Florida star

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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200647datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date January 23, 1965dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=006470740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
January 23, 1965
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
January 23, 1965
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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tbe Vrbati Lessee At* The pooseraarelaeutai a party vllcreuuldslag' tbe ..,..119' Cwt,
Motel Albert
Into Julian D. Cora. a eoooaaltywlde a.I'| root. at larller.Uo he had laio.Rev. Creator elated Pair InSlayings Marry Smash fir p,ralsslea > RightsPolicy

Project CM a*It eat, M- titles t> buslaeee feeders bat aelther Ue ilrle to operate a
clot.. of kollOtlaf Op.portselti reisrdleee of Ue led sank wee JOt tbe!Neiroea coart streets aof tbe ilrla ..*.la |.*." "a popular
So,.. tTrsnd for flarlda typo and shut Urlrouiceraa a tad over bad cause far card
... will ..... oo TI* either. attend hew.. where they llaedo eaklai aucb a "dlabelleal" grewafMca sod Duiiaa ..,.

reported Ueoj alsslai.CAerlfra aeaaioaa of Poverty Isrierida. to have to register to "'..
or rfpreeeala
tile pl.let I Mr a"..,.. several ouatha
deputies and At tbe the of the ate JAaaoel C. Probed
and rtoalieo tlvea at Uo two-day did of the above closes of M*
sty later oo
.. .
of tw by Ptlaieats
lldltfe offtelalaaearcbad ....... Rktloyoeat N.tear coofrea tent. otter HMroeo wereeatlai .
fooceraed late soy part .,.. .,
to IItbe
laie sod elthwt tacldeatla statoofflslal
lie 9./. ,.,.rto.' la ,lit aeeerlai out ef IGI-he Charged MLAMASSIC
.,.r f 10 flied t 8Q previoualy aeiro aeaber of sea la- atalod III. .
: p.s Of Labor, See ,.". .
their boat la what ,.. ,rta...,.. .....en elII IO.o. gated .......* local the' earrMt.Tbeee seeded dieted by a federal Against Jiion eels he lo yecelved aolaejilry .

d eacrlRtod aa rery ..dee* reeteuraats Ya cafe girls grad. jar, lest sea for fro a lovero
ooejaeeJlai ed aldoe A dlreit laferoatlos
tent a. tbe alaylai of three sent fur '.'un..
aura. ... assist
<1' racially ...,...t" tad they lertalalyulo't civil ruble workers la charge of ....1.1"
Tie area sac trailed \' .t tleo .. whether rl.rUobaa
get It rwalaitbo WM filed Malaetileealoao
fell laelaelpflAieata
boat foosdtat jalteraoftaia city policy ... of
tore tie ea a eo
tads sUIt ebea the atreete. Croekroaotleee4. ."..t.4 J.... by Hate Ally Pit
to BO avail AaUorl* federal fade rider tho
hliholadi local RtetMraat 500'clattee I Jer'aa, II, la At. /hallee..luiedi/ ,
tleo reported that aew Civil sMibta Act
'1 had retarded UaM U *.a r.ievtedArresed
causedtbo voted to ...reese'ro4s. lasts, aad Hora.e 0.Saraette odlaeI.5er5.e
could bate "' ., ..*.pt-4 Lthters. 2$. of a11es. for the hl.rsdeolbof Rwiset Mreoto-r
boat U sore about s! sell be received
tao frlwdly Mtk thto tra/fll v| llo.
to a U....... decree.Trtelr La eerreadered to aaM .. ... Ue lo-Mlry fri.
bead Appoints' first a pereotal degree, .' at .rev.1oft. U.otb tenet C. u. eue .
fedlasore. tut eeily I out of ..,erutof sea sere freed J.[. TalIMn, .. of IM1. tbo V *- Health Educe.the
olio free weretfo al welfare
boat a foo .. Police Cipfili Oelr percMial eel M.r II M Iced ea.ft.tbo lapses tt. Depart
boat OM farehe polatedlyflalaod. ea II ao eere Iadt A deputy atcrlff at Ueae ... .,. ..4.reao e.ld .. MtlfH <
'Wf1J41O'1n. << I .iu' to tbe .t A.a by Talbert'a

ae sold oearloi the Slag,...sat., PTJUS CQaJUfTtD Je eo ,..... .:t': a? I j. LA 0w* ttlte Davie oar The detour said Utsio ]I5.1| J.... || .1.,1!,. ef tar Mho aad a avoeaalesoero | the Ivpeftoeal bee slag..lb that.*
till so
,.u be ha .at... .1...... lie slate
aeelived U UeOBM o lie arrest, girllilt..evlets .
boots obea fooad aadlrulaad Held repre *atatl/e, Bst.oeial 'Vrtao twee*>*v.p laU but la leev*
out AwU-fctertr publicity carried rxly la Ue ,_all relatleoa division sees r* 4rlsi on aJartsteootlaual ilibael softener aodladree gla. Road, felted" died
sled la a reepooel
heavy out'so aod aheeo- ells sat. relstive to Ue ......,.. U."l*. of tao laeblaitoaPellce ',..ad.tbe. j ...
omMlodod list tte Teoa. solemn. Loottai. ee are Let. J, Carter Deparueajt, la stock ....a.. of these I a.. fersers, sad James teeth uotlial CMterOffleera received the letter
fey elated t* 04000 Ue cello fro frlo-4a aad ,ll.. |.. held Tsleert ke
.. .u..,.. u eels Uaaore III. Director Of Ue bet Jai r.... keaawe a4 Dr. 4 A..a B- .10 tree Pfed praaklla. II
after near <<..n'an" ,... smell okalreaa of Uo Raard. hfa; Vrbeo 'al II ai' first SeirocerlaU alas otrtoiff o.>reMlsitheir lb. rl said Jonlaa sad Is jail oo o ciarie of des a ten letter that

over' la Ue rough a.-... ta tal Art s4e4 r. ,..... b.llef la all ..- I..,..u., kits JeelioL drlvls while latoilfoledhi Ml to every elate.
". (.-,.*>ell v>etraoof ....... sod offerlaibet I.lee reeldeata. gave lee.lag UO Ness Ofao
.. RlihtoLae.
.otoro. H ye MUe ft r t'. ep I rile el ... ra. entice eye .a..... M ld.ol, TM ibarieoeero pads Civil,.,...., la
will Ollovwoactreor ......&..I ....II. tateMOU. to ... trlUerders drepped tf o pease tbe
.. ...,.. to eilkoldteedh
I Negro Freed In Ocala Case Ud bf Ue ,.U,.., Of "1 ole* u see Jest of Ue save Jaetlee after Ue eaa- free slaleo pra.'

t.... Albert ft Clark.It a da U OMk ... sod eM sine Uteetliatlai olMiltef tifefoatlosOM
rectal e.gr.ga'too5
OOHA--A wrlee must dsrtai a I... at are eto.t. o.s reuraed a la averted Uat aooU < everyooo of ISM far the buratai. of a sales filed' heel State sites Uo see of fed

greed Jury riled ktoodep- ....\ oS till ..,.. Sor.Jlai ef tuei> fi able .r sales tits sill taetr' a aoy lice iee* e1Nsa ...,r111e.INl a.Sleo Atly JOS./, talllardaali la .

riot .'race oea killed ls'... pr.w.ue4 Ue IBbestleile.. bo ......1., rxbortly. &II""'.** bo .*.*.. '.*< era! hails.a



---- -- ,. iI ..._____.. _...__.. .
r ---------------- ---- ---




NEWS "lafks As u4

Published by The rJorlda Star Publishing Co. -


NEGRO r nDL' ,VA710PW. -<,::" '. : ;/ "

ERIC 0. SIMPSON.........Miiiiiif Editor '.. :':.. :. ", ;; Minister Suggests Sending King,

AIYSON E. VISE...... .. Km Editor ELF.cooPERATI6.i'. :.h..: Clergmen, Abroad To Broaden ImageA

HILDA WOOTEN.. .......Circolatioi Ihuter "w..; '

r South Bend, Indiana minister, one of

MAIN OFFICE I PLANT: thirty persons who accompanied the Rev.

Dr. Martin Luther King to Oslo Norway for

.2323 'Moicriif, Rod.. ..'.OU Elf.ii 4-6782 V.j the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize has

called upon President Johnson to arrange

/: Mailiu Address: for a Special State

", went program which

P.O. Box 551.Jacksonllll Ulorida ,' ,'<, Negro clergymen :
1 : "'!":", unique assignment. Deport-I

MIAMI OFFICE .. : Charles R. Gordon, In

.. / to the President
.\. '.". .' .: 'It'
738 NV 3rd AVI. P.one 377-1025 J ;'.. 4r l .... ::r.J": have American suffered image tremendously abroad be- SIMPSON .

cause of a distorted view of our nation'srace
SUBSCRIPTION; RATES problem. Propagandists have exploited
One Tear, $6.00 Halt Year, $4.00 : '
prime examples of racial injustice cruel
I Nailed to You Anywhere In the United States
ty and violence. Many of the Europeans i.,
payable, in advance
the nine nations I visited, feel that the
Send Check or Money Order to '
: /MPROVEMENT Alabama and
worst of Bimlngha. numerous
. Mississippi cities and towns is fully re '.
FLORID STW r.n. BOX( 501JncMonvllle
presentative of the best that our nation
1. Florida
provides the American Negro. Since propagandists .

have displayed to the world, our

When Does Freedom Begin ? worst side in the area of race relations,

I am of the opinion that our nation has amoral
Qy JOSEPH L. TURNER: THE 'SURE' ROAD TO EQUALITY responsibility to display the other

The Constitution of the
United States "
side of this picture.
guarantees certain rights and freedoms to
11-year-old clergyman Is pastor of
every American-born citizen, and providesa Couth Bend's First AXIS. Zion Church built
well-balanced set of laws
protect and by his father, the late Bishop Ruford F.
ensure those rights and freedoms.
Every Gordon. He urged our Chief Executive to
child is taught from his earliest
experiences Your
Weekly direct the State Department to Inauguratea
in high school civic to his speca :: program in which aftlu colorful,
lizatlon In the University, hat the laws '
,. dynamic gifted prominent Negro clergymen
are, what they mean, and how they can hest ,..t.I :1 .
; of leading denominations would be sent
benefit from them as well-educated
duct ive"citizens. pro- throughout various parts of the world, to

t preach lecture and meet groups on all
The Constitution is not quite clear, how- : Horoscope Guide
levels, answering the numerous questions
ever, on just when a person is entitled to
which will be pose Mr. Gordon suggested
receive these rights and freedoms. This
"" that each minister spend !month on assign-
of a clear-cut answer has created
Kent with a week in four different citiesor
problems on the subject since the beginning By PABLO The ASTROLOGERWHICH nations.
of ,
our,, great nation.
Continuing. Gordon wrote "Judging from
Does a person receive his rights and freedoms -
the comments of several who .
when he Is born, or later when he ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR
me In conversation on this subject,
finishes high school? what about the young
there would be little, if any difficultyin
man who considered old and mature
to serve in the military at 17 or enough BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL finding colleagues who would open both

their pulpits and hones to their
18, but who cannot vote until he Is 71? Negro
brothers fro the United States.
What about the poor and uneducated--should
The Reverend Ur. Cordon further told the
they get more or less of the rights and
freedoms? ARIESBorn MORE 'IMPORTANT' TO GET OUT OF TURN! LATER. PEOIENT TO RESUFP YOU. President" "I find that there is. abroad.

What about the Negro? Should the rights March 21st thru OTHERS TO SHARE YOUR MORE 8> -S'.I'.37.SU 27011.1362271CAPRICORN a hunter for knorledge and the sharing of

and freedoms of America be dispensed according April 19th VIEWS. experiences by clergymen of color.who have LIBRA been active, not only in pulpit and parish
to color, race, religion, or whatever THE LAM FEW DAYS IHOILCLFAVE Born Sept. 23rd thru Born Dec. 22nd thru
pursuits but have also been identified with
? VCU PITH A FLELIRG CANCER H >' Oct. 23rd -!a19tb.
\ the civil rights movement and the' >strtfgile
Mat about M.
people who are serving In the THAT YOU HAVE ACHitvrc
Born June 22nd thru
YOU HAVE GOOD REASON of the Negro to attain first class citi
military or working in government, and THC UNUSUAL ANb fcCTUNlOMtlKtfct. July 22nd YOU HAVE NO QUALMS AROUT TOE "
what about college students who are learning SAVE EXTRA WHAT .IS GOING TO HAPPEN SELF-CONFIDENT"' AND"' TO zenship.

--should they receive less freedoms than MONIIS. MAKE sum YOU YOU SHOULD ARISE FEELING TO YOU, YOUR I INSTINCTS EXPAND YOUR CULTURAU' IN. The young Negro leader who Is president

people engaged in individual pursuits? (JIT YOUR INFORMATION THAT ALL IS PERFECT I IN PROVIDE M"REASSURANCE TERESTS OR COllI T'lIuTi ON'. of the South Bend' NAACP and a member of the

Should there be any place in this country RIGHT atroRC YOU TAKE YOUR PARTICULAR WORLD THAT YOU ARE ON THE RIGHT YOU ARE NOW THE CENTER Mayor's human Relations Comnittee also
AND THAT EVERYONE' YOU OF AT asked President Johnson to include in this
where the rights and freedoms guarantee ANY ACTION WHATSOEVER. ROAD. THERE) ALWAYS ARE TRACT 1C* SLOW DOW

us should not apply? THE INCLINATION TO WORRY MEET IS A FRIIND.ExP'ESS' OISTANCLES THAT CROP IP SOME( HAT TO ENAILE YOURSELF proposed program, talented Negro soloistsand

Two separate Incidents in American universities MUST NOT IE NOURISHED. YOUR JOY. DO NOT ALLOW HIRE AND THERE GUT THIS TO CATCH UP WITH snail vocal ensembles and groups. Accompanying -

.in recent weeks point up some ANY MOVES YOU MAKE TO ANY DOUSTS TO ENTER 'YOUR I IS NECESSARY TO KEEP CERTAIN CMCRES THAT CAM the clergymen, these musicians

Interesting factors and pose a warning for INSURE YOUR FUTURE SECURITV GAROEN OF ECEN RT PAYINGNO VOU DETERMINATION "- IWI.you NO LONGER IE NEGLECTED.FINANCIAL would offer Negro spiritual and song of

those concerned about such things rights WILL PAY OFF ATTENTION TO THE KILL CAN II RESOURCEFUL. AFFAIRS ARE faith, identified with the Negro's uphill

and freedoms. HANDSOMELY I Ife TIME. THIS JOYS. BUT YOU MAY HAVE AN OPPORTUNITY TO ADD TO SOUND. THERE MAY IE MANY struggle Mr. Gordon said "This combination -
TO TAKE UP vou OuT'' U.
The incident of the Freedom of Speech AICS YOU IN OVERCOMING YOUR INCOME OR MATERIAL INDIVIDUALS AROLND YOU would accomplish far pore than soce

Movement on the campus of the Universityof YOUR MAIN CONCERNS. YOU TRY NOT TO THINK TOO RESOURCES SHOULD II WHO CAN ACT AS SPLFNCID of the college professors and special representatives -

California, at Berkeley Is one. The activities HAVE REACHED A POINT I IN MUCH OF OTHER THINGS IE- GRASPED AT ONCE. DO NOT SOURCES OP INSPIRATION who are sent abroad by our
SIDES. THE: JOI AT HAND TO State Department and are at
tines met
restless students blowing off holiday MAKE IETTER USE OF YOUR YOUR CONFIDENCE. YOU MAY MADCM HAND IK '''"0. with resentment hostility or misunder
steam. But, on the other hand.-Just as PAST ORDEALS AND.. EKPERIINCH. ,- HAVE TO LEARN TO PUT UP 590221751.592AQUARIUS\ standing.
HOME is INDI c.no. The Reverend Mr. Gordon said he hn also
"recession" of 1958 served as A harsh WITH TH< TEMPSRNOENTS .OF

reawakening for Americans who thought that 20.550 I3-SS.125 YOUR MATS 0* OTHER CLOSE noted the desire of Europeans to see and

the American economic structure was Invulnerable ALLIES. hear aany of the white clergyven who have

and the Incidents at Little TAURUSBorn 6 X-M-l8-7S-63a Born Jan. 20th thru been identified with the civil rights movement -

