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'As May ...!.. U ISo eat Stltt.atk Strtttk .It Ltt Stddltk. 1)12adtaoi Cirtns II Cittt itc. GRAD PRIZE A SHINY NEW SUPER SPEED BTCYCIE till' littllii c..
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PIU 4 sea unit SITU IAY JURE IS, 19(5

Altar Call Deaths Philadelphia Awards Scholarship Greeter Payne TWO MINUTE5L '

Sets AniHiil Day
Eaanuel Dulllnc 997
We Bin Against Ourselves Kings Road.Mrs.Rota w 'BJ ( )
Annual Men's Day will ... s a. steM ; Jt
Every Negro Minister and layman ought Lee Jones 918
read "our be observed June 27 in -.- Ate IOCIIT'I' 4
Churchee sin Against the Negro" an article In A. Beaver st.Il1Jl. Greater Payne All Church HK*.. ?. ILUIIOtI I

Look Magazine (May 18, 1909) written by the director .. J. Patrick with David Praaer aa

of the National Council of Churches' COM- 1903 8. 10th St.Mra. chairs and Yemen King WHY GOD PERMITS HIS CHILDREN TO SUFFER

lesion on Religion and Race Robert 1. spike Rita Cherry. 131 co-oh&1 raan. Contrary to common .*. you ran talk! You don't know

But, if before yon read it, you anticipate that Oak Street. The captain are:Nora an Bible? dor not teeth that it b to cuffrr diMpfiirfnlmrnta.kknni .

here la another white Man "getting the white Moses Holiaa, 020 Court Prince Willie Seane J. are the children of Cod and pain, a* wr dn."
church told a Mid to the rrligioui\ Then ton, It mint hr rrmrmhcml
member that any word about the la J.SIIIeU.. Eugene DeSue. eLlr.. trt of pow men thr most Cully saint. .fa
church can never be for-white-only. It la Jut 1In.1IJ: MM Patterson O.D. Phillips, George Jnf (John 8:44)), but to prrfcrt and mad at tlnm hr
aa surely a word for THE: church which, despite prangs Park, Pi.. Branson. J.B. Robinson hewn in Chrbt at Cabtia "for whom tI..- toed.

many white persons' opinions, includes the Negro Miss Baaala Glover Data spencer. L.L Goa- wrote T. aw M the lie,.......mrih.and Ktmricrth
church 3701 Stuart St. ,Cod by Joel In/- ,' ion whom fir mvtvrth"Heh.
sales Ernest Oarvln '
In one paragraph quoted here. I sincerely hopethat Mrs Anna ,paldar 385 326)). ( IS:0)). Thb b done f.w our
Barry Mungla.R. Stewart, Ai the children of Adam, """ to .keep ni from iln and lea
Spike was thinking of both the Negro and Spruce St. l p, B.C. Barren laaac Sanders tranfe that wt thmild have .

white church, or better yet all churches. Knowingof Mrs Lady Bird Brown, Thomas Logan Rev suffering, for sorrow, ..... Finally. MtttVrtnft and adtmity.

his connltnent to the task, I suspect that he 1450 Johnson St.Oaoria '.A. Ring J.J. hits death entrred the world to male Gala rhiUrm pray

WAS including "hla colored brethren." Dunlap 066 and Harry B. Jams (Rom. 9:12)). But some and Iran. b.antill Hi.. and
'The churches could Biker Avenue wader why Codi .. .Ire thruipiritiul ttrrnitth
bring strength to the free- The arls "
John Dural Mills Bonanza, greeted drill b to pIe blruuig. St. Paul said. 1 ukr
Am Movement. They could open channels of oomnunl- ISO fashion show, will be should have to Kiln "tnfirmilki.. for whm
cation to those Isolated in our society.Mo re V. 18tn St.01lb.rt presented Sunday after other am weak., then am I rtronc", (II
than that, they could give to all a sane toetrine Howard 1929 TOP SCHOLAR- .. Del ores Ann Mcfudr' a June graduate noon. The pablie baa Thrrw an several mum 12:10).

about_man. HOW well _they do this May be a Measure Venus St. of New Senior High School ,l 5. was recently awarded bee invited to attend In the en of Job Cod But Ihrr b a great two-fold ....

of the usefulness\ of the churches a century hence.It Ell Thomas, 1163 Steele the annual $100 scbol arahlp by the Educational served to cuffrr to prove .....r whk-h thr Miterinc a....
Court Committee of Philadelphia Baptlat Church Rev J.I. Gospel Echoes that Job did not live a godly \ .tu one othm. Find hb
lay even decide whether or not the churches
and ..
prrmnal "mo.
gain- Job are only Innp""""" .1
Mr. Susie L. Cain, Johnaon.pastor. Miss McNalr la the daughter of Mrs
will exist a hundred years from now" rrwardrd later for aD h* they rant rtrmal shay ftwm. ,
1021 I. Monroe St. Freddie Mae McNalr.fine plane to enter Edeard liters Plan 17lh AnnualAnniversary
Now, Mr. Negro preacher and Mr. and Mrs Negro Fwih t. Cod people .
Ouirchnenter, uk yourselves these questions: Mrs, Elizabeth: Robinson, College :ut fall. Fete bed much spiritual help "Par our affliction, whifh" b but

That strength are we giving to the freedom novaMentT 1053 Monroa: St. if they wm ricmp4 from S moment, workfth for m a far

The answer nay surprise since right in Bryon Butler, 2929 A number of the COMMunlty'a hop which othm haw to ruTcding and denial wriifht
such a cue the unsaved glory" (II Cor. 4:17).
my own suburban city conaunlty, there are Negro Thomas st, leading gospel

preachers and Negro church Beaters who act aa Mrs Louise H. Branch, l""f groups will participateon

though there la NO freecba wren ant.What 907 1. Ashley St. Crjurcr) jaeto il 5 5HOLSCT the program when the Grandmother CentralBaptist
Ulyaaaa Pariah, Bun-
channels has the Negro church opened in com.unlcaUon. Gospel Echoes present

with those Negroes isolated froa the nail, Fla.Mrawaiter. their 17th annual Anniversary Of STAREmployee

movement? There it proof that even letters and Lee Shelley, ...- CMEHolsey -... observance Sua

phone call will not get Negroes to the Meetingsand IBM MorehouM *d.Mra. : I CME Church will conduct its service in the day, June 27 at 8 P.M. ChurchFather's

interracial activities that they could and Dorothy C. Lester, Seventh Day Adventist Church Sunday, beginningwith Mt. Ararat Annex 10th Mrs. Willie Mae
should attend 1184 Jennings St. St. and Myrtle Avenue way of 1972 .. 49th Day will be
the Sunday School at with
9:30: Mra.
a.i. ,
The last is Mra. Elizabeth MeRae, Special will be the grandmother of observed
question the guests
hardest to answer what Birth orl f fen in charge, promotional service will at Central Sunday
are we giving to people that would resemble even a 2040 W. Bth 6t.Mra. prof. Alex Bradford and Virginia Muaford with the Sunday
be .
held Morning service at 11 Fetlock with ".
sue doctrine about .. Illlla Mae Callo- the Bradford Specials Florida STAR staff School
Man Negro Man? beginning at .: 15
A.E. OdoM putor presiding Evening service at
The greatest challenge that the Negro church faces way, 1972 ff. 45th St.Willie eld.r.will supported by the liven Monday a.M. Deacon LeonardTkOMpsoa
0:30: o'clock. Rev ff.C. planagan. presiding ,
today in this secular (integrating society Is Seabrooks, 1010 Speleals and their 1- lengthy Illness. will be la
conduct the 3rd All
quarterly conference
that of realistically concept E. Fiat St. struM.nta of 1'mith"theCelestial A native of charge.Moralag.
restructuring our
boards are to report stewardeas Board 2 will Meet
of the essential task of the church Wlllla Millard 228 Gospel Singers Mrs.Calloway hd service will
AND our definition -
at 4 P... in the hose of Mrs Eva Mae Gilbert
North Bt.Freddie. here
of Ood AND eI.t1nlnl.an' relationship to 1032 E. Union St. and others for the past bed at 10: SO .... ,
Dud ao that Negro Man will discover Ills own aelflatge Brooks, 1260 Hostess already comal ted years du."Y.with the Deacon 11
Rings Rd. .*"P1RST BORN TWPLE.." She was a longtlae
and Ood-Man relationship. to serve are Mrs Tbelaa charge of devotion. The

Then and only then, will we be able to Meet the Janes Gray, 718 Blanche Services Sunday la First Bon Teaple begin with Edwards Miss Jessie Has ber of spriaifleld pastor, Rev. R. Under
Street the Sunday School at 10 .,. Deacon M. McQieeu in tlat O1urch.T1ftoa.
needs and Concerns of the world In which we live. ? Johnson Miss Batty Jones, will speak on the
Mrs Annie C. Williams, charge. Morning service at 11 o'clock, followed by Campbell Mrs. Mary A. Harris pastor subject ''11I7 Father Lad

Recltdlfst.ffEUKNOVN Fellowship Baptist 1217 I. 8th St. the blpU_. Fathers Day program at 4:30 p..?and Neely, lies Emaa Rush hind on the I." Senior Choir 1 will

Moses Hutchinson Hawthorne Holy CoBMunlon at .: 30 P.". Elder A. Kill pastor Johnson will give the Board, Deaconess slag with Mrs Gloria

Completing Women'sDay Phi. will have charge occasion and Andrew Me* and ems president of Grant at the Coaaole.

Willie James BI.b. 1009ff. ....ST. MATTHEW AME.." Call and Moae Davis will ffoaen'a lose Mlaaloa ..10r caber Board I

Program Union St. serve ss hosts. Red circle .."..At I: IS P....
Services Sunday la St. Matthew All Church begin
Mrs. Alice Baaaa, Hut Platform guest will Ehe leaves to moors .. onion District will
Mrs Everlena 8. Brown logs, ria. with the Sunday School at 9:30: ...., Robert Sirens include Mrs.Ethel Davenport Mr..Tilda Muaford eat. All Members are

has been selected as Roy Hunter Callahan, in charge Morning serving at 11 O'clock. Fathers Baanlater Deacon son, daughter; Miss to attend.
chairman and Mrs. ala L. .PI'. will be honored The pastor will deliver the ear- Solomon Tlaaona, Jesse glala Muaford Evening worship will
HolllMon co-chalraan ReT. Zacharlah Llabrie son. ACE League at Sao P... Choir I and Dakar Willie Jean
Norris, and deejay from at I: 10 '... At
for Fellowship Baptist 849 I. ISth St. Board 1 will It".. Tuesday, prayer aeetlag at local radio atatlona. Wllbelalaa h service the pastor

Church's annual Woaen's Mra. Minnie Riley, 1344 '130 P.'. Wednesday, 7 P..., the pastor has asked Devotions will be con- Viola Patricia spec oa the subject
Tt Choir 3 and Beitor to Beet with his U rehearsal
day observance which will ff. wtb It. i ducted by the' city's Pearlie Mae ", *io 'Do To Thlak Toe
d be held SundayJune 27. Friday" at I: 30 P..., the young people of the league grmaddaughters; Carl '
various prayer buds } All fathers of
Miss J. E. Foreman will Meet to lake plane for the rally. Collie
The two chairmen are Lovers of gospel music "Johaaoa. church sad visiting

seeking the cooperationof Receives Scholarship ..UNITED BAPTIST"" and the general publicare grandsons; Michael are arged to
Henry Fellowship members Dinners will be sold Saturday at United Baptist Invited. White, great alp with sa and to
Thompson assisted
local by and friends to asks this Mia Joyce E. roman, Church 1409 Cleveland St? la interest of tbe Collie John son.8r. .. alai the tamil I..

groups gospel and individuals singing years celebration tt* a June graduate of New deacons and dtacoaesaes anniversary, which Is TrliityThe is-la. red Mrs weekly activities are:

will be featured la oat outstanding in the Senior Nigh School 11$, scheduled June 24.: Jackson of Tlftoa, '.....,. 7:00 P... ,

recital Monday a history of the event wu the recipient of a The services Sunday begin with tbe Sunday School Baptist Church Piaal rites will .taeS,1Dd at COO
June 31at
I P.B. In rvergrerleptist Pellowahlp Baptist tlOO scholarship award .t 9:49 ..s. Morning service at 11 o'clock. A held Sunday at 2 ... prayer ...'hl;
OurtlrMv. H.H. Church is located at the fro tile prlendly ...t. program will be presented booorlag fathers Rev 'Hiss. Twelth Hour" at Springfield .., .....d.,, 8:00 P.m..

Wright Intersection of Logan aide Ushers daring their A. Razor will deliver the ...rua.At and 'Hrs.' Twelta Boar" Church, Rev. A. C&oir 3 rehearsal;

lie is,invited paator., The pub. and Barnett Bts, annual apeaklai COGt.t.Y2 I P... a Patbers Day tea will be presented contestants will be held officiating. '.r.d" 8:00 1.m. .

la interest of the celebration. Evening service at Saaday from 4 math 0 The cortege will Ooirlydanal.

1 O'clock. Choir 1 will sere throughout the day, P..., la Trinity Baptist here Sunday at S ... tag ij MisicitiCitolr

Rev /.'. Saltb, pastor, will preach Church aadttoriam. Jef- Bowel Pun era!

fersoa aid Dual Bta? is charge 2 0' It. Ararat

a i 1814 W. BEAVER St. PaulRuptist St. Like Mrs.president Johnnie end Mae Mre.Loalae Miller Ml. Olive To .a Mnatcale-Tea Chart will pre Bua-

( kings Day ., from 4 aatll 0 ,....
Church NelaoB.
advlaor. aa-
3101 EMERSON Chvrch
BvptlstSundays Aovaced. tiaga D.," the hole of Mrs. Mae

Baptlsial rites will be Coateataats vying for observed Sunday la .. .. wllaoa. 2101good
930 CASSAI AYE. order of eer-
conducted Sunday Moralag 'lo.t St.Lnke located respective koaora will Olive AlE Chares. Awe
for five candidates dur- sex bate .. As eatertaialag program
a t0 lag the U .... "10.. Mrs. Betty Lembrel mad plane to besot all be eoadacted sad
eda with Suaday School
?Falk 100 Rev I.I. Taylor tie Percy Clairette and Rise Ttaen Lives en thromgbomt the public Is tinted.

meet, called paatorwill teachers la charge of The program follows:

NOBIAllll U.S. OOVT. GRADED conduct the services .classes Welcome address Mrs

AT TMIIruci AVG.WHT. 200* Choir I sod Dakar Board banish worship willbegla Gladys Dickey; reepomae,

AVa PRICK 75.00EEF .I will sects All deaooaeeaes at U .... with Ire Aisle L. Brea; ?{ t

are requestedto the deacoas la charge of Mlatreee of eermaoalem,

be> present la Ml form ."oUo... The Mrs. Gueaie palge Gray;
senor lpM
B 39 along with all deacons will be delivered by the semis gromps,Choir 4of B

The tfeacoas will be lacharge pastor Rev M.J. Troell. Mt. Ararat tome efjabllee

: of the devotionalaervlee. Choir I aad Usher aid II'.. .

The aeraoa will Board 2 will serve _ectal.; .rrerl... Mrs.Mahie .
be delivered by the Rev.
woo FREE I Fellowship service will Behiaaea, Mra.
Taylor Bertha Smith and Mrs. t
he held at It. MattkewBaptist
FLA. GRADE 'A Other services for the Charch. Rev Retha Mills r

day laolade: galley Prleads sad the pwbllc
Trowel will deliver thetenon
School beglaalag at 9:90

FRYERSFRESH LL27c ..... vita Discos Edward Choir I will are IsvttdMt.
N w1. Sires
Jefferaoa, Mr*. L.V. .
The lOin Depart.eat
CruMdy.: Deaooa Braitoa
will ,r_' Its programat Holy Church
SMOKED Love aad Miss Tkeora
a: 10 p.".
Legglss la charge Regular

Lt.35c teextaera will be IBokane lush., prayer seettsgwill Bt. Blast Body 0.....'a
beds Tweeday at 8
PICNICS of the classes Bible School has entered
p.... follevlag slick
Regular aoetkly COM- late Its second eeeh ef
the teachers leetlag
...loa services will begla Moeeesfal activity ma 4
will be held sal Choir Isill
VELDA at 8'48: ,... vita the lasUtatloalsargiBgparemta
hold Its rehearsal
the deacons la charge of ,. lead their
Choir 1 will attend the
devotloa. Choir 1 sal htldrea te Ita dally

ICE MILK IAL39c choral gromv' will serve. aaalvereary All ef a,varlcaMeaorlal re"' sissies Elder L.H. KIN I KNKHTInritai

along 1U Caber Boards Choir 'Tbanday might.Theaks Sparka.pastor.........
1 aad X All >a oas and Friday statue child-

PET RITZ FRESH FROZEN ...001..... will alee Sponsors ton will ftaleh their You To Lltten To-

sere Tie pastor, will first phaM sf Bchoellsgaad
deliver tte sermon OB behalf of the pastor pirate are iavltedte
Rev. 1'... tilllama aad sit li OB the class

COrlrtkkptist other members of the sudy la ....., te lean

PIES 4 FOR ( rite ClwrtkMMMmlsB ill beheld threat 1 on al Cbmmlttee BapttatCharch. efPhlladelahla what the children thas far.Oder haveaeeompllahed "DANCE PARTY"a

eomiittee preai- Sparks said.Bmtarday .
8...&1. Services
deat. Robert L. IpnlUwiaheB sight, a .*.
will epic win BaaaaySckool u thmsh his Baayfrleada tlal yoath service will a...i1114: U:*
and betel employ be programmed fir the
CHOCOLATE CREAM LEMON CREAM *.... Charlie Leaser em for their liberal yomM peels end special htar'i' I p.. 1112:11: ,...
sad teachers' la dirge
STRAWBERRY CREAM The ,..u. I. alwayswelooB eeBtrlhaUoBB *riac theorsttsre guests will h. visitors

Mtamal scholarship tram Esttll. ..C, mad
legate la Pint 1400 WINe
fiCI? TIE IrA KIKI1 SHI II IJXT If CIURU I Cbrtl tII'* ei< Icee. had aria. CJ/s ... 1400F



-- -- -


". '

JURE 11. 1S65 Sill PAPEIS PAGE 5

Army To Streamline Recruiting Prec -Elect, Family, Farewell Party Celebrants Sigmas Completing Final TouchesFor FAMUtm

I Nationwide Recruiting By July 1 1Hi i 125,000 30th Annual Boule' Directs U. S.

