Florida star

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37182 F20090413_AABNGP 00306.txt 1956ba70f5cdb3f02f673b8ba2f35028ce438ac18811cc0a022fb5e4a5dc286d5ee529cb
29228 F20090413_AABNGQ 00306thm.jpg dc12231930e4a8855072e442343bcbb077f6a7e6d3125451d3e29b63df4c2ec36984cd02
880727 F20090413_AABNGR 00307.jp2 335576bb82155356093ff0be0065c5be4990b5490f45d33ccca3e85dbb28272237cd6168

xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200670datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date July 3, 1965dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=006700740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
July 3, 1965
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
July 3, 1965
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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BO tie*. bio Mach to Ocer,Ia. After tb. traia paaaod.Ufa. it la bvrlapaadplacias and there bOTMtn the sac BtatMeat that tMdiora.llllMS. f let a)" M tkat other

The itradltloa bearlac Boyatoa started to It bonoatb tank .*r. the rwaanta lien* la ao evldeace et tMdiera -n ld ease tor
ewe to Jarb
COlE Wins .aa held la tb* Oot.r. cross the tracks *hatb a lOO'ialloa tataa tae of the ollaoakd beacn deliberate dlMlaaal ofNegro eoa villa. la eoitaectloa.. .ardltbte.taoay ..the
sons of .. tboaad lllvrMt tank aloaiald the bed ball and burly tMcbera aatd; out fearofloaaof their
with tlertaraeef
Rent State flub Joe| or tr.*lla< aoa* M IMM ...ft u.*..hlt* coed City PI ,. hut B.M. 'I balleaio tbatatatMeat nip tloa Md job.aellas|oar Job. or baraaca.'.

CbOBpBMSara's sties u boor sired for .aa auppoaedtobe ale.p. Nail .anted to cart off particularly Noises described Job
In the public ae"ol.ret.
RBKPSTCAa M.T .Ua| !.. carandbartlla dlllt las la the Negro boa. the .r14 11I Ct. Nt Mr*. recardlas" Noises Coaa Bade. by the (/tInes selllas) IB Gays aa

lalaad'a first rest iu aid*. A 10 yards eats a boy Tb* flBNa *av.lopd Pluvivr. held aladMof 1 t, CMMltteo tor Bet IdtaprvaT1 MORSealloated 11ft

Strike MBlMt the lit U. d Asia taftdtBi at the cnaalBiTb the aid of the bo.ae the vaat roast ofevtdoftce porter ere alladlas ter RAicatloB of wild 1300 H.trp

low apartaeata here ceded Is ipct boy.Knard HcCDra.t. sad roof birataf the carried off h 10 Negro. teachers. la mdall I P. "01.) ... Jr. teaera Nt decllaed Idaay

with acotlattoa of aa .d t 0 0*| of 1141 LDalaUaa $t. top oat of aa ovvrHans* Chief Nail sad otk. .r Noises scaly who erootlfled la crtalraan.Tbo wet perc.tate are

crctara eider Ucla reached by 1m' was takta to (fetal n.dl. las cabbage pals, tat fir laapectora la previous by the school Bditcted. a lavoived. Nc also do*

the iBBdlord, Rabbi Len BIt .... cal teeter tor trataat fortaaataly the bias Imralaia of ".cnbooo Board flat their Jobs troup al.! .. tAt llaea cllaed to say boo .hlsh.

Salt*. will co trot apartaeat IMP, who la Counts for bad lajarltt sad via dlseov.,.d aad *i* sever to bo beard would be cutoff ills of surrey the Peabndy. Report la the courthouse. the

to Bparta.atOBMltlat .aa .**** aa Nabrtioatlvy rel..td.Ira. tIas.lBbd la tla* toprevoat fna .....,la at at ed woos r.l1b... III neiro and cried a trend Jar jobsellai.| charges
pupils could be trass
with tMMtaOB Boyatoa *aa also tb* tail froo
rcl4 a nrdr > taias It luSh sad BtatoAttonKtr reacfc.District.
their needs ... ferred late previously laveatliatlea.but
for eoatietloa la lilt takB to th Cater fora eplodls6 bol"as It for official BlIIlM A. Hal-.s.h
all Hit ecboola
BoatlBl ropelra.Babel and .aa seduced to ebckap. reports ooaClodod. Piles latMdod vlctlaof .b* ooaaldvredUi be sore ,.. laforaed Neis.e Court
SPlta also acreed life la prlooa, I' caw Uo ,"I.| be Mrdr.raHlaa teeoosslll.. Mlles aald be believed
that 'be needed fee'teal
to build playsrovade.re- cap.d a coati later fro Rights leveler ... Oall) Blattwb Cblf Hall, tat At. *.isuatlao Metro teacbera aurplaaCBM evIdMce slice Refuses To Drop
place refricoratera sad a aopboaor ataonh froo ..,U school
Bali n
a Couaty.O prlaoae r. Beoor 1, Md owe

alovM ortr ft yeere old *.. Accrsed OfEMmIHl..t (tl.OOO pr year .Q.r m..e ..... iII4IoII' earollotat) arose where brought iBveatlsslloaaoaly Oct ",.* Negro police Suit
sad either palat the a* Darlat tdBadayabaartai Maltt 0>>11.,. la Nartb* cod .,.,Ph..r aa betas the Metro pupils aretrMaferred "
artMBta or craat twaaatB late ehltoecboela 10 r..,, and hearsay .
Atty. fraakAldtraaa. anptaa, ..... Mlaa Blattabrs "MeoopratvM sad .
B 111.00 peiatiatalloaace. reeultlss. IB Mol.| *. thM asked the tAMPA- 'A federal ooartrfsed
HI stated iiwould r, who lives lapld that aa alpbt
Ala. "atate
BIUA. DSpttocbarita the schools cloalatMe state aitora ,, t* dlaalsa. a
weir. all arc.aataSB with bar parcels atPrtBMUa lave set tb* fire hero
Tb* protect set loa of oaoottlMratof Mt to list sup o Mat an doit of edu* racial dlacrlolaalloBsalt
tcbatal Mlata, *.J., Is a self Icnertac. the fact OB aay
started IB .td'Pedrieryasapertieal II.ISO la ortaalta* la Bach iBitMiea, theMetro ratios Md the task nun filed by 13tl,
platd oat that If tics faada by a I... O.rer sad esi .r a list It came cloae. Ubletsi ,.'11.
rest strife *' pallia are ab* of the Board of pt.r.Mrt d'|ro police
Bdlai leap back to B sore of eolli sto her to bite).
of local civil .
a tithe for Iuesilt
refusal to Bay SI.00 to aorbed late tilt schools laatnctlM OM aialaat that city,
orila Orison far robabllltatloa. alt afftllatod with Or d.ts who are .*Bdlsstbolr la aa eidBilve later trw prvaeoiliM or leaa
Id.MBMthjy laercMealapeaOd .. ,. ettbeet reo lriis BO BM City .MteruaAadreesssd
laao IB It.
vacattM via sill tbe Plorldatar
artbiUtbar ...
depitd the Ilif. offlctalB tearaerabera of jebe for t. MONalloeea pell" Chef RaroldMlU
can** fr It.Aldcraaa ., .*(*.t'"* aiala till the sell aoralac,
sac live meld t..U b.
that there *r* '. of tie foiir>OM ,
bola ta tb* walls, saU that .1... tar farce eppolated bpBailey '.
c. District Co art
tops r.cord seer ta* a., pr4rlcfc BOOMbo tutorial help to hide Uat abe bad lvboaedta latoralatblii thata
Irises floors la the HOOM '
put M pease shies bisfltavas .bo. BH it.A1..lat.d. are or Jasee Judge Jocepb P. Lill
ladlctod atate'a sparse farroa.cfio >- .
bathrvoao,leak lac plMb* oao lire state statute pp>vtd e
t. ,*.... la far dish ( U. director ofaoolBlatratlea .. deaylat aolloss byBUpetereburs
.... bribes atalrtaa this wed.hue. Mid be meld for ceerdlaatlat for leevalty .la ..... City .
n' laedeexele tarbeteeolleotlea ODd* wee ham baa bad the lid ,10.14a. ..d a OM abet I: 10 of bribery.b Atty.Marry

failltiesteesltl.t I' said tee ism feared of Dr I...'. tipllet.eet's lat.ad.d *as ,u. to receive the evle aice.Mocever. reepoaatkllltleaader slate sadgouty a.aH ...It,., Uecr Iat Md Asst.aty .
Ut .
fir clldra cud pro* Leila flsoacr. sacecrvtary jotaeoato
la Also slant lit JO .
IB rats uteaches. tie *.p bad efldmcelf
costly Is ralalsi two sad ...., oftiboa tie Civil ..." dlMlea lie Mao be*
... civil rights .- Hre Odef Nail retaradto
OB ayo'i II .mdcftlllroa.T ea.pile tie death tell Acti these Garfield, sp... rl. ..... of jboelllat. .... It failed. ko well
tae *
termed late 5 fall feet gas sew, WCOMOM Neloee, who
strike.Ceadscttss. *.tlfyla. la tape I a dictdof oaldllkoly have .\H'a' led sow by D*.ty SUtePtreKarekal aipoUted recMtly as eel adieu Md tae fe4

the rat behalf was his pft.tr, /It... all. far alo II O* Tamer .f'* local aide ts tie Mat Accident Ykfiiis In, oral! onort bad ao jcrtc
.....1 partaeati Dr
au, C, 0. Caaataa ., U. eMit loa edit
.f aabfBliss lane at the ten fa trailtlaaalootben )
strike was tb* ftlkloo
T..>.*c-cU.r.: fed Pert ..n .*. said tbt I. faado boob .*. IsBlted were atyle, Barthartarcated fled Terser, director oflaatnctlea Serious CoflditloiT .1 M hiss t. ice
It .11 spew bla ro<..- ; Md jMeeOraat ,. bold tb* Mopltlatae
throoth tb. ffrta of trv.IhIDella. toot ... CLC ort late ira. PM > yoBlbe, lajarcddartas
LOB* IslMd COB!. The1's'tapresid.t .*..etl.. that loap cam era. ...bore of the .era boot, Mt bee ea terser preeldMt M ..,J..... ., i stole la rood, MdMt
of ,.. '!1"rids StsleTeMbera .. .. .
] ,
.aoo ttesarer of tb* C./.ly 'loea ova CftrtotlBM.*' the sofa ordered ..."* a service shills sir .W. to>> a ooUM

",a. AeraldlBo ...... dMlrc" Votoro IM.. a salt .b* bad .... oat trylaito oao deceit of the AaMtlatlM.deel los, coepreecer ol III 1.lyrtle .. ..!*.."
a timer reddest *f whirl blp4 epeatiedsauce rals* me ay to aat > M ,...( ... proceeded t. *'Me t,4a..4a/( Jail Lleb save the
1IIata.7. AlaaMa. aad U. S. "'rons roMltlas la tbo rmiaat. %> .rt to tb* tat rotate horse flMMa ep-lalat. ..,. bell listed la City attorneys V days

a participant la tie Was drive earlier this voter drive tier. D.. aM Mr a ctlalsal. 1st Drowning ..,t.. cosdlliM Tbors I* .a.|OB to file .....,

hlotarto 1.1. too hey ten Eiflils PltitartoMt ,eor, were ..1.,.. ISUer. |,. "1 sow a.........*' day eM the BTAA Mt .. the .....

colt there, Bt .ltb "The I. h- B**, Balsa Aboraatby. oad br ...t... MICR. /lstt.berter told Hits Peel ta preee. flu Ja'". told. lie al*
hills holler tics *aay of Bdatatlaatbls dice "H.".' of PXLCaa It Arfoa. J.baoo, II.aad Tae Star. *4et klsdof J... Lfce.ls. 5 y.ot* AIM,.... t* city ,.< leratye Mai be ea. snlss.

It eta b* CM tooafata4 ...k approd a a Bt by tr. (Us tlavootliato 0alora B.n.. IT. loe Is It Mat Ise OB* eels resided cub bistraa trelsas I. Lvas.. oa a vMetiea Md would
sbori.o asalaat n* terrorist ..., ..h... II, lest tie an loo. oa the
| for a rally plea far oftaallaaco slit Bircoioit .,n-.r. lust >...tier el Ult worth Irate Lee
aid a CORk>apoasered the UII Clll Ulbta Boo. Prier t* bavob* apo9.*d anew the ,...... so tboacfetboy It drowsed B.*day stJfferMB bad hey left ate alaoit .... IB the fall.Tb I.

tow of ta alamo. flylM kal M atlaata.Aboraatty D. sly .ta 90 .. MM ewe the srlal* Neel|. severed aid CM Alt tie Caaaty
A .... earlier, ewer Board b of p.bll LW. taotraotlaa. .- told $* rls. II IItt...,...., w.-. .a)." (Sae bao ealy The tretedy fellettdooealBd IT, fferedeevere U **<" p.11'|| .. ale

>M liraaas participated patted sttadaaco at far tb* flue *oa lit Ice la a* taws! 9 ... of 7fferaM. Md leg Isjerlee levee racial dlMfloi*

la oaaolelUftt prat eat Tb* letter froa tb* Bra**. Del MtCbarcttUot aBortly after|S ere sloot.taeal bat Is learalss fsat.) ...drlcks lease city The vtttioe set a'a4IBS aatlee prevails Is ue

...... fro tb* wild. ..,.".*.. r*...*'.. BMOO .old twelve blof/aly t. *b. eye BBM tao Plorldo ftar operated pile tliN. abwt II faet free ...arta... atd furtber

APBTtBMtB U BjeaaeteadVtlloc test tb* laid I.,..,. fall oopport I'.. tie Jelaed OCkrs I* aced pe..lalea .. .... MM cloeed darlss the Ike oe.*rMMr wawa the sell of re.el kiss are

Mall .... U. BO BOOB BO pOMlbl U* .r..Sau. tbellrtas mne b wets teirofb tbo evldoase.etlca pill fear ytare ao the 'US.te.1 etuams this carried *.t la av* ate I
.*.1.1.1'" villMOAtUisUaClaa racial .sltlsB of Or, lias aloe .., la a IV BM.. duo repoalss I* PMotl of OMrt ordered ad alM kaMbed Mt tbe .. .,.,..Uti. orb M* ,

) OM hUe oaca) fraao ooaa for Oo 1K3- dlatoly to lie Is* '1 ...n ....n... taobltcBM elate lie .Ia....'... of reel elboTlere ,e.r ..... 0a paMlsdas .......... ,". .*. ofdreoetnd '
dieted .....,.,' do rlaaaertold awl feel fr.. **..* aadstberCMttMod
lie It* tint s..uac. N nceesl ,..,. c N...,. pew Is city eeeretedf y }M
tease 0 tee w a.. I**. issue./ ,... It) Ml 11II... Uo ..... ( 00 rime M)


I Y \ f


mE't _. --. .- -
O'I "
Tar FLORIDA i STAR I .... : ,
,. -

published by tb. Florida star Publishing CDipaarERIC
(First of Two Articles)

0. SIMPSON,........Miiiliil. Eiitir The Communist Party movement in America
has dwindled to an all-time low- in tens

ALISON E, VISE........... Nits Eiitir of numbers and Influence, a fact about

which the nation can take pride.
IILIA IOOTEK......... Circilitln Miniir Yet some Americans, including some membersof

the House Un-American Activities Committee

MAIN OFFICE T ,PLANT i go on taking the Reds as a serious

2323 Miieriif' Rill Pint Elf.il 4-1712 threat to the civil rights movement..when
I think it should be just the

MiiliU U.nn other way around.

,'.... III 5S1 J.chiuilli 1 1. Fliriit been For attempting years,the Communists(and unsuccessfully have

OFFICE I might add), to sway
r Negroes on grounds that the

731 HI 3rd An. Phil 377-1125 : bloated Yankee them and capitalists discriminated exploited

T sI against them. Although they
1 (
L could not shake the basic loyalty of Negroes -

SUBSCRIPTION RATES did of Russian-born Americans
1 --as they some *
One Year, $6.00 Half Year, $4.00 I and misguided intellectuals

Mailed to you Anywhere in the united States few thought they had a point.

Subscription payable in advance # 'svr Now that the civil rights movement, with

Send Check or Money order to: the backing of the president. is ovegturn-

ing racial barriers the ground

FLORIDA STAR P.O. BOX 561 cut from under the Muscovites.

Jacksonville 1, Florida Their 10,000 card-carrying members, (down

from a peak of 80.000 in 1944 accordingto

NAND the FBI). Just can't do the recruiting

r job amnl young people that they used to do.

Teachers Mist Meisvre UpThe My guess is that most of the party membersare

well into ,middle-age or* better, and

that their influence on campus is waning,
wheels of
desegregation in our public BUILD WE MUSTI! victories in civil rights
school system are beginning to roll into By racking up ,

high gr ear,mean while many Negroes are being Negro citizens are also cracking the imageof
dismissed without jobs America abroad as a nation of hypocrites -
as teachers
suspected this fle --sn image that TASS And Pravda dear
would happen, in view of
the fact whites must first, conditioned -- ly love to riisseminste. Sure there is

to accent Negro Instructors. For/ this reason I------- marching in the streets but this protestis

school personnel officers have no -d9: a sign of our changing times and the

doubt tried to circumvent anticipated world is beginning to respect us for hang*

trouble by school parents. This may be a ing at a time when Australia, Great Brit-

factor, even though: it is not right. ain and South Africa are going the wrong

On the other hand, we Must not be too'' way.

quick to overlook the fact that many Negro '_ The proper Interpretation of the Negro

teachers have not passed with satisfactory Revolution by the U.S. Information Agency,

scores, the examinations given to teachers is certain to produce further propaganda

in the public schools. While school system setbacks for the Reds.

administrators have winked at the quali Buck in the thirties, many a college stu

fications of many teachers in Negro schools, dent looking for an avenue to channel his

they won t settle for anything but the best energy, was tempted by the CorI1'Iunhtll. The
in the desegregated setup. 0 Party sold some of them on the goal of .-

If the Negro teacher is highly qualified, placing the system" an impossible opium

then he should be transferred with pupils dream, and their efforts came to naught.

to former white schools ,being desegregated. ARIES III Today, the rights leaders are being flood.

Why should white parents object to Born March 21st thru CANCERBorn LIBRA CAPRICORNBorn ed by support from campuses by studentswho

this? If so, do they; mean to say they; pre- April 14th June 22nd thru Born Fept. 23rd thru Dec. 22nd thru want to "improve the system," to nake

ferred to have Negro nurses who, in most July 22nd Oct. 23rdTHOSE Jan. 19th realistic changes inour wayof life so that

Instances,were "unlearned" book-wise, to YOU ARC NOW 'IN TH| INVIAW.I THC\ CANCCRIANS WHO HAVCSUCCCSSrULLV WHO ARt DIRICTINO ALTHOUGH YOU ARI CON- it is fair to all citizens. And this is a

help direct the tender years of their POSITION' OF ICING SURMOUNTtD THINGS WOULD UNDOUITCDLV SIDIRID THC ONCE MOST realizable tangible goal for the energiesof
youth then and do not want qualified Negro YOU MAY THC HURDLCS THAT MRRID It SHOWING' IXCILLINT LIKELY TO LCARN THROUGH youth--one that has certainly crippledthe
no whites want to say that the education SHOULD MOW DO PACK UP THIIR VALISIS WITH' AN 'IMPORTANT AND YOU ARI NOT AMVI TAMING' Returning now to our original question

al system they have been providing for ,the iLiit' TMI TO ITA. AND PLY OFF TO SIT SAIL 'DIFFICULT, TASK' FOR WHICH YOUR ,CUt FROM TPUITIOFRIINDS { and one that is always being Mk* l of '.....-
colored citizenry is not equal to the one TO.AltD'THI' DtlTINATJON; YOU IUM CMINCNTlV OUALI AND AlIOC'' un. "Are there ComminUts in th* rights -.: ".
WILL or run
they have had in operation in Florida and AS YOURSELF, THE MALI- YOU FIIO. |I' WOULD 00 YOUR TAN AOVANTAOt OF ANY tent?" I can only say that (1) there art'
elsewhere in the South since 1865? ANt NOT AMONG THI LUCKY POCKITSOOK NO HARM AND OPENING' OF THIS NATURI darn few Communists left anywhere In APWlca -
If thin system has been inferior for Negro was, DON'T GIVE UP HOPI PIRHAPS CSTAILISH' THI TO ADO TO YOUR LIST OF today: that (2) the rights movement

edtlcatlon,then a gross hypocrisy and fraud OTHCR EXCELLENT CHAMCI rOR YOUR TURN IS WOUND ASIS FOR EVEN ORIATIR FACTS AND TO YOUR UNDtR is a big factor in.their decline: and (3)I
has been practiced against Negroes. AND YOU TO CONE SOONCR OR LATIN SUCCESS TO COM IN THIFORStiAKi STAND!NO OF HUMAN CHARAC Jnow of none in our own urban League
History records instances of Negroes' (during THCRI is NO OTHIR RI.COURSI ruTURi. AL. JIR. YOU MAY THtN MANAGE movement ant the evidence that some have
and following slavery in private roR MANY or YOU THOUGH IT WOULD II WON TO COMPLETE A JOB THAT infiltrated the other groups is sketchy at
schools) teaching whites. For Instance, OIRFUL TO It AILI TO SEINED TO 01 OVEN YOUR bent.The.
John Charis whose tombstone is located on YOU PLIASUMI THIS RUT ATMOMCTMAN TO LIAVl I VI RVTH I NO AT THAT, MUD ON TO RtVISI YOUR House Un-American Activities Co-mUt-

South Fast Street in Raleigh, N. C. had WILL HO.P TO KHP IVCRY DO JUST THAT, (YIN AT IT SUMS IVIRYONI' HAS LONA-RAH.t !PLANS ALONG tee. which has Just finished hearings in
white pupils. MORI RIALISTIC LINIS.MISUNOIRSTANOINIS Chicago, will. I trust
But, like in any career where a break CONTlNTlD."".TMOUGIH SOMI WITH. YOUR OTMIR HALF CNIFITS. AND PRIVILIOtS' SI. civil rights movement far fraN being saturated -
through in, necessary, Negroes performed INTIRIIVDirriRtNT THAT ANt QRANTID. SHOULD TVtIN PARTNERS MAY II by Reds. Is indeed a bulwark against
better than their .white associates.! They YOU PI' CAUGHT NAPPING FANNED. iv TMI INSIDIOUS their very existence.American* should laud
have done this in sports and other areas, METHODS OP MUTUAL AC. any movement that makes of on a more perfect
and the public Is expecting= the Negro teacher OITIRMINI' WMITHIR IT MAY ON YOUR PAT TO YOUR MONITARVINTIRISTS OUAINTANCIS., democracy thus reducing tae target
to N hotter if he' a to compete. U CONSIOIAIO PAVORADLIOR S-30-44-l' '>-8)4 area at which our enemies can snip
Next week I'd like to get into snme of
.Restrict By Cemjwter-Miybe? .-70-sa.IS.28.<78 LOVED ONIS. THROW YOU FOR ALD... Jan. 20th thru the remains for the extraordinary loyalty
of Negro citizens to our country.Key .
)| 5.80-64.13-25-. Feb. 18th