Rock, Ark. In 1957 the Montgomery bus April 20th thru Born July 23rd thru Feb. 18th even to the extent of going to Jail.

boycott the incidents at Birmingham, in May 20th Aug. 22nd SCORPIOBorn However he indicated that he felt that

Mississippi and the March on 'Washington '" Oct 24tn thru THIS SHOULD IE _AM ESPECIALLY organizations like the National Council of

1983--proverl that the American Negro was YOU ARE APT TO HAVE A ANY OFFERS THAT AAEMASC Nov. 22nd: HAPPY TIME WITH the Churches of Christ In The U.S.A and

no longer "content" with the 'treatment HAND.. VIIICN OF THINGS MAY SE SO ATTRACTIVE *S YOUR DOMESTIC SITUATION) the National Conference of Christians and

he has TO COME JUST MAKE SURE TO II ALMOST IMPOSSIIkC. Jews could best spearhead
been receiving, so too does the PMATEVER YOUR ASSOCIATE Ash SECRET MOPES PLEASANTLY a program which

incident at Berkeley serve to suggest some THAT YOUR ENTHUSIASM II TO REFUSE. EXCELLENT RI. GAYS 0* DOES, You MAY NUHLIGHTED. ACCEPT would send these men Into other countries



Roosevelt University in Chicago was fired TALK OVER TNt ECONOMIC PACE IS MUCH MORE 01SIRAIlE I I '. YOU ARE I THE invited guest to the Inaugural of President

from her position as editor of the school fACTORS THAT COULD IE THAN ONE THAT '''I NOT DISPOSED TO SHIRK PEOPLE YOU KNOW MAY IE Johnson sad Vice-President-elect

paoer when she printed a story saying the POSING SOME MATHER TICKLISH FLASHY GUT OP SHOR"DURATION. YOUR DUTIES 01 RSSPONSI IN' POSITION TO DO YOUA Hunphrey on January 30th. has asked for en
university ,110 IL 1M I. THOSE WHO You CAM PLACE audience wit appropriate
president had been fired. The ILITIEI FOR THC 1-.10' FAVOR. ONE OF 10111" key government
university denied LOVE YOU WILL NOT MARS MORE RELIANCE ON YOU officials In. laahlrgton" that
the w"kla
story In firing the ENJOYING' LIFE. THERE ir GOALS MAY M KNO* T9 NO order
ANY TROUIIE. OVERHAUL PARTNERS.' IT" GOOO PC* that fee night further define
girland made some attempts to preventthe MORE MIGMTNSSS AT MOMS. ONE XIY n IIIL'. KEEP his proposals.
distribution YOUR ICONOMY WHEN THIS pusLicirv AND THE USE 0' Mr Gordon also plans to
of the papers. Later the YOU CAM II VERY CASEY IT neA'IA TO PREVENT seek the counsel

school admitted that the president had submitted SEEMS NECESSARY TO ESTABLISH PERSONAL INGENUITY Co WHEN THE OCCASION CALLS AMY INTERFERENCE PROM of three of his friends on Capitol Hill .fCoogrtsraaa

Freedom Is a very precious thing. Men LITY. THI ONE NEAREST TO THAT DO NOT MIlt SOME OF V9UR ENERGY. and Indiana's U.S. Senators Birch BajA and

have been known to gladly give their livesto YOU MAY IE OUITE INTUITIVE. THE TERMS YOU liT"""". FRIENDS STILL POSE IAFP11 ., Vance Hartke.
Do NOT SUFFER FROM vooaDOUSTS .c.- '*- tsPisces
secure and safeguard It. America, Itself PR4GLEMS. YOU SHOULD

has as its primary goal that sole 7-40-77-1S-H-747 OR MISGIVINGS AiL MAKE YOURSELF SCARCE HO APPEAL

idea, answering the challenge to freedom IV YOURSELF. WHEN YOU REALIZE YOU MAY
19th thru
lOrD Feb. Iluch has
of late
of the
anywhere in the orld. Presently, our GEMINIBorn 1.100-44-14-M-114 I SS THE TA.GETOP ANKOVING' March 20th reed for new and alleged

whole domestic concern is with the civil May 21st thru 'INDIVIDUALS.4.5O3J1M245J I lation sweeping Jetferal legis
VIRGOBorn MI protect the
coosuw: fro
rights and freedoms of the Negro, who because June 21stCONFIDENTIAL being
Aug. 23rd thruSept. OR UNDERTAKE. (*TE"SIVE robbed and deluded. This apparently is
of his color or some other ancient
22nd TRIPS TO predicated
LAY THE 4.OlAt the belief that Americas
and Ignorant is denied ARRANGEMENTS
reasons of
WORK FOR FuTtRl DEVELOPMENT. tNjMcu.ho do lose
73 .
,per of all
SAGITTARIUS YOU HAVE NO IACGP =Hying--are ,sosewhat .
Jaies Baldwin, the controversial Negro YOU AOVANT- SHOULD II INVALUAILE, i* oa the nitwitted
Born "0'. 23rd thru I""" aT..IIIII. DON'TTME vide and can be taken
novelistgave this warning to the students ACES MANIFOLD.' THC ASSOCIATE AIDING' YOU TO JUDGE THE la with the
Dec. 21st TOO LCM WON YW* greatest of ease.la .
at Berkeley and to the world: "Your IN THE lACR TRENDS AND TXEIR POS-
SUP AMD ALLOW omis TO this
obligation to society is to live and act PP.OUND WIELDS WJCM INFLUENCE. SIMS MIMING. ALL MVST YOU SHOULD FEEL OUITE .. coaa.ctloD.I otttalBg said ty
as you want..there. is nothing under the MAKE IT A POINTTO GE 'IN HARMONY WHERE YOU PROUD GP VCURSIL* AND Jlovgh. chairman or catted States
heavens you shouldn't think about. The A4RCE WITH' THOSE WHO LIVE AND YOU MAY IE TC THE SUCCESSES YOU "Itl Corporation is of ialerest. Mr.

ain principle is that we're able to face COULD HINDER TOUR MO- ONE FIST QUALIFIED TO CHALKED UP. THERE is AN ON THC CVC"ALLPLANNING. Blough. it Is clear la his role of family
each other and certainly. -.at least--live CRESS DTMEMISE.' TXOIE I SEE THAT IT IS. MISTAKES PMASISO ( TMSSC vatthed VOIMQ at their ahoppUf
TO MAKE 'PDt "WEVtRYOU a keen and
CG iMOUte Ill GCUTILIIID Increased
by the skill
JOGS MAY FIND YOU KEEP VO>JR THOU' TSTG ....1COWLD 'fWI and knowledge with
TG THE UTMOST.vow which they -ensure article
YMCA WEEK >rocHi> ot .1laluUeaat
TMC wtCK WITH A loll IN Beet
and the PLACE OPPORTUNITIESIN '' I CAN REVEAL YOU SECRET their seats and offer -
Nut to the crass crescent thefCA's CAN ARC OUItC LUCID AND the
YOU* HAT AND< MEAT most for the ....,
Red .Triangle is the world's most YOU WAT. BE MAO TC 11111115. .* PREPARED WITH SNOU.O II TRUSTED. 'ul this shopper '.. y. IB. his words
1.ICT&II'f >> .1, tob
widely known religious syibol. And this PACE COMPETITION WHIM OUI" SPEECH IMS* YOU RV Till ROkPtfr-AGOUt PPR9ACM the power" she exerts I fool: and

splendid organization will be given thoroughly STAKES ARt MISN. YOU INTO PEOPLC W... ARC I4- 10 GAIN YOU PERSONALCNIS. You MY ALSO CREATE SOMCNWITICS ia lad e4.*'1900 Aaerlcaa heathens
SOMEWHAT PLEASE WAYS n,1I1.''Y1Mi" PARTNER ALCA THC Way.3.g81'1444a awesome for the producer and
earned recognition during YMCA leek COULD THOSE WIN AlE *T .. of Inferior
January 2431. WITH VOURSE1F GUT IV II I l > NOT LIKELY TO SWIM "E YOT MAY PhD I* 15. wise or overpriced or other
tadesirable wares soon find theselve' .

.rd\! K. d'SATUDAT ,H >> I -- '

: I i ? 1

: .

.. 1r.-= ;' -.F '" Ladies Enjoy Post Holiday Event Lodge Installs Joint Tea Planned Gateway Savings

.SociallyWith ..- ,..-_ : New Officers Golden Hsrt Council Club CelebratesThe
Wreak .ill celebrate its first
t.i Lodge ISI. AP'tA.V. Gateway Savings and
held It. Installation anniversary cub a tea Civic Club held Its
SpeakingUpsilon cereaonlea recently with 1:00: p. I. sunday cosbiaed< annual post holiday
LOUISGUINYARD: : Deputy Grand Matter 111 with Lily lute Lodge party 'recently serving a
J.E. Bradford presiding 225 which will also delicious repsst that
Lambda Cfaaptsr of Alpha' Phi Alpha Fraternity The following officers celebrate its annual tea delighted" the a any '...-
held a Joint awarV-pfeVeataMon-lneial- wore sleeted: Daniel according to public relations hers sod guests.
ration treat Tueeday evening in the beautiful Hudson worshipful ...- director Mrs Meabers not attending
hoes of The Ernest 0. .Jackeone,8r. 5211 Doatie t rcI tsr; falter Lills. senior L.T. Marques, the gala occasion were
Drive South.Caoers ,
warden; Hudjr Brewater, Deputy Illlle Mae Hart Mrs. Annie Robinson.Mrs.
Bradhaa, e aeaber of Upsilon Chapter. ds* the
i junior warden ; A.t.. la bead of Golden Liberia Bailey who la
livered the main address ud installed off 1 cere. Holies, treasusrs; J. C. Hart Council and Mrs financial secretary of
Awards for outstanding performance, clrll and t Davis, secretary and Laura Starling is president the club.Mrs. Mary Roes
busty debts sere presented to Dr. Hunter Batter
of 223.
Waahlngton Wlllius. recording Lodge her assistantMrs. Julia
white Reverend diaries Dal ley. Mrs. tenors 8.Martiu secretary, and Tae affair which will Ferrell. Mrs Ora Per
Reverend J. 8. Johnson and Dr. Robert B.Hayllng Rev E. T. Willises, be held at 1925 Louise rell. Mrs. Ruby Green
of St. Augustine. Florida. Persons outstanding chaplain. ana .111 have an interesting business aanager and Mra.Ruth .
In coanunlty service and civil sad bll... Appointees included: calender of Starks.PTA .
rights were Lewder Reverend Prank D. III 1011. Julius Bronson asniorD events.
Dr. marls a. Mclntoah. and Dr. Jean C Doming. etc on; Lester Moss Classes Of 55 PresidentIs
!Receiving awards for outstanding service to the junior Deacon III.A.
coaaunltr were Bruce R. a.1 doa. Carlton Bryant Borders, senior Stewart; To Meet Sunday In Hospital

Robert A. Sewell Ezekiel I. Bryant, and Julius GATEWAY CIVIC...IlIAd Social Club aeabers celebrated post holiday festivities at J. A. Washington, junior The 1955-aldtera and A.L. Asgood stall
QuUyard. Persons recognized for outstanding per the Lincoln Country Club recently la a colorful event that tl to allowed for'the shun; t. F. Cordon, June classes of New president of tbe PareataTeacheraAasociation
fonunce In ccwunlty service and bin an relatlooa Installatioa of new officers for the coning year. Shown from left to right aarskall and vlllle Stanton High Sr School la
.ere Lewis Carter Dr. Royal 1. Pur7ear of St. Mrs. !Elsie Cassias .. Stewart, tyler. will suet In a general confined
arc secretary; Mrs. Betty Up ford. a U secretary Mrs at Putnaa Meao-
Augustine..,tJata. ; I.H. Burner. II; and Mrs. Sally B. Maude Dell Austin, treasurer; Mrs. tale.Mae 9 Marl Bucaolts Mrs, istelle McCray, Mrs. Lens Preston Mr. Ruby Real, chap la ths second and at S p a, in the Club- after eaergency surgery,
Wendell P. Holies as recognized by Alpha raters lain; Mra. LU lie Col man and Mra. Aril la Carter. third degrees 0:00: p. .. roes of Cro'ea Bowling rrlfoda are eaooursged
a* "Alpha Man of the Tear*' In Dp si Ion LaapdsCD Seated from left art Mrs.Susle Cartl edge, vice prealdent and Mrs. 'Singleton Monday Jan 25 Rsfreshnenta > Lanes. to erite or visit his laRoon

ter. president. (photo by tllrz31M 8'MU) will be Plans will beforaulated I of the Institution
Toe new slats of officers tor the local chapter served. for a class reunion. .
are Jean C. Downing president; Lewder Shaw

vice president. Dennis St..vi. secretary ; A., St Edward Wafers Schedules Child Molestation Dtterent Underway
George Richardson, fiaaaelal secretary; Wendell

P. Holies, treasurer. Charles Slaaoaa.parllaaea Freshmen Placement Test'
tartanHunter; Settenhlte, casplala; and tlarence
Von alucIr.: director of public relations and editor The freahaen placement teat Is scheduled Feb.
to Sphlni the national publication of Alpha I for students eateriag Kdwsrd waters College,
Phi Alpha fraternity. second ....hr. la the Centennial aldl) .g. third
Alpha sobers present in addition to .thll'.C- floor according to the testing division of tile
tlooed abon. ud guests included J.... Ratter Office of Student Personnel.
white.; Harold Jackson. H. Jams Greene Dr. and no test_ la. scheduledst _' .._._..._._._.._.__._..__..__..._.._._._

