Florida star

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885255 F20090413_AABNDT 00298.jp2 5b1ddd90cffd717c94e921cd8b35f28b4f24fdb6e7f0b5472bfa26c066d318cf671893ab
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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200669datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date June 26, 1965dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=006690740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
June 26, 1965
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
System ID:

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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
June 26, 1965
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Whites Attack

2 Ministers, Woman Tan Swimmers

Under Bond ST. AUGUSlNTfA croup
$5,000 of Necro youths ewlnnlncla
15.lO,14 15 CENTS the Atlantic ocean
***** ***** *** near here last ...11 wtreaaaaulted

For Death FraudsTWO by a caac of

i ()pIne 4a4.. JJt U31 white though hoolduaa.tb. ....ro.. even sirs

"ilr-. .f ""UII.J..1 widely known Jacksonville ministersho doing thtlr ..Iu". at

are also the operators of a funeral Butler Beach, a atate
) ** ** ***
home were arrested ftlOnltth a woman on park traditionally sit

char&ea of lining the nails to defraud aalde "for colored."
W."PROTECTS- c i -. -. -.
, LA RS A Must federal grand .- .- .- Tht thltea drove into

jury cbarcta that Charlae three peraonalreneBandtra. the "colored" beach,

J. Crosby and '.Co Mary "Rnith and aDd accuaeii the Ntcroee

N.l.] ibID, buaiataa aa -1111 an Lois AeoordlaI'U of "naklas. too nucbracket.

"' .elJ puntraJ .......... ."

WHO TELL OF JOB SALESState the sallsln nilac faJae One thins led to a*

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ate.Rev.. were yellow l' they
******* *** ***** fharl.. J. Crosby weren't eilllnc toftcht.ivea .

Attorney'sReply Removal Of A Demonstratorre iao To Opu ta paator of Trinity ao, the Necroyouthe
Raptlat Church and t... sought to eiit

'.C. Ntal) la paator of peaceably but their car

Due Soon After 3 Yews St.Ttonaa Baptl at Out r*. .. were anaahed aa

indlctntnt atateatkat they drove off,

there is strong; possibility that the re- Mlaa Harriet gar. A report ... telephoned
to eoaataatprteoure
quest+ for Immunity will be bAd by h.che1; fron stator of 741*. Monroe an (i.narA to ..,art L.O. Dnvle ofSt

who are ready to testify to paying for Jo..i leadera Negro sad oonyavelty the, St. waa aaaed aa the .Johan County, and

In rural County. raw reported by the Citizens the City beneficiary. la one of the ant axiralnc he ...lIto
Comlttf for Better Education.umiiitw nairo preaa Ue 'alee death clalna. d"pety's car to sut

..._ aaln54dal ,*.* .. .- .- .- .- .- { Itcreatloa loud this Aeeordiac to tbt la* It,*. Beach to look for

p. Hol... Jr.,aald of action will be taken. ...11 voted to t.-opl5. dictaent the three eon the culprits "..dl...
too of the city'pool.
hit croup baa the anaee Snot polated oat that all) rid to fllefalaedocu* to aay, they s ere aol
of t..d'ri.bosr will* "..1 tJ'sa,.. gives hich had beta cloud ante, iacladlas ..hte.I tll.,..
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Mayer Louie N hr., to of the three
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litter told a croup he are Still alive.
la adiitloa to For Teachers
to State Atty.flillaN A. chare* of Ue car driven by the
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II&1J..... State Depart* lag that teaeaera .had aaaallaata, bet he aaldhe
_,?- ... .L.--.""-,.......M.a,ta rlatA' ,.W' the City Uereatloai Who lose Jobs fraud the' h..rill/. M! did not have a aan to
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Job ia the ayaten aadaaylas pool Fast elth the alllloa fund drive to lift the "'.U."t
of Ue Board of PublicIietnctloi. II eeat te the sheriff .
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5oi, elm .ad.r oath, 'InMral" chargiai : OIMlttK,1ftCt'), d..dsd fcaeral t5tirr.tlos peela eaoe ., a Life sad Aeeldeat la* .eat, eieept to take a
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Asked To A craat af 1100,000 la the AI.. ..,
poiated the lawmaityatatae ,
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State Attorney* a office bedi to to. aid .N.... te nil r.* civil) dots" ....u.* t.. ar the Ncahrlile era ferUar raters edecetlea.to eolleiefer .. eeah freo Ue flee* It, AeeuellaeSteeh. .
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fare aaytttai geld .. pt1s.I1.NI. ,..... alaee UeVoeceraed eat of t0. ...., II for ealy a feeeetae /' Myers

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featiiatleaa had eaearthed 1 a .ap.ttat .t alt and adjeeraed of their arrttta enle- actloa to rtopea Along Schl..h

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thea "naer beeed. )>e. et ... tor any fours 5It .."... also atate Ue ..... a hrlatltag plot cane the first in the state to Introduce a

rwnor and hearbaeed r.arto 1It.u.,. It ... eallTattac arretta ..r6 "Illtaland IDA C7AA front>pMe ..S. Myers total "...r..eIGn plan fop It. public

l5 ......,.. reap off free thiereport Baa .attltetleaa*' terlal eblcb eharced facilities by W1 with approval from s

....J ..t. 1-* .,., to ae AM m. in a ef '*. ,roln.. mriac Jely IS and II, .ayer Sitter 91.. 'tdMa federal court, it eaa announced Batordajr.acre .

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of .n.... a. J.W' Ifetedbe.T aarpnttra to a It ,..,. ef ace sal 41 U. lJ... of recrtetioa* ae etly .....J.n Civic Center, leaala

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sm MPFBS tlTHDBlV--._.._ .(IDlY... .t, ist."."[


rN"1 ICA awN ss.BAOKf IN M.V-
PjlhllBbed; bj the Florida Star, Publishing Company TO TEAKS-AfTta STATE "
ERlfc, 0. ,

MASON E. VISE........... News Editor The outcry against the Labor Department
for seeking to ban the importation of ifezi-

IIIDA, VOOTEN......... Circilitioi Muafir : can labor for work in the bean fields and
/TTN/ orchards is Just one more proof of the

MAIM OFFIC-E P IiT I merica.theory that poverty is big business in A-

2323 Mneriif Riil Phne Ell I. 4-6782 The California growers, now playing the

Miiliu AddfJJJ /7i9 rA baby act with cries of 'Ie' 11-go.broke"IJ
if their braceros are taken a-

P.O. Biz 561, Jjcksiirilli''' 1, Florida way. are in fact making pro-
fits today that General Motors
MIAMI OFFICE ; might envy.
Thanks to braceros picking
738 UN 3rd AVI. phoie 311-1025 lettuce and harvesting citrus

fruit, the California growers
--says an Agriculture Depart-

SUBSCRIPTION RATES YOUNG ment study paid Just $515

One Year, $6.00 Half Year, $4.00 million for labor in 1963/ but reaped $940
Mailed to you Anywhere In the United States million in gross profits.
Subscription payable in advance Profits came to about 26 percent of re -
Send Check or Money Order to ceipts, not a difficult margin to maintain
if you pay your help a beggerly $1.05 an
: :
; ::11 / : hour.The growers' take might even be higher -
FLORIDA STAR -.P. 0. BOX 561 if one computes the dollars taken out
Jacksonville 1, Florida of the braceros pay envelopes for those
: company store" extras.

By slashing the number of Mexican import
America s Greatest Living WomenThe i'L laborers from 75,000 in 1964 to 2,000 in
Ten Greatest Living American Women 1965, the government helped the free enter-

were recently picked, and one Negro woman prise laws of supply and demand to begin

-- Marian Anderson. appeared on the list, operating more normally again, driving agricultural -
which was selected by newspaper and maga- HE JUST WANTED TO BE AMERICAN wages up in Arizona from $1.00

zine women's editors on a nationwide ba- __ to $1.25 an hour from $1.05 to $1.40 in
sis. California ,
Marian Anderson earned her place on the No doubt further Federal intervention is

list as a singer whose voice spread good Your Weekly also needed to improve the lot of our 900,
will among the peoples of the nations.Thisis 900 migrant workers and their f ami lies who

indeed quite an honor since most selections follow the Crops on the Fast Coast fro.
of this kind omit Negroes altogether. -- Florida each year and who float across

And, If you feel that the selection of the : 1I most of our 50 states Migrants earn as
Negro candidate is not representative enough Jfrrosc.,3sUik. little as $1.15 an hour, according to a

keep in mind that your criteria for Labor Department spokesman.The .
selection is different from that of the big growers take the sane attitude
women's committee on selection. toward the migrants that they do towardthe

Some critics may prefer an artist who is braceros; the sane taken by !Mississippi
so-called militant as well as a demonstrator. WHiCH6 '" ARLwY't rUR cotton planters down in the Delta countrynow

But we must remember that the duty of experiencing their first strikes.Their
the singer is to bring appreciation of allthat claim is that they would have to close
is good. in the art of singing.and noto down if they quit working: men and women
truer legislative ana" political arenas. 12 and 14 hours a day in the fields at

Paul Robeson, the actor and singer and ARIES CO-WORKERS LOA THERE IS MAY NOT LIKE THE REST skinflint rates.
alleged communist, often interrupted his Born March 21st thru PRESENT OR FUTURE PRO- or THE WORLD TO KNOW Dec.CAPRICORNBorn It is a strange attitude, Incollprehen-
22nd thru
concert programs to speak on the racial April nth PITS TO BE EXTRACTED AS THAT THEY ARE ACTING IN Jan. 19th Bible for a nation that boasts the superiority -

Question. This was entirely out of place MANY ASIANS WHO ARE NOT A RESULT, THE GLORIOUS YOUR BEHALr. IT WOULD of an agricultural system which produces -
for an artist who is being paid to give a YET ENJOYING THC BIES FOURTH is GENERALLY THE BE THE HEIGHT or INDISCRETION THERE is NO CONTAINING, more crop yield per worker than anyother

concert of songs. Robeson had two choices: SINGS OF MARITAL ftlltS DAY WHEN SPECIAL' ATTENTION ON YOUR PART TO YOU WHEN YOUR AMBITIONRISES country on earth and contends that
(1)) sing before his audiences, or (2)) plan SHOULD NOT 81 HESITANT SHOULD BE PAID TO LET THEM DOWN AND TO TO THE POINT WHERE it is a shining example of capitalistic
addresses. Doing both before one audience TO THE ONt AND YOUNGER GENERATION TO OR ANTAGONISTS WHO WOULD THE OPPORTUNITY I All of this, to be sure, is reminiscent
could not be Justified. ,ONLV. THERE .AMI INDICATION KEEP THEM OUT' or HARM'S 'BE ONLY TOO HAPPY TO Ix.'Pld1T TO ACHIEVE SOMETHING of the argument of the anthracite coal
There is a certain 'warmness end dignity THAT OPPORTUNE' I WAY, :1 THE SITUATION' TO CONCRETE TOWARD THE owners back in 1901, when they told a Federal .
about Marian Anderson and her songs that TIES| ARC NOT LIKELY I TOn 7-40-66-19-85-744 LIMIT. ATTAINMENT'OP A PRIM panel of' Inquiry 'that the mines would
captured the listeners' imagination. It LACKING I AND THAT THE 2-70-98-13-43-279 OBJECTIVE OR AN ,WOIlOVEDITATuI close down if a 40-hour week was adopted.

was her way of fostering racial goodwill OBJICT 0' YOU AFFECTIONS, CA"CI'R': "RATING SHOULD BE Ina marvelous appeal, the lawyer for the
by:) making audiences show appreciation of MAY EVEN BC THC ONE TO Born June 22nd thru LIBRA LOOKED INTO AND UTILIZED coal workers, Clarence narrow, said that
the singing art whether the soloist be POP THC QUESTION. TAKE ANEW July 22nd Rom Sept. 23rd thru IMMEDIATELY AFTER YOU if the owners had to make a profit by

black or unite."Practice. INTEREST IN YOUR MANY OPPORTUNITIES' TO Oct. 23rd HAVE RECOGNIZED ITS MERITS. sending l0-rar-oldbiysdown into the pits
TIVITIES YOU HAVE LINED' OTHERS INTERESTED IN cleat and Inhumane to stay in business
OCCUPATIONAL, THERE IN YOUR ACTIVITIES The miners lost; the 40-hour week got aT
Says Or YOU WHO ARC TROUBLED CHANCE TO BUY, SELL OR mart bought more and business -
TALL\JtMt rJ-Florida parents were urged AND RELAXATION. DO NOT THC
recently by the Florida Highway Patrol to ALLOW THIS TO BECOME A DAY HOLIDAY MAY .
FUTURE PROSPECTS SHOULD COULD GIVE YOU A GOOD from our $1.23 minimum wage law a tragic -
take a more active part in teaching their HABIT THAT COULD UNDERMINE NOT STOP YOU FROM DOING omission.
TURN TO THC Anyone earning this prictlymm
children the! rule of
highway and pedestrian YOUR WELL-BEING" ANY WORK THAT YOU DEEM la taking home less than
Hnphasizing the need for training even in 5-so.u.15.59.5 e2 IA.,. INDEPENDENCE DAY CARRYING OUT YOUR LONG- SHOULD ALLOW SOME TIME does not SWIG' inappropriate to bring our
the "toddler group" the patrol .stressedthe RANGE PROSPECTS TO THEIR FOR
CAN BE A VERY FESTIVE RELAXATION AND SOCIAL minimum wage law back into the world of
fact that larger number of under-ten- TAURUSBorn EVENT AS LONG AS YOU NATURAL AND SPLENDID PURSUITS. reality, may up to $2.00 an hour and apply -
years of age pedestrians are fatally hurt April 20th thru TAKE PRECAUTIONS WITH tp CLUSlO I. 6-80-77-IS-41.637 it to all workers, wherever they toll.

In traffic each year. May/ 20th FIREWORK DISPLAYS, ESPECIALLY SCORPIOBorn Millions of Americans, white and black,
"Then R child is old enough to toddle," THC MONTH STARTS OFF AROUND THC Oct. 24th thru AQUARIUS art tolling in the bean field of Florida
says Patrol Commander, II.N. Klrkman, "he 22nd Horn Jan 20th thru
A VERY CHEERY NOTE WITH MOUSE. WHEN YOU THINK Nor. or in the hospitals of Detroit In poverty
is old enough to begin learning the fundamentals Feb 18th
THE\ WORK THAT because Congress has
of pedestrian safety." And he en- or THE rAMiLY' GROUP POSSIBLY BURDEN CAN BE REMOVED CARRIED ON BEHIND THE THE\ CHANGING TRENDS IN can m much In its tar on Poverty
phasixed tfie need for parents setting< a BUSILY ENGAGED IN FROM YOUR MIND. SCENES IS THE ONE THAT YOUR LIFE ARE MOVING but a major plank should be to' guarantee

good example., PREPARATIONS TO SPEND Al 3-90-33-16-56-393 SHOULD BE MOST EFFECTIVE VERY SWIFTLY. YOU MAYBE a decent wag and Income to all those whowork.
"Children learn by imitating and the good LIVELY AND EXCITING, ,IN AIDING YOU TO ACHIEVE ON YOUR TOSS TO KEEP .
accomplished by lectures is easily nullified FOURTH. JUST DON'T TIRE YOUR BASIC AMS. WHEN UP WITH THEM. INSTEAD or In sent cities, up to 85 percent of all
by parents who are observed breaking YOURSELF OUT NEEDLESSLY Born July 23rd thru THC WAV SEEMS CLEAR OF l'Ia''I''I''' THAICOME Negro Jobholders art engaged in the hardest .
their own rules of safety, ALL OBSTACLES, TO MAlE FROM ACTING ALONE.
22nd dirtiestlaboring
TO THC POINT THAT IT MOULD .Au,. typo of Jobs and
"For example the parent,, with youngsterIn MAR THE PLEASURES THAT ALTMOUOH YOU APPRECIATE THE GREATEST ADVANCE ON OCCA II 0'1...T TOGETHER coming homo to their families in the slams
two. who jay walks, crosses between Inter"ectlnn'Ilks TOWARD FAME OR WITH THE PERSON MO ISINDISPENSABLE
SEEM TO BC YOURS FOR THE THE USE OF DIRECT METHODS a grueling day's work with the\ hut
from between parked cars ASIANS WHEN THC NATIONALHOLIDAY TO DE"II TH PEOPLE LEAVE NO STONE TO YOURHAPPINESS. to show for it. The tlmt has con--and I
and makes other errors has only himself to UNTURNED. THE METHODS AGREE ON A think it won't
ROLLS AROUND. AND DEVELOPMENTS, put any competent business
blunt when the child shows tlu name disregard JOINT PROGRAM '
for safety riles. and is run down in BC MUTUALLY hosanity
traffic" the Patrol leader said. VACATIONS DURING THIS JORITV OF INDIVIDUALS REASON WHY YOU SHOULD :-E. SOME CF YOU ial" work and to pay then a living esge.SNK8 .