Aray'a sation-.tde recruiting organization NCI TORKPuttlng together the finishing touchesfor Agency
till be realigned andetreamllaed effectlt jult \. I a big convention that will attract 500 delegates
the V8 Army Recruiting Command: announced this... and their families presents a giant sited tttAHASSEt-'DT. ThomasA.
The reorianlzatloa re.*.......................... headache. ace ailing to Mrs. Kate Kicks public re Jackson la directorof

suited fro the recom* locate a recruiting maim lotions director for the Sigma Gamma Rho sorority theMulti-Occupatlonal
.en da t Ion a of a study station and am armed ,w 7 Inc .............................. Demonstration project
forces examining and induction that now nearlng the close of
She sstiaates
appointed by the
group sent by the motors coming its
Any list year to review station togetherthe roughly $125.000 will be to New Tork for their Florida first AMI University.He phase at.

the Any Recruiting sere Department of the Klmsmm Slurs week-long 30th Annual Is on leave from his
found thin to be
vice and finds
to Souls
ways at the statler position as sssoclate
.akt It more effectlrt. unnecessary.. forces Although examiningand '10.n.d LIJ; Celled Htltoa Hotel starting professor of industrial
Florida will have a Recruiting August l. Housing the education In the Florida
Main Station at induction atationa 7 Foe Of Negro majority of them la ODe A&M University \\)
Jacksonville and Armed are still needed across hotel ellalaatea may of al-Technical instituteto
F.15iT ATLANTA"' (NPIPrssl*
the nation to pro.U.proc.ulal
Forces Examining a ad the houaekeeplng pro direct the project
facllltiea dent Lyndon B. Johnson
induction Stations at bliss that used to exist Open to all unemployed
for the enlistees and aaa risen to power on
Jacksonville and Coral
hen the nationwidesorority
between the
the back of the black
Inducttts of all theAned
Cables These will operate .u smaller and -- .
Services there la ILjf 1 mum aid he will turn a* .' '
under Third Recruit convention delegates ,;r
round and. destroy bin,"
a need for only 36 Any "
lag District bead "
quarters stayed at dlftorenthostelries.
at Atlanta Georgia recruiting maim stations PANUANS' FItS PORKER LAW SCHOOL aEAN"AiUmiftra..ve; officers sndTemSers ? waned Matt Murphy, a ,
in addition toprovi ding the faculty and staff of Plorida MIl oalvoralty recently feted Atty. Thoaaa Klan attorney from Birmingham -
Recruiting Aided the hostess
a more effective organisation Miller Jenkins president-elect of Albany State College, Albany On.. Mrs Ala, at a Ku by
tag transferred from these changes Jelling and their son. Thomas Miller jenkiae. III. at a reception la the New Slum clan rally hero Kappa Signs Chapter and
Headquarters Departmentof will permit, the Army to Grand Ballroom of the PAMO Student Onion Building. Dr. George l. Oore.Jr. last .... its 102 members, Mra.Hleka )
the la
to the telephone
Army CS busy
assign an additional 239 president of Florida Am, congratulates president-Meet Jenkins, while Mrs. A oneerIng crowd of be-
Continental Any Command from morning until night I
nonoommiasloaed officers Oore. left Mrs. Jenkins and young fionay" Jenkins look on. ties 100 and 1,000 per
at Port Monroe.Virginia, f u moron phone her from
.. aoas.including more thin
in 1962. and the study to duty as recruiting more than 30 states witha
group recommended that aergeanta. There are atpresent Agency Lends El lel1lH.1 iRStitltlOMS PINS follonn 800 Klaasmen were and present their million questions and
the eilatlng structurebe 1.515 recruiting requests.Coming .

reorganized along sergeants force. la the field While Migrants Hovers For Hero Clergyman There were oa the also'IItaUrU a fewNegroea by plane, bun, ages of II and $0. .ho '
.ore functional limes train and car. she estimate
of the crowds. are members. of house-,
Last October the CS Army NAACP WindChange Helping HandCMlCAOONPI"The pig TORI. II.T.--The first Negro ever to be aamedvicepresident Murphy described Mrs. that at least "0. holds where the annual
Recruiting Command was of the American Baptist convention Viola Liusso a Detroit 000 will be spent on income la team than
created at Port Monroe In plight of the s-called la the .... Dr. Bmmuel I a Proctor Teaneck.. N.J.. civil nits worker allot traaaportattoa. once II. ::100. the PAMU projectIs
to provide direct con .hillbillies la almost associate general secretary for communication of to death la Alabaaa, aat here another 171,000. designed to developand
trolofall of the Army a Fair Song lost la the migration of the National Council Churches. who will also be martyr' will go for hotel ex execute a aeries of
recruiting activities lathe NCI TOU-'Protests by .hundreds of thousands. of honored this. month by a somber of colleges and Slallarly crltiiedandlabelled peaaea that include rent action at the
Continental us. tat NAAOP new fork Stateconference southerners to mortheracltlea. universities.Elected ............................. tae the. Rev.jamea and food. .bo.., aiteolub community prograaa level These
Now, all district headquarters Martin Luther II... 11'., and trips to the rlcl' .
have resulted It was revealed.An last Booth la Reeb, white mmitarisa are focused toward the
report to the this Prasclsoo to and the Rev. Dr. Martin dater from ral r.But.
la changing the wording Meacy aldlag Baa a one Identification and subsequent
Coaaaadlag General of of a musical number la group the oouacil of the. year term second vice- Luther King, Jr. Boston who waa slain the boule will not residential and
the Recruiting Command the Chrysler psvllloa at Soathera Mouatalaa.through I president of the Convention : A resolution passed by during the civil rights'de.motratloss be all fun and good on.tb'-J tralning of
.to has direct responsibility the rld'. pair here. its local office ,Dr. proctor la also the Ills usably of the la Soles, times Mra. Ruth 111.te- 300 InJlvlduala selected
far the operationof The psvllloa agreed to disclosed that an estimated the. first executive of American Baptist Convention head ihaley, who holds from 10 North Florida
all recruiting activities change "Dem part." to 25,000 southermehltes the. National council to argea all ABC real murderer of the responsible Job of reunites,
in the OS. Item Parts" and also .have settled lathe serve an aa officer of churches "which .have Reeh were communist con* Secretary to the New
At present.toe Recruit to change the. color of Upton area. this predominantly mhlte1VallllOBaember not already done so to spirstors"Murphy said. York city Board of Rsti **
lag command coaalsta of the puppets used In the. The Chicago center easopeaed de- declare immediately and Also attending the rally mate, la the Boule hose Pltro'alleADVERTISERS
six districts, 10 recruiting number. la November of mom!nation.Aa publicly that their ..* ere a sprlakllag of team and"plana at leasta
maim stations The NAACP had charged !..). it also works to second vlce-presi* bershlp Isopea to people civil rights corkers, doaen "roll up yourshlrtsleev.'type
70 armed forces eiamla* that use of the aoag.aaag Improve the image of the .ct.... la mien a member of all "c..l. social but there were no tact of
tag and Induction stations to the. magic of migrant mmoag other re.Id..t. of the ABC: ,a Seminal and cultural groups." deals. business sessions. 1
,and i.ui recruiting Dem 10..." brought .. give emergency Couacil which goveras i. .
stations nolle the back the image of the relief and offer clasaeala the denomlaatloa between
present practice is to black-face ....trd. basic literacy aid annual eoaveatloaa.Although .
sham oriemtatlom. predoolaaatly

According to Raleigh. bite, the ABC muabersamong FAB
DePerfect Campbell effective die its 1.271 churches
rector.Ut mlgraata come some 200 Negro coagrega*
link malaly from lest Vlrglala tioaa.Of these 200. moat
aid portions of Keatmcky.Teaaessee. are affiliated with both
litfiu Tu ActMervon's SAVE uc
Alabaaa.Georgia. the Amerlcaa BaptlatCoBVemtloa
Bomth and North .
tad his
N t\1'\t\a': Carol... testers Vir; torte Negro Baptist Com* QUANTITY RIGH S RESERVED GIANT SIZEHERSHEY'S
fur gtnla aad. Mary lead. "'U.. SPECIALS' GOOD THRU SATJRDAY
This *..ual al.IM.t"
Honor Student
PharmacyTur arneg..' may be found

Attending Harvard throughout the couatry

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flRMBUNO. Aceordlag toapokeamea

2112 I. E.imtJ An. honor .&...,.t a la sophomore political ....tSo., for practically the demo SUGAR 7049CLIMIT

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every Negre Baptlat
PI544IS Alsi PI 51512II College Is ems of 40 chart la earthen Call:

adergradaatwt from predominantly ferala U affiliated
,\ \ / Regre Colleges Ith the America ..
"' Stt,tct : "tf/ attmidiag special call am a predomlaaatlyNegro s us. S IIS. 1
Ii S'\I"11 ; ". summer program at the. eonveatloa.la .

Harvard Colverslty Law addltlea to the win $5.11 II HUE mi 11111 SAVE 22( IITIUIIIA
School Cambridge. Mass.
dually aligned magnets _
U.... handful of Mgrocamrcmes I n.1O II rtntAsmn
are esclaslvely IILII nUllS j I
related U the American 39c fill con
ComvMtlM. Notable a* ICE MILK ..Sill[ lie Hill.nlSCI I
tag tseee la BaeaeserBaptist
Chinch la At*

lasts Os.. close to* ..un lie 111 PANSY CUll urn 1
the Rev, Dr.
pastors are 79C

Parkway TaN


Some people IHHtlas Revtm Hlftlammaalae TISSUE IATIIIU V: ,19 c' GREEN un((BEANS cir ''ITEIIEI PEAS urn \I I

stele Partly 6 890rut.wr
stick label tell revenue neededoae IU
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million dollars ter MIRACLE WHIP

oath the fifth la IN oostetstlve,. aooeNlag ir mini

their diet cola. Chairman to Tursslke J.Oarle.0ree Astberlty, SALADDRESSING BISCUITSlap

.ray maid May toll ,....
mme ..,,..... II. 12 per*
cent over "'.I..t. etch ,
'M.'1' vemlflee ..I., CAIS
$1 l
We a ue total" tmreplle tell la reverse May for of Him 12

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stake ourname ...tI. truffle le mate 1111 I IITI n." C FLORIDA GRADE A
la IMI Is ..... pert.t 39
above IN 4 little ami II HUE fill IIIEIriiuiA
tell reverse is 20 per* ,r.
on ours.t4 nest biaer for the sameperl FRYERSHUSH

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sad tell terse wee% $.

.... ..... are ..'M. III 3 '". 1 1FIRM
vet isles s4 lI.JU."' 2. I
ray all Ue say ten*
pile truffle welt ..* : Hill 29C
lleeted *%t least a II I HIE ii.
persest laireaee laPlerlmVs RIFE

...... mmmmertrafns
a4 aeeUer ,e- I rAicr
eN. OMUrtag year," me
sail his Jaaeary fere* BANANAS STRING BEANS
.s.t ef mere that ||7
all!Urn ..... for the
Tarvplte la IMP coo
.jwrtala le B* met mal
....nh eac.**..." ,10' 1I.19Ct

1I. .



Tuckers May Agriculture Scholarship Club NlmesI" Junior Winner Magnolia Club Dies SMMeily 'Mss_ K R- McKinnon Ian.

(Continued frog pace 1) (Continued frog peg 1) Schedules Tea 10 Exchange vows

aaciaoua with and work experience, as $t Robert A.
agreeaent _. The .Magnolia Gardens With Taylor
Mr*. Saltb who said, requested by presidentJohnson i"'. : ROBS Demonstration Club
GIlD con BMUNOB"Mr.aad .
*.'r. hoping the county in his youth (.j will end its activitiesfor

ill consider us but If (Opportunity progrsi. ,', : the auaaer with a Mrs. Willie Butler
Secretary: of Agriculture 't' of 1103 East ,Street.
they don't we will probably "Oet acquainted" tea
hart to try for Orrllle L. preeaaa .:. ; .. Green Cove Springs, are
: Sunday trOll 4 to 6 P. -
.. proud to announce the
said OSDA agencies into
help in cart" la the boas of Mrs
contact th.lrIoe.l state forthooBlng marriage of
Social Science teach.rRobert
florence Buapter, 291S
Efcployaent Security Offices their daughter" Mattye
IOU 1 trh who had petunia St.
Rath McKlanoa to Robert
and begin hiring
recently driven 200 Mrs. Bessie J. Canty,
luedlately. All positions A. Taylor
miles to Tallahassee assistant has deaoaatration -
are to be filled Mine Mcclnnon IB a
dailytoearn his aasters agent, will be
Its early possible." graduate of Danker Riga,
degree supported Mrs, the speaker, and. worksof
Its President has called School Green Cove
smith views statlnc -
the aeabera will be
,'. not going to lire on both public and private .n displayed.The LIMBUC Sprloga.and attended
Plorlda AM University.She .
agencies to provideat
up easily. I believe In purpose of the event Ret Zachariah Uabrie.
is a graduate of the
the constitution of the least 500.000 Jobs la to accjialnt boaeaakerswith affectionately known aa
this summer for boys and National School:: of Business
United States J, sL the Home Deaonstratlon Z.D." and a prominent
girls 16 to 21 yean Nashville Tens
program and to ei- leader ia religious and
old"jobs' *
-r tend the prograa to more civic activities for
Editors any suaaer hiring that employed as a secretary
boa.. .n. particularlyyoung any years, died Monday
had been planned earlier la Clay County.Mr. .
married women lathe in the hose of hit sla-
(Continued froa page 1) Secretary Preeaan said Taylor la the BOB
Magnolia Gardensarea
ter-la-law. Sadie
preference will be given Mra. of Mr. and Mrs Monroe
cat and cultural discriminations it was announced. .Mae West.6354 Mars Ave.. and tae
those "who need jobs Long grandson of
confronting following a lenthly Ill-
the cost because of educatlonal -
Negroes In the state or economic Gateway Barracks n....
They invited the gueststo A native of Trenton
disadvantages," He said
contact NAACP branch every considerationshould I Meets SaturdayGateway B.C.. he,. Llabrlc bad

leaden in the counties resided here froa aa
be given to
they visited on the tour.Angered No. early age He was the
for equal eaployaent Veterans of World
by the reaction 3131 first aeaber of his race
of his invited guestsand "regardless of War Iwill Beet Saturdayat In Duval county to become -
their participation race, creed or color" 2 P... la Joe H. a licensed boadsaan.
"The goal is to keep Jaaes Cocninlty: Center,
in the NAACP news conference He was founder-end first
boys and girls who are 13th and Gruathal Sts.,
Got Wallace president of the Independent
out of school for the commander
J.8. Irving,
failed to attend th.fare..ll Civic and Religious
summer off the streets
; Sr. announced
boat and beach Association and
party In Mobile which to provide those who S slton daughter of Jewel Reports oa the state held
HER ROYAL HICHqSI..TbJra: Marvene Mr. Sehltoa 2114 membership la the F

ended the four-day tour need coney to return to Venus St? and Xing' Carroll Morris, son of Mrs Beddie Morris. 1177 *..26thSt. convention held last and AN PHA Masons, Macao
school this fall an opportunity weekend in will
Mini be
the following day ., were winners of the yearlong Junior Boys and Girls contest sponsored bi Lodge No. B ural: of W
Jaxon ReceivesAir to earn it. the Sarah Ann Green Scholarship C1 ub.Runn.n.up in the girls' division were .. Color guards and and numerous civic and MISS IICIIltfClf
and to give work experience
members of the hi tIeSquad
Thill Benneth Berrydaughter of Mrs Pay Berry, 1450 t. 20th St. and Mist Novls religious bodies. He wasa Mrs Mattie B. Nicks He
Force to those who are
Promotion J lOn.c1aulht.rotlir. and Mrs. J.W Jackson: 1731 Everaon St. Thomas Johnsonson are reojaested to member of Walters ...- la graduate of St. Vaaa
entering the job market be
order to
SAN BERNARDINO.Clif Mr. Preeian said, of Mrs Beulah Mae Roper, was runner-up none the boys set present date for practiceseeslons. orial AMEHoa Church .d.1.ht.r Military. Aeadeay ia Rock

Everett Mcxlnnon, jr. atlas MI a on
Castle, Virginia. Re baa
to 21
Boys and girls 10 .
whose lather, Mrs Lena ACE church:: ,
years old who would like LeagueThe Meets Sunday attended St. Phillips'
N. McKlnnon, resides at Tees Canteen He leaves to Bourn: College la Saa Antonio
to work for the summer
734 Court A amthly( progria for AMC: Church, with Donald
Jacksonville Inch tsars Mrs frankle Mae Lia-
should sign up for jobsat Texas, is presently
has been the Christian DudeavorHour Sloan youth presidentfor
promotedto Will widow
OpenSatenlely brie ; Barry Bi*
their local State Des a Junior at JacksonvilleOalverslty.
will An outing to American
ACE League,
staff sergeant to the the quarter in charge gene Uabric.son. Mlaal;
ployaent Security Officeiaaedlately. be conducted June 20 at Beach will be sponsored .
U.S. Air Force
at All
Norton program directors Nifht Mrs Anale Olrardesu. Me is employed at the
Are, C.U t. 3 p.a. in St. Stephen have asked all ministers Saturday June II with sister; Let ..J. Lla- Juvenile Shelter of Jacksoavllle -
the bus ,
leaving 1127 W
to report eligible aaaes A new place for wholesome brie Otis and J.B. Lia- la the breach
30th St., at I p...; 3rd
of high school
graduate recreation for Jai brio, city and RudolphLlatrlc.plttsburf. of child Care.
and Davis at 1:30: p...; .
for the
annual scholarship .
will Inaugurated
,' youth 'The wedding will take
"r award Saturday night when the Ith and Davis:49 P.'.;' brothers; a host of re- place at B:00: a... oa
Union at Florida a P.".
New Teen Canteen holds 1 stives and grievlagfriends. at the Sacred Hearth
SHOP and SAVE Your Tickets be obtainedby
at may
its first party Saturday Catholic Church ia Green
; HELP MAI1'Dt3ecretsry night at talker's Business calling Mrs J. Mae funeral services will Cove Springs frleads of

)-Ji' TyAIst I College 1132 N. Miller president at be held Tuesday at 3 the couple are Invitedto
Friendly A&PWarehouse Myrtle Avenue. 761-0334 at 49th and ia Walters MemorialAMC
Experienced. Good in Moncrtef.Christian. p.' attend the two receptions -
EnglishOver 22 jrn. The canteen has been Zion Church. I". h. which will be held

Give All details.'triteFlnployer prganlsed for the benefit Aid SocietyNo. L. Rogers pastor oa July a.

: P.O. of school students 10. will sponsor its Bowel Puaeral Nose is The first will beat 404

Box 1171Jtx l.Plt tad other youth by a annual outing to Jekyll la caarge. Cypress street Oreea

...... group of civic aladede Island Sunday June 37.Bue Cove .... ... .'. '

1UNIPER IONS GRAIN STORE Young man. over 22 aechoirs pi ennlng transportation' will fdlowlag tae adding
3000 driver's lic.Depend- to promote several other l>!eti.p passengers at the Tae second will be held !

