Florida star

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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200659datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date April 17, 1965dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=006590740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
April 17, 1965
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
System ID:

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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
April 17, 1965
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
System ID:

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r.ald4 to Urwt a b] ." Ue opart said.'alersis. .B.!atc. sere NtaaHtoa, tr.*.rr.a raitcr Parade rmmrt baa ben b*.t. before the ..!.. Cato Corbtt, jr, eke

aUgtoboyoatt" the OM* brtacb o f I .. hove aaar kVc.. f. .Haraball 1 ltl. ,>.,... ervlac M tbalae M. tbllV' Negro cI tI... M over. baa bo bald la Cuiaty

Phil if it carried eel the 1I.wJ; eky" M.t la charge of I"If. *.*abr oicetlvoOMwIttM bets h. free t. Harllar la U* dot, ".. Jail folleai| boaleldelavealliatlea

Its ocbadaled te altbUe i. err &.a-. Ike tan said Ib* ate .... N a roe t lea III,... laclede Mv, tldratt S..II!| to "par.. ,tv.. ..klig ta payhneegeathe late tbeauadayApril

Reel t-. Tbo .4- ..l daatlOfb Men *aa aafflctMt ,.,' for Wilkins fieri da, Robert N. lilacs cad selves. of "ara. aadbrlaaiai solos, hllAdrrlaco Ii| death ofra

daU Co. alto *aa sail .UU*; tbe Jary to ....I... '.U.. .,t. arlea r.rXMBtala. up u* rear, but ., peace were Anale Ha iNodhalo.baaad .

ta have ,..,.. a alal .r&lar. nbat the pr,..*<. of N. ulaal fleea4ba ....Ud.U.. still te..... ,.., fw".hite"lsptiet Ca. ever to Oraod
hI' ull.tilt tiMrwf It. and cass the "'. Md Of flier Md NalbodlatCkorcbaa
plcfcato .,..,U Ho>> tkara ... Mlbli
The aaaa er of Uo *.!. at sic.restlest* kroapa, aad Jeedaa, abet aaaa plcfcatlag.tkreata .......It 7r.ble. II, seal MCA IM revoellossnr "t ..r* al

nth tM la u.. sold the Gat.ls ad. to'MMbkgre of both vlt15..., the Poaatala'i to* aaalatMU t & W. ) fttoot ,last .. to ... )local I-
U bare called Chock of pa.pal. awrrft.notbor s,1w,
.,.. 1I rbar4 tbat sat oils valgar sod Dada, "-,. The r.4a f
...n.r the Racrwtloa all .tr4 la Vc at laacaae* tewt,dplalallff The S'''''''. **oa II dia alaply,, atid apuoU this ".roe
c t Oepartaaat sad losers bla bvtalaeaano bio .!!.. .. aat p.ilee.fnelais rfaae *- ,.,.,. ac M oppor ri.." ue ,...-ash.. *l*.

reportedly ooti.oted grocer alt"*d UatUe ,1.,.. aad n.tM.,..** to Identify: at this hal U to t*.l tbtlraplM o.t to rrrako tba tra J
that the Metro teaa said ale overt. The tl.la vort4 to bare dltlooal partlalpalleoof / .
\ | nest slat Ue nuff apoa the B iro
play heir reeci.lsssass. plcktlae ... art p..sr oootacted Ue KlatJl po .latl. ... M.croo to the PMlrparad
(.... a a... a..tlag at a pop a a rrsi.ea *
.) Jig Ma.ballrut. llee lateraal aeoarltyla la
fal, tbao oalafal. oat kaata
alrt baa b
'cbarcb, of blcb Ill. Miptit
.t seen. tails... tb aof we ever aisle .... Tba salt. ether ,lacaldaralopoaol
ftocm aottl.. t W oao pretertloa payef to sick d
2 Receive $3,000 la leiefits sweet CknHl l *le>taLa sir ..1CATO
tactad TWra4 soloist ., .all. Youth sad ., sad Cr.lt Jad.aU bat. eoAlrtbulH u U.
at ta.|,"r.Uoa Dept. Irreg.. adios eu Ut. ". .aJUI.e.U. .

office .baBUefTAI ..tto (I. Seenlily Hepeless Cues A lla*! ae**,apr laowefvd Atvia; K. tarmainfrank U.kyas,.aiep..Vs,.u., isles..eaa' .. la.t .... ., tenlero mum, JI.

,,... M ofttce ..". aa eaylag list tfapt... Other neeldWta as e. to Ord JoeyJoey
/'a bed ai .... Cityb. or sold bo .aa .,.r. r1 t7 the Sa,.,.., la aa at* .hn are '1111.| .. ... dldatta f.r elty e.o* bliselsg o 7.*a4ayboarlai

...s..., a trod .*.t aad Itoeeter apar. the records persona ellglble ...,S.t ..e dale laartjaaoa. Villa aad I.*. aarlaaa.P. JM* brickbat brliadforfalbrH olal.. poata.Mo before peace

vaaa't ....t.. to re for Social &tirlty benefits rake sod b ra of t.. race appeiaud arxMd the Uo city fathers Jaatlio Oar'. pvepellfnaarel ,
wra ta his .'n.. oatllUe aaarrd' that Ito field rf'lrtsnt.thts) leave llaltad atmatef fc.r*. a* no iVa.urbeard Old Slave ..rot la the prfe.o .. M at a I... serr/.. for
bests of I or la lo Ue Nitro aad Ca' to ood. .ratMdby sod Ibo ...u. .W realdedat
ao toot* mutraod ftllo Mtlcalovil/ of dlreetoro ere .. ..,. ..4..It ... if
P... _-.r._tl.... ..._... ....'....._._. .- -. -_ ._ ._ ._ ._ ._ ._ ._- ....atnctaof tII.d 11. Rlc r.C.at'U, !a4iai tPf M/ ether sees ootla

A s....... far tbe o* Ibia tact 4II M ,.... flc. a field rapreawtatlv The lafa-aw la said to Isle of Uo MI Chores the .*.,1,*"lad l*.. are ooeo acre back lato

tbar lean te.a stick 11, .n.,.. to by aye. caecked available have ..ote4 *_." bat .,..IktU. Mil. pral n/Ns.tese.thal, tress' **, pottloi tat .o.

,I..,. aader tbo brats Mile tllllMa It l... .orcea of ..,.,* Ue tbree ....Nt. re d., of p lta *...rlty.fa. |a .*.* bf*.lac.Ml heal City oo fell
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told Ue STAR his less ...a.. to rialaOMaycM the sense ttatandto Uelatera* retired echo) t* **rra. ; Chap *tr lllt.artaodborlff ". ..lry.
la apodal ed to pi I ay at*. .. Irr.. etlllaaa bit of latoroatloa ae* a.] earlty agar la U Alpha I. leere.acMel < "Iryloi to ruts oar f
L. 0. OaatA
gar at L: ...., Malaat. baa rvxvtvwd. retiMctlvebvienta .aa aaJe to paao ... I*r appeal teacher; .,.. f.." tka bMlaaaa OMIoaalty >
.a*t ae ry Ib I,,I />/*4"
Motsq.ctrte.. aa.aatlag to dale vat they taraed Alice grmia, retired oooplolia I bit
Jest ajr, for their A. WiY
,. oald that deaelto !!..J. M sad Ue a.abM err NAACP Receives e .. attlt..*e t U. **4atacb rec....d a aootatlair See.er. Ue of flee, .lgNk. rtff. Ua.* .... ,*. sod tat aa-
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city aad It. eteratlagata clala" aa i .a bars la lag .aUa ef Uereje. tlao fer te Advaa.*M.l ......r 0f.CS.ffateeb bat UoJM I.tl. To lairo .....SU.

.* aro psldh alt, MM la seat CatI lea.c ....Uptl..4 Utt of Colored ,..le total' pbyelelo*. bur pt. ef theirsue4d /a tie ouar hood laaodltorod ISNOll13Itsurdlse
tavayero of sties bead e ta florid eon* 5 a .aa alUlblo Mfr lag /1P./N lave beeaaetbarlaed lbe 04MM4 ete.* ., fa* N seven bo- /
, his tM an!...n. ,*.n .... akaa at e Initially calve ...! by She Ogled ",'. oar ea p.v.rty .elty. a ere fore /hate.., little till eadlaea II .
K...*er, the ..be.Ma OMUctad D. local .r*. tllllMa. UtotteOMtlo Preebytertaa o-t..i.M 111 b. 0.0 fraatllgOffCaetla M Oo .La. bo raw'dMa falttiDoy lave loo MMo ere laid Ian ....,..,
<< .,. ,.
(Oat doaja.. ft) "daJ Made of* | ."4 ea pass W) oa /Oust..) sod ..... *.. M Pos> Iff ..... Psndtn. tided' CCMUIN4 |a.. m U.f feel.a., Calea faptlatC


V. .

... -.__...-..::.:.;..; ;;...... :... .....1 4,;: t. .. ,: ,

_, -U .. '" .... .w..W..A _. __.r_J.

.f- ., ,\

e '1 nn--J

rnE' ,t. : ) f ORIDA STIR PIPERS ;

Six FopJHous: ) <'! Nod

Published ATLANTA-fWJ)-T'i number of Negroes seek

ing a seat in t' -rov-imped Georgia House

ERIC 0. r.. of Representatives from the 133rd district

UYSON has risen to five with the addition of

James TT. Couch well-known business,civic

HILDA I and religious leader entering the race un
der the Democratic banner. He will be pitted

I against an attorney, two ministers
and a physician.
2323 No Hope SeenMaPHISNPILittle

) hope is seen for a

return of Negroes to the GOP camp in Shelby

P.O. 1 County, declared- f.t. George; Lee leaderof
the Black and Ton faction here.Lee. who

"OHr boycotted the last campaign after being
WILL NOr refused a seat at the GOP National Convention

131 NW / -; ....4yw in San Francisco, said that "It will
""' "If
.. ... IA. A.w+ take more than public relations to bring

...r.I ri the Negro back en masse to the Republican

party. It will take a reorganization of

...,, the party."

.Mailed to ,
.., 1 Rejected All The lay

DF.TROITNPInlel 1. Test, the 54-
: year-old former Denocratic state representative -

IHPire vo i who recently was unseated by the
REAPF5ENTATNt WIIO I, House because he had masqueraded under another -
FIGHTING rot YOUR WTHOWGHTS. man's reputation failed in his

TWC ucvtt or primary bid to regain the House seat last

, Too .' g wa week. Running 15th in a field of 20. West

collected 132 votes to the winners I 049.
Judging .I i L ...a lest is under state and federal indictments
i 1 for Income tax and vote fradus.


changes Alabama State Coordinating
comes Association for Registrationand

things The Voting will hold one-day meeting at
16th Street Baptist Church here April 25.
of the
well as Principal speaker will be Georgia Sen.
and Horace T. lard Atlanta. The meeting will

her reports from voter registration lead -
era on the status of registration In the

are tion various counties and details of the 1965
as a
Tie think summer voter-registration project.

too. Principal Tries 's-inquiNCY.
One good
tion Fla.-(NPI)-*itt Alton Campbell,

tioned is principal of Stevens Rlementary School
doesn't believe in letting one failure
inson has
stop him. Campbell is running for a seaton
the city commission and hopes to beth
Robinson first Negro to win election.Last year
he tried for the sheriffs post, hut lost.

ing to SITTING DEVELOPMENT OUt 1 I.loaet. -M-118 1' OR JUST FOR THI SAHI OF Negro WORM Ji ie Finds

struct ion / ON YOU EVEN MORI PORCI SLY LIBRABorn STILL SI SUINU"D.7.40H.lt.731d. Public welfare should be a vehicle for
cing bids 380UI734389CANCJiR Sept. 23rd thru raising the standard of the recipient
Oct. 23rd //I not n reward for indolence
gall of ; and depravity .
glibly : THE AWARCNISS THAT YOU CAPRICO'S'i says Judge Junntta Kldd Stout'of Philadelphia

hest way ,Born June22nd.,thru*, '. MUST TAKE A DEIINITESTEWS Born Dec. 22nd thru said in A nan-tin* article' entitled ,
indeed; : ( July 2264 ":1CCP.TAIN > TO pRoricT YOUR Jan. 19th h7 Must the Taxpayer PubsidlreImmorality
INTERESTS IS SICOMINO "The tragedy of relief is that it takes
MORE ACUTE. IT MAY LEAD away from people the drive to work." writes
YOU INTO MENDING YOUR Judge Stout. "I have the
sympathy for the
SPONSIDILITIES ITS ther struggling to
Not so OWN TERMS. TNIRC IS A her children a deep-II
grant---but I deplore
ly it out of checks Its
was as
In a few THAT YOU CAN RILV IICLUSIVILV function\ that subsidizes tht JUDGE STOUTlazy
indicated ON YOUR OWN and Immoral home with the
In WHICH' WI KNOW LITTLI OR MAIL YOUR WAY IN THIS "A good institutional home would be far

ucation NOTHING' TODAY MANY! CANCIRIANS WORLD. 00 NOT ALLOW 10-20-5V 1 437.1 123 better for the growth and development of

community 1 WILL RESPOND>> TO YOURSELF TO FALL PREY children than an unfit private hoM... It is

outline THC INFLUENCE OF MIGHTY TO SCOURA4CMENT BECAUSE AQUARIUS my suggestion that we provide rforwjtnry

Communism. \ JUPITER CNTIRINtt' THE SOLAR OF WHAT YOU MAY Born Jan. 20th thru facilities for these pitiful children, especially -
datory lint HOUSI. LOOK SI- CONSIDER nfl UN4URMOUNTASLC Feb. 18th in the urban areas.. .

history LOW THI SURFACI FOR THI PROSLIMS PACING IT MAS SEEN RATHER DIFFICULT "No child, no adult cn remain on probation .

About SECRETS THAT 00VCRN THi YOU. IN THC PACE OF in my. court unless he lssrestoread
are LAW OF EXISTENCE. '-90-I1-18-2-I51! INDEFINITE TRENDS TO AA- and write. In Philadelphia wt have third-

year. | 4-eo- 5-n.U-411' SCORPIOBorn iIVEATAN. POSITIVE CONCLUSIONS and fonrth generation Illiterates on re
most SIFORC TMIS. lief..it seems to mt that attendance at
oct. 21th thru
schools. 1.10 BUT YOU Alt BtCOMIN A. free adult schools, to learn to read and
The Born July 23rd thru Nov 22nd ARt THAT A CMAMftC I IS 'IN write, should be a prerequisite to getting
Communist TMC R.YOU I WILL SC BITTER relief money. ,.
the NATURALLY, IVIRYONI WHICH YOU NAVC MAD NO ABLC TO FISURC OUT Much can he done by welfare workers to
Instead LUIS TO OSSIRVI CASTES TMC PROBABILITIES' FROM lift people from the welfare environment."
loaded >> IN A TRADITIONAL MANNA HOP ON.. UILCSS YOU NAVE Mrs. Stout was the first Negro woman to
follows THIS RCOUIRIS MUCH PSI.PANAIION ..,OUT[ ASSURANCC TNATIT be elected Judge in Pennsylvania she ws
] approach I AND A WATHfR IRAiLC SHOULD CNCOURAOEMINT RECEIVE CONS, ID IN* BILL NOT SC IOU A born In le.o\_. Okla. and is a graduateof

c oncl FAT POCKCTSOOK* BUV'NO LOST CAUSE, IT WOULD BC the University nf Iowa and Indltnt
I ONE CAN tUARANTCC THC : AND OTHI".0 000 JUDGMENT NOT TO University. The article condensed from
10 WIATHIR. 'THESE IS A POS PVRCMASI, TOO MUCH row TMC the Philadelphia Sunday Bulletin Uxlne.Friends .
SI SOMIWMAT OF A UTe Worth Knowlus
PITY POR THE MANY WHO National Library seek begins April 15.
Its is "To
HAD INTENTIONS OF CUT- purpose : encourage lifetime
TIN QUITE A rituRC, IN reading habits and increase people use
POSSISILITVOFMOlCt Greater use of oar libraries Is a goal
There is DISCOVIR THAT YOUR' RI. INS INTCRISTINS TALKS PISCES worthy of the heartiest and most widespread -

this year SOURCES MAY NOT M AMPLC. WITH PCRSONS WMO MAY Born Feb. 19th thru support rich of as should consider

founding ENOUGH TO SATISFY THEIR MAST YOU VI E" AND ASPIRATIONS March 20th it a personal goal and one to be Imparted

0(51515 TM( DISAPPOINT- SHOULD MOT DCISNORIO. TMIRC is Lime DOUBT to oar children. The future will belongto

serve MINT OP YOU LOVED ONES THAT YOUR MCART ID SIT those who possess the hard won prize of
eration WILL SC ALL THC MINER.Txc ,.eo-M.1>-2V 51.SAGmWCS ON .IVINSVOURLevtS ONCS knowledge.

That INDICATIONS or SOME ALL TMC LIEWAV TMCT DC- Libraries have been established to serve

hopes SORT Or DIFFICULTY IN SIZE TO ACQUIBC TMC t ASTER practically every coesmaity as a resalt
THIS riNSRv. THEY NAPE IN of Individual philanthropy; as part of the
Once Dec. :istCvtRYOMC MIND. But TMCRC ARC facilities provided by local goveraseat

was born I.So"Is.t WHO IS PART OF DOVBTS RISARBING Pta bodies; or in connection with school systems -

had been VtROU YOUR DOMCSTIC ROUP IS TMIR, TRAFFIC OR OTwIRCONDITIONS colleges or onlvtrsltlea. IB oar 11.

meeting Born Aug. 23rd thru APT TO SI AS Suit AS A MA&|Nt LIFC brsries on the pages of books aDd on microfilm

Justice, Sept. 22nd SIC, OXJYINS FINIRV ORACCCSSORICS. AS Pit At AH T AS WAS *NTfCIPATID sad recordings, can fee road the
ed. OR MARINO IN VARIOUS SOB total of Information and wisdom which
Ie all 'THE OCSIRAllLITYOF. IV D l OTHER PREPARATIONS FOR LOCALI TIIS. 1MCPISC1AMSWMO the hoMa race has been" able to acconlste


Is a 0 SICOMINC MORI PROMOUMCID THIS. WOD MAUI PLANNINS we friend is one who gives a helping hand
and there NOW THAT TNC Tlxl FOR IT ALL TMC MORE 01 SAP.POINTIM TO NOW ARC A*PRO ACM INGTMC when it is needed sad on this basis our
tured SWIFT ACTION IS GAPING *SHOULD SOMCTMIM STACC WMCN THIS BILL libraries hold friends of incomparable

.OI". CASTER aY SUMS tat ue TO.... TMC DAY'S MO ONUS DC ..-" worth. 'They wait to lead as the wisdom of

at a time TO MOLD CERTAIN DISAPPOINTING PLCASURCS, AS COULD Elm OF MIGHTY 1ITte the snclenct philosophers that *.may apply

ble scope FACTORS Pet pessiwkv OCCUR. MIll |Ia BLAR 4TNSIBNIFItS "tII.U It with proper consideration iu oar

flcient c MANY r-COPLC THIS YCAR.lr COUP 01 SOMC LOCALI- VMAT ONLY WESM.TS own lives. 'They csa uafold to as the healing

brilliant IT IS NOT THE WIATMER TICS WNCRC CONDITIONSMAV WILL COUNT MCRCAFTtB. arts of modem medicine; the, wonders

medal la' IN SPECIFIC DISTRICTS.' SC SOMCWNAT MOTE FAVORASL.K of space; the esoteric reals of physics .
not wl\at IT COULD DC TRAFFIC TMAN IN STMIRS. 4-70-""- "21-171 electronics, sod mathematics

-- -- --- -

It .- --.. -.,.-w..u r..r+ .--..r.--- -- -w..r..w-r. ---..r.wrw.- ---- -.............. +r..rww+wJ.Muw .w.rugswrw-----.'.sunsores.+wrr"f -...-, --' ,"Sr -.-.r.Tw....,,..-., ..

I i \ ---.l


.= Speaking4 Representative Making Final Preparations For Annual 2-Day Presentation I
--- "- -""'" Socially .
..,. ...
1 '! ..... .. .
:, f ., roj
,. "" ,,;J it. 'r
Bi Liiisi Giiaiiri ,
II ..
Rhoaiania" contest which 111 be Initially.'
Evelyn Barnes and :4rant* Richardson were nest pre-
Players hen Lea Trieze Amies Bridge Club was entertained
recently in the Kinnon Road hone of The j
K.a Erttts. Mra. Banes was high scorer, although. \
bnth received gifts from the hostess.

Lillian Singletons Ruth fircone and Ruth Banner .. '\ :
were top scorers in the club category. t
Other embers enjoying Mrs. Brltt's hospitality '
were Doris Jones Margaret Sutton Eleanor Cay, --1iI
Vanorian schell. Vivian satterwhlt.. GwendolynPchell
I41.1E'f! BAIltt: GAIL WlTSflX
and Co a tale Jones.
S'III'S'S'R seated Friday night April 30 at 8 oejock in Duval -
The Jacksonville Ouwiae Chapter of Delta Sign County Aruory under sponsorship of c.... Gni-
Theta Sorority will presents Its traditional "jab- cron Sigma Chapter of Sigma Camna Rho Rororlty.9)arle .
berwock' Monday evening. April 21, in the auditorium < n Marie, the daughter of Mr. and Mra. Clarence
of Hew Stanton; Senior High.A A. Baker, 2473 Klllngton: Avenue, h. 9th
lain feature of the event will be the "MissJabberack" grader at Bishop Kenny High School. She is being J' -
contest which will be clluaxed during sponsored) by Roror Marie L. Jackson Gall, the
, the evening. daughter of Mr. and Mra. Harold L. ttsell,2403'. 1p
Another ech-anticipated event will be the skits Lantana Are, attends the 9th grade in New Senior
that have becoue aynonynous .lth "Jabberwock." High School: I'S' $. She is being sponsored by ftoror
The theae for this 1ea a skits 111 be "The ton Mary Alice Sultb.; sit other popular contelt&llta"
derful IIJrl of Television with fraternities, are engaged in friendly competition br the vaunt. I
ed crow. ...........___ ,. '" -. -. .,_I .....::Z.f l....&Zto
sororities and other social organizations par LsRE
tlclpttlng. Prizes will be awarded 0" the adult R'S' S 'S. S K)P DDWNSTRATnm: are being carried on weekly Man, Mra. Daisy Miller Mrs Edna Jackson Mrs
and the high school level The! final report Meeting of the Ticket !Sales' ) Con- by H nbers of the Federated Garden Circles whose Annie S. Huff, Mrs. Fannie Mlckena.Mra. Surge Keith 1
8 'R'8. S R uittee of the Jacksonville J ranch NUCP revealed annual May 1.2 annual faring Show will J beheld in Mrs Lorraine .A. Stewart, Mra. tva 0 rah an,
A record crowd attended the Darnel.cookuan Junior that Run day" a event at the NUflosef Hotel wttl be the auditorium of "Hilksr Vocational College Vlfneaalng Mrs. Margie Lott, Mrs Ruby H. Morrlaette. Mr.
High school Band Concert which was presented sell attended.Roy and taking part in the demonstration b1Mra. J.t-Price. Instructor and Mra. Gertrude I L. U>ore.
fllklns will deliver the address at the $10- J.R.' price eitrcne right Instructor are, This year shoe three "
In Civic Audltorlus) last weekend.Beautiful ( ) ii. "A Thing of Bi-mity.: t
flowers were presented rua.Mte., plat dinner Wilch will be attended by ruby Hurley. from left: Mrs. ,ulllie Griffin, flower shoe. dllIJ r- (raera'n' Photo )
and other :NUt? officials
Band Director, by the Band Parents Club In addition Robert Saunders

tine ,gift.. the students prevented Mrs. white a beau The affair is achedileJ for 4.00: Slati P... hs Trip 0000Mr. 0 0-BIRTHS- 0 0000 .

The affair its highly successful. Bethune Chorus Mrs Rosa Biuoona and .* Mrs. Eugene Dowdy.67M Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Ruts
8 .R S 8 group will sponsor a bus :: Rhode Island Drive BORN TO: ledge INS I. :3lst st. .
Invitation have been sent to friends of nailers Appearing Here tour to ocala Sunday. Meat Ctrl 1216 f. 24th St. Girl 809S South 8th St. Per Girl.
of Club Baron Inc.. to attend the tonal ball celebrating April 35 Buses will Mr. B Mrs. Mansfield R.Cody. Mr. Mrs, Susie L, amiss S.achrla0111. Mrs M,..J.1t Sluuwns,
the organization's Nineteenth Anniversary Friday May 7 stop at Davis and Colon I mute 6, Boa 435, Jackson, mi College Mr k Mrs. Charlta John 1561 I. 17th St. 01 rlMr .

The grand affair will be held Friday evening Aprll Tae faaova 35 voice Sta at 7 a. ., and Buy Circle Boy. son, T224 Irving ScottDr ,* M" 'IUer Dennis, '.
3D, in Civic .d1 tori.... concert chorale of BethuaeCooksaa Broad and Ashley at 730.: Mr i Mrs. Albert Howard Mr. & Mrs. Gary plnkney, Girl 1427 Morgan St, Buy,

Club Baron's eberahlp roster includes Albert College, .
Brlnkl ey, Jauea Rurrla, Eddie 1. Oopaland. Nathaniel ill be presented in I t' c. nuB Oscar C Fletcher Matthew George, concert May T at I p..?
Jaaea J. Haaaond. C,l. Jackaon. ,,J. Jenkins A.Lewil. in the Civic Audi tor luu,
Janes McBrlde, George "!. McCl ell an, John beginning at I p... 11'
vonroe, gruel Munroe, J.D. Pauline, Leonard Y.RobununSillien Sponsors of the prograa
ShelJ..". ,Robert Singleton, Jaues are the Mary McLeod Be-
turner F. talker. vlllle C. sidle, Herbert lln- thune Circle st. Johns
gate, and Ralph Naulteby. president County Chapter and the
$ .s. 7 SGa Naaaau County Chapter of
.ua Rho Omega) Chapter of Alpha Kappa Sorority the Betbune-Cookaan cols
.ill meet at 2:00: r...Saturday. April 24. Poreaoet hit Alue.nl Association
on the agenda la the Jabbenuck skit "T.l n1l10ll The chorale baa just
Coin. trclal a." under the direction of (Sadie. llaon. returned :roe an Eastern
8 $ 'S'.S' tour. Including five engageatata -
Seventeenth Annlveraaryof Tpallentl tine end in Nee Tork
!!Social Cub will b. celebrated Sunday, April J\ State and a Southern.
at 330 P.M.. in the hose of Mr. and Mrs Joshua tour of the state of
Hill n. 1910 Patla Street. Florida. 1'0... D Deeps,
Vera 'Davi and Luella McBrlde will be featured op Is director
the ppjgrM. Mra. Darts will deliver the address Soloists to be featured
and Mrs. McBride .!IS render vocal ..1 utendedw sill bellies Loulae yolk
teW Johnson. ; ypali an tl preaident. baa Miss Cleemtlne High-
Invitation to the public to witness the cele loser this city; Mlaa

bration. ; Carolyn nelson Taapa, .. ,
Other Mashers of the dub Uclnde Sal lye saldwln, and' '. Jasea Jenkins of -
Helm McCroy, Catherine' Reed, Bus a Stakes, Mary lest pain Beach.
Harp, ttlaelienla Brown, Marry*e ,Jenkins, Frank,. The repertoire, consists
Gannett, and Venice wxnue"rt. of folk songs, unusual
8 8 8 .S. Calypaoajiegro spirituals ji jiI s sIl
I The T-lradale dub of the Johnson sraneh WCA la and Coeteuporary ewale
presenting a very unique "ft, At Hone Tea" oniwday This will be the 30th A
I April 2), at 4:00 P.P. T.. ..rel purfftaee annual appearance of the aji
I roar tea bag fro. .....u of the slab wh. Bight cberale la this city
awroach you or true the r. cltveland Road Of nee
imp Mitts Sub
ant at 4 'W P. .. *. the above% date alt down athe.
*. sad enjoy a cup if tea The eiecatlves of the ,
fvaetieas will h e*H to aid tons sick la Its Jaalor Gulden Leaks will AI1 e
civic project. shlc include orh el U underprivileged be the greets when the 1
children. Ooldea Unas a..t Sw.ilay r scS.) n n1l
t .A. $ at :30: ,... |. renlaraeathly S, "
The first public '.rro..e. ot tie chorus of the tttalea the
le* Mnol INS' lll be presented at 4-00: P.*. Monday ...U., place U I ee an- rt '
April 2$, 1" the school's attractive a.'1n aeuacedfa 4r ;4 h

.. ..,. .. Lauvlila T Martuex -
Tickets to the benefit affair lll ** .ff rH ata vsbllc restless

II( ..4a! rate to .t.lteta. director elll be in
ura. Olivia Smith lu. director. nf the chorus.leiu charge of the aeclal :' V f : :1. _
S. S.S S beer
"" ) Marie Esker and Gall rite li are tm ef

attractive, caateatants vying fur the "Mlaa Win' a houseful of groceries

THE BIG SHOW .and the house !

.t Colisesw Sit. Mite May 1 1965 ',,;,, ,.

. .. 9 PH' 1 IAN .

t r '

'y Jackie Wilson .

'" lirko passaa .. .r peel am N.vN ............................anise ... N.... -.-- I7
'Solonoi ::: :::
.. .
Me e. 1 r.rr Nr. ... .(v e a w -sow .r rr I '"C.l::: ..0-- .
,_ '.f: =- yJ.7 .: efea..ISM /I' ,s-==-J=.1.::: isr..raw ..5G !
". i art'. w. M fA f w..w ...... arse. par ....... -------..-
** r *. fill ISM V .a. -- ,
... I
Ben E. KISS .' .... ... \-- ---. ..w..1..r ... -.- ,-y rw a.w..,...brrMb.ee .- 1.: =:::":'.. !..C'i"t .r.--: = =
.I; t. : :::::..- --:.:=- t:: IS 'toe C_.._ 4 I I6U. I / M :-t.y .-r. ,.!"_N... "', c- -:..':.."':: ....
< ::'C. .. .. ::,. .,
1 .w rw.r .. M brim its S eswms ---.1C;:."
'; iI' 0. r.w.. T.... .mar w..eI I salt"& a..ee .... aeaeaeeerv Lay: --.r---- i! ;;..::: _::::..::=. .: :.::." _._.. I
Stifle Woider : ,._ -- .
;; ,: I b ne MSINN M / is fee+ It
'I!. .:71!.: eels =:h.1.aMe.r / 1 ,' .n'I I I, =:= :=a.-:.=..zt- gs-::: : ?
, r" > *... 1)0 'U.OO art Certlfi ate. I' t1.-. "\!.... _-- -...... II! ... .... .. .
:= : -r.
,. I -' > -
: 7: ": .e. Mitty CollierGladys A..MrI..a+Mw-5 I ..- .;.. 00 Of ft CertlOeata. r.'C,;;1.. -zr: =."z:..: .:: 4:1=:;:;::: :: ::
.aa. PIId ... 100 Mft Cenincateu _:::.:.::::::.:.::. ..-..:: =-_ : =?=
IM4 MlniMi eau< .- t ,., f
= -- a.._ ..._
= ft.1
I a_ /M e.. M/1 d I I.c ;:.:= -=!:
"-" a..s ;:
Kalkt aid The Pips :-::rr.: .::==-. --==- f. _.c.-r.- : ; :f Hi

-- -. .
-Nau.Iwv ..... ---------
Nile p..., MI ...... .....
... ... ... ..... g.e.
Barbara Lyn mid I. I. Kii| and Orch. -p- pees ..... f_ cc I.
e._ were ra. .*. .-. -
.....nJ-, +.... .,.. -a -
i -1.Ma.r..ra a- -... wN.p..ri I f'oIr -. .. .

... M a. : ... .._
: : .
.::::::; ,-
Advance tickets Coliseum Hceiag Park
: .....-
eA -
t.4 ...w..W /t

Bob's Record Shop, 728 W. Ashley St. e=== -as' ,.......... -- 11 rl.l

.--.u ..... .. .. -.... --
,.. Llvert's, 209 leas St. and

h1S, w rwutXM: (vrtUM car eve or jaruamtu. H UM WCM Aesee'mrlrrt Paul PUSS.aci OUUVUIT, marl TOW.' ..,,
Gateway Shopping Center



---'--.-- -
r__ -

-- J .

1 I


I St. Gabriel's Episcopal Acquires Land For Future Church I IIi

Ii Parishioners! Schedule Plans Mt. Vernon Hosting Commissioners Continue EWC Aid

;, .' F99iurtb!t jeWlil
It Piano Recital SundaThe y ET ,." : .

I: For Future Church Construction piano students of .' ";-:-'\::

, white .. ,.' I
The final phase of its goal toward permanency Mrs. (0'j Services Sunday in Mt. olive Primitive Baptist
will be presented In r j
took place this week when St. Galirlel's f lsoopsl t Church begin with the Sunday school at 930: ....

Church which is presently holding Sunday service their annual recital i At 11 ..... morning service. At 5:30 P.... tPTO
Sunday at 4 in the .
at Blnnrt. Funeral Home Chapelannounced acquiring P.B. and at 7 p.*. evening service. Rev J.M. Dixon
educational building of
of property for the future church pi ant,Rev. (Fr. ) 1 pa.tor.wiJJ deliver the sermons The trustte board
Vernon Baptist
announced.The will bazaar tonight.All auxiliaries have
T. Vincent Harris sponsor
property is locatedat ._..uuuu............._._._._._._._._. Church prince and t been asked to cooperate ,. Beat la chairman.MAO'IOUA .

5225 Moncrief Road Gabriel's.Ming whltner streets. .- BV'71ST"

I West ranging on the the officers of Featured will be Miss Services Sunday in Magnolia Baptist Church will
Sylvia Hart Miss Detra
northside of uoncrlefRd. St.Gabriel's are Charles start with the Sunday School at 9:43: a... Rev. t.
t Belcher Miss Patricia
Rd. West east of sou t el 4FR S. people, pastor will deliver the sermon for
White Mrs Shirley Ann
\1 Drive and west of price and the 11 ..*. service. At 5 p.m., MU. and evening
Williams, R.P. MOore
Lane. service at Willie
C. White sr.
I The tract includes two f ill serve throughout the day.Tuesday night prayer
The hostesses are: Miss
buildings one being Olivia Ann Hogans, Miss meeting. District 2 will observe its anniversary -

used ss a dwelling and May 23.uJKLJ .
I Minim whiteMiss Carmen
the other in an unfinished Adams,Ml as chari so Whl 11, TABSffUaE"
state of completion. Sunday turning Bible School at 10 a... in Holy
Miss Shirley Lewis, Miss
Father Harris stated r HIGHLT BENEFICIAL: GESTURF/--For the second consecutive year the Dual county Tabernacle Church One, Miss E, white presiding. At

that renovation of the Vickie scrlven MissLaverne Board of County Commissioners has cone to the aid of Edward Waters college by 11:30: .... morning service. Deacon B. Goldsmith
Hill Miss ReneeLevis
properties for church Miss irvlln Hillman contributing a check for $50,000 to support the college's mounting operational In charge Tuesday. at 8 p.Bible Study. Friday

j h. will possibly begin Miss Cynthia cul- costs. Bishop Eugene C. Hatcher receive the welcomed contributions from Comalssoner covenant service at S p. .. wosen's Day will be

I after July of this year Miss Sandra Julian warren while from left Commissioners Fletcher Morgan Lem observed with Bishop R.L. Jones Missionary pas
bert Dean
VINCENT HARRIS Merrett Commissioners' Chairman Bob Harris, EWC President William B. Stewartand
j and until such renovation andMlssLavern willlaaa. tor. delivering the sermon. At 9 P."., YTO. Mrs
takes place st. Ga Parsons, Senior Warden; Commissioner T.L stokes look on. L. Raley presiding.
piano students
briel'a will continue to Dr Hunter H, Batter- -HOLY lABFJWAat"
J Debra Brown jaaes Bar-
use Bland' Chapel for white, treasurer and Eric geron Carolyn Cleaons, Second Baptist Services Sunday in Holy Tabernacle 2. Dinmaore ,
lay leader. Mt. Tabor Sets Union Community
I Simpson
' services conmeoclng at 9 0. Gall Colo, Sharon CaapbellCheryl will be conducted by Minister. Roosevelt Davis

i a. .. each Sunday. As hay Zion's Allen Cole Sylvia Homecoming Sunday Readies Annual Schedules Mission pastor who will also preach ginday Bible Schoolat

! always, the Jsz community Group Sets Dawson Ethel Dawson services Day For Sunday 10 ...., Mining service at 11 o'clock; evening
is extended a wars welcome Anne Davis, DeHavlllan Homecoming Men's Day Program service at H o'clock. Tuesday Bible study. Friday

j to worship at St. Worship ServiceChurch Prison, LsRan Prison will be observed Sunday Mission Day will b* night,covenant meeting. Bishop RoLe Jones in char

Ml. Salem Baptist school will begin Yvetto George, Alonzo with events prograaaed Men' Day sill be observed observed throughout the ge.

j at 0:30: a.n. with Holmes, Pamela Hopkins, at various periods Sunday throughoutthe day Sunday by the Second --FIRST CORINTH"Services

I Church News Sumner wiles and Raymond Cheryl Howard Gregory throughout the day day at union COB- Batplit Church under the Sunday in Firat Corinth Baptist Church

r Services begin Sunday Wade in charge Cunnings Sharon James Activities will begin .unl t, AME: Church. Beaver leadership of .. W. Giving will commence with tie Sunday School at 9:30: ....,

in Mt. Sal en Baptist Rev. Co F.. Tbstoo. pastor Donna James and Phyllis with Sunday school at and Everson Streets. C. *. the theme will b* with Superintendent l. Cooper In charge. Morning

Church with Sunday will have charge of Johnson. 9:30 a.a. with Deacon L. Crane and Fred whit keynoted by the Mission service st 11:15 0' e10dl. choir 1 and Usher Board
Barr and instructors
Jason -
School at 9:30: a.a. Superintendent the 11 a.B. service Also Cecil Maloor are chairaaa and cochairman Board during each ser 4 will serve.

Gerald Nelson Choir 1 and Usher Board Flora Malnor. Arena In charge. Devotionsat respectively. vice. At 3:30 P.... Caber cpard 1 will sponsor its annual -
will be l.db
in charge. The pastor 1 will serve Miles, Robin Mitchell ll a.B. Progress for the day Regular service for tea in the church audltorius District 3 will
Ed and
Deacons Moore
will review the les The Young Men of Allen Delores Perkins, Maria are as follows: Sunday begins with the sect in the annex at 3 p.*., and the Senior Mission

son.Con sec ration 10: U. will honor all membersof Pearson Karen purdy, J.H. Rogers. The welcoae Sunday 8chool--9:30 Sunday school at 1:30a. will meet st 4 P.... tn the homo of the president

Morning service, 11 a.w. the church who have Aida Payne, Thoaaslna will be given by Deacon a. ... waiter Mcinlgbt .. L.C. Cheater the Mrs. WM die Smith 919 f. Duval St. Evening
Abraham with
and evening service at served 25 years !11 of Payne, Anglo Patterson. Moses Mrs. guest superintendent; assistant general superintendent service at 6:43 o'clock. Choir 1. Gospel Chorus. -
Annie Taylor R.
4 p.m. The pastor will these members. are asked Alverla Robinson Ann en e Mrs. teachers Moss Andrews.Antlocb assisted by and Usher Board 2 serving. The pastor will

deliver both sermons., to be seated In the front Stafford. Delores Sanford M. Brown will as be wloists.Thesermon deliveredby Baptist; R. V.Daniels the departmental superintendents preach for the services prayer ...UDI Tuesday at

of the church. jr. Mt. Vernon will be In .
4 program will be presented Etta Jean Ray. 7:30: P.B.MACODNU
Rev H.T. Overstreet.
at 3 p.a.by Usher WEHLT ACTIVITIES Pamela Winston, Mary Baptist and Edward charge of activities.Rev. -- BAPTIST"

I !Board\ No. 1. Mrs.Will is The Gospel Choir rehearses Williams Rosllnd white- pastor.Following offertory, Brooks Mt. Zion A.M.E. J.C. Bass, the Sunday School opens Sunday at 9:30 a.*., in Mace -

Dixon president.The Tuesday at* p... bead and .. C. White, jr. acknowledgement of visitors Morning worship, 11:00: paator. will review the nla Baptist Church with Superintendent John C.
public Is extendeda an d tJI.Fin an ce Committee a... lesson and deliver the Singleton In charge. The pastor will review the
District 22
Pritni appreciationwill
cordial Invitation to meets at 7 P... Class Call to uorhip Rev, N. sermons for the major lesson. At 11 .... morning service. Choirs 2. 4.
attend all .errl ce..R.v.If. meeting will bo held at The officers and eaters expressed by McCray; processional services. and Usher Board 3 will serve and music will be
IIn. Bernice Hill. chairman -
Q. Rogers, pastor. 7:30: p.n. District 22. Second with closing remarks Gethseaane Baptist Consecration for the rendered by Billy Beal. The sermons will be delivered
Baptist Chinch, will observe Church of Hasting; first deacon, deaconesses* by Rev. J.c. Rogers. pastor. Evening service -
by the pastor. Choirs 3 '
their annual homecoalng bysn, Rev. N. McCray; choir and ushers will beheld at t: 30 o'clock.
I and .4 and usher Boards 3andl4
Sunday intho prayer Anthony wlnsor; at 104> a... .FIRST ME* ZIOV .. ,
.Ul .ern major 4' ?
Acorn OoaaunUy c..ttr,- crfp'tur Deacon nose Morning worship begin Services Sunday in First New :fcoa ptist Ch rch

: A.a.a.h FEELS 5$2'GOODI Acorn and McQuado Eta. services.AFTERNOON Andrews; decalogue. Mss at 11 O'clock and 8apt 1st commence with the Sunday School at 9:30: *.... under

A progrsa lau been PROGRAM Rose; missionary offering Training union at 5: 45 leadership of !Deacon' Joseph U Whit The supertntmdent .

I TO "UPSET SKIN" planned wltlr-out standing At 3 will P.a.be. FellowshipHour conductedby Edward Brooks; solo p.m. Mrs. a.H. Morrissette. will review the lesson and award banners

caused by certain minor skin Irritations. talent In the city ap- Edward Brooks, announce sssisted by Alexander to the Junior and senior d.....Morning service
Deacon Joseph Amos
.I h.."'..*. Skirl l..*..ti 0111"".." buying Ih.unit.e.e.mysips. eon. pearing.Cinpliti. ments. Larry Walton; se Heard illl be In at ll o'clock evening service at.7 o'clock.MT. .
with.........IIJ111,...111".*.11"1". four tlmet .*much: for..." and Deacon Elvin Hopkins lection Oethseaane charge. .
...... Me CWAAN-
lirpert.nl 1" "' iklllf ully como UllifKtionfiMrenteeo'eryeurmoney (Hietiiis
I ,At Ihli InMmcttontlly money refunded.LOVILIBN Jr.Program Choir; introduction of Evening aervlce COB Service Sunday In Mt. Canaan "Baptist- Cnarch begin -
f.mout' akin dcitkm! MMI lhItchlni participants
end Influen tail bi''M.dr .. OOMPLBXIOM' 10* Heavenly prayer Band speaker Marvin Teel; aeaeea at 7 p... with the Sunday School at 9:30 .... with
,ll, (Irem 'I .plot Mb to-tee preteetleii wllti will Include:
fol Mtir full itcltlni .ldlur you'll. the d..fslln.on.v i modttttlen b.ldlb election meetingin speakerRev. H.H. Wrightof weekly activities In- .. Adams In. charge CbnsecratlOB service
Don't risk Deacon
I of "Skin ._..." ...... It beiutybethee The choirs. Mrs. Sarah .
; mnl or .do Inltctlon byKratchmi while N fisNtt s* nw f>.. the home of Mra.Annie Evergreen Baptist eludes the prayer of II clock. Fvmlag service at 7:45 o'clock.'
UM tl>* akin comfort ,.
often ei/ rev pertplretlen edort McQueen mistress ofceremonies
I Mcrtl ol million.I ,tlmtr't"lulu Bell tllllaaa. advlaor. Church invitation to
n.M..vw ture you're nice te Faith Hour. Tuesday at 7 DU'CtL BAPTIST"Services
, ........" .
OMmtnl rooM > be nr Pemer *SkM SoeeeH"Seep. ; Mrs. til is-
, ...blr .arlcod .t **.. Save 77 1 by .Only Me. The group will conduct Joiners,Rev, H-H- Wright pa. R. .. Jackson assisted Sunday la fcenuel Baptist Church. Cope-
Its first Betting May 3at beta Sapp welcome; Mrs. of Evergreen Baptist by others .111 be lend and Purest Streets heals with the S aday

..SKINSUCCESS.:1fT: .,' 8 P. .. In the homo Annie Jones, response; Church; solo, Edward la charge oftUe: devotion School at 9:30: ..*. with" Buperlateadeat Oeorge

-..<< of the president Mrs. Mrs. C. Hall solo; Mrs. Brooks; offerlag; ae- and the pastor will cos- Smith sr. la charge. At 11 .. .. cossec ratios

Marie B. Mitchell. 278Btoctoa Edith Wilcox reading: kaowledgBent of visitors, diet the Bible period. service. Rev. *,U Badger pastor will preach.

St. Mrs. Cast Mae Turner johnny anus: remarks. The monthly business Evening service at 4:30: o'clock.
solo; Mrs. Augusta Johnson Cleveland Crane, chair meeting will be held at

Golden, solo Voices.; selection The san; benediction. Dinner I::30 p.m. Rev. Mr Saaa Tom DOS' Have To Go To Town' To Get
will to served lamedate
I will preside during the
Rev. David Johnson of 1, following aorslag
Bethel Baptist Church service. The Sunday ftcaool-of- PRICES

(Bouthslde: ) will deliver 3:00: p... service the fleets and Teachers

3101 EMERSON the sersos. Rev. H.T. Youth Departaeat will Council will Beet Fridayat o& I'M'

Overstrect will offer have charge. 7 ,..,
1 remarks and benediction. Night service at ': SO TB* Bells Waters choir

I IOCArllllr ISsrRrt Sunday night's musicale p... sad the Jaalor esker. Trade with fear Neighborhood Dog stare

,. will feature Rev c.S. proeaioaalayaa.; Rev.N. board will serve for tkeBuaday tf WILL MOT ANY Pal CD Al1f' .1. TffR LOCAL HHSMte

coo James Rev. Til ley, Mrs. McCray; prayer .... aad Tuesday s.r- Deliver te also lit all Doctors PreecrictlMS.

Essie Jones narrator; Oscar Seniors; ecrUttre. vices.Ho&oeis.

Choirs land 2 of ephealaaBaptistMrs. Rev H. Haaklas; solo

..11. Brown, James Costs>> It Calvary Church Dixie
: GROUND BEEF 3 IBS. The McOall Singers. Deacon Baptist third; speaker, Pharmacy
Charles Tlamoas. The Rev. LA. lag. Payne Sets Friday.

, LIMY g II Willing worker Male Chapel; lavltattoa teJolaers. W2 lilts In It .,rUt AtiwPIBMS

Chorus Mrs. Rose Tuner, Rev N. McCray; Saturday Services

Angelic Singers, and Mt. offering; ackaowledgaeat Llil 555JMI

3 IBS. Tabor Male Chorus. of visitors, JobssyGrlggs 1.# .. -...# I ,..,
SHORT 8geALL Also Mrs. Virginia ; remarks, Cleveland
RIBS Butler Robert Sa/a*. The Crane aad Fred whit PAT nil UGIT IAIEI ui nU'IIiE

Goldea Voices, unitedGospel financial reports; bene AILS AT in suit(

BEEF CUT & Stagers Mt. diction.
Tabor's Choirs 3 and t. Mt. Olive Holding

CHUCK ROAST -. 39'' Moaley.sad Mrs. Daisy Mae 2 Day Bazatr "PhetIKtphy WHh A Style

Mrs Berates Hill t.cllatr. This Weekend

..., Mra. Sarah
Board f
Mt. olive
CHUCK STEAK Mcquees, co-chatraui,
LI. 49 Trustees are *p aaortBC
and "..11.T. Overstreet. a two-day aaaaal ChareaBatar

pastor. BOW la progress

CLUB STEAK Ll. 59c Mt. Zion Apostolic April 23 sad 24 la thebssemeat ILDD... una

of tie caarck
A two Bight All wilts.>> ..
Faith Churchervtcas located at 1311 Myrtle I service r
SIRLOIN STEAK MlBtsters Oo ate _
LI.69c Avemao.Board. will be bold Friday and
Cbalraaa wtlllam :T t.
of this
Satartfay algata
will apes with Hitfay A. Best aaaoaaeea the

ROUND STEAK LI. 69C School at locate 10 a... ii u.ell.rcll folloetai eatertaUaemtoa fed week Hollaes ta The.*tree Oarcm.W word of

at 1321 had for the entire
Fraacla St. vita Deaceat. family: Slick An..., Elder &.. One Stop Shopping For All

T-BONE STEAK -. 69C C Bird, sepertat.sdealteacher Madame Pith. the for- Gtea.oaur. aaomace4.
lack serrico will b la charge. tame teller; n..... Photographic Needs
at 8 elect.
Us 11:30 a. .. entails
sale, candied "lu.
..orsht.111' be precededby rnat' fish chickea. proceed from Us tea EMERSON'S PHOTO SUPPLY

IICIIYIO ....,a.,11 by the alad.BesAU. ice soda algitt' services will

SOLID ..acoa.. pop fern galer. fellow beaeflt the caaroa
1817 N.
Cider. !." Mabray rill bit with frieal sad IIIU till had pro lraa. MYRTLE AVE.

HENSJUST 1 Incll. Deliver the ..,... .!.*. aelgkbors. Elder tato salt
dill JiiliJJ If Inilltl..tl
ter Tbomaa will serve a* Tao tattoos amaillartos meads from the jax )

PUASIViTCI aecoBBaalst at th* .... and TOM Malt 0mart> multi are cortflallylavtted
t share U tbo Plus
..I.. meat .*..u. will be U 3S4-J2U
TIE UK MINT Jill II IJXT IT AUEI 1w.w..r.r The MMlo U Ia lto4. chute et tie boota spirited sorricos.

.._ ___ r s ___ _-..... -- --- _.- -.. ....--. .............

.. .. _.- -- y-

._' __ _l '...-,....,,' ,,- .': .II': ._: ---

:::a : :, : t! FLORI01 :J'U raPIII } -- :C----5-J':

State's NAACP Branches Mop Mrs. WkiteheitJ Dropouts Get Big Assist Nat'l Urban League Returnlning Anti-Bias Law I

Massive Membership Drive To Aid Miles To Ala., Says Whitney Young Proposed For i

Charmaine thltehead South States
TAMPA-Florida's NAACP branches hare begun soprano soloist of the NFtf YORK N.Y. -The National Urban Leawe 11 returning
a nas-
sire to Alabama.In ................... I
drive to raise 15.000 Berbers during 1905. first magnitude, the IASHINOTO'1--Bscause
"01 f of our branches: arc working actively to reach pouessorof a reaarkable spite of the, violence continue the workshop state and local antl- h
their goals/'RuUedgeH. Pearll>n.Stat. Conference voice and tremendous I the murders, the program that attack the discrimination laws are
President said. ''So.. like Port Myers have already range, will be presentedIn bombings and the intimidations cycle of poverty" acoo rded p re-cwptlon o verthe
gone over the number of members needed, concert by the Miles the League will Civil Right Act of
for their quotas," he said. Heading the mwber College Faculty Sunday be nonatratlng Ita Sales To Minors 1944 In the arena of public -

ship drive for the state will be Horace Reed.pre.- evening May 2. 8:00 commitment to the rehabilitation Tempo Stepped Up accommodations. and
Idant of in the Miles college of untrained
the East Volusla Branch. NAACP. Pearson p.i. fair employment, the
anooun cad, ......_.._..__.._..._._.u........_.. Auditorium uneducated and By Slate Agency NA4CP and other civil
Florida's largest branches Florida had consented to Mrs. feitehead. who now unskilled disadvantaged rights organizationsshould
are expected to top serve as Life M*bershlp ales her home in Chi Negroes in Alabama by mitotic BEVERACES} seek effective

their quotas for the Chairman for the State. cago, Illinois is a conducting antipoverty 'JALLAtlASSn.- Strong lms In those states,
year. Jacksonville has Other Committee Chairmen native of pittsburg and workshops film week In word of caution was chiefly southernwhichhavenowch
a product of the Pitta- Anniston anit'lobaon: City,
already started on a named by Pearson issued by Run Morris legislation
drive to reach ere: Education Rev. J. burg and a product of Uabana,
2, 500 new Director of the state Robert U Carter NMCP
members! while Miami and A. Adams, Clearwater; pittsburg public School "The League aumen Beverage Department to general counsel, said
that In spite of racial
Tampa are expecting to Economic Opportunity System.IB minors and licensees before the nth annual
addition to her roleas unrest that State officials
Rev F. B. Plnkaton and
gain a total of 2,000 alike conference of the Civil
each.: Heading the Tanpa Robert L. Gilder; La- a professional con would not prevent The Department has offered Liberties Cl earing Kou se.
bor and industry, James cert star ahe is also a ua from providing
Drive is Mrs Willie B. complete assistance Addressing a session of
Gallon,an active church-: Hepburn; ulna Daisy public school teacher in professional service and to local police and the conference here on

worker and well known Young. Youth *ork; Housing the Chicago City school 0000 SJRJOUNHN8S' -flood food, neat dormitories and community organlia sheriff departments, to April 2.M r. Carter warned -
citizen In that corn Rev. Isadora Edwards 4sts.Mrs.. *M teheed is clasarooms and plenty of fresh air and sunshine community organization co mbmt the sale of that some states may I
aunl t,. ; Church: Rev. charming talented and out in the Cstoctin ,Mountain part Job Corpa camps to the pocketa of poverty alcoholic beverages to enact Ineffective las I
Milton Cox and Political beautiful. She has made in Alabama" said
Other branches: actively are the rule to help dropouts get back on their mlnorm In hope of frustrating
Action.Louis 0. Harper. many stella appearanceswith thltney M. Young Jr.,
Morris further stated of the
csmpslgnlng art Clearwater feet. Some TT camps for men and women are being Implementation
at, Petersburg Mrs. Althea Mills was the Chicago Symphony act up across the country.Petitioners' executive director.He that Minors caught purchasing Federal act" The civil
Ran ford, Orlando Day named to head the Freedom at orchestra Hall in continued by Indicating possessing or rights organlsatlona, he
to B ch a 1. .Fund r .ittea Chicago. "while the march consuming alcoholic "should consider
na ea ooh. MI --- --- said \
bourne, Gifford, west Demand Board from Selma to Montgomery beverages will be dealt devising and agreeing
Palm Beach Fort Leu- Bethune -Cookman Announces tasanhlatorlcally with .".r.l1. upon a model state civil I
Close Old Outmoded Plant
derdale Tallahassee, Summer School Schedule significant petition raise I. D. cards are rights law which wouldeffectlvelyopenteslth
Pensacola and Panama for the redreaa of grievances being used by minors to
City. DAYTOMA' BTACH-The 1965 Summer Session at BethunoCookmaa Led by the ,rent-Teacher, Association president it could not remove purchase) beveragea The In the scope of the FeJeral -
'"'a1\7 nailer branches college will b. June through August ,. Mrs. Sarah Bryant. 10 parents of pupils attending the bUIll".tJI. joblessness presentation of this .tatut..,*..age of
are engaged in stiff The session .111 provide courses In lib.ral arts Arlington Elementary school (No. 123) met with the the ill health false Identification or these mode] provisions
mapetttion among them and teachers training leading to A.B. or I.B. degrees. Duval Board of Public Instruction recently and demanded and Improper housing a verbal atatemtat misrepresenting could be urged In those.
selves to see which will Directing the Instructional program .111 be that the frame building be dismantled ad southern Negroes feel his or her states without civil
ding an tl-.pl.) that aegregatlon Is still maintained dalJ,." age. is also a violationof
reach their quotas be* outstanding member of the regular staff and rights legislation or
for the clo..orth June vlsltlBf erofeaaora. ................"......... In the school Oats and that the building la a Almost three ou tor Florida Btatutea.In substituted for weak

period" Pearson con The primary purpose of 1. New students who disgrace to education" .and...a..."fire......hazard.......".. every four Negro families welcoming these statutes.*'
-- ------- ---- -
tinued. He named Sara* the sesslom la to serve west to begin their In the South earns teenagers to Florida, The NAACP counsel cited .
In citing what she heated by individual less than $3,000 annually Morris aaaerted, "ie
ants Rrsdenton, palmet the educational needs of academic studies during aa the chief week
to and Del and as ei- the following groups: the summer with the intention termed numeroua Inequities beaters during the winter Twenty percentof hope your vacation In nesaes of the 1964 law
tap lea, I. Supervisors, principals of reducing the Mrs. Bryant petl months, not only causing Negro families In Florida will be a most the omission of provisions >>
mvtoras! RCORtUIIZC and laserviceteachers number of years in col tl on noted that physical harm to the Georgia; :25 percent inAlabu. pleasant onebut .. also banning dlscrlmi
He announced that Bar-' of secondaryand legeThe. 'fcltee live in back of children, but also constituting .; 22 percent In suet insist that your nation In housing and
tow bad reorganized its elementary schools college will provide the school but their m fire hasard. South Carolina and 37 holiday be nonalcoholic the failure to require
branch under the leadership who desire to take opportunities to children da not attend It wee further mentioned.Ned percent in Mississippi action to end racial'
of Rev. Didy Bur courses for professionaland meet the varied intereatm It. P. Searcy. board live on 130: a week, Imbalance in public
me ask either for a chairman, said his group
roughs. The Seelnolo self Improvement. of students la social At the time the League schools,
new brick or stose school would reply to MrsBrysat's .
tbuntyranch was also 2 All persona who wish cultural and recreational : walked in the march
or for oar children to complstnts ands .M Patronize
reorganized with Rev. to extend or renew programs, g.lsslag, young pledged to tlahwaNegroea
have an opportunity to future meeting wouldbe
James flrowdy ss preel- teachers' certificate scaled progress,ttlUlh. attend the closest set. up that "we .u1d ADVERTISERS
dept," he added. 3. Students of Betbune* eicm rsions to the ,..
school: In our won neigh
pesrsoo stated that he Cookman who wish to make beaches, aocial and get borhoods."
was P road to announce sop certalm dlflcleacies acquainted hours are in*
Listed cosplslnts in
that the Rt. Rev. E.C. or want to shorten their eluded in the program. the petition disclosedthe
HatcherPresiding Blahoptor course of study at the
school having a''de
the '.1I.f. Oiurch in college. $305,000 Loot teriorated" building.coawtaatlem .
., ,_ ..
Kecans )130,000PoIky
MANUEL'S TAP ROOM auditorium tare classrooms ",
Cadre ,mo cafetorium sill MARKET
children having to eat SUER
626 West Adley aivU.ANDNPI"Polleyraids (, cold leeches at their

Presents Nitely Entertainment staggering are sums teralag of money UP desks garbage without cans holds trays, OPEN SUNDAY AT EDGEWOOO AND AYE B FROM 9 A.M. TO 7 P.M.

rEAT1JRINGOne these days.levers). months ago clasaroDms.mo a defective mot electric water SPECIALS GOOD THRU SUNDAY AT EDCEWOOD AND AVENUE B

------ -
Leg JOEThe police responded to call stove, no storage space,
for help from the widow sill school equipment.
Torrid 5nt MallTennessee f a Chicago policy teaching aide books sod FLA. GRADE A U. S. GOOD
operator who lad suffereda otter. matter being piled
heart attack then on the floor DRESSED & DRAWNFRYERS

they reached the home Mrs. Bryant alto anted
On rUunond Grin n they towel m..., scattered that lb. pupils come
all over a room from las Arlington, Fulton
and In a closet Heights. Mill Creek
PLUS There was so much momey. Less liar calvtrsltyBoslevard. RIB STEAK
FRANK LEGREE Is feet, that even the illoors sad
loot ..... all mounted, it Cased tale areas, sod
totaled Ino.000.Federal that. &b..tI tI..u mill)
and meal minorities net g9 slang wits the
Tuesday 1 Srtatmdajr JAM Seacion sickly ..,...... the treatpertettag ef the

omtTAiUm! W&HTIY momey, which represented cklltrem to otter areas ,LB. 27PILLSBURY LB.59 *
earnings from the wf era- and additional miles In

8 P.M. 2 A.H. lorn ef two policy wheels transportationBbe .
By L..r.... ekefleld.ekeflelddilmot farther charged
recover that say If U. echtfwl'a
tree the heart attack 100 Mill are already
ail Its policy '.r,... traveling 10 miles te OR BALLARDBISCUITS 1 LB. SOLIDOLEO
has tMttedeffa vlrtsal attend Ue school
ear '.'e... Us stile ne Mtltles terrier
..dee, relatives and chased Met Us school
ecthorltlee. far .....r. Ban n* nsteflsl ner
t sail rites resulting In manyteacbere
r Let ee.t sere in Cl eveleaf salertsklsgcare

n slallar ease sf the seralees.Ttetrettyedsol .
developed involving tollsIng's -
sachet elly sUgiln.se elssereese ire

'Deen Pilfer sag supposed Dees U be Yottks FeotireFfjhta CAN 5 5

naming a legitimate rt Skewjrelsftiei
.ordselling tost sees nt
two lecstimms kite tot cau ar1)' "a......
hem tie Feds and 1st el feetsrligfaetlMS
,.1... raided Big EastSide mad emtrtal LIMIT J IfTI nil 91 Mill Mil Inn liMIT i mi ISM n Miit nil innrl

less, they fessg ..1."Sd... somc.lvederlttem .
let ef lest, 1".. Is** irtlsged, dl. ---4 i
dred and flu Un.aad retted. freered M< ekeregrajled -
/silos went "f it tmk By msgrtes** PURE PORK SMOKED SAUGAGE u. 4'$

eiMt. ntstly Mstesrswen 4
Ilea all list mcmey es eile critical slush
Band, the sstkerltles here lat ...a YELLOW ONIONS ;. J u. UI 17$
nets rally mmsted t* keeB entitled "CM* Alive !
KEN eCNKHT .. Dean came IT It mad restless oft. the
tie general feel lag was all pes rv) ecrwmalty .vise FARM HOUSE CREAM PIES "'. Vault sill 25C

Invites You To Listen To- tree elUr II fMt 'nje te.4e.servs>d by
slat was etet the raid
pair at tkeslrllst
.. all .... 49Cof
t. prefeitlessle Tear BALLARD FLOUR S U. 11.

BIG BAND Retired Officer Prow. mad Jerry Blacker.

Gets HEW Post jr Tie snlmse, dremstlsedspring ROYAL LONG GRAIN RICE ( J U. 'II 35CIUIUI

"DANCE PARTY" PAa+gf.PTan' .tpfl-.. faatlem aaeelsgess 4U,'
-, tired Lt, Osl Cllfferd enessered Br tie FAB Sill 25C
A All.... terser (fcliatmem.Bam peal 0.ln Battllsg Omf x
IwU 1131: U Ittf Bee MMUted mdInJstrmtlee .. MKBlgsn. sag ... .
mesletsmt t.. veiled ml tie laths EATWELL TUNA lyj Il ell 15C

Srt>alli I ,.., Tl 12:01: ,..a.1400WIIC14000. tse eiecmtlee .ffS.., eftB Qssrter Befere an la-
.*Uc4de. mregrmm' efta cited Utegraled aril.ee
D ..,.....' ef a**..* .r dlgaite/lee a4 ,*., JIM DANDY GRITS 5 U. P11. 29C
tmwcatiem ed sultan. weepy leaders.


-- _: .


11 Diet c FLORIDA STAB PAPERS SATIIIAY APRIL .u.., ills.<.... '.

I Accent On Youth Emphasized Junior Seminoles Headline Pepsi-Cola Sponsored Event Capacity Attendance Expected i

I Set Fashionetta For Roy Wilkins Testimonial Sunday

I For Sunday April 25
Mrs Ruby Hurley, regional director for the National
1 Association far the Advancement of Colored
Amidst the'setting of
Peoplewlll participate on the formal program scheduled
the auditorial of theAfroAmerican
: n I to take place at the ten dollars per plate
Lit. insurance
dinner-meeting of the Jacksonville Branch of the
Co. the junior
Semlnole Cultural club NAACP Sunday evening. The affair will take place
has in the local M&1t1o.ertJt.l/ during which: time the
completed plans for
their annual La Fsshlon- guest speaker will 1 be !Roy 111 kins, national executive -

director of the NAACP.Other .
etta set for Sunday, ..........................
April from i local end statewide
25 4 until 6.
In their usual contributions -
p. .. .Mrs. O. B. Anderson civic religious
advisor, announced business and educational befbre the night
of the dinner-meeting.
1 With Miss Bobble Marvin personalities are elatedto
Individual or organizations -
appear and participate
!5i serving
planning taking
latest halros will be at the affair. The
out life memberships
| featured by Miss Gloria : :
in the NAACP should contact
Gala" .
chI Dr. Charles .B. MC-
1 Fashions to be modeled
Intoah la order for the
will Include sleepwear
will:1IIID proper recognition to
tonal and senl-forial
GID | be given at the affair
attire, the latest stylesto
The dinner-meeting will
I a
be worn by toddlers,
PROGRAMED: on a year 'round basis, activities at man begin promptly at 6:00:

the Methodist Community center, 2936 Llppla Road teenage fashions.and young adult i ndl cited nuns: P... with Kutledge H.
at the intersection of elosson Road are entertain of
Pearson president
that the
Models for the event affair will bea
Ing instructive and varied according to the prqspectlve will consist of such sell out if the present the Jacksonville and
season of the year. The above dance group ticket reservation Florida state Branchesof
local lube
as the stan-
shown rehearsing special numbers are: Kneeling, pattern continues. lathe the NAACP. presiding.The .
tonettes, Saphlres, Trl2CTs -
Cynthia Mack standing troll left: Ruby William, meantime regular Wednesday
and the Chancellors
j' Shirley Vllllans Debra Horton and Juantez Black.V .
who will male desiring ticketsmsyaakserrmng.eits night meeting of the
serve as
; r nan other members are Ceterla Mack, Denis Thornas for them at branch will be held at
odels. others highlighting
I: Catherine Scott, Clara Scott Joyce Henderson roles as models LOVELY MODELS who participated in unique "Come Alive Fashions of 'n" la the local "office of liD Second Baptist Church

Charlane will Include: Detroit recently typify the varying types of beauty among female Negro Aseri- Broad St. beginning at 1:00: P...
Hlgglns,Evangel in e Gardner and Nlta Mitchell.MyrfU Ada Grant Vickie Scri- can. The show, spotlighting amateur talent, featured fashions and entertain Local churches and organizations Instead of the usual

i I Yen, Gwendolyn Bevanlgan, ment.The models shown are (seated, left to rhl1t)Lan eJ] ) Do re, Marilyn Rainey, interested place. St. Stephens WE

'' Pamela Nicholson Mrs. Catherine naner.Dlane King Nellie Parker; (standing, left to right) Kidney la the work being fostered Church.

# eth.t Lois Glpson Miss Margie Rivers, Marilyn "111lams, Edna Draper Sandra Grubba, JoAnn Carter and Grille by the local bran
: &tt, 1C ,:: Jt' Alvarez are Dorothy Burkes. The all-Negro/ community-wide project wss sponsored by the Pepsi-Cola ch of the NAACP have Camp Chowenwaw

Bottling Company of Michigan. (Photo for NFl been requested to torn
,,j/I, '1111 us, Mrs AltsieseBrown by J.Edward Bailey)
Holdina Ooen House
,Susan l Howell, Mark .. .
-- --
'Arc. on and Michael Carswell State Cosmetologists President 25
Also Angela surcey, Sunday TeasThe Sunday, April
Ronnie Rogers Cleo Novell Active In Association's Growth
SARA ira Car swell, Mrs. women of Council li Inviting parents
croup 4. It. Olive Baptist Church
SHELL OYSTERS .'u' Ett.Ua Mitchell. Mrs. will sponsor a spring tea Sunday In the church When the Orange Blossom cosmetologists Association ab.raand friendsof

STEWING OYSTERS tt ft. 60. Pt. $1.15 Virginia Harper Patrice from 3 to 5 p... convenes in its state convention here May 18- scouting to be their

SELECT OYSTERS Pt. $1.50 Paul Launlce Paul Nina The program Includes: Devotion Rev. C.L. Tel- 20, Its president Mrs. csthlean B. Ross will be guests during Its open

.." IM.M Qwlttf Kit TMt Wi'., Rlgglns, Serlce Collins fair; introduction of mistress of cereaonles, Mrs. one in its group of founding moibers who will note house Sunday from 3 ma- I
l .
M *4M 'In TkMV Y *. I.e, fayi Him
LARGI lEACH WHITING LB. I9< and other leibers of the E.R. Jackson Mistress of Ceremonies, Mrs. Geraldine numerous changes and aucceases wrought when Die-) til 3 P.m. Camp Chowenwaw.

MEDIUM WHITING LI. 29. sponsoring organizations Taylor; welcome, Mrs. Essie M. Roberts; re*. trict 3 was organized in palatka.On .
Mrs. Callle that momamtuous oc ..................... The beautiful oaspaite
MID. MULLET 20 5 LI. 99. Invincible ladiej sponse, ; aelectlons Mrs. Mary
LARGE /ROE MULLET LI. 29r Nealey; reading, Mrs Helen C. pi mold; selection cssslon Mrs. Ross was State Board of Cosmeto- contains 140 acres of

... Seward TrioIntroduction; of speaker.Nrs.E. Jmeea the principal speaker. logy woodland bordering oa I
'.04. Out O iMti M Hi. Into. Mn .." Anniversary PlannedThe
[ GENUINE RED SNAPPER . LI. <5. speaker, Mrs. Helen T.fair; solo, Levi Simmons, A veteran beautician, Mrs. Ross is currentlya Black Creek and Peters
I SLACK SEA BASS LI. IS.o Invincible Ladles words of appreciation Edith R. Jackson; dosing Mrs. Ross baa operated member of the National Creek and is located in

SHEEPSHEAD LI. IS. Social Club will observe ratarta, the Rev. Mr. Tel fair. Kitty' m Besuty Boa a. Cosmetologists Association Clay County. 3 miles

FRESH FROZEN/ LOBSTER TAILS LI. $%.50 its 10th anniversary ............. its owner for the past Iwo She has out north of Greea Cove

FRESH WATER CATFISH LI. 49e Sunday at 3:30: p.m., in District 3 of Day spring Baptist Church will observe 23 ,II,.. lined a series of edecatloaal triage oa V.IT..

WHITE PERCH LI. 49. Wsyaon chapel AMBChurch.A its anniversary tea Sunday from 4 to S P..., Her activities In the projects for It accommodstes 124

FLOUNDER RED lASS/ ..LI.. 49e 49e program has been arranged in the church dining room. Mrs. Thelsa Mitchellwill interest of the trade the mid May convention girls with 30 staff ..-

KING MACKEREL STEAKS LI. 49s for Jhe] event. be the opeaker.Others appear Ing a will beMlaaesPaye j. ...0. here. bers. Approximately 24

STEAK FISH ... . .IB. 65. The 'monthly meeting will and Gall Price Bra. voncell Smith Mrs. ..... Fair girls are grouped together
Ouasle Jenkins Mtltonla vaughan and others im e nit acoord-
JUMBO SHRIMP/ be Saturday at 8 p.m., MM. n
.. >.,.. ., "LI. S1.20 k selection lag to and
age prosralevel
toUo..: congregation1;
MEDIUM SHRIMP ,t .,. < .'LI. 79e wlthMrconstsiice? naner -/ TJie program ; Greater Jai '
as hostess in her prayer Deacon Ullle Wright; 'scripture; Deacon R.
CRABMEAT '.. Introduction of mistress There. are two cabin mnil. -
WMTsMIAlb..s1: ::::: homeonHighland Avenue."Isn't diner; selection audience ... -
of ceremonies. Miss Fare Price; mi at rets of 1965 Theme .. 3 tent unite and

I cermonieaMiaa Gall Price; occasion Mrs. M. SIr- r "The Golden Era la the' aa outpost malt where

moos; solo, Mrs. V. Smith; introduction of speaker Florida Crown" has been girls may have e> erifll-

Mrs. Queue Jenkins; speaker, Mrs Thelsia Mitchell elected as the theme of La primitive camping.

; solo Mrs. Mel tDnia Vaughanj; offering, remarka. the l'"$ Greater Jackaoavllle Three or tour> counselors

president de con. Pair it was are aeslgaed to each
aaiosaced this' week by unit and are lodged ia a

Jaxons To Attend Deltas To Stage George G. Roblaeoa, e lenitive separate cabla withia

vice president ef malt.
Voters leagueA Jabberwock MondayThe the fair. A large lodge ia used I
dITTRJCfe Iota 0.. of the epeelal for ttatag sad recremtiom. -
large delegation fron llth biennial Jab .heading ecu fab here ".t.ot the fair.watch Otter facilities

this city is expected berwock will be sponsored bee been featured liaervlag rvss fro October :30 to laclsde aa tannery, I

to attend the May 34-2) by the Jacksonville aa a jsdge la 30 is the Cater Boel-, tradJag poet screened

Florida State voters Alumnae Chapter of Delta countless hair atyllag Coliseum ares, will be a recreatloa blU dill aadBwtasiac

i League, Ine. conference Sigma Tbeta Sorority contetta.hu appeared) oa day sslmtlsg the IScoestles pool.
J .d la Ocala Joshua Hillman April 36 at t p... im television with convention ia the Florida Pour eewier ....10..,

League public relations new Stanton High School officers la UU Crowa.Rei Juae 3O-Jsly 3. Jaly 4-

director, announced Audi to ria.. sad has held the officesof the a. agricultural IT. Jell 1131 end Asg.

this week. The theme is, The sec end and lint vice committee caalrmam ef I-H are already sdift1 -

Rejected: to attend the wonderful World of Television. president board of directors the jacksoavllle Area sd.0:>...1 e r-!..Trsi.

Uwo-day session la addition The organ!satloas sad cbairmaa of Chamber ef Commerce sad lag ,.,-,.., tralaiagcomrsee .

to Mr. Hlllman participating lad Kducatloa Drcartmeat.. Mrs Cfcloe Wllllems. director are slated Jvae-

arc: titles are: Alpha lappa She was .1 pall, honoredby of the fair's 30-July. 19 for tte first

A Mrs. Jerry Vest. Mrs. Sorority, raaormma of .. tag owe of tie special events jotaedRoblasom year s4 July 11-Jmly 31 ;;

Dude Mae Normaa. Mr. Commercials;" Steams first members of her ia aaveillagtte for the nail year'soomree.

Vocatloaal. ".. Color race to be appolated a INS tteme. .

Please;" Gilbert High. state imapector by the

"Hullabaloo;" School

U,. "Amerieaa 8 eaeMagaslae. ,

Jackie Glees -- .
.' 'F r son;" Phi. Delta Kappa lANISHlLSTie i ,
sorority "Kd --..UInD -
....__ ,
r1r ;" Douglas Anderses. TIe e..M c.s.elEASE


Omega Psl pal sad Kappa .
was a.k1L Y..M w e.N
.. .
..w .rw. soy wsow.
Alpha pat will also .. w .. n
participate. -.hMLrwIM-
fa" wawa
Feature of the "..aheUI : -M NI_.w.N_M./rrM
be the croMimg of .. Par .. ..w
a-M -e'wwd a
"Mlaa jabberwoek ., u.n UL...twatrh1l ,
1>6S." tat ladle arec..petteg ..........___ t

i for the momor. I

........ 151.15.....
"'TI n&&oUII.

and Mrs Johnnie pros,

Nrs.Mary Sligletoa. Miss 1

it time tried fell Christopher tam > r.
you a whiskey Doses, Lee flames, Erie Perfect link
0. simpeom, EJ COM .. Lucas -
that makes your taste buds blossom?" Iliac Jack lean lltitli yea III I

mad Alysom t wise.r. .

asks Ocee Lucas, printing company owner Jacksonville Hlllmea stated that year PMsiciii:

rBe the Met of delegate at The latest Ku's Hair Styles
this wMUag was far

'from viable complete to slate coat act meaa Mervon's Pharmacy Are Taught At The

Of course, we're talking about Old Taylor 86, ore of are secomd Com:

j the whiskey that adds something special to every treaaioaal m.b.rs.1k.ev.rhe Tilt Pnmiptiii Plirney JoduoiivilltBarbtr

drink. Old Taylor 86 has smooth rich mellow did say that
... Bwadaya meeMig of the Jill I. Utiiu. An.PIS4IIS .
flavor. Flavor that stands to of
up a splash water. revater Men's Clsb has

Flavor that tells your taste buds something nice !-.; .e. poatpomeil sure Neir. Lisa ,..5.1512 Collfgt! IRC.63O

is going on. Taste it yourself Try Old Taylor. oil ( Nllliaa and are .

vice mr'altat. will .. lltl "
OLD TAYLOR 86vCMTUCmYstmzGMraoueaonwwksetveermoorMtOLDTAvIOSD.hUE.Yco mttendiig the ...U., UOcala. 'I" \ ; \tt I I.

,ty rit ,, ,11111, DAVIS STREET I

.,*... '"'lOUiSWUf.aV.. 1 alt
llcllllllUl.I' Fltria.t..t '


;,! -. -- .- _., _. .-----o.n: .. --- .. --- '._ _. .. ..::;--. -- .- -. Ly.w. "-..--..,,ft....
: / = : : : : : -
, o. .lll. .w ----"' -- .. -.-----._-

_YV 11r'U' IW'r/1Y WIlMY1YMNNMI/.'111WMb'T' r h' .


i "* r x> _

'ALONG THE CHURCH PATH iob-Debj Vying For Miss Rhomanii" Crown



The Progressive Baptist State Convention of Florida -
will sponsor its second annual Eatra-Day 4r

Session Wednesday, April 38th at the First Baptist i

Church sebrlag. Florida.Dader .'
the leadership of the Rev. J.c. Sana, the

general president, the organisation. Inatitated
the novnaent in support of the
accreditation progran of
Manorial College of St. .
'The reports of the churches. J
need to supplement the Y"'I"

nooth.B contribution. to the school i

>e day long pragma .111 be

lighted by addresses oa the thane: I as. WILt I AllIS
1%. Advantages of thatch Related Schools." OCrmST HOPETOLS- anaa Onlcroa SIPS Chapter Of ter will conpete for the vaunted crotn. 'The above Mascelln S. Shannon Soror Rosales H. Shannon

Speaking of interests to be sbovo by the people. Sips Onana Rho Sorority Inc. launches its first all of the eight contestants. fron left: Janet npoasorRegias; R. Kelly Soror! Princhle s. Knight

The District Others Union. Auxiliary to the East annual scholarship fund-ralsisg project Friday S. Uptrot. SOror Dorothy K. ones, sponsor bar sponsor. The Sorority's auxiliary group, the fttpiaPhlloa.
Florida and Bethany Baptist Association will pre- nightApril 30 at I o'clock la Dual County Artery njreU Irving Soror Dorothy Lang Ill son.sponsor.Krra art lending Invalaable support to tha 10011. I
aent "Aa Afternoon of Music" to benefit the ben It pros proelsed-to-be colorful and high- Carnett, Soror feibye U Wilson sponsor; tosHag son' launching of the nee project. Greek Letter
school: Sunday April 29th at Little Baptist 1F.nt.rtaiaing'kissthoafa" content. Eight e. Janklaa Boror Fkaia Lee Peskier sponsor groups and the general public are cordially in*

Church, located on Van Buren SU, at Fourth. popular .sub-debs supported by sorors of the chapNt. Y1 ted.

The pros-ran featuring outstanding talent of.the n _________ _
city; will being at 3 p... Moriih Bishop E. C. Hatcher Schedules New Senior
Anoag those appearing will be Mrs. Ladle H.
Noises, Miss Dnlra Round tree, Aaron C. Jackson AanoaacesPutor's Meeting With Institute Leaders High Faculty

and Mrs. Eleanor Jackson. Fete TWO MINUTES' Bishop K.C. Hatcher of the 11th episcopal District Plans Show
Choirs slsted to slag ar.: croup 3 of the boat ,
Church; Group 3 of the St. Thonaa Baptist Second Mt. IIOrt lb. located at J Art Church, held a planning neetlag with The faculty of the New
Brun;, Jttf BIBLE WT[ fSV the state leaders of the fClarbu..t of Religious
Baptist sod the Mt. Calvary Btptlst Church.. 1953 ff. Ninth St., will ) Senior Nigh School till
CeOMIUVS S. Bar NIB. ,..
Education to draft
a pro, for the Tri*Instl*
Mrs.Mary L Heard, is the president of the Union.FROMIND1T observe the pastor's. Iwe- ems ..sateaa.aa (4 present itaschool chorus ain
a****** .a tuts, shall will be held at Kfeard Waters College, recital.
WORKER IE-SUTm Ret J." Marshall's enalvemary IIIITH Auc. B-13.: ...........e..e"ee Sunday,
during nightly April 25, at 4 p...
the workers lIat.d'for service lainportaat Reglstrstloa begin
Along naay
placss la the Senior rosy Educational nervlces beglaalag aton- DEATH AND REBIRTH the schedule AU,. I at I. presiding; | p..., bas The 99 staging voices

sad Mlssloaary Cos vent Ion auslllary to the Pros d YApri1 M and lasting Si Pets doo.tthat to ot<4.lnHtcul tthnw .ml. k. even n""5.alxrliwt.e ....; con.s ojuet, honoring Mrs. L.O. directed by Mrs Olivia 1 1I.
Is through Tuesday' night Wt we imul bt bin at ah. ( M "a Iris,hen (i.n* from oration Oonarlght; Au,. 19. ntd- Snlth baa perfected a
of Florida. .
greaslve Ill ttat State Conventloa I., 4. .4nr. by tutu,. w. wen hart but CoJ" (loiS 3.11.) Met Iw sow MMiW. .. service day service and cos nit. progran of entertainingand
Mrs. Handle M. Jones, of Taapa.Fin. .. ,... 9
to die. tie kwl .c krm of sent Inspiring selections
service worship.bera
., the financial aeeretary. sad ap.I.lIallt' s ..... .hart apt. Mil o( cor- Ik* "..".ml. "lkl. .hkk ..Load I' p...i St.S of the souvenir Appearing with the group
one of the foresee workers in tII..ta.loall'J COM.c1., at S p.a.wlll lUf'IiI.a.J.. but CJI .auwrnpt.bk. Ik* ....) b (.k.* rrn IkonskiM t 0 peen
oo..i the stet f.O. an aollata will Vivian
field.Mrs. feature Trinity Bap by Ih* Wordfll Cod. ..hk* hvrthMd .b'",11"IIrah,'aunt| _lit Jt*. AlII Church
R Beeet, chalrnan; Cheater .", ..U, Eddie Breetan,
tist1 Rev. C.J. Crosby abhlMli for M. far -H Brkli NktHlrnm" *. his imp Umrrrty) nsihgk5.q.lr M'. I 2.
.Jones also serves as Us president and the choirs tad con M gTMt.and all the glory of M.aw holey, .u1.d In he : k". 0 Covert urn. L. 0. 0n Berends Hsrdelek, Alfred
... .
of the District Senior wr gregation.Mlas r .he Bowe, CJI pw 1M pen \***.ttlo-tJ Ikr Spirit,ky.Hk In aright, Mrs. II.ori...., Johnson and Arthur wllcoi. -
Convection of the It. Pllgrln Bap Janice Crew will hmth and U Bs.S, tlueeml Ik..Wind,of ..kk k lU Spas b lk. IlL Nattier service at. I. Cottrell Otis ", ..i..lIta Human L. Choice d.Oreen .
MRS. JONES tilt Association, aad In several .nHk ...y. But the Word ..f lh. Attlknt.tarn. noon; T P. lstroduo Mrs.J.B. R>person, ,U h. Florida .fw
offer the ads
Lord vwliMHh k r sow ami IbM. It ".ulM..i that Paul dkl l milIrmit tlon to youth night; I
capacltlea of tke St. Matthews Ill ttat (fcarch. dress aDd sponsors>> are Ik. bulb, Uil Joseph Paullae, Y. D. recently coapleted his
the Word Uk by Ik* r H hpm.ua HTW they U9ml P.. ,outll'. service; I
Mrs Redy L. Floyd a former Jaws and who will the Misses pale Robert silo x..." CI ..... I'MS3) ......... ILl,1". p.n., the ....ioall'J departnent Navklas. Charles ill internship at the school
be r..r.. for activities In charch circlee .os. Janice Crew aadOladyn ). ftowkr im... llrwly. Shaw I.. liana, urn. T." ."' ''. till return from Florida
while a .."r of the Daysprlsg Bnptist ChtrcbjJlB Maddoi of tiltdluda' Ou toed mf>)uM4M'l ikh. Mm Tans 1,S,...krt.k*""'nil.ky illvliM. will ptesest"Civil Rev. I.Y. Webster, Rev, university as guest
giving the sane kind of service f.1 to ... ........... NkvalvMM.TM ........".1 Rights Rally;" and .
now rCTostoa MaryL. scconpanlstAn
Tooth Depart ..w.. Ie Lot of Ik. Br.).,* "N'i4 l>y ....li ofkiik ttibinnww.e Aug. 12. nlaalooary nor
ss n churcheosae of Sarasotn. Fla.She nent.Taesday. II. ..IJ... "b I.K MMV| .... ... w*kv*(bin,hue Mtiinlbifli ship n O'clock; 3:30: to Betsch. Info real tour of the
was r.-.l.ct.d the assistant ...... ... For farther iaforaa* school building will begla -
night Rev. I. t.... I teed Hnta this toe HHM( UNtKntimm III mrny II" Ky sKi 9 p.n. .laynea'a service,
organist for the parent body of Usprogressive C. Mitchell of Little ..... ...... I I'M3 e.7). ....... f ,.......,..... C,.......) thene. Lsyaes tn than contact Rev Lists at 2: '0.
Baptist State Convention Rock Baptist In. A.P.asalsgaWest .M JrwiutkIrk. ml rmrvinc nf Ik* lily. f|4rM' Christian stewardship." Lanb director of the Dr. Andrew A. Rubliaoatn

recently, poseesslsg naay talents Onion Baptist Dr N. Ralph jackaon, Stats Departnent of Re* principal of the
she served for naay years in .. .. st
end Rev. a.II. Mart i director, hilt white, llgloun Rducatlos CWC. schoolIEISIQ'S : ,
Mother Midway
of the District .
the presidency -- .
----- -- -
rrl..dly l.pttlt.Its.
1 '''. '
jaslor Len Convention of theMowti rob. I'D Jessie Ruabln. eel* AME Charch
i Pllgrln Assoclstlon ssd ss the organist of Usforner t
cone and Deacon JanesRatals.Mr
Accordiat to aaooaace
Stats Junior Woeea group.
Jeasto lahis *
suits side by Rev, ..1.1.Jell" .
LEST: m PORCKT aad Mrs. taste Mar SUGAR
pastor, the trisldlsg
The naay friends akd "fraternal brothern sf Vaehington shall, sponsor*. 3.rottbe north -
Mills will be elated to bear that be has Wednesday night Rev. Jacksonville District ; ,

4 answered t*,. call to the Ministry nr. Waahiagtoa.who R.&. Snlth First Tlso- Dr. '.J. Jones will oon*
In a'..'" of the Second Baptist Charch.. was thy Baptist Rev. .I... dntt theBeoond OjiarterlyConference Pdr.s G.d QUANTITY

heard U his trial ..,.. Tuesday ."'t. April 13durisg Bryant. at. Mary's Bap. Friday (to* 39 f't'ar RIGHTS RESERVED
the'Trajer .f Faith Roar" An outstanding tilt Rev. C.A. .fever. nlghtk at I ,.... In the
Bible staseat. there is great proslsee la theft Oaysprisg Baptist.Rev. charch bested at .11. s us J

tare ef Mr. wllllnns aad contlnae contribution C.C. Daaiels.Mt. Van ...r.. St.Rev.jonen MAXWELL HOUSE
to Kingdom balldlng. Camel Baptist ....00... > In restating UNIT S IIS PLEASE

Sri faaait Maraaaii Robert, the nttendsnce ef offl. 1111 $5.11 II HUE Fill IIIEI
Deacon Jerealah lets and arbor of all
sot, Mrs. Clad". Rich* and COFFEEDOLLAR
department they arestpeeted
IIEI TM ARE III bln.li. title Rose tadMrs. tn have theirrespective MIX OR MATCH
lIeS....r. apoeeors.Ihareday .
Ton Seen The Best Doctor flss.elslreports
II night:: low A. .
nea I'Mr Doctor prescribes.Get .... Jobs. B SALE
experienced pbarsaclsts J. &b. BU |( ) and I. Usher
of -
Ust.Hale Chores Ahv
Boards | asd 2 are re*
.Aecordlsg to roar D ctois I II. 6 9
Iaptlet..line. ,
Orders .. e.. only ". Best C.E. BUCRProprietor Mn slants>JsaalUMed4Di. &eacoa eeeted to nerve during 'INDIAN, RIVER, ISLAND FARM
sdarn nsjer
i Qiallty Date CANvni
Deeltt Mnwdoi. Mrs.Catherlae TOMATOES
daring ehlcb. tine Dr MIXED YEGETASLES
-I RXQUTOD PIAMAam' TO SOYC TOO ears.Friday. pith, epos joaee will deliver theaem ARM SWEET HLH CHOPPED ISM ii HUE nil IIIEI

A COMPLITI LIRE OFCbssMtlcntabber night: &.9. .... nn.gwiday. PEAS SPINACH
Qo>deCan41eegttdrlMPRBCRIPnONI Scno*>| sill open
CAOCD FOR AJO MUVOZD- Jacnn. Jeruealen Bap* .'a1' activities at ARM) GOLDEN SUNSHINE TURNIP
tint eel toe. Mies do ,
rlaMtddas, Miss Betty t-.M a.n.,..e.ettb Mart superhitesdest In CREAM STYLE BORN GREENS WITH ROOTS FA B

Store caaeentry aster *
till IMS.
Lilly's Drug services
charge woralsg -
sponsors Is set for 11:00: a.n VAN CAMP CORK ft IEANS 3N CARS,
LIMIT i rum
\ Eveelsg service t* bollnai
1111 tills Nil 11-3127 HntWf Nutitf by the reportsneetlng NO. 1111 $$ ii HUE

A Call attendance ......... at 101 lin
7 S100 1 7'oiur9C
ffleere end sobers I* .:* P.s. size nil
..,..,.. ....,. April Its C.L Daniels, re

IS M a tile "'*la Last. porter. t
.warmam flIM isui.-.......n1 artrwo.a r t Social Clee belde Its run. III IIEIIEI Aid CAliriHIA SIICEI

resalsr nonthly .e.tlsgat liiifint/j ire 490
SHRIMP 'ii M. PEACHES 4 & 1.00
T .... In the bone sf Tbe Oladlnls. Ladles

-. ..' .,.. perry PanI.SIM Clsb elli ....r Its
a tl Psrts A9_" Bird ssslverssry teawday JflCT rilllM
fro 4 U g p.s.at .
Retail frtsaHtiMTOen ttlderpaniR.KreatlonCenter. 29 ORANGES

gove Penal. laagers Jrd and It, Net MAYONNAISE PIli 39C

elll be presented in nan Street.
S (U. 111
recital Snaday at SM: Tb* etch sill the ler

p.... In Africa CaltedChore gist naster .f ...,.,. HcIEIZIE lUlU flltt
*. aad nponnored byMrs. resent elli receive a
Berths Belle. print.HOUEY'S POTATOES "Swift Premium"CHUCK


UIIUIUClICUI .E snn nt$1rr


IUInm 37C

i. II, 79C u


twawfIJ 7 crab l. fill HISCIIEMMUTIES

'Ixy Mrg1K II mire p55pM wid
tar"0.v p ry Bttt of rntwm.Wham : CHUCK STEAK

Wttnr Mshty ton Khsttsr U. I
drMu km H cwt.

tty tor-Wl md to S"t M It. a.wW It k

II. 2- riveTa 5"39( 490J

till liege leeR uu l II,


". ... ._ : =:-:=,,-::=.,.. .. .. .. .. ....,. "" '" riT"jwtyiirflyjhuy) Tro wtiwi -- .-. JII



__ _< __ __ :, _

\ .'

f ,
r ;
to FC I



Mialni-Dade Junior, College Chamber Slates Preparations Get Underway For Elkdom's Annual Convention Here

Graduates Record Class Sunday Search For Dade's
Oldest Worker fljTJ !
Miamt-Dade Junior College will graduate the 1r-

list class 'in It* history at 8 PUB. Sunday (April Following president ir

2$) aiidat'tJle sane. tine pay tribute to a nan whOh.tPtd' Johnson's proclamationthat

.to make:It, possible.Ina'dyal May is declared to
; ; ceremony, in, ..................--...-', be 'Senior Citizens'
:higher education at the "
Month Mrs FlorenceFox
the John P.Kennedy Health
Center;?, graduation will Unlverslt of California chairman of the >
at Los Angel.,nattonal11 t
be p, c"d8lt&\ the fo iwaldedication 'Committee On Total
known educator, author employment' of the
: of Paul R. [ l'
Scott Hall first classroom and a recognized Chamber of Commerce has ,
authority in the Junior
and adnlnlstrstion commenced her annual
building to be built on college field tie will search for the oldest
be Introduced by Dr. writing man or woman In
the campus, it was announced
this week by M- Masklo who will pre Dade County. A
side at the
DJC president Peter Mas- ceremony. The contestant's name
iko, Jr. In the ceremony dedicating should be submitted before j r y ) l

The building is being Scott HallSchool May 15th by letter
Board dial man Jane Roberts ..
living the date of birth
named in honor of the ,
will ,deliver the and place of employment.
Mini Attorney; and civic
tribute to Paul R. Scott and address to P.O. j w
leader who has served as BOX I.s I.
and present the dedicatory 1013, South Miami Flo >> :
chain an of the Junior plane.Degrees ., .
College Advisory Committee rids ; .
since the collegewas will be con- The winner will be hon
ferred by Dr. Masiko and
founded and, before ored at a banquet sponsored
Dean Charles Walker In a ,
that, spearheaded the by the "Cbmmittee '
group ceremony. On Total Employment."
Hoveaent to establish a
community Junior collegein Steven Herzfeld president It is expected that employers
of the Alumni Association
Dade County. will give active I
This year m graduating will presentthe support and encouragement
class will be the fourth annual Alumni Award. to the Commit
Music will be providedby tee's effort to seek out I
for the College, founded {
In 1660. in addition the Allege Orchestra the one person who will -
conducted by Robert Basso .
to 810 April graduates beet represent the oft : ,
and by the College repeated statement that .., \
who will receive Associate Choir under the direction "Age is not a barrierto I ] .L'r .. 11 J .J.L. #ff; : { j'B'
Degrees and dl pi on as .... t "-II :..;.; "
Sunday, 210 who COB. of Robert Benson. a productive life." BEAUTY-TALl7 T CONTEST TIME AGAIN Shortly now, the I.proved Be- charming young lady seen la loft panto io Willie Frances Moore

pI eted their studies last Baba'i Delete The goal of the Committee newlent Protective order of Elks of the world through its state Montgomery, who was 19U. 4 'U.. Morten of Bkdon." having

December and 189 prospective this lear Is to associations, will launch talent searches for buUtII1ounll. won. crown at a>.toA. Riding with Miss Moore are Mrs. Goldie P.

summer graduates Miss'Olive Alexander, bring hone to all con dies to enter the Miss America of 11114>." Contest to be staged Nelson, Montgonory, chaperon and Moss H. teadrlx, Washington,
will be In attendanceat executive Director of cerned that; "A drill during the Grand Lodge Convention In. Philadelphia in August. D.C.-Atlnta, ca. PR firm head whoso fir represents the Coca-

the exercises the James I E.! Scott Community zed society capitalizes Above are scenes from the 1944 contest held at Miami, which was Cola Cbmpeny, Atlanta, a co-sponsor of the Rika' Beauty and Talent

Associate of Arts degrees Association, is upon the skill and experience won by beautiful and talented Sarah Hinton, Greenwood, Miss., a contest. In lower panel, Mr. Reynolds accepts scholarshipcheck
will be conferred planning on attending of Its mature high school senior. Miss Hinton Is seen flanked center upper fro. representatives of the company while Mr. Blair extreme

on 731, and Associate of. the National Baha'l Con. wo rlI er." photoby Elks' Grand Exalted Ruler Hobson Reynolds, left. Philadelphia left witnesses. Coca-Cola representatives' fro* left are

Science on 129. The remainder vq'\t1onto\ be held April pa., and P.M. Blair elks' Grand OoMlssloner of Talent Charles H.Boone, Atlanta. Marcus "", .tadt". New Orleans David
will receive diplomas .29' to May. 2 at the beautiful Ittp fridit ta yiir titan vttt and Beauty, Montgomery, Ala. In left upper photo Miss Hinton, Zschry and John Howard Miami, and Kendrii.

of graduation In, Bah a' i House ofWoroMp right, rides in gala Miami parade prior to the 1M4 contest. The
recognition of completion ) In wilaetteIlli- -----
of courses in other nois*, Presbyterians Manager Employee t
two-year programs. Miss Alexander is a '70% of American Negroes live in, the nation's, top Miami Beach Shorts
Commencement' speaker delegateone qt six from' is 'cities, In I? of {hose cities the Negro total Appoint New 'Yorker Seminar ScheduledAt

will be Dr. B. Lamar .I Florida! to this) convention. ranges from lOb in San Francisco to 38.311a Atlanta Dade Jr. College MIAMI ItAOfwhU.* marlin caaght off Miami
To Personnel Post
Johnson, professor of to<< a healthy 53, 6% in Washington, D. C. Beadiie.j93* atlll stands an a world record on th*
books of the International Can Fish Asaoclstloa.
-- '
I NEW YOItl-r.durd I.8taUbwaU. .III.. tecbsiWes tor f_
-- e The *arlla was wighd in at 141 pound
Tune WAME Home Of The World's ., Jr. of feotlvo aanagem eat-on-.
j 2019 01 van Avenue, The Ployoo coosanicatlon
Bronx, NrY. has been will bo described by two
named personnel sananr nationally known authorities
Champion Disc Jockey of the central personnel at a Management

office) maintained Conaualcatioa Beaiaar Oh That Young Blood Feeling !
at the Interchurch Cater for 50 4oth Florida
her by units of the oiocativea to be conducted

r lTh1?& United Presbyterian at the Dupoat

Church, U.8.A. Plata Hotel Miaai oa

An employe* of the New Thursday. April 22- Oh! That Young Blood Feeling!
Tort Telephone Company TheseniBsr is sponsored .-

r. for the past 18 years, by Mtasl-Oade Joalor \... s.Si
Mr. BrslthwaUe has most college. L. I. ,_d.r8OD. .' 5 SA-

recently, been a plant director of the coU...' ".. t f TONIC
supervisor, carrying Division of Coanrtity ''
heavy personnel sad cue .Services said that the > ViUmin mrkr-d UQUID or TABLETS

5a tamer relations respoa sesaioao base been planted FEEL GOOD AGAIN FAST!

,, si MI it Us. to encourage active
Nicky Lee The office be will head participation by those IRON/VITAMINS

handles the persoaael la attendance.
,Alfonto Mozell Holder o f !'Orler. Fred Hanna
program for some 700 Ted Debt will cotdact
Broadcasting Record,
office employees of too the noraltg session on
220 Continuous Hour
United Presbyterian & 0ttlsg Action la .Management

i era] Council Board of Communication." Spotlight Product 01 The Week
Ratios*! Missions, and Dhl 1* pr eat dent of the

Commission on Ikuneolcal Industrial O>>>_tUUol Miami, Florida
Custom sad Relation Council tad aaager.fcoa.uleatio.

Bralthwaite is as or- for the
dalaed older of the Bal field oaglaeerlag dlvlslon -

ted Pr oahy tort am dmrch of iBtoraatloaalBwalaeaa
and baa served as dork lacblats Corporation. -
: L K.TM i of the sessioa of the .

I Lsamla Cosaunity Free Merle L. Legslal will

Bob Terry by terl an) Chorea. Mo to be the leader of thoafteraooB
presently vice president is'fetter
From 3.00: to '0:30: of the Iron Chapter of retort fron the
Rockin Rogers From IAMB Downtown Brother Ray United Presbyterian M-. Payroll xsvestaest "
studioSEE Born in Manhattan, ho Legaiat Is first vie r "

has attended gauss Hi* presideat of the la. '... .
School and the College dnstrlal CDMsalcatl -.y

AND HEAR of the City of New Tort.OIVI Cooacll, and manager of U. SHOKTY-S1S.
THESE i- TO FIGHT ..,10'" eoMal atloa VttDAtO STYLIr. iell1Nr.
... d
MULTIPLESCLEROSIS for tatth Ilia and = : ...
c'I' ..
( French Laboratories *f .- .-..

Philadelphia.Chalraan .w:. : ..l -J=.h.i ...
|fle cripple for th* **. tar
grist : Owl r.-:: 5A..eotew mews M I 5.w. et r.
eraegadetsMu sat wad third panelist.I Loam .(AU.y-._ ..
RADIO STARS L 5.e.rr .e.w e.- b..es.en'
: prof. K.L. 110... *t = ...1s .: OS.5 c::
the college Division ..... -
GleriiPmlegsplrltweliat ;;;;.:..; C
of Nvaealtles For IX ::- .. -- .:;::= r.:;: CIltlIJ
I .....,. years h* was a con ...:we.s.-..

..I Advisor U all affaire of Hltnt on eosmmaUatlonprogran _...... em...I1'CWY.
r WAME 1260 lit:..-.. Mrrla, kill- *..t* major corporation .51.;...8aC1I&N 1 DwDt'Ve ....end..Nw .w......

ewes. ticks***, .t. tamely The registration fee *f sow.. e..rw-M-. w eee..r..ee..er -
cur*. Ltc'7 D) -e, lock sees .Nees._ : Mw
120 laclade a laa .
Muds: acre is a* how sora .. M r1
sad all materials. Retorvatlot oann 5..m.
,.t,. looted at: Mi II..t.TU can b* made r=1 W V-=: .were.seer. it I::.=.r seer.-:..see '_.TenPS
C'.r a bs __ _
Uronga the eel kg* seer sew e.
... ,**&......alMmOPM = :: r.r;;-.. .
'.. -' t *.*. matll It *.*. 1BTOwn c--t.V.. C I .-_....__ _
Hear "Hot line Nightly .... I L
At 11'.m. war. UeaU4 in a Social C A. _
_1" dilly 4 '
:, ,.... .....'". o} ... i' f! .. '<<'\0.-- iMt. fl*. 0** UU t. ToMIAMI -= w 5.R. = e r ...1arrrw :- -- -enema-en

IAQUI OjjOSJi **4 yea will nmTJ ,: firneiliL t"J- ... ...
m ird *". *r .r- S ; ,,_
With e e Art Green fl U* differ- .... : _........ ...
hU tr'" wU fata Will Call 1'1"I-112' ... -.. w.Ssm.- 9. ''''" Is-Is ........ U. ,..


.. .._ ....
fa t" '" t' J r 1 1 -- ..4. -
0 !___ __,.... -

'-- -. .. .. .. WeVwLWYrMIF1.YI
-- ""' WWWWUNWl1411W /1Y MIWdN-

I--------------I -r- l -1

mini sin mm ntt I

I -n Gaither I "Reasonably Satisfied"With Florida A&M 's Spring Training I

G J..4U..nuj... Rattlers Combined Support Thrown Behind Annual Project
ra... .. .

To Use Pro-Type Offense

TAILAHVSE*:-Florid* tea's head football coach. E9SIftJOZY KORNER

Jake Gait her, announced this eel that he will use

the pro-type offense aeit tal ). Too Rattlers have

traditionally.. used the split T.
'Z mint the pro-type ........................ j

offs set. better for our son will have to play

splits." said the ACM both ways this year "

coach "The defenses Pullbacks Bicene Ttonaa, -i. : : r iT: :
bwperedour running Preston Johnson, and

tram the conventional T. halfback Rudy Cambridge '

we have faced More ,ap. -111 have to play de. r- 4T 'Ik4r pc1L

eight deftnees recently hut aa veil aa offence. *

thai w hare In the paat. _

with the speed we haveand The Itattle,.' running

the type of pass re- game will be spotty '

celvera we have, our kith aped Merchants Bob I L

chances winning should Hues and Bobby alaalnc. :

be better with the pro several reserve. 1 t
offense." .111 have an opportunity 'II !

The Rattlers have Just to how what = ..: .. .-_. tf

completed 19 day of they"have to otter his Damett (Chip) Reed Little Baa.bell LaNe' eon, owner-operator of the Koxjr Knmcr Mores anJ

spring training," Coach Halfback Major Hazel: teams Successful as usual, Bryant i* shorn re* R.H. Dlttmar, nanager bf Jax Coats Cola Bottling

Qalther commented. tOIl, lat Janet Jim Aah- celvisg check from Charles Persona (left) aana- CD. while Edwin M. Mann, a ale. manager looks on.

Let's say that I was croft and Euceae nil ger of Lincoln Estate Rub-Plvlalon.: Marvin Oan* Bryant will announce Ute League1 opening dates lathe

reasonably attltried.me ton. all speed deaoaa. very near Aiture.
COIn SPRna .and Canton Bryant, overly eaergetic -
spit the time attempting Ill be use4 both a.flanllr.
director of the City Department of Recreation
to evaluate new and.ruaning
players and put la a few .. \. fburaome mine a Sl ond Johnson Playground once again pea WhipsHoward Hampton's Pirates Sports Clusters 'Everglades AccessWilderness

.. ed spring training to throuiit the routlae of rounding up the forcea re
new pi ay le tried the
pro offense Jut aeaaoa run track aponalble for the refurbishing and uniforming ofAliits' In Routed; Eye CIAA Tennis Crown Area '

and we liked It." lllle Tboaaa and Sam Diamond Setto HWTON m'lV1'K.v.-H.ptoll' Institute's spring IALL1 '..'I.h.r.

Several Rattlera who Aaderaon will be the Sign Star GrMster teams cue out on the short end for the week of .
and out
GU 4saoIlO.' N. c. The en. hunters
played one war last sea- other runningbsckssblle April 510. After a rousing start in baseball
ACT college Agglea last ibor lovers _ht>>> long to
Leroy lelly say be used 2 Cage Stars lib PadAM.INQTOM.TeiM' week hit the win column track and tennis the Pirates ran Into strong. opposition Invade the Kverglsden
aa a flanker 9> la begla to plan on another *
Watch This Clown Rotdaaoa and John Baaoa GRFINSnOtO' i.c--TWO (NP1). the young baseball night arish eeek of spring activity. can to
point of access
by wh !
sill beplaced la Hanker ovtttandiag basketball Fleet and evasive Carl ft'rduh.ult 1..1",1"
The baaeball) team after
1121i1S11122 the vast wllderaeaa area.Bida
po alt Ion.. Robinson led Players with the local fllllaas, who pitched "* 1. la .a having the April aide depth pay off la
4 encounter for oonatructlon of
/ UtltatU.,. lapaaare* Dudley Nigh School have Ilrkpatrlck High School CIAA gaae here at Me.O- against FayetteVille outlasting the Pirates
rial omreaalon faclllltea at
vtlone> Jut year.Elroy signed graat-ln-ald a* football teams to two Stadium Hate cancelled la an escltiag duel sent
Recreation Rite 9, located
5 Mo rand. til He irecNcnta lth the MTCbllege state chaaploaahlpe. has The batting star for the ran late trouble In the on the Pirates oval on In Coaaervatton

4 Powell, Rudy Jami eon. Agglea. signed aletter of laftnt1th Agglea eau Moaroe Hall pitching department and April 10, 11''''.
3 rl} The two Charles first baaeaan, who bang* Perhaps the most ... Area 3iaRr.mardtoWnty,
aad toay Aleiandar are Arllagtoa state fell before strong gnaw .as awarded on April 13
Creer and Villlaa Oil ed oat two big hlta, a citing duel of the day
at college, It reported
the prospects quar sic
I f I temm IT-3 on April 8. A at Tallahassee accurd-
double .
terback. Mortad playeds.msdbbiteHart .tr.la. last w4The and a alnglt sass the 110 then. 1*'r
leaky is field coupled lag to 0. r.. Prye, Riec
batting la three of his
I laat ..1., the announcement 5-11 170-pound senior folk's fleet falter
3i-II-21 1th amiPreah
Inadequate pitching titlte Director, nMe
teams ,
Cal runs He scored toed the aark agaiast -
year. Hart graduated and Irvin Aggie star toot Kirfcpstrick pokey
paved the easy toward defeat later Fish tbmminion. -
Monad head coach, cud the addition twice kiaself. Lloyd the Pirates featiaprovlag
II-i2-11 1 It la likely that to a state chaaplonahlpla for the charges of .
ill repltcc hta la the of the two play IM4 and to a playoffbid Lightfoot Aggie shortstop Vaugha Ru..el1
& ..u... He a CO seared battlag Bit gen aJ er.
No. | quarterback apot. era will give tr.. After aendiag his tee
Soaettaea Hess Does honors with
Heavy losses fro last strength. to kin teaa fall. sad
Me adds, eabtracts, a double through a stiff afternoon
fall force the Rat Oreer. who stands 49 There were rumors last
any .. ...
He vorka It all around tiers to use two ualtelaatead Jut season was selected fall that several Teiasachoola Jamea JO.... the Aggie workout on "'
010) ATTRACnCMIII fast ball artist day, TJhaley: pronounced
wanted tllllaaa.The coapleted
of the aaaalthree All *tate by the North
IK 25 : they have used the (.rohaU,1I Kcbool tto-ttae all-stater his first game of his for team the Invaders physically set

................ put five ........ !Mae Athletic Aeaociat.an.He threw IS touchdown paaaeslast the aeaaoa allowing oaly fromthe
north southern Con
Inclad- _Is _an 01 tat udl. re season sad waa a five htta.
Malls Days teem letteraea. r leeU CIItIIt.tht.' spaciouscnnflaeeef
prlae recinittag target MT Jumped oft to a 3-0
boaadtr and
leg pine from' the atari possesses
Are NRab.eredfan's for Ohlahoaa. lewa cad a lead la the first inning the Peninsula
.. las eleven, will sot. re- time save oa the floor Memorial
auaber of other'acb aid wai sever ta real far Itadltin.
Day *ro HUH tarnait. Ollaer at
'.re.." Health and Por- Tie Rattlers bad a 9-t eieelleat reloander sad Me *aa a three-year trouble. Southern roaaectloutJuaped

taae Caa le Tours ales record hat cases aad la'descrtbed aa atataadlag > letteraaa la basketball The victory gave the eat'to aa .early What ever became
aid football aad uala Agglea a 12 record for lead aid waa clever
tol taOS your tacky Days the nottthera Inter* on del....
Lucky Oalora Etc collegiate) Athletic 1 Conference The two will)) eater VtT' tataed a B average la the eeeaja. The game tam threatened. The it ionic of the gin that was '

Bead M.00 for roar till for the this fall. his stadles. the first for Howard.A&H inneld problem sad spot-
ty pitching took the
Wroacope Guide forAPHt 12th straight year. blame ...,.. the talk of Londonin
Invasion Pays Off North Caroliaa CollegeIsgles

rill la tbe black beloe aught the'" '1- ?

and aall t o ZODIAC. Poet IRa. { I M rues looking tie! other 1769

Office Sol 1111. Jacksonville way and siueaked oat a

1. Florida. 1-. tenala decision o'erMaptom
.- f.....W eweithig... It became the toast of* the world> t:,,_.
tile latterahome
..eae and .qviMimit. tak on .
JUML.................... ... was, cheat The kM.,. \ 01 rt land AmrrKg. The woikl'lln n.itw
LdeMeyls .,.. .!.. !. 0'wt. It Gordon'i. AlosnJfiGordon's
............ ......... at : The Pirates sect jour p
AIU1I................... ale brilliant brainchild
ww y r tail /UI W iwr* eyed to Richmond aid
Mil .. !. Ik. Mane UM ._ .Silly/moothicy.
bad M easy else dla
DATE Of IIl'nLi ... wr .M ran.S. dry UnnviUd in 11th
.tJii. poalag of Vlrglala Onion
70.Norfolk. century [".''and. Ur .,,
State aader thetatelage mated after 196 "
vein. Beciuie incherinhfd H":
Y of first year ,
formula ii iiill I
trsea'idiCtlllan<< Price I t
Gordon' stone. Directly I J

eYE GIVE TO I FIGHTMS dtKtfldtd from /t, tithe
celebrated orig I ........

'ins) that Ml London ...f':'

bulging in 176?, And "
still does.

POOnCL MOOTS RIM T-mrt..ala.t a lI-ala ote prank Ellrvy (left) rttflnl ulliwstl

r mad fdHeghea. gather data on plortda AM Dalteralty tattlers hum Need Obicft .

Jake Wither aad Cbedl pete rttfla. ",." ,. amd bead Haeooackof<< the %it> .,.. ." .,. ,'........"

'.:-r e .nc M W ''l ei' tiers. The Memo here la typical af the horde of toasts mho have bland UeRattier Dr .. .
-S. )OWII 3 ktIf MMN.e 11 a*....t.N.. ...-ew seam Mwt. paww SM
.,' ... eprla tralala cams this year a>ate have already eli.*i eight. Rattier ,
r w W/, unc trio the IV4 a ta4 10 IMI esstractstscrnusg the total a-imter of Rattier r W1 -

.neiii .... SM de r profeaalanal BMtbeJI enatracte ta IS. _..
$o s CC.asf.us Ps
Rattlers' Rib lavHed
ne Plc! lilt Hayes

1 a-- a/MywTsw LMII To Nay 2 AII-Ster Coitestsejoo

Ibgd Patten Sire
.... +MAStrit-asrl.rt sues of the pltflsa *M pst
rume. earn--e ---. ewe-. trertrn.
.. ...es sum. wwrws ...w w.Ss .... .wwr+ veralty Rattlera baa boos lavlted, to flay la !..

all-star ftUll gavea this ....r.th mi doable
... ., J' .u -
'SPOR'T Olywlt a..ld a.*.1 *taa.r till be the first
I .
Rattler B> play la the fifth jwal AllA.erlCMMM

a la ..."aJ...** Tar, Satmrday est$ Jane ,..
Nayelsue..e.d RatHer -
the College All-liar
U aetlea la
e... la Chicago. tillola. -

RaJft-M* .lib ,.,..

ere played with the

Cellege All I..ra...

A11 -A.ediee mepjayera

are pUkel ay

the ..mkers ef Ue 4-

s erica* PvetbeJI<< (.*.*.

la.dstles. lames ,.-
aorta le Haffalo, .e->

lest .Jsse II > Cast

OMat its prs4nism of

.etre Base falvertlty

.. the felvereltr .f
.."aJe. .. All- sert(**

.MS. will kernent the Beef its Best
AKA sad the ..U...!

Park els-JI. pwaaaaUea sad
tUll of ,-..... la ....

.re-Jkrt ArT4 sad OeBeffala

Kvealag fe e*.

.- 1 ,
T """"'

.__ _. I I
'w : .

I t ... 4 f i

. 15 Negroes St. AvfestlM 2 Receive' 2nd District

(Continued, from page 1)a (Continued from page 1) (Continued fro page fl.4M Delegates Leave

state charter by the will be know as Project crated by the feeble efforts

secretary of state fol Headatart with emphasis of the power structure r ,, For Voters Confab

lowed by approval from aimed at improving the in recent months to .' Following a meeting
the state and federal chiId health, physical present a "new liege" held ia the boa of

office of economic Op abilities, development to the sort d has now bean president See Jones this

portunity.Rothschild. of self confidence thus largely dissipated by week, fibers of the
said that establishing activities the wanton cruelty loosedupon 'd .. Second Congressional

the first program of QJBO with their parents and thes on Faster Hunday. District of the Florida

will be a comer projectto in other missing area. Voter League me. .
prepare preschool 1 Instruction Rothschild cautioned about It la not difficult to passed resolution to be

to underprivileged expecting overnight imagine the feellaga presented to Saturdayand

children In order miracles, promising thata of thoseyoungstersin Snipe tenders coed Sunday state

for then to be better ve11-rounded practical the band whohaving been ther of nine children I: meeting la ocala.

prepared for entrance schedule la expected to invited to take part in six of who, are living, Delegates elected to
first grade.He the the parade this _
Into be accomplished by again ba* paid off ber debta serve at the meeting
said the prograo executive committee, year proudly put on theirfinery and 'lives a quietly relaxed were L r. Dorsey, Mrs.Allison .
and played their
Presley and
life with her husband -
best, only to be Jeeredat Jesse Body EM Letimore
INDEPENDENT TV i RADIO SERVICE jerry 30 grandchildren -
and pelted. and Illlle Jaaea 111-
eight great
Once again irresponsible llama till serve sa al-
I Diliwj Pkoni-356-7242 whiteehigh and low, grandchildren. ternatte.
Pick-UP And she can now go fl sh.
have fouled their nest The body also unanimous*
ir whenever she d
HERBERT SYKES 609 W. State in America a Oldest City, sires. ly approved recomaendatlons -

and other local folk are to be presentedfor
The Bads: Security office
the improvement of
wondering how much more
advises all persons PUSHING POVntTT AID"Myor Louis H. Utter (center) la shorn being breeted by the state organization.FREIilT .
Bow of thls.lf the town
Wi any,
about to reach the eligible
Vic president Hubert H. Humphrey right, when the Jacksonville Mayor visited
stand If it 1 not
can age for receiving Washington to confer with Capitol offlcialaon
to wither on the vine and antipoverty aid for Duval reel-
benefit to secure all dents. Ei.gov.rnorL.roy Collins who head the
Tf You Dinnds.Oor Pre.idenf.
b* destroyed by Its own : Community Relations
Intonation possible regarding Committee look on approvingly.Utter this week aaaed $ILIAC(
mean sabers of
ess.Game : : the executive
place of birth, Committee and board for the Greater jackaonvlll Econoalc scratched la ,Url"'. 11ft
Easter Specials schooling and enplojnent,. opportunity.Photo .
StoppedContinued church denominationpub- ( by Beth Muae. Capital Photographer, ) AUTOMATIC tf0-LAO
iniNfl MACHIn. .et cask
lie record and other
Hew or || aoathly. Call warehouse -
Will Coilini Tin ( from page 1) data before contacting StflBton's Symphonic Band Central D -l4t..

did say that in the the office in regard to

three la / his their clalme. This. they Plays Amwffl Cowert Friday Baptist

; Sn"", April 25 tea hat .toyed against slidwill apeed, up their Church
whit opponent, tb.'III" investigation to a far The New Stanton Senior High school Symphonic
havbeen spirited, greater degree. Band will be presented in its 18th Annual Concert Sunday services will LEI'S

: Royal Art StudioSOCIAL clean and unmarred by any Prlday night la civic Auditorium beginning at 8.15: conence with Sunday SHE REPAIR

type of UDlIIOrtlllan.HIIt ** P." This special announcement was made today by School at 915; a...
Incident. the school's public relations bureau which, : stated A Tooth Directed service SkI hJHiII

COMMERCIAL STUDIO SERVICE that the affair 1* being sponsored by the sand Parents will be conductedat
IBJ Tops General Organization. ...................u.... 11:00: .. .. Brother If Ai| Kill

Mr*. mice M. Richardson vllle University Sya- Charles Striven will be
515 DAVIS ST. Davis For 3 Stars la president of the phonic Band according to la charge and will deliver Is toW

organization. She has tile morning aesa totes
WASHINGTON" (NP1)--) MaJ. need chief of staff of Mr. McParlln. ;
Gen Benjamin Oliver served in this capacity Tickets: tor the forthcoming ....
Aaerlcsn in ,
porcea Korea
with dignity and honor At 3IS: p.... the Union US FLHIIA AYE
ELGIN 4-1894 Davis, jr. one of the and chief of staff of the concert Bay be
most popular top level United Nations command.At for almost a decade according seared fro .eaberaof District .111 .*.t. Delegates

officers in the to Principal the Band parents Organization to the General
CLOSED All DAY TUESDAYS 0,8, the aaae time, pr.*-
armed forces, baa been idiot Lyndon S. Johnson Charles D. rooks and band sabers or Baptist Convention will Prijir, TN ItsS
Band Director Kerneaa D. give eicerpta.
interested persona a ay
announced froi the LBJ
ranch la Texas, where he McParlln sr. contact Mr. McParlln at Evening service will Pnir hi Tit Mall
the L Do McParlla veteran the school by tel i )hone begin at 7:00: ,...
COME SEE COME SAVE was spending Easter musician and school band Weekly activities are: lead year aaae and edcree
weekend, that b* II or la person or gaol cation
director, who has die- desiring block lt dl.11:00 p.a.. Board and flat eel hew miracle
,, : AT YOURWAREHOUSE nominating Davis for Uncul mid himself in the ticket should contact Beating; Tuesday, 7:00: .f truer can aeeem,llaa>

promotion to lieutenant field of music in the Mrs E.M. Richardaon at p,.. Bible study and B ...<.re fey yea, .trite;
general, highest county, state and nation her boa or business office P. .. prayer ...UII;
rank ever attained by a SISTER FAIIIE NffAH
la a graduate of for Information and Wednesday, 8:00: ,. .. .
It. A ; Negro in the U.S. and Florida Ail University ticket Choir 2 rehearsalThara-; lit I. ."'h... O.lsege.

.ii ;i it :vii! lrFv forces.In and New Tort University.then !, day .:00 pti.. Choir I 111.
his Korean assignment -
\/ rehearsal. _
questioned about ego
Davis will be out little Rock Host 1
ranked only by den individual and group performances IMPERIAL SIIIRIESPATEM
A.P STORE this year's
f Hamilton Howie, coamanderinchlef District Ushers Assn. .
1 band group has and can MEDICINES COSMETICSALL
,,, of the UN'
force said that for the fifteenth The District Ushers Cor. Broad and Ashley El 4-2159
Davla.82. 1* a graduateof Union. Cast Florida Aaoclatloo *-
45th StreetIN feat Point and the year
3000 W. the band baa receivedall auilllary to
mom of the first negroto superior ratings at the Last Florida and INDEPENDENT OIL CO.
become a U.8. General
Bethany Baptist Association '
the state band festivalin IttOSCNI HOME DELIVER
FLORADALE Hi* father retired the areasof.arching.concert will sponsor Its MECHANIC ON DUTY
Army brigadier general aaaaal Edacatioa Day Ike Joseph ..-...-............... proprietor
and sight reading.
OPEN ,SUNDAYS t:;;dI ;14 broke 1.0. precedents Davis, St.throughout also the band was againclaaalfied Little Sunday at Rock 3 p.m.Baptist. la State aid Jefferaoa Street------ a. '.'.32FabiloBS

I 9 A.M. tO 7 P.Meetar .- his c.re.r.lOUII Davis .baa held which la the as double highest A. Church. fR.I..s WINs

high school
: day, April several important coa- rating a ret RENT
band CIa receive la the
"25 only at sands since graduation United States Persisted aooe.. .1I W.llth At

your Wareihouse fro. test point, ia use.SUbordl.at. Pastured with the 1944- 5$. oa his llat :::-. Prices
i A a P white officers d"
UI. 1J
Ph. JO.
IS Symphonic Band will be P rr
.. ,A i Store. who worked vader several atadaata were 15,000 Worth Of
all at the J J
pentagon were
if :. '. elected to with the
;;.. ,
.. ," ,- ., reportedly overjoyed at
Fi! 111% Hani
all star city bend vader .ii'
: w' mews of his proaotioa ( +
the direetloa of Dr. 1: ":
Q and Important assignment European Hair Wigs
I .... : One officer laid Darin Ralph Long, director
laatroaeatal aisle at
epltoalBsa the finest .
.. .. Jackaoavtlie OIherai t,.
... officer
type of Air Pore I
These students are Aston lac' \L Int t sit
wa ever had. Rf[ YHX MAIM mlMt I '
Dow, Qatlst;. JaaeaJemiiga. llu 1Z T| lunda"Un
Davis was a fighter
GRADE "A" DRESSED I DRAWN WHOLE pilot ia World gar II baritoae lion; T* Ml .,. -,..e waltttiTlekvta Vain
traeattWright, troaboae, ...,-... AgeieySll ;
aad cited for gal
was and Joaaph McRoy, Ctoract. pet *... weather/.' 2
laitry la aetloa la Days Oaly
James Jenalaga has I.T.

,;L tar.holds DUtligulahed the silver rl,- performed caaioaaitt oa veriova several sports*. FM SUE Sat April 24 Taes. April 28

events with the Jadeomatrsate. M Port station wagoa. ,
,' lag Cross Diatlagalahed For Appoittae! Cill ,. Howird
y' first oa* with 1200 get
Service Medal Air Medal .
FU. 01 6A.
and the LMloo of Merit. HIT WAIUBFrllilijjic. It. Rirryil' PU. star Cell 718-2511
SNIPPED 29cI The future general attended 3113 MoaerUf 54.

teeters Reserve .
11. aalverslty la 119 and
1130 and later majored Aaaeaaeee \I(
The aaealag *f a see
I 1 t- .sa.w.r..e1..wTROPI la mathematics at the
University of Calesjo.la maaafaetare plait at

.LOW CAL lisi ha was recoi- 1t00 Stiver Star Roa4.tsOrlasee. JQX;

mudded for aa appoint Plertaa. o.ea>i }

aeat to the v. .. .Mill lags are avallakl Is

ORANGE DRINK tary Academy at test .........".....".... rejeelvlag .

polat, where ao Negro and ether Jeke.i
kid bees graduated. la 90 eseelleat ..nets, eeaiditleae

year |e was graduated and liberal eom-< .w. LIQUORS
aa a ae oad lleateaantla play *.ieIts. laterete4pereeaa
IIS*. aheald a.ply at

Shifting to the air the a..v* a<4resa aegtaatag there .. ':

1 102' GALLON 39 C fore, he was graduated.la April Htm be- ..
: BOTTLEr March. 1M5. with the ,.... Uebetra af a a.a.aad .

first Negro air cadet: 5 p,.... aheae ealtspleaee

..... fro the Advanced Any Aa oust ..,er. is'
''' ,
:J' "' '' '''' es wArl e .
plylag school lastly eatleyer.ttlEUYUUUE

i LAURA LYNN : one "

.,f ...1. .
I Ii .

|:8th 5t. (near) Uonerltf Xotd-2 Br. .' 'r' ,< l

Croad Ctrett 1 Br. ...
erul3' Atcnu Brick ItoIN Real Qieap.n : .. youv.


1 1 LI. |Anderson Lane 3 Br. 4f Interest ....' 'j'" .at,

C 5t+all Dn n payncnt vill Finance

4 KG. call Mr. Hcmr Brllty FL tl-T$3'l