Florida star

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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200678datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date August 28, 1965dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=006780740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
August 28, 1965
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
August 28, 1965
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Superintendent Griffin Bis 'St. Aug.' Dr. J. H. J bw To led By CrtoQSIniMoaWlihtto niera of( Colored Toof k't Attorney ing l relief (nuking the fe.Wril
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Bo Sere To bad Next Weep Why Is JaeljsonvineRe; : ; f For nrunon tr ,lt1on <; ? ...1.f

A Special Report By Eric O Simpson


.- _
m. "

t, ; r- I

1 Aa. '
rats Z STAR PIPEts MPTEMiti !

O .
'Published by the Florid Star publishing boapaar ,
ASISTANTaDOlNGtfWR3.WU.II.M",. rr S There Is an old Negro folksong whldusays that If your,
black shack down In the Itt bottsunl'catclw B..h
ERIC 0.' SIMPSON ..........NiiiJiil."itir thing to do Is "throw your trunk outThf window, and let y.'
Nm the whole damn row burn downf .
msHN., ; E. WISE........... E.itir The rioting In Los Angeles hascostourpeopJe: and cur -

but to will cost allpleay more, U w* fan--

HILDA WOOTEN..... .. .. Circilitin+ Miiifir to nation draw plenty the proper conclusions from this fateful lesson

; L There are those, of course, who are trying topta me

rioting on the doctrine Martin Luther Kins and elvU,
rights demonstrations generally: charging J sehftat

2323 Mucriif R. .., Pint Elfii 4-6712 these live rise to I disrespect for law-and-order., Others: : ': !
go even'farther and seize upott the rioting as "proof '. :;

Miiliil Address that the Negro 11 not ready for freedom DOW :
If AmericspermloeltheraneofthesehlhtohPGrid' l.

P.O. Bu -- on the donkey, wewUlmostasfur 4hbelertlngc r#tv :',
531 licksiiiilli 1 1. fluids > :
; '
"AKlOTtK WITHAMOWTOYCX4- In for more, not less explosion* after die raaime :,fJpB> |' : ;
TAIL lHHIStiAND3ISNOTflGHTING .Angeles. Rochester. Philadelphia; sad Chicago. ; +
MIAMI OFFICE \ l roRC/VILRIGHTSANYMOcgr'wi For the truth Is that these explosions are the cumulative ', .,
A KLAHSHAH WITH ASJltET Oil illS and dts. '*
of segregation,
result of centuries exploitations
131 NV 3rd Ail. Pint 377-1025. C, 4 JlfCJ,4RDA THEY ARC fOTH N4MWN13 HOC PACE.OR ItSS crimination. It Is Just great that, at long last,'we now, I

WHAT TNELAWDECLARf3 THCI'ILA.,6REAKOl1PCST'1ltrO nave some elvU rights.. and an.. rtyl'rogrl/lh': J

L1 : $or but we can hardly taste diem yet._and the pressure, .

a CONSTITUTIONAL KXHTS AND fnuuadau,4wlt.dlr.Jtrys. tffllnc.inbtntuponbetr \ ;
SUBSCRIPTION RATES UBfRTttt.III.T1ItArnY> STRGYfR3ansahrwl.k.wltsv "naturally born black": In thts"YMlt man's eoumry" -

One Year, $6.00 Half Year. $4.00 r ofAPREFshx/E'rl:: simply beyond human endurance.

Mailed to you Anywhere in the united States / we will wager that U the shoe of racism were on the
other (white) foot the white man would not Just riot and
Subscription payable in advance loot once In blue moon but around the clock and around

Send Check or Money Order to; J( aw the calendar

Our radon has to face the fact that the lot of Its 20

II minion .Negro citizens Is still substantially bad as

FLORIDA STAR P.p. '80( 561 that of the Jews In Nazi Europe before the ovens were.

Jacksonville 1, Florida lit Slum-dwelling Is s form of living death regirdkrstrof J
4 race and when the cross of "being a Negro" (with

all that emails In America) ls added to is. It Is Jos; }. o9

Schools Must 67 < t much to bear with all the shinny new rights laws the
Desegregate ly % electrified barbed) wire of the color line Is still there -\ i

1_...' Of course the rioting In the black ghettoof Los Angeles.: "

The lang-aw.lted deadline for acrou-the.bolrchchool makes no "sense"} but neither did the uprising In the
has list been Jewish Ghetto of Warsaw during the Nazi omJpat! n. Doth
'desegregation the
at pinpointed by Federal
,Government. PERHAPS AN INVENTORY IN LEADERSHIP IS NEEDED! were suicidal acts of desperation committed by people In

It ha* been set for two years hence' which Is to lay torment
by the opening of the school year In the Fall of 1987, It Is Indeed significant that the pressure valves hategiven
which it to say 13 long yean after the U.S.Supreme' way In black ghettoes outside the South Into these

,Cou.it handed down its J historic, 1954 edict that public veritable concentration camps have i Inevitably> gravitatedthe

education be desegregated "with all deliberate speed" dispossessed Negro masses, ruthlessly tractorrd off
.Credit for calling a halt to the delaying tactics of the Your the Southland which their labor carved cut of me howutrjwldernes

segregationists must go above all to the U.S. Office of Weekly The Negro's share of the new and prospering
Education, and Its deculontowlthhold Federal funds from South which his blood sweat and tears fertilized has

any school district which does not desegregate, or file been approximately Zero. As s surpkis Person he has
',. nowhere to but the big) city barracks and relief rolls.
.-a satisfactorypledge: ; wdo so within a given time go
,,7.bout ,three out of every five school districts In the The anti-poverty program despite Its avowed determination
Southern and border states have had their plans accepted Horoscope GuideBy to get at the roots of poverty Is not really

according to the latest Information/ from the Office of designed to put money In he pockets of the poor or sur
',Education plus food In their stomachs or to provide Jobs for dlt>

,In Florida, less .than half the districts ((4Sfy are In Jobless or homes for the horreless onanadeojuate ....Ir.
compliance. PABLO The ASTROLOGER The lesson of Los Angeles Is that America cannot

in afford to pussyfoot around the problems of and
School boards 111 of the region's districts reported ,poverty
that they were desegregating according to Federal court frustration as they manifest themselves In most acute ..

orders directed specifically to them, but the Office of WHICH ARE YOUR LUQ K.feJFA:YS. ,FOR form In the black ,hettQ.1I our nation afford the
Education found only 74 of these plans((many of them call -. luxury of shooting for the moon, it can assuredly afforda

Ing for "a grade a year") good enough to suit. BUSINESS' LOVEi.- ;5tRAV.E..U crash program of shun clearance and work projects
The minimum ,acceptable formula for school boards here on our piece of earth so we can enter Into the

desiring U.S. cash, as laid down by Education Commls- Promised Land of Liberty and Justice for,aO.

stoner Francis Keppel, calls for desegregating no less
than four grades this coming school year (preferable yb Accent Oi Showcasing
starting at top and bottom grades slrnulataneously), and ARIES! LEO! are for some of you to discover be allowed to fly out the win

finishing the Jobs all across the board by the opening of Bern Mack 21st thru Born July 23," thru Just where your talents dow. Your strength Is found What can you do?
lie. Start them In
the Fall term la 1967. April 19 h AM* 22ne. applying ta private business affairs. No: use going Into thai sc g-nd-dance about never having
more fertile fields that will
This mandate apparently makes an end of the practice handsome Take been given' s chance to study anything. There Is a lot
yield returns.
of many Federal courts In ordering "grad.ayear" Integration of truth la It,but Is will never get you past dw employment
Arlans are to be The of die precautions advised
Many apt necessity taking's customary
a system which would have never caught up with office. Considering all the obstacles that have brenplartd
at loose ends. The much firmer stand by all
nearly safety
onlyW'YIOpt to
a whole generation now in school In cur way the wonder of It ls that so many of us can doan .
be to eliminatethe from councils, should
That the Federal would the Office of going may expenses outstripping you eat we eaa clew But when the
courts back come Malmt
up you up "npe.yti
*' a.1If ... ,
Inner compulsions that Income be the Uo4e4ng traveling er 1,th thru'
your < any
Education speed-up became apparent lilt month when theU.S. prlorlty"iiJ may 0. ....' mess Mil s. Ills too lose't4 tompUJA thai you jot soon..,
have proven to be far greater that has mood ; 1bI-tIr -yabor Day weelonsC'! 'Merdt20ta
Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals declared that the changed on pnparatlon.Ilea
barriers to than Members of the who 1411U53194SAGITTARIUS
courts and other branches of the Federal Government progress family Is one way, and one way only for us to enter In
the external that share the blame for
ought to be In accord and that the time-table set by the have ones surnamed you may and unlimited unwise Whether you are being through die doors we have opened up. and that Is by
Education Office ought to be adhered to. spending pressed by your own feeling or ojiallfylng ourselves to meet dw exacting demands of the
Crack on Insurance habits also have be
"The U.S. Office of Education Is better qualified than your savings, may to the tnsumnce or s person Jobs to be done In this modern age and In keen f onipetltionwldi '- .
Investment Impressed desirability '
the courts and Is the more appropriate Federal to pro close to this others. *
body cedures. Although the Labor of restoring sound Bent H... MrJ An you dots not
weigh administrative difficulties Inherent In school desegregation seem to be the right moment This means! that If you are In school, you had brttrf
Day holiday weekend Is likelyto economic and Dee. 21 tt
plans" the court said In edectslonwrhnn security principles. to writs ftals to an episode Stay there for as many years u Is humanly possible.
In Should the need .
by Judge John Minor Wisdom. unsatisfactory many f1I.. In your life. Atttoagb there even U you have to live en cornbread and wear Anny
It find
The U.S. AftOMWy'General'iornehllllkewlae.ttppecS records respects In the mll..tabUthrww wav nf.r.rru. you your may liberal friends someone whowCQIa among The secrets diet are essential are bound te be second surplus to do b. As die mm said, when all the od.* sir

on the desegregation gas and obtained court permission jams or accidents. offer a helping band. to advance your climb upward thoughts as to the wisdom b are over and done with, we are going to nave. to sitin -
to Intervene In behalf Mississippi suits where Negroes 7-30-U-19-84-S48 2-80-TT-ie-48-m may be betrayed lanoeeotry of having dour so.r free mint more classrooms and libraries to order to take advan

ere asking three counties to Integrate completely this by ._. ....=- allies or ly. U could then be too late tyeof the opponutties the Freedom .i..ntoveaw-RitM.
fafl.There IDI_-out Y bf competitorswhd TorHmaki dIe necessary a* ....11II- -
.continues to be a wld".p between what Southern r. 'oO.Y may try to beneftt.,.,.- mends. ;This makes ta aU the The same goes for.-nupa. If you want' to"move on

school boards consider to be "all deliberate speed" TAURUS VIRGO ta any tra barm will more argent to head die recommendations up," as- the MatftsW Averse and men say. tars you .bad'

and the minimum speed limit set by the Office of Education Bern April 20th thru Bent Aug. 23rd ttirvSept. tat done. h m be dlf/lcult.( of die many national bettor sit-in some of dos reek training pr 'f rams with

Of 1,765 school board "vok ntuy"" filed only 288. May 20th U not Impossible, for you to safety councils that are which our cities now abound..
have been accepted so far 220 repair die damagecanp"' ty. concerned ever the baiards Mere exposure to Instruction Is of carte not enough
Thirteen of moss accepted are In Florida, and of these, The Labor Dey weekend U thus tread You could have All over the world bl.... brown and yells prcr Irs-and
11 call for across-the-board desegregation this year. The actions end reactions more likely than not ta be much more fun In die company whirs toe-who km been until now shut off front general
of all those close to you refuse 1"cllcla Ion that Is reached of friends and techAobtlcal education .
marred by publication. the or todtrewlrsj are display an // thirst
Approaching Labor to follow s set pattern an Impulse or when you customary statistics: covering' yourself heat and for knowledge dtat Is producing first-rate professionals
Day Plight making for unusual circum are undertunss ls more Wte.ly seal Into b
highway travel and other related your favorite hob* a single generation, The Negro Anwrtoan Is no less
stances. You certainly can than not to be the wrong ......... Be especially bee ft should not be shamed thirsty and no less able _
Our' how count on the unexpected! to play one. This means that It would the by 11I1"ho suffers trams One big difference between
safety predictions as to many people wW be on lookout for anexpected a stop-fcound and master* .
killed on specific holidays art most accurate. How many the major role. theTaireans be more lIacloUJ to hold back opportunities to give your status .lack ef companionship, craftsman U a highly developed faruky of seaT..rttirlsfn..
Floridians will lose their lives on the forthcoming Labor who already have matrimonial until everyone Including a htafchful boost. V40-13-W-324-M 8 you ycureetf .Impose rtwhlchtstatandardsef tmltenreon ,
ties have notions about severing yourself Is thoroughly SMti
Day? your own work acting as your own severest' rrtttr.
call It i the, they will have to expect fled that there Is no other aId always before
We asking
guessing game, but our statistics portray TH It you arn anythtnj aeMli diet .
accurately the grim state of affairs In this state we can active opposition h win way out of s dilemma. The the best I can '" you need Iwe aw hear of the Judge*

expect accidents Injuries, and deaths. Speed will account all be very exciting and per- pleasure that should be yours trect of others. Moreover, be who first trams w ,.,.,*
for most of the arrests accidents and fatalities. A few haps upsetting to those whose over the long Labor Day weekend fSAFETY ... himself la very soon put re supenUkw those who

will create problems by driving to the left of center when nerves are on the tender side. may be threatened by fixed Ben Dee. 22..e* ttreJaalttk faO M...reIN this faculty
the have 3-80-99-14-73-280 attitudes or s refusal te
no right to.U '
nobody will exceed the speed limit and U nobody will abide by the calm counselsof Dine,., .f COlt*.>.er SewceeAsrll Wansed.Never AU over. America the signs are going upi NegreHei

get out of his lane the traffic toll would be reduced to amWntnn rour Intimates. AUowyar. S"s'rr lasne.arSttifu
wind nowlww
Labor self to be convinced that modern Those ef yon who are seeking eoma
Last Day should be enough to remind us GEMINI Mainly Its because die Negre*. marched ran- and
work or teatime alpraced- a sew location which to W...Iqs -
os what can happen this year. Bern May 21 e't thru round the employment Mite, hollers his head off.Curie
_red tan no longer be Ignored work and reside should give .. g
Abo>e all people must stay at home If they drink for re brlesr Mar
Sam ..stand inch. of dist
toy have business J..o 21.t when you want to keep abre stof the preference to cities dist 'sun-cwt tWy eJe Wr.ld Just se and bualnestman
w .. no driving on our traffic laden high the competition, Its easier, are large and .la which Individual the anna ef M*.reAad. ____ toe Doycon and selective buying are proving BY. the
to work with than against It.430W.1ST.W4 enterprises can Hear- .vfcUe. oprtague w.-o. shoran' reute *e an em/tor*rs ban b vU ku pocket.kook ..
You certainly should have ere_ bctj M thou ..... .. .
Reglstretion. What no occasion to be bored due lab It may not be a bad. Idea toe le the ........* |Me el life ,
t-S0rcfitI< ? for tan whe have genaa ae- sad pe. she fact Is dm skaM |r the
to the unusual circumstances where ap till MW, andwhecaa tech i fiini n. ht r.t thar*. be, t'dngay'of time to this country b..e fated. special ehnactis -

Modern UnltedCtatcs. of American U a symbol of pare that attend you wherever you afford It top to their for ly-. tfMe..r <.......- are aQ el s Svddni btlnf. ,...w''* srvclal epparemmes. -
dexoat One can easily note upon the pages of the voter live, play and work.Some sort LIBRA ants there be naval about with s few ....... >r..e<>..e, .

registration books the description of person by color of pressure or requirement official Bern $pt. 2W thru taktng advice from frleada wile s "' lannae.. II hanp'as h.a us aeer verybedy seems to be Jampto .,.-.u,. s NefrVendwetea

and race. Do we have two kinds of cltlsens Congress from headquarters or Oct. 23 many be misled by thslr owndsUskns I.rae1 :the wether : Mawfaretren and *Kkrsaltn aaf.tstrittors *-
sad the Supreme Court say No) A cltlsen 1s scltisen.Children sources could compel you to These told steer swt ee the ,...s tea jttvlete and rvtaOtrs ef aQ terms are sowerfutly antleu to,
+ of Negro partms must not be segregated by pull up roots and establish you to the dlrcctka dui kadsonly .e with the isles ttaw tint hire least enough Mfroes *. cash to on die NetreSMrkeh
race and assigned to particular schools The Negro: must your lodgings: elsewhere. Your Job er htalxn may, to elsarftotnaneat oreompkra eery tt fwMeaD e irttetttJ 4ie- Coatracters enA ses-ranrartoea are searchtar
There to unto doubt that the ..... Maw ..,..... .. tv*.
be permitted to eat In any public cafe regardless of his cause you' to undergo some frustration PLace .. ..", IM euattfUd Kegre ktlp, st anr|teejaaltfy and keep >all-
color el skin "h1..; and "Colored" signs have been tasks or responsibilities entrusted fretful rnonw.... But u voxen mere reliance ea yotrleeltogs. e 1 ur .:slep. thetfere.the Tied hf Ceenue werm.. The Ce..rne. asekT caa|
removed from drinking fountains end rest rooms In publicplaces. to you win be putt subconsciously behind Inaikka" end die ktasoasyos *ferest....Se.ev/ty seen to find ...,* Keg to eat ks each and se

