Florida star

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121670 F20090413_AABFQQ 00059.QC.jpg e7e3fc125df3728876da71e8c4e0bb994b545c94862d10c79b3a01196dfe54452a9cbd22
7131960 F20090413_AABFQR 00059.tif 6b1be4e0e06ea3485490162e8b4be508e957719153259a66da6e34f853181e6fd619e8e0
34170 F20090413_AABFQS 00059.txt 39c71205b9113adc2a902ea68564c9e23dbec80bc83ca0abdec70adad54418e75cd0ff5a

xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200649datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date February 6, 1965dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=006490740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
February 6, 1965
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
System ID:

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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
February 6, 1965
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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oara not ouU n d. J. PUll" tie Air Porco,,RacnttUdDatacboant ,", ... '. Dr. tfeaala leaves ha* i
"'= NAACP oaaa oaaltaikara list In Ml aoatant I
..meld tat UfaOratka I
In Jsck.o.uille. :
Coati School Buparia and Clyda ,al- : kind fela devoted at fa.ra. ra'anty. sorely to pat oat tires

tandaot Joe Rail aaldthat \ J $ Ilkalaaaa Dennlo titans an an dime a of of Isle and tlolaaaa,
11. of illS Mt.Raroan Pratioaaly, ..I, thoaa
there appaarad to It. tao of r..tf and t. daughter i *. RAM* aooa 1,300 olttiaaa, bat ona list to d.,.,.
ka nn error in Ua 1 1. na yowl no poaaaaalnc nHI I III and Oartnda; a ale* Incladlac' a nunkar. of sled to ..,. ."Ir..*

krary otnlnatlon ka* tie a a* sic attacked ft School Dlploaa ..,. "In tar Ufa. J. D, Johaa, Hits' paraoaa. 1111!.. lively. to pravant ,...

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The third mss, chant In Air f
far above An .. tar to Dr."'. fltlllart.praaldant first plnea."
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oodntlM atandaroa oodaipandltaraa Porte fuara] services ..,. I of tin ra> Pralatai Hair pvkllak

ate oar .&11 cps tie door to an hold' Tbareday a ft a noon i ft tilt. i.4 tofclt iraarti.Ta '''. ha da.lnrad: 'Tko

.L.I.... Air Pore steer to oanyyouaf at katkal A.M.R. Chard .
ale roqnirad Upaet of fie Civil aradaofyaar Aaaoelatloa
IbO loatlyaar In also said to
ids pra .
Rail sold oonatnetlooIn Alloy tortta. Rlfttita Act of 1M4 lakaloc ntataa, ".U.. no nan,
dated Ula opport k ...h. aarranta
ads ray to correct Dr. Deals dad served fait ataryakara, """A, 10.... Uo .Nacre.
...t, To ba Itf.lbi trOll oUar deli, tOo .
the elaaorooaj otarloadoo aa principal af the noReeMeleoo lllklnn sold, and "la. praaa atrlvaa to help
far aallatwat. lie aoa ooriln tit local policanlaa.
sell na taachar o.ar* School tie bringing n sue auria In every aaa In tie fir
tradaata cost boat. host .
looda. Allay Roeaa4d school are BmU,' Ha avraaaadtka belief at.1. are tint
II yaara old, suit not coo aarrant la sold to
Dallay Rtreet Kkaol Da. .Dfti. Il opinion list aftltoMxiUarnara I na less na ..,... lo
ba, nor love bees ..* b* five urns Coaaty,
Coed IIMMite ayeroaa' ; Ua Mary 0 ji* In Incraaa* ,'
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...... .,
relied la .r' Tells, .,* Ua OrandJary .
ty "....., School no costly to navy paraminalat ) ini ..h,, ire aoilai. "ion lies bees prod
acaool darlnctfcanrrvntacbool kaadarl dote ia>
Act ea an DOOM ond are 'IllleaRrynat Ua Dal/ tad Mtataa ...* to ,..Ih.! tko ..... far liststhis belief 'or.
Teat and sect dlctaant aiataat lie
Nub Rehoei IB n chugs In ,. tko natlooj
val Air Station In Pan load tlaa.aad
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: ruirx attain oallfy alnjar charting its atttdalitarlnd nitric
RCUUAL **WI nil racial ...In awnty Jail lai aearaa on lie AlrnaaQaallfylad sad aiacntlnda u... .. tko belle far yo.rdadlantlo
toMlon ,nU... Ha use appointed to Uafnevlty t. It'le :
ana ,
Hooka 22. of 11)4 John* CtMlnatlooParthar
fraadalant cued to nNo &CIOICooke's
klik In the city, RMoo ay nddad.Calllaa.
oa RU aaa tlllod da tha applicantaat .. *tc alrlln charter Widow
Coll.. s5 Director ofTaackar
r a ..... >.atrataravara rfhf M .....1' on n attain o eallafactory a.rlca. sill ka ka*

raatad kara sal taeaTtlla OMrpIo.laapaetor ...r. oa tie dilation I* lla.ad "the ....11..'

la warty Rarloo''hrlotini R.f. Robot. Arood Porcaa Quallflco- Ra ta aloe aald to bo 1111. In 1IS, ka aaaappointed .".., of lna..iallty. M
.. To
.atela tea slier Guitarist
ale arrant total to .. ties Testsour actlai preel* Marry .., Inoar ..11,,.,
Tease elites R>r paaalnfaorulaao
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1.100 alneo lOa..,. tang aopkaaliadthat lo lie oraaktod lapMt
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.... oo seas ..* It Air feaa acatrrad national aamatad aa Ua third licks to either Sits *,..d R"r tko H. .t spirits of yowl lavtlo
policy of th Pare reaardiag t.. 1U its
nooatratara ....orraotodtnrlnc ... pramltet.Of. aoaflra or day, a aa- five lots, alaia. ale aha sri taa kt t...U..*
to aaoaarua nan raodltloo of Ttr"In
racial otrlfo. sad Deoal ra.tladUa iiosireestele) .aa* /5551 OM.-lko Obko list list .,. ..,.,."
to slit In achool .....
.. Racfeelor of Arts ... d..a.rl" list .., ..11, *
Tale la tko hot city i ...... prior to fnl nod sic an
iI "
of Rtralachon ohoro ..- I Ulr nllltaryoMUetloa. Strew trio fro rr>r fco M m1. tko lot gee Caala'atldoa aara,.d to M.apt Ulona
ftlllac ffiMrUffU
Sir taoparataraa sad lo fact, Ito lose of Atlanta, tko ell) oarry n 30. tkalr pre*.....loha i

feaatad too.oro pat thoototo L recreitlsstaff Ass Tlrt ...t., of Arts fro R*. ,..r..I' laltarlnt lo lot lo Ufa.Tha .

of AlaJkooo oa UocltU 1 its laatraetad to ..* Tart tfclferelty sad aid .area, on tko .,...'o i.4 pay.koonlolalt

rifJkto f irtad Una.aaojatila. eoWMa non'trndaotaa Urttara f nlWIJ1h Settler otadr at In* Hat MrUdiy, M thai '''41. ..1.

la 5$. capital U. thin atadlaa3NfliMd 41a.* V. aad *tV... la "'. Ca+''' kaa.an4taka r rr ... flee a***a ao.nl loinyaatad

.lty, Ratraaaototlvo pamaJty tor atroaiara tie sills of ,.!lea ... k.*a Idanll.* of tk..*r nkotoakat

Ado Qnytaoi Poaollprayarad IIL'IIIII'f JDU: .d rkkry oat Id kaM Parker The Re 1e.w" fled .. wart e>oack.a tbay oipaat etIlissivii.

to Itad o dalaffotlaaof ...kin final net Mch .. fl.a ,esri in phllah4 |n I**, *ltaMtt-alair ellA .

alt oooiTMO- la diacoaalac Ua caaa To Top Pests D. state paMataatlary.Tkl Nosy reM*..r fraaldmtDeoale Ua "' .tI... RlntlniMP .1 aria yaa to solo ao

nURalM to oak lato. 4lB n RTU n ma...aaid lrnad tai aa aa ...alaat "> praa atly aacaiadla ever traatar effect tokalp

tko cottpUlnto of dlartalnatlaa that tllfrad l 4>ch. 5D0 '(%?')-"'" bar* any aaa by 21ro -'../.... .spinet atu oaay ka** .....,..... U Call ;Y. hraaa tWaa pay*

acalnat shot R.... did oa.|atyn n*.ra .....,. site OODOI site ka (a".1- ikolailaal. akaaklao o*
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pegtret U....... Jaatlca. Ua 14 ,_.... op*" latd alta4aaaa Cbardbt CrWW Weae.uDiu Tie ralaaaa. dla..loaa4ttat lass err iMoiry'o n.,r.
*4j oa
A ntnto caart Judge .la ....U ha glued to Prldat 3......' list R.rtth.ovilty a* ......!" latar eat ROMUOOOIfto pall la* tiletra.is1

sued na InjnnitUotod tth na.4aJ," ear o 5 Potarty Mutest p155051. h Fire .H aaa oolalnadIlk Pena *** slag< loins Ual thai .M a4dMa I
Jwafata. w1
....., "/rl., farther .. ode panlotlar. ot CaoBlttaakaralMt .... .. obry .. *" A 'I"*,/ U.| **d to kataatatad eye I.', nlaiMdar.foroar 5ad sae.c.led Ua ata<< -4 true lo Ualrlao I

daojonatratlooo nt of ale fact Oat A .dUktr Th. .....u... ,.*... bya Cr In I aal caart Jilt true karaaaotloap ........ aaa. lass ala ar on glut ooaotry OolllnoUN ,

tAo bus CMnhoooo. a seas t,.,. nltftchora burst .r.**... Jrrloll 111/. r. Rarvty .*. nnoffad oat tko slate atu Cawk .%. a\atadlra. a4 oaaf of Cbtla'a ra- tkapakllakaro I

Thart optaaro t* M M and raa to get old.Rn Its first ee.tls/ ..a.**. .. *.?*. tr+* life of nn aldariy flee 4a told Ate 55.415/ kl'a.

of n. .. nrsIi ..... ..,.... ak* plaaoad t ,,
... to to otvoor 150 svaSee 5. lact., nil .earls M nee Jr** tipple ...eeta *>rtt 55 .

root at I eh .., fallaa, .o atayad U.?. sad Cite _.u.. niotimara TaatloDoy tended atJvnalaia $ adoraaa }Mt aatar* 8.ea4 U Mraft.AJauadar Swlawali Poets hteyatedLTtiya

fartholnJonctlM atala4olaafly .aao bottom anooaaalaaa. tKtt.y Tot.d tr r.*aru on.Its. a-
i5pr..lsd tv.ara 'td. roe-.4NP' .I-T ,. oa. ..l ala. po elo for
that 'MaaaatraAoro .** otaortt salary. Ro- .., oal l. "severdeeser'
..I Itert..*!, >It. fraMla Ptnd..Mrested f Ua '.C. alaaa.. aad D.aaar Hl.ft .**..la ..,. op*
... oooaoklo er ....s.. rat ara ad ellA Iliad ifs Ua..*;.<*o ira. Caala \
,... ,
Ratldia In tko .
t lilt n pr.ta4 ky Ua ally ..sell| kara lost .... U o ]
,. latkar at tbooonrtkaaao a .M plaul .. find I, .**kaa.o, pakllnhar.Jaknaiai paM.4 U. aa/ry a* aaoa
try .
fraj ... apolled > caat ol Ml mirth **! Tka IM ...1..111 apt to lots fta.roao aad
till hoaaartad ot Uo atta<. taro site 7lillaiisi Ca site Rar kaaiaar
fclo |.... no *, arCharch It.. a.o d.d am ,1I.aI aftllaa.
otU Mtaoat of Ro ... rxo r... tike discs*. and A. Philip ....t. s/tls/ ka jAJaa.
Md. Dn.- Ita.alt. a pawl, txta*! CMtartaaa4a .. ale alb kad alaa.4 Ua Uraa p.kltt .....la<
If ties fall todioyoroo kin pocket. Its.ke aaa Randolph, praaldaat.RrUarT at.n ... ..bMsddyr.
s.n .. tent ors m rtt" ,. .. .
*' sit .U. pile >'!/ d. tNt slut 1.,,1ahl. felled oltR alnila ..d of Sla.pla. a.4 .MH"
It ... ....e. .* U.a MO of ao pa*!a.I .
billet usual la th* Car Partara. .. miSs la sold ..



-II -. -

- ---- ------- -- ---- --- --- -- -- -- -- -- ---- ----- ---
,I "
; "
__ ,.1' ., ,

J I i : .( ITHB I


FLORIDA NEWS STAR tq -1 Politics As Usual

PutUaUllf! by The Florida Star Publishing Co. __
MtI MIR,, ____ Steelworkers Prexy McDonald Created

___ Rights Committee In OrganizationAre

ERIC 0. SIMPSON.........Miiaiiif Editor _
unions sincere in attempting to e-
ALISON E. WISE....... ... Hews Editor radicate discrimination and segregation
from their ranks? And bow difficult is it
HILDA WOOTEN.. ......Circilatioi Maiatir x
to rank and
get file members who may harbor -
hidden prejudices to forget about then
MAIN OFFICE I PLANT: and become advocates of democracy within
their ranks
2323 Miicrief' Road.. ..Phoie ELfii 4-8782 "lot too hard if the effort starts from

the top," says 38-year-old Frnest L.Clif
Mailin Address : ford, who was recently appointed -

BROflIRHOODA1 by David J.McDonald, "resi
P.O. Bn 561Jacksoiville Ulcridi dent of the 900,000 raeiber
United Steelworkers of America ;I
MIAMI OFFICE Union, as his special' as-r_!
sistant to work on ,Minority I
738 NW 3rd Ait. Pfcflie 377-1025 problems. '

Giving full credit to McDonaldfor _
SUPSCTIPTION RATES the creation of a comRI P50N
One Year, $6.00 Half Year, $4.00 alttee on 5ivil rights within the union
Mailed to You toyftere in the United state which has an estimated 250,000 Negro meMbers -
Subscription: payable In advance: Clifford said that the union president -
fiend Check'or Money Order to: I I 1 1 Is a dedicated and sincere man who

believes in equality among mankind. In his
FLORIDA .5T.R r. n. TOX VUJflclonvlll work Clifford reviews, prepares and submits -
!' 1, Floridn factual reports on minority group problem8
) as related to contract provisions.No .

Gateway Women'* Club Project the union Johnny-Come-Lately in 1948'set up to the civil Civil rights Rights,

Committee at a tine when most large unions
Needs talked much and took little action on human -
Support Of All Citizens
rights and civil liberties. The Committee -
since then has become involved in
At long last, something definite Is being Your WeeklyHoroscope problems of employment practices, education
done to combat one of the most vicious and Housing on a Federal, ante and local
crimes facing the children of our state-- level.

the sex criminal who preys on Innocent Not Just content with making civil rightsa
children to satisfy his bestial appetite. reality in his union, the second largestIn
Spearheading the attack In a broadened AmericaMcDonald has put his reputation
offensive which resulted In a film tersely Guide and the Union's on the firli'g' line several
describing this widespread evil is the tine.Several years ago during the Freedom
Gateway Woman's Club which has leased 10 Rides in llabama the union put up over
copies of the film 'The Friendly strang- 1200.000 bail for the arrested demonstrators.
er" scheduled to be shown to every child By PABLO The ASTROLOGERWHICH .
attending Duval County elementary school Two weeks. ago In Rtr lnghaM. Ala. duringa
within the next few months. Other copiesare reelection campaign speech ne noticed n
available for free showing to private ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR trio of KU Klnt/ (Clansmen In the audience.
schools and civic organizations.The Halting his talk he tongue-lashed in
filmproduced through the joint efforts LOVE TRAVEL no uncertain terms for their race hate
of the Florida Federation of V>onen' philosophies.Many .
Clubs and the St. Petersburg police Department Negro leaders in the civil rights

is the result of an extensive movement point out the IT'.',,, as a "shining'
research into steadily increasing problems example" of how the union movement can aid
of child nolestatlons.lt emphasizes things ARIESBorn YOU. ALTHOUGH YOU NO DV A SO-CALLED CONFIDENTIAL | THE DIFFICULTIES THAT their came when they put their shouldersto
children should be taught to do and not to March 21st thru oOUIT HAVE A DEFINITE TIP OR A PRO' YOU HAVE RUN INTO'' ARE the tastA. *an1 other big unions In the
do to save themselves from becoming vic- April 19th AND' VCRY AMBITIOUS COAL POSITION THAT COULD NOT' NOT SHOla ANY SIGNS OF AFVC10 have given only lip service to the

tims of depraved criminals. You MAY HAVE TO CONTI UI IN MIND, IT COULD BtBI BEAR CLOSER I INSPECTION.DO ABATING"' BUT RATHER TO rights. fight, they added.
Running on the national ticket with Mefkmld -
:twice-yearly at the schools and to impress[ OUT or THC REACH 0UN.. REACH OUT FOR IT WITHOUT ALLIES WHO ARC 1C WHAT II WORRYING YOU. and Al nhitthouse. aeellingthe' ,, SfIC- .
and Howard R.
serious national evil. SUM TO MAVC ,NO INTENTION ARC IN NEED Or COMrORT FAIRS'' MAKES A NEGATIVE rfttaQtu..reroffice.,
Time and time againFBI Director J. Edgar Or GIVING, YOU ANY PEACE.8C 5-80-99-17-74-5 INS OR GUIDANCE'' ALTHOUGH 'INSTEAD or A POSITIVE Hague for reelection to the vice presi-
dent's is Nathaniel Lee a veteran
Hoover has called attention to the dangers YOU COULD, BE UNDER CONTRIBUTION BCTTERED spot
PARTICULARLY WARY Of member nf the US''A. On Feb. 9 at the
of providing clemency toward child molesters TRAPS TNI IMPRESSION THAT YOUR FUTURE PROSPECTS. BUT Negro
OK IHADY MANEUVERS CANCERBorn he hopes to lilt elected, as International
stating, "the sex degenerate, shielded THAT MAY APPEAR UNDER INTUITION .is ''''ALIBLE, LIFE AND' PRODUCTIVITYMUST polls
by an array of technicalities and loop THC Suite or FRIENDSHIP June 22nd 22nd thru CONSIDERING YOUR PAST GO ON.. AS THIS lUllS Teller.NEWSPAPERS.

holes, bares his wrist for a light Judicial AS ROMANCE ALSO HAl ITS July CXPCRICNCCS, THIS .IS NOT TO BE A NATURAL AS tELL

'tap and soon is free to resume his assaults, DOUmui 1101.YOU SHOULD THERE is NO CHANCE DUD ALWAYS THC CASE AS A MAN-MADE LAW. DO ARE TOP SALESMEN
'rapes and murders.'Countywide THE BEST YOU CAN. WHATEVER -
priase is due the Romans club YOU ARC BEING LOVtO FOR LIKELY I! THAT THERE WILL THE ODDS. Television, like radio before It but to a
for Its courageous stand and contributionin YOURSELF ALONE AND' ,NOT BC ANY DURING THC COMING 21011.1961.2MCAPRI far greater decfee. has brought about major
meeting head-on on this dangerous, SICAUSC or YOUR POSSES MILKS. THIS MEANS CON", Born Sept. 23rd thru changes in the advertising picture It
criminal disease 'which roust-at long last- SIONS.THIS is THC SEASON PAINING YOUR fEELINGI Oct. 23rd COLN has been an agrenMve competitor with the
stir both the local and national consciencelest WHEN COLDS ARC PRCVALCNT.' '' REFUSE TO OCT I INVOLVEDIN "' Born Dec. 22nd thru other media, and Its appetite for the advertising -
this evil destroy us all in its moral YOU MAY BE MORI SUSCEPTI- ANY SITUATION'" THAT THE SAME FORCES THAT Jan. 19th dollar, with the cost of producing

