Florida star

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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200651datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date February 20, 1965dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=006510740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
February 20, 1965
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
February 20, 1965
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Full Text
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crowd serged toward tt. la belief UUtlatteo prlaal froo oapporteraef ever Ue aaalag groea vellcle ..a.. Ii lii4.

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Widow Faced uoday la _.. Tort City, leavlai flash dlepoaltlooof COto..,' a Jury retaraeda .eld Mper-eeret Beet

Integrated police ..*.nth. Ue.tall sad verdict of aeillglll ng during vnidi II. n
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With $210,000 .. ...1...d t115 ALUM MAD operation of the Little* ....... leader dltrwIiHbat .
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Wed Tkis Week
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friend. "Rao weald to ".11 loyal sap ., airports Irclee. said Tkaraday atatlag the. u,.* igofclvll rtgkta Iea4r
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Robert Cto""Io..d.pltarh' D a. Otatrltt Ju4.o aid .r..., Ads Cislhis Offker KiNs Yevth, Nibs Oboe uvnrla Library la toner ,,,,.*' ..6&... .1 di."
leader U aalailai ..!!" Is to b. Argalag fr a "laat
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$ groap aald b* filial of tb. order. laaatked biro by hlaDeooiratl Diriig Attempted Trvck Heist aided la Ue u.lsbIIM.st Chan**" for the r'..' Pole Inch
avid sorry 1M tbotV.! party .o- eervlvere, Ally. Aag.*
01deante M 7ar-. sill list tk. raltB> leader ire. LI I Haa Aa ._,th. att.*t to galrlea of ralaable ..,. of tllder Park Harriett orlglaally. Mil Seeks Post

d... Pebraery 2S. had 0* lalb t.... Aatbrlty.,.ps ,. lategrat r,...,. It .ao learaedUlB rohabog fretoltt trail baodlae r,.. parted dlaplaced here lit braactt la located.Hlaa to As. ...... far graad total mn PaI.IOM* s11I1 t w

The 3Dye r-old "'ttooach ., sad ...d.hrs. If ...**.*y algkt relt trailer bad eeated re- lite told. u. of |t*0,00fl la 4....... .i. Itched tl lie
aald to b. .,.. Co to'e bat $ r* Vpabar tro,...* .d la .... taetantaa cat heavy leeaea to u.CI later eeld he e'ied .sib of candidacy sad
.UU.. HO
.alt' ......,. *r aaaltfd body ake h. .
jaalor by .lie '.'''. ,. *.,arat* "r- to start o .....a.. a* .,.. *..U of oe yoaUth IIIf.',to''h. r.rte4. lletlai w.u elghtyoodClllieae accept 1120. 00, cud .eld th* IMO filing fee

bad .art..sJ, b*.> told amg tit poaoloafiarloBto .>idtag aad JallUlof No.l 5(4. lit. I. I. wao .a. awarded tb* rceord .oClll Clerk .has J.KMB
by bl. lBt ae 4 layere ItarlM.tatlag ralao lbs S..IO' Ue ..... wtU tie Dire. who bad Isis hired Bwnea. as* total of M2.000 .I r. here hail .... to
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......, pleas sit!! oreer** to paa RarloatDW of a wta..0red awafcuitThe la heavy cleUlag.cllak- .. oelfcer of eight. received ..ate to file Ion ... ofne
fll of I'. Ararat
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Ceohea *.tat* baa be*. ,"re, tether Joae, ...4 ,,.Ua kaa Isis ed lato trailer at 122, ItO, ins let city .eMwIeele
tb* Jadi Ckercb aoghtapproval
.tUd by a coirt. pee- ft. ld atlfld .. VlaatoaHake 0 ,... leftlel .eta to be filled la the
gae. tb. ,..,1.1 of aeolag tb* ..1. tae la/nor, altlb.
rally Harcb 21 which "ra. 3.... baa bee If, .f 202 .. list PO-alaete* later.U seller of olgkt. ,arcH D oMilctpal elee.
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talks tb* bus \ Ue an>.rt.f.at A,000pereoo .I... Ns//e., ..n..f
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Identified .,Mall.
rtot. UIO. oot to $4.Ihathd.rrs4atl ,- gkaae to tat a. ..... IIM and 1144.I .
.. letter' ,,.. CMC.. to kl* .,.. sad j
tiaco aaaocwat .f B.,kor wt x neelag tttu,DeJ' silt- I ....u.. of .ur,
,c..UU"1h halt ., treated at aeal taller preelffcot Of tN kealU..
aul.'e looMdlaaoarrlai sat the ralae to II. pe4 Ureo okou.OaeyooU ..lUkell, a county on*
*. o*to parato OCM Aid unto wooer |)|>... It r a total ., MethCata.541sta lay ..... etu herd of Library fr. .h,.. slid ,. for .,. .1
bat. .ritltladafbora a boo* bars baa his Ul.100.la Jailed Htboat tool .... ....t Urooa* Ue boat ,... ttaled bio ".., .. ,Ice aree* last suit

*a......d pi.. ,.taU..., aUn4 ..,au... the Jaryfeood Door M..>o. aged 11. ."1. still nod Ue other bal already ...N the Ua If
M W..*.,.. .ldI"... ao .ria Valte. ... g atUo Poeell pill, .f 1t.. la..deot tail plait lay w4H fuss .*t ae. Illrary U. ."... I.a& Tour rtOIIOA .HUB el. I stated b. ell I 4
TAJI Ho* Co liter o<1kT Is elected
rttai Uat ob* bao..l rWoral **lat ,...*-t Illegally traaeferrlagaa at the TMlaal T * Call ,. "M bl* suet*
Each slat
.i.... to tkoa .IU. royortod ....1.. elaooJaa. M*.*** ..edit,.., at 12I fearl II. Bovt. .o.*pe<. aad 1* endured plaeoee. fit, '*
CMt", ..ms. -. bo... la Puerto Puss. was a a...., *f /s'. ..t.4 bp 1.11... Uo ..!!.*.. ft t.'11: I I.


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1/ 1 ,

L J t \



THK FLORIDA NEWS STAR e a Politics As Usual

Published! by The Florida Star P"Whb1n. CO.


__ NEGRO 1W710NAL American Civil liberties Union Urqes

ERIC 0. SIMPSON.........Miiuiii Editor ,President To Fill 2 Judaes Vacancies..

ALISON E. WISE....... .. Km Editor The _American Civil Liberties Union c Uejf
jon President Johnson to fill two vacanciesin
HILDA WOOTEN .. ......Circtlitioi Muiir a key federal court with Judges jrtiorare

capable of enforcing the law fairly d

MAIN OFFICE & PLANT: are 'fully committed. the const Itutimal':

doctrine that, all citizens are entitled, to
2323 Moicrief Road.. .Phone ELfii 4-6782 equal treatment regardless of race -

The civil liberties group released n letter -

Mailing Address : r sC sent to the President urging that"8p,

cial care be given to pending

P.O. Bn 561lacksonillo 1.f.lDrld'MIAMI ( appointments for positions on

/ U.S. Court of Appeals for'the'

OFFICE Fifth Circuit.Judge Ben Cameron j
died last year and Judge Joseph I'

738 UN 3rd AWl Phil 377-1025 C. Hutcheson Jr. resigned. I I

I Ir The ACLU said it was not de-I

SUBSCRIPTION RATER 3 parting from its traditional *

One Year, $8.00 Half Year, $4.00 r nonpartisan position of sup- RI'tPON)

Mailed.' to You Anywhere In the United State -INHORALS WAT BEGINS ; porting or opposing particular candidates
Subscription payable In advance INFEAB VSUALLYENDS IN or prospective appointments, but said "it
Send Check or "Money" Order to: WICKIDNSSS RELIGION.P (is) proper in view of the singular role
WHAT BEGINS IN FfAH I j of the Fifth Circuit to offer our views
/ ft.ORID.ET.R r.C). BOX( 51 on the manner of filling 'these vacancies. "

Jacksonville 1. Florida I Off A MOr/lrf. IS THE BEGINNING SEiMA ALABA I The letter was signed by,Ernest Angel 1 ,
o J ALL FVSHERIFF JAMES I chairman of the' ACLU Board of Directors;

--- G. CLARK I Edward J. Ennis and.D*mond K. Fraenkel,

Suggests President Carry general counsel; and John De J, Pmt,., .

Jr. executive director iOCiiit;?

Negroes Voting Rights To PeopleA HOW LONG, WILL HE BE ABLE TO KEEP IT OUT OF REACH, The A LU pointed out that the federal
courts in the South'play a critical rolein
spokesman for the American Jewish Congress
the expanding efforts to achieve racial
called on President Johnson to go MR. 'PRESIDENT justice under law and that In several

before the American people on the issueof cases there, are federal district Judges in

Negro voting rights in the South. the-Fifth Circuit( covering Alabama Florida -

Shad Poller of New York, chairman of the Georgia Mississippi Louisiana and

organization' National Governing Council, Texas) "whose acknowledged hostility to

said the President's "high prestige. and Your the laws they are bound to enforce has
powerful person aU ty' 'were needed to "'mo Weekly deeply corroded the quality of local Jus

bilize public support for an end to the tice. It has been the Fifth circuit's bur

humiliation and terrorism used by Southern den, in case after case formally to cor-

officials against Negroes seeking to re rect the recorded disregard by these district

gister." Judges of established principles of
Mr. Poker, a lawyer, pledged his organi federal law"

zation's support of proposed legislationto Horoscope Guide The burden is Increased by the presenceon

permit Presidentially.appointed regis the Fifth Circuit" the ACLU said, "of
trars to enroll would-be Negro voters in
some judges whose formal opinions or recorded -

the South. By PABLO The votes reveal that they are not themselves
"The shocking spectacle oft/ Selma, Ala ASTROLOGERWHICH fully committed to the constitution.
bama -- Negro children on a forced march
al doctrine that all citizens are entitledto
under police orders, the shackling a ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR. equal treatment regardless of race. It
Negro minister to his hospital bed -- have .
Is essential, therefore, that the law not
reminded millions of citizens of the march
be further thwarted by the appointment of
of American prisoners on Bataan under BUSINESS J.OVE TRAVEL
men to the Fifth Circuit who are incapableof
in World War IIand
their Japanese captors
enforcing the law fairly by reason of
the treatment of wounded 01's in enemy
U their personal to frustratethe

prisoner-of-war camps," Mr. Polier de ARIESBorn FINANCIAL 1 RACKING., BeriRM. IS SOMEWHAT CREATIVE. CLOSE TO YOU MAY HAVE application of principles..which are ,by

clared. March 21st tbru ,. ,. (r..I', ,BE PREPARED' TO LISTEN TO CONSTRUCTIVE, ADVICE TO now, thoroughly established" -"" -'
"But the spirit of those who fight for April 19th 6-70-44-15-48-674, ELDERS ANOOTHCRS MO KNOC

freedom can only be strengthened -- never THE LUCKY ONES HO HAVE CANCERBorn MAT THEY ARE TALKING I A. OrrER. THIS MAY RE YOUR No Time To Relax
crushed -- by such treatment. He : rue DAY err MAY TURN'" IT 22nd thru OUT. THIS WOULD ENABLE
"American Negroes have learned that without June PRORLEM DECISIVELY. The drop In the January unemploybent rate
TO PROFIT IV CHECKING I.. ON.. July 22ndIr YOU TO ACT II Tit MORE AS 7-40-22-14-23-742'
political freedom .. the right to vote THC SALES IN.. PROGRCSS.DO SURANCE. to 4.8 percent la welcome news especiallyas
.. they will never know genuine equality. YOU ARE AMONG THOSEWHO the figure represents the, lowest job
"NOT' GET-INVOLVED"' IN '[0- 3-80-22-14.25-382 CAPRICORNBorn .
less rate since October 1957:
PLC'S ",AlltS. MAKE J40 Dec. 22nd thru
orrYOU SHOULD NOT WASTE LIBRABorn But while the Job outlook continues Its
Parents 19th
Grateful For FBI PosterFor DRASTIC CHANGES OR IN. Jan.
'IT STAYING"' AT HOME CO Sept. 23rd thru improvement the gradualness of the situation
GAGE '" '
years, PUT orr TRIPS' UNTIL .. Oct. 23rd must not be lost sight of. A year ago
widely circulated in 55 out of every 1.000 persons actively
schools throughout the Nation to educate IDEA YOU HAVI A CLEARER YOUR HEART IS NOT LIKELY WHEN OTHERS ARE TAKINGA TROUBLE FINDING. AGUCCARLIDIVEN11011S.T110C seeking work failed to find a Job; this

children for their protection at school AS TO THEIR NECES TO IE 'IN YOUR CORK! YOU HOLIDAY CHILE YOU HAVE lIMO ARC January this figure has dropped to 48 out
a couple in eastern
young an .. while the Jobless rate dropped for adult -
city wrote the FBI expressing deep gratitude men and women,the situation for teenagers
for the poster and its lesson to young OLE YOUR DISTANT AFFAIRS.OPTIMISM GOSSIP. LOWIRCO RESIST GET IORED. FIND .IW MAYS ARRIVE, YOU CANNOT HELP showed no change fl'Ollthe -15 percent

boys and girls. These parents had firsthand it ON THE U''nIIIN. ANCE MAY PLAY A PART I IN TO CARRYON' YOUR TASKS TO FEELING' UNCASY. THIS rate of a year ago.

knowledge of the poster's effective .THI MISTAKES OP THE PREVENTING YOU MOM WAKING TO WAKE THEM 'O I.M'T MAKES YOUR PLEASURE ALL lith the number of teenagers entering the

ness. Their little 8-year-old daughter had PAST ARC VERY MUCH IN EVI- A GOOD SMOKING' .INTERESTING .... LESS MONOTONOUS AND MORE ALL THE GREATER HEN labor force due to increase markedly this
recently been accosted by a strange man TIDINGS MOM A. FULFILLMENT COMIt. year there are grave problems ahead. The
from whom she managed to escape. FULL PAYMENT. LOVED FAR ARC HEADED YOUR RAY. ON YOUR NERVES NO*. IT HAVE A SAT OF HAPPENINGAT continuing Improvement In the unemployment