Negroes can swim In any public pool his heart heavy the.C'tnO. and behold bees tented from pestexperiences. httee tKh.1*kt ru Mtovt :htthHM if ky .. put ea display araurf ale wee M.Aeytlme .

desires, except when they close the city pools as did 620441847 what Is In store for you. It These are the kp' e beT .odsra pWf sets set rep ae a aWn..... or .M

Tallahassee.WhM should lighten your burdens' saJmards that have seldom e star hiitire. If e fcwe.et te tatBveresskc.tM to* tm< are .\.
persons of color seek employment through eattency considerable enabling you to er wm-.wr fell pan ,..... gait. fen Me.hret eteesag and wees are ighg "c vaanW' end "Vbst )

that agency must not designate! racial Urntity.But CANCER' have readier access to your IWTT144STJIAQUARIUS ... ...... 4ee.epeul.. < Teos. can you do" and e let ef us *he toe Wee Plat ea
....-..... ...
When Negro wants *o rrjlsitr his name must be identified hidden source of strengdx. Although .. i .* |are era struest decal,
Bern J.*e 224 thru .... ....... .. ... .... .
by race. No t. ibttrvre ls a certain amount of discrimination your earnings should be ,.... from
; la this ..-ocess. and someone should Investigate J.I,22.4Yall on the rise this would not bead vrtod .=atL.p.NM
the matter. much hej when expenses e If drrt.e\ .. -. te the M4n ftmt Taps EnHi's PrateasIhenbetalnths.glomMute
higher. Be thttootout *** ef die reed ..i .**5.
nay be at sixes and soar even on ... Jea, 20t tits helm ... d.rte. the <.....
1a Ws k U .Him. Hktstyep sevens trying. te dettrmlne for extltinj tidings, ,... UA. "rwjd. De fita.st.. aer e .
water should regarding your friends ertovedones. tree ee CUe ..>rtn which a esoespceap'4egsY
1. .821. Hiram Revels of Mississippi! first Negro you adhere to mil faD ea f..e ..... nwahinebthan.. i.tprtbbaetletrpe lmIee/t
elected to the U.S.Snag, was born free man InFayeBevllle your more advanced= views or 490. Haw --c7 prae.lel aad w saer p adn w teach ..... bp.ttaat ... ....
N. C, Served 41st and 42nd U. S. Car to stan conforming to the eU .. K .you ,iii ceepSi .. some.iee enp'n fare ..d r-rUte ..,....11., .ea a stay be O rtj*. N
wages and philosophies. Jbava say deaOnrt wtdl effleUl wane sad, aW kfl.- reach tar wean but *
gtsu,1110.1L. .. *re are s)* Mfr
fw_ gs
Sept. ]. X9George Washington Carver began his remarkable make Should love"" enter yoar .hearty er' tnr' rtsat exeactos.yes 0..,., ... ...-.y.. ..,.,.... saw aheut (... earth area vbk weTel
certain that U > de are aft n 4-..., Aetthry Crystal ileg Ms ken Dr.
career as agricultural chemist at Tuske* Mass PaaU.Kr aawr ef Duke Ca*>
got institute. Alabama. From the peanut he made real thint and not a irsknUe Been Oct. 24ta ..... rut ..se sad set men .sai.l.C: sunwwaeaddutaufslecnasiag. taarpnt _
owe tk. MO products j more than 100 products from ,tut wof leave yea wanting ..... 22.J sccerdtos ta die castama. than e few MB*** f.- / re te Us sarreaaaaes .d crejes seslejI ,
sad frustrated Over die lag .> mr re Ureiaeats. Yea here the e14Lr..iMp' ew W. stow sax c....,. .
the sweet potato)syathMleatarbki from weed shavtnft, vetted dense the tlM he. yw yet d w are ,.a.
., dyes' .from clay, and staita from" tonal .t.... pelt Keep s close cinch ende are JftaJy eebtaaiSiucaaMrestisfenery the etenets el Ma BMM a.... teat, he all II b ..... tl ..., a au registry
Sept Aun: CbarUs.. Houston ..wne... of law activities ef the younger A' aura at .c.a: : reaUia. V yea ...-. beasts. d pllead tar Y Ia.ag... M abggsafw
neuters ef the family te southat affairs bask Ma u act U rat Mfi 4.
school at Howard anlvershy. was bon at Washington, yourto asr/eas./ 4f-a. teasetly akur all ...
D.".C. He gained eotanwlde. prowlaMM es generaleauasel they are INC being exposed It te coarse of your e&isteace be gtvan she ruasxasal .. SeW, 4v.m 1Y-tJ:: lifter a. "Moat stl I.. ...,. 1ewi .
te'cerrtrtive ( shouM ........ ,..
nfiiea There ..
fir the NAACP. He was a member W the PUDexaKafpa MaecMsarUrbedeemed si a mete Cllipaell .-.. aa/
and the American Academy of Political sadSotUlScJsace. ees. Deft trust toe arch to eaksZZ h. Far ht adD Hextuieare restrict** .. If ,..,..,. ...,........ sat t.ditnhti ...... ..-
caaaca nor speculation at any snare ta autr.. aneaf yea, .ths.easti. ......, arshsj are ........ ee the --. Thtlh 01 dr auayr. --.e w sea W .
,. pol.r as
Sapl 9.. 1901 Joe Gw tea li|>rwelh. boxing lice on edter .... Lei close associations this CIO f"jepea PN ItokHceaojav yin tea sxaareet freaetai > e44 the beadstbeSh art sefM ite t e Ad.+Ie'L.. ,. ... ..".., ...... .. ......,... ..,.
foul U the 42nd lard carry Che re.....- to ta As art i. your .* er ester w.sours. Wtor' .......n. a... II As retlb tb.Ws ai'n eab.

Sept .. 111 Association for the tardy of Nefre Life end tOay. sciences er gatarel ec..e.' .. a.... Ydrhii thin :=? ee frtUa thus hew au ddN d .... lean... sou ban a.
..a -1I-1f-32 ..... t stay .... tales.wf fail ;;S gt>rss kwired kWnpp
History: was organised by Dr. Carter G. Woods. *! 1 lll'iwr" ..w r ... t
!F......... J n .


rte li !




wmw stTTEiftEi 4 IKS 'STAI.IAPEIS- -- -_ "PACE' 3

: ................................ .. I
warmer School brads 'fourth timers' Project Critique

____ J
\ r cfti + M t

'" I :. & II J I

Jlt I l : .- .
} j :. i eiuwfri qt mftttont eettlJmiutr r r
t MIM etifeHI. '
t' /o.wisf .*/< ia,_.... q;

i -I ) i
Q. ft* afraid BIT taoeidertwM with other to read scenes from
droop fret csn7 g heavy play Concentrate on (peak ins, i
book to ad from date e4be clearly and dmindly without ,
..-*;.vr mr deta every da). tlurriai word together. Mak {
De ye* k>*w tartkiag I CM ture you pronounce every .,1-
.. to pf-vea* red ttweldenT lable. Youll find younelt tpeak.
tag dower Speak in a well
A. Docks woa'rouncI your
modulated ton.-aot to soft
thouldcn but bad posture wWI
that people haw to train to :
.. Stand straight til straight and
hear you but not to loud that It
until M'l a habit. think (traifhtThit r.
,' liirciM will help: Lie llat it unpleatanl.
-- oar your back on the floor with Q. SMverwar ttafeiii o. I
both arm out to the tide B*. mom, -aa rat fated wkh
rr' gm arching: your back u If a ... tae M /katte, test
4 1f- .. ttring wen lulling your clint tad *.*.. I 'reaM and
to the ky: With DO help from aa M*. Help. -
*ZW OtKATDt DISTINCTION'" Pits students la the mamn duo at Florid AMtfclTsrsit your elbow. Lt your head A. Here an eaty-o-rmm- "SI
> ? received thtlr degrees With Greater Distinction" Graduating'Mth did at you to until the top ber rule for tUverware etiquette. frank Hiss Junior High School. Kiatilnea a ne.*papr elth David I C. Cbll \
of H touch the floor. the lilt B.ia.willi. the implemtnt
Oratr Distinction" left to riht, arc Denorsti'st.r/aleey of your weight should be on farthest from he plate for the niton. and students Ronald Llpsowb and Jacquelyn Clinton. Chits conducted

Quincy; ran Carolyn Jackson Damon, Dfunlak s>tints.; John Johnson ,Open your hip Mid holt. Count to tint court and continue in a unit on newt sper and Oollintton. assistant director of Public Relations
Locks. Sandra Marl D.U* Po+swl..4 Vivian Cvtrs tp-ard, RleraBachNUtisr three, dkie. back down on your toward tilt plate ia the order at nearby Florida AMI UnlvrMt. ..u the Neat upek.t
back and repeat 8ve time*. the Menuli are aH with later ..
gradually Increeami" to tan court**. Even if you forget
laktr Edward And. slur homework. put on* which utensil to which deal Finished "w IIh Distinction'tH'
asters Adds Stiff
of the boots 011 your had and worry Moa likely no on* the
walk around the room two or wit silks if you accideatallyut
Feted OiOth MsMbsrs Ts Fscslty VaxtsctoSw thre Hum. the wrong one Just enjoy)
Q. People ere ahrayt aihsM your dinner and your dinner
members haw been added to the teaching staff at to iiiial ...... I ..,. I
ItrthssYOetplt Edward Waters Collate to nil vacancies from fir past tjaaa. I ***** dearty, beta T. IMF* .*..< .-
arm and to complets additional staff needed because. oftocrsssad Pea ........ to ....... ro..dJ. msr, ..J ..sealM.
Da ye* are nay .*|...... .? Ny.N/., .. ,... b..
belnj a shnt-tq, taroUtncnt. according to Dr. W.EL Stewart.prcai ,_...
,... A. This .to s trees problem to tn.aws e..I.s 'H 8
eighty popular .In. Robb* ttra Reserve VD oIIIty. He olvl You can do ft aloes or Awe film, *A CUM FW DMeH _," Tk
(Motor Dakar of 1111 K.IMi '. Tar Instnctors are Ed slid .*. W *
has Just comparted s thra** with friend Read aloud from my ay wn >
Su hag ba th* recipient ward Jsmas Clsmons. Physical year tour as an ambassador torn of your favor** book or tsar K1.4Mp.Cbo, C.p.
of lovely parry ember Education and coach Art of Goodwin In Puerto Rico lM.uiML Or mate s group God, Ps4ke R.Ia Dqt.
Wife birthday and several W. Jars Mathematics sod protect of r ft and sat together N....., r...... 341$'}
other *..rtalnmntv.atj ta Science Dr. Ylnf Htta.Matham whir.hs was trtsWnjprofatsor. ,..........................................ft.............
her horn*. atlcj and Statistics Dr.
Mother Baker wag first the Charlss c;. HsrnUton. History Jnois injoyiig I Il Yicition Cruise
honor: of s card shower and Social Sctonc*]Dr. Hare
presetted by Cstswsy Auxiliary Mareesfc. Eto mks. History u
lUt Veterans of World snd GeorJapIIyH..Worth
War I I UA, bteb which was Irfton.Smith English and Lit 'Pe't
followed by her birthday party eraerre.Ilr .
Sasirdiy A*|. 21 presented. Clamors rclvd fir
by her ehfldren Bachelor of Arts degree from
Morris Brown College snd fir et
The *.eat wag well attended
by ths fsmOv snd friends and Masttr of Arts degree from .

she retied' many beautttal Hen football York teams Ualvsrstty.base ranked His Vim 01BTINCTION--' Thee.reduut... of th..ue.r class at Plumb 4 ft M

.V.Re,,. A.D. Harris of'Abys* near ins top of the SoaihsntotsrCoQtftss trite rally napt*110 r. Graduate* ono tin

sMs Baptist a.rcb.... the : Conferenc. Iah4"tlth Diatiactlia hit to tau .,.. Rhtrlsy Delorlss DeVardBrown. -,
bauilm and Rsn T.s.John Mr. Jaws received th* Taps: Haraha \n0slr Dan., Jacksonville; illhalna Ooodaian Kim I Irt.
gas of Cram HroorUl AKtCChmrch Bachelor of Sctent* to *d* Lwderdals, |wnns Orem. Qpa IAch. ,..., fllltM* Jone. *. pannaacnla I j
sad Dao JJ>. Eppsr cation at Arkansas Stst A C 'I and N ath a nit) .*.h, J,. JIalullh. I
soa of Edward Vtttrt Col snd M CoDej and ihs Matter ,
art* MIl Mr*. Us Hawkins, s of Arts dg,.. from tow; York
Uftlonj friend pod ia age Uatvsntry.
were alse pretem.OH Dr. Hsta earned his Bch- To Re-OpreKloderprtee STORK DELIVERY
the foUoMim. d'r-iuadtyChotr lot of Arts.f n.from P.*taf r
I sffavlujsmsgA Datvrsliy the Master Arts Pt,, Mrs. Henry fcllllami 1134 1:. 2Oth It Hay I
>lE Chmrch, aloof trtah and the Doctor of Philosophy Mr, Mrs RoUrt Jarkgon 1313 I'sttlUrd Dr>, "hoyMr.
Pro.hr. "1eCb4. visited degrees from the University urn Mill am Kohn t&4 llowtrt A... lloyMr.
Mrs. Dd.r.fturcuubwbh ., khlsn.. RMlstrMlon "U1 t.. InlenJay 4 "I'.. Archie leer 2112 Cornnwrmsilth Av*. Ctrl
snd th ofbytnns Dr. HOI Q..... fir .. for f Mr, Mrs. Hobart llanimands MA Van Imren. 1U llayIts
prayer stnrlnr., Tint !S'rciltChart'
In.,.,. their prow Bachelor of Arts degree from 0,,'I rtra t' tw "' IClMera'rw"" AR ." & to.,.. Frsddl,, Coil, 1)9. Pullman Court they j
BrCat. Masttref Arts or ....rdl.. hare Mr. a> Mrs." [mory Bailey 3.4. Lsnlans Av. Ctrl,
ADS.by Mr UT. I1eran.-- **f re* from die Untvertiry ofMlsslstlrfd been parems atkad to tend dolt Mr." A Mrs. Artwtv Smith 130 3rd Av. >Ja. Hrtl lib'
sad the, Doctor of ehUdrrn between fir hurt of ...,. A ",". John Terry US, MUilsilrft Court C Irl,
Philosophy from VaodtrbkOkUalvarsliy. N Mr. A "''r.. Charles Jonss 1102 Pippin' Ik Icy
as .....,... .. tail. a.nv. I* I r.nx, Madly
.... ..d d mo.q{ .Iwwry ..** itilti A.l.dae.o*...a1y trwt** to Sam |"4\ ,....* lII'cuah rridq. "I,. A Mrs. Villll Le-ton 1031 AMri K I Icy ,
AMOtssMRBtratla Dr. Muwe** bolds th d .... .A4 Sl n.- Mr." A ",". Limit Nkhardson 1111 '1c'CIlfllt..t. Key
V"wi(I. heaade TV* posies tm c..*>U eMie rtd art f e1 |.*.. the school' U a nvnitwr" of
trees of Doctor of Political -.5 (I'l (edorhlel ..d.I I .. twr...V/ ...] .. SV. f_ '"I..<* "a4* r 4 ship wAkh in* Duvtl County .Vurwry "ii. Mr." A. Mrs.. Chart!" CrlffUi **JI MUisitrf4! Court (toy
tcatnoa.: Doctor .f philes.ny .. ** ..4f*>ad.. ****rv.mUni .-. *V. *...,'. .. *. .iel>....*. e.av viUj" U V. tars..a tot UM Ion, iufrU.4 by Pin Mr." A Pine, Jsnwl Klnaey" 2'401.11.: CtrlMr. I
and fir Doctor of Law and .. pest .M.! e..W Miif *V* desk !. ,.,., ties sod M .*.ec.... spud irff M *. n. A, Rotlnion, A lira" lour D. Rv4MouM I |4.IM.. Girl
j Economics.Mr. tee *V. >*. U ,...*. tie. I sod to visit lamed *1 4*. 1'-4 II .., is .. V"w'It1eoo4." .
Smelt earned ihs to (b.. let ..*.." ...brwp..h from ...... __ _t
Bachelor. Arts ..,,.. from u --'-- ,
Set ly lA .rant CUef. and ih, Mas. Supports Stead : : !,
sir .f Arts df.. limo ..*..