youngsters observe"bad driving habits" of An ELD TO lEI INTERESTING CORRECT FOR YOU WHO COULD, IN A SHORT OTHER COM4JNITV OR LAND | Pre '' SeIf-DMniIt'l
their elders at an early age, and these PACE OF TIM, MAKE THEM DURING I THE FOURTH 0' JAYHOLIDAYS.
actions leave a deep seated Impression in NEW SENSATIONS. ALLOW POSITIVE TERMS. WHEN IT PUBLIC PROPERTY. OFTEN. THE EXPERIENCE I Our space program in Florida has won na-

Tft often gain knowledge through trial YOUR NATURAL RETICENCE. ARE BOUND TO ACHIEVE TRIP OR THe USUAL SEER AS IT IS ..."I VCft n. have often beat the Russians to the draw."
and error," declared Kirknan, "while in HOLD LONG CONVERSATIONS YOUR ENDS MUCH MORE END ACTIVITIES ARC MORE 2-S)-44-'"n.Is... Often the Russians have been "the fceadllght. -
child' s case his first error In traffic WITH INDIVIDUALS RAPIDLY AND EFFECTIVELYTHROUOH PUN THAN THE ACTUAL ." Oar television broadcasts have
Is often his last." PISCES popnlarlred
our wealth
WO EVENT. areo-space'tnow
4-.eo.tt-17-32-441 Born Fob. 19th thru ho*" and nuclear
Florida's Reapportionment DilemmaLike March 20th
Officials of
snverwwnt oql4 male be-
RAGITTAAICSBorn As LONG AS YOU Not ',Nleave that there is an argency strut
1.5b-53.1T-16.915 ONES, A| MRAS roach-,
several other states, the legislature YOU ARC CONCERNED. Nov. 23rd thru lIMn THE TASK ASSIGNED tall the moon before lusts does. It .*...
of Florida in confronted with the GEMINI THEY CERTAINLY NEED THE Doc. 21st TO YOU ..TJoOufUU- willing as tssrsyers., to "dish oat" the

task of reapportionment. it realixes that Born May 21st thru COVER OF SECRECY IN ORDER WHIN! "'I'uT THE PRESSURE ING ANY LOOSE ENDS FOR money to provide the necessary research
if this is not done the federal agencies June 2Utir TO PREVENT OTHERS ON YOU, THE MORE SOMEONE ELSE TO UNRAVEL, ,P experimentation

uat m it. THERE II ANYTHING' MOM GETTING THE JUMP AGGRESSIVE PEOPLE IN YOU MAY 00 AHEAD WITH ne Ire perfecting eartb-dtstrollag ....
Buthit diatrubs us greatly is the num- THAT YOU HAVE SET YOUR ON YOU.INXHI1V3411I. MOW CIRCLE Or ACQUAINTANCES TOUT HOLIDAY PREPARA.TIONS. peal, bacteriological chemical and nu
ber of preposterous. plans that have been HEART 0. DOING OR CREATING < SILL BE MAID TO TAKE GOOO CARS T* clear, awmating to ton tons per person,
promoted 130 Senators and 200 Representatives THERE is NO BETTER SSI ST. tHEY MAY CONVINCI SEE THAT YOU MAVS PROVIDEO according to AM* etisates.
,and the like. None of the plans TIME THAN THE PRESENT V I ROO YOU OF THE BENEFITS ENOMGM CASH FOR Now shall *. proceed to consider oalverseiefttroylag -
haw put first the Interest of the Born Aug. 23rd thru
people TO SET Doss TO .oi'. or JOINING THEIRtMAHlAVION ALL EXIGENCIES. PLACE weapons as oar saceesa 1a oath'
and bow they can beat be represented at YOUR DEAR ONES CAN PR*. Sept. 22nd 01 MING PREClOw POSSESSION* SECURELY apse .ha* bees established or cam w* hopeD
an economics coat. Rather the plans have Viol THE DIt'YI0 ENERGY ALTHOUGH INERC SEE** TOGS ALONG WITH THEM ON. A VNOtB IRCK 5rIn. for as much attention to be directed to
been designed for the purpose of retainingall TO CARRY OUT """' AN EXCELLENT OPPORTUNITY TRIP FIR THE "' ... .. or THE FOURTH or JM.VMEXSNS inner space between our ears where the horizons -
of the Jobs of the present legislators IDEAS TO THEIR '"TlC"'un To RAISE CASH ORBOLSTER PLEASURE OR RESEARCH. WILL M EJCITIN4ENOUGH sees. also onllmlted

for what politician wants to vote himself CONCLUSION:& THE YOUR Ileul"YAI. ANYTHING THAT SMACKS rOR ANYBODY. T..EVOUNGM -
, It would bt logical t/ expect that, in re- IMOVLD BE ON YOUR TOES IN THE OPEN. TOP PEOPLE PEAL. TO YOU. TO BCCOMC MO'E oirricuLVTO ,
apportionment some politicians will lost 1..0 MAY BE I..UMItICrouo CONTROL THAN UIU AL.
their Jobs. i PROMRTV OP SOME OT YOUR YOU A0 YOUR AIMS ..Jo U-1i2S32 4.7.-".".7).OI


-- --- --
[ iI1 9I I IdJ 'tl1',1C .
r ,I
11' w I!$
, -, ,_ '" ;- ,'tf ._. __, q',\ '" '': _" iii. ,




Guild Holds Engaged In 'Operation_ Miami1 Barracks Plans,

QI eoJ Annual ElectionsThe ", Holiday Weekend
f? Northwestern Aluanl ... 't : .' Observance

..*........* 87 LOUISE GVINYARD ......... Division of Green paatara Beginning with their
Guild held Its election
regular seating Saturday
Mrs. Meets Brsvo's hose on 39th and 0 run thai meeting IB the hone of at '2 P .. in Joe H.
Street provided the getting when suaaor Bridge Patricia Mungln on Ahnad Jane Community Center

Club .et last Tuesday, ermine Lola Avery, Leon drive. Gateway Barracks 3131
Bennett and Sylvester Boaiard were hoatenea.PVB Alfred Walker wan re a will observe several pro-

Rosier, Evelyn Dames and Vivian Lewis were elected aa president and grass during this weekend
substitute players, with the latter qualifying. Doris Mack vies president A. holiday accordingto

for first prize. other officers elected COMander J,S. Irving
lI.rI.8. McClaln wee awarded second prize; Iraa were: Gladys SUe -iV& i" sr.

Murray was awarded third prire. and Sylvester Doe uels. 2nd vice president; On Sunday, at 12:30: P a,
hard ... awarded fourth prize Lucky Tally prize Annie Sayby. secretary: members of the Barracks

was scalded to Johnnie Mitchell. Elisabeth Tbo..., cor I are requested to attend

Marie streets Evelyn avln, Catherine Jackson reapoadlni secretary; 1 r pk+ the Freedom Bell ringingat

ZelMs Johnson, Veraell MoOoae. Marian ..ner. and Vena Cony era. reporterDella /J the ACL Loconotive
Geneva Wheeler were aaong Members participatingin Fuse, chaplain; t A and are urged to bring

the aeetlag. M.Harris business aana- n, iAei boys and girls Each
.............. ger Richard Marahall.agtatarna r yj M youngster will have the

Miss Barbara Jean williMS b caae the bride of ; Doris Armstrong : privilege of ringing the

Julian Earl thus parliamentarian. locoaotlve bell and each

:2*. at Zion Hope ] Practical Nurses ; will be given a aaall
Church. Reverend JUu" American Flag.

UcCall officiated. Program Slated _.. The annual observanceis
bride ia the daughter of JAR ura\l LtAOUr Youth Cbeanmlty ,groupcomprised III, local: UL executive secretary, will be seeking .being conducted by

Mrs. Ernestine Austin. ,I. To Get Underway of high school: and college ago youth presently the support of religious, greek letter civic and the Veterans patriotic

Parenta of the groom are I IIIr. Staaton VocationalRsglstratlon engaged in projects for overall community betterother social groups to" den rite the YCa attmiV Observance Coaalttee,

and! Mrs. Georges te. I neat IB planning on attending tits annual National once to the convention, Groups or persons seeking Jackaoavllie-Duval
for tb.S.pt..bar .
Miss Ctsandra Austin, I claaa of the Convention of the !national Urban League July :3D further' information nay phone the Urban League, County

sister of the bride, was I' I through August S at Klani Beach, L'*i. J. Carter Klgla .-4Z 2. (%>yal Art studio photo) Laaar Cannon, recently
Practical Nursing
aid of honor.Brtdesnaids ". elected coriander of the
j will get underwayledaeaday. -
tram --
Aa.rlc a Boa .iii ,A...
an4 t -
were: Miss vs.. .
July 7"at BreAam Attending
Joastell nil son. Miss MRS JUL1' WHITE AboutPeople liver a short patriotic
Stanton Vocation High
Yvonne Hicks Miss Gloria Barrow, and Mlaa Joyce School 321 W.Ashley St.. New York Meeting Weddingsjoe Address
McDonald of Creatview. The flower girl was hers All Buddies are to attend
at s s... for persons dyers 0. Bradb... past
.ye R. white, couaia of the grooa.' In full inform
hose lit lames begin A
Ernest Whi.e was beat man for his brother.The nsh president dreaa. Commander Irving
ers were: islish white. Henry Mach Robert Ross through M.On news analyst of the Duval Friends Jefferson 1124 I. 23rd st. 21 and Adeline (concluded
Thursday July B at nay visit Mrs.Rosa .
le nerd McLen dan., and Jlaay Banks. The ring bearer County: cJ ...roo. Teachers 37th St 77 and Ethel Wllllaaa, USO Franklin
S B.B. B similar procedure Lee I. polite, proprietor Springhill Baptist
... Kevia A. prater cousin of the bride.Mr. Organization la representing Wllllaaa, 1124 W. 27th St 21.em .
for registration palace Sacks
White is a public school instructor of Data the group at St. 57.Walter. H. parser 752 North' Church Servicesnerviee.Pundsyin
mill be given applicants &bop, wbo la convalescing
County: and amber of Kwpa Alpha Pal fraternity.He tilt convention of the Thoaaa, 2362 C Ct. 20 and Corlna Bell
wlthnaseabegltalng fro. in her hose 4125 Booker
was certified ss an '".American Red Cross Water National Education Aa Street Lane, 66 and Alberta 1147 CbMunlty Ct IS.
N through Llegslreeeats nod at ion. In session la St., following confine .prlnghlll "Baptist
Safety instructor recently.Following Salth. :2362 C Chu Haney. 2635 Morgan
the nuptials, a reception was held at for applicants New fork City, according sent la a local hospital.Mra. Street Lane, )). st 1 U and Betty ..I.9Iltb. Church .111 begin with

the 4.L. Zeds Branch T.'.Co A- follow to Walter II.'hi t.. pr..* polite la a sober Noksala Hog an. jr. 10)6Eaverion .III Cleveland St the Sunday School at
Age l!-4S; edu cation, of Mt. Ararat Baptist
Ident St. 20 and JOB Robinson 731 0:45: ...., with Mra. U.
The couple will reside at :9032 Andrew Robinson
coepletlos of IOth Grade Church she la a ...ber
Coearaalcation received Hall In charge warning>
Drive Betty Ann aaltb. 1036 Ave 21 and
................ or above; 10th. Graders from the NEt Headquar of Chapter '0. order of Eaveraon Bt 20. Alveda D. Jackson 1139 service at II o'clock.
instructor mat Bubait certificatesat tern la aaMnitoa.&C, the Eastern Star, White Johnnie Earl Fort jr. Foster Lane II. A.,. T.R. Lee pastor
Mrs. Ttoaas Barton of 5711 Tusk Ct. -
time of reglstratioa; Rose soelal Club. and
Indicated that a will deliver the seraon.Holy .
nuaerous 1SII Falrfat st. 20 and Robert A. Taylor 1067
at Mt. Heraaa Dsasatary School: aends some
cltlsenshlp, Anerlcan or Daughter of Lodge.
frosi. the university of Floridawhere workshops sad study Maceo Vivian I. Burney, 1JOJ J2tb St :24 and wattle rnaaunlon service
interesting reports
Intsntlon of becosisgnatarallaed .
she ia atutfcring on a grant.Jacksonville's health. groups, with. eapbssisapoa I. 32nd It. 20. II, MCRlaaon Green five at ft 1'I tb the Rev,
............... ; teach era'wsl fare Mrs hobble Baker who Edw. Thoasi. 1075 to tk rings. Fla 27. Mr. !... In rharie.Kty .
good, physically. sad .
fane, which Is international.fan aeatally; teatlag. each and working condition, net silk It.ce.t serious '-I...-- -- ._. '
0neos. twins of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Owens Jr. of take pre-eatraace convention. lag and wishes to thank r j (
a -- ________
The president oleo anaouaced : =
Her .
1124 Psirfsi St.. graduated recently fro paclfle eiaalaatioB.Deputy friends for
University, Forest Grove Oregon. For the first that ao profosi their ...., U.. gestures.Mrs. LU1i4& -

tine since their senior year la high school the W. M. Hirl i I stoaal orgaalgatloa lethe Baker la a member r
pair .111 separate pas) to rends at pacific county la npoaaorlng of.... St James AVE

here he will complete" coarse In Optometry, Installs lily or partlctpatlag la any Church, skaplaln of
and Palette aping to San praodaoD State College prog rat, study group or Gateway Aailllary 1111

to wait on her sster's degree prior to eaterlsga White OHiccrs refresher course reported of world War I Veterans,
.......>....e-.ewel.e..-e...l *efla...4 hi* to be deslgasd to OSA. I.t.
Dwavity Willie mae Mart. /
w. 7 aoooapsnled by Mra. Elsie give assistance ,Mdt.ra Tbh
for Uo
S sat SOB, Mrs Lasvlala .
Teachers Risalaatloaa.Teaohera Baddy James E. Nee of
T Marnuei aid her Joining each lilt old Ilais Rd. Is 1 i
ate. ..,..., isttlew UcNeatto
still confined at hose
prograaa will ao at
St Asgsstlao where their. discretion. with hisses but nay re*
she lastalled aewly e* save friends.MS _

lected offlsera of Lily Established In a Beaker of Nee

White Lodge 111. Mt.01 h. Baptist Chare,

Elected were: doping Being and 0.,..., Barraeka
Mrs .1. 3111. world war I Vet

Bssslaossly reeleetedpreildesti Progra.ned ''''', DBA. |...
its |aegWllllass.vlee
president; for reglatra

Miss Issue wi111.., tins for Gale.u Cosaclt The tildes lake Clsb

re order; Mrs. Ida Mae Girl Scots fourth ass* held a Mat Interestingneetlag

-, Joys flnaaelal ...r.- sloe eetsbllsaed csapligAsgsst list Malay. at
sister to attend pacific lasted of ale lisle tary; Mrs Sadie Oren, 1 Uroaga AsgsetMatCas the residence of Mm, ,

Oil varsity "here she bad received a scholarship.The teller; Mr.. Caarlle Mae Caowwawaw will Thlsis J, rater plans
Twiss present plans are for Peal bo awe-let Davis chMlala; Mrs.Meiel be July 30. U was as* sue outlined for the

his cosrse Bt pacific while Palette has set ......,. Inner aoaaced this seek. BMual fleals which will t-
sights" OB a toctorate In paycaology. Then both guard; Mrs Civility Otaap ClIo......, ..... be held on B lily date r'v ;

plan ta retarn south to practice their. respectiveprofesiloaa. Elag. treassrer; ... r and operated by the ,. be anaoaaeed.R .

The Owens' faatly la receiviag ten Real, general aaaager; Cbaacll la located la I
llcltatloas fro. their ....ro.s friends on the Mrs. kteae .10'..... as* day Cftwaty, three all lea .
.., Neaeeel of
present Mtcesof the twins ace4 !c .....a... alatlat geaersi ........, aorta of trees CovoSprlaga or J u
............. Callfersls. ear the re
Mra. Clara Wlllla and on tL 17,
goat louse pat theBoeen
Ir. asd Mrs. lt.t Rooa'a palatial 1771 Rhode .,.. E. M. Aasera sad West
laird Drive hose sea the sere of a eolerfill elected to Ue baaklsg woodland bordering Slack
atteedaaoe at
and. BiSMrable event hit Friday sight .... more oMmlttee.Pollewisg. aid Peters Creeks, re a 'r
the ptalslersorld al.
UM 100 frtsads aad relatlve lavesed the ultra* the Install- U..1r.