"The u.s. housewife who comes home froma OR BUSINESS. PARTNER WILL UNTIL THE END Of THE NOR ON.9NOUL0 THC DIRECT gets top recognition. -
hard day's shopping complaining of the EASILY CONDON WHAT THEY MONTH. THIS RECOMMENDSTHAT APPRAOCH FAIL or ITS An announcement from Sears Roebuck and
rudeness of sales clerks might sing a dif TAURUSBorn MAY OILS REPREHENSIBLE'' YOU TAKE TOUR CUE PURPOSC, THE INDIVIDUALS Conrxiny win interest those who like' to
ferent tune if she had ever visited Russia." April 20th thru BEHAVIOR ON YOUR PART' MOM THE SETBACKS You WHO ARE AFTER SOMETHING read us 'well' a* to stare. It expects to
Thus states Newsweek in a brief article May 20th TAKE ALL THC PRRCAUTIONSTHAT NAVE ALREADY SUFFEREDAND COULD RESORT TO FALSE sprnd r.ore than CIO million for newaptper"

aptly entitled "Service With A Snarl. YOU HAVE ENOUGH PR, )- SUit NECESSARY TO TO CEASE PURSUING HOODS OR UNSCRUPULOUS advertising this year Last year the figure
It seems that In Russla--where the state HEM TO SEEP YOU BUSY PROTECT YOUR PERSONAL OR THE ACTIVITIES THAT HAVE TACTICS TO ACHIEVE THEIR was $M million, which represented
owns and runs practically everything--discourtesy DURING"' THIS QUARTER WITH JOINT ECONOMIC INTERESTS MAINLY lUll RESPONSIBLE. AIMS.. IT IS tP TO YOU TO 71.2 per rent of Fears total retail mediaeipenae.
and Indifference have long been OUT GOING"' 'IN SEARCH OP BY NOT MISTAKING WISH- SOME Or YOUR rRlENDS' SEE THROUGH THEM. The balance went to advertising
the order of the day in the stores. The NCR ONES WHILE YOU MAYIt rutNCSS"' FOR REAL INTUI 10TH TRUE AND II.III'Y through circular, magazines radio and
government Is now attempting to do something HAVING"' A COCO TIME TION. IE MELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR 7-60-99-17.U-719 other naila.
to correct this, In order to spur YOU CANNOT AVOID TO 3-ao-22.19.tt.382 YOUR FINANCIAL. Dim- AGUAJUUS A spokesman tells the story: 'This is
the sales of goods However, no one expects NEGLECT YOUR "RESPONSIIIUTIES CULTIES. I IT MAY II THAT Born Jan 20th thru tangible evidence of our continuing falpiin
that much success will come from the OR THC RIGHTS LEO YOU HAVEN'T THC HEART TO Feb. 18thTHE tie potency of.newspaper advertising.
effort.Newsweek quotes a disgruntled shop Or THOSE HMO SHARE YOUR 23rd thru SAY "0" TO THEM WHEN Frm the' day .tears opened Us first retail
per as saying, "As long as we have party HOME AND PUBLIC I ACTIVITIES Born July 22nd YOU 11iIDI... THC BACH OF MAGNITUDE" or THE store, the company has made greater and
members and not real sales clerks behind TOiC INVEIGLED 'INTO'' Aug. YOUR) MIND YOU SHOULD IN PROBLEMS YOU SAW COMINGUP greater use' of newspaper It is obvious
the counters, we'll never get good ser SITUATIONS THAT MAY SI Lire CAN BC MOST GAS YOU OWN INTEREST. DURING' THE PRECEDING that Sears store managers continue to regard -

vice. COMPROMISING' on CAUSE AN PERATING AT TIMES. THIS *.70-S).$$-n.In QUARTER II MORE LIKELY the newspapers a* their major medium
Here is one hors of the innumerable examples UNDUE STRAIN ON YOUR COULD ic ONE or TIE TO G.OR THAN TO DIMINISH for more than historical reason, Their evaluation -
that can he cited of the difference CASK AM U 10U"CU.THon PERIODS TaCt PROVE IT. SCORPIOBorn PROM THIS CAT ON. THIS is based on the day to day results
bfttween a totalitarian system and a free WHO NAYS FIRST CLAIM ON YOU WILL' DULY COMPLICATE Oct. 24th thru RECOMMENDS PUTTING YOUR in their stores."
system. In the former, there is no competition YOUR ATTENTIONS ARC NOt MATTERS BY PLYING Oil :Nov. 22nd AMBITION SOME WHAT ON ICE. Television advertising in a catch-as-
in any real meaning of the word.The APT TO STAND IDLY IV THE HANDLE. YOU SHOULD TARE THINGS At THEY THE RESULTS MAY IE DIP csteh-can affalr--you have to be looking
customer is always In the position of having WHILE, YOU STRAY MOM THE CALL ON'" YOUR NATURAL COME. AVOID COMPLICATING MCU.T TO OWTAIN AT THIS at the set at the Clones MHH .s gone la
to like it or lump it. On every hand STRAIGHT" AND NARROW SENSE or HUMOR TO sec THEM ANY MORE THAN THEY JUNCTURE. an instant print t"'enbtr'anrt the prospective
he is faced with an intrenched and immovable PATH YOU THROUGH BC ESPECIALLY AIC. ALTHOUGH THIS' EWES buyer can* scan and cnnslder it at
ttlreaucracy, backed by an all-powertul 7.43.77. 5.34.747 CONSIDERATE WITH NOT MEAN THAT YOU SBMXAO 3-20-3V14-32.US his leisure.
.a free system, to the contr ry--and GROUP WHO PROBABLY ARC THAT It ABSOLUTELY NECESfARV. PI8CCSBorn i
American in all its branches and GEMINI Feb. SUb thru
Born 21st .
kinds, from the biggest chain to the s.all- June May 21stCOMMUNICATE thru n"IIII'LvlllcuornelUOW. MAKE CERTAIN' THAT YOU March 20th

eat Independent is a prime example of that .., IT WOULD NOT HELP KNOW EIACTLV HAT YOU "', SO EASY TO M NONCHALANT
aysten-'the customer is king. Competutlon DIRECTLY TO ...1".crrAN'LYanu.' ARC DOING. IT WOULD BE ABOUT WHAT it
the discourteous clerk is not long tol,. HEN'" THIS MEANS'' CITCN ON TOUR WO.RLOLV OBJECTIVES. TO HAVE SOMEONE IV out ERYTWIM' At
rated. For management knows that competent SIVt CORRCSPONDCNCf SOME ADJUSTMENTS"'

these of Boy Scout ,leek, to bt observed OWN WITHOUT THE PROPER IT APPEARSoowsTPui
from February 7 to P, is 'strengthen DATA on ESSENTIAL. EQUIPMM au.IIDAILI
America's Heritage." A better on* COULD LAD TO A TO OF DIMES
23rd thru THE CAUSES IN RMICM vouEilCvE.
Bona Aug.
could not be chcMen. NAJOR SETBACK. If YOU
All aannerotactivitlea will charac*rite HAVE REASON'" TO TRUSTYOUR Sept >
the leek Churches of every Jdnonlcatlon INTUITION'' V'U THERE is NOTNIM TO BE 490..I3.57.499SAGITTARIUS FINANCIAL FACTOR THAT
will develop the them in their services.Newspapers WOULD DO IT SHAVE INJUSTICE "' CAWEDT' DISTURBING Twt SOURCE
radio and television will give
Mrs NOT. 23rd OP 11WtIA U,.
the Week the notice it so richly deserves. MESSAGES THAT II. II ON YOUR GUARD Dec. tIt
Schools and civic groups will participate. TRYING"" TO GET TneOUGH TO AGAINST,. ICING TAKEN IN I-90-33-U-47-IS3

-- --
L. --- --
I -

I \ I ,; I ,


i Present And Outgoing Officials Honored WEDDING Pledges Troth To FAMU StaflerMIDWINTRt

..., BELLS
'.1 ... : Jlaal L. Bustle, 1988
BUh .. 20th ft. ,19 and Betty
Speaking J. Flubo. ]9.4 W, nth
LOUISE GUl'dAJto' St. 15.Hismle.

Grist 1449Wlndl
Louise Sheffield installed the toll owing officer St.. 23 and Shirley
of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority recent aeetlng Ana Jones 1543 LoganSt.
held in the note of Mr. 'and Mrs. Latl..r'. 111II. 22.Hoper. r
... Ruth C. Soloaon ba.l1eu; Julia Harvard 8.ithyard,
antl-baalleua; Barbara Robinson gramateua: Para y. Flk. 34 and Beatrice
lee Davis, antl-gramaateus; Annie Ruth ttlllaas.epBitoleu NH- 4 Beckon, Pahth,rh? 25.
*; Mabel Wright tMlochoa.; Alton la Re*. .vi Willie Lee Mann, 18M w
brook financial secretary; tills Mae Green bodegas 3rd St. :25 and MailneTrlpp
; Xella Mitchell: phllachUr; Cm a Word bid- 1634 Dot St. 22.
DCS Manager; Ea... Alston parliament art an: ITS Richard A. Harris 1658
Grant custodian; and Nona white' reporter to ITT W. llth St. ,20:: and Betty
Leaf. J. Flealng. 3033 ArdlslnRd.

la otter business of the evening, plans sirs en* 19.
acted for AKA Week activities.. A televised Founder's Janes. Kslley, 2001 Mars A '
Day Pro.,_.. "Profiles of Advance-lent in St. 34 and Barbara Ann
Alpha Kappa Alpha'"' la scheduled for Sunday. February 11th, 2158 Session Lan., 4 ,1
21; the annual bridge tournuentIll beheld :I, ?

at the fICA on lednesdayFebruary 24: Never' y l Walter L Kaoklra, Jr ,
Too LateMs the title of the play to be presentedla 4842 MlMisaippl Crt .22
Civic Auditorium on 'Thursday ...iD,. February and Htrasa D. Boston
25 to "A Night At The ". ..ter" ; and, Round Notda 1712 Jefferson St 21
Sisterhood Night. Friday February :as.Caaaa Edt C. Harris llM81.! : BRIPE>*.Mrs. Robert Louis Allen was Miss
Rho Ouija Chapter has added the following llth St 27 and Connie Clara Juliett Rlarkahear before her recent narrlaie -
eeibers to its rosterfinona: $rltt. nrall Mae Aleiander 1299 w. to Mr. Allen, amber of the staff of th*
!51157. San'ritht, tea Wiggins. Sadie Wilson, 27th St. 21 Florida MM university Vocational-Technical) Institute -
Betty Richardson. Laurie Hosts Juantta Eight. John P. 6I Or., 81:? W, Tallahasaeiy, A 1940 debutante presented
Ran Stewart and Lillian Singleton. 8th st. 99 anJ Mary b, the Tallahassee Cotillion Society, the bride

Tie group will .eet in regular session again on Broe, SI2 .. 8th St. 52. raa graduated froa Florida A&M with Kd. degreeIn ,I
SaturdayFebruary! .t 2:00: P.*. Bonn: planningto Jara Robinaon. 1733 I ftllraln,. Abe ia employed .t the Arrhbold Hospital -
affiliate with the chapter this year are asked 9th St. 74 sn-l Petty in Thoaiasvllle. and la the "*'IIhht'ot
to contact the heelless befbre this U... NEW IlAtIOutlOlo. president. Mrs. Ovida Reed (second from left) and newly Jean Fort 1297 W. 21st Mr. and Mr*. Fred RI. hh.r of Tallahassee. The
elected president, Mrs. Louise Gibson (standing at ..tr.. left) were honoredby St. 24Nathaniel. bridrgrooa la the ann of Mr.and Mra. Daniel Allen,
. *.bers of the Qialnt Pyraald Civic Club during their recent officers' Inatallatioa K Stephaey MtmttAla. and la a graduate of Alabea "ntat'vCollece

cereaony others shown above are Mr*. Roberta Howard second vice 1347S'" Franklin St 21 Montgomery (ollowlni Uietr honeymoon In
The Young len' Christian Association of Jack president and Mrs Annie L. Heads president. The "" BberahlplncludeeMra. and Yvonne Johnson 933 New or lean.. Mr. and Mr*. Allm have ..tabl"",.)
sonvllle held its Twentyfourth Annual Meeting on Mattie Straughter, Mra. tllll .. Reese, Mr*. Ith", Battle. Mr*. Mabl Albert st. 19. their reatdenc at 1809 He man do Drive, Tallahasaen. .
Thursday evening. January 21, ia th. wilalagton Brock Mr.. Annie L. "11. Mrs. C-ne Proctor, Mra. Minnie Anderson, Mrs. Lola John A. Mitchell. 1233 .
ROOM! of the Atlantic coast Use Building. Arlington Heal Mra. Ella Johnton and Mra. Charley & Perpena. hUt ft 21 anal. Lucy .

CUll iBMOkalee. Central, Johnson, and Orpor (Royal) Art studio photo ) Mae Brown. 7ft Court C. Sunday Recital rand Vain Mntinf

tunlty were the branches participating.John Blodgett Howes, 19 Plane for discussion of

too Branch' report included the ground break Omegas Project BIRTHS R, I. Brown Willie Louis. Ulctit, 804Jsckson Mrs Cussl Mae Paige the New '..r' agenda
lag in Deceaber oa the first unit of it* asster St 38 sad Cray. contralto timer will feature Tueaday
plan-a chasrplonshlp amusing pool with locker Annual Programs School Holds Claretta Hannah 804 and t a eerier of W t. nlcht'a Reeling of P.u-
rooej and shower facilities. More funds are seeded Mr a ara J.... cruab. Annual Program Jack IOn ft 7L II 1. Calvary BuftUt ('!IlIn", bearefk Grand I'atoa
for the project, which will b. completed la March ley nfl Hllsnd It. .c. A. Oil-or. 1144 1 will be presented In a UxU IW: In the hose of
of this year the report aentloaed the Importance The That Phi Chapterof Olrl Teacher AssociationPounder' 19th St. 19 ..II>l Shirley musical progn..+ funloyfollo.ing Ire Molly Attrition,
of the project ia providing opportunities for the 0..,. Pal Phi Frster- Mr a Mr*. Mack Bnoks. Day proiraa D. CornellouK, til court the evening 1316 McConlhe at at
city Ine sot ID the
development of Christian leadership sarong youth. 2232 ...tllOllt. It Boy. wwi celebrated at the R. C. 18 service In Mt CalvaryRsctlat 7:3D: ( TcJ.ck
The Board of Management of John too Bran* Includes hose of Dr Barren Schell Mr Mra. Roaeo Olbbs, L. Brown School.Thurartsy Colonel M. Htlraton. Church. n-ruce Miss Mariwvrlle Moms,
1.11. Buraey, II, chain; L.M. Argrett Charles Jr and approved ita 4113 Katanta Dr. Buy ecmtig.< Feb 4th at I Bassett, Va 22 and and Dora Street. president, will preside
D. Brooka.; Ralford Brown, 8r. tzeklel .. Bryant.Dr. ; new 54(0115.The Mr a vr. John Jones O'clock la the school Jacqueline Bradley. Mrs Oray II widelyknown and a full aeaberahlpattendance
L.B. Chllda; Rev Charles B. Dal ley; wtlllaa acbedsled-fer first; affair la 4053 Bt Augusta 11I.>.4. audi tortllll. 2332 Johnson Ave 21. throughout the is FelpeltedTOOTHACHE l
T. Harper: Wendell P. Holaes; e.A. Jones. Anthony March 19. Boy The speaker'for the Richard Lssbi Jr M3 city as an outstanding
Ilnnoo; Mrs. Ann McCer.; Mrs. Bslly Mathls; Rev wader the Oaega Annual Mr a tire til-on UneyIII evenlrt .ss Mrs Mary H. Jeanie St 74 soil Ethel uovpel sinter' Nht will
Saw el P. "Meabitt; Clifford Norton; 0.'. p.rblis; Stadeat Talent Hast ) t. Btste It Buy Mitchell. visiting teaching Mae Deoasrd 9ct: be aecospanleil by Mrs
Rev. p.D. Richardson; Andrew Roblasoa; Ira. Joan tb. Mr* Mr ttldl Tboa. for Duvtl County Ashely Bt 21.. llhelalns Hilt organic
eta.ldlng: Walter H. white' ; Latlaer F. '11Uu,; The project la to help 2119 Dancer St GUI Public Schools. She was B-fij Glover 1II5S Hart 0.015,0w essay 1._u.I../1.1
.. .
secure a worthy .hld..t ". UK 04 Jli .__ ..w
Rev. F.D. Wilaoa. Mra. Irma 0. ward. Mr N Mr. *, fvann Round- Introduced by Art rim L. St ,30 and Clara Wilson. Also aprin on theprom. .......a. Nu It 1.w e..
The Johnson Brancb staff laelade Norsen T. Orq- to farther educatlia at tree lied hermit Rod, Oliver smother visiting HUH Mart Bt 32 .. will be Mrs,, :Unli.. > U III'. .* |"=:': e1ee 4
aa lastiUtion of hither Girl. latch Cross, UIT Built. ,... ..........N Mt
hart, eiecutlve secretary; Jallwa Jones Jr. learalag, sad also to teacher for Duval County Wan Jackson Lora, ...,...... ..:..!. ,
yoath secretary; and Ira. cilia R. Atwater. office Mr.* Ira, lllllM lash-. The ...1 eel progra (con St 27 sad Mary Ana Hurts miss '..*....-, .. 01'..1_, "
secretary. develop or help curs a lgtoe,70 Court DClrl.Mr. elated of vocal solo. by Burtpa ISM ,...,. M.21 ., Jerk wit an, ,l Pvaron LIMY ;
urt', studmt'lolsprovehlsself a Mrs, Charles Mr*. Vivian. Creel, auslc Mallory
e ,. edHcatloaally, clefs. lire Payn curt Resource Isstructor and Thor Cdwsrds. 3622Ardlasia
The Areas of c ipet 1*
Roy.Mr. Rd 2) and
Miss Helen M. Stoddard. Tan lX 1I1't H1v1,. T\l "n TT eon i n Art
Considering the current tread of Ue eeetaer, It tie will ceater aroundisatrsaeatal. a Mr*. Pubis suits, Merle Isstrvctor st the Carolyn O Suloaoa, HOT

alght see a bit oat of place to discuss seta popular, 4401 Treat OB Dr. Bo ...Ub.. w Ollbert Junior tAn? II LOW PRICES
aeclaale. claeslrsl, Girl Tkns suit-but. taey are b iag fetared ao* throagV Senior Kith School
sad creative daaclai. Allea Jr Panaa City. Pla ,
.r..n Fierce.
oat Ue covatry.la spite of Ue ratar.. As anal, Flaal pits for the nh. Tour
they are not designed for sale ..". *eeeer. Kraeet wyatt la taint 1410 Arajco st Boy, 'M. 4tb Valentine Tea 19 and Beverly Ann rJII.-!
east chalraaa. For ap* Mahoa. I ...u. ISftO College
they will still he won by U* wear fee hope). Ira Mra Jobnay eere aaaoaaced st the DRUG STORE NEEDSTrade
pllretloa blanks, COB- Circle 18
The .....&1 aspect of the fashions has been very 2111 Baldela St Buy brief builnets aeetlrg. t.
adequately described by one authority as "Hot tact Mr. Wyatt at Jaae Mr S lra.L..1t Ctltloa.jw Mrs, Lucille Pssll. PTA' Anthony Dennis. Jr Mth Twr ihhurhoxl| ) Drug *>tere
that it reveal so mice. tat Ue fact Uat It reveals Seldom Jokssoa fctoel lists Ate? Girl secretary sad Mrs 1011 East 24tb It 22 lie till Mrrr WIT F irw Any, IM rwj I/KU. Pe """"...
part kertafore ma...." ..rf' to a very bard nwa., Mr S Mr* Aires Oraat. Charles Bestd ire re sad Theola L. Jfsklns. f).II,.r. ,* alao fin all rt>cto-B Prescriptions.
lilt w Ilk St tau, 1307 !Dakota Dr. 19
crowded beach Was _." queatlag that spostcrattass
1If.' Mr a. ".11Ia Little. sal advertlsaeatsfortheValeatlae Alfred Ooolsbj. I9"
Slates EWC Development Fund Committees ITM I,, llth St Girl doublet Logan St 21 and C.r.l. Pharmacy
"t.' Mra, TlMthy clans. be reported by Frlda disc Wsddell. 1424 W

founder's Program Step Up Banquet Program ActionThe 1102 I 9th It Boy FH >th, State St 19. 1)12 Klin III. it Mjrtli InniPlni
Mr, a Mra Own Jobs-
A aperttl aeetlsi was
Activities leading ap Special Coe lttee far the baaet for the Id- 101I.?:U Calvls St .BoyMr arranged for the regalaraosttilypTAMarch Mrs. Taylor To ugh SDMI

to U* animal Fovsder wart water College Dcvelopsjeat Puad has completed S Mrs, Motes Jose ae,tlag Host CGA Heel -----------------------------------
coavlttew aalg..a eit* and dltrtbutH ticket 141 W. 9th St Buy.
Daprograas (Feb. 14 silk the afpeartac PAT YOU UMT, VAIII AMmis uunu
for U* baal..t t* be held la Ue Civic ,
aad |S) at Cooper A* i Mr, a Mrs wllllaa Jea Rev Iraest Neeaaa.pa Tao CarlatleaeuldeAe'
each y will get esder* ditart...*,.h 24. at 1,00: p..Tklbanauetlsoae kiss, Illl Pussy Acres tor of the Kbeaeser .0CI.tlo. .111| aeet lathe if? 101 suit[
way sulk a silver tea .f th* aaay effert t... raise faa to ball the trl e, Olrl Methodist church aa the hose of tke tie -
baday baglaalag st J: 10 MOB ae4e4 graaealM sad It sill teralaate Uls It.. Mr.. Marvla ,**... speaker Ret aetaaapestered prrsMest. Ire, Edith
.... at the laatltatlo year* .ffort, tor>> th* Dwelotweat Nand .179 Seabed Dr Olrl It Joseph ,.,10'. IJM W 19th St
e co-Mine- wie.- i-* ,........................ illn.rntroole J,,
located Mr a Mr* Methodist Cberab oshe 7: JO s *, twesday,
Road. a weekly ingress DouI..A..r.oe| Nigh |B59 avearlag St EaataKe before trees Metiers are snedUattesd "
*, .a the tickets Ikool.D.stiastd. Soy ferrlag to Ocals proailly for best ,
fair .. Meeker *f the a* leader Mr* Ira Tlaothy Joa... tills there he coo sees ef laperttsc. S.. i1
present my CMltte ere for *Dt.1&t.M ere: tins 1tla. Buy successful I* twllejsg a aeakera sre ejected t* 4t .