Add.dlKmle cUaseswm First ImAMHM AgMst Negro -_ ----

hold rtftstrsttan kph I WeddingsUonard I IC. Strike Bribers I I

\.. T atDea Us ...nee KtoHSchool C...... pno.aK, Vs. At the
"- betw*..iihkatnIland ragjMtt *f .,. Cataad Hsosrs.Cap 1
19 and Wartwrshwraatiansl ,
tun. ) MlUlmry
Its cvrrtmaun *f fir, Fete HarrUen. Uh) Chat. B. 1....... If MSI. faton AfL .

school prwidas s ,ann, tar r. Hew.... pastor *fHewtH W. IT* .e., tl aad tuber gentK. 14 and Deris J at** CKms: XAACP .U asilartof
f1I edBcartond sfferinfs for ..1emori1l'1nt Bar ftetens. Rio 1. Boa tr.. U.Ratoart art.. 1.I DaJf*ft It. 14.ftoK fir sue to Its effens topr*
any sdak wte desires t* Chare sf the Uvlnj C4 S.. .. Dentar. ISO W. < La* ArwwMM. 14.1mUfcXt **. the M. *f K. bcm boner ..., .".. wQ conttoM his hb.v'srasry *. fist .... SI and heal.lts Su a. a4 UlartsXar .to s tanj snd
throe are svaUAl.* to as passer wkk .*..*.... Wt% oacvreatc.4*. JeasUll Madia liter strBtf by the tmtM *.
bask .* cttan Jamtor Wb rwadrred konttht by EfcVrft.MafUsjd The ... Cars. P. AJhert 1t. 2t. ealntf ihs M A 6.iMadwvtrC*.
....... tenter aa % review, and e..ii,Idea. IL, Is. and Tvoan*,. Pmr. jMtas r. f,,"'.Ia w. fry
bastes bm w.edreadaM1 L iii, ... CIVMM wU Uv 1471 FhtrU Av*.. II. xh .... SI. and VivflarU J. Mdressic a mwPw tlrra i iZ
....... -- and vets chart Someday. aij**. J... ,. CaeMsj.. JIG D. Turnout ........",. I..., .... spenservd by t*
tlavial grkslmo.ioewr .vday at I *.... Ute,I. '''''. II atrf ftosallnd B. 33. silos and P. VUfW hose
stj. .**ata u....... t. M CKni. *f thsChairkaf ........ Sip: D. Street. H.is. Trey La* /ltoc j. Ml W. KAACS Canerenr. ,..rbenHO. ..
low ar* ..... s* .enli andcentiitM Get to Ovtst I. wta bow CIne&DaiIw...., De..*, .... R aad W t DtMiTVDVJ KAACP dl/cr far F l ,
t ssmrthsr thrt .*.. dur**. At "JIJ MW Elder n... and CsBs U C.tr. A. ....... mt Ie.. axB laber '"I'''. sttd thatluiVetnatlnf 1 ,
c-- '". A H.4ri *f rtrst Den Bat,,,*" 'la.. aa.ftabt. /Yea r......l.g.a w. ., )..,,*..
early Mrs Cennd Otutk sf th* LMnf Cd" Ito La* Press'. 1311 tbttnb... M d tepda.. *M **., harts A* ..*. *f
Mutts Mrs. My" Catky.Mrs. chaff. Mtolswr A. CrtTtosf W. IS* It. 30. and 0..... Uy. 114 Jnrse* .117. *.*..r* ..*,..11...ws a"*t 1easu
Yens Ptitips, fra* first Data Oswt *f the ."rear. IM W. tstk /t. n. Attest U MaO.r $ terse to ihs keterests th* 1
ford taaalsl '* /. Jetwiytya Uvfaj Oe<' ......... vOl,... Java DeMit C..,,. iMl Prey Ie.. U, and Maato* MtfV IvWffTtre ......,.
T-S-. EMIl .,' ... H4 w. 14.jswek to> ,....,. .
r. Larry diet fir s.rrto.Sre. 1 sM W. 34* It. U and Ja MJetawon 7. are
C.,*,. Ito Lett Brew s.1n. Baths MX. H. C.*..' asCU. UI W. flat .... Is AAMnt. llTSBac selves vktkns. af lite....** .,rat, r.i .
/ r. Wright. inn r.IkPaatr. shape ..... T.litYes C"**. /kt .tfl. m Card try N.. 34 aad I.... Vat tfaa.1* h*said.sod....>aanaerial r
$ire. Watts, Mrs. Mrt*. totSMey.Bls A**.. .... and .... lie Pac*. Bnawhtam, 4441 MtoslsippiLaroaa atom aJy bad to tar*
Lai .. C4s* ssi MU N 1. skull of fleet Stn ....,w rtt W, S*. tar atatMS sf XrWsrVrsby { p
they Brsnnw. Mist. HsstlBrtntMS Itara O'ldItI..Llvta|<-d. .....*..>. ....... tm Vl9lamg. 1041 ....,.."
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--.,.,... G.. win .e.1art Career CUtta. 11. hev* ;
Mrs. Greco '". An.tr. srrk I.**. .. and kph tt. arty AM TsrreX tttt Car Tem JIM one ft.XSc. U. Noah. pulley ady sd at M
...' Miss. Late__ Bart List I. ftMaaadft,UCranshav our CUe.,1L .aster Do.. amc.u...m seal Kajr.M* *ff *kafstrrsikiij
117. t.Jn. Cwsldto HsrrU.ard wID rarg o. tkser ft.sf Larry ,. ......... 30& W. K and Pea '.. MOsa.M44 by K..r*
M.yee. Car|* Mat* Crpt AH.WIS sad wtB ldt ... 30 aad Jerc* Ja WONt .,...... 1LCri wer.n. Tie HMO has $
sy. .. Winks: T. Mas* haw cargo let*. u ss.t**.. Haaaiaaa. tm DM. .... tt.IM U n-.. ITM ........ thai Xf r* trwb.
sy.AB 0 at U ..., tktor H. C.*.. U Tsyktr. Ull w. stats .... II. and Jsyt* srs man thai. any...*"|, af
comrses an hat" from wffl a* to chary*. H I M .. ....... It. M. *ad CtorsMarsAaB. .,....'. 1m X ia* Law, **.. aWlnaat, swaMcrstasus
f t* is Ass. TwsdsysndThursday. tile .. hQ via ttntVtthsservtM 103 C. (Ma* SX.SO. ... sow fras free at** '
f. tanker Is* atrf. at WO ..., De-id'*"..|. Jet DtsSC. erun4mSem and a*fr.f art**. yIwe MA 1.
.trastttav cd" ec..c Bashtf M. BwrCGB11T r ...... v/OU* See*. 1403 W| Barf n and Jasa-af Ws.. The Aclsrtoa Us astlstadattar
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1ertb k.. d Albs Ncf_'. /111 PVs 4M.. 11. read a* th rtows af Kfrertors
ML SMITH nEt .. W1tts.a. Ia 11rtowy Ietcbao to .... feOry ad
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toes a4 t>...*.... Rd..tb.tuflal U.SItLa.r I '22. c.c.e CIr&.III >< pgtgag CssULilly's __ CoKe cf tit .
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-- Presentations feature C parent oat Misicil licitals fiffe Recittl :Honors Set

iiiit4eb4{) w _. --r- '-' a 1 presented musical. Sept program 8 at the win House be .Set .,Snooty For SauCAGO .....

; of God Saints In Christ.

Amcty the participants ores Mrs Gu.IaP.faeGraywW (Nfl -The' annual
Deacon Earnest Leonard observe her 29th anniversary hats convocation of the
FIRST NEW ZION Mrs Clara Gas ton, Mrs. )... u gospel soloist Sunday ate Churches of God In Christ of
First New ZIon Baptist Church Sunday services commence Gelsey Choirs 12.Heavenly p.m.. In Mb Calvary Baptist Central. nilnols win climax '
with the Sunday School at 9i30 eta, with the AiiTh1I&flu Host Singers Elder and Airs Church. Sunday Sept. 8, with especial
Superintendent Joseph D. White presiding. The lesson R. Robinson Mrs Alfreds The soloist will be accompanied service- honoring leading of
1 "Growing In Fairly" will be reviewed end banners awarded Tee, Singing Wonders.Samuel by Mrs. WUhebnenla fJda1aofthecTencmlnldon.Tbe .
to classes. Mordeliver at 11 o'clock. fi' 1 Hlnson. Harrell Singers Sliver Hill and Introduced by Mrs. convocation opened officially -
Rev Charles Scrlven the sermon and Choir alrej. Mrs. Alice Bonn Lifts Rich Perry. on Monday with dally
4 and Usher Board will serve.The BTU beings at 5 pm. ... Robertlettes. Among the participants win services at the St.Paul Church
with Miss Crete Lewis In chsrge. At T p.m., District der and Mrs. James Gelseyand bet Choir 4-B of Mr. Ararat of God In Christ, with die putoI. -
10 will present Choir 4 In s musical recital. others. Baptist, Mrs. Alice Borrcugh., Bishop Louis Henry Ford
The program Is In Interest Junior choir state bishop
'' twsourMrs.Es, presiding as
EKIAKUEL BAPTIST of the building: fund drive Baptist host.
Sunday services In Emanuel Baptist Church begin with which will terminate Sept 28. sie. Mae Scott. Mrs. Mary Officers of the church dated
the Sunday School at 9:30 .m.,wl hDeeconGsorge Smith Mrs Viola Stewart Is sponsor Moses. Ir.. Roams Cohen to be honored on "Official
and Sirs Mamie Fields In chsrge. Morning service at -
Mate Chorus Mb Bethel Bap ," Sept. 5. Include Bishop
11 o'clock. Rev. S.L. Badger pastor will deliver the date Mrs. Rosenrts MoClond.Mrs. .
Elder T.T.
sermon. At 3 p.m., Districts 14, and 18 will sponsora ChurchNotes Genevs Perkins and Ford. Rose assistant -
Get Acquainted Tea. At S p.m.. Circle 2 win meet In others. .- .
the church library the BTU will be held st 5:30 p.m. k Mrs. M.Balky win serve u I
Evening service st 6i30 o'clock. The Children's Choir Sic dean of hostesses, Mrs.Daisy
and Choir 3 will render the music with Mrs. S.L. Badger Foster, associate dean.Serving -
and Kirs. Marian Carter st the Instruments. as mistress of ceremonies .

MT ZION BAPTIST win i be Mrs. Ruth Valdez and.ped.1 '
FREEDOM BAPTIST Services Sunday In Mb Zion will be Mrs.
CARNATION AWARDS'- Members of Hie convention team for the Carnation guest ':. ,
Freedom Baptist Church services Sunday begin with the Company Church southsIde,be* Ethel D. Besmear I :.
Sunday School st 10 s.m. Morning service at 11 o'clock. lot Angeles. Calif, join (in the presentation of awards to Dr. John T. Given, eiecvtivesecretary ten Baptist with tne Sunday School ai9iM ,
and Holy Communion service at 4.p.m. Rev.J.L Mont Notional Medical) Association, during the organisation's! 70rtionnval convention s.m.. with Mrs. Buelah TL
In Cincinnati, Ohio. Seen with Dr. Given from loft, S. Clarke, M E
gomery pastor will deliver the sermons and the ere Henry Jr., let Angel Alston In charge. Morning n. }. IB9fli9a
Buckman Singers win serve. **) Jock Fulton Cleveland Mr*. J.an Cleiborn., sL Louis! Dr. Given; Mr*. Joela Cain, .service l1o'c1ock.andBTU .
'Chicago! and Mot H. (tendril. The Mot H. KendrU Organization, Washington, D.C. It 5130 p.m.. Deacon It. Jade-IA.II.IC.S Repel.

UNTIED BAPTIST .The Carnation Company ryr.s.ntolivespr.s.nt.ddod.radiekDr.Olsen. I in; recognition son In charge. E'feD1nlr' sirs-.
Sunday services in United Baptist Church commence' of hi* long ervlco a* NMA dlrocotr of exhibit, a pat which ho hold in addition to Ice st T o'clock. Rev. H.M. Mrs. taste Mae Thomas
with the Sunday School at 9>4S s.m. Morning service at being executive secretary of the association. Other item were donated a* etoor-prlie Moss win have charge of services will observe herSOth anniversary
lliOS o'clock. Choir 1 will render the music through- Carnation Company, a .enter participant In NMA convention, also hosted breakfast throughout the day. u a gospel soloist! Sept.
out the day. Holy Communion service Is scheduled st for the Pediatrics Section and toged. reception In behalf of Obstetrics and Gynecalegy Choir 2 and Usher Board 2 12 st 8:30 fun., la Sir Ararat
6 p.m. with consecration at 8i48 p.m. Tuesday st 7i30 and Internal Medicine and General Practice cocDon Dr. Given practices In Norfolk w 01 serve. Baptist Church.
p.m.. Bible study; prayer meeting at 8 p.m. Wednesday' Va. the participants Moses
hour 7 At 8 choir HOLY TABERNACLE overseen
youth prayer at p.m. p.m. youth
Starlight GOIptlS "Ira. Cross assistant
rs. ,
rehearsal. Rev W.M. Smith pastor will haw charge of Gospel 1 Services Sunday In Holy Bernice Staten Sunny Rose Elder RobertE. Robe overseen rts,state
the services. Mt. Zta AME Tabernacle with the
begin Gospel Singers Sons of Jubilee secretary Kirs. Rock& Hiss
[ Deaths] Bible School atfc30 a.nx.Mrs. Choir 3, ..aInd Male stats supervisor Women's
SPRMGHILL BAPTIST Plan Reunion For Mary A. Smith presiding.
Sprlnghlll Baptist Church services Sunday begin with Pr..rlll Morning service at 11320' Chorus Matthew G.Sir McCoy Ararat, Celestial Baptist; AnnIe Auxiliary Harvey Itti Sire
Bailey general
the Sunday School st 9:90 s.ra. Mrs. Elisabeth Hall A reunion program will be clock with Deacon B. Goldsmith Singers. Golden Jubilee Sing.ems Women's super
la charge. Rev T.R. Lee pastor will review the leases presented by the Gospel Crusaders Kirs. P. In charge of the devo visor Auxiliary
Dorothy Mrs.
Wilson Echoes and
Heavenly A.
,MoH'sDiy Detroit Bishop B.Me-
Morning .service 11 o'clock At 4 p.m., the Lord'sSupper and the CsvaUers Singers 8&3 Brldler St. doa Young People's L'nlon atspin Lewis Gospel Cehoes. -
Dorothy Ewen. chairman. Executive
will te administered by the pastor. Choir 1 and Sunday st 8 p.m. In Pleasant ) Miss EUubeth Sterling. ., "In. L. Raky In Mrs. Mary NeJy.Deacons .
Board Slemphis.Bishop
Usher Board 1 will serve. Tuesday night prayer meet Grove Primitive Baptist Annual Klin's Day will be 1409 Madison St. charge and evening service SolomanTlrnmons,Peter Ford reorder of tit
and Bible study. Thursday night. Choir 1 rehe." Church st 8 o'clock. R. J.
observed 28 WUUe Bishop
Sepb beginning Mason MM East Jack Bell Jeisle. Noris. Tree Central Illinois District Convocation -
Saturday night Choir 2 will rehearse, The participants are Mrs. Jones In .
with Sunday School st 0:30 30th SbLoonle Blue Choir Btblewsy Church, of Churches of God In
Lucille Frailer Bishop H.M. sun., and continuing throughout Davis 9113 Main Tuesday asSptaBthlestudy. Gospel Chorus, Friendship Christ will also be honoredat
FRIENDSHIP PRIMITIVE Frailer Herman Prldgen, to day.Spssksr. It. Business meeting Friday 7
Baptist Henderson a special service Satttrdsy
Friendship Primitive Baptist Church services Sunday Wyao Douglas, Starlight for to U a.m.. George Re.p...... 1320 E. p.m. and confession service Mrs.. Thelma Edwards,Voices Sept. 4. on -
with the School st 10 s.m., with Superintendent
begin Sunday Stars
Singers Trawling service will be Mayor Louis SrdSbFrank atlpjn. of Jerusalem, Robert Prater The bishop Is Cxentlve
M. McNslr In charge Morning devotion at Dixie Jubilees
Sumy Rose
H. Ritter.
Ptnklpants sreiEJ. Winisms. 2800 and alien
Board member of the Churchof
Ili30 o'clock with Deacons J. McPherson and J. Fates Excelsiors Andrew McCaU. Norman Jos PaW.InI.W.D. .Smart Sb NEW JERUSALEM Sirs Ruth Valdesw111serveas
God In and
In charge Covenant meeting will be held.. At 8 p.m., B.S.O. Singers. Cleftones, Caiman Clarence Jackson Spencer IS 11 E. Holy Communion service master of ceremonies... International nationaland
director of
communion service and feet washing. Tuesday st 7:30 Golden Jubilees. Sons of Jubilee with Principal RD.M.dI- 21st sip win be held Sunday to Greater ,
Public Relations for
p.m., prayer meeting. Singing Wonders Lad- son of Rufus Payne Elementary Mrs. Ids Floyd Ml W. zed New. Jerusalem Baptist Slab II IiI HIt nomination.
more SunulH non, Church. Services with
Singers, School ss pastor for to St. begin The Churches of Gaits
MAGNOLIA BAPTIST Rev, Moss Davis, Sunrise nay Sam Cowan, 8TS9 to Sunday School fc30 a.m.,
Sunday services la Magnolia Baptist Church begin Singers. and others. Speaker fort.veningerv- AvenueMrs. Sawyer with Superintendent A. Ash- Mb Bethel Baptist Churchwomen Christ now have over six million

