Florida star

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6944452 F20090413_AABOAA 00333.tif 08d1a04c53e1ca083e5fa5d80d9b0e3cf6588d129cf25d1399e3ca65a108d954ba2b000c
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11993 F20090413_AABOAB 00333.txt 42a53da6a4816c0679f5a25c4b3d608a3ae4dff2a2e64a3452026543d51e07a3831b0fb1
6927370 F20090413_AABNZO 00331.tif cb78e5e230e9e0d2ad5d76596b9386d5b28d8566385cf6d0c651172f723f246e3a96446e
26629 F20090413_AABOAC 00333thm.jpg ecfe0575a6663f7a0b8a1f7edbe2ea5a2f7a484b06692b641b8665b7a055bdfb2bb41f8e
31313 F20090413_AABNZP 00331.txt 6a64bd3283eeb46395f8ec732d6f099e79a74116fbe938ec06c34b134b934566d441061d

xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200672datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date July 17, 1965dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=006720740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
July 17, 1965
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
July 17, 1965
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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sheriff Le O.
Davis, IB tlo.U11 tht Is.. VIM .bsgst1y yet aad 11)1,4.I d to
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"Thank You Jesus Deacon Cries ttt attacltr, Md seed. :
"Aren't 19' tolai to Radios Ta AM Mel Adlll
stop II.. Md arrest hlaT"
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After Return To Prison Release UO said laeoaltally, Africa' Old at City that 1IaunC1' |Isisdots"

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u. "',.. .rl.h" ". 2/, of can**. ''DiN.M Mft ..t aMv ,1.u. .. tot to


.. v "... T


MCE ? I J .. ., ,' '- SATURDAY JILT 24, _ms


published far the Florida Star, rubllahlni QlIPaII1'ERIC :
By WHITNEY j f.t t iQiJPv>i ..

., E. VISE, ........... Km E.itir Attorney Despite unprecedented General Nicholas assurances Katzenbach by,U.S.Negro

citizens are deeply troubled over Presi
HILDA VOOTEN......... Circilitin NinifYMAIN
dent Johnson's elevation of former Gov-

ernor James P. Coleman of Mississippi to
OFFICE t& the Federal bench.

2323 Uoicriif. Rul Plies Elfii 4-1712 Southern judges of coleman's emotional

persuasion hare traditionally upheld sag -
MailiU Minn regationist policies hare defied Federal

P.O. In 581, Iicksiiiilli 1 Fliri.i( laws and have compiled ugly records of
dismissing numerous cases in which southern

MIAMI OFFICE whites were accused of acts of
violence against Negro citizens.

131 NV 3ri Are place 377-1025 n Look Magazine recently
1 carried a revealing editorial
HARD-COilE II tallying for us the growing

r list of Negro and white Americans
murdered in the South,
One Year $6.00 Half Year. $4.00 [: The magazine, commemorating
Mailed to Anywhere in the united States
you YOUNG the first anniversary of the
Subscription payable irf advance deaths of the three young rights workers
Send Check or Money order""fb:
f slain Mississippi counted 15 persons
9 f killed since 1955 and adds, Ho one will
FLORIDA STAR P.O. BOX 561 ever know how many more victims lie awashin

Jacksonville 1, Florida ( the swchps} and bayous of the Deep South."
) Writer Charles Morgan Jr. who compiled
the list of ,victims makes this telling

New Hirings For Negroes By Stale point: "in all the above killings, not a
single conviction has been obtained. "

The fair employment section of the Civil .J1I'" Recently, we know that the FBI has been
Rights Act has stimulated interest on the stepping up its urgently needed Infiltration -
'part of Florida officials in finding quali- AN OLD INSTITUTION IS BEGINNING TO CRUMBLE of lawless extremist groups Rut

fied Negro workers in some fields. A constructive the FBI--SS in the Lluzzo case--can only

attitude toward the problem it __ --- -------------------------_ compile the facts. It cannot sit as judge
,. __.._____ III
B.u.* "''a..u...1 rAiJieaaeu Hjr verne antes and Jury.
head of a special advisory group on fair Yet, as Morgan argues. "Southern justiceis
employment within the governor's office. segregated Judges. Juries sheriffs,
He said: Your Weekly police, troopers and FBI agents are white.,

"We do not have to comply with the Fair So are jailers, bailiffs, marshals, lawyers .

Employment Practices Act in state institutions stenographers, clerk and coroners
but we 'want to find ways to voluntarily who command southern courthouses and jails
improve the situation The idea : Horoscope Guide and electric chairs."

of voluntary improvement is indeed reward. According to the Southern Regional Coun

Ing and encouraging. cil.of 12 circuit court Judges and fi5 dis.

It seems that the state is committed to a trict court judges, not a single one is
shift In attitude toward placing Negroes By PABLO The ASTROLOGERWHICH Negro. This amazing statistic comes from RJ

in government positions. The Secretary of region in which nearly half the population

State's office has two Negro .attorneys on ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR in some states' is colored and in which
the payroll, as well as a Negro assistant there are obviously hundreds of Qualified

in charge of air conditioning among a staff BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL Negro attornles standing line for judge-
of approximately 108. The State Treasurer ships.

recently hired a Ndgro'deputy to work In Part of the blame must be laid at the
------- -----------
recently hired a Negro deputy to work in doorstep of the presidents who make such
the Miami area, and the Attorney General ARIES II SOME VERY EXCELLENT AFFLICTIONS. THESE ARE OTHERS OR YOURSELF PAR. appointments Most routinely male lifetlce
''has hired Born March 21st thru OPENINGS I WHICH' YOU SHOULD MATTERS THAT ARE STRICT* Federal bench
two Negro lawyers, one for its TICULARLV' SHIN PCOPLE appointments are at the behest
. Pensacola office and one in its Miami April 19th 'INVESTIGATE' THOROUGHLY. LY YOUR OIN AND ANY PET ARE NOT 'IN A CO-OPERA- of a state senator. And this aysten,
goes, without saying that Negro citizens TIME' TO SPARE. I'| NOM I INS OUT WITH' A SUBSTANTIAL WITHIN, YOURSELF. TNt NEW HEAT OR PERSONAL REA Recent Presidents eloquently chxranion

have been aware of Negroes on the AND .ITS OCCUPANT Rl. PROFIT. SHOULD THAT MOON USHERS IN A '11t.ODWMEroe SONS. THE START" OF A NEW ed the rights of Negro citizens for full
Department Education staff for years, TAIN TNt MAJOR PART OF II VOUR MAIN' OBJECTIVE.. RETROSPECTION MAYBE LUNAR. PHASE TURNS THE citizenship have gone along with diehard

but it is the new job opportunities and vuR -)N1tfI/T, THIRI MAKE LIVE CERTAIN'\ THAT_ CLAIMS' IN ORDER ALONG WITH LIGHT ON WIDE TRAVELS, nixie senators in appointing rank segregationists
employment that demands our attention. t :COuLD at IIAjCM rot YOU TA OBTAlNtTHC'BENEFIT Uf TO-TMtlR' rltONltJANO' I THE MEASORtl/ YOU SHOULD' HIGHER-MIND' STUDY COURSES to the bench. In decision after

What'e happening In the State's largest ,00 MAKl'Lirt ROSIER OF COMPETENT ADOPT FOR SLLF.IAMROV AND BASIC PHILOSO' decision such men have shown themselves
employer, the merit system? It could not AND MORE COMFORTABLE rod ; COUNSEL BEFORE MINT, AS WILL AS CHANCED PHIES. YOU SHOULD BENEFIT incapable of upholding Justice and the decisions

give any breakdown on the percentages of CVCNYONC. TNI ZEAL OIL OR liON YOU COMMIT" YOURSELF ATTITUDES TOWARD PEOPLE FROM THI FACT TO of our Supreme court have been
Negroes employed in state jobs because the uyn iY YOUR OTHIR HALF SINGING' AGREE 4N GENERAL AND YOUR ENVIRONMENT MAIl UP FOR YOUR LACKS flouted.

word "race" does'not appear on the application ,IS A CONTRIBUTION' THAT MENTS.20-53-14-75-923'' 'IN PARTICULAR. 'IN THESE DIRECTIONS' AND Protocol and custom are formidable adversaries

blanks. Maybe competent Negroes YOU SHOULDIIIAO'LY' ACCEPT YOUR PRINCIPAL ALLIES BY APPLYING' YOURSELF WITH, it is no easy task to break
have not seriously considered the merit FOR 'IT WOULD MAIL UP FOR CANCER: SEEM TO BE HAVING' A MARO GREATER VIGOR TO THE with tradition; to seek working political

system. ANY LACK OX YOUR PART. Born .June 22nd thru ENOUGH TIME COPING' WITH OBJECTS YOUR INTEREST. relationships with influential senators
Whether or not this is true there is an AN ORIGINAL POINT OF VII, July 22nd' THEIR SPECIFIC PROBLEM 460441S2M4 swept away by Ignoring their time-honored

active attempt to seek out and employ more OR APPROACH WILL 00 FAR THE itss RUSHING YOU DO THEY WILL REQUIRE MORE "right"to act as one-man nominating committees

Negro professionals.We hope that the merit TO ELIMINATE' LON' STAND DURING' THIS LAST OUARJtR UNDERSTANDING AND GIN CAPRICORN) for Federal judgeships in their
system will not be burdened with "seekingout (INS PROBLEMS AS LONG AI ESPECIALLY' AT OTHER Plot TLENESSONYOUR PART THA, Born Dec. 22nd thru ralliicks.

prospective employees." it is the Negro IT MILTS WITH THE AP.PROVAL PIE'S BIDDING' THE LESS YOU SUSPECT. Jan." 19th Yet America is not America if we cannot

professional and worker who should be OF THE o TIt II! MEMOIRS MISTAKES YOU ARt LIABLE' .3).M.Ig.fI THERE SEEMS TO BE LIT. break with the paat. And Justice will not

seeking Jobs actively. OF THE FAMILY WHO TO MAKE. THE FIRST WEEK* ill OF IMPORTANCE| GOING' be Justice in the South until .* rfo.There-

FAMU Grid Mode Coordinator THIS SHOULD LEAVE YOU AT PRIVATE' ANO'UCIFU\. Rom Fept. 23rd thru OF PASSING THE ,took an personal an Interest in the Lin>.zo


A Florida A&M University graduateLeearla TASTE FOR THE PASTIMES FIRMLY BARRIO FROM WITH YOUR PERSONALITY TO YOUR MOST, guarantee that, in the future Judges who

V. Davis, 47, of Gainesville, Fla. was YOU LIRI SIST OUR I NO THE ,GAINING' ADMITTANCE 'INTO AND CAPACITY TO CHARM PRESSING DESIRES. DON'T preside over vital circuit and district
HOT MONTHS. VOUR PARTICULAR REFUGE.DM court cases will be impartial and blind to
recently employed as an equal opportunity OTHERS, YOU NO DOUBT ,AR|. BY THE REPORTS -
coordinator a new post crated by the 5-70-22-13-M-572 UP THE PLANS FOR NOT LACKING' 'IN'' FRIINPS.. OF OTHERS HOSIUNHAPPIIR nel....
State Industrial Commission. This is a TAURUS THE WEEKDAY ACTIVITIES.' SHOULD THE CONTRARY II EXPERIENCES. If this means not having the support of a

splendid opening for the former classroom Born April 20th thru DO NOT START ANYTHING TRUE, IN SPECIFIC CASES. NIID NOT NICISSARILV BE given senator on a given bill I can only
teacher in a position paying '$8,280 per May 20thIT DEFINITELY' UNTIL AFTER IT WOULD II BECAUSI OF YOURS. YOUR CHOSEN COMPANION suggest that this must re :Glanced by the

year, one financed ,with federal funds. THE AOVINT OF THE NEW A PIRSONAL DISINCLINA. '' COULD HAVE SOME possibility of having the legislative will
The new position has been designed so WOULD II ADVISABLE. LUNAR PHASE. MONET SPENT ?ION TO Dtvnop THE POS 'INTERESTING 'IDEAS ON THE of the majority of Congress bogged down by
that L.V. Davis will be located at the FOR YOU TO SPEND THE FOR THE HOME AND FAMILY SIBILITIES' THEY A* SUBJECT or TRAVEL AND partial and biased Dixie Judges.

Tallahassee headquarters in the capacityof FINS HALF OF THIS LAST SHOULD NOT BI REGRITTIO. m''1. THE MORI PEOPLE YOU OTHER MATTERS OF MUTUAL.. After all,the acid test of our new rights
staff consultant. Most of his efforts QUARTER CLEANING UP OLD ..60-22-14-65-. ."or. THE MORE LIIEL' INTEREST, law will b* their workability in the South.If .
will be devoted JOSS, AND SITTING THE southern judges are going to m ak-
to assisting the state ARE YOU CHANCES or 7.eoMe" 34.781 go
employment system in complying with the SCENE SIT FOR A NEW ROUND LCD SHAPING UP YOUR OWN ruTURE lat mockery of new national goals as they
new fair employment practice section of Of PERSONAL AND fAMILVACTIVITIES. Born July 23rd thru OR CAREER.GIVE THIS AQUAIIURom have done in thwarting writs ordering

the Civil Rights Act. He will also be available WITH' A NEW Aug. 22nd MATTER" SERIOUS CONSIDERATION Jan. 20th thru school integration and appeals on civil

to advise community groups,schools LUNAR PHASE BUNS' INI* VERY FEW ARI ALWAYS IN AFTER THE OPENING Feb nth rights cases, then .e cannot hope for much

and local employment offices.We TIATEO EARLY ,IN THE MORNING < THE MOOO TO SOCIALII' TO or THE NEW LUNAR THERE is NOT TOO MUCH progress frcm a new voting rights law.
have confidence that Davis is qualified PHASE WMIN TOE PLANETARY SICITEMENT BEING' GENERATED
NAVE BEEN" MAINLY IN THE ILSE. THIS IS (tACT I look to the White Haul to show the
because of the nature of his employ- INFLUENCES ENHANCE ..... DUE TO THE FACT THAT
Rent. As teacher of biology and chemistry PLANNING'' STAil MAY BE4IVEN \.? WHAT COULD HAPPIN MONIOUS SOCIAL AND FRA.TIRNAL MANY or THE INDIVIDUALS way tor( its Judicial appointments u it ha*
A NEW 'IMPETUS. TO YOU DURING THE *U(. don la its legislative enactments. I look
in Gainesville, a former supervlsorof Migratory AFFILIATIONS. l ITMj BMON) TOY HAVE MALI
labor camps with the u.s.Dept. of THEY SHOULD' at PRESSED END AT THE START OF THIS HAS ARE GOING 0* GONE.MO to the Elite House to acix*! to the eon-.
AS FAR AS THEY CM BO, VOICE Z.to-77.I..2t1 dances of whit southerner to uphold the
Agriculture and past President of the LAST QUARTER YOUR i r YOU ARE NOT FACED
BUT ONLY WHIN THERE is law in Jury trials. America is not America
COMPLETE ACCORD BETWEENALL ..... unless w* can break with the AndJustice"
strikes us as capable of assisting local BUT WITH, .UI. POSSESSIONS SCORPIO OF YOUR OWN, YOU SOULS paat.
employers in finding qualified Negro personnel MIMBIRS or THE FIRM SHOULD BI I ATCM Bom Oct. 24th thru DO SOIL TO EMULATE THUGEIAMPLSS. will not b* Jostle ia the
to fill job openings. PIN PROCEDURES NAVE BEE 10 WITH AN EAtLI EYE. "0'. 22ndNOTHING : South until! w* do.
Davis opportunity for a man with Master KEEP SECRETS RILL MID, TRULY IHCITING, ..&...n.u-ut
s degree should serve to persuade o- DIN FROM CURIOUS EARS.
ther Negroes to prepare themselves well CANCEL ALL ACTIVITIESTHAT DAILY' ROUTINE MAY BIIVICTID Bore Ptb. 19th thru
for the new opportunities. If they do not, ARE NOT IwOIATCYP5111105 TO DISTURB YOUR March 20th c
be blamed.
25 MI-Dlj & alavaiM
a Crest
*a from Born ADVENT or THE NEW LUNAR
co.bat itatraJ to fall |ta.ra) a* remit of alt May 21st thru PHASE. fRO THEN ON, YOU, WHO MAY LIRE TO ALONE THE PERSONAL SAT
iMtonalp of Onloa IQKGG /
diriai Civ
Jill 26 un..Uberia. first all... QUITE RlNVNIRATlVl AS
July 27, lU ritlB| MUM U Koran CMnlet. YOUR LOVIO ONES AND ENJOY P5)1055ANDOCAR ONES.tIOOllU57111 '.
_nil -tick fall seals latcratl WM iaM grated WMATIVSB IT HAS TO 40-U-I3-2V44) EARLIER MAY CONSiBERVOURSILVIS .