Aa .Jo Ma flea) Kalaftt, SM*! Harper, srotter* Mr a Mr*. Jobs Miles, b->.,U/ fill edifice beta?. N ".....1 A social hour
,,... 0. liapaoa. J hMy hoed *f MleeplBg Car 4111 Treat Dr Svl his I114llh. I* be'rout .111 be held '-" / t, .41ggt
aa s'A.> *. Prit Porte. **. porters Mr*, u.. .... Mr Its Freddie Metkodlst church after U* h.I.l ..* see<
it.. B.<*Iah flClIIaa. Raph rry. sr.. par.t* Daslels, 7121 ill .o* here sin, A
,re..Ie .. C.earl heads Teacker 4sotlaa.; whorl. Pay
Ae.*r eatrsl ..*>tltry h... Laady, SwlakerCigar rr a Mra Caeasaktk, 9
ef.Biaa ticket and ..... CMrwr; R>.. t.- JTI4 Naeiltea Circle,
C aI. .h. I* sell ticket Ins .111. ... liters' St. 'SetcPt! ;Cn.ttl'

.,.. *Id cvatMt his .t tleaal LgahrM Gitcwfty tidies ,-.;. ,;.,.". ,. ;; ,. ;; II!. ,
$ teat lit street .r Dale, Caper are*a*.
at I p. Alpaae; Gorge 't.".., Receives Note M j A** S.1 AUmi ru CL 4, MU

I Kappas, Dr. J.I.f. II NiJ'l Newspaper
C.HIIUtiel nett Slgaa; ocr APPALACHIAN RAW IAR
CONSULT Dft. SMITH FREE Mill*.*. .*rtl<. ..*; n. Ladles **ill.. sryf SPECIALS H. 'S"
1..1.1... a.1. sarper. Mail Carriers Clal..., Barrack 1111] STEWING OYSTERS H *. 60 ... *l"
; Lana Oos tales, I* ... ef Ue leadlsg laIM SELECT OYSTERS .- 'I"
Tea till Sw .u I* Pests awrws Mt Ue '...'1. I* Cis.; Caarle Tllll aad state *f flcrUs a*
._s.e..e..f M s.nw ,._
na Is CkMta II Sad aet eat *. BMW leOirrt rtIt Jawe .....1... snare; raperte-l by tke lati ssl WHITE PERCH 49c
If Tea Ssffer Wit* Mr*. Mart woes, ...t. haUc.". of *orl. ear u
T.se a eas s ,,'''11 It.L
sf1m1Y1I )0.s P tl.snT Mtonmsas1n1.s aeee*; tr. Clsrle I teteraa of the t 4- LARGE
tLAns. PlffM ttxt l rwtnofLti *- VtlaUaa, pkysltlaas; loWe Ue I.dNNIP.I WHITING u JSc

caa eln xwI smmla. ..... Dr. J.C. c....... 4ea-. He prewle,.t, Mrs Loss SPECKLED TROUT ... 49c KEN KNIGHT
1'otOI. Pt>ldMi *.DIAn71TI .. lists; an,. JeaslsgeM.B cite, the .rgaaltttlMeMCoaletely MID. MULLET 20c Ih. s ? 9'ge
Lane ..nrttl HOM >*t, lawyer. I. 0.S set{..*rlla LARGE ROE MULLET 27e
.ttfnl xeeAPU L 1WTt.... stauaBsaoaonc *.*.. tea-Aer. awrteat. Its aWr.ai, drill. SALT MULLET ?is. 27e Invrtcs You To Listen To-
I Inca IPMI a 8M I KBCMMIMSO .. Atlaata Life Ira, Rlr. lieeksr Ie I
T* fc SALT MULLET ROE .. 91e
w use t1RC furl IU4G *M |aarf. CMfasy; 1.6an..d Sealer Vice '?..- ,eat. STEAK FISH 57e IIG IAND"DANCE
mtmr .e eomPr Jr. ceatral .r*. M ..,..... tale< u

I treat ee-.e'llleae ....all *.*.|*."c ssrglesl.itbeel Life I...,... OMpsay. life presKMt wr*, JUMBO SHRIMP ... ... PARTY"
tte ... ef .ar. *.*.". .oNe e ef ... arfOt fl* rt .. !. L ("..,
seals and ....awet. Pa*.- suna n Adder Life lMracCMpaay. Mr* ,"
CIIILI-U ,elre .....*.". fr*.4le. la jM__..11.. i. "***.tr* I. Secretary YELLOW TAIL SNAPPER ... 57e llf.UI' 11:21: 'til I2.lSilirlij :
ecu 1C .. U .:_ t.S. -- ...1 B. still tA.,..*. Pllgrta Life Relative .f .et.,..a MANGO SNAPPER ... 59c
DR. REX SMITH Decrease CIte,*., ad *,* *,*,. leJ.11 effort SPANISH MACKllll ... J9c I f.i 'III 12 ",,..

-. r... State Krvet ('.stab.' Ira Lode ..*r1g t. ,. pecajr tie elfe aftr MIXED BOTTOM fiSH ... 2ge

/ "nee ......." ........ lit .,. gi..ue.eeerttohlls heard liters Calleg Ilgltlsg *.. .* FRESH WATER CATfiSH is 49c 1400 WRHC 1400JL
....1. ,...."..,



1 itti '

\ I -4 I


I Saint Gabriel's Elevated To .Organized Church Following Convention. I

Gels Award For Dedicated Work Central Baptist Nationally Known Stars To Appear Here

Posts Order Of .... .; I t
Services :' T CrjurrfjJ&toeREAIER

Sunday ;.r; "I

Central Baptist Church .., ..( NP JFWJSALOI"
will begin services Sunday "'I :;. ..F.a Holy Communion services will be held Sunday la

with Sunday schoolat .a.aS Greater New Jerusalem Baptist Church Sunday

9:30 .... with the School begins at 9:30: .... Rev It. II. Moss, pastorat
superlntendant' in charge.At Shiloh Baptist Church faycross. fia will deliver

the 11:00 *. .. services the sermon at 11 .,.. at 3 p... Holy COM-
the pastor Rev.R. union service with the Rev. Mr. lIOn. and other
Lewder Jones, will Inisters In charge.
speak on the subject --FIRST NEW DON--
Surety-Ship. choir 1 t, First New Zion Baptist' Church services Sunday begin
: (I and Usher Board 1 will S with the Sunday School at 9:30 a.... with Superintendent -

J '. serve throughout the day. Joseph D. white in charge. At 10: 1)
,, I The Youth Department .... Rev. Leroy J. Clayton pastor will discuss
4ii1I.\ .. will have Bible study at Tarabies of the Kingdom." The financial and
HONORFD-61.ter Rosetta Cohen noted religious and 4:00: p.s.and the child attendance banners will be presented. The morning
civic worker In Jacksonville received the honorary ren'* choir will rehearse service begins at II o'clock; BTU at 5:30 p....

church of the Pint I Bum Church of the Living at five O'clock.\ with Deacon Lonnle fright presiding. Group 1 will
God and a crown for her dedicated work in the religious The BTU Hour will beheld present the program, under leadership of ..... Rutha
field. A very talented alnter. Sister at 5: 4S p. .. with Unite. Evening: service at 7 o'clock. The pastor

Cohen won the title as Queen of the Jacksonville Deacon A. Jackson in will deliver the Messages and Choir 4 and Usher
District and the South Florida Dloce which convened charge. Later in the Board 4 will serve The Deacon Board will meet

In Ft. Pierce. evenlcg at seven deck at 7:30 p.-.
First Born Church Is located at 825 W. Monroe St. the congregation will .CHURCH OF ODD-
and Is under the pastorship of Rider A. Hill. Sis have The Lord's Supper Pastoral Day will observed Sunday in the Church

ter Cohen wishes to thank her many friends for and Christian Fellowship. of God In Christ 4 throughout the day. Elder f.F.

their help. (Royal Art Studio Photo) limy: ACTIVITIES Faust pastor, will deliver the Messages for the
--. major services, ninday sdiool begins at 10 .... ..withMM
vSt. Paul AME Monday-A special business ... B.M. dills In charge. Evening service at 7
SS Executive meeting of the Mlsslonury IN GOSPEL SINGING' EXTRAVAGANZA Brother and Slater Pugh of the Consoler: and o'clock with Charles Sullivan In charge. District

Board MeetsAt Will PresentJU Eocittj will be the Brooklyn All-Stare will headline an evening of "Spiritual Bliss" gospel 2 will sect Tuesday at 7 p... ; Bible Band Meeting

held under leadership singing concert here Monday.! Feb. 8 at 8:00 p... at Cdward Raters College: according at 8 p... Business. Meeting Wednesday evening and
2nd BaptistThe Choral Grp. of' its president, Mrs. F. to Mrs. Ethel Davenport Bannlater, sponsor and "Jax' First Lady of noonday prayer Thuraday! with II.... Gladys Ruth in

Dr. Francis Klnne, dean V. arter.an. Being at Gospel Songs." Serving with equal prominence on the program will be Paul Owen charge. Thursday night all missionaries have been

executive board of of music at Jackaonvllle seven 0' clot'tbe\ teet- for erly with the Dixie Humming Birds the Swan Sllvertone quartette, now with asked to Meet with the paator. Friday, early morning -
the Sunday School and University, will present Ing will allow for diacusslrg the Brooklyn All-Stars. Owens will be renewing friendship with a legion of followers prayer will be held with Deacon Ollie B. Jackson -

B.T.U. Convention will professor Gersin Yessen of a one-day In the Jaw community. Local favorites also appearing on the program will in charge.
held st
meet at Second Baptist and the Jacksonville session. to be Include New St. James' Choir 3, Mrs. Harry Mae Anthony, director; The S. sa- --MT. TABOR BAPT1ST"

Church rrli'ay Feb 12at University Chorus In a Palttka.TuesdtyPrrjrer tional Holy Travelers, Mrs. D. Bartley manager; Celestial Gospel Singers with Services Sunday in Mt. Tabor Baptist Church VIIIbegin

10:00: a... one hour musical recital teetlng Nathaniel Marvin Collins, and Art Goodman and the president accompanying at the with the Sunday School at 9:30: ..... with
.. will follow
An auillllary to the 4:00 p... Valentine's at 8:00: p. console. Advance adwlaslon tickets are on sale at the usual places. Deacon Jason Barr in charge. Conaecratloo service
led the
Bible study by
Progressive Baptist Dsy. Feb 14, in the at 10- U a,..At 11 a.m.. morning service with Rev.
State Convention of main auditorium of st. pwtor.WednesdayChoir 2 will Steps For Acquiring Property, Dwayne Sweet Wins H.T. Overstreet. pastor in charge. Holy Communion
Florida, the association Paul AME Church. service at :3 p.M.All choirs and ushers will serve.

embraces district! presidents The Chorus will be have p. .. rehearsal and Friday at night 8:00: Construction Program, Underway Annual Baby Contest Ira Qla: M. Singleton and Mrs. Dorothy Child are
and their staffs under the direction of the accompanists.
Choir 1 will rebearae. First honor In the recent -
froni all cress of the professor C. Edward Local parishioners and friends of Saint Gabriel' --MT. BCTHO. BAPTIST-
February is the month Baby Contest>> apon-
state minister of music. ] communion services will be held in Mt. Bethel
Brjeii, of Sunday revival with Mission were pleased to learn this week that the cored by the" Carh Ann Holy
O.I. Scott and Rev.Leon st Klvvrsli'f Baptist 122nd annual convention of the Episcopal Diocese Baptist Church Sunday. The Sunday School begins
the pastor in charge.Thepublic Greene Fcboltrhhlf Fund
T.Freesian will alternateas Church. of Florida held recently In Pensaoola, approved at 9'30: .... with Mrs. Ross Lee Clbbs la
1* invited to Committee, were won fry
presidents during the Rev. A. C. Chandler Attend aervlcea.Promotion elevation of the Mission to an organized church Dwayne Sweet the son of charge The lesson topic. 'Tarables of the Kingdom
one-day session. Rev. J. pastor of the religious statua.Father T. Vincent Harris rector, announced and Mrs f D. Ew>tt. ," will be reviewed by Rev. 6. A. Thomas. pas
C. Same, host pastor, edifice located at 13th Given ....................... Mr 1465 *. 8th Strut tor. Morning service at 11 o'clock xenon by the

will preside during St and Kyrtlf Are. Father Harris stated junior warden; Dr. Hunter Runnerup prite tent to paator. The Holy Communion will be lnlstered

for.alatlon exercisesfor disclosed Monday tint New Stanton GradSAN that the Dloceae Department H. Satterwhlte, Edward J. I. Day III. the at :3 P.M. by the pastor and officers diotr 1 and

the annual sessionin there is no admission ANTONIO, Tex. ..J.... of Missions reccommended treasurer; Erie 0. Simpson son of Mr. and Mra J. I. Usher Board 1 will serve throughout the day.NCT .

Bradenton price for the affair M. Scene son of MerrlckS that property lay reader; Leonard Day, 228 Neptune ft -- OALILEX BAPTIST
Other alnlsters to take .rw' extend an invitationto Sam** Sr. of 1970 W be acquired and that Collier stewardship and Pltigerblri Lynuon services Sunday la New Galilee Baptist) Charch
part in the planning and the public to attend Sixth St.. Jackaonvllle, plans for the first unit chairman Mrs Magnolia Hunter the son of Mr will begin with the windy School at 10 a.*.. with

completion of the"*one- .wtb..iwltaral vent. has .been promoted to' of n building program C. Brown secretary; and Mr.. Lee A. Neater Mr.. Gertnide'dtols la charge. Moralag service
day session ire: Rev? The ""r..., i.sponsored'by airman first class lathe Mr*. Hor tense C. Gray at 11 o'clock. Choir 1 and Usher Board 1 will
K.H. "Robinson Rev C.H. L. J. Roberts Jr. to U.S. Air Force at repreaentative tor R>la- 'I ..".. The Holy Coasmnion: will) be adalniatered at

Calhoun of Tampa; Rev benefit Et. Psul's choir Kelly APB. Tex. 'r copal Church UDmon; Mra. 5:30: III... Rermons by Rev. J.w. carter paator.
J.L. Stephens, and Rev 1. Airman s.... 1* a comunicatlona Carrie Parsons, Altar ..TABOWAaK '-.

M.J. Wllliama.Alexander Other talent to appear center spec Guild chairman; and Mr. v.DvATI 1 Services Sunday in Tabernacle Baptist Institutional

Heard will on the program Includes ialist In a unit that Edna P. Harris, director h church will start with the Sunday Schoolat
present plans as the 10101lta. C1 arence Felder supports the Air Force of mualc.saint 9:30: .,.., with flnperiatendent C.A. Lawrence
State BTl Director.loyal) and Miaa Agnes Robinson; Communication Service Gabriela will 1 la m.,... The lesson will be reviewed by a Member

Leonard J. Robert, who session of maintainingconiunirationa continue services every of claaa 3. Morning service at 11 o'clock.

rill recite hit own for con Sunday at 8:00: .. .. inBlenda Sermon by Rev. I. L Young pastor At S P..., the
vernon of 'lrt"npretalion. > trol of global Air Force Chapel located I Holy communion will be administered by the pastor

Crown Professor Allen operations. at 4815 Avenue B. while and dencona.W1TO .
Crocn will provide back 'The airtianlaa graduate negotiations for acquiring .- BAPTIST"
ground susie while Roberta of New Stanton Senior FATHER HARRIS church property The communion service In United Baptist Chant

makes the recitation High School and the aubaequent constriction will get underway "unday at t p... Both cfcolrawtl)
,, Immediately inatltu- program, FT. aerve. The today school begins at ':41 .... All
ted. This baa been in
Harris concluded SUIT d.acoee.aes will serve. Rev. ..L Ruth pastor
itiated. Harris
communion service mad deliver
will have charge of the
tinued. 1MB B. 36th fct, Apt. 9
3 Following Tuesday St. Paul Completes won third hoaoraDwayne 1 rRIyDOM the BAPTI"aermoaa.."
was sponsored 1 by>>
night's Meeting the In freedom Chwrch will
Services Sunday Baptist
Plans For AnnualAnniversaries
Pin Cod Mother. .ra.Ithl .
LOCATIONS following officer were Blsmoa open with the Sunday School at 10 .....with Demon
sad hisuncle
appointed.Charlen) I.... Roger in charge. Covenant meeting will beheld
1 830 Cauat Avo Faraona. aentor Mack Hayes.Icaters at 11 ..*., and a communion service at 4 P...

i warden; Giles Cummings, The 87th amimkirt of of_the mpoaaorla"organl a... John U Montm..". pastor will have cnarg*.
3701 1 Emerson tloB are:
It Paul Baptist' Churrb .FIRST ODWITM rnsr-.
Mrs Lonlae Oenwrlght,
Bethel ContinuesSunday and the third of Rev. R. Service Suaday" in First Coristh Baptist COwrchare
1824 Beaver president; Mr* Claudia
1e1 L. Baker pastor will scheduled with the "Sunday School ml 9.30: a.*.
Settle. Mr* Iluhcrock.t.
be held Feb 8-12. oralag service at 11: IS o* elect Ta* choir and
The teak of SUB day. Revival Monday night. Rev Palest Mr*. Esther MRlemoBs natters will II,... "' .1., service at t: U o'clock.

at Bethel Baptist Cease Price, pastor itSt .. GweaiMiaMil "... tu .'.. paator.
DOLLAR DAYS ARE HERE AGAIN S institutional cu ret will Matthew Baptlat lard., Deacon vr eM Mrs.

AZAK-IRISH Oil SMOKEDSAUSAGE continue through r.b.21. Church and ooagregttion Arthur Fergseom, liesLecltds
2 Tie remalalsi seraoss will have charge.
in. Stewart Mia Good a.walAsthma
| \ 00 la the revival will he Tuesday night. Rev C. pelpklte A. Those Mrs.
delivered by Rev.R.N.Illeoa..l.leter hitten of Mt. Pleasant Marie Mcaeever.Nra. Mary & Hay Fever Sufferers
SPARE RIBS 3 Baptist O1.reb.Calhb..
us. drug lit.htoa. aaU Ire I.
BUDGET SLICID OR WHOLI SLAB the morning and evtalrg and member will conduct Nalmlia dciaser.fkeors Report Relief In Minutes

BACON 3 of the First and Second the aervlce.edaeadsy. e..a.we. o-erw. ...... hake a..se.a.case. .
"STIW TIMI" MEATY Sunday and aermoas: for Bight law .' Scheduled pee.ag..lRgeh..e DNce .. .1.c ......-
the nisei week will be 8. A. Those pastor, Mt, .-.., be .
a c..e.a w --
Bethel Baptist Charch. For Miss A. Johnson ..,.- eM..eMr.waw M ... tr.w e wr.rrw +
!!DT! nlrEW: by Caesar Oar, minister r ew e.w _we _sr..r se _
LIGS 1 of Coed Street and cotgregatlon IB Wise UM"aJOUlOIIwu r.-.M NWe- ... -

FRYER PARTS ru.ICON.. 3 Baptist Church, tllM.. charge. elected general chairmen --.....--Mw-r --. enr e.. r-Ar.a.... -tun-1..re.- -_..
US. < C..r r e.. j I era IAA r _
Ii" Rev.
Thtir ay t. D.
Tex. reb. 1521. A for the aaasal Wosea'sDay ..
FORK ere P. 4..1 t1.aw mmt mmmm ** MVHOLLEY'S
special revival chor.. J. Jones of Bcod Baptist celebration ia Grant -'.:'=,::..fr..ww I a. .s.r w Oew =,as..ti.a:

HASLETS 3 LIS. mill serve forthia Charch. Callekn. M.maral ANKCaarch.which
Bur OR PORKKIDNEYS period. sail embers IB charge. it scheduled March 14

4 LIS. tkrowdlost tke dal.OliD .




MIATY ELgin 4-1894




AB-Ctbrs. II-I ., FUEL

LIMIT LB.1 lOc Sn Sirs First brnrUSsb! N.1

t M St llleritl N.Is.
PLEASENo -litirf '..lIc- ....... .. .