with the Sunday School at 9:48 .m. Morning service Mrs Thelms Edwards It ice win be Rev. Arthur Anderson Anns Jenkins 824 wood la charge Rev w. A. will observe their annual members throughout the
st 11 o'clock BTU st 5 p.m., and evening' service st dean of hostesses.. The hostesses of Bethlehem Baptist Davis SbJames Meek minister win deliver day Sept. 19 throughout United States Africa,die test
8:30 o'clock. Choir 1 and Usher Board 3 will the day. ladles. South America Cerope
serve area Miss Theresa Church. Caffwua. LOSS W. to sermon st 11 a.m.. and
Rev W.S. Peoples, will have charge of the sere The officersarei Sirs WUhentcnis and the South Pacific.
pastor Taylor Miss Laura M.Jackson Services Sunday win be con State SbMrs Holy Communion service
:. lag Tuesday at 7 p.m., prayer meeting and Bible study. Mrs.He ton William,Mill ducted by to senior missionary -' Alberta D. Fields begins at 3 fjn. The Lord's Mrs 5cheU chairman.
Johnnie Mae Davis Miss De- society with Mrs Myrtle 43M University Boulevard Supper win be administered Mary Barney cochairman
BEULAH BAPTIST" loris Holmes, Miss Ernestine Smith president la charge Johnnie BiUups.1103 Stone- by to pastor and ...od.... ; Mrs. Evelyn Simmons ADMIRALFENCES
'I i Services In Beulah Church secretary! Mrs. k IlIkCremse11 -
Sunday Baptist commence Lamar and Mrs. Bertha Harvey wan
Following to service), re SbThomas
with the School 10 Kirs. V. In WALTERS MEMORIAL treasurer hire Ross
at Colphln
Sunday a.m. The program Is sponsored freshment win
\be served lato Woody laM Leonard -
charge Morning service st 11 o'clock w(UhDe aeons W.L. by Mrs. V. Mitchell. end annex. r t C..Ia'"i'f The services Sunday la U Clbbs, program chairman =-
Story and L. Green In charge of the devotion. Baptism Joseph Conyers. eIsrrscks David C. Waters Memorial AME Zloo "W*. iAjtowje;. pastor -
Johnson, 48SSur.
will be conducted by Rev w. Damps pastor The Holy C ampu_..s :._. Church begin with to Sunday for the day.Wmi's 1OW'3SCLUIJVnr ev
Communion will administered at 3 p.m.. with the pastor Mrs. School st fcSO sjiu. wlthKlUs
Mary HOI 20< In charge. Choirs 1.2, MalsChow and Usher Boards To Mast S.t.r 1JG..way Avenue Amy MoreLand charge. Re,.
4 I 1 and 2 will serve. The 73rd anniversary of the,church Dan Ashley Sr., 1784 W. R. Rogers, pastor, win Day wW be observed
will begin Monday night.Tuesday night,prayer end teachers Barracq 3131 die DatIon.. easwmteosL W.R. UtftSb discuss the topic "Growing Sept U In Mb Bethel GILES
I.t meetings.STATE veterans of World War r. will Albrbton IDII Jon Trig bass Mrs. Eva L. Aberta 819S. taFeim" Baptist Church with MrsLA.
.meet regular meetingsSaturday caned all members of die 10th St. Ktornint' service st 11 ef Thomas ae pastor for the day. .
TEMPLE .1J00H.JII'III.Cen- ftriIw aq11a4 and color bar Mrs Victoria Anderson, clock and at 3 pan to IDel.Dadou1l11111lourJ Other officers asp Klrs.V.kcheO. .
I Services Sunday In the Church' : of Cod In Christ ar." tr* M be wten Stats Temple begin with the Sunday School at 9:30' a.m, Plane will be completed for Mrs. Manie Catherine Warren ness nesting win be held toMb Barney c chatmm.! Kirs. sue,

_Kirs. Kl. Overstreet In charge ,.372KbionSbwuuem Pleasant CKtE Cnmrch.At Ross U rllll NO MONEY DOWN
tleory hlelriry' 3004 8 pun, Chrlsdaa Endeavor chairman
Brooklyn Rd. hoar with Sin Mary Mrs. firms L. Thomas will
Ellis KU Gardner 3321 Leery to chsrge.. Evening service be the speaker at 11 sjn.i [1i98.8252 ,
Plateau Sb at T 30 o'clock. Choir 1 Mrs ILL Johnson'at 3 p.m.

Elmo Traeblood, 119 3. W sad Usher Board 1 win serve ).lr11111 JacVsoa and Mrs.
STAR Papers Home Delivered Now! su whh> Mrs Vets J. Rogers stto Geese! p. Gray nest speakIsts. 3414 8TAMUT areOPEN

James Henry Han. 1037 erg an. '
Troy an SbLioyd

., t.liddJIUlOPrlcl

Joseph Dow, 8968 Evergreen
A veisteWaller t luuraonsmiTif

M. ......... 408WeodlawiSb

Mrs Mary Sheppard. 738 1WW. BUYER

''Baker Orange Rebert AvenM Sb Reynolds 311 H 1 IF 3101ENEX8NI30CASUTAYL

Dave Jordan 1749 PowhattaaSb -

Lee H. Mtelassle. 831 ..

Cart.I.Frances Roblasoa,803 vt* *

Mrs. Essss Thomas Anderson
7431 Dostie Dr. E.
Mrs. Adrian LeCree, 8834
Harris StCasey
DeeuH. 844 Brldler

St. GifcrM's


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.ncr-- .R...

riii i r: '. Greek.... Leaders' .Attend. Confab.. lo..Ie.S ..H6mble's Ihal-S.,111 'Computer t ;H
/ 5' : :lad, :
+ \ ... "'w i.. .,. ; } '. i' _rs. Motley's
4 }
.. # '1r ..." .. .

"\ \ 'oJ.2', I : PolitkriKkl

: ', !. : ':, ': l .
i .
*.*>TW \"ORJCt.'PORc n ,
; r. .: .w t d bpi
j Aplada, white Insurance
Mbar and former
,. : 1. \., tic district kadtr, Uit week FL
... :1
I. :declared that Mr*. CCllltance'i w+r..iY moF+ :
G i Bator Motley r Negro Incumbent :

.... Manhattan Borough
f'y President .
1 Making> reelection
h 9; . .. ,. appointment at
r a Federal
kY ," Judge, and such 'rlUd" ji:
,. ::: could to committed II a on voter ;

"c' ''ta ,rh* Sept 14 ___
1 )>: : \ I !-primary. i

:11 | Blalkl *tld Mr*. Motley
-, .. B lad been"MC..tIf.InYt1O.
:/ ,.... .
-.-- ;... .M' .Q appear Sept. 1 before the
PAST SIDENTS-Flvo el the twenty***peetOenerd 0." D,. Ckrl.w."oy, lath I prHIOaLWfhI, ", Wti Judiciary committee of the
PreildenH .. A.... Phi AlpHe> Pretemlfy, IMC.* were.. D.C. w>. U rllr4 pr*.14...... C."INI S... Unlvor. New York County Lawyers association
i.n/I" CAie.s.IM Sh.5tth.T*.... c....... *.... .* .' sty, \MlbHrt*. OM. piU cwrrn.head *IA* * nelienelly retpodoejratenilry, emWi WM...._... U fer the SlwV .IN..,*tits end HLa" *rYi Fred U flan.we *.
1906 .l Cornell UMvs,, y, I.... N.Y. Prom left, the Lay lwisvlll .....,.,., '"Wlthw...... lSt pras4 He demanded that Mr.V4ot-. 'PITTING MEN TO
former keodi .. .. Oreeh leHor grouoMrei 0,. ..... d.e.1 lit. Iratornilyi sad ltorrf)' V. Uw**<; Jr.. 1thp..Id.nt fay disclose w"ther.he WM JOIS-SKidylne'' |I." .pNrWaliise,4 requirements en IMn l..-
.JfJO., Olet. Chicago, .k. we elected tad preeldenl lit wK* U p WetMrtito D.C. sr.ra.y.ad 1 law "a front for Tamm am Hallor,, (of," "Iewthtp '.In ce*.,ereMen with" Humble OilA{ Reflnlne, Cemoeny, Prel. 1. C.; Mclowrfn
.1'1 Ot, A.M.u. Seait Della he"lI".r 17.pr..1. Mm lt4. Mr. Kndrln' ,wblk ,*.....". Rrm e.p&sT a serious candidate for tlec* VIriInds $We College, Norfolk., It currently tvrveylng" !.*. IN.I", eperowoM' In
leverel '
;fl iJ.nh. current president D,. lionet H. N_...... prosl ) Cc-C.U C*...*." > A.)*.... 0... which Ass Lan tion." T. JOAkln sidle. el the all e...,.", litern t..1.",. VYIlrt ....,1.,.. ,sisd.". merger P..
r. dent erber.k.ti. ... .. .... its. KioOey hu. rh (id right) end ettewnNng "' .....r 1.1. fbberH. ebeve. berX. .1 l Hwmblei't
College. Canton N.Cj AJ. U s I. Mm* vooHr *l cn ." *ttlvMi) *l thlr oncon- oJMraere" Ar..
Member Mess H. Keedrii. ewner-dlrecter, n..Mae H. *,..IIy. Alph. PhI Alpha we tft. Aril Or... L...*, tasted Republican and Liberal Re. equipment, heode.verier' *, the edvcoter lost haws standard plM'! el electronic el-
VKendrii OrgenitetioM. ,, laetl.. ... nomtnatlon a.* wen M the though ilmple In cemoerlion to big ceinouteri end elKor equipment the
WeeMngten. D.c.. .114 A"' rf* b* *nitd by N..r. e total. ,
Democratic county organisa company uiet can gelleni predict told. end dell. volume el. the rote *l 1,000
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I doG consent. Ito hM declined a .rt.r. ei It I celled, can *li* tort cuitemeft' sags
Dbtrkt comment on Blalkle'i state by attain number or type .l billing .l the ins .p.... Mc..pU.hl" In hour whet
Api; MtJMS1 Stf rM CwracM Meets Grotrfs IreakHIrlRf .moot. could lass days *r even weekl M d....m.ewally!! '

l Upheld Odeker 14-lt hUUBVJLLE LOIkYIlI. lies ,president.However..*.. group of Mark tto convtrmed county Hughes Isw"that*, :21 Fealty MwWrs RoctlvoOM Fight frlts

(Xpr> TTM 11m snug ....Iena of the there would be a committee
To Asst's PestWASHCCGTOX CnlMd Svfwot CouacO, Aocteat nd Accepted Scottish At N. Y. lank meeting to which Mr. Motley. Year Pre-Doctorata) GIRt Job Corps CcmpKlorganTkld.
MM of fmamaoij. Pr1t Hall IfU adm. Southern had been Invited

Dr. C. A. JurMictioQ.. 33rd flcfrot.. will rMct Ocr. U.19 at NEW YORK Following In- ft WM understood that NEW YORK No T. Tv Ky. (( "
1 VitUlams. t former Alabama Stouffcr ton (DO W. Broadviy Dr. John C.LtwU Jr. ttoitve Drgotladon luting> Juitice department WM pro college and unlmtltlei afnu nty-on. *d faculty member> from Unrest brought about by being
/fertculuril Extension ok nr- So, na' Grind Commander nDouaeod last. wok.txpao.1 four month*.. CORE: and the I costing Mr. Mode/. name Collej Fund bow received t with the United Negro M "ikV'caiMdt OirMhourtnterrtr
See AUtrlrt tgtat with b* djunen wilt- met win or.roeMloa a ...... bntod by Amo. T. MAACP announced today diet t M one of Mveral prospectivef doctoral study, It WM announced trams for a ytir of pre-. Ul frae-forUl at the
< It T\uk'1ft' beta LMIII m Oct. 1.1D11 gutelgeta Halt axecutlv -* The Federal R*verve Dank ofNew f appointees for President de ride D ratnrton. the Pttikfa treiUent.Tto today. by Dr. Frs Camp BrecllnrWg. JobCorpi
au... who w. aecretarytreannr. York hM Mre. Johnson, but U WM also noted .
recently lIP- wffl b* bald for begun to i ('11D. candUatci W canter last wash cawing. InJury
potniwj M ia uiUtM toga vUlda(, Mace M.mort lMrrtci Maionle leaders dart,,, s large fibers of?\ grog andPuerto I that such protesting did not .ng.e In ipeelU will... rhllander Smith ColIrget t* U rertona, em of
AdmlntttrMor of the Federal will to told Oct. 17 Shrine Conferenc of Grand Ricant IntheNewTorfcFodaral ; ahtajs bed to n appointment< Nana) and advanced Jame ,. Win l and whom iu a roman
tnrQlIoq k"k'e. U ccnrrn* K tfw Raterte Meanwhile. J. itudUi Robert A. Smlihey of it.MtguStte'I
Welt CtoanM StntiBtptiti Matter of ito<43< grand lodge Bank. Raymond at M Institution of TNt MM the tMrd laciient
U.11IW on wl-powny pro- ctarch (IW tad xnprUlng tto Conference of Tift were begun f Jonas New York County Dem Mfher learnlM. and will.. ColWgei, Mr*., to crop up at the camp within

