Florida star

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126307 F20090413_AABNQX 00320.QC.jpg 1d8d73f68af56d2281148381be23c0cd77c0c0e68b8d2f7b17e9aef5ffe5fa47fcb89c07
6869705 F20090413_AABNQY 00320.tif 5be3b15d201806d20311021591ef60f9efab27c0ee585c0e7ba752f8a45a6d9fd8048246
854752 F20090413_AABNPF 00313.jp2 6223f8ef2af19efc7e8a27751d73d0940869e74511f8cdf8eb6aeb9930b2a0029ba6331c
32684 F20090413_AABNQZ 00320.txt 3bb088c7fff4169fa456a84b1deaca0141dd0eee3c207f2d061b79a217b975a491ce201c
1059467 F20090413_AABNPG 00313.jpg c81432e2924adcee9741720912ba694704c8e4f2e03908973376026445241efe56589430
22090 F20090413_AABNSC UF00028362_00671.mets 53d9f66e0a234fca61e7f8234838930c1a1fed82004d0b70026e47301d8f4af2c9ca063b

xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200671datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date July 10, 1965dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=006710740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
July 10, 1965
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
July 10, 1965
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Full Text
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( reproduction of :Gupt. Ish Brant's .
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letter to the Board of public instruction ant ef Colored people la trouble, Hlckoieald. "NAACT ef ilaal IB

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1d etve furtter *ridenec _DIU. p. ...... Jt .,.al appartaalty eeerdi alttew te ,rot.., Metro Kemp Case eoaiticted<< here by shies toaH ..11... ttaa

of your ml ..* Ckalnaa" Bator, tweekre MsJtst acte ofdlacrlBlaatlea cm. tpreoldaBt ea. .. State Deputy rlra. Berths to chsrie.'ar at least
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com tot a to jokaaoe Suns Turner l plytbat ISo Ire
this problem WMIIFataHy PIe rUe AM sod Taaka lategratlaa ., t.. laat ........ aaaeaacadapBelateeet full.nb eaae r..tkeCktrlleleap .,. tkttSov aaslsted aoe by Officer bnab isi act byeNecrafaction
'*. alao call .ao IB- ellllaae of Ito Nerldaanerlffe ,
roar at* ef too Moo wttkla! the localrlfhtc
pubs Bcraa suit
skit t Itut.. la acting tkat StateSckaol
taatlM to Ut ,.".* .race, eaa te a federal .. .,1., tfce eldeoa ef Ateoclatlaa. .,...t.N. .
tltatlea" ..... endue* Ill earn Sapt B. J......., is ua. Matrlctef Mloooa ta aallifylag' Called, tor I, Over $10 IMAa a a slat Bailey lad ..t.. a .n>.. la .. Tuee4ajp. Xly t .
tedby D. .,n..r tko 101111| Celaekla aad ISo all partlcc lavolved laUc < i keen tat clock In Ire*

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15 kaaaM] a
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a... 20. lafereatlea ....... ao.ai ... fatally .... to tke federalevert ..w .*era kc ... boM- of OtC eecretarr City and tka
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at... to aa by taaxaere ..... no ..,..tkaakea fMTlS .Bad tke eecoad toee r:; Mrvlag Ucllle. Pluaaer ISo state ef '1.'.... both
I -. ...o be es ........ jail ad far mi* kick la flaaatad kyfa4 ere Sarltg. | pelat./WJolaa.- rj life ton be....bsJ 1 Ibl.tot eock ef ....." are icttlai e
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I. ef tke deal pa .t tklaejeeatleaaai a attiaM told tktkat .. .f raapiaalMllty, tka deeegregatleeB a......s earacd klaeccter'e atctac kad act ....,.,. .*e. It .... <..lac ..ru.*.".

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,... ef ear teacaereead .. avtia ,n..... sits office _lea kaa te ..- lan and ealte ,..ek.re ... project p,.... ........ a.. Sao clca... .. eaJled aeoa arrival,
tte rattle ef tuvalCweBty. I aaa ttaa II cSflua. fca ro I.... .. Ito ataff affected by his". e- ..*.., sod kra*.a aklefla 1M..Sarea kae eaelactadSee Tka flerlda star ..* wa eajac to pick ker. ap.kere .
le at tkla ....., sutit/b.01/.. Sad e |a.re Sir ..... N kateeate.eaed tke ear :! >4. "pt,! 9ef Cert .....,. efScersle ef1MleM. reveal akat ISo prefraa ef.

laUaldatlac. aad laBfcaJle to .8 kat r tkM Dot ,.IeJ.. .....,..,. tka to tke eacMlttaele ikeoerpo efetratacle ....WtO le ae ailaavt to ..., ee keeled ....o flee Is, sacra d.....
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ae .. Baarda Tke vtua'ae fartkaraUtH a.e.r* Preddlcekflaae, or. as00.lets. e velersa ef eeveralprevteea project ltt
d tke AcBtalHreUoaltt Dot Edge ..l4. vteere for yaare katCMtUiB Ias4 BW*. Jet hula, CXA........ gill/. ........ le kelle -ItevsMlaisef ..... sir ......Mri.rO'stleod

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: sAtuaOAr BIT

mi2 ___ ____. -


publUht4 by the Florida Star publishing Cowpanjr
(Second of Two Articles)
I'm wICY rv"Y
EIIC 0. SIMPSON.Nautili. Elittt f The strange fact that most Negroes cannot
trace their family history back to the!
MASON E. WISE........... Km E.itirIILDA ,
'old country" one of the most for -

fOITEN. Circilitin Miii-ii !midable reasons for the abject failure of
the Communist Party to penetrate the civil
rights movement or shake their loyalties.
During Hitler's rise to power, the Nazi
2323 Mucriif' Rnd;' Pim ELfii 4-S7I2 Bund attracted throngs of German-Americans
.' to its rallies in our big cities. Although
Miiliif ".nss. nearly all German Americans

P.I. In 5S1, jitfcsmilli 1, Flirili .II loyally rejected Hitler AS soon
+ as they discovered his global

MIAMI OFFICE designs their nostalgia and
respect for Germany made them,
731 HI Sri Ail. Plisse 377-1025 41'wr 1 for a time.susceptible to Bund

t recruiters and rallies

t Likewise RussianAmericans..
SUBSCRIPTION RATES a7a The Communist Party here grew
YOUNG to record membership daring
One Tear $6.00 Half Year. $4.00
Mailed to you Anywhere in the United States the era of U.S.-Soviet "good feeling"
Subscription payable in advance during World Bar II. Americans of Russian
order to : extraction cheered Moscow s contributionsto
Send Check or Money :
the war effort and some took out party''
FLORIDA STAR P.O. BOX 561 Negro Americans, on the other band, can't
Jacksonville 1, Florida 1 f trace their origins to any foreign country,
unless you want to count Alibama and Missi
ssippi. And most that I know of do not
Teachers Must Relocate
Negro have much nostalgic feelings for Governors
Ry Rome strange hand of fate, desegregation Prejudice? Don't let them catch it from jrou- allace and Johnson. Today, we share great

is serving as a boon to Negro pupilsbut pride in the accomplishments of the emerging -
it has created problems for many of THE NATIONAL CONFERENCE or CHRISTIANS,4 JEWS African nations. But. as no particular

their teachers who have been left without country is Involved, this concern and! Interest
jobs. Rome of these teachers may be blamed is comparatively general. Probably
in part for their plight. it is more like the spiritual hond which
Florida's tate School Supt.Thomas Bailey American Catholics have fcr the Vatican
has established four-man relocation com rather than, say the pride Italian-Ameri
mittee to assist in helping unemployed Negro i cans had for Mussolini until he poured
teachers to get Jobs in other sections ; the mustard gin on the Fthloplans.
of the state when their schools are closed I So the Red recruiters started off with one

.r by desegregation. We are encouraged by I o B C a I I very big strike against them. They further
the appointment of James Grant, former I p I antagnoried Negroes by attempting tn grab
president of Florida State Teachers Association { : the legal defense in a number of southern
to this committee. He certainly can I r' trials of innocent Negroes. For some, it
give information that is valuable from the LI{ )yi P.i t 0 The. ASTIOtOttlCKY meant the kiss-of-death.

Negro's point of view. And Negroes who dldn' t suspect Red manipulation
Desegregation consequences are often elusive of the Scottshnrn case for the purpose
and difficult to pln.polntto of entl-U.S. propaganda noon learnedthe
cause. First, Negro pupils in a small Iso American Communist Party wa* pro-lus-
lated section can be transferred and absorbed slfui.not pro-Negro. I remember. clearly how
in white schools wi hout requiring It advised Negroes in 1940 not to Join the
new teachers. Second, often if new teachers ----- -- ---- ----- army even as the war clouds darkened be.

are needed in the desegregated school, ARIF.S CANCER cause Stalin and Hitler had slicned their infamous

white teachers are given preference treatment Born March 21st thru Born June 22nd thru. LIBRA Dec.CAPRICORN 22nd thl'1l'JM. non-aggression pact. But this tune
Born !
School Board's "play" it safe" for April nth July 22ndIT Born Sept. 23rd thru 19th changed radically soon asII1U er' s tanks
fear of offending white parents who oppose THERMS MUCH TO If SAID I COULD COM AS A BURPRISt Oct. 3rdWHATIVER rolled across the Soviet frontier.
the idea of a Negro teacher instructing AIOUT THE SCOPE Of YOUR TO YOU TO DISCOVER IT is THAT THE MAIN DIFFICULTIES By the outbreak of the Korean ear in 1950.
Home Negro teachers may have permittedtheir ALLOWED TO RUN THIIRCOURSE. AS GOOD A TIME ON THE THE PRECEDING' OUAR.TCRS TO CONQUER MAY IE CONSIDERED twirling coattails with its almost dilly
certificates to expire in the wake WHEN YOU PISMIT' TERMS SET ir SOMEONE YOU MAY NOW CONL FAR BEHIND YOU. twists and turns, had totally discredited
of forthcoming desegre atlon--taking a YOUR IMAGINATION 1(0,11 ELSE BESIDES' YOUR 0"*. "$ "|OIRjJ SAFELY OVf OF YOU MAY REASSERT YOUR It In the Negro cotawinlty. The few( rraln-
pessimistic viewpoint, ,that,, they ,will lose CAPTURED IV ARTISTIC; 'A FEW AMdartrOU- fMolKi .t TOUR" ;WAY. PROCEED WITH AUTHORITY ORtDOMINANCE.EXPECT I log Negro Communist party members dropped
A* who takes this THE TRAIL OF A OTHERS TO RESPECT of the score
their job any way. person AND CULTURAL INTERESTS' BE ON THE ORIGINAL PLANS AND their penberxhln.' nd only one
be fired from teaching.If IT WITHOUT FURTHER QUES North Korean
this committee functions efficiently, BETTER. THE ASIANS WHO SHOULD NOT BE BACKWARD 000D-LUCK TO STAND TION. SUBSTANTIAL MATERIAL Brainwashing nts Negro.
it will save many good and excellent teachers ARE VACATIONING OVIR ABOUT UTILIZING TWI SIR- FAST AT THIS STAGE OF IENEFITS IN THE Negro troops in Korea. Particularly In
from being lost to education. Be that THC WEEKEND MAY NAVE A VICES OF INFLUENTIAL THE MME, ALTHOUGH AN FORM OF RECOGNITIONFOR the bleak, early days of the war, distinguished
,as it may, the dislocated teacher must be DELIGHTFUL TIME ..'HT. 'EOPLI.0 HAVt ,JUST THl OLD PROILCM OF A MONETARYNATURE SOLID' ASSETS MAY 1C themelven gallantly uany saw in
willing to 'pull up stakes" and move to SEEING TALKING TO P corn RIGHT CONTACT. Do NOT .IS STILL LURKING, FORTHCOMING THROUGH. the Korean Invasion not only a naked power
another section of the state or out-of- AND SATISFYING THEIR Bt TOO GLOOMY ABOUT Tjll I 1 YOU SEEM SETTER ABLE TO VERY FORTUITOUS DCVELOP- attack against stall! country but the. dawn
state district. CUROSITY TO THE UTMOST wAY TNt WORLD IS SHAPING CLUOE OR COPE WITH IT. WENT TURN. DOWN PROPOSITIONS of A new attitude by their own nation toward -
fee commend fiupt. Bailey for having the ROMANCE REMAINS vtRYPROMINENT. UP FOR IT HAS SOVEHDl YOUR SPOUSE OR SOMEONE THAT CANNOT MEET Negro fighting men. Only two years
foresight to envision the need of a relocation IT SHOULD BE MANAGED TO OUTLIVE I ALL INTERESTED IN YOUR WELFARE TME TEST OF A THOROUGH earlier President Truman had Issued his
committee to assist unemployed Negro RECEIVED WITH OPEN ARMS THE DIRE PREDICTIONS 01THl CAN INTERCEDE AND INVESTIGATION. ALTHOUGHTHE historic executive order banning racial
teachers in getting! jobs suited to their tV THOSE WHO ARE FREE Of PAST |IT SHOULD CONTINUE SEE TO IT THAT YOU NO TEMPTATION TO DABBLE bias in the armed services, and Negro
capacities and skills. ANY OTHER COMMITMENTS.JUST TO DO 0. SOCIAL, LONGER ARE BOTHERED BY IN GAMBLES OF ONE SORT troops felt that change was In the wind
EXPtNStS RUN "I OR ANOTHER MAY NOT BE all-Negro iinit---
SEt TO IT THAT YOU GH. i IT. they were ria>it.Formerly
!! 540-33-,1423543LEO ABSENT,THE MORE EXPERIENCED been repesterlly waited and
Mayor Accepts Negro Challenge DO NOT OVEREXTENO YOURSELF 480II..|..e...., many which hat
TO SATISFY FRIVOLOUS C"It'COI"1" WILL NupillUte during orld war II--wer integrated
This newspaper has contended all along miMS. SCORPIOBorn RECOGNItt IT FOR MAT IT ; more promotions were ..1e on ne-
that qualified Negrors should be employedby 1,0-!30-77-1 3-6 J157' Born July 23rd thrvAug. Oct. 24th thru II AND SHUN" IT coMntuLV. rite rather than rare; and the appetite of

nur cities and towns in white-collar 22nd '.. Nov. 22nd colored troops for this new equality proved
Job and in engineering capaclttes.. lread1' TAURUSBorn LI Ft COULD Bt SO SPLENDID PEACE OF MIND SHOULD at I.Jo' -'500 52.135 voract 011".
too many of our group are contented to find April 20th thru PENS IT NOT FOR THE SITS YOU ONCE AGAIN WITH As the chains of Jim Crow began to snap
custodial, laboring, and trash-collecting May 20th FACT THAT SOMETHING' AC- YOUR ASSOCIATES AND MONETARY AqUARIURI'om Negro troops and civilians responded by a
Johs. WAYS COMES UP TO Jan. 20th thru than
Tampa leaders have been working ceremoniously MADE UP THEIR MINDS TO FOR YOU. THE MOST EXCEPTIONALLY PAJNDCR Feb. 18th In the past. Racial integration had thus
to get a statement of policy from ENLARGE THEIR LIVING' CONFUSING AND DISTURBING tlECEPTIONALLV: FAVORABLE YOU COULD BE SITTING" gleaned the door on the last of the party
the city administration this sit SUMS TO OF TME WORLD MiN have
uation. Net Mayor Nick C. Nuccio has said TO THE FAMILY 1 OR THE HOME OR BECAUSE OF autNClS. A MINOR DETAIL THIS THIRD QUARTER MMES spared no effort to keep then from Infil
qualified Negroes will be hired in Jobs FOR GREATER FACILITIES' THE ACTIONS OF SOME OF OR AGGRAVATION THAT MAY ITS GRAND ENTRANCE. SOME Crating the rights wnveacnt.America's .
"in any department within the city administration CON PLAY AND HO"I" MAY ITS OCCUPANTS. BUT WITH HAVE IttN PREVIOUSLY 0- OF YOU COULD GIVE IN TO Negro citizens don't need a
The moor nude his announcement in replyto or couRSt, YOU MUST EMOTIONAL APPROACH TO ALLOVEO TO DISTURB YOUR HEARTS TO ABANDON, YOURSELVES are biting our kids up in Harle live
an editorial by c. Blythe Andrews, jr. TAKE 'INTO ACCOUNT THAT TNt PROBLEM,THINGS I COULD EQUANIMITY.. THE SCORPIOS MULISSLV TO known all about it for some tin now. And
urging the enployntnt of a Negro as Mild- COSTS ARE APT TO SURPASS DC SETTLED tl TH SOME DC- MO HAVE TO LABOR, OfSPITE WMEREVtR IT LEADS YOU. when the boola written on the story of
Ing Inspector tar Nuccio reminded the YOUR MAXIMUM ESTIMATES. Salt OF SATISFACTION TOALL TMt HUT OF TMt SEA. BUT" THERE ARE INDICA.TIONS America's Negro citizens think historianswill
editor about the civil service regulations THIS MAY REQUIRE YOU TO CONCERNED. Tt LIDS SON, SHOULD MOT FIND THE THAT PERHAPS ALLIS record that, for loyalty, patience,
Mr. FORIGO SOME OF YOUR INTENTIONS. GOING TOO DIFFICULT. and patriotism thtlr record has bn nothing
was already informed on this point.If 00 NOT PERMIT ARI IttPING WIN THEIR SERVICES Tot ON TNI SURFACE. short of wlrwcitloas.
should by all means make an application FIND THAT IT PAYS CELL AMPLY REWARDED. FRUSTRATING j
immediately for some Job ii. the city administration. IY THE DEMANDS OF INOUGM' TO COMPENSATE 2-9>.It-"-"-Z5t MENT. TnOSl ."DrYILOf'-1 Stardust \
.There won't be wholesale presentation YOU FRIENDS AND LOVED TRIM FOR THE PLEASURES MI11TTARIt .MO All' FIRMLY
of applications, for our group WHATEVER YOU NAVE THEY MAY Bt PDSISOINS.a ,I ACM OTHER OR

has so few people .qualified. SPIN ONES.DOING, IT MAY HAVE .30-M.I1.6I.9x Born Nov.Dte.23rd 21st thru FIND TARIAN tutus CAUSES OUTLETS SHOULD Writae Tear Tenwd Ftrct,

SEEMS TO CALL FOR A HALT VIRGO IT is NOT ALWAYS EASY IOU YOU 15135515.g Not long ago Governor tallact and the
THIS WEEK IN AND A PERIOD OF REST AND Born Aug. 23rd thru FOR THE OTHER PtRSO TO -2077ISG44I7 Alabama-sponsored press tour attempted to
AUAXATION. Sept. 22nd GUESS WHAT YOU atAiLvTHIM give the SUt of Alabaaa a face lift sad
.. .9iD15.56e29 YOU NEED NOT II StIN AND FEEL. COXltOUtNTLY.UNLtSS PISCESBorn new image for the world to hold. Th.
TO txtRT ALL PHI AUTHORITY YOU YOURSELF Fob. mh thru tour was called Editor's nf a Pare and
GEMINI THAT SEEMS TO UNDfRTUt TO V9LWMTEER March 20th Responsible press"
Born May 21st thru BC WITHIN YOUR GHASP.THI TMt .INFORMATION DO NOT SIT IDLY MB RAIT The all of the fro ride for editors and
July! II, MM..NBcrota .,rt'ItiUly dwelartd A-' Jane Slat GRIATitT DITIBRtNT TOalCClI' RISK THE POSSIBILITY FOR THINGS TO MAPPED roe arwspaper men was "to show the what tAt
aerie5s Citlsona la a nu.btr of ao.U.ni stat*. AS LOttI AI YOU ARE KEEP SHOULD THERE BE THAT TNt ON I OF YOUR THEY SELDOM BO IN SwCMINSTANCES. trot Alabam was Ilk" perhaps, at lent
J'lT II, im-AHct Ruth Dumber Nolaos, Melt- INS YOUR END OF TMt DAB- ONE, SOULS BC YOUR INABILITY CHOICE WILL CONTINUE TO AS LONG AS to got favorable new for tile state Nf
led it, author and .lw of not4 post Paul UrwKG .. AIN OR DOING TME JOi TO ARRIVE AT ANY LABOR UNDER A MISAPPREHENSION. YOU FILL ',,"YI THIS C grog are no fools, thtj adcratoo4 what
Duabar. was bon 1* MM Orltwa.Jtly THAT It ASSIGNED 10 YOU, POSITIVE CONCLUSIONS GOOD LUCK is IS LITTLE REASON RMV YOU it was all about and to thcwi Alabam is-
20. 1$4--*otl d'I first __.'I UU CMV YOU NEED NOT Bt BOTHEREDV Just AT THE MOMCNT THEY ,ACCOMPANY I M YOU OM THIS SMOULB MOT BE, ESTABLISH age remains hideous and objtctloaahlt.ft .
.UM hald. WMna Uihta rid.t1-aleTsry CM* DHt STATtMCNTS O. ATTITUDES COUi TIP TMt SCALES IN DAY. YOU NAVE TO GIVt ITA MAT YOU RSULV ARE Af.TER. loader if the tour just iaeUdtd oaly
a.a wore )tak eeL OF YOUR NIISNIONS. YOU FAVOR. TNt NEST OP wArs KIOM( TO SITWACTIMC GET TO MOW SO THAT the good feUre of AlaoaM.if .0, It.**
J l7 U, IMl..TA* first Battl of fell "a, alp THE MIST OF THIS THIS ouARTtR SHOULD BC BENEFITS IT MAY MAVt THESE THINGS RSACM THE a failure The Journalists oaght to kaTe
alflcaat victory for tho. ODfdraqr darlac u* ouARTtR SHOULD M TRAM- CALM ENOUGM. ENABLING TO OFFER YOU AA.TMOUGM STAGE OF COMntTIOM.tMIS have been ahowa the Negro rvsldaitlal rctlons.
"Jvly 1!, 1$7-- *i.. Ota,a) MI Cain*, OM of ta* YOU TO ATTEND TO SOCIALM. TRAVEL FMEXV. STUOV AOVANCtO UNDER A CLOUQ. THE BETTER POSITION C. SOME.THING live and the llkt. n. Journalists wcold
oldest Ia.rNBO.Ia CUeaj, .M ft> n4.... PRIVATE MATTERS THAT SUOJtCTSOGOTMERBlSt ESTABLISHMENT OF 0000 ELSE THAT YOU NAVE han meted that dilapidated hoas.. SMS the
Jsl7 231 1a91--Nlile ftalaaal*. Bwrar of tttloola HAVE TOO LONG ttM MOLICTEB. ( PASS TNt TIME ACCORDING '. WILL BETWEEN PARTNERS BEEN CRAVING SfCRtUV. rule rather than the ttccrtlna.NU .
,.4 oaoof tho ...*.t..t atrsoaalltlM of eoatwaporary TO YOU PRIFtRINCtS. SMOWLO REMEDY THIN TO a A-1'03)01' $-47 J tile. ar taliaet. forget the tar

Africa, was bora.Jaly YOURSELF IN PURSUITS MEAT trrm. bec1I.. sad ahow year visitors the atark
24. 1104-ira Aldrich. fa*** Negro RhakparM **- )0>>-..t-Zoom facts of poverty, otliaqwacy sad igaorwnct. -
actor waa 110... .