July 21. MI..N.tro' amid troop wro meal M of* SIGHTSEEING ANDOTMCROU VIaaO Bore NOT. 23rd thru THE NEt LUNAR "

flelal part of tilt 0.8. Any by act of CU.,... TOOOa 'CYI'''III. Born Auj. 23rd thru. Dc. 21at PHASE IuPMASIItS SIR-
VICE. INDICATING THAT ..... r......"Ska.. .
paved oa this data.Jvli Sept. 22n id Swy WI 4
-*.... .. .
ANY TIME GFF COWL BEHiMMfR to gale. !., ..... QDH w 111aaW
ia th.
aawfactar of MtoawblUa and oa. of the IMPROVEMENT PROJECTS READY TO SMILf PITH DE SLOWING ..ow Dvaitft THE

.GD.rat. wort, .M 110.... TER. MOUII",1'I1i1 SMOUL IN YOUR won OR Tot I'mAVOID' DRIVING 90 OAVS*.<<).>OR>15-S*34-.< JO

--- -

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H\" : : pier i

Hold Installation Of Officers Fete

I Socially Speaking : I

If liiisi GiiiTiriCoagrttulatlons

I : art in order. for Lewis J. CarttrIII. their sunnier. procran.
S Fxeoitlvt Director of the Jacksonville Urban ...................
I League. Mr. Carter was hired as deputy director of 'The' Summer Bridle Group ut ,at the,hose of the
Greater Jacksonvlllt Roonosiio: Opportunity Prograa.recently. Johnnie Wheelers. 1718 Jefferson St.. recently.
I Substitute ph.ner.. Claudia Burrla, Llizle
Carter a native of philadtlpltla. Pw nay Ivan la, Harris, Martha Perry and ndolyn Jones.
has titan bead of the local urban Ltagut for nearly Prizes .ere awarded toil ma furry First Prize:
Uo years. Martha\ Perry.Second Prize; Marts B. McClaln, Third
i Ht has received degrees fro Albany State College Prize and Claudia Barrio Fourth .
and Tacit University.Concratulations Iras Murray won the Lucky Tally Prise.
i' 1. ................... Others. present WIre Verse)) McCont. Evelyn Gal-
a J y y rPLklalus are in order also for Delta Sips vln. Catherine Jackson Marie Streets Zeus John
Theta Sorority's project Head start Programwhich an. ..11.. Jackson and Mildred H" ton.
is oat of the eleven child development canters inJacksonville. ....................
Kappa SIvia Charter. Slime GIII Rho Sorority of
The Center is located in the educational Annex New York City is .akini plans for the 30th AWUAL.BOULR .
of the First Baptist Church of Oakland.Tht Rev.C which convenes In New' Tort City? August 1
B. WhI,. pastor. thru August 6, at the beautiful Statler- Hilton
The social Action Coiwittet of the Sorority's Hotel. The Hotel Is located in downtown New' York
Chapter initiated the prograM.Meibera close to the shopping theater and business dis
of the Social Action Coiwittet areSaJI: lye trict. Special events will be provided. for dele-
Mathis. Edna Adieu, Lillian snail, Vinona Alei- istes and their faalllea.These Include playa on
ender, l>aa Brom. Mary COJ... Marian walker, the letftlsM ..;stsie.slihtseelBi tours to the U.K..
Y 1111,. p. Dennis and Hattie P. Mills. 1.00. parks, Statue of Llb.rtJ.world" Fair; ball
...................... HOI SRaces.
saneefor the Sso, Radio City Music Hall and ,
teddlnc daises sure heard for Mrs. Collette Qray
and John Helton Martin receU,. They were carried ,
.. ""'- ..- The theme: Morisons of Citlsenship Ibr.erdtitle
June yl. at Day spring Church.Tht .
intfTAUATioit ox officers for thV uorta Pearson uaanciaJ secretary; and bntJlatilliMs. A Purpose." Delecatea attending from. OuniaOilcron
1965-66 year was rtcently held by the Junior Soil progrs chalraan. standing froi lute Rev. Cyrus .A. '.u.r. officiated at the double Sits Chapter will include dorora (broth,

oolt Qiltart Club during an lavresslvt ceremony in Joyce 1'I1Jor.ADI.h Dawk) ins. Mary WilliMs, Brandt ring eertllOD, K. Owens Marie L. J.'*"". Rossi ee H. flhwinon. .sod
tilt bout of Mr. and Mr*. Nathaalel Davie. me Wilson, AVS hUe Gwendolyn Matthew and ShlrltyKltchena. Music vas furnished. by John H. Gripper assistedby Annette C. CunnlnstiM.
Jefferson St. with .1'''. D.rtl tnrlni ss Xnitallator. all new imbtn. othtr ..ben.n Cat- Mrs. Ruby 411k. .
officers shown stated fro lift art: Rcnee' rise tout second vice prtsidtnt; Rarritt Jackson Mrs. Leander J. Rhaw sea estronofhonor and vil
Davis president; Brende Cheathas). first vice parllaBentarira; Sandra Mitt.chaplain; and lien A. Jones was best atn.Mr. .
president Olivia sad Mra. Martin returned free a abort vacation -
; Hogans. recording secretary. Jo Ann Auatin. t-.Kener. (Royal Art Studio Photo) The
recently where they visited relstives inReidivllle
,. .
IC. Pleaaantvllle, and At) MI tie City. Perfect Unk
Annual Picnic Gateway Auxiliary N.J.
The Martina art resIding at S,1T Rhode Island) litwm Yn Ail
The Gold_ Links Club Q3

sill C duct their. pie- delivery Meets Saturday Dr. S.The ................... lair Physician: 1 1Mervon's
tie Sunday July 23 at Oateway Auxiliary will t Intijt
American Beach. Friend ...t la regular session Jacksonville Aluani Chapter of Kappa Alpha

and the public art la- .1 Yrs. oaklty Puller. Drt... Boy.Mr. Saturday, Jsly 24 at :Ip..la Psi Fraternity held its bf-sonthly sheeting at the
Vagabond club Plane outlined Pharmacy
recently were for
Jot N. Janes Coa-
lted. *. .
1S43 lUi SU.Girl. a Mrs. Ltroy Scott.
Tat' bus will pick IP 7918 Siskin Avtnut.Clrl. sanity Center, IJth and Sepia ladles
passengers at tilt following Mr. 1 Mrs. Illit aNd Mr.' ft Mrs.Vernon Qolia: Oruattal It.. President Beach Oalings Tur Pnscriytiii Pharmacy

locations: 1862 est ttb Street. 1916 .. 4th "trt. Boy.Mr.ftMrs.Toney Lola 'ebb announced. Meet Saturday Lily mite Lodge )174 is
Acorn and Onioa 8ta.. Boy. All .ben.reureeI to 2112 N. iinni An
plannlni OB a trip to
4:20: a.*.; Let and -able Mr. ft Mrs Arthur ill. Memos attend duce nany In* The recular Monthly
Pernaadina Beach sturdy -
2040 Cecil Road, Girl. port ant attters til) be meeting of the Rita Ladies *
Broad and
at 9:00: ; Jh... 1TS7 test JlthSU. .11J be held Hatvrday July 24 M544I! Alsi F05-15I2
Ashley. 9:20: and 7th ...drrwUD. Boy. Mr.1 I,... trvla 8htsik discussed. Membershipbooks
July 24 at 7 p... The bus eill leave at 0
,th find atop Mr. a Mrs. Charles Itordeaas. are open for persona 119Ztsrte
pee I. Beaver Street in the home. of Mr. and a.B. troD the tollo.tsilocations t\\\\ I
at 10-00 L" Ih..Ud.
2132 Otrt. 1
viI vets Mrt.jants A. Tierce, : "" "
3012 Moncrief RoaLAll Moncrief and Oolfalr 1r-< arrll.
...bI... art Irl.i Blvd. 8th. and Myrtle, +P/1
---J.i 'Juan Itcifiritifi to attend* liege Rd and Myrtle,

-----l er.a.aese. Mrs. doulst Archie and -
daughter Faith .........
of 2S21 Petunia lito....'. "
reared froaj a vacation TIDEI
la Nee York City wfterttkey ,

I 9 of Hwbersof eert hoes (gueata Mediate I t I. I ,
imir t win
fawlly, Mr. end its.Able .
craft. i J5.M II MOICmi

The jaioaa trip see \ I IIIEI
.adt pleasaat silk a RIGHTS RISIRVID 5 9C
-.r j ham IOIt at the ('.rl_ GIANT

I -,,* Terrace, a visit to Mrs.Arctic's iARE-RITE .---
father end brothera -
? _LI__ la 'eatbwryL.l.
sad alsoutesorl'fs Pair
Sad teresUTie ether sites of Is- 3

ArctUea ire .aabersf
Abyssiala laptlstCtardi's HE J US. PLEASE Will 13.11 II MilE fill IIIEI

fjatrlct 10 end



yTTki'f1 Jaeee J. Neither, MtMadiaoN PINT Ill
at.. 18 aa4 Cya
(Ibis yen purchase ft Plat Jar of Met Plate ronnalM at H taer Mode ..|lar Price
this L. Thesis, 1131Mlaaa Of Ufo Toe let a sexed Jar for 101. )
Ct.. it.jeese .
1801 It.. tl Sod oreaUa
r Ode) ) Pkllllps IOU FLOUR TOMATOES
Ills M., 21.
Charles J. aall..r.tUI ,

Mary Plysa J. larrell Ct.. ,M 44H and I1R:. 19t siir run RISINi IR 49C I 3 JU 39t

pin ru. 2J. run 5 IRS
'Arthurllq, jr.. Ill CANS
S. Uaoola Ct.,21 aaAt .
drey Lee ,..,I.r. I4T8t.
XKk SU..20.AJtiasger fill IIISE

TLbc s.Htt 8U, I tf 1JJ.r..lathe IXf

Mat. Brews riAlbert A., till|Mf lass.t. UUBU. 2Mt. CREAM PIES 312u.79C

lit It.. 21 sat Patrlcta -
B. DeasldMS) ,
til O ay su, 18.
Robert Hack. 20 U TV sisrr piunN rm' enROUND

ktgtt ..... 21 Ml ..r.
... bar Jess TV*as, 11 M4rry
.f.'O i. A...,II. STEAK 89 .

Y Arowr ..t_. 801 Artft
h l l/.
SU.S2 r0517 Lee |er.49M .
Ulaaa Or.. L lie
Artbtr '.'1.. tol '. 11NISIANBACON
B.ver *U, 28 Md Car>>>|
I llll CIIII'
P. faablSgtM. 7462 O-
Hey, Eats & eirb..Uook I look I Ihd FREE I Modes Isle Ata. M. CHUCK STEAK
ft,..14 J.... *err". RICEi.s 1
En* J L. tart till bS "n. Ltr nun IM .. 7tt *t.. 21 Mud
OMeva A. Kae..,. II IB
h Jjtuiij fafef Tto SnwtfTil hose B. 18.liiit .

CAI III riEE PIUES III CaI",.till LI69C ,, 690 I 390.

liulill Ills Slid lur till .-*rrt ttelr .....
..,..r Jd, at Is *t.

I Sly st 21.s. POTATOES
..*. A. Cpaster a.....'. 1111I.69C
PX3TTLED DVm Ali ACTHOUTT Of .111.t ca. ,

I ')


" Altar Call Women's Fellowship Day Observes Sunday Coming Central Observe BoardTo l r'=Crjurtrj! eh1r.1

BY EMORY 0. DAVIS. D.D. AnniversaryHighlighted
NEGRO PRESS INTERNATIONAL Completing of the final Events .
plans for .Sunday's annual -
? by u array :
woaeots Day obsercance Annual Men's Day will of outstanding pro- CANAAN BAPTIST
then the civil rights struggle In Little Rock was at Fellowship Baptist be services Sunday In Mt. Canaan Baptist Church
observed Sunday in grss participants. -
focused upon getting nine Negro children into Church Rev 0.H. Antioch: Baptist Church Board 1 of Central begin with Sunday School at 9:30 ..... Dea
Central High School I had occsslon to talk with a 'Hamilton. pastor was throughout the day with CUE: Church: will observe I. Adaws In charge. Morning service at 11 o'
Negro sinister for a few moments in Little Rock announced by Mrs. EYrlID" Deacon Morris H. Mann u Its anniversary Sunday IDd Usher Board 2 will serve thronth-
while nroute to Hot springs with of Rev. I. Burgess, pastor will preach.
a group 8. Brown general chairman and China Brown In the church: auditorialcoaaenclng the day.
Northern Binlsters. chairman and Mrs. Ola co-cb: at nlD. at 3:30: P... at 5:30: P..., and evening service at 7:30 o'
Living in the North and cnly reading about the .
L. Hollian co-chainan. Rev. John A. Payne of Mrs. 8.L. Badger will
conflict we were happy to speak to a sinister on Mrs. Virginia Mack will Second Baptist Church, be the principal 'epsti- JFRDSV. -
the scene We asked his what he was doing. He toldus be the principal speaker will deliver the sermon .. Sunday In Greater New Jerusalem Baptist

he wu praying. during the 11:00 .. .. at 11 ... and Rev J. begin with the Sunday School at 9:30 ....
On several occasslons, and again quite recently, worship highlighting a Buraey of Mt. Calvary : service at 11 o'clock.Rev. W.A. Mack pas
I've asked church aeabers two questions: What are morning activities which: Baptist will preach: for will deliver the senon. At 3 P..., the Dea
you doing for civil rights, and why don't you do the evening service. e.. Board will observe I UfO th anniversary .
something? Deacon Pred Gray will service at ':U o'clock. All choirs and
Again and again I get the answer, "Well, Reverend be guest superintendent will serve throughout the day.