FANCY RICE able.Oood Ref.Apply: Anti-poverty proJ cots in following locations: at 1409 W. lOtb 8t? lajacksoavllle. '

W. 45th the very near future Myrtle Ave and 27th at 7 '.'.
l ST. In Floradole Florida Star 2323
5 59C father Fred j. Hunter It., 7:00 B.B. :
Moncrief Rd.
rKO.FAESN assistant pastor of Kaanuel and Plorlda Ave., IMPERIAL SIRIRIESPATTM

I Episcopal Church ....: in Spearing Thlrj MEDICINES OOSISTICS

(Southslde) is the cam 1:00: a.m.Tickets.
UNDER I ittee chairman sad say be Cor. Broad and Ashley El 4-:159
chief advisor of the neworganisation froa. Mrs. H.P. I ,,

president and Mrs. Co. LEO'S SHOE REPAIR

Beef Liver 3 100 1 Saturday Bight's function nUl.III..II.rl'7. chairman
will feature live fllOR:: RFPMRINQ OF ANT KIND If OUr: ONLY

band for dancing known RWINESS. PICK UP AND Dlim Phona

MOUND flESHSausage NEW YORK MAIDS aa the Tlaeas, and will Officers ElectedBy 335-32 0 D45 FLORIOA AVYIVIFnl

to III wk.-Jobe wattles feature: Lodge 216

Tickets S.at>iUN Assail Ernest Ch ,pitarht-

3 IIS.FIA 89 ]10 rest Ave eteery, aanager trombone;; Slaoa Anold Moseley Aleiea-, Mrs of Umella the 4U price District.deputy B'

".t. 4.r. saiaphoae; Vaughn assisted by Mrs. Aage-

Too ley: trumpet; tonal. lena 1101.... presldeat CoafectloairyTh

Dawiey, truss and Joha of Lodge 174. eoadueted

CWE "A" DRESSED I DRAWN 2-SEWINt NACRINES-2 Hagen, vocalist Edward the election meeting for (' limit LitttiStin

Robinson will serve as Lily Walt Lodge 311.The .
li Tin

sage lees that Da61'A-U.-III.sever here been" aster of eereaonles.father elected following: ..officerswere ... AnaleRuta )

Stewing Fowl n. '1St Mit4. fliey site Mother aa. awls mater aorta ef said chape-that Miller president; 1008 Tyler At

Day leye-wji> Never roses will be OB hand to Mrs. Mettle *,,.t. vice State Street

picked wpiettatoMre: left aalitala order and sapervisloa presideat: Mrs cvelyaMaraoa

area. *e are tattle te sad that all fiaaacial secretary Phone

UK AT UN StKIITIIOOX CUBE "A" FLI Incite the. Ion CM ... ,,- youth plaaaligoaatteadlag ; Mre. Mattie R. In. 1. 1'lmer

tktte eealiee for the talker reoordlag se retary 356-9325
SULTANAMayonnaise MEDIUM the eveat will be 're,.
baltaee M7 each er wader ooaatsat Christian ; ire. tna tests

tens till take alter goldaaoe.The taller:.,.. DoUie Tillaa -

Eggs aacklae la trade pfcoae.. Caateea will open treaewrer; Mre. 0.tteveBsoa. Hours -

IIMI4I. will d.liver I at I ,...,... will close general ...- 5JI: IM. te 1:31: '.1.
NO etUiatiea.FH get; Pkllllp Bryaat,
at 10: 30 ,. .
I wShop marshal l; ire fcby Mall S'rlu.'atutl Milfclm Moats Iriiki

, HART 111 39C 3 1o:1.00, ;: | SUE I it stores lust sward. chaplala; Rat. fleydBryaat. aid

It Pord station lagoa I (hit advertise In Miss Beverly pays JofcsBOB. PflRTAIlEMKtECUE. .Ilse.! 1eI b tbyewt,
I .,..
Pint one with 1200 gets pvUlcity relatloae

PlUTATIDI IUNI All nuns it. Hurry 11 ,la. star i Star Papers chains .ar"N.J
2933 Noacrlef R4.SEWINfi tw

I GRITS MDMeal NEHI I MACSIRES Sell' 'loci! .e Hte,., GRILL! :.:.frertet8redpmn c.99 .::..- legal"

i Drinks fit SALES "",.,. t/I' ,. ,. ,. .' $ ,

: t
.. A.'," CIt"" ; '"
brand N* ZlMM'Portable -

OQA i .. ailiht patent ..OM ft_ I

4&230 Bun eer.lcft 1..11/ \... BIACH WHITING p' 'S.. U Ih
$ UwyCAUFIRNIA cula.e luM b tloa. FRISN avix eet r 4 MKJ M rta cv.
OCIAN TaouT ... ,UI*
hole ate fucr stitches JUMBO SHRIMP .u>. $1.20 I..r THE 'N TUIE'S
tUMMt aUacMelt.I. free
YrUl. ,.
IIK6 WRITE ana* Ml rot
ayta, .Q. J-HTT. SMALL FANCY SHRIMP .Lb. 49MANGO Grand Opuiifl 01
5C _", b-men

PotatoesSWEET u. INArfl ....... ..... 4"Y'LLOW All New Budget. Depl. lily 1 1. 2, 3
Prater Til Mifktiist. TAIL SNAPPItfLOUNDCR .......... .L$. 4"
.- Putt li TM Wirl* WNmNO .......... LS. IULB. FREE Nbts Fat AN He '
lEi fllEWatermelon Send year saes eM agdree MID. MULLET 10c u. ........... S 9* OitifttiM
bee LARGE Lot MUUTT ........... .. L23e
89 C and fled eat miracle (MHfHUD ...... .... LB. I 5LB. .
EMI ef prayer eaa eeooealiaaoaeere DRUM 2ttIB. Prizes; TV Set' Retail 51 Of Tires etc.
(er ,... trite: e.tsel w'rt w 5 ,
mAK flstl : .S.
SHAD 101 Penh cPtIRUM > Pbel Pseses .... .NIU TIKE 'N TUIE

L .11..aIl. UID I t> S LK Mae.OTSTIRS . ... U. 454 700 W. Adams Phone 3S4-JI11
ill. Pw B* SJ40



I j

III[ 11, ''US STAN Will PAn 1COIIeIus ..
.. ._ .. _..
.. ... ...< L.
"""" ":"
'" II' "UJ'f"
1'. '.:, ,.... .4 : .- p tii .a

:' .
.. '\.

Quick Arrest

To T..rM.se..s Capital City Cotillloi Society CoMpletes Anvil Coterie Plus .Nik% Robbery


An alert patrolaan la>
A thrtt-day tour to the taatliatlai a beat 11-
Aaolo Theater Paatlral
oaaaa plata oa a car
at tii. Klacllac Muttuaa carrying fire sea, rt-
la Sarasota la btlncplanntd suited la the attest of
by the Division Ua croup on aped rob-
of CommitStrrlcea at berg charcta sad poi'session
Mlaal>Dada junior Colltt of flrtanaa

and rtatrvatloaa At 19:12: P.... June 9,
arc BO. beast accepted. the officer observed a
Division Director L.i. 1B54 black aadvhlta two-
"Htodtraoo tnaoonctd. door Cat-troltt 1U the
She tour part will IirI"r bent plato proceeding
ItaroUa coll tea by air North oa NI 7th Avenue
condltloatd actor-coach fret T2Id It
at I a... Friday July Tta officer stopped tht
19. and arrttt back at car la front of 171J NI
the collt,. at 4 ,..., 7th Avenue discovered
Sunday.. July is.laclndad thk\ the ear'a driver,
U tb. tour Tall ttt K. ..u. 23. of
part.. art rtatrrad or 1439 Nl 60th 8t .aiaalai
chtatra seats for thrtafaaoaa another paraoa'a
coatdlta at the drlftr'a license,
Atolo 'latattr, na party During tilt traffic la.
.111 sse "Di' laportanca tttUttloo, the officer
of slag tamest" by C r fin.TAILAMm8E heard a police broadcast
Oacar 111 d..141I Jon toe'aVolpoaa fl. I[' rafarrlBi to aa aped
," sad the robbery at the Farms
Chrlatophtr Pry traaala !.Nrs. LauraL Aid,.* Fracas lo..., Hodges Ahnar.la a aaalorat N. "!... ia a Llaeola daughter of Mr. and Mra, NHA. sad Olaa Clubs Out Stores, lac, 4750 NI
tin of Jean Otraadoua'a Trlplttt. prtaldtot dauihttr of Mr. and ira. PAHO Kith, Nodiattala Rich senior aad serves John i. Dtrant la a of school aotlfltloa la* 17th Avenge, aaaaitr
TUtr at the at..." and atabtra of the Tal Douglas Jones. la asenior active la 01 oa dib, site the KM*. Draaatio aaalor at Lincoln Hit dude Jock and Jill jack Rally being htlBup
The Aaolo ntattr. the lahaaata Cotlllioa 80* at rAW Kith flh* NHA aad ia a iMbar of Clubs end the Qioraa.tto hara aha holds ... Ttma.BDd church oraatloaa -|* by fear Negroes armed
oaly orlclaal xtallaa18th cltty bare eoaplattd la a BMbtr of the liar the Ttarbook Club sad M'HUa !WA" la pea ship alth ttt !NHA, ..Dd. Ida served aalii 1U a blue steel pistol
Century tbeater la pleas for tht oriaatta book Club lid baa ra* Sins naaabla. Bha received -, Utaa. Draatttea" la Draaatiea Clubs and Btu '% IhUb Qud. At* and a tire Iron.
Aatrica. .aa built la tlo.' 1969 Dtbvtaata ealvad honor aa 'Vott hoaora for balai 1111 aad May Quota la dial Coua ll, At hid.a taadant" at PAMU HtaaU Sued oa descriptions
17M la tilt castle of Cotaria.v&lca calalaatad Ldllke1I1ss 13-A"" the '!pet buataaaa like INS aoholaraalp fret Alpha 1MI give durlac the broad-
Cathtrlao Coraaro at .Ith the Dtbutaata Sail, and Mlaa Jaka flai- atalor." Bottoai rm five lefts lappa Alpoa Sorority Cmlana hcLla.dauihtar. cut, the officer ar
Aaolo Sear ,...le..Atterit June it.la the Nt* Grad tbtr.jvarlya... Shirley Aaa Qlbaoa Oaaatfolya Threats, Marilyn Lavta pope, of Mr.and Mra, Alaiandtr rated Na11Uruit Clydt
.aa dlaaa'tlad to asks Ballroo' of t lit Student Uellla Gaiter dauchtar of Sr. aad Bra. dauchttr of Mr. and Mrs. daughter of !Mr. and ire McLla, la a senior at Steen, 20. of 3300 NI
'ay for action picture Union Bulldlai at Florida _pt.r of Kr. and Mra.larrall prank HOB]ay,t a a aaalorat Marbart Threats, 11'? lea Joseph A. Pope, ia a PAW Mich ttt la active leath It.& Jerry Nt..tOft.II .
taster it *aa purchaatd AIM ttol vanity. 0. Gaiter .. a PAMO Mlh. Bht ia a aaaior at rAW Nigh senior at PAMU Nigh, aha .1th tilt Olaa Club, mA! of 1130 Nl ]$3od
by tha Mat of Florida Officers orklac el oatly aanlor at Uacola Mash aaabar of the OTA the Carolyn Ala James, la aaaoelata editor of and Ua yearbook staff 31.8 Ntrantl Tobltr.' 17,
and la IISI .aa traaa tth Mrs Tripletti.clsdedars.1.sa abets aha ia active aa .lao nab tilt yearbook daucbttr of in. and Mra.Kaaai the yearbook a a...r- of 1187 Nl ISmd: It. and
f.rrd to a buildlag at Joan parliaaaatarlaa of the staff aad the pap evrsd Jaaaa, la a sailor of the Olaa Club the Daaltl Lee flrlffla. U,
the RlaclUl Nviatuaa ..tIarUOta. vice ,,..Sdea,;.,..Della RNA and ia a ...or Girl Lenora Al).., daughter at Llaeola Rlih, abets pap squad sad aa NHAaaabtr of IMS Duval St Con
".,1 Md. a er tary; sons. Soot, "wiaa tlaeolaHllh' of .....Alh,..aaa Allen aha la aatlva la tbaJounaJlaa nmdhwreh Loeha. ?
tilt ia Sarasota the Joatpa Hill, trtaaartr.and for im.| nala la a aaalor at Uaeolaiih Clab.WA.! aadUa Oltaa Anaatt Mail ay, 1 Social Nee Recovered fro the' .t-
. party will stag at tha Wise 1. BJaaeha Oa aim a iMbar of the hara aha partial* student Cbvaell. Mhaaa dauchttr of Mr, aad Mra. To 'Ioh ass |>>.22 of .bi chen
Hottl Sarasota Tur.OI. via. publicity dad. ,.... Manrlatta nlllaaa Honor Sates lth the lad, cited u.. "All a* Sylvester L. Maalay, la SIAM! RTM la solos, ,7IS Malta
II", hich ia hon for its Dtbataataa praiMtaddttrlac axlaty aad the KatloaalHonor Modern Daaalai Ua. round Mtadtat' la Jaator a sector at PAMU Rlih 121 NI ltd Ara, ofh11' subtitle pistol allntd
ptraaatat collection of Ut Btaaoa'a ball cxlaty. Deans end MU Qaba.Mkkl Wish sad IB aa hoaar hara aha serves la the 111'102/ to have. bees need la the
f oil ,aIIU.p oft.. ITU art anon top photo fro* Hodgatta tat art a Abatr, Lisa Nlaa teofh* roll aiaabtr. tollowSatltnolnlca'l 'aactlltlttt robbery" aad a ...14 off
t sad lath caatarlaa. lefts ......ter of Mr. and its tar of Stud Mr. Marry thlriay Aaa OtVaaa. Ttarbooi. 13 avait shotgun/ r,

i iI I Florida Club WoMen 11'1.111Fert /

PICK THE RIGHT Laiitrialo This Weekend

POST LAOOOUALrAdraa requests for aeeoada Oh That Young Blood Feeling !

lions that hive coat la fro throachoat too state
lactate that Ua till session of the Florida At-
sedition ., 10...' pubs here Jvaa 11'21. till
NUMBERS AND WIN have oat af the larctat oddyaar attaodaataa la1U
".ton. ..."...........tt..au sass.. Ohl! That Young Blood Filling!
: na NorUtMt Ptdtratadaad these for the atttlai
na Inns daba the .111 ha .'inplootatlai
best .rol,., are aa* Oar CooBonla and Kduca ,!; U-STONIC:
thailaotltally tadlac U OIl al tttpoaalbllltlaa ._
If flaal preparation for Trash Cooiaalty Ao* '14 i' .VlUmJn enriched UqUlO*TAIU.KTM
aad all sabers of both The Ptllotahlp Tee,
data are dtttralatd alter the speaks pro
that ao oaa *ho attends glen oa Nodal afttr
n. ...'11. till leave noon, till testers BM*
their ditappolatad ben of 'APC. aa .tl| aa WMBM
sub the .....nalU'. the Plarlda Aaaoclatlaaof
ON WAME1260ON Mn. Umltt I. .Taj Jar, Sins Club, tbloh Spotlight Prodfld Of The Week
of Milt Oladt. prttl* sill hold ........ "'U.ta. !!.
deal of ttt state group ...10' stoop la
baa aaa.aatad that UaatrtloM ..etl... Miami, Florida
af severs) set.studl.g A ..etl., of tho Kite*
I I ....II.r. baa lice Board, .. Midayatibt
H baaa ..n,.. for tko jaaa 2.. tilllaanoralo
atailaaa, aid flat tko Ua ....1...

Teeth Grmbr 'DIDYoU Ii/cW?

WIN $1,260 Is YkthB

Ij Of Drowa1 .
Y \
Caltla aaltb, \i, a a
i <
Tenth Stale at 1 4 tat of
liner slit SdMal aad a
WIN $1,260 ': ,......t of Sol Math 1.; f
Halo Ml at xy, AaartMit1J.
towtd ia a -.. ; "'f' .'t ....n. .!fens Idut111L1CtA0111 .
.fkS ': -* S. of hl. *(*..alMa U Nee AltO ItitAUJ OI1tAltlMFUCIAl1 L0JJ1K4J:
i ;: ,. t hla.no ESTIMATlDsoa4oeo && 2&.H: :
:,. ... dells aid flttothtr -4.
: J' WIN $1 260.. hustle af tt* aaaBM A* )CMtS5s nSStEavtSAnlln
,,", 1.1 sere ..ta.II, U u. 1f
"IK "" racaplt lataltd at n ann..r1..._ AMAT
; :. .,.. a4 MU t*. '
..1-=-: c.u........ SLAT
At amailaattly. I: Wf. MI.. GlensP.i.iAlt1a1iM ,..y.ew. .:;:: ::: w _
... Smith sad the
S s- --.
s .
otttr* att.ttad U o 1a.to .... ,. -- Ton
Mf1..1 tfftlra af III'S
M lolaad M &MO .
..... ill yarda dlataattrim ilk.ae. ."..... MI -e-4-t swans.. ,e"a5u1
Ut aktra, ..., ..._, .... UV .-.. -.--we. e
CASH Atoordlai ,. L.|... ,..,., lady ft.,t. IMMu. ::r.lT1c' ....=. = :b
Tfc.a.. IN MU Malalc ... fa.** M a* bee een == -" :t
... ..
drwtTtl u.l tat eau 5bls. a1 M.M .. w
,M/. AaarUtat t.aatlb ca -:- w r.
coiled tar help U Iaa..e N' Nit ..' ,e.4 an ."r:/.Kwwonw., _
twb Client. 4I$4., ".r= "=..f" .,
r IMy MlUBtll. Tin -.i -- "' :..rI.I ...--. .-..
Sib 4raaat, Co..... ee'e p a a. H 1155 1.4111 ... S :: : : rase.e :.:"':::'''.:r.t
r1P ... '' '
.....11 t4t ., A ..../. UMU4 14 ... w Fen.
.rt .. AO _. -- ran :,1s..:: t:::::. "seen N
WAME DIAL1260 ... elni. fit. .M tltll !. "' .-
help ,
.tt< t .. ...... sae -. eel.4r
rtu.efsstil peai..ed .i... Mesta sad pen ttit ... ':::"L
a.d tried u Mil s/g' had ate 5/frnae4. ,. r, vewfI. tI, '::', ....
estew. I'' M... a.+wM ... _inn
.. .. N
dell ten etis hat, rest tit sal ...


..... .... ..

,, J. -


mi SlTIIUY "IIXE is. 'm

. Dr. 'Eugtni Carson Blake Receives Trio.Playing Important t 'Bole

Degree From Hamilton College

NEw 'YORK-The.Re,. Dr. Eugene Carson Blake, chief -

eircotlve officer of the General Assenbly of the 1 I pr.-

United Presbyterian Church 0.8.A. Sunday was a

warded an Honorary Doctor of Divinity degree from

Hilton College. Clinton N.T.
'in making the presentation '" ..........'..............
freedom In t church involved *
at the coU...' .
with the peopleIt SI L L DQRLD8QNDintrict
commencement exercises,
lust serve.these _Manager
president Robert f. McEwwn -
cited Dr. Blake for critics too often confuse a in Jolly olds England, a couple of hundred years ago once a year they had n

hit "'ecumenical voice treason and dissent t 4. celebration called Hop Fair. There was a big parade, the main attraction being

calllni for trlusp of ." T all the girls who were available for housework.

