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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200681datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date September 19, 1965dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=006810740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
September 19, 1965
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
September 19, 1965
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Full Text
.' /'

.' t J


Negro School! Committee Demanding COQterenc#M t Ip6\mIr\ c1io Board


i: ..... 4141414141 ***** (A Report On The Racial Situation In Jacksonville ) *****



II BurnedChurch Business ders School Grows

Wants Talks

FORT Fuel LAUDERDALE-Wlth Fumes Seen As Exploiters With Officials '

15 K8. 27 SMUT SEPTEMBER 2S, 1K5 15 CENTS officials claiming evidence of The Cltlstns Committee for

. **** ** anon. Investigation to Of Duval Negroes Better Education has written
being conducted Into the burnIng to the Board of Public Instruction
NAACP With Oct. of > until Negro church requeuing t conference

Showdown Mayor 4SIN early Destroyed Tuesday under morning aneJtlms- By Eric 0. Simpson with that thofroup some members and complaining of the

ted ",O00 damage was Shlloh (Editor's NoteThls Is the third In a series board have not extended> the

Missionary Baptist Church dealing with the political socialand courtesies rocisd of electl
KILLID located In I predominately economic aspectsof Negro life In JacK- .d officers.Chtrjlng.
Negro residential treioutsUaof sonvilleas It affects the racial situation) that the board has
city failed to act on the findings
AUTO Fire Chief Walter J. Arlo- The previous Installment of this series of s survey conducted by the t
tynskl of Rock Island I pointed out that 19 years after Duval Negroes CODE, tha toner to Chairman
tttere was nodoubtthst fire acquired the right to vote In the of the Doard A. E. Stoke
[ was Kt tine s heavy odor of status
SMASH UP Democratic Primaries, they have next to ..
kerosene or gasoline tuna lathe On June 30, IHS this Committee -
nothing to show for It In the of -
sir and the churchwas: apparently way political made public a presentation
drenched with either gains. of results of an eihaustlvo -
tanfltinmablo liquid u were stutty which we badtok.ctsd
.......... to outside' benches. De plta tba fact that Elba Ne,rooi havo playodaa relating to discrimination

2 Teichers Protest Congressmen' s Seating One w It It II. Timothy tape rt ant role' la helping' to elect city, oust and Inequities In
Hick. 42. who lived across and slats offlcltla oil, about it of tU race the I"Ib" lie schools of this

3 Kids Die r k to street said he was awake. .,. employed in city and county Jobs In other County and you, aa were
and M abort LZLni.. by .U other members of the
.d loud explosion net sounded than sianlal positions fta Noiro his boon UTO by Doard and the offlro of the
li Able Crash SIN .bomb the political schlao bastes to elect their pup Sup.rlnwnknt. were provided -

The fire chief said feat the pots to ethos and to slat bond eleotloni and inthe s copy To date, w.
One of to year's wont MtofatalttiM Interior of the church: w as..to- and enrich the bosses of the tow.Duval haws received no Indication
oecmrod last Friday tad.the wills wen blackened that, the Dotrd. nor the Super
vhea abler Msrtnfjsxons but that the .
conflagration Imendent recognise the aerbttsneta
crashed Into soother car.. srainsoaked F P ttngutshed in about 40 minute. 's Power Structure had such utter of thll problem nor
highway, kBlta* There' vii BO damage reported disregard for the political hopes and ambitions mild to biltlaw any positive
five of to occupant Bad aa- P to nttrby bulUuys. of the Negro that even when a Negro action feared 10 ,,1II1c...
jar" darN aims Herbert Ccbb-thalnnene that even when a Negro was elected In thee condltlona whkh hive

Dead sa to roMJtof totntsahap ds aeM of to church: brushed I 1053 to a Justice of the Peace post, a legal boon documented, and which",
whkbtookac.dn. skis any thoughts of racial for the most part have been
lng a thunderstorm two miles fceldenu having caused the technicality was found to keep him from corobortied bar tha roabody

north of Highland amMrs. Are, addlnc he knew of noreteon taking of flee.Incredible as It sounds, the Survey Team
leggiest LaIN Staodra. /for m act. 11resting disfavor f with
Incumbent loser went into court claiming
tariff MM B MlicheU of to recently announced plan
that the office which she held was unconstitutionally -
Browtrd County upon arrival (for pretontatloiM to board"
*t the scene ImmodltMly. es- set up. The court ruled against whkh would retire s priorsonferonca
.(... a Special MM tO to* the Negro, Atty. Ernest Jackson and with the tuperlnleaaeAl -
.enltM to Ineedeni. the election was thrown out. dstsrwlne. U bU
In addltlM lo the ..tlm.... Ivdgamont tf dr m.n., be
14.000 t amage to the building.t placed M the board's no atagenda.
jaciaon'a less ass the loss of a whola coMual*
9490 piano was destroyed. CODE Chairman
"'Met'N'UNI Tie H.... W hg'........ ..* te aMivji" see.g .1 IA M..wI tI. It ..s a IOM for all tbepwplo rtio nrbad aad Wendell f. Nobnes wrote.
.....,. w CW ffkft sf.Mex.af rafe".e teW IN sie..l s.p.rr .> aWr r efcvte sevo'aW 1,000 YOUTH voted for .hi. u Mil aa for .,.ry .motto cltlaon ..we .N not In accord with
.rS)... were) Wef.> ....... N..f,*.. we*. Irr.dn... Site a>Wle. Tkre. of B\e M die could Sirs fall Us pride of .10.... that oaaMetro suck s procedure, for oar
taW reeW.. OeMMreM fevfy....*.*..... ht *. aMo's I ..... Mel tel..... heM dMttra afn. U JacfcanafUK. eiperlenros. with in* fuper
h./MM.Cenm.d gNw..""a ..... ,.onleeJewi..Me...,... ... H.... 'HI dw*. Medeer. CORPS JOISREADIED hid M Intendeni aver tha J'O'IoI aftfio
) ...., .... M,. feMwW* H*.*_. Vhf. Oren eW AM.. O.w|... (UI.JHi. ;0, left an aapty, atlcfcy voclty f M!In tltat a alack past several yasrs, andiperttiMUrbtwtihJ
abarecroppar tin tats' aftor .,..I.. knaaa/a os'.! aNo peat

..,W.. fairly,oaly to bo tell: Olva U kack to U months ........ very
St. Johns. SeeksAntiPoverty NAACP Pretests bit. Strongly diM ths prasantMrlntendem III-
A thousand total Cbuatv .to either' unwtllIM -

aLladq boys Md girl& ht.." politically has Duval's Negro or Inctfebbi probably.
lay, 10. of *tx MisslailpptCoartt Hiap On Ode 4 tie .... of It Md attil Not only t bit of both of dewlap. .
bar .... eblidn4iils.tnia Group been robbed,tricked, plundered and strangled a ..Sett.. bs tha ..... of
) be U llaa to share
Rodaey. and IMisrta. Economically, hehasbeen vlctlmlted, mm, aewom."
no. emp- CeafereRce Here eo..* tie* Sit olllloa choked and enslaved In a post vicious and ta demanding tmeetlngwlth,

aey, tt af 140 ClsvalandKeed. IT. ADOCrniaDeepttoapauy : group lard Nal Nastoa.trouMoabooter fclltrs U federal snttpoverty heartless manner. *. board, ths CODE tn....,

U Boats officialclrelao. seat la .......r or act Ua City fuada durlM .... ",. gene f times af the pest
riorlds Star KlftHwayPatrol It. Jokas O ua- 1, Ua CoMaalty sales of JacfcaoBvlMalala for .eit atiaoaUa.by wrt Mere ibis tie poser ftnutart of the t oa laroepoaalbla. will. nil evJfteo %ro want todlacws
trol Uka.M
lovasttgstort rapenadst .. ipe
to accldBM. aoaared at t, eltliMa of boU toe floss ..Me. till diet a round of civil i r1 tb t. iai la Ue NelahbortoodToatk Tk. banlara, tka aisrefcMta tie Tba Negro.. .artsnUtilMsvi

*2S p as. Wra. StaaaIsy's ....,."....s.. bard for ba IBM of oadisnlca deoDaatratlooa ...... oarpa, according Ckaabar of Ooaasrca eroo." Taa Ntira ..... 10.... It la ttnn'fie

ta ibahd. Arts LsoatrStandkry. foraatloa of a group to af ..ttl.g.O coMsaityanU OB Uo ovtcooa of a eon to M snaovjBCMent fro ism to "......lOt tat doll ara Ua .Noira kaa toapand. anbuM. of .. KTK. to am*

N. was to drtvaraf pat FodarsJ Mtlpoverty .poverty ,,.u..., fib ht... local' ,NAACP uo apoasorlag agoacy, b nttWf aomlng. Iron to
ana of to can kra4va4 psrlMendsm relating" loresaaradhsilaa -
hade to sort ''''. porsDoa oushlag far UoprocrMkavalaforBH laadara sod tie cityeoMlMloa Orator jecfcaoBvllleleoooolo
to ioBBi.AstoraeMfBBito af Duval
to cw was KsdMHMllUdbStess > ... Pi art da star baa boM the & aoe set for opportaatty, The merchants' policy has been -- Yo'all Sabot. to JeIJ'"II"'U'

reliably Ufbrwe4. War that a public soot Oct. .. lac. co.el! And up to a short while ago It has ..... la to. ..lie.... of s

Lit ..rt... official lag olll ba acbodalod Ale la tta _I.. rind Atoot Silt of ttt ... been Yo'all I c""e. buy buy buy -- but 'rhea far to Ovvsl-

todl M kara passed a reealatlaa early lo Ott...,, at taut ...... from ..'104.. fed silos .&11 bo lo you can't eat and we've got tome"" separaterest ., ho.. .Jan*.r C.p p end'

....rt... Uat"tbaro .'S ea a representative ,..,eoa. ale hoods ap school, Md hJ t nt. rooms for ya.fr Joel .Importer.s to- CCOC's, ow besrw reportMjeneM. areattlM

la .. poverty af Ua Go.......,*. office the NAACP both lacsllyMd Those U adMMl CM wart .
.. It. Jokaa Couaty," .S II Mala .. .. U atatoddo. 10 hours per oat. those BOB the, Us baslaoea, sos sod Ua the s>sy..rMayfca Tar ireup! report cktrgod

ad voted to nit laforatloo spell oat tka atspa OH Ua M ads far tie la school CM tort 10 sans refesed to bodes oa tka rNsosto of Jet Nadir. at to MlMol. ,ays.*

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PrvgrM lo "drevr to laaorporata a cltlCMS kick la aspect** to ,. sot Of school CM pot loath oouator fscllltlac and Ua ,....u..t a eilstMre. af bmrnertOrytorebv

17' (Ua BMto-baetet). COMlttM I tO COB- tftalrod rr .,., Utter la ao to 10 hours ...111.. racial .,..ua.. t. ..'aWl_ dtalaiao. oa Ua As a result of to *Wets

abooojoMtly. ......r. duet tko pt.g.h.Rudolph. .,. MC! lest atMdlaiboaea 411 sro lo bo paid et racial p,.W.. mfnatlai tae ar... re ad pblklry. glvea. la to
,.., .., ,. liees A.... '.
MOB finds ....r'a) of cpatMtloa aer Ibo rote of 11.21 par and demonstrations ,
Only the threatof boycotts afflM, kaa Mrtaatd bwoetfgttlM -
Calloio hate obtalaod .,..eitatlM for Ja<.- kovjr.rartltlpMta.
and their I Inpi (mentation got the wo .to atttfed b*
1103.000 U Mtlpovertyfaoda ana,|Do* a Retro tits la tko Chamber crowd to sit don and listen to aeUIng. aV..( MO SNOMM sg'

far a eort*study testy oa varlaoa saaolatlve Tooth Corps est eooe Negroes' covplalnts. And when a group of ".....,. la date, .. report
prnrM. lacladlag OOMtyoldo > To Support boards, ... fro I.. .a... frlIle. to talk bM aevr sl af Sue Arras
sete..s U..q Ch4b of fo* toUUam A. MaOewee st-
tatarlal o>d rvcreeUMtJ .115al .- Tbs. la acftaol soy
to beeo.pl.tely
n.r tro.wesZ tU. It was set up 'In such a manner as nowJuea's
Sin| be recruited for
H........, Trap' g, projects, tke Reral Workers olaerlalMtlMlaall, divorced from the C of C even
1. Jesse .... OVa SiawUvy, MBJolMlao.aeveraJ& U. anaaa d .. .Mtfca .... MO fit t. aN.....,.. kit of
war 11M aM> M IB rsa Uo M4clp tpveni* conference In addition the
Mir 1UUC M....... room.
Sttcfe b4j*.s, and was btt. lavtta CM Flo..,., re- cwt Md aloe. rMovel ache I parUctpMts all.IIM Recovered
.f S,.."" M bring)IfI1f... press was pi edged to refrain, from publicityon
......... by a car 4/tvM byDo prMMtotlvo of ODV.SJVdM M,...4 by Uo Toon
Ing '"W,... to ..n.w.14I4 Of Ua M>tol dyes the meetings' because the merchants Frees River
Se.w IBMT*
*spa CUfey. ... / "U'fOurtr Mw Mvenpt.,W and .aJ| ...eII ..aI..ft 0,trtaay Cater of
era nwrq ...."'"' feared losing their' wMte l trade/ ,even though"
sons c..m. offlco .. TaJIsfeaMM.to t.rimetoM rural eton i.sre ........ shadow. Florida Plato ro.T afford to lose the Negro
la to&.* ....rod they could
/ ,..8L.fM, serf Damstiy ... to Ua And eat City ... w m Ala cwt M Ellis bat, Md are-, ,.,yt...
by A. n>y Nwr.bq, bu111ete I' .
won aiarten at AtItItI,.. aad aalalo tka PIWITM.Oerlag vk..Qesw.r"".n." bas ... ||leod to tor bold u.*r jobs .la*
...... la L. uhf to cbJbVIM soothe of ...Ua sill Ua OMMlly idvlaery -
-wry navorsf tit. t.oe.crsw.n ,..... TV ..".. .11. *Mol posits rill beteto toss < 1tr

a..alee....em...MI ... b.. Mf Iko Mlta ..rdI.... ..,. OMtlai purely. for ....
gMby 1111M4. -. ..Uhr..1 ewet
afflciaJa ealkadMU rMUs
... Sea BM>.... AMWSMMBka 11 ,.... ., tat jaravi. .v|>lobrmMft .
f'swd UsAeirfsM ss PlaMro OM UaMo4 aa 04AraMMvifr- .,.11 .la o.s o sort of ..,..ta... .n( Ibet Uey oero .'alll', .. to Ua
by pttfcp
,w,00_..to ........ .f Uo JIM?. M<
Ue art toCUrrj. bHrf ... .. .t UN If Meet .. (I.aC tour ..,. Mly)
*MCMenMe7 far lie ....r..., ,. ama July t a*, enter a pals.rata os1..e.. sibilated by uo "II Mttatlo or .,*
tWN.a le.la. u.lr seat red et ere rlat-
rl ad.aad A.C rlula.r.imN t 0..ttr U./J t.p.n n.,. .. Star several ocI.at' latereetH
1 d Nasire..wran r crtdrll Ito .. _HU.e.. ...of Lief toot lkavorvMrtdy" b... ....". .4 ..14.r.t..f |a,. .d (.t>)> tNt Uer ..., roe.M>e4 ., MB! lots