we are prying.'Then end Deacon Johnny H.V11- ." BAPTIST-
some have gone on to say that that is all lies will review the InQtl Baptist Church services Sunday begin with
they are supposed to cP.- ,hlt prl.1"--reminding 1.son. School at 9:30 ...., with Superintendent
.e of that old spiritual 'DoD' t you remember '..-.-.. wi ,. Salth and Mrs. Mawle Welds In charge. Con
*y Lord's Coin TO Move This ticked Race,' --the Choir 1 of St. Stephen jt : service at 10:50 .... The junior and
,inference being that it is the white race "VAt" the i choirs will serve. Rev S.L. Badger
MS: Church: will sponsor
Lord is ping to save.Bellevelog will deliver the sermon and Choir 3 will
a spiritual tea Sunday
in Ood--belief tog in prayer Is basic for the fellowship services. BTO at 5 p.a. ,
at 4 P... In the hone
throughout the history of the Judeo-Christian jastes Phillip in charge, and evening ser
of the
president 2044
ethos. We would not say that this is irrelevant to at 6:30: o'clock, usher Board 4 will serve
Mt. Herasn St. Mrs. V.w.
the struggle, nor that it is not an essential part MRS. fllOOnJ.r.Otllefi the day, and Mrs. 8.L. Badger and Mrs.
Pergusoa will be
of any human endeavor that strives for loral on the prograa .. Barawtll will preside at the iaatruaents.
,,al speaker.
ethical and religions goals. We would dare to say MRS.. EVEpLBIA 8, BROW .-.....-... will Include: NEW 210N-
that it is not a substitute for the whole. will get underway at A Revival tea will be Mrs. Lola Cain UTS. New Zion Baptist Church services Sunday
The implication that it is the white race only 9:30: o'clock with Sunday sponsored Sunday fro 4 (Gladys Bsgglsy, Mrs get underway with the Sunday School: at 9:30
that is wicked--and u such entirely responsiblefor School Mrs. Helen Tel- to 8 P..., by the Pentecostal Gladys fuckerMrs.. Viola .,Superintendent Joseph D. White la charge 'the
the sad state ot human and racial affairs fair will be guest superintendent prayer Band at Hatcher: Mrs. H.. Holsen will discuss the lessonuAwarde will
despite our feelings concerning their gullt--lf and the 1622 Ro sauna St. The Mt.Calvary n n.Mta. wi Bade to the victorious junior and senior class.
for the Negro to assume a holier-than-thou attitude teaching staff will be ..*...*.. Marie Jenkins.Mrs. Verde Morning service at 11 o'clock. The BTU will be
a "we are right, you are wrong" posture. selected pending sr- The Adventurers Club McCormack, Mrs. Vivian : or the newly elected president Miss Or-
This is a Most dangerous assuaptlon, not unlike rival Mrs. Helen Lawrence will present a spiritual Johnson Mrs. Ksale L. Lewis. At 5 p..., District 4 will meet la the
that of bigoted whites, that creates a breach in will review the tea Sunday from 4 to I Barnett Deacon M. Andrews basement Evening service at 7 o'clock.
comunlcatlon and keeps wide the chess that separates 1 esson. p... at Acron Street ,Deacon westbrooks, .. r 2 and usher Board 2 will serve. Rev. Swuel
the Negro and the white if we perpetuatesuch The Youth Hour will COB- .Community Center. Mrs Rev.Ssnford Smith, Res will preach for the Boning service and Rev.
an attitude, then which race Is it that is aence at 3:00: P... with .Clara Brinkley will cones Board 2 of Mt.Sinai Askew will deliver the sermon for the e-
really wicked? Both races continue to sin--the sin Miss Maggie M. Alston speak, and other talent District B of Tabernacle service.
of emission, for instance-by not doing all that price and others. ZION BAPTIST.-
each could in bringing about racial harmony will be given the club Mrs. Essie L. Barnettis 11 .. Sunday In lit.Doe Baptist Church, south-
The Negro who does nothing and says "let God do with the largest number president of the celebrating : .. will begin with the joint Sunday School at
it," and the white who says, "it's not 'mj pro- I of ambers present. organisation : .... la Wayaoa Chapel AME Church Superin
blemlet the Negro solve '1 t himself are equally :' ........... Rev I.Co Flanagan, host .J A. Alston presiding Honing service st H
guilty and "wicked." The American Legions pastor and Mra. MyrtlsShootes and BTU at 5:30: P..., and evening service
There's'n old cliche that says '?rater is all Auxiliary Unit 197 will is program di A. 7 o'clock. Rev. R. Hexiklah will have charge of
right in prayer meeting, but it isn't worth much sponsor a "Christaas in rector. c.. all day.
in bear meeting, This say be overstating the rj July" party July 30'at Church social other ISCJI BAPTIST-
matter, but the proposition has strlt. 'organizations sad the .
the American Legions services la Cvertoa street Baptist Church
There are times when prayer is the only alterna public are invited.Appreciation ...
n Hoae.2179 Benedict Road, ooBBoaeo with Sunday School at 9::30 ...r..
tive. Where there errs yet actions that can betaken I Civic clubs and the public Fete AJ I.. la charge.Morning: service at 11 o'clock.!
and involveaent open and( begging for people, I'f have been Invited to A. Orion Johnson pastor, will deliver the ser-
prayer alone can be grossly Insufficient.An P', attend. The event Is In For Rev. Burgess [ usher Board 1 will observe Its 19 th nul.r-r-

oft-quoted apborlsa states: 't'rl.1" though r 11&.4.. ........-.....JMn" Interest of the State Veterans Rev. James Scott will n.. 3 P.a. la the church.:
everything depends upon God and work as though be Y1 .
OH t. ItUUIiVI. Hospital. the principal speaker GALILEE-
everything depends upon you To this I would presiding and servingas for the appreciation "services New Galilee Baptist Church will

call the praying-Only Negro mistress of c rwwnles. program honoring Rev. with Sunday school at 10 .... Mrs nth-
He that is without sin (or guilt) is the only one, A program will:'be Inn. ttciptritiii Wilbur Burgess Sunday at >r'u a la charge. Rev. P.A. Henderson rill
who can cast a stone toward those alleged to be ._ .".*> .. al .. the r:'eoa. Morning service 'at /o' clock.
reiented. v i *. Friends .., be !at.reet-, 3,30 P. It. waa announced 1 : M
( sinners. We, the Negroes'are not without sin as BTU will follow at 600'; : ed to learn that Mrs this week.Events .7.'. Carter pastor will deliver the ...-oD.
perpetrators of segregation. In this we Bay well P... end evening serviceat Robbie Baker affectionately will bo la charts .tree"l Day will also bo observed At 3:30 p... .a
I be the wicked, too. SO in our singing that God 7:00: P... will featureMrs. known ,as "Mother of the youth with Miss .. will be preeeoted under direction of Mrs.
move this wicked race, we way be praying and singing 'o Psulette Scipio MissOwendolyn \ Strickland. Cora will be the speak
Theresa Wingard. as ....r. Is recuperating and Ira. pioyd
for our own removal! the speaker fro a broken leg at Wilson Elmer bu and the Meal. Sisters will preeeat selections.
1 The Altar of prayer Only Is not enough for our the will ,
Mends and genes i the hoaeofher children Hartley jr. be the service at 6 o'clock.
needs need an Altar of prayer and Action to
we public are Invited to Mr. aad Mrs. Gilbert muter of ceremonies and BJ TABOR BArrm-
.which address pleas and pledge our involve-
to our worship all day Bandy Hart of 1111 W. IJth Miss Elbranda Hartley, Tabor Baptist Church' servlcee Sunday will eoa-
t mint, for the coming of the tine when there is BOBrnelty addreea.Devotioaa .
at Fellowship Baptist.r824W.BBWEf .' It. the.welcoat with suaday School at 9:30 Coasters-
for being born with dark. skins.
--- Friends Bay visit ker. Miss Paulo at lon: a.a. Rev A. Dulls of the East
Mrs. Baker Is a ...b.r Ana SCipio and Miss Ala and Bethany Baptist ,Association will de
of New St. James All griae HartleyMra.; Sadie p. the servos. Rvealag service at T o'clock.
Church and serves ss K1 Mitchell Mrs. Esslo Mae 3 and 4 will slag mi the usher Boards will
Chaplain of Gateway Bar Carter. Miss CtIIUhr.lr. A Rev. M.T. Q'erstreet pastor. will preach.
.. Ante Boodle
racks Sill Auilllary of be
3701 EMERSON the Veterans of World tad ,group and Miss Don ... Sunday la Odessa Street Church of Christ-
A War I. ale Mitchell of N" tort k+cla with Sunday school at 10 ..... ear'*lag
830CASSATAVE.iiocinoxsTi City, re'\II red soloist. by e. at 11:30 0* clock Brother Alfred Hooker
deliver the .....,.. Teeth Bible Class at 4
Toe Don't Rave To Oo To Town To Get ., sad general Bible study The re day at 730:
IIITITM with Brother Eraest Tiff as Iss tractor.

Baptist Chert services Baaaay win start

DOLLAR DAYSFRESH Your ...d., School at 10 a,.. Mrs. p. Berry IB
STORE NEEDSTrade '" Mo re lag service st II o'clock, with Dee
DRUG t. Story aid L. Oreea la
FROZEN CHICKENGIZZARDS 11th tour Neighborhood Drag Store .. Rev Willie D ape. a as tar. will Breach. I-
$ WE WILL MEET ANY PRICES ADV.IN ten LOCAL PAPTJuVWe .. service at 7 deed
DellveMe also fill all Doctors PrescrlBtloaa DIE ORTROI--
4 IBS. ., OK Church. services .111 be held la the

Day Adventist Chunk, jeeelo sad Ya. Bsrea
Dixie Pharmacy ..
BEEF oervteoo DM ear beds with the aaaday School
9:39: a.a,. Mrs. .. Orlffes la Q.r,. More' leg
TRIPE 5 LBS. 1312 Kids till At Mjitli AIIIM It 1.. at II o'clock with ......... ,Jones ia
.. of itovotloa. Rev. A.I. 0dl1 "U wit
Plus nail 1- IMI L ....... tvaiUg service at .: a clock.

.. Ciliiritin
MEATY ,$ Ahl Chapel Sets
w TIII UNIT, NITER AIIIIIU 'UPllit .re.prier Beet Beard let U It| Sitday Strikes

OXTAILS 5 LBS. IT III HUEOld M. celebrate Its 19u .*.. J.W ,Jones, saeter
I..raafJ Aly 2X ,.- of Allea Chapel Alt
at 3 ,...
ta Chares, will have MEATY, PORKSHORT Photographs caerch oatfltarlaa.
of the services aaasayla
.eaerftrthe aar will
Rev. A.F. a....... Bttbleke* BastletCharch.
RIBS 6 Sluling Today feet caioa Ba beglaalag at
C'fII"" 1: MI ....
Host 60


BONES 7 LBS. MIlS ttifc kftrt' Ail 0' .' x.

tarn 1K2 CM fcCttHi L .. '

FRESH fir H Tit.1 i
( liHist UttteJtin d
CH tataa

MULLET 8 LBS. hi Tm) '

Royal Art Studio B Tyler At


49NO Irs. lMiII Ilhaaet
515 DAVIS ST. 356-9325! Pri/

GOV. CSADfO 4 K3WCTH 5J8: 1.1. tl UJ: '.1

CLOSED All DAY TUESDAYS itas.FitHti iilxlfis hats IdI'lI

-- ---
-- -

,< **-" -* > ---- .w-ji-*.,..,.?, JUUUHII i i i i I' !HI JIM UN IU tJBtJl|'l >-V "*
** *
f' ,i. f



,Mathematicians Attend Institute Nefro lasmace Fifire Honed Rev. J. J. NcNdl -

r To Top Puce Corps. Post Renowned ReGgiotis e- ',

IASlD'fm' -(WI)-Robert T. Press 47. of the Figure SuccumbsLOS

,rv Peace Corps bM been Baaed to oat of till high tat ANGE1.IS-'I-::
position la U.& goftmjswt atnsgMsnt ever held Funeral services '
I far a Negro. ......................... held last vtek for were tilt .' t .
PrtMaa who had been rest aa a !Nw' ton bual ':, J"' !
Ret. Jesse Jal McMtll ,
special aitlstant to atssttn who founded :;" ;"f. '
Peace Co ip a Director 8ar.. three insurance ooBpanl tala pastor Mttropolltaa \ .
s : ,
Baptist AlMtda : ;
Church. ,
Africa and served for
gent Qi river star last IJ'
Calif., who died of a '
I April was upgraded to Bin years aa insurance 6 i
heart attack.Ontof .; /:
aaaoelatt director for director and trade at* the nation most ,, ;
aanagesitnt, oat of'the fotlator la Accra Otana. distinguished religious ,. .
five hey position la Chile la Afrlca.Pre...n .leaders and world t rattlers BON VOTAGfc by inner Jason, Milton Hood Cleft) 1a

the Corps.la founded and organized he was born In tendered to Chaplain (Capt.) Saeuel Sobel. ho la
his new aaalgunt. two lasurtnct coipanltala North Little Rock Art h.laU. poat at Brooklyn Any adNavy Tertlnal
Press mill cUred Ml Ghana. and oat la Nl' Feb. 34, 191) and was at Port\ HMilton. N.r. for a Washington, D.C. aa
of the personnel bud- girl a.Freeman algnaent.
reared in SU Louis.A .
also served
get finance. anagMtnt.procurement
r travel director of aaa'a Oo. i religion former d.an.Bishop schoolof College Former lax Goodwill Ambassador
sissies oa Education Ki,
printing and supply fun -
BUOT STAY AT PAMU-'! ... ttadttra froti Catholic schools hart found their star etloasof the Peace Corp... .change with the United held, a Martha PhD 1.fro.Tex.,CO.ht Captures Pulse Of New York

at Florida Air University rtwardlni that they: rtctntly trots a atattBtntto This office la rtspon- States Director of the, luabla At
Bank University BRDOKLn N.T.-Milton. Hood (left) popular baritone -
national ,
Bible for all peace invtttatnt
tilt instltatlon upraising their pltawr at btlac oa the Tall ah asset csopas. the tlat of his death
Cbipa tjqptndlturts, both and Director of tht First singer and promoter of eitravaganus.la being
the Plorlda la lathe
,The nuns art atttndiBC onlvtraltj Surer Institute htwas director of Christian .
Ohsna Building Socltty.HttndPrtaldmt highlr congratulated by terser Chaplain, SaautlSobtl
la the Washington
'tlca for Dtsitotarr School .r.oDD.l.18POuored by tat! National Scitnct Poundatlon. *:auc.tlon.California
sad la the 46 countrtee Nknusah right, of the U.S. Brooklyn Army and Navy
Pictured bert left to right, reading their ttatMtnt. art: Sister I.Tbeon111a Baptist 'Theological .
Ttralnal the flat singing and tnttrtalaaentJit
round the world where of Ghana wets school for
St. Marya Grad. School Oaltdoala, Minn.; Sister. Btnottt. 8U SMalaary luncheon
the Peace Corpalaoptra aattt tt Lincoln (Pa ) gave at the lovely held recently la
Juliana School.Chicago; Sltttr Thou A. KMplB. ColJ... of SCTtrtsa. tints ting.Prttviaa. university, where Prtfasn Aa author of several honor of the Captain and his wife.The' luncheon waa
Mien.; Sister M. Xavier St. Kllcabtth School tenvtr Colo.; and Slater ... religious books ht was .
received his bachelor held.at the Club port Haailton.N.T.SPECIALS
'Anlcttaa._ Catholic Central Grade School Calt&nla Minn.Coeke clue to the, of degree IB 1M1. ont of the world scholars _an.__ _._._,,_, .-..!Officers''- ......Ul.1."......
Peace Coipa fro a ea- -
pi eked to revise the 330 guests In .t of U> e Greater Pay

Fills To Keep Court Strode Situ Gels Airline Off Duty Cop Holy St. Jaaet Bible.version of the Including listed Ben civilians and church Btthunt, the Circle Mary.

