Florida star

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17800 F20090413_AABGUJ 1965031301.xml 493c1a38829e072f1623a96f3fe62ec72330051674b55b408fa83384edf05bba1bc5df63BROKEN_LINK 0105.jp20106.jp20107.jp20108.jp20109.jp20110.jp20111.jp20112.jp20113.jp20114.jp20115.jp20116.jp20105.txt0106.txt0107.txt0108.txt0109.txt0110.txt0111.txt0112.txt0113.txt0114.txt0115.txt0116.txt0105.tif0106.tif0107.tif0108.tif0109.tif0110.tif0111.tif0112.tif0113.tif0114.tif0115.tif0116.tif0105.jpg0106.jpg0107.jpg0108.jpg0109.jpg0110.jpg0111.jpg0112.jpg0113.jpg0114.jpg0115.jpg0116.jpg
846707 F20090413_AABGRP 00105.jp2 6df4af8f26c6cd54549e3a81741bf2612599fe9e31cdcd7baa5e4f91f43f3e96f13fd912

xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200653datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date March 6, 1965dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=006530740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
March 6, 1965
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
System ID:

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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
March 6, 1965
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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ertla Inner Stag. Jr.. ..,....., beteeea Laat
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tottr mletratloa drive allttedly perpetreteil by ..n aa the opportvaity Lane sal repreaenttd .by

la tubas Abuse Moore, JJ, and to participate la ..*,. Ally trace 0. Jackaoa.Repreeeatlat .
At 1...t 40 p.n.m.l.ciedlslDohaL .- the Or aad
Larry Illlaae, 32. trim and .t.., proceed
1UA. ALA. : Mere youth ayes cleeed .{skit tear ae, hold aacoaecleeaNegn ..l..cbal raaa II. Hoiirlrae, $ Paid ttt ilea laid to effect full Lodge von Ally LederJ
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std Bwnday. /Korea of Mgfeeo ate treated at local b dtals. Vtol_.COO l..th.Q>.. .eetabllaka, Pas of Tke 39 koepllala cited Vial Lat fir. of fkke

tot lajarleo received la remittee oele Vfl mOH>TO) .Ut... ..,. laJarH oa- the atatlaf, Thla It all receive federal fads ,... Ooodoao aid Noll

snore Draan-photo* on pact 1)) ring ttt troops etlwt a atlekup." "' rolled H011D boat) for public aeelalMco tr letMtan.Trasteo.

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MlhlKM8llfSHOMO list kaJ kt. per- ban U.. to play. >> finilure. > all adalal
Youth Must Face aaadtd aot U lad thatIll'fatod Hit a'Utd. that ttt a.et Jim cttlllae iklt. atered by NIL tbo cooplalataata < Case

Is ..,ab. tat taa field ".... DMlele.. etated la Haarlai
at the keadofttt oolaa* wllla.lpt.l.d' 1
Trial As Adult of 2.000 oarckera mmtrooitrt 'UnwrittenLaw'
Fired UponPMMIU. lar.l Qa., aobert niapklae. IIU, ... brat ofaaotktr
.,..,.0 tkto.
m ,.,.dS.. a<*, |, ....01 Boycottkaadlatovertkelr
IIUlI-hr |.*,.sr*ol0 Mkrd lath tl.4 kt.poalac to Um act 1"t" .*.,. 1 sad Ipotrlte tl.) ...,., ...
Art..r<"PIT1" )- tarry Iron, lift kea aa a '.*,.r. ott A toetM Alto' adalater ,.trol... OiL poetoo Nitss.dlutomheeal ,
< Ckalrae% of lie D..a
*" .. r1"'r.t..* Loose a start, tra,lt Iron Varca 2. Darlag ma lad oovetokalp Ala* sad O.X: "'ro.., latef Cooaty Board of ackool
tloaa ttrt still kelagtakea rtallty. Likt at aaayyoaUa u.. eotT.ratloo. iVitp baa ..(". *. eta votlairtikta tlet4.WOMOB. police .
Tneteee.Dr .Pub (11001kI
tale Nat to ,r. of Ilk a1.. ktrd said boa told I.. kovertd ..".. dcpertoeat prvbleoo Ills
rat ar.arapeutMra tat tented to ..t..l, latoaeAkood .. lt...4 ten pistols to )llfeaaddtatt after ktv Receives .... ..,.,. Ike ... ofIvertlde Hied aekool ibpt. |ekraal
skis ftlcalo X to tarryoot pader ritridaleejurry .curt ft. let boss brutal. )If kwtMiky preebiterlaa tedaeaday for

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"Black ...- flail aa a aaa, tot Mteater kt kad ,.. aay Ttaredar.lo. fUnilecfcM'e. asada. 'sin A elallarlly la 'teoeo. attacked tktMoerltteo of laeekordlaatlea a*

U." I..<..,, Illjakufcoaaed tat e.eer.1 aonulclirveetoacoe part la tie ....tl... hit.,..t, Wo..lUl. .. all yoor ua.,." u' of 'WI w..e aaderllaeoetreaie ..." rtltkfertile tataal. .....1 teacher
m It rttallatlM. ,...Jaeo circa.,elaateamactralBf polies..a| a 4AA< ls.d.r lutledgopear
troy ilttt4 ktlai atttt !"* M. f*< Negro
..r. ... a* ....S.. Barry la oat .t Urea .. of Ut .rt... tker af ftMr.ktart eu Voter Test a lelepaoot f'.. arreetlai ,'1'. eootleoi. ..
of teaeloa at s...,.1 ytetha cftariH ltt .... said .. kad a.M .aJ... ptd telct ......., ..td book tarsal Ibis ee.a, pereuoea meld .ar.1' abad
.lots. n,.. from atlai .. fatal platol.alarlaof pleas addlaf list poCrlff 00 lath occoelooetaa rt< police ,....rtM.re. | ootlai that Ihero la laelrtcled .....a

..to. alnck tat Attoraty Fred .rt.. acttally did tko etortd lootdlettly, oko Kayoed wrlaa ktoree, II, aa lacreaet of oklttpereoae board altoraey CllltlAdaoa
hoot of ttt ...11. I...- Its salosa laUt ..... of ItMlo. lee oeatke ago
tan e. stoot/ag. .ltal 1If'O'' eta IUI| at. re.ported kelci feoad la
tr a.,.. Tk..t.1toolpUeI .!It... sluts art Hk...." said. a frltM .... 04sIIl/ 'I7ON.-A rubs .,.. received apkooo Metro areas litterataltd "M dree ep ckartea oflatMkordlaatlao

..r.,. sauna Ir.'. 20.... .r .,....'. taM s.. .. 1....... Ot lataaloo r)..., ky tkt P.O. .. call ,,... aa toIdeatlfled \ : peer..., but agalaclMr Adams
Lan Prlday.lack ....1.. U,.. Ice rirf, tat car aad told tfct .1.l.rosa r..,.. it- preot Ctart d.cl ere4Loolelaaa'a valet enoae4 .1 feel that If a tea
al Ike leetreellea of
..alto gaardadkaaed M4 I*. ,..u. Mvtktrd. ... ap.le..m. tat s4., o Moaetleaeaad voter literacy I f'olD,.....Ut.,.. la ....... to .. o ..,* ,.. sop.'1.'....., kao
the oato eenrlagUt ,.11..... ladty'a are of kntt re* oaoaaellUtleoal.tk Me aphid Past ao >.rtt ....t ke le Capeble of
...... tat Itat It ktartat b...'. /ttvilloIII a. ttctltt. ,.t", *b. 1.O. ........ to pour ..e d .Uf IkeJvttlcoaaUorlty >. ay Ut ... af Mirptlived toftrclai Ike lee for Ml. doss .ao to tbe pro

I5 tta. pr.-4s.. dortaeM." Jell_ M. Mq..ar4ro. ,aI.... a.....'IC'aU .. 1 a to ttla city froo all .0...r...' tar,r..alag ta.,.. all alllaeaa"Tke ., tlae ,

la c....... ...1.. fro crt....I ooort ..t trot u. yst1. ttt r..r ttt a.loo to sllwt1.s.lr.eduDr.tla'a to ...t.... The teller, eke coatleeed. > ..,., ..., .. ,. The Clllieaa O: oollletfor

pobceooa said fetdiaejaed trial at a* ...It. Mca ..ot.t.0t.itm o....'. It. .,,_alft la elellarMtloo tAM U". ", aay Ikat ke bee ...., teller tdacalleoloiMpoeed

... la 51.1 at ttt Uooof M of ala .... tnm.cftar 41.... d..,SIC 54.45Isatios. "' a CMiet.Aaoo. la otter ..tabs.N Just ...".. to let yoo Md.rallto, o plao 1.lairs. of oeobera of
.. alerdaeolcelloaaMlaleterta
tat at Ufa.Albert
o.. .. oaxetttcr ofr.... al_t a.* trt 4kr I tt1dw <. ...1.., Utyoourat eyopettlftra 0.ert dno.*d tat U lelaao .. hailed todey (,"- ,rot police .,tie./. toplela ealek Alliance galledIke aod
of Russian tlattr a Jtt ult ...n. tatritrida let eklcft r* d. cletkee doty la HAACT
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atat. a __rtoa sell kt lard tr In."ii, DMtJaa. .. ,. itetrera aaUerlty altaopllad to .... order t. alit Iko pro-
fire .1. ......., threatened 1.d.
ere .
/. la ctrtala altaa Ut ..... Oaaaty flraadry. of .. poal past u ofJlII..a. day afIICMtalktna t lit Ut aeteolof Uo .... of I..,..*.. proftllotloo
... hie ..,. wteo ale 4 B u.... aaad a e... ottrto > .. a.?. tout n. .. wtt .. ttv ,.H.. ..U.,, irs .>ree said. aad ,...,.1 ctoplalcla. .. agala..If Ml Metro,.*

.. aa upstairs bilreieof crlaiaal avort.Atfora A a..rck la kta oodtcttd I. Ckaodltr, ttooetltt tattryret aay e ctle At kellttH II eM teat ....ses la Mir* aeeoliter ". ...Ulo relief .
ttt teoetory talldlao. .r I."., la .** ky pallet far limper, a.."* h0.,. of auto or f e4.ral OM of a aorucncr.re ... lo .... ."

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..hero of rue mttoflalao. Tbo
atttoat. *aa otttr gall o.ok ra toolfkt .......ard Idw.rpta'ld.I Too t..,.' ........ that thertlatjMUer told I'. U.l.a.ra keplaaa la
.u,. .*.r4 ofgaalaetleo struck *... ky a raio of '.,.....1..... of of palings 1.s -!' aavt UooHlco" OMott- .wan .eta a.... aa' lo redaco Ike ,.aooi.... tclevleod"eorrwtloa etale-
of tat ..II eta .. kt dreg ..vfno sat laUUfo f.,.. fr*. Ita aid NO
U.ladd.t. r.... Outs .ey, o oidor tokaJIooio reported for too. teller ... ovaoeli Molota.gkalroao .
Ma! Baal... ..,. MOt
.. aa ..re..I. tatldlai wle tof uo ..,..., a..w. *- Uo atateo ,...... la ..ta., port .a* total three** die* of tkt groepcrttlclied
ko. aao4gBa. totho .* lo a Cwtral >t.rnatrtrt ,. .,.. ioaator fr.o .....h.. ...... of .f ttt ...,. sisal fetlreoeol, tr
Ita property ... to pro* ....,.., ...- tuft Your FLORIDA ,e.4ss.tt. ...log that acoool ef*
.. ......n, rd sd W karlai'-ae prerlteelydoot .. ....... mt ofte la-
tact their lealifo lift tat .. .. :r. SIM HCM. tellrofod .. Ikoat ... Iovolvo4 U ,..loJ. tie Igaorlag ;
ootrt Pan, otooatlrodirector. -to krlad alt rad sio calls ,... per* "
ea... .... tVeott of alai ants rswf. ....,. Fads 'o.k? OH ..elto4ltrt. Mlaet ladlrldeal real Ian uiaalad ako la no ... natal krlkeri ... .. .11/.0 la Metre

.... L .... .tt Utt Oat). n. 4.m2 (Oatlootdl frw fad J) at,.,... other a.. refs .......U... OMtleoed( oo pad* I) "


___ .
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". ."A ,...... "' ''.L" .. _- "'F- "'jt ."' .... --._----- "' .. .. -r."

J I 'I :::1



THE_ .FLORIDA_ NEWS STAR Politics As Usual

Publlabwd.. by tot Florida Stir Publishing IT ERIC I. SIIN9I,

'ERIC 0". ,SIKPSOH( ..........Muiiiii Eiitir Senator Walter Mondale legislation said this that sessionto "Con
r must adopt

ALYSON E. WISE........... News Editor TL gress permit Negroes full participation in the

HILDA WOOTEN....,.... Circilitiu Maiafir American in an address political to the process.Metropolitan Washington

Chapter of Americans for Democratic

MAIN OffiCE I. PLANT Action, the Minnesota Senator said 'le-

2323 Moicrief Road' Phooi Elii 4-6782 gislation must be adopted that *

will remove the last remnant of

Miiliii Address restrictions on Negro voting

P.O. Box 561 MIAMI, lacksoivillt OFFICE 1 Florida can deny rights no elections.Negroes in longer both be federal Literacy their permitted voting and tests local to- :!!IIIIIII!

738 NW 3rd An. floes 311-1025 right Mondale said. "VoSIMPSON
ter registration cannot be left in the nos-

tile hands of persons whose very Jobs depend -

on the continued frustration of the

SUBSCRIPTION RATES Negroes right to-vote.And we can no longer

One Year. e.OO Half Year, $4.00 ).h Justify the token registration of a few

Mailed to You Anywhere In the United Statoi Negroes through the tedious process of case-

Subscription payable in advance by.case'trlal by corabatthrough the courts

Rend Check or Money Order to: '-':'" } tho are wewe who enjoy all of our

;, rights .. to tell the Negro to be patientor

FLORIn'I STAR P.O. BOX 361 "- r to set time-tables for the exercise of

Jacksonville 1, Florida / his Constitutional rights. The time for
1 patience is past.The insistent demandsfor

Freedom Now require action now .. action

Lest DitchmaRship 1 by an effective federal instrumentali-

The American Medical Association has CMUZATIONIS TOMBDBMMRtSH' Other Constitutional and human rights

announced an extensive campaign to educate cannot effectively be secured where the

Americans about the dangers of the right to vote is denied -- where political

Administration's hospital care proposals. is absent" Mondale said. "For in
The Association is also proposing something WHERE WILL IT END ? the last analysis it Is the' local elected

as a sl1bst1 tute, cdled. "Rider-;; official- not the federal marshall or

care" Fldercare is an extention of the the federal mudge -. who dally dispenses I

Kerr-Mills approach to the problem. The Justice or injustice to the Negro. It is

Kerr.' illstla. provides Federal subsidies the local rtieriff. the local Chief of Police

to state programs providing medical assistance the local School Board members, the

to elder people ableand willing, Your Weekly local voting registrar who set the pace

to take a sort of pauper's oath. Elrter- in closing the glaring gap between the

care would set up a similar program to federal Tight and the local 'practice

subsidize health Insurance for people over under which the right is denied."

fl5, again with the provision of a means

test. Horoscope Guide
But the AMA has so consistently been too SPECIAl. WASHINGTON REPORT

late with too little that it has become

hard to look to that organization for any
constructive role in designing medical Presidential Succession

Insurance programs.The AMA has, in turn PABLO The
opposed every step that has been taken to By ASTROLOGER! By Senator Birch Bach (D.-lndlana)

improve access to medical care for _St-mtur Bd>A It ll r lAnftwr nf (tf Sirrrnwi* tmtrojmrol,

Americans of average and below-average In.
comes. It originally opposed Blue Cross BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL

and Blue Shield; it opposed the original The discussion over what to do in the event -

KerrMillsLeglslatlon it now so bravely a President is disabled and the related -

endorses; it now comes up with an "el.dercare" WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR discourse on the idea of providing
that this nation always have
proposal only after it had be- a vice presi

come unmistakably clear that Congress is dent, has been going on -- at least on an

ready to pass a hospital care program. ftCPdenic level .. for the better part of

There was a time when the AMA could have -- ... ........ b#. ..... ... -4"1 the past 40 years.

played a major, and proper, role in sha ,IRIRs; AS A MINING EXAMPLE WHEN SELL TO FOLLOW THE PROCEDURES Born NOV 23rrt tnru It now appears' that despite ,the skepticswho

ping health Insurance legislation. Some Born March 21st thru 'YOuR INTILLECTIIIN'YULL THAT WERE THEM' Dec. 21st prophesied that Congress would never

people within the organization wanted to ,April nth CHARGE OF THE NECESSARY' OUTLINED. FRICTION COULD move off dead center the 89th Congresswill

do so. The Blue Cross and Blue Shield organizations THERE .IS NO VALID REASON OPERATIONS. PUBLIC RE' REACH THE INCENDIARY THE INDICATIONS THAT submit to the States what I hope will
wanted to do so. But the AMA FOR DEVIATING I FROMTHE LATIONS SEEM TO IE TAK.ING POINT MAKING IT ESSENTIAL become the 25th Amendment to the Const -
Tilt ARE VCR SIMILAR TO tut ion.
stuck to last ditchraanship, and it is COURSE THAT YOU HAVI I A DIRECTION THAT IS TO STEEL YOUR
going to be hard to take its latest "education" FOUND MOST REWARDING DURING FAR FROM PUlL I c. DETERMINATION' NOT TO LET NOT FOR wrvittnn

campaign and its latest pro TNt PREVIOUS QUARTER. 2.50-77.14-56.257 YOURSELF CO, YOUR INTUITION PRECEDING PERIOD. THIS The amendment was designed to unsure the

posal as anything but further reflectionof ALTHOUGH THERE .is COMES TO THE MEANS TAKING THE SAME nation of continuity in the office of Pres

the AMA's lack of interest in any aspect LITTLC OOUOT THAT YOUR CANCERBorn RESCUE. IT MAY ENABLE PRECAUTIONS THAT WERE ident. In this era, when whole
of health Insurance except to keep WORK AOINOA If A FULL June 22nd thl"l1July YOU TO OFFER THE OLIVE armies can be moved half way

the role of government to a minimum. That ONI, THfRC WOULD If LIT 22nd BRANCH ONE MINUTE AND EFFECTIVE. WORK HARDER around the world in a matter of
FOR THE OBJECTIVES THAT hours and when civilization
is a proper concern. But it is not a sufficient Til TO (I GAINCDiYTHAOWINGIJP I TO BLOW YOUR TOP SOON a.1we
The trouble with the AMA is that It PAIR CCAUSC OF YOUR INABILITY BE A GAD IDEA TO SEEK matter of minutes we cannot
seems to take every opportunity to con- TO CARRY IT OUT THE COUNSELS OF A THIRD afford to be without a firm
vince people that It is so Interested in ACCORDING TO SCHEDULE. PARTY. hand on the tiller of government
protecting the interests of those in the MAUI YOU HAVE THEM,BENS- e.-33-15.23-eu -. even for a moment.
medical business that it seems to have FIT. FROM YOUR CONFIOEN.TIAL THE LAW COURTS. LISTEN LIBRABorn CANNOT GET AT YOU. YOU Except for changes in language RlRCJI RATTI
little room for concern with the customers CONNECTIONS WITHOUT Sept. 23rd thru which I believe strengthened the proposal -
of that business. FURTHER ADO. THIS SEEMSTO Oct. 23rd by making Its intent crystal clear
(The Washington Post IE THE ONLY WAY FOR the proposed amendment is the same one Iwas
YOU TO OtTAIN ANY RIND privileged to Introduce and guide
OF RESULT. through the Senate to passage before theadjournment
Notional Yoathpower Week UNDER THE SPELL OF NOTICEABLE DURING THE A PL ACE,YOU CAN BE TRUSTED of the 84th Congress The amendment -
30-M.17: <69.538TAURUS has once again received approvalfrom
National Youthpower Week which is to be THI GLORIOUS DAYS i I" THIS INDICATES THAT YOU 3.5D.99.I5.25.359CAPRICOR1 the House the Senate.of Representatives.It is now pending. before

observed from March 21 through 27, has a Born April 20th thru THE OFFING. THIS .IS IN. MAY HAVE TO RIDOUILl DISABILITY ALTO

notable objectlve--to do something con- May 20th SPIRING IN MANY' RESPECTS. YOUR EFFORTS TO AT LEAST It provides
structive about the poor nutritional habits WHEN THE TIME' COMES FOR KEEP THEM UNDER CONTROL Born Dec. 22nd thru
ALL THE PROBLEMS SWELL That whenever a vacancy exist In the office
followed by millions of the nation'steenagers. YOU TO REVEAL YOUR INTINTIONS UNTIL YOU REACH A MORE Jan. 19th
AS BENEFITS THAT WERE of Vice President. President shall
YOU SHOULD NOT THERE SEEM TO BE L'"UIIU nominate a Vice President
new who be
The Week is sponsored by the National rood LOSE TRACK OF PRACTICAL MANAGEMENT OF YOUR AFFAIRS. ITI FROM ,. ..
THE "'
confirmed by
QUARTER ARE SCHEDULED : a majority 'teot both Houses
Conference Association supported by 66 COlt It DIUTI 0111. DO NOT REJECT AN VATIONS THAT KEEP YOUR
major food industry firms.And there can
no doubt of the need for an effort of this
FOR THE ROT OF THE MONTH WHEN A HEALTHY YOUR EMOTIONS UNSTABLE. unable to carry out the powers and dutiesof
nature. There are some 23 million teenagers
,. Born July 23rd thru THIS COULD IE THE TIME
in this country and study after study
Aug. 22nd WHEN YOU NEED FRIENDS assume those and duties
has shown that an alarmingly high -
of them fall to eat adequately. As an

example a Missouri survey of 36. 000 high FORTUNATE INDtD.IN,. CERTAIN CONTROL IS TO MAKE CERTAIN TO CHARITABLE AND ARE MOST PROMI ING.. not .. make his inability known, the Vice
school students found that only
INSTANCES, A MAR.RIAOE OTHER WORTHY CAUSES. President with the support of a majority
cent of the girls questioned and 4.5
ON THE RESOUND MAY 4-70-W.15-84-479 of the Cabinet, can declare the President
cent of the boys indicated that they had
the recommended servings from the four basic
THI POSSIBILITY THAT IT PRESENTED. That whenever the president declares that
food groups on that day, and Just 15.8 per MINED QUARTER SHOW THAT Oct. 24th thru GOOD DIVIDENDS.
SILL TURN OUT TO RE A DO Inability exists,he resumes his powers
cent had what might be considered 'adequate" -
LOVING AND STABLE UNION. YOU 22nd and duties unless within seven days the
And the
breakfast. Department of
Agriculture says that the older child, the MARE A DISTINCTION BE* THERE is umi.ip ANY. Vice President aad the majority of the
the diet Is apt to be--from childhood
A. SOCIAL the Vice President would continue
WISHFUL to act
to teen-age percentage people
as president until the Congress decided the
with poor diets Increases sharply. YOU TO ADOPT. BESIDES So 20-33-.....SU
issue. A vote of two-talrds of
There Is irony in this. In much of the
YOU HAVE MUCH MORE NEED of Congress would be
0.20SS1).13.925GEMINI required to declarethe
world inferior diet Is unavoidable becauseof PEOPLE OR UNFORESEENCIRCUMSTANCES
OF VOUR TIME AND BASIC Born Jan. 20th thru President disabled.
and low Income
inadequate production
levels. The peoples of those unfotrunate Born Clay 2Ht thru OF VOUR LIFE OR TO BUFFET YOU AROUND.THE THE SAME CONTRADICTORY. letter To The EditorDear
would stare In disbelief at our
nations June 21st FM.FUV A GRAND AMBITION.THE .
stores with their endless supplies of top- THERE SMOULOHNG DOUBT INFLATIONARY" TRENDS Sir
the breads and
A "
cereals, the fruits and vegetables, the WAY YOUR POLICIES ARE MOil 0'1 LESS WORRIED WITH ANTAGONISTS. A.AITt PRECEDING QUARTER. REMAIN In regards to alng of the new library: oa

dairy products. Their cost is within the TAKING YOU. THEY All MAY BEST BE COMBATED BY TIME SHIN THINGS WILL FINNY. IN THE SAODLE Myrtle Avenue, we have only one choice

reach of American fa.lll..t dietary BEING DIRECTED IV SL-DOS OWNING YOUR OWN NOME. FOR THE DURATION OP The greatest youngest living erica of
deficiency is rampant here. AND UNPREDICTABLE' EVENTS 28077.15-N.Z$7VIRGO ''THII1... SOMETIMES YOU our modem times; Dr. Hart la Lather King.
The leek is the culmination of a Major
program started sometime ago. It should TO TANS IMI LINE OVI.IA1T Born Aug. 23rd thru AAIN.YDUMOULD RECEIVE YOvW SIDE AND AT OTHERS It would be Igaiflcaat for cue of the most

be continued in every home in the land RESISTANCE UNLESS YOU Sept. 22nd THE MESSAGE THAT YOU AGAINST ..". IT SILL J progressive.eitles of florid, to have the

and, most particularly in those of the ARE ONE .F THE VERY PEW SINCE THE SITUATIONTHAT INTUITION IS PASSING THE ALL vow SELP-C NTWOL Donor of bestowing such timer reeognitias
'Is a true Aeerlesa.AaArdent
teen- .

71OM&Olnw-''-'' ? 4
re.wMlTff f,.../.., ',/ *. YOU VOCATIONAL OUTPUT LlaELV' TO CHANGE ONE WAY LOSING TOW IIII.I tester of Ue star

whk fttttrltr't tkitt CONTINUES TO STAND Out OR ANOiNtS, YOU WOULD DOA -5314U-n-IN James t1lson. D.Do LPAGE


.. .. .. .- .. .. .. .. .. .. "'- .., --- ..-M .. .'"... .. M ,. .. .. .. .. .. .' .. -... ..- .. .. .. -.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .- .. .. .. .. .. ..-

t ., '

I l


Teacher Select' Community e ored Cc.upleObserve' ::63rd Wedding Anniversary And An 8ls| Birthday SchoolSympositimAenounced "

Miami Delegates s t HereA

Delegates war electedto SjapoaluB which will

represent the Duval coUld of tihiblfa.dlairua .

County claaarooB Ttacb.rsOrianliatioa poattra; :and

at the con dlacuaalon depicting and

tntloa of the Florid llluatratlai 'tht varlotiaaraaa

State Teachers Aaaocla- L_ of Social Sciences.,,
tloa, scheduled March J- d""
__ t sill b* thaxulalnatlni
18-20 la Mi Ml. asF event of the Social

The Bay front park Audi __ I IF Ir Studies instructors of

torlua baa been selected Dutal county April 3 at

aa headquarters for tilt tilt Nit- School 163. bt-

15th anniversary of to* ginning at 10 a. ..

aaaociatloa.Th Students fro. tilt secondary -

delegate are falter schools under

H. Milt, president and guidance of the Inatructora. -

Capers Bradhaa. Alternate Ill participate

la Mra. I. C. Soloaoa. The Juniors will taact

convention treasurer Reports will lit of Bad taw '. ; _.- ,. lifl 5" : an. ilhat oration PrttdoB entitled.Maaa ToMe

In the nest regular "
.4 N Junior alll debate -
March 27 teachers eet. r '...oh.d that

loi.1t. Eighteen. Should bt tht

group alto voted to .... e r .. ,AV. year to Vote and tb.1O..lon *
set up a scholarship l ..-. ,1.IIB ,T--.-'" '" ... .t. lv; ''-' '9 ... I :'f.\f" ..._, ::1 will discuss
award ID honor of tbt :.-:..____- __ __ __ ..c_ .J.it.BIJI; "Th* Attitude of Youth

late Mra. Mary White MV4T HAPPT RXTUWS of tae day were twdered Taursday. March fro .relatives I 'chlldran.Cltht of their childran reside la pies' York.Ot of the granddaughters Toward the Social Rvolution. *-

Bloc hr. pissed to attdy and friends fro bert lAd around the nation to Mr. and Mra. GlOrl'.IeU era. Mra.Laurtta wallac fit down fro pies' tort with her tso-ear-old twin dautfi* "

the Batter and asks art (extrea right) who quietly and lafonally celebrated their 63rd ttddlbt analvtraary tens who aaw thtlr great grandparents for the first tla*. Shown la photo left An Imitation baa been

port sere C. Bradaai and Mra. Kelly gilt birthday at their MM "Moncrltf Road' residence ar*: Mra. Pearl Mackyyounat; daughter, holding one of the twlaa Michele itndd to parents.

Mrs Du L.: Glllla and 1th immediate.rbers of faaily. Three yeara ago, all elevw ofthtireb.il Wallace; Mr. and Mra. Rally and Mra. Lauratta Wallace holding the other Leis patrona and friends to

Mra. V.O. lairaa. dm sere here tor the Kelly'a 60th ddlng anniversary at which ti.*'the hon Monica. Standing art Albtrt M. nackay Sr. cmtar) flanked by sons Doyle and atttnd all actiltia.GORDO6 .

Two plaques were also oma received a congratulatory. telegra fro* the late President.John P. lAd Albert Jr. The Rally are ahown at right an 1 dat flower and numerous carda en-

awarded to first place Mrs Jacqueline Renaedy.The lelJ,' I have :23 traadchildrm and 16 greet ,ruel.etJCIolf2 phaaiEln though tful eipreaatona (Photos by "Rwal Art Studio)

Inntra In the Junior .
bleb and leatary dirlalooa Choral I Parents Clubs Jointly Celebrate Annual Social Event
of the puval
lrt) :1.nMD'UJKlJ :
county Science ralr.I euiti Will Present

Blocker Faculty {? Annual Concert fj'jjlfl11'U.: ; :J

Readies Annual With tonsr ouIN1ARD Th* Oarnll Cookaan \ ,*_
junior Hih school Choral

parents .111 prnt the 1
Talent Show B.P. Mctauria. iattraatloaal Officer of the Brothtrbood -
chorus la ita, snivel r Mr ,
of Sleeping Car Porters and Dining car '
Isaiah Blocker 11....- concert April 2 at B r w P'OTIOII' i i0 .
'Walters proved to be. 1 ..
capable autatltvtt for A. "': ... ..;::
tary School sill bt the p.a. la the Little .
Phillip Randolph at last "Mondaya NAACP Btttlni.bald .
scene of the faculty Theater of the ClvleAitditorliw. X
la Day spring Baptist Church,
talent shoe entitled, .
1. addition to Mr. Mctaurla.: distinguished vial
"Ebootlai at tat Start" This ,tlr'l p.rfonUlct.Ul
ton Included Mr. Abtrcroablt.of 1IItlOII'1
Monday eight 1* the colllht ofcl..l1u.
dm lea) Sorters Union aad word
school auditorialParttclpaata se.l-clusies. iplrlt
Daltaatr National Secretory of th
till Ineludt ualt. folklore and ahoy
Lift MMbtrabip Ooialtttt of th*

Taylor. Mra.Mr*. Carolyn A. Co Jones D. JCUO The Jacksonville. Branch of I) tuna! ort.1..tj.lIliWt..UIIat.pllu. .

Mra. D. Rlcbardaoa. Mra. roster a
NAACP la poring forward with tllU-
N. Hester. Mra. C. Oui- draaatle episode la tilt ,
tor its no ptr platt dinner
latt. Mra. B. AlulDd.r.lira. life Of th* Aatrlcaacoapottr.
25. 194) la the Skyrooa of the
lll highlight f
'.1. Jones portraying
flower Mottl. Roy tl1l11.., NUCT WILKINS r THE STONOR ARMS
faaoua entertainment the co c.rt
prtaldwt, will ba Ut principal ", uhr. All oi since 1710 Iht builJ. o l person alltita.Oueeta ira .R f Atkeg,, dlrctof > The Stonor Arma In Oilordihlr -
lanh.thu hIII. city art being called upon to choral abrt I SOCIAL .
sIl1 include Mra. *,hai beO" r itJ "H ,
support this art Or act West and centra ahttltr Taylor and > .babyapnle'bea'..,,,,MK "I
Niles To.., of Edtard art chairam of tat ooaMltttt planning tat dinner. lira hue U'I1t!' RI AUM Of fictive* *njor, it, the annual r..t\tIrlal Wl atwn.or*.I Jointly and finally a charming wayiki.

Waters College; Mtaa the choral pencils are by the Real Hats boles Club Inc., and the 9 a' a Ifrluatrlal Club pr"tocttII. l Inn. Today, GOIdo,,'. Qin (also
Dorothy Joata. WiseGsadolys orkiai dlllitatly to lating'' back to 11th' CanluryInalantf
The lest Illbt.tllth Strttt boat of Vivian alba sake the coacrrt a auc t ar, looked. .ariJ-to event la rural county Ashy re.'I1'IUI: ] a large ) la Unln* favour

flbclto. stan prodded tht.atttlBt for the past recast tlng .. turnout altwdane, of a""bar and ". ,.tl e.Jurlethe ntnlni to h. ,twJl..t.anch. $ lie h.... 01..." a pail of a ON'don's
Voatlaai e.*
tot School
of tat Cbaraiai DMlatttta Bride Club.aelda to the atralne af the Awoa Young Rand plus an air of murad.rlt p.r> 0'1"11' Dloitom,
aDd t.t Gretd and
Gerti nit. Shirley *id.r*>B, aad "..,....b Bui- Vocational Plans add the social Interlude. Out of toss guests hailed true Dato".clI.. Ntayraa "
Dane School.
lard acre high" acortra for tilt ttanlac. Reach. Haatlnca and aaycroaa. Oa. (photos by r.*ra.n'a Studio)
Tat faahloa shoe till
Oe rittt trtfht. Atrlty Mccoy, Mlrl y carloa. Annual Ceremony
bt aa added h.tln.lIodell .
Barbara Moor. Cora Johaaoa and Mala Colllaa siree.o.i
AU nl ..bra and the
till lie lid. Mra.C "
Gateway Auxiliary
other abra pr** tt.Hl .
B. Wells, Mra I.r.LOIn mitral public are bel.g
Mra. Lllliaa lavltHto .U III d Stanton Meets Sit. Mar. 13 '
< at Z-.ltJI
scorers ftrldi Cleb's.atlag laatMtarday o
It tl.llra. Meta Toaty.Mra. \Vbcatloaal Hi* Srhool'sClass delivery O"do"1O.go
K.B. MCKlaaiek and tvwlac sere r..ardH ttb bttlMltlf\aI andtaqulalttly of IMS ring cereson BlotaomI

Mra. Co D. Taylor aadt dfta dlfadby the hostess hleh take place ht... part Ol* Claudia Borne I pal *'''0' |Julie'
Tickets aay pt severed luede,. March 1St 4 Bhab sin ta a shat.c half ""/..,
rl'lIcdal..LoI.n,,. and Umla 0. 0>nrltfitrt
fro tk. faculty B abra ,.L IB tilt school au- VIA fl. Rooaaralt DM*, |*70Olrl I. )rd "t" .0'"oaek4 I lee and alrani "Isle
gust ,1 ".r. aad ..<* received a lift fro
a aockUil l giaiaTIO
dl attaad I
tort* |&M Bindle! lit. .
Mra. vale.glnsbeu The poamra, Ire B. r.. Egg aek .
WEDDING BELLS Joe... ..,1.. worse sad Cathtr aa__.
Ones, Mrs) V. I. Pacts, la Jo* AI OOM Ore...
qualified for club prl.... Mra. D. L B.*i.*tt. ..u. C..I If. uiiibt Drl*.. IIU m ILL
Krattt let...., 421 Mul LIIUtll al. Mary L. Maher Ruth parrot Sanford and the afelBlttratlv its

Carouse St.. 31 sad Ha- r.UlAbotb ,arrl.. Corla t"'ia*
Ian .1, NcClandDB. 4tt t. ... sari asset sabers aartlclpatlai la tt* ...<. all ovttoaa* the event April | Oranlhal41. II *IM. rest rtKtor Pra..rlbaa,

lat It.. 34. la*. oat orabla. ro.,. oat ftparUncwl, l n.lI.ehtt
ply.. R. Pdard, not Leroy B. ja<*B is (I. the .I' I"M.UIa"S. Kuaat Pitch- oo4cCt1rofalll: to i Noacrlef R4.. 20 **d Mat jacnarattll A)..al Oiaptr of la"p* Alpha Pal day ....loti. principal. *.. i. lib ",. rlr....,., '. use) Only The A.atC

r. 'llllt. lest Mitchell Prattralty at durlai the seeS aad darted tflfiat be dla.. t ".An .IIt' Arl..ePruprietnr .

"t.. it.B. *. for tb* Southern prorlatlal CMCat to beheld Mra. Prw Mt peek

> James Narrell, 1710 IB llnale.,._. Alab..a April 11.13. Omri M.. New Stanton 'aa ... *t. Olrl. ,

215550.. 71 had MM Ita"*.. 'HI. 0>aHr polarc. and Brard dry sits .. Hill lla(> 'I ,11i, ,,1"'tI" "I.w.-c,,," 'M i+ bs '''' .

Jane Car-tier 1222 '!.' ant **r* the sabers to huaor4.Mail* 'a llami t Bob.rt Glee Club Sels thank f> ? m rl. 4COVPLt T I. II' *> rLilly's

sore St. 20. U MltcBtll. and Jena T. Plaid sill .."* a* .*..*. "011..r Wlrfit- t' ...tI ','-IILt..r A.olrra'tlee'.drl.s

Elbe (Vir,,1M whale .1 I.nat. 4.l*.at.s.V. Recital Here P.O. Roe 41- Prr lpTlI1' C4ILeo' y41 "D IaIt,arp -
., 7haab*.. ataa U* date tor the AnMiaJ Wart k..b.'
It. ,20M' the ,.*era*. Oa., by.
Md nit Ball achwkilH to b* hU IB th* ttivalCbMty The N** Sissies Glee des
121 Orwt 1U. II.llllt Guns man
Arory.herlette Clah baa bees selected elves Drug Store
lube 0.ft. S to b* featured IB ar arid I a. tth U.
slat .... 0 rI cia. 21
and Wide J. drry. ornon. Beth aad tat try a fetta.* *.r* au.*t ..-ltal Marc ft at T M .lrfta, y.r. Isuriee ill- 1117) lilt Mil (n JHJI
players _*_ Vral M lend ... 20.
trUe' flab lest Prldv ..*.ia.. Mra. a..UQ *.. ONirch, a4 .poesored, attb
Victor IU. .
U* rKIIt *f the ....* prize |oa **.. or All..

Tyler /t.14 and Barter .Nigh sorters MOM etch .....,. **r. t....* .*.. T%* group la ....r Ik. .
... Ever INI'II"' Myert.
att. Mrs Sheen sad A...* B. >taat... wade dir* tla at.ra AlfkaNayva
$ Is.Manes.
Rlrtland.24M aala ** the Aot BrtMiMaUa tt>*r* eta stated

Ja ...J AMlo Mlt<<*ll. *'1lial....k Jesse. that ta. ,r*.* ells sue
... Bad atti*
J. L4..%
Leis Avery, aad IMI' Murray sere *....| the e.a' tlaaal and *trtaal
pad *JD_, JOB '. I4UU r ri
ben prn..t. a l* tUaa frtb aortxr

Its la Roberts ,ru.
|d.at baa *itta4.4 aaiatitatioa
CimttitiNCOMSUIT Illl TIE[ IIICI tota.rr

I ,c. to attad
M. WITH FREE Iutarii36Tie IF mm

*U1 B. TeN I* 'Ufa ..,*> Mat Iii ,......* fatal HOUEY'S IAIIECUEI

I* tutee It a4 east tar b .... Wttlrt.ct

It. If fM hafts IU* IIIKCKIciieifi

rj in' t+AeiOrpl TaI3+7 Nsatsnsuea

Rm0 eli rrX 'I .I EWKTRt

>g MAH. $.A* .'Dot'e elf....... r.I .

t l.t>us tlxaiEW Iahyr13 P..V1. DINASR.In IUI

... ,LANs I A11 P 'I'I' 7W' "I.I.cttn.

warA.. IeTthTlst. !' .... SIKH fill <;

ICUnca IIrJ u S il A4ft g IIOIII paws UJDBeef

LL-.m LItO' ML LAzV) tJDII IM 111 IllS
tags ..e hID

I trust *..*...*.* t-*.l> *..al..r.. ....H.t CUlI.l.uunu -.JIii

'10..' the ... *f a cite. s*den *.t.*4a .f "la-*

...1. a4 |r......... rVB fla>t>THM tf afTOinMBTTONUX2 it, i iJIU "rI at its BestI

yW a..**.ha rattle U *. i.a,llie. "XIt

BOCW l' .... !. 4.. M ..... -.. r I H. ,-..., St. Imrlif' U.

DR. REX SMITH I 2- 1,11" ,, + ,
pas. list itali sent gp.talnltale. r

e...1' ...... .. ... ti..e.rru.tla 1 till IDs hil Uu



.- .- _.- I .. -- "-'--"' ''''-'--'''-'--_.'''--'-- ..--.._-,--_.. ..--- .-.......--_._.-.. ..._....... w____." -

(t i } L I


II .,. :: Baptist Convention Officials Select Chairmen For Convention. Here I I

? Young People's Union Schedules St. Benedicts Group Annual Sales Project Underway Home Demonstration UUDS Hold

:; Convention At First Born Temple Meets Mar. 14 '..' .- : .,. ...,.. '" Annual Election InstallationThe I

I St. Benedicts Council of Home Demonstration dubs
: '-therecently organized Young People's Union hich LadiesAuxiliary county
; held,1U Initial meeting January will convene 120 Knights met In the Home Demonstration Office for the election
"la First of St. John will holds of officers for the year of 1963-48.
i j Born Temple 2. Union and Rushing fits. its < .........................
6Unday at ) p.a. Elder Flex Howard le boat psstor. regular monthly r r The fleers are Mrs.

The meeting will be ....................... eating Sunday at 4 P...' < Cornelia Prime. Plckett. J. canty, assistant Home
hosted by the Golden Gospel SingersHarellGospel In Huff's Funeral Home president; Mrs. Luella Demonatratlon Agent.
\ .. :
Gospel Singer and the Singers Jackson Chapel. L % r- Cummings, ploradale.lst JacksonvilleTo
public ia cordially in* Gospel Singers reSingersMcGowan Officers and .esbers vice president; Mrs.

vited to hear the group Singers are urged to attend Mildred Murrell Pine Host Confab
sing their favorite numbers. Thelmarettes, Thomas Matters of Importance h w Forest 2nd vice president
Ringers and the Traveling will be discussed. ; Mrs. Drills An- The National Baptist
Convention of
Participating groups stars. Members are reminded demon businesswomen America
follow: Mrs Alneda Lundy will that Mrs Blanche Scheok secretary; Mrs. Evelyn Inc. will convene In

Buchanan Singers, Excelsior be Distress of cere reaaiu on Jilt sick list is lIann1o,.. Pine Forest this city Sept. 712.

Singers Harris monl es. Pallbearers assistant secretary: Mrs. Jacksonville area National
211 Committee
Of fleers of the organlzatlon Eva Mae Lewis, South womenare
: Executive committee,
are: To Present TeaA Jacksonville:: tressu rer;
Central Baptist Mrs. Carrie B. Sloan,
Mra. Vhhn Reid Cherry, Mrs. Myrtle H. Jones,
Church Services presldEllt;Mra. Inez Har St. Patrick Day Tea Long Branch parliamentarian chairman; Mrs. Sarah L.
Rice, cochairman
ris vice president; Mra. will be held Sunday from ; Mrs Catherine ; Mrs

Sunday's Services will Cynthia Jackson, secretary 4 to 0 p. .. in Brooks /f. rTIM' C. 111U.... Businesswomen Mary MOSS, Mrs. Mary A.
begin with the Sunday ; Mrs. Camilla jack- Prayer House under the Mrs. wynn and Mrs Claudine
WITH ACTXV1TT throughout every cooemnltj.the nation's top sales ladiesthe reporter;
School at 9:15: a. .. Rev financial I. Williams, secretary;
son, secretary auspices of pallbearersLodge
-- Girl Scouts of Aierlca-have launched their annual cookie sales and, asa Mary U Washington. Long
George C. Monroe will Edwards Information Mrs Carrie
Mrn. Thelna -
; 211 with an entertaining chairman.
result of an early response expect to break put sales records Standing Branch '-H
deliver the Doming treasurer; Mrs progrrpro.iseda from left are. Dawn Smith and Carolyn Jonea. Seated from left are Gloria Ill- Scholarship awards of F.Alston. chairman: Mrs..

easage during the 11:00: Frankie Mae Harris reporter Friends and the general son, Jacqueline( Glover and Winifred Hall. They represent Troop 313 318, and $SO each were presentedto Debris bison cochairman
O'clock hour. ; Mrs. Minnie public are Invited. 228 of lit. Ararat Baptist church. the following 4-H ; Mrs. Margaret

ETC hour will be heldat Thomas, supervisor; and Chairing the prograaare (Ed.: Note: Stand by, they'll be knockio' on every door.) Club girls for outstanding Wright; promotion and
8:49 P.I.Evening Mrs. Alberta Latlnore, I.M. McKeever! and J. (Photo by unoD' studio ) work: Ann Elizabeth publication, Mrs. D. B.
worship will Barnes, chairmen; Mrs
pianist Tunaell co-chalrian. V Anderson Joyce Bennett
begin at 7:00: p.m. At I.\ Edwards Is the sponsoring Ola M. Murray cochairman
this tins the pastor, Choirs Union PlansTo organization'spresident Mt. Salem Baptist Baldwin enrolled at ; Mrs Wllbelmenla
Edward Waters collect;
Rev. R. Laander Jones Meet Sunday Church NewsA & Sandra Hill, South Jacksonville taster Mrs.' Rosa Lee
will the f1ltburtb vl vllit.
speak on subject Schedules RecitalThe : enrolled at Johnson; registration
"We Can Do It. Musicians Directors, : University. Mrs. Msttle' Ollllam,
Syiphonlc Band of 3 P... program will Florida AM
Weekly actlvitlea are: President Ruby Allen, Remarks were made by cbalraaa; II fl. Janle
terminate the
Sunday 4 t*> 8 p. .. presidents, secretaries, New stanton Senior High annual -- OLIVE BAPTIST-- the outgoing president Jackson co-chairman
School will be presentedinitsannual "Pig Rally" of Mt.
District 4 AnniversaryTea. and the Finance Coa Salem Baptist Annual Men's Day will be observed Sunday In New Mrs. M.H. Jones, encouraging II n. Llllls Webbert.Mra. .
spring con- ,
.Itteeof the Friendly Mt. Olive Baptist Church with Rev C.U Tel fair, members to attend Llllls McQueen,
cert by the Band parents at 1248
Monday,6 p. .. Missionary Westside Choirs Union pastor la charge. Mra. Allene Bradley
Club April beginning 22nd St. Rev. W. the annual OfficersTraining '
23 Q. Rogers
meeting Tuesday, 6p.m. will hold a call sea Speakers will be Rev. E.L. tarry 8. Scott and Meeting Saturday and Mra. II. .. Harris.Courtesy .
religious class, alon Saturday at 4:45'p. : at 815: P. .. In the pastor. M. McSwaln. Mrs. Ella..
to be conducted by Bro .. Civic Auditorium. Funds from the rally, In the might of chairman; Mra.
In the lower auditorium Deacon M.E.Patterson will serve aa guest superintendent Norton
Pythlana Building.
Charles Scriven,dl rector of Mt. Sinai According to Prof K.D. sponsored by the Home Marie. Griffin cochairman -
The lesson will be reviewed by Deacon J.
Present in the meetingwere
band director,
McFarlln, Mission
of Christian Education. Baptist Church, 1551 Lee Mrs OliviaKing .. Anderson and the Eastslde Male Chorus, DaySpring transportation.Mrs. .
: Mrs. Rosey Lou
this year's performancewill will
Wednesday, 8 p.m. Senior St. president S.L. Badger chairman
Male Chorus and Mt. Vernon Male Chorus will .
Meal Mra. Maude 1 Hut-
be of the best be added
one to the church'sbuilding
Choir 2 rehearsal Preparations will be render the music.Quest Mrs. D.J. Jones,
Thursday, 8 .. Senior the annual ever presented by the fund. son. Llacolavtlla; Mrs Mrs. Mary
p. aide for soloist for the morning service will be W. co-chairman;
M.H.jonea, Mra. LillaBnmlOCl.
of high school Regular
group worship
Choir 1 Rehearsal musicale students. are as follows: D.. Cannon; afternoon soloist. Fred Wsahlngton and D' BranchMra.; McO)y. Mrs E.J. Norman

Sunday School30: ....; evening service soloist Aaron C Jackson. M. IIIIrre)). era E> Man Mra. Julia Mae Robinson.
morning ae price, 11 ..*. The Sunday School teachers will be Deacons J.H. nin,.. Pine ft rest; Mrs. Mrs. H.L. Baker Mra.
and evening worahip,8:00: Hood. J.H. wllllama.J.L. Flenold and If. prime taste Harris, South Amanda Lark Mrs. Cornelia -

P... Devotions will be conducted by Deacons A. Alston Jacksonville:: ; Mrs. Bar. buss; special

The public Is extended g. Garner and w. P'rancll..IIT. bara Tolllver St. Nicholas tours. Mrs. Ethel Carter -
cbalrmaa Mrs.
HIdIAServices "
a cordial Invitation to ; Mrs. Cornelia
attend all services Sunday begin with the Sunday School at Prime Mra. Evelyn Mar Georgia Dixon cochairman -

9:43: ...., with Mrs. Mary Spence in charge, In Mt.Herman tin.Plckett:: ; Mra. orllla ; Mra. Annie Pearl
Annual RevivalRevival baptist church. Morning service at 11:30: Anderson and Mrs. C.C. Walker Mrs. Sadie $.4d.ud .

iBcI I Ir' meeting will o'clock with Deacons J.Mobley. R. Rable, w. Spence Williams, Businesswomen. Mra. Justine Henderson. -

begin March 15 and continue In charge Benson by Rev John Henry Perry. Choir The club wort Is under .

through March 28 3-elll.. serve tbtouhouthe day At 3 1'.... the direction of Mrs. resale Also fcoaalag. In. M.
1 Set a pretty table lotbeHolyTemplo Church Linoolnvllla Social and Saving Club will observe A. Wins chalrae Mrs.ILL. .

faire a pretty penny of Ood la Christ, 1880 its 5th anniversary at the church. MissionariesFete Jones, co-ebalrmaa;
hi W. 5th St. Elder C. D. WHOM BAPTIST" Mrs. Hattie H"
I (7 i 45 PIECE glassy, putor.Ild.r Service Sunday In Freedom Baptist Church begin SundaySlater Viola Tate, Mra. R.H.

( J.C. Williams, with the Sunday School at 10 ace Deacon John H. Rosetta Cohen Luke, Mrs, A. B. Reed.

s DINNERWARE district superintendent Rogers in, charge., Morning service st 11 o' clock. will be the mornlag Mrs. P. Hudson. Mra. R.

'SET and pastor of the Church Presetting by: Rev, j.L. Montgomery, paator. At 7 worship speaker" then the B. McCray hacked

of Ood in Christ, south- P... the church will commune with Mt. Pleaaaat Missionaries of First dieters Mrs. O.II. Caesar -

47 side, will conduct the Baptist Church Rev. A.B. Reed pastor. lora Temple observe cbalrmaa; Mrs. T. I.
eceall.co-ckalrsr.; Mrs.
meeting. I "NEW REDEEM-* Miaaloaarlee Day Bandy
The deacon and trustee board will observe its at the church located at A. B. Hayes Mra. C.

Aniiirsirj Tn anniversary Monday at 8 ,.... la New Redeem Bap 823 w. Monroe Street. Prime Mrs. '.r. Jaaes.Mrs. .

District 4 of Central tilt Church Services Sunday begin with the Sunday At 3 P.M. all Mlealoa- I. Joeea. Mra. M-

"""k s Colorful flowen bloom on a Baptist Church will bare School at 9:30 .... Deacon J.H. Washlngtoa arias will be urged to Wright, Mrs. s. Ealti.Mrs. .
s white round .rimmed with Its Anniversary Tea Sunday presiding. Rev. Ie I. Norman pastor will review take part la a epeclalprogram. J. Moatgoeery, Mra

'(okf. Budget priced service fro. 4 to 8 p... lathe the leeeon. Morning service at 11:30 o'clock. The pabllc la C. Mack Mrs. 0. Dlsoa.Mra. .
Include S each dinner plates, hose of Mrs Ida Choir 1, 2, and Usher Board 1 and 2 will aerve. Invited to both .."ic... M. Griffin. Mrs. I.

clad laucen.plaiei You,cereal aba bowls get a,cup chop, Hendereoa. District 3 will meet at 4 P... BTU at 3 p... E. Elder A. Mill la the 01111 a*.. aad Mrs V.Wllaoa. .

plate 2-pc.sugar bowl,creamer The pabllc la Invitedto waning service at 8 p... Taw Holy Communion will ,..t4r. .

and vegetable dith. attend. be administered. ._. ___________
lfrafa '.r A"std Grant Memorial Program
11..'" .* Kltfhtm

ANCHOR. HOCKING Annual Women's Day 1121 W, BEAYERA

__ CASSEROLES Mrs. Cute C. Rye" of Charlotte N.C., and pree

-u Ideat of the National Primitive Baptist 10...'. 3101 EMERSON
(j' .' Oven o table eookwaracook Congress, will be the speaker for the anneal *>-
". foods gently a4 ...'. Day obeervance Sunday la Mt.Olive Primitive 130 CASSAT AYEs
evenly to bring out their
aatul..WlaI.-,..77 Baptist Church at 11 .... Music will be rendered
I q. Ul clearer pee ;\\i' 1 / .A goad buy The celebration till at 9 P.m. Is plaaaed w

: .. e Ova) arrttal tastetijtt palL begla with the Bus day for "loath la Action
; erse gntls t.venGfrht. School at 9:30: .... for Christian Service." NO

The BTV Hour, scheduled Musical aad recitative .IAUI
"....., r.,.... rendltioaa ell) be presented AT TMI$
....,........ C
1955 Al.mni by the Peak department

ANCHOR-HOCKING NON-mClC outer talented
MUGS, BOWLS 10" BY IAN Meets Sunday. youag people will also B EEF39

(i 1 Compl et ion o f oa fl at Fred appear. 1/2 ];

227 "business of projects and discussion for the Chorus At T p., of.will..gt U.e.be Paul Ada reseat Brecfc AMECburte

PrKtictl and haody Q.aea a simple
Sprlag scions and .
way te brlfhtea ,.., r visa., Yea.eeo tk. report la a .lcal.OU.1f talent
your kltcbea.Choice true. Mturel u orel a from committee will appear. FLA. GRADE 'A LARGE (LIMIT <
of g os.sup or J" food the will feetare Sulde,'*
bowls la yellow, tur hMhhful beaeflbi eCfaUree Mrs. Beatrice Dela.general .
of Ne Etaatoa'a
anise or eoril. l .,. -- oookin*. meeting caalrmaa. aaaaanoaaeed 2HJ5C
..... elaaaea of 1939 Sunday tie tasme I.. EGGS
r. at d p.*. la Crown Bow- "eo.ea! Tie Source of

lIe on lour Hag Laaea Clabrec. All Great ......h..."

fat "I1lng.. .,, et"t+c'ChoiceLATEX A fell atteadaaee le

;<< HANDY reflected expected end to "aembere"'c. alaaal are- FLA. GRADE A

KITCHENSam mot preeently oa.tae ORDER FUEL LE.27c
I WALL membership I1)JII0 jots FRYERS

la tie group's actlvl- '
i PAINT j AIDS... tie.

v4 d4 1 liril Curt Swiii
loyal Coert 211 of the ASMIOR 29

b tan Lily Wilt ....fU As-
s enootk 3.e 0DbN Dc: saSneh
.. soetstlea meets Hoaday
ihM ddea la u 6 Ilwk tans FUEL
} Plaids at I t. sS. la st Pail
'1.g easy Wki + d A J .Practical. kelp.sad AMt Caereh, ||ta sad PiA. THRIFTY BRAND STIWIHaHENS

I WIt cok1n.far !As M.tlbt llealer tuck TW-I Weshrertti i IsmU l ..w uee let thaw KyrtU Atease.pnelaeat 1/ .I.U. Price [ill] ) LL 101ATCH

W fall
la expeetlac -
t amberM .......
_i vows atONtn woe," INN ATUUOUMOIU WSOLWRTH'. etteadamee alaceaaay klt e4Wg
attest sitters will &I SmItS & FId ta.
be tl acute* sad acted
.,.. t 1ATCH TKK KE1 CflOTI: fflOf ON fJJT IT OLCtUL 4n

.... "' ''',.........-. ---'''' .. .. .. .. ...k .. -

'--- --
-j .
'- -
-- -- -- 'O'

I l

Annual Religious Emphasis WeekIn Regional Citation For Young Artist Recruits Yols Refreshing Pause For OUiciils
f '--' f_ -r"r. -::-
I '7 :' .: ""4 From Wheelchair
Progress At Florida Memorial r \
i ir
ThOBas Mickey)
ST. AUOISTINK( : ; "'nIe Function of Christianity ina i
Countee. Jr. 25year'old
Materialistic Society" is the announced then
for Florida Memorial College's)) delirious Fhphasis
is a recruiter: for the
Week being held on the St. Augustine campus trom
peace Corps at Harvard
March 712. The annual event is designed to accent
University, a job to
oral and spiritual values and to help students
which: he was assigned r't
develop a philosophy of Christian living within last Booth following
an atmtffvhere conducive to better student-teaotier
relationships. .M.............a... three years of duty at
Peace corps) headquarter
Delivering 'Xtck-ofr' president of Florida [ aL w r 9 But Countee IB doing

address on sundajr. March Memorial college; Rev 1 hia recruiting from a
7 at a:00 p. '. was Dr. L. T. fhltelocke, chairman R sitting po.ltlon.'lo a
Jotn Maculre. executivesecretarytreasurer of the FMC Department wheelchair.:

of of Reiglous Education : Countea is a quadriplegic ,
the Florida Baptist Convention ; a.,. R. Lovett, .. and has been
and trustee special assistant to since Aug. 2. U S8. when
emeritus of the Florida president Puryear. Rev ha dived Into shallow
Manorial Board of Trust E. a. Elsore FMC Registrar water from a pier at .
.... Dr. Maguire dealt and Associate: Pro GETS MET OPOU AC Din OH-Faculty: Beejbera of the Florida MM University Depart- Highland Beach near

1th the subjectnoristtsn fessor of Mathematics sent of Music express wishes of success: to Charles woodard (second fro right) Annapolis and broke his LIGHTING DP- flobson R. Reynolds, grand exalted
Responsibility in a and English: ; Rev. C. C. la the! regional audition for the Metropolitan Opera) "oodtrd, a junior anisic neck. ruler of the Klksand Bruce Taylor vice presidentof
Materialistic 8>eht,. Rails sinister of the major fro., Quincy, won the district (Florida) audition In Sarasota several As a quadriplegic be Blue Cross of Greater Philadelphia take alight
Featured as speakersfor Zion Baptist Church: St weeks ago.Toe regional audition till be held In AtlantaC, March )S. Si- can count: upon a pair of twos pert model Mary Ann Roberta during
the eek-long event Augustine, and! Rev. C D. tending sincere lanes for success are Mrs Mary W. Roberta (left); Dr. Willis 'firsts. He Is the Tuesday night organ{Rational meeting of a Philadelphia
were the Reverend N. Dixon. Minister of the P.Foster! head of the Department of Music; noodard; and Mrs Rebecca *. Steele. first severely handicapped humidor (chapter) of the Cigar awkers of
Qulntus Reynolds, sinister St. Paul Methodist choral ,eU r.cto person to be used Aaertca. CSA Is a national orpnhl\Uon comprisedof
of the Seventeenth Church: la St. Augustine.Wives.
in this capacity by such: 'dedi CII/i" cigar spoken as coluanlst
Street Baptist Church: of Corp., and of course, Art Bucheald.: actor Rudy Vallee, singer Robert
AnnlstOD Alabaaa, sodthe Sweethearts Attend FeteHVW Youth 15 the first Negro. Merrill, fbr..er White House press secretary Pierre

j Reverend Harry Since that fateful day Aallnger, and comedian George Burns. 'The
.. Gets Retrial Tuesday
right. Instructor and I. ;; < ;; .1
1. .,.". '''' "" \ ':.'t ;-::"'" seven years ago then betook night\ ....'. affair was .tt.nd.db1'o" of Philadelphia's
.ember of the Board ot ,, ., Ga. NPl--
''''' tI the PlUlI,Couatee
... top civic,
government aports, professional
Trustees of Morris College :. .'." Preston Cobb jr. 19* bas applied hlaself
.. ) and business
suapter, South ... <, ., year-old youth convictedand : diligently to the task .
t' Carolina. sentenced to deathat of bringing himself back
Reversed fright, a Dative iiie the age of IS for the to a position of usefulness Canada Bans Top NewswomoR
of Benoettvllle, murder of his white ..- to himself and to
t. .. C. received him A.B. ployer, la scheduled to others. States Righters
degree froi Morehouse hate his case retired To Serve On
when" doctors la Georgetown OTTAWA"(N'I)-Canada,
f College, and him ID. here March: 39. hospital got to his with all its on personal
from Colgate Rochester r Cobb who spent tore following the incident. problems, la determinednot Press Workshop
; Divinity School He is t than four years behind they had to operate to to become a party to
a saber of the !NAACP bars availing execution: relieve pressure oa his or victim rf: anti-Negro.. TAUAHA&SIXoFrou pub
serves on the Executive .ss convicted for fatally spinal cord, due to a anti-Jseish preachlaga lie school teacher to
Board of the B.C. State shooting Frank Coleaan fracture: of the cervical of the National States the distinction: of being
Baptist Convention, sad Duaaa, 70, for hoi he
F spin--the area between Rights party of Birmingham. termed one of the as-
la an appointee on the a 1 A orkedHe the shoulder blade and Ala tlon'a top nanwasn. la

Bennettvllle Mayor ': won retrial on the the base of his skull Last week, the lasliratioa only a portion of the
Coialttee oa Huaaa Relations. t. contention by bis attorneys
The operation ass sue authority announced gaga concerning Mrs,
I J. ? 4 In Mllledgevllle cessful, but Countee was that the party la prohibited Alice A. Dunnlgan. who
Reverend Reynolds received Superior Court that the left ith both legs twos sending ita -III J serve SB consultant
his I. A. froi conviction and sentence paralysed and with only literature through' the here during the March
Clark College In At- _i- 4 should be overturned because partial use of his STB.. aalla. 1119 lath annual Inter
1 IOta. and the B.D froi .Negroes. were ei- At that U.., he had The\ ban sag placed upon scholastic: .Press work
Qaaaoa Theological AM) SttrofCARTS or FABV fUITV<*- lves and sweethearts of lashers of theEpsllon eluded fro Juries la just ftalehed his supho- the Alabaaa organliation shop at Florida MM. Unt
1..I..rl. also la At- Ppslloa Chapter of Phi Delta Kappa Professional Fraternity la education Jasper county ore year at Harvard, following report veralty,
laota. Further study was at Florida ACM University cleat taring tie sweethearta dlaser-danee honoring
initiated at Oiford Cnlversity then at the Duval Notch Chatting IB the University Rooi of the Dual Hotel

IB England are: Mrs. Geraldine Byrd (left, Tallahassee; Miss 0."n<*>"! schell of Jach
Also taking part la SOlId J h.lh. Sandra williM., Tallahassee; Mrs Freddie Onxfclee, Tallahassee;
Religious D-phssis leek and Mrs. Jacqueline Beck, Tallahssse J

are Cr. a. '. .paryear .

"..otolrl'.' With A Style1 King Zulu Enters Brokers form MARKS

Realm Ot Decency SUrER
IIIP OaLU.ilPU.th(!

Zals parade la the Nee! oea sur r r sEwoeo ua rcer ow o o r. .
Orleans Nardi Gras cele- I

1 format and enteredthe '
AB Icrul Opportunity :
reeJa of decency and ..
Brokers Assoclatioa"perhaps
of dignity the first one lathe FRESH CENTER CUT
Mitchell BieeMee. private -
couatry-haa b.eaferaed
poUe..... ting of
fey a grow
the Zulu parade III}. 'Negro sad ehlte real
paraded la dignity andprogreea. estate brokers located PORKROAST PORKCHOPS
sad did Bach
One Stop Shopping For All to Improve the mass of la this Chicago suburban area.city lathe

Your Photographic Needs Ue ,negro la".' Orleansfttrklag Jobs N. Bryant Jr. efEtaBStOB
> the chaageJases ens Is the a tlsgcbainisn
L, Rsssell, poet of Ue atawclatloa. -
SUPPLY office clerk sad president ,
of Ue Bull Club
Purpose of the groip1e
1817 N. MYRTLE AVE. For years, the Zala to 4ra.atlse the

parade has occupied the aced for all real estate
i 11'11 $11"1, Ir .III."UI) top spot la the Mardi brokers to reader their C 59*
LB. 23 LB.
e Gras parades. Those lathe services ca an equal oppertettty -
: Pint 354-3212 parade were Hack ,..1." Is-
tights, jet Mack, They elated lllllaB. ,, .t.
ore grass shirt They B .re..,. aad csrrestt .
bad flats tathelr rasa, reel>.tef the CeitatBNMBB
sad oftlses. hers oa MlatlM CbvacllMis REGULAR SIZE
their tends, They even tho.(kte reerbvH BEACONFAB
at tI... had beg fasgsIB
fey Albert Gukla. aa MseclstlBB -
: 19t their eBlhs They sesberlaid. ...

-, :1' sere the dreeas gone 'The' practice ef
the fer those who Wish
.- I racial reelleatlal MIregatlM -
....: 1r
11 bare the ir grove
.. All lap lesg theyer44 bass freedoac "
; ,
.. \ tbresih the "The eseoelat/sa ha.adopted .
etreets ef sac orh.. ..
a eon ef ethlcesad
drat by Mlee. felle4
a set af itaae'aHess
fey a ...,,1.. sass efIrtskM
high as any ode ef
revellers, C
They 1
ethics la the Mtatry
stopped tor wise, their
far ether real estate
t official IlfestlBB IBaesrly grovpsMAHUtt'S .r % GALLON VIKII
M s half beae'reffears
and tsveraa I till, Oil II MOlt Illll



626 West Ashley

Presents Nitely Entertainment ROYAL LONG GRAIN RICE i n. rtt. 35

Tie latest Hei's Hair Styles "ITUWItGOne :

Leg JOE m&S&TL 1
Are Taught At The
Use Torrid fi :1&i EXTRA FANCY RED EATING APPLES < u. IK 454

JacksonvilleBorbtr Tennesseec.u.40rpA


College usc.lufsutgls fRANK PLUS LEGREE IALLARD FLOUR s U, rit. 414

,., ",...
Tlusday A J..z S J JAy 6.e.lot


I __.._._ tlr

"" ,....' ,"::.. 'P_ II

PACE I" i.. .Altl ilia
, .Fllim. STIR PAPERS, .6Ii .

Teen Talkby ). Mt Zion's Allen Joint Concert Principals i I Baptists Inaugrate New Programs

Group Sets Musical precedent-shattering
Initiation of numerous develop -

ROBIN A. FORR ST>K Church School will begin ants will be inaugurated during the Slat annual

HI Teens, at 9:30: a.a. with session of the progressive Baptist State Convention .

Have you ever wanted to know the recipe for popularity Sumner wiles and Rayaond of Florida during Its March 24-29 convening

? Wade in charge The at New Zion Baptist Church Tampa, Dr. J.
""""" -
Well, here Is one: add three parts personality to youth Council under the C. Baas president, and Dr. W.H. [ .

two parts personal appearance. Toss In a dash of leadership of Miss Margaret Calhoun host pastor. .. >.

careful planning, and let stand in warm company Wilson and Dennis The underlying theme "Strength f

for five Minutes. Then watch yourself rise! Stewart are creating ening Christian Leadership for Challenge w,

So when It cones to popularityevery girl's got great Interest in buildIng and Change," will be keynoted -

what It takea. Unfortunately, not every girl makes a bigger church by the parent body and seven

the most of what she's got Now let's talk about school of its Au ill is lies.

r you If you're going to be popular Rev. C, E. To s ton, pastor The Executive !bard fbrpre.leadership |

I 0 you've got to get the attention that will have charge of ,lanDln,. for many in closed MRS. wiLLI/ws

I only appearance bring.0nce the 11 ao II. service session, will be opened to all leaders and aesbers

f" I you get attention your personality Choir 1 and usher Board on March 23 in host New Mt. Zion Church 2511

does the rest. hat decides a good 1 will serve. r Columbus Drive.

Appearance? Clothes for one thing. The pastor appointed Coder the direction of Rev. A.J. Hughes, Jacksonville

Learn to pick the styles that suit several leaders, naaelyj- CONDUCTED by Alvin H. Green, director the aultl-glftod Edward Waters College the Citywide Chorus will be the main feature
ROBIN you not someone else. Maybe the Miss Polly Brooks, president of the welcome prograa.
Chorus and the
college band under the direction of Miss Either Cook, will present -
of the Missionary Dr. J.C. SassJacksonville president) will open
giant zipper is for you or the scrambled look. a Joint-concert
Friday night, March 12 at 8 p... In Lee Auditorium UDderaponlO.hlp
Maybe It's dotted Swiss, the shirt look, sling- Society;Mr. Lang chair- the Convention proper on Wednesday, March 24 during
of the EWC Alumni
backs, or little heels. Fashions change Catch Ban of the Stewards well-rounded Association Mrs. L.G. Oenwrlgbt, president. A a Joint ....bl'. Bach department will pass
Boards program of classics seal-classics, spirituals, and pop tune* will
; Mrs. Adllne Instructions to co-workers at that tlae.At .
not oa
else's. Watch
yours, someone figure. 7n
your be offered to the
comnunlty's discriminating music lovers by both groups.Toe
other words watch your diet. If you eat the right Jenkins, president of public Is Invited. 2 p.a. the State Mission Boards will meet

foods, you con pretty much eat all you unto Including the Big Sister Council; with Rev. E. Araster In chsrgs. The new Foreign

between-neal snacks,Just keep those snacks Prof. J.H, Morris, president Missions, organized by Dr. Bass last year will

high in protein low in calories Try milk on the of the Big Brother Annuals Dai,y r Observance Bake its general report. Dr. R.H. Wilson of Jacksonville -

rocks. Try cottage cheese sprinkled with red hots. Council; Eullne Jones to ConingEvents is chairs of the bo.r Other activities

Have a 'flumpty Ibnzal e ..a hard-boiled eug dip. enbershlp on the Trustee Set Sunday At I Mt. Olive Baptistthis will Include the enlarged Senior Woaen'a first
Board and Mrs. Oliver
ped In chill sauce. Get lots of rest. Eight hours meeting with new workers who were former enters
Thomas to StewardessBoard Plans sera completed t week by various coaifoaen's -
sleep every night will to more for attractive eyes of the Junior Woaen's Division Mrs. H. Miller
ittees for the annual'<
2. which
Day Prograa :
than all the.mascara ever made with this recipe president assisted by various leaders.Among .
The pastor and aenber- takes place f&nr1a.MarcbBa Mt. Olive
: 14 at prlsltlverice
I'. sure you can settle the appetite of some young Lily Chile Lodge ui : those seated will be Mrs. Agnes L. Dean of
man (and then "10 torourselt")1IlIIt ship welcomed Mr. Calhoun tllt ChurchMrs. Beat Davis general cbal: r- will sponsor a st. Patrick Sebring who served as president of the disbandedgroup
back into tbe fold sin Her. J.M. Dixon 111 1 host pastor.of .
to play with some words F'BUPH (pronounced The church Is ...................... Day tea larch 21 lathe for 19 ,ear..111'10 Dean Is noVr vice presidentof -
"foof" ) means "dull horrible out of It." WEEKLY ACTIVITIES locatedat educational buildingof the Senior Auilllary of wblcb 'aany: workers of
the .
the city.At
ON Myrtle 7 p... evening worship
creates and repeats a sound the others offer nor da meet Monday at 7:30: p. .. Ave. and 4th St. will begin and will Church, 5th and Davis 'The Tooth Convention with IIr ".oLe A1uande;. t.

to describe It* cornflakes being shaken up in the The Gospel Choir rehearses Mrs Essie c. Raye. Streets. Mrs. EM a fat- Orlando and Rev. H.B. Whltefaead of San ford. lead-
feature the Ada Bracey
tog"shuibbp"a( ; fingernail going into an orange Tuesday at 6 P.a. Primitive president of Baptist the National Chorus of St. Paul AME kina is general chalrsan.Mrs. .r of the Adult Department, ill convene Thursday

peel ( "pteh" ); a yawn ( "eehhoo" ); a wire hanger and the Finance Co-alt: Congress and who Woaen'alsoserves s Church along with various 555S5 'The newly organized children's: departaent ass been

hitting a file floor (it "s ranaIea" ). meets at 7 p. .. Class musical and draaatle Burnell enlarged by the Instituting of a Tiny Tot Depart-!
Sims will
Here Is your slang of the week: meeting will be held at as a public sent with Mrs. Lena George of Jacksonville state

a big slice...-..............-........a shock 7:30 school teacher ID Charlotte program participant hold a tea March 21 at 4 supervisorand little Nancy Lawrence, also of this

bawl game........................baby sitting p.m. N.C. will be the The three "*a., the p... .t 1929 W. nth St. city as president
Men' day will bs ,
s celebrated
Source of All Great Beginnings.
hool ey................................p arty Sunday, March 21 speaker during the Ha.B. will be directed ID laterest of hosecoBlng. The rapidly advancing of the Convention: u an institution

geraufskl"......................crazy: mixed up with Cheater Cowart and earning worshlp.Muslo Beatrice Mrs. au..It of teaching and training for better personal .

geeing..........................lIockl n I, teasingblatz Sumner Wiles heading the will be furnished by the Davis and by Mrs. Elizabeth Paige Gray, Ebeneser church aad coaaunlty services, has enhancedthe

...................................bad Darnell-Cookaao junior Mrs. Trio and other talent Conventiona value In furthering Ue Christian
general coaaittee High School Chorus. Hall, cbalraaa and cochainan will participate) OBprograa.
Say Teenshow would you like to have yourself Interviewed Jake Gslther athletic rsspectlvely. Influence in various cow-ionltleswhereverne-tlngs
Events will get underway '
in person by me and see it in this column director and football are held.
at 9:30 a.m. during Other officials era: .
? You would? Great! Here's how Writs letter civic
: e a coach at Florida AIM Sunday school with Mrs. Mrs. Gloria Diion, In the interest and support of and social

and let ae know why you enjoy reading 'Teen University, will be the Cleaentlne Harris pastor of the day; Mrs. The J.C. Phillips Coart needs of the people. Rev. Dr. Same created the

Talk' No kidding! I'd re.ll'lIke to know what 11 s.a. speaker. guestsuperintendent.presiding Ella Mcteever, assistantto will present a ShamrockTea Social Hour the purpose of which: la to bring many

you like best about this colunn. yes fellas, you Tn and ) pastor; Mrs. Trellis March 21 from 4 to 1 outstanding ministers and laymen of great ""alnds
Sn.iy Mrs. Fannie Dillon
too can write In. Send It to: Teen Talk, Florida Murray; general secretary p... in the dining room to speak to the people. thus embracing their responsibilities -
as reviewer Mr. A. ..
Star, P.O. Bog: Ml, Jacksonville Florida. A Green Leaf Tea will Mrs. Esther Stephens of 8t Stephen AU la acquiring better Jobs and self
Frailer, superintendent } .
be presented Sunday fro Church.
Bye-Nowl! announced.The ) assistant general laproveaeot fcrour people. Dr. C.T. Graham of
4 until 9 P. .. by the haul will speak before the sealnar.
secretary; Mrs. Thelaa
Sunday Morning BTU Hour at S p. ..
Band at Acron St.Prayer COB-: will carried out under Harris, finance chairman Christian gait Forum The newly organized Junior WO..' Convention: ,

the these, youth InAction ; Mra A.M. Frailer, will conduct s tea March Mrs. Rosa S. LH of Avon' ,.1'11. president) ill !-.
unity Center Ber-
Jot* neatba Mrs. For Christian Sunday School; Mrs. Mary 28 at the Joe H. James OB the scan for Ue first time Numerous Jaions

Terry. reporter... ;1I0apHal1tJ;' Mrs. serve with Ue young aissioaarie ,
!0errlee. > TbejBuelcele"andVocitatlOB 't Center, 13th and Orunthal A
announced. :
MARCH OF DIMES -Th. program 'ulene Alback, prograa. Streets st"3:30 P. .. A The Ushers Convention: beaded by Mrs. idelfa Wit
program will include ins of Tampa and the Layaea'a Brotherhood "..
will be supervised) by Also, Mrs. Jessie M. Busies program) will be ,
a well known
members of the youth Department Jpbasoa, usher; Mrs, presented. Davis, Jacksonville president, have also undergone -
advisor and the Bertha Cuter, decorations reorganization and will be on hand for the
public Is invited. and other youth .
Leola solo- convention.
; Mrs.
The Duval county School
I BOB and Mra. CelestineDeboise Luncbooa Association are Mother :
I BTU; Mrs. L K. Mt: Zloa PreparesFor Midway-

We Will Build A Home On Your Lot I Vicey Wllllaae.F. Janes tag and; In.I II,... planning Tea College oa March 9th B 21 Pretty Street at Walker Rat and Mewls DayThe AME Church f

I Gloria Best public) relations. men of It. lice AWE la aa anaoaaceat Bade
Myrtle Avenue fro 4 to
nerd anticipate a Boat Thursday by .,.. C. E.
I e P.B.
,I Captains and coaslttee successful lea'iDeyproarr".Aedeled Daniel. torch repojrjertath
The Northeast RegionalCosveatloo *
Groups are: ibrtadaj, caltadar 1lgisrscheduled
No Mosey Down I Valeatlae and prep Tea will be held March 21.OIea'.r". for the G..-
I at Hlltoa Sealer nigh
Coaaittee: Mrs. Edna M. Co wart. G.era .- seal Budget will be held
School la Tampa April
fllo.... chairman; Ira Caalraaa, sawed the Sunday with a daylong
Payments Low As jaanlta Everett and S. follswlag committee series of activities
Mrs. Elizabeth Hayes, eo- chairs ad..ben to supervised by Rev. J, W.

chalraaa.Qjeea District C of Little assist ala: J.eaes, pastor sad

and Honor Coirt. Rock Baptist Chare will Fiance J... Northrop; various ..,art..l

$69.50Per Mrs Rosa Lee Hall sponsor its Spring ......- program. J.C. Deal els; leader

queen; Mrs. Battle MOM- los Tea March 31 at 4 adds sad epos IO". JsaesLusdy Every effort la belag

ly, aatron of honor; p... .la tat casrth audltorles ; publicity z.- made to mate Svadsy

t },, ,, Mra. Anale M. Gallo. ). Festered models log E. Jones; chare e-eets B "... Letter

Month said of honor; Mrs. Lola will be lisa jeaaltaprlsee school RayBoad Wade; Day"

Grant first attendant. sad Mrs. T. Copelaad ways and Betas,. Anther Tie pastor has ataos*

Attendants; 11'.. Louie of Vogaa "'0"aed.l. E. Rail; Male, Chester hUb that each aeaberwill

Low Income Families I Fairbanks Mrs. Luis I.I .. Hair styles will Horse; arraageaeats.targe pay the 14.00 aseesaeat -

Anderson, Mrs.. Lucille be presented ay Miss Dashes; special to Ue respective

Leo..Ira. Thelaa Harris.Mrs. Luis Slatrask, Mrs. neata.Jaaea P. Small.Cbordlaatara birth ...tll es.*
Can Now Quality, Msrgsret Salta. Csrlue Rtger will be are 'aI... aid la srglsg theatasd

Honorable aeatloa. Miss dean of hostesses, assisted S aaer ft. Wiles g s- t-aiaday: of all

Carolyn Lewis and Mra.Leasts by Mrs. Ida Mae ral vie chairmen; txa- leaden to complete re-

Modern Homes Built Rosier.Meabera Ford Mr*. Bessie later.Mra. ala Stewart 8r., aecretaryjoaa .&let h. reports.,

of the general Saadra White, Mrs. Morn elal,- Stewardess Boards 1 sad

public are invited to Chart ease Hares sad lien sea of oordlastor.R. 2 Md Ue Blssioaarles

Diet lit That Vicnt lit (i Ti Visti. Step 2 & 3 BilrNi CIS Cwtmtit. the' daylosg ....,.. Doris ....U... come.... wade T. Davis, vice Poacher chair will a ellaai asrlag Jolat preseatatloa effort -

YMCA Kicks Oil Membership. Drill sad Joaa Reeves are ear of B "..-.rl.. Tea

PIJIII Rut...?...BiM A ...1 01 Year all Aii! Laths lit" CM later -_-Itho-=-..jive. Ika.Ey tnm 4 throsgaOld a

Pointing Toward 5,000 Members =--

Cufirt t Itiltf I... W.P. 101.... general eta Irs an (coaalssloaer of -

Us I'IS Johseoa Branca<< T Mastership Carol Is eat

Let Our Representative Caapalga. reports that so.e important chatge lathe tMetogr.pisM.st6.
.9 Campaign of Ue T at this polat. Pollowlsg -

.'A I, a strategy ...U.. of all team atSMtrs.Ue .

foUewlsg casui have bee lastltated la aaatteapt
Call On You .1!
to save a another and more effettlvecsapaiga

: ........._-._...............

All tea managers Md rgwuaatloa Holaea stated, that he Sffrifef T...
And been ,
Discuss Your Building Plans workers have urged feels ttese ages will
to doabl their efforts
speed sp Ue caspelgaprocess

'aad:date coaeeatrate of April oa lad a for sew and all peraoashslplai Pfcetts M* Beta 1962 CM Bt RecUiatd;

la the effort
tte data .f the campa -

ell El 5-4608 For An '".'.811..0r Brkr| Yew DwJ To !... ill a I.Rot...,.be.saddled oat Joa.A4dltlsaal ttt- For 1/2 m Total Cart Baltace.
Friday reports
eaapalga p..
.begia at TI: p... sad .
lieU,. ae stated win
;end at I: n ,.*. Late Royal Art Studio
serve sis aa a fete.reamer -
"r-certs "ill be eoaelledtaa
t U alsrttsg the
DUVAL BUILDERS fallavlai report
eoaamalty to the TUCA's SOCIAl.
.algkU goal .( XMQ ....... aid COMMERCIAL STUDIO SERVICE
Mstatalag ....
Tie UHS mill help -.laate.
ilea heeded by Its .. 515
esthete aslllac theT DAVIS -
Call Today pay U MtMk sad Dr. ST.
1837 East list $1, Call TodayEL Wasatagtea and and Its services
\ r JfiR 4f 3' E.I. L... Argrett serves aa
JT ........ of all T Wardlmbere
..aU..r U* traaoiCoaajtte
end ether key EICW 4-ltM
EL.M40I Jacksonville, Fla 5-40 l.benkip aadtoartiOial
will ask Ualrreporta
peruses LH.tkro.y. 11 am letw.c!
\ min aye ...Al ..... ClOSED All DAY TUESDAYS

- .. -
\ ; .

I b I


Panamian Publisher Deplores '6o,'t. Official Visits Sibbs 1 Newsmen_ ... 0_To_ .Spark Appreciation Gesture For COlgrIUllltti1:

Race Concept, Lauds Negro History,' College Workshop

I axm.pan.aNPJ)_''1ial aadiat; racial concept BIIUIINGHAN-NPI-
have tended to inspire 14.uot apriority'some Leader in the world orToaorro.
." i* the theme
races, while at the sass time enienderinc feelingsof
for the tco-dsy second
inferiority_ .in others, and in some instances, r
actual despair." ........................ Annual High School Press
So said Ceorgr V. Westeraan. :the discovery of the I workshop scheduled for
March 25-28 at Mile
editor-publisber. melting process for reducing :
Panama Tribune, in hit iron ore. and College.The .
address recently at the with it developed the scholastic newspaper

40th anniversary celebration industrial arts.He i workshop la cosponsored -

of Aurora Lodge522and 'also, pointed out j by the development
office of Mile
Jasmine Teeple'3I3 that the natives of j
and the editorial
of the improved Dahomey and Cameroon: la College
Benevolent and Protective West Africa produced department of the Bin-
Miles directorof
order of Elks of written languages long
the world (IBPOEW). before they knew about development. Prank
Dukes., announced plan
speaking on the subject writing and printing in
for the workshop .which
"Negro in History Europe.He
will be under his di
West era an vent noted that "fromabout
back into the dim recesses 300 A. D. to the -
of the past to 13th century, large h. The major address at tAStlNQTON. D.C.-U.S. Representstiv harm L
recount the rich heritage civilizations VISTA FI1LD R1tiLSt2TATIVE-Itlu Mary Grace Coooaneoa of WathiBgtonD.C.. (second the noon chapel hour,
developedin Bennett left is shown receiving the autobiography
the black man bad old Ghana Mall and from right), mats with Qlbba Junior Collets students during a recent. visit prlda,, will be delivered of Booker T. Washington from Mr. Washington'
developed, lone before to the St. Petersburg College. The students are: Richard Martin of New York by moss H. Kendrli -
Songhay in the western
daughter" ,Mrs. Portia hlngton Pittman of Wtah-
the white Ban discovered Sudan." City; Rita Owen. Dade City; and Joseph Caller St. Petersburg. Olbbs was the Washington. D.C. ington D.C. Congressman Bennett, of Jacksonville
Africa. first of several college Miss Con cannon plane to visit to discuss the VISTA president of the Moss H.
Quoting from Dr. Aleiander Florida received the book from Mrs Plttaan for
with interested college student (Photo by Walter Robinson) tendril organization
Among the achievementshe program
Francis Chamberlain the role he played In the establishment of the
cited were that Africans a book. "The Contribution Ehory 0. Jackson managing Booker T. Washington National) Monument at Hardy ,
were the first to of the Negro ---- editor Birmingham VlrglnlaWartiington' birthplaceon June IS, 1957.

develop trial by jury to to Roman Civilization." Visit B-CC Ciapis Suggests Boycott world, will deliver the 1I.PUt.an. a renowned musician and mumbo teacher:

assure justice to every weaterman said "The keynote speech at the baa taught at the Booker T. Wtuhtniton High school

sit; the first to use contribution of the Ot Cemeteries opening session, He 1* la Dallas I Texas, performed at Florida AAV Vnl
also president of the
stringed instruments asa Negro to human civilisation vertlty In Tallahassee several times, and waa director
ne, leans of expressionof ,are Innumerable and CHICAOO.(NPI)-A Chieago Alabama Newspaper Aseolation of the choir at the Tutkegee Institute IB
their .emotions the a. ;raan ebo also and on the
Immemorial The author Alabama, founded In 1881 by her father
first to domesticate the offered conclusive.evi ia Oat of the oU,' board of director of

sheep, float and the cot.; deuce that ,Negroes, are IH41DllOrUc1u., last the National Newspaper .
and were responsible for kin to the plaaaera and week recommended a boycott Publisher Association.

builder of the great aialnit c.rtai.o..t.rl.a You Dnn11 Hare TO Oo To Ton TV Oct
Educator Receives Student Addresses
palace*, of ..Baalbee.Karnak here which

J.W. Johnson Award Pyramids, Luior.and the the V h fail graveside to provide services proper for Teachers Assembly LOW PRICESOn

NCI 70U--Dr. John 1. Ephini." faalllea during lacle- TALLAHASfilf'Darryl T. Your
Davis, director 'of .
esterman said 'Kuch sent weather.He Oorham was the principal
Teacher information and LAIR: ;1... la Alderman Hubert STORE NEEDSTrade
of the inferiority complete speaker during the recent DRUG
security for the .. .L_ ..
NAACP -' H. Miller of the StithWard.coowntr
which ,sometime. Teacher Appreciation
Defense fund POD recrultlag tern Capt.Oary C. Little (u- Store
Legal was dominate of Miller, held with Your Neighborhood Drug
cur thinking u Assembly at the
cited here for hit ae* tree right) and N-Sgt. Roy Fitzgerald recently Major and oekleberry Florida Itt(: WILL METT ANY PRICKS AW, II YOUR LOOM. PAP1Tta.le .
a minority group sprlsgsfro AM DnlversltyHigh
coapllskaeats la tb.'hturaUoa tilt hq of a ..oretborollb visited Bethune-Cookmaa College to Itt up and Info Funeral Hume school under ana _Dellv.rle also fill all !factor's Prescriptions
of students re at Ion center Informing students of the Air
underataadiagof The ceaeterle lavoled, picea of the student
and teachers.The Force opportunities available to men and eo.engrsduates
our put and present he eiplalaed, do aot Council The speaker van Dixie Pharmacy
branch of desirous of obtaining oommlasloaofflcerat
Nee York
contributions to .tcjvlll* upply board., mate or introduced by Breada j
the Association for the Shwoing iatereet 1. Air P\)rce brochure .
satioa."with. Alston during the '
Study of Negro Life and are, from left Johnny Moeely, g&gllah major, Hal stray to cover the pro.* 1302 Klifl Read it Until AinuPkous
the transition ground around the graves, gram presided over by
Its lmndale0mry Jones, sociology major, Delray Lace;
History presented
of the Negro from his with the retell that bereaved Alemon Alston. [Elfli S-SStl-S$
annual James seldom Sgt Fitzgerald and Cap t. Little, ,
atlve habitat in Africa. relatives, ministers A at FAMU High,
award to Dr -----------------------------------
Johnson moat of hi* selfeonfldesce aid featral per Darryl lithe sos of Mr*.
Davis former presidentof and initiative Blind Student Hopes To Enter oonel have had to ...dethrough Thelaa T Qorbam, actlig PAY TOUR LICIT, WATER AMI TELEPHONE

west Virginia State .';,. lost, because his Peace Corps To 'Aid Handicapped deep mud for director of public relations -
College.Dr. European and Aiitioumisters ".".a4. cer. aal... at Florida AAM
Davis war hoaored placed Ue re las TALLAHASSCt-(NPI)-Rdeard J.I'OII'1111...* has
at the 38th Annual Breakfast of suppression over the hope of work lag with the bltid under the Peace r'

of the Nee York free eierclse of hi* Corp program some day. .........._..._..... MAXWEll< I11SECOFFEE
BO encase for sot *ervltgur -
branch at the Waldorf
.Jma4lnatloa ingenuityaA4 Williams, a political
; .
Astoria., ,. ,, creatli..tilssts.,*' acietce major"at florid i 31
The ," a mom of Mr.
AM _1 rtral tJ. revealed
sad Mrs.Howmrd WVlllam. I
this aabltlmm them a
Vero Beach, was eaoovr*
Peace Corp recrvltlag
aged by Dr. I. Gregory LIMIT 1 PLEASE
team visited the FAMOcmwptj "ICIALS GOOD
ree..tI,. Newtoa. dens at Maryland QUANTITY
The aaatsal aspect of State College prtacett >,WITH IS.II 1 ll. 59 RIGHTS RISIRVID THROUGH SATURDAY
.iYw AI... who recalled theesperl..ce..t
this i* that winMe I* ron inn CAN _
a yoaig
rr bit ad.and bar been since
Iliad *ge>M mervlag a* a
ho tae 9H year old _.
peace Corps voluteer t*
cataracts obacared hi*
South Merle. CHEER
vlaloa before ke had
An upper sophomore, SHORTENING
eafflclemt time to leanto
reed. aajerlti la political
ecletce and alaorltg t.ecosoeles *
Bet his lladaee be. Wllllaat'loegraage UNIT 1 tWill

Jckonri11 K.1f1 elllh sot deterred aim la mayreepecte.aa pleat Uelede LIMIT I *
_._ ... 1'1'I. ..... bo view it, work e* a matter' degree < I 5 9
Will J5JI II
"belag kaadiee.eed i* --" and after that, 49 01 MilE
1.. school, '.n..." HUE fill IIIEI 3 LIS root omi

tM-..4lt." attic .,aot. _
------- -- --
'. become m pease Cots

,....,..r. ,

ROWIB Closes
... COW '

ladoResiaBLibraries 5 IS 11. 1.00 7 CARS TAU 1.00 8 IIJ 1.00

Some people
: 4ametia.te first atie*

l. .1 u.t,.. fro the lip-
member eilte1 Natlessertnl.atles 3 2 SIRS sl 1 Tissue 4 HILL PAtH39C
stick a label on baa forced
the 0, S. le .a... It*

five lafaraatiem eervUellbrarie
sad readlagrweit HI. tlllt A HESSE t IIAWI fill! swirrs, nniiox, fin en IIIN1 SQl1NDRYERS

flieirdietcolaeWe : la sat eowmtryUS

renter till T .

bow prepared I state STEAK

meet eom.e..lg tie save
jut tefer leevltg for I III.

._' Viet mam Mam steeds
trip eltm Maw Jiermll I

jebae, arty cUd ef 27 89-


stake our name la a dsstsies II
that .. take meet re-

.4 ...,..U,. B VMclmre4 <.-
ours. la the etelMwet SCIIJIIEIESS FIESI ,urn III IIIIIEII.
on .?b.en llbrarlee base

--" been ,."-1 ef sass
r- a 49
loans for kaele4.e eM. .II II
far the silent aee rttaadltg

eltbemt etlem

pence la Clfflttlt, If 1. I I PITATIES
J f *"" J let *"***.'h.. I*
r 1 _at".. *

All>merla demem* POTATOES 10 59I
etrttere bmrael .*< LI=.

Mked fMllttttt aid I
tie aeraemt ef president -

...*,.. re..*tlyeeate4
te tf the Ufer nm ir tat CIIIEI RIPE

eaUe rending U..an.4 casewatleefberle.m.. .M PINK SALMON *

M. ......- BANANAS 10 1

aeta bem...U tsewelta 49
ell ........ .UIS ii


........ ...Ln+..s.a..bO.U.I...- g4......... rr_ ,pq-q po' -
._..__ :..A3ATOIIAT

; >.
.. .J
J ,


Shame On Alabama World Frowns On- OnAlabama's ,

the week that was . "Undemocracy"6QJU. .

j .

ZWIU ![ : : ... ', .
'' ,
\ ( JoTH flil -1- .. ., :
R[ .\l / '\-. ;, I. 'Bl.t. ;.Tt.
r rt
;': .,. V.

UYICfi(9.t'I _." ... ".,...W4- #,

'{ /lt



P. 1 ......,,
9 I
9 eHMe- ,

Mi'.yl 4w

t +
I I otI
\t : I ,;,' .
,," .'Iot,.;

SBJIU, ALA.: Negroes still weeping troll! effect of tear gas used< to disperse 8ELMA, ALA.: BNCC leader John Lewis (light cost, C) cringes as burly stats 't :o"? .. .
then, drag an unconscious woman awa,. Alabama state troopers used< clubs and trooper swings his club at Lewis' head during attempted Negro .arch on the {f'-' ',! ,

tear gas to break up the proposed Selraa-to-Nontgonery march of an estimated state capitol at IIol1tl .'I'1. Lewis later was admitted to a local hospital with :.: --: ..
600 Negroes. (UPI TELEPHOTO) s possible skill fracture (UPI TELEPHOTO) -

ALA.; Long line of Negro marcbera led ty

sea representative Lewis (r) and Rev. Hoses

; rc93;! !; .Williams leaves bridge across Alabama River put

Alabasa stats troopers (r) and sign "welcoming
visitors to Selaa, "The City with 100 Ham In

ray PS terest." Pifty-ysrda further the Negroes were

halted by state troopers who used clubs and teargas

to break 'up their march to Mont CDS try.UP .

...., .......,
i "


1'I sCAImEtI


4a4 .1
VARION, Ala. : Negroes stand with interlocked ems as they flew body of Jlmmle BOJIA, ALA. : Haunted police of Sheriff Jla Clark's Dallas county Posse charge

Lee Jackson, who died February 26 as the result of a gunshot wound received Metro archers Sundayai Negro woman, knocked ground In first confrontation ALA. A line of clul>-carrying lame block

during rioting which broke out during a racial] protest demonstration hers February lies prone (foreground). Scores of Negroes were treated at local hospitals for the entrance to die Wllcos County Courthouse where

18. Two separate fUn.raI".reheJd] for the dead nan--one In nearby: Selma, Injuries receiwedinbsttle. with state troopers and local police as their Montgomery SOBS (0 Negroes tried to register to rote The
the other In Marion. (UPI TBLEPHOTO) march was halted (UP! TELEPHOTO) group of Negroes Made two unsuccessful attempts to
register, but' were stopped and told the registrar's;

UL Official Visits Here office In the courthouse was closed., (UPI PHOTO)

Sentenced To Die In Electric Chair rr.c -

p:. Trustee
TALLAHASSEE 66-year- for the last September h.h.dnot been represented I

old nan, who had once pistol slayings of two by counsel: during the
(Continued from pate 11flschools.
been sentenced to life women. The jury failedto tine of his conviction vestlgatlng the salter

imprisonment for two Baker recommend mercy Judge In 19 M. Responding to a charge to see if It has merit
County slayings, was Taylor deferred imposing the trial bs
During that the trustees were for the board to conduct
condemned to die in the death sentence until pleaded guilty to .ecoD attempting to persecute
fem. r sr a hearing (for Pearson).
electrlc chair Wednesday. Wedteeday< degree murder and wee r f Pearson. lilacs said Or, slices said tednesdai I
Wallace Pleas was con In the Baker County case, rw .
placed five years pro- If anything, \ think (.tset, \k trust.aie
victed during a January In 1963, Pleas won a new bation. the Bali 'crunoD') bass bad received an opinion

Circuit Court Jury trial] trial under the Gideon been given eitrs attention fro. Attorney Kent that

before Judge\ Hugh Taylor case appeal contending * to be certain he there was sufficient

{ wasn't treated unfairly evidence to carnal

t w.hr ." charges "That the

t I ? The laterdenoalnatlonai anon why we requestedthat
Ministerial AllianceIs' hergesbedrswi.p.

a letttr signed by Rev. It's now up to Brant and
i 1c
J S. Johnson charging till attorney to present
'w. that refereaces to the these charges to the
J .; Pearson tssse are "a school board." he said.
i.; '
_+--- __ deliberate act of per slices added that If
I ERIE RTOP OVFX- Blta Toting jr. (ettrsme light) eiectttlve director of tat ""
F aecutioa.. was to aothlsg is done by the
Nationalurban' League, New Yon City, paid a briet'stop overlajai fednesday Brent with copies sailedto Use ie is able to re-
I en route to Miami. Mr. Young spoke to local leaders of business and industry ata
llleoi and Ned P. tsrn to school dalles.'I .
Maiwell Coffee Co. luncheon, followiag which.a get-acquainted session was
sure, chairman of the a golsg to ., own
held with local hosrd.sshers end leaders at the Atro-Merlcaa Life Insurance
Board of Public Inetrec'tloa. attoraey and bare the
Co. Assembly Room. Shown from left are I.H. Burney, Vice President and Secretary .
charges dun asd
of Afro; ten dell "oJ.... Lewis J, Carter III, eiecutlve secretary of the Bwarcy said he felt the take them to the ap school
Jax urban League, and Mr. Tbw g. (Photo by ffterson *tudlo '
alBlsters were pressurela ))Io&l'd..,peraoaally. ? _
their aeeaaatles "l

Cooke's WidowReported Astronauts Selma Stand thug they shomldbeoontactisg Gospel Recital ?
the trasteee and

Wed Tern Down (Continued fro ,.... I) not the board seekers" Gospel. groups ud viclalty of Jackseavllle -
1/)1 *OPLvA"(NPI-Ain-' Biased Club tonsrvsutie/" he said ,are levied .19 easMe Jci
dua'fa .U..t
.tit sees. ...b.,. of
confined reports have saJe ,a *J'*el nxltal Moaday,* f 5HMca
Braat has any recosseadatios -
the Sisters of flU Joseph
It that Mrs. Barbararooks "OU.TQNPITII' the il at I: 39 p, .. ,
( widow of the J late at Post Ie College.8t. to 11'rlrst Iota Teaple. n'
barring of two Negro ed- the school>> board I -
Sajs Cooke and the slag tests Jolaed 134 t ..ero. 8t
is still
orators from a dinner marchers father J.ftIe.. as la-
e.r'e former protege, at the petroleum fib
Roman Catholic priest
Robert womack: were aer last Not.ber, resulted a from It. Los I a led the FREEII FREEII "' FREE!
Tied la shush hush ceremony
la tie boycotting: by as* g 1'OI&P11 the Lo rtf s Pray er ..
here hit Thursday.The troaauta. eiecvtlves, after a demoastratloa a '"

l.foreatiomissetd englaeers and other periso l had broken -
op.LUDfW Just A Reminder
to have emanated from no el assigned to the 'aunci-ns

Curtis beach brotherof Manned Spacecraft Center -
pea Ralph Tarborough,
the new groom.Participating. here, '.f a party la' (>Teu) "!b... oa yom HOMEMA'KERSSERVICE
In the the club last ..est.The George lallicel"Wethodlst

ceremonies were Rene party was given by Bishop Johnesley
Hall arranger for the Time publisher of
? Lord "*h tea ed!
late singer, ss beat U fa Mataslae.The .
and Olaaayedl ".e beard
nanand; his wife, "ftis.ar"aa .- educetore.whowerw SHOW
Negro .
the call af God from
aatroa of honor. not 14.un ed. reportedly Selma and we cane"
The couple are eaU to
were tuned away -
Noose Apeak er John w.McCorsach. Will Be Held
have departed Immediately
from the petroleum .
r .,
>' ). M
I for an undisclosed Cla. when'tk'ey"aoasnt to dlstrueral eihlUtlMof
desttnstloa for their
attend an M9Capoaaore4Conference
\0 They plan to arbitrary poser" fri. And
11110011. T. Sat.
deeJlBg withNASA's .
Roy nu. NAACP eieoitlvs -
"Isn't it time tried stop !. Cleveland and
you a whiskey summer tralatagprogrr dim,. ".to,.
then on to Cslesgo to

that makes your taste buds blossom?" visit Us family.new Ira woBack's senior Mlsmce for high teachers.acfcool<< trooper macblss"irit1essl catholic Conference March IS 19, 20

Pawl guy M8C anbilt fer later racialJaetice.

asks [Ie.. Lucas, printing company owner,Jacksonville Their marriage, .=t4- affairs affleer. aaldfederal "The Alabamasltastlea DUVAL COUNTY ARMORY
ltd for Feb., Z$. ess (verMcat rt..* d.-.U.t"

6bC stymied whan it was discovered ,latlams prevent inc! pet'pm.l the clear aeceeslty for

that wornac was from takiag fart federal protection .f Slate Aid Market Streets
not of legal age and
1a a&y eciecated.Beet--
the right af Amerlesacltlieaa
Of course, we're talking about Old Taylor 86 needed parental time coaeent.By tag or_ sltaattsa, er to e>-aatratepeaeefally.
the consent
the whiskey that adds ieh1Bttt11. or say ." Hundreds Of
something: special to every given, aloud bad become .lUa,' at such gather Priies
drink Old! Taylor 86 has smooth, rich mellow at (March 4). sal did h-:

flavor. ,Flavor that stands up to a splash of water. not aeed iUNAACP re- Iriirs Ins lre.d., Bluer And Better Than Ever

Flavor that tells your.taste buds something nice *! ; Plan A'1t.MtAM'n federal Last year the societychaeged

is going on. Taste it yourself. Try Old Taylor. mCIVIU.1. ''I"I.-A jadge has orderedthe Ita bless to FREEH FREEH FREF1,

'1 silt which seeks to xortsera ttstrietDentaJ peralt Rearaeei' to hMoaie
OLD TAYLOR 86 sad the eabirMe.eeer, the
crack Mississippi's legal Bociety HEAR ALL ABOUT IT ON
aethod at eiclsdtsg eorila Deatal Aaaoclatlaai apflleatlM af a Negro

atwtueerst5A4MTsowSONw...$.(T."HOOf""c ,,, vtutereo./wwwrpalilOY! .gU1.,. Negroes fro jsrle. was to stop refaalag to ...ttat. a. file slice NIGHT TRAIN.WRHC,6P.W.;

filed led beM44'Legai sds( '1Mlr"e.. the M- Assist IMP has yet to
Defeat. .... alt'af! rac.. be ast4 ...... Mondays thru SaturdaysP16E

. A_1 < ....... __.. .. a, we r erl .,,,r,0y.-.. .--_ __ ....-- .. --- ._-. r ---- ..

w v... .. T- -- -.-.-- -..-
-. -- --- .. ..

I. ,
t, /


Edward Wafers College Readies Annual Cotillion Participant Collegians: To Hear Former Instructor.. Feted.
-- ,
I 99th Feuder's Day CelebratioiI D. C. Bureau Chief t t-r

Edward Water Collet will celebrate its ninety- Slaooa Booker,laahlngtoa

ninth Pounder Day. with a series of event. fro. bureau chief for Johnson
March 21t through March 24th. It 1* expected that a Publication, will address *
the great body of supporters of the college will the north Carolina

asks this the sort nccful Pounder Day ID the i college Porua on March ,
history of the College. ."................... 15. la observance of

The following 1* the Ohio. paker. 0round- Negro. Nwpaper leek
calendar of treat la Breaking cereanny. 5:00: : The tint Negro to wina
obaerrance:: Po.. rth.eat Qjadrangl tea' Nleaaa fellowship at

March leth-Tne' Mayor's Atty. WllllaaLoaoBoa*. Harvard Dniveralty.which jj 1
Proc).aUoG. Mayor ton charleston teat Virginia ', a* attended la 1950. he
Ittt.r.UI..h the pub speaker Educational ,, q r' lo won the newspaper

lie announceant of Tg ..Meeting.8:00: Oulld proat page award
Day of the CD 11 eg*.Seventyfour P... Civic All dt to ria.. $ for his Cleveland Call

per cent of the Rabbi Rudolph M. 10.... Post articles oa housing \ \

tadent at U* college thai. Cleveland Ohio sad the leadtll tlllkle !
are fro OUT*] county speaker. award for a series on "
and the Mayor 1* requeat The RU Rev Eugene C. y w ed catioD. i/ d:2L.

tag that all lntof Batcher, presiding prelate A foratr president of .1
the city sad countj cooperate of the Eleventh Eplacopal L the Capitol Press Club NURSTO!: OCT TOOrmnt-Purlat the annual rocoptloa> given at Sunshine Manor, b7

la this effort. District and h* .u awarded the N*..- Florida MM Univeralty President and Mr*. George 1. tore Jr.. several participants -

March r2nd Tag Day.Sta* thai nan of the Board of aan a ..*..u award while In the' nursing section of the rAIN Clinical Association visited with a
dente fro. the College Manage*en t of Edward later oa tk* staff of th* toner teacher and colleague, Mr*. M. Elizabeth Carnegie of New York City, who

ill caota the city for college, extends a aahlngtoa Poet. served at a clinical coiaultant. Seated left to right art Mr.. Carnegie, astor
tag collection cordial invitation to His book black MaoaAmerica. Nursing and Mrs tunic: J. Hurgess, dan of the rAW School of, Nuralni.
March 23rd-pr-Pounder: alai and friend of mID JacqieHBEHBabethKlckoa' oils ." 1* considered Standing behind the), hit to right, art; Mr. ja equal in* Bolda Beck, R.N.,

Day Report. Presiding the College to be present a* she curtsies during a recent debutante ball one of the sat eoaprhoiv *- Tallahaaa; Mr.. Ludella M. tllaoa. instructor of aaterlal child health nur-

elder, missionary wean at all evtata.Knjghl bald la St. peteraburg. the petit Tapes daughter eiaalnatlona of sing jackaonvill Unit of the PAMU Retool of Nursing; Mrs. In**Jenklna. 11.".,
and lay ear of the of Mra A.O. Nlckna. 3911 Cherry Street, U the entire civil right and Mr*. Crayc SaHli, R.N. both of Tallahaaaee, Mr*. Sack and Mr*. Jtnkla
Completes a Florida MM University coed ftt art also a-aber of the PAMU School of Nursing faculty.
Ad )
Church wjll aak* pre.Iisiairy .B
flaaacial re. Aoooil Homeraakers"Senice I
Air Forces Baddy
port- 6:00: pr.-Offlce
of the RUhop. Show Plus ,
System dining
March 24th-Pi>ral coa

vocation, 10:00 a... In PopularityThe
Lee Audi torlua..... Donald 1, .
Jacoba, (teftl III et.DCooklill 1ADRIAN Air Pore "BaddySyate f

a *" la steadily ,
Bind gaining la popalarlty. '.
Muter Sergeant Setter
For Annul Concert t field of the Jackaoavlll r
Air pore Recralting
the DaraeHCookaeaConcert
Office, report. "It*
Band .111 be SNl4I
tat greatest booa to recruiter
preaeated 1* concert
ties) EN10IT
dace the Air
April 19 it I .... at Owning aloag with the Force ellalaat t.P. ,"
the Civic Auditor!**. atliag and buatllag b* added

Aaong the featured sew coeMunity, Adrian (tea) The Air Pores adopted
lection till b* "GUlp Enlght proaleee that the
its unique Baddy 5edace
to My Plat." baaed oa'Skip anal Hoaeaaker Service gystes" after bcolagconlaced >

to My Lou. Shoe will be bigger and that those who ,

featarlig the flat better than ever ha eallat together should
eectio. Its 1th an.ualu.velllas
have the opportaalty to

lists'The' flute of Gall section flberflold.aectlo COB-. algtit.take March place II Thursday*t area sty through together the laltlal at hut ...t... fact aid these figures art why so Many

leader; Reaee County Anory.Startlag .tI..*of baale traialeg.
Lilly aaalataat ectloa INDEPENDENT LIFE policyholders art foood ,la
at 7 P. *. This scans that doe 4
leader AT* Bell Cleaal nightly, the threedaye-
frleai who desire to
Mlckica Madia Bell. vent will eiadup oa Saturday .*llt la the Air Pore
Martha Mitchell. Patricia light. March 30. together can lie par. : BETTER INSURED FAMILIES
Proa.L'Mrchl The shoe. BOW laatl t.v
?ruler. Linda Merrl tatloaallied. anaaallyatt4ed e t ,

...thr, Linda ffltll by hundred of t '-(.. ", 1 l' a ..
Bkaroa McQaee, Sail pereoa ef all age who -7 4;
.. Deborah Thoapoa. 'It
visit the *ttrctlveydeaigaed .
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booth* feaUrtag
the lateet lino** ao- .
rangeaeat less three old /l lances. food. fn*
duce tae. "Slip to
ltr. electrode de- AS OP ,.
Utah, *-
MY LM. vice*. foods. beverage, LIABILITIES
rwoaaa" lid "Dsvlls' lose coaatrtctlo end
Drea." which are led repair. sad ausersue Reserve for Life Pullclt aadCMtrecta

together at Eke ed to other displayed erehaa* ,'80T. MTTUTZE.D ROHM 1 10', :III 21ft. 12Reaerve
bred the selection to a di do g. v... ODverMent. .. I I.IM.Mt.M. for AaH OI.t.ot. II7BII.3B
dyle coelaalo. soe Icotee of ttrctlv aateed aealgaoeat to the State tasty>> k ...loaaI... II..... .n. 44 .uppleoeatary Contract Oat*

.. . .
hit*, bead director, for the scores of free flight sad will reealatogether Isdwtrlal. . .. IT.M4.TW policy and contracts Pliable :2.MI,744.42
Th* bd pirate have prlM* to be offered dew tkrogkottkelr Rallroaii. .. .. I.I22.III.1S Prelua Received la A49.... 117,41)21
bees restated to .h rise ilgktly draelBgaead busts traialag at STOCUpbll OMtilaaloaa Due and Acer*.* 124, 840. M
flaal .po..u aad ad* Lack lead Air Pore Mae.Teiaa. Oeaeral Kipea*** Due rAe*
thai la atteads.cewill Utility Preferred. .. |, U'. C12.00 .
the March 22
report la 171,00000
be gives free ticket .. .. .
Public Otlllty CMtua
eetlag.. Of Course, ldlvldal 1.711.707.00 Tale. Lice**.* and less Due
.....- t* age claaay array ef .*ll Uet I* atlll poe- ..... Tmat ad laaeraac Md Aeervtd. I.221.7II.M
grand prisse hick will sills for thou was pro O>*/a.,. . .. ... ., 17,1:1'.00: A Nah tltkhtld u Asset or

un be averted to lehy tick* fir t. ".. It alone" ladMtrtal Co***. . ..- I. .12. ao.oo. Tru'... "2. "1. ..
.t holder ea I at*rday1th Railroad Preferred .. ....00
bat the Air Pore b** 80S. Uaerad lavetoeat ..,... 31,2)2.10
sue IEPIII t.Iniepinble. ...|.. aad Lot .....aUM.*
foMdthatoaay. oaaHfledyog Ageat Ralaac**. 39, >... II
see have hesitated ... . .".000.00. ee.rit| ,al *tloa ....,.,.. 40 ,104.22

Sin lipiiriii t* **llt la the past aeetaet IB Merald Lift Other LI aklll Ha... . TT4l.TH.ilTJItL
because they feared |***rac* (to>>, 2.07,001.04
II. lij Iii Brothers Die Pitch Mortgage Uaaa M Seal &aIIIY't8 AND MIstate
eparatloa la bItraialag . .
. AlILITII& ''''. m.m.o<
froei tk* frleada r M.:M 112 U _
Is lit Attacks
Of Heart . .
who eclltted with the.. Real taints '.UI.JII. 0 Capital S o k. | 4.011,300.01

lair IlliltSSITE. ClICAIO'.CPI.T.. lergeaat Satterfleldar Cash sad leak Dnwalla. I.I7C.IM.71 I,.., OMtUgeaey Reaerv. ::110. M'., II
elderly dklcecofcretaera.he ** that the NddySyat prealM. .... **d OM llecte4. 7,101,111.31 ".1 rwrplea. _HiaLlJiUTVTAL
IRS URn lived baa eaded Ibis Iu..ta.t DM **d Ac*
h4 togetherlac **)
CAPITAL AM! BVBTUft: t .. 122. 401,It
birth aid were profcle cried. . I21.0M.2ILoeaa

described a* l**..sr. Pinker laforaalloa ca* U P.IIghelders. .. .. I4I.MI.40 mAL uuaaru. LlAMLiriu.

.1." by a sister, died be ehtalaed by .start. Other A***!*. . ... .-1II.104.jJj CAPITAL AD MlirtC* II". U'.,to, MTOT4L

It cnirs bar lair teal ... stills r bear lag Sergeant Matterfleldt AailTTtD' ASCKTS .. .. II n. '''.'10.II -"

... j. B**..' lieaid of .*.b other, both too 217 of the dies' .
..".,1.. heart attackaTkooaa toes pest Office b lId- HioLiorrs
Ell IEIIIIII Heart 011. 77. lag *r by erltlM "Air

CIIIIEI we* etrlckaa lat rides Puree B *4rat *."Airp OYD' BOLION tOXAMIB MOM MAl 0 MILLION PAID TO

veal**. rc* RMnltlM Office lira Duttrrects /OILS-. II. I".'., u. 00 r-xicTCJU AID US'rTIClMllx I a, 13d.x .oo
tit _eec tn Mil I* I* Plrte>ea wets called to jaekeMvlll*. Plerid. \

.. JO alt*!**. M.. is raaa Thesis to a atarbykMltal In Filtrates KKK IIJDVK
..*....]..... w get It e* ,, A* they *4* AIIIIftI Orgy THE IUIt&It Hx rawnrncH OP era
: ,
p .
1l,271,1I0,01 IM.'U.211,1I
.t (*.... llatrd oaygt to M MILLION MAM R
IU wr van MAJIJOKV his Pkll 14../. Bell.T4.alam .
.4 U the flew '
........ ,1 d 01. CrO&I'I
It ell! sac rabeff. U Both were '" *.
dead ., prevldeat .**.
state e>i e.esrsl _tN. JAmI f, ..,.... |ll. OU1IH.X

......,... e.. ..ua... ,Mtlve Hal of loeleetlle.U. 'IUOtD e. UON. g*. f', l'+; rir CfcTTL B. CAMLU:
'.. perwanwet eetUt, .
tmsrn 8TR.n
the Bell Inhere MALI D. CD4U.WBVSTOI
eerllM I MOtUO MUll
ua ait'f.T e. U ChUa.* 50 year BB7A4IILLlAtt
M.T ey bad lees Zulu ... OUBLB A. KAO A- MOT)>UU>
.e earn Sewer 'U ear I4 -: Oih **eBt
J. AU1 IiDlA5 Loch B.
kilt *. settee ... .!.*. .It, theft sister, its.Alai. lit Oe U Kill Ilea. It* L I. LTJn .
.. t &d Date sled flat 1W 1 .
bon w b is enealatr a. *
tl*.. Bntk sets eidever.
aure MUMa.BM gre ad a **/"-"""*,
t.RIL p. tat bad M dldes.fleece e.e.r.,.. U Mite*. JACKSONVILLE DISTRICT OfFICES
s *,..U..r. :
t'Rt1IM 1lels.d tie III bf SJ WUT lAY ST. PHONf It 5-5412. IL '.llIt. J11l'
retired ..e. II year
./), UmWfJU *TTMCamat fill/., *.t a* artIIc.-
Miss. a.*. Pill a ..*., la tlMMdMllUg lt"Jttfarhlrka. rexour, K./.ca AXLES, i.u.MOTLEY ; "#'"

: tt M directed s gleealM pleat, retired ." .. T.C.C.IWAXOHSIil ,'"' '. s "
a* 1..1.. O 4..: Uetk.rrtte sheet 12 year* ..*. 4LP1uimiiur Ttlrtr0701 t /'JIk ", ,:... JDWrld '. .
JlUtIn& H,.. Of fle.
-- -----
lid news. isles Wes.
per hM u... pla if. ...-. .... 8 ... .' JKho.I". florid
i 11111 HIIIUu 'J' .. r :,
P4V1 tM rouNOio INn

MUEPMABJUOat /kl. i iififiri n..UI.Un I

Bt at bu n. IfllCI SUES III 1. Still


.e.A. ... .

-. '.- '.'- .':- ,J.J' I ---- -, '. -. .., ,4. '-- '.....-.' '' "' .',,:,,-- ". .. -- .---:.T- -":. - ."':'-.---. ;.. ... - -

...' I t

It C 110"1


.. .. .._

--- -----

And II Long Live The Queen! Jr. College Proxy. Food Fair Cites Teachers Select Miami Matron- Manages- Hotel Plant

Addresses Seminar 45 Truck Drivers Miami Delegates f '

TALLAHASSEE-Founders' MIAMI-Porty-flve Miami MIAMI--Congressman 3

Day and the }5th Annual truck drivers who regularly Claude Pepper (D-FlaO

Interscholastic press log in some 180 will be honored duringthe 1. .
Workshop (:l'o.inLuncheon 000 Biles'a .onth -over closing session of .v V

at Florida AIM university two Billion alien a the Florida state Teachers _

on Saturday, March year--behind the wheelsof Association's Diamond

13, was Mrs. Jenyethel rood rat r' ,Iuttr.ctortral1.r. jubilee, March 18-

X. Merritt, presidentof will 20. convention In Mi sal.

the Suwannee River receive safety awards In addition, delegate wIN
Junior College at Madi here.
representing some 2. 5CO
son. with records ranging members will debate 13

x The only lonan president from two to 17 years of issue concerning the

of a Junior collegeIn accident-free driving, group's future hold en CHARGE-Pis* Mildred Hodges.popular Miamlan who

the state of Florida, the 45 have racked up a awards banquet, present was recently general manager of the famed !Sir John

+ L Mrs. Merrltt Is shown emulative score of 75 a pageant plus' adopt a Hotel and its equally famous entertainment apot.

Mrs. Merrltt Is shorn year and 150 allllon wort.laden plan for the the Knight Beat Club Is seen tackling her new Job

looking over a prograar miles along Florida's next 12 months with pleasant but undaunted c sto. Her appointment

for HELP during then highways thout so'such All meetings, the banquet to the highly responsible position 1* a giant step

higher.education, legislative as crumpling a fender, and presentations for American -omen.Mis .

program caravan according to safety will be at the yfront Hodges' experience the night club and hotel

kick-off lunchoen In director Dan peace. Auditorium. field supported by her pleaaant personality and

TIll ahu.". All-tlie record setteris dedication to pleasing customers will be valuable
will be
Pepper' given an
speaking Rubin Denard of 1120 assets to her In her Jie' tome
'. Sharing the award for his stand on new job. saying, (
chores during the Interscholastic 1'1.' I. 55th Terrace, with over and see me BOMS tlllle.It '
civil rights. Thomas D.
.l Press fork-' 17 years and 765,000 Bailey, State Superintendent '
HER MAJESTY OFTOE ',FAIRWAYS An annual feature of Mlsnl' recent North South safe miles tbs equivalent -
of public in-
Golf Tournament la the Bathing Beauty Cbnteat sponsored by socially prominent of 33 times around struction and Peace Social Security

Mrs. Anne Packard shown crowing this year's winner, patricia ebb. other close the world peace said. Corps member, Kdgar!:

contestants looking on are Kynle Turner (left) and Juanita Nairn. (ADAMTOTO( ) in a tie for second Thomas lllllams, Jr.. Q. hen Is the proper tine' to apply for Mictal)
place are Dave Reaves, '
of Washington, will security disability Insurance benefits
414 N, P, 17th St. and
Beach Baseball Teams speak. A. Although there Is a 6-nonth. wilting period for
Miami Completes Leroy Owens 1101 fe. '.
Ih Beginning at 8 1'... the receiving social security disability Insurance
68tn 8t both with 19
combination banquet andpageant benefits In most cases the Social Security Ad-
Golden Anniversary Program, Racing, years. data Austin, 441 will follow the ministration can begin processing a claim after
St. has 13
., N I. 15th
MIAMI B! CH-March Is the month that Miami Beach Spark MiamiMIAMI years and Columbus: Stafford opening day's business the 4th month FarJy application means that payment

celebrates Its 50th birthday so It Is natural 1629 N. I.8th Ave. schedule.: can be made without unnecesssry delay after
that Dr. Gilbert Porter the waiting period la completed
an old-fashioned! party spirit Is pervading
--Jp has made It through the
the town. ...................... BEACH Fla.ThlsIs I L FSTA executive secretary A. I have been disabled for 5 months My factor
the middle of the 10th year.Certificates
Visitors of courseI plate with visiting celebrities Florida baseball season MIIUllln of COB will review the told me I will not be able to return to work for
day's discussions aided quit some Use.Do I bait to wait until I've been
in the city's
I still have all the seai 1 although it will be aendatlon and service
Bond attracttons"bau- Convention hall March shop luncheon was Irs. by put president Alvle disabled 4 fulltooths" before I can file for social
i another month before the pens were presented at a
Alice Dunnlgan education / Ben ton. security disability
j ballhorse racing, nightclubs 24 Then on March. 27 pennant races get underway ceremony held at rondralr'
consultant the Porter will also A. No. should
the Golden Anniversary conduct You get In touch with your nearest
theaters con'cert. In regular league scatters. Division
., golf fishing- parade will have all the play. President's coralttee on headquarters 7000 N.ff the history of the social security office as soon ss possible. Although
floats Equal Baployaent Opportunity FSTA in psgetnt form. there Is a 4-month waiting period before
and welcome of ,
they're to trappings fun indoor entertainment 32nd Avenue.POLICE.
the loyal partying too. marching bands and pretty the nosing six Washington D C. Moth .. Orl fin, retired you' can receive benefits, we can begin processing
First of the actual girls associated with weeks will be featuredby Commission Trades educator from. Fan your claim after you have been disabled 4 ..thl.

I birthday affairs la a such'productions. a continuation of 1ALL"tASl'toQ''! hun Francisco and the or'ganisation's Boost For Fund Drive

ball March 19. This will Patronize stellar night club productions dred whitetail deer fro secretary' first, will executive
be followed by a community llgltlmste
Louisiana will be findIng -
be presented a plaque.
luncheon com ADVERTISERS theater and concerts. new hones in Florida REPORTS

CAR 6DUK9, KILLS Bishop Hatcher,
Tune WAME Home Of The World'sChampion YGUNO GIRL ON' HIOWT

Mettle Jo 'tlggen 11, Dean EppersonTo

of 1449 NW' laid St. died

Disc Jockey March 9 in Jackson Memorial Head ExercisesBishop

Hospital after
L C. Hatcher and
having been struck by a
Dean J. B. Epperaon of
car across the street
Edward later College,
from her resilience! drivenby
till bo principal program -
Kathleen Dlorea Minus -
participants when
:21, of 3310 N<* saUl
. New 8f Paul AME Cbllru..a
Street police reportrl.

Unease taU.the vies -

tl had ohtsed ber'lO-..
,f-old! eousla7; Thelry lJf'LV AWI'I1.1'I.11' 'M' (left) chairman

o'2elll| ) Hall who reside tae fiud-nlaisa drive for the r.dart maters College

IB the vicinity, Development Fund receive 100.00 eostrl*

across tht street wielding butlom from George Starke III. polmarch of the

a belt for aome undisclosed Jar Alumni Chapter, of Kappa Alpha hi Fraternity.

reason and r oral of tae rue will enmstrvctiom of. gyatori -

Nicky Lee was returjilag home when urn to be known as Us Cltiiena sad Lay...'.

J ,, Holder of "orld11 the accident occurred.KXIFf. Baildiai. organisation may forward eontributloma

Broadcasting Record II'LDLlO AObMN to Mrs, wary T. Btsca tic prvcldot and trv.s.

228Continuous Hours Alfonzo Mozell CAPTORXO BT TO.CMfeilck C'I' ever of fro-America Life ls..rte fb. la car

Rockin Rogers apprehension bya of fdward water College for gymn t.rl** h...

police officer of wt (Royal Art 8t..lo ptteto)

alleged armed robber rr.
resulted la his belsg l* aedtcstee

placed !. couaty Jail Sunday
Dean Oversea former
on charges after the
stolen pastor of Old St Paul,
good were r.-
left $1,000 la the see
covered reports stated
church bslldtai red
Roberttarp. /4. of
prior to his assignmentto
2032 Nf 73rd St. told
the Deaa' post at
police that Jake Simmons
Edward eaters.
3of 6100 :M17U
Bob Terry He will deliver the

N1 e From 3:00: to 8: 30 Into> Avenue his. house followed on pretense him Sunday aoralag ........ -

Pro. IAMB Downtown The 3 P.m. dedicatory .
Ray of maims toilet
Fred Hanna Studio facilities eemoe will be conducted
by umber istcaer.

AND HEAR THESE gyp MEDALO tli..,':"t:SHORn."'p..STYLE......c.::S35.*:ns:.::

J.J.SEE j ---- ... -..-*.-,. ..d+

-r 6t -,1-.*.*.... *"..
.ao. -== MV*. M S. sop >V m..
.. ICAU.'t._M.r.
... ...... sew
.-. ..w.-: : &: .
I RADIO STARSWAME1260 sot ........ a m_.rve- IR'
..- C-8OIIOe'.o CIA Y
::- -.::.:= r:;:
-- ..... Imam
.... Toil
:" ...trcvr....f tall
swT14s .. .
w....,. ... .-II lnIilr
..... ar..y .

H: 1---- _. ..... S
w-M n.wow e..r W .. 1: :
.UI\i.- earl.
A M -
.. : t:1ii1
+ .e t= .r.rwr..W.-
:: : ..
= .
a W r. M -- S1
-. 09,5 "..8__ _
l J Jt .3-*Mil*-ry_'-.:.:w.ski.r t-.s .d:=-
WMBM r ... ... .w.
.-We-a .:.. .... w..... c.-r. hw.w i::
.. CARD_ _eesM_ .. -. ..
t Hear "Hot Line" Nightly AMI .. ..... =r.-u..w. ,.. ...e c_ _-_ __ i.
p.m. Spotlight 1 Predict 01 The Week i w .a.-ooh. ...
r e.oovcI.44 It".. .
.r: =: .zT4 :
, .. ... Florida .. .. b"Z -.: M.e,..., ...,
Miami _
.".. With VArt Green! \ : ; ., Iwo aw., Irq e.--,. .,. a..a ........ U." ,...
_ n!, ". , r ." ...\.' "" .

r.. ,.' ; I
H ,, : ,':.., "'j,_:,. .,_ V .1' .I "'. ..c.PAGE .

r-I I ;:: ::: MSECE 13. 1965 *> FIIIIB SIII---; I Plcl 11 ]

| Gilbert's High Riding Cagers Cop Regional Title ; Eye State Crown I

Grabbling Cater Shows Sisler Praises Top Honors For Capers Aid Mentor Former Jaxon Stars Couch Norman's Panthers

I Academics, Sports Do Mixby NBxhill's Spirit OB A&T Swim Team Engaged In State PIaY-Offs

After overpowering Lincoln of Gainesville
CQLUE J, NICHOLSON TAMPA-Maas.r Dick 81.49 to win their second consecutive North
GRAVELING.! La. (Special)-Johnny Coasaux scorns Staler was highly slated sits te. at MT Collegethlch east Region Class IV AA basketball champIonship .

the theory that acadeaUa and athletics mini alx.Coaeaui.a with tilt tine condition this year closed last Saturday night In their hone

6-5 Granbllng ........................ his Cincinnati Reda'battery.en sect the ssson record with the beat a 8-2 la gym Coach Oscar Norman and his hith-riding

College junior la antxeltlDi as his 21. 1 scoring reported in Matthew. Gilbert Panthers left Wednesday
i ita history, was honored
scorer r- average and 12.2 reboundsper for the opening drillsat i last wk at a dinner for the State Class AA tourney at Pompano
bounder and dribbler CM Indicate. Al Lopes Field la Beach eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeBossting
rated only a shade behind Coaeaui has scored 511 Tampa. Florida Twoofthe' of the Boat and 23 points paced the
All-Aserican Candidate points and retrlved 292 "nI. players look real tatter spectacular record In th..cJIo01' chaaplons. Gray hit for
Wilbur Frazier. rebounds la 23 gases for good" said Staler "I Mars forarly history 20-1 24. Kelvin Jones 14 and

He is a popular hero Coach Red Hobdys taut- don't think any of the of Jackaoavlll. andBernard the Panthers will sect Anthony Grahaa lltoooa-

'around Graabling and is trained Tigers bath,.,.. reporting today Vhlt. both ofGreensboro their initial foe Thurs plate the devaitatlon.

finicky about basketball In three seasons he has have any weight i for special, were praise.singledoat day. Oases will run in the srl-finalsOil*
bucketed through to the
1,232 points problems. Saturday
Ex-GJC Cager but it la In the class- Coning la for a large TRIFLC HONORS were wow by the Bthaa-Cookaan. Ca. Th* only regaining aea- night's chaaploaahlp bert blasted School Its
this bra of th* teas, first 8970 through Gray's 29,
ten season when
they the
SIAC Visitation
rooa that he wrsp-
reallyahiaes. pat oa the back fro.
Gets AAU NodST. title followed organised four up.nVD Grahaa's 20. Johnson's
skipper Slslr was vet- by runner-up honors to dark Col- years IN DOUBT
PITERSBURO"Two Johnny had a 3.5 aeadenie Bran Joe IUI'al1.'Jo. leg la th* S1AC tourney at Tuikeg, Ala. with ago the two had served In last Ssturdsy'achaaplonshlp 18 and Jones' 14 scoring

foner Gibbs Junior Col- average for the *." rIY.d.d Staler B-CC Coach Jack (Cy) MoClalran being tapped Conference aa co-captains for their sotto, the sprees. Johnson snared

lei caters were nosed fall semester and was weighted la at 224 "Coach of the Tear" and center Carl full foar-yasr swla Panthers were on the long 17 rebounds sad Nixon

to the Suncoast AAO AllTonrnaneat awarded the schoolaEgghead pounds and really looks Puller and Hal cola Henderson being nosed to the careers. and of a I,-. lead, thinpow.red completed 13 assists.
all-tournasrt tent Puller set a new tourney. Each of the selaaera
teas last Trophy"! last like h* is ready to go. into high gear
week. year. The trophy! la presented Joe you know weighed record in the sail-final Visitation sotto against was presented a gift cf la the second can to. mu. Watch This Clown
tllll Booker and Leroy annually to the 239 at the close of till Plsk U. when be tallied 80-polnta. Shown appreciation by Mrs, pled with the stellar

Canady foxier Basketball varsity athlete with the 1984 "MOa."81.hr had fro. left with their awards are HendersonMo Lyle I. Vereen directorof defensive. play of George 31-21 -1I

stars with th* highest scholastic high praise for '....U. dal r n. and Puller. (Photo by A. Paul Crawford ) food services, whose Johnson and scoring

Gibbs junior College average.An ton jo*" while oa tour dpartant sponsored the thrusts by Aleil Dray 20 IS 15

Cobras, were two of 12 art aajor. Coaeaai with the ..d.* PressRadioTV affair. sad Lawroc Nt Ion tosoar
named to the teas following is gifted with a curioea Caravan thin 1-CC Les.s'S..k.r' Svns1 Set-Up The sale dinner address to a 41-14 halftla 1 1

the annual Sun and absorbent Bind and later. "I wish I had w. delivered by Dr. lead

coast AAU tonrnaatnt is one of the suet refreshing treaty-five players with 8 New Braich John A. Tarpley principal Johnson with 30 rebound 3 2
which was held in Clear- personalities Jo. Nuxhall'a spirit and of the Greensboro 2' 4U

water. in college basketball.The deteralaatioa. Sister 62-61 !I. Tilt Ticket Offices Dudley High school Other To Head Clinic
Booker and Canady played alia forward had a had said. 'Joe gives you speakers appearing oa -.21 II

for the Lakeland QV- daxtllng high ..claoolear..r. everything haa got if TIJQ IT I CentraTOSCEOEE. the prograa Included: '
The Jacksonville suns Dr.Lewis C. Dowdy president 111 12 31
erals teas that placed you have an ..*.Ip..tfor Al a...BethunCookaaa *-
nnaouneed that there and Dr.J.E. Mar A. '
second to OK Tire Company Is four seasons at joe you can count oa College basket atlMHe s Up
of St. Petersburg. ,.stlak High la Moss- hta doing It. Joe got ball coach Jack MCClalrea will be eight breachticket shall Dean of Students. ftoaetlaes He' flown

In nslllni down the Till, johaay scored hart last year and it has been naaed offices downtownand Vance I. Gray adalalatrattve He adds, subtracts,
ausber two spot in the 3.134 points and was haapered his pitching Southern Interscholastic at the Naval Air assistant to the He works' It si ) around

tournament. Lakeland got naaed to All-state teas aoat of the raalnd of Athletic Association Stations with tickets president, presided. CHINO' ATTVrTION

good offensive support three u.... It was Jilt the season ** Jilt hope Coach of the Tear" available for asjor Turkey Season CI-27 11

fro Booker and< Caaady. reward for long hours of that he is okay ...aI.." after guiding hla teaa to leagee eihlbltloa gases .....................
and the regular Opens Saturday'
Booker tallied 30 points patience and fortitude. Naikall was rolling the 8IAC visitation BUNS

and Canady. 15 in the Coaeaai considered along in great fashion chat pioashlp and a berth sensor The Doentoen T ALLAH A88OC-Pi owl da stint Man's Days
,,-u loss. scholarship offers fro. la 1984 with four of his la the National Col Park ticket office will statewide spring Are Numbered
The two played togetherfor 34 schools most of first all alas belsgahutoata legtate Athletic Lass, 'handle regular goblar hunting seesoa
the Gibbs JC Cobras bleb were mayor basketball season will open one-half hour
when h* InJsredhlashoalder toaraaaeat. Nua *
SUNS tickets only but "11\ a Days are
and helped the to gain powers like Claclnnatl. asking Medalrea waa awarded aplaoie can .... thoae before auarlse.Ssturday, bereii".Health andfor
reservatloaa -
national recognition in Loyal of Chicago March II. la that portion
a dlvlsg tag oa June 23. at 1\1'." ".AlL for the aiblbttloa tune Can Be tour when
offense aaoag the nation's Indiana, Southern 1984 against laD Praa- Batarday night after the gate for the oooveolesce of the elate lo. IDIAID WATERS College You Know Tour Lucky

288 ...b.r. of California, Bradley and Cisco. This '..,.r.. his wildcats dropped a 82-91 of downtown shoppers.The sated loath of State athletic director, Clifford Oeore Lucky Colors ate

the NJCAA.Tby were also Kansas State before enterisg for ....U.*.JM fisish- ,.. to Clark College>> of three Road 50. The season (Jack) Paul. will tend 13.00 for your

Instruaentsl in helping Graabllng.He ed the season with a t-, AtlastIa the BIACtoaraaaest iklkltloss aajor will league be North of State Road 50 head lie annual fIAC: Intaracholnstlc Horoscops Guide for
Gibbs win visitation and call his choice "a record. f is sis. follows as will open two eeeka later Track HANTHPUI

tournaaent cbaaps in else declsioa. The ooaebackftiihallhaaaade B-CCa 89 aophoaor' Friday;April 3-Ciacla oa Msrch 27. Clinic this weekend la In toe blank belo

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Hall student profile IBM* of one of his psrchsse Jely 21 the touraaaeat'a kite vs Case Chicago ticsTI30 ..Htlve Director of will b*. Developing ssieeessfsl Office Ikii 1111. ar.In".

currently enrolled at his star pupils, Kobdy 1983 froa Baa Diego la sat valuable player sad Boa the Ore and prh aster nigh School villa. PIorid

Glbb JC also stood out labeled Coaesai "the oat of the not aatsisgia 8-1 forward dalcolaNaderea P.a..t ThursdsyAfteraooa Plan Co.alsslon bunt Track Prograa. On* of ,MAHK-...................
''Los AngelesCodgers
is AAU o.pet/tlosWsa1 best oitsMe shooter lathe baseball annals. Back ?'eaa aVae4 tithe tat sill ha allowed true the. conference top

wu .*.ed to the AAO All. BDUtheestera AUletlc oa Jane 10. lH4. rmihall All-teiraey ta vs. Jacksonville os-hslf hoar before coach., Conk Psul wag IWJ.T-'-......"......".
Tonrnssent' tt... Nail Conference." pitched ta-thirds of aalaaaag hag with fwllr Sues, 8sae Use 1SO ..srls* to 12 noon of Baaed HCAC "Track Coach .

who has already receivedas Th* coach added with for the Reds ale Pallor else set a '. p.a. April 8 and Thurs- each open dye Hunters of th* ,u," In 1983 DATP OP GIRT w...........
invitation to play subtle bite that he la aost two swaths before totrassest record by day NightNew fork asy take cobblers only and *.t. 141I. IMy
for Drake university possible s test short of his sliteeata birthdayto scoring 10 points against > Yankees vs, Milesak with a daily bag of one
sat jeer, played for his playlag peak Brvs! Game tie T!130
becoae the yesageetplayer Flak oaivrslty, and a aeason bag Haltof
St.Petersburrs Johnny's It use Jilt another way. vr to appear la la th* sal.flasl ..... p.a. April .. hOt Sea 'JcPte'lftt
Cleaners which won third of calllsg his a **r*. a aajor league ,.... He Tbs tlldcsts play their Boa seat tickets ere n. spring turkey bunt

place in the tournaseat fir |*M A1I-A..rlrr. the west to the alaora first NCAA toarseaeatgaa 81.00; reserved seats Ins seaaoa will close .
r ....0. adult general &4-
I sad straggled for yearsto 1. Loatsvllle, Kea- alsaloa 81, 2S; chlldres st BOOB, March 28, In .Mr"rfA.f. ..1 A44", lti.". fL 4 u s
aka it back, belageaccesefal tacky, Friday sgtlnst that port Ion ofU* state
S0< (to age 4).bleachr
la 1932. th* the ",.* 110. 1 _all eollege > located south of State
_-w'- first of his ala fall teaa la the netloa.rvasavlll TM load 50. The sorthers rANCT APALACHICOLA 50

.. ... .. ,years silk the Red*. *. Ticket irast*Local lose; pert of the. stale will! SHELL OYSTERS :a' 3
III ... .jaea .News Stand, Ill
'" .... .... ... ... ., Julia St. ) The Sports close at BOOS, April .. aell.l faseev.deeetM sells
Ii. There sill! b* ao S550
mot, 440 f. Porsyth st.tHeeerd's BAR iwaea.eiN.a
3 Negroes Named spring turkey season laAladiaa .wee. .._.
Ra i i9 Bar a tousle. Bradtbrd.: Mall'co. InWINO OYSTUI h Pt ,0. Pt. 11,11SILICT
338 1. Adaaa It. ; Lobby onn" Pr.11f0
., aiil Levy Count lee.Turkey .
af Praeeatlsl Bldg. .
LOOK biters. will!! be
All-Americans Coe.Isr.'Uaia ft.s .r.It" PeeJ" is a 7/A r.A1A1G1
Cigar required to possess a WHITING U. Ii.IPICNLID .
'NH tOU"*Tare ".,rt..t..ao..a Barry Mlaal Pla.j Bill Pleorj N. A. '. Jackaoa valid beatlsg II..... TROUT .. u u. ,t.
I ."'Ekssilrlef 1ietqg1 College's Bradley, Prlacetoa AlDavis. vlll. medal Bervlc; sad whea beating aa a MID. MULUT I0. n.. .. .. I,1teLAIGI
; 101 MUUIT LI. 2"
I. A.a. Cecil Field, .. ..
Jobs Aastlt vlrftlgaa'a f.......e; 9w.9 petal Service; N.A.S. wildlife ......t area SALT MUUIT .... ..... LI.2f,
Cause resell sad 81* Isles, Ctah state; Gall tat bunter" sect have a SALT MULLIT 101 .. Of .. L1. tI.
welter. awe Stall worth- ...drlch, U.. .; Fret aypert.. Mental sen .......t peralt.Th <>..* lit fM
vice.; Doeatava Ticket /....'Ni/1eu .MINi//a
have ba aeaed. took petal DevIdeas; Clyl fotloelag elldllf
.,1 .agaila** ta-aaa Alt Lee Vanderbilt Castle Offlc. teeaalsg park ......t areas elll b* ClNUINl BID INAffH a II. 91*
Bowls .f Tea, Btadatpaaaea RIO 8A11 18. 49*
Aaerlca tea, picked by Bsssell llchtgas awe eras far the special
sad Suaay .., ... KINO MACUUL InAKS ?. II. 49.
the tailed States Baa Mallwonh. tichlta. .. will aa ,...ht .... tine gobbler beatlsgasoa. SPANISH MACKIRIl II. 19.
ketaall writers AswKlalloa. there caea.t a* five arch I9-38; A*
4e ticket alllbasvsllsal Me |sees .1/e' t* M I ey MM MBONELESS
better players la aal- toe park, Cheo.. asdRichlaaa. '
at all eight places. SHAD FILETS r'e
TV All That
f Merits eeleetlass lose thea Jots Mali Portia -

,, aad fey the declare Bostaa College Lewis NiloB! af the U...... sr** JUM9O SHRIMP U. 11..14M.D.
writers alse-ass ..- aaara But>>* May la loos lying aarth af Stst >M8IMPCIAIMIAT' II. 19
Nasal awards _IU.. a4diag: load 90 elll ages March
I.! Bird Uf.'AUAI =:=:tuut'
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, KEN KNIGHT nave are available far WHEN YOUR Id L!" n party!

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1400 WIHC 1400 U the flatiM sad aaatIM -
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- A A A' -. ___________..... ___


I .

'Paralytic City Spreads Welcome Mat For Annual Afro Sessions POLICE


A 51-year-old paralytic .M
accideatly burned bin- ..MIrMu Miss Ruby Williams of

melt severely Tuesday 1977 Baldwin St. reported .

night titer lighted she aceidently

.a teb ignited hit knocked over two burner

clot be.,pol1 c. reported portable oil b.at.r-tD
Report Indicate that the living roon.

Jesse Stokes, 58. of 1151 She received second-
Lincoln tried to light a degree burns over her
cigarette and Ignited body and was treated at

nil shirt thus causing Duval Medical Center.

the fire to spread over Patrolmen H.N. Graban
him body.Hearing. and M.P Harris, investigated
ft; .
Stokes screening -
in pain Corlne .

Stokes broke down the
door to the vlctln's
room and put out the
fire. ir % 'ROBS Lee Boynton,

The victim reportedly 1M 33. of, 1408 Davis Street

had Buffered strokes on reported a robbery
three previous occasions tempt, b,. four youths at
and was unable to help Davis"snd Third Sts.

She-said she way walkIng -
himself, reports con
-- -- --
along the 1300 block
tinued. HAPPILY JWKMJNCUIO the year 1964 as being the most tin, Mrs. Sandra Gadson, and Mrs Viola Harts ore, Tampa; a.P. Sims, Athens, On.; J. Weaver and
of Davis st. when the
At Duvsl Medical Center outstanding in its 64-year history board a en ben, field Hone Office enployes. Center photo: J.A. L.R. Ralford both of Jacksonville Standing from
reports revealed Stokes manager and top agents from 29-dlatrlcts of the Batts (right) Vice-Pr ident-Ageney Director, presents left: C.,. flibson, Miami; A.C. pink Port Pierce; Quartet leaving n cafe

suffered first second Afro-Aserican Life Insurance Company, converged on the Manager of the Tear trophy and a $100 a Wllllmms, Athens. Oa. R.H. Webb. Atlanta; !. r. approached her, tried to

and third degree burn the city for the annual Feb. 25-27 annual neeting. check to H. & Morris of Birmingham Ala. A More- Spikes Savannah Oa.; '. Btrtley, jackaonvllle; cut snatch her some packages
on the back, and
on the left upper por Tours of the Naval Base at Mayport and other sites house College graduate, Norris and his wife who R.C. Spann Fort Pierce; M.J. Hanna Miami V.V.
then fled from
tion of his body. of Interest plus a whirl of social events were interspersed is employed by the Blralnghan Public School System Fields, West Pal. Beach; p.j. McIntosh Jacksonville the scene.She ;

patrolmen C. Burton and during sessions of various IrouP'.A IOn, are the parents of a son and daughter. Morris/' ; 0. Hugbley Miami; p. Alexander, Tyler MedlcaX was treated at Duval.

0. Bradley inveatigated those in attendance at the Managers' Banquet in had prior experience with two other companies before iexuG.; Vaughn Miami; A.D. DeVoe. Daytona Beach; leased.. Center'r. and re

spacious club Eldorado were, top photo left: Mrs. joining Afro in 1953 Upper right: Konoreea and N.B. tllllaas, Jacksonville. Managers I.D. : .. !
FORD'S Lenner Hart John Young Miss Prances Sapp, and who joined the vaunted President's 11,000 Club Harvey (center) West pals Beach District and. f.J. ..Jo. .

Mrs. Jon ell Rickenbacker Bottom pin seated from for 1084-65 are: Bested from left.: H.B. Ferguson, Etherldge. pensacola District who tied for, run REPORTS LOSS Of
Television SHOPReconditioned leftManager: and Mrs. W. Sullivan of Tyler Texas; Mlanl.; 0. Spearman, Miami; N.L.Williams, Jack ners-up in the Manager of the Tear competition ARTICLES FROM ROOM

Mrs jeannette Lindsey and Mils Ruth Thomas of the sonvllie; U J. Butler port Pierce; R. Miller are shown receiving award checks from vice ,r..l.d -

Hone office. Standing from left: Mrs. Mildred Mar Cordtle, Oa. ; R. Nbb. at. Petersburg, r. P. Oil- 8'1 t.4 f 4n! C'Y Director J.A. Batts.. Clarence King of 1I3JW.
------ --- -
24th St said he
Prajir TH MiifctiistPiwir Hisbiod Tailing left hone Friday at -
Grant Memorial To
To Aiotbir Woman Program Fielden Served Store Operator u a. .. and that

II The World Annual Women Day Sunday As Azalea Judge1II'i when he returned at 2:00P.
Beatio By Wife Captures ... i he noticed that
Won en' Day observanceGrant is scheduled Sunday
the front
porch screenhad
Fete bend your mime tnij address Charles Harvey of Memorial AME Church, Clay and Orange Btreets.lalraan Shop Lifter boen.removed sod the
3518 Stuart st. reported -
from $20.95 up. Fxpert and find out how Miracle Miss Areatha Johnson is cl and Mrs. Lottie widow opened
Repairs. Free Esti of prayer; can .oco"pll h early Wednesday Mae Rose and Mrs Lenora Smith, co-chairman. An alert Broad stoperator further
mates.Phone 355-9436. wonders for you t,tlt.; he was in a Bar The Sunday School COB- .<>.r.t:;. > of a variety A investigation
talking to a woman the lesson, The that a phileo
Bences at 9:30: a. .. with goods store captured and
SISTER FANNIE HOWARD when his wife came junior choir will serve television set valued at
Mrs Lillie Mae Jones U held alleged
an shop
1310 Main At 3rd St. and 00 and radio of
e24 s. Mlcklgin, Chicago, by and an argument superintendent Mrs. religious numbers' lifter after his aecoo- f 100. a
111. developed. Brills L. Tho... willSETZER'S will be rendered by the place fled from the $30.00 value were Bias-
] Gretel and Gertie Talent lag.Pstrolnea.
scene, police reported
Now Owned And Operated By also School.be rendered Selections by will the Hubert 'fettsteln president and A. Oriaaoa w. investi Chums

Junior Ensemble of Auction City gated.
Teachers will be Mrs Inc. said two Ben entered .
Motley Enterprises D. C. Richardson Mrs. the store sad
Delores Fenette, Mrs M. roamed around In different MT HDtMAN SCHOOLBORBOOP

Food Fair Cottrell Mrs, A.C.T. directions.One BOOKS

Knight Mrs V. til 11... P/LATKA-Welknown/ Hani of the Ben, identified Mt. Herasa Blenentary
Mrs C. Kate, Miss Ruth ss Frank Smith
advertising and public School was broken into
Ashley & Davis Haynes 'Mrs.' Virginia relations eiecutive. I. walked about the store sad books,, valued at

r, Harper Mrs. Dorothy Arthur ,ridden is one with the proprietor 142.00 sac reported
Lowery. Mrs. A.P. Clayton of the four Judges supervising asking prlcea of various stolen by Mrs. Brltt.

'Hiidq.irtm For Mrs. M.L. Cratley, the annual Aisles items but side no st* It is believed thst entrance
1 Mrs K. Bod1son Mrs. 0. teens Contest here tempt to purchase, the was side through

4 Fort Mrs. R. ,..tUn.IIh. which began Friday and victim continued a window police re-
Quilt Low Prices ti It V. Harris. Mrs A. ends Sunday with a colorful He added that the other ported.

sl, Bud and Mrs. D. B. John p.."" t. Ban picked up B Grinder Patrol.ea'J.J Doe and
f 1
son Mr. Fieldn I. who ia affiliated Ran Dual (beach type) '.0. Mack bu.tS pted.
0 Morning service beginsat with BishopricGreeaFielden. / heel. valued at S24.00 .

10:45: a. .. with aedl- Inc fron the coaster aid
Have Mercy MRS Inn 1rIMAR tatlon by Mrs Clotee participated ia the Judging walked oat of the front LOCAL MAN REPORTS
N.R. M01LEYNate door.
Manager Bookkeeper prldgea; processions, of Miss Florida of
Mercy President SeeY. a Manager Money's "tipermtore choir; call to worship 1"'. and has also served hen the electric alum Nathaniel Campbell, 22..
OeneraJ Mgr Mrs. Zelsa B. Johnson; ss coordinator for sounded. WettsteiB ran of 131 I. DBloa Bt ,
opening aya.Mra. '...1. both the Orange Howl and after the suspect, held reported he was walklsg

MIRITA-13Ox. LOAUAL Foster; prayer Mrs Gator Bowl appearances the wheel and the san along f. Ashley Bt. in

mT-ralSH B REA D ma.. BID .AU Daisy B. Kelsey; selection of the last seven Miss ran, fron the scene.ettstein tke BOO block when fivenea
choir; scripture M.rieaa. than caaght grabbed hin sad
Butter Milk 'h W 39c IOc CHUtE BOAST n. 3k In. L.M, Smith; de. Me Is past presidmt of and held Smith as he at- heated hin about the

lIB BOIST U. 5k calogue. Mrs. M. D. U.,. the Greater lust Association teapted to leave the head mad body

Sweet Milk 'h W 49c PI I C N i c s cauc stEAAK lb c: Hiss Also Polly Blssloa Brooks offering.; solo end of AdvertisingAgmncten is presently a store ML after the' first flaed,. we in treated oval and Medical con

Mrs. Ruth Use, guest n nenber of the National Center by Dr. earner.patrolnea .
; Pound 29c ID STEAK Da 5k soloist; anaoBBcemeats.Mrs. Bales Iterative Alachan CountyDesegregates C.T. ..a..-

t: 1I1HIn SmLODf STEAB lb lie Agaer A. talker; Club end the Pwblle Ctllltles Schools dos and i.4 Massey Is-
t.; ARMOUR STAR offerlac appeal. Mrs. Advertising -. .uUatf4.
SUGAR R Virginia Ora,. Mrs. sociation.He OAl.iaVILLI--HtioaJ
attention became fowled
h Counsel Carl.,. Mrs Is also oo- to..d.r
upon AI acM: a Co.." this
5 amt 29c Sadie Johnson. Mrs. Margaret of the anneal Joseph L
Pound 45c nuH .... uu week when ite school
wwe a., M Ma M..a Coat el lo; words of Lee Day program along
: A-Mt c.".., PORE BOAST Da !!Od appreciation. latroduc- with the' jacksoavillo adopted board aaaoaaced apian Wednesdayto It had .
tics of ,visitors Miss Fep.I-Cola Co. and the
FUlKS 3-1hs Ik BACDOvrn... ... eonpletely! 1 desegregate
"IIIti A. Joaaaoa; solo Mrs. Florida DTA newspaper
I ILUI pun IMOItID Its school system conethe
MAYONNAISE SAUSAGE 3-11ts Sk 'OIl BlMS .lb10c & Use; iBtrodBCtloa of. which la programed her fall ten. lEI Till IIIIS'f.
Mrs. Thelne I playground youth In the
A_ ......, speaker la fully\ cMplylag with
SPARE IllS Da ISO Piet car small apeaker. Mrs. GateCity.. Title VI of the 1M4 Ml e1, -J... Callas

Plat La.. P..s1.. POll ClOtS 3-1k. Cdvla B. thlte; tavlte- KKK Joined federal civil Rights fields S.*,-... A..F

-..... --- PORK ms 3Ik ties. Rev. Mra. Jeaaye Act. the Alschma action 110 Pet gee ...t..,,.
Jackson; observetleae.Mrs. Society Recently allow parents or gnerd '.T.
Lillian aaall; r-
'II WII I" CHIli TINDal 1m ATLA rA.Rrl.TIa. lau of eoi child their
SUDS I aarhs. benediction. Rev. KBlghts of tie KB KlaxRlan
choice *f scnools.
EGG FLOUR LIVER T B Johaaon. pastor.KALEIS have Joined the MAIDSFOR

FRYERS EITVE STttt dreaded '*sr faces are IITIA MtKH HH

2. 99c 4..... 89c 5 UN 29c LIt 2Sc red" society, I Per BMt. OMVM. le *'''.
ISEi FIINITIIE Janea R. Visible IB-
IUDGIT 'USH IIUCT private P..e. llagle er NEW YORK
CUT U. BACON !Ie All ClITIIICj penal mtrard aawlttlagly Wle. Call ....IIIU Me. -
RECB BORIS Da IDe .l.n: Oysters Based pail R ..... I .. sad t ,. .. Jews ger.etee4 M ef-
FRYERS MllflYRr w Beliesea, SIa negro"great rival ran ill te 141weekly
IRnKIr meum t CHI 2k 2 BATS HIT titan" .f tke Live la faa..'
STEW III Zk 1.19
99c amt (B Kiel Klaa ia Idaho Ill IEITIISKAfT BMM.VM e.m Law. kU ,
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SAT. I tc J
III' tlllATIES dL lie IUNluana.aftIIMI Cpoa learalag of his m KWAKTrrt. TV. writ f.r ,..,...*
T. T. SIT IDS n. 3k mistake. Visible $" t..u. BM tle *t entt
aA liD IWIIT SODAS SIN. 1 'ti I declared that Bellee s .Ieru.UI n-&...... J"... tree gilt we are

Collards >lBTATBES Ii lie 6..16., ... B ember ship way %ereayrevoked. Dneu.t.l.Tee.......* rued. ... a*** lad ,...
HENS I ass m M st in. N. Itfli .*.u. eater tan tll.MHr BW *.r wf r.fer.ee e. ML

FI8 !CMOTLEY'S week, ReeHvat ..,. rums snwCT. It] .. nts
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lit lOc 2 .....a 19c !. ere MM, work SMK*. eJr.h Ill* tettMBt ft ft-IVST. Street. ',....n..m. T

*ter. >.**ere ...."a... SALE


SUPER MOTLEY'S DISCOUNT lecher studs. .pletaree.*.t..u. effle feet illEl PArNT 7'CICL9:: COR-FIICI

CENTER ....., 'Ulieg ..'h.t.. liaise .mcal e 1"-**, ALL uuniic HUX TvrwnaCor.
STOlE ..t.r..a'.r., refrlg- UU4 amenkmttaele*. Brad nai uaiej TL 1.215

.,.c."... -u. Hat, 4.conta.. .... Ort.lsiprise
t .15 W. Ashley' St. 45th 4 Meicrief cells skirts, 14 lee* dos B** *IseB.e INDEPENDENT OIL CO.ujGFTKmtr

'* tests. Jackets, dresses >r ...*** a* p-r* nt* wwsth. .
: :; PHONE fl-5 6524 PHONE PO-5 9281 ... eklrta. BILL TUB OLPOa :: : rfuvrmr

;! .Onto ad ..... xn M pair pait. VECHANIC OM DUTY
1 ii-;' PRICES tin FRIDAY SIIHIII 111 IMM Dt-IOt-IL"n." v IU-IMB. lit jot erA .................... Proprlet"tau

'. fry. Tae Pint avi and Jffer oaFLORIDA 3trHt.... n. 2.433 v

_. .. .'S :..... .- ... ., -" a.-. -.. .. _. --- ..--- -... .- .- --- -