Mra. Richard Hunter. Mrs. Dennis Stewart, Mrs. 1:30 p. .. According certified for graduation
Jean C. Downing. Mrs. R.R. Punear .Mr. and, Mrs.R.A. to the testing division* U Mayaealorathuhava.
BrownJr..Richard McBrlde; Dr. IlIAd Mrs. JerrIsiard. registration of ate aU. already
; J... Holloway; Htraan Howard; Mrs. Robert dents cannot completed passed the eaaaisatloa.Ill .
Scull Mra. Charles Siaswos; Mr. and Mrs. Richard until the placeaeat test be listed Today
Murray of St. An cue tine.; Mr. and Mrs. *. Sis peon baa been taken.Freahaen (Friday). ".... Dot oa
of St.A ,lIIttDtlIn.rrlllk; p. tllaoa; Mrs. clsreace la College ted the. list hare bean ads A
Von mated Miss Otendolyn Hdtell; Mrs. Vivian. have sot successfully vised to report for the hyh Ii I/
Johnson and Miss Alleae Burnun. passed the test which test
... ... ...
wu given la Septeaber. Deea VanMeter of stadeat !%,_
bave been asked to at. Personnel has outlined )
..b.r.oto-a Rno Onega Chapter of Alpha Kappa tend the renedlal sections the reaalader, of the a jj
Alpha Sorority will aeet Tuesday Jaaaary 34 at to be re-tested schedule as: rob 1,
1:00: p... la the ho.. of Bra, Male Ruth 11111.... at HIS p, ...... In the placement test tor English
4 Ml University Street The group will I ... .enter tkntennlal.Prospecti'e- and Matkeaatlcs.It 4
tithed by the ...nU.. oouscil. Ruth Bolooos, graduates IS p.n. ..d at 130; b t i

baalleus.Forfwost. for this year ire re* p... .English test; Feb.2.
on the sgenda will b* pleas for AKA Week, Gutted to successfully and 4, reglstrstles of r&&

to be observed February 2134. Activities will la* pus the English a.,,.. the sec aid .....ter. DeaaVardieter iS
elude a televised Founder Day Program a bridge beast ,. teat before ..,hl..4 tbet ; E.l .;Al": "" __ f. ;t. I
t..,....,. L1 t.rsood Bowed Robla, Perky, sad a ,lit prlaary Objective of ml/iltuACnDl'l/ njioaaored by the Gateway -.mana. orelation) and hoe to rwoocnlie wapi" "Ho, nay do
Mrfit at the Theater. Caallla Tfaoapeoa 1. general) -BIRTHS- any testing prograa Is Club .la cnajuactloa with the Florida Fed-ration of thus ham. Ntoeiag ef the flla took place Jan, 14
chairs. the evaluation of student toe.. s Clubs with the perstlon of law ", 'un:.- st woodland Acres Kindergarten. Bnoea ,seated at
... ... ...
Mr.' Mra. waiter Brows. progress toward the edu .nt officials and educators, the M-nlautea longaouadoaoolernotloapicture left Is Mrs. Johnnie Lee Holder" director the
Lag 034 (Baldela), Ctrl.Mr. eatloaal sad social IIItithd' '!''tat Friendly sctiool.Mrs. Mil M. J-nkiaa of the Oateeay ftMsen's
Lillian Slsgletoa was bo.te.eto, .the .et recent ft Mra Char lee Tie- philosophy of the isstltutloa. Btrinier" h. apelllng) vvtilcledeallng' Club Is shams at riaM" of e..,..
...teal of Lea Truce Mica Bridge Clsb.iwa, had .0., lITO B. 27th Bt" teaehisg chrldrea the possible dangere of child Royal Art Studio Photo)
Eveln Barnes aa ...player. Boy,
tlaaera of prlies Included thou srttt Carvlya I
Mr a Mra Joe Bell, I I
Miller Ruth Brooae. and Jsitt Bouer. 1407 Jeffetaoa *t. lrl, Students Celebrate'
Other participants la the Meeting were Margaret .r. a Mrs MOl Ksly Weddings I INDEPENDENT Oil CO
Suttoa. Vivian Setterwhlte. Vanoriaa 1<<*.11. Owea
1343 Kyi as Drive, Boy Arbor Day Program K'fIfrt 4r tlfll' rt1lvrry
J sly Bcaell,Eleanor Oay.rDrla Joaea, sa4 flerwacelleoa. Mr. a Mrs tlllle Lowe, :MECHANIC OM' DUTYIHe

a lit .&1U.. Bt. Girl Tbe okservsnce of ArborDyesa1510bytheiii' Jon f ph ....... Proprietor'
N. ... ... "
Mr a Mrs. Lode Tkoaas. .....1 I PlettkerAtlaatle Oat Us Bt 27.. rtftt. end Jf,rsin ntrtotr. H. r1.G41'

J 223 Oceola Bt Cilr.r Beach 'I. 41 AI.MaIl.Jr.. 2IMBroadesy duet Ctwaell st Jackaunvllle
Dorothy Jordan o(New tort City eas a lee.t.'lu. a Mrs. Booittelttllaoa aad Madia Davis 1011 *. Ave 10 aadJttaislya -
tor to Jacksonville a. the guest ef 12.... Nlaon.na 12 Oak ....Olrl..r 2/ta Bt 24 Lee, 3123Bnedeai ugaslestlt.u Beach school isspoaaored fie TOO W III

Tlaale Street. ,.. a Mrs. tlllle .,:1. West E Peoples 1340 Au II. Allan
.. ... by Fisher, vela
1UI f Mth st Boy. I'Itb. Bt. 21 and Rosa Mats Laeeoa 1110 I. '
Elisabeth Joss Venal krCbee. ...lulacUo.. studies laetructor.Tie The Real Deter
and Lola Avery .re recipients ef Club ,rt... wbeaAlveals .,. a Mrs tilllaa Har 0. Payas. 1340 t. TthBt Calla Bt 30 and BusaaM'tillllan. pre ,r.. elta Carolya 111111 hinter 'r' r"'"
Bcrlvea eatertalaed Us Ktlte Bridge nab old 14.l Oretke It 21ta. Ill* E. Reeves, Nepklae. *
last Friday. evwalag.ftale G1rl 42. devatloael. to your Jeter's
Ir. ft Mrs. Ratfcaalel Tile ly 31 aad Rosa k kt. L. Oat sos, 1311Breaklya
eileoti *. tueet ,1... period, history of Arbor" e pee GRIP Tie Bet
Others eajoylag Ue reside of krldge laeleded 11... us 1st A>...Clal, II. Johasoa, 223 tood- Rd 20 sad Day) read lags aad bud C I. un "11111 Or.sr .
Bars S. Stewart. Marie a. (hh. .Johaale M.Mltenell. 11:*. Fla. ) Girl. laws Circle, 21 Glens J Doves I2S7Bulck ..hcUoli. 'r'prI clef
.r. a Mrs, CathbertJeaaaoa. Joe. M Bryaet, |!Ml25U .. Ae :20Aleaaa ,
Mate R utaotes. Ana Merry ana kr* ? The cllasilag$ future
alee n...,... 1231 McCoalheSt. ax. 25 aa4 MildredMyers. '1111..., Jr ess too pleatlag of I 'l'Q'Ii I 5' PHARMAC/'T' > e' bV, IW -
V apologies to neater* of 01... Pel Fratersltyfer .. Boy. 1233 t 3l.t StOw 141 "It ttb Bt, 24 aad trees, ehlch vas perferaed 4 COwrLr.t-! LM Of
referlag to their astleaal ,.tJ haU.. /la a nr.A Mra. Eddie Dala. S to Dolllo I. McCall. .tI. by Dos si d Odes fwttic-* rect coltaa ua.. Article." I lees else Udaa 2321 CaJvin at B"y. ,,oats. Ill Jecsaua ."'''. MM, 30 gad Blow. PtI"t'WI""Jn rilitt Pc11 "D 'utjb'RtDLilly's .
..a Mrs heels Davle, It II .sat Olerls Ass Herbert L MtOrsder.Rl Nary
U rrvle Ue aided Had
epportaalty II to ...,r.. sore solo k;
1231 Fersaadlss Ave "" .10.. 704 I. bane 0 Boi 000-1 23 sad
be toes iatereatlsg .. tafor.. prlaclfal Cle.de 0 Milliard Drug Store
Bt IIJgaaale Ill
Boy Ella M. Fleaalsg. Mat Mra Deles. tOrlaes.
Mr, B Mrs Illlle Mary D laahlagtoa. 13rd M -Act 1 21.
173 f. iota tft.. Girl 1131 Davis Bt U... oocas/l.r. III) IMS III It Mill
Elsslse ....t... 1201
Vets Aaiiiinf i I. Besrer Bt, 2i.
Oosglss teeka. IOU
.tf'o Slates Ketfwg flrsat Bt 41 and Isele

Satiety Auillllary efterll Mae Bears, 1023 OraatBt
tier I Veteraas 14Janos
.lit bolG It. regslsraeetlsg E, Rebfasea,
2:00 B.ax aatar. Dallas, Teiae. 33 aid
day la the Jee.eh I, LetMra A. Tasraaa. III
JMM We vell, CMter, 0.alel Bt. Apt. 3. 2$
Tae aMlyeec) e4 ,r..* Aetry .ua. .... 037Mogaa
Meat .,.. Vein ebl. Bt 24 sad EalaB. .D
will be st her statues Coleoea 133 ..rtbSt.
after atUe.ilag Ueeeatlaa ... 2*
la Tes.a. Ffaaalta. EL-Valeetlse,
Mrs, 11.. ,. Meebly. 3111 Mil aad It, 10 lad
staler etc .....U..t. Libel Mae 1M4... 1010OeCbtUo
'agretaltted far Bt 13.Pasl .
r ,., ei MI aldtag ,.,a.. u......,. boat ey U. It Mat. Jalla
.f Ue preeKveag, I.. *eell, 201* srlgkt
Otaet officers elected ate. )l ,
fsr Ue year are: .ra.allsea Clever- ,..c.. 1044 ,
Mareaall. JeaUrelse 0 un'l. u...
erl amidst Pro. Vere e B. ..1.... 72* "
..w e5asa-+-....w..=.W..C er r .am..t -,Mw Male B Caab.ll, trearer B Or... Bt 3*. !! \

L : b '= an..M. : .. Mrs. Myrtle Irv* Jecea A. Discos. niT :
1::::. == a e .
A w r 0. Y -....- -.- aac. a.xreia/7 aad Mrs I. 1MB Bt 21 sat
-e..ww- w. _I. .,rga*. ergaaiet CaarUtta art, |31713U e.
=- r..-=-.:. = =.: .1.= : aad aleurtaa.rtrl at. >>. SIR
::.::::::::=:.===-.::::::: .tU laatrMUrs Jobs B In.'''. JfMtilsgua. Beef Best ec e
::.::::--== .:::w.r.r.Yf.-' ara 3.'.... tee aadteaveala ftC V aa4Sasla at
... ...... ,. .... lit.. ... T ..,..... f. B..*... 3101
oca.-. fHcers IVP BeMyK vrtla At.I..
u t.tr.e 5i.uv 34, !N/ e .."( KBftaM a4 Ua.. j..., ttMiasre, 02iB
noutgat aa4 nra Mary Leans Bt 20 aid I
W bier, ......*. o. fa.-|| at*


w -- -
----- --


j TWins _Annual Contest Mt. Zion Sets Anniversary Fete Plans Completed Ml.- laborSchedules.

I( 1tt: : Women Day
: ,*$* 3-4 !
*** TPWPf*
rlr,1 Mrs Myrtle Smith has jji Shoe RallyA
been naiad chairs for
\ the annual Women's Day shoe rally will be
celebration March 28 in sponsored Sunday in Mt.
': otw Mt. Zion AME Church Tabor Baptist Church
Soutbslde. The program Is: Opening

.. Other officers art: election, Choir 4,

Mra.Vhlan Wllllsas. cochairman t prayer Rev. Huggit
,.. ;\>".., Mrs. Veroell Owens; scripture, Rev.

o .. 4 Taylor secretary; Mrs H. T. Overstreet, pastor;
Martha Riley Mrs. Mary Introduction of mistressof

Hicks, treasurers; Mrs ceremonies, Mrs. aHolllni .
Don Jenkins Rev. Amanda ; mistress of

Anderson, prograa chairman ceremonies. Mrs. Nellie
; Mrs Lllllt Mae Anderson M. smith; .selection
: ... advertisements choir; welcome Mrs
3 3I
t.- ;. and sponsors; Mrs E. Lucy Laster. response
Hayward Mrs. M. Miller Mrs. M.I. williMs; solo,

Mrs R. Riley, devotion, Miss Anna Pearl Simmons,
and Mrs Lorraine J. I P reading Miss Idella

Armstrong, reporter Butler; solo Mrs. Edith
ATTRACTIVE little Dorothy Lee Prelow, the daughter The young people will lilcos.: reading Mrs.
of Brother and sister Jeff Prelow of 2024 Davit have charge of the. 3 Lucy Grant; solo Miss
St. von the annual Baby Contest and was crowned p... service. Myra Hill; reading Mrs
queen during a recent cerenony at First Born Temple, Annie Bell Grant; solo

825 W. Monroe St.. Elder A. Hill, pastor. Dorothy Church Worker Lauded Charles Sledge; observations
was sponsored by her God-Mother Sister Rosetta pastor; remarks, .'

Cohen. (Royal Art Studio Photo) -. _. .. .. .... Hill
------;'- --- .--.-__..-:... "' I Mrs Christine and
CONTEST FEA'n1ItE-Tb. above photo It the third and number of people will receive a prize during the Mrs Josephine Kelly ,
r : final of the series which has been featured on the Latlmort Singers'anon] anniversary program scheduled chained
St. Holds
New Bethel Slates Phillips
STAR church page during the past three weeks showIng tor SundayJan. 24 at 8:30 p... In Mt. Ararat

Initial Annual earlier photographs of the Lstlmore and other Baptist Church Annex. Payne PTA
Conference ElectionsSt. local singers. Persons identifying the largest ...,..............................

_._ Meets FridayRufus
The first quarterly
Philips Episcopal
conference will be held Church conducted its annual Zion E. Payne Elea-
Friday at 7:30 p. m. la meeting recently HopeContinues Conference At tary School P-TA eiecu-

New Bethel AWE Church for the the ..eUlllwUl be held
new year. Officers Mother
with Rev AR. Richardson : Joint l1 MidwayThe
elected were: K. tonight at 7:30 O'clock
the, lest presiding Jacksonville elder of D. McFsrlln. senior warden Anniversary FeteThe burcb 1 thJ rJt7PJSALH1 first quarterly in the school

ff. Russell Robinson I conference of the year Included oo the agenda
District presiding. junior warden; 9.!. 36th anniversary of will be held at Mother sill be a discussion of
Rev I. p. Ball -- ; BAPTIST--
jr. Johnson Sr? clerk and Zion Hope Baptist Church Midway Friday, 8:00: p. m.under the State P-TA Congress,
pastor, has announced (Fastslde: )
Alton Adams. treasurer. MRS. MARY COVINGTON of and Rev. I.R. Slmpaon, the direction of which will be held Peb
that all boards to Services Sunday in Jerusalem
are The following vestrymen 739 Duval St. a faith pastor, will continue Baptist Church Dr. p..J. Jonea 17-:0 In Daytona Beach
be prepared to make were installed: I. R. ful member of Daysprlog tonight with Reverends Eastside begin with the Sunday School at 9:45: Rev J. w. Jones Is host The coronation COM it tee
written and financial .... with Mra. riDe lays In charge Morning service
Robinson I.H. Burney, Baptist Church Lily G.T. McCall of Mt. Vern- pastor will sake report at the
reports. ". ff. Johnson Sr. Leon White Lodge 149, !Royal on. P.Cunmlngs of test at 11 o'clock. Rev J. Grooms, pastor, will Boards mad auxiliaries ...tln,. All parents
Service Sunday commence Bland Union and Eddie Taylorof deliver the message. Evening service at 4:30 o' requested to have
and AltorjAdtas. Court 131 and Glendale art have been notified of
with the Sunday School clock. Prayer meeting is Tuesday evening.
The following completed Social Charity and Savings Mt. Zion Baptist both their financial and the purpose of the coronation
at 8:30 a. .. with superintendent --MAHWLIA( BAPTIST"
their tenure in office Club, was recently Churches la charge. written reports ready ,at or will be notified
Prank Don Sunday school at 9:45 .. .. Morning service at
vestrymen: A. St. George cited by Sister Susy Devotion by Deacons A. the time of the meeting In this meeting.The .
aldson In charge. The Richardson junior warden Ouzts, Mrs. Laura Patterson Austin and C. Balsden; It o'clock. Rev. W.S. Peoples, pastor will] deliver Oolrs 1, 2 and 3. with class representative
presiding elder will the sermon.At 3 p.m., BTU with Deacon Willie]
board .111 the
; George p. Cash, sod her niecesand selections Pesale usher 2, reporting highest
deliver the sermon at senior warden, Harold nephews for her outstanding Chorus; ..leo... Mra. C. Murray in charge. Evening service at 6:30 o' serve throughout the day amount of money will be
Ham. end the Ensemblewill Nairn remit Robinson religious- Barbara Baldwin; response clock.Choir land Usher Board 2 will serve through and Dr.Jones will preachat crowned 11r. and Miss

render the music Elwood L.J. Banks, and social activities. Deacon William out the day, Tuesday at 7 P..., prayer meeting, both major services Rufus E. Payne. president -
with Henry ffynn at the Gabriel Al era der. S. Hunter, will feature followed by the Bible Study District 1 will observe A. Patterson has
console The junior Missionaries its anniversary Feb. 7.
the program.Sunday asked the of
Local delegates, led by cooperation
St. James Assn.
ushers will serve -ST, LUKE: BAPTIST"
at 3 Reverends
Father James .Walkerrec p.m. all parents and teachers
throughout the day. Assemble HereThe Sunday School Sunday at 9:30: .. .. with
tor, attending; the annual D. J.Grab.. of Mt. Percy Conducts Session In the financial drive.
Evening service begins ...Un.ll1 Penssco Ararat, ff.C. Neal of St. Clalrette in dlar.lt>rntD, service at 11 o. cJodl,
at 7 0' clock, sad at this week are: I.H. Bur Florida chain of Thomas and R.H. Illion BTU at 5:30: P... with Mrs. Doris Hutch IBS pre The district directorsof Abyssinian Group
8:30: O' clock,, the En* no,, A. St. George Richardson Missionary Assemblieswill of Bethel Baptist siding. Evening service st e o'clock. Sermons by the Young People'sDepartaent
sesblt will reader Its Rev. M.J. Trowel!, pastor Choir 1 and Usher Board
Mrs. R. R. Jt.o b108011 start Jan. 16 with Churches will be lacharge. the Union Schedules Program
I annual musicslt .Other Br. Mrs Edna, av banquet held at. A C L.- I will serve throughout the day Prayer meeting St. James Association
l groups la the city will Leapheart Mrs. Esther cafeteria. Persons desiring The Baptist Brotherhood Tuesday at 8 P..., followed by the teachers meet conducted ajoiat meeting
participate, includingthe Jackson and Mrs. Sarah to attend the with Rev. J.C. Sams ing.MT. to organized the department The llth anniversary
, Gospel Echoes and Nairn, representing the affair are asked to make of Second Baptist Rev ZION< BAPTIST for the year's program eelebratioa of the Union
II I Blvena specials Class St. Philips Church their reservations A. Anderson of Bethlehem Sunday School convtnes jointly with Warmon Chapel using the these Progressive Red CircleIs
j meeting la Tuesday at women. Baptist and Rev C. B, AME Church at 9:30: .... with Superintendent A. Purging and Pruning." scheduled Pet. 14 Is
': 7-30: p... ** Dailey of Pint Baptist Alston in charge. Morning service at 11 o' c1ock. The meeting was calledby Abyssinia Baptist Church