.....-a1W.. drtvar ofto fcsvo takM M ectie .*T*. aejirer. n...! .*.- tara off tko .,. .t tko artvolo ... till MtlM *. a bvyMtl or d......,..... ... |M|>

.., tat. was tfad at slave. warn BBdrewaSa-)alusrw "".. tal$I." MOM** .... .rott eMtlfttloo ...t.J'CklOftfl'le". ..*.. N. C .'..... .......
a beaiUtl ed resieMd.. wpent tat a,a.. lo ru_ OMl.* Wed*
frlvato dtlBMBOf* a Ire wdr' AM rdlai to tieeM of Uo rUsaMlimo4 buslnetsmen and the O amber
ce.drnL ....q MM/ sat W.........
raw. art OMICUOIMBy -.c. l.. .. : .y tractor, toot feet of is U B.M of Co:: *Mfee l lasers. .*o* you'd expect ......... svJMlvtolM. M tom

HKKwrjl 'Hlilts ..'.ru..' I.tsaidu .w our reag. : toot,.,. ...d. a)... ... Uo jib .. *I.U. to take a more realistic approach to profit ..M ft***, Sew .bM kMied -

tko aiU-Mver- ..+r.ert.1 ru Uo too ..t'I' .... putts sill .. .. making have been amazingly' ort- to .. s body ne....f .to toM

""m w a VWeeKJ HilXLu tr ,....,. to ou jahMCOMtr. .I.w w.l.1. .A.l ... ,.. r...,... ...r.., .. *.. .,.: .lort al sightedis' teat they Uhave .like. te stingy >teto, and opened. to >*.*
.tAX3Zt Oar- cad fcsve told oiudet I. to uo MACS. hip ta rte .... ...." ro reetloasilstMt farmer .1s4 ants the .g;, but hates to sot Wn4 c.en"",..,. ..-

rest ..-... D. W T. ,.. ator uot.uBlla Bay M co tM 1 foe CM tilled Awe. stoca .... lied the chickens. ,, M to. Mills MS.IIW

tartjna bacevks to Bma beta .tn.. aI.. s-lll -Mg haloposert7 to My ..... It .. MlMM 11111. HaMso' aa to >.IV <.......aed tidy af
..1a5r4ff Wice M Letts Mrry tfco ''.3l. If II per. ... la tie 0... ofUa .....t.r.... w.ta.t.p no froeiaMO pen |a to.. ...a wed| ..11". sod CJettm.. ... of IMO W.

..... .... CM.H4yoeBUAM. boss O W/ Oil I. ..,. Adele' lo.d... a./ .l iig e$., .n./sot. koa/tlMO. Mt over e* Ibo i.tM ...1." Uoro. Des ... Mc.. Skid S.id ,MbeadarhM. ,
-Dir alr.1l.id. a isle II.-7.laid.ar. tIN e t no o.ot laterM"tod I"urrp II ........ Mipsl Mil .... ps".... |0 .. ........ a.ir.t. My.aiseJ ... n. 5.en ... alto* ate0..1 jell sod ...... flll\t1M. ,'. MMeM frsu em.Ny.rS. "
M rd DIi.ern M... ... =.M..d wlaaw llao o4.eotloa hi ., Uo boost pay *.ls. tfte naeate ello< t*.*,1'|
giv MB la tte *o"roMMalty arro M a dlvldUi .. /..*ts.d blmkM ......
tad ra5es. ... b> tat* bo,. tr.. klo at .... rv
seal N.O'I MOsr I. to tto Ciaau. isM p ..,'... a* 1.111. I oo4*or ..... librarysdaX ba filial lo perm lour
MOM af TM- swat CM dray *. call bo. ..... .. ,...
o pat .*.. ef. Md '1f.tN'5Np1.Awd. ost.tart Mitt "Rusts rs.ad to ....,.
..... *.. Of it.OkM || s aloX 1 laaoolet
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fredMSBd her J CIMI tr. OtiOBbnoMOOMot ... vj.....rg es. el Mil bia
treats So.ed Ham.. prtoatpoJo.taMaan.adolataro. ...... rf rfma. it twr,$- CSl.. ...aa of tMaat .... ,n..., tralaoo, PSMOBI af IM dMfo If /pals sod kaalod. M.ypa IM&I tied ovUeMO,. *...., ..*pU of tosfdeeaX

ary STBMM ks CbataM V .r- .ed .. tta -...,a ..fcHb<< ...... sad ,.aI1ie .....c." wrM. awa4. fla MSI ca.M stung ism prMMa of b_ ......an.....".mlle

vv4MrAed. ... M. oior infer fed yaks IB>.via n *.bo*.. aM Ira. Of ....t .. bo tare MM a al...., ef1y ..... l-) ".. '-fliHlill ll lath| J ..".,... ma..."......-

c.,.. II..... I.M&a.. J. II IeeeO N.t5M _t-c. ale. ., ........


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:; : :

pm'l__. F! !2111 rOOt SORBY SmEliEI iI.illS''

THE FLORIDA STARK lisfeess leaders Seei As.

E'W S Exploiters Of Dial Ne rees

'published by the Florid starPublishing Ooapaar:

,ERIC 0 SIMPSON, .........._. IIIJ1! EiilifJUnOM nvN otA In their happy avarice the business lead-
ersof the city completely Ignored the tru-
E. VISE........... News "It" tNLIni e1LQN isms that say: In order to get one must

give In order to reap you must sow. But
HILDA WOOTEN......... Clrciliti.i! Manger not so; with Mr. Jacksonville Businessman.He .

kept taking out without putting In. As

I the national economy rose he saw the need
1323 Miicritl Rid Pint Etf.il 4-6782 +JxOA uHtrYtA : for more profits and expected to get it

outof the Negro without increasing his

Miiliil addressP.O. pay or promoting him to a better job.

Boi 511 JicksiBiilli 1 Florida
The whit t>oil attain want to ao up while the

MIAMI I OFFICE Negro stun obtn.. Ht want to laprov his standard
of living while tb*"Negro lives in poverty...And

738 HI 3rd ATI. Pleas 311-1025 herein lies.the fallacy Ajcoemunlty cannot thrive

or r* ch it* PJlQ P.r.1U.potIllUtl All an Intecral

set.en t of Its cltlsenrjr lives 'under substandard


One Year, $6.00 Half Year, $4.00 Although white buslscsaaien. want negro .business,
Mailed to you Anywhere in ,the united States they!; '.,.t..UcaUI1'fu.) to advertise: In thein **-

Subscription payable in advance 'press because they fear that their *hlt* custoaiers -
Send Check or Money Order to: till accuse thai of catering to N'II'O"trad.
e .is alaplj that they want the Negro's buslseas ,
hit they era't.nt' It.h.o.o..and..hat'w'aore.( .
Jacksonville 1, Florida the Power s.t tare' feels ,that it.alust keep Its ,
advertising business out of th. Negro'press because .

'A it chaaplon: ,the cause .of equality dignityand

Job Bias Costs $23 Billion; 7N. civil rights. I I

The callousness and detached attitude the

Racial Unrest Hurts Jax businessman exemplifies is seen In their
STEP IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION poor participation and, cooperation' with

Job discrimination alone costs the United the biff Negro football games played here.

States an estimated annual loss of $23 They are happy that the attractions are

billion in gross national product, it was I being staged because It means their cash ,
declared by Undersecretary of Commerce registers will sing a happy tune. But very, '

Leroy Collins in a booklet published today Your few of them do anything In the way of advertising -

describing the work of the Community Weekly or providing trophies to promote

Relations Service established by the Civil the games which I bring business to them.

Rights Act of 1964, Mr. Collins, former

governor of Florida, was the first direc- Jacksonville's bankers have overlooked
tor of the Community Relations Service.The Horoscope the Negro businessman as a weans through

booklet is published by the Anti-De which employment and trade could be stim-

famation League of B' nal B' rith. ulated to enhance the city' economy. On I

"I think it has been demonstrated beyonda By PABLO The ,ASTROLOGERWHICH the contrary, local tankers discourage Wegross I
doubt that good race relations mean good and all but close the doors In the
business, Mr. Collins declared. "Few
for business
more YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR faces |0' those seeking loans
factors could be important to the ARE Of there are those who
business life of he purposes. course
.a community added
citing boycotts and the fear of violenceas BUSINESS LOVE TRAVELARIES will argue that Negro businessmen don't are poor
businessmen and that Negroes t pay
having "seriously crippled" entire their bills promptly. But these claims are

communities. without basls.As'a matter of fact, records
According to Mr. Collins, the work of certain risks with 'eaah.asd showered on 'them. It Is also h could be vour duty or task will show a ratio of I Negro toro: whites
private and public organizations, particularly pulse posteaalona. Those of t fins Idea td undertake any. to puncture the somewhat Inflated petitions. On the
civil rights organizations and those Bern March 21st thru you who suffer a loss as:s' projects the would, enhance notions of s close ate who file bankruptcy and sinceritywith
April 19th result fromd. Add how dls- other hand, the constancy
can greatly profit your pcraonallty, to your.individual .ocl. .. No matter
that fought discrimination, was the .chief lesson not to risk any arhfiroaiefiu.Continue : aga rub Ie the job may appearon which the Negro pays his bills is reflected -
factor that "created the national- moral Your llfemate or other elose repetitions In the future. The to operate:.from the the surface, everyone win In the HI to I ratio of whites to
consensus" that led to the Civil Rights collaborator U due to attract new kinarphaaathatcomei ln"' background wheel AU serves be happier I In the long run because who appear'' in Snail Claims Court
Act of 1964. the beam of planetary attention to being places the accent on your financial Imeratp. Re.Irals of yourdetermlnetiontouphold Negroes
"Had It not been for their efforts to during the next thirty days the home and family as well (from eonfkUng:In,per your convictions. Your for non-payment of bills." I
or so. when you reallt thatIt at aetWltlea that are nelaa4. t**:sohJ Vnoee HnhnHW are, assumption of authority Is not ." .
champion the cause of equal opportunity, will give you a chance to You may haw to resist tendencies ',mysterious or1; too'vajua to LUly to be disputed by anyone tri,
Take tb.c... ot'.cro. btiainaan who was
I don't believe would have had the In a much needed rest
we Indulge
to be somewhat overbearing defile Shun tasks that ar* of any cosec aence. You "
Civil Rights Act in the first place;" h e or to place your financial on occasion as not too hard. need not be concerned In the ed away fro every local .bank when .he soigkt to
declared, stressing the purpose of the act Status on a founder footing It to disrupt the harmony that 422147094698 least about the others. Proceed finance nose In da a trial ojutpMnt. He got the .*.
as designed to bring "actual practice"in shouldn't worry you too muchto should prevail at all tin*.. with the long-rang projects cessary financial froai a Chicago, .. ., house;
take back seat. The '
a opportunity
Keep on developing friendships that have been on the
into with the SCORPIO but the screesieat processed through and loeslbath
,America "conformity principles of extracting the In the social circles fire long enough and that maybe
of the Declaration of Independence. greatest returns from goodsor where Intellectual people considered ready to be and the a nance* derived from the buslsess.
Mr Collins revealed that: services la itlll wry much gather and display their wile Bern Oct. 24th thrw whipped Into shape. One of Ironically tough, vent through jacaeonvlll banks
,*R' In. moot cases during his tenure as director In sight It should be welcomed h can be an education In It-, :. Nev. 22**' your hopes, at least, maybe that refused to flames the Negro.
with open arms. Continue self. "'. based on plain wlshfulness.
ot the
Relations Servicethe
td guard your associate 3-99-1T-M-S3-M1
agency was'"called in to help troub- ,and youraelf fromthchitchat Reports and rumors that arc Start out by revising. your As if to add insult to Injury a white

led communities begin the "dialogue" between of those who will simply not LEO being given wide circulation have Idea and been attitudes responsible should: they for businessman was able to secure bank financing -
without the benefit of official
the warring factions. In only a few The future up trying ls seldom to rope as you dark In. confirmation should be misunderstandings between on the same 'Qulpenthlch had

cases did it volunteer its services, u It U painted. Bern July 23r4 tfcreAug. Ignored and cut ,short at least couples or collaborators.. D* depreciated greatly after three year*.
-- The greatest challenge to the Community 1-23-18-90-97-192) 22*** as far as you Ire concerned. one first on* to tak* the initiative -
Relations Service was to "crack the Review your creative accompUihments. In reaching new ground
with vhloV
of the
Withhold anddonot for that Financial is but one
verdict lasting
TAURUSBern your Discover the agreements
dark silence of a closed community press foreonr his Ions until flaws that can be corrected In will promote better understanding the Mplriat negro buaias .hat to CD*tend.a*