,nm_. Chutnut '11.). 1 rand inters. Prtoc Hall month age a* a remit. ad r ocr stk Made,. *aid the coun turn to their ShirkMcDir S lmenCOa.PI a -.....
AS TC4 Admlnlmitor Tto Juprtm' Coaocll complaint of discriminationreceived i ty organisation"hM not been nafectlveschools Jiphedi hall JrSUUinan .
vOlOPM Maaon. were unanlmou la CIa com&'Ie r.Ian of dolt I Although arcwuntri of ito to*
Lloyd H, DIYU' U Uoa vide la fufl cermool on affirming their start to gtv by CORE: and I asked to make any recoiiwendatloni graduate work College and Jam* eldest varied .. d*( ndlnt
igtncUt Covtnunem Mondn. (Oct. 1IJ) wWi the kadonhlp nd fanpeni to the NAACP Aa fave4tlgatlon re* for a Judgeihlp and TIll rtllowthlp Awarded tliar. ,II. Tuakrge kiItliuie. upon the vamag. point of the
M ill M with thott la to nxutnout Potrt nd the WI- proeut for ctvfl right loran veiled a discriminatory pat* hM made no recommend' by the CNCr-were mad vtrlcua w mesi.. tie local*
C. S. Dtptnnvnt of Arrlral. wan rrfocM tarn dons** He odd The tU Intlvldutl recelvtng -
totrlnj n n* mI ortdu. employment dr poeilbl throuh ob* of the ..*-for*sll'wit dessl.tatl4
safer Dr. -'WJII'DI..p lalo HU addraM th Since die tart -Mrs. Motley' hM grant General education r ,
by *Jfftrln Tbs ****mblage alo plod-> dnagaladote Informed talned from the tmcrBatlonal op fMd by
** touch with a munter of Crnd Ccaarat4sr.7h..SSrd god Itself to Nell to federal Reaer hiring me that ito U 1 Candidate Dikes Machine Dosrd iponored foUowthlr bathers lUlnola"unimilryntf
agency ftogtun.. ,but ht Uotvoctng (nd IaIO.*.ro.run to CODe faN right wUhte the framework Nato- policy hu Improved.Ttie evUrfcjht | [ for Borough president. and I .and,, de.Gonrsl Corporation edu irei AJebUI' O. Cd Jeka, ..r ,|1M rnrowt. taU Ite.
moat of hU *n ndoa fcrnd von tr m of Meted of tto eentfardaasaddM group repomd. .have lad nothing to the totDeitb e.(1oIBo.rd of the Rock. Damn College) Kir*. Thai Acc rdb.. tochtofMnrlry
to that of dw OfTIrr of Croa ....oca. Tto mal bnojMl law of ito landwUhoBtretonIng Doe tuae of the large number 11''ary." ftllar foundation. The* or* m* P. Thompson, DUKop officer Oherlet w.it, tir riot
omlf Cfponunir)" md! otfirrpoirerty. ".01, foOow taccm>MCl nhid- to violence. of Federal ReereomptoyMand anUatlonal CoUegei C. C. Darden bfM wht iNet ro and iwhli*
ageock. workbag to IUndaas >urars.wmun. ojilck mover, the b_! Cliims grant repretentnreequiner Hampton Initlnitei, Mr' Ju- youth aubansdUo .. ,West
B. hire nony new employee> la U* TldweU and Joffr T, ,slid he
Hrry.KMBicl7 fwd with Mparii4 dean, and
MI h.vt'. two ray u.1pe depuy nd w lethe member MtabtH'sShyferfTUnl ito coarve of ito ,.II. Tto! N. Y. Barker big from tto ontequ.ner faculty member corn-. Wltla.not,. Itlllman Co. gei an roi M the wttlw youth
mat.M ii Dr. wlll! m,. of tto SvmiM Cart .toads bank BOW utonalvely edver* Individual l cetlege. and, David Kir Ttiada otXavler ouuUe M i welting ..r.'
". |adw t from the ..allaypvade4 tto local Mrmnteoa. Prtac 'dae* epealng ta ito Negropreia. : NEW YORK *(hYp Robert TIll II faculty member UalveriUy. All of a sudden run narted
; IIri wftIrSltech. Hall Matoat Ian wash took s P. Btddick.,13-yar-oldn receiving hi. sponsored n,.... A attte trooper aM
Press Releesed
ataad afataft ctra.tolMM ta tired Hirlem. commercial farulry feUowihlp treijohn' ft* .ruom. "",- retvenbody ftghtlng'"
li Pal Week banker and rsalestate broker, F. JlMcton therrIMl".un'P| "
COlE Rep.rtsVoters' and John C. ATLANTA, OA.,XPO.Tto
l"t Gets Fill died lilt week ta hit home. Moor of Dennett CotWei, Indent Nonviolent Coordlne* ollie t a4. pollc, Bland nrewen. -
Tta native New Yorker UseMrve Ml'&&I.'ID.. ." "
JACXSCK. MBXTvehe -(7'7. t. Daujhtry, ling Committee (SSCC) hai
I lestel1 Of *big* bvekahofftred. Drive Ie M M-tlms valet trhe Hampton ntlBiMMr bust.' pubUjlMd iso-peg.pgerback lime U youth Mr. *sid
.1 i. xeavua from amouh lat Velertauly 'late John aryttneaw. Ai T. Curry )hiiton-Tflot- Mgr N tory putter" for I eo...w ton tto. .c.r*..of ito
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J Dis.hselirAWDVGTCN what minuter active taetvtl awM tea/ Bank WM eitabUshed ta 1W C. HaUman and. Ctdred. D, "Negroet bi American Inatrwurand
right "wort"th* Nosed tecahooting by Jon D. RockefeOer JrH Day of KaoKvtll Collrf, Hlatoryi A freedom i member W the aomrlfy staff
J. .INO .Tat '. hi ito loxta to thro NEW YORK *retentive reg* nd staffed. aknoit entire. h and.. Mr. Clynor r. Crove. Primer." tto book I II iprlnk\ stud rto JOIac' "|ritb) fNobyfcuri -
dUmtoial of a Negro potto btratlou drive to Mvtraloxrtora VIA foIea,.... Braddkk )elnod MorehouM Colle|.. 14 with such clvtl rlghu and mended oat of
pal. Wlnfnd C. Die Tto Rrv Donald A Taomp* lieu ceoductod by k and became M Mitstant Alt. Dougla* T. Tito. term ouch a* MTom Iawn. t* cafeteria. Thry broke In*
Nand w. rMcladod la, da,pace eI rhtUBltartaactorch. CORE volume*r* nd .tafpenamel Hoe preddeet ta tail, vice Oakwood College i Rewrsnd! for tveryone who tat* I* ito latently b hWtng. and
by DUtrlct CamnU. .lo WM thot Met ...Ide has yUUed. dui pretldent tellM* CD1 II, R en "to tto meat of Jw hie apanmem shortly,.r arch of new Nag re registrant* ColWfei.Theodore R.' 'Po,. Mma.i me.tlngi.* p shed a few itrin>.",.rt...
*.." How.,vr Denhan 9/, taking Kegr* ctorcbi member Stars rhe pMiage of rto FeM -
rat Mid Itn Poe mtaetetdntcx home.Rev. erg Voting Right. Din .
"'DIeD." be N rslafP ... making fate pltemana Ttmp t* the third keenreports ,rem
fill state Cm s kR- "r ldr wide eMS right worVerteb* lath. Carotin. MlaUlppt., '""'
bear bftmpr.rIr' hV w. .to -aIStw, tz4 berld. hoc Jena* M. Danleta. ; Man UeUlaaa e.d wfdri tkd
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.. .1Itl I .ucJq dLd DoahataTt dUmlMU W ".... the Rev. RkAard ,. t radon. .eapoclaOy tattoo .SUP ..-
ran.1'4' 871WU." base proMj.d by bU arMrwy.wuuni MorrKroe, U,, who wa wbA.Mg coMbe and partohei where.
".t..s.aa awdr. a" ... MV ......r.. ya DaoJel* WM crttktUy ldral regUtrar bees bee qUANTITY RIGHTS .UUVID
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,," III I.,..**!** 1CeI. anisal0e' nat die tmoXry ta Ttornpoen laid polka. ta Verb Cary *k., KMow THISIPIICII GOOD THRU SUNOAV AT IOGIW000 AND AVI. I ... -.J:
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grand fr ",ral people.** 4 M,hoed. ." haul after a ctorcktoerdRoefJng placed m The Nee ta-gwat. FLA. GRADE ; :;
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.C*. fie r..I.*.4 MtrUafry .. IFMg Seth fve" tang when apnBai. .... wtoro taU4. of ito tmaft regtour* DRESSED & DRAWNFRYERS
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LOW PRICES 25 31 .

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New Book.CXDtfRCOING e Jax Broadcaster Elected Head Of Natl :Association .Of/' JTMijj' Announcers._ During Annual Convention FHP Predicts 19
mmarcnttfcfmtft* w-ei
Deaths Labor

;,ird rdlted by DR.RcVERT' TU Day Weekend
PubUshecf.ty 'T RIDE NO4ome TALLAHASSEE Col. H. N.
rj E3: $15. ... Klrkman. Director of Ibe Depart-
which paint of Public Safety, erned
ofjte bugaboos
; have : ': motorists today that It persons *
patients about surgery : .,,,,, on'Florida's .'
will dl. in title eraeboe
art,allayed In this new book
atrvrt and : .
bJLlrf! eminent .New York City > ..:.' the 16-hour Labor Dad

s/tgeon..b states that "It weekend beginning el 0:00 p..m\
l :,Jjrrfortunite.. truth that ) Friday September 3. unt') .eud-'
most-patterns enter hospitals night Monday, September 6.
and-eperadttlg rooms with unnecessary fj' : "Labor Day weekend ie the
fears and anxieties : ; !' '.! ; f> ( i last of the Ions summer holl-'t
IT-1'; be ;
; ean can minimized day weekends, and for eoeie
bf,rank and careful e\plana, ....0.: .,., ', :" drivers it will be their last '
tton.;of*bat lies ahead and by ." :1 '' 'i> ':,V ." ; ? Mi'\: ':' :/ ""i'', ", \ holiday evert) Safe driving ntbits \
simple, sensible answers to : : \ could save your life during this u
:. Ui3""r\ ; ; t, ('.11 ; tntfle-heavy weekend ho* ver
many questions patients /< "
: :
'f ; ;
wish to ask." : safe driving la no lour a inetttf 1
book : of merely complying with\ the
&jThe was written for \
more than 11 million American : ; law," stated Kirk HP
In eiplainliti
who undergo surgery ,., Col Kirkman pointed ou. that
every year exclusive of ....... the volume of loday'e 'Ititledcmende
obstetrical deliveries. The "" .. -r tbet every driver'beep .
average Individual Is operated '. ", I la step with, the traffic Hnw"The '
upon four times In his life* driver .lth the out:onxlrd)H

time or approximately once #:*,", driving habits who lent ecu*'V:
every 11 years. .,. tent to move el the same speed iea
First appearing In pocket ............ the traffic around Mm ,.'a.'t
book edition In 1955 It fast menace to hlmttlf and all other.
became the handbook for many i driver. said KlrkmenTh ,
big| businesses Insurance ..;:;.--. .. 1.it Patrol Chief listed a few. .
companies and medical students JAX IADRIAN ((1 KMI| Knight (left), redeves leys to the city from Houtfcn,',..., Mayor Ned OS trooaurer and elected 1M'" UiHirmonotMie txecunvo fofard. He will ,. c_....". drlvins hlnu which hold down
and Is an authoritative Kelly during Hie recent annual N.Ilonpl! AttocipMon of Radio Announcers and record to serve a* Ireoturer. In photo, right, Knight receives trophy. from EiecuMve Board both acctdtate and blood preaaura' -
up-to-dact. book that answers manu tu'.r. convention. During annual ejections, the body refuted Knights/ ,..Ine- vice/ preeld.nI0.l Shields of PhllodelpMe. 'r ditftni this holiday wet hnd.B. .
adaptable. Oft the "fret"of
In layman's terms, almost c
changing traffic roai. end
ll..ln" about sue"e
rather condttton. Adjust your

: : : __ _ __ speed Immediately
I .... .m..n Area Servicemen's News lED a -- -- Pace youre,ir by the traffic
around you. This Inrludr/ v traffic behind through coiwtant
use of your rearview mirrors
SAX ANTONIO Tex Airman has arrived for duty at Clark accounting and finance apes SAN ANTONIO Tex Airman military training st Lackland assignments In U.S.Air Force* Don't I... Duet, rUt the bumper
ThirdClassPsulUjack- AB, Philippines. cialist. Third Class Jonnle B. AFD, Tax Job specialties following completion of the car ahead
any son of Mrs. Johnnie Mae. Airman Summa, a communications Airman Sawyer recently Wilson, son of Mr. end Mrs They are Airmen Third of their basic military Take only your share art the
Smith of 781 North Street centerspeclallst completed basic military Lincoln A. Onfroy of 2211 W. Class Paul L. Dunbsr, Otis training 1& Lackland AFB road la the proper place Keep
Court J Jacksonville has been 1s a member of the Air Force training at Lackland AFB 43rd St.', J aektonvlllo),b.. received T. Robinson,' Jr.. owe Little Tex. la the proper lane. Pus only
selected for technics!training Communications Service Tex His new school pan his first permanent U. Jr.. Terry Swan and Nathaniel Airmen Third Class John r'-I'll when you see you "have' ample
at J Keeslcr AFB, Mi..., ss s which operates five million of the Air Training Command S. Air Force duty assignment Williams. B. Gatlln. whose guardians time and space to avoid euttlns
'U.S. Air Force communications miles of communications which conducts hundreds of after completing baste military Airman Dunbsr, whoso are Mr.aadMn.Buford Little out and in too sharply Slcnal all
electronics special channels and more than 1,000 specialized courses to provide training st Lackland AFB, ; turns and lane chansr
ist. air traffic control facilitiesaround technically-trained per Tex. ;:" "The volume of traffic will
Airman ,Jackson recently' the globe. He previously soimsl for the nations aerospace Airman Wilson has beendeIILMN r x.r' be heavy," said Kirkman "Yourant
completed basic beat It, eo why not join
military served at Kelly AFB, force.
It and drive wtarly and afrlv
T tIC. The airman it a 1985 graduate
The airman Is a graduateof of New Stanton Senior n
New Stanton Senior High High School. Annual Convocation
School. He attended the University
of Maryland during Quasi Of Royal Arch Masons
off-duty hours. Bangkok Thailand Airman tat at Amarillo Aid. lax

First Class Roosevelt Alrmaa Third Class Jam

Smith Jr., son of Mr. and pMd' r W. Holsey, son of Mr. and HBH POINT. X.C. The
SAX ANTONIO/ Tex --Airman '
Mrs. Roosevelt Smith Sr. oft Its .t+wrs9t Kirs. Wilbur Holsey Sr.. of 19th Annual Convocation of the
Third Class Claude H. '
JackuCnYUle, K+ iaLu6
3125 Ray Road 1244 Caklrv Jb. will po to
Holy Royal Masons of
:Sawyer Jr., son of Mr. and Is now on duty with a U.S. T
Mrs. Claud. H. Sawyer, St., Air Force unit In Thailand. ... North Carolina which met
of 1338 W. Sixth St., Jacksonville Am 1'1' here recently climaxed Its
ha been..leel.cuor guardians ...r. and Mrs. of 2813 Calvin St., will attend activities by electing I C.C
technical training at Sheppard Airman Smith a postal lit Arthur 1.. Mclntyre, reside st me technical training course Turner Durham, as High
JACKSONlralnlnj AFB, Tex., as a U.S. Air Forcer specialist supports U. S. sir 810 Blanche St., will go to for eommunlcatlGnl.. o-r Priest. Mr. Turner Is tell
activities In Thailand which 'signaled for training and duty TyndaU AFB. F II. DIce specialist st Kessler known In the fraternal circles
Tex. Hb at Lackland AFB, Include the expanding Southeast as an air policeman at Larson Airman Robinson the son .AFE!. Miss.Airman of the state end belrtgs to the
new school
of the Air Command pan Asia airlift tactical air AFB, Wash. Ho becomes of Mr. end Mrs. David Tsy- Third Class Arthur office) a wide experience. He
which Training : operations and aerospace defense s member of the Strategic Air lor of 2001 W. 18th. St. .He L. Hall Jr.. son of Mr. andPins. served es Worshipful Master
conducts hundreds of ...
all closely coordinated Command which maintains Arthur U Han Sr.. of of Doric Lodge 21 Du rtwn.
specialized courses ,to provide with the Royal Thai Air America's I constantly alert 1878 E. Paso !t.. will be sod has) been reiponsQtk for

sane Jtc) folrlheAatipf'l.aar aUy-tra1ne4 per--.. L 4 Force,. ..... lomicf Imsrojmlnamtal missde r : the evpsuioa' of the Masonic .. ,
fore ," -- .-.... -- r- .eripfefebe*. program to &e "BuH CMyVThe
space '.
The airman The airman, a graduate of The airman (I s JV88 .711S.h : Hlrsra Chapter M,was
!Is s ,
of 1 graduate New Stanton Senior High ,uate. of New School 11M, J host to the meet end many high
Stamen, Rotational High -
L attended EdwtrdWa ranking Masons were In at-
SchoolAngelei. .. -:-:., ._ School V OLBIT tsadene*. Other officers
ten CollegesHla Edwards AFB. Law., fog
Philippines Airman SAN MlONlaiss.- training and duty as an administrative elected were Perry Wright
Jacksonville men have re* Hi High Petal DeptttydrsndlllghPrUitj
First Class James M. wife 'Yvonnl.'lIlho'' celvod new trslnlng and. duty' \ specialist. Wilson Maxwell
Summa son of Mrs and Mrs.Merrlck ii J daughter of Mrs. A. Blake of assignments Inoempletkn the U..... Air Airmen Gatlla; and Graham Charlotte C;rend King;George
S. Summa Sr..of 19-: 9024 W. llthSt.Jacksonville. Force Job specialties folloy i are graduates of New Stan Deberry. Wadesboro, Grand;
10 W. Sixth St., Jacksonville .AftEI tag of their basl ton Senior High School, and Scrlbet UN. Smith. CharloScrlbci -
14 f b Airmen Hall end Hobey are UK. Smith Our-
graduates Matthew 11,'. Gilbert lots. Grand;
Secretary W.p.

h'; EARNINGItoys and LEARNING i tg.asrge.4.s.' Mynnecb.1FD / MALI. .llgh JchooL Harness Treasartn. Greensboro.; and Waher Grand
# J.C.M a trans*t signed to Tofoham Air Force '
Italian specialist. Stolen Maine, for training 0'0' Csukry. Chapel Hill. Grand;

']- Alrmaa Link, whose guardian and duty as e eontmunkatlonispecialist. tell Chaplain
nCIRhQorlUll The elcctioa of
your Toner ls
Mr. and Mrs. Oydo C.
:& Girls Can Make MO'n'.y' Cro ijre He M 10SI Trovan expected so accelerate the
work of thai branch' Masonry .
Alrmaa Third ClassMartanCrahem J dM M the many tars net '
Jr.. son of Kir. and* he bra thraeghoM the $tae
Mrs. Marlon Graham Sr. of and the atioa.. He Is weD
I : .. i 1743 W. Second will study to I knows) In the sports world h...
-H1. \ e be an administrative special Ing eeoehed ta lanai end at
'Hundreds of ;.Florida I Star Newsboys ... ..:,..:I :(,.:tA"i.J...I fri hens Carolina CeUrge. Hels
.J'j : 00 the proprietor of e beamy
: apply IwslnMS to Dwrttem.
Are EARNING'from. .$1, ''to $1O.OO Week .:

And LEARNING to do ,business., ':. \

YOUNGSTERS! If you are smart and f r ,

want';to. earn. your own money .,;: :; ; .1k, will 1.11 go a to Cstnoa AfO, To find out how smooth

& -N.M. ae s coutrectlMAlrmaa
this is the to do it. '
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sndMnJtjhn.T.RIchsrd- i the perfect Martini Gin!
P RENTSI! Your child may not lasts ya re d 1o31axlqt ; y' .
Ineed money, but the training gained caa taste .

as a newsboy will help him to be 4 ,

successful f in later life: Many of the =w: N }

(most'' successful men were, Newsboys*

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*'; Start. A Route, Anywhere! \: '. ;....l-- p

''. (. : t
Florida :
You Live In t -\

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1 Pl4fldCtntriUttaresxJi copy ke sills. noM '3 SLsrfOMll tTS '- .1u.a.U.. T A.
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.1 I ltQ"r.4 to 97 tor usnld copies. .:. sa ertherte.sad LttMr .

