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125922 F20090413_AABEFH 00022.QC.jpg 0fba5dd141882b59894f616dffb35a34e9d5d2fcb19e1782bae8a4e0644ea4ded29cfb86
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32913 F20090413_AABEFJ 00022.txt a3534452488f55ad2539484f33230d1cf485fa11df467003d507f72a44c8a0f19b0a6dcb
29201 F20090413_AABEFK 00022thm.jpg 2a6ae9bac0aa60d858f9d13381d0254fe1ef7e80554b7990de51e387228b720fac4999a9
872898 F20090413_AABEFL 00023.jp2 91318949c8ba16f803182d48593bf8df0eb3e1d032607df47468dc339bddec7953441b94
1067962 F20090413_AABEFM 00023.jpg 0e8ea6ea097531ea650ca6b68e1f95a9818d0afc8ec2f534362d6cc93391f4fb2538ca87

xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200646datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date January 16, 1965dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=006460740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
January 16, 1965
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
January 16, 1965
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Full Text
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: : ; =;
. ..''

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sit? Of Tlori'aTlortUU ',
. 4

Osiaatiud, a in Finds Bullet In Hiph; Discovers! Injury On City Bus

-.... ..........- .._........_..._ .....



Urban League Sets Anti-Poverty Confab J



,. :
"--- ............. I
III 14-KO. 42 SATOIUY .IAW8T' 1 IS, 1SS5 15 CENTS: Court Battle J
Preparing For Major Offensive


ST. A'OV8Tl! K-OppOin \

:SHOT IN NITE CLUB ton civil forces and ruble r.pr"'A'Sal 8t Johaa d.\utr.County 1\I

: Court Dtcaa.* involved la
I I a lest tattle this work f

over the 0.1. Buprtat
Shooting faUeflt Believed Court* reversal
t of ait

Pearson Case Seen ta conviction.
Caused By YHtI 's J.iIq Tobtaa Blaoa of 111..&. ;
oat of ttt .ltot".,. rt :
Tl.othjr Beans. 32-year-old Jacksonville ,,.*.nUII, the d.nonstra '
Heading To Hurt counselor remains in critical conditionat ton, aouibt to bar the

a local hospital after being shot down Supmt Court" reversals :

because of what city officials tensed leis applied to 'hM Cues !

Jaxons involvement In a robbery case pending against here ,, bossier County ,
Court Judge Ckarlta
a Juvenile offender.
Duril County residents are tilting with Means of 1324 K. tatk. sat Willis decided to hart I

stated breath for the battle shaping up In .u 111 tUrn U... bullets aarrowly altalBf the' tight ptrtoaa In* I

school circles following the announcenent out of four tbota hilt hit heart, waa rnabtd to coined tn the eases ..rt

that the Board of School trustees voted tlttlDf tt a table la CDC<: .b.,. bt aadtrttatauritry KICKOrr WMIOH-Oaarltt ions (titrtnt rtM), assistant director National not prottcttd by ptl*

to bring charges against school teacher tht Kldortdo Night club. HoaplUl autb* Poundatloa March of Dlata, Mot York city ttttndtd mtkualaatle atttiai ofDBval'a tlona rtaovtnc thvlraa
NAACP President, Rutledge Pearson despite oa MODcrttf Rd earl orltlta said bt r.1D.4 North.tttrn Division aalnm Tutaday afttmoon la the offiet of Atty.UJ .' .. ta t.d.ralClQurt.

warning that Pearson' % prosecution could Sunday Mralai. Nt sea tttat Jr. (seated) divitton thai,...., Partlclpatlnc awbtrt" shoes trot NAACP.lis..

..totf another school boycott ,or sore KkttttdtoDuTtJ Medical left art: John p. Laoahan Duval County March of 01.. director; Quill Junta.dlvlaioaal .

serious disturbances. _. ._ Center la critical coa.CUUOD ttaa captain; Mr.. Mary singleton lIotll.,.' March chat nan) II'" OHIciitsNKl '
.- .- .- .- -. -. -. -- -w -w Tip
school trustees here ritll bullet oundt Mildred Redding, coordinator; Mra. I.E. *lll I .ta, oo>chat man special l ilfta
btta ittaasUac for yeas tat apptaraact that la bit atotack cbttt aloes lUi 1'... Rtddlni and Mr Bynua. Rtv. tUB. Myna' beads the dill rob dl* rowrollotlai the
to tie Ptaraoa la tltk Paraoa had aootthlaf to and art.Ntaat. r vltlon. Royal Art Studio photo) annual stcttn of the
do tltk It. 'r
bad reportedly
the ttrtfday N iro pu National Association tor
Ill boycott last Dee..r .- Retool Board tnttttt been tkrtattatd twlct Teicberaubordlaattta tkt Advanetarat of Col. .
.. fuel f.*ult>d tau bars ben towtwbat reluctant that taat tftilac by I..lttsUtUr Top Leaders SlatedTo ortil People held brrt oa
to bring charts
otttr btcauat
.)101101 youth Jan 4. the NAACP" Board
aiaiaat pcaraoa bsc..eIt ,etntral figure la the S..r leN
em 175 of Directors' UI final
*M felt that the woe robbery .
sass ptadlai ConferenceFlorida
on volts Spark eurttrly a.*tiii voted
scold bavt clal science ttachtrtntdt09ilt .aUtt ytar-tld Leroy char te rttata tkt Atoncta*

COM fro a ttt wool Ire.a. ttM la alit leads lee aitlatt a local U..'. top offlctra,
tilt ttato .,.t. anytay to aceapt txival CMity Jail form tttool' teacher art ti* till hold Us first statewide turid to top tpotattra

. u4 wo aid ,,M.NMtpa tbt.rt.dto ."* >d robNry tttritaConaty pt to'reaci. 'a ,fiaaldXptaltlm Anti-Poverty conference under the Kco* ,Anhur R. ,ntlaiara.prttldtitl .
ut l stag so o.t U ailu.ofe.ero :: dtttotlftt art uwg1, VUXOfound step wtth'ttbt nonic Opportunity Act of 1014 during s' Bl. Stt
; hop
Off Of Mt- ,., boldlai fire a. la ooa ttapoatLtrt ittt three ....... the twod jr session here Jan. 28>31 In Jay* ,h.. Ipetlatood,
(TOttMhtr" wool '! reports alto atctloa: tltk Ut ahoot* for fire hours sad Devil Board of PMbllelattruettoa ) flower Hotel under the aponaorahlp\ of the ckalrwan of tie bards" ,
Blbatltltta.Pftraoa that Ut school tadm leg oat of three aajtr reed II platt of blood aaaoatetdtarlltr Jai Urban league, Lewis J, Carter III, Ins Roy llalat.. titcatlvodlrtfltori i

... called bt* soulso oa strike It steps to apprtktad tie durlac ttt optrattoa, this .*.a.n cal DL, eiecutlve director., announced. this ; Alfred safer
fore Ut bard la n.caber .* tie MAXCP-ttchtr It actual ....sh.'. H. tat ilvta a 10-10 ttacbtr tJlllaa seek. e e e e s s s e L... ., trturr aid

for qutitloiiii chart**. But Ills .. M ethic I. Cbh.... 3X cbaact tf survival, R. M"Idrot, a ttrontt Ntadlai tilt pan! of Phillip) WhllahtaJ. and Dr. Harry J. orttat,

vita rnard to Ut part very aallktlr tlattackool'ttacktrt. nilt talklBi aioai a undo acltnct ttttrve* speakers and torbthtp oleo Jtttldan .loses, aialttaat traurr. I

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ton tyt, frank tans ef .f Jt dpi). Rlcbarl N. Cook trwant rr Ltaitt vice artcldtata. ef tktAtaotlatltat
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has ,IIaUl UlmaS. tfftctlvt a pupil a vurancy curse aloes acfeoolt ty: Wide' atud pricaIeso'ea AMlitlai th* local Dutjit, Leila B.Otnnttt .
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Capons Uat a boyeattaoald telk'tet ttt hell .. .....U tt ..r. Strttt boyt>> Moot, touM bt ilvtntttta 4cordlai to Carter, andtrtay Thunder Jan ... t Altiaadtr Leon,
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feat altiatlta .. a parts r..U.."'at n. tie sasti.i.Nu It b.tt| ftttd a JJ-caliber Brett after kt taa told .r.. Mart Sri *lll day, J... IP at I p.s pllllp Baadolpk, JtiktaTktpta

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tat tilt It bare solved la erl.**. Mesa sad kit lavoltt* Set By NAACP The tMday kttrlti* scale Opportnalty, Statt ,.re"**. at tt* J.Dris. .. 1, Rtd of Atltyvlllt.$ ,

.School Truat* sits uttatr atittr _lea! Mat la Brt at caM.ettattttt peed to Ut public ttbuldrVt of Plorlda. apMilii oa Leslie, |101 P.Palo. ..t, aid hedge TktodortSPMldlti
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prst/wt Md hit ytwUOr. PtUlt BtttMMtt *lttrt at.e slier People ktcktd off Itt ttttlfy Sere tcktolttacatrt. sl_.. D 4.r1II. W- Facing 5 CoontiuTALLAMAIKR Injury
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till true ,. fraaa na J .....sea .*. b*.**t tarr*..lvt t..* Jlb alts Ioddt4
sMt ot ut ritnatoat to to lwis/t.s or cat it" .e.v111ecoq anu. taoal aturat M. M r
_rBltt) of rrwaldtut "Joaaat aad fcttt b.ta ante at att.f Ut lM .tral art J. array "ttt City
tail atn M.1 art aa btrtrrM left art ir. aad Ira, tr1. 0. tape... Je>- *.**

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\ :f, :r. 1 ... I


THE FLORIDA NEWS STAR "' [Politics As Usual

Published by The Florida Star Publishing Co. AElOroair 41 p..' .


-J. .Ff Vice President Will Spearhead

0. SIMPSON.........Miuilii Eiitir .-e, k4x 4It1Le Plans For Progress ConferenceVice

ALYSON E. WISE....... ... Km Editor President Hubert II. Humphrey till be

the principal speaker at the third Annual
HILDA WOOTEN.. .......CircilitUi Miiitr Plans
Progress Conference In Hashing-
ton, D.C. January 27. It was announcedthis
wNEMnn+DCQ Mr. Humphrey will speak to more than SOb)
2323 MiBcrief RUI..PIOBI 4-6782
ELfii <
TO. SEL r.ur.1sNAMLD' / L.'4. executives of the nation's major corpo
? II rations. These companies have entered

Maillif Address: 4t greements with the President's Committee on

I Equal Employment Opportunity to take the
P.O. Bn SBIJicksoivilli Uliriia leadership In opening up employment opportunities -

for minority Americans In all facets -
of the national ecO OfI11.

Hobart Taylor Jr. Associate Counsel, to
738 NW 3ri An. Phil 377-1025 the President and Fxecutlve'

r Vice Chairman of the Presi- 'd

SUBSCRIPTION RATES AwS y I dent' Committee, Raid !Ir. ,,'1It
On* Tear, 16.00 Half Year, (4.00 Humphrey will speak at the -

Hailed to You Anywhere in the United States evening banquet on the second ,

Subscription payable In advance day of the two-day conference. '

Send Check or Money Order to: Mr. Humphrey recently was assigned _

by President' Johnson to ,
) FLORIDA STAR P.O. BOX 511 coordinate all activities of SIMPSON ,

Jacksonville 1, FloridaThe the Federal Government concerning equal' op. .

portunlty. AS Vice President, he also will

South's Great Soil serve as chairman of the President's Committees

CAN IGNORANCE BE SHAMED? position heretofore held by President
Through Johnson.
many years this column had deplored
and lamented the South's race pre Plans for Progress a program developed

judice and the evil concomitants thereof, under the leadership of president Johnson,

but we have never disparaged the South's currently enrolls nearly 300 corporations

fighting fettle. It has been wisely said employing more than 8200.000 persons. The

that you cannot whip a man who will come conference will be co-sponsored by the

back for one more round. The South can always Your Weekly PCEEO and the Plans for Progress Advisory

be depended upon to come back for a- Council a group of Induetrlallst who

nother round and especially if the fight help direct the program
is against the Negro. As was said of Cyrusof H.I. Rornnes. president of American Telephone

Old He was friend to whom he was a & Telegraph Company is honorary

friend and an enemy to whom he was an enemy" chairman of the conference. H. '. ltten-
This applies to Southerners a Horoscope Guide born Vice President of Personnel and Industrial

Southerner Is your friend you can have no Relations for Cook Electric Company

better friend. If he Is your enemy you can is chairman.
not have a ore mortal enemy. Southern Other speakers will include Roy ailkins,

Presidents In this 'country have been scarce iy PABLO The ASTROLOGERWHICH executive Secretary of the NAACP. whltneyU.

commodities but within recent years South Young Jr. Executive Director of the

erners have been successful in winning the ARE YOUR LUCKY National Urban League, and executives from
Vice-Presidency and through the untimely DAYS FOR business and industry.

death of the President they have accededto Mr. TaIlor said the conference will Include -

the Presidency. Truman succeeded the BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL discussions of new Federal programs

great Franklin Delano Roosevelt who wrought affecting the business community and problems

eL of the greatest national miracles. knownto concerned with promoting equal Job

history. tie took a Bankrupt nation and opportunity in the community
made it one of the greatest in history. ARIESBorn CANCERBorn ED. THE VIRQOANS' WHO ARE OUT Or THE LIMELI6HT

When death removed him Truman took over, March 21st thru June 22nd thru 'INTERESTED SHOULD NOT TO CONSOLIDATE YOUR Encouraging Start

and excusing his uncultured manners and April 19th July 22nd DELAY IN WANING I THE PROPER GAINS THE NATURE Of

his uncouth language made a good President YOU HAVE MOT RUN OUT OF CARRY ON AND SEE TO IT INQUIRIES YOUR WORLDLY ACTIVITIES The Rules changes voted hy the House of

and dared to carry on in the Roosevelt STEAM AND CAN STILL: GIVE THAT NOT ONE ITEM THAT 7.30-44-,So e,.73'" COULD ALSO TAKE ON AMORE Representatives add up to a McntflcH'
victory for democratic procedure and responsible -
tradition Truman was Southerner AN EXCELLENT" ACCOUNT Or Polls' PART or THE POST SECRETIVE COLOR POP
but when he mapped out a course he had the YOU DETERMINATION AND UNATI DEVELOPMENTS OP LIBRA MORE COMPELLING REA.SONS. govf>rna it.
Born Sept. 23rd thru What the House did was to lodge responsibility
courage to follow through and he faced the CAPABILITIES. IT IS PREVIOUS DAYS .IS WASTED. .
color question like a man Of course he QUITE POSSIBLE POR SOME FRIENDS, DEAR ONES AND Oct. 23rd a.2Q.t9.Ie J7.29 for action on the Administration'H

had his shortcomings but he tried hard to OF YOU TO COME INTO LARGE CLOSE COLLABORATORS ALL WHETHER YOU HAVE CMOIEN program. with the leaders of the House

deal fairly with the Negro in his struggles SUMS or MONET WHICH I YOU SEEM TO HAVE A HAND IN THE SPIRITUAL' ROADOR ARE CAPRICUHN stripping the Rules Committee of tho ultimate -

for full freedom. Even struggling Negroes SHOULD USE TO EXPAND WHATEVER TRANSPIRES. SATISFIED TO REMAIN ON Born Dec. 22nd thru power to determine whether members

had few complaints against Truman as YOUR AMBITIOUS. ACTIVITIES I- THERE .is NO REASON WHY THE MATERIAL I PLAN[. YOU Jan. 19th of the House would he allowed to vote on

a President even though he was a Southern ON SET ASIDE FOR A You SHOULD BE LESS THAN CAN CONSIDER vouRSELr THE PACE is NOT IN THE the President's proposals.The .

er. Southerners are not afraid to stand up RAINY DAY. IT POSSIBLE ENTHUSIASTIC OVER THE rORTUNATE.YOU, WILL REACH LEAST DIMINISHED, PER. rules changes are a direct result of

and fight for the cause they believe In. TO LIVE' TO HIGH STAND- RESULTS. LOVE AND MAR.RIAGE NEW HEIGHTS WHETHER YOJ" MUTING YOU TO BOUNCE the November elections that produced the

Truman believed in Justice for the Negro LADS WITHOUT GOING TO AOAIN TAKE THE SERVE rOR LOVE OR MAINLY ALON WITHOUT A CAVE IN largest liberal majorities in Congress'

He was a true and fearless champion of Negro EXTREMES.350.Z2ie.6J.352. SPOTLIGHT RUTTHIS TIME, rOR MATERIAL' GA 111I. THE THE IOII O. YOU SILL BEBENEMTED since 1936. majorities strong enough to

advancement. IT MAY BE OP A MORE RESPONSIBLE CHANCES or INMERITINS' BY THE AMIABLE overcome the conservative coalition which

The untimely taking away of the late President NATURE THE CASH OR PROPERTY ARE AND HELPruL" ATTITUDES or has dominated Congress for nearly three

John Fitzgerald Kennedy who had so TAURUSBorn OPENING TO PROVE THE aooo roR THE Li BRANS LOVED ONES AND STRANGERSALIXE decades and which strongly opposed changes

quickly won the love and admiration of the April 20th thru ADVANTAGES Of WHOLEHEARTED HOSE CIRCUMSTANCES MACE WHEN YOU ARE RE* in rules or procedures
world by his fearless stand on the question May 20th COOPERATION IS THIS POSSIBLE THERE MAYBE CEPTIVS/ ANO RtruSE TO The coalition however, was able to count

of civil rights for Negroes was most AGAIN' IN EVIDENCE. CERTAIN CONDITIONS Olt ALLOW YOUR PRIDE TO CETIN Ml votes on the fey rollcall vote during
fortunately succeeded by a Southerner of SHOULD YOU ENCOUNTER -40-M-19-25-94 COMPLICATING ACTORS, THAT THE AY. SINCE YOU the rules debate Indicating that the liberal

the calibre of Lyndon Baines Johnson who ANY RESISTANCE" PRESS MAY CREATE SOME DOUBTS Will SOS DISC!VCR THAT strength cannot be taken for grantedon

was not only willing but able to carry on ALL THE HARDER WITH CONFIDENCE LEO OR CONTUSION. I INSTEAD HUMANS ARE YOUR BEST any particular issue or bill.
THAT IT WiLL Born July 23rd thru Hut It is highly encouraging to docu
in the great Kennedy tradition. Usheredby OP TRYIN TO HANDLE CON SOURCES or INFORMATION have
fate and misfortune into the Presidencyof CRUMPLE BEFORE YOU.COUI'LII Aug. 22nd rLlCTIN CLAIMS IY YOUR AND INTERESTING MATERIAL sent on the first day of the 89th Congress -

the nation, he took over with a courage AS WILL AS PROSPECTIVE YOU CAN RELY ON THE SELP. YOU COULD DO SILL EXPAND YOUR SOCIAL CON. that a liberal majority can be mustered

and mastery that has won the applauseof PARTNIRS SHOULD UNEXPECTED OR REAL LUCKY TO OBTAIN THE BEST Or TACT TO THE PULL EX. in the House on a showdown Issue.
the civilized world. His landslide victory PLAN ON A SOLD COURSE BREAMS TO DO POR YOU LEGAL ADVICE' 'VAIL."'. TENT or YOUR ABILITY (AFL-CIO flews)

in the last election was a public or ACTION THAT SHOULD HAT YOU MAY NOT HAVE 2-,;)-JJ-18-92.2 JJ AND RESOURCES.