I II I Church will conduct the BTU at 9:30: P..... Mrs r. Y. Hopkins in charge. Mrs, t.l. McCall beglsalag at 3 P...
closing service Monday Evening!: service at 7 o'clock. Rev. Eo Ie Taylor matrons director. Newly Officers of the group
might pastor will preacb.ullT. appointed directors for arrtoraldlae Singleton,
BETHEL BAPTIST" the department were made president; Lorna Jones.
Services Sunday la It. Bethel Baptist Church by president CB. Sloan. first vice; Demetrlc
3 Mt. Olive Baptist begin with the Sunday School at 9:30: a. with They are: Mrs SusieKeithdistrict Early, second vie; Deborah
i Annual Mrs. Rosa Lee Gibbs la charge. Morning service at director Jones, secretary,
Organizes 11 o'clock. Sermon by Rev & A. Thomas, paator. Sunshine Bands aDd Mrs Deborah Charles, assistant.

LOCATIONS Observance GroupsThe Prayer meeting and Bible Study Tuesday night, and p,fciartermaa.... district Cysthls Dasher
the Ie I. Williams Choir will rehearse Wednesdayevening. director Red Circles treasurer; Srlvania Miller
830 Caual Ave.e
A wbmea of It. Olive Choirs 1, 2. end the Male Chorus will rehearse The TWA It under the chaplain; Breads
3701 I Emerson Baptist Church met recently Thursday sight.MT. leadership of Mrs. Lila Siagletoa, aaatstaat;
and organized for -. TABOR M. Norton. All aiaaloa Carolyn George, reporter;
1 1824 W. Beaver their annual observance, Regular services will prevail Bun Ay la It. Tabor workers of the department Neaa Plovers, assistant

which Is scheduled March Baptist Church beginning with the Sunday School at have been asked to Plorena Oliver, planning

14 9.30: : ...., with -aoo. Jasoa BarT la charge Com- attend the Ettra Day chairs; Deborah Oliver
BIG The officers are; Mrs iteration service st 10:20 .... morning service ....to. Feb 24 and make assistant.
lOSALE Beatrice Davis, chair at 11 o'clock. A program will be reseated at :3 reports.
.an Mrs. Elisabeth B. p.m.tvmlng service 7 o'clock. Rev. M. T. over-
Hall, co-chairman; Mrs street 1. charge, assisted by Rev George Cherry
FLA. THRIFTY BRAND B. Murray secretary; and Rev Hugh Owens The shoe rally will] terml- ART STUCK
Mrs. Thelma Harris nste. Choirs 4, 4 sad the matters will serve with ROYAL
finance chairman; Mrs Andrew McCall aid Miss A. Fleming presiding at DAVIS STREET
STEWING HENSNO E. Alback. mute chairman the Instruments.

; Mrs. V. J...., sds BrnLFHOI ",TlIT'- ELgin 4-1094
NO DIAUU AT THIS' M.ICI and sponsor chairman Bunchy ftdtoof begins at 9:30 ,... with Deacosi: C.
BONES C Mrs A. M. Frazier will Sawyer, Mrs. Marie wiUlamsom and. Mrs. Sadie& Pedd ATIIAIIEU
LB. have charge of the Sunday la charge. Moratsg service at 11 o'clock. Thedemoomeases
School: mod Mrs. Celestlae will sell dinners& tollowlag the ser
PIG TAILSMULLET Debuts will supervisethe vice. District mass ...U.. at ) ,.... with District lilt | | fisIBWin

BW.Serving. 7 as host. BTU st 4:30 ...,, mod evemlagservice AB-TjHl
as Valentine st 4 o'clock. The junior *olr sail Junior

Queea'a tea ckalrsaa ...!ten will ..,.,.. Rev. A. Andersom, pastor, will ill Sin first
will be Mrs Edaa Mae conduct the service
Thomas; Mrs Ira Kate i
FRESH ... tag chairman; ..Iar, '''lIc-
Mrs. Jessie Mae Johnsot. Bishop Hakta, Officials Dedicate ,
TOMATOES" sabers chalrmaa; Mrs Open Dally
Bertha Carter.decoratios New Church At Nassau Island mm mstm

chairman; Mrs Gloria
FRESH HEAD C. Beat, publicity ehalnaaand By 11LGIL MtCS
Under the sup e nisi am ef H shorn E.C. Matcher. pr.
Mrs. Maggie chairman..sw. lodgers.hospitality aiding prelate of the EJeveat Episcopal District Tom Dam' t Hive To no t) Tow ,*. ,Oat

LETTUCE cone*rial eg Florida and the Bahama Islands. a ODD- LOW
., .--. modi. chin bmlldlsg has ken built lad Is 1m PRICES
cited am the Island of Mun.. Tarn see edifice Is
rUSH roiDER FUEL the result of the mosey raised "y efforts of the CIa TMr

". 1MOIW. ..I.bter"hea of each all r.re. brad ef the
BANANAS Eleventh niscopej District. DRUG STORE NEEIS

The receat ...... Comfereace ........................ Trade with
Neighborhood Crag wca.t .
held treaeat to assist the
was la theme
Eto Wilt WOT: ftt PUCCS ADV. X* 'TX! llrt 1r. pmrjXS.rlv .
chsrch, msrtlsg thetret Blehep la lajtsg the
SMOKED lisle) M '- r.** alas fill all rtxtsfa Prescript I oa a.
time the African

PICNICS l>. 27 OR Methodist tplseesalChurch SI abop Matcher soap I eted
FUELbolt has bees able to the eoaferetet my as- Dixie PharmacyUI2
Sect 1m a tslldlag mf algal. am pastor t* the
Its tn la Us M-year v aw cmmrch tie Rev CtJames IHs hal at't trititi '' .,rUt ,a,...
mtlstemc em the Islead. who Is also Pr -
FRYERS u.23C The clack was aam.d Mt sldlsg Elder of the Iliii S'.SH1-H

Mira M ...... Bart .SMS* District

II Saes! b'-I.Fed... G .h.IUJ Over ISO mtslsters.sorters aaddacmilemel PlTHl12t KI PAT TNI UHI IAU1 AM UltfDHE

ATCI TIE lEI IRI.IT Silt N HIT IT CIAIIEI 4 M wN refreeemtmlives &Jrlnsos mil AT HI STHE
fro rlerUa mere

,. -. -


:If. : ., \. .19: ... 1- iA ", __ I ifl ill I

_ ): v I" J

n I


mett AMSckolarships Before They See A Doctor
Minister I Jury Hears Witness

Bill I

'ASHI OtoN' C.-To Attacks 1 To Trios' Deaths

help net tilt need for _

60,000 nor \doctors la
'Commies' JACKSON' MUs.-A *nit* to Federal Law.wltnesse*
the United States brUTS. -
O.K. Rep. Charles A. i4 man, who the FBI said are refrained fro tiring

L Bennett of Jacheon- allegedly witnessed the out lund jury testy
murder of three civil .
-Ourlm a nony.Brnette
Till*, this week Intro
primate meeting laat rights worker, testis according to
dated 1 eel al stun In the
House of Representative elk with tilt House CM fled Monday before a the nit sea on* of the
little oa Dn-Aarlcan rand jury cal h to llear 10-.a who allegedly to-
calllm for a
Activities, In Jan. "new evidence" la the ducted tilt three youth
aanolarahipa fbrntedytudenta ;
H. Roblaoa told con laylnta, ful civil rights worker
of medicine
.. sabers that civil The witness, Identified near Philadelphia
osteopathy! and dentlatry. -
right creeps ahoaldHs aa Horses Doyle Mia*. last June 21 and
< retard aid fron Cbn- Anisette. of cull en, killed then
The senior neater of monists despite bow ouch La., later told .*....n Oi Dec. 4. Barntt and
the powerful Hones Araed
help la needed that lit spent has than the sine other en were
Service Coaaitte Sao
Zee Nil Tort ninUter, aa hour before tilt 23eaber arrested on federal eon-
introduced a bill to who i* putor writes of jury According piracy charges,
lUlnat tin "doe o !
the Presbyterian Churchof P
tor dr ft" by pro 4 rr
the Master, new Tort _
'TlTflng for physicianstad # Skills Bank Paying Off
City, related that lit had _
dentist for tilt been Moclatd with or- r -y
Araed Pore* by **tabllsbini -
laalaatlon cited for
scholarship! CoBMunlat leaalafa daring _
Bennett one of the tilt 1940, however. MAKB OP DIMES CHAPTER volaatra perfon a rarlety shied children before they art eiaaiaed by the

leaders In Contras la never u a neaber.Rev. of kind deeds for their young patient Ave at doctor. Contribution to the March of Dlaes cup

posing the Health Pro Robln OB, who la Little Rock, Ark., they bare Mtabllahed a nursery port sore than M treatment and research center

fsssion Educational an advisor to the Peace In a comer of the March of Dies Birth Defect across the nation la the field of birth defect.

Assistance Act Protraala Corp, and 1* also a Center, Obivcralty of Arkanaaa Medical Center and A total of 350.000 infants art born each year In r
the 81 th Congress. director of operation hr to volunteers take tarn aotertalnlnt dla the 0.8. with serious birth defects.
aid h* had loot bnlatrtd '
Croroad Africa, lac.
in the critical '
denand for doctor which. direct* proirati a atadenticnani between Councilmen Block King Receives Do You Have A Deal Child ?. ,

ad facilities la which the \united state and 3 Citations YES WE ALL TALK t t) th

to train then. Africa said be supported Bildwio Book Ban fir Marcus II. Boulwtre
'llth the passage of the Conaaalata' whll ATLAMTA...(NPI)-Or. !. use the ten "dear rather broadly to Include

tilt Health profeaslont they acre undoubtedly OUCAOO(wn)-A Metro Martin Luther Elm, Jr.. persons who have no hearlnt. aa eel) a*
Educational AssistanceAct annul for civil rights. cad a whit aldernan winner of the 1M4 Nobel those who bate anus resldu b* rlat. Rarely do

proTldim for con peace and stellar *oala, three a monkey wrench Peace Prime. received .* find a perIOD ao deaf that lit can't hear any
traction grants for H* con eluded that II..oul Into administration three citation from hit thing of any aounda.
I ettlcal\ ) schools and II not do *o today.addlat. else enter rehouse A treat
plan to baa aa required easy parent are at a loss a* to what to ar
& loan to indent who ... "With .,* end readlac Metro author College of Atlanta. do to start the lantuaie development of their

r ant to to Into on* of tprlne. you learn aaood mass Baldeln'a "An The citation sire presented deaf children. It so. thy: should be glad to learn

till field of aediclne.our .., other this..." other Co.aU1.h by tee faculty, that a free correspondence court for parents of

nation took a hot H* advised that clrllrlMa wrltht Junior Collete, students and the alural deaf children h available trot tilt John Tracy

step In proTldim for troiip eielade which la adnlal.terd association. Clinic 106 lest Adaa ItouUvard, Loa Anielee, 1
Increase In doctor David .talker student
an other itrnlt croup by tilt Chlcato Board of Calif. parents desiring to take this course should W' V' '
and dentist, a
web aa the Blach Hue Elicatlon. presidentnade the first .rit*: Director Q>rrpoadnc* Course Department
..I do lima and other orianl* Aid. Charles Ch*.. a presentation followed of the Jolla Tracy cUal Co PROM WELDER TO SUPERVISOR .. Jesse Bank (1 I 1

The ltllatloa to tattoo*. Metro, teed with AId by Dr. Calvin' Browa, There 1* an iatereatlottory behind this clinic anon co-worker la Muakecon'a leatran Cbrp. how to

grant .cbolarthlp* for Leon Deepres to prevent president of the alumni which la BM4" after the son (John) of the actor \do It, Rank, a veteran .welder has been promotedto

Arced Forces doctor pal of a resolution .association and Rv.Sam Spencer Tracy John ... born deaf but through welder supervisor throw efforts of the Urban
.1n llnlnat the u. Elks Slate which would hat directed *] '11 JI..., reprentlai *- bearing rehabilitation provided by thl* clinic L aue'a Ghlll B&k protraa, destined enable

democratic ".t.. of the acaool: board the faculty. can talkIncrease his bearing by lip rending, etc talented Negroes to work at their highest skill

drafting doctor and to meats the book: fro Dr. B-J Mia Lila,., The work of the John Tracy Nearing Clinic has Increase their arnlita.and, r* provide career doctor State president of Moreaou. been apearhMded ate*.
Meelp the required readlai by" ( anther Mr*. Tracy
urdeeL"Bennett described Dr.
for the 1 lilt.ta.* novel hsd b..auatped Slag at
said hi* Anal "th Frederick Coatln
by an lattrue
Forces doctor' hill u cm-Th piortd' lit. of the 20th Century'* who
tor la American
would rwqnlr a students state Association of baa brought honor to 111.al.a *
craters to a 26-year-
t urn. schism of Elk will hold It* anseal eater atat sad
old *tudent wbo** father
foar years oa attics session her April ubseguntly lodged ratlbn."