,unity over differences )Hamilton's president Instead of costumes and flags the girls carried the symbol of thelrprofe-

of doctrine for a reasoned pointed out that Dr.Blake's a sin: a rag mop. All one hid to do to get n honseworker was pick m girl. 'Tier
example "has
end to the havoc wan the advantage, at least that the householder did not have to take a worker
not been merely verbal ,
of sectarianism and fora sight unseen.
for have time and ,
return to the Biblical in our day, the cook, the cleaning .0...., the gardener, have had their work
again demonstrated a
Injunction of tone fold covered by social security sins 1151. There has been and there still seen to
compassionate willingness .
and one shephers'." deed be, mome misunderstanding about the law not only by the employer* of domestic
to apply by mm
president iteEwen also much M by word th* 1m- 1 help, but by the worker themselves. Host of the misunderstanding in baaed on

declared that the united partial lessons of i- r ; people feeling they can choose or not choose to report housework. 'The law doe
Church'sstated .
Presbyterian r
not permit such a choice.
Christianity to a partial .
clerk has raised world. *1 then a hose employer pays a borne worker $50 or more of cash wage la m calendar

'ti just voice pleadingfor "As a former presidentof quarter, the employer mast report that worker wage and turn in the

equality* among the the National Council octal security tax to the internal Revenue Service. Both the employer and th*',
races, for a non-segre
of Churches, u a delegate worker share the tax equally but the employer 1* responsible for remittanceof
gated church In a non-
to several conventions r the total tax. if the eeplcyer fall to withhold the worker share of the
segregated society'
You have reminded of the gorld'Couneil taw he i* still responsible for pa-leg both share of the tax.

us,"* he said, "that of Churches, and M I The only situation which the ho use balder need not pay the social searittag.

whether a man be blackor stated Clerk of the 0* I nor even report the worker wage, i* where less than $50 in cub wags have
white, he Is one of nited Presbyterian been paid in a calendar quarter.
"he added "you TOP PARKERS ON STATE ABC (XMMIrras-.th'tint) : three Ntgro appointees to Acrl
God's children and the re- Church, Your social security office will be pleased to have been In the van cultural Stabilization and Conservation (ABC) State Committees are outstanding .
fore the brother of us thin subject in more detail. A request by postal card giving IOU name and address
guard of those responsible farmers. Left to right: John Oammon. 1000-acre cotton grain and flab farmer of
all. yours has been a will do. if yon are a household'employer. ak for booklet 21. if yon are
for this continuing Marion, Ark. ; Caldwell McMillan, com hog and tobacco farmer of Annapolis
courageous voice that household worker ask for booklet 24.
has not been stilled by re-' .. 0' the Md.; and George ff. Spearsjr., cotton, grain and livestock farmer of Meiigold Address question to: 'The Florida star" Social Security Editor, 400 feet
role of a socially committed 111 i.. At botton. McMillan is sbwon fertilising tobacco on him farm. 'These'
the earnings of zealotswho Ashley Street Jacksonville Florida.
/ through their pink church within the three men.help to make important farm policy for their States. (USDA Photo)

context of this troubled .
tinted lenses see a

threat to Individual era" Florida Memorial College Given Milts Cieliflieece Gift For Cibliot Official

Grants To Aid Needy Students

Yes We All Talk

ST. Auo08TINt-'Florida Memorial College has received .. t Tees. Smokers
from the Office of Education In Washington,
QJESTION: feat is meant by the motion to raise
confirmation of grants to the college totalling How adult groups, men
a parliamentary inquiry"Mrs. j.L.
192.801 with which to provide jobs for needy col and women who belong to
ANSWER: The motion "Rise to parliamentary in-
less students who wish to earn a portion of their parentteaoher associations
qulr," simply refers to a motion which asks n
tuition costs, It ham been announced by the officeof fraternal civic
question relative to parliamentary law. Por swim'pie me President a. I. puryear .................... and social organisa
suppose that a chairman states a notion before
The grant, made under of $5'7.'In for on-crpes alone, trade unions and
the house and a member In not quite sure it
the gork-Study phase of jobs.an award of $1/, Ili religious group, can
in a mistake. The member should rise and state
the Anti-poverty program has been approved to. use their influence to
(without recognition from the chair);
provides for payment of conduct an off-campus lessen the temptations .
-.*r. chairman I rise to a question or parliamentary
tl. 25 per hour, 15 hours Tutorial program, and tong youngster to take
inquiry. The chairman then says, 'Ctate
per week, for needy! students another grant of '11,&00 up cigarette sacking is
your inquiry The member might say, "As a question
in such cm-pus jobs for a summer Community one of the objectives of .
of parliamentary Inquiry 'does not a motion
as laboratory, library, Recreation ,rolr... Both a new, sound-color motion -
need a second before being stated to the assembly
?'The and office assistants of these latter projects, picture which in L

A special mummer preparatory to' be staffed by FMC titled "'ho NOT"
chairman then says, 'Your question is well
program, be* students are sponsored The Florida Division of :
taken and the motion should have a second prior to
being stated to the aseeably." lined to be the firstof by the St. Johns county the American Cancer Society .
Its kind In Florida, for Civic Responsibility ,
Committee announced tails
''Do i hear a second to the motion?," says the l'
chairman. will provide full time a nonprofit that the educational

-z-" oJ When the motion Is seconded, then the chairman employment on the Florida group. '.ho lit" film has juet 4-N CDNFDir
states It to the house and calls for discussion Memorial campus this Persons Interested la been released for>> show- and the presentation of n 4-N desk set to him were highlights of the

READERS: For my parliamentary chart of motions, summer for forty needy attending Florida Memorial lags la Florida .. with ,I5U National 4-N Conference here in Washington recently. Elisabeth Covlagtom.mtaadlag .

tellingthealx things one needs to know about each Incoming freshmen, enable College under this 'out co.t.P10nda. with the Secretary, introduced kin and presented the gift. Like

motion in the five classes. Send 60 cents to Dr them to earn a substantial fork-Study program are clubs or organl* Secretary Freeman, she in from ttnaeepolla. Minn Looking en arm Harriette Le-

II.H. Boulware. Florida AM University) Box 310-A. portion of their urged to get la touch xatlone wishing to show ....,....N delegate of Perry Fla, and Dr. Daniel M. Ogden Jr.. assistant director

Tallahassee, Florldal2307. tuition for the coming with the college la St. the film should arrsng of the U.S. Department of the interior's knees of Outdoor Recreation
year At the same time, Augustine preferencefor booking for it well in Elisabeth
wan one of 10 Negro delegates at.b.. conference (08M Photo)
these prospective freshmen the full time summer advance of their meet

Attach' Public Housing Plan will be given free jobs will go to personswho lags. Requests should be CressreiiY Delay) IB Hits NAACP

orientation and remedial graduated from high made by contacting the

TAMPA-'The Tampa Branch, NAACP was informed that classes to ready them school or junior collegethis nearest of the American Africi Chief. Bazooka Trial AWe WHh 1
for college work la the Nil TOttDA delayer
the Tampa Public Housing Authority has agreed to year Cancer Societyn County
To le Cited
fall won early last week
comply with the Civil Rlghta Law in August andalso Unit office They are $500 Sift
to hire an assistant executive director. 'nI.IIr.OO in addition to a grant ************** Hated in the regular MCWOU. Masa.**(NPI)>* by the qeeemn District
Three inetltntlons of attorney off tee in the MAMMX. Wls.KrI-
had asked tor>> an Investigation by the Fed white page of telephonedirectories
trial of three Cabana A $500 damage malt has
oral (Government following refusal of the author* in |g key hither learning will
Reveals White
Survey Mijority confer doctorate degrees charged with firing a been filed by a Dime
Florida cities.
ty to state whether it would comply. The NAACP
county sergeant
bamooka the
) son the lev. James |. on
also asked for the dismissal of Thomas AD-ar, the Club program chairmen
Not AIII-H. As Nation betiding.Defendants a elset a local attorney
executive director following remark which the .ro HeltltHrs should allow 20 mlauteeon Robinson, founderdirector
Crossroads Africa in the coneore w. ho charged hit himafter
their prograna forthe
NAACP felt were racial In character. NEW YORX"Klght la ten white Americans say they showing of the 'Wbo the workcamp summer .. Jilts Carlo perez he had beem arrested

not more or sell their homes if a negro Her film. Fducatlomal program, which has Igaecle Nova and Mil .. a traffle

lWOUJd moved la next door, a mew survey revealed. literature in also available bees Isitrenental in lertM NOVO. The pwse' charge.Charging.

was the-answer toes/.ewe.............. wl u.oCloo.t.. ending more than 1, 500 ..'10' wan .1,.. until damages a*

a question posed in ,a y when a similar survey American sad Canadian thin week to decide U..., Atty. Nell J.

noticed that special national poll was conducted five years college stndentn to Africa whether to appeal the in* Tenan, 31. president

Have you conducted for Look ago (it. tins Hill slice .... validation ef the alleged Medians MJS? chapter ingt.

the Smooth Canadian gets MagiilBO. Results of the in ,the area of civil Victoria Caiveralty. apart ..,..1.1 of the trio. ..j* Lewis.Tkt .

survey appear in an Tights, white Americana 3 hjtl ApfiiitMitsTALLAHAflBB of the Oalverslty

to the best parties? article, 'America equivocally support of Toronto, conferred
Mood Today" published the .Negro Cease, accord ThrM ap* the Doctor of Divinity

More guests prefer V.0. in the current Issue of tag to the poll. some point*mat*mad edaeeday degree on Dr. Roblneomwhen V'tt ,
1 than any other brand the magulae. six in ten adult Med* by Oov. Nay doe Ba'nn UDaval be delivered the ,':' ..
whisky. Significantly, onJy :33 ctn favor. Federal action.la County Included comvocatlom address :
I percent of white south the ""ro' behalf Fnnkllm Relnstome emd
T fte will
t ealverslty
It does what otherr
no criers declared they :aid among teea-agers, Harry llncald to new po- grail Dr. Robtmaom the

one can defines would move, Indicating support is even stronger.In .1 U 0.. on the School degree ef Doctor of N s*
smooth once and for all. that people in the month aaawer to a qaeetiomon Board and Cite tarry
mane Letters. |'.
t ) LightOfcourse. have been more deeply voting rights, two ..weeding Ue late lUllJ. at its login comaeac**

Scagram's\f affected by the race out of three Americans Vey key. .*

issue then east Amerians feel that the FederalOovemmeat ,,
tOM t a
CanadianJ < real i... should intervene Photographs r

The wllliagnesa to me* to neemro the,vote s :

cent Negroes asmelghbora for Negroes in comment* Sttrtiig Today

was eves more emphatic ties that seek to dey

among the nation whitetewagera this right Mist 60

only II P rceatsaldUey Support for Government, (

mild mat intervention amomgeaitem I- lw

their parents to move or is strongest lathe hbst. t rfete lads life W h '.

cn r laN wN s sell their homes.Again Midwest sad feet, bat a hrkf 1 12 CM te
emv tie !sees of satirising maker ef

nc.,tH pollster feud: MUenMrs$ percent** CIIiIM F* K Tttil

that nearly five time .also favor ooverament
ns easy Americana newconsider intervention to severe latest Ku's Hair Styles

Integration Ue the vote for ....n...

...,..,'a major n.eers. Are Taught At The
Royal Art Studio

rt eA
t1 o ..



H Ie I EUM 4-1194 630 DAVIS STREET

sari.IaR1s aim a mean curt 4 Arm:Beier es.err ,
CLOSED AIL DAY TUESDAYS litliuttfli. nirili

-- -

- r t

III 11.1 1H5 STAt mils PACE I' .
----- --
The Sports Parade Hunt Permits Deer Hunting YH..d.s Pirates WiaDcrfbles Sports Take On New look

RefkKed For Penalties JumpTALLAHASSEEThe Exist fi Title

SALT LAIC CITT"(NPI)--A proposed boilni Bitch: YoungstersTALLAHASSEE of illegal taking and YwthTALLAHASSEE"CIIII! HAMPTON' lNSnTUTB.Va.Rasptoa .--
between s-heavywelght champion: Jersey joe Valcott --Youn c st srs possession of deer and Another institute's 4 Y
and profeealonal wrestler ''Urusber Eowalskl moss will be able to hunt for wild turkey durlni 223 boy aDd ill girls ,Inh..wtu.ra of seven
turned don flat lut week by r.t. lithe).. chaira. half price oa Florida's closed season or by ago 10.14 yeare are CIAA tends chaapioa-
Utah Athletic coaalaaloa. He said. 'Utah wildlife aaaaceaent illegal aethoda la going seeded to fill existing ship la the past tan
will not allow that kind of a fight to take place.. areas this year. The up.the A bill enacted by summer ClaP vacancies at years, successfully defended .
taloott Is itill smarting fro criticisms centering regular fire dollar pub Leclalature provide* the Youth Conservation their NCAA At*
on kit refereeing of the recent Cassias gay-8onny lie bust peralt required a new penalty for taking CUP i* theocala Hatioaal laatlo Coast Regional
.LUton heavyweight rematch: which day woo OD. of all who hunt or attempting to takedeer Forest acoordlns double title Trenton.. .1

record eao-.ianto knockout la the first round on the aanaceaeot. areas. or wild turkey by to the Cam sad Fresh ...J. on Jua* 2-4. The
bas been reduced to two use of CUB sad light or later nib Coaaisslon. pirate tandem of John
VETERAN COACH RETIRES out of season.Accordlac .
lASHlNOTOn..CHFD..Tbe retirement of Howard cni dollars and fifty cent to Only 64 vacaacies re Levis and Jay Henley do*
0.1. prye,
for hunters lain for boy during the
under the hated the! Rider College
venity James (T.d) ChMbera baa removed froaasolagtoa Executive Director. Cane
national ace of fifteen.Huntera camping session June 30 (".J. ) da* of DoD Zach
and coaching competition Oat sad Preen later PiahCoaalsslon
under the ace broach July 3. age and Jerry Coati, ...;
of themost sacceaaful developer of college
aoccertalent. of fUtua.u.ntapt the new hundred vacancies reaaia
A soccer coach for 40 of which penalty bill
".ra. 21 tram purchaae of huntlar provides open darlns the session The Pirate reached the
were spent oa the Howard caepu. Chamber compiled license that whoever takes or and
are required July 4 through 177. final round with aa up-
a 104-J1-11 woa-loat-tled record la 19 years of to attempts to take deer or
vacancies for the
possets public hunt SB set victory: over the top-
coaching college soccer with 34 of his playera wild turkey by the use
permit whoa -
huatlag oa July II SI camping seeded swarthaore Col logo
being aelected for All-Sooth teaaa aDd sight for. wildlife of cua aDd light or out "
aanaceaeatareas. period. tsaa of Jim Predaor and
All-American boson Re alao coached crScht.footbaU. of ....oa. shall upon
A total of 111 vacancies
Jerry North 6-1: ,.1:
boxing and track at Howard brought tII..eboOl' conviction be fined not
The reduction of the! mania for girl wbo Bay
lean I.'. la what was the PRIDIDWlP"llth the return of tamed E.J.
two hundred RWtl
first national chanplonahlp in soccer In public hunt permit for attend either one or two most exciting dual of
dollar son more than (Os) deaons to the fold ss athletic director-hed
1961. yeuac hutera was established week*. The caaplai eea-
the tournanent.
fire hundred dollars, or football coach Edward College baa eabarked on an
at the ...tl., sloe for girls begin
not DE9nATXON TO STARDOM Lewis sad Henley volleyed
Imprisoned not less than ambitious schedule to regain itn toner prestige
NEI 7OLL"()QI)"he story was told last week of at the Cams and Fresh five days nor more than 'Aucast I through 7 and with abandon, and as one of the ..Uon'. top football potera. Cle-
*a Incident that led the ring only triple crow later Pish CommUsloa oas year. August I through 14. their well placed overheads BOOS, former two-tlae All-America tackle at Morrla
'chaaploa, Henry Arastroni. fro. near desperationto were the crisps .
ciliated his Initial coaching
Brow, successfully
stud and fortune, Working oa the/ railroad la Cokd Presents Sports Awards To Collegians s of victory It was assigns eat at Edward titers and surged Into further

It. Louis for 137 bi-.omthiy. Arastroni read lathe r reds ore's brilliant re* dory with consecutive gird eucceeses st "Rust. Lane
post Dispatch, that flcht between turn of serve that kept
a Lid Chocolate
and Morrl Brawn colleges, clemons and the STAR*
sad Jackie (Kid) Ben had iroesed I1J2.000.IU the Batch close, aa he Al Use, who haven't set since the atd'flftlea
decided !he too could become a big isboxing. moved la behind his fine
mosey earner rhea Oi was with Morrla Brown and line was at the
The result: ',._.,111, Hrk" woo sod held returns of serve to Atlanta Dally world, talk over oldU....
laultaaeously the featherweight lightweight sad score on sharp sinning (Royal Art Studio photo)
welterweight titles, and earned a fortune durlac aWY. volleys of his oat.

..: career Henry was In town last ... to aid preoBore could not keep Rattler Cited AII-Ster Setto
a protege, Adolpa Prultt, la a ftp ...1.., ToaayOarriaoa. the pace alone and when
broke atTrALONT. (tteclal[ )'
the Pirates through
a protege of owe of Arsstroag'a toner StudiesTALLAHASm
oppamoata..Bsney Rosa.MCRAC North' servo at the ban For Alphoaae D)toB. All- A-
II.ulloUIlt third set, aerlcaa tackle fro.
SIGNS MAM .ACTOfICAOO(1CPI.Io. and then Hanley held hi* Eugene Orambllng College, labeled
...* McRae, defeaalv halfback on with a service ace, Hayes, a guard oa the by .orl..., ,-
of the Chicaio ...,. of the/ National football' It was el ear that victory Florida AAM University scarred coepatrlota aa
leegM.aaa alcned his INS contract with the Bears was la sight for tat! Rattlers football tee. the best piece of grid
for an undisclosed salary The toner Michigan U pirate for the! aeeoad was ....4 the "most aschlasry" laths school's

star irldder sad sprinter .. la his third year of consecutive year, outstanding student" of history, has acciftted an
pro football with the Rears. Last "uo.. .. la- IB singles play, the the Vb cat ton al .Technical invitation to play In
tercepted two passes to raiae his nine, for ill yards aad oat toucodowa.AM Cllston Parks, was defeated Is b..dC'O.. scno1' sinless football cant
laatlc Aea& .,..en t.
here oa June :24.
la the quarterfinal *

Calif. .*(NPl )*-Usi.i his powerful round by Jla gnats Reed Memorlil' Baseball
of Chester lists League
ground strrlce an! crowd strokes to outclass his lest
opponent Arthur Lake of Riehaoad. '... aad OCLA, ODlh... ..1; '.2. The TUISOAI, June 32.....Joe JMM vs etlderIKTWRsnAT
drove Harry Peaojiler of Canada all over the court louraaaent entry allowed ; June 2)......Coca Cola vs Carver

last *... before me fee.ting him .... "-0. ... la the ass slsgles player per 'THURSDAY, June 34......Joe .I... ve lnj homer
final of the Canadian series of tie Datls cup competition. school aid one doubles. All canes played at &I.ond-Jahn.on park. Oaawttne,
tea. 4 P.*.