MAUUf uIa. 2- Im4 Ti
Open Dally tat ........
.. _
1171 llip tail mffnWXUt4

I ,


t ( t


Diamond Star Turns Thesipian Gun Accidents Former Virginians Reunite GI Loan Guaranty Deadline

-,: > .v Lead In Casualites I Set For Korean War Veterans I

TALLAHASSEE-Gun accidents -
resulted in 313 ... I !Korean Conflict veterans face their tint d loan
cssualtlss during 1964. guaranty deadline] this Month, the Veterans Ad*
Blnlatration cautioned this week
60 of blch fatal.
according to the ere official ., On January 31, 1983 ........................

r Ire am Casualty Report eligibility for 01 loans eran therefore, should
compiled by the Florida begins to expire for see that"' Ms loan application .

0... mad Fresh WsterOoawlssion. '" those with shorter periods reaches the
't of service VA beforehlsentitlementexpires.

Of the 313 casual tlea. '1a &J. Gannon Officer In .
SI of the accidents Involved thane, VA Office, Jacksonville *
hunters vlth 33 pointed out BOYS WANTED
of the banters being iy that a veteran's loan
youths under 18 years of r.FOL'NDEAS' cannot be guaranteed
accldenta unless the loan application Yn Eau CislSilliii
age. Six of the :- _.'
occurred .nil* Is received by the
hunting deer 2 hlle VA before the veteran's Tki
turkey bunting 31 anile ... eligibility upl ret.
: hunting aaall I.... 19hlle ,. Loan applications are
hunting anlaals DAI SPKAKDOr. Florence Roans, recent rounders' Day speaker for ordinarily sent to the FLORIDA STAR
other than gus and 3 Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority at Florida University renews her acquaintance VA lenders. The vet
4 not identified. Seventeen .1th a young friend Manuel Alston, .".I-.ar-old son of Dr Kelvin 0. Alaton ,
of the hunters sire dean of the TWO School of Education. Looking on Is Dr Alston a foner reel
il using rifles 41 sire deal of Norfolk who Bade history la his fight for equalization of teacher
-..rCATOIING ic= using shotguns 2 were salaries la the state of Virginia. A foner president of the Norfolk Teachers
using handguns and 1 Association and the first Negro In the city's public schools to earn a doe*
A SIGNAL John Roaeboro. catcher of the not Idsntlflsd. torats. Dr. Alston taught for 11 years at Booker T. aahlniton HUh School In
Loa Angeles Dodgers Bssebsll tea, tuna actor to Norfolk. Dr. Roans, the Alpha Kappa Alpha rounders' Day speaker. Is head of the
play aradloaan la "Streetcar: 03 fOil Read Me?".. Publisher Proves tlart..t! of Education at l thane-Oook.an College, Daytona Beach.GovM Uncoverthe
a drama on NBCTVa, raft Dispense Theatre"color

.series 'Thursday, Feb. 29 (10-11 p.m.' EST). Deft On ComebacklAaiWOTON Agencies Slate Recruiting Under Dog B-CC truth...
The. teleplay) concerns young Air Force SAC of
fleer, >ho la afraid to ftce.up to his responsibilities. '- Conference At Bethune Cookman Outlasts Rams
H. Johnson prssldentof nukes better drinks.

Company Johnson Chicago Publishing has DATTONA BSACH-On February 12, the civil Service DWTONA 1tACN: -rrd 01 fa- Prove it with
Tallahassee To Provide Setting discovered that his visitto Coaailssloo and a number of ao"mllllt Agencies .ho son, BethuneCootanfreshaan 7 Crown. More peopledo.

For Atlanta life Conference the nation'a capital are leaher of the ftoutheestern Federal Recrutlng cane off the Seagram's 7-
Council will
daring the Inaugural aendatea of representstlves to pr.beneh In the final two The Sure One
ATLANTA-fte second foor-day Plannlag and Program seek. ... ore than he sent an'Tuploymwt Outlook Projrw" With should Inutes of the "12 d.
Conference Branch Managers,Supervisors end son. had anticipated But b. of Interest to all) studmts. ................ ..at-tItian"-. ....-. Atat. Bess to
top agents froa Alabaaa and Florida .11 1 be held Feel year the Federal '. salved for applicants .,
John eon also proved thathe bring a victory of (Mal.RCC .
at T&!Jabu.... by the Atlanta Lift Insurance Co. was able to turn a Government *ploys Mrs ho choose to substitute trailing mast of
beclnnlng Monday, "February Ith and continuing than their scores on the
surprise to his ad- 1J.OOO qualified the ...., had a 178
through fedneaday February 10th. college graduates for apltude testof the Graduate
................ vantage.Johnson. regarding In Record Cisalnatloala lead lth 90 seconds ,
These Infonatlve, In- say Introduced careera aside left hen Gibson tll'i
apt rat tonal and estiva- and Ft. arth, Teias.aa to Atty. Joe Nellie ofhllllllltoa raaie of profess place of the ran rro 11fro.. 8U Augustine
ting conferencea elll in Louisville. Ky.. and formerly stoat lid occupations General teat StartingBTjarylsususlly took charge, scoring t ,
and Tallahaasee la coordinating In the Federal 6ervia.The 19,000
project the nee 19 S of Chicago by Its gum five points
these, Trtve and Thrive the work of pctaet coluanlsts of Federal) Employ sent 'I..r. but outstanding The tea fro* Albeny) .ktrn
In '89" according to the district aiaaagera, the Sun ra..., durtss a Outlook progra la scheduled candtdatea can be paid a Georgia brought a 10 3 CrcwNINII
the Agency Director F.t. and aipervlaors SB it chance ...th, la the at Bethaae-Cookaaii beginning salary of record into Moore 0y.aslus (
rrothro. jr.. .ho Is s relates to tb. ltn accelerated Statler-Hlltoa Hotel. College and sill conveneat M.OM. last night, Including /IIIM// 11
saber of the Board and cospany' pl.apast Though they hsdn't set 1:00 p... students Federal Agencies need a 18-69 victory r,;,: LL.Ilari
ofthe to advance its In-force will have an opportunityto about 1,100 au graduate
vice president before they ..,. op"* the previous night over
Nsttosal Insurance business through step poaeata la a la..ult.Reooverlag receive first hand of physics che Florida AaM. It .as the I eNpN ;
Aaaoetatloo.The upservlce and nee po ailed fro iBfonttlOB about e.* Utry- BsUienstlcs, and Rattlers' first defeatof
second prograiag lie contracts. ployaent opportualtlea other physical science MKUS IIUIHI t)SNsL I 11 IUM.I M.MIf M N4 IIH IMS MltlM tMilf
a aoe hat eabarraaslagconfrontstloa the sewn.
and tralalng confab .111 Hoe office field audltore Johnson, Keynote I"'IfUI ap eel alt tie*. ----- -
hold dally sessions, st aantgers sad 1th no visible enotlM be ".1.: McD)snell, Recrutlai -
). cashier repreaentatlvea and College
the Florldlan set. shoeing eiplsiaed the Re
Monroe Street la Talla* ill alao.attandUeoo- change I. ,111I"1'ldtaUf. latloaa Officer Atlanta
b...... T.lah011 ferenc thla ei ..,10.. Civil serviceDossil
shops Ire alao planned planatloa gave Nellie aaloa.
to b. h.U taj'SaVannah, ... ... ..00.' thoughts sheet Curial the afternoon
the eslt. fro 2.00: to 4:10 p...,

Citations for A&H Seniors the representatives of ER c
these aienclM elll >e su
-... ...,._ -
E !. .
"rI' d\ Moore kanaalu where
students ooataet tkea
-. '. for further' laro.Uo., OPEN SUNOAy IT EDGCWOOO AND W B FROM 9 JIM. i01?P.M.
ro"'''''. applications,

,sraoaa] ...Uo...
Aboat half of the poi GOOD
sltloss for fetch Us U. S. WESTERN CENTER CUT

oaten.at recrslt col
leg graduate. ed> year
are filled through the CHUCKROAST PORK
1 Federal' Service tot rue
e RiMlattlM.: Ot>Bduete4aaasally
the FKKK Is
.ted te fill I eatreaee
level poeltloas la shout
M Ottvpstloatl fieldsrantlag -* CHOPSLB.

: free electrode
data proc utag aad persnMsl .
: : ......t to so-
.CIIVI Io4otAIIMpS- HII. n.- a ...- Ir i.u Leh ".... ......... &I. I..M del acrltyslslitratlo -
_4 pa-,.... ...........1erWe AAM U............./..Mrt. Shia.y D..er4 1a. ,-, ....+., end tai aollectlola *- 39*::
kw '...... .... .+l..My ,.,..... -.4.. ........ AMU. ... ,..4p......s s4..a.l.nhle. LB. 59
,.._y ..rd.d ..,.........by .. Assrf.a c. s....... Men. 1.. N..1Inest Federal offleeetknxfhost .
,. 4...... Dl.1d.. n.,_ A-eril. c_M Sed.ty. _... .. e..M/.s..i... the Calte
'nOM ........ ...... di1.. 0.. 0_ A. M..... I ee4 .. .. V AMU D.-... Mate .. *,.,..*.. It
............ ,..... td..r..1..1. __ Is .,. to all ml lei*
graduate aad to s.I,,.

.. It.sSlit ( to elll ..,hit degree GIANT SIZE
KPIII rw I r..!. etlhla alse
sculls, regsrsl.ee ef
Slit lifilrlifU tajera.Afplltaats.
in nil Isle B duet erlttea
test *f general skill
Ore H .f 6 a in Is hr tie*,give several tie**
tfiriaf the ed.ee) year
.y (tit hsitits
M *r Bear every OMv.e,
fceeever, the critics LB. 49
us riHiu m. lest '...1'..t sep be 59

;,, t "'k'e,,"jir With A Style"

IM A.e Hilt I viti Sf.la lift Fn< I'.if ,iti 15." ir lift (Ml if.if


R r J


Tree latest HII'S" Hair Styles Y YEUOW ONIONS 3 u, us lk 1

Are Taught At The

JaCkSOIVill1Barber Your Photographic Needs PLATE MAYONNAISE lUll 3'e


1817 N. MYRTLE AVE. 'It ..... >

630 DAVIS STREET (Itt Sufi's. IfMm I".IIII..UI PEACHES m); tn 25e

lictiuiDli. rtiri.r .S4-J2I2 ROYAL' RICE ) u. '11. 33$

:i --ii-:

I'''. :-:-,. ,. ,

- iI t J p J I.w t

.\ ..


.. Albany State Assist Annual Campaign Drive Local 218 AFL Honors Officials

r J 1 Teen Talk I To Host SEAC During Impressive Program HereBy

d : Bumics p. PIIGH
Cage TourneyALBANY. I ,
( International and state representatives were
HI Teens OB .. Albany : : spotlighted alone with local officers and members
How goes thlngi? Pine? SwellI! im still Someone State College will be : last Thursday night seek when Local 211 of the International -
compUlntni I should say so. I know many of you. the .c.ae of the S oath- Laundry workers, Dry Cleaners and
art trying to get over the D-Day shock (Monday, eastern Athletic Conference 4.'I Chemical Workers Union A.,.L. fathered for a sumptuous
rerort cards). Oh well! You know how things are! basketball 'I banquet In Elks Lest 712 I. Duval Street
=-- fiadbarren..hopeless. tournaaent on February26th on behalf of a departing local official.
r Honoree for the occasion.........................
s Just think only 17 more weeks to and 27th.
goal! To some It aay seem long but Teams from Edward Waters was I.L. Archer whose Mildred Klsg. Mr.. Ml-
to others (like myself) Its short! College, Savannah State t.I successful representation selle McNUb. Mrs. Jua-
Say Teens I Want to get'ln on the College, Claflln College efforts Sn the Jacksonville nita tynn. Mrs Minnie
latest word In spring fashion? Its Morris College, area has resulted waters, Mrs Jaratha
ROBIN really. going to produce some instant Paine College, and I 'I'IAID In his being promoted Pollen!. .ri>. Vlrslnla
heart failure (nix with a little H20 of Florida Memorial College to the Atlanta Riley
course). Zippers, stripes, dots, and color con will be the parti regional office.Mr. Also Mrs. Ullle Saunders. -
cipants. Archer will be succeeded Mrs. henna Undo
trait are the latest news In fashion.
Zippers are the most! Zip zip away I zippers aro Albany State won the MARCH-Members of Kappa Delta Chapter of Alpha poi Omega fraternity at by Paul Jones of lira Betty Doris Mra.
at large..whipping speedily up and down the newest tournament last year and Florida A&M University. have carried out their national goals of community service Miami who also gave Annette Randolph. Mrs.
spring gadabouts. From jackets to jumpers big has hopes of repeating. by participating In the "door-to-&Jor and store-to-store" drive of the brief remarks followingMr. Ellsc Williams and Mrs.
zippers are putting the scooter Set In motion. Trapping SeasonLAKE Tallahassee March of Dimes campaign. They. have sought the aid of all Tallahaaseans Archer. Dorothy McCora.a friend.
In this city-wide. effort.Plctured here started doorbell The clubroom was tastefully Mrs. Annie Ise 'Tatum.
The most common commotion today Is about a mere as they out on a
setter of zips. As efficient as ever, they go buzzing CITY'Florlda'strapping ringing campaign one night this week are left to right: Joe H. Williams, decorated in the caterers hostessesMorse
up and down all the clothes in sight and season on protected Camden New Jersey.; Joe Lee Lavlnd, Perrine. treasurer of Kappa Delta Chapter; Local's colors of orange sal Brisker rimed
look decorative about it too. They also think big; fur-bearing Joseph Steel, Eustls, secretary; Hugh Anderson Gainesville; and Lasont N. and white, and the tasty 'Bon Voyage" to Mr.
animals opened Dec. 1,
som.otth. newest zips don't stop until they; reach white, Pensacola. Other officers not shown here art Gerald Parker Orlando, buffet luncheon consistedof Archer oa behalf of the
giant size) And buzzzzzz-there you. go. and continues through president, and Robert Mdtlroy Marlanna, vice president. barbecue chicken with Local' a membership.
Many of these zippers are accompanied by buckles, March 1. all of tie filings.

hooks and strings. So, look out. [Don't let caught Deltas 52 YearsOf During the program.'t.
in one of these traps. Recognize ABOUT PEOPLEOne L. Albercromble International ComingEvents

The belt boom Is on, looking better than ever Vice Presidentof
with Its )loose-tied airs! A belt Ideloglcal Existence Atlanta, who also
easy riding can of the season's J loveliest sf fairs honored Elder -
served during the Jsi
get you everywhere! Members of the Jacksonville Alumnae) Chapter of the J.M. Tsrvls pastor of the House of God, in a '
Dots dashes stripes, solids they're all Delta filgma Theta Sorority celebrate their fifty-. colorful birthday dinner at the home of Deacon L. Urban League sponsoredAnti'Poverty
coming together with a terlfflc clash! Kind of reminds second Pounders' Day in the home of fioror 1'I&11y. B. Rivers. A Pro-Valentine T' rill
you. of wearing the Morse Code dot on dash 'J!. Math is, 1160 Durkee Drive. This year's programwas Given by. members of the church the dinner provided on the executive committee .. be sponsored by the Ml slonarles -
dot dot, da ah on dash closed. .........".........a.. ample occasion for the abundant bestowingof spoke briefly.A at New Redeem
Many of the/'hip skinners have silk screened prints gifts upon the pastor resolution was unanimously Bartlrt Church. Sunday at
already on th en. Makes you think you are an ar The observance honored red and white carnations The dining table was beautifully attorned with a pasaed lauding 3 p.m. at the church.
members of the Jackson'villa honoring them as the Florida STAR for its
tist's drawing board huge white cake, topped with candles Members. of Appearing oa program
If It looks good It looks good! That's fashion's Chapter who were the present and put. the church gathered around the table to sing the support during last will be: Choirs 1,2.3
latest word. .. and just in time for the merry mixups awarded the first char- president, respectively, traditional 'Happy. "Irthdar" and wish the pastor year'a successful strike host church; Mrs. Annie
of spring. Why not try wearing jelly)I bean colors ter May 17, 1744.A of the Jackaonvllle many happy returns.A which brought about 1IIobl.y./ Mrs. Florence
this year? No place for the pale, wan creature tape recording, ello- Alumnae) chapter. delectable menu was served after prayers by better inking condition Brown Mrs. Connie leather
/this quently. narrated by So- So ror Mary F. Col era an, for the Local a membera
spring! Color's the word.Jelly bean colorsweet the assistant pastor Elder CM. Edwards. *poon Anderson Mm.Thelma .
strong, good-enough to eat color, nixed ror Annie Ruth Brown vice president of the Seated at the offlclala' Norman, Mrs

purposely to do wonderful new things for your Invited members to review chapter, prepared the ................. table were: ElUsbeth Green, Miss
their experiencesIn punch which was served Mr and Mrs. Archer .
clothes! Rosslya Jackson, Mrs.
If none of the above mentioned styles appeal to the Delta sisterhood. after the program. Mr and Mrs. Estee Spencer of 1421 I. 14th At., Mr Abercropbit. Mr and Adeline Quartersea. Mr..
you this spring, wear "newsy ruffles" Delta songs which interspersed Mother Anderson proudly announce the engegement and coming marriage Mrs Jones, Mr and Mra. Clolne Riley., Mrs. Eunice
\With this preview of the spring fashions, I'" sure the narration, of their daughter Rosetta Lubertha. to Albert Philip ,tbltehead Jai Matthews Rev E.I. Norman -
you'll all be stinging.' in the rocks while beingon were sung by; fiorors Ro- Heading First Born's Willlama Daniels Jr., the son of Mr. and Mrs. A. representative; Orvllle and others.
topll! lyestlne Bowman, Annie W. Daniels, Br., of Miami. Morris Tampa area; repreaentattve .
If you were rom between Oct. 24 and Nov.22. listen Ruth Brown Mary Coleman Evangelist Meetings The weddlag will be an event of Feb. 20 at 6:00: ; and J. t.Nutt .
to this: Your greatest strength lies In your. Queen Bruton and -1' p... In the Greater Payne AMC surd A receptionwill representing the Little Rock Baptist
Myrtle 'I1m.r.pre.ent srinswlck; Ga. workers; Church choir 2 will
mental fortitude. Take and look Into .
your eyes up
follow Immediately at the home of the bride. .
the skies and If you. fall to see the files taking at the affair : l li No Invitations are being cent out, but friends of vrs Gladys Shannon. sponsor its 7th annual
their exercise, then realize that you're. about to held in their honor were : the family are invited. heed stewart! aDd assistant Pretty Hat Tea Feb. 2tat
by hypnotized by the Horrl bhacop.. the charter members who Internntloaal re- 4 p. ..r" contestantsare
Check next week for the Nov. 23 to Dec. 21 scope had red and white corsages i,..................... preseatstive, sod Mra. : Mrs. Willie Nee
cause its a ditty. pinned on by one A.II Annie Laurie Carr aaaletaat Howell Mrs. Helen Brown
BYE NOftIII,! I of the JackaonvllloChapter's ,Wedding bells will also ring for the attractive .steward sod latereatloaal aid Mra Pearlle Mme
HometbwoeirMakeTtfoofBVANSTON .... :''' first itBOjtoy. : ... ,Mlaa Betty Jean Hi If.der.tt., daughter of Mr. and repreeenta-) ;Johnson. Assisting with
tel, 'Soror Catherine .Uhou religious Mrs M.H.. Toreedcrsft. She .111 become the bride tile the contest are Mra.
: UJ.-I'tPI-1b.) basketball news centered Jack eon. leader Motbri Catn ili>* of Quetla Meessr son of Mrs. willlsm lesser and Tb. stow per 4pallllswere ....1. Baker. Mrs. Tb.lma
on a hometown boy returning here to showoff So ror Wlnona C. Alexander Anderson of Panama City the late Mr. Measer. the reclrleots of Thompson aDd Mra. C. 0.
his talents before a local audience of T. &00 ,one of the twenty-, will open two weeks of The bride-elect is a graduate of Northwestern laudatory remark by; the
In a Big Ten basketball game. two young. women who founded nightly EvtDgellM MeetIngs High School and Benedict College of tblumblaC.. sponsors for their outstMtdita Huger.'U. .
Cazzle Russell former Chicago Carver High school Delta Sigma Theta startI' fupi'ay at The prospective groom is a graduate of !New Stanton success ID alttiri -
prep star now starring for the Michigan wolverines/ Sorority. on Howard uni- ':00 O'clock li First High and Florida MM University.. Local 211 la being Usher Board I. of St.
thrilled the crowd In his first appearance here versity' campus in Born Temple 825 ,. The wHUng is planned I for early fall placed oa a sound working Matthew Baptlet Cnerch.
since becoming a collegian and a topnotch star 1913 was paid special Monroe St. rlrer A. t.lllh darks the past will hold its aaaaalValeatlae
by scoring 39 points to lead the wolves to a 00-63 tribute as a living symbol Hill psstor.Mother I .................... eight months for s Tea Feb. 14
victory over Northwestern University. 1 of the highest ideals Anderson is '' ood'Job.-welInns. from 4 to S p.." at Ue

The 38-polnt output tied Russell's personal scoring of Delta, widely known for her 4 speedy recovery is extended to Mrs. Annie Collins Husbands" and frlradawbo church A program has
record as Big Ten player.IMPERIAL toms Florida I. Cave tOUr stirring sermons of JVM West 14th St. in her effort to fight eajoy.d the oreertomhosorlsg been arranged.
H.)Ptoddard: and Nettle end IN welronirg old off a virus Mrs col lias is the'mother of Miss Ir Archer .
SUNDRIES. Mills also participatedon acquaintances and the Brenda Collins a student at Llacola Business Col40. ere Isllsce Or.... The Tomag Peoples Departaeat -
the program. tencnl fuMli to tow' Arthur Ford, James 04- of Dales it.
PATFNT MFDICINFS! COSMETICSALL Borors MlllaandUlllan BltMl; sertires whirl.> fey sod Franklia Fetes James Aasoelatiom are
WAGING HAIR PRFPARATIONS P.Email were planed with get underway at 8:00: p.a. ...................... Jr. plaoalac sa edvcatloaal.Fellowship
Cor. -Rroad and Ashley VL 4-2159 tl fk sad lady ....t. Tea for Feb.