'I'" daty. 1014. Host iroap will a protest.The In accpttaith *..,cIa
b* th* Moa-Parla Lodge Joist ante tails Dr. tint slid that! racial

r fSeggles7Help of til *t the Citric any action oa the book lajustlce. poverty MARa
WaaMaftoa Caner T-ol.. .
until Martft 10. The rev sad war ire naaklad SUPER
Barry Win Jack last district olatlon had bn Intro most pressing problene,
deputy, said that the dated by Aid. Tnoaa C. which suet lit overooei

BATON' IooGrLl.-NPI-; llloe.. *.depend 0 r tII. o epos'UIIIUoa.IU the 1_.CIOUC" floor le** If' .aaa* have la let to aurvlv the aeen, w oAr AT [DCwaso[ u DAYLBFRWUM.T07PSPECIALS .

hare Arena traditionally of Louisiana valoh tae support throathout of lodges aaJteeeles th* '" Ballets Hit distaste by which th II* reason live et-tor GOOD 1HRU SUNDAY .AT. _EDGEWOOD_ __u ___ AND..._ "AVENUE' _H__ _B

cored aatlN.tro can* .ta'a. CORE'S Offker chick ee live," said
dldat** bar ben crwdl (feat clan said oat a the civil rights Iea4er.Th .
j td lth plaelai that! d&tnUtM hotel ha treat (I:111C'1.: .....* than three within has bee

state la the B rry ( told eet "prlvlletes" t. .e.a* after CDRTa local aheorbed by th* withoU -

water cols la th* pry the state president ..dotter office see set flaae
sldentfsl election official .rlBi II slots sirs fired by PORKROAST CHUCKROAST

t U&U Bas the opinion of their visit her. tcktrldr Ito lie Mss Hies 2nd

the Public Affair R*. .* stated. tht hoUletxMl Coal coalty sister
sscreh Council ale* not H "too dlfnaif here At first, coal Gnde.Bat 'New

aid Ooldftter woa th* bcuse print vlater ti daey Daalala

.tat* fey coMlllat aoverehelelBf roow' .,te1. nd hotel aad Jlavy Card, wto were Zones "tfiy Out

alacrity are open to all aeab.raad la the bvlldlsi. *Utath

la north totlslaaa ad 4ltatM.xioiimt. reds fr flrwork CLAUBOALt. 1111.-

coop Jin tats wlta hey of u* .... The billet boles sere aXoad trad classroo**

support fro to*tier* sloe will t* a ht pa* dlooered later One of i. this Delta City ell I
area*. rad. the billets CM .!...
open Its door to Negro La.49s
to eaterlat th* tees perils la February Nt LO.25C
chefs the two COU) role
there *r* no ,"llflHapplicant
teer* had Net ttaadA -
*, leader sported
I Ia Ik Is !.*.
ana fey.
la th* cue of tile ,
state NAACP Prasld.at
fir. till CMtartaeat of
Afros Henry <**,... teat
Peal 11 Safety lunched
aa littlttla ht a federal-approved BUS GOLD MEDALFLOUR BLUE PLATE
lat Plea la the laitlal
etUtoet rlt.Th B.f.Oevartaeat
<***trttla order
y N *f Jostles has Uesrte4 devetrettlM. .
> ha been arted U *.*ply .
increased ,protect. MAYONNAISE



626 Wed AiMiy .


Presents Nltely Entertainment I


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TJ' Torrid Est Inn 2Tennessee's FRESH FLORIDA LARGE EGGS tins n cliui 3'C


On banned Orfa '

Invites You To Listen To- APPLE, PEACH, CHERRY (mi m 27e



(P, Draw TUNA J cm ,, 47t

11:11: 'III 12:11 .
h.t4Q a dntv4ai JAM .....Ioe ;'
Sitfriif I ,... 'III 12 ,... Trerdu Aaatta' 3lcMWGHTIY 21i u cmQOROX

OOtRT1lttOO( 8 P>4r2 A. H. i
1400 WIHC 1400 BUACH mr IAUM 3s


,.;' ,Jot .' .
.. .'

: W''r r .,' t

I .ij \" 't..

Outstanding Students Cited St. Joseph Group Projects Accent On Charity

Women Slate Teen Talk .

-iI Annual DayThe I ci jI

women of St. Joseph
; HI Teens
Methodist Church Bet endorganized
4Nki I Well, the asjority of us have gone through another
for their
week of endless frustrations, sleepless nights
annual observance, which
for the annual
and brain-racked days in studying
1s scheduled reb. 21
third all weeks ...u. But. just think! Only
throughout the day.
eighteen more weeks of school to go. Just 18 sore
Mrs. Estelle McKlsslck
\ of Bethel .......about0 days..630 hours...etc.
Baptist Institutional -
Say Teens, ban you gotten the latest word in
/ Church will
fashion?!t Bay sound funny,but the
RECEIVE SQHLARStIPS-SchoJarllhip. to Florida Mil be the speaker for the : 1 discotheque look Is here.The latest
II.. .. service, and
University presented by MreFreddie L. Groomes, word in fashion from Paris.
former Jason, grannateus of Delta Kappa Onega Mrs. Ada Brown of Mt. The Discotheque Look is strictly

Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, to airier Ararat Baptist Church fealnlne styled. Lace at the cuffs

Devane, left, a senior at Lincoln High School will serve ss guest lace at the lhea.lace at the
Tall ah.... and Brenda Alston a senior at the soloist.
+ I _L bodice of the dr..LAC'E is every
Florida MIll University High School. Miss DevaneIs The youth will have "_ ti
/ 1' HOEDI where.That's not all tbou II... rut-
the daughter of Elder and Mrs. John ,. Devane, charge of the 7 p.a. flee are a part of this style. Pretty ruffles. ..
24074 Brighton Road, Tallahassee and Miss Alston service. Miss Patricia GIVE TO NEEDY FAMILIES- Mothers! of the Tallahassee chapter of Jack and Jill of nedlua-slzed ruffles
Ball. big
Is the daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Melvin 0. Alston, Lockett of Fountain America, Inc., many of whose parents are connected with Florida MM University The Discotheque dress is available in chiffon

3210 Hastle Road. Dr. Alston Is dean of the FAMU Chapel AMg: Church will. are being taught to share with those less fortunate than they. A group of sub-. .velvet suede, net and tweed. It's in the hip

School of Education The scholarship presentations deliver the address.Mrs. teen and teen-aged Jack and Jill youngsters are pictured In the hose of Dr. and slinger, the shift the juapers. .. It's everywherein
were Bade during the annual Founders' Day Program, C. W. Gardner is Mrs. M ah Ion C. Rhaney shortly after filling two boxes of food which they pre

sponsored jointly by Beta Alpha and Delta Kappa chairman and Mrs. N. sented to a needy family which the chapter baa 'adopted1 Shown seated, leftto This everything all started about seven years ago in a base

Alpha in Lee Hall Auditorium at Florida ASM. Hudson, co-ckalrsan. right In the first roe. are: Rodney Montgomery, Cam Stevens, Yvonne Montgomery of students looking -
Bent in Paris with a group young
Maggie Rhaney Michael Rhaney Joyce warner Charon Stevens and Toni
and listen to American
for a plsce-to gather "
Stevens. In the second roe from left are: Darryl (Qorhan Ansylene Abrahaa.Ellen
Baptist Ministers Buffet Luncheon Fashion Show Jazz. They danced the then popular twist to can. I;
Beasley: and Joan Andrews Standing from left are: Keith Neyland, Mall] on Rhaney
ned auslc and the first Discotheque Club was I
Jr. and Eric Nelson.]
Elect OfficersThe Honor Jacksonville MissesThe formed with the new club was born a new fashion
GirlScoufAdivities called the Discotheque dress, and the look's popularity

Baptist Ministers lovely styles worn two of the debutantes.' Schedule Benefit Central Baptist has been picking up speed ever since. I.

by the models featured Hostesses were Mrs. The dresses are feminine and fun. The easy aove-
Brotherhood! of Duval and
adjacent counties held sports, casuals, semiformal Dennis stuart, Mrs. A benefit program will Order Of Services sent of the A-llne skims the body and moves with

its election seating and formal wear Welsey Johnson, who were be sponsored Jan 22 for Services at Central BT PAUL AME CHURCH: you.Necklines show pretty detailing and skirts

with Rev R.H. Wilson 10char. attire. Models Included assisted by Mrs. John C. the Latimore Singers at Baptist Church will be Brownies Juniors andCadet often finish off with a coquettish ruffle. Fabricsgo

... Aurora Dow, Portia Hil- Coleman, Mrs. Harold 8:30: p.II. in the Acorn conducted by the youth tea Beet Wednesdaysand froa chiffon crepe to textured wool and the

Officers elected were: liard. Edgaranue Jones Jackson, Mrs. Alonza Street Community Center. department Sunday with Thursdays at 4 p.a. colors range froa bright to luscious psstels.

Rev. R.L. Jones president Jacquelyn Leggett, Linda Lewis Mrs Clarence Mrs. Amanda Collins will Charles Scrlven, Directorof with Mrs. Irene A. Bugs, whether you do that wild jerk at your favorite

; Rev. E. R. Slop son, Lewis, Vickie Ecrlvens, Mathls, and Mrs. 0.t. serve as alstress of Christian Education leader In charge asalsted hangout or spin off the Twine at home, you'll

first vice; Rev B.H. Adrienne McFarUn,Arnut Perkin. cereal olesAmong In charge by Mrs. Don Anderson. never sit out in these bop young fashions for

Hartley, second; Rev. D. Schell Muriel Thompson, Each debutante received the participantsare Sunday School will begin SECOND: BAPTIST CHURCH '0)1 It is always fun to be a girl, but we think

B. Barnes executive coordinator Mail Underwood, Robetta lovely giftsGateway : Thomas singers,Mrs. at 9-30: a.a, Morning the Discotheque Look Bakes it even sore so.
; Rev. C.C. Wilson, Janice Wesley, Ruth FedJ. Mrs. Odesss worship will start Brownies Juniors and Frills and flounces beamed with sugary pinks

D.nhh. recording sec Cecelia Matbls, and Ben- Auxiliary Wiggins Mrs Mattie promptly at 11 0' clock Cadettes troops Beet on add up to the bright bounce of Dfscotheaa..thegrownup
Blount. Mrs. R.L. Lee Thursdays at 4 P. .. .i tb dance dressto
Lsngley. elegance of the floor-length
rotary; Rev. A.F. CUBIng nye with Choir 2 and the
financial secretary The debutantes watchedthe Meets Saturdayworld and others The occuion Junior Choir furnishing Mrs. C. D. Croasrtle and wear on that very special .10&ooa1l blue

; Rev. I. E. Young; showing of the fashions ia a pre-aaniverssry suds Mrs Gussle W. Mrs Ema L. Feacher. for winter is a big fashion bonus this season. The

corresponding secretary; while enjoying the War I Veterans program for the group. Tucker will be at the ASMriW METHODIST CHURCH added plus in the dr......wltli proper accessoriescan :

Rev I.fl. People, treasurer delicious buffet luncheon and their faallles are console and Usher Board Brownies and Junior swing their way into aprins.Oobt to be a

; Rev. J.M. Hazel prepared by the hostesses. invited to worship Sundayat Sunday Program 2 will serve. troops meet on Thursdaysat glrllll'"

ton. religious leader. 11 a '. with Gateway Brother C. Scrlvens will 4 p. .. with Mrs. Speaking of discotheque clubs here is a club
The Bible expositors, Other debutantes presentwere Barrack. 3131 sod Its A Friend and Relative deliver the religious Tbcaaslna Williams, that is truly discotheque: Les ,etit.. Treltetales.

Rev A.B. Ooleaanchair- Hisses Ruth Batey Auxllllary In Grant program will be sponsored masse<
Ban were re-elected. A Joan Barnes, Patricia Memorial AWE Church, Sunday In the Holy Temple District will girl to better understand herself, as well ss her

committee for the Installation Tlllaan Jacquelyn Hart Coaaander J.8. Irving Church of God in Christ hold its nesting at 5:15: CHUftCH peers and enable her to ooaaunlcate effectivelywith
Yvonne Hicks, Carolyn announced this week. 1860 W. 5th St. by Minister Brownies, Juniors and
was appointed p.m. before evening her parents on all occasions Their officersand
by the president. McJtoy, julllet Hampton, The World War I organization A. Darrlng. The worship at 70'clock Caddies seat on Saturdayat sabers President.: Cheryl Albert; ftlrley

Regular meetings are and Faye Glover. aeabers are requested program is scheduled to which will carry the 4 P.B. with Mrs. Lewis, Vice President; Muriel 'Tho paon, Secretary;

held each Monday in DaySpring Other guests Included to attend the begin at 5 p. B, regular order of ser Oracle Burgees, leaderin Meat Sen: ell. Financial Secretary; Janice Button,
Anita Burns of service in full uniform Miss Lillie Ruth Pick.tt charge.:
Baptist Church. Miss vices. Treasurer; Fay Harris, Business Manager; Roberta
CoBBlttie chairmen will Huntsville Ala. ; Mrs. dress, Commander Irving will be among the participants The public is Invited St MATTHEW BAPTIST Wilson, Reporter; Dlordre Satterwhlte, Chaplain, ;

be appointed.) Frank Roberts and Mrs concluded. appearing. The to attend church services CHURCH Portia Milliard. Parliamentarian; Asrore pow
TAlonia Lewis, nothef of event Is for the annual
Janice Lesley Linda Lewis, and Mash Underwood.
** **** *
**** Men's Day Celebration. junior troop 484 Beets
unbreakable chain is their ,
Thirteen links of an
WEttU ACTIVITIESThe on Thursdays at 4 p... .
motto. This column proudly aalutes you: The little
Home MissionarySociety with Mrs. Daisy Kelsyand thirteen friends! I

r:4cit : will have a fellowship Mrs. Geraldine Taylor Teens, before I close I would like to give you
hour at the
an important aesssge: Teachers: are golag out of

pastorate, 928 scrivens Presents style!1 1 within a cospleof decade. there will

St. a:15: p. a. Monday Lodge be no real, live teachers! fell, I'll let yes go
occasion is in
This and digest that bit of yak. BTt-HOW
Rainbow Tea
..- honor of Mesdaaes Myrtle

SALE! SALE I Jones Carolyn, Mary lendrick.Law. and who will Lily present waits its Lodge 11 n lIT bow Champions Hold Anniversary Fete

are all birthday celebrants -
.. S. DOIYNAAMuIltRdS Tea 4:00: p.a. Sunday lathe Plans Completed
for the aooth of Officers Election
H. I I I Educational Buildingof
1965 DEMONSTRATORSSAVE i i January Mrs F. V. Quarters Mt. Veroon Baptist Qa... of the loath

., DIAL"Jr. ut, president of the Church, Prince and Whit The Chaapion lavlsgs Chapter 105 OtS. will

.1".1. HUNDREDS I OF I DOLLARSEXCITING I I .oeh&,. is asking all net streets.Tbe Club conducted its election observe its anniversary

On CompileOwner aeabers to attend. program, carrying aeetiat is the hoxe J.., 11 at 3 ,.s. in
Tuesday, at 7:00: p. B. 'Second Baptist Chsrch.*
.. : lb/eriion/ the these "The Beautyof of Mr. and Mrs. Horace
In Selei end the weekly Bible study God will testate 'UU....1.. Irs. Alice All other chapters,

SerokerCasa ? will be hid with Mrs local talent Mrs. Oaa .John son presldlsg. o bbs. sad fraternal or

In end I M. Evangellne Johnaoa la L Myrlck to geaeral The officers are; Mrs. gasliatless have heeeiavlted
Lit Vt Prove charge. -Irs Johnson Is chairman and Mrs. Juanlta Martha Williams, iresl to att.... A

I.r. fOI" First Assistant Superintendent Greene is cochairman.The dull Mre. Maggie M. program will be reseated

At 8 O' c locll. public is Iavlted.Kittif Harris, flee president; with oitstaawlsg city

Do.', Make Any Dial regular prayer ...tlll Mrs. Francis D. Price talent sepearlsg.TOOTHACHE' .
will be conducted. The
Ual.ii .,'.1 SonthildiBamkliiD.il Tttsdar ecoad vice; Mrs Annie
Many Good Used Cars public is urged to come .
Ball ,.. flaaaclalsecretary

I To Select From and Wednesday pray. senior Choir Saraa DatJtUs QMa rt ... ; Horace til

H. of J. will sect U.... treasurer Mrs.
at 1:00
] will rehearse :
Tuesday at 4:30: p.s., lathe Elisabeth Mathls. '.S. O.ew wnwr toHMMHMmMMrafcte "' .
1964 PLYM $107 1957 FORD $197 1956 BUICK $197 p,.. The president is. Maaoato Temple. 4th Bess aaoMenKrs Stills sw Mss a srr.r.'Oo. Jt.e.we, .w

asking all aeabera to II.pru.et floor. Mae Pebbles, treasureraavlsgs ---- *. .*...ew.w/
worthy Matroa Battle ( ) and 11'1. ttllfeR. .... ---- w rW,
Friday at 8:00: p sBenton
Jaeasoa has asked all Johns reporter, ora-jer
Choir 1 will rehearse -
seers to he preparedto
Member of this ** **
!pay all dues and as
Choir are also asked to seaaaeats.yntf .

be present ,.
Pontiac .$ 995

aee rasa, aiUMiiai ...aa swaawamBlKJpnza

efl CentoMwtU .$995

;' '''' '' :6 -
... U OLD DTXAitlC .. J-DR. KTOP 564Tont
--- KM wAfcrt\; Mm* K 4.!.t1 .JI'\J'\'H

Bonneville $3595Air
conditioned,loaded with eqtfpaunt. J
r 7 SPECIALS ,/'I" owned sold a fnr moaUu jo for over IV
STEWING OYSTERS ... 60c 100. warranty.

