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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200680datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date September 12, 1965dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=006800740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
September 12, 1965
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
September 12, 1965
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Full Text
\1 1 I _'0 "'q';'.f-rtW" ,


Miami i Ouih, 16, On Trial For Feb. 27 PistolSlaying Of Prominent Attorney

** ftili RRt


** *** *
IA( Report On The Racial Situation In Jacksonville ) I I




*** ***

Meeting Set Negroes Let Down Hfi rICIIl .1

Sept. 25-26 Jax Politicians ,

ORLANDO Prominent By i ; ;

I Negro of liters the .Florida former Voters members By Iris O. Simple r=_ |1-110.| 43 SUNDAY SCPHMIEI IS, ISIS 15 CEG

League h:., win meet her A Iew days ... I rtw into one W In. IrJry. crowefoejri. ...... ... ... .... .... .. .. ..
tor* W arnooln A4Wion A...... fyt>o *.eve
p b aa exckulwe report to .*. A.Ipd) Mfr tvit filter owl ovor the airport

#* FlorWt STAR this week.tpokumM bed ofodio A Oel...,*, fye* 0-"...* .K. * for the Damaged
ttted a that roe group. tre meet group ..io orfie; .' hi In. toeoi forty lie it cwtuoWoo' .*. .lA !

tog next welead to .M.,.,s top oeSrftor Negroes
e \ Davis' roll lathegubuutorltl protest Alter A* pd ito f,*.fI,.i .._..J ,into Mm emolt *** ** *** ***.*
*race IMI par ml pointed out talk to I brovfkl w* In* .01'* CenvoNO'on wMc* k W
that die Voters L.gocs charter //vtt deeod He moot in In* 0//. monfcWng A* fact
stttej that It carry out *>ot She __..."" browf fcl.pad tfeol./h.I..... totown.
a ooa-panisa rote In wrrtog N* grad .... it ... HwgAty teal Mi..p torA REPORT JAX FIRE

voter' edncttloo and voter CI t'f. N* frownett nS*"'f K ***... .", ...,;**.*' Inet ftvrotoorly .
regtstrmla needs of die .. d y did nit*)."'.,. ACM H of*) to mote
steel Negro pap el.ce. In._.....* roerfty' bif. ..*V tHr>.*.*! I ....
AOKXW thoM expected to to torn. W A* "jr. "fro 'nf *iiwtf era) *..*"they ..,.
attend its 'sumrnii meeting a****!**'.i* ovorytfiiiwj .. eCe for M.,...* HOME
aN Dr. Von T. MlvU. Fon H. wot re/rrif to In*few kvnoV**eWtort In. eiry CASH
La d rdalei Re Fr.) Theodore
,.**.. in In* _*nlin *>'--." wroot..i.. CMtriaf >
R. Ctbton, Dr. C. Ward ran/iar IM .......... it .,,.,. end .M.r bvers h .
Sara Kloncnr. MQton Hard- .fr.. .... .h...*ciy.Ivl Mar's nil .... oointThe **** *
rick sal others from Xllamlj BM* it hWmr ...1..1.. Mid CJ .....*' .. .
f Found At) Dead Woman's HomeUncomflrnicd I:
Ra|,h Hauck. Ocala. and men 'no"*! .Ipa.dun.A.lddlsio THf vote totfefioelf Schools Integration Stepped Up Money
and from other
who women art expected to play areas s .-.Iw if ... ..,. roWfy fc'rtW. DM ...., toffMm reports disclosed Wedwtday that a

.prominent role In the setting U. IrwlM N it .*. triow* Mal tS* poky d the 'large sum of money was found by I firemen at the home
op of the new organisation. (kvfotiftff Ner.it .. tel "Mr, Charlie*.*.*It. us.. of Miss Cltvla Walker who was fuund dead at .her 12S6
M Invitation b eirended to to'_.Moroover, leeaytoiMio'erto.o'Ay ..... W. 37th St. home early TMeiday morning.
aO Interested persons In the ltd .l N..root .*. .,. f*Mi..f Mr/no O>Wrt ..vt.ih.r HornleUe Del. S,... W.C. Darter and r.lL Hniher
stats ocstroas of joining the Sfcvctoro S... .... ty .., are s.siJ.J.IM sell& Miss W.110.". tally clothed body was found en"

new organisation.Tht .. .oy *MnB* *r.foUf.Ivf s t the living room floor by firemen after tpaailng. motoristsaw ,
opening ssiloa will get .... ..... In. **o* in .... ..,.., Hi* J... the house In lames and rushed to Myrtle Avenue. I
vadfrway Saturday IC 11<00 eAJ DWty Blear d..... 0.vit tlr***. In. $- .W nIt Station to report the Inr 1Jfrc. i
sells at Saddler Hotel .her. Mary />..*. in *. H4N...... IM. Poo wN .e ; ;-cif. h was. also.. barnrd that Kllst' Walter,. a retired
SeIe, CI. -. ewlde't N P.d.... ...,U ..-.4 eat. 1.. employee of the Afro-American Life hur.... Co.. had :
cvt fc* .*1>.',...* shins to .** Of.*M ....* M.dr a reportedly largo sum of money depoeltrd In feral ,
..w ....."., ... Ass,. ..used M. ..,.,..... E? safety" deposit boa. and that two kcal attorneys, armed 1 I
with t court order, were taking (Inventory of the effects.
No Bed miit WiMn*. rtottoM"< I. 9* to Mi lenses M ... '" _
tor....,,, .!___ 4.Ji
Will' .... die'Iuslrsl... S.Ndi.d,.. .
....', ..... Or I*... ,..,.,.,. Noegr. 01......"... ... ,i .d + Youth On Trial
Of Roses f,%t,rlin : fk... *r. In. toxtor. .... teed torY ,
rot,." d __ iW r ... er. Aa4 ..,. It play d.s.
_. ......,. /i...NJ_.i ad bvd..0s III J.L '- For
......... Thur. .. ,__ "y.'_tl. it rHtr fer a Atty's Slaying

For Black ...........,.,..,
My Ie .,-ut. tor II..............' Lila
MIAMI dianed with the and .ltG,Iff.II\ hr. itwyreached
v0 Marla., |..-'-..<, Fr.ni A. state ft\. Hew* at. rb n pUiei-tinU oftocal a the scene .f she. slay
VrWlM rifM to vas to In* .'....,>.p.i..ias fcc DOSFON H.... .,.J dii' dad:Ir asap .......o."i o.In. ,....*..,...... ...... ''It moray S U-ye'r oUyMh mg. |.. saU. she. tII.... K>.W
YouthST. Dvv.l Ciay ..........,..11..4. H.... vary ,...le. ".... ..... --0- ...... NspMd agr..A..n ,,. 1fI. l.avryseem.a U on trial this weed In her. to wall wMkt they kept ,
1iM. to .... in .. ..y .*pdi led f* bap .w... ..... -.. .. cwnpanUx of the defendant, ,. Harris. said. she heart
AUCUrnxt-Oadrt* late M I .. .. .w d "..,; Hew,. Smsh Widows "hers alrtady pwaJed gvlhy shots. Saw the ear freshaetlntt .
coettnnlal .r no. lift InAmerica's ,...._' nS. Nff. .*.. ..* w.W to W.*. Nq r.wise. .. Teacher SecretaryTo and art sitting prison sen the UlkJIng rontUiInf .
Oldest City Is An.dr.eg..dip elec .. .. .. sly c.0. .-.. Kneel.racing. thai the ..yS, ln H-d
roogk on Waite Rkkersoa. ... s-;. sin ... SMMeet ... *.*nl in to beast.ClyCav.iaii.r.aA Of Negro Who trail this. week .Is S few and. ranheiwenti
Noro.gU. *.AdJMNd6c.1r12 y.aeGap Address Carry (C.4a) riroon, II, if* !Uwt from the seem of the In-

A few tMojhs ago, WOlItkad l tor...!. .*H,.rtf_}... ...J. .. ...Irs M Test ToContinue tail of the trl* to ,hers trial cUnu .
.. WhltewiskedSvspect for she fab., 97 rUt. ...isy, .lrwof Cn the twit street. shesaUCarry .
a Job a a cold drink A. H.... D.patinot4 ..... ... ... .. lee
.,... H* rat wheeling some Net..... Miami Anomry ft*+ laid.. swunMng aho idrtrelng

crates tote s redneck bang-. Ira,*r _,*... sus Ov.AW '...... aJ.fII. -.. ..,d M Rape League ,.".. run
'=' oat rhea on* Dtddy Cooper.white. fc. tor 14, fr HI.., A. Net r* The other tw* suapms Another vivid, PauUneLMlMklltcheUwtlkfted
have br..
tried and that
east WUUo'S tgo.bollerod ..,. dbA .. ....pr.i y b ...........peauis.. eAJ Meotlng Tveaday. sits .. ST. CTcruuuno ... ronvlrtodIn .
"... looks 10. of IT. AUbVSTINC Margte. Jane's slayfew art WarnsDram Drown skied' hr rt lllahl
"Jec-'"l .r"---- i."nn' Irdd..rrile.an School ...,.. ktk. Dr... tfD store windows.,s hegrt rotary of Stats Tom Adams (no kin) pleaded. gvllryM before the shoot Ing dhove..
who swimming
torn -
tr en oar rs beaches to ftof r. hd_.'. i* N.|r* pcifewn 27 to /1Ps. .*al Carey Doard of Ptb- who tried 10 whitewash the rill, wlndup s two-day fall a n/tt-degrM m rrcharge .d her iwe ptatoU.the .
.. Ue kutrvctiM trvod" inks rocont rap.Ntv.yargegr. toaslon of the Florida Voters and iii... serving. ninhersiawdihaiaMrtf4
tU Cot. word attacked M.tooth with*r.MMclaavor. .- M..., t... .....-. -.1ele"., -. ,.,.,,y a.P feet the Madcap Teacher tiaraltattan girls by s whir man .her La.... to. ......,. Sept. 3s, a Ufe prison. term, are ..... ......... Drown "..
IMdy and WOUt a ... "., ...... ... IJ sad .. N..r.rM kytontoi fee meeting P.Ufkolas were smashed, byMpanlettAknow L.V. Davit of Catneavllk an- son taVly HtCrtff. who' rsetting H ar..1."
to .., hlmooV. vial t tool ..1aeIWI.. N.g ras .1a .. U. pa tor ktrArJ tar higher selartMtor /* tat Monday sight ...... this week, s rrmbra nedrob-
from the trock. lack twee. ....... .J dr.f..,.III ... ail rd rota At H.A.ey .ar *rs aaatnlng t 100 The "vkrtlm .Is Jan*. W.C..u. Tht soml'tnraial. mt.tlngwlfl bery In snider .*aa.TtailmBoy Wllkns!
ere warraov .....the octw C.ui.h.iwt, N feel Aire ...' patio N I d Ir..... w snort wen wU centime. tags prt*>rl9or W get nderway Saturday, relating, to the
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-y.r rate son**. His boss satdht try ... .... to ..-w.., torAV .. ......... "I l .0..k ... cku or me ml..tits tftet tnt|*. .tat m mothers of tl* N. .arpa .erCin 0nvghat 0e ." kw reiw*| tfi* slaw. ofteheol
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IM grotory Is ...w s Special S**nnf M.ka with .w fw. Drtw** May 11, ......
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I ,

._ -f' '\ J SiAr 'APtlS,. ."0 I I'I, ''I' I'J f'\I SUNDAY SEPTUlin u. 1S6 I

THK FLORIDA NEWSmbllahed STAR .,et I To Be Equal

bar the Florida star pybllahlng Omapur

ERIC 0 SIMPSON ...........Miliilil E.itirUTSOH aTHfIAWLfJJNfSJ'I I, not for t. poJ Negroear bet fo' that of ,h.dl

E. WlSf............ Km E.itirIILDA T OTHEJV'L.POESMUSTDlJTOOPED. ,.., l j/ll .,-..,.. ore teArs *> *M* slavery in
VnittdStttat." Alexis *, Toce eirf//e

WOOTEN ... ....... Circilitili Miniir )l7r/IATDO THEY om/oonl
1 WANT?' Today, oBpro, Jmo,Wy ISO yeas ofter'o'
t .ttdt Rbtorfem penned Macs words 1" his' cloak

,WIPFSPREAD J,, *. ...k.' "' .,. ", omMoMo/wfcfoA.
2323 Miiciiif' RiH Phm Elgin 4-8712 BREAKDOWN .,.* mho still Wow InfogrorioB' GI lahtlttf rather

REJPECTFDR ,It on opportunity.
Address lAW AND MORAL fvf o. mo notion wen In me loWe.
Miiliil VALlIE.- forced foworef omo... J
.. Mug \
P.O. Bu 561 licksiifilti 1. Fliri.i .raraa.vrt .'." because aSo .l.vo yom ..*..'" I.ItA

: I Iv. againtl tttooooiniorylntorotttolirtrnou- 1
MIAMI OFFICE ,., .o too la segregation tumbling
4 lor mvth rio tamo ,....- | ,
In aha pert year, says Iho Federal,ov.1. mss
131 NW 3rd An. Pkin 311-1025 ,. hove been opi.....end more public' ploco Info-

,..... fcy *. now CIvil ftfahf Ad then by a .oeotI. of
I .....01 ankortatioM. court orders and writ. The atolls
II Iiw. re coil op.i", elf ...r"' .South b.co.,aeonly shopworn
>om ..,IIoi,..""' _.
One Year $6.00 Half Year $4.00 II % Thy had fang been drops W 4.odw.igM. on lheconomy >

Mailed to you Anywhere; in the united States I f of the South; forcing ton payers to build two

Subscription payable in advance rraY.b' 4 ", rooms where 011. add awke end Iwo schools

Send Check or Money Order to: y ...r* .nlf on. wo n.....A Tel even beyond this, ,
,eg"i." hot been rendering sluggish' A.. sovthorn

.enemy.As .
FLORIDA STAR P.O. BOX 561 '1AV 3HOLLODEri automation cud sway ...... 1,000,000 w3W 1
. Jacksonville 1, Florida LIKOAT4WHClfP4Rf / ', annually, the day it rapidly ...,_111,.. If iI'.
/ .. NOONF.' It....alrfoay.. Met Dales cifi..mwlfc.veme ttt....
4 .M71N4.Mwe ., t.ochers. iiginaart. .ccowntonN end tachnkiant

Foreign Aid Makes Friends Or Foes ? 4 to .*r new economy. Al pretext mey .ro losing I.tA
end FociRc C oif
1 la me booming S vmi afern
'For vein and yean the United States hu seat bU- .*. The day when a eovmora canfractor """ Into
bons of dollars to foreign countries In the form of aid Nagra gver4or and pided up 20''faoarara for c....
Now our poverty program an coining In for their OIIIN/ I. ...v, .,.,.. TKo now racrwifara ore not
hare of criticism toot critics say it to waste of* ", to mwcfc for "vlelopDw.r .* aroinpowar-and

money and Isn't doing much good. *'''''' prohibiting Neg,.., from acquiring adtKafcan
fee realize that laymen like to talk "off the cuff" ".....,. to ma fu"' ,. 01 "' nation. North and
without advanced taco; We are more In favor of spending ....