....- ......... J -,,--- -- ---

1 ,{

I 1

& SATDaOA HIT 11. 1365 Sill WHS PAGE 3 I

'f'ji.-.! B-CC Institute Underway New Social Club First Woman Inspector GreetedIMI1PM1 "

'":'.; 0ocm1f/J jeu1 f? \. Organizes Officers' Slate Elects I.

BT LOUISE GUINTAKD! Organised some four

I'. sorry we Hissed last week's column. I'll try soothe ago the just en

.to brine you up to date on the 4th of July weekend Social and Savings Club

......... .has progressed rapidly'since II

Mrs. Vene1' Mot'one': a birthday was celebrated In Its Installation iv i

'the! usual Banner last week,si though observed day a eetiag at 4I3S W. Virginia

Inter.. July 5th. Hubby Jonathan served as chef Avenue under the I
for the at-hone cook-out. snd tuned out delicious direction of IIr.. ,10..1.II. .

barbecue for members of the family and lntl.ate Barnes and ins Addle

friends.Recently. Lowery

....................... tb. organisation

fro vacations and first slat of officers
returning a tour of f .2t ,
the world's Fair .rellra.: Era Rosier I and her hus are *

band, Chsrles. and Mrs. Evelyn Barnes. Henry N. Culp. preai-

..................... dent; Freddie L. Black

Of interest to many friends In the Florida com- shear vie president;

unity was the recant graduation fro Mehtrry Medical Mrs. Addis Lovery, reporter .

College, Nashville. Tenn., of former jaion.f and aeoretary;
f Hargrove r.tooten. non' STAFF MEMBOtSof the Teachers' Training institute for Mssdvantsged Children now Mrs.Sadie Kay, chaplain;

Of'3In.RoasLee in session at Rethune-Oookman College. This program is alaed at helping children Mrs Flossie M. Barnes
and the late -
Rdward: attend Integrated schools who encounter a new situation. Seated left to treasurer; Frank Lowery. COLLECTOR Joseph P. Kelly congratulates Miss Doris
w. 500ten of 2211 N.f
Myrtle Avaue *..> was award-J i right': Mrs. Marvel Grace, demonstration teacher kladerrartr-prl.ary level acting business manager; Blondell Robinson of 195 Wllloughby Ave Brook
ad'his medical degree. Dr.Florence L. Rowe, Institute Director; EJ.I Arahll, critique teacher; has Ida Mrs, Leatrlce Barnes. lyn. ".'t. on completion of training u a Customs

whit field, demonatratlon teacher Intermediate level. Standing: left to right: recording secretary; inspector.)
A f local
schools. Dr.0 ooten grackiaJted Mrs. S. Bo Lee sssistant director in charge of resources; Mrs. Donna Bradley., Mrs Ruby L. Blackshear, The Bureau of Customs has employed Customs "laspectresses" -

t doonstrstlon center teacher upper levels; Dr. R.H. Nam, instructor of the institute. financial secretary. for a number of years at New york
fro* Stan too High School
and other ports of entry Miss Robinson la the
: The president, along
and 1 star ..ttendedX.deruohenltT.ftew :
Orl.lII.to..n with membership, first woman inspector In the Customa Service.Inapector .

wishes to thank Mr. Robinson has a law degree fro. Suffolk
his degree la Pharmacy. H* Band Parents Club
.Carter president of the University/ Law school In Boston She has been assigned
then became the operator of
Nifty Thrifty social to Pier 92. North River. .New york City
two 'apothecary shops in Houston. Weddings Schedules Musicale
Savings Club and Itsembers (Photo by Bureau of Custom)
tiles, where be make. !
The Band parenta Club for holding the
his I home with his wife. thformer
Uleanor!: SlnonofHouston of William M. Ralnea InatallaUon services in Airman Williams Gateway Barracks
Leroy J.... Mcpherson, Cfcarlie Sanders, 937 w. School will apoaaor a the home of Mrs. Freddie
and their three dightersDeborah. |
648 Court H.30: and Edith Duval St 44 and Delorlse variety show July 26 is L. Blackshear. special Completes Course Meets Sunday
12. Perkins, till Moncrlsf 0.... 937 I0jval the school: auditorium.The thanks are also tendered Officers and members
8 Cheryl IlL WDOTOI
,In attendance, age at the one.Neharry Core sere it eier- Rd 22.Alvin St 26 title of the show ins tells for her cooperation OOVIB. N. M. -. Alrmsn are requested to attend

class were Mrs. Woo tea and her daughters Mrs. Clemmona. Atlanta. Vernon Gerald Watson, is "A Summer Festival in Baking the First Clsss John H. 111' the regular meeting of
Ca. 72 and Dorothy Mae 765 W. Church St 23 of Stars." so lspresstve.Ratfllni .
ceremony of Barracks
Mary Simpson of Jack: eon villa.Mrs. flwendolya ftalth llama, Jr. son Mr. Gateway NO. 3131Psturday
Daniels. 1459 s. 23rd and sandra Robert a Jones, The show will be similar of the trssslstor ..
Hi awl; Dr. and Mn. Heard; tDotc, Cleveland. Ohio; and Mrs John H. *ll* at 2 P I*
It. 41Roesa. 2390: woodland st. 19 to the talent scout shot radio as first ...
Mrs. Oeanor Jackson: Rata Anna Calif., and Mrs Hams, sr. of 1934 W35th joe J. Community Center
Del ores Pink Ins. Philadelphia Pa. H. Hsll. Jr. Arthur Lockett. Jr. .... on television, and prise, and $10 u second St. Jacksonville IJth and OrunthalSts

..................... prentls. Miss 27 and Canton. Ohio 21 and claaalcal and popular pulse will tsrmlnate has been graduated from Cosmander J.8.

Mrs. Doris Bennett baa returned from Beaufort. Mary K. Miller. Atlantic Ruth Ana Shepard, l2 aelectloas will N presented during the party to beheld the U. L Air Force nun Irving snnounced.Business .

Beach. Fla 17. Brewster Rd. 21. by outstanding on Friday Illbt.A.IU.t Commissioned Officer of importance
South Carolina rfiere she brings back glowing reports
Elijah E. blDloeIUI Alfoaia Plckett. 1132 groups and individuals Sat ,4123 t. Virginia school will be enacted Including
Leadership st
of a verypleasMit trip. Mr. and Mrs. Detej I
w. 22sd St IB and Franklin St.21 and Mary in the city.According Avenue, Lincolntstatea the ordering of caps '
Cannon AFB. N.M.
had relatives visitors
t: Wells tlftn jersey as
Rosetta E. Washington. K. Oilleapie, 650 Frank to Mrs ,Norms, The club'ssslllig
and other uniform '
of this Airman Will lams, who esstrslned supplies
recently.Mrs. tots MfCray Bllva. formerly
147) I. 25th at? ||. 11. St. .. |.. Bland.drtector, proeeedawlllbeuaed addreas Is 4127t. along with plans
visited friends and relatives here. msssgemeat
city Charlie Csry.nter. Curtis C. picks South>>
.................... S3w 1 to assist IBflnanolsi Virginia Avenue. and leadership, Is asaircraft for attending the' or
Duval St. 23 and Bead lad. 22 and Nadlne see uniforms The Club's: motto Is: ginliatloa'a national
we notice that some of the public school person W. for the band electricianwith
Louise Jones. |}. I. Bevard. 2161 tilt St! There's some Good In invention
ael have gone in for swimming. Registered la Uieadult a Tactical Air Command
Duval St II
the Worst of Ci.There's Firing squid and color
swimming classes Ule yuCA sre.:Mr. and Mrs. (TAC) unit at Hollo-
Frank Robinaon 11)0Aoorm Attending Su mmer Session some Bad Is the breakers will report at
man All, N. M. Hla unit
rarl: "". Eltchisgs, Mrs. iris L. tsoi. Kieklel w, St .2/: and Georgia
Beat of .
U* Thursday for
---- -- aunporta the TAC mlaslon 3 p.m
Lawrence V.Jones filliam Scott. ,MatkaalelWashington
Bryant ,
Mae Sessions, 1150 Aeon But there's leproveawntIs their regular practice
Thomas hUn Andrew L. TJler and of providing flrepoeer
Jimmy talker St. 378mm All of U*. and other sir support to ....1m. with Capt. Al.

..................... NarrelMni SplreaSt CUbe and other organi' U. B Army forces. brut ton
2w and Beverly L. latioaa
are cvdtally Membership books for
The summer concert season baa begun at .dul'll The strain tea graduate
taight, 1016 I. 27th StII. .
waters college. to attend the of Stanton lush school eligible world War I

.Jf&i4A1.ala..3.nMe.a..ts1 ( d.esrta.I of Assist 6 party Mta wife, Atllte .JeMrIm '.h..... e.ad deeemdeatawlablsg
Second Session Nest N. Chip, president to join the .Bar*
sole. announced that flundsy oomcerts will' .. pp. the daughter of wr.
seated every week until summer school closes Is and Mrs. James Mubley at racks sad Ausillsry remain
5..111 Class Mrs. Louise Blackahear
open, Commander
August.Sunday. 1012 C lilt St t panamsCity.
'1.. Secy,
ststed.IIEK .
programa will keadllse broadway 11I0... Now Fla irvlsg
..................... Underway .5j
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Jackson of tick ct. were FEXIAffOIIA BEACH'BegIstrstlom I

hosts for the Washington '.tat.. Community Club for the secmd Mrs Mrs. wlllle Ander TOO AIC III \

recently. session swimming lessons son. 1141 Fort Caroline

Present were Mr. and Mrs. Andrew L. TJIe,. Mr. are being held at the U. Buy, you Seek The Beet Doctor. R> .:
then your Doctor
and Mrs. Edward Rablsaum, Mr. and Mrs. ..r..c. V, dm Street Recrestloa Mr, | .1'.. John wtlcoi, erl..ud pbsrmaclstaAccardisg (
..101... Mr. and Mrs. "' 0... Barton and special Center Friday at T: !$ lit w. nth st Girl
to DoctorsOrders
....t. Oi ClmMons. head football coscn at fdwsrd 4: 4S P m sad l' IJ"IO4SP Mr. 4 Mrs.. prssk Patterson your '
: .. Use only The Rest
Waters Col .. : .m. SI7 t. Church c suac

Mr. Jadses was one of Coach C'l a.so.s' star athletes The cl..... for the st Buy Walls rrugs proprietor

at Morris Brown College in Atlanta. second ....1.. are: Be.glsmers. Mr, s Mrs Owrge Alei 3 RRUlSTUtM PMASMACISTS. TO' NINE tOU-

................... Advsace Be rater, 711. Court K. so y. A COWPL'T' LINT' OfCbsmetUsRubber

T\. Mummer Bridge Group met st the home of 'ra glnsers, intermediate, Mr Mrs Charles odsCmndtes<""rl..

I... urns, 1<70 west 9th Street recently. t.1.era, Mraat..1..< .. Floyd. 3I| t, |ltk It "PROCRlFTICMfl CAJIKO fOIl AW tLlvtamLilly's >
mere, sad
Jailor Life
Hostesses .rr, Mrs. Vermel Murray. Mrs. n > ,
Avis4Tber. STCPT: MAW mnmcf-Jease" U "..... of o..bnclc., .
and Mrs. Jonaste Mticnell. Ito Mrs jobasle w.st
Is s small regie ti and Miss 'Thelms P. RleSllghter/ 311 Seat Jen Store
Hmtetltste player eere loaee brooks .21 I. Kdesrd Drug
: Mrs. wiry C. ,
tratiom fee to be paid itst.. Tel........, are amoag the junior and s.wi-
Ft 1..
Ira. Ruts parrett end Mrs. Little Narrla. rites. Ave Ha/port, soy.
lot high school teachers studylsg this ....1' st
at the tlae of
.r. aeaHed U Lola A.ry. $.t. kith Parrott. ) .. reclottaflog. Mr.* Mrs. Willie perry,
Marie B. Ic<'lah. 3rd and the tacky tall, ,rl,. Tile fee will psyferthesecoad rU. Ail Cmlverslty Is the Nettoaal cemce 411 t Ashley St. Buy 111? KINCS Mil (1-11271(
five weeks Fo m to Ira Murrwy.
tart. mam Is m tescmer st Meee a Lane High School laCamtrlfge.
Others participating mare Mrs. marlan walker,
til ..,It. Istereeted and Miss Ilrallghter<< daughter of Mr.
..... R. Misatee. Mtrie Streets. Matins Jsclass,
is tsktsg a class Is and Mra.u.L1ldllshter ef Lake thi,. Is m teerUer -
rvelym 0lvla., e neva wneeler lid 2.1.. John...
................... Ceramic plesse re...* at Orlfflm JaalerNlaD School I. Tallahaasee.Slirliohls !

ltv st. the. Center The
The Jwaler S.Iaele' Cultaral ass will preset s perfect
#1... Is held) ms' Apoonnce Annual I
every Fele
Platter Party. Friday July (' from 7 .... matllst
day are ..41...., sight, dt
w. 7th St. The preeldwt ma*mnee. nora
1412 The Mighty Stsrllikt' the. prog ran will Isclude- pin
st 7: II P s Im the
will V. ad'r pits and also erne to the winner ef Social Boom of the Cem Oaepel Kisgersvtll cele- The ....1) Nsrr.seers.tLckeCltNoly

the "".""contest. A very nominal .
fee 'elll .. emerged mad the pekllt Is lad tad.I sis Isstrwct powrlsg .f ",..r, sVisdsy July' IIbeilMlsg Us.., Netvwily R< ,a

I Visiting Relaliies Ceramic The ...tnett.. st I p. .. In cmoee, PI lie Jubilees.

ate fr. All stsdemtselll Wt Ararat B*>tlst ChsrcaAMiet ...mbemis.Mra.. Mary O o4mam. perfect Salty Dogv.o.

jo Ass ...... the step Posse guest .f her .., have to psy far his Voices 0f Jerusalw

daagtter.t Mr. mad Mrs. .. Meh, JUU .d Mrs. er her msterlals. eppmrtlwg gresps .a mad ettere.Cfrlilicates .

... iU.for WJgglmsmji4grm" 4* L.r., E.n. Jr. 01 Appricialioi

.g* ltef mf tr. and. Mrs. Miss Lang plus toe ran

:-"_es' ......,. left.Friday ts rs la the fall to ran !4r:" "

for Olmmtejg. OMs w.e her stmdlea dee .. ., ? "} d r ,..-.

slots she will be the tutton Big *oS* I.CfHIfta. ..$ r


el ; ? .


(UHat1H i ?

tea Will Sw twld Is Flats *.... wet ts* Tr_*le Is S j

net le Caslsg It a4 tad .*, Se tae t.O'rr.d J.

It. If tee Swffe WJtt:

I IaJm.uOlOlll: MsnU KaoaOe.s

1W4 sumo: mwmvwi snwCOJH Iwr9tT17at T ie StQgrat s ,
p '/ h
awl stauiB mamarts Ka11ASn 1
"'""' i
Hu naua MSOSOOI: nsns BIKCMUMBMnsB 1j Extra PrtesMat.MO

sum s win rwostin' mm' ,.a i

iSHIMS wtmujwa ..-n-.&. Stsoacnasnca Asa

II n s suuoni osxwie KA.astts a :

ao ova -
Op Air eoi0 : :

I treat ..."...*s ......., ....l..red eergUalItaMt sa a

iN ... ef a toll..I.rv ...**** .f day CITE WOUXTias-('ertincate* ef awpf1ete Ss ee teer* *.,. ..../.. by ..

win and tfwaU. .... ras.....tMHW Wt mffVJi fl. 1 I.,... Bite, frwslmlstrsur, Fieri*. AIM Bmlveteliy ......ai, U a _.,., efevJmsteerw .

"" .12 years e......,.! s Mtl.. Is Ja ...m.llle. .. he.. _t........ ttelr service I* tke TallaBasee UeUtatl( 'd.s.

lieu IS ..,.. .. tI: / .. .... ,... 4 .un enrtsg the past ,.,........ at .e ef the ...H t1w..... left .. vigil *ree ...

DR. REX SMITH Mrs '.P. Pints ls.trw.termmr.e, fun Sdgfe< e/erleer .s .. lmmtef. Tmrnt1Stripers"

ssm ..I .uu Mrwet AP.I.P 1 Arms em Ul a SMlep, preslmwmt sf tt* F.W RIM tas. Stn,er<* -essuse I_.u r4 s.ae N4ge N w.i...ear.er.e.saew

emr.. .. a........ w w. u..s.. cr. .,... Pit AJt. Flatt.prwmld ef tie Usa sls Ugh ffxSisel *T ..rte*," sUe.t m.*.|tsl
wlnl..r d." mad Mr. Sits




1. .. __


..9'14 i r'f
Published by the Florida Star. PubJitbim Oowpany
Second of Two Articles)

ERIC 0. SI.'SI..lIall.1111 HlticUYSON { The strange fact that most Negroes canno
trace their family history back to the]
E. VISE .... Niws Utter
is of
'old country" one the most formidable -[

IILDA VOITEN......... Clreilitiii Mangse. reasons for the abject failure of]
the Communist Party to penetrate the civil[
rights movement or shake their loyalties.
Hitler's rise to !
During power, the Nazi
.2323 Mucriif' Rut: rim Eltii. 4-5712 ,_, Bund attracted throngs of German-Americans
to its rallies in our big cities. Although j
Mail ui nearly all German .amerlcans110Ya111

P.O. In SSI, Jaekjiiiilli 1 Fliriii rejected Hitler an soon
discovered his global

MIAMI OFFICE their nostalgia and
for Germany tinde them,
131 NV Sri All. Phiil 311-1025 ,susceptible to Bund
and rallies.

Party here grew
YOUNG to record ciabership daringthe
One Year $6.00 Half Year, $4.00 '
to Anywhere in the united States : era of U.S.-Soviet "good feeling"
Mailed you ,
Subscription payable in advance during florid ttar II. Americans of Russian
Order to : extraction cheered Moscow s contributionsto
Send Check or Money :
1 the war effort and some took out party
FLCRIDA STAR P.O. BOX 561 Negro Americans, on the other band can't
Jacksonville 1, Florida f trace their origins to any foreign country
unless you want to count Alibana and Missi
And most that know of do
ssippi. I not
Negro Teachers Must Relocate have much nostalgic feelings for Governors
Ry some strange hand of fate, desegregation Prejudice? Don't let them catch it from you. Wallace and Johnson. Today, we share great

is serving as a boon to Negro pupilsbut pride In the accomplishments of the emerging .
it has created problems for many of THE NATIONAL CONPEKENCB or CHRISTIANS. JEWS African nations. But, as no particular
their teachers who have been left without country is Involved, this concern and Interest
Jobs. Some of these teachers may be blamedin : is comparatively general probably
part for their plight. w----- it is more like the spiritual bond which
Florida's tate School Supt.Thomas Bailey American Catholics have fcr the Vatican
hits established four-man relocation com- rather than, say the pride Italian-.Amen-
mittee to assist in helping unemployed Negro : ?. cans had for ilussnllni until he pouredthe
teachers to get Jobs in other sections mustard git* on the Fthioplans.
of the state when their schools are closed So the Red recruiters started off with one
,a by desegregation. We are encouraged by ta very big strike against them They further
the appointment of James Grant, former antagnorled Negroes by attempting to grab
president of Florida State Teachers Associa the legal defense in a number of southern
tion. to this committee. He certainly can :' trials of innocent Negroes. For some, it
give information that is valuable from the ,'TMs. AsTiot4i1. rant the kiss-of-death.