vindication few men in history have ever SUCCEED WHEN BOTH PA*. BEEN ABLE TO ACHIEVE POll SCORPIOBorn 4'tOOM.t -{1-ue Growing And Full 01 Hope
received. He richly deserved vindication
DETERMINED..' AFFAIRS| wITH Nor. 22nd Born Jan. 20th thru Tilt RTATF OP Tlir UNION' Is 'free, restless -
deep from the heart of Texas comes to OR POSSESSED AN&.CON*
DISTANT CORRESPONDENTS THE WONOERPUL TREND IS Fib lath growing and full of hope" pres.
the Presidency, and takes up where the immortal SIDER VOURSSLP WORTHY '
OR COUNTRIES SHOULD SENDING ITS MERRY MY Johnson reported to the nation In a speech
Kennedy left off.' Had he been from or THE TRUST AND CON.riofxcs IT LOOKS AS ir YOUR that Inventoried
AND YOU SHOULD 00 RIOHTALONG country goals and
I the East, North or west Mr. Johnson could THAT ARE REPOSED AMAIRS &lIIIAII"1 BETTER dreams
,not have taken a braver stand what is ON YOU IV THOSE AT THE THAN NORMAL PROGRESS. Inert be
SHOULD NOT SE UNINHIBITED. YOU CAN can no quarr.l1nith the President
.more, he brought to consummation Kennedy's VERY TOP THESE. ARE THE CONTINUE TO EX. '
dying dream of a Congressional Civil Rights QUALITIES THAT ARE BOUND TRACT ALL THE GOOD roe. free and
INVOLVED ARE EXPAND growing because
WILLING' TO and. of its growth.
Bill As a tough fighting Southerner he TO IMPRESS. ANO THE '1.- TUNE THAT CHANCE IS
TO RISK' LOSING THEIR' THE SCOPE OP PERSONAL full of hope. Nor can one quarrel in any
took hold of the civil rights cause in SONS HMO COME UNDER YOUR POURIN* IN YOUR LAP AND re.pectttb his
Con grew and would not let go until a SPELL ARE NOT APT TO ATTEND TO THE ARRANGE.MINTS nation It "
INSPIRATION. APPROVAL OR UNDER YOUR "restless. for the doftnait
meaningful Civil Rights Bill had been TO RE MAY II REQUIRED .
BE IN ANY SHAPE THAT then of American
e-7O.11.13' -S2-6TI GUIDANCE, THIS SHOULD life slact the foundingof
passed. Ht beat the Southern opposition to rust YOU A THING.WMSTMIR TO SAMGUAAOTHEM the nation
MEAN ADDITIONAL MATERIAL has been tht search for
its knees and did what Kennedy himself GEMINI YOU CHANGE JOBS. BUY INDEFINITELY YOUR,
BEHANDLED something
would hardly have been able to do.Tht Born May 21st thru PROPERTY OR INHERIT SON*. JUDICIOUSLY eiTM INSTINCTS ARE YOUR TRUEST At this turning point of a mort.new administration -
old anti-North fight Southerners have June 21st THINS or VALUE, YOU mi ADVISERS AB YOU SHOULD
,stcurt In 1U
THE OBJECT or MAUN ability to function
carry on a years NO masslvt
SINCE IT'S ONE ooo THEM IICO" THE POUN.DATIDN by a vote of Confidence from the
lost its effectiveness a brave Southerner PLAIN. MEN OTHERS ARE TRYING
THINS APTER ANOTHER I FOR JOINT' rvTUAE people In November, the wy lit open to release -
was at the helm and not afraid. Yet, 4-90-ZM7-M-442 TO PRESUME YOU INTO
AN sTtlEN the full
THIS IS NOT LIKELY TO SECURITY I ACCORD > resources and power of the
here Is the great moral tragedy of the MING SOMETHING ELSE IN.
WAIL YOU PEEL LAD YOU VIRGO YOU AND THE DNSHO com try to the tasks still unfinished and
hour. The prejudiced South studiously refrains HAVE REASON TO RELISH Born Aug. :23rd thrufrept. SHARES YOUR H PES STSA0. to explore the men tad complex problemsthat
from hailing one of Its greatest
ALL THAT I* COMING YOUR :23id AND INTSIESTSCOULD ro- 7-90..l5-f7-7)l stem from growth and progress.
The South which is wont to boast of
sons WAY, BUT YOU SHOULD MOT THE SUME or MOD PORT.UNE TNI aEYSTONE *' AN. AMICABLE PIsces TU restlessness that the president finds
everything "Southern" studiously refuses POR4ST TO'MAKE PROVISION REMAINS WNAGAYEB AND PRODUCTIVE ASSOCIATION. Born ftb. 19th thru in the country II la part tht deeplyrootedneed
to hall Its great son who is President of
POR THE DAYS TO COME DURING' THIS LAST OUAR.TER March 20th for economic ecaMty--full Job
the United States of America, tht highest
MEN THE PICKINGS MAY THIS COULD STIMULATE S-M-77-14.U.S67 WMATEVS IT is VM" UI at good wagn. Improved and expanded social
office with the highest honor in the Twentieth -
I E SLIMMER. SINCE JOINT YOU TO ASSUME THE BEING ASXIB TO DO. SI security programs, access to education,
ftorld.Johnson cant
Century ENDEAVORS' ARE CERTAINLY a1NO| or ROLE SAT SHOULD Horn Nov. 23rd thru MICM YOU HAVE PLANNEDYOURSEXP. medical cart and housing It u the Insistent
bla"ot because
and his own receives
own PAVING MANOtOME DIVI- deaaad of
group for equal
ht. an President stands up to be counted Dec 21st
CENOS, THERE SHOULD BE CAN 11I01 ArrORO TO ltVlAI.SHAT THAT IS PRACTICAL opportunity, of the poverty-strides for
aa favoring Justice for all men. NO RELAXING IMILE YOUR"COOO IS ON YOUR MIND AS YOU all STILL PLOATIa1 Pea VDU YOU COULD" MISS a chance to break oat the vicious cycle


Support Sorely Needed Out THERE ASAIN, ARE SITS, a rAIRLY RSASONAKtASSURANCE It NO CAUSE roe YOU NOT SEEMS TO BE IN STORE POe Tat President has outlined a program gear

SIGNS TO ALL' CSMINIANS. THAT It elLL TO ENJOY THE RIM TD VM YOU TWBOUOM P.OC.ASTI. td to the nationa seeds la the latter

fifty march of mire urea Defects tester tor THAT THEY SHOULD HOT It fAYOGABLY RECEIVES PIKE EXTENT' Of YOU* A.BILITISS. NATION AND DELAYING TiC years of the Twentieth Century, a program

th* care and trtaeat of children bon defective MITTSR AWAY TMEIW RETURNS THE PERSON TO WHO IT .IS W NO* THAT TOM TIC*. THE PLANS. THAT that has ita roots in the American tra

are oupportH by 'The NaUoaal PbuadatlM Ware of IN THE MISTAISNMOTION ADDRESSED. THIS COULD MAYS MAD YOU MOMENT BE8UIRC. ACTION TO Mall dittos that the condition of man and his

DUes throughout the cots try_ three Uses that THAT THEY WILL BE THE SEASON WHEW INTfRESTIN OP LRY, THERE uR9IN a TMW VALID MOULD NOT .% environment can catInaally be improved: and

Btwber are seeded to meet the problem .f birth 4EVSR STOP. HIGHER ACCENT ON THEAWISABILITV ALLI' .41- betttre4. at the frontier Is never really

defect. Jolt the Bare tf Ma*. I.zo.SS.11--47.,11 COURSES ARE BE IN* START. 0* BTEPI S "e> -11.29.... closed. (Aft.C10 Sews)


,\) :


I ,

snowy IIIIAIY 11. 1115 FLIIIDl mi PWIS Ml: '3

Name S.kesCh.1- About Sine Titles Gateway Meets Staffers Hold Session -BIRTHS-
-- -
I r 2 p.m. Saturday
Mr Mra. Theodore Hawan. Y1IJYLproi:: : : o'Y3Liauff..u
Gateway Barracks 3131.Vetaraaa .
ST21 Ttllar Avenue,
of world tar I Girl : :PU.B

will bold its blBootblyaaetlng Mr a Mra. Ton Salth.

/ 1 i V, df flr Saturday 2 P... 1837 Loulalana St. Boy. &
at the Joseph H. JaaaaCoaamnlty
Mr. ft Mra. Jot Nathan .., rue
ceoter, runthal Taylor 1206 Ortnthai i -
and 13th Eta.All St. Boy.Mr ... fJJ

Buddies are asked a Mra. Rudolph Trot-

to attend to bear business t ter. 917 t.55th St. Boy.

of laportanct. In- Mr ft Mra. Charles '.
.' foraatlon pertaining to 't Sapp. 1TS4 Payne St. .
benefits for the elfara Qlrl

GIBBS JC COEDS Tonar High school quote, both of veteraaa faallea alllba Mr ft Mra. Bart Mack

aaitd Ovena by ah ttr coincidence who are atudy discussed at this Jr 509 D.. Drop St. .
lag at Clbba Junior College, errs Rita Owens of tla.. Meabara are urged Boy

Dada Qty and Mary Owens of St. Augustine Rita, to attend pnaptly, q r Mr, a Mra Eugene: !Baker

at left, a aophoaore apaclal t ducat Ion lajor, la.a The. coaaandtr till sateS 949 I. Beaver St. Girl.
top ranting graduate of Mick ana High school and report on tilt aid-eon Mr a Mra. Henry Sharp.23M ,
Sal aaaad school quten for the '623 term. The feranca that .aa bald laTaapa. Mlooaa Circle, Boy.

other Miss Owens la a63 graduate of Murray High MEMBERS of the School of Hurting faculty at Florida Aa* University Tallahaaaee Mr. ft Mra. John Jacobs THE CROWN

School of Augustine and waa 'Ulas Hoaeaoalng The 1963 ....b.r.bapdrl horn front row fro. left are: Mrs. Dora Salth public health; Mrs tvelyn 1084 C. 21tt St. G1rl. Al the top of a long Ml 0>ckTyrpin

for the final year of bar sty at Murray High. ,. la BOW underway J Ink 111.. leadership In nursing; Mr.. Margaret Levis, funa-ileotall of nursing; Mr. a Mra. Eugene H"- the notorious hgh! "" y<
aad all nl Veteraaa or Eunice dean; Ir. Doris Brown and Ludella HUon, both of Show man, enet "sated, for hi,. prey
Both ladies are excellent students at Clbba JC. Mr* Burgess risen 2334 Davis St. 'In this old Nuffitld, inn Today,
anyone affiliated with teach aateraal and child health nursing In Jacksonville la the back row froa Olrl. travalltri frequently stop fine

'world tar I la any way left art: Mra. Ices Jenkina fundaaantala of nursing; Mra. Ruby peeplea, secretary Mr.ft Mra. Jtaes no.... to savour the elegance' of a
Suwannee Cagers Devoe-Sirmons la asked to Join the ; Mra. lVerne Davis Medical-surgical nursing; Miss Cva fill lea., public KIT ,. ITth St. Olrl. Ql rIO\l'tintot Gordon'have thanasbut Mtrllftl, In.dted .

oriaalsatloa. Meetlaga health, teat fall Beach; Mra. Lola tt.'rt. nutrition; Mra. Hattie Bttsent Mr. a Mra. Oscar Pit Gordon' Q'n It till hark* back .
* In Final Homestand Exchange Vows are bald the first and pajchlatrlc nursing. Jacksonville; and Mra. Jacqueline Beck aedlcal* eurglcal usnn. 2414 N. Myrtle to lim'" Century England

The daughter d Mr. and third Saturday of the nuralng.Socially .
MADIBOtt--BS.sasse! Rater Ave. Olrl.
p Junior 0:>>11.,.' a basketball Mra. Hadlty Sir BO a a of aoatb.

' taaa alll play Ita QultBaa.Ca. Dorothy Mat Hold Initial
last boat iaaa of the SSnaDl,b.e... the bride Allen University Kappas Meeting

ataaon Friday night .b_ of PVC Allan Adam DeVo. Chorus Here Set Goals Appoint CommitteesThe T
It boat HaaptOB J-.C. of oo Jan.. at the boat of ,

Ocala Friday at T: 30 p... the bridtgrooaa par Hunter DirectsUnder Jacksonville Aluemt Chapter of Kappa Alpha)
In J.R.C. Lee High'a gjala tots Mr. and Mra. Allan With S Pal Fraternity bald their initial aeetini of the

Jaapar. Dee srTba LOUISE: CUI YAIZD" peaking I the direction of year at the Qdorato Club recently The Glorious .
A Doalaal adalsslon faa bride la a graduateof John t Hunter the Allen George Starkea. Ill **........."..".... Qorden'a Martini

.111 bt charged both taahlaitoa Strttt Oueeta attending Bonnie til aaa'a brunch last Ualveraity Chorus will poleaarch of the 1 0 C a'' Illbtrt talker 4 Dry M Qm, 1epert.Gordon'schapter

students aid adult High school and a student Saturday aoralag were treated a diaplay of be presented here laJackaonvllle nude a brief Lt. Btrateiut; tllllaa 1 part Dry Vermouth

SU......'. and of the at Albany state fashions for the currant aeaaaa JbyKUel spears la a concert talk of the goals act D. ....t. historian; Stir" ",.111" a pitcher ball fllltdwith .
first atattttr tiaalaa- College. The claaaic. "..*, living" .iaabla sere from three pis. Jan. 31 at by the Fraternity this Klptua t.. Green, Dean of tea, and tt*.M 'Into a cocktail

tines till bills Monday PPC OtVoa la a 1980 Miss Bp.arao'pUlOul tardroba and wore dtalgaad St. Stephen AlE Church yaar.Tba. Pledges; aDd TbeordoreDanaby Optional pleas; Add an olive at huh

Jan. II at SM: ( a. .. and graduate of lee Staatoa by Lucille !Martin a local aodltta.Pollowlag 5th and Davis Sta. various coaaltteea cbiplla. oflonion( l peel

111 and tedaeaday, Jan. High school and la proaaatly the bridge session, prllet. were awarded The group la being appointed were: Iiecu- '

30: at. 2: 30 p.m.Rtflatratloa coepletlag> his to all participant, brought to tbe Jackaonvllle live: All elective of

for the Bllltary obligation Herschel Bailey, S.raJr1fJ1 *i', nuabeth: Jones area by the church titers and chalratn,

aeaoad ....t.r sill let tblla stationed la lest Lola Avery, Annie B. Mfnatee.; Johnnie Mitchell. Slth the paator. Rev J. Guide tight: Robert I L. 131i.J [3 E3 E3

rider way January 23 and Oaraany. 1.0.1. lash. Alveola Ser1''. Helen Ibney\ GenevaHenderaoa .. Oeowrlght. a graduate Mitchell chains itueTlaaona

28 fro. 1:00: >> a... until and Prencea Rlcaardaoa. ot Allen V. was aaaodebalraaa Robert Knight
.:00 p... la the College:>> District 4 PTA .'1 ... .., .eI ,., : of the ooealt- '.L Muldrow. Julian

library Claaaaa for the The Jackaoavllla Aluaal Chapter of Kappa Alpha tea. White. Blood BanjuJuliaeOuinyard :

second aeatater sill ,,- Holds Workshop Pal Fraternity began aakiag phu .tor ItC.'aanua; ] Other aeabera of the Carey Holes, JanuaJ.37"SALE

gin os hdsesdy.Jun. 27. Black and. white Ball, acbedilad to be held in the group include: H. C. Dur- lllber talker.
District < a m bald d
aprlag.Ztlaa. has Joel Pierce Neal Dance: George B. Nun
Teachers Slate its annual aorkabop ra- .'1 III III ," ,., Bland 1... Davis C, A.Tullis George Hill. PredrlckSaltb
easily at Arllaitoa Lie
Jotuiaoa of 1233 Hart Street la Baking a rea Mra. Eartha MoOotaa. Alvin tblta

Saturday Heeling Sallya.Btatary School, Joseph art able recovery at Breweter Hospital) fallowing _re. Sable. Robla- Samuel filllaat. scko-
BOB Jones, Miss
The follotlac chalrata aurgery. Mary a/chip> : Robert Knight,,
The aoatkly ...u.. of served .'1 ," .., .,. ".1 Johnson, Ire Nadiaelllllaaa. Cheater CUtart, George .,

the Dual Cbuaty Claaa- Mra : Kdytha Taylar.orkabopi Zanim Bridge Club held Its annual. party recentlyat Mra Allie Mola N. Hill Harvey Harper
to*k. Mr*, Alteeet I
roes Teachers Orcaaliatloa I I
: Mra. Louise the Ddorato flab.Outata Decoration: til bar talk YouVt It en Woff/ng/ nr
alll be bell Mtsrday Mclateth, Mlaa Jailce Tftt Bio Btfyi
Betas proira; Mra. attending the party lacluded Wise Janatatyaer er, Heary Daniala, t, t
Harris lid
la Ut Jaaea ttldoaJeaasoa Agnes ...... ftula Mra Mary Muldrow. ,.Uau
Susie attltoa. aoavtair.Mra. of taahiagtaa. D.C. ; ; J JbnIO.. : Nsil Delicately Trimmed
Jester Hlik Addle Raabbtrry.tkt ,ells; GertliPeterano, Kleanor Uttlejohap; < Ilion and Noses Davis
School, biglislag at president reported Klac Lacllle Clarht Lola Averri Ploacl Joaea, Jr. Archive: BernardBryaat
11 Sorority Issues Half Slips
B.BUlaeladed the vorktkoa aa bavlat Noise "". ...II; Tlllle Bucitaaan.Julia Brooke Laareaoa ..
OB Ua agenda bees aa oatataadlaiaacceaa. Idythe Aaderaoa; and Mary .10... Call Meeting JOB**, itll IM A. Jcbaeoa. >
sill ba U outline of
Ruth Parrott waa hoateaa at a auUeguent Btetlng. Social Ooaaittee: ..
tilt prograa far tit realadtr Washers of Beta
The sent ...ta., alllba hold also at the Kldora4. Marie MoClala and Lola Alpha Kiptua ... an., 0. Mill
. af the ,.u. M.Ip.ct.d Zeta Chapter lae. of
bald ......,. Jar nat Avery were Nest... players, both rtctlvlag lovely Recreatlea: L. V. Jcnta,
lists Coda of Zeta Phi Beta
3 p. a. at Bryaat'a gifts fro. the hostess. Sorority J. Ouiayard. Jack Paul
Ethics, goveralag the Aced..,. ,.1... A fallatteadaaea tan Ita Clatfa aaaberahlp rotter la eoaprlaed .fMary lao are urged to aeetSaturdv H. Daniel AcbiveaeatiOeorge ) 77c
ttaehlai profeaaloa at 8 ,... lathe '
tilllaaa, ..lobiGrh..U
af affleeraaad Breaker, Claudia Burrli, Cataerlae Bens
.111 also ba dleeaaaad. Zeta eosss, 490 t. Beaver .
Klllla B 10
aeabere ia reaaeatedTbe Uula Mae Mints' RlliabeU Jo***, rvelya Jaeala. ,
All teachers have been It for the
COrtae Ktnaedy.Hatel UllliaUiaJ. Marina & Worse, set
issued to ,lead.. lulill Sddlld .
Houaiag: Jobs T. ,
Katttr blame, and tlllla Mae naart artlatt
Gilbert Class Of Cberal pareata of III ".. '". ... ".. Plaaa for the poaadera. tlllle Bullard. t thlte, Lutury-enwMlh

Daraell ok... Jaalor Mtabera ef Kevlaettea Bridge fish gaveBMrpriaeabottr Day celebration saddler '.A. Johaaoa. 0.N Mill tricot wear baautlfultxfewU .