tax money at home for poverty than dishing out ...,.... 1. ...WbtMnaton, fat.. .,.Jocf.'H"' .. "" .1OU1ft.
spadeiful abroad. Your .,. wnita man had to gel dawn ,in ... ec.non'k purer
Congress Is considering the extension of the Foreign" Weekly ardor to hold the. blob man "' ..... And nit forvtove
Aid Act for another year while Senator Sam Irrlnof -'. were foratnawadaycfaracavavilfe' .....were:
N. C., and others feel that the program U Its present macafoniaelnMrntdimarawarana dews

form Is "not satisfactory to the United States or the Infanaral Men. ...... In
mara popwfava moro pratporove
recipient nations, The attitude of the opponents U
really understated. Horoscope Guide ..1cIt aI.".,., ,,_,,"' .J. The father (Sawm) may want

Are we not jetting cheated In spending $3.0 billion mare wo U eAawn. mat ..." .,.,. which. to trial to
for the benefit of other countries, If we an trying to buy .efavev ii prejwdkiaf to .... "' .......*
friendship? It la said we arc purchasing the very l Thw. tomaaamaairfanttnalmaSawmha not ehwdod
which foreign demonatratora to defile the weus d ly PABLO The ASTROLOGERWHICH it* heritage/ W tlavary. : to aha ..,....mat if ding to
American embassies tbroad. of course, we know that -cIo.* tiHtantnio for .,'..*-.. this wise done
this Is not true of every nation to which we send foreignaid .".l'I. ,,..,, In "ma rota for now'inoWrie* and /aete.Savmor .
; but It Is so patent with many of them that the hand ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS whit mordents era doing a I.nddIm.'"'*.
that'Teeds ls getting mighty sore from being bitten ao an hundred a/Main s" ...* wh.... Nag re *Aa .

often.A/ TRAVELARIES .., ,roI lJi'HMY.y_,.,"" ."" Of carne
large segment of opponents contends that this nation BUSINESS now patra aril loci ma whorowilhaf toftvy oven

can promote more peace per dollar with Its armed emapaar _i... .... tintagre ianmaanifottar eWae

forces than lu Santa Clius bag. and untried methods to s test their minds afer commitments can obtain to try .,.. /jual ma ._..
Certainly our armed .a"lcemell.t.tloned at various It would be unwise to adopt have been formally you. Happily, Now, I am convinced many ....10,...* 'Inniaitaa'ay
world trouble be tired of shot
spots must getting being Bern Merck 21st thro them. made should not be allowed to many loyal cwetorn. barring them from Wring Nagraa w9laa
at with made In the United States and donated
form of Aprlll'tfa 1-80-44-ie-42-OM take place as far as you are supporters /. to paint to Mo VII ol the now Civil f>g...* Ad a*
to foreign powers aa a foreign aid.
II II tory will record how long It took us to get wise about C k: M I N I concerned. This would bepurely the apply nook pressure, to rational for ..'n.... IM. .... will .. geed far av+
our Santa Claus giving. There are sign that ce negative. It stands ass have any) ... a* wall a* for H..,. warfare ay ..,.rwf local
deceptive Influences a.,*) N.y 211t that barrier between you, your likely to "eltoai"I .

Where Parents Can Get' College Money treacherous people are conniving Jvne21tt mate and major chance objective that gotten.son that Don't win art, IheaaveVamcliniate pawar.In .manttointagration" -taut4
raid There Is some
to personal s
your of holes ,venture. ", rapialy and radicwf/y far .... ........ ottering the
or Joint This of who are children
w.1'I1IYOll of
There considerable
are signs you
.... Inc. .,. for
Nagra now "" staying
s-eo. yaangttar
The coat of sending children to college has become against making any promises agitation Drought about destiny will not be able to resin -
... In Du'a. And ilmanawAcfcan cwl Into the
more and more of a burden for Negro parents In terms or commitments the by your workaday chores or the higher forces that CAP a fragi
of where la the money coming from They are caught terms of which may be open the attitudes of top people. If are; propelling you In a given "high 'levels e/wnamplaymanlamangNagraael24(
In an economic whirl pool, because moat of them did to dlatostlon or that can be yon feel that you are reachIng ..direction. Almough each one Bas Doc. l '" cant highar Man among white, according to ma
not have' foresight to take oat educational policies. for used to your detriment (lath, the boiling point. It would hu a mission of some son ..., alaaar Harittttt] .. ran onpccf thai high ....
their children and/or save for this purpose.' 17th). Your closest ally m be more Judicious to call s to nilfin. yours seems to be Jo. ..*. high walfora paymant end high crime ratoe can

Some parents who did have foresight could not affordto also be subjected topreisui half to whatever you are do- highly Important and appropriate Be .... ( .'" maf lang-awaitod downward apiral.Homarully. .
save or Invest In an educational policy because with making It desirable for both Ing. otve yourself s chanceto for the times. Do not Ideas that are l41.113'h wUto Amoricane wM roc...... Shot It It
large families they did well to feed and clothe them and of you to adapt the measures calm down (Uth). The unusual permit anyone to shake your aped to fail for Mace American* afona mat dvif right pro-
provide hospital and straight life Insurance for the sib that an mutually protective continues to permeaterat faith or ..lIocon denr.. home your ... I It vrgonely needed. At efo facejwavlffapraphatiad
lings. (Jlsr). A rpoblem related to home life. This keeps that be r.c..tury... *kl.forma, good ol .ma .* tee
What parents may be looking for U a 14-page publication the home or the Interests of you guessing as to j Just whatto die originators may
entitled "Borrowing for'College,' A Guide for a dear one may require disciplinary expect neit ((17th). Wha,- self. A friend
Parents and Students" It discusses loans for higher measures besides ever It Is that la going on. .
education available through Federal" state, and collegeprograms great understanding.When you It should be accepted as a Bam $.t. Bra tfcrtj having terious nature.: No Retailiii Moiepolies
and from commercial banks, finance com know that It Is for good and grand opportunity to seek self- Oct. 23 prudent for
pamea, savings and loans associations and credit unions. meritorious purpose, yon advancement. Make life In you
We urge Interested parents to send for this bookletby should not hastltate to bear general far more Interesting Mot an conditional are acceptable. up to them. V Some"years ago there was a widespread fear that the
down This ls the factor dill advice. ''c corporate chair Store systems would destroy lndlpeamerchanilIarw. -
writing to the Superintendent Documents. Government (32nd( ) than It already la ((18th. 19th).
.... .
that must bear In mind! out soon .. to the food field. And tr
Office you particularly
Priming Washington D. C. -- 90403. and A change cooks or residence There Is a developing ten- have
the cads 30 cents. This publlc.tlonm.y be the answerto should lead to the fulfillment dency to Stan taking chances when financial matters are from gotten which, be that numbers of people stin hold met notion
being negotiated or brought h If the facts should them The share of the
your problem of a wish now or In the near with money or affectionsCANCER so, reeasare
No matter how sorely ((22nd). to a conclusion.: There ls move / .. held by the three largest food chains, according
something below the surface better should the of d them* has declined 3 1/3
tried. you feel, do not give dark ,.10-22-uon123 president one by
Tribute To Actress DaudrldgeDeath moods the slightest opening to that may make It too expensive by those among .. points sine 1929. And the fourth largest food
get a parar/slftg grip ayou. for you to make commitments highly Intuitive Is a cooperative, owned and run by Independent
bean abas
of the to
regardless ... operating some 2800 stores.to .
You have
access to Inspiring
cut abort a promising caner of the Negro ee- forces to master the moat Br J.*. 2211 this gilt that shines and glitters. vance the he spokesflnatrs words the. ". .r..11 often..,
tress, Dorothy Dandrldge 41 who was found recently baffling of problems. Overcome J.I, fled Your Instincts may be aharp- the trenda. I that U It the growth d affiliated Independent f to-
lifeless In her fashionable Suntct Strip apartment. discomforts towhkh er. This Is when you may be It... -to cooperative and voluntary chain tfcatha* been
The police are. not mutt sure whether death waa from any be We all have You have bad things so good better able to Judge whether 2-1O- ottatandlng feature of poetWar changes fa 'ood"Uq. -
natural causes, or whether It have been "acci you may prey. lately that you far ahead toe 1stoa
may and downs. suffering you should go or Their share baa risen from 21 percent to half of
our *
up out on a limb a
dental Regardless of the cause here was exampleof more satisfactory terms.Conftulng "'" business, while me corporate ehauf share kaa
one who rose from bottom of the ladder and move d up>> Start out by revising your rude fall. Out the Cancer I ana \ elements are still but slightly and kaa Jut held ..IIty.1nre
to the of dramatic She did Uses and anuudea should y who are seasoned to the ways Bar. Jo*
topmost rung success. not to the background.They .
lurking at a level of abort 40 ftt cent, er 44 per cent do-
let the have been responsible for d the world are not likely to ,...
handicaps of race become a defeating factor. may be supported' by ea whoae figures you .. .**
misunderstandings\ between make this mistake. They win
Dandrlge "rocketed to fame" from her portrayal d"Bess" from
preasure fa other words those who foresaw the demise of the
In the movie and But" and also 'couples or collaborators De remain on solid ground now Some
"Porgy mess oruc..I.1ftIbt11oIaOQ add .. did hint leaf from
a Injustice.He took
an Oscar nomination aa "Carmen Jones." She first die first one to take) the- Initiative and la the fuure. Romantic kv er d. grave s
ICs to to
your pan. up you mind corporate chains boot and created the cooperative.rganisatcnswhich
to reaching new ground attachments that tote bold win of .omoc
acclaim and ranked
won as a nightclub singer favorablywith remain wary at an tires \
IWDIft.1 rchnbgpeerad
Lena Home In beauty and style. for lasting agreements mat not be easily shaken off, aU vioMntirnSCORPIO know kls
SbOtiy te compete oa aa eva baths. There are no
win promote better under the for you dangling fa
Two years ago Miss Dandrlge lost her voice aa a re- more reason you to fa retailing.Nalltitl .
suit hysteria, but recovered bytre.mentfrom.psy- atandlng and a more effective exercise restraint and goodJudgement long aa you .
chlatrlst. It baa been suggested her recent marital co-operation tfrouhavereaeon at the outset. Thehoblles Ma shall act
and financial troubles may have triggered her death, but to believe that removals to which JaI have dedicated Bent Oct. 24* ..... going higher .
to other localities will Improve win be you kave.. .
of this we are not sure. vourself ...*. .22114A 4-H Cist Week
Some people crowd more Into a life of 41 years than o yoar chances of realising sources of mental stimulation sun of satlaf
others who live to be M years of ago In Dorothy your hopes, they may be and great personal pit,- personal' crisis that rosy be a bit too
Dandrlge's ear we are confident that this la tree. considered. You ...IeII.. aare. Keep on perfecting the have been brewing for same Straight ... Whatever yoare dotat and wherever you >ttve.durlrai
She Improved racial relations more than aha could considerable thought to your talents that could some day reflect time Is holy. to come te a able to press weak ef Sepaecnber M nroagt October t-" dam..
ever know May aha re it In peace: career and financial pros to yoar glory and credit. ...... Ibis may force you to a bit of anodes kaereat and awrpon aa aa observant*
pects. Act accordingly. But be realistic. arrive at .docll_Should ma Dale will take Uaoe at thai ttme. ft fa National 4-H
-90-44-1T-42-341 be difficult prevUe the Week..
task prove to a
Negroes Admitted To air .-..11-21-111 Leo one, there may be aotneeneamoag to come back : ft weald be UmceJi ae peaty the 4-H BMxeanaat

TAURUS your eaUgtonxl and gar your klgUy. Dacatae ef I. great sanders ef boys' and
This la the time for a number of firsts In this ors Ben J.I 23re? the friends who coakt come up dry sell "" are hewed te lean hi hadamratak of r."..-
that. Now the Houston (Texas) Bar Association voted Bam Apr1120sh tkrv ly with the right answer eraokttioa. posed should ...aad r........ fa date dye Is a cambUettoa of
recently 1.091 to 321 to admit Negro attorney Into May 20th A.1. 23rd DeatiU from" oceee- mbe.... ...... en tad craft TIe aackat vtnees BVtt are
the association, says W. James Krower eaioclartonpresident. loa to put your house fa erdor. fore they c brpBell+ eternal fa land aaeare are. cemtfaad wlak
There Is eoneemaUoo d usual an pressures to gt Keep U that way for aa (:40- tecaneloejr. of ..".
Another first this U, and Dean Kenneth TeOett of powerful planetary tafitenresfa Ton to pledge your word or long as fe as eaefckv Some We Bve fa aa facroaelngTf axtwiietd aetiety. err
the Texas Southern University Law School said approximately the solar laws that have yet assets on a thaw or Scorpio easy be carry f I ea AM may be. a very grreieeal W me strength
40 Negro lawyers are eligible! to Join the association to .. with loved oats, prsend something thai may not bear torch for someone, cauami .. ma ckaraeier ef die aatioa fa rued fa te nail
.... ...
taken and hey used.dons. .p under close Investigation dam to be downhearted and ef Its .... The lead, and done "'-"It the land I
We hope that other city and state bar associations win There la a son of a Make U a point to keep the exalted .fa tare. Del oe act Moo .. and code aal atataaa aa, And tere, away from I
follow suit and admit members on the bar of ejsallflcstions coning. together" signifying family untied la the fare of neglect your ttetkta and re* congeaeH cfelea with aa theU aevttHM. fa ties
and experience. Than we can boast has ore feat conKuM ahouVi be pmt any threats, computations or spoas(butties. Soak comfort e.... .. ,.._ keartaf keen ef Atnerka.
"onelaandrtdlaa4 five handreda," and ao on. to rout and aoslUve.. decisions die moddUag of nalieloaa laeUvUuala. from the poasftOtrtfut you of Iaform flare ere ao JsveaOe oaBaqteata fa tat raaka ef 4-H.
This was achieved by aa overwhelming majority ef reached. Tie possibility\ 10 OUy the Meads win soon get over t< Ton decal ... ., carry ea tree tratfttkara-orkle ef ae.rt.ea, fair
the voter d the Houston association satisfy yoar swarf desires la whose aoy aides am withstood pea seas enduring oaattbea.SAGITTARIUS: latin. a c.ei taofpeatetre, ......,.... for echers-Aet
every mare.' It wOl be up to ma teat of tare and trltela- $-n-I..m ef action ae vfeal te that .........
The Cast Of Feed you te take --.IIpe..* doG wbouU be laBy trusted ,... Tie,.,
ejalrod te gel" the ban rettingf win secrets of an (nttmatenasara. r/ / ........
In recent month the- official cost of ttvtnglneeaea. bays ( 2IdIj. The entry of JV Those who bays a rep- recogejiaa ma
shave some relatively sharp advance. The arfarfaalJunps bar fate roar solar ...d loaeeaay utadoa for gash would take .... He*. 23r5 the.Dee. .... k raid security
have been U food which saw costs an averageof add dknaaee, ts yoar tre- _tel advantage d Jalreoorw. 2h. atreat t* ale
saucing like Uper' car mass anon t did ay.erragn. vela eal breadM te ae of .... te brail dna ara.dbtM.nrmaYsneatdd etaa _

And this naauaOy enough. las tamed the Ito elm tear aiMitog(1DdO.Uasfl yoa mashes If you km ...,..... antck men .
housewives and sot thsmtofrUnh rcMsriegrhs ass wkatUtebUma. late kad a .... t* pet jkewToarej and melr follow ear, tomethlng or ttul ataetfke aaefiy ef ,.
Check romantic CUuioos.*
an M anorenaplciaas aac er yoarteu sntre4 a Joaat me'
An toe ofM they pkbdtewsongtargsuTlry take el* .. gooea
alias. hN wfil aa "
ma pecpat. pass
planetary ::u. : wrong
en the retailer the nanafacvarer. the .......,. tka tiara m*. tVaantere were osrbaj can expect some eon of ...... T-.r..
farmer the middleman DM It leaf M skull a>* ... roe
the fisiaa ojaaner tai VIRGO disagreeable ... .5onet eo- takfag ca
Take meat, for Instance, which' aectka&y everyee* .
to sins only aaaaral let you v.l.. eat to !- .thelUeftf very -.
b.?aaadwhlckUacaaMefeoar rawtMthaerw Ira. aa take saQ asSantaoa tI..... lean .... 2W .... oily far ma t otBoat. e.oa aet ke ....
lack up. ft moves U s...,...supply and Mead .erhat. fever emu ana e .MM
Tine ueaiweiDiy
aree art
dam ftt and to aeOtof artee.to aaaay Ie.*. n..4) your
He sot er taa tnanajalaas
abas race* months aupaUaa .... .erne we at itmtolafca<. *U ejsanarifOni Tat ....., of sans dopesn year aataraaata. : BONDSI
foe beef kas bee ..,. .
walk demand, particularly i-30-U'
te ef ttsy
Vlrfeoaa aMfesatucmange taw
capttal any *
User lid a circumstance, hlgter. price are........ > n-stt

1--, ,f > ,. ". .. t', ,PI .." .