sterile monologues hf\1 strangled the free, :. .. April 20th thr after the advent of the new your coming endeavors You and s more ..rreetlcpeutloa Is stifle*!? lack of capital and hindered by la-
exchange of .ldea, and the hope of growth." "r:: May 20th lunar ph.... This provides s may want privacy or Isolationto e If you have reason efficient help fro* the office to the production
-- The fundamental effort of the Community measure of Inauranre against give you a breathing spell to believe that removalsto the laeffleiancy of his alp is ao fault
Relations'serYice Wfto in and seek Although there are of being thwarted In achieving that you can utilise to restore other kcaltttea will fen- rooau Bit
go many ... worker theisolvea,
chances of realis of the negro bYat.** tIIr ta*
ultimate end. lien,
your vital The sometimes prow your
persuasion and conciliation to us who would like to think' that energy.
through secure wa do, It Is not possible for fit from splendid financial or, mysterious behavior of your big. your hopes, they may, be It 1* due to the poor education glvaat Negroes under
voluntary compliance with the law any one person to know all residential. opportunities. mate or ocher ally seas to be COllI Ide red. tae ao-caJled separata but equal ystaa which the
without the' "eruption of conflict." about everything or everybody.Old Make certain that deceptive directed with your welfare md e-23-11-60-93-493 power itntetai devised nevertheless, the Negro
-- To avoid the "closed community," no hands and seasoned experts Influence do not creep In to happiness hi mind. Do not AQUARIUS alajiaa la .spec ted to pay his Mil raptly
la than should be consulted when negate all the splendid retails permit unjustified suspicions
single Influence more important 1 ate
all the city county ad federal taie *.
that have been pay
may previously to creep In to spoil your p""
you run up against problems
commissions. "It
local human is or difficulties that seem to be promised. The Lea whotike sure or that of the other 'per Ben J... 20t. tkreFa awe 'IIPe41Uo". efficient *.aer II..his Mite
significant that communities lacking this beyond your grasp Some of keen Interest In their living .en *, 15thOwtebt omaUeipart who has had all the opportunities that
kind of help--this effort by local cltiS should their
quarters give 1-S3.1I.2O-n-u&
who have beenml..edby
you may that yea society can &f$>>T4.
rens--ineviUbly experience the most troub- Cupid's dan up to this artistic and creative talents may aow feel reaatwred la
1 e." moment may discover that It all the space and encouragement SAGITTARIUS connection wbh bossing and General agreement among thinking Negroesis
-- The settlement of a dispute ia often la no longer possible to place beit. to And show make up It at their financial security, you are aotooe that the banks and the Power Structurewill
only a beginning. The 'rea 1 work" conies" .The.yourselves out of of Its reach. to limit the costs. a point. Bern ..... 23r4> that t* rest eo year ears. A change their attltudoonly ".-

in ferettlng out its root causes. That the development axeaadonofJourplw yourldaasand 0... 21.. wheat Pare. could vista I* opening be grots In Ouval are able to sit up a bankor
lIPr. already
in the the maintenance banks of their I own. Moreover If view
cracking centuries of segregation seem to hinge on seedling. ways and means teen- ,
South of (the loosening ofpuv.'rty'a imprisoning of line personal and M the more and more mamr joy what U has t*slier' from of the fact that there Is a wealth of
grasp in a northern ghetto, in public' relations. Get set for s Satlnarlans among you closer rang*. Ahteiga yea evidence that Negroes are systematicallyand

Many situations (that have been 'concili round of during Increasing the month productivity of Br A.f.test.. 23r4 tiara know only and etuUenpt too well, the la ordeals life ar* being levered hi many almost complete>> !) denied financial.

tecf ) still remains." October. 221 Ire beneficial to that they ways, you n.et anything guard againstVMortaklm that sistance. It should not be very difficult

Mr. Collins declared that a solution of i-44-n- o-M-m lour human betaji to star conk be above year strength to the necessary federal permits to establish -
Sine It ls a mats rial world.It .
the'basic problems" that underlie "tem I* natural for most partons hardships that ar* part oldie .r aUkly t* achieve th* Utgro' banking Institutions.
porary racial upheavals" would be expedited GEMINI I to wish to obtain what they straggle .for The fame tendency weabh erexistence. to wanead ........ Dart to

by Baking communities aware of "the BmMy2UttkrJ consider" their hist share But take gambling risks that *c- always nt knpeadraatseenethang 'The Majority of a U ten., Negro .. walte > .Mt,
that IN
tea cau**
great number of federal programs availableto .... 2h. high If this Ideals means, abandoning there ls s your peetblUty cat tonally takes hold .f yaks bast-laid plans t* g* ...,. eons to sae aorttlai Ilk* the Watt. Iou bash
then."These include, he said, serviceson that you will not find specially treacherous k to particularly risky Mfamhto riot occur la Jadwllvtlle<< tat soup" agree that
a completely non-dlscrlalnatory basis The ergs gamble with any profit or aapplneta I* doing should be ptenctydimtaesd.. aoy swbttancUl war Master all th* caacerou 1ar.a.ta *f alac rials atloat.
through many programs: poverty urban renewal -, your cash or happineaa U the sow There la s strong Mad. ttapointtnWpei* f, mwharyoreceivetoa e lolt.tloa, aad f net ratio* Ate w.re the wder
inland fa die face d
low income housing, manpower retraining one that h goes couU contrary lead to to loss the chare that you will receive family any threats, complication *r 4r2110M191*. lilac factor .* th* teat Coast Sri her S,
grain am* sound, constructive ed-
and technical assistance programs.The and disappointment for which the meddBnV *f In aUt tau IDtfivUuals ". IOUU I..
via from your other half or
effort to secure full opportunity and you would have to accept the others ojualuled wdlapens lu Caly the frlete f ISCISCor .
equality for all is not just the Negroes'fight Kill bl.... Th GmuUana It certainly would be to your whose loyafttasaavewhfcatooe'the
nor that of any one minority group, who are creative should d la- advantage. to Uttt to tt. Follow test of time and tribulation .... ,.... 'M.?eMeee itistefttothe. City and County official
their talents ... wbcuU be fc&y trusted and the Po.*r Structure that
Collins said. "There Is Imperative play outstanding U to the r. Allow 2M runs te tows
Mr. an both a home and where they your thoughts and spirits to with secrets ef an Inimawaaaire to hasten to correct the existing' evil 'In
need for the civil rights leadership to Those who haw rep-- _. ..
ply their occupations. This ream la uncharted fields and you haw t* order to Maintain
be as broadly based as possible." should contribute greatly t* see whether they can come op ata los for gostlp weld take separate Illssl.a' tree peace, harmony and protPtrlty. -
The Negro American has opened "a new the Inner satisfaction "'etfol- with something wlUeaabla quick advaaagej. *fyoarc.- reattry. *ewtnae*.abeflrcaaac .
lows sincere endeavors we- dispel fldeaces I*bruit he around ebtaaaktj te cettabf -
added and has "rouseda you to aoy confustoa
Mr. ,
path, eel and surpass the achievements that has hampered you. lor die .ewnatru.at.ld em* arkM ef die **rs.as wfceCM Ti h CHtiiMd[ Nut VeilDon't
Federal voice
prospering people and ita of ethers around you 3.9116.50.71LIBRA. M selves and their fellow mart *eatrV ti avar M year
from slumbering apathy. But the struggle non U time for work and weHulbackers weO-betng sad Ucfiaas* *aa
aba fcaa
belongs to the whole nation, which should tons for play. no..,* Arena .at a private circle*"" e/ yea slat irk*. Tea stay
rally its support and commit itself to achieving should be a.rcc>an In order female aostalntantes Is U*** tow rvalls that what avenypertaas be a.

civil rights goals quickly and which t* conserve la far precious toe:easily starry dissipated. Sew *>.l. 2W that ly t* baaeftl ta a onr'hataaeepeeted. tofsaeac to caD sot satceaa acsarflyjiailanrn e* ..

completely." Promote good relaCAMCER Oct. 21Th preflt.hlemwrr el eaatraHa caaeeTta .
fc as r. M
ttoa ...... SBawaat to lastsppes.cfo
they I* take orpo- develop. th **cial graces.Lear second
s ed.1J.tO-4I.711 g vhr you **a rate citizenRelister
MfnW tits ha your stride and t* t* apply td.w ktcjsaftars mares'
siyiarftaf year
tha before they year
rams fceeh nrencer r .. w dish tthr.
U the. one W I* bring career prwpecu.s11.11.40s2 r tdhr ..... rrhadt
bolster by coMtnartivepltaettry ern
you c. lip tlalm Mgrewrneot5
Bee .lea e 22J tW. caang rattana.Many CAP IICOIM .It tine dress m
rnL ..., 22114 Ubran who ar* (havIngbinhdaya swab tr.+rhua .SlralsX10inMM To Vote
during *as perto B.eaDe..22.4tlHJ1M de" .,-,.'
There be a Ire bdte.alayt'sp.n.slk
may greattanptatlo "" I
In CM till Im iewfci Out art tartM at times tot.. 0 nat may be

J I I 1 1i

i !HDtI> SEFJUWI 21. 1965 mi 'UEIS '1St J

Socially Speaking:I Popular Sub-Deb feted With f'Sweet Sixteen" Birthday Party

;Jl'.TiiiwJackaonvllU \ trifird

clttiene ." look forward to a very
Infonetlv address from ftaby Ruh,. South eta tlUfloneJj -

Director of toe National., Aatodetlon tor -- : r4 I
the Advancement of Colored -
,t plc. on Sunday.Septenbor .
2f. at '4:00
P... riD 8.oond.Baptist : I

Church 954 line Road.Mra.tarleya .
at.tDt. I
willbe backed by 19 ; !

rears of iprleoco la :
effort iared toward Y I
itlnlii full >dtlaahlpforAftorleaa :
xosroo. I,
Thli wrt'haa: been ear .
riedon la Florid*. Ala- f I

bear Georgia Mlail* :
alppij. !Sorto Carolina. .4,. to speak her !
!'autlCaroUu., and Taaneaaee.Mra.

Hurls will b. the principal IO.M.r at a

....'...t1.i of the jackaonvlll Branch NAACF.Aluv.nl ,I

..... I .:... C .... II ..... 1-s I

.+I ,
of south Carolina state COJJt"UJbt I

happy 'to ham that the Oanat and Uat Marching
101 '''-'lfha8 accepted an Invitation to portona during It::

,hJ ftS.. actlvltlee of tha football gee between
the laahington Rediklna and tilt St. Lonla

Cardinal on Sunday. October 10. Tha tans will be
tsl niisd.

Marcua Rowland la director of the Oaraat and Blat
Sant'' .
; HAPPY BIRTHDAY waa the theme last Saturday after the occulon were: John I.L Roott jr. CaaaandraAuatln. Qrecory Pearaon, Olorla Fowlar Kenneth Preehta,
'The footh Carolina State Football" tea la echedulef : Kenneth Cash Qvena Cniapton Joyce and Richie Qlynn Rro Rrwda : HllHm
parts Rvtljn
noon riten Miss Mildred Lou I.. pearooo. the dauh> n, ,
to newt theFAMJ Rattlar Satarday. 5 rt ibar tar of Mr. and Mra. Lloyd N. Pearaoa Jr.. ... the Juliet Olson Michael white, Janice Dlsoa, Larrycell. Janice Cobb, Hereon Olson Arwyn Orant, Roll and
f 25. in-Tallthaaaee. Antoinette Osdlis.. Alfonao lest, Ronnie .lllleae Janice
recipient of her aliteenth birthday party at the patrlcta fount, parts, Olivia
B ..... S ..... a .....
realdence, 2141 toby Street. The hone wta f .lively Bell. Deb Hill. Call Canty Oerald Cruse Robert Holes Olorla ntlO-n. Qeorce Dennta M ble RUck' ,
Hoard b. ar,". jr., for+erly of Kdward titers decorated for the event and the honoree vie Wllaoa, Claude. Mcnalr, Lawrence Aleiinder.Nathaa) Nit a JOI"" 14arll\lII\ Jones, ''''d. Smpann, Michael
Colli") la now a specie representative for the Oadaon, tally Oaorce. Marceret Taylor AdralnBall.
ahowered with nuaeroua lovely sifts flours and Stewart willlM Johnson and Jtmte vvana. Mlaa
.Uteef:Florida for aajor brawlai corporation ........ of felicitation. Mine Poareon la a Junior Chlqulta Ouytoa Antonla Grant, Michael pease la alsosioar.. In photo iicht) tanked} by
with headquarter In T&J J ahu..*. at 11111. Idea Rich IcbooJ'b.rt' aba la a *.. lI'OWII. jacata weaver, Leon Nland Crrol Schall bar parente. Chaparonea were MlldredsltfeotherMrs. .
Mr.: Qreci ... In the jackaoBvlllo aria during ber of the marchlnc: and concert .....d. She la also Ronald Bel ton. ,.t'l&fIOO. Oscar Hill... joann ttora Anderson, Mlaa Barbara 'oblnann and her
the put ...k. accewpanled by Vtalay Dobbs of At*
a nenber of woodlawn' Cnlted Preabyteiiao! Church. Caoady, Fred tint, Keith Cut, Janet Greens, P"Bti'
I ant Mr. Dobbs a ataaoned repreaentatlve for (Royal Art Rtu-tlo Fotoa)
Charles Whltt Janice Belt Linda Waahlncton
Aaonc those preaent to kelp bias Pearaoa celebrate ,
tilt aaae fin. la giving Mr. Gregg the benefit of
his r* Of aalen-anehlp overtenca. ---- = .
aacy ye
..... S ..a. S ..... 8 ..... IHicAiilvirtary tunes
Rutledge H. Ptaraoa, a defeatsd.orter for the Capital City Nuptials ;
0: 0: if"1'10 : I
Right of tIt.I'"ro. his been appolatad to the [ delivery
I... aID "
Florida Advisory Coaalaalon of the C.S. Civil n. Brook Dewltt > : 0 <:>
Rlghta Coanaalon.UdueUoa will be tae principal 0:> @: 0> o> i
carcvoalaa for at* aenbera of the croup ) speaker Sunday -

were hald'laat Friday evening in tka Robert Mayar whan the Lilac Ladles Mr. and Ire. Albert 117 HMar Road t.ctrl 43, boy.Mr. .
Hotel, at which ties Mr. poareoa waa appointed Soda! Club>> calebrataa 'Perry, 9144 Placeda At. Mr. and Mra. Bobby John and Mra. S.K. ".*

temporary vice ehalraan.IH. Itallth annlveraary tro.t Til boy, eon, 041 ff. 4th It. den, 114S *. 24th "t. .
: -Burncy, II, local Inauraaca esocutlve. la aaster until) | ,. .. In It. t- Mr. and Mra. tulle Da ..trl.Ir. girl,
of the OMnladoa and ass baan tor the putt Matthew Baptlat Church, '''''H' via 1247 >. 14th It. and Mr*. Fred John Mr. cad' Mra. Incites