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fit ?

Prepping For Record Breaking Season Women's Talk. Association Aided By Coca-Cola'.

tf money It DO object Ia".t fords perfect
TT vooVUnf ftft, why not ttv*ttM bride and roam t paint
q? On tht theory mat haqglof omethlng to tte watt
It a* vital to tte new bride M baring chlat and lUte -
!f y oa tte table, t Chicac* an aaDalJ tetipa bridal
registry for patatagt. The aflrya aolecttom. dating
from the read-lidoeantry to the II...... art avail.
bit at prtctt from 1150 to 1378.000. Ttenf gd
couph loolwd ever die f tOery**Mlactlan and reftmrt ,
tteir prtferaace.Att .
enabaa to do It,.*.*.dill.6lJ ablf fatcteck P! 1 1r 1w
.ADd the gift worrtet an "..,.. EapaclaOy "blpfhllm
sir aOtryt tradUooal policy of tUowtaf aa txchanM .
after Gvsy.art. Or. if sir marrtan la dltaolvod ta .
4 that isms oa coopla may mra In their original choke
for two picks with tte tame smite. How thoujteful:
can one(t,111." that la) bat
,M spa N ,...r

Dorft loll, tte mss It wooM pat fear ta dolt beans T -I
hat die,* art cyst 40mflUooofM women driven on the t
Wghwaya tfUt year .f
And, on* ODroban art gro Chg. It.. oattaatod that
r ta 10 yaart that wffl bit cwt M tnOUoa of M. Laths
lite tte men win jut hm to get vied to what dry call
our"carlont driving babtta."

Women behind tte wheel arc there to atay.Ttera INI NATIONAL Moteal. AetclKe.t receive.|ra.il.. aurfort M ade..NII .,....*... .l

HOIDAV SPIRIT.;.** cu.. tells" .. *. .arvk.1 Ck. .* .o..ch* wutiema (i I.... *k* Comb Ma PedierfrU. M.O SedioN. (tC..1oti from) *l M.VVMKIi Wy* K.*Fwn4 D.C..,.Pwird.P.da.lrl.al: Mlle l Id****** W-Jler A.
ar...... .! Sckenley. DtMillert C.>. .* Ckr DerreJU ...... eel>.IN i ..... for D. It a new hair spray on tte market that U IDle .. *.*. *fc* dish from NrecKell a' D."..... till S.d1o ckoinwon for kS' NMA.
biw.t win, lo help" him nvmbr.. ...*.... .. aa antwer to ovary maldta .,. ( revreeenlellvo *l WyM h leboraforfot.
awry s Oft* holiday (iH p ...* .,*,... PI., From pat PhI fhifodeleM) akma(_ll by Sck....ley for.preview .....1... llk' .*>rM *M rod. at Ik. Coffcer! Hll.. Kienik an Mrotol contains three sprays ofdifferant Neth..I1.! .. H..*i Ci clM>*4.. OM.. (..H f. w.* NMA .iw *J eomvaiw a. Ida'
led*, N.Y. s.....'. vnwiwWIy. ." *rly c.N wat mod NIA.' ao>Uer retort I. attract Ike ate th mlty c.1II...... Wytii h.dgv.rt*rs U......,. P*., ...1,1..,,,. ,.._loll wttsava.. Tk.. (right *-oNv. from
....Ii.., *J jkJtelr. end retailer to SchK.! .'.A.l1d.v. !sin. ta plenty. el h. .. makepl Dial asp Oat comet t firm spray for tatting and .. eWrlnf Ik. MlenNfk mMnf. of Ike, PMleMe. 8e.Ho. .. grM .vppals twsrdsins .
.l for centering yre..r .".. .! Ih. holiday. fill mark kit yr. A ..rvy by damp-waatter holding. Dial Twoi a fine spray form <
Schidey ik***** this decanter. pre-wrep. on** ........ gift package* or* s ...(... lector combing out. Dial throat a nearly lavUIblt mitt for
in h.lpin'; ,...i.,....... S qv rtr. kllt*..a'.lloriU., plus .*... dwrMf Ik. .....i4ey ...... tench-op*, --"r.- Gfvei
the eikerwit. would. gin to...e.<. might laid to ill Unit of taamating ..N o1 product
Tine-tray splay doodoraot. apart Tep Puce .wJ.h1. lIIurMe AYIIIIWe

VIr.iIr.. lows Registration, Faulty Assignments -
Property owner ektng -
Many Negro and whUt Corps Pest
nay aalman against hurricane damage can buy wlndatorm lnnranca -
At tionaOy rats
Underway Florida Kenoriil prtjodload chUdrta by their fawn to "
T. .e.lslrlll'.i lace op to tte changing timtt. nta.U. die conviction Robert T. Fresns /1. of under an emergency program approved by StetaTreanrrnMranea
ST AUCUJTME-lnc nlrn fntbtma. trtntier and of Mr*. Margaret B. -w. wile of chi oaecutlv, dir the Pius Corn hat boon .. _ComnUtUmar! rw. WUUame.
otter new tndcms pUonlqi to wtad FlorldaMwnoritl ector. National Urban....., Writing ta s Public aimed to one of the Klgteitpotltiont and wu w r" r- ", .was maws mturanra
T* Fifkt Jn CoUt,. dill flU shall report Tbaradajr. tope 9, la Affalra pamphlet, "How. Bring Up Tour Child With In U.S. government eommerclu property Millions paid die tm,,r*
order to tIM Pin la die ork .lon profram hlch out PrtjBdlc Mr. tsar tverat managotnem. ever hold by a owners normally denied wind gent plan wet matedmraigh
RICHMOND: ((NFQ At bejlni. M IiOO Ain_ on thai dato. Otaa KoootthJ.iiuemw "T_ thiald a child front prtidica' ft IOIrl1lmpoa. Negra.raaea. storm co rage through conventional bee.... Florida I*
DM seuttcsa.RttLttitloa tibia or otter policies. in ite mUjt ofmtjanttaNovember .
mats how Corps Director
eaeed carafml die Sergeant
Virginia lu vie ,
parama be, .
ngflatlont may will be able ..
day bit beeQ In JackaoortU*. prejudice wm be All,., to buy hurricane
nDected ttiton.
It earned Fraiman.
f av' notice mat the aa TV tells .. ...
fin would OTPOM I i..fUrd *tt for the roOawlni bI..0Dd.,. Robert Brae Moore,libra a.'dIooI. ta rtlationthlpt" via aalghbora or.In ite who hat .bean hU apecUl year protection through hit Permission. to n urhant*
by ite Justice Department Sept. 13, std elMMi will baflaScpt. rhea who baa a B. Ed. do* convertaUont of patIna,. ataUtant tinea bat April, ta awn la .. agentt.What year policies eipiret Dae.
Kthaanoouncwrantataus. froa from Konheaawm Die* tJ.... ba makes the pinwork X .hi laid.Mtanwhlle.
Toaag ite Brat Ataoclaia Director
tedilig to abollah sir ILKpelltu. says stop for who
saty' ....A. from die Untvr* wlahet ta bring Ip an uprejadlcd chad ant U parent Management.. At Attoclaia tteCommltilonariaUIt Kit stall eon
it eieraine
A statewide drive to ojualifyI Lms r.gttuttimwWbtk of mine and ako from hit owa feaUngt and ta correct home tr ob-lout Director. irons \>U2 boll t 'I'O'fLIIoarmlnq die limed working an a permanent
least 50.000 new Negro: roe cepted from Sept 14 ellroucta Rosary CoUtfo. Ho hat pre* dJcq..uuu. pre one of the few key positions company and die property plea for wtndatorm
*r. for dos SIM election In Spb 27. but a tats nt Utra Tionaly tee tmpfeyod at anabla la ater naif owa deprroed ta sir Peace Cerpa. owner ta egret en t polky coverage ta aa effort la maVa
ton 1M will be Pbtsbttrth' Statt and at Jack* prt reducing tile payment af It av Uabh Iht
November la moving t"irily CfWJe4. Jadlcat ahoald bt open ta new atandtrda and condltiooa? 111 hit new atalgament, bv time
ahead.According. racaby nmbert wanachaduM aoovUla t'BJvoralr/: for dolt ehlldr** die author I.,.. Its thfaM Nip Freeman wW direct aU of claim by up to I per -. die twit hirtkana Neat
to Levin Xork: to report tept 1 Dory MUMgtoat of gr*parontt wht fell M racjpejtaet krltMlont of friend* m* partonnel"badget.flaenoe Coupled with mil I pr blows up.
Davit of the State to like pin In pra-plannbw Women hat DA from Florida Mp from ww.... m...'....t, practra* cent deductible .U permit Although windstorm w-
Beard of aecretary Clrcttoni. Vlritntsn1l.trslon ......... A&M. and hat beat. teacb* Commenting an tattrracUl 4.... Mrs Toang! mer.n",,, priatbw. end lion for die company M die saran I* pantMlarly ln-
of A nunr of new stiff and q at Edward' Watart aayt that lean of taMrvarria/t be feanl supply Amctiona aj tte reacaFreatnaa proHrty wlwt's content portent it tairricanr-con-
centime to aae the voter...,',%regittration >(U- fae tiy arpolmmemi ..... Jamaa Edward Ltmar. at* pejrentt of both facet.: Hit argot may lid paioata among to be* Corre. 10 Increaoa tte rata for itecoverage iclcut Dade end Monroecouatlet. .
arrttcation, bM mad. Dam f.Ur* n.poIII. aUiant proteiaor of K tats, ware of "cfeattag die bind 0( cUmaia which' scads Nil by op to W P"tint. sir new program
If they me.dbeg+,Davy 114.rtglttrirf among dam sir follow hat a B.S. from Alabama ato pre jttdlwT ta handling lid action promotot Medley, who wU continue to At sir sans time. agoras we deaignt4 for tmewUeata
and MA. from?irlrgis. ..d were warned against abuikw. arair t ..,It. af *
till be Sasing ap racial rtttrictloM for pros ite react Corps at t matt
ordtrt Vrranevi a .
10,t.. eatUtmca.Tht ..(. Caf..... Rr*. hat hiss "worklne with sir creaai a kind af cvrtetliy ems debating teaaagor die parenti might peclal ataUiant 10 ,." ..,. die '11.1...* of Millng urh ire win reprfiantaavat.HEISHEY'S .
latch a raduat of tte Cnii. RutaeO Alt Trala*
DMT voting. rightt lewdeclared f Cautf, pmrpota, ta mt lint plans
that lad ...hblhIq n ralrjr of l idtaia. who ccnoa !.. School ..
*> Florida Memorial after 43ytan wabar Hm+plHi with a -
diem l/leij Ktu tin mitt M percent abandon ef aa R f latrar. at North B.A. fronHoban.lTAfrom 3 6hrH 5 r
CaroUaa CoUr** to 0.""",,% DuI.l7DbLlty. and an M.A. E1tS11f1 A '
eligible voter are.Itt&Jtuw4.: ., .
Jena DLidi.newb.wWNrv. from Kew Tort
Vlrglnl. roqelremtai diet txi. .... hat for 90 50. .
sir aa f end Director yarn boot pats
IWIk idiot b* AIM out .la
: of 3a>dm rtraomlaa eI Sv Thorn Chard, rumsbgdeY.
h ,
rrgbtrml' badvrittrqw1 wU aa aaiUtamprofoaior .K.T. tjG
Uhout .
.f aoelal Kim. Mr." Loefc
4MRV4 $
the Mcrtl s tlttrtcy Uv. tritwxWr .a*.hells aa AA.....from 16,000 Lj'
TblIIN Morho .*. I.. A. from*... Tha
wit |tvm 2041)1 :.r1);
to which to rtipondtottvjwiko ItoMrr and US.US. Kegrdom., .,..**
Up4nnwtVi mo* i wliliV from Adam HU witb4gaprrl..r. tea Detract Ufcer and Cam QUANTITY RIGHTS RESERVID
.lacajda pap at Fort naUn A Nel tit (MTXCA
to die poD IM Uitlmdontl .
4ulau4 ..... Valfey SUM t.tlrrscwt" In Mississippi' moved t* cleat a breach ba. SPECIALS GOOD THRU SATURDAY
Col g.. and Ed..r4 Wain .,, oeM NsgnldNgtoag..s.r sun
w..y M" M" fie ahoka.femddaafords
...Ma total of 14.104. N.|* drt't comma tajncU.
Yes We AH Talk lea had boats raUiardoiera Fair tacantaatt and area JEWEL
Mt aonmtr Arvut*. Negro eendldaeat ... to at* s. 59C
Croup(Public) dlacwailoa. and pvblie aptaVby ara wry tte tflont of dM KAACT. are tecladeo'i aadartamaac ThtNegreet J 1,_.
Rwcb a1Jo a* 'far M rpoaaa art ems raod.. Tin par ow4Uq M MUl Aktea T.UeoordaMaar are Mart ppMD*
pose of pvbUc dlarwilao. teatd Ssrwroma. ., ntaddltlen. LCA preeidaati *eRavMchalaw
Ta|acter lafonnatloa ta lid... Idaaa ...11\......, w Head and Jaekla VaaghaEd %*% IIII lilt IIIC (IT
aa raach' >claloaif and W offer a...... M IaN pro ''''II"f'it- IL ;
blrm.R Is,. r.Igedtodbn.WL.YIppf Cwitcitlaia wits elms IN GREEN BEANS
AOCJU Fr my .... pampUet m ..... ceMtoa.J-.. tenor Carey. Edward Canr. I''
..DIIIW.IlInIPI and a.*'.*n...< 5'-. ..** ami Madhm refUwrodMTO Mai Rt-fca tad Jam M.
elor* .a D,. MJk D.>rits, Florida rabr. pertont....nry quad BrietJey.la : ft JIJ CWH
Data $1D-A. 7an.hM.e.. Florida -J330X .,.&r KTlcM *ar**r f Ut Amer r 11..... ....

tttamA Lies host ..rsU. ", Nor/ p DFO 1(11111( ICI' '.. 1
sir eaJy eat to wit |Afappert. .
I eat. anlirtttjaaaj E
from aiaar Kegra tMaM.Tfetaa .
set>rs nouns...... TOMATOESCAlS I
eiali attain, tal De .

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TteWeyatCea-JirAFtO) Til (IMP ;
haMd Tapp will r TVlrcId
....,at danA grain
Iudrtfrglhlh SUM PORK & BEANS

U. S. Catrl I JH'C' MS

Some people Om StMtkI 5oUHDs39c 7 CAIS $1

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stick a label ontlieirdietecrila I Toee.prg.lt QlJ.AttQ< ern*Fedora I

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all arlUMdvatepa 11 II u.