When Interviewed by police' the little ONE I MAY SE THC CAUSE OP PRACTICAL CONSIDERATIONSMAY SOMfTIMES II GOOD TO IE- THE LAST MINyTE, *ME<* rate to date In a good omrn. but It.

girl told the officers the reason she refused DISAPPOINTMENTS" GUIDE YOU 'IN DRAtlNG. COME oissATisrico." THIS YOU ARE READY TO GIVE is not quite yet the, lime to haul down the-

to get into the man's car was "Be a. -77-le-cz.e57 UP YOUR FUTURE COURSE. IS HAT CONTRIBUTES MOST UP ALL: -* HOPE.- -{f'.54.3UAQUAJUUS dancer signals. C,.Ff,-CIO Nets: )
cause my mommy told me never to go with TAURUSBorn 430M1769438LEO TO RESOURCSrULNSSS AND

strangers and because of the paper they April 20th thru INVENTIVENESS. TRY NE* Born Jan. 20th thru McNmiri's Edict Presents
gave us 'in school. 23rd thru Feb. 18thRfMAIN
Born Sidelights
The officers were puzzled hyher referenceto THOSE or YOU mo HAVE A Aug. 22ndTHOSE SITS AN ESPECIALLY Some I.t.restlll
"the but Columnist Chuck
paper, the child's parents Stone, in his highly
explained it was the FBI Child Molester penetrative "A Rolling Stone" colntn in
Poster which she had been receiving at IN THE FINANCIAL 01"ntINT.KII' NOME MAY riND. PLENTY TO Z.OeU.I.s.znSCORPIO TRAPS THAT OTHERS MAY 1C the twice weekly Philadelphia Tribune

school the last few years. ,, CUTS TO A DO THERE TO CATCH UP ON SETTING. THERC ARC PEOPLE brought to bear some highly interesting

The incident occurred when the girl was MINIMUM. IT .II SETTER TO "tOLSCTEO "'.'."IN YOU 1140 DCMAND TOO MUCH, fact concerning racial bias in the r>-
returning home from a shopping center with DO WITHOUT CERTAIN THING SHOPIE A DISCRIMINATING Bora Oct. 24th thru1 CSTAtus THE CONDITIONSTHAT ( tense Department.

two other young playmates. She lagged behind THAN TO MAKE COMMITMENTS 1 BUYER ESPECIALLY HEN Nov 22nd aNT YOU, NOT THOSE In
the other two girls to walk on a low THAT WILL KEEP YOU SHACKLED THEY HAVE IEEN OUTRAGEOUSLV THIS OFTEN IS A DAY OF THAT ACQUAINTANCES OULD Ucttamara recently ordered all national

itone bordering a parking lot.As she skipped FOR A LONG TI"I.LII- SPOILEDYOUNGSTERS OUTSTANDING SU.ES MICH LIKE YOU TO ACCEPT THIS guard, units to "shape up and integrate

along, the man. possibly 35 to 40 years ZEN TO LlDIIII.You SHOULD ARC NOT MEATS EASY TOHANClLI.1 YOU MAY LOOK INTO *HH Rill IE MUCM WORE ECONOMIC Negroes or risk losing Federal funds"

of age, approached, pulled her off the GIVE UP THE !PLEASURES ORLUXURI f MAY SE TIME TO YOU ARC OUT 54OP0IN5.t'C1A1101 1&.. ALTHOUGH THE Stone caustically stated that apparently
wall, and started dragging her toward his Mr. Mcflamara had suddenly realized that, a
car.She was able to jerk her hand free from MOM SAVIN FOR NOIII 'IMPORTANT Dim CULT 'Oil LIDS ,..GENERAL ARC LUlU TO 1CRSSIING YOU SHOULD HAVE civil rights Mil had been pa
his grasp and run away before reaching theIr THINOS.YOURHOPC1 TO KEEP MONEY IN JUST NO*. AVOID EVERYTHING UNDER CONTROL He went 'on to say that the brilliant secretary -
door. She and the other two girls ran a 26-page directive drawing,
attention t."it'"
the three short blocks home and reportedthe was termed an listing ,:;
incident to their parents who immediately Pentagon policy, stating *:> person Hull
called the police. be discriminated.agalnat: oa th. ground*,if
in their letterthe grateful parents eta OPTIMISM. POINT HERS YOU REALIZE YOU MAY 1C TAKING ON MUCH HO77.tlC7.517PI race color or national origin In any program .,
ted, "Your poster not only Impresses small 10 hlch the Cepartient of Defense
children with its pictorial message but provides ,flatncla !lll acce." -
serves as a reminder to parents to con disclMiag: that 'Negroes have m4e'Ttrt
tinue to drive home the reason for avoid- little progress in the Defeaa fJtpert ftati "
strangers such as this. Stow listed the following tatlstte
There are only S! ilegrtre out of a to; ..
Senseless tal of 211 employe. la
Cininilin 4. the upper grades
Born Aug. 23rd thru 5-20-M.1VI7-528
CS-12 to t'l*. In' the Ceftue De The American Medical Association is pourIng OR IN THC"NEAR' ruTURE SlPp t. 22nd SAGITTARIUS ...,...,.... TAXI 41t Jobs there la oaly one Negro,.
millions of dollars into lut ditch YOU COULD LOll VALUABLE THOSE OF YOU "HO DO NOT thru ORDERS FROM NlGtCt U.
a Born MOT. 23rd James C. Evans, counselor to the Deputy
senseless campaign to defeat hospital cart ALLV.THERC n LITTLE co. HAVE TO CO TO COIL MAY Dec. :i tCIONT ITHOUT' DEMURRING' TO IVOID Secretary for Civil tights.la .

for the aged under social security a campaign OPERATION TO II MAO 0* GET RESTLESS tv MIOAFTER- MING CALLED TO ACCOUNT the Any a top 134 positions, there: *

that calla forth visions of the snake GIVEN IN 10TH YOUR OOMf*. NOON THIS COULD LEAD TO ) ALLO ISHFULNESS IATER. ASSOCIATES, only oat Negro Roy [.. Caveaport, Depot:
rather than the professionally PROFESSIONS ENVIRONMINTS. Undersecretary of the Amy of tat *). *'",
trained, steeped-in-science physician. ACCEPT THE PACTS LIVC. SINCE. THEY MAY NOT cu.'" 00t I.Dr(I DC TO CONDUCT TO ACT *ITM TACT 4 S3 top Jobs, Oily erne Negro Stanley ...-

It la difficult to believe that, the thousands or Lire AND ic PREPARED II'' THE MOOD TO TAKE IT YOURSELF REALIS AND FRuDCNce DURING THE Hebert. deputy general counsel.Of the Air

of physlclana-en and woBen who are TO MCET TMEMONTMCIR 0 M LYING DOCK, REPRESS THE TICALLY. YOU CANNOT IG- DAYLIGHT HOUR*. YOU SIRE Force's 290 top Jobs, only one iahtld.tr
respected as community leaders-- a Negro Major General Benjamin 0. Cull
The "eldercare" label pasted on the new MUCH CLI lilt TO YOUR PRINCIPAL TOUR HOME COMPANIONS.Oi AT "o CONCLUSIONST FREEDOM ALL T-E NOSE Jr..director of manpower and orgaalzattaa
AHA prescription baa much to do with providing OBJECTIVE.THOSE or CuSS '101"1"'. TNE THC SPUR .F TC MOMENT THIS m ,....A *E* Mast Stone concludes that since more Usn .M1t

decent health care for the aged YOU *MO MAY WAVE A.01,.. CST SAY TO CALM YOURSELFME UNTIL YOU DISCOVER OF DUTY .11.... ON YOU. of tae Federal government sturaal bodgrt
or test u ao-called WMILC' ENTERPRISE IN WINO goes to operate tae defense organic ttao.. .
"right to work" laws have to do with a OR STARTED SHOULD west TO KEIP AS "USV AS YOU DIFFICULTIES MATN a. ARC IN NEED OF I''CI.I.too'HI a lane amount of money is being spent to

right to a job. MO FINK TRYING TO RAISE CAN FIND IOMCTMING THAT Oil EVES N4TMIR4, SOMCOMC -'" "keep Jim Crow alive ia .....1(.."





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TORINO' OUT glltteA .J.. Bi arrlftd early and stays* caatra rtcordtd varylai joyous soods of Ut gusts II...tJi.S ftilU Rrlo 0. BltptDO' J.Bottrs. Dou" U, tn..,.,, AU,. ... ."''rei M artff, vies
1st to an' annual ,...t'.tII. Royal Vt I Ball hid during th. rteaat holiday !. Due thdr .l'*s la Ut forround, tr* attow asaaabltd Itl Lauru. rail A. Jan N, John I. oratiaii, Monss* Dare are tr, lulls .. ittttrt jMts 0.n.rl 'ht I
n1 county' Amory.' ,,Da c1sin.. onjoytd to the Jll-' slog the lattratsaloa ctroBoay. Ty ere, ftand* Itt Dsvls. Otori Cub Anthony Simon flasutlllllajis Jr. osborno jtnklas. I.M, Hrv.y sad Dr. L. II.
tin, captlvattBt strain's"df 'Al Domlai (St. lit ties It ft: Otorct I. faaOiactofl t. tbo.p.oe.SOCIALLY. V.A. hoer Kanny Cantystcrttary. *'P.M. Child. (Kays) Art r olo. hy ,slttr trliht)
Ptttrsburi) and his orchtstra: Th* BTAfs cufid

sulat' Tisptrtcostlsi
want Your officials SPEAKING H i Moms i istallatloa CUIMUID ___ I

FLORIDA STAR dtytldt troops ud the March I and April 21 aft try Important) datta, A. ftolrtt- Ittt Tuttday tvtnlni. ilvtn by Per local Male loners, a Sunday night| *u.t' 'lllbt
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626 West Ashley
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Presents Nitety Entertainment Stirti3 Today

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I 1' Baptist Ministers Brotherhood To Present Savannah State College Glee: Club-Herer-

r-T > -
Famed Georgia Unit To Feature Grant MemorialAnnounces Ministerial Group

Wednesday Night Concert In Shiloh e \ ., '. .' .. Women's Plans Installation

i 9' 1 Day Officers, Presiding Elder, Rev
lovers here have a musical treat In atori .' 'I
IY ..r. Foster will bo the
for led, March 3 beginning at 8:00: P. .. she n f ;, ,1" )1 1' .. 'ft' Miss Areatha Johnsonhas
principal speaker Tuesday
IS. been selected as
the Baptist Minister Brotherhood present the nationally .' ; '
<< Dilb t. Mar. 3 at 3
famed Savannah State College Glee Club In r .iJ r/ I" general chairman for
'r p... when the Interdenominational
ttiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church. ) ll ,. ,..... .... ,. the annual loaen' Day
,. t :,."', '." .. ,'. t rt 14
!i''! .". .'Y .. r'l'. .1. celebration March
The stellar, closelyknit .
opens with special selections .i' .. Alliance of Daval Countyhold
It.: : ., .( ... '. .;'' In Grant Memorial AWE
ensemble which Is by Walker .;i .1 i. 'f" lIi" its installation
:' : .iI :/ Burch located at Cl y
conducted under the : .i\; '
Durham, a tenor possessing ) ; ". :. : service la sweet field
f.i'I" : .
) : : : ', ,: e \i \ aad orange Streets.Guest
direction of James a voice of considerable .... ; ,:" ., ", .., ,' Baptist Church. Rev. a
Thompson jr. Is well- beauty with ,>. ',., }' :: .,, .?';t) .. ; / ''fU/';: :!:' .";ii' ,'i l'.,;'i"' .' ... '.' superintendentand B. Barnes, pastor.
:, ,<::,,,, j\\;:' ""... ..,.: .... ,'' '' 'ii; teachers will con
"""'. L 'y. <;\" \' !: ) :; ,
music < < ; .
known In Florida ( ; 1\ 'dtd! ( .. .
rich texture, coloration "i. :(, r ; .\ ..
:: \;. .. '. .: .. :: :,, .. .. ,"l' '." ;! classes for Mrs. D. Be Barnes
circles due to trluaphant and rich flow. His i' ;" ...' "'Ii': .) ....i'I. ..i. : ,;'.'l".WI."h ;' )"; "M'iy.f' :' duct the preside.
: the services at 9:30
appearances work has been extolled ; '
Sweetfleld'a the
'f ...
the past, tying In local for its clarity of diction '. r 1f f 0. !. Barnes Chorus will
concerts during and feeling. Mrs. Lottie Rose and
lead the processional
tours which Included Other featured soloists .. ,' ':i' Mrs. Lenora I, Smith
: ,\li\ ; which will Include the
Georgia North Carolina. will Include Berl Hill (. "...' :< : \ are co-cbairmen for the host church' a usher
Virginia, Washington, Nathaniel Smith. Wllllu .. .. l 'J- _I' I. -. .J. : ,:""-A ..iI) ..'..1\. .1it ......... celebration. Servingas Is boards.