.e.Q.ar.; Appointment to the bid? are aede fro 31th It. sod Moatrlaf bo,. eon. 2H Lobelia Road 4arttBlH7 to 24th At. .
naiilngton. AC.Yri'Psaraos U. i Mr.and Nra, welter odol, 01 tl.Mh. girl,

la achadulad: to participate In a to* Notice 1134lyaa Aveaae, boy. and Mra. Charlie Mr. ..dlllr.. John Hah' *
Inute pual dtuuestes'la' Jacaaoavlll *' a racial Mr. and Nra. John Maaon, Hall, 1714 K. tout /t. *r, 2101 -&l.n St. ,
.!%..%!.. a* b. irod ...r Ra41e itatlon WtQ on AH Prekoldera of Route S. 101 141N11 110,. girl,
Sunday, October f,",M U m. ..*, Pirsrllaaeach. arertd I Hard l Fla., toy. Mr. and Mr*. S-auel Mr.and Mra. Jake Rra-n,
ttHlM Qrenawood, Ml tor of ipf* "..a. till .Court to resister at the ( .... and Mra. Jaiea Oee, Forehand, Rout T. yes 1425 Brail Avenue, girl
Moaaa to beeone
aanre aa andarator of the panel lacracatloalattarre -
qualified to vote in the
*.Folk a nil be the other participant oa the
October Ith election.
panel.yre. .
..... 5 ..... 5 ..... ..... Top Prize WlBBir

Ma,.ta U a&thr.t 1017 Icd.. Street fol- .. ._
-- 4 --f 1' "- -
loud the class of a bo'y adtool ".lOa. enjoyed ,w4.
t!e cool fclllo,y breaiaa of the Caribbean.... tilt
occaalon *' rtlailaf sales on the .U..... .
4rt.It. Ctllinc .t Fort.M>Frln.e, Haiti Ocha
lea and Klaitton. JaaUea proved to be Lever ;

to.t*'forcotteB eiverlente. /AMO OCGPU QOI on to* *.Dr. Md Mra. Lang ateftley
In eld-4.cuit. Mra. Idler visited the tuatre
were malted In Roly Matrtaony la the Tile
City (!let Tort) sets aha ... the hoaaa meat of Ity rreobyterlM her In Tallahaaae reeeatly.
her hr -Io.. tried Mra. bib] -. Joaea (foner* ,
Mrs Baokley la the forcer Sendr* tlllleia ef Mobil '....
) Of Jacftaoavllle In bar Co area t .,... apart*
*. Ala., and the Letter ef Mr*. Jvanlta tH*
.let. Hi* *f Oat lit:. Ore /te a* laetnttor *f sees
An Itinerary had been prevtoaaly prepared fir nd dran nt flartla AM Calverelty. Dr. Race leyI
Mra, Hitler i .""as..t tI'M' ua ties of arrival a native af Odea, aad Id eiplayed at Fltrtdamt

antll the day of departure. ! fci llckta er1 a variety ef Br aday Theatre MRS. Stint T. CMMCRS,
,h/.. wIIScII Incltded. the Oraea, Coee.. .. the Acent far 7k* PllcrlneeltknadUfe ) SIN' I..tlll Skrhia CircusAueuaces
m'aieai. _..ta.r with tie attest attrMtlaa at S>.,... Offlaef and sates *fih
Rafle sty tnelt Rail aadahlUly ac lali.d Fre. Cooley, jartaonvtll: ) Trthlcit ..*.. / i iI
spas at the Banaat Tbeatra Dlatrlat, lathe top tide* leemeUcai ||
'dther parti.. wre cl'. In honor ef Mra. Ktlarhy prise wlMer ea tky M. will) aeet kids fro* 4 LeKil fetes
MraJ Dorothy D. Powell Mra. Katy e. Ford and DlO. Vitravaiaata pre. mail I | .... *t the Mreetloa d
eta ,laelaa Gathers Mra. Mae Ruse Luster aadiaa .ran ooverlac the ...n Canter 21th anlCiMe Maald Mertoa'a .IrlaeClrtw
Qadf L Illaa CMrtealea eere ettaaeed by .f Jane tale year.Mra. Its. Mr*. Calll *; with a new Haep I

Ire lath I. ...... aad n atoe-lac ..,..stl.. Slnseaa not easy Josses, .,.1..,. MMwnied. coatalalnc aany top., 4
through the Faahton Ceiteraef Ue city .%.a bn5thalas. topped' the l1.rt. true Saropean' ttara, will
A aide trip to Neptaae aad AlMrJ pert but tlrwaatMwt" the .ye- 4 full aenberehlp atteadeaie > Play I* lI.hoar"

.ee Jereey waa arraaced with ,...re. Iou Alien Im ef PllirU In Flerlex a. elicited CbltM, oet 121.
and Jaa. .0,... eo. .elna at the honoree aa .beeta.Mra. ..rlS I. AlalM ed he .*....... Playlac a third .....1)

Jfaea au koateaa ea 'eo ap"lal ,ecaalaaa own Carol... Sltir| ktllllll eaceceneat isle tke
far bit hoeae piMUOie a .seer party at the fwa* .....r I. f.be ..... Tbisell U/ M soda>> ....r.l. ef jecfceon.vlll4 .
MafatrldavafVhy'a CaeAelliht Rwataare-t a. rce e* beaelf ., the ....... Oabill held MorMOo T aple, 4A

la1l1M 'nail .. .'.'Old c..alnt.ce lr" at Cotrany *..r*>4 54, top u leper teat aeetlacSatord the.. tstersatt.asly
haae o* ......,. smut II prlB fla* vii the preedretlrleit "y alckt at 1.10.: beer Meeld somas preaeatatlM -
,l. late M,*et ... Mra. p tler heare>d Ue S.*. ef e I1S.OO p... I* the bone .t It, *ffer* M* ef
oar, e 'crack Itreeallaer "1be Silver Meteor** Sadie bat **d Mra. L*'te Srw, the Met varied pr trwne

,c (..e aha waa duet treathleee tr.. a .a- IIU Ardlala "R""d, 1* else 'I...".
Wide H.td. Ir. pre*
\s-o. roe.t ef Mar f the else. I.
.... et4 the .rdvtrferkl
$ea 'jee" CenterSMALL .
l ablllt to a.e. .
Tat '"t vas A OB 7* tar T. let tk flaeet. ante eater
.., .. It" II ; *

.,..,. ... ,. '!: Air. .. ,. ': r 4 ... roof. Te INS eaeelcld

.1 LOW PRICES aJ4ja.ale**.. Yy. pt k"'e'a'i'v3 r1 c. :;J Cxo ::its Gros to" II /sow sow,te. a bcoet u row MMhe

:.' -Lr=.i t, J Co'. irae gnu I.IINOrt 4oce\ :',;rs 4 More "porn sow.. evd n.ry tout.'of
d.ah 0 U....N Me .... cycle sets *f ell
', ,'lUG STOlE HEEBS7ra4t r.-29c, ....r1I u....
a CtCAJClU u. 3tc t'.ZM 1M. ere M*.4-
14 Frlder. 04C I *t
HU less .elca.ar.e.d Br Store ----r ...w. --. I 111: **4 "'t.,**/, 01.

it.tax, Men m Nil, ""v is i I
Dllvel. Is alee fill ail pesters preettitle.ey ___Ie .. ..., v_. ... "-" '--' ... ..... 0 I.,. pleaaed Selarniy et a. th

Ire ...... h i- :' I:M **4 taUey, | rAw CtiCoke
Qixe : I < J rt. M IN._ I IrLeui .
PharmacyS AW .. ft* ,
Tleled..i/bepi'.. .*..<
', .14. if.u. .t n. OkliMM, I.. .
WpM sates
) uH
nfJ t[_ ntMl II IfTtllmi Beta CAndle : .. ,+.. .14. fts .r .l u culiewM r0we.
tHOUtO TtOUT .. .. ,w lee
RN(1 I.Ut7-I. C MUI. t feat MUUfTMID. ..... .u.u.. b* .ffle* .Mt. .rv .e.h per*
Ifll MuutriAA6f ....
.. U. Me.it. t. *. Advil icier ... .
--r n..w .e .4i ---. e. JIOSIN'LU' 07f CXI.A fT1LIM 07.
MUUXT irruuc '.. .. l.e e r. U. If. n.N MdII
Wr .:om.. Jill IM ratmic .ISM ,_ .. U. ..** .M ...*.. tAtanle*.
MUM < .u. IH 'QJJfIr.
tits IT in slat uo CUI L1 1 d" LSL f iJj ulna $3... I
nt frfeiMUo |. .....


.. -- -I

1111 {

m. .

II "n St. Gabriel's Episcopal Church To Hold Its First Confirmation Rites Sunday -

Bishop Hamilton West To Conduct

I Historic Rites Here SundayServices l r1tburtb : tbJ1ST.

of historic scheduled for early remodeling

bearing will be celebrated Into a church.
at St. Gabriel's Episcopal :- Under Father Karris'
Services Sunday in St. Luke Baptist Church co.

church Sunday ence with the Sunday school at 9:30 .... with

when Bishop Hamilton Percy clairette presiding. Morning worship at u

West P. D. Bishop of t : A ax o'clock and evening service st e o'clock. Rev ...
Florida, conducts first
will preach and Choir 1 and
Confirmation rites st 0 .( J. Trowel. pastor,
Usher Board l will serve. District 5 will sponsors
9:00: a.m.In the church'snew .
musical tel from 4 to 6 P.. in the church auditorium.
and permanent location. -
5225 Monciief Road
First Corinth Baptist Church services Sunday begin -

with the Sunday School at 9:30 .... with the

superintendent in charge. Morning service at 11:16:

o'clock with the youth in charge. Usher Board 2

and the youth choir will serve. The senior mission

will meet at 4 P.". and evening service st en

FATHER HARRISsupervision o'clock
servicesare app Friendship Primitive Baptist Church services begin -

held every Sunday Sunday with Sunday School at 10 ""., with Sue
beginning at 9:00: a.m.
perlntendent M. McNalr in charge. Morning service
a with members and guests
at 11: 30 o'clock with Deacon T. Mcpherson" in charge
being authorized to attend -
I I of the devotion. Rev. H. Robinson pastor, will
In conservative, ( __
deliver the sermon for the service and st S p.m.
dress. y
: 7. Tuesday night, prayer meeting.NEW .
\. HUI1Ut': WtN'fRev. : Friends and the general 3
: (Fr. ) T. Vincent public are cordially Invited ZION' BAPTIST"
First New Zion Baptist Church services Sunday begin
Harris, rector, announced to attend Sunday's
this weBi.P'ollowine service with the Sunday School at 9:30: .... Morning

purchase of service at 11 o'clock with Deacons C. Smith and

the exp an ai ve7' acres New Hope K.U Brown in charge of the devotion. The Gateway

-.Plot of land by the First Hand Instruction From An Expert Missionary Baptist Association will continue
will be served at t'p.m.
Diocese of Florida this AME Church through Sunday. Lunch I
SUITABLY YARDED--'It'UJhlll Raines High DCTers of and the laymen will have charge at 2 p.m.. The women '
year, St. Gabriels' moved were New York City and Palm Beach As s reward the
Into Its presentlyused Services Sunday In New carefully carried through progressive steps of preparing students were then given permission to sit down will conduct the service st 3 1''... 11.111011'tIr

(also) temporary Hope AME!: Church will be- food by world famed epicurean Kvander: Scott and enjoy the finished product. Rev. ...L. Jackson.MT. .

building which has been gin with the Sunday -- PLEASANT CME"'
School at 9:30: s.m.wlth Services Sunday in Mt. Pleasant CME: Church begin

First Session Superintendent J.R. Hen Central Walters Memorial AME Observes with the Sunday School at 10 ,.. Mrs Addle

derson in charge. The [ Deaths] Jackson in charge. Morning service at 11 o'clock.
Sarah Datklns Court 69, lesson will be reviewed Baptist ChurchSunday Annual Dual Day Sunday Rev. '.11. Jordan pastor will deliver the seven

H. of J. will conduct by Mrs. Ruth Seawrlght. School will com", At 3 P.... Rev. P.M.. Col en an, pastor st Chester,
Its first meeting since Dual Day observance is scheduled Sunday In Walters will preach for the
Morning service at 11 nance at 9:15: a.m. with William fellowship service."r1N.5T .
Frazier 3073
the IUlllmer vacation Tuesday o'clock Following the Deacon L. Thompson superintendent Manorial AME lion Church beginning with the NR'sonFirst :: -*

at 4'30: p.n. servldi Rev. J. W. Jones in charge. Sunday School at 9:30: e... Mrs Bessie H. Love, 8ruqu.Orie. New zion Baptist Church services Suadsy
Mrs. Ulan Dow, 6954
Matron Hattie Jackson and members of Allen Morning worship will guest superintendent others appearing are: Mrs. begin with the Sunday School st 9:30: .... with
Evergreen A,8'lu"Mrs.
has asked all members Chapel will conduct an begin at 10:50: .... with Rosa Young, Mrs Virginia Williams J Mrs. Ella M. Reulah Superintendent Joseph a whit in charge. The
to attend. Plans for the after .e"i the Warren Mrs Bernadette Brlnson, Mrs Vivian Line Summers topic. "Growing in Christian Love"
ee.ACIi Deacons leading the will be
Year's will : Leagueat and Mrs Mary Etta Brown" ...................... 1464 Groth. Street. reviewed
projects be 5 p.n. and evening devotions Rev. CharlieJ. by the superintendent. Morning service at

discussed service at 6:30: 0' eJ o ell. scrlven Director of The participants at 11 B. Reed Mrs 5rnestine: Florida Hairy Dixon, Apopka 11 o'clock. At 5 P..., BTU with Miss Ore Li

Christian Educationwill .. .... are; Mrs. -Jh: Williams, Mrs. janleWllklns in chsrgs. Evening service st 1 o clock. Rev. Clarence
Mrs Irene Brice, 813
be In charge of this Rogers, Bnanuel Baptist Mrs. Beatrice Kings Road Askew will deliver the .....,.. Choir 2 and

service. Senior Choir 2 Choir, Mrs Sara Bryant, Carter Mrs Doris far Usher Board 2 will serve."MT. .

i ThePerfect and the junior Choir will Mrs Lucille Jones, Mrs ter, Mrs. puss! paige West Lee Beaver Ernest Street.Mr Allen., 742 ZION BAPTIST"

I Link sing with Mr.. aw. Tucker Mary Jennings, Mrs. Lou Gray, Mrs Psrdean Taylor *. !Narcissus' Allen, Joint Sunday School will be held in Wayvna Chapel

at the console. Sen* yenta fiquire.Mrs. Annie Mrs. Marion Coward 717 Jefferson Street. AME Church with Mr. lion Baptist South-Id Sunday

I Between You, for Usher Board 2 will Mrs Queen!Hooker Jtalth, Mrs. ,. Miss Lula Carrie Fnelling at 9:30 .... with Mrs. Lydia Blair la charge.
Mrs. Mattie
I serve. 2041 R. Myrtle Ave. Morning service at 21 o'clock and BTO st S.:J'

Your Physician' The Union District will Allen Chapel P2etcbcrMrs Rhlr- Joseph ... .1 di,Hut in,.. P.m.. Deacon A. Jackson in dJ.r,,. CvenUg: a*****

And DentistMervon's ) observe Its anniversaryat icy Harris, Miss Amy sell Everett, 404 1'. at 7 o'clock. Rev. C.C. Browa will deliver tk*
) and
More Mrs. Bettye
I 5:15: p.s. at the church. AME ChurchTrustees Lincoln Court. aenson.
White and Hrs. Har.lPhillips.
i An inspiring program has CHURCH OP ODD"
PharmacyYour Mrs. Shsfter
rites will b.ob.ntd The Church of tbd in
been planned Christ 4 will) observe Trawtee
F din Beach.
The folk will have rn an a
hen in I worship will Sunday, Rev. J. young Mrs.MozelleNtlaon.2231Placeda Day throughout the day Sunday. with Cider *..p.Fauat. .