Negro' point of view. And Negroes who didn't suspect! Red manipulation -
Desegregation consequences are often elusive of the Scottshnro case for the purpose
and difficult. to pin point is t6 of anti-U.S. propftgandA soon learnedthe
cause. First, Negro pupils In a small Iso. American ConcunHt Party wa* pro-8ua-
lated section can be transferred and absorbed ,aiM,not pr -Necro. I remember clearly how
in white schools wi hout requiringnew It advised Negroes in 1940 not to Join the
teachers. ;econd, often if new teach army, even as the war clouds darkened, because
ers are needed in the desegregated school, ARIF.S CANCER Stalin and Hitler had aimed their Infamous .
white teachers are given preference treatment Born March 21st thru Bo'rn June 22nd thru LIBRA Dec.CAPRICORNBorn 22nd thru non-aggression pact. But this tune
School Board' "play it safe' for April loth July 22ndIT Born Sept 23rd thru 19th changed radically as soon as Hi tier's tanks
fear of offending white parents who oppose THERMS: : MUCH TO ai SAID I COULD COME AS A SURPRISE Oct. 13rd Jan. rolled across the Soviet frontier
the idea nf teacher instructingtheir DISCOVER THE MAIN DIFFICULTIES. the nuthrrfk of the in
children. THAT YOU WUI CALLED UPON the slavish chase after Moscow
Home Negro teachers may have permitted ALLOWED TO RUN TMCIWCOURSE. AS GOOD A TIME ON THE THE PRECEDING' OUAR. TO CONQUER MAY II CONSIDERED ,. twirling coattails with Its almost dilly
their certificates to expire in the wake WHEN YOU PERMIT* TERMS SET IV SOMEONE SIRS, YOU MAY NOW CON. FAR BEHIND YOU. twists and turns, had totally discredited
of forthcoming deegregatlon--taking a YOUR IMAGINATION TO ,BE ELSE RESIDES YOUR 0... 'j tlllDSRji SAFELY DVl OP YOU MAY REASSERT YOUR It in the Negro roMl1nl t.J. The few' remaining
pessimistic view ,point ,that,, they ,will lose CAPTURED BY A.TIITlct "A FEfr AMflRflrou- SMolKv 'JIVOUR iAV. PROCEED WITH' AUTHORITY' OR DOMINANCE. Negro Communist party wembera dropped
their job any way. A person who takes this AND CULTURAL INTERESTS GC ON 'THC TRAIL OF A THE ORIGINAL' PLANS ADOINTENTIONS. '' EXPECT OTHERS TO RESPECT their nrabership. only one of the score
position should be fired from teaching.If I IT WOULD IE ALL FOR THE ,PROFITABLE" TRANSACTION COUNT ON, IT WITHOUT FURTHER QUESTION. of turncoats that fell for North Korean
this committee functions efficiently, ETTIR. THE ASIANS WHO SHOULD NOT IE BACKWARD YOUR COCO-LUCK TO STAND SUBSTANTIAL MA. brainwashing wan Nfl'").
it will save many good and excellent teachers ARE VACATIONING OVER AIOUT UTILIZING TNE SIR- FAST AT THIS STAGE OF TERIAL BENEFITS IN THE Negro troops in Korea inrticularly In
front being lost to education. Be thatas THE WEEKEND MAY HAVE A VICES OF INFLUENTIAL THE CAM(. ALTHOUGH AN FORM OF RICOGNITIONPOR the bleak, early dwys of the war. distinguished -
it may, the dislocated teacher must be DELIGHTFUL I TIME SIGHTSEEING PEOPLC NO HAVE JUST THE MO PROBLEM OF AMDNETARV SOLID ASSETS MAY BE themnelven gallantly pant saw in
willing to "pull up stakes' and move to TALKING TO PEOPLE MIGHT CONTACT. DO NOT NATURE IS STILL LU".IIIO. FORTHCOMING THROUGH"Z the Korean Invasion not only a naked power
another section of the state or out-of- AND SATISFYING THEIR II TOO GLOOMY AMUT TjMC I YOU SEEM BETTER ABLE TO VERY FORTUITOUS DEVELOP attack aialrwtapjuaU country but the. dawn
state district. CUROSI TY TO THE UTMOST. WAY THE WORLD IS SHAPINGUP CLUOE OR COPE WITH IT. .[..,. TURN DOM PROPOSITIONS of a new' attitude by their own nation toward
we commend fiupt. Bailey for having the ROMANCE REMAINS VERY FOR IT HAS SOMEHOW YOUR SPOUSE OR SOMEONE THAT CANNOT MEET Negro fighting men. Only two years
foresight to envision the need of a relocation PROMINENT. IT SHOULD .E MANAGED TO OUTLIVE I ALL INTERESTED IN YOUR WELFARE THI TEST OF A THOROUGH earlier. President Truaan had issued his
committee to assist unemployed Negro RECEIVED WITH OPEN ARMS THE DIRE' PREDICTIONS OF CAN INTERCEDE AND INVESTIGATION. ALTHOUGH historic executive order banning racial
teachers in getting Jobs suited to their BY THOSE WHO ARE PREE OP THE "PAST |IT SHOULD CONTINUE SEC TO IT THAT YOU NO THE TEMPTATION TO DABBLE bias In the armed services, and Negro
capacities and skills. ANY OTHER COMMITMENTS. TO DO so. SOCIAL, LONGER ARE' BOTHERED BY IN GAMBLCS OF ONE SORT troops felt that change was in the wind.
JUST SEE TO IT THAT YOU EXPENSES RUN HIGH. .t IT. OR ANOTHER MAY NOT BE They were ht.Formerly all- "gro units---
Mayor Accepts Negro ChoHeniell DO NOT OVEREXTENO YOURSELF ,.<<).3).U*23J 4-80-tM9-B9-4at unliT,THI MOII.IIIIIII- many which hat been reptHly" watted and
This newspaper has contended all alone "1M'. LEO SCORPIOBorn RECOONIIE IT FOR MAT IT ttC""t"re; promotion wer* mode on merits
that. qualified Negrors should be employedby 10-90-77-1J-65-I57! Born July 23rd thro.Aug. Oct. 24th thru I' AND SHUN IT COMPLETE rather than rare; and the appetite of
our cities and towns in white-collar 22nd ,?. Nov. 22nd LY. colored troops for this new equality proved
job. and in engineering capacities..Already' TAURUSBorn LIFE COULD IE 10 SPLENDID PEACE OF MIND SHOULD BEITH ..So"-15052-135 ,onc 1 OII .
:too many! of our group are contented to find April 20th thru WERE IT NOT FOR THE 'YOU ONCE AGAIN WITH As the chains of Jim Crow began to snap.
custodial, laboring, and trash-collecting May 20th FACT THAT SOMETHING ALATS 'YOUR ASSOCIATES AND MONETARY AqUARIUR Negro troops and civilians responded by a
Jobs THE TAUREANS WHO NAVE COMES UP TO SPOILIT INTERESTS FALLING. Porn Jan. 20th thru display for even stronger loyalties than
Tampa leaders have been working ceremoniously MADE UP THEIR MINDS TO FOR YOU. THE MOST UNDER EXCEPTIONALLY Feb 18th in the past Racial integration had thus
to get a statement of policy from ENLARGE THEIR LIVING CONFUSING AND OISTURIING JNOER EXSCEPTIONALLV' FA.VOR'ABLE YOU COULD BC SITTING slammed the door on the last of the party
the city administration regarding this sl tuatlon. SPACE TO PROVIDE POR ADDITIONS ASPECT SEEMS TO STEM FROM( PLANETARY INFLUENCES. ON TOP OF TMC WORLD WHEN organizers and wary Negro leaders have
Net Mayor Nick C. Nuccio has said TO THE FAMILY OR THE NOME OR IECAUSE OF A MINOR' DETAILOR THIS THIRD QUARTER Mutt spared no effort to keep then fro infiltrating -
any department city COR PLAY AND MONIES war HAVE GEIN PREVIOUSLY 0'VERLOOSE0 America's Negro cltis'n* don't a
ministration" A "RATMCR THAN PROMPTINGS OF YOUR that rats
.E IN THEIR SEVENTH HI A. SHOULD NOT RF KhniAchev or Koaygin to us
The mayor made his announcement In reply VIN. OF COURSE YOU MUST EMOTIONAL APPROACH' TO ALLOWED TO DISTURG YOUR HEARTS TO ABANDON YOURSELVES are tilting our kids up In Harlem ..' ,.
to an editorial by C. Blythe Andrews jr. TAKE INTO ACCOUNT THAT THE PROWL EM,THINGS, COULD EQUANIMITY. THE SCORPIOSWO << RECKLESSLY TO known all about it for some time now. And
urging the employnent' of a Negro as Mild- COSTS ARE AM TO SURPASS at SETTLED WITH' SOME DE- NAVE TO LABOR DCSPIU MSRSVSR IT LEADS YOU. ben the book is written on the story of
Ing Inspector. Mr. Nuccio reminded the YOUR MAXIMUM ESTIMATES. GRIt OF SATISFACTION TO THE MSATOFTMC SEASON BUT TNERC All INDICA. America's Necm citizens think historian
editor about the civil service regulations THIS MAY REQUIRE YOU TO ALL CONCERNED. THE LEOS SHOULD !NOT PING TMC TWINS THAT PERHAPS ALLIS will record that, for loyalty, patience,
governing employment! Ye know Mr. .Andrews FOREGO SOME OF YOUR IN. WHOSE PROFESSIONAL 01 GOING TOO DIFFICULT, ESPECIALLY NOT WHAT IT APPEARS and patriotism their record has bean ro-
wan already Intoned on thin point. TENTIONS. DO NOT PERMIT LIGATIONS ARE KEEPING WHEN THEIR SERVICES TO BE ON Tilt .""'C r. thing short of miraculous <,
immediately for some Job in. the city ad- GV THE DEMANDS OP ENOUGH* TO COMPENSATE 2-*>-""I U-H 29 0(14?. THOSE ouno"I I Stardust
.ministration. won' t be wholesale presentation YOUR FRIENDS AND LOvED THEM FOR THE PLEASURES fiAtilTTARIUSBorn MO ARC FIRMLY
Ijan ao few people .qualified. BEEN ONES.DOING, IT MAY NAVE reo D,..c.23rd 21stIT thru FINS TARIAN EXCELLENT CAUSES OUTLETS SHOULD Willie' Tear Teraw.1 Farce

THIS WEEK IN AMD A PERIOD OF REST AND Born Aug. 23rd thru FOR THE OTHER PERSON TO 4.n.n.1s.tasn Alabama-sponsored press tour attempted to
RELAXATION.. Sept 22nd GUESS WHAT YOU REALLY give the Stat. of Alabama a face lift and
YOU NEED NOT IE SEEN THIN AND FEEL. Co II. PISCES new image for the world to behold The
..20-tt-I50se..zt TO EXERT ALL rot AUTHORITY NTVYUNLESS YOU VOuR- Bon Feb. 19th thru tour was called "'Al tor' a of a Frt and
Born May 21st thru ac WITHIN YOUR "'IP.TWE THE INFOWMAT10N.YOU DO NOT SIT IDLY AND BAIT The aim of the free ride for editors mud
July II, iSM--Mcro.a ri'lttUly cUrtd ArtCM -' June 21at GREATEST DETERRENT TOSUCCESS RISK Tot POSSIBILITY FOR THINGS TO HAPPEN roe newspaper men was "to show them what the
.. CltlawAa la a nuwb.r of aoatatn atttM.J As LONG AS YOU ARC KEEPING SHOULD THERE IE THAT Tilt 0"1" YOUR" THEY SELDOM DO IN Sue true Alabama was like" perhaps, at lent
.ljr It, U7S"AllCR ""tIaabar Iq.lsoa! aoelolodat. YOUR END OF THE GAR- ONE, WOULD 1C YOUR INABILITY CHOICE WILL' CONTINUE TO INSTANCES. AS LONG AS to get favorable news for the state. Negroes
author and trio* of tinted poet Pal LM- GAIN OR DOING THE JOG TO AARIVC AT ANY LABOR UNDER A MISAPPAEHENSION. YOU FEEL LUCmv.Ana" VMCWS are BO fools, they understood what
rose Duabar. WM bora in NM Or!..*. THAT IS ASSIGNED. TO YOU. POSITIVE. CONCLUSIONS GOOD LUCK ISMCOMPANYIM IS LITTLE REASON WV VOW It was all about and to thorn Alabama's Image -
Jilt 20. U4l"*>rlf a first wo..' RlatiU Cba- IllS NOT K aOTXEAEOGY JUST AT THE MOMENT THEY YOU OH THISHT. MOULD NOT ac, ESTABLISH remains hideous and objectionable.to .
VGRtloa aald. >M.' I Rlihta and ntt..U .rj c. YOU OR ATTITUDES COULD TIP THE SCALES IN YOU NAVE TO GIVE IT MAT YOU REAlLV ARE arTII. wondtr If the tour Jnst laeladtd only
.M were Haled.J WC STATEMENTS OP YOUR NCIGMaoRS. YOUR FAVOR. THE REST OF A SASH max( TO EITIACT GET TO BOM SO THAT the good features of Alabama if ao, It was
l* 21. U.I"'U Pint Uttltof lull ima. al.- THE WEST OF THIS THIS QUARTER SHOULD IE TNC BENEFITS IT **Y NAVE TMSSC THINGS REACH TMCSTAGC a fatten The Joanallsts ought to have
alrtnat victory tor tao CMftdtracy during tae QUARTER SHOULD ac ,..... CALM ENOUGH. ENABLING TO OFFER YOu. ALTwOuGM OF COMPLCTION.TMIS have been show the Negro residential sections
Civil war. WM tauht. ENABLING' THE MAJORITY OF YOU TO DOMESTIC SITUATIONS REMAIN COULD BE A .NE. HOrt. A how they lived how poor whites
Jwljr 22 ll 7..Qalu du*.l WC O>*n*. oa. of tao YOU OUIL TO ENOUGH ATTEND, TO SOCIAL. "'AVIwIn,, STUDY, ADVAMCSa UNDER A CLOUD THE CTTER POSITION G. GCM live and the like. The Journal 1 at a oa4
oldest diirckM ia CUOMO wu ft>.d4. AMD PRIVATE MATTERS THAT SUBJECTS OTHERWISE ESTABLISHMENT OF GOOD TMIM nil THAT YOU MAC have noted that dilapidated boosts was the
July 2J, Milmil *.l M le, Baa rot of tuioola NAVE TOO LOSS GESM MGucua. ( PASS THE TIME ACCORDING ILL BETtCIN PARTNERS SEEN CRAVING SECRETLY. rule rather then the etc*r tine.
,_d oaGGf the greatest MrwoaallUM of coalRaporary TO YOU PREFER MOULD REMEDY TMEW TO A1T111 4.70.33.I3.46 (7) Next tl... 3r la 11 ace. forget the barb -
Afrt*. waa ton.Jaly ENCES. CITENT. <1I.. and show yoar visitors the stalk:
24. 1104-lra Aldrtck. real ....... Raaksparna ). .bO-13-15.371 facts of poverty deliaqmtaey sad Ignorance -
actor was bora. .


-- --

I'y, --

I t' I i iNew I i


B-CC Institute Underway Social Club First Woman Inspector Greeted '

R i'\ Organizes Elects I

d oclaiuBT ,.1. ,

!? Officers' Slate

LOUISE GUINTARD Orlanlaod .0.. four

Bonthe MO the Just Da
I'm sorry we Biased last weeka u Iu.n. 111 try ,
Social and Savinga Club
to bring you up to date on the 4th of July week '
haa progressed
end......... A rapidly
d, aloe its installation
Mrs. Veraer-McCone'a: birthday was celebrated lathe IT
LL r .t tlni at 4135 .. VirI I
usual .annet'1ut .eek. aJ thou" observed a day
tDla Avenue under the
later.. July 5th. Hubby, Jonathan Barred aa chef I
direction of Mr*. Floaal
for: the at-hone cook-out, and tuned out delicious i
M. Barnea and Ufa. Addle
barbecue for Beabera of the family and intlnat
Mends k Lowery, I

....................... The organisation's :
first slate of officer
Recently returning fro vacations and a tour of
the Worlda Pair wereMr: Era 1 Rosier and bar hue-
Beery N. Culp. prtal
bend, Charlea. and Mra. Evelyn Barnes.
..................... dent; Preddle L. Black
ah ar. vie president; '
Of interest to Bany friends la the Florida COB
Mr.. Addis Loeery, reporter -
unity was the recent graduation fro Meaarry Medical .,.
and secretary;

College, Nashville Tenn., of foner Jason STATT MBKBEKSof the Teacher Training Institute for l Diaadvantaged Children BOW Mr*. Sadie Ray, chaplain;
!>r. Hargrove '. too ten. won'
in session at Rethune-CookBan ())JJ.... Ibis progra la alaed at helping children Hra. Ploialt M. Barnes,
o f'Tcra.\0.. Lee and thelatvc, r
COLLECTOR Joseph p. Kelly congratulates Mlaa Doris
attend integrated schools who encounter anew altuatlon. Seated left to traaaurtr; Prank Lowery.
Edward >. 9 oten of 2211 N.f Blondell Robinson, of IB) ttlloughby Are. Brook
right, : Mra. Marvel Grace, deaonatratioa teacher klnderitrteo-prlasry level; acting buaiaeaa water;
Myrtle Avenue, who waa awarddhia -] lyn. ft.t. oa coapletlon of training aa a Cuatoaa'
Dr.norence Roan. Institute Director Ed Arahll critique teacher Miss Ida Ira. Ltatrlc Barnes,
Bedlcal degree
Whltfleld. deaonstration teacher. Intemediat Ieu]. Standing: left to right: recording cretary; Inspector.

A product o f the local! ," *, Mra. 8.B. Lee. assistant director in charge of resources, Mra. Donna Bradley.dDaatratloa Mra. Ruby L. Blackshear, The Bureau of Customs baa employed Customs' "inapectreaaea" .

schools Dr. Wootea grades L : center teacher, upper level; Dr. B.H. Na. Instructor of the 'n..U financial secretary. for a nuaber of years at New fork

ted fro Stan ton High School: ',*., tit t.. The president aloni and other ports of entry Mlaa Robin ion la the

andlaterattendedXsvtetun- .. with tbs Beaberahlp, nut woaan Inspector In tile Custoas Service,
l..r.1 ty,New Or)en s to earn _
wishes to thank Mr. laapector lau a lae degree from Suffolk
hi a degree la r sraacy. H' }. I Band Parents Club .
Carter president of the University Law In Button She has been aalgned <

then becaae the operator oftwo'apothecary Weddings Nifty Thrifty social to pier 92. North River Nee tork city,
shop In Houston [ Schedules MusicaleThe
Savings Club and its (Photo by Bureau of Customs' )
Texas. there he Bake
Band Psrenta club sabers for holding the .
his hDB with his wife the
----- of tllllaa M. Raiaea Installation etnrleee IB Airman Williams Gateway Barracks
foner itleanor Sinaa of
j Houston
Leroy jaaea Mcpheraon. Cbarll snd.,., pit '. School will sponsor a the toss of Mra. Freddie

and their three dwgh, 141 Court H.30 and Biltb Duval St. i 44 and Da. variety show July 29 IB L. Blackahear. Special Completes Course Meets Sunday

tera,Deborah. 12. Patricia. Perkins, 4611 Moncrlef lorls Deaa 937 V. the school alldl torlu. thinks are alao tendered Officers and .e.bers

I, ''and Cheryl, age one. t*. WOOTW Rd. 22.AIln Duval St. 26. Tb* title of the show Mra. tells for bar co- CLOVIB. N.II. .Alr.an are requested to attend
In at UI.lle11arf'1 CotMencceieat eier CleeMon, Atlanta. Vernon Gerald Values la. "A Surer ,...tlnlof operation la saline the Ptrat Claaa John H. Wll the regular Heating of

ciaea were Mra. woolen and bar dalliia t.n, Mrs and t. Church St. 23 "
Ga. 72 Dorothy Mae 715 Stars. cre-'ny ao lapresslv lisas, jr BOB of Mr. Gateway Barracke NO :31JIFaturday

Mary Slapaoa of JackaonvillaMra.) ; flwendolya ftalth.leal Dsalele. JUt .. 23rdSt. and &andra Robert a Jones, The show will bstallar Raffling of the traa. and Mra John H. VI1ll. at 2 p. .. la

; Dr. and Mr*. Wward Rotten, claveland. Ohio; 41. 2350 Woodland St. It. to the talent aoout ahowa stator radio aa first
and ..., arm of S24 t.2Sth joe Jaswa Cosusuntty Center
Ken ta Calif.,
O Mra.Bel
Mrs eanor Jackaon. Ama
Roeaa H. Mall Jr. Artier Lockett. jr. aeea oa television aadclassical prlae, and flO aa second St. Jacksonville llth and Oruntbal

ore* Pink Ins. Philadelphia...............Pa........ prentis. Mlaa. 27 and Cantos Ohio. 21 and and popularaelectloaa prlae will terminate has been graduated fro Its, Coanander J ..

Mary K. Miller. Atlantic Ruth Ann Sbepard 1112 will be preented duties the party to behold the U.S. Air Pore Nun Irving announced.Bualaeaa .
Mra. Doris Bennett has returned fro Beaufort 1.. renter Rd. 21. .
Beach. 17. by outataadiag oa Friday alibi, Coaniaaioaad Oftlo.rLsiderobip of laportaaee
South Carolina where aha brlnga back gloving re Elijah r bl.IOG.IUI Alfoasa) Plckett 1132 and individuals ,
iroupa August fat 4122 t. Vlr school will be enacted Including
ports of a very pleasant trip. Mr. and .,.. Dewey franklin St. and at
I. 22ad St. IB aDd .21 Mary ia th c1t.J.AcCOrdhl ilala Avenue, Llacola the ordering of cape
Cannon APB. N.M.
C. tella had relative from New jeraey aa visitor Rosetta E. ..."llltOI, C. QiUeapla, 150 Prank to Mra. taro status The Clubs and other uniform

recwatly.Mra. tl McCray 811... formerly of this 1475 .. 25th St. 18. lID St. 11. Bl and.dri actor. proceed aalllai address la 4337t. Airman tllllans.who was piles along with plaaa aup
tralaed IB ........nt
City visited friends and relatives here. Chsrll Carpenter. 13t. Curtis C. Ricks, south will bn.1d to aaalat IBfiasaolag Vlnlala
.................. Avenue. and leaderahlp, la an for attending the or
Duval St. 2) sad Bend lad. 22 and NadiaeBevard. aew uaiforaa, The Clay" sotto ta: gsalaatloa'B national

we notice that .,.. of the public actiool peraoa* Loalse Jones. 120 t. 2111 W. 41st Bt for tbs band Therea sons Good IB aircraft electrician entventloa.Plrlag .

set have pee in for ."..IDIo Reglatered IB the Duval St. II. the Ion of tia. with B Tactical Air teaBand -
squad and color
adult swlrnlag classat p CA areMr.; and Mrs (TAC)) wait at Hollo-
Prank Robtaaoa, 1150 There Bad
Attending Summer Session e some in tbe brewers will report at
Baa Are N.M. unit
Par ft. Kitchlaga, Mrs Iris L. Rnol. Exektel .. Acorn St .21 and Oeorgia Beat of Da.
aupporta the TACalssloa 3 p.m. Thursday for
Bryant Lawrence V.jonea. illllM Scott "Nathaniel Mae Sessions, II 50 Accra But there'a lapro'.MGt their regular practiceaeaslmt
of providing firepower
Waablagtoa. Thou Barton, Aadrew L. 'Tylr and It. n. IB All of ua. and other air support to eltb Capt. Al.

Jiany talker. SM H-rrell.4131 PC I res Chile and
..................... other organlatloaa !- U. Po Afar force brat ton.
St.. Jt and Beverly L-
are ecrdlallylavlted boots for
... has at M ard The lrn la arsduate
The aaaaier coacert .0. talght. 1011 1.21'It, to attend the
eligible world tar Ivelarana
Stanton Huh School
Raters QJ h...
.. .... It. August S party Mia wife, ."". loss, a.d ."..41..,*
..J$lA) **. ) .ta d.pwt..t Of
BUaie. announced that rda coacert will be presented Second SessionSwfemnliHI dent.Mama N. Nip i>,** I* the daughter. of vr. wishing to join the .lurracka -

every eeek aatll auaiaier school closes la Class and Mr.. .I.*.* Mubley vI sad. Austllsry re.
Mra. Louise Blackahear
1012 R. lUll 't. pana sill open, Coaaderirvlag
'1.. aery, stated.
17 prograaa will kesdllae broadway ahowa.Mr. Now Underway ai City, Pla.

..................... STORK DELIVERY

and Mra. Harold Jackaoa of Th Ct. were rix U"DIU lIAOI"'R'/

''hosts for the w.'hlto..tat... Cownalty Clebrecently. tatretion for the second Mr.a II,.. tlllle Ander lIEN TOR AIE III

aeaaioB s-laalag lessons i aoa. H4I Port Caroline
YOU Seek The Beat Doctor>>
Present were: Mr. and Mra. Aadrew L. Tyler' Mr. are bliss held .t the Rd., Roy,
gas Tour Uictor prencribea.Get .
and Mrs. Edward Boblaaoa, Mr. and Mr*. Lawrence V. OB: Street tecreatloa Mr, B Mra. Jobs lleoi,
Experienced pberaeeletaAcourdlag :
,10.... Mr. aad Mra. Toeja Ratios and special Ceater PTlday at 2: 15* lit t nth ft. Qlrl.Mr .
to Q
poet 01 CJ..oe., bead football 1 coach at rdward 4: 41 p. .0 sad 7' U. a Mra prank Pat your
: Orders. We |U") Oaly The Met
Caters Coli.... 10U..*. E tend, 111 I. Church C' K. II.M1I
9ilIty ('rugs
Mr. ,I.clllO. waa owe of Coach Cloaaoa star athlete The classes for the It,, B"y.Mr Proprietor

at Morn Iron College>> la Atlanta. aecoad ....1.. are; Mglaaera. a Mra. Omrie AleiBAder > I RtUIVTUtU PHARMACISTS' TO BTRVK TOV

................... Advaac Be* \W .- 111 ant t. Buy. A COMPLETE LINE' OfQxHctlceRubber

The Muwaier Bridge Gro.p ..t at til* lose af Mr*. .....,., lateraedlat. Mr B Ire CharleaPloyd. OwdsCandltaltiJidrlesPMSCRIPTIOOIS .

..1..,., Advance Set*. Ill t. |ltd it., .
Ira curra:. 1470 I.stth Street recwtly. all CAIXILO M AW d.lvtUD"Lilly's

Hostesses eerr. Mrs. ..r", Mrs. Vend Melbas>> oars, aid Jsaler Life Boy,
11'AUIt iriwct-Jes (UPrewaa 0 f Cambridge.
and Mr Johnnl Mtlchell.Mabatltate bat us.Tb.re Mr,* Mra. jokaale. t..fbreoka
la asll reile- .1 ad Miss TbelM P. II ca Ugh ter. 211 Weet Jen Store
Ill t. Kdeard
players were: Mrs. Nary C. .1011... Drug
trstlo fee to b* paid .1.... Tallahaaee, are host tAt Junior aad *... .
Its Rat parrott and Mr*. Little Nsrrls. prtie. Ate Ms/pert, Pla Buy,
lot high school, teacher atvdylag the _.r .t
at the tle of reglatr-
eere awarded t.e Lot ',er,. 1st. Ruth Parrott,2nd. Mr.* Its tlllle perry,
Pin rid. AAM Calveralty IB the ,Nstloaal relent
..rte" ,eC1a1.. JH ad the leek, tally prtte tle*. Tale fee elll pay 4IS t huh", Bt Buy. III? RIMS loll Cl-31271
fortbeaeooad five weds Powa4atloaepoaore4" t.rtS cl ice lutl..t./ .

to tree Hump. eouree. et* la a teacher at Mace a Laae High Icaoel laCaarldge.
partlclpetlag eerr. Mra. Maria talker
All adilta latereeted M. Mies tickijhter, daaghter of Mr.
Male ... III.,t.., srie Streeta, Mstlse Jscaaoa.
la tskiag a class la and Mra. s.LLlctll +t.r *f Lea* at,. la a teach
fleeter aad lelae Jokaeo.
r.lya OwJvla. Geneva................... Corals 'I.... tells. er at Grafts Js.l.r NInA School I IB Tallahassee.Starlights .

trar at Ue. Center This The
The Jwalar B aal* Caltaral" Cub will ,r...' perfect
/la*. I* bee every ->*. Announce.. Annual fete .
flatter Party, Prlday, Jilt II fro 7 ,... ate .'
day and .....* .t 1412 w. 7th It. 1It. ".....it *M oace* there Th* Mighty Starlight th. progran elll |*elde: martini pin
at ,
7:16 IB tke !
will t. dy r ,rt,.. aad alan ee to tie wiaaer *f : 9 00...! *4agere|)| f.... The Onapel Nsrwoaeer
Social BOOB *f tie Ce*
the .Jerfwatest. A very BOB) *| adalaaiM br*.e their third aal ofUseClty.Noly. Light,
ter Tbla else* .111 makes
fee elll be charged aad the pabllt II luUH.I ale tastract aoerlsg *f veresry ....., Jy| II Cleftoaee Heavenly Reh ,a

beglaalag at I.. *. la *", Mile Jble| ..
Cereal .
Tb lastrwctlo*
I Visiting Relatives are free, All at..eata MUArarat Bvtlt. 0."* _'__....,.r.. Mary ct)04. perfect Salty Dog

Af..b .... "'It..t JerwJ.
Jo Aaa Laag. tk* atetdMgbter > bowse ...., *f ber wt will bsve to pay far blar
epeortlag! .".,. e* and eUert.
of .,. aad Mr. said and, ftgk end tra.Lerey ber aster I sis.

Aftlrr 11..1.. |_. jr. Certificates Of Appreciation

t 4ppl'f.r ar ad Mrs Piss imt plan I t* re- -

SSe'J.n Potier. left Pitt.rs IB U* fall t. r*. "<;hj ,' T"---,

t-. .*/' for! O bl.*.... 'Obi* *.**. bar etefle *t .... \ '61. b ." :?.d,

...,. old .111 b* tb* at... Sigh red**I.CtflIfIJtitt. !, ,

II r


(uHati V L15 g

tea till M T.ld I* Plal ...*. Est Ue ,,...... I*

net la fossils It sad Cast B.- Be Nee .Otrf9Ct
It, If Tat fcMer Situ:

nUTIl ua0aosa Taoa7 NROnwon.anUA .

aonp Pwsatt WItS IWRT17saGaa Segrsas y

.army Mrurni
: aAI'f DtlsW w..l::

s naua KaDamtuoo pwvn .DiAPZ/ :: Extra PV!

.nltv.nT t ait* rants ttoavl8

UTtftlB M.... 1.
1CtItJ..ua.ua Cie! :
KSAnc.a gt.a a a.u: aaIC.= KaMiMnmslo l ?
U1U. suit LUPS tJlCCIfM -
U. ro.aa : ..

I Sect *.*glUe** e__!' ..**l..,.. stalest

.....st as. eon *f a lairs ....,. .*.*... ef t*.,. ere ,,...ale4 b* r wyl.

awls *.4 I"" ..*'. pao-ruruna it afwuiawwiOwuU laymen tic, laletrater, nartd *a. palvf ally ....It..'" t. B whet *f .

yv ........r.. rr* tle I. Js.se.elle. ewlwateer *M Isms ..trt.'H.ta" **r,lcee t* tk* TaJIBB. *... ...tI.*...*,

Sofas. II ..*. t. 4M: .... -- **.* **lirl srUg O. pail ,nr.1 s11sg. at **e *f the mesh.. c1U|.*, left ia flat stun

DR. REX SMITH .,.. ,.,. .Pwrter |*.tr 1r-Mr*., f. N1*%, eertaer %. Ok* wlotoot| 'twikr

.. 4rl IIrteW. ArBtbl Moiley,,, pret*..t *f the pJO .) ** tdy: Striper _.......-- .,I .... ............ ...,..__....
Rat .t But wrvet | *w I I.fn.
Allr PIUttreatd sf O. U***>* ugh Kt-*| 'tftewrltg., baeattaJwIaat4r
.. Ms.1U sow1./" 1Ior. 1s I
dank and It. lies

... ____...v .. ',41', '1< ,. _' .,L f ::-.

1 f'J'j' ''I'I"IV


Gospel Time" To Feature Local Groups Along The Church PathBY


BRADENTON.-Hundreds of Baptists of Florida will

assemble here July 20-25, for the Golden Jubilee

J session of the Sunday School and BTU

-- JERUSALEM- Convention: of the Auxiliary of the

!Services! Sunday in Greater New Jerusalem Baptist J Auxiliary of the Progressive state

Church will begin with the Sunday School at 9:30 [1J Convention of Florida.

.... At 11 ...., Rev. H.M. MOM, pastor of Shlloh St Paul Baptist Church Rev H. Robinson

Baptist Church. Waycross, Oa. will deliver the pastor will provide the setting

sermon, also at 6:45 P... according to Rev. ..A- for the meeting. Desoon G...
Mack. sinister 'S MRS. WILLIAMSscott of Jscksonvllle! the president
"HI. TABOR WTI ST.t. -- t 3 4r } of the Sunday School Department and Rev. Leon T.

.. Tabor Baptist Church service Sunday will Preeaan of Bartow leader of t.i. 'mj
start with the Sunday School at 9:30 ..a., Superlntcndent will alternate presiding during the

Jason! Barr In charge. Morning serviceat sessions.Rev. .

11 o'clock with Rev. H.T. overstreet pastor I J.C. Seas of Jacksonvillegen! -

presiding. At 3 p.*., the Sunday School Department era] president) will deliver his official

will, observe its anniversary evening service at address ..dlle.da1l11d will el.

7 o'clock, usher Board 2 and Choir 1 will serve |'Leo assist with otherb'iMnissmeetings
Outstanding leadera. cboi rA and soloists -
Mrs. Flla M. Singleton will preside at the console
and the Rev. Mr. Overstreet will preach. will J appear on the scheduled programs.
. .
Services Sunday in Macedonia Baptist Church will The Sunday school Convention official roster follows -

commence with the Sunday School at 930; .,.., Su- : ,
. perintoident John E.Singleton in charge Rev R.M. Brother 0. .. Scott. Jacksonville president. Rev

Rogers, pastor, will review the lesson The Bible O.W. Mitchell Tampa first vice president; Rev

verse begins with the letter"V". Morning serviceat w.R. Lovelace Lakeland, second vice

11 o'clock. Choirs 1.3 and Usher Boards 1 and 2 president; Mrs. Bettye Battle, S t'

will serve with Mrs.Hit tie Bees at the instrument. Petersburg, recording secretaryMrs.; !

The pastor will preach for the ftajor servlcee. H.L. Floyd Sarasota, financial secretary

"FIRST NEW ZION- ; Mrs. Agnes U Dean, Sebrlng.It.{

First New Zion Baptist Church Sunday serviceswill corresponding secretary; Rev J. D

commence with the Sunday School at 9:30 ...., NATIONALLY TELEVISED production crew of "TV Gospel bore while being put through the paces are Zlon Burne,. Jacksonville treasurerRev.;

with Superintendent Joseph D. White in charge The Tine" was in Jacksonville! last week to videotape Hope Baptist Church's Women's thorns Mt. Sinai J.1. Stephens, Port Myers, dean o j

Superintendent will review the lesson and award local choral groups which will appear in future Baptist's Choir 2 along with host Dennl- the Oos- workshop; Rev. M.J. Willlams.Tmipa REV.F1II'JIAN;

the victorious junior and senior classes. Morning nationally televised broadcasts which will be pel sires and soloist EBBS Tucker. The broadcasts asst. dean of workshop; Rev. A.J. Hughes, jscksonville >

service at 11 o'clock. Holy communion service at viewed locally over Jax WJXT Channel 4. Shown a- r will be beamed locally on Sunday nornlngs. director of music; 111''. Mary WUtehurat.

4 P... Rev Dallas Orahsn, pastor of Mt. Ararat Sanford organist.

Baptist Church will deliver the sermon. District Celestials Plan Mt. Salem BTU coprv! '' noN I ROSTER

3 will sponsor an ice cream dip July 25 In the TWO MINlJTES Rev. L.T. Preejian, Bartow president; Rev.O.D.

hone of Mrs.. pearl Boyd, 1023 f 27th St. Sunday RecitalThe Baptist ChurchThe Williams, Belle Glade, first vice president; Rev

..WALTERS MEMORIAL- vim 1ME 6l' LE :I M.J. Johnson Tampa second vice president; Mrs.
Services Sunday in Walters Memorial AME lon Celestial Gospel IV COINIUV*.S. IT4M Ml*. ) Seventh Anniversaryof hula Canpbell Kebrlng, recording secretary; Mra.

Church will commence with the Sunday School at Singers will be featured tlCMO SUSAN gall IS lUNOM team '\ ., 4 the Church and Pastor L. A. Rullard winter park corresponding secretsry -

9:30 a.m., with Miss Amy Morel and in charge. The in a recital Sunday at 8 1 It,, will be observed July ; Mrs. Estell nixon. Avon Park* financial

lesson! will be reviewed by Mrs. Mary. Etta Brown. p... in Mt.. Olive primitive 19-26th In the It. Sale secretary; Mrs. M.M. ,ones. Tampa, treasurer; flea'

Morning service at 11 o'clock with Rev L 1.. Rogers Baptist Church CHURCH ON FIRE Baptist Church 1281 W. con Alexander Heard, Jacksonville, state dlrec-

pastor In charge At 5 P... Christian li- Fourth and Myrtle in The Chicifo nrw paprn carried( become Inlrmted and cmn to 22nd Street Rev '.'to tor.
deavor Hour and evening service at 7:30: o'clock. behalf of the Gospel an account the other day of a large know Him M their Savior? \V> an Rogers pastor.

The Ruv. Mr. Rogers will preach for the services Chorus.Mrs. Ale an Vance church, burned to the ground at e noon Ire Intrmt nr hntmie tli... Services will be held Mt. Zion AME Outing Young Peoples
Iou of about half a million dollan. .anagrdand quit. This h why the
Choir 1 and usher Board 1 will serve throughout president nightly throughout the
Our lympathy pun out lo the pMslnr Apostle Paul that tlrelvw. anihuwt.dor .
the day, with Mrs. Vera Rogers presiding at the Rated as one of the and congregation: who at lint, will for ChrW wrote week, and will terminate The Church School of Union Meets

organ. cSty'.outatandlallroup.throulb have lo carry on for a tline nntlrrnulmhlft Tlwrrfore my lirlovrd brethren" with a Song Service and Mt. Zion AME Church will

.-HOLY CHURCH. their uniquely anangcmrnli. he ye .....Jr...t, uniiHnruhlr' ulwayiahmmclfna Feast on Monday Night conduct its annual out-
Annual Won en's Day will be celebrated Sunday in styled arrangements, the But the account reminded me of ; In the work of the" Lord July ::e th. lag to told Head state netting the second Sun
the dory of another thnrch on Br.The fur a. ninth an ye kmiw that. your day August 8 at Union
park Saturday July IT. .
MUZlon True Church of God in Unity 12th and Dan Celestials will offer The follows
crowd had program ;
gathered to M the lab. b m4 In vein In the tun! (ICar. I
son Streets, connencing with the Sunday School at additional color to the hit rnjdnm pray" water on the"' .m- 15.511') Monday nlght.July 19th: Free bus transportationwill Community U! Church ss

10 .. *. Mrs. Jane Boyd will be guest superintendent program by inviting Ing hulkllng.when OM HUM ipoMed ThU,we repent,.b hk exhiirtatlunonly elcome.Mlss Willie Jean pickup passengersat the date of the neit
and Missionary Nellie stalllnga will review other local groups to friend In the crowd "HI BoM" .he to U/lirvm, fur Cod will nut Munford.Guest churches: the following points: meeting, the Young Pro-

the 1 esson.! participate on the program .lawtrdt'T.I.. the Ant Mm IV accept our money .w our panel Rev M.C. Cooper Church Moncrief and lea Knight pies Union held s highly'
Men you at ihurihf "Wr/ll," reponded worlt, nntll we .have tnt ccrptnl Drive 8 ....: Cleveland successful netting lat
Mrs. Rosa Stephens! of West Union Baptist Church as guests
of the Apostolic faith
the othrr, ,.Thta b the Ant fmm Him "the till of Cod.,' whkhetemal ;
will speak at 11 ..*.. .and Flder J.M.. Tarver of Brother Nathaniel Jack HIM '" teen ihunh on fir*." I.. hfe,tlirmiKli Jr..ia CJwWAvcept Rev It.T. "aJ I ac.. SU and woodlawn. 8:04 ...: Sunday In rbnewnlty Bap-/
the House of Sod will be the speaker at 3 p... son.Celestials' manager d''I write hit at a ipn-tal appeal! ar 1.1"""." C Ran 1(23). Peters AMP; Rev 8. T. Cleveland and Itdge ood. tilt Church.
Missionary Oebort.b..larh, oC.the Pillar of Ground la Inviting'friend and (il tro, hnrfi-aiiuln ChrbtlaiM. hat tlwl ttft trail Uw ClirM" OoaaJd, .ul'" Baptist I:OS L.; Cleveland and Vie president ...4.-
and Truth, Arlington will apeak! at 8 P.M. the public to attend If Into thai H believer. wrre. mure"IM who died fur your tin and hell Hosts: District II and 43th St I: 12 ..a. ; 43th bers'of the Union wish

"ST. JOHN BAPTIST-. Rev J.M. Dlioo is host Hre"for ChrM.more completely give yon plenty. ilo-4he! n..4 ir 2.Words of appreciation and Avenue B. I: 18 a... ; to thank their many
old) out to Him, thoM' who
The soar of St.John Baptist Church orange park pastor; dklntemted would he mm are apt now to duly wanting rentkf n-rvk-e any man inn pna- Bro. Oxell HI cos. 45th and Moncrief. 8:20 frleniU an* miss Llllle

will observe their annual day 8und.b.dnnllllwith! Tuesday might July a...; Muacrief and 33rd. Jai ena. who served as

the Sunday School at 9:30 ..*,.Mra. Qeneva presha, SI. Paul 20th: Quest churches, I: 2t a. .. ; voacrief sad mistress of ceremonies

guest superintendent. The lesson will be reviewedby Baptist Rev. ..1.. Bell, W>eslan :It'. I: 28 .. .. ; Myrtle for the many courtesies

Mrs. Marlnda Ten nan t. I DEATHS Church Services Baptist; Rev. J.'. John.son and 23rd. I: 3Z a.m. ; recei ve"LUDIOII

At 11 ...., Mrs. Annette Espy will be the speaker Philadelphia Baptist Myrtle and 13th.I: It a._. Cowranity/ located

and Mrs.Alice. Burroughs will be guest so- Services Sunday will ; Rev N.C. Carson Also, Myrtle and Itla.I at Beaver and Tv.

loist. Mrs. Eugenia Argrett will preside. begia with Sunday Schoolat Varlck Memorial. I A*!. : 40 .. .? Myrtle aad eons "t... .... ncCrsyIs

PHIUDRLHUA' BAPTIST David Franklin Dais S5M Mahal la Drive 9:30: a.m. with Deacon HostsDistrict: 13 and 4. flags Rd 8:44: an, ; the pastor and Miss

Choir 1 of Philadelphia Baptist Church will sponsor 812 Bridler St. Mrs. Prances parkas Williams. Edward Jefferson word of appreciation Edward Waters College. LUll. Jackass will .-

an outing to Little Talbot Island Saturday Mrs Candatsy Richardson 337 Nylon St. Mr*. L.V. Croaady Miss Bro. Rugsne Calhoun I: 41 a.a.8th and Davl. gala serve ss mist r.ss

July 17. The bus will leave the church at 9:00: 1042 Davis St. Carl Hsrrlsoa, 812 fleets Legglas and Deacon Wednesday might July I: 54 .. .. ; 4th sad Jefferson. of eerwonte The LU-

.... and friends and the public are cordially In Mrs. Leola Humphrey, Cleveland St. Braitoa Love ia 21st: Quest ChurchesRev. 8:37 a.n. ; Broad more Ringers will serve

vited. Mrs. Roianna quarteraan is the sponsoring 829 W. 7th St. Johnny Lee Davis, 911 charge, The regular Tony Neal Missionary and orange, 9:00 .. .. ; aJ hostMsea.

organisation's president. Oscar Weaver, 1393 W. W. Beaver St. t teachers will supervise Tabernacle Baptist; Rev Broad aDd state. 9:03: Mrs. Alberta Latino.

18th St. Mr*. Anal Lou l1Ii h. classes. P.w. Jones Ponntsla .... to church loadlsg. founder of the onion, taInvltlag

Go To Church Mr*. Ethel Mae Burton. 733 Odessa St. Morning worship co. Chapel AME. Hosts: District Eastslde rout: friends. aad the
Luther Baker 1111 maces at 10: U O'clock public to the meet n.*t-
IS and PeaeonessBoard.Words 2st aad phoenlt. I:IS
Or mot St.Mr the deacons is said the hsv-
with tag group
of apprecia a..,: Florida and Thrld.
*. lisa Carter 1449 charge of devotioss. lag the largest attendance -
lion Brie aadJessie.
Desoon IJ- 8:40 a.m. ; Florida
Mllnor St.Jmse Choir 1 and Usher Board hert.Tharsday. 8:44 a...; Florida : present. will he *-
Lamsr Davie 120 1 will ..".. The pastor, .,.s... a hmjanaie prise
1824 W BEAVER sight Jly22nd sad caloa.8:4l e.m.;
North St.Johnnie. Rev L I. Taylor will donated by a local fura-
: : Quest churches Caloa aid loala. 1:5':
3101 EMERSON Clark. 1T71 E.27th deliver the seraoa. Rev. A.lUIeUOD.\ Bethlehem ..., to charcn loadiag. I tare store.
st.Mr Monthly Coamvilom eer- .
Baptist; Rev. c.J.
*. Male Haiktas, vie will get Baderwayat
t 830 CASSAT AYE.a Crosby. Trialty Baptist.Rev. .
1983 Mor house toad.
3443 p.m. with the
P. Brown RI. Mart
LCCATIONS restart Ernest B. Llggoa. 309 deacons epic la chargeof
Baptist; Rev. LA. Thornas -
Broad St.Mr devotions aid Choir
Mt. Bethel Baptist.
ants *. Anal Bailey 2322 1. the Choral Group aid
Hosts: Choir 13 and let.e
Thane St Usher Board servlagaloag
FU. TT BRAND, LARGE Mission Sards of eppreel
Mr*. Maragret 8. Crltr. with the deaeoaa
at loo, Mra. M.M. liar
1842 '. 5th St. aid ...eo...... Rev

BAKING HENS ll. 23ci Prank Brockiagtoa. 1703W. Taylor will deliver the rls.PrloV. might.July art

43th St.Mr rites, Members of all Sent churches Rev. j.
*. Madia johaaoa, to
districts are urged
wa 6.Rl ... M. Mlltoa. I. John Mis -
9870 New Berlin Road.
be preseat. ki
sloaary Baptist Rev
FRESH Eddie Tbo.... 1210 W.28th The ptbllc is isvitedto i
A. Reed, NU Pleassmt
St. all Past actltltlea. -
Baptist. Hosts: Choir 11
OiViMOKIOLI. Mr*. Carrie Hill. P.O. The eke re* ta lo
55cr and Osher Board tUtorfe
Boi 104. cited oa stonewall St.hetweea .
of appreeistlos. Deacoaorte
r Jim ..rrUt. UII Cleveland May aDd Magnolia
Tteker.Sumoay. .
St. la Brocklya.
July 23th: ..-
Mr*. Beesle Wright
GRADE MAM LARGE School 9:30 *...
day :
$831 Harrleom st.William St. Mary's Slates ?
11 .... maaiversary Mr-
Carter S888Moocrlef
Doe. 39c Rd. Wonen's Day Fete .0', Rev. ToeMeal..
EGGS Lewis 10u day. Jely. 23th. 3
Mr* Arjle 1432 Tie woaea of St. Mary*a
Florida AINSe.Mrs. .... : meet _rea. a.o.tllt. -
Chsreh. ...t.-
Baptist .
omd .*. lev. J.C.
side met and rgaatted
"..... pastor. Moats:
CENTER CUT WESTERN 328 Elm St.Richard .
for their anmaal eWervaac -
%iaday School. Word *fappreciation.
R .. which t* achedled
PORK psLl.69c Clarence W. 18U Sickle St. Awe for Mgmst 8. Remark. Rev w.,. Rog KEN KNIGHT

Mr*. ". I. Brysat will ere.
1788 E. 28th St.
for the
serve a* pastor
.r*. ..... litter 77 day. Other officer are: Moor Monday*f sidtjly sags' Tarioa 28th: Invites You To Listen Tom -

Oak St. Mrs Angle Mae Heel Choir Peast. Cltfsisg

Mrs. Effle M.. 8ary.1S31 chairman; Mta.ll. Lassa.o. remark;. Rev. I.'". mog- lAND
L 14th St.Mr Willie
27' .. Losise Bell Rokert Stunt secretary; ers.Thepmhll..
LL 1* lit.'"
*. 429
Mr*. Cela Mae Marrle.rograei "DANCE
a corctal lavitatla to PARTY"
/llilt CllllfltUl chalrmaa; Mr*. CM cut sad "ta...
The Lily White Lodge lattU Rleher'so*. cochairmaa >
SMOKED this great observsmee.
till oUerve their anal ; Mr*. Ida Bell
C 'If 11:31: 11 I2JI
.39 versary .lib 23 1* St. Jelly trea*.rr; Mr*.
Pail Arc Chare Marty Mall Mr*. A. Terrell.
begtaslag -
SstcUT J II 121
PICNICS OMuittee; ,.. p-..
at 3 ,." flaaa .
lev A. c. Ckssdler.paeter Mr*. Anal* MM 8ro a. tag

mill he the chair***; Mr*. .. Joha- 1400 WPM 1400t
A1CI TIC IEN IIICIT Sill II IJU II CIARIEI 4 speaker, eon deeoratloa chairm *.l


... __ ..
-- -
-- n --- -- --

; --1----h I

I ,i I


Alphas' 59th Conclave: Minister Cited Florida A&M University Retirees FetedIn Blames PledgingOf $50,000 Gift

Slated Aug. 812CHICAGO"NPITbe At NAACP Confab Negro ForSuspension To Wilberforce

DENVER. COlo. -7b. National -

59th general convention Association for ERIE Pa.-(NPD-r-Vie)

the Advanceaent of Colored donation of $50.000 tor
of Alpha phi .
Alpha fraternity NEW TOWM abera of
People the establishment of
during its .a
will be In ses- Stanford UniversityaSlgaa
don Seth annual convention aamrlal fund in the n we
at the
Sheraton.L Chi fraternity
icago which ended hers July 3, of the late Sen. EateaKefauver
Hotel Aug. 812. chapter believe that tiltrec.nt
under honored aa U. '"Iallter to aid III ber-
three of "Con suspension oftheir
of the Tear" the Rev force university' s building -
tinuing the Thrust for charter by tb.frat.rnlt'a .
Equality Kenneth L. Buford, one and scholsrrfiip fund
of Opportu- national
nityconvention general of two Negroes elected office sag ''Vuniahaent" by a Toledo (Ohio) ]h.

to the Tuak.,... Ala. yer and Industrialist-
chairaan. Bennie D. u for pledging a Negro a
Brown City Council last year, Edward Laab'-has drawn
disclosed last national magazine said
seek. Rev. Buford. pastor of this week the praise and support

Dr. Lionel H. Hewson. Butler Chapel AME Zion foreground from left areMrs.: c. B. Nelson glneerlng division of the Maintenance Department An article la the currant of the Roman Catholic
Church of that city ... archbishop of Erie the
president Barber-Scotia Daniels former dietician In charge of and Mr*. Askew -ho received citation issue of Look Maga-

college Concord. N.C.. presented with citation food costs; Andrew J. polk supervisor of for her husband _ho worked as night sine report on the controversy Most Rev John Mart Gan-

head the Alpha, the by Bishop Stephen Gill secondary education interns_ho has reached watchman in th Department. Looking! on are that erupted non.

oldest negro college tt+ottsvood. chairman of retirement age: John G. Clark who suffered Dr.H. Manning Ffferson (left), dean of the when the Stanford group Lamb' promise to donate

organization in America. the NAACP Board of DI- ill health and Mrs.San Askew, repre- university and C.w. Conoly PAW General pledged 19-year-old Kenneth the 50.000 In a

The fraternity was found rectors. at the annual senting her husband who is in ill health. Uumnl Association executive who acted as M. Vaahlngton last watching fund drive to
Clergymen'a Breakfast, the illberforce Alumni
ed by seven students at Among those receiving retirement citation naster of ceremonies during the presentations. spring.
Cornell university la his address to the Harry V. fade national Asa)clatiod. was Bade at
ere Fdrard G.Clark of the heating and en- .
Ithaca. N.I. ID 1906. 130 sinister-NAAtP delegates president of Sigma Chi a Pounder Day banquet
and local clergymen speech at the university.
Indications art that denies In the article
ort than l.OOO delegates attending the affair that taahlngton'a pledging In the speech, entitled

from every state will be Rev. Buford enumerated alone caused the suspension "Days 0 f Decision -

la attendance Keynote list of achieve- Wade clslas the ," Lash himself saenber
cents racked up by Negroes of the alumni
address .111 be deliveredby chapter was disciplined

Dr.diaries H. Carvln. la Tuakeget sloce for regarding the national group, praised civilrights
last year's election.He efforts on behalf
Cleveland Ohio, who organisation with
said besides electingtwo V of education voting and
served as the fraternity's contaapt ignoring ritual
fourth president !Negroes to the City a and maintaining the emplojra.
((191M3) Council the people of dirtiest fraternity house ed for Individual decisions. I

Hear, A. Call is, lone Tusktget. share Negro I have ever sees particularly by I
voters O'Jtn-ber whites,
alumni mashers in aiding -
survivor of the seven Stanford Slime CPus ,
founders will attend as put ailei the County N dale) lad.' s reasons are wilberforce the nation'

honored cunt and re- Boardatloo lAd I not valid. They point a oldest education

ctlvt the fratuaU,'a anotbehe. County Andrew A. Polk (rl&htlrl l1 known figure retired dietician received citation from out that a letter from al institution.
Board C Distinguished Service > in secondary education receives cer DrFfferson hUe Mrs George, Gore Jr. Wade, received In 1944
award during the banquet He added that in the tificate fro Dr. tfferson while his son- wife of the president of Florida AA.M University In response to an earlier to raise money for Ml*

session on Auc. 12. tine months the new city In-la. Mordfcal tialker. lira Mary McRae. looks on.Yr8Oanl lB..rand worthy effort to pledge Negro, berforce so taprsssed

A retired civil en- Council has been la office mortician and lint Mary A. Polk wife of natronGrand Chapter Order of the Eastern stated: Archbishop Cannon that

Ilneer. he will coal two Negroes have the retiree mid a retired Plnellas County Ftar. Prince (Hall Affiliation Florid Jurisdiction M .It I. dlfflclilt for>> he .rote the I aeysr a

fro. sashingtoa. D. C- been appointed to the school teacher. All of the above are residents and International Conductress .. to believe that high congratulatory letterand

for tilt o<<..loa.H' will Housing Authority: three of ''t. "eternburg. OTO, till devote full time to the orgon1ration. scholastic atandlag nee- en close''! t'IItc'k for.

be introduced by Atty.elford to the City planning Com- Mrs: rio-ifntlni: .,Jflaon-'ianfels (right). cesssrily Is a breeding 1100 as Ma own rnltrl'

-. --- V LUIl an--.. also Issioa; two have been place for>> eitreae liberal button. .
a past president.The elected as Justices of Isa within a fraternity -
Marshall dr.ssNII'I
convention co..I U.. the peace; and antipoverty Judge To Voter Registration Suit chapter. II CIMl sMtomulill nthu..
stady has beta .1.( .It rtmilibr. tint 1131 Noll.
has arraaied a coif OuMMtlng on the furor, No,... I'hitnliHii II HrnWy' t'onverllbl <
touroaaent for delegatesat set lato operation, this Mystic Shrine Session MOBIL, la. -NP1)--tie( d. lttN"totJu.Uet one easier of the Stan wn. *f the "mist
too headed by a !Negro; filed a civil suit against voting registrars ofAlsbana'a Iwuwtlful rrrntktn, of a rom
8t Andrews Countryclub lars1tta-ALP.!' N.C'-'lIrlOOd Marshall Jwdg of ford chapter la quoted l p.nr ,k.U'tmlnn lu pn.1ue.Ihehr.l
three Negroes have beta Narmgo County laat.we. k, charging die-
lest Chleaio. ( la Look! rss In the wutld. Monoir -
OBAn tII.v.s. Court of Appeals) for the Second Circuit
hired as pollceaen; a crl.1 MUon against Negroes.The .m Mmlfli, inn, hn f.pr..
*. 9Tolley. will deliver the principal address during the public "..' r. not oa any cur- rfurwl It In a I 44IK |,.. ...|..1|
Harris.. TUlsa Negro has beta appointed telooalag services opening the |?lft NstioaalCbavantlon depsruient also ordered liuswdiate suarenslonof sad, (. pledged Ken b*> kit r pt .IT l illrvtlly I runt in ar.lust r<
aa City Veterinarian; a a special, tin voting test. ran UHHIIM il kIL. chUrsan. awards of the Ancient Egyptian: Uahlc order cause he's a nice guy IN'* aumhl. tout unit
Negro lady aow work aa The county has o1, 104 sites of voting MS. according : epees i
coaalttee, annoinced Nobles of the Mystic Rhrlno on Sunday afternoon. and a good nan I.' r. there, s5 Is IK* runihl wagrover
a clerk' la the front of to the departaent, but lists e, lee. Itieoonplalnt and( the !_I front *mr..
that a special achieve August 15. The Public .Meeting Is slated for the not trying to lapost our The h...el l U rvmnvnliW IM .* flew at City H'U.II contend there are 7. 791 Negroes of voting j
Mat award will bt wade Grand Ballroot of the In rraaclsoo Hilton. Ideas oe anybody_" the Mvhly <.M.,llxl. lUfjrllniWrrnvlnr
to Dr.Diaries H. lesley, Also be said "Aa Thoaaa f.poag. IsoerialPotentate > .........r..e.eea.. age but only 71J registered Negro .ot,,,. .
operator Puss been placed 1 eng.." i
the rrattnU his-
a of the prince
la charge of a anlft at for I Ir"
Plane and projects II
tort an .ho retired last Mall tfcrinere. predictedthat I
the eu,' water filter seat yeara activities,
_.oath aa.presides of,* lOre than J.OCO delegates !
Cwatrel State college.Another IBS ,lMt{ aenrltet rwadertd tlactloa of aatioaal of

highlight of by the city hive repreeeatlsgSOB fle.,., aao4 coaalderatloa. I
22,000 Sbrlaers la
been equalised; streetsart of the orgaaliatloa'aannual !
tat convention will be
ort than lit Teaplesthroughest
bets, paved streetlights
aedleal researchratsfellossklp .
the prtseatatloa ball iaatalledNegroessrt the halted :

and dinner OB Aug. 11 States woild attend the ; art
being hired sties- also oa the convantlos'ssgasda.
At that tlse
joss coaveatioB eeesioas end
ladies, relatives of people la dowatoea Isg August 20. MARKETSCPEN
stores; Negroes are work- SUlsER
A atttl Methodist
Alpha .... will sake Judge Marshall .111 bereaeabered
lag as 11..... la the elergytaa will deliver
their debut
for ale

Medas aad Harold D Lan,- .city-owned*.ti aslarlea power for dn.>both ert> crucial role la the 1154 tilt Sunday......oratag. for early worship SUNDAY AT EOGEW990 AND AYE.B FROM 9 A.M.TO I P.M. I
rua. Lsartac T aur.*. Court tfeclsioaovtUelag

Young, Sr art co-cfcalr-. other white devertaeata sad !Negroes havebees la ..,n..Uo. lapabllc Charles arriving delegates'.M scabs, Dr.of SPECIALS GOOD THRU SUNDAY AT EDGEWOOD AND AVENUE B
asa of tilt Alpha lives school" At that

eowittew. wilcB Is putting e .iallB d; sad a ties he see aptelalcovasel Mlaneapolls, Maaesota. ______n_ --
3O-sao bl-reclal eoMltttelsaow .111 west at Slide
OB the debataatt for the NAACP
preawtetloa. 3, Herbert seethe Crowd Meeiorlal Methcdlat
sod secured the resuurcee
coafereaet tables, Ideatlfylag parch pastored by the WESTERN CENTER CUT ARMOUR STAR
IhUI direct tilt of aa talaest vast lid seeklagsolatloas ....1''... Johs V, riots" ,
social acleatlats. IB-
bother eitstlM This ,roar_ II scheduled SLICED BREAKFASTBACON
eluding educator, aoclologlata. -
pmbliwMTa ." for 11:00: a ..
MS .laltttr-coiacllean anthropologists' and etatiatlclaaa The lilt Coaveatloa PORK

can cited by the "ua-( eta greatlylaflaeaced will fussily get aadrrwayoaiaMday -

uw. JOURS la reeogaltloa of his Aaguat $'.
the Coart'aIfClsloa
woerc$5rp. past realtaeat lid la the Sis PrstetscoNlltoa.

coatlMlag service that seiressleded.c.llos Reports of .f.
Is laherwatlylaferltr
titers mad Vrtaatal
You !kI.'t Rat 70 O> H> Tt_ Tie Ot saguUMuaaa Directors will oetllse CHOPS
Belatlftas I
fre4 -
the ae<.*9labaeata| of *
ea Goals Labor As- 69
the prise Mall Bnriaerala
eaac.aeal Pro

awe end Teeth a fclwratloaal Veter-Kegtslratloa EL [e.
.'1..., Kcoaovle Kdwta
Oc leer laceatlves affectlag 754
tloa sad wealeal le-
prlact HallAM 1 II CUIO PKK.
DRUG STORE NEEDS .aanb.lOK/el attewtloa
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these |a "Tetard Nee

Dixie Pharmacy fferlsoafOar No Aiiitioa Chal- seta 2 lawyers QUAKER SALADDRESSING

1312 lilts lid it Mjrtli Aum Accidents Om Honored By NAACP FLOUR

Plus Elli S55JMI Recent Holiday DCIVII C... -"At aapaclal

,..* N ,J"- ty. n.m' Sa "ja the lag the Nth baaoaet aaaeal pre-

PIT Till UIII lUll All nU'1I1I light ef sere than 102 ef the latloaalAaaoclatlae

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1I.lu.'JIlIls l.fcUts lilts hauls *. Sal DELMONTE CAJSUP f ,111 IJ Jl, wto!lIftJ. : H a .. 1geh



Central Baptist Guest Day United Baptist Anti Poverty Program Phase St. Matthew Baptist Sets

-- '
Church Services Fete Announced Church ServicesUnited fr \ Annual Women's Day ProgramAnnual

Sunday' services will Baptist Church Dual Day will be observed Sept. 12 In St.
begin with Sunday Schoolat 'By AbyssiniaThe services Sunday begin 4 '4I' Matthew AME Church beginning with the Sunday

8: 30 a... with Deacon with the Sunday school ak School at .: 30 a.m, with a guest superintendent
Sunday School Departaent Yk p.' and. teachers- in. oxarge.The .-.-.-.-.....................
Leonard Thompson> superintendent of Aby.sinisBaptist at 9:45: a.B. Morning it .*
and teachers service at 11:08 clock. women will have E Rose, co-chairman; H.
Church will observe -
supervising. Choir 1 will render.-theBuslc. charge of the 11 a.m. McDaalel, secretary; R.
Morning worship willcoaaeoce Its annual guest Members have been service. The officersare McCall. H. Randall 8.

at 10:90: .... day Sunday, beginning at asked to report their ; Mrs. L. Mob. ley, Gibson program committee -
with the Deacons lo II:: 18 a. .. with Superintendent sponsor sheets In Sunday chairman; Mrs. S. Button ; R. Simmons, public
MCNeal in
charge of devotions. The for the Men's Day celebration co-chain; Mrs. relations chairman; [,F.
pastor Itn. R. Leander charge. Quest superintendent which is scheduled L. Rose. Mrs.. R. Haynes.Mrs. Young I. Jonas, J.W.

Jones will speak on the will be. Deacon for July 25. Evening J.P. 1rt.1 leas., program Wheeler finance committee -
David Washington.Deacon
subject, "Tht Fault ofCODaclou.II. service at 6 p... r committee; Mrs. W. ; E. Road H. Randall -
.... Senior Willie p. Smith The youth departmentwill M. Albany, secretary; decoration committee
will review the 1.I.oaand
Choir 1 will furnish the sponsor a trip to Mrs. T. Sapp, Mrs.. F.Llader ; IU Simmons E.
Miss Roberta Baker
uslo. Gold Head Lake Saturday finance committee Rose R. Jones, B. Gri f-
At 4 P.M. the young will be guest organist Busses will leave the ; Mrs L. Simmons fin.Rev. E. Mobley, captains -

people will hare Bible The guest teachers are; church at 9.30: a... and publicity chairman; Mrs. .
Mrs. Arthur Rene Brown,
study. They will have arrive at 8 p... Tickets 0. Lee. Miss H. Rivers Services Sunday begs
choir rehearsal at 5 p... Clarence Jacksonon Bay be purchased from TRAINEES TEST SKILLS-During a recent luncheon sponsored by the Florida AIM Miss G. Vaughn deco- with the Sunday School
J.A. Buggs, Deac
Evening service will e lIul U ration committee; Mrs. at 9:30 .. ..
the Juniors. University .Occupa Uonal Demonstration Project, a phase of the nation's Morning
start at 8:50 P.".During Willis Mrs. E. El lei Bible study Tuesday at anti-poverty program these students were given an opportunity to demonstrate W.P. Alexander. Mrs. 0.- service at 11 o'clock!
Randall Deac
the service, the pistol 7: 30 p. .. and prayer skills that they have acquired In the food service class, one of eight areas In ale fee Mrs. V. Gibson with Rev. Co ,. Thomas in
8. Brown Mrs. Ernest -
will speak on the subject meeting at 8 p... Choir which training Is being given in the program. From left to right the trainees Mrs.. W. Brown Mrs. V. charge. Rev. E. Moble,.
Randall Mrs. Betty j 1 aOle.ter
"The spiritual !> will rehearse Wednesdayat shown here are: Christine Mcffeal' of Tallahassee; Llllie Turner and Frances Shumaker, captains.The pastor, will preach.
Chart." Mrs I..R. MC- 6 p.a. and youth Henry both from Lake City; Mattie Watson and Carrie Grubbs,both fro Cfcilncy. leaders for the Ben
Weekly activities follow Kelton, Mrs. Myrtle prayer hour will be held are*. I. Rice, chairman; Emanuel Baptist
Oulter Mrs. Naoal Slis -- --- -
; at 7 Rev. '. .
P.B. M.SIIlth
Tuesday at 7 p... Bible Mrs Lula Bell Williamson ,putor. In charge Mt. Ararat Women Completing Zion Grove Baptist Sets Church Set.ices;

study and at 8 p.a. Miss Angelic Holiday All ladles of the church Annual Women's
Day ProgramWomen's Emanuel Baptist Church
Mrs Vivian Wilson
prayer meeting. Wednesday have been requested to Annual Dual Day ObservanceAnnual services Sunday begin
8 p..., Choir 2 rehearsal Mrs. Daisy B. Kelsey, Day will be observed July 23 in Mt. Ararat -
aeet Tuesday to
Mrs.Etta Mae Lundy Mrs Dual Day will be observed Sunday In Greater with the Sunday Schoolat
{Thursday 8 P..., W.M. EBltb Board. Baptist Church with Mrs. Ada Brown as pastor -
Senior choir 1 rehearsal, Vary ouden, Willie Dennis for the day. ...... .......a...... Zion Grove Baptist Church.Wescumett with Deacon t: 30 .... Superinten
W.M. White as chairman Deacon R. dent George Smith and
Miss wynetts Adams Chorus Sets Misicali The theme is "Women : Thompson
Rev. R. H. WilsonTo and Miss Nadle Lewis. and Religion." chairman; MrsLueille co-chairman; Deacon David Jackson finance chairman Mrs Msale. Fields in
I.n. co-chslrnan
Deacon James Douglas New Bethel AME Church the :i ...., servicewill ; Mrs ; Deacon James Byrd program chairman; Deacon charge.
Address Fete will soloist and Annie Gospel Chorus will be be Mrs. Eliza Rich Jessie Russ, Mrs. Ella James ailth Jr., secretary; Deacon Lonnle Samuels Morning service at 11
Lee Myrlck the invoca featured August 2 In Mt. Porter souvenir program music chairman and Deacon peter Macon publicity O' clock. lev. 8.L. Bad
The Senior Missionary tion. Morlah AME Church, Oak Perry and Yrs Lucille ; Mrs. Rutha Mae d1ai rain. ......................... ger pastor will deliver -
Society of Zion Hope Lowery will be guest soloist. D.al. Mrs. Delores Introduction of muter -
and Stonewall Streets, in An Officers for the the message. At 3
Baptist Church will observe Women's Day Interest of the newly d.rlOn. Mrs. Minnie Bellamy : Mrs. Roxanne so.nare WlJ.llama of ceremonies! John p. a? Deaconess Msssmeeting.
The officers
Its annual celebration purchased organ and are: Mrs. Nadine pos- chairman Hughes; selection Golden BTU at 5 p. a, .
Sunday at 3:30: ObservanceProgrammed sponsored by Mrs. Velma Mrs. Irene Williams, sett, finance committee; Coreth., ; Mrs. Jubilee Singers; solo. with Deacon J. Phillips

.. J p. .. in the church Bannernan. Shiloh Announces Mrs. Minnie Hicks, tagchdrman M; Mrs.Byrd clsraHollyway. cochairman R.L. Randolph; introduction la charge, and evening

auditorium. The group consists of ; Mrs. Jessie M. of specter service at I: 30 O' clock.

