advance Tickets $2.00 the scoring column when a,I Hayes a native of Jackson PAM ON PARK TO POST. ON
8:00 P.M.JACKSONVILLE r snatched a pass from Don rllle, Fla., and a track and POST TO MAMAirr. ON MA*.AHIT
Meredith and raced for 45- football star at Florida MM.' COLLMI TO
yards unmolested to paydlrt wu the Cowboys' nut draft PAIN TO
choice last fall ,ROOSCVH.T; TO TRACK. POST TlMC
Olympic spring champion
COLISEUM .w liquid a.A-JCL..If.a.*q.t1Rep..inMapeeyg '8 P.M.
then romped for 11- 'r. "
Hayes : .
p 11n $ way.
yards and later for 8 to score ..,
TICKETS ON SALEOollseuacBob's: : .: Remrd smp.'728 w.AahJe, Street: Hollywood his second and third IDs before ,pdl..wtrkwnl.It. av.r.nt..d werN/ .I 0;

Music Gateway store.Shopping 60S Center.W. Ashley street; Abe Urert's, 209 Laura street, and hometown the fans largest In Cowboys turnout of r---- oei'. "\..Af: Orange Park'

.. ... I V
-- -
\ 'If" 'I/r't" '<""yo."

\. ,I" \'i ,. ..'>J1:: DRFN STER'S EUROPEAN lilTED ,

I II t \/1 ,, .. LANE'S PILLS Terrasso Mtclaalca tad 01514. 'jc94 Celfte/<
< '" trlad.rs to ork la Pv.rto .jo. ;, ,., ,,,. JAA '"
"'t ''' 1.j.; .. i.tm' '
I ; The lai.t/v' / wltll caleme/' Sloe and 'The Vlrtla laland. Mytl. A'tOIU'' AdoM'01:' \'_ll 4 1"61UIC.
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,.. 1w..M.... ,., .M
.. .. 11-..M w... .""" ww- tr" / V.I. T.rresso Co., P.O. SPOTS I CnyKERS'to 39CTIIPLI
\ ..... < {Itmfittn tntltm*... == So i 103 nrl.taIiItH. St.
: ::''fltf.w WHifllt HU raw in..1_IMrtUM1 MTMIM ..=.....:. W Mw.1 Cross V.,. Vlrtla lelaad.I ....... a '01..,,..... I'.. ru.SPICIALSvi .Vsitlap
IN W r-CniM'Mnn M. .I.N't'insist) t. SIll Pat iwtt IL ncLttt..SUuu
nut,M t rMj uMMtors u. 69cLOISTEA
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rh j I SMALL FLOUNDER . L1. 2f.
) u .IPlGU electric a.las S'ICKUD TROUT.L/.
I rays cL oo coaaole cab. Skis IspIrIag GENUINE SALT MULLET ,L1. 2tc
A1 kcbtae la MID MULLET L1. 20c
like ass, less for ard LARGE MULLET . Lt. 2tc
t Kiii IsIs
lid ,...,... All attack II Ai| STEAK FISH . L1. 6tc
f; / ....h for sating Ntton I liD lASS . L1. 4Sc
I 1\ NO DEPOSIT ,, sad Sir flOG RIGS . L1. U'
y 19 II., I boles, sls'saiilai I KING CRAB LaGS . .LI. st.lS
atltek d.elsaa.
NO RETURN ',.'f.'" ..yl!. k Pally tasty .uu.,.... Can I III} llSilISSj SPANISH MACKlin t9 sera:... ::::... L1. Jtc

BOTTLES be .... la veer area. nifti UL eases -4LAw u. as
L' Male etsht .o.tkly payenta j 1.134 I .'..*"aw aloea.r,tare
of 4.ll. rite: i_.._I LIVE CRABS ,,.. DOZEN '1.00

fi EXTRA Credit Vaaa..r. 122 S.Cl.ar.ater .
Road Large
'I STRONG 'lorUa.Position.

'.S4Ih. .ws :

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:r 5. Jcrx AILlQUQRS Ir MANAGER ',

( lUll ) '


$19.000, MININW

I UNIVERSITY' BLVD. COR. A TV.BLVD. 21ST ST, A wren Avl.JTM 54TM ANOlUlN/ .\ ST. tke eel, library ..,...1., "
Gotcair BLVD. & "["Tooo .re.* aatrlkvtleMH
1 302' B ACM .vn. a DAVIS ST. the M ours.
1324 ARLINGTON' bussu COftltOOO.AvC.ft. CLtVClAMO/ RO.I5251MVIRSITV AvtMUt aiete.eeta te ..e.Clad. ..
5)01 AALINOTOHTHVNDfMSIRO' XJOIIIUSUY \ BLVD. ". 331'0 ST. & uwcm RO. la .sealas ..e at-
t / ( ) (LAKUOOO 910 PIN4 tv."It) KINGS Ro A RUSMIM ST. U... la tie jas less C.
.. ., .
kate .* .u. Mt-
tally far take chr.
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+ YOU DON/ ? NEED 1 IM a4eea U tke dlrfet .. '
NEED 1 wise n. '-*lt lararaatleai
TO LEAVE )AX TO GET TO LEAVt JAX TO GET tint "*b. wtte: ye' PEA



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