Prescription Pharmacy begin at 7:00: p.m. with w. jones, pastor announced. charge at 3.30: p... Street pastor in chare Ta* services CO.,let

Rev. Scrlven in chargeof Allen Chapelis Appearing at 1 P.". 8ms Re ) with the Sunday School at 10 ..... Mrs R.M.. dill
29 }If l Edllwood Are the service. Visitorsare located at 1531 Swan will be: A.P. Rogers Road.Moore 3729 'toe P real ding. Morning service at 12 o'cloes.

-. ,always welcome at St.The Curtis Pariah Charlie Miss Olivia walker Choir 3 and Usher Board 1 will save and the pastor
PO-5085 Also PO-5-15J2 Central. pastor Is request Weaver, E flurley, Chart will deliver the sermons for the msjor ser
1254 W. 27th St.
Phillips, Raymond
activities Ing the attendance of vices
Weekly are: i. .
Dp\ Tuesday,700: p .. ,Bible all of the church's departmental Wade, Nathaniel Davis, Jmies Williams, 1311 -
t.\t\ I. bodies. John Kim, Karl Backsan. w. iota Street. St. Stephen Gospel Groups
D .. ftudy; prayer meeting. Willie !Begins. 413 Jf
.It\u .
H Erie Baker, J.... Blv1ns -
'jiltDdllrerYw ; .. Twin morning services
\ rlr 8:00 Po a.; will also be observed Fddle Brown and AME Clinch
p.m. Senior Choir r. Mrs Tbtlma Mae. (Coger
Sunday .morning foll9ln putor. Mrs. Is"s Bives.. Ova-
Friday 8:00:
ell Kentucky Lane.Miss
the It .... services. B.nic.aDeiay U 8U con tad Mrs. Jmses >rd
p. Senior Choir l re-
I ExcelsiorsPlan Sentoria stand!ey,
II bpllrl"l'1." After the offering is 8t.?hm AME Casrch will Ootptl Echo* lad Blveas
4830 Miasissippl Court.
lifted by the Trustees, best with th* Sunday "pechhUI be lives
i Recital Darrell a, It u dIe,. School st .. ..
the congregation';: 9:30 ma app reel st lorn program
I 4430 Mississippi Cbtrt.
1 lOtt110NS i0srarE motorcade to New Hope The CictUlor Gospel with Superintendent CCMadry OeC 3 la Mt. Ararat Baptist -
Rodney IltaD4J 4830
: AMY Church nth and Davis Singers will observe e1. presiding Moralsgsrvieat Char en anaet.Oatstaatflmg .

i rot to join In the ser their 3rd anniversary Mississippi Court. 11 o clock. talent lathe
1924 W BEAVER All of Allen Mrs.Mla.t LoulseStsnd- Ta* Milo Chora and Usher will
,, --- vice. s Sunday In Triumph Holl- participate
I 3101 EMERSON ) Choruses and Ushers will ness Church, 3rd sod ley.4130 Mississippi* Board 1 of Mt. SlaalRaptlst Mrs. Blveas serves u
n> rt.
II serve. Frwklln "Stieets.' Church will rt- manager of the grasps;
830 CASSAT AYE At 3 P.M., ttetardeas The participants la- Solomon Cassiws D mp* deraa after*servie. pro Oeseom Byrd bmslmess
..,. 1340 a.,,) u4 St. .
I Board 2 will celebrate elude: Andrew McCslI, Th* town's Day ...acer for tie Gospel

.. it* Slit anniversary in Ncdoud Ringers, Voices Mrs Anal Mae Tamer, 0-1 nee will .*.t 1'\1.' Echoes sad Mrs. "yrd

; Allen's auditorium and of ralth. Mary Oooctoaa. 134 w. nth St. day st 7 ,... serves sa s* "GOLD MEDAL" Art bur ford. Ut" w.
a highly entertaining Traveling Star, Buck-

SALAD program Is pruetised.KD man S1Dur...'1'7 Mealy, Beaver St. -
John Deltaoa. 1013 I.
< >.R OP ECRV1C: Oovel lebo... Soul .Revivals .

3 gtse 1 .: U a .. ,Run Jay School Netvealy fire Church Narttneld St.Pooo Calls-

DRESSING 11:00 .,.. .mornlm ser Singers, Mt. Ararat MaleChorus. ban.rd.trd.

LIMIT vie, Celestials. Her
Calloway, 773
12:05: P. motorcade rell Ringers Latimore
SparlM St.
to New tt>P.. Singers. Chare of God
HY-GRADE Rise Leslie Master, q u f
3:00: p.m. Rtetardets Gospel Choras.CleftoMS
1049 W. .th St.
Anniversary. Alice Boston and theBoatoaettes
SMOKIDOK 39c .:30 P.... Cloeiag ser 'sale Mae Mrs. Mat tie pi etcher
rortett. 7M Cbmrt *.
j vice. Trustee report Thomas anj other
HUH Mrs Tells Wit 1)41w.

.tn St.Board.

FLA. GRADE "A" & BUDGET InstantPhotos SetsAuiversery

i I FRYERS 25 C PregnnOamer .

Beard I of St.

Matthew Baptist Cfcsrch rTi '
i 50C
will observe It. 37th ;

tamlveraary mom cia, at

STEAK SALE 8 ..... at the church. :

Each The asrtlcisaats la*

el*4*: The Praxler Sister T.. latest MtiM Hair Styles

*. Mrs. jMsle Mae

T-BONE Polls, Ms tartars Jen Art Taught At The
Art. Studio
Royal telth", ttraetts, Homo
SIRLOIN Johamom. Carl Macs. In.

69CROUND R. 1,._. Mrs. Pualeeer. Jocksoiivilltlorbtr:

trrlMB sad others. .

..n...a .total.. ,r**_
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'" ,


__ SEPTEMBER 21. 1965 111. lIP US Pins 5 I

r- Team Work Is Ke To Success Procter Glvei CkkifOMS Form Positive Hwnlile r 011 AuOjiiTo '

Poverty Pest Civil Rrffets Ames i Group EmjileyeeGets Sig.'

NEW TOR* (NPQ Dr. CHCAGONPQ: Fertnatloo anew"paidveacdod' Penis lawflf,
Samuel D. Proctor the hIIh-
official of clvQ tight group Inspired by President Lyndon B.Johnson's .
eat ranking Negro commencement address last June 4 at Howard
the National Council ofCtitrehes University, was announced last week. N.J. .. flri PARIS (NP$ Marian
I last week was om Richard F. Neblett. Esso Research Anderson, world-famed 'Amerlcan -
of four person appointed by The Chicago Conference to adequate and responsible and Engineering Company contralto, has been
4 0I ; President Johnson to top>> re Fulfill These Rights.Inc.,was housing for low and middle scientist has been elect delayed In retiring until she'
unveiled the co-ch a1rmen- Income and to disseminate
adminljUKloa lame
ed of the PlalnfleU
posts president has sung a program of American
Church of God ta Christ Bishop information concerning '
and New Board of Edit-
governments ( Jersey) Negro .spirituals Sainte
Louis H. Ford and former the new housing legislation
cation. Since January Dr.
poverty program.The Chapelle the renowned Gothic
4i NCCs associate gen Olympic track star Aid RalphH. and the availability of Neblett: has beerLasslstant director church on Sept. ... The ,gala
.e1.re..IOIIMra. subsidies.
seal secretary and former as* W.Syl rent of products research occasion is being sponsored
vester White .ee-lellry.clur- Encourage. small business
sedate director of the Peace for his company principal French Premier Georges
Corps win direct the North tag a press conference in the to make use of government scientific affiliate of Humble Pompidou for the benefit of
eastern regional office New Sherman House hoieLMrs. programs such as fed. OU It Refining Companyand the first World Festival of
White It'the wife of oral loans and
York of the Office of Economic management Eao-afTplatedeanpanies' Negro Arts which will be held
Opportunity which coordinates a prominent Circuit Court training courses worldwide.He .
In Dakar Senegal nutprlL
problems of
-Attack the
the campaign. Joined Ease Research la The arrangement for Miss
Other appointees were Bishop Ford and Metcalfe. drop outs by pfO\'ldqlncour- 19(2. after earning bachlo,'. Anderson's appearance was
speaking for the organizing for our peopleto I
Frank K. Sloan, University agement young made through Mrs Virginia
of South Carolina law committee said the conference stay In school In order to A-
inneas-Brown, chairman
Is dedicated' for life In
school and former deputy assistant to peelII. prepare a highly merlcan participation corn-
.. and meaningful action to skilled society.
of Defense
secretary mines for the Dakar Festival
achieve the fall pank allOllorepre.sencltloa Improve our neighborhoods
Southeast regional office. Atlanta Miss Anderson U honorary
and Integration through the fostering of
; Darnel ).I. Luevsno. chairman of that committee.Miss .
of all our citizens In every community pride and the establishment
Pacific West San Franclscoi Anderson ts said to
phase of life In of adequate recreational
ONE OF THE MANY TEAMS OF EMPLOYEES WHO WOK( AT CHIVSUI COIPOIA. and WUUam H. Cook. pre toMcordtrw facilities.Encourage be "._dmS" at the possibility

TONS NEW BUVIDERE ASSEMBLY PLANT ere Dave Mer** el KocUord {lets end sident. San Marcos (Texas) Chicago. to Bishop Ford -. cur citizens,, singing In the 13th century
Bill tymeiv el Mer.,..., III.Th. two men ore welding. wheel) hovtingt In .* .*._Wy Academy. Southwest regional the conference Is composed young and 01J.w-take full vaulted church. She envisions
fixture, one el Ike tovtend el eperatien' neceeiary 'in tho Stredwctien el otviebilee.. office Austin." Texas.directorships s cross-section of content advantage.; of available educational It as a wonderM"' setting for

.Th. new pt..... lecoted en 244 oc,. tit. in ..,.Id.,.. 111. odjecenl le tee Nerthwett are Anti-poverty still vacant la the middle ad cltlsens from many walks opportunities.Including spiritual and singing, with Its red