Youths tnjoy Annual Festivity .,. ......... ...................
Jaxon Receives ; ,: l'I

Socially Speaking r .

j. BI liibi Ciiijiri Test Director'sPost ". t.:? 't<. ,t t' i I A
"':-' ,
The annual oJJto
installation banquet of Club Royal f :
At College .
Ambassador, be was held recently at George Washington : w-
HoteL W. Russell Robinson a member of the i

club Installed the newly elected officers.: President Lionel H. New. : '
Officially placed Into office werej Percy 1.. Parson corn has announced the appointment .. *rov 4 *C
.d vKrrnlt.' '
n | V
president: w.ymoa P. Surety vice: president} of Dr.Reid E.Jackson i r WB> V.HA2'1'.. _' \ .VQ.
Albert Helms. Jr. financial secretary Earl S. former director public -- --- -- -
"Kttrhlngs recording secretary) Alvin Hampton treasurer relations and professor of ." 1 .. have n stair dryer yourself or with one or two
; and James A. Joyner. chaplain. education at FayeaevUlestaaCollege r7itf ... too .1K1l1IaIr spray makes close friends. When you have
The Ambassador membership roster Inemides.: In u director of testIn .y( bale ad.. mot set. hat your lea (there'll be someone.'
In eel at the lea table ready to pourIt
tame Juki
addition to officers James ADen. Elwood L. J. Banks. and public relations and kale for .taoHaOaul*'* oenaIou for )ang). talk with both
Henry L. Bellany Sr., James E. Bennett William acting chairman of ths department r : faculty members and your fellow
k i. I Broadway, Walter Bryant Robert. Gray Russell of education at Barber h rA 4 A. Try the steam treatment! journalist; You'll find
w. Gregory, Oscar L HUlraan Johnak L. Jackson Scotia College For in-bctwrcn ha.r4f"Nt yourself enjoying the adult
Clarks.James Cssshis W. Jones. Enkne J. Jones A graduate of Wittier your hair dry in rollers. Wong conversation" and nuking some
R.*' Jones.. Allen C.Joyner, Junes Morton. Jonathan University Dr. Jackson received a towel out in hot water then new frteruK When you leave
MeCone. Sr.. Arthur R. McDonald. T. B. Merbrrsoo the MlA and Ph. D. ( wrap It around your head. The' thank )'ou'* to the hone***
Leonard Charks Parson. Lonjtneu Parson degrees from the Ohio State, steam from the towel vUl are in order.Q. .
and W. Russell Robinson. Sr. University.' penetrate the rollers and dampen MOM'S swrfusM k the
The wives of Ambassador members participated Dr. Jackson bring lena each curl just slightly. [raaN,1.1 the usys''so bor.rowing -
attended the formal affair which Included a cocktail and varied background of experience After five minute, remove the Jc'. gal the scent far
hour In the Danquet Room, followed by dinner and dancliU In both state and towel Your hair should' dry teeea." How cue I led a pea
: In the Ballroom. Music was furnished by the Eugene" cJareb-relsad colleges tow completely in fifteen minute him that's rifhl for .*?

white Combo. new position Barber-Scotia CHOW TIME .. lapMil Yevrti" Camp "kold$ bock yeee .* Hie *omow el rl.rido Memorial to half an hour Bruih It into A. You'll have to sniff our
Miring Labor Day week-end the Ambassador College College, Rod thete ,."na...,* ready and _,,,--. wi* lisp ." .lit... The ."" ".1 ."Ii,.. your favorite style, then"hold'use way! You might urt by fotngi
twU Its annual beach outing at American Beach The He has served as assistant I.sps"'.'" by Fl.ride tofMtl WOft' ."PI-,"nd awlracr ....,.1 Hundred y.""," ." hair spray sparingly to 10 the perfume counter of your
1 attractive beach home of Mrs. 1.. B. Childs was the focal to the president of Central from oil *orlon* el .. *..... A Avrifiod vrogrom of rocreeMeis crolt. and lible tlwdykoMorod in place. favorite department store and

point of actlvitks for the approximately IS participants State College PaulQubnCol- SiMi .'.-4 time being. kod by all,' according fo H>. (ervi, diroclor Q.our The school FjitlUb.k hosting dtportMealof a &*.. entitling. the aid of a friendly

In the e,,=. legs, and Allen University. staff clerk Till her the kind of
................. Other administrative day ,'mtea for she Kent >ou',. looking for and
posts U. S. Bond of the school paper I'et *"*'
I Eva Roskr. Doris C, Bennett. LydltM. Sweet and held by Dr. Jackson have Inesjded Army wrvoM about going to patties littcn to her Mifgettion. Buy
Helen Toney were guest players when Zebus Johnsonentertalned dean st Arkansas State Slit My friends have. but. I've to or three small trial siteKMtkt
Gems Drldge Ckib last Friday Evening. The College, WUberforce University To Present never lIMa to .. adult lee before. of the cologne* (not
like If
meeting was held In the newly decorated Eldorado Morris College,Langs- srro delivery Are here My special Nhlfcl perfume U you ktw lhen" one your at
V which U s club. rk?
F' operating as private ton University and Edward
for I.II oc
a lima
C Free Concert Except! .rc
Mark McClairi and Myrtls Thomas were recipientsof Waters College director of A. G uwd manners are f\I- canons, >oull. find you .like.
ckib prises, white HeknToneic qualified for the guest publicity at Southern University Ueni at coke panic or teat cologne "lest. Not only can \ouue
award. The FkU Band and hatically the umc, for
and and director u.s.o.nn'l it's Wveiprntivc.
j registrar it more lavishly >
Other persons present for the meeting were Lillian of student personnel services Mr. A Mrs. Jessie Brown ISM W. 25th St. Boy of Washington D. C, under both Wear", of your prettied too!
Mr. A Mrs. Jacob Ckatman' 9833 Gruothal St. Boy drew! Carry' a mull
Catherine and the Command
Davis Thomas Evelyn Calvin MarkStreets. Florida .
: at Mr. A Kirs. CunU Williams 1264 W. nth St. Boy Colonel Robert U handbag, and Jon'l, f.trek ),nirilove (f., rare ".i.rri t. sea'
LU Blerly
,. .
College Mr. 4 David 3834 If the" tea l I' xhe.luled 4ni.KI ..edin t 4 rllttnJt
lire D. Street *
...........* Bar-eon 19M and WO assecretarycoordinator Balky Boy will present a concert In the ltf*.tt> *r>tf fee Ikt l In
Mrs. Ruby Hurky, Southeastern ReglanalDlrenor of the Mr. A Mrs. Booker T. Redmond 4311 Detallle Dr. Boy Jacksonvllk Civic Auditorium from four to *'', you can arrive *..l/rl, ".ire Via I* I *,
Mr. A Mrs. Lorenzo Cameron 1M3 N.Myrtle Ave. Boy at any lime during Ihe .....r SewS t..r tmt f.JtJJwi
for the National for of 8 September
Association the Advancement Monday,
at p.m.,
executive commission of the
Plan to about. half ..
Mr. & Mr*. John Manning S244 Data Dr. Girl party. May + *. r.rtrt > .. lee
Colored people will speak st a mass meeting of the general board of.dnattonfor: ..lr.6 Mrs. Edward CaukJln 1706! Fairfax Su 37th. The public ls In- an "hour, longer if >ou like No Ii5.!'. *i"**r;'.< it* (M,...
Jacksonvllk Branch NAACP on Sunday. September 28. MME colleges, he wrote evaluative A Boy vlkd. NoadmUslonlscharg- ,1 need Id surd in a corner .by "... ,N.f..<*. W...)
The place of the meeting will be announced later. standards and a report Mr.Mr. A Mrs.ore James Wilbur Johnson Gibson 301 114 W.E.Tth 18th St.St.Jax Bell Boy Boy od for concerts by the U.S. ;',T, ............ ._._.....d.._._...u........h.1IH.LNLNN.IINNI1111
bnr iemalty. 1969 marks Mrs. Hurley's twenty-fifth of the survey of these Insttitlons. Army FkU Band.
Mr. A Mrs Clinton Msrabk, 4329 Bessk Circle Apu Airman Kirkland
year as traibkshooter In the Southeastern Reg Ion., whkh 3 D srrarCem.na.rsbe- Fill Ciitiinici
Includes Florid. Georgia. South Carolina Alabama, Listed In.several blographl Girl IDa co-ordinated by the Down- '
lit A Mrs. Edward Robinson SOU
Mississippi, and eal Tusk Rd. Boy town Council of the Jacksonville Now ServingIn
dictionaries Including"who's
Mr. A Mrs. Howard Anderson 5973' Orlando Clr In The revival netlru! in

Graduating practical pNINNNNN nurses of Stanton Vocational "Leaders Who la la the Education.World"and ck. W. Boy conjunction ChemberolCommerre with the Chef of Coloeilans Baptist Church Viet HIliSAIGCIN.
Its A Mrs Charlie Marshall 709 W. Church St. Girl will continue rhrnigh Sept.
High School will hear an address by Mrs. Hettkl U Information Department of .
has Airman
Dr. Jackson contributed Yet Nam
Mr. A Mrs. Robert R 112 Orange Su Boy 34 according to Rev. 511111&.1I'rlte. ,
Mute. a local I registered nurse, Friday at the
evening nimberai snicks to liy and Mr. A lira J. RaEkran till genlock Army. Second i CI.'I1Uarn
Henry Dr Girl pastor
eight o'clock, at the school professional periodicals. Mr., A Mrs lasso C imams 191S Davis Su Girl The 100-pkce U.S. ArmyFick Rev. WIUIf...Cem..<.,"... N. Kirkland Jr., son of Mr.
Kirs. Mills is president of the local chapter of Delta A former editor of the Band has appeared in. ofiwulah Church and Mrs. William N. Kirkland .
Sigma Theta Sorority, and has lost returned from SPHINX official organ of the Mr. and Mrs. Ferris Rhors.' WO W. Ashley Street, the anaugural parades of Presidents tor U Baptist Other Sr. of tM Mlrmk St..
speaker. participants
California and Hawaii where she attended the National Afcha Phi Alpha fraternity der. m W. Uth Street boy. boy.Mr. Truman Elsenhower Mak Chonas J Jacksonville U now In Vki
Convention of the group. She Is Iso a member of the he holds /membership In many and Mrs. Willie Small Mr. and- Mrs.' Wallace Sib- and Kennedy, has given concerts of Emanuel ant Church, Nam In the flghi agalnstCom
League of homes" Voters and participant In a mental profesilonal and honor tocktks 1028: At*rt Street, fir I ">, W4 W. 19th street In ail SO states 1> Workers Baptist Mak Chorus nanls' ggreulon'
health project sponsored by the Florida State Beard of Inckadlng A Kappa Mr and Mrs. Lewis WUboy.. comma In Evrope and. has ,- Willing Mu Olive Baptist Airman KlrklanJ( ., a fire
Health. M. and Deta Kappa CAL Urns 31M Kkvstoa: Street Mr. and Mrs. Matthew presented many concerts trftf Church, choirs. Tatwr- protection specialist.' II.
Prospective graduates are Virginia A.Angtin. Barbara boy. after.. 1W W. 30thStreet.Mr. FarEasu nICk Mak Chorus Royal and ths ember of ihe Pacific Air

J. Brooks Barbara B. Clayton Martha D. twrw,. and Mrs. Jack Show- boy. The Banta repertoire Includes MUM Chorus of Deulah Baptist Forces An.rlca's overseasair
Dernlce J. <&nI. Emily Messengak. Flora MMc- A&T Slates popular military and Church. arm (la Saitheasi Ala the
Cray LlnJa J. McMal; Gloria Mervta. Mary A. semi-classical oaislc. The Far East and Pacific.
Moss Shirley New some. Maude P.rrls"hUt"- Ram $2 Million Florida AIM To Present Annval MS Ukrs' Chorus" anlme.*
sey. Betty Robinson WUhrbnenls Ross .1.rI"'m eral part of Ihs bad IncatdIng -
v',. Thompson, Annette '-'lid Ie,. and WUlk R. '-11. a s number ef Inaimmenta- -
11 ani" Student Center bud! Presentattofl Oct. 2 lists, furnish a change. : ofpace i Instant.Photos

INIIINNN la d'i"d .
Lewis Csnsr.niwiObcthtBiataapeakerfor the annual CREENSOORCl K.C.-Constmctlon TALLAHASSECFAMU) The nut annual Band Day several selections. Inckadlng -
Leadership Training Cay of die A. U Lewis Branch on tNs new million- at Florida MM University k slated. M be held oo the allt Broadway 1'
niCA Saturday. September" 25. at Link Talbot Island.Mr. .- dollar Student Center st MTCollege campas la Tallahassee oon Sassrday' afwrnoon" Octobers, favorites