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gr"f adaa ta pU ...... '
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Tha" nBeg foffuwad a tI.c DUllS llln'S".I'',i
\\estake hearing aa t deaagtagadaarapan STEAK
pef...by eVaaatf* AU. FLAVORS
saks pons lite w.w
htrad by *a WAAO Laud
ourname Pafcaai eed fdataneaalfMdaa 3 HI.89C u.29c u. 59c
.**.at af *. ..*- H
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on ours. The qua .aralftra* ftln1 nisi
win ovaaaarf* aneaalaraw

tattea *had a aaH silted fII u.tmaamrf H. S. NO. 1 curt KSTtllSPAIE

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;___......... ,_.. ,., 'III!>. -=-

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'- "" > ." ''' \':.;: :. c,

Captivate Tourists The Grapevine "Mr..S..w. I. I..s" =Ass1. 'r'ltct.I.HOUDAY

NEW YORK NIGHTWATCHj "GoldenBoy's super-star,
Sammy Davis, Jr., who made good his promise to appear
u headliner for Larry Sinews "Smart Affair Revue"at
the c>hb Harlem In Atlantic City bat three big TV
chorea already set for ABCs next video season
Sammy will first star la an hnr-log Thanksgiving
Day special for children on Nov. 28. Around Christmastime
he'll do an Imitation aCheshlrc la the cartoon
version of "Alice b Wonderland"! and early next year
Sammy appears In a spectacular with Frank SI Itr..Count
L't Baste, Edo Adams and Joey Headman
And that ain't all thata In store for buy Mr. S. D. Next
month he'll be autographing copies.of autobiography F
which has been penned In collaboration with Jane and Ban
t ..

Johnny Hartman,'one of our favorite vocalists forever '
18 years was voted"die male vocalistdeservingof more
recognition" In DOW ItIt'. international Jan critics
pon.. New York Negro Newsmen are stm chuckling over
bow they scooped the dally reporters on Sugar Ray Robin
sods very ojuiet marriage to pretty WIlt coaster Millie
\h / Bruce..,
James is the name of the newest addition to the Teddy
Wilson family... "Can Her On The Phone", ins Flamingo's
newest wu-thnat, was penned by Curt May field of HOLIDAY $r>ICfACUUt.rewnf alen U. variety .* alias cad from a variety of citiM *>JI
I the tapjeaiions.. Bill Doggetfs "Wowr waxing deserves ."peer with Mr. Skew l elfte* las apedel.enkegtvli.'"g Dey ..l.vliio* show, *Sommy
a little more attention from the deejays... Davis emel Ike WerW *wt WbrU of< ChiI4l,...." He appear M the only edvll In Oft K.""r.
1 leg sole program which ...", ," .n.I.... ntvtk end .lyrka in .rt imojirtahve *'''''.
Sidney Polder's next public statement win be shookercoonev. With; Sammy Dewle awe fair yevng performer Irem Hie New York eve*: .left I. right
\ a t ... Arthur Prysock's scheduled for a big pro S*.. motional build-up via TV commercials, radio endorsements '
SORT-Tho gay spirit .. Herri, where Aartclng |I. a way .. (I..He, la reflected by members and an. spots
ef r troupe In ort-oitfrPrince nigkkliib. Heltfer fences uniquely. cemblne. lo.n, Gallic,
Ingtldi and AMcen rhythm. 6G's WhIt Yw*

RIGHT AROUND PH ILL Ta WOlia Mas Banes,who quit h
the local scene to become traveling personal secretary: r1! Y
h Nflt'l Helms Stsctacikr .
FOR ran SAFETY oND' ::1 Miami Beach .ShortsMIAMI .to singer say why.Gloria.. Lyons, has resigned that position IDII.on'l ... '

NEW YORK Three dosen youngsters of many ilon- I a ON
: .. IQI, Of the more' than 60.000 pleasure Those goodlooklng Staple Singers considered by many ands from every pan of the Unites States win be of.
Tne relaxed Jaa BoDd"apo
boats owned In Florida, approximately one m four as the.orld''re..tppd..", returned by popular hatred with Sammy D"tlin aspscl4Trs.agtvblgDryMlsvlstoa \:3J
preach mar bi an to traffic
aafety.t sails la waters around Miami Beach Vacationers can demand for Uptownshow that begaa ... 87. Other. show. ._ Ma ............_....
headllners the Inctaded the r ry n
rent or charter all kinds of craft here, from small out. on package Spinners Junior."Shotgun" For the first time Sammy Into the won ltrlal work 01chDdre .
Yield I to the other driver and board to for fun Is of Walker Gens Chandler the Contours and One of Am.rl4M a rarest yachts Boating one the numerous .
will oa Us own network .
Ue the traffic sulatlont" la tke comic WUlle Tyler Lester (his dummy) appear I'ODI..IROI'1II. Itxlf a n pjmi-
aU-vear outdoor .t.
!advice of bus driver Joieph P. sports. television special from The fast-paced program tocktdes trot ef the bt.(.*t cold rank I*
McCarthy of N.w Bedford, ...... Davis .
coast to ceoet. "Jammy se< ienees ranging our history
"I.know It down found too MIAMI BEACH Although Us 6,000 acres can not Cyrus Scott the Sahara Hotel Supper Ckib boss Is so and the Wonderful World ofChildren" from a production number to It U the 111. qu.. "., t*.l.
original' he aald. "but It work.. pleased with the Pepsi-Cola"Come Alive" show broadcast (e. 11.50 sold' pie.e) cub thelllre
II urn llrei" compare in extent to the 1.300,000 acres In the Everglades direct from his club for the past two Wednesdays.that wOl be telecast on which everyone to the cast "CAU.. lUBpvU on. the
I McCarthy hit tone more than National park Florida's Corklc..amppark !bee now anxious to!have Emory Saunters broadcast the fan television network of dances to the "IClnd'rJ anea r...,.. .Id.
a million mllee for Qyhound probably Is the best remaining example natural from there every Wednesday... Jim Ptnknay, the top the American Broadcasting a Co-CflT to solo performances
without a chargeable. accident lathe growth and wild WelD the...-. The preserve Is s pleasant executive with the J.M. Kora Agency, Is ID and should be Company Thursday. November by s young claaalcalpUnbt Mess GIGr
list IV eafe-drlvlnf reareOther ausseitlona onerday round trip from Miami Beach by car and directed get-well cards.... Mm from 800 to fcOOfjn. a U year old girl

from this long.tine .a r.t, about 20 miles north of the Tamtam Trail- at-.a.point .Thdt time singer.sad" s- ,polo. !-jPaadeguitarist. PalltfaplriUe4lat.Me.der.Advlaor .
expert! M miles west of this city EssoHlumbie'f Jim Owen 1s souvenir Journal chairman g ntaug special .
Drive the only aafe way for the current IMS ElksGrand Lodge Convention... marks another flnt few Sammy A ap.ctalfeatnof the show I. all affairs of.life
the.right'way' You won't get tomorrow't Job The special West Philadelphia supplement of the too- tea the first time ls s six year old emcee who :Love. Herrlas. W);
Don Bsht traffic Join Ite
> Don't take chancet. Chad with ytittrday't ,kit"Tomorrow' 'TRIBUNE out Aug. U,carried some special comments'' he's ever starred la a show stags. ,"Hello. Dolly and who (MM, .IckBeae. ate. Uckj
taking can become a habit on "West PhlDy after Dark" by this cotamnlat which which focuses totllly'CIS Introduoes the roost famous Clam Lack Date. U kyHHwIa
Leave It out of your driving jobs demand new ikilU Skill. you can eet.f&y Included the nightlife figures In that area, youngsters. "Sammy Davis yang act oo the television .
pattern o by re-training. For information visit the local and ma Wonderful World of program, Dlno,Deal and Billy. There la M hoes a
I office of your State Employment Service. a a Children stars Sammy and a This combo of guUarlststnzers .r* drel Uat eke e..'t
---- -- -- -- 'Tot Mrtr ftc uk v.ryase rouo) of talented boys and from Hollywood U b.1 lp. Located at: Ml H.1.i
to make iat.w.. "Oie-Man.. girls rangnf la age from aUto made lip of DIDo Mardn. son 11th .tre.t.rfcone:1I1.t MOftm '
Submarine Sandwlck. > ash M of Deau Mutter Deal Area
Individual unshed hard er I a.*. 'Mtll II pkUly ...
French -. Offer a variety ef chow his range of Jr. and Billy Hlneche. .....,. .
;\ FLORIDA cold cute and ebeeeee awM venaHUry as aa actor a The show was developed bypredhroer ( a Located lajltMl.
with lettuce, sued '... *. comic, a singer and e dancer SfaaWy. Creena asa na. pre visit to
alone sad c..nb.rm. Give e to this .''ertgtnal taterlslontnulcdwUck .......,.leasat far the AMU OUMUA sad yo.'.lllifel '
,rI.. far the "' ( ortgtaat a.... finds Urn as the eatlre famOy. adelts swell .

I.".,.. wkkbuilding.. .".. only adult who "er..... as ,.....n. .acgrt the .art.reM.,Itli Ibis "III
"'"*"" e tlgtraand t ens

NUMBER ONE r: Justine La mar f unfit. if Sutstri ticks .' ,

E I fashion pattern

r stir isiMO j,



STATION t Spotlight Prodacl Of The Week

t.t.it 1 Miami Florida

.,. ; .. ',: Y
I -. .-

DIALT I ',. fI/,!I'' '
.'4 9. .'tr' "I"/ ,*

1260 For The # 1 Sound! J"i

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\ .

y' ...

.b SHOZTY $33.

.. S .. niTa
: :: .:
I \,,& \ r' *M.r i
'. : .... t w -. sa.J
.. .a. -- use
I l' .. ... -e. _., ww P..a ...

... ... s.. w .. UM ate,arty. .
.. OCA& _

> For The 1 Prizes! ............:.:...:.:S --...c 4 -:.: c..
\ 1260 # C"AT
v" ; .... 1.193 lua .:::...
........ c... .
..... 11-1. rr: ;::;:;.::: .... t

i-... m r ....
J .. vceae
A"TJL.1'. bock .., pros ad ,w. Gwev a ..&W ..... /U ..e. U-
..,._lodioe ad.v.td a....swesp d.u.t...all gshK bee :p.a: :-- ....
a istiew aWe MBet ...... try ua...'er ..us.., .. =
ft Piles IL X-193 la evtOeMe ka aiM 12. 14. !' lHU s.- ..: --z
DIAL.4Lr. .....'1'4 yerA .. 44t lid ...... Sta4aH belly tenaae- r..M r.e .nY ( :- _
.f ... aaes lot kite U ant D at K Teiat A ffit* tt.MOM f .. ... .. ...

;:;...: : --:-. .: ..-IW... ..-d .. ......ow.rN ... ... l Joe:,...nL::. e. .,:.4f. '

... ,. '- ... ..
._. -:- :. ;' .., ... DeBe Ut pl S eeM 1stpe ye,h gas l -fte.... .. c.: en.eo .. i!
WI N. feslrat tU.7flta .. -
er eWek SuaBM. .. ....1J se ear.r .. ...
AM OM AlOTU& .. "i1- ,.""" : .. -i
Urtfyw u Ui MW LA MAX Tseiaiflasi .
_. lid .J ". .. HIda FadUe* ....e., .... ':. ::: :: =-_'; rM ro'' w
(1260 For The # 1 R & B Hits! Ism N we : leek .L SaW a A cm.u LA JUa -.... -
...... (-.- .. ,. ). lee t'u. ,p.p.. rIP"
.... .1.t.. It .1'ItII' tMI Ihd wK
..... bon.s.r .. ....... .. -- "

: : : :. :- : .: = ;. .: : .:..._- -- -- -

I V II I .

I, t


1JS5 ._ .fUR PAn IS PAM,J
. I City Pliygroands'. Arts-Crafts I Exhibits Sparked, Annoil Joseph' E. Lee Day' Activities I With Awards To Winners .,:,:.t I

$500,000 T w, 9 i Vlrelil.Cen....

1 1 ,1k Seesoat

I Sd Callers P'ETr.tRseu 'Svt.. :".

Thirty veteran 'l.H ctU':

To Telecast i +' : Including: twenty kitettMJtt t2
+r Erg ,re-eIJon'4lUJI.Yjr iglnla
NEW YORK Inadocumen- State College wedne 3
tap ccloreut that will have day (Sept I). -**
taken 10 minds to complete Coach WlUlam Lawson( :
"NBC Sports In Action" CIQ .cautieualyoptimiatU: about&*.*
Sunday SePfoSIIc30-,30p.m.: Trojans nine-game srttedukv,

EDT) win debt Into the bAJ(. A d..7 .. 1 which cfnt Septmlbt,2hlth
maUon-doBar-phis question t Delaware State Dover.
dWarterback be the starting State was 8-21..t year, and
for the New York with a good Nuclei returning&
Jew tram that twl and 23 highly
Jim Sfanpsan wOl be host of touted Ire.lImfr t In t 11'111ttw
the proE ram n U bete pro warriors.rate among tht betttrttama -.
diced by Smut Schtlberi. Inprr-aratonpU'ka?!
with Dick Auerbach u at oclm ta tilt sprawling 18-ieamCrn' i
product and Ray Marsh tral IntcrcellrglMc Athktlr
M director. AUOcll1loq(CI""). ,St
TItled -wni the Real Jets' All-Conhrvnrr .t Irttk u.
Quarterback Plow Stand headed by Quarterback .C4&Cokler
fpw the program will describe Include AslIDarkS6y; .
to graphic color, one Xlutgrove, tackle D ;;
of chi mat dramatic competitions and halfback Dotty,ttftog*.
In the realm of pro Ccklf, a diminutive yrtli i
fessional upon ft Involves SIMOND JOHNSON >yffr'..d. Mlen cI/ywld.d j w. >_. *..*.. (rem rtgkfcCaiHen JONES fTlmwossa.ndphe.INsk.pl.yrwndtdivlrl.e .M MM Invne HI,KM rer., out artUvii 7 $t.'. M;', ilg-4
.fcrce yoonf grid stars named eVyetnt,SJ Director] Mrs. Selly eVyewt Avis end Cipftt director Cprely feeker Swperviier .. recreoMoA City De*.Hme..tef>ecre.llene( ......... rlflHt) a>fai.nH J."..' n...alkr, In rt r<(uye art,and JJ
Joe Named: ).John Huarte. and O rx Jotyn ftehor. Jeke lead PhyllW Comaey. iderd' W.... Jefciwty Brown.Jereme 'director, Mr. Chare Davie widi vewiKed. Ir pby.hil" her Militant Wire leker (leJ, | wtq' .direct, t taw'loa's. ruplo.lj
MOw TaUaferro (pl'CllKWftClToWer WfolkK* The eheMte Ue we* IWir pk we..prde'lod, bed 112 peirtklppnH. end parlicipenta leek .*. (\1.,.. Art Stodle Fetoaj, rites'ra"type cheestte.Ya0ing ,.It.
). / biagrovt t TOdp arid

J. Kamath, the Af-AIMdc.l C .. ,, (:Q as naininf back .
from Alabama was signed" by wtu, hr. Denni ,JoneDt LA )'
the Jets of tea American Foot / te, "'WUU..' lotwa; 1A4'' '

ban League for a repwtedMOO. It.hUnt); Crfa. Al Uinki
000, a record for any pro alto. hark u r m\r,tjuarlerbafk -
football acquisition Hu,., '; '
who was awarded die 1964 Y.ts"iI.- Mel" like, the eanJUtMtJerflanker .
Helsman Trophy u the top tct'
toterconeglete. player for his ".,.1. .' r *** J.

performances at Kotre Dame. Troy Trojan kxi aJ.yq{N.i:
is said to be getting 1300,000 In the mkkiW! ( II... line tit
for his signature on ajet con il\ letiernifii .on. hank eenvtrrs
tract Tallaferro. who earned Hall jhilnrl .:oS) IiJsJbechaeyirhihe ,,

hU signalcatlingspurs atminofs. )
,U the 23-year-old franc tOOI:1';! : !4
"...rlD" of the trio with onseason's (20T' ), rharPrakry Rjii ,:::

experience with the KUlk fttttrr ..
ArtIelnu" '"s't''ptc:" : ,
Jets.Te spats the drama offtelr :","111
fight 10 achieve the starling tI..", J u iuyllk ii3>.I-rroclrtn
berth and ranking die ICII'II.a.I. & TO,