\ # SELECT OYSTERS '..M 64 T BI .D $3595

ewM/e M1U "" .-..+-
WHITE T ERcVr u. 49e 64 OIDS. 88 H.T. $3295

INS .1.1 PA\\If WILI1a: .e... er/wwv. s..smel..aa ,.,..... .........

LARGE WHITING JSc 64 Polara $2795
u. Dodge .
1965 RMtUef. Cksslc rcojitl.YT0D4YI SPECKLED TROUT 49c aw.r.iw wan-. er. ...... .--
u. M CHXV. 4-DR, "-". IMPALA ........ .ams
MED. MULLET 20c lb. S 99c
Your.8 64 BUICK RIVIERA .$4195
Model Mrs Riffle Devour LARGE ROE MULLET 29c
1965 CAR X-RAY lOOK I u. .
one SJM -- .. ewnmM .-. *.
Gown SALT MULLET ROE 98c M CHtV.. DflP. CO' Lt. "* .............asestwo.
Yeftf) Shop u. ..- .we v..es enaa.aopen

'.- tlintup't4 tOO




>U'> J etaBgwtasi Moat lUtnuMDdad> Dw r1'
It: --]C.4C81I

- --- -- -

t I .-..........- 1

SH'URDAY JANUARY 23, 11&5') I niiiiA mi PARIS rm 7

Band Alumni Fetes Famed Marching Unit Official

R r eI


? s

1 (
i 11fr


.....\.' 1f' -..... L......_W=IQJ6. "'-'II.. 1tMl; &.110'- ,

rAIlED MUSICIANS Nat Adder]ey (eitreae left) and the reception and visit with their forcer pro the forcer Oselln Eapeon of Mariana. Pla.8tand Slam x, Johnson the forcer Vlnlala HarrlaTuak'eiee '__"
Julian (Cannonball) Adderley at th. right. were- feaaor and friend. Dr. Poater. Mrs Seeet beaded fat fro left: Mra. ". .11. T. Oorhar.. acting director a teacher la the Cleveland school .aye*
treated by Dr. lllllM P. poster head of the Department the PAMU alumni ctapter croup which sponsored a of public ralatlona at Florida MIl; Raymond tea: t.R. Johnson who head a Cleveland Iniumceaiencyi ,
of Mule at Florida MM University and reception for the viaitlnc Florldlana replete Jackson Mra. Gretchen Oatea, sheraan Sleet Dr. : Mra. Richard". Qunn. the forcer Barbara
Mr*. DOYle ISweet. MM Alumni: Chapter hoapitalitTcbalraaa ) with gifts refreahent. and celobritlea.: Soe poster an unidentified friend of the sponsoring Groves of (Incas City Kaa. a Cleveland schoolteacher
durlm a reception for iwbtrt of the of the ClevelendAlueeoi Oiapter aaberaaad frlendaahoa croUP;lira. Winifred Grant daughter of Its, Harden and Atty. Dunn, a prominent Cleveland
PAW MarchiBf Band held at Wateon'a Motor Hotel with *..b ra of the Florida AftM band and ad- and director of the True SlaterNuraeryjClereand:; laeyer. Dr. Potter. Mr. Johnson and Atty Ota are
'in Cleveland Ohio. 'The Adder]eya. forcer real iniatratlve staff are. seated fro* left: Mrs laaac L. Jackson, J. Harold Brow. Cleveland or- all iraduatea of saner Hit" drool la Kaaaa City
dents of Tallahassee and product. of the Florida Rayaond Jackaon.Mra. Daisy Hardon. retired Quincy canlat and toner'aualo partent faculty aeaber share they pl..cllII Burner High School bend They
AM Department of Music pi vim an encacement at Pla. hicb school teacher viaitiai her daughter inCledelardMr. at Florida MM.Dr.Foater chats with forcer fellotr are also graduates of the University' of Uaaaa atUtrance. '
a Cleveland club took tine out to attend .. Doyle Sleet and Mra. osella Brow, guiana at reception nicely fro* loft: Mr*. Wil- .

Haynes Wins Holdup Nets 2GsFor Planning For Annual Event Physician Cites Gibbs Announces

Registration Dales8TPclUeuao
Comeback Award Birth Defect Centers
M Little little, te stu-
by the
KANSAS CITT.ko.NPI! )- Armed Robbers
diets for Oibba Junior
Abner Hayaea. wbo cat attitude toward birth
almost M defect la changing from Collete'I second seawater
ready to quit
professional footballtwo Three bandits, trued with pistols and a one veils before the ead slnile-barrelled shotgun took $2101 froma leaaneaa and frustration aDd Thursday, Jaauaty2T

of the aeaaoa, baa b.taa..d Streets liquor Saturday.store and. bar..._on..._Pearl......_and..._.State..... to one of hope and en* *2s, accord| to re*
vlaed reitatratloa plans
the COD.b.ckPI".r ter canton) c. Miller, couraitaent There la
Cacapinc on foot after
of the Year lathe the holdupthe inter to open a sate "here the 1 I1' ?' 't r good reason for the released by ReclatrarMlaa
Rather Harris
American Football racial trio .a said to bulk of the *oaer eta, change
Today such can be done "?lane are betel/ aide
L'lIu. The white point
have forced the *anaHOUEY'S > cunaan
& to help) Tlctlai of to create a pleaaaat and
ed a revolver at Miller 1 _
_lit one of the Negro birth det.ctsand w. are educational eiperieae
certain that inch core for the new aeibera of
stood guard with
IARBECUEIAIKCIEI tunas p the GJC faally. 'MtiaNarrla .
the alatebarrel) ahot will be possible ia the
cua. The other bandit future. In the peat fee taid. 'The bath

stood aa a lookout *anoutalde years, aore than ever ties forth reciatratloa
., the door AWi before reaearch acirn period will Include pay

I CIICIERIEEF ii Miller was forced to tints have focused their eat of feea, '.at....
orientation and tripe tobualaeaa
and energiesof
aecoe>pan, the set oat PLANS FOR' Oleos JC"8 FIMT ANNUAL Aluenl MoeamiU are beln/ revleeed by atu attention aid esltitsleslsbllshaests
.. the study of birth
\ aide ADclltJ. the street
.. dst ._ben of the! piamtai CMlttee: Richard Martin of .Nee Tort City Helen each la the
before they ordered him defects such year
small rmHOLLO McIntosh of alder Haven, and Alieriae Utaoa of oalneevllle. More than 2Malunl are*.
back to the bar. afflict sore 350.000
r are eipected to coavene on the It. Petersburg Pla., canpua for the in this
The mia eith the ehot- babies born
111 IllS **** *
January 23rd evmttiltft till be highlighted by a dlanereetli. a basketball ,
pin described a. beiaiabout country
gave between Olbba and Haaptoa of Deal. and an AliMnl Ball
wti r J'I 'l" 115Iba.3 .
.Il". kept It kid cadet ..,

ti ... 1 1fttl eral mash, chile .he Posthumous Award lEI.IET'S
.. wailed dun the etreet.Patrolmw .
'St., 'fttiicrlif f I.: '1, ;" ,, ,N YM. P.A. Btarllat

aid ".1. MeVetih lave POdN01n.
.. zInd II ii u-t.4.

1471 lilts Ini LISA 3 Instructor Begins V SUGAR 5 "II.was lies 29 C.

ST.Lecture PrmSBCROTbeLiteratare Series" JL.SaLlb Nee resole NN.trt .

Co.*iaaio* of
the. It feterebarcCoaacll
of Cher bea
selected a Gibba "..Ior Dll MEIAlFLOUR

laltlate College laatrcctor a series ef to *

There is sister lectarea last : 49

...a.Miaa. r pie

MelM Mctta. bead cts.Oac; toner Pill.r, Silt Ilsl.1luuk ,
of the eoealcatloa4epartet all-tlee backfield treat

only one revleeedJae glib Florida AtM aid tiilift t .
.* ..14...'. ''00 Tell later elth the CMCMoeara
It 0. The ..eatala"te4eeday profeealonalfe QUANTITY
sight at k1 rror .tball t..., tat !.< RIGHTS RISIRVIO> THROUOH SATURDAY
diet colatbat Lee Library Ma testate dotted late the Florida COFFEE11IT."tl
of the talk fecaee 01 Mall of Pane hat eeek Kkicli IIIPSalad I
a alialflcaat wrk of by the Florida Football

odera llteratere trltere AeeeelatloaCalltxire'a $1 Dressing 49
rates Rolf Hochtath'a 'on.Depe" tragic death I VIMMMItua 19
aad Crab.aCreeae'e'Tte reared last Jely 27w' II.
i 11 lie
,..tthlA ** a car he au rlrlai .
are tic other eat eat of ...tr'l
a famous corks of eo*>ra liter- kllllai his sad a tea*.
tire that elll be dieee sate ....... ef 01 Itseo.
** .*l by other eolleieprofeeeer Ill

cola /.(.retort,*at.la the It .. .. GOLDEN CREAM STYLE CORN




Cor Broavt and Ahlejr FL 42159 nuii't tiimuiHAM tin Im30MISSUE

"...t.".,., With A Style SHANK


LB. Mt

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,t v DIET I Lth :
si uGAITS trr tu11 Mil "1"
PEPSI One Stop Shopping For All IUSI 111, IIstH ItftJI.
*. .r
Your Photographic Need. e

STEAKS 49 29 39Cfa"

1817 N. MYRTLE AYE I" Sbu tit, GWri11

d >*M (11 Ifii Siiiii. I; .llt8..1S1

Pll.351.3212 APPLES y.''II39C t29;



-. .. ....- .. .. .
i .. .
___ 'II -- -
--- -.- __ T '. .. .

m- : f \i'. I .1

1 .J' ...,. '-""


:c"i '." ," -',. ( .
: !(; "

..' .


.jN JRIE7.
'''' .,: ..... ..,.
.... .
-- ----------- -- .--

Junior College Alumni Sets Up Chapter Famed TamburitzansAppear Interning In 7 State Counties

Will Here rwr run
zm w
K===2 StH II II Rill .U2 vgMTlM
-- ---
|| ''MINIS'' "
----- 1t *
Unique In all the --------.-..--- -TZ. A Cr N_
World" J4d
Is the tern often -----
applied to the exciting ------ II egIIFl
: ..-..-..-..-.--- //Bra
TAM 111 III .
TZANS. for -----
no where, except within .------
their ranks, does the

7mewmeaawm' ;. talent programming and

? extraordinary versatility
reflect such a =:::--
:::: \
superlative production ..rrrrrr
They present an extremely ---
ir i-
colorful a .r
H brilliant two-hour musical ... y

extravaganza, won a p ,
derfully thrilling and : WIt

I satisfying for old and

u young .1111. ..a truly

amazing perfornance.

ORGANIZE 4T FAMU-Establishing a "first" In what'will probably become a tradition This company of 30

in senior colleges, alumni of 01 bbs Junior College organized "chap highly' talented performers

ter" this week at Florida AfcM' university. Officers of the Clbbs Junior College are from Duquesne

Alumni organization shown seated here left to right, are: "Utlranlel styles, University, Pittsburg

St. Petersburg, parliamentarian; James Brown, Palmetto, president; Mildred Ken Pennsylvania and are .. -..
net< St. Petersburg, secretary; Ozell Ackeraan Palmetto, treasurer Standing, currently In their 28th RECEIVE:: ASSKNMJMS -8enlorm from Bethune- Jacksonville, Sylvia' E. Jones Miami. Third row

left to right, are: Eddie Jackson St. Petersburg reporter; Ella: Boozy, St. consecutive season. Cookman College are conducting Internships lo 7 fro left: Constance White. Ft. Mytra, Mozella

Petersburg.aislstant secretary, I Dorothy Davis, fort Pierce, assistant treasurer There is positively no counties during the second semester, It has been Cay Plant CUlL Beatrice tllllams. Tamap Sarah

andleeroy Oandy, Port Pierce, vice president. offering In the UnitedStates..collegiate announced this week shown front row from left Wright St. Petersburg, William Bailey, Deerfleld

or are: Venice Long, Qalnesville; Jessie Jo Beach
ra I Robinson ; Claudia Jones, Miami Bertha Calloway.
GJC Plans otherwise, that can compare MlsmlSandra; '. Johnson Orlando; Lula l.n.1I1I1I1; Hastings. Loretta Holland Tampa; Caries Talbert,

Beach ShortsMIAMI with the TAMBUUT- Bettye Jean Brown Belle Glade; P. James Jenkins Apopka.: Dorothy Willlans, Miami Ju an Its Johnson! ,
ST. PETERSBURG elaborate ZANS. West Palm Beach Patricia
; B. Rooks.Miaul. Ruby Clearwater Vivian
; Montgomery, Tampa; Mildred McMillan
homecoming for They possess the acknowledged Clover. Panama City, Roslta Butler Mlanl, Olivia Daytona Beach. Back row from left: Eugene
BEACH--Just a few miles can .mean a difference
alumni of Glbbs most complete Leggette. Daytona
junior Beach; Bernice Brown Miami; Clapp.Mlaal; Joseph' Hergert. Roily Hill; Prtscilla
this southeast of eight Florida to 10 degrees coast in temperature along (College has been plannedfor wardrobe of authentic Anna Dean Miami Sandra Wilson, Jacksonville, I, King, Jacksonvlllt Zennle McDowell. Cu If port.Miss. .
surrounding January 23, according: and magnificent folk Thclma au.Rt. Petersburg; Ruby: Hopkins Tampa '
Ml ml Beads warm the island] city during chill ; ; Mary Nell Levin St. Petersburg; Edwin!: Me-
maps, to an announcement from costumes.. well over Betty Gardiner
Mlaal. Second
row left: Edith West
Rae Palm Beach AI
cool it during hot weather. It Is not unusual for ; Kirby Matthews, west
Alumni Advisor W. CrvinRouson. 1,000..in existenceIn Murray, Hastings; Mercle Dee Mllllgan. ounnellon; Palm Beach Jacqueline
Miami CverlenaThomaa
frost to four ; Henry
occur or five miles Inland whilethermometer
the Western World. Dorothy H. Keel .
Tampa; Jacqueline Nelson' Hawthorne
lblu.bus,0a.; Cynthia Young. Mi ami. Thelma
readings here are well above the danger
A dinner-meeting, 4 More than 200 are used ; Mary Ann Pock. Chicago IlL MerithaWiley
: / Newton Miami. ; Sill rhl lllllams, Tamap, Gladys

point for tender..-tropical-....-..plantings._..._- basketball game, and an In each production. ) ,Jensen Beach, Lorene Holmes, Memphis, Tenn.; Davis,Madison; and ft"a Ruth Range, Daytona ..$.
alumni ball are the In 27 years to date Verdelle Bail ey,Jacksonvil 1 e; Mary Carwi... Miami; (photos by APaul Crawford)
MIAMI BEACH-Varying feeding habits of fish provide activities planned for the TAMBURITZANS' have Pearlle
clUnnon.. Groveland.; Kathleen Crockett ... ..
... ... ...
the angler at Miami hours
Beach with 24 a day the more than 850 alumni annually visited Canada. ,

In which to follow the sport. Most pelagic gale of the seven year old They have been acclaimedon -

fish such aa the sailfish and marlin are active institution. three separate Fu- Beach Offers Variety Of Events Parolee Jailed ,CORE Resumes

only 1 In daylight but many others such as the Rouson also announced ropers tours.Competition.

tarpon and anapper can be taken after dark. The that Qlbba' student to become a During Banner Tourist SeasonMIAMI On Dope, Lottery Voters DriveMArOrvonowng

delicious pompano seems to strike better the darker paper the Olbbsonlan, TAMBURITZAN Is exceedingly '

the night. Drift fishing boat., as a result, will present an award to keen. An averageof BACH-P'1ttl years of experience can't be Slips Charges the

normal ly leave Miami Bead docks for morning afternoon the 'Honorary Alumnus all graduate each wrong .Ho Miami Beach marking a half-century asa Rudolph Calvin"'rl1llOo.to. first reglstrstloa of
and evening trips. resort Is out to this Negroes U Liberty couaty
of the Tear year. prove year that know-how of 74) HI 77th st. ,
counts most In entertaining la .1c1- PcNbtr. o rat Is
Saluting Its golden an- ................,..... was placed la Dade County; launching a voter campaign

Tune WAME Home Of The World's series nlversary of nationwide will fee a te a parade contemplated, aa elaborate without Jail possession Monday oe of chargesof Narcot county here, the la only Lafayette coaatyIt

telecasts by Jackie production complete with lea and lottery slips the stat wklca still

Oleason. Cd Sullivan and prttty girls, floats police reported has noNltro regiatraota.