D. C. Pennsylvania, Martin and Robert -- ..... ..l'L. .. .. general Walker chairman, and Program of events follows
New jersey and New York. Mrs. Agnes

This year's Itinerary They Bell. will feature compositions _"" _. ... .- /Y/ .. _./ / --rW-_.' .- Mrs. Annie Mae McIntosh Chant: all choirs; .e.
takes the group to by Moore, KAQERLT AWAITED -- Directed by James Thompson jr., Dublin; Jerome Qjjsrtermu, Midway; Willie Yasser, Is program chairman. lection: scripture Rev.
Columbus 0. Detroit, Kountz, Qlllua and the nationally famed Savannah State College Glee Mllledgevllle. Georgia.Baritones: Nathaniel Brow.SavannahGeorge Among tbs activitiesplanned W.F. Flanagan of central
Mich. Chicago, Gary, others. dub returns far another eagerly-looked-forward to ; Brunson Swalnsboro; Berl D. Hill, for the b..Po.:celebration CMf: Church; invocation
and Indianapolis, Jnd Noted also for their interpretation appearance here Sunday night when the group will Athens; Henry Matnor Savannah; carl A. Phillips, Rev. S. E. Felder; selection
and Dublin, Oa. be under the of the Rlggs. waiter Singleton Savannah cored dinners blI1I.:
of the Negro presented auspices Baptist Lear; Grady Savannah; ,dto Irs; welcome,
Master works ranging Ministers Brotherhood at 8:00 P.B.ln Shiloh Metropolitan Nathaniel Smith Savannah; Cecil Strong A. Joba.oa'aad'lIr. -
spiritual, the group ; In ,their '.,..- 'Altha Dlcksoa; oc
fro. the Renaissance to baa selected special Baptist Church,Rer. A.B. Col wan sr. host Tlfton; Henry Strong Mill en; Freddie Wilson Co Zelms Johnson St. colon Rev. It. t. Jones,
the present era Includes selections by Oawson pastor. Mothers are: first Tenors Beanie Brown, lumbus.Georgia.Basses: Robert Bcnefleld. Augusta home 12S5. Hart Central Baptist; greeting
folk songs, Smith, and Work to be Cedartown; Larry Campbell ClaitonErnest.Deniels Charles Day l ,savannah; Moses ESS ton, Atlanta; Prank March 27.Partial from Baptist Ministers
spirituals and popular followed by lighter MllledgeTllle; walker Durham, Douglas; Eddie Julian Mils, Savannah; prince Johnson Savannah; John reports are Wives Mrs. Be I. Williams.
selections. numbers to be stirringly Atlanta; Willie Smith Fitzgerald. Second Lambert Rlceboro; Marion May Savannah; Harold expected by the .
Divided Into two sections clo..d'bI1ilhou.kl' Tenors; Robert B.n. Vidalia George Cobb... 8aTannah Singleton Savannah; James wells, savannah; Jesse from .toe captains introduction speak

the first half "Battle Hymn of the ; Lorenzo Crandle, Savannah; Guy Hodge, savannah mistier, Griffin; and Linwood Jones, Buena Vista Feb. 28. A call the meeting er.Rev. LA. u... Payne
will folio morningservice.
; Howard Johnson Tlfton; Clark Lucky Milled Georgia.
will feature eicerpts Republic. Chapel ANe: solo. Mrs.
from sacred composition te rill e.; William Martin McRae; Eugene Moore Willie Mae Forest; Invitation .

of such wellknown composers to joiners,Rev.
as Handel, Bach Parishioners Present Farewell Party D.B. Barnes; offertory;
Baldwin and others, 'remarks. Rev. J.8. John
plus the belt red Testa- son of Ministerial Alliance.
vent of Freedom by Randall B4nedictloa.

Thompson. Recital Planned
The second sectionPhiladelphia ,"

To .1iSt, lhomas'

Host Baby ContestThe aaJ. Chorus' and
In.C..odra Neal jackson -
Worship Coaslttee of St.Thomas Baptist
of the Emanuel Progressive Church will be presented
Baptist Association la a musical recital Peb.M .
will sponsor a : .i,,: 30 p... la St.
baby contest Peb. 28la Thomas by the courtesy
Philadelphia Baptist committee of the East
Church, beginning at 'FloHda and Bethany Bap-
.. :i.- LL tilt
3 p. : L\ Association.
The contestants are: Mrs.Lucille mote,chairman
Pat Walker of Mt. Zion, of the cosmlttee,
Greenland; Edward dorian will preside.The .

New Redeem; Ernest Adventurers Cjsb.tMnlo'IU .
Orlffeth. Philadelphia.A ,,,, Y, -.{ ,. sslonanrwel'. n

program will be pre. a M 1 Of Mt. Sinai Baptist
.i hd. Elisabeth .. Church will be special
Mrs. 4- -- aim ---
Green la chain and A. A POND, yet regretful farewell party was tendered recently traaarj"; St.Lake In Washington. CtC. of oiepansatoaers msnyofwtM are whom assmsbled guests, and paher Board
P. Walker, co-chair Rev (Fr. ) Joseph J. Rlashaw who, for the past ISHo In photo left Father Rings received one of numerous with the popular priest la photo right 1 and Female Coons of
.an. j, w. Johnson will months, pastored St. Plus Catho Church end was gifts from Dr. Roosevelt Florence oa behalf (Photos by Emerson Studio) It. Sisal will eerve.

serve as moderator. ''World Tour'

Program To Cite Jessie M. Polke' St. Jobs Coed Rsrolaesorjmct
Payne ScholarshipFund Papas Chapel All of Klngslaad. Ga.. Way ., 144 sfe apooaorlaf >
We Will Build A Home On Your LotNo '
Drive Set Church 23rd and Plateau cross Gospel lagers 'of a trip around the
Streets, till be the laIC ro. .; prestos world IIdI Ma led for Friday
setting for the alath Brooks, Mrs. Bertha sight march 12 at I
Under Mar. 14 Fete
anniversary' eelebratloa Harrisk Harrell Singers o'clock, with the h.
Y Mrs Mildred B. Riley of Mrs. Jessie. Polke.aoapel overstreet Stagers; to leave lasoale hall
Money Dowi will be the mala speaker slagerAooog Choir 1 of Midway B13 Jefferwos St.
when the W.H. parse Education tbe participants Choir 1. Arltsgtos; Tickets lay bepmrcnased
arship Drive oa the program will H: Choir 1. suaaersvllls at tke'Ibllowtsg:

Payments Low As getauaderwor Sunday,Mar. Meotooe Gospel Blsgers. Baptist sad Mrs A- MIS Eighth St. ? 10W
14 at 3 p.m. la Valo11atl.IO..dl. Bikes Gospel Slsgers Bands Colllaa. sad 1044 Powhattaa It.,
Coa ,Beaver and $4)1 Mimosa coed.t .
and Everaoa Bts.

$69.50 The program folio.:
Opening aeleetloa, eoagregation -
; .scripture /
4h d. prayer, .JIeUOII, com 1824 W. BUYER
Per Monthlow gregatloa. istroductlon
of .Utre..orc.r".I" 3101 EMERSON830CASSATAYE.
Mrs. Earless P. Baker;
Income Families occasloa, Mrs. w.N. .
payaewelcome; address
Miss Mailae SalItvan;
Can Now Qualify reapoaae. Mrs. Jean R. ___ : JemATCH m
Forrester; mole uarold : ( .7:=-
.. .. Harris; reading. Mrs. THE KE1 WUOfT SfOl CM tJXT /tldW.
Modern Homes Built Willie Los toss; solo SMOKE SLAI OR SLICED

Mrs.. Ella M. Atklas.reading. $.

lift lit Tilt Ticut lit (i Ti Masts Slip 2 I 3 li.rHi CIS CtistrictitiAiiii AUha; solo Mrs. SmellsWllllame w; :

; latroduetloa MEATY

'IJill l t.._.ItU A IMI 01 Ynr On ; lads lit t CM later of speaker. Miss 0 mevs ,
C. STEW 311 -
Also selectlom, Aaatc
Cirpirt I Btiitj .... ,jvTMlle oromp; offertory -

lies sjeaeva L. HAN

.. '' 'i r Lei Our Representative 8ml UU, obeervstloas.the to...... line remarks WHITE BACON a 3 us.

q, Asale Lee Davis vice
rand ADd sat Bat roe
Call On You Today of Heroines of Jericho .

of Hortda. RIBS 3i31: -

And Discuss Your Building Plans ECONOMY IRAND FRYER .




Cri El 5-401 F* AM ApptlltatHt..Or Irk* Year Deed T, ASNIOR tt LIL




Today IS37 East list St Call TodayEl
-Yw-.. MY "'- MULLETI 10iaPAhF
s..s lEI i Fill tI.
... ....
LT.5440* Jacksonville, Fla. 5-40 .. .


L-- "' -." "" .. -i"J.!':' :. "ihl.Wjf--------;} j--.. .I.'jf' ., .111'1. ("J ,, --- -- --- -- --

I" ':; ,, l l


t; 7 ":Director! Of, ,Playmakers Serves Suannee River Official Discusses Program. Dr. S. D. Proctor, ScheduledTo

_. With Numerous National Committees Junior CollegeATTENDS Deliver Founder's Day Address

.. .. llliuIWt
By BnUaCl TNaAsStudent COLUMBIA 8.C.-Or. fiaaniel IX Proctor Associate

': la Journalist 302, CONFHtfJCCEMADI 1 Y/ S, W General Secretary of th. National) Council of the
Florida MM University SON-4lrt. ft.!., Cas- r Churches in Christ In the U.S.A.will deliver the
TALLAHASSEE Or. 6, Rudolph Ednonds, dl n ctoi of well. S.R.J.C. Guidance special aeaaage of convocation at Allen Unlver-

the Florida AM Unlvtrslty PI takers has been Counselor, attended the ken r ally's Founders Day celebrationSaturday, February
ay 14th Annual outdance Con :ZOo 12-noon. ..........................
kepi busy this year nerving co national coaalttees
connwcitn; wain; ariaa. .......................... fertnct held on the en- 1 A A native of Norfolk European Baptiat Coa-
pus of Florida MM University. unities In a.l tier)and,
Early In the academic can Educational Theatre Vs.Dr. Proctor received
year., Dr. Edmonds attended Association. February IS and ,i Yi&Llr t his degree at Virginia France, Germany, Poland,

the 28th annual While visiting la chicago. 16. Union University He Chechoslovakia, Soviet
tetlnc of the American Dr. Kdaonds learn pursued graduate studyat Union, aa well aa inRngland

Educational Theatre la ed that Intonation about : the University of Italy, Ghana,
Mrs. J.N. Merrltt, 8.
Chicago there ht spoke hit work la draaa la Pennsylvania In Rod Nigeria, assignment
on a panel dealing with being Included In a dissertation R.J.C. president at- ology and received his as pesce Corps representative
tended the Luncheon Conference
the Negro"' Educational at the university far the Advanctaent Bachelor of Divinity to Nigeria.

Theatre along with Dr. of Wisconsin. This of Higher Education Degree at Croier Theological KKK PlansStSBBldUp
T.E Poague and Dr. Al. sakes the seventh university Seminary in
at Florida State University -
phonso shtraan. 4t the In the country preparation for college
; February 14th. The
eetlnt Dr. Edmonds was where dissertations con teaching In religionand
animated to serve on lain information about luncheon was sponsoredby W.RKXARD rJOMEf training Coordinator for the VISTA program, conducts a lively philosophy he studied A1LANTA'INPII'-(

the board of director his achievements. Kliaster's the Florida State conversation with olbbs Junior College, ,to Petersburg, staffer. Dr. t, r. at the Graduate tic glut Klan dee-

of the 6.000-Btnber or- theses also Chtaber of coerce the Salth, Instructor la psychology: Joseph taller news editor'of the prtie-win- School Tale University. perils because It cannot
canl cation, the largest contain Information Florida council of 100 ning dbbeonlan; and Rita Owens, yearbook editor Dr. toraey sac on opus recently eater tilt tide of

draaa group la tht world.On the rAW draaa-concerning and the presidents and to discuss the pro,,..' contribution to the War on Poverty.photo Dr. Proctor began liltcar..r civil rights reform
aluanl of State Dnlverversltles now sweeping the land,
( by xalterNobinsoajIetas
January 11 and 19, tint and playwright. ) as Minister at
the PAW drua proftaor and Junior\ the Pond Street Baptist and angry because

attended a itttlai Principal Freed Colleges. Expect 1,000 Delegates Church of Providence, Lester Vaddoi; "had
FIRST eaiESTmtaa Board Pinned to close" his cafe
Rhode Island
In "New Tort of the Can 1943,
Jenkins of Madison. tents la planning
tram Selection tee ReChargedSARASOTA At 45th Anniversary Conference National Heeling From un to UII, he a
and Arthur Joyce Watson direct ttn>ped-up of
of the Kennedy Art Can served his Alas Mater,
of Valdaata.Georgia tin fenstvt against .white
ter. The group selected -Frttdof a NEW TOM-Froa a humble beginning oa the campus CINCINNATINPITheexecutive: Virginia Union University -
the only two students to politician. who "
the university dramagroups felony charge against graduate at the tad of of Howard University on January 16, 1920, Zeta:!: Phi board of tht as teacher and ,0
that will appear matures Negro high the first ....ter fromSuwannee Beta Sorority Inc, has grown Into an organisation Ibl", ', Auxiliary of the Dean aDd sa President for nlggtrs' and f'r
la the First National school principal with 250 graduate and undergraduate chapters auaberlag National Medical Association tram 1959 to 1910. ntegratlunlsts as
River Junior
University Theatre Festival bound over to circuit sure than 3000 moron convened In hod. in I960, be accepted well
of thtEtnntdy court oa charges of felony College Ihaa.aa honor They will celebrate ........................ .., session at the Netherlands the presidency of Agricultural In an angry ."n"lInCl'.ut
Crater. Dr. Edmonds It Bisdeaeanor, Tues\ atudent.aajoredln R.cretariai their 45 years of tiItteoet staff aId at 124,500 Hotel here and Technical last week, the

the only atabtr oa the day. Science. Arthur at their Anniversary yearly la the highest last weekendtoaap plans College of North Carolina lien's Imperial shard
co.al tt.M. froa the Southeast. Defendant In both actions Joyce its a library Boule here fro paid "Negro" oa the Ylm..mt' for the national convention afOremaboro where Robert Shelton of

was Jerome Duprte, science aajor.SOFHONOMC July 11-16 at the plash payroll to be held In August ht served until 1964. Tuscaloosa Ala .