55 To Reunite NUb School atll Beetoaday for tatter Marcel III It., BOB of Aids 0.aad toaaabood tech will be Public Relatioaa: SMII! ao omfortabU.& Elaitk

at 8 p.a. la the flora P. tblte, at their ,...lu ...U.I..t dleceaaed.Golden. tilllM. J. Ouiayard.Owrge ..Iot..m to seem shadow panel.* PaataU"

Inhere of the 1ISiradaatlat > tboral reo.. Plaaa far lUUMay ..Sallt.ilia" tilllaaa. Raclaaa* with applique{ of embroidered& Irtma. 8, M,LifOCK .
elaaa of the aaaaal ooaeert till Lovtttttaahoattaa sod the entire awaberahlp Host N. Harper Joke

Matthew filbert Nigh be .hn.... ... preeaat.Rartara Year Darby, Lees Bland til Uf AVi ledl.s' Pine c3.uge
School ara asked to Met Activities .aaore4 by lies 0. wett, N Howard,
ap talte
Harptr, Maa, plttcktr, !lava Beth .
at the boat af Mra Bttty the pursue etre tie and Celeetlae Niche wtre redpltata of prlMtvte Mr LACrtNlA .wa.oa I. Oreea.. Plaaaca: ..D. \ \ Acebte Tricot Pantl..

tal..th.Ol1ur. 1781 ballday careltai sod III II. ... '". ," Ire Etta Alklaa tat Sweet, .. A. Joheeoa, K.I .. $ 00
,."... 14. 2:30: ,....1... 4 ,l
breakfast The ckeraa 9- Mill til- pairs
are happy to la fen reader that AJ slue la ...t... far the laataeetlag toaaar, .
IT. seal carols at the OK tact oa the job after aa tit.4.4 illaeae.Allagratefal of tie OoldeaLiaka bert talker .. Muldro r
Plaaa till a* Bade far Polka 1 Noses aad. Breeteroapltal Caleader ef steels far' What a buy! 4 allay.tmooth
to his frlcnda' fur Ue ..., uoaght* dub darlag the status tticolpanties llh awnlort
tha lOtta-.u claaa reaaloa. n. breUfaataaa Nl geetarea while fee waa lattwpoeed.Lydla hose af the 84th, lbs year are) JaaaaryPooadera > Rl eUetkiawd altthanl
nil till ba the prepared by the ,., ,". ... ... e. calendar ,..,. Day May Black end leg epealnf. Maivelaue
first BtttlM .f the parents la St. stepbeaAM toaler aid tblta Ball) July! l (.1{Uctkxi of ,......, nw high
"'Ht. Mary Porter, wit sells la A very tasty trout ear fashion colur and .h4te.HIM .
claaa alaea ,,".Uo..
Caarcft Distal Boos aad tool Duller were pest playera wbea lens served and ".S.... eaagaapleted Katpa peelly Party} S to T.PucktrStl .

Bridge dab Itt frlaV light la Ue Ogata Ptreet la the ueaalfeahloa. ...,"",. lactallatlaaf
hose of L.C. .d Ulllaa Darta. Lye fbaler' tae top OUI..,.; OcteberKappa
pelt aoarer. na aeit etttlag Sill hash Chi far UMI1IO IIWI OfM*

Maria Medala aad Myrtle 1boaa sore song wtaaeraf be held M ptaaklla It. Sealar Nigh Sttdeata,

dab prliwa.tetae at the hose af the preeIdeat Owile Right cad; Dwtttber. )- ra"
On Coast Line to .
". ... ," l ii III Rrlieaaa Mil,
Mrt. Tbelaa '* : Kappa .
Washington, D. C., Philadelphia are .'-h, great plaae far eelebratlea efr tee aeabera will balaductad Tb* seat atttleg ef tbe Ou.llty ,

aa.*r4a tai aad fleet Utaakoed "M. U bectlHralH at this at*t lag rrstenltf'$11 be held S..ml.
or New York, you can: la Ue near Mere.Btta und plane el 11 be fond Jaa. 20. at Ua Kltoradd I l

settle backin Alpha Okapter baa a
< 09 P.a "tari.,. Jamary M. !. Ue Etta Moaee.4V are the feltaalig:

a luxurious reclining chair, lest Beaver Itreet. luau Computes illle fIo"'" Robert L... l. 2 "..77c
Mltebell Idles flits
enjoy fine food, Or Jea.. R. ...4.'.... Panty Girdle

warmth, Basic TraiaiagTl. Sergelark,., .I." I.Cel. f ram every angUlhM

Cim.'tttlMCOKSUIT ... In 11. .. B,a> 880 lnrk.wandMf*h..f nylon
DR. SMITH fREE 1* Nf1I'IIIJO.' -<&I r. ..,, leery DaaleU aad Yatwe te tha tea*
and solid comfort. EHiiltllTn.ill J hen BathaaJel atilt, lOt Jack Pal, y... led as ..... .... es .we ..r nN
SI M ohm eho. ...... MAu Ir.ra Arne
af Mra Prttleee Retry Oftl_,. ef the doter cud .,... p. I. ..,. Dome eb Mwl
vM M Tell la Plata ..re. nt tae trestle I* .f 1111 Jaaier SI, ..Jackaoevllle are: ...rge Slarkaa, = ........ w..... pea. a* Ml.rysip.
Slat It t..I..II". ...l se1 M P ec.e faOtrrttt>
baa ...,htt-4 PwUaarta: thee Tlaanaa.
It. If Tea Nffe tlta,1trmint
Air parca basil allltarytralaltgallacalaad flee Palaaartb; "rar4IryMt

BUAMMB mat Pif .- A/V. Keeper af ,.* lovely Cotton, Fashion Bras
alas. f BLQDO PVBBKV II' IWIt'f1 s .
Tea.Airaaa. earl. tllllaa AJt C.
1 fool salt II awl BOV3M MBbUBOlPVUSKU leery baa beeaetleeted ".1'..' af ..r'. .oa;
trmta MBMCBB Parts tlUJM fer leebaltaltralalag Ju t a"'I" r 88te __
.+taan_ *ju. a atj narun Taccmiaanm
M a fire prete -
PUMBCB trnirnML naainca -.
tlaa epellallet at
,.. : Iranu BUUM* aamicUaavtas pus.esn Cltb Te Meet -
the Air TralalM OaaaadATQ
u na *Ut ILoUUa D1noeJlltaM y sotws Ma foe a
( *<..* at Cfcaattt eppeil-
M eoeO An. Ill Mle ... aaltla n Royal Isle vl.i* M.rrr"IWe gl.rloeoweres A IM tt >0a, n
Go ahead Spoil l yourself,. irttt .*. M
.wt Ua see ef a Ulf, ....ra. a.u.M., dltt .,. ttetta "lebfalse air ..* Jaa. IT, at lb.Be. *

.... ... Crests.e.. .yus.rt.tsaria 91 Yf9twlw.rl .,. .. af tre. tary lilt,
a a e8 .ffS. la IM
,nt >.*r, ..M_rtl PVMII*. la JtnIt ....111.. U",.. Mllle re.alre4 I.. .... U te, fimlnln. r'ovavCoal/ 1.1At KIISS

sot5A ..... t. 4.M: .... .... rvxtf R .1111 All ..Mra ae ...14
b, the tatlaa' a raaa
.1 -51 DR. REX SMITH .. a.... &. alUa4aatla t. b/ NulsuMils

'M.II loo het ''--w sense fI'toe4.I"' na alraaa la a 1998graduate Miaaa af ....rI..... K RES S IIIt Adlas

.......J stiles swamlr n...,.. W M. Ln4H.oew-H.UU af ... Blaata U', fart DUea IB
...--.- --r ....e se ova--.-- a. Icbet' ",..I..t. af Ua els5

....-._...... ...""" .....'"

16,19B'{ L- i I

ABOUT PEOPLE Can You Identify. ,These People ? Bethelem Holds Rev. Barnes Named

,i I Sunday Service Annual Drive Head

--- -
CPL. Robert Black a an was in the Jacksonville Services at Betbelei f

area during the Chrlatias holidays to visit bit Baptist Church will begin
wife, the foraer Mist Vernettt Jones. Having spent ( i. wltb Sunday Schoolat

a tour of duty in vest Oeraany CPL. Blackian will 0:30: a... with Deacon

be stationed at MaeOil. AFB la Tsjsps PI.. He wea E. Sawyer Mrs Marie '
honored with a New Tear's Eve party at the hose fllllasson and Mrs :

of Calvin Merrltt after continuous entertalnient Sadie Field in char,.. l"j

by his fawlly and stay friend Morning worship will r

laaedlately after
. d start
Sunday School with the e

pastor Rev. A. Anderson '
Julius Holies a Tanpa resident now affiliated religious
1 delivering the
with the anted forces in Boston. ......, is in the ........ 4Re' '.

gateway city u houaeguest of Clarence: Fluitt and There will be a fellowship ....."''f.(ji I IIf
Donald Lott. Holies, after delightful evenings of service at 3:00p. {,

night club entertalnaent *M feted with a party ... convening in the
Thursday evening at the bachelor boie of Lott and auditorium of the church. D. B. Barnes, pastor

Plattt. He will return to the Tsapa Bay area Sun BTU will be held at at Sseetfleld Baptist

day. 4:00: p.i.Caber Church bas been need

Board 3 and tbe chalraan of the Church

'S. Senior Choir will serve Division for the annual

1 throughout the day March of Discs Drive

Mr. and Mrs.. ,.It. Davis and eon. Kelvin of 2333 MEMORY TESTI--Tfae above picture of the Junior of the tben children In the picture will 'he awarded He bas contacted alnis-

Crawford St., returned to the city recently after Citywide Chorus was photographed here In 1950 and a prlxe.Cllp this photo check your sjcerary, St. Peters AME ters and congregationsto

spending the Christaas holidays in Tltuavllle as will be a feature of the Latliore Singers' 17th and join the contest. Another alillar pit will ap aid In the drive and

the houseguest of Mrs. Ethel Divine, Mrs. Deris' anniversary prograi on Sunday, Jan. 24 at .: 30 pear in next week's STAR.p. To Feature Recital designated Sunday,

.other.Before. ... The person identifying the largest nuiber Jaa. 17 u March of Discs

returning hoie, the Davis faaily visited An after unite recital Day.

S Mr. and Mrs. Spry of New Sayrna Beach and Mrs. Christian Endeavor Central Baptist's will be presented Sundayat Contributions have beta

Willie Frailer of Orange City. A short visit was --- 8:30 p.i. la St requested to be sailed

also side at the ho.e of Mr. Davis son, '.R. Groups Meet Sunday Order Of ServiceThe Peters AXE Church Lee to his office at 131<

Davis, Jr., of Daytona Beach. Jacksonville's Christian Crjtircj: ) Jletu.s and 30th streets, by they Harrison St.Rally .

following order 0 Gospel Trotters. They To End
. Endeavor Hour begins worship will be observed will assisted by other
its fourth year of.oath-
ly activities throughout the day; groups. Sunday AfternoonThe
when iteets
Along the influx of college students home for the CHURCH OF OOD. STATE TEMPLE Sunday School will begin Also appearing will be
Sunday, Jan. 17 at steward board of
holidays were Miss Willis Jean Hun ford, daughter the Trustee Day will be observed Sunday in the Church at 9:30: a. .. with Miss Alice Phillips and
3 P.I. in lain audltorlui New Hope AME Church will
of Mrs. Wide Munford Johnson; Martin Stone, son of God in Christ State Tenple, beginning with Mrs. M. Evangellne Johnson Evangelist Bernice sta-

of Mr. and Mrs. ,.,.oad Stone of 12th St. ; Miss. Church of St. Paul AME: the Sunday School at 0:30: ...., with Mrs.. Maggie in charge. These of ten. The progtS' la la teniaate its pew rallySunday
at 3
Haze Howard of Florida A&M; Johnnie and Maria The Overatreet In charge. Morning service at 11 o' the lesson will b.. interest of the cburcb
prograi, sponsoredby Along the participants
Baldwin, son and daughter of Mrs.. Alt Mease Shieldswho clock Elder 8.P. Nesbltt will preach. TPWW at follow Me.. and aponsoreJ by Rev. Rallace. .
the Allen League of will be: Rev H. E.: Scott.
are enrolled at Bethune-Cook.an College. theAMgthurch'5 9 P... and evening service at 7:30 o'clock.The' During the 11:00 a. .. pastor
Eleventh Rev Z.L. Tyrus.
Teaple Choir and usher board will serve throughout service, the pastor Saturday, the ToungPeople"a ;
. District In was initiated the day.. Rev. R. Leander Jones Choir will Met Rev E. I. Malnor. associate
September 1901 by putorofDaysprins
Alexander "MT. HERMAN BAPTIST" will speak fro. his for rehearsal at 3 p.a. .
Cottrell statepredd.ot Baptist Church
; who will
Marion J. Thompson a resident of New Jersey. was Services Sunday begin with the Sunday School in test "Something for wltb Miss. Blanche Mor
of the .
Leagues.Aiss be the
speaker; Rev
here during the feas holidays visiting his brother of the Mt. Kenan Baptist Church at 9:45 a... with Mrs. Nothing Senior Choir rison in charge
program Includes Eddie L. Taylor and Revrp. .
and sistsr-in-lav, Mr. and Mrs. Alphonso A. Thompson stimulation of Mary Spence In charge. !Morning service at 11:30 1 will furnish the male The services Sunday begin -
of 1980 Mars St. He was entertained by: his Interest In the outbprouu o'clock with Deacons J. Mobley, R. spence and R. with Mrs. Gloria Grant with the Sunday
niece and her husband, Mr. and Mrs. On lei Robin of Rabb In dlar,.. .". J.H. Perry, pastor will deliver at the console Senior School site Praaclln Young People's Depart
the local a nt will ...t with
son and his nephews and their wives; Mr. and Mrs. church ntllliatlon the season The .ort.... burning prograi Usher Board 1 will serve Robinson la charge
Capua Thompson, Mr. and Mrs. Jaiea Thompson and of will begin at 3 p.a.Itb Deacon J. Jeffersonand The BTU hour will begin Morning service at 11 the supervisor, Mrs Z.
youth in religious
a -
other friends. After a very enjoyable stay here, T. McKlnnla IB charge of the devotion. at 9:49.: Evening O'clock. Choir I will L Tyrus, Saturday at S
atmosphere and encourages ... at the church.
Mr. Thospson left last Saturday for his dose and providesscholarships Rer. 8.L. Badger will deliver the tenon and dinners worship will get underway render the dude and the p

will be served at the end of the service.MAONOLIA at 7:00 p. .. The pastor will deliver tbe
to Edward ..
'S. Waters College. BAPTIST pastor's tnt will be.fljday servo At S O'clock. ACE ORDER FUEL

Young people are electedto Magnolia Baptist Church activities Sunday begin Not Toaorrow." League with Miss. P 1tDhlOG -

Attending the reunion celebration of several serve as officers on with the Sunday school at 9:4): ,., Homing service Weekly acthl till will presiding. Evening (IV7I i

college wosen who set as freshien at Florida MM a quarterly basis and at 11 o'clock. S'I"8ODtlltn..t.l, ; Shaw. be u followa: service at 6 0' clock

