Florida star

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1035822 F20090413_AABFWJ 00069.jpg 2ff5b9a6da0377cdcb6c0c75c17cb9a47aadadd63fb8a585ffc3ddb8b849a2b9f0c233e3
122241 F20090413_AABFWK 00069.QC.jpg d268008fbf4143b2bd207e8f4ffdb3e89cf49e5fc3b55d4c53c4aebb59f0a9a54ebb4fa2

xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200650datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date February 13, 1965dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=006500740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
February 13, 1965
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
System ID:

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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
February 13, 1965
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
System ID:

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Full Text
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Foece Justice P. Forfuioe. ..... a Federal II... Y can't. tall
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Ira set oat additleashdlear.oecl.a to Aaat.llate
relatlBBt Cairo, baa offlalallyU lee ft me etiec bla re Renee C. Colllaa ... ,......", Feb. II It baa pertaalty to aoMead to la I lid toeoohaalio
eUlenta "taf itttacredit <. Uo 1Mb" .... _reta,. sire ......,.. billed la Scull Viet bee oaoe.a.... yes ,,.,..., Relied t. the viatic dobert Moat, Uc herttaie
tor>> courses whldi 1U orcaalMUoa lad by to have IOU at least I.UI. .u eke a O.K. bell Facial abari. .a ebllo a aoierii .,.. oo have bud baaalaifrv aid aatetetteatc. of the

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beret 'I" "' faculty, bo alao ..U'. Maid _.000, ral'*d >..t.... no BOO If art. 14(1Colllaa at hoe Ift tar." ted ,. the top of tb f hie lory ......
.. BBDCI Hoi to oMeeralafUo of 1021 Vices .. ...,.. %
bat bed reel p.' free oooaorato aaay thattMpree IeI." or a.(Mlldlacloed *..,. oriaalied the Aeeoilk
tta tUff tte dar before ".f'" with aacb evil ....,.... hoc. lie U. Colllaa, a 1P" did Mllfally. be would take Ilea far the stub .t
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f.r tbo aeaoal year. Jue,. Cols aad tboaMtkora ergs, bla "'.000 aperU of lbs aaraaotaFallco Feb. |. b, larceny of a tftel.uafroo Thla aatlaaal .,.lftl.
arlatlaa L.*d- oar aad bio 11,000 eard* Departaeat' bee'laiEffart ashes, cade cp of >
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the tone ,
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Dally 1D11..,.. bla re- s-OU For placed la jail, still leader, Ic de4lcated
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that vbtlo la /
tie ease tlaa. M INpree to the research,
D .
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of tlbba Jo- _. maths ao* aod cot teat alaao oho lived la j bad lee Issued la aoearlier '.*4.y' alibi bill achool.Me .
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first place. a '..eee.. n- 151 .rn._ 1M .sleet./' ....." .,,, DiI"r... tte te o.. ka* ke .
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atataa of lllt. Mta or olao r.- \ pjeoee freee MO beet allele alater.MaooVtarietlUColllac..: that be lee .. free bloeelf /.*. ttefc the re aad orator*,

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Tie lees at'I te/.ntp tears test aka cell ((oJo of Ue 1M4 Civil .t.1lo; MO ..*. ../. at tbal tlae. Coaaty atle t.. oootlaaatheir Week by ehoraeo.lakoelc .

crwtodUlotoivd.let lecill .... tut bio guar/ ."...- i II llvbto let for ... la Miler. ...."aI iraaav ,....U. J.d
cUe 1 Ibo AJaCaaa me ...'1.. fatter., .f Del de. .rakao sill b* stile a tie ...... Cil 0 /-611I !I(....U.... u


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"" .. .. F "" ".. #I .._ -.. '" -- ". ; .. .. ,


1 ..J
n__ 1

PLOIIIDA STAll Politics As Usual


PubJ tailed by Die Florida Star Pub!1 shini Co.

MEMBER Jewish labor Committee Cites

-? Negro Support For Jewish Causes

ERIC 0. SIMPSON.........Maiif.ii! E.itir ; Growing Negro participation in Jewish-

ALYSON E. WiSE..... .. "' Km Elitir sponsored demonstrations against anti-
Semitism is reported by the Jewish Labor

HILDA WOOTEN.. ......Cireilitin .uaur Committee "In a number of recent instances

," states Emanuel Uuravchlk. National

MAIN OFFICE I PLANT:, Director of the JLC, ftegro groups

and individuals have taken part In protest

2323 Miicritf' od.. ..Phis Elf.ii 4-6712 actions organized by the Jew

ish community. This is a most

Miilln.. Atfinss gratifying trend because it

demonstrates that some Negro _

P.O. Bn SITl.JittsiHllli' Uliriii THE BOSTON civil rights activists see
MASJACRC their battle for human rights

MIAMI OFFICE ,3 MARCH$1770THt as a universal one applying
to all of the oppressed no SIMPSON
738 HI 3rd In. Plon 377-1025 FIRST SHOT matter what their religion or skin color."

frREDJN THEREVOLJITJON As illustration of this trend, the Jewish

Labor Committee leader cited three recent -

One Tear $9.00 Half -I--- A4TRO/T NAMFD events.On .
Tear $4.00 %RACE IS LIKE AtW( CRiSOUSATT January 14th he said, when all of the
Mailed to You
Anywhere In the United
RtateaSubicrJption UNTIL IT USES ITS OWN major Jewish organizations demonstratedin
TAUNTS front of a number of German Consulates

Send Check or Money Order to: AND LOVES ITS OWN for an extension of the statute of limitations

MEMORIES irCANNEVtR r governing the Indictment of Nazi
Jacksonville 1, Florida FVLnLLlT I NEGRO HISTORY criminals, Negroes participated in the

masarco"aE -y /X WEEK picket lines in at least two citiesDetroit

SPECIAL WASHINGTON REPORTLBJ's ,jjf m.7-14 and Philadelphia. In the former city he

said, the Jewish Labor Committee representative -

Jack Carper was designated by the
Jewish Community Relations Council to invite

Negro participation in the picketing.
Goal For All AmericansBy
The response.was a large delegation from

W McCormack the local chapters of the Congress of Racial

Fquality) and the National Associationfor

Setter US 11",1 RrfirnciitiHiri Your Weekly the Advancement of blored People. In

In. the State of' the Union message President addition, the demonstration was officially

Johnson revealed his plan for the endorsed by two local Negro labor organizations

Great Society he envisions We In Congress the Trade Union Leadership Con

share these goals for Impressive pub < ference and the Metropolitan Detroit Labor

lic and private programs to meet the unfulfilled Community Association.

needs of our society.As Horoscope Guidey Another case cited by Mr. Uuravchlk is

seen by the President, the Great Society the official participation by the Negro

will Improve the quality of American Trade Union Leadership Conference in the

life on every level The pros campaign against Soviet anti-Semitism of

perity of the national economy ] I PABLO The ASTROLOGERWHICH the Philadelphia Jewish Community Relations

will be Increased, the opportunities Council. Part of the campaign con

for advancement, now sists of a series of picket line demon

open to most people, will be ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR strations in front of the Soviet Ffcbassy

enriched through improvement in Washington. On March 15th. the picket

of the world we live in. BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL line will be manned Jointly by the Negro

The first step will be to assure labor group.

the continued growth of The third Instance pointed out by the JLC

economy. The President said he :;:;:-;;;.::;- spokesman was a letter by Dr. Martin Lu-

would present a prudent budget, but one ther King against Soviet anti-Seaitism
designed to keep the economy moving forward. which was published in the New York Timeson
promised, to eliminate many wartime excise January 16th. In his letter the Nobel
taxes and thus give consumers additional Hoan.e. Peace Prize winner stated, "1 should like
Income to purchase the goods they ALLOW YOUR MIINBS TO HAVE TO RECOGNIZE to add my voice to the list of distinguished -
9an.I5.54.8)7. YOU WILL
need. The President also pledged to work 1.' 0N WEAKNESSES, Americans of all faiths who have called
' TO :
{or continued price stability. He agree the injustices perpetrated against the
with a prudent path of Jewish community in the Soviet Union to
THEIR MEANS YOU WOULD June 22nd thru 5-/<).88."IT-73-548 THEY .GET YOU INTO A MORE
To solve the problems posed by automation July 22nd the attention of the world. The struggleof
'and the revolution in industrial technology LIBRABorn the Negro people for freedom Is inextricably
President Johnson proposed a regional Sept 23rd thru interwoven with the universal
recovery program to,assist in development Oct 23rd struggle of all peoples to be free from
of tbose.areal: left behind in the march MUST CAPRICORN discrimination and oppression."

of natl6nA progress.The. President further LEAVE SPECULATION TROUBLE, DO NOT SPOIL CIAL" POINT 'IN YOUR ri- Born Dec. 22nd thru 'One Nation And One People1Lyndon
asserted he would, expand 'present efforts Jan. 19th
to-provide; workers'witrthe skills neededin ALONI' DO NOT ; THE RECORD IY SUCCUMB I NO NANCIAL' AND EMOTIONAL


our modern economy THAT HAVE PROVEN PROMT. BOUND TO BE AT ITS PEAK. RESTRAINT' OR DISCRETION A BIT" TOO HARD POR YOUR of his new term a* the elected Presidentof
The President declared he would open the

door of opportunity to all by enlarging his PROPOSITIONS SUM HIGHLY THE CANCERIANS' WHO, LIVE ,, AND THE CAUSE or BAD IDEA TO PACK UP AI, this Nation that will long be remembered

poverty program. He guaranteed no person USPICT. THEY SHOULD NOTIt UP TO THEIR DESERVED THE LOSSES OR SCENES OVERNIGHT, BAG AND GO TO a* a masterpiece of oratory and may endure
would be blocked from first class citizenship
by denial of the right to vote
THOROUGH 'VIITI,1110N'' I YOU MAY' RETIRE TO A NCT EASILY BE rouNO.STAv history and literature.
The betterment in the life of the indi-
vidual citizen must begin with an upgrading -
in the quality of education for this
'INITIATE A POLICY CHAIN OP COMPLICATIONSTHAT I IN LINE' WITH orr AND THAT YOU CAN ton, and to the millions watching on television -
is basic to a child' advancement In later

In the pre-school years underprivilegedchildren
will be made aware of the excite
7-20-44-1 .69-724 SUBSTANTIAL EXPENDITURES. APPARENTLY, WEEKEND WHEN THOSE WHO unmistakable promise that this was to
ment of learning. In the primary and secondary
YOU ARE NOT THROUCN WITH WOULD BE TROUBLESOME ARE be an extraordinary Manage as well u a n
grades new facilities and equipmentwill
TAURUS 4-20-33-14-96423 THE DIFFICULTIES THAT APT TO BE OUT IN PORCS. unforlett.ble'occasion.
be provided to meet the demands of Born April 20th thru
HAVE KEPT YOU OFF BAL' In unusually brief
larger enrollments. Fol' college students, N.y20th LEO 3.. an speech almost lyrical

scholarships will be given to those showing Born July 23rd thru ANCE. : In quality President Johnson aimed
the and need and low interest Aug. 22nd 2-60-M-D-69-2M up the meaning and the purpose and the destiny .
most promise
; to
-issuing inhabitant
be made available'no TAITIID. every
loans QUARTER MAT' Feb 18thTHIS
TNE orriNf'' ,
SCORPIO irrespective of color or creed of
that no student will be deprived of a col NO MEANS PUT AN END TO BE VERY MUCH LIRE THE .
Born Oct. 24th thru PERM. .M MAT BE THE whatever section or party a ringing call
legs education due .tQ lack of financial THE DILEMMA THAT IS LAST ONE, ONLY MORI 50.
Nov 22nd MOST CONFUSING AND DISTURBING to unity that was aa persuasive aa it was
President Johnson made clear that the COULD DEVELOP IN .
YOU or A PI. DOING I THE RESTRAINED IN are one Nation and one people." the
Great requir not only an educated ,
WRONG THING I WHEN YOU ARE YOUR REACTIONS TO THE President said. He recalled the character
people, but a healthy people as CONMOENCE IN YOUR LEADING TO A OSr-
E1ERTING YOUR SINCERE and the faith of
DECISIONS AND ACTIVITIES earlier Americana who
He proposed a broad attack on heart disease, OWN ABILITIES TO HANDLE (NITS BREAK IN RELATIONS.IT .
EFFORTS TO II HELPFUL er THE ONE WHO is ALLIED *ade a covenant with this land.Conceived
cancer and stroke the three 'II in killersof SHOULD BEAOLIO 11TH
INSTEAD. YOUR BEST BET TO YOU. IP YOU BELIEVE in Janice, written In liberty bound ts'Union
great natural resources will not be TACT AND DIPLOMACY. FIND SEEMS TO REMAIN NEUTRAL. THAT THE COMMON WEIM it was meant one day to insplrsthe
neglected.The national parks and seashores PLAIN WISHrul THINKING.DO HEN POSSIBLS.LET MINISCOLA IS JtOPAAOIIEO, GO ABOUTMARING hope of all mankind. It binds aa still.:"
THEMSELVES OUT AS YOUR INFLUENCE' Lyndon Johnson has said be for.
many UIIU.
and drive .
will be enlarged. A
protected OP AN OLD Ml END, Or YOUR TROUBLE. tLIM" |
THEY HAVE A SAY Of DOINGANVHOV. PELT IN A TACTFUL SAY the election tad after that h seans-to
will be lurched to curb pollution of our NATS IT AS OUICRLV AS *
THE AFFAIRS or be President of all the people-not Jut
some people. This in Urge
All this will not be done In a days week srrscTivs MEAMS. THERE was,
ASSOCIATES COULD BE PAR otasare, the spirit of his Inaugural. His
realize the Great Society
TOO COMPLICATED SETTLE counsel against hate and injustice, and
the work and faith of every citizen will YOU WILL HAVE TO ADOPT
President I Of SOMEONE TOCOt IN ONE MIL Swoo*. SINCE Born Peb. 19th thru his straightforward appeal to all of as to
be required for generations.The MUCH MOil CONSERVATIVEMONETARY
Is WITH OirriCUlT' MAT THE INABILITY' TO CONTRIBUTE March 20th Join in the building of a better countryand
dream la a challenge to the nation. It ,. POLICIES MAN
ANYTHING' CONSTRUCTIVE a better world pat into words the aspirations
a goal worthy, of America and the mightiest S-10-22-1V62OII. THE ONE YOU NAYI(1N
effort of every citizen. ACCUSTOMED TO LIVE BYIN
THE PAST. MUCH IN EVIDENCE SOME TO GO ACCORDING In a philosophical laterlode the President

GEMINI 7.60-JVtl-M.. MAY EVEN PREPSR TO BE TO PLAN WHETHER YOU ARE captured this pinpoint of )hlatory in

Born May 21tt thru LEFT ALONE WITM' THEIR AT 1101.. ON THE ROAD OR perspectiveare: all felloe passenger'

June 21stDA151ILITTLII vl.ao PSOKINS.e WITHIN TOUR OWN POUR oa a dot of earth. And each of 11.. la tie

Born Aug. 23rd thru pea only a ancient among nlacompanions.
tpt. 22ndCIICUNSTANCES 8AOITTARID3Born How incredible it la Uaf in
THINGS COULD SIT WORSE Nor. 23rd term IN CONTACT WITH INDIVIDUAlSWMOMAV this fragile existence vs should hate and

BSroRE THEY TURN fOR THE ARE no Dec. 21st ., ."( C8*. destroy" one another."
He eaaght. also the ladoaltable
of America and the thrill of being an A-
CONDITIONS ARE APT TG ericaa: : "It i. the uc1t..t of becoming-
r always becoming: trying. probing falliag.
resting and trying Maln-tet slogs gala-
THE RESPONSIBILITIES It la the star not reached and the harvest
VOW THAT YOU TILL HAVEGEAR aleeginc la the onplrmd ground.*'
CVEN ir YOU eo, ARE AT THEIR PEA ABOUT THAT IT SINS Acts. POR a RATHER PROLONGED Theo are somas truths segaifieeetlyexpressed.

*s nee of the treat In-




1 .SATURDAY' FEBRUARY' 13, 1965 t
- ----
Cookman PTA Celebrates Tenth ARiiversiry Las Amigas WEDDING

Socially Speaking Hold First Meeting
Slates! Founder'sDay >> ..e
ftr ,LOUIS GCIlTf ARDla High'llghttd by a varied L c.Coney>> Orange Park

spite of the laclesjsnt weather Boy Scout Program 9 and interesting prograa, PI .. 44 and ala Mae

covered the city last Saturday ,aornlng distributing The annual Parent the Las Aaigas Social Salth.Orange Park, Fla ,
Oood 'Turn'Dgs'Byi forGoodwill Industries.Not Teacher Association Club held Its first aeetlag 9.