...,. residence to anjoy s Iptnpt.eesho.se ssm isg ta... a aaaptsoa .....It The fa.lllty access liases.
/.rt,. The heavily Isdea festive board coats la H a ear served sad Ue vial dates |24 girls asper*

tasty variety of awJIcaelea.Deaelag aad card play Uraet.,..... .*erlase.* vised ay M staff .... Ian jeae ladaatrloaaClsb e a4 a4t.

lag pervaded the social interlude sattl a late aa eajeyed eves is gMt. bsra. A large iadge with epos se red a highly

boar. Md the poplar enple were the grstefsl re fMllltles for dlalsg.rocreatlea .......,11 .MBS a I tee
cipients ........ aid attractive gifts ..,I... ) Sin! feci.ilPHrBiig hU,..". bee trio to As er teas .,

Nth art hep retires ef the day.PLii Tbeka trading pest, ..1'..... leash last Saaday A

retreat. balldlag sad ....,.... of ears fat .
Eft iris ScbcMcd .wI..., peel In stall Used with fra.... sad

SMIIOIeS Holiday Pkik A ..a.el Soag night" Bio. seekers ..Ju'" the

The Bsaltole Culture rand! |th sad Jaffefsaa.Poartb sregrsa will .e apes as red .....u..t. nest oea ._t.... event,
dab will ....r aa aid sad '1... ta ....., at IM: p. .. laMt. tart Ue Slrl Meat ef.
fsshlea Pleats MSB..,. Std and Dsvta U gtb asdFrancis Bias Frlaltlve Sa.. floe at 631 Least it.Mesltb ire aeles sseever
July | aa the lass ofUe Myrtle asd 3S4A list flees. 1530 I. ruSt. lords ore re. Iran_ of 1430 Mason
toolbar" residence, to Moserlef aad 4ltb.Aveaae by* Irs Taelaa Edwards. -Ire/, .'... In at hose after "'-
1077 Richardaoa M. S ta Edgeeaad U beiag ooBflaed at I'''-

The baa ,..t. will Is- C2welnd aad Sitsa,.... star Metbo4lst Msatltaifr .
glade: Ri the past two seta / Wr
23rd ssdDavis U toale* 11I'O. In n. Is B tee***
delivery or In the ...1.... Eaa.
..,a.. ..'.r....' at

Deiglas ....,... ugh
IIU Til HE Ill
1. ....a. 5 ....., of ft, I l ,

TM ll..* TVe Best DorterrJV B' a Its, Alpfcease B034 Wajelag A.0. M. Calvary Baotlot Chars, Joys & GIrls..took I look i W Movies
tAen veer Oder Prescribes. I hr..... |9I| M DavalM irk ... James Uttlo arming Star Chester hoIS .

let .r1aa Aceerdtsl .. pest poder s Mr"a Mrs. Bttersas Nits hot. asd lets Pbl Beta

.a C.* Oaly ne BtQkallty Co l. ILd 4IS pewftsttsa 5*. tor lit.' Mrs, liMn TV** rtrlt/, Sifirfi's Itritf Tit SIMMYII
Drsgs pvsen.tar its Mts.J*bsy talker 3411 Uacola Ct.. Slrl. PMliOhbiaIi
P 0. hog 312. Callaaaa.Fla. Ir. s .,.. SOard Hi
.3 RaetsTOBta nujauam n' g n TOO fc"yMr Haas, <}l pftelns It.. iiI c..bsatb cu III rid rum rnImtill

A COMPLETE LIME 0' Mrs. CliffordMilliard. Girl lilt Uiti Inrit Culm It Cites etc,
aaetlca-a..ha.r ft>a4s'Can.UeoSM4f1eaFBaCKIPTTOMS lUf *. 2wU .r.s Mrs. Mine giM o- ...SIO servlcee wegls ,
pa,11g31Lilly's Girl. with Swjiday B.a.e|
CALO POM.: AW St berry, MeTT sleas Pt..
.r. s .,.. lea dpo., lint at .:. B,*., wit 0.aaea GaD PRICE A SHMY NEW SUPER SPEED BICYCLE

ill Ceo,. I, BladgettBJwes. lit.. .,. tllllaa caw .e Sayae is alaras.trwlsg .
Drug Store Girl taglas, 1399 tvefr*.a oervlfe begins I T
Mr, S era. Lrela Plait 0t. titS .I II a''deca. B..Uaaa| lilllil islet .tli nlliritr. il. HiCiti
3311 Plateaa Say, 1It.'a., Otsrlie Car* aenf** sill be ess*

1117 UltS 1111 EUI2JI V. I vs. Aleg ama.. .... INS Plateaa at 'os..,< .till Ciifiif I" licltiiiilli tsar (ill Mllliii. Ci11 ,

-- ---- -- U LI'- 4UWL L.
-j" .L UW
,... .. __ __ -_- _
: 1


----- -
; Planning For Recording Session Youths Attend Annual Conference

l t1buttb i1J)1


Holy Communion service will be observed Sunday at

4 P.M., in Abyssinia Baptist Church with Rev. B.L. -II ,r IBIt 11

Wynn pastor and officers In charge. All choirs
x and ushers will serve. tn rn ,; ., $
+ rr*aia1 Services Sunday will begin at 9:30 .... with the 4
Sunday School. Testimonial service will tie held at

r 11 ...., with the pastor and officers In charge. :
The Male Chorus and usher Board 3 will serve


The services Sunday! Walters Memorial mt Church

will begin with the Sun day school at 9:30 .....wlth

Miss Any Morel end In charge. Rev. R.L.Rogers

fw psstor will review the lesson.

Communion services will beheld at 11 ...., and

7 P.BU The pastor has asked the mlsslonsry ladles

F I ,Ir to sccoapsny bin to the Interdenominational .is-
1D slonary union at 3 P."

J .NEW JERUSALEM SUCCESSFUL PROGRAM The recently programmed annual Methodist Youth Conferenceat :

Holy Communion service will be held Sunday in Bethune-Cookman College: Daytona Beach: was acclaimed by all as having contributed

Greater New Jerusalem Baptist Church 'The servicesbegin to the spiritual welfare of the attendees during workshops conducted

with the Sunday School .at 9:30 .... At 11 under the supervision of Mrs. Alice ,Red dick. Mrs. Eleanor Hurl.,. Mrs. Ida M.

...., ley. J.W. I Roberts, pastor of Mt. Hope Baptist Rivera and Miss Gertrude L Styles. A beach party at beautiful Volusia Beach

Church city and Mt olive Baptist Church of Counsel : culminated the series of activities.

0.. will deliver the message At 3 P...,

r HUT.communion aON service.BAPTIST- Allen Chapel Sets Various Churches To ParticipateIn

Sunday services in MUZlon Baptist Church, south Holy Communion Fete New Mt. Zion Baptist Services

side, begin with the Sunday School at 9:30 .... *
Holy Communion will be
with Mrs Beulah Alston in charge. Morning service celebrated at both majorservices FBCltflDINA' BEACH-Vsrlous ministers, supported by

begins at 11 o'clock. Rev. J.II. Hazel ton. so- .. their choirs aDd other groups will future the
Sunday 11 a...
ting pastor will preach Baptism will also be and 8:30 p.n. ..at Allen nightly Installation services for Rev. J.'. Marshall .
held. BTU at 5:30: P... with Mrs. F.V. Hopkins of New It. Zion Baptist Church which will be
Chapel AME Church, 1339
charge. Evening service at 7 o'clock. Rev C.C. carried July A through July 11. ,
5lLlGHTlD--The famed Blvens Special and their "Instruments of Brown, acting pastor. Swan st Rev. J. .. ..........................
Jones, newly Installed Nightly services tailor
Faith" will be featured here Sunday July 4 at 3:30: P... First Born Baptist "HOLT TABERNACLE" tlst.Brotherhood and
pastor, announced.The Tuesday July 6; welcome -
Oiurch 825 W. "Monroe St., sister Rosetta Cohen sponsor prior to leaving for Services Sunday In Holy Tabernacle church begin pastor is requestingthe address Deacon C. Ministerial Alliance of

New York: city Wednesday for a recording session: others participating on the with the Bible School with Deacon W. Haley; In services of each T. Campbell. Rev. C. W.Whltten Duval and Adjacent Counties -

program will be the Gospel Echoes and Hill Sisters of faycross, Qa. Mrs. Inez charge at 10 a.m.Morning service at 11:30 o'clock.Bishop en ber. and congregation in charge Rev R

Is director of the Specials and Echoes The public Is Invited R. Jones will deliver the ....al" Young Clio Irs of Mt. Pleasant L Jones, president. Rev.

(Royal Art Studio Photo) People's Union at S P..., with Mrs. L. aal"ln Ushers. Baptist Church Calls- R Damson and congregation -

charge and evening service at 8 o' clock 1 .. ham Misses Jmnice Camp- of Young Zion Baptist

St. Paul Baptist FRIENDLY' BAPTIST-- arles and bell.Bett,1allltr. sponsors. Church of Kisgs-

Services Sunday in Friendly Baptist Church begin t r usteen Appreciation, Mrs. land Oa and Central
Church Services with the Sunday School at .... Nathaniel Baptist Church: of Jack-
9SO .
II | DEATHS] to be present ...,. Peck
Services Sunday will Brooken in charge. Rev. B.H. Hartley, pastor will for Wednesday: Welcome address mil nil., ,... L Lo Jones
begin with Sunday Schoolat
in charge.Sponsors
review the lesson. Consecration service st 10:43: all actlvKsv.jones Mrs. 41 J tel Bradley
g:30: a. .. .with Deacon .... 'The Holy Communion will be adalnlstered at vltles.Sunday's. ttv.J. Jones and Mrs Dock

Henry SCriven 174 E. 3138 Dandridge Dr. Edward Jefferson, Mrs. 2:30 p... with toe pastor In charge. BTO' at 3:30 order of service congregation of Antioch Ward snd Mrs. A. B. fad.

5th St.Andrew. Mrs. Estelle Filsore L.V. Crumady, Deacon p.m., and baptism at 7 P.BU sill begin with Baptist Church. Mrs. Arpredation.Deaoon Paul
Hajwood 817 Railroad Ave. Braiton Love and Miss r. lilt atoll.
Sunday school st 9: 30 Dorothy Blair, sponsor.
Eaversun St. Bennie James Wade 1112 Iheors Legglns charge. Services Sunday In Emanuel Baptist Church will a.m. under the supervision Appreciation Mrs. A. B. AIn da1; It)ming worship

Deacon Dennis Telfsir W. State St.Charles Regular teachers will be begin with tb"hmd.! ., School at 9:30: ...with Deacon of Mrs. Annie Gay Wade. st 11 a... Mrs. Margaret

1814 Callahan St. jones, Mae In charge of the classes. George Smith and Mrs. Mamie Fields in charge, superintendent.On Thursday Rice welcome; Rev.FredTiniams.

Mrs. Eliza Henry, 1469 clenny, Fla. Morning worship will Morning service at 11 o' cJo<*. Choir 1 and theChildren's Friday (tonight) the Pearl jack: I.JCDlle.lr.. First 'Urtcnn

Helena St.Saauel John Miller 1009 ,. begin at 11 a. .. with choir will ..".. RrI. S.Lo Badger pun presence of all members Baptist son. First Baptist Church, sermon,
Permdins. -
Walker, 4848 Monroe St. the Deacons in charge ofdevotions. tor. will deliver the sermon. At 9 P.... BTU with la requested for the Mrs. Eva Usher Board 1.
n. -
Sun bean Road. Jacob Lessne, 1204 .. Choir 1 and, Deacon James Phillips in-dcarge.Fvsingservice at Love Fesst which commences sponsor. Appreciation perkins Run day afternoon: Ap
James Norman Rivers 229 31st St.John Usher Board | will serve. o'clock. predation Mrs. fit.Prarsnn. .
: at 7:43: O'clock.
Mlddleburg Ave. The pastor Rev I.E. .
L. Gilmore 1163W. ,
FIRST NEW ZION t The Stewards will meet walker.
Mrs Estelle M. Colly .10th et.oeorIe Taylor. will deliver' .'*thesermon. Servlces, more 2400 Gerard Ave. Bryant] 2032 commence with the fluids School st 930am. with sight at 6:30 O'clock lathe Frances Campbell. _ate. Mrs. Ola4ys .,.
Rodell !WcCray, p.8. Boi District 3 will meet at Bap- sad
Frank E. An.Leaders Superintendent Joseph D. White in charge. The supertatendent church auditoria.Preparations Rev C.J.
133 yUle., Fla.Mrs.Essie 3:30 p. .. In the hose the lesson. congregation of Trinity
Attend will review for the
Mae Bockbolt of Rev and Mrs. E. E. iota CIHIpeIAMECHrdI Baptist Church of Jacksonville
Morning service at 11 o'clock. At 5:30: p.m.. 3Wmed annual July 11 Men's Day
5734 Spelaan St. Final Rites For Taylor on lest 17th St. .. ...
evening service at 7 o'clock. Choir 1 and Usher observance Is underway.The ,will .Y.
Charlie Johnson 719 E. Miss W. Foantsla 11IIr..ld.nt the day and the A.B. Col em an of sMIoh
Rev Z. D. limbric Board 4 will serve throughout program will feature ,
5th St.811111a, and Deacon B.
esssgss will ve delivered by en appointee of the outstanding individuals Baptist, jscksoavllle.
Moye, 1338 Davis Lore Is leader. Bwrvlces Sunday will
Among local leaders who pastor Rev. Lo J. dsyton.MOUNT of the city. sermon. Rev C.A. Weaver
St. Night service begins at begin with the SundaySchool
of a1l11n" aad Rev.ff.r. .
attended and eulogized Aft" The public Is always
Will 7 .. with devotions at t 30 .. .with
Mrs. Patsy tans, P. :
the late Rev. '. n. Lin- The services Sunday! la Mt. T.bor> Baptist Church eelco.etoshare la Allen Mitchell, jsrtsosvllle. -
1485 Mason Ave. brit during the final In charge of the Deacons. b.lla.ltb the Sunday School at ':30 a..., with Chapel's activities. SuperiBteadent D. Jones will give ohsrgsto
Emerson L. Watts n Choir 1 sad Usher Board prealdlag.
rites were Mr. and Mrs. Superintendent Jaws Barr hell.".. Consecration the pastor.

1413 Powhattan st. J.J. Ooss, whose 8_' I will serve.The psstor service at 10:45: ...., and morning service at 11 Mt. Ararat District The la coBsecrstton scheduled at service Offering In. C.J.Cro.b .
Harold junior James, will deliver the closing It In charge sad
Ardisla Rd. ploynent cany years ago 5 esssge.Members. o'clock.At Sets Sunday Fete O'. tock. The Rev. Mr.jenea .
3303 of Rev. Uatria made bin 3 ,... I Holy Communion service with Rev. ILL sill adainlaterthe Deacon I.&.. Williams of

Eddie Ltt wlikerson, the first .amber of his of ill districtsof Over street, pastor la dI." Rev. Mr.Overstrect District 1 of Mt. Ararat services, sod Ran ford, sponsors, deacons
143 Chelsea St. the church are asked safer
rsce in Duval county toengage will also deliver the sermon. ....U.t Otsrca will sponsor deliver the sermons.The and trustees; sp-
Mrs. Mule Alsiandsr to be present throughout Desoon
preclsttoa. BenfteaslMi
In bonding work. a ausical
the day. Grace Baptist prograslueday pastor" requested .
M. Salem Baptist at 1:30 p.n. lathe r. r1I Demoon
---- ----- --- that tie stewsrds and
SadlY Senices'Services educational bulldiag. M.L. '1111.'. general
Owen News stewardesses accompany
Mrs. isle Mae Thomas la chairman Deacon Pasl
Bin at toccmmsaetaealCB
Suady begin P.n.
Regular worship services poseur Stator aad Rev .I. ".
I i 18P4 W, BEAVER with Ue Sunday School st members.Evealsg .
Svaday for the Participants laelade.the Man*all.
( Mt.Kales Baptist Ohwrdhlocated 9:30: ...., Deacon Cl la- service begins
Also pastor's special
Celestial ,
3101 EMERSON ton Jess ,".Idla...... Spiritual at 7:30 O'cJod.no via
\ at 1242 w. 22nd Singers. Heavenly Fire pat ... *..J. Dsrr of
B.F. Brow will ckalrnaa of the steward
t St. Rev. W.Q. Rogers, ... Mt. Calvary BaptlatChart.Fernandas
i at.. Mm. Mary Real
iI 830 CASSAT AYE. review the leaaoa.Commssloa board. D. Davis) urges
pastor, begin with Run- eyCaolr X Male Chorus. ieacs,
all elaaa leaders toale
service at
I 3 lOCATIONS r1SErrt day School at 1:30: : s..1Superintendent Cnolr 4-B. Gospel coons Re,. Co a. ".ca.,. Rev.A. .
9 with the pastor reports.Robert
Gerald of Philadelphia Baptist Co) em as. '.t41 ,-
In ohsrge. Dimmers will Jackson, general
Ytr Nelson In clI.r,.. The CIIucb.OoIO.l Crusaders.Latlmore t kJa.MI. .
cUiraaa for Ue aaaaalMSB
be served Saturday at
1 lesson will be reviewedby singers /water Mona Services
the church. a Day ..1I ,.t10.. .
the psstor.Consecration.. Jubilee singers ant
HEAVY Tuesday night, prayer will sponsor a trip toAmerican mjinday Scaool at 930:
10: 43: otters.
noetlsg:-edBee STEAK morning service 11:00: Deacon Solos Tinmoms
I senior cnolr rmbearmal I Tie bus will leave the Bttsday in MU _-
.... The pastor or his mill serve as master of
10UNDMONK 79 appointee will deliverthe 1M racial night. Deanne ceremonies.Mrs. cksrca st 10:30: O'clock. risk Baptist a,",..
Training Class meets; Tie officers and ambers .u W. tts MU, wU

SALE Holy message.Communion mill be Pride at 3: 30 ..... Jenier Mi L Fowler will sponsor an ..- Miss tatle Ron In sear
SIRLOIN tertslsneat Monday on
.l'ktftt.hNd.t"! B.m- cnolr renearaal.LEO'S go. Monist service at
Tearing la Nftrtfcrs. tilt church lawn, 137 II o'clock.Be J. jaek

OPEN ALL DAY 4th of JULY SHOE REPAIRSHOE Ha t. Fowler, of Jessie Jackson st In tsars. Mrs*. Sarah man ma.will eMIvertheser

1334 '. 3rd $'. left I'
MEATY wnit Cs8. pta UP AND DELIVER Pnono- Friday meek aceoonaaled OU Photographs
ey her Oodsoo, Master
335-9260 845 Florida Avenue

forYear 49 Joan visit Fowler with relatives jr. for an4frleada a ",, II J Starting Today

In tie Berth- :
I cookout Tn.Peried eastern state Mist Go

The Jaioaa mill mm Uesssae
Unb guests af Mrs. I fete Ijtfi Mtn J J1X2 IHhrllt
'A'C lltini vie All Colbert In Brooklyn. R.T' Ca It
> at match tine they
I leer PfcjsiciH: mill visit miser relatives -

FRYERS. I ItifetMervon's ,and apes their re- a aed fir % TeUl

tarn will stop aver Inpailadelnmla.

,.. for a
SMOKED Cle PharmacyTiir stay with 4 brsther.

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VELDA H Aha PI5-IJI2 Boater, and will also
I ; 515 DAVIS ST.
visit the late prsoldeotjoon

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J TIC KEN KIKIT-lll (OUT. II CIAIIEI 4 ot Coord.Sinn ..as Baptist ClOSED All DAY TUESDAYS





Famed Humanitarians Visited Fcmily MMH Stl.lts FormFoeediltioe Grant Is Gratefully Received _

r' yTTi .5 Wives; For ,

Not Happy late TeacherTALLAHASSEE"At

: Flo'rU.AaM .

PORt ROSEBERT. Zaabla.. University, a definitive
(NPI)*-Darid taafva baa step vas taken
five wi".. David Kaafvala recently to assure that
not happy. And before the spirit of the late

all you serried sea retort Mra. Maurice Yoldell 14
'*.' lot surprised Brown will not be for
let It be said gotten.
that the reason David la. light students of the
not !happy la becauae be forasr rAMU English
has Ont flu ...... A teacher went to great
year MO be had 19 and lengths to be euro that
four concubines. posterity reatabers the
But one wife died aha woaan who bad a lasting
other divorced his and ispact on their lives
the concubines deserted and pa the lives of nary a
i 'd others with whoa she ..v."... \
his hearth.
hose of rUDRIM N'NORIM COLLCCR, IU. AuguaUne, has hem awarded a $1,000 grantlnaid
HAB.ni FREHOM school took a recent field trip tour at the saidlo Mrs. case Into contact The
Otto Prwlnger. Mr*, pronlngor spend ali snaths of each year la Africa, work- And aa far aa he la eight young woaen were by the aul rOil corporation ruivoae of the grants, as set forth liy Gulf, la
log with Dr. Albert Schweitxer. Photo shows students, tad era, aad tobsrt fashtniton. concerned having only sponsors of a tribute to "to improve the economic w"ll-belng of privately operated colleges and univer
president of HfS (center enjoying lecture given by Mrs. prealngsr five .lves the aeaory of Mrs. Brown, sates and to assist then in preatrvation of their Independence and opcro-
right). (NY1 Photo) bachelor.So sue thing. aa beinga an laprssslve luncheon UOII." Pletu r..d Itt>ve at the chec*-prraentation cermon on the FMC caapua are

presentation In the left to right J.D. Senders l st Augustine kilt sales) r.'r.t.thl'; R. '. pur
David la looking
year prealdMit of the cnileie' Prank T. o Increased Benefits round for another handful Orange ROOM of the Florida
Honors Given LBJ SlIM .. which Atlanta; and P P. Purkett. I't. Au!ustlne Gulf Ustrlttitor,
of .Irea he thinks he'd AtM Coaaons, .
Florida A&M's Promised Yets, Orphans like to bring the auaber was !highlighted by the
Degree Paper up to. nay nine IB the presentations of a totalof Underwrite African Women's Ideals Challenging
ST. PKmSBOkOln to establish
near future and see bow 11.633.00
M. H. Boulware lASt INC10N1).n': ) creased benefits for
the Maurice Teldell
things so froa there.
TAU.MASSES" (rttUulr. Claryco Jordan Minor aaatlvo disabled veteraaa vocational taafva by the *ay, baa' Brown Manorial Student To Hear Javits NUIWM-(!NPt)-What are the qualities an ideal
"Boulware. of Baton Rouge rehabllltatloa Jilt celebrated bit BOth Loan Fund. African oaaii? According to Mrs. Grace 0.'t, an
Marcus feaaor H.of speech pro end La and a graduate of and tar Orphan educational birthday Dr.H. Manning Kffarson, NW YOIIK-SP) ..-fm.Jsaoh African house fe-Mother-publle relations officerin

director of the speech Graahllag college, last aaalstaaeo have He Is believed to have dew of administration JavttaR-N.Y-wlll( Kenya's capital city for Air India, there are
clinic Florida AAtt uol vest received the Master been advocated by Til the largest full lathe accepted the aoasy for be the chief sneaker at n,..
veraity, recently nee of Science la Education UBB'J. Driver Adtital Lvapula province. the university.presenta- the banquet session of "An Afircan wunan believes In the awarded the advancedctrtiflcate degree fro CsllaudetColl strator of Veterans Affairs Kaafwa vlllag, about 16 tloa of the fund ... the National Insurance children and husband atnve all shah "
la speech >> ego u.. b r1 cr a only before the House silos Pros here li popu wade by Mra. hills HRlley Association In loose- .Rhe' kei lhtrl.1 f "",.ehbh Rend IU kerns the
pathology by the American college for the deaf. sub-conifttee. Rufus H. lated.apart Pros the of Miaal. one of veil Hotel on July 21&, sod n*.. of her husband and fMlly.An .
la GIld _successionebe llsoa, St. counting to an announce fir>tnlne *ltla
Speech aad Hearing Ae* Maaager Mra. Kaafsaa*>by bin 74 the eight sponsors of African wxian believes In Icing
aoclatloa. had the distinction of Petersburg VA Regional children end 99 grand the tribute la attw ant last week by (liar fjDod fur her husband and the !stability of the
The certificate froa hiving her degree signed Office aald. children.Tvelve. lice." lea ruchanan, prealilmt hush
the nat looal professionalorganization by President Undo .. The increased cost of sons aId 12 tith two sicvptIonsall United Mutual Life Insurance -.An African small >l,en not believe In Making her
fro practlclaf John SOB. The Presidentof the two prograaa to aid daughters are aarried.At of the sponsors were at fbapany, who/ iidoalr.an jiuaband look snail. In the ryes of children or the
audiologists and the united States la a be about 12', Billion a young ran David the laacheoB'preeentatlon of the ntnvrn- IIIIDM
speech pathologists patron of Oallaudet aid over a five-year period, eat to Elliabethvlllo Beside Mrs. Riley tlon r II]Ir..*. -.An AiTtcan .11110 believes tn settling quarrels

signifies that the reel traditionally signs dlplosjss llsoa added. (Congo, where he lOt a those present Included; The hnnwettradittonal( hy occasionally. ".'.,"'an' itxm for the .""It takes
Pleat la qualified to granted by the llsoa said that the job aa aa office boy. Mrs owsadolyn Heater highlight of the ran tee to .... a quarrel.
engsgo la speech aad sdtool.Mrs. Adalalstrator had also Later he returned hose aahlngtoa, D. c. i Mra. ration will honor put urn Or>t Mst. that In aoat developed] count Mm,
who took urged that the present Georgia Clifton scales, presidents of the aas>,. .
voice therapy ithoataupervlaion Minor here he vorhod as aa 'tost things .. call Ideal) are Barred by the n
her II. .. Degree Pros deadline for teralaatloa office boy wrfreesboroTons. ; Mra. elation and presidents MM rte-MiniUni eifiallty with men,"
The ASHA 'bas since ar.bJ I.,. received her of vocational rehablll He than Joined the than Doris Brooke Shannon, of .Member.. earrnnleii. NIA In I'undlnui..Ita. diarie l, ">lIIm have lost rf..IIIIIIUI.and
1964. been the national aut.f' at the 101st tatloa training be. ei. Northern Rhodesia police Durhaa, M.C-i Mra Betty includes 4JN* accrediting aaaoclatloa ooMencesiaat curd ees tended by 10 yeara.Longterupaychlatrlepatlsata- aid seven ,oars later Patton Salley. Mini life Insurance, ivstpsntndoing ", and suicide II. remit.
for approving training at Osllaadet. Brad.hs.Mintaer becaae a sine nolleetiaa and .,1. Gloria Rose business. In 39atatea "In Aerca" she sdl, -<1, ""!.en are !ao rim
pro-raws la collates red Basher of oil* ao. being benefited bydevelopaenta at Utanahya. stun after Stall worth, Cleveland The ranpanteahave and care.r*.minded.. that the Imshsnil. almost runs the
universities. laudet'a board of directors la the nerds be decided to n* Ohio Usable to be present sbtne4 ....ta of house. lad' In countries like Israel and Russia**

Advanced certification and proalaent Wash psychiatric field, .., tin to Port Itoiebery were Mrs, Msrlsae over 1940 Billion' and where women turk and behave like .*..en"they are
la earned by coapletloa lagtoa attorney, delivered thus be able to receive and settle do... At that Gray tatte, nee Tort have over 12 bill Ian In "bound' Ui lose the MotherlyMouch hifi| la m' vital)
this tralalBg although City, and Mrs O. rgla Insurance In force." "
of at least a aaatar'a the ooMcnceaentsddress. stag ho had four II'... to rfitldHearing.
proem of study or its their present deadlinehas The taafwa faally lives Clark vorah, Mtaal

equivalent, la audloloiy Mrs. Minor also attend* long slice eiplred.Hoeever off the land, KveryoieJela
or speech patboloiy. la sd the University of the etteaaloaoald ,d la cultivating
addition, the candidate ('AlUo...". Seriley aad apply Mt alp to the land, and after the" ,
cost have completed a Southern adversity Ba* totally CU.abltdfthran. faally has been fed,
alBiaua of four ,ears of ton I R0Bge.She has bees bat to all veterans there la ah.,. a surplusto
paid professional ei* an elementary teacher at shone dlaabllltloa have beaartetsd.Dsvld .
perleace. attested toby the State School for becoae ao severe as to nays his greatest

a qiallfled AlMA the Deaf Rates toage.alace prevent Ekes frog per problea la lOt hoe to RKETS
toning the occupation I 'ER
sponsor 8W.Womm look after ao aany wives SU
for stick they are previously
Dr ruulware did
po.t- and children but hoe to ,
graduate work as a special locker'sCareer trained. educate thea.
atadeat at tayaeState. EMJSHUADCLF1I1 la aprevlons appearance OPEN SUNOJT AT EOGEWOOO AW HYL B FROM B AM. TO 7 P.M.
Florida Stats sad before a house ciataltte*

miens 15ivrslti.e.. and A"(d'I! )" a fee seeks ago Driver Applicants Sought SPECIALS GOOD THRU SUNDAY A1 EDGEWOOD AND AVENUE B
.. ..
Harriet Bright had urged that .a.
George peabody college Mrs
For Atty. Advisor Post -- -
lion persists to veteraaadlaabled
He ease graduated! trot Hines, vice president,
the talveraity d Mtcal* ou.... SoatMra. Bans la aervUehoald SMALL WESTERN
BOBIM: API. Os."Appl!>
with ended oa Jell | a loss bo increased by
sea a v' A degree atloaa .
are being aecepted -
about 1190 alllloa. .- BARBECUE SIZE
and successful carter la
la speech aid geaeralllacalatlcs
at Robins APS.Oa. .
sad )roe backing .ea she retired aaallyllsoa. for the position ofaltorary FLA. GRADE A
the aatverslty of she' Pros the bask her father pointed oat that *advisor toe-
coda t)2. withe". D- the 1st* Major aft. the aeggeated Increase
tracts. U. at $|0.JJO .
la for -
20 percent vocatloasl
degree la speech, eoa right, ST. fouaded.Mra .
per aaaaa.the CanerAsttns
ceatrattag oa rhetoric Hives who started rehsbllltatloaalloeaaces.
Air Materiel Ares FRYERSLB.
aDd pwblle address. ''aa a clerk and advaacedprogressively lireegbs..eral Ml to see 1120.raaglagfro There civilian persoaael officer RIBsE

ha aaaoucedAppllcaata
Sal. baa been ao Increase la
ass i
these lattices stare
11H. saber of the oar of a
state, territory or theDistrict
5 { creased evocation ei*
over Us of Coliabls
passes yearehave
side the preeoatorphaaa They Mat also... three 29

education alioeaaco yearn of orofessleasllegal *
i ae lager eooaaurats ....rl.c.. LB. 59
t Nth the beer The ,..111.. to befilled
fit coatsnpleted bf OM IB totaled at

grena _es it estahllahedthe I.blse ArLranker
prsiraa la Mt.. he iBferastloa sad
.aid. ppllc.tla tone oay bektalaed BALLARD
free a place*
, i tvlsaV
I exhilarating Pkillyj First eat ,.,,.."t.Uu at
the B.blis Aft _toy
I 1 I I summer activity did l Negro Police seat Office teblss AI.. FLOUR

: the 18th century Captali l.lirlSflILADELPlI'J 6repry Saysgirl

i I English enjoy JaaM M. Bs.... M. )Ultysnrsta -.- Ruts Cat t tTnBli REG. J. 6 LB. 39 *:

.gr r.Uccaatala. PKG.
; on the iced retired recently $2 MME

after 21 yesrs M the aiCAOO*0 1)." lee41..
" So caW it SM of rto force. I' lasellatelys Dirt Gregory said IB as
mast ref+w.heg Ueae AeE I .te.ted a aaaageotatpsaltlea latervle last ee t thai U. S. GOOD RIB STEAK u. 75 t
I I fh..-. e.w*W.Mr.Go tth tho pttladelphta fee has lest boat 12
*..** .M raw 'I hit .. I MMalas MUer* sillies la sight '1..
j .. Glees, gUsstiacGeeoM's. Ity.Ote. fee as a resolt of felt FRESH GEORGIA PEACHES 11.H 15
I >..... a* ir*. .
I leirotaptalaa Ivlt righto activities
r Dre JWasee-.k.I
*> *
, I ....* pa, *****,TV [:, > aa the f rte. Lint sea, ho cancelled FARM HOUSE CREAM PIES 25
Beeves rose ,. Oo rash a H.M9 feefsraU*** <
Uh W !
I h** ti si** a*
I i b* !% yean "'. enlWnmln la tM. DartM BU sfvl l.a........ aev.e/aaoo is
.. a. bel,>d .,...1.. order %s participate is
I rWf Aa4 .
I Ifl fact, ehve.gkwl lW tt the d...,t....* s gas the a..... pretest *.. FOREMOST ICE MIlK usuru( lunlSJ nun Me
I ebegsnsILIeiGnde.'. I .sw astral eall,. rtlle oe ...tr.U..., Me fees
I I, ttttbrtM pew oW. ."1 Moos. t+. ..er of Uo Jovoollo ...... ao s xft ao HT.K4
t I sane". ... 4"y." 3n I.e IrswieN Aid dlvlslea. MO took n .*.. la night cleboregory CANADIAN Aa BEER I I9UIU Ue
I j I shy .. (sutsh t ::c ..- 1M police OasaaraltySslatlooa ..u..,.. U.
t ess hsse.e....Mr.... Dlf ei.., la deMs st un, fM, let
1MJAvwoc- eye he ....' I regret 1ASSI JANE SWEET MIXED PICKLES } 11 u. ui 25*
. Ua cltstt*.. loa sty of It
W hers Hard fro o lose. I. ..Id he beo lest
.*.*.ser la l..t foraiMlbBBde trees of t.. esb.r of VAl VITA CALJFORMIA PEACHES ty UI 23<

ily .s aUr tla.. ho fees bees srres4ef ..
'-'.' 1.5e5AN.....ee5 ere Mw A.wers A5.5.
lag too cried bnldnp f.r rlgatotrstleao. .....
... CRAFT MUSTARD I Ilil lit 1 1I 1SATC10A1

J ,"

P I p 4 ,

-m. : )


Haw Stntea Seller High's" First totaled Aid Vocational Department Graduates _....

,r/' ''ft"l'.m' ;"?: ( (t1) 0 ::;

...' : ,,;,""fli
'L t' :,; /

I II I hIli p

# P t N by Ann Jackson|

1 1. .F', f a., 1\ -=- /

: .
; ---

.* 5. '/ 5 .1 1 a W ( o 'V r Af they say la the woe "This la the start of

', 1 : R something DC*."
7 5re
t what! aean Is that we bsvc been given the wonderful -

r r I An opportunity of meeting you OB a weekly basis

through this new coluan, TRIP TIPS. It will try to

; 5r'5r'a'' ,, pass alone Meaningful parcels of loforaatloa designed

to Make your travel planning easier sort

.. interesting, and .- mat important of all .. son ey
a a saving. .

? In the weeks to COM, *t will be ttlllai you about -

bargain budget tours whert to find rock-tot-

tom off-season resort rates and how to rare time

and Money la arranging your travel Stew rary.

PRVEUBIT' was set hers this Month when New Stanton Senior High School's Tech' nlcal sod Vocational Education Departamts graduated their first students. As an ezavple. hare you heard about the new fly

Planked by Principal Charles Brooks (left) and Jesse H. Steel q. Instructor drive travel plan? Major' 0. & Airlines.. worked

of Basic Electronics are Gerald Nelson and Larry Hargrove proudly holding out an agreement whereby you can rot a car: at your

their c.rt! ficate.. In photo right Miss Claudette "Burke (second from j left) flight destination for only $09 a week with no Ml-
.*.. charge.
and Miss Gloria flalney art happily shown holding their certificates which

were presented by Mrs. Aisle Simons, cosmetology: instructor and Mr. Brooks. Did you know that Congress Is almost certain to

approve President Johnson's proposal to Halt Aertcans' .
(Royal Art Studio Photos)
.IUI PUllIUS..COIIJIS' Opts OIIL' ro mlllm .
dutyfree purchases abroad to
Of $50 re-
sal I PE PSI i I Tie NPSI4OOU POITn1A10DMCSOUV1IU All uMtVRU ; DIET tall which would bt a 30* reduction from the present

V WIN FABULOUS PRIZES PEPSI Jax Airmen In The NewsSAN Maybe allowance)you* rt?s businessman planning a trip to

Britain? It stay Interest you to know that you can
ANTONIO, Tei.-Airman ute of R. ". E. High RAPID CITY, SO,-J.es purchase "Master Tickets for the Lon&n Transport

c \ Bsslt L. Cotton School, starts C. Trenblt, son of Mra. aystai at W. !X for seven days qf unlimited

DDCI daughter of Mrs Arizona Melons of 6738 travel.
SXi' Tex.Alamat
Cotton of 21S I. State Rhode island Dr. P. Have you been told about the latest hotel rate

0 St., Jacksonville, pla.. Rtitl Lee, son of Jacksonville baa been bargain la Jamaica, .I. ? You can stay at the
Mr. and Mra. Roy Lee of
completed Air Pore promoted to don first plumb Sheraton-Rinston Hotel right BOW for only
TV CONTEST ON WJXTCHANNELThe 7527 Tampa Av. Jacksonville
basle nil* class in the U. So Air 10,75 per day.
hai completed::
exciting new TV game that challenges your Imagination( end your ability, 10concentrete 1 tar y Force st Ellsworth APB.n You May be surprised, as .ell. to lean that
Air Force Basic militarytrdningat.acklnd
All you do to win big prizes is note "fumbl.."(ml.,.k.*)''n the films 1 t raiD ings eastern!: Airlines will give you 7 days .. a full

OVER 250 PRIZES Including a 1965 DODGE Ih. t Lacl&. Tex.Airmen. : APB, Airman Tremble is an week .. la Ml Ml for as little. U2.&op.rper.

J II1d MI.7ex.Rhe administrative so eel a- son(air fart additional. Including hotel aecoasMdatlons. -
Lee is being assigned
1. )1. ill. unit that airports big naae entertainment and ground trans
to a 'Strategic
.b.r the Strategic Air portation.
lo Air Coaaand (SAC' ) unit
.. COTTON Of Use WOaen Comand Mission of keepIng aver hear of lattraedlcTIt' u new low-cost membershlp -
iII Vandl'J'.lerlAP'B.Ca1
In the Air Poret.Alraaa U. the nation's inter plan under which travelers overseas nay obtain

s DODGE DART Cotton is being runtinental Missiles and price-nied Medical attention fro selected
a S/S FLORIDA CRUISES for trainIng -
from' wiur' Jacksonville Dodge Dtiltn Wutrnrmikw Room Air Conditioner, Miiml lo Nituu )fun.MM assigned to Keesltr APB.Miss. it boaters on constant tagllah-apeaking physicians.Did .
Mi, y Motpri and Southud' Dodge ",. .ill ,he fr. hMU of spring dirt aboard 'th. 100* tor training and and Jert. you know that out of a staggering 100 will-
IW9 i!MM Whitiwiiii. wtwttovtrt, with 'the nw ptrionil 'touch" conditioned, cruiMtnip S/S Fonda duty as an
duty as an administrative The alnian. whore father lion pieces of baggage handled by 0.8. Doajeatte
I GIFT CERTIFICATES a CASES Of PEPSI-COLA i1A. .< specialist. Her new the ec- Janes Traable, redden airline last year oer",; were delivered to arriving -

TV CONTEST ON WJXT-CHANNEL 4 unit is part of the vast LSFE iallsUHlsJnlt ep at 30)IS Hartrldge passengers without serious delay?

Featured on "MIDDAY" Monday thru Friday 1:00-130p.m. Training COM and By s tea \ supports the SAC Rt. is a graduate of All It takes Is a visit to aa As ert can Airlines

'which trains wino and New stanton Senior High sales office to obtala a handy little booklet entitled

FILM FUMBLES" ALSO PRCSCNTEDlTUISDAV officers in the dh.,.. mission nation's of InterconUnen keeping the School. He attended Kd-: "Tips on waking four First Air Trip." theellhtpage

MONDAY TNURIOAY ATUBBAV skills required by the ward Waters College.His : J I brochure offers advice
.. on such travel
11:00.11.30 ., .
II O'Clock
: .port
1,00 tJ10 p.m- 7.30 p.m.- BttwoM Jimmy SlfKklind tal Missiles and Jet *
Thursday Night" Movit. ind AI Hirt Show nation's aerospace for. bombers on constant aI wife is the former topics where to ft, what to ..r. how amch luggage

500fOOpmMikiDoulilWCPNCIDAV: 'IIIDAY II30 p.m-M. SIIow es. ert.t Matdne 0. Anderson to take and details of the flying business. w,

IWIDOpm-MiMDouiIll: : U )0 P.'m.- llll ShOW, Tr.M/.we.wrMeu.ara.A.11m. | The aim an is 1961 iTht airman is' a 1943 CLOVISN.MAtrmanPir.t to. the above, dear reader is tat kladof la tar

HOW TO PLAY "FILM FUMBLES" I Iiwirdod graduate of .Matthew I. ;. gradate Dennis UfhSchoolBlshopvllie Clasa Jotw H. til-, ..tiOIl. we will brag to this colns-i each wMII.'.
Gilbert High School hope that you will fled it Interesting, latonistlve
,. Witch' "',''m FumblM"on WJXT.Channel '. (lot ItCh "Film r"umbli"-many it 8. C liana Jr. eon of Mr. and financially worthwhile.FeniHHR ,
The TV schedule liitod ibev Itlli whn'. "film ether prim. .. John H. Illiaajaftr.
Fumblti' mil be ihown, AMARILLO, Ttx.-Alwan BIUXI. .,1... Captain
J. Aniwer Ih* True or Ain qucttioni. and of 1524 .. 25th St. .
>.There will ke twe "film FumWn'. Each complet the |11"11. en the lntry Hint" tact Third class J.... A. Nathaniel L. Holloway,
will I run 'far two wwkS it the Tams shame Mi Film FumblM1 u Mpiriti with Ml own plolRULES Jacksonville: has been ( .avs ElM St. Center
: Jilts, SOB of Mr. and ann of .,r. and II r.. Thor
the TV Schedule' Thin will I be I Fin Prise, and Hi Own True or Flit duiitiont.' graduated fro. the u.II,
: Mrs. Raa Jilts Sr. of aa ,. Hollo-ay of 1131 Air Porcv Fern' CJUI iI.loo- BWINMIJW OASTO! at 10:00 s.mTtle.day\ thru Thurs

IJSe Hart at., jack -. ?.1st fit. jackaonvlllt ed Officer Leadership day.
l.OxtMiotfkllllntryllMk' .print your MIM tud .. Two ttntotti win k Mid tM "'
'urllli .11I
.has graduated PWOJC STOMI10.!' dally at ilSP.a. and
aonv1)1e been on roaday
grad has beam fro ,
Nlms.ioa| with tM alma Md Mdmi tI year FiimMM promotlo The Ml toIItttC *tr.n| at cannon APB,
llvoflU rtpil Coll halmm l iddiHwil Inlry JIM. 21. wM Intfoei III oirtrlm oilmo<.k0 bides sated fro. the technical tht: Air force's advanced N.tt -ttta" .rrtda1. and Saturday nights at ': U ..*.
Clerks in KtiliWi*H rt..,r.pII.CoI.preductiinioid / nMnlht Mni/. July i INS M4 r cl> 4 ky
WoCnoidiy,July 7, INS: Th*oicond: loMnt Hnlki training course for training course for con Airaaa tllliaas, who ACTIVE CUltS AND STOUTS on tat playground at T. IS

t, Aniwf IM Not Tiuo w hiM mittoni about | July 1. I ISIS, wM Incluei *lrtM pottmorkidMore u.& Air Force inventory. aunt cat ions-electronics was trained IB management II..., ,.d.. Hand.'.. IIr., Mpervlsor.TEW .
Mch wdmumblw".iMtklnr n X I M IN rend mMnllht Mo>K y. lily. .II, IN$. Mdrocolvod
.... The MmoWi' tM 'fourth KM of lilt "'''III ly Wolnoidoy. Jury II ,.... specialists at Aaarlllo officers at Realer APB.Miss. and leadership. is AND SUB-TIB! SOCIAL ACTIVITIES: la Ski ...It1ton -

FimMM" |pall I* rlijirn with till Mcon< KMIN 7. Jiln" wIN. ko undor no mr.lilo. *t thoD APa, Tex.ur.n The course is the aa aircraft electricianwith UN dally at 2: IS P...
( ,.."". .. blows .I. lilt CerporMlM. M .h...| IW5"1 Jllea. trained to highest of its type of Tactical Air Con ARTS lID ClAm a."'.... sat la tilt Nodal *xm on
wanu...dnm"Ns.1 I Jm.... e1Mniim stew.. ociwoi WIN ko tl lad l, Intnot a
A,wovM.ko tlMor took I Mil will k* |vdd" M Ih* mete *l Tend sates inventory supplies by tar-etln the Air Force aandTACanit( at Hollo Tuesday and Tharaday at 3:30: P..., Mrs. lllie I.
'To rid Ml "dn|ability: sod on lilt ioniliUoii ii f tilt t
u.Aeo Jodelng* |tilt use of electronic data end is op en only to carefully unit Seaalone, iastntctor.
111I M wins tilt lam MGM sodpsuo" wIN ko M tho balls ol: Ban 4PB. N.M. His
.. ..- Mil processing .achlaes. ia J selected officers. supports the TAC aiaslon ADULT COUXJC CLASSISerehaldoaktoB'lay and Wednesday
[all; DiMkiilKklifilitfl. I) Lp::;, ;;11..W.we11nw .:::.....
"Ide dwsMm". sal eMw. t..sweM"eM.,.".-.. MN.MrM..) IO being assigned to an Air Captain Holloway who of providing firepower aighta la the Soda Iboon at 7.IS P.*. todeae

:tM print! *)md I honor 'most 'Oupllcit. ,::In w MM of MI 10" Force aysttaa coeaandAPKC studied radio radar, and other air supportto 1"". Or. laatnetor.
AM Mwi4 MmioH with |I loo. ( ) unit at Vanden- teletype and telephone MICE' CAOUP meets la the Social MOON oa Monday and
Thou In :nw iotliht oM I it sod g. Coot tilt ooftmut* hj nmikli only" it tilt V. ". Any tore...
wild cud on IM tnry 11.II ..-. berg APB. Cal 1 f. eriiipaant. is being assigned The airaaa is a graduate Wednesday at 3)0 P... Dra. lllle u. fteealoaa.iaatractor. .
; (And MkiiI dipdy I 6- t. Thoi wnhnti we I roildinti. )
oo e MOMHreod The airaaa ia a grad- to the Air Defenst -. .
tich Mrtry. HHt ki min*.....ky III k.o.dd ky tilt ,.*.).Col* Mtllnf Com my ofjKhionnMlo of Staatoa High
teas (pa Ihown III tilt Intiy Slit. Mow. ) .loundondor .. end (nMMll. *. Closes. nxnl mitt vats of New A tan ton Sen* Cbanand'a. (ADC) echo: ). His wife Blllie LITTLE LtUCT& TCA will praeUctoaMonday

tM bits ut ot M PMO) C"C: : I ::: *r l Mnod ky Ibis P el Col* lor High School. Otis APB II.... His base Jean is the daughter, of end edneaday at 4:00 p.*.Tat Sean will play gaaesoa
M4 Cads 0>0 N.' M.M oro Ml CM* to tmplonoi (ondMM
1. Mill your*om*<*tod ontry k)tilt MTu doe... ( toMim)ol Po*.t Wo Cse*ny. ,.,*>.CH LAS vroA. ,"ty.-, obl L.rruitr. supports the ADC Missionof Mr. and Mrs. jaaea Mobley Tuesday aa4 Thursday at 4::00 p.*. The coach
IM.M th*Stony SOWM. MM 0 L imr thoir M_> of tat teens adae
'L CeynMom the art rtendeaoe IIr. Center *
dtftadlag continental SsI
I. TM easy saw *.w ''',," F...*t.." *on...* Mi wn"s .S'.... On eM07w. .M Msbl ololP.M1 .. m. of Mrs. MaryL. of 1011 K. Dth St..
It yea .... Tw lIlt, tIIttf .M I..... ..,.: Motion. ruder of 628 Church v. ". against Paaaaa CS U. perriaor. clreact Steward and tailaiva jr.
( ) .Hf| ttM .1t1C'" Utry ....h.. (k) sail 10. Tho KM to void. .....*.or prMMtad. b, .low. St. jackaonvllle: has N'.,. air attack. The fttasea Cowity Oood Saaaritan AsaoAatloa will
Utry Cloaks I th*M iir Mv w(d) MUM No luMlt I hwlwtitlon I''httlnMli ol tM Wry lUnki. AN Tao MMNty M prim will ki 1It"meomiMMy *t been proaoted to airs an The Staaton Nigh School SI. Mary Baptist preeaat Mrs. laker la a spiritual Talent
onlrtot mud ko M.iM. .*' Itch ontry ewol k* m pow" ....... AN inirioi Maw .tho pcS"inp ottM graduate received hit tll'q r.
second class la tII. O. S. ,
plHod I**ioorlo.......*. Only*n*w).woohlyprujo PMtf-CM: Pottll| c....., e) JKUMWII.
por .temMye .. aM Si._ Air pros at Hallis APB.Nev. B.8.degree froa Tuskegeeinstitute. Church Stakes

- > ea oa evoBoveewT ON OOrfU LIME __ Me was coe-
The woaea of St. Mary
MTV BUNK aiasioaed apoa eoapletioa -
Aim an Praiier apavtaieBta %uvtiat Charch net with
CONTIST NO. I "Tg teaser t..,ienMilMMMM c.-W 11 M bq.y aT' aalateaaactspecialist of the Air Ponce
Th* prlncip donood I horror e.ev. J.M. Bryaat. pastor *
IM saw ." Aol viiwod humorl with g0ipMwsNw.w. la a watt Reserve Officer Training M
== aadorgantied for
: : TMIIM th* sptl1'sans I' bustMMstw..w that Supports the Tactical Corp prograa. and ta a ,

1MtwawMM: : Air CoaaiaadMlaaioa aeabtr of Phi Beta. their annual eel tttraUc..
W4*\M.....W -, which is scheduled blI .
...*M|* c.,..>wrq.w..W.a'w I ..lAM mar.kwMbl of providing firepower His wife Ruby. U the

bI.'$ YdN fii I...*.MM Inlfy" BtMh. wM w krwo* and other air sup daughter of Mrs R.by I.

dri .s..r. eaN. PHOI-CM.....I tot V.niandof at. 2. Lair Tae officers ore Mrs.
for' J.M. Bryant, pastor for
Ita..s M '
hwrs.l A IWM kwTM l.w- t war peeOll'TmN. .
G0 a 7 Ia Ir gala the day, Mrs. U ".a) .
; loD.ww Plor'M a1N.Mess. Tht airaaa la a grad
p '
I. 0-..... 1.: ,::; chains; Mrs. M. Law
1.,... Ton r hot*.. kw|iMokwe. )( a : son co'caairaaa; Mrs.

..... amassed T's h.. ..... -lllle .. Btaart. see

i.TIM* h M i* ne. M tM welt k. kit ei. a a eawm I retar) Mrs. Cola Mae
..Th* Pi mil*ol.won kortMM nmo*. Q a Set 'Jeed Centef Harris prog raw chair f
..Th*Mist boSMapc.wuag I ChiHliMl py. D Q CIt ...._'-_ .
4.TM >r o5M ri ew a ttt lain.. Q a ........ "" ""IA" "."" j o .... ,. aaa, Mrs. Mettle Bi
d TwaJ wN"P'.Si d.ii isM Mgr. caardaoa co-airaaa
_nSI M.*....*. a a ..... !\\e. &' and .41 1ft' ,'r t, ,, ,
Mrs. Ida Bell Jelly.trtaaartr. .
- -- IOCUTOM tomaUMinCMTWf __ _
: Mra. Mary
atANRCONTCST ..0..1_
.._...a.e ........ Mall naaaee dial _
NO. I ,L1. Ih
TMC CNAatr Jw It**taw a,iaM '
-W M .....
11.- Mat a Mil Micas Mw N Ni get 4 -
Ili,... c"f M,... ... tI/tf/ : US" OCIAN fOUT tU.: m Mra. Terrell eecaaliaan.
\ tNY W .
t.: esm i t&g pSd V W\ W. ,pat .........- JUMBO SHRIMP tb. $1.20 Mrs. Ana It Mat

I onto I/I.rKHMl7T.MMi.. ... .. MED. LARGE Brown, tag ch airaaa.Mrs. The lifts! Kti's
.5.5......... -a Lb. 89c K. Jo"10. aeooratita StylesAr.
aens.. I& (Doe II. II.-t .
'C. 1= M. Nes. I. ...........-. -...... SMALL FANCY SHRIMP u,. 49c canon. Mrs.
| .itN a..a.ear. Nest .. ..... Taught At Tho
rwt is mama M Mattle ,laardwa aaiv
M SW ;; 's ........Ir MANGO SMAPPtK .o. .IB. 4*. era caal,...
eM.ri...IMdttrp. I'I ras.r.e TALLOW TAIL SNfLOOMOM "" ............IB. 44
m.L ; Tat cast alas art: I-
t..f Jaeaaee '. .... Li. 4,. JacksonvillearliK
I.**.**....*... 1 LetsS.Tb.CbspP.p.eesel.aeL UIOIUM WMITINO ..tJn. ; L/ 3214 hiabeta B44er. ire A.

a JRMs. MID. MUIUT JOe LI. .'-1.. ."s ii'n! M.Browa. Mrs .Mglt Oavia. -

..n...es...... .. saw LAID 101 MuurrI7UK .. Ld 23. Mrs. Mat tie aits.
1'vo PaP HH'HIAD .
.. .. .1 IB. tie Coil.
I.Th*CMe biM.M I*..MLa. a D I s "IUM ''. : < Mrs. Matttt Jtaea. Mra.I.B. .. IRC.63O
.TIlt CMe ewnoi khj OMI NL* g.1h* > A __ /ISN'h.; gar : e vi i..w n *. jelly, ,
MMi eh0. 'I"a a II. die tlllie pearl
..TM Cfcomt a.....; rowi*....... a a A11wb Isar .HAD 101 Fast t flesh r.... Pa ... lather sag Atripua.
.. TIlt Cawie was I,e...west a.s a a MS MUUJJ UtCKU TROUT LI. 4,. ajr wa.Mary DAVIS STREET
--- a. -- --- --- r..1. ---- -- ---- "'. --

mID I S Lb, rigs .. LB 4S.
) a) ) IntiiiiOH.
otrrju Nt Ie.. . UJO FluidI'


I a'a'i' 't t

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.AHUHY IfllY 3, mi rmu mr. ?.

Cole's list Movie PortraysHis Puryear Appointed' First Lady Returns Courtesy R,. C. E. ,ioMett I.tr..s

Amiiia.!, Yost Talent' To Anti Poverty Safer Motor Vehicle LelklttlH

,HW YORX.N.T.-ttvlag of Us snomous talent that Newly Created PostNil A611inaiet 0.CDarL ft.. Charles' Benastt
.mania -- acting and singing. IB perhaps they '
TOU-(I4Z-llaalon of jacksoBvllls.<< citing figures that 1,000 Amsrl*
wsnt aovlegoera ttroughout Ue
bit would
Hat ling 50yearoldveteraa cans a week are being killed in traffic aecldenta,
and talent cosiee forth la T. Puryssr.
world to rsniMber him.
legelation to require certala safety
his starring role la Columbia Pictures *t 11&1. race relatloaa, (
........................ sipsrt and skllla devices on motor vehiclea sold in Interstate com
-loo" .- U eres.Bsnaatt.. ........"....e..e.
Bank" II recto r.National' .
la essential; especial
Nat King colt waa oat Urban League, has been who has Introduced ly whsnwehave. been told
of Ue format entertainers upgraded to the post of and supported Is
by siperts that \nfstyatandarda
la show, business, deputy directorcreatedto r r- glelation la the auto
) autoeouleswoul
: oa
and was tittndlag hla sect the rapid ei- aotive safety Held for
M' d save hal f of thoselives
deep lattraat in aatralght pansies needs of thsLsagne the last decade said la
we sos loss an*
acting career ..Vdtney .. Youngjr. a Itouas speech tbat hla anally.I .
before Ua covens when announced bill would extendtheaewfederal
have pushed thla
ha accepted Producer Harold : -
last seek.Puryear. safety atand- needed legislation since
Recht'a offer to portray developed sad br ; ands for oovernaent vehicles
produced by Hecht and 1 the 15th Congress, sadnow
At shouter"picturesque a
"' directed the League's adopted during
: with Anertcanabeing
directed by El Hot 811* sore
diaraettr of the 8th to all
National Skill a Bank Pro .. J Congress killed and injured

the .eatenwide opea versteln. ,".which seeks out and APPRBCIAnON-Mrs. George f. core jr., recently.expressed her sppreciatloa to vehicles ....ufaetar.dfor oa the\ highway a than ever
apace of the "nineties, la addition to Jane Pon .
obtains esiployaent for sold. or .I".dlahten..te
daatara the Cblnablarelease persona who helped to carry out the surprise "This Is Tour Life1 proiran la before I sincerely hope
la 'C.t Balloa". .
unsaployed NegroesHis her honor. The Plorida AM University president's rife repaid Us "surprise oosaierce.The speedy. action will betaken
are Lee rants
lothehllatioaa conedy. bill enacted last
spot aa associate courtesy at n duper party In Sunshine Manor Us PAHU presidential taledines by the Congress,1'
which la eaergiai aa the Michael Callan Dwayas filled year establishes certala
director waa by
Shown here seated around Us attractively arranged dinner table, left
biggest co.tdJ la the Hlckaan. Cole and Kaye. Adolph Holmes, 44. who Consul tiaa J.U loci Mrs. tapis P. Morris,urn, rteJllredatudal'd safety
to right, are; Mrs or.
history of CDluabla>> Pietares. World allclt .ce. !!] devices for vehicles Pelk... GtIty
baa been Purysar's aa Ullls lids, Mrs. C.K. Steele Mrs. Mildred Sprsdlsy, and Mrs B.K. Cooper.
Cole and Kays re- see. and remember Nat alataat.In Standing behind Mrs ticks, left to right, are: Mrs Thelas T. oorttsi, Mrs purchased the PederalOoven.ent
ootnt In and words lint (Cole for during the IIFIk.AmstIASHI..GTON..C.'I.A
mal asking the snnouncesnt. core and Or. Oore. Includingatandardaforaeat
the bslladof Cat Ballou. pint 10 years he traveled Touai explained belts,

Cat la Jane Ponds a to over 20 eoun that the new poet ... safety glass, dash, ... .
school teacher turned tries la ooac. ,.-, especially created to enable UN Presklei.lecewes t Nero An ei tee AntAaHNOTON pIratloa hsust lights and other special police trial

lesser of aa all-aela ue... Inning enoraoia the League' to .keep. NAACP -(NP1)-'T1 Saswlyappolated ployasat Opportunity. devices and .111 .he required board baa fined two white
respect and adalratloa policeatn for alacoaduct
binJof on tiara.Colea pace with the orgaal Negro Directing the task 1Ir.b.ra In the 60,000governBentpurchased
wherever he .e t. aid laklai untruthfulatateaeata
actingsingingtarring ..UOI'. grovlag usher Life MonberNCT .. of the D.8.aVmal ce that will draft pro
assignment la a Lat. la 1M3. Cole. who under oath at
of affiliates HI ei csdiral rules and regal cars by M7.
.... had personal dlacuaaloBB KaployRsat Opportaoltycoajslaatoa. the trial of two Negro
highlight of the pressed con fl denes InPury tom-AJ si Qual son* received at Ion a, and substan* last year 47,100 persons
tlooal testers spoof with both P real dent John* Of dledOBOur ..U oa'. brothers they arrested
.sr a ability to Secfcey Ghana, president task torce" "'II".t tlvo Interpretations, laAtty.
BOB and the late John P. guide the erpenatoa' pro of the Dalted Nation lutes frosi costilsalonchalraaa teuel C, Jack BOB. highways, .art ing traffic last Noveaber.The
Returns brothers, Marshall
Spingarn Ksuedy.a rare honor for accldeataes the fourth -
.ras.Puryssr. a Asseably.haa Joined toner NAACP regional
Pranklln D.
sills 40 1nd tests ,
an entertainer, received other world largest killer of Aerlcaas"lswett ."
regarded by figures legal council and ..-
From Roosevelt. nualclan
Europe extraordinary trl 34. a were ar
an his colleagues asaharddrlvlag. aa a llfe'aenber of the Institutional represen* aald.By .
Allsen Hernaadea, rested
Mrs < last NOV.
REV TOIZ--NAAQ President bate when California aoftspoksn and NAACP.Mr. toner. assistant direr tatlve for the state of the sad of this week they wereescorttsg Donas

Arthar B. Splsgarn!) Congressman Augustas p. articulate 'ItC1Itl,.. Is QualsoB-Rackey* Kanaaa.Ths 1.000 Aaertcenswlllkavadied
... .. UI.COII".l tor. California PtPC, pollard, 29-ysar-otd
read Into
returned to.Nee fork City H. a nstlvs of tinstonHa* ease the third later gives the assign unit handling) no* oa the highways.By .
Record ass white shier to a tail
oa Jaae 0 after a alt a 1. C. who earned aatloaally famnua African the end of INS
N. ..t OB relatloaa with tleee, record>keeplng In frost of the. nightclub
.eek atay la Earope.splagara special 0oa.adstloa.poistisg tie &L an.. 1b A.degrees to beooae aa NAACP stats and local fair w. and reportlac require eJaost 83.000 Merlcane where Lewis

left for his oat the fact frosi Rssptoa lastitats life .....r. Re vie preceded ployaent practices CDS aunts will) be directed will have be. killed la working. was

annual trip on April 28oa that This unique reaarhablepresence voice sad Col>> ..bis nai varsity by Alan Paths, the alsalons, fte will use by the tee Luther Hoi traffic aecldenta.. Al* tee officers, pvts
the ..B. Queea Mary .call.a own respective fMoasSouth Afrlcaa writer m.. ud the confer BMtst two Million others
Bade his of eoasaltaats.hlA Donald Griffin end Walter
of the Cunard Llae. Re have He has taught st .sap- and Nla ......CIL..n.c.rd1.aI..b. lacladeaPertytll.) Des aavl publication) are eipected to be la* ,ran_ wars charged with
apeat seat of his sty a great ambassador of well .. Jured la traffic accld -
toe institute, aa lisasof ttepresldMfaCoMlttee squad la under the supervision false arrest and ual awfulstarch.
la England. with a taU good .111 without por* aa Delicate State and of the RoBaa Catholic of Richard nta this year.Bwiett .
oa task< DS Praaek was hued
to Denmark. folio for>> oar ooaatry. Arkansas state CDl..... 01.rela.pre..taU..ftll.lIta. Orwhas. said legislation
ahlle la England he 1I.Vat 5h l ou." film Ms jolaed the Urban League th **** 1125. and Orlffla. 1100.
----- -- ----
participated dung with 14.. mlor Nat hag Cole>> la KS1 and ban sir ..lIer...., plague aaa

vrltera Langstos Hughes appear aa mlllloss of red coatlauDualy, eacept aade to Mr. Quesoa-$ao- "BONUSBUY"

aid paale Marshall laItate persona rsasaber him .. ourtag 1ITTEry icy by U.II. AmbassadorPranklla s-

Departaeatapoa glrlag of .....If for .. tl 111 aaa oa

aored dlacaaaloaa oa the aBtertalBaant of o* _II'. b.siIp. ,..UII4I 1 behalf of the New Tort
*>..l 1.1154. lets It seeeleg,
of ''
race and the problems thers.
lebbUg. and serwbbing. ftats coa fersac of NAACP
race He llkeelae si- branches. at a laacheoala
hiDed the role of the
the delegstes Aalagroosi
NAACP la the cerreat Report Discloses IBJ Received at the Dal ted Na.Ilia .

civil rlgkta struggle.r Tide
wv Sopped from Negroes Jesse 11. QUANTITY RIG S RESERVID
was latsrvlswed by the Overwhelming The diplomat the first
rltlah press at aeeeoafereaewe. black SFECIALS, GOOD THRU SATURDAY
Africa to reals
p *
*- Nn IOIBU-M' **!*, ._riseaa mttalsedekew algal a-
|a ewpeahagea.
aver sexless of the
caace aa a force la the DNl.etsl
political affairs of the
f' Denmark ks par
aatloa la the P44 prealdeatlal slectlos. the an* Asssahly.wss re*
k tlclpated la alallar ..aI report of the N4A9 asserts. ceatly arpolatsd parei* GIANT SIZEWITH

tata Departaeat die* ._-__._.__.._._._.u.._._._._._._._._._._._._ Hal at er of Otaaa '. -ott g th.
caaaloaa.Aa .trth ss.oo
Die 112-page rquorteatitled tensive voter reglstra IB a letter to NAACP
sisaL sptagtrn coatlaued "A New birth of tics drive, n reoord liecvtlv Director Roy kJ FOOD ORDER

his eollfctloa of rree* ." ova release .OOO.OM Negroes were Wllklaa, he ecpressed"scpreaistios \\\'BJ1N&\
book by Negro aatboraIt
by tiecvtlve Director qualified to vote and, af the
both eoaatrlea aadTtaltadUhold Roy till las OB the eve .
of those who actually tall efforts Made byUe

frlMda.Hla ofthe Assort tUoa's Sstk voted, .,"' ....tal, 10per NAACP: aver the years

collectloa la pro* BAT.*) eosvwntlon.- c at cst their to* to get Us sa sad ... BANNER PREMIUM QUALITYft'E"REAM

bably the world largest ver. Oil, jvae 2iJaltX tss tor Mr. John IO'. ths of soloar accepted as e- 49C
collectloa of boots
X report notes teat eU.... IB this
Negro aataora. Tie sail "
dtlums. the 'The BchlsvsasBt above rest ODMtry."
la bossed at report are "...,... all ethers In the civil
Howard OIi ytral tI, Sub.l.gto..lth
at gal fl castforte
SB a
very rights held I. 144 wassnactaent..ef tilts launches
J.OOO Umpll la the political
the Met
cats ..1.... bossed at
affaire of the eomstryla eo..,...... vs Civil SlG ,oeo Hiss
the cslverelty of Call a e..aJ.1<<* tights Act In tbs his. IltAliEf i ice CI.AM CUtS FREE
feral .. lerkeley, |e
the civil right ..... tiny of this .aU_." M.flitg i C..lf'

tlll peraoaal rttalaa olleetlea a large la easel.ptreaeeal" la* the felOn ststss.CMYalaed II....... Ala....U.. IITI pncim IF H UUII ice CUll

his New Test home. ""portaa > la Ue report C lle.e ooatiasea IB its C
Aa a"resalt af aa Ii.aii
sue detailed asoesatsf
straggle te raise the

the s..y ..ti,..... 1200.000 seeded to oos- iiTiu CTIPHIUI HALF 69SIIIIIIFI

the Assodstls has on** plate cesstrsetlea of

a gt ed In throe ghost the tbs Music lallslsg.eklch MILK 7 m CANS''

t. OMB Ultch..IIU. it ...t bats la GALLON

Leila,e4iest.s.,saplsy order u fslflll the
sat. political actlew. last sjsaatttatlvt etaadN -

ctjart* anti yj u... ..- for ...r"I.t...

bershlp prvMtlss, and I. tbs southern AssMls nsrs SIIIIIITCIEU
1 pith relstlMS.Ufe tloa.with the iBttlstlsaf 1 79C

{ sets sal I lag fiaaatal SHORTENING in
drive vhlcb begs PORK & BEANS
Jackets a "stars
.a jws>e ,.
act gwsrasteed fire MOT UKI C.UN. SfUC
h before the elese of tballlM .

severe tent If bat n tbs best cfcasces ovsr, ...at.. ea lull CORN $1 ISC. 41 IZ.rumr .

f servlvel ate Seth 3the fsad-ralslBi 5 2tJ 4 ]1 1nuns

renter, staff, headed by Mrs.A sue

.y .....,..., 0t srt* .
All tlcseses sad per neat of ......... .111
.Its Isssed by Us ors tats ailed Mrs than wine 11I11I
ash fresh Later fish ..,... letters Est Istrsspsctlvs 5 II 11.$1 SCOTT TOWELS

CssnlsslsB stplred sn soatrtbatorssrws4 CORN

Jwse _, IMt. Us ssllesi.



SMIU lUlU till..IIC

0' /' 1I.59CItiSSED


liuist Uttli turn Itl.... I

-Invite* You To Llittn ToNg > .690
:rate b TmJ) 29C CHUCK STEAK ,

IAMO 1008 Tyler At LMtAWN WHOiE ti.



Mrs levee I1H.
356-8325 BEANS1O89

!Uf= a I2JI ire/ i

SlIrfl 1.i.. II I 12JI, |JL Hours

531: 1.1. ti IJI: f.M.Seehtsattets 2 U129C

1400 WIHC 1400 liftUuMutt Iidl


I f*' I $ f' f" 1 I .' ; I '

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... ,,," 0' <.' '. '.' .. ..,.... 0:' -. ,..



: '-- ; [
0* WWh
,.. ..... ,, .- ... ..,, ,
-r""' "a' ___
!' _
't'lrL :.:..::..__ _____ \ ,_ >L. L :

King Task Force Miami Dade Memorial To Beloved JFK Young's Speech Contributes To Fund

Moves Into South Adds Fashion Given Thunderous

Modeling CourseA Applause Here -
Includes Florida
AMI--Dr. Whitney M.
ATLANTA"At least. eight course in fashion young, jr. executive
university professor modeling will be addedto director of the National _
and two Catholic Nuns the curriculum of Urban League and memberof
were among more than 500 Miaal-Dade Junior legs president Johnson's
college students who in September Dr. Peter poverty program said
left Atlanta last Saturday MMlko' announced. : r The American Negro's
to work fcr IO-weeka Mrs Edith Zlpp former plight is likened to
with the Southern Chris owner of a modeling that of the young eagle
tim Leadership Confer school in Coral Cables, that refused to fly "
ence's Summer community will teach the course fr 8>eaklng to the general :_ VA+
Organization and Political J y
'As far as we can assembly of the National
Education Project judge, this is the first ; Congress of Colored -
(SCOPE). time that a college has Parents and Teachers st
The academic volunteers offered this type of the McAllister Hotel

representing universities course as part of the Tuesday (June 22), Dr
and colleges regular curriculum, Young told some 600 delegates _
throughout the nation said Dr.George Mehallls, "the eagle flew
had been in Atlanta undergoing I
director of the Technical when convinced be was
an intensive Vocational and Sesi-Pro- _-1 capable."
six-day orientation on feaslonal Division. "Though you have been
Atlanta university canpases. The course is being MIAMI COMMISSIONS Uay4U I. KMIIKUV (flint) accepts a siaiorlal spray from Mrs. burdened with all of the
Headquarters. for instituted for local Minnie J. Hitch of Paris, Kr., president of the National Congress of colored handicaps humiliation
the orientation was girls who have been leaving Parents and Teachers. Die organization opened its three days of general see- that would suggest you STUDENT LOAN rVNDR TO FW J- ca. Wall is Ham Win
Morris Brown College the state for their lions June 20, by paying tribute to the late president Kennedy at the Kennedy are nobody; my friends, of Miami, presents envelope containing checks
On Saturday afternoon trsinlng The course, Torch of Frlendnhlp. (Mini-Metro News Bureau Photo) you are somebody, Dr totaling $1,653 to Or. H. Manning tfferaon. dean
the volunteers boarded which will help to solvea young continued, urging of the university, for establishment of the Maurice
buses, and cars for 48 need in this the members to work toward
community Teldell Brown Memorial Student Loan Fund at
counties in the statesof Cancer Society Fla. A&M Receive $348,484
created by the garment "effecting a society Florida MM University Tallohaeaee. The pre.aitail
Alabama. North Carolina Industry, television and Moves State ANti Grant of Americans that on was made recently during a lundieon by sit of
south Carolina conventions will be Poverty, is far better than any the eight sponsors of the fund along with members
Georgia Virginia and coordinated with the HeadquartersTAMPAstate TALLAHASEEE-'Ploridn; AMA University is the recipient society" of Mrs. Brown's fully froei Newport New. Va., and
Florida. existing fashion design of an Office of Economic opportunity grant The gathering, representing Greenville,Ml as. f onmra and guests at the lunch
However a group of pro ran. headquar of 1340.484 for operation of its 'Vpward Bound" 14 Southern eon came from Washington, D.C.. Sinai and West
volunteers from Call The course will coverall tars of the Florida 1969 sunaer program under nation's antipoverty states, thunderously applauded Palm each, Murfreestnro, Tenn.; Durham, N.C..
fornla arrived late phases of modeling, Division of the American program. .................................. Dr. young when and ClnreJand, Ohio.Miami .
Saturday, spent the Including figure control Cancer Society Inc A total of ISO studentsare Washington. D. C. ; More- be told the The Federal ..
night absorbing a six- wardrobe coordination will move its offices, benefiting from the house College, Atlanta. Government is not
day orientation from cosmetics, speech, radio effective July i. The new program at the Tallahassee Ca.; Texas Southern University going to send money into Beach Shorts
tapes, and were assignedto and televialon prepara location is in the B..,. school which is one Houston; Tennessee those communities bleb
a county Sunday even tionphotography, wholesale side Building, Room 406. of l& institutions and AAI University atlll want to hold on to Although apartment buildings have far ricee'lHother
Ing. and showroom modeling 2909 Bay-To-Bay Blvd one Independent schools Nashville; Fish university the institution of segregation. forma of new construction during tae! lat
SCOPE:, under the direc ,all types of fashion Tampa Florida 33609 talent search program ; Dillard College several years in Miami Reach, pore. are on the
tion of Hosea Williams, show techniques, professional L.H Peterson society which are sharing ID New Orleans La. Le- .If the south wants to drawing hoards, around recently was broken herr
a key aide to 8CLC president and ethical preparation Executive Vice President federal funds totaling Moyne Col lege, Memphis survive It baa no choice, for the largest apartment to *te, to cuntaln More
Dr. Martin Luther and participation said the move la being and its decision has .
$2.194,640 for 1909 summer Term. ; tebater College, than 400 living I unite.Fr
King, is designed to combat in fashion shows made with the approvalof program webster Groves MO ; been made by the intelligent ................
an almost absolute during training the organization'sBoard Other institutions include Western waahlngtonstate. and enlightened people in Miiwl Brach know the origin of tie
Negro disfranchisement The two-year program of Directors which : the university of Bellingham; College of citizens of that part of awe 'lukrr'a Haulover," that no. iValcnetrs nchma
in some of the south' will also include abasia rtpr..en1011'. n. OOyolunt..r..throubout Oregon. Eugene: Columbia>> the Ozarks darkaville. the nation he said, *\ alto th. O..MI trom Btaeayae "u '..'ctr
Infamous blackbelt core of general education University, New York Ark. ; New Mexico High adding ".. have eote- three miles north of the city Uel h.". locations
counties courses. the state. City; Howard University, lands Us Vegas N.III.; thing to contribute to originally cam a narrow strip of sand over which
and Upon College>> (Upon this new crd.r,DI"r let a Captain Baker was wont to skid Mttmren J b01hl.
-- -
Wise. ua move into this thing, the two hotUea of water.
and never let our chile f
tiff (.reefesj ki yew Irtri'wtt'JS. dr. move thinking that
PICK THE RIGHT we do not have socetblag
SAVINGS BONDS to contribute."

Top Award Winners Oh !.That Young Blood Feeling !


Oh! That Young Blood Feeling!
..,.r" I

s 5 s' tiff!! :!
I .. .
: < 1.1. TONIC

$1,260 IN CASH : / l!*i> Vi'-'min.Mctwd UQUIU TAHLfTW



ON WAME-1260 ,, WMBM.Spotlight .

v 4 enry Product 01 The' Week

OH YOUR RADIO ,h Miami Florida

I Sp Jr

; (".
\ 4-H OUBCRBSauWt WBffnas. -*luers 1m the snsmajdrees
: rewe sponsored' at Florida AM diversity
; WIN $1,260 durtsg tat 44th Ajuraa State 4-M sort burse tot
\ Boys and Girls are pictured' hen Left to rtgM.

.} t;,,' ; they are: OeraldUo Pianette. Dade tasty: ; Roealy

\ !'. .... ; I .rlght.Rilahoroasn COMty.and Mary *drr.e, cads*

(, den County '-

..,.-yo i,t. WIN $1,260 ',> '. Wearer Announces Appointment 4r "'1

1..: Vr Of Helots To Sopergnde PostsVWMOTCH.
; ti. SHORTY $15.Ml .
,.' .J ( .'" IXC.-toeert C. leaver Adwlnlatre- ALO STYLI .US.r .
..1 ., ;S. tor of the Romaing erne! Home Finance Agency, tale. e....1.. .m.u..e... ...(:.4ee. -,...:.:
.1 : ;i, "f'O. we* onoMce4 the eepolotamt of two ftegree to :=.::-. -.'. .;.:-.a-.MW' +
Mvergrado OS 14 Boaittotis in that Agtejrsmjlag :::" -- -J::-.:. ...
r WIN $1,260 from $1$.$)$ to 121.* per year. l: -.=':: .:::--.,:;; .. .. ew,.tt, n y.
''I" 2 : ; : ....................... vaFa SCALP 1..e.. --.w
;; Gorge Onver. a lawyer _. ...- IaATs4r' .
; c;: .
who nan been serving as .4.:
roy --- ----- -
Assistant State Attorneyof .
: _
7'1' nvL BiMaW V T R IVrlasj.ritMlls
Mlssomrl in the St.Lasts I .ear wee:;:: :::: r::
\7' .f$ of flee, ... sued WeeeMr.ttwimee ;;:r e..a a w ...em.w ... 1m.
Chief of tte la all affairs .t _.-WM-. ... ...... ITC'If"Y 191Gtl5
an .
(( .".., .... .;" ....
; Fad l l tlee Ilf .L'.. l.ntNe. .*tete ...(.' '.iee.......... w.. StiltBgWgM
eau. lieu... Lasts .... e..w -- -.
-.4 -
CASH \ ties; M n..... Left Dan. tasty -_ .-. _o Tn..a.. 1: ..-
iI to t I lmJones hoes. 1M,. Is a* kM Mr4rel =- :-

that ate Cast .-.. an..,.-.. ::-yen me.e. ,.. .. .... .-
a former 1 a.l.. lecttM at. /O t a.W .-. t =, W :, eau Sean .. -- -...w._r r..a_
an mtolayftAYfJk T U .',...,.*.*-=tiltun --......-- _- .-...he-. .ra w aYI.a.... '., a..eoi
eo .o has sew t a.*. itll ie 5,1L .L :_=__. ..e'y't.....::':.t-U *??-.ewN..a.-. .
beta sertisg as Elect a .....,. Lw t .< isMt. -CATS. aau,"ow _' -"..*_' C I'll'. .<.**. **m f"i" ** IMI* *:
... = = -
WAME DIAL -1260 live Director of ... at na OM wish toLMlk .ewem.... ...... ... fprgvnnr
Tort City's OMimissienMenam aUWI M4 yew will CL"'f-' : .
IL4 .
M W*
.. :
feet the 411 fere. .rl. =.
et Right, was .....-. .. .... ,...
Uti .ts Nff a 'LA .... ..... .emem .
sued Assistant Malt price m..q .......... t.. as,e.._ v.*

-. ... .

Io.. "1 ..' .
/ .
'I. "
! 1 q t t.

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4. .. 4" .


I SctaMaChanted Top Coaches Spark Annual Clinic Officers OlfludllltJ

For License Check

Yetfh Camps TALLAHASSEE'Deadline)

v w a for the 1965-60 fishing
license was aldnliht
la tbt anaar eaaplnc
t June 30, Plaherara' are
schedule at tee toath
gyp advised that Wildlife
Conservation Cap locatedIn : .A
Officers bee an conduct
the ocala Rational
lac a strict fresh waterManiac
Forest will allow boys
license check
tda through fourteen to
July 1.Persons,
attend oat week CUpiD
violating the
sessions beginning July
provisions of the flsh
4 through 10. and July
lag license law may be
11 through IT.
fined not less than ten
The eaaplrg period July
dollars, nor more than
4 through 17 was originally *
three hundred dollars
plaaatd aa a two .. '.. .
::: .I- 9 \ > or iaprltonrl not to ea-
week cession but nuaerous COAffl DUtRfU. BOTAL (second fro* left)Dead football>> coacft at University of of Carver High and Richard Blake of I! roe High Cocoa, coach Jot Love of Dun- cued ninety daya.Plaherarn .

request for oat weak Texan and oat of the nation-a top clinician at Florida AtVa recent 2lat an- bar High Green Cove firings!! (left) was the recipient of a transistor radio aa nay still obtain .

eaaplnc baa resulted la Dual Coacfclac Cllnle.llitena to Coach Leonard Jones of Carter High School. Del. a bor prize during the Clinic. Making the presentation to Love was PAMU tackle their lIe 'es fish-
a dI...* of tile prevloueacbedult. ray Beach.describe a play made .
situation. Ala>> listening are Cbacaea: Warner 0. Heath Hansel Tookee.Nt.s inc license at the of-
flee of all County judges,

either Capers of tile ay oat atttad week NBC To Telecast Postmen's Little Leaguers On The March, Gov. Burns Names Copelmd, agents and their throuihout authorlifd sub-the

sessions or both seeks.Ci.per..ttending Women's Colt Tourney
both I '." :; O Frye To Game Body Posts state.
: License fees art
weeks will receive aa Kin TOW. N.r.'rl.e i. :

advanced caaplac prog re* forcer wo...' national I RKw : il T ALLAH AS CT-". a. Copeland of Jackaonvlllt waaaaaed Realdent. combination
huntlnc and fishing,
during the second week. coif cbaaplona and the t 0>alraan of the Cane and Fresh Water Flail
1234C17150, $10. SO.; Realdent. annual
Fees for the oat week reigning chaap Mra.Mickey I. Mr COM last on during the final minutes of the Beet IngJ
fishing 13.00.'ton./' *real
'session thirty dollars: fright will be "SIt' ThL4 J of the COSH la ai on la Tallahassee, June 33.

per week and fet for tile la tile field of 88 for w R Cope land caa appointed ..N.....N..S H....NU dent 14-day continuous
liE h linking, $3 :3; /lun' -real-
the llth 10... OPen
two week prograalaalitydo to the Coaalaalon by Fink Ceaalaalon. Pry
drat five-dy continuous
Golf Chaeploaahlp of the
11 are. don replacea A.D. Aldrich
Governor Hay Burn ,
S fishing, $2. :$.
U.S. Golf Aaaoclatloa at
Other caaplac sessions and confirmed by tile the forcer director who

are Oat two week period the Atlantic City (N.J. ) Senate on June 7. In addition will coordinate the Ct>.- -

for boys July II through Country Clab July 1 to being eased altsloaa Fish hatchery

31 and two one* week ..- through 4. ell U I'll aD. Copeland also ,rou... Prye has been IMIIIICANCANCIR

clops for clrla. August NBC-TY will telecast serves aa the Coaala* serving la the capacityof rn
the aiaatie final boles :
1 Uroich 14. Girls say .GC f stoner Iron the Second iiecutlv Director SOCIITY
of the toarnevent 81Dd.,.
atttad for oat or both 4t/ 1 Conservation Dlltrict.I since January
eke.laforiatloa. July 4 (I.I P.B. COT). ;
we : I Copeland la the president *
Mra. trlcht who won
sad caap tile 1964 tb...' Open inan jl I r I Ir I and aaaager of Duvet County: .
application nay be ob- Aloof Traaaftr Coapany

talaed by writing the Ruth ll-holt Jensen playoff(who also with ALNORIrON and wood- July 4..Paylent Croc.vaFloradtlt Richard: Htmoftmtt ....