University wer.llr. and Mrs. A.C. Carter and their lonthly Fellowship services will be held aL 3 P...: BTU Tuesday st 7 p.s. Mrs. C. Wallace will Y
prepare programs.
son, Michael. The event was held In Orlando specifically Youths representing' all at 9 p.i., with Willie c. Murray 'preaidlog.Dle Bible study with tb.flr.t preside at the instrument AID
honoring Miss Juanlta E: Orr, a nativeof trlct .1 will observe its anniversary Feb. 7 at CLOE
religious roup..re invited x assistant euperittendent and the pastor or ASH!
3 P.s., and 7 ..
West Pals Beach who Is now a reading specialist to participate on .. P. la ch.r,..Frayereetlag Rev J.C Selth. assistant -
at the Contra Costa School district In Concord ,the at I p. .. will sill preach.
progrr.'Sunday's Sunday .school begins at p: 4S .... with Superin-
Calif. service will be conducted by Brother Pb. :38.: the. '''1'' St.Peters' ( FUEL.br'ii .
teadent'ff.J. Nathan la charge at Greater St.
Others attending the festive occasion were Dr. feature several youth Edward Allen and Deacon contest will

and Mrs. Richard Hunter of Jacksonville; Mrs. Vera choirs of the city and Matthew' Baptist Chllrth.- Morning service at 11 A.J. Buggs.ledaesday. tersiaate. The winner
o'clock; season by the pastor. Fellowship services :
Zackery. of St. Petersburg; Mre.. David pooler, of Dr. ..V. Webster of Edward at S p. .. will be crowned.Jan. 24.
will be held in Tsbernacle Baptist Church and Rev
Bait I so re, and Mrs. Beatrice Powell of Orlando.The Waters College will Senior Choir 2 will Mrs. L. Becloud will
8. Gallon will preach at 3 BTPV Is set at -
affair held at the attractive hose of p.i. /r.1... id e..IwaJ
was the hold Ate rehearsal. The reader a recital la interest *
present anniversaryeasage.
S P... with Miss Geraldine Thomas prealdlng.
Mr. sod Mrs. Ronald Ray. o'clock. President is requesting of the contest.eeeeeeee Sfls50s Its A fad G.
Evening devotion at 6 1111 's. M.MIL .
the attendance of all h .-

Sunday School begins at. 0:30: ..... In Qreater N.. ewbera. All leibere of
Choir I are reiladed
Jerusalen Baptist Church Rev. A. Argar will deliver .

the tenon at 11 a,.., and the sesssge at that Its rehearsal will
3 be beld Friday at I p... HOME IMPROVEMENTSAll
/ 6:45: P... Visitors are cordially

LOCATIONS Sunday in Haraony Baptist Charch begin lavlted to Centrals Remodeling
worship servlcea.Fountain .
with tl Sunday School at 930s.' .. Morning service

1 830 Cmat Ave. at 11 o'clock. Mason by Rev. T.I. Sliiona, AME

pastor and BTPU at. P... with Mrs. s. Parser Plastering Painting And DecoratingBy

3701 Emerson presiding. Prsyer leetlng Tuesday night with Deacon Church News

John Seysmur la charge. The fit. Clouds fa*
1824 W. Beaver
sable will. .be presented In a Msteal prograa at Rev r. .. Joan pastor A-1 1 Workmanship

8 P.... sponsored by Mrs. a:. Slesrana.MT. at roue tat a Chapel All

BY POPULAR DEMANDFLA. Z10N BAPT1ST-- Church baa aaaoaaced All Ink 111% finrntiH Unlit Mitiriils

Services In NU Zion BaptlstsChsrcly aoatfceide, that the church and pas

Sunday begin 'with the Sunday school at 9.30: .... tore anniversary will Is Isti III,.

with Mrs. B, Alston la charge Morning service bell feb. 22 sad cad

THRIFTY BRAND at 11 o'clock with Rev.C Taylor pastor Is char arch I. Fir frit CstiBiti Call 721 0433

STEWINGHENS ... Mrs. r. V. Nopklne la charge of the BTO at The services Sunday

4:30 p.i. Evening service at C o'clock.MT. will begin' will tile Sunday -

-- 7AS OR BAPTIST" School at 1:30: a-i Bailey CoastrvutioH Co..w. .

C Deacon J. Beaa will have charge of the Sunday silk Superlateadeat D.

LB. 10 School 'Sunday at :30: ..*., in Mt. Tabor BaptiatChurch. Joe. la charge. Monist

Rev H.T. Overetreet.- pastor, .111 review service at 11 O'clock.

the lessoa. Morning service at 11 o'doekU.. The Rev Mr. Jour will

Benson by the pastor. Baptissj will also be held. preach.

Music by choir 1 and Usher hard 2 will serve. The choirs will reader

NO DEALERS AT THIS 'IUCIU.S. "UNITO BAPTIST a song .service 7 p... 4 Jr

United Baptist Church will beds its Bus day activities preaching at 7:30: p., ..

OOVT INSPECTED with the Sunday School at 9:43: ..... with ..D. Davla. cbairsaa of
Miss Mary t:. DeVoe la charge. Miss Rose nary Sapp. lye steward board. baa

Rev Saivel Allen, Mrs. Naoii 'U... Ira Helen asked all claaa leadersto

SIRLOIN Sapp and Miss Doris J. p.Voe are ace teachers elected coat act their Matters

STEAKS to serve toning service at 11:05 wtta Uedeacoaa for reports.

BONE la charge. BTU at $ P..., and rrealag service ,...da, at 1 P .,

at 130; o'clock. prayer ...th.. sad at Sp

..NEW MT. OLIVE-* .L. claaa Met leg.

AT WHOLESALE Holy CMenialoa service will be held durlag Ueevealag J fast ebalriaa,,

PRICES Li. service la New it. Olive Baptist Cherca truth board baa asked I

69 with Rev C.L. Tel fair, pastor la charts. all traeteee t* sect
..c. Moiday. felleelag 0
the secead aad feertbsuadaya ,

at 11."

/ 3XALXRtAT1'111.1RICK1'LXASL ROYAL ART STUDIO lisfebtiM 'IHH.1..t'llata. -- 'thii


sill fc* held faaday at
Elgin 41094
J p. .. Is Mt Olive

C IAIIIAI prlaltlve fir Choir Bestial 1 aa4 Caadaytcsoel Cfevrtb

LUSH HEAD "..6&1. *. .. ..
.r -- say.rr .
10 ZEAL IAII IIU avrr ".M. ntea. faster
LETTUCE sad ewe Mates...t A.M. =::.:-- J._r..': =.:0;::
.. .... ... -
AD-WTO. AH-TJH ruler have aaaed all ---- -- I M altsl

officers sad sisters 14attesd. --=.. =. -==' -
FRESH -- -
... -- raalrv
*n his first The yeses Malt I ---------.-.-_ c-_

BANANAS \ t Choir will reader tbe .-........----- ---&ne.....-- --'--.._--

..tar, fitlic- f salt eitt Mrs. trellis u c..... we .... ..,.. Hates
vray la chute.

Open Dally I
sb tsr.e Jwa..rw ti tMf

Mica IK in Hint sm H lilT ii eiuiti i UCffI TIBim \ Worship ,

. .
---- -- ------- -- -

I ,f ..

limn 11. 1111 fUlllI STIR rart 1'AIE /

.Sink Yevh Jobs Breakthrough Carries Burnt Missiiij Billy Eckstlse Negro Model Featured In GE Product -.

Slags New Reported In N.J. Crosses Home Tins Up IR ApartRieiit, fys; '

KCTARL N.J.-Laat Feb.. DtT aT--ben David 'I !
lives TBIS fiat vase COM case to Kraaer, roar Loulalaaa Na TOW-(Wl)-&ncerlaalac Billy Rcfcatlae. reported ui

The tat! support of Macro ,".00. School director when he failed t a abow op Sunday evening .T.7TcI71;

soothing voice of bravery workers who cane boss hero for the for the tart of a $5,M 0-.. k-ancM aeot at the

Sarah Vaucha pang a new though classified aa holidays he brought Royal BDI supper cub la :!Hotel Aaerlcaoawaa found

tune whea her husband .... aid .. with hla two of the early Tuesday aoralac U bed la his Hines apart
.ulo' ..
tiled acospltist against worked year-round aad crosses which ware burned .ant.Aooordlac. .................. I'r I-

her, charclnc that the performed the aaaeditlrea at lateriectloaa la to the singer, bit ."''', Hilton Deu-

reaoved: clothUc. tural- aa regular .. Monroe oa elect loo ete.He ho had been aaaaalted, toe, filed a alulae

tare and 13.600 la Cash ploye but for lees pay bat BOW returned to robbed sad forced to person report.

five their bo... and fever benefit Loulalaaa. where ha has drink Mickey flaa by Ia relating the event
Clyde Atklai, bar Ob- leading to his disappearance *
ta May the COME: croup been worklac for CORE three unidentified aea up
r.ar-old apron, acid picketed the New JeraayBreve all aoatha. durUc which who reooinlied hla aaho Ickittao

Miu Yaghnkidnot! lived re Aaaoelatloa. aa tine he yes arrested its en route to the said that earoute to

io thai $M.000 boat for well aa the National three tiles sad beatea airport to pick op his the airport, he passed

senrsl oaco.la. wife.Koketlae. a car la which three aon
Labor lelatloaa Board, 4 ,FW
rent and) were alttlnc. One
which its processing the preaeatlic the disappeared
thatch.had at Negro workira1 oo la1.t. crosses to the local abortS after I 5.s. ftlaedhlaaad said. '".", I

DO reason At the ,.ar'. cad.David) COW offloo, he laid: Bunday whoa ho flBlahod there a Billy Kckatlaa.1'

to at-1 Aadereca ebalraaa of 'l teat to eaphialie a rehearaal. thin .ho The Urea cot out of !Jr- "'

tee U.! Wait lUll CXu) ,... ableto the oondltlona la Uul- failed to shot ap attho the oar and ached for ..n., ''''"< '.; :)

boia take a a At annoance aa ureeaeat airs club that .111, the ilaiers autograph ...".. "' '''. .,' ;p.o.' r ....,. !':.... Ii ..." 1"
the 1 1.S. with the Brewera Aeeocia- Whllo ho was couplylnc 1 .. ":";;' _'_ 4 I' .. .
s. with the request, they THIS TOUM" HOMBUUK to happy Indeed with her spacious kltcheo which lau all
tam ho described
arttele.., White Housewives Picket Juiced hla. the neteit oonrenlencee la appllancea and cabinets and laclvdea a dlalac area
at "a alcalfleaat ao*
thus t b *L After biloc forced to too. The aew lies Oeneral dec: trie Ranee otters the :ulUlate la fait fluieleaaoooklac.
ooapUahaoat taattalalac Project Contraction Site
lIn.l 7' hugest plus of all la aelf.
job opportaaltiea for tike the sickly fine a revolutionary' cleaalns oven which ellol
e ooplalatVM HIM VACOW Rekitlao said ho rl.blred sites forever the BO it distasteful household more .. oleantac' aa oven by hid
alaorlty groups la a OUXLOnx. H.C.-(W-*>ne white houievlrea la
filed.Hot aajor, Aaerlcaa ladaatry. nil city are all upset because. a oonitructloaooapany .. aothlai untilhe It' a dose electrically with this ru,.. Included, too, la a ..., theraoaeter,
ao typical of the ." la plaanlnc a houilac project for Mecrofailllei woke up la a Karleafirk ao you'll ct wooderful reeult every time without watcMac: and worrjlni. Another *

popular telavleed aarliaTha It sag then ho convenience 1* the autoaatlo dliheeaaer at the loft of the
.' Puci.lve, Miss Coder the aireeaent, the la their aolchborhood. Tea of thoa last that he hid ranee.
corkers prevloaalyclMilfled week let IP a picket line at the office of till discovered hindaoa wood-toned cabinets by Orbit are the utaoat la efficiency with Ttsbourdoors
Vaochs atayed oat of the ten robbed of MOO.
and revolvtnc obora.
aa leaicaal, ooapaay la protest to the projiot.
riaeh of aa arrait war been rec-lir .......................
rest until her attorney here gives It la the aaao old
wild attract
that the status aad access to issue that Negroes pens un "Irl. Short
lira aaeuraacea desirable buyers and ; lobby
oatortalaer mold top.' Jots tko sable, which onnc Into aa area will nil property values LaU PATENT UFDICINFS COSMETICSALL
prerleuily had bees cause the property val. LFAOINQ HAIR PRFPARATIONS
ia aa Eailawood. It.3
court to .....r the deal.d.Chlcale. u. to decllae. The I aelctborhoodi ooapuy has dried flue llaid Hills Show Cor. Broad and Ashley FL 42199VIEN

Gets The proteitlai rose
larceny charcoa.Ironically live la the Lost View this oharce. It aye the I HOLLtwoOD-(Nrl)-You couldn't oiaetly call It
,tilt latiraallevenue YIB AH ILL
First area of Meckleaberttbtty hoses would sell for a fries, but a lack of "bread" cut abort a
service haa put NoireNewscaster
betweea 110. TOO tad performance by blue elmlnc star Bobby Hue"
just north of
up the maple boae for You Peek The Beat Doctor
120,000. A ooopaay Blend and touched off a riot Inthepluan Hollywood
the city Haiti. II
aaetloa aa a remit of They IIPGt... said the COB PalUdluB. .......................... ttien Tour factor '...nib...
data their aim. a*
back taiea. Meets Oct nperlenced Phiraactita
QUCA00-*PI)...Merl.ea's pay has aooe IT M.000la
that bliss elacUc Sarah ...." bull dim hoses piaaa The riot began stodgy that the adiiailon price ,oordnc| to your ftoctor1

reuses ot.i thai IIS, first Negro tele- for Negro. full lea are oeatraeta sad after atdnliht when would be refunded at the Or"'hre. ** Vie Only The Rest
tuba top ahead despite &b.prot..tI .
ps.T2oibet JIM laeoMtat aewa eoaaeatator DOt baaed oa racial several of the star per boi flce-but there waano C.1. !UCI 'luelity) Dugs

and her huibaad oweaaa eat before the caaeraaHonda prejudice. They ooataad fbraera refund top on oae la the boa office. Proprietor

sacks tag of IIS. /, Jaa. 4. that the quality of the It wee reported the because of a dispute Two hundred pollceoen

1ot.to for the .... year He li C fewer (Chick) hoses to be built by asps offered to buy with eoaeert proootera were" called ta sell the 5 pniiiTniro ,pH steal, Jr. who will tie hoses owned by the
which followed
Irvla Coaatructlon Ooa- over 10"'. riot A CONFLICT; LI1' OP
Heads UL Project live a dally eoaaeataryoa white faalllee at rid Bland reportedly walked 'The mow vie billed ae Coaaetlca-tubter ttooJirnndieiftMiirleaAHD
the sews at 1:30 p.a.Voaday apprataal prices or oa
Job PlacenentAfn out oa the stags and "New perspective for Pft"'I"ItN, C11LAD tOn ftlJY' JDLilly's -
through Friday, aa appraisal cede by announced.Van. os.."
over tClff. thud 2$. the City Reel titateoard.
'' there lan't eami6 -
Chteaco'a first CHPtelcTliloa Drug Store
atatloa.Jolalac 'br..' (aonwy) to

the 40-year-old .. I'. settles out." .

Chock .tOD' 1.1.0. Novae Noted Scientist He advised the crowd 1107 xim ion EI 2'1211SUER

P II reporter awardelnalac The radio hlatory sews Is Speaker At r

aaklaa Sere shoe la produced
Ir.vlr E. C.HUKKKXfDr.J
by Tedd Deteraaa.preeldent .

ors.d..Hue.ProdIaeUo. .
: MoNrtOppenhelaer.aoted
..; lie ,.
For close this la a "'I
list aad educator, olll
eecond flrit' la QIe MARKET
appear hero oa Tuesday
fittest yeara "0.
JOB MmCrbaa DlIEC'1th&' January 19, ae the featured .
be vas the first Nitro
Leacue Mahler speaker for the
T be hired .
to by Caraea.Plrle.
Paryear of Hew. Tort City Scott. lac. oaeaf *.e. Teckaolocy lecture QUANTITY liGHTS IISUVIO

director of a aatloa the cU,' largest ".,.. leCray be- series at the Patrick SPECIALS GOOD THRU SUNDAY AT EDGEWOOD AND AVENUE B
tld ,al.., search far Air Force Sass Theater
stores, At
departaeat coos the Ural Negro
akllled aad profeealoaal that ties be help la- clerical worker at Hatloaal tdely reeocalaed for
his work la aeeleirpkelca. SUGAR CURED
Nitro worhora. hr.ardirects Nest a auecetafal late Matlllere, after FRESH
Dr) Oppeahetoerte
acttfltlea of
70Laacoe .ratoa precrui la eaploy.eet. placeoeat by the Orbaa '
job* flsdlts LeafM.ae reteatly coopleted .
breeches across the A active of Nartferd.Coaa her high school studs for AdvaaeedStaey i PORK

country. Of these, 1haveal stoic recently dueetloa la Claclaaetr a rlaeetoa, New
Jersey, a peat he has
ready bees Talent
""H' brief atlat aaapeclal Alt Wacetlea rrocra
held urea 1147
tad Allle 1M'
prvcraoeto aaaletaat to the
fled U. S. Curt Aa eetlaated 1000 sNr*
Negroes wortlecat ehalroaa of the 0. S.
lets teas their Mai- lisle aad aclaeera are
HoMe of MpreeeatatlfeeEducetloa .
Lift Rules eipeeted to hear his ROAST
eat skill or the are end Labor CMaltt -

aawtloyed. aad placlai ..."p. Alas Clajtoe ,xn OUXAts...(al)... talk *oa." "NoelearScleac SMALL :

the* la top jobe. Powell, .
AU, Majaala L with SIZES
has petltleaed the C. S.
District Ccart to lifta GJC Registration 25 *

elate prlaoa rouge LB.
Starts At St Pete
WHEN YOURS such has severely ear ,
k.l1tn tailed aall tax tanateooa
CRIES... death row la Aacelaprlaua. ST. 'IT .II!:ao.

BUJW m rrtawj warn sT-mn cur tnca New etadeate latereitella
._ ..ire ....... e_ ..... .... M earelllac far Sihbs
_-LrM.e.--... .. ......... W.a...n.7j!.nr.7.C. ......... ne reatrlctloa waa 1.-
-- ,- -- .w'ewe. JCa eeoad sister VEGETOLE
....-.. .. .... "..... ... .. ---- P.... hat Jaaaary eheaprlaoa ROYAL
'-- r= -....-- do a* Jaa. fT.., Ih.ha. .
--- ::':1...... ..... rs...,:... ..."-..... OUI.hit clapped .,
== =- .::-..... .:: .... ----"-=.= Bd arla at. 41yearaldnn Rarria. regular,

-- w ='a ......1 ......" .....-. .... froa orrpoa4lM rawvaced.Petsniag.

::--==--- w 4-I ::=.::c.-I ...., :: with a S..dlah ......st.. atadeata areschedsled SHORTENING

a.::::- .Mr c.i tr.J r.-! =;1a :-. .,.. Selveli JTaiaaeaea.M. to recleterrekraay
Maad laaae
af MacaJMlo.ra. RICE

.acaccaa.. .J kaaa.oaj ham b.weitaaaclic will beets p5 1
letters withtaeat 1155 Nirrle alee aa*
tweeted tlataeeitaleateeirelllic
far three years
cod the his UwcaH offbaaaer fro ooaatleapartlelpatlac

heedllaea std la the 3 LB. : <

curs edltlaaa threack* pebllo jialer Ha hat 49 OLB 19

e.t ledea.Shertly. wets are poraltted .. CAN

"Phf", .*., With A Style"I'll" after thorallac. pay a redaeed recletra- PKQ

pria.. oevlaye* lies eeaMterfrereclatratlea fee of ITO per Hilt t .IU SS.II ir .,U Ail ulir .III fl.1ii .Sri ir Bin ,Nil IrUr

said laterraelil oar* _. ._ .
-- -- -- --------------- -- ---
napiaaeate *a. set per sea
aee be eeodaatad by sail
altted U. S. GOOD Rll STEAK u. *5t





One Stop Shopping For All flKW1 FIDO DOG FOOD (II 5C

Your Photographic Needs PN( 1111 AR60 GREEN PEAS 2 in (inu Z4t



l JU luciiit, MN. .

-; (Ipii Suliys. I; 1"1'111..111' 2- Ifffl Ti PILLSBURY, FLOUR ,.' S ii ru 4'

rilll JSI-J2I2 1471 Ikes till

Lj-- -I-- -wL.-r------- -A ._uu .
-- '

I I( (- ,\ fLlllll nll,1Pf1l. 4 ,,,5 1 IF ,tAh A ,11lii;; '


-. -

Receive Congratulations Board Members Meet In 57th Annual Session

Top Pros CompeteIn

Golf TournamentBy


y Three touring professionals who have won the

North-South Golf Tournucnt twice each will compete
i N +aS. Y
Feb. 17-21 In the 12th annual renewal of the Y
Mini event. .......................

Pete Brown, winner In
Althea Gibson has turned
1960 and '61, and Lee _
and enter that
pro lay
GRADUATES- Cr. Walter A. Mercer, professor of education Elder, victor In 1993 division. ::
and '64, along with veteran
and director of internship teaching at Brown fresh from his .
Teddy! Rhodes of St.
Florid. MM University, congratulates two inhere win In the POA Waco ,
and 58 tit-
of the Unl ural t,' a aid-year graduating class (Texas) Open, is the
will shoot for
Doris and Delores Jacobs, twin daughters of Mr. pre-tourney favorite.
top honors In the 72-
and Mrs. Leroy Jacobs, of Route 1, Box 51. Ocala. Last year he grossed z'W
hole match play touraasent
The twins were graduated recently at the end of ore than $21,000 la
Miami springs.
the tint trimester of the 1964-65 academic year. earnings.
and Elder are from
Both were majors In elcaentary education. Brown The tournament Is sponsored 4
Los Angeles. -
by the _
Expected to play Is a
City of Miami and the
Dada County Schools Hosting tries r.corc1aulb.r Including of five en North-South Golf: Tourna-

sent. Inc.Charge.
former winners In the

8,000 Delegation Principals pro d1YSal n-Zek. Harts
field sac Woodson, Grants To

School principals fro. across the nation zeroed in Charlie Elf ford, cliff Bypass Integration ..
and Willie
on educational problems here in a five-day Beet, Harrington
studded with outstanding speakers. BI'O wn. NEW ou'EAJfSNPI( )..Th.

........................ An earlier report Incorrectly Louisiana Conference of
Hal Black, principal of
erty." announced the the American! Associationof
Mini senior School
Featured during the Important dates as Feb. 24-28 according ,Professors,
Is convention
meet will be to Dr.I.P.Deris, meeting here recently
Addressing opening day messages by James Bryant tournament executive adopted resolutions opposing
sessions of the National
Conant, widely know au director. grants-in-aid to EMTOTIVT BOARD Shown In the above picture
are membera of
Association of Secondary the Executive Board taken at the 57th
thor president of Harvard Some we11-known amateurs white students to enable
School Principals' 49th iTl- Coa1'Oc'Uoa of the (Lurch of and ta Christ ,"." T"D- Seated left to rt ht:Blotep
University and expected are defending them to escape attending chairman; Bishop O. .
convention Saturday, Jones, Senior Bishop; Bishop J.o. Patterson Oeoeral See. Standing -
January 16. will be Henry former U.S. High commissioner champion Joe Integrated schools The left to right Bishops John White, w.0. shlpman. &B. Bennett. 8.M. Crouch, 0.... Kelly ILL
Cabot Lodge, terser U.S. for Germany Louie Jackie Robinson body, composed of all Lyle, Wyoming' .Wells C.H. Brewer and LolL Ford
Dr. count will remainin white professors from
Jim bells
Ambassador to Viet Nan Brown Maury
Miami for three days the area, hId that tilt
and senator J. Ill Has Calvin Tanner 1982ctitoplonandjaiea
of consultation with educators Hollo- money used for grants Beach's Winter..Season Program
Pulbright chairman of
the Senate CoaaltteeonForeign of the Dads County way, 1963 VInner.Headlining was being diverted from Goose Nets 50 But
Relations.New School System. the women's areas there It was lost Covers Sports Plus Entertainment ,

A Magazine Showcaae"waa division will be Myrtle needed

Adam York's Clayton Representative Powell highlighted In Miami Hudglns 1964'' chaipion A like comment on the HANI BEACH-This subtropical resort has turned Breaks Leg In Game

will wind up the convention Beach Saturday from Rlverdale, N.T. grant-ta-aid program- the page on mother Orange Bowl festlbal to begina
vilzabeth bright N.Y. appeared in the states new winter aeason filled with sports aDd entertainment -
Wednesday January
item, local daily, over covering every phase of a South HOUSTON' Aging basketball clowa Goose
end Myrtle Melver, Dayton Florida Tatum.
'Role 20 of unreeling Education the in PATRONIZE OURADYEITISiIS' Ohio. tilt signature of J.I holiday. *.n.................. world reknown. for his hilarious antics with the
the war Agalnst'pov Former amateur champion The coming weeks and opera guild will presentOtello' Globetrotters, was in a hospital here fumday, recovering
Booths offer horse racing fro. a fractured leg that came as a result
greyhound racingand McCracken la'with the feature James of a fall. .........................

Jai alai; .,.pbOD, role,snd such supportingstars The crowd at the Coliseum X-rays showed a broken
Tune WAME Home Of The World'sChampion concerts, opera sod m as Phyllis Curtis thought It was all bone la the right leg.

choice of night club eitravagaaias Gabriel Bacojuisr. Thomas part of the act. At Tutus, who bad scored

; IISI-game Hayward Louis Sgsrro. least everyone did but 50 points In the gene

Disc Jockey fishing, golf and of Robert Schmorr and William '000..' His ,Harlem drew many a chuckle from

course swlamlag aid B ck. In the auditorium Road Kings were 1m the the fanassho. lay .rS tJI-

sunning along tilt white Jan. il will be a process of beating the lag la palm on the gym
wr sand beaches with their folk music concert.Ii Mew York Olympians when floor. No one but the

pain February three Ooose eme down oa his oomedy-produelag Titus

Sunday Jan 17 tilt symphonies are scheduled leg end it twisted lito kae that this was one

Umivareity of Miami in the auditorium, along even tnoomfortable of few Uses that fee,

I Symphony orchestra will with two variety shows, sition.Me was sect MS.WIGLET .
be heard 1m the Miami another light of open was taken to It.

Beach auditorium la collegiate basketball Joseph's Hospital wfcere
another of Its
Y winter
the Jackie Qleasoa shoe
concert series.
Quest sad
originations weekly
N a star will be AleiamderBrallowsky the weekly boxing andwreetllag HAIR STYLES

pianist __M .... Uta* MMM r ..Mr
Oa Jaa. 27 the local program ... ft*.* CMrwl.. ..
s -non paecubc.rM..ee.eMlWuwen
m M M -... lMM.
Mkky lee --. .. ....

Holder of World's Police Reports I ceMmawenims.Wb.M IASY wo art ..

Broadcasting Record AnACM asirvulncuue

Fred HIIII 226Continuous Hours Rockii Rogers FATHER CHARGED 11111rnt. bullet striking .-,.., co.n ..,.aM
old Cleo Edgertom who "
.r'Call 1m' ,
DttUNO was staadlig beside Jet ebe1o'm

FAMILY ARGUMENT orrle im the head. euao"b'.

A father was arrested The thud ... naked wad 0-... I o Tr-st5a
htesAw.. er.a.es r
p e.b
and charged with first- Cloverleaf Hospital

degree marder is the where he was proioomced ..... .PMNADOaHr K

I -" fatal ahootlag of all seed oa arrival reports

j I young aoadunag a familyargumeat cornel aded.

last khrd.,. IU.I CDA., EXMOUTE9IX .
police reported.Reports .
stated that

Bob Terry Calvla Venom Edgertoa. investigation late emceue eieuv te.teteeui.metis

From 3:00: to e: 30 Jr.,n, of 20610 NW 34U the Jam. 1 fatal shoot Mua lieu m.ie
Ave. arrived homo at lag of I local mam by a sou -.& ... ee...... Sam..g. .
F rom WAMR Downtown Brother Ray police officer riled. ..... .......... .. .mmaw. .
OaIOOIO Studio round D p.m. ea' begamrgetsg was "IN

with his wife Justifiable Homicidefollowiigiiearlig .,;, ::e.wrr.: .-:.:=::: l7201NETRCSCSIem
liaise, S', ai. eight Moadbefore '" mmiis =- on -' "I w. ...

SEE AND HEAR THESE .a1141.One sos, Morris James Sylvester Pease Adair Jeetlce oC Alec Aar q.a-Ma r

Suds II, was la alt District 4.Ttetliemy.
bedroom Breaslig a pair deriig tie
of troaeert sad _hUlll keariig disclesed that

and Edgertom desmo to Officerergo llbeos

how why tie yosth warn was attemptlig to defend
RADIO STARS eklstllig Ai irgameitii his owm life omrlig the

said to have eaaeedbeteeea licldemt at 14721rlsoi IU-

the fatter tie it Rickioicelgmtm

telL when tie akJsgt,
While the family was hubert Uo Call of I$7t9

crowded li the hallway Poll St. m killed, reports -

WAME1260 llstealag to the egsseat stated. _
the fitter was -

heard to may test ke WAS UTS IAITEITil

golig to shoot Metric

MIAMI was tie said Ears Cad
to lave 100 into a room

'. At 11 : q / there hs licked ai ill Stftfef INriHUA WMBMSpolltl'l
: Hear "Hot line'1 Nightly p.ni.v:
'.,( ,illtar rine. lo them
returnee to the bedroom Proiiicl Of The Week

With e "Art Green '* i doer fired see aketthroegi S1AI

the doer. tie Miami FloridaI

M .. ._ .. j._. 1.. J. J _...- _.. _. ._-V .. ._' 0 _.. -

l ,- ,

SATURDAY JHHIAtT II, 1SS5 I Fllllli SUI PAPCIS ', ','._l lL1 r\'

Jibes Firmer Africa loud; Attended Quadrennial Session 14 On 'Who's Who Peace Corps' Team Schedules \

Net To Apologize For ..liasNEW At :FayetlvilleFArrmviLLc.. N. c. -... Visit To Fla. A&M CampusTALLAHASPKE

TOW-(NPI)-Jmses Farmer, national director, Fourteen PayettevllleState :-A Peace Corp. team from Waahlngton,
congress of Racial EqualIty.aaidhe not apolo- College students D.C., .111 visit Florida AAM University, January
tine tor America's racial problems during tour are lilted II tbe 1964-63 17-23. according to an announcement by the Rev, C.
of Blot African countries. *.................... I edition of Ibo' 'ihoAnong C. Cunnimhaw. director of placement.
Farmer,who held students in Amerl- ......u...........,........
ft press policy In Africa. Peace Corps staff member
can Universities and stirs must be completed
conference prior to his Farmer said he could ai *. Including returned
departure, said his mis- .ake n 't."or contribu Colleges volunteers will be on before taking the above
Senior students In the teat. Those thinkingof
sloe was not as anti-
tion" by
pointing out hand to explain the purpoeeprograas -
: group Include Joyce clemnona. applying Mould inmediately -
or as so apoloilst. recent civil rights gainsIn and future
lllnington. N.C. ; fill out a
the United states and plans of the Peace Corps
'It Is foolish to hid. o Joyce 81 It II,Asbury Park questionnaire and submit -
Informing Africans that and to accept applications
N.J. and CorneliusSqualls. it to one of the
the fact that hareproblem white Anerleana have from interested
Payettevllle Pesos Corps team members.
here."he said joint! In the struggle. juniors, seniors and .
They know it. but lo He said he plans to N.C graduate students.A Questionnaires arcavailable
Junior students honored at moat poet
many cases the picture offer the new nations a Peace Corps Information
office and also be
IM were Ernestine Charts may
Is not entirely ac kind of Peace Corpa sera Center will beset
Hope Mills N.C. ; Louretha obtained in advance from
curate. rice which would involve up at a central siteon
Coats, Faystte- the II.1M Inl1l".
Parser said that "whatthey
trained Negro Aserleaa campus and manned by
nay. not know Is that sped all ats. vllle, N.C. ; Carolyn the peace Cores team Hampton Alumnus
a large number of Aseri- BRHCNS-COOUAN College's representatives to the ttgth Quadrennial seaalon of Council Payettevllle, throughout the YI.U.NOD.CO.p.tltl. .
cans, whits and black Job the Methodist Student Movement held recently at the University of Nebraska, N.C. ; Allen Elliott .. aptitude Named To Forest
are trying to solve these Lincoln "Neb., were fron left: Reginald Moore, sophomore son of B-OC president Dunn N.C.I I and Joyce teata will be given 'ASHINaroN'I
roble... The Dr. and Richard V. Moore, Daytona Beach Miss Bothwell Paul con. Kltfrell, N.C.
p bluest Mrs. ; Margaret Ashvllle. several ties daily to Janes T. illlama has
contribution I can make Ala.also a aopboa-ore; Rev. Rogers P. Pair, B-cc chaplain and Miss Also Joetta Coddle, applicants.Peace been named assistant to
Is not to minimize these HIQt1I( (KPIBill Sarah trlght-aenlor daughter of Mr a. Lula Bryant of St. Petersburg Borne All tr."S 110.N.C.; George Corps question the chief of recruitment:
evils." board urging fair employment 1.000 Methodist youths fron around the world attended the ....10D.wUb Florida Lantford, Potecesl.N.C.; and CJl.11 ncuoIII branch
Farmer Is Tlsltlnt Tan- practices, are being ropreaented by 390 students. (A.Paul Crawford Photo) Mary Ray, Raleigh N.C. Ten Educators of the U..S Departmentof
s an la. Rhodesia. Ethiopia being displayed along Sherry Spencer. Payetteville Agriculture's ForestService.

. ,Nigeria, Congo-L.o, ajor Virginia hlah-".. Mixed Couple Glfebs J. College Professor Gets llklns, N.C.Fayetteville. ; Judith Get Summer .
Ohsns.Zambia and Uganda. The advertising car The Forest Service has
He said he will ...t paiga Is the work of tae N. C ; and Clyde ffooten Fellowships a staff of nearly 32.000
Wait To Kill Annual! Payettevllle, N.C
with the heads of state Virginia CboncllonHuaanHalations. Fraternity to promote the conservation
In those countries and cod Is the Marriage Laws Ten sucker felloeshlps and beat ass of
In larael. first extensive effortto IA3UNOTOH. D.C.-The Phi Bets Sigma Fraternity, Realtor AppointedTo In chemistry for Negro the country's forests,

According to Parser, promote fair employ- RICHMOND Vs.-(NPI)- lac., selected a Gabbs Junior College: faculft member educators will be losugurated and to adminlater 154
the purpose of his trip sent on a state wide An Interracial couple for one of Its annual aearda recently.Latas Birmingham by western Michigan national forests
Is to seek a closer basis has filed suit ssklag U gd erda. head Board University starting Utltsms formerly served -
11 si son between the The signs which say the State of Vlrgiaia of the athematlcs department nfflllstsd with the Planning on June 21 continuing, as adrniuistruttveassistant
civil lights movement In "Be Color Blind..Hire to explain Its laws at Olbbs JC., frstentity for 23 ,tlr.H' .. through' August II. to the chief
this country and the new The Best Mao." have el- which prohibit carriage RU Petersburg, pla,, Is is currently serving BIRMlNdtAM.Ale t.-(NP1))- Financed by a grant of staff VA festslde
African nations. Bis allIs readr prompted inojiirlea between persons of different tie recipient ef the as president of At.Petersburg's ilbur H. Holllne bee from the fades p. lettering Hospital Chicago, and
to tell Africans what true businessmen seeking races. ? fraterltty'p,1oitA.rfHegioa Delta Outs become the first Negro Foundation, participant held n similar position

Is happening in Africa .Negro ..ploywt.Mary Richard Perry'Lovlsg, 'A..r4fo' *BestOsdergraduat eron Blgma graduate mbar of any official a will be chosen at the VA Hospital inTuakegee
so that It can have is- U Carat all. acting n white sac, and his Chapter chapter strain than city board. fron chemistry teachers for a lumber
.. A graduate of Shaw UnlveraityandUie Hollins, 55, has been, in predominantly Negro .. .
pact on U. ti. foreign director of the Negro wife. filed the Bponaor. .ra.A
council, said the cam- suit In local U.S. Dletrict Announces ent etEd.arddt.lectios University selected to serve out colleges Selection of graduate of Hampton
It tray lair of Pennsylvania he an uneipired tern on the the felloeahip winners institute
cum paS III was launched after Court. for the sward Mr. Illllaeais
ma, J. .,...4C'e Llquld n stellar drive in Houston The Lovlsgs, now residents was side here In taah- also studied at Washington powerful U-neaber city will be nade by n committee serried to the former
showed good revel t. of the District lagtom durtag the recent and Jsffsrsos College planning commission of doctors and Geraldine Finn of Lynch-
Ell IEIRA of Columbia have asked aanual eonclavt which and the University which determines the members cs* the lectern bura,v.. Ther daughter ,
Roland Carter n thr..-Jmdg. federal attracted Blgmss fro. of Vsshlngton via U,' city's development pro. Michigan University Karen 1s a student atHampton.
chemistry deport ent.
court to outlaw Virginia throughout the solos granta. .

fill corer crv hair la 10 Is Piano Soloist e 11 laws agalaat In announciag the award. ,
Interracial marital re Dr. Von D. Mi I NiTtlWl
to :20 elaatee.Mo pack, !No In NY Concert 1.11. National
.....AII1oe' ca pet It seat lations.las Director of Ondtrgraduate I
Lorlegs.enuarrid Affairs TISSUE 3 tills 25
110... HATTON INfITU va.-- '
In the District In 1IM, acid
SILL nor 'TOW RAIRWCDIW Roland Carter eho received cat selected I
a bachelor of but were tried end convicted on the basis of S /

It till sot reeeff. It science degree In cello In Virginia. They his outstanding contribution NOKOEUM int lilt

.,. ee eeveral ..U.. education In June 1IMfron were sentenced to one to the fret entity 39
gMpoela e.. balkta. ....to. Isatitste, year In jail each, but. as sponsor of the three- RICE ,) in.

s.. ,.,....., ....... ran featured as the the Btesces were sueBeaded year-old Osama Ten Undergraduate QUANTITY SPECIALS GOOD ""
cerllag er otr.ldte.lsgIra piano soloist tor a coscert on condition they chapter i RIGHTS RESERVED THROUGH SATURDAY
+eth.g Uaeelteff. by'tie VaahingtoaBauer leave Virginia for IIean. Men Is located In .". I

Tee gala serer ear gray Chorus and Orchestra I Petersburg. No also nokeowl QUI 1. SHkKI SHCIAU
hair ao setter a*. ..tellor of Hew York Dalveralty edged the fact that
bore hoe CMeed.eUre t1 ALI of Nee Tort City New Science this marhed the second

MM.tiNrntL. reewatly.Currently.. InstilHte' Offered time n Otbbs JC person HERSHEY'S
rat Carter !_ had been basted by the COFFEE

TOWN II' studying for a nesters IALflllJlI.IID..A... fraterelb.
gas nor iRTcirtki' tn degree InMsle education slfweea serer institute Two years ago OtbbsPreeldent

PtnMMSt tavlagCucnew at MTU. Last ....r. he In Biology sndmsthemsti Dr. Joan t.Rwbert .
: See ae retted was a member of the staff s for elementary reeelved s nstlossl SUGAR
ea label, Colon; BlMk. of ..*uer Msal leetl- school supervisors, "Mam of the
Dark grow. M4tsm Broom. lute at ...,t.. ...tl- tselpals and key Tear" aeard from the<
Price per bee. St.** plea tile Mile sttendlagHaaptoa. testers will be offered fraternity.ftdeardm t
,..,.1 TM be eas the assistant for the first time this helped to eetetilma II.Cll 69
director ef the year at Morgam State the It. Petersburg -
DIXIE PHARMACY Chapel Choir of the College matter s 1)3.is maeergraduste cnmpter ,; 5 'OU tl39c
and was Its sposao
Haegiton laetltste ..*- grant free the National
.IX lieS K Is. f1L ort a1 Charts. Science ,,*-4.1.*. tor three ,..rOr. *.
Blgell paid utMN
will be awarded a aelt LIMIT ONI
11WnIra POUWN slag
able please muring U' WITH $5.00 OR MORE
April Cottier fteglome; WITtt II" POOl eaerrnY1Iabla
Meeting ealea will b.

.- hold In Jackeoa Miss.
_" : "." 1',"'_: ,..e regie has n u.erirsdestt .
:j s. cbsptere I.

five ..tata.n. .
hoseree bee seem

Cortez Peters, Jr J I1. en

Some people Assines Filler's liilt I lit $J.M if ..n .till irlir

Easiness Role

stick label i 'AIWIIICTW-*-O>rtei Juki tae Zulu SiilIACOH

a pi I. 'et.,.. Jr., ms. TIDE I 29 i u.3Selit.
taken ever as ,ree4 m t

diet cola. of tte em el a of ........ MHIa M
their sctemls wale s.ers tk.
note ef his Iste fetter

The sew ireeidemt heeem nisi fin
> director .f tktssmlngto .
brsscm of !

\\ Comes Osl I eg*Peter far 11 years listless sod PICNICS seal SUI 25

Us ,_..,.t that tn*<*> II.
flU 23 years.
stake ourname 0.'ef the writs fast
set tfsi... Peters Jrh ,

on ours. toots.ss wmlnUtypUg.*. wo* the all.... Armour Star Beef Sale

Per eigfct years, be etp ..
,lm, ekseplespeter ..fveaiails.

,..'., 4.. *,Br... died ** Des Round or Sirloin Steak .u.89c

UI'S baler Sbr pest 11... star sled

sloe sue lifilrlif icriu STEAK II59c ROAST I u. 45 c

if iir lie!

re-I ..,.,., frit Crm
._ ..llt 'Is tar

lath! Hsbtss I

14$ flHJH in. II.

>mw.iiiir ."i'iiii ''H'i immmjMr
mm ..

; .r (' ';),J'tI"t u: l,:,1 ddtlt t",1bi PHltt VfWt W JJ >...lL B LaaH IJI

,MCE ,. '\ fiiiiii STU PlPEIS': ,.J.19AT' )JAN !Ay J1jss' "( waH H

.i" .

i4 '

Receive Congratulations Board Members Meet In 57th Annual Session

Top Pros CompeteIn

Golf Tournament


Three touring professionals who have won the a

North-South Golf Tournament twice each will com

pete Feb 17-21 in the 12th annual renewal of the
Miami event. .......................

n Pete Brown, winner In iw ,
Althea Gibson has tuned t 1 l a"P
1960 and '91, and Lit
pro and may eater that
CRADOATES-Or. Walter A. Mercer, professor of education Elder, victor in 1983 division.
and "X84. along with vet
and director of Internship teaching at Brown, fresh from his
Teddy Rhodes of St.
Florida AtM University, congratulates two umbers win in the PDA Waco(
Louis 1955 and '58 tit-
of the University's' midyear graduating class (Texas) Open, Is the
list will shoot for
Doris and Delores Jacobs, twin daughters of Mr. pre-tourney favorite.
honors in the 12-
and Mrs. Leroy Jacobs, of Rout 1, Box: 57, Ocaa. Last year be grossedmore z '
hole match play tournament 1
Die twins were graduated recently at the end of than $21,000 la' .
.. Id
at Miami sprin, e
the first trimester of the 1M4-69 acadenic year. earnings.the .
and Elder from *
Brown are
Both: were Majors in elenentary education. tournament ia sponsored d
Los Angeles.
jointly by the
Expected to play la a
City of Miami and the __
Dade Schools record, number of entries :c_ ,'
County Hosting including five North-South Oolf( Tournament A a

former winners in the

8,000 Delegation Principals pro dhS.l n-Zeh Harts-
d d17IIguTIY12
field, sam !Woodson Grants To

School principals fro across the nation zeroed in Charlie Sifford cliff Bypass Integration

on educational problems here In a five-diyy meet, Harrington and Willie
studded with outstanding eeskere. Brown NEW ou.E.VfS--CNPI"Th.)

........................ An earlier report incorrectly Louisiana Conference of
Hal Black principal of
'11;)'." announced the the American Association
Hi ail senior High School
Featured during the !a- dates as Feb. 24-28, according of university Professors
ia convention chairman.
portant Meet will be to Dr.I.F.Davla, meeting here recently
Addressing opening day
messages by: James Bryant tournament executive adopted resolutions opposing -
sessions of the National
Conant, widely known au- director. granta-ln-ald to : BOARD .. Own la the above picture
Association of Secondary are members of the Kiecutlve Board" taken at the $7th
School Principals'' 49th thor president of Harvard Some well-known amateurs white students to enable annual Holy 1 Convocation of the Church of God in Christ Hompbia. Tenn. Seated left to rtghtBlshop:
university and expected are defending them to escape attending A.ft. Mcttie. chairman; Bishop O.T.
Jones Senior
convention Saturday, Bishop; Bishop J.o. Patterson, General sec. Stand
January 18, will be Henry former U.S. High Con* champion Joe Integrated schools. The log left to right Bishop John white, '. CL Shlpman, Co !. Bennett. tI.! ... Crouch die. Belly a.s.
Cabot Lodge, former U.S. almoner for Germany Louis, Jackie Robinson, body composed of all Lyle Wyoming Wells C.H. Brewer and UK. Pbrd.Beach's .
Dr. conant will remain white professors from
Jim ,wills
Ambassador to Viet Nan Brown Maury ,
In Miami for three daysof the area, held that the
Calvin Tanner
and senator J. Williamrulbright 1962
consultation with educators money used for grants Winter.Season Program
champion and Janes Hollo-
chairman ofthe
Senate Committee of the Dade County way, 1993 winner was being diverted from Goose Nets 50 But

Foreign Relations. School system. Headlining the women's areas where it was most Covers Sports Plus Entertainment ,
A "Magazine Showc..." needed.A .
division will be
New Adam York'a Clayton Representative Powell was highlighted in Miami 1994 champion like comment on the MIAMI BEACH 'This subtropical retort has turned Breaks Leg In Game

will wind up the conevetion Beach Saturday from Rlverdale, N.Y. grant-ln-ald program- the page oa another Orange Bow featlbal to begina
appeared In the states new winter season filled with sports and enter
Elizabeth: Wright, N.Y..
Wednesday, Jan
item, local dally, over taloamt covering every phase of a South HOUSTON Aging basketball don
and Myrtlce Hclver Dayton : Florida Goose Tatum.
nary'Role 20 of unreeling Education,the in PATRONIZE OUR Ohio. the signature of J.K .holiday.: ...................... world reknora for his hilarious utica with taw

the war Agalnst'pov-, ADVERTISERS Former" amateur champion Howard. The coming weeks and opera guild will presentVtello" Globetrott.rs, waa In a hospital here Rudy, recovering ,
months offer horse racing from a fractured leg that came aa a result -
greyhound racingand la'with the feature JamesMcCraekon of a, fall. .........................

jet alai; ayaphonyconcerta. role and such supporting 'The crowd at the Coll trays ahowed a broken
Tune WAME Home Of The World'sChampion opera and a stars aa Phyllis Curtis scum thought it waa all bone in the right leg.

choice of night club ..xtravagmxas Gabriel Bacojiler. Thomas part of the act. At Tatam. who had scored

; blggamofishing. Hayward Lewis Sgarro. least, everyone did bat SO points la the game,

Disc Jockey colt aid of Robert ftchmorr and William Goose'( His Harlem drew many a chuckle tro-

course swimming sad Beck. Ia the auditorium Road lings were In the the fansashe lay writAlag -

sunning, along the white Jaa. 31 will be a process of beatiag the la palm on the gym

and beaches with their folk'music concert New York Olympians when floor. No( one bat the

palms. Ia February throe Goose came down on his needy-producing Tat.m

Sunday Jan 17. thoOalvxrsity sympbonloa are scheduled leg and it twisted Into knew that this was ole

of Miami8yspbony la the auditorium, along a very uncomfortable pow of fe- times that.he

i ir orchestra will with two variety ahowa. .1 Uoa.H. war aerloos.
be heard la the Miami another Bight of opera was taken to St.

Beach auditorium la collegiate basketball Joseph'a" Hospital where
another of Its
tee Jackie Gleaaoa shoo
concert aerlea
GUilt originations weekly and
star will be Alexander the weekly boxing and WIGHT HAIR STYLES

i Brailowaky. pianist. wrestllag k-v.4 IMM MM m m_MMeb
prograa. L/M.t
Oa Jaa. 21
the local
hi-. '.MM .. NOeUII"c
-. .. .. __ .. ..
... 0w .wan M w l.... .
Nicky Lee Police Reports '---...M. -M..wd1.. ..---........ ... -

Holder of World'a i safe 10 In.A"04. ?
Broadcasting Record 1ISmJ1

Fred Hanna 229Continuous Hours Rotkii Rogers FATHER CHARGED WITH ballet atriklag 1-year corn wealauul AND
old den Edgertoa who nsau lmarlei tiJ.
BOft's DUne RING
was staadtag beside S4NI
1 '
Q .....
FMILY ARGUMENT Morris ia Ute head. Off.

A father waa arrested The child ... rvahedtoCloverleaf .s.....aO... r710 'Nair'-u sal
N ..H III.e Iq 4.1./M
7 and charged with first- Hospital

degree murder ia tat where fee wan proaouaceddeed ..,.. .'IfH ,,
fatal shooting of his oa arrival, reports ADO""" .amt

young BOBduring a family cornel aded.poucnui.

LJL-I 1 argument last '.tnd.,. EXMERATEDIX .
police reported
Reports stated that

Bob Terry Calvla Veraoa Idcntoa.Jr. Am lavestlgatioa lato IIMUS wilts K.H

From 3: 00 to e:3Q .,IS. of 20110 !NW )4taAte. the ,... I fatal aaoot 5111 taaMa.vairsts eieuf I....*

From WANK Downtown arrived borne at tat of a local man by a ... ....... ... ........ ....
onIO oze Studio Brother Ray anraad S ,... sad beganargulBg police officer we* raledJaatlftablc Me o..a, Itsm1IN sv ......... wen. a.......

with its elf hoaltlde .... .... =-= =-::..=:.=
110a... II. and eight following shearing Hoa4aj =wl =- rte /AI nail .era w
chlldroa. before Peace Jostles A1e5 Asa ..y.l-p/

SEE AND HEAR THESE Oae BOB, Morris James Sylvester Aisle of

I tad.. II, was ia ala District 4Teetlmesy.
bedroom preaalag a pairof darlag the
trmseraaadwatttlluam4 hearing disclosed that

Edgertoa denuded to Officer George Qlbsoaaa

how way" the yo.ta waawktstllag. attempt, to defeat

RADIO STARS Aa argaacatla his o-m life Sinai thelacldoat
aaid to have eaaeedbeteeoa at 14791 Har*

tie father and rlsoa It. Blchaeatelghta

lOa. whom the M'Jeet,

While the family was Robert .... Call of 1CTMpoU
crowded la. the hallway X was killed reports -

WAME 1260MIAMI listealag to the arg- stated.
seat. the father was

heard to aay that he .*. Ills WAITER
going te shoot Morris

Ein Cut
tdgertoa wu Uti said III

to hare mama late) a room

/ vioro fcc ticked aa all Jrtiif TNFIHIIA WMBM
'." Hear "Hot line" Nightly At 11 p.m.f i. llltary lint. I. UM

ret.,... to the bofroom Spolligkl t Predict 01 Tie Week

With o 'Art Green : (..r. tired oa* shot Sill

through the door, the Miami, Floridaf

' .. .... .. -



James Farmer Africa Bound; Attended Quadrennial Session 14 On 'Who's Who Peace Corps' Team Schedules' \

, Net To Apologize For ..BiasNCT At Fayettville Visit To Fla. AIM Campus

TORK-(NPI)-Janes Farmer, national director. fourteen Payettevllle TAl.LNHSSq-A Peace Corps team from Washington.

CongressofRaclal ECJlallt1.aidbtlOIl1d not apologize State College studentsare D.C., will visit Florida AIM University, January
I for Min ce's racial problems during a tour llstedinthi leu-as 11.23, according to an announcement by the Rev C.
of Din African countries. e...................srsr.er.who edition of Who's Who C. Cunningham, director of placenent.
Among Students in Aaerl .............. .......
held a press policy in Africa. 1 i ii 1
Peace Corps staff members r-i;:; b-
conference prior to hisdeparture Parser said he could ___ If can Vnlveraltlea and including returned .a completed
0>11" ". before taking the above
> said Us mla- lake a *%ajor con tri ballon" volunteers, will be on
Senior students in the tests Those thinkingof
sloe was not as an antis by pointing out hand to explain the pur-
grow Include Joyce Clrn- applying should In*
Uerlcan or as an apol
recent civil rights gains pose.programs and future
OflSt.It. sons. fllnlBgton N.C. ; edlately fill out a
in the United States and plus of the Peace Corps
'' is foolish Joyce all tb.A.burl Park, Questionnaire and submit
to hide
interning Africans that and to accept applications
It to of the
NJ. and CornelianSqualla. one
the fact that hare
we white
Anerlcana have froa Interested
Payettevllle, Peace Corps team ...-
probleas here"he said. Jolnct* in the struggle juniors, seniors and
N.! C. hers questionnaires are
They know it. but in He said he plans too graduate atudmta
Junior students honored available at most post
'say cases the pictureis fir the new nations a Peace Corps information
f were Ernestine Chsvls, office' and nay also be
not entirely accurate. kind of Peace corps service Center will beset
." Y Hope Mills N.C. ; Lou- obtained in advance from
which would is olvetraa.M up at a central siteon
retha bats Payette- the hey Cunnlnghaa.
FarM said that "what Negro Anericaa campus and Banned by
th", ,,,Dot know is thata special Uta. vllle, N.C. ; Carolyn the peace Corba team Hampton Alumnus
large number of Amerl BRHCNS-COOUUN Colleges repreaentatlven to the Ogth quadrennial Seaelon of Council, Fayetteville throughout the visit.Noncompetitive .
cans, white and black Job the Methodist Student Movement held recently at the University of ,Nebraska N.C. i Allen Elliott. aptitude Named To Forest
are trying to solve these Equality Lincoln. Nib, were froa left: l.eIDalcllbon. aophonore son of I-T presidentOr. Dunn, N.C. ; and Joyce teeta will be given 'ASH1"aTON'I(
p rob1l... The biggest 'AdvertisedRIOicVIDNPISill and Mrs Richard V. Moore Daytona Beach; Miss Margaret Bothwell, Ash- Paul con. Kit f rail, N.C. several times dally to Jamea T. Williams has
contribution I can make Yule Ala., also a aopboeiore; Rev. aOI.n'. Fair &-CC chaplain and Hits Also Joetta Coddle.Autreyville.N.C. applicant been named assistant to
is not to ainlalze these Sarah Srigit-snior..-the daughter of are. Luis Bryant of St. Petersburg. Rome ; George peace Corp question the chief of recrulUmtandojuallflcatloaa
.dl..', board urging fair em* 4,000 Methodist youths froa around the world attended the session.with florid Langford. rollcali.N.e. ; branch

rarser is visiting Tanzania orient practices, are being represented! by 290 students. (A.Paul Crawford Photo) Mary Ray, Raleigh. N.C. ; Tea Educators of the ll.S. Department

Rhodesia rthiopla.Nlgerla. being displayed along Sherry spencer, Payette of Agriculturea forest

Congo-Leo ..,or Virginia highways. Mixed Couple Gibbs J. College Professor Gets rule lllklna, N.Payettevllle.N.C C. ; Judith. Get Summer Service.
Gnua.Zambia and Uganda.He The sdvertlsing can The Porest Service baa
said he will meet paign is the work of the ; and Clyde looteD FellowshipsTen a staff of nearly 22.000
Wait To Kill Anneal Award Payettevllle, N., C.
with the heads of staten Virginia tbeoclloetsmsn to promote the conser
( those countries and Relations, aad in tilt Laws summer fellowshlpa ration and beat use of
in Israel. first .at tall WI effortto Marriage AailNOTOti ttC.-The Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Realtor Appointed In chemistry for Negro the coun',,' forests,
Inc., selected a Qlbbs Junior College faculty an- educators will be Inaugurated
According to raiser promote fair employ RICHMOND -(NP1) To and to administer lid
wide An Interracial ber for one of Its annual awards recently. Birmingham by Western Mich
the purpose of his trip ent on a state couple ..........._........_.. Its national foreeta.
is to seek a closer baais. has filed suit ssklng Laths L. rewards head n n n Board University startingon Williams formerly served
liaison between the The signs, which say the State of Virginia of tilt mathematics department affiliated with the Planning June 21 and continuing as administrativeaaaistaat
civil rights movement is "81 color Blind-Hire to explain its laws at al bill JC., fraternity for 23 year through August 13. to the chiefof
this country and the new The tat .Man." have a1ready which prohibit tarn age St. Petersburg, pi a., Is He is currently serving BIRMINdlAM,Ala.-(NPI)- Financed by a grant staff, YA westslde
African nations. His ala prompted Inojilriesfroa << between persons of dif* th* recipient *f tb.fratnt .. president of Kt.Petersburg's Wilbur H. Holllns has from the Charlea p. uttering Hospital Chicago, and
is to tell Africans what businessmen seeing Direst races.Richard .. tr.t.eoltller. Delta Oml becone the first Negro Foundation, par held a stellar position
Is happening in Africa .Negro employees, Perry'Lovlag, Region Award for "BeitOadtrgraduat cron Sigma graduate member of say official tlclpanta will be chosen' >> at the VA Hospital, In

so that it can bate 1.- Henry L. Caravatt. ac- a white .*.. aad his Chanter chapter.A BirslnghM city board. fro chemistry teachers Tuakegee, for a number
pact on C. S. foreign tlag director of the Negro wife, filed the Spoaaor.1Announcensnt .. graduate of Shaw University 59, has been in predoatnantly Negro of ,ura.
council said the can suit In local 11.& Diastrict of Kdwardtselectloa / and the University selected to serve out colleges, Selection of A graduate of Hampton
It mm .rij lair paign was launched after o>.rt. for th* sward of Pennsylvania he an umpired ten on the the fellowship winners Institute, Mr. Williams

'-. J, BrMoV L1U eleller drive in Hoeston The Lovlngs, now reel wan made hers In ..... also studied at flashing powerful 12-meaber city will be made by a toss Is married to the former
showed good results. dents of the District lagton during Ute recent ton and Jefferson Col planning cosmlaslon, .U'" of doctors sad Oeraldlae Plan of Lynch

Ell IEMIlill of Columbia have asked annual conclave which lege and the Universityof which deternlnes the.city's neabern of the Western burt,Va. flier daughter ,
Roland CarterIs a three*Judge federal attracted sigma from laahlngton via !NSPgrants. development pro Michigan University Karen, Is a student at
CIIUEI court to oatlae Vlr throughout the nation.In Ir... chealstry deprtaent. Hampton.Norturi .

Piano Soloist .' II laws sgalnat announcing award.
rill eoT.r gray hair la 10 ,
Interracial marital re* Dr.Von0.hull. Nations
to X elaatte.No pack. No
IB NY Concert
latlona. ) Director of On.
M.Aayoae CM pat It seat
hen IMffTON' irnUrz.Yi.! .. 'The Lovlngaweremarried dtrgraditt Affaire, TISSUE 3 lilts 25
la the District la 1I5S. said Edwards uses se.
tiu. NOT nun HAH Roland Carter who received
WDDIW a bachelor of but were tried end convicted holed oa the basis of

it will sot rib off It science degree in mvalaedueatl I. Virglala. Theyeere his oatstandlng contrl* MONOtliN IONS 11111 .
tare ea atrtral snath on in Juae 1U4 sentenced to oss button to the frateraltyas 39
M..poo1ssea b.thti. from Name-torn Institute. year in Jail each, bat sponsor of Us tII,... RICE .3 us.
the sentences were SUB* year-old 0.... Tu (Jadergraduate L1Ifrui--! --'
ear. pers.st eul"|. was featured as the QUANTITY SPICIAU GOOD
.ded condition this
cirltM or strtltMtalsgIrom piano soloist for .norBert p chapter RIGHTS RESERVED THROUGH SATURDAY
leave Virglala for It _Ida located ftt,
-m.Ulsg late. It If?. by the lashlngton IB la
y..,.. Petersburg.. Ms also ao-
Tea was sever say gray Spare Cfcores and orchestra data I SH.MI SMCIAU
kBowldgd tat fact that
ktir ao utter tow site of New York Cnl
bora er hey cM... Mjkoc versltjr of Mew Tort all New Science this marked th* seooad
.tare BJOUBwonmi recently.Currently.. Instilnte OlleredBALTBORE. time a Otbba JC pereoa HERSHEY'SSUGAR
had lit..o1O.d tkefrateralty.
Vf stsdylsi for I setters 'D.--A new .
DOW MT mmrcu tn degree heeds education .1.-.... aaaner lastl Two years ago. OlbbsPresldeat
P.ro.e.t eat lag at RTO. Last maser he lute 1m Biology sadaatheaatlcs Dr. Joka f.RMbert .
Ccnon: pee aa directed was a neater of lilt staff for el..... received a ...
ea Utol Otters: Black of Sunoer isle laatl tary school supervlaors, glom "1as of the
Dark hews MHlwa B-OT*. tale at Mas-ton Isstl* laclpala sad hey Tear*' sward from tk.

Price per boa U.Ie Mae tile Mile attending headers will be offered frateralty.rdearsa I
F4rt' Tat' Namptem. he war the asslstaat for the first time the helped to ee II A9
at Morgan State tabllah the It. Petersburg
director ef the year
DIXIE PHARMAOt Chisel Choir of the College under a .u.," Ha4ergra .amp toe Inetitate let) grant froa the Rational sad was Its apeseor
t* lip It It;. f1L rial Omrch. Science Powadatloa. for three ,..,a.
Or. Ml tell said ..ards
sill be ared a sait LIMIT ONI
twn rang NUN" dears
able plaque tfcriag th. WITH $5.00 OR MORI
April B0 UerB Reglomal ORDERwITN" $1 N 5001 05555
....111 eklcm will fe.

held la Jackets* Miss.
;.,y ; y.a. .M t"; r ...e ... I the resins her 23 ..*>r. "ItttkSHORTENING

...t .: graduate theists I.
five .t.t_.
fie basins baa bee

Cortez Peters, Jr I [" Cll

Some people Assines Father'sBusiness RoleiaUrnQlOsanvi halt 1 nit. JJ M ir wn (nl ir.irTIDE

label )*-Oe t. Stain' (IN iMlM user

stick a pn let 9. peters, jr.. he. 29 BACON 3.5*
taken cur a president ,II

flieirijietccria. of see dials et ..aI.... 1ft. ffsftl If IiI
*dMls *let! beers ts.
Base *f his late r.tiH,

The new treeltfent h*. mil PHI
>ea elre.tr *f IkefaaalsgUm

tenet peter..ra.BMBMOkllc .f. *

We far 12 year a*. PICNICS twfl Ski 25
her I.t at u... breaditor II.
23 y.*,..
stake ouriiame Oeef Ue wort* fet -.t.

tyH*t*. Peter Jr
has been Is 12 tyylag en*.
on ours. test Ml mom U. all Armour Star Beef Sale

PDr .tot year, ke sae
typist .,..,a.* .f

I: rI ,....n.". i4 mm CMa. Round or Sirloin Steak 11. 8ge&I.

"LlI'S ... Star C3K Irue Six Che'

I ,. ., alelspairltl II ll. 45

I r 1 1L If lif UK
mu .. "II l Ym

tttillSt ". '


L 145 flHIH 1VE. ('.

.... J h!

---- -- --- -- -- -
I n P / I ", ''' .{ 1 "
,I,' \ '. '. ", _. ,)\ ,_ .. ._, _, .:,.. ..,..-:, rr : ,','i rI ) \

fj =
\ ( ,


A Little Girl's Future Cong. Bennett PlansTo Rattlers Add New

'Jeen'Talk" '
Open Full-Time I

1 .Office In JaxJack.onll1. Trio To '65' Slate

Br r ROBIN A.. FORRESTOI: .- -- --
Hi Teens, By D. C. COUINOTON 43-20. at Batoa Rouge.
.. 'Have. you picked up on "The Dritters-Under TheBoardwaikf" Second Congressional TALLAHASSEE.-Three opponents The complete schedule

I guess you say that its old but, District of Florida will have been added follows: September II.
I don't mean the single copy, I'm speak in c of the have a full-tlae congressional ,to the Florida A&M University Allen University; Columbia
al tuII. Its newll..It's groovyll..It's somethingel office for Rattlers' 63 a. c. : September
eel I 11 I 2S Mouth Carolina State
the grid schedule released
first U",U. S. Rep.
The' group romps through such: favorites at "One Charles C. Bennett announced by Coach Jake Gait her. Tallahassee; October 3.
I -r-,1&7; Love," 'Vp On The' Roof," "On last Tuesday. The Kattlera' head Alabama AftM.Normal.Ala.;

I 1// rw Broadway" and theone which made the Bennett said that the coach and athletic director October 18.Morris Brown.'

'I ( group fllCtOu, There Goes My Baby I 11FanejMI I Second District office announced the addition Tallahassee; October 23.
I delight in this releuefor Tennessee State Naehvllle. -
of Allen
mould be open Monday University -
,(_- It spotlights the variety of talent through Friday at 228 of Columbia. S.C. .Tenn-S: November 6.AaT .

I_ _I contained In this welting croup Federal Building the South Carolina State College of North
Another delightful col1.cUonotR&B downtown poet office College of Orangeburc. Carolina Greensboro
numbers with plenty; of spark and aJul1tOBl bulldlnc. 8. C. and Alabama AIM N.c. ; November 13. south-

11 by the Blpre.... Hours for the officeare College of Normal. Ala. era University, Tellebaeeee -
"When Toe Love Light Starts Siloing Through Hit ; November 20,
9 a. m. to 9 p.m. and to the 63 elate."Ale .
Eyes," "where Did Our Lore Oo," and the one and \ the tti.- ; will give ua the Bethune-Cookman. Tallahassee
only "Cone' See About Me" are some of their 'fatf phone BUB- five gases required for ; November 27.
hits.The has .,potential than la 1 Texas Southern University *
group displayed Jr.w.g:2
... ber la 354- usto, be eligible f or
in this al tKIa. A new release which: Is just being :t .. \ TH, Fa- the Southern Intercollegiate Jackaonvllle; andDecember
put out will Boon be amiable to you called "'lbe mooCH she was bora with the severe birth defects an open spine and water on teas loa| Athletic Conference 4.: Orange Bios

Supreme! In Lirerpool." the brain, the outlook for'Joan. 6. offers some hope. But even at best. and 380. championship," so* classic IU.... Fla

Here la some data on the Supreaes: The' Supreme for a long, lone time .. walatto-heel braces and a body corset must be a part Bennett reported Coach Gal tiler.

began their croup when they were In their early of her life. At the March of Dimes Birth Defects Center in children Hospitalof said his Allen South Carolina Watch This Clowlt)

teens. Known aa a sister group to a group of boys the District of Columbia, Joan la prepared for medical checkup by nurse lone -timeeiecutlv State, and Alabama AtM: 21
called"The Pri..." ,they were called "The Primeettes. Mary A. Jackson More than 250,000 infants are torn in 0.8.. every year with e BENNETT are all members of the 1134.-

." They've released two albull'. 'nI. croup serious birth defects. The March of Dimes fights birth defects through research secretary Mrs. AudreyStrlncfellow.of SIAC. Other sue league 15 354 12 .
likes the Beatles and enjoys receiving fan ...11.'nIe and patient care. R. Jack gases on the Rattlers'

Supreaes describe themselves Individually u: .. would be laServices '85 schedule are Morris 1 5

Florence, the co.lcal one; Diana, the Boat talkative Scouts Slate Downsoavllle. the office. Brown of Atlanta Ga. I 7
; and Mary, the most poised. They all enjoy Crack :: :: .. who and Bethune-Oooksu: College

plain tailored clothes. Diana leads most of the Banquet ; Maness baa been with me in my of Daytona Beach 3 S
IOn,.. They have Just returned from London, England
office Central State,
Is Main Speaker Congressional Benedict 1
where they; are the No. 1 group. (Jut u they On DiscriminationWAGHINOTOM since I came to congress and Lincoln Universitywere 52 25 *

are here. ) la LISP," Bennett aald."will dropped from the 307 -51-135
Say Teens I'd like you to meet our personality be my representative '84 schedule.
ypt, the'week: ;' the personable Robert Hayed Winner against Negroes in my office la the Non-conference op* Sometime He'. up
still exists in the U.S. Armed Services on m large Sometimes H.' Down
and record bolder of the. 100-yard dash, Rob.rtb4 dlatrlct.Persons having ponents oa the PAID
captured the heart of 7OIII..ter.Bob' scale, according to. special committee reportlnc He adds, subtracts
) every to President Johnson. ....""."........".. business with the Con schedule are Teaneeaee worts it all around
Hayes has played his last college football He
call her Naahvllle AAT
cress may on State of ;
.ca>l e&tKld ,is*;'no* abo.it to play p '-football with The committee suggested Yoong, said 3t- mat .. .. during. the office hours. College of Greensboro DOMING' ATTTcrTIOK' :
They: militarycommanders
the Dallas Cowboys Alter the Olympic record, that 'Immediate and if
also said he
Bennett K.c. Soatll.rn University
of overseas
Bob announced that he going to continue to neceaaary, drastic actl 15 54 12Man's
was pleaaed to have the La. and
bases seldom use their was of Baton Rouge, ;
fastest n" be taken to end
strive to be the world's human. authority to take action continued services of Texas 8>utb.ra University ......................
''I'm going to atop running only when I atop 1m* such discrimination, against dlacrlmlnatloa Mrs. Vera Bishop of of Houston.

proving, and I've been Improving every year" Boy Scouts of America, especially in overseas la orr-bass housing and Jackaonvllle who will The Rattlers had a '-I Days
:'if you will remember, Bob Hayes scored the first The Cherokee Division of service.The recreational facilities also work la the district record last season. Thelone Are Numbered
and only touchdown for the South In the Senior the North Florida Council report was coup lied
report said that office. loss case from Haa'a
The Days are Num
Bowl flame list Saturday congratulations are extended will have its annual by the prel1d.nt' committee
the 1,800 Negro officers Southern University and
bered".Health 'Pore
to yon everywhere. Bob! This column proudlysalutes"yonl banquet 7230: p. .. Jan. on Equal Opportunity -
and e9,000Nelro enlisted tune Can Be Tours ibcn
in the .
Armed Forces
11 21 at Darnell Cookaan ;
(bsh.tlmels gradually escaping check with this Junior High School. Members of the coralttee men serving oversees of Pro Trio Gives You Know Your Lucky
column next week and learn all about the "Discotheque" fllllam H. Winces former are Abe. Fort as. Gerhard live under a pattern Days Lucky Colors Rtc.
loolt.KEEPAMERICA. Circuit Court Judgewillbe A. resell, chairman; segregation la off-base Send $2.00 tor your
Louis J. Hector Ben restaurants, dance balls Horoscope Guide for
the main speaker and and other placesofre* All-Star Tilt
Dr. Jean C. Downing will Jamln Muse,John H. Seng- JANUARY
BEAUTIFUL, preside. stacks and fhlteney M. creation. BY COUII J. :VtCHOLSOlCRAMBUNaLa. the biggest man ia foot Fill in the blank fcelo
"Some leas desirable sod mail to ZODIAC, Poet
f ball and a five-year
( Special .
bara and dance hallswill Office Box im.Jacteoa-
Three former .rambling( veteran.
serve only white vllle 1. Florida
.', J: enlisted men; others College stare will give Ladd has incredible NAHKsTunr-...................
the American. Football agility rand speed for
serve only Negroes. The
local proprietors are League All-Star Oaae a his sine and rears of -******' .....-.... ,

,,r ..,, .. mainly led to follow a distinctive Louialaaa copy baa been written
.. pattern of aegregation flavor when! the annual about his aledgebammerhock DATE: OF BI/TI ...
..,, elaaalo is held ia New treatment. Mn. Da/
t./F )( by what they understand .
Orleaaa for the tint .
to be the attitudes of
A, '.... \. our own service person time on Jan. 17. .
The all-pro Orambllac
; l/ aces are Erale Ladd.
President Johaaoa, after
317-pound Sail Diego be*
;:. r studying the report
fit aemoth. Back Buchanan.Kaasaa .
told defense Secretary
.1 City tackle and
Robert ,,1. McNamara that 1
Willie Brown Deaver)
the situation deaervea .
: TQ/ prompt and thorough' comer back.
." Ladd and Iron were
COB al deration.
One of l.h :vital Part uaaaiaoua all-pro select

of the report concerned loae.Buch'anaa..
2io Integration of the National a seeoed-yeer,
2 guard. Although sen. also proved himself

I all states have at least one of the loop's best L LJcki

token integration ia by earalag a aecoad team : nViU"KtiMil :
guard unite the com berth. A mobile aggrea. *
... 11" -- --
mlttee reported that alve 2T9-pounder, be was

BANK-GUARANTEED INTEREST f segregation or nearaegregatloa the leagae's No 1 draft OftMcDuIf-n Bea.., .Po.' m i' a'dotkmI
choice ia 1112 and waa
1 time certificarei contlauee
en ono year forced to deliver under
Individuate.' some areas.
to both non.nOWpflyng salaam
e MaJ Oea. tiaatoa P. pressure.
profit corpcrationi. Wllaoa. chief of the National Iron whirled oat of

Guard Bureau, ad* nowhere iato Aft. atardom

mUted that the aceuss.tloa after algfllag with the
tat added Broaca M a tree agent.
ia true,
,. revelatloa la b i ,
Me was a
that eves
presents a "aileitoaeia tbeDeavereeeoadarj) with

,I, I ., '4 ., the history of the ale wlaalac speed aid ,
'\ .national Ouard." aura tecUlagAa 1-
irritated Rfelao wfeeale

,, ; ,,' be* twacM a. fear ton> d la Inspired. Ladd laeoasldered

...' tae klagplaf
I U.S. SAVINGS BONDS pro tachlea. Me la .Y ask .

i /0 'Get' 1ccd Ctltttl'tI't

i- "" :,.", ....'" ... '" < .
t "n' dnd Ad-1M, 1''!. f! \ .



.. on passbook Mvlntjt, figured YARD OYSTER-QUE ... ..... 'IM

Jelly and compounded saw Mrd..Iw.5A.tAl .........eels

ucrtwriy. ?; STEWING OYSTERS '" 60c T'.


s.e MW ......A'* INN 4hM
1 1ill'f. 49c

S. -- wear w war w --- --. S. w ...
swath -. -. ,.. ear eoe--- KNIGHT

TROUT ... ..... taw 4,e Invites You To Listen To-

"' ." '[} MID. MULLET JOe" ... ....... S us. ff

LARd 101 MUIUT ..... .......... U. 2* r IIG IAN9

: : \, SALT M\A.U1' .... .. ,... ....... U. Jte

SALT aAuu.rr 101 .... ....... ...* U. *S4STUKriSM "DANCE PARTY"H.tll

,. Li. tie


La MED. SHRIMP to 79c
Sitirlif I |... 'til 12 9*.
ern CM sou M *JM .t a>4 *"> *-> e*.e e. CW'-

: ___. ._ .- t,, --t: ,. FRESH WATER CATFISH u. 49c 1400 WIHC 1(00I

....-. """ --- ..,...--------... -- .--. <# --- ,'. .....-". .....--. ...,. .... = =---------.._-'"------- --. -" ..,..".-- ......-----

__ ____ __ _______..___ T -- IIt

_ _-J- -- -- ___,-.wws -------.w---w- lWRffPIJ-- r _tj--ww.v

; i


Hayes Gets $100,000 From Cowboys ; Others Ink PactsJox I

SIRS Get To Meet Rivets Here Rattlers Accept Contacts

Boost Fro. From ProfessIoBol Grid Tears

e KB mats

Ticket Drive ..3 Ytar Pact

The Jtckton-lllt Boat TALLAHASSU-rh. Florida MM University Rattlers

1HK NEW ORLEANS mil Coaaualty-Owntd Baseball I from the 84 squad bare aimed contracts to pity

ttta aoBonactd la a sews proftttlonal football\ aria the W5 ...10.. TWO
It am LOT? eoaftrtact bat Friday sore art itlll negotiating with club tad are

Briattoatand ranted htaUla aprawltd across U. that the all Cawaala iptcttd: to coat to airttatnt In a few daya.
ntranct to ... ........
N. Orleans Loalalana. Tht city offielala C.
; Qalthtr of--
cubs laths Jtchaon-lllt .wM Coach jut
and pronottra of tht Mtrlcaa FOotballL..eu' area will sponsor a pro* ife; l : the Rattlers Bald all of rooatttt sad boattown
pal alto signed with
I M that city costume to atatoa ticket drltt for hit playtriP
spit venom tt the actloat otAFLOoaviailontr JotFoaa. .
the 1963battball ataaoa.IB haft rtcti
everyone la Ntw Orlttqt t:>)tcta the txctlltdaa ctltbratlec their vd satisfactory Hal !bacll Bobby Felts

wail aa the average tan athlttt to fact racial guides aaalvtraary. thtcluba boo- and tackle owes McKay
agreed to tens with NFL
strife and appear dlploaatlc-.bt aibattadora la a will be apontorlng VIM true

aocltty that ahould used DO Btcotlatlona la the their first pre-seasoa the dabs. I tens Felts signed with
field of human rtlatlona. the Baltimore Colts cad
tlektt aalt. But for the Bob Htytt,
McKay jolatd the Dt*
Negro grid players walktd oat of the all-star part 12 years a charity the doublf I trolt Lloat. Felts led

gut btcaaat of racial dlacrlBlaatloa la the ...
I ant hat bees apoaaortd --- told medal BOB MATE*
Frnoh Qurhr.tb., said tail drlvrt by the group at Sa Wolf- THE 4 Edward haters college fliers rtturnlag lttttr...: Nathan Brown, topho Olympic winner and naif the Rtttltra la ruahlaila
.. sped away whto attaapta wtrtadt BOB Fart.Chalnta. sore troD Tltairlllt.Joha; Miranda, nior, lieu Tort; Mtlvla Cblataa, aophoaort back for the Rattlers, 13 94.

to hall a cab. ..&ors were for the drives fettling. I.Va. and Ltrlt Davis tophoHort StwbtnTlllt, Ohio, till bt la the was the prlit catch Halfback Calvla Lang latalklai

cloud la tttir faces .c thv at. art Bobbie Hotlaaoa. BayChapaaa. attrtlng 1 la tup whtn the aurprlaiag Tigers take oa the Wlldcata of BtthuntOookata Hayta want to the Dallas terns with the

tawttd to enter tatlag tttabllah 11 Bill Otraaa.JaatiB Oblltgt, Friday night at I p.". la tht Jtatt Wtldoa John ton 0/>naiiu Cowboys of the National world '_ion ctt-tland

;...t.... that the gcntral atmosphere Moatioatry, ..4. Football League at aatatlaattd Browns. end Ctrlttot '
la that Oats will play for tit.Ollll..d
supposedly tolerant
city Jla Bitt.Grover. Aikens Wallace tartt-ytar Raiders of the
fill abort of what la usually ti> RtalBgtr. sew State Expects tissue In tiettt of
.. Kmtrtcan Football L'IIII'a,4
P"teeiS. a roadside town. JuniorsAtttr
pilot for the Buss ia Are Top 1100,000. Halfback center taller Nigh
'TUt achtdultd gale was lavdlattly DM: LOT? rea.IUIDJWIOIYUhIa.lI. Charles Button, Hayes'Wildlife
flalahlag the
awltchtd to Hoattoa. whtrt atgotiatloaa had bean smith la expected to

oojtt aa the original tilt tlta. It apptartd tbat .and. to attt kickoff with thedrive the Progress In .flat_I'Unl tilbltloa beats of bowling la a Quarry Fill JolB a ttal-pro ttta.Tadklt .

New Orltaaa was nail for the gMt sad that It .*s atdlat. avid oriels .ai
various sports
rude for tht influi of Negro athlttta la that world series prowtit.LaFraacla Alktoa Reaches New Heights drifted at a futart by
The 1914
wed Erntatiat Wallact.rtprtatatiag .
the city.tan But atart.apoa aabarkatlca, twits were burled at fill bet..Cardlaala.. the parent and Outdoor Recreation Crown Bowling LAKE OTT-Wl lldllft t. Nft the.Chicago Mara of the

St. LoulB AttodatlOB TournaHtat ataagtatat areas la
Main' thq apposed to raaaia hiwblt aad not da/a/ the New York laakttt T ALLAH AMU-" '. year 194S can bt a year of held at Colt L.... MrthtMt Floridaytlldtdaa TeaL licks

act the already scarred race rtlatloaa la that _Ill be side aallabltto grttt progress la the field of outdoor fie,..* list Baturday. tttlaattd 114 '.er,
city? Each player was apposed to rtprtttnt the
rtTolatloalatd ass group that stakes ties," said A.D. Aldridi. director of the Florida Athens, who la nadtr SOT turkeys, tad 17* 3rd Victory
Nitro that believes la paatlTtrtaltUnct
to see It.Gallimore. Ore and Fresh later nab CDMlitlon. "proTldtd' the eatctlhl1utncUou hoo to busters durlaa
and winning than with klaikitaat Or were
the countttt of Florida take prompt action to set of lau aothtr. Mrs the l.....$ itatral atatoa. IB HIs ,III.
they avppoatd to play along the BO-yard Ih.IIbttlltr '
NamedTo aside opaa spaces while lacrtttlagly scarce open, Dorothy Alktna. advisor acoordlag to Brant
the field waa lltttrtd with throw debris NAIHYILLCTesseasse
vadtwtloptd land la still arallablt. This la the for the Junior Botllaglaagut lay Qoodtoa. rtgloaal
or crowatd with banners ticlalalag the dtya adIratloa /tatt valmalty' Cagtrahalktd
Hall Ot Fame tlat for nral oountltt to Identity and protect almost placed manager tor the one aid
tar the Negro athlttt.tht their third
I.... aad waters of highest values for outdoor first la the .11.1,. Fresh lattr Fish COB ap
playtra' action cwt IB tilt aaaal style If via la four starts here
till It Lee Oil 1 sort bale rtcrtatloB while oottt are within rttch. and nat ooapttitlOBt but lost latton.
yes don't let at do what t v.-.ti Mat do u,. la Ktaa'a Little oar...
b.. potthujtoiialy aaatd Ural oialltlta raaaa uaapolltdr1.Aldrlch pin. closed to
thing." to the Florida Mall of reported tht'an ,......................... out by cat The areas whim they rambled our
Mrt. Alktna aid JaattKty. bestial oa January 3.
This' brlaga the naval outttlon of "' 0'a wrong the Houitoa Olyaplaaa
fiat by the Florida Land and later COB ease hlstoriesofsuc- who la alto .. ad. Godson mild quail and
Wtrt the athltttt for their walkout
or wtrttfcqr neon
wrong Sporta trlttra Ataoelatloo. ttnratloa Fuad Frog nut ctatful oouaty outdoor visor, art arglag all squirrel busters alto

JnttintdT provides up to M percent recreation and open boilers r.... Itagut enjoyed a huh rate of Ltd by MoArtbur Roberto

The ctty'a leader Mayor Victor Schlro said "If The toner great half of coat for oouaty ae* spate prograaa and describes boilers to rttuat It..u.pl ueetta tore huntlg vat with 17 POll'., the
thttt awe hud football IB cities oily where qutaltlOB aid developsest atw legal and lusts had three othtrptrforatra
him for the Florida AMICalvtrtlty Saturday aornlag. very good ia wit artttla
everybody loved than thtyd all bt ott of a job Battlers aadraaalai projteta. it la IB* ttdtaica] tools. for:>> asIlea Tiers till bt aaothtr the rtitoa. end duel 'who slat la
today" Not to see a qvott to hilt the frag*
that counties dtablt figurtt: Bill
bach for the tourotatat IB March heaters rtporttd tttttr
.nUtloa of the Itaut, but there la BO apparent
rove quickly la outdoor Btothtrt kit for II.Dwllkt .
Chicago Bears pro football results than la the put
tffort to Iou or tolerate fcr that Bttttr. club bt.aat the rtcrtatloa plaaalag and Now Orleans Accused Of Bias; several ........ Illdllftoffittra pallet and Robert
The Negro atblttt la expected to play a dial *
actloaj lldrldit bad 10 ttllltt
third ptrtoa tree Florida progress u ODd, report thathuattai
role of MbatMfer and ptrforatr while the attract AM boaortd and the 24th ties hart a critical HoostoB Gets All-Star Match tf alt species each Conch LatktyIth
white tatricu tiptctt to bt Jttt wooed by the
catered la tie thrlat. part to play la the ooa was alto ...oeltiosallygood 17 and David tails
athlttta abl II U_. Battler Coach Jibe prthtnttft Florida out Ntl Ol1.u..rollo.1I1 r tht ...rle.. Football Otttldt the atntgt* -Itk IS tolled the.

Of court, this would be ideal If the grid ..- Gat U.r btctat the first door rtcrtatloa plan Lease All-Star Ore cht ittoHouttoa, Ttiaa after tat ar.... Olyapiaaa.LOOK. -
tracts paid twice aa .MCB'-half for playlag toot.
21 Ntiro proftttloatl fti itbtll players rtfuttd to
of hit race to bt boa- Nt said "eoMtltt Istereetd *
ball and tht ou... 'eJ I for wiaalag whltt tAlrtrt al
oral la 1"2. FA 0s la outdoor rtcrvatloa pity here house of r.ea! dltcrlalaatioa. aharpit
with a long clantt that atlpalattd whether you
ahouldturtly crltlclta hit too Aft fro offlct.
ahoald bt called toy orJtttplalB ...,.' double Olraple solds.dalwirer progress I,.,..... *.........
loll Martt was aditttd ottala a copy of A creed of 19.000 w.tiptcttd t....t anWt. Co.a I atloatr '
Aa athlttt'a lift la anally oVrottdtotht ire
else the
la Illl. Fred the sew 12-ptgt lllaa to Jot. Foes of the
and ht dotta't htt Use for Itatt ttnigltt to
..u ..o.. terser major tasted pride to County gaat today froa this Art WM .otlt... before
bt admired bt ratter be adtlrtd btcMtt of hit ability. doors
but alter
tat the FWA' t2Mh crt tl Brw Orl.... *u atttaptiag to lart pro football booklet iBtladtt closed and sheets were Buying A
dl le.. The "1' lot critical of
la that nee. Bit _. here b.tw.. tile dries tad hurled at the browse
.tcklttoa "Liko Used
Bath Otllaort sad M > their' tctloa. Now" Car
the mllty. It was forott that the Negro ooti patttd fro thespirts II-Gr..III, athletes the .... wttlaavdltttly Puss tald the Itaguthtd
atltatta a try Hal part of the pro football switched to
64 Pont. Bonn. $3795
ttttt la 't. ao choice bat to Wagon ,

drcvtt.Thla Gallons .aa 1111.d.aloes Cfo Ace Is'r.AII.Stlr Natttoa. Thrt ht.t not transfer the ,..., eves Air rondllbnrdload*dslthtqulpnt.nt.lsdyown 1
I breeze atgatat tf the
comer wpporta the with a Chltaco Bttrattwaatt. bees racial latldtatatlact thud. promoter David ,. 'd. told a f.w month i|0 tot over M.
Afl. ia their MlkMU It's sot the tatlttt Job laUt la M. ante MCI > the Nuuttaa Oiltraatvtd Dtioa sad tht city tfNtw 00.00,factory arrant
world to bt breed arowd M the gridiron then .
teat oa J.ly 77. Mat late the cla. Orleans mould .
a 64 Corvotto $3995
hart to fact the .... ..tal batglag afttrvard.Fonmattly WO.. Stingray .
.this hpp.td before thty ..re teed chlatoa Ittt a battle. to Hit TOM, ..f. -lulls Eralt ttrllch. tad tort terrible btttiag flBaa Both lopt" four pred. ""JAJ horwpot/tr,
a rout d,.......... caactr last nott. iwr.... Iced, tat I-IO tfCrtahHag Iat Art Cfttapita Buffalo .tally.iroaUtlly. half radio A Vaur, poit-tratUon rrar end, law
A asiDe .r. All, Oolltgt>> star who whew a tory warranlw.t .
tlat. Oallaart olds thtOraait Bulla.tettd: ta a tpoktfaaa down Negro athltttt frotiByrataat
hat become a soiree tfcoatttut Mesaid 64 OLDSMOBILE F-85 $2995
Schedule Bowl Bta4iM rttrd tar the group Oalvtrtltypltytd ,
FAMU Cigors for iBdlvldaalrathlai adulatlta with tht see ems at the la tile Mugtr .,.1 1 ':S.f.ryif..J.1.64 .\ .5' ..'h...... swv

.I...,., itFtfcnary ..-..-........-.....-Tilth. .... Isatit. IB a simile the .... York lalrkt, Roosevelt Nottl'Nttdttrttrt Nt. Ttar'a dty. they

1.-.-..-.....-...-. Clark CoUnt>> I.... Mt raahvd fir a ill play with the Last for tht Eatt were nested .. ttylBgthty BIRD $3595

,....." |-..................i.thes. oaaaa OIl faatattl ail yardtaialatt la too Rttlcaal Bttktt Alllttrtxttttrtdattta had lOt sit tlth fMtna.v.ue.wrwOptn

Fttntry u-................Al.A.*a A a M CttlltetAll >> Mary I aad BtattOfrllMtlath ball Attttlatlta All. ta wkat they ..> racial dlMrlaiattloa.Nt r'fnlA.11 1 00

........... Mtar gtat,
Fttnary 20...-... aa Oalvtrtlty 140raaatBlttto crlbtd at oaf air trttt OrlttatavorVKttrBealro
tad LtKlMt Jtct-
AUT tingle. Jtlatai ... tf Fklladtiiklt, a seat aad toot a vttt oatbt said Moadty that R. S. EVANS3RD

Jantry 2>-..-......"..,.., TvaktgMi. AlahtMHe the Bart after grsd.aItag terser Olyaplta sod alkMt the wtlktutbad the Aft CMaittloatr.JttFutt
about 0.... effect "''IautU "
frt Fltrhta AM la Louisiana prig tttr ttBattrtp acted ,

I t IIt 1117, Sales,. tied the art the ttlyrvotltt aa aaetllag the giat.Thtaajtrlty ." la eaacellsi tile gtat.Nt & MAIN

; tlailt .... t.rlt| rt << td the M.**> r..... tald tht Ntini ,""r..t .
? std tf feet lo....... A tMg-ltttir Mtdictttdplarr arllch tald. ".. hit .t to called t.t did limit "Jifhtonnnf Waat rt"mmtn4td DtaltT-

.,..ut the Ice AnitlttBtM teed It a ttt ee ..ldI' t ptrftrt too race sad tbttttlvtt ft tLIJIl-B.44JII
<<" l ..' ...., the clr
the same ,..,. IB tdidtt let rtwtlt-tf ,.r. disservice .

__ the '!' Aimed FtrtttBMMflt tht-ytar btaara.Mt .

!... k* woe thtlltMhottr la the salt N.. Ttrhrttrtