Florida star

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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200652datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date February 27, 1965dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=006520740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
February 27, 1965
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
System ID:

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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
February 27, 1965
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
System ID:

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la Baiford state Prleon'* Man Ape Interrupts Rirriige Pleas
death hooes*-.., hale
caught a fay of hop
troD action .,...ID, VOL 14-10. 41 SM.IUY YAM I, ISIS 15 CENTS
troD GOT. He-don Barn * *
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atatoaoat Goy.raor.given to la the a PREJUDICE BLOCKINGFLA. Yard

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appeal to reduce thedeath by city boat eld*
sentence to llflaprleonnent Investigators aid laons
i la rap *****
. eoarvlctloo. Givei Highest Post For Women -'\
I 'Hi* HAACP Legal Defenacfund FoatdriiRiOi I
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effort to change life ProgrinsSaai \ l

laprlonnat for death. FII. IJ'y
entered a aotlon la- IB
Loa Circuit Court la By DUC 0: IIII" ::1t
behalf of .11 I h. Ben Florida citlseaa who
Jaala Craig, convicted night be eoaderlng why
of raping a whit WOe the sunshine! State la ao .L A
.... tar behind other states B. IIIU.IK
la addition to Craft la developing prograaa ... shot to deathbeing
0.,... at under the tatl* Poverty LOS .
the Legal held la county ANCHJB: Mrs Baa C'ooh. widow of th* rock
torn*r a art trying to Act CIA see BO. that i iNQ Jail without bond. V roll singer who wn* hot and killed Decwaber
save two froa the chair there has been ooaald- round lying la front 4 la a South LA sot.). and Bobby wbaach, ::10 (back)
.Jerry Cbataaa and Bab craNe foot-dragging oa of S.OJ Stuart It. witha apply Mr a aarrlag llcente here february 3hat
.rt Shulr-*coavict.d state and BOB* local bullet wound la the wr turned away because the would-be brldegrooa
for raping whlt .oa.. 1..parUcularJ' On- neck was Otis .. Miller did not have the written consent froa hi* patents
Bum also stated h* val*'obvloualy becaaa Of 110S I. 31t It. The or guardian. Mra. Barbara Cbohe It. Intended towed
would not alga the death of prjndlc*. third suspect beingqueatloned laaedlately and travel to the Baat CoaaU
warrant of 11 other COB School Snpt. Thoaa la ooanectloaBTBYC (Vfl fHOTO
vleted of rap* until Bailey, last ....cIa1. _
Craig ease haa .... led th* Stat Ctblaet
handled at th* b.Ptlt action which atated It 3 Die Rushing
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poalahaeat la rip* ca of any anti-poverty progress the Katloaal Aaeocletloa for the Una...' Of Colored People ralaea her right Mother To Hospital
continued: which have not bees
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'. rather ooaeeraed nnt Mbaltted to Oov.Haydoa .
air aa h"lIattulDroelb f reel dent, the highest and beat-paid Job ever held by" a
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.a* not opposed to capital The reeolatloa order that B* bad erltteafederal affldavlta relatlag tie to Interpret the reseat Mae Mitchell Hall U,
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"orlda'. n eoatla .ortanlty for M- ply eU theN_ federal ad ..,,0'" Our faculty' the "h..,. Mot af eoroaer a Jury IB the
.*r. *.,.et" to alga far prop,laU state panic* The Cane Blaadlag site civil Blfhte L.. I* nay tahlag laltlal) the group ere adult ,... 24 fatal aaootlagfa the Center and later
area 3. letter telling pities ta the plaaalag.develepneat ... '.00..*..*. by th. rather than rtet a out steps ta eitead and ea- At about the tea Ue ,n till by aa aff "1......
the federal go vena eat and iMlea Bradford lout Develop* fff federal aid ,...... rich oar ,,.".....'.nl Negroes la several care duty city detective.Pur The e ia eel M| aotbr,
they *o.ld not aerial* ..tat". af the prJeet test Aetborlty aad can State School bnt.-toeaa faealty altteee have la 91 1 red about enter lag la i the leant eoa- Ire. Mlanl Pearl. '*!-
late la the *.* at federal ," lacorporated aa part efth 0. Bailey Hated Ue all b.es arganlted to review th* Joy Lea Drivels )*. ducted b, peace Justine I I.., 1$. of IU' Coal
faad*. Jeffereoa Ca.er levee of the fo- uertbrep Corpora cow t lee a* pale Beach.ilecaaa. the cvrrtealua aad ar- cated son,. af the elty.AdalMlta Doreae Drale, the Jryruled Idle ..., *.eo.panled
nut Schoal'a Board sale OVpartaalty Act, U..'* plea ta tahllh Cttru. pilea.Slade ganlutlo.s1rowe0urn accordtag ta thai detitlve b, her ....'II'. flllletallaee .
Bas caargvdotth racial local ....,...'. eaa godlr a school ta teach elee *, and pYeecbebee. aa that the eealth of a wttB***. was sot refd Sgk Lft. 0y was act. 21, ea* la the
dlcrtataatla.Attorney tif t* th* federal trlcal and aeihaalialahlll Alechaa aad Isles an.* resources fre. ..ltu.a. ... the "Megroeedrove IsI.. U* II** of duty ether ear M route to th*
John D.*. repreeeattBg go..n..*t far Mtttng U rocs ... bet piled TuMday, bat It eaabel .. elUeut oar .*.U- .*.,. tea la. the IJ".V>etlg It. af ta* Center, They were belag
the CaagreeaOf sop project each a* Jb eeea II u31, Vaderfederal I ved thel r af n davl ta title any hee/l-oiat-ly. At the lasso Tueetre, t. driven b, fleeter. Lewi,
Beclal IgwlltrO'rttfcowlalad carp*. las It will la* arrived la Tallahaaeee .tlU...." a auaber af ehlt pa The deleellv said be a a eta*-,.
t.* th*( V.I. Blea haa tatted *evral tegrete*.thereby p rev lagtralalag to* late.tteefflc. D.ea CUrtI has ..*.a a tress left the theatre. eau wrklag elite .ffdty City Painless f.L.
eatl>pverty prograa sal a aaallaaiary ... fereaceaelth fr th* Taalaalfreighteay Mile ad r.,. nuatraid .
Board of IdueatlM lint *f i<.U. series *f sit aaay af the reolvtigah
Saturday that Jeffereo .. aad aa tae tt.feterebarg. far ...,. ask ... Nee aatherlfed to four year l..tl* r.,...* II they eeateeurltyguard the death ir fall..dtostap 1'
Cowaty ...'I Mealy lag *tan U at lag elite drput aadtho deterelae whether .,.- tetloa cub ,vee lallalig left the facility. ,eethe ef.1e breaking aae Isle three a at a red light
elth the Civil right directly with the fedral ** ftaaaclally aaableta tea plaaa ta **e.ly *r aa sore aeholar* and U **' lrech .1 the \
... iruih trailer Pet 24t
., odac ClsePeedered
set goveraaeat. ctrtaaveat the civil ships. lar the Oik*. r4 Purse right, treat' leader by I
On. firther elated that Bailey baa .... fealag tlea.IB. note I.*. sates.CMereed I Ill fear St.Statlag t..,.' ear Lewie ear ,
adlllUa ta the By h* laid th*
far uteri eeeh* aver .
ties eerve4 lloapal
th* Jffroa Pearl hadahiltted geveraer s **d.reaeat With Homicide !I. M. Y. yeetht they ..,. rider
a Realleer ef fcrt* "y largest Bart af shrubbery asIa ,....
School hastens arrest Den sell h
nest plea stet did aat .*r. dl recur ., th* It was t 1045 five hour after
,. .., r bore the ta halt bat
until .1. .
all frragrade-by-grad* aUeeny ptvgraa. BBeogtlate Begra q.tle4 a, sines.thl..5.5 the eeal.it, lira., ..J-
ttlaea art **ap.rttac lid.| test, they he>taa rwalag. Me .
directly laee Nye birth to a 1aad'11'ca.e
..tI.. af its
** *
the fl-H at the trio.
MtaUlehMat ef the
leeaJ. Mal geese'Ten the fh gnat taU the peesih11itr .,.
Malta scheels. This.P. ... ., Ue ballet kill p
t* a Btroag feel* reject leel* Carter, rr of hrlaglBgahage
stated provided ,nt4MaU. lag that Bailey plaeed .ie.*tlve a.rtary .f Mit .aool lag llu sad U* t*> RandolphTo
.. by Ueery Bat ....., the pragraaaetlehh the Jak9avll Crbaateagee ......., Btldge fear there were amwade4ffttae
not la tract It. Iran *et *p la Ta- ha advised .,* son |* .tll I ***.r *tady.Ckrlag **** ald they Sp ik
Chart* that tta CINe.u ,. .... Bleal bc.*e Be- f let ale *f the argaala* s a Jaa. II Beet heard D.rteVMt'Jt" A. f !II llpTKadopb.
*eat ta poverty failed a' ewes have b.. level vedla t Ines' S ee/a isait ,&1... Islet the MA,..' aeardtraetee stem u... before he toted civil right and
geacy pregra aad the p reject*. rend sub frldent tlllla .. It e.e reae4H ... storied Sinai his w.flel.t later leader, will eyeehkere
to hash* Para th* *talag af the VI RA B shun af Sdeard that fee re**, aacid affllUU tan ..*., sight at I
saw aat laterracial site Training regrea ta It. eaters Ceg. ir.. (t*_ee te*.aer, lifted they Bed lest t... durlag a ,,..r..
ala filed. ftera rg. aica Pr,. rimy Macs vleepreeldeataf b. charged sits IBM* ..e 121,000 la .-..... .,.*eerd by the JaiIraaeft
n/"ul.. *f i.gins. Wes. BIN Jeaaaaa ...1. th errs ...,1... .I* roJL e1e Beral free Bevlo**rtlag..*ath tad lest seed set ... .**'.... CII ftr VM" let after he s*c arrested febreary *eta la awn tie eU the tee. 7thvyeatt er* by thu...... Md I* a ) ley let Chereh..

OM1* .eahjct ofaaalalat ..II rtth .*.. af th* 0. ftaelte, prealaeatft.tadirlile etch the .......*..1- *,..... ."..., .,.'.L Of Negro, e tiled By tale afnclal .. Capitaltill. aayalclaa.aad BaUer IB Oe i*..iad set attested ta tte cee this twtlla.fra. B.. Maaeeartlyd> ,....,.. hlatarty
...U..tl.. pr..Lwt.t Iris e. slap***, far.BMlaiae Auger er Held arewicly, .,*!*.! 1* preellealf The ether tea yeethe eeett la J*<*. .j I
Peel. Jetfetatint It .*.*that Bet ley ad fieri d* star pebllsberstn 1heM huaaa* ea* ... .a.urd. 1-....., r.1- aeUUeeUle hr** Vaad 111 f4. a beart*' Beat wevllle prier t* .*.. '
Iaravaat Aa ether cblt aeaberaaat t* aorrlM La .11. l.ets th. atlag *f Mlala I february llel.Ipl ce Jai Chester ..fU. peeaat t .....* "ides ,Istlsg his _II... ed .
.a lest B rra IB. alaea **.*clty .1.. tea M'J)) u.n. I rehe* .*r.. teal tea,
reel ati a. OMUaaed a* pass It) f laaalaaCoaaUtte*.


1'1' __ -.. .. --- .., .-....... ..-----......-- l' __. l'
-- -

Jl' J. .
1 I
I 1I I
Pill I \ FLOIIOA STI1 pIFEIi t sIiusosr MUCH I, 1115 '

"of'O'lruHlIDA.r. NEWS STAft Ptlltlcs' As Usual

r'IUI11.rt, by The florid .tar PubHUUng$ Co. !.f"p' PIPACgESs if EPIC i, smrsox

llC| 0. lIMriOH; ,:.MHulii UltrrHYSON '

E, fill.... .. '", KtwTIiitifHIM .. ;JC;; Civil liberties, 'Union Concerned
_i!, '
IflOHH". ..""ClfHlitln Hiiiiif 1 1r '. F With physical Attacks On Negroes
lAIN OFFICE i rum'; s : .
NFW YORK, H.J.--A more rigorous policy of

3J2J) Miierlif' IH'!., ..n.., llfli 4-IW releasing information concerning attackson
Negroes and civil rights supporters in
tllllll AHmi.MJ Louisiana vat pressed on the Department of

In justice bj the American civil Liberties
MUickiiullli 1fluU.; .I Union.

The organization released a letter sent
to Attorney General Nicholas Katienbach
1)1)1 HI M An rim an-lI21 f r f plNll'lYIRYININOMNl stating that such a

".--" .:0' ...... 1'would make clear

/flJlftClUmllf MTWr to federal hare an government active

ont r, iaw n$lf 'tar, '..00 : awing that the P0l1Cl1

ultle4' to YOU Ajijrfhire In thl Unlti4 statwsubiorlption rights of people are
purftble In slvince
ted. Such a posture way
stud Check or tt>nr Order to:
segregationiets from striking
the next blow and infuse civiBIWPSON
KORKU ST.'" P.n. BOX BAl r
rights proponents with a new breath at
Jacksonville 1. Flnridai
..._- courage to advance their lonely but vitalbattle 1
TO WHATIHIHtHCt.ortrfiuwa f To remain silent is to create Just

Tint Far A Sictml Ltik town BUT IY 4JSWO OTNU6 It'I(. ., the opposite effect."
t ::'Lfj 1l'J(IJOMNSYIJURA4RlrL' The letter, signed hy its executive director

17 1411 J. CARTW III ttNITNI4 I John rie J. penbertnn, Jr. sun
luc,, h. iMrwtinr JM Uitw" H.KU t IN.IOWWRYGWRlAANPTN" -' ported similar request made hy its affiliate
()IIrlN7IIIIWIITlJltJ Otl/' the Louisiana Civil Liberties
with regards to persistent complacency w rlll.s.4lfl wcirt'n Union, following three recent episodes of

1 I so evident\ In any areas of Intircglturalrelation I racial violence and haraaaaent in Louis

*, Gunner M/rda! noted Swedish AMERICA'S TWO WORLDS ana. Theae are the murder of Frank Harris

eccnoHit and sociologist, must'wait s Negro of ferridey; the destruction of
v/e/ cannot plead that we until two Negro churches in Joneehoro, used for
all the facts are In because we know racial meetings; and the cancellation of s
full well that all the facts never will I be public ...Unlln Bogaluaa following direct
nor can we argue that the facts speak threats tar the Ku Klui Klan.
for themselves and leave It to the politician 1e realize as does the Louisiana CLU

and citizen to draw the practical Your WeeklyHoroscope I that disclosure of unevaluated FBI Inves
conclusions The facts are much toe ; tigatory material is an infringement of

plicated to speak an In 'III- civil liberties itself"the 4CLU said.

language by themselves "Re suggest there ere several things that
They must be organized for! the Department of Justice can do. Onewhenthe

practical purposesan 1 no one! ... incident first occurs it can declarethe

can do this\ rare :adequately: than! Guide executive branch's abhorrence of harasNHfnt -
we ourselves, 1 1
and violence and promise s swift
I began this article' on thlilnote and vigorous investigation. it can
because I firm y believe CA. repeat from tine to tin ,secondi Investigation
that the forty-three percent of this city's' y PAILO Th ASTROLOGER la continuing and that persons responsible

population needs to vocalize an urgent demand for emitting illegal sets will

for the objective evaluation of what WHICH ARE be arrested and 8uch s state-
Jacksonville HAS or HAS t NOT done for Its YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR vent may even d froA.cuted. nature of the

Negro citizenry crime, for example, whether the church
Anyone who works In this field of race BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL hinting was an attack of arson or the enjr-

relations know how often In his comnunlty der was based on antl-Negro feeling --

he hears the remark, There Is no prob U without disclosing the names of suspects
seems to be aware of the or nthrr Information which could easily

under-currents of friction and hostility RIKfI] Ideality :people This nay not result in
until or unless violence break out, Then Born March lIt AND'' HCNDIC.P/. UTI TO MIMI YOU PIACI, THI lIONPOINT| TO TM[ release of A ireat deal of specific Infor
ttlrurrU LATTIl At IIINO TNl r a.
Us a different 9-BO22. )915-9 52 RlAMItM YOUR 'INTINTIONTO oration but it would be more than Just the
from pllchaloQlca'' lath CA NCFR STAND IY YOUR COW.N yoiio owl roi THI Tint
a point of view, the bland announcement that an investigation is
'1'411'10' or TMIMANTHI M UCHf MITMtNT/' '' '' II''NOr kmoua114011 or
strategy or the denial of ,existing' problems Rom June 22nd thru heing conducted.
f I TNT 'IN 10M'" IeiONI S40U.I44234) YOU M 0 Af MIOUICiruLMAY
Is In reality' a quick reflex against 32nd
disturbing thoughts. For many, the disturbing A COMMIMINIIVI. "' M09IAM 1IaRA Amirlci Tin Itutlfil ?
thoughts are projected by the realization TO ACOUIH THI IITUTI Born Kept 23rd thru
I that the Revolution Is real
Negro NIII''
THAT LIADI TO A Oct. 11m ,,
and that we are not going to be satisfied HOMININT' 'I'CI IN VOUMOHIIION President Johnson' message on "beauty,
until we fulfill I I the socio-economic security OH COMMUNITY' both natural and man-iwde,draws the issue
afforded first class citizens IHOUL9 II ADO TIB. THIS| sharply, Is this country going to he A-
This community because of Its failureto IIH,NIt THI ICIMI (IN(. MAY f'lAN. IUIJICTIN9 YOUR I INO, ACHIIVIMINTI THAT II MINroiCID' IY ft merles the beautiful or God's own Junkyard
Initiate positive social' and .cano Icchang.1 INDI' INDINCI' Of THOU,,,, TNIPAINI ?
as It relates to the absorptionof THOU or you WHO UI nor OH LIARNINe' HO* TO |IfHIII NicitiAtv TO mrcoi MINT WHICH CANNOT II A.VOIDID The outcome. IN \<* doubt. A. of now, theUnlt.1S

the !Negro Into the mainstream, of Jack- pnYiC| /uy u' TO iNurrIHOUIO IDIII .IN Sirs THAT 'ROMiiiNe IIVILATIONI 01 CIICUMVINTID.CAPRICORN" ... (States is losing to the force of
sonville's total community life finds thatIt O'T"1N C4M 0,* WILL NOT OrriNO THOU rOM! lOILINe lYIIYTHlNerow .7' ugliness. There are fewer good-looking

Is sitting on a lighted powder keg, tthe TIIITMINT, CHICK OH ,IN., U,ON WHOM you liLY roiluproiTi you TNOII or YOU new buildings being constructed. In oat
same tlffls It refute theexlstince lUMUCI AND" SOCIAL I II. Tug ,INTO. YOU WHO HAVl MTHINI' TO riA Born Dec 22nd thru cities than there are handsome old landmarks .
of this keg by I conU CALCULATIONI TNI 11011'|. being torn down. The suburban aprawl
believe a problem exists, THIS| tPfLy TO YOU, DM IILITIII' THAT TAVIU MAT LIVII' CAN P11CTICIIIY CAMICO I 'NIANI I HO riNDTNtMtlkVII produces vast groups of identical littl,
The existence of this social dynamite displays /wYTNINI THAT 'II II- II OimCUlT UNDER AQ. WIITI Twill| enTICMTI ,IN 1 Nil ON houses which look as If they were ell

"Itself In this manner (Ii I) lack of SINTICI, M '1 YnltrilTHtlCOSOITIeN1.IT At TO CONDITION, | STI'NU PIYI'NowiNT COULD staitffHj" out of s Monstrous MChins hy s
Negro representation on administrativeand I II0a3,..n.u, | |I' fOtniLl THAT THI INO IALAIY, 00 NOT Nil* STILT H'AYINe' IICQNDTHOU mlPrlleas. idiot.

policy making boards and committeesIn TAURUS MAIM, 40 OTNt MINI OfCOMMUNICATION LICT in*TOM" | THAT IUI' HTI SPOUT 1'41 ",- The nation once had clean and beautiful

local city and county government ((2} Rom April 20th thru ""Uy II CUT THAT THIM MAY II DOM Or MMAININe' THIM.TN rivers, but they are rarities today. The
a Negro an Family Income, of 43, 02 Mil 20thIIMMTION tUUICTIO TO UNUtUAk Of.LAYI. IOMITWINSMIT' '' ', NIPS | CHANCII AM' THAT problem of S impure sir is sa close as the
against ;a,'ti34 for the tots) community\ THIM ANALV1IDANOTMATIDII IVtlVTHlNe' WILL TUIN OUT next breath you take. It spares nothing
(also Mm of the Negro family pop istlon A or IOYINSNIIITS 4aO: .II-!!.>.421 IOON II THII |IS M* TO yOUl A BY ANT AM SHIN. and no one. Against these. and otter formaof
living on "less than M,000, wh ch a the IINOT Ai) 1"01. LJ\O\ CAMMINDIO IY TNl M0'|lSCORPIO YOU CULTIVATI WATIINCI.ACCI ugliness, the President baa now Issued

government designated poverty !level )H1( ) HIILITV' IICAUII or ,III. Darn Julr 21 rd thru auTWU. I I"II. T TMI NICIIIITV OfTAtlNI SA inspiring order of battle.
7MI of the Negro Labor Force find then VIOUI' COMMITMlNTi' OFOTHM Aug. 22n4OOLO l .44-17.14.1.. TMI TIMI TO AA"TTOOMUr Mr Johnson proposes to continue and to
selves nth. Job categories related toap.rathllb IQUAUV' FOTIHTPtCTOM TOITIANIICII* extend in many u..tul11' the protecting
"' you WONT
household, service and la- YOU 'AV TUR TO riouRi Rom Oct. 14th thru CUMITANCII. STAND PUTIIIINIT of woocS Ian d.e.,Udlat. and petural beauty,
Ih OLD r 'iiNO"' ron KMTH. THI Malt rAMOUl LIOI WOAM
1 ) I' of non-white rental housing Nov. 22nd ANY. "WIIIUMITNIT begun sixty years ago under Theodore Rclosevelt ,
unitare listed sub-standard, IB) Median INS" ADO coMfo""TiNe !lOIn NOW AT THI HIUHTor TWIST, Miy || TOO MANYMOHI IM MIND, A'PktIO He also calls for "a new con
School years completed are H.4 as IN' INS IVINT THAT you THUS" CAMIM, you TuyiNI TO PillJUOIIMINT TO INOUCI, YOU TO ACCWTVIIW servation" that will encojtpaaa mr manmade -
I compared JacksonvM s total of 10,7 ON MATTIMTHAT DINTI. TNIT You M urban envimnMnt. He la probably the
These are just a few figures that show AtOKi.VKM you Will ADVIII COMTANTLVAT IHOULD CONCHN you .NOT CONIIDII AOWAHTA. first President to tell Aerteana they
rather vividly the Impoverished condition TALINTI AM NOT MCIIVINS ALONI, IP| you iLLOfTHIM PIOUSIIINCllllY' 55eTNIlel should "111,," the beauty and charm of
TNI tfpRovAb OLOfR
of our Negro community, This Is the background I '' TO MIVI THUD tiyU Ii. our cltle" The steps fee urges la this
Hien 'in TMI wo OLO, is VIMIO |IN TNI WAYI l-'''''':1.
fr which social dynamite explodes, K POIIO, you 51te| eiT- I- direction are modest but he has prmlatd
I mention this because I would hope that TINS eiPis ,IN. ft MOIIIIor to recoasend additional measures ins
AiTHOUIH POINT OUT ALL THI MT- Jan. 30th thrutee
our ccmmunlty will' wake up and utilize' UNCUTHNTY MO 'IIW' forthcoatlag lesaage.The .
some "legislation' specifically, the Antipoverty .II'OU MINT TALINTID" HAD 10ell.FIO LINtyl PILLS IN! YOUR THAT PITH MAY, THOU ii LYINe'or' TICTIOPPlCT10sl. Ttttil ,. llth central weakseas in the national
or you WHO NIVI in YOUR Twill AM MOMINTI WHIN effort to combat ufllaess is that the
some of these afore.mentioned social' and UW HU' C""'''''',,"OMfOMINS '' YOU WHO All 'INCOMI INJOfIN,. MAT ftlUIITANTIAk HlAITIONSITTIMIHOULD P1111(1 YOU HIM INCLINIO I TOUTMONIV problems Ire so diverse and many sided .

economic Ills DID NOT OITI TNIM f NOT COUNTINMCIOMOIITION SLIP| TMWoveM you Wat is everybody's business too often
The Jacksonville Urban League, supportedby PIMA TO IT 01 TO ALLOWVOUS MOM MHONIMO riNIIM ftND DTMIM SHIN becomes nobody's busiatss. For that very
other Interested agencies and support I.JO-77-1MI-U7' UTeiVASANT ATI IttUMI TWIT Mill" YOU Piirii ye MOLD ONT rMsoa the most Important fact about the

ersattempted to Illuminate the provlsjons TO SIT YOU 'INTO OUT, MIDI All ISm |r "I | IT TKACIOVJHY, WMW President's sessue is that- ae seat it st

of this act with an Anti-Poverty Conference, alulNI> I..70e.u., .'I1s DiCTATII er youi Nf AIT, IT Cools yeIIIII5/h. IU.
held during the month of January IMO l Ham .May aitt thru\ SHOW MITN 'IN TNI alt DITIONI TS yaw MOMI ftND la sa 401"1 lit >ss, provided the public

He "fet| that this was tccomnllshsd( with I June 3lsti.TNOUeH VI 00 you MAT NIVI CMOIIN n f\j."IIt.| YOU AM MT with I proper sense of uaderlylag coherence

great deal of success, and that the I Implementation *. CM AMU MIY SI 10" Aug. aard thru YOUR LiriLOM COMFftNION. ). illlLV TO ITINT, gut IP la the diffuse struggle to create beauty

of the conference resolutionsmust NITS U'"'''''' TO Tl Sept. 32nd TNI Scot|el WHO PLACIAMIITIW YOUR STMIW MKP HIS INTIITWAVA4ANT is our Nan side envl-nip'snt and to defend

be undertaken I Immediately, OIMIWINIWO. VIII TOITAV you UI WINS' TNioue* I riMT. AMD T'*||SIMOTIDNIL ,ieiAf Toot it la our astarsl environment' By
In all I I losrsonally' a* disturbed WMTIBINOHI, fVACI, rHAii van kid or turAIIUIINCI HVIS NUT II TIITIDOP.15YOUI deflaUg ooveraneats respoaalblilty atstianlstes
by the apparent reluctance' of Jacksonville THfy AMM TO II ,N* 01 iivntiTHINIINS Me, ii IITTII err NOTLIDIINS MM IIIILT TO Dill IWIWDIDNINT 1 see aiwrtneaa of the reapcnslbllitiea -

to move | tlvt and objective fanner IVITAILI. erriSHTINS ,. ,. M4T CAgti you TMlll LOYA4TYre l*"WIITIftN. of IndlvHvela sad Satirist
achieving t.1)o-lf-T>13ePRICK'
toward this end, but this again TWW, MA.| "IT TO luilvl THAT you wiix ANY SIVIN 1 Pillow.i trouDS. The mite Home Ooaferenee on Xa*
reflects Jacksonville's' semlnqly negative S/1111| ON. VOUMILP IVeoiNe SIT AiONSIITTKtv' VOUIinr /0 N.,11.M.111 dare feb.. nth thm total Mauty which he aaa scheduled' for
attitude' toward accepting the realistic' AVINS viiiiNeir.IN THAI 1I MAXIM erft IAGlnwva10m May will also helps the loss a4 sr*
her problems, actually do e.lst, March 20thJUIT 4aoua effort to rescue the physical -
truth that ,. IOMI 'INITAHCII' ivMAV TIAM. THIS WOULD IIUH NOT, 2ird thru appearaaee
I would fall that In this particular, 'Instance II IINIIIISNICII* "it iruu mmiNi. .. Dc, 31MAM IICAUII TOWS' CK of this coaatry trot Us seas
this community LAMIATWM CO-ITITWWI that has WM alias of it.
of mart
citizens ,
In concerted effort (- IMV K OOMffWHAV ,IN. (The Ne. fork ft...
would do well to unite a IHItlNCI TO MITCH TH| TMI IIAilTIII WHICH, 85555855151 1Y/w"fin. )
through verbal and writteatexpress 1 ons. IBOII riliTlli ADI Iw.Pe1TNCI AH CVIAWVV' A#.AIHI. yeTM me, yeuw"' WIIIMNTIAL, IICIIITI ee wMtkiieLi,
interest nUll THAT YOU "ewiDDMATI t#
and others relating wIn II '"""IOtI is IRS .INVOVVIS, |II you CAD VW, PLY DC PA
Involvement with" this THf IIAMFill.Mrvnr .
piece of legislation, This I. program ltWI'OUI weiii er touw/ II NAVINS, ANV VAwMftTMinw ...... CMOICI itTMIW till ten er iITIATIft Of DIMESI
to help JU tht Iryovsr shed" thli, tow lien AM sum TW utoe- IIPITY veuI'M vewa CAMIW ANI WMICM IMS ITA4II
end we need not let \ slip by, win Twill IIVISIUI/ "OWU NIT a..*. olwiPU11S, nll".CUI. .Tau.lasam


r t i

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Annual Concert Anniversary r Feature Tea

Set For Monday Program Readied .. Mr*. pat ay. Johnson will

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Junior High School .
't Yea, sponsored by Dies
rill prsssnt Its annual its Btb anniversary Sag ', 'W .r' ? ,- :,' trlet 8 of Bt. ,John lap. ,
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Btrsat.Tb .
lyanatorlua. Tickets B BTSJ AlphoBso 'U.
.ay. bf secured from the proiraa la: aelsc- son 1337 '. llth It.
band:parsnti.Msabars tion. choir, oooirittioa Also appearing on the
; scripture, Dsaooa
of the bled
ar.; Gall Bttpbaa. A. Logan; aslsotioa, ......-:.; .,. l, program Geraldine will Millard be: Mrs Mlas f
Antoinette Oatllai, choir; introduction of .j1t" ,,.. : Mildred coluaa
Ron bid Aksry JacQuelyaShlpp mistress of cer DI... McCoy
"/ '
Sisters let A.0. Walk
Thoata Croaptoa Miss lilllo lilt Rsaas, .
sr, D*.ron Mack walker.
aistrsss .
Carolyn McBrlde. Sandra of csrsaoniss; ,< Miss Oweadolyn Hutcher

Ballsy"jscquslyo, Murphy' Veronica Thompson; vile son and IIr..Ver. 'Wilson ;i. xJ3
Nellie Clark. Tboaaa coat, Mlaa Mary RU*
prstldsat. De toons JaasaThoapson
Ship]?. Justin Redding. sand; response' ..ra.a. and Illll Mar p .
Cheryl Brown Tvett Stevenson; aslse. *
tea leaders.
Scott Juice Baldtla, tloa choir; solo, MarJo VOCALIST Johnny Mathlaprantly oa a 24-city aatloawid tour, will bead* Y ti
Cornell Ouolap. Otis rss X Thoapaoa; In* line two prrbraanca Suaday.Mar. 7-2:30 sad & JO p.B*>ln jai Cirlc Auditor
G1t D. treduction of weaker ua. Appearing oft-lhs atar-atuddd protraa will b* the Young Aasricans, a badpidey Tiny Tot Creation

Arena Nile, Diane Dsacoo uses Cant dluh-. (alaxy> of tstnac profssslontls whoa* *torie riselapopularlty tollowd

Taylor Kenneth Life, apsaksr. Rv. K:: Donald; their Initial appsaranc with Mtthia at Los Aaislsa faasd Greek Tfisttr FLWNI10 BCSSION- ira. Httti I. Jaass (seated)
Ernest Roberts Gloria solo irsns partly of and Mra. Edith Taylor, head the ooealttse for the

Grimes, otia Oaabla fsrtnt A. tattle. r.Handsraon WEDDING annual Daughter Qka Charity Ball, scheduled March
Nathaniel Dudley, Ren ; raaarka. Mrs. Socially 27 in the Elks Auditorium 712 1. Duval St. Mrs.
n tb moles wreak Daisy poster aad pas BELLS Jsasa Id Daughter Ruler of.Prld* of Msoeo Teapl
Haaptoa, Hiebaal. K. tor prsssntations, can IT Frank Pearson 582 tUa Ill and Mra. Taylor la general) chain of the

tin;. Dale .nu.... Nancy Travis; benediction. LOUISE B.INYAID S k.I i H I Ave 1. II and PatriciaE. ball. Music for the event will b* furnished by
Robert Wilson Alvin pea p, Blouat. zu Frank E.ATS. GaS thlt and his Coabo. Ticket Bay ba secured
Joaaa, Ernest Crosby, 17.I.hasel. 'I', fro sabers of the Temple or at the Vlka Hoes,
Llnsay Bariaaat. Bar/ EWC AI..I Johnny Kathie I* the bit new In local sntsrtaia Bradley 1501

Baker Joe toe. Robert Beat this eeekend. H* elll give two psrforaancsa t.eta St.. 54 and VJrlen
Bradley,it-recce Isstrd To SfioisorMvsicila Sandy March 1. 2:30: p. a. and 9:30: p.m' .. st Civic Hall, 1931 t. 25th It. Payne Scholarship BIRTHSMr.

Ljna Johnson, Bsajaaia Adl to n III. 41. Drive Kicks
Praxlsr Cltrsaca Jack The lOallt"Ul b* aecoapsnled by the seats- Eddie Jaass Brown, jr. B Mrs Orals 1J-

sin Alvin Illllaaa, Hoed Touni Aasrtctns a group of tsea age pro. 7404 Blaaa Dr? 23 aDd Oil Here Sunday I 11..., 1182 .. 5th It. ,
Christopher Johnson Local smile lovers ar* fesloaala.Llk the star the youthful iroup baa Dorothy L. Saltb 1649Arlstha Mra indeed .. Riley Girl
Percy person, CrtdricCDUM. la for aa unusutl treat been adalrally received wherever It has appeared Rd., 1$. Mr. B Mrs Jessie Hunter *
will b the speaker for
lilllaa Msrrlaaa Friday, sight, March 12 ... g It. 8 ... a... larva C. Stricter B32f. 1581 W. 24th St. ,
tbs w H. Payne Scholarship
HcArtbur SlStIa. urcClsla ban the jai Cbtptsr of Jscksoavllls Ksppas aotartalned their wives and Duval Ht. 33 aid drive which begins > Girl.

.I.... Maddos tbs Aluant Association wsethssrta recently with a oochtsll-btaquet lath Shirley T. 'jasn, 132 Sunday, March 14 Mr. B Mra. Johnnie Lee
Gary McNlcksns Peter of Edward Caters Collsi Aztec Ron of the Tbunderbird Motel, I. rxiTti st.. 19. at 3:00: P.M.' In 11101CO..llalt7 row, 1311 f. ath. It?
lion Aadraw Barbar prsssnts tilt CtC Choruaaad George N. Starkea, II, polsBecrh' of Jsckaoavilla lllls Dee ,Plttaan AN .xircb, 10,.
Dale Boadeell. welds bud la a Joist r** Alain Chaptsr vii asstsr of csresoales for so 1013 1. Dual It. 23 lester and Bvarsoa Mr. B Mra. Robert die-
Lunaford. LeNorrlsprtorLldsrldae cltal la Let Auditorial.Conductsd tlvltlsa carried oa duriai the bsaquet: Mail Wll. and Lou its L. tallies Street vera. M03 Brooklyn Rd ,

Orooe.es.Jaasa sad directed BOB was tout ut"ud; Gorge Nlllinral dtair 754 .. Aden At., 23. Tbs Boy.
program follows!
Austin Daalsl by H. Alvla Orssa, the sin. of the affair Cheater Court and Robert L. Theo. Chandler 127BIXU Mr. B Mra. Ho." Hod-
....1 al Selection' eonirsiation -
tight Terry Bakar.Slaoo Kdward Waters Chores Mltchsll weroaaooi other whereof the fraternityheard St.. 4) ud Doro One of Sprint11 cost tea, 1333 II. ut 8t. .
root.., RsilaaldOlovar. teats itch Hong the re- froa during the evenlni.Tb thy IUI1.l e.2G03 Ta11 h famine fashions..this ; scripture, Boy.Mr..
Kdtsrd Hicks glows allege units aad annual Black and fblt Ball J. the cut ajor it M.. 3T. ton bon pink and White prayer; ..It 0 II 01 B II ra. Otis Davis

Larry Hick Rayaoadlortb. as a rsaalt, their.- social event of the frstvraity. II scheduled for Freddie .Jaaea Fletcher, rayon dress by Nanaette, congregation; Introduction 1183 t. 3lst It. .10,.
latter wrliht. rtouaaaaual toarsyirosrfiQsortla the latter pert of April. lUll flndls It. 30 and The laceediedtklrtftJlairtcefully of Mistress of Mr. B Mrs Jefferson
sad Florida laaa ... ... ... cer.eonle.. rte Carlene
Clarence laabiaitoa | fl S ... Rosallad Parla, 1131 true a Mali Wartben 1322 Florida
and Larry Gtrnsr anticipated at sat.Th The Klawood Arose bole of Tb* Albert Mecksya 'IDdh 't. II. yoke fastened at the p Baker; occasion, Mraw Avenue, R3;.
H. ..100..
Chora rspstolr its the scene of another evenlai of eotertsleasnt Alfred Jeffsreoa, 1543 shoulder with pesrl but. Payas Mr. B Mrs. Jacob Austin
Pine Forest Group will laelads claasica for Kevlaettea Bridie Club. Ntrriion It. .2J and -=ar. toaa. Delicate whit address Mlaa atiiae 3138 W. nth It?
.stai-clissies spirit* Pearl Mscftey.boetess. swarded prizes outstand- tbs sts Tboass, 3058 ruffled lace outllaes Sullivan, response ctrl,
Completes Fashion 'ode folk cad pop BOB lag performance IB the bridge aessloa to Barbara Brooklyn Rd.. 30. the necklia and an- Mra. jsaa R. Forrsstsr., Mr. B Mra. Eddie Tenny-

ban sad several coapo- Marper.Noraa R. white and Celeetlae Nicks Gerald- John H. Rankles, 1431 boles. A cord strMrboe solo, Harold T. Heirs; ION, 1344 W. 32nd It. ,
Talent Program sitioas by lifted dl* iaa Milliard outlined for: consolstloa ,rt... /. 22114 Ii.. 32 and Betty addsaprstty finish'. r.sdiag. Mra. Willis M, 01 rJ.

Plus for CB Fashion* rector Green.Orisaaed Sara Lo""'. Porte ....u. Dorothy Oliver, MM Jean ,))oil. 1121 .. 23ndSt. Iii touctt ROSS; solo Mra. Kill M Mr.BMra. Joel Neoas .
Talent Bhow under aaa svrsrtl ysaraMO ,Fletcher Ana Monroe Delay Oil I lard, Paul Davis )4..loa. Atkins; reading, Miss 1340 i. 3rd et? Girl,
leee or Pise Forest the pad uadsr Us. PallbearersTo shells .11 11... selection Mr. B
sad Duals Oeorie are SNOBI:>> others preeeat. Near,. 3102 M.Krrtls ; Mrs ira Wilppls.1881 .-
t2fU.ptrlc..ool' aflouthsids dlrsctloa of Mlas Ether ... g ... a ... f ... A'... 3.ndPl 1' Meet' Tuesday Ante javeatle Dot Strsst. Boy,
( ) rsTA sere Cook has attaissd rs- Alpha Bsppa Alpha sororitya bridge tournament cell .t".... 3302 N. oroup; latroduetloa of Mr.aMrs. wllile Hu......
ooapleted this ...t with B ark t bis proalnMc laaa esa curled out Buorsssfully hat ask la spit of wattle A'.., r. Ptllbeerers Grand Union speaker, lies Oeaeva 1330 w. nth i1., Olrl.
the p resent ttloa to take aaaaiady abort spa laclBiont eeather.Laelll Levy A. Oastoa. 1104 Lodge 33i will Rest Hi*** Rssbsrryt selectloa, hUll
piece Mondty: Mar. I atB of U... clad rllllr".u".AJ'L..ro lids Clabeaa Xfeess SU 70 B Flossl day, Mtr. B at 7)30 .... An lee juvenile Group; frifrii
p.a. la th. aeboolesfetoriaa. Tbs Joist-recital bytb top scorer la the toaraaaeat; Joeeph D. white Otstoa 1104 Odessa St., la the home of Mrs. Rsthsr offertory obrvatlMs. Nil Chapter of Cta Phi
two *lltrala .d of Phi seta 11... Fratsraity pieced eecoad; aid RMsnsj 1153 t. )4UlBt. Tbs Founder Mrs Beta lID,.,".'. ...., will

A bevy of attractive wits proalssa' to .ba aa Oladya Brysat of Alpha '1... CM third. Successive 54.Leroy BOSS. |M Bio the* Anal. L Davis Vic Most worsblp la Day flpriaiItptlst

sties till aodsi two mtsrtsialifsat fcralla ,rt... were awaro>4 to BMB 11:>,.... Loa Dlaaoatee.; It.. 28 aid Nelea S. Mra. Mtritret Denala, Grind Molest Mstroa of Church la the
cttetorles of styles, ...rafUsfsaiy.Tbs Seal ales Cwt,. Vsisboads' Club hater Setterwhite. Sell 440 Bloihta It. ..r..UIt r. I..tlnl. Heroines of Jsrlco of Aaaual '0....'' I Day
dressy tad casual wear roa ra. will get Alpha Pit Alpha/ Fraternity; Vistas Lewis 23. the presence of all *. Florida and .Mra. It rdhT.o..up.r'I.or celebration of the grasp
elta special eapbtsiaoa aadsrway at I ,... sad |Loa Dlaao a tea; Barbara Harper Kevlaettee; cad here. Hundar at 11 *...
the ]at.at ta apriai tb* general pablle la ,Helen Tbscy, Class Lsles.Otherpartlalpsatala .
end saaasr crtatloaafroej iavltad
the towrasjtent sere Sadie
the.orldof fashIon Mrs. .... otawrirAt la
Tilli*. Al'Leiroi
Mary F. Colsaaa Delta SlinaTheta
president of Us AlaaalUaaciatlo
*. Sorority; Venal MeCoae Mea Anal .. Hiss.

stalest Darin, Us popular taint Juice shoe flu lirll*. leer i lee .Lee Chsraisi Cites;Doalsettes Leola Powell; tva and Rosier Msdsssah Mil, ruin BuiIsrd. FROM NOW ON FRESH MILK IS NOT THE BEST MILK FOR COOKING.

tsslsy of ,Ms* It..to.
dells Poiaaetta;; Crseetlse Poole and U vet I a New
III cA school. till alai Blat Joba Co*rt n.roi* 'asa. Vslllcarslettee.; Marie Mcclala cad Myrtle
several folk aoaia. Us Those. /.. J.C. D NEW IMPROVED VELVETIZED CARNATION IS.
Douglas Aatfereoa dues ass of Jsrloo mi will ; v.isg, Alpha put Alpha Frs why ItCH" C"Nt.... 1.porl'M'
.,o..r a trip araaad teralty' Msrisret Matbia, cist si* .....1..; chsr
I reap sill I testate a th* world. Friday night. 1 I.U.Io.tle,, Alpha witss; USB Fletcher, levlaetteeDorte Milk. Mi been Im".ed.h'. velvetlf' .WII..'. v-tUed( mesnf"'that 'heels aometHUig silts" IM changes *vryIhinf .

aerie of natera and a laid' 12. Th* .bus will ; Joaea sad Msrisret "dittos Lea TrieseAalesc New 'Improved vehrellied Carnatlori performs miracles t/Mh everyday mesli, make vefjr1hln" holier HIM

Cockata treaps tree sill Dsrasll leer ,lit laaoala Mall Fees Is Bellas, cad Franca cud,., r-Dls- fresh mHk ever could Makes mesl loaf, |Juicier, never trumbfy." Make soups crmlr' sauces im o1hr" *na) .h
prsssat a
soils; tether SlBBjoa cad Clegls
.II JffrM St.. .t. Burris. Zenith;
halos sola.J p.5. I Doris Benaett aad Lydia ...et. Shire Nave Jleale tales M nulrMlou as fresh milk. New Improved vele,
"I above trtlsta pressntatioaa Ticket say bs par slksr .... Belay U Ford.Jills mitk. Try the recipe' far Mal Loaf f Conlmsfrtal' see hew much hotter meet loaf,can be t/hen .M'l ride with new

sill b* .... abased at ta* falUwiaiaddra Mtfttrd ea* ch el rasa *f the to*re scent, Improved vlvtiid' Ca ntio i,
ported by auaerova sUsrtaleat. ,watch eaa Bold aa wrest la Oaaaa Rh.. 00...
***: I.|| flbtbSI
heaters celetrstlosi ".. wee*."
Atiuto..111 bo fifty I IOU aid islet ...1 ... 5..5".
I Pshsttss St .
till --- --
Seats far suite aad Mrs, Inroad Jscksoa of MO Court
I 11.... OMrt.: fly Is cosvalee -
tv.tp-flve tests for ia| at boas after Ber recent CIDIn..., te
.tII'.t.a. Breevter MoepltaJ we .
are leper to report that sbela
doUl .I"J,.
... g ... S ... 1 ... .
t,., 1vre
IN PERSON A. Ftllllp Raadftlpb>>J eill weal at Ue IAACP aaaasetlai car ,.t .rrJr., ''

Moadsy alcht. lard I. B ,.... Osysortsis l. t r't
.tlst Osreh. I. .aplt .f U. resent passiai *f .. ; )
his llfe-lesi friend _rUt aad cvsorhsr Mlltoej

,. tebeter tee ... rifled IB Ulcsao last .M..y.Tb t tv
late Hr. ....,,, ..n.. .. lateraatieaal Vice I
prMld-at of Th. BfvUeraood lit.... Car aalteraaad !
die.ILsg Car .n.n..e eau atteidlsi a Beet* f )
1st la awl dsriaiBla aatlaely" dolse.HOLLiY'S IYAFOSS't0g
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sotto w pal..a.uesd .". ...':J:1.: ,
1 ace owed W eevv.s 4.t ere..d
iJ II'
ORCKlTRAV-BW| 0 INC.* CHUI.PlUraUIt. j" 14 ....... 1w ere
I .::... ..,.::: ewe mere Mel IG'eu1u I. r __I
tMrIMMI It 1a'sg ,.."" .. .
1 12W t4 eeecees Nt 0 s
JAX: CIVIC Ar&IT8IU1.rSUNDAY" I .......... ........ .....", ..

MARCH St. Mmrlif( 1-'. H *..(*. *.s e-l ttV *tf tl1YcumgM1L
Ciun\ATIOsilvarus.n/ aageKIN
1 SMOW1 Mi AM 0 sac P MPucgbtsai.L7th ,' If. 2- IfTfl Tl busies.... 11111
.. :

M 4.0 :i asset.... tnwee. ::&TOs. ........ till 11 lul
... .. s..-..a." UM

--- ----- ----- 1 ',....._

---- -- -- -- --- --1' -- --- _..-- ---
., ; : :: r..: !L" JI.. _... .J...

. 1. \ I


Central Baptist's Choral Group Preps For Anvil Concert Af ro-Asserf CiM Life, .IISlrIIC'

CHURCH Order Of ServiceThe Adds 5-Dlroctors To bird!

regular order of fc :k The Afro-American Life insurance Company held
Service will prevail Its Annual Manager's conference Thursday: Fridayand
Sunday at Central Bap- 4 Mw Saturday: February 25 25. and 27. it's Annual
NEWS tilt Church. Sunday e'V Executive Committee Meeting on Thursday: February'
School will begin at 25. and it's Annual Board of Directors and 64th:
9:15 a.m. with the Annual Stockholder's Meetings oa Saturday: februirjf
superintendent Deacon 27. .......a:..............fAt

..HALTERS MEMORIAL" Leonard Thompson In the Annual stock. Lewis and the company
Walters Memorial AME Zion Church will observe Holy charge holder's Meeting upon for two (2) days were
Cow-union services Sunday: at 11 .a.m.and 7:30: p.m. The Pastor Rev' R.Leaoder the recommendation of the 1.000 Club Members.
with Rev. RoLe Rogers, pastor in.charge. Jones will deliver I Dr. James The persons forming this
The Sunday School co.llenc..t 9:30 ...., with the message at H. Lewis, Club were, agents who had
Miss Any Morel and In charge. The lesson will, be the 11:00 o. clock hour; Chairman done an exceptional job
reviewed by Mrs. Mary Etta Brown. Baptinal rites His subject will be : Presidentand ia collections duringthe
.. "Do it the first week In December
will also be held at 11 I
At 3 P. .. the Rev. Mr. Rogers has asked all Senior Tour..lt"1 NominationCommittee 1964. forty-eight
missionaries and stewardesses to accompany Miss famish (I agents throughout the
Moreland to New Mt. Pleasant CUE Church for the will .In, five prominent system qualified for
Interdenominational Missionary mass meeting. Choir selection immediately SPONSORED' by the Choral parents club the Darnell) Cookman Choral Ensemble Mrs.J. lead-1 membership la the dab.
1 and usher Board 1 .111 eerie throughout the day following the sermon entitled Askew director will present Its annual concert Friday night April 2 at e rs were According to reports
with Mrs. Vera J. Rogers at the organ Tuesday\ : at "What Shall I 9 o'cJoclltn Civic Auditorium's Little Theatre. The program will consist of 30- added t o HATCHER submitted tc the Board'of
8 p.*., prayer: and class meeting.PREIDOM Do." ? minutes with Stephen Foster composition by Suet and others .semi-classics the Board of DirectorsoftkeAfroAmerican Directors and the
BAPTIST" The Children's Bible spirituals, pop and show tunes. A well-rounded program is promised local music Life stockholders by Dr.JamesH.Lewis.
Business Meeting will be conducted Saturday at Study will be held at lovers. Tlck.ts.ar: be purchased at the school or from the sponsors. Insurance, namely Dr. Chairman-Presi

7:30 p.m. In Freedom Baptist Church with, Ren 410l! r"..-.. The Phllrtr.n'_____-_ _. ._ S.M. Nabritt. president dent, 1904 was one of the
John L. Montgomery pastor In charge Choir will rehearse at MI. Olive Women Complete Trinity Readies Terra Southern University most successful in the
Services Sunday: begin with, the Sunday school at 5:00: p.m. Houston Texas; 44 years' history of
10 a.n. with Deacon John H. Rogers in charge. 8. T. U. Hour will beginat Annual Women's Day ProgramAnnual Pastors Anniversary Dr. Richard V. Moore company operations

t Covenant Meeting will begin at 11 a... land the 5: 45 o' clock. Women's Day: will Thomas, queen and tea With program activities president BethuneCookmaa -
Holy CoMunlon will be administered at 4 P... The Holy Communion and be observed March 14 chairman; Mrs. JessieMae completed by the anniversary College Daytona MI. Zion CelebratesCommunion
pastor will preach. Christian Fellowship In Mt. Olive primitive Johnsonusher chairman coI UN. Trinity Beach: Dr. ...II. Chi d.
.NEW REDEEM" will be administered at Baptist Church with urs. Mrs. Bertha Carter Baptlat Church 705 Sunday
I Choir 3 of New Redeem Baptist Church will sponsor: 7:00: p.m. At this hour Beatrice Davis u chairman decorations; ; Mrs. Maggie W. 'Duval St., announced
f a king and queen contest Sunday at 3 P.m. in the Deacon Jonas Lawrence and Mrs. Elizabeth Rogers, hospitality and the Anniversary Celebration Communion Services un-
will sing a special selection for their pastor ..tI Mt'.
church auditorium.The S. Hall co-chairman Mrs. Gloria F. Best, day Zion 'AME
..' services begin with the Sunday: School at 930: 'Remember Other officers are: Rev. Charles J.Crosby. 1 Church will begin with
.... with Deacon J.tr. Washington In charge. Rev. Me. The Pastor will Mrs. Trellis B. Murray, publicity Captains are- Mrs. Sunday: School at '9:30
E.I.Neman: pastor will review the lesson. Morn* steak on the subject. secretary; Mrs. E. Stephens Ella Fulcher Mrs. Lola Various churches of the a. .. with, the Superintendent
ing service at 11:30 o'clock. Choir 3 and Usher "What To Remember! assistant secretary Grant Mrs. Beatrice city fill participate in in charge,
Board 3 will serve throughout the day with Mrs. Weekly activities areas ; Mrs Tbelaa Harris Darts.Mrs. Edith Hunter, the services which will At the 11:00 o'clock
J. Jackson at the Instrunent. follows: financial chairman; Mrs. Mrs. Rozsalt porter. begin Sunday, March 7 hour the pastor Rev.
The deacons will meet following the morning ser Tuesday of each week Erlene F. Alback program Oerose Weston during the 11 a.m. worship NABUTT QUIDS Charles '!Toston will deliver
vlc..Th. missionaries will Beet at 3 P.B. and the at 0:00 p.m. Brother and music, Mrs. Mrs. Kllpatrlck. hour with Rev. 1.1. general practitioner, the sermon. Choirs
Mrs. Emma
evening service begins at 6 o'clock. The pastor Charles Scrlven, Di. Vlcey James, ads and Mrs. Lessle Rosier Mrs picot of Newark N.J., Jacksonville; T.R.Rutherford will, furnish the music
will deliver the sermons. rector of Christian Education sponsors, Mrs. A. M. Lucille Leon, Mrs. Mary a torser pastor at Trinity sr. vice presi with, Mrs. Mabelle oil-
Easter rehearsals will be held Monday and Thurs till conduct a Frazier Sunday: school Lewis Mrs Louise delivering the ser dent-managerof ClalnsDepartment. phent at the organ The
day afternoons. Mrs. Alma walker In charge class entitled "Im chairman, Mrs. cola S. Harris, Mrs. Lucinda mon. .Afro Aaen un senior Usher Board will
.NEW JERUSALEM" proving The Church Solomon Miss CelestlneDeBoise Harvery. Mrs. Laura At 3 p.m., the following Life Insurance CO. .J.ck. serve
The Holy Communion will be administered Sunday: school. Bible Study BTU) chairmen. Johnson and Mrs. Al- churches will direct soavllle and The Right The evening Communion
In Greater New Jerusalem Baptist church with Rev. will begin st 7:00: p.m. Also Mrs Edna Mae. meda Lundy.Mother. the service Rev. LC. Hatcher. Bishopof services will begin at
W.A. Mack pastor. Rev. Mack will receive his com prayer meeting at 8:00: Mt. Ulla Baptist Rev. the llth Episcopal 6:30: p.-. An Invitationis
nunlon in church after an absence of 10 Sundays. p.m. with Deacon A J. Siiiiy lisirniei Midway Grant Lee; St. Luke Baptist. District of the All eitendedtoths public

Rev H.M. Moss, pastor of Shiloh Baptist Church, Buggi In charge. The Greater Grant Memorial AME ChurchHoly Rev M.J. Trowel; to attend.
Way cross, oa. will deliver the message. Sunday: Visitors are always club of Grant First Samuel Baptist The Paator Club with
School at 9:30: a..., and at 3 p.m., communion ser welcome to all of Central Memorial AME Church Communion will be Rev. 8. Gatson. Mrs. Nathaniel Davis,
vice. The Rev Mr. Moss will preach and administer s worship ser will celebrate its 16th celebrated Sunday at 11 On Sunday night at S president, wlllentertain

the Lord1 Supper. vices. anniversary Sunday: at a.m. and 6:30: p.m., Rev p.m. the following all.... members Joiningthe
First Aiiivirsiry Elkdom TravelsThe IIIIHCIS Pnini 3:30 p.m. in the lower J.I. Jones, pastor ail.nounc.d. churches will feature church on Tuesday
first anniversary The 'Past Exalted Ru. Mrs. Essie Use Scott auditorium of the Both sermons the program. March 9. at 8 p.m.. Those
of the Apostolic Church lrs and past Daughterof will observe her 14th church. will be delivered by the New. Hope Baptlet. Rev. persona obtaining new
Rulers Council IBPOE: of anniversary as a gospel Speaker will be Mrs pastor. D.J. Jones; First Corinth .emberahlp are: Misses
God by Faith will
begin Sunday: at 4 p.m. W will meet Sunday In singer March 29 at 8 Verdell Elder of Midway: Sunday: School will begin Baptist, Rev I.... Olivle Berdle Thoess, j
SHE Church. Outstandingtalent .. .. with, Jones; First New Zion RUTHRFORD MOORE) I
with Mother Julia Neal Jasper p... In Zion Hope Bap* at 9:30: Helen Nadine T&omas.fttrlce **-
.1 and the Consecrated According to Exalted tint Church.. In the church 8.C.Hart, superintendent.presidlng.HoIy Baptist, Rev. L.J. Clayton : :hmrcb. Jacksonville. Thomas Valerie
Oontales and and city will participate Communion ; Payne Chapel AME The Afro-American Life Mra. Bertie Rath
Holy prayer Band In Ruler Leon Miss Scott who also Smith
on the program, at 3:45 ... Church Rev. LA. King.Monday Insurance Company> feels end
charge. Daughter Ruler Hit tie I. plays the guitar will 11 a.m. P. Thomas Renee knee
The church Is located J.....the transportationat be featured In some of the public has been Communion for the licit I night at 8 p.m. that it has Inereaaed. Solomon: taterfbrd. '.' ve
4th and Florida will leave the Elks Home the latest gospel selec utended an Invitationto end ehut-tns. 6:30: P.L. the following churches the strength and prestige tee Board will meet on
Avenue. 712 W. Duval at. tions. attend. evening service.The have been invited: of its Board by Monday ", mi... All members
Beulah BaptistRet. W. these appointments.
Calendar Rally for are aakedtofee present *
the General Budget ta.chedll1.d Deeps; Bethel Baptist Managers la attendance and oa time.

We Will Build A Home On Your Lot March. 14. Assessments for Sunday: Williams(SweetwaterMew.; Little. Rock Fred were located from 1m 29 the districts major,. 8 Oa ten too's March else 14. Clsb.the New on*
cities of Florida
Baptist, Rev. w.C. Mitchell
will include ".00 for der the direction of Mrs.
each member and 130 from ; MU Zion Baptist Alabama and Teias Alpha Hsynes Moore will,
the Boards. Rev. E.E. Taylor; Mother Also is attendance with be presented by taoTooag
Captains for the Calendar Midway AMI Church. Rev the maaagsrs for their lom-n of Allen.
No Mosey Down Rally are J.t Jones; Mt. Olive conference were then eld Men's Day will botchbrated
Mrs. Charlie M. tarry Primitive B-ptlat. Rev auditors sad special March 2st
J.I. Diion.Tuesday ordinary repreeeate
Mrs. A.D. tells, Mrs.Anale throe ghost the day. The
might st B P.m. U....
Frailer Mrs. chalrsristes-
Payment As general
Special nests of the
Kverhart -11 U.... Mrs. will beobserwedaspcallyNi ter covert.1K4 .
IU. president Dr. Jam** R.
Alma Blackshear, Mrs.
Charlie Roblason, Mrs.
$69.50Per Minnie Pittmsn. Mrs. Ida
C. AnI.tronlo Mrs. Oer
trade tells, Mrs. Gertrude -
Til lean,aTs.Ussie
Monthlow ford and Mrs. Laura Jane A

Hendertem.Mt. 3711 OWNI30CASSATAYL

Income Families Zion Group A

1 Can Now Qualify Presenting RecitalThe s uaneEs nsurrtm

Toast $ .. of Allen
I of It. Zion All
\ Modern Homes Built Chsrch till sponsor
( their aaatal preseatatlom 3 RD BIG WEEK

March 14 at 1:39
Oii't lit Tilt Yicnt lit (I Ti ruts stir 2 I 1 lelrs a CC CmtnctiN P.... U the choral as*
dltorl. festering the.

Pijlil Int...._.lift, A... Of rear On Tells, labs lit t Call Vats New Glee Itamtom Clew la lip recital school 3LI3-

under direction of Mrs
Cirrirt t ItStf tin Alpha M. I Moor
'The group ell he .keervisg .
its lth emaiversary. BRISKET STEW 3
Let Our "epr..nlallve
Mrs. Lois Roherts. LII.. .
president aid members LEAN
have eiteaded a*
Call On You Today Isvitatloa to Uepatlle
to attest WHITE BACON 3 L

.. MEATY "'-Q
And Discuss Your Building Plans .rh.r.



ell El 5-408 For AM A".III11..Or lifef"" Yowr Deed To tID LEGS *MDBREAST



[!ill MEATY

Today 1837 East 21st St. Call TodayEL NECK BONES 1 0
...... ...... Eli.IUITQI .
an- & Foal fI.
Jacksonville Fla. -cf: -.
EL 5-4401 54404 .


.. .. -'- .
\ .............. -+ -.-- -- -. -- ---- -- ----- ---- --
-- --- -------

, . --- ---
f .. J I 1""a_ -

t (

I .' .. -- ,


.. .
Rising Artists Meet With Noted Director Florida Memorial Designated Former Proxy Re-Joins Assn.

Nat'l Teacher Exams Test CenterST. } M4 -w-

AOOUSTINS-florid* Manorial College .baa been

designated as a teat center for administering the

National Teacher fiaalnatlons on Marco 20. Dr. ,

'lbc... C Park, daalner. has announced.
college seniors preparing -

to teach, and Jersey

teachers applyingforpoaltiona At the one-diy test

ia school qatens session a candidate nay

r vhlcit encourage or take the Coraon Rxaal-:

l require applicaata to .nations which .inclndattsta
aubalt their scores OD". la Pro professional

Ue National Teacher Examinations education and General

along with Education

their other credential. Bulletins
of Information -
ire eligible to take
describing regis
the teata. The eiaalnatlona -
tration procedure 114oontanla
are prepared Registration ir

and adalnlatered by Educational ions Bay be obtained _

VOCALISTS TEAM UP' -A Testing ser froa Dr. Thoaas C. park, MOIC IS CONSULT AMT-Or. Wayaaa 0 McCoo 8r. physician of Los An gel**,was one
Mile student aeetlng of three Florida MM University graduate vocal vice Princeton, New Florida Meaorial Collets of Ua guest clinicians and consultants at the recent 99th annual clinic and
*. with Dr. El
wood sister; director of cnoral) music at the
University of St. Augustine 38th annual meeting of the Florida Mil University Clinical Association held in
ucators' Association Florida. Gal enl1le. during the recent Florid fttate Music Ed CORE Candidate Plorlda.or directly from Tallahassee on the University campus and at the FUN. Hospital and Health Cen
Clinic st Florid MM la Tallahassee
provided an oppor- Educational Testing Service ter. A past president of the clinical association and former Medical practitioner -

tunity"\rt Maria.for tills" Ooloi talented group of vocalists to teaa up" In a performance of Wins Collegiate Post ,Boi 911 Princeton in coluabus, G*. Dr. McOoo is being ..100.." back to the organisation by
over the musical
score with Dr. Relater are ambers of N.J. two former medical associates and the president of Florida ABM University. With

'AMtamaa/ teelettes. nationally know trio which has been featured on Prospective teachers him from left are: Dr. M.B. Hut to, Balnbridge. Ga..dentlstDr. N.H. Jones ,
the Ted Mack Amateur t1no.. Left In Campus Election I
are: partbenla J.
Harris, teacher at
Planning to take the ocaa physician; and Dr. Qa'lfI',1. tore Jr., president of FAMU.
Heap ton Junior College. Deal; yarn tithe who teaches at North aide High In
Myna: and the former Betty Steven who recently became Mrs.L.C. Coney. Mrs. GAL' Vial-The recently tests should obtain '
CbAey: teaches their Bulletins of Information NAACP Charges Tampa Police Airman Completes
at Drew High school In Winter Garden and her husband la a mule formed Preedoa party

teacher... at Mills High School la debater. at the pradoalaaatly promptly Dr.
white University of Park advised With Harassment 01 Ministeriiwrn Training Course

loCicero Appointed A&M StidiBts Discusses Ambition in Florida the recent has won one student seat legislatorAdmits / --NAACP branches, 11I series of liar.... AMAULLO, Tea.-At man

throughout Florida are Third Class Marion I.
1 governs nt election amis the militant minister
To Beverage Depl. y Chris Bennlager was elected False rallying to the auprort has been subjectedto Loran Jr.. son of Mrs

I. to Ue Architecture of the Rev J.R. Atkins, by police. suthorltle .1\1[ rotny n. Logan of 2730

Regional PoslTALL.VU&Utf"hl1 Lett si stive Council BeckfroBRclRrp. president of the winter *. Begonia Road, Jacksonville

with 113 votes as against llavm Branch, charged Earlier this yet, Mr. Fla. has graduated
with perjury In testimony from the technical
61 for Us candidate of
TIIITpn- t.tl Atkins was convicted and
Lo- In his own behalf training course for U.s."
Progress Party Uadoainant
Daniel w. test did sentenced to three lIOnthl'bard -
ac.ro.48. terser president y group which In a recent trial. Mr. Jet engine, mechanics stUarlllo
a turnabout before a labor by a Polk
and co-owner of the r Atklna la also a ..IceClrtlU."t AFB, Tei.Alman .
won SJ out of .t positions house investigating COBalttee County court which found
United rood
Brokerage of the state Logannow trained
in Us el action.Jla .
here last week, him guilty of failing
Company of Tampa has organ 1 ration to Inspect and rival.
Hsraellag. a fora- and actaltted falsifyinghis orderto
to obey a police
been appointed to the Arrested In his ho. turtajet .,In..1. icing
er CORK volunteer In 8uaaee -
background in cam luring a dwtoit-'
position of Regional about midnight pebrusry assigned to an Air Defense
County, who ran palming for office. Vinter
-1 Stratton in Htven
ftjperrlaor by Us lists for president of the 12, Mr mtns ws takento Oimand. (Are) Unit
Writer. seet. a DetroitDemocrat nearly two years s\
Beverage Director lea student body, received the county J.U.book..1 at Travis APR, Calif.
had served notice
Morrle.LoCicero. In votes aa against on the perjury charge
till) have supervision for the winning he would not answer and later released on
J."U' cowatttee questions or INDEPENDENT OIL CO.
over four Beverage candidate U. MO tend
Progress Party
respond" to Its aubpena. KFRfV NTf itorir nruvrrY
Districts eoa- falter McVcy, a.other tits arrest Robert *.
dating of IS !Oulf tout CORE worker who The S5-rsar-old law- Saunders NA4CP Field J '1"CIIANIC. : Oi M fIITY I

count!.,. ran for the SophoaoreLnlslatlve esker, those real) identity Director for Florida, Ike Joseph ......-..... ........ Prop rift or1

prior to fulfil ling .his Council pot was uaaasksd charges, la the latest 'tut and J ffi ron (itreetrl ILt.n11;
following probe ,
sllltary obllgatloa ia 1M votes ss against

the Any a Seventy fifth 16 for the student alecteJ ......

infantry Division In the to that office.The .

European 111 I.t er. to- Vlah.raltrofnort.

Cicero>> was a supervisor ;..... da la know as Ue train-

in the Office of Cra> UTO AMKBMVrr! -Wwartf. Jeroma ..11 Haas.aofaoaora.BsJorlsc ad.eleed lag ground for Florldtpollticaaa.
.onkto'of Mall sad lavestlgatlve -''
la political aclesca It Florida The Free !
lark tor the University.Tallahassee..., dlscusees his smbUloa do. Party seeks to replace

0.8. mvern.wt.Afterhisdlstsrge. to wort wit the bllad la the Peace Corps during sack sistudentgoveraaeat
a recent Peace corps recraltatat program at PAMU.Eaaomrafemeat politicians
the service
la his goals Is given to til Hans as George teaUara with
led tat United Pood Ito
by: Miss ton Noraedei-FCV' to tthiopls. no* iu persoaala Use with reality

kerage Company. operated la Tmnpa.hlehhebaa for. tat Dlvl el OB of .*electionPeace Corps, tsatlagtoa and aoden seeds," Of EN SUNDAY AT EOGDVOOO AND AYL FROM 9 JIM. TO 7 P.M.

D.C. lUll... who has been blind slice the age U,. Judy inalgervlce

the.put LoCleero 17 Tars.IT. la. of sis and one-half la the BOB of Mr. and I,.. president of OaiaesvUle SPECIALS GOOD THRU SUNDAY AT EDGEWOOD AND AVENUE B

very Howard sills... 42) Bth Court. Vert Rests Me colt sad sister of Usoae
active I. local civicBffalrsservlag '
was graduated la Jane, 1.41. froa the florid. winning candidate.

Mediate past prealdeat as la- school] for Us Deaf sad Ills at It. Angus Use.Firnr Rodriqoez A&M U. S. GOOD CENTER CUT

of the DownTown Op tlalit
Clsbof TIIIf"IllS Inn SCEf Record Speaker for

Ordered Returned FoondePs DayT1.ANAReItTPriacIps1
I 4 former Jeisa. Mrs.

TII Can tall Or etch an sera af MM By Court
tort City after havlsgst apeajer at tilt Florida

.Sllliif III teased Us faaeral of Nil OU.tA.14. La.-d1otitis. AM iniverslty Powders'

ELflllA STAR her graaaeaa, has yew .) records aad Day Aaeeably rri'&1.Mar*

tined ho**. ether asterlsl seliedfroa ck 1!. will be Alt,.
Fraatlseo Ro'riquei,
the aoaum. coar.e *

I Ir IIIIEPEIIEI[ TT. I HUB! SEIIICE Kdueatlonal P..4TP proaiseat re.,. Oeorge Taapa t. COBOly :>site > -
<, ') have bas rets rued
thai ra as af IkePOMderaTMy C::
..1, & Islip", Phil.HI.7242IEIIEIT fellelsg the c.s. a District hearlagla COM!(tee, LB. S9

anao..c.. this w*<*.

STIES III I. Stiti CUirU OUer vests, Id,"
The records eera let
.lad darlsg the three
.. ; ||vre4 to Us XIT office .
day ,...,.,.' aeekeadII
M Perdldo StreetLre REGULAR SIZE
Include Us slarnl BLUE PLATE
a ft er about l$oa Us
after Uey eefe tahM aeetisg, pilgrimage to
,u". af Ue ro....,.
Bear fey city sad state
mmgit1iCllm sad Us alBBBt laackaoaaa

police Sstarday. lurch II. FAQ MAYONNAISE2S
tsalssd af Bsterlal
II n. QM IIW LMI Mstrsmilt.1 sad Ua poaadera' Vespers .
.. Mew. I .. rn. ear lad lee. celled N orders
w t t. M
: ., .= :: .....
.r .raw.w' .r! ewe e.wa aa ,. March
.. ..'e..... I+r K v.-......w-w.l of the UslslaaatmAjierl It.
::.=-.=--=-:= 'LIVMLIMal..rl Mi1.M *a Activities
-. -- Beater at Ue Poyader
='.:=:-- =:-.: :-..=cz.. -:-:::: Co-ittee (UI.c). ahlc* LIIUM'. which sill| *
that leEr ass
::::. _-: -= =-.=..: ::::..:=-= charged argaalM eolactde eU the aaaaallaterscbolsstU 25
y. -- -- -- a press
-. ::4 N..:::..::: 0.e ew5 Lea.w..ewn.ve 5I. YrMrw' tie. Sal! <'crl'. It* erksaop Lack will PINT
self as fcsttelae! ar'gaalgstlsa -
be Mra. Jesyethel ,I.
a: I IN-SUCCESS. ri af ealtea Merrltt. presldest af
sad t* eadisi Jiegrae eegregatUa the ..waaaee lifer dialer U. S. GOOD RIB, STEAK n 5'

wed Cnrlslsatlo. 0>lls... M.4lees.
did Wei Oat t8C

: ran Dar t Men Ok T. ,!. :o M .Cr,.. Ue charge Sf e.l* Dr. liken trsgg. setcalstrlst. EXTRA FANCY RED EATING APPLES < n. III 25<

..,... as s pretest tordestreylat >> .aca..u.
AersJ .,..UaJ..etoa.
LOW PRICES u argaalMtlM -
eartlai far civil will ke tka 55555,. FARM HOUSE FROZEN FRUIT PIES

...snit at 4 00 p."
: Oa leer rla#ta. APPLE APPLE, PEACH, CHERRY liiti sill 2SCPILLSlURY


;. Tra4 tltt Tear .etgbsh oe d Drag Store Asthma Sufferers 'M..UOU-flMJ-'" OR IALLARD BISCUITS, t tin 2ft

.. SILL MOT an mea AW, LM tact <
Dell,.,.*.*!*. fill all tfcctsi'B. "..ntS... MeUMllt Opera sew
......U.. fcr.*ls re* sit less have kee hell QUAKER FLOUR s u. '11. 39*

: .wee tree bw.eal.i.itaai11.11.4..dltls' here.jac** .lected tan
Dixie .
Pharmacy OMteiMMiacMiaw
wlaaera U go a* AUasU

krpssIIM far tie regies *.- H00 BLEACH 15*
1312 lilts IM it Iirfli inns _Ie *.....A.. rWg1.1 ti Uaaa aa '../(* .. "

r- M. ..",a Sraa A eiglfl.at .'prwe"

| kris Cliii SSHMIfiT ...*.... c...,..,.. etpgw.l .. tte fact that ese afU HUNTS CATSUP '">, ; mil n K. 23(
seewa1ts ..
M pta wtaaer la a ...rCher .
|. THI UHT. Mitt UI IUEMIIE M* -.w( t/-, r'
I.a.. ..au r* b... a. old Jailer Mjartag laasl Sit
situ IT HI STHE ..-.. at Fieri*. *a* I ROYAL


-- '- -- ... ,

1.' 1 I ': .! ''i5'T::


friends Turn Out Enmasse To Honor Birthday Honoree

r.tY .

4 4 4rA
rPM ,,, i P '
lr ,..:r
$ a '7 kt ,-,rV _



w ;- J'C I


t ..li -L, t. ." :: 'l .rtl -
*">F "' "' mi*>i ir JK-.ra aww i _.Jft"._. __ UlPL1R&y ,
-mom w tn numerous, use-jl gifts and the recipient were Hemp Sullivan -
: L.C. Ervln. Mrs Luclle Mc-
Mrs. Lonella Evans '
Mrs A.
of nanjr happy returns of the day expressions Clendon No man Williams, Mrs. Geneva Hunter. Itor- Mrs Lalar White Mrs Gloria ,Blacks Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Sarah Washington Mrs. Vetrlce IUU.... Mra.

was Ernest Smith, (inset) who was honored gan Cummings Mrs. Billle K.P. Barnes, Mrs. Evelyn Mrs. /Nathaniel Edwards, Miss Gloria Edwards. Michael Alice Posipqr.: Mr. and Mrs. Ira Carswell. Mrs. Vivian
"v with k birthday party by his wife at Club Elttorado GloverMrs. W.N. WashingtonMrs. R.C. coker Wesley Poapey, Mrs. Sarah cop pock. Mrs. Essie. Mae
Edwards Charles Edwards Jr. Mrs. Richard
recently. A bountiful buffet luncheon was served BlackMrs." Ruby w. Baker Mrs. Vivian 0, Copeland Edwards: Mrs. Susie Black Mrs. Leona Adams, Mrs Jadtaon.Mrs.Rose Huffman. Mrs. Mary Wllllass, Mra.Torale .
j and the honoree will undoubtedly be the attendant Mrs. Mary Davis, Mrs Constance Green, Mr. Darthula Boawell McCleaary Mrs Mable) Stuart and Mrs. 0.
,L: I of many pleasant memories. Among the attendants and Mrs. Henry White Mrs. corlne Wilkins, Mrs. Mrs. Julia Holly, Mrs. Alestlne derma Charles. (photos by Royal Art Studio )
Freeman Mrs. Othabell Allen., Mra. Eunice oaker..

Deltas Announce Barracks Steps-Up f.TeenTaIk ; C. E. Simmons III Jai Jaycees To Present Famed Only ypjj can

Jabberwock Plans Membership Drive \,,:/ 'tJ f"Ib' Gets Eagle Award Oberammergau Passion Play Here prevent forest fires

Gateway Barracks 3131
During the lspreseiveceremony
of World War I Veterans It'a long way fro the ancient village of Ober '
Hie Jacksonville Alumna will meet in regular ROBIN A. rORRFSTER highlighting ".rl". cradled la a valley high la. the Bavarian GORDO GIN
the Cherokee District
Chapters of Delta Alps to the lush sea.1".1 city of Jacksoovilla.
session Saturday at 2 Teens
court of Honor held Wednesday UUD101: fLOVZllU111.ll ( ;
Signs Theta .
Sorority p.m.ln Joe H. James Community With a beap-bop-a-boo, and a loopy-1oop, I sty night in Bethel Even: here however people will sake the "pll-
inc will present its Center 13th and wowll why not enjoy being a girl as spring '45 Baptist Institutional lri...'" -- whether it be blocks or aany alles -- :PU1JJ:
11th biennial "Jabber-
Hurst Ste.According. takes on a feminine look? to see the English-spoken version of the renowned
wock" April 27 in New to Commander COLOR shapes up dn clear shades of red/whU/blue. Church. Charles E. Blazons Obenuuaergau Passion Ply &:t
Stanton High School .. III of Troop 74,51. The production cowing ........................
Auditorium\ J.S. Irving sr. the Pastels are softer than last year chalky bluest Plus Catholic Church, received Exchange Tickets are on ,. ?;':\
membership drive has been t I and pinks, wet sand, creamy white. totheJackeonville Civic c POT10N. > 3
The them Is, 'The the Eagle Badge sale at the Passion PlsyHeadquarters 1 i
extended through the SILHOUETTE sees a gentle,sculptured March 8, 9, ** "*'
and ambers of other !
In. the
Wonderful World of 'i wring and the membership (lookwith the delicate detail of ruf 10 and II, stare Val
Television books are open to world [flea and 00... Costs are "skinny" troops received cita Balfour in the only authorised George Washington HotelLobby
It will be developed War I veterans, their .yet shapely Skirts are soft rather tions. taerican stage ) frog ..bers of
Charles, the son of Mr.
through skits inspiredby wives, widows and de than slim snd fall to aid-knee. presentation of the 0- the Jacksonville Jaycees
and Mrs. Charles] K. Sla- and reorganisation
popular television pendent fABRICS speak out for. textured beraaaergau play. The
shows Awards will ions Jr. is an honor Jacksonville tyeclal student astlsees
be spring; with lots of loops and idagonsl weave In* Jayceesare
given on high school and Seclil hut terest. Put it all together and you have the Look sponsoring the Passion are set for: Tuesday, 'ed-

fraternal levelerContestants Slid. Siiiiy for spring '} and It'. a reainine ..ffair.S Play here aa a con- !aeaday and Thursday at .
for the Senior Missionary Society ring 'U is for girls whose reainine feet slip {C'ri win!ty service 1:30: p..., with a special

title" "Miss Jabber. 1 of Mt Sinai into the softer lines of this year's look. Die detailing first perforaed 1634. price of 75f for
wock'1 are: Cynthia Baptist Church will of cutouts and bows, brushed and textured ;. J. the Passion Play baa a school-age children.

Clarke, New Stanton; sponsor friendship tea leathers, give shoes a feeling all their owi. They curious sad brilliant Brown PTA HORSESHOES
Tbelae adler, Matthew March 14 In the home of have become history The faous pa THE FIVE ..
an laportant and individual part of I \ Bu.II of grey llM," one ."<1 .'
11 Gilbert; Deborah Parson :ir and Mrs Charlie j. the wardrobe .. and this year they have a sort getnt.now 331 years old Hears Rev. dna high up In .he Ch'l"en,
rallsa Wllllaas Note, 551 W. 17th St. look from heel to toell! I represents the fulfill Newman Hundred.th.eEno.1'.*kro dates
New Stanton; Sherrie Members have been The SKINNY COAT la a key item for Spring. When + sent of a religious vow Ernest back 500 ,e.f*. the Oylt'de Rom.,

Weston, Douglas Anderson asked to bring their own double bressted.lt la strictly tailored while t The story,to Id In an old The ILL. prom ejesmtary ftr.trll4jl'.l twill kqt'beeps a euitomeraIntMie y N'e'
and Janice Sutton. tebnt to participate on the single breasted version is tare fluid and de f chronicle still preservedla School! PTA held its t'>e.eUvowrta "oeftdl .people
New Stanton. the program tailed. the ObersMergau village regular monthly ...tIDI. "hake Gndoe's III e.ght \O-OIM
of e
Often M pa-1
Many new looks have developed since I've last archives, concerns Thursday evening, at I ParadiM Cocktail -
"' talked fashions with you. concerning the "leggy the frightful sweep of o'clock In the school
Unclaimed world." we have the new hosiery stylesNO: I TRUMP the Great Plague across auditoriua.Rev. .
pr' 'GYPSY, PICCADILLY and MONTE CARLO. Actually, ifa student at Darnell-Cook- Europe, la the wake of .meet Neewu, par
Martian Invaded this world of the modern generation san Junior High school the 30 tears' War Die the Kbenexer Metho
Photographs he tJilrk the legs bad gone wild. plays la both the Concert Slack" Death" afflicted diet Church ear the

i Another change la In coaaetlcs. A scented nail and Marching Bands and Bavaria la 163X *!. speaker.Josn .

poll ah. i guess they're trying to turn you guys attends Bethel Baptist piag out whole villages.IB >h Johaeoa. presl- .. .....
Must Got! Into Funch..... (Kissing the "aweet ...Ub," Institutional Church. 39 days, elsiost a dept with ifs Viols Y ".... "/

I hand of Lady Charming. ) Others receiving citations hundred. Obereaaergau. Johnson vice president ,. lr...
.. ....
In the makeup departaeat, the brush-on look is were: villagers died. la panic sad Mrs. tucille Paul, "", \ -.
Today conquering the faces of many Now, you can brushon Star rank John Slplla: the people took aoleaa PTA secretary, represented r y. N.

Starting eye brows eye shadow, powder and rouge I 'rimt Ch..,Terl7 Crew, vow of perpetual enact the assoclatlca 0.....'
guess the next step will be brushed-on boyfriends.The Hal\ Spleer James M. lint of their Passion as delegates to the Pa Paradit* C cLta "

Photos Made Before 1962 Can Be Reclaimed pak Is doing some yak about Cecil ilillaas' Breaker, Louts C. Le- Ply la return tor their rents Teachers Coagreeala 2 .,. 0adO'+'. po, ... J
1111I0,tna. P. Morrell Daytona Beach. *H HI e>e.... )ease r
birthday party. MOBS of the Teens present were: deliverance.
4 d.sae.. Ancol B' > *>
Carolyn floyd Cynthia frailer Robert Coleaaa Daniel IX SlMoas, ala Accordingly, the ,a.- Mrs. oretha Beard, aa, .bale ..aiii s S*.***KeJlWee
For 1/2 The Total Cash Balance. Ronald Bel ton, Breads Mai toy, Laverne "traughter ton lie I'M 47,1'1'01I'' Rise- aloe Play war perforaedla elected delegate Bathe ..Mh crecbed Ice,s-4.etty Moa
Ch.rle'llM.brn. Hoie Hendrii, Gloria "Hendrix son. 1134, aid has bees Cosgress say unable to. IOC....a plus ,:1

Al Harper Peter Rhoulae 'Nettle $land. Michael Second Class: TboassAbraas. presented at prescribed atttrxL
I Royal Art Studio Stewart Charles Reddlck Elaine Harrison Kenneth cantos Joaea, iatervale ever slice,
Oolns Marvin Wright Michael for real er, Mglneftapp Gary L. "laaons, Jesse eteept for laterruptloae
and yours truly moat others. wileoi. Merit Badge: occasioned by two World A
I, 515 Davis St. (El I 4 1894 On Saturday the Kastside was swig-in' too. Miss Gary' Griff. Albert t. Wars ouatless thousands ,
Gilbert (Gloria Hendrix) and the Dlploaats were Poster Ralph C. Brow, of ..nc.... Barooeens,
among those attending. Ashby V. Court wllllaa Brill eh eltlias and enloatal. t
(Closed All-Diy Tmdijs, ) So long 'til next week, L.CllleapleJoha. Harris, .. Christina true

BYKNOWli + Jr.Thos Harris, Ore017 *- all over the world have
D. Rug Morris C. side the lengthy ,U-
t.If Lug, Chad .Helene. Ca griatag*to Bavaria to seethe a
t.1i. pera I. Tboapsoe, Reglaald dayloai oatdoorpa
a Y1to.MaonBtsa*
gent la Its gorgeous
.r Icy a. walker, Curtis salive aettlag.Reservedseat.
i High tower Jess Ut tie- performance .i .
ton Gerald Pack and a are Wtoaday. T.ee- .y +
John Tallor. day.Ttofceeday and Thar tl

: Atty. tar I. joaaeoa. day evealags. March I.

chain of the court f, 10 and 11 at fc IS P.B.prleee .
presided. raage at 12.M.n.OQ .
end I"OG. Mvmace


626 West AsMeT

w Presents Nitety Entertainment

t \'Mlt O

One Leg

T\9 Torrid has mesaTennessee Invites You To Listen To-

f ire IANI

On Hanson Organ


Beef at its Best FRANK LEGREE 11:31: 'til lujSitiriif .

fat oHr I '... 'Ill )2) Y:.. .
Tutadajr' t IcdLndoj JAB newton

A ENTtlTA MOn( lIGHTlY S PM.-2 A. M. 1400 WRHC 1400r


.... .. n -

,.... ..- _.......Ij.I ......\.......-.. '

I ; II f. ) ,


The Grapevine Ix HHts E..slll Anvil Fluid AIM Proirll.M .

fALlING ABOUTOscsr' llro_. jr.'s one-Ban
oslcal, "World of oscar Brown, Jr.." which consists
of the songs, lapresslons and laproTlsatlooe
created by Brow...
Dlizy Clllespls. the Jazz truapet star.ifco will
aake his debut M a serious actor in the Pallwhen
h0 appears u a vsteran Jaxi malclaa la 'V>okln'
for tilt Man." Buslcal drama .Jose perrer will
Roland Kirk, the .ultl-horned coato leader and
hit plant to play only flute tones oa his first
albra for the llaalliftt label...
Gloria Lynne personal secretary and tratellngcoapanlon.
villa Mae Banes' trip to her Phi la .
delphla boaetown Jut to attend a fashion shot at
ths'plnsh Sahara Sapper Club where fashion de-
lip er Allle White's orlgiaaiswer.being displayed.
Said will Mas: ., scooted the ahow to see If then
were any teas I thought would Interest Qoria."

Kls ton Howard's statement r.gsrdiagtba$70.000 .:
--- -- -- -
the New tort Yankees will pay his this season: ILLUSTRATING Siltat Not' Boned' widespread Interest Is being shown. this tranaparsnclsdepcltlag problems to be faced by the nation's first Banned
"I'll' catch .vsryds, it tII.ta..to."ADd whowouldn't week over the U.S. A"'M on the Moon" exhibit on display la Howard Boon 'J!>>td1Uoa. Also highlighted Is the eihibit detailing a lunar topgraphlcal
? Hall as part of the Military Departient of Florida AaM University's ROTC' ob- aap showing a section of the Moon's visible side. This represents work of the
bate Bill XI.bJ'1 weekend aaalst to folk sinter serraace. The displays feature a aeries of draaatte ooec.pt-dra.lugg.eolor A ray Map Service cartographer la the U.S. t Moon Prol'....
Glenn Tarborough the toner saber of the Liaellters (U.S. Amy Photos)
who Bade his debut as a single at the Bitter
Nine Sentenced Demonstrator Kegler Edwards Douglas Anderson High School PITS WANTED
End.in Greenwich Village, lie Tort City... -
lot the late Nat ''11'''" rol.'. tlbims arc going
Killed In Clash leads ScorersPosting Announces Senior Parents Tea
at be rate of five and 10 at a Use la a.e New In Will Freud ..nnn tn Eiri Case I
record stores; and the Md sens hi* tor so*. Johnson, principal
ton Given Hero'sBerial a 169-463 series The faculty and ad-
of .liars. earlier waxlngs with thetisg Cole Trio... CHICAGO(Mrl)-A ,,- in tilt Queen Pin ministration of Douglas Cheater R. Cowart and Silliif l.iFieilOA
Those-fabulous Plaalngoa and the special glow year-old nurae, Mrs. MWUCH tl la.IC'IIaUf..Jt.it League, Georgia Edwards Aodersoa High School Assistant principal T. SUI
la-the-dark nitons they will Intndic tor their Paul tat Owens has drawn Lee Jackson paced scorers during sill present tilt annual w. Montgoaery.
week at null's" Cadillac ShoBar... a oat-year sentence lethe 26. was Jilt an averageperron Crown Bowling play last Senior-parent Tea"
Clara ward who did not renew her coot "Photosraphy With A 51,11"One
oospel stager County Jail fOr an average Negro week.Nenaoa. Sunday at 4 p..a. in
contract with Mont Kay, foxier husband of singer- th* part she allegedly with the average Negro'sgripes. Furniture" led the school auditorlua.
actress Mahann Carroll... played in the fraud of aBillionaire's He was also a la teas high singles and The event la held each
Th* bl.u.t.rtd..r *o wisely sad: "'D1. will. fans who had Joined three rise series with year prior to commencement -
wont thing that can happen to an entertainer Is Euclid Taylor the colorful with others of his race ....2.13 respective to enable parents
for hi* to start bellerlng all the things his press Negro lawyer who to push for the first SOD res.Other. aDd seniors to become
ag nt writes about his"... defended her, said Mrs.OWBS clsss eltliensblp too pace setters included better acquainted with
was "duped" bya long d.aled Negroes. Ruby .Marshall tilt obligations and responnlbllltles -
Tee lily lipuliits white attorney, 8. Edward Ul-479; Dot fright,
There *aa nothing special which i 'y
Bloom.Blooa 1t1....; Vivian Green, t
about but la
him they aunt aaaus st
CHICAGO-(WI)-A 48>year-old a aa who fits theaickaaas was sentenced( death h* has ascended 144-412; and title John graduation according toMra.
of a tooallghter," because he works asa earlier to two years la to the role of a hero lathe sos. 1U411.Evelyn Florence T. Johnson
postal) sail sorter by day anda Janitor by eight Jail tor his part la the Integration noveaent. Vllllsa had Counselor
was indicted by a federal grand Jury here last week fraud of a will allegedto 5-10 and 3-10 conversion The program folloea'!

fOr dalalng too aany dependents on his income tie be that of til lias A. tieeday week, Jackson spy I.t Do t.. Joansoa, fl. Hichardeon. Solo Gloria Johnson; Stop Shopping For All
returns Ear 158-62. Melody eiecutlve .lcepresldeat given a "Freedow .
was scripture
..10;; T. An prayer. Mime
He Is II.-I"J" 1111.,. who Asat. D.& tty. Barry of a candy funeral," and burled dress I.to; D. Davis, Myrtle .. Turner; In* Your Photographic Needs
Preaaa said claimed all dependent children oa his coapaay. Melody died la the uniform of the V. sledge, 1.10. struaeatsl. duet. Mary
tai retuna. whan he was the father of only oas. last. July 0 at th* age touUen Christian L.ed.rallS't'Oateul'lo..bl. Dot Athens led la a Alto Smith, Betty EMERSON'S PHOTO SUPPLY
If coni eted. Kelley fsees up to IJ yean la Jail of 67. .. high ilagl sad three Touaaa; greetings, Mrs.
and a total of 123.000 la fl.... Taylor call ad his client denim overalls, blue
gaae series slit a 13- B. J. Lsvsoa Jean of 1817 N. MYRTLE AVE.
a >> unlettered
deals whit
413 la the seooad gaae.klall girls; remarks, Dennis
uatnlned girl who tell
shirt and tls.jacksoB .
Named To Celebration Post under the aagieof BlooaT s died la oood single gas and Uree T. Stewart, senior coordinator (Ie, Sii.iys Ij 1".I.I.ulsl)
ease series sere Iii ; "hi BarbaraJ.
profession and fell vie Saaarltaa Hospital laftelaa
tlatedbyLeeis biffin's( Roblaaoa, girls
ST. AroJSW 7 ; -The 9U Augustine QisdrlcentennlalCoordinating tim to it." J list Saturday of apparel Mill 354-3212
>> CoMltte announced last week that it Judge Robert J. Dunne. coapltcatioas reasltlag II12S7T. consultant, Mrs

had aaaedanegro, .- by ananlwjous cossent- to Ustody. of probate Court gave fraa wounds Isfllcted by -
Mrs. Qeess 10 days to state troop en who sought
He Is Otis tfteoa.a astlfe of this city, and principal asks srrtageaeats forth to break up a sight civil f -
of waiter Harris Sefeool In lIuUa,.. Kaaoa car of her tour rights ..retI... was shot iCE ,
will represent the Megra. o,.\city which ooagirtsesan children before going la Ue stomach snd clsbted MILK
estlaated oae-third of this.the satloa's oldest to Jail. about Ue head sad body. e el
city-errcagisg activities for Ue gnaddestaald Mrs Owens, a practical The services were con _
celebration.. city was bonded la IMS. rune who eared tor' Mel d.ctdattke Little Son usimi rums 39
ody for to years before Chapel Chare, sad Y1C X HUH 1\
his d..th,nd Bloom 1 wader.Pr. Martin Lather QUANTITY GOOD
were wag five persona King Jr., delivered Ueeulogy. BONUS BUY Ia 4T* RtSIKVIO THROUGH SATURDAY
cited for contempt of .
.' oourt for allegedly coasplrlsg J.chal Is survived by
to prepare a his !mother Mrs. Viols
fraudulent will of Meody > SUGAR GARs
Jscksockls, ; grsndfaUer, .19Msya lIS.39
eight days after hit Cager Lee1; sad a s
death, sad ..t.1 tit to sister, gamma ...... IT.
court Wslt I 'tPyaG" turd order'
Llslt J w/IIO.OO food order

There is a Bra practical vela Moyl ssrse. oleo who' f order Jason .Illll, r

cared for ItJoCr... her Receives Federal

onryonediet Jean graa44aughter.irrs.,...11), who algae Betty Gott. Appointment. SHORTENING IUS( A9.

the till as witnesses, TCLANAtRO-. Pre4dteUOrooaea. -
sere gives *..peaces'flses 112 Tousg .l e
of ISO eaca, Street. Tallaheaeee, ass
. cola bees svpoiated tr t..

Writer To lecfiro CLOROX BREEZE

that ratesalaiiioiis At Hampton IBS!.

I BTON utnnmt, ,*. (Hill I fill
.......11 Lyses .*.*. S
$J,II fill Stilt 99
glag editor HsraefsMacstlse.
j1 j1I CUNT'
i "naktllty.. sill Tsst spat andaaaerv" .* I f H in. runic

: at t ,... .Moa-

cola *-/,Cowasleatloas cares I. I06$.Cea laUe AIIIII TISSUE IIIIIUI 'II nciiiE lilt 27* niitinrIII .

ter. nil lectsr Is ,. .
part wf tke vlaltisgScholars FLOUR 49'Sllil
name: ,,,,,,... a.1. osucamfederal laill 5 US

erslty. Pro. Catera 112. .. lrglaia. Itn- supervisory goveraaeat tv.tUoa"to U a FRUIT COCKTAIL 43L1 I run u stir iisui

k* stalled at CaUe4ralCa the palled States De.artoeat '
r .lrBcaa*| |a .e.Trk *f A,rtnlUra.er CRIES CST-l-Tit SHIICI
City a4 later si Ue resslbllltle
Berkshire Sck**| la eta tae Pit/ will Isclsoe
1' w Sheffield, ...... units Uf three Birth PICNICS I U I U.mm 29'nisi

rierl 4* COTS t lee. with a u,
her kn*>* fflte. heated
la TsUskaeaeewIII
ruiSTEAKS sun PIIIIU inn M siiuii

Tee less ". Beet Dieter STEAK 89'
II also Twr fDfCO ...n... 49
W fi,erla e< Pkara*.lls. L1, U,
...Amrfiag. per rater's
Ore>ra. -e f a. Only Tke tHe

C.L IUC& 9es11 b Cog SNAIL NEAT III I III sin rusi CIIIIIT SITU rusi IISTII in

i ttrrtxcp uuciwn n TO* no SPARE RIBS u. 49* BACKBONE u. 49'mi Pork
'. C.-etlc-S'wk'r oar..* raaae*.s. rteCALCO .
PR'x7IPTl0e6 I"A ot 1'0 upu%) -
TIP 1 Roast

Lg-e>' LiMy's Drug Store BANANAS ,10 1 ,39'

UIJ inu mi u inn ,

11 -{" -- ,-'-- -,, Ij"l2" 1iIiIo} fI




: _


Group To Cite' Top Leaders Crowning Climaxes Event'

I .;';

r 3 Negro High Schools

MIAMI--If tire School Board's present

timetable gore according to plan, the sys

tem will have only one Negro senior high .f
school by 1967. .faf.w...fw.w.fwawwfw. 1 ;Y
v i
The plan, outlined bthe plan 1 Implemented) t a s

}ka7k fr11rt Superintendent Joe Hali111 continued. Jr
last Saturday, calls for Reasons given for the

A1.)4% the elimination of it"1 elimination of the

least three of the oountT'llhlro senior high schools

.r 2nT five all-Negro high schools were:
t within three years under Y*"' students and those

1or lhA4JoJrt: the following schedule: 'FOB other schools are 1

Discontinuance of North being transported past ?

Dads Senior High la tilt whit. high schools In

fall of IOU and George violation of the board's +

I Washington Carver and Nays desegregation policy. "KISS CfCJ"-ttss' Faye LaXell RicDsrdson. senior at Houston Tilloteoo College
ART MODELL. president of the Cleveland Browns Professional football" Club, s.It
; Ben Senior Highs in the fall North Dads and ,Carver Austin, Texas, was crowned "Miss United Negro College Fund" during recent
Flleger. assistant to the preildent of the Browns, have been made honors
'of 1987.-- with S47 and 480 seniors 10th annual conference of the Fund's' Alumni Council la Dallas. Durisg statler-
embers of the Incomparable florid AtM University' Marcbln'lOO'' ba nd. Dr
[ The outccne: of the urban respectively, have too few. Hilton Hotel ceremony, contestant and escorts witness u William T. 1Un,"
William P.Foster (left), Director bands at PAW, le shorn recelring'the certlflcatea "
[, renewal and expressway sent or to support full Burke, left, Dallas Southwest office the coca-Cola Company, presents beautiful
of membership to be tent to Mo dell and Flleger. Making the presents
developments will hinge on ourrlculums. watch to the young lady la behalf of the Atlanta Oa. b..dlJlartereellOft-dnDk,
tlon are: Arthur Hlghtower, a freshman majoring fine arts, from Fajrettevllle
the decision to close Hal I'm first step will be firm. Participating caramon/ are Mra. olive D. Brown Houston TilloUoo College -
N.r. ; nrllllun Thompson, a freshman majoring economics: from Honetea" d
Booker T.Washington Senior to encourage senior high Pre-Aluani Club sponsor and WCP Area co-chairman and w. Brton Beatty
and Edward fiohen l, n frcuhnon ""majoring physics from o>uld..
High, Hall said. students to transfer from UUCP vice president New Tort City Bishop College, Dallas, was boat for the

Despite the change of the Worth Dads to Carol Senior conference.

NAACP Youth Schedule Several Top Randolph senior high status, none High next fall. '

I of the plants would
Summer Community ProjectsNEW Aide Dies closed down Since all GOY Wallace Receives Complaint Priest Serves Commission Trades

are sli-year schools) they
Alabama Brutalities
YORR---7hi youth recruit volunteers, CHICAGO-(NPI)"-Funeral would continue: to operate Concerning

and College Division of primarily troll college services for Milton p. as Junior highs the Board:>> BHUmOHAM-( )-.Oov. The Alabama Newspaper At A&M Fete Turkeys For Deer

the National Association campuses, who will spend Webster ST. 77. veteran continued. George C. Wallace has association Joins with

for the Advancement their summer vacations labor leader were held Hall said that the plan been urged by the Alabama other representatives .
of Colored people an* living and working in here Monday at the Lincoln daesn' t need approval since Newspaper) Association of mass media la protesting TAtLAHAISII--.tber TALLAHASSCK-One hundred
whitetail deer from
nounced Its 1965 suaner minority group ghettos. Memorial Congregational the Board is in full ao- beaded b, 1of1 0. the treatment of Egbert J. Figaro principal

project which will consist Announcement of theproject church. cord with its policy of Jackson to "take newsmen assigned to report of 8U Emsm Mill Louisiana will be finding -

of community action which will be Webster, a top aide to complete racial Integra positive steps to pro- on the effort by tary Academy, poAattan.V ace homes ID Florida

programs to develop attempted In northern A. Philip Randolph, international tlon of its schools.Construction tect, affirm and insure Negro citizen to vote *., served as ODe of later this month, sc-
minority group communities first, was the leaders of Religious cording to a report issued
presidentof projectssuch this right (to vote) In la Dallas, Perry Whoa
participation In efforts made at a press conference the Brotherhood of as the building of Alabama.In and other Black Siltcounties '...... leek Activitiesat by the Florida Otae

to overcome racial held at the Sleeping Car porters, the new Kllllam Senior addition, Jackson, The reported Florida Mil Cnlversltv. and Fresh water FishCossilssion.

barriers. Sheraton-Atlantic Hotel died suddenly last High, south of Miami to who is also managing brutalities sufferedby Father Figaro Is .

The project, which has by Alfred p. Williams, Wednesday In Miami relieve overcrowding at editor of the Birmingham ne deer are part of
aewesen, by prospectIve -
been named the "Com III, chairman of the Beach ,la. while at* Coral Gables Senior High world weekly newspaper applicants for an exchange of wildlife

munity Action project," NAACP'a National youth ending a meeting of and to make room for Car. protested, tbeallt.d registration between U. two states. '
voter and
( CAP) calls for the the executive councilo ver students most be approved brutal treatmentof Florida traded fifty
I NAACP youth ting to . the Art--CIO. by the Board before: newsmen assigned to by the promoters of .lid tvrkeys for the
report voterregistration orderly and peaceful hundred deer which! will

activities In campaigns to vote are be released la various

Marlon county and other shocking and revolting. wi 1 dl 1 femaaaisBeat areas
Tune WAME Home Of The World'sChampion places In Alabama. tfeioaclKMit the state.

THe Florida Came Commission -

Enters Miami U. trapped tile wild

Disc Jockey turkeys In areas not open

for public hunting and

traded oa the basis of

one turkey for two deer.

rtl' s.h According to at. Frye.Kie .

atlve Director of

the Oame Coast.doc,
Florida .has ewe of the

I largest wild tansy pop-

I statuses ia the aatlomsndtlteeictianie
Y FAWDl "CWO of wildlife
1q a product of the public
will aot oily kelp
school system of Allan-
estafcllah wild turkeys
tie City, N.J., the Holy
la ether static bat alsotsplement
Ghost preparatory. Atlantic
tie deer *
j city If.J.i and
.h alstlom la no rid*.
It..a'"' I '.1111'7.' Norwalk -
N4 ,* Nicky Lee r. ; Co... (Tale Divinity .

Holder of world'a 1 School, New Haven llll HEMARCR

Broadcasting Record Conn.).
Rockii Rogers 220Continuous Hours Altoizo Moull 31x

* *

r I If I

f I: rum PAW CAMPO....irm. laelm T. Oora-. act iag

i w- director of Public Relatleaa %t Florida A. aid I.
bee Bemedleta ofeti ',....""
Val .ralt, greeta Usa Cayoag "
of Moja Province, Kastera Nigeria, during kit recent ,..

Bob Terry visit oo the escpiia 1m TallaaasMe. Via Bayoeig ......
visited with her brother, Bar.oad tGayosg: a jester
1 From 3:00: to f: 30 '
; F rom WANC Oowntoi majortat la agroaoaiy. at FAJTJ eke was innate tamttrlcmlate 'i .:.t16
BroHiir Ray at eke oalvertlty .f Slut Miami
Fred Hanna Studio
Florida. where abe pleas to major U metallargy. tie .

Nlgeriaa stsdeats are tke aoa ... wasgkter of ir.m. the SHORTY-$35.

d i and Vn. r P>yoat of 0 oa provisce VHCAtO STYLI 'ltlI"an

SEE AND HEAR THESE sow ti -co-.:==.c=:;:
W 3 -
.'. fwS ,..a _

-:;;:,.::;,he l...
=:::r-== .::':"! ..!!If" M" Y L w,. ar.. wr.
r,..roa'a... -- ........
M .. a..M Me J::!
=- :': AWAY '
RADIO STARSWAME1260 .pot.......-. _. c.... II u.. ,lA,
-.::;:::::: r.: :
ReppeE .. .... wma .
in n >
... .... eo. __ ... TIll ..
MTV' M.A*..E'7rrM ...nan. .. tlUI
I ..... fO'TOe, ..... ...... nn
w p.awcnii M -
-- -- -.... uatN

=. .. f wr.wea.r1.a '

.- ,- M aa :16U11 : -
;. eci. rr

r---r"'G= 1::", .... re.. _;._ 1=.-c i----L-M-.J.--.
..../ f..1 av a .-- -
tf MSM .. wan to* .. Aq
171- i iifn*. 'sa.L. .....M..N.
l.i my to n ttw f -
JTlTilllw V- -- MB**. .
WMBMSpotlight tAru aK4 ro**>vwA ref -.. -_, (-
4 Hear "Hot Line" Nightly At 11 .**> -..::*.-.***--***g :=-.< t- --. -..-.... ..
p.m'J rwwrl
t> t) Predict Of The Week H ,"al..rr'n"I.tj'UtV S .

WithArt Green ; \ ... -r M_.....a.I-.-, B.,, ..... .....1wA....ar.. -y,...


.. .. ...
.. .. --- --- -
lot. t II. i r I j W IIr" 1 ... 11 -
.. .

v -, r .. v .. .-'----- + '

I" I2TIAIA1 j ; : .I----: 'i f '; ----r" i

MAUN 1 riBIIII.A ?Nil milt fm t

Famed Harlem Globetrotters Staging 2-Night Appearance Here Next Week-

Renowned Clown Princes Of Mirth Heading 2-Appiirueis Kin, Jix E.s Wildcats Win Vlsltition Crown .

leis Classy Washington GinirilsHirch IOU ClvkReorguizos .:::: '-' :::: '-\ ,': r'

10, II' Nights In Coliseum

la a love to rate MtiMFailtt 11 .
Ac !aS..4 tht oit Miilai worts orianlaatloa ....t.1. dab 1t ea I ae, 11 l ace' r

the world bu iw troll, founder*ooicn. Abe gaper the ttroBititlaltt': hla

.til* ud.. the H rM fllobetrottert art tspecttd tor, Maatitr bills ..1J .
to pack JM Colleww to tin rs tarp wedneeday and ihltt MBoiuotd Uiit all)

Tfcurtday. 11 fit 11 (IIU. JO and U) wbw they.. fact |nan vlihlai' to buy

lit claaiy faahlniton aeoerala. CM* UM lor>> tech took la the club pay
...tat', encounter It act for I o'clock. do to fcy itttlai la touch

tttt..**..ttttttttttttt ttta kla at vtltt I Bout
to proaoter dim, Rio dt Janeiro, Service itatioa bulls

jMl Murdock, H additional Rraxll II, "T.Aamtt ATioa sad bliss Mad.Thla r, ,
aliht VII added II.'Oly.pla Its ,...' 1 ttaa which ti,

to tilt ueutlcce alintappearance dl,., Rerlta, Otrmaay, h composed of Florida e 14',
of the CJobetrotttrt ,I.000. aad out of state Ttttraaa -
o> dwaad of Nile been ranted four aid' proalitRiyo

ttouemda of Florida and private tudlenoee with 1, 4 Uawlll btfla ttirlBftralalu alai I JACK (cr) .ca.Al...'. ..Uuaa..lbOuua tuocata ma their etoond MAO 0>n*
Ro Uveet QonriU parts
\ the Holy father either oa luaday,March ferenee Vleltatloa eheoploiiililp.tbi eeooad la U year ilt a (Bferenot record

unable faqi. Many to attend of iboaj were la tie yatlcaa or all U at tort ATCQUO lull of 1 II rtae and 0 loeeee and a less)n' a etritch of 1.... Medalren plw" .t ester\
the put auMtr palace at Cartel PORRARM I. C, IIiMB (left) ) i4 !M* provoktreadowlirb Part, Lila added on'thi i-cc cluster *lch KB the tours la 1"'. PI wen ttandiBi frog left

oat clot' Btead of Ut. Oandolfo, Juit outildt "_OIl art tea of tat noted Marie hun tlihlai to, tryout art: Jerome Hauler, Ronald Idkrldie, Robert Gibson\ Hithintil QinnlnihM, Re

I O 4I421Itln1butetars.IT of Roe: Olobetrttttrt Raahttbal) tie .|cIa will Mend lar the iMlM, till llnild Pobird, Milool Hades, Carl fuller, Cbirlta "r"' -H", balls)( It

order to.sat vita July llll.Popt Pint XII tklll cod errlaeat durtai tkelr tnaht IP* bate aa opportunity to via, butts John KB, itlllM Clark, and Leroy ploy4.Ntwconir .
the fene' d ..., Mur July Wa.fope pint III ptaraaet here enlist the leahlBitoa fleatralt, do ao at the line, Slits
dock seta ba west to a July Jill pope JOBS' and la Coll OOlo1ldt4.-- -- -- -- -
edneaday and Thured y,* r, 10 11 Jam >>
bolt' additional eipwiela xnu aeuo. Ablibly entertalaiai "II n... oboe It alto Cops Annual TonrmyflMUR Cherry Chaparrals To Chillingo

coaplrlaf' with thet1n July till, fop Pius proled' accordai jai Uprtaartt tf sports, "
.wlahe. VI Jlway larderametlse for each _htlt' tettloa
Accjalaed viol ...' Visited. MOIOOW for 10 It I o'clock. Fords, FinrrlJ, Others At Sebring

finest h'Meion of sellout atrforwiaacea at

woo tin," ut MOM lonla Rportt Pal act whertaa Amy Prlviti Win RORlNO-JlM Hall and Hap tfiarp, Midland, Teue,
trotttrt date kite AaaoclattdPrteawlrf nuclei oar bulidert and drlvere of the wrld MeJ

playe la IT couattlnoasiso00t1a.ot1 photo of flaperetela, with rear sec.lse Chivvy povered Chlplrnlrill|)| bt at

Includla prowler Rlbta iritobtt Herth-Seilli TtirnyRy the, fined Ribrlm, Plorlda I.a at(| auto road re*

| pi M behind the iron' side frost piss allover elm circuit thlt weekend for allout teitB| and

Dart.... Ut world UWT IATOIURMUIIA A performance check IB preparitlon fir the 1'lIrdll
Tfcelr aaaslai ittt offtrlte' The laahliitoa Otatralt Miroh fill 13-Hour: *hduro.
pt. RoMiai' private II furitttfi, a fora r.
lacludrlrotobukstbstl ) : art a klaniy ttltctlvebaad'plcktd tr timer aad I aatltaal vwwa'e \ 111111111111111111,11111au
) record. for a club eoa* three top dinalea titles h the lit ebnploa Anmiil woa north the Rent by ruaort that in a .lew iw>rt lull i',

licit iMt three tiles prlss4orOansr talltil Scull Ctolf tounaa. Ut .I" "., earl trot! till the teleetloa. of
t at hail RprtBia.AddltloBtl .
la oat year (liii) II 'at aad caa alwaya bt hiikUiatawtrt 111111111111111111111111 Tells tiaaot lilt the top' rilte road ratlaihaaploat

follow: dtp end t4 gpo toT/ ftoodly the icerlai tf Or Cbtrltt ire!aad of V, d full I a*hour tortuous aq4 oars
April Il*ROII RowlpMadwa accouat of UM race that, It RebrllaiRill pruuiht" additional fine
three halls la tat du* laahlaitaa 0C, lad
iad ilory U the' Lone
,Call t.,M, '02. a BdRnirpireaikleittrtala
aelvet assisstlbsSlobe'trotterr'
rlai the rah 1M1 t* i narlea also, real, tir Slate via elm on
May I-pootball Rta aaailai wl. that prs' race
vent Bnlob attracted the sinMN,
the .International road
ruoore till bt knocked
anti. limit field la Iti Plllht turners aaoaita
radii circuits of the
till eat tkt window" at thtdrepplaiof
The hI flips slot '
Witch This Own history, !. laeledtd. Arthur ,arid
It's.dsrt Ut checkered:
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PATENT MEDICINES COSMETICSALL NOW IEITIn Mrs. Prlscllla Wilson Windsor ILMcIntosh Jr., residence. Mrs. Martha Ann Morehead

LEADING' HAIR PREPARATIONS Mrs. Esther Milton; a lau graduate of New Ta* accused la then roe Davie wishes to thank
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Windsor R.McIntosh Wind Matthews and ,. C. Barber Another point to consider any kind acts rendered.
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MED. MULLET 20c LB to. II. 5 LI 99c SHOP Sgt. Bill KoenlgkrMtr Elementary School. the establlshantof of John I.' Ford
URGE ROE MULLET . IB. 29< Mclntosb's Air force Entrance, according to a Job Corps Training School; Mr. Richard Forester -
SALT MULLET . ..to. LB. 29i recruiter, said Windsor officers, made Canter in the ocala National -
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CHUOCSTUK ..... .. ..b 49c i Special! STEAK 300 19c Lh. '

HOT DOGS lOc ....STUX .. ... ... ..b 59c HOG HAWS & IS, $11.00. MOo Fo,

ROUND STEAK .. .b 79c nA. i. W SIRLOIN STW ... ,,.b I9c Y IL Ii? .
COCA COLA FREE TONI STEAK .. ,. ..,.. .. tie BEEF U7EB U. 25$ /' a./.I..1eY. e,a NO

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)II RII ROAST .. .II.. .. .b 59t MMIJ ICY inmn

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$ LR2,wWI



I 915 W. Ashley St. 45th & MoRcrlef

PAY fl"SS'Potts lime WAn AT1.AlfTiCOYLEYA
EL-5 6524 PHONE PO-5 9287
! PHONE ON 1Jff MCIWI NAIl Penal. 72132SSIf

PRICES Kill rilllT UTIIIIT AND SlIm .P.h JI1901./SI. .t AZ hit .Mo.. $AT.4 Ail M 7..... S 3**.M. ;.(P.M,


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