Tooth Coaaervatloa Caap. will btcoMpttlag) at the Hopkins Lilly nniHa-MniUton+ .....

are ..er".ab Water nab Baa OhIO Country Clab Contractlac t July 7*"Richardson v* navllit"e.,tt perks ,,
Coaalaaioa. ocala. Pla (*>.<
will be shooting for aa Lilly Pniga i, Ploroblt lliurt

Record Turnout unprecedented fifth paayot 1 July 10....Daylint) Va Lilly IInl..-...... wtt

croon. 81 e had previously J a ckaoavllle r Richardson v* 'lor .II"a. tlnitefonrea

Annnil FAHU Chic oatdlataaced the field tVXT DOOR..accordiac to Manager Adrian 9alU, are U* Little Postaea Aa .,...U"., 3:30:: //t... tMp) | | vet tine"' of wrtur'tuy's

TJLLAHA&SIfA record la 19U 1959 and |961.Poraer sponsored by Carver 81 -Dhhlo. Post Office of the MMettQitpReed( ) Little ar4athunter .....
.. ..
League with a... won-lo.s record and 3 and *<'ItS n p ,.
cbaaploaa who grew out of first place which la pre- "n. rnII \
131 college and bleb the chal held by the Boy loner Hundrtea tea. pacing thtpoataen'a ft 1 she nun V'tr. t... .. .............'.... y .1)""
school coethee atttaded among C8QA Dallas Hoi... cstdier upsurge u.bll..n. Co pel and CDTtLANDla Playboy...,...,,............... 4. 3 .1M
lingers Include BetayRawla ; Joaeph (ateaaboat) Jertda ace pitcher and lIotcmn.r
the :Jiet aaaaal Florida star Jaaea auekholtt. 3b. Bianuel Thoaaa carried sad has two told fingers.) .. .."...... S 4MS I
(1991. 1913. 11)7 terser eoaefe. has ben saved
AIM University CDachlacaiale children.a Boye Mote*.,. .......... i .
sad 1MO. Mary Hllla up to League CoiMissloner. Uela Hall la the t..' roads The league la apoaaored .r. 7 .tMh
bert recently.Coach (1963). Mra. lathy Cor- under Ut City Dn>artant of Recreation Carlton Bryant and David Shields another action tb.Co.II..OI Hustanfa. .........."... 37 ::1)0 asprtlrlte
Jake Oattber ..U.. and Jl rectors. aaaed 0. E. 'July 3................., vi n>lkirimeraPlavtaya
clinic director sac (1954). patty pry* aa Director of the July |.................... va %!'.' H.WHlililflncere >

athletic director and Ben (i94i) Game and Fresh water July !.-................" va lnlstmgm

head football coach at Three toner..' winners oftbt Aerial Duo To Co-Captate July ....................Rj>ya* MiMt. ve OuHHnirraNuatania .

Air tsprtaatd ..ti.- .0. National Jut, 9...........is...."' vs srslril
faction at the attendeact Aaatear Chaaploaship 1965 Skew University ct.IULDtat..C. Standing'
also .111 be teeing off Tuu
sad the interest
the la ;< ; Reed little Ton thin't Nave To Ou Tu Tuwn
nop 'ar'seltwvlaj Emmett league
the Chip
participants shooed la ._Aa all>aoaference quarterback ..n1his 7
the lectures and deaoaatratloaa. coat prlted of laurels favorite passing target have been chosen to w .
Pct. WKoxy :
for distaff coif era.n.yare leadlthaw University's foot ball era for the IMS 10"". ... 'I..175ilJ.WrP.rt LOW PRICES

"I bare tried each three-tint chaapioa rid e ttftim- .........................
--- ---- ---- .
,2 I
to bring the best Mra. Aaat Quest felt, was eoaoicted<< .750 on your
year Nathan! I. tam. a aaniorfnai among theaiexbera Carver Po. 4 1 soo I
males available to oar who holda the tb...' QlnheUi aty.N.C.. of tII.'.. a<|iad, Coca-Cola.... 2' ttM BJoe DRUG STORE HEEDS

cllaic." bt aald. .te Open record for the low- and Arthur ridges, a ,.. to.. an AJI-CIA4 aelectloa Jasea/,..,..,., I' US |
art tattrttttd la In- eat 73-bole score by aaaaatear. jaalor freaMooat Vemoa. la football and Trade with tour Neighborhood prang atoreIK

proving tile ooachlag la 399, set at ...f., were elected to baseball durtag the past July .....................wilder Park va Carver IIU urn ANT PRICKS/ ADV M IttR: LOCAl. PAPtRS.e .

oar schools by heeplagap Cbarchlll Valley, fa, la co-captsia the ttae C. adnol ,..,,... been aeclaiaed Jell 7...................Coca-fbla va Joe JaneaJaly I e Deliver also fill all factors prescriptions
1959. Mra. Stewart
with the lateet treads Bearafortht l WMtbaJIaeaaoa. aa the leane'acr s...............tnsy Koraer .. rrvr
la coach lac." Strait of CaaadaMr. Tbt balloting .ateet all-arou.d aU All
cane at Stoned Johnson, 4 a.*.
-- lets Aa the avarterbadia : Dixie Pharmacy

Versatility Receives Award Hew licenses the more

Fer Fishermen glee of playing tlat oa 9...........................rraana v* II sins 1312 Ilin Rail It Nfrtlt AinuPfciiii
both effuse and defusec *
Honored titles v* "' 1 elf,. Ilfli 555U-JI
Being Tht I-9. HO powidercoaaected .July T....!....-............... "'bits' va Ulamd
oa 3S of n #'0 ... -e:... -- ....: "'"
TtLAM W*-n o rHafree Punta va Hurricane
.* water fI....,. .ai ...... for a total of July 9-..................-........Jets va .1.... PAf TIM U.II, IA1EI lie HUflllll
0 371 yard and five Ida
art befog urged U avoid "n'tanga ** ...|.M,.
SMflC liltS IT till Sfllt
during Ue 14 aeaaoa.Mia .
Ue rush. and buy .......1-. ..._ _.
sterling ] ailed to
their flehisg licensee ,... yet MII| M ft.l
.... Tt ate 1MI44flahlag the tllJt Uggeet apaetf .....u... CoW ten Utt ej.
the year, with the .Mg en Ins f..a'
licensee a*
art sears walloping' sexed Dart e-fee,say tW|-.k.lMM ao
jp119 vUlahlt at the of flee* rwa like u a*,. Isle.Sat. t.
: of all Cowaty Jse and ranked Virginia Slate .1 ..a w a ... III 'ka'.

f their MthtrUed *... College 38 to 7. _
Nuts Bridges, Wai tea a aala Witch ids Clown To find out how smooth
/Rmg puinuom. alautac oatnelder Bar Ue Cla* target oa the tapteUteadef

ciaaaU Red*, htta the baseball Ueee Ante aa If ttll your nt"hborlUll vejiy of bit aerial 1S4 IJ 31

It were aa bit a hit aa rue see 3-dot Oaaalt bell lessee, la ..... hooaedat the perfect Martini Gin

bt baa aearded .t *ee atadiaa) recently. Me deat e ttt BeanCanat gifted n 43 /oh ,

rate* Ut Ideate beds ateaager Me Staler '-Me receiver slate tie daea 24I taste.
J. can
Praat was Ue Pwartt lamed ....
*w Icier League of Ben Ulgkt tonerlr>> M

Bowl T raattat la Tampa hat Wrtag with a 312 1 with the art see Tori j 2

aosre agaiaat eoaleader Roy Buyers 0|salt .
5 I

57 .U..t r
51 U 17Dtetleee

Bye tvSoaetlaea ni' r r

Mea D... /

.e add*, tabtraita,
N e works It all areeagOWUfl .. r s 1
4TTWJkC710n$ ( ,
r rr_
31 IS It $


Mil 'S Days

Are Ninbtrid

-...' a Oayt art aao"bered

." sealtb and 'nO' ''rl

taae Cat I. Tear Whet '

IM iee fear Lee*, ftaytU

ay Caltra gut.

.ead U.00 fer your :

Hura .*fOLI. aldt tit

..U la the blank Mitet4 ,M4r 1 1 6

sell t. ZOO laC Peet .t

OffUo Be* U7I. Jtcaaw

fill flerHaart. .
at"its L eat ike racks

Beef Best s- ................ .. .

-w1nDIMaIcae. .--enMsnuar.rw eIra

ant a azClN.
: 'w'

i B \ .
1' \ i It \


ExGlbbsOontlnutd Robert l I.. rum. HAACPCesfab 101. AMt, Scores Day Camp Successfully Launched

( : Prom Pag 1) Receives FillSchollrshlp (Continued Froa page"" 1)) (CMtlaned Pro. page 1)
Denver was in 1029.,
tract 5 court, preside Attending, that 18th annual '!wag lot attendants. (In. aoaehwere, where you can
over by Judge Richard ecuvention were 218delegates veatlgatlonby: The Florida go 'get some advice.on i
Carr star reveal however, your problem." '
from 28 states.
According to Joe Anthony Robert ingraa, a recent The 66th annual. convention that tour negro students "These doctors say,
at Florida
auditor of internal honor graduate of Stanton is expected" to'draw Memorial College tttt's right Ho tee.You I
account for the Pi Vocational High some lBOO delegates were employed for got ciuscer. hut they
the chorus but that two don't our B*. They
nellae! County Board of school, baa received aa from at least 40 states '
Public In it ruction, the all-erpenae paid echolarahlp and the District of dropped eat tor Jack of don't even oonaolate
the ute transport to the m"Telling
prime responsibility tor from Brotherhood Colnabla. in 1829 there .
Olbbs twmfr school tuition of sleeping Cat 'were approximately a,000' alt. Additionally, the of the return p
funds In '963 retted Porters APL-CIO. Negroes in the city and eoI nee bas been .... of Dr. King from Sweden ,1
with 5*'ith who was supposed The scholarship will boa the Ku Klnx Klan was a; login recruit Negro help vher h* was awarded the 1
to turn the money lifetime job aa a merchant factor to be reckoned' In other Categories ) Nobel Pace Price, Williams
over to the achool board seaman with The Negro' population Wllllua .001 lied hi a audience said:
and that some of the Mr. ingraa left the today is about 35, tor bring'Afraidto "At Kennedy Airport
money never reached the 000 inacity of 500,000. go swimming it at. there were thousands of ,
body. Augustine Beach." and people and thousandsof
Despite the influenceof ry000LAV1
in ruling that the atatehadpresoited the KU. Denver la told of a recant encounter poop]* at the r.contloas -

circunatantlal 1929. proved to be most with Peter Bancroft, staged by Mayor
evidence and that hospitable to the convention a Alt student who was tapter,ov. Rockefeller,
the defense had not pre- beakers Included beaten while taking part and in Harlem. But when
aerated sufficient evidence William I. Sweet, In last years wade-la the plane touched down
to explain cause of former Governor of Colorado : demon, ttratlona.Ttttr in Atlantathere were
the alleged shortage ; juvenile Court told .* they only about a hundred
was noted 'by Judge 1 Carr. judge Ben B. Lindsoy; beat hit head 'til It people there to welcome
r Congressman L. C. Dyer of was all mushy, Just because os, and King said. TOW
Levels Color Bar St. Louie, Mr. author he wanted to go I bow r. HOBS again.'"

MADISONVILLE Ky "The of Dyer antl-lynching Into GocP a watera with Dr. HayIng followed ONITQ PRSSBYTCRIAif Church comer of Woodlawn and Cleveland Rda..
walls of Jim Crow cue bill. SOBS black people," Williams to the platform successfully launched its 'nsall Fry Day CM "..tor children 3 to T years of
tunbl tog down in this Also included were fllllMs related adding his voiceto age.designed to help parents trying to help thai selves and their diU dl'm.b"
sa.all western Kentucky city Sunday June 27, speeches by t. g. B. Du- In the audience were the call for renewed phaaia la placed on social development and supervised recreation under the direction .
city aa nearly 250 persona for his new aaaignaeot. Bola, Dr. Herbert A. a score of whit students, demands upon official of Miss Yvonne Brown and Miss yolanda Edwards, cUr.ctorlllda>>>-director
from all sections Him extra curricula Miller, acting presidentof who have come from colleges St. Augustine. respectively. Activities Include Arts. Craft., Bible and Nature study,
duties at Stanton Included Flak University la Florida and Relating how his office lunch and
of the state successfully ;jams' rest supervised in outdoor play Herbert James, a parent aad Miss
tested public accommodations playing aa a Weldon Johnson. WalteiWhits'and elseere la the oountn sad home phone had long Brown are shown with class Miss Edwards was supervising another group's mt
in an NAACP-spon regular on the varsity Charles KdwarcRussell. to conduct for the sec been tapped in St. Augustine period Camp hours art from 8 .... until 4 p.m. Children may still register.
bored demonstration her football team and serving ond au.er. a tutorial Hay]lag reported
aa a member of the The Gplngarn Medal that progrwa.Addreaslng. that h* Is now run
June 12. There were no 6s. Wills Presbyterians Seek Elimination
rafuaala of "service and Honor Society, year was awarded to hlattlf to ning into the same difficulty .

ao iacidente. NAACP secretary James these tutors Winles ; in Cocoa: where (Continued From page 1) Of South Africa Apartheid
Weldon Johnson for his dec trod: he has established a new of j.D- floodwla. Sr.
The Florida Council Par The Blind, your etate a. distinguished achievements "Barget whatever freedoms home, returning to the Since he has been living NEW YORK-A policy atatement that call for new I
la appealing to every citizen in Floridto aa an author, you had wberevr: Ancient Cit.1. few dye here Kemp has been steps toward eliminating apartheid in South Africa
gency cooperate in preventing blindness or eye Injury diplomat and public ser you cue froi..down bet each week to take care a respected churchman hat been adopted by the highest governing tody of
vant. you are nothing bat of his dental practice and businessman. The United Presbyterian Church U.8.A
caused by t1 rellO rk.. Do not buy or use fireworks white Drs, and here."I. It urges the South African .......................'
took? the foully to puhlle IUlIOhu.1 you Attorney Frank C. Al-
dOD' t'' have any more guess that whoever derman liZ who la government to consider meeting la Colanbus.Oblo
than is rights we do. I tapping
During the' war of'1812, Kemp'! counsel, la compiling -
IMPERIAL SUNDRIES akllled Negro slaves, don't want anybody around afraid we are going to signatures requesting proposed by a United latingthatlbutb' Africa
PATENT MEDICINES COSMETICS were freed to captain who's not willingto stir up SOBS of those that Kemp not Nations committee: "ie the only couttry
ALL LEADING HAIR PREPARATIONS Aurl can 'battleships go all the way with Negroes who are pushing be returned to prison. asks the United States dedicated to aa official
Cor Broad and Ashely EL 4.2159 against the me for civil rights. brooms over on ,the Cape, His record has been government, American governmental policy of
British rjr None of this Q1I nt.... and give then notions flawless since his June businesses, and diurdies racial separation known

way, or turning back before about beeomlag. space 2. 1939 prison escape. to use their influence aa "Apartheid," the
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