Speaker for the occasion Annual Women's Day observance students from the singing Youth Day ProgramShiloh Lester Mrs olive Nell Mra.Evelyn. secretary Freeman, paa and Deacon P. Williams; Choir 2 and the Male
will be Rev. R. H. is scheduled in group at Edward waters Roller, Mrs. Wllhelaenla speaker Rev. N.L. Williams Chorus will furnish music
Baptist Church tor for the day
Wilson Minister at Mt. Zion Baptist Church, College, directed by Murray, members. The service with ; .selection chorus and Usher Board 2 will
youth day celebration begins
Bethel Baptist Institutional Greenland, Sunday Henry Wynn music ...Jor.At Also, Mrs. A. Mitchell the School ;offering. Paul Fountain serve. Mrs. Marian Car-
Sunday at
scheduled July 9:30B.B. :
Church. Mrs Tura Oooden is intermission, prof. 18 treasurer; Miss Elizabeth with Deacon Willie W.J. Cooks, A. La ter will serve aa emma
throughout the day. ,
The Inister will be chain and Mrs De- H. A. Green of the Buslc I..t. secretary; thorns E. Major Deacon panist.Biptinal.
accompanied by his lores Dixon Porter co- department at EtC will The services Sunday begin Mrs. Eleanor Davis, assistant White as guest superin .H. Lavlne; remarks .
choirs ushers and wi th the Sunday Schoolat tendent. The teachersare
chat man. render organ selections. secretary; Mrs. chairman benediction 3ence
Mrs. Lucille The observance begins An offering will be re 9:30 L.Uh the Corine Williams, ushers Ricky RlcordaDea Mrs. Rosa Lee Wort hey
Lowrey is procru chairman with the Sunday Schoolat quested. departmental superititendent. chairman; II re. W. foe- con A. Floyd Deacon and Mrs. Annie Lee Stewart Services Sunday in Mt.Henze .

and Mrs. Charlie 930; am. Mrs. aisle In charge. Mrs.. ..tt. public relations Reginald Kohn Deacon will conduct the devotion Baptist Church

Willis president Closing E. Oreen and teachers Beach Outings A.O. Roberts and Mrs. B. chairman; Mrs. L. Bell, William Hunter and Deacon at 3 p... Intro will commence with the
remarks will be Bade Corley will have A. Brown. Rev. Robert
presiding Sunday School .t 9:45
decoration chairman; diction of mistress of
by Rev. E. R. Slapson, Sp.lIk.rforth.l1 a.a. Lily White Lodge 174 Is the music Mrs. Jessie Russ, Miss Brook s.psator. will ceremonies, Mrs. Ullle4trlgler s... Mrs. Mary Spence I

pastor. service will be Mrs. planning on a trip to Morning .service 10:4,3: E. Best Sunday school give Deacon the P.dlmmiaaal.Williams+ and : selection ia chari"lornla, service -

Sits Oisemnce Eleanor M.Hurley of Ebe- Pernandlna Beach Saturday o'clock. Senior Choir 2 Committee: Mrs.. Ophelia waiter will Choir 1. Second Bethel, at 11:30 o'clock.
and Children's Strong conduct
Choir will
nezer Methodist Church. July 24. Carter. BTU chairman; welcome Miss Eras o. Deacons >. labb. and ,.
The 7th anniversarycelebration For, the 3 P.II. ..rie., The bus will leave at t' render ,tbesuUoras.d I i I Mr*. Huel'Oros'wsfoohainn : the devotion at 1) Mill selection ,their; ..... !. er.ree. sec-
of BarahDawklns Mrs. Claudine I. 11- a.B. fro. the followinglocations Rev A.B.- COJIiIftn. 'pa" !I M. V. YoungTo solo, Mrs. Dora Daniel; tiawal service will be
Court 89. of J. liens will be spesker. : tor, will deliver the invitation to joiners, convicted.Rev.. J.H.Ferry
will be held Sunday in message. .. ill deliver the senaon.Monday .
Mistress of ceremonies, Moacrlof and Golfalr Thompson Attend Mrs. itveleaa Freeman;
St. Stephen AMI Church for the daywill be Rev Blvd 8th and Myrtle BW and BAD will begin } Featuring offering. Mrs. Palsy st 7:30 P... .
beginning at 3:30: p... st 8:30 P...,Mr.. Blanche i Choir hall' rehearse and
Mrs. Jettle Kennedy. 0 Kings Rd. and Myrtle, Insurance Confab Johnson.Mrs. Ares Jackson -
Mrs. Hattie Jackson ther officers are: Mrs. Plrst and Florida and Scott and Fred Prelster Anniversary Sunday ; remark, chairman, Tuesday at 1.0 P... ,

matron has asked all I,1 Annie pearl Walker pro- list and pheonli. The In charge. Evening service At I Evergreen M.V. Young manager of co-chairman; Mra. ,rH. Bible study and prayer I
members to be In attend grsa chain, public Is invited. at 7:30: o'clock. the Jacksonville District sen and pastor. meeting.There :

ance. of the Atlanta

Life Insurance Co., was .: -.
.ll &Jl1l1onort4 recently ..I. .' ..
0"I '. ..' .- .
when .ke was awardedan "

all.'I ..e paid tripto

Home Delivered Now! New Tort City to attend -
STAR Papers p the July 19-22 an .

Dual convention of the

National laaurance As
sod ation. is

Ir. Young waa wimer ofa
I P company sponsored contest -

among the varionsmanagers. .

I The NIA's 4SUi anneal

Contention will behead .

l/ih.. Quartered at the Boone diet cola
many. Ttwautui alt where ir. Young sad

Wise gospel sisileagroups

Choirs I and and'Evergreen's 2 will serve th at rates

supporttag gospel roles easier whenwellknown I II

Henry Thoapsea presents

his first aaalversary a famouscola
recital Sunday at 1; 30

P.M., la Evergreen tap-
I that Ckarck. acv M.M.

I Wright pastor
prof. Alls Qreea will

serve as accoapeatat,

Other slaglag groups and f iD
the public are lamed. .. V, TOUN4 name:
Don't be tchiselef. nhy wait to read ire ."OritJot'al' tH
your neighbor's paper? Your best friend Second Baptist will stay.

nay not tell youbut he doesn't like The convention's speak*
you reading his paper. He thinks you're Church Services lag list will isclede:

chiseling. Services Suaday I. N- ...Jacob Javlta, Mate
Thy not get your OWN paper every week? coed Baptist Ckurck keglm T.R'._ Jr., president

More than 19,000 notes are getting a with tie S.a.ey of the Isstltsteof Ufetasurace

rTAR paper every week..thy not you? school at .:30 ....,with ; Robert Free -

C. .. teegkt sal L. C. aaa, a farmer saeoth.to. .-
Yon Don't Hove To Miss A Sfk Issue Of The STAR Chester la charge. *>ra- member sad ae with

hag service at 11 O'clock lie Peace Corps; Deputy

.". J.Co Basis. pastor, Cu.iesio.er Floravate

News About t Negroes 'Complete! Coverage will deliver tke sennas perrotta and fern Jobsoa. -
for tie aajer services .

National News Church News sad review tie Bus day Siisir Stnkisrrleadahla

I I school leeaoa.TV 1
Statewide News Social News at K4S ,. I. win tasttstChnrefc
Mrs. IK. orrissette la servtcee Sundaybegla

City-County News Sports & Events charge, sad sight service eitk the SaadayBcaool P'EI
at 7 O'clock. Tke at tM: .....De.-

pastor serf other members coa M. E. pattersoa ia

Km Yew STAR Home Datfvewl Etrfy At He Extra Cost ill leave tke city Twee- charge lore lag service
day Mralag to attend at tl a'cleck. Choir 1

'the anUea jakllee ...- sad eaters will serve. iIt'-e\

air of tie Sunday Wool Rev. lames Salt, a aster
for For
Miami Star Florida Star
aad IN Ccaveatlea la will deliver Ue I ChMIlI,IsemacaA

radeato .17 :10-2$.TII. ..,.,.. I
Jaioss CallJ5H7J2 "
Hiaaiaas Call I q I i prayer of faltk ...r At I ,.*., fellewwklaa ._-r....

\will k* hit Tuesday at ..r will ke bell with

37MQ25 p p germ J.L. warless .ckotrs la tke ,
.) ...ilk.. 1'. OIIW x1/6. 5118. May a C N' I I.1. )l1.U ; '," r"t--iRif""u e'rrag. :

--- ----_..:._... -'-' .. ._ ... .; --- .. .' ..

---------- --- -- -- -- --- -- ---- -

.. .. ,. ., .. .. .... .. 0... .." .- .f." .. .. ,

t' I' 1 '

" 'I"

SATURDAY JOLT 17, 1865 STII rmis PACE .7

Receives Foil Scholarship Attend CiliieisCoBRcil Ban Sought Plan Exchange Program


Meeting On Morman I. ,I' '
;1 ,

HUNTSVILLt.AlL.(NPR)" Missionaries '
labors of the new local %Jih .
chapter of the whit DFNVnr-NPI"Bcausa
of the faith* a Mocrlnt ,
Cltlseaa Council of Alabaaa ,
of non-uhlte inferior
coaaltted faux
a pas .
last week by throwing ity." the NAACP In convention \'

its first aeetlng open last week wsa
? to the public. asked to call on south

Bat they 1IOD.t do that .erlclID.AaiaD and African

MILD and that is their nations to bar nor-

aolean DOn cnurch aiailonarlea.
pro. BOB US
The convention waa askedto
white persons gathered re
act on a resolution y
at the Initial aeetlng
eub.ltted the Salt
to hear Sierlff ja.es C. by
Lake City aDd Ogden,
I Clark of Dallas County.:
Utah branches. Salt Lake 4 y.
1 1d live what la considered r1
City la headquarters of
u -
a pre eaasplgn speech
the church. f
for soy.norot the state.However Moraoa A
right dO.DfroDt The proposed resolution '. ':'V-t 0 ,
lathe itetlnc were called oa ceibaaaiea of DR. RICHARD V. .tfOORK president of Bethune-Cookaan College la ahown In a con

IS Negroea. led by Dr. South Aurl ca. Asia and venation with lira. K. lajeawarl Murty, principal of s.P..oil...' Cblleie Tlru-

John Caahla. jr. 37- Africa to refuse to grant paUl India the diacusalon took place during a recent confersuce at the col
-old dentist active vlaaa to aiaaionarlea lege on the teacher eidiang program, B-CC and the Indian College will eichange
DAD L. CQRI. second fro left o/ South Kent School. South Lent. onn.. r*> Teat la the local Conaunlty and representative of professors for one year beginning September l.Yoirth .
ceivea a tour-sear collect scholarship certificate of award sponsored tor Nation Service connltte andother the Church of Jesus
U Distillers and Chenlcal Corporation. Making the presentation la Jsaes II.MClune Christ of the Latter-Day Gets
civil rights
,. vice president and open states sales aaaager. National Dlatllltra ,rouP"ft. Saints Moran). until Yes WANT
product Co.. a division of the corporation. U wjnin 'later, headaaater of the such tlae u the doctrineof Life Term
attended the ejecting
school la at left. TO the right la Ednund A. Perry Cbnaectlcut state sales aonwhlte Inferiority SAUSButr. Md...A youth
to 'tear what this
-aensger.-----for-National Dlatlllera.- .. Jin Clan had to ..,.II la changed and rescinded conrletedof the clubbingto fyeech Outline
hen Dr. Caahln and his by that church and a death of a woaaa In 'By Yarns H. frultare
Edmund Peebles
NAACP Fund Files wife and two other wotea positive policy of support whoa hone he had lived In Baking preparations to deliver a "" -..ela. the, I
Insurance Official appeared at the door of for civil rights la and for who his anther speaker should sake an outline of his talk Matter I

Bit sprlnga Coaaunlty taken." worked aa a doaestlc, of fact. If the address la IS Blmitea long and II l

Suit Dies In Chicago center they were set byAtty Johnnie Driver, pres vas sentenced last week ore, an outline Is laperativ If the. speech la

Against CHI CAOO-(H' I)-*tn eral Joseph T. n11 ident. Salt Lake city to life t lIP rllOlIII.11t lathe brief (O to fifteen" minutes), one still needs an I

services were held at local chapter chief, and NAACP branch said the Maryland. state Penitentiary. outline, because It will fnonurag" the weaker to :

the Charles Jackson funeral Leonard lilacs, president cbruch excludes Negroes deliver bin main Ideas In an orderly sn4 logical '
White Realtors Hose last weft tor Cltlicna Council tree priesthood systeast Donald Bigene "'U'.I1. falon

Cdauad D. Peebles. 64- of Alabaaa 1 tally sad practices received a life aentencefor RNienber" that your outline should Include the
TRBlTON. N.J.AD, use behalf of Mra. Carolyn yest-old staff manager Conwell asked the fou.0. policies 'tssed on al..hed the flrat degree suits points of the .speech l but it should not be
DIU.11"UIIhl antitrust PrhutoaNecru
D. a .
laws flup r.. Life lasuraaceooapsaya .* to leave, but dr. III'lrU..l""lor- sunder of SVyear-olJ too detailed--leat a speaker t>.coae store interested .
to attack real estate broker
residential segregation who charged the board local brsndi Caahla pointed out that Its of Negroea.THC Kllnor H. Ostrander.ihite In following ail outline than In Nut he ought
officer, and sn 18yeareaployeo the cosomalty center waa asked by Judge to say to his listeners.The .
la tee with delineating white
Northern COM on it i
.. of the fir. city property and that Ret A. Taylor If haaatd outline Is the central) line of argument.
waa filed In Federal .r. aDd refaatag to
peeblea died I.bll borne theaeetiac had b... to speak aald.alauat sketched very rougMy It la a rrwin'I.r 1 of what
District Court her by4 fist or sell to Negroes NAJ10NAIMUUIPlt
following a prolonged billed open to the inaudibly: cones neat It should not be 4 owolelely) wrlttei
the NAACP Legal Dofena there; with not allowlag SCIEROSISSOCIK1Y know whetherI
Illness.He public. 1 ankh" .
puad. Negro agent to o.U.ted FIOMTSMS
bleed ffupreae Ut The tllao.-Cou.ll pair did the thing and I Usually outline 1111)! sit Into tMalla Mho for f
Defense had dwellings In thoseareaa
Legal attorneys
asked the court ; aDd with canpaigalag in 1..7 after aervlag then appealed to police it.I really hope I dldl\'t." 'Irh.b.. speaker.. la ""nllll. of direct 'quo- II

to stop the alleged 'Ma- for Increaaedneaberahlp for 12 years aa director Chief I.r, Dyer to die- through Robert C. Keenly the tstlnna or lists of statistics and ei"nplts.VJVPtW .

lawful coablaatioB mud at the ease of trade ted ladustry pens Caahla party tat "...rch end court-appointed attorney : ftir By free ,pe phl.t on public McerAlng.aend .
In restraint tlae applicant at Arhaaaaa AllaN College the chief refused the had argued that the twu steps and. a aelf-ltlressed> long business .
conspiracy Negro
p.rient -
of Interstate trade and ..r. being tamed do'"'. (hla alaa aster) la rounds that he **ad no services youth hilling II at the tine efthe envelope to Dr. Mucus H. Kiulware, HortilaUK ,

coaaeree' by which the The attorneys pointed rise Bluff. Ark. while authority,"slaee-leas said he .111 waa Insane.Nf University. ft>i 310'A. Tallahasse. Oorid3JM7 *--

Trenton and Mercer County Oil that la addltloa to la the directorship at villa, have no "'1'- a'.w 5..__..ww..4.5....*... ta... appealtha ,
Board of Realtor baa rejectiag tie Negroes, AWN College, Peeble ties lies aid I have to _

over the year deniedaeaberahlp the Board published ... also couasellor for operate cadet the law.II HERSHEY'S

to Hegtoss their rejectioaa aa'baaed 0... Any Negro person A ooaproalso deal waa
Bstatalaed mll-vhit. ''oa failar to a el at Pine Bluffhi- offered giving the ".. 39 C
aelghborhooda. qualify ... held their nag world Cit U. tram ...,. la the back :
of the hall if they agreed -
Tb. a.. atrategy. waa applicant for over ay tal1-kmoWI la taaurance MOAEFU00
'first .*!..%.. la e Mia ..r Mtaort'aetlaa POB Held and cirtc dixies to Bake 110 disturb VIIM 01
..... OIDU
filed by the Legal Defense Uea at ill.Altkovlk be via a seeker of the Dr. Cashln again

pua4 April 7. That Mrs Msrtla Chicago lasuraace As- refused.
silt agaiast the Alroa, sit all ststH requireaeata lOci'UO ...lag oat of objeottoas. -

Ohio realty board lapeadlag for aeaberahip oa Ooawell finally
In court. the Board she has bees Women Receive. all.... Cashia aad his GIANT SIZEIDE

The Legal Defuse PlIed toned dose alt uses Top Dixie Posts party lato the hall, ..- [
coaplalnt brought OB sine 951Wellece. hid u..... case I7 sore
JAOUKM. 11....(iri).. Negroee
Sorbs.. The appolataeat of two Actaally, the eatl ,
Press Association
Negro woava to poilttoaaf aegregattoalat aaabered
NAACP Coifabrevest laportssce la higher Bach nor. slaee there

Heels Saturday '.(nttl.-T1e daeatlea la the deep were about Sl whit lategratloalata QUANTITY RIG RlSIIVID

revest for aa aadleace Bowth was reported last ayaps-
with Oov. aerie C. lal- ...a.Or titers the BBdleaee.Attempting .
rids Prlatera aDd hitIhhn lace ... reportedly Curios .,1.., a native t. get bach
Asaoclstloa will
Ignored last eeek, acoordlag of Pennsylvania aid at the negroes. vlleo "Greei Glint S.r{ s"
bold Its auaaer seetiaeBstsrdm7 Sjieckil *|
... .
t* IPOb. of toner ,fesser fblelegy begsa his opening re-
July IT' at the Alab.sa LUG.Dr at Aleera AAfl Bsrta with *5 )o4 even WHS/ / IIOU

10 .... .Joks t. *1w.. area- College for negro la lag fallow white fol.*-*
Pr.ddst Garth Reeve. aatAlabea State CMfereaeeofKAA >> iaslselppi, Jelled the mad ethers" KERNEL CORN Ult 1 4
of the 111aai Tiaea selfthat
the. rPP will coa. had asked for aa swdleac .l a.dlcal School the address noted that hereceialiee (010(11( tlCAM SITU
diet a aealaar and with Ue governor t. 41 sraaa flrat*f her MI and race. fsalllar

lect efHcers dirtag the 'Adversely affect* Her apveletsest aa Maaslstaat face* of .*......ch aadCManaatst CORN 3H FOI
..eettag.Ta lealey Broa.Priaterawlllbe .
I lag the reglatratloa efaegr professor of *" he bad ae. 5 9c
boat for
cI U.... *f Ala- pasraacology: aid research la Belaa. (
the.CIDe f... .... .II eaa eofined by Dr. K.

Bjeba.of. .the..nata.stale. secretary la- Dr. Glover GREEN BEANS 313 90 i

st/titles. ef higherleerslag's
beard aftrwteea Dir.dint{

WITH '.00 e,.
la Perrla. Tei r* IH.Atien
Lacy use McOcaald ... MOUOOOOIDII

speed swfterlatsadect *f, TdL.VIMNT-4r.. Israel
ablle acao la ..ce...- P. 4lever head of the
lag C.... Ire.., who ... vsrtaat t of letheae. m ,Aln' CAIIR mi

.......d lest aoatb.The tleaatnarld* aa* Pal
Perils school district verslty. la dlrectlag a GRITS MEAL

.111 *. ttally late- Melissa Scleae POM
Who was firstto grated this fall. It baa d.tIes-s*..ss.rod *..erlastl S9C.