Stewardess PoslIIIDlPHI8C"PIA Faces Board Mt la survived by hit the U.S. Nary and which Mrs Ala M. Le
Date; Charged With Assault Gees kIs KIM founder and p rest dm t.
tan Pearl, a sociologist lid Banhigh at has given .any re.
Of ExSisterlalawCHICAGO Adios Role and terrific additionto For Rights ActLOS religious leader officials say of tall for the Florida
"A and tour children. spoke highly of (' "
Aatrlcaa Alrllatitttierdtss ANCILIS' (NPI) ChMbtr of Con
cooke.Jr., brother of the NEW TORK-aoody>> Strode rolls la BSD and aa issue are on Sobtl't activities ., Harold Colt ,
late singing star Su tbote. forfeited a 11.000 .ot...' coatlsalng BM. pretty Georgia Mat Tay. trial htrt.polletaaa. Aids Rights ring his stay at .. \ "Rethunt-Cook
bond last seek when bt failed to appear la court of action, currently appearing lor. daughter of dr. satf Mlchatl B.Nannoa. Ttralaal.Mr. College, Dtytona
to answer charges of aaaaultlag Mrs. Barbara Cooke la CbluDbia pietares' its John D. Taylor :S9> she stated I In South HOoel, UI. guttt .ch. Dr. Richard V.
aack and bet nee ent.rtatser.-buebad, Bobby.A "Oenghla Khan,* Ilu Taylor sos her bt bloaitd to the Lin'gross loitt brought tilt ore,pr eat dn t, the Of-
__. ._ _
.....u.u................ has bus aigatd for a of Racial Equalityand JACtt'D.(1'CPU. >- doer with his tongs. ...t'
warrant for Wotetsarrest .... silver wings after COBplttlai Club U.S. "
important roll IB Ti. the Socialist party, The Rev Mai COB Boyd; number maw dedi .
was haul by Magistrate As adiialatrr.tri of the courses ol r Station, Commander
1"lllllpIDh. nookta estate Mrs. to* Professionalswhich training AA a Sttwardttt la on trial for being controversial I fjlscopal: Captain and Mrs 1Io ar'F..I.A '. "Bedell I) Pawua Rob
,alttlng IB Municipal uet received all suds Richard Brooke will direct Coll... port Worth lattrttttd IB civil priest and playwright sally of Jack Meyer sail Hwtnolt& )
.Branch 38 of the Circuit royalties David ti* f roti bis own screenplay Teases She has beta aa-- rights sidle assigned to she has been labeled Tills ,la. Hood and Morocon T-wpl' '
for Coluabla Pie .a laprovtrlahtd Negro "chaplain of the civil be. highly '' .
Court of Cook County.and p1ii sed. atantd to flUht duty J"rtaJnY\JI.
poises of rights BovttiMt. has by the state of hi n cannel btl J
a new bond act at u.soo.Coo. The toaacks aad the tare oat of Chicago.rjurlsg section the city In
.. Burt Laneasttr.Lte Marvia. .- According to 81t.MobtrtM begun a tour of thrtt fllnce. being In New Itft the City of
38, who r."d. Cooke brothers were la her all and out-
southern a.Chaplain Dty for five ,.. .. Tort and has been
(9730 Vancouver) la D.- Chicago for the tedding Jack PalMC Ralph !half .....10.. court. Hoaltoa Hanson, apart
trolt bad been charged of a alece of the late "11..,.and dudes Carr. use Taylor studied toutlOOeuhJectiranglag 'tise law student, Boyd, on tout lisa sale a sue for ir-tcuttve: Pl>
with aggravated battery stager whott two young dlaale will be starred ,"'. jolatd la a picket use for the Student Nonvlo self la singing, and of tht Armed For
la "''DI. Profttaloaals." ud'setup 'at tilt federal building lent Coordinating COB- "given fabulous 11II0. Chaplain' ">aril In
and theft of a revolver daughters bad beta la* theory of flight
on Jtae 21 by Ira. Wo- vlted to part! clp.t.. with fusing to btgla la techniques.fee last Hay I. handed oatphc.rd. .1 tt.., will gift dra- Hood ta taeaber of "" .IIton. (VC.
carried ratio readings fro his /) la close friend
sad a
ose Avenue
ack, eta late brotherrrecentlyMarried CarlagM argument which. the fail.Strode >" browntjtd, brown rent "
.1 cb.. follo....11.vid said Mr*, a toner foot hair*' .*...tI. stand $ which bt .rot.. rtadlat: orka' and those of Negrotrlttra. (Church the YMCA + f Captain Nobel and
The charge grew oat touch pulled a gun froa ball plajer and wrestler fttt O/4 lathe tall 'fcat Kbrwshehtv did la Ht till appear Nstlbitl urban L.. .. a.crelaryMrs. AlluIU.rd
of SB alttrcatloa la breath a pillow aad coat lane* to be aotght ..4..1,11I11' Iba. A HuAfary.tobaaoB la dolai before Negro audiences the Florida Club () _, of tII. V.-.
Roberta Motel (1111south Otarlet took It frotj htr.Cfcarltt for roles that call for KM gradual of Ottttr la tie Doalaleaa ..* la 1) toons la Mlaslsslppl.Klatiuia New Tort city. In .. ''' Army and "Navy'
park) our royal taa arrested a "... of aascle" to Ills flehonl... Ihlt.bavsTau. .. public." and Arh".... sonvlllt. ht mesa a ... .

'ties Charles clalned the following Boniagaadrtltattdaadtr perfora feats that ti* ., she attended Lf
wtrt due ... frog the 11.000 cite Bovltgotrs. The Moyle; collegesMertkIees'
Sat Doge mites ,bond. Me retarned to Detroit gaunt, .is'foot.. to.rIIdI.21DU I 5 ;s
David Cooke 2t, who where be sorts aa actor bat MMSIMMlMEibiH I I5Ul
also realties la Detroit a furnace repel nan.fol appeared la ana trottovle
ladUated bt Md Cbarlta lowlag tilt .e441.,. The role 1 w4flhiiffqa

bad gott to the _tel b vjoeackt, who reside la I. the current CoIbla'leUr. By CMAK.U J. LIVINGSTON' I
discuss the alleged 8.* Hollywood, did. sot appear ..'reI..... .'-> WICA00NPIRobertN.

paid royalties due blabrother.AM for either court gklt Chu" Inlag Al. Miller general atc R MARKET
M arguaeat heart.a.IMPEIIU .'. ectloa-paeaH tile ,rotary' Natloaal Moral
about tbe barbarlM whoooa J
Directors aad Mortlclaat
SIIIIIES ",ttred half tht world.Strode Association. aaaotattdlaat O? h SItNBA1 Al E1GEMfI60 ARO AYE.1 IXOM I U 101.k

la .t bit eettoa .......tor. leolsgotj
ALL LEADING HAIR PKfTAXATIONSOor. deaf site Bengal, bebtfrleide sullen alttt.that eeleattt ,
Broa/1 and Aheljr PL 42159LEOM tat yeast Te to tilt esaoela
BBjta wae later .......
tilt title character ..
SHOE REPAIR .OMgala DIM." -n.. la New ttrt
City till Hew a total BREAKFASTBACON
BUSINESS PICK IT AND DfUVEX Phonf3&V9260 aq U.L....... ..... eialblta.Miller. SHORTENING I

143 Plorlda Avenue -_w.r.r.r-.u.; alto a Chicago
coved< UM retreeeatlsg

tat llltJk Ward,is chair *
..a tf the tthlblt CM 3 LB. 49
.ittee.Mt .
eel 4 Ut I erst toleeef
'. ealbltB retretMtttht 1 LB. 69CCELLO

vitality ttt ear PKG.U. t 1111 15,81 II MOTE Mil IIBEI(
UclM bwtta tee, wale! httfee
.r1e"4 at 'tat ....
cad lanttt Me.rw l.ai!.
sass la ttt tt>lte4SU*
Some people shier ekeee illltr, S.POTATOES. N 1
ajtr tad otkleterryortlclM
flr >.. ...*
sal large ,...taI eaap- FLOUR

stick a label on tit, It a .eeaveatlea..*r tf athrtteiea

teen ..I'BJ vltltee'Mof

cola. .tot) last ete*. <
HtttUB till bt the .. ..OQ
..U.f the aaeoolf.
II..'. 1111 toaveatle, *
10 IB. CO

\\e tl JWJ kitfniTALLAArURau inr BAG 3 y UIII I till ISM II Milt Mil IIICI

tie Blrtcur .f gtsctMr

,. ".,...t"", rt.
stake name petted ttt sedate ttl U. S. III STEAK u. 15*
our d..truetln of 14 .... \
felM dlttlHflM.1.lll
tallMt of ftrcMtlti AIL MEAT STEW ...' n.issiiiii eft t

on ours. ....*.|,, "| HUMS tfaaaMUt
*1"., *rtt.
rte ma .f.IItM.. FOKMOST' la IMAM [ rums x m. 4'e

,J.... A total tf II * ..rt M*.H rIBS MTMS >
$ : "" sere arrttttl f.r USD'S PORK t lEAKS nuns 2.5$
........ 1M 91.1.U...
r. Testy ..rt elaers.IW1alef341rs.l1. .

tatltt far a) MUtrttttatl
Lsersge licensee sae
fines U.' NC4THERM IATH ROOM TISSUE i nits 2 $

Boon tf > ..
..,1. cr.tltt4 tartMt
j PEPSI chart rte. ,.||.. dq.nsste ROYAL ma I II. Ml. 3S$
114 felerel. .....

la rUrtsttlaf* la* .....la..-Ottutf 4 NITS TOMATO CATSUP 21 II. IIJlLISA11UA1 25$

acttei Ii K

-- -


ti 1

.ntt 5: STAR PAPERS_ SATURDAY JULY[ 31, 155_


I Ip

Top Educators Attend Presidential Seminar As Panelists At Florida A&M

t ; a

------ --
Photo extreme left; Dr. Leander J, Shaw Sr. ,, dean of Graduate tlonal improvements with Dr. Charles Vail 3rd Photo

FAMU staffers from left areNathaniel: Say- School; Dr Benjamin L. Perry, directorof (second from left) ,dean of Hampden-Eydney OnNSULTANTS shown with Dr.John Allen (center

lor. Animal Science Department. Dr. JosephC. research and grants and panel chairman College are: Harold Jenkins, left director ) president of the University of South

Awkard Jr. Department of Psychology, ;and S.Thomas, dean of the Vocational Board of Regents office of Contin- Florida are Dr Leander Boykins dean of

Dr A. f. Teele Sr. chairman, Departmentof Technical institute. uing University Studies; Dr. Vail; Thomas academic affairs at Florida Amy and Dr.

Secondary' Education; Dr. Frederick Hum- 2nd Photo: R. Bonds, head. Political Science Department Margaret Lorimer, Office of Institutional

pries, associate professor of chemistry; DISCUSSING curriculum changes and instruc- ; and Dr. Joseph' Awkard. Research Michigan State University


Elks Slate Two-Prong Drive Association Hits School'Budget- W. Palm Beach Editor Recited Miami Beach ShortsIt

tremely alarmed over In Current Who's Who
To Elect Negro Congressman. Executive!: Secretary these major reductionsin Listings
The School Budget situation is estimated the Gulf Stream pours more water
BEABOARD.N.C.--Member of the Im>roved Benevolent constitutes a severe teaching personnel WEST PALM BEACH-hies M.A. Hall) fllllieme, executive by Miami, Beach in 24 hours then Is carried by all
Protective order of Elks of the World who live In crisis in the sys CTA has received an official Editor-Publisher of the Photo News, local 4 "Che' 'rivers In the worlcLlnddmtall", the stream's

eastern North Carolina and southeast Virginia are petition from the area newspaper is among over 15,000 biographiesin Course first was charted by Benjamin Franklin and
tem. The major cuts proposed Dade
expected to start apolitical drive that light land will do irreo.rabhdlull County Association the 1965-W (ninth) edition of WHO'S HUN THE his tables resulted In fatter sailing times for

a''Negro In the United States Congress, when Progressive to the Instructional for Heal) th and Physical SOUTH AND SOUTHWEST which has just been released vessels crossing from Bigland to this country

Lodge 1280 and Unity; Temple 914 celebrate Educstlon requesting our She was also listed in 1963-94. ......-....
the'13th annual Religious and Civic Festival program the full support in preventing '........................
at Mt. schools have achieved.The A former teacher turned Although Hindi Beach Is famed as a resort city, a
Klon Church here Sunday, July 25th. the injurious pro, the Board of Director
nevspaperwomanMlss wllHams remrt city a surprising number of persons have
The celebration! will ..........:..UuuuhHa............. Classroom Teachere' posed cuts in the physical of 'The Palm Reach CountyCtisunlty selected
Association believesthat cam very active : the city for rrtlrmwt. Three or tour of
begin at 11-00: .... Devotion n.rotth. essay contest the deletion of 48 education progran. in area and state eriics Action (bud ); the top hotels of the 1930s: now are catering to re

will be conducted will deliver his prize school counselors, 110 Our association, in cooperation tlonal circles before The Palm Beach County tlrees and a substantial number of the city's nearly

'by the unity; Tenple Mis, winning essay. elementary physical education with the Florida she resignedherpositlon D-nocratic Ixecotlve0om- 30,000 apartment' un Ita are occupied l>y older I dDon.tlllplofIId
slonary Depart... with Bill Jack pal ton, sponsor Education Association -
Women's FeJ- .
teachers, 100 in February 1958 to devote mittee; The people.Hurricanes
of the program will and the National *;ducatlon -
Johnson Club
assistant principals, 20 full time to the crated The City
Lonnle'Bn>*n, Anna Boone introduce the visitors. activity directors and Associationwill, newspaper which she Association of 'o len' Announce Slate
and Betty'Val den In char Alexander Barnes, director the si ashing of funds for seek to determine the effect founded in September Clubs; 'The Florida Asm-;
.. .. Of Civil Liberties, of this curtailment MIAMI BVH: -The University of "I%-IIll) phI
i. .100. will be made the employment of substitute 19 M. elation 0(Women's" hubs;
for the State of North of educational opportunity sit of It* 10 scheduled foothill games at home t
by Brothers Rolls Johnson teachers will Miss Williams is currently The area chapter of Tie
and Daughter Dori. Carolina, will keynotethe seriously Impair' the morale on the,childr-Q associated with National Association of this, fall. Mljwil opens Its season of Dade County" and the -alsat. Southern Methodist and closes "Nov' :27 a-
In'..... Brother Columbus celebration with an of the entire teaching any actlvltes for community Negro' Business and professional
Beman and Daughter Ida address on "Meeting the staff.Our professional teaching service and Im Women' ; end the stnst Notre Due. Roth then genes elll he In

Beam en.Lewis Jones, win Denude of Today.1 association Is ex- staff provements ..nIDloD Florida Printers andpubllshers the Orange Ro-l.