.any of us vert surprised to see! these Scouts. ronadera' Day Prograa of the lear recently Jot Marion Tobltr, Jr. .

however1 u they bar &> .this :In the past and we will presented Sunday, w-r la the hone of hostess 10S9 Kings Rd. 23' sad

were duly notified that such a MOT would be .. Feb 14. from 4 to S linn wilcoi. Mary .Virginia Clerk. lOst
I wonder, though how aany of ua art' fsalliar with p... at Damell-Cookaaa Featured event was a Kings load 31.,

Goodwill induttries slogan "!''Iot OUWTI, but ,aCHANCB. Junior High School 4 unique spelling bet with Mails Jesse Henry 1431
." Pounderss Day com 1 i irr the Misses Tvonnt Robin- Louisiana St. 27 and

Recently. observed. Ian yellow sal blot truck aeaoratta the organisation BOO and Janntttt Hartley Dorothy Mat Polllns. 1431

parked near a hoae la certain neighborhood. A. of the National Oon->> being the recipients of Louisiana St 36.

I watched, two ,men dismounted fro* the truck, went press of parents and prlie swards. Jos. Bass. 110 Oak St .
around to the back and lowered a seildetached.powercontrol Teachers oa "'b.lT. 1897, tasty repast consisting 2! and Luclle T. Wynn,

ltd hind gate. A ,white oooklnc range la Washington. D.C. and of sbrlap with 101 Union st. 29.Oeo. .
planed In position to rest on the gate was con its annual observance all of the fixings was C. Inch, 1448 W.

stqneatly lowered to the' ground As two. mm then has been a part of the served State St. 20 and Pris
took the store Into the note. PTA prograa since, lila The club Bvabtrshlpiaclides cilia M. Johasoa, 148$

As.this was about al -lIOrD1DI. ay thoughts toatsed'at PTA's throughout, the, : S. State st 19GORDONS.
tint on the IbUe-aproud'wouo.who oPfned land pay tribute to tat "MrsMarle Bracey, Mrs,

,tbt door to penilt the Ben' to emir, and 'on founders, Alice McLsllan Lollts Coleman, Mrs. GIN

her probable happiness at having the rage arriveIn Piney and Phoebe Aj>- Wllhtlalaa Urn, Mrs
tint for use In preparing dinner that d&,.''nac.a person Hearst and to Sistine Gore, Mrs. De- U u.tDo.LiriJD'Yils.10' ':
HOSTED by Mrs. Thelas J. talker president, at her 1M1 Franklin Street residence loris Gibson Mrs Linda
y Bind wandered to the range,whlcb had probably other pioneers in the
the Golden Links Clwb celebrated ita 10th anniversary recently with Mitchell Lucille Washington ; YUYiJ"
state branches, districts
outlived Its usefulness la the boat of some
councils, and guests in attendance being ambers of the Junior Golden Links dab. Following sad the Misses
thoughful Individual' who bad given it to Oood local units. the business ....IOD. a buffet luncheon was served and the.social interludewas Jannettt Hartley Yvonne

will Industries Wen a replacement was secured. I Past presidents of the enjoyed, by all. Seated In foreground troll left art: Mrs. Lauvlnla T. Mar Robinson, and Chsrlsetts "Ie5
thought about the activities at a Goodwill Industries founder-treasurer and Mrs. Ola sick coaalttet dial Standing 1
district, council and puss, ; Q. Trmrp nan. VTlON_ "
Center although I could not stretch ay 1aaglaatlon local PTA will honored froajeft' : Miss Beverly C. Clark, Mrs. Thelaa D. Walker president; Miss -BIRTHS- ..r.1 "" .

far enough to rlsuallie acted facial Sunday Johnnlt Mat ,Hill, Mrs. Annie L. Anderson secretary; Miss Willie Jean Orsha*. -
features of persons concerned to **..." the actual
Mrs, Meltonla Vaughnand MlssHatttc Nigh-Ith'and Miss Barbara Jew Highsaltlu Other officers of the
atchaalca involved la repairing or reconditioning Mrs. Luella McBrldt senior group arc: Mrs Etta Alkens, vice president and advisor; Mrs. Annie t.. Mr.' Mrs Willie Black.

the range. At this point the two sea will be the featured Anderson eee/eteryj-'Juliue ,*llllass, business manager and Mrs. Virginia T. 9918 Mahal It Dr. GUI

merged from the house and boarded the truck whidi soloists on SUDd.,' Moore, sick comities. Junior club officers are: Barbara Jeaa Highsaltb, president Mr a Mrs. Willlsa Oor-

was driven sea). I reflected again on the slogan prograa. Other musical ; Beverly t ark? trM lalrtr. Htttlt Highsalth secretary; Miss Willie J. daD 1331 B. First St _(
Hot!' charity, but a chance and thought bow Clark (Twins) GUIs.Mr .
selections will be given Qrahaa, chaplain;. ad.. Anthony business .an..r. (Raal Art Studio Photo)
fortunate the casualty is to havt_such: an industry \ -. a Mrs. Jobs McOeel
by the Darnell-Coolten '
..ont that can give self-respect to individuals 2004 Palafot Garden.; c
Choir Plans :
band Wider the direction EWC Completing Payne
who algbt otherwise be idle.aad dependentupon Mr a Mrs. Robert Oql-
of Mra. .N.R. white; The
society for a living, and oat that can ,add Coronation Progratji p ller.990 Pearl Bt .Olrl'
Seventh Grade Chorus, Concert In
coafort to a boat by providing at a aoaiatl pricesuch' directed by Miss !melds ,. For : GeorgiaThe Rufus K. Payne Schddl Mr.* Mrs Charles Pitt- THE FIVE HORSESHOES

a useful and accessary its as a cooking White; The Eight Grade Conceit Choir of Edward Waters College will P-TA will present its ana, 844 V. ITth St. Built ol grey flintttone and sit.(

range.I Cneeablt, under the direction sake Its first out-ot- stste swing for the second coronation Feb. 14 Tn Girl. tine blab up In 'h. CMHemHundred
hope that all of the faalllte receiving bags of Mrs I. B. staester when they will present a concert for the the school uf.torh" at Mr a Mra. Lesadrew *, \Ibis Englnh Inn delve
last Saturday will rtaeaber Goodwill Industrlea Eleventh District oftllt Georgia Music Association roam Mills, 7116 Luke It. ,110,. bach 100 ,esr.. OuUide. s
Mitchell; and tilt Mixed 3 p.a. and each etrl.0h1> nlghMty the Romanefirst "
Saturday aornlag. February 13. 'rebrutri nJn Dublin Mr.a Mrs Albert Helms ,lomett' here
Chorus directed by Mrar" ,. Gt'Or.t. will be represented.. bull bangs eu
If the figure publicised was correct scat 1.000 e.p. Askew.Other ., Tbs Clgl:R1 I1 ser v.,.u.N 4 I.N..MINI. /NI..MINI According to President 2130: college Circle N. 'Inside tdeie Irtendly, people
North Florida Council Boy Scouts earned good deed :the cOnsulting group Initiated the annual Olrl make Gordon an eigM"teorieItvtturKt.
program participants M.E. Patterson the dien ai part ef a
merits last Saturday. art Charles Sis- deaoastrstlng choral Pint Arts Festival which State Congress will .. Mr. Mrs Eugene Llsdaey hradie. Cecktsll
I technique to soae 4SOfgh will celebrate Its fourth I9M I. 3rd Bt. toy.
BOSS, who will give tkt held la Daytona lenA
Mrs nary Kllzabeth Carnegie. P.N., attlaaallyproalaaat ocaasiom. and Mrs AlltU/ ( > .. echo}1:"ais e st u-.. .. anniversary la the Peru n.20. He announced IIr.' Mra Jaaes Lockett,
editor of dents Ha Rings Rd. Boy.Mr. .
nursing educator and associate aprlagHe ooff0nation
I, Baety. narrator of that funds troll the -
MRBl1I000h0AM' Official During the sfttraoon has wrlttta a COB- .a Mrs. Harold Sawyer
the PTA. and roucltu'Ou elll 1 be u..d'tosupply
publication of the National .. Pageant ....Ioa HAl.ln Green, position for piano sad curtains IB the 1J21 Roland St. Soy
League for Nursing, served l director of the Choir. druas entitled 'lapres- Mr.'? Mra. Walter Sebo-
lev a.1 Pelder 1.pre.ldeotoftbe cafetoriua.
aa consultant for F/MT wll| Jecture.deaonatrajtt miens on Three Modern field. 7161 Pleas Dr. ,
DarnellCookaan -
Clinical Aseclatlon.blc PTA Solomon and answer questions for Pslntlags He baa also Twelve Roses Girl. I

was held on the campus during JOWl la vice;prealdaaU.. visiting auslo. teacaers written a concerto for .Club'.Meets. Mr Mra. Albert lUll

the past .... and Mrs Margaret wrigkt At "I 9a the choral truapets a suits for After cospUtlsg the 907 Oerogt St. Girl.

Mrs Carnegie ibraerly is treasurer group till be presented bands, and a nunber of ealtadsr year at the Mr.. Mrs Bobble 'ar...

s.nsdas dIM of the Florida Dr, A-C. Madry is prlsclpal la a concert for tile entire choral arrangeaeatawhich boas of Mrs K. Saab* 37'4 Sunny ACre Drive,", Qerdon'iParadlia

MIl 0111; nral tJ Schoolof of the school, delegation The tile choir baa presented lagtos,. the Twelve oy.Mr. '' Cocktail. .
Nursing, and prior to l sons Josea will preside evening concert will !" Roses livings and a Mra. Leosard Atwater 2 ai Oofdon'* Dry Otn
that was assl slant dl rector over tha prograa.DA elude portions of Scbs- rreeeatly Mr. Preen Is Charity Club .111 sect 4J94 Mode 1(1 asd 4 V,.duke ei ..ene.e Apfteel''v"" .windy

.Of the Hasptoa' Institute bert's 'MSSS la Of" worktag oa his first at the bone. of Mrs, Dr., Roy Shake. sell'is a shaker. Asti hUed,
School of Nurslag.Mawptoa 1 Talent Show "Death I Do Not Fear cue to be perforaed lathe Assle Mat Campbell Mr, Mra. Leroy lay, ..'". s" ketf lee end Kraut In..
lutl bit.. Vlrgisla. Directed By n... other nuabers by cosing winter. ISM I. Silth St. 1049 K. Mloa St. fllrl, a ......." gi.i..

Mrs, Mary tCarsegiaMrs. Schubert two cosposttlonsbyMadal .
,. Tboapsoa, '
Mrs. D. Wright
Aldoala Joyner. prlaclps) of Susie F. 1Vl. Negro spirituals and aa
bert daiwtsry: School, is asking rapid progress Dlrectlsg this year's opera group It .111
at Irevster Hospital. Mrs. Jovner baa beta confined asasal taleat show at also Include three srrangeseats .

to the hospital for tw ...... Dosglss-Asdtraoa Pie by director PUT A TIGER IN YOUR TANK !

I I tfitsryJasiorSeslorNigh school Is Mrs Or... '
Lau_ Bridge Club played bridge la eke lest The group as directedby
Ninth street home of Iras Murray after dining at D. T wrlght. orgasla- N. AI" Green, has
McClsln lag s program of sweets bltaded together S3
Ivtj'e last Friday evailng. Saris a. sac
hostess to the trompIhelya that. will eatertsla voices to stand ss oat

01 vis and Delores tosell Ntegu.et players. easy IB the achool voice Nt holds both
The letter qualified for gueet arise.Mailae .,...t.r..., 1:00 ,.a. bachelor and Beater ..- /

Jecksoa and Annie a. Mlnatet were awarded March 1 green la seals froa Teaaeeaee '
club prig*. Mrs wrlght. a grsd- State falfersltyNaahvlllt / 'I,. T' :: }

I I sate of Plorlda Me- Crete is la IbYI' f f 1 "I

MU *>.sponsored by Alpha tarps. Alpha I ront". aerial College. with his fourth year at Id- V 1 ,
farther study st Florida' ward Waters College, a 4dsrlsg w P'M. ti .- ,
has been set February 21 throagH :24.'Troftl.e '
A sal M. Calverstty. his Isterlt hssIMS / ..,, LIKETI11s"' (f.'ERP
._ In Alpas"will
tf AdvsMc t Upas Eara '
first grade teacher D"yt'Oul
be retailed oa the tea bight Mow Sunday.Febrstry ,
at the lastltatioa .>4 HSBM par Msn car 1
21. at P:30: a... At gals t.... a special
Is chslraaa of Ue ele
tribute will be paid to sll Creek-letter organisation U.S. SAYINGS BONDS
atary depsrtaest, ,: (i
a. 1S0
"Nona Mite. Nona 'J.. Betty F.ssioae, tylllaa
Altos Sadit discs, and Virgule Metals art a si; Rudfiig Amil Fiskioielti Program

Ron of the onaitte re ,oaelble .Car tat prograa.lelts .
Mitchell la auslt cfcalraaa.ilia ''

/ Heiierd. Is ca at re MI of Ue bridge toeraeatat ,
ooaalttee. The Uunaseat. Is .eat ." .
: ......-..-dal. February 34, at tie AoL Lewis

Brmaca IsCA. All bridge clube bare been askH to :, : t
mend ten nvreeasUtlvee. :
Csallls 9aaeoala dial,.... af the onsslttea em- l.a.; ,. i.IN

..eta., Sltterbool With activities.. Betty ...- ""
sloas. Leslse ..ern.... r1wen I'''.. aa. flatMttkevs .

are ....,. af tae __lttH. b. _

Set Jw4 Center

........ ,. ,. .- i

IJf A r! ... AIt I''. 4, VI



STEWING OYSTERS <, 60c'I" .. '

._e-.. .' vt .e _

.. .
rats $s''re.ee4rI/w1hit' V
SPECKLED TROUT ... 49c 1"/ .
MED. MULLET 20c tb.>> 5 ... 99c ; I .. '. Ihne''a notblnf shy about hU performanr tb.: ((1)) cleaning powers ((2)) firing power

LARGE ROE MULLET ... 29c .... w.m a. ;J" to deliver sliding -
.. #r.*" on a crisp February morning. ((3) ocUn power pt'rNew
SALT MULLET ... 29< 'rt/iil.' ). f1t" #'. <*
SALT MULLET ROE ... 98c rPVUi' ttaija IJ. era. Calllt JS.B- WInter-tormula EMO Extra kelp forwannlntokkGtweatberStoplnroonyour

STEAK FISH_w S9c sun. prwalawt af Trtatalegy o aeetaleg1et l*...e, car start quickly and warm up taut, and treat your car to a VsUntinc UnkfuJ

JUMBO SHRIMP u M" UoaJ 3S, a4,ls ewe of her latest reatleas Beds help prevent carburetor Ida,. It baa at UM sign of Happy McHorinvJ
ill fmure Trldteieglets saaaal pAiea.(ta
LG. MED. SHRIMP'u_ .4 ..es "r 1 adle4ile4 fer Setar.". ,... JT '

YELLOW TAIL SNAPPER .. 57c Iron 9 aatll 151 Oka AeflttrtM Til *. betel
MANGO SNAPPER i .59c .gre c a k-r.y of tttrMtlvt ...... wilt ..lajr :: HUM1LE ...." l..I.YISM -
... :
.. r. eras- --7 :
SPANISH MACKEREL u 39c the paled la aJla. e faahiaat end hslraea. se .

MIXED BOTTOM FISH u 29c esMlsg lIP Iya. jacSaaa. era. fUel .... tM lachalraaa .-... ..e.r.. .. .
sad la aaelstH by .,.. lllre4 OsllM.aaaetnaa .
FRESH WATER CATFISH .. 49c (yau ar ... -.' ...* I



Prominent Local-Clergymen Cited Daring City Oldest Clubs Installation Of Officers


, iburtb3len1 i TJ, -w 'ft' :;r'MM


' Services Sunday In Macetonla Baptist Church begin ,

with the Sunday School at 9:30: a..., with Superintendent

John ,. Singleton in diu,.. Rev J.

C. Rogers pastor will review the lesson. Morning

service at 11 o'clock. Choirs 2 and 4 will render

the music and Usher Board: 2 will urn with Bill

Beal at the Instrument.


Services Sunday in Greater New Jerusalem Baptist

Church begin with the Sunday school at 9:30: a.*. i
cif ; ,
Morning service at 11 o'clock with Rev Rice Grant +r ,,

delivering the us..... At 8:49 P... song service .a.
Rev. W.A. Mack .ini-. '
will be rendered by Choir 2.

ster, will have charge of the pulpit service. & w

w _

Trustee Day will be observed Sunday in New Hope

AME Church beginning with the Sunday school at

9:30: a..., with superintendent J.R. Han demon pre

Morning service 11 o'clock with Rev.&U Tyros

pastor presiding. At 5 p... ACE League, evening
o'clock. will preach FEATURING an impressive cereawny highlighting the Walter Cruse presents the check to Rev. Orahaa Scott assistant business Manager; Johnny Davis,
service at 6:30: The pastor
and Choir 2 and Usher Board 2 will serve. 36th annual Installation of Officers of the Venetians while David Scottleft( ) Johnny Dade Prank Courtney Assistant Secretary; Prank Courtney, Director of

ClubInc. held Sunday January 31 at 11:00 and Joseph Trottle look on. In pta (right) Public Relations; tools Stakes! Business Manager
--MT. ZION AME-- .... in Ararat the Prank Cooper Financial Secretary; Nathan Bears,
Fbunders' Day will be observed Sunday in Mt. Zion Mt. Baptist Church was presentation newly installed officers of the City's oldest club
of a sizeable check to Rev. Dallas J. In continuous years of service, are, fro. left: Treasurer; George H. .1111.... Secretary: lllle
scholars In
AME Church: at 11 .. with the junior :
Graham, pastor as contribution to the church's Rufus Wester. Sgt.-At-Aras; Leonard Atvater Chaplain Robinson vice President; and Walter Crass Presi
service will be directed by Mrs. Charlotte
charge. The
and charity fund. In photo (left) Venetian President : Joseph Trottle, Acting Custodian: Davis dent. (Royal Art Studio Photos )
Stewart Mrs. Estell Matthew ,

Miss Rosamond Satterwhlte in charge. The junior

choir will serve. Boy Scouts Of America Cite Central Board Honors Planned For District Confer once Ending

PAYNE!: AME CHURCH"Lay Plans Sunday leaServices Mrs. L. Gilbert

en's and Pounders': Day wlll be observed Sunday 5 Jax Youth For Eagle AwardsTwo At Fountain) AMEThe Chapel Church

in Greater Payne AME Church. A waffle breakfast for Sunday, The Church School of Mt.
sponsored by the Pulpit Aid Board at Central Baptist district ceaference of the East Jacksonville
will be Jacksonville boy scouts received the Zion AME O1u reb.1D keeping
Mrs.Meltonla L. Vaughan .will be guest soloist outstanding Eagle Scout Award forthe month Church will begin with with the policy of District AME.Ltlcrek all 1 terminate t mi tit (Frl1 -

speaker at 11 a... At 6 .P."., Sunday school at 9IS day la Fountain Chap AMI Church Rev. P.WFreddie .
of have
and Virgil Hawkins January and three more been added honoring members who host ..............................
Chester R. Cowart will speak. John Gripper will for the month of February.The .. .. with the superintendent have given long and devoted Jones pastor. pelder.
also serve as soloist during the sornlng service presentations cue e ass..sesse sees ci see la ebar,.. service,chose Mrs. Presiding Elder T. C.Shebee .
Johnson. Mrs. C. Wallace
Church and Daniel
during the Cherokee District Troy At the eleven o'clock Lottie B. Gilbert as Its announced that
post 173. of Second Baptist today at 11 a. .... ,the .and Mrs. Leoaa Daniels.
-MIDWAY AME!: CHURCH" Court held at Matthew hour the pastor Rev.R. 1969 Sweetheart.
Rev P.I. Jones will
\pounders' Day will be observed Sunday in Midway Gilbert High School Church. Leaader Jones, will Mrs. Gilbert will be serving'Ministers are:
preside at 7:30 .. and
To receive the Eagle Award p. .
AME Church. Rev.J.W. Jones, pastor will deliver with Chalraan. Atty.Barl speak oa the subject honored Valentines' Day Reverends A. B. Colitis
the sera CD will be delivered
for the Month of
the senons. All trusteesMissionaries, class M. "Thy Klogdoa Co... ,. I.Jones. Oeorge Toung.
February 14. during the
by ..,. '. .1.IUlh. .
leaders choirs and Usher Board 2 will serve p Senior Choir 3 and the church school boIIr.There l.R. Killings B. J. Will ... The choir sod
junior choir will MS, j.o. Morris tr-
throughout the day. will be a special appreciation sabers of Mt. Olive AMK
r e furnish MUSIC with Mrs. nest Brouner. K.L.Kssau.
--MT. P1SGAH AME- hour la her Church will
JOhDlOnil serve.
Services Sunday In Mt. Pligah AME Church begins ni { Out ale W. Tucker at the behal. f. I. Gundy with Rev C. D.

with the Sunday School at 9:30 a... with Julius i console. Mrs Gilbert baa given Dixon presiding Mother Midway

Howell and Rufus Holaan in dI.r,.. Morning service of Usher Board 2 will years of dedicated service Rev B.J. fftlllasis will

at 11 o'clock.Choir 1 and Vaher Board twill serve. serve ranging from that preside at 1:30 P.M..for AME ChurchTru.t.
The Holy Communion will be administered in the till during JONES The BTU will aaseable of that of a teacher to the District Conference ..
rites will be
Morning and Evening services with Rev. R.J. Arnold the Month of January are January are Jean C.Down- at S: 45 p. .. followed by r,, ir Clinic speakers will be

pastor, in charge. Evening service at 6:30: Maurice Anderson post Ing jr., of troop 74; C evening worship at .' 1 1I Reverends ...C. Baoaenaa observed daring Major
services Sunday, Rev. JW .
Ronald Bel ton of troop 79BBLTON r and R.V. Webster
79, of St. Paul AMI seven o'clock. The i
o' cl oelc. r ----, Jones, pastor an*
The Missionary hour
pastor will again deliver -
Sinai Holiness Mrs. McBrideIn I nounced nil ...k. Trustees
Mt. the religious \ I will be observed at 5 p.
.. with the chairMan. class leaders
choosing for
Conducting Revival Night Of Music l. Message choirs aid ushers No. 2
ORDER FUEL discussion The Slirl t. Mrs. C.D. Olson
will serve daring the/ It
Minister George wl 111 us Pilled Church. presiding. Bpeakera! are
Mrs. Angelina McBride .,.. and, 1:30( p... ser
i Frewpi is the, speaker for the ,noted religious figureIn An lavltatloa la ei- Miss Ada ,Barrier. Mrs. vices.
Efp nightly youth Revival tended to the/ public.;
. presently in progress at TROT Red Circle Girls According to Rev Jones
weekly activities Include
Mt.Sinai Holiness Church will be featuredIn and Gregory Jones of the services will be lakeeplag
Bible study at
a night of music at Schedule Fete
COAL1M with the Pound-
Elder L.M. Sparks, troop 79.
7:00: P... Tuesday, followed
announced. Union ProgreaalveBaptlat The Scout who receivedthe The Abyssinia Onion Progressive er'a Day spirit which
by prayer Meetingat
OR The youthful Minister Church 4:00p. Eagle Gold Pain waa Baptist Association 111 be celebrated
o'clock. Senior
FUEL is SMeaber of the Church .. Sunday. Michael Forrester post eight RedClrcle Girls will throughout the AMI COBaectloa -
j' Choir 2 will rehearse
of Ood in Christ pbliadtlphla With Mrs McBride will 173. her present position as observe their 13th anniversary la cc.*. ratloa
,.., and a citywide be the gospel choruses Scouts who received Eagle Wednesday e.rd at 1:00 till: p.m.Usher also superlateadaat of the ,.b. 14 at 3 p.m., of the birth of Its
B 2
I!II] Invitation Is offend of Philadelphia Baptist Bronte Pale were Earl meet. Senior Choir 1 latenedtate Departaent.She la Abyssinia Baptl'st foisider. Richard Alice,

those wishing to Church, SoloMon HUMOUS. J. Flournoy, Tracy R. will rehearse :00 la preal dent of 8tewardesa Church. first bishop of the All

........ w Pu iN ,bear the dynaaio speaker, the Male and feaalechoruses King and Lawrence J. Friday P.M. Hoard 4 and serves The prograM follows: church.

Season let I Fuel Co.wbo is, according ton of Royal Tabernacle Ludd nt Post 74. oa the finance a.81: u... Presiding A. Iced CROCK OF BCRYICX

r"'inA".. Elder Sparks, an inaplr- Baptlat Churchand Receiving stars were: iMMediately following of the church She la selection, Red Circle Sunday SchoolJO: a ..
the Morning worship
lag leader for both other notable .i.,- Cornell Punlap, Roderick also a aeaber of the Olrls; scripture Miss with S.C. Hart sapertB-
the pastor asks all
youth and adults. ers of the city Hargrove. Billy Slsaoasof Blanche R. ColesasFriendly Patricia Levant; prayer tendest la charge; *n-
...b.ra of the church
Troop si and Bernard to met with him for clab. Miss Yen flours;, Introductloa lsg.oraki11:00 .....
Boston of A skit preeeated of Mistress of .
Troop 194. erica by the pastor;
.. business of vital IMportaoee. -
Scoots receiving First ..btrs of the beginners eef..."" Mrs. a. Stewart Ivealsg service. ijo

\ / 3 Clans were: Jmee" Hens, prlaary and junior departsents. ; Mistress of cereMO ,. .. class leaders aid

ffanuel. Den eon, Albert Mt. lion Calendars will precede ale*.Mrs. Rattle Mills; trustees will reader

LOCATIONS Foster of Troop 91Ralph the appreciation pro. .elooMO.Mlae Janice Royd report

Brown Post 31; A ah by Annual Men)s Diy ,rasj. The prograsi will aelcctlea, Red Circle The m.'...' aaalversary -

1 830 Oatsit Ave. Covert Jr. Morris c. also coueBorate Found- Olrla; Reading, lisa has bees scheduled

Ring, Chuck nelson of Aaaual MOB* Day IB .ia Day. Deborah lilacs; latroduettos for the aeccMd Moaday iaApril

3101 Emerson Troop 74. Rodney Lane scheduled March 21 laMt. of speaker Mrs A bet ..per will

and Ray Weaver of Troop lies All Cksrehthrosghost Cavalettes Hosted 1.. .. MeCall speaker be gives la the hose IfIf.

1824 W. Beaver 79 received First Class the day Mrs. p. Jobs.o.effertag; hid Mrs. Leo Blackshear. -

SMOKED Awards. acoordlag to MT. C. By Mrs. D. M. Wilts ......Ie" "i t.. Mrs R.?. 1W4 I. 11th .

PICNICS LI.27c Scouts who received I. Toatoa. pastor. Cpdegroff; serving hoard ader Mpoaaorshlp of Weemite.

Second Class were:HI Hoe Hooted BB generalcbalraaa The Cavalettes Social Daher Board 1. ...

S DOLLAR DAYS ARE HERE AGAIN S CarterTerry Crews, Lawrence la Chester mad Savings Club act

Jaaos.Vlctorjaaee, Cowart prlaelpal of la the hose of Mra. D.

AZAR-WSH OR SMOKIOSAUSAGE till lea Jaaes of Troop Douglas Aaderaoa School.Mr. I. lath with Miss T.

2 US. 91; John Amos RlllottOaable. Cowart la flee Ideas. aa .-1Io.t....
i pIiWflEInti0I1
00 Gregory Kato. caalraaa of the trustee Officers elected for

SPARE RIBS 3 Trupaa p. Morrell of board, Member of the the sew year are: Mra. ... VIII in IalMUIat

US. Troop 74; flresury Dads flaaace ooaalttee hid Daisy I. Watts preeldeat e..1 ...s .' __ ww -...... ..... __ .. ..
BUDGET SLICED OR WHOLI SLAI of Post 74; John'Rouee. the II'.' a Bible class. ; Isaiah Johasoa. =:----r..': -CjC-: \ : :':- ...........

BACON 3 US. Marvla'llson of Troop Aa organisation Meet lag vice tresldeat; Mrs = =--=.-= i. VtUeO eoae.aales
.. ...
"STEW TIME" MEATY 79.; Bmny Mantling I. will be cos.ted ...- Viola '1..,..,. roe -w-.w- w...----, .I h w. waW.w ti.-.M..r w..rww.r. -
.. .... .. ... ..
Sauce, Hlbert Jaaes.Alphonso day by Mr 0)"". fol- eordlaf Mrs.LjOulse .ws.vu..w .-.. ..r ese --
BRISKET STEW 3 secretary; ..-.. .-. -... -- -- -- ....
US. ? -
JOBS Darrell lowing the monist service. ,Mlioa. flaaaclalaecretary -. -. w- -. v--w -- -.
w..e..r.r .
BREAST. LEGS OR THIGHS PLA.ICON.. KeyaDonald Love.Johnnie ; Mra. Jeatlaecdeud. w w..wy s--e :;-...: :.a.w s P 7t so ewe-coq e..

FRYER PARTS 3 us. Martha Jr. Charles APP.Uted aa president huslatsa aaaagen -

PORK later of troop 438 hid of the Teenage Miss Taelaa Isaac. KFN-8UCCESS'

HASLETS 3 Jane Breaker of Troop Usher Board was Reward treasurer; Mrs. Leela
us. 74. Miller. Chester Morse Walker chaplala hid
HIP OR PORKKIDNEYS leader of the aewl
Recelvlag Merit Badges la Mrs Truniller Crooas.

4 us. were: Eddie Brown, organised ..'. atone. reporter.

MEATY Jesse A. Mathews Anthoaw HOILEY'S BAUCCUEMHCCtrj

cans, J. MichaelAllysoa.
OX TAILS Bus.FLA. Aaroa Coleaan, IHI TH UC til
Osste Prude tllliaatlleapi

RIBS 7 us. *. Charles R.Qlass. Tee Seek no Beat Doctor cwcniKCF
.. Tour Doctor Prescribes.oat ..
MEATY Daale) Jacksoa
Charles Malls... Joka IftaerleMod pharaMlata
NECK BONES 10 ut ...... Capers Thoeipeos, ..AoaIN1a, to your Doctors

Orde ra. *o 0s. Oaly Tke Beet sucn MM
PIG FEET 10 Redaald no.,.. Otis
ut aiena, Ronald ......, t.I. goal QsaJity Drugs .

lacy Mcilckeaa. Curtis Proprietor PIlI IllSCHlI.I.PlUlla
Heard wll
9 RffiUToiD piununsn' TO mft TOO -
lire Mwrice AadereoM.CeaaeU .
M. rtmB. Reaiaald -
OMaetlco-RMbber" (bodsCaadloeBuMdrleMPtOOUniOO
lOc Moore, Dale Bradwell Ie.1 '
Robert Serbs a aIa.
PLCAJlNO Aida .el MOB. I).. Aaderaoa. M *!, fcttritt N.

tWILl Larry Oreakaaaad lily's Ding Store a .
2- r*Tt4 Ti
Data U .r.....

IATCI IK Itl III.H SHV M ilXT 11 CHHll 4 Ray. received Wllllaas.erTroopTt. life rna IMJ IlKt III a 11211 1171 UKPICE UMI

.. .,". .. ", .", ":.: ,, ,- 'r.. 1f"I'' i''>>f .-. -. ----:. :-: .- -:- "':" "

I { I 1
f. '

Gfbbs JC Grids Attend Honecoming, Orgcmize 'Association Belafonto To Star With Shore

In Peace Corps Dedication

NED YORK-Harry Belafbntt, only Negro ever to win
an Buy Award for his own special, sakes ont of

hi.. nn TV appearances Feb 19 when bt shares
Dinah Shorta spotlight In a apsclal for the Puns

Corporation our the ABO TV nstwrk (10 p... RT.
Tnt proiisjs. in .hickHarry
and Dinah sing in sired ,.b. IS has taped

; t' iji nine Ian'U a..., la a a few dare ago In Ns
tribute to the peace York. Dinah cant tatt
Corpa The show useHurry's from Holly mod to de the
original idea, shoe aa a courtesy to
I a' )
Hs'la a awbsr of Prsst- Bslafontt because ha
dent Johnson'a Ad,-- lives in Ns' York. Her

a ica soil Coastttss for the other progress this
/ Peers Corp and ha has Jeer have emoted fro

traveled at his on u- Lot Anitlta.
-4iPTh JiII: psnat to many lands In On I the lIou,-lon, show

this c. .dt,. sarttnt Shrtver psactCorva

-_ ......... 1 ....---,....... -,- .-.- ---.._ ... The TV proiraa to bt dlrtctor, *nakta a
PAMDANS ATTWD' HOMBOWWO At t so dim Ut recent ItJ.. *IIIC obatnrtnct.itibtraof prtaldant.Plortda AaM; and bUaa Ploranea Ballsy, assistant secretary and a PAW brief srptaranct.
clbba Junior Alvin AasocfatlA alerted officers during 'Ut ....uS loot *t- jrad In photo loft *. tnrln tousle Olbba guidance director looks on, vhllt A&M Octet Set Tie proira it a fast
rjt of actS.tt.. plaa orchids first firs ladies to register at the Hoer paced musical and it
ted from left art: Mrs. Mat. Mat, tr..u rer; Jopsph Mir toralat Hurts on
I SBlU.prtsldtnt and florid At* paduata; aad MM Dorothy D.rl.. crtUry, and oovlni. Use si Tine orchlda art till Mi....- Olodys Bryant and Dslorsa Little bath For Mack Show .ark a till first tau

ti rANU atudsnt. Btsndlai fro left: JMSS Brown atoond vie prtaldtnt; Florida of Plorlda AM; Miss Alberta llllana. ., Bsthunt-Cookaan: Cbllsia; Mlaa Constance BslafbnttbaatTsr shared
MM; Miss Bttty Raywsrd, assistant secretary; Hathanlal BtyltB, first vie Harris and Mral:' Joyce Plllyau of PAW TCXAHAflBDC-Tht Florida the tube with anotttr
A&M tnli ur.1 Q.al. octet stir His past vldm soptaranctt -

wU appear on Ut Ted have ttthsr
Presentations Highlight Session lupir Iiifs-Up SpikisB03TO1 New Trial Nets Mack Shot, ptbruary 28 bow on his own specials
IMS. The group won an or in f-contslnsd
: -(.NPI' )-Aasrtcan bllb map thespian John New Conviction audition to appear oaUt SHftsnts on other 11I0...
Tho..." who son' itdtla la the I960 sad 04 0> national televised Songs in .flwahllt, Chi

lyaplca announced that bt saa heavily indebted CIS shot In St. Pstsrs- lee Spanish BratlllsnPortucuvat
and employed only part-tlas. and was therefore The U."alPn.. Court'a burg rtcsntly.MMbsra Hindi Indo-
culttln track ooapstltlon to devote' bit tfforta decision in the Gideon of the onJtat ntstanTaialoi other

,f f } to "..mID. a llrtng.1' cats, which holds that a art: Herman Meade, blrl tongues are on the pro
Bald 'Thoaaa: suspect la entitled to tent, Bt. Amuatlna; ara which testifies music
'1 ban no ctolct. I can't afford to oontlnut." lets counsel In felon JMSB Spacer, barltpns.isat insplrtd by, discovered
cases, could bt rsipon-
palm peach; Harold in or indlitnout to asny
sable for addiai a tee Htndsraon bass, HaTanaMslTtn of the lido there U.$.
FMC lioas Trowel Payne. ort years to the 10-yeu : Abnty. baaa, Peace corps voluntssrs
sentence that saaiapossd
Kanford. Vernon falksr, art serving tortsy.
Tigers 117-79 upon a convicted robber ascend tear Miami) Ro. It la hh) foil t"a first
A criminal court jury
lend rlMlnt,asoond ten' TV snisiwsnt In some
deliberated only seven
or It. Autuatlnt; Chsr- tt...
r r; "f7 n. AWirSTISI-Honsooaloi sctlrttlss bald at Mo minutes before it found
lee II rat tenor,
rids nortaJ Colitis here Psb.4 sere an outatand* Johnny Lee Ranso 24. Complete Work
end first
lai auccsss, attraetlai Ut lariat number of a* guilt of robbing a tear Chsrlss foodard of DCthUT'NPII( .'yOu' to
f 41 lint la rscant yrrsIecordlag to John L. Jackson Myrtle ATS confectionery Qutncy.Mra never too old to learn,
secretary of PMC a Osnsral Aluanl Aaaocla* Of lea.Thl. as Mra Anna N. Psr rt son,
tloa.la ..................... rsactlvatsd a Rsbscra .. Ktssls a sterling titaplt la
asaoctatt professor
AWARD 1It1QU! -,A surprise festers of tat eloilaf banqutt of the Florida Btatt an avsalac Its'. ohaptsr would sponsor a total of all robbtrychsrisa shale and choir dtr c' proving,
male Cducatora laaodatioa Anaaal Music Cllnc bald at Florida AM Unlrtralty.Tallahaastt. Florida BtBorlal'a Lions Boatass for a "Mlaa I PMCAluanl' aialaat Ransom, tor at Florida MM Untterslty Till 11-yesr*old post
*aa Ut of .. ooattat, the Including the which raduatt art student IB
t ardlai aniravtd plaques to four b ra p bar side trluacbtd 111 to W our oat la Ut director
oatataodlii coBtrtbutloae to tat plaojiat. lansrtobt iced oa tat bt rtcoavicttd of the oldest living Iud
prau. ftslliaily diaplaylai their Ut Titers of Pain Col alas of the .In,.,..
Itft to Hint art; Osori x. Mill. BO ale director: MstUt. t. Ollbtrt Hllb lee, from Auruata. Oa. annual Aluwt ray In nay TuMttsy no* attsndlai ffsynt

.School, Jackaaoflllt oo-chalratn. ratA Cllalc Plamlaf Board sad prsaldrat* Top aoorara for Ut Uont .
elect of Ut aMoclatloa; I,.. Rtbteca t. Steals, choral male dlrtctor. laPAIV sere Aaos tilkss curb
Dtfartaant of Music aid prtaldant' of ttt Florid Stats Music Associ sties 3/ pouts and Chester
of Hlibtr MJ cat I on; .Lseard C. tovlt. asalatant professor, TUN DuparUsnt of resell vita M. Coach
Mule and Mra. Misdate T. .I.... '...oola. prMldsat. Pai'Ji. Ptmoa Marta rl Or1'd.

Tie bootcoslat rlctory

A&T Designated Omaha Selected As New Site Llon.'e.eeoe our Paint ttroatht record thus Ut ..

far to tight' gees won
Hit'l Teachers For National Negro library out of fifteen playtd.Avsrait SUER MARKET

ouatwr of petals
Elam Tesfiag Center -4-'I4t'1G1'ON.' D.C.-Ont of Ut major pwkllt library anted by Ut Lions per

oolltctloa of book oa Negro lift .d history II IMS ao* studs at 10) DPEHSUWIArATEDGWOOOAKOIlYE.BFlOM9A.M.ni7PM.]

ORCOSBORO. M.C.-* TCblltitbaa tilt aldttt till be tatabllabtd la Oul\&. Nt brack aUt HMtooalac acttvltlta
bt. dssif Jest by a grit fro* Delta UM Tb.ta, aatlocal tot cider say -! tb 5 SPECIALS GOOD THRU SUNDAY AT EDGEWOOD AND AVENUE B

sated aa a test cs ttr se's publle .,"Iee...eres.......ltitles.H............... coffee rtcsptloB, fol-
for adlalatarlBi thlIIaUuaS lo.td by a b.slees.s.ulos .
AMoac.et tf the atn.lt Ut irant and baa d FRESH
Tsacnsr 1taM' '- .r.* of tbt Alien WESTERN CENTER CUT
a CbllKttoa" ass.sale to .... tf'ry effort uftirtbtr
Bat loaaoa March zoo a"I. la _Atat tssoclatlaa, presided
a today
tipand Ut oil
Dr.Cbarlta I. """. Director our by 'r..U-.t JSPSSftoltk
by Dr. Qtraldlat) P. lactioH.
of Ttaefctr Mucatioa of jaekaoavtllt.Orsttaca .
epode aatltaal presldiet PORK
dire ..t..d
aaataactd today. of the lattrradal Deltas Appoint
by ntC *. Pvrysar .
College atalora prtpariai _,..'e group aad Prank pfsiy B.
to teach aadtsschsrs and sabers of tbsalitalatratlvt
C. 41 Los. director of Alleae looksIttiiIa7OM
applytai for the < Ua Library, .... < staff.
poaltloM la adMol ays I laat Joyce g .bert J. Lotstt director -
ems pretested. the or ROAST
tMB Mdi eco.r... or eriestloe's first Tooaa. toner ptrao alllrtctor of alsanl artl l- CHOPSLB.
tlta for the cll.eeervortee.stsLllsrest.
rialto UeuU'to> mare Ut tap.ct.4 of the '.11 ladtlpbla -
...... their acorta oa a.000 solve eollectles.The Departed tfMblle .
tat MatlOMl, TsacBtr toaaiaatloaa N1U. baa bees of awrw alaMt dimples.
aloif ltb ctrl resulted tics aaatd esecetlee dlrte stew tkt ttatt.Artloa .
tail r other credMtlalt Dtltallcsa ntaadn to tiles tr Ut ..* 25 *
to '1 I.ce bocks ty ,N.. tortf C lta Cuss tt u.mmm1 59
art hUh to ire Us tro,s sad Mt Urn oa a lat rradal pub'lit aoelatlta aisttlaf la* LB.
testa. The ttaataatlaaa abtlvta of tlbrsrtM"Mnat )I scrrt ct ercaalaatloa.AaaoMia claa>4 a ,Sed.. to raise

art prapartd aed a-telal Ut COM try. aaat of Ut ac* 110,000) by lay JO far -

atsrtd by CdaeatloBal ".. btpt trot these ,.1.taM t its aadt by Ut MUSIS' a mrrtatf .
T atla| tonics. ?riser library talltctlota sill Dr. ral4tat P. oo-. is Metal ,",., .
tot. ... Jtraty.Tat help .,met the lax ofadtrttaadlai tf Lot>> Merles aatloaalrsl la ad*tie*. It MS rs-
4sslcaallt* ., *f"ClDSh. > it of Delis $1.a solved that SM* alaaulFAHU's GIANT PACKAGE BALLARD
by tbtattrait
.. at a bit et.. AotrUaa child Vivta.Mlaa' .
ter far tattt ttaalta Totks' bad served
ire Efirollneol
adalt e. the piece
Moot .111 g/!. Iroo- "d Utvcreutrte. / la adaitalatratlft ,..
:.DenstecerI h w.; .autor aad dattrty a tIeeee is ,,11..1,..s' I Skows lacreas.TUoc..UUMUn. FAB FLOUR
**?.. aa tfftonutty toonstpsraUstrpsrfensact dgthsuStet.otppes city ...raa.tt alattIt

I Uat baaat ire lift of *]. aad before Uatatrattdbrt la*
M Ut SUM la a tl oat tin .B baataaatla
Ut ..
.ra aad cured .U..t tr.d
caadldattt U rot float the A tri.M ......'* that eltj.la for IN.-.. at PltrtdaMM
Ut OMBt/T wbt tie Ut soil D,. eo.. bar sat pttltlta.afet Paltartlty la .,.. CLB.PKG. *
'''ta.tI. Of. Bay** ...Ia.u die atll adalalattr u. 39
taU :
thug Otaba tlMlM. ..os r 41 a i tt a
tit ese-41, tttttttalot bad bta' ttlttttd aa a affair tf the ".000 report Itsatd at the 49
) a caaAOatt aay re.llteltaeinstl.. ....... rcaalaatlM aiUHI
clt.. tf ut stwad Irtester /-
tale the QBaa iMlaatlaat. Mdtriradtatt sad
ttrttt la the jrtjtctby railttratlta by
wfeltt iicliatttttt If. Inset tad as.... _..Un la UtCalt4 .
tieAwe .
I.4. .. The".. a,.
I* rnfttttMaltdacatlta of t,....... of utOoaba ttattt aad tttr* ttr tf adalialtaa sad If.ita Id SJ9 If Kftl I fid I. lb 1 ftt 5J9 .Iii. fpj hut
aad ...ral Petite library ... fro Ut aonrttyaba4 sorts.
.....11... aad tat ..r1h sod a atdt tf .iarltra valldlai at
rw| awMalty A total tf I, IS sts-
li Twtiklat Arts a.uisstlesl Itadtrt'aad or. 1114 I itratt. ..'.. 4 att ten r.|1st.r4 ttttt U. S. GOOD CLUB STEAK 11II "9

.1U err '...Wl.... Tie 01.... ..*..| ... Do C- close tf Ut ss<)Da4trlcatttp
...1...! ta itaJaattat ..!./ tf Ut arena lie attct4a varl rsilttratltaptrttd.

mtrau4la of Ut bd, MtrlbatM prtatly a/ta4aJt, fbntr tat.. .a., Jaattryl. U. S.J1 1 POTATOES 1 II. ML 55*
.."Ht vatttr? adU4 sr to Ut plaaatac.. abattattC u*. .reeter.r 01. u.b .
u.. Per ut SMSpsrltaV
attlltaMt Ut It wee atatclattlItt

art bt tty be 505112.4 IF..... ere ,rw.ttd **. la ftaaaalty II 1M4 aatlii, a total wary tfl McKENZIE( FRESH FROZEN CUT OtfRA( Ml U HI. 29t
it ,..ct:. ace,!des, taa.Actlvt .
cbtcb ftr
aatlavaiad ..f bad rsilattrtd.Of .

FAMUtutown ..S Piss A11reJereetoeke dJrttur of. lt<*l lo triaalaaUtM.icy Ut sIn milled UtsJ. 1404tUdsatt art LACE IATH ROOM TISSUE ASSORTED COLORS 4 mi '11. 19

Pad Bait 'Ha,a nets, aa Puss Tata baa hoes .. sad {1.111 VMM.
trtaoartr tf Pills4-

f.wLAiAlIII..CI'II'. Set the laltlal lavaH Ut lattall partAaatf ,U" a Pi Hit ptrvMaalAaattlatlt baardlai ttdsatt ta u.Ut....*.red... VITA-fOOD APPLE JELLY 2 n. inCAMPIEL 25

Caift UM 4tfMtltokalfbacb 1._ botks. psi steel sad It me.taretle total 1.4)4, lacladlafUUl

*f Ut Pi art 4. to the ...,.. Anttclttlaa M/ .. CO m .... A
AM. ealtaratt Bttltrtfa I' aat, Ira Ut Board BaAMstsat la PaWl.. of I.&M ...../i TOMATO JUICE 41 iz. enPH 29t
.tb&ll ,.... .1.... a .f U. CIa... Ptillt U. Seoul. Ut MtrlMti is lice la Ut city. Of
trvfttalMal ttatrMt Wary ba* p**..4a r... dies, ftr Pabllt 44lalatrattan. ttta. 101 .u.. as IIS.

Nil ta. trilC ........ latltt tu' >'...1., Itt ; Ike ...wi ..,... ib id .e. EVAPORATED MILK( 3 mi easPIliSIURY 43t
0....... ..... .C M. ortciatta to .t r- ralrtrtltAlkMl la-

ale M Prff the sloth 1M4 .o...atr aa4t tf .aa/o ad the 1re0tut-'ed".t"ta of< .11120 tatlM These a4"at"r1"tlU", .............--. or BAUARD BISCUITS 3 ens 2S*


'I-' ..'


J >:, ,t '.



,day ?

.._._....... ..- .. 1 -

Art Exhibit Intrigues Students Intercollegiate Cooperation
Peace Corps Placement Tests

--- I I Given 20 ASM Applicants Ty _- _

TALLAHASSEE--Peace Corps Placement Tests, adinlstered -
last week at Florida AaM University,
I were taken by 20 students under the direction of )

I a team of Peace Corps recruiters from the national
office. ...1.......I5"......... "

Students who took the Selection Washington,

test Included: Joel L. D.C.; Hoaenee Robinson,
Anderson, sophomore, Riviera desk officer for India
Beach; Huette A. Washington D.C. ; and

DuPont, senior, Tallahassee Miss Barbara Sboates, Division -
; Rosa L. Houston of Selection F

iI junior, Tallahassee; Washington D.C.Ebenezer 1
Rhoda L. Gammon Junior i
Tallahassee 1 ; Rosalind A. Host

Parlor, junior, Perry; To B-CC Chorale
Jesse L. Nipper, Junior i

THO p.u nNQS. valued at $500 neb were donated to the library of Olbbt junior Jacksonville; Adalphns L. Sunday, Feb. 14
College, St. Petersburg, recently. The paintings are of Abraham Lincoln and Jones, senior, Orlando; ACCHTT: ON auxin-A charitable project directed by Mrs. George f. Gore Jr.,
bit cabinet member, William Seward. Both were painted by Oilmen Rowe and donatedby John Mann Jr. senior The Cbncertchoraleof) wife of the president of Florida AfeM University Tallahassee, has resulted la a

Frank Parker of St. Petersburg, and him ton Prank Parker of Atlanta, da., Port Lauderdale; AlbertR. Bethune-Cookaan college noteworthy .uapltof1nttr-c.pu cooperation involving students on the Florida
In memory of their wife and ate .mother lira. Bessie orlscoa Parker. Taylor, sophomore which consists of ISail.d State University campus Norbert Martin of Ft. tsuderdale and Sharon M. Cunningham -

GJC students shown Inapectlni tie paintings are from left; Aaron Eubank, St.Augustine Miami; Robert D. Griffin' voices will appearat of Al.IUldrh, Va., FSU students, are khown' delivering to Mrs. Gore
senior,Titusvllle; Tooaaa Ebeneier M.thodl.tChurch several boxes of clothing from the Campus Cheer,
aa fSO campus-wide, student-
; Rufus Lewis St. Petersburg: Erie and Ruthie Adams, Orlando; Joann Williams Sunday February -
on ,
sophomore directed project for collecting Items of clothing to be
to the
needy For
Hiree, Taupe; Retina Sins,. Orlando; and Donald Harrla OaineeTllle. ,..
High Spring. 14,11:00: a ser
several months, Mrs. Gore has spearheaded the Tallahassee project which aia-
(Photo By Ernest]l I 1
Others Included: Ulysses vices.Tbe tales a Bargain Center at the corner of Georgia and McCoab Streets. The center
A. Harris, sophomore, 1M4-69 Idl ton of which Is particularly In need of clothing for aen, boys and small children has
20 Peruvian Teachers ScheduledFor Ferrer's VoiceTo jacksonvllleZelene; Boyd, thecboraleis, under the been instrumental in helping numerson underprivileged persons and families whose

Two Week Dade Tour Be Heard freshman, Panama City; direction of Thou D. belongings ban been destroyed by fires. Mrs uaydla Gaines assists Mrs. Gore
Thomas E. a member of the
McDougald Dempa.
I in keeping the center open
Twenty Peruvian teachers from many parts of the During Barry Play senior chlpley, Susie music faculty and a graduate -

country .111 arrive Wednesday (Peb. 10)) at 10:10: A.Spence, junior Gainesville of Bethune-Cookaaa
The voice of Jose Fer Florida Repsenlatives Invited Greater Bethel
p.m. for a two-veek tour of educational facilities ; Qisrlotte A. Lane, College and Columbia
...... rer will be heard In the
throughout Dade County senior AME Church
opening dialogue as the St. Petersburg; University. To Enter Miss Tan America ContestThe I
During the visit which Park Richard J.Albert, senior, The concert chorale's Sunday, Feb. 14 Is
God Poselden In Barry '
la sponsored by Miaul According to Dr. Hielma St. Petersburg; Ruth L. repertory Is wide and first nationally coordinated Negro Founders Day. It lathe
Dade Junior College, the Peters, who la coordinating College's draaa production Jackson junior, Orlando; varied, aiming compo Beauty Pageant is offered for the first time to birthday of the ftalatW ,
"Trojan 'oa en." Florida girls.HIas .....................
teachers to tour
plan arrangements for Marie Davis, junior, altlons froa the early Bishop Richard All I en.who .
such facilities as Miami. the teachers, the p,. Slater Miami; and Gene H. Brown. periods In music history Tan America of International chart As established the first
Shores FJement.grhool, runan. .111) attend class senior, Boca Raton to the contemporary. 'The 1955" will be selected sociation. Inc., 280 4let Ntt Church. .'
Miami Central High, the at the Junior Collegeand director of" the "Tro Members of the ten that collegiate group has become la Dallas, Texas, la A- Street Miami ...cb.: All The public Is Invited. !;
University ofMlaml and will take part in jan women, Mr. Perrer headed the recruitment outstanding in the prll. Representatives girls desiring entry The pastor la calling

Undsey Hopkins Vocational discussions with the recorded the dialogue project at PAMU were: Dr. singing folk songs and from all 50 States are blanks may request same a church: confer race for

School. teaching staff to fa- during his recent Miami Gregory Newton, dean of spirituals.The expected to compete for In writing, or by call- Tuesday night Feb. 10.,
In ho nor of their visit, .lllsrlzeth easel vee with performance of "A funny students, Maryland State chorale has concer- the coveted title and lag Ted Cohen executive at 8 p.a. Members ar...
Miami Commissioner Sidney instructional procedures thing Happened on The College, princess Anne, timed throughout the the prizes and opportunities director, at 5389740. urged to be present
Arnovltz will preside in this country. Way To The Po ru a." consultant: Sam Taylbr, State of Florida and the that accompany The public Is A valentine FasMonetta

at, a special wel.. .. During their visit to 4te."Trojan Rosen!' will Oxford 111&.., eivolunteer \ eastern seaboard of the it.Oooteetaots will compete invited to nominate will also) be presented_
mat I'Ceremony'art P..*.*' 'Greater Miami the pramentedM.vch'5OSand from Brazil; Miss 'I United States appearingIn la swla suits, e girls. 'Sunday.February 14.
7 in the college
Feb 16 at the Torch of teachers .111 also visit Cora IIooI11.ad.rev from Klelnhann Music Hall, venlng gowns aad talent P
ditorium at S:1S: P...
Friendship in Bayfront the Miami Sea-p arium. Ethiopia, Division of Buffalo, New Tort; Hancock pr..taUolIIbtiD'oon'Idertd -

Auditorium. Boston: for beeuty, talent
Carnegie Hall, New york; poise, grooming and A t./II"./ It, U'I, .,''t "ineM Mian"* t"Pe! I NAAh'

Tune WAME Home Of The World's the Waldorf Astoria Hotel personality.The .
Ne. York; and many competition to select featuring: ..
other places J of note including the Florida representative -
a number of colleges will I be held ED SULLIVAN
Champion Jockey March List at
and universities.The a public Televlilen'i Met Popular Pertensliry
aoloiatsof the chorale event la Bay front Park

are Kathleen Crock Auditorium in Miami. COUNT BASIE

ett, soprano, .senior Contestants must MU.R.
and hit Gut Band
Jackaoavllle; Vlnmleju.lln citizens between the

soprano, senior, MM of 17 and 27, sever Heading a List Famous Home Stars
Dade city Shirley Wallace been married sad reside
soprano junior or attend school: lathe SUHBAY, FEBRUARY 29th
state 1.00 le 100 P. M.
v lemliLoulse: Polke. contralto of Florida item
freshmen, Tampa; Top prizes for the nations MIAMI BEACH AUDITORIUM,

ti' r ,. James Jenkins, tenor ) doer laelede a Rtstrvtd SMtt S5.00; $3.75 Ctn. Adm. 2.75
senior, West Palm Beach; screen test recordiagcoatract .. <
'arren Clark, tenor aDd scholarships t: "' L" .. (!
ORDR ..._
aophomo re,pompano"Macs; while prises for MAIL .
INicky mod Wllllaa Ash ford. the state simmer la clad*
bass, sealer, Orlando. a trophy" wardrobe and This sxl sponsored as s community srv k ,lee TIe accompanists are gifts yet to be ...teI. Dr. jom ox 11IO"
Holder of World MdUnley: Oenwright. or- The. Btate-wide contestis

Broadcasting Record laslst, Junior. Jack being conducted by
Fred Henna 228Continuous Hours Rockii Rogers soavllle., and Service
Fabaloas Jewels
Hops, plaalst, freshan. -

i ., Al Carrolls WMBMPET
Available Ref the first
__ Over 1130,000.00 (SIt
time are loss playlagaoaanral MILK LUCKY CONTEST
record album million) la rare sea
stones dlaaosds and
Of the Concert Chorale WIN AN AM COWitKMiER
r aatlove pieces are oa
exhibit at Carrolls Jess
Amrtftiltn MTtii lens at Port Usdenxtle. FOR YOUR CHURCH!!

: Ntmpr this aoath.Oa COLLECT'PST P/liLK
.w view to the ._era!
Bob Terry vow say Aftmktt psblle Is ese of the LABELS AND SEND
most extensive co 1 lec
From 3:00: to 6:SO Tar.Mat
tine ef colered stoaeaWIOLI7 THEM TO WMBM WITH THE
P roa IAM I Downtown
Altonzo Hozell Studio Brother Riy NAME OF YOUR CHURCH

-ear .Mia.rrlsans. MOST LABELS
HEAR THESE Saw ."ru eoe ........
c.-. w er ra -- IMr II mk. WIN AN AIR CONDITIONER.
... .. am........ mess.e .
-- W.wen-w-mu' -mu-fI........ t

MtAO aaTf\lt


Oft Sawa
.... ...- r o "riIRTT'4t31M
.... h1/aArmm wrM-Naas



etm5T sea's11re1 -
rests ...... _
IewazTnaa '1"s "? '
,t Hear "Hot line" Nightly At 11 p.-; r ... ee.r M wr sise..a s.. FEBRUARY 21, 1965.
'r ule .....+.... .
WithArt Green *-* ... .. ......... =- : ..
= ... ..w'ut-
rte vow
a Nt .w PET MILK
=:.: A Saw err gww4an


-, '..
-- -- -

j".' t (( ) .- 1


Political PartyOrffflized Supervisors Complete Coarse Fight Continues Cong. Bennett ells For Pay B-CC Receives

At ; fi Against Biased As YOB Go Government Basis Study Grant

7s k Motion Picture DATTONA !$AC8-Or. Peter
I IWv. Of Fieri WASHINGTON.' D.C.--D. 8. .tC. Charlea !. Benowtt.oae P. Nulraead Acting Aa*
rOADItBYILLI Il.l.WZ of Jacksonville, told ai' way aunt be found ton aociata Coaa issloner,
"A Freedom t finance tie governaeat o> a pay aa you go basis, Bureau of Higher Education
Party haa been yi # NCI TOM"As the Ella or we fuel decide not to launch new progress cost of the DcpartaeBt of

to challenge the organised traditional ,w celebrate Industry praparad tie 80th aaaiveraary to. lag billlona of dollar.'>'*......*................. Health, Education, aadWelfare

tao-portl frderaitl Bennatt. a 10.7rarteteran tlco prograas which I laforaed Dr. ftl*
bloc M of the releaseof *of tae House rdreriot think are good bat tbat chard Y. Moore, prealdeat
ayetea at thepredominantly
the ootorloua antis
k, A, a aeaber of the wa art not prereotl7prepared of thuae-Cookaaa Col
Dal 'Negro file Tha Birth Aned ServlceaCoaoittea. to finance,"
powerful tote that an initial al*
veralty of
Florida which of a ".Uo.," tie National
ode tie toes Bennett alto pointed lotaeatof $ .0'75 had boar
la knovn aa tha tralnlag .,, Association fur aeata after.studying tb.r..d..t'bld.t out that budget deflclta Bade available to ba ntlllied -
ground for. Florida poll j 'S.A5 Abe Advancement of Col for tact be covered by bor- In astabllahlni
i ored People Issued call fiscal year 1460. roflag Boney, aad that the college workstudyprograa
freedom party will for renewal of tie As
tee budget calla for borrowing ereataa tha under tha authorl
Beak to
nplaca and atatudeat -
sociation's loaf fight eipeadltures of .U!7blllloa national debt which la ty of title t-C of tie
governaent poll v against tilt motion la. 1181. while, now ISIS billion Econoalc Opportunity Act.
tleiaaa aa w.tberr
Oeorca -
ri picture. receipts art aipected to I
with paraoaa la taaa The call followed adoption 1
with reality and aodernaaada. of a resolutloa by bet/./ billion Thia r ____ .h..1.?! "r.. _
." rata Judy tens SOCCE9Erau.T: CLIKAXID Covering aspecta la axfclalstratlve auperrlalon, raapoeaiblllty the eiecutive oooaltteeof teeter a budget deficit ;
stator Vlca-praaldeat aad parforaaoce requiring acre than 30-boura of claaarooa wolla the Aaaodatloa'a Mew of $9.3 billlon.thealxth ,
of aalaeaTlllt COKE, addition: to departaeatal on-iLFlol traiala,. the five (ahowj above) Uatrict tort State orgaalaatloa consecutive year,
Assistant Managtra of Central Ufa Insurance 0. completed including both Mpubllcan
hlch aloat with the >> their riot C&eclalSuperviaory warning that ,.irwe of
Stadeat Group for Equal Training School couraea reeentl,. Agency Director Aloaao Gary Jr. Birth of a Nation' and Deaocratlc Presidents i,
tight. helped to for. headed tin Instruction. Participate ahovi tnm left are: A.C. Peteraoa. Jack- would be vigorously tips the country will ,
tie party. 'tf tie fiva eon Til la; 8.E. Counts Sr.. Orlando; Alonao Gary Jr., hoae otrice, Augusta, Oa.; posed la the mate aadproposing have a budget deficit. ri
top caadldataa. thraa A.E. Aahwood. Jack ton fill e; and Edward retell Bredentoo. eiteoaion Unless I later becoae '

have teen. to jail for tie country. personally convinced
civil rUhta aetlritlaa. NAACP Offkers HiodiciDDed ... But An AD! Puoili of the caapalga agaiast that finance flit Is the way to I '
our goveraaeatwithout
tie caadidata for prtal "
public shoeing of the
deat la toner COKE flacal bank
Get Posts flla.
City ; ruptcy, I Intend to vote h
roliateer la Suwaaeeeoaaty I Sirth of a Nation,"
tad tie flees SAVANNAH. Oa. ..Severaloffloera ,,.. produced by D. .. Griffith agalaat any adalnlatraA&M t

praaldeatlal candidate of the local bad ita world pre-
la ore of tha! original breach of the National ,$ mere la Los Angelaa, Receives

tort Negro atadeata who Association for the Advaaceaeat ,.. Peb. 0. III' The In*
deaegrecatad tha unlveraity. of Colored dustry'aploaeerdraaatieeitravagenaa. S 96,435 In GraAlstAttANAatctratloaal
People dote been ..,pol.ted the pro c
The platform includes recently to prominent .. duct loo baa been credited
fall freedoa or apeech. potttloaa la tie city with starting anew tread Science graata la tin a-

a baa oa ualversltylapoaed administration.ra. ,,+ j la flla asking. It waa aouat of $96,435 have
double jeopardy Either Garrison, also aa 1 sport ant factor been awarded to two 11on
for atadeata arrested laelrll branch aecretary. haabeea k la the revival of tin da AAM. University profeuors -
richta activities. appolated to tie Ka Kins IIan. for 165 suaaer
racraltaeat of Negro Board of Education. Curtla The up-oo.lal February Institutes.

athlatea, noadleerlalaatory Cooper, chairaaa of 1'r issue of the Crisis, the Dr Israel R. Glover KEN KNIGHT(
tartlet of ata the labor and ladiatry ..
NAA7 aonthly or, revle profeseor and head of tAeDgartaatotY.tb.title
dealt oa and oft campus.aad co..the and Mrs. Mercedes .s the Association'slong
Invrtes You To Listen To-
high retool atadeata oa to tha AetlPovertyAathorlty. 1 shoeing of tilt controversial froa NEP. one in the aaouat IIG lAND
tha aaa bait whites. Bra. trlgbt, f.... of 121,970 for support
Jadsoa active la the Savannahboycotta oto/erond.ry Bel
Negroes haa worked PRETTT OOHtfUA. T, hr11a1toa, D.C., pair her ** progrsai.Dr. eneeTrainUg "DANCE PARTY"Niiltlj
i Pretest StoefegX with tie NAACP aa a regular check-up vialt to Dr. Gertrude U areas Tae first eleven oonths
of 1"4 siecigar ante Clarence B. Oeeaa,
special field worker laJacfcaoa. ley chief aedlcal officer. Handicapped and Crip -
( IS Year OW lisa. Detroit plod Children's Service at District of Coluabla at the sll-tlae high profeasor of agriculture, 11:38: 'III I2.0Silir.iy :
JAtxeON, 111...-A dele* General voluaie<<) of ... billion has beea swarded a f//,IMO
Mich. and other places Hospital. Although Cornelia must wear
poor of eight headed .... L.B. Stall loafs aetal prosthetla device oa right ore and haa in* units. The' final matha grant tor support of ,.1. Mil 12 ,...
by Baa Bailey, prealdm-t flee ...,.r of tie complete left an. aba. aicela la peaaaaahlp. and sales, when tabulated. ....1' Institute la BarthScleacs
of the local breach of branch'a eiecatlve aces la la top third of her cJ .... Ooatrlbutloaa to will push tie figure tor Secondary 1400 WRHC 1400SPECIALS
tie MACP.Charlea Inn .IU.., charch work ooaittaa March of Dle-e flaanee wore Uaa 90 treatment tied above tha t blllloaeart. School Taraera.. -
NAACP field director .
cbalraaa and research centers across the nation for lafaata
and leadiag aialatara other officer, waa appointed tied chlldrea with aerioua birth defects like Cor
act with Boward ETaaa.tha .
lull.' .
to tie Transit
Miada CMaty Chief 1
Authority. ,
Deputy Bhrl ft. daem- Also aaaed ta tie Board Judge Goes On Trill /
day, January 37. to pro of Edacatloa nor tae- J' r
teat tie maatoa kill lag fence Perry, a aeaber. SAN JOSE, Calif.- af aa lByaarld Negro.Olllaf. of the Irud.lnrldwt 41, tie first Negro Jurist la Santa
Bhelky.Bhalhy. af tM Savea- Clara County, eeat on trial here last eeeh with '

arrested prl* tot. Breach la ..I. U. two white asa charged eth ooMlttlag arena sadeoasptrlag GOOD
day, Jmnary 22. .aa fa* who la also a aeaber aftha to obstruct Justice and con*It arena.
tally allot coil la cue National NAACP Board. D.vuty District Uty. Villlaa Moffntn hinted the RIGHTf'RIHRVID; THROUGH SATURDAY
fob of tha aherlffadepatlaa. **.* trial oat last aa long aa .four to sit ...k."
fvera dla* Darlag tin waraf lilt ADd con tale. "spicy testtaoay regarding events C
cloaed that a aathala* skilled Negra. alaveawere hlca, led the Judge to allegedly arrange to have
glit la will lag to tea freed to eaatala Ito two co.eI.h"d..ta..I..ta 'Ichhola. 40, aadLarry
tiff that hi a aiaalaa* AaeriOUattleollr ........ )tbura a dilapidated tkre-rooa
tie ravaalad tho ties agalaat tha Brltlah. calla oa his tv-scrw ranch ...r.t, ........ 'a"' .
tla had aaf farad a beat After the war. ... weraretsraed The araoa ess to eaabla kla to collect 12.000
lag prior to tha ahoot* ta alavery al* Insurance.professing.
lag aad had powder tear thoagh peraaaeat free his laaoceace af the chr.... Judge
oa the fcrwhemd doe had seem promised. Hardeaaa se*.., coafMeat of acquittal. SUGAR


Sin lipilrlif> C. SIZE

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, Is hr title NM cave N INN t twree.e /

lislusiI4S 1 W"M 1111

; Some peoplestick flHlll HE. null dt MNI

a label on II mm Ira T lilra& VEGETOLESHORTENING

i, art4fs UaeU

their diet cola 11IAII CHIIE1 IIII

till ew*.r .fI Ulrlaltto .. .
M elaetve a* f* .... .. .. Vii (upPerk
aej e ee> e.lt

\\ el bMe.tra.. aor *w w tIt I* IS* 49 C I I ....

hJBOtM ft* Irk
stake name lll ... ,.t off, Itetare 8 x UJ $1,
w .....,.1 _tM.

.......... ... ..u s.*.
111)11 fill Cit lH4 Ir
.... tersMvet eetleg.evrllM .
on ours. QUAKE( GRITS
e* elnldtwle/
Um.enUlx U.celt eft
STEAK ,89t hid Ir li.iltrlifilif
fee eaa ewer ../ trot 29
Y .. ...
heir a* ell r h *- ,
5 t UIritiil .
ire N AMMUe.. tl.rrw = ( filii'

., tLItLtcarraera
a ,.. IMill C.ittROAST run cuParkClwaf

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toca wet rrmru* fl1II

...--... ...,... :.2ge 45< *
CaffTMSJ; fee aee N rest" ed
A: }r U.l. CelBM ...... t/ ...

r few B..lwaWM ae earrle

.. pN 12.M ptee illcr III SUy.M liHUf is. tl/ PHIsiiif lalltl'APPLES
.__Jt i Mreol 11MItIIE

PMAINnj ::' 39 Tlal'f' MS*

00 Gap Ml bt. fK I 8 1 in 49'

. .-" j
'.0.- ... .. "" ..ww..ww.........-.. rw..ww.w..ww-..

.. ...
I V :

, i! PAGE 1'r; I flORIDA STAR: PAPERS, t ., ( SATURDAY FEBRUARY 13. 198j I

Foreion Student Welcomed, Gray.. Nets 1,000, Publishers Hear Former Governor
'N ** *M et ori > *
t. ray Teen Talk I
Leads M.6..Panthers

?'>; *h. I .. Over Howard High

1I,1, ns. Defending a 13-0 season

With a hearty "hi" and awlngln' 'tello," I bid record, the Panthers of
you pleasant greetings. -Matthew Gilbert oat-

t Want to bear sons rockln' limericks? pointed Howard High r
i Dear Jill: What to do??? School of Deal 108-60 +' 4

I I teased all the boys that I knew I played hard Tuesday night U the accurate -

to get with all that I met. Now I'a single and shooting am of

,ae,en t-two. Alexle Gray ran hit career

A letter which came in the nail made mau y turn point total put

very pale. "Hello Eany dear wish you were h R f the I.orAJ mart '

.." it was postmarked: Duluth County Jail. Gilbert led Ocala at iw-: ,,x.

An eighth grader purchased sows -ho... They were each stop taking a 55-

lovely, the color of Rose. But the night of the 26 lead at the half and k.W...

hop she heard something Popl! And they slipped ... 7 I Ii dominating the entire

put her knees to her toes. .- ball game behind floe

Sis wished to look thoroughly stunning, and thoughta i 'fi'r varsity play by Melvin RELAXED CHAT -: Prank Stanley Sr.. president of

bouffant would bs cunning. But her date arrived ... J."'.". l'f' Jones (20) George the National Negro Publishers Association chat

early saw her hair burly-burly) and the fright WELCOME Among tae foreign student metrldilating at fcUMiU eaters College Johnson (22). Anthony and enjoys a good cigar with former Florida Governor

that he got sent him running! for tile second semester la Tontine Bert ami fro. Ethiopia.. Is a sophomore and Grahu' (14) and Gray, Leroy Collins and presently Director of toe

This la really a mad, Bad world Isn't It??? last year attended Buffalo University! Buffalo ".T. Tohanes Is Majoring In who led the panthers 0.8. commerce Community Relations Service during

Since many of you nave responded to Horrible-- history and social science at the College. He Is show here being welcomed by a with 26 point the Publishers' midwinter workshop recently'held

scope'(not Horoscope but Horiiblescopeunphas) student committee of the o>JJe,.. They: are fro. left: Marvin Grant vice president Benjamin Gadaon led the la St. Louis.

i"JTTSI was saying your response was terrific of the Student Council; Sylvia Hart senior social science student; Frederick losers with 27 points The Governor who also heeded the National Assoclatlon -

,n"'" (even though you want to hear Harper president of the student CouncilBerhanu Brenda Orissett ''M'" There was an attempt of Radio Broadcasters was guest speaker

l..a \yours), sol: here you ere: Nov. 23 to Etc" and Major May, editor of the year book to freeze Gilbert out ofa before a record workshop' audience.

.Dec. 21- IS.dttariusIf- -YOU ara'iniulted centuf1.cor1n..rk. (Pboto by Vim mason)

today and slapped on the cheek; Success In bat the oray-johnson
.i turn the other chedt.If you are slap- Art Exhibit On combination netted a 31-

pad on the other cheek turn lad runt) point scoring attack In Joe Louis Enters
Display At Fla. A&M Credited To Coachs' DedicationEditor's
ROBIN July 24 to August 23 (Leo) Excellent the final quarter. Johnson -

day for trip abroad Ply Honolulu Boreno TAILAHAS8EE-The Florida Note: This le tile second and final of two etc also led a third

Jamaica. Exotic thrills await you. If budget will AtM University Art Faculty rles on tie startling sports success of Oraabllag College quarter offense netting North South Tourney
not allow a trip abroad go to the movies end see Exhibition will be Uofhls total 22points.The .
written by Fred Poy for the Boston Dally 7Tar ?"- 1Former
travelogue, if budget will not allow movies, commit shown In the CarnegieArt Boston Mi. Poy said "Crubllsi is taralag outstanding season heavyweight Jackie Robinson and

aul cH.. Who need youf;Feb 20 to March 20 Center Gallery on out sd sany major league ports stars that future( reunions play' of the Panthers Champion, Joe Louis Is in alnger Joe Williams are

(Places) wise upl! If you think ,you're gonna lean the FAMU caApue February till look like a bill of face gathering." To- with vita supporting Miami to compete in the among the celebrities

sueptlhin'from this horrlblescope; )'ou' r. outs your 7 through February 2'0. day e story deals with the draaatla reasons behind tke roles from Lawrence 12th annual North-South scheduled to pI.,.

minds III l l 4, Opening of the show was school's sthletle greatness. Ni IDn, Wllllsn Waddell I. Golf Tournament it Miami

'lubl,1I! Watching Television A Lot Can Lower Tour held Sunday February 7, Kills Jones and Otis ,.1.. Springs. Feb.17-21.: Stets Post Fir Ei-CifiT

X.Q. from 3 to 9 P...' By, PRD POT ton, practically makes Joe Is the defending

Watching TV can't ruin your brain or do anything Florida Mil University Boston Travler Sports! writer, that a sure bet for conference amateur champion. He RXXPORD. Ill.--MP-(

drastic but it can limit your imagination Department of Art faculty honors. also will be a guest contestant Word baa been received
members whose works BOSTON, lIulI. (Sp.clal ) The Implausible Is rou here from Iowa that ftol-
thO.1OU think I'n mad do I In the 25th
(so ) even though I annual
.do wonder. about myself sometlses.,8o check with will be included In the tine when It coses to sports st' Grabbling college Willie McCovey Takes I National Baseball den Gentry 27 former

this show are: Arthur Berry, of Louiilana. Here's how. star Rockford Meet 1934
crag teen, next week .. .......... Players Tournament at
rlNO'II"N' I oils and sculpture; Leon ly..have.....been.. attracted 10,000 Pay Cut the same course Feb. Illinois State High
'' Hicks, synthetic medls. Football is practiced School basketball champion
from California and some SAN FRANCISCO" (NPtillle !)-- :a$-28.
rizirro IB at four In the morningin recently.
lop Form was appointed
'' from rth-couth tournament
Gridsters Hear Grittier Cite' football players "stretch" Me-
BAN JUAN Puerto Rico. early September toescape director Richard 0archeramounted a special assistant
aa far north as New Covey the possible key
(NPI)-The Chicago "white lOO-degree heat that the event to lows stat.Atta.n. .
Virtues Of Football Program and insufferable hu- yon to the Giants' IIU national Lawrence
81s recently got news
Eddie Robinson is the would be made up of 19
.141t,. league pennant ,
that Juan Plzarro their TALLAHASSEE-Ernie Hart senior Quarterback from flights Including the Scallae
football coach at Or ambling. -
The hopes, accepts a 110,000
ace leftle was in good Mini who" piloted Florida AIM University to a 9-1 college,prealdent In 22 seasons be cut In signing his women and seniors plusa Gentry, a graduate of
of the past 30
in of
shape, after Juan hurled lust years the University lots
record year, received the Sportsman of the record of division for the pros.
has a career contract for the coming
a three-bit shutout for award the annual Rattler Football Banquet also baseball coach of. holes where he also starred In
Year Matcb-ply for 34
a 4-0 victory for San- here last week. .... .......... ..t** the put 37 ,...fl.1Ie'tootbalJ 147 wins, 59 losses, and season at a figure reported will comprise the com basketball, was asalgned
10 ties. He has had two to be "close to
turce over Mayaguez in lucrative pro pact with coach of to social welfare and
It was the second year undefeated seasons petition
the Puerto Rican winter the Dallas Cowboys. 22 years la famed for 190.000. include public last ructions,
In a row that the lanky while producing one major McCovey collected $40. Early entrants see as
Nares Inciting both enthusiasm
League baseball championship a Jacksonvillenative
Hi am Ian got, the award and following bordering and 29 small college 000 last year, after top amateur aad pro Negro soldiers figntlngIntbeTenUi

playoffs The was by J.
annually given by the on the fsntlcaf. all-Americana, and 24 tying Hank Aaron for the feaaional golfers from Legion under
victory gave Santurce a Lewis Hall Jr. of the
of the
Tallahassee Quarterback professional a tare.Jhen hour crown with 44 in all Julies Caesar took part
All tickets for home
2-0 had In the series quarterback Club for
Club his "aple41d.cblni. basketball games in the there Is that an- 1983; but slipped to IS country in the in..tooofBrttoa

*** j Also among those receiving cents in athletics." 4. 300 capacity gym can believable baseball homers and 54 runs battedIn Baseball Hall of Fmmer in 49 L Co
recognition was coach. Hla name Is almost riille nursing various
Other honors handed out be sold out each year I
According to the Cigar Robert Hayea, the Olympic enough to describe crippling Injuries
at the,banojet Included: before the .uoa bpns.The
Initltutf, ,of .America, gold medal winner who school's'' hlm-Ralph Waldo Mermen Since the close of the
Eugene Thomas Akron 110pleceis
wort ,
aaem are sc
held down a halfback
Jones. baseball season, the
openly than everbetbre. Ohio, Back of the year; something out of
slot on the Rattler eLeven Johnny Ho'laes. Savannah Disneyland with Jitterbugging Thirty seven years sgo power-hitting left
and has signed a when" Jones became baseball hander baa received
Oa.Lineman of the Tear, marching! up to
300 steps per minute. coach 0rambling treatment for. bone I
Major Hazelton Bartov
aa colleges go, was bruise on his left b.el.IYU" ,
otograph, With A Style" Rookie of the Year Char- Grabbling officially
lea Button Jackson eo.Deteaaaa stall] col very' much of a nothing.The bigger shoes)

villa Defensive Played legs yet last fall its school was founded 'IUU.' shoes were
way back In 1904 by too tight last "
of the Year; WillieTbo.uTho.uvill. football team was the year,
bl..t"ph1.lcall the late Charles P. Adam said H.nan Pranks, thee
Is, Oa., In '
and the nation averaging a, a robuat pioneer field manager, "and I Alt n. Ml: A temmjsriiee sy sear
Lmmpkla St.
avi-pounda per sea of "Negro education dispatched his feet hurt hla Met she weeks .M bath Mopes
Alban N.Y. Bnakepit
Theee ere Just to the almost of the tlae." JUlY WEST: Cm ttm*
A.rdland; Eugene Hayes, some of
non-eilatent hamlet of mf leaks ts Pre toaaettslectjl
the Praaka, who replaced
Plant City,the Woolworth reasons why Grub-
Award fpr scholarship ling which gave its Grambl Ing by Booker T. deposed Alvls Dark fryerl Oe:

Featured speaker on the first bleb.lord"re.. Washington' founder of 'tabbed the 27-year-old r- tmuui ctumi cnsts

program was Coach Clarence just ia years liD.h now famed Tuakegee Institute Mccovey U "strong Insurance r Oa the read with ROUT I J8U

Montgomery of Tallehassee's known unofficially aa of Alabama." for a Giant pen Y. /A.nmn HltaCAJtfr
the Adams had 34 years of nant la '65. and dispelled
Lincoln High biggest
,a.* ...-ru.t_.
wf;MM i MS are
One Stop Shopping For All Also among the speakers little college. problems In 1934.:' He waasucceeded any talk of trade "f.,..,.........M....... ...,.._W Maly to e"rawaMl
as college
with the at at eaeot: "Ican't
was Hayes, who told They are some of the
Your Photographic NeedsEMERSON'S of his experiences at whys behind Grasbllsg's president by the baseball taiak of a alagltaanagerwnowouldn't Mt QDflDT I *t1m MisUtMi

the Tokyo Olympics, and maaa production of great coach,L..L"Jones., want orUnl rift sMits MQWMUU

PHOTO SUPPLY AIM Athletic Directorand athletee of all sport Oraabltng at that time 1ICQ>>''1' big bat in taellseup

Head Football Coach that production aa out. was a Junior college and I'm no different .

Jake Oaither. lined her.lutweekin with only 120 students fron the rest of

1817 N. MYRTLE AVE. eluded 24' regular la 17 faculty members and .."
aaaaal state appropriations McCovey'e aigalag puts wt
Fl.OOIlEAutr.np pro' football 14 of
(Opn Siiiiji, If Appilitniits) them still active, five totalling' only San Praaetsco'a ".!.
Schedule beauty troetnonta 134.000.Orambllag. three" la the feld
currently on all-pro ; + ,
for Tnr hardwood floor at eoitcltnttoiikly today Is a 'k '
Phut 354-3212 squads three superstar flllle Mays Wt : .
a* yodo for your playerswho
rompteatma.h have performed in fully-accredited college and iret basemsa OrleadoCwpeda
with 3.394 students, a algaeearlier for
I the aatleaal basketball) ,
faculty and staff of r cC
1103,000 and 130,000
association 14. signedto
over 400. aaaaal state reject Ively.IITJ .
major league ,-...ballboaa.ea
appropriations over 13-
totaling $273
I million, aad a physicalplest' IIIHITil
000; trackmen who Include
of U permanent 1
a current Olympic .
hn CislSiDiil
bull dings asdstrmctsresvalsed 4
gold medalist and too
at $24-milloa.Orambllsg .
All other
sets of world ckaapions.
tarns had

Canadian whiskies SeagramsV.0.are Orambllsg.. short two presidents la Its Us

docs for you what has perbepeprodec.daoreprofeatoeals 3-year .1.to"Ad..

defeated at no other whisky can. and standout the fMader aad James tae mill STII

Waterloo! It defines smooth! stars of all sport bulld 4

once and for all. than any other college TOM Don't M... To Oo To Tom lo Get k 'r

(Home of Seagram,VO) in the nation -. certainly

lighOfcounc.\ college mere than nay other LOW PRICES

Seagram's\ h Most of all of the ate- '. n. Yo.r

Canadian\\J dents sad athlete are : Tic LD{st "Mil's K.ir Styles

Louisiana sativee, bat i DRUG STORE NEEDS

aa Hag the athletic school's fame start-has I' ii\ Trade WIP Tar ..tlPM oo4 nI pier Are Taught At The

1E WILL vest *rc
Increased. has the "
DeI1..r. ales till all !eUr''$ Preecriptias.
of athletes fro ;
1 w other abates, Jacksonvillelarbtr

4 "Two pollosGpale are : Dixie Pharmacy
says CollieJ.

Nlcaoiaoa...ter"'II.CrublUa 1312 lists inl at Until, a..... Colkft lie.63O .

reUtloaa, 41 teeter."fttteej Pluts tills 5SJ7-H
ereems lac-
A ..... 'Aac'goeeTVoeagaUletee DAVIS STREET

grMaeym-L.ep!< 7MwMapl 4N1r.M..W ei7a.eir.llt like to be with ti PIT TKl UMI. WITH AHiiiu itLE111It

a.otter....tractmem.. Several rwceat-sf oar u en sine latlsa.Tilts. naliJ


----- -- -- -------- -

- -"I -';- ,' -, i' .ij ;lJ' ..t'l I' JH"'I'IftN' tI" "
I "I; # 1 \ \ \ 'J
'n .. .. ,,, :::).i1' .,. '\, "",' ::1',,. .j!,:$ _. ,., IJ''! ,. "\'\ d ) i'


I mrammn Ernie Hart Gets xP.Cnnn"ime PALE

___ rS' Ton Sportsman Award I
Wildcat Clears Rattler Board -- -- -.-. -

!""' -n Eyes Jix Tourney Irewa
LUJP CtAris' SplItAlilast Rated

x SPORTING 2 t 'T., GeIf.r'

nowMJAMIThe 0".1.11 S 0AQNfn. Calif." iOE HOCXET Falling la Gateway CltyrTT r A noted teat Coast sports
The jackeoavUle Rockets, battling to aavt their Olbbe Junior i coluinlst has labeled
4 I. d, face la the confusion of morale and ability art College bras won oao t Y I I9dyear-old pete Brow
caught between potential and determination. _sad lost oae on a recant as the "first tr ly
Ibis la a sudden realization that 111 come to 11.1 trip that eats- lifted Negro golfer "
any ardent sports fan who stops to make a fair and bushed athletic relationship rating his SQbstsatlally
careful observation of the Rockets' ; over<
put en counter for the th.tu. Cher1U -
.. with the all white I 81 f ford, tint Negroto
Jacksonville was Introduced to the fast-soefsg Pnlveralty of Miami 1111pitch crash tilt big moaey
game of lee hockey juat a abort time ago leaving >> team and the Integrated tournaments.Oakland .
very little expectation of anything Mlaal-Dade Tribute col am-
orId startling or earth .!laUD,. A Junior College Falcone list Bay Haytood said:
great percentage of the persons1.1 The Cobraa of Olbba defeated '*rown Is t btttsr (lid
though tactful la aaaner and stoat rI! the Mlaal Die longer) driver Just as
at heart, la green and without the patch 93-TJ la a highly straight equal with the
seasoning of tlae and experience. ) exciting game played ia.Miami lens aodabctter putter
This constitutes a very pertinent Beach a Convention under preasare" than
factor la their downward plunge. PON WIT Hall. They took a 101-J 81 f fo rd.
4 / Though the present situation la sad enough without drubbing fro* the Miami
di 5a the stimulation of excuses and explanation, Dade Jc Falcone IB a Witch This Clowa1i10
tbe Rockets should be supported fully and with contest played IB the
tbe element of discern. JFK Health Center oa /
Vail ), when a ae. sport la brought; Into an area, Ml...-Dad.' a campus.Key .
u old teaa la presented aaelertand nee a.... man la both the MI/MI/ -rrofeasloaal golfer: Cliff Brow, formerly IC ZI IeI
4 Perbaps this la what the Jacksonville are expect inning and losing eaaae of Cleveland not pi ay lot out of !Nashville, was la
r ed when the Rockets made their debut. Perhaps the/ eat Olbba' little sin. slut sharpening his sums recently before tearing I
expected the control and organisation a team that Jasper Hunter. to play la five events on the Caribbean Toureaaent 3 I
baa graced the sporting world with' their daullng Hunter at a., la tbebortaat Tour groan, one of six Negro POA approved
CArL PULLCT..V9" center fur Ue Bethuno-Cbokman ability and knack for winning. nan OB tbe touring pro,. ill) play la Pan.... Bogota, Caracas 5 t 4
11 deals clears the board of the Florida AM Hat It' email wonder why there la disappointment. Cobra team, but ha more Maracalbo and Puerto Rico before returning to tbe
tier In a gate at ftaytona Beaca'' recently to spark' After losing 21 out of 22 games (tying one), tbe than nada up for his stage to eater the J.ckaonllh open March ||* 51 3C II
an 84-68 victory. Looking on In llefenselesa wonder Jacksonville Rockets were confronted with the ul. height by hitting for 75 I 21. He left the POA circuit last June after flalahlag -
Is a !Rattler ea,.. The victory Live the wildcats tlmatumproduce or deduce..when a local television points la the two ..... fourth behind Gary player la the Indianapolis 121 7S 24
u 1.0 conference ,M. .J ststloa Hunter ueietlmee HO's upSometimes
ret Beat the game into the homes ofheists sparked the 500" Festival where be Injured .
thou..cSa. 1111. COtIlillla.r.n-- --- he.pt.___ _........_......., '."._. .WI...._ Cobras to the 13-71 tictort' ( Hews a Photo hand.MiamiMetro He' a Rowa
) H. .AA.. ...\.. .... ..
bit It
proved to be .
SBHS To Ploy CIAA Schedules advantageous aa char over the University """
glag skaters fro Greensboro of Miami He works it Iii around.ODML10 .
fell before the Pocket << team by scoring
La. Dodgers Tourney Admission ft-3. 37 points. The less, Edward Waters' Tigers Cop ATnV7Irt
There can cause to rejoice and It was easily noted coaprlsed of fresbaeaaad 21-3I-11
Here April 8 Ticket Sales as the estimated 4,000 fans went lao the familiar oopnomoree who hive 2 Wins To Raise Staadlag .....................
caoJIS8JJIO. N.C.-Tit*. ritual that aecoapaalea a jubilant vic. been redskirted.could
The pennantwinningJacksosvllle ets for the 30th Annual to 1'). 'n't stop Ruater aa he The Rdward liters College nit,. took advantageof Man's Days

SUBS, a CIAA Basketball Tournament : The Roehta' p.to".et that Sunday proved, without soared on II field goals the put weekend to raise Its conference stand Arc
fan club for the National to be played hereat a doubt, that they really have poteatlal. and 1 free throe.KOvard log by winning ten gwea. 'They took ano"' .CJI..* Numbered
Baseball champion tke Oreenaboro Coll* There was pressure and It should be clearly pointed Leggett and H.,- er from Savannah" State College la Ravann ah.Satur .. anB Days acre Nu**
st.Louls Cardinals saw', Thursday, Friday out that there was a tremendous fear ia back of cubes Roberta, both day alght February I. by the score of 13-71. after \>>'"''' ."..1''' aadFor-
will play tile Loa AD..- aad &atard.,, February I tbe aiads of each tea* member that d..dtalc' Mlaal prep stars also defeating a stubborn bunch of Palae College TI..,.. tune Cu Re Tours Wien
lea Dodgers here April 39, 24 and 2T. wemt oa that afternoon.Telloea scored la the doablefUuree at bone, Friday night .,.", 'The ftavannah State you Knot Taut Lacky
.. according to a press sale this wetk.Or. ee either produce or lee hockey tirulaed agslast the Mlaal College game proved the metal) of the purple and pays Lucky Colors Kte.
release by Sun illlaa here nl A Tlffftr II tll*, kft.l *A fr\i. .,... ...
officials. M toll, la Jack son villa. "This game la beta Dispatch, Each got 12 Ana* -- k---.._- *-A --*- end I3.M fur
athletic dlr.ctor .t televised." polite.flibba. the victory. ...c................. your
nudle for
In conjunction to this _T College, and chairaaa Jacksoavine's<<: ayabo) ef a rugged sitter sport built up a gl-40 "Clavaiuiah led) 48 to 34, take on Vborheea College 7pYM1APY
major attraction, thb ef the CIAA "Basket ...t oa to wia and won without the fumble-bum tie tint half lead and were at thekal and Increased Tigers tedneeday at D)"n* Fill In tbe blank below
New fork Yankees will ball Tournament Cosslttee of oreeasboro'a mistakes. For OUt IB a loaf never Ure.t..dA..I. Ita lead to 30 points up mark; Morris College, and mall to ::MIA Poet
face the Milwaukee said all ticket while the Rockets, keyed to gllla with detent .., Mlsal'Dsde, to 13 nlautea to play ia T1wrs' Braves la a .,,11& game salee are to be baadledby aatloa and other laaurmouatable factors, pulled a Nester drove aroaad Ue the third quarter Coach It.c:. 1\C. AtT, Friday, vlllo I. Florida
that ease date. Earlier, Its Coliseum box office rabbit out of the kat. big Iii eaoagh to score Barton called: tor n full Deu.rI, ".C. and ClsfHa 1'1')v4..N......_..-..
oa April 2. the Chicago sad may be pars Shortly before the encouater eth Greensboro 31 palate He soared oa court press and bla tw fat. at Orengeturg.S.C. .
bite Ion and the ekased by mail or la local fans paraded to Us Jackeeavilla. Coliseum ,11 field goals aad four forwards, freahmen. Longs IIm1'"T..................
Claclaaatl Reds-will p tr-o., with rabbit's f.et. four leaf clovers, or general free Uroea.Miami worth' and' Pittman caught The Tigera will then.
clssh ia .. evealaggame Bell said that season ly anything that wow Id w..i'Lilt Jill of the Rock, *Dade built up a fire and pulled the game return bone to face Savannah DAT" 0' bIal '....... '......
boots for Ue fosrsee- eta ...-.1..1. ..,.. ...2 first half lead out for. the. Tliere.Is .Utate .... Day
Tickets for the ox* aloe may be atsibitaatlal A beautiful maiden (maklag the nationally) tel sad aiatalaed ooatrol UlNIOni LOIworca. ...G ,
blbittoa ..... are oa stylus evlsed "...I tdaM" star stead ta a ahadoe) was of Ue gaaa throughout the leading acorer oa 64 Ply. Fury, V-8, 4-Dr. HT$2595
sale aoe and ..uo.. 'are tt roe dk, February TN. bat added to Ue at tract loa but It didn't attract tat! Ue aeooad half the teas lacr...... hi apolat Mate' automatic powtr steartof.
urged to make theirreaervstloaa after that date the attentloa of their oppoelag t... The Bocheta lost production by 97 factory warranty,
earlyRRR standard! rate for each scat. CoIttIH Signs points. He scored 39 64 T-BIRD
session goes la to ef The Pockets were home sgeia ........ said tee- pouts Friday stint' and Nwl+'UAUft .

feet.MANUEL'S vlaloa.There was Panic ot e home front. The Rockets WIA_ led n__ _Set__ Batarday alatit. Bar 64 OLDS 88 H.T. COUPE $3195
.,a tale use oa steer art eralaat .. sea ... AvarlnvA, that. .
BCGLUI j., RICHGtKMUlBLIRO. --- m*..>. ...... am werne.swa ftnmt ........
TAP ROOM Chat remaias to be eeem ahoet the Rocketa also his star forward, AMOS 64
reaalaa a quatlolot It neither will be aces L.. ..Carl Pittman !bad returned to Dodo Polara r .$2795
626 West Ashley 'ered with the pout of a flager or the threat ef Gal.,.. aa elite member the fold after sufferinga : Jr.QY LIT k9! .... "s
local television of Ue ( 61 RAMBLER "MOCLAJWJC ... IHI5,
coverage. It more then. likely will Ormsbllag College .Jurysbldcs.ted e-"'. .... tw e-xemm "
Presents MitelEntertainmentOne take a parallel with the ..... lest aad the tail Pltchlag .h". ... alga bio to miss the Puss 64 Ford Galax. 500 C pa. $2595
ese worn for a polat la fact of what'a kevlag thes ed a baseball eoatractIU College gins He net
battlsg beloe 500. the Boston Bed Box. lab the $aturiay'm. game f1.I. r.r'Htll"-"" ....,.

Rut come ant year with laeecapeble proeresll The 3lyeerold sealer on abort notice sad ale. i] airvROLrr: >.DR., v-i ... .. .111H
One Leg JOE AJW C>*wte7f0a%. -_.,. ewes ..TVl.
aatioa. the Jechmoavllle tickets will hold their see slued II, cost Id M pouts.Neieiu ., MaV late %

tie Torrid faxfan .right with eaf clm> Ja tie 1_.. Boott.Oalmoa. Colexen sun .e I] CHEVROLKT.a .nnurm mia IMPALA.....4-OR.....*!HTOP ware. .1MI
It wnmld b. ve-y fair of oouree. to pout oet the rap reseated stability Into bla own by making II FALCON I-DIl. RAH. ONI OWXIit ItOH
TennesseeOn fact that lessee-beadl.g Maahvtlle eas la the very aa a atarter aad 31 points Friday aid II I! VALIANT 4-DR.,.,.f at*
On same "anapo arts the IMM3 'euo.. Today they reliever. four Bostbeeitera plate Saturday alghl.The .-.iai SMI ..* evwea.
onus are practically nmalag away with the lisp Athletic Con There left e.Mae- M FORD J.DOOR.Mil., .flHt
: PLUS A 1POIff1-0 NO1R..e.e..e..... fereaee chaaploastlpteams day on ....'. tour to it ciixYRourr rune MOT' I-..IMPALA. court .$ IN

I.tk.s.-Coek.ae College eetecored rUG., II at .rembllagHe alt M MERCURY REAL OOOD .I 1TI
FRANK LEGREE polite to wrap mt a M-M eats dedelom. carl F'I. ham a alpplag fast Howard Dalverslty ... II FORD VICTORIA .*. ..,.| IIS'
.. ler paced s'tbae!' a Ili .te with 31' relate. The all, a* aseortneat of chartered la IM7, withaoagreeeleaal Over 100 Carl to Chose from
ht 'Ptr carves aad la .....1..
tattler4 31.S aoarlag villlt Cellist *
see. eaa aepport
TuttrtgrENTIRTAMHENT a 'erSn *Gq JJJ S..IOft held to a H point aoortag effort.... all, laellaed/ to arro* by Freedmea'a. Boftanes R. S. EVANS
lcr: NOtUfOO. a tvn-tloe allAa et1caa .d at Ctor- gsaoe aa the nomad.Tie .er Oeneral 00.' ..*
lIGHTlY S P.H.-2 A. H. ..11 .. TT aad II. sac Itltct" Ue fistlemal, stylish aoatbpaepeeted It... a rider eaa IRO 6 MAIN
Football Hall of ,.... Hollaed, mater the eoecalsf a mlleglat ro* bill adalttlsg tbe .JackaoavUk'i Most Rowm-MiMUd Dealer*
eye of Carl .....eI,. eta eau also slated< |e aeepreeidoat d..erd of 14 ells aid I State of evade t* Ue AIL "WI-a.....
ef Haw*torn laetltate la Vlrgiala.Poraer ftete

BeavyeelgM hoUag ,....1".10. Low I.. who
la gettlag U be more af a pro ftoeti gator ee* W.
.. pleklag fleyd PIU.,.. over Caselea (BjMe*.*4
All) Clay la a cfcaemfomaitp meUa. tots la aak
lag the ectetom. said that Ue last Fattermoa he
Uncover ... vas the beat be bad ever MOB. patteroM has

he truth. his pulse hack ... aad eaa gleam ..'1... .ald'
.. era 1 1. over BMaty Wets by Levin.Sta .

BdterwbiKt >eame case ap with a better Idea mad Ue fate
maces better dri b. eaa ovate wttt a thick ..., of meed met*Is e ..U.It .
ese Ue slippery U imbaodrwlae. Ue ile- r
Prove it with
tfctef af aoyoa< *Ka dared Cry.e.a .
7 Crowu More people

do.Se* rsn's 7- R
The Sire Qae 'A

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t +S.QWt v.' --.wL. .. .
-"' -- ,.a& r it!

: -
V -- .

tier it J # FL61I0A Ml MPEII t .4 UTUfDaY FEBRUARY 13;: ISIS!

I Florida Memorial Quintel Receive Citation. Young.. Folks Union Miss Robinson ;7 ABOUT PEOPLE

I To Meet Sunday, Is Bride OfT ComingEvents .
r Rev Cherlea J. Crasby.paator of Trinity Baptist

\ The Young Folks Union E. Campbell Church was feted with a birthday party by members

t will bold a service aad Miss Beverly Ann Rob. and friends of his congregation. The affair was

program Sunday, peb. 14 !neon and 1Ir..dw.1J K.Caapbell .. held at the residence of Mr. and. Mra. Roacoe Nelson

fro. 3 until 8:30: p... II were u Veterans Oattway Auxiliary of world 3131. and Mrs. Agnes Taylor at 1114 feat 10th It.
in First Born Temple No. DUd la holy Mtrlaony 1UaA. An attractive birthday cake'centered the table.
2, Elder Flax Howard, In the boat of the bride's ., inc. will meet surrounded by a beautifully' displayed assortment
Saturday;Peb. 13 at 2:00p. :
pastor. parents, 1680 CollegeClrolewith.Rev. of anus, winter green,aad lace dollies enhancedthe
in Joseph H. Jaaea
The Union which con- Charles arrangeient.Peraona .
Community Center 13th
slate of 12-groups\ will Tostoa officiating. IB attendance to enjoy the occa.loo'.re
and Oruathal Bts.
feature the Exeslalor The bridela the daughter Mr. and Mra. C. Scott Mr. and Mrs, Oscar Taylor
,According to Lauvlala
Gospel Singers as hosts of Mr. and Mrs. ;pxt T. Marques pabllo re* Mr. and II..701ua Reed Mr. and Mrs Pryaus Brown,
for the .'.nt. A fine well Robinson, Sr. and latloaa director this Mr. and Mra. Laverne Mathla, Mesdames Ruth wssh

spiritual treat and aer- the groom is tilt son of la a important Ington, Mary Davie, Annie' Barlow, Pe.rlie Roblaaon. -
vice la proilsed. the Tareadwell Caapbell. very Joyce Taylor Mary Hart a field. Audrey Coat-
acting and all members .
; Officers and members of Sr. family of Psatis; are urged to attead Icy, Anna Boddle. falta Armstrong Beatrice Bur
the sponsoring organisa City roughs Agues 7stlorr'. T. ,testbrook and Mra. JosephinI'Washington.
Membership books ar.op.n .
lion are: Given la marriage by to who are .
I Mrs Vivian Reed. Cherry her father, the bride: either world War 1 vet Al eo present' were Islaa Johnaoa' Dante) Mathla,
1/, president; Miss Cynthia chose as her matron of, Alexander- Stevtrtj Eddie 1o..U, Jr.. Thoaaa Me*
WHO'S WHO AMONG' STUDENTS, a national Directory covering American colleges and Jackson secretary, IIU.Tb.l. honor, Mrs. Theodore trana, wives, widows, or .,.C'In.' .. Mme, Sandra Michael Jlaale. VernoaCrosbyJMSJtlae.'Sylvla '

Universities, will Include In this year* a edition the five students of Florida .. Edwards, treasurer Martin.Henry B. Gabriel, children. : and .Kettle Mat 11*.,. Gloria

Memorial College pictured above on campus In Bt. Augustine They are, left to ; Mrs. Minnie Thomas of Mini, was the best Lola Webb!>> is president and Patricia e.aU. Mrs.- Gladys McQuay, Mrs Lucille
and Willie
right, janea Tucker of Mini; Joseph Carl Device of Arcadia; Elnora Boldln of supervisor; Mrs. wan Mat Hart la aaair and Mra. Augusta, MoClaln. -

Pahokee; James Hale of Pulaakl V*.; and Mac Jaa s Will lane of Dunedin Alice Boston assistant Immediately following''! put preaideat. Others Included Rev. M.J. Trowell and Rev J...
supervisor; Robert Part- the ceremony a reception lIaraball.
Toston Circle Holds Bishop Charles District Slates
er spiritual advisor
; was held in the Instillation of officers

First MeetingThe Walker To Party Today Mrs. Alberta Lattlaore, brid.' parent's ho... will feature Sun .: ....s...!, ""-.'_.!.

anager-plaalst; Mrs The couple left for a d.,' meeting of St. '
first ...t1u of Speak At Cooper'sBishop District 2 of Little Ruby Allen, assistant short honeymoon after 'Beaedlct'a Ladles Aoi l.T. Archer representative of the Local 311, A.

the C. E. Toston Circle Charlea talker Rock Baptist Church will anager., pending sons tine with iliary 120 scheduled for r. of L. International Onion, was honored at a

of Mt. Zion AUE Church will deliver the Pound" sponsor a 'Get-to- Program participantswill their.friends and guests 4 p.i. at till residenceof farewell dinner II the Club Room of the Elks .. .
Oether" In the hose of Include: The honoree ia leaving Jackaonvllle to operate a
will be held Monday at er's Day address at Mr and Mrs Elaort
I p. .. in the hose of Cooper's Academy 2032 the president Mrs. The Boatbnettes, Escelalora Mt. Zion T.' Avellbe. 1432 Evergreen new of flee la Atlanta.' ,
Lucllss Ezell 101$ E. Given the official family .
tb t prealdent Nfl Benedict Road Sunday, Golden Oospel Avenue. by and members of the
Nathaniel' Davis, 1416 highlighting the prograa Fourth St. 8:00: p.a. Singers Harris singers AME ChurchThe friends are invited A local, the affair was spearheaded by Mra. Luella

Jefferson St. Other interested which will get underway (Friday) today Harrel singers Harris- prograi has been arranged. Morse and Mra. Mary, Breaker. A abort prograa fol*

persons have i'.3: 00 p. a. 'A abort program will sires, Latlaore singers; Blanche R. Coleman .. lowed with re.arts by Archer and the sew representatlve -
feature Miss Caroline Jackson Singers, rfcOotan Friendly club will present Paul of Miami.Mra. .
been asked to contact Bishop talker la one of Jo.DII.
Moore the youth choir aValentlnt Tea Sunday
Singers, Thelaarettea,
Waahlngtoi the state's leading
Mrs Mary prelates ) and Levi Samel. Thou Singers Traveling IB the boat of Mrs Usher Board 1 of St. .....,.........
and la
or tb. presldsnt. a dynamic
Expected In the listing preacher of the gospel. Following" the prograa, stare and VIvlnettea.Mra. Elnora McBride, 1642 W. Matthew Baptist Church
Stripling a ...b.r 7th St. from 4 until 6 are planning a ValentineTea
are: Mrs C. A. Ward, The following will appear a box of valentine candy Margaret Bradley, of 2332 Johnson>> 8U proudly -
Mrs Linen Johnaon, on the prograa: will be raffled. of the Church of Ood In P.i. froa 4 to 6 P. .. announces the engagement and cowing marriage

Mrs. C. B. McIntosh Brother Leonard James President Lash and Christ will serve aa The president, Mra. Sunday in the hose of of her daughter, lace elime Patricia, to ACo I.
.!strew of ceremonies Agnes Re ere a and..ber.. Mra. Loulat Brown. 2212
Deacon Erneat Lenard Hal re ton of Baaaett, Virginia.
Mrs. L. Porter Oran, occasion; II fl. Ethrldge,
Mrs Axle Lee prier school's history; Re- have entended an Invitation Central Baptist art unsparing la their W. Edgewood Ave with T. The wedding will be an event of Fe<.2l, 4:00: P.I.

Miss Annette Cunning- netta and Evetts Cants, to other districtsand efforts to lake this annual J. Collier as speaker.ewe. la the Church of God In Grist J; South aide. A reception

baa, Mrs. Maggie Snltb, selections; Mra. Alberta fl rend.. Observes Second event oat. of the will follow the ceremony IB the home of

Mrs Adel Copeland Mrs Canes, reading; most cutatandlng ia its ire Gertrude Conner Friends of the couple and
Lily White Lodge 211
Altaaeae Tyson, Mrs. Miss Yvonne t'OoperlOloj; Gospel Recital Sunday Services long Prlendsand history the general will sponsor a Valentine family are invited.

Laura Courtney Scott Carley Mrs., Mrs Oliver Mrs alstrsss, Porsstlns of ceremonies Lewis,; Being FeaturedAt Usher Board 2 of Central public art invited.. Tea the at '4 P. .. Sunday ia ...u............
Acorn CosssaityCenter.
Thoaaa, Mrs Solo- Choir 1, selections. New HopeNew CMC Church till BOARD MERINO .
ion Jonss, Mrs C. E. The celebration will sponsor its Friendly Mra. Thoaaa McGee, of Venus Bt. la back ia the
Auxiliary, Board 3 art
Toston, Mrs. A. S. continue through Monday, Hope Baptist Church Valentine Tea Sundayat urging ambers and guests .ee..e Oatewayaty after an enjoyable tau to faahlagtoo -
Robinson, Mrs. J. B. Feb Charlea will be the setting 3:30: p. .. of D.C. MeOeo attended several political
18. Dr. tonight for the concert to attend the 9 P... the BTO Day Spring Mrs.
Epperson, Mrs E. M. will lead the panel dis The program follows: meeting to be held la BaptlBt Church will pro functions' while visiting the nation Capitol.
of the Blven Specials
Hamilton Mrs. Cornelius cussion and the luncheon Selection Choir 2; Valentine Tea at
Charlette Brown Marilyn Willis the church.., Mr. and Mra. graa a . .
Smith Mrs Wayaon Stone, la scheduled to begin at prayer Davis; Elijah Boone will bt 4 p. .. la the church
Roberta, Ruth Jenkins scripture, Bet Banfordsiltb Jacksonville Aluaal Chapter of Kappa Alpta pel
Mrs. Laura Scott, Mrs 6 p. .. President M.C.H. hosts tad Mrs.p. shroderWlllltas auditorial. All actlvi
Donald and Johnny Lee ; selection, choir; fraternity are cvrreatly Bklag plus for s social
J. C.
Downing, Miss Cooper will Introduce tlsshavsbesa tckeduled.
Johnson, and Luolous introduction of mistress president, event .to M held during fwbruary.
Arletha Hill and .
Mrs.Bolllt plans for capital IB*
Mitchell provsients. Larkin with Instruesnts. of ceremonies, Alfred till preside ee.eeeIt. Millie (award Robert L. Mitchell; Julian white.

talkeralatreas; of certonlts ODB MERINO Olive Primitive

I Miss Theresa MTB. Eraa Brooklet. 220 Baptist Catrch art fta- Fit( RENT Pijii, r, Til Nifltlist

Johnson; welcome, Mils E.' Onion it, will hosta lanai a Valeatlae aadQuteae 1 ... ,.,.. Apt Call

Darlene Johnson; response meeting of the Tour Tea Sunday at 4 B. ....u after e ,.... Paler li Tli Wirll
.Nathaniel Huff; Women of Allen Sunday.Presldeat p.i.i is the oharohb

I selection choir; im' Loll J. Roberts SMI.'. DITII H6EU IO.M
1, troductlon of Per ant. a.... leeetei. Bead.
.r 1< speaker, will preside.Siftbron e. e. e e year save sad lUreeeaad
.1', r. Deacon Dewey white Private "- ...1111. Male. find eat kee blraeleef

.o.f. ).. V bead; speaker Rev. K. KM ned The Lilac Ladies will Call 3113011 beteeeea.a prayer eon eeeeavlUiteeafere
I. ',1\f', 'I.', '. L. Murray; offering, prsstat a Valentine Tea mad I a.a.Ml tar yew. ttii;
'" .' To Coordinate at 4 p.a. la 2-' Touts
!lIt'i t (y' t' J ) .: I Henry White M. B.salthi .
troD 4 to f
Center p.i. nm HffJUH
: presentations,
\' H. w. Luster; remarks, In Civil Rights eeeee. -Ut 5. aleelsM, calces.

Mrs. Daisy Wallace, 111.
The BrofMtloaofwilliai) The luC Parents Club
chalraaa; Mrs. Anna R.
of Jaaet
M iMbroa firs assist teldoa Jokaeoa
.. Lewis, presldeat, and ant to the v... Depart School will Met ,,'. 11 MAIDS
Rev. W, C. Plenumpastor ,
ia tile school library' to
meet of Agrtoclter.'sPersonsel
TURN kllllSTe
f' Dirtttor to perfect plus for the FOR

,' I Tabernacle To Host aa. $l$3-a-pear poet bud .....r'. which la MlJ..M esttlst.Tickets
k aa ai Assistant to the scheduled March B la the seat.Ml Agesey NEW YORK

t Sunday Meeting Secretary of Agrioaltart school gyanstoriaa. 311 Pest *"., teet,,-ry, Jabs geersatee4 ee .,-

for civil rights to* eeeeee ..,.
Holy Tabernacle church rival tars 111 te

Ith a4 Pearce streets ordlaatloa ewe saaottattd Choir a tf Little Bock Live la ttaeele

will bs the scene of the last week by tilt Seert Baptlat Ouch will apoa Ill IEITIIIMl .......'OIl .a .... belt .

"I 1 like goodoldfashioned All Faith Union Meeting tan orvlllt L. Preeaao. sot its tit aaaaal Pretty KMT m ICWIKTJeekaoavllle'e tv. trite fer jeer aeptlestisa. *

Sunday at I p.a. with Mat Tea ".. 2S from 4 tot BM Uekit *Mtte
flavor Elder R. Lseborneprasi Ia his aew ptsitlti.Mr.. ,... Tht etattttaata "..*.....L* aye free gift ea arrival

dent, as speaker Seabroa will work>> altat* are: Mra llllit Mat 0crt4.Tea >.<.... apart .... sow e.4 r*..

Says James L Lewis,V.P., The tomes of Holy ly with tie venue a* Mo well. Mrt. Isles Brewa ...... later fsra.,,11.10 swiker ef ,.,,,..... ....

Insurance Company, Jsckionyjllt, Fie\ Tabernacle Chink 2.DillMre. geaeiot of the Depart aad yams Pearlle MatJohasoa Mr eeek, leslftst met Hit MBKV. Ill .. male

will celebrate meat la lapleaeatlagplaaa Hit_ _.n..._*_._._._. _PL_ _11111._ __ Street ..,.'t.l.f
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