Carter will speak on MEconomk and Social Justice. k eipoctod M begin according .. aa annomnrement today frem Dr. WilliamP. "w* are the Kings W the
." wish la tr. seal IN Fester director ef bante, MIl m* Rev. KG. Mlles, Highway. which k .motto
tocitdod en the kadershlp day program. will be workshops At bU CIIwWw":. '.... d iswknv and chairman ef me FAMU Band Com ef .,. Band. and M boeplnc ,
on"ThChrt.dMrattti.- "Education. Employment minee. with the old aa Is 50C
conducted last week, low bids bon section of Infantry g.
and Leisure. and "Se Morality." Mis* J. on the structure ef SttO.SU. Planned ae a benefit for musk made srranger for me sed by the Band for Its musical
Masks Fhher will be In charge of Leadership Development. plea allowance for fees and its Florida University Band band and annaincer.Working especially. 'Ip'_'". The Band.ceenpkttly .
for scholarship fund .,. pr- mobtk traveling
115,000, movetl..mlp'meet with the band' directors
Mrs. Florence J. Dixon U Branch executive Secre fen be"IN original tram will be tell- In Ihs ss me choreographer la Us own transportation NI- Each

wry allocation of 11.030OOP.Registration. Urfjjg Memorial Stadhun, begtnntng ef dan .s steps and ratter k nQs Us prim*mission off resent

Issiciitin Miitiii Band panes win be treated Mrs. Cleverly Hlllaman Barber and ing grassroots concerts ef la the the.chins..1Oft.
of the FA U Departmentef

The best Jacisannn Association Matthew, W" Clfcert High luau to ef an mulclanshlp svnunal domonstra-by IS knteristleaslly Health. and Physical education. WEDDING BELLS Royal 1 Art StudioSOCIAL

Royal Crown fet aDemrComrti- Advil School wlfl continue it* acclaimed

11I17 wlUewtOct,4.Spsa.ni. "|lt radon for tub curies fated as tea of the Beanie Lee Davis BaUwln"
wily be Henry T. Breadstreet. To*td ay and Thersdey from 1lnckid 'troll e..slca! and. narcnlntafgregatkra Dr. S. CenkryAttewl ,...., SS and Mlmk Lee Bryant.DakJwin.Fla. COMMERCIAL STUDIO SERVICE
Coll Cecd.M. Re*. R.L. was' a ID p.m. ta d. UB MIl L.M H.,.... .4 ta me prog ran win States.Dr. Ales TLbyJr"1i0EGred.IL .
be big b sdwol and pads KlgHrevkw Feessr. Mad of the Semkar 4S and Olivia S. Choeae
bask education and rata t. &".,... efMMk berough.* UOI Crom" '''. n.Orlander 515 DAVIS ST.
....tenant and advance tyTfcf.Beginning and director ef bands, U b rypreparing In New York B. Wlkher.Jr"

and advance ;_. swl>| prey ramie 9044 Breedwsy. t=. and
MllePerfect "Ing classes, with .plot I" emphaaU be esee.1e4 by *. liifkresmmber CI.... % lUlneon, 901M
CCNCCflD: H.Co"Dr.Sar '
.. band ELGIN( '
.11I. .. wlB pofwlarryM 1cIQII... 'to. 11.
,. ef admkskM
loa4Asikttkg B. C. ". director
Uiklitiin bec't by Mr*. Emma lawn "tSeMarthini Hayward DulUrd. 99 S.MynU .
Smith, him .. the Band andctvatrmaeof the
eeparanont ef fctslmss at Ave.. 31 anlLellaMaeWaSur. All DAY TUESDAYS
lei PrevkMh' earetM sw- Day program wfflbei LeaardC 1109 W. lode Su. tl.
( ..... haw boea .,... *. ..- Data.walaa director MInds Barber-lceds Celkee. winter
Tnr PhytieiiiIII rU whk ih arw .w..... and tflrectaf ef t tfietrvenprt W 111 cetkge admlaUtrsters -
Cbarks i.Btoc. .....""W a n..-day
IntistMervon's. Girl Scouts '1,*,.., ef the ......r.r..1n4 training (nstissteonwlmsliyend "
..u.e ksforwaike
serttea rensktingef
PharmacyTnr Plan Session trmieea. barliene bone seme ss... recently 17Macnines
sod oars Jehu H. Deakk.director 0. wtt.da al Dedr..i.

The N..e.err ....(....r* ef .,. clartnti s.e- Cer,erarto at Usotearkai
0ewto sate ...... k 'lrectSM ciao k Carflcon.KT. ,
boot Ctrl kin avid vkk
how smooth
fwcrlitiii Pliriicf Camp 0-...IN for f* t* bauTi s.wradar.Yeledag To find cut
........ af Oct. 3SXM.Clrk flew rehearsal A pal tithe ICH eenswnr
2112 M. Uti.... In ...re.... at **...4- facOincs an4 atrameaaoaaiJkaylor eoxwlve progra. fie. laetteate Martini Gin
"stria d. sans the
tog. are sa r..rt .,.lr .eeoikadert > LJaawadlr *w dd. Is Mcb Ira preeasslng. CMbe perfect! _
".5UI5 list Jet aViUM III.,..- precwiwintiasdeewdkuio
PI J1512 .
fwd tbrutrki 0m twin
liMo ,tie arttvtiy k ptannodtekrfre ., ...ar 11 rehearsal
e ih a aat>iag skill snlrecreadoa. factlMks J arc .tnettnitoM. Dr. CereeryakC ,. 1 can taste. .

t't / kwas ........ r.......' wit Lankax Dtswnm.S.. ter Me
\u I. The lessen test fir or" *** ef d'
ts1 Sls lir fIl" .... aeMaod p.na.ben. ... aeJ ceerlkatar ef 0. tern etpUln bow a eomCtar -
,,,, s1 bar UN.ry antf kwtr cMf as s *.M/al .... resiktad 1
Dewy E.rwL|
iwigVberteM .r
ckatrwaa regain and k.ts- O. Mirkens. for ekaneJ recet>ts,
er Mrs.
1sd.w graee reooru. slut.
Ears Loe tflrecssw ef 0.Ir.ak
Hffl Cmepana
Mhoeaka, sossat Maw. a*
.. eewam receive able, payrefl.bueseery .
anlplani anrf s..to- I

Germ' .,...eve .......
J.... F. BUkoeky. .........
Ir.... eead7saar.cl.dek.and ) A aPt !
span, P.roiyj...rlrf| a Ar
B.0. C,.... sager ef a.-
SisstMrstive '7'..... !...
.r* fflkjtis :....rs try,
Ak wan M. Dewai.togkwar .
1 wtsi* tsrCa''er'
A Says Jade W. PMMS. anew
ef .*...,.... HarvaHCatersleyi -
rli ana K..." &. Wash
TW e .If..... for tHSMrtSng
antf Sr W) ,
pal IeaeNereq aN btOfsa-
w .4 t,.. .... Or Core.frMe
*< ks *. effon se aryl
sta senkete d M W wl'

era Mel......
0,1W0. fa3awj ......,.
aVe sa.k.*. .f onam*
.ca titer e.arte. ks Mrrdratew a* d rr
a dot ......... d
tinverb ...,..... Cr.

GMMnotate..lid s ......, .

af *. ..,..,.... (armky1st '4w

1 >9 peart Dr. C--,7to .

Beef at its l Best .....C.Sri1b.. U.Y.he D.nry..N dogeafreat .

Mnlc sow a I. ..... .....M N Moo me news rw

.. ..

-- --- --- -
i .r h' 'I

I 1

I w \\ .


.-. Douglas Anderson Top Educators Bell Witters Allen dispel

14t burth ewt.1 Faculty PreparesFor Choir SetsProgram AME Church

Accreditation Sunday's services will commence -
A with Sunday School it
The faculty of Douglas'Anderson ? 9i30 a.m. with Superintendent
FREEDOM. BAPTIST High School began Its 4 at"t Presentation of""n Afrer- Amanda Gay and teachers In
whorkshop for re-accredltsdon ,noon of Music" will be conducted Rev. J.w. Jones
Services Sunday In Freedom Baptist Church begin Second Baptist'sBell charge pas
with the Sunday School at 10 a.m. Morning service at Tues. Sept 14 at 3i 30 p.m." by Choir Sunday tor, announced.
11 o'clock. Rev. J.U Montgomery, pastor, will deliver The dlsaccredltatlon: of 15 Y ) Witteri In the Morning worship will begin
19 it p.m.
Duval schools Sept.
the sermon. At 3i30 p.m., Rev. S. Stewart and members County High church. at 1100 a.m. The pastor will
of the
of Pilgrim Dapttst Church will conduct the fellowship may have set dedicated educators will Include o>'Jver the sermon
service. back t bit. but plans art Program principals: At 3:00 fun., the ChrisL -
now being made for s comeback ; a Endeavor Hour will be
MAGNOLIA BAPTIST In some quarters Vocal. Miss Jacqueline held In the church wpth Harry

Magnolia Baptist Church services Sunday commence Chester R Cowan, principal 1B Smith, Amex Ealey.and Albert Miss Williams, supervisor of the
with the Sunday School at 9:45 a.m. Morning serviceat of the member faculty local league and Rev. Jones
11 o'clock At S p.m., BTU and evening service at of Douglas Anderson will lead Jones.Instrumemallsts, solos will directing the program. Allen
6(30 o'clock. Choir 2 and Usher Board 2 will serve his administrators and teacher j Earl Brown members are urged to support -
throughout the day. Prayer meeting and Bible study In an intensive study of vL- be and DeU'Jonu featured by. the effort.
the Ict.IOlln order to be sure
will be held Tuesday nightMT. and Evening worship wlllstart
that DA will be rated at Its The Johnson Sisters 6:30 with Rev Jones
at p.m.
CANAAN Earl Brown Cio.peUqet.
maximum when It meets the Allen
directing program.
Services Sunday In ML Canaan Baptist Church will SAC (Southern Association of will also highlight Invited.the event.Mrs. members are urged support
The public t<
begin at 9i43 am., with the Sunday School, Deacon W, Colleges and Schools) next AWe Maxwell U the at 6i30 p.m. with Rev. Jones
Adams In charge. Rev. W, Bergess, pastor, will review time. The Scar std. school Faye and Rev. J.C. Sams, bringing the closing Boar..
will be one of the first to be president
the lesson. Consecration service at 11 a.m. Choir 1 Choir 1 and Usher 1
and Usher Board 1 will serve. The pastor will deliver re-evaluated when the County /.LL ( left) assistant executive secretary Southern Association host pastor. will serve the major services.
the sermon. Evening service at 6i30 o'clock. The Rev Is taken off the SACS dls- of Colleges end Schools entertains questions from Charles ACE League The public Is Invited

..Ir. Burgess will deliver the sermon and administer the accredited list.Arrangements. MasonEnglish Department, Walter Ellis, head Chemistry Department; 1

Lord's Supper made through the have Board been of and T.T. Lewis, associate professor of horticulture Meets Sunday Icon Hope

ABYSSINIA BAPTIST Regents office for Continuing .

Abyssinia baptist Church services Sunday begin with Education (Tallahassee) and St. Matthew AME Hosting Laymen Plan The Christian Endeavor Chores SetsAnniversary t
the Sunday School at 9:30 ..m.. Deacon W.R. McNeal the University of Florida, to Hour will be held Sunday at,
In charge. Morning service at 11 o'clock, Rev. B.L. have Dr. C. Lee Eggert meet Mass 3 pm.. In Allen Chapel[ AMC:
wynn pastor, presiding. Choir 1 and Usher Board 2 with the DA family for 3 Young Peoples Group Saturday Meeting Church.

will serve throughout the day. The pastor has asked hours, every second and fourth The Northeast District Rita Jackson, youth preil- Zion Hope's female Chorus I
the choir, board and members to accompany him toMb Tuesday for two trimesters The third quarterly meeting for the Young People's men of Florida SOS Campaign dent. and Charles Hodges, Is completing plans for
Morlah Baptist Church at 3 p.m. The missionary In order to study the Evaluation "Missionary Society of the East Florida Conference will for Florida Memorial program chairman have announced Its 18th anniversary observance
and Criteria in preparationfor be held Saturday at 4 In St. Matthew AME Church -
society Young Matrons Auxiliary will meet at 4 p.m. p.m. College will conduct a mass an Interesting program slated for Tuesday,
At 5:30 p.m., BTU with Deacon Hudson Jordan In charge. educational the inevitable return, to on Commonwealth Street. Miss Karen Allen will preside. meeting In St. Thomas Baptist with outstanding talent Sept. 28 at &00 p.m. In the

Evening service at MS o'clock.GREATER Eggert normalcy.Dr. has already met The theme Is. "Mission. R.V. Webster. BJ. Williams Church Sunday during the participating.will be rendered church auditorium.
JERUSALEM with the Anderson fculty In The Christian's Calling." Appeasing W.F. Foster, Charles To*ton, evening service, with G.W. Music and Grant.lemori.l byGreater Other choruses and musical
will be Reverends R.A. King and J.C. Banner- Scott in charge. Payne groups along with the general
order to let members knowwh.t .
Sunday services In Greater New Jerusalem Baptist AME Churches
Marcus Charles Robinson man The program will featurethe public are cordially Invited
Is of them. The King,
Church begin with the Sunday School at 9:30 a.m. Rev. expected youth choirs. Speaker for
of Matthewand Male Choruses to attend and
Young Leroy The choirs Sb ofMb Ararat participate
1007 advance for George
C.L. Lockett will deliver the sermon at 11 a.m. At registration the will be Rev.
Morlah Church and Zion program on The
AME theprogram
Mt. -
Miss Anita CarrMiss Hope Baptist program
the class Indicated the Young
6:45 Rev. W.A. Mack will deliver the clearly Fred Richardson. Jr.
p.m. pastor will be announced
Arena Miss Bernice Mrs. Ablah B. Shehee ls the Churches and Rev. M.W. later.
attitude teachers Myles
sermon. At 8 p.m.. Rev, ILM. Moss and the Gospel most County district Work State President Alexander Members of the
Jones Miss Jacquelyn Rus- youth director. The as speaker. general
will take In
of will a musical recital In overcoming dis- Cornell will be In attendance -
Singers Waycross present
accredltation. Teachers how leau, Miss Remora Zeigler directors ares Miss Delphine The host church: choirs will committee are Miss Florence
after service and make
an program. ever, cannot be held responsible and hiss Carolyn A. Shehee Thomas, Mrs. Bernice Henry render the music. A special about the announcements work Nelson presidents
AIT. TABOR for physical plants and A Bible study workshop will Mrs. Beatrice Zclgler, Mrs. business meeting will be held youth The Mrs. Ruthle M. Tiller, program -
for the conference.
class loads.Although. be conducted by Reverends Mary Mitchell and Mrs. Annie Saturday night In Mr. Ararat.Final quarterly chairman Rev. C. R.
Mb Tabor Baptist Church services begin with the efcctlonwlllaUobeheld.
M. McIntosh reports will be made. Simpson U the pastor
Sunday School at 9t3> a.m., Deacon uon Barr in charge. outsiders are not
Morning service at 11 o'clock. Rev. Hugle Owens, Rev. permitted to register for the Barracks MeetSaturday
George Cherry presiding. Evening service at 7 o'clock. course In self-evaluation, Ancient Manor Commemorated You won't get 4