Association. |
Boatman Named Miss .11111... who Is

the daughter of Rev. 4.A.
Federal Aviation ..
PICK THE RIGHT wllllsms and the late

Agency ManagerGeneral Mrs. Lillle Hall 'll*
fleas .radu.ted'trolll Oh That Young Blood Feeling !

tilllam F. MCIM Florida A and M University. -

administrator" of Fvanston. Illl-
tile Federal Aviation A* not a.

gene, has named Paul
NUMBERS AND WIN H. Boatman, a veteran of Matthews ElectedTo Oh! That Young Blood Feeling!
more than thirty years

of aviation expertenee, Held Legal .*:55?;
S S'S.
as manager of the newly \

established FAA Area Office Alumni Assn. 'e/ ._ ,_, TOHIC

in Mlea1. Florida Assistant U.S. Attorneyfor j 'ijeVetaminreirlr.ILNIJIporTAl4LENFEEL,
$1 1,260 IN CASH For the put bur years,
Southern Florid, I GOOD AGAIN FAST!
Boatman has been depot Jaae nattheve.of Miami, _
Boatman has been
Deputy has been elected president i IRON/VITAMINS
Director the FA*Sou them of the mewly toned

Region with meadqtisrters Florida AM University

U Atlanta.Oeorgla. College of La* Alnma WMBMSpotlight

ON WAME 1260 From, which his. headquartershere is to become during Asaodstlon.The electlom the recent took place am- Product Of The Week

operational abort September
m.a) Convention of tile Miami Florida
will ,
I, Boatmaa
Florida Bar held at theHotel
ON YOUR RADIO supervise the air safety FoatslBblefl oa
aotlvltiea of mar than
I 1,100 men sad cease steal Beach.
The meetisg of the FAMU
throughout the state of
graduates G).'.fit IB the
": : Florida
: Poodle Room 0 f the ho-
; The esUbliahaeatof the tel... *aa addressed
WIN $1,260 Miami Area Office, eec by deary Thompeom. whose e
of eighteen such offices
I 1e.
j. topic was, Th*
la the aatloa, was amaovaced -
spoaalblllty of DriversIB
\ S by the FAA last Astomobll Aeeldeats -

,,\. month la a program to ,"
brims effective Agency Drug the PAW Collegeof
/:i'} man ages eat closer to the 1.1' Alsaal Assorts-
WIN \ '
$1,260 of actual
H scene opera tloa electloa. Mrs.Oweadolyn .

tlc e. Cherry of vi* t.. SHORTY.$35.
,. \ peal H. Boats as start cat. a IMS graduate, MEOALO STTU *HIr .
v r edl his la the .
i\' career elected secretsn. ni -* m..4 c Me d
\' "' r Civil Aeroeestiee Adtalstratloa a bas> MMP..e.9.--_ .
a.' '. .t ,; ) ( m. .i'.'. seas. -
la 1134 at FIGHTCANCER _

A ah fork. Artsoaa, and "'e:. SASS: tte.u. s C4"."..:st:44 s sw::.v>eWL.V MV.CaVifl k**.*
WIN $1,260 ;': has beam wit the Agencyfrom .* acu., ._..
; ; w- nrr r..n..ry".Irw..e.
that tlaeievariovepositloes = or c::
la the field w z .... AWAY
eeC a..w -
FAA fteglomal Of- eo.- c.a
la the CUT
: ; nee at Port tIoru.,nu. MI.. IplOTIWPala :c----- "::::a.:::= r.:;: wnT _

'S' : f tad as Depsty Director .a>lrlUalletM4 -.w arcs tJMUt
tie Sostherm Kegloa >r la all affaire ef sure, n .. cr44r.
ef : mnrrss ......aa ........ !...
with heedwertere IBAtlanta )lid..-.. santscm. ...*. ....na....w .. .
w ---
sacs. Mraates, etc, Vrt -::' ItMtttfL
CASH oatmma it a licensed Chare. Luau OW*. Uckyvsvts. 0 .W 1t.- ff _
pilot with both slsgle *.,. la a* bee* amr Okwimi-SCALP- -ximi v .A r

04 mmlU-engiae near ..ral thai eke cast --.r*:;) IT 4 =-= -.w..w..r.
=::1 c. .
M= .r ti r. .
several .
.4 Has flow h.lgrmoe.t.4.t: Mint.Tfta gote __ _
.. .
-5'Mw. iM
.. .
tactical =..
mlssloss with street.Pke r 111eMIOr Si' S ?nav ae.&4 oa,
.n. ; ::.al S -- ..
:. -- -
jet aircraft with the 5 s.n. eatII !. .... ----- ,... -- ems.- ::::-::.-. =-r:... c.
: military. mall, ....-. taeal.4 Uteal. ='.sun M T.:'hMr.3 .. -
and ate wife ..... = 5* en
batmen Pie. visit teBACMI
WAME DIAL1260 OM -= b .
..sdu1 presently live moms ... ye* 'til .r- e..,.e? C. -' *"-*'.'
t, Atlaata bat will tent Ue ltfeieaee. ,,w..Mo".fur =:.::.fciT5ri.. ...
.i w a s5..s as, ,...
shortly wove to .,* I._' wltvtaslth stets Mill m.w

- -- -

_. .. ... .. ,
-- -- ,, .. -. """" ,." .-- .

'"' 1 I

tlTHQKlV IDlY 94. 1ICC ttlo mIlS I
Bier 1.

I Florida A&M ,Dedicates $1 Million Jake Gaither Athletic Complex I I"WIIIII.est

Ohio I State's Woody Hayes Commission '
Coach" HonoredRESPONDA

I Lads Rattlers' Wily Mentor Gets New Budget NBC-TV Announces

'lALLNfASSEE-rlortda MM Onlvaralty's coach>> Jake Sportscasts
Calthcr was lauded as the "treatest personality TALLAHASSEE total anticipated Slater
IB budget of expenditures '
_CO.-Ch,1DI" by one of the nation's top coach. r
lien jasi wees. ..................".a. of S3, tal.ZU: 1 TOW-A ttM Of 10 b* Terry Brtnoaa foraer
The Decision waa the ball coach la the world." for the fiscal year sportscasters for "Col star back and later coach
dedication of the Million .Contlaulnc. Hazes salt: 1969-46 *aa approvtd by I lete football 1969" of Notre DM, who will
dollar athletic center "Is a fee word, Jake the one and fresh later NBCTVs coverage of be the analyat.Thy alto
and tyaassloa a* the seen to bring oat the fish CoBBlaalon JUDe 23. w: ArJ thla fall'a NCAA trld- will serve together for

"Jake"Galtter Athletic beat In people. snd the for operation wider the Iron season, ..* announ- rational IM**.
Center and GrBnssluo.The' reflection of this Is State Ore fund according ced by Carl Llndeoann Bill rJ _1111. the veteran .
speaker was Ohio State greater U>tn hi a phenomenal tD at rryt, direc: Jr., Viet President. SBC: sports "announcer
University's head foot. coachlnt record at tor. Sport and Bob Tatut toner
ball coach woody Rajet. flortda till The 1963-46 budget Indlcat they art Bud Wilkinson.Llndsey star back at tlsconiln
a rank IDi coach personality Ijonf' after nil tyola ** a set increase ".hol. Terry and no' an NBC Ha 00,.-

lo hi.own rttht.Cbach poe there ell be aa of I26T.4T2 our the Brtnnan, .Jla Slspson, respondent will ton
Hayes IaI II. "0>>ad1 Indelible I.printofJahe 1964-65 budtet The anticipated Bill noMin-JtobTestu tae third reporting unit.
Gal th er la not only a around. So ssoy of hla revenue froo Chick Nears r1'l1lU. Albert for rational gars
great football coach. players to into coachlit. the salt of huatlni aad I Lou Soda and Bill lauding oat the rt*
Ha the greatest coadlta they all 1 want to b..tlttle flthlai licenses la ti* I Mater.Wllkinaon.. potions] ro.'er.U 1
i personality In colllt Jak* oattb.,." petted to earned that I failed brier be Chick Nears another
: TO DEDICATION Coacft J. (Allner (riht) ol Florida MM
football today and State Representative of 1964-69 and aa a re- football toast at the veteran pitybyplayaportacaaur.and
during the dedicatory cerosonlea the
naslnt athletic
fAMU center andfjansslus.
Richard salt the budget ofloklahooa
ht baa a personality Mitchell who la* 1969-66 University Frekie
: In his honor. Applauding la Coach foody Hay** of the Ohio
: State 'I.
cult of hi* on.He's troducod the bill In the Indicates Increase who was alao'sptclalCMaulttnt Albert fated* an 411*
veralty Bickeyes, who wan the principal apeaker at the
cereoonles. "
a treat tsaaplt Noose of the Florida Lo- .la conversation ..eUrt.tI. to president M erica quarterback at

to hi* race and hla net slBlaturt.ofndally sp. ... Kennedy on Tooth Fitness, Stanford and field can*
la the balsa race," add provlac the asMlat of froo state receipt*, thaCooolsslon Stale Wildlife Research Report Bid Made will) hart a triple role tral of the Ran frsnclo

Hay**. '''11 attltadt to the tys), told th* audience anticipatesthat in his first full ...- eo '4Q*r*.

ward the huaao race ladlfftreat about BOW lone It will receive 'lUAHASSEl--Qlr1111 la the tin* when nature be- For Chtivalo son aa an NBC sports- Bill ...UIr...... "walk.
aad bard Coach Oalthr t1.200. 000 froo sal 0 r fag
fro. that of lla* to replenleh her own. field and forest that catr. Ht will tent aa encyclopedia of
oost .... had sorted to asks the fresh water fish in t 11* appear barren in winter usually case alive with Terrell Bout an pert analyst during sports" will conduct

1 have a treat recordat athletic cuter and cease and $1.079.000 the might and sound of wildlife during the surer for ml thenlatnatlonwld telecasts with Bo da, the network
Ohio State"he said gj+ .slua a reality. Be froo huntint 11 cons* sales. The deteraiastion to recreate Is especially stront on the achdult. post gre protraa" ''Col

"tat I would rather not MAt the resolution that Various types of soot certain sabers of ,10 rt cia' wild U 11100., CWCAOD< -(KPI)-Oeort* On the reoalnlnt flu lett Football *oort*
compare It with that of pasted the state Lefia- hnntlni prolt will and this deteraloatloa la an important factor la Qiuvalo and his aanater d.tta. ht will be thtcoMtntator Hoard.'
Jak.. lature and praised the bring aa additional wildlife belong able to Beet the doeianda of the Irvine Unterasn. In Toronto rot top regional
Coach Calthtra re- AM coach. 12M.25>>. sport aw en. Canada wer lent gases whilt' Jla CIAA CafeToumy
ftlPd ..t lit 014.. wa 1ft.. a teleirsphlc offer tart "niapson hot of 'HBC'!''I
Wildlife biologists alatala
; four tee was sprint and smaieron the tally habits of both fish world cnoapionship oatdi Sports In AcUon.II YOt Set
outlnOalthtra N.C. Youth with UU tltllat Emit CM the ply-by'ply ac
Wins .. ..
and succeeaful reproduction usually mess oa Jfl'oollO. N, C.-ThoBaaktbal
by Dr.Oecrge successful 1 bill '11 I and fish In*. Rarly failure to T.rrell, by frowtoter" lr count. In addition, til* ) TouraaoentCoMltte
I I'c Jr., president vine Schoenwald last klnaon will conductwith
reproduce dDesnotsecesaarlly swan poor bunting qr for the Central
wef*. the help of NBC'a Lou
AM. Dr. Core
Soap Box fish let aa Many wild creatures see* to follow a Intercollegiate Athletic
Derby Offering a olnlaua Rods the netark'.tank.
to the
honor alotaa of If at first you a't succeed, try try Auod atlas 1 lit week be-.
|,,, foot ......" guarantee of 190,000 ly pre gae ahow.Lindtey tan plan. for It. ltd!
first "NegroORLCtSKi.' Ico st MT College. and thin Quail U' a ..Uerot deteralaatloa and lath for the tight which Isplsnaed Nelson noted touriaoMt to b* held

.:). N. Co -Dotted .,.."01101&1. tII. parenta ovent the first eggs are destroyed, the birds for ctl1e'lJ) with vole*" of collect here at the OrtenaboroColliouo
Witch This Clown deteralnatlon paid of all sons, had tacou- .111 con U an* to reneet until late in the susner. in the nit 90 day, football will call the on Thursday,
off for Joseph RsHll* raced overtheyeari/ r or until they are successful la bringing off s Sohoeiieald>> appealed for wbyplay. on the tin Friday mud Saturday,

117 41 21 ton "oJJo..,. IB. who of the sass to eater brood. The coed! rooslna with the ben durlnt lieu- looedlat aceei'tanee-, nationally telecast) February 24. 3 J and :38.
after three years of the Derby. bathos and should the hen b* prevented from COBpletlat before July JO. IM**. At his side will I Dr. willlao Bell AU

12-34 27Booetloea trrl.,. raced across the Joseph, who woo la a the job the coca will take over the nest In Bakiaf hit pitch to College Athletic diret
I 2 nalsh live la the flaaJ field of 04 ooatojrtanta. lot aa well u ....... the youn*. Chuvslo and Oaieroaa, Phase SlateUnderway tor and chalroan of the
event to win the orteai ta a rlilif. Juaior at Reproduction with dove It a oDatlaalnc process Hcho-nesld. sal d: Cusnltteo said followlMUitaeetiit
I I boro ills Soap loa Derby the oroeaeboro Dudley and whll the eat asuslly contains only two eggs 1 would advise you to ForState's held at AoT
here Jut Batarday.1th Nigh school Rla aala they batch In about thirteen days and the young accept titlaoffer st one College last "dunday that
C 1 the win goes oISOO hobby aa would b* eipec are ready to leave the seat U about teelv daya.Aa and stop waltlnt on e... Heaters the IM. Tournasent will

aavlat bold a ted. la coactnctlon soon aa the youat leave hose, aeitlil activity In Clay who, 11., TALLAMAMtl-.florid. follow the ease |MrJforoat
N -11 122 handsoajs trophy, an all. of aodel) aitOBtbllea. Is resuaed and the cycle continues until later lath opinion baa been slag hunters till have a .. In previousyeara.