Within the last several weeksthe Florida TAURUSBorn
has been wriitllng with the 20th thru LEO
legislature SCORPIOBom CHOSEN OR WHO NAVE DUN Role la rtyruls Program
of' All kinds of Hay 20thIT Born July 23rd thru
problem reappnrtlonment. Oct. 24th thru COMPtLLIO TO REMAIN 11-
proposed systems were Nov. 22nd MAY NOT II TOO NIPPY OVEN -
the group was moving so slowly it was PURSUITS THIRI is NO RCASON FOR THE FACT. BUT WHEN A Negro 'HUM Blakely. 34. formerly a

thought a special session would need to AND TO DIVOTC YOURSELF YOU TO DROP YOU PuWOSCCCAUSC TMIIC ""'? A CLOUD ON YOU COUNT THl SCNtFITS project manager in the urban renewal program

be scheduled. The coit to the taxpayer was IXCLUSIVILV TO THI IN. SflMCPtOPLC THINK THC MORI ION TO SPOIL<< THC AND AOVANTAOCS THAT MAY of Brunswick Ga..hns been appointed

estimated at around 200000. TIRISTSOr THC PINION THAT YOU CANNOT' ACHIEVE' VISTA FOR YOU. WMITHlft COME TO YOU AS A RISULT, to the position of liaison *sn/betw en the

A well-informed citizen knows why it is WITH WHOM YOU COM IN IT. ALL THE SIMS POINT YOU INS STARTING OUT ON YOU MAY CMANAt YOUR "'I tate and regional program offices la the

taking a long time to get the job done. DAILY CONTACT. TntRI IIMUCH TO THE PACT THAT THC LEOS A SHORT VACATION" 0* ALONG TO A JOYFUL ONI. SINCE X29.410 migrant-aid program la 14 Florida

The reason: No senator or representative YOU CAN LIARN FROM WHO MAY( FAITH AND 01TtRMINATION VOYAAC OVlRStAS. ANY TMI NO IMPORTANCE counties Blakely flllH one of the ''key;

wants to vote himself out of a politicalJob. THIN AS WILL AI Tout OTHIR TO DACM Mot YOU CAN RIMAIN AS* MAY HOLD TM| Iii TO AMIOMIR positions included In tar netting up of

Now that a proposed reapportionment plan ONE ACOUIRtS SRIATIRItDOM CONc UP WITH, THC COVCTID YOU HAVE RUN ANTICIPATING CAPACITY M NOT LIT IT For six months In 1943. Blaxely was employed .

has been signed into law tjy Governor Burns, AND A MONt PRO* PRIIC. YOU MAY NAVE TO TILL LIVE UP TO. IT DV YOU. TMI PIRSONS in Tamps by the city's Urbojj Renewal -


the bill it remains for us to see what THI ARTS AND CULTUIIS.ONC I TACTIC AS LONB$ '110II'11.&THOUCIM FRIlNDS FRIINDLV TERMS OR FOR Blakely must have "compiUd." aa 1.-

the court will say.Ve or Tout OUTSTANDINGWICKINOS THCV ARC ITH'C' .LIt"|. WILL HILP TO MAil THE WHOM YOU A*| KINO SOM(. prwsivt record that placed him in lint for

might ask "Couldn't reapportionment MAY II IHa ECTOD. MATE AND NO ONC SITS HURT wctKtNO PASS A AM i AM.Y.TM THINS IN A PIRSONAL CaPACITY his significant position or else his aaae

he done cheaper for the taxpayer?" There1 YOU MAY DRIVC AROUND OROTHIMVISI IN THI PROCISS IT WOULD | COST OP CIRTAIN THINIS COULD M OF OWIATASSISTANCC would DOt have been mentioned.Let .

is no douht about It. First if our legislators SATISFY YOURINCLINATIONS MAil NO SENSE FOR YOU COULD LEAVE A RITTIR IN OITTINS this morass story be % stimulant for

put the Interest of their constituents TO ENJOY NOT TO ADOPT THIM. TASTE MOW AND '"PI.THOU YOUR FONDEST MOMS WA.TISIALIZEI. all Negro Job-seekers in the state. For

above their own, it could. Second CVCRVTMINt THAT COMES ttOO-S41 le*M118 OF YOU WHO HAIl NOT SEEN time has revealed that man holding alga

computers or IBM machines could do the job YOUR WAY. K ISPCCIALLTALIRT AWLI TO LEAVE TMI OFFICE ..>>-Uel)oM.57' office most prove himself first V. mast
in far less tine TO THI DANMRS TOIt VIRGOBorn lit YOUR RtSPONSISILITlISCHI "study to prove ourselves workmen that

A national news syndicate quotes proto ENCOUNTERED ON THC Aug. 23rd thru MAO KTTIR TtY TO PISCES seed not be shamed of oar wcrt record.

Stuart A. Navel of the University of Illinois MIOHWAVS.' RtlNrORCC YOUR. Sept. 22nd en CIRTAIN PtRSONAL MOVITAL Bon Feb. 19th thru If w. would aspire to r.lcta U. topmost
counties of Illinois OtTtRMINATIONNOT ALLOW PROKIMS CLIARIO rang of the laddn.
as saying the 90 IN! VlRMANS WHO IIAIIII" March 20th
could be redistricted in just 81 seconds WITH
at a coat of only $5.63 for computer rOR IVIRVOOOV. CIRTAIN. PRIVATC. PROSLtMS )01O-tt- -3It DON) AT a LOS WHIN IT This Week hi Mete Mktey
operating time using data available CAN TAKE COMFORT PROM
t-1O-77..u.n1 lt OVISI*' TO
the united States census bureau on "ag- THl FACT THAT THEY MAY Born Nov. 23rd throD SVWMOVNT 8.1106--*:."** .
THE II'PI C"- 2! .. 0..... ..ere ...
net io tape costing 1112. aIM 1ft I VNCOVC. TNt SOLUTIONS c. 2UtWHIN Tit M TMCV .........II *. day*. *...1. ? Mm.rt ..
countlssIllinois -- fa
perhaps the 12 over looked Born May 21at thru MICH THEY MAY( KEN SttR. .a1Ie4la .w :rf. w.OP-
all .. could be redls- YOU SEE 'tvIIlL'0tII WOULD IC OF it Ot, ua ? ...
has 102 In
Jane 21st IN* INSTCAD OP RISORT- hll T. .)-& .
AOUI.-4 PICIAL VALUE AT THIS "" WM atellak.d U Dctcft meet
bargain rate of $1.99. TMC CVC OF
trlcted at the
Ian t it strange how our government operates -, CAN 01'II DCTI CONCRETE MSULTS, DO NOT
w b.tw
10 expensively. Matter of fact. ALLOW YOU MIL F TOM DIM
Florida could establish the one-houss It OP SOMC OF YOU tO.. IR. MENTAL, to DI.ICUV TO TRACTIt FOR OWE SINOLIMOMINT. YOU P eo *cll. TWOSC WHOA ac.a.1It1.S.f NAt artP.e. ... Ira>V alb. e.l.
hundreds of IRS '01 THIRC it LI me THE PROrtSSIONALS OROTMIR Till PROJtCTSTMAT | SCRIOVSLV INTIRISTI9 later ".U"" .-.t.u.r d/rf3tJ @waN
gislatar and save the people PIRSONS WMO SUM IN THEIR OWN FUTwwi MVILOMCNT ....... D. .r1& rble. .
thousands of dollars in the operation of TWIT CAN DO TO IMPCOCTMI MA | TO 00 WITH JOINT .....s.... guts wad
lo"maentullld the chances art that goodgovernment ASSISTANCE A PIACIFM.ITRIAT ""&llCU. ...,*&llCI. TAI patty lam dNl onm0m4
would be better. MISS.'TM CAN M MATTIM AND SOCIAL SICURITV all .nwd1N nwIle .
ARC in 1.tinet .
OPERATIONECUIITY WATt MAS Twill IYIS ON AWE TIlED OF Tilt DAILY .... I....' Ns4 11aRdK/ttenn. : pA11.1;

YOU. WINO MD JIlt OLS ffACIS. 'c.Dtw"'a McA. n4es.. "n Sa Iligwetlla
,0-1).ISJ7.111 "90.MS2t3l .10-Do' 45 s-.33-15.0-413


----- -------
., .. .. .' 10<::1 : :

I t ', y. J, I IThe

---J31TiIIn1Y: 1IIIT 10. 196S slu Pipits _MH 3

'.'Artists'Circle Twins Graduate With Honors Ernest Girl Scoot Day Camper

filler Jr. Finishes

Exiled fro.the BUS leal ,activity of his homeland. Technical Training a .4

,,the, American Negro conductor Dean 011011'11.. beeeoaetbe NOITOOHERY. AI..-Ai raw !
greatest ambassador of AMrleu symphonic) Third a ass gamest : Iir
amslc in &roU. He baa conducted all the lajor Miller Jr.. son of Mr. _
"orchestras. of Europe and ba> Introduced aeny A* and Mrs Earnest Miller
aetycan} compositions, to audience, from Finland to Sr.. of Rt. 9, Jacksonville -
.,. has been graduated
Hit ambition to becoae a conductor led bin to fro. the technical
.orxanlKs a syaphonle croup at the Han.. YMCA training course for U.S.
branch in 1932. He soon became a prominent musician Air Pores" medical services
"1. tbe" artistic activity of New York and .... in specialists at 4
1142. tens first Metro to conduct the NBC Symphony: Ountar ATB. Ala.
Summer orchestra. PAMD RICH-tlth Dr. H. Maanlag sfferaon, center Airman Miller, who was
: ,jn, 1.... Dixon settle in larope, when cooductlni dean of Us University. Florida AaM University. trained to assist In the
''opportunities lathe united States were unavailable Tallahassee, the aalatatorian and valedictorian of care aDd treatment of
'to.Negroes.Last the rAW High School graduating class of 1MJ look patients, la being assigned
!March, he was appointed an steal director of over their cI1plo.... Moo Alston .&1uta1orlln.left to a Tactical Air
the.Sydney (Australia) symphony ormutrsud will and hia twin slater.. Brenda. ,valedictorian Cbamand (TAC) unit atLsngley
:conduct; one of the Festival Hall concerts In London right are the son and daughter of Dr. and Mra. Ara. VaHla unit

when the symphony Bakes its Balden tour. this Melvln 0. Alston. 3210 Haatle $osd. Tallahassee. furnishes medical services KARLA MARIE Singleton.8.the daughter of Mr. end Mrs' Bernard singleton proudly'
susier. The tour will take in Manila. Tokyo, Hong 4 former>> reel dent of Norfolk lid leader la th.f1t la support of the .
| model her complete outfit which she'll be wearing at the Ctrl scouts annual
lone Bombay and Great Britain.Diaon. for equalixatlon of teachers' salaries TAC mission of providing Day Camp. Sessions will ,be held dally l starting Monday' thru July 23 at Clap Cos-
however will not cake the tour but will Virginia their father la dean of the School of firepower and other air ooochee. Karl la a fourth grader at Isaiah Blocs..r Ll .stagy School
'Beet the. orchestra on Sept. 16 when it opens tbeLondon's Education at Plorida At*. support to u.8. AIII1 force (Royal Art Studio Photos)
Royal festival Hall concerts as part of *. 1. .

comslUentn tbe 'Commonwealth with the Art.Hessian festival.Radio Sycphoay Re baa previous orchestra GIrl! Scouts Graduates Here Top Educators WEDDING Young Peoples I

In frankfart. (eeat) Germany, with which he Day CHRP BELLS Union To Meet
serge as auslcai director He is also principal tlllle Ben Alien, 1048
,conductor of the prankfurt a* Mala Symphony.Through StirtS Meiday I. sib St 42 and Elena tlth Mine Caallla Jack
a grant from tbe Alice M. Ditaon Fund..Colombia L. Aright |64 ,I. 20th son, aad the Jackson
: university Duos has recorded several Girl scouts and non- It, ''2T.Frank Singers serviag host-
'robte porary compositions by American composers, Boca t a are undergoing Harris, jr. 1528 ...... ths:,|oung Peoples
with the Yl.eya'87.pboes orchestra tor Desto .. final preparatloaa for j. I. 1st st 21 aDd Alberta Union vlll a.et Sunday at
cords.Composers. the aaaaal Day camp ,. .. .' Tompklas' 1618 t. 330; p. .. ,' la Community
and works represented in four albums which gets underway MOB ; ,; ., Bteele St. 19. Baptist' Church. lea Otis I
'a,. Robert lard's Symphony No. i; John Powell's day, July 12 aad aids oa : \1"' ". '., .: Illlle James Jackson Davis, pastor
Rhapsody' Metre for Piano and orchestra: Daniel July 33. .1"' ,.; __ ., e_.__ I 84 I. Ashley St. 21 The union is ecaprlsed
'Gregory Mason ,Cbaatlcleer; The Edward McDoeellIndian Those planting oa attending > .. ,..;_:, aid Barbara Nel lie Cal- of twelve groups, outstanding I
Suit NO. 2; Henry Oow.)l'e 8)'apboD1tO.! S the camp and who .. 4 ,. ,. .aE"11j '0'11. 2132 KendrlekaAve. gospel singers
and Randall Thompson's Symphony No. 3Ddrtag have not registered. Bay "liJ\\ 33. and which pro. 1.. to !
Dlxons earlier years. an aspiring eon- do so by golag to ore : lllil Lewie jr. |S24 slag the audience'e&
doctor, 'there .u little hope for participation asas end Ing their appllca- ( I. list St. 40 and Lu- favorite nuabera
Orchestral leader with tbe major symphony tloaa to Girl Scout i : ; : die till lama, 1A34 t3lst Comprising the 111110.' .
groups in the United states. 'Today\ it is differ Council lac., Ill Lose 1 ;;!f8 St. 28Root aeabershlp are: ,
ent. There are handful of young conductors who St. Applicants' health <.;': ) ,i.ii94iiA:1. !; ; \: Washington. 1668powtiattea EKeletor stagers, I'
bare gained stature aad the respect of the aisle cards will be Bailed to '." \''''if til j:)'rlf.''tiWRi>j; '; tj\\);',;' : ; ., 22 and Minnie Harris Slag.rsh.tTlsts.
world their ad4r...... i t' 'iiil"'; "\\"tl;\: ;; J, Harrell singers, Jackson
as thorough musicians. fio .IW'li'lof'' ., "WIiW.\. (,.:,y 0' \' Chappell' 2114 Caljoa
\ ;.:" ,
LEONARD DI PAUL has distinguished bliself as Proa Thursday through \\o\ :. >: ': !:: ,','',0'\ ." ,:er'F .. Ids. :30. 'tag.rsLstl.or.lagers!
gleet conductor of Cincinnati, symphony the Saturday of this week. plod Lee Rlrkland. 1270I Mcoaean. lingers, silver
Leea concerts la Manhattan's East River park am Dr. ... .. Child la accepting lilt 8t 21 Sid ulna. Tkelaarettes, !
phitheatre, and at the Hancock Summer Peetlval la girls each evenIng Cheryl Ann Gilbert 1702MeQisde Tbosaa lIngsrs.Trav511a1 !
aloe. for elimination, It 16, Stars and sue keen sill
Last year, be led the orchestra of America Is a Ages of sppllcasts Y Lore* Scott '1770 Hiram .,..
program of Ntgro symphony Compositions at philharmonic ranges bet.... 7 through .t. 2' aDd Ccrrlse ro.... The organisation'a officers
Hall, usder the auspices of the National 17 ,...,.. 1779 1. 10th St 21. ant
Association of Negro melciana. lie. taring Its Scout leaders arge that preetea Booksaa., jr Mrs.Ylrla Reid Cherry, i
Annual aisle convention. applicant take great 3630 Plrstoae, 16 president Miss cysiktajarksoa
The tobin( Hood Dell has scheduled the brilliant care la filllag eat sad Olivia l. Btrlsg- secretary; Mrs.
young American conductor. JA.VU DC PUEST. "hose their cards, ud read field 363) Noncrlef M Tbelat Edesrds, tress

pregrea will consist of Beethoven's overture to all tastructloss coats NAamULE, TB .-eierry Medical College's pre yDr. Mtrold D. test (at right) .. 16Milton, urer; Miss. praakte Mel
."Cartel...." opus 63: strevlaaky's pi re bird !aed la the booklet, aharee light moment with Dr.Joha ''L Ruetla (center), retired Methodist minister C. rook,., 244 Harris reporter and
Suite. Lo prestl'a The ...... OPerstle Arias and Parents last alga health and speaker for Meharry'a Mta Baccalaureate services recently. Enjoying' the Magnolia St. 24 sad Mrs. Alberta Lsttaore,
..,Hub with lariea Aadersoa as soloist.e cards. conversation are graduates; Senjoaia BJachbura, D.D.B., jacksrtn, Utaa/i 'EdesrdBeiley. Cassandra Sillies 1146 pianist and orate
*-?-.*eet.....plete. '. .....'at the'peeaody, toss Activities at the camp M.D., Net>ert, R-l.j ead Joe *a Beaeoa, dental hyglenikt fRM Seneca, Cleveland MJ, n.rlllte The diureh la located j
"ator7'of' Musle la Baltimore, and was one of develop MOB characteristics K.CMehsrry gra the few,/ finalists durisg the Dmitri Mltropoalos aa r rc.tal..... gists, ead Hve dental by den 1st a. lib I. lJtn It. 13 IIIdraa. Bier Market tars riihtoa
tMcktthl'COQ.UUOI, Lest ..IUG.. he was guest self reliance, expert* ... L. fright.. 7J2W Baker Avenue and. pro.
conductor for the Mlsaeepolls Siphon, ..e.. la salon are* 17th St, 22.Grco'. feed oa black.delivery.
Ayouag bassist, Near, Leela Los Ail..... essprepared grama iMludlag hiking.eookouts. 27 Flo. AIM Co tsResam Att..4Iq Airman Robert
technically to tote the leaderahlp of the folk '..e1l1. J. Reynolds
toe Angeles ptaUhnoa1.1 duriag a crisis. .111.... nature Italy, OHkers Swuww Cmp "-

This act earned for him a regular posltloa an theasalstmnt arts sod erafta. draaa- PORT _ADO. MC. -A total of J7 Reserve Officer Completes Course
conductor of the orchestra me |Q also tics, awlaalsg and ether Tralalag Corps cadets from) Plarlda AM University,
Mapoaalble, for the laetrvctloaal courses AUB7H. Tei.-4lnan.
rouag people
Cbacerts. watch! Tallahassee, are la attendance here at tie Ad.
are held every Seterday 80.1... Per farther isfor.stlossail ,..e.. ROTC aaaaier camp. I.......................... first Class Robert J.
,Is addition to Caaedlaa Diet I ,..,aae.., Uelehas Mrs 1,1. Davis, The ...., tamp aerveeaa Tboopeoa, Jacksoavtlle; eyaelde., grandson of Mr.* Mra. Ltroy 0I1e".. M,. a Mrs. A....'..
sheared aa guest conductor for EUta 4-6077. Mrs Motela) Preewin of .. DII..., 1408 f. Stale
the Or eat park the aerled of prsetlcal asks L. Traelch. Nee MOT Perls A! Girl
NOIn.. 0.1cIIO, M4.1 a regular eoaduetor for 1741 *. 17U At. Jaca. Mr a Mrs It? Girl
Singer Shocked aad tact leal rale-- Market, MJo Myron L.laahlagUa navtlle Uywoad oil*
Springoperas.. Sea rr..d MO. This summer, .. will lag aad .111 last sit Bt Angustlse; las bow, grad- Sir, 301S Rove Ave. Buy, Ire Mrs. Jaaes Oordoe.
....ct the Metropolitan opera orchestra Chore By (IflpersonilorMervlm ...U. Aohr.... to Lt sad .....1 ..Ia.. ..., sled Pores from Ue 11. ... Air .N,. Mrs. "...... Ire ana Evergreen Ave, .
-. 1 la' a program devoted to the works of George -.I"' 1)...I.ltr Col Bemuel P, Saapeoa. jsckeoavllle. Noaeo..l,5toasdAfflc.rLadsreblp .!... 1438 i. 1st It. girl
ersaela, .. will bsve Earl wild as soloist far Mervlm Oars was shacked PMS at Plerlds ASI. The PAHU cadets are expert ) fichoolet ) toy, .r.. Sri gain talker,
the pi aw omcerto la P and Rnapeody la $1,.. fel t. lean ef the ur.st5f "spirit aad swrale eas ed to raters i to Tallahassee lergstroa "r1I. yai 66l2RUloch. OP Olrl
bud by tllllaa terflsld. berltoae, slagtsg ei- rig... tllllaas laspeetoa. aim ions departure sill ea or about The airman !aagra .a2t.
| I st, I'
Tessa recently, all cadets aspiring for July 30 of New Ntantna HI". Tslee, 6701 Virginia/
I*>>>,. Ave. Mr,
"< Leoeerd BeraatdU.Oierlea vuscm. Uhas pass, Aaroa the ,.... pep elsglsgartist. .,., st the ceepletlea ._ 0
Copland.aad fterlss llla.- .t the mew fin pall ef the Maser Camp sees .
hanoale Major Summer Festival ef prea.b aad A- 1 ....' heard ape alea" o.Ulaa.. a nas.o as.s n.feMM.IS.w.s/ ., ,., ,. 0" r. '
aerlcmn. aw si. daring Julyo1 tat.. ...t it aatll acample Meabers ef the.. grasp

ef days ago fro Plerlda AM laclsea / "
the tall, ....,.. Teals the felleelag csdets; ,'. e d{.

$ reeoNlag artist stated.m4 BO. eee E. Aarea. Seerlsg: "'t.* .

ifCcifactleiery ;TT ." It aert af fleerede. ReNrt .L., ..Aleisader, Cherlea, I Ihllah. i : ., ii4.,-j 'fii j'

1111.... erreeted Isle Bell Melhosrae. Louie
lust a0stb whea MoaHeeproewter i Mllaey. {averaeee;
'ITh( litlltt little'
t Boa Ioh, heem Sage E Celller Be*
Stele b Tin; ...,Iet... ef theImpoeter vamaah, ... Gerald A,
a. made the fatal Ceeper. t.aa.......;
ItiOB Tyler At ; mistake ef rep estedly Leon CII",. aria....
k .*.... feradvaacee ea eaee ..ry ft O>.... Arcaer,
,Stato Street .M--t be had agreed Also, Charles 1, D vle.Jaeheesfllle. .
: J. ,. aerfera. The tip-." ; pjeary B.Oaacisl.Mls .
Phone ems .... the pbesy .10M |. E.Oreaea '_.
fin lt et.treat *srve Oaye" wired tilte .,....; J
356-9325. to hey tar aa M'.... tetwy ft.e.. M. Jeaklas. Jack" -
he1y ,. a tall!)... .. ...Ilia. bald M I...
1ID'-7. ...r."ee.oo ft payteaa Mica: Jeaaay UUl -
Hours eeerde, aetlfied the "d. perrie; Clarlt..I ... :

t 5Jihtiits: I... t. sal: PIM.Sothis heal Merit aad they Uchtsey, vt '.no.. :pp' :- .
a waited patleatly astli LT.., .....t. J, M parlta.pwaseala. -
.. lilkiits Melts /Puke nil IBM arrived ta pick ..... tvnlllaa rI
.P him 'tMc*." AtalacUMh. ,=--- -
-- OUvla R. ealtsay, Luke '
Y 1 iC i' r IEWOCHI.G, Shred
Alee jeaea I. ...re., I
.. BRA & BIKINI SET BABE BOSOM Taapeo .,a.,.. jerry Uoere r
1 taU...*..< Joaaj'
am wr'Is e.e..u TVe allerUg ... +. beg bidet
I. ....11 lea 7V ar s
asserts eve e*.li*. .. TVt Ptaeet CM!Itettle / ales.
avails, jackeoavtlle;
.t.Lr wrtlavrwd etu aweet pair eMin&Mwuaie ruttl.d 0>.*...... C. ......
era flU all ......Betas. a".,.,,
Pleat eu,. Jaaes lSistrr .,
ItattM. ......hI bias /. ..... beli.ss4tae. ID 1769 Alexander Gordon gave the English
W/ ", CPU T..i W e..*. e* .e.r er4.r ie fbtirsr.

'f vim..L h..tfl auP Uri. sad ef ire.Pwepmey Join B4m Me. another exhilarating activity to enjoy on the ice

bin Asa Slag ..u-. sod. tat were reeeatly visitors ) t wall Ills we eM tan kMatlfsl What sot ie ., I' MctateeV e _ur efert Mir 14 pear, null e*.MB, sVfv. At tun. I* /Mt lit Maid
Mil -i a..tt. -LM i ___ .ra. ttlbeJelae Mftateeaef -5 74 N.aacav d.e d.f, tits s'p hiss d..r1.1wJ.1 tegt. $i.M
.I.-.... Mtn' + -- >>*6 halter ....... ,.es lie's' YI. N e.k4 ree j ie ,e M it* ice, ul a leM ef CxeWs e4 NuUCCtST

J .... here, ae paeeteeere 5UIUI IN ENGLAND. AMUICA.THC WOILDII
Y... tte recipients
cm- -ftnI
several aedalwta


1 1
1 .

flU'I ,.._.., ,--
) >
,. : Jl-t--

NEWS '- '
"'" I ftr WHITNEY M. IOWQ.( JR.
publlahBd by tilt Florida star, publlihlni ODIIII&Q1'E'IIC '
-; (First of Two Articles)

0. SIMPSON......Mmilii Utter The Communist Party movement in America
has dwindled to an all-time low* in terms

UYSON E. WISE........... Niws EiitirIILDA """""'..... 'of numbers and influence a fact about
,,..4It. .:. take pride.
'" : ; which the nation can
VOOTEN......... Clreilitiii IUlur ;" ,., Yet some Americans including some membersof

the House Un-American Activities Committee -

MAIN OFFICE I PLANT go on taking the Reds as a serious

2323 Hucriif had Pkon ELjii 4-1712 threat to the civil rights movement--when
I think it should be Just the

Mailing ".drill other way around.

the Communists have
P.D. In SSI Jicksiitillt 1 Flails For years
been attempting (and unsuccess.

fully. I might add), to sway
MIAMI Negroes on grounds that the

131 Nl, 3r< Ail. Phut 377-1125 bloated Yankee them and capitalists discriminated! exploited -

against them. Although they

I could not shake the basic loyalty of Negroes -

SUBSCRIPTION RATES --.,. they did of some Russian-born Americana -
One 'Year $6.00 Half Year, 4.00 and .misguided intellectuals

Matled to you Anywhere in the united States few thought they had a point.

Subscription payable in advance Now that the civil rights !movement with

Send Check or Money order to: Ia 4 the backing of the President is overturning -

racial barriers, the ground barf been

FLORIDA STAR P. 0. BOX 561 rAND cut from under the Muscovites.

Jacksonville 1, Florida Their 10,000 card-carrying members (down
from a peak of 80.000 in 1944 according

to the FBI), Just can't do the recruiting

Job 81'1)n1101lnl people that they used to do.

Teachers Must Measure UpThe My guess in that most of the party membersare
well into middle-age\ or* better and

that their influence on campus is waning.
wheels of desegregation in our public BUILD WE MUST!
school system are beginning to roll Into By racking up victories in civil rights,
citizens are also cracking the imageof
high 'greaF,mcjanwhile many Negroes are being Negro
dismissed without --r-- America abroad as a nation of hypocrites
Jobs as teachers.
e : --an image that TASS and Pravda dear
suspected this would
happen In
view of
the fact whites must first,, conditioned ly love to disseminate. Sure there is
to accent I i marching in the streets but this protestis
Negro instructors. For this reason I
school personnel officers have i a sign of our changing times and the
no tiu
doubt tried to circumvent anticipated I world is beginning to respect us for l1anl.

trouble by school parents. This may be a I ing at a time when Australia. Great Brit-

factor, even though it is not right.On ain and South Africa are going the wrong

the other hand, we must not be too way.
quick to overlook the fact that many Negro ---U- The proper interpretation of the Negro

teachers have not passed with satisfactory Revolution by the U.S. Information Agency:

scores, the examinations given to teachers is certain to produce further propaganda

in the public schools. while school system setbacks. for the Reds.

administrators have winked at the qualifications Back in the thirties many a college student -

of many teachers in Negro schools, ., looking for an avenue to channel his

they won't settle for anything but the best energy, was tempted by the Communists. The

in the desegregated setup.If Party sold some of them on the goal of "re

the Negro teacher is highly qualified placing the system," an impossible opium

then he should be transferred with pupils dream and their efforts came to naught.

to former white schools ,being desegregated. ARIRB Today the rights leaders are being flood.

Why should white parents object to Born March 21st thru CANCER LIBRABorn CAPRICORNBorn ed by support from campuses by studentswho

this? if so, do they mean to say they; pre- April 14th Born June 22nd thru Fept. 23rd thru Dec. 22nd thru want to "Improve the system," to make

ferred to have Negro nurses who. in most July 22nd Oct. 23rd Jan. 19th realistic changes in our way of life HO that

Instanceswere 'Unlearned'book-wise, to YOU ARE NOW 'IN THE ENVIABLE TMI CANCERIANS WHO HAVE THOSE WHO ARE DIRECTING, ALTHOUGH YOU ARE CONSIDERED it is fair to all citizens. And this is a

help direct the tender years of their POSITION Of 1CNO SUCCESSFULLY SURMOUNTEDTHE THINGS WOULD UNDOUBTEDLY THE ONES MOST realizable, tangible goal for the energiesof
youth then, and do not want qualified Negro YOU HAVI REIN AT FAULTIN HURDLES THAT lUllED BE SHOWING EXCELLENT LIKELY TO LEARN THROUGH youth--one that has certainly crippledthe
Do whites want to say that the education PACK UP THEIR' VALISESAND WITH AN ,IMPORTANT AND YOU ARE NOT ABOVE TAKING' Returning now to our original question.
al system they providing for siLiit' TMI AFMIRS' or YOUR ,CUE MOM TfUSTID and one that is always
colored citizenry is not equal to the one TOWARD' THE DESTINATION OUALIFIEO. FRIENDS AND ASSOCIATES. "Are there Communists in the rights move-'
OF '
they have had in operation in Florida and AS YOURSELF. TMI MALI I IT WOULD DO YOUR TAKE ADVANTAGE OF ANY 'Rent'I can only say that (1) there aredsrn .
elsewhere in the South since 1895? ARC NOT AMONO THE LUCKY POCKETBOOK NO HARM AND OPENINGS OF THIS NATURETO few Communists left anywhere in AruPrica -
If this system has been inferior for Negro ONES, DON'T GIVE UP NOPE PERHAPS ESTABLISH" THE ADD TO YOUR LIST, OF today; that ((2) the rights movement

edtlcation,then a gross hypocrisy and fraud IXCILLINT CNANCC FOR YOUR TURN IS BOUND BASIS FOR EVEN GREATER FACTS AND TO YOUR UNDERSTANDING la A big factor in their decline: and (3)I
has been practiced against Negroes. ON YOU TO COME SOONER ON LATER. SUCCESS TO COME 'IN THE OF HUMAN CNARAC* kiow of "one in our own Urban League
History records Instances of Negroes (during THERE ,is NO OTHER RECOURSE FORSEEABLE FUTURE. *X- )[R. YOU MAY THEN MANAGE movement and the evidence that some. have
and following slavery in private FOR MANY OF YOU THOUGH 'IT WOULD BE WONDERFUL TO COMPLETE A JOB THAT Infiltrated the other groups is sketchy athest.
schools) teaching whites. For Instance, TO BE ABLE TO SEEMED TO BE OVER YOUR .
John Chavis whose tombstone is located on YOUR PLEASURES. THIS' BUT ATHOME THAN TO LEAVE EVERYTHING AT 'THAT. HEAD OR TO REVISE, YOUR The House Un-American Activities Co-is It-

South Fast Street in Raleigh N.C. had WILL HELP TO KEEP EVERY 00 JUST THAT, EVEN AT IT SEEMS EVERYONE HAS LONG-RANGE PLANS ALONG tee. which has Just finished hearings in


But, like in any career where a break. CONTENTED. L TMOUGIH SOME MOl T WITH YOUR OTHER HALF BENEFITS AND PRIVILEGES' BETWEEN civil rights movement far from being saturated
through in necessary, Negroes performed THAT ARE GRANTED. PARTNERS MAY BE by Reds,Is Indeed a bulwark against
better than their ,white associates They 0FINANCIAl. YOU BE CAUGHT NAPPINGOR FANNED BY THE ,INSIDIOUS their very existence.American.) should laud
have done this in sports and other areas, METHODS OF MUTUAL ACQUAINTANCES. any movpaent that stakes of us a more per.
ON .
and) the public is expecting the Negro teacher DETERMINE I WHETHER IT MAY ON YOUR PART TO feet democracy, than reducing tae target
to be batter\ if he' s to compete. U CONSIDERED! FAVORABLE 8-X>-....4-.n. area at which our enemies can snipe.
Next week, I'd like to get into some of
,Redistrict By C..terMIJ..1lithin +70-ea.,5-26-478 LOVED ONES. THROW YOU FOR A LOSS. Jan. 20th thru the retains for th. extraordinary loyalty
citizens to our country.Key .
of Negro
7.< ) $) |!-73-749 SeoEe.13.2S5S6SCORPIO Feb lath

the last several weeksthe Florida Rom April TAURUS THE AQUARIANS WHO NAVE
legislature has been wrestling with the thru LEO CHOSEN OR WHO NAVE SEEN Role la Migriils Program
kinds of May 20thIT Born July 23rd thru
problem of reapportionment. Bom Oct. 24th thru COMPELLED TO REMAIN BE.
proposed systems were Because Nov. 22nd MAY NOT BE TOO NAPPY 0-
the group wan moving so slowly It was TO DROP MATERIAL' PURSUITSAND THERE is NO REASON FOR VER THE FACTeJT WHEN A Negro villlam Blakely. 34. formerly a
thought a special session would need to TO DEVOTE YOURSELF YOU TO DROP YOUR PURPOSE THERE .ISN'T A CLOUD ON YOU COUNT THE BENIFITS project manager in the urban renewal pro.

be scheduled. The cr-1t to the taxpayer was EXCLUSIVELY TO TME 'IN-' RICAUSE SOME PEOPLE THINK' THE HORIZON TO SPOIL THE AND ADVANTAGES THAT MAY gram of Brunswick Ga..bal been appointed

estimated at around $200,000.A TERISTS OF THE PERSONS' THAT YOU CANNOT ACHIEVE VISTA FOR YOU WMSTHIR COME TO YOU AS A RESULT, to the position of liaison *an
well-Informed citizen knows why it is WITH' WHOM YOU COME IN' IT. ALL THE SIGNS POINTTO YOU ARE STARTING OUT ON YOU MAY CHANGE YOUR TUNS state and regional program offices In the

taking a long time to get the Job done. DAILY CONTACT. THERE IS TME FACT THAT THE lEOS A SHORT VACATION OR ALONG TO A JOYFUL ONE. SINCE $424.410 mitrant-aM progrw i, 14 Florida

The reason.: No senator or representative MUCH YOU CAN LEARN FROM WHO NAVE FAITH, AND DETERMINATION VOYAGE OVERSEAS ANYTHING OF IMPORTANCEMAY counties. Blakely filled one *f the "' key
wants to vote himself out of a politicalJob. HOLD THE KEY TO A netting up of

Now that a proposed reapportionment plan ONI ACQUIRES GREATER COME UP WITH THE COVETED yOU HAVE BEEN ANTICIPATING CAPACITY, DO NOT LET IT For six months in W3. Blaxely was employed -

has been signed into law by Governor Burns, WISDOM' AND A MORE PROPOUND PRIIE. YOU MAY HAVE TO TILL LIVE UP TO. GET BY VOU. THE PERSONS In Tampa by the city's Urban Re-

who has some doubts about certain sectionsof APPRECIATION OF RESORT TO SOMEWHAT SUBTLE IF NOT EXCEED THEM' WITH WHOM You ARC ON new at Agency.

the bill, it remains for us to see what THE ARTS AND CULTURES. TACTICS. AS LONG AS PROMISE.ALTHOUGH FRIENDS FRIENDLY' TERMS OR FOR Blakely must have "co.pl ltd." an impressive -


Ve might ask, "Couldn't reapportionment WEEKENDS KMT EXPECTED. MATE All 0 NO 0tI1 GETS HURT WEEKEND PASS AGREEABLY, IN A PERSONAL CAPACITY his significant position, or else his name
There1 YOU MAY DRIVE_ AROUND OR ,IN THt PROCESS IT WOULD would not have been
be done cheaper for the taxpayer? THE COST OF CERTAIN THINGS COULD DC OF GREAT mentioned.
is no doubt about it. First It our legislators OTHERWISE SATISFY YOUR MAKE NO SENSE FOR VDU COULD LEAVE BITTER ASSISTANCE IN GETTING tAt this ancaa story be a stimulant for

put the Interest of their constituents 'INCLINATIONS' TO ENJOY NOT TO ADOPT HEM TASTE NOW AND fM .1ko1l YOUR FONDEST MOPES .... all Negro Job-seekers in the atate. For

above their own. it could. Second EVERYTHING' THAT COMES t100MlM1ta OF YOU WHO NAVE NOT BEEN TERIALIZED.V70tt.IJM.572. time has revealed that man holding high

computers or IBM machines could do the Job YOUR WAY BC ESPECIALLY ARLE TO LEAVE THE OFFICE, office most prove himself first We must

in far less time ALERT TO THE DANGERS TOII VIRGO OR TOUR RESPONSIBILITIES "study to prove ourselves workmen that

A national news syndicate quotes Prof. ENCOUNTERED ON THE Born Aug. 23rd thru BEHIND MAO BETTER TRY TO need not be ashamed" of our wok record.

Stuart A. Nagel of the University of Illinois MI....". REINFORCE YOUR Sept. 22nd GET CERTAIN PERSONA AND Ion PISCES Feb. 19th If .1 would aspire to react the topmost
as saying the 90 counties of Illinois THE Y'UOA"I WHO HA.ESEEN March 20th
could be redistricted in Just 81 seconds MARITAL' OK FAMILYSOUAGSLES STRUGGLING WITH IN A HURRY.3SOl17.34.3.

at a cost of only $5.03 for computer FUN FOR EVEtVSODY.M077l7f TO SPOIL. THE CERTAIN PRIVATE PROBLEMS MOST AT PlSCIANS* LOSt ARC MEN SELDOM IT This Week !I. NItre Hilorylj

operating time, using data available from >217QMINI CAN TAKE COMFORT FROM SAGITTARIUS COMES TD IMPROVISING TO
the united States census bureau on magnetic THE FACT THAT THEY MAY
23rd MMt--Al.Gt.alGa
MC DIFFICULTIES _ttatA C1aro) ..ere a..
tape costing $112. counties- UNCOVER THE SOLUTIONS' Dec. 21st AS THEY UMME.IMIS'QUALITY *. Clan. 14..11. ? ..,T.S y Iuq ...
looked .ro
perhaps the 12 over Bora May :21at thru HI CM THEY NAVE MEN SEEK lane ta let ,' rt
WOUtB BC OF ESPECIAL dt, win II ....,,
all .. could be redistricted WHEN YOU SEE YOURSELFON _
Illinois has 102 in ,.... ,INSTEAD OF RESORTING .
jane, 21at ACHIEVING VALUE AT THIS !F T. It >-tUvti/ ... Gteltak* la rUSj Diet
at the bargain rate of SI.99.isn't THE EYE OF
it strange how our government operates CAN DC DETRIMENTAL CONCRETE RESULTS DO NOT
Matter of fact. ALLOW YOU"IHTOII CII-
Florida so could,, expensively.establish the one-house legislature SOME OF YOUR CO-SO *- GO DIRECTLY TO TRACTED FOR ONE ".....tMOMI..T. YOU P..*.... TMOSC WHO MGIaI.u..t ..., er1... ee 10m.. at..sa
and save the people hundreds THE PROJECTSTHAT IharUr OwWq
of dollars in the operation NAVC TO DO WITM JOINT guts sal
and the chances are that good FINANCES INSURANCE TAI
government be better. CMSS...VM CAN DC FAIRLY A PEACEFUL MATTERS AND SOCIAL SECURITY SHOULD aa.L"'III"IM 1I aaa0.5F ID m.gs .s aga tar ---nSs:


YOU. NINO AND THE OLD FACES.SVM.IISMJI 'c.DQ"' sea "... ... "n 1a ......111'
.1>,,-,..U-.., )- ).I3-tf-433
'O-I) SS .. .31US

-- --- --- ---- ---- .- -
'. .. .. 'P".r' :. .
\ \ '

t y; / 11

-L:3iiURDAJ': nut' 10. 1985 Sial PAWS

The .Artists' Circle Twins Graduate With Honors Miller Airman Jr. Ernest Finishes Girl Scoot Day Camper


Exiled frosthe musical ,,activity of his homsland. Technical Training
?the, American, Negro conductor Dean DllOD 'haa bercometthe MONTOOMERT. Ala.-AI rI -
greatest smbaasador of American aymphonleausle ) ian Third Class Kara fat

In ,, lrop.. He h.. conducted all the major Miller jr., son of Mr.
'orchestras of Europe and has Introduced many A* and Mrs. Kara eat Miller .
c-'r1C compositions audiences, fro. Finland to.ltll. Sr., of RU 5. Jack-DB- w

.,; rife has been grad M v Mann
His ambition to become a conductor led him to t r uated from the technical
organise a syaphonlc group at the Harlem YMCA'brmoch training course for 0.8.
In 1912.He soon becams a proatnnt.ualcian Air Force medical ..r-
"In the'"artistic activity of /New York and .... In vices specialists at
1942. the. first Metro to conduct the /NBC Symphony Ountar AFB. Ala.
Summer orchestra PAW HIGH. -With Dr. R. arming Efferaon. center Airman Miller who was
'*' in 194) Olxon settle la Europe when conducting dean of the University, Florida AaM University.Tsllahassee trained to assist in the
'opportunities In tilt united States were unavailable the salatatorian and valedictorian of care and treatment of
'to Negroes.. the rAW High School graduating class of 1963 look patients. is being assigned 4d$ '. (A *" o
['loUt Much he ... appointed Musical director of over their diplomas. Alemoa Alston aalutatorlan, to a Tactical. Air .;.\' A ,
the;Sydney; (Australia) symphony orchestra.and will left, and his twin sister., Brands valedictorian, Command (TAC) unit at
'conduct one of the Featlvall Hall concerts la ton tight are the son and daughter of Dr. and _ra. Lsngley AFB, VHls unit

don. 'when the aymphony Bakes Its isiden tour this Melvin 0. Alston 3210 Hastlm load TaJhh..... furnishes medical services lAMA MARIE Singleton/the daughter of Mr. and Mrs; Bernard Single ton, proudly
suoier. The tour till take In Manila Tokyo. Hong 4 Loner resident of Norfolk and leader In the in support) of the
| models her complete new outfit which she'll be wearing at the Girl Scouts annual
Kong. Bombay and Great Britain.Dixon fight for piallxatlon of teachers' salaries In T.C mission of proUIDIf1
Day Camp Sessions will) be held dally starting Monday thru July 22 at Camp Coa
hovever.111 not make the tour but will Virginia, their father la dean of the School of rlt>o.er and other air coocheo. Karl is a fourth grader at Isaiah Blacker Elementary School.
'meet the orchestra on Sept. 16 when It opens theLondon's Education at Florida AfcM. support to US. AnI1 forces Royal Art Studio Photo)
Royal festival Hall concerts as part of t .
the Commonwealth Arts festival. He has previous Girl Scouts Graduates Here Top Educators WEDDING
commltaenta with the Hessian Radio Symphony orches Young Peoples I

tra In Frankfurt. (vest) Germany, with which he Day Camp BELLSWillie Union To Meet
serves U nut leal director. He Is also principalconductor I Ben Allen, 1048
of the Frankfurt a* Main Sywphony. Starts Monday I. Sib St 42 aad Elena With Miss Camilla Jackson
Through a grant from the Alice M. Dltsoo Fund. L. fright{ 1624 W 20th sad the' Jackson
Columbia fjnlveralty, Dixon has recorded uverai1Fobte.porry Girl scouts and non St.. 'JT.Frank Singers ..nia"u hostess
.compositions by American composers Scouts are undergoing Harris, Jr. ISM .-. the? foung peoples
with the Vienna ''symphony orchestra for Desto Re* final preparations for I. lit It. 21 and Alberta > Union will "meet' ,Sunday at
cords. the annual Day Camp ) : la. ;." Tompklna. lua I. 3:30: p. .. in Community
Composers: and ''torks represented In four albums which gets underway Mon : --If.. : Steel*. St 1$. Baptist oWch. .... Otis
'are Robert lard's day. July 12 and ends on .' Willis
aphony NO. i: John Powell's James Jackson Davis, psstor.
Rhapsody Negre for Fiaao and orchestra: Daniel July 2* 1 '; r ..... p54 .. Ashley It. 21 The Union In ccsiprlsed
Gregory Mason Chanticleer; The Edward McDowell:>> Those planning on at* ...,j. ;; .,i. and Barbara Nellie) Cel of twelve groups, outstanding
Indian suit NO. '2: Henry Cow.)la lJaphoD1ltO. S teodlag the camp and who ... '' bourn, 2932 KendrlcksAvs. gospel singers I
mad Randall Thompson'a Symphony NO. 3During have not registered, may ./(, /' ; '' 23Willis and which promise to
Dl ion's earlier years u an aspiring eon do ao by going to or .,..; Lewis, jr. 1924W. ling the audience's I
doctor'there ... little hope for participation as sending their appllca "" 2lst St. to and Lu> fsvorlts nuabers. I
an orchestral leader with the major symphony tlons to Girl scout cue Williams, j)24 W, Comprising the tilth.' I
groups in the united states Today, It Is dUfer.'dt. Council, Inc.. (71 LomaxSt ;; '. list St 26. membership are: '
There are a handful of young conductors who Applicants' health. i Robt Wsshlagton, Ilea llcelelor singers, I
have 'gained stature and the respect of the music cards will be mailed to \ li powhatten. 22 and Minnie Harris SingersHarriets.
world as thorough musicians. their addresses !'::''';)'"'': "Wi(".' >(!. N'f"..,. ,;, if Chappell 2114 CaljonRd. : Hsrrsll stagers, Jackson I
: '
LEONARD DC PAUL has distinguished blh+self as From Thursday through 'Y?':: : ':\?'': ( :"'..':<. ,I,,',.:,',\ ., 20.Floyd 1111.n.LaUaora slatersMcooean
pest conductor of tbuClaclsBstl symphony the Saturday of this week, ."' Lee Klrklaad. I2TOV. Singers, silver-
lens concerts la Manhattan's East River park ..* Dr. L. .. Chllds la accepting \ list St 23 and sires Thtlmarctte,
pkltheetre. and at the Hancock Summer Festival laMalai girls each even- Cheryl Ann Gilbert, 1102 Thomas Singers.Travel isg
but for examination,, ., MCtaiade Bt 19, tars sad Bucks Sing
"Last' year, he led the orchestra of America in a Ages of applicants "', ".iIi. "..'\I'..,..!1.1j.I.\I' ..'(!;";,...!: '!tVI\\\: '\;' :.'''.)'";.,:!I\V,\ ?,/r!;':::;: ''I,: i'JI) 'I Leroy Soott 1770 Hiram era
.,. ; : ,.
program of Negro sysphony Compositions at pfcll ranges' between 1 through ..., .' It, }. Md Corrl.. Young The organisation's officers
harmonic Hall wader the auspices of the national 111'11'I. 1779 t. 10th Bt 21 mat
Association of Negro Musicians lac. during Its Scout leaders urge that prestos Boolean,' jr Mre.Ytvisn Reid Cherry, I
'anmual scale convention. applicants take great 2620 Flrstone Id, 19 president; Miss CyathlsJackson
The Robli Hood Dell has scheduled the brilliant care la filling out sad Olivia L, Itrisg- secretary; Mrs
young Aaeiican conductor, JAMES Of PRIEST hose their cards, and read field 36)1 Moaerlef Rdt. Tkelia Edesrds, treasurer

tretram will eoaslst of Beethoven* e overture to all isstriitloss contained NA91V1U.I; 7YN't.-ssimrni Medical Collegea preiy.Dr, Harold D. West (st right) IIMilton. ; Miss. Frank Is Mae
'."CIIrlol UU." Opus G2J Stravinsky Firebird In the booklet shares light moment with Dr.Joha cl Rustin (center), retired Methodist sinister C. Tookts, 244 Harris, reporter, aid
Suite. Lo Frestl'a The Maaka. Operatic Arias mod Parents must sign health and speaker for harry's 90th Baccalaureate services recently, mjoylni the a-nolla It. 34 sad Mrs Alberta Lstlaore,

. pintaali with Marian Aaderaoa U soloist. cards. conversation are gra ",.*-,.ft..I.I".t"I"'II' the'pesaooy'CMservatory Activities st the camp Belief. L D.. Ne*port, R.I.t and Jo* mm lawn, deatal hyglenibt from Knees, Cleveland M, .17. the church is located
'of Music in laltlmore. aid was ese of develop MOB characteristics A.C Mfcarry gradustes laelsdH 47 physldsas.M dentists, tw medieal tetftnolo 'willlt ...... Morgan on sesver St. peel premier
the few, finalists during the Capri MltrepoulosCaadu u resourcefulness, gists, and five dental hyd- det.. 1129 9. llth Bt. 22 and Market, Curs right
"" -cospetitlon. Last aeasoa. he ... past self reliance eiperiesees Frances L. Wrlgkt 732W. 01 Baker Avenue and .proceed
conductor far the. Mlaaeapolls Symphony, in stdaor pros |7th It. 13 01 block
A young bassist, Henry Leels, toe Angeles, vie Craw including& hiking. 27 Flo. AIM Cadets Attending Airman RobertJ. r
prepared technically to take Ue leadership of the cookouts folk dancing.
lee Angelem phllbarmoale symphoay daring a crisis singing caters study Reserve Offkers Smmiier Como Reynolds :..

This act earned for him a regular position as the arts and crafts, drama* FORT .A00. C.-A total ef 27 Reserve Officers' Completes Course s'1'O delivery
assistant conductor of the orchestra. Me is also lice, seiamtag mad othrlut.ctlollli Tralalag Corps cadets from Florid. AM University,
"CI08I1"le'' for the roaag peoples Concerts which coerses Tsllahassee, are la atteadaacs here at the Ads AUSTIN. Tei.-Atrman
are held every Saturday aornlag'tm For farther Infermetlom vaace4 ROTC mummer cmap. 4.......................... rinse Clsss Robert J. r
addition to Canadian flail Mrs J. E. Davis Reynolds, grandson of Mr. m Mrs Asgustus
guest appearances. hats The seer camp serves no.,.., Jacksonvllls; ins Mrs Leroy chleves.MOT .
has appeared as guest conductor for the Grist park ELK4.1071.. ss the parted ef practical Jeks L. Tralek. .Nee Mrs. Moiella fr*-*nn of Patio Ave IIrl.Del"', 1406 W. Stats
Concerts. Chicago, and Is a regular conductor for Singer Shocked asd tactical traJs* Mattel. N. J, t Myron L. -navllle 1741 *. 17U At. Ict-| Mr. a Mrs. Raymond Oliver st? Girl,
Spring OPeru. San Fraacisoa. This mummer, he sill lag sad .111 last all .eaaiagtoa.st. Augustine: baa beta -radiated 20 U Rome Ave. Boy Mr/Mat. James Oordon.:
.omduct the Metropolitan (opera ercke.trieadpor's By bnpersonitoraaCAOOMKFD'StBger weeks. Accordag U Lt. sad Ssassl Williams, For << from the u.141 r Mr sir.. Freddie MSI. 1371 Evergreea Ave, .
As* 7 la a program devoted to the corks of George ( ) Col gruel f, SmpeoB, jarasomvllls.ne "e NoBcomissM4at .lag. i429 t. |st It, 01 rl,
eraheln. ... will have. Earl Slid as soloist for warm Date was shockedte PMS at Florida AIM, FAMO cadets are expected OfthcerLe.derablp. l'dIool *y, Mrs Mrs. Sissy walker,
the Plano concerto la and lean Bergitrom Art), h.. 66S3llaloch or Vitl,
F Rhapsody In Rise folIteed ef the arreetf aplrlt and m rale eas to return to Tallahassee
by tllllam. tarfltit. baritone singing ei. Eugene lllllaas InHouston. high upon depertsre elth es er shout The al",1It lea gradate ,111odt.iN3 nr.. 1 urs, Reosevelt, Mr., m Mrs, .Claresfle.
cerpts from *twrgy and ....." Teas recently, all cadets asplrlsg forgot July 30. of New AtMtrta Htstt. v. trth st < Tales, 6703 I' VlrglslaAve.
DUE ELU QTON elll share coaductlag duties with ea charges ef ,..h. as coveted lumber cue soy Girl, .

Leonard Berastdin.Charles Munch. Uhas FOBS. Aaron' the famed pep sushi out at the cospletlea ,
Copland:mad Darlss wUhand at Ue mew ten pall ecU at. .f the sewer tamp e.sslom 'j I ,f"
harmonic .' herd u k ewa.w**XI* *UM---M. ar *-N--|..* I* MMII .
Majsr .
Summer Festival of French. and AIerlceso t hadn't heard say .( /
scale dsrlag July iSles ..out It ustll a Members of the group r J YP oJ'J!.
...1. ef days sge, from Florida AM ls lsde i
.? the tall, handsome Tubs the fellselng cadets: -" "*
; retarding artist ststed. Mosem EAarea.. Sesrlag.tsMrt ; t' ;!
i ,
0" P *sid It swrt .t floored L. Aleissder I .f"
.. 'i'flf/
Tallahaeeee, Charles
C.ifectioiary r'
allure. srreeted Iste Bell, elboura; Lassie
: lest toad en em Pasties J Ie".,. laverseee.
Ilk1lgiit( litlll!
r banter Dos "tey became George E. Collier Be tr

Stir. II Tm! t ssspleUae ef the vsameJs, ... Gersld A. w
r Imposter. .... the fatal Cooper Tel Ishaasee

1OOO Tyler At mistake ef repeatedly Lena Cosby orlssde,
,, aaleg for advmmeM ea asetMiMBt l*mry r Oats, Archer
,State Street he bad agreed Also, Charlee J. Melt,
t. perferw The tlpeffMe / Jsehsoavllle. Meary I. 1
*"" Phone ekes the phonyVarvlB Gbrlel.Kiami. Johm M EGrsmmm. g gY '.

Irs. ltt-ise ....., Saye* wiredBnbey rhite .rlsn.Thnmae ; ..: OJ I
1"3S6-932S. .. fsr am e4-aa. .e u R. Jeaklas. Jack
film -*y a CadlllM. *. ... UlebaU. M jeDaytoma .
N totey, tamer ef pemeechRe Beach.; J amay LLsrtsd -
i- Hours "rds, notified the perrte; Charles ... .

't .", Sal: imam ti ui: P... local sheriff asd they i U,htsy, tt Vraoa.f .. -
sited pstlemtly mstll ., temath J lefafllaFwaaouls.
Sittfrit.Pitnti. Hirxiits Iitisrtli Mil... arrived he pica .; ..aley I, .-_:=:;..-
mm his t.tt." cvillem. Apatathleela, ,-::..--.-

I Calvli M, ...U.... Lake "
'ica'I: IwRCHIIGI Al" ... 7r
e Aim I.'. r IN....*..

BRA & BIKINI SET BAR BOSON Tat .. .'1'-. jerry U
>ere, Tallt".....: Jots
sa.*r eel e...ell TV shrug ass t-i |.. Nlls/
.. RkMil ,..... Toe-
"lame ... e..lla le te nci PUH e-wllty ay tern.ttlMUiy .
E. stmlls Jtc1 IOUU I r.
sW.tMre4.tq eiwiawt piss er.1 ruffled
Ojie eam ell C Btevheas.Plmmt .
We.agJtwUMe tin flU all *+&.p>rU<. ""-,.t,
CU,. James C.
*.llatr.l,, BtMtlral blest sob/. ..... a-. |..*.... In 1769 Alexander Gordon the English
bars Krrc OCt "..i. let..*.. *r mtv ere.f to hues Ihztirir. gave

7rg lY c.. mad .,.. Jeamlatsam I'< another exhilarating to the
activity enjoy on ice.Bnltwrly
a, t r... tome, ef Fttts y ...i .

a,1 MM lu 1te11u. ...-4. pterta C.re re.eiUy vtalter ererb. WO); eVv COed .',Gm. C* !Un-ft fiMwrw guest ke
I .-.a. Ille we e***>r U. koemtlrsl MkUl sot Is
.fir. ictsueVe roarerarc yen. Alien i p% 7er,, r4i be.eisSen der.. Aid bias, Lu Sect, tfe we U
mil{ --.s- -we-- sitkelelee 'C'?*". Beer. Mess o.oooe eVf lay lobe g if levies ski laxlBMl Lagtnk Mess
e ,I.eMIM1 e..5adN- .f a4-l he It.r ... Pee u*"! ui* M *aa-l /Mif IBM ei At an. ua s /pui el Guides',M k.

L wail here, tie gseete 1JCCLSTSi1LIU IN IXCLAHV. AMtXlCVTrfC WO1LDI
ere Oe reeiplsmts ef
ern- 1Y ....,aJ medal *v.U

1 4 Y'



Aden AME Chapel Men Set Circle Readies For Annual Fete

I Annual Observance Svmky l1QE uttb e

nth final preparation completed themes of AI1 ,
lea Chapel 4MK Church .11 celebrate their annual

en'a Day prograa with a series of planned events PMENILT BAPTIST *

Bun day, Rtr. J.I. Jones pastor Genera] and co. Prltndly Baptlat Church services Sunday begin

dial nan Jesse ThollP lOa and Harry Hill MI an* with the Sunday school at 9:30: .....wI th aupertntendent -
Nouneed ........................
I Nathaniel Brook er In chant the pastor
lI.nleuw12l open with lee eon. Rev B.H. Hartley will review the litaon.

Sunday School at 9:30: Morning worship at 11 -I' .. Conaecration service at 10:43: o'clock and son
.... ty Mra Mends Gay, .... will open with a ins service at 11 o'clock. The Rer. Mr. Hartleywill

superintendent Pro A. Co musical prelude, Satale 11:!,. preach BTU b..ln.t 5:30: P."., with Jom
Madry Neat superlnttodtnt L. Parli; call to worahlp Hills presl41ncan4 evening service 7 o'clock.

and Rudolph ,Her. Jones, opening : .MT. TABOR BAPTIST*
Johnson secretary n&- h1lll1:Al bert Aahwood, invocation t +vt, Serricea BUB day in Mt. Tatar Baptist Church COM

wtd Roott. David Waanincton ; selection, Yr .tnct with the Sunday. School at 9:30 a... with
Albert Aahwood chorus; scripture; David Superintendent Jason Barr in charge Morning service

Mctlnley Washington, '>i*' Scott decalogue: at 11 o'clock with Rer. H.T. Over street, paa

gent Sawyer, Nest and T.E. Belcher, laalonary tor. in donna At 3 P... Districts 2,3.4,3 and <

Ntlaon Grant. Wllllt offering; selection, t L will observe their anniversary Jointly Srenlni

Young will review the clio ru.. Announceenta, service at 7 o'clock. Choir 2 and usher Board 3

Harry 111 HIM!, welcome; ( will serve with Mra. Dorothy Chllds at the con-
Girl Scouts Urged Fred Washington, rt- sole. The Mr. Mr. orerstreet will preach for the

sponae.AltoJohn. services.
To Register For Pauline, to* ".' .'OfAs4AST. OJUROT*

lo; J. I. Will h.. Eu-!: The ..nle.. Sunday in Odessa Street Church of
Established CampThe lent Sawyer; introduction .' ..; ; ..' Christ will begin with the Sunday School ,t 10

fourth teuton of of speaker, Rtr. am., with Brother r- Tuff and Wllltaa Nesbitt In

the Eatabllahtd for Jones; speaker Rev A. .' ," .... large Morning service at 11:30 o'clock. Brother
Caap .
Girl Scouts and Anderson; invitation to ..".,,", 1\\\'c. .; i. t Albert Hooker will deliver the .......Youth Bible
non- "" i.
i- :
Scouts aged 8 through 17 Oirtitlan Dlacipllnahlp; .. .. ', .. ,. -. .. claaa at 4 p... with Mra. J.L. Lundy In charie.
years, will Deg D Aug. i solo, edward Butltr. of ; : ; General 81 bit Claaa each Thursday at 7:30: P. ..

and last through Hut. 14. feting Harold Peterson ., IY'M .. PLEASANT BAPTIST"'t't
at the facility, owned Mr. Sampson and Leroy Services Rundy la Mt. Pleasant baptist Church

and operated by Gateway Little; acknowledgment will begin with the Sunday ftchopl .t 9:30 ....
Girl Scout;Oouncll.lnc. of guests Josh white; ANNIVL'ART OB3 VANCR' .-*TH,1. Walker Circle Of ltftVrs. H.ttlt a-lth. Mra Mary Almon. Mrs. Lola Morning service at 11 o'clock. lilY. A. "". Reed,

located In Clay County observations Yanttt WS05 of Simpson Methodist Church. Rer. Joshua Red- Llabrie, Mrs. Anna (lookers, Mra. tftullla! ; Brown pastor will preach. Evening service at 7:30 o'

three illes north of Robert, Hit dial nan' sWord did. pastor, will observe iti Eighth: Anolreriaryftioday. Mra.Rebecca Saauel and Mra. Sadie M. Gadaoa. president clock.

Green core Siring bordering Jesse Tboapton; July 11 at 4 P... in the Sanctuary of the of W.LC.ROther.enbers are Mrs. W.M. test- ..CVBWON' STRKTT--

on Black Creek and benediction Rev jonti. churcb.Mmberi ihown front row fro left are: Mrs. Morel and, Mrs. Carrie Freshes Mrs. Cora U Jatea, Sunday services in'tverson street Baptist Church

Ftttra Creek.Activities The 330; P... proirn Hazel carter Mrs. Marcelle Mcffalr Mrs. Theresa Mrs.Irene Tyler lira. Fit el la Dunlop end Mrs. Ryr begin with: the Sunday school at 9:30 a.*., with
will Include will coMtnee with Her.Inac A.toD. Mill Georgia Walker ascot; Mra Rhoda An* die B. Mallory The public it cordially invited. Mra. a. I. Allen in charge Morning service at 11

wiring, boating hlkinc. Lundy pastor of demon, Mra. I del la II"" Circle president; and o'clock. Testimonial service will lie hl4. COM-

cookouts, archery, Alien dispel AMg: Church Rev Joshua Rtddlck minister Second row from ('Royal Art Studio Photo) union service at 4 p.L Rev Orion Johnson p..-

Inline, folk dancing Bayard In charge. tor. will deliver the sernon. ttt,. N. McTray.' pastor .

arts and crafts, draatlci The program follows: of Colon Coatninlty AMR Church choir sad congregation

cup fire pro. Stltetlon Singing Central I.tlstChvrc'h Jerusalem Choir will conduct an after service, sponsored
trail.Aw Trumpets; invocation TWO MINIlTE5 by Mrs.L.*. Powers.Mon lay at I P.... Choir 1 will

11 cant i are urged to Rir. Irneit til 11 ami; Services Schedules Fete rehearse, and Wednesday at B P...., prayer ...Un..

fill out both sides of solo, Marvin Qpllins; urn THE BIBLE 'l ) Choir 2 of Jtruaalta ""MtCEDONI4 Bd'UAT-" '

tat application carefully scripture, Ret. Richard Services will begin sv co.MUwBran ftn.MIIAM ..J t Baptist Church South Sunday services la Macedonia Baptist Church begin -
and be lUre they 11 dar;h1.; Pred Washington Sunday with tile Sunday erne i*. a-txeis*ocwrvCMKMO "\ ., 4 aids, will observe Its with the "Runny School at 1:30: ..*., Superintendent
School at 9i: 19 a. .. Deacon I t
art signed by their ; introduction of anniversary July 12 at S John Siaaletoa in charge Morniai service

parents, speaker, S.uel Holmsn; Leonard Thoapaoaluptrlntendeot TRUE PRAYERLet p. .. .ia the church auditor at U o'clock. Choirs 2, 4. sad rjsher Board

Scat leaden art fin sermon,Rn.llar'all Ring luperrli !UM. 2 will serve Rer. J.C. !Rogers pastor will de
log laatructlon. lu inppraw that I .h..,. |Mat Im year Lilrr In lint that he IoI..po
la their belief that all .selection Singing Try* service will had the b toy ol lrxlln s 1I t,1| to pity nwrrk-d,.lw.lhn.r thlltlnti soil The proiraa follows: her the .'"'0." Deaconess Board 1 will Meet
girls should undergo the pets; offering, L. w. Morning ChrW. He WM I (pvllrM. wkkrdtmtiir b hrtng a ivruhtrnl OirWUn life.Ctlllng Presiding, ..,. Jake following fit Morning rites Hlssloasry Meetingat
experience of learning Scott and r.. I. patter begin at 10: 50 a. .., with until lately, bill now, nil.tdenly at..his. )boo_'. "howetef..1 I fiml Ray; scripture invocation 3:30 P..? RTPO at 5:30 P.... Prtntai serviceat
and experiencing values ion; Introduction of the Deaconi la charge of a (rriil Irtnofurnwllun hue. that one nf his lilUlrrn. b iLuintfnmJy Rer R. f. Jackson 4:30: o'clock.
of o it door lore sleeping visitors, remark and the detOUoDl.Tb. pastor taken, plate In hl.. h'... IU b mrr- III. Me (t1 net mw .Inm. IA pastor; serving choir ..CTTT*.. BAPTIST"Serricea
Rev, R. Leander Jones whelmed with the Joy nl >lni for.glvrn. pray Joe tin itilkl .",1| he begins
out IndulilDi In benediction Plrat Corinth suaday la Central Baptist Church
nature Baptist
will speak the aubject"Ibe !Netrrthrlm' e few things "Lord sal a \k.,t-nl Mill of ikrtlie, COM
study and its alliedaubjecta. Crenlni worthlp at 9:30: on Mill trnubb him. .ml s .huh, .",1! ..... .width Yuan mil Group; Introduction of malice with the Sunday School at 9:11: t..., Deacon
Church Obrlat.
P.L will feature a musicale of Ai he stand thrrr ImHlml hy help me lo "''1' twrarinc." mistress of cerewonies.Mra. Leonard< >> ThoMpaoa la charie. Morning service at
The. sins should also with II".J.I. Jones Senior Choir 2, ani the th.I Ime of ChrW. hr says "I dwi'l RklkiiliNnl yim My. No' IIMIIwmild Lillle Mae fright; 10050o'clodl. In. R. Lender Jones, pastor will
b. the opportunity of pastor, in;charie.Siisjj Childrena, Choir will look very miic-h III* a QwMlmt.'Look h* ta fontUh.Yea rkUralmfImlml Mistress of cereaoalea. review the topic. "Tht Church of Christ" sad
ling with* Mri. a. I. ; at ilntKr A..II ought| 10 1.yet many pniple. iknply re.prat "
my Senior
the relationship and conualcatlon I Priirin Mrs ThelMa Rye; eel tae Choir Spoil Children' Choir will aim
Tucker at the console get.lob( and work Ill.cilhrr pnipfe priyrn In tlw sans w Then
with their Tenth Day will, bt ob* BTO will begin at B tSp. do. Then ton, Eve hrm a wkknlhduphrmrr. aoltm) "...11\I.. Priyrt" b, nftoiine case, Mn. Bobble Brooke; with Bra a. *. Tucker at the console: fvtnlag ..r-
awa groups and adult served Sunday In Bprlni- : Swearing rein* In h*. s | leaders which develop hill Baptist Church with ... rvenini worship COMaencea part of my nun,..I dent know how slgnlSi.nI .that In the l Mn( of ; and selection .. BAPTIXT" ..'
lato a lifelong ideal of Miss Ethel Babb and Eli at T (clock. The I'D r\tr Mop It." this very prayer,our Lund nirikmed choir Elizabeth Mptlet church Vastport. services Am

ooMrradtrlt and respect.Tbrough jah Tolllrer, jr. ai pastor will speak froa I Migieol iW. we pray smut K, lilt HK vein(btrlplriiYtrm rep,-tltlcm M ye the pray.hnrthrnlo. .M.T Also history Mra. day begin with the wrnlai service at 11 o'clock

all the. above chairaan sod co-chi hi&D. the subject 'The Chal" but he My Iw, .KM nrter prtyett) fathh Be 9ft IVe unto them.' Gloria lied; Introduction' with Rev R.J. Crawford, pastor ia charge Co..
late of The Church (lie and tlnnn'l know haw M I
the iirlearlyiillftooiei -. Miss irlitlnji Araitead Weekly activities truth hi", I Irfl him how ilmpk A/er tHlt NMNMT therefore pray ye of speaker Miss Jsse onlon service will bt .held at I p...t with the
In contact with will be the speaker at art: prays'U-lh.*!1hm1J' limply talk ,' (clan I eTA. Yet that verypriyrt Ella ffllllaaa; speaker pastor la dirge
Monday,6 P.B. Miaalon- woN fiw ......
tile principle which 11 .. .. and Rev L.J. to end ask say "Innl. I mejdrivnl I b rrprctej it Miss jeanettt Cofer; selection .nRST? BOW TDM'LW'Andy .
sty ...th.; Tuesday T (morsels soil|wetkllngi.. b MmM.<
product! a mound uatfulsitlcenahlp. Hid of tbrthn, nd s |Illh.seal, choir offer
Clan at S p... P. .. Bible study and ten. "hrforv mnl soil| .! thimbUnn ; School begins at 10 "L. la PI ret Ron
Mra. Ira M. Davis) and oh, wilt That lilt hIp lOW lo Mop w, kws-.rah prlK1k..ny Inc ...,.. tory. Carlla Merrltt, Torle. Missionary Day will observed at 11 ew
prayer aeetlni at B p. ; iwvwlnii I mk H In then iwnir of the
/i's. J.I. Davis. Scout Mrs Mae L. Holt art ledII..d. Lord Jean ChrM' I wU-tHrt a ppUr or ..... James Bryaat; choir Mlasloaary Plortaet Turner will) be the speaker.TPCW .
:;seder consultants P.a. I Thank Cod for thaw. who. tnJy count Mra. tthel Balth: at 5:30: P..., with Mrs M. JOBBSDO preattfiai.
\Ve rb* from ptaym.oil I frelinlfor know end thmugli the lied Jigs
the man, I ...,...If (H him s ....H chew ansi] nil troll" -Met Into Ifs preaeatatloaa. Mra. Carol 'tY..... service at T '.aw, Eider A. Rill, pastor
of tint,," and |nh and Kr fan on pv vti ix.* In pftiyrf'i Kb way renk-| (. .M! to Sail gmt la Mp m Mm nf Beat of rial tors. Mrs. "NEW ROPE WK"Tht

a 1814 Wt BEAVER Now Ivt M Mippiiw that I rHum, ........ (Ikb. 4le). Doris Grant remarks .. of .New "Hop AMC Ctarch will teralaatt

lllit Robert oarii their train rally Saaday drug Ut .; 30 ,...