Choir 1 and Usher Board 2 will serve with Mrs. Ella (Described aii Ed. 882 Field tomorrow't jobs
I-.rl' .. .
Laboratory for Faculty Study 2 '
at the console.
Singleton World War I veterans of ufiittttrdav'I skills
of Problems the
Special ), fact
i that teachers Gateway Barracks 3131 will
are to
Services Sunday in United Baptist Church begin with sacrifice a considerable willing meet Saturday In Joe H.James
the Sunday School at 9:45 a.m.. Miss Mary E. DeVoeIn of Center 13th and G ninth an
mount before their
charge. first payday shows a determination Streets, beginning at 2 fjm.Dekgras .
The teachers are Miss Doris J. DeVoe, Miss and the commander -
to raise the level of GOWNS
I'' Rosemary Sapp, Mrs. Helen Sapp, Mrs. Naomi Sims education In Duval to the National Convention -
{ and Rev. Samuel Allen. Rev. W. M. Smith, pastor, County to which *"ill convene laTampa ASCtM WC.br
make It with __
compare any c
will review the In
lesson "Growing Understanding will leave
and Patience." Morning service at llilS o'clock. County In the nation. Taxpayers the meeting., Final arrangements following -;;;;:...4
should make smentalnote -
Choir 1 will serve. BTU at 5 p.m., and evening ser wW be made for the --==
vice 6 o'clock. The will deliver the of this. .Lau.yCtLE apt CIllO ritelt. Ul Sin.hyle
at pastor ser Armistice Day observance
Those In authority have ;t rY ......a..t.w
I'' mons. Tuesday 7:30 p.m., Bible studyt and pray promised, through a proposed program Nov. 11. :; ;:.....
I er meeting at 8 p.m. Wednesday, 7 p.m., youth pray wow. IM.
budget, to provide for ISIS i ut MIl
I er hours Choir 2 will rehearse at 8 p.m. The choir money
d,I the materials and equipment Zl Andirsirj Priini IUIIUI FUIlal urirenzNI
will observe Its anniversary Sept. 27 at 7:30 p.m. ;
needed according to the Peabody t i'S The 14th anniversary for the ....... ./w&w.eabiu.
FIRST NEW ZION Committee's Reports A 1 1f r 1e Female Chorus of Zion Hope ......._....I. a..ML..r.
I Services Sunday In First New Zion Baptist Church and SACS. The newly created Baptist Church win be observed
will begin with the Sunday School at 9tSO a.m. Superintendent DTA will aliohavegre at bearIng Sept 2 t at I p.m.
OIl Duval educational
I J. D. White, presiding. The topic "Grow County's.
ing In Understanding and Patience," will be discussedby progre.1.Emanuel's r
Mrs. Lillian Saunders. Morning service 11 o'clock.
The Holy Communion will be administered at 4 pm. Choir 1 '
Rev. Charles Striven will deliver the sermons, and .,.. A.a.a.h FEELS so GOODIr
Choir 4 and Usher Board 3 will serve for the mornIng Slates Recital
I service. AU choirs and ushers will be In servicefor Senior Choir 1 of Emanuel THi WNDOW Cbrk. He,., CMg'. ..le'e.l r.ddsN4 Krvctvr. _. >....* .! K.N*"
.,. .. f.wn..1.l.w. ... ... .*.... r FROM UPSET SKsN" 1
the communion service. Baptist Church will be rec.Ariy olita |2f H WrtMey, ",((" ilnNie tee ky *sr (
I In presented .4 SI. Pml CKvrdt .! Od.. Chr'''. which ,ea ...... Ik* Um.4 k-e tint '940. Ac. caused by certain minor skin Irritations.
an "evening of > ... .! Pawl .,. CUrt KIM kv I H ,U UU, nw.ua s...IM.M... -..M..h.re. _. .... ___ _
j Aunil Qbsmict New Bethel songs," Sept 28 at I p.m., ce rfl"t/ N lii levi H. Fe4 r St. wee ..... M....is M.U..a.M 'ave_ was
In the church auditorium. art Utk St .iU. MWii9.M Ave., M yaws slier Je.M ,.(.... ap d.ie Dv$-Ue. Ne.reI ........ve.......l0 _wwr.a_ a.h.Nt1.M a" t aw as.MNN.s..r M paw MM
St. Matthew. Baptist Church Senior Choir 2 of Abysslnls Hl< .ii birth, .r.de.d.c.bls.sMa.le.ts .l lh. Chic.O. river m4. l>om. the city'sfirtf _t.4 .M..M. ...--.v -.. ..--.
j District 4 will celebrate Its To Sponsor Baptist Church will |i.rm.N.<.l Mlr. TV. itnKttfrei w.,fn.v.d k* lit a>re.tt !_(... alter ah. Oral '.-.ta.ea MM a.wc.s.KM.M ww-aw..w.M. .V LOv.u.A COMKUZIONr.
: 30th anniversary at 3130 the Other aceonv CKI..g. Fir* I. 1171 The *b.v plctvr. ... L.e M 127.. ...ivaw y e.I.r.Ns .. ...... .... ......... --- -". .. w..w.. .-p..Al.IM .
panty group. choirs, _...., 0..,.... ....._ I. aw..w.-
pm., In the church auditorium ";Sept. 19 Program and choruses In the city have the Wd.w CIe'.a H.wa.. I NPI Ph.NIP&IIaelphle .we MgrM -- NMeww.e M..--...-.......a"...--. N aw-...v
--- --
Kirs. Catherine Carter UN w -
been Invited
I to attend. iM..aa.N -- -
; will have charge of An appreciation program The --.NM.s._ .... .IN..Oisr .: e a.., I M'H saw -
participants includes Sckihlis Fete a.M. --.r .. :: :.:. 1 S< :
the program. will be presented Sept 19 by Rev, B.U Wym, Mrs. Gertrude Women ScheMing -.or Mitts a5 44s. ... Tie *. .... Oootr 55,.
Music will be rendered by the pastor, officers and members Moore. Deacons Eugene The 19th anniversary of .
ZIon Hop Mala Chorus, and of New Bethel AME Falss. J.H. Williams. Mrs. Choir 3, lit Ararat Baptist "SKIN.SUCCESS'Smite
among other participants will Church for G. W. Brutco V. Hollow ay, Cecil B. Fisher Women's Day Observance Church\", win be observed Sept.
be lip Daisy Taylor, Kirs. who has served In the churchfor Rev. XL. Badger and Discus 27 at I p.nv. la the church' I
M. S pau ldlng. many years. George Smith. Mrs Virginia Mack of Mb Sinai BaptUt Church will auditorium.
be the speaker Sunday at 11 a.m. for the Women's
Day celebration In Philadelphia Baptist Church. 3
I pm., Mrs Ethel Powell of Sb Plus Catholic Church I
will speak and at I pun.. lies C.L WIUlamaofMb
i uuroxs TI
._ .
1 / B.del baptist ...fl.. speak.
Stiff TM Mrs. Alms Walker will Petty Rogers. Kirs. Haiti
sen at guest superintendent Wilier" and Kirs. Annie Pearl .
1824 W. BEAVER
at 990 a.m.1 Kirs. Louise L Griffin Usher Board 1 of -

( 3701 EMERSON J Wright secretary: and Kirs. Friendly will serve. I' ",'3V. ; ,
The on a W. Norman reviewer Appearing at I p.nx aretKirs. '
The teachers am Miss \D. Hayes Mrs U site
Elian Slplln. Mrs. Jianlta More! .. lies J. Dana Mrs.
Hague. Mrs CUbertha Oliver. U Wright" Choir 3,Mb Salem
Mrs. Vera Slplln. Kirs.Geraldlns lies J. Johnson. Mrs. JanlrHorace.
Johnson Kirs. Bell Mrs,Janis L,G snag
Towns and Kllss' Leila Rich. lira Lauretta BlouM. sirs
The participants at 11a.m.. L.U Wright Kirs. Blanche people
... Mrs. Reds t.S Malone Kirs.Josle huller Kirs. C.I Williams.
DOLLAR DAYS EVERY DAY AT PREMIER ISCIIW.... Mrs.I Lola lies Mta: belle Draper Mrs.
Wright. Mrs. Lola Johnson Mary Bey ant. ....... cWt Mae -

Mrs Allis M. C uwe U. ..".. hade" Mrs. Britt Thomas.Kirs. stick label
"SUNNYLAND SLICEDBACON Dorothy Wright Kllss Angelina Geraldine Hilton lies a
$ McBrUe Mrs, Lovls. 1.. Luna f ruler. lies Ruth At-
i Wright. Mrs Mary Alice Stan' water. Deacon Cue Hayes

2 monet Miss Jacqueline Smith.Kirs. Re*. J.W.Johnson pastor, and their diet cola.
IBS. Charlie W. Gardner Usher: Board t of Kit. Salem,

Mrs. limits. Handberry.Mrs. Iiiiiirsiri Sit
Geraldlne Johnson. Kirs.Ernestine .
FRESH MEATY $n ninf and Mrs. The) youth department 01the

$ 3 Jeanette Boggs. Cast Florida and Bethany
HAMy.. IBS. At 3 pun. val be lies Baptist Association wUlceie-
GDI ..tIn. ..Ir.. J. Bran bras Its anniversary Octt ,
Mrs. U Wright. Choir 1. at TiSO pjrw, .U SU Jon* B Vtlit We
Friendly Baptist, Kirs. N. Church.
FLA. ECONOMY Johnson Mrs Sadie Fields. A talent program will be
Mrs. Barney Williams. Mrs.ft .featured with' outstanding
lUe LeIwe fJ. Mrs. Nettle: youth f raps la the city stake ouruame
FRYER PARTS 3 IBS. Durham Kirs. Ltsveola r.'II' .:.- Wearing.HI '
Mrs. E. Powell Kirs.

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.u..PITL --- 4 I __JIv .- ''i-:
--- -- ---w.--- ___ __ __I
I .,., I II i

:' ,SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 19, 1SS5 stay PAYERS Fill 5

Readying For Holidays Reveals DeclineIn Nat1! Teacher Exams ScheduledAt New Rights Group

Unemployment Flee ASM Testfe* Center, Oct. 2T t +

WASH 'GTON (NPQ-Unmployment -
Nerot'abow.c1 TALLAHASSEE ) Florida AAMUnivtrittyhM
a : among
a sharp drop during been deitgnated at t test center for admtnUterlng theNational
1r p August for teenagers, blue- Teacher Examination on Saturday October 9,

: collar worker and those who 1od1. chide nit to Profeittonal
had beta mploynd for a longtime College senior preparing
to teach and teachers applying Education and Central Education -
Th Improvement according ror pcIIUon1ll11chooI.y.IN .- and on* of the 13
to a Labor Department which encourage or re- Teaching Art Examination
port followed two month of quire ippllcant to submit which are detlgnad! to vlu-
apparent deterioration InNeg- their scorn on the National ate hi* undemanding of the k
k to amploytnant. In August die Teichert Examination along subject miner and method
appllcabte to the art tie
unemployment rat among with their other credential may VG
fr Negroes, of 1.8 par cent wasorr.what are eligible to take the teit*. be assigned to teach.
rCNAUGraauwwiai ls than double the The examination an prepared Bulletin of Information
wl' whit rat in July and in mot and: admlnUtered by describing registration proe.duru -
month of the last two years. Educational Tasting Service, and containing RegUtridon -
For worker a* whole,the Princeton. New Jersey. Form, mays obtained
unetfiployrmm rat last month the designation of Florid from Dr. A.A. Abrahatn. -
remained at the July level, of MM Uaivenlry a* wit Director Teit Simi.Dureau .
4,8 par cent the tow.nlnll center for these l.amlD.donawW at Florida MM. Unl-
line October. 1937. ;tveprapsctiveteachers ventty, or directly from the
For teenager the rat declined ta this are an opportunity to National Teacher Elimination
i from 1X2 per cent In compare performance on *. Educational Tntlng
Service, Box '11. Princeton,
July to lLdperc.ntb August. the examination with csndi-
\ unemployment among factor dates throughout the country New Jersey .
f and other bluetcllsr who take the tsst*. Propectlr teacher planning -
worker fell from At the test session to take the test should
I 8.8prcentInjury one-day obtain their Bulletin of Information THIr MIT THE fIIJS. Mrs W Syf...,_Vi't' .ee r-
a candidate take th Common
t CHAlLIS *Cfcwcf VMMiemi vie. iWs/eUf .f Sdt.., D'sritfen.w .... Semns dew Overall to S untrriployment percent In August.declined Examination map *, which* In* promptly. tory ...*t IJiA*) lws( H. t."fI,. die/Ann/ won All

...** Ms f/r.. etWJvery .f m* 1f6J rwfefid .....e *4 *. fern.** Co,.crW HM rc.. by about 990,000 to I **faA H. MtHull (.I.ndinmot> with( memaen .,...
.....*... I.... New (. *. wftr. S AenJ.y r ee.,.iftV w*.***' Ms ,.I, eW ...//IIe, pci.q.s total of 9.) million. ,rn ,." week *l Cfc'<.f's Sh.""... Ne.i. totolit ..
I. (ft*pr.u.nd IrW. Mia Me**Z***. pre,rav end ea e Hv/ *. WMi. newlyformWO
I ,Led 541.... fceJp'ng' no.4 ..*.Mr. WHI .ms cWIW' for Mi* ....w.y rrfr *.rl, Mk' paint-up apree usually turn up >if9. Cnfr*,K* to WMf' "'... lif Khk **nnftoMI

yr fci (H.. wish bit company's ifrcUgy .. (n"r*-'\.iMv* uttt."' civil!. .t1Ate
*Hi'r (9tn vr ..,.,. I* ...*.!. retailer. .. captor* 'forge iltr* *l *M. ...* ., At Sdwannee soaking In turpentine for a eLI, or .rfnJa*,(eA wa lnitiirW *y "rlt''e,.if eAniiMncmnl ... tuna
.....,.I mrs.*. In dViti** to efcorWer*, vfticft SdieWey firs forr****** In I fit.. Ml. two Then wash bristles In warm eWWr**! .* Hew*rW U..N.) riiry; lid Jvrv.I. .
cmny will morigt cWrtnf the KWMoy .***_ wW .riely .l tilt items m..t <* Adieu SpreadsNEW sap or d.l rf.nl, suds tlthermanlpulatlnc IN"PIaotelRed ,
dual memy vnwtwel INN...... Increases them with your "
fingers slapping them
or across a
small ....hboard.It blue
white & chip
PORKThe flight KlAOBOK ReglstrsrJ. nefeitary, wash In second ,
for decent Integrated housing B. Brown snnouncd that the bath of rl an sudi. Rime s vrltlmrs
BarberScotiaBegins Art !Kews And Exhibits I II being waged by CORE chip- enrollment It Suwsnne River In clan water, comb and investmentYou
sri all along the*as tenses- Junior CeUsg for the rim shape the brlatUi, and hang to
board. On Long Island.CORE dry.
99thYear's emeiter presently stands at
Muter Mian Drams, reprcMming on* of the ha ban plckertlng th* horn 303 flail-tkre student With-
worlds great art form link known to American, and office of a bulkier who the deadline for registrationset
are currently on dUptay In the Art tmtUut of Chicago having agreed to bulk a horn .
It September 13, the registrar
Program through Sunday.. Oct. 10. This U the countryI. first for a Negro family has now anticipate that the enrollment
major exhlbttioo of hUlA brave txupures. World filled to keep his word. will continue in-
hive been assembled from major irwieuma and private Law bland CORE chairman .
CCNCOfO. X.C.--Barber- collection the United State and Egland. Lincoln 0. Lynch ha crease.Final don't
registration for
Scotia College began Ira nine- The 61 are, without creption.. tonature. I
Image religion charged that the builder II delaying \ elMMi will be held
ry-nladn! year with ethree-dey created for but evening have
Large Image were temple construction *o that theNegro September 11 to acquire
faculty conference Thursday mill sea were mad to meet the demand of rltuil family will b* the lastto
through Saturday. September which mad U neceaiary to carry Image from place take. occvpanry. Courses la Art Math. Edu. a taste for the
cation. French or Spanish
011. Theme of the workshop to place (tags for inverting pole may be ..... at dcbaj In .ltlmo". Maryland'
I* "Teamwork In the Pur of many image*.) CORE ha ought the aitUt- Duslneis.and General English Sclenr* History will be .t{1 Smooth Canadian.
Mil of Cxreltrnre at Darter In domestic worship Abo when" *dvow* traveled for anN of Cardinal $h*.han In offered. 115.ANAQ1A