Illinois Tellwey, we officially dedicated September II by Chrysler. eHicdi heoded Atlantic region In Washington of life. literacy. classes, on-the- blueitalnedglasswlndowsIlluminated '
by Chrysler. Pre.!dert lynn A. Tewntend end state and local office. Heeded by Illinois the Creak Lakes region He said the organization JoE training, manpower retraining brute for s night per
Governor ON Krn,,,. in and the Central has vowed to "work for quality and the war on poverty.
According to plans, an audience
education and the complete .
West region In Kansas City of 700 would In
Integration of our schools Encourage all citizens to
the church for 30-mlate
Urge Congress Presbyterians system and In the areas ofwelfare register and yoc- s
Miss Anderson.
Education Round UpRUBY and employment Bishop Ford and Aid Metealfe The program church by has never been
life." pointed out that "the
To Support Name Pinkney Metcalfe pointed cut\ that the Negro stands at s critical and mil.'' degrees and a used for s concert before..
S. C. (NPQ Not a ripple of opposition to new organization U not competing stsge In his struggle for in- doctorate In chemistry from Following her concert of
MoveNEW Missions Head school Integration was noted as school children in this with existing civil ration Into the mainstream the UnlversUy of Cincinnati. spirituals the audience will
Unseating border filed Into member of Phi rets reassemble Mats de
small town near the North Carolina rights groups but seeks to of American life." He Is a In.the
LOUISVILLE. Ky. (XPO- their classes 444 whites and 120 Negroes. Ruby -fill a distinct void and "We have won many Important Kappa and Sigma xi. the academic ChalUot for I performance of
I rORK-Unlied Presbyterians The Rev Herbert R. Pinkney lOte hundreds of other towns In the deep South, had vacuum" which exists In Chicago banks In the halls of and scientific honor the American Rim. "Carmen
are being eked\ to assistant excutivc. United little choke under the 19W Civil Rights Act. It faced Justice and secured the puadigs sot Wi.... Jones." which stars the late
oppose s move i In Congress Presbyterian Synod of Mid- Integration or curtailment of federal assistance ta The alderman Indicated that of long-sought civil rights In 1900-fl he was president Dorothy Dandrldge and Harry
that would kill an effort to unseat South :Nashville was elected addition the adjoining district served. notice It couldno he personally thought Dr. legislation the Cone rets of .. the Isis Research Belafonte.
congressmen from Mississippi. chairman of the national staff longer accomodete vie town's Negro sntdents. Matin Luther King. Jr. madea the United States," they declared. Club an affiliate of Sigma The "Carmen ,...." film
of the 3.miWon-rrwmberde. mistake In not agreeing to XI. Prominent tnytvtc affairs '- has been barred front release
It Is expected that a congressional nomination's Board of Nation Am TO INTEGRATION meet with Chicago Mayor "h Is now time for us to of his home community In France following{ Its projection
commlne will vote Missions last week. TAMPA FU. (NPQ Merging a Negro nd White Richard J. Daisy during a move to fulfill these rights for several yesrt.Dr.Neb- at the Cannes film festival
next week on whether to dismiss Named vice-chairman for class presented a difficult problem but a local Operation ring visit to the elry. which have already been p.iJfor kit formerly served aachair several years .,o.tlelll
a challenge, made by the coming year ls a layman, Head Stan cUrK.or.oMd h by serving hamburgers Commenting en Dr. King's dearly with the blood of man .. the Plainfield Traffic (- of Georges Blast, composeref
the Mississippi Freedom John N. Pen .Jr.. New York. and franco fries for kinch: field tripe Marine-- plans to return to Chicago lorI Negroes and whites alike Commit.*,. "Carmen" secured an Injunction
Democratic Party agilnstthe ram is director of the dlvl- land to see the ,whale end parties for ,araru. ""' 'bat concentrated civil rights "We fee U Is Important He has been a member of charging that It
current members Congress lion of Church Building 'Aid ls a parent to do when his child wants to go back to Head drive Metcalfe said he doubt- that we heed the challenge of the Board of Education since "distorts and vulgarises s
from mat "'" The MFDP of the mission board. sun to eat hamburgers and french fries and go look at ed U s return visit by the President Johnson and organ December, UM, by appointment famous work of national art"
contends thallbstsslppieangnssmea Their election came during the whaler the director observed. Nobel Pare Prim winnerwould ise for the purpose of Implementing of Mayor R.C. Madden. hi public performance re-
were Uletilly Dr. Neblett, Ms wife and mains forbidden .but permission -
the closing session of the be of any value. s positive and dynamic -
elected because. thousands of three-day' annual meeting of UNDER OBSERVATION Metcalfe said In his program to "nilflUthese' daughter live at 1350 Cast for I single, nan-prottl
eligible Negroes in the state the national start ft Is group WASHC4GTON (NPQ The plight of the Negro teacher opinion, Chicago II.. "..s.- rights they added. Front Street In PlalnfleId. showing! has been granted
were not permitted to vote. of more than 300 mission as schools are desegregated. Is being sudled by the ojuate Intellect to solve Its bishop Ford, s pastor In The Anderson concert and
Te lej rams were sent today ecutlves from every pan National Education association determine bow many cwa problems.The Chicago for more than 79 the film showing will be presented
to 13 regional heads of Unl- of the United States. Negro teachers have been displaced. A preliminary spokesmen declared years, ts presiding bishop of Fire Truck In s "Night of Black
ad Presbyterian religion and a task force Into 11 southern and border Art"
Rev. Pinkney has been assistant report by that thsorganlsttlonwouldss 0w Central Illinois districtof
race organisations asking\ executive of the Integrated states ls expecteXby" -October. A NE A spokesman peclaUy endeavor tot the Churches of God In
them to solicit messages opposing Synod of Mid-South reported that 100 Negro .teachers mostly la Florida .Werk, for "quality education OrLalw"tlMatl..Do.'" Death Celled
the dismissal He has also been parish director Teas end North Carolina where desegregation is most and the complete Integration Member He Is alas national Seen Fevorlnf.Demecrejts
Dr. Gayr.d hUmon' J r".eeeutive Cataoba Synodi supervisor. advanced ka.e Ion their Jobs of our schools system and International public relations Accident! .
director of the denomination's
United Presbyterian and to Implement worthy director of the denomination. -
national Corn- mobile misiIon work In the MEREDITH AT COLUMBIANEW propotl1lde.ap.ct.. achieve CHICAGO (NTO) The
miss loa on Religion andRare and school YORK (NPQ James H. Meredith was en-
South S Sunday duo end. Alderman Metclafe s graduate death ef DesileKlae Williams.
tilde missionary.In relied last week at Cokunbls university law school -werk for . "The United Presbyterian he feat been en s 17,000 scholarship for Niche end books, phis s sQ of KPQ) The wry .Negroes will
related In levels
'11. government Is s 'former Olympic track racial dlstrubenre In
fttI.. ... ..........dr wife end their *
te the church's borne mission two-bedrooa apartment lor his son end private Industry star. WettsUe area, was firmed vie In .. state this fell w IIIIInW4
claim of the Mississippi Freedom Meredith made international .headlines. when bis eerellment -
work for M years. As member without regard to rare.creed, Metcal/e starred In track accidental last week by aats.man ai broadly last week by
Oem< Negro rltliens of that".e.re 1II11.1onrlW1'. he hefcs al- and rlCll1.,1onI.DtstGRtGAT the eblUry of the applicant.Cle Olympic gores lnt Los Angeles three Negroes.Mies Sits M do Dears' of iupervt-
not represented by the Incumbent locate the upcoming year's -. active aurforttotrie and In the 19M games Innerlln WUllama. s factory sers In Neneemecu'county and
congressmen because of Iatdpl..na.1"lolIM- LOCTHOUNORFOLK. Fair Is s leader .. the. statewidevoter
Chicago Horsing worker, was struck by s stopsign
tr* massive dlsfranchlsement Va. STO' Despite the ban. en ,.,..Iye
and! ( rights drive.
recnametdspolkezandpr.graua ante larder to Insure freedom He Is chairmen of the Clry knocked ever by s hook'
of ogre people InMlsilaslppI the Board of SM state tuition grant payments white-only private of I'Wk..I..Urer.ty..
to National residence for all ef our Council Committee en Dlalld.Ire' rod Udder Are track last Aeg
for many years Missions.I schools Araighout the state are still ftaerUklng. At cltlsensi. le work far safe. and left," 12. d. Democrats.
least 12 privets academies have resumed operations.
with three new ones Joining the r.... Last March.
s special dIrM-"" court ruled thai 10 of the 12
I academies could ne longer, receive state grants but
only where the use of the lands Mend ..po.,......
or appeared te be air schools chief ileanteaappon



There Is once if ata teal biz ....." fee the reteMi of ,
d.. traditional Aounera. .al rldseejensMp peter
ctr>*. Last week, he vted cloy end feunry school QUANTITY TIGHTS' IISIIVID
effklals ve literally drag hit feet en eesetrefetkekaaiifilnt THIU MICU GOOD TMIU SUNDAY AT IDGIWOOD AND AVS.I
he u.s. Office of Eduretlen KM "deliberatelyconruaed .
only one badgered and bretrteeneer school efTVIals

ab*...., he urged U. S. GOODCHUCK
lIactrrJ ge M renter dIM reoUred "by law and rain

diet cola
tIC rat .pram
CMC AGO XTft .... M demenst raters isad.d
for three bas to from ef Crene TerkMeal Hts t keel.
list reek, to Koeert te the alleged eUseuiesai ef e tee- BACON
that ratesa chi twcause ef bis civtl rigHu ." ,....... Jerry Her ,
snae. e sukethues ..d.'. was restaredL arceHeng. Mtm
principal ..... e Sally refilled teerhtr bad boos<
bired. hernia sew tm arose as retU. fee bit ROASTLB.
penkrpaae ta DM _l-s famous III asreb e.

(Tag Five buetoede end se eres ef
ear earn Ing some toO Mfre ckiMre end*elr Seeeeeseivr 49C
cola .4 ta s ee..lt.y curves* school trenes.r e.nfelfe
lass week by kavefuvg sredemtoanl, stir M....., lepreteN
le f* vercrevdlng cen.ttiene ef" s-ikuls uMf -- .. .
re rtg4Aeb eda. Teas were sw eeeewerd hwiecu. -
name: anestheel efTklale said taut the ctiMre ,.Ureeaets BEACON
el the new M...... ".teen ls note M doan." WESSONOIL

NtU1C4 Tun Va 09Q Psreexs el 34 sea SleJUUre BLEACH .
are seth ftftelM agalnet ste .eetrefed. ef
She ..,.., eO<>4 reHertoe..eaJeeae,Hls"" iVlw4.w .
% cl) V M irceenf Hefted e* she ftre day ef" eeAeeJ Ue
r..*. Tke si. pints bare ..*.. d. roots CItfttf
C tn ef ,.,.all (e euOifi Chess Coon ledge Ibsen.
......." Aug. M Stay albeit eeu1 NguaeTleey ..... *
M tMrter ef Herfa etVM.w wb tte seed.Mlly 10 29
..Mse Test J.no,.. and Cuoitea. >euW IIIIc'M. / GALa 24 OZ.

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LIMIT 1 W/$ .oO OR LIMIT 1 w/o.oo cm
tin TII uc atre

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ace Tr > ter prescribe*. I. TEMPER SLICED KEF LIVER U. 35*
PS Ie4 D f
Ac er cu. .. f'.er t '!
41 -S. .e tee Dab 1M tee* U. S. GOOD RK STEAK II. <

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T:1U IISa ;t T1Ik.Jy h I 'o

*&**" %


Florida Beauticians Receive Master Degrees In Nation's Capital
Yes We All Talk 'The
d. ., .. :; Grapevine

} J.ki.; ) rout .it.
Uarcus H. Boulwir '
Columbu Speech ."... -
Diy .... ..; ",
.' ; DIGGING> THE NEWSi lteryWelleaccordtngtoanews
A' 4I
Many people ire celled upon to deliver addrenei it "!'! f Io//_!:.,, .." .i., .:. .. j .' ." I: Item w* read once met a rich teenager who had a telephone -
Columbus Diy celebritlon on October 13. The speechcan "' ..... \ on her skateboard Thats nothing! ve know of a.
be developed from many angles or point of view \ 'ii' : wife who had a telephone instilled on her husband's electric -
1. One might begin with the folk theory that the world' \ .".. guitar, when he stayed out too late while rehearsing
wu flit, and whl didn't Columbus fill off the earth. The .', (. : .L. .... :T. 4' ; .. '" with i the band. And every time she called him the d.rnedth1na '
speech could be built iround the science of gravity and ..t:1'j': .; : .... '.... ,. short circuited and she laughed In the phonn "Burn '
relate It also to space fllghti. \ _.. ;;. .. .. .i. ..::: : : baby bumf'
2. Talk about the ship! route of Columbus to find the ,. tl.. ., .
find i shorter route to fact that :, *' r .. .......
i study of history shows thatproaperlryyfoUowed the trade ... ., '. .. ffI '" V.I PECPLEi Solicitor General Thurgood Marshall
routes The war Between Greece and Troy led to the open. .' .. ?!iQI;; \ k ...". 4rHONOR1EB ,,I-.. ,.. keeps Washington's staid politician and diplomats in
Ing up of the Black Sea to Grecian navigation The merchant ., '"; "I stitches with his homespun brand of Jokei. which he
... .:a'v' .<:",." : "tI'':' ... ... .,. ,
ships established a route between Greece andCen fins off like a Dick Gregory or a Nlpsey Russell Com
Oral Asia which brought culture and wealth to the Greeks : mend one Pentagon von "That guy's a n.tllul.lory- "
3. Another approach could be a grill change was made : teller and he couldve been another Mil Rogers If he '.
when Columbus discovered American In 1492, and soon I.'r II 'l 11 I. wanted to.".... .. .:
the routes of trade ran from the Old World to the New MARIA COLE'S quite happy these days Since the
World across the Atlantic. This brought prosperity to Festival of Stars scheduled! for New York'C.fIWiIeH.U
Spain, France England and Holland. Tie this f.clln with on Oct. 3 has already sold more than 1.500 seats (and
Increased prosperity during the Air Age. those In Just two days 0. Proceeds front the show will go
READERSI For my free pamphlet on discussion, write to the Nat King Cole Cancer Foundation...
Dr. M. H. Boulwire Florida A "M University Box 310 THE AFRICAN Queen Miriam Makeba, and her husband -
A, Tallahassee Florida -..32307. Send two stamps and Hugh Masekela, arc at the Village Gate all of this
self addressed envelope.Beach. --Pbur FlorldlsjiH were Included oonc the lean, L. ) president of the national Beauty month In their first New York engagememsince the wed" '
group of the nation' beautician who were awarded League,inc. Mrs. Ruthle Rleckley! OrJ II1ch. .tand ding. )

their Master Degree this suaaer Hiring the exercise Ing at extreme left ( second row Mrs.Rennlt

Short held under sponnorahlp( of the National Institute Tate, Orlando standing next to last person (second '
PERSON-TO-PERSONi The famous Flamingos vocal
of Cosmetology at the Hilton Hotel In row) ; and Mr. Maril Richardson Lakeland,
Is for first since Eddie Ml-
group shopping a new tenor
MIAMI BEACH Although Its 6,000 acres can not Washington IXC The awardee Included Mr*. Callle seventh from left (third roe), Mr*. Jackson In llama is now on Ms way to the L'.S. Army, The group's .'
compare In extent to the 1.300,000 acres in the Everglades Jackson of Jacksonville seated sixth from left, president of Jax TrlcholocUt, Beautician* League now busy conducting auditions for a replacement--and .