, Rattlers' Florida PiecedMth

\ t
/ SeisoiTkkits (I. FttfefLlccise fIIII.ttt-f'tJfT-.pr..et.th. of the Cbca-Cbla Company Atlanta tam.. and Itatattlerreps

R1yTAU.ANAICKESeaeea. were very settee la sports events oa several oollese campuses a* .,.VI
Sales the IvM-11 school year' drew to a clo. Above ambers of the famous softdrink's
public re!at loss and special vets teen are seen st Prairie Yin MM
ticket for tke PlorldaAMI TALLAHASSEE total of College yeses tl s.torn-flat. State blege, aorta Carol I aa. and Tennessee As I
Calveralty Rattlers' TO 1.1 S3 per soa s purchased State Oalverslty.Nasbvlll la top ,...1. Billy hullo. 3rd from left precants
loss football ..... will flahlac sad ".U., Ii. Coca-cole sponsored LA. Scott II. Memorial Trophy to Dr. IV. ".., PV
be sold for 111.00 this ceases la Florida durlac prealdent.awea at right of the tro bl.w'leta.at to the prairie VI*. Tigers"aa
fall. The Rattlers pity Iced to place 14lh in a 1944 latercolleglate football champlone. Rat left la the aceae are Dallas
four ,.... at lose this aatlonelde survey of Doctor t.r-sste tbn.ll>> greet sad Frisk Clarke, who use banquet speaker.Burho.Dr. .

year.CMC. flsheruaa with lOt. ... Eveae. Rllly Nicks. PV Athletic Director sad Dr. C.L. til soa, cnalr
Jake Oaltber ea- llceaaed fishnet and .am of the Athletic Cornell st the Tease I..U tlt1oa. Is center croupDr. 1_.

sowed that orders for 14th la the hunters *sr. Beta HI I IMS. lad from right 'r.....at, wlsetoa-A.I. state, receive tennistruphlee
season tacketa are now fey with 17,404 II. froa Charles 0. ludu... 2nd from left bottler for Qcs-Cola I* the -
Nine taken. c..... beaters.IN North Carollsa City. CII no. 0. ..u...., I eft,coke Public Relatlocs ata in
Vlaatoa-Salea.. sad WV Coed C. & Oalse. rtglt, also .... the aearda whlca :

ere furalehed fcr Cacs-Cola. la bottom aectlea. Dr. Walter a. Davis, center,
TIC Alt III ,.....1 r..14IIoldill pls ie preesnted to his by" at>*s .. leadrti, 2nd from
right la beaalf of Ue ,astlonal High cfcoel) Athletic Asaoelstlea. itch was
1M Seek The Beet Doctor II' founded by. Dr. Davis. From left are llllaa Gnat public reltUoes. Nartvlllo

asm Tour D tar Prescribes. : Ooca-Ools>> nottllsg, orbs JoM Ms PbaraaelstS'
Set Experienced relation rsrUiat of the Coca-Cals ('Mf"'. Baltimore.. Mary I an.. Dr.Dkvis.leadrli.snd -
.Accardiai to your Doctor au He**, sales. a.a,., for>> Cac.-Oals) Ja Nash villa. Hackeras
Orders te e.. only The Best "Ti"LA. < Coca-Cola all and
ba.iet speaker st kl. The Company firalakee trophies
frailty nll proprietor aearde far mtU acid spoawrs. assail MIA wool basketball ell...,loa toersa-"

-t RE8ISTBE8 nujbuacTs TO' sum TOO* ....t.

>> OoodsCMtdleeSuadrleePRCSCRIPT.ONS Data) SoftcwN league Wa4ch The Clown -t't

CALLED peg AMD DCUVtROr' BtMUT. Jwae J|.........Bore Noae vs Flukes rt
TtfflKUOr. Jeaeinetajigs' vs OoKflsger ne U 1131 $

Lilly's Drug Store nuBOAr.jwe 21Plaiboja re Boye *kaeTHUUOAT / -. u The perfect
Jeae 24Spetrlt we M.atae.sPVOAT.
,... 21----a3l 1H7 UK Mel U-3I2JI All Oee/ee played e. Bays .lens Diae.e.. ....t>tI... .5 martini gin!
T: 20 P.M. 1 11..Jl IC

j I makes a

21 .' 14-SI 4-, '
perfect Tom Collins

C2 21 11gooetla.
a M 1 W '
.ecetiees ..' s Dee c

.1 se adds, ,." ,ul.,,
I ue elks It sll srfesdOMjefl r 1M


37 toe 12 I i

Mil's Days 1 1ob

Art Mmbtridnan'

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here.." Mats ... ,.,.
less CM Be leers "*.
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lBea4 U 64 fer peer ;!
\ ........ Oelse fey

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; bleat ..I.. ew w .. __rj.
.. ..,j till IB tke 1'ar'"rr'_'
\' -.4. sell V XOO1AC ,...1olta. I Sr.Ir I.I
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Beef its Best ffb' till .. Plerlle ., .

at .AII....._.........". ."}. ." ,, rw

BftTI OP BttTM. ..,... ,., ___r._a s 5 a mar ewers a s aaww-.......-
"' .w.
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... .I'.

1 tm, I ,

VI "r'"r'H.E


Dr. Eugene Carson Blake Receives Trio.Playing Important t 'Bole

Degree From Hamilton College

ME YORK-TJiiKey.. Dr. Eugene Carson Blake chief
eircutlve officer of the General Assembly of the 1

United Presbyterian Church V. & A. Sunday was awarded -
an Honorary Doctor of Divinity degree from

Hamilton College. Clinton, N.Y. j; i'
!in Mine the presentation .,......................._.UU.... 6 6ti
freedom In'a church: involved
at the col h..' I
with the peopleit BT LB. DONALDSONDistrict
commencement exeiclses, ?
lust ..r'.th... .Manager
P reel dent Robert W. MC-
Seen cited Dr. Blake for critics too often confuse la Jolly olde England a couple of hundred years ago, once a year they had a

his "ecumenical voice treason and dissent. 0 y celebration called Mop Fair. There was a big parade, the main attraction being

calling for trlump of ." all the girls who were available for housework.

unity over differencesof Hamilton's president instead of costumes and flags, the girls carried the symbol of their profession

doctrine for a rea- pointed out that Dr. a aJ 0 a rag mop. All one had to do to get a housemother was pick a girl. There

coned end to the havoc aI ak.' a example '1 as e was the advantage, at least that the householder did not have to take a worker
not been merely verbal ,
of sectarianism and fora sight unseen.in .
for have time andagain
return to the Biblical you our day, the cook, the cleaning woman the gardener, have had their work
demonstrated a
injunction of tone fold covered by social security since 1951. There has been and there still seen to
compassionate willingness
and one shephers'." deed be, BOBS misunderstanding about the I.". not only by the 'employers of domestic
to apply by u
president MCEwen also help but by the workers themselves. Most of the misunderstanding is based oa
much u by word the impartial
declared that the united lessons of people feeling they can choose or not choose to report housework. The law does

Presbyterian Church'sstated Christianity to a partial not permit such a choice.
clerk has raised world. Theo a have employer pays a home worker $50 or more of cask wages ia a calendar

'ti just voice pleading "As a former presidentof r quarter the employer must report that worker's wages aDd tura ia the

for equality among the the National Council ... social security tax to the internal Revenue Service. Both the employer sad thej
for *a non-segre ;
of Churches as a delegate worker share the tai equally, but the employer is responsible for remittance
gated church in a nonsegregated *
society' ." to several conventions of the total' tax. if the easierer, falls to withhold the workers share of the

YOU have remindedus of the world Council tar he la still responsible for paying both shares of the tax.

"* he said "that of Churches, and as The only situation which the ho uae bolder need not pay the social security tax.

whether a laD be blackor stated Clerk of the United nor even report the worker a wages, is where lees than $50 ia cash wages have

PresbyterianChurch"he been paid la calendar QUart.r.your .
he is of '
white, one added "lou TOP FARMERS ON STATIC ASC OOMMITTII2S"Tb) : tint three negro appointees to Agricultural
Ood' children and therefore social security office will be pleased to.all you a booklet explalslag
s stabilization and Conservation ABC State Committees are outstanding
the brother of us have been in the vanguard ( ) this subject In more detail. A request by postal card giving your name and address
farmers. Left to right: John flammon, 1000-acre cotton rain and fish farmer of
of those -
all, yours has been a responsible will do. if you are a bousehold'employer, ask for booklet 21. If you are
for this continuing Marion, Ark?; Caldwell McMillan corn hog and tobacco farmer of Annapolis,
courageous voice that household worker ask for booklet 24.
re-eiamlnatlon of' the Md.; and George V. clearsjr., cotton grain and livestock farmer of Merigold.
has not been stilled by Address questions to: "The Florida Star Social Security Idl tor. 400 West
role of a socially committed Miss. At botton McMillan is shwon fertilizing tobacco on his farm. 'These
,the carptngs of zealots Ashley street. Jacksonville Florida.
'who' through their pink church within the three men,belp to make Important farm policy for their States. (USDA Photo)

context of this troubled i
tinted lenses see a

.threat to individual era, Florida Memorial College Given Adults C.Il.fl.e.cI Gift For Cabiiet Official

Grants To Aid Needy Students (

Yes We All Talk
ST. AUOUSTINZ--Florida Memorial College has received .. v Teen SMokers
from the Office of Education in Washington,
What is meant by the motion to 'Talse
confirmation of grants to the college totalling How adult groups, men
a parliamentary inquiry?" --Mrs. .J.L.
SU. HI with which to provide Jobs for needy college and women who belong ta 1
ANSWER: The motion Rise to Parliamentary in
students who wish to earn a portion of their parent-teacher associations.
qulr," simply refers to a motion which asks a
tuition costs It has been announced by the officeof fraternal civic
question relative to parliamentary law. For example PMC President ..I. puryear. ."................. and social 0 raanl.tion. ..-
suppose that a chalrsaa states a notion before
The grant, made under of $57,779 for on-campus ., trade unions and
the house and a member is not quite sure it
the work-Study phase of jobsan awardaf "111 religious groups, can
Is a alstake. The member should rise and stats
the Antipoverty Program has been approved to. use their Influence to
(without recognition from the chair):'
provides for payment of conduct an off-campus lessen the temptations
',tlr. chairman I rise to a question or parliamentary -
11.25 per hour, 15 hours Tutorial program, and among youngsters to take
inquiry." The chairman then says, 'Btate
per ..ek. for needy students another grant of IIS,600 up cigarette sacking Is
your inquiry" The member sight say. "As a question
in such campus jobs for a summer Community one of the objectives ,
of parliamentary inquiry 'does not a notion
u laboratory, library, Recreation program. Both a D'W. sound-color motion
need a second before being stated to the asseably -
?'" and office assistants of these latter projects, picture which is 1

A special summer preparatory to be staffed. by FMC titled, "who II.,"
The cbairaaa then says, lour question is well
program, believed students, are sponsoredby the Florida Division of ,
taken and the motion should have a second prior to
to be the firstof the St. Johns County the American Cancer Society i
being stated toh.. ....bl'." ,
its kind.In Florida, Comalttee for Civic Responsibility announced,thi a week
Do i hear a second to the motion?," says the I
chairs an. will provide fulltlme a non that the educational

..z-"" J When the motion is seconded, then the chairman employment on the Florida profit group. fho Me"? f llm ha.Just 4-H (CONFERrTC) HlGHLlOHT( ..An address by Secretary of Agriculture'drvlllo L.

states it to the house and calls for discussion. Memorial campus this Persons interested la been released tor showings Freeman and the preeeatatloa of a 4-N desk set to all were highlights of the
summer, for forty needy attending Florida Memorial in Florida. wi tII. 35th National
READERS: For ay parliamentary chart of motions, 4-N Conference here la teahlagtoa recently tlltabrta Covlaguw.standing .
telling thesis things one needs to know about each incoming freshmen, enable College under this moat co.t.norlda, wit the Secretary, 1.'ro"'ctcllal. and presented him the gift. Like

motion In the five classes Send SO cents to Dr. them to earn a substantial fork-Study program are clubs or organl* Secretary Freeman she is from tdnaeapolla ,Ian. Looking oa are Karriette Lewis.

M.H. Boulware; Florida university, Box 310-A portion of their urged to get la touch nations wishing to show ..4-H delegate of Perry Fla, and Dr. Daniel I. Ogden Jr., assistant director

Tallahassee Fieri da 12307.Allacs tuition for the coming with the college la St. the film should arrange of the 0.8. Department ef the Interior's. Bureau of Outdoor Recreetloa.Olaabeth .

year. At the same time,' Augustine Preferencefor booking for It well la was one ef 10 Negro delegate at the eoafereace. (USDA Photo)
these prospective freshmen the fulltlme summer advance of their meet '

Public Housing Plan will be given freeorientatlr jobs will go to persoas ings. Requests should be Cr.ssr.. s' Delay ,Ii Hits NAACP
and remedial who graduated from high made by contacting the
classes to ready than school Junior collegethis Africa Chief Bazooka Trifl
TWA The Tampa Branch NAACP was informed that or nearest of the American AWe Vfflh
for college work la the NCI TOR&-(NPI)"A delay
Cancer Society's gouty
the Tampa Public Housing Authority has agreed to
To It Cited
fall, was mom early last week
comply with the Civil Nights Law in August and Onit offices They are $500 SiltMAD
in addition to a grant ************** Hated la the regular MEDrauX .....--(?""I)" by the queeae Districtattoraeya
'also to hire an assistant executive director The of Three iastltatleas ef off fee la the ten. Ue...(., )..
had asked tor investigation by the Federal pages telsphcmedirectories
Branch an
trial of three Cabaaa A SSOO damage suit has
learaiag .111
Government following refusal of the authority Survey Reveals White Majority Florida dtlea.ia ll key comer doctorate degrees charged with flrlag a bees filed by a Disc
to state whether it would comply. The NAACPala
coast traffic aergeeatMai
basooka the palled
Club chairmen) oa the Rev. James M.Robiasoa oa
asked for the dismissal of Thomas A.Dyar, the Not ARti-Negro. As NetfjttasNCW should program allow 20) alauteaoa foeader-41- Natioas belldlac.Defeadaats a at a local atUrseywaoa
remarks which theNAACP
executive director, following their prograaa fof rector. Crossroads Africa ia the case he charged bit ala
felt were racial In character. in tea white Aaertcaas Curios after be had bees arrested
YOU"Klght say they the sowing of the '*bo the work-camp sua- are Jelie pores

not mote or sell their homes if a Negro Her file. FJucatloaalliterature aer program, which has Igsaclo Nova aid Ouillerao ea a traffic

l.olld moved ia next door, a sew murrey revealed. la also avail been Isetreaeatal laseadiag move. The prosecutiea charge.

was the'answer to**....................... able without co..t.en sore taaa I.aoo war gives until Charglag daaages a-

a question posed ia .s y ibis a slailar survey Americas aid Caaadiaa this week to decide Blast Atty. Nell J.

noticed that special aatlosal poll was conducted five years college students to Africa whether U appeal the lavallaatloaefue ,.... II. aresldeat.Madlaoa .

Have you conducted for Look ago. hru Nikes slaw 113.. alle.edeearessieaa RAJa chapter lait.

Canadian Magazine. Results of the la ,the area of civil Victoria Oalvereity, apart of tae trio. .Asa tewi. a.
Smooth gets
survey appear la an tights, white Americana 3 hill 1".lIt..ts of the Oalverslty

to the best parties? article, "America unequivocally. sapport of Toronto cesferred
the accordlag TAIUIIWIZ-'nI. appolataeats -
Mood Today published Negro cause, the Docter of Divinity

More guests prefer V.0. la the current is saw of to the poll, some made tedaeeday' degree ea Dr. aofciaaoe

than any other brandof the Beguile.Significantly. alt ia tea adult Aeericeoa by Oov. Haydaa Barns la whea he delivered the
only favor Federal action Duval toots>> laded** r
whisky. 2! CDseocatioa a4dt.... I
I percent of white Southern II the ...ero' behalf Praaklla Relaatoae sad Tufts aalveralty will w

( It does what no other era declared they 'and among tees.agers, Harry Ki scald to a.. posttlOBB grist Dr. loblaeoa the

one can-defines solid move, ladleatlag support' Is evea stresger.la ea the School degree of Doctor of ..-
smooth once and for all. that people ia the Boata! answer to a qaeatloa to.rd aad alia: Warren.euoceedlagttelate sun Letters Jane if. : "J'b''' :rUt

".v.$'.1 Light?Of course. have bean sore deeply oa votlsg rights, two Baall at its 109th oeaaeac-

f Seagram's\ f'\ affected by the race out of three Amerleaaa J. walker m..t,

Canadian Issue than Mat *erl- feel that the Federal L ,

) '\J cans realise.The OO"n..' should tate,. 014 Photographs 1 P ,

.. to the.vote
tuNA willlsgneae to accept vane secure

.Negroes asaelghborsas for .Negroes la coaausl Today
eves more emphatic ties that seek to deey Sltrtiig II I

among the nation' whiteteeaMere. this right. ftsl 60 Ij I

only 11 percent Support for QDveraaeati t II I
sale they would want laterventloa eaoagwiiteeia n
tt'eir parents to move or strongest lathe cast, rkt. M* feftrt 14hri. j

IAN WNL sell their .homes. Midwest. aad rat. bet a .| 1N2 ta brvH I
Maim oa the ieeae of surprlslsg .r ofSMthenkers

raee.the pollsters I>\&a.'Ia&t ''41 perceat.. glli... IIbl !

,."!* five times also favor Oovermaeatiaterveatloa
as ..., Americana see to secure The latest? Mil's Hair Styles

eoaalder lategratloa the the vote for Negroes.

L a E coo try*a major eoacera Royal Art $tudio Are Taught At The


515 DAVIS ST. College IK.



sum u nu a tam.rums.wawa/ 'maser n.aaI .

CLOSED /All DAY TUESDAYS tltttinmi, "lfll.I .