Perry Coao. All theseshows bands and giant balloons At apprtiltsttly 7:30: This ear aaaosaced bySplver
Champion Disc p.m. Officer NicolasNavarro
JockeyNicky Gordon, CORK
will originatefrom will march off at 1 p... a
received a call la theFlorida
:::, this resort city March 27. Tank Force worker
to go to Ferguson'a boar
during the celebration In early April. Glick Fret Prea.mesa-
where be toned the sus-
letter of the aortawesters -
period.On reports plans are underway
pest and his wife la the Florida voter
March 1 the Oood for a U".dllIUlt
custody of a patrolman.
helghbor Tennis Champion- festival and April |..:ia rtgtstratloa campaign
The sitrolean tsraadover Ur till aldthe Ktgropeople
ships, In Flamingo park national lavltatlonal
a bag alleged to ef Lafayettteouaty
till be opened with a surfboard competition
coat sis ssrtjasia CO' la their fight
fashion show, an eihlbi .111 be staged at one
Officer Navarro, for frtA&M." be aaJ4.
tlon match between two of the city beach parka.

I net .tar.,...le and fun. Finals of the Miss

Fun will be the these United States selectionfor

for the entire year u a tie Miss Universe t

M matter of fact, Beauty Pageant will be

Aa anniversary ball U telecast nationally

lee scheduled March. 19, and Jane. 4 following tour

OR March 34 there will tvenlag of Judging latke I r ant
Holder of vorld'a
CbnvMtiea hall
r fee aa anniversary lane-
Broadcasting Record coo U the city's cot The MUs Universe pro
Fred Hanna 226 a>Continue Houra Rockia Rogers vent Ion hall If- agala will be held

la old, with a telecast
celtbratloi can L
no t 1' 4CTJ
of the finals Jely :4.

Sunflavor Citrus Gets Boost


i N1I WMBMSpotlight -

Bob TerryFrom Prodoet! Of The Week

3:00: to 6:30: Miami Florida

Stow WAMB Downtown r
lonl0 OIe Studio Brother Riy

w ..

SEE w WIGHT r c.-.-.-.HAIR,....---STYLES e..Nw
HEAR THESE w ..r.M ... .........
e..rwrw rw.
wsow so wwr w
.. .
w .N +
R 4_ M AMM1e.Y.+.._.... y

WIL A"1oO1tS"1 lAS' to..t. (w!

RADIO STARSWAME1260 cows"slows w ernesw ir.r.ttart ...

Oft ....
.... i""
V ....4 ." rrwo .Tr-s1-5I
JI- hl//err eeM M.r
..... .'N"ADOIINr

,, e S t
FtOUPA AGRICCtmt CoMltaloatr
Doyle Coaaer A
(left), seta melt troll ",-t.. Citrus QIM MaacyColllas

of Meter Part and J.J. Psriisa, rbeH11e .

areeldeat .fN.vtaa Prat Co.. U baclig '

MIAMI the last boast citna sets a railroad a I go tat*

\ trailer that was tfestlaed to carry ta. first *t e/nue tltuf D. M +
1V 144 I ...,ftIC'l.. tllaef ell e/
f av; ; Hear "Hot line" Nightly At 11 p.m. .eat ef auaflawr cites to aorta era markets. Tie Seam arW ..Semem.a' ....Vwe.
leading tool place *e.aesday, Jaa. U at BewlaeCoaaaye er ii- --I ....

Part, Mere P.ctiag Roma*watrttraagvaaa ra sun

With "Art Green grapefralt art see belag packed ne'er tat Nun..' -... --, .-.._.. -...-....

stats'a sal of ....,.. 4 M e.wr w we
oaallU ..+ .... 5e. w... tw.a.re r


IAND11Y 23.__ 1SS5

Gibbs-HswptoB Cagers Renew Mianiaa Loses An Important Boat Jr, High Cagers Warriors Eke

Vying In DA Cage Victory

Rivalry In St. Petersburg Over ScrappersThe
Tourney Saturday
ST. PErnisaURG-Two of Florida's top Metro Junior Florida Avenue ,ar
College quintet will neet here la St. Petersburg Seteothrods basketball riots defeated the Eastside
Jan. 23 for the first tine la two ,.n.. teaaa will engtgr Scrappers S4-50 Ina
................................ Invitational signal
Giles Junior College, In junior basketball
Tilt and sore than 230aluul
perennial conference Isle ellnlnstlon play league ,.... The gaaewaa
chBsclon of the Florida are expected to t Saturday, beginning at tied 41-all at the

Junior College Athletic join the Qlbba atudent C,1'M 10:00: .. .. la Douglas end of the regulationgaae.
body of 46 In
Association (rJCAA) will Anderson High g. Curtis .
the ,... la basketball M
eet PJCAA defending Miranda supervisor for The tlgglna Brothers
tours_ chaapaHaapton circles the gage will the Duval County Depart were high scorers for
uu sore than that. It
JC of Ocal. to renew one a nt of Recreation the second straightweek.
of Florld hottest will help to determine announced Monday.Coapetlag Arnett bad a total
junior college rlvalriea. what teas will representthe ..tw teaaa will of U and Arnold had 18
The gMe Is being billed FJCAA In the first J represent Rufua I.,.,D". poltts.in .
aaclbbs Junior College's Integrated junior college George I. Carver A L, the overtlae period.
tournament In the at ate.
Leila. Loogbranch and
First Annual Hoaecoelng, Arnold scored two consecutive *
At present. Gibes leads ..L. Brown schools. Toeiay baskets to put
the conference with a
Chandler anti Theoitore
the tsrrlors ahead for
Trappers WarnedTo 3.0 record while Haattoahaa Jones will handle the good

lost to Johnson officiating and Nathaniel < Anthony Taylor was top
Get LicensesTALLAHASSEB'Florlda Junior College of Lees taahiagton, director scorer for the warriors

burg sad also Washington of athletlca at Double with 12 polnta. Joe Dalse

trappers are reminded of Penaecole. Maaptoa. Anderson will direct was high point nan of
that before trapping or however, will host the activities along with the gee for the Scrap-
toy fur burial anlaal FJCAA torunaaent February Miranda. pets with 9) and put on
for coawiercial l.-20.: In Ocala.Gibfcs exhibition ....
purposes .. ,. The chanpionskip gaae a g ed
they should first obtain JC currently baa rr ...... will get underway. at ft etiarpahootlng! scoring
atrapping license. The a 9-2 record havlag LONDON ma' otha Brow (r) of Ml eat, Florida connects tint here l2th.Celderwood won by a 'TM itecn 2 p... 10 of his IS tries for a
lost only to MecClil AFB airs) knockout: ) la the eighth round.
open season for trapping with aleft book to the nose of British Light There la no adaiaalon. good percentage
of Taapa twice. Sopboanro Heavyweight Chaw pi on Chick Older-wood during their (UP1 CAII.'tIOTO )
protected fur-beari.g fee and students and the Joseph Car awe 11 scored
anlaals Is fro. Deceaber forward Ml a eon Rubin la general. public are In.tiled. 11 points aad IS rebounds

1 to March I. and protected leading scorer for the! Collinglon Gets EWC Upsets The final gaae
Cobras with a 21 pout
far-bearers a a; of the series la scheduled
not be taken oicept during arerage.He tau been held National Post Betkuna By Two More Years Moiday night
this open season. to lees than 11 points Thetea are sponsoredby
la one gate oat, one.He For Jim Brown
Trapping licenses are 93-84 Tally Jacksonville Recreation
available at the officeof has a seasonal high of Departaeat Mt.aDasa
the various goutyJudges. 33 points, scored against Kdtsrd tsters College Nit YORR- (NPI)"Jisay Hiihtewer. supervisor. -
McCoy tea Oibbs won re Brown, fabulous fullbackfor
Couerelal far ended Bethune-Cooknan. Julius Oulnyard la
the Cleveland Brownsof
dealers and buyers are ceatly, MTAggies Coll..lab..t.d.Uh. playground director wd
the National Football
redbtred to obtain their at .nine straight' N. Mcknight&" assistant
Mermen Nil League.will retire after
licenses through the Other players on the
Friday night with a M4
Oane and Fresh later SILT Pride vs Moneyftaewhere upset lathe Junes Velaon two sore years accordingto .."tort'I... are: Ronald
the owner Art Modell.There
Howard V. Jim Raynond
Omission.GOflDOtiGBl between Jackson,
San Francisco and Philadelphia Johnson Cytnaslun. la speculation.
Wcs..IttsiL&rUGHC.sIOU there la a very displeased lltTae Rtllt) Chaaber* The tlldcata lunged that Brown will join the Clark, 'Tony Steward. Albert
lain NO one la the Professional basketball circuit Into the lead U. the .nl..tberCal.lft
NC."Tbe Browne aa a coach, but
)(] AT College Aggies last knows why Hit la displeased...There Is soae first seconds of the there la nothing at present filbert sat filliesChester

doubt that he knowa. Ire with a two pointerby \ : scrappers.
OUDJ: Fii141D113ffw1I week defeated Howard to substantiate Allen,
The T 1" superstar of the San Francisco Warriors r Jeroae Hanlln but Turner,Larry
::g :! Y1r.D3: J J&t dual Daiversity.ewls sees 51-rr.held la here a waa traded the Philadelphia Tiers la a deal that with a free throw and a owner thla. aald The be Cleveland and Broea Gary Griffin and Johnny

at the Charles MooreOysoastiA. Involved an estlasted 1300,000 It field goal, the Tigers have a 'geatl.s.a'sagreeaent' Dolphin.Mldgete. and

trade ...,. The thing that grlpitilt took the lesd sod tke that thespectacular j.nlors.have beea
It was first use IBfotryear sore than air/thlag else la till Jrolllll Nt. AI..--D.C. Colllntton visitors led only coca star will aealsr boys to

history of fact that no one neatloaed It to assistant director gals In the first keif.Bethuae oily play two sore Invited be eligible to register for the

competition that AT hid his until the deal .u closed...tvwa ] of public relations sever had s seasons. Intramural basketball

won over the lashlegtca this salary eat twbled. and dlrectorof chance In the second. Jla Brown went to the league, which begins
setaaers, CIAA clops Cbaaberlala ..,. BOW that he' I sports In fora at Ion. service half for the Tlgere Browns crow Syracuse nest week,
for tie past three going to quit pro basketball for at Florida AIM University gained confidence and eight years ago. since

a aeons. sake all that lovely ',,,. stuff fill LOn baa been aanedchairaan kept a slight lead until then, he has broken or
Salter .'."'. faraerly ud find an occupation that la less trylnThe' of the 01 splay a they juared to I point, tied practically every
of Jax.Fla. co-cxpteis ouestloa that lies behind this very easily said and N.re&a1 Coealttee then a II point lead and NFL record In rushing

for the Agglea sad COB* solution Is) "there la the world can you find a of the! College sports were leading' by a score bile joining select toyat Crown
terence record holder la less trying occupation that pays over a tenth of aforaatlon Directors of of M> ll with fits fee In the distinctly
tie 200-yard Free style a nlllion bills* Aaerlea. sissies left to play In 'IOO( -'"'' club.' CobRacing
event, broke his own record Obi Yeah hut test' )) land you' la jail. Harold lelth, presidentof the ga .\
with 2: U. tlse Having been the NBA scoring cheap ton every season CDS1DA and aporta laforsatloa Carl Fuller BMhuna
....... jolaed with 111liaa he has played. Chaaberlaln) presently leads the director at forward was hurt la the

THE CROWN Calloear. John )aa.ue with over 1,500 rousts The peak of his ns the Calverslty, of Oklabssa first half but returned,
A.IIPJ d'e tII.lop w el eete.4ew a lees "ipw.hell DoT ea Mtts. aad his brother tarsi performance ere when he eoored 100 polatsla appointed the tints the five aUutea

we. .-.c. waited fee h. prey Ronald 1. the /00*yarefree a stele gaae to lead th. terriers to a March Rattlera' publicist tw left and alaost sltile-.
to a,* sd N"ft..4d''''' Ted r, style r.ley, to win led victory over the Nee fork lalckerbockers. The life latotlMt position. handedly closed the 24

to....teevr... frequently t... Npac.etop N K.'.a aad break the Moore pool very aaae aeason He averaged ever M polite per Used to the to..It t.. point gap!

season U8l1l. .... record at *: 1:. ease.lit. elth Colllagtoa were: The tlldcats could not
= Oortfefl'ec: *>*no4. bvl ..... Cast of Howard esya that he IB baited rowed by opposing lest Pearsoa. Tulsa, corral Pit Una eta dropped .
-'. eMI M's. Bacaa broke the third pool record ,1.,.,.. la fact that Is what led la the announce- Nell bush tUblta la 24 polnta aad
lit* Century Ogt.edThe
with a 11.1 U the100yard _eat la 1MO that he was going ts ilt. Case the State Sill fall, I.,- Osbora Loageorth 21' ,
free atyle.Giirdello fallowlag seas tilt .u right back U a warrior Msrray ... Id Nail ", .,1. Dells sale II and
ant fora itMklag pills as per wane). Oklahoaa CU"Iittiers', wilds CD''.'S II. ; !

Retained There! Is a certain ..u..... to a pro athlete In the reload depart'

.. to where the aoaey roses fro*... (tat keeps the Drub neat Lesvle Dsvls led

I. World Championship lobster la broller.the closet HIM with Hart, the group with 24 ... =...::-=--- =:...._ _:
mefner ...eI..n aad Mlchlela tire oe that sports Opponents; Nathan Brown sad welds c- =
P1ISLUGlRIA-fRPI- ear' agar had S each. Iii: k, iWllfi&7 ?Q

There IB ao doubt that the ease ...,.... has Are Undefeated -- ::: .:="-::.;:;;:.,....;;;... -
OlerloveOsrtJexi's Joe Otsrdells retalaedhis
MertUl world .idffleteliitchaeaiMehlp Lied epos elt oa oecaslo Me said that the TAUJUUSKtrTbe: Florida rVUftttfnex Bearer rW ton* o'declLBAR
.buai deal because ke WM plan* GIVETHE Oft
74era getting
4 a* MT. pea Gedee'e will a a* were AM. valveralty, Rattlers
Dry GeetI aaaiaeae itTDaad '.. slat to aU after this sews erller he had defeated Morris Iroea,
JIlt Of Ve.*...*. esraed sewer the tlctvaaa ef the 1.era that If he 111.4 Alabass State UNITED WAY
.... fiIe4 cteiea ever ) erBakla
.la..11..11I4 el M a.assns.._ taws. cert- Carter at Philadelphia seat through with the deal he stilt .,B. Talebrtage It-ll.. to ressla aadefeeted >
w gar"OM Ceatectlea hct: the relit battle of pride versesaoaey. Is the Sowlkera
+ed: AM II' ...... If I.wl ..lilt' 11 so doubt be back seat ,..eo,. Istercollegiate Athletlfl K I N G S
'" ........ ,.... Rail.Hi There .u oae ether tlee U tilt's carter that he Csaferenfe, ne avirrleSroee Watch This Clownuu1l

pit at he' waist getting paid then. He left winery eas the 2703 Kings Avenue I
lensae .,.In,.." with a year sf eligibility ran ..... this sesaos svtr

.aIa.., to alp a 1.000" CM tract" .Ihthilalr' the aJh.'I.... FANU tOe 11-52-4

SleNtrottera. the first gene, 10311. (Phillips Hghy)
That a.n Bee Jilt ...t doabled etU the reteattrade. Captain flllte Collier 0

,ef feet Pels leetb led .
a. Novell Cbhel. pahllclty director of the ", U..I J tho Battlers If eesrlagU 1 iJ 1 Now under

.... .tkll) A..hU.U the Tiers gave ap both cesieats. Me 2
torte Dlerhlag and paj laws aad gave the tallied U polite Is U. 1
. farriers rights to Lee Shaffer. .a> has yet teel errls Irses ,... InAtlaata. 11 2J 44 new .

hie fees ..trac'. '*e Oil bees*. ,"..th. Oa. asl I) at
|.eaa'." artw the IlL's tat-seat ge.IWwsH loan sgalnst AI.) .... 411 7171A managementCompletely iL I'I'
Chaaberlals was s.e sf the west aoeght State.Bronchos. ..u... Me. e epbush.
after high sdol aal sslleae stare, he has never .... gee's Ooea

played sa s chaslee>ealp tee/a, aaateur er ere" End He side, eebtreits,
fees!...). Ale has led is the wild secejssttea Me works It all .,.,..4
that ChasberlelB le an ladlvldaal) player rather uaLtimrtie s renovated'

a t.u.... But year after year, sports trU.,. Cage Season '12 i
..U... ts. lead his with the glerlee sad titles .. ............... Oalel L
II c: ''1'. \
I that are tradltlwnal .. III the etcelled athlete FATtmnauj
f flit rhaakerlala .. tart Can an athlete trsli final t** .fth. |M4-I Man't Days I
separate hUeelf tnm the ,aeeasda.t slam the .....".11 sews fer atmosphere

.alet + ie..rsr the Betas the ball r..... lhm at the psyellevllle. State Are Numbered IDA lIAr I.
Can he call Is bright lights and net .... the Obllege sree-we s.se4 led" I Attendant
,,..., ., Ue ....light and Ue yell ef etsilt fsr ? ....f, r..n./ II. Van's ae ire Pw5
Itftst KM'I Hair Styles ero...* Or cas he ............ hlsself fIM Ue elth ,.. twrth Car el lea ,-,..*"<..al th ...',..,* Enjoy Drinking,

.....uuu.. that Is M Mdt. llvtag fart tAclee Is the Lilly U-- lane Cam M leere ?

Are tout At Tt* ef UeTtilfll swigs bare has bees Tee laee tear Lilly (li Our Lounge
al.r. rUe
,. U h. shifted t* t>...&I. FesIt.

sse.Vdlse t. fKAthletlf Couples, Groups,
JacksonvilleBarbtr I-CC TroiBCti EWC "$-58DAntliA Directs IL, V.
S.etlch. Birthday Parties
S thMeM a..t.. he.,. tot hat blast lelee
I u.
Fill *
0.0&. Cslleges fltd* sight !with Carl filler Interest Is belts rgall ts .*. At" rut .
cats gala.d ,.....* last bars Is fell tr14.. .OC generated le lets sesteetsla 1111.Js4sas'elu.l. e Welcome
Int. Ue %( C..... ere off). t
College e
suet fer their .11'" brake ss tap old sever P.Ne

test ., the ...*.., .>. sU*> 4 Its paeMller earreatly rillsIle sawe. ............. ... i Plenty Parking
feeilM Heard asters piteleis II creel sf n bet eisslsistreak R
College sf Jecteeavttle pelste asl .IIHIt' .*l.h leelslesvietsftee ITV..ee' Drive I.'Icklll In

630 DAVIS STREET eaally ..-.... faataetls U ,....... ... seer seer fit al c"'Yiian

Is their last ..U... $. '....tlDSsm ran Ite LIT ONIege Ml Saea t.e 0.111011111'(... ....." n.wC Juno Ster.r .
!Ju.tmBU' fI.rlla ,, ... hi
the crteeled tlUiate record to. tflSUOr .' IsHltete leaner

-- -- -
t I rr- r

I, ; '


SHOP and SAVE at Your Students Host National Director Justice Dept. Finally Obtains

Indictments In Rights Slayings

MERIDIAN Miss.-(NPI)-In Its third effort the
Justice Departaent last week obtained indictments
/ fIji against the sheriff of Neshoba County his deputy

and 18 other persons Including several reported
embers of the infamous Ku Klux Uen.; In the June
21 slaying of three civil rights work ers near
STORE ... .. ....
Philadelphia. Miss .. .. ... .

The slain rights workers rights workers. The trio
sere James Chancy, 22. had gone to Philadelphia
YF Negro of Meridian.Hiss. to investigate church:
and Michael Schwerner. burning, were arrested
3000 W. 45th StreetJust
24. and Andrew Goodman, for speeding, Jailed
20. both white of New released then intercepted -
K ..
; / York. and murdered.

Off Highway U.S. 1 In Neshoba County Sheriff Actually, the Justice
Lawrence Andre. Idne). Department had tried
a hefty tobacco-chewing twice before to obtain

F"LORADALE ADDRESSES S'n11DTS-Dr.8.L Grlnsteed, National Director of the Baptist Student 225-pounder, and his indictments against the

Union from Nashville Tennessee, recently visited the campus of Bethune-Cookmsn deputy Cecil Price, to.tll.r men, and its arrest of
*" Prices 10 --relative college-Baptist Student Union activities where he spoke during the ,. with 16 other the 13 following the ladictments. -
this ad are college chapel ..mc... Shown from left are: Nathaniel Williams; Mrs. Payola men were indicted by was the
good through Hill one of the campus sponsors; Dr. Grtnstead; Rev. Rogers P. Fair, chaplainof the grand jury on charges second.
vs SJJ1 d" Betnune-Cookman college; and Miss Luis Smith president of the Baptist Stu- brought by the Justice Last September the Government
dent DnLon of Betbune-Cookaan College. (Photo by A.Paul Crawford) Department brought similar
January 24.
The Government charged cbsrges against 21 -
-------- persons
Fraternity Leader Receives AwardHAIL Queen Esther Chapter lta1De). 42. Price, 28. including Ralney
sad the others w'lth con and Price, and charged
Installs OfficersIII.tallatloa spiracy and InvolementIn them with conspiring lathe

servicewas a Elan-inspired plat slaying of the rights
which resulted In the workers.
conducted by Mrs.
slaying of the three However the same Federal -
: Annie L. Davis for Queen
Esther Chapter 19. H. of Grand Jury that indicted

J. at the Orange Park Voting Suit the men last
Hall. ".refused by a close

Grade "A" Florida Save at A P Officers Installed Filed Against Ala. margin to return Indict
were: Mrs. M. Starling .ct..
most ancient matron;Krs.
--- .
Gladys Poster, associate; Department of Jjstlcehas St. Paul To Fete
John Foster, most worshipful filed a suit seekingto

DYERS i Joshua; Mrs. abolish Alabana's voter Jax U. Singers
Mattie Williams, financial -
'RIS SIGMA: Roscoe Camp representing the Cigar literacy test which Choir 1 of St. Paul AXC
Institute of America, presents a lovely walnut secretary has been called a device Church will present the
Draws 26C 120 humidor to Maurice Moore national president of Business Major to prevent registrationof Jacksonville University

LB. ?. Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, during the Greek letter Negroes. Singers In recital Feb.
organisation's Golden Anniversary convention in Attends Nat I Even: Alabama Atty. Gta. 14 at 4 p.m. under

WashingtonD.C. Acclaimed the most successful con Richmond Flowers sd direction of proto C.
ventloa In the fraternity history more than Business Confab fitted the test Is "ru, Edward Bryant. In the

EXTRA SPECIAL I seven hundred delegates attended from 47 .tat... ged." He said that 'If church auditorium.
Phi Beta Sigma was founded at Howard University In every voter In Alabama president Clarence
1914. (Photo by John D.Bunns Jr.) passes this test .. Felder has extended an
would have the most intelligent Invitation to the publicto
voters ia the
attend the program.
Allen UniversityChorus
Preinn Plum1 nation."

Here However, rioters Intends *
The Century Saving and ; to 'defend with Joint Celebration

Social Club will meet Hunter Directs every facility .. have toss of fiiaroa Cart and
In the home of Mrs. the action of our regie Amaranth Court 5. H. of
Rosa Durham, 929 1. Under the direction of trsrs" ia administering .7..111 celebrate their
Church $t. Sunday at John W. Hunterthe Alien Y the test. He added that anniversary jointly Jan
4 P... University Chorus will the government's suit 27 at S p.m. la the
Llllt, 1 Birthday celebrations be presented here In
Is "probably the beginning Masonic Mall. 913 Jefferson
with I will be held for Mrs. Jacksonville concert of the showdown st. A program
Mary Cooper and Mrs. three p... Jan 31 at. on voter registration will be reseated with
$5.00 .r Edith Toston. A program St. Stephen AME Church EKCLA a LEWIS la the state." outstanding participants
535ccrows will be presented by the 5th and Davis Sts. DAYTONA BEACH--Shell Acting D.A. Atty. Gen.NlcholasKatzenbach appearing.
._b.ra. TBS group la being D. Lewis, a junior at said

order, brought to the Jacksonville Bethua.-cool.an College the suit names ss defendants Asthma Sufferers
area by the church majoring, la busiress education the State of Report FAST Relief
NEW YOIK MAIDS with the pastor, Rev J. fro. Port It, Alabama and its secretary -
8. Oenwrlgbt a graduateof Joe recently attended of state Agnes racialist forwels ,.-
_. Jobs taltlst
To'Mft Allen U. ... named the National Convention BsggetU steels free hrvetklM ellk-
EXTRA SPECIAL I POLY UNSATURATED Tickets BstMM Agency chairman of the commit of the Pi Omega Pi He added that the new OItaU lit ...Icise. Cc*>
110 Post Ave., tvttbvry,
tee. Society, a aatloaal test has 100 variations, UiM so sedans.. kjrpaotte
".1. honorary business edueatioaal or street .,.....W rwllit ..
consists of four questions -
society for for Dr. Suite's Oreea
WESSON OIL on government,
Nil IENTIN.i students who are out four on the 0.8. Constitution osstala CIgarettee erMi.ortFr

..a i HOT m OCOPAKCTackeoaville's 'I' standing la scholarshipand and a dictation pin clcarettetebaece
leadership. test Involving simple Unit 1 With n..t.""I, Miss Lewis, who la a eieerpts from tie Com I.'. Guild Co., Dept H,
3eooratel To bedroom apartate. historian of the ..... stltutlon. .....rt. Vtnuat.
$5.00 Or Mon 24-OZ 29 .. later fura. '11.eo Barber wasted Rho Chapter at BetbuseCookmaa. -
per week, ...U..' mir master Barber. Artistic was chosen to
Order Bottle 414 ttetmoat. FL t-lflT Barber DOlt.II' .. Ashley, represent her Chapter at
...-.. 4IM1.htr the contention becesae
of her outstanding aca FRIDAY, In. 22 In. 31

LEI'S >fj;. Baser Fit lilt d*l. standards sad also

EXTRA SPECIALI JEWELSHORTENING SIDE IEPAIIlipilrlif Couple Oeslreable or Blagle, Mice Person.Prlelleps. poses. her ability at the as coaveatlea.1st a leadernolle Area-Wide Full GospelCONVENTION

SI11 Call lllMM.Betoeea Lewis attended the

I .... m I p.m. Nortm-Ceatral BuslaessTeachers

91 Ait Kill Coaveatloa.Thla
gave aer the opportunity

li Oir, Prarsr Tli Miltiistuir to hit witll..., leading
educators sad authors la With

Oil! lisiuss II Tli Wirl.leae her chases Melt ef fVAMOfUST

limit 1 1m study WM. E.
u 145 FLIIIDA AVE. Mrs. V, ,. DeSbleids and
peer ease ead Address
$5.09 Or 3 49 Alvlm Reid
A. are coapoas -
CAN aa flee eel kewVlraclef ...J Fecty
rs of the ftetsoaeCookaaa -
prayer eon aeeeeellsbiloaaers :
Mae Order College Chapterof et Defies Yeses
fer yem Vlte..Q1EI .
MAIDSFOR 1-.& Rao Chapter. 'd ,A Convention That

FAJWiE Mill Will Build Your

DOMESTICSardines FIRCSIDE CHOCOLATESweetie '12. .. ltchiu". nl..,.. lees heir si raw ton wtt Faith in God
NEW YORK .111.
Joke geerestee4 os errival. >

Ears 111 te 141weekly. SINTER CDRSDIESEIIRe W"L ten.asm + s
.. ..
-- -
Live la theist.bce.s.Yoe nun OPEIATM
Bolts NACIIREACatFICI. e HeIr CUet ....... 4"
2 :: 23{ o !$pl.UUMAIVEl Write cue for room year, btkTV. eptleetlea. .> Klg-Kag. w, 144 mils St. EL ...t 4.m O PN7 e tee rk. set

oM2' fete ticket meet let er ...ws. te err ..e.tkp.iauts. ion O Miesis ery F4-M

Goad ee...u...
te .. Free gift ea arrival 9 Pmrmlahee beam. He
PLANTATION COIN aes are mad prose tail deliver.M etllt. calUrem. call Ut.t'". CIYK 5s
member ef referfmee. AU "... all IM-lMe a/ sae ex ay

HUM AOBia. 11 M. sets time. wi. rot im
Meal Grits Ice Cream
Street Preeeort.M .
I re. lit m bath hA..u.
:: llAI.Y
se '''1,. 1IJ-II4J .

arise a p.s. ........ I
ID..1:3O: ....
u, Gall I. 48C Good nwmt AH. r ret inuVsetalre.
4 a 290 1/2 Ill artily. I 300 WEST Sa Stets

Asthma & Hay Fever Sufferers ........ Oa "" ..".lie

Report Relief In Minutes ebllerea. 11. 4-JTJS WATER ST.23O'd':

>R..mbabt. D.. ..-. r em..U Risks---..... MaL OPPMTNIIT
11 Jn I9bP1aW$1Jc: a-CegomM.W1""Dn. _t.L.em...

.ltr flat lifts fa Arco .. a .e t_ w __wa .... OIL CO. Us Heel Yo C
.! tvM .....-. --- -..eyr..w. ... ..1 Af fore) To Miss One
-- w .wc wrw .wn + SUae STtnOM ..nal..l.hi' .
M tewuw. K M mar .... Of Tk .
w. .a.rmC a .bas w ewmm Carr r rm me ewer o OuHronetlnf Sorrktt
._ _... ..
cow w..w. e..arm0.w la tMtre
Q. Ew n.- UASX goes *
wr.w.r.w w c---. 000 ... ..... ....
.. .... .. .. ..1.... .mill- FOB ALL PEOPLE
war i a. 5 | Of AU CIBiCBU:
1 5 e lath imii.ms .. _.. ..rw era ... ...... .. AA.re |
sale ',.I.a... hrWaea&Aa.R1i
3 w .sort -' p pry > .r n.a-ace '
lams 29C ....--A--...- a r w c-.80IIiIL"......va. I>>-MOI.r.t Me-ry fOI Csefelt u..rtiu c. .' rstas.

-. TM-T70S

-- ------- ---