57 5C 151 ecptna trip to reprt* lie plan to Bit his fall both Terrell and Oiuvaloaa three-phaee aaaon for H* added. that arrontoaant .
sect Orteotborolo prize saucy to attead wild autos are not Hated' OMSI the deterolaedsad rune to bring floyd liratory' dbv bun listdurtai bed been car
; MO* a UpBoBtlot atioaal Soap Boi Derby college .. eoflBeeriat.Top If the first aeetlst I* sot succesiful "to Patterson to terse for the .,..... .**. pitted) wtlh O ||*.MSoN
Heo Doss flaalaat Akron. Ohio la been with It" sad its try agate sect yesr. 'The hloself. sea, according to 0... nciala forth* la lHlM'
M* add, aabtracta, early Assist sad a bitchanc gobbler I* a poor father and never assists etb 1 feel that boiist la rryt, director, One and 'of approilsately 2.000
H* work It all aroaadCDMIIO the ...U..r the bitter Ulan Individ
at th* too trite young.flacks Fresh. later Fish COB eaten seals The Mill
: !' Amucncw' of 110.000. It **. hit and ..... are o deterolaed group and If the Sal or say Individual) Blsslou, ....toll of th III!

27 H 141 last opportunity tor Athlete first aeetlat la lOt succfsl they will try a- Batch or Batches."Bolist The i first phase .111 tit tourney was a ..11011 t.

................ oaopeUtion Is restricted gala tlth #a.. u.r o saldoo-aaelita with seeds an esttrely open for dole hunter Bell said that a local
Maws to It years or below fit( lOftl-Mtleaa oestlBf ralaiit ttoyoaat. The I....' hot ever nee IB at*. It October 2 through Ho* Advisory. ODBMltte. ...
Days *' la on re of a faslly sad ta alwaya seeds a nee breed of .
for Taeav Molltway.aa chool boy blh jssp cBooploo sea prent to. veober 7. Tat **ood posed of Lull Over* *, a
Are Numbered lit la BOW called the sill cclellon of load a bolplat. bend, both _fa strdUnt( the sect tad young, dedicated, clean phase open Movsobtr 20 WlMUxi M1aNCSees. *
....' Dale art "sa victory was a perfect Detltt Cllatea Kith. IB arias Car th* *>elaca.Hhernes fl-htera..such as Terrell to run throuth De **>brB. peer reporter and Ml.
bered." Health and for clloai for his efforts School la tat Iran baa ahoold hao.thatWe the Bait that doe sad Clevalo" The third phase will llao N. "hh. dU..to r
tin CM B* Tests then which betas la IN}. .* bees aaod lIPOat '11.. weal of the BOOM fceaolaf IB the base '.11,. The .M plctured the Terrell be of adolaalona. end tills
open Oeeeaber
TOO aaow roar Laeky Day wo a no prizes la IMJ. slaVe ."T....e Athleteof sale selects the bme wife and faaa the bed After Cbavalo satcb so belli a through Januiry' l.SbootlBfl r. Cor.*tt, director
Lack Odors ate bat upI..u, "I leaned the t eth'. for A** the fade dplts her et It' the sale that hot la the iro that boi. sill| | be al. public iaforsatloa ser

Vod U.OO for your a lot" S tt. stays bee aid oitrdo tb* seat hoc otter fishes.n lag need to r.... the loeed (roe It: 00 noon fit. **, both of AtT, was
Horoscope Quid for Mia achievement oarha The award, pretested t.alt.., lay true oa* to to thousand eggs. lit erect and hit. esteo- uU I aat t each appointed. at tilt ..et*
jar the first use a lath for o.ttadla* adUv dry th* averat a rows d flv tftooasod.Deor that It OUt h14..." open day ...
of bit race baa woo theQr..aboro seat la athl*tl a.aoorta productlea deo4 to ooo* degree oa ut "I feel ooa fldas t." _
rill IB the blesl b.lt. *v Bt. taosaH .....,... d tiles. ,. wood] and habit it, sad doe* M oral deer rat Often Sdtoesesld aald. "that
and Ball to ZODIAC Past several have coo d...* want to the 17-yr produce twin after their first year, while the Terrell Qiuvalo wi. VKI( TH &U III
Office Bos 1111. Jsc sos- ''0..,.' received all old youth ... olds titaatltaal U..t oo poor lead or overeroeded eotdltltat ten* seP elll. I b* u"lalaed
vlll L florid. the kIeoh vales noroeJ schoolboy ,.* erally product alatl few every year fltrldafswa tad accepted by the pub too Been TIN Bet Ox tor _,
ly cw*. U Ue ckowf Isa.Tb cord of teveo feet lattt strive Uroothast the year with aped froo lit ss the eat and sly Ghee four meter fre.rlbet
..L..................... victory .u ale a hlgh'leop. CabestsnIn Jaswary taroa. April$ In sovth ntrttVi aad cot- world ..",u hi'" case- Set Ea erlea.e4 fatroafllstaA
trlwpB for Ue 8)11.- ., atraltht scaoolaofotett. tlalai ttrowtl' Auiast sad Ibftoibor lo Nortaeettflorids. pie.llcd cordla. to your fetters
fsally vajar.. B Ball. loCltllto held ever See tin' Orders I. CM Oil' The Met Co" ILAOI
way, tat father, so la* the record la every on*. Tat larger snlsUs shoe Jasa oettralaatllo to recreate be acid create Ut nod Xtllty Drill froMeter

trector la sate ...coos.IIII A 11. 113'*....'. D. tat .&ll.nort..ca bar productyttut lout that boilai so 2 WCIfTtWD fNAMAaSTS. TO' Bt>VI TOUA -
Bill .. h"&, blseelfop sly dwrln altercate /ear. sad feaerally detente) l seeds at this
with dally practice gin Mrt to two cs..s. Os Ile ether lad ttt trer tin.." COI'LI'I LINK Of
01..... .
lubber OMdfCaodleo'BuodrleorUKUmVt
cad *irclwltaw.dfito ....rral .. ,f..dkct tea lltttr a year with true> .
CMltD lOa AND lll.uum.Lilly's
for tb* tlo* sloe ht tea to tare ftvst per litter, sad tat rabMt err,
till trytoeart apiece predsel tare litters a year with fioo her to sli

oo the 1MB Olyoplca yei+W Drug Store
4 veteran tractobter pap.latlr t.roar lo soaJI .1.oal..r. .
ere feel tttt .e- la alt, wed oalr Urooatt' aatarfa tfeelta. 1* wildlife
CJeIl oa' devotion Udeveltplat sal to -poly u. ......flU sporttaoa .
in urn mi 11.2U7I
ale aaursl
rtlls.ale bio oenalo I I
RoUlers' Seasci
to eta o spot OB tao

Iii, toss Says Charlie tuber, Tickets RoriyTAU.AIASBIfS I

Ull'o Coach at Clio* .*soa
toe. 'ifo ooly o setter tickets fir the florid i
a of thee before b* AM. Oil varsity fattier
bee Meo ooo of tat ores boo. football .-.. will
r ..... Aod lilt otlll bas bo sell air Hl.oo tall
acetic year of Blt fall. The Bottler play 1
acoool ...,.uu.. to leer cao+. at booo tIle
..... fesr, r.

The Latest Kei's Hair Styles .


I Are Taught At The r
Neares "ROM lsT Mnua.d 1
bJ stain NtY. aaYt. inwtiona.

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630 DAVIS STREET ..tti ..--. --- M-M *-..*-%- Beef at its Best

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Hosei WHIhms U. S. LIa ass Racists RwCONT&4km Warrant IssuedDE'm0ITPIThree

: State Ifill.Duahl f.teat.UDBaakedlaatDacaaber .
tI (Continued Prom Page I) CONTINUED PROM PACK 1) ( > FROM PACK 1) asan '

'',. :!A .. .., ei-convlct using the
1' :. era and a rtaldant of that's ill." winded hln.Relnctantly..
: "
t ." background of a brilliant
1IpJJ.! Savannah Oa. was employed
\ "In't there tonethlng the Bar white bat deceaeedNew
1. :, at 10.600 annual that en be done to stop ahal turned to one of
,. Tort attorney, has con-
t : : 7 aalary by the chathu its nit for erlalnal the attack ara. the atore-
pounded his legal troubles
'j I' \.i ,, County School Byaten, activity? our friend aantlonad Marvin Cooper ,
ha told by hit
ibID was PUrEed and aald
A beach warrant leaned
achool principal that be Ton en take you co.- "Z'B sorry but they
lilt week rtien he
.. .r. }, would bt dlailssadif ha plaint to the nI," OlI are going to swear out a failed to appear ia federal
I, continued participating bert suggested, -Ib. FBI'
warrant again at yon, soX con rt for trial oa
in the civil rights 110' knows the PCC !. ort night aa wall take you
117 count .lacuna tax
t :'tt'': IUI1 t. the willing to btlp.Our on la." fraud.

"',. s.?::':. ';. After giving the sitter files art foil of stuff 'Ok II.'' said Cooper. Motions to sore the

) !. web dallbtration, til oa those fallow la ,St. "X'n going to take a trial Eros Federal judge

,', ;. .- llaaa decided be woujd Anguatlae. then ever they little walk down the Tbaddeus Machrowlca'

Y J., rtaign his Job "rather think we* re nonltortng" beach, but' I' I1 be back court and to aupprtaaevidence
than be a t1 an."8' than thai, they olaa up." after awhile."
&: .;. ( waa elected president of So that, ftlloweitl 'ttkay," said incur : which Chief Aaalatant -
0.4. Atty.
''" the Chatham County Cru- itna, la bow the sitter ahal."We. Air
H. Merrill add
:. side for Voters which stands.... can't hang around waa

leeched a aaaelve pick fft happy to know that here all the aha* "aeltedlathe aiecutlon
i : '
:; ;: '. '. of the search warrant"ware
.t boycott and night the roc was aatabllahad tiff said to Bra. Plan denied by the Ju*
.( : of aarch the progrn denonstratora sexy by Oaniraaa to regulate ..r. "SUI diu"" la a big ri st.
day with s. Gts of accidents
being beaten, jailed and nat of the radio wave teat, 59 war sought by
t : teargaaaad.Befort andjjthlaga out C.8.Marahala and agent
In the public intereat.ft .
on the lIiab"';/" My nan from the Internal ..
all racial bar also know it is not eveue
tiers wart broken fta. un the public interest are needed elaewhere. '. and the Secret Sear

i1' vannah wee credited with to grant licenses to vie,.
carrying out the longest, timers and raiders who
'yet Boat auccaaaful eertee vat atitaos Bud Radio

.,.f of racial denonetratlona to ooordlaatt their asaanlts -
Li-;; fc *, In the South.willlrswusert upon Negro cltl

t : called i oa and rights wort
to St. Augustine fait an.

auner to aoblllie the If the PCC doesn't feel

civil right BOvenent up to protul gating its

In a city considered to om regulations to take

I. -. be the cuRbtr cotbulwart cart of this natter,per

of die-hard aegrtga haps it is up to ua to MAUiY WILLS,Wllili OAVIt
GO '.'" tlonlata in the South. ana Congreaoaen to lay

The flCLC' oonildera that down a law that will put

ALL-ELECTRIC' } the battle for equal a stop to each atndoaanlsuM :

rights In tJ\e''NaUoD' of our radio wa* M
t::: : 'uwmo
: Oldest City"is far fro.won vee.
:" ,;: ; nr. )King than called WHEELBARROW: WASH #$ TIY TO

City Utilities DepartmentLOUIS tor wllllaBa to BOTt to A wheelbarrow (waterproof
variety) makes a eonvtnUnt
Atlanta--the !ia-
organ place to weak your doc. Allows TIlle ms.O-eery __-. ....... sear1 at......... SI'OIT1
Ii" DALLAS L. THOMAS tlon's national headoianera you to lUnd up Instead .f binding Mire .Ietaa pineal/. ..nc1Ww ..---. PvIIIM(15* e.stipiMer'
.;." ., ', ..In order to be ever bath, or wa.h tubi.
Coranl eel.... flA" A (. I MAliAlillll'AI :
r-Conni "
Mayo aaionerPublic
.' to first lint -
; i closer action. !,II S PO HT"
4 tl1f.ty! Airports Finance Part a Zoo ..'.... 101 ,It:". MOW O. 0,'",

: Following a distress
call froB StlBa, AI a.
"'\ .Iu j :" J I. DILLON KENNEDY earlier this year, wllllais .
UtlllUea Com 1 aaioner Bored to the belt

of action along with e4 1 p" Centetw

King and his leaders and
' !<""" ;1\ ,. "' ; iii> ".
the Sues to Uontgoeery M lftl A'l q"cJ .uO/'I'U/'' PttoAt (L 4 146
stoner CounlaalonerHealthSanitation
c ilardi.the Boat Boaientouain I /tiik.*"O'I waltlag

Hlwaya, Severe '\ civil rights hiatory.Meaa Tickets S..,-... Ageaey TURTLE MIAT

w r while', Rev L.I. 110 post Ave. ,,,,,,,,, I FROZEN LOISTEa L51,15 IB JI.4J

Johnson has beer lint to N1TOOTHACHE SMALL FIOUNOULARCI ,LI. 29cII.
St. Augvattae to replacetllllaBa rLOUNOIR! a. ..w 9cII.
la what appear MANGIOVI JHAfPU 4II. <
liD SNA'flt Ue
to ba another long din CATFISH . L41t
sling auanar la civil II" IUS, . .IB. Ill
rights protests la that SPANISH MACKtktL . u.. iSMCKLID .

city according to ttlfllaaa. OtMi...,.,....,.I M ws.55.at*..*.. TROUT . LI. S9
e1N MW Now OAA,1.4 5..Ho.s.. .. II. SS<
_nwN..,.. Ie M era Iw..tolls MIDIUM WHITING .... .... LI. |2<
The Illllans group ape .. .,...t.ne.lp... .. MID. MULLIT .. . LI. 1CW
EP pearlagBeroMoaday aleht N.tw..0.r/4 I... '/ee..w..e le hl. LAIGI MULLET .. ... .. L21s
will lacladt Dr. 10 ber t. "...... .. STIAK fiSH LSg
WINNERS 'ora-Jel SHAD 101 Fmfc 6- flesh r..... P,. .ft
Hayling, president Mrs
Lucille Planaer, acre* STIWINC OTSTIRS Vi h. doe h. SI."
tary J.,. nillaaa and SILICT MARYLAND OYSTIIS Ft. SI.SO
BRIADiD OTSTIKS. I 0... F*. lea $..00
otter Baa bare of the St.