Scotia College., trade, pilgrimage or war, hi* tutelary deity could accompany their campaign. for openoccupanry. Person Interested In enrolling p W Canadian
Schedu>d for
Thursdeywuan : him. The Cardinal, who
In on* of these cluMi
afternoon add re II by The three great religion* of Ml -BuddhUm. Jain- has previously uslatedCORt:: should consult.he
President Lionel H. Xewiom torn and Hinduism haw gone thrcugk" many pkwy ta a campaign against dl- Registrar
and a buffet dinner In the itu4 during which they base 4evelap4 a comphi pantheon of criminatory bank In Baltimore rjf
*nt union. dlvtnltle and attendant whoa popularity varte win ha promised he ?when
During the frUsy nwrningMI time and region. h* rrmrnt from the Vatican II1
lion, the (amity hors!fir. In biitorlral time, chi art of thmmot MUha Council .Heads U. S. 1
Sara B. Cora;a y. chairman of been dedicated entirely to the Hindu religion, and In WaaAU ton D.C.Cau:
he ciUtft guideline* rent eipcclaDy to the worship of Shiva. Th popularity hat put form proposal to
mitt**, *'f Uln the meaning of Shiva began In the eighth cenwry when band of Silvia u. MI abandoned Veteran Gevt. ProgramTALLAHASSEE (I Iwee
and purpose" tide\orOc UIe holy men. real treubadour *f HlmtaUra Joirneyd AdmUuttrstlon Hospital at MAp A1r
Una State Upartnwnt of Education through the country tinging hymn Their IW- temporary emergency housing
uldrllnei for aa approved cell In convenion was *e great mat by year 1000 ill for low-lnrom families. At the Invitation -
\! educationpr trace of BuddhUm and Jalniim had practically dl<. The chapter altoproteswdth* of the u... CVfkv '
gram appeared. plant 10 use a iarg* vacant of Economic {\Wel1lUlllJ. Dr. 'e
RaUton KU KeQy. acting tbe brooac In thi exhQJtloo ape pan 100 yean OJ*ls* wtthto the District for aj" ..Cliniii A. Ford U bending
Jean of ImtrwtJon. and airs.J dating from the *conl a nrry. They Includ raN printing plant and ha countered a prajxi dlrectert meeting! I
VUbk HcLetn coordinator! image of foddha and deltie of the Jab faJth but die ih* location weald b* .to KaaMnrwn, D. C.. this
of Machine. dUrus *d maorlry portray Vtohm' and Shiva la their many apace steal for model wend mid.ds ...... Th* InvHatian..*
the purposes and ranttleat of wish their companion and conone. -&ncaN hois Ing developmem. .>tndd. by Dr. Stankty tillen. -
tfxtr fleldj of itudy Friday afHrnoon dvty chief,education.
a+dZardaymoraNng. Action Tro-
Commwiliy .
aan s eras s HilCtit i.tt.l aern
Dr. Reid C.J ado.on.director Four hundred t palndngl *f American Mian byC* rijeCatlla gram, U.S. On ice of Ece- *! Ml MM Menus ...'",*.awwn 555SUPER
of teitlng and public rc- art fmMy cleaned and hung together for chi Savings Bonds tomb Cv/ponuniry.
latloni, reviewed the merlaof tint Urn line 100 by die U.S. .Natioiul....*..m.
aa ill-cclkje letting program National CeOactloa 01 fin Art. SmUheonian Imtlm-
to etc:! i. the Saturday day Wahlngton. D.C.Th Gain DIM'
morning program. Catlin enhlbit win remain In the burning at ttta
Apane I greupeoruld.rod the Street IDS Conttrtantoa A.ent* mil S.,.. U. His
problem Inrrorlng itudeot ) low th wild between 1UO and 1O4 mad.* A..st Sales
motivation onlaturday after- tars the great nmanile tow stones III AcntrkMhUtory.
noon. Following tfiU dbcu .
slog, GIN D-$ practlru and The territory he rial.... was largely ampp4 and
prorcdurei tfeicrlfctd by oat an Miao were fri..1y. M* eeneOina peinM Waah-", D. c.. Sept. t- MAR
A.T. C rdery, B-S practicesmaaarer. u nvany M eight ptmret a.*,. Tht re are tetxgrapW- hblk' heidlng**f Se. rto i C and
cal landacapea M wD M iwdle of the Mian, and H Unlss4 Stt. Savings Band
A Saurday evcttlnf' dinner situvillages and trifel. ,.... gm4 in mini**) to .-**."
nesting, with fntU ttCmerlnti the Treasury Department roCC QUANTITY EIGHTS RIIIIVID

rW 4 the conto ''CURE MORE h"ert lull list ef Series' f and
renre.Or. M Dada etrtoj th* inert

C.U tarprty.. D-$ GIVE MORE 0 W whkngtea 1>TO SU '..... ltl milua*, wtKkr4srKloa.
octal) icteneei department Mgr mawbert *f die House M "*t l.Pving SUGAR CURED SMOKEDPICNICS CENTER CUT WHITEBACON
head WM chairman ol the ef |Upr (*ntsitv** sS were uaua. .
1MC-M pretcteol facmby AMERICANCANCER Democrat were arnengCangresiow a ... Its n tea. street,tv.,
MRiferreare. Igntof ,. SOCIETY petfdn n tfieHatn ..real socrslng "rq
durg tale MU list wee* t* brat M Math n ...'...." t.
Bawl ...... III
fetfinof. for I *.**.Theysr a M
I Jorst C.eryenit. (stkS4. .. Aeemal InN,."
wtUlani I.. Dws. (til). paid eat n bend r4en..4
Chums C. Diet Jr. Mkt.//. was IN udfrry wtct ft* net
-,.... r. liawkto* CallU recall aMing Ml 1II&m.
4'E Helen K. C. Mi (t*.) and to *M vUM W bra/ keMliv. *
Adam ClytM '....8 ( (.To) I Mkl M (sail during Agwitrerreisntel LB. 39 LB 55
s XX per cttocrvate
fr m the. t M4 *UW -
: Ittro4tus I Bill Ibe .. U tf. lam iMntltf

Sail year Hsatrptn.
WASHNCTCM: O7* *f ct prtc. were 1L4 per SMALL SIZESVEGETOLE
JstMng SMb tut M. D-gla* e.W de.s r.b.eagtdrs if
f:). tt J"tredrla .to M.f.rt tlWl 1191 .Ottan. at .**t |f V*.
.4e .raskt... NII, .-... III 1M4.
JM Cenyer Jr. (D.- T>* ..... ", C and N Ben** BALLARD
"4' MtHL) *akf lath ..*. /taM vtttanctog pt4 *.. Ml,
wilt *Mr dw* e strrtlarLt 41 mffiiM mark for a tow
aG II ds. H..... eA dmu htg4 It.ar." ,
th* CXe c'.01 **avert, N Agee w y 3473k III lISuN. -
k reeves cr4J** Mew kmwr* *f sQ cr4ttct SHORTENING
*W ** ..... rw* ef
...,." M t>* tspW **-
7 I-. --=:=:: ."

-- TM DM .*.. AOwisheTilit.
3 LB. 0 LB.PKG. .


4 W

U. S. GOOD Ill STEAl( n. "
Invites' You To Listen Tolr& t TrO. Kt Tar >*l >"ra..4 '. tur

we nu. OT Nil uaa' : A&V.II Tin LOCX urn
U. s. MO. 1 POTATOES 31
S. DIU'.L N *Jn* fill JI oedefs ..cmU... II us.



12 UKI kl Ithim IYrMs .#... TOMATO SOUP UU CIII IDe

IfcMf nee: tf 12JItitirfar DIll s.Mn-u! AJAX CLEANSER ." its car loe

f ,... H11M .... 4 t"

1400 WMK" 14M IT

'J! j.I :

'. ."

'H '" . .

/ ,\ t,
PALE I Jijl..nens: SUNDAY SEPTEMBER19. 1865.;
-- -

1I '


Dedicated Educator Miami To HostChiropractors Careerist Ray Charles : The Enigmatic GeniusBy Beauties Enjoy Miami Scenes

I Joins FAMU Lee Ivory
Negro Press International
Joins Qade"System"Teachers i V

MIAMI Florida chiropractors ROTC UnitTALLAHASSEEFAMU These are the Ray Charles years they say, In die field
of music--pop, Jazz, or country and western--nodlseus-
will join their fellows slon can take place without reference to the Inscrutable"Genius"
should be actively maintain a comprehensive file across the U.S. Satur-
who has changed the musical scene so drastic -
Involved In all cur- on latest trends and involve- day, Sept. 18, In observingthe ( )- : .
riculum regardless because ments of teachers In curri- professions 70th anni Capt. Robert Marrow recently auy, saxophone. Florida loved Ray
the teacher Is the one culum planning and development versary.Dr. Joined the Florida A&M University These are the Ray Charles and Ms fledgling group. The
who will make or break any and will act as co- Joseph R. Lasky of ROTC Instructor years, they say. In the areas trio "Mt the road J aek." and. F4?
curricular Implementation. 'ord Inator In school board- Miami, president of the Group A 1949 graduate of 'of child support of Illegltmate wound up in Seattle, Wash,
So says Anthony Douglas, admlntstratlon-teacher relationships BSO-member Florida Chiro- Brawley High School, Scotland babies and narcotics addiction where Ray say si "I got my
Neck, N. C., he received no discussion can take ,
a man who should know with respect to practic Association, said biggest thrill In show bus-
Douglas, 45, of Avon, Ohio, curriculum the occasion will be marked his B. S. degree In place without reference to the !neu." And thrill It was)
'has just been appointed to the Douglas was chosen for in a number of Florida communities elementary education from bewildering "Genius"whohas His trio appeared on a reg-
newly created post of Curri- the CTA post from out of with special pro State Teachers College In fallen into a network of personal ular Seattle radio show and
culum and Research Dir- more than 130 applicants grams speeches, bank displays Winston Salem N. C., 1953. and emotional involve- they were the first Negro act Y I
ector of the Dade County around the nation.In and similar activities. Shortly after graduating ment so deep that only Ray to have a sponsored television SEAOUARIUNI
Classroom Teachers' Association. commencing on the appointment Chiropractic second lar- from college he was enlisted Charles and God knows how show In the \orthw..t.Ray o- i V. ref -
For the past five Tornlllo saidi gest healing profession In In the United States he Is to recoup his losses.In later called tomemorya
years he has been Assistant "This event represents one America was founded in 1895 Army at Fort Gordon, Ga., a recent Interview, Ray "My trio sounded more or less t
Superintendent of Instruction of the most significant advances by Dr. Daniel Palmer of where he received basic and nodded toward loudspeaker. like Nat "King" Cole's because *
and Curriculum Director of In local association Iowa. He is credited with He was listening to a playback Nat was my first really
the Westlake Ohio, public professional staff relationships. rediscovering and refining of one of his unreleased Important Influence /r z.
school system. In this rapacity I feel that DouglasIs principles known and practiced recordings. "That's the way "Bu!," added Ray, "I knew
he worked together with eminently qualified to as early as 460 ac. by 1,, people[' should Judge me--as I had to change my style If I 7:1fMIAMI
teachers and administratorsIn embark CTA on a course of Hippocrates the Father of an entertainer--not by my was ever going to get any
a comprehensive programof greater teacher ;involvement Medicine. private life where I knew I had develop
evaluation and revision of in the vital areas of curri- Dr. Lasky said the pro- yleadership What is the private life of a style of my own."
existing curriculum and Instructional culum and Instructional matters fession "has made great Ray Charles Does an inter- Ray's firm conviction that
programs, His ." strides" In Florida, parti- nationally-famous recordingartist music should express an indlvldual' -
present conviction Involved Douglas .Is a Navy veteranof cularly In the area of elevating "i 't! re ally have such a thing? true feelings was Watching from o vontogo s>*int o* the diiofporpoiio
from this experience. World War II, having served academic standards which Raymond Charles Robinson the basis for the development trainer ot the Miemi Sooquorivm p'"! ono ol
"The teacher" he says, as Pharmacists Mate 1st now require chiropractors to : never has had s private life of the Ray Charles career. mo cotococn monvnol. tnrovgh her pores oro mroo
"Is the one who Is in a position Class aboard the battleship have six years of college education. ...... / that he could recall I "With every bit of music I koouty qwoont from louitiona. From I.... Edna L..
to modify a proposal S.S. North Carolina and the ... / I Born.In Albany Ga. In 1932, write or perform I want people Brown 20 Mint Baton Rouge), Bottyo Joon Iii.... 17
In the classroom situation submarine U.S.S. Shark In the t "j:1 Ray had a little privacy until to feel my soul.They must :Mm M.",..'' and a... Fe,. Tho",,, IS. +iMiM Aloiondrial -
whenever he deems It necessary Pacific area Supremes W; he was stricken by glaucoma, feel this Inorder to understandwhat TKo throe lovoliot onoyod; 10-doy all OB-
for the welfare of his On his discharge, he entered 'LV.l<,; a progressive hardening of theeyeb.lls. I am." p.... paid Miami holiday for winning mo covotod
students or If he feels that Western Reserve University la 1937. His family In order to know and understand Mot,, In .... Baton RowgoNowtloedortpoMorodbovvtypogoontMiomiMotro .
the clrrlculum Is not In tune In Cleveland where he Record ForU. training. He subsequently moved to Greenfield I"la. the complicated human Now h r... "Koto-:
with his philosophy" earned a bachelors degree attended the U.S. and Ray--who by this time w as mechanism that ls Ray Charles -
ror this reason, he says, (1953)( ) and three years later S. Agency Army Artillery Officers Can completely blind and without one must know more about
"It's Imperative a "must" ((1958)) a master's degree In didate School, Fort Sill. hope for recovery--was sent him than his musk Although BEACH SHORTS
that the teacher be an active Administration Since then, WASHINGTON. -NTI( ) Okla., where he was commissioned to St. Augustine, Cla., where Ray 1s dedicated to his music,
participant In whatever he has continued with post- While still entangled in one of as a second lieu- blind up In a school for he has a variety of other Intriguing -
curriculum planning Is underway graduate study at I Kent State the most demanding and grueling tenant In February, 19C8. children. Interests for sight- MIAMI BCACH Legitimate dearer will be revived
Marrow has remained
," University (Kent, 0.) engagements of their Capt. At the age of 15, tragedy toss man. For Instance, Ray la Miami' beach during the winner season of tm- &
continuous active
As Curriculum and Research Douglas' started as an on duty reared Its ugly head again. loves television.
startling career at the Patronage by reiUknt and vacationers of this city at
In the since
Director for CTA, English teacher In 1953 In the Coparabana Club In New York his commission.Army receiving has Doth of Ray's parents died. But, then so does George both summer and winter stage productions across the
Douglas will work closely with Westlake ((0.) public schools He His younger and only brother Shearing, Stevie Wonder and
City, The Supremes Diana served bay on the mainland during the last two years has
the Executive Secretary Pat Three later, he was consecutively In the had drowned In a swimmingpool Al Hlbbtor-all blind enter
Foss, Florence Ballard and 82nd Airborne Division been the producers believe theater will he welcomed -
J... Tornlllo, Jr., In formulating named assistant principal Mary Alison took time out at accident and Ray found tainers. I have seen them"watch" here.
and executing the Asso and In 1960 was appointed to record a tune for Plans for Fort Bragg N. C.i the 8th himself while still s teenager television and w
Infantry Division and 42nd --black, blind and -
ciation's research program. Assistant Superintendent and Progress and the Presidents orphaned thoroughly enjoy programs MIAMI UC/CH A Job that pioneer in South Florida
Douglas will also be responsible Curriculum Director, a post Committee on Tqualemploy Artillery Group at Daum- without a relative In that only I could, actually see thought Impossible has. been too succeasnil. Drainageof
for coordinating teacher he resigns when he takes up his me nt Opportunity holder, Germany) the 101st the world. But the genius that Is Ray the Cvergladea has reached air point that wlkllifela
Involvement curriculum and duties In Miami in Airborne Division at Fort Is It any wonder that he Charles lakes him
new early "This wonderful recording one step the big national park 73 mllr southwest of Miami
Campbell. l Instructional programs) will September. wrapped beyond ha can bulk front the
will surely be one of the crown Beach Is suffering from draught efforts are bring
art as consultant to gpeoiTlr Douglas is married and the Jewels In our communications Infantry Division at Camp soothing music? He had ground up and repair television made to channel more water Into the .region
CIA committees conduct of Karen Hartell, KonaThe acquired some musical know-
father two campaign to and achieve sets, tape recorders
special surveys' Impart. and! ,1L'and Marte," true equality promote of captain and his wits. ledge while studying In St. and high fidelity stereophonic
: oppor- Arnie, reside at, 613 Cor* 'Augustine and after the death' phonographs He can repair MIAMI UCACH Miami Beach's Ufrgvard parrot was
for all
YoU won't fet tomorrow's tunity. Bruce L Roberts Americans"said administrative Avenue Tallahassee. of his parents, music became most parts of an airplane. In- established la 1924 with a down personnel. Today
. jobs with yesterday's skills coordinator for Ms father and mother and chiding the moat Intricately-. bathers along the beach are protected t *
Train now for tomorrow's jobs the President's committee. brother and eyesight. detailed portions of Its power spotted at IS stations and a crew of 34 workers is
--_ Ite< left school and went out ful engine. busy keeping the sands clean Each guard station
on his own. Decauss of taluit Tom McGarrlry, Ray's personal quipped with a lifeboat rescue buoys, first-aid kit
that was yet to mature though pOOl and lY.wranofthe flags and signal! nlre a.
showing much promise Ray famed World War II 99thPur
FLORIDA'SV ,was hired to play around suit Squadron, say si "If he MIAMI BCACH of several hundred volunteers -
Florida with a variety of could a license, Ray could, has been organized at Miami. Death to assist
bands within two years, he fly a pane, too. Ha knows expertly visitors from foreign countries who do nc* speak English -
:\ had acquired enviable reputation everything In .M airplane At present the "language bank" ran supply+
as a top tldaman. Even that makes U tick and InterrreMrs peaking a total of 24 different tongues.f .
: though he could not see, Ray fly."
V could play any kind of music.
and play It extremely well. NEST KEEKi The Human
In 1939. he organised his Dynamo f ivtrltt' if Sutltn citisIII
NUMBER ONE first trio with bass and guitarto

