Florida star

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1000065 F20090413_AABLAG 00226.jpg 64b918870fe1d34dd06cb6516a26108b6bd7b2bcb7d7f118870823a3d24676718ab18a73
867725 F20090413_AABKZT 00224.jp2 05bc165083b039c288727b845f7a83cbb50dddd8b9e620fc454e33b18485740582c73274
119696 F20090413_AABLAH 00226.QC.jpg ec3428fae69fd32025a48825431cd2162662bdd8e0369e331e57c3a9155ee84126467ab7
1027992 F20090413_AABKZU 00224.jpg a61d114209654314c8bb7965a383e282679a9957fe92bb2cb6693aa9c429451364384e14

xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200663datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date May 15, 1965dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=006630740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
May 15, 1965
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
May 15, 1965
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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tors ttaa 1.100 ...U. a at* trial aaa* chtr'a' tratad eoadiaa Maoeia to plus 820,000 la of bare aoattlyprotattlva IUanad > ....,. la Tarps aadaipacta .

a. taU ca. of hlattr ltreilac Taatlaoity .la lMa4 by- *. CbloMa. raturnad barafuaad tloa lajoaapb. (fled, Joe JriAdanartM potarlahad chtldraa BI. oa of aa lardar.tojtptratr robbery aid sere to tars tha caaa
Aaat"' .. a $ naaatly-a eau > a taatfllai later awamtad.Dariai deer to Ibis' 'is tht
Btata'Atty. ,
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ttiwfboat com t.. .la ap thaaaat. racalVad bia -equal tootetti'thill" tbabrtbarytrial ,."....,. ,,,,.,..*' ,..S1
try bays ilcaad lee aaaaraacaa ktr Ilsl.ptnantor, ra- Aa artvaMt ba* abo star aara fortaaata .1...* bovaa II aaa I..,... that
veiledtbstuauseIor II attlttloo la a aatta ahaa they ..t., City datactlvaaita. U a, the Nroat hose
U ardartoooa* ,... The tao aaa fol* Intty. par aaat of tha
tiaaa racaitiac ....ht.u" Tlaotty ....., 22, .bad loud ...tht eta. bass period ahaa iBtatratloala .school nil fill throuthpaciil A. Naaaay aad NklaabacfeM. tu under 24'hour pji>rd' 1110,000 la ftatlaai Da*

.'.r aa ..hU., some to clab Kldoradolooklai side a taatara to read lay ..... of lIfe la The childraa totorlai.all baCltaa and tilt faally a llvad laooaitajit ,..... htu-Jtnt Loss funds
.... fur fur the at* turned over to Olbba
for .U.. Florid scald bas baaseoaaldtrad
Fadaral prof no to ba allrtbla tato his poet, Cbla adraaklaplatol tao aoatha special Junior Cull.,.
Icded.life. durlattha
la a cuss ba .u lavaa a DtiplasIts. dar
for aid saber. Md tired tatoriaf atartiic Juaa
tile ,. pest flva years aara
2laittclaaaa achaduladfroa And it court "
propotad project la* Utatlaa.BMI la salt dtfanaa.Tha rtca| adfrnotha (tdaralVp
aatdhabacMa an* I1po. batat alactad to I .... wtll 2 p... dMtly decided la ".. ,.-
.. goysrnswlt.
cladad the
.r rtgal re.t. proaacvtor bad o*
fla daia a aaah.Tatarlia d. decision la a*>aarattit '
OBOCtad IbII th..t'. hiss rt uatll the.. list. of
.. of hit" VI
ritlaally cairiad Collar staff .11
Jvpla dvrtai a Tharadayaltht .,.. _ea.., "AMin' the noel aestisg. fed'oral
stalest arotraaa, altb tiritdtiraaaardar ooaalat of taachara
dorattory aad facility boaaar tha ...u..t JmBna, ..0.. aalartaa .111 bacoaaaaarata a Hoaa la Nit CM* olflelali airs uactrtiU >
abalkvr they hadjirladlctloa
10,. .. head .. &II tla.
ooaatnctloa, sad raaaarca jury racladad tie duria ". It foot ataarlaaaa o.tr tha
aid davalopaaatprojaeu. r dafMdMttallty ball coadi at berth ItMi sad red of (unit*.
aid foaad tta
cartlflcatloB$ .10.
salt aith7aachari Warns Aa the unit of laTtitliitloa >
Aa a r.wit of oa aaaaalt to helpers ../ Attorney an
"I caaaidar this wit .' soups
altlpla Fadaral pro voleataara.Fraaldaat.
enrlt..asd..roe aur
eau, it ass Uirnad that
aTMttBony collataahiva dar.Clttar. M boaor.A Johaaaa, laftta Of Rlihts Strife laaa chachi had baaa
.. a teraardaoviaiortMtaitloa ..oclia the traata iaaahlaitoB.
stead .r..c. aitt eft an a>*accordto sate u.t to tietlllouaaUdnla
addlac Ba said Tro ails n., hadgrsdosl.4
Bar this aaa Fadaraltcaicy. ( to Florida Isr*Ispsalsiablo Joel N.sdstsrt'.111
net u-.U.a. AtlorryOs.rs1
to ..at... tro. coa Biaa aia a aat "rescue thaaa (aaady>)> Botoa ncoortatlaa (Vltholaa' ht..". ..,. d.poslt.d tad othara by Iso
tho raoBiravaata apply of 20 Pars la ,rt eo,. oral aora tat aa to aaat childraa fraa pofartyahlch ..., pravallad bach *.,nt4 that racial aoll.. offlclili ,la a
ta all pbaaaa of atadaataAUaatoB this tla., ba aaid. .,..,.1.. caaldpuraaa said HraJKOaa ahat. flalanra mold flue .p tMwkkatplat firs Shill

aad traatataC Attar all, seem att* ttaa all of thalrlltaa. R4ar 47 "11 my oaa or sire of lk. .ir opcralad.An .
Hilly La ,
NAACP Seeks .'* .. < ...
30 .
Thay prohibit a4alaalaaaaotat I.... art a atroai part den ha att.pta4 to aa* tier," It. hla audit by twaraoaatdlMlaaad

dlacrlataa-- af athlatltpratraM la Selves WlwJow .t Ifariraaa mac ... a shortage ..f.Z2.'lt
Prompt Actlea tar bar lasso IU' la aa .."" 0pp.sr' ahlab FlaallaaVitaty
tory racrattlac actitl tOLlt K CDUMW practically atry bit Afa, stash aittlalfa ... .la tha retreat lama ( school| officials'

tloa; r.Nlre tha BMOtraataaat ...TttO F-) aMBd Billtr Of GeveraneRt act al la Dale ..,". arl.ld1 By I.1I4.sndi at a tatlMal ...*il*., hive baaa .r..,.. to i

of all .,.- ,.lad la ooavarntlaaaitt ba toatlaoad.Tha tta ,'ort coa latifibaib said that taoadlatalf" "pia.a
...,. la all acadaaloprotrMB IIdIMI Daaacratitiaotl Itooolai atklatltaaaactttiaaa U..., ... 1o/IIeIA.la4 seek flolaaca "t ld pro the ousel.IcOueas .
Ir..I.lla Oray sir51tos.s holly steer ulese's>
'SIHJ.lS'If. aald, ba plaaato
aa all aa aaclaJ .u.... far praaldaatballavM by his I..h.) alfaaba aaalllaa "fact ., to mate. Stile Attoraay
ra ra tloaal aad .. TOW-Tha BMCT IM that list ...'. carrylaiabatt* their ilaaa, try to datarataaftat
tta .d... *oi ha aaaaddaaly AUOt.-r- I""' ''iroedy5 aaa flair Deals to
attar aitracarrtcaltractlvtttat slot. .u... t.atIIl. told apes FriatM lap dacltlao by Ill aeacBaa p.Ih.ers. hiahariarataad. arkair*. sotto tbair atfcool pro a tlaa. ha plaaa. la

; aad aatab- ... bias said ba pal, C.B. OboBtMiaaarafRdatitlaa. sill apaa the aay Kir fa ahlch last aoathaaa I,.. geOaa .,..,14.., ala ,a... aa< slush. to the ease,
llab the rIOt of ao" to raaalrtMMadlata taro fo.tbllr'e vlctlaltad hy roc"n".I. Slid like tot wtt plaadya ails, It cur litrtad.
tta .....t aitt a .22
a. t hMa his .asdlsit > aPl..
., resists aaaIrtfct M P said ha puss *. praaaatMtlon
ta eolla.a dora a.pllr.V'Nu Addltloa af Negro MdCattolla
see. caliber rawlfar.Ha>> died tifilrlihtiirwpa .
aad ... ..." tlaaatlfy oat plate ilaaaaladoaa nib until a charta laplaiad
llort cafatarlaa aad ttt a<*aal .....,.- acbaal oaacaMacraaM dualaBiialaalMlaula
hia. ..... aro dyaaaa shortly attar la a local la jaitlaaofpaaca
tatlaa ,....t.. af 71 tta COM* lit .
attar facilltloa.Ooll It ... alaa reveled | Dada sell to ha **ica toCbatlaaad boa IUl.II this swat loan Md la tII.
t,*. attain title tla tl of tha 011 iictttOMUaaad ty c...... AaMdatiaaBMbarahip .*.ke" aald that lhla aalll Need ever to Cir Bll
that lass aaa abet la fcrtwM baa stalkedat sot ba tr.a.a-
( a* ,... 121 punt.
VI aaaaraacaa Mat la* ( M rate 12) ta atoaad>>
tbs ara. hosed aid ....1' dlftaraat this lOocat, ale aia aa*
....t tta raolr.aataloaadlataly. at da by a .22 ttllbar lilt aaatar Na too algae to tha caaa auoa

If a .1. r' : ( i sated. u,.. sidle ... hIS ra*
lata via!ttaa Its aa '" _--- / Thara alll ba phaiyrraita ailiad la toaatMt t.o.
.,_.. ..,.. aajr aat a T.nHISS.IMlsIt.1 Na roM' 1"h .'fu'1a.-----00'-Orbaa lama, aad tha taM ta claaa .,. paiatup chlcaeo.Aeslotha. ---- sad 'lal.i... tilt aith. ,...11.. at'tlalala.

a >aplalat to the ..* t* Jala la FrcaldaatLyadoa Phi Delta lappa ttaahara < aid plait flours aadiraaa. the taordl* blaaltd. ap a slush, .
.. 10.....'. far baitlti. ap a l.,. All nil itaata ipaat a faa
la 1441" they lilies of tbs
Fadaral prtirio
atoacyahldk aararlty
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this caa bapt a, It < Iba ma alia
a. Fovarty tt>t attar pra alll la taaaaltypratraaa .,. .ra. liaial Clark, Isys aa
.11 tolaataar Isis .
atll ttaa dlraat a Labors I paaaa aa tha praaa ra taaad It aaa parsed last ...
profit .'iBvaoUfattaa. Te Prep BinTALUtUMCXFtUattat ,raaa of "tha gristsoclity' their aanicaa la traitacb far laprtflatMlihtorbaoda. Patlaaal Crbaa U.|.., ilata aatharitlaatu frtptAtiaa ....,... thaotlthdra

latent Mtlaaa fall I. a*ra aora this *" <4, (. baipltala aadrahabllltatlaa .id 1155 Itha Puss, pat aa Blii>t|,* .... tka awca*
: JOG dalatataa attaaditftha sectors .aa, ".,.., also dla* Patttrttlt 15111501MrISte. ......... ties of jarladlttitairoaa
oarraat a vtolatlaa, ao- aa listless otatut of 20th MBM! c.a.aatiaaaf .. sad seek projects n tltiad that tie Alpha .. ,.,...ha.h aild ha laaorrtad ,

BialauiUvaarJaaclalactlao tie board of .u....,. tha Dotted bury loath Carpi. Thar alas Cat ri Oaaia Mrarlty Newt |a raliftlilta .e....., eke. It taalt
ass la taiaa Utanaiata trendy, Tallakaaaaa B.a* a b..l 0.ara aad 7.a* alll aarh cliff nalir Frataralty aid the ...y la tha 'I'U'rle' .lit arilta Mflra.atltBfr
tta aaalataaoor orlal bbatltal Mraad u char iaaat,atlaa aid tltliaai.ranitlpattaa. tilted hasty school GravesideServices ". a..a.aat. -0.. lie Attica Dapart

la aafarto the aa totply sill lie nt tha Alpha Chi Fl Doses it 'Trtjttt 0 ara Md 7a.k.,. he'aelstl15 i,seer tf 10 Cell til atit a.., jarladlttltatf
Civil huts Act aad to aararlty sad Frataralty alll caitlaatthalr tUMy It tsar It old tie ..... ..1. ht alllitttapt
oaraata.Aottalttratlvo. tpaa all ., ill fitlll toad flirt, ifabltb .U...,. llbaral elite ta tltilt rt*
at tta
art tart ar tlaaUBtfra pkyilciua.patlaata taldarf Aatarlahatal irs,, L,.... I.Jalttta ,s.r.re.04 tf fat ..,..n. altbaat tilth torn free Moral aa.
Bitttta of aaalal* Md aaraaa.aapttal la Itatrtry tin our tht ",.. The aa ..al da Mat aa ira tttara tM ...lttd tit
atratiaa nth ladlmtly aoaUIatntarB. A'''' "." plan tfftrtltliatlaa .'.1,.... also alll Iftladt I mi. sri .....'.ta.. (feooUaaad Nit II) ".4.

raaalt U dtMrtaiaa* intlaa prier to a.i it* tit dlttrlba'|}t alta aad aappartlM For Evers
tht atailtf told rt* sowed. hy Era. Barjarla tf packages tf fltatrttadt Fraaldaat't civil ritbttprairM lull 1i ( ipliNi11sis"
ttaa art prahlbltad ly hour __n. aatlaaalaaparrlaar
stilts that: anthe |
Ckalao.9o *... lava ao ctolco bat tf tit fat to tht tie childrtaaartllad rlplt lilt aaa baftrtOaetraaa. Nth rU-1'tI.a.) et"l BaV.tle-.a .laia) krMa tf LAO sAt hat called

C.f.CBOJaiMl to alia Tie dapartaaataf ram rapraiattlai tha 2.000 Sisters It M sere,.M aiik tot taoaod aaatvar pea all ..I.,.,. tf tilt ttty to lailtt ttt t,*

Civil 11*Jt a. titabII pills ..If.,. alllaat 4. lOt baaatlclaat It 44 tie tat la* till ....', A tttarlti ...1" .. ttry af tit dttti of Mil tf ttt fliajfla UilitBtlaat "1y iptlt
at.. la IPPT. la aa ba aU.... ta dla* atatta.CatUllahaaat. Tit pirptta, It ... bat hoes apatliUd ttlaplaaaat Itt lltllttlPPl field w taaadlttt pollen of ....dtatrtattttlta U II.

........, faotflaaaiaaajay. braa fadaral fm&a U tf i.?aractaaai firtttr .S.d..... It ittlvt tht prifraBaaftata taaratajy, *4tir hers, rs.,. "UU UM call Plr July J. ta. ditt .. ah tabttt

Job A. BAMM, aa, boapttal still baa acaalaraaip ta tha. caildraa tit iatladt Baadaoaoit attt arttaaldt a..* tMlayaaal sissies tf ttt Civil It_.. sillbserse .
tailed ta alp toe tlvM trait 4..."LI. ttadypaapla sects Sarrlt, I.. Tent rial .n..u. '.
",.U., of iltaifaa rliktt caaplliica a J', tf plaattn senile latdaytat a.
** la the beast cad'teatsd u. ttaet1 City tattle MtltrrtMlytiFtaMat tlt tf ttt fltaatialU
Plate tslvtrttty laftaliva araaBMU / 12, la ArllntaaCaMtary Tka aaa. ttt lirtii polltiaa
( eat 'illlaaL.fayltr IF ytfatUf tt ..,1, trade trtftaalaa attaaaavattd tro.. Otrbta.jMBtlt Mtttta taAltato .UUUaaatMkn..aht sal ttrandb ttavtittioatattt

aaa r...\1, aarand .. altb ,.. federal set.pee110 OaaparatUfia amps ala. alll apa* '.f, UBltta ..e.. It .. a.* at ...... RAACr ,,..16' Mss taplaitaatCMBlttaa.
sail tie hit tba ,tI,,,.. .... ratt la ta toa tlty *- alia 151 LIe,. lau,,,,
aaah.ti stet It ...... by f... A, bun Jr.ftt .
to rroal daa/ato pita ace105.. iaatBMrailaataly I.,.., sold, art tit aartea ara.raa by diatrlbatlM fatlltfttB, 8.C, MdMB Bowaa4 thlt ,
iBBtadlyrraatBBBt *ka. 11..._ t Offtta "vf taaaa.. Of. IU.n'.. MtattaBart Lea, arvara Fa*.ll aUf ttt BMBMOtittaaad .> BAACy.. alto baaa toaa ttita prat aat doaoo

rOaaUaaad a* to* in has U faoaral aotl... "rtaally, lie Batlaaal Md aid f.trHt Heltp. ( to ,... 12) .tr at.. a,r at pass tataral _ca..


- .
IMIh.: n __.-----................-.. ........ r n.... .. .. w A n w .. ,

---- -

1.'i' I'I L I


NEWS r1'W' .. *' ." -." ...... L .l _

Published hr the Florida Star Publlahlm 0). If
you ever dragged through
the Federal courts hereabouts you may
ERIC 0.. SIMPSal..Mulllll E.itirILVSir'E. have noticed that the only black faces
you see are behind bars or in the au-
E. WISE........... Niws EiMtirIILDA %- 1pI dience.A .
special study just released by the
WOOTEN......... Cireilitin Muifir 1"L. Southern Regional Council, from its head-
quarters in Atlanta reveals that Fed-
MAIN OFFICE t PLANT eral courts in the South are just about
1, the most lily-white Federal agency left
2323 Mucriif Roi Phil Elfii 4-1712 in existence
Covering 11 Southern states the SRC found
Miiliif Adirits 1 y 12 white and no Negro circuit court Judges
65 white and no Negro district court
P.O. In 581, JicksiiTilli 1 1. Funds Judges, 55 referees in bankruptcy and no
Negroes, 253' white and
no Negro U.S. commissioners .
MIAMI OFFICE ,, 28 white and no Negro U.S.
clerks, 321 white and no Negro deputy U.S.
clerks 29 white and no Negro U.S. at-
731 Nff 3rd An. Phil 377-1025 / torneys. white and 5 Negro assistant

ii4' 4Ii7 U.S. attorneys 109 white and no Negro
jury commissioners, 29 white and no Negro
U.S. marshals, 158 white and 9.Negro dep-
SUBSCRIPTION RATES: icr4i'1 uty marshals and 364 secretarial 'and
One Teer.: $$,00 Half Tear $4.00 clerical workers, almost none of whom
are Negroes.
Mailed to You
Anywhere In the United
States Such is the complect of the judicial
Subscription payable In advance arm of the Federal
roR4HAYNJVLL government in this re-
Send Check or Money Order to: enforce civil rights now lies.broad powers to

FLORIDA STAR P.O. BOX 541 While some Southern Federal judges--Jack
sonville's District Judge Bryan Simpson
Jacksonville 1, Florida
prominently Included..have distinguished
themselves by breaking with traditionand
......- handing down far-reaching civil rights

People vs Us? decisions many have' proven to be incorrigible
ALAy segregationists, unfit to rule impartially

We see by the papers that the African- F a,... in cases Involving Negro rights
Asian Peoples solidarity organization On the basis of the SRC survey Florida
4' holding its fourth meeting recently, in OUR WORLD IMAGE..I is no better than the general run of South

m Ghana, resolved to take in Latin America em states, and is worse than some. Po

Some 300 delegates from 70 African and Asian Instance. Florida, along with Arkansas
countries made this decision. Georgia and Louisiana has no Negroes

Out daily press naturally bemoans that serving as deputy marshals or assistantU.S. .

the group "spent most of their tine denouncing attorneys

imperialism.colonialism, and neocolonialism There is one Negro bailiff somewhere in
in generaland the United Sta- the state--but he is hardly enough to make
tes and other western nations particu the Federal judiciary look any leas whit

lar." But what else are they supposed to than the gangs around the county court

talk about? Whenever American Negroes get houses. *

together for instance it is inevitable As to service on Federal Juries, it was

that we talk about segregation,discrimina stated that in Florida one sees "as many

tion, and prejudice our lives have been Negroes as women" on Jury panels. This Is
colored by those things for generations. hardly representative needless to say of

People always have and always will speak the Negro a proportion in the population.

out against that which oppresses then, and The Middle Florida District was reportedto

it is one of the most tragic miscarriages be making special efforts to stop discriminating

of history that we have permitted our coun- against Negroes; but Just what

try to so far turn its back upon the Ameri- ARIESBorn CANCERBorn LIBRABorn CAPRICORN it is doing was not reported.The .
can ideal as to become identified with the March. 21st thru June 22nd thru Sept. 23rd thru Born Dec. 22nd thru excuse is made that Negroes, being
moribound colonialist forces from which we April 19th July 22nd Oct. 23rd Jan. 19th mostly wage earners, are often excused from

ourselves fought free. THI I MONTH ICINGS THE TC SUM'S TRANSIT IUOCISTS THIS MONTH PROVIDES YOU jury service to avoid' causing Uum to lose
Our daily press further bemoans that the SUN INTO YOU HOUSE, AND YOUR SEEKING I PER- A CHANCI TO RIORINT YOUR WITH THE SUN TRANSITINC out on their jobs. On the other hand, a
Africen-Asian Peoples Solidarity organization THIS ENCOURAGE YOU TO ZONAL PRIVACY AND PLANS FOR THE FUTURE AND YOUR SOLAR SIXTH HOUSE Mississippi respondent asserted that In hi*

is pro-communist.To the extent that FURTMIR RELATIONI WITtOTMCM CHANCI TO CATCH UP WITINEOLICTCQ DISTANT AIMS OR INTIR' UNTIL THC 2IST YOU MAY state Jury service pays more than wag la

this may be so, it is due in no small measure COMMUNICATION. AFFAIR OR UN ISTS, THI SUN AFFORDS FIND YOURSELF HARD PRESS bor.
to our own myopic insistence that there AND MENTAL PURSUIT OR FINItHCO WORK THIS PRO! YOU A MORI OPTIMISTIC' CO TO KEEP UP WITH THE Most of the Negroes employed in pdral

can be no neutral ground between the two SPECIAL STUDY BC PREPARE TION PP THI YEAR |II IXCCLLINT OUTLOOK ON LIFE AL THOU,," DEMAND OF CO-WORKER! courts in the south appear to bear such
camps in the cold war. And if we don't INTMC COMING, TMMIWIIXS FOR INVEITIRA-.. PROBLEMS INVOLVING YOUR AND SUPERIORS, PARTICULARLY '* occupational title .* 'crhn" and **..
like the tendency of this group, what may TOUT OTHER PSOPLI TIP,, STUDY OP SELF, TE TIES WITH IN.tAII""D" DURIN THE FINS. enters.." When asked to describe: th* ,duties
we ask, are we doing to bring together the KNOW YOUR 'THOU.HTI. I INTRODUCTION, OP REFORM PEOPLE AFAR MAY CROP UP TWO' WEEKS OP juNE. THIS of these offlces.a Georgia judge said

peoples of AfricaAsia, and Latin America? IOIAS AMD OCCIIIONS. IP. MEASURES, AND SECURING, DURING THC FIRST. HALF OP CAN II A SOMtWrfAT HECTIC it consisted mainly of helping him with his
Zero. COP- THC MONTH SOMI OP YOUR robes fetching his books and driving his

WILL FOR YOU TO CONCINTRATI spokesman contend are not at all conducive
"Free as a breeze to go far and fast"is WOULD II WILL FOR YOU YOURSELF MOUeNT INTO ON CONSTRUCTIVE! NAMDLIN AT TNt TIME OF to fair enforcement of civil rights laws

the way a recent news dispatch from Atlanta TO II IURI THAT YOUR CLOSER CONTACT WITH WAYS TO EXPAND YOUR THE QUARTER MOON YOU In the Southern redone where they art mos
University describes the opportuni- IN needed.
ties now awaiting Negro college grads. It is significant they point out.

This year 87 big American firms sent recruiters MINT COULD LIAR YOU INTO is the President of the United EtaUa who
to the Morehous campus, as compared CARE.LESS WITH HOSPITALS OR IRRORS WHICH MHT| STIR appoints circuit Judges, district judges
to 40 last year. Starting salaries UP ENMITY JEALOUSY, AND U.S. Attorney, and marshals.
offered to Negroes holding bachelor's degrees RISINTMINT UNLESS YOU These Judg* lntura appoint their clerks ,
CAUTIOUS CONCIRNIN commissioners and bankruptcy ret
ranged around $8,500 for biologists Jury ,
chemists,physicists, and similar professions. WHAT YOU SAY, ."* er.*.. Clerks pick their own deputies and
''Aim or
.Possession of a master's degree com- 7-30-W.tJ-ll.739 PROCURE Al clerical aaalatants. Subject to approval
anded starting salaries up to $8,000 per. PRIVACY I AS POSSIDLI.36044.18J4.J44. I'JOSS1737USSCORPIO AQUARIUS 70-JJ-tVIJ.7J of the Judg*. Th. U.S. Attorney general in

year. TAURUS Bore Jan. 20th thru Washington appoints U.8.asaistant attorneys
Much of this opening of doors has been Born April 20th thru Born Oct. 24th thru Feb. lath while marshals select their own deputies

due to the "Plans for Progress" program Kay 20th Born July 23rd 0 NOT 22nd THE TRANIITIN SUN Ultimate responsibility for the *xtr*..
launched by the late President John P.Ken Aug. 22nd thru WHILE THI SUN |IS 'IN FAVORS TOUR SIGN. DURIM whiteness of the Federal Judiciary in the

nedy back in 1959.During that time a totalof YOU WILL PINS 1 THIS A THROUGHOUT THI PIMT. YOUR SOLAR IIINTN MOUSJ TNt FIRST THRU etlKI OP South therefore rests,the SRC report mains

308 big firms employing ten million 000 MONTH TO CHICK UPON THRU wius OP JUNI" THE UNTIL TNt. JUT, IT WILL.it JUNI.INOICATIN A PIRIOD clear with the fhit House and the justice -

people, have pledged not to discriminate YOUR PERSONAL PINANCtl 1- SUN, YOUR "RULING- PLANIT.II IMPORTANT rOil YOU TO IN WHICH, YOU SHOULD tc Department In Washington.
and now sign their help-wanted ads ",. IN AN IPPORT TO 'IN AN ANGLE FAVORABLE GIVE, TOP PRIORITY' TO AILS TO ENJOY A VACATION 'The Judges, attorneys and marshals are
are an equal opportunity employer," ITRINITMIN SOURCES OPRIVINUC TO CONTACTS WITH SOCIALOR MARITAL FINANCES TU 0. 0* OTHER RECREATIONAL all appointed ".Stn tae advice and consent
This list of giants included such big AND IMPROVE 1C* OTHER LUll tROUPS nun MATTERS, AND PURSUITS. IRCATIR SCNSIOP of the 'Senate."' which in practicehas
International Business Machines LONOMS OR ONES VALUe MONEY DIALIN WITNOTHIRI. meant usually dictated !by
RCA, Lockheed, Equitable Life, Sun Oil, AILI ASPECTS OP YOUR YOU COULD NOfl YOUR HIT 'IN. BUT THERE KAY *lDIFPICUTLV local politicos of the',winning party
General Tire Western Electric Mobil Oil ArPAIRI WHICH NAYS SUN FIND YOURSELF IftOUSHT! IN TIRISTI ARE IIRVIO IV IN MEETING Treasures to move civil rights Issues

International Harvester lit National Bank, NIQLICTID OR OVIRLOOKID. TOUCH WITH. IMPORTANTACQUAINTAMCII ICING VIRV CONIIRVATIVI IXPINSII FOR 'LIAIU'I.l..nITAI..T. out of the streets and into the courts
of New York, Kroger s grocery chain and DEMANDS UPON YOUR *INCROSITV MO PIOPLI AND SICRITIVI CONCIRNIN 0* ACTIVITIES continue," the SRC report oe.ntl.D2..

many others. AND POCKITIOOR WHO CHARM YOU WITH TNIIR RISOURVIS AND ACCOUNT WITH LOUt Oat?. question has to be I.k.d--.bat kinds of
This is another way of saying that it' sup ARC LIKELY' TO 1C OUlTI WIT AND' 'INTELLIGENCE' THIS MONTH, THIRI AP.PI TNt QUARTI MOON MAY courts will handle them?"

to us now to throw away the crying-tow.1 STRONG AND TO SOME 01* HOWIVII, TNI PIRST HALF FOR AM TO M A MEAT MHO FOCUS ATTENTION UPON TNt "All the practical under*landing of hunaa

and show the world we can make good ellli UNIXPICTID DURING OP TNt MONTH II MARKS RIORANIIATION OP ITATI OF YOUR ASSETS AN.ORIOUIRI dealings that Is Implied la the term jury
like every other bunch of immigrants who THI PIRST ,TWO tllKS DP .V TRANSTIN) ASPECTS TO YOUR JOINT PISCAl AFFAIRS CMI IN NANOLIM of his peers'. requires a closer look at
haw bit these ahortl.I. THC MONTH TNII II NOT a THE SUN.WHICH RICOMMfND AND ASSETS, MONEY DEALING OR FISCAL.COMMITMCNTI the racial composition of the courts them
000 TIME TO MY' OR sat YOUR PURIUIN. A VIRV WITN OTMIM.K selva aa administrators of justice to

TO ADVANTAGE WITHOUT CAREFUL COURSC WHERE SOCIAIILITV 4-e>77-1l-f.7-4S7 VERY CONSERVATIVE N9W the individual as well as guardians of
For More PalRfsl Taxes VIRY CARIPUL CONSIDER- AND FRIEND IN REAR* TO *ORR.eiv* principle."

Born Nov 23rd thru
This year a great many Income. tax payers PROVE COSTLY tx sum TO PROILIMS AND Dec. 21st FOR VII ANALYTICAL Edwcrtlu AM! E....'...
were stunned and angered by the fact that slip AN EYE UPON YOUR IKPENSIS. TNI SUN, TRANSITING MANOLIN AND STVOY.

they owed more than they: bad expected: when CASH AND SILON IN" ON YOUR OPtOSITI SIN. UNTIL 1.IOU..1PISCES Cnemployncnt rcaaioa at worrisome levels.
April 15 rolled around The reason lies in THESE OATIS .IP YOU WANT' 1-10-tt.44"H'VI.ao THE 211'. PLACES TMI ACCENT Tet. in many field, there ia a serious

the recent tax cut. Aa passed by Congress, TO AVOID LOSS.OAMAM, OR UPON TNt INTtltSTSOP shortage of workers.That .
the cut was spread over a two year period. WMMI MO VIS. Born Au,. 23rd tbru YOUR .'TI. ALLIES, OROTMIRI Bona Pb. 11th thru seeming paradox is easily explained.

But the entire reduction in withholdingwas t.40fl7.14.141GEMINI Sept. 22nd IN .IU."' YOU March aota Tdocatlon" and training" are key words

made at once. So, in innumerable Instances lm THE tIST TNI SUN MAY NOW FIND. YOMNSELICONFIONTID ( TNt TRANIITIN. SUN IN la today labor market. And great noabers
the sun withheld was well blow WILL II .IN. YOUR SOLAR *V RIVALRY' COUP _LIt FOURTH NOUSIPTVIMTS of people, including the
Born May 21it thru young, simply
the amount of the tax. TENTH NOUSI tNIRC IT YOU 110.1. aren't qua1i f1.do
June 2Ut
Now it is planned to readjust the withholding POTLIHTS YOUR tUIIMSS RELATIONS WNlCM MAY IISOMCWMAT '''ILY. AM PROPERTY INTIMSTS The Labor Department has lasned' a revetl-
percentages, in order to make the THC SUN IN YOUR ZION INTERESTS AND EFFORTS TO MASS T* SMARC UNTIL TNt HIT. lag report listing the '70 occupations ia
Income tax leas parntul.That may seem like UNTIL 'llln CaCOURAACS ICCWRI ATTENTION FROM AWAY BURIN THE PAST THIS. MAY RAIN TOW IRIS which demand ia greatest sad detailing tae
a fine idea. But the Birmingham. Alabama YOU TO TRY TO 'IMPRQVlPERSONAL 'IMPORTANT PEOPLE AND HALF OP Tut MONTN. TMIQJMTI CLOSER ALIGNMENT eiTN requirements. IB only four of these groups

Poet Herald views the matter very different RILATIONSMIPIAND ....CIA&... THI .mi 4NA MEMN II SOMEWHATCMAiLININ TOE HOMERS *P YOUR DOMESTIC is a high school education mot demaadetf.
ly. It thinks the tax should be made more AISUMI TNI LIAI INYOUR *CAN HIM YOU MALIXATION WNERI nu.OUSt..1 CIRCLt AM* A PA*. and even la these two years of high scioof
painful rather than less CIRCLI. TNI PIRST. OP INS. M EXICR.TMC QUARTER
so. Here Is its AN ANSI TIONAN plus special trail 11' is a moat.
reasoning: The
largest nuiber
IF requires
completion of
",. have nothing against the withholdingprinciple MAY nIT YOUR AtlLITV TO HOT *CT OFF ON YOU MUST M WARY OP SAN alga school along with addition traialag
as such. But if Uncle SU' tax: COPI WITN' PROHEMS ,IN.VKVIM Ml CM CAN |... PELTING TOO MUCH UPON The next largest calls for college degree
bite doesn' bara little bit you'llnever ISAvPTION OP YOU TNt SUPPORT OS COePIRATION or equivalent, plus further education
realize it is TOUR money he Is spending Or e"ul IN TACIN* ,
and you should." MATTER*,ROERS, OP POLIIN cI TNC NSMICT *F RC.OVIRI CARE *F IMPORTANT MATTits. TIMC T* M WARY *P ILL Tie moral is plan eaouca. There is small

It looks as it the post Herald really has YOW COMMUNITY* MVIII M* RC.IPMIIIILITIIS. ,ADVISES|NONMC. .,CNANM. *P ta- room ia this technological eoomomy for the
something tgerel matrUaed. the ill-trmiaed. or tae little
S-20-M-I9-7MM ".U.'fen.en
7-E-RS-I5-23.71s educated.
2.5Io "13-S2.25a

-'" \:

----- -------- -- ------- .... 1 ... .. _-...,_- .._.. .._ 4 .. ____ _

-.- .---- -

I Nil 22. 135S flllllH; I STAR HPUS .' rl> t J

-- -

.-.Kappas' Host Hundreds Of Guests At Perennially I Popular I Affair I

k u


I ; '.-


: : \

4 ,4

p1 Ili I 'V

: t \ x b tNr 1 :.: ? wK _

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.1{ \ M

..dJ..a. M At


tT -

: : j
: r % :

J/. b. ,' fl. A 1

,. ,, .
------- "' -. 'r'tI: _

NIGH OM IH* MJLL Of tBBtiatrabl put ...cee.... Cads OMdltr.': Robart Aadvrwa. HIM -cIob. Issue Rally I sad I'. Md Mrs' Cdard Cop.1) M'. Apron R. '!.. and Mlaa Cloths "nlkrr. (31) W
.B. tall 701* annual Black and "' lt. Ball *!<*> .....u. J. 10.... .,.. Aaa Hltcatll Md _.J. (10) Mlta Patricia atktna, '11'''. a. TT JX> Md Hugh the bud plats| nn.' (32) IIII"a| Murlnn tlllli a ...s .and|
... auaplclcwtly launched Md aaectaafully ell HltdiaU I.M. Joa.., use I.A. kieclaia, (4) II''. tllaoa. (It) Mra. Y. Rand,ra, M,. Md Mra.' '..1. Mr'*. Ames tuyfcllt.. Officer of the h*.nt rlmptcrarrOtnritH.
111'>04 tjr boat ',Ia .u'U. Alaanl Oiapttrtf AIHaKappt had .". lbittd.t ftaraoa, .1'.'. y. ftuaay, IIII'''. Ublaaoa.( ((13) Ola..o) l ((13) A.R. Curt Jr.. : "t.".. Ill, 1'1111"111"1 l HIM TM.n*,
'Pat fraltmtkjrf' lo.ta*.... Dvral"CvwityAwry. 0. JOHN.; III'.. Q... Vu ..'h( 0-F, 'an M.ttr. .(1) ,,, .,.. .. lendlc',1.1. Soott, .,.. K.I, erosn'' vie polraarchir l.m.M Hrrwl ""I.r(nf rrairiU, ,
A capacity attandMCtofoMbtraMd Mr. Md II'''. NtraM' Roblaaoa.. (8) .,.. Uelllt ,Mla r. B.aa Md 0. ../IIrh. ( It J. 41"".. MraMra. 'IIII/ .,* A. Jolin..'', kpvrf ...ct.rp.r.J.dwt'; .
.dMCti to tilt llltlBi atralaa of Bud Marpar sad Mania, Mlaa Ztlaa "latoa Mr.' Md .,.. fllllat.Rlcbardaoa M. Ntlaoa, Mra. r. Buraay, Mra.. Jot McCnnt. orlMtt.atrattiM, .4lhur) Salter, lleut.rt.tna*
kit orctitatra.Tnoatli rat") ft* of tbt pbotogra sod illllt I'''>. ((1)) Ants Roaa, Mlaa ..,.. c* Craaford, N. McCltndun, Joe Mcftnt and lotus Paul| ItllMit, wrnallBl, 'tlllwi |v
pled prtaelpala rala' uU.U raid... you CM L. Oo.... '1'''. Md '1''. I\QI7 Hpa. ((8) Mr. MdMra. Herbert J. 1Iy". '. (Ut) MM, Ruth Tteaaa Md MlaaRo / .'.*t, blatnrl, Julian hlt*, Iran l iif |alhIK.| ,| -....
teddy ser tby, tr U.". (I). cfcltf and Mra. 11111. 1118. Mra. '... *l.r*. IIII'''. J.U 10.qe .M*>ad ..d4I.,. (M) Mr*. M. Mccrajr, II'.. Mary Md Th "kir' P. lanib i!', eh....lain, R..l".rt L. "ill*
L. Hytrt, Md .1Iltl Md I'" J. jo.... (J) NfHanked **.. lack IV'. R.J. No: man' .,.. .I.... I cQg..n. .1"0." ... I'. Md Mra K. Curry ((11) II'. and Ira chtll) ) and L...r*e*, R. Joss' art cuoMlnillim ..r.
by thrt ctttralif Dioioac.' (J) HIM ..rSocially M.U Theapaoa. ,. .. Roitra. (I) IIII''. sad Mra.Bororltr ., Mi1 Md Mrs J. leelo,. '((30) Mlaa ftidnry Kalla) fleer. (l'hnt".I.l "*i,,il I 4rti

I I I '' Speaking WEDDING BELL S! Office Now Sowing District

1 ?? ( m??., ; .

_11 u. L. Jtckmin, jr

OOMtCCTIONf th. fettota baal TrvpUt) Rail" till seat at 2,00 p.a ..a.....'. .May 711 Ct D, II Md ft- 'h 0 ,
apo aord fcj tb. Dnd Coitaly 7aektra .*..c... 33. la tbt bat of The UlIlM 'Hill" Matbl inlets Ana Cdrd, INItMl
.'tloo till *. bId rridjr ""II'. Juno U. IMS, ...,' 703 Rhodt 11 aad Drl.. U tNoatttaa a II
!. tit. D'.trtl' COtfitjr+ *r orr." An *rrM*>M d.t. for far tbt trttlaf .a!11! bt wsdas.i Vlr JM.. BlMlttO,, J12jtpoilet 1
"til I a carat .4Tt rtd !. last ...11.. ..I...... llala ..t.... f.* Matb.., ,.ri..rltt Mltrbtll.Ulla kd Bid
T>. 'Tropic' ) MIT. la a.,.4 for U. tat "l- Ilk Itl dt. u. Uttllt bvilaaldi.la II
ou, Botb ..!. and f*.alt gossip ....II' tbooa. |wld 011 tie studs for tbt twdaMt .....011 ....It TlllUt. 3IJ
attlrt r.*.bla. tint "rail, .."** gnats ... III be tbt report by the fcftoltnklp Ootaltttt, J po U 14. 14.
talaadtra.Ituiic Alas Daaltla. cbalniaa. ftaarahlpaarbla| ( John t. dark ,.1''.....
for n.. year* a ball Sill b. flnl.... br ...,... to a .....n... atadat at rut feltb' dish MMI. fU JJ Md
Bud Harper gad bit bad (the trmip tbatf ,1.,.. school la tb. coiiatj litho K. N.bb.,.. dlO t
.r U ap. Alrba f l', Math Md nttt Ball. 1\1 The ,roc,. ltttt.rbalraanad' by ftiraa ..It. d R
.,hlr la |>.| stI.eml. and tile pr'J* t eoaaltttt. b, LilIlM lit'011..||| TrUr It 34
0 ................ alao .... rtporta.MarlM &>."' | iclMm, 171t
........... ...
.. .' '. .11. Md .,..
Tb* Joba.oa W" la pr' atla, 7108 to, hitt. 31 r
HM'C.i.A.** frl(! i ....1.... .ay 31. .1..11. i.lker'Nrrtla Tows. sad Marl MrClala L. .Iat'
at I .'.IM'. la tbf .dlto'... .f ".. 1ot"1 ..r. rt .lplatt of prl..a .k.. o..a irldc dab bl e
114. Or Afa... kmlb .f .jrrlf a\>.4.rn held. Rte seat rtctat .ttla.. LIIIlM Dal toa
Eddlt R. Odoa, 3441 1ti
c.*4a fro tb* u,..., aa.. 'lll bi>.flt tb* the door' prltt.Otbtra A
'crta D af t.. it of tb. tllt'A. DrJor prlr.. ally Mrtltlpatlai la tie ...tla< la ,. stain a.ar.C Ztlaa Job... Ula Avert. Ah..', B o. ................ rater bV>taard, Caibtrlat ,Jak n.. Marlt Btrtvta. II ; fAre.
... Uo Cfctia Cbapttr: nf Ahll. tat.a Alpba Md. Ettlya Caltla. I*rlt t 8111th.Ill *'A1Ct. Life 1JI""IIt. 9'u7 0..usl/ ..J''ioIJ ; al.1 al 4., I Ceert.f '
OU".,. ..,. .IH' for the ... fiscal
ytarat .
ftlltta: yrtla n.... prtal Vat. HariM B.alkr. I t 3>d *t 21 Md vary ... till. ..,,, tit) .r.ii suds .f joa < iKM eat rra.er .*<.t iLIQUORS:. 11........>
vie prttltVat. "h..aer B...ard.rttary. ac M. A*.... 3314 frMklUII 01 c.111111.. ......1. and 'ennaadlsa. n.llo'. ...,.. .g. tc.ia..n.R-'r/ (
c. itva n, *.I.r. trta...r.r. Zeta* Jo8- tit. J.T.blIi.r fro left art Mr.. an,...", ......,. r" 111".1'. .1. .r+.
....etnuss saw a'Eu.e__ ... s'w.enc' r."l Cos. alaaa" master' Karlt 1ala. HialniM ArtU IUM, | 12Jtk i halt OOf.. J.... ..,. M<| I, V. t'o.t/J Otk.r sashes nr. "r.. psr" 4n

I'I .....It.lltl1 U.................. It 21 Md ...1.. 'Illlw) ) .. ir*. ....,... Mr, nr*. 41 It. .II.., M4. .r.. (nlll II e-t......

Of lattrtat t* Jatkaaatlllt Bueitty II tie M* CtlUr. 311 S' )Swat .
u..cs.st by Mra.Kararttla. ....t.. af |71| a..t .t. 33leery WIJ
nftt atb It,.., tf tbt h'Ue.Mla< a rrla.t .fbr It* ill.oa, au
hooter Barbara HlllMa. to JuIlM. thlt*. fltrll Aft 33 ail
city.MO af Mr. Md .,., Goo ,.. fbltt also. of tbla Mtlt JM IUI..,, 114CM a;%;

Dro, It
/rapeetl'e kite fa a .,..t. tf Florida
AM Calttrally II prt..atly MpltyH by tb. Loll 1 C... 3711 I
Lake Ca.aty Board af Public Uatractltc ... la sort M II... Ltrlt,
a ..**., of Alt** laps Alpka Borvrlty.Mr. L. tttra. IOU l.tk.t
nitt, la a tra4alt tf flartda AiM IIIlu-: n. IT.tut .
sit, Md. la ..,I.," by tb* taval Amy bar .
af .. .11. taatrMtloa. Nt la a t*..., ., 1.181 LMI it |44SUtltaa
AltM f.| frattralty, / it n... lit-
The ....ta. la att fir J.. )I. tltt I*.U*, 7M lftM.
rr ................. .
Kttlya J. Mil .... favatftr' tf ,". teed cbactr TlscliMlley.. ISIS
.f Oi fca Borortty. .M .*..," by tb* tnaf .,
OI Its ni .,..,U,. *M ba*re4 by tbt .,...ptltt ta II. .k ft 33 II' there'I
r.rThk a to last Baaday .n.,..o |atk. Brtattr tM41at Motpltal.PartUlpMta Vail At*.. 19mrj I
M ut pra.raa apa.tr.dby Biia* Lee Mttla. 111K
Ciatttr la.lBdd .Ilia .."... ter. Dart) Alah II Md U-
T''lit... Rttty Carlty.0.4. Healy. CyMbla h r.". ,
tads tits ti itn,113/
J.. t*..., Cvtlyti/ J. Ptcb.UMay ...,|*.... !.. I.eO one ,I;
r a.pa tug ulllt Mat Rtttf, aad nt Ba.r Rro I. :J,. M. II, "

Js1he Sure One' Ura.Bt.<.ata Iris Ut practical otralai Clan a.ritdM near

TAa's.tq 7 CIo r. s5g'p.hisfell b..,*.**t for Ut r*.,.
to erore oeopw-rd .......-..-.-.. .. .
tar tM Say bed of t so s. C.,/. RrwtM t.ab*tat. _. ut ...11 b\tt ....t.tw...., rocs k Btid Ita ooat ,...t .*.cu.. ...I,1..r TMtY .. PilroiiitADVERTISERS Sr t to ., you.
bettor *1nU.Kvt. la came out Islet \ c1
Ma..er..w4.4 ba LMM BalUo, Mart karay. I- ''''"
kvS.mi4 b..Sirt
a.d WrlM pjBUt.
Ula label IMllyttoat .....11. ntlo lash' ..
Md ".... jaoaanaiotrooaaM ether ...... fftttat.



ITi.L tj I I


r A.+,.. 'Max' First Lady Of Song" Saluted ALONG THE CHURCH PATH...

L *
Br Alberta J. Wllllaws

tilJurc el1J.r.. FINEST lI9Im TO REV. C.A. rEAVBtFTends

throughout the city are thinking of the

Rev. C.A. leaver the pastor of Day. Spring Baptist

UNITED BAPTISTThernlts1 Church in their loveliest Banner. The sinister

is observing his 28th year of pastorship of the
!! of United Baptist Church 1409 Cleve-

ici'lSt.l will sponsor a pew rally Sunday from 4 church.
flh mainsto Jacksonville. Dr. leaver has Bade
ttG P.M., In support of the woaen's Day, which
; tarvelous contribution to the coa-
11' ftchntiled May 30.
emit His wonderful personality ,
Other services Sunday will begin with the Sunday. ::
enhances a wealth of knowledge and
School at 9:45: .... Morning service at 11:05: o' II
I wisdoB. He has Bade untold stride
clock following the service, baptlsaa service
.. .prollOt.r of goodwill and Christian
*U1 he at Royal Tabernacle Baptist Church. BTU at <
fellowship MOIl' the people.aot
I S p.i.! and evening service at 6 o'clock. Choir
2 i serve. II..LIAIL only of this city,but throughout the

.. breath of this state.
I '!lay night prayer meeting for the adults and
; His kind and understanding Banner has roe forted
'..I" u,rs. beginning at 7:30: P.B.Thursday. at 7:30 Iy
aany and encouraged so may who are not Bashers
">"". 'v special meeting will be held.
of his flock.So .
--ilCT'SP Of GOD"
I deserving Is every honor given to hi.
Services Sunday in the House Of God will begin ..............
With the Sunday' School at 9:30 a. .. with a guest
lunfrliitroiient and teachers in charge. The lesson
kH\ I h<' rtv lowed by visiting alnlaters.Mo '.'' rII
.I rW Qilte bit of eicltesent Is going! on all around
nun* ri.rvice at 11:30: : o'clock. Message by Mrs.
II IIyd. our way and across the state, graduations spring
Tol.mi., and music will be rendered by the Buck- '
festivals, flower shows, pretty hat
'fUn-pr.At. 2:30: P... state Bishop P.J. Plet'itr -
teas, and numerous other interestIng -
.' will J preach the dedication sermon. Dinnersbe I '
activities for people of all
saved in the dining room of the church.
walks of life but the scat exciting PI
t, HO P.O., the rally will tenalnate.
light affair phnned..... to be the
ac:C"IUA 8.'P115T--
initial appearance of the Male Chorus "
I ICM Sunday: in Magnolia Bmptlst' Church will I
of Second Baptist Church, in a
'. with the Sunday School at 9:49: .... Mora-
special presentation which is achedREV.WEAVER
vice at 11 o'clock. At 3 P..., District 2
\ "oserve its anniversary Rev W. Burgess will NATIONWIDE!: NETWORK PDtTUBRMrs.. Ethel Davenport tun several ot ner origins nuBDers. supportedby uJ ed for 81nll.., nightinthe sanctuary of the church,
Bannister, "Jsx' First Lady of Song,"11 shown the Choir. One which is forecast to bra COB> during the evening services.
,.1 ver the sermon and other groups will sing. At directing and being supported by the Pleasant Ing bit entitled "Greet Big Singing Jubilee Comprised of men who possess lovely voices, the

..B. The Blven Specials will render a program Oreen Baptist Church Choir In Megphls, Tenn. during The telecast featuring Mrs. Bannister is scheduled group is under tbe direction of the widely known
i 1"1.'. at 7 P... prayer service. A youth program a video taped telecast which will be broadcast to be shown locally U a Sunday corning fea
::1 I (><. presented May 30, and District 1 will coast-to-coast. The popular star will fes- turf In the very near future. Charles T. Msxwell.
The progras is planned tor the enjoyaent of persons -
nft >r a tea after the program
of varied Busie taste. Among the beautiful
)% f OF OODi --
Simpson House Of God's songs that will be beard will be must unusual rendition -
:i ijoute of Ood Congregation, 1912 'Meharry Are ,
Heard The Voice Of Jesus Say "
'vlr will get underway with the Sabbath School of "I

t 1ItJ: an. The afternoon" service begins at 2:30: Announces81st Sunday ServiceSunday Other outstanding personalities will appear on
the Including Mrs. C.C. Vsnght. Mrs. Lucy
o.ui. lUrhop Do than Faulk, pastor will have charge nrgf.! program
of the pulpit. Sunday regular service will beheld FeteSi.peonMethodist 'fTEf1' will be a Boat Treble, Mrs. Aaella B- Harley Mrs. Flora Mae
busy day. following morning Burins
at 7:30: p.m. Church
SUSAN seats seam service when the cabers Mrs Benneta Sualar illl serve ss Mistress ofceremonies.
Tuesday at :30: p.m. prayer and tarry aeeting. will observe its 81st asscs.ea 1WNOt. I choirs sad con The offertory will be conducted by
lIlt Friday at 7:30 p... regular service. anniversary May 23-30 !.I
regstioa of St. Peters Miss Willie Mae Jackson of Mt. Sinai Baptist
'RATON CHAPEL-- with various organizations
AME Church accompany the Church; Mrs. Aha Holes of flt.Paul Lutheran
Sunday services in Wtymon Chapel AME Church will 1 of the church in FEAR OF DEATH i IS IT NECESSARY
pastor Rev. R. A. ial- Church and Mrs.Ola Bell. Percy C. Kelly and ThoBaa
start with the Sunday. School at 9:30: a.B. with charge each night.
MOlt people live In alinort coo.itunt Bui we, today, have .n even lace, at 3:30: P.B to J. Wilson and Christopher fling of Second: Baptist. -
Lydia in dlar,.. The lesson will be
Mrs. Blair reviewed The celebration will
fear of death. They do not grrulrr renunn to he free from the conduct service IA be. The affair Is being sponsored by the Metoka
by the presiding elder or Rev. a. .. fin 1th. open with a musical program like to think that mans days m u hot of death, for 1XN yeiin after half oftoaen's Day which
Galeda of the Sunday School of the
pastor. The Young Adult Choir and Usher Boar4 3 May 23 at 5 o'clock eras and M hii glary H the gloryof Duvkl. Saul of Tarnn, the ihirf irfInnrn will be held on Sunday, Departaent

will serve.Morning and the prince and princess 8 Ullng Bower (PM. 103.13: WM saved l by grin and WMMtil Church.
May 21Th. ..............
service at 11 a..., and evening service contest will end.Contestants 10)). They do not wish to face up forth In prmkilm the "|..prl .
to the fast thetIt I Ie .... of the observance will beheld REG ARTLESS or
at 8 o'clock. Rev Foster presiding elder, appointed (. news) gwe nf CocT ItS IN MIND WHERI THEM IS FAITH.
ages two unto men once to d.Ikb.( .9:27)). (Ails 20.24)). in the new church THE PLACE OR SITUATION THAT IS WHERE GOD WILL
will deliver the sermons. and six will vie for Thb I natural for CocTi Worddrtlarn
He went forth to tell men how which will also be the
--WALTER MEMORIAL" the title. lliiil death .U"the wages of "Chrbt died for mir tint' (1( Car. scene of aa iBpresslve
The services Sunday In welters Memorial AME Zion The Methodist Men's In" (Rom. 0.23): ) and "nfler thb 15.3) and rolJxxl Satan of nil htolUlriH

Church begin with the Sunday school at 8:30...., \ Club, Stewards and Tte- I?:I[the JudKrnenl" (Heh.B:17)) and) the ifulntl .... afternoon prograa. PrOlrllllsABllual First TimothyTo
> Services
with Superintendent .y Moreland presiding. Rev. danger of the>etond review the lesson. wardens Boards, 1, 2,3 20M). Thb to why lCor. 15:M him that had the power nf begin with Sunday School Observe
RoLe Rogers, pastor the will haw charge May. 24 'says that The sting of death b iln." death" that b,the .Iftod. sod) drover at 10:00 .... under the Recital
o'clock end at 2 P.B.,
Morning service at U at 7:30 p. .. May 28. Yet the Psalm De vU WM not them who through few of ileirthet guidance of the superintendent Joint Program
missionary society will Beet with the president, Choirs l, 2,3 will present frukl nf death. He Midi, "'.., aU thHr Ufrtlnw nilifrtl. Sohnol.se' sad teachers Gospel singer-piaslst
Mrs Mary L. Leavy, presiding At 3 P..., a BUS- the and though, I walk through the vallry tithe ('Io-b..S.U.' IS), Elder The 9th aaalversary of
cal will be presented.The .' program shallow' of death, I will fear no And when the tpmtb I hinurlfnmml J.M. Tsrvrr pastor Brother Joseph Cony ere First Timothy Baptist

program evening service begins at 7:30: elocll.C1olra May. 26, the WoBan a Society JI"-hut note the ,...-, 'FOB Jrnth. he Mkl To die I h will review the will observe his tits Church sad Rev. .. L.Ub. .
A. of Christian services THOU ART WITH ME" (PM ,.ln' (Mud.1:21): nd "the time of lesson entitled "Sup anniversary prograB Sunday
1, 2 and Usher Board 2 will serve with Mrs. all circles and 23.4). ). Dnykl "had come la tnrnc my drput,.,.I Ie at hood henceforth porting the Devil.'M May. 23 at. p. .? "-. pastor, will be-

Davis at the organ. WesIynServlceOulld will God and had horn delivered frhm the,.b Laid up for me II crown. ," abers and friends are ID African universal ala Sunday at 3 o'clock
Monday at 8 P... the Willing Workers Club will present the service. the fear of death. ((11 Tim. 484)). reminded and onatlnue through" May
of the
regular Church First and Milnor
Beet: Tuesday. a p... prsyer and class Beet ing.I .. Usher Boards 1,2 and 3will Second Baptist Amwol Musicale Tuesday night Prayer Sts.All. :34 with vibes Blalsters

have and BCHbers partlclpatiBg. -
charge May 27 .nice.On rrlday sight
IMPERIAL SUNDRIES gospel ..fetinggroups
and the young people The Male Chorus of Second Baptist Church will friends are invited to sad individuals .

I PATENT MEDICINES COSMETICS( I May 21.Itecuhr. appear is "M Kvealng of Bugs la the sanctuaryof Inspect the new church as well as the general The Holy CMnonlon ser-

ALL LEADING HAIR PREPARATIONSCor. services will beheld the church 8UDd..". May. Jl durlag the night slong with the pastorand invited. via will be held Hunday
Broad and Ashley El 4-2159 May 30, .. .. .. service. .......The..e.group......ia...appearing......... aeabere. are at 6:49: P.B.

under tie spossorsalp of

the Metoa. sad Oaleda De-

partaeat of the Sunday
si4 w. eurEaaio


of the oatstaadisg .-

vents of the late s>rlagaiasoa t30 CASS T AYE
IS. lie be
why? Because Camatlon Evaporated proa to aa
period of la apt rat loo to uurna nttfrc
Milk hat been Improved.velvetlzed.Whifi velvetiied mean? Its that little something extra that changes .."' those who love beautiful

thing New Improved velvetlied Carnation performs miracles with everyday meals makes everything better than an ale oa a sacred order. tM

I fresh milk ever could. Make meat loaf juicier never crumbly. Makes soups creamier, sauces smoother, and Is MBsbers of the chorus
are also affilUted with
twice as nutritious as fresh milk. New Improved velvetlied Carnation Is the modern economical better cooking vsrlous choirs sad posse > BIG POULTRY

milk. Try the recipe for Meat Loaf Continental and see how much better meat leaf,can be when It's. made with new sa w.ll*tral.d voices.Taroaga .

Improved velvetixed Carnation. their lost service

-. together they.have

acquired a woaderful JAMBOREE

sense of saraosy, eipreaaloa -

sad I beauty.Organised .

several years FRESH FLA. T.T. RAND, LARGE

ago wader the leadership

of Mrs. CI. Co '...U, the BAKING HENS 27'AVO.

group .has eo.U.... Its
traiaiag wader tae directorship >
vrt, l..t.t
of CharlesT.

Maawell.Mr ,
..yJ Maieell wse ia FRESH FLA. GRADE 'A' Hfe HHfFRYERS

widely h... for aar

vleoas Malcal -abilities

served as a leader cf

: scale durlat ale years .
J I II INAPORAIID t' ef service la tae Armed


MILK I stsdiea while travelisgla

Aaerlea sad Abroad. LEAN MEATY C
or.l.tMr.a u te Mew us.

6R.. INM( limes 1! --? Me aa presently lastrueter serves la tbe as RIBS 1
...1. DTarUeat la one -

ef the lip Sca.ela ef

tae Mrs.elty Lllllaa P. Kilt.Meary SMOKED

site jr. sad c
Earl Brows will aerve aa
PEAT LOAF COHTINCNTAi. CoeibM "Ure4>e.ts. U.i l>ttitly\ tae aeeoapaaista.Mrs. PICNICS LL

I VI pound ground beef Piece In IH i )Vt i tU inn sal
Lucy L. Trecble
'u cu p Moe asca.r meet pen.lktlaiiiooVitf. oveofJTJ'fJtlXHit ( )
will eat tae
res groupsad
eel 90 MlMirtet. let ,t.M M p
oNoft Ier.ens.abag .... SMler FLA. MAK 'A
i6P chopped a win rack about 10 1IIiIIUt. beI fteaaeta FRESH LAllE
i ....pooft pee sea fern will serve e a tae Bistrees -
... eenktt fI.tter.
/ Nit
.poon .
ef eerwaoeJee. saeeill

tablespoon cup(.m..prepared can) y s >mutterdK ju CVAPOAATIO MILK Mrs. /siella/ a Marly.OcBfeetera EGGS r.i 69cSAVE

lea sst.ia.,ter 1111 ef effertory

sill b. ire Alas lolaee

It tae It. Peal Lathers
17c DOZ.f .
Caarea and Ira. lillle

.leftist.. jscksosj CM,.ef.it. Cuaal AKI TU IE1 IllUt Sill II Will Tf CIHIU 4



""" -- --,-- v "c C" -, '--.... '-- '


NAACP Maps, Plans Jaxon Addresses Honor Group White Jury

yoU Dun't Have To do To Tuwn Tn Get
Keeps South's

For Voting Push Record Clean LOW PRICESOn

\aiIMOTON-The NMO' haa called upon the Cbaireaa HATytVIILE. AJa.-(\PIin ) your

to approve anendncnta to the pending voting rights all-iMte Jury DRUG STORE NEEDSTrade
bill banning the poll tat la local an III tate flection thank to two of its lth
Your :Neighborhood frog store
and providing nu>*40r' kept the South a
protection to
ing in -I record< 'un tl. ished"last
voter .registration.. campaign. Deliver .
-in- aaonoranau- aispal-* ..................... l week' e aliu fill all Doctors prem-rlptlona

ched to all aaibera! of not try to vote." -. tie Jury of white pen,
Cbngreaa of both house, Die *.ev. Jives J. *teeb. : '4 which Included an ad- Dixie

except' avowed snti-elv11 clubbed to death In Pelna : l ,,h. ',k' Bitted aember of the Pharmacy

rlchta proponents, CU- night now be alive ., .:''1 ,'r-;; white Citizens Counciland
renee had there been a law *' -.t; a fbrmtr anther nil
Mitchell director pro- "I 1302 KillS Road At Myrtle hUll
of the !NIACP' waahlnjton testing persons ...ilt- .. deadlock in the five
Bureau called for en- log In voter registration "}.'J: t day II rat-decree curler nun Eltia 5-5597-91
actarnt of a law *'de* against violence ...: t.' trial of collie Leroy .
l. **+*+**+******+**>** *+*+*+*+*****r +****+ +*+*,
'1 pied to neet condition It. Mitchell charge."Reverse" IW Wilkins Jr. 21.
created by public officials j ,1 ftllkina was the first PAY YOUR LIGHT. WATER AND TELEPHONE
of tire. alleged Ku K1utKlanunen
who are engaged Riders BILLS AT OUR STORE
in a total cm apt racy HONOREES aTED-'J: .ck. .onvllle'a, won Dr. Dua H. Klttlea (center) professor Dpartientof *- I to .tp on trial
to keep colored people Invade NorthSTRAQISE. HOM Econoalca.Florida KOt University, was principal speaker during in the onUiHli xlnjriui.on
from voting." the recent banquet of the univeraity'a Pi Gaiaa Mu Chapter. of the National an Uahana highway, of

The "CPottld&J cited N.T. (NPU-' Social science Honor Society. The banquet was held at Tallahasseea do.nto n Mr* Viola Llturo. -
the practice by aoae local Civil right do oat ration Duval Hotel. Shown from left are; Dr. I.E. Cooe-bs,, professor, Graduate School civil rtlihta Murker wl/ Old Photographs
site of TV
a troll
official in Virginia went into reverie and Secondary Education PAMU Dr. Klttlea and student president Ronald Tate, twvktrr "
who "often die Jut week when freedomridersIncluding \ senior political science major, Pergua rails Minn Dr COoabs waa inducted union official. .; Starting Today
NoMte >er bu
| *>ii ever
courige payment of the 22 into the organleatloa.
roll tu ty colore-l per Negro aeabera of what < be.! oon\ict in the. Must Go
etna by offhand sup they termed a "reverae State Health Board Launches Gov. South! of radii alayln ,.
HodgesTo ,
.ro ln< out ul civil
a hill for other by bus and autoaoblle.. Long Term Pesticide Survey Head The lury waslisoharpelafter h -
unptld taxes dim an nr* They cue fro Selma, i Daring 1962 Cm Bi
pllcint atttvpta to pay Ala. to protest 'North Shaw's Fund being hopelessly ) -
The state Hoard of Health in Jacksonville ha* I degJtnck.t" in for
his poll tax.In the lat ern hypocrlay. Members pained for H Total
launched a Itng*tens, state-wide pesticide aurvey RILfiGIIN.C.Porser: conviction on a charge
... ter type of situation of the CDagreaaof '
to determine its effect on hunan health.Dr. North Carolina I ftivernor, of esnslaunphter. ant t.> Cask Balance
no effort la sale to Equality (CORE- SD- llaon T. ....................
owner Luther H. llod!!en, has for acquittal.Thete .
press for payment of proximately 200 whites state health officer guide In evaluating procedure accepted the Honorary jurors who void
other tees that nay be and !Metroes- -aet the Royal Art Studio
said "If there etc hazards to rtewvo risks, Ch aim an all tp of the thaw fur, ac'julttiO sill they
due If the taxpayertoea chartered bus
if ""U.obtalntn.
the precise nature fniveraity Centennial did au becauae car
I of exposure will beneficial use of the Develops t FUIH| acmrd- Puma Rose\ Jr. ,34: an
be det.nined.infor- protk ct." Ins to an announcement. wflermver PHI Inftntant SOCIAL, COMMERCIAL STUDIO SERVICE
will KeaeA chera will try to froa in the Alan
mation gathered the Universlty'a dad viaUtel -
w.M deteralne the amounts ,real dftl t. Dr. Janes K.Ch I lilt oath to the 515 DAVIS
.. ..,';. Murder and kinds of pesticides ..k. herded, order I'J' tiirnlnt, ST.
used and methods of application The star tltneia for
University w"I riIOh.rvH the
Confession bow they affect
its 100th anniversary 1'1 meean"t"
the hose gsrdem and since tta founts Hati H "'>nu.Jr. "t- ELGIN 4-1894
Repudiated the tan; what part the ins In IMS h 111+ the lat ti'mcv t r > 1.. Ktwirtrj 0:""
weather play, any differences Henry Martin Turper 'I"lt. rub\ t,, 'rR .e .1 CLOSED ALL DAY TUESDAYS
IV( ;, YOM--(!*' PI-In between rural t'w m i I)
sufficient evidence la and urban populations;
believed to have been and, of course, specifically
the rectos for the die bow pesticides
Hi aaal of murder" chargea say affect persons who
against 0 orge 'Titcore eo"ID contact with
A Jr. la the slaying tIS_.
of two career girl. Health histories of
lid Io reo 20 had confessed those occupational ..-
the r"r.dlated posed to pestlctoea will RKETS

the a>afeaslon.Judge be exaalaed tti"roublolloeII S U 1' ER
Mtcbell D. weltier dismissed the peat Control operator

&:tit ". diarge* after the pros Identification of va- CPEN[ SUNDAY AT EDGTOO AND MLBFROM9IM.TOP.M.
ecu tor re oe 4n Jed they close peaticlde tad

The Latest Men s Hair Styles be dropped. taelr huh In the tn Ctltwore, aald to be a sceapllahed by pe
drifter, had reportedly rl dle checks of peraonaengaged
Are Taught At The
described detail. known In pesticide
only to the killer, of won through bitsy.
the claying of Jaalce
tylte and Ally Hoofs, Food Stomp
according to the dla.
Inc. inlet attorney off Ice. Program Hailed CHUCKROAST PORKCHOPS
However Ue oalj evidence Freeman
agalaat ". waahlaow

talloa< *ldi ..
.vItIl101'Q't.! Cecrettrrf
630 DAVIS STREET ass later retracted. Agriculture orvllle
hastier nepe' t, ..-
this eeek
L rreeeta
chard Robles. kaa
iicksiirilli. Florida tailed iBMgaratloa ef ,
accaed of tat un
the Poo4 hasp prograatkla
killing) ...t. la 31 nee

gnu la II It ate*. Taece I
are aawag area ee- LB.4Sc LB.69c
.ete< lest fall to re>
eelve food aaalataac

regret denies the car- -

'Lik"t., notllin (,Jg(" ".oU ..,'..... ,Itsh.'df test aetaralag fiscal free year CaKagv U. S. tnPOTATOES DIXIE CYSTALSUGAR ....
sure le leek part lacereaxwle

"' 1" 'ItI""l", n ) April I sari'
lag tae ofealag of the
Cook 0 *aty 111 rooi
"tea? pregrac txretanrpre
..aa ..!.. ., *. more
ties ever .*'r...e. .y
the OMf.raUOI w< aariwort
of local official,
Ite' aid peteral ea.
.1e"M.,.*. tae taalaes
end koaalag .lateresl la l 10 kg'49c G LB.7C?
:_ _, alt of these area,, nh. B
aaalal eltk tie ea-

aa4 t1.slMe.tantleltnts tat eltlieae of lee
lacoae faalllea ,. est LIMIT I IIII isle 91 roe' [ FOOD olin IIMII 1 fill $5 08 tl MORE ron WU

better, mete kealtkfd
lists "
sr rawer the reo. ftpprograo .

4 e 14gw certified la
seed elate of feel sad heal aaelataaceby eel U.S. GOOD RIB STEAK n 65<

far egeoglM ........

tae serially aamat steed., mosey oa feel net MckENZIE FRESH FROZEN BUTTER BEANS II im. 15*

fer oo.ooaa d o klcaeroooetary

.I.te. eaatlligIkeo VE6ETOLE SHORTENING > ". "' 5'C
to Ie/reeve tacit
.let*. n* *oe.oa. eraeNt

feed like cleric tea* at oatho retail fAa DETERGENT mi! SUE 5'C

riseii swept feel
ge*.e.. ky tO'a <.*> BLUE PLATE MAYONNAISE lUll' 3'C
asset sad .arietugavrvi
;- c v = Chififiintlv I ...,..a" proooao ei> WESSON OIL U ufac 39<
: r. .
.. ..,
reef +. ...r .'.- e.....1a a.w ...t.e/ wlq.. w 1 e e. s..r sauces of tke aeeafMroa
*. k" oaa. of uoaetlve ROYAL LONG GRAIN RICE W

..*..,..... alre -

""' SEABIIII IITEIICE Cl. J2I C. Btl Strut II 4B1SI .4r 4ea,*etrate4........*anoMelaese s*d d VAN CAMP PORK & BEANS 2 n 12 cm 25$

......II Ue

____.___A'__._.__-.-- .- ,




Deacon McCall Club Observes Board Celebrates Silver Anniversary MotorcadeTo 165 SeniorIn

I To Observe AnniversaryWith :: : = State RingCeremony

7j SetBY
\ AnniversaryAn its program already

completed,, the
evening of spirited Ultra Modern Savings and Deltas The first annual Ring
gospel singing by a lumber Sewing Circle will crlr. Ceremony was held in the
Local Deltas and other
of the city's out- brate Its 20th anniu'rssry Interested will auditorium of New School
will Sunday from! 4 until persons No. 163 Dr. Andrew A.
standing groups travel Saturday May 22
6 p.m. at Mt. Herman Robinson principal at
feature the 18th anniversary Recreation Center Third to Northeast Florida which time 203 seniors

program of Andrew and Mt. Herman Sts State Hospital McClenny received the coveted emblem -

L. McCall and the Program participantswill i It to entertain mental pa- the high school
Uent.,with conversation
!qcCall Singers Sunday Include: graduation ring The impressive -
and brief
songs a program
Introduction of mistress event was directed -
The motorcade will depart
of ceremonies Mrs by members of
at 30 from
12 P a.
Dora by Mrs. faculty sponsoring the
the hone of Mental Health
| Angelena Hogans; Mrs class
I Bedie Singleton welcome Chairman Soror--founder After the ring cereouoj.
llnona Alexander.
address; Mrs Elnora Rev Ernest *. Newman'
1642 Davis St in time
Small response; organ .v pastor of Ebrnezer Methodist -
to arrive for the 2-4
selectionLittle Lillian Church along with
visiting hours.
Harris; solo. Little p.u. the principal led the
Persons unable to join
!Arlett Nines organ student body and visitors
A the motorcade are still
solo Little Georgetta down the sidewalk and a-
welcome to leave later
Harris; selection Grant round the building to the
Memorial Male Chorus; The activity coincides Senior Court where he
with the proclaiming of
solo Mrs. Pecola Hop- +N.rtwaw.I + dedicated the Court to
t" the month of May as Mental -
kins; duet Mrs Beatrice '.' 'f the seniors and all seniors
Health Month by Mrs
Gay ind Miss Doris
henceforth who finishat
Smith, H. R. Bingham, president
No. 163 They '
were accompanied
of the Duval County Mental -
Also reading Miss : by the percus-

r Olivia Hogan ; solo ,1T'ltt recently Health Associationwho named Mayor sion section of the
Mrs Mozella Meacham school band. .
Louis Ritter as honorary
solo Deacon Daniel Cummings 11 4 The cession was witnessed
chairman of the local
ANDREW MCCALL duet Mrs Pris membership driveJacksonville's. by members of the
cilia Wilson and Mrs. Ee-
school faculty, student
May 23 at 830: p. .? In Ester Milton, solos Miss Deltas body and other visitors
Triumph Holiness Church, are individually affiliated -
Beverly J. McIntosh and Guests Included parents.
Third and Franklin Sts Mrs AlVenice McQueen wUh DCUHA. and are Mrs. Mae" Belle Braddock
urging others to join as
Elder J.H. Hall is the Other soloists will be well as to participate in acting co-ordinator of
John H. Gripper, Mrs. Science and Mathematicsof
host pastor ; -
Lucious Kennedy and Mrs WRING a highly impressive program held last Sun day 9IOtbera, president; Mrs. Phoebe Curtis, Mra. Grace health projects to aid Duval County; Mrs.
Mrs Dome Johnson, well- those presently afflicted
Ethel Miles The club afternoonStewardess Board 4 of Central DIE Chu rob. Gibbs, Mrs. jewel Walker, treasurer; Mrs. Mellsss Juanita Vyatt. Dean ofGtrla.Nolrthw".tf'm

known Mistress of ceremonies having the largest attendance 1079 Davis St. celebrated Its silver anniversary, Webb, Mrs. Molly Davis, financial secretary, Mrs. This the arms potent all weapon aab.rawitb ofeducation Junior

will supervisethe will receive a with a number of the city's most prominent leaden Essie Barnett, Mrs.lolt Mitchell chaplain; Mr*. against thisillness High SChool.
prOlrlll. prize. Senior sponsors are'Mrs
serving as program principals. Mrs. MyrtlsShootes which stalks
Fannie Munford, decoration chairman, and Mrs.
All gospel singing Hostesses will be the 1.B Mitchell Mrs J.1.
groups and the general Lea Coquette Social Savings served as program chairman. Some of the Lassie Thomas. Rev. W.C. Flanagan Is the pastor. every home may finally be Davis Mrs. B.J. Sessions
Club. Board members shown from left are: Sister Marltfi conqured
public are invited

Retired School Teacher Honored Central's Men Guest Soloist Friday NightOperetti Journalist Interviews Critic

Schedule Men's At ', I""

t- tt vi Day ProgramThe R. L. BrownThe ah

men of Central Bap

tlst Church met recentlyto sr ,ibA R.L Brown Elementary -
School will presentthe
organize for their children of the school

annual observance, which in a May Day Operetta, )

will be held June 37 entitled "The Happy
Scarecrow, Friday evening .
throughout the day
! Leaders for the celebration May 21, at 8 0' eI ock 'I
in the school cafetorium. I
art Deacon Jonas The story involves around sPAMU

} Lawrence and Enoch Cta- a dejected scarecrow r :
b.f.- "
say The men have been in Farmer Crump's 8TUDIMT DRAMA CRITIC--. Mal a

\ asked to meet In a .J field. With appropriatescenes W. Burroughs, a critic and director of drama at
MRS ROVENA HUGH IS, a characters, and
\ Planning meeting May 24 member of Choir 1, New beautiful songs and Spelman College in Atlanta is being Interviewed
at 7:30: at the by Bernlce D. Thomas journalism
I ? St. James AMK Church and dances, the scarecrow student duriag
church. Area Chairman the West comes to life Pastel the recent Florida Interscholastic Speech andDrama

Events scheduled forth Jacksonville District of colors augment the various Association conference: at Florida AIM University,
celebration are costumes as the several la Charles Winter wood
; the AMI Church will be characters enact and Theatre. B rnire 1m the
May 30; '''ha Can daughter of Mr. and Mrs. wmie
i\\i PRINCIPALS AT rETt-Mrs. Theresa Lang, retired Ta11ahuaee, .dlool teaoherr. one of the guest 10101.t. speak their linea. Over- Thomas ail SouthWest
1 tral" contest, apofc* will Lincoln Avenue, UveOtk.St. .
; microphones be
selves a certificate of appreciation from Mathew H. Eataras, principal of the sored
by the districts. concealed to the
Florida AtM unlveraity Demonstration school during a Teacher Appreciation fete er Boards 1,2 and 3 of carry
June 13 voices to the
, held in the rAW High School cafeto rium. Mt. Mori ah AMI Church audience. Paul's Choir Sets ProjectsSenior

presents Tea Time The
+ Other members of the
program will eomawic Choir I of St meat,
faculty art assisting
I at 4 p.s. with the program. Paul AMI Cbarch has completed Mrs sttIt Lyaek

Its spring and chairman of the program.

PUT A TIGER IN YOUR TANK! _Church Officials Certified offer sad summer program ita plan many of worthwhile aad frlenda will has Mrs co-chalraaa a Mary* her jeaalaga assistant u

aDd wholesome entertain

rw. _- : ] 0' 8'

J ConfectioneryTil

_.. ( liuist little "

1 .. __
I A1. Stirs U Tin)
RECcm.T' accredited a* Credit Ualoa bookkeeper*

sure J. S Oeawrlght sad J. Hoagabook. of the it 1008 Tyler At

Stephen AMt Church Credit Oaloa, n* two ...' I State Street

.. cmiflcatloa: followed their oonpletloa) of roans

!lJ! from the credit sates Bookkacpiag school for Phone

credit uaioa officer. QeawrigBt serves as president Irs. lsliu 11ult''re
of U* St ItfCIh.or..haUoa. Other of* ,.

Dicers are Rev J.S. Johnson, pastor, board of di*

rectora chalrssa; J. Terrellvie pre.U at; Mrs. Hours -
4i I. L Couata. a.cretary. W R. .e..t 0"' treaasrer

Dr. A.C. Madry. committee chairaaa; Rev &.. .. Ho 531: i.M. tl 1:31: P.M.

ward. N.. '. Wllliaaa, J. Howard aad J. p. Fierce.Bfabera S'rlll.'IIuls Mi.KiiisMills Iriiks


tl f .



MAKES EVEN '23's SKIDDOO! -, ,.. ,, "

... ,
\ -
u your car la fe.lin Its ate. give I II s..a y purer deposit to renew full tiring power (3) gives ram ..- P -ti.

feat with lllgW-n" tfy Ess Est: Its the gai.Un. the high oclan far ,..1.'.' puter..aes. T. \

.....: (1) clean. m, f.W4 carVorttan .. mten Ut ktlnf power bark alive, hunt fat the tiger at tW \ I

...., sad aalleaf; (2) -mitrallm karmas engina alp al Happy Mororln ,.l ANDEw

f S Beef at its BestI

' HUMBLE... ,r..c.. u o a ww ois.ww .. --a sewn .+owrva
-a .r..e -'


.. .. '-..,- _--_

: 1

HAY 22, 1965! FUtlDA STIR PlPIIS" ,.tGU

A&M Law School Dean Named Siflger-Composer Records Late Brother's Hits Mississippi's FI'c. wdr.! *>; :?*;:

Albany State College Prexy Plan To Oust Incumbents

ALBANY. G.. .-.prof. Thomas Miller Jenkins, dean t19t19GT)8-NPI--Despite the .alnost) ceeuji I. r-ja-

of the Florida A&M university College of L... Tallahadtee. sage of a strong bill to protect Negro .., ting

has been named as the fourth president rights in the South the Mississippi Free>a rvwvcratle ,

of Albany state College succeeding the late Dr. party ie cintinuing Us drive to unseat

llllan H. Dennis jr. Announcement of president- five U.S. Olnlff'8M\'Q from. Mla iasirni.

Elect Jenkins appointment was Made here ..................u.
this week a, h New strategy Cal mapped
by Dr. Y.. S. a Mlsilsalppi -
alter Martin, acting Democrat from
Chancellor of at a one-dAi convention -
the Board of Regents of to take seats at

Georgia. .........the....University........a.srsten u......of. I last itch, held at the party a national
the Metropolitan AfricanMethodist
A native of Hot Brings.Va. Florida AtM Universityof Episcopal convention In Atlantic

presidentElectJenkins City.Mississippi's.
nursing president-I / r Church attended by approximately -
received the B. A. five dis
Mrs. Jenkins :300 persona
decree fro. lest Virginia puted Congressmen were
have one son,Thomas Miller including a bus load of
4 yqt seated hm the new Congress
0>1- Jenkins III. 40 Negroes from Mlaalslppl. -
sum- ., L convened: last January.
; However, the 149
leader Me. ,
The MFTP. ,pre iminately
with ft>iise pt wbers' lacked l a
H Negrois contending that
in petition Rep lliamrttts
Recited Narcitics
rr y the controversial Con-
I c.. Rem imwcrat of
,rNft1'lat.uld be ousted
.po Sn&lu StiltOiICtcD.NPlThe Manhattan not to scat
i on the ground that
leal the delegation until the
have been Prevailed
J INS science and body Ituiae could pass on the
history la 1950 he received of lillle'Tslood"" Horn from registering challenge of their cre

the LL B. degree reputedly one of the top and rating in the state. dentials.The .
cum laude fro. Boston figures In Chicago narcotics : y- The party was organised party brief evidence
A by civil rights groups
University racket waa flowto offered,I in defenseof

The Albany State presi Tulsa, Ok la,. Thursday I- --- last spring und created the present congressional
dent-elect following funeralservices some aneioua hours for
cornea to the .
CVUTCLLY studying .tak.." fl'Oll. historically Proctor. clue !ROCK! national I'rol'Otinnal director.The the Dwwcrata last fall delegation was
Georgia institution at the
witha 4.
Important recording session at Universal studios, anul!>sttrrlng albun.L.C, cooke Sings V>e r.rt'atlears hen they challenged scheduled to be filed I
distinguished record. Colonial Chapel
Chicago are: (left to right) Johnny bard, prominent [ of Ran cooke.was considered by hearers an the right of the regular late last week with theClerk
He has been deputy research 7838 Cottage Grove. of the House
arranger-altonlat Al alth. *tose brainchildthe one of the finest ever made in the 18yearold
director. Masaachuasetts Horn 39, was shot to
album waa; Andre fllllmma. Blue Rock M R Cnlcaau atudio.
Re-Codifica death early last Saturday r
<*lef: LC. Cooke who recorded the albu. and Carl
tion Commisalon. Boston by a Mysterious' gunman -
-- --------------
..... ; las librarian and as he sat ID his
aaalstant professor of parked car. new Cadi IItc.near god Nin lids Students Earn Way Through (Estikllsk 160,000
1. Tease Southern Uni 72nd and State link

unit,. Houston Associated at a. talking with a Fir Put fir M
Hijir's lib Fud Neinis
dun.Tn.. Southern woman companion. College By Eating 3 Meals Bltwili Yn Aid

university and alace 4 second funeral CMM/TTFN.) C -(NPH-
service '
MB TOW XPI Daily StiltGlt.trnSIlOIIO.
-( )-
10)3. dean and proi..or and burial for the A Negro undertaker has Year Pkysiciii:
H. Fowler chairman of N.C.-Thirteen atudcnta at \'T College
of law at Florida akin beat credited with beinginfluential
AMUniversity pe kingpin took
the New! York stat. Commission are earning their way through school not by
place In Cleanl In the" eatatil -
n.OU. for Human Rights, working, but by eating three meals per day and the
The New Albany state According to police baa virtually throw his food Is free.The ..................... lament of a S40.000 Mervon's Pharmacy
President la a member of records, Horn had a record when fed alone and in fund by a New York foundation -
hat into the race to run plan under which
tile American Bar combinations with legumes to aid local Negroes
Association of
13 arrests for
for ..,orof the nation'slargest they are eating .. nota
.the National Bar possession of narcotics, and other ('.,..1.) In finding better Tour Priscriptiii Pharmacy
city on the Republican awe wrl.klele antipoverty
Auod,UOD.tII. American iatheCnlcatn srHalone.Ilu.UaUI The participant In the Jobs In business and
Judicature Society, the officers ticket.Fowler program, but study will eat all Meal !n>",t". 2102 W. Ed.uiii An.PO54485 .
became the second a practical approach to
American Lu institute, said Horn etsshot four in the Metabolism He- He Is James kPulk..lio\
legro to indicatewllllnsneu determine. the vain of .
and la listed in the tines In the back aa he search Laboratory made persua.ledthegtern foully Alsi PO-5-1SI2
to supplant certain diets.
shoe Ibo in American mtraced a young woman available, along with I fund to grant the
Mayor Robert -'. > i- 11ahdtftt..11 male, p1
Education Shoe She in idffitl fled U Joyce *hlttlngton. other health research money on a three-year wi1i
ocrat. In the coveted are performing aa human .
the South and Southweat. 2$ (of 1110 *. facilities In .tllt by twala to help fight dincrlalnatlon '' Sttrltt" \ N
post test tub. In a metabolle -
and 1110" the is ,Negro 82nd at. I. a barmaid a construction grant and ",al.. ptllrttl ; r 1j.
Former baseball star study of the vtt- I ,
America. Miss thtttlngton. who from the National' In. the economic level for ,
Jackie Hohlnaon. now s Mutton of wnent pro
He it married to tb.fo.r was injured slightly ttttutea of Health. p.1e In need"
prominent businessman. ducts a part of a newprogra
Miss velynltrs ""III one of the bullets -
earlier announced that in contracted

of Bostot. Mats. Mrs grazed her left are. saida he ... serloasly considering research at the Cll\1 I.,.. '.
Jenkins has the B.S and lone gun"M walked up
running for thepo.t. The stub la bjlag arm- :
II. degrees Ia nursingand to the car and opened" ,
ducted under the uf.'-
has served aa an assistant fire through closed
a Fowler Is the highest- vision of f>r. hell|h
professor in the ii 1
r ranking Negro official II. EdwaHs, professor or "

im the ew Tork state nutrition and fie,rch,
government sad a life- and murported by the Humam .
beg lepubllcaa. He ladlrated Kesesrch Pi vision, S ii
ke would accept Air!cultural Research TKrw Saturday RIGHTS RESERVED

IjJJJ I" flu the Republican nomine- of the O.K. Pe?srlm nt

tloa If It was offeredto of iri culture. Toe fro- HUH! CALIFORNIA

IS II HUiM rove lift MtStlUUf Pile. but stated that gran la to met WS... 271.'

.. ...... .. ..... ....
D.. 1 *' AIM ..N. <*>** N w.w M he was aomslierlsg run- The objective of the
.;..$.w. +:.oo;:::=j .w..w. :, sew =- wN..g-
e a.... .w. -- M..N.a.'NM. lag aa aa ItdepenawitRepublican. research. It to determlae s1ZEPEACHESLIMIT
.. =..=-Z,=: LOYU' cos e>LmaiOM the astritloaal nt
_. .. .... ,
.t. hM.W sen MMer.y -- .4w G
_N _W N. .... DM 1 5.M..w W wN4N4t4. He waa tee of a numberof value of wheat flour
.. ._ .. ... ....
.' e." M '-eM" I.'w. -
.. .. ...
w e 'M w M. .Mw w. 4 e persona NwitloaH ry
.. O MOlt
e..hn eO'- 0-0 .. __ N..1
I ..rSMI. ,.SoI :-. e..4., ", .. .w..M..rw.. .. .:..'* "cent F. Albano Jr.. aManhattan ShuttlesworthSeeks s .oo oouOO
n M- .K. / a e. 4. iMrt wane i Ml
III' ... t... w..we .... .Nei 0Mr tan Republlcaa 0 urns 4 -1

leader. as a possible 01 SlICFD 2cMi'LKUPIUIII
DC3 ".SKINSUCCESS.Irt noshes for ereeldemt of Aid

Ue city CD'-fll.or controller.
it" r>..r.ta. La. .''nI.au. iiimii FIIHUK aoiiui

PtH L Kfcwttlea- TALL $

worth President of the 7 J

Pdaeattoaau.J II..tlli,fit ro. fer.called... CAN= ICE CREAM, > 49c

em T--..... (V>,. creak .SAY l 1ft>, CAI.McKenziePoly

(L. Clwemt to "act INedlstelt -

,_" '-.",i' .. *' Vt protect Bag-Mix Or Match

the lives of ynuig civil

rights sorters la rwmyule -

.- Te

of ,..
wag eenple seekimg I

Some people laces tker service geed O.st h.plea Mar two... ta I eatlag fsr-Tiests4emts 3 2112 $1 1 CUT CORN 3 $1 1

la a telegram U Ue

stick a label on governor, tr. ..ltleawnrU > sun PKMIIII SWIFf PIEMIIM

sslw" "nat ...-

their diet cola. pnediaSe.ervilfe s disgrace to a| state Is CHUCK CHUCK

Mat .e ..< UvwsM *ssswvlmg

fer.sr< la the

area f ..... right

ie call .a 'M te act

.ie4at.ly toe.* ust
We .... Civil tgkta set .f

HI ..

stake our name workers live* of are civil,,..Uda4.rlgtte" 59 39C

The Mae 1 teats eerecrrle4

oat .y see.el SO I II, ?I ,
011 011fS. lees .e.r* .tanks sa

twpasler If town ....t.
tell rlgkts Mrtersfrt Sl.il CKCl All rut WlSSII IIIMEl IIUSAUSAGE

-. the mertfe. fi** 29c

)j.j Ft estlag. .."stskllsamemiseere ... 41 tee of FRANKS OIL II

1. these, the stmflemisere MIIFM
'; served .4 Iadte4katt. IIC

... at s Utrf tier m IAUE POT PIES uIC.II'uunU.1l

said U., eer. rmrselmt 39C S9C

,, ETv:41 s.,...< st Se eves Jill 5 1.1'". 99C

tee. metne* sere- Mf9"

DIET-- el th. M l tee aamumjteiy.

lag Um cere refused

w. PEPSI M ettsel.d .4 beaten.tks fun UK mil

....... .1Ift ems ale a.. '
ta Be4 es< s.a.w.4.. S e luam( 29'r.SI

wm Jam*.* Vet, IT.mile. teas' "S I9c MAYONNAISE PlIII,

_.._ .. .
--- --- --- --------------

-- .. '

FLORIDA STAR PAPERS I' su-n; ; 12, ;;;5--1

1 Humble Offers New High School To Stage Vehicle

1i Travel Benefits 07iWNAg.
+r'd '
i rot MEN WHO CAN'T SET AI HOUSTON-HUBble 011 c ? n.rv..w..n..w. .w. rwvwsw x ?w,

I CLEAN SMOOTI SHAVE WITH Refining Company has t4- )

A RAZOR 01 A DEPILATORY. started a Humble Travel .wrgaNrlr.8rM7 ,:. .

Club hlch offers npsck Lweel tlu7, ,n a +Anrlaranawa itmt'rri
aa7w I Junior .9'I I
w ,
i age of travel benefitsto A.m i. ww : groommg
Us credit card bold It sa.i ,

I ers. 'Mailing< of application Nam.w e, Q. Oa the way home from bsrthdals and prepare p:.ron-
fonts started this /w I /Ma school bit week, a boy I'd met ulizcd horoscope 'lor them that
'or e t.1 J w.vr ..s... r aswwwoas.tthmlM.s .t a party s few month ago can he read aloud at the part
week. lopped to uy beUo. I c uldn'1 You can all\ kind of information
Mmbershlp benefits in* remember his name to I Jutt from the \libray and
u What should I incipensive*paperback'", booLO
elude a Quarterly trsvelsgazine kept walking.
a family travel aerr eytr Y Y r A : i; do when I can't remember Omit name and let everyone
which future
name? '"* belongs to
t"r atlas, special touring lw A. Try this formula: Fast a her. Decorate the party setting
and travel aids pleasant smile and -how nice with large zodiac signs and
Your own sign is on the
ball bond service and -I- to see you again! Then be
: attentive Let him do the birthday cake of course.
REMOVES'YOURBEARD persons accident Insurance ---r rrL talking and he might drop a served with Star Gazers

under a group clue. Chancel are. too. )our Punch.
policy Issued by insurance memory may suddenly sleek If Q. Too ma*) ekrrcbe fun
WITHOUT you do have to introduce him fuse .... I'm mot overweight
Company of North _
to someone else be honest\ \but I would' like to do
America. .3hl1 t t apologize and admit you forgot something ever) da> lo keep
RAZOR.. Humble said one of the w ; his name. He already know my figure l. shape.\ ,\.>

alas of the club wouldbe you're glad to meet him again. suggestions
--c1 Q. Mom hat laid I can hates A. The 'Ten TIMUC Trick i%
WITHOUT STRONGODORS to encourage travelers
pajama party for ray 13th great for keeping )our figure
to see the U.S.A.In birthday. About six of m> girt and for lining up muicWvloo.
line with President 1L friend will be here. We .>..** Just distribute. ten klciixxIIMIC
John eon' program. .hate Iota lo talk about but I'd on ten duU-rcnt part. of
like my Best tten-age party lobe the floor in )our room. Unh
The quarterly magazine, 10m"" ., tprclal. Aay )our head up and )our back
a velvet-amooth shave carry specially written A. How about a zodiac move dew n toward. the floor id
without the burn and stubble
a ntor may MUM youl! COM travel srtlcles and color 'Af- = -1 'r. Jt Jtj llrl' theme for your party? You can pick up one tissue. Vwfie
1 J __ _. carry the idea from invitations foot as a lever to push yourself
lib have lather work
on a about
photographs No fair
( using
In minute to remove even THESPIANS at New Senior High School 165 are shown Herbert Toler; Fuel:: lam,Clarice II err 1 tt; Bluet, right through to conversation up hand again ourM.lf lour)
Interesting that and refreshments. UK your puOi ) 'tr"Rep.:011
II and tough neck beard..leavee well.groomed. Vied face can be visited through rehearsing scene from Othello rfiich will be presented Jenny Cooper and Joyce Nixon. Also harlot roles 0..1.i.n of the zodiac to until. )ou gather every

regularly clear up bumpe, by the graduating class Sunday May 23 atat are Wilton Hopkins, Cleveland Adams ,Patricia illustrate invitations! which announce Imutf Not onl)' will this
the United states
stubble and rub caused by out 9 p.m. and again en !Monday, May 24 It 1:50: p.m. J.rrldo, Doretha Dove, Roselln joyner Olivia a Heavenly Party for cvirciw' keep )ou in hjpc
well In neighboring Gazers. Find good for perfecting
as as Earthbound Star it poMure
wing a raior. One package In the school's main auditorium The Immortal Strlngfield Eddie Blackihlre. Prank Bell. Rufus
lasts for weekit Canada and Meal on. out the date of your friends' loo!
The 98-page atlas has drama, depictingthemost celebrated of Inter JIIl1hh.Lurenc. Fill i arts, Herman Olson and Ronald ............................................................

d racial marriages by William Shakespeare, la a Chi sola. The production Is under the direction of

Medium or pictorial sectional maps tragedy of jealousy pity and terror Starring In Mrs. Nona H. Bland ho produced last year's sue EWC's Summer School Sets
of the United
Full btrtnftftROYAL title roles ar*> Leonard preeland and Jimmy Evans; cessful presentation of The Robe In civic Audi

road city naps and of. all states the villlanous I ago, Herman Miller and the cold torium.Prinelpals show rehearsing above are, top June 10-11 Registration Slate
.tropol1 tan
J but beautiful Desdmona shared by Bennye Langleyand photo left: Leonard Fr..l and and Bennye Langley

CROWN area naps, descriptions Vivian Russell. The cast Include. Casslo Ken Jinny Evans and vlvlan Russell Bottom pig left: Registration for suaaer school at Edward Waters

SHAVING and coloredlllustrstlons neth Solomon and Curtis Simmon*; Brabant Ion, Morris Herman Miller and Jlmy Evans end dramatic coach, College will b. held June 1011. and classes will

DIPILATORt of national parks. Disnuke; Duke of Venice Eddie Bruton; Lodovlco, Mrs alen, begin Jun. 14. .........,......................... I

Club membership' is s Dean J.& Espy, director June 21 and exteads to
POWDERFREE vail able only to Humble I
credit card holders and Deltas SelExaltllliiolis Stanton Vocational Programs DA Adults of Bsssioa the, summer announces school thst July 9.: Teachers science of from Elementary

Spatula Spreader and la cancellable st the following courses July 12 through July 9,

In Every| Packager any U...Dues range from May 27 Dramatic Presentations Continuing will be taught aad maybe For further Information
Borers Myrtle w. Turner
12.23 month for an Individual .
oa the school
I summer one
used for of
membership to and Willye p. Dennis, Stanton Vocational High School seniors will present Open House credits of for cency the extension should write Dean J.A.
13,50 a lIOn th for full co-chairmen of the Scholarship
a three one-act plays In the school auditorium of certificate Espy director of the
,fully membership, and Committee.. Jacksonville may 27 at 1.; 30 p.m. .........n..n. .._.. Tb. adult school of Courses will be offered summer school 1..11000..t
i will be added to the Alumnae Chap- gel from the Pulitzer Douglas Anderson school the college
"No Television ToNight la the fields of general
i monthly credit card bl1 I. ter Delta Sigma Theta Prize Book, "The torn" will continue its open
la a comedy! In education
Sorority, will adnlnl- by conrad Richter. The house for the remainder Commencement
one act by Ann Reynolds. art
inter examination/ to students Van school It
characters sre: Raker of the term,
GIVE TO FIGHT There are sit charactersand education English
recomnendedby five lawyer; Jacqueline was announced.The .
MULTIPLESCLEROSIS six extras, with health education, Speaker NamedAt
local high school sen Bellwife; Janice Blake purpose of the program
cent Mm wrr U tu tln and Charles Walker as the French s>>ani.h. physical
inn salt Hi lilr. Ciitrilsudnff Ion and jabberwck contestants sister; Betty Gla*>er, to acquaint personsIn education, mathematics
father Carina Pell
: Bother Anderson
\ till The great crippler Saturday, May. Patricia, dlU&hter.Su-; the adult offerings, science aDd social ,i
Betty Eugene

of adults 22 at Eastside Branch ; Haynes, such reading,
young childrenand eel Robinson, frontier as typing studies Or John E. O>>dwtU,

Library.Everything's Evelyn Austin Grant and grandpa and Oulda Lewis, shorthand high school Under general preparation sssoeiste director of ,(('

genteel! aunt.Principal junior sigh, elementary, will coe. such the Educational improvet
OJte Robinson
friend (
Leroy B.Jack- sewing and music classes
I "The Revolt of Mother courses ss arts of com neat project Southern
dramatized by son said It was the decision each Tuesday or Thursday munlcatloa, tinman adjustment Association of 0011....

Ruth, Sergei trOll the of the oomlttee from 7 to 10 p. .. All biological aDd schools will deliver -

story of Mary wllklns to select three one act Interested persons have science.physical science the annual comnencement I.
The directorsare
been Invited to attend.
Freeman,hts Its settingon and aatheaatlcs. social address to
a New England far. ; Mrs. vera w. Davis, the class nenbero of studies and humanities Donglaa Anderson school I

The character and Willie N. ssaford. the adult program will and applied art graduates Jane 4 at 7: :n

: ":eI Prances are: Mrs. Bern lee Green sad present the annual honor Under profesaloaal preparation p, .. In the Civic
: Washington, other
r7'I Mrs. D.N. Bennett are night program for students will come such Audi tori.

; John Nicholas, father senior advisors assist* who have rscelv.dhonors subjects aa foandstlon This aaaouacement ...

I ; Alonzo Vance son; lag with arrangements; during the year of education, general side by 0..... T Stewart

CieieMaeSamuwisdeugh Valentine Mrs. .. Wilson with sets on May 25 nethods of teaching, ad- coordinator of the

tam: Franklin sad Mrs. hankie McGee The tccospl tsbsests nlslstratloa In .1....- IJth grade sad chairmanof

engaged to daughter, and co.t.... will center arouad ata* tnry and/or seeoadaryadtools '..1.<4-.} crmduatlagcommittee.
Romslle Funny, inpulsi.tive *
dusts who have passed and art apprecl* .

neighbor.\ Stanton Seniors the OLD Test sad will stlon.in Dr. Codwell received
"Blue Stocking. Is
receive U.1rIlSah school addition to the regular the Bachelor of Science

I draaatliod by Ruth 8er Select VehicleFor diploma, those who pass COU.... there will Degree from Howard Catveralty -

the Duval County Civics be three workshops: Nursery aad the Master

Ford SchoolTo Class NightThe tad History teats sad sad kindergarten of Art sad Doctor of

students who have honors educatioa. which beglaa Philosophy Degrees from
Present Seniors at(lev Stanton In typing and seeingelasses.
the university of Hlchlan. -
old fashioned aboutLOR86 Senior Nigh School for addltloaal Students Seek .

May Day Fete have set 'Holiday In Intonation, contact the prior to aasMlag the

Nsealt'as the general school. Open Housing position ho sow holds.
John I. Ford Eleaentary these for the annnal

OLD School will present Its ce lebrattoa of class Jox Beach High Low At College he of served jack pates ns principal Sealor

May Day Festival Tuesdayat In the
night May 3$ C"'I-.r.. atsdeatcivilrights Nlgfc School In Nosnton.Tex. .
7:30: P. ". IB the school auditorium, be'gianimg
Slating SundayMusical groups sad as nest pro
school cafetorlum The seder
at I
Michigan State Cslversltytbe -
tenor of (attest lea Administration -
theme is, may Day,
direction of Mrs Helen
Fete wig "AACP.bapt..h4..t for Ue Ad'wsaeart
USA. R. Scott faculty spon Rights- of Science la
HllBllghtlBg the fetl- The Mslc department of
BOB. last week arged the city tho Anerlcan liked
Itles will be the The preseststloa will Jacksonville ReecJt Junior .
oonncll to pass a 1. Health Asooclatlosj, Mela
crownlag of the queen fest y re the Involves High School will present ''
which would ''''1'1\ al.. ...ber of Alpha
I f Scarlet Wright is queea of n tenser classMte of a piano recital
racial and rellglesa
; ...; A,; ,:: fro the primary depart.seat the lit c>}aae, whoa* Sunday at 4 ..... In tho discrimination against phi Alpha Fraternity sad

t.'.,, ', \' ., and la the second cited thesi to visit InHswall. school cafetortM potential hoceownera and Phi Delis Lapps Honor
Prat era!ty.MINN'S .
grade, Mrs Cal..th.'L'Nlch. Some of the performers r..'era."
teacher Beverly The participants elllInclade oa the progrwn arecJayse

Sinclair, slxtk grade : Cynthia $tmta) adt.,. Mary Sue

student la queen from alter johnnon. Addis Gasses Linda Harris. ) SUMMBt MUSK SCHOOL

V the lotenedlate depart rills Gloria Roberts, Sylvia Kirk] and. Char* Rtodjr HUT:

seat, Mrs. A.C. Kalght. HO sea Crews Abraham Ho Pav&s. PraaclneOeorie ..., Cradeate Pistils
xcept teacher Chandler Jeaaette MC sad 01 em da id* 1101.UD a. 10t ieTt
JtiM LtilwKeity Srsbste
Tie attendants aid Intel. Detra Belcher, wards.Tho + ,F: iltade.t of tmiM Roll
teachers are Shaatoae wllllaa Collins, Char Jacksonville Leek "
Dean of
Basil. MTt.K.H. Mcdaln: leyae Bloodvorth. Meet Tabs
Clarlist galntet elll "
the Players
'j inllua cal
people Angela .Mail, Miss T. P. schell. jeeepklne oil play Rinnet from Te*. t!' t versa
Michael Crad- Barter
Matthews; lard Consenteaa 11
taste OP. by
I dom Mrs. II. t. Clllls; and Ueaadn iKllaaoa.Menbern .
\ mass Seas Vert. Mrs, J, -JlGlSTE1 NOtCloneatarv -
Manna 8111 tll. *ra. UMRobert of the glee ;
M, Smipson In the plaaoInatrnctor
who drink it srfeJllla; johasoa.Mrs. slab sad danee neapwill aad I. .. add 4,

A. ft, Nathan. ; jtylltsMirpky play nnpportlnirolon. 4)rea. wind lastnmeauteaehor. 3. e. *7UJ Grades,

Mrs. B.C. Rob also seniorfavsrltsn Remarks will 'Oult.r*Pi5SO*Yolc.<

arts; Randolph fright, AsalttlagMm TtioorjAccordlca.snd .
be mado by principal
Mr*. C C. ,Jo.... Janice Scott are urn pace 0. Hill : ",, ;'z; tad OrcfiMtrniMtmttnta

"' Morrison. arm L.W. Louise Itherldge and ,. fJ .
a ;
:P ., +Io; 'I" James: Morrln denote, urn. I. B. tint.

.;. rM 1I Mr.DM Frailer; Daniel Other events scheduled JotslH lllfll $Sc\t4.. Striae OrmeStT -CIU. t Monte Lesaoas,
J ....
Kendrlek. Mrs. C.J. for the coaaeneeaent

Walker. are; Senior ossnlnatton.May Sudsy achednlo for I HOSPITAL AI06ii.NCcxcARTEi 1 !

'The dances will l.ch4e. ai Issuing of *eo Clarence L. Jack so* 7ETaTI90R oantscCASH1EX ;

folk dances modern to sealers: May 2'-yd: Baseball Lesgse play SALES CLOX: CDCKSCleltleH's

creative, aaA style Senior OttUi. Hay n. which gets sacerway at

I tI! dances, mm Kythe H. Senior Vesper. Jwe f. IJO: "L. follows C... Of Music
I "'Hew" It not. t. Thtt'l todI1't mtdiIn'I! cec Je chooM Old TIYtot M .1ft rIctI.otdo .
w Anderson principal aid Salic" Saptlat chareL S Coils TO R.K. Slants,
I fashioned ysr-oM Tiwor smpoth and mellow ITS bettar tr a en ne.." Itl Knuc r
$b'. rot Bourton NWUey, It hoof. Tht OH tifior Ultiirvry CO, frtrhfnd LoutotfW. Xf, the festival committee pis senior reh*>rsal.Jtue 4SU sad Venom; Smchs m i. m n. a era a 4. i aJoba ,_
t have extended an Invitation Land tosaisceaeat.Jwme .n Ju UI,.. Ltneola

to the Babllo '0.u.c. S.Ovle AmdltortM.begtanlag Estate; ftr.... vs ruts. dea
; E-S.i.s. .tt.lad. Di rsetor.
-t kI at B p.*. Iras 1os.

".r 4 ,', .,


I I 1 I


15 Groups" To Assist Massive Shaw To Cite PR Firm Hikes (Impartial Breakthrough Noted Drama Director' Lands

Southern Voters' Drive Protect For N.C Gev.Uther State's Hifh School Programs

By Bern Ice Thomaa
glth HAACP"
Hodges Journal 1m* 303

NEW TORK-'Plfteen national groups-rellgions. TALLAHASSEE schools all over the state of
labor civic and fraternal*>have been invited to RALKIGH. N.C.--Pollo- Florida are becoming outstanding for their Department .

cooperate with the National Association for the wing the annual meeting a of speech and draws, according to Dr.
Advancement of Colored People la a threestateSouthern of the shaw University t
.I ; r. Baldwin Burroughs, director of drama at Spell
voter registration drive this summer.Representatives Board of Trustees, the man College. Atlanta Georgia

of the .'........................ University's president. "Great changes have .......................

organizations Met here standing of their re* Dr. James K. Cheek, announced taken place because of ly at Plorida AIM University.

recently with Gloater B. sponnlbllltles in much a that forcer i the rapid growth of students "Since sight
Current NAACP directorof project There will be North Carolina Oov 9 speeches and
NI in dr...." Dr. years ago,
branches and field orientation sessions for error Luther H. Hodges s t Burroughs stated recent orations have Improvedtremendously.
.administration and Miss volunteers before em will be conferred with In high

Althea T.L. SiaeMOS. co. barking OB the summer the honorary Doctor of Wilkins Returns schools today, plays are

ordinitor of the surer program.Students. Laws degree at the lOOta written aa well as acted

project to lap plans annual coma.AC.en t on From Europe; in the depnrtmenta of

for recruitment of 100 May 24th. speech and drama.

to 1.200 volunteers to Told the former 0.8 Secretary Slate Heavy Under these conditions,

work in Alabama. Mils of commerce under the Atlanta dramatist

iasippi ,and south Carolina Fields Open both the Kennedy. and NCI TORX- (MPI)--Iack feels that the Floridalaterscholnstie

Johnson Administration.Is IB the states after awe Speech

The organizations were More Job now chairman the **long tour of Europe. and or am a Association lathe

invited to sponsor volunteers board of the Research Roy tilkins found him Boat worthwhile or
and help financethe DAY 1'OI'CA' BEACH-A young Triangle Foundation' Oar self dashing hither and ganliatlon that could

project for a periodof Negro chemist was at po rat Ion of North Can yon to keep up a heavy eitst for high school

eight weeks The estimated Betauae-Cookmaa College linn and honorary chairman travel schedule which students. Through the
cost per volunteerIs recently on assignment of the Ono t' l veraity took him to major/ cities organisation, students

1300. 00 including by the federal govern ; Centennial Develop .7 throughout the country. are able to display the
transportation and main .eat, urging !Negro stu aunt Ptnd c:.pal0n. nah abroad, Cilklnsaddressed any talents which they
dents to broaden their
Jonathan Daniledl -
tenance. 400,000 Ber- possesssuch as dancing.
Interest la participating employment korisoss. tor and publisher of the lusts lathe Tlergarteo.bringing speaking, and choral
Leonard Long. 21. Is on Raleigh News and Ob.
in the project was official greet reading along with
expressed by the organization ton to Us President's server. and member of PAIR PIRST-for Ua first time, an eritlbltor of the New Tor* World's pair baa lags fro. President Un- others.

representatives Committee on Equal Boo the University's board retained a !Negro public relations company, proa left signing the contract are: don .. Johnson, during a These opinions were arrived

and definite commitments noaic Opportunity from of trustees, will bo Alfred Duckett. president of Alfred Duckett Associates; Roy Ornhaa, vie. president rally sponsored by German at by Dr. Bur

are now being received. his employer. National given the honorary Doctor of the Africa Pavilion.; Detltt Tales, president of the Africa Pavilion trade unions. Ill rough during the. Plo

'The NAACP' Miss Simmons: Lead Co. a naaufac* of Letters degree. and Mrs. Ruth Burnett, business manager for Alfred Duckett Associate Ohio kiss also made personal rids Interscholsstie

explained is seeking as Liner of Paint pigments The Reverends John H.Clsaton Congreawomsn Prance Bolton. long and ardent worker for understanding between appearances and gave Speech and Drsa' Peatl

volanteers stable young tn St. Louis. and Talnadgoatklns Africa and America.is Oat of the principal backers of the Africa Pavilion. lectures IB Berlin val held in Tallahassee'

adults to good health The mission given to mill have Us (AMP! Photo by Bert Bnitn ) London sad Paris. at PlorlJa AAN University
him and 90 other Negro'
and with a mature under honorary Doctor of Dl* under the direction -
leaders In Washington vlalty degrees conferred of or. *. Randolph

Spanieling Gets last Negro month' high Is to schools speakat upon ton is them chaplain.Reverend of Clan the State Health Board, Warns Vigorous Complaint Against Edmonds thug p.pattsrtofpeech, head of the

Board Chairman and the country.college throughout Prlaoa North carollsa Depart.eat It her ate Feed Peisenini On IncreaseJAOflOnVlU.B.The Mall Service Filed By Bennett and Onus

Under n program known la Sal el lb. AaUNGTON.D.C -A vigorous! protest from U.S.Mp. tell your neighborlUll
state Board of Health this week
At A&T .,'''Iane forprogress"
Post the is encouraging Reverend C.C staatoa reported 4M case of food polaoslag so far tils Charles .Bennett, of Jacksonville has been" filed

MLOCH. N.C.-U a re students group to branch out of Weldoa will be pre year against 3M tor. the similar period I last yearend with the *ilU. House and the Post Office Department

suit of Me .'top t Ion ofa fromi the ft:>ur field* most seated Ue University'sdistinguished warned that the .number can increase with warmer over._ the_ plan to discontinue_ _.__nail___)_ _shipments_____ _____ by
policy<< of routing of service railroad. -
educated weather unless proper precautions are taken. this the .bt;
Negroes Ira on grounds
fleers of the Hoard of award. ._.__..0 0..aa on aa 00..0_aa 0 a a__aa_a__aA__AAA__A_ Bennett wade the protests I
dltloaally have entered A.I Harrison Jr. dl* It will force then to I
Trustees, Dr. Asa T. Is one of U. wont con after being contacted close .. .
education, the mini* rector of the board'sDlvislos
rsuldlng( rresllent of B-CC Given .0. sources of food by Us railroad
try, law, and medicine.They've of Sanitation,
Uielorth Carolina Mutual polslslsg bat processed and postal employees over
been getting said moat foods spoil Cuter
Life laeu ranee company.as Job In these Held tat $50,000 Great .or. quickly IB hot .seats eepeclally has, the pleawhich will curtail fytj
elected Chairman of can be dangerous.Detroiter rail shipments of
years," Long eaplda.d.grtlsg OATRWA aUOI-- ethumeODOkaaa weather when sway fro.
the toard at Sbae University.he .all July 1.
a"..r. thing" College has received refrlgerstlon and that Boss 200 postal -.ploy.5I MTc l A it*' AW than* ft 4 141
young people continue to "1OtI. can become con
a IM.OOO grant
.. busimesseiecutive seek degrees In one of five Us caraegle Cor.ponUM tamlaated IB only five Gets are" expected to lose ..*..*.| ".tMIM<|_.. hew l*< halt Off aria .I."_.-.

I succeed Dr. the Ib.r....... of Hew Ion to hours bf rapltflyaal their jobs .because the BLUE OCEAN BREAM a Lb. I8o
John >. mite of Aahe while hundred of
As a result he said bossed tonsil weekBaaaer tlplylag bacteria" High Post plan, .,. **-4 ale pee pee .a e.iM ..'l *<* .5.e."'e..e.itMKy.
TlJIe. ba ha* presided other employee* will htIIrtlt.ed ...
"few .Negroes are pre Isstltute la 0> outiaga he suggested \Nai' eei :;:;-'Irr: ,. Nil/
I a* Chairman since ItSI. with job se*
,.rt'" for the opporDnltl..trdllfopanlag* Reading Isatruetios. that foods>> be Uofwghlyentiled EnOIT'U...A rtt. ,.. ... ,-
with regard ..
Tie new roller eerily, ... maid.
to tie election ot The iBstltato will open la U* refrigerator era of IP yean of com REACH WHITING Is 39Ce
''ot only will the
officer of toe board at up In other fields June It with 10 teacher st home. the pillIsaportabte sslty relatioms work, dlBOBBtlMMCO Of Snip h-, -..
"The 40 0 f... representing free Inward Devil Icebox with Joseph C. Cbles labors FRESH OCEAN TROUT 2SeM.
the nation' oldest co Ding V... nail by rail ..
lastltatlon stoat JO to 40 PI siler. Lake. larloa. plentyof Urn."If were reversed last week ..
Negro cut out cry job for d.a.ewd.
NIl .4't.4.lost field are living ei* Orange. Patsaa, It. you plan *aad* with aa appolataeat asssalataat HALIBUT 6 I L" ,.... ..... ... .. ? t41..
.... maple that Negroes can Jokes. Beslsele. sad .adl... take aloag theMilage director of people who are la Us SnAteS ..... .. ..... L/. 71cIWORDPISH
with several other low Income bracket and STiAteS . ... l7Ce
succeed la other aeeapatlons. polish mattes attest under refrlg* tie Detroit Commies les 4"
urea .here cm Friday *< who hate been serving SHAD 101 Fresh 1 Plseb tress .Pr. ICs
If they try leg aecordlsg to Dr. eratl.a.adsake the on Cbe.ualty Belatlosa
ring the annual. meeting our country cull I In Us 'Inuss SPICteU TlOUT LHe
be CD..U..t.A Rlcaard Y. Moore, B-CC' Jut before .0aJ U..." TBS appslataeat ...
ef the I Uilveraity's p>vernlng postal service," Ben* FANCY A'ALACHICOLA
graduate of Souther preaideat. he odd ado by Director Uchard
roard. nett said "but there 3350ITIWINO
Illinois University IsCarbondale. Dr. Moor maid the turner .Use c..... and hot Y. Harks Cols, eke SHELL OYSTERS t
ejected to tie %ae ( t.verelty l are Important questions
board in 1MJ. Long nan etsdkslor isstltste mill be tied food whenever pos served a.* antics as. la- to whether the postal OTSTIRS i" h. 60t $1.11IILICT
s decree sad Is directed by John P' **.oll slbi and open these last. divider slsee ss OYSTIU h. 1.10
fir.> isMldlni ass rep service could be as .,*
ceatly nened a directorof .oittag on his master's. ,'' 'tet.r.r the Dade Jut before ..U... ... March, |(... took over f I cleat and as helpfulto kIT WILT OIUHTI ... .. ,LI. Ile14101UM
the tosrdofl.LOrant He's been with National Couaty Beadlsg Cllsle, termeloB or ether fruit the aoaalsslsa'a edscatlonal under these WHITING It. .. .... LI. 121
Lead firm for aim mom with Uo asst stance of e 111 be better desert program.e Uiepeople MID. MUlLlT zo. U. ....... '', tl. ICs
Comp us-. than pamtriesespecfally will eoatlauetobelpHarks elm*stances.rurtherora.Ua. URGI 101 MULLIT t2Tv
Tee see diaL". ..'a pre Us. I'" Christina *. a railroad
It Is his first s.alp* Dade Oowaty ........ I.* any. with cree filllag.Taeterd plan and evalsat
Heceeeor. jr. v lte. Isveep filled pastry OMalasloa actlvltie employees oppose ORAl MEAT ==w:$ :;::=: ;:;:?:
Ue meeting
reel dent. mf Ue meat alce strvxtor we a vlsltlagprefeaaer
eaeral Bartlat state April 21 in the Capital st BetbsseCookaam.

Cenveatlon ef NsrthCtmliaa Me will retsrs to it. .re, laehell M.Ambrose .

m4 Minister ef Lash afterward sat salt. director ef

U. Hoe Baptist A.,rda (brother *pe slsf. date, ..ex-: reedlsg program.Mrs. .
aoetly la Ue *Mt*. Mast Oree. r4.
In "Ill. -- -. ---
tag aaasaltaat of *... ---

lasts cstr .....1.. ,
.ra... TU-Jsler 01
.r ; e
I tile; end Irs. Nana T** .. .
..t.. L......* Arts ,
taer of Del a*4 JualerDurlac
11. "'.l 1.

I II l 7X teachers U* Isstltste.the selected. { tee19r

by Uelr Oeesty .eke*IB
I .,.r..'**...,.. ...1
:! sleds Ue theory sad
.,..'1..* ef teaehlsgreadiag @OJeJ

U yeegter

.f varied bactgroaa '

sad at el f f treat toca* :::

ilea. Jewels.IWeaTeU.
flin tb-

I w'
i f -

I T. like HefrnstUBO .1. Jhr./ .r ,
S' :'

MTIOMA*- 01le. S

..na.. they the policy

.f t.. balUtsg If.... "/,
...... ..*e le *J* are '." 1fJ.
sell afte. .,.lId... .qc

far dlMrlslsttg .*

KIN KNIGHT slast groes .. ,.

..... thea ..,** the ...

-Invites You To Listen To- .sallied presldest,

peter that T, B4beeeea.sated jet later.* .d take an extra carton of Coke!

116 IAW graiieei b. .....:

IB re.ly to Lr 0.- 5MM-We lime ."'- ) )_ ale..l .>>n *tiM>| use .

partae.t official *.. Ibm I sill driwL r..I t., ....... r. ..{'...... bt. :;!!:
"DANCE PARTY"tf preeelig U........ Mplee
..4 1U Us ...% .*! .U*. .f it N eMi| **fl .U>M( lU......**.!eAe. Wit ti 1"i"

'Ire SMBetCttal'b' lifle ).r.{*.*., ........ ,., Colittlil IG

tf 1211SItx11i110 tide w net erltten to ,'+oI:". ;J '" pee .. retnv-lmrud ,..re &..4.., yee.erq -
fa*.r, i
via Oeaartaeat
Ifo **' (e-.Vi _|<. sods.*..*.,..-and let sits faM, .
II Sill pfd be ...,* th* aalaaaM
L P-i- ..." *f ... Li. sewn the..**.! Ti era rttrs isrtaei*(CUef,

....'h'.1.. 't4 kiss..erd .

1400" WRHC 1400 ...**bard oerda far" ulit III iiltiritf' il Th Ciii-Cilj tiipii11: licltiiillli CHI Celt litlilif Ci.il .
...$5 ... ins-

_____ _. _. ..__ o. ..__ _____----.- .+ww..wLM..+wwn.n _':...-__"'-'-:"::' ::'.-:- .._.. .__ .. _n .._..1'i.:: .. .. ..ten_run .:_: .w.m.w.n w. : '".nun ..r..nw..-w.ans..w..+;..w' w wn. ::: w.w_ .nn .r w.- n _. .

-- -. .
; ; '"' II
Put 1st' .t flI" STIR PAPUS AIUDAT In 22. In



iI I i r'

i ,Record Tourist Season Eyed Singing for free' Days Over Teachers Class Of '65's Top Grad

By Miami Beach Facilities Condemn


; MHMl BF-.ACJI--Foreouter are near unanimity In

predicting one of the best summer! tourist seasons official bulletin) of

1 -an record for Miami Beach this____year.____ __________ r the Dade County Class-
roon Teachers' Association
The people who bring their cars for travel this week warneda

the most people to Miami tout\ the city and to attractions sick leave petition

Beach-the airlines .. In the area. circulating through the 4W "I
report sales of and in* Eastern Airlines has school system was unauthorized

qulrtes concerning (lack.Illevacation made available 20 percent J and not a81 tout

plans are more seats to this by the CTA office.
,substantially ahead, of city than ever before, Classified aaa violation

a year a0>, and 1964 was plus additional nonstopjet of the code of ethics -

a pad summer. service from Ne York CTA also charged.
All vacation packages over week-ends that solicitation of

start at around $6 a day, United Is pushinglux) teachers and nonteachers

double) on a six or s.,. ury (package In one of by administrators

yen night basis.Vleitorewhodrive. the largest and most, and principal to replace r
t their famous hotels along tile teachers honoring the

own automobiles to Hi ami ocuun here,wi tli two meal a sumer school sanction

Beach will find similarly a iiy, for &84. SO double ENJWJTR': TO FAME?-You've heard of the Beatles? Meet the African Beavers, Afrl- la highly questionableon )

los prices for hotel occupancy required, all set to cut in some of the Billions ethical and legal
who on
cnn-born recording group are LSAOT! O.AR3, MITES-Mrs. June alney Jour, eprt ttrimesterl94S
and npartment accninodatipti covering six nights. those BMtUh boys have been taking out of the country. Their first ReA.Vlctor grounds
graduate of Florida
A\a University,
: ..,;.I.I awn u\o hit recording It "Jungle Fever. Personal Manager Bill Cook, discoverer of Citing the Code of Ethics ;- Tallahassee, attained the highest, avenue In her

To Address Grads Boy Hamilton Sam Cooke and Brooke Bentonsigned the group after they trekked of the education class of 343 atuMenta. ':rlplent of the Bachelor

Artists Slate 1,000 miles from Georgia to his office in Newark.Left to right; Calvin gid go, profession created by of Science degree In .tinttlon. Mrs. Jane had. e
SPEAK EH-nr. M ah Ion C. the 1943 legislature aa
James Oladlende and Herman Stephens.
Oombay '
Willie Jones, 3.42 average out of a possible 4.00 gradtiatlnn!
, Show Rhaney, dean of the Florida legally binding on all
3.Day "''lth renter; Distinction" MM University Col- members of the profess
Bethune-Cookman Hosts Proxies ter of Mr. and Mrs. <. 4h.Je1! fVims of Mllwuike,
4 1 ege of Arts and Scl aces, don alike, CM went on
; Launched on Friday of IB scheduled to make two record to support professional "1..
this week, a ClotheslineShow commencement addresses Of Independent CollegesDAYTO.NA sanctions asa

sponsored by the VB during the next few BEACH-Dr. J. 01 lie legal and authorized
presidentof Miami Beach Shorts
Artists Guild, inc. Is
weeks. On May 31. he Stetson University, told an assembly! recentlyat action of the profession
holding forth through
will address the graduating .
Sunday' College) that Education not
In Victory Park
class of Fort bullets, will solve the "trouble The spreading of rumors''
MR: 19th. Ave, and 171st in the Dominican A:ndnceat Paii-outuel sports in rori.km. hum In-
State College, alleging that If CTA does
Valley Republic) ana Viet !Nan.' ......................
St. created nearly 40 cent In the last 10e.ra.
Fort Valley, Co. and on Education, he added lathe dents' Council of the not win this battle, the per
Presentations may be June 1, he will deliver answer to hi and organization la Dished, Pari-tnituel spurts in the state Include ttamnidi-!
made by all 1 arts and a commencement speechat of poverty and unemployment pro ) independent Colleges of Florida the ismoclatlon cent on bred und harness racing. Qrqrhouad raring and JaI,
crafts artists and the graduation exercisesof Universities to say that It has already Alai. All thane are available tu Mi on I eod"1"'t
at home, as well)
as which Kdnund
fee is $1.00 for numbers. the Carver-Hill High inc. won the most Important tors through moat of the winter seM>n.Cu' .
and 12. SO for nonmembers of abroad. heads presidents and ..............
School Crestview, battle Tf all-
Speaking to students often ,
other officials t mcttcu of new nrartamt Uitlu.ik con tin
which Marcus 0. DavisIs among the audience in Unity, Action and De
The public Is invitedto principal. A graduate MIAM1AN tLkCrtU. FAMITS schools were In termination.CU nee apace In this resort CDiwiunlty. Nearly u rtuwi
( !white Hal,), Edmunds
; the exhibition wh I chI of Dlllanl) University, KINO..Anthony $Sweeting the urged concluded that her.stterlt .-' high m rise buildings now make an laprriwlve. bay-
at 10 and draua 'brh t..t. '1 believe tailngunlts between rlt'ltb aid 17ft Streets sod
opens daily a.m. where he Junior speech will front skyline
New Orleans, .a strong
and closes at e (p.m.Per major, at Florida A&M strongest and most In at the state, local) and in numerous Mailer sal earned the B.S. degree, factor In education
sons wishing further in* University recently defeated fluential" to becometeachers. national level, are beginning are being tallt" n soy. .etlou'rtJl", eiljrrwkr
T>r, Rhaney; has the M.S. the local coBMunlty.
I .romatlon1Iay\ 1\1,1 "1 7- and Ph.D. degrees from! Henry Cot.an of to see their' re- art on'the'stt s nf rni'Iprc.1lpst' ."-VI' trn,U ,limollahed.
The '
assembly In
8411. the university of Michl-i, Archer, for' the title of was sponsibility" Improvising .
... King of orange and Green conjunction with a one mote money forth NASA Exhibit
I Ian, Ann Arbor. for 1965 day meeting of the Presi'l .. schools, tdaunds con, *************

, ; Tune WAME Home Of The World's tinned Miami la not"But enough money "alone Gives Space HistoryOf Agefive

Champion Disc Jockey Police placation years.11 of apace be dramatically es- Oh That Young Blood Feeling !

pictured In a

display of nearly 100

: ---i--- Reports large photograph, moat
of them in color at the
Blood Feeling!
Oh Young
Museum of Science, 320 ?
t. ROBBERY A'StCT torn N ''l wl Nash e,start- ,

SlOT FATALLY ."1 -.ay :23.Hietodcal. "u.. 55 S I "'
Paul Baker, jr. ... of moments in ,.. $""CllrV TONIC

I( 2091 NI gist St. reported Manned space flight

Il l he was about to scientific pmt>e'* and *! 4.l'P tamiunridwd,1.I( Ullhf TAIU":1)4

1 F enter his yard at about sat ell,... weather m." r I FEEL GOOU AGAIN f FAST!
12: S3 a. .. Jilt Saturday coBBunlcatloan spacecraft

1 when he was attacked fro the ".,.,t., launch: IRON/VITAMINS
Micky lee the rear by a aaa la an vehicles, sad advance

Holder o f world1 Fred Hanna apparent robbery at* research and technology

\ Air onlO Mozell Broadcasting Record t t. are pictured la the eihlbit WMBM

, 229 Continuous Hours He said that he straggled Mch U Ulag .

on the ground with shoe throw' front the nation. Spotlight Prodocl Of The week
; I and manned to '1.
the MSB It IH be her
secure fro his pocket thnusli Jane 13.Bealfea 4 **
a 31 caliber pistol revlewlas the Miami, Florida

which he fired fear dawn of the apace age

4 I ttWilialoI,t/ tl.... two of the bullets the pictures offer Mettraor ,.
enterlat the ana- < '. dlaplay of Jlo.

j Steve Gallon pect'a cheat and lower camera skill

abdomea The victim rettom., later 1- AtM E.,caters

,deatifled aa latter Receive GnwtsT1WUX

( Davie 2$. of 422> "* '
v : :: __ taUI Aveaue.Anartaeat' 9.waa -Two greats
\ I _.___ of 12.410 fro U te.U-
t \ taken to the Medical
\ \ Rockln Rogers Brother RayL. Eimslaer'a office where era Tdueattea powa atlc a.

he was aroaoaaced dead have been received by ...
two Florida MM ttwiverdtr -

L.! SEE AND HEAR THESE om were The arrival.placed lacldeat and ao agalast eaa charges processed 'r.lM.r .. second duct professors the wrkaimp tMtttatleV on to a.con... MtOALO th. 5HORTY-$35.. STYLE 'HSCaVaBpM -

t: pal laqaest.outs lag Isprovemant la the ....I.O,..t::0..s..w,W.N. .e .=:::
Nigh School Joe 14- -
.- C'. ,... -
Jsly 2. aad Its seooad --.1-:. P-.L mee'Ma
DIB not ,.or, for Jwa I or a1&11'dIooa .. == -un Ie 1 h'r. U, ..,.
H ACatCTTAL' BL'WISOUrbara : peraoaael M July M ways-Ie...... +.-..
... ... .
RADIO STARS Aa Smith. 7, S. S .. c: I': ''

Of 1002 II gees =___-_. -c....- V
diM Tweeday. lay 4 as Mai lr GttrIINal.n. -----r::: HAY
of larch 11aecl4atal iL wm s
result a .
the fiiJo SL '
...... lisle.. r! r ,
barilag la ...-=- -:. ;;&;: 111I y
,bluer la all affaire of rs". _'* .... *' ...ggaigpa
her home.police .... rnM. ---
said the victim LIre haw. marrla. !- .. -
WAME 1260Hear -- ..wesew --e
aid her older slater sew, atda..s. eta UcayCtena. ==' .M.

sere playlag wits Batches Lady Bca. lacs .0 T..... S F'
._ .
h.me amdrea4ral -
ibis her dress eu44ealyeaaght Manila T *r la a* "" .
fire reemltlag Uaeeoad that ale ears .. --...::,-::,.: ,.. .. ... ....
degree bens over help, boated at: Kl ..., .Bc-&:,,.... ._.. .. ..iIIooIL. _IPw- -.-..,..sv5..--M-r.---

..t.... 39 to 40 perceatot Pets Btree ..PeaetM- M..rMw.q ._.. o-. -- :..r .MI1I y

her body. Qn..Sas wmtll 14 ..*. .......:.. ..... ---- -_

"Hot Line" Nightly At 11 p.m. The child .aa seat to dally a ....,. seated Isleal. rev wrlb w ee.u....roMyy w..A",1'.. c"c M dank t& naft/
'JJ ,', .... apltal sad Ma na. OM visit ,. -- e
'' : f.... ., teadall M> -= '..
.. ; '" ?* -
; }
..)/.",, .\Jf.f'/ later transferred to mAOul 4LMlt aad rem will .l"f'A LM I ftf'
:: :
: S .. :..::: .r--
r With Art Green variety"lospltal far red Ue .u,.,...*. --r...... _,,__ ....
I farther tre ueat. tltrru. .tu .la *4i"1 ... -... a.u'.:.wen., g.. art.s..r..It" ,...


-- .

-. ij ...\.II "

: : I II

m'1m [ FLORIDA STIR ,IPIII? < PAC! YtClayListon

I Title Tilt Closed-Circuit Telecast Slated For Coliseum I

Allies SlakBroachos 2-Wheelers To Feature Races Here Bump ElliottTo 2-WheelDragsters

Serve At

I hi Final FAMU CliaicTALLAHASStThe To Meet Saturday

GREEK SBOto. N.C.-Th / The world's only tu of two-wheel dreg racers

AT college Aggie exploded Rot Bowl championship joey Chlttood. jr. and Al Gross, will b. drag
coach will be on the faculty -
for 18 hits to k racing for tilt two wheel chaaplonthlp Saturday
of the IMS Florida
hip the fayetteville night, May 22. at the Thunderbolt raceway, 10 ailt

Mat College Broncos, A&M University Coaching south of jscksonvlll on u. S. 17
Clinic her. June 14-17.
ISO. In a CIAA baseball) There art may other two-wheel driver, bII Chit-
Th* clinic will b* con
tare played here last IPr wood and Crott are the only two who dare to race

..,,, at Memorial Stadlun. Ft ducted la football and on two-wheels on the ere strip and at the are

basketball.Chalaert. tit*. Al Cross who has been driving oa two-wheel
Bur' U-
It was the flat cane for over flu tears said, "it1 just a little
for the Agglea who Itt Jlott.who.* A11 I*.rlCIl\ dangerous, you need lots of root to aanuver aa
r halfback play helpedMichigan
loot thtlr full power that you can keep the car up on two tbeela. The
to the 1948
la an abbreviated ..* go trouble cone when you hive to tun left and the
%>a. Bowl
of TH innings.. "'I other car has togo right at the aaa tit, there'
tu t o red.
Hero In the win waa star MaUnlver ; t just not such you can do, ao far Joey and I bYe

outfielder Clifton Mat* .,' w been lucky '
the., btttr know for 1 Alto a -Han against Car1 race will be run between
chlganwolverinea -
bit high scoring oa the I Porrett High School 440 Relay Tea and a
football field but who --, -- to !::/ teM of driven iron Saab of Jacksonville driving
a 34-7
batted the circuit hit- JOB CHITOOD JR. and Al Gross the worlda only Racewaya weekly Saturday night spectacle at the Bow trl--r.4[ a Sub car

tine a single. doubl. tee of two wheel Dm Dacers.wlll tt racing forth popular rac.*.,. h. track 'ia located 10 miles umph over 1XIOTT The challenge of mm against nachla la aa old aa

triple and boa rut la two wheel chaaplonaMp Saturday night May South of Jacksonville on U.S. Highway" 17. To* Oregon State I last January the machine It self before the Machine It *aa tilt

four this at bat. 22 at on* of the special features of Thunderbolt public ia lamed. 1. beast that Man wig pitted against for auprevacy of

strength and endurance Saturday night .Hay 22 will

U.S., State Gale c Officers Nab Title Tilt ShowingSet Shaw Drive SnuffedIn speed answer the question of wan against aachla for

Chit wood and Grass ran for the first time to*
Network Of Weft) Heaters
getter OB two-wheels May. 0 at Tapa HIM they run

TALLAHASSEE'-.A network of asrket hunters operating her on tilt 22 of May. It will only b* the seooadti

sear Florida'a Capital city were rounded ap For May 25 Pennant BidRaleigh .* that they will be running together la COM

today. la a surprising nov by federal .... ....ta petition. They will be driving Chevy lie and are
and officer of the Cue and fresh later risk N. C. ..ShawUniversity's score of T- 1. presently practicing: their skill at TaapaAl .

Coasilaaioa.Th ......'......................... pennant The big blow to win the holds the record for running on two wheels,

arrests were* the bo the arrests. Charges drive sac tenporarlly sue can In the llth one sue, and was featured la. a special televislta

results vt'iL" eitenslve filed against the violator n halted with two road d*. inning when the Hornet sports show two weeks ago when .he wade the rua.
tests at tilt hand of
aadercover Investigation a ruled fro. illegal Stan Johnson socked a N* beat Chit ood la Tssipa on their first till and

which began sore than sale of see birds r Delaware State Collegeand >> double to left sending Joey will be out to even. the score this Saturday
Maryland. State 0>>1. with
Maynard Miles across
two years ago by ire and aalnala to buatlag night at the Thunderbolt Before drag racing both.

agent of the u. /. fish. oat of aeaaon and taking Ata' lege The Bear opened the tl.-breaklni run were members of Joey, Jr. Fathera Thrill Shoe
their road "..slug"with
and Illdlif* Service assisted taw by Illegal Methods
in ao** laataac a crucial 1.' win. Basketball's Famed Hand
by officer of the Cane The nadercover agent over Howard Universityt RuppTo Odors

and crackdown fish Coealssloa.In Florida The la hinting who exposed operation the market reported Blaoot a "oa one-aan"the strengthof per Serve On Flo. A&M Clinic May Scare

a part of a natloawld that.wan forced fonaace by the CIAA'slost
te compete with a well outstendlmbase.. fALLRfASSn-1b.: wlnnlngest ooscti In bmshetball Away FishTtLAHANNRh..L.ck
sweep of market bantingactlvltlea ''
and alnllar established market 1. ball player ,Nathan iii' and the .Baron of tentucty will serve as the cll. : : la
rder to obtain vn nstall nlcian for basketball at the
ton but thea proaptly 2lt annual Florida
filed ia
arrests were only one part 0 f. _0u..t",1 -
other atatea. percentage of the lost their nest two eeeauters AAM. University Coaching: Clinic here June 14-17. ,
gee told by the shoot of rut over three decades ....,.......... ...... fishing trip
dues ....t. working scores and any angler can N
.r. cue coaflacateddarlai Under the wild*
aderoover were able to C's and 11.1.In th* sports world has Rupp
provided kin
gain the confidence of th* lavestigatloaliclsded th* road opener agalast watched: In .......at cat hive won a reeurd
ducks tedmliyi iiniei'l" M*|.JI.It |.
coot, four NCAA tournamentsand
Howard, faltoa the record establish
the coawerelal bittern '
don. narah. b.. quail, hold the NCAA all won't If the angler
aad obtained the necessary weal flvforflv* at by AtolphRupp fui.
will take a Up and,
deer aad gene ft ahVIEI tin record In 14 ap*
tilt bat Including bead
evidence that led CAN MI KAm..Tbat I* the Qiestlon Ceuts a In national low the Mthod of we*
double, and drove 1.o..r batbal| pearancea
and Horida Hght faaa will be aaklag the la* classlen. rueful| flaMmon" at**
half of the ooacb o fj
tips!. when they Jan Jat ODllaeun Tuesday night runs fjtheUilvwrl the! Jllll I woods,
III Alt Ill May 25 to chaise the televised closed limit four But that a not all 1 .
he was also the wlnaiag '/tref&s+
abewtng of the CiayLlston 15-round heavyweight
TM Seek The Mat Doctor barter, novleg froa be. N f
II cMaioo.bap bout fron Lewlatoa.Maia*. The door
e. Tour Doctor praeerlbet. will open at 1.30: p.1. There will bnoboeiTVahowiag. kind the plat to the I houo.

Get experienced Pkarnaclsta.Acoordlag Ustot. foisted out that I CJII Del when the Mara ant ten still
to tar Doctor'sOrders. In trouble In tilt bottom active M* nrr eNO
LCIIS10N MUa*-llth h* ..1ft' t iaprasd with
we De Only Th* Best of the slits ".11', He Jor coacne. who bars wna
Co K. IUCI all cotcened keeping nsttter blnsalf or day. MOhht ulgtullw
Ojitllty Orris struck out eight tea Intb over 700 basketball vie
prop tetor their tillers crossed '1\. .... didn't want to
flail three franea.The to rl**.
.s unstBuco pNAJDuasrs TO gem TOO* wall swatting the o* ftaDt .'. did be, Us win Howard ...
ever It would I take a book
bell l Car .....' hoe $
penlag here the tan t etpltla
A COM PL IT I LINK OP tilt Bruin eighth of the longer than hla on bestseller Val IISTOPI
CoeaetlcRubber OaogaCMdleeSundrlMPRCSOUPTIONS ClayLlstoa llronnd tie left eye was cut end seasoa and cinched at "Cbrplonshlp I CUT
world) keavyweight *rplosahlp.stmleai puffed add he k* re least tt tilt cw-.w
CAtua pOI AW Dtuvmo a for CIAA ...Bsikctball" to recite
con* ctlved welt aid beeps baseball crown.Against the record aiapletely.Ne JACKSONVILLE COLISEUM

.eaau* *f tviaton Laved ever his fae If Clywasn't Delaware state, ... been honored by MM K**** LM wee ".* **=:* |M*
Store fliktlag hia-. c-. Ma 0.U ewes Uel
Lilly's Drug (0 Muat* *4 All Cassias altoa ..U".411I.Uret every .basketball o"w.
Clay Nlng favored t* but that' l Llstoa's less agsltit lire wit
atlon In tie country 00 [r\r=. i?! 900,
retain his crown, here story.
n* tk* brute ralliedfor for his contribution to 3
1117 IlltS Nil U-3I27I Tweedy night. May JVrth In Clay's comer, there four asesraed 9
the pre durfag the |I..| u: Oein Opal liJOfJl4. /U
boat. will be tele are *My who think b* I* In the aeveatk and. tare
vital ca losed-clrealt destined l>r retaee* 3years. "... ...... e..eeM.t..1 eaeN r eee.ew wean II Meow...
II tk* slat tc throw la this )4-ysr period ....., Arer..uw. re a... ...... rgNNuOi .......
Ulcvlslen In Jat Coll* that which !began .h.n Ik* ...* late and. Sell Coach tufp' teams have ........
wltn the doom to the International spot* Deadlock
eat sutra la*
son 70S limes. lest 140. BUT rwm Tiarrs wi tit wn mxn
I 1jr new at l)0p.w.) ItaM .bread ktnlnltt sills, lucre the *eveatk for n percenttg ofll.4.
Botkthdiaap and dial keen taea k* .t 00'*. tat laalsg kresadoea.Shaw's ;

1 eager went tat their plaatcl it the three* Bear led Sys

flail week ef tral,.,. .sa tyrwald In Boa wltkn

Clay at Chleopee. Mas*. gDldtJedtl draped s*

and Litton at this etc rowed his seek At If.ke The
Wild This Clown perfect
tVa tMrttfkealtk c... was the IHQ Olynpl

ter at Pelyd *TMtg.. Oru n..pou' eII.loa. 771)214NOX)

WIt.ull1UIITIAL1 ra.edty tight' bet martini gin
TV To Cast
a iHINALltltt IIVII will w* fangkt h tk*

', :v1 tBMtii; IlAn I.000 seat Centra hue EvroaeaaAuto 5. S t makes a
TMta Center beret

$I-.1 I l-.t Bw n 1."... eye Usto that*'* training k* I* In staff U* Race 1 L6' 1 perfect Gin & Tonicls

Till un.-GLW ,..Tsew. beet these. f .bis t. $TOCtnotM. A...._ 4 j.2.

"........... :"reer aad .that k* I. **.nr ...rte I* 4ft1_'

hid), ..tl..t.f r*. ..,. n drMStl first u1421112i121
.. rr ....... ...wa 4ewree .... ...... laser .S .
s.. Uerl. n e... .rs -a....re. ....... .' rWr. asIe galalsg tat till true In televised seort with
w.soh--. .......M run MM sore.s age dUMBlM.Uferriag c j rnealve coverage

U tk* navte ot U* tweed< *", Moet ttonetlae NV tSeatlee 1H

SPDRI_ I & ;) tf gee first might Ctrl Ae&.oeo'ih Catty Me* 0tI

..II rely la
May 2S.T Me merle It nil areta*

1 ** ...,. ... fetter OMIV4 ATTRACT10ISDiyj a

will celncKe sill e U-2J-2I ,Ii t e ;;dk

aellck U lee Ills ................ "
pert 04 for we-TV ..**. M.I's k; .. 'J I L'i

j r ly .port* sr graa.Mtrt. '" .;

11 tae*. It wilt k. An Kaubiftd"MM

*.*. Saday 1:30' 1 ,
: Oay are .*. ,
7. jo ..*. Rat.Aleerdisi ker4" ...1 n end ,.,*, ,i"r.tIIl. ,r1 P

\. hurl lea Can I. leer nee k:4 Sta'J\WI's!I' V
dilbri. prd *er *f
VM inee T"r L*4U Dare r1i
'**C In Utien"Ola )
aorta Lad o lr. tic Extra 'Owl
will .. iat
tk tint ry3 "
*LJt 'n.$3.10 Vet ytapf r /
A Ji W tin that n TV ,r.e*<- .it.sj. .*!" for --.i

lie tree II.. HC,..**.. Gha : i/ ,

In rrtig tat r*
vlrteally ,a.c. .-., la Ik. ka4 bU/ -

....,.. free start t* a4 sail ,. ZODIAC PtOffU ....,-,;;;::-... I/Ito ,

n.... Bet 1171 Jets-' R -- ,r
.ra. .. aoawtl! beleet.aramtaWP ----_ "

1iIiiJ/g ef Ue ,r.. Meridahat.

Kraal .r _|tk em rat

motor sod irMUr I*
.''ha ............. .... .. .
.rge Preedlud, yee

Travte ..,,,. a* r c-........m.r,e!. .... ........es. K.ere w.os, ova
"11 tI .

-- ---- -

p OTMPWI _--w__ .-- .- ..- J-___ l.-_ __ ._ -_ f. -

I I i .V J t


High levelCmUnu..f Solves WindowContinued Fraternity CHIPS OFF THE BLOCKS NAACPContinued Mormon Charged Negraes Are

MIII( tn be Staff troll Director Page 1) Negroes( has from apparently Page 1) Defies Ban; Bf liy lay .( from Page 1)) Cursed, By God I

of the agency found a solution. The sew river seen flowing through the city leone Act of 1944 and to reeiaalns .
The 91 State advisory When posting of a $100 Pledges NegroINDIANAPOLISNPI created by tears shed by those who did not his announced SALT LAKE Cin, Utah president the nation's.
reward for Information 2 million
committees to the U.S. take the NIC .... before it became a Bust of policies and regulationsunder } (NPI)-'The Negro cannotbe :
leading to conviction of
In ,
199J. at
speaking a
Coanlsslon on Civil the culprits failed to course if you are an old" teacher you do not that Act. ordained into the
Right are composed of get results, Broudy's )-- have to take the exam to keep your job but If yon la a strong fron-page priesthood of the Morion conferenceHugh 1, gros.
clti-.ons of standing proceeded to replace the Despite what la believedto want your share of the new salary increase, you letter to CoaalasinnurKepp church because "he la first counselor to President -

each state, serving with* broken plate glass win be "wrist-slapping" hare to get a aoore. We agree that the eau la no el,dated a child of Cain who Mcur. declared:
out compensation! who window dow with awning-type by national officials aeasurlng device for picking good teachers bat we May 11. God cursed and marled fe would like It to

provide the federal) agency Henceforth panes. rock. the Stanford University also feel that any person with a college degree NAACP bacuUYlIi with a. black skin for be known that there' Is
with Information throwers, if any will chapter of Sigma Chi should be able to pass the exaa. ) kllllnt his brother In this church no doe
concerning civil right only get a small, much fraternity has pledged a Hottest thing In town Is the scratching and pull rector Notmllkins Abel" trine, belief or practice -
11..11.. ". less expensive pmne**unless Negro student Kenneth ing going on for jobs In the big "far on Poverty expleeset This is bow aging Joseph that Is Intended to
they heave a whole I, Washington, son of program to be started this susser. Tis rumored Fielding Smith the deny the enjoyaent of
handful of rocks at once
full civil
Mrs. Bnnsgee 'uhlatoo.IDdlaupoU. that co n-cen who stands sect Inline rights by any
Although the new storefront machinery Is being oiled up so that the jobs man
Graveside presents a novel .; and Dr. in this program will be based on merit and sot "with ln. for the Monon prey person regardless of
appearance Broudy's nay- Kenneth Washington. Den other standards in previous years, almost every d liatlona IUC1N1 tdeacy explains his race, color or creed
(Continued from; Page 1) have started a new style ver. body who knew the right people were In all aorta that the Federal"govern group's attitude toward ",. say again aa we
for shops plagued by The local chapter was have said many times
l'Ient.Golter] R. currant segregationist vanda of positions in the enrichment progress. Art. ment .ay bow to segregationist the Negro.'
last week by that we believethat
suspended before
NAACP director of bran. lism. remedial reading and other specialized subjectswere pressures and. However yielding. 83.preeldent.of .
ches and field administration Signs Chi national president taught by everyone but the speclsllats.eyebrows : depsita the clear language the church's '' all men are the
V. Wade. children.. .f'the
said the As Harry were lifted when the poverty exec committee of Title VI... COD- Council of Twelve Apostleeaaid aaae
for not being "inter tJDdo lid that It la a.oril -
relation's East: Coast AttorneyContinued ested In csrrylsg out of nine allocated all duties among tbeasslvea and tinueto, smbsidlze racial Negroes should evil for say person

brunches are being invited the traditions of the left the other M. members of the committee with, segregation In public be treated "In the true ar group of persona to
to send representative ( from Page 1) fraternity National nothing to do. : sense of socialityaa declared deny any human being the
to the cere Nero fiddle while Itoae burned and State Superintendentof The regulations end policies in the Declarationof right to gainful espe'y
officials, ho..r.deDI.d ,
he declared.In '
doing the"..... announced bJ' 'tbl independence."
mony. Schools'Toe Bailey Is doing .cot, to full education
the Interview Kat that there was
Rvers was shot to death zenbach aimed criticismat any racial ban In the Fortunately for the schools of the"state, 'whileMr. Office of E caUCI1. wll- In recent soothe, civil al opportunity, and to

fmn ambush In front of clergymen who rush to frater.H,' constlut Bailey sings of states rights and whistles tins charged "appearto rights leaders have put every privilege of clti r
his hone in Jackson, Join Southern freedom' tlon. "Dixie aides lathe State Department of Education us to be clearly contrary considerable pressure on .sen ship..." ,i

MlM. on June 12 1963. marches but do littlefor There Is a clause forbidding are quietly complying with Uncle aup;' a to the Intent of the Church of Jssws

Byron I Oe La Beck with, a home Negroes parishes In their He com own a chapter frog requests and are trying to get their houses in Title VI." Moreover he Christ of Latter Day bts fefeiw- Isear him wtt
1iite fertilizer sales* mented. proposing membership to order to receive the loot for the acbools. we said, these poMcles la* Saints to publicly promote -

"man who nil charged: with "These Ministers who anyone 'likely to be think that the rigors of the office are too such vlte "segregated school equality for Negroes. D. !. SAVINGS BONDS

the killing<<, is now free are quick to fly to considered personally for Mr. Toa and he needs to be let out to pasture systems to offer promises The church has r
I on (nil after too trials Selma are less quick to unacceptable Instead of compliance In headquarters In Salt
as a brother next tine around.
see the problem back
ended in hung juries.One home. They had better do by any member anywhere" Education circles are saddened over the tragic exchange for Federal Lake City. lEI YOU MAIOS. .
fund"The David 0. '0. ts
of those planningto ] something about it. Itth.y It was disclosed death of w. C. Harris of the DC staff Mr. Harris McKay eeltisrtickets
content of the letter J'1'
attend the ceremony don't, the problems The Stanford Chapter,
was the longtime principal of the Hastings High *
ieatHait Agese
are going to get worse, Has made public by 10.00 REWARD
Charen .z-- after pledging Washing School which bears his name His wife Is a ember Wllklns at a news eon 110 feet Ave. testMry,
ton voted to.... an of the famed lllerbee clam of stele
Mississippi field di. l'j.II.II :I- Hastings. ference hereMsy. 15. Par To person who 3 pair I.T.
rector. MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS all-out effort to have The bojre are shook over the untimely demise of tlclpatlag la the conference pasts off Lsesery Truck,
the cha ter' a suspension Arthur "1.d'' or "-ailly Mao" IIctfUl1: an. Arthur with Wllklns were .at.Xlte. May IS. He uses FH SALE

revoked passed last week after illness of several tloee asked, strictly eea
an with..t..ad.r Robert U Carter NAACP '$m fort station .....Lnnt'
Jr., Hitter has assigned two flJeatisl. Coatset Al wise,
Mayor ) general Counsel and Jack oas,, with 1))0. ,tfsIt
lea from the Negro division to duty with the traf rieriJe.STAt.( a. I-S1I3. '
Greenberg director-eoun- ;torrytl, fie, it at;
tic squad downtown. we are still waiting for his III of the NAACP Legs 3131 Bonorlef '14. *r}
to appoint SOBS Qualified yucca and yonng men to Defense and: educational ARDERSJIN'S NDRSERT

YOUR FRIENDLY the juvenile division in the area of law we are fund. Wllklas disclosed 1141 Csnichsel Ave sowtk '

waiting on Sieriff Dale Carsoa to appoint some Negroes also that a directive bad .i'.. Fleas reaeeaekle.IMtlll. Prayer, IN Mifltlift
A&P SUPERMARKET to the Road Patrol. The sew juvenile court been teat to all Southern' .
will open soon. Here's hoping that County Coralssionerchsrisan NAACP units asking the Putt ta Tki I KMSeed

\\i Bob Harris and his frlenda'011 the to urge Negro parents to APT. FIR IENT year Base sad address

commission will see fit to give Judge Laaar wise refuse to sign "freedoa Furnished Alt., MO chlldrea. ..s 4 Clse, eat kew.ttP.M1e.
I girt the total staff be to choice" |
requested operate the of papers being ef eau aeeeapllsh
Call after I -.1. All day prayer
3000 WEST 45th STREETIN facility circulated by Southern ..L SSIM42.F6R seeders for tee tritv
John < 'B. 8."Pick ens observed his birthday Saturday school boards.Negroes.

FLORADALE IS might He was host to a party at the Lounge Win SALE SISTER fAIllE HVMB

plckens was accompanied by a lovely Import froa Ut .. Blealgaa. Ct......
FULLY STAFFED Daytona,, we won't call her aaae bat she is a Primary Nod : Dvples Mouse, Lights andSeth. ,n.
beautiful beau ft clan. Oood LaCBtloa. Cell

Ti Ids jii with you wrj ihipplii aus.fAESNl9 ,. It was 'Old hose; week" at the Louage. Robert In Geerf $$3-o
'Orea.," Or 1 shy was at the mike with Oeae White ---- 5.Fl FIRST: SONWED
U Out Of 24 I
and Baa tilt Man Douglas slttiag la for a spell.
Mr. WilliiB Desist
MEET Hugh Wilson bad a broad sails on his face aa be Af.ANTA-NP I)-At least PwraleJied" M,100 No e Like RUNRITZ

(MANAGER) counted the customers but deep is-side, his hart 11 Negroes outof 24 were 'm W. IS ", pen etme.JalowMd .

GROUND was la Leon Cluat,. His alssus is la Tallahassee. successful la their primary rroat.Cbavt tle.tlyIoo SEE HIT FACE NEISIIpinn

MEET .,. Spn.ir Birriiitii lunno what's happening but the popular editor bids for no*lost ion te4 ta reel MtUl e.e-
booz.1A seems to have better lack at cardathsn for election the statehouse .tim. call 13srtes.MANTES I lIT fieriIIMER
BEEF (ASST MANACER) love aa the saying goes. of representatives
For fun and exclteaent go to the corner of Ith here last week II I

Mr. Viltu Mini and Davis. Two tycoons are waging a war. One business Most outstsadlag re* New Heliywoe4 Nasty sad :
MEET bought time on a radio station and had s live suits polled la the bal
(PRODUCE DEPT. HEAD) Berber.. L.es.e ..*.r seemesegeeeet I
broadcaathla; rival bought a spot OB the same show lotlag was that of the Meter serbereand ..
every fifteen minutes The customers oa |th and (lev. till ten Holaee Borders r
.,.. Call
318s.$1 00 Mr. ps.t1 0,eret
MEET Guru CUlt Davis are delighted u prices fall and specials who ceptured theGOP n iom er a. .-"11.122

(MEAT MARKET MANAGER) appear. Marvin. Oaaaoa of Kosy lOner la the old nosjlastlOB for one bat Ashley at Mcde
pro but his competitors la brash and young with
plenty of green etuff. seats. This marled the IELP IANTEIYounc I
WESTERN GRAIN FED IEEF CHUCK Theresa .Mackey la almost back la harness. The -first time slaee teoaa
popular teems deejay was involved la a auto wreck stractloa days that** .&D. 19 to 23

several weeks NP.SII. reports that she can operate Negra has takeaaoMUity- Driver's lie:. Honest PIUINIEI
ROAST 3 9I again. wide BMlBatloa.He Apply: florid Star rasa
Oscar Fletcher popular barber and aportaasa Is faces the npre.e 2323 Moncrlaf Rd. '

confined to Brewater Hospital. We wish Fletcher a test, u do some of the 12 noon Sat. or ShIfT PIITIER( IIRANI ,

speedy recovery George Waahlsgtos la oa the a ad.He otker Negro aoaiaees, Sun.I to 2 p.*. only "
IF war
GEORGIA GRADE "A" la the general e1 tIC UO& call.please
I was discharged from the hospital this week, NO phone :
DRAWN SHIPPEDFRYERS Everyone but Santa went to the Kappa dance Friday OBI, Jane }'. 4t press
''j! DRESSED & It
alght. Folks are hoping that the brothers will time was acerteia
bleb of two white Pea
take the meat dance to the Civic AadltorlM. The
27 air conditioning did not work at the Armory mad ooratlo costestsstswoald
LB. people fell over each other themselves trying to be tev. BordersoppoaenU '

Betsch la has true the Coat 1 Beat. The The moat tflaacpcUtlBi

Afro-Aaerican Heiress U tables it easy eoaklag race cam ttiatof the Rev.
I YOUNG TENDER GOLDENCORN I sum aid trying to get the sang and soot of old C.T. Vivian a U.t.,1& .-

London town out of her 'ays tea. She plane to speed fat Dr. Mania Latter'
Elsg Jr.'s sac. who rem
the summer' la the atatea.
; 1 OU1S49 Rudolph and EatelU Mctisslck are proudly waiting third la te try tar the

OB a blessed event tfaettte early parts the pall. Democratic mod U the-

This will be the first grand In the .Willises llltk district. Which was

household.. Neary 'II"'" Jose ef the AM lee.
1 FRESH TEllQVSQUASH RED RIPE School is also aa expected father 18th England'sfavourite
century .
On theWg hill boast. fHK bachelors are maiag .
WATERMELONL.1pC for cover. The 'tlaci ud Whit* ,tall wee held :

Saturday sight..Escorts were at s srealwa.. ..... pastime

lag of bachelors David Charles '' .Co" Col Hag* Gordon's
tot of the PRO etaff left ten to avoid .being Rugby or ?

> EACR 890CANAIIAN drafted for the ..... Rill watersas ef Detroit, s lift

sealer law stalest is ooaeKered by a any ef the
first fa '"
SMCMIlflM ldPA I EflfjiUimtf) ) RugbY
lassies. a prime catch. Rill 1* as U the sir ever around 1170.' Which means' Gordons

I UEBEER TRIfMlff CAl s Tape beauty who graduated last '.'''If. .. ....... .Mil! ,t.. tU to itself foe over a ctfirerjr,
Tie rumored that Dr. Merge tore is eleaaUg to Sitwt 1769. M b. precise.nIlrarMr.CordonMade.

I ORANGE DRINK realty stake ip the aeadetle side of PAW. Re

loiter wilt folks be able te stroll ts sad ",.t littrWf his svtajr-emoo, icy-
s eeetere." The program will be sale seed aadtoagh dry .iaco/vry*n. pa
CTN 12-OZ 99 1 Ul. with standards whisk will slase the PAW ItihtB t. ', KiU) uwtUad'g
391- .; .,:-lioc '
6 2 bunt MSMtttioa
IF CAli Y If j liTTlE radstte stlUtleaa iciest es per with ether stats Is 145 FIWU ATE. AiM ,t.. And '

SO the me of tho funIswisf -
Wee Debts and Roosevelt Rivers were MSI tie world, Nut
JAn PARIER BITCH AIL HAUlS THIN cm hackaters who saased throegs Tallahassee reseaUy. time. yWre in a soonhtraoo .

Ike nits ts still try is i u slay elf 0* Us *.try Gordon's.Evtry t
APPLE PIE BEVERAGESfrlcis golf kick Charles Iron sad Jesse .Issjiie' bet M eahtUrataa -
11'4111 were aaoeg. the Jacksonville alters ... P14 ........ meet Ben Me

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