National park, Florida' Corkscrew Swamp front row beside Mrs. Katie -.htclull: (New Or- .Local 38. as particular as they are about hiring new voices, it
park probably Is the best remaining example of natural might be a couple of months before Eddie's replacement
growth and wild life In the stite. The preserve Is a pV Is round...,
same one-day round trip from Mliml Beach by car and Gaither Plans Offensive( Attack Ray Charles; The Entgmatk Genkis THEOLAKILGORE. who clicked .wNlcback wlth"TbI

about 20 miles north of the Tamlaml Trail at a point TALLAHASSEE (FAMU) With Florida A&M'.Rlt. By lee 'every Love Of My Man" a direct steal from a gospel tune
80 miles west of this city. len adopting the pro offense, the ends will plsy key role Negro .International hain't been able to come up with another clicker since...
in whit Coach Jake Gaither plans for his offensive snack PART II: THE HUMAN DYNAMO TTMME ROGERS the comic wu one of the biggest
this year like many ether people, Roy hotel to a** "P ,in the hits In Larry Steek's "Smart Affairs Revue of 19e at
Miriam. Gloria.Paleiftlrltualiat "w* plan to do slat of pass receiving! last fall H* wu a ", ..."1",, For e 'lull two hourt alter he rise, he la In the Club Harlem this season\ In fact, some folks said
lug this Y'lr.Mlybe w.'U pa.. Negro AU-AmricanHeholds menial) leer eve once he comet to Me. he U e veritable that Larry's show was so good this year that he didn't
Readtr t1? y more than we will run. Basic the Rattler record for the hymen dynamo. He can work and go for long' periods need s headliner of the top-draw type. Seems that the
Advisor la all affair of of new faces and new routines eshlbitedbyhledaren were'
illy, rm a running coach, number of yard and catchesfor time without sleep
Ufa:Love, Ntrrlaft, hue.J- but might just pus s little single! season. Hplayed lay mutt rite at 9 .."'. ,lie e noon recording, ....10"". a smashing hit with the crowd.
bass, Slckntt. ete. Lucky oct more this ....on.n basketball during the winter II lobs him |wtt then ,long to gel himself ...&her. H...

jChama, Lucky Days, Lucky The Rittters have too unit Paired off with Robinson at ever once I he hot mad .the InitialCMewllen' e ".,. he SOUNDS IN THE NCHTi Duke Ellington! added choir
Hindi. There 1* BO bov so \IJ of veteran end. 10hn E..en, and on the Blood unit U atwo- record. el noon, wrllat ..".. end tupervltet ." .".. and six featured artists when he pltyedareltgtout music
a e.2. 215 pound junior from letter veteran from Tampa .
menu wnlil 9 p.m., plane concert endtheatredete, untilJem. )
dreadful that she ou' t concert at San Francisco's Grace Episcopal Cathedrallast
By Mary Whitman Ocala, Is the least experienced who played his senior year at .
Looataifct fOl N.I.. of the four.He knows ill weak,..
help : Lincoln
What' a hobby the avrai moves High School In
Then, end only then, dee. lay Chiles role with hit
COUNT BASE only works as hard and half ae
79th .trt.rone:181-9JOT: person can learn In a few min. w s receiver He'll be the Tallahassee, Andre Whit 1*
utttt Antwtn cola colltctlnf pUt end with the Sweat unit the most versatile lrlendtlll' er7lnlhemornlng.Hecollt' ll "".INi".. long in hours but earns I1oke'li much In a night as he
Open I .. a. 'until 10 p. a.da1I "You can become a coin col-, H* did the punting for the quad. Hi coachfale player that onto Sometime, though., oven when he !'reiving..* hems I did 10 years ago. ...
Looattd lector right away" says Richard ) He often find himself CHUCK: JACKSON and Maxlne who did
: k Bunda lit i he working ploying end replaying' Brown an okay
Rattlers until w as a Idelimd he i* a good blacker, tattles
,Jlui, n*. ODe visit to 8. Yeoman numismatic, one authorltltt.the country'stop "All with an Injury. _* .w.u. rill I In excellent team his re ordt' end. Sepia ol hit unroloaied ,...,4.. disk called "Something You G<<.** showed whet that
'Tee "'.", erllttt' lay chide*. '." ., reaching a point "something" wu during their date at the Apollo Theatre
MADAM GLORIA and you till you have to do I Ice to a hobbyor SpUt end for the Blood unit man.
feel the difference.p.ltjrib. coin dealer I DSO for the I II Art Robinson, s 21O.pound.e.OOI..nlorfromH.Uanda1a., ol success, |Ivy record anything. getting "y ."th.l, poet when! they aid a duo on the hit number....
few brio tools that are nttdtd. toy &I... **rv*** i..r.FLORIDA'S po 14.""."I". I wontmycurrentrecerd.endtho. recordafrlKot. THE TUNE TO witch In the rock 'a! roll category is
with this Adi 11, ** ** *** Robinson lad the Rattlers In -:1':=:: ielelat.rlh.nsnythingl've.ver. done.be- one that will appeal to teenagers and adults mainly because
'lore You have to Improve end keep Improving' to toy "' It TIM that throbbing beat made famous by James
Brown's band. Ifs called "Treat and
You sal ,, Her Right. was
en top. cen'l the WIe.
waxed by Roy Head on me Back Beat label tf Used
,In, ether p.rl.dsed'r.lasien, ley con .be Iwad'wekhinj "VIashed Potatoes" theayouUllkeMTrcMHerRlghi"..
t.tovislenerplaying esrdsenddemine.swishMelriends.Helevshu.bailsnddwringth.sNNn IT YOU LOCK quick enough, you'll find that The.
he Supreme aren't among the Top Tea en the hit charts for
can utuelly .be found. In one el the choke. .be. tool i change. But you'd better look quickly because they
'watching* the bee Angela Dodger move r.... As the high school student said to the! shocked.
0..,.. Sheering, the Wind |less plan!*) who alto English teachers "ft bees that wry some timer. .
'wetchea lelevltlen once told. mot 'Since I .become
Wind. I ... with my oortT"
The uttre-teniltivo ears which. moke Icy Chorle' .

unique mutlclen sine guide. his ttghdot' .. eye whhout ..Mt' Utter.... Dish Lily lease,
'Incident' Into cress end turreunding* wherothoio with

. NUMBER ONE norm el. vltlen treed ceutfeutly WHOLE[
When Weybey Mogoilno presented ley .Ith e motor
ousts ,lor his eutttondlng contribution! to ", ,,.Ic. helumped
I / en he eieeter end..".....ltodend with Incident' P BAG FULlI! B:
drove ereund Mvertor-mlletrock. (Morel lime. *imoly' ;
by 'lletenlng to the eihoutt e seals In front ol Mmdriven >
by JeN Brown. Mi .butlnoi merger i
RHYTHM BLUES When Icy moved Into his new 1)00.000 Beldwln Hill*
& .home .In la* Angole*. Vo. tpont Mslnideyshe.riding' '
the gold-colored. motor coetoreroundMdrivewey.MI. : h I I:
uncanny'tl lenie* el direction delighted. end enroled. | '
.,.(....,*. WMBM
I* there nothing the.0...,,,** can't dot
He UonoMotlontchol HI* cooking' ability It already
STATION a ,legend emeng his fomlly end etocleteNotenly It Spotlight Product Of The Week
the .toed vary testy" toy hit wilo. Delis 'b.,t vary
tcjttefvlry end HrocMvoly 're,.'....* Miami Florida
-*, ** C....,." to pepuler belief ley Charles I I. o deeply
rel Igiow' t men who cerrlot e .,.11I.I'M with him ov ery.
where. he gee. He is I .... e 'large contributor to his
church end meny ashes worthwhile ceuto fewp..*, ..
though know ....". tW*. All they know about ki M*
muk end hit trouble ..th.,. deep. end ...,.,
DIAL 'M, mutk. he eiploint .....1,, "coma* from the w.yI
: I lieu, end not Irom being. influenced by ...,.. mu.K.*
Many lens claim that hit muM endmennorol. plavinaj
,. sums from early religjou training ond thomutkel efcochurtk
bo .heard. eta child. Others, ..*_.*,...*. steel ,
churck nicest. his .been groan1 ,InNuonced. by *o w>ukol .
1260 lay Chemist. There I* ... .,...... *om.l.....,
For The.ff1"; I Sound! Tom.ko acre hitpuMiekn'lmuticaCly. tooledley per.senally *

talecH hit own (.......... .lays *.l his o.. I
wreng eenN. .N eenleswishhislndividwd.elcaebe .
coma up with ocatriy she shade ol *ou.d ho went TJff
f lay le one ol the tot*.lading tow who ,........ periodpifch.
1 .. fit SHORTY.$35.
One while 'littoning to e heated al o seeing" ...._
el >Q '" ",.1...tore cone art data. lay tuddenty etofipadIkom !raWAlp STYLkJjM Jt
DIAL ..I"-.AI.. Nto acand *ol*..>..aW bo see ---C-e-S
,..,1,.. D thorp ,..... tVon D ...t..,.,. .

These' eking mutkiont ore gomorod from *omo .. tkonotion' .......... ...... 1uu -- -W = e'.& ...
top> tymphoni or hat<,... The one' tor.ad aaos .... .011s Deeswss..U.Ay.ANY .
out eel to bo that ol *o ....1..." ......,.... bee of ho ... IC sec.=--=:: CIIII
copy kl who had wises or copied Ve Mara.At C-C? C::

1260 For The # 1 Prizes! ,U to bo o...*... tywtphooy mu.Wiena-to*oralyditcleJlnod E't w,ees_. e -c,..--12 a.s
.by traditioo. end. Mara conductor. -ploy r .. r : I lA,
overylNog oe II It _"'-'. ragerdiate how is may i.w s.. ... p _
.ound.Thon... ... -_.a.55 wT
'y .... who oliewo. ..4..ov..._.. ..._...f ovtoamong n.s _s ftC'II 1se'an
.. ....
10 or to Inttrumonttt TKotewhobovo *a ,.... ptzc* a .. a art
aid. m.4l porOcvlerry ...... o.r* morv W ol icy's s.. eras M- -... ago
.boliewoble. t>on...... e-*i w- new9T.4 --**'**see** m
Sure ley drew upon octobUthod; material raord a > TV-***- tWjiiiowe IMJ* fcr (

; DIAL end. pertse. h. mere .... to per .... of Me L.aei wrv.NSN. .*.. b raojiKU... iMB *, rl
recorded e.d played. .by lay boforo u.. ewdieixe eve ** fOIl -... l-m rt :. w -. ,. w
W* *n. M w r_ a w eat ita
hit own isepesla..s.avlery MBOA4, Mr. ." _
WM% S CMre "
.. .d >.r:: =.. ** a*. .,
Jo *. Oarold VW"* o Marcy hide howecontributtil .... :g
-- -.-. "' I:::
.,."' _...* to She ley Cherie / waT"'j
bolbe k reapen .Me tor matt olhitoww,....._..**. aroaa""A: ; ..... .. Qi,
' He ..... w.oi y ....,. .*>.d day* porfof M. e*e *... wee- r, ..... ier ...: -- -....-....
1260 For The 1 R & B Hits! gottiog. (..< She righl ermetlrotionoodl. .................. -4r ovaryaooe rMK' s eeee. 'e... p.. Mre
# be ..... a cepyi *. -**. II dawe o.. .*. paper lr ?,r.Qrc 7 S .::. '
We bend. ...-..*. WI ___ ... ....
% ..... ..... .
N UT WU4 TVo Haute Th.l OMHo lid s1..sr. ,-'

------ .----. -... .. -- .. ....... --' ........ --_ .-.
-a.:: : 111.
_.. -_.-- -- -- _: :.:: _----- --

,l OJ',
:, <(> > ;
T'I > I

rot MPltJ PACE 7, 1

Edward Waters Opens Grid Season Here With Morris College .

; .: ; t/t/

; :f

I! 4 _

it r it

--&;- rTba J t1i- ii


dJ Va I A
i Yly rM
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r !
v t{ l

r'. ,

: Eked-Up Edward Witers1 Tigers Open Season's Slate hi Wolfson Stadium Here Saturday Night

STIA'lEGISrsSTAn""? trom left art AttUtle recMlraada.. Al Scott, fllllt Buasoytrunk. uel.lhalhC'O CATTAILS ,Chariot Lee (left) off-naive tea* sates .
tor-head too tall: coacfc "..... (oi) CleMoas curtU .. aignal caller and Nathaniel GlovenjOf. the defenao- D4D 1LL1H OIKWMY: IMS 'At Ion.of.uv. flees

I Grwnbling, Has Linemen Weighina Over 245GRA3IDLLUG I/&Go1\(demons' Forces Clash I Says Another Alou Player I r-----lU'S.a.----.