Pilgrim tauraace Co. Opeus New District Office A big welcome ia extended to Mrs Nellie Mae Dan- is ttBif were 'It.

.. lets formerly of Waycross.oa. who la maklag Mrs, Elisabeth Greta 'U' .
_" 'J> \ "' her borne with her daughter and eon-ia-law, Mr. sad Mrs. tarns Ass Cooper.,
l.I "' W7 ., Mrs. Nelson Thompson, of 1131 West gist St. Mr'. Items til Ita... Mra.Aanetta Mrs. Male a. Lewis sod
rit: : &\:. BaiU vra.Nelea ambers Other 'BAITS'

....,..... ...' '. ......... 1 1"1 ..................... Colltse, Ira Peer Let CMtral CHK Caere*,..
.-; .. 1
.. .t ... smith Mrs rortwlls present Ue aaawalFrlesdly
.. ......t' ; -. ,_ Mrs. Gusie Italy and her sister Mrs. UHie Ga- toot Mrs. Delorws Ford Vsleatiae Tea
: boss, retained to the city recently after at taxiIng Mrs, Patricia oetbe, to.. 14 at 3:30 ,..,. at
the funeral of their brother la "artsellPa. Mrs. Eielso4 Dumaa.'Mr' *. theth.rcb.Rev: I.....
Mrs. raij, of 3420 Myrtle Ave. is a member of Laellem Morse,' Mrs. Mary Mrr f, ssslstsfit pastor
r Payne Chapel AMI Church reakrr.. Mra tllt>ertttlght at lit. 'Ararat tattle*
n pt I W and Mra. leralco Church. will be tie

Wilkins Hits Rams' Sill p. Ms*. e pity, -
Members, sidle tCf it.temdbct .

Closed Shop, AIM Clflrs %ko comtrlbated SU#.. Methodist tBmrN0aaer
to the seecess ., the
ClosedfASHINQTON"Tao Unions XLBA.tr" $.. "Tae tattlers tent iKl W: Board 2 mill slate
It. smmaal Valeatlae Tea
of Florida
AMOalverelty bollard Ire.
Mrs. Vera
craft of Teliahassee. fwwl4_ frwe 4,to 6 ....

r nitons ia the oosstnctloa Florida were defeated
ladaotry are ay the AUeay Open Xreninp Id 1 00 *

Closed moss operst1st State lama 11.IS ia a
closed shops." Ray laae played oa tie Al. R. S. EVANS3RD
IIlUn.'leeU.. director bony noor last week.'
Of Ue Natioaal As- Tao victory aroofkt Ue
aoclatlea for tae Ad- Basis ...... record to & MAIN:
vaaeemeat of Colorei 11-4 and was their ISta

Pilgrim Health ft Life fTS People charged la aa straight home door 64 Buick Riviera _$3995
address at tat third victory, Tae same tattler 1355%'..w.. sou arm ...... ramw* .*s
'{ aetieaal co.r.,.... efPlooa tea was tae last
Insurance Co. for Progress kert, to defeat tae taaa atkosjo. &4 Grand Prix ,> .$3395
Jae. 2$. aceompllsaisa this as ewMnnm** ...""""%SLOT win stem .-.-

la addltloa to Mr. til feat ia Dec.. 1H2. 64 Corvette . $3995
Announces The Opening kiss ties prsaideatJibert hate led'at asif-tiac ere. vwteos r ---sow a -.,..

I. Hwiarey aadfkltaey J7-II. with Mill and 59 T-Bird, Fact. Air $1295
!.,.,, Jr. JonUa aceo.tiM for 21 ewe UTM e*wa ewer a sew
Of! Its New District Office
participated ia tat t tae polite Jerdaa 65 Olds. Dn. 88 2Dr. HTS3595

I.B. HORN R BY, JR. J. THEODORRLAWRFMCKDistrict : eoafereaee called ij I.. tae taaa with it
... At Manager. tie Prlllt..,' I eoaalttee potato ralloe ay 1111
oa teal _10'O".r.I' ( U). Jaaea (II). Moss 54 Pont l3OnnEne. Coupe .$3195
3812 Moncriel Rd. At 26th Street Phone 768 0511 some and CI). Daaiatry (I), sad IM e mro ........

alluded ay 190 top ..- Pettier I. no latter 64 Ply. Fury V-8 4-Dr. HT S2595
To Serve Its Many Policy Holders In The Ares ecutlv .f tae I at IN', two reeervee s ortd key ,
major eorporatiosa. asskets la the tarns Over 100 Cart to Cboost from

Open House Sunday, 14.2 to 6 p... Tae rice for Preatdestcalled aa aU...' lamlM tame paced ornno.Oalller Uo. tat- R. S. EVANS

A effort 07 big ladmstry tiers 1 tttott t.ltsAMFg .
to ante" tie -' %aaetteaswvpleyaemt 1Ilp
The Public l. Cordially Invited smoai soa- ........ UOIkMAIXEL
.. YW -1acbG1nm1.'Most ilseomrrrseMe1 0.-:.
white werlera is *.r ;
V. S. ferity, )IT, PnsUiit J. nntot Utrwt latrkt'I wsa cities, beat t.esr Tpplp Ir ttwgtYpor'S UUI-Zt.-UU

-" .- -- .


) I t
.J. J


SCLC Produces Informative' Leosmin Receives Citation Dr. A. K. Chalmers To Step Down Discussing The Nationwide Program

1965 Calendar On Negro. History, As NAACP Defense Fund Prexy

Available To Public
,NOT TOW"Dr. Allan Knight (adorers has indicatedto
ATLANTA.' G*.--A unlqut calendar -
tor INS has been
the Board of Directors of the NAACP Legal Defense
produced by the Sou there
Leadership CM- end educational Fund has intention to resign
Terence which gives anew and refreshing signif u president of the Board la April of this year
icance to Hegro, history by UUII.llIPOrtUlt dates, ..N.........."....e'....
He has. served the Legal
speeches end photo, both put and current OB ap- York and Vice-preeideat.
propriatt days in each Booth throughout the year. Defense Pond u an unpaidvolsnteer of the Legal DefenseNod's j _

The calendar which ........................ worker and In Board of Directors _
a professional capacityfor
Bessures 8K x 10 when lesser known personalities and U.S. Appeals Court
closed tad 10 i IT when as Oranvllle T.lood. 25 years.Advance Judge lilllam H. Hectic
notice of his.
opened dies deep Into .. It notes that In expressing) the Board'a
the Metro's "lost herl- foods, an Inventor of voluntary Intent to resign deep regret at Dr.Clal..ra' .
treat genies in theUSD's in April was toallow decision.*"
tal' and not only
Hcn Alta MBfBEXaiI OUWTnvrlortda oWl Universitystaff the Board time to
lire proper recognition held 150 patentsat Three years ago, when
to such great and fa* the tlmeofhls de.th. photographer Ernest pillyao. right accepts sake necessary adjust an attractive offer was ZLUAM R.HUDCHN3' (right) president of newly formed
lliar Neiro leaden of among them one for a trophy Indicating honorary membership la the dbbs nests for the continuityof aide for Dr. Chalmers freedom National (Bank and J.J. Maclssac. vice
the pant an railway telegraph system Junior College Alumni Association from Calvin the work of the of. services ia Japan, he president and general manager Data> Processing
Ir.4erctDouglass by which noting Harris, editor of the college's newspaper, 'The flee of President.Jack was urged to stay on aa Systems Division 8CM Corporation discuss the
drawn attention It.aUo.to '''trains could commnnl- dbbaonlan." The award was presented during the Greenberg direc Legal Defense Pund's nationwide seminar program on small business auto
such cats and another for sa half-time period of a 1 Homecoming Basketball game tor-counsel of the Legal President.Dr. aat ion which commenced here recently Hudglns .

Col., Glenn Join!s"' """electrical third rail by between the Oibbs JC Cobras of St. Petersburg Defense Fond joined the Cbalaers agreed to also a BIll Business Investmenl Consultant, is
which today's subway and Pis, and the Cobras of Hampton JC. Ocala Olbba Honorable Prancls K. remain but announced at typical of seminar parttclpatna from such fieldsas
Royal Crown Boardau.v elevated. trains operate von 100-73 to resume the lead la the PJCAA. Pill Rivers former Judge of that tlae that he would banking brokerage, retailing, wholesaling,
Ge.I. their Or. Martin Lather King. yen, a Bt Petersburg resident before accepting the City Court of New like to step down after manufacturing, insurance and government.State's .
his present position st PMIU, waa given the award three
first titular resting of Jr., president of SCLC years
for meritorious
service la Journalism
169V loyal Crown Cola and 1965 Nobel PeacePrize relations on behalf of Olbba and public Volunteer Cancer Officials
Co. director heard COB- winner, said the Junior College. Sir Dr. Martin 1. KIN, Schedules
llarly honored
pay president I.H.Gltea production of the calendar spondmnt for the was St. Mrs.Petersburg Marie n.D. .Brown.. corre- Level Contribute Papers For Annual Report
say that 1944 earnings, Is "a commendable High New York Confab
slthouch final figuresare creation" to remind. TAMPA-Ten volunteer chairmen and the president
net: yet cOllu.l..0.ldi gross of their Important 113 6JC Alumni Participate ATU.TTA, Oa. -A high level conference of IOU of of the Florida Division of the American Cancer
.lc..d'' rfsrilwrstlas'tss. contribution to the development the most respected experts in the area of human Society contributed special papers which are pub
Mr Glenn of Aa erica.This IR Festive ABBBO! Homecoming relations has been called for by Dr. Martin Luther listed in the 1964 Annual Report which has been
said that sale*, for;the CaD do _ct.." he Sing Jr. on February 7 in New Tori City. The purpose presented to newspapers, radio and television
,.ar101&ld also ). said "to help give IT.PrrDSll1M-1h Jsnusry JSrd Alumni. Homecomltg< of the conference la to discuss "ways to arriveat stations throughout rlorida.e'.e..e..e......
greater than previously' today's Negroes a sense It Olbbs Junior College was highlighted by the more comprehensive and effective techniques far Chairmen who gave individual personnel relations. N.
anticipated. of o.eb dlaee. by placing attendance of 113 graduates and former students programming the new department of Operation Dialogue reports on the I. Larku. M. D. Naples,
Tbs company president before thwescbdu The Homecoming, the "....................... -"Iebh.beta launched by the fbuthorn Christian activities of their committees president of the Society

predicted last March in the year a reminder first of the local Institution of the Homecoming Committee Leadership. Conference.,......................... during the past during the 1 1914 term,
that earnings in 164.; of their forgotten herl- attracted alumnl was sleeted to Operation Dialogue, year are:Thomas Met calf, summarised activitiesfor
after %aies. would rise tag." from four senior serve u interim premi- which is under the d1'rectlonofHarry among them are such noted formerly of Lakeland the year. A cues

approximately SO percent oolleg. and graduatesand dent. (LBoyte. personalities as public education Donald marlird financial report
above 1MJ sunless A&M Compos former students who The keynote address was a special assistant to Anthropologist Margaret I. amlth. M.D. Miami was prepared from financial -
of U. tIT.n and that are engaged ta more titan delivered by Mao Jamestllllama Dr. King since July Mead and Bayard Rust In, cancer research; H. H. records auditedby
sales mould lain 10-15 10 different vocations. a senior st 1963, is anew directionin noted civil rights strategist Seller M, D. Tampa, a firm of certified
per cent over Itl3..r. Of the four senior colleges norid..orial o>>U.... the civil rights and theorlticlan. patient ..nlo,,; John public accountants.

Glenn also said represented; Florida Following the Dinner- movement which seeks to J Neon, ..D. Miami Rdwln Vpdlke M..D. .
that hlle the dividendon AIM had the largeatroreseatatlon. meeting the alumni vltaeased break down personal prejudices professional education; Ocala current presidentof

the coaaon stock of t A total the homecoming through group James I. Kynes. Jr the Society said It
the company, payable in of 42 UC grade came to game beteeen olbba and discussion and conversation. 1,1R Tampa, cancer crusade; Is the policy of the
April, has traditionally the Sunshine city via Hampton of Ocala, ..oaOlbbl. Thomas Ulmer. Jacksonville officers and Hoard of
keen declared at the chartered bus for the by 100.13. The New Ten meeting, Itt legacy program; Directors to make the
fsarterly Jan. meeting special alumni festivities The Alumni Ball followed. scheduled for the Terrace Charles Hampton. Tampa, Annual Report availableto
much action will be deferred Music was provided Lounge of the Carnegie public relations; Margaret all news media aa a
until the Board's Bethuse-Cookmaa College by Ernie Cal end Bidowment International J I Maid M. D. public s.n ir..

.... 15 ...tI.. becauseat Florida Presbyterian hla Orchestra featuring Center has extended 1N Y Gainesville leukemia
Al Downing tilt HmsmcwilOrgan. invltatloaa to some 16 program; .. G. Thompson,
the fact that BoardBftDlrectors college and Florida INS I", boar Is per future! vttft.
see meetsmstbly -4 Memorial Collegealso experts and authorities Tampa, budget and fin
rsther than had rmpreseatailvempresent. Official 1m the field of human ante; lllllam J Key U.S. SAYINGS BONDSCLORO
"It I terlyesdlagthes.etlag, TO BC MOWim-Dr. oily Mtrketio relations ad behavior colds& Bt Petersburg,
IB limos, H
assoclete professor Other Olbbs graduates Advises On. Youth
' bus MS Col.John .. of Susie at came from St. Petersburg 1
1 .Jr., newest sister Florida AIM University,
be Boar, ..* ..*. .Tallahassee.' ..131 have mad Sarasota, Tmmpa..Clearwater"" ..... .. .
Joined the company the dlstlBctlomefhsTlM
{ lag such vsrled vocations
Bosth epos his re- two of his eosaetltlssserforaed
ss public school)
eat from the U.a.I. IB DallesdarlBg teachlag. secretarial San 14e 0S __ __
e Car,*. It MS hat the 194 composers' '
work.kladergmrtem temcrn
visit to the city Comferesoe.which 't _
lag public health
.iii to tHe co.,..,' s convenes la the Tense ..... youth coussellsg.lRsv QUANTITY
," .... ..& leede .rten. city February '.f, taehmalai. urfclertctyplsg Iii, Sirl MGrTTJ RISIRVID THROUGH SATURDAY
e era-
space sad guided missile

, firms Joseph, "I tal. chairmanSnrgeoa's FAD Rte 2!!4 i1

...__ ... :.. ; : BAKERITESHORTENING

Reforms NUastdlloday'5 yvwth Snl Isis us frill ,

There! ispnlyone A Stems Negro' career Meningitis officer.Cel do are fast mot eipssdlag Job fully tsportasltles realise the hoe Pork Roast .8KE01

Jobs P Msrrls, sales ... Barhetlag-de*
t. chief urged fer the vel 1)>e>.e t field ail %. r
entire huh Army, la heels' try te msketheee 39
saluted la the Fee espertualties .0 3p:049crut :
: issue of boa* aageslaefer laces tm thM/'James a.
diet his role ia eembstlagsaeatlreah Avery sf Msahle Oil hleflalsg
sf deadlyaealsgltls PillSteik
Compssy tell "
e UMT WC WIN & Nmi
ia his cum the Ndsstes Chapter .f 49 '
masons. the Mat lad A*_cist I ammf It U L_ roeo own

hatrates ssthresk at Fort cartel Oevelepers at
Orw, s Call to rale trsta- the bsiter s ssssslswsds

lag csmst fer recrslte ....." /her.
toot It tires "" .,U04 Avery, aetlmmsl sreel DEL MONTE MIX OR MATCH SALE

famous the satire cams wefers deal Bf "_D. said that
the disease was hresghtameer yeses eeeele she ate C.WirtU
cost re 1,, eeailflel hy trstslsg
Cel. Msrrls, she wee .mtbltiM.la ..tn... lilfit Or SlciiiMiiti
the ulcer star far te flselsg reesrdlsicareers I
battlefield herelss IBteres. c.. ake vale* m S
toll tied that .... MStrlhstiess u
the sister 01 sew .ss.ssfmemlsgltls the social .... *cem mleme I. 4 )

name: -- reverteddrom ..e sf the cmmstry's 20 II. I ffirt I I IiMj' CirfetCitsip lawa
.-4 ,. swre la p-c, I
tes-rsak ,.rt>.,.u..., I..s I
after Marrislsstltmtedreferas Jews axe sell la .u... f .Jf sin I Cocktail 3D I w I Peas in

eere pet late ef the seed, sf fsllr
effect BJggeet .haage: ..all fled ....Uat..*
Cel ftarrls .>re4 all *e set ete .,."Ult. Ifkis Stftf Cnrt Crj I TKSMOKED
activities mf the *
earn t* aetlvste merye
cruise shifted U metSoars -
MM people U get tseaeellflcstleaa
t. sUs the sffe4mf seeded
thm ..*.r replret.tydlseese.
k. for cues *s tIt... PICNICS
ttis.t ae said


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II 25
Temr ffc>rt.r premcrlt ItIIll't.
tX" topef|*mc4 nacmmelsts: .
..Ac*.r' lsfl t* ywr toctef'sOrw
>ra. .e ffs. air The at *
PitSi c.,L avanPfWfrtner 'alit Brigs

i MtatTouv rtusjuCTvn n ijivc TOO' .. CHUCK ROAST 4S

A eoMpLirt ti .Jt OPCBsttcBaba
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ptjnxman CALO: pot so wunws' .

.. :.... nie gat riusi sici iStrawberries

... LiNy's Dfvg Store
"-" -'

ui IIKJ IRA) a run u. 2 .11" 49 c

.. J

11 '.I-- t I J 1. ... t


.. Albany State Assist Annual Campaign DriveAID Local 218 AFL Honors Officials

JTeenTaIk During Impressive Program HereBy
r To Host SEAC .

Cage TourneyALBANY.
International and
Ay! ROBIN A. FORESTER representatives were
HI Teens Oa. .Albany ws spotlighted along with local officer and Member
How goes things? Fine? Swell tthatlll! Someone State College will be laat Thursday night! seek when Local 211 of the International -
complaining? I should say so. I know many of you the scene of the soith* Laundry worker. Dry Cleaners and
are trying to get over the D-Day shock (Monday eastern Athletic Conference Chealcal Worker Union A.F.L. fathered for a Bump*
report cards). Oh well! Von know how thing arel! basketball tuoua banquet in tike test 712 1. Duval Street,
=--" fiad... barren... hope! esa. B-u-tllt tournament on February on behalf of a departing local official.
for the occaalon".........................
Just think only 17 more weeks to 26th and 27th. Honoree
gout Tb some It nay seen long but Teaaa froa Edward eaters was '.L. Archer, whose Mildred ties Mra. Ml*
to others (like myself) Its short! College, Savannah State successful representation sells McNUb. Mrs Jua
Say Teen I Want to get'ln on the College, Claflln Col efforts in the Jacksonville sits Lynn Mra. Minnie
latest word in spring fashion? Its I..., Morris College, area baa mew water. Mrs Jaratha
ROBIN really going to produce some in* Paine College and suited ID his being pro Pollen, .T.. vlrklulaRiley.
start heart-failure (nix with a little H20 of Florida Memorial Col noted to the Atlanta .
course). Zippers stripes dots, and color con lege, will be the parti regional office. Alaq. Mra. Ullle Saun
trait are the latest news In fashion. clpanta. Mr. Archer will be succeeded dirt: Mrs Ceana Undo.
Zippers are the most) Zip, zip awnyt zippers are Albany State won the MARCH--flmbere of Kappa Delta Chapter of Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity at br Paul Jones of lira: Betty Doris. Mra.
at large... whipping speedily up and down the new- tourpanent last year and Florida University! hare carried out their national goal of community: service Miami who also tare ADnt '.laadolph, Mra.
est spring gadabouts. From Jackets to jumpers big has hope of repeating by participating in the "door-to-door and store-to-store' drive of the brief remarka following Elise willlua and Mr*.
zippers are putting the Scooter Set in notion. Trapping SeasonLAKE Tallahassee March of Discs copalgn. They bare sought the aid of all Telia Mr. Archer. Dorothy ICO>MI, friend.
The moat common commotion today la about a mere haa'eana in this city-wide effort.Plctured here aa they started out on a doorbell The clubroom wa* tastefully Mra. Annie Mae 'Tatus.cateresa .
natter of zlpa. Aa efficient as ever, they go buzzing CinfPlorlda' strapping ringing campaign one night this week are left to right: Joe H. willlaaa, decorated in the hostesses
up and down all the clothes In sight and season on protected Camden, New Jersey; Joe Lee Larlnd, Perrlae. treasurer of Kappa Delta Chapter; Local a color of orange Morse ami Breaker wished
look decorative about it too. They also think big; fur-bearing Joaeph Steele, Ruttla: secretary; Hugh Anderson Oalneaville; and Ltaont N.White and white, and the tasty "Bon Voyage" to Mr.
animals opened Dee. 1,
some of the newest zips don't atop until they reach Penaaoola. Other officer not shown here are Gerald Parker, Orlando, buffet luncheon consistedof Archer on behalf of the
giant size! And buzzzzzz-there you go. and continues through president and Robert MOClroy, Mart anna, rice president barbeque( chicken with Local'a membership..
Many of these zippers are accompanied: by buckles March 1. all of the fixing

hooks and strings. So, look out. Don't get caughtin Deltas 52 YearsOf During the procru'I.
one of these traps. Recognize ABOUT PEOPLEOne L. Albercromble Inter ComingEvents
The belt boon la on, looking better than ever national Vice President
with its loose-tied, easy riding airs! A belt can Idelogical Existence of the aeaaon'a loveliest affaire honored El* of Atlanta who also
served daring the Jex
get you every.tlerelDotl. Members of the Jacksonville Alumnae Chapter of the der J.M. Tsrvla, pastor of the House of md, in a
dashes, stripes solids -- they're all Delta Sigma Theta Sorority celebrated their fifty colorful birthday dinner at the hone of Deacon L. Urban League sponsored
coning together with terlfflc clash! Kind of Anti-Poverty conference A Pre-Valentine will
a reminds second Founders' Day in the home of fioror Rally* B. Rivers Tea
you of wearing the Morse Code dot on dash, .9. Mathia, 1190 Durkee Drive. This yeara programwas Given by sabers of the church, the dinner provided on the executive com-. be aponaored by the MlM
dot dot, dash on dash. closed ........................ ample occasion for the abundant bestowing) sitter, poke briefly.A lonarlea at New Redeem
t.WIyofthe'hip skinners have silk screened prints of gifts upon the paator. resolution was un- Barti.t Church Sunday at
already on then. Makes you think you are an artist' The observance honored red and white carnations The dining table was beautifully adorned with a snlaouslpaaaed laudingthe 3 p. .. at the church.
members of the Jacksonville honoring them aa florid STAR for its
a drawing board. Appearing on
huge whit cake, topped with candle, Members! of prograa
If It looks good it looks good! That' fashion'slatest Chapter who were the preaent and past the church gathered around the table to sing the support during last will be: Choirs I.2.1
word. .. and Just in time for the merry nix- awarded the first char- president, respectively, traditional 'Happy '1 rthda1" and wish the pastor ,.ar' successful strike hot church; Mra. Annie
ups of spring. Why not try wearing Jelly bean colors ter May 17, 1746.A of the Jacksonville many happy returns.A which brought about Mae MoMry, lira. Florence
this year? No place for the pale, wan creature tape recording, ello- Alumnae Chapter, delectable nenu was served after prayers by better forking conditionfor Brown' Mrs Connie Pea
-this spring! Color the word.Je11y bean color- quently narrated by Sow ft>ror Mary P'. Coleman the assistant pastor Elder C.M. Edwards the Local' a members. herpoon Anderson Mrs
.sweet strong, good-enough to eat color, nixed rot Annie Ruth Brown vice president of the Betted at the official Tbelaa Noraaa Mra.

purposely to do wonderful new things for your invited members to review chapter prepared the ................. table were: E1I .I.tb) Green Miss
clothes! their experiencesin punch which was served Mr. and Kr*. Archer Roialyn Jackson, Mrs
If none of the above mentioned styles appeal to the Delta sisterhood after the program. Mr Abercro.bt. Mr and .
Mr. and Mra. Eatee Spencer! of 1521 w. llth/ St Adeline Quarteraan. Mr .
this ruffles." Delta songs, which interspersed ? Mr*. Jones Mr and Mr*.
you spring, wear "newsy Mother Anderson proudly wauncetheengagwaut! and coning marriage Eloise Riley' Mr* asiceMatthews
With this preview the spring fuhlonl.l'lIlur. thensrrstion, of their daughter Rosetta Lu berth., to Albert Philip wnltebead. Jai Rev E. I. Korean -
you'll all be swinging in the rocks while beingon were sung by fiorors Row Heading First Born's Wllliama Danlela, Jr., the eon of Mr. and Mra. A. representative) ; ann 1. and other
top! Ijreatlne Bowman, Annie w. Danlela, 8r.. of Ml ail. Morris Tampa area; re- .
If you were born between Oct. 24 and Nov.22, 1 la- Ruth Brown Mary Cole Evangelist Meetings The wedding will be an event of Feb 20 it 6'00: presentstive; and 3.1.
ten to this man, Queen Bruton, and Nutt. repreaeatlng the Little lock Baptist
: your greatestatrengthllealnyour \' p.m. In the Greater Payne AMR Church. A reception
Dental fortitude. Take and look Myrtle Turner.Present! Brtnswlck. Ga. worker; Church Choir 2 will
into :
your eyes up t will follow Immediately at the hone of the bride.
the skies and if you fall to see the files taking at the affair No invitations are being seat out, but friend of Mr* Olsdys ShaanoB. aponaor It* 7th annual
their exercise, then realize that you're about to held in their honor were the family are invited beet! steward! and assistant Pretty Hat Tea Feb 28
hypnotized by the Horrlbleacope. the charter membera. who .I interntioaal re- at 4 p. ..n. contestants
Check next week for the Nov. 23 to Dec. 21 scope, had red and white corsages ,............. ........ presentetlte, and lira are: Mra. Willie Mae
cause its a ditty pinned on by nna .f' Annie Learir Carr aa* Howell. Mra.. Helen Brow
lirE NOWIIII of the Jacksonville Wedding bells will also ring for the attractive aletaat .steward e4 la* aad ire Pearlle Mae
Goof ..... .. i Chlpter'B first ItllO h-- ,. ,Miaa Betty Jew Threaderaft... daughter, Mr. and ternatioaal representstl ) Johnson Assisting with
'Hometow"wner'Ma t cues tea,' "soror Catherine tellkwowe rlglou* Mra. M.K. Threadcraft. She will become the bride the content are MraBeaale .
EVANSTON, 111.-(iy I)-.The basketball news centered Jack: eon.Soror. leader, Mother C,'tb iir.. of Quetln Messer eon of Mra. William Meer and The slave pemnslltlea Baker Mra.TbelaaTboepioa
on a hometown boy returning! here to showoff : Wlnona C. Alexander.on. Anderson of Panama City the late Mr. Meaner were the reclr teeta of ad Ira. C. 0,
his talents before a local audience of 7,500 of the twenty will open two weeks of The bride-elect ia a graduate of Northwestern laudatory remarka byII.. Huger
in a Big Ten basketball game.Cazzle two young women who founded nightly EvuigellM Meet High School and Benedict College of Columbia. 8.C. sponsors for their out .
Russell, brier Chicago Carver High school Delta Sigma Theta Inga sUrtiif fui'"y at The prospective groom ia a graduate of New Stan ton etMtdlta success in ali-
prep star now atarring for the Michigan wolverines, Sorority onHowardUni* BiOO O'clock lr> FirstBorn t High and Florida MM Ualveraity. its Local 218 in being Usher Board 1, of fit
thrilled the crqwd in his first appearance here veralty'campus in Triple 823 .. The wedding" la planned for early fall. placed a sound working Matthew. Baptlat OIuc h.
since becoMlng a collegian and a topnotch star, 1913. was paid special Monroe St. rlier A. bawls dvrls the pest Mil bold its assaalValeatlae
by scoring 36 points to lead the wolves to a 90-63 tribute aa a living sym Hill p..tor.lIotb.r of ...........au..... eight momtha for igoodjobvclloon Tea Feb 14
victory over Northwestern University bol of the highest ideals Anderson la .. frog 4 to S p... alike

The 36-point output tied Russell' personal aco- of D.) tL widely known for bar A speedy recovery ia extended to Mra. Annie Col- Husbands sad friends who church A program las
ring record aa Big Ten plQu.IM'ElUL Honors Florida I, cave, soul stirring sermon has of 1M4 Weet 14th St. la her effort to fight eajoyed tie oretrioaoaoriDg been arranged.The .
Helen) FtoddardandNetti* and in welromlrg old off ,iN.. Mra. Collies la the mother of Miss Mr Archer .
SONNIES. Mills) also participatedon acquaintances and the Brenda Collins, a student at Uao)Ia Bualaesa col. were Wallace Gr.... Tooag 'lOth-' ." *->
the program gettnl public tu the| .J ege, Arthur Ford James IIId-) partatat of taloa It.
PATENT MFDICINFS COSMETICSALL Borers MlllsandUlllan nlititl acrylics able' Icy and Franklin re* James Aaaoelatloa are
LFAING HAIR PREPARATIONS P. lllall war pinned with get undenayat00: p... ...................... tenon Jr. Blanalag aa edacaUoaal.Pellowahtp
Cor. Broad.. and Ashley FL 42159 ._________ n_ three and lady gweetala Tea for Pen.It. ..

Pilgrim InsijraRce Co. Opens New District Office A big welcome ia extended to Mra. Nellie MM Dan attre lifv werei :
idle, formerly of '.,cron.a.., who la aaklag Ira Elisabeth Green .
\JI VVT "f7' "I'1J her home with her daughter and .on.ia-In, Mr. and Mr- Sarah All_ Cooper.
Mra. Nelson Thompson, of ICU Wet 41t 8UMr Mr.. Ileme 111 U.... Mre.Anaetta Mra. Male R. Leela.an4
\ smith, Ir.. .l.. arbors of.Osker'lomird' ,
K/ : A ..................... Cclliie, Ire Peerlfaith. lef Central OlE Che re a., ..
.. t Mr*, Connate will present the aaaaalrrleadly

;. .-. '-- *. Bugle wily and her sister Mr*, Ullle Dubose. Cook Mr*. Delorea Ford Valeatlae Tea
.. Peb. 14 at J: JO ,... at
returned to the city recently after attending Mr Patriciu ioeUe, -. ,
1tfr ; the funeral of their brother la Hartwell.Pa. Mra. Ufi4 .... :.n. the .Charch ,lee f. .1hrr -

s Ira *.aly. of J4JO Myrtle Ave. la a member of Ladies Morae,- Ira Mary ,,", assistant patarat
Payne Chapel I AMI Church.WHkrns reakrr. Ire. filbert I!'. >Ararat Ba.tla|
r/rlght. aid Ira. fteraic Cherch.. till he the

Hits Rams' Stan P. P.V e .....,,. -
I.bera. uahl tu attend. .e

Closed Shop .Nt abe coctrlbsted
AIM Caters Slsciftoa Methodist Chart
to the aacceae of the
Ceher Board X will aids
Closed Unions ALIA.TT, 0*. **Tle tat ...at larlttlMra. *):
lie BMaal Valtatlae Tea
tiers of Florida ASS sera Moll and. tra. .
Pea 14 frog 4t. B ...
lAfiHINOTOfThw craft Calverelty of Tallahassee. > ,
u a loss la the ooaatne* Florida were defeated
tics iadaatry are'dosed hy the Alkaay Open tvtfttefi 13 '.00 *

uloaa operate It.te taaa 11-iJ ia a
lag closed .shops toy lame flayed oa th* Al. R. S. EVANS
lllklaa.executive director B.ny floor last ....
ef the National Aaaoelatloa 'The victory breeght U* .
for the Ad* has season retard t* 3RD & MAIN ;
vaaeeaeat of Colored 1... aid was their 35thstraight

Pilgrim Health ft Life People charged U aa hose Sleet 64 Buick Riviera S3995
address at the thirdaitieaal victory The sass Bat* '. .
I 1 ? -n -- MB ". nmwv w..
coafereaee .f tier tea see the list
Insurance Co. Plan for Frogman her,. te defeat the Sue at 64 Grand Prix.S339S
3... M.la .*. tw.emrms HUTtW sue. wen w>fMV VrnivraX
teoM. allaaiig. Ills
addition to Mr. til feet U DM.. 1142. 64 Corvette . 53995
Announces The Opening kiss, tie Prealdeat State 1.. '.t half-tla. *..a..*.. m*-+a sow a ..nom

Jibert .. t*'chrey and 1118. with lilt and 59T-Bird.FactAir $1295
Wkitaey Toaag. Jr. ,Jordan Mcowatlag for TTC are tart......TWM.4 mum a-,
Of Its New District Office
,.,'tola... it the the .latB.. Jrda 65 Olds. Dyn. 88 2-Dr. HT S3S95

t. S. HORNABT, JR. J. THIODQRICLAlRrNCKDtatriet : conference called %y lie) the laaa with |'
Prealdent ... At Manager the PresUeat'B com* polite falUaH .by Mill
Ittee M Cqaal Emsley- (14). Jeaea (II). More 64 Pont Bonn. Coupe $3195
3812 Moncricl Rd. At 26th Street Phone 168 0511 7 seat OtBertaalty and ( B). DMghtry (I), sad IM, Apr n .......

.... atteaded by MO torn II.aatl. Pettier 8. ne latter 64 Ry.FuryV-8.4-Dr.HT$2S95
To Serve Its Many Policy Holders In The Area .- ,: ... .f the Batloa'a tw reeervem sand keywaaketa
seine eorporstiaaa U the taaawimalag ova 100 Can to CboeM Fran

The tH Prealdeatcalled gam* a.rg*.
Open House Sunday, 14.2 to 6 ,... for M Ulaat Cuter paced Ue W. R S. EVANS

effort hy Big ladmatryt 'that
cwU the "sisal,. 1 11setti. FWSrueltiet
The Public 'S Cordially Invited aamtlaytteait mmoag aoa* .e -
-1'W : poet>taeommseotad"" Dea.et-.
.kite warkera la :
M. S. Einsij, JrH frisWiit !i. Tlttta Lam listrirt Mails cities, PAll la.w i DBI ilr tun It..6-all-n 6UUI

-- -

" ,. .. '''.

) '
..11' 1 J


SCLC'Produces' Informative. lensman Receives Citation Dr. A. K. Chalmers To Step Down Discussing The Nationwide Program

1965 Calendar On Negro 'History, As NAACP Defense Fund Prexy

Available To Public
:NDI TOb1 'Dr. Allan bight Cfaalaers has indicatedto
ATLANTA 0*.-A unique calendar -
for IMS has bsea
the Board of Directors of Us NAACP Legal Defense
produced by the Southern Christina
Leadership conft and Educational Fund has intention to resign
react which gives a new and refreshing signif as president of the Board la April of this year.
icance toNegro history by listing laportsnt dates, .......................... e/
He has served the Legal'
speeches and photo, both put and carrot on appropriate York and Vicepresidentof
days in each south throughout the year. Defense Fund aa an unpaid the Legal DefenseFund's L

The calendar, which ........................ volunteer worker and la Board of Directors
ensures. 8H! i 10 when lesser known personalities a professional capacityfor and 0." Appeals CourtJudgs
cloaed and 10 i 17 when ss Oranvilla T. 2$ years.Advenes Illllaa H. HastlsIn
notice of his
opened, dies deep Into woods. 'It notes that 'IPr..alD the Board'
the Metro's lost heri foods, an inventor of voluntary intent to resign 'deep regret at Dr. ''

ta,." and not only great genius IB theUSD's la April was to Chslaers' decision.4
HGNORA0 mnsxaup auitTin-piorida: MIl universitystsff allOt the Board the to
tint proper recognition held ISO patents Three years ago when
to such crest and fa- at the'tlaeofhls death. photographer Krnest plllyta. right, accepts sale necessary adjuat* aa attractive offer was IIUJAM R.HUDQN3' (right) president of newly fb..ct .,.-
lllar Metro leaders or SBong the one for a trophy Indicating honorary eabershlp in the ttbbs tents for the continuity aade for Dr. Chalaers' Preedoa National Bank, and J.J. Maclssso.. vice
the past as railway telegraph .,.- Junior College Aluaai Association Eros Calvin of the work of the office services la Japan he president and general tanager, Data Processing
Don lisas, but Prefer itasodrswt fck! tea by which sovlng Harris, editor of the colh..' newspaper "The of President was urged to stay oa aa Systeas Division SCM corporation, discuss the
attention to. such 'trains could coaaunl- dbbsonlan." The award was presented during the Jack Qreenberg. direc Legal Defense Puad's nationwide sealnsr progran on saall bualasss suto -
cats, and another for an half-tlae period of a Hoaecoaiag Basketball .... tor-counsel of the Legal President.Dr. sat Ion which com meed here recently. Hudgins, .
Col. Glenn Joini i ..J';'electrical third rail by between the Glbbs JC bras of St. Petersburg Defense Fund, yoked the Chalaers agreed to also( a Saall Business Inveataenl Con au It ant. is
which today's subway and ".., and the Cobrss of Raapton! JC. Ocal a. Glbba Honorable Francis !. reaala but announced at typical of seainar participate from such fieldsas

Royal Crown BoardCD.UISV& elevated, trains operate.Dr. won 100-73 to resuae the lead la the PJCAA.: PillJBU Rivers, toner Judge of that tlae that he would banking, brokerage, retailing wholesaling

GB.--IB their Mania Luther King. a St. Petersburg resident before accepting the City Court of New like to step down after aanufacturing. insurance and governaent.
his present position at PAMU. was given the award three .
Jr. .
first regular aeetlag of president of 6CLC years.Dr.
for aerttorlous service in jouraallaa
1963., Royal Crown Cola sad lies Nobel Peace ) and public State's Volunteer Cancer Officials
relations on behalf of Oibbs Junior
College. SI.- Martin L. King Schedules
CD. director heard our Prize winner, said the .
llarly honored
was Mrs. Caste D. Brown, correspondent
pany president I.B.alt. production of the calendar for the 8t. Petersburg Ti.... Level Contribute Papers For Annual Report
Nigh New
lay that 1064 sarnlnis, Is "a coaaendablecreation' York Confab
although final to remind Negroes TAW A--Ten volunteer thsiraen and the president
art not.:. yet cospilei.oald figures. of their laportsntcontribution 113 GJC Alvum} Participate ATLANTA Oa.-A high level conference of BOBS of of the Florida Division of the American Cancer
the most respected experts in the area of huaan
eiceed ''tfsrilerstlastes to the de- Society contributed special piper which are published
Mr. Glenn velopaent of Merles li Festive Annual Homecoming relations baa been called for by Dr. Martin Luther la the 1084 Annual Report which has been

aid that sal.., for:;the "This can do .arcs." he Ling Jr. on February 7 in New York City. The pur- presented to newspapers, radio and television
y ear ;*ould also' }. said, "to help give IT.Pn WI1IG-th January 23rd Aluaai Hosjecoaiag pose of the conference la to otacuaa waya to arriveat stations throughout PlorChairaen Ida ......................
greater than previously today's Negroes a sense at Olbba Junior College was highlighted by the wore ooaprehenalve. and effective techniques for who gave Individual personnel relation. N.

anticipated.The of aoaebodinesa by placing attendance of 113 graduates and foner students. programing the new departaent of Operation Dialogue report on the t. Larku., M. P. Naples,
coapeny president before thea each day The Hoaeeoalag, the -a.a.u........._............... which has been launched by the Southern Christian activities of their COBaitteea president of the Society

predicted: last March in the year a realnder frat of the local Institution of the HoaecoMng Coa- Lssdership conference*'......................... during the past during the 1114 lera,
that ,earnings is 19... of their forgotten heritage. attracted a- sitter was elected toserve Operation Dialogue, year ar.:Tbo... Metcalf, auaaarUed activities
after \ues. would rise ." mast trot four ...lor ss interia pr..l.dtnt. which la under the dl' aaong thea are such noted foraerly of Lakeland for the year. A sua-

approiiaately 30 percent colleges, and graduatesand rectlon of Harry U.byte, personalities ss public education; funald awl led financial report
abo" 1M3 earningsof A&M Co poser toner students who The keynote address was a special aaaistsnt to Anthropologist MargaretNeed t. Baith, M. D Mlaal.caeeer ... prepared from financial
and bustle
13.417.117 sad that are engaged la sore than delivered by Mao JaaeaWllllaaa. Dr. King since July research; N.H. records auditedby
a senior at 1M3, is anew direction noted civil right .tu.t.d.t Seller M.D. Taapa,
ales would gala 10-l$ 10 different roc at 1cm a. a firm of certified
per cent over IMS.Mr. Of the four aeaior col Florida Meaorial Col l.te. la the civil right and tbaoritlclan.ci1 patient services, John public accountants

Clean also said Y leges represented. Plo> Following the Dinner- aoveaeat which: seeks to J Poaon. M, D. Mewl Kdeln Updike. MD. .
that while the dividend rlda AMI had the largest ...UII,. the alum. witneased break town personal prejudices professional education; Deal. current prea Went

.o the coason stock of repreaentatloo. A total the hoaeooalaggaae through group Jaaia t. Rynea. Jr of the belch said It
the coapany, payable in'April of 42 OJC. grads case to between Qtbba and dlscusdoa and ooaveraatlbn. Tope, cancer crusade, Is the policy of the
has traditionally the Suashlne City via Maaptoo of Ocala, won Thoaaa utaer. Jacksonville officers and (loan of
teen declared st the chartered bus for the by Olbbs, IM-71. The New tort ...U.". legacy prograa; Directors to make the

jsarterly Jan ...UI". special aluaal festivities ft.Ah'DIBall fol adieduled for the Terrace Charles Naaptoa, Taapa. Annual Report availableto
lowed. Caste was provided Lounge of the Carnegie public relations Margaret -
tech action .111 be deferred all news media aa a
until the Board Bethuae-Cookaaa College. by rule Cal and bduwaeat laternatiossl I, laid M D. public service.

Pakv IS sett lag bee.... Florida Pr..b,- Orchestra, featuring Caster, has attendedlavltatloaa IN FiHt Oalneavllle. leukeata
a1 fact that Board terlaa College and Al Dawning: the Hasauad to sots II prograa; R 0 Thoapaon
the Plo
|M| ...... Is rw bun wto
ofDirectors sow ....t.'jl rids resorts College Organ.Marketing. experts and authorities Taapa,, budget and fin

, ...thly rather thssteriy. also had representativespresent. Official II the! field of huasa i ante, Illllaa J Setsold. U. S. SAVINGS BONDSCLOROX

j 4 TO K HOCUD-Dr. oily relations and bfttsvlor ., st Petersburg,
l _d lag the..eth. IBbw tllaoa
? associate arefessor Other Olbba graduates Advises On YouthHOUSTON'Today's
was Col.John .. af aasle at 1
cue trot It. Peters
newest ...ber Florida
;c Jr., AIM Oalveratty.
burg. Taapa, Clearweter
e Ward, ..* aet.< .Tallahassee,' "will aeve and
Sarasota representtag -
Jolaed the coapany the dlstlsctioaefhsvlM .
such varied vocatioaa
scat epos Us rest two of his ooaposltlaaa
aa public school
free the U." performed la DelIssdsrlsi .
.. eecretarla SUI ate/
e Corps It was his the ills Cos-
aoit.kladergartea teach-
.t visit to the city parr..fere.a..licacoseeses It.'t _
,. fat public health awr- 5 H SPECIALS GOOD
to the co.,..,' la the Teiaa slag, youth eoessellag.IRey QUANTITY

atioeal headquaners. city Pebraery ll.TIlOHMS .__-" technology sad I.IR SI1t RIGHTS RSERVID THROUGH SATURDAY

cierk-typlag tor aerospace

,' Joseph.and Halt guided, dI.I.alaetlefins. .... FAB_ .29.29. BAKERITEI I

Surgeon Reforms i .

Stems HullgHis do hit sot rob fully apportaaltles reallae yvwth hoe poritii ast KE-Ill SHORTENING

afflcer.Cal .
A Megro career are eipeaJlag la the
l.'. P Msrrls, ales sad aarketlsgdeveU >
chief ..r,... far the *..at field ami 'ow
VON1Y one estlre ilith Aral, Is shield try to sale 39 :
sslsted la the Pit. these eppertssltles w. 3POUND49c
.. .....
Issue of Kboay knows ta thea/'Jaaea ft. t
for his role la .ht-*
die Avery af Msabla oil aleflBlsg
cola tMsaeattrea ef deadlyaealagitls Frisk PftkSteak
IB his ecaaaad e lMT 0fI MITN'S" 01
the Hosstoa Chapter ef 49
. the National Aaaaclatloaaf I.. MORE FOOD CROEI

hat Tie aathreak at Part Market Developers at
ratesa Ott. Cal tonl. trala- the Chester's. asssal
---- --
lag CBS* far recrsite. swards beao et here.Avery .
took IS lives aad.eriled aatleaal preel* DEL MONTE MIX OR MATCH SALE

famous the eatlre case before '.at ef NMD. said la at

the disease was brasght ,.... people eye are CaUiriii. !
..-.r costal, gsallfledy trslslsg

Cal Harris, eke BOB ... ablttoa.la additionta "
cola the silver Star far fladlag reearelagsreers I PEACHES ;

battlefield herelsa IB can aake talesble .
Urea told Dsr that aostrlkstlaie ta
Us aaeter af Bee essesef the welt e4 ....1. 4 Sl

name: aeatagltls reported ...... ef the eewatry's IuaU 71 ii. I Friit I Cit firm I Gds Cirfti f01
dropped ta acre la X te.rat .." .nUIt.., I I
after arrta-lsstltsted Jell are ..}| la etcees CHs.' r..ii Sill I Cocktail in I BeoRi in I Peas 313SMOKED

referee eera pat h'. .f the aapply af filly
effect. Biggest .......: qualified candidate-

Cat. bawls eraere4 all ',a aaat ao everythlsgee h"l s... ell" c" i he
actlvltlea ., tie re*
eaa ta Mlltate ear
rail shifted ta eat ye.g people t* get theaaellflcattesB
tears t* step the at read seeded

k. ., the saver reeelraUrydli fit career appartaslf PICNICSt
|-." ,. said


Tea Seek The Be.t Destsr C
I fI I A. a""I' 2S
II .ken Tear ract.w Prw.,rt...,
... bI.'I.... Phscaaclsta r
r .....rfl.. t. par toctafaOrra. .
we ... GlI, The aet
Cat Lest Oe1It, pr.gehwlrl.eer

:i 9 ivaimuD ntmumm TO jratvc roe ROAST 'I. 4S

a COUP1.STI 1.1" t OP
\ G.etlcr4N.r Ui.Qnlles.bim Ie.naentrrlon .

CAUD fItMa coo crunxoLUty's .
.. ,, Flu wt uai lust suii

au ... __ Of.- J

I .JW-- IH7 IIKJ Drug 1111 a 91276 BANANAS ,10, 1 52 11 b"i49" $

1 1I I

L :' I t t t'Q:


.. .
It 'I .T -.oJ.. .. ...1. Jf. ''i; ; .:t ,.. T''i

+ w

1 ..+ J.

..... .. .... .
'-' -'- -- ..
-- -- --fl- ---- -- r+ ti+__"'" .ww+.www '1[ wi' ,.'" -

Latin Scholars Plan Committee Makes Presentation
Tamburitzans Founder's Day Official Greeted
Roman Cultural Fete

IB Latin t dead l.ngaagel i Offer 1 AuditionsTo

It won't be very dead 1 MiamiansIn
on February 13 when acme ,1 a
BOO students from Dade '' N 37 years to date, no
and Monroe Counties (a* Floridian baa ever succeeded
ther bare for their ate- in gaining a pot
end annual Lyceum Forua. tl in the cut of the fabnloua -
Featured will be a Roman Tsaburitzane, of

etyle" shoe and :7 I, 1lJlell1.OlheraltT.( who
an exhibition of Roman- : present their spectacular
type wrestling. bu 1 two-hosrr musical extravaganza
There also will be an In this city
oratorical contest an I Sunday, February 7, at
exhibit of student proJects ; 8.00: P.M. la the Dade i
and written com l County Auditorium.The .
:t'. i a.
: ;
$ '
petitions In Latin 1-2 company of 30 unusually
mythology.Roman history. &' ; I talented arti its. OBSDVAICCI PRL"fCIPAL6-Forwer General Frealdcpt.Atty. Belford V. Lawson (third
Roaan customs and de- t.J ... ,.. l '" .''I all atudenta, on valuable from leftof Washington, waa the Poun&r'a; Day program speaker when Beta Delta
: '. ; (
rivations. : ,:v" :t .;. ", '-,.";r" ,'.'I"j..:. ',...... ... ':.." > I scholarships, and Lambda Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Fraternity held on the canpua of Bethune-
The Saturday forum will FLAWING'SESSION-The ta:>.EI1' 1 Advisory Board of Bethune- ok.an College presented chosen for the Tarn burl Oookman College recently. Program principal II own from left are Dr. Richard
be held troll 9 a.m.until a silver tea service to the college to be used by the students In their. tzan because of acho- V. Moore, president of Bethune-Cookman; Harrison Dettlelds Jr., Atty. Uwaon
230: p.n.tt Pain Springs various social activities. lactic capability as and B-CC business manager, James r. Huger. other program principal' Included

Junior High School where The Advisory Board voted unanimously to sponsor Its annual Valentine Bazaar sod I well aa superlative en Huger who presided 8.T.E. Plnkney occasion. Harry J.. Burner III, music;
students will be served tertalnment skill will Dr.Thuraan' I. Stanback, Dr. Allen Fyke II. Dr. Moore made the response and introduced -
Luncheon on "Monday.. February 15. where aore'then 400 people will be In attendance.
a breakfast snl.pJ sin The students of Bethune-Cookman College from the Music and Dramatics De- wear over 200 of their guests and De&lelda was program chairman.

old Anerlcan style. partnenta will entertain the visitors from 2:00: p.m. until 3:00: p... extraordinary collection -
Howard winners of North Reading from left to right: Mrs. Daisy stocking vice president: Mrs. H.H. of more than 1.000 Police Comedian GregoryWill
Mi ml Senior High School Harper, secretary; Mrs. Jacob Ginsberg; Dr. Kenneth I. Brown consultant visiting costumes, heralded the
ia chanalnofUle event. Bethune-Cooknan College, Mrs Ada Zelger largest authentic folk
president; Mrs Elizabeth Wellington
Mrs (Catherine M. Moore, and Mrs. Blanche Latlner, recording secretary.Miami's coatume collection in ReportsA OnNAACP
of the host school is the western heal sphere. Appear

president of the Dade Walter 101 ar, eSl rec.ana..r 57-year-old
County Latin Teachers Annual Golf Barry CollegeTo of the T aa burl City man was arrested Florida

Association. Present tzan, will) give auditions last Saturday la con I Extravaganza
to any young medico with the
hit and
Dates ShiftedThe
Barry College Culture Olci Gregoryat home la after
lacy or man while the run death of a pedestrian a strenuouswe
Suspect aeries presents the National spearheading the voter
la in registration campaignla
troupe our city
1965 Miami North-South GOlf Touraaaent will on 5th St. and M9tb
Players Inter. Alabama, took U.. out and called
and mays, "I welcoae Miami to confirm -
be Avenue
Plunblng and played at Miami Springs Jolt Course February national in Homestead.
Touring Company
Heating Corp. on NW' 17-21 rather than February 24-28 as previously set, that will the opportunity to meet Fred Jefferson of 1223M his appearance on the big benefit show for
bring to NAACP, according to r.ceaU.heted
79th St..was burglarizedlate according to statement Issued recently by Dr.Ira and afford every chance 8th Court was apprehended Mlajai Branch
Monday night but P. Davla. the tournament'a executive director. the Barry Stage Hamlet, to that Individual whom at his hose President Donald wheeler Jon_. ._._._.n..__.._._._._.__..__..__.._._
within minutes law enforcers Tie 12th annual playing ..s.................... William Shakespeare'sgreatest have the Qualities and placed in county Gregory said "I'llbe soma) appearance at any
had apprehendedand of the famous winter Inc pi ay.cn Sunday. and talent we aeek." jail. Reporta indicated appearing at the the and at any place
jailed the person golfing event is expected N-S golf fuss are ]lookIng February 14 at 8: 15 P.B. The' TBBburitzana stay that Jefferson had been Village Gate to New Tort for>> I'..,wi tit a persona. ]
Playing the lead roles four years in the or* City the weekend of lOll of several thou-
believed directly re to attract the largest forward to a great charged with strikingthe
spun II bl e. entry in the historyof competitive display between of HrletandUelia will ganlxation, which presents pedeatiian after hi alight February 28th. which Is sands of doll are to
Johnny Milton Pierce the event tournament Sifford and Brown. be Richard Bauer and Halo the moat' unique green Buick left the date of your show." hlmaelf la booklaga,

29, 339 0 NW' 50th St. wax officials announced All-tlae heavyweight Wlnea. entertalnaent of its the road. This splendid gesture just aa long SB his appearance *
booked Into county jail The event la joint project champion, JOB Louis 1.ftS Ao exciting evening In kind la the O.S.A. Ibis 'The victim was knocked on the part of Dick is far the
.charged,t tb irauaportlni of the Cit of Mi- defending amateurchampionhdlda ,the theatre, Hamlet tea im their ,28th seaaon aa ,estimated 108 feet by Gregory cos firs a his cane to watch: he la ao I
rxnrd of maUae. cI..tt ea'....
will not want a per*
; stolen property, burglary ant and the North-South two VGA play you the Impact which led to *
and grand larceny Tournaaent Coamlttee title to ..151.U Williams Enters the .belief that the hit I I
and run driver wee speed IDSUIUVAHA
1 Colt Tourney ing. Matiaee Concert leneM Mum BiamHi
Tune WAME Home Of The World's .....
aenaatloaal MIAMI-Joe Wllllama Dimes and, it muoos 09Nr1TI0M Featuring IN PERSON. I

ballad singer and former Miss Mattle Pearl Jonea,
: Champion Disc featured vocalist with of the Little Mexico EK SULLIVAN
Jockey the Count Belle band, Labor Camp, rename IB Television's Most Popular Pertenality
la aa early entry la serious condition at
the Miami North-South Kendall Hospital after COUNT BASIEand
Oolf Tournament, Feb. being shot during an altercation
hit fine Band
".21. at the Miami at that CIlll .
Springe oourae.A Miss Jones was reportedly Hooding a lltt of famous Nome Start
: Mot by Frank Miller
r rdllbtrotphl'.r. after she stabbed Miss SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 28th ;
are expected to compete
for honor la this Bessie Lee will lass from 300 te 100; ,. M. s

12th annual event which t three tlae*. The two wo- MIAMI BEACH AUDITORIUM

w ia other years has attracted Ben were ahlrt.arguing about amen's Reserved Stats: $5,00; $3.75- Can Adm.t 2.75
2i contestants from
i .......
BB far away aa Canada r lit *,
MAil ORDERSlit .: rM .:;.
and Puerto Rico. tWO 1ft' ,...
The course baa bees Liberty City Dora, on
...1 -_ Nicky lee completely renovated and .NW (2nd St., was robbed TMa ad sponsored as s community service by

Holder of world's la reported to be IB the of$1300 IB cash "Ala-" CR H. A. HACLIT D.D.S.
day evening after the
Broadcasting Record beet coalition la It. .
Fred Ninny 228Continuous Hours 42-year hlatory. A huge bandit allOYed a gun Ii'
Rockia Rogers practice area has beea the face of the Bale
added: and complete clubhouse cashier The culprit la
facilities are av still at lar... WMBMPET
s all able.Amateur. lefiard'lileJ...., the
men will com 24-year-old uIIltr.tolcltUelthlUaloUlcera MILK LUCKY LABEL CONTEST

pete ia II fllftta. la.
cladlBg two for senior; that the tam eatered WIN AN AIR CONDITIONERFOR
the place under the pretense
there are four for WOo
.... The pros will vie of purchasing- YOUR CHURCH!
for 13-aoaey wlaaiag Iclae. He dropped note
spots with top prime of his mosey OB the COLLECT PET MILK
Bob Terry act at $ISO.'l floor and when he beat
over to pick It a". leatrUghteaH LABELS AND SEND
Fro 3:00 to 130! 41Sttt up with the
Alf oalo Moiell Studio Brother Ray pistol la his heal


SEE AND HEAR THESE :I -M a_-...u',:: :_r1O5tiM m e.awcea MOST LABELS WILL

.._ er er w wan II .. WIN
... .. AN AIR
: I.--...M..w.....wr.. ..-..-.-.. ,..,.....

10 afTfllcOau mat.flApe. OTHER PRIZES


pecan MISt
,.. usiae I BE A PET
Oft ....
.Deo'..... .... .1710'MlSTL5S.veaaeaerr.we4tMT MILK WINNER. SEND THE

W AM E-1260 ua q.es's..INHA8C)1Hr LABELS'NOW TO WMBM

.. '. 814 FIRST STREET,
... a
;, r. MIAMI

.'.o'" iteeus eti'a teaett.rtmn elect lima tieur III...

Hear: "Hot line" Nightly At 11 p.m. ,' i' at lIteM Iran eeea...... Sus.sue. ENDS FEBRUARY 21, 1965.
... mr ** .- ar n..r+..e sow.b..u,.
If" H.V. .I W OR
WithArt Green ewr .marry ea.... ...... .. .. FACSIMILEPET
e""".. w... w ... -sl73d'EtEnTrI.Se
.::=. :;=-- 51 Nan ,- .. R Ma Lena. eq a-e4 M MIlK

.. .


! I I .- -, "', I'Ii'' '---V -_ ,_iup ,-.:.. .41.-". : \ \' ." lt\ ,-W ,' ,'" -- ,:,': .',',', : r. -. _

p l f' 1

SATURDAY FEttOUY 8, 1965 fl0ilIMSit1 rwisCasslus u' A .,

la*rovis* Recasts Te Clash With Arch Rivals Dirlsi Wttktns1 .t' "

Clay paraded into the training cup of
Floyd Pntterson and presented bli with carrots '!

and other vegetation In an effort to label his enphaUcallj Y f

.The labbi t".

Patterson accepted the presentation with considerable -

grace and tie two eichaaged a few huurous -

words that completely en-

the troupe of caaeraaea '

and reporters that Clay had brought

to the scene. It was difficult for g.hrtata.tJ g.-

Clay because he wanted Patterson to .

call nil by his new naae-.ttubsaaed

All. la fact, after some decree of.

Insistence oa his part he becaue: ,

enraged and started calling PatterDOW LOT

SOB a few arts that are usually kept off the re '
cord. Patterson kept firs and continued to call HITTING RTUDK facing a tough elate for the rwaaladtr of the season, the interested ill joining the club nay contact. the Rockets office by phol..... .

Clay by his tod-given a... Jacksonville Rockets, with ever increasing support of Jai fandoa. will face 355-3121.: On Saturday Jan. 23. the heat of the battle between the Rockets

It is a little difficult for the revolutionary arch rival Gremboro Generals Saturday night (Feb. I) st $:00 o' clock la the (la chits unlforas) and the Charlotte Checkers erupted in a Donnybrook which

Negro to accept being called en Vide Tom Negro'of CollseuB. Mesbers of the recently organized Rocket Booster Club 2W laauaber was finally broken up by the offici II.. The ere of ice hockey is noted for

a Vhlte IlIA' Negro This is what day called will nest laaiediately following the gaae. The boaters will resaia Its thrills skills spills crowd-pleasing action.

Patterson and what set the chips flying.. active throughout the rest of the season and throughout the sewer Months, fans

'The two engaged la a y.rbaJtU.. that aade pat-

ten>>a' last chaaplonsblp fight sec like a gawe Patterson On Gftk' UgersST. FMC lions Entertain Invading Moore Receives Ferrari Rests

of Jack a tones or a friendly gaae of strip poker. Ranked Grill AwardIASNINGTat' On LflnrebBCBRINQ'Taklng'a
Return Track Hith
As If this wu 't enough day offered to fight PeyNe TIers At HonecowiBg tip

Patterson for ,the fan of it. for free, or to get PCTCRSBURQ" Olbba *(NPI)**Ace
Ask Chuvalo fro* the biblical proph*
down to the Quick of it, just to delight la bat. Junior COU... n basket r Balttswre Colts halfback
MADISON SQUARE GAI& f.R. ball teaa, ranked for eel: of old the FerrarifactoryMaranelltt
tiring his across his Uncle Toe loving head.1 Lenny Moore was in the
Of coarse Patterson found this to his liking and .r. -'Thar. is BO Question three consecutive yeas spotlight st the 30th Italy

the two national lUlu had to be forcibly restrained about the latent ions as one of the nation' r annual award banquet of Is contest' to rest oa

. to let their fury paaa for the sake of of two-tlae Heavyweight high scoring tease, baa Washington Touchdown their 'seven good .

saving the gate receipts for their coalng fight. losing Chaapioa Ployd now broken into the Club here last week years"of the winning placesat

Patterson and Clay will fight as quiet u it'skept Patterson. ratiaga of Florida' top k Moore ran aaoag the la* Internationally
and no one sees* to reallie this but Clay He wants that title Junior College>> quintets. dividual award winners fasous Sebrlng 12 Hour
end his promoters.Th.resre.ny" back and .he'll knock the Paul King statisticianfortheStaeaber fh: h race Race,
for their' perforaance on
Faced this Inr on Sal.,
socks off who
who feel that Ch,' attack on Patterson anyone : Florida this
the gridiron pail
gets la his say Ask his Junior collegeOoafereacuPJCC + .March :37th with.. the very
was unwarranted unprovoked to 10. ( season
rscent cloths George evident oaslsught of
eitent. without reason. But there is reason to ( ), released statistics Ms was credited with
Chavalo who sac oat cone of tilt suet !powerful
Clay's aacfatM.Patterson Is Baking a very assuringcoaebsck recently thick teasing with the Colts
punched ami out pointed and fastest
la his bid for national honors la the showed Oibbs cobraavlth: stellar quart.rbacll.Jobnn world
la a 13-rouad decision car entries. the
heavyweight baling world and Clay feels that somewhere the second highest. offense unites, in lead la adios
Monday nightAlthough .baa ever seen
along the line his path and Ue .'Rabbita" the fifth ranking lag the t... to the NFL red bunks
both. fighters the Italia
path will cross. teaa based oa its BOB* eatere Division Title
took a battering la lost record sad aa la* .LIONS of Florida mortal College, lM4anoun would bs bard put to
It there is anyone whys concerned about how such Incidentally, Moors, la
their alg-zagttsg bout above srs, left to right front roe cads. take boas the
Captain rifle
dividual scorer ranked :
article Is
4I.t' accuanlsted at the front boa of nee: it', an appearing
they will b. well paid fifth among the. top tea. Glb.OII.t Lakeland, Coach Person' K. Martin, 00- fused Alitalia Airlines
Issue of
Clay. And the daoMng clay by all aeeas intends to the current
for their efforts which The conference, eon captain Johnny frown of Mai Ian dale. fleooad ror0Chester Trophy,
keep It at sn all Use high. Me pulls no !punches" Ebony II.,aat".. declared l
produced reported 173. of Pemell of 0* Brian Amos tilkes
silting 11 predoal ; of Poa
about this, being ready: to atilt any hour out of that be wishes to play
000-.tbe richest Dohpno Beaoti; Herein' white of Tulee
the day that he fights all for the love of nosey, BOB aantly Negro Junior ; IIGhN leap of no active role in football Welch Ibis ClowasS
'There wasaaoccasion: : la October of 1M3 that this title fight ever staged leges, BBS the Junior Jacksonville; and George Smith of Wife Glade; alter retlreaMt.
anyvbere, College Broeard Couatyaa Third row vayns Brooklna of Ocala
>> tratser Freddie
had the to talk with tbe'bouls
corner opportunity 1$ it
Patterson, .r..... votes the top offensive. .Johnson Charles Caldeell of Jacksonville;
ville Lip"a. Coliwbus, Ohio at the n't-O-Du.cr* Antes Split
of d.S.1. 74 and gad leader with a N.7 aver Pierce Harris of Key West; Johnny Abler of ".n.
during the U.. when Clay wade It clear to the 11-5 51 tLV
appeared to be tiring lathe sots, and Jaws Nile
ags.Olbbs manager of Pulsakl 1r..
world that he was the prettiest nan alive. Ne 2 Gcfmes
alith, aevesth and gslaed fifth Fourth nc wlllls Pswklns of Lakeland. Lynn mar
stated la all candor: that he traded to stay as I 5
eighth roads leaving ranking IB the woa-leat of Croft... ly.i David Blaaons.of. Belle Glade
cute aa he sin and sat let Ute big bear (Lletoa) ; CMt7ILIVKL N. c. "TwoAtT '
his alaost vulaersble to eolsaa oa the basic of Sylvester Slsgletary ef Jacksonville. Mot shown 4 2I
beet hla to a pulp like be did the sacaallsngleg College Afgles lost
several of Chuvalo'aleft aa 1-3 record. Is tmnaX" Hair of Ft. Plfrtf.Ten. .
Patterson. Ne would fall with the'first hart blow week edged sreb-rlvaJs,
hooks. psttersoa ,
and collect his quarter of a sllllc astdteroos.Ne was Jeck'kslfed la the State C..rs Topple Fish lips famish the 11uto,,'lah. state 1-21-N
would always stay pretty and loaded with aoeey, College. ..... I!.BO, and

This' Is ChI seven days of the week. Alwayaead bouts seventh ass, but knocked neither to Foes On Svcceifhre NlhtsNAMVILLC. Valuable DateTAItAHASICK'Flsh" In a reversal ef fora* 13i-$4--3.

eye oa the aparroe but not. one oa the tree.It's tats dropped an ...rU.. can. *
the CM'.... T....-7 was..... State University's ..
his that the public .111 flock to those little setal test te he St Angus llaetia.e tin's tip
belief, The victory places Patterson Big Blue Tigers used a webaJMced| attack la two clips '
ringside la tr..... sabers Just .ec.... they In a challeaglig gases here last seek as they toppled Pan American is a fish's JswjfuralshIsvaluable tI..' s Coll tie Fsleans, ".oaetlaea II. Mien 'ilNe

hate lal.. Just to see aoaeoae break a bone la hiscontsftptous. spot for the nA title Coll ...n....and Santos ..,. 10411 oa gueceeslveeveniags daub a... 7711. Is CIAA basketball adds, sKMrscts, .
Ne works all
ooaceittd.' arrogant head. Maybe Its fight beteeea Kralo la lean's Little Osruuji. sad Freak later FishCesslstloa ga.ea. around

right..Me certainly has becoae the aost coatroversial Terrel and Eddie caches la their waeouftter with ......................... flsberlss Behind IS points. silk OWING 4m e"vIONs11Ii11" ..

figure la bosiai since Joe Louis' tat scan la Chicago March 9. The Pas American prtday ler and biologist ebon returned 10 sissies to go, tbs
e MeArthur Roberta

Angles itoraed back to .....................
by the flsberasa. late
dal. Clay has the woaey to prove that socebody us title was stripped fro ..1... Ue Big Bias bed Ill sow), and Bill I IMan's
there or down there likes bias Cssslus Clay (MubaMed to rally ta Ue secosd aetlsra sad LavreaeeMM ef growth, natural aor overtake the Baes with s fAre f

But Uereervvery few serials and with snail woe* All) for sltsied a for* half for their s-polst (10 sod<< ). hilly, fishing success fall doer prsss. with Days
der. bade ret.n..etch eltacaalleager cad other vital Infer* the score tied, 0. all. t
srgia ef victory. Pan The Tigers shot 42. Numbered
Boaay Ustos.Cbuvalo Aunc_, cnrrsatly ratted percent froe Ue fleer nation can be dtterelsedfrou eltb 40 seeds. ftesls- t

BT1WBIO Cf OLD CTt8Sneie l ...... ass very die fourth ...g the asties's te st.. tor Ue losers, tkeee tag rttsrss.la leg, Aggie plsyeskerRobert 11n' n Days ere *n*.

civil actloa has cove about la Me Orleans leased with the declslea .... eoll... sad led la rebo...., 44 addltloatosrovidisgscltatlflc Ssuaeers sank the L.,..,' ."flU" an.',."f.

resulting fro* the sedans Football League grid saying that he should. .outfits as reed s ..14 to !. .Isfaruatlea, two-elsslsg points froeUe tune Can Be h.,. **..f

players walking out of the all*atar ..... Mayer have gottea at least a ....at... at laterals srlea. I.,. Ue UO Ue tagged flab ems also. free*three II... Tea tree lour LI.II

Victor Seal re.who was elected .by u.. *lte Citt d re.. aloe But Ue Brostt, eetflt. ..4. tblags set .a cask card for Going late evsrtlee( Joys Urtr Oilers I rtt.%

ark Coesell I err don to arch and appointed Bob White QflftI who lad a4alslstered the lose .la Ue first half the flaberaaa. For the silk Ue score desdsxkst lund II.M a.r reurFIMUIAftY

three Negree* to an advisory panel o* bousisg. Me Tigers ese sf their two the follselsg ".'1', fifth coateoltve year, *0. all. the ra.e.. .. Noro.alpe' rklide for

set with a M racial ces lttee ef tae Loa,..,..* Claimed High setbacks of Ue year isM bet tired .. Ue eecosdhalf. Florida'a frisk eater turned ee the best lascorlsg .

..' Caloa to patch st the river frost strike. MortiliTY Rife earlier sating. lest fish lagging pregras Isbelsg 17 polite chili. FIJI a .Is tbs U.U belnfend

'His ta the .... Victor Schlro that slatted Ue their .....te. la Ueseoead Coat Miller's Tense* coeducted .Is eon holding tbe Aggies te s sill toy*>l>C, fort.

walkout saying la so any words that Negro eta* T ALLAN A *rr- If .bob* bait, despitethe asee Mate freetoea kept optrslloe mill the Jes.Bcalltg ..,. slant. polats Office Rue ||,..J.<*.<..

Ittea anouM not be ejected ta we l u4. bite quill could Isis fine tk..tlag efit 'aH Nth their variety Breelsg Oostaay, The defeat ssa furtherhuaillatlag.

Adios also case about at tee latenatioaal Air* out life issursscesolicits. 14..,.. (21)). Md brothers by deftstlsgfciaessse The fishing derby belsg Just FleriMW"

pert waere cab drivers refused to brlsg ...", eUletea they probably 1 ales Olllaa (II) their Tech Friday started Feb. I, sad ws ills third tbe Mlles bejesuslalaed

Into Ue eily. Board ....,. agreed to revoke eslda't afford tin, oily players to hit .Is .Illy 7471. and BrysaCellege sled.. A.,.., II. with ee tbs Charlesxe JI'TI1'T.' .... .. ...........

the lieease .f say drHer that refuse* te accord.tag to a study ty double n..,... < Friday sight scuds rasglsg free I2S !* 01..../j.. (loon|..
wildlife bleleglsts eftke .. Its ll-rssr history, 4W ,a.' .. .. .,..
tarry a sign pager 1.II..aatl... C aehawruie tJ.... 110,000. ,Iv .. "-'
c... and .. _
first lee water
The Jacksonville Rackets son their -- -- -- -- sMBier got drills

aocaey gave la 39 ..... provtsg Get lushes sore Pisa o ......... It Isestlssted figures tree Bofcert. fldrtdge .

Us a beautiful .U- to break a bei..PIeyg that It wouldcoat II', Dwight sm|*

patteraoa was fainted to win lie a.."..."t aoe* a bobwhite WOO lot
der emerge Chevale. la' the aaaeal precise e* a .
title tight, 11 ever at- :
".000 ISM rase* pulley. AuVwrtbin bTUi 1
dounUlly _uBs* edAll (Cassis day tagged his .
the -isms-wen".tilt CkeaberJsIa Is dole This treats. Is based a
teea.the pillsdelphlt Ue fact that stand Mst lUvuesefWart
pelts well wlia.hisaew

,..,. .... way eVt predUtlee-Ue irw hit Blast ef every 109 await tW Aryred.td

wilt win Ue Nstteaal L.M... Sa..*4ll ebaialawhie.but rea Ue MlllMie orlslee elli eta the terl dead ..,.,. asvlaeryesr TswMANOR'S again. ..

Sat s.tlr bvas 'u....


626 West AsMty ,

Presents NilelyEntertoenment

,. n1..1tI e

One Leg JOE

The Torrid ut sJiTennessee

rm H'.* aoe4 Organ'

= =
-- --- -- --- ---

===-- ;/it _iII puc '

--- --- Beef at its ," ; ,

MeNfIII": I ,.., .... .. M n"*

T3.*iajr fe4ne"4ajr JM SMCMMGHTIY f' '.'";'.
oom..ulT S FK.-2 A. H. I




: t r !I ",- .


for Aged,
REABT FM OttWAKCTJackaoavllle'
II 'L"t.rs 33.1-0e./
EAR CURING been seen s fcce. When be CHARGED WITH FOR SALE a Flneat.Neely.
FAMILY ARGUMENT returned last Saturday AGGRAVATED ASSAULT DRUG STORE-ESTABLISHED:: Decorated.To bedroou apart
I SHOP AND SAVE MORE ,AT Jaaea B. Abaley, of she refused to let him Willis roung 20, of Well stocked Heel pre. M.ta. water tiara. 111.SO

1882 Baldwin St. lost In. 4104 Leonard Ct. was criptie Dept. Gross over ,per week Reddest mar
an ear during a fully Ivey hsd broken the arrested by city police noo,000. Coaalaalonablelacreaae. 9414 Itstnoat, PL ,-1T37. ?

\ WAREHOUSE dispute last Saturday screen end was atte Unr aDd charged 'with sg- Last 4 years BETTER CAR DEALS ."
ben be Intervened in a to kick the door In when gravated assault and Shopping Center vicinity,
Quarrel between his sister be beard the approaching fighting after he beat Illness. forces eel. Barislo For the beet deal oa any
sirens, reports COlielud.d. his coBieon-law terae.Vie.9iNl' car aw or ..ed call To.
mother and brother. wife and E.
BILL Reels, Brkr. Jackaoal5937eier7ll1481.Credit : -
A&P STORE In- law. injured their 3- .onthold -
toaley told inveatlgat- baby In the Belee.The :284-8808-Aaeverlnf Bert application
330-3402.: taken over ckoae, Cars
Gag officers that he came Infant received a
LOVER "tLIRPED" WHILE: brought to your door for,
hone and hit brother-in- deep laceration across
CLEEPINd PEACEFULLY Fonislil Room Inspection. Credit nor;
law was cursing hi. the face after B lamp '
John Hogan, of west Kttckea Fflv. 11 8-3371. ,rob !*.
3000 W. 45th S1. other and sister. The fell from a table.
relative Identified by Third St. could easilybe Young and his mats bad
police only u' "anlD" tabbed the 'Sleeping' reportedly separated FOR RENT
began pushing Whaley's Vlclts of the week but he had returned to Furaleked' Rooa.Mlce.Fref. SINGER CONSOLE
sister around and was that's If the report be the Leonard Ct. address Couple EL e'4eeo.FURNISHED .
\ approached by Whal" gave city police is to pick up a blanket end .U.llir MACHINE

police reports Indicated accurate. leave BOBS money when ROOM 'iM3l !1cE.?ig-Zag. sal*
that Whaleywasbeatenafter After being entertainedby the argtatent developed.CLASSIFIED Furnished ROOD. Refined 149 or.aaaoae M per aonttparent
GRADE "A" WHOLEFRYERS he approached Marvin a eosan known only tobin lady private boss.Ns.rtuslime.3e2 *. mod coadltloni
and held by another as 'Catherine" at will deliver. lea'tloaa.
unidentified tan while a Kings Road address $ call ?J 3.i.... any:
off Moncrlef at llthBt.
: his ear was bitten off. Hogan dosed off in a, tie.. .;
p The assailants had left peaceful sleep be told FOR SALE -
e Inveatliatlni officers.
when officers
the scene
l Hogan said that when he Nose a Shop. L|. Lot, 134
:i'': arrived. .
: aecke, his $59 was gone i 163. 23311 Old MlvlJle- MAIDS
: aDd to no surprise Catherine burg Rd. :3 Idr... Tile ,oyar Crown
el2" c LOa;ED-OUT GROOM too. He explained Bath Front Porch, Des Cola FOR
KICKS DOOR IN that h.had been drinking IT,ISO. tens. Can be seem_ NEW YORK
by Appt. Call 1J6-196I.
A 33-year-old 13th St., during the course of the "
housewife reported that afternoon Barter WnteiHaate'r Jolla searaateed on' .r-
Florida her husband of only two Prater, Til MiffctiistPmr Barber. Artistic rival firm' 533 to' Mleeekty. ,

onths kicked her door !I Barber Shoplit W. Ashley, Live la flnett ;.
OUTS BURNS li Til lull
In after she refused to phone-FL 4-9231. boMe.Toa own. rooa. bath .
let him In. Fred Daniels of Court>> C: TV. write tor ,.,r.1'- .
She explained that she was doused with a pot of Send your nine and Address NEW YORK MAIBSr& Idlcatlon. a ia ticket HAt
EXTRA SPECIAL: IONA STANDARDTOMATOES I and Joseph Ivey had been grits by his wife Sunday and find out how Miracle to yoa Free fift o.. arrival -
Boning, burning his an of ._.-Jobe isltlaa .
185 Weed ai
married on Nor. 21st, he prayer can *c left after a nine day and neck wonder for you wtlt.; Tickets 5est- &M Ajeeey aiwber of reftreaee. *ttJHIW ,I
honeyaoon and had not He told police that the alp Post Ave., Weatbory, 402NCT 141 M. Mils
grits were thrown on hi. SISTER FANNIE HOWARD N.Y. Street, Freeport.N.T
after a disagreement 634 ft. Michigan! Chlcaio,
GOfiDOt&GDi) with his wife. 111.
: VUD1Df'Jill10'L1: : Help Wanted Male Female KEnoppi:: ?!' HCMF nruvrryMECHANIC

:]]U.tL1]! ::rU :J ON! DUTY

NOTICE! C CELIVERY-Young men, 71, up, good Ike Joseph ....-.._..... ..-..- Proprietor;
Prices in thisad &' pay, drive car for newspaper com "state mid Jefferson ;fitreet r H tt.Q4'"
a r e good 1 LB. pan,. Apply sat. 1 to 2 p.m. Sun 1
onlyat the warehouse 1 0 i to 2 p.m. Florida Star, 13th & Mon-
MP store CANEXTRA crlef. Positively no phone infor a\
through Sunday mation. T
February 7, mmuommnmPlIIrW.
.BASINS, team tnni MAIIM TOM uri MBiuiuf
school graduate, some experience In ..
Dart .cr.ksu..e
e.a MHM Mw / la'M .ease .w. IMe1'
selling. Will give ambitious man a .Isal. era. /rMa..cur... .Aw tMr. .M Nr awv set.MNM1ra .
fair trial Liberal com i .lons and s.c. ,effi c.aw.r-, .raw ...raWd.i..wMlMraacl.aw.e
: .: : .= Lor.usm oeMa.gwtore
guaranteed salary.Car not necessary' -...a.5--....-, .... '":
S. Wont .Isar
but helpful. Apply Fla. Star, 13th & I 'I" ewi.e.ra.arl. .r=.::: ./ "eea .." e- M --
I Itac .::: =
II < k*MrMeMM Mew a
,..,... .
-f. Moncrlef. Sunday, 2 p. .. No phone M<...,---t U* MM MMloT'SKIN'SUCCESS MLhM.R..I__ 1.o- .1r..r.G.r..__reoo4. r.u./ _
'j GRITSW calls. ::::c:1..;.',ie'::-:::: ;:=::::=.aw.own Lw Were.Ie

TRAINFES-Young) women <*ho can type 60 seep
THE CROWN wpm. To train as Varityper and Head-
M 1 the top of a long hill Dick line Operator. Apply Monday No
I Turpln the notorious highwayman phone cft!b.
once waited for his prey
WITH 55.00 in this old Nuffield Inn. Today.
'traveller frequently atop hereto
i OR MORE LB. 19c savour the elegance' of t
5 Glorious Qordon'i Martini Indeed
ORDER BAG time have changed, butGordon's
Gin still i, hark bach
to 11th' Century England. STAR Papers Home Delivered Now!

,- .

SUGAR The I) GloriousGordon's Martini

4 er more part Gordon' ..ttT
Dry Gin l! F
1 part Dry VermouthStir
I veil In e pitcher half fill*
Z with Ice, and elf eta' Into a cock
'tail plus' .
PP Optional: Add art olive of twist,
lint 1 of lemon peel.Airman .

With 15.00 5 LB. 3 5 c

Or More BAG Completes :;

Offer Basic Training M

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limit 1 With $5.00 Or Min Order

Dent be achls ler. fhy wait to read
GIANT rnt X U. 1,: your neighbor a paper? Your beat friend
PU ;3JJV PATTIEIONA 10 1 -ay not tell yoa.but he doesn't like

you reading his p Pr. He thinks jrour

YELLOW CLING SPECIAL ihy not get your 0N:' paper every week y ,e
More than 15,000 hones art letting a '

Peaches Neck Bones r.TR paper every *..k. 'h1 not you?

Kilns 1 US. CMsa Mf CN I), T.a...AirI. '
Or I".01. 23 *: II 1 10 Jasws & Btllltaelea, Ye Don't Hive To Mss A Sine IssN Of The STAR

: son of Mr and Mrs. Joan
Sliced CAN LB. M. Charles 8r. of 5164
Paris Avt..Jacksonville, News About Negroes C.Jete CftritI
.baa completed Air force .
basle Kllltary tralalni National lews' News
at Lack!11II4 Art. Tei. I I
a XTRA SPECIAL: JANE PARKER THORO-ILEN Alms BllllMslea hat Statewide News Social News
bee* selected for tecksleal '
e tralnlBs aa a dry-County News Sports & &tab

subtly specialist at Ui

WHITE 2 I 14! a. 39 Air(ATC Tratnlai school at Cosaaad Marllle Km Ywr STAR H... t Detivertil a Etrfy At Nt Extra CtftCbrdi

an. Tea His wee salt
is put of the rut ATCsyateej
\ BREAD which tralaa Air- for Kiwi Star For Horidi Sl.rJuois >
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