- A t I

r ; 4ITI11IT

'ION[ IS, 1SS5 SIll MPEIS rm ,,'

The Sports Parade Hunt Permits Deer Hunting VaCOflCieS Pkttes Win Sports Take On New Look

Reduced For Penalties JumpTAL.LAiiAssg..Tbs Exist In Defies Title

SALT LAU CITT.(ICPI)"A proposed boning Batch YoungstersTLLAHASSEE of Illegal taking and YtithTALLAHASSEE Cusp RAbTTON INsTITUr'.va. .. r
between ti-heavywtlght. chaaploa Jersey Jot Walcott --Toua g st era possession of deer aad -.Mother ....ptO.I..tltutc"Int.
and professional wrestler 'icnisher" Rowel akl waatnrned .111 bt able to hunt for wild turkey daring 333 boys and Ill girls ..mati'll of seven
dun: flat last week by P.I. Ellhola. ctairBan. half price oa Florida'a closed season or by ago 10-14 years art CIAA toasts chnaploa
Utah Athletic coaalasloa. Ht said Utah wildlife aaaagtatatartaa Illegal methods la going needed to fill existing ships la the past ten
will lOt allow that kind of a fight to tab plact." this ytar. The ap.the A bill taaettd by answer cap vacancies at years, successfully defended
taloott It still Martlet fro criticises centering regular fire dollar pub1lo provides the loath Conservation their NCAA At*
oa hla rtftrttlng of the recent Cassias day-Bonny but "....it. required a as* penalty for taking CuP la thtocala Natioaal antic Coast a.louldOGbha
Llston heavyweight match which Clay wo CD. of all who boat or attempting to take Porttt according tltl tin Trenton

record ooe-alnute knockout In the first round.VTTEXAN oa the aanagaasat mesa, dttr or wild turkey by to the Case and Fresh N.J.. oa juat 2-.. Tht s.a .
has been reduced to t.o use of gun and light or later Fish Coaatssloa. pirates tandea of John
COACH) unus out of season.According .
dollars and fifty cent Only 14 vacancies retain Leis aDd Jay Henley defeated
Nmii"NPI"Tnt rttireaent of Howard University to
WAS 0.1. Pryt.
for busters under the for boys during the
tat Rider CoIIeg*
a Jeaea (Ted) CIabel'll has reaoved fro. Executive Director Ore
ate of fifteen. cussing atsaloa June 30 (N.J. ) due of Don Zach
sad national and
Washington coaching eoapetltlon oat Fresh later Fish
Hunters under the Jab 3. oat
age through and .
Jerry Coat a. ;
of thtaost successful developers of collect soccer Coaalaaloa the
of flfttta art ...."t sew huadrtd vacancies testis .-..
taltat. A soccer coach for 40 years 21 of which froa purchase of hunting penalty bill provides pea during the session The pintos reached the

wen spent oa the Howard caws, Chaibtrs coaplleda licenses but art required that wbotvtr takes or July 4 through IT. sad final round with an upset
10421-11 von-loet-tied record la 19 learn of to possess apablle hunt atttapta to take dttr or St vacaaclta for the victory over the top-
coechlsg college soccer. with 24 of his playtrs permit when hunting on.U wild turkey by the use July it through 31 camp- seeded swarthaort CD 11 ege
being selected for All-South teas and tight for. 4111 ,. .... ....t of gun and light or oat las period.A team of Jia Prtdaort sad
All-Aaerican honors Ht also coached cricktt. of sessoa. shall upon
u.. total of 111
Jerry "OI'tb. 1 |: 8-T!
football boxing and track at Howard brought the.cIDol' The reduction of the conviction be fined not resale' for girls wbo a ay la what the
1.3. waa
of E.J
less than two baadrtd RENEW FRIENDSHIP"tlth the return
a first national chaaploashlp la soccer la public hunt ptralt for attend either oat or two aoat txcltlag dual of
dollars nor sore than (01) pence to tilt told as athletic' director-head
young hunters was established week.. The can?lag ses the entire toarataeat.
five hundred dollars. or football coach Edward College baa eabarked on anaabttloua
at the ....tll..t sloe for girls btglaa
fiat DGVDUnON TO 6TAUCNMR lids Huh volleyed
laprlaoned) not less than schedule to regain its toner prestige
TOtt--NPI--Tnt story was told last week of the Case and Prtah August 1 through 1 and with abandon, and
five days football Clt
nor more than aa ont of tilt aatlon'a top powers,
ua laeldtat that ltd the ring's oaly triple crown Water risk. Cbaalssloa ont August I through 14- their well placed overheads -
year aooa.( toner two-ti.e All-M.rlcs tackle at Morris
chsaploa, Henry Anstroag. fro. veer desperation were the crisp
Brown, successfully ellaaxed his Initial coaching
to atsrdoi and fortoat. lorting oa the railroad la Coke1 Presents Sports Awards To Collegians mark of victory. It waaprtdaort'a aaalgnaent at Edward Waters and surged Into further
It. Louis for $J7 bl-aoathly. Armstrong read la brilliant rt-
glory with consecutive gird successes at Rust, Lent
the post Dispatch that a fight bttwtto lid Cboco- turn of serve that kept
and btorrla Brown cou..... damns and the STAR'a
latt aad Jecklt ((id) Berg had grosstd 1152.000.11.decUt4 the aatch close, as besowed Al vise, who haven't set mince the aid-fifties
hi too could btceat a big sassy tarntr laboxing. la behind bin flat when 01 was with Morris Brown and flat was at the
Tht result1-.visg. Rank" and hld.1nlhuoual returns of serve to
wow Atlanta Dally world talk over oldtlaes.Royal .
the ftathtrwtlght. lightweight and .yl score on sharp winning ( Art studio photo)
volleys of his own.prtdnort .
wtlttrwtlght title, sad Bused a forta..n.a g a
15-ytar car..... Henry was la town last wed to aida could not keep Rattler Cited AII-Ster Setto
the alms and when
pact ,
protege, Adolph pnltt la a fight against Tommy .
the Pirates broke through aJFAL O. N,T. (R'.elal).
Oarrisoo. a prottgt of oat of Armstrong's foratroppaatntsBeraty Studies
For .
Ross.RCRAE North's serve at the beginning Alpbonst Out son. All Aatrleaa -
of tht third ..t. tackle froa
SIGNS BEARS 'ACTDaCAOOMPlulo..h aDd then Haalty held bit T ALLAHASfttK: & gen e Oraabllag College, labeled

Mctat, defenalre halfback own with. a service act, Hayes a guard on the by acrlaaagtscarred -
of the Chicago leers of the .National Pootballleegue.haa It was dear that victory Florida AAN University compatriots as
slaved his INS contract with tilt Btars was la sight! for the tattlers football teas, the best piece of grid
for aa undisclosed ..hr,. The toner Mlchlgaa 0 Pirates for the ateoad ... aaatd the "aost aachlsery lathe school1
tar grlddtr aDd sprinter Is la his third ytar of consecutive year outstanding student" of history, has accreted an
pro football with the the Vocational-Technical lavltatloa to play .la
Mars Last staaoa. at lattrctpttd la sissies play, the
two pa.... to ralst his car.., total to pirates NO. 3 player Institute at MM. The sward the fifth annual. All A-
give. for III yards and oat touchdown.AMI >> Clinton Parks, was defeated It based upon echolastlc -' atrlcta Football gaat

\. Y. la the quarter.flail acitltvtntnt here oa June :M.
BAKntSFIILD. Ccltt. --(PIP!)--Usl.t his poe.rtsl round by Jia tails Reed Memorial Baseball
ground service and ground stroke to outclass his of test Cheater State loupe

opponent, Arthur Ashe of chewed.. Vs., sad OCLA. College.i: "*2. The TVEROAT, June 33.... ..Joe Jnaet vs Wilder
drove Marry Prater of Canada all o"r the court touraaeent entry allowed wmtMOAY June 33......Coca tbh.. Carver
last week before deftatlaghla6-4.. 0. S-.la Ut ; .ttn y l d tAVRTS oat sissies player par TMmeDAT) June 34......Jot Jsaes vs gray !toner
flail of the Canadian series of the Davis Cup eoapttltloa. school and oat doubles>> All Gates played at $isnd-Juhasoa Park, OaaeUne.
tM. 4 P...

, Rattlers' FtorUi Placed

, .
Seasoi 14th !I. FttiofLlcease -FttQT.>.*.FrMtBtatives of the Coca-Cola Cbapeny! Atlanta 011.o, sad Its

Tickets Kottlrreps were very sctlvs la sports swats oa several college ctapusee aa
Silts the I'..... school year drew to a close. Above atabtrs of the fiance. soft
drink's public relations and special events tea art nom at Prairie View MMCollege. MYYr4 ,
tickets for the PltrldaAM TALLAHASSEE--A total of Teats tlastoa-flaltn Stat lbll.i.J 1 north Carol I.., sad Temesset MI o', r eF
Calversity Rattlers' TO 1.12 ptrtoatpnrchaatdflaking CtattDalversIty.Kaahvtlle. la top panel, Billy burke, 3rd true left preeeato
hot football gates will aad .banting lie Coca-Cbla apoaaored I. A. Rcott. II. Mworlal Trophy to Dr. I. ,. Hens PV Y
: ,
bt told for fll.M this ceases la Florida during pre Idestsees st right tf too trephy bih w.t to the. prairie VI""TlgersMas S Q m O Y }
fall. The Rattlers play 1M4 to place 14th la a 1M4 latemlleglstt football cbaiwloaa. Fin left la the scent are Dallas M r
four gaaet at boat this aatloswidt Coney of Caetoys tea-..,.. Cornell Cress aad Prank Clarke, who see basouet speaker,
,..... flaktraaa with S04. .4t hi A.,Or. maa. gully Kick, FT Athletic Director end Dr. C.U tllaoa. cblr*
Coach Jakt Otithtr aa- IIceased flahtraea. aad aaa of the Athietlt Council at the Texas lastltaUoa. Is center group.Dr. I. '
noted that. orders for 34th la the .batters survey seth Illlaan, 3ad fron right. preajaVat.. .Isatoa-flelea Stalereceives tennis w 1 L 1 Y .+

.tsaoa tackttt art now with. 181,40 li- trophies fro Charles D. tMchaaaa. god ties left bottler tor ObtfObla la the
Mist Uksa. ceased banters.nci north Carol las City. Cllftoa 0. Bstthees. left,Coke Public Relttloat ... la
tlnatoa-Salea.. aad 1M C Coaea C.E.: 011.... run, alto view the aeardt whlcajere
funlabed by tbt.-Obe. la bottoa sectloa. pr. Walter 1. Davis, center,
TII m inTM !9MoAU1., holds plaovt ,,...tH to his by abes M. fwdrli. 2nd fro
right la behalf tf the .National 1Kb Sdratl Athletic AtMclstlaa, which was
Beak The Beat Doctor 11. fowided by Dr. Devla. Fiw. left arc wjfea $rsat. public relatless. aaAvllltCocaCola
wbea Tear Doctor prescribes. ;' >> : tottllag *orks. >>ha lackey, Malt I so re Colts sod saber of the pub-
ht Experteaced pharmacists.Acoorfllas lit relations 4vsrtoeat of the foca-Colt Ctoeaay, aUltlPort.Harylaad. Dr. -
.. to your Doctor's, t.r1s.t i4rli.M4 .L. Den. sales .ata,.r for Cact-Qola 'a ,Nashville. Mataeys
Orders we cat Oaly The Best C. N. ILd .- basket speaker at *a|. The Coce-Cbla Coapesy furalnkea all tropolet and
Qialtty Dregs prucr1etor Beards torMtUA *Ida epoaeort usual blab tdtool baaketbeJI ebewtoa toe...*

TO SaXVE TOO- .,.t.

( Rubber Ooo..- .41ee-tea criesFtCBCKIFnOMS Dm) SeftberNatyCAT Loupe W. This Cuts I i

CALLED FDR AND DO4VE 2>* Jane 31.....-"bV avait fa PlayboysTCffiCAT. ,

Jane 3t.>*-..*a1istasgs vt OaldflsgerawnntMMT.jwat 1U. U 21
31-- ..Playboys tt .. c The
Store Roys tTMUtSCAT. = UI perfect
Lilly's Drug U JJ
Jane 34.. ..BtwtMtt we VwatangtPtIOAT I,
use 2V'.-w.ODI"I...,. vt bnys' ice 2

1H7 HIM Mil I n.J.IUI All Cases played I aa bran SMIO Dieted. ".U".. martini gin
T: !... 1 I
j makes
1 I a

21 .. H 84 '
perfect Tom Collins'I

42 21- 13S

aUa aVs t y
.eeetisesIC's Data

'1"wI I' adds, ssbtrstts,
,t arts It ail .r,...


J2 I U. 12

,6at"its ................

MUM Days

Art NiBbtredvs'a

Bens aft lea*
,.,...*' Maltb and Pertaat ....,..Pri 4, -
Cat Be Teens ghee
IM tare leer Led arts ix
Lecky alas tie
-.a4 11.a* fer pier '; art 211

I pre.aee ..1.. Per

,f. : ;;;; ; : 1 AMla

x(11 tie bliss belttWd
Mil I2001 AC feat

Office Rg 1111. Jactaetxvlllt

i Florida.I ':= .

Beef Best -............-...... fserri le;

ITIIET... ..._.___.,..,>

Itll1 III tltr.:..,-ew... sans.,5 t a e ea sere.aes an emus see..aes sea

-- = -zc


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Wallace's Press Tour DeploredBy Florida Recruitment Program Underway Air Base Seeks Farmer Attends

Dr. King's Organization Included In feathers, Personnel Slain Deputy's Rites

Voter Drive ROBINS AFB Georgia VARNADO. La.,--con National
FELMA.AlB.-The Dallas County Voter League Applications for teachers Director James
the Selma affiliate of FCLC this week NEW TOW"hat startedout I and administrators Farmer flew here recentlyto
deplored an Alabama sponsored press tour as a summer projectto for the two Robins AFB. attend the funeral ofO'Neal
of ": and Responsible use volunteers in aa 'oa. elementary schoolsare
for "editors the
a Moore Negro
press.." ..r.e.e..............................- intensified voter registration being accepted by deputy sheriff who was
Objection to the three from Man tlOur, examine drive In Mississippi
the base employment: office murdered while on petrol
day Press Tour were expressed their collective consciousness baa now been expanded raI!; duty a week ago While
by: Rev Frederick while attending to Include four A principal as el at ant Farmer was on the speakers -
0. Reese and Rev. Ha- a planned Barbecueand other southern and border principal primary and platform he did not
rold Middlebrooks to picnic here in their states--Alabana, elementary grade teachers participate la the pro
head the alllM. Civil tonor. South Carolina, Marylandand ( ILj; are needed for the gram since Mrs Moore
Rltfit groups here. "1 asked these editors Florida 198366 academic year bad requested that therebe
Rev. Mid<<1Je rookl charter ," he said, "to Last March, the Mississippi for kindergarten throughthe no civil rights activity
that Governor Wallace think of the hundreds of State NAACP announced sixth grade at the funeral
had conceived and Negroes hungry because plans for a mummer In addition, vacancies 'The day after the slayIng.Farmer -
is no* directing the edi- they are taken off welfare registration campaign r exist for special education Issued pub.
tors on a "propagandatour rolls simply because and enlisted the supportof guidance physical lic statement: "Let
which will not show they sought the the Association'a National education art. and remedial there be no mistake,
the true Alabama to the right to vote. Office for this instructors and thin is a racial killingIn
nation through ,men responsible "Enroute here, you effort. A month later a librarian. response to our demands -
tor processing have traveled over one of announcement was made persona applying for for an Increased
accurate and fair news the most infamous highways that NAACP units In Alabama the positions of principal Negro police force 1m
to the American public." in America U.S. would participatein and assistant must Boglusa (about seven
Middlebrooks said: Highway 80. It was on .....U.r project have a master's degreeIn 'miles south of Vanado.)
"Rince Negroes in this this 54-mile stretch of On April 20 NAACP Executive education or the equivalent Once again the racial
tate pay taxes which road that Mrs. Viola Director Roy 111- from an institution had made his bloody reply -
partially support such Lluzzo a white Detroit kina announced at a press accredited by a .
public relations shams, mother .met. her death conference in New York national or state accrediting CORE will not be Intimidated .
then at least they' should st the hands of the that South Carolina was agency, prospective and stands
reap the benefit of having Hi an. Joining Mississippi and teachers must ready with all its t..
their plight brought it also was on this Alabama in conducting a have a bachelor degreeor sources to back the
before the public. highway that our peoplewere voter registration campaign the equivalent from Bogalusa Civic and Voters
""e don' t mind the brutally beaten and this summer, under aa accredited Institu League la its drive for
editors ; ,: .1. t ion. dignity and civic freedom
good All applicants most la Louisiana We extend
HIGH SCHOOL GILa.B-Nurse-announcer lvla Vincent (left) of Harlem
tate but also have satisfactorilyco.pleted our deepest sympathy to
of Nursing staff in New York City broadcasts aa urgent ap the
family of
if air and a standard martyr
how black --! have a booklet here that may change your life it's free oa medical examination by O'Neal Moore and our
these word.; 'How You can Became A Nurse.' ," The ooe-sinute
cannot the Robins Industrial prayers,: for the successful -
state1 s : ., beamed to the nation by S* radio stations, urges high school Medical officer and .11 recovery of Creed
gressive for up-to-date Information describing nursing as a career. Look- must have earned a valid a>,.n."
Kev. It. student nurse Yvonne Alt.r.... "cover girl" of the new nurse re state teaching certificate Roger Washington parish .
the oowbeing repeated by hundreds of young women who have beard for the position .* 4 only other .Negro
or read about the booklet ID aewspspers. The recruitment being applied for deputy sheriff, was shot
.d at reducing the critical nurse shortage in the nation by draw Qualified p.rlOnllboald in the shoulder st the

lnee. to nursing schools. send standard Form 7.'Application name time Moore was
I ) for FederalDroloyceat killed The two Negro
Club Operator Drive ." to the Employment men bad been hired a
PHILU> Registration
Pickets Office. Bldg. year ago despite protests
ucational'Thll ) Arrested Slated By NAACP 1671. Robins AFB. a.. by the 11... which
of the U ItM) UR0L C.--(NPI)- Applicants may contactthe la strong in Washington
An investigation was ST PETERSBURG" I'no rid. office by telephoningarea pat lab.
ring cial the launched 1 last week into .'a NAACP Branches will code 912. 926SIJ1.Standard Ernest IClh.... white
Tie: the deathofLeroy Myers.45yearold conduct Bummer and P.11voterregistration Fora 57 may be employer of Crown Sellerbmch j
Maryland county deputy drive obtained from the Robinseaploy.nt Corporation
''' CORK:
the sheriff allegedly in this state." stated office, post arrested aa hour after
coming : graduation slain after a gun duel L.O. Harper Voter-Edu ottlc.. Federal personnel the abootiag.SUER .
June 8 at
fipeaklng with Edward Rich burg,31. cation chairman for the offlcts.
of Mary
ference of .. we feel operator of a Negro Florida State Conference ************
night club of Branches this week
fir John
1 I
cial 1)1 ate system
which is
curity I discrimina

4' take"No away .. Tabor

V the ] group la
which to Wilson
Masons of the
of con it : postscript MMRKETeEx

that the
.. not di-
DL VEl\. : vice-pr.a- swnAr Ar rx wSIa se erg Jnaw ILw.to i Px
", chief
building .. a-
tributed ",
1111. are:
.f,1 among the
faculty of HENS
are no Ne

.. full-posi

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WE SILL ities, C. LB. 19
We occupy 3 5MAXWELL

t] and and state paid LB.

Negro Negro...-

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PAY reject the
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Placque General 59 5 BAG LB. 19

i '', professor attorney Wat- UH1T 1 Will J5.H IK ELI fill StIES UMIT 1 tin is* IR Hit mi SLIER[

AM di
:r It law u. S. GOOD III STEAK II. "e
plaque for

} honorable SLICED BEEF LIVER ll. 33
: fol-
.k .. .. en-
!: Tvekegee flESH GOlDEN BANTAM COIN I Lust illS 4C

: ,.oa.leave lam McKENZIE FROZEN BUTTER lEANS 11 02. PlI 1Stb


the om'Tuako-Tnw BEACON IlOOI K IIUN 1ltr J
of taw
... or*
PILLSBURY FLOUR 5 ll. fli. 4!
no retired Army officer !1-8. / f
you has (tee* teaching at
M I/I/! ,
PAW this year In place IJJII SIll
of Atty Aloe so McCmew.
who la wtolag gradwatwated
at New York wmivwralty SHOITDfING J 11. UI 5'e1l


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113964 F20090413_AABLYZ 00265.QC.jpg 8994bc39a66322217b4646c5323631aba9ffd5b779c6e0f608d6b7eabdcd6f4b038fa95a
1026420 F20090413_AABMBA 00274.jpg ab2ec5824b30f858651799a87c130d8d8966bd7b51c87102da1e67c9d4a70309b87f6cb7
120085 F20090413_AABMBB 00274.QC.jpg 35daecbf32b6b058ef53c705c969332ce731399d21639ce760654368e85814677c2eae24
7126025 F20090413_AABMBC 00274.tif a8164f381e3f077399f23c37e1bd5623a30f1f788680e9d13f501a3813705c39d6bbf57a
23449 F20090413_AABMBD 00274.txt 6a452cde70d26422d9d6d9cc9c33ae7f6681b73c977f49a98b6f926b7f66483a762c9e8e
28056 F20090413_AABMBE 00274thm.jpg 63cbd5199a046fe766c6285742e98a698d756f04902ef7e5f4c988d9dec208c62d7afd71

xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200667datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date June 12, 1965dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=006670740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
June 12, 1965
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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Source Institution:
University of Florida
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University of Florida
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All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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aleph - 000581378
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
June 12, 1965
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
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United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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Top Official Is Congratulated .. ..

s I. tit 15-N0.12 SMIIIIY III 1 1S, 1K5 15 CENTS

C tA'e ** *.
..-- d .... _.._ .
r- 'I'1.; -; \ ;r-d "

eJackaoaville"kids ....... t

_. l' A. ... 1 ... J .. J>, ._ r
are facing their fourth ** d
pool-less auaner and the possibility of
Just sizzling while Mayor Louis Ritter
Just fritters, and Recreation Board Executive 9UNEGR "Y ACHERSPURGED

Secretary George Robinson riddles
altttr praalatd atvtril cues acotoalt dos, with
NAACP official Md discuss the pool rtoptolai
Issue thick wu part of tie old t lit*pi ay sass

j which JtckioBTlllt offlclala Md tbsposit etno- OUT JOBS
: tare hart btooat faaoua: for.
". Mayor sat down with an NAACF coaaltteo lutttdntaday I

alrUht, aut all that ore out ef It WM ***** *
that the tlualve aayor airttd to refer the natter
of opwalu tie poole to the City fteortitlon Board Edward Waters Teachers May Seek Restaurants I

t + tsplalslai that reepoailblllty for opoalhi tht .
pools reel with Iii snap ratter than lbs city Gets $91,369Ferrel Refused To

CMmlaalca.But wall Mayor Bitter U dolai a Pllrtatloa, Ruling By Court Serve Nefrees,

lilt..iti tbs llvtt of rtcrtatlohally dtprlvtd Grant

ehlldrta aa Otatral Kobliaon etude pat on the BONIPAfatatlai that hit oplnloct Ctarfes State

RuM IUAITWKUOH K.U. AbtrcrMBie (rlfht) pillar of Mcrtiitlan.Ut patlonc ef ptacfloTlaicltlatna A I/T, '/: trant from they. till tale thtlr "Rit'a afraid and hat TAMPAT Auto rti i
vie* ,,..Ideat of U lattraatlcaal Laundry .n la naatac out.iisre tbo Bconoate opportunity case to the court Iftctttarr a meet to b.. Sit dota tuarantt which illtitdlyrtftitd
Dnloa Afl--CIO. receive! coairatalatlona fro ICWrtprtatatitivt la crovlnf resentaent over the ajMayor Act bu btto received bar to obtainJuattet a't tint to be libtltdan to atrvt Nt*
J.... Maahlaitoa for havlai sonlaittd Ritter and the city Coaaission is Edward titers Q>u.,. to ales ntiro high MlUtor." into, tan court wits
and brought about the election of two ".* living the pool issue the obvious run a* saint the laatltutlon'a aad tlMtnttry tehoolttaebtra Just roctntly, porttr filed by tim ftdtnliomn .
troe to rlct preeldent poets IB tbs iBtonitlooal round. Ritter and the Cowlsslon says it's III wtih ..s.r .....ao.IIId aald ..to,..* had teased.. NOl.) .. County>> .tnt under the
body The first two ...b.n of their race to M* up to the Recreation Board to open the College orlMtatloa tins stun tht rtctntlrbr it a prism tiiaplt of public leeoaoditloiatctloa
tend to Ue poaltlooB art Rirold Chandltr. toner pools and the Robinson-bossed board refuses proira. O.P. Via Meter the Roles Cotntr outrltht dlicrlolRitloathlcn of tie 1114Clll
prwldent of Local 1!. Lot Mg.)... Calif., Md to budge after be (Robinson. ), the Des of Student peraos* School board tit list Negro aohool ttaeh hits Act.
Charltt Jacheon .bo attdtd Lees 4s la CblcatoUl sainted defender of segregation orderedthe se I BMowctd. oat of tbta till hart era art fictai, Pwelii court action ao*
(toyalm_ Studio photo) pools closed following the court: orderto Ibo m,. of a portion of jobs seat fUlTht tam .._. HO, school cordlii to M annouact
desegregste city-oseed facilities. a Mca lush alloeatloa >> atat Isomers curs board cabers lure told must rowed Monday art
First Negro Teachers Give Tim City CDMlcalo appoUto Uo Ktcrtatlon bard thick bat already betsalloeattd ctlltd toctthcr by art tht Negro tttehira. list Ctrl .J. aattt, operatorof
sad CM laitrtct it to opoo Its pot)., But this to tht oojltttMr. ) Anion Hat 11 th, ttachtr 1)1 Ntiro pupils mould utta Rtitauraat (sLate
_. W. Phi tadi.. System Pests t,. coMlatloatro" _', *o Md haven't .... .And ,. Meter tald.Tho M4 PtA prttldtat, MOlt bt trMtrtrrtd to pro* Cilia and ftnardHoob.
PALM EEAQ ----A Florida AIM University Uo rues is lapo.. They-.Mt to ktVtfct pee)' *' .ro.,... which Is" of tie irotp tho Mare tlouily all>.blttiebo9lit s .t.-- naUto City, mbooomrii.i'ihi f
graduate and toner resident of Tallabaact clued '00..' art hldlM bthlad Otatral aobtiaoa.. tram to all rrtetoenplanalac their attttra d..,..., fall and tbat loseof Circle N. -r.' .
act one of only two Negroes sued to Tat, Metro pttltloaa for optnlai tie pools irtp on tutorial the tiprttttd an ....UII... Its teachers mould N ...tlll,..' In tie ...S- '
gene aa c I Maroon teachers u pall Beach acalait a atoao mil). oolitic of their choice .ttt to 1..,. II.,., An ttploytd After thla .Ity of Names city.Battt .
County moves to aa Integrated school ays* racing this kind of frustration there is this fall, till eoatlot ataotphtrt of dltptlr oath, said the suit .n.
ten In coipllanre wIth thi- Civil Rights graving feeling among Zany Negro groups of basis ulreoeatB out It. since over tie nri, Miblt) roods Ltt. doukttdly .'....d fro
Act Of 1954. that some positive action east be taken toeopbuize for tail lib. lloloty. imp durlMthtBMtUi.Coatpleuouily 41. oldttt ttacbcr In hit refutal to It,..
Tho palo leach achool la pala teach Cbaaty.They toe need for opening the city's Chaittryphyalcasocialttdlta. abctot the group Hid she ro* Mtiro baseball playertfrMataihlniton
board r we tally ",.. Its are Mrt. Cirrltrldttll pools to prevent repetition of the loss of tad fettle, till fro thtatvtlai tat ins, tvretd to ttachlm ifttr Itnitor
pproral of trtaiftrritlflft tallish la* young lives in swilling holes and the ...1. jut. 21 sad tad Ittlt attfeta, a prltclpal her hatband1 deals putttoaoaathrottih farm sub
toner facnltr atn .,ncto,. ... DMO! sight of children tossing the streets on Jill II. Studios aey and ttacbtr for IS years 'olltgt, 'There mere icvcriliportcMttrt I
from ....r.l. .athtaatlcattacbtr hot days register at the Man of tbo eased hen oitttridtcrtt myth vim third soon St.tsnIism tltb. the ,
brt t1 all* Tht total dlirtcird for tbt scuds Md the rlsbttf .,....,. OffS... aooa from rl < mere ao- Ire irtdwtll. tht for Metro chisels (Md .,u.. who art alto dt* ".La' Buildlni ,..ttl. -. n It tfM, ...Uon"' reported It to tie nil" I
0 t o Ttlt Sir Carrie Otrildltt prlvwd) aloac with Icaorlif ,........ plum for relief 10 s... aad 4 '.'. Altbttih tt had bttnrvoortd Hot CIB lie Ittttilt lattt contlnutd. I
/ .lorC'OI1..to' *[I tatly of TillahMitt. baa brought on Its fttilat wet aaay list ..... till ft held that her hutband ut ctrtlflcatti 11 ftrthtr etatl'ni"I't .
i tat iraduitwd fro flor Utrt la aothlac left ftr .Nttroto to do but itatta fire boon a day, t.,. tit 111, 0'. oilbtrt aids .t are ctrtlfltdMd jest ,trylai ..
Pal mwc! Ida AIM calttrtlty with ....11 dtMBctratloa call He for action by the days a cues atd art opt ,Porter director of the sins He coitlnulnieoitncti protect ny buslsess'i
jtalorctl' *' tht bachtlor'o ..ar... Rtcreatloa bard or the raaoval of ...,.,. poMa* to all attdtati MedlatUM.VM state .Negro ,.acII." At. and ties all itt Bald that sosl of
Itit. of Iu.s&IDSUL .. earaed hit .aettr'adtirtt KM Md hie ..,..12 1.. aoldlero.IT ."concluded. toelatloa said list la of a tuddvn, ny tt' rt hit cvitoatrt tere Itcilptoplt
and. It would. bt
,... tree see TtrbOtlverelty vtllfltd I
,a. fivt ,n..te to
PUC. two will .. tht A ,."., ( IlIOt... group sure liCMtltutd u. bin ft I to hit ....1....
first awabtrt of thtlr Slut of Ut Dwpartawat ( oa Pact d) to semi .N..re...

It Bducatloa facalty at : .. I
,ae. ,. ttach ttudtata &.
rAM1. tat alto tau ht atLitc ..'I7'11-', Education !
IrlteiretloaSpoed.Up .). Mitt ache UTillafeaattt. I Group I

A amber of ,
Dells ups neta aoro

Urged rU,. oho Jolaed'tbe 4C.TUirttM hy day alcbt tltbritttri. ... (To sale nattercurse tUe/'nr, n...,. Mid, Meets SundayThe
loottTtltaaltr" Coiltdtfaoilty u rectal attrd tf e5..1 tbtOottnofe for the Assist CSt,. It would bo quite .*
ly Methedlsts In liii.Editors sour), .....,.. \11M... MO M s. Jtt no STAR baa learned with to eatlefy the r. Cltiiens Co_ lttee for better rducs*
dtllara of Antl'povtrty It It tt arotid tie iron ef the Act
Hew it reliable ottrotoUetuopaJrthtldNlller lilreMBtc tlon In tMsl County inr. till present.
UKILAWA rttolttloaa4 ...., t.,hrU. MaterialCollttt stile tiilalalai Mat |e aild, to let etchpeople
and discuss its flndlngn fray
ptd by dtltnttt t.tt. NAACP Story lire AacleatCity CM bo toot ttctr tboutl'poTtrty pyre hero, which ..,. bt ,*,...teeS byaot s survey re
cent! orxopletod, fUnday beitnrlni at 3:30
lard cMtal .....oa pollttoocwh. tot owtitltyActloa rimes Jttt tor ut of,. >t preacher who vl el ltd
< In Yb.ne.Uethndlst:. Church,
a of tie Pltrloa Mthodltt KKTSttUK. Al*..*09fCttrit es1, a cjitrttr aa suet proirM.It Air ftrtt. bat 4octdtdto to that otCMloaill p" ''" . .
de|| isles .
Otaftrtact htrt hit c. tillact't ftr tttir .M tan ".- atttadaaot at lie ptll) op ....... Mdttlt rttre'e lee, leilcil p ttehalraaa ,....... ctpltt of lie P
''.1. called ftr In* TIM ltd "....*...'.r. tr.**htvt ....1' ..*> ..tttla menu a ...ltrablt balf'Olllloo..* repreeeatittvo of the of Ibt salt* report Md fladlnie. Md I
sree..4.olsitsry latt tie totr** of AiabMa veltftd a ... su.,.., eater of stile aadRtirt dollar usual payroll poor It list ',"'." he ttt, teld that the veryeittailvt the ../. pirp... tf ...

ratio_ btu at CM ftr. rM .... M MtehtdilHchalloiit in ut "'. .SU.... of tbt Mt of .. .....U...) .eald.TbowoH. ....,.1 report..lash ttllat. Sunday la tt e.aepsial .
ten ., itwel htrt ... tht Sot tMUo .....n. It. meat,. ItclitlK art.aotallo The rtprtteatitlve of .."... WM said soils to .I.t.I tie people" IB
., enrcawt.Me0MM4Atlaai. ..1'1'1..f...,.,. At tact!.. poets ,...rt" ..,.... ... r.s.tit .* sir. Burst ... at best about. Ue Setter It ... ifttr tht it/i. tie usually tllh liteoaleatt
dtcttd .
ftr io* tdtttrt left ifs hMvtt Utt Ut ..,IoM' OwatyCwcwtielM. fM M Ut first pelae to ..,1... that plain tt itt thai the a sewn ,Itprettat at|t..
prowtai rue relstlasis ,. hear Uennu ahwttAlabMt" Bavlat rt* cues of tie sire net .'11. tie (eoot.le OP* city h".,. mute tern luster..... ail mum .f ..,S... profeetloaelletektrt
..... ... sdoetedlast fro Dr. Joe cetvtd "h.. Ut ttl* .. ooat.d for a mist M pvrttalt/AetoptclflcaJ* btttt lids t u fllctUl > .1 |a the Dire ertMlaalletela
rear by tbt u.tt.- '.M'. ud7.llM 11&I1. poverty prvtrtrtatvtd' tie city ootMltitaattaUily IF ,...Sr.. list tbt rt* duel,.. to lit tbtir hull ptlllc s bttlMMM tht cottty M cull|| atethere
Gee MwtraJ, Mfertact. ,'.1'_' Md field p* that 'tUct Utro .. Mptverty ....,. list t,.......,. ........, hMlt M Ptdertl Sass, .. otacerned ttb
Ut ctarck't top rtatlaiItfttlatttt recu,. rtwp. Md ,ells, Alafctaa Matt MiaCP, Cavity.Ut ease iistla rttdr rtMlvtdUatutrtIt .....'.r Mtl'ptftrtyftado !.. taint M ,.imtHe tht' rep rt. It tallllHT have ...* all'
said Mi yliatot druid tltb Iii ftcttabttt bt filed Is Or..., it at ptrr lat, lu..... .. tbtploaalai j possible. Mtdy Mltltd to IBt tiled Md urit4 to tl
tbt ttatt BrMlaa tile _at.....,, ," .. <,i|||.* and Disirlulss'Ii. .
jMta .. ,waltyMd ( ) jeoao Obtoty, th. .. Itftl. rttrtfttitatlfto Before the teetlitItitd. |.*4 the oettlata .
hit rafctttt ..... r.Seined .* aad Mill MittrwdttetlMt Sc........,. with ever ..r..0.. prtcttdtd torttnt .f tb. povtr the ..,., Mdeeeerel la Ut.P val OMUlr" ..ttrt of ... rlt I....
by rtttlttlta toacfotataraMltttt find by tk* tMMltltt thrtttatalUo tbs ftllttiaifa ty.otrlM (rota* to M ether cooclc' hide Sca .| armies CMti||let ftr' ..."., tdu
.*tcawmldbtbtld M ..... fir ..,. U. atatt sad eat lea rwHKMttaltftr ... ,..,.. nt IAICPaer lateblat ease lanecaMba lea ..L e.....: UttrprtCtd Uo "UJr. ,..- ... ot eraero eptleeOM > tipptrt to :
oaftrtact w*. ...14II of MII-,.,,", ... elalatt tad or
cwKttc tbt cMftr Ititt these art I, Ml IP, Nnla't.jr" chtlr
waet la ttep.byttp tie eat b.llr..f .... sad partialarlytlact tbltt Md 1, l" itirtfaollltt ftr ..at..... bt old, .....n tipret4yt.,u., Ota.; Mrt 111,. I.
prM*..., cltarln tie tie Mkerttt Mttl lit lye MbttMtlaltrMt la Ut otMty If tbtrt cure a* ItlMd Agricillirs by..bless at tie taawtlMt swigs, ..."",,; Rev
mien ot. ..th.. hid to prt4MlaMtly* ..... .. .. 4tf Of taw I SMltBtr
tar 1.1. u.
war M early tnatl e U. mitt ... M trills Offltbtrftlb C .. ftelley. Se* hub
,set failed t5 attowpt ...,. PltrlM ..., Dept. To Aid ...elitlM. of 0111'...
Its I.te... coaftrtairtrttatltaahtpa s .aI ...tot pr ,..,. .t la lye Art M. ei)... i.v r,p.
,. ,.....rt atapltallty 011.) ... ... Md sehtolt. held laUtltvlllt
o htrt. city fMlllto
la thtrwtaro. tautN cure ..,. atot of tbo bad 500,000 Youth mil tot, .....1. e.sswa,
......, isle a prttaMaftrwact t.a.ru ,...Alf A.I UatUtr i if4SNfMfTOVrht |tatt br It
M vtjfart rtllt. ..,. u. a tferld'" ... sit 1.1. .......... let,
T ... all ..r.,.... atttatoMtWM ...... ..., tills I9at b.a otalaaro. ......... re- tawretttd by toot ofUt .,..... who seed ItMlatafttr. ..,. ...'1. to OMMMT7 t. lOtltdtMO of Atrlevl* ..,..,..... btftrt lh. sadist sr orMclatetb c I.
Irate AI ..'U.. Mdtth tdiurt Mtittt Uttwtratro afttr all. lore ......... ...., 1....1 Lord Md ttbtr
fled )obo.r Of Hum IM pM- Lewlt J. Car
r itUtrlaia oa oeater. aaatowtr.ntaAJcr .Mtlly ptttlit la a *tt J. ii T prtoaah.dl slug _.... that II till bite %t .,. .. laid call ..,. .' ..., I. IW' .*/. Mdttrlo nt rtiitwtt cMMitttt I
Itwet tdht I.* for help tho .ao tba 1 1'.. pcbsbii sou/wl Itt. Dr....,.*U.r...Me,
... u atcrtto for ut .eu.,. .. rwprttr jowtr oro of Met la ....11a.. .* lhat thattrMt let M or If ftr at o...., t. i ipr ,., Bttttr ......1.. la Altgar 1 M. JtbtttaM4
Ut o....,* at of ne.relllll. .t U. .....S.. Ptlltl TallthMttt. ,.. ell, ... ......... dtd.y.. .Mrs.ldvi b. alt r vid. ib.. .,.. Jess i per.| OMOty, yes, hMpr Ally, LtM .s. (boatlMtd M fact t) ........ ..c I.., 1Mt- ... I.. Uaa St >ra.>t. *+ ""K bU bMb o ic.3 i.... M PMt I' .ftr4 Mrt that Mt .Jr, "


t' ... ....... ... .. .

foi ,r.IIM>I C y 'i-" /' ,\/;


i !
L t'l! __ ___ __

r;; YHlat FLORIDA' STAR. I Stardust

\t' PEWS

t' \ VUHHS.KJO.! bt Wv noitik Star Publiahlng O.
Politks With
18,1tI. Poverty?
+ERIC SJMMON.........Miiiiiif Elite ;+ rl r tiA r
while other Florida cities and countiesare

UtfJIKL WISE........... Niws E.itir forging full speed ahead with their

HILDA VOOTEN......... Circilltin IUIIII', Anti-Poverty Programs and Jacksonville show and
Duval drag their feet. signs of

becoming embroiled in Internecine strife.
MAIN OFFICE I ;PUNT Many of the men appointed to head up the

2323 Mucriif Rn. Phil Elfin 4-1712 program in this territory are men on integrity -

who may be depended upon to do

Miiliil Uinn their utmost to keep it clean and see to

P.O. In 581 Jaeksiiiillt 1 1. Flirl.i It that the taxpayers' dollars are spent Ina
conscientious effort to uproot roots

MIAMI' OFFICE + of poverty in our 1111 st,.

erg Rut on the sidelines and peeking to bore

131 NW 3rl An. Phew 377-1025 within, is the usual coterie of politico

f seeking to pervert the local anti poverty

program into s patronage plum end political.

.- ':, machine.
? .. -:Ilr.JUPTIIN !RAT'S Jason should not stand for this for one

,One Tear $9.00 Half Tear, $4.00 minute and shouod let the responsible

MAlIed" to You Anywhere In the United Statea heads of Greater Jacksonville Fconomlc Opportunity

4ub crlptlon payable In advance Inc. know that the people will

.... wend, Check or Money Order to: back them in their efforts to keep the

politicians from taking over. ,
1 FLOR.IM STAR P.O. BOX 511 Federal officials in Washington would do ,

Jacksonville 1. FlorH well likewise to keep a sharp eye on local

developments Affecting shapeup of this

\ program and let it he known In no uncer -

The Negro's Advertising PowerThe : Jr o tain tent that no Federal funds will be I

forthcoming If the politico are allowed

big business world is waking up to a to warp the program to their,own nefarious
great discovery taught by Jesus almost
'2,000 years ago. To reach the topmost rung THEY MADE THE LAW 'GRAND MARSHALL1 president John*on designed the Antipoverty

of the ladder of success in whatever career program with a heartfelt Intent to

you follow demands interest in the acti- eradicate the blight of destitution from
vities of all people--Jew ',d Gentile
our land and we.mint not let self-seek -

black and white high and low, rich and ing politicians make a mockery of it, or

poor. For a long time however big business stand in the way of the Great Society the

felt no obligation to consider the president envisions

power of the Negro as a customer.

Prior to the present decade white business Extremism CM Get Out Of Hud

felt that advertising to persuade Negro -

customers to buy was a waste of money A defiant cult of Negro extremists was

flhen approached by salesman from a Negro accused recently of stirring up violence

newspaper or magazinethe store proprietor L in Harlem, and threatening a bloodbath on

would say "I feel that advertising In the VARIES buses and streets against whites.Six

local dally newspaper is sufficient/ or leaders were hailed into court as more

''we do not Include Negro newspapers in our than 100 followers trooped after then.\

advertising budget" Although the group used Muslim names. ,

While big business went along this way for police said there was nothing to indicate

years it was no fool, It soon realized they were connected with Elijah liuhuad's

that It must have some: facts to support Black Muslim movement. For this we know

the decision of expressing no need to advertise CANCEL' LIBRABorn thru CAPRICORN the true Muslims are thankful
Born March 23rd
21st thru Born June 22nd thru Sept. 3orn Dec. 22nd tnru
with Negro publishers Two years April 19th Oct. 23rd Judge Francis X. O'Brien admonished the
July 22nd 19th
ago, according to columnist Sylvia Porter. Jan. group that they were wrong for violent be-
a page-by-page survey an barer. To which one of the group yelled,
national magazines
issue of four major "You're wrong for accusing righteous
tens of thousands of advertisements revealed people.The city will blow up. You're going
exactly two pictures of nonwhites to cause a riot. You wait--you ain't seen
in ad.*-botb of them in the same magazine.Even OICIIIONI, AND TRAVEL. BE A CHANCE FOR PLEASURE ARE lilt FOR IMPROVEMENT' INDICATED IN COMMUNICA.TIONS nothing yet."
in most Negro-oriented newspapers Charged with assault resisting arrest.
magazines there were only a few scattered YOUR ACCOUNTS. Turn WILL ALL WORRY.! INTERESTS or SESSIONS. RESOURCEFUL MATTERS' NOW. CULTIVATE unlawful assembly and conspiracy, the six J
ads picturing members of .minority groups I extremists were held In bond up to id.SOO. I
eating this or that food driving this or for Allah who also was accused of possessing
that car, modeling high fashions (The marijuana.
reason why ads picturing Negroes were absent F.xtrMtataever do any cause any good
in the so-called Negro publicationswas 'AULTMU"IU.81 and certainly the six men had no right to
that business concerns refused to give FOR ENJOYABLE HOBBIES.THCRE threaten a bloodbath that would Injure a
publishers. advertising contracts. ) lot of Innocent people. These cult extremists -
Negro .
Various advertisement studies have Indicated INGS may have believed they had a right
these facts: eous cause but they were wrong in their
the to himself in the image of They are as detrimental to civil rights
Negro see

2. It is helping the Negro to ease him TENSION LIMO PIOI- ACTION AND RECKLESS IN LINES I OF COMMUNICATION. I OR ACTION CAN SPELL Don") I Slice Military Pie Too Thin

and thus .help ease the welfare burden on TIES WITH PEOPLE NEAR LE. OTHERS lt FACTS PEOPLE NEAR AND AFAR The average citizen.with little knowledgeof

all taxpayers; AND APAR ARE ''NDI CATIO. STRAIGHT MAY PI DISTURBED. the psychology of foreign affairs feels

3. product surveys Aare always indicated KEEP PLANS FOR THE WILL 2-60-77-U-M.W7, that the U.S. Military forces are costing

that the Negro customer:: turns "to brands, END VERY FLEXIBLE. CURB. LCO 730551232.735SCORPIO the taxpayer too much money While we must

that recognize the Negro as an Important TEMPER Born use every economy, let us not become fool-
July 23rd thru
Born Jan. 20th thru
buyer." 5-eo.i I.I.3.1 Aug. 22nd Born oct 24th thru Feb 18th tardy and slice our military pie (budget)
4. Advertising with Negro publications Nov. 22nd too thin.

and advertising showing Negroes in integrated TAURUSBorn BE MENTALLY ALERT FOR NEWS RELATING TO YOUR We wish we could be sure that world peace

situations are strictly "good" April 20tn thru HIDDEN I FACTS AND FIGURES I ACTIONS WATCH YOUR STEP IN RE* POCHETBOOK LOVED ONES was just around the corner, and that never
business sense. There are 21-nllllon. Negroes May 20th DISHONESTY THE PART OR RISKY VENTURES MAY again would it be neccessary for another

in this nation with an annual spending NEWS RECEIVED NOW MAY OF ACQUAINTANCES OR. LAR.GE THERE is NOT BE GOOD. A LUNAR life-saving operation as that which the
power estimated $30billionand ADVERSELY EFFECT YOUR TREND ENCOURAGES YOUR patted state military troops have performed
this does not count the spending power of POCKETBOOK. DON'T LOll TO PRESERVE HOME TIES INVOLVED. PER EFFORTS TO BOLSTER BUSI* in the Dominican Republic and also in

other :minority groups. WELCOME A CHANCI SOURCEFUL SPIRIT HELPS, It must be remembered there will continue
These surveys revealed the truth and big TO FOSTER MARITAL ON AROUND YOUR BASE OF OP. CAN ATTIACT ATTENTIONNOW YOU DEAL WITH "uIMSS, to be demaodsunexpected ones--for the

business caught on fast. The Advertising OTHER ALLIANCES. PUBLIC SRATIONS" OR LOCALITY TO. AND FURTHER SOME PARENTAL" OR OTHER II.5PON5ISIIITISS. dispatch of United States troops long dies

Council as well as the American Associationof !RELATIONS AND PARTNERSHIP DAY BRING PENDING MAT. PERSONAL INTERESTS IF YOU CAN hac and very urgently There Is. also
Advertising Agencies have encouraged at I INTIWITI CAN a I END. RISE TO THE OCCASION AND ao assurance that two or more of these demands -
least 121 top U.S. corporations to run at ADVANCED IP YOU ARE WILL BOLSTER llCU1t1 TY. HOME ATTITUDE DON'T OVERLOOK WIN' HELP FROM SUPERIORS. will develop at the aaae ti...

least one integrated advertisement. INC TO BE COOPERATIVE. AND FAMILY MATTERS CALL FLAWS IN F1NAN. YOU MAY FEEL A LETDOWN Are we prepared to deploy by airplanes
Kith all this evidence, big business in DEAL WITH RIVALRY SILT FOR RESOURCEFUL HAND CAL IN YOUR ATTITV/CC TOWARDS simultaneously thr American: divisions to
the United States should plan to Includein BY PURSUING DEFENSIVE LING. DON'T LIT FRIENDS BUSINESS AFFAIRS OR DUTIES three widely separated areas of emergency
their annual advertisement bid gets contracts TACTICS. THERE .is NEWS INFLUENCE YOU \* THE EARLY' TODAY. THIS hundreds of miles from the boundaries of
with Negro newspapers and magazines, OR DATA COMN| YOU It WAV TOIMPROVE IS OUICKLY OVERCOME. the United States? Are w. prepared to engage -
because it will bring returns lI&n1fold. WHICH CAN II IMPORTANT. YOUR LOCALE ORPROPERTY. CAREFULLY NOTE IDEAS OF la the aggravating-type of guerilla
TO YOUR POCKETBOO. ACCENT TIES MTENO YOUNG' FOLKS. THIS CAN BE warfare? Do we have the facilities to -
Patrol Director Remfab DrIvers IN YOUR A SOMEWHAT UPSETTING
TEAMWORK AN EVI ON CHILDREN IN TO ACCOUNTS FORESIGHT physical action with argent psychological : -
Scbol l THIS DAY AND EVENINS INFLUENCE OF "FRlfNOS We doo' t see that the nation affordto
reduce Its
TO PLEASURE AND BUDGETING NOW. military power or budget at
.r rn-- ':,cho l Is Out, So: Please SITS WARN YOU. TO GUARD PUWSU ITS. ARC AFFILIATED.90MI547159. this U... And it may be that we need to
Catch Out stated Flip Commander H.N. YOU CASH A'|8 BELONGINGS.GEMINI 1.) I '- increase both manpower and finance to protect

Klrkman as he reminded motorists that t-I>H.U.f7.2t 5-80-22-15-15-592 our citizens adequately.

schools are closing for the season and PISCC8Born

every driver should be prepared to avoid VIRGO ,Born Nov. 23rd thru Feb. 19th thru Itcreise j jA'
Rtcrailiag Negro
running down the child who may Materializein Born May 2lst thru Born Aug. 23rd tare Dec. nat March 20t Colleges
front of his car at any' time. ,June 2Ut .. prealtn baa been placed on the service
More children in the to
age group MERCURY of the aaa or woaaa who has been trained
are mishaps each year MTIOUS, for aoa special career or vocation. Tala
any lull, Is manifested by the step ap la recruiting
disease Urban reminded. "Ht year FOR,YOU. TRY TO ADVANCE at Negro college by major laduatrial aDd
children in this WITM PILLOW1W'0't11i
72 age group were tilled CONCILIATION boa la GS firs located over the country.
and by motorists in accidents AND MPEMOENTS
1,719 injured The recruiters, we liars are bringing
on Florida'a streets and highways. NOW. with then to these colleges brief cases
Kirkman warned that drivers Bust always A SUBSERVIENTROLE fall of assurance that say Negro stadeatployed
expect the unexpected where children art MO MAY FEU '- will be on par with their whit
.concerned remembering that children Ire WHAT OUT OF TOUCH WITH HOURS. YOU CAN BE RE* AID IN COMPLETING WORK IS ENHANCED. colleague, and that proaotioaal op port a-

unpredictable and that the motorist must IMMEDIATE! DEVELOPMENTS.PEOfLE SOUftCtrUL IN COPING WITH OB RESOLVING DIFFICUL. CULTIVATE BCLATIONS W1IMCOPLI altle will be the SAM for both races.
think for then in traffic. feat .1 Ilk seat abort the recruiting isthat
"Drivers should be particularly alert there Is little evidence Uat these
near public parks and playgrounds la DAY coapaaiea and businesses are'taowcaslag"airiaf
fact near any place where children ay of xecroex to laprove the ooapaay a
expected to gather. CI TO LET Imag la race rilations.THe quicker we can
"All cf us have moral responsibility TMOU HTS AND I MAS.1.O55ll7147 YOU CutlSOSIM11TIMS.I'331.2l'9) .F VITALITY. YOUR CO O5iS1. llalaate nee a* a factor the better It

to keep children safe 1.70-s3-11.44-m will be for all concerned

------ --
------ --- -


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AINIIN I _Pwi AI Ilt is5 = AMNriI. I L S .ported- _Local_ I Irst'itutloll I !

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Mrs. Alice Urardeau ( left) Mrs, Leander her sister, Mrs. U.t. birardeau. fcrald Shell ( left) Miss Joan Fbgers.MIss and Mrs Leon Bland (lftJ Mr. and Mrs.
J. Shaw, Jr. Atty. leander J. Shaw, Jr. Jerry Iszardjr. ( left) kjtledge Pearson, Karen Moore, Walter Calhoun, Miss Gloria John A. Washington, Mrs Vivian Johnson
Dr. Hunter H. Satterwhlte, Lewis J. Carter (..J. Carter, III W.J. Walker and Dr. Jean Chester, Miss Juliet Hampton Randolph (standing) Mrs Theresa Fields, Mr. and
III Mrs. I.H. Burney, Jr. and Mrs. Inez Downing, Alphas1 pcesldent. Bracy and Miss Lillian King. Mrs. Preston Carswell Atty. and Mrs Ernest -
McDonald of Tallahassee, house guest of D. Jackson Sr,
i *



Mr. and Mrs. Cornet Sus Lockett, Jr. and and Mra. Norman Urouh+rt. -f ,

's"T Mrs Vivian Johnson Mrs. Cornelius lockett ( left ) Miss Gwen
"" L Mr. and Mrs. Julius Gufnyard ( left) Miss dolyn Schell Mrs. Vivian Johnson ( r-

Gloria Walker, Julius Jones; Irs. Walker, nellus Lockett, Jr., Lewis J. Carter m ,
A OA Hairllton Rogers, Mill Yvonne Rogers, Mr Capers Hradham. '

'Mr, and Mrsj.NathanielMr. Ml I.

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ana Mrs. nuneage.. Pearson"' left) Mrs. Mr ana Mrs. Leroy Jorei, ',jllla Jones. dill) l Martin ( left) Mr and Mrs. Eugene Jefferson from Lake City.

Miry Crombly, fir and Mrs. John Harris, Mr. and Mrs. Alton: Adams." Chapman, Mrs dill Martin and Mrs. Frances Photo( 'tar, toial Art U\l4ha

Schiiilis Mntiii IlCIlt VisltlfCdtard ll
Opens Prognm .
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Tilt rtivlar loatklytin Paul of Japaa
Socially SpeakingIf err N e:J I For Summer .. of tic aoyal) ... the rtctat' boaat Mr, a urt. Jolla salts, llackahtar, 1441 I. lit 1lit.

Mrs Itralet Dardta Pali OrlatlM Club will) teat of fcla .'.ter aadbrothtr 1131 I. 33ad St? Olrl. ? lirl.Mr. .
lulu GilijirlDtdicatloa Joey DM la! trlckt, IIIJtfftraok mitt, eoordlaator M* kt held Sunday at 110: >lal 1.., Mr. sad Mr, a Mrs Mat Tirvtr a lira, Ala ao.".
aoMttd P.B. la tkt boat of stairs '. Nasty of 111)t Sea, f.
of tit CMCA'e ... ulull facility S,. 21 aadSttty list the SuMtrCarlc&atot 70S court C, soy. .1&| Mtk Ml?
Jets Mltk PrQiraa atoairltf Slattr Haalo Los, 1)41rraacla 3ltk st, Nt reported Mr, a Mrs, "Natkaaltlrooia,321l toys
taa bald iMt Sunday tTtaiif at 1700 Cltttlaadload lltititarySekool ) St. a pltaaaat stag tltk >. .th, It or. a.,., Cltf tlaadtllllMi.
ud qaltt 5 foe .IU.... .." o. fwd totltataa jtfftraoa It? 22. ?
.. .. other rtlatlvtt aadfrlanda. 1434 I. It5tsSt.
tat Albert Iou,., 1712 I. .4 Friday, Mary M. Dtioa soy,
seat 31stt. 21 sad Nuwllllllaa Juat IS at I ..., prMldtnt, .111 provlrtt, Mr, a Mra. 'Natkaaltl) .,
I.... amps.. jr.ckalrM of tkt baud prttldtdt 10"I
.. ,.0,111 BOB |.tt tkt ....oe.UoAr.uU.. *. 2101 LttU I
.tleoat; I.', stlibacatr. prtatdtit of Jim Mttro St. 20.IIUer.
polttan TVCA toard. irtttlaia; .ra 0.1. Mitkta, tllackau. Jr. !
protr.... Marlon Corlty. yo.tfc rtapoitt; Intro* 1020 ff. Itk S1. 22 Md
duct I on of TVCA Day Cup; *orM "' ,ut. Jokatoa Iris Lt. W.arta, 123 K.Itk =Mr: ::..: nw"::' ,.. =..-
SrMcb titoattvt aterttary; ackaottdtAat| of $1., II.ttatldtr .

board ..tort; kMtdlctloa. .... ..,. uttbltt, All., Jr. {..'. ,
A bllarlotia) aott .u addtd bta .btrahlp ettlr- nit rtarct St. 21 sod "
eve 1..4,11 Molata paned fully clttktd. air, '.D. Dora Hat Jaelaoa, 1711
llaoa tote tit pool. Soattklat ado abott Itt. acQradl: St. 17. .
11110. tM katlai loot tkt .....fllIl' driftbattlt. ftlckard Lao Satlty,
11)4 t. 24U St. II Md

I*. |.. S" r. g.. Sew Gloria lit.Am. Hkoteot Mat. 1)41 W. trt'i

n. *...U Jackaoaa M3I Clnel.d Sod left Irons, 1770 Nub
tk. city &riM tkt tttk for a t 10.... ttay la Sd? 22 sod S*..dol,. a. i
%w tort City and Mrrowdlat polata.g. Olaacll 17)7 A adt.y e jiiin
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lira m Ice,. 1)1) Mar
Dr. aid lira. Jr.. t. .N'.d.r.os vacatloafat per St 1. sad .lac....
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first pare tf tat Jo.ray.I St IS. tnanaU. -
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M srldgt O.k kad "told Ito flaal soothe of Ut Pure Ct 21 sad Jtaa ,I
rvrrtmt fiscal yt '. I Not *ol 7t troop. .H U It. C. Wa.lt. 1217 e. lltk ci. .
flea ....1. frlday ....|i' la tkt .... tf Ut St. 2). t. .. ry./* ...' 1.e... ..
IlltM ftrt,ta. Hi "*.t ItU strttt.r ... ... ... 124 I. 24U i
.. ."..U latllrd C.oriaaaa C. 10..aa, lary St M Md Carrlt Ltaradftrd.
>***., a.d tonal vcCait M ttt plaitn 1021 t. ItkSt "
RiH sectors I. the slab dtvlala ..rt AJtwila. 20. take an extra carton of Coke!
Bert,*. lots Avtry. ad ZM Jo*..oa, ira kit Pka*.tka.'. nt I.list. :
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.Mt WC1'.'. vrtla T*'a., Srlttattr p**.ard.ad ".... A. ....'. tail y..wltw//M.' ,........ .... ..... .... ...... ... .:, 'X1ilW I

Harto Ialh,. i. 33ad St. 21 aadpvarllt ,..' 1. I ltd. ...., .tr1M.. I..t..w.

r. S.. rA s.. I'. a, 1>U M I". Jia.a. .. UU .., .....". .nr. IM .ikr ,." ............ 5.a.,r l..4Ift' L Cofour.

capacity ,,.*. att dd tkt atttatk aaaaalpa t.t.