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856247 F20090413_AABKMO 00218.jp2 fbc4aeb67c3926e9bf337c62065f412848ec4ec0599e25f28b301eeb6df6f6fc4a46594c
1021050 F20090413_AABKMP 00218.jpg b76aeb3777b36a1ef62f53ebdbc77befa4b1dcd9f6757fd061cb06e4802db8192f08fcd7

xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200662datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date May 8, 1965dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=006620740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
May 8, 1965
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
May 8, 1965
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Full Text
,_ r'V" _<'aatf itfttkiB UttaiifiMk\ui\ >uuiff&Ubrmry
I -.1. ---. .--...

I J J i J t

} "" VatIYentlt7 of Florida ,
I CabemUe. Florida

_' 'i.tltmt.S--U1. llilGilJL1iDIMliim.iJIloJI

., ,.,............ .. ..--
gff! w *9


*****. *** *
"1 --.



.... ..... ... ..oAt...... ___ ___ .. <
:!:r."'" "" .. **#**# #**# .

... :
Witnessed Workers Slaying

( I'.1. \ '" ], )' -

I j Eric 0. SiBf su

NEXT THURSDAY. May 20. the citizens of i ., Ill 15-NO. 7 SATURDAY MAY 15, 13(5( 15 CENTS

Jacksonville will be faced with the question .*. ****. .. .. ***. ** ...
..,.. ... ... -,
of voting for or against the issuanceof -"" '---.- '-' _//1"1-14If." 'b.! ,' ":':: = III..A

S9 million in general obligation bondsto

help finance the building of a new air- r II
port which will cost about $26 Billion. -b- >."'" """ "'--W" ..._ .__ ... :. __ .-.. --
THIS IS A WESTION that every homeowner ak ***** *.** **

should vote on one way or another because i
I your failure to vote could help to get
the referendum passed or help to defeat -i'M JAXONS ARRESTS MAY
it. f '/1

Moreover it Bust be understood that the fI

taxpayer who supports the bond issue faIn _
affect saying: I will be I
responsible for paying back cI CRACK SHOPLIFTING

this Boney. It Beans that 1fl I 'J
the airport runs into any kind 1
of losses the city taxpayers i f ".5.. ......

will have to be taxed to pay lax Airport Pronged Police Crackdown. 2 Laborers

of the Indebtedness. ,

THERE'S NO DENYING that Her- SIXPSON f) ,Can WaH.... Nabs Shoplifters At Beaches Idly Watch
son Airport is Inadequate and out Boded 11.i&f
as supporters of the bond issue claim Mitt Is believed to be one of the biggest Youth DrownA
Sty Opposer .
Surely. Jacksonville and Dual County \" suspected local shoplifting rings in years

,could do with a new airport. ;, At tk* .*.k.Md c..* tO was cracked by combined efforts of policein tragedy hlch sight
BUT. there are other aspects to be con N 1' a clot a lress'roota three Beaches cities when six persons, have easily .been averted
sidered. LRoy HotoB (k), who *MMr rl si a ca aoviat ..ce, Negro all giving local addresses, were arrestedand took place hit Monday
IHY should the city taxpayers be saddled .. Viola LlBtao. hlto civil rlibta workr at tiroapo to oppose fi. Jailed pending further investigation afternoon ease a 5-,er
with the obligation of a $9 Billion bond tk* tit tb* *M gassed dab by alikt-rldtr* after BtnelBi of a a.. airport 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 old boy drowned la a

issue for a facility that will benefit tbo Nl.s.to'rostgo..ry ttrch. talks wltk JohaMtla "r obllittlai city Uipjr Jailed 'D lieu of $$,000 lot of pie 'N' Save Drugstore creek chile to sea .ha
both city and county residents? As a Batter *. Boatk ra Cbrlttltn Ltdrtklp Bfrao* to Uo tune of 19Blllloa bond ucla Mr: at Atlantic BetcbfolloeUt stilt have saved the
of fact it is possible that Bore rprBtttlv. MotoB ttlfld la tko trial of 'M cttchlBi on Mach irlakt of H50sttt the ,ietl.' vlct!.'a lltsuacoic.ral,
county residents will benefit from the oa* of tkr* ta tlai KltoMM cktnd with tae ilk .Ud- ra,.. *t. ; Vera ill tip, Patterson contlaued conversed klla tilt Incident
than residents when tltylac Sacked by Mtrtl ..1. iron, 12U Lotto .
airport city we con- VT1 TSLmOTO) St. t ass taklni place.
sider the snail percentage of city taxpayers inters tad leaders la Cradle L, ao..ta, UU Assists from Neptwaeleach HarrlBoa Ackerotn, jr .
who can afford to travel via Police civic oriulutloaa, tb* t. 12ni St. ; Btttrlo mad Atlantic of of 4114. w.Ylnlnli Ave. .
Negro ovaat use described 'I1U.... cilia fleer culaliaUd .
planes. ArraignedIn tab L** la the t ilktat tloit the
SURE we can do with a new airport but by a tpokotota M 'th JOB*. of pig 14..,.* arrests stitch also rea bank of Bit Rolls Creek,
how long have the saucing pools been Charge Officials lint tttp to.trd breaks At*, ; Robert L. CDlllBB.l ltd ia the recoveryof hen lit slapped Md fell

closed and no effort Bade to re-open then? Negro'sSlaying h. the chtli of political 9 w. Jlrd st t Bad tk* atoleo article, late tb* water Ptotl.|n,
If the swimming pools can wait, then the With Bias I ucklM control Otis atfB, 1224 K, ptttereon concluded. recovery of tb* body, the
slut .h*. shelled tk*
airport can wait. tAnQ"... Of dltarlotattory J3'cI StAceordlM Ictla) IM proiovBceil
t tOf LONG have Negro citizen had to wait practice of klto Jackeoa'Uh.oIIldero H4 Negro.eltliau" to JtcktoB |CURE MORE dead oa arrival at puvtl

.. for a now library? Endless, years, it b,. St. pet*rsberl city tb vlll luck Dtctlv a. Medical Center.
of aoMatckart
'" all,.... of / C. Pat"UOI, tIe grouper : Duval
aceAaiTaftor years oftlcltla tad Usoll.o GIVE MORE to 0 Couaty pttrolsenaid ......
orr* 7t'men" .itt tae U t Uo airport .
waiting for street and sewer improvements islet. sere tiled broTBdy NtrrtooB.bla titter
ftttl ._.. slatset project la betas n kdtkrovik
there are still Blddle-of-the-treet cave- by 12 Ntro AMERICAN fay L.N.Ite and !..
for tko bintef
tadtk ...u.,
ins at every Bile of the road despitethe pollCMa.rltlatlfft. oa* Negro a btadfil of politic r other youai boys .*ro
of MOtker. teo nltooet
Billions of dollars spent. dale they CANCER SOCIETY tlklni Its beak, Mstrises -
lessee bttlltfill
.*r* .".....4 kr *
TALK ABOUT the Jobs a new airport will ar* aatUaod ooltly to and coKtnctloB people walled too date
create is abundant. But I have got news pollclai .Mere .,... Md oaday Birder BB aid first aaiailtcbtrt .*.,.. tad otter arekuti tttb Police ProbingCovple's to tb* icier Md slipped

for you. Except the city changes its airing are ayatoatlcally *ielided ... IPBM of city tti- Into the creek chick Asa
policy in a hurry you'll be able to fret dtttle la ,.,*,.. Death t depth of shoot ali
otter tress OB bests etrec. lead *f 121,000 *teker feet
count the number of Jobs Negroes will get .. Btbyrac* Justice HUB' epp *U| tie MM
out of the new airport on your hands..and :90 airport bond lctloa IU.WlnA s'rd4 Mlcldea fount JMB Rrom, 10,
O trite also slats tae J. ptroa atalaatCiarlM .
lavolvlsi COBOI |B*,
then they will be ostly skycaps and bathroom Metro '.11..... Save Clrack, 20 Mdklcbard .III '*.....1' tdolt that couple ete retorted by

porters beeei devrlved, of cavil V nit, 21 th r* IB a..d for t see officer Sere prigs .,. :
THE CHARGE that the airport plan which Ik airport set Slat t.*yare
proootloa, adMe..... loan of Tltaafllla alittt, April $14pollc 'lilt
being raaaed down the throats of city taxpayers waist tko presses } A.
tad eoopoaaatloa oa M- A tblrd ism, f*rso tdeitlfl4. tb* ti '
i a project to enrich the political ply or flBMClBt BOCBttM
coast of tko cI t,'. slue '
pry Jr 21, also of couple B* Robert Lee P; R
machine bosses the construction It pit*.* tk* rpoot* .
...t poU..... Tk* oee- Tltatlloaa trrtidedoa Ruffla. 4*. Md Lets M"IUto. ,
fins,the merchants and give a few crumbsto .. ollltr tor u. M aiilioa
pltlat else ella. flat
dirge of bla M .. 94. a ,."-U.*
handful of Negro political puppets toad IBM oa tk* .ltjrtMpro
tae fellce Dptrtaatatlatalat accessory to tae crla* Btld Tk* ....**.d lived
baa a great deal of truth la it. tratdrB- tad ... jailed la 11.. doze. .
tt Till 'Nf lltb Af*
lot Is the group of It la felt list sties
THE MOST MISERABLE lat roooB for police.. of tl.OOO MM.a.ur. ..,IU sgt.N.L.. Slater
Negro politicians' who are dancing to sad tiers ore dlffrot M airport till b.*.flteouBty
said Sills, a aecktAl.
tune of tile political bosses for soave tuptyora u ..!! .
the forwa of djtclalla. pros Sertroo said tbltoMd er* picked HP after 010oftkelrvtctla awareatly slut Mra-Hll*
,. .
by misleading If set see ao *tktt
gravy and political positions **nra tar Xetr Md arack adalttedplcb' de* rlbd toa "., Last tlco"bfor
unsuspecting Negro citizens with all 'alt* *fleer,*. tat BP teo hltckklklaitroB tko testy rtldat tkelr carpatteraoo toralii tat gas
this talk about Job then soave of the AB iBJMCtlBB IB belatatkt .* la Tltatvill should bear tow* of the dl*..***. tko .a .1..1 f.Ipsrts .
actually opposed Negro candidates seeking ,. prtat tae B order attkt.kt Cost .f flBBBClBI ItAMtbr .Ii are belli hid laciBBtla aims reveal.

flection. city fro eoatlMiac tie fatally la tae reaao. for oopotlaf < eltk Ito flat tb* oooplc lad IP* N4MUOON JR. Md
A VOTE AGAINST! the airport Is the only. .U.... .facti c.*. led olth a II edits tat hood IBM Bt Ikeft of teo teletlilOBtele ,,,..U, ba drlablat, Utter tae Laftett/
way Negro citizens can saard against bear4ag aye e.lt'u filed by) ....-.**. receiver .*. slit tie la test .ea, (ro. teo Jtckooa* stew ..Itkbor* reported tld fatrolBMtbat LANlcl
all tae burden of the new airport.A ftatttai Stwtew, Joaaay Need Jatkaoa, abet 41of fl Slat a ftiilttraaofe till least Ito,.* Md n., bad a aiabr ofparti k* grilled Ntrrl'a .

YOU AGAINST the new airport Is the at*.tB. Noful nero, OH.*.I" ...,...., aa tat Airport use clolktai. froa fro *. la tbo pail Md <. bMd Mil Ore..,ry
best way Negro, citizens can indicate that jerry IItIh...... Wet Aadroo Jtoe Caste. 41. sled" BOW seder tk* ether stores. "...... to fltbt" all ..*,....,., ,.. fer help,
they are Dot satisfied with the "stcolne rreddl Los Crafrd.ttrwoad .M releteed roils froo aMtiB.Bt of a fort The .**pit*' arrests tb* ttM. Jails said that eklleBttMptlBf
control''of the city the continued< clof- De Lo"* .Qui.* nttiii *,Bpitti for /utkorltt/ tad lOt bo mafcjr too plate at u. parkin fsvestilsl.rsarmed to sell Mar.

> ing of the swlBaing pool and the failuresof llaid, Leo Ja ktoa, I....I trataat frtbaldr atlUl, tbo pair lad lees llflaila rlaoo fro* tb* eater, h* '
sure Job to Negroes. ,rl... n. Miro iroBpo its Plastic Big 1
the City to open assort iy sad scalp tk* lord for slat rMd far help iris
LATE rea THE AIU *T, FIRST THINGS:' FIRST Illlea sad Jt"e ".*. oowada.acteol. fCntlaood: OB pare SolTTII1TiiJI ,*.r. M", stiles eel lo sea .1 Uh. M Ik*

.. SmoothersYoamg tb* BO tker If to seas ball ef a tarbat trust j
... .. .
: Ins. lilies eat fwd .... 200 feet aty.Tkey ,,1
TillSI oa a sofa Md Biffla ass jolt tat there "

vgAit*'A 1p'y.sr-tld f .. trs.pled kaeelln.ko4 Md laaiked.'Mk tblldfM 'j
h.,....., ... left dpew, at tk* Md .ftk told officer
I steel nt Md Sails stag ttr.,. tt* au If u* I',ro police are ker*. r.. ..li'S+atka old 151, la sets She patrolBM said that

typo d.....u.. Iat4dttoaeottat ef Jack too nil*".Utter kept la tk* iBMUva taitpppd silk oia4trick. < % all IB teat.* eel per bio crib last sttBrdtyfr State deceit bererl .U.h
of Cat Jack doclarod, "iVfe sMifte are. II MB inter aadotker ......"* liaise 1.11'. Blest ll'BiBBt, Fins by I...., ..ar r Ie.' .
aoavlllt atr ooemlaeloBlift Bate pied rue ,.- Private pr' kta, >y Tierl.rtds cut $IAte .t* era ate a tort oftwfrlod mE. nursed to Had bercbane CORE Chiefilawl'.aarIlls lied slipped free Its
TtMdtJ IS M Btttvt laUMa.If.y ef *ltkrrM stir ka. r- liflereed Bob ,.. toes .U ditty of tt. bad BotbrH u gene Md k* auk late
to bnetett Ut vtalat. city *rdlaMceo. eJd. list U* oo-ctll* .U Aia.*tlBo last '.', AoerlcMittf ptrty b4d dealt after kt.lil bo- tail k. ,.. ..n, ..,*,..

city fathers late reBotiM .. till tit .d ....,.. tlfftU part Bftrklai attack OB J." by ..,.. kocbetll.ooawlet cow. to.iid laaplMtlBbM rfid te ,..i.* 1e TB* I.. tbrr* tatteer
.kldifolkr.r_*itB IB freedoo earcfcora btlroM of tb* local. l* pttrlae'aieetIta
'Ct > m piker wade pollcotBBAiataia 1 ro ottt .. .".* -
... ... la reality a blad. use.ZleegE. .ke.tef of tae Coatr*** slated theytte
.. meatly ,. to 1,.,. ktlU. std. Tie ,***, lift told
traffic dst, la th. tatter pelat.4 esS Oat U.,." ternlit' btad hat lea bMokortlly tietf doejiatUM ef tb* police tkat eye pit ef Racial g..alltyODU tb* boy fall Ute

doe tO.Oj .,... tw. OoUft, Ml .*.ee Mare lees BOOB fIIF1D".( 90 .... ta '1. .....U.* l1ea..1 ......, Illl Sflltb ( ), Peter CkfltlMoa tko river Md .,*... Mteaatked
-&. ternltt IMS' ... taJ I....... S.,. lerop liMed tth ao..... la- Star CM ,,,..I list lat yr k** alreadyMt Pi to bed *t ... BtIS 37-yeor aid social ell they dlda'l
14 by eat larrea 5.pelt. ..11..1..,." tetrtfne ,sotl..t.... ta vtrtMBptrto ......, Md. U* state U* MClMt City || p a. .ltbittirilBi .*rlr fr tk* scale try ,. r**.** bio, they
of tk* SSE. .. ,. 11.1-3 d*.- '.1'.,. ...,. said le received ely .aiatellltlbie -
.au are
M Iceatlfle-t *..,. M< Oat IT........ la ...usnu. .. tk* lltkta
kiaait .. dm mt ere Jit KM h' 1'1" .*.. ftof u4Y leak,.. ....u ef tt* 1e..- *.*. ad civic gr acid u* plMtl Ud u. fired free kl* 1144foMta .....u.
kBiaer ef tt* Batteotl ever dace IPSO. .*. are lsdedllg AtI.... klBBbe aUrtod oalMHM pails her* art MMM lab Sal bM left tear tk* jbCarttlMea. ",... arrived ejitetlyOB .
tut*. ticau Arty, n8 ..ra t> ...n. a. lwM stlsf.s' J.t5..a. sae .b. ,.,""... LII catseta *bla| Mayor I..,.,. foot of tk* b.d. 'M reel tk* ***** Md trieM -*
BvaBl..d after d.. at 2M II sl its .te.er.!!y ,. revive
ac by BOT- all CitlMM.rtlla MPtre4 sites laPeetortl dnMttlaia .c...., tttt o* no1bav lie Bltktel. eye Mlbrettblai
seal 1.!.. .r OoBlll- U4 IU Ua **t art kere. ..ro ..n, tar IL aartktBi ef tk* else M* rotiraed. .t **ld k* kad sotooeit4 Nt/rleo' etta MMMttur !-

tt uiftu er the RB .. *..rlk.l a* a pr arreeud MctlM A gar ,***". piss eon ..,.. tk* sir said. bl* .ifMtbprokatUa ;
till. 12 M. Ml ales 5pat. Utita Mrtt .CO *.,. .Itt alfwlatao d/aa lt,u.Unur, MtlaIko4a eke 4lled let olkrb period ealcb u.aelll'lea CJM** I
... tor n* Cart- attar, tat ,.,...4 u o4 UM*. >trtro o.tid* of I* trse4 tiled a .old bata bee* MOplelH ttMe4 .a4tlabyefftcr. ", \
,.. ..rt. r party. file U .. .. U. awiM. It '** Steer u wee ...,-taery. Alt.. BB* aeiikborTbo by sty 1 *<.*d Ik* teo sea laid ,.., 't
.ayer.Pollce eento. ... *'..rOt ...rats distill' ..r.d.d U. oo.... ooeleo ef "BeMoot. ;eibbr sal 1'.' b* reeelted Ik* e.r. ...,.* to oils. :t
sheer Lets Utter Is r'. JM ties ** MTO cat/cd >I.t.Mrl51l"seer .. .*trtl atteeit at idler flrlai bto M TI. dittrtuikt ..,..,.
ffoct b.ld a. resists .. r c........au_'. '4U *r.**tuc tk* lees BffM0d .'ae.u. ...". '....ta r.alfrlies April rt.S ef tb* visits told ibo
5. CP JM U tt. rl v'r.'r -.J..al. hd iZ ef a *e.r* boy ... btdlattrtd days sees It ee* tit ,. .. atUP >M lat.rvtse.d. .../.
was .ryrluses *!.!..'' sips MM eklt 9.blBkd I, ttCol...- .JI.. sell .Qoeu....4 0* ,... M) |CMtlM4 0. page 10)P

-- -- -...... ----....--L.I.41.AAAR I.ILM.IA.A ... w I.,

--.. .
J J 7 t ) Liarar7 -- ; :

} ttalveralty of Florida 1I
: Ca1D.rrtlle. Florida

., _"1 Siil:: i'ilUC I "il1tlM1ta'mJITC (ui

. *****


,. *****. ***** _. E5

NEGRO POLICEMEN SUE f argOffflt&l&W : r::


1 TORY PRACTICES -:0c 21:;' :0

....."" --- ..- .*..*.*.* *. *. *. *. *. *. **** *Tr

Witnessed Worker's Slaying

Ij Eric 0. Sifflisoi "

NEXT THURSDAY Kay 20. the citizen of 7 ,

Jacksonville tion of voting will for be or against faced with the the issuanceof ques- '- ..- ---. ',//11 "*. 'Wh*,*.'",.*"*..,. "J -""' ,..f>!r" "........, _.......- II""\.* *. *. *, ...., ...,.,. ""

$9 million in general obligation bondsto "I]
help finance the building of a new airport ,
which will cost about $26 Billion. .. ..... A .. ... .. .- .....u..: ..A ....... _. ._ .... 1'- ---
THIS' IS A QUESTION that every home-owner l ***** *****

should vote on one way or another because

I your failure to vote could help to get : '
the referendum passed or help to defeatit. JAXONSARRESTSMAY
f fI 1e1'rY i

Moreover it must be understood that the
taxpayer who supports the bond issue faIn

affect saying; I will be] I .
responsible for paying back CRACK SHOPLIFTING

this money. It means that 1fl, ) \J
the airport runs into any kind ; .
of losses the city taxpayers l *#*#*# ##*###

of will the have indebtedness.to be taxed to pay ) Jax AirportCan Pronged Police Crackdown 2 Laborers

THERE'S NO DENYING that Imer- SIMPSON Wait.... Nabs Shoplifters At Beaches Idly Watch
son Airport is inadequate and out coded t. .r- .
as supporters of the bond issue claim. Viat is believed to be one of the biggest Youth DrownA
Surely. Jacksonville and Ouval County '" l Say OjtyosersA suspected local shoplifting rings In years

could do with a new airport. ':'...Min tb* .**knd c... to was cracked by combined efforts of policein truedjr hlch alihtbive .
BUT. there are other aspects to be con- .*< ....r L1. a close a eri..*root three Beaches cities when six persons sully b.... averted
sidered. LeRoy tome (5)). who ... r. et a t. A ae-ant among Negro all giving local addresses were arrestedand took place here Monday
ElY should the city taxpayers be saddled Mr*. Viols LlBiao -Alt civil cults worker, at ,iro p* to oppose fi* Jailed pending further inveatlgatlon afteroooa hta a 5-ytir
with the obligation of a S9 million bond tb* the abe .M fuaned dot by aliht-rldora after aBClti of a B.. airport 6- old boy drowsed. la a

Issue for a facility that will benefit the .* "*to-loatgom.ry Birch, talk with Jola.1I.s. by ebllitttBi city tai jUUdlallw of 15.000 lot of plo IT save Drugstore creek .b1 Ie ho ... wit
both city and county residents? As a mat .., Southern Carlitiin Leidtrihtp CDifereoee payer to tb* tune of $. bonds each tire: at Atlantic teach aliht hive lived 'b.lrU. .
ter of fact it is possible that more recreientitlve Moton teitlfled la the trial of alllloi *aa ckteblac OB Maces iriibt of USD follotlm the vlctlB'a .'. llfeunooncernlyconvened .
county residents will benefit from the one of three Ki Elsa tissues chined sub the Ilk .Ud-IS,*. state St. ; Vera B.ll tip, Patterson eoa .bll* the Incident
airport than city residents when we con.Ider ah,..,. (UPI TIUTtOTO' ) waded by several ala* Iron 12|) LOIIB it. ; tlnued. wax tiklai pi ice,
the small percentage of city tax esters tad ladr latitle Oriel L. aotaia, 1434 Anliti from esptuuelack HwrlBoa Ackerwin. jr

payers who can afford to travel via Police orculutlon. the 1. 3-nd:/ it. ; Btitrle and Atlantic of of 4114 I. V&raS'& A"e.
Negro ..., ... ,.
eo.* .c lid ..
planes. ArraignedIn 'nil. situ Huhy LM flceri culilBited la th* was .llklBf llOlf the
... "...
SURE we can do with a new airport but Officials by a .poke. a* Jo... of til. CdtirdiAt streets slick IM re- bank of fit VII. Creek.ttiro .
how lone have the swimming pools been Charge first sip toward bruk' *. ; Robert L. ODlllai, suited IB th* recovery he illrped and fell
closed and no effort made to re-ovan then? Negro'sSlaying 11 tb* cbaiM of political 146 t. 23rd St ; sad of th* stolen article., Into th. *.tr. rotloiln
If the swimming pools can wait, then the With Bias sadism control Otis 'h".., 1234 I.Accordlai pitterion concluded. recovery of the! body the
airport can wait. TAMfA..CaariM of .dli- bleb lau *.& kld tie ."-11 .\. vletl ... pronounced
chile and cltli-at "
tDW LONG have Negro citizens had to wait rlalBitory practices of JckoalU Negro.** to J.cklO.- CURE MORE II dead on arrival at Dutil
. for a new library Endless years It by a,. reteribiri *lt- till lack Dtctlt R. Medical Center.
4J .......".. \ad. after .tlt*.ee years ,of officials Md the polte. ,. A.Ltidero thst of tb tie* sovasstclsrpt airport C. fittrtx, tb* group GIVE MORE t i. II Du-il OouBty ritrolitnId _
OSTOCkBrtd .S tb* '
waiting for street and sewer Improvements chief, ..r* filed b.r. "ltrSIOII.1 alter
fatal .... ad *laylB. ( efOB project 1* belai nibit
there art still mlddle-of-the-atreet cave T eodi. by 12 Negro No aadta* beating through for tb. b.**,., w AMERICAN U Isle Limett and ho
Ins at every mile of the road despitethe policeten.plilitlffi, r other yoMBf boys sire
I a btadfal of political
of .n.,, tto elite
millions of dollars spent elfin tbyr CANCER SOCIETY ilklnt the husk .mrrleoa .
ales tire .".....4 br bo**.*, bvlldlacaad .
TALK ABOUT the jobs a new airport will ml tied solely to eoBttrwctloB people walled too clot
Moadiy oa first dir**
create is abundant But I have got news pollclif .Metro ores Mdr Polite to the titer Md slipped
sad tktr aercbtata at ProbingCovfila's <<
ijitMitleiily it* eerier *id ... ..1'
for Kxccpt the city changes its fair late th* creek which hi*
you. .. char,*.. the *ipc of city ti*
elided from d tl 1*
Inc policy In a hurry you11 be able to p of erg.Hose. Death depth of aboat ill
oils areas OB bl ef grade *f I3S.OOO mail feet,
count the number of job Negroes will get mire etbyNac. Jwatle. oppoli tb* May.
and rice MIA*!"** wurd-r alcld.lsvolvilg Test J.... iron
out of the new airport on your 30 airport ld.i..tlu |0,
Char-ee also claim tb* I. '. ".'.,.0. ...lust coBOun'lie,
then they wlllbemostly skycaps: and bathroom Nitro '.IS..... live CiiTlM Cinch, 30' sad sill re4lly tdalt that t couple ...a reported by
porters.THE ba deprived of .....1ro..Un llcbard V ......, 34. there la a*.d for>> a lee t offlcen lire inlay
CHARGE that the airport plan which 11 airport bat flat thy
adt*.C"*., Iota ef TltBitlll
being reamed down the throats of city tat.payers .r* ..*..., tb* ,,...., alp April 14 Nfx
*ad eoopewiatloa o* M' A third an, ..*ri* police Ideitlfled. tb*
is a project to enrich the political corm of U* d','* pr*. 'oobl. Jr, as, BM. ef pies ef flaaaclM heM" ...pi* as Bok.rt Lee
machine bosses, the construction .... It ,lac.. the ,.*,ota.l.
teat poll n* eoeplalat 11t11..n. IIru.... lUifriB, 41. Md Labs Hit
fins,the merchants and give a few crumbsto ,UIt, for U. M alllloa '
ales that 1
charges ea dirge ef hug &a 1111'.., >to a pirt'tla*
a handful of Negro political puppets hoed tin oa tie city
the Police DepirtititatlaUla ...
.ee. to ill cries ..S'. n. deeied. livid
baa a great deal of truth in It. tuptjer* aloi.
e.puaiedter std ... Jailed Is II*. r
-' t nn M lets At*
lot is the group of It 1* tilt flat *....
11 roc.for pllcaa .f ".000 .... tl..,." ..t.".U Sliier
to .
Negro "polltlclana" woo are dancing aa airport &11 biefltouaty
aid tfcer ar* dlffratfrw
eb.rlfr. lateitltitor
said Pulls, aerbinl.
the tune of the political bosses for some. ef dJMlpllB pr.. BU.... scrtno said an. '.. tupiyer a.* ...llIf ..,. picked op after see Kipireatly shot B Mri.Mll i._
gravy and political posltlona by misleading ....,.. for Meire ad aad CtrBCbixtBlttHplU* sot ear M *tbitth of theirvlctlae dee rlbed "it lent telee"befor
unsuspecting Negro citizens with all ..lt. ..ffSeera.M IK IP t-o bltekblklBieiree ....", ,*.1'*.'. their car. tea teriln tb.
this talk about Jobs when some of them liJMCtloa 1* ,.!*. la Tlteevllles aloud br *ot>* ef tb* PattersonIsclosed the ..*..11. ...,.ice.
actually opposed Negro candidates seeking soil. ef ".*..... It ill belli 1.14a
tb are
**.ftt t* precut .r alcbt.Sbet 1"11 ill reveal
flection. city fm ccatlMlM the fatally la tb. Motbr rusts fr ** .OBBecttea eltb tb. list tb* tot," bid a.. AMI SON .1*. MdSI
A VOTE A6AINST the airport is the only all.... ,recUc... hell mill a 31 caliber. poilM U. .load IM* at theft *f tee televl| pireitly .... drliklii.Ue i ter fue LineUe
way Negro citizens can guard against beer4ng Tye pelt wax filed by; .at.retelter .*. tbt* tie. I* that sill eels fro* teo jichMB welikbore reported tell PitrtlBM LA.Mlch

all the burden of the new airport.A U11 totes Jpba OM Jack**.. diet 4$. fl that facility vllle leach stores Md tbey Isa sicker ef Ibit b* inhked Nirrl
VOW AGAINST the new airport U the ay a.L"is. Mortc pert, ., o-te4o.Rl c-MpMloe, such a* tie Atrpert also eletbln fro. fro ,.< best way Negro citizens can Indicate thatthey Jerry .,1.*,". ar, ..dr.. uses Cute. 41.M ....1. ease islet tb. ....., .to,... -..... ta fiibt" ill ,,,'..U.t. '" fr help
not satisfied with the machine ., ,., .......*.. ., a forttatborlty The Mepecte
are rreddi Lee C: '.1...*. .MttBday fees meitetook tb. tlM.IBteetlflUr. jMei aild that ...1.
control"of the city, the continued doting vd. D* LAa4.Qatl. TltMttll .pltil fel' sal M' be rum piece sighs pirklif farmed ."..,u., te poll Her Vr
of the swimming pools and the failure ..lh.., Loa Jackass, by all Nail.Tb Ji.
ltlB treitaeit ferbidr tk* pair kid bees lltln rise free th. mater, he
of the City to open more Jobs to ,Negroes.LATCtrOKTHE tabrt Ky, Pried. sal ...1, Heir .,..,. are Plastic Bag !. u* lose for about a screwed fer help free J

AIU *Z 1ST THINGS FIRST.Bllld IllUa aad Jree I.... toes.casei/.. CCDlU"M oa PM. 10)IflVT yeir. Mri, Milt** *ntb ,.. eee elttlM es Eke I

-.-... .. ...."'" --. ... ... .-....-. Mr.. Mlltca mss feral sea : feet ...". 1
I T1J" y .. a sots Md Saffiaft woo .,..., last ..! there

...., 1\t\ J.l..... ..._, n...._.. MI Ail"A ii",.."*'ldbikyeltter d crwelM kBeelln.ae4 Md liu.."." ta. ehll*
eh* left a ... it tb* eel. efU re* tell ffleere.IB .
1 UK aad BUl ..sl tar Bt.a tie City tf tb* .*ir. r.llc* ate ber*. Ma**. ele'eeetle ell lily IBbl ..,.. ,.'nl... Mid tbitdeceit
tn. ..z...u.* I I vicedUeae ef jKb-M-tll.Klttr lest ta tb* 4.-*..-. r..I"" .ltbmet. saes/. %>> all tatvta .d par crib lest litirdiyfer bererle effort

tta, ef UljKkemIll Xlir.i. "We're _!.< .,.. It see Itoier aid .....,..* ...t.. IItI'' slut llliitee, Stet Fires by I...., MarS.Ut' I
..._ f-wbtti by 'Tk* otber itit I.P'.* -*. laid iltppid fyee kl4fMp .
city co-ad te bat sd ,u. retllMttf rrtt .r* ar* a IIDrt efrafrld Jb8ta. rtrsd t* tied lee CORE Chief
lest ,...->daj la M Ittevrt ] aay ef anKrete.l.ltt..117 flerld stir h. ,*- ..n... tob possums laU oditlM ef tie cbirie bid Mtbered te Md b* Mk late
u brwvkeit the *rdlaaac .**.... that tb* *.*CtJI Aifaetla laet yr.eirtlai MrtM h. fifty h.... ...t, after bivlii be HIMOuri, trot b. tb* pens .*ter*. :
city fitbere late rtwovtat .*. .. -111 bit .d states u-,.t. Party shads *. Nt- H by large taeat.ll coo tMfled laiplMtleb4 '.f.**. te Gelds ss Tb. t.. Jab"." ta
t- ,...*. Pallet .:II_ ,.11,* "Mil,aU .Ucapttll\ rrt*.t* t* ire f'.... ."d.,. oaalet* *1t i. ireta* nal n.. .f Ito leeilbeeter utter le p it r.!*... I ''
et meatly ....... ttraffic .",." la reality a 'I.*.. axes bait. *t.. tk. ,.... itrl t.ld *f tb. Coi.,..* ,...'1.B. ititid they
duty is th. aitttr p.latd eat Oat Ulrcty ttrnltt ,M< -Aewiatb. tact bM b.-a ntr dniaitl ef u. pelf.i flat ... let er lictit nlliy ... the hey fall late
.a**. ..",. bt* .... aereJly, "r-ott. the (OD U), Peter CBflitlM Md dreee. j
do-atot are* tical. TV**. Ocala. tadTJIAMM .COB* la It. At.*tU* .l..Ml .*..*., ..II.. tb river a.
Die terrelit lead a. bit ,.*!*. 11UH tlb ..'S.. Ii.vsotip'Usai Star earn retell list I.., ,.er bi* ilr.Kroit ills ft t* k.4 it Moil. .. 21ye.r all eoelilrier sued .., they dld. |
led tr *.. tetra n. Hll i-a .Ip" to U varlete Stair Md tat hate U* Aeclcet City 10 II P a V ellkeittvriln fer tb* mil try .. rteeee hie tbeyy
Mil*. ..e ..*.II f.... trim daty. aad sat patio et tb* .,... IS.ra ire llaJ 4wadat 11..... '" la ...,.., e5 tb* llikt.iae '.1'.,. hoard said I* ...1..4 eel, ....... I$
bieif M .etn tnl eh 151 Pu h' melee" .,. ... *f Utfttaddla I....,... .* .t U. brta4rtt4 *-* trade, sad] such IMMbr iid U* pistil ... ..*. fired ,". Its 1140 lUIble Meera.nreota .

Mr ef ta. PitltaeJ .**r Uc* Pt4. -a* ar* Uata Lisa CIII...... ...s. are waaala**. la bid beee left *.*, tb* e costs us.Chtiuilu.es. rrived ejilckly
ltat.. U 0u pny.miM e? I* catort* tie lau .,...,., J.L ItDa.,. "- the trrnie4 Ala..*.. ....., M'-r UttvtatoBoit felt *f U* .*.. CM r.* e5 the ace** Md tried J
.,..,.S M ...- ..r4 .n., .ld.* tM4 if aliibl ... ..
by m all citl... tae *ef efua la titt 4yaaltl*|* lust a t-.' t ties Icbiel tie Mtbreitblli M e rally te revive
ml laaer o. ISII. fklk Ud tU eta .*., Peelers! mn br. *.rarrtd er14i.r ILA bit aaytblac *f tb. .... eke relraed. ild. b* bid amt rrlwa wits a t.wal. twr t
teat taltau .f tb. KI b. dclb. a* a p la eaa* tlM Cur reporter pAl- art tb* sinn eild ceoeleted He eli-*>ilkprelillei I'iuesaeltle '

Kits, Kit*, tat tit S thin Mrt, .M *teaatarwi. lick -Jnl*.kM daamltlM ts,tb.WMt.n satl.al ale cilled ber collie pined e.leS.weld / .bMttMc4 CII.. ,,
....... tor a* Carl- bet ,****" teMI *. 44-iiner* ..,.... *fateeaery. eke la Cursed said aaelelhr bit. bee e... ..&il byeffleer*. !
Urn s-rl- party.suerpails. II 1ta axe sea- It *.. .....*, ta* **.- .. Ala., es. --Jr5. pitted by e.y .. ....4 .,. tee eee aid] they \ \
maim sissies, "tat ...altyressasa. ....'.11' ..f.ao>d U. _..,.. *oele. .f on. (, The lckbr *ide list be ,....u. tbe ore wattle M .e'" {.
.....r Leell Utter la j.j tli ta' *.r* caf4 -ft-aeerMlt," ...., bit serer.stleepie .te liter flrUi his M Tie' t
effort rid ta. rwlit me m&b...eKnMlesnet in a>*..iu*, ta* %*. .. *a*.,. ea.|*d .!... r---, ..te>le...'" yeeelr' April n ., tie dUtrwikt culls pasta
t* tame U tk* rDK.'m. '>....*-J* rctalttlace" .f a ....-.. 1*, *t*> bd tb* diy wipe. Itpibllid ... ..... L- -.I HM bete M ...U. yes lalaetad. leor4 tell the
es* *ne l>*Ue* alsat was Imilersled .bll* by ta. (It.... '.r" ; .,...j P.llM Mii. (Ck-itU: .*d OB fM M>)> (0esulasd Ds .. 10)t

: J JJ

----- --- ,
1WYl .......+. .



.& t SATURDAY Mn 15. lilt


Hispaniola as
Published by the florid Star PublUMng O>. Columbus The Dominican called it when he first touched

ERIC 0. SIMPSON..........Miiifitf Editor tern fin in the New World-is its sister almost republic as-
nation as
much of a Negro
ALISON E. VISE............ News E.itirIILDA of Haiti.f51at .
there is therefore of special
1C8I on
VOOTEN......... Circilitin Mauler concern to us, not only as Americans, but

Nor is there anything contradictory
as Negroes.

Rn national tragedy that is being enacted
2323 Mucriif Pint Elfii 4-1712 The
there is no different in essence

MiiliiE Address from many others which have occured in

P.O. In 561 Jic.siitilli 1 Fliriii black brow and yellow countries across
the globe where Uncle Saa has-stucfc out

I/ his red neck.
MIAMI OFFICE i The basic fact of life in these countries

131 NV 3r. An. Pkni 377-1025 .. is that..thanks to the accident of the
revolution in
priority of the industrial
white man's lands--the continents of Africa

., ,.. Asia and Latin America have been

fURSCRIPT1011 AT3 .. :' by-passed thus far by the 20th Century

One Yurt $4. 00 Half Year $4.00 ritPds ... ,It They are still groveling in the abject

Mailed to You Anywhere In the United Statei ,:.. ..... .;" misery of hunger sickness and ignorance.All .
Subscription In advance ..... )
payable .. except a thin upper crust of natives -
Rend Check or Money Order to: ,t \% : .' :..\ 'w.i ./' who skim off all the cream, own
C .'. :
everything, and rule with an iron hand.
FLft2fA STAR P.O. BOX 541 \ ', that the bare-
/ therefore
; : "i4fJ : Little wonder
Jacknonvllle 1. Plori.l" ': / foot boys beneath them are in a state of
I' '1" ..lVl1 which breaks out
.it, constant revolt every j
.; I ['J, time they can grab up a stick or a gun.

\\\\ Viet hum War DeMONstrates I 'ij/ And each time that happens Uncle Sam invariably '*
/ r'tvrarti gives his backing to the palace

crowd of tyrants for no other reason than I
U. S. Is Ho "Paper
Tiler"I I DEFENDING THE FREEDOM OF OTHERS* HOPING TO GET HIS SACK HOME! that they play ball with the him cold and dance and to.
his tune in business war,

There are diametrically opposed points of -, the united Nations.
view as to what we can do and should no in Ie are again rebels..so Dicky-Boy Bissellof

Viet Nam. Out there can no longer be any the CIA (which ought to stand for Central -

dissent to one fact; this government is \ Ignorance Agency) informs us via TV..
totally committed to using whatever force J Ik' : : ;: : because they "explicitly against "
;;, { J '.l'' };?; B't\ l;',, : ':.< ;, us.
and whatever tactics to ;<.A ,, .:; .'"' ; f.,
are necessary pre ; l' If < : ; M' And well they might be. For it was we who
serve South Viet Nam fro., a communist take .'" } jf, 0 : l" :.- put the local tyrants in power and kept

over. The President went all out when ata them there and we who an and back up the

conference of governorshe declared that .. I ,""""'" local armed forces which keep the people

this would *'e the policy even I fit takes T i'WY'fiYif'r.F "\ \\1I lflf'III'! ." ground down. (To get an idea how those

"20 or 50 years. He has also said that ( i.ii':.>: :.J '.'I .(! .\ people must feel,just imagine how you would
\ ''
.1 '
he is always ready to negotiate an honor. or. -' .. ,<1'11 '1'1//?"\ ". feel if John Edgar Hoover were backing up
able peace but has found no sign of any 'L ). .\ Bull C nnor. )
willingness on the part of the communiststo i( i t : '<, \: C,' Like us. they don't give two hoots whether

move in that direction. .,: they oppressors are labelling them blacks

Intelligence Digest a British publication '" ..___ _._.... '. !Io.-_ .._. reds or greens. They know what they want
which deals in world affairs and hasa and need in order to live like human beings -

reputation for prescience quotes one .11I '1 FOR SUGGESTIONS. CARE UP, A RATHER PLfASANT MODEL FOR OTHERS TO FOL and they are determined to get it in
of its special correspondents saying: FVL LIST SOMCTHINO OCCUR DAY IS IN PROSPECT.ENJOY LOW. their lifetime from whatever
is obvious that the united States Born March :21 nt thru economic and
now TO MAR THE DAY'S FUN. CONVERSATION. '- -".15-45-5e9 political
system delivers the
April 11hTNc goods. Naturally
worked Itself into a monstrous dilemma
has WHEN THERE I NEED FOR t-90-33-16-32-193 like
us and
in Viet Nam and finds Itself, so to NECESSITY or BUILDING DRIVING AT NIGHT VERY* r>>:;tm"T1 remain everybody, they want
between the devil and the UP SUBSTANTIAL RE. in the process. But so far the
ONE SHOULD BE DOUBLY LIRRA Born Tec. 22nd thru- only freedom
deep blue sea. What is so aggravating to SERVES II EMPHASIZED ou VIGILANT. THING MAY NOT Born Kept. 21rd thru Jan. 19th we and our buddy-boys have
ever accorded
America and her allies is the fact that KINO YOU PERIODS OF INTENSE TURN OUT AS AGREEABLY ASHOPED Oct. 21MALTHOUGH : SEEK THE COMPANY OF dead. then U the freedom to drop

solution of the situation but the MUSTER YOUR IJUIIOI u. 4
for the


Although there art aa yet no projections -
and subsequent
of Viet Nam MAY
ARISES." THERE COULD 1CSOMC of labor force by color estimates -
withdrawal; or, (3)) an expansion of the SPOIL THE MORNING FOR ,..E. AS LONG) AS YOU CAN ALONE WHEN YOU HAVE RE A-
DISAPPOINTING' A$. indicate about ODe- n fUa of the increase -
with Red
PECTS TO THIS DAY TXERC in the labor force by 1970 will be
ac DONE AIOUT THEM. GOOD The Presidents Manpower Report to Congress -
THINGS ARE ON THE WAY. prepared by the Secretary of Labor
is and safe
solution to the Viet Nam problem.The President WHICH MAY BE ENVELOPING TAKE SOME OF THC coaaenta on labor force growth:

it seems absolutely clear has made n You. TAKE A cue FROM 470IMJ2J472SCORPIO PLEASURE OUT OF THC DAY. GtiDtTH IN NCfUHITE FORCEA

his decision and there will be no backtracking Born April 20th thru THEM. ACCEPT LIFC AS IT IT MAY BC WISC TO REMAIN significant trend in labor force growthrtlatts -

That decision as U.S. News % Mny 20th IS. Born Oct. 24th thru CLOSER TO YOUR ASDt. to the txptcttd increase in the

7orld Report suns it up, ". .is to be generous LOVE NOT ONLY MAKES THE 2-eo-6e.I9-57.28e Nov. 22nd YOU MAY NOT BC TOO number of nonwhites during the nut half

if the communists end their aggression WORLD GO ROUND BUT ALSO HAPPY OVER TMC WAY THING dtcadt. Although Doa.blt..atnll Negroes -
but brutal if they .choose a test of LEO THE MOMENT WHEN 'INDI*
BRINGS OUT THE UROE TO ARC SHAPING' UP IN YOUR ..make up slightly more than ont-
adds that porn July 23rd thru VI DUAL CNTCRPRIIC' WILL'
The magazine
military strength. ,
DO SOMETNINO' ARTISTIC tenth of the current labor force they
has been Informed that she will
Red China
for much
OR CREATIVE. IP ONLY FOR will account a larger proportion
be subject to attack with all weapons including THIS SHOULD BC A COOD
of the coming labor force bay
nuclear, if she enters the fight. TIME FOR EVERYONE' HOME 'IN CREATIVE OCCUPATIONS.2705yt .
TRACT PROM IT, THE OP aa yet no firm projections of labor force
IN "' ''1. (IF YOU
In other words, It is up to the communlixlstii TO JOIN IN PLANNING' FOR a273
PORTUNITY TO MAKC A GINEROUS ARC AWARC Or THE FACT by color but baaed upon population chances:
to decide whether the war is to grow THE FUTURE OK IN OTHER
CEKTURC SHOULD NOT that have already occurred it ia
estimated -
in this thepresident's
hotter or not. And country, INTMISTINDISCUSSIONS.. AQUARIUS
BC MISSED. FATIOUC SET BETRAY YOU, YOU WILL *E that roughly oat-fifth of tht Increase
position is being given ttn I.ATU.SoIol(1)tIHG "x "UCTI C"' THERE ARE Born Jan. 20th thru
IN COULD DISPOSED' TO in tee labor force bttwttn 1964
kind of bipartisan support ,.h.
LISTEN TO FRIENDLY AD- and 1970 will be aonwhltts.
within and without Congress.For Instance, NOT GO ACCORDING TO THE THC ECONOMIC MALI YOU
YOUR DEAR ONCI. EVERYONE VICE.IT' II POSSIBLt THAT The txptcttd Increase. of about 1 3/4 million
in of his
WILL HAVI TO CKERCISE PI PEOPLE WILL BC .IN in the nuabtr of nonwhites IB the labor .
columns, writes that the Johnson policy YOUR DEAR ONES. CERTAIN II BEACHED WHEN
". .has worked wonders In turning the war COMPLETE' SCLPCONTROL PASTIMES MAY SUM Cl. GOOD HUMOR MCAUSC OFUNAVOIDABLE YOU CONTINUE' YOUR CF. force bttwtta 1964 and 1970 contrast

from a hopeless morass into a sharply to NOT TO AGGRAVATE MAT PENSIVE. THE THINGS THAT CIRCUM FORT*. ALTHOUGH YOU MAY with an increase of about half of that amount -

cused issue." Going on. he suggests that Tt WIi.W0.2213.69.352 DISAPPOINTED YOU TESTER-" nANCII.Do row PART IN II IMS-DEEP IN '"P..' ..in excess of .800.000-.which occur

this country Issue a "target ultimatum" DAY MAY INDUCE YOU TO DECIDE PROVIDIN NEEDED *AIETY.MAKC RATIONS TO OBSCRVI TMC red in the priory* r period lU..... A

: to the Hanoi government. This would consist aF..4INI: TO EMPLOY ENTIRELY NO BVIINEI' OR PI. DAY 'IN TME TRADITIONAL' relatively large proportion of this ia.cr.
of Born May 21at thru NANCIAL COMMITMENT .... ia the ooawhltt labor force will
of naming a series of targets increasing DIFFERENT TACTICS NEITTIME. MANNER YOU MUST ALLOW
Importance that would be hit successively June :21 Kt BC "M.LOIO'. "I C"' UNTIL YOU NAVE H'O.A ION SUDDEN CHANGES. IT occur at tht youagtr ages whtrt the combination '

until Hanoi accedes to peace THE SOONER.. YOU COMPLETE YOUR AMBITION"' II AGAIN CHANCE TO CONSULT TRUST WOULD BE 11"11 TO ** of youth lack of adequate tdaca

: terms. He also proposes that we ask our YOUR ASSIGNED TASKS, TMMOKE CATCH"* FIRE, CAUSING CD ASSOCIATES. THE P.M. BANOON PROJCCTTMMTO tics or training, latxptrltnct. and discrimination

Asian allies such as the Philippines to TIMS YOU WILL NAVI YOU TO C ITA..I'Holt.. |I' MORE FAVORABLE. TCSUNNY 10 THROUGH! WITH IT INMR because of color has resulted J

I enter the Viet Nan ground war. AT YOUR DISPOSAL POW PROGRAM THAT WOULD SCANt DISPOSITIONS OF UNFAVORABLE CIRCUM.STANCES. ia unemployment, rates of such magnitude.

There is another Important facet to the OTHER ACTI VI Till. ENJOY OTl4.... ALLOW FO* HUMAN THC 'INDIVIDUALS YOU WIT FINS LESS II. 23 percent for boys and 31 percent for

picture. Newsweek suns it up this way;: GOOD COMPANY. >IR( II A FRAILITIIS..4055I4.75.945. SHOULD 410 FAR TO *RIHT* PENSIVE WAYS OP SAININtTMC girls in 1964.aa to bt a national dis

, "For the tine being at least Washing CERTAIN SPILL CAST *Y .. EN YOU OWN SPIRITS.' SAME CNDS WHEN YOU tract.Thtst.
ton's new-found decisiveness has stolen PEOPLE WHO SEEM TO POSIES 7.20-N-..-,. 7M RUN INTO (mooRCOrowDIFFICULTIES. board shifts ia labor force treads

the initiative from the communist camp. In ALL TMI riNEST ATTRIBUTE VItau: THIS I 11 ASPLINOID by age and color. haTe ... very obvious

sharp contrast with the recent past It la *. YOU lEVI DRAW Born '&u,. 23rd thru ,MGrTTARIUS SVCNIM" TO ENTERTAIN. and serious, laplicatloaa. It will bt ..-

now the leaders in Moscow and Peking who TO THEM INSTINCTIVELY.ALTHOUGH Sfpt. 22nd: Born Nov 21 rd 'thru PEACE OP MIND. atatlal to aastaia a high rate of overall

seen uncertain and confused.who are gro- PEOPLE MAY ATTEMPT EXPECT TO *c ON THE GO rc. lat TAKES t.t*. growth ia output DOt only to generate aaadtcjQitt

ptrl[foe a way to answer the U.S. Challenge. TO .{ FRIENDLY IT CONTINUALLY ATTENDING RESORT TO DIPLOMATIC' a-IOO-M-D-M-ll" anabtr of jobs ia aggregate but

." So fans anyone can see now, they COULD REQUIRE CONSIDER TO PERSONAL MATTER MO MCASURCS TO EACM TOP alto to provide a basis for a coatinned

.*..-'t want to*'risk direct warfare on any ABLE CFFOHT.TMC SPIRIT' JOINT MONETARY ACTIVITIES tlCCUTIVCS AND TO A. PIIClaIona healthy txpaasloa la the goods-producing

with the while at the same NOT CMIEVE a STATUS SATINS Fob 19ta tare
scale U.S. or COMPROMISE' IMOULO DO DELAY ANI industries and la the blue-collar occupations :
time they are vitally concerned with saving HELP IN TMt P.M. EVERYONE ERIN'"* YOU MAIL. CON TALENT ASS IESULTS March 20taTAKE ..ihort males, especially yoaagtr


No ont knows what the future will bring. FUSS A6 BOTMfR. IT THAT AlII CONSIDERED |M- tc MORE PL E AS ANT" MAM WNTI YOU NAYE MA* high level of taployatat till only ease

But the United Statea is demonstrating that II POSSIBLE POW ""I. PORTANT ESPECIALLY PROM THIS alit DAY AT NOW Et UNTIL YOU MAM MAD these problem Ia addition significant

it is not a paper tiger. MINDED PEOPLE TO UNOCR- THE ION -RAN'C POINT, or 1'1 YOURSELF t* WITS T!11I10 aka PERSONALLY.II Chang la _IOTlt patterns with respect

STAND ACM OTMSR WITHOUT, V"". >OSC WHO PLAN DM MOMtR OP INS ICILY IDEA COULD BC tC- to age sex lad color will btatctssary if


Hay IB. lilt Neettaa Roberta aa4 Nary Johaaoa.outataadlai TMAT IT WILL M MASS TO the eaployaeat
groups .ill have
Negro h.... of world tar I. killed 30 .a.30-44-17-t. '1.... YU LOYt ONCIPJWVIOE to be brokta.
WITH YOU UNTIL vow MAKE Eaploytra will hats to
Oaraa darts 'lo 4r kemd-tonule.. WOMC ..lit YOU FEEL THAT tat FUN. 1"111 TCM SEE TMC llMT.Ott tins to accept rater adjust alrlag prac
A COMMOTION auabtra of youactr
selected by UelepabUcea CA"Cr.nBnm tOMCDNl 0* OMCTHIN4 NAS MAT BC tUITE .wttMNon WITH FACTI. workers.
Abraaaa Uaeola vaa This
May it. Il 22nd thru ..tv liD IN SON process will be facilitated
Ualr trcalieatial euilftate at aatloaal Juno LET YOU DOWN, LITTLC YOU S OUL.* EIR TtOICRVt If young persons
M July 22nd NINSI, COULD AG4AAVATCvow. VOU DOMESTIC AND PB*. so.oteriag tat tori Jag
tteveatloa la Calea o. ages have ad'Q3at. .location

May H. 1114 I*. I." aupr*.* art nle4 Uat SUItS WITH 4 VIEeOFtlVINt APPIER THIS KVlNIHt.ALTHOUGH COULD M 1N TO YOU T* '. DD MT MCSITATtTt the case nUN ar..tertest taaa la now
racial McretaUoa ia VUelyM9eorte4 aobool iaucoaatlUtloaal YOU ..M ONE AS IT MAT BC THIS STSAI'''TIN NINSI tWT. SAY TME WOBt TWIT ia tat fields lad tralaed
ettlaelac the tVMtrla of set* MT yOU ACT An* *C- tint in be ta deaaai U
ante tat equl aa4 pavlM Ue way for ..., le.al FO* YOURSELF. AM REALLY iNTSACSmaCOMS. MAYA MAY BE un AJ tilt ,c1'. :.r-- tae ecoaoay drirtag the am decade




r I ; ---, .. --- I/iRE tuit

'SUNDAY MAY 15r 1J55 r4 FlJlMDA STAR mils 3

Hew Stanton Gateway Hosts State Officials During Anniversary Observance RegistrationEnds

Schedules May 25

Annual Concert r 1. Registration at cooper
Acadeay which got underwuonMay

12 for !Kindergarten
The cite Club of new
through junior
Stanton High School will
high school for the 163
present its annual con
6. school term will end
';' cert tonight (Friday
on May 20.
in the Little Theatre of
..* the1' On May 20 through the
civic Auditorloa.
,. 33. older students fro.tilt .
The group will sing se
September classeswill .
lections: from clasalcs.spirltusls register
and the oat
Hour for registration
recent Academy' Award win begin at 10:00: a.a. ,
through 2:00: p.a.
Tfce sinters have wade
The Acadeay baa eiperlenced -
superior ratings at all
a most sueeussful -
district and state festivals ', 4
-A' year with over
and have presented "100 students enrolled.Due .
concerts at leading
to an eipanslon In
eoJJ eltl. Ray front facilities there will
Auditorial in Mlaal. in
be aaplf roOD for SO
alngtrfn, ".C. Delaware .
students during
inter CapPa., Nassau .I falL',1
:'t\, J ant ten.
Bananas. and most recently ., .'
attained international !r-', ,'f'A A pair of clean watts
recognition at : .gloves makes a woaan-

the orld's Fair in New A CAPACITY ATTC4DUCS' of state derartaeot officials Harry L. Shaffer. Peerfleld seach; Department sonvllie I ; Walter S. Hoover, Largo; put Department of any age froa 3 on up-

York City Mrs. Alpha H. and district officers attended the third Quartermaster Arch Maclntyro of Tanpapaat; National President Myrtle L. schevenam and M. schewenaen, feel like a lady, and

Moore is director. amlverssry observance of Gateway Barracks No. president. Mrs. Arch uaclntryo of Tampa; Secretary-treasurer Brace Klnbell. Service Preal- therefore look like alab.

Don't 3131 and Its Auxlllsry held recently in Joe H. Past OoBBander and Mrs Karl an* Lloyd, Bradenton; dent Lue Bruce; Jai Barracke Commander I'lan. Comwander So, whether your i

gnwsvope James Comunlty center. 13th and orunthal Sts. Seventh strict Commander Ray Cubit Orlando 1 ; J.s. Irving Rr. and Mrs Lola elib, preal, white glove are leather I

know Among guests present were Senior Vice CoaaanderTeaa. Eighth District ooaaender Clifford S.'l.p. Jack dent of the Au III ial'1..re hosts for the occasion. or fabric, do cues *" I Irr

Every litter bit huts Red, "r merry wwerlnE.Jax .

I Jox To Host 26th Annual Socially im"mm SpeakingGuests U. Prexy, Ikhop Primm

Session Of Beauticians' Assn. EWC's Conimencentent Sneakers

By BantA HAMILTON PERRT attending Kappa Alpha ,at'. annual. Black Jones, and Alveola scrlven were song other sobers
and Vbltt Ball at the Dual Armory last Friday in attendance, Twu Ben are leaders la their reapeetlve fields
Director of public Relations
evening found It to be one of the lost enjoyable will be the speaker when Idward later College
1th the lelcoae banners ready to be unfurled cccccccctc
events ever sponsored by: the fraternity well was holds I Its Path coasencMent exercises beginning
beautician fro..all over the state will converge furnished by Bud Harper>> and his aggregation. A boat of friends, both youth and adult along Friday May 21 through May 31according tu an

on this city Sunday for the 26th annual state convention Officers of the Jacksonville Aluaal Chapter U* with relatives, witnessed the progrsa honoring announcement by Dr. I. '. Stewartpresident of

of the orange Blossoas state Cosaetolo- elude George H. Starkes, HI polearch; Du Tie- Ruth C. SoloBoa as 'Christian near of the Year" the College.Rt ...................... ...............a

gists Association May .is...through.......the...>.>..convention............ Ions, vice poleaarcb; Bernard Bryant, keeper of Sunday night la teat Union Baptist Church. Rev H. Thoaae day May 2.. It, 13 ,,?.. ,'

Leading the delegates : 'l historian.:-----n records; illlaa A Johnson, keeper> of eicheojier; Mrs, Boloaon was honored a* a Christian sister, pries, presiding prelateof Monora'tenlor, Class and

will be the state president 'Trustees are J. D Jenkins John .. Orlsset, strstegus; tllbur talker, lieutenant so arduous church worker, a church auslcian and the Fifth episcopal Alumni Association is

Mrs. Cathleaa ROSS zest Pale Beach;' strstegut; Samuel illllais, journalist.llllM choir organizer a aatheaatlct instructor an District of the African Lee Auditortua. Friday,

of 2703 Howard Avenue, 111"1. CalU. Johnson One D. elect. historian; Julian Ihlte. dean of astute business woman, a trustworthy treasurer a Methodist episcopal May 3at I: |lip. .. ,

Tampa Other officers Jacksonville; Mrs. Mary phd,,,,; and Theodore D. Daasby. chaplain sorority sister huaaaltariaa, and good neighbor. Church will be the hoe Senior Class Night, Lee

scheduled to be on hand Smith Sanford; Miss Robert! L. Mitchell and Lawrence V. Jones are ooordlaatioa participants the program included Mrs. Leila culaureate speaker and Auditorium& ; Sunday, May

for the eeesioa to beheld ...ell Ford. St. peters officers. B. !Rich J. H. Hood. Mr*. Vera T. Blaksly its T. Dr Robert H., spiro 30, ISOO: P. s.. laecu.

In Dual County burg; and Mrs Nellie 1111111111 S. 1111 last. C.L. Jackson, Mrs. Martha Cuaaings .. ..\ Jacksonville laureate Service la Lee

Armory t. State end Faisoa Daytona Bescb.chalraan. Mrs, T. H. Jones C. D. Brooke, Mrs Alice Reddish, University will be the Auditorium\ .... Rev H.
The seventh annual "Tropical Ball" sponsored by coMeneeaeat speaker. Thusas ,rl... speaker.
Market ste. are; Mrs. Rualce Richardson, Mrs Julia Hanard. Miss '
I". Florence All, Po- The Convention tbeaeis. the Duval County Teachers Association 1s scheduled Cvelyn Bodieon. Mrs Annie C. Ross, Angela Perry, The calendar of events and Monday May 91, atJO:00

paao leach, first vice "Oisaetolegists' AliveIMS. for Friday evening May 1ti the Otivsl County ThoBsiyna ull,. Sandra Bailey Charles Perry follow: : a. .. OxaaenceaentieclM

p rHi'.t.Ira. TboaaseaaDorrell. ." A miry. Mrs. Odessa ilgglaa, "1'1. Mattlo llount Mr*. Friday, May 21 Junior' with Or Robert
Jacksonville Registration I get Monialee T. Davis dance coaslttee chairs, has Ulia R. perry, second vice president underlay Aaturday, May announced that autlc for the ..U.lrIII be fur and sisters 23. S P.s. Senior Conr Jacksonville university.speaker .
meshed by Bud Harper and his .4. Incidentally, secretion Service la'
Mrs.Louls. Duproe, Coca IS at IIS I. Church St. A reeeptloa> was held issedlatily folloelng. ,
this Is the band that played for ;tappa Alpha pel's
third vice presides f and Sunday in the Araoryat prograa. .LeeAuiltorlua; Mdnee*

Mrs't' Elisabeth Mai nor, 1 .... Mrs. Cathleen Black and white Ball. T

Petersburg, financial R, goes 'i03 N. Hoesrd'Avenue 1&1&1&1
secretary: MrsA Digs, -.is-tie state -BIRTHS- -
Vlaltlag rte B. C. Vendirhoret of 731 I. Beaver
Cooper, Hallaadale. recording p r.i cItIIt.
St. for Mother Pay were her daughters Mrs. C.I.
secretary; Mrs. Highlight of the! see- COIN FO: I
Jennings (lute) of orliado; Mrs. Leroy C. wised
Curiae Illls. Falatka.treasurer sioBs till include the
(Grace) of Fort Lasderdale; and Mrs. falter o. .
; I L. Davis.Sanforlparllaaefltarian. Education Depsrtaent's Mrs Mrs. Gerald tells, ,
Bradley (Verdelle) of Richmond Virginia. .
; eoholartftlp awards given Bill Dandrldie Dr Boy.Mr :
Toe '1.111.trio also visited their brother-is- ,
Mrs. jolse Hurley, or- annually to the winner t Mrs. Iran Dene "
law and sister, Mr. and Mra. l.D. Brltt. jr. of
lando. state organizer; of the' Oratorical Cow.Iee. field. ee31 Unlock Dr. .
Klaaon Drive.
Mrs Alaetta Scott Girl

1111&1&1&1 Mr. s Mrs Arthur MOMllllaa. '

Old Pholognphj A club-sponsored party given by tevlsettee Bridge I.n t. 44th '.
Cktbwasheld last Saturday eveaisg In the Illinois St. Boy i

'! Today Street hoae of the Matthew George'sEvelyn Mr a Mrs Illllaa HUB-
.t Starting 01 vis was neat flayer del ]|OI Preeaan Rd. ,

Go allfyisg for slab prise are Nora Ruth rite GUI .
Hast Mr. 1 Mri David Rlley.I1M L
lama Le Oeorge, Barbara Harper sad (torts>> B..sett.
I t. 32nd St Buy.
Ptetis Mill lifiri Ail Other BMberslasttoBdeace laclsded Bare Lovette. Mr. a Mrs. Robert POllte. -
,.J Aaa Moaroe, Psellne Davis, Daisy Ollllsrd. pearlMackey .
IOU M Myrtle
1 01ri11 1H2 CM bTV Dorothy Oliver, and Oeraldlae Nllitard.teteeleett Awe BuyMr. Everything'sold

a Mrs Jack Arm

CIHttj Total nlrley Ala,"10."n.ta... Charaleg tfcalsetleaBridge ."..", 4204 MoncrlefM.

Call liUici hose Cub lest ....-.C IB her Detallle Drive .. 01 rl. fashioned about

tools ro'ell Shirley Caries, and Shirley McCoy Housewives

Royal Art Studio were victors In tk. bridge seealoa.Others To 'rs'1AIHII

ejoylwthe event wire Vivian likens. OLD YIiOR? 86

Ila.. .'1I Collins, ..elda Mhlte, and HefeeiabBellard. Event

Fsaale |. peek Dar
C&CI&I&&I& fouler Bf the Howiewive -

515 DAVIS ST. Mailne Jaekaot sag 110..... eden Us tlltee Bridge Leslie of Aeries.

Clsb Bet last Saturday night la the Jero. goal ill) be obeenH fwfayby

INlet of Catherine T. Jackeoa.Lolt the Jsfksoavllie

ELGIN 4-1894 Avery Marie cClais' ad Leos .....u are Brash of the Halloaal' .

recipients of waxen for oststaadlsg perforate Iaes.etvoe" League la WeM r

CLOSED All DAY TUESDAYS la the bridge e.wl... ) B.II. ".'II I. ten17 :: '1//

Venal McOese! Annie B, Mlsstee, rlltabetbw I SU.fTM 4 10. I ,... '

Who Needs A Hew Airport?

jciit; At City Toipoyers Expense xceptthe

li .... --. -.- .--



LIQUORS The Potltlcal Machine Bosses

there t.., Airport The BuBdlng Concession Contractors OperatorsCity \\tt who drink it

And County Merchants

.. .
-- -- -- -- -
one) if MIT WHO Will PAY FO* IT... .

tijtt.'f ; PIvr'a'thed' :
.- fI' .. ,
: near Heamtee Ezeejale CHbiss

......- tl .iIJ i. .. ,
"" 111 \t.? you VOTE "NO" 0. TH Airs*

It NI he. ,.'t.1t.' TINE ",.v lade,. e1sv4 pI....cwt.. (Red felur iii sill. lit rid' **
.JI .""..,...,. Pew, 7t,...,eN I..., M ..-..... e. w..,.es ..... ...,., .es M.: 1P' 1ft. .",'t.sclp
'.'I... ;"t.41'i' ..., anz s CtlNnTU ...,., t+yr/Ir' tI 1tIM heal, tN 6ItI layer Or$4uwjCm. la'W't gad I/NIfllNIt, M/_



,.. -
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J ,1 ;j"l r :'

If :1 w NI i i SATURDAY lAY 1S, "IS

I ..111E ,4 ...,- ..,...,,tan,. ... FIORIIA sm mmComplete -

H I Church News Rafaercris For Svwfliy's; PrograI ALONG THE CHURCH PATH...


I .... ... V- $' 4 Nathaniel 0. Staggers will be the
I ont-Day Tri-State Beaaloa Miy
Services Sunday in lilt. Zioa 3aptiat Church South host pastor

,.. with aide,superintendent begin with tile Beulah Sunday Alston school in at cbarg.::30 s.Tht.. __ --i The. sinister, baa led the people of the beautiful

inatntloaal Church in a
putor will review tile leaaon.Convenant It. Zion
for the oceaalon. -
( seating will bt held at 11 a. .. and flatly arranged prograa

-;r: BTU at 4:30 p...."ith Mrt. P.V. Hopkins In char,.. .
will lark rttap II
;;; Evening service at 6 O'c bck.'lb. pastor, Rev. E.E. The Btlng
ti> instituted
tloa of the
If' ., Taylor will preach and Choir 1 and Usher Board 1
M1 under tilt leaderahlp of the Dr. J.
; f' will .aerv.
o .. C. Sans of Jacksonville, president
of the progressive Baptist Stat MRS. WILLIAMS
Sunday services in Magnolia Baptist Church 9739
Convention; Rev. A. H. Parker of Marrlanna, preaidtnt -
Avenue 11." will begin with the Sunday School at

0:45: a.a. Morning service at 11 O'clock.At 9 p... of the Missionary and Educational Convention

BTU and evening service at ft 30 O'clock. Rev. 1.8. and Rtv. J.A.P. Plnalyaoa. of Mlaal, president of
General Baptist State Convention of
;; people pastor. will preach and Choir 2 and Usher
V Florida inc.
Board 2 will *erve.TKEEDOM .
all churches, will
... Daring tilt session
: BAPTIST'reed
r auppltaent their contribution in con
Baptist Church services Sunday will COB
; d nectk with the current accreditation:
atnct Sunday School at 10 ...., aornlng service at I
of Florida Mtaorlal Col left of
11 o'c1 xk. Rev John L. Moatgcaery, pastor ,will progress
St. Augustine.
will render a
preach. The Buckaan Sinters progress
More honor, but never to a sore deserving
at 3 p... Evening service at 7 O'clock.

...-FIRST CORINTHPint .... peron. was the ont recently

Corinth Baptist Church aervlcea Sunday begin STACKERS besto.eduponAttonq Dwight W.Perkln
of Jacksonville, by tilt Colored Bar Association
.. Morning ,.p rf
with the Sunday school at 0:30 a.
.k ooapoatd of all Negro lawyers la their aaaiag aad
service at n: 19 O'clock. All deacon, deaconesses,
electing Mr perkln ta the honoary president of
choirs and ushers will ..r... R... W-L. Jones, .
c their group recently.
will preach. Afternoon service at 3 O'clock. Tht
I The jackaoavlllt bar aanlf tateda spirit of appreciation
( pastor will preach and adalniattr the Holy COB* F
for one who have given untold help to

1> flunloo....NEW GALILEE BAPTIST iiiL hundreds of aspiring young lawyers

through his long years of atrvlet
Tht lervlcta Sunday in New Galilee Baptist Church, ;
A TREAT: ia proalatd local male lovers Sunday at 6 Marian Reed ills Myrtle Turner, Mrs Dtlorta aa a public servant
429 Dodlawn Ave. will begin at 10 a..., with the
P... when choir 2 of Ebentitr Methodist Church, Ashley Mra. OayatlU Roger. Mra. Ethel La Fat Mr. Perkins not only contributed
Sarah Strickland
School Superintendent
Clay and Ashley Bt*. presents ita annual Musical and Mr*. Christine .''tAka" Back row fro. left: aany years to this field but be baa I
presiding. Rev A. Henderon will review the
p. Retreat fellknown local talent will also particle Mra. Martha J. taablagtoa president: Mra. Corlne given unstioed support to Klagdoa |
leaaon. Morning service at 11 rJ clock with Rtv. T.
pate on the program shown front row froa left J, Pleating. Mra. Lyntttt Maxwell Mrs. johnettt building through his 90 years or
I. Carter, pastor, in charge. At 3:30: P... a pro
art Rtv, Shepherd, Mra. Eleanor aeabtrablp la the Bethel
: I. I. Newaan. pastor Mra. frankey Gar Rarity orgtnlat; Mra. Baptla
will be presented featuring city talent.
graa nett. Miss Percy Tolbtrt, Mra. Fannie Snetd. Mrs Betty Eaanutl. Mra. Marian Marshall and Mra. Nona Church where bt now serves a* boao PERUM
Choir 9 of Zion Hope Baptist Church, Mra. I.J.
Bland. president of the
(Royal Art Studio photo) sty Trustee
Odea, director, will render the auelc. Evening His fondness, for all people and great interest

will service at 6 O'clock. Choir I and Uaher Board 1 Relillois Drama New Jiiiir lih in the development of people in all walks of life

.... serve ... TWO MIN1/TE5. baa been aaalfeettd through his supPOrt of various
Set For Iron Ti Stifi OtiilliI schools, tb* TWCA. YMCA and other .09...." for
Greater new jeruaalea Baptist Church services
winhE &I5LEcotHiuwe the betteraent of buaanlty.
for Sunday will start with the Sunday school at aeaiora at New
Hope May ZSZionHope 5T a. seeM MI*. .Jfl'I Senior Tea. a generous and thoughtful Ban la duly hound
.: 30 a.B. Superintendent A. Aahwood in charge. ....- eiau M wtvCMC r' High School 183
*** la a4Mo \ r will present aa their MI AW-we art very! very sure, tbat all tile peopleof
Rev f. A. Mack, pastor, will preach at 11 .. .. 1
Baptist Church elaaa play otbello.." Florida, will bt happy to lean that the Hth
Evening service at 8:43 O'clock. The church and
will bt the for
of tilt Baptist Alliance Congress will la
oat outstanding oar
paatofa anniversary will begin Sunday night la an THI SPIRIT OF TRUTH
the draaa "Taking Tour
doaaitle tragedies 111I11U. lovely state with tbt Beach aa the setting, juat-
after service
.... prograa.... Burden to the Lord," "HmLbtit w Mol 1I."IN.pIrlI"n/ But when the Spirit name.( Prntrtmt .. Shakespeare, May 29-30.
CHURCH OF CHRIST- May, 25 at 8 p... tnlh, U com. H. *Ul ..."/. "yimInto ,dltl II* Immedltitrly Irwl) the This will afford Florldlaaa the chance to attend
Pastoral Day will be observed Sunday in the Church The draaa ia being .n Uwtb" (John IfliU; ). dl"dpn! .Inln *H truth! Not yrt. 24.Tbt the Alllaac
which ..
seniors selected only
of Christ Written In Heaven, 1430 Rings Rd. beginning sponsored by the Senior How bln.nl In know thug th.Author They Mill prntUmrtl the iwnpttctkprogram : convenes .rl tea or

with the Sunday school at 10 .... Mra.Eaaa Missionary Society of of the blessed Bonk whkh the mrum whkh our the draaa aa a desire fifteen year la tilt United state Accoaodatloaaart
luu changed wi in ny hearts andII Lnnl hod taught them anal mm- for a draaatle change la open to all people.Keep .
McCltndoo in chargt. Devotional service at Zion Hope and District ," and burrs, k ",,.. Spirit n/ matted. to hem( (Luke 14,41. AtH1X3) pose of productions for In Mind- 'IT las NO DlfTCXBrr
12 O'clock Elder T. Brown pastor, will preach. 2 of Coaaunlty Baptist truth.* : ). theatrical $

YPIC at 8 P... Mrs. 8.M. Brown in charge, and Church! The Spirit lid tint, of ttmnc. fro It WM wit until link time .Later to the viewers cI1 recto according TOUR CONTRIBUTION) TO SOMETHING: WORTH WHILE. IT IS

evening service at 8 O'clock. veal l *n truth .l MM time. "The Uw that th* glnrinnl Lnnl rrv*..lnl r. IITORTANT TO SOMEBOOT AND/ ALWAYS TO' KtAVEI."

...'MT. ZION METHODIST Choir Slates Tn '... given hy" XI I"Mn"f Later the "Graft piwpni and (Tur** to and

Sunday School begins at 0:30: a... with Superintendent prophcmkt wen.primed* by." mm ofON tlinNiiih the Apratle P.til., end| the West Union Women Complete St. Ptwl's Seller
Choir 2 of Second Bap M tliry .... mm..l hy the Spirit In turn rmurd, ."...... to
Horace Chits in charge Morning service at Holy SrfrltIIIIIU Ltrt Ma Lordntlmtl
tilt Church will prtttnt nmlmtand i.11..1Wi .
11 O'clock with the pastor'Rov.' I. Mcpherson la''. their annual Sprlag Tea 'hr tnith. *""VrjX MKTH Wry thewiwbl .* _.. _.I..d In Aiiial WoneH's Diy Preircm choir prefects

1 charge. At S P... afternoon aervlct. Lairs "n.
1 2
Sunday, May 19 floe 3: 30 But even mir l>.lc ml Lnnl.while. .. P.") h the riNin* of dh Yea irvrUfcm. Scheduled Sunday
and usher Board I will atrvt.ST. .. .thus he uyt tlwt It WM ivm ActivitiesSenior
until 8:30: p.s. la the INI earth, dkl rx>4 lr .111',11nwftt'
.... MATTHEW BAPTIST" boat of Mra. Annie Huff Inln alt the truth whkh Cod wall to him to 'tulHU (rnnplHr) the teat Union Baptlat Chi ch 11<0_. will observe

I Matthew Baptist Church West 28th Street will haw Ill ,..JPI. know. *f lunt yrt \VnrtlofCoJ" (Col 1.24). their annual dar Sunday Ui rougrtcat the day.Mra Choir 1 of Ht.

18'2.. 24th St. .. ........ ............... -.,. A.
observe its ,annual Men' Day Sunday, beginning sassy llilmgt la My warn yw, II* St. Puiil ... mnr bnnli of the TIle officer are e Paul Alit Church,

with the Sunday School at fc: 30 .... with Deacon An entertaining prograala akl, 'hut p. wnnnt bean them Ith!. then any olhrr wtttrr" anal! tothrm Mrs Sarah Cutting. !Uaa" Perry: BTU C. Chandler, .)slater.
I praised with out wiw. ll...,....... mh*. lit. than spire w* hnv* the Mont.f I.L. Chapaan aa superintendent Visiting teachers atandlag participants wUJ have charge of the elaaaea.S King, aaaoclatt pastor District leaders art: aerie of animal *>rlacauBMerprajectabegiBalBg'-
to be ftaturtd.Pltata .fl tnnh' (John IA:IS. 13)). end wnaL nta.l. ..
>*aker for the 11 a. .. service will bt Rev, A.11Uh. Mra. Dolly port, chalk.enMi.s Mr. Hattta cra. lira

.. of Mt. Ararat Baptist Church and Rutledgt Vrelya L. ipdloa. Mra Carrie Sartre, Ira.Ge. this troth and teralaatlag -

,\ Pearson will speak for the evening service.k Secoud Baptist Preparing Imtirs Cub Mitts co-chainwi; lire. ....,* Mark, Mra ill* la July.

lit Mrs. A. dm Lillian Bell progra lit P. CtMlage, Mra. The projectaaerleawill
.k >.tt... For 6-Day Anvil! Session chainant Hra. Willie p. Sallla Haaptoa, .r.. lacladt eatertala*
lira. Ala. Glaaa boa
was nnla codial fl* A., Llvlagatoa. Mra.Btrta .aata. baa rides to aye
AMERICAN second Baptist Church will be tile wetting for the ttta for the It. zioaAMI D nan;
[rnlJ:ii ,
CANCER SOCIETY aaact.Mra. Ruth aolo oa, Moore, Mr* Ca- beach sad Ut ... .1
church wide aailnar May 233S. beginning each: nightat ftaoattraclubaeetlagbtldlaatstaurday
.. .
7 o'clock. ......................... afttr Ir..Mildred Bal h".publicity cerise Ellis Mr*. ae .al Iti*.vt'
1 Mra Martha Mabtl Melatyre. Mra. ...* done ent4altte" art.ak*
R. J.C. Saaia, pastor loon at her boat. Long ; Cua
cillt Hood Hra. C. Baa lag preparatloa tor eadIarr.l
will deliver the s onefbr range plaaa were dii laga; coarteay, Mia
p..ra e..4o C I..n. wllllt Lockett.Mra.Raa elide will be ataxxtaeed -
W r
the ."'or services cussed aid cab.dared Leila \ Rich I r.. *
B. 1 cCray. Mra.R. la this
16Y4 W. BEAYER trice Copelaad. paptr.
sad review tilt Sunday for Ut tnaalag year
Also etude Mra. Nona Dower aad Mr*. Rosa The public sad triode
School itaaoa suaday.Rervlctawillbegla Mtabera la attendance
3101 EMERSON white Mra. CaUerlatBaaooa. L. tllaoa. art cordially lavlted to
( with were Mra. Evelya ..
aaart la the eattrtalavwent
Mra. Ills Mae
Sunday school at t:30: Wtlla. Mra. Helen Ralrstns. *

630 CASSAT AYE.s .... with C.M. Vaught.aaalattd .. Mra. Adelaide Jenklaa. tare; urrtlll..". Mrs. SEND GIFT TO. series aooa to btpoa

by L.C. Chester Mra. Praaklt p. Aisle C. ROM; stage, ord by lealor

toumu nslriE h cnarg.Coatecratloa Lug irs Alice It... .n.verdin fwlk; apoa MI/tI w. Choir L.

10I service at 10:43 .... Era RllBor Uttltjoha.Mra. sums, ads aid pragrwa, ..Poen..atste.

Mowing worship beglaa Lillian salt Mra. Mra Ovwdalra T. Flaa> tttttttttttr

at 11 (... Ruth ftO.... Mra. Sarah dera Mitt Sandra Cue
pardon the inconvenience due IP coeittniction at the Cagtat BTU will get underway I. Seyaowr. Rev C. C.Toatoa. alias; Suday School

St. gtora. Premier Mute still hag the towttt prices .In town. at ft 43 P.a. wad tvtalaiatrvleea pastor and the

at T ..*. boat***. luifirsiri Prigisi

:H HEAVY I Choir 3 end the loath iinil llsiriHti The SiattrlModClab atSt.
STEAK WESTERN Board will bt oa duty
,1 throughout the day. Annual 19 es's Day will Joseph ..no.

r I BOUHDMOrtl 69: wkly activities lael ba observed May 33 la diet Chun will obterv ,
its first aaaivtrtaryMay
Mt. Calvary BaptlatCbarca.
a de "Tht Prayer of
.e at J .... la the
SAL' Faith Hoer' Tuesday
small Mra. Sarah Davis Waab cttardt _41torl_.
sight at T .. .
{ L I. Jackaoa assisted lagtca, sealer af It. ono club with Ut largest

,. NO Olive Alit Chard will bt awacer tf aeakertpreaeat
others will be la chargt
MAIUIAT the speaker far the will receive a
\ TMIfriicg of the dtvotloa. Lad Ut
aoraltg atrtlct. Mra.Btaalt prim. Aa ttvltatioa baa
pastor will oaaduet Ua
llll will serve lees eittawtd otbtr slake e
able period

EEF39C The Buaday School of- aa pastor to atttal
fletra aad teachers

Y2 Couaell will ...t Prtday .I.

alit at 7 o'clock.Ceitrri Sets. tlMPtrfecl Uikliifiii tfr'


r S Board af Ckrlatlaa TnrMervon's UwIN:

if I 3 Education. at Ctatral all T.I tiles? M
aa_... pint aid Davis

WHOLEHENS streets, will preteatUa Pharmacy Are Taught At The
.Hew School us doe

na la recital Saaday

at 7 p.... II the ctnrdb Ttr Pnuriti. Pkirncj2H2 Jacksoisvill.arbor
FOtt wet tort... ,

The M-volet, thorn U I. MfiiHl' In.MSI4H .

uwrr i _Ava. WT. M tn.PULMADIA directed by Sri, Olivia )

Salt*.!* aoBBtetlo with UH PI.51JI2 College Inc.

i Ua recital lie board

till abatrva its anal "1
25 ttitl I

FRYERS vtrtaiy.The diana will WkarU SIN ten s fluke tl"b 630 DAVIS STREET

aplritatla, claaaloa, "' IN .
j:: "arfl.r .
aalta aad ....abla eeIeetloa. -

filtl TH ICl IIIHT SMI II VJ11 TI CMI1U 4 ..

-,- ----' .._- .- '

. ---- -- -- .- --- --".._ .._........._,..,........--
IWWI t-__
-- ----- l1-- -

n SAUIDU, MAY 15, Ins _: / 'FtQBIDH siiR- WIlJ 1

/" Flo. A&M's Dr. Gore Cited. Film Association Aids Youth Project Officials Commend Negroes

On 15th Year As President r1D + li Peace Corp; More Vols' Urged

TALLAHASSEE-The' fifteenth anniversary of the tenure j. 1 'ASKINQTOM House Agriculture sabcoaaltteewhlob

of Dr. George cart Jr. as president of 1. : toured Africa la December said recently that

Florida MIl University, was marked here recentlyby Negro Americans "can render unique and effective
the resolutions r r services to the Peace Corps Pro i ran." in Africa.
presentation of two
honoring The troop headed by e.e.............. .
the educational executive who assumed the adalnl
Representative) W.R. ro.I' .- aent.
gtrttlve reins of THV oa April) 1. 1950.Resolutions .
'.- ........................ of Waco, T....,visit He case to rib the Volunteers .
from the rntli Faculty senate was F .d 12 African countries. about dlaerial

Florida A&M University signed by *dwin iii.Tho"" _Like Peace Corps volunteers nation la Aa erica. 'justa

2'acuI.tjj Senate and the secret". la these and other minute/ they interrupted *

,'aoard.( o t Regents foridler The resolution stated countries, the subcommittee him tVl let

t Id. part: found many mis Carl jo r i en son tain about -

Scatlon in let it therefore be conceptions about Aaerl- thatand, they

the state resolved by the University ca's civil rights probe called for a fourth Volunteer -

of Florida: Faculty on this Ar leas oa the lart of foreign who moss studying

Cited the first day of April in people. in his rooa. Carl Jon

fonerTennessee i( the year of oar Lord 11 / ? Ira Teaneb.ua, Peace Benson walled In- a

.' A*I : oae thousand none hundred Corps) teacher in Tunisia, tall young Negro a top

stnte Vnl- and elxtyflve, ,; wrote of the Tunisians graduate of Harvard, the

r'ersit.y'dean that George t. Gore :: :- I,. .., lapresstoaa of Negroesin ..010 t a leader of the.
for1 Jr., the Siith President the United States: NAACP in lashtngtoa.

Ills Insistence upon qualify of Florida MM University "They were surprisedto Sure, Itt' talk about

1 education and pro* be acknowledgedfor "' see Negroes la our it.' he said. And they

tffess at the Tallahaasee his great service group when. we arrived la dS It. The young Marilst*

'Institution and for his and peerless leader f ,..fi' :_ ,'" Tunisia. They knew that stunned that Aaerlcana
: i' -
nervy outstanding ser \c "- .;.:.., 1 American Peace corps would let a Negro in the
vices to hither eduea* The resolution of the --- -- -- -- ..- .. volunteers were coming Peace Cbrps, that a !Negro
tion in Florida The board of regent wan FILM PROJECT IN RAJtLBflPder a new program developed by the Motion picture Association of America to but everyone who road could graduate from

resolution of the Boardof signed by: Cheater H. by the lotion picture Industry tor Harlem encourage alsllar projects throughout the nation the account of Alabaaa Hrvsrd that be could

Regents pointed oat .Ferguson.chal nan; '"syneC. teenagers, youngstera see great films and then the program la co-sponsored by two Navies antipoverty and Mississippi riots btlhh..Ubtbre. \

that Ms 15 years of service McCall. vice chair discuss them with trained instructors. Developed prograaa. ACT and HARTOU-ACT. assumed that Negroes hlte A.erlcans-.has

'as president of 'nan; Louis C. Murray, -- certainly..rell. t ...,..,1- cone back tine and time (

1 Florida A&H ".u.. him Floyd T.Christian. Henry Dangerous Molester Listed AIM, Bethune Teachers Receive can e," stain to dlaouss Merle

the dean of the Council D. Kramer Clarence Cnsof arent jhrlver1f .- ca wltt ths volunteers."

of Presidents of the Meneser. John C. Pace Among 10 Most Wanted Men Summer Study Fellowships aw rite stories enphn* Fatal

S to ;p'rI1 ersltf &* ,Cllfton Q. Duos, and GRAXBUNO. La. (8>oClal)*.Two Qraabllng science sites these '\nivue ant
A. Mrs. F.0. Pearce.Protest h'The PLDonald teachers are among nine college and university effective services,": To WeftUMFLINT

the. resolution of therYeip Yero L. Payne a highly dangerous convicted cheslstry Instructors who bars received auaaer "In Nepal we sent four

rapist with a long record of set offenses who has fellowship swards to attend lestsra Michigan Unl- Volunteers to teach in a NI eh.--(MPI-/

Played Beach Bias been charged with a sea attack oppn a Houston verslty. Kalamaaoo. .."......................... snail. college. Three of Miss Mary P. cover 21.

Teias girl la July. 19SI. has been added to the They are Mrs Ella Nc- State, Dover; and latter the were flatted one dint'l here last week. troll
Key Role I.101ihuI In
VIM BEACH The winter nI' list of 'Ten Most toted Fugitives" Nell lid Oscar Jones Floyd, Bethuae-Cookaan, night by a young Mar.lat Injuries she sufferedwhen \
Lee boas of the-Los Angeles .............._._._._.uoou........_.._. both ssslstant professors Daytona Beach, Fla. student who had studied she jumped fro a
A Federal vattaat h. csa who van bora atNsskell la Peking and who bad
Dodgers is "also the on a grant trot the Alee Harold Hlllllr.loutll fifth floor wladoe atKllrl.
BATON AOUOC-( 'n- city where there are sued at Houston. This, Qklaaoaa, oa Charles P. lettering Carolina state, already! won a scholarship ., Hospital

-, Vice-President Hubert H.Huaphrey signs 01 Bepteabsr 2. 1159. July It. 193$. Me is Foundation, to Luauab Univcr" She! had been a patient
ore directing s'e'trop Orangeburg" ; Miss Dorothy
pi eyed a proml to the tack too re charges Psjrae with unlawful S' 10' tall weighs ape Others awarded felloe- LewisHampton institute sit la MOSCOW. Tills at the hospital>> several
oent role in helping t overt laterstate flight proilaatsly 140 pounds student had also Just days prior to taking the
of local doctors' of- ships are Peter Aatolne, Hampton. Va.j issse Rob
a potentially ei to avoid prosecution for has a slender balld been elected to a place death plunge.Pol .
flees than la any other Alcorn AMILorasnMiss. tnson, Bluefleld state,
pleslve racial situation II the crime ef rape. ruddy cospleilon. sad oa the Important ",an.eIIa tee theorlied that
Florida cSt,, tll. NAACP Mrs, Barbara Ore, Florida Blusfleld, i, Va.t la4<]
In Bogalusa. La.. It MSrevealed Posing as the aaasger brown receding hair He ,.." council which, she w-M' out of a bath.
stated this week. Tallahassee Miss Alfred ,, Rensdiet
Ant : young
last wees.Hutiphrey of. dance troupe and has previously worked asa runs the city govern rasa ..Indoe.KET .
Raymond, Rharpton. pree solicitor.fry Flora Ijaaa, Delaware College Columbia, S.C.
catered the uitsg oae of his many newspaper
idiot of the 01 f ford
picture at the persona aliases, Nit allegedly cook fan hand,
NAACP! Branch:, announcedthat
reguett of flor. John J. raped aa 11-year-old laundry worker sachl-
the MAAO has 1 aunt
NcKelthen, and ef torts Houston Teiaa, profess alst saleaaan and tailor
ed a drive to end die
of the tllO man ear to He Is Identifiable
crialaatloa la the lily-
be paying off. by a large seer oa his
white city jest a few r
It was learned that > right lades flager He
lisa from the unincorporated
the governor telephonedthe ) also baa a bents vest

Vice President nApril Negro oonamnltytf I a blrthaark oa his right
01 f ford.Sharpton. ,
22, eating toriCS'rf. stated that elbow, a sear oa his SU ERMR
:\ : forebesd and a tattoo of ,
though Negroes spend
The action cue after two hearts a wreath and
their laVero >
forsed that whites sad Its right foreara. Me Is
port sal tlee. d....,.*
!Negroes the said to favor automobiles AVENUE B
paper gated educatiea and access SPECIALS GOOD IHRU SUNDAY AT EDGEWOOD AND
111 towns EaatLoulsl* several years old.
to pvbilorsecosa-
ana sere srflsg tine If yoa receive say In*
datloaa la the city.
selves.Aecordlag. forasttea concerning tkewkeresbeuts
laaa effort to gala job
to reliable of this
opportunities for Negroes.
sources, Huaphrs. In fugitive, yea should S..
of who are
return persuaded James many DA*in, LOOT PATHconsidered ediately aotlfy the

farmer, director of the Iint eadof>cloye4 the onnge following plcalagseasoa the dangeroea aearest office ef the SUGAR CURED SMOKED FLA. GRADE A FRESH

Congress of Racial t> sisal dancer oa July 10 na,
the NAACP his
quality to Mediate the 1IM. after gaining ea* CoflalMates
beta picketing. Top
racial conflict in lID,.* trace to hr resldeaceen PICNICSta29c

Isea. Vets "Ho"Lhter the pretest of effer- Seek High Pest HENSLB.19c

"Vogalasa) baa a strong leg her a daaeiag Job,

charter of the origins For Me reportedly assasltedble HeW By Negro

Knights of the It Kin Hie Airport dsfesseless vials
Hri TOW-Oil-" h,....
.Ian. after tkrestesisg to
ranacu coaMirm sad t'". "h SIC tit ..recrstdat.
strangle Her if she ,e.1.tM..rlM
for kelp .. for the high
et office of The CaIt.4
Parse was ssbieqaestlyUeatlfle ,
presbyteries Church
COOIITICS as the at.hdl.r *
C.HA.The tkrwehevebeeaoalaated
'" sal kae also lees
ALL LEAD DO HAIR PRCPAJUTICftS for the peealtfes
Cor. Broad and AaUlty Cl 42159 Meat led ae tie per ef aoderator ef
petrater ef a vtiieessei
the denoelnatloa'e IT7O
attack ef a l>year
Oeneral AssewUy, .*. eimeets
old Mosstea boy ea lib

I, 11 M. l Meets e.theritlee Hey 20-2."a OB*
are also seeking I matai s. 9ie.to .

"". Parse for this effease.Payee's *. lit ODMlsslomersMNstet BLUE PLATE DETERGENT

fW Y foot al.t." .t' ( ) u the dw- .

set .ff..... begss laAlbeanerase. .rah A..e.l, will rotes

Bee ...a 00. ( the d coll... sdtet*

1 f iI July, sIn eiee be sled the sfteraoea sf MAYONNAISEPINT29c F AB,1

was emoted oe a charge May 20 ta ess ef the

ef rape ef a it-yeer-ele first ....S..f the ,

girl Petleeini a ,h..f sal ...cS.,. /
The see moderstor .11 I
gwllty. he eee sea '
tem.ed U a t ... .*,eer bead the 1.1 mlllleeaeaber REa:250 i

tern at the Mate Pern Iteetlsry astleeal dtMiaattea |- PKG.: ,

et fast Pe, fer tn* ..oS_,

Bee Metiee, yes,. Me ell ..u....

Oa sstember 10. lin the tev. U 4 er a. .....

llewtsg Iswolvweat U .kiss, patter ef at. **

a jell break wfeerela a gsstlae PreibyterlMtorch

4 Jailer gnu badly beatea la >.. Ten City

the face ad first Negro ta holdtbeefflce.
sleet payae
was charged elta Badly U.S. GOOD RIB STEAK II. *n

eeapoa aa< e*. sMtexedte Tae vweliatee air

a l-yer term Tale eel h$r P1el p.lrr.o ra,

... esspeaded neadsgbis aa etterav tnm II caUl. CENTER CUT PORK CHOPS II. "e

ped M"Ser. ...- Imo The Rev. ffi nee- I

KEN OUGHT ever sad his eriglaal .psteref first Pr.- I

.._... ... eemrmeted U ..,tort_ Chert*. Meter FRESH GREEN STRING lEANS tl.2II. 17e

laOa Pa. aid tee I. ftaerstahiaaer.
twe te fife years
Invite* You To Listen To- ........,. VS" paster e f tI4C'

April 3>, ll>0. ads ... ...,I.rt. Cberth, CHEF CHOICE FROZEN FRENCH FRIES Pll.JII. 35t

IK. lAND tae net ef *lerid tbes IL Levis ;

hesve froej a ..it. pane All three have Nam N-
tees a ''/.u>el M... tlve to a varlet/ ef Uecher ROYAl RICEKACOH '11. 35e

tern CMat/ Oallfsrala eh' s f Metises sad
girl sad .... lo-year-eld hey bold ,..UI... ef

Irwtaertea ,.... "rataie shawl bpd flare. !sIt BLEACH S ilL, It

.....U" el*
> aa4 ft .
: : I tali 11.M: tl MM
eae aei .U.... epee ne aee fresldlag .,. I1UUI11H31L

MM beta giddies, raptsc n.., .... deliver lbS FOREMOST KE CREAM 4te
SItu1i1 II. Tl : )... .
.... lUth ISrI,.t.. aa4perpetratlag ant ....a M .s>...*

perverted. .ere* *..., aerslsga
1400 WRNC1400 eel sj.t. M Dot*. 21. ., ehwf eh iaOslMhaa. COOl MOrE EVAPORATEMILK 4 Till CANS 4U

.... la a ....,. Jkaeri- .

...-.. .
-- -; ; .., -=--- -.-;...;..;.-:.,:;:--- :..:,;;.- --.---

_---- H-
.. _
, r > 11*.. jI


j .' .............................+ Airman Windsor Douglas I Anderson Announces Anniversary Observance EWer Collins To Be CitedHoly I
TheilHra Modern Savings The 7th anniversary Church of the Living :
Mcintosh Completes Spring Activities ScheduleThe and Sewing Circle will celebration tor Elder J. (pod 14th and 0nin

cAuMf7a4 t 0 Basic TrainingSAN celebrate Its 20th anniversary S. Collins will be held that streets.Mrs. I

Administration and staff of Douglas Anderson Sunday May 23 Sunday at 8 p.m., In the L. Thompson Is '
: ANTONIO." Tea..AI r. High school baa completed plans for a number of from 4 until 8 P.m. in Sunday Meeting mistress of ceremoniesand I

man Windsor R. McIntosh Spring Activities leading up to the annual school Mt. Herman R.cre.tlonCenter. the Gospel Chords
.nmirtJunior qu"i. .AOwt I jr. son of Mr. and Mrs. closing and Third and Mt. All officersandmmbersare will rmdertb.Jlu.lc.1b.
Commencement/ Ceremonies These activities -
MmfrtHimtnf rhyurlfr. Windsor R. Mcintosh of Herman 8ts. urged to attend the
.nJ tnlrrtili, are being well planned by teachers and stu- Bucknan Ringerswillprs- I
: < 2040 Venus st. Jacksonville dents............................... An interstlng program meeting of the Royal Palm sent Uie opening service.
Q. M) older klMcr I It IIrudu.I innone "."11,1 ".1111, "for the has completed Air A dry-run of the 1989- he li'on May 31 under the Is promised. The club Christian club Sunday at Also appearing will lethe
,I using friini high 1111.,1.' | I know His Oce.iMiMtou must he Force basic nllltary 68 schedule will be madeon leadership of Mrs M. W.Hart with the largest attendance 3:30: p.n. In the home of Ringing Trunpe*, ,
'j{ hhtf'v going lo |gel nil Unit of thinking. about A well training at Lackland Hay 18. by the Registration iud Miss M. W. Turner on hand will receive Mrs. Mary Dixon, preil- Sunbeam Wingers and ]
l gift she can UM? In tollt'ui't bill hal.iiKvd tliet (no vndekv ortweets AFB. Tex.Alraan a prize. dent, 1590 W. 32nd St.
other Ulentof the city.
I'd likilo tike her wmii'tlilim" ) uul exercise: arc theeomltination Committee, Mrs. -
McIntosh has been
lli.K'n iNilli |HTKonul und urlul- ilui takes cxira Mildred J. Pauline
nul. 111m sun 1 IKlHmnl! pound oil' slow l)-and sensibl selected for technical chairman.
without. spcndlnir muchmoni'j )! I I'M unvtlimg/ more ilrasiie training as a communications
? than this., cheek: with your The Band Recital under
specialist at thoAIRMA.
A. Knotting" \vh.u she likcmd Joetor, the direction of Daniel
our own imagination' Q. One i.r the fumllli-i I Wi Roux will be presented
proh.iM) will gnu )ou mwralgood : hub) nit fur hint four children. I on May 21 at 7:30:
I I ulti.K. Here ore u few to I the uurvnu ore quite Insistent p.m.
Martvilll.: h who MagtMiirikk'HOA ulMiiit in), ihviklnu on them
ihout Iwo tickets 'lo u urn hour ufttr' Ih";'" In bed.I Student Government Day
summer theater ptrlomuncc ,,"ull.1 when I klurl doing my !j will be held on May 25.
or art .1 .racial (for her, ) movie'1II homework I forget nil' ulxiut t under the direction of r
her hair I 11 her crowning/ the lime. Muklnu pure Ihoj're
glory. treat her to a nhampooand'net till right In part uf my' job too. Robert L. Mitchell
til her favorite hop. \\hilt run 1 do hut will help counselor. This event
Make! arrangement/ in uJ",ince. mi' remember lu look In onIh"11 4a.. will initiate the Commencement sty 0000 r wvvJ
ray the hill alter whew heen I \ KIT) hour activities.
I there If your budget\ li uirivkhoitom.
A. Use the "name reminder
h,111"111 u gill- Senior Class play will
thai In the morning I
gen )oar up
I 'dgeJ certirtcjic good for our alarm clock! Take one be held on May 28, at
cleaning/ her room for u with \pasor usk your client 7:30: P.O. under the direction
month' Or for ironing her
summer/ nkim. Mouse and to put one in the living room I of C. L.nood
whileou're l there Set it to
nhortt for, IMO or three uccU.! Lee.
The thought'/ the thing/, undMhuicM'r ring make periodically)our "roundi.IIIIU" One cun MCINTOSH The junior prom will be
decide whc'llknoo
: II" really you from ou! morning: The alarm ihoulJ be on May. 27. Mrs. Queen t-
; Air Training Command
loud for to hear
enough: you ..
t Q. ilelp: I need lo lOll ten but "soli enough no It doesn'twuken (ATC) school at Sheppard Bruton is serving as
pounds Immcdlattljt! I'm the It'll "he chairman.Vaccalureate.
unit ,
APB. Tex His new
willing to prucllcull ilune If r
) u reminder taro that you will beheld
only I cun bi a Ue imiillcr In should flnMi science is part of the vast ATC .. ..
on May 30 at 3:00
Ices than two ,1.1. Plcuie tell Jour
homework "n on tohlvlor system which trains air e'
me u !itood diet ) or social itudict! men and officers in the p.m. In the School
don't believein Oymtoriuo. .Miss Cbarlesetts
A. we -
Sorry> llnr mart .'tlH'''' lo touriimilium diverse skills required '
it. SloIr\'lnlllh.11 li. The onlyclfdcl IH f rwririwr iroomt/*grod splcer chairman 11lA DE
we know it'' had girl* lngHHt/ fill your ptyiictlelHilian / i by the nation's aerospace -
nI of the committee
hove tried it i Is to nuke them ttttbir for tkt frnhoukltl. force. has Beef its Best
nick ill-tempered or hoth'! "Vtryt ? ru u\li\ Yo.n'fnwr announced that Rev William at
The airman, a graduateof
Hard! the kind of companion KII'I.cl) ,
......)........................,.._._._._._,_.uu....__..hU............................. New stanton senior of St.Phillips James .lIt.r.Blscopal Rector
High School attendedHoward
Receives NewAssignment Title Fight University. Church speaker. will be the

Film To Be Mf. Zion AME Class Night will be .

/SAN ANTONIO Tex. -Airman
Bnanuel B-Neely, son Shown Here Board Plans

of Mrs. Alice Neely of proootor Jlmaie tiurdock Annual Event

1343 W. fixate St. Jacksonville informed the STAR Thurs
has completed day that Closed Circuit Auxiliary Board 2 of
Air Force Basic military televlzed showing of theM Mt. Zion AME: church; will

training at Lack and 4KB 11 25, 15-round heavy observe its J8th annlVlrearl
Tex. weight championship bout from 4 until 6

Airman Neely Is being between champion Casslus p.... in the home of Miss .,

assigned to a MilitaryAir Clay and Bonny Listen in Susie E. Chambers, 1077W. s
Transport Service Lewiston, Maine will be 2ist St. B E W A A E

Unit at Hunter AFB fla. shown at Jax Oollseun. An entertaining pro gran

for training and duty as More news relating to has been promised' with

the big fight will be Mrs Llllle S. Williams,
I carried In neat week's the wife of Rev. B. F.IUJJhru. .
Florida STAR pastor of Mt. FACT VERSUS FICTION I

Olive AME Church servingas
Pupils 'It Recital ,
J principal speaker. ice

,,j' Mice Valerie M.llor,.' I f Other pro-gram features Once Iraia, tit tJpeCle.., the against,process groups wko staid FOR iothiag aid A6AIHST oicrytkiof wortkikile. are dispeisiif their
2nd students will
will be provided by the
presented by Ebeneier following:. usual qiota of mid aid smear materials. Uiiilliif aid iskamd to silo their salts;; kaidkills. aid etker fitter literatnri( r
Methodist Church Choir 2 Miss Faye price solo;
1 1AI in a 'misled retreat" reading.Mi si Gail Price; an attempting to distribote, these iikiewis are posing fictioial situation n prideit persn could lug ciuider.

May 16 at 8 P.M. In the history of the board
church audltorluB. Mrs. Helen Lang To denoistrate the fallacy el sone of .their pipe,dreams, tko followiii Fact Versis fie till stateieits an gives: '

Miss Mallory will be Friends and the general
R.\lN'! NFJLY featured in draaatlc public are invited. FICTION' FACT

a missile facilities readings including 'l'b.Cre.tlon. Mrs .7. B. Epperson is
1. All 6 major airlines serving Jacksonville endorsed the need l
1. Major airlines for
specialist. His unit "Than a top- the Board's president.Miss opposing con truc-
cupportatheMAN missionof ale" and others. El ma Mcparland. lion of new airport a new airport and have pledged their full support to the ref-
i erendum May 20, 1965.
providing global air Musical selections will reporter

lift of U.S. "military be rendered by outstanding
Mt. Salem 2. "Reliable sources" gay modernizing 2. The unknown and unidentified "reliable sources" must surely
forces and equipment talent in the city
and improving of Ineson is feasible. have taken into consideration the fact that the FAA stopped all

You !Don't; Hare To Oo To Town To Get Church News i aid to Ineson in 1958 and the airport has borne all its own expenses -

II since that time. Also even if Imeson were doubled In
LOW PRICESon Regular worship services rl1 size it could not Meet PAA specifications unless the aintpitco
will 1 be conducted ,
sir in the sky were doubled. It would cost the city tampayert'I7million
throughout the day at theMt.Swlm '
your i dollars to brine Ineson" up to standard on the ground.
(Viptist! Clutch, ", t Il.t.-} : : .
1242 W. 22nd St. '
DRUG STORE NEEDSTrade Sunday School,9:30: ,.. 3. meson Is ideally located and has ample 3. If laeson were Ideally located there would be no necessity for

With your Neighborhood Drug store consecration 10:45: ; rummy .space. If"* a move. Ringed: in by 3 military Jet installations both era
HE ILL MEET ANY PRICES ADVIN YOUR LOCAL PAPERS. morning worship, 11:00: I T': merclal and military jets use extreme caution becaaao 'they

We Deliver we also fill all Doctors prescriptions .... and evening service fY. overlap each other's approaches to the various airfields, 'tae.ii : -
..tI P'". t son has one 3.000 foot ru .I.1. considered mlnltun lenl" for

Monday May 17th choir Jet operation. \

Dixie will observe Us 7th
Pharmacy anniversary.II 4. If Inconvenientthe National Guard ". The Florida Air National Guard through the Department uf rAOlm'lf'!'

sec George Tucker, nay decide not to use the new airport. has contributed $850,000 appraised value of building?* and, the

1302 Kilts head At Myrtle, Aunt president. Rev. '. .1.Roc.ra. Department of Defense is pitting up 1$ million dollars to pro

pastor.Trinity's. vide facilities for the PXNO at the new international Airport
Phous Eli! 55597-SI when built. This indicates that the Pang facility has met with

....- -- Soul complete approval as to convenience and accessinllitr.S .

( Saving Revival :So Only 251 airport users live in city 5. Financing of th new airport is a three .way proposition. The

BILLS AT OUR STORE 75* the in county; : freeholders guarantee 9 million dollars of which 6 million will

Begins Monday Is be retired by sale of imeson; the County users TOGETHER' 1 1 Til(
I TIE THOUSAMDS OF OLT-OF-TXMN CStXS mill Pay off the million
BOLDEN'S SUMMER MUSIC SCHOOLStudy Forcer Trinity Baptist" in Revenue Certificates while the Federal Govemaeat wilt put

Church pastor, Rt' 0 4 up the other 9 million required to complete the construction.t. .
nlthlRICHARD : R. Phillips Minister of

L. BOLDKN Honor Graduate Florida /New Hope Baptist! Church, (t. City freeholders now own the Electric and Hater Department.
AJM University GraduateJ only city property is being taxed.
Fort Lauderdale will I he
off street parking, the Gator Bowl ball part. Collseua and
l Audi-
Student of Wllllaii Bell, the .nl.lt.t hen County property should share the cost
torlua.all revenue producing facilities which
Duo of Aserlew TtabaPIa.re. Trinity's annual spring h Jj_mjpport city
Government and lower taxes on an invested dollar basis
Indiana Uni t none of
Soul Sating Campaign >eUV
vanity these facilities will pay as much return profit as a new air

I' "REGISTER NOWEUnenUry :- port.

J 7. Statistics In the tax offices prove that 721 of the freeholders
million dollars
7, Each bond issue of 9
? Band 4. ill coat approximately $16,000 year In Jacksonville pay NO ad valorea taxes. A frenholder owning a

.3.8.OultarplanoVolceTheorjAccordlon.7th Grades. ly. bonds run for 30 years $20.000 home under today's tax program would find It valued at
e8.000.tith the $5,000 bo>t stead exception reducing the taxable

'Band and OrcneatraInatruienta.. value to $3,000 he would pay a total of U.IO per year.

Strlnt orcheatra-Claaa. ft Private Lesson. IWSBTgins TIE IMHITANTIIIK6 TI lEkUMICI IS that airports 'fl'lll dollars. Ikatner tko small cost p.r lua"lh, BiiicipaOymid
Monday at 1:30 *.
."AIJI)" : p. ,
..,. Charles J. Crosby aid operated airports aroiid tko latiei are tko hoist iimtieits titan ell uki- prim em a amber of yens of
l HOSPITAL AIDE GXJR& pastor announced.The .

KINDERGARTEN aTEKVISOR COURSE lightly meetingsihlch uperieico. Tko dollars tkoy ..11111 proiido sckools streets protectioi. payirends! ...tkey we feBais tkit Nip tko coHuityIII.
CASHIER are scheduled to '

f College Of Mvslc beds with t: 10 o'clock ( -

truer IIwIdQ.1S.services: will end Tko till Las cue 'to comet tko proklei of restricts airspace, obsolete ficlititi) ni ai ioadiiiito airport.

IRS W. 20tk St. El 59722 a 4DM t El 15i I Trinity's v.rioue1awa1* '

t i cal units will ewicort AD'DTUiF."CT/ Vote YES For Tin K!w Airport Oi MAY 20THI AC\1InS: IDT
f John H.BoIden, B.S..U.S..U.Ed. Director the ervices.
\ I


L '_ .; -:: :::. .:. :..:.:. io" .;.,__;...:...;..;;......;..___-",....,.. .. .

,' _.._._. ., ,, '
'''1SAT111AT ?

i- : 15. : 1' FIOIIDA STIR PAPEIS'; PI6E 7I "'I 1 1I

I Hankie' OH Official Chinas Deliver SHe lHf eitia1P Fit Dny Oils Sent Writers A&T College Receives Neirly I

Hew Gcvt. Riles Datrinei.il For 1965 NAACP TOM CftHOIICAOON'I $1 Million li Outside Support

ASH MOTOR-Any new governaent roles that would Coaveatlea )--' Ton ORCCtBBORO. RC-AAT College has been liven

inhibit competition In the Marketing of gasoline DENVKR: Plans are BOW War Meant for M"altht' nearly Oat Billion dollar la outside aupport by
I would b* detrlaental to both the coneuwlog public well be the auldlai credo foundations sod governBental agencies to b* used
being napped bar forth
tad the attloa. tllllaa w. Bryan a Director of 1MSNA.CP Seth Aa- of two of A'trlct'a through June of neat year la th* conduct of added

(.Roabl 011 Refining Coapaay.aald her this week. noel beet loved Negro aont- educational and research: prograaa.Tfea .
.r. Bryan la a attte-*......................... convention to beheld M wrltara--Rubie Blake and Intonation was ra-t
nest before a Federal t product which! the cooaaaar at the Denver Nilton Noble Si a ale. The partnership Pealed by Dr. Lewis C. s 2n. 000. 00. tad the
June 2BJuly University of wiicoaaloAAT -
Dowdy, president of the
Trade Caaa-isaloa bearing never sees and 3. that wrote the
oa the problem of gasoline handles. which la Boat Recently Dr. John A. above tune was toned college. la a report College Cooperative
efficiently delivered la 90 ago la Btltlarar -. side before the North Project S5O,000.00.
marketing add the year
Mora>> *]J. NAACP aaalataatuvcntlT Thee funds'Dr.Dowdy .
preaaarea BOW facing balk volBiet, tad of *. Carolina Board of Higher
: director set
said 'will not
petroleum Marketer are which customers seed 4 Billed aa one of Aerlca's education which last
with Regional Director only lift the level of
week side its biennial
the natural outgrowth of assurance aa to Identity a oldat songwriting
Leonard of
Carter Kansas
educational achievement
competition IB a dynaalcladuatry. and quality, tbs result taaaa," theywill visit to the college.
City, ab., and local of and
expectancy at the
has beta a competitivedevelopaeat be honored and will H* Hated grant and awards -
ndala of the NAACP to college, but will help
totaling sna.Tn.
These he of branded participate la the 96th
draft plane for activities -
to increase
and Indicated that salary
outlets to serve ta a annual Chlcaanland Music 20
said atea iron four
at the atl...., ooa level
for the faculty,
basic factor: 'Package' for the individual Festival to be halo Aug. sore la expected priorto
Taotlon lchlaxpctd the end of th* fiscal and provide additional
The coapany'a pro 7.
1. unique characteristics -
to draw between "
2,500 educational 'lpaeot..
duct. year oa June 30.
of gasolineIfelidires'
and 3.000 NAACP d.J.* the report also la*
2. The Incraaaa la Accuses Wtfi, FflnJ Th* Iteaa Included:
gates troD all over the r eluded figure which la.
aa-aer lnatltutea.$3J7.
OffkMh I quality standards, not PHIALDELPIIIN'I31..r.oU ( )--
dlcated that within the
only for the product It. 15.21; Research. tl<3.
t news conference % aaa has tin
seat enroll
Vklts Friends self but also for services Dr. Mortall stated that .... _.. 1 1A tcouted hit attractiv 910.00 Progrta; Federal, 1102.217.forkStudy seat at tb*years college will

tad ftcllltloa. the NuaI.. concentrating S3COND' CH/NCK--Job' Corps oounaalor (r1Jbt tialpa wife and a sale accomplice increase to 4.895 eta-
Capital, CityT1.LIASSUgI for oiaapla. two pylons Itt attention IB .. over rough spot in his studies at the nwCa of atttatptinito 00; Project Uplift a. dent a.
for the train.lag
of todaya gasoline doth this off-tlaction year cUD eap la Mary and.Touni atn between 16 and kill hla recently loaa program

atrattand work of three gallons oa tilt rote of Negro 21 who dropped out of achool art leaning skills "..bu.,," attack of culturally andeducationally

Mr*. Jaaea L. All tb of the product forty voteninlocal and atatacoBtaat. thay seed for good jobs with alnlaua of laatruo with heavy wrenchea.Roiell deprived Saab Outer

of Mile. British HOBdurta.vere years ago. tion.Sckriver. HarreJl, his Bbhep PhMS Of OHIcitl I
J. Changing growth patterns *
I t' racaot bouaegueataof la the industry Our at..*' h* said (. Promises Julie' Our Miriaitl head swathed la bandages
Mra. Met.son lie to discover the indicated that "'\lJot"
c.8 Tear To TMPA-Th* NUCP branch
which Miss
hat affected both Oil Cisi liesaUORT
: Dais e. 492 Brevtrd voluees ..,. sad seas of sloe Better SpOTted to kill his failed only her baa called tor.the
coaauMd and lo- : ,III aa.-(1'CPI-
Street dietician la local powvrla coo June- because lit lay atlll OB BAb Lands taaedlat resignation
cellos of atrketB. of
Sine Judge Sidney use,
dirge of,food coat control tics with alllM IB the Poverty ProgrwiiJHIIOTOM the floor and held hie of the head of the local
1956. with decline
t lath 08. District court,
at Florida Am Onl whit ooaaaualty." breath aa his wife Ka- NCT JO"I(. N.Y.-Bishop Public Houalag Autbariaesecutlvs
died la a hospital her
rate of
veralty.ra. for convention activities Uterine, 40, and Tnoaatfayne. Frederick Douglas Jsshlagton -
gasoline dtaaad. there 1 ( -( )-yes' last weak at the age of director because *
Qa tea B. willlaaa has been ....rp increase will also focus OB the phasli4D that th* antl 77. He had hen adaltted 49, Identified asa baa announcedthat of "hi refusal
of Jack aoo rill* was also la ''ooaaualty aal f-hlp poverty progress under longtime friend of h* will personallylead J to recotniM that h* can
apart refining the day before for observation
.ra. Deal el a* gueet due city. la aarktlai. pop ld.." Dr. htoraall ata the Office of tooBoalo and treaUwnt.Judge the couple, .......d a tour to the Bible no longer Insult citizens

tint the SB I the* hit ulatioD shifts tad.*. tad. Opportunity will be !.. Mite handed down his. )land this ....r. of th* cosMunltjr.1
la Tallahassee.Mr. highways have created Last year' 5 NAACP ooa PlMntd "..tllia the Miaslaslppl first public Harrtll said the attar Using the services of During a aeetlag to dla

9slth. secretary of ware aarketlag capacity twBtloa, which waa bald letter and aplrtt of th* achool desegregation took place In the Alitalia Alrllnea.Blahop cuss a housing project

state la the Hon do ras la some areas tad required la Wathlattoa. D.C., Civil Rights Act 0 tIMt. order and handled James darkened living rood of aahlngtoa and his group sow under construction" ,
capital la a duty of new larataBtala drew a roordbraklai ," -on Director R. Meredith ..lIcc..tlllIUlh bit laiurloua boa In will depart New fork oa Mr. 'Tnow A. air, head
father Chapter No. 209.Bethlehea other ar.... attaad.cof XBO Praona. "> Sariaat .rher last faahloaabl teat Oak August ft and return *u. of the Authority, re-
tot.r the University -
Grand chapter, 4. Increased ernc...- week assured MPI that Lane. gust :no11.hop peatedly used th* word
of Mlaaiaalppt.The
Order of the Kaattra claa throughout the la* hia office la dedicatedto Mra. He mil la a pro*)* Washington IB nigger" when referring .
also ruled
star. fflU hIs wife daatry. which have had NAACP Wires stein that the let that tI fit trade classrooms laent social it a. the founder and evangelistic to Negro laborer
Mr.. zaaty with, tao their lapact oa the ter of the la* la earned Harrell testified during pastor of ttah oa the project.
la pilots Jackson:
Hoaduraa Mtaoale leader aarketlag of gaaolla by Of Rights out.lorkisg. a hearlBi.Bli) for Ingtoa Taxple Church of
and Leak County Mlaa..
waa la tao State of Plo athtag Bore products a* closely with Mra Harrell and came Qod la Christ, Ins He Vole "Ne"hterFtr
bad integrated
to oa
rlda to attend tao 72ndaaaaal vtilable at tower ooata.These Act "J k.r" Ibr. fIr la Bsaual r. a arade's*year baala.Tht eta set at 1500 ..cb. baa btfIII la the alnlatry
foar factors** Mra. Harrell' B attorney for tao and
oowwualcatlon of Tett. his special aa* jurlat was appointed forty> years
Bethlehea Grand diapttr. Mr Bryan atld. '%av 1 IT. PAUL. Mlaa.-Tb* alataat Tette, a toner to the federal bench ,A. nJMla Johnson It known throughout the ,111 AirpiitciTizuta ,
held I. Jackaoa-lllo at forced every oleaeat of raqnlruwMt la the a til aewwpaperaaa, also ..,.. by prealdsnt Rooaeveltla tailed Harrell a 'Vay. country aa one of the

tile Msaoale Taaplo. 410 tilt industry to adjaat Rights Act of 1944 ala- fed aa toner\ executive 19T7. chotlo peraonallt ego greatest gospel! preadier* cowirmePrfc.a
Broad Bt.Magistrate. to chaaglag coadltloaaTh tad that Job dl aerial secretary of the Peace auffera fro luatona.' of andern. U....

sad Mra. process of change ta nation coaplalata b* Corp a.Shrtver. .
kith ..eI.n. tlllleae difficult for BOB sod referred to state tati- said .hla office
difficulty eider-
bias agencies, where la sorting to "laaur
were raclplaata oftausbar -
lies scat of tilt car
of soda courtealeodartai rat coaplalata COB each east for a periodof fair tMployaaat and COB

their rtalU eralag gasoline ..r. 90 days way aav* tract compliance throuajt" '
The Noaduran I.der.1M hetlBB." the effect of Bulilfylat out the tatlport- 4f
wanes t n, -..tb vt- the purpose of Title p roar."

..Uoa. left Ttllahaaae AttUICA VII. U* PEP ,ron.10e lit atatwBMt cane aaaa A B

with bye wife. aa route m CJUKUMCKTY of tilt Act. la those aaaeer to qaeattoaaraited < 4
to the Vest Coast by way states." Herbert Hill la the press and Tkni S.tur..r QUANTITY
.f NewOrieaa*. UUCP secretory for It leather coacralaiial RIGHTS RESERVED

bor '....r.. waned laaa tap lor*eat la the

addraaa bfr the Office of fooaoBlv 00-
.14.**",. rilaalooafrB portMlty.The HERSHEY

.f the Aa OB ,,,.,,...ea setup 25c

aodatloa here.Isaeseh provides fiBaaelal II@UL.AR SITS
ta reat assistance to OOBAUBI

studies indicate that ties for\ th* develop SUGAR

too away tate fair '.'. conduct aid ad INIUN ilV.ftTOMATOES
ployvaat prwetle COT lalairatloa *f COM
There is .11I1..re ....hlat. anailty ,r.r...
..... bjr tlaild political

apvolat. with little MGMSltiJ
.ran profvaaloaal owPtac Aid lilt IA1E Cll

only one *." the referral Nffre Firm C GREEN BEANS

rwlrtoMt la "a big 5 39
,LIlT i ? m
Joar" la ta. Art.Th MB TOKX-C"PI-GI. ef

tine baa eo*>*." the a a tloa' a top Pears SLHNMII1WWU Aid dllll CICAMSTYLE
diet cola
I.U said "fr set while rtlatioaa fires,
brB<*.a to sake a ,... D. Part Otbac Aemeh' CORN

dtaaaittl public (sees tee. IB..,... Baaed Jut
r..aNla, tM pratla .eta by Met-*'*>!*-,*

that rates it state fair ...0111seat > ..,.r. I..., to handle c

pra tlc** ..*.1.< part f its aatleaal FLOUR flJUMImini 4 9
......" ca-B>al*. Par Cwtrt.llotj 7 in $ 1..elkl 1.0

billions B*.... *4 at the CDBfarwae Croeahow.' a world lay jus.
a were UUCP delegates II Advwatur dress

fire vise *4d *a* The carl. Poatl prone.lice Of TIte Week Secll nn fin

Sirs static OD*.rtala which deal with
Resins IV la th* Aadatla tat B*all a* aatd AatrlewperatlM np its IIIIC fill C
'19 ,
cola .

fir Teas ..tla* el tee. atsraBopalaUraa.

BODBT(1InUd1e" Ull. RIAadJha

.oar. ** tad aaata CM *.a aad Jr* Cburtaay. *- '

peewee, hath. I'. were 10 HZ. 1 1mi
..,..*. BB alts IB th* 'tie t4w.. fin are

1I electric chair here r rt .atlr ttaociatH with

1\ '.U,, MUwlac their ..el* irk et pet etteeet A

: MtlttiM ta the Mar* The Tral.** has had riiTii simi
1MI hl .-.. .ra**
.. I. a msldvrakl *..m.c.at *
.f a ll.ysr .ld whit taMawr t* aaj tr ...

men la 1U a Mperwariatpaitlai .pal. *.*. the N egrc Bari'C STRAWBERRIES 5 $1 1 1sun


, *\ .* mm nu enROUND

;I air.a. _A.aa.h FEELS 62 goODI

). STEAK 'L 79
tar V.JU' rno .t "' JPgT IIICW"UuMd

by cartlM miner phi kvMStr rl. ,.
.. .... .
--w err e s e.Yrr M err11M.r
.... ..
-- -- r---e r- ---
-----...- e---.a..........r,.,.
=-.:-=-w11-p..1-w- .V =:::'Mre'a1mlrMA flUl unit SIUL iBtui

:\:..:::::.=..-= -- 49c
---....--- SPAIE IMS >U.
r1m.1 ., e.-.err wr "-" ..... .....-- STRING BEANS
-- M ..
--w ....-... erne- 1..11re- r.nine tII ;:...-. -... __ ILL ItiH i NIL, I HIH WHUFRYERS
sea es rte a......

.-uN.SUCCU.. ..,rte 2 t#. 35C lL25C


L -- '_ r?'" _____

=! j E
: .
+. ''

.,. .-

:: fi ; I-

,, --I-- -,
.,___ -
"W..a: ; U. "' I"V'O "' C -- f1"' -

Ei-Champ Turns Thespian FAMUm Gets Porter NamedTo Art ExhibitsOn Fla. Students' Spark

U.S. Labor State's Display

Dept Boost Highest. PostIn This WeekGone Tuskegee Dean's List

MIAMI--A Florida MM Education
are the days whenan
University graduate recently MIAMI--A Tallahasseeeducator Industrial arts exhibit TUSXEGEE IN STIME.Al.. !nice 21401 E. lId fit.
received a promotion was a pair of More than 250 students Arcadia: Theodore Bow
and former
-i-; here as a ..... Florida A&M University amateurish bookends or a have been named to the les, Rte. 3. Sox 490.
hour investigator In the graduate student has been simple magazine rack. first semester Dean' Ft. Pierce: Maurice R.
U.& Department of Laborto named to the highest Everything from a it-. list at Tuskegee Insti Calhoun 901 N. 15th Stud .
t 0512. ranking administrativepost foot fiberglass boat to tute. Verna L. Coplla. 14
Robert Seniors 830 NW wrought iron furnitureare 'The school of E&icatlorr 12 N. 23rd St.
ever held by a Negro
45th street. Miami, was In the Dade County on exhibit here Friday led the Dean's List with Oraond Bead: Tranne C.
promoted to a professional School system.Dr. and Saturday, as the 01-students. Fifty-nine Caralchae], 249 Madison
grade level where Industrial Arta Departs were need from the Col- Ave.Jacksonville1.
Gilbert L. Porter
the salary range Is lent of Dade County legs of Arts and Science Larry A.
of 212 rbonrville
110,250 to 13445. He School syatea) stages Its and 33 were listed from Galling, 2602 Larkspur
Drive, Tallahassee, will
I entered the Department 14th annual student the School of Homo Economics Avenue,Adirey< C.arooaes,
) ) of Labor through the begin work Craftsman's Fair. and Pbod Adaiola 2033 .. 14th St.. Lou
Federal ,f' July 1.as
service Entrance | asslt ant Some 2500 items representing trail on. Ethel H&1J. 404 W. 39th
1 Examination In August to the Dade the year's !Seventy-three of the St. ; lllle M. Martin
1991, as a vage-hour Count work of :20,000 studentsare students were classified 5218: Drown Drive Claude
investigator at Grade ''School Bo-y on display at Brockay sa juniors 63 sophomores. ( 8, Smith, 1658 '. 34tbManama
E'Aii OS-7 (I4.050-S7.850) In I Lecture Hall In 41 freshmen and\
.artfe Deputy -
city Llllle
the Miaul Field Office
| Richter Library at university 59 seniors.
of the Labor 'Department's super of Miami The Pensaoola.: Tyvette R.ttltrSJn. Garble 914 Maple Ave.
DR.PORTOI In ten dent.The .
St. Petersburg
AtlantaGeorgia Regional exposition will be open \ 917 *. !Horn an aSt.
position pays a sal 1409 Dike Ave.
Office. from 10 a. .. until t' and Roosevelt MC."er.IOO2 B.Hames.
A ember of ary $11,000 year. Peer field: Cedrlc K.
Kappa Alpha Crosa St.
p.s..free to the public
A native of Baldwin Miller, 155 6W 4th" st.Del .
Pel Fraternity, Seniors There are ceraalca, Mini: Laverne J. IIIIm,
received his bachelor's City Kansas, Dr. Porter .. ray Beach Benjamin
hand-made jewelry, beds 1370 1 9th 't.11.;
heads the all-Negro Monroe, 115 N' 4th Ave.
degree from Florida MM
Het'bum.it2LNw69th: Ter
i and chests of drawers
Florida state Teachers
University and his master Bardenton: Nora J. parker *
Yvonne % 14700
Also, architectural
deaUns -
Association, which is Avenue.Miami .
414 10th
a decree trOll Atl anteUniversity.
Rnclanvt st. Booker T.
slated to merge eoaetlme. plastics, sets
: wiirk\ electronic research
In the next few
Die son of the late Rev. years
p roJ.eta, and
with the Florida Education mass
Seniors and Mrs. 4. seniors
FORMER world heavyweight boxing chanplon Bonny LIiton, Ibo will attempt. to regain of Tampa, be la Association He production projects. Beach Shorts
his crown from Cssslus City" on May 35th makes him motion picture debut on married to the former earned his bachelor's ADd none are bearing
Mar 12th with the multiplicity opening of Bill Sargent I 'Harlot.'' cast u I Miss Addle Lee White* d"r..t Talladega the mark of amateurs
it shown her with Carol Collel' Tal Jaci" Ala. 1e passed the doorstop MUll BCACH-Little research has been done con
fighter at the Old Hollywood Legion Stadium Lliton hurst and is the father ", ,
Lynley at Harlow, who was one of the avid fight fans of the thirties and regularly of two daughters and did graduate work and book rack stag eeming the speed that flan are able to olltat_.
attended the Friday night fight The Thsstrofllm Is a Marshall Natty In special education at a long time ago" explains Howeter.sucb data as is available gives the chanpionship -
presentation with Magna Distribution Corporation releasing for Dectronovision. Florida AIM University Marshall Karat to the Atlantic sailfish, one of the most
sought after species la Miami Beach
industrial arts *
Id.."f... Tallahassee. He earned
I Mayor Fetes College Proxies Blames Spirits la Arsoi A kindly. old soul asked the his master' a degree from And this year's sailfish has been clocked at a phenomenal 70 sties
.lIVen children of an acquaint the University of Michigan revised and streamlined an hour. lJ.ht'btlliftd Is the swordfish reportedly -

CHICAGO--(NPX--Dr. at a reception In Shera- NEW ORLEANS--(NPI)- I itre met to ramtd luncheon.from three The, young yeers* and his doctorate fair will snow only the capable of 18 miles an hour Apparently the
Rufus &:. Clement president Blackstone Hotel by "Evil spirits" which I to fourteen Ae ther streamed from' Ohio state Univer- best from each classification speediest swimmers are fish with a clgsr-shaped
Atlanta University Mayor Richard J. Dslq could only be destroyed :In, the old lid,'. brain reeled city in each school body and deep to"d tails.
and their Christian names .............
I ; and Dr.AlJ.rt\ w. and the united Negro by fire led to the arrest ailed ber."And His wife, the former industrial arts prog rams
dent, president of Oil) College rund. oft 45-year-old which one are you,. Willie Pearl Itl..r..... ia Dade County schoolsare MIAMI ltACH-ffancJball. volleyball, basketball
lard, in New Orleans The event kicked off xoman on arson charges, :lear of" she! aeked a aolema-, ber of a prominent Pen designed primarily softball and tennis are among ball games played
were honored this week the 1995 tlNCP eaapalgn recently.. toy seven. sacola, Fla. family, as exploratory courses-* outdoors all the year in Miami Beach tenser. tie
la an Instructorschoolnurse vocational guidance They cl tr'. recreational dC'artlullt.I .

Tune WAME Home Of The World's University Dr. and at the Mrs.High Florida School Porter Mil help aptitudes sample students and IDtlrttt"1 find their I

have two children. portunities,
their potential for such

Champion Disc Jockey Florida AIM careers However' aa engineering soma go di. Oh That Young Blood Feeling !

Students ElectedTo rectly into jobs as
draftsmen.' Sent

Drama PostsBy pointed out.11011D11&P.
the exhibit
Ralph Allen oa May 19. gold key awards Oh! That Young Blood Feeling!
Journal* SOSA'ILA.'TA. will be presented --

Os.-Atudents the ,county's most oat :S!.
standing Industrial ,
and teachers at Florida Q@ Vl JSfes
MM University served )tudeata < = ) TONIC

oa Important committees Grand LodgeTo > l&ViUmin enriched LIQUID or TABLET

and were elected to offices I FEEL GOOD AGAIN FAST!
during the 29th HostJarisdictioa
Nicky Lee Annual conference aid IRON/VITAMINS
Play Festival of the '
All OftlO MoiellI Holder Broadcasting o f Record Fred HUll National Association. of

Dramatic Speech Arts Knights of Pythias. Jurisdiction WMBMSpollight
226 Continuous !Hours
which met recently at of Florida

Spelaaa College. will convene for three Product 01 The Week
Anthony Seeetiag. Ml* days la the annual grand

M ell, aid newly elected lodge of Knights courts Miami, Florida
president of the FAMC ofCalaathea. beglnmlag

Play makers, served oa a "dII.I. .
"WiIdMiMMSteve -1-w student panel <*leh Ue- orlesbacn. grand

Gallon caase theCoamrualty." all officers and dele

iI la the electlea of 0 t. gates to be ia attend
I tle.. Hoaald Thompaoa aace. Vales Friendly
eaa elected third vice- lodge a.d. Keys leefrer.

\ president. is most 11'0....
Aenag the teachers carl Quests ejected will

Rockin Rogers Brother Ray ins Molette. designer b. "A. .Heater supreme "-w
and technical director chancellor sad A tt. Oa.**
for tie Playmakers, vie toa,supreme worthy coam-
elected editor of UeNADSA aelor.Tve .
I mange the maga parade, led ky O e
SEE AND HEAR THESE tise pabllahed by tie albs nab irigedler tie SHORTY $35.

F speech sad. Drama) AS* I. .. r.I..., mad. UePwamakera UfOALO STYLI *IISlfiiiii
.., ..
eociatlla.Molette. of tie Ore a.J
rww r a,,,..'v.c.-::
back at matte ..fOllr.I" w r V
sag Order sights w. .aaa _
hi a col led ate aoaela At. by alter Belle i umf w wt--,. 4..y.C.M;:., ::.. ..... ...
lento aavtag graduated of Miami, will highlight r ao =%.. auua ee.rii e.... M r- a.'r Ir- ..,.
RADIO STARS from Moreboase. ems efUe Us confab. -%"wyvwi M i
epoaeorlag schools owTv
ef the eaferenea.Jack MI. 6hriahlsirltrttuhiat *pert' ...;*

AMI JIIk ....... .- .ICCIIII".

Uler. Im all affaire efllfelewe. .vi ...** .
WAME 1260 To Curate Banlas mwi* .M. r t>

\ AMHM' ) DayT.W.AH&MUcombos a... ......., .... txayCaar .-....-t-** .... -
**. Neat De:.. laetyBeams. ..;> e.r.Ja.eve..a.., >Jd t.t* =r.
of ]Mrs Is a* less aeIreaerel wr..an scAte r.> raejMuJT f/ BM.Z --*"
that eke east .
TUlaheaaee chapter 5..w..15i.MWrr.
tar .
at 101 *.*. tvtfcfy2ej y 2 -sijrir'ii Lfiirtt
of jack mad Jill of A* bel* ueate4 :
series, lae. will calibrate ttta .twt.fejoaetlMwmC s:-:::- ::...ss sw1 s':: SIT.. rSS!

Hear "Hot Line" Nightly At 11 f ) Ueir anaaal 'Uacm ea I a.a. vjatll It .... Si:=\r,..vr.-nj -rsrJZHi _
.. p.mr S end Jill Day" aatardey.ay ally a ...*,. heated La g e !a.saers5 e'- S! .- .sT.cra
,,, < IkAetlvtUea. .,.... Pie nee visit teAMI :::r..M..'iMi; :: JSrj; = try* SS.l
With e Art Greene't far tke eft 11* OU 1& end yea etll .fpSS'H t.-"w-O-= !:--- .... ..:
: r.... of the orgaalsaUoa feat Ue eUffereaee. feSjfr ; h4 *rrg.trfVSJM*
i 't.. will begin at II .. a. waif Price I'G .ts M.t 2jt=::S7.iS2.iXTS::: ....1W'I ...


1 \ .. .. .
---- -- --- --- ------- --- ." ----,-. -- .-. -_ .- --------,..----.-. .

1111 15, US5 It : flllllA SIll 'IPrIS PU

Ennatt ( Chip ) Rood Moporlil iisebell Louie Randy Per Actloi


".. :,1 1 ..1
\4..1 .
t 4 BOLSTERED to. troai.. proaiaed support frog their. sponsors! tad respective fen-

yxd don the aMeett> (Chip) Rood Moaorlal Baaeball League klcka-off Mood*?. May IT.
for a scheduled 24 IBM slits ending July 15 silk. the. Beach tourney date to be

d b announced later Carlton 1r7-'. Slaond Johnson Perk director us a proteco of
h + tilt late Chip Reed (tacit) for 15 Zeus before Icicles the City Depertaeat of

Recreation staff Bryant. vo originated the League la aeaory of Mr. ..td. laahoan
reclevlai chock donated by Carver Poet Office eaployea. Miklag preeeata

lion la Adrian Alth, BdtU Hall aad Ifeaaal Thoaaa. League Uaaa ahoea top

photo froa left art: low Rorner sub spoor Mania OaaaM; Joe Jeaea Center

. aid Mgr. Hoary Gauss; Carver Post Office Adrian Salth, Mir and coachtaEkeaael
Tboaaa aad ttela Hall and Coca Cola, ffllllo ...to.. Mir. Bottoa Left;

Wilder Park, David Shield. Co-director, .....,. treat receiving check fro.
'\ Caner Post' Office eaployea. photos by ftureoa'a' studio


r ,JrMue J. GBrnyefd Is AimotttMl By Red CrossThe

recent recipient of of laetructloa and ap* fro* L I. MoCoralck, ita'vii
a lJyear Cortlfleato plication totallai IS County Rod Cross
of Merit Award, jullaaOulnyard hours of tralalat. Chapter chalnaan durlai.
of the City De- Last year, (Mlayard con the Slat annual ...tint
.' of Recreation, ducted COu..... la Daytona of the chapter held la
has been appolated la* Reach and wayeroaa, pmlaeularUfelawranceCo
atractor*train or for the 0*. .panya auditorium
Water Safety laatructor He reoelvedhla dtetlon her.
Course, May 3431 ..tIIJOro.
... o*. the DuvalCouaty
Chapter of tilt
Cory Edward Waters Sports Teans Dragsters To Compete Setirdeyy America Red Cross aa- ee eeoorTiaOs? esV.OACKNT Act alt.co. Maauo.L MV,
Bounced this ..... ,
Fish!.. Riles Close 0.t Highly Rated Your y WALT MURR The course la open to

Larry Todd It wmattae. eaa crowed ties ofof all persons II year of r w
By VIUO MAK1NS, Racera Satarday ale aid older *ho are ,
TA1LAflAffiIFrerh: ts- the Mortkera Plorlo Dry May r ? y
ter n"' ."UII are vats The track tees of dozed liters College COB too 1..t the Thuderbolt Raeevay, 10 silos Seth of latereatedlatlio Aaerl j
reataded by O.[. Pry, thrtd-plico aedala la tko recent "Tuekeieo Relaya. .I1d1Oll,1l1l.rhr beatlac Bob price Jack eonvtlie.la can Red Croat certifier ,e, L ;+ rlrr
pecutlve Director. Ore held at .Tttaketee Institute AI lib... Prlday aad a best of five ....... tloa to teach agiatle and
and preah liter nib 0.- SatodaAorll" 21 aad >b. ....................... Larry. drlvlai' lie St. joha'a Chrysler Meat vita aafety proiraaa.Applicant .

.laaloa. that the need Shun for Bdeard" dose sot believe that plyaoath. ceded sly roar of tie five rose to via must d.oaatrato .
Per a netilai llcenee la atera College vere1' Barroviba' lusty .U 1 tko ckaaploaahtp. takln tilt first, third' zed ability to: .4 '
depeadeat opoa three Lea," Davis. .bo reil be aufflcleat to teral fourth cull Price wlaalif the ..0.... Bob taadrlvlai I. complete a frost \y
tklaia-ehere you Hah-* aterod a ICOn of .' I" a ate aa already: brilliant his ford' Mills eltk a Ml terse Pour dive la reaonaably wood>> y
how yoa flahaad goer la the high Jeep eveataad career. Oiery ..,a... fora. 3. Itela 440 yardaoMitlauovely Ii .
... Curtis Thoapaoa 11 Burroacka laat year. latheee Batk. dracierabadtkelr' troablea dvrUi the alikt. alteraate* t
If you leave the oovatyla the polo hut scout aaae ...h,. set Todd broke .his oil ea tile wooed ria aad price ly aelaf the e..I..a, 4
reelde, or .&tlt a aark of ." be<* aad breast strokes,
skid yoa 10' see aarka for certala lost Its electric feel pnap. Driver aad lecaatca .
fish la oaeof the ee* bile all tke ecberi of eveata zed hit recently taraedtotko pita and had tilt cats ready for their reepectlvely. ). t.r*
taUlehed fUh -...... the toss .11.... cell 10. the ooafereace ckaa* seal raa la record tie. face dlveaalalewa depth .r' ; fir .
net areu**you mood s they core tko. only 1 boys ploaaklp af the 101'' Oa tko third na Bob price aitla loot his feel of ill feet zed eel* tea ,4

11 e.... to let aodaleno aaatera Athletic. co.* peek u ke oaterod tko 'reps' sad all be scold do body leaitheuaderetter.. .
If joe fish la your stir of its Tiger. fereaco. by breaklac kit .u drift &llro.... MO had led froa the etartlai 4. Tread water for cue
boss coaaty by aay ie tooa 0.ae Burroeike sue ova record la the 220 lies to the traps Nt the his Real roared' paaaed ,suits elth ...4. be*
the other Uaa elth a takea at of eoapetltlo yard ..., list red, Mon his oMlae .tlt, path aurfaie. .. float
cans pole for .os*oo.. by Coach Feel, becaeae The Taakeiee Relayabrtii lot the fourth ma. both oara prod la top ,er.for..c. aotloale for oil ala* .
aerclal parpoaeayee .. of belong UJered ehllo to a close a very ... 'rS..' Mills rat this flee eltk a Ih. (This la the ....* .
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50 ckallaMd for ... see troea by Bill KallUaef
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, 2 Laborers Jox AirportContinued Popular Jaxon's Billy Daniels' Witnesses Fomfalu

(Continued Prom PM 1) ( Pros Page 1) *

STAR Thursday that the not alone In -their opposition Rites HeldARTHUR Separated Attending Daniels' DaySchedules

to the bond Issuance
remains Bay be viewed Assembly
plan several
at the
Sunday afternoon
NEW YOU.N.Y.--Scnut.r
white civic
leaders and.Iol.t.r.
residence, 4814 W. Vir- Billy Daniels of "Ole Jacksonville local The Leon Daniels 17th
( .
are reportedworking
linla Avenue.Funeral Black Magic fine and congregation of Jehovah s Day observance will be
services will to resist the his attractive French Witnesses are preparingto Sunday Fountain Chapel)

be held Monday, May 17 machine control" of Canadian wife, Plerette. attend their ...1- Church beginning with

i at 4 p... In 'St. Paul the city which has been have agreed to disagree, annual circuit assemblyto the Sunday School at
charged with
Baptist Church Rev. C. aoae free the fined showaan told a be held at sun Light I:10 ..... Mrs. Ida Davis -
quency In recent Months.
8. Jesse, assistant local newspaper bore. Temple in Ocala May 14- guest superintendent -
Negro who
pastor officiating; Daniels who Is costarring ; Miss Alice, Nlion,
are not controlled by 16.Allen
Bland Funeral Home In the so-called oU. with Sassy T. Poole, spokes- secretary. 'The teachersare

rharge. Davis. Jr., In "GoldenBoy Ban for the Jacksonville Mrs.Doris Rutchins ,
tical Machine" have expressed
," and doubles after and Atlantic Beads Congregations Mrs. Mary Nealy, Mrs. A.
State fires serious doubts
snow in Lou Black's Boom of Jehovah's L.Harrison, Mrs. B. Morgan.
that the building of anew ( .
(Continued From Page 1) at Hotel Taft, said his Witnesses said "350 Mrs. A. Murray will
airport will providethe
ip 1 1L wife Is living in Calirfornla delegates will represent renew the lesson ud
abundance of
chairman Thomas B. Duff* where she has a this area at the ga- Mrs. Irene Austin will
for Negroes as is dat.ed. -
aid Christiansen knew, They point out that Funeral services for successful real estate thering." This number sake resarka.Choir .

that he could not Bain- City Hall Is almost barren Arthur McMillan were business aDef' "'. living will Include Many COMplete 1 of Mt. Mori ah
h { a )A' IY held Thursday at 4 p.s. here." .
taco a CORE leadership of Negroes and that f..1l h. ..roup..ho and the ushers of Mt.
position when be took the biased Mrloe policy In Bethel Baptist institutional Stating, "we're not will be present to Olive AME Churches will

church. Rev too well but the spiritually at .... A.
the job and that the which has existed for doing we've observe serve 11 Mrs.

fired worker failed to 'years has not changed R.H. Wilson pastor, of- bad no conference nor, enlightening program B. Hagaa will presideand
discuss the CORE chair. noticeably. ficiating.The made plans for a dl.rI1 that is being planned.The Evangelist Aaaada

anshlp with hit district Voicing a new slogan deceased had a wide these of the assembly V. Anderson will be the

director. "later for the at rport' circle of friends who will be "Will speakar.Others appearing*

Christiansen also pointed Negro leaders are pointing are in deep syapathy ingly Fulfill Your Ministry will be Mrs.Birdie BuckBan. .

r. a e out that another sp- out that since the with the fully 'over his .I" The purpose of Mrs. Aliens Reed,

parent reason for his svlnnlng pools are still untimely passing. the entire Meeting Is to Mrs. Elizabeth Crawford /]

firing may have been due closed the sewers and Born in white Sprints bettor equip the Witnesses Mrs. Ida Scott, Mrs.--:
to a radio debate betook streets are still not Mr. McMillan has spent to do 80.D.1II&t..re the carter, Mrs. Ethel

r part In with a John completed and City Hall the Bajor portion of hisllfetlae r al so lookIng Souls Mrs. Ruby Lewis,

1 Birch society public ret jobs are still few the in Jacksonville. forward to a Meeting Mrs. S.D. Davis, Mrs
the Use of his death
lotions san.Christiansen. airport can wait until with their new District T.L. :Straw and Mrs,
said be he bad been esploytd. C. O.
next year, when a better Supervisor Mr. Annie L. Brooks.
has asked CORE and the financing plan Is of- with the National Marl-
NAACP to request the fered. time union of Anerlca. assigned to District Mrs. Thelaa Starling
He leaves to Bourn: Nuaber 35. He will deliver .
President's Coaaitteo on One civic leader summed will have charge of the
Equal BBplcyaent to Investigate this situation by Mrs. Vera McMillaa the keynote address devotion at 3 P.., Mrs.
up widow, city; sons, Larry "7he Moral Break-
the State Hollo will
saying: ',,"b. ..' 11 get way
Welfare Department because Arthur M. Jr. Bryan L. don What Can M Done serve as guest\ auslclan
some of the things the
It Is aided by people want done If we Michael I. Mark R. and BILLY DANIELS About It?" Sunday May sad Mrs. Llllle Mae
federal funds. Patrick E. McMillan 19th' at 3:00: P."
Saltb. mistress of cere-
stop voting for the ,. yorc.," th. toner Jacksonville
ADVERTISEMENT * things the politicians city; daughter Linda MildredMdMllln.other native admitted Residents locally and .. Mrs. R. Hvghesis
McMillan; Mrs.
surrounding towns
and the business Moguls they were parted, both May guest soloist. The
; Slater,
I desire to attend this
L will be Mrs.
ant done for their Hazel McMillan, have set up separate speaker
Mrs. Circuit Assembly. Everyone
benefit. Charlotte Stewart, aDd
and be
living quarters
VISIT YOUR 1 Duval County School has not planned to move is ..1 co.. to at will be introduced by
SysteM Instructor city;
tend. Mrs. Louise Wash. Other
Youth Groups other relatives and sorrowing to California.
participants areMlsa Pe-
Daniels' wife Bade
FULLY STAFFED Meets Sunday pallbearers friends were friend headlines recently in a Baptists' Slote 10,.. Watson Miss Dorothy

of the family.Inter.ent gun incident involving 11a,. Mrs Betty

'The Christian Vhdeavor was In Mt another girl which Billy Saturday Coflftfc Oliver, Mrs. Lillian

y' A&P SUPER Hour* s monthly program Olive Ceaetery. DallasJ termed "a comedy of Byrd Mrs. Hattie Alston Gil
;; llsB.Mrs. Carrie
will be held Sunday at orabaa Fuooral haae errors. Mrs. Sarah Rice has
Pierette, tine Mrs. Edyth Foster. Mrs.
a one
3 P... In Grant MeMorial in chant. called all chain, co-
nurse of Daniels, and Rebecca Teaadell Mrs.
MARKETYUKON AME Church, Clay chain and sabers of
Billy have beenaarrlednine media McNalr. Mrs. tlemer -
and Orange Streets, with FIGHT the General Sht.laptht
years and are parents Boweaa, and Mrs.
Convention, Duval, Nassau
the ACK!!: and TACK!: Leagueas
of two daughters Annie Mae Barlow.
CLUB 3000 W. 45th St host CANCER Doalalque, 6, and Andr... and St. John counties A musical program sill
Donald Sloan, youth to sect Saturday at
I. Mrs Daalele Is be preeeated at T ,....
president, .has announcedhis 7 P. ., IB Day !PrillI.U.t
1 Billy's fourth wife. Church.KK with the eoablaed cbolreof
COME administration has
BEVERAGE.KOLA. MEET Daniels' children by the church arpeertag.Miss .

arranged the progra'.and CONCRETE PORCH toner marriages Includea : AMtllCA IUOTIFIL Ada M. Barrow will
has extended an InviUtlon -.
WILLIAM DEALING atop, palrlag yotr wood daughter, 1/. another b'e the speaker. I
ORANGE to all Young Peo porch a.plac.| wood with 25. a son..22 and one 10. .Ia.._.1.art M C.Ls.u. ...-... M c.-Mar... *** **
ph' Christian organl
StoriMiiifer.SPENCER .
CODcnte.' .8OII.bl. prlcee.
.GRAPE nations to participate. Free ett. ....,..-un after : Help( Wanted Female

Asst. Sloe 'Manger Young nan, 19 to 23 mLYoun ..en who can type 60

I HARVEY Driver's lie. Honest LANE"S PILlSTile p To thin as Varityptr and Headline -

.WALTER Apply Florida star Operators.(
: TOOTHACHEMMoLMIU .toi.,...Wltll edo" "nef.EASE .
HiH 2320 Moncrief Rd .. .... Apply cat. 1 to 2 p.a. Bun. 1
Product !
Oipiitnint 12 noon Sat. or Orrl.. e:: ..... : CONSTIPATION! to 2 p... Florida star nth ft Mon

1 5 12-02 $1 Sun.l to 2 p.m. only -s..rre.aat..w... ...... -....eILw..NNNMMhr.F ,,WAY. PULL.-=-'..:: "':.'e..- crlef. positively no phone inforat -

CANS GEORGE Market MMitrRADE GRANT No phone calls, please .........-..braJarFREI6NT... N N'. e.( I.-10--'_-.,-...--ira............L-.-.----_.w.....-..-.w-Y.-.-..."... ion.

= 0 ::=:-.
-II.-........ II,
punished rooM sad Apia, Nqt Pall M..h.Nd nwrw.a
471.*. lUll St., oa bse AI'a....
: "A" DRESSED I DRAWN WHOLE liars. Ph. 111-0430.



114 E. Its It., hoa. like SHE lUll

hose. |J re., Pens gtoae,
SUPERRIGHT"FRESH[ jalotMd froat. OoavlMtly I SIN IfH H
390 leeat rtlld..Ua1 setioa. SALVACE rot )
Of Asp Kill .
I Scratched la aklpetat, SIll


: MACNIMIS.I4I ea.k kWtss
grocery store. 3 Apt., 3 hip

MULLET 100SUNNYFIEID I loses, tersi ".. Call ,r ta'aoaUly.. B. 3-1144.Call (arekoaee. 145 FlIIIJA ATE. .

ll. IU......

1 UNfORMSIEI M\st Folding Cht4rwidChJtMatehmatts Aluminum. '

1oi 270 C Osraraiehed e,trte.at 4>1 '

i CORN FLAKES pox ..lat. St. MM j-b.4 reaM ..
refrigerate, eteve .... 1t
: 11'" !IMM-It
lester B epeee heater eWiped. t

) I FRESH RED Alt[ Ml ..tlll,. Apply Uncoverthe 1 &eIM ... 2 Che**

: 1141 Mala It.,If call lift4041 4 Owlr .*
970 1'\\
. :1 WATERMELON for appelataeit.NEW Better truth.whiskey I. j a ewe. L.gse

CANADIAN AtEBEANS [ Till MAIDS nukes better chid b. ,
Prove it with t
To III wk, -,..e wettiaiTtekete 2'
7 Crown. More peopledo.SeAgriim'
I BEER sest-itl Agent ....
110 root Ave wtat m.FH 7- a.$9$7. .,
The Sure One ate-
v.Y. .
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90 6 .1 IETlII 9 9"" 'N Ford itatloa facoa. rt

IOTUEJSUNVriEll tint eat vita 1300 iota

I lt. nrryit Ma. star,

I PIA1N OR $.1. SIMMN'IMOII1111E' "A" 1323 Mesons R4.rnjir I

FLOUR EGGS 'THnt Mgbtltst $caR .

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ritsin .EDltI SIZE .
fwd mr aaae sad es4reeas Prkes AU .b.wd "ke"I
fist eat hew struts illt.sCM Our tverydey

( 5 s 45 3 ''rcua 98C ar tta4.ro SISTER truer FANNIE fee eaa TOW aeteelie Hi write AH nMr z. V I KRESS DOWNTOWNrr M31s. I Akos

Ut S. ......... Catee.e. Mrre wise 4M'.K sI s. awls WMCL aj aw.am rr aanm B"sna

r| prices In this ad we good through Sunday May 18. tar

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