3101 EMERSON Mt. Olive Men Mt. Merlife Baptist Celebrates atrriet gruel Draytoa and Willie Myera. art gar

rii| aa eoaductora.The

j 130 CASSAT AYE.IIGITI8N Set Annual Event AMMO! WOMB'S Day SiMky services Suaday beds with tat ..shady School

Mt. Olive PrlaltlreBaptiat at ':'0 ... Sweriatendtat J." Readereoa prw

11 Church aeo ..t Annual toatn'a Day will be celebrated '*iaday du. midst. The pastor. Mr. t.U Tress will) eoaduct

sacs vas recently to organise for rill dayloai treat la Nt. Mori>> ah, Rer. .I.., Marshall tat onestloa and answer ptrto
their annual celebrities pastor, sononaced_ 11 tf clock, tad ACE Lea,we at S P.M. Choir 2 sad
which la scheduled for Events will co..u.NNNNNNa.wNa1aToo.er Drier Board 2 will serve The Rev Mr. Tynt will

AUI. 5.linett. with BUI day school at offerin, Mrs. .
HEAVY Gee li chair Elizabeth Those, Mra.Mlnale lerrt.T. ULLA irntruaiay -
30 .... with Mra. M.
STEAK c ...; Baautl Hogaa, 00.ohlr. L. Sanders, neat su Cb. ... and Mra.tatia services la MU UUa Bttst.. Chord beds

79 ....: David Hall ,peristeadnt aad Mra.Beatrice Browa; apprecla with the Boadv Hchotl at t: 30 a."., win Sreser*
10UND ttcrtttry aad Dtaeoi I1J tIMan, Mrs. tie, Mra. Jiaalta Maddoi liteadeat Bessie Jaeksoa prttlatae It,. Great
MOHIJIllOW Nova Aadenoi treaa Joaephlae gander aid and Mrt.Jessie Rash Let will review tilt less Moralai service at 11

SALE : LL surer, Mra. Ruth M. Barker serrlai la. Resists Mra. Marshall 0' d oct. Tae pastor will deliver tataeaaaie.CL .
Coaaittee sabers are: ai meet teacher. and tea J. Jack* .- ZlON.r-

,1. Aadtnoi. fliaactckalraaa Mra. Acute huff will ...- BOO.Herri. service* Swadajr la It. Doa SJBT Owrdi begla with
; David Mall vies the Itepoa.Mra. si ..HI.. Choir thtOmroh ftokool at 9:30: a>..,.." auptrtateadeat.wile

HINDQUARTERS c Deaooaa Thoaaa filth j. Theo rt a.. will bt 1 tf MU Mori ah, Ceher L ia charge, aaaiattd by B. Wade Tht IdaolDordl
49 C Rsrrli. sabers; pro tie aoraiai worship Board I of Mt. Ararat aaaMaced Ut pleat will be J sly 17. Ple-

gras Kltoa lodgers speaker aria the Ua. S lust Caarth. The ptl- rite will it Mad af Ut 111 owPw>> .
CUT i WRAPPED nil FOR YOUR HOME rRIIXIR u chairaaa; Dtaeoia i, grim Charity tad snag
... Morslai sorMlp -and Ir. C.W.otto*, patter, will preside at 11 ....
luster jr.. David Marrey will bt latrodueed by Clab. Mra. B. AlI _. aid taatitsial rites will be held. Choir a aadCsher
FRESH FLA. GRADE 'A' ; Sunday school, II..- Mra. Alberta. jaelaoa. president, will .. tht Lard | will serve
ry Thoaaa aaperiatea- .aeaU.Offldala.
diet: Ulllta Barker and Its welODtit address will are S"Ual, Til
FRYERS27 bt delivered by Mlta
f. heater jr., sabers Ira: Jeaalta Maddoi.chairaaa The Morris leak prwtrBiad
title Roil at4 r...... un 1ICCIDaJ. street.
Also aaheri, Phillip ; Mra. Paaaltarakall. will
tptaitr a
by Ira Louise Ir.... tt?, harsh I. Jeaesspirit.
All back. Deacon Charlie laatoraf the .,! tea Jaly IIIU.
Other partlclpaata will be Ike peaker
SMOKED Leos; deooratloaa.Deacon day; Mra. catberlatPwgh trot t: 30 t. I:SO ,... .
Other te.lest *
ladadeeProcetaltaal. l. "uChwrch
Mack Hall llllle L, secretary ** J. Iatbeleseklae. lelritusi
39cVELDA Jones J.... Modiesiapoaaora Choir; w. Mar-Hall, pastor, .. 2. located at e1U 'Icllat.

PICNICS aad Ma. arU.LOcb" Coaiecntioa Ryaa; QIIa..eer..l. .... J. Jaeksoa. acttal ...
LL .. Preset Mr*. ,
Robert V. wr- pastor.IwMediately.

ra,. Clifford Lewis; R.M.Uaaala.. Crawford Mrs. Mearletta, dew IIU..L.0 .. 'Kl TH liE III

tags tllllt Mlckt, .- nil service the
Jackie Marrla. tllllaai White sad Ira. Iou ....r. of Mt. brIsk TM Beet The lest DocttrwB
Campbell .....tl... II
39 Barker and .11oU,. sill acoMttay Ue ,... Toot nectar rrttcrihM.et .
choir Mta" .al. readis
ICE MILK 'i GAL I.A. Beat.MH'S ben aad Mr. Marshall to HB rtea< 4 PtartMCiatiAwtrtttai
C polo Mr*. Tiriaa Mew floe B-ptlst OMrck.renaadiaa tt rear ttxUi aOrtken.
hi tiNt Cherry; scripture Mr*. f* CMs 0&17 The Met
lead far
c.l tJts'lt'Qsallty '
Arl.. le L
BUWtT SUBtB Philadelphia BaptistCkarch Re* Marshall las taller tugs tntn. r
Ala sal Sara
aea Itt aad or- to* s.nte.CARi1 .
aaaasicelebratlea. Wiles; lialaairy ejfferiai lISZa nua-uacrs to taart !CO"
trued for their
ache4ale4 ,",er, Mr*. CarrltPeoflea Of 1WKSTa A COMPLETE Lilt Ofpuaournaw

3-1 I for saaday.Tb ; aaao.aceaeata. tat staff tf BreterHoejttal maetle.'bbber Ooo/s'C+rdiee.sr.Me

BACON offlcwra an: DeacoaiJaaea Mrs. Or* UJoaes; m4itmv9frtea ecus pot .x td: IMtRLilly's ..

Bailey, chairaaa; sole.Mr settle Spate*); wMat amy Ua4eaaea -

DeXM Aastralla ptrrytfthalraaa .....U... Bra. Milin alt.4 .. drug
; BtbertBprelll. Bacfeaatan ....1taU. the rec.' less tf aykatbaa Drug Store

esad .rvr ..... setsBees secretary; Dacta .. to jtiaera; Mra.Paaala < ra*.t melees

.. VIKI, TIC, ItB IIIHT INI II HIT. TT CI1IIEI 4 treasurer Altai Blaaat- Karahall.Mrs Elisabeth afferiai. Mr*. .kl*ItS lest...er..t IHI UK5 MM i tM4I71

;: .
---- \

I t t' ,


'- Yes, We All Talk Press Club Cites Top Flight Leaders During Annual-Awards Festivity Peace Corps Hikes

By MARCUS H. KX&WARZBtCLIEH --r Africa Assignments$

fHONBE3! ..
g : I 4ih.r.le sons diacrepancy aa to the number of 'It- -: ASH1NOTON-- (NP1J)"Three
i sounds or phonoics in tilt Bullah laniuaa*. Soaeoay ; top Africa rot po appointments
thus l Iii I .ere announced
arc 42 sounds. tills other authorities 4'r ) t
list 44. It tern a young child froa the U.. be 5i last ...k at the peace
says his first words to around seven or sight +' v Corps by Director' sar-
years of ate to learn all the consonant: sounds of tent Shrl"r.
Fetish lancuai Robert K, poole, di.

It may take the child longer to acquire ...U" V'Jj rector Africa 'reilon,
of. the blonds such aa /brstr/, or/. at/ dr/. f/ .111 bvcoae peaco Corps
and so on. 4 Vt rioresentstive in Kenya' ,
j Tboaas H. C. Qulaby, presently
For a complete discussion of the acquisition of '
1 actuate la tans of first cords, first ten or4 a.rvlat'If:Kenya
sentences, the leaning of the parts of speech, 1IA wlU return to l shlaaton
there is sa Informative diacbssioa Mildred Tos to head ths' 'Africa
plla'a CortalB Laniuaie skills la Children1 .' r- regional office: and Dr
$$7, and published by the Cnivsrslty of Minnesota Joseph C. Kennedy, research -

Pdoa, Minneapolis Mian.P.UDKM. dlrectot.M.rlcsn
Society of African culture .
: :
.UI be "Stool d.! .
Foray puphlet na produclai the consonant sounds
si taught children, send two stamps and a eelf-ad '' : puts director.
dressed long business ."loU. IrU. Dr...... Ibul* ; AA f I For poole aad Qulaby
oho have been tub tll..
.are, Florida UN university, toi 1WA Tall* .
bu..., Florida' .. JJ307.Education) I :it ti : peaco Corps .since Ite
ter I I betinnlni.the' job.. Mitch
n ow represent a. return to
... itatlar
i duties very to
80TCMCT+ AOttlGSCCS: their otislaai'iael.n'. '

PUXBSWC -(VD-aariii out la lab ton- RtCD'T10 er stud oa racial school Bias, Soa erect County 1174 annual .anrds banquet and Frees Institute held recently at kid, mittCHtixl! columnist and humorist lsftand riiht MillarThaosslt. Poole Jl erred. the
Nt..ieene of serious racial alaahea last year- thsKMHlltoa.. Hotel la laahlaitan, D.C., van reception hosted KuohH, %, *JifnniU, flanklai prustt in loser panel first peace Corps re
has igrsed.to deseirsftto all Its publlo aehool by 'Ttis' Coes: -cols Coapaay, Atlanta Oa. ia honor af the Club'a tnm oft *r. "Tie 1I.Ld" CM onMontetor and neapaper col presentatlve la Ulul l lbefore'belni
list fall I under an open application) aystsai ooverlai hoBoreee, htiitable gusts, .aaabsrs of the Diploaatlo corps umlst Harre, D.". chief of Pol loo John a. Layton press Club 'pat IB
both hlto and Noire pupils school super k..fiauree la lPuftlunt, and press club .blr. In abut scenes 'ro*iicnt) Jl c-M. Terry, 11, Tluo, inc., Its| Kteellencv Aha cherie of. the Africa
latendsnt John U load ooaaentea: Proa' that I are lien. left to riiht MOM N. Kendrii, tllliaa pruett public OialMnniaca. Preaidmt of Utslltited' Nation Qenorsl Aesaibiy reitenal offlee; lash
can rather ia talk Pith focal people I believe relations ."'iM.r,''na. Co ca.O)h cwipanjr: T. no 'TJ" liarre, Cocoa and lur.lan Mlniatar of fbM% Mrs. Terry, srimt Wiriver, Dl. laiton For oil ears
.. till) have a coasldcrtble laemssafiuira, students Cola taahlniton; U.H. Attorney Owtral, Nlcholaa Ratianbaoh, ban rector of both the U.K.' Peace Corp and tho Office of toonoati before jotilni the'pisce'
la tits aohoola." net' speaker and Louis '. Martin, deputy shaman, Omoeratlo C Opportunity, oulchard parrla, Director ef PuMli Rslittsns, Ni Corps staff he 'tauiht
CRAM '.,M2t1I1" MAWCKICAaoflipnettu National Coaalttie. IB nut panel) from left, are narre, ,N.tt, tlonal urban l LMIUO, Mr. Pruett, and stirltm Tueasr, tuoutlvsntrector at tbe Taft s iaol
deats froa athlnttnn. tVC. urban L.al\l' Wors than 1,800 Persona! stsrtovn, Conn'i and
) .UlO'd. part Kith D.C. Coaalasionsr John .. Ouaean, White House Frees Secretary ,
sehool, *o battled eonool officials thrss Loris Reedy, Hobart Taylor, Jr. sseoclate counselor to the fron all pMtionsof the Nation .tton1e. < the club's" shards dinner coached the football and
11.,101 the select ion of their iraduatloa proeeo* basketball teaae H* re*
lenal have jolasd aarobers protsstlai ssbooleitreiitioa. Social sewed his I.A. 111... history
The controversy aver ether the Tri Florida AIM Schedules Sicurlly IB UN trlS" Tale

ttapnal March froa "Aid," or ''hell sad arena lit! As. DONAUOSON University hc'ro he
staace .*a to bo played set theprotest and School Lunch Training Session District Manner played fkMtball art ruiby

subsequent asrtfi. The students demanded 'To p and !CJ.AKAUEIlI1.b1l.11t. of ths floruit AV Unl- To be disable is one of the aajor huards of live then the Bother sad bos.. sad becaae yal.l a'.fddle'

dreuastaao "because tne'Trtuarnsl March 101IAd- ..rait, 00001 Lunch Trelnlai Froinui, sd funeral sad "Aid's" title 41 sIMi a vet
opera ohsrsetsr of llvini taro placewhile ,
Dr. dlnitsA. Ford July 12-JJ. eill bs the preaentatioa
'as an Ethiopian slave.CHJWBW arm of aany peaks Curpa
of a special proirM oa lane quantitycookery. adieu eiptnte puts a hesvy load on the budist, there Is at least a '
( POI PUCIuwnccoi ..... continuance of Inooae ssslinaents, .s. nsnedepeelslassistant'o
a..a..a. Tratedy din a capital T enter the hose If tie breadwinner "'
-( I-) tte Cslveraity of Mississippi of TO,000 schools rue beooeee disable, for then, laeoae le also a casualty tII.41reotor .
"hleh ..... a bitter battle sadist iatsiratloa llro. Mettle Mc/.sin tlclpstlai la tie federal la tbe first twenty yeas of social aeeurlty, nothlni eould be done for the ibm the 'agency
of Its balloted hall last ... had a ctianie of Chlcaso, field bus eooaoalat eoveriaent's ,Ms* fully boee laoose.. stopped by disability, Even hen. the dtssbledMrksr bsiaa la March tHe,
hart for I priee-$4n,000 five year rut froa" lth the Matioaal tioaal school Lund Proit. meowed to reach rettreaent see he eoaetiaee found he couldn't qualify for Initiated the first re*
the ford Foundation The itaiveraity aireed to seek Live Stock and .." old-.,. twntflta becauMhsfcad boos prevented troD vorklni lost enough to here orultlBa effort, In-
est Metro etudeate tor its lae school aad to ei* Meat Board, till pre la sd paad Its lae currtculua in. the fields of civil sect the proiraa for of mist re This trsilc stats of sttnlrs'u faced by tboussnds of disabled workers lathos of the application fu,.,
llbertlea. toe iaooojo etadents food>> service tiled" ate and later *ss dvslknstcnltbe '
hoc Alto sad Retro elpss-*slined to la* early yesrsAaoress .
oolleies la Mississippi are soaiht for lit I. the area duriai aseeeloo elude eoaaodltlee:>> sad quMtlons to: "1110 florid star, Suelel Security Editor 400 lest pace corps first
school aottolanhip under the Ford Foundation ,I.. edieiilH. I to beheld otherlatrediinta readily I Ashley street Jacksonville Florida, recnilttai dlrectdr
411t7.r tKJAr 1t'JCIt um ta the csfetorlaa available la the school I

8TT= BM*-. Va,-(?rn-SM-t Prior Collate le of Psrry Pelg. A.lIdSlIl )lundt kltctienother bus
detomlaod to get its heade oa ooae of those Sod..rd at 2:00: p... Thursday, polste .U I be covered
" foods ...pit* eoart:>> nil. upholdlai the July U. Mr*. HcftalA orka dl.'
''.Alts tirle and yoont .DM.** reetrictloo placedon la her dwoactration. reetly Ith ectKMil luadipersoanel
the aehool by its foaader. Last ... the col. n. hUo..J Live Stock on the stele ,
tele's. board of directors nied a aon*dl.erlstsetics and Hat Board1' tallied and aatloaal u ..u! cc .
compliance torn with tbsfpartaat of loath bass eowoHlst till prepare local level. thronth'

!.ducatloa sod '.1 tar.. I Rut. early hit sootk. u five av reclpeearprorprlate damsstrstlou prodras MARKET
_b.nt Cbuaty circuit court ruled that ,pnvlai. for school at apecial ...th.. and 5U'ER I ,
of the will be "re4 the coll.. fro klttlai Me- laachee sad all care oMicitioaa. aa ..11 asthnth I
I roes, felly tested la the college and unt.
TrrwunoN TUT"PKIUmLPHIil boenra laboratory kit vvralty wrtatiopeeuclt I' ova wwHOAr ATx9o[ ua AYcsnow aLM.n i.w.

-(!*PI)- ob.rt lru..11 l tried "tolaUirate" cfcw.Accordiai. tbs FAM school .load
oirard colleie for \ or. -Mt, aialeorpbene" to Mrs. mebell Tni.h"ro.r.. SPECIALS GOOD THRU SUNDAY AT EDGEWOOD AND AVENUE B

la a oae>.. protect of the school "Itore Uaa IT If. Mdl..ls's! ,,r.-
aeireiatloaiet pollciea .. .......s to climb over Illloa .tJa are served hUo.Ill!! be opus to SLICED WESTERN CENTER CUT
the lO-boot>> all MrrovnAai the coll..., .she MeW dally la the liacaroo the t eral public.Florida .

to Oie third floor of one of the bulU1. be*

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HU" frateralty for fttaafbrd aalverelty is a FlU follovlM eonlltao,.. la Milk tthool Fr

la ". ..U... The Impels of Kips Chi sri... atltatee sad special .easel lorhebop for LB.
free the tnt.niU"'Oa..t N.tro'aeb.rstaus slid pnjecte .UI M teecharo, coaaeelere, 35C L8. 75'BLUE
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assist bltk eibooleoleace lee 1. Jaalor btlk
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sleds Oally Befealerfsatlaber to "...a'. the tiny aee.i pereoaael--- 21. Br, Chills A. purl, SMALL TENDER OKRA II. 15

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.Their deaaado that.. of Ue OMM1sallsi ........, fir Stoverdirector la-ovrtlse tralalai tar FOREMOST ICE CREAM A..II1II turns Hj. 1&1. 4.t
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tth ....ra of U. Cal of avet .are for perseae ... boudi.g sal at.*.<. ... GOOD HOPE EVAPORATE MKK 4 till Ml 4.t
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.aaid after a* objoetloa U aay ..,.. sad f.r perooaoto ,.cu" FAI KTERttNT tflt tail '11. 252ft$
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p.Ult.s Mtlea .a. theoeoBlttera list. M they f ll. uo i* b... ,./..,Uo sled Me............. .. r.c,std H4 cue OJM>M "e",../! MACK FLAG INSECT SPRAY fin
rvojieoteeaokllo. aa.1 li..Is. .otherBaby aro aadfiue sac .4 .. ...
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i -'' I I

1 I



''Elections Seat New Body The Grapevine Ml. Sinai Choir 000 -
BY MASCO'YOUNd Slates ProgramSenior

Several years ago when Beany Davis, jr. appeared
at the Club Harlem in Atlantic City N.J. aa a Choir 1 of Mt. II

headliner on Larry: Steele's "Seart Affairs a Sinai Baptist Church i 1J ip

w press party was held and saaay'.s new bride Use will present Talent 011Parad. .

< Britt was present tong the fathering were representatives ." Sunday at 8:85:

w v on several tall .aat coast nightlife -' p. .. In the church b
0 b Jackson
publications not fsalllar to the entertainer audltorlua. !

hen one reporter for a nightlife sheet asked for The prograa la: selection -

Ssaay'a Hollywood home address, the current star Male Chorus; Introduction

of "Golden know he wanted of mistress
Boy" was curious to why
of ceremonies Mrs. Packing: a suitcase is child's play, once you
know bow.
It."I want to see that yon and Mrs. Davis get a Hattie M. Foreaaa; mistress -
You can: use the two-.uUcall: .Method the allInone
a copy of our publication with your picture and of cereaonlsa.Mrs.
suitcsse: Method or the one suitcase: plus cos
write-up In It," the reporter explained. Henrietta Williams wel-
etlc aethod. men want to take and
aur call How : you
"That's okay with ... laughed Sammy winking BTS. Leila Singleton
how you prefer to carry it is a Batter of personal
at his wife aa he wrote down their hose address, ; response Mrs. Sarah
Mills; selections, Mrs.M. choice: readied only by tr al and error.
"as long as you don't plan to deliver the paper
In person." Jenklns.JaBes Harvey, American Airlines stewardesses, who fly thousands

Mra. Dlta II.al aI r, Thoaaa of llei on ..troJ.t. "'fT7.ar. say you

I.. cccccccfccc A. Dow. Heraldalres. can pack enough clotbee for a two or three week

COUNCIL OP'FICmc--itecentJ7 elected 4-H Btate Council officers for 1985-66 are EARTHA I m. during her bachelor: days when she Miss Jacquelyn with and vacation-.rial ting both a city and resort area-.

shown here, following elections held during the 4-H annual State 4-H Short was sought after by kings, rajahs and others Wilbur Bellaay; recitations in one suitcsse. Too may be overloaded on one

Course for Roy and Girls held at Florida MM University, Tallahassee. Shown slallarly loaded with Boaey was once offered a Miss Valori Mai- side, but at hut you have a hand and am free for

left to right, are: V.L. ttklns: district agent Tallahassee; Linda Slaaons. luxurious yacht by a guy with Billions. Earths, hors Miss Betty Royals- handbag coat and canera. And you stay within

secretary OuvaJ County: ; Loretta Jenkins treasurer Marion County: ; Hezekiah always a down-to*emrth girl quickly had her accountants ton; Instruaental selections the baggage allowance *

Lumpkins, chaplain, Hamilton County: ; Phyllis: Pearson, histortsn, Madison County: ; and advisors do some checklng--not on Mrs. C. Cunaloghaa. To prove it could b.
Brenda 'Jtrlckland!, assistant secretary: ; Putnam County: and Miss Hoy Britt, the donor but on. the costs of operating the yacht. Miss Rose Marie for a city and resort vacation Inone American *

district home denonstration: agent. Not shown are: Willie Mae Bias, reporter "1 had to.., no thanks' ," Eartba said "whenI Jcnes, Cass W Shootes, Turlstor Bag, found it convenient for

Leon County; ; Mona Bethel vice president Dade County; ; and Leonard M. Blakely, found out that the crew salaries and lalntenance' jr. ; acknowledgment of travelling within the United States. However if

president, lads.Jen (County would run over lSOO-e-Bonth." visitors and announcements you' re accustomed to a Beetle case-or If you' retrsvelling

11111&11&11 Mrs Elnora C.Saall abroad.-put your -,Bsetcs in their

who boy with ; remarks, president own case or ins flight bag instead of at the
UIII : H 1 au Deaths I I 1111 I lilts.muel SOLOMON BURJCE. was a -preacber a
church at the age of 10, was asked to explain his ; observations announcements own case: or in a flight bag Instead of at the hot-

style of singing. "I learned to pray and preach Rev B. ?. ton of the large suitcase. *,
stroij Mrs. Hattle
1nl. Jr. with, 3036 Mrs Irene Austin 1199
1911 Ella St. Morehouse Rd. Jessie St. when I was Just a little boy In church and I ,otto Addison sr. psstor. Two rules apply' : 1) pack la two layers with allheavy

know a lot about the leaning of soul. So when I Baptismal service will iteis on the bottom and. at the he: ; 2) cut apiece
Frank styles. 1802 E. Mrs. Sarah Ann McCloud Mrs. Sara Holloway,
went Into the entertainment field when rock *n' be conducted: during the of corrugated paper to the exact size of your
216 W. State St. 1135 V. 12th St.
Mrs Fannie Julius MCOlown. roll was at Its peak I already had plenty of 11 a. .. service. The suit-case end use it as a divider between the top
Hampton oreen John Thompson' 1187 W. Male Chorus, choir and and bottom layers*
1361 W. 25th St. Cove airings. feeling for expressing the ups and downs 1

Mrs. Awn L. Clurkley Mrs.CUudle Mae Bentley 27th St. of people with the blues. And there ain't no Usher Board 1 will serve American's stewardesses say that besides protecting -

5929 Chrustabel Ave 1509 W 36th St. Mrs. Carrie Kill P.O. people In the world who.know more about the blues with Mrs. Cstberloe W. dresses, corrugated paper Bikes it easy to

Mrs Laura Wilson 021 George B. Lawson 1128 Bag 104. Bunnell Fla. and soul music than Negroes. Sykes.Cass ttootes, jr. lift out all of your dresses at once, as if they
IIr..Franc.. p.ffllllaas, and Eras were on a shelf That
Minnie st. D W 28th St. 11111111111 Mrs. L. Bryant way you can locate a changeof
337 Nixon St. at the InatruBents. The shoes or a sweater in a hurry.
When talented johnny Barracude celebrated his
pastor will preach. Here are rare packing hints:

ninth year as star of the African ROOM'S show la Sunday! school: begins at. Put nothing in the ..Hea.. pockets.: That way,

New York City nearly every calypso artist In town ., with you kept a snootb
9:30 a. Miss oven all the way around
was at the club .JaaeS Baldwin's "The Ames Willie Mae Jackson in with no buBps.