Augustine 8CLC chapter. FREE RIK SRAMFH I CRAB MEAT.u.tfc. st:leas-
Wits Maul Of ttaavMB ,
LtVI CKAIt Mt DQ2IN 11.00
FII AII.t 'ala...'. 1e >.ati Lave
25 pRtl St..k*. ... N A* A***
251/$ wowera Lanes Toile,
floor polisher a'sMtera.IMhaala ; JUMBO SHRIMP < Lb. 99c

(ODotlnuad rroa Page 1) 5 gad ]bole. Ueal MED. SHRIMP U. 69c

4 i4 fM i" a'Ewe 4. am a. N f r 1 / it Tee et another Ten well ed.ost- ,"Ihn. U er MI. BREADED SHRIMP JJi $4.40. ..
ESS G1/1.p1, / IM .Lt lM .. w/M ea. 4MLt side and accosted aria.
nM1 tin : lV
> M. k.t o. ** ''t-h 'isFinal a aM j eM M bole car was parted bin L12.30

Mpw W.LdI r1Ma. I f' .MMU O a.t.1 M bid Ut truck.Divts, nUII..I. It. PO IMUffljlf.
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M Aw, esW..., M Aw baoktdaeroae Duval BT. Ninthly

r..I. a a1 tin and draw a foar-laea
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Tae rev aaM M eedmeaad
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several Uses, eat r
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M a"aw bare baa oat slightly.
1. M N. i1 M p11 Davis then aped sat OtAL-A-.Ano-11g-

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1Mpy HMO vets end stvtraJ ether sal tat wart WM W/.

perch ia ptraalt to* Riser pted.pefsta..n.. ;

ward Us part lag lot of left ar a. *t art aaaale 1

winners9 list now posted pint Baai sad Trot CD. .. Rests Uaai. (at aaa

at Boa rot aid Inn have Uaaa a*.ala a far
Ua Ml..... Mt aaak ar
Kytro rind two waraiag larva till taaa. alaerBMataaa
(Coma look It ovtr-you may hays won! shot lato ttagRwad la ,..d.. r*.

tag the ..... 11$-1/4/ MI'.... till
Art you ont of the bit winner In the Tlpr-in. ht- 800"Outboard Motor.RCA Victor Homo Entertain Btntoao, wltataaee deliver Ba tbllgatle.

Tank SwoapcUiaaT Find out today by chocUnf the matt Center*,etc..etc., etc ,111 l I said, throw a ckair .t- KIN KNKHTInvlUi $
Final Winner List now potted in the window of your It doeent matter when you entered the Swotp tnaptiag to trip ap Do FENCING

IMo ltaU n., Juat look for your lucky cumber., Its aUkat, your number may be on this Final Wmnen its and Davis throw it
the number on your "Lucky TI sf' Key Chain. liat-to take your lucky key eh&Iza0 your Euo tto bath.IDe BY HERCULES You To Lltttn ToIW -

Hundred of great prince were awarded In the tint tlon aDd look for the good reps And wbUe! you're -s tired oao shot atDavis

drawing and now then are hundred more waiting) to there why not put B Tiger ta X2UT tank with Hih* aa4 ..istod. 1%. na nav fhakJ anaranh. ki- IANB

be claimed! SporU-futback Marline by Rambler Inerjy Faso Extra peso Ins for a 1-"., power ttcoad rot bit the ema- I

Loot Star Boats and Trailer with Mercury'Merc boo*t Happy MotortnfJuiiimBi ,set ia tht Itft aide, ... .... Crtrln I

"_aa. Bin aorully
Dattttlvt CMt. B.B.tUttiagtoa f I IItII I ....... PARTY"

eP ( ssvio said Davis
***V VI Ba*IBB llaB MtBjBktBjal.LaV BMai MaaMBW BMeBBaMW fJBMBVM 9Jf -PBBBJBJWl's oodrooooas pits Pi
roe listed lat bar at TIB Darts N J ...7 1U1: tI MMtttotti

It.. h.d a lest trial- 9211 .... I Tl 1-il'!
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PUT A TIGER IN YOUR TANK! ,al Davis roes proaaaatad K. ... iy

Din aa dad lodital oa arrival Boater.at a l.zm 1400 WRHC 1400FIRE

a.tl.s.a iw i.ae.l.e.at'

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--- '" r----' : -j V''" ,, .-, ,"q- """ ---n h,. -,1..1, ,1, ,-,""' -.1.. r
"" "

i ; ,,

STAR Joseph E. Lee ... comes alive ._ ';".

MAGAZINE SECTION .. oi playgrounds cross the utiei

July 28, 1965 M.



iN! C' ry

w r ., kJ 1I ,: & % :"q a

y'j +
1 { r 1

7 d.



3 POMf1
J+ Jim

1 A MM ,
W,. t nt t tt f wtl.t It OAW 110RL .

PiOO.eh. t .
t .. Z. 1g vi t ot+
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She P o ; sour s 10

4 I






!4 r
f '

.t1 ,

: Joseph E. Lee never really died..he lives..and comes alive:,

.... ..'.....-- ... .. -
I 7 DIe o. Sierra creation DerrUrtit and the Florida liar, Pepel'Cnla undertook to
The body of Jovern F.L' evaa carted off and hurled under the ground underwrite the trophy cota and other frllla that go to nuke jo* tbK
in Brook 1 hie, Lass Uck In 19J7. because' rte earthly belnjs pro Lee "cone 111 u" ,

'" .' oovaced ht- 4es4.that 1.. according' to Ut.Ir standards of lift Joae*i '....... the *an .nna. notlrn becaae a national Institution,
; and denthjt, ass born In Brookline u..... March g, 1842 to the unionof$ .Henry.
.. }k1 But I' '.. g nt a strange notion that Joseph. I. Lee never really and Ellrabeth Perkins Cabot Ln. Mucated at Phillip' 'wter 4.
died.Hls body us HiriH.Unfa all (He *. Ms aplrlt. that la eadeiqr. Mr Lee later took advance atudy at ,Harvard. t'nlveralty to
.,, fi DM been' living right lore. Ten cu ae. bt. out there oa tilt play Mm hlfl. ".1.+ degree in I*U. till love for pnrU earnedhla. a rM)'
4 crooadji across tilt oatlonIn lac -it!) tlifietlon that bit dress Itlon on the fre.han and aut+ha ore roving t.... and the junior
? of ntahllAhfl| plvcrotiMn tod Tlorth. bodi.. and vlada of young .ldde! .", !ght tinting chactionahIn I
people has berme a living reallu H. la there every daj stitching In M7., he received hla L. L. B. d.,re* and chile adnltted to the
"' 'I C every plv, coacfalnf the .esk, nrilnc the strong and very often ......adla..tu Nr that year took a courageou stand In furthering
p" b Mlnf .Ith pride .b... a prod act of ta* pla/crouad rla. to the the progress of aoclal velfare and roereatlnn PTO that ha.on .
',', heights of athletic proficiency.T Mr. .Lee .." a plcneer in devoting hla life to the ftJlMUfJfS of
Indeed Joseph f. Lee never really died. Hf lives And on play and recreation.
... __,."'" '" J.ly %8. bt really cows slits oa playground shore Joaepb' C. Lob His declaim on his then oneonmittonal e",.., ... detemlned by; .
> Day la being otwerved. .* It la la JaeftMOvllle. And to use a eooaplac >> hla reading of toy arrested for playing In the parka, "1'* .*,"
i n r..IOII. they rally tarn It on for tat JFL Day obaerrmA be said ..It.a. a' If tis... boll had been arrested for living.' "
f at te Hyrtle Arena full Park. In .1o.. he helped to "'--nJtJ theamdel CnluvbtM I Avenue Playgrmndla
There are all kinds af emt..ta, from noreahoe" Us row lIS| to eneck BnaU,th. forenwier> of the 2,040.nielpsl, r..re tlen/ .. depart*
e en.alcd Jonp.. trod Jug, Jut about every tne p.tltie aport -ltaUe nita one la eslatence.
j'" tseertloa of taaalaa loalttt. There are tropblea for every In 1904. vhea the playgmuad AllhehUon of An rlea ... erianlxr,,
conte..140 of thee to b. eiact .. all provided ty the Pep lColaBottlUi vita the support of President T ."*9re fwyMtevfit, tw became an ef.
Co. of JackHonvllle. Tttt sue lira provldea baseball> car fleer Ir. .. ..a elected first vice preaident .nie" peoltlnn|
i for the U.eb&ll player and plajrirowl dlrectora aad of eoiraeaNplt be served until be asa' elected prevident Jan 7 1910
E1 rtfre haeot for thirsty athletes la 1W7. be ottaUed enactamt" of the totin Playgrwftd 1 ...... aM
"i, "Hi* Idea of asking a really, really, big thing of the Joseph- f la 10 led' the campaign I In the playgrmnd referendtM la thleh" the
La otaervanc at ta. ttrrtl A'...e Ball Park eta cnaetlved hy the playground supporters oo m,000 tn 31,000.
... ; Florida Star sod .."*ted to t.Artbir Pleldeo.vle* pre ld.ft cf Jtr. Ue' s book, Tlay in 'shutS.'I1""td in HIS. hie ktft
'; ... elahoprle-6re.o*rleldes IDe. bleb la advertlalBi rrpreaeatatlt a standard sort for public re re tton le ders.
"" for ', I.t'41a. Tbe.nrajeet' tarn placed before prp.Cola feVit Jostle tee left '''.0.000 to the Association la his tillCblHrea .
tllag Co. rre.ldeat Jrtn *. |*)le* a, c%""o o etad t feeatfle ittereit sod adults, frm all sections of tae city and fro all
sod Ataaalantle eoocem in tilt payalcat MIS nral d.velof M0t f villa of life, till participate/ la the three-day program bonorlag
youth, llta aset an attltod Ma rt poa" to tae propoaal Ma fa tals greet .M. recognized sa ta. tat.., of tAt plajiroood Move
vormtle. T%.. la 1X3 vita tae cooperatloa of Ue Jackoer111e aL .. .....t la ......rJu.FLORIDA ,

I j


___ -- -
., ,, \. )' "w' ,., .

V r- i


Wednesday July 28, 1965

Program Wednesday July 28,1 ?6S ....Durkee, Ball Park TADPOLE BOYS

(AGES Eleven ( II ) Years and Under)

Sponsored By The Pepsi Cola Company Of Jacksonville DODGEBALL ( five on a team) CRAB RACE

HORSE) E 70URNWENT (Doubles)

Conducted By The City Of Jacksonville Recreation Department.


( and under)


,, ( IU I and under)
stand before a lineup of other awards are Frank -', .'' Age
C. Holden. repreeeoUtlre of the Pepai-Co1a Bottling : .,- DOUBLE HORSESHOE TOURNAMENT
Co. which provided thai, and Miss baa J. TIME S:00: AH. STANDING BROAD JUMP BASEBALL THROW
Miditower, recreation department supervisor. STOOP BALL ((10 on a team)


An Armful Of Trophy OVER AND UNDER RELAY ((10 on a team)





(Ernest tyatt. Coordinator James JUNIOR E BOYS CHECKERS

W. Johnson School)

((17 and under)



LcN tfi


Brown Kenneth Mlxon
1 1
Edwin Oaks Ricky Hill

Smiley Small Dallas Holmes Tommy' Benton

DANCE . .. . .. . . : . lEST JACKSONVILLE(

Calvin Cole Charles Harris

I 13th Street

MR3. FLORIDA 1)11) afT Bobby Cooper Bernard Taylor

moWN HRU5: IS a liirco-leg trophy won last year by r.

Rimond-Johneon Girls. If won this year by sane team SELECTION . . . . .. . .. .. . .. BAND MANAGER' -Carl ton Bryant
the trophy will become the proplety of said team.Rlnplayini (Slmond Johnson Playground)

trophy are; Brie Jorctr Dub and Sheila mAOiES Atrlll H. King
l .
Ann High tower, godson and daughter of Recreation PRESENTATION OF SCHOOL PERSONNEL..r. .MIKE S. HOUSE (Jefferson Street)
Supervisor, Floss J. Hi eh tower. 't' ; Willie Carley-( Forest Park)

Henry Gaines Jr.---- (13th( Street)

.' PHTSICAL EDUCATION CO-ORDINATOR Willie Benton-Slmond Johnson-Volunteer

? ., I
!!(. M 1 I.. Go
.t, \ ". ) DANCF: .-.. .. . . .. .f. .. ... .... .. .. .. ... ..I UONCRIET EAST:; DISTRICT
..,'. : t&tetJl e' ..L.., ._ .._ ...'
,, V'. I' : ..',-..,. .' --. '.,_. --- LAVILLA PARK

'h Simon Glen Co ley

: Wl ARK FIT FOR '''HIN' .. .. ..... ..,.;......'..... ...tIlf.it... ., .. ..'..tf 4'. .'.''','', .". '... -'" ,4 Stanley,McKlnney .? .. jackl Colbert
t'nY' .. < '
r .AAwgwwE 'niKM Him? A ever lot of"folk I I +of, IhHla fluhln oho for SELECTION .. '. .. .'.A. .*.7?... :. ._' !!: .'..\. .. .. BAND EASTSIDE PLAYGROUND'
III fm't. In many reaii ai'ro.. the ., .. .....,. ...- Claude M. Harold Earl Williams)
...Isus Mlon where golden. brown frog 'f' ", ". ""' .-.. .". __-.-<'..\ _...'..,.... f Charles Bess Thomas Frlall
1' ( '"'
'; ; .
I..A are prime table fare th.e.Illllg :

==:: hmi glgglu approach" nr arabbln In more popular DANCR. .1 .. .. .". .. .t'c. .. .J" .". .". .. . IE E. TOLBERTf WILDER PARK

Till unuaual brand of "flaking.net J Wayne Jordan Larry Tould
the minorities ot Mercury f
= outboard. offer* both sport and .. .INGS..r.. .' SF.NTATIvr.-OP COUNTY. RECREATION CITARTW 1Ts1 Amos Smith Bruce Green
Th knowing anglorwho ,; Anthony Green
concerned about f
1 .. 1 catching .
"p his I aupp.r, I I. apt to fereoakoI 4 ti.C
frrwl.ra his I favorite fish for the taetler JONES ST. PARK
.I, "'t:1It"" frog" Ronald Floyd Earl Floyd
'nnlrmilml will) i onvmllonulnHim
fr.' of Ink Ing bullfrogs at Ronald Sheppard Roy Charles Walker
I night with a flashlight the flanng -
mrlliml occurs during day ; AfNT OP ATART 7LNNFR3 FOR CRAFT..M.C.
light hours.Armed dR COACHES) :
Sl with a flyrod or long David H. Shields Roy Mal 101
ran.. pole" to whirls. I la rigged a
p honk baited with a piss otbrliihl DANCE '. ] ,. .. . .. ... .. .SQIOOLSRE14ARKS. Mrs. Clara H. Davis Julius Gulnyard
red ilotli, the frogg.rcruises f' ,- Cecil JUndell Wilson' Baker Jr.
Into a quiet rove ron- t :
taming an abundance of floating .