I, too at44BJta.lacls4lagM tote la wil.stlee 5 29": 3t13,
wrap up a case: $ 'f'M'' for Meseatery asset US.
Ira. sxtoaald bad bee* '.,.....i tor tie UIMeoasecvtlve

Scotland lard or prladpsl at a I..ro ....., fill IIIEI( PIICIASES
*,| M.etary sad high Ue t3 ...... "I CHUCK
'feel. 49C
Alexander Gordon? spat PltMraM SMIll KSflll ROAST II.


.Inn-I'" 1190. alt

1 More, Caane .pIIH -it" Til ill 29
.fiSi Rat sol.t"o an 59C

Lo.de.. 1769, Tnt PAJskiu: a II.
I bright jvourrJ. Wit TiirI ItrtriMervon's ?
ik.dry P. that's awvof
elM Esgimtsd'e MOte summ H IHISIKI, MORTON

I,, ewt the.nwra6k. LiicUnJ.worll.i And weintioeaRt7eu..tlkr Amenra'Io.It.' CWMlW _. f Isr Tnr F/imitin Pharmacy Piirucf u 69 COH POT PIES 6 I 1l s1i 1 1nil

powbhr nee asps 2112 1V. CiittiM in.
leb........ this %
area << .
s. n. i tuaii u nun
I ScotlaaJ. Vary's-
any ".SUIS AJji 'ISISI2a

t i 1k 1 '
__ I ,r,e Spa *. I

____ ...4'-.1 ru55wowse.w..r :IIi.I.5&r.IPen,., Id,. 11111, 10 PlIIIS 8gc 10 1 uu 49CI

'. .

I I Ir "



i ',1r .
4 .
Iv ;
1 :

( ,1


ttp\ : '; "" {,!I:'

J' Top Scholar, Wins Award Dade Official, Miami First Negro To Assume Presidency

t"" PublicationWin

Nat 'I AwardsNEW Police

YORK"Pat L. Tpr-

nillo, Jr. executive ReportsTot'
secretary of the Dade y' F'Fyft r r .

County Classroom Teach Drowning

ers' Association and Under probeInvestigation

The Dade county Teacher Into the

Ti-- Its official publicationwon apparent accidental July :

Educational press 8 drowning of Freddie wL

I Association of America Nottsge, 6, of 1521 NI .p
(Edpress) Awards for 58th St. is being Investigated : 'I
Excellence in Educational by authorises. r -

journalism In the edi- reports stated. t,

torial category. The victim was report-

Awards were presentedby edly discovered at 2:40

Edpress officials to p... In an estimated 10

individuals attendingthe to 12 feet of water at

w annual Awards Luncheon Virginia Beach park by

June 28 In New York an unidentified swimmer

City Lifeguard Ted Jensen re- MIAMI BEACH-Llberlan vice president '.1. Tolbert (C:) listens closely asbe Is

The awards assumed moved the victim from eased new president of the Baptist world Alliance here On left Is Mrs. Jo so

special significancethis the water to the park Boren, wife of the put-going president and on the right la Tolbert's wife.

of School winner of year because of the office where artlciclal (DPI m.mnTO)
ELLIOTT C. WV.L, JR., center, Harlan High Chicago, a
(four-year National Distillers Achlevatent Scholarship: is show with "1)bert K. large number of entr18.1I0re .-- respiration was ..d.ln1atlllrfld. -

Hamew left, vice president and central region sales nansier, National Distillers than 700 educational CG Official Presents Top

Products Co., and Beverly Wilder, NDPC sales representative. NDPC Is a,, newspapers and magazines The victim expired July Floridians
'rtt vision of tonal Distill em and Chen leal Corporation. were entered In several 6 at 11:50: a... Safety Award To ESSO MiamiThe

categories, namely: For.attypogrsphyEdltorial.. 'S. Elected ToNat'l
Gardner highest official honor available to industrial -

Miami Beach Shorts picture story, news Man's Death Under seagoing tankers was awarded in Jackson
RecordingOn PostsNEW
story educational a1 In".UIIUonpolice ,111 e. Florida to the captain and crew of the Faso -

MIAMI BEAQI"More secrets of tht(Gulf Stream. that Release aeries, feature article, are conducting Mlstil of Humble 011 ft Refining Company. Cap- .
YORR -Pat L. Tornlllo -
flows northward few miles off Miami Beach may be layout cover design; an investigation Into tain William N. Rims, the MIAMI'S sister acceptedthe
[>>n't let the jr. executive
solved next winter by exploration DOW being plantned. CHICAoo"/ and newsletters the apparent July 10 accidental award whlcii was presented to him and his Hen
Dr. Jacques plccard hopes to cruise beneath name fool youl I An Edpress award la death of Willie for their actions in fighting a fierce shipboardblaze secretary of the Dade
June Gardner la the considered the highest ..._................au.....-.- County Classroom Teach
.t4h. stream off Florida in a 31-foot, five-.an B. Harrell. 30. of 4825 late last year.
based on an episodeof ers' Association, Was
male druaver who backed was
craft now being fabricated In Europe. 'I'tI'' ,strelUl honor to be bestowed on NI 30th Avenue which occurred The presentation was
the late Sam. Cooke for December 19, 1984. elected m$*w6 chairman
arer a(M/Settlemore/ than three' knots and becauseof educational publics* between 9 and 11 made by Rear Admiral
broke out the of the National Council
Fire oa
five He Is a
this current prfsegtsminy difficultiesto years. t Ions. P... Louie M. Thayer Co.
legend rhythm and F.8SO MIAMI but ems of Education for Husan
sander of the Seventh
soundings stated that
surface Reports Har
quickly brought under at the recent NationalEdvcatios
blues Busiclsna. has
He HoneconiBtWLLAHISSES Allollcd rell and his cosmon-lew but Guard District in
MIA\I., BEACH-- vea1.Florida salt water game fish worked with such names wife Henrietta Harrell. behalf of the two or- control by preestsblished Association

('kd Upstream: I/ar enough In tidal rivers to be taken as Ray Charles, Roy -Tne Morris 30 and Gary Belle pier- lanlzatlons sponsoring safety measures (NEA Also) convention....11 toa national here.

'I'n ttie! sane' area with black base, ,,top fresh wateryguiesteij'ia (Mighty man) Brown Lionel Browi College wolverines son. 32. of 3341 NW 49th the award, the taerican of the crew. .
sward presented orm-
The post was Mr* Edna Talt.
the state Both snook:. ,, and tarpon are Hampton, and finally the of Atlanta, Oft. will be St.. had been drinking Merchant Marine Inttl-!
slats of pennant bearIng past president of U.
'amonli saltwater: species frequently hooked In'SDots'where late and great Baa Cooke the Homecoming opponentsof at the hose of the vic tute (AMMI) and tl\e Marine
Florida Education
the "Green Cross of Aasoclstlos -
bass, also will strike. However, It appears the Florida MM University tla lost of the day section National
safety," to be flown who was elected -
that his
.. afety Council
Rattlers. The It. further reported
,iI Although Miami'Beach'is' less than nine miles from will from his first by the ship, and Isdlvdta to serve as NKA
.or. come grid contest till be ,that Harrell.and his In fcUtlonf to Captala e rletwf'tfro.'Pler14s.Mta. .
than dl
fraction emrtitieete.'Ibr
:north to south, the _city haa a )
under his
recording '
played at J":00: >....October wife becasV engaged In Rims and some crew ambers TaU la classroom
53.eU'es of water frontage. Moat of this Is slungthtf'Kiterwaya name which Is releasedon the master and each --- a
18 in Bragg Sta- an argument at about 9 of the MIAMI J. teacher la Tallahassee.
that dlrlde'the city into 3U: sepa- Blue Rock called 09 ber of the crew.
dt 111I..PI.CK p. .? and she threw a "'drea.. General Manager
'Irate'islands* Plus
1. which of Humble
glass Jar struct lurine
the wall and shattered Division, also particle

Gary plerson then left rated in the event.rarle

the apartsest and toe Smith, executive Committee

I THE RIGHT couple, retired.At .*ber of the 11-

;(,;. .. ..approximately. Harrell'a 10:30p wife: rlne auction Safety of Council the National : Oh That Young Blood Feeling!

tried to wake him and also took part In the
V failed. At the same time proceeding The AMMI was

she noticed he Iud. reeented by Parker ft.

laceration on the Insideof wise. Its secretary Oh! That Young Blood Feeling!

NUMBERS AND WIN his right arsi she treasurer. ..-

also noticed a large amount The award, sicnallclag. '; C.

of blood on the last yeis outstM :'rR f'hII I bed and floor of the seblevewieiit la safety I __ -J( TONIC

apartment.It and ae.MsMp the
I 'rI p Wrong tj> Vitamin enriched LIQUID nr TAHIXNFEEL
la believed that toe sat ion's tanker fleet,
victim apparently awakened I GOOD AGAIN FAST!

i $1,26O'ON IN CASH shattered and fell glass upon which the Miami Dade IRON/VITAMINS

J Inflicted the wound aid
Adds Fashion
died from the apparest
loss of a large aaouat Modeling CourseA

o f blood.Dr. .
Calbermaa of HtO coarse is fashloamodellmg Prodacl Of The Week
and Aast. State Atty. will be added I

Caring stedmaa iavestigated. to tee csrricslsm of I Miami, Florida

Miali Dade jwaior College>>

ON YOUR RADIO la September Dr peter. I

:.\,4 .: fe-aaiko ...000aced.In. .
No Charges MadeIm Edith Upo. former
S t Fatal Sbootiag ---.
r'J"'I', .1, ...' I owser of a mcdellsg
police reported that BO school la Coral Gables

..AI......". ... ... ..- ... ... ".. chance have bee made will teach the come
pendlag laqveat lato a ..
'As far as cam
..... WIN $1,260 fatal July B ahootlsg. Js4ge. this Is the first
stated that
Reports time nat a college has

t.. I Karl Lee Robersoa. 21 offered this type of
Of 3041 M snh St was coarse aa part of the

; 3lr'' : hilled durtaiaehootMMt1th regular cmrrlealsa, r.'kn
another mae oat aid* said Dr.Oeorge .....UII.

I. '. a S4tk Street tevera. director of Ue Technical:
$1,260 At approximately t: 11
'Vocational: sad S..l-pra-
; t p..., Roberaos was lavolved feaslomal Dlvlslom. tl. SHORTY35.

j with some other The eerie la blast IHOAIO STYLI .US

M,..'"..i.; Co.! fy....1 $ ... them Illllaa time tmetUatel for local :..: M.:5..:::=..e w...w....a.
Jf 31, cut oa the sceneaid trie woo life bees leer ---- --,... --
trial to stop the tag Ik. state for their .... -
-J:: .... ..
.. p b
argument.tltaessee. trailing.InwHwH. c..oa--. MM feta ea lfcw HiMaftOOTSM 'iVWMl W)- ..... .... ...,.... ..y.CIII .
.WIN $1,260 : said Robersom M pot' SCALP.T5..r N
:.4:.= .N a
palled a sa caliber re*
%.. Vm* ..* PUCTO AWAY
volver end ties raa aroaad ....... M
........ caao.www.Mr..Y .
his ear chick was wIvlHI ... YW..e:: ::::: cs: HA'tm'I
parted ..ar', with Robe tvl.agtiritnll.t ..,..,, m A T_. .. we.m IhII I
w .m armv
\ :1
rsoa follovlag aadflriag .. rrorr.r .
Msor ta all affairs f r 191
.i: at aim, 'I,.:....... ttanl..q.. w pwm.r.ui a..w gift
'''' ..;..:, \ J.f time ta said to saveaaauH Ma. t&da..., etc. tact f arms w.- Ns11 '
retrieve ----- -- -
to a
f.',.' ,,\ .i care., L.nt Dies. tacky ae..w. _P..rr ..a..m ml.
CASH 12 gsage emotfwm froe wen Tr a,1 jl
'. t MMe. IWr Is M S... r -.WMIvtoi r1Y 11
'' .-\ m s CAme
{..' ",'" '-. : his car aid fired owe sr.*dfml that ... Bart r.. M .. .. ... m. GI:i V4
w nn .. : IT :: .. ......
m lag :1 .
\ ... shot Ue blast at Mlle a.c-'" at: S*| ...t.Tftt 'h mrav* w :r aw w..aa..t -.....- -w.r.a
M f A
.' Rofceraoa la the chest strea..%.P-:7M- JB1 ::s.r:: ;: ::,.wTm. hewYar m t- a'Y-- -

apearwatly casaiag I.- Dpi g e.., witll It ,.S. t..e.. o .. ... ...::!:
stall death.Arlo ....,. --- "'- -- :.. -:.: .:::.
ULr Located taBlMl CAtma stau ro. n.A r ..
the melee HM .... ... 5.e. ewe aw = ...-. ., -
Ha OM visit t. .... .w .Iw.y it a.
WAME DIAL-1260 received a slagle shot p-c 5_ ..... :-ooott. .
-- ..
Ibis UMlt *.. r.. will -.
la Ue left leg ft*) ta* 41ff r mca. ".r-'- sw, hors S .Za.m::: r__..=-r--

Mo charge ear referred Put Mitt tA .ww .ac 10M ..... .-.-.. s.-....
Prie fits this m. --r"s.s..... yP ,.a
,oa lM liosesl,



_. l -, _._ -. !
t. t.Jl
t I

-- "
iTflniY IDLY 17. "1HS SIU ann Ml

I -Emmett ((Chip) Reed Memorial Baseball T I League All-Star Game Set For Monday I


East, West AR-Star- -CUs Star-Studded Staff Working_' .2tl! Eyes''ll'.|- -Game- I E..ft (CW"I".*8tandlnia"'DALLAS )

To Clash At StatoMl Jdmsefl C L Fct. 08

Set For A&T Clinic ROOT" corner. 9 2 .alll
interest la BOW ting to a fever-pitch la anticipation Wilder 7 3 .700 113H

of the first annual All-Star bra between GR1Qt' See R0. N.Co -Theprograa the Greensboro Holiday Caner Poataan....... S S .500
tae Kant and teat teams of the taaett (Chip) Reed I of the IMS MT Inn. Sooth, beginning at Lbca-tbl s.. 4 I toO Ill

Manorial Baaebnll League which gets underway Moo College Coaching>> Clinic 7:30 o'clock.. Joe .I..... 1 t .100 71loreHio
day. July 19 at 6 p... oa Slaoad Johnson dlaaond.CuBisslaner to .
bt bald here Auguat Dr. Wllllaa T. eel ).
hazel 'Thoaaa. .announced. Friday.' : ,10-14.lists a ataratudded AkT Athletic director and Bryant Softball Leiit

Selected by th* League *;; :::! 1rs.< ::::tllder' staff of aoae of the director of the Clinic
aaaagera and coaches.the" leading coachea In the said the dinner affair El MONO DIVISION
East teaa will OTIUTT W L Pet. 01
berated nation.LaadlBi.
to the public
la open Mead Johnson ....... 4 2 .'361
by David Shialda ...
with T. ---*C.Ce CollOsborne the list of nine am oal,. upon advancereaervatlons.He 1
lid.... 4 :2 .MtColts.
Longwortb aaj.. jordaa.... ..wilder cllnldana are Ara Par said
.. 3 3 .BOO 1
alatlnc aa coach. aeghlan.. head football reservations nay b* procured
The west nine will b* BT ALL TAs coach at Notra Dice Dal throuihbisofflca Mustangs......... 2 4 .'33 2
piloted hy Adrlaa Salth .J' BroM lb. top lOran Raiders........... 2 t 333 2
nral .
". who last season > Besides MCOulre.the.basketball
with Uwln Hall and .. Cato 21t. Joe *.*. JOH1DN DIVISIONHurricanes.
Henry waa naaad "Coach of staff will
'/tine. ** rvlag .. *. Ditties top g.orarcpachea. the Tear"" by the Football Include: Ben Carnival .. S 1 .133
J. Backhols lb. C.rnreThe Writers Pint...... 5 1 a3S
of Mariasad head basketball coach ,
starting line-ups & *>laes e. Carver Shills. 3 3 .900 2'
Frank McOilre. associate D.&Naval Acadeay; Preaa
follow; ,I. Adass If. Coca Cola athletic director Maravlch.head: basketball Drawn.... 2 4 .333 3
lASt '. IIIorter cf. Carver .I..... 0 6 .000 S
t AU RAY and head basketball coach at North CarolinaMats %
*to da rf. Wilder
P. Colea>> lit coca Cola L. coach at the Onvarsityof University, and
Divil Baseball
R. ll soa lb. top toner PITCBIMB. South Carolina who Carl Ksaterllm. head LeigvaMONDAT

Wright .. tllttr r. RutlerCoea Cola;. coached the University basketball coach at tae July 19-.*......-Coldfisrin YS j.," otr'tTUESDAY. .
A. kith lb. 'Ud.r .1..., Saall-Roty oraer. of North Carolina to the Durban, ".C. Hillside July 20. .PlaybnovsPustrutIZIIPDNYJuly

C. Wllllana c. Rosy toner CT1L1TTf" national chanplonahip la High School: winner of COWBOTS LASSO R'TTLtR. nu.-Ik Hayta of at.wpotrlt .a Ooldfiagera

rrltt It. Joe Jaaea ;1. -eela.***-***hr.r 1957 and was later coach tae 196J North Carolina Jacksonville, the double ..4 Olyaple Gold !Medal THURSDAT, July :32.Boya'Hon>> va Spotrlt
L IIU ct. top ortr D. ovdtll-Ke>y toner of the Philadelphia *ar- 4-H Hip School Champion winner tIM Florida AtM. la IB training with the FRIDAY July 23.Muatanga ,a Rpotrlta

A. or.. rf. maer RtcratloD B.ptrUtit. rlora of the national ship. Dallas Cowhoya>> Professional Football teas of the All.... played on Boys' Hose Diaswad.7530 ,..,
Basketball Asaodatloa.paraeghlaa. Hornaby Howell fbraer National football League. Hayes will play with the
nrosoa 'staff era Carlton Bryant. .
-D.n.I'' Cevrty'
who will head trainer. BOW aa Cbllege All-Itars against the world cfiawplon: Cleveland .
.. end David SB4 tri
Tony .to."COII toner the League dlractora.5ul conduct a das-ing lecture ,,aiataat conch la football Browns la the Chicago Tribune ire. for TUESDAY,July 70 -Cay light va Floraitala-Soatt ft.
Daaay lolaea-.Carver Mrteaoale&eaday.will and basketball at ch.rI'ie.1I +ftoldlera field August 6.City" Richardson va Ullv'a DrugaRlngleUWWNtfaA .
ICtEEl.Y tnt: deliver the main addreaa UTe 1H conduct on ..
Y.July :aiMchard: va nayllght' ** 8oat(.
..u.01 l mak In l.rtrr
at the U eto rt din special clinic
Strike a |wrk let.. N e.d Friday a Hottest Bitlerv Rucharlann His va Flora .
tkr U :with: .hr l't aer sat for Tuesday e pa Injury care and pr. '
wwA.l > rnnuiffc M1\IRMI.lIIl, 34: Dull tt vs un, a Druik ott
.. dart tinder burningtil vealng, August 10at vention.WOMCR. Richardson vs floedal.-****Niulleton.

.Cellirfos, Prep For Future Expect Oaaetla 3:30 p... Saturday Use given hy u......

ila 111 Clarence Jackson Bisebill liigoi
Classy Tourney
JILT 11.......-...............kings. va Guts
aUCAOO'..(N'I.n. ,
4r. Buck va Inert
4Tv Chicago tosses Golf Nets v.. (Ml..
r ( T7' Club has predicted that JILT 25...................... Oianta va tacts
its 1963 annual Walter : + Roves va kings

fiJj Speedy Heaorial and National ". "/ f bits J va Wets

lavitatloaaltovraaaeat, scheduled r Grittier Gyn Is DedicatedT&LANAMcrFlorlda

for July 1711 at Pip. Air Woody Hayes, head foot

0re ace Golf course on Vnlvaralty held its atwaer ball coach at Ohio Mat
the southeast side, will
convocation and dedl Ualveralty, Columbus.ftrarbs.aassde .
'be the sat aucceasfalla
i cntloa of tk* "Jaie"Oaltker by Mats
the club a history J I Athletic Center Rep.. Richard 0. Mltckelland
Not only has advises
Mat awaator WllaoaCarraeay
and Ojaasslua Mosdajr at
Interest ladlcated la*
10:00: .. .. la tk. Sew both umbers
tenaifiad coapatltloa. I athletic centerReturalsg of 'h Florida Legislature
but club officials art and vlsltlsgpersoasel from Lvoa Couaty

go lag all out toaaka the I af th* rug Dr. Oallktr ,....d.. to
apooalag' touraaamt the
lbs dedication
faculty and ataff was
Jr :seat ettlclesllyruirdl latrodaeed dvrlag the Tha moo health mad
i '_joy able, accordlag to
proem presided ever by physical adycalloahulld1M -
4 ,,
lira. Monica a....."... Aa,' prealdeat. Dr. was ..... by aa act

|th* to...' group live .""I1'1'frNGItST' B,mi fur the lM"' nd John.* MI''\ ..t.of Owrg 5. Guns. jr. of th.. 1911 Florida Lag

;wire publicist.prltsry, the City h u.tlOII .. Th* dedicatory ....... talatur
*7aTIO9tK nnV1t HianMr IHary Oalaes aa its Joe jaaa u-uaity aster ticsof Dn>art vtt Legu Is pit

the KMett Chip) Red Milal Baseball League, held down th* cellar po Istereat centers then Larry Hunter (right) and. Ms receiver. JP..* was delivered by Coach
,. the Recreation oa the several flights ,tallen. who holds an lapreaslve S' -.10.
stiles aa the Leane dosed oat its present ,1. However, City wua c re-
Departaant'a a eves t cuter feels that It will profit by past atparlancea and af pro.aeteur eoapetl ;cord for Ue arrest saaoa and art andefeated laa

will field a Non foraldabla dab dartsg th* seat rotud af play. ties that are buss ( 7-gaa* carryover frets last year.Larry has telrl Old Photographs
...,.... hy ISOO
a parse
ed 3-ao bitters and I sh.U>sts la massing. .aim
far the prafeaaloaaldlvlaloa current record breaking array racial the j* arlata Stirtiifl Today
Forned Charlestoi Clib i'
Newly aad a 1100
I attack |a 1. Walac| who Is blasting the
first prate a plaque hora"hld* at a.394 clip plus stellar support fro Mast Gor
Sips 6 Fl>. AIM ReoklesTALLMASSIZ aad all cash swards lathe .
Ilia. ". ..h.. file Ws art coached by Ctrl ton ," j

Twelve Florida AM Oalvtralty Rattler Freddie Killer of ctrl aaateur rich '''_'. Oa the social aid, the >ll... lade Mint. IIIllfaff
tIM th* M4 aqaad enter tralslag aa th*. '.' center Walter NIA'a.tu
chic la ,..,.r&.. a /
I proflosal football tralslsg csttpa epic this, af lake -.) is. Wate-tlde'. cocktail Carillaals' Sign FAMU Harlar 1M2 l CM tfJ

.*... Thla brtage to a total af 30 tattlers signed its Dallas Cowboys ofth party early bird registrants. 09 H* pitched 130 laa-

to pro of tooths u. 12 contracts.rookie* .....!.................. Leaga* Natlaaal I..ID'Football..,*., a pr.-...,._, .,.Ti.LLANAUkk... Cardlaal'.Tb.*f at lb.Ritloaal laid and. track, out 400 aelid fat H fait
Mud-Trap affair.Friday, haltera.ttxOay
to Charleston (fTa). football flayed. by the. th* doable $4 Olyaplcgold Lagakav.
go July II; and an *Vat aad led tk* Rattlersla
Rock at a af the ...1, iattler. ."&1 wlaaer. aad algaed a Florida All
Ran ttb Mole get-togs their fifth Ibat..nJlureol..t.
toned CMtlaaatal poot* Boailag plat U the) full bach Chach<< latUM.both University pitcher to a
.hat. Jsly .,. AtklethCbafereac Royal Art Studio
tall L**....tit i Ibck.ta* Rook eta art tack lee af jaekaoavlll All social actlvltleaaad baaetall enamel. titlelapott-
Coacfc perry Wn, brew>> ette Oaabl af west Other MFL .1&.... are boss let'., af Lake ,
registration sill b* lag a 9 | re rd N*
rly coached at Florida Pal. geach sad ld lllllassf hobby Felts R ltla.r* worth taked the card!* .
truck eat and
held at Roberts .tel. 102 sea i SOCIAl COMMERCIAL STUDIO) SERVICE
Rtete University her laTsJlahase : Daala. f.ard (.Ita; halfback Calvla asis pact aad bas ben ,
(1123 "atB parkeay) taws K> only it ruaa. m
s aad aa Oil .-.*... Jorwn af riri. Lens cl..I r d Brown; ....'..ner. far tietoaraaswat faraed eat ta a M.Uala betted ,241 UU sarlag.Th .

verslty af ilaal. where fell back a trae III.... ...11'rstloala far club IB Saraeota.Th Cla.lBatl Red aftk 515 DAVIS ST.

he saw tka caliber .t of -II...".. ,a., aad W. This Chan scheduled far July meat *f th. .*a* *.* lassie drafted

UI 5J 31JJ W11.TW tract was not disclosed. "Harold wtka irlsg th.
featar attraction IB fear ....... .ltb roast "baseball draft ELGIN 4-UM

4. IIZ Mday, J.., II. Sill b* the W''ra. Mccray woa cRa. la froa Avon Park,

-- aa aihlbltlaa. aatchlag ,21'aawa and last fowr.eaapUted ,Ia. Md ....|.,*. elm
j" j" ;f 1C Jul. (boy and tlrls .. 21 af 40 aophoa.r* year biro at

chaatlcas aad edallata tars r, pitched ad bad aa AM tAil year.

fro the ealtH Oalfers
I 1. Asaoclatlas'a lllevst

,. district, Tee aff tla Is

15 U Ii' set fr'IS nor.

Ii-n 1Ntomslls GiU City GollAssodil .

.s Itetar .t Metes

I F.ets.i re' t**a N.tors af the aaaDda-

fc* add. *abtracta, tics J*.r.4>*d .. Pen*
Ce work It all areeedjCOMlwaj ..... I..th tea day tapartlclpet > rf
amXTIOaJS .* the b.*ra.

1s .., which resulted. la'tr
J3 Rs1stHis's lchardt etaalag

....._._;:H..* tint plac with. a .*-

Days, aver per IXJa
Art Iwberidaar e* C Hrc fblla-
... .41ad with
l dead a
Bay .u .).. '
a 74 std issue Bjarrtafsiaed i
..,...** wealth sad Are third plies 1tb ...
.hN Caa M 'tI"

Ike Latest Meals Hilr Styles T** Lea Y ir tacky hoc 7i.rajrisg. th* meat hall ,.. \ .

Lady CaUra its. I
Any **f1*< seas .""taaf '
At The ai*d I2.M fer ,..,
Are Taught O* aMXlatieaj play* \ -
..,...... Odds tar ie
.4 la the ...,..., laOmlawtthjasea ; 'rr
JILT \ e /1e" /
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JocboRvilltBorbar ..,J.
,Ill .. tb* blaak bla. disks lint place lath I \,

Vad sell U ZODIAC ,.*. First Flight.NOOXKDf. .
cities Bag 1171. Jartaea'vllle \

Colltgt 11(. L narlda. i Kr ... ....'. wf to b.*
g. s.4> .....i..I la !>. .... Beef at its Best
..b S ** >-%. (.** a-*
:Atfw... ... ...... .... .. Mrrr r w ..*..*< i..... ..
.j IN .... _'.... Ce* .* k..*
DAVIS STREET .._......_
630 Rub ....-. .sup l..s.Lae ..
h-a by ....aa.t r Me
llllllllDl. Illltll. 11I1I fill 1I1m. ..said T4 .***f*"*f
.. "... tic peas --' ..,......



4 1 t i 1 1p16E

SATBHAT Jill 17. 1W

_._._--- -
Lawmen. July 9, 1965 -
Bi-Racial Swimmers .

I (Continued Proa Page 1) Z>4T Colleague '. : "

'St. Aug. wort la unrelated toW In the beat Interest of thejschool{ system, X urge you to complete I--.--- ------
Integrate civil rights organization and return this form to re promptly. the enclosed envelope. By cooperatlnf '
THE SCHOOL JOB SCANDAL It getting like a poker
and the profession a
and draws its In this Important matter you will be doing. yourself
ST. AUSUSTINE-'For the the right of anyone to support fro. private great arnica .* ': i1 gaae. The Citizens Coaalttee tor Better School
first the in the 400- enter public bathing philanthropy. 'i1' opened the pot..the State Attorney 'called (for

year history of Anerica'a beaches along the ocean .. : Coedia1171'curr. tbt evldace). so the school official ad all the
Now In its second '
oldest clty..nor being has been flraly established project was organized ;, .1jiol : .' .,: ; /.J ':3 other boys In the fat (the school CMS, tint is)
c.hbrated"ICtlroll and by the Civil : -J" "'-"'- betas ot.boWIei' ere staying. The dtsJtr has Mt
by a of chaplains
whites swan peaceably Rights Act, and BO ought at such group ivy League :, ''' Irh Brant, SuperintendentQUESTIONNAIRE his cards on the rids So It' s up to fen.dell Rolees

together In "0od' a not to be regarded as who opened the pot to bet. Wendell has sad a

Waters" at st. Augustine any sort of challenge, New En 11 and Colleges asDartBouth . . . snail bet In 'calling for laaualty. NO* It's left
and and
Beach last Saturday. students who! took part Tale to be teen If anybody going to call hit bet sad
baa had aupport froa
The feat was accoapl 1 shed in the raCe-!n told, the possibly raise MB to and out if he's blafflag or
the Eleanor Roosevelt
by s half dozen college Florida STAR. not. it will be interesting to see what kind of
Foundation others.
students who are The group who took the among lAME TELETHONS: band the Pot Openera not.
The Rev. Winston David- .
taking part In the st. historical dip In the NAACP LKADEX Rutledge Pearson la ,ltt1Al'lo"
eon, chaplain at Tale, JliERISS
Augustine Tutorial Pro historic city was COB- opposition fro. ease of hla local usodtte C. ..
serves aa coordinator.
tree which is staffed by posed of two white girls, Miss Blattenberger suggested SCHOOL AT WHICH TOU ARE EMPLOYH) Rest there's lot of Questions la tfceir' ad ads)...

a nixed group of volunteers two white Ben and two Robert I11U... a staunch NAACPer baa ..barked
that her questioners
fro. a nunber of Negro sea, all of then aak the local POSITION IN WHICH TOU ARE! EKPLOIU3 on an Independent cle np for progress PID'lleanU. "-...

Florida, southern and college students. ... the word Is oat that efforts to -titatea
who prograa director. MCKendra APPROZXNAT1XT! HOW MANY XZARS HAVE TOU BEtH DIPLOIED IN OUR SCHOOLSI rdt of Deal Cab drtrera
northern colleges They regained In the -out New la falling flat
who was obliged
elected to give up their water and on the beach aa Boat of the drivers seen satisfied tDe,' n isk*
to wait in the hall, about SKUU ANT POSITION OUK MOIl _
vacations in order to for an hour before being let a pretty good living .. .better than. eoee of
the project, but for
help out underprlvlledged driven off by rain. na, PLEASE MAKE THE PIJUGM: uA PU\.AMS the whites, they say.EH .
best known to
kids in the "AncientCity. White bathers and passersby reasons / KNlOiT la recuperating slowly at'I''hone..Meantl -

toAlthou&b alaedafew stares thenselves, they didt't11ke PLEASE STATE THE AMOUNT THAT TOU PAID_ .e, Theresa Mackey la doing a superb Job oa ta*
the Idea.The .
the, purpose of in their direction but Marshall and Sunday aom show. Like the nader-ttnd7.ho.db
Fire DATE AND PLACE OF,ff 'the group In coning here nothing Bore, the students Sheriffs Association are for days, weeks, soeietlaes oaths for the Big .Day

:is to teach rather than reported.ZIGZAGZIGZAG. not the only onee Interested THE ABOVE INFOAMATION IS TRUE AND CORRECT TO TIE! BEST: OF MT KNOWLEDGE.Signature to go Oil, Ts ceae when the Round one fell 111.

:gain civil rights situstlons. in the case She went on and thrilled the audience.If the story

: it was felt that The Florida Star has Is to hare a happy theatrical ending. aonebody

learned The local office Date will recogniie her talent and give .her 'a chance

of the PBI is Baking to show it--possibly a show of her own..the Thereat

an Intensive investigation tlttrHS...... racket Bhoe..1hat a 4r.a.t' 80 chat. It happens

of its orn.L. Jax Urban League to the pale boys and girls,

IXAND NEW 1'. T9 St>" Posts POLITICAL suniT la what toes folk are calllag

the tet-to-pther being staged at the Kl Dorado.Sat. .

ZIG-ZAG SIWINGMACHINES fit' V. Davis Steps Up Program :IB' Al tie.a July boys 24..It's and their a flat male party acooppl for ices..that'B all the political

1001 MODIll / (Continued Froa Page 1) MONTOOflEltT.Al L u(JllPI)- cookln'T peeking of politics bilk ire trying to

OIMOtTais which recently hired a High on the agenda of certaU specifics of Two proalnent Negroes figure which office ij. Nora an and Joe peullae
the Jai urban League Title VII. ..
Negro secondary educatloj 'have been appointed to are working for the Mayor's or CowIssloner
next week will be the A representative of the
expert at 111.000 a the State AgriculaturalStabilisation
hosting of local builneaa Florida Advisory Q).- lawaen prefer life of
: a
Week year; the State Treas aDd Conaervatlon -
urer's office which bat and Industrial leaders lesion to the o. Civil AdvisorCOB-- fighting It. v

,, hired a Negro deputy for' with certain .....nt. of 1 Rights Coaalsslon is .1 th.. Nin LIFT Curtis Ty1orr dishing up his tasty

Its Mlaal office Title VII of the 1004 also eipected to, be. on Dr. A.O. flaston. BlrBlnghaB hamburgers and other late alto goodies at the Mon.
Civil Rights Act and .
: Davis la past president .hand. sod the MV.C.A.Fredd. teray Club for Its Berbers and B.B.Pick ens. the
of the Gainesville Huaan progress report on the in other UL' developaents. Oreeosboro. were business .,r.advises that aenherahlpe are no* open

,Q Relations Council a aeaber League's local Skills the u,. Board of the appointees. Oastonia to sedate boys and &lr1ltho like a bit of prlrateoo.ndree

of the 'lctllatlreconvattta Bank prograa. Lewis J. Directors is eipected to president of Saith oa occasions..Which relads that they

,for Sowiol Carter, ill executive release a report following Oaston din slaee
of the Florida and laterests. say the F.J Dorado which baa been the

HOUI lircl l Rr/rir/ State Teachers Associa director of the OL an the findings of L.I.Alexander. The ..,. Fredd la director shooting of a welfare worker la due to open IP, a-
tins President of the Housing CoaaAtee of the nee TUB* gain.NITELirt.

IMUOIDIISOMON09IAMS SUPPLY LIMITED State Voters League, inc. The aeeting will get chalraan lodleatiBg calooaa Stats VocationalTechnical : Negro rtsltor to ..c' Bar at coe.

O NO ATTACMMINTS NIIDID1eiuim CALL NOW a bipartisan organiza underway Thuraday, July their;;: ooacera ':i1thta'obrtrnetlre school, He crier a cdgewood was attacked by a white amselean
23 at ,8 Pa. IB the
Tun.A.LLOWANC' 3531231AIUH t ion. vail'ahteh.difides fonerly served u principal oustoner who probably didn't relish peraoas of
Gulf Life insurance Oar
He hold. both a bach* ; adjacent of Hale CoaBtyTTtialng color going into the lounge. The old crowd aroaa4
| SEWINff CSjlTOW. INCf.'j elor's- and Batter degree. pray audltorlua' Carter Hegro and white sobdi visions School and Is a that spot scent to prefer that .Negroea Jut pickup
612 Laura Street
$28.80 (DEAR SIR: I would like a || said. located at Elate ...ber of Oaeaa Pet phi their bottle and carry it away or drtak it out*
Blazons, pre-law
WIT" (FRO! Home Demonstration of IIthle Ira a Road and Flagler 8t.A frsteralty. sld... .Jaaie and Dot were let oat of Auk JUatlo

lAST TERMS era, a nee Zll-Zu Bw-I/ TEETHING PAIN student fro.Iro.arlOel letter o( proteet baa The ASC ooaejlttee aids ..,...Jut.uaed to Mat! Manuel's end 'pot la that
NO CREDIT NtEDEfc: line Mtchlrie for only $28.80 I versity Law School who already, ben sent to u... the mate ia tress of fine t"h.I tII the Jealous boyfrlea...."" at'e
.,. ?...,. ,,,,,. N.w HauM/ OftA JCl aaf.lv.andt tIna .H- la presently represents- regional aad hooslagofficials. the drive-tea an4
pain.Jual apply,pain ffllafawar..mmantaa ideal Interest especially this with the Bosnian at area
For Free Home JAdJrMs., ..,,,.,.,,phone.,.; -'. : by many.. i tint for the National .
pWUlrkbn., work (ail /5xiltuiranl..d la the field bare
"Oeaonatratlon 3531231 (City, ,.,...,Bute, ,,.. ar/y Association of Coloredpeople' t civil rights aad eQntleeployeeetopportraltles. TOO' HMKD IT HOlt WTT. Ylrgil Hawk las oa hla wwjr
Call... ..... N7! "V'M '
I {If IIP.D.01e Directions s Legal Fund tor '
NAACP art fro. *d leters..angllag for a apot cm the
------------ ora-tel Florida will dlacust May Sie
anti-poverty progran (who alai). Crban Leatrc'eLMt

-,MM.-_.w wy1N11,1iW? .- .rw r.Mw For Marie JobDIscrlwlMtki trv u.a....rw....... Carter should: get the ao : --rrrr.r. of assistant director of the antl-poverty project.

Don't be surprised if a Negro roar forHeyoraeit

,''''. .. W cb.' t get e citeJif sane of the"acreae
neat.ootv.ipn' -COB.. rn IENTvaeatloB era in the school job scandal turn oat to be lamer

plalats say be filed against realdlag outside Jaa.rR .
Jaaana now
iy Ornate at Ameri
aajor action piatrre at the Afro
SHALL OWWOir-Preii "14. PI sisn
stodlos and craft .. B**..allct AparUteits.Arteelaa .
lea Co. hte woa tie fight for Negro howlers to.
redact etll. tit ro IMl. -
oharging violations /eaoh... .. ko
bowl at all pees, laclvdlag Jai :
r of Title vii. the t ....." .. .-..1..
did It without Barchlag.
NAACP indicated last

wet. Title VII. which flEE lie m.FO.With WfttKBOoeitlweJ + RiCrftl liftCoattaaoJ

took effect July X ban Metal Of akaereeBolpaeat. .
r I ( Pro page |)

i i iI racial ttacrialBatlon la te Reati Levasevers ( Froa page I) tiater Mavea; totert a..

eaployant.Stadles ft Ureea Toele. alder Type: Mr. frN.Jsalsoo. .
disclosed thateaployBwat 'Yoo told.. that before
Veer pollsker Be4ers.eale .
Madlsoo; .Mf.jackaos .
at Negroea U ... i Read lbele, teal fed 1 told you I wow.1
t Joe.. pan BBS;
,4r the Botioa plctara },,- Trailers ft* per 4ay.1J kill ,0It If 1M tola l Be Rev. laadere Edward.
r k dustry '..tU.ectdlrt. 1 that stale" trite la
i.E lanUUIElT&l CEI'O Port acre tody ft. .
the ltst'yat, despitelaproved than said to have pulled
Coca; Mrs. Flossie Cur
h eeoaoeile coadltioas ..Mala at. PO IUTSEIII6 a pistol froo his pocket
; latea. Day tea a Mack;
.E I fired twice dose of
IB the.ludittry.Herbert .
u ; Jaaea 0. to.. Dela*> ;
'" Mill. atAACf MICMIEM! the ballets .
''hsi aatloaal Mttlag Mrs.FleaeitBg. sad Aleiaader ....r..

MJ labor secretarysaid. INI piAL.A-nC-Xll-- jacksoanile.IKPtllH .

aaaa that rarer have feeeaeedL

Kill aid" tit lavestl- t>tev.rrr LATAUTS.ever SIIIUESPATEiT

.Uoaofllol1woo' Dries pldeepdaton MEDICIW COSH1ICG

policies had Udteated left area. *e are ..w. ALL UADWO:- HAIR HtkFAKATIOttSf "
.r that the resole raaetloaed te leeate the. lea ea
t} l f atoll and Astitir R. 4-2IW
"sot as Bodera fare Ueee chlaee fat

labor OBloaa bat as Bed- Ue ......., Ml eea .,

feral nil's destgaedoaly "1M. till take ele.raealaea LEO'S SHOE REPAIR

for self -protection ta t,.... ph.
," Itt-te// aaytiae. till SHOE UPAIRINO OP ACT KINO IB OCR roar .
/ n 1 BUUIN5SS.! PICX IT MO UVIX Pt- t3SS9260 -
Two year tp. after deliver. He s111ptlee.Ir:1or .
| threatened as-
fled boycotts agalastaajor Til MifltiislPmr

conic releases.there li !to WirU flJ 'leed Cmet-
aas .0 taW 0 lain ..

h vea eat IB .Negro awVleyavt. /-1 rear aetw eel aaMrweeaad ./II Bill ..& OB* Mad eat ... almleef
seewllN '.' ,, ,, ( ... oAJ,)", n".. r I I'
rte clef the past year. e eepreeeere prayer eea

: C pKe L with was relaied.these wears fer fe. rlte: Mai M Mw .. er...... e M A ...
galas were all bat >,....1
; Cope erased.apokeeaaa. 8STEI FWrtlE' miH DRUM epa' BAa' = t. 29eGOUHN

for the Association
t 1St .. MteatgaaCklea... iron . .LL tat
of Bt>tioB pie- 111. 7VIUI "AT .. .. .... .,.U, $U5
I un III III I tare cad TelevisioB IroOreet ROHM LOSSTtt .. ....U. ,...,

Hey & Girls..loek flEE Merles aad neatrlealaad FENCING SMAU FVOUHOIR .. .. .. .. .,... .LL 2Fr
Boy: I lock I Stage Eplayea 4ecllaed IAR6I tlOUNOII .. ". .... U. ..r.MAIeC10rt .

tNAPFft . ... ..11. Ar.
list Bnif 3 Wttturt Cife Cats Ti Ik* KU Tkfitn eoBaeat .a the aVHERCULESj liD SMAPPft .. .. ... .II.IB.. Foe

NAACP dtrtM CAYTDH . . 4*
h Sttiffcjs Tta SIMMjy tt*1-IM. < Mft4 pay raeS .... ... .... U. .tie
lob Ct Ht Frees SPANISH MAOCIIttSICXVD .... .. .11. Hr
1\\1'4'.1\/ \ Q" 11QUTTtUOW .. .... It. >*s
: T n CAN VIN FlEE nun TH CItrInWI. TAIl 'Ami ........ ..11. SSe

'.' 74 SohM. All.h..stI'lIHI MIOIUMMR 'MmHG .. ............ tx. lie
4 ., liukill Iris Uiti Loris, Cirtus II. solos itc.i t aNl ol +E ....... *. MUiUT ..... ........... La. .
&.AlGI MUUITSTIAat ............... U. MsUK.
ntH .. .. ..... 99t
,'{,i.; GfiAKD PRIZE A HMY* I HCW SUPER SPEED BICYCLE OULt, at. ..faenNytittt pmt SHAD fcO iweli.etr /war. .*. !N

et.. ........Y Y R A/Mr
v. It L 1 rested for tNnrel raaialstratleBS Ftree. PeirlMd 512. A LARGE SHRIMP . Lk9t

BOTTLED r ttm"-lt THC AUT1CRITT OP Sa blew Alf>. kd BINTnt MID SHRIMP Lk N

THE COG-OaLA OO.PANT Bys JAOLSONVILLI OOCA: -170IJ1 BtmUNQ CO. were 41CBlaBe4 ate .earn SHRIMP : sue....

by FWeral. Jedte Daai\ n I-2m MUM rtoztM lotrru TAJU< IX 1LM

I. s.a .