Cbr. ," .hleb opened April 15 at the Ethel Barry Use plastic
charge.: The pastor will bags for shoes and purses (the bag
Moore Theatre In New york has the financial: backIng review the lesson. Dee- that wraps lettuce or carrots from the Market will

". "fILM or'U..LfIcOlIn"soars n.neA cpuwrms Alta oat IIIYII.nl..n IV PTI. of Maria cole wife of the late singer Nat cooess: Boards 1 aDd 2 <*>)..then put shoes and handbags la the beck, oa

;PE PSI I nnlcaA" .0nuI' or IAClSOILYILU ..IUI..YlW DIET King Cole. The 12-year old gospel play which: will meet at 3:30* p... the bottoB.

PEPSI cloud In Los Angeles after a year of performances and BTU at 5:15 p. .. Stockings go in plastic bags, so they wo.' t nag.Cosmetics .

WIN FABULOUS PRIZES pan Bea Richards: playing the Harlea evangelist with E.J. Benjamin IB go la rubber or plastic bags end If

;r IN THE PEPSICOLATV T named Sister Margaret.It was petty network charge. The ChristianAid you really want to be organized see \'.rat.

politics that twice kept TV medic Vance Edwards Society 6 .111 meet cachee--la different colors or ...11III.*.. for BiteupEMer

( "Ben Casey" on AIC-TY) froa appearing on EdSullivmn I Monday at 7:30 P.M. The

mm"; ;, ; a ahow (CBS-TV) Introduce his recordingof ( Heraldalres will meet A. Hill To Observe

"See That Girl, which: marks Edwards' debutas for rehearsal at 7:30

c a vocal artist on Colpli Records.ttttttetttt. p... prayer meeting Tuesday 11th Anniversary At 1st loran

TV CONTEST ON WJXTCHANNELThe at T p. .. The deacons

hale Chorus, Deaconess Eider A. Hill will observe gatioa of Howard's I.
THE: aPRa3OES Roes Mary Wilson and Florence
exciting new TV game that chillena" your Imiginitlon and your ability to Ballard--are all 21 sad have already been Board 9 and Umber his llth anniversary serial first Bon Tuple
concentrate, All you do to win big prlgot'le notey5mbb1"(ml,UKti)'In the lime. an'a6t for mow rehearsing Board I will sat at I u' pastor of First No. lThursday.
; theirnightcleb
OVER 250 PRIZES including a 1965 DODGE four straight hits la "where Did Our Love do With, 1'." I Worm Temple 125 I. *>aroe :. July is. Talent

.:. "Baby Love" "Ooae See About Me." and "StopI St.. beglsalsg nightly program spostoredby
1' :' In The Nase Of Love.:" the trio froa Detroit sees Ie.t fewrtrarr Eve Moody July 12 through Sister Rosetta Cbhea.
4 July lIlt was aanoaaced Friday July 16. Bishop
'i-J' unstoppable la Redeem
the Jukebox derby.. then queried New Baptist
this Robert Hodges sad COBgregatloa -
week Each
I about their phenomenal success each had her own Church usher Boards 2
of First
explanation. "Success Is so per cent luck and 10per and 3 will observe their will get underway proBpfly .- Bore
Tewole Atlantic
S DODGE DART FLORIDA at g O'clock. Beach.
cent talent said Diana "&lid la anniversary Jointly Mon
J (him your jtckionvilio Oodjt Dulin Wuthtrmiktr Room Air Conditioner, M unit) te NuuY.3twe MM our cue The program of lightly Sunday July 1.. I.: 30
Mme, Motors and Southude Dodge .itlthetri' ini .ollpiiii| diyi ibMrd the 100% the luck was our meeting la school la Detroit. day at 1 p. .. la the services P. ; Bishop M. C. Cooper
Drill Huttr Whitiwiiii. .WhHicowri with the new ptrwnil touch" o conditioned cryimhip" SIS hinds Mary's comment was; "Our sound la blues with church audltorluB. follow
C GIFT CERTIFICATES S CASES OF PEPSI-COLA pop best--a sort of slow rock and roll."Florence a The participants la- Monday, July 12. p... and eoagregatloa. p. m. .
rider Calvla Blahop M. Baker and eoagregatloa -
Klasey and
elude: Re.. L I. MorBaa.'
ore bluntly to the point bad short
a and of
TV CONTEST ON WJXT-CHANNEL 4 sweet congregation of the Holy the Holy
an...,. '-we try to create, Dot duplicate. Mrs. Celestiae Ways
Church of the
Living O>
Featured on "MIDDAY" Monday thru Friday 1:00-1:30: p.m. Choirs 1.2.3. George W. Tewple Church of Ood:>> and

11&111&1111 lard Mrs. Claudell Alvia. Car 1st.Protrsa chairsta are
It Sister Irma Kelly and
MONDAY TMUMDAV SATURDAY OJOAR RAY ROBWaON-S!' buy promoting bin albumen Frank Thoaaa.' De>aooaCLeeibright m eeday, Elder Hill boat pastor

UOOllJOpm-ThillOCIocklliporl\ ; I ,XKHMsniThuridiy ,- f.M p.m.- BftMee. jimmy St'lCklelld. the Continental lab.I..tb. title of wild Bill Horace Wx. J a ly 13. The public la lavited to

500..00 p TUIIDAV mMikiDouliiWCONC90AV I Nihl" Movie sod AI Pod Show Davia' new albuai oa RCA Victor la ''Fr''. Frantic joe Davia. Mra. Jessie tide r attend all servicesPIAKIIY
I1X in-Lite Show
.IDAY! and ruaky".ravlahiog jetty Lester's .....t Ward, aid Mrs. Mary I. Iron and
OOtOO,.m.- Mlkl Dou"11 II30 p.m.. lilt Show TVKw4. ..x o.b5 i..ti.<*>...<.......... waxing la tagged "where Is Love" .oa the Ttwej- Heard. e oagrega-

r HOW TO PLAY "FILM FUMBLES" I Itwirded tattoos recording of 'It's Orowlag. the lead Usher Board I of .t. I tloaofTbeCberch

Witch Tile, Fumble on Wilt Channel. for etch "'1111I fymblet"- sinter sounds lot ilk. th. lat.. ..... rv". .... John Baptist Church will of F1IE!
many ---- --- --- ---- .
The TV Khedulo liittd show telii when" FilmFumbiit' ether" print. Clyde Mcphatter baa serve sad Usher Board 2 | C a r i attrottsn Troul fliv* i.wst'd.e |uarrf '
soasthiag different _
will be shown la his 4ifTer M Ind trt,klljr e.Jo.d
Then will be two ",,,1m Fumblei". taco complete I.Answer|hi the(jiniio True en or tilt Filio Entry qitttfioni Blink [end ash reading of 'Trying lb.' t Help You NOW." of Mscedoala Baptlatlurch laEUXK .r4k..r4 ad. S.Net1M
will' I run for 10 wki it the time shown Film Fumble' it Ate with Hi ewe plot will be tueat.Scinl MILL N e a vesj.Wednesday.jsly ..U 4if..,. Will .!.. kcrp Hmtnm
(hi TV Schedule. There I will be I fast Ir. sod Ml own TriM :felts tuottioni.t. 1111&111111 14. Oder ttUrntffjr .. ..,....... .sod,

RULES: LARRY STOLE the producer-director of the famova CutiiiisZloaHoe Plat Howard and cosgrv- ta a fsrn.tnw Sy..w.

1.On.tkli. intclil. IMry lint prmt your elms. tut .. Two cwttiti wW b. Me dsfls| lilt 'M. "aiart Affairs Revue," was once COB froa ted with ..,tie t Chsrca
OIItI,'."Ho. ..| ..itk IM silos. **< *'Mitu of pool fumWti" ,,......... TM Aril worn .t.f.inWo aa unusually oceraed f aa woo seed worried about .
fiMtill P*,d l Cds 0.1(*. Fn 0IId11Jool" Inlty hilt II..IIIIMWt III IOtIritt,.1Ikttl ...... him cheli-s.oking. Bible s llMki, in ivnliblt whtnvtr" ft,i)-Coll pro4wllir eueeisM M.sa.p. hIy .. 151 1ICeI vsd tip Larry who uses aa elegaat tlBse thr. gh July 11.
5 odd. t nt AniMf o nv. Trut er FdM, ,u.ihom ibftvtteck .fe.| Jyly .. IRS, WM. iMlne' ontrlM pooliMrMkoforo his appearance, asaured Ch.... are held free .
"film, fiinbiot", m.t kw" |M X to. the owrttt mt *.|.ht. M Hiy, Juty' II IRS M4 the faa that there was BO a. .. to 12 O'clock 1
bas Thtn 4>""<>,iite lilt tovrth .NM. if lilt "Film "coved tip *'Hou5ap. Jelp. 141RS. aeed to be alaraed. 'Tint ay physician told ae
r.."'bIt.1In.|,I5 It rhymt. with IM wend .MM. 7. Mt...i will ke wieM tko mr iiio* ml the years ago to stay away from clgarettee.which I did 'al1,. The these la, mmmlHJl3 lm
(we hasps' 1Nsh D. i.I tw CWOMM..*, M .NUtuMlM |*4fl>| 'tearslag Ahovt O>d. Ui
105.. hs15. b. I b5.15. ertmUMio. .......Mdshss. wW M AMA.Mess by getting this holder You see. It keeps ae a lot
A WMIM.ke hMtr bog i all .IM o JWM M lilt oloeas If Mead. aow.1 further from cigarettes this I seed to N. Then. Meabera of the staff 0I1 iAw1 Yea WI MIlEMIIgtw
ft rile"Ml H.in|Ikihty' sod so lilt emeiettoe. if no linfe.IWH. el theM of all are: Mrs. Cora Moore, W.ea -...sow ---./si..s. ...
oa top
lut he.....IUII.| N Ncd bedIi .|.ie wM. ki M tek..H of.DvetteM that, J haven't Inhaled U years. And .:_ ''' K :-: 0 eswM........
.A.....a I,._II MjeoI_) _.te* It you doa't inhale a cigarette, bow caa yon get principal; Mra. irva J.Odoi. -
: (0...It, lick of spw0 a p 01 w"--15 w"IsyS assistant prla '- :=,= LOY8u.* 5or.u.....
....... lobws" ...."..... Cps :" ::'" --....... :: daaaclDg tare la your luagsT" -. ....... .. e. I..e ray -
I aaq : pal; Mrs. LIla Banes =- ::::= -: -
Tke ettMlMl 10111104 1 how mush pfttM.le MM el Met I1I1I111I11SAIl : -=c-=.

TIlttlIlIIIt hod vitwH iolMiil MmiMl I 1 MM wnk M I'M.'kitk, a. tick: Swill ? Mlak. =.::: p.a..eu Miw hi -
h. (b. ..15.son. .1",1), I. ,..../aMoN 1s wss It iwgisls. d,5.w up. frequently "CO lite red teenage faa who appeared I...L" 11.,10&,,..tor, lor .....e 5ma ... .aes .. caw .M....:. Oo t.tick wiry (Mill to Icam/alsdtip Ml bro4e' time ly We **t Cwe MM.*| C.*eei IfMD1N uadully die tared over the fact that It did will ooadact the ..railfseaalcw
UWMI. on IM Islip Slosh. krtt. .1)!....< lICk.." e..d S..rW..... ..-'cowl .550115 not wear his hair processed like .
tnOM Iki" Mtio uti el eM Ntil Cfi to t we frewMM /M d ly P5501-Cola most Negro eatertalaera. daily.SIMpsoa SUCCESSe
5.01 CoHio .. is N* Y M Si*:I C; *. Mttw. CMrinri et ::. te =iiM (tnt Dice after listening to a faa'a queetloa <" ....""""
a.Moe yM eiMfMM. oMry N IN Menu eewfeie Weir. IIIMNM)el N.ri..CIM C*.e**>. Pie-CM about tII. '"atua1 look' 6ro
ei We iMry 4155.15e15t lilt 0.U**;jw****. Wen ...... 'ot Us hair he explained] p
I. Tee My eMer We"f 11. ,...t.."oMo eene M'.M N'MMt w emplspsw. 5 Isbe. NN15ebu. It this way '1'. trylBg to sell .y voice sad tsoag
M yen ...... Ton My OMM le w*o My' N1M11'. ..aot wy hair" Plus Awlientry
) lilt etutkod tMry' liomu. (k) 10. 'lit.... II.. ..... ........"....
lsdp Sin
: i ki.to we Mw ni r Sit er (e) 5sh l bleu sM M mole Mp The t..-.-9alh, Clrtlet
I haul.Mbs kxMMle M W* IMry fcMki All TM kekiwy ee pNw wis ke we = Trifllty To Host St. Peelisftltt
the Aid .f SlspsoB Yes DDs't .... 111 lID 111 111.
! eMnM maul le ooeto Uu airy ewil le > pots wMnwt AII eeno kiiiini we ineirti elwe T. Get
IM.H to iMeereM......... 0.>y*.. M..... .NM-Cne leniMt CtMi y et iMkiomineMTST Gospel Musicals Methodist Chmr.l vllltaletrate
Mlh put tuMb. w treenYlt dwrchsnleea
It* Ith aul
.- .r..r.CV.NN UNI __ __ ___ LOW PRICES
..IAN.eosusTNo.I. The fjospel Traveliigtara veraary jily 11 Eros 4
i. the
wt5.mwbMwwr.wFw. will serve as to. p... IB the chard e* net
TM( TUMOer Jvlwn AA n.INt vita
TH Wlss/d.ses111prww4ms hats cad other sieglai St. pmal will Wftla asditorlas.speUer .
I.ri. I.sow. iws A4 *.....iMiee. *...... rM. isaday ScMol .t I: 20 DRUB
1.--: "-II We teenf. went to Nash groups are iavlted to will be ira STORE NEEIS
.art lei sate la a Gospelcitravaagsa .., with Deeoa Edwvdjefferaoa. patsy jeasaoB *f First
1Mi1 .wl4r.r : aB,eriite'- Trade uun Ter ......."-d IIn.I tunYO
-'"...iq maul Bvatay at Corinth Baatist Oarc*.
Y/ C-s1N./ 1&0111 w M ee.e ...t, MBtsted by Has WILL Kzr in men Apt.11 LOCM.
wins 12)0 J... la Trlaltytaptlat sad Mr*. Dorothy Lead 'AfDa
r.===:t. Mae ow t55y sew es e5. eeI...... B, Deliver f. also fill
...... M Pe Thecra .....1... It'..... Y. Wllso will all Dectere rn-rs" ip .
........-.. Charts Rev.CJ. serve asergaalst.
-.r.:: t.r--o: hasten -
ffroaby pastor.Sister Craaady aid Daces .
... 11'as ". A_M.'" .... /. : 151e/e.lllx' Levee Mgalar t,*e,-
} 1 tosetta Cokes of noM the) tarttclf aats
Ir.as.eml pule ItM1ra Ul' .. er-ls. thelasse Dixie
.e_ .s.s.eI 1M.: First Ion Teople. us era are; Re*. Artaar fUlae*. Pharmacy
1.TH Teens Ne OM Jews N/se.a )( a 1. Moans it Is the *. Mrs Birdie tot* Tfcnaes.Paal .

spoBsor. Moraisg worship will oa...,. Bell Sta
--..ws....... "'". 1555 Ilia' beds at 10iS .,5. .with m lbS 14 It Mirth littHHim
The ,Ule U lav t ted. ters MTS-Jaale niklaa.Valarle .
..T1a b w Isa Nan M wen soM Ndmset. o Oa ..... cat
..,lit"..iNiMr.k...... ..r. a the deaecBa U chart lallsry. Miss
a.TMNs5kwde n m.NIrFO. a'" ,..- -- .....Uo..1 period. T%* Pay L. Marrls 1 aad liable Ph 55S7-M

1 To hrgt's ear::. a a liyry FIGHT YetU Caolr sill mewl II
S. Tko sod -PWMMI M.M arwepe.sgNw ItCI
*... g a...... ..- __ aloM vita ester hard r PAT rnfUn.rtira h MI YnDiiicIULS

S.__ r.a __ ewT ass w nt. ue.a.__ __ ___ __ .CANCER n. senboa vUl N *eItv ........