blend with his piano and ........ {C t94f

The GrapevineV f MEAL* RISING

RHYTHM & BLUES .L HOnt" ...,.* aS. .'.*.. ...4 M..../*.... *.

N.*...W M.... C.nv.Mi.nl> mot inroeonty Omit Midk
,Mo4W M.'* s>ofM,lMoVi 0"-' Mied..IL M.
01. ..,Wonrf>f avortn.onH.Ov WMBMSpotlight
.nW COMW *Ko ',.. onW hvr.'sr; '''|y: WWron
STATION too* *>. "'*' .. ... '.*.. *...y. Moo Mdr44s .
J,|...,. for kovinf ... W..... tiel."' io*, OMrflonoro Product Of The Week
inner WM II.... .._. Worron Moiin. It .*. ..
nor ", .tIel.. in oW mo ollr oction ., ftofcoMotfy ftnow Miami Florida

..of.. *. mo fcoowry .... or'me oWo4 cam"tromIM
< A........ MooVofco. Dotr.H .... *>.<*. ** OUo.
W'l1C..iJ" .._ .tttI w..w"fMo\.C.N-". .,..ee,
.I *. *..* ."tI N... 'It *.* eJo.fnor U Mow.rT of

DIAL' I. A.d.aJINP ItAVAt"e ... ,.......-,... ...... .i ...,

reI..II bd .,.. ,....... s.4.. .eJ"c.I HerOn I .
a Tk. .* Ma Mviae.* L.jey afcem fee* !
w. ,sera .,..., ,,. ... I...... ..... .. Ndf. -

1260 For The # 1 Sound! .Mbrr...._W. .' e
'H TI'. S. '_ler. 0......' Wtlb. M.,. mUtKn ae... ..
.." .".. ..... afdn. .pwMit r-,-,,-,fee I.e l.., W. ft' :
smJrl.i *., ,S;...f. MavysT WeI. Ie ........ ...-
'if' press edief\ ......,.,...,..............20.. C...." .
< |, Iw ,...",, sNe Aa ,,... ....... I. New Yer6 CASs -
\ &.1 a .1 '. H..4. .... 1--'" 'a....... tl. SHORTY.$15.

oat's .. ""ft..tI eve "...... .... ........ MIOALO mum

r." .,. tell ... '- N..,. ...., I. ......'1Ilr. :.,=:::-::::=.....
DIAL 05ai. Le.,.1..... "" Si... .l... ......4 die w ..1w. w.---
..,...,, .wl Ms..,. ........4 .ertI hrtoM iw.... -- 'S p- Peas ew

/.pie., .... '....nak' U p..I die..1wAA -o ..... \=.'a _..._.. ran........eocrr.-- -J......:M:'-' .::...,.."...."..'...

0 J S.., eifI. .. v04'' a.L.. T'... Mv.e
r :
awn ... :. : s.....

....... :. iuyoawei .
1260 For The 1 Prizes! MI." j._S M.
# cna.ow
| Teens' ChoiceTUNS '__ .4wei_ -- ..... AAte.t' CHlfj
N. eslrui.l"" .....,. .... -
..... ____ :.. :
\ ........ .. ..eaSr. .. A1vt r all rratn e.r'U ,_ .......,. .ft'CW'fM. .
0' / :\ t ,, Iwhy .,.rkwi c.. iirai.: ... -ftrriM*. *.); C'TOe'-0...".see:..a w.
....,.... ...
.. $. .. .. -
;.. : boa r.e..4i._ ,... Steha. *teTter >. lasts rwe -.e
:t'.H' t JteeN / ..... .....-.- ---ar r..n. -
sta... LM1 DVS. Lr.bpad. ., .. F
'' .1 r .Mr.WIr M
.' I. -' Uf .! IN S* l Sunr..le ... w iw.a .. -
!t" .. 'I} t'I : lri..4 .! .. U*. s oue .. I* a* aM* MUat ....tea.S'w. .
faea a.
,/ J. DIAL C..U. H>"*|a..n.-l y b.w .rful .*. taaftMI ..S
d..e4 .. Iii br"s M. ..If. I#CIe tM.\: tlt.tw .Ca... ..ea.a :.ent* :.-:,M: G.ii_ l:. = -r::.':.. -::
-M. A I A ..... ,...... .... N. -, rw4 our o-e -=. -
Dey- d by '.ttlM at.all .... ..... .. ..
a.av .r. -
F.e.we.a ..iI be b..4 acs Ope B vM e .wZ --- -- -
A...... 0. .. witr l.p.te..b. '.-. I .....,. L..et.d !1 CATa.ai.sauw*A-= .-.- c.-: .. :--r 'h;,
.. ....... Ha, OM vlalt ,. -. -. Y.rr. .r _-w.why >.. _-. .-. -. -
.1. N |, _A ... Mw/ r.w ; ._ .... ..
1260; For The # 1 R & B Hits! .... Nwi 0tIce"tOJQ. JUDMI &JOt: | ..4 lee ill w.ooaawo: firu --
cue,.. .. AONa ,eel 11. tttf-twee rivs
..0Li.ty why .'V ...w I r.'i; tsarfIIM..r. =:.::. P---.
.ti'. N ..,lourr.y lee. .... lilt jrta et411e ....... .+ B'ii"" ..... ....... 11, ... yi' -""


- u, :'\ \1lIllt\\ ." ," '- ",_-"..1 il.. ,

I SUNDAY SEHtliil 13. US, I I' STU PARIS I MCE 7 11_

Marsh HSR 1965 Edition. Of The Florida A&M Rattlers Former Senior

Season 'OpensTALLAHASSEE ...."..' J'... "f.t '
\ '. ..
Marsh Inks Entry
hen hunter opened Florida's
1S65-661 hinting seasoa at sunrise PALM BEACH GARDeNS-
Saturday September 11. Eddie Williams. 11. of
according! to W. B. Copeland Dunedin, two times! national
Chairman. Game and FreshjtfaterFlshConimlssloa PGA Seniors champion ls an
The early cntrnt In the first
day's.hutting will end at sun annual "Milk for Health"\
set. championship golf touma
Hunting the migratory rolls ment to be played here Orb
marsh hens 4 and 6.Sponsored.
and gslllnules ( )
will be allowed for 65 consecutive by the Southeast
days ending November 7 Florida Duty Institute and
19. Bag limit for all rails 1 I"43' # the Seniors PGA of Florida
and gullnufes Is 15 for aday' Section thetwodiysofstroke
s bag and 30 for total play, M holes In all will beheld
at the PGA National Golf
The clapper rail win be the { Club In this city.
primary species taken. Other Among other early entrants
prominent species Incaxte the are MUSS Brady. 11. of
black Dunedin, s winner of'the v>es*
Virginia, ktag, and sorarail.
Hunters will also take tern Open and In Golfers Hall
the Florida and purple gaf 1. of Fam.Joe Lore, Palmetto
rule*. Country CXib, Kllamtt Nor*
Although rails and gaUlnites man Sommors. pro emeritus
found st Ft. Lauderdale Country
are throughout

.r the State, the majority of the ....". -' i ......y.t... ._. _- .H..... _-..;..- -..... % & ckib of PGA and which, s charter was founded member
hunting Is done In tidal marsh
areas along the coastlines. TAUAHASSKffAXU)- Front low from loft ftVaWs Sim.. Ti+w "erry Mer.,. Ceo,.,. ".", Cifyr EitliW Sims Ocda !vt.... MI"iv OcWae Artvr Collins Miami; in 19 l'i Orvllle Chapln. e' s
Most of the successful\ late Wbl* S-HI J_.. .....orb Will/ ;. '-. roflanaa.*e. John WOKam. Miami; l.it., I...." falmario tvMpti Jamison Jacl * Dunedin and Alit Ay ton,
marsh hen hunting Is done In Jamas Camoriob.. Miami; JoniM? MaJmoe. Savomion O.4 Jon r.." ft. lwwtlole Major NeeeltoA t.,._) Jelbn foil, Miami' N.*. iW I...... *arf.w: Danalrf Smim.orewi 74, of Clearwater, a chant
a tier of six counties along AWoVn 0,...... Miami; Pawl WbsMnfto* '.* Arlhwr. foot DiooaWo ToyW, Miami ...." lam*I Ma, SI. Alba' ... N.Y. Fewrtli row from left Jelin WUIiama. Miami plot who won his laurels In
Florida's northeast coastNassau. tVflone H.,... ".", Ci'VSoee*** ,.... Front loft David Doniafi ,...... JaAmty M_.... Clarence Rivra foNoltatie' fr..>.,7ol i...(. ...*." MeaL| Oarence Sml.... Celwrnswa.Ofii Scotland and England.
[)unl, St. Johns.Flagfcr GeIfe_,.. Towel 0.,.,.. loll. Mefoovrna AnaVow 0,_., Miami; Harmon Jocaioa *; Barren Merrie. ArtWta; .._|, iit.y. Cfearwafan Devrl II.." H. l.wJ.r Wa; John D.hotel MacArthur's at Patai Beach Colonnades
VoJusl1 end Brnard Miami Jenn foien Ocofo; F-rooVio WbooW Sovoman, Oat cVfene n.AI,." Vtfiri. Folly l U lawWarVaia CMie Marria. OrloiWat Sfcarw s,.,...f#\ flan* City: James will he headquarters hotel All
Counties and four counties Onisv Etrey Mof noOcalo; loonore1 r.,,,. r..,.,......; A.... tVM* ramoav 0..", long, ratlafca' *!..; tidiarrf c.r.._" Havar. -. N."" Prenelin "...... Miami; Alvin Seniors PGA of Florida
along the western Gulf Coast "'et\ HoflywoeaV! ian/a sin Davis' JackaonvMle. Third... from left .roarW Oreof iJocboftvifl I..." ?hamt 4 0.. end RieKarrf fr4 Defrey loach. members over ajje: 60 a re eligible .
Day., Gulf Franklin and Walena. *; Davia ScoM Cocoa logor *;,w.. Miami SamvW And n.q Miami' ; Eddi to compete for lilt 13,000