La. I ,.', .
(SpaclaQ Tigers" *r. tVrncJy.amJrw The another Aloubro was not iraJed In December
-Coach: Eddie! Robinson of pay checks to tf. American.National .. Rkfx.T thor ready to break Into the, of 1961 the Giants touldhavo" 1! SIDE IEPAII
G rambling College recited Ms Canadian tad Con With majors the September Issue j J j(,three brothers In the outtieki' i
catechism for winning foot. Haemal It aguts.EkpttHfTINE. oeoas Saturday Night of Ebony magaslne reports.HU today. I
ball games to newsmen by stars from .w..a. name la George and If George live up to the Sill lipiirlif, .
paraphrasing Jake Galthar, Crambtuw !tnckxte Carol hi wants to play for the San family reputMlon the posit .
the famed Florida 4aUI.each: WHO* ALL Francisco Giants .
Lad4. 3Opc.ni tackle Saa blllry still eilsts.
Cither sty. he 10.s hU Diego Charjvrsi Willis Davis. sane nsklej's fl.I.b.A. Rivals At Wolfson However, Ms mother" wants Many .Is only 96 and Jaws 01 Aif Kill Is. I
players -GILE, mo-D1LEand SSO-pooad tad, Cn.a Bay fee the rear.! Tleos .krdty a him to become a doctor. USX Doth figure tobe around
ba-TLE." Pacb"Buck Ducbanao,J7?- spot In...ik rmtmrr kreum a With three weeks iruellnf thr*.ftrd y practlfMSI .' Meanwhile. Ms brains a longtime Brother George; U "I;Is'I Oir .: ,'y
b Uh .eeDperft .tlon.Rob pound taclias, KWMM ClryChWII a Ih,.!.+If! K.find..a..Nar... a U.,,cut.. tons under their belts- E.J. (C*)CWmons. Edward Felipe cf the Milwaukee" only a few years away,unless
boo added that)hi also wants Ie, ... ..,,, lobe In Braves and Many andjeiusof
Urn HoweU. m- Mr -- cad aaardy Waters eou..aw forces are ISWa.4 prime Alou winaNt.
hit players akpban-TlNE. panel talus PhUadej raatagtotj ,aotltatlsa.WNe condlttoa when they far arch rival Morris CoUeM In the Giants form the bl gut The magailne recall that Oily, li.iussj jl'
GrambllM aas 15 Unetneawth and AtphooM Douon. S Httl '.f-iM lly sad a the. .. *an'1 opener here Saturday might, S.(*. 28 at family act In the majors to* the boot"' name actually Ro
bursting muck Mho 778- cund (air HMMure d ( niUo4 """ at.aaS 134) E. ONION St.HERSHEY'S
> Kaniae
( end. City .. ,....... IVdockla opener and plans a.tlnrJfrwl1 day.All jar j
v'uh .l.tw.ea US and 22. sac Mev three
Chiefs. ,....", .. 'rettt" awi early piloting the sthlttk cSt,* for making. this year's eon ware cure Clams maiden moms La
pounds.Robtmon will's Ibk* that If Fe ------------
bu a matchless Ladd Davis sad DucblnDanurn.d Mla..r '".. Nr .tat ".rtlWJ shies of the Klnfi Road forces rat a reeord-b.IIc.r post lire
aU- honors last whoa' r.tkL
pro cilia demons
year rttarns to I
record for developing profaslosal *
stars.Some 3Ooddei: fall (he scene of his early JOt I
r irhunprei M s (fM .lne football
mentor.to .
ddtUoa I* consocvtl TIDE
.. Savardsy ..... with 5 c '
: owheaetem Athletic Con I SUGAR 39 S9
draws It,,, Clemens has
IIWe4 mwraoorsMkslsetppI ,s. GIANT
Valkx.Oct.UU theGatorDowl
< I '
." Mdooal top contender liisreollef for IN'II LIMIT 5 IIS. W/S5.00 OR MORE W/S5.00 OR MORE
.J cbamptonhl Prams View
.-' chedMM hero for tie M FOOD ORDER FOOD ORDER
.. "' '. lowing wash. and spoiltrKearec
.' >7 Slats for Nov. U at --
-1. rrsnk/ort. K,. on Kov.; 13. YouVcHbTcTbT'oHEWS5.00
.-:' : : : Cannonloid the STAR that
he plans M breathers'" for
hasTlfert. end that this years OR MORE
slaw u but i r..*, nmr of ,
D ttlnjp to ccme. His hero.
U7 plans said) putty Us leers ,
against ** boat efpowntsosslbls ,
U as eftect to re* MAXWEI'L'HOUSECOFFEE
Everything's taro Edward Weters M .*. I ,
I.erM Mpoone of the Tlf
ers this rear will sea en e.e* SPECIALS THRU
seme ear., of pile dtlrYih
old fashioned about .m.s.kU1sayhlad.fwitha OOM hTSle
aUiy el ._1.. of baa Mix Or
carriers *(M"111.w. passcatdOne

*4e...aod...s pre typo efMM MISS.IMAN nC

OLD TAYLOll86 I N eoaandWgg. WhalftYrashowIs. s.btklprofam. APPLESAUCE ? "' 1.1 5 7PORK

pr.cLN eWInf the kph S* ,,
--- ------- I
Wild ids you1122is IAHNER

N j 11-311-11 CCOKIA lEI COFFEE

I IS "IF $1 I
Slid 1 LI.IA6. 49

--. .. i J /
t. PEAS m 1
'" t 11-52-21 CIIS __ _______________


........ rrS C.
s..tIsis 1.'s D... REEF CHICKEN
S .tit. sslttssts. POT PIES 5 89C5Wln's

\ xceptAe *.rb. ATTUCT10t1T It .11 .,...lCDVI14 TURKEY OZ.

r -------


who drink it tga's B.,. .,* !...
ts1." ..tJu ...4 FaIma. *
Ca'. N ,..,. flanTm.

IM, fMflaxkr a..ca N' UAI = iMimu SLICErGlOUMD
0 Ur ttSJ. 51 39
t tit/ .M for pant IEEF 3 usFMCT fRANKS
..".... Yip fit BACON


Is tao laA belt* "
.i' : u4 Mil U soothe eeaOtis. flUlill 39c 390 II.69C
Ys ii?.. "w...* .
,111. .. rs.r....

'. ..... .....--........ .. FLAME lED TOKAYGRAPES

12'1III1'' __.._ ......__
... ..", .....-.... .. ...,. 2 us.29C
.... pt in./da'U.........-...o V...,M .. MI IIdI air 11121I. ,. .. Kf" 9QC
... tl tll ""'- L t.OIl '''' c.. I,....,.,. ,,w. ,.. fuiiit

.. .. __ .___..., .. u.. _.__ ...._ u.h. .


f I 1

'1' $ (f.


SPECIAL FOR RENT Jax Fairways Votary International Runner UpGERTRUDE

Avery fednesiUy.. Schoolgirls 3 8... $11 wkly 826 ..1.

.only 12.00. cosplstehairdo. Church St. 3M-7S58. ll PimpernelAU'S 1


UDIESL cooking Prlv. WTU THAr ENDS Mil h' with the DY.pHd
< Convention fi'. oil over .v rfte>.rfivYx'' .f up ef S\e
Miss Katharine Reed is Single woman or Couple. tech and pun-''ocI... 'fcvn'ry gvmrf rommoJ Into tuHc -

located at 1020 De.ltt leek days, 3 p. a, to 11 .*.* as led .. Irie regtilratioa money woe taken fa

St. Ph. 354-7860. Featuring p.m. Weekends, 9 a.a. tOI -r-- 1 On the local front one lot minltlor hot m hood MId

all types of hair 7 P.M. 3581198. worries' A group el hutly .hul.", were looting to
I .Kim for per lor their ..,. d onool l.. c."'..... .,.,cIt
was the onindorm, oi on ovt-ol town oiMitity mon lor
FOR SALE FOR RENTUntunllh.d *. Hood-knocker. Then too A*oreotkor h tuning because

Apt. 433 w, n* teel ho was altorf.cll. teJ... "'...4 the why
S1NOIR electric sewing pave to ...convention tow on!r book.
18th 8t
machine In console cab. 1-bedroom "folk ore belting that if. ke another 20 ye.. before
refrigerator stove h, '
like new. Sew forwardand o.. 'thai group wJI' com heck to JCK. seeing eem hew
reverse All attach heater a space heater .there wore lot el folk "'.M." with ", ... to toy

unh for sating button equipped 160 Monthly en eccevnf ol m loof hotelt being rWwctonr .. hotno
tig-sagging and Apply 1643 Main st or ", .., Some hetJt _fit .hod m smed ....... or noneef
call 355-4041. ell lay the Negro visitors relented the lid minute
fancy stitch designs otter SSe 'local con entie. chief, ttortod making ttlltflooding

Fully guaranteed. Can with the hotel. .....*. We heor number of
bt seen in your area, HELP WANTED ... cenvonftonoor tovmod right .,...end got
Make eight Monthly pay Maids Guaranteed. Oood the noti thing ovt of More when latod with nemWountghtt.

unh of $4.91. write: New York Live-In Jobs, Mx Folk cold .. seas fitting ovttido tome el the
Credit Manager 122 8. $35-155. weekly fare ad,. hotl cnwrdiot lor been end late ,Into SH* nighwet..
ing lor some place to (..,.
Clearwater Road Largo HAROLD EMPLOYMENT' AO KaOept.
Irony ol H oil It that expert for a few poop to o. the
Florida. 5, Lynhrook N.Y b ,intido ot ... operation ond hondhj hvthiterf'Iho

folk 'downtown modo ail' tho loot .i....'" to'_cb **
putting 'out e welcome ';"". TAe ..,.,"... ...J laced
bawds gave to our grothort wont enough to ouy myoors
+r r r r r UCUOMHUeMlliOlUI IWfU WJIIII1 r r r 1a : supply ol cigarette*.

pal icemen In orTicer; $Worn..wKo wtl grab S\o
.L NEW SHRINE i mile of one enfertoinmenf specs of o momonfs nonce

Young John T. tottch ton ol Afrovice pretidonl
JlU STYLES of Jockionville, lecond place fioolirt from Tournament. Chairmen Jackie (obinton end PepI Mary teltch geve a helping hand ,. the ...-
; In the Pepsl-Colo international Golf Tournament held public rotation man Chris CO"" .". lounge combe, fitting lit on drutnt bag we given no
;frl i N In Noncu Bahama, It shown receiving her award recognition bye. ttatering M.C. recently the now.etf .

addition to me Vogue meeW* I* Undo Senior .
.I N Ytl I Mt. Salem Baptist Church NewsThe Dr. C. L. HcHoii r Apostolic Josh WMiemi and licit.,"McKiNld con gel ready ..
ys answer to 0.. nomo',jncl. .", day new toeing o* Awe
flCKET ,INFORMATION'I I N Opens Dental f.,." WNIiem' McKtuick fool fit... 4.,.
t'' wonen of Mt. Salem and Mrs. Rosalie Nelson, To FI.tlre"Mel's

: ; T IlSlaVID SlATS Baptist Church 1249 .. chairman of the programcommittee. APARTMENTS FOR RENT

r QC MfYINI 1 t! ADULTS UU 22nd St.. Rev. ..Qlb'- Offke HereDR. Day Beautifully furn. apt I [Rtyil Criwn '

/u..eh e.d I..q.10 ers pastor met recently The to" be announced .
.. lNt1WI c.. M..A..I.e ...93.01S. program Annual Elec. II t. h.w married
NIONf ... AdI.. ....91.10e. to organize for the later, provides Men's Day will couple callS)-'04?

.. Ad.41.13 ,....I 00 1i1Ui annual Women's Day observance services for the entire be celebrated Sunday, after 8: p. L no children SIN
Sept.24: at the Apostolic
to be SUn- day.
iWOlNEtiI Church of God In Christ MACIINES2IMS
day oct. 31. Regular worship services 4
uI1EwJ0NA1 The group elected the are as followsSunday : 1 with Deacons Rosa Simpson DIAL-A-MATTC--L1/-

following officers: 8ch!>ol.9:30: ,.. and Henry Hammonds 'sags that never bare beem
11111..Awl M..a T.k.H..1144041 Miss Virginia .. co-chairing the event.
MI Chairman
morning "lee..11:00: seed.They were LAY-A-iATi4
PIRPOSMANCII I Munford, Co-Chairman, .. .. and evening Qder J.8. Collins willserve
service Never picked ip.Ontoeers: "'' "
fit eel I-1.10 MI. Mr., Od. 2-1.50 p., as master of ceremonies SNEEZING
Mfr 0 f. I-l,00 ,iml u.0 .l-Iil0 a..m.t .Mar Od.I-Si00 e.U. Miss Viols Johnson, secretary at 0 P... The pastor DR. c.a.. mcMAlR left area te are suable .,
2..nN 1.. ,M Mi** c.Uw In Otfkt Up s MM TDM Mrs. Deloris and Brother P.C. .
.t will deliver the
rrrrrrr.rr.rrrr.rr.rr Of Interest to many to locate them.. Ts can
Bright, reporters, Mrs message for the major friends in the Florida, Bums of Mt Bethel Baptist luve these macklaes for' hay ffeuerGet !

Maxine Dallas, treasurer, services.FAVORITE. conmunltr was the recent' rill be the finance tke balance MT cash or ,
Or.OuMs Green Meunuhtttq
announcement that Dr. chat nn. .terms. Will take elderecklmeo ..'TTt e, COMMXfMO
The School of Wisdom
Clarence L. M1' air, DOS la trade ph.
- i I 5iz-: has openedofflees for ill begin at 10 .... HII'iM aajtlse. Will
with Minister M. jsckson .
iellver. ebligaties
dental practice In Jacksonville.
: and Deacon Simpson serving -
as h.d!.rs. Eleven
A native of Port St.
Y' : ',Me'bI o'clock devotions will
M Jot Dr. McNalr' attended
be led by Deacon Early
Junior High School in .
Gains and Hammonds.Rev. .
Port Bt Jot sad graduated
De I. Byrd of St.
from high school in
HOLLAND\I AUP.UD.UI deliverthe
East: Akron Ohio.
morning .....,.. The {
He then entered Kent
Male Chorus will serve
State University in Ohio
the major .services.VIsi : .a
on a president s Scholarship .
h ting churches in chargeof
end served with distinction
the afternoon service h: P
with Alpha Phi
r will be the Church of
Alpha fraternity, president
Ood in Christ. Oderw. /. w
of the YMCA vice
hut along with Cider :
president of Men' Residence
R. Givens ,..tor.of
Hall member of
the Church of Cod and
Blue Key National Honor Saints of Christ along
society and earned four
with their congregations.
varsity letters for participation Bishop M.C. Cooper will

on the rest- d.llver a lecture st 5:30:
r t ling and track h.... p.m. following which the
( He also held office on Commltteeoo worship 'i sill
k1 the Student Couaci). He
RETURN ., begin the evening .er-
won the Outstanding'Sen
BOTTLES ior sward and was principal
r ne church is located

fur, ; speaker at the at 2032 Benedict Road.Thepoblis .. OCR KHItHT
graduating class' ban it cordially

,y' EXTRA quet.Altering. invited to all services.
the Air Pores s

STRONG Dental Corps in 1M3. he ,Invites You To Listen To-

.as honorably discharged

this year with the rank LANE $ PIUS IIG BAND
of Cl tala.

Married to the former

Janice 'R. Mlta. the McNairssrethe Tilt.....,..et1tIt c...,.,.& "DANCE PARTY"iiJf "

luw4 ,ri parents often USE CONSTIPATIONIAM1 '

itllF children: MJ three .
and 14 months.They M ....e.ULr.w.=wry sees w
s -- .......w Aw w nna iiJf a
,1 are sow making M _" ..wM : UtI:
-Y..rr- -
their home in the city .- ..nn. tree
_-W11$. ,-.h. -III _-...-..... Satir/i,1 ,... Tl Hit: ,...
s -is s.r oreer. w
1 ..... hi MOn Mb
tf par uen mil. M t V'MMI' it 1400 WftHC 1400
s..le.ewa *otrsim -

.1 .




UNIVIMITY dvo. con, An.BLVD. 2IT ST. A. MrTiC Avt.8TH 54TH MO tAAI" ST.

3932 Sues ,,"YD. ft DAVIS, ST.tDCCMOO Go&rallt I\.vo. a 3+'YeOOD' fY


5909 AJIUNITONTHUNOCMI0)Eaatteav IMvtMiTY !BLVD. *. 3Xo ST. ft KTHCRitr RO

( ) (C\.AIllWOOD\ SWINU' Crm) KINGS' RO. a RuHIH ST \T. .