Jets Xe 1 ojtantrbadt: (t ihoiai tut gut year
decision that win not be made T-e' otlirr lnTtevsMyaangrt.ri. '

known still shortly before JlntrtiarrvtU and
broadcast time). ")'DC Sports (, ", from tar 'a./
ta AdtoT f ameret began rolling IUIItM4Jd ut'4sIay last
last November while N.. 1 .u. Aol't' ""1w.5m1, orre.
made and Htarw were ltd V

totting pasaei for their respective -"U.o3I'
alms maters and

Tallaferro was breaking to as M MISS IMMA MIOHTOWII ( fee pKele Wit. pre _H'*.. s pro roar o } .eMdtelrviiifvvelkee4k S.,alel.Telbert. Cteme..<: Sdw el wMIe PritIC&.1& l Ald...Vev I
The cameras not only recorded J -r ..ert te. flf.<.....*, ,...."' .. PK*.e Hefck MM* IttNlCI VVMIti e*id memhere4 .' : mr'ewul'.N.1a.ttm4UMMIIITIMI
Namadt and Heant to 4 Me Hef llemeweMy S kel,. ramp si e S..... DM..e" cka..le...M, .l* effraod
action la air final rap of Mel. .. IM p+Ut*. Mr*. WMle .""..,.....4 hy S..... .. haf ....., ikemple*, coMbO
college football. bet ed W4t ....114 *ree>ky. t..tem rlflkl. I It Akre Ile.. ,........" ferk dlre" end MU Pet- ,le
IM brat A abe
dam nrought the hecth period ride Hilt H. o..d trWt iveervtie* vllk fktyfrewMdt- DMie. lk>lrd e4... Irenky. Tke r I u sear Sal, vnNlaa=uwrrr sN'4 INIIw1I'
of signing with die prefejitonal .*>"..el Jetefli I. le. Dey ewtfvdle ere. ta*....*.4 hy Ike ,..'_III. D.f.rft...4 el, I'' Nnal Iw.lhlI1r l's nNNdraverr
was and the moo-. 'I."M" *. '.....C... ...dl..f C.....)'"y .< ,..'_Itl. .*d Hie N.rlde IT AI. .1 lnrnr Ihnsh IMMS MM* 1r
17....no-line days of trial (hoard Art S.*di. ..*..| : bitw U (hr UtKN $.w,1114Ihul
and doubt leading" to the call w..r Ihv1r 1Ntrlr.' '
... .... .
for1 dIP starting one.p dot -N w .5HN"S.
*.<.. !. earl. lean try two.urge ,
w01kap11leataardMBelt Fsthtr Sen .t..qIett .
TNUI4kIIIM t"o nits.Nbsae *tM ,
rainbow. .n try ."..." ... lea<. Slue, I

Ar M Men Sdwal l Opens weney saver tar, MIM mi.iwmiwtf|n. 4.efrvf.>..i....tfeMMOf ......*. I
.. ..... .....
.u. .
Wild This ... pad. an..na... MMI..ta e>*.t
Cbwai2 TALLAIIAUCE -- rathtri who have premised te lake. weer.:== alp 1Na/ bed and pee ."... NIB.I. .
air son's a-flahlng have only a lew, davt terompletethtlr "' ..... ,."........

71 $7 -- I, ebUgalien' prior to the Ian of achool and book and

eteetvrs pretry woks, h may ke thatnwmerleiof a liahktg .
I2-ti- 33 trip wrodad un edam dw harsh "'U'1 tl reaviiiig.ttriUrm .
Miami Oysters, Tanks _. tnA uidoatit. );.. :..
J ,1 Becoming Time andMM;;nsitandtiUwhen efts sunken ...1er j1i7. ::-

SIISMTaUahaatee OusSepk.er yea flah to rtortda. K,imafer SASS. tM sure to itrui. .. elrtsrath '
5' ?4 ".i If school U pet around/ 4J
Football's Mecca w ekemer.' a father and toejcjvanees :. tt.. "'
1 a 1 16 eatrMng Flab ei* I fere' and try t* ..... $1J.. /
MIAMI BEACH leddeaiyCreawr of bkM ...,.. ..... hmele.andhoetla .. teals that ef fUfcerrne to any er rain frtihei whrre tf*
, 34 SS 437 .Ks IoMb.DI( d leak otter stew, said John w. water U cooler.
tutami has s newte Tic rep .In.., to *.U ef -I Cp s1r day weed... fUhrrtet hIt'.Cams Cte several r/pe of bailorhires
24 17 73m I ) affair sal ctrl I*(**,. ,.......... claeak baud for tf 1MI-te dwnllrramFkn.Ma teaeoa total. and rreah Wear Flat Com and chef' the Iamrhd.
oysters '
wad tht gridiron, There'seven tf* ChrlsiMasKewTaarh ealatton contents djar flah ,
BBMtlMS He* e t* a poetBiUty*e remearewlOpredeee idayt. Thtre'i mtOranceBketeni yawn to (epwmher L According te Woods, matyBahennee. what It was rHdInC"
toaettaee ..' Doss I thwen as early gar iht Kent- aeaeding W" md. IWpI.C.rNtw have a leirfenry te Try veiling er fUhlng toooep a

I. adds subtracts, NJa..q.Caur.A.mdmetale. Sad. CeOM* AO'Siargame.. ef Centenarian ef fto Florida The seaeoa Beard flow of "I ftahlng artlvtrfduring ,, .ear* o,-echtr methods." ,r

sorbs It ell .,..., to hated *ie Ocanje Bawl I game addsNal ike semnner mwadiidal. fatt -J
win cfoae en mtae awe spec.r1 a-,.. all andwaetf
.. belief that flak
.. the pirchate fcy DannyThonae ... rMfraU Ua<. dl- a mop
Q:9111G:: U'tuc'n"' D of a Miami franchiseto vieleealtame.. relat.sp r en A rO JO. .... sweptto bta** to he* .....L TMt toee safety rogvlailonf.prewd --'t.:

54 31 II *. Amrkaa.reatbaaVatfe The lacer Is cdsbd Manto Cowry: where IhI'a"1II etreee for l.".,.. Acttal* yoereob' and your s.n *. t'r
.. The Htonawe. rettrtatotr ).. .. .."J.\. .. i iHodgoa e.SSas wJ.r H kfs net.fte hej itlUhennen .._ tvnUrtf anpe.n
......... I! merely has Joined with Aeakf the AFL d 5W.alaiaaydalf 1e. atsewa dla l >T| Ukf till; heal wader condlilonj.fish ,
AtrG U. ....,. rtlated d std. leap
Hun Days .I Jackie Cttaeen as a fevertwsen he hre.ht here. r '
., *U rtten mat that alt iS..ererq ,....., alee eetated eel that Weeds ...:.. tIw ptrttaeiMfUhtman fkktare and above all, be serf I '" !_____
Are I..bifid en the ..r.... k tea afler" ...W..W. wee* after 0* r re were special laws whkh to t,* meet earceetfol 'fill bias the proper fUUne. :tlL 4L Il I!
paai.Mf.1.fnarag.M.UN. NFL pt+ysR, .,... mt taking ef eyewrs toeertato fIt'-". 1ft. and U..dCurse Ike..., K*h....U retired. / j
.M'e Days ere nee* .....W1t. ceOrte feeekaaepees ants, to VetoalaCetnry ef ..,.ingt te de' *e racist if* age _
Health sad forttse no shafl ha.. tau pawn
fcepd. parse emere me fteSert Ineere a sac.
\reatrea Mraal rs ae beer to *oOeeftjeBe.1.** Y1p
Cute leers nee tottee to tf. ritairy ......... ae *. fervor*try ef).... tall lyre<" Vw>htlt for ........, salt and eatable /
Tow I.... IOn tell Duo Ml art Beach and Miami v... awe aadaai ......... ... one person *r mere. e\an par f naMng trip wkh air saws lUdl,wlnHe>t raw tidy /j'i
heekets .
Ucky. CDI.,. etc The Miami Beach cky coee- loriwd hy pears Dem toclaelng .fi w>katki forptrieaaltenewnydee per er meter. Hire s g.ide tf yeVre eat ..'.....lIl>Itfa.
BMd for ell hat jMt !edarvd s n..- b ....t *e*. tXto Familiar vld tf* wawr. Hah x xMr
U.DO yoerRDreeeoee bUee wekenMntof Themes Wiiee .,...,. Owes during open season for ... Lswnt. da. Ia aawglNOaM .
Oelde for taking ,.."". This act akaH sled total renditions.Talk .
aed his ware akfeefh Iht fa -a toctode LaUl u.Itate. .
..te.t.t gee.. win he ,..,.. etrettm C;.."n Ny ef ........, net arty.te certified wtetottk with i local fUnanrwn A
) or taD desire -.., A
f er
hay to M... arr.e Beaten Cetkfe ead tie Cam and gel ale tftotos ef warn
fill !. the flub belie .LJ ""Ny" rierUa *w...,..*. The. trgal ells foreytvrt here, Vw, and whei *. lUh I.,
tad Mil ,. Pest Awn to miss ft torhetA arehen>eftoh
ZODIAC Cf ..,... b.e.A mwyl acatkMefs set .. ... ,. .
Office t.i IHL Jeeseoej. are ail b.Ut to a day. .. k eerttaelariir toeneetad tofaeset to *s early merelnger
W .
atrwaj wild re.lf d .. ed oafflw.a.saie
UM .* hours keepalen
"01 he hefoie. race aM .
year pree MS draw stay ttUTeae
villa i. nerlde for aB persen. flrwe W ceperattoM for ..... w 'IC'I I ef --r::==
del to *eir ckiats en hew a teed OMtoMiaeUBeaeh.
te ...
.: .. Oraege Bawl tert Bet takalrtary fe .alU. tht r a:*,, ispet eeiUvtg. aeyanrej'e bdYI fry
b g pr awes, ,nrn. er W beam sharp drep-
Atli Try .
s. has Hard Sheetheafmg ie all a ha(hwrs eec.* flak from .. safe ef .
ne Art.played champtanaktp .... s, ... .
gT_ ........._...._... dew here *it J.... That kaM >k er| W ... Gotf.CaS.be. rrtnkte Mail er M" liana IUD r !

rary. She af 0. gala IaN .e heak ae M Mr katMesaurish
be se *i
en a
DAB a IIam.W-_ .11.... tm......fan's cota to die Gal I.ram.aed for eeens fW.rrr.t*eNwawW +
rawiift to Ms land bas sI
Nef s p v Mr roar Mpress. fast std sheetiewllMereaeteeie.
psrwr pwf<<. .
tam at .. .........* aer... tofematkM
r saw old etoato s .,...,. he ......... tenMumif wtdMMcUr
W te at to erttnj..tiiaewjiita'tiiaas.
]'. Fran ttw riertfaBeerd Jrf
ee aepreatoM ef Carenai m. a71
There are"hew 1" ... t '
hh.aC .
Period aie# free* .... te ee>.n a ,... -. Fiawa.eii .
at rows frew M w III .day.
titini Tae dark f r.pa.to ly
CTk.rt totVe
but DM at yes get tote eeoevertanea .,.. *.
PkfSiclll wttk a .... ta1r1ftdatMg thae
..w. a dart a 1.1II.a hen I wry ewe..ih>J .;..
ill lntistMervon's \ ant1 rlt. .... '
ten a iwtsiL

PtiarmacyTfttr NeeTi s $1MNO Sftory{ Tip? I IBOfTCM w ... J I'il

'Pt aa..la.gmau. ... C- ...and| he wtMaeaea r
PmtriitiM Pliraterim gem Asei tI sMwerti ear tp ......... lawfigA04 .
elamgW Dr.n Cel- .
r. Ui..... in.PI5UW ..as tostewehstonedi..... had saN he wM
y.a reewaaciwtoSawCfor +IIe SM .. e.aiae .. .......tiat
ae eeetotawdt* ,.DCII yweII toast n saeve Ver f
list -.S.I112'I' per year eVm *w rtntrw* CLeBwrtabvfeat.
as he eW heginet salary ..., .
!adNFM+rNte ILawaul _"- .... .... ... .....1.... ,

sus I. I. r Theil.airae>eiatf... > i amwrt fill

....... W ""' ..ekr diepeeirwiiirsewJtoalsaltry oheaeaVaiel w-a -aI.11 Beef at its Best ;

;" ..Baalrl_h+.D OwYISN ..." "nrHlrJ', ,tIlII"J 1 Y

.. 'I,_._..r... _''_t '!! lM I ::1 j .. .... *- m fc .. .. .
alsrral "' :. wa..r INia -


>\ j j..

4 ,. J
nil 10 'JU.> f.n tr.. ,' _Ii.. .r....' a.eerv a. n..
'Cooperative" Program Successfully launched' TrtKWHtMtMass I Group Sets 'W.'Trees Without (

II '22."ZiJLa: ; rft >::. '.1 r )''tV. '. "
--iiiI--'I"1: ; \ 'J/iiA/ ,. 'SMIly Hos.y'.i

'T KUiM.
ii :: ", .

> ,ST, AUGUSTINE_-:liT,...'
without men"were among the
many "'U'" '''btl.IMd', r
by....co,.,of Ancient City ,D p# S 'Ve
school kids who,were reset 1wltha -'
'Id- trip North for their: ; I .
diligence In the Summer tutorial ; l
-- s : program he.... { 1 ..
Other light, according to:
MU Shirley Johnson. Florida -.
Memorial College senior,
who chaperoned the group of,
F youngetcra, lmdtdedtheWhtte t t
Houae, Lincoln Monument.:
Kennedy Crave, World's Fair'
Statue of Liberty, United: ., : : :
Nations and a Shakespeareanplay. S. .
IL y.
Alto on' the lilt of noteworthy -,
NORTHERN TREK St. Augurtine youth were awarded
To' 'I
Fcitiro ereraa wen aallboet with a trip up North following Iheirdiligencedifring the
rides garden dinners by can* Summer Tutorial program this ,_mer. Rewordeeiand
NIC dleUght] ,: and .rillt toHarl&rn. I .. place* where they were gtiMte, front row from l left ere: .
Miilcel. The litter. In the view oft-IIa,1 I,. before Miller, Darien, Conn Eric Jamet, Princeton .
Johnson, "Is not really II bad N.J.| Christina Brawn Dorians Barbara Odem, Prince-, .
realty aa the papera make out." font Terry Pearson, Summervilla, NJ4 TwiNa Fleming, ... .
CONGRATULATIONS from Ml new boll, Edward Re enthol (left In photo), chetrmpnol \ The group split up after \ Prlncatont Linda Howard Summarvillet Phyllis Fither, .
New York-baied Klnney Service Corporation, lore received by John W. Brown, 37 nachlng Weablngton. with ,Summervillei Arlana Jahntan Princatant end Freddy .
(of 106-01 27th Ave., East Elmhtirit, Queen), one of 50 member" ol HSe fins dam Ten thousand measengers some going on to New: Jeraejr Good,.",, Washington D.C. SacandrowfromlaffeJeme' .,
to complete. eight week of. lob training vnder 0 clty-flnonced program. Kinney U hiringthe and vtiltora win hear J. Rob- and other to Darlen Conn., lateen, Princatonj Shirley johnion. Dorian,; AI......
class 'for Its building cleaning dlvlden. Th.training program, Initiated by Jomei I.McFodden en Bradley In the pre-con- when they became guests In Tote, Darien Purcell Canway, Princetant Merva E.
acting tommluloner of babor, wasopprovdbyMay., Wagner1 Anti-Poverty ventlon musical at the coll the homes of various white bank. Dorient Gwendolyn Redd, Derlen; Tony Jenkine,
Openetion Board, headed by City Council Pretldent P..ullt. Screvane (center), who we scum September T, at shoo famlllea In the community, Wbthlnatoni Melvln Wlke..'SummervilleGrwp _
a ipeoker el the graduation ceremony el the old Hudson Terminal building, SO ChurchSt. p.m. Bradley win be co-r"-r through'terangemenu made
., N.w YOrL and with a 600 YO by the family of Richard Bathrick. AtfenelsSwe Another Teicklpf 'First'
choir under the direction of who served II' tutor _
MM. Annette Espy former In the St. Auguatlna Summer -,li
Help Wanted Male, Female South1 First teacher and director choral program JERSEY CITY NJ.--1NPO Dr. Frank Lapeyrolerte.aaalclam .
mualc at New Stanton High During their atiy d the WASH>cTON--clriel.lI of professor of pithology. New, Jersey Collegeof
LOUISVILLE l Ky.-( <'PI- A School She U principal of North, each child the the National Association fords Demiatry chalked up another first for hie rare last
TiAINFFS-Young women who con type 60 Negro Derby City policeman Fonit Park Elementary life'* ofhlaerherhoalfamlly. Advancement of Colored week. Dr. Lapey rckrU la the first Negro to be named
wpm. To train as Varityper and Head enjoy. the dUtlnctlon of being Jchool. Jackaonvllle. Including their vlalta church People stood alongside Preil- professor and chairman of the department of oralaurgery
line Operators. the highest ranking minion ? J. Robert Bradley la mutate on'_.. dent Johnaon and watched like at the atate-operated Inatltutloo.URGI .
the law In the South. director for the Sunday School : The twenty students chosen proud relatives u Thurgood
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