W prise monry.
In other counties Is
Entries cat\ be sent to Cy
becoming hunters more take popular advantage amore 196566 HvRtiig Cih.ulir Jet Oilers ContestTo Lovett Gets West Football 5HSH Foster, chalrmanofth.ewtt.
at the "ar- Golf Course, 300
of early hunting dates applying Ya. Grit) Post Tickets Ready N. W. nth St., Ft Lauderdaku .
to marsh hens. TALLAHASSEE Florida's hunting calendar for the
It has been estimated that 19tt66 season, a* set by the came and Fresh Water PETERSBURG. VA. Walter
Florida hunters harvest from Fish Commission Is as fouowst Lows, former ad foot* At Fla. AIM
45,000 to 60.000 marsh hens September 11 Marsh.. Mason opens state-wide. Be Televised ball coach at Newport News TALLAHASSEE. Fla.FAMU Mists Sip
each seas on. $September Special bear hunts open In Apalachicola Carver High'", has been ( ) .. Season football
Under the Migratory l Bird and Osceola: Kational Forest. The New York Jets and the tempts' and completions last appointed barkfUld coach at tickets for ths Florida MM
Act marsh hem turners must October 2 First phase dove teases opens. Houston OUt,. will kick off )llr. Ths youngster Is Don Virginia State College.hi University RanUrs' horns Miles Stir
have their shotguns plugged to October IS Special archery hunt opens la Citrus Wild* NBC-TVs coverage' of the Trull, the Baylor All-Ameri making the amounre football gasses have arrivedand
tree-ahsU capacity. Rifles life Managemat Area. ment. Athletic Director William D III.'QIMI. Ala
1966 American Football ca, who spam most of his rook may be purchased for 311.a .
are always prohibited wheats October 33 Special archery hunt opens la Ocala Wildlife League season Sunday. S.rc.1Z. to unit on the bench but Bradley Indicated that book. Persons buy Ings season Thalss VlcnsynoUs. star of
Ing migratory birds. A duck Management Area and ElUa Military Rw nation Ths premier clash win be who has shown up outstand Lovett will also be at I lit am book will save 1411 ever Mltos basketball warns for the
stamp Is not required for colorcast from Rice StadiumIn Injty for the Oilers In pro protestor of health and physical the price of purchasing Individual past two years was recently
marsh hens. October 21 Special archery bunt closes la OeaUWlttllfe Houston starting at t p.m. N Mon games.Bianda education.Lovett. gams tickets. signed, to s profesitonalbaakotball "
Management Area. EDT. and Trull will have s native of Hampton The tickets. may bo pure contract by the
November Special three day wild bog hunt to Flab Curt Cowdy will call the three outstanding receivers In ls s 1981 graduate of chased la the athletic office Baltimore Bullets.
eating Creek QUDUFC Management Area. play- .play account, with Charley Hemtgan.' whose 101 Virginia Slats, where he quarts In tht Jake. Caliber Athletic Though McRvynokls' has
November Special bear..... < Witch This down November T First phase dove Mason cfeees. Cgltnsrchtry aaarystng the action.Lou Kus* .la. 1M4 Charity Fraslar and received Ills ....s. degree In dairy fromtiOOe.m. left, he has deckbd! w try his
.herd closes. so row will produce the cover* Lawrence tutu: of Day lor, ptry.kallIlon from Indiana to SiOO pm. Ths Rustlers hand at ihs big hoys ss well
5J 44 33 November IS Dwr. bear rertwy, sqolrrtl and qsallMasoa age Andy Jkd.rta will be the foremost pass receiver In University In I960. play their first home game .. the big. money,
opens to First. Second, Fourth and Fifth director. Southwest Conference history Lows Is marrUd. to his September 41 agalnst the Stuth bt II games' this past season .
21 11 77 Conservation Districts. Woodcock and snipe .... Beildes marking the re* and Its first "'Mime ConlIn- eoUr Lillian "'.., the 'former Carolina State Colkge Dull- McHeynoUs' ..C'ortd'lOtpoinll
sos opens taw-..... natal of s rivalry dating back liu. AU-Amerlc* Sine* Posh Williams of Newport dogs from Oraiveburg. Individual for an average ef "....
November 19 Marsh .hta Mason eac.... M the genesis ef ths AFL ths "Walker., News, and they have (lair tickets for the openor He was named twO small
1 November' 90 Deer bier mrWy. squirrel and Contest also. wW team re the children." will sell for 1X58. college All-Mnerlean teams.
i iI1 gust Mason opens la Third CCll'lMnIdClllDta. Jets "new look"* at quartsr
trict. Second phM dove' MUCH opeas. back, which has generated ,
November 34 Flnt phaM Ark. gores and coot huntuw more preseaaon aaensloa
II.-" Ide at ttiOO Noon.Deoember '
opens than an* other pro grid
iS li I Second phase dove Muon closes. Special circles. h has been caused TIDE
archery hunt la Citrus wildlife Management Area d competition for the star
12' 11 531 closes.December. t dtag' post betweea three young II ,
I First phaM duck, paM and cool was s.If etlalters high bonus: .
Baaetlaes; HV IVSo'aetlaos closes.December. coUvge stars Joe Hamad) abS WS5.00' 0
Nees wowaHe 10 First special mr** day gus lied In Jolla Hearts, and MCcnI..,..,
Citrus WUdllf MasafeintM Ana cptas.December Jet Mar. Tallaierro. The
adds sobtrecte.He 11 Third phew dove w teas sod serondphaM starter la the so aeon's opener OR MOlE C
works It ell trossd I duck, goose and toot Masoa .... will have captured s most 59 I QUANTITY RIGHTS RESERVED
ill l'G: ATnucncri'* December 31 Second special three" day gee hrt to prised, and. pubUelaed.. brass FOOD us
Cores WOdttta Masa| Tiat Ares opens.Jarrary r.... GIANT SPECIAL GOOD THRU SATURDAY
51 111 n. 1 Sotpe and wooocork Mason eac.... Jrisd WOOD Cwfeank Is not OIDER
s............... Jsnary t Deer and bear Mason closes la ,Inl. only counting oa his new
Sated Fourth and Flfm CanMrvatloa Districts. W arw rbwk, but a roster of VEGETOLE
Mia ) s Days Turkey Masaei elves la First Second end FifthConMrvetieo veterans and promising rook

Districts.Jerturyl lea at other positions to provide
Are Nonberedsi's Third rA M ..e Mieaa closes.Jaasary s sprtncbeard to w.....
I Days ere "a.- f Special thus day wild hog. team Is Fish. May ......Hlli, oa the list SHORTENING LIS.49C
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week-ead gjitU begs to Citrus WtkJUfeMasagenMa AFL'S "Hoc*.le of the
TO. iso IOU Lscly Doji Area ervas.Jaatary Tear honors last soaeoniBlahs LIMIT 1 W/S5.00 OR MORE FOOD ORDER
Lock Colors Etc. 9 Deck, gonee sad. ceet Mason cUees.Jaosaiy Turner fl/th-rarod awjng -
'..... 12.00 for ywrHoroeeope U DM,. bear and sifWy what cloMi .' e. IsagWi pass re*
Outdo for Third ConMmsUoa DistrictJaary eel..,. last gui OalnardPaulsea MAXWELL HOUSE INSTANTCOFFEE
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SaptOBfeer bop la Ge.aae River WlktU Maft. *wei pass SMerropea. la IMtI anddeloMO '
silo Ares opens.Jamary stars Ben WlUor end
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Office tot 1111. Jecieo SO Special week.eed ejull Let kt Citrus bock Bob IcnweBMrt. RsnVer
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........................ Qsefl Masageiriom end waUml M SOS toots Is First", .r*Is r the Foa/tk sad FV* ... -.... Dtotrlcts.March .
cruzr................... keaS eadsajairrel claw at TMrd after. two loslMg seasons. U '
I 0a sows ssjuung Its ."..1.. haws oaiwe FLOUR 29C
cenllttk1. arttrtacts, one _t>> ,,.
Mil Of p till -. March. a Sfrtflf arty g c4tr Mesas aspen based ...... wetsraa snd ens srtatutr
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M fhs Aft k pass af-

3 TWO POLY POUND IA6S $1 1 1cium


t in tan CUM mi[ on/.

GREENS 4 11 pr's'// GilTS MEAL us. 03

r PUT IUS / 1111

iiiiifi. minis, iiuui FRUIT COCKTAIL 3 t'"i 69C



FRYERS -28 "GROUND$. 1j9

Ui litisl !Mil's Hair Styles F e
The snin PIIIIIH lEU iiurs rainti nimssSHOUllERon
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Are Taught rmr fUll IIy[ mu

JocksoRvilUColltgt k GRAPES 19C CHUCK 49C


hrhr IMC

U. S. NO. 1

830 DAVIS STREET eve..ra.sri asirat

liclliiftBi. Tlert/e a..r aaw sr awrw POTATOES10_ us.9C_

i -



Daylight Stores Officials, Employees, Guests Enjoy Festive Annual Party At The Armory.

--- '
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'. 4 1 1S
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III< '#1. _
GREETINGS FROM OFFICIALS' we extended by I. H. Edwards (M) Proildonl of Day. ADMINISTRATIVE STAFf membert w.fnening ond WINNERS OF Done. Conferf ore, 1..It: Arffcvr f Sender and MiM ._ic. WN.i .
'light Grocery St.,.., 'Int. Kodoll, F Roll.". II".'", Executive Board member of Ine 7o8ranci joying/ fettivihf,; / ore from loft, Mrt. J.III. Clou/ bm. lint pm.; WIHit Jon. and M.... Joan Wlton./ second ,nie: ffooed Francis vic. cfcoi
I /. NAACP and i. E. Oiritfman; General' Manager, Daylight Grocery Sloret. Inc' net mediJnet/ operofor}..Irs. 'Imga Barvc/t main office; man and Ileac Corn... Chairman of Hie e".n'!, .
monoger Conerol Monogor and Mrt. Nina Jo Chrlitmon, wile of Ihe respectively'g

_w_M_' _fi___ ... _-._ _- .a__ ...,." '



H _

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'( k 4 L ilL

t. .1.,4, 4, t _
.. / t
-PRjNC"i.ij-"ou fOil "/)(-5tand"'l1 'Iran. left-' : hoot Corn., chairman; Mrt I. E Chrlit- WAREHOUSE IMHOVtS and ."..*.front row from ,ell: tonWolpn and Mrs HU Homer ,..... right inewt ....... don- cert .../.,i,.f .. 'cool
man, General Manager; J. Hargrove, M... Brown Homer Curry Robert Francis. vie. t. and Mrs Curry, M,. and M.... ftotcoe Nefton and Nwberl Fan+. Door pri'. winner* Sound (Royal Art S ve<. FneNN. )
I chairman "odefl F Robert, Mrs Thorna. Theodora Cornet. Boron Kernel Horry Jack In boclgrowrxf from f loll ore 'loo Corn., Robert Francis, Cnerlo Brown .ncI'r.4 Una- .
ion, employe/ "".In... monoger, and Cnarlot Brown toy.

Furnished rooms. ,Manor turn apt.
i, lady;. El ec. Kit. h. .. married Rooms 01 Westsido Miss Katherine Reel is Uiferiisled( apirtoeit 433 Priiilifis.Sii.li TOOTHACHE
couple call 353- 9.2 Low Price. Call 354.3120 I.lit' St. Mel 1 1.". roots, .
2828 Woodland. 354.1288 located at1020 Dewitt St.Ph. hiss Ir CitplilUijsJP.I.till Deot1.......... M..t./www
after 6: p. m no Mel Inks sits 014JtL. W. -
354-3860. Fiatirioi reiritinte, still, N. V. FOR SALE ".. a'N.'A4.''''' .Pals. ...a..Y.w.1.IM..alreIr.1.aM .. ..
'i ....
all il hair styles I hater I L space haler 11.1ippe.iO.OOBOitkli.Appli. Bust aid Lit Wi.ei.s-9 ails 1 ... .... ....1.14.....MM... It.r. .IM
.....".......'."-...... ..."............ .......-........-. ...-....... ,...-."-.. types ) ., IsasuraWi.1i1.1Sl1161'654. 351.Nil! ""."'0 ra.J e I' "

1643 Mail St., or call
.. ,' )
f :'
; .(& "i ; .' ,' '... .... I 355-4061
# Ait( 1:4 : .
.,fi. >! rll.y.' ; with C.'o"' '.'.
w v: EASE CONSTIPATION! STAR Papers Home Delivered Now!

UNI I PIUI. t Imrt W "rt.
Nut..rt.r.wI..w....=,.S. : tr
j r II,...I..M. wN ...H"lwl.m iMncu">.M..ewr.-..rt..
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*'xili M *M| CMM MMIUNI
M I rids, ii nw ntitlM. wIM
t.111 P... M."t. ell/
MM M fM *r (|'M M
LAN-!PIUS )ll. TtTMttlti.
.ICII....' .tflftM Hill
wNn.rsar 2-SEWINK MACIINES-2 Q<' '
r ti,
1101 DtAL-A-rATIC-RIg! r
xr Mgs tAat....r bays .bM
Lod lbq ate LAY'A-141a.Aevt .
ple1.4 sp:cuatn..raloft 5
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I VaI ar.a. are unable
to lonte Lh.. Tan easv ,
>> th..sehls. forth i .5
balance, $41 rash or
ttrM. illl hb older
..ckUt. h trtdt PII.lu.a. ,
..< ..jtl.. *UI 1r
deliver, No obltMtlo s

r-----------I lU'S I

1 1
SIDE REPAIR i Don't to achl .l ihj wait to real
II your ndchbor paper Your beat friend r
She lipairiif iII say not h1l10IJbut he doesn't like
1 you reading Mi pe pr, He thinks jrourc
Aif liH Is | chiseling
thy not get roar TCI paper every **.k?
I Is lir 1 !Yore than 13,000 hoses arc getting a
"TAR' paper every .*ek..thjr not yon?

I Oil} lisiiess

You'll so Utter refreshed with Ice.cold Coca-C:"'.. Civet I lift to year.;'sits a tesst t<->", a energy I I 134 E. UNION st. l lL Y. Bn't Hive T. m* A Sink IHW (Of Tin STAR
...a blgl bt'd! un-itikable: t taste, In :,art t ,C.'
t : xi ii more thin an Cfdrjry; sc't drink
::._ News' About Negroes COItpIeIe Co"
Ilk Kationil News Cbrcli News --

"lit nil T nUlls 'UI" Statewide Hews I I
Social News
t' ....... III en wake S5800,

IM'-- bc'tttlti tll t 1 WCJ, I Bin nth ml. Gty. Coaatr News Sports a nits

Coke No stOiil, ttlipiiiit, i

6/00 C or liner Irifni! Ink ilimli Nm Yw STAR K... Mnni ,- Ewly At Ho Extra Cost

fo. ri ke JIM spit tiM'!
Nil! Sn4< J2.H.
For Kiwi Stir For Florida Stir, ..;
EfIE it ten details 25(.

-- --- FIIEUU EMPIITMENT' Hindus Cih. I "j I Jtiois Call

BOTTLED WOER: THE AUT1IORITT Of: '::1. In 12113, leit A 377-1025 S 35467HSTII

THE (X"A-a>OOITA9T tj; JACXSONVIIXE WCA-aLA BOTTLING CO. fattsusa 1s, fliri.a 3221)

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