INDEPENDENTLIFE& ".If...not.lIon dlKtnrbed, frona tan or. .. . . I. A. PIELDEJI.PEPSI-COLA OOUPKCt

'NiilonMlly' bo seen alum. motionen Conplintits Of
slap a floating lily pad. Just 4RFMARKS
ailing for a flying meal to
ACCIDENT Ithln range, anally. however coins . .. .'.. .P ANX C. HatlF7I..PETSI-COLA COUPANY
an Intruder will' cause the quarry
I 10 slip, allenlly. under the sun ,.
INSURANCE fare' mull Just. hi* eye* p,.. ROOSEVELT GRILL
mile. With practice. anyone can SELECTION. .. .. . . .':;: .. ..' .. .. 6CHOX BAND)
COMPANYHOME detect this unnatural hump oa
the water
The Irk'a la to flip the red lure
within I ache* of the frogs tAIP OFFICE mnuth With lightening sped his
long longu flick out end hoc
JACKSONVILLE.FLORIDA wri ot the evening' aaala' GIRLS SOPTBALL' CHAsIONSHIP GAME .... 816 W. Ashky St.
rouraePreparing. ;.
% jrfc. ;
free for the plotter ". >
stfvl** the Mereory II"" Merely
disjoint and ah the hind legs
owning off the feet and polling
Offers them In batter and fry like
.hlken.luauBBit.' .
Ordinary and Weekly delicacy, DIXIE PHARMACY1X2

Premium Plant of 09'-tJ;ll I 'ARTS AND CTAFT'

LIFE ACCIDENT U- TUESDAY. JULY 21. 196S. .. !. .. .. .. .. .. .. ... .. .. ....,ECSIC C. TOLBBtYMOTS : BMJ MM IT BTITUa

ENDOWMENT _w, ......... sbwlJwsi.r
Use. ...,.;..'.. .ALL EXHIBITS MUST BI GP BY 10 A.M. JULY :27th. j.mi h" Inll. m aBui
RETIREMENT V--....., end ist.teeta

, Q. 'l""" are rough mod THURSDAY, JULY 29th, 7 p.*.. . .. .. .. .... .. .. .. ..JEFFERSON ST. POOLSWIM
trloay. .. *a Iheoa **> a*.
i INCOMF. body. wet .oric.. awl I w1a
able ta eta thai .....,. SHOW AND CONTEST
How COM I ever t1 Ikea aafla4
....., .....? WASHINGTON HEIGHTS 4 Y.M.C.A. fOCSW1t.S Wishes Fro.

Family Group A. Uajuaj prohabty carted
)our elbow problem! Llhoutalmou
always seed a hark. ei> .
Mortgage and ira attemioo to keep them aur-
face nvxxh and 'M acct PIERCE WAll fURNITURE CO.
color of the rest of your Uiav -
HospitalizationInluranct Scrub them tvcnr day wkh. IUI
sail or hand, bruOk Follow the
scrubbing with a 1ftIC'OU. appllcstloa Han
or bead or face Coaplttt firoisiiigs
Monthly Thrift Plan cream. If they ping in tanj tiuum IUI tiers iui \ ,
and kamn
dry drop try ,
Now Available .,.. fentn| your elbow*
oocr a .ftk te IMAM halvtt Broad of Fortythlaktwood
OPflATINO INil.rideG.orya" for Alice owsiutcv Snub: and
m.... minim HACCLSIIIU
apply ....+ *o wehjg'w.
Alo"" ICI f mrt ti > I a

::;" =,':;- s Npoordoc.a. ::. / Son ..... PtasaI'
T.w.AUik.Ip.I .. .e.raw fee ... frv.d..a'Yer .
Pr..dfy 1'.i Just Say "Charge It"
OkIoM1a.-s., Ah c..IiM I free As.le.fyt/.r/

..........!.!!. ................

.. .
.. -- -
_. _. v aM O..nsfeP-+ -
--.-- ..-.. ... .. __..e.e+n.vearra.s. L r "

, r 1


STH nml ilTHIIT JULY, 24,- Mil

Williams Gets Befftun .c ok.m n College Strives

.i '. BETHUNE-COOKMAN COLLEGE : ; : .. .l..' < AIM Law, School For Higher Education Standards I

./ ;; DeanshipT&LWAssnNnlr Kdu cation at BethuaeCookaaa la l.n had an 1IIct.>...t
; f'f ... :' college ao.. of tlSS.OOO. today upon
.: .'ti/t t' .. ': : appointed 17 leers ago began a Dr. Moore' efforts to
BEACH FLORIDA aa acting dean
: .- an grotth under tumble lacreaaa this, the endowment
,, !; of the Florida AIM tral-
,..". s." < /' ,. :,. ,, vanity collagaofLaw 1.Atty.lbbert eirouaataneaa when Dr. has reached wore
Richard V. Moora becaae than 12,000.000.
; "AN INSTITUTION I., IUU... the college third,,..
pro fetter In tie coB" "
I del.
:- Atty.Illliaaa, Ibo etra- Nn QOK8TKOCTTOM! AND
Dr.Richard V. Moor who
OF DISTINCTION AND PERSONAL ed bin LL.M. degree la has lined ia the educatloaal RDHOVATIOWS. Under thaadalal .
1953 froa New Tort UBI-
circles of the
unU,. II.. the LL.L, state of Florida for at ration of Dr.

Claaa of lUO,fro. Gbuth some thirty-five yean Moon, the $3,000.000 la

had no idea that ha wa new construction and
Dear Prospective Students
renovation ware completed
preparing. la his earl
for the leader* in 1S f)4. By 1967.
I am sure you are well aware of the many career.
the figure should reach
ship of one of riortda'i
r # tl ftttett Inatltutlona. IS,000.000!th the o>.-
*1a4 problem involved
In selecting an Insti- This iarkabla platioa of the 1400.000

\ individual character haa student union building
: :
4 tution for higher education. We highly Itt the pacaaiioni col- $400,000 tJo'donltto",

h,. preaidentaaaatrue and extensions to the
L recommend Bethune-Cookman College, for leader possessing the science building aadllbraryat

t hlgheat of Jat *rtty.Hia a coat of
anj reasons; which we are not able to $300.000.00 each.
followers nave DO doubt
the aaeuNdneaa of the
.. enumerate here.
trod naturs of this aaa Btn1mt-000KIAN OOLLCQC
and what h. stands for. A Claaa "A" College
However, we firaljr believe that we have
t'x Y His character, education with full e eaberehip ia
R.L. IIU.IAMShrollss intelligence, and the southern Aaaoclation
;\j an outstanding educational program, and
state College. dllliant work have certainly of Cblleiea and Secondary
enhanced hla School the highest
Orangeburg.S.C., and the aa
a well qualified faculty. The .emphasis
a a. A. degree, data of ODe of tilt oat reaark- regional aocredltlntMancyaccredited
abla leaders ia educa ; by the
itu. from Morris Brown
as you perhaps know, is on service and
College, Atlanta. Oa. An tion. Florida state Departaent
Christian education. Bethune-Cook.an Is Any Veteran of world INCMAIUP 4N>LLIIINT. of Rdueatioa and the Uni-

tar II, Atty. Illliaaaattained During Dr. Richard V.Moore1 Feral ty Senate Department
an institution of distinction and per the rash of seventeen of the Mathodlat Omrdi;
lieutenant la the armed a rears approved 'by the United
sociality also center of goodwill. of adaialatratioa. the hates Attorney General
a eollaia enrollment has
forcea.Stadying At' tor non-quota foreign
increased fro 290 full*
students; a ...ber of
We are taking this opoortunltv to extend -
time atad ntato the p reset -
Florida ATALLANAUR11th the American CoucH of
III roll...t of almost
to you a sincere ...IWIIII.Vel'7 Boo, representing 30 Education, the Aaaocla-
tlon of Church relatedInatltutea
Dr. Richard V. Moore states and four foreign
of Higher' Sducatloa -
Presidentof cordially yours, count l...
and the Aaaoclatloa -
Betbun.-o>ouan College IN'RIAL'1! !! *Atla of Aaerican Col-
Since 1947 >w B1A5k&i. 1947 when iegea.BethunaCtookaan.

l l I I r Dr. Moore sae appolattd
otters oouraea leadingto
to the petition of pree-
the A." and fcft degree
dent,there mere no faculty
with la DaiNttary :
- -- -
----- A members ttth the

-----n Ph.a d.ire.. 'Today>> 4M Education, DigII -

d hold the earned Doctor Mithetiatlea*, Hltton,, lellgloa Wology,

of Philosophy deiree.thuaaCookaan .
Lee IE' wm IHmMPNT.Pe- and philosophy Musts
Hall, adalaiatrattoa Sue Ed. and Physical"
building of Florida MMDnlteralty College Rdueatioa.

la the back ---------- -------
,grouad woe Patricia

I. poses on the ewepa -
a of Ua Tallahaaaealaatl
ta tlon. Starting Aagnst 24 -

A 1MI graduate of Central
nittour collegeat CASIItK" SALtl at"KOXJR5C
trrwtburg.MItt poeterlaattwdlag MNOCWGAKTCNWICt3THINr3 I SlrrRv190N : tlJ1 TAIII."I Nt)
the euaaer \ RA11 'M1o AND OIOCSTRABolden's 1 I""J4N'r.:

aettloa at FloridaAAM.
where aha la thahowaegueat College Of Musk

of her uncle '

and ...tDr. and Mra. 1111 .. 21t. Strut

z"=J+.+ ..wvw. wnil.Mtt,1"1k YAIIhLL4h M1V qMU FM M,.' tilllajt She.ie p.the Foater.daughter of EL.IIUS EL.5,H22 ((14.,TM

_. .. .. Mr..halma "."111 -
: .. ganaaaCitr Iii I, HUH, I. 1.1, ..S., M.Ih luctirf ,
h' :: It*.
,- .... --,-_....,............... ... ......
.." -., .. .A A '
If I

Class "A" educational Institution HARRISON RHODES MEMORIAL LIBRARY

with full membership In th South-

Association- of Collects sod Secondary

chools--the: highest regional 5 5wv _

accrediting agency; accredited by the ':. -

Florida State Department of Education teii

and the University Senate of the Methodist


Faculty' and staff consist of 110 per

sons, with a full time faculty of 45.

The physical plant consists of II modem .

weU-equipped buildings oa J2 acres


Offering courses leading to the A.I. __ ,w -.
L 'S wwo-s
/f yw ( (!
and B.8. Degrees with major in Hema feuAfllCAM d/qe

'S5 _s rem .WIII 01 rw
tary Education Caglisa. History Bio '

>-*--. a, f..*.se
ion Mathematics. Bellgloa mad file -

s4 f.? I
sophy. MUSIC Busses* L acatioa. aad "" 1 A C.we Pm Tae" Ouet rr p tw+ SUMA4IK SCHOOL
I .

physical Education IVCNING ACID DAY COUHtJ

C Of. w-*. It "ee..d P'.....


f AoIAJOII Coe ewr5AY o I

u'r ....., a eWmns eatKAre1N a guuv selcAheNms.s4

: ,' :1 .. .4.
J' -, .. :: : Mue p'"1tCA4.. I* CAfN a MCU&.ICHIfotC.AitIHOII .

'" t! .. I _r ____ COMCINUAPO4

c......,.r AM* K44


Meals K.wsd v AMU teitKt
tL naJr For Firjher litoraalioi, nd Bsllilia, write; lit BegistrirBetaiii.Cook.ua l f

College DayloBi Bead, Flwlda r.. AeeucAn i, CAratae m.,.5MVNS1. "''''1

THC IICI1TIAI, IOWA 10 WATIKS COLtlCf,,."..-,.. t. '1M4er



ipi: Connectional HostHOST
: _
IzulTIc .'

: N

M 11



RECREATION DEPARTMENT Playground Directors shorn with Pepsi trophies are
w.w M a4 f t ... I r left to rlibt.sally BryantCarolyn Parker. Patricia H111. Verdell Thorpe, Betty CHURCH AND PASTOR.
Mis Emma tower.Supervisor> ; Abraa King Julius Ouinyard. Carl too Bryant BUCKS, Ruth Baety Cynthia Sslth, Prankle La '. Back row: Arthur Parker. Jr.. Rev R.M. Thomas of
County ftJpenllor Curtis Miranda. Henry Galnes Jr., Willie Carl: Roy Mall 07, Rubin Galnes. Wilson Baker, jr. Price Mnorlal AME ZlonChurch.Touncstowi.
David Shields, Mr*. Clara Mae Darts.tsM .

e Appointed Neil ill host the IMS. Ohio.Connectional -

xw of the dlll laatloD.JII11 -
Of AIM 'School
aF' 23-Auciit L.
> I IW& TAIJ.AHASSFEPro tealO rot Bishop S.0. >ottswood
#* V Pharsacy Hind; Jones Is the host-prelate. The
Jr. has been appointed beet will feature the
I to serve as acting dean policy eskers of the Methodist *
of the School of Phsnacyof body. Bishop C.
M } Florida A&N University [. Tucker, president
4 effective September 1. Board of Bishops, will
y .MI be la chare of the open
r Son of the late R. .
I Kurd lUlu Jones CMK lot ....10D. He Is ei-
petted: to roJlaculah. the
clergy and Mrs. Ruth B.
Davis Jones, the net
PAW School of Pharaacy Pins cauthen. tfio will
I bead Is a natlveofLeiglTeias. '\ bold the office for the
He received his neit elf months. The
blh school tralalig and bulldlai is located os
jmtem his bachelor degree lachealatry Duds street andlacoa*
... vldered one of the cost
at T. Col
East District, AII-Star Tadpole Baseball Team West District, All.Star Tadpole Baseball Team lei',T7l.r. Texan can* Banera la the city.

fag the A.B. la 1937. *****

Pepsi-Cola Is proud to Jola with the

Jacksonville Recreation Department
in honoring the memory Joseph Lee.
: : aliveOu're
:: Oar future lies in the youth or oar

"'. come communitysaTURDn ..

4A f, Irk

\ in the :;

U : n.reWr .......
Pepsi generation! .. .-.-

.. .... .


CITY AND COUNTY Recreation Uepertaent bcnooj personnel are: front row, fro.
left.Iran: Bryant, Oliver Clip Walker.Aldonla Joyner Bernice White, Xella B.
Mitchell Henry Gaines jr. Back row, trot left: Dma J. Hlghtower Nathaniel
"ashln ton, Curtis Miranda; Jlny Johnson, Carlton Bryant Ernest Byatt.Nv .

,' Ii .rya Yitisi l ;+. ''Itll KA ',>Xt14Rr/ Z'fQ x'd 1WYYK:'INYllar'il4 I aaID /
"4't'It! f': ':,t'

} t't' ', .
: i', :

Icy! )r ( !
., l1t 1. III IIIf
} F

r. .


% ,...' Ir


I 4 .

>t ti

1 lV


You wilL Will he? _

Maybe you. obey stop glens end ilgnslt. II someone follows you too ck>",don I speed i : C :::
Some driver don't. So never assume the up. Slow down litl. s and encourage him to _
right.of.way bhnd'' Protect yourself by drt* p.II. Remember, b.llliin the right lint
lug defensively enough. You could be deed right

-I I # I l tI
1 .. 0 e I r
.............._ I 4x'w_, .

1: 0Watch II ';,:.1; '''. I i '.

"" I
I 't ,.,.\ :

out for the other guy I

t M._w I.A MN MN...-_T.A .....q c...... W...................C/.d @

\...- eonua-ww M-P11y/Q01a MI'1UIIe OC11M1Y M; MCae0N.0.u.III smuus wetness.... MfJ.ee. ,+aN 11erK IM.as aree..lsue e.oe eere, nl*ebw.lwrl lead r