IsMM ..ipmlAUik.d. .. b m. aBM .re4 w* the putt. .. IT HI STIlE

aura K
-- -

--------- -- -- -- --- -- -
." I' '" ,, ,, :, ,,, ., : 'Itl" ,, / ,: T ,

,4 ( ,, -

___ ______ .
-Civil, Rights Groips Jell NitloHfll Observmco Prorfl. Participants tDIJiiI1rit'id' Seeks Court's Aid

r TI Director Of
Forces To AM Fired Teachers 1 1

ATLANTA-Officials of .13 civil rights!} and fl "'; ; : j Regional Group To End ExclusionOf
educational organizations, Including the SAVANNAH. Ok.ullfl. Annette -
National Education 'Assn., have Joined forces NnkatOB thorp.
In an attempt to block further 'dlsaisnala I assistant professor ta Poor From Juries
teachers schooldistricts the Dtpartatatofbgllah: .
of Negro when. southern - --- -
integrate at Florida Aaa! onl-er- WASHINGTON-til. O.B. half aDd oaa alllloa
According to K. I. II.Craoh. . 'S ally, Tallahaattt. Ma Supreaa Court has bam citizens (Ultra ara 16
an official of tcreenlai; and forward elected director of the takad ta,end aielaaloa other dtita that alas)
the National Urban Ltafu > Sal coaplalata to the Southeaster Begloa of of the poor froa the aa which des not pay dUe
s Southern Xtcional NEA. the 0.. ornc.o'lct.lcatloaorChU / jack and Jill of Aarlca.Inc. tlon's Jury 1'0111.hJ at. ass for servingon crttl
Office and coordinatorfor Rlfhta _,I during the receatMother's toners of the NAACP aal jurlta.
the aimclta, ".. troupe for legal and other t. BtgloaaX attt Legs Dtftnsa aids Thsptand'spetltion also
art sing to fliht this ,cttollo ltate teach- tat bald here. "delation of poor stated that a Negro d.
Injustice all the way, ere associations will s 1 Mrs, Thorpe, who isatnrlag ptraoaa aa a class, because fandMt Bight well COB*
locally, at the State paaa' coaplalata op to the her second lets of their inability clods "that a coMunlty
level end in ttthini NCA and IS local affiliates s aa president of the Tallahaattt to'..". without pay' that purposely dlecrla*
of the Urban Lea- LJ chapter of jack oa' atata erlalaal Ju-
ton tt art not colai laatta against the poor,
to Itt qualified Negro got la southern and border aDd Jill_ aneottda Mrs rise ia a violation of by tieludlni thai fro.
teachers ct>.." states will refer Ruth Ballard the 14th Aatndatnt" jury service, serial;
Crooks said that the coiplatatsfros. NtirocaamaLtlat ._ for- Mad attorneys assert sates against hla."
..rl, o f j jT
group, vhlch: art Friday : HSALTH TALK AT PAMO HIm..*.bare of tilt Florida MIl University School of mir ad. fund at torn eye are ...k.
in Atlanta, .111 pro' Crooks charged that Negro sing and the PAMJ Hospital appeared OD' recent progrsa at the Florida&.UDI. loges, _, The Sup rent Court via lag a new trial, tlth a
teat to teachers hart been vanity Nigh School. the boe now a real asked to, testis this representative Jury for
VaahlBitoa the The prograa via a part of ltal' a observance of National
firing or thrrathntd n- fired recently, or fact Hospital ....PrIDc1pal partlclpanta la the proiraa, pictured here, left dealot1eshingtos] iiwa ia coaaectloa with Mr. ..rhdal ..
rings of Negro teachers firing la Holata sad to right, ire: Stress Rice, Adwlalatrator. PAMU HospitalKaren, janklna, atabtr Thai] the eels of Bniet BarkscHla Seeking Answers
in Arkanaaa,. Florida.Ttiaa. Monroe couatlts, Pla.; of th.'FAgj High randjr-Striptra"j Ira. Jaoqutlyn B, Beck.lBatructor.Nchoolof D. C. :2t-yesn-old Ntiroiadtetad
and North' Carolina ia MMtlcello andRearcy, Nursing aptaktr; Mrs. Vllllt P. Porter iastructor-Durse. PAW) nigh; Diana SoutheastMRS.; nibs iacladea T0RPSeta itchaptera for the arise To Vital Problems
tar a atarttr.r Ark.; aDd la Ashebora Board ey, .aeabtr PAMU Nigh 'Can dy-8 trip tra" ; and Mrs. Once aslth. apse. lathe states ofOeorgitAlabaaa. of aggravated rape of a "1Xm'. BOLK"Coaputtra,:
Rrrorta fro* Georgia and.Alabma HtndtrtoBTilla...- fltor of auralag. rAW W3 ttal.Leeatyae Florida slits woaaa by a NewOrlaana that a Involved ia proriraaaini
also art being toes, Klaga Mountala, ad Tennessee,eoaprlalnga Orand Jury la this and opportuaitUa .
probed ht ..1<<1 aashlagtoa, and Method. Prke 1963. for Negroes
Reportedly. ao.t N.C.; sad ia Haddock, 'St. Pete' Bincifl Grow Probes approilaattly total atabtrthlp SOOaothtratad of The Louisiana SuprwitCourt la thtat aadothtr fields
aouthtra teachers ntraty. Labbock, Odessa.VJ aalatalatd that a
Negro discussed
sirs rtetatly
face tilt lots of their Faso Midland sad Named 50th Negro Jed Hlrdm Owjortwiti 1, :200 fathcri children aid ever Itrit portion of tilt this Thoaaa A. foodlaft'prtaidtat
JON" aJ I..ro schools HiLakt, Tti. 5 Net Orleaae' poor ara of
.. MeHllst Tbs stager note ia
art closed and Negro The caste are btlag STPETERSKJRO--Desplte the fact that City Negro; and alaea jury Dtclatoa Sytttva, lae
Savannabtastbb of t
purlla ablfttdto whlttacboola. protested to the NCA a Manager Lynn Andreas last week reportedlytold service ia not ooaptn
of Tweak, "..1. was I.-
: Crooks said the Cowal: seloa oa Pro ..loo- NO TOW'Tht tolagaraMedal the group In effect to keep Its hands the fourth biennial Jack sated .Negro jurors are ttrvlt.,dbyTti McCrary,
awarded aaaually sad Jill not her-1 Coa*
organizations will IBalat al Rights sad Responalbllltlta to a Negro Aatrlcaa for off. a local biracial coaalttee Is investigating ftraact. Tbs' aeetlng gas few.fund. the ..l1' noWD radlo'tvptraoaallty.
that Meral aid beaatDrt and the Officeof hiring policies of the city attorneys eoua .
dlatlaiulsked achievesest presided ober by national
to offwndlni'jttatrtcta. -' Kducation. and Pinellaa County In an effort to increase livid aaylai that the Tha lattnltw gas broad
will this year bt prograa Director Auralla
Negro enployaent In the two.lajorareas. ... must be rairsaetedos out by R. Nit rorkDteltloa .
NAACP To Pay presented to Miss Ltcatyat '. .e..e T, ,,1. of Chattanooga.Ttnn Juries It Juries
Other particlpatlni a* price, tie celebrated lyattsa apt'
to sorters ia the
tenclti Incladt the The coaaltttt final pay art to represent a crosssectioa aiallata la
offlcera *
TrHrvte To city's rafaaadepartatat.Bdeard Other gee a OIUIunl-
of the
NAACP. Awtrtcwa frlwndi of tht award voted to tall about general A, Lliaty aad Itcttd at the 'regional and eon-
Service Coral U... A* _tera concerning ty. aultatlon andtafoniatloB
tee side by Roy aeetlai Dr. Cecilia .
All. Mtakter laaiah Mllllsas, St.ptttrabarg art: theyargued
.eriean) Teachers Aim., ... tiecutl-e director tat general problta bt* aeabera of Craap .secret,.'rau. .AJ."I1.t." dtvtcta. 'Tbs eottpany la
Florida State TecSeraAtta. .NEW T0tt--Tbt.JUtloeelAstoclatlba Of tie ....tloDalAuochtlc.a fort 'JuapiBf. off tee 'tha Plaallaa County Bl- rev Nashville t.... hlch ticludta publicly owatd
., Southern doal for the Ady..c..t for the AdvaaetBtat deep tad" chile' COB- racial ooaaltttt told led Mra. Carrie Ntllt lbs poor dtatta equal The A tney for lattraa
council Teachers State aldtrlag certala arise prottctloa btceust a tloaal Dftloppat rt'
of Colored of Colored tilt tee ooaaltttt about Cadaoa.hlttorlaa, Tuakt I
Ain of Tests, ArkanaaaTtachtra la whloh ao Negroea bold dlitlact class of jury easily atardtd an lu..t
P ople. at Its Seta u- Peoplt. preaeatatloa of fuactlont of their group, gee Ala. Dr. Craap ...0Ir. -
AMB., Alabaaa seal cosTeottoa la 0..- the coveted award la Job., Lln.,. la rtlatlag aattfa .. Tatlaa II.ht.o. see la dtaltd rep resen ..., aurfty grant to 1
Teachers '.aa., North vet Cola. btglaalagJoat usually aadt at the aa- At the ... U.., it tea that his group la a of orl ando. The tetloa for ao other Dtelalaa Syattaa to I
Carolina Ttachera A...., 2t. will pay trl anal NAAVP coovtBtloa. tamed that a aabtoa fact'fladlag aad lOt aa set officers tart la* rtaaoa than poverty," study the feasibility of I
Pain etto '. ttlosAun., butt to a Taakeiet alal Because Miss Price till altttt will sect with action, offered tbs eoa* atalltdbyNatloaal frtaIdeat .Nw Orleans la the only dlvtralfylai and ttpandIni <
math Carolina.and; Dear atar who btcaat oat of bt uaable to ahead the city reprtaeatatlvtt fork .. use af bit growp'a Margaret C. Blaatof city la the nation witha tha oospsij'a optra- I IUoe.
gig Teachers Education the first Negroes to bt Ateoclstlos' Slth aa* first-hand haowltdgt facilities st, Louts, av population between ont to lB ludt Africa
A MO. elected to public office ..al ooBTeatloa la Dea sleet the ptrtosat)
According to SaNuel B. la the State of Alahaaa t tr, Colo. tat aeard practice* and civil aer-
ttth rt dlt. uhtlll t field slice Rtcoastnctloa.Rtrtrtad will bt presetted to her tics ttsalaatloaa.
atcrttaryof the National t.L, ", ror'. this fall. Dr. Ralph labile said, 29
Rdueatloa "uod IUO., pastor of Butler Chapel Mlaa price will be tie "aJthoagh .. are sot la CLOROX 1 PlUS u CAlU
.a a" a.tol. n.C. ".. Africa Methodist ttls- 50tb Bplaiara ....U.t. a potitloa ta dlttata Will H MOIt "
.,11 eYe that the v. .. Sepal Zlta charca laTaaktita. Lest year Mr. Vllklse polity, wt should sot mi MWI '
upreat. Court de |aloB .111 bw cited ... the reclpleat of tat less ojualaa shout hear
lag hfl>>,...U_. The tf* DIXIE CRYSTALS
of IU4 lies to the for 'tastnetiss r"'ll- atdal, previous wtaaeratacladt
iateiratloa of facvltlta gloss social action laeooptratlaa such artists aa feet of a CO-SB It tee such
aa well at pup lit. federal with thaNAAO hiss Msrlaa Aadtraoa, aa this la set .)..,.
aid therefore o>ad *"dar tag tie aoeealMlalattra Bolaad MaSse sad Dvke direct" SUGAR
be cat off to (districts iretkfast.Tueadty.Jaat tlllagtta aplsgitssedalisteisetier ABOthtr move by theooaelttee
guilty of ttrtitj Ntirateexften. 2*. la Dwatre fields will .. to la*
." peaopolttea Hotel.Re laclede Dr.Mart I a Uther vita s.sb.rs of the local
ADd or. Gilbert Porter ?, ..ror.. who will tug Jr Dr Ralph. auaialpal eaplaytt sales 39 CSPICIALS
titcatltt atcrttary of air ha the prlaclpal Bwacat Jackie aotlatoa. ta present their grlevaacta -
the Plorida State Ttachtra at the breakfast, ... Judge Thargood Marahall, about hears sad QUANTITY RIG UsalVID UJUT *
A .., added: Tht aaa of two leiroes .* A.Philip .....1". .....- GOOD THRU SATURDAY $ IK
fear of reprisalt hat laded to the Taaktgtt atoa ....... Dr leaatth Mahler Pieces $ l ltj (lASIfN
forced huadrtda of Negro City CDwacll last Norta Clark Mra. Daisy Battt CtM. M jtABf fHO tiKI
teachers lata..1J bwr, aadthtUttlt Rock "I... 3rd la4U4CT C"pll
lIIe.. vortavtr Negro Tha .hr MA. a TIMe The gifted soprano cede JEWEl
leaders 'of tea have bees get NAACP Braaca tiers- her Metropolitan Optra Oa. "(pl)-"
relucUat. to ask lattiratloa > lift ....1" .. ....., ...., la IN I. u Lwoaorala a aaatalga aarltd by
btctust school ,sad,tlcfpreaUeat af n. Trovaura to a 41 pellet harraaaaett aadIrrtgalarltlia SHORTENING ,49
boarda have thrtatta tat metes dvla Lartlafles alaatt tatloa.. Sat haatest aa the
td to fire Negro te <** eta alaa a eoaplalaasrVla IB part.. Vlaaaa.Boat. part af local authorities. J
tra the faaoaBgerryaaadtrlag wear aid ether last a.e.Rpvre.l I. IMI | mill BRA $5.00 H MHE (ffr N NKI
Tha tiicatioatalrlaMaaiejidea t... lawhiea stir eitltt. IB nil tells, negro alaltteraaat
el 11 attaUlah tha Mtgra atctlaaoaa tat played tht title role la third eel af
a amitheHaawaltartatatteort rtdlatrtattd oat larotca"ftr' thane test taadldatta la a Mix Or Match Dollar Sale'TissuE
for pt\.,.... sill tha ..., llalta.UN TV Optra c..,..,. Last special .1..,... hers
I April the Itallaa to?* for city toaalatltatr, in nil
traaeat eta f erred pea There are 1.000 regietered HIIMI HITOMATOES 19c
her the order af Merit Mgrees oat af a PiCKALEISIAq
.f tht Itallaa .....WI.. total af II, .... Rev,
uses prlaa has beta Bella, with a total .f 7. SlUT(! IIJC5ITFLOUR
acataticallMtlalatd 1.111 vattt feet ta run mni

'T by ...1. lawtra sad Relent D.'"', ..I.f VEGETABLESimrr
erltlca af tarapa aadAatrlca. the isle lacMbeat, ea o "
f'a raU..I., herperftrwaaca received |,m "'''. M)
la taw tills Taw dtr 8-. 41 .aapaigaed lIST .iiiti cum t lit}'", : C
rile of .Aid*" at *Utttrtpalttaa agalaat thrttapptotata. CORN i\ ,, 39
opera la All 110. 'cus
I/q. the lerald Tflbaata tldley hate tt a civil 5 tiS.uru .
.ri U..AI. Rich. rlgata Itaaer. he lest SUCCI ,' '
ttdalata fiat frttw. hit Job ptrtlclpatlag la :. '
I lava 7... Tars la ay the Albway ."'....t.IU IEETS :; ,, III
beats .1..., Mall ...,. bt haa .... at. .
that Jau. Ttwrt only, sedated slsce its ..* u.i nut ."" .
tad|'.*t ... ..,....* giaalag la rMI 'I' SURF59C

I $1 1 .

___ _______________________L

litiiti Tn IPkjfjciii SWIFT PREMHJM, fUlLY COOKID

I KNMMT fur : .' tt i ii.

t tafitf 4 PICNICS AVERAGE 35

Invites. You To LUUn ToM Mervon's Pharmacy it


Tnr ',uullie. Piinici

"DANCE PARTY" 2H2 I. Ufivittf IN. i sinn UJM riUI PHI

',. PI544H hiss PIS1SI2 HENS 19 C STEAKS 69CCHffli

II. .
Ibi 11:34: fl I2J6Tl :
,,,\ II
SItm, I P... I!;* ,.... U', ,as"" I S't nISI IWI HIDI
,t\ 1111' I, "
1400 WtHC 1460 PEACHES u CABBAGE ? 50It"


-- -

,. .., .. \ .,1

r J't f: ) ;. +.

M ...)

.' .. .' -

World Baptist Leaders Hail Baha'I MeetingSet FAMU Awards Loan Sponsors Doctorate Driver Charged

Late Dr. Bethune, Rev. GrahamIn For Sunday Awarded-.Dr.FAMUanT Lowell In Teen's Death

a recent special ceremony at the lit. lon Bap Mrs joy Haxton of 2925 L. Simmons associate

tine Church 301 North Nest Ninth Street world N. W. 58th St? a recent professor la the Department

Baptlat AUlanol leaders commemorated the tenth graduate of Hampton Institute of Digliah at Florida

;year of the death of Dr. Mary (JanelfcLeod: Bethune and who will be M.RIxEIYR Ads University. Tallahaaaee -

and thirty fifth wedding anniversary of Edward teaching In Dade County has been awarded -

Graham, and his wife thel Evans!: Graham schools this fall will the doctor' of i

..r.ae.ua..u.ar....... speak at a meeting sponsored philosophy degree with a

The affair.. sponsored tee board chairman ren by: the Baha 1 Assembly major in English from r'

by the Dade County t"iap dered three selections of Miami, at 1 the university of Washington

ter of Bethune-Conk during the lorn en's De- P.M. Sunday, at the .' Seattle.A ,:
College Internationa] partaent'a meeting presided Coconut Grove Marina native of Greensboro r'a .

Alumni Association, and over by Mrs Edgar Park, S. Bayshore Drive : : Ala. Dr. slanona earned 41:""

the Mary (Jane) McLeod Bates of Canada. and 27th Ave. the A. B.degree at Morgan
Mrs Haxton will State College: Balti
Bethune World Memorial speak :
Mrs. Susie C. Holley t _i.
foundation Conni the of FtLauderdale, presidentof on 't>ne pod, one Truth If more 1 n

One Thousand, which has the National Baptist One people The public 1940. and MISS SiEFHARO

a basic purpose In keep Convention of ,America! Is cordially Invited the Au.degree : J Bennie Jones Jr 38
ing the activities of and president of the 11'0..m'l Bring your lunch and enjoy GIFTS-.PrelentaUon. of gift-wrapped septa! > tone prints of the late Mrs. at of 15950 '\Ml 18th Court.Tue.da.J .
this NesyorkUniversity
Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune Education and Visslonary outing with us Maurice Y. Brown were side to sponsors of the Maurice Y el dell Brown neaoria] I..T- was charged with

Jive world wide Department of State Lottery Student Loan Fund estKbllahed recently at Florida AMI University Tallahassee.Miss New York manslaughter and driving
The Florida Memorial under the Influence of
the General Baptist Con LeVeme Tel dell, Newport News, Vs., sister of Mrs. Brown Made the Presentations City i.

College Choir of SaintAugtatineFloridaU.S.A.. ventlon of Florida, was Ticket Brokers pictured here, left to right, are tone. of the sponsors with Miss Tel- 1990 The OR Simons intoxicant a la the fatal
among those placed on dell Left to right they are; Miss Gwen
of which Graham Is trus CXlnni tt eel. Receive Fines' Gloria R.Stall worth.Cleveland, Ohio, Miss Tel dell Mrs. BettJII/ alley: MiMI; for the Pb.D. was hard. 15 of 16520 Ml

and Hr.. Gearl" Clifton Scales, Murfreesboro, Tenn. fj>ontors not shown include; "A Critical study of nth Court.

Miami Beach Shorts NASHINOTON--Two New Mrs Doris Brooks Shannon nJrh: _. N.C. and Mrs. tall la HUM IUJ.,. Miami Wordsworth's poetry, police reported Miss
I Hampshire ticket brokers hoth of whoa were present at the lundieon presentation.Mrs.: Marlene Gray Watts, 1805-1815 Jones bad left the home

who bought state lottery New york Ity' ; and Mrs. Qeorgla dark Sorts, Mimi' both of whom were unable to A member of oarga psl of a girlfriend and was

Runner visitors in Miami Beach during 196 tickets for at-of-stste be present phi Fraternity Dr. Simmons walking hoce. At about
11:20: p.m. when she was
have horse racing added to the attractions here. residents and acknowledged has. taught at Pier

The state legislature recently passed authorization this purchase by Plan AfricaGoodwill Booked Rights AppointeeCall Ida Adam University eight struck Jones by and the knocked car drivenby an

for horse racing during nail entered pleas of .arl.H' has also taught
IUllll er. it now is
estimated feet.
conducted only from late November to, late April guilty In Federal District Tow TrafficDisruptions Alabama AIM ebll.... ACT Funeral 55 services tor

......... Court at Concord Under College In Greensboro
IllegalWAaUMGTONNPIClvil the victU held
In a case testing the and Seattle university -
There .C. .
approximately ISO farms devoted to breed NEW YORK"Tu.lve United Thursday at' p.m. !.
U.S. Postal
Ing thoroughbred horses In Florida. They Lottery Law Presbyterian Larsen will ( >> .
Murder Greater new Bethel AMI
from relatively tiny 10-acre tracts In the county to a legal lottery. leave their homes and rights demoastratloas He makes him home la Church 1981 Lincoln

in hioh Mlanl Beach is locatedto spreads of several "Both buyer and sellerof Jobs for two months this that disrupt traffic are Tallahassee at lOt C. .
Ave. OP a IPcl&Middlebury's a.
hundred lottery tickets can not legitimate forms ofprotest Magnolia Drive with his.
acres in more rural areas Famous IU.0 be part of an
Florida bred horses include Needles, carry Back be held guilty under the interracial team foster Charges said wllllu L. site Mrs. Gertrude L.
law Citation
when the mails
and Hail To All. are lag Christian good will Taylor, president John Simmons aa aamlataat
used;" chief Postal Inspector and works In Africa. Arnng other things, the son's aoalnee as the new professor la secondary

Henry B. Montague Big of theism, rangingIn long holiday weekend had head of the U. 8. Civil education at rAW.IIUUlnI' Kit TOWMlddlelniryCollege
Treat's A Treat .. warned. In Vermont con
age from 29 to 66 1U usual lDc1de1tleJIOIe Rights coulealoB.
Richard C. Dufreant and ferred upon Roy llklas
till form a tea* to West resulting In homicide, Taylor now general ,
Know: how d.wtrr'.y Kin
John B posing both of la the honorary degree of
1 ENTICING, aromatic barbecued chicken slowly grills Africa. There they will police reported. counsel of the commission 41'* r hi..k ."'...d I, over glowing coals to, the delight of outdoor cookery Walpolw, New Hampshire help build a dormitory During. early Saturday appearing before with a .h.r). jvrh. pu-h. a-... Doctor of Laws at commencement

4 fans. Dieters will be were fined 1780 each; for students la agriculture 'afternoon,July s, Johnny the senate constitutional J<*tfrr in |'I. iMlwrnl nisi,' .MIlh exercises June
pleased too, for both given suspended sentencesof barb rn...rif... Cut .lf I...... 14, mauls the eighth
the/chicken and the barbecue sauce are low In caJolies. near the college of Lee Reanett. i and Alewife rights subcommittee, With knnthrr' .h.rj jrrk, r..
two years; and placedon LI baa be in the Cameroua. Rutd,25sere drinking said that disruption of anew hunk ky r.|Mi.ht.* ,In lUnclural such degree awarded the
probation. at 3110 NV 42nd Bt. traffic la not a farm>> ofprotest ruurw. Tryst rurrfully NAACF esecatlve director
fur punrlHrv ...un.l InfntUHi. this season.
with Mr. and Mrs. tin protected by the

ton Melvin, police reported first amendment to the

Qmstltutioa.Commenting .

flneetlmw after reports oa Chicago's

PICK THE RIGHT continue. three aunt of demonstrations he said&

varying MM joined the they may have eiceeded

party erupted and during an altercation Josh time the first bovads smeadmeat.under" the Oh That Young Blood Feeling !

a 1t' -"'''-oJ d girl fatally IB aaater to a query

stabbed ..... from I... Sam J. Krvia

NUMBERS AND WIN The teenager was taken (D..N.C ) chairman. Sea

to lade end Mrs.County Melvin YouthHall was ate tee Judiciary which conducted subcomait the& Oh! That Young Blood Feeling!

lodged la Dade County bear tog.whether the Cos-

Jail on a first-degree stltutlon gives Aaerl- SSA

airier charge: alnee s'ie cans the right to He TONIC

allegedly! gave the girl down la city streets" aDd jJ(j> VitAmin enriched LIQUID or TABLCTSI
$1,260 IN CASH the murder e.Y'on.MIAMIAI laterrupt trattic." 10'

.1 'DIn" viaTM-MOOT did.said he did DOt think It I FEEL GOOD AGAIN FAST!

Police reported J.B.Culver. MS eiplaiaed that oomalsslom IRON/VITAMINS 1

77. of 6M N* will bests neat

I U; 14th St. was visiting year aa aaaessseat of
denial of equal justice WMBMSpotlight
Mrs pearltae even. JJ.flundayat95S .
ON WAME-1260 M 4th Avenue. la aorthera arbaa areasHe .

when beset. his admitted that It kaa Product 01 The Week
ao OB'the-sceae lavestl
Investigators said Led gstleasof demoastratloasaad Miami Florida
ON YOUR RADIO note had bee held
Cobb went to Miss two's
I la Chicago.Philadelpsla.Rockeater .
.. apartment an an argument .A
: I N, T, SaaPraaetieo
-, JI. erupted between the
aad other
t pair during which. time eitlea
Cobb>> reported strict
.. -, Miss Evaae* .it II a. U
Color Is OM To
WIN $1,260 ,
caliber revolver several
;, :
: Housekeeping
Uses Style

. ... ; '. Culver It sea leaned by iomu MUM
, I
S,1. \ /1 advised Cobb to leave
.' .
( i Men: he did with. diver 'eJ .
1 !I'r. \ following the suspect '

I ; WIN $1 ,260" outside.
. Outside Oliver was reportedly -

near his o*.
ear when Cob shot his.
. /4 'HI.