On February 21 and, 29. principal of Booker High P1UCS1DGIT ,aldorf-Astorla Hotel ttcouraged by"{ two sale la. this city In September of 1944ht served notice that the

DMdaoads return ,to- IchoolBonds oa both DIm here 1000 delegates art sabers of the phi Beta UI auxiliary uoltawert began his present Klan la "h.h.o"
New ton for a leetlag'' Charges tire met at Johnny Ron Herring, a iptcttd to socialist Slgaa Fraternity, AM- urged to aaphaslse In work with the National Its gloves, and la

of the Overseas 'Touring 11.000. Clrcalt Judge sophomore at Buwanaeo and attend business sessions. ana Cleaver Viola Ty. their prograaalng, this Council of Churches of preparing to "plAP"

Coaaltttt of the A erllyOffldils Lynn Bllvtrtooth, acting River Junior College, A somber of top let Myrtle pearl Heal year's these of 'Meeting Christ In the United Its targets In
oa a writ of habeas eorpasbyDuprtes was killed la an tutooblle > ,government civic and and Fannie Ptttlt becaat the Challenge In an States. Ht Is reaponsl eluding two well-

Gea1e Ii..s. attorney accident early civil rltht.laden will) 'the founders of Zeta Era of Revolution,11President bit for dlracttlthe\ known u' 8 Senators,
tatt Rep jack Has eon. Saturday .onla,. The be on hand to take tart, Thus\ zeta and ftlgaa bt- of the wo- Council's program in Richard Russell) and

... ..reduced the bond oa the popular honor studentwas la the week's actlvltlet. ere the first official aen'a group Is Mrs. ...r- coaaunlcatton and pro Herman Talaadge both
.Isdesitaatr charge tc buried Wednesday Oreek-lttter sister and CUB o. Tucker' Mrs. 0.& arM Interpretation Georgia d.. orat..
App ro xl Mt el y people $2)0. afternoon la Live 01, Under the leadership of brother organlittlon. At Wiggins, Camden, N.J. Hit travels Includes; Incurred the ill-

Including coiaty and The charges agslast cups dories Dr. Deborah P. Volft,' ,Its first convention lathe la ohalrasnof the executive study tour of Bsptlst .111 of the Klan by

tatt officials and two centered arouad a Injured la the ease Grand Basileut, the sorority nation's capitol l at board and MrtTaeodort Institutions In Jordan going off to Europe:

hi set of school children, ll-ytar old boy said to accident eaa another purchased and developed the! fUlteat Hotel, the walker, local convention Syria Lebanon India, during the tltctloa
have bean the victim of L a.J.Co aopfI ClIO>r.. Theodore '
.ere' present to flee Its aatleaslkeadouarters five Zeta Benbers were ehalrnan. Burma for the Marion Ian ht should bt
thtel, tatt o.f.1 deer an attack oa the sight Thompson, also of la ftsklagtoa. ht ro4le... by. Alpha Kappa Baptist Foreign Missions down here campaigningfor

.eat of Day near the *-Of Jan. 20 Live Oak ft' lt'7sar- IXC. a few years Alpha + Society, study tour of the white ..n."
Madison and Lafayette Durlsg Tuesday's prtllalaary old Physical Educattoa '10. Dr. wolfs Is head

Cbunty lint, oa February the youth said major Is still hoaplta- of Coiigretaasn Adam Po .
X The deer were rel eased !ht seat to the principal a Used la Live O&ll."orl. .e1 I' Educattoa and Labor I
office the folloeiag .edaeeday .
near Day ai a step to- da. Cosnet* i Research
cards creating a ban tab!tjNdUAtlco Bight where !ht wasatestloaed
lB.ttat.Avr.M-ei by Sarasota States Norlherc I Cancer Units -I

Jsveatls'Bgt. .... Robb "
The CoMissloa put tight
deer there last year. as to there he sot a 1,000 To Set Fund RaiN sing Campaign I

The 4 penalty deer were peso Meilcaa bank note. ..I l7 ejected. Colt Crusad e chairmen and key leadmtral -
released la the Stela- The diets said hs got era from aisttem north CI Florida Couatlee, I SUER MARKET

hatchet Manageaeat Area It from oae of his as* who will spearhead Individ ua) educational and (Underlean -

Lafayette County: and taalters the day ..rterU.jlcU..t ralelag campaigns for the /. Cancer tartety
2 la, CUlt CoAti -. took pi ace, this frlsg.wlll attend a pedal pre>Cnaad. Om* 01'ElI' SUtd1AT Al E06EW0$0 AYEB fIOM IL.I 101 P. .

Judge deter stated Robb also stated tkatDtvreetald ference. Till"' Marth 2 at the University Inn la
haters convicted hiaofsflght Oalaeevllle. The a e.tlsg ell) se called ta order SPECIALS GOOD THRU SUNDAY AT EDGEWOOD AND AVENUE B

killing deer Illegally aad shoved hiaRabb) a at 22 noon end adjourn at 1:20: P.'.
la Lafayette County ell] hUt said to lave bees Craaade voltateert at* ...................a..
ear. BU Jokes, Huwenaetaad FRESH '
feud la the locker of
be to for
required the
pay teadlag coaferwace .
replacaaeat of the deer the beyebogame t.. vie will rwresent the following Ualoa apart! participant u. s.POTATOES. I H 1
IB the brief-
la addltloa (. their 115th. Mtilcaa aottt ) eouBlleei.Alsenws .
II... If the deer killed felt they were t f1- flail.,. Brad lag seeeloae at lee conferwnee .
will bt told about PORKROAST
la a dot with ssborafawn. lag ta lapress ae silk ford, Citrus, Clay. Co
tie tact that the boy tAt aieatloasl as
violator liable
Ut will Dlile. Ducal
had pets of tht !' give aeay the "il-
have to pay for tilt dot alchrlat MMlltot), La'
sad, M well as details
sad for each fan sAclsearryia1. can mosey was a liar. ra.t h. Levi marina,
teb coaclad. tf the fund retsiui cat
"esaM, Henaato, ,.t.
pai a. .
-..... Mr* pove. Jr.. CypreesOerdwa. '
i'- :;;.. "' IMI State .

\ est. Chalraaa, see. Itr4
\- : \
.. .. \ lH to attead theprtCrseedt 49 :J"LB.
,. t.
!, j ,. / "f' ; area aeetIsg. : 10 LB. .

......: i. ____e.-. this soma I 25
|11 .. : ..\.(. == -- '- that tht president tf I

the tailed States aid I I

Ut Oaveraor tf Fiends
': \ .
he,. ,,.uhl... April
19"| as Cater Coat re I DIXIE CRYSTAL
loath la ..*.S., eltbUtActwtJd.
Some people sea erlttea1st

the CoagrtaeleaalII

stick a label on caters du wIt Stay lull SUGAR

... t. 1r1iMt' Lltill

their diet cola. Ell lEI II

: IAII CIIIIEI a LB. 99 5L8. 19

till eever rv aelrlal* BAG
U M ...... ,..>,, s. .
I 1 s.s.wes.srputIten5t

wen. IIC IIII JJII II Mill 111(1( LIMIT? III! Win (S.ll II MILE Hid
-ILL mot Ama MIM

s sstakeournaine B!.

tJ It will a... rs, err, II

stale M Mvwral anise. U. S. GOOD RIB STEAK u Sit

.....eiag. ... ..tats.

.... ..r.....' ...slag..slug .

i ,- on ours. ...? 0t$1J4 er etrsl laces,"its slgTew "". FROZEN SHRIMP TID-BITS %, I l' II, Ml. 4U

J; ::... sea even eu ,'.,

iE: :. hair bores w M bee Mlle e..5e4.edita.*. ...*. PILLSBURY FLOUR ,J.t. $t ll. PH, 44H

i i ,"I euresoa &d.* p'aTnatT1M HUE KATE MAYONNAISE PHI 2e

r A
.. -..
Mt nrrartmi nw
.:. _4 ...... WESTERN OIL f .24 IZ lUlU 3Se
Cmrtom5e war *'HIMt '
._ : '
.. CtoUrr UM|.

.. Sa.W ben. Badtea U.... THE DETERGENT Hilt '11. "e
FJ prlet er U. |L M flat r
rMenI Ue '.


ftp li to Fk VEGETOlf SHORTENING (11. Cll 5'


t ....., .. ;; f ;; .. ..___..i..J_

y \V \ "\ .

I 'I.



'' .....--....... r.. 1 F
Eliminating Deficits Will S'renathen'ASHucarON State' Health Board Warns

D.c.-0.R. Rep Chtries &: Bennett, Public To Beware Of Rabid AnimalsRabid ,B-CC Chorale Technician Keeps Tradition Alive

I of Jacksonville, called for a strengthening of the
bats are Increasing Florida, rabid raccoons Scores During
dollar by positive steps toward eliminating the .
are decreasing but rabid animals of all species
chronlo deficit the country Is running Annual
...................... have increased slightly, the State Board of Concert
Health says.or. ........................ DAYTONA WOf-fterton.
"Now Is the tin In deficit the country Is andmore.._to prevent eoread
James B. Nichols, ing In the various roles
the of rabies
expanding economy from wildlifeto ''
Director of the Division with the finesse of professional .t
and pro.p'ert t1 In the 'It Is no wonder that domestic animals."
land," Bennett told the fiscal experts, along of Veterinary Public HoweverDr.Nlehols said artists, the
Health, said there were Bethune-Cookman Chorale
$)use0tRepreeentttire., with Frances GeneralDeOaulle 22,000 persons were bitten -
"that we should cut out question the only five cases of rabies by animals last year ..,--
in dontitlc animals ff.
waste and Inefficiency strength of our dollar, hat year -. "a tribute and a number had to take
in government and find painful anti-rabies I
with the United Statesbuilding
to pet owners, local
positive ways toward ellminttlng its shots. Rabies Is a 100
on 1318
health units and private
the chronic bU I Ion debt, per cent fatal diseaseto I
veterinarians who seen
animal or: man once
to be cooperating lore it d" IoDS.STBUIBOAT 1

S. *


k' DWP8

under the capable direction
of conductor Thomas t v d

D. Demos scored a smashing THEODORA VWZEN waa born, and has lived la, St. Thomas, U.S. virgin I elands,all

success during their of her life. For 44 years she has woven men's hats and is one of the few people

lath annual concert here still alive on the eland who can braid and weave raw palm. Bit* 11 outtoa weave

Monday night.Sponsored and adjust any bat. (U.S.virgin: Islands News Bureau Photo)
/! annually byHIOKTOWDC

i"._...... 'Police Reports Ebenezer WomenTo

QUARTFT fflARCED WITH reported be eu pstrolLBj Celebrate' Fete
RAPE; ARMED ROBUST the Coul ct'. area where

44 Four males, two adults a number of recent armed By K. INGRAM
and two juveniles hue robberies had taken The toman's Society of

been booked in Jail oa place, aid at he approached Christian Service and

charges of rape, two 6V 21.U> St.and Wetleyan Service Outlet

counts .robbery and 120th A vs., he sae two will observe its 25th
NfLfiON' several traffic vlolatlons "en walk up to a lone anniverttry.fluaday, ',b.

police report pedestrian stating they 28. from 4 until 4 p...
the Daytona Beach Tourist
< wanted his A varied program nee been
Club, United Church w<>. ed.Held money.
for Initial hearing white said that he ran planned for your eajey
men of the Halifax Area are Joseph Stain, to the victim's aid and sent. The pablle la Invited -

sad the Halifax Mini 19, of 1919 NW' 7ith Terrace captured euspect Haymon to come out aidsharewitA

sterla Association, the and Patrick Stewart, Brown, Z -- ri repertoire) consisted of 18, of 2334: 74th Ter- St.. while Brown's Hall la the prealdeat
spirituals, classics and
of the Woman's Societyof
race. The two youths companion whom he rICO,
= seal-el stales, and pop have been turned over nised, fled from the Christian Service.The .
:.... numbers.Featured to Juvenile authori acme. Rev. c.C. Co teen
r .
!' "ROUND THE: BBIDI'-The cry that brought horseback and in crowded Jitneys to ...their first' soloists In- ties. The other man according and congregation of
virtually the wholly population of small river:towns .Jet airplane, a Pan American Airways CUopi&waictJId eluded freshman coo" Report indicated that ta..thUeM ,n.. U.-, Trinity CUE Cherth will
I turolyn\ Nelson of
.. down to the waterfront'In t3pne.ays In' the United augur it ed the Caribbean Rp bllcr,*71rit1i"" i Tempt, sophomore a 21year-old wman and self up ten hours later. render en atereervic

I States Is echoed today in a modern version ..- and' airport. The lightly jamed jitney above Is named Cl.. ntlne. Hightower soprano and her companion were leaving Both men have been charged Sunday nlcht. Pst. 2Sth.

In French -. In Port Au Prince, Haiti Virtuallythe Psrtout, 'everywhere," but from Its brimming senior soprano Kathleen a transit house at with attempted araed

whole town headed for the airport by foot, human cargo Itmight better be cal 1 ed "Everybody*" Crockett, both of Jack- NW list Stand 20th Avenue robbery IllS WIRTEIYn
with a male companion
Ears cask
T when the
.. _.

Tune WAME Home Of The World'sChampion I g Q males.was...d.ore accosted armed,shotguns by with the four two and (U.End s.!h.SAVINGS.. lemur bars BONDS mils _I FLUID Ullin- STIIWMBm Til-

: an automatic platol.Unsuccessful .

Disc Jockey 1.mCLARK In their
attempt to gain entrance

to the transit house by
using the coupeat) boa

tophnore" tenor tans, the four males r
Warren Clark, Poepaao forced the victims intoKtflte TI

8..dJunior contralto ; tir 1 r. rode ;111 nth fir.
to the vicinity of NSlOtth n11
Louise Polke, Jacksonville
senior tenor P. St. and 27th Avenue

pals where the rape attacks -
Jawe Jenkins lest
.. were alleged to
; junior baritone
have taken place. The
Carreal iveae. Fort
couple .ea alto reportedly -
'robbed of
Junior organist McXlalejOenwright 1X60.
The aimed quartet e car
of Jacksonyule -
was eventually spotted
and freshman pi'slat
Nicky Lee tj Officer James Askew '
Beralce Hogaa.. were ..
ko them -- -
pvrsaed to the -
I 'r" Holder of world'sBroadcasting the acoMpenleta.
Liberty City area where

Rkkia beers : Record226Continuous HoursFred Alfonso "4aleil Rill Ri-SckitfilH other with tie cars assistance Ute suapects of Spotlight rodacl' 'Of The Week"

Due to the annual basketball Miami Florida
were roaaded ep la an ,
tournament theme alley at !N"* 4tUl Sa and ... .
date for the 0.*. Hag
ilk A'.... The foertk
Variety Show lee bee
was later apprehended.
extended for a Marc II
1 aid 13tb presentationat

1_ Miami Mori.. Sealer cAI"nu.a0M1M; ATTOTCwspirn: .... td ... .. .

r' Hlmn School '.
amok action by a !Negrotmveatlgator

Tuesday .
light resalted la Ue
Bob Terry 0.-"' '-e"t capture of
a womtd-fee roller sad
rrom J:00: to e: 30 Ntwtatf tr
the later capture of ale v. '

Prom WAMC Downtown BraIn Ray Wall eM Aft mJt1Yewr eocoaeplrator, report : .. .
Henna Studio a disclosed.ImweetlsaIot :

Reel niteFemturlng III. SHI ATY S35.

THESE : :"C'-==.taco..e1.sew .

It, ., .1; '. r I, trf" ", P filA.-: T;' ,---.'wpw- w teal w4-

_.. -. 'r -.J--. :::. .. A..
.. .,.....
: IH flKSQH.D AJ.Io" II "T
....: ::E- _
MMar ..... M '- '
-- U&eGIOU..
T.It, Mitt Pen PeraiAilltyCOUNT -: .... :: ClAY
tr .WAA.M.. 1nT1 e
BASIE -r m.. Tms .
s .it-1""- 'Ku r

gad. Hit Qnit BindHtodutg see .....,....T""..: baa

WAME1260 a lid e/ fomevt Nome Port ------ .....Mw....---- UilM
-- .. -

SUNDAY RBvlUAIIY 39fli ;..=i.S =:: _0--

Met 1. ti 140 ,. M. II -::'.:: ca l .. _
= ::.
MIAWI ... -- car w..::
BEACH AUDITORIUM -.er:: '"''i:.5 Hr.:.eta.ewq..r-
..... .... ... ''d.r. ,.... yi\ t.:
Ritmtd SMtt $5.00 H75 Ctn. Adm. -.... It .t.!
; ""_'
*mmt MBX _" ;' -MB
sew c.e; __
niewvv <
Hear "Hot Line" Nightly At 11 p.m. "'A.. Ii II i" ---.*.._-.-..... !,- jsr-yw..1 t...--.:-' sssujr, ..

c::..., 'ggsuygg ta --. Hirrie
M w.- .... .
WithArt Green This sx| sponsored as a community Morici by rrh ,.gg SrSJSSu.

Dr. ion a 11II.-: ... .... ....--- -'

} 1

) .



FnlUART 27. 1565 RIIIDI STAI pur 1zE 1

Cole's Death Rounds-Out To Feature EitertiiBoeRt' SpecticilirIN Urbaa League Gets $300,000

Social Workers Training Grant

"Tragic Triangle Dinah Sam
i i l NEW TORX.N.Y.-The National urban League la seeking
qualified appJlcanta for aoclal won fellot-
.: tO LEI BLACCTttL .', .,. r'r rACpt, .._ ._.nnnnnnH.................._._._

CHICAGO. -.(NPI)- rtat tragedies coma ia "threea' *) popular Tht interracial pro Ron
a belief.
........._._._.._........a............ feaalonal racial work Tht fellowships, fi*
Hil claim Is debatable axing careera of all tit bright trot vaa ei* organisation elll aeard arcs by ttroo-lear
but, a everthelesa.tragic three artlata trotted la tlnguiahed.Not (. 23 graduate felloeahlpa $100.000 grant from Ut

death has claimed three Chlcaxo.Tht Nat (King) Colt for tAo 1943-46 retool Carnegie Corporation of

of tAo brightest stars tndo triangle be who. too. had tit root left It.aa announced Net fork, art for tht
In the entertainment gan on December /. 1993.1th in Chicago rounds out t purpose' of training more
orld.In the past four the sudden death In the "tragic trh IIe." Wins professional ataff for

teal mathl.HU.bed Detroit of Dinah, undisputed la Ala quiet cal. Nat. JAMUan, Ut Urban L'.III',.cClOrlt-
are the great qaeen of the tar heroic uatll thtand. i ., lat to Conrad ora".,..
.jpicea of Dinah Washing Blues," At /3. la tht print 1 MetropolitaMAuditioR sist ant director per*
:.tDa.-,8u Cooke and, no*. Her bright and fleetIng of a rich and fall lift. /"' s, tunnel and Training, who
*.at King) colt. All atar fell frot the .NatArlelAdaNlo lost ( .t J -
'ttceo died In the priseof heaveaa before aha reached a valiant batUt to can* SAAA50TA--CNPI--ror till bt given to

their Urea and at her 40th birthday err. Ut tint tint Binet the persona aeeklag aoclal
the peak of their eteoerr but not before her records Three atare la the''b.* Metropolitan Opera au* won aa a career ea*

The combined became a tust" ,.." of tht entertain t' ditlona ban been held p.cl.ll to those In*
sales of their recorda on alaoat juke hot matt nrld have gone out.But .. ttrtattd la community
every HAIMONT Parry Como and oat atar lank Ho rat till offer role and duet hvre.Judgee aelected tee
till, without doubt in the nrtion. the vorld la richer aaltctiona during tht tea.oa. fifth t NBC-TV apeclal telecast of ''Per". Como'a tinnera to go to Atlanta organisation,education,

'reach the 100 Billion Cooke. at 33 taa "alt- becaaae they lived I Kraft Music Hall" iharaday. March 4 (10 to 11 p." KT). Tht N11-Aour mustc- for tAo rtgloaal au* personnel admlnlatra*

ark. tJlIDII top of tht varld. vartety apeclal will orlginatt llvt fro. the net tar Memorial Auditorium la ditlona on March /. tlon, labor relations,
Significantly, tht a* Hla record foist had Permanent Place Boatoa. Maaa.H.C. A algnlflcmnt "first" vocational guidance ud

Retired General paaaed tee 10 million For Carver Plague la the fact that ont of eounatllng. economics

mark. Than auddenly, Colo Biracial Bandits Ut elnnera la a Negro.. and aoclal reacerch.Orevea .
PeNsi Officials Fete
A aaldappllcatlona
To Address George faahlngton Carver Charlea ftiodard 19-ler*
Jack Aad Jill Plaque, prtaanted to old for Ut fellowpa/ runt.
Oa Out junior aajorlng In
A&M ROTC Ballet Assist Fund Secretary of AgricultureOnrllle Guests With Negro History Film Way ; Cops muale at Plorlda AiM b. rtcelvtd at Ltagutheadquartera

L. Fr.... till 14 r.st48U
TALLAHA'SII--GII..t By Altiandtr BarneaRALEIGH. Seeking Last Han University Tallmhaaaee.Voodard .
ST. ALBAN3, N.T.-Tht hang permanently in tht fltr.et.h Nee York,
speaker at the annual N.C.-ft.UOIIaI. regional and local pepal a tenor la
jack t Jill of America.Queen 0.8. Department of Agriculture An interracial b.ad from Qulacy Pla.Hla no later than May 1,1983.
ROTC' Cadet Buffet prl* Cola>> official tart hosts to a croup of Raleighcitliens
a Chapter taro aa memorial to of robbera tagged Preatnt plot call for
till Thursday Bight' at tht local Pepai Cola tinning aeltctlonaere
March be
del 5,
nearly 12,000 last .... the Important rtaearchacnlevementaof tile aalt and<< pepper tht arlaa "Y..UI. granting 16 t oyearfellotahlpa
prig. Oca. Raymoad .at* Plant 2838 akt Poreat Road tor a dinner and a
to "guarantee and protect the treatref gang." baa been Aped Qiubba from,, Leon for co-Mini

officer klns, recited and Interim U.S. An/ tht civil) righta earl tt. ahoelag of 'Adventure la Negro_..._....._.Hlitory_._._.._.u..__."..._......_._-_._. out. but Dill police cavalo'a '''''.lIaee1;" ty organ list Ion ctrl!,
member and llbertlea of all A.rlun. Presentation taa made e. Thomaa Caddy localdlatiibutorofpepal alatery. art atlll aearcalag 'Dieata QT quell flUllVerdt' Tht tort till go to one

of tht faculty of .. .," tII roulb Ita by Dr. Roaa L. Orals pro It alto abota tAo 1m* for a 36-year-old<< thltt "Rlgolttto11and ; year appllcanta In tAe
tht Florida Ublrettill
national vlct-prtald-at. chairman of tht George duets Pete Ramos, hlaaaalataat. provemsnt of lAo .Negro man believed to .torte "Celeat Aida" from otter field
College of Ur.Cr
J.D. Lee it,
WatklDS la teach Mra jacquellae J.Robla Washington Carver Com local publle relations la tvtry talk of lift lot member of the Vordl'0 "Alda." Hie 16 Counties
BOB memoratlon Committee; from the tllllag of Ut troup.Pour. noon p..let taa Mra.
lac.at rIWln.tlt *
representative ..JamtaCmseron
taco of At i,. AlfonsoNeftee. The contribution rte aad coagreaaman Herbert regional director roll to tht alit ofCongreaa. Negroea. and two Mary t. Robtrta, tAo Comply With
oa leave to do made to tht NAACP LegalDefanat !roar of Nee fork ..eot it chroaleleaUt thltt men have bttnarrtattd former Mary tattoo of
doctoral ctrl, at Net and Educational ( taklag tht Itaderahlp and Harvey Ruaaell coting of a net day la connection Muskogee.Okla.tAMjdard Rights LawTALLAHARSCKoBUtttm
rleo of Ut
Tort ODhna1 t.J. B.ft>rtcomlag Fund, Inc, tht organization la torklag toeardtheta* Jolaedla titt tte mtiai' feeling with. atrlag of robs la a atudent of
to Tallahaaaet to that atrvta aa tabllahaent of a Carver parent company Cf Ut llth centurr thatalavery btrlaa, but fro of Mra. Rtbecea. walker count lea IB Plorlda into
tAo legal arm for tht Memorial wear la tht making tht affair taa not Dolt la* the Negroea ttrt released Bteelt, aaaiatant pro algned guaranteea that
eerve as aa .I.taatroft.80r
pleaaant to Ut gueataThe
of lat.be eon civil righta movement.The tad Ing too area human, but w-aarl.tllIno1Ir. tor loot of feasor and bead of the they. tilt cotpty tiththt .
Legal Dtfenat Fuadrepreaenta la acceptlagtheplaqut, nit, produced byRussell .. Vlrglala K. .Nttellaerved evidence Captain L B. dlvlalon of choral muale Civil Righta LM requirement
ducted private legal
the NAACP.CORt for Stcrttary told be* tor>> distributionon + aa alstreaa ofcermaoay Astor head of tAo la tht Department of for aoa-dla*
practice at 6328 Cbttagtflrovt ; BtC' C, ..eS.., per- fort gathering of lead- behalf of UeBetloaalcompany
and loaf no tlatla city pollct a robbery rule at Plorlda AAM.T arlrlrttloalatle rte of
c.o. aoaa la civil righta era aad dlgaltarlet lahie ia a grapkle .
eipedltlag too pro* detail ofd.ttrta0tr oUer PAMU atud nta school funds
A native of Chicago portrayal of tht part
court actloaa. Currant DADA conference Ito Tht Rtv. Prank into bttaalgned tare aloe entered In Utaudltloaa. statt school Buptrla*
bt ta a product of tile
1r. Legal Defense puadattoraeyt room, "Ton do tht 0.r.Drpattaet that Ue Negro kaa play ,
Chicago Public telaolt.Ife'ttteoded America.Ita Rutchlaoa, Da la StreetPreebyttrlan agalaat lllUam They tutu tendaat Thomaa D. Bailey
td IB asklag
'Ue CentralTMCA art providlagItgal of Agricultureaadmepermaoally Ourchof O'Rrleaehltt), charging Also "__d. soprano raid tie lateat corolla
College and North aupport for Dr. a treat aettlag tegtaa tlU ford prayer.J.aLnia hla tith cutlet from It.Au III'Uu, /l..; to alga eert Ollchrlat
artla Luther Hag a rotor hoa9r la preseatiag to the era that brought tht .
and Charlta
...ten cal ural t, la preatated Ut aad forgery Johaaon IndlM River, fai*
reglatratloa drive ma Ula plague." Negro. to Ula Ducat rdtwt .. tenor ,...111I .
Chicago.He kaa tee LL.{. tarot Jaaee Reid. &II H. ravel and fashlagtoa.8IITII
call) 1150. It re- !<
la ,.1... Alabama. Coatlautag. ke aaid :
and J.D. degreea frotMarahall '
too Qjeema' Jack Jill "la hla quiet, kaa bit aMt the pala aad muffertag fif
U. Icboo! 1.a I.calP. *
contribution rwprtaantatat tay, rjr. Oeorgt '...111. that attended the
and has doer grad* antlrt proceed from torn Carver did far more Negro la belag brought to ''

l ..i..tu4r'I..t tloHarnN their 4ta Anaual LwdsrDardtnat.rrra tile moat of ma realise mierloa mad very vividly PIES '
University Col held to _",. tht development recreatea tht tota of -
_ lege of Laa. Caabridge, at Net Tort a tbp of ttePair. of OIr Dtt11." I' .
..... ..He rioted Hot agrl Negro DoornaiLeaves

evltaral producta ootldbeaaedladuatrially. aUF -CIICUI -n IIn

.. ton too*. M... To Oo 1V Toe to Get mad $'7,000 SMCIALJ GOOD
at led tht la wrldClig QUANTITY

LOW PRICESOn research Ue gap aad bettean tht prac lab* To CharitiesM1NNCAPOL18NPI 5 t 9 91t RIGHTS KISIRVID THROUGH SATURDAY

thai.lh.UOII.f that
Tour The till of tkt lateMstthee
reaearcli. oa rte farm. lamo
DRUG STORE NEEDS (oolag he .,...
tork of modem
Trade -ULto.r neighborhood Drag ttoreC aUlltatlom rtaearch aa4 hotel dooraaa, filed
for probate bare loft AR60 "MIX OR MATCH" SALE
: IILL MOT *O PRICES ADJ.VI tact LOCAL POL&e eitenaloa anagrams."
teeh, dltclaaed that OR HERSHEY'S
Mlve&iaaarall) )| Doctor'a Preecrlptlona.
Divideid PaidBy he baa left aa estate
valued at M7,000 to SWEET PEAS CUT GREEN IEANS

Dixie Pharmacy R. C. Cola divided tort several

la a regular monthlymeetlag charity aad civil GOLDEN CREAM STYLE CORN
1312'. ,>liijt lit1 it Ijflli limi'iius held at the 0IJIt. righta trgaalaatlomaHcttetber teat lattretlreteat SUGAR
EEii JS-JI! paay'a Colotbas, Oa. today, the la lilt

board of .ractl" tf after bavlag marked for $ 00

MT THI LieU, IITEI ill HUPIIIE Aural floe a quarterly Cola>> Co.dirt declared at 20 tht yea/a Radlaaoa aoa '00 MotelAcflardlag ,... 7 HfIZtTIDE I

Kill IT HI SINE dead tf 12 teats per to hia elllbe .
...r..f oummoa tree!. left a 0,000 farm
The dlvldead payable at ttag Lake t* thePhyllla

April 1. INI to etoca* abeatley Mttleteat 69 5 POUHDS39c
Mldera oa rtooH neremIf. Reuse to .. 11111
IN*., payvmtmf Uedlvldemd *.... aa a ....., elll mark Ut101U for maderprlvlltgedcklldrem
dlvl4adpldhytte Me alto left
t acct,. 12, '00 orrto tie Ibit 1 SIN n.H ir wn 'fill irlir U,,lt, ahw..s oow

*. tA.1 era, prealdemtf RAACP, tat Mlaaeaptll ...... /W QI.r L

0 Royal Crtmi Cola Cb.:>> Orbaa League, aidfather lilflUIHU
"_.,..' .
totao director UataaJet ftoyttorn
tale year art oft .. la debraaka. I

ia a g.*d hart eith a Tbt balaact tf felttatatt 69' II
COFFEE Salmon"49
aaattamUal UcretM ftttrdtd la tilled It 'CI

,, { la jaaeary aadUt tie BAACP after legeltiptaaea (
have betapa4
.: pemnary.tttmdtac.tread. aoatlaalai la HSU 1 rum fill tS.H II HUE fill IIIEI

hla aeoorndeettag nun fll. HUE IFRYERS SUET IISCIIT
elate teleg t*
ttrttdfatUt toyal Cow
CtleC*. board *! dirtottra IIEISEI I

r taa ... A, ADYEBIISEB5HOillY'S 27 PEIIIii
Mill HUE
Tier. Jr. . curs
--- -- -- -- --- II, 39c

nisi rnzEi SllfT PIEIIU EITEI (IT

CHCIEI Pork Loins Chuck Roast Pork Loins


,.Invites You To Listen ToIK SIKHHillPimm ,r imii

,: IAN a.I.( ',, rlul MII. 1 ,TI im 1 El. ,4 9C II.9C II. 6 9 C


It. t

lilttlf 11:31: 111/ I2.lSitiriif : 2fI IL Oficriif N.U. .. nor iifc Mlllllia Elll HIM

I ,... 'lit 12 9*. 2- ton* Ti a, R ICE

sT BANANAS ,10'1

1400 WIHC 1400 !Ell Up te.1 UU j EIS. 39c

( (

1 r _______._ _._ ____ __. .__ _. ___.____ _._ J


s cs I


i, _t .; A.I.II Eifcibitioa Evokes WI4..S road Interest Aid Eitkisiasn

l' ,.
j I'I


____ _


n nIT
__ _
---- -- ------
MISSION( ACCOMPLiaiED .. The focal spot of attention its were the pleasing result of long boars of Intensive wtllknown ten "A good Job .Ucba..lr. Elizabeth Claasroosi exiilblts winning first awards and a free

by pupils parents the general public and teldl.r. study created by teachers-pupils teaas allks.wltb B. til Hans and Mr.. Matilda Ellison ..r. the trip to the Duval County Science Pair ..re' 00.1'1I1-

this week was at SUite E. TOlbert Elementary the end results correlating with the project's chalnan and co-chalnan respectively. nation of Corn" by: the First Grade under supervision -

I School where the annual Science pair was acclaimed of Mra.Cdyth ttoupson and Miss Loula Perkins -

on* ,of the most outstanding In the Institution's and. the strut Orade'.'"ft. 'at.r cclt" troD
history. Ins Uglily interesting array of exhlb- Drive Officials Gear Action Mrs. Myra D. liD,.' Intermediate partaent.

.ry _' -. (Photo by !Royal Art Studio)

Potato Chip -BIRTHS- Y ,_ ;

Sales Start Mr. ft Mrs R. Sales, Teen Talk

Monday, Mar. ,. 1 1ThpWato 4109 N. Myrtle Avenue,

Chip Safer, Girl.Mr. ft Mrs. Ernest Hall HI Teens By ROBIN A. POUESTEROoah
bleb Is the annual project '
2421 Untana AenueGtrl.sonytll.eill Too Terns art really giving JMSS Brawn's
of T*Teens In Jack
March Mr., ft Mrs. Charles Pe TAMZ Show a rush The lines to see It ..re about
tenon 8030 BlJller St., a ails long. (Don't worry I was In one of those
and last through March
1, 80'. lines).

12. Mr.Mlrs. John T. Haynon HOT 01 rial Have you seen the boy of your dr....,

This Is a project des P.O.Box 335-Peany Pans, yet? 111, here's bow you elftc.tct" his:

signed to help send y- Pla. Boy.Mr. When you ass hl>: Sails, Call his by nasi; Say

Teens to conference 1O..thin'llce"I: see you ba"- your football Utter
Training and ft Mrs. Jerome p
Leadership Advised Training. Also Hawkins, 142e W. 24th r r-- It look wonderful! Are you

St.. going out for a sport this winter?
each club participating C
Mr. ft Mrs. Albert Hoprlz. Basketball? I are Basketball\ W*
receives bonus and
a t 1 watch all the tan on television.
... want, 1945 25tb St. ,
01 rl. L What position da you play?
The-sponsors are ur- Or ''T1Iat.lI. wonderful these
cornMr.. ft Mrs. Wllllai ,
ling parsons In the
Campbell 13W Stafford you gave la ish.yesterday. 110-
sanity to cooperate with
Dr.. Boy. ROBIN did you vr get such: Botlonl verbs
the Y.T..na.
Ifr..n.IUlhHo1.. .., and 4j.eth..11 it the sort of ,avlroB.*nt

BOYS WANTED 1239 I. lath et., Girl. '011' ,* la bn you wrlter'Or' "I saw your sister

Mr. ft Mrs. Joseph sessions at th.. cborcb social Saturday Rht looked ao
TIB Ears Cash 913 Third Av.S. pretty. Is all bad a wonderful tla*. Don't you
ORGANIZATION' of leaders In the> INS Cancer Cna-* drive, for a planning ....101. Thy are ( fro vr attend?
Ju Sob Po,.
Mr.fMrs. Joel Nmon sad has been completed and work groups art no. left) Orlah Fortes. Cugen !Butler Division Cru- If ha never asked you out: G.t. friend to ask
being foraed with volunteer workers In tbs various
Silliil TliFIORIIA cads chalnaa; Mrs. Bwlah McCldlan asslstsnt
1840 A. 3rd flt. Girl his to her house for a valid reason a club to
sections.A portion of the section leaders act leader for special event and publlcltyMrs.Lllll
Mr. ft Mrs. Ira Khlppls. ; lit toned a conlttM meeting, a wiar rout.
with Robert A. Mills, general chain of the M. Salth assistant residential chairaan; Robert
STAI 1641 Dot Street soy You will have a chance to talk to hi a and gt to
Mills-, general chalnan: Mrs Queen B. "11 Haas, know sues of his Interests

residential chairaan; Mrs Tboaiss McGee chairaan Bs fascinated with tile subject he's latsrwstwd

.' : ",their-'en in. This ,,11 air If you knee _.cM.. abowt the
; : .;: '
< : ;: subjects. la any case, get his to talk by way of
the drive are Mrs Ethel Spears, chain of special "
prodding snirwrs like 1It wet be very difficult.
I I" .. '. ; t .) events; Eddie Ford union; Mrs I.e. 'U- ...How did you learn ao amen about IU...nil

." I" : .1. .. .. :'. .. llsns, special gifts; Mrs. Carrie Sloan, church; would ask a wonderful change of suggestions for

.-', Mrs Edith tailor, volunteers; and Loa
"" '''. 1' .. :: ;'10'&\ .j. and Cheater R. cowart. schools with his interests, his hobbies, his favorite sport
: "1\.J'..< :' ,1" ).; ,")11"I : :, r' If you find any you Ilk or would like to take up.

.," .. f. d e ..4 w' ask his where h* bowls whsr b* shops for tb*
: :
.,, ,
; ; WEDDINGBELLS House records, what b does after acbool. yoa'11
;f, '.p4: f'j 4": ,"p cs; '. ) Warming Then
.. ."i'fA1 \ ", : \' always know where b* sight be if *o* on* auignts
& \ 'J"tU. f;. \ n-:. : Mr. and II n. tllllaaTooab record ahopplag. play tennis. or Whatever
yon go
.. 'oJ ..... ....l 'J'.. .' .; t. -- .
ffllli Vaa' Avau -
:: \ P. Shavers, 1122 *. 2342 Ton will also know whtB** taUrta jon'4 l better

Spearing St. 64 and *, are Inviting their dn.loplIal. to ass for oa your aeit birthday,
Juanlta E. LwI fQrd. 139 friend and the general
1" what boellag'kilty la biet."You say astonish your
... ... .,....
S S\ 'V 4' .39 Davis St. 37. public to a house wan- father by aaklag his to teach you to risk. Owes

;;'1\,4\ f' 1" .. Robert LM Puller, 1 31 lag slated for Monday, you bow something about the boy.yowr liMit oppor-
... l" 1.
'r... ., ..... ...
"i., : : M.a5 ; Copeland 1601 Udersoa hfr..IlIt..UUI b* Howvr. I wouldn't do that y'reuse h* -11Mad

j 1 ; uh"I V SU, 31.tarn.st. served.' Aa enjoyable for\ a date and you won't know what to do tutllatt

.... ,, I: J..... 231 evening of ntrtalMntla week. fto "...oJ4 oa to what yoa'v got"

.'.1 Claude St., 49 and lets; revised. The lat.etyak fro the pak 1* ahovt the tAe>> salb

Ana Roberson, 231 Claude Club Day held recently at N4taatoa. All th*

like good St., 21. First Baptist dab at the school CM* la ml fora tad presented

Robt. .Roberta, 1112 '. Is Obsirting a Ulaat show oa watch the claba wr rprtatd

0dfashionedflavor"Says{ 21 st St. 22 and Dorothy by various !IdlY! &1.. Ibis was tie first .bsrvaac -

the Olbbs, 17.4 K. 28tb Annul! Services of Club Day then sad la sow apctd to lit

Jamas L Ltwts,V. PHtntursncs ItIt.. act. f, M. Done of aa SAaaal ..t. Mats off to you t*.s|

Company, Jacktonvllla, Fla. RobUL Psttraoall22t.nth ..eI.d. Ohio is eoadietiag Ooah. but Use has pose byIt See yow seat tla*.
St., 22 sad Carrie .'1-1101
the service
So I drink the oldfashionedbourbonO1d.Taylor Mae. CNB sy, 221 L Vales this week la First __ ____n ____
St., 1"IIOrrla
86. Baptist Church for the
Nicks. U44 t. rj .li; awl .T"wrkrv
Taylor still tastes the way 14th aaslverssry celt-
Slat SU.41 sad Ruth Le.Cotton t
it did three of a bratlosj of th* church" +* .. ., w
-quarten 712 Phlp St.. ? c
with The Rev. ir Do... la
century aro. Smooth 3X
pastor of cast lOut
mellow richness that

i ', to the biggest splash of I Xioa Baptlat Chsrch, Wr'
HOW Cleveland sad has X'a
water. Try it yourself.TasU pestered there for 29
-- ., Old 86-tha bourbon Ie....... besaty tre.t.isti
Taylor for r.<" bar4w..4 (lease M *... year I' was f.nrly
that has stayed old-fashioned .Lett.sty'a ywwi de fr yserrmellsabs. pastor la Colaakla.

even in this modern world. $. C. rv

"Plut, riffcy With A Style _


'4 ,

rLJ' lit tikjj MH'S Hair Stiles

Are Taught At The

I&Iam! One Stop Shopping For All

t-f ". !! Your Photographic Needs ::,JicksoNvillsIurhr


College lie.


< rim 354-3212
; KENTUCKY ItftAMHT OUBtON,,MIS CX M H>UV10B ftl*nUI>TCO.raA>nro t i LOurts tUt.KY tatlsaeiUla, mats


i t

1_,..... _.. .. .. .. .. P

f 1r

l R \


I : ;, Champion Rattlers To Defend SIAC Diamond. Crown In 23-Game Slate I

Eye 7lh Consecutive Contere ce Crown

I 1Sr:Returning lettermen. Spark A&M Gridsters Set

Coach Costa Kittle's Charles f I
t ft

TAU.AHASSEE-1'2e plorld AtM University baseball Spring Training Grind

nine will play a 23-iae schedule this sprint. The
I Rattlers are defending Southern Intercolleclate I'.

Athletic Conference Chsmplons.havlaf posted 11-J TAU.AUSSD-Tb. Plorlda Air University Rattlersopen
league record last ,.ar. Die run swatters
were spring football training here >>
---- overall jast eras ................... Monday, March
1. IBS Rattlers will toll four day as week satil I
Coach Costs little. is
Of the 23 lame oa they complete 20 day of drills Training till beheld
dependlnc his 15 U'I
upon returning
Rattlers' schedule on _ton day, Tuesday! Wednesday and Friday of
lettenentobrr are at home eel U anon each ..... ...........L."..N
the burden of the '83csmpaita. the road. FAMD opens the Head Cbach Jake GalUer Hart led the Rattlers
The youthful
season with an exhibition says the Rattlers will la three departments:
Rattler coach .has I I
produced tame here March 6 against save to rebuild their passim,sooring, ad total

SIAC championships the College All- entire first unit 01-, offense.
since he
ever over Stars of Tamps.The Sept right MIl lost both starting
as head coach la '59. complete schedule v1Aa1 end and at I halfbacks la lobby Pelts

'Our No. 1 task this follows: home ,....*- w full bIC k. and Bob M.,_.
sprint will be finding a College AII*Stars, March & Art.t": Hal fleck a earl toe Cooper'

replacement forowtfl d. 4; Alabama State college __" ___ .,T __......'f _._ :;" .w.........._ ..... son return and chuck: Button will
er Paul Creal." '.1d. ,March It-20; Sports; II tees hvufcBAU.. TKM- own aero is the iv" Sttvp. Winston 811 _. N.C. ; and Richard tllllsms, at end end slab .h.III
Coach 11 tU".. "We have'.la Carnival (Southern University Plorida AtM University baseball tea The Rattlers Havens Second row from left Rufus Slater crswfordvllle Owe. thorn The big concern now,"

freshmen who have and Still an Col acre 1944 Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Conference ; John Doles, Baldwin; Thomas Simmons ss will) be points out the AIM coach.

looked promising In hit),March :28-27;Morris champions; Coached by costs kitties they Washington, D.C. ; John Kelly, Pt. Lauderdale; a t full "Is evaluation of our
drills this winter I.doa't Brow allege March 30- are, front" row from left: Bruce wllklas, Allquippa.Fenn. 01.,... Llghtsey, Mt. Vernon. ".1.; carl Qismploa back. THOMAS rH'"'" They may hold

want to make any 31; Allen UDh.uUI.APril .; Talbot Grant, Owensboro Kj.Danny Watts, Gary, Md.; Robert Hall Ormond Beach; end Robert "This is the treat the key to our. success la
predictions on them Tltusvllle; Harold McRas: Avon park; Captain Marin Llndsey Tallahassee eat loss "
24-27; South Carolina we have had inseveral !& ASM had a S' 1 record
yet.** ,Patterson Miami; Flsellea Vaughn.! Miami; Henry bemoans
State College:April years, last year
Watch 28: ; Morehouse Collets, Coach 0.1 tII.r. "1'1.,.
This Clown
April 29; and TuskegeeInstitute Olford WinsToarnanent Harlem. Trotters Will Extend Rams Hosting .111 be several changes

IS 21. 14 May 1. In our program this fall. 51. John's Eying
Games ..., include: fax Appearance To 2 Nites SEAC Tourney 'The losse&Juirt. our" of Negro Cager
SO 30 17 Morris Brown College For Caters feme and defense.
Allen Olford of Mst Whst Abe Bsptestela calls bis "treateat Harlem Nil TORK Ceven foot
0 2 April 2. Ak)ranta. Oa ; The Air coach went onto -
Tuskegee Institute.April the I. Gilbert High Globetrotters preseatstlon la 39 inciting seasons.If AUANT Oa,-The South say that he plans to Lew Alelador.the Negro

5 5,1\1....... Als.. Still* School detested fellow will be on view here Wednesday end Thursday March Kastera Athletic Conference psss more this rail insplteofUe schoolboy I who is ass of
10 cud 11 at B P.". Wen the Inlet table
.an college April U17 student Bobby Graham laps of Basketball Tour- lad! of having the most sought after
I 1 Tuscaloosa, Ala. ; 21.11 to win the Ping basketball take oa the strong Washington (D.C.) anent la being held In an experienced. pas high school basketball
General la a game sharing honors with( glamorous ford Hall I players la will
Pont tourney fiaala at the Ren Oymnaa- history
115 South Carouse State added .".u._.A"..._..... ...'.06...."..............&.._... men
72 21 College April 22. Or- lastalde Fart recently. turn Friday February :24 Ilroy brand of Ocala probably go to RU John'sUniversity

ugeburS.C.. Allen taroute to his final RaperatelB. one of the Nemslat Part The Audi* aad Saturday February and Rudy Jeml son of Jacksonville la New. Tort,
18-43-4 University April 2334. victory. Olford defeat worl f a treat impresarios torium and at Proaoter 27. look like the Look Magaiiae reported.The .

ametlmes He" I Up Colombia, S.Co. Air ed Jullsa qulnyerd anII.Uul.1 and producers, is outdoing .U.it wrdod' office The first session .111 best contenders for the magaslBeiited I Sometimes He's Down ban state College. 'May Hicks. OUlerparUeipultl hlaself la ..* 47 P. Monroe St. begin at 7:00: P... oa post left vacant by Kr factors that live it.

He adds subtracts 71, Montgomery Ala.; were Ar* swmblage of a packageof Prlday ; the second ale Hart. John'a the is tide track

He wqrks It all around and Port Valley State astt tltllas, Albert thrills and entertainment GJC Sports starts st 130: p... oa among the sore than 100

CWWO "JIf" College May 1S, Port Merrlwesther and Ru* topping any thing Saturday and the finals Albany Rams Cop colleges trying to re*
41 24 13 Valley, Qs dolph white. that has toss before. :Editor Tapped' go oa tap at 7:00: ,... emit Alciadun

..................... weekly Plat Pont matches From Prague Ciectnelovakls Saturday.Participating. SEAC Cage Title (1)) Hie father a New
are held every be is bringing By Press Assi will be Tort City subway. policeSMI

Man's Days Final Rites Held Thursday sight from 7 a.* ensemble of great tens from Paine collegeof ALBANY Oa.-The Albany and his mother can
satil 9:30: o'clock sad .' GAINESVILLE-The els Augusta,Geonsia; Ed' Mate Gut d. a. wt>a the got to see him play of*

Are Numbered For Athlete-Educator the tournament is open year-old Florida Junior. ward Wstere College, Southeastern Athletic ..

to residents of Dsvsl College Frees Associa* Jacksonville; Savannah Conference basketball (2)) At. JoII.' bass the
"M'5 Days are Humtiered" BASTKP. ha (Sp.ehl- County sad surroundingareas. Uoa sleeted a Negro to State Col l lege and Florida title by def..UII.lforrll English aid jourasliMcourses
.Health ud'Portune ,t one of its top positions
Funeral services were Memorial College, St.An College Of tauter, South he cents
Can Be Tours ihea held here Thursday mom here lest eeea for Ue Carolina 102 to 19 oaFebruary .
The activity is spon/ aj a tine, Florida.CohrtsLeoil (3) It 1oh. plays aastional
ton RBOW your Lucky lag for Henry Y. A.... so red by tM;Jacksonville! f first time.Glebe I. 194) la the sohsrfule.Ale .,
Days Lucky colors Rte 51. .ell*kaee storehouse D part.ejit of.Recrwetloa. Junior Collegefremhesn IlIIrorei pall Gymnasium. lector, a .,111I hoe.
Send $:.00 for your Hlth School prlaclpal Julius Oulayard, Park J.t'\- 1 Tommle Stephens The R.... conference record orroll student at Power>>
HdW. cone o.n.ew'Ib1'' ho died Moadty after a Directord Mrs. IsmsRlghtower It ( .as' sleeted to serve ss State JC's stands at 10 alms Memorial) Acadwy is Hew.

rtaaaaafUl short III..... supervisor 'I' '" first vice president of end B losses The overall York City, scored2S
in the blank below He see burled .. tile Other wewkly activities color sad srtlstryUeCiecboslovskls Ue sll'Studwt association Top Scorers seasons! record of II English sal 821 la
sad mall to :.ODIC Post family plot at ormmbllsg st Esstslde Perk is* State during the associa Albany State champloss math on kit morsist col
Office Abu 1 17 1.Jacksonville seas the college his fs* clsdetTweedsys Folk Dace Troupe-.to tion's slith annual cos IT. PRIJUBJRO, FLA. Is 21 sine and I 101.... legs board.
I. florid then fousdwd. provide estertslsmeat veatloa which ess hidr.bur The Florida Junior col
_......... _.. T ustll B
IC The lets Charles P. Adams ....., ...rn.board tours* la a clsss by Itsslf. 1111 at the lege basket ha 11 race has

................... founded Grsmbllsg rent; ,..e.daysCbecben Prom the earns cosatry Valverslty of Florida. produced" a aew team ss Center
-* 'cod
R1WTTOATT ,he Is alas brlsglsg Ueahmnomenal edl.. the offensive
College 1 la 1901. toaraey, T'.sati: ) I Stephens, sports top crew eil

Of M.t '.....-... p.a. prUI,'. Mas41* girl world ur for the "1..1.* smosg the 24 members of "o .. ; fo" ,. ; < ,. ;. "....,. ji. Ii ,. .
*'. chaw pica gyaasstPva slat OlbbsDmlM studenttfewwpaper. the Florida juftlor Col. ,
T satll B
craft la Ue Castslde Basket P.a. Boaakova, who captured r .... CoaferenceJCC( ). M'ltI.' A... ,..4 A44"'" h< ..r tl M,'

ball lease bet... Ue the global titles la Paul glee and Louie A. ION nISI SHAD flUITB 8.C
I9M sad 1942. Ue 0lymvlc Moss, ststlsticlaas for PRISM 1 $nOUN r. flies.
1111 Til AIE III Boys parental Nome sndta
'" oosferemee end tbs ....-Ul wrttl > M S. Hi.e ,MIs
.t aide Park BastsldeIea4m QMSS Silver *d< "
\. Hstloaal Junior College .. .....r..h.A --.I, I. ... .,5 L.1ULLIWNWHITING
Tea ,Peek The test Doctor la tke Juslor Divisions al la 1154 .t Hettourae. II. n.
II ... Tour fbCtor Prescribes. tAres gases to Au.trallad Ue gold Assoclstloa NJCAA) ,.* / L41..

ht Fiperlemced" Pharmacists .... Games are eves la IMO at Ue Rome 0* ported list Oibbs JC _
leads all ".n1..lor TROUT f LI. '9.
..Aceordlag to yomr fbctWeOrbs. stwpbes Is Ue Midget pasted f LI.SflCKLIU 11.
la with MID. MULLET 20 IIUROI .. ... .
,e Use Only The BestQuellty Dlyl.... st two elssLeadiBg Add to Ills Ue perwrmalaopMraace CL IUCI Drugs med. of Leroyat' aa average of Bl polite SALT MULLET .. .. ... .. 19. 215
Pmprl etc r soorers la Ju- del| Pals Ue woederpltchlsg a ..... Hampton. JC of SALT MULLET 101 .., .-. IB. *lsIB.
stir Division 1 ere NsUmsisl sea whom many Ocala MlmmlPs4e, ...4.ro..r. STIAK WM p..d.. . 45IB.
i ...:nm'2J PH SUCI","T J TO TOY TOO baseball eiperts cell .JC of port tens'ere BOI SHAD .r. .....h.. its
Jsckaom of Boys>> ,.e SHIIfSHIAD ., u, 315
A COMPLETE L11 OPCosmeticsRubber Nome; DI yl.lo. 2. Hsthaalel Ue .,..t..t nl..er.r ale roes4 out the DIUM .It... .,.e' 'I. a?*
Cbod a-'MI diM-* B4riep Rich of Eastside all times sad It essreadily top four with ...,.... LCI. SLACK SIA ISIS .. f lS..

*' C IPTP)1 rUt> rot ""vo rnjrvjsra mad Allem Olford. be sew why Beverstela won Ue see Of ...1. 4S.1. snd 14.2 IRISH IIA. IOISTU ...... ,.. L11,00

tasUlee la Mvision J.a has g,ss over ems highest position of reipectl eel,,
4lbbs Is mot ..I, the /itsH WATIR CATFISH IB. 4te
board this oollwctlosmf
Lilly's Store | Ue Uaget Dirt siom.Tyroae on Ue assoclstles by aa
parker .,'10,aHrr.e superb taltmt oer.heleliserllu, top offemelve tear, tat IRISH nOUN tOISTIR TAILS 19. Jl.JO

Is Us le4tsg soo- It le Ueretore ntttsg no Orlando freshes the Cobras have been re* 'LOUMDU IB. 4)eJUM9O
till IIKS III U MillCRETATCST rer followed by Araett list Ue Globetrotters wtto Is also vice president ted" mmornt Us Isdvtduslaoortsi .'
leaders, top V /.e i_ W tit Nw I Mai"..he 1,wwaN N1.r
also boast proUkly Uelrtremtest JC
tlgglae of Eastslde aadjohmmy'GDlpfclas of the Olble -J...
of Cast llaesp la their rr.... class sill ser fwaive |e4ere..vltloBleaders SHIIMP" .. 19 tllOl
sod they ere ', tie
Blme.Bmsaetbmll. long history U pit sgslast TO with: Bill Garrison f.
stung the to* t. Is Uestste. KINO MACIHIL ITIANI IB. 49eIB
1' 2i I ATTRACTION.. Leeds gsmes Ue capable Wee If north Florida Jmalor.College. SPANISH MACK I IIICBAIMIAT 14
JACKSONVILLE COLISEUM are played .,..., aidflursdai .,&1.. president Bar. ..lost. based record.ea their '0 = ::z: tUn.t. I1.
sftermooms sdmslsg *- The CmersJs.em of Ue cts BblteeKe. fad vicepresident.
WEDNESDAY, MARCH 10 .. 4 o'clecfe.msd Wet of Ue ..U.' Isdependent Posies Bll*

MARCH 11 the L..... will emd omm teems, were per., secretary; dsrwaeeJoaaeoa
.JTJURSDAY, rch 1.Officials. selected es Ue Trottersopsoaemta sesretsry of
'''' t= ere fioiellVerier. because of puUKttyi; Beadle Oslo .

ST s sa-u.oauso ... ..... Wrerter Ue Ueir escellemt ,ta ord>> treasurer end BerteraBayder.
... ..
,M..._w_era.-.r -....- Boys Psremtat. Cecil S.tdt. .."ri.... em4 ended 41 rector.
,- -14.r..y --
eo _. .. e.-- .r.t. easel, ales ofat cmpaMlltes.Tie. .
:::..:: .:
.. ...... >ya Wee. k mml4 Bs-er, buts program ism
MlIoVVITIWI .4 pert .recto, Jullae lat epoasorw-J by promoter
....... ...,.", Jlamlo ..,.d. Aiii! Bomb

"..... are ea sale Is dIIitMpO
To M SlataViklHs10995
....*.e at Ue Oellsw., .

I II ,-
AsT College Agglee last

I rJ .... braked tat t3ubet*
tsltctiAu1fa..Itrl City state College n' If txer.Scotch,vodka
s .. kiss. |Ow-4S. Is e OMbamtethall
JJ'RaClng.jfJ ,r artn'i fun .n mo"...
... ..
11 A.erlefFQLk1AICETw1IPE u ii rw-

shied a sJWwUsgooet .w Try the whiskyyou
of Ue eny.It .
e.e the boa ft.al5 raw
c live with!
fwr tke Aules. can

the Aggie* b>cam task
lag free) at tte .ovtewt &a jtsm'/y O. .ll docs for

I1 r1r W10I ta.I..... jwmer .. %hat no other whhky
mf Jeme fete*, ue Dcflnct {((11Q h once and tot i.lUhdNcoune. :

first Sloe mo cot big ..
Be4e oa Ue ..JI UTee
M eeef aeoMLJmTe Seaanm',\ f'\

.erwl.|.BmU ft** QnadiMJ
r u. floor Mt of 79*

isles .u. m evwre.m _-..nm. mmmmw *-Mi*.>***...,





Baptist Ministers Extravaganza Plans Completed CHIPS OFF THE BLOCKBy Tabernacle Stanto 's ClassesOf

l',' Wives Hold .-or pI. ...._ S. PinpirBil Slates ServicesThe .55' Programs

( First Meeting DISUNITY One of the Involved In legal isrl- Missionary Tabernacle Record Hop; Meeting
staunchest advocates of tal dt tflml U...
Meeting. In the hone of Baptist Churcfl.of A record attendance'ofmembers
.Black unity (MALCOLM X) BEST DRESSED MEN working '
Rev and Mrs. S.L. BadItr which the Rev ToneyNeal and gueats.are
died by the rlOlenee bepreached. for the city are E.J.
during the nut I is pastor, la holdIng expected Friday Feb.
session of the rear The its worship servicesIn 26 at 8 p. .. when New
had Idea
ably a good unity Folk are still wondering
Baptist Ministers wives the House of Israel Stanton High School's
of black people but shy Justice of the Peace
elected their slate remote oC Faith :locatedon Classes of 1955 presenta
new somehow his philosophies GORDON POPPfLL has not
of officers. i vernon Road. Record Hop in Joe H.
tot twisted and last Bunday' appointed a Negro office
Elected were: s trade urdu of secretary despite pre- Sunday. School begins at James community Center,
Mrs. C.I. William, 0:30: .... ; morning service Qrunthal and Hurst stat
h the extremist faction election talk that he
C.H.Grissettrice at 11 .... and evening Each alumni member.
president; Mrs. leader resulted..To be lIOul d...Dual Road patrol .is
president; worship at e P.*. expected to bring one*.or
sure, there Is disunity am are hi ding behind
Mrs. A.PO. Cunnings, see among Negroes In Jacksonville bushes and buildings In The public Is invited ore guests and &aa.en:

ond rice president, Mrs. too, but thanksbe the county so they can to attend all services. joyable evening of entertainment

J. B. Klcben recording to ALLAH, It does not give ticket....IJCW8... Mrs. G. Chandler is promised
secretary; Mrs. issac take on the sane violent that's this golngonover Crown BowliniLanes'
Rafe, assistant secretary tone..but It Is justas at Brewster Hospital relating Slates Book Rewiew'ftI..y.proer..h.Oub. meeting room will provide

Mrs. S.L. Badger nauseating. THE NEW to an attempt to the setting for the

financial Itcretll1;Mr.. LIBRARY will remain as keep a certain Negro YWCA A.L. L.wllrudl- regular Sunday night,

W. L. Jones, treasurer: the Myrtle Avenue Library physician .from practicing will present Mrs. Gwen Feb. 28, 6 o'clock session.

Mrs.. 0. & Barnes, Bible .i despite appeals troll tm there. DUVAL TEACHERS' dolyn dandier In a bookreview. Various COMttees

teacher and reporter.and Metro factions Seems can"look for nose pressures 'Nobody Knows will submit reports and

Mrs. C. a. Gordon, chap- like some folk have the to take out subscriptions My Hose "by James Baldwin the agenda will include

lain. Idea It should be named for something Feb. 28 at the setting up plans for

Committee limbers are: for Rev. Dallas Graham or other..If and when Branch YWCA 582 W. 8th Spring activities.

Mrs. Eddie Taylor and t and when the word cot RUTLEDOE PEARSON is St.Mrs.

Ira.D. B. Barnes membership + t out Angel of Mercy AlmA brought up for bearings Chandler la librarian .

; Mrs. J.S. Klnchen WHITE: and L.I. ALEXANDER: you can look for SOBS at the Wilder
Mrs '.S. Peoples, Mrs. appealed to the councilto papers Including a new Park Library and Mrs.

Samuel M. Gaston and name It after John oneto crucify hi....And Susie Keith Is review

IIr..H.L. Baker program; wilder for .*ioi the park' while the Negro' school chairman Mrs. Dots

Mrs. O.H. Hanllton and Is already naaed. It'stoo action group Is attenpt- Thompson president of

Mrs. David Johnson social PARADE OP FA3HONS will feature Trichology Cosmetologist League No.33 Fashlon- bad Negro groupscouldnothawe log to by-pass a certain ,the club. Prayer, the Mifkiiist

and appreciation.Mrs. etta and Dance Saturday from 9 pas until in Elks Auditorium 712 W. Duval St. *>tten together local publication, 10.. M invitation has been Peter lurid

O.H. Hamilton, A bevy of attractive models sponsored by the League beauty shops will displaythe and decided on a folk are anteing up extended to the public. Ii-Ifci

Mrs. S.D. King and Mrs. latest in fashions and hairdos. Mrs Eliza Rich perry will narrate the event mare rather than letting dough for a Negro (?)

I. E. Young Christmas and music will be furnished by the Imperials with Marvin spott.Shown above. choice of a name get Into weekly to stomp the NAACP MIAMI REAL send your aaa gad 'ddr...

Savings; Mrs. c. Gorton are Mrs. Callle Sack son (left) president of the League; Mrs. Mildred Dallas, an Intra-racl al scjiabbl. and Its followers In and ESTATE FOR SALE and. find oat how miracle

Mrs. R.L. Jones, chairman; Mrs. Ethel Washington chairman, and Mrs. Jerry Brevard. The public WONDER how come nobody out of the school sys 118.500 Duplei House of prayer can accowpliih'

Mrs.C.W.Whitten and Mrs. is invited.. (Royal Art Studio Photo) ever thinks of naming tem.THERESA. CbtUie. "No' Dlaerielnatioa .0.".". fur you ',;11..
8.A. Thomas, Education. something for John !Ron MACKEY of the I74-MM.

This week's fleeting was Membership Drive YWCA SchedulesThe Washington Tour the only living Negro KEN KNIGHT SHOW baa a SISTER ANNIE ROWAID

held Monday in the hone The YWCA, A.L. Lewis A.L. Lewis Branch, who has served on the lot of TV fans who would ULTRA MODERN ROOM 12. s. .leu..... Chi can.
of Rev. and Mrs. David Branch membership campaign p.rI once. Jacksonville City Council like to eee more of her 111.
TWCA is planning an exciting .
For lest Contra located.Prlwate
Johnson 4265 Francis continues with remaining Persons Interested in In the 20th centul1.."lIeo when she pi aces the prices
tour to Washington

Road. dates accompanying the group what about Mrs. Sarah on the PREMIER Beats... Phone hails orcoupl.
D.C. sponsored by .. Call 3SS.20U....
are asked to please con. Blocker the Militant who wants to see just LEO'SSIDE
the Teen Age Pro grin Committee tweea I a. .. aal 1 i...
tact Miss Del schoolteacher
ores pearson (burled bands Mr. Producer? The
INDEPENDENT TV. I RADIO SERVICE or phone 393-8387. last Saturday who led STAR'S ace girl toolS REPAIR
This weekend tour will
TWCA A.L. Lewis Branch the fight for equal pay BROWN hospitalised at NEW YIRR MAIDSTo SIB
begin April 30-May 3.1965. Riiairiif
Pick-Up I Delivery Pfaone-356-7242
I M3 feet 8th street. for Negro teachers In Medical Center.
All T members are invited KS wk.-Joha waltlsc
"Don't: .1..ou t on this FIord cia. GYPSY TERRY the sensational II Icy Kill
to join in for Tickets ...t... e.j
HERBERT SYKES 609 W, Stile treat of a lifetime! JOE LOUIS the former stripper who -
loads of fun and ex- 210 Post Ave.. 1.'Mr",
heavyweight cheap blew the Jackie Wilson H.T. Is Our

Into town on bit way to ColiseiM Show last Monday ,
Now Owned And Operated By the golf tourney In Miami rite with her all or nothing lily lisiuss
was the guest of nursing striptease and RENTING

hone operator Mrs. Au- made national ness is AH REAIY FDR KC9PAKCYJackaoavltea 145 FlIRIIA AYE.

Motley Enterprises lee Anderson..whatever getting calls for stage
... .
became of JIMMIE (JAMES' ) and night-clubs across .t..l'

Fair LEIIS the personableAfro the colin UI... It takes Dwcorated Two" bedroom aparteata. -
eater fare. $11,50 MAIDSFOR
vice president whose
nerve, baby.
''I, plx graces billboards per week, ftealdeat .,r.
Ashley & Davis &? around Jai heralding the I Home Demonstration 2414 ...t.-o.'. PL tHST.FREI.IT .

whiskey..Lewis. ILea Clubs To Hold

Heisc.nrters For .r. R. (printer) LUCAS and SALVAGE Jobs ...raate.4 oa .,.
Charles( busing develop-' Saturday rival rare US to SAPee.klp

erPARSONa are the first Hose Desioastratloa 3 YICIII Cleners shies In "...*;

Quality low Prices 1 Negroes la Florida to Club.' will conduct +....Toe Dew ...... bata ..ET

be used as testimonial their annual countywide SACRIFICE for ULPIU"Ot'I. write for y.sreelleetl .
Scratched la ahlpeeat. -
-0- r odela for a national officers training Beeting ; Has. all attachaenta. ... gtuvUck ami;
product...The deal was Saturday at 1 P.".. Orlg. Guarantee. to row. Free lift It" arrival
T Th la the of Pythias *. a4 *...
Have spearheaded by Editor Knights Phone Warehouse H 3- *<< sine r

Mercy '.R. MOTLEY: MRS. LILLIAN' CVMMINQS MRS LOLA 'THDMA Slip son who hopes to Building 1040 Broad .IM4 Bight or day. will ..her of reference. ,...,
Manager Bookkeeper Induce other fins to to Bt. Deliver i No obi) I tat loo. tins Aar> Have President Secy. Manager
Mercy General lIu. Discount Center MoU.,'. Superstore likewise in a nationwide The topics, 'Tarlla- preeeart.m.T
plan to end allwhiteodel eatery procedure,"
advertising..At "(troop Leadership. "
MlttlfA U.S. Good Beef least two valor productsare will be discussed the :
Frosh PORK Sole expected to use Florida officers and deb new UFCICINFS COSMETICS
Pound Cake 33c beeutle. In the near will be reported.Mrs. ALL LFAOING IUIR PRfPARATIOI'CSJCo
79c PIG i or Wide U 33* .
futare..DON LOn the Sadie fllleoa will Broad and Ashley FL 4-2159
REGULAR 40 RIB STEAK . .b 69e raaer A-..
Tampa aewaaan who helda ) serve as consultant for

BREAD 118. LOAf 10c CHUCK lca* my ROAST..1b S9c PORK CHOPS dull down briefly at the pre.ld..t.t, Vice INDEPENDENT Oil CO.

CHUCK ROAST .b 39c 3k 5k fie the Florida Star severed president Group and Mrs KTJVXW HCMF rfLiYm

BEEF SHORT RIBS ,3-fci 99e HOG HASLETS 3-Ihi 9kHi connection with the Eleanor Gay. coaeultant MECHANIC ON PUTT
publication after returning for the Recording SecretaryFlsaacial -
rrNfc Pt Ik* Joseph+ .................... Proprietor
PUT MILK GROUND BEEF .3-Ib. 99c feSALAD fro" the cigar "..cr.tar .-
T'N", DHESgMC qi 3k city where he lau been ,' s Group. "tat. Karl Jefferson Streets PL "1.9417ONE

BEEF DYER . .,5-fci 99c
Toil Cons 39C

U** ) Fr4 A*.l..lM H OXTAILS ". .S-fcl 99c

.TURKEY PARTS'; '. .,-rbs 1ge 15 8M $1.00 ONE

_.r ., .. BIG BIG
WINGS ,3-fci 99c FRANKS. .3'" bag 99c WHfc ttO.00 M Mate Ne4 Q*. faq rq

DRUM SILKS .. ..39ge Ar. e. 0.px.i WEEK WEEK

NECKS( .. .4i 97c BREAKFAST.1f4tet 1Uct4 BACON 3-bs 99c gj f.. ..K&U-- 25c ONLY I ONLY I


Con 59C Vl CoMon 49C FRYERS... .fc 29c Maytii WrlH" Wsshtr Specie) I IpMMe

4 ea... 35c w..... f>00OBANGES a Ma. ,... (We, fntk C.MM ff.a Mmne* Errata- *..1 23c eau u. PIInMM ., w .tal Stinger _
SMOKID yip WHITING Hi IkTH W Cut U, .,. lea wlU r .ie.eb.nu"lae ....1.'..
HtYRS 4ft bM 99c Iy rRgs
nil CHOPS dot lk .J. .... DaD a ,w .*.. I....., sty Dr.la Tale
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ti Ie A I.ail .,.. aeta ee was
CUT Ik.if CU.fFLOUH HENS .b Ikft 1..1. Yew let Tkta
Da 7k .m La. GoM 5-fe. 2kCOUAEBSlffbcklk TT .......

ALLKINGtill rn.E lib 2kO4XU HENS lOc $3000

CHIP Y T tee c.e-4
.... c*IH k La..y AeAap MTer
11 Coa 99C ..... ,....., Oil IaMH wee
rffriv jkg 2k Mim w weth'aa CABIACC HiMOTLEY'S Cc ft h. TrWt.., eraelSi. n M



915 W. Ashley' St. 45th t MoRcrief e 1 e/o

PHONE PO-5 9287 e e
PHONE El- 5 6524

PRICES Kill rilDlT, SITIRIIY III SHUT fllllUT 21th, 2Itl Ul lit

... '
"'A It".J .z" ;r.