,( ': .!' i: ., :: : $ the TtctlNs ballet. right lodgtagla....the. -err =-.:::::=..,::IM..::
,L. -. 1.w -
Culver them entered his The esre Wt1.atewy..t ram. eeaa -

-. ear aad died, reportsocatlaued. &.maim e ... ,is...these, -.days... w uses.. -J- ::;.Cad t....
c =:: --urt ..,.
WIN i r s Utz
, $1,260 : Nast h t"MI. ....-.. ... e.Pwr .. 5-. KAU'. .. "
psnwntp ... sew, 'I'c CIII
::-. Yi d :

: .' Q\\ .. Gltrll =-.--=e-= .... Mr
l := C :
c..= se .a..s .. wtTI _
\ \ a } .
S \ \\ 'simsAIrttssll.t a4tr.la ..
; .. ...-....sway-t Till
..' I.. w raw w ldvtse all sttalr..1 w"ocrsinsei"ss ..... ..'J. -"
.. .......
H.... a a -Ila'tM toU lit:Nve, Kmee. .*.*. W p5aeCwtae ye ... .rI flu
ey .....
.: rate 11.11 et 1- a am. aca-. .\1.. tatty =::;.-:..: ::
c ?
CASH t.t= DIa.I'M. Lest perwJ tackytkrt .. ,...
t t w { ...... .... aM ...
F rft fr W* c ee *;.td.,. tale ear rue A .ie w .
to*pe by \kkl C. v.* rt'M.,ahattwl .rwatral that ale semi amS. seS es eau shatywla .. ... ....
".. at Immnae Drams.err hall. uoaUf at: MI ILl w fart..rsii.Msee M..... ... $..-.,...--e.m-.w --w
J e.rw..etwa A btlakUyeel- Tech Street.pb.a.:t.-9Mt .........". -.. ... ,. .:=. At!:!!:!'
end mesh 1$ a.r.y. -r .
.. ... .
...) .stsIke.1..I.1.ptrl glees S a.av wattl lw "L wa -- -
.fkj... tt..mm 0.bit...... I eUly a sata4e7. U.,e4 U CArla-55W.P"- -resr. --"" -....- =:- == :
WAME ariiru*!tx M v ,. -..:.e-e. Isw :::.:: .... -
DIAL 1260 fn .... ark w Ule haw a llMl. Pie. Oe* visit eIs
MiaX. -.. taws ......... Iseh will -... r- .. pr..r.
I .....,.they r b.aw..... UCM 4Uaia end yam 1i: .wnwe/acTs S trr .r'. = w
ttatar<< end ..*, henwr thaw h. U* ctrrvrwa**. ..
eedtasry eette ....... pelt prte eta This Mil.I .. .away u .w..a.-. w,. e.rr ""'" awl ._.. u. ... :a

----....- -,. ..... ... ..- -.- .... .. ----- .-- --- ----.---- -- -- .-. -


flSITDI3AY f 1, f r-


I Jax Golfer Wins Publinx Tourney..First Local ChampionI I


Mrs Anderson Scouts' Reports Lorenzo Bryant Softball LeagueS Dove Hunters

To Precede Diviaont Can Develop Mathas Wins Bid

Bob Hayes' Heir ? L GB Own Fields7ALLMASSSE.bete.
All Star Gsmd Singleton's... 4 1 togo To Represent Jax
Esiles. 4 1Mustangs
BATON: RODOK. LS.--A Benton a junior at Southern not. VUl-Star Scouting Report la always somewhat
.. 2' 2 1%
Rouge sprinter- tad ha has shared two- aa intimate of a problem) with many
Southern university's teethe aacoada off of glance at the principalsIn Colts.. 1 3 :2iRaiders. boaters and roaming In Nat'l Tourney
George Anderaoa-'la la a his tiaa. the Mth All -Star .. 6 4 M highways and byvaya,
good position to lay One of the flrat to ei. Baseball Game, will be JtHtoort DIYJSlOI'fI won t pat many birds lathe Thomas (ToamyMathas longtime ...btr-ot the
claim to tile "Iorld' claim that ha len't telecast on NBC-TV Tues L GB bag. The answer to became a member of local Gate City fastest human" title. finished with hi a shaving day July 13 ( 1:30-1:45: : Hollla Hurricanes...... 4 1 part of this "where to fof.rtom's hierarchyhere tion which la comprised
Currently holding the of tenths la Southern's P.'. LOOT: ). fifteen minutes Pirates.. 3 1 XDrtcona. go'r dll.ra may be found list week when his of top flight Negro golfers -
AJU 100-yerd dash title Track Coach Dick Hill before the network .. 2 2 M In the public the hunt blatlni 2 over par 144 in this area,
after win nine the eventIn in fact. Hill with regnlsrity begins live color coverage Bisons.. I 3 2S lag areas established won hla the annual diettlctPubllni .athu' rounds>> consistedof
9.3 last Saturday lathe refers to Anderson of the annual major Jets.. 0 4 JhDdvol by till Game and Trash Champion- 35. M. 39. M for a

Ml Championships at u the world feat- league classic Softball later Flab Commission.On ship, thus enabling hi a
San Diego Calif. Anderson sit aDd maybe ha laaoaewhat Llndaey nelson will be League the other band.hunters to beoome the first ..-
la Dot ignored at qaslifeld to host of* 'All Star Scouting fOfIWLE may with little effort ber of his race to cop
all u the Asarleta runner make the statement. Report" with Bob Monday July 13. 8P>rite va Playboy develop their own the distinctive honor
to Inherit the Hill coached Hayes for Richards, former U.S. Tuesday. July 13......-...Playboy va Ooldflngaraieehesdsy shooting araaa. Hose during play on Plaetree
-world fastest. dlatlactloa two years prior to his Olympic pole baJtiter. July 14........"..Bjye; Home va Mustangs bunters may 1 ease agrl bit Course.

held by world coming to Booth era Cnlverslty doing the commentary. !Thursday July 15..........Ppo trite va !b,.' Home cultural field* tor hunt- This weekend Tommy
record holder Bob Hayes to ...a.. the Producer for NBC Sport Friday, July 19----.....-Mustanis. va PlayboysAll lag purposes. For those will wing to Pittsburgh
formerly of Florida AA*. head job with the beginning will be Tuba ProducttloosPhiladelpbla games played at Boys Home diamond, 7:30 P... that don t. the planting Pa. to play In the national .
Before last Saturday of the put aeaaoa. Featured of food plots for fall finals.A .
Emmett Ohio Reed little
Anderson who prepped at before.la finished will be filma of League dove hunting may be ananswer. local product 45-
Mctlnley High school In toggle .111 make people the All-Star Game starters STANDINGS year-old ..th.. has been
Baton Route, bad run the forget all about Hues" la action during the 1 L OBKoqr According to 0.& Prye, playing the Scotch muter
IO0-yard dash la 9.3 Hill assettsconfidently.Right regular aetaoawlth( comments Koraer............ I 1 Commlaslon Director, one sport for a number
seconds four times this cot Anderson la on how they .., wilder Part. 7 2 1 bro..top millet has of years Ha la a
season. .* one of about 10 sprinters perform la the big inter- Carter Poatam............". a 4 3tba proven>> to ba the snswer t I
The recordbooka haven't with f, Sato their credit leagum gwse.NBCTV -mla,.. 2 1 I to a part of the "where Jackson Resigns '
been found which lists bit cone of thea approaches a colorcast coverage joe .I..... 1 7 7,* to go" problem and a MAfllAS

aa many aa fit* llcketyapllt the consistency of the All-Star SCHBXIUMondty planted dave field can Shaw Grid Post 111. 2 over,par total in
of the forcer Mcrtlaleytar. .........
9.3 century dashes Game from Metropolitan July ij. Coca-Colt Tt Carver pay dividends by pro. m Mllat play"
1.' a sessoa even by Stadium la BloomUgtoa Tuesday July IS-: ....Joe Jmsea va wilder riding some eioellent R ALII OH. N. C. -'Robert Last year Mathaa became
Hayea.Tttthia. Paateat recorded the Minn..home of the Minnesota Wednesday, July 14....Coca-Cola va Wilder hunting.lllKIBilf. Stonewall" Jackson tha first Publtai negro
afoar year apsa. la the 100 tile season TIBI.U I befit Thursday, July 15......----Joejenes va Coca-Cola recently resigned baa entry tot he failed by
Anderson dubbed) *Tog. Is a '.2 by OraahlimOlyaplaa at 1:4: P."err, at previously All genes played at fUmond Johnson, ...U..,. P.., post aa head football one point to gain the
11'" by his teaaaatea Richard StebblBB. announced and AlllllCllTALUHASsn coach at ... university qualifying round.

aad close friends, has the contest also will be Dtjvil Baseball League to accept a position as Prior to 19!>!4, N.uroe.
lone fro. the South Baton But Anderaoa hooked up covered .. the NBC Radio -Tba Morris aaalataat coach IB football were allowed to engage

Route campus of Meklnley with BtebblaalBHoaatoa.Tei. .Network beginning at the Tuesday.July 1:}-.-Lilly Dniga va Wefcardaon Hta. Brown College wolverines- sad aa Instructor only In a aegregatedseswmt '
to--ooae July 31Au la May durlat tII..outb..t.r. amie time.Mays. 'oo tt Park of Atlanta Oa. will tM in physical education at of play, hch"
|. 1"Kiev, Rossis. Athletic Terre Ploradala foes va Dtyllsht MagletonWednesday the Homeowlng opponentsof tau Southern unlver- the Gateway cluh miwhera
At NcKlaley. Anderson's Conference Chaaploaahipa July 14----.-----Ploradal e Bona va the Florida MM University ally IB Houston. refused
best tiae la the 100- and whipped the Olympian Lead Y Ulll') Drog.-Ncott Rattlers The jscksoa, who played The local fairways votary
yard dash was 9,3. He la with a 9.3 clocklai. Anderaoa tilt; Daylight va RiAerdVran..... Inglaton grid contett will be .1th the NFL New york has win his share
has bees Bola Cares Left Out ,Saturday Jaly 17-.---klchardsos va Ploradale played at 2:00: ,...Oc. Giants from 1950" folilash. of tourneys on various
treat pas, includlni a tober ifl In Bragg Htadlua. .. his iraduatloa
Lilly Drugs va Daylight BlagletomGMttlae aura In the state.his
Watch This Clown victory lathe RAJA Champloashlpa Tank sidelined 3:30 p.m.Rsturdsya ties given hy Umpire from AAT College, bus latest before this year's
ef t. .. ever ban head mentor at Bhaw
131 47 3! NH TOW'tith both Publlns being his cluh'sblmnathly
alace.la rival overloaded elth Club Undaunted By Cirrent Standing slate I9M. Durlag 'htn..r tourney on
the AAD slit Ander-
15 11 -21 plat power thus sacrificing span his teaaa Brmtmnod when he placed
BOB woe his prellaiaaryheat speed, the major compiled a ".21.' wom. II ra t...... followed .hyrunnerup
I. with a '.1. but he
7I lost record.
leanea 36th Annual Allot Qenrge Harris
I ... besieged by dlatierla sr Baseball ... scheduled : 'The Alleatown. pa aatlva with Willie Millar winning
.ft the a.l.nub.oa .
has also had coach-
for July I) oa the the place spot.
I" 5 the use 1. the sealflttla.hls Mlaaeaota Twlaa diamond lag stints at Johnson C. The PutJIni nationals

block slipped ..oa paper.shoald prove Smith Uslvetsltyasdat will ". Add pn July 12.
78 M 142 csaslBg hla to fall to
oaeof the moat later- It. AuguetlBea eolle,..
35-54- 22 the track.Ha ... quickly eating la II lito r,. Aceordlag to James I.UU. ld d OeFc )
.p and ialahed the race The Natloaal Lessee .. athletic director
but he flalehed laat. lit r y ;-, at Bhae, no auceasor has
club with aaly two re- :
8:>>....... ire's t-- Polloeiag a eoafereaee t
Soaetiaes Bee Does of pesters la llllie Maya r less aamed to take over HV MM ...,,,.,..
the sect offlatala.Aaderaoa .
tie grid relas at the
of the Gluts aad Jose
I. adds, subtracts, ....' t pea allied HIGHLY UNMAIONABlt
He works It all araaadCDK1V Torre of Mlleaakee, released 100-year old Institution AN I Ike T*.... "Hf vlmTi ..IfelllJllkt
by the alshap of the yet. "fle are still la ,
their top votlagllBeap _. uI"s.r 1I.1t'' c nit 1w' rl
) ATTRACTIONS .seal-flsals mad he ... last eeek eltb tha process of aereealagmpplleMls."UUa ... I this }.., HMt| B4t tHM alit
allowed to rva laaa alaeia M Ihrn ul""'re twl.llae, the
4. said.
117 the folloelsg starters: ash
................ the male along with Catcher ,.,.. --
the eight Qualifiers..
Mia 10M Turn' Bll >Mjama
s Duel III.....tbe Pteeao Old Photographs
BteeHe. Cla. Mft "i1
Are NunbereoMBB tote Pled waa established rat BAM

Days are "sabered. the favorite tnle Was, Chi. its ., Starting Today
." Health tad fortuae costly beeaese of hla gort QtleeM, Cla. IJcIM. r
Can Be Tours ekes, tltzlag fast at art a. $ 4 Ms.t. Must Go
laoe Toer Lucky Bays The awa wended aad It .. 1 y
IOU ... Cla. tit
tacky Odors etc Pen Aaderaoa, lOt mewmaa rra a ..IU... ill tM j PMis! Hi* lilinlitlH Aid
gild 12.00 for yoar oat of the aa if Third Bate

Horoscope Guide forJO.T bemaacatapalte*. aad he sickle 11... rail Ill 1X2 CM M

lever trailed once la km .1"' A.... |>
elamlag the AAO 100-yard 11401LDAIN htal
pled )H S
rill la the blast belae dish title. sm."51.0.nrr'ills Oetorae Lorn(worth's Coca-Cola team af tba *.ct (Chip) ...4 MemorialBaaetall

sad sail to ZODIAC Post .1 have hiss polatlag UA Ill ) Lewis, preeeatly ho I die g daw fturU pise, are coaflmaat Ult come
lee Ctre aaa, Oe at .,. The tam la IBemjterlemee.
Office Bok 1171. Jackeom- for this far a laag playoff time, they'll be vylsg for the Ut" yoaag galalig
I ** ten ,.... paced by tern CmpU Fuel Butler M aa< ,.. third ..... Aarontroag.
villa |. Plarlda.RAVI. time, said the dell
rlo.sly bappf Aaderaoaaa fflllle BterMll. ,.n. 14 utility Harvey Ple mag mad catcher Tommy .r... Carltoa Bryant end Royal Art StudioSOCIAL
lUll '1111a.... 91CMler the leeavWe diretors.
Department *-
....... .............. he rotate oat that, ,..1. nmvtd. "hleld of the City leereetloa staff are

BIR11I.DATS ................... 't lmat>me' eet.Uh Woe"aatll.. tittle t,,,. B.P. JIll COMMERCIAL STUDIO SERVICE
I aeeaayoae
Billy ntlltM.... 11

or IfRT11. ;..,... ....0..yard.. came aark claaa,. at the ilea RlfM Miss field Bit 304CallltM. Lewis MlsstagBATO1 IlsslH Tetr WM U. S. TIN.moved 515 DAVIS ST.

I JtMaI pall 91 ROCCf. IBTh U all Velich. tr eases 11 tad ,..t. **
warira faster masrteraltermjtbera I Kaplalalag that ha bad them asked whether It
_.CAII *U.ttAMRmrt calveraltya a pre-raca pattera.Uelaeiplalaed paced himself .. fast la
t ,, U Theirs teele- that. 'Idlda't tha flash ,. atseered, ELGIN 4-1194

BTr.. Bltm. .1 will mat be oa the A- evem get a, rah- ..., I ...' & tblak |
11.... B...-... B.f. M merlcma Tract Teen ....* mea I aaaally bate a sewed toe fast.. CLOSED All DAY TUESDAYS
h ret .... will ev*... the Rmaelaaala aloe waraep them la*

Bill ace'... Chl. IX Kiev July 3I Ar.. I.
1w... gl||.*r.w.aiam. MBPetit Bat lathers fjslver*
..-4 Ma alty*a ...r,. Aaderaoa.wlaaer .
A m-.tllla. ..... IMRlimarm of the IM-ysrd
.....,. M dash la t. 3 IB the AA0 .r
I Ir third MeeBas f ..al. 1. Baa Diego,
......... B..l. fie Cmllf last ..a.,.., Isis
mu Aivia, a... f* the team aa the Up
....... wen la the e..,." .*..
B4. aslirre, ..... ltd Line, em. befere m*
Mile $M11... lien. M day a AAJJ .aemlflaalaw
MM ,.... ee of three resmreaharlM
tli. -Mrtern, 9>t. tM UM tia ef 44.1
C Tue**..l. .... 44 far the 4emytrd dab
pits Held tern ...,.... tad eerld
side ...&1U... the Uiltmif $ lime, eareeled trees*
Ball ...., Tl the ...1 af Balbea Btadtwm \-
e3 alt "... IB 41.9 after ...* ..tilA
Mss, oelmrll. On. IMa ales its prellalasry
Tae Latest' Me.' Hair \
s Styles 1&1..., sit,. MBmcft Bad la ... 4t .

year tarn players, mla ftalsaed teerthbU4 ......
Are Taught At The ..ertbc aad mmat era ef 01 me t**M1I. PMIOeeaa '\ '

temms la ecm lee.a. .e- tad L/a Baaderala ....
lest the All-A are, with the ft sal a tie**.* .. -
JocksoHviiltlarbtr each teem member klsgferbta4ea ... 4. Mess s4 iemee.re ..
U ate fer ewe ala U.... la tha .'

their a.m .... ... 49. 4a tad Casaell the
Colltgt INC .em* Mmsca, memtg'f .' etaaer flaUMd. la $. I. \
pbllMelpblm. wed AIm fMUela th. fbteJeeftM 8flt4

-. piled of Chicane, ajmarter-mllo, ra... adln Beef at its Best
arm Ue respective All- ... t.aU ... ..
630 DAVIS STREET Btmr tear m..*...,.. 'The -..... ss4 ..
The mema4ra till ale *- mm. it Pei is U 9r.*wen
'Jictsiiiiat. flirilt .t their reee.tlveplU fir t 41 After arrived
>lt. staffs. here Vf MI' .. It am

-1.-' ',

)." .... .j.-- ... .. .... ." ',. \ .f," ,"'J. ., .' _' .'. ,. ,. '., .. ;. r'" .

1 f t -J


Dr. Marcus H. Boulware Receives Howard Woods '. Home Fire BombingContinued $4 Billion Signature

Certificate From Mali Exchanges Vows. District Court
Speech Group ( from Page 1)
T41LAH4SSEX. Marcus H. Boulware, professor of Woods, associate director (Continued from Page 1)', Mrs. Plommer graciouslyconsented "' .arrived the scene.

U.S. Information but Burt-
procedures.Plaintiffs. "Aren't you the ere
agency, and Mrs. jane further dais hart Interrupted savagely fire marshal who Investigated

Matthews, former St. that viol aliens practiced saying: the burning of
Louis medical records violate "I cbD' t want anyoneto the Roberson home
by the department sad
supervisor, exchanged touch it-I' takingIt
: the 14th Amendment the Branson automobile
; marriage vows at noon of the U.S. Con at!totlon -; with me." here last years" Dr.
last in I'm sorry, but I've
| Saturday the
and sections of Rsyllng, asked Burt hart.
chambers of U. s. Federal already promised state
1964 Civil Burkhart adiltted that
DR. OOULWAJtl!: nlfles that the recipient is quail.fled District judge James B. Act. attorney Warren that I he
ta engage In speech and voice therapy without pareoD. would hold It for his
Judge Lleb in
supervision .""."..."......... The ceremony was per agreeingto man to pick up at 1:30." On Hayl InK s advice,Mrs.
give the Plummer handed
case further over the
the Ph. IX In speech. He for.edbythe Rev. Archibald Mrs. Plummer told him
Besides issuing pro res- study while turning, evidence to the fire
atonal certificates to is an authority on twentieth J. Carey pastor down the dismissal motion "Well I'm going to .ar.haJ. getting a receipt
Qulcn Chapel AMI Church. override the state at
members the ASH was century American by St. Petersburg1, for it. As Burk
designated In 1964 as Negro oratory.A Woods, for 16 years was attorneys concluded: t, torn ejl" Burn hart announced. hart and his mm left

the national accrediting mcnberof the American executive editor St. There are allegations: "And If I have with sack In hand 'The
institute of Parliamentarians Louis Argus weekly news here--in to overpower you to get
association for approving the sult-*hich Star snapped their picture. -
was named to It. I willl",
training programs in be Is also a paper. If true come within the Whereupon one of
the USIA post In Aprilby Mrs. Plummer still refilled -
colleges and unlver qualified consulting federal I a.." the police officers .
president Johnson. to surrender the
si ti ea. parliamentarian. snapped this corre
beach ball and
Advanced certificationIs Group Receives Appointments spondent' s picture.
Buikhart sent Chief Hall
earned toy completion "Ton took mine, so I
out to the car to radio
of at hut a master' took yours!" he mild
for police help, and to
program of study, or its Putrid JusticeThe
bring a plastic bag In
equivalent] In audiology efforts of certain ..
or speech pathology in n which to carry off the officials and newspapers WASHINGTON' -President Johnson signs the Ksclse

addition, the candidate f evidence. to Interpret Mrs. Plummer's Tax Reduction Act In a White House ceremony which
must have completed a Mrs. Planer continued reluctance to turnover brought about the removal of 4.1 blllloa ibllars

minimum of four years to sit her ground, and the evidence as in taxes on a great variety of con sin.r foods and

of paid professional ex- after awhile two city casting suspicion on services, effected two phases Jury 1 and next

perince tested to bya policemen--one uniformed. b.r.UJ hardly fool January 1. Senator aeorge A.Bathers' of Florida

qualified ASH spon and one plalnclothed readers of The Florida (right); Rep. Wilbur Mills (D-Ark). front and

nor Or. Bonlware did arrived on the scene. Star which has maintained Senator Clinton P. Anderson (P LM.y. r.ar. were

postgraduate'stutb as a. More prudent than the spot coverage of given souvenir pens. by the president far leadership

special student at Wayne firemen, they chose to the Ancient City Rights in effecting the tax reduction. (White House Photo)

State university, IndianaUnh.ral stud outside struggle.A .

tt. George Pea This reporter took the glance back over the Judge Walden To Aid\ HllreIISll15SlS

body Coll eg*,and Florida CDC--OOU ADDS THREE-Bottlers of Cocs-Col a in Detroit Mich., and New york city liberty of asking Burt- long r.cordofotttdaJ
Mate university have recently added the above shown persons to their public relations and sales] hart whether he, like whitewashing of firebombing Of Atlanta

professor E Soul ware graduated promotion staffs. Colonel Edward C. Johnson, center USA retired, became public any other state officer and gunfire aimed
relations consultant for the Coca-Cola Bottling of was not obliged to first at homes with ..
fro the university Company New York Inc. Miss Negro ( Dies Suddenly NEWARK. IC.J.N'I)
of Michigan with then.. A. Lottie Barnes, right, Detroit assumed duties In public relations for the Detroit get a warrant before which Mrs. Plummer Is Two local groups here

degree In speech and Coca-Cola Bottling Company In which firm Marvin ftcott, left a former seizing anything from all too familiar). Is ATLWTA-tunlcipal Judge will Jointly sponsor an

general. linguistics and route salesman] was elevated to the post of special sales] representative. Scott the home of a private more than enough to exPlain Austin T. Wai) dm, 80, one aid program designed to

troll the university of had beat with the Detroit soft drink firm! for three years. Miss Barnes, a harm cittien. her desire to have of the foremost Negroes benefit Negroes com

Wisconsin In 1952 with and fashion specialist, will work In the area of women's and teen-age. activities. "Depends on circumstances aomvoae more responslbl e la hie race a long struggle
snarled benefit Negroes com
) He take over this time. for civil rights
LEO'S SHOE REPAIR MOULTRIE, da.-A new public schools desegregation 'What' your Interest Briefly here are some died last Friday week at prising nearly half of

plan calling] for total desegregation for the com In this casehef s your of the highlights (or his home here. the city's 400.000 resi
I SHOE REPAIRING OF ANY KIND IS OUR ONLY 111..r... sutaitted to Dr.rnnct.epptJJ. U. & name? what paper do you lotllghts) of the Ancient The son of Negro slaves,

BUSINESS' PICK UP AND DELIVER Phone- Comlsaloner of Education by uoultrle and Colqultt work fbrr" City's putrid record Judge Wai den was born on The progrmathe Greater
3559260 845 Florida Avenue told himbut he forgot Newark interracial Coon-
i County: schools We of no Justice sins a farm at Fort valley ell for Business *
before he could July 3. IMS.carload Oa., later attended Atlanta -

Jews PlanAssault write It dawn. of white youths fired University and portunlty.by the American was Initiated Jewish
When he asked again In volley at Negro youths earned his law degree at
., Congress and the
/YNI INYr M-N.1"MI IryrNl. NY.N M NINI lN.1..MNp UrbanLeague
the sees ton, we told standing In Dr.Hayliag's university of Mlchlcan. -
to offer mad
him he had had it. yard .
guidance to .
Negro bust
The question must have 'OCt. 23. 1563 Molotov Active in civil rights nesamen and stadeatsseeking
sunk inhowevr becausehe cock tails hurled at homes work for>> over a half century -

sent for a warrantto of Bun gum Noberson sad Walden carried out career a easiness

I On BiasATLANTIC be drawn up. marie mama both of and torn a sis-yeer fightto
h'K T.t..r.t."hi whom bad rolled their get equal psy for alden was held both nationally

CITT. N.J. It waiting for the kids In "white" schools.The Negro public schoolteachers nd statewIde

Jewish civic and religious warrant "surthart sent. guilty party or and wag in the was denomstrated during
"a Yrf + leaders for Miss Blattenberger forefront of successful the funeral rites,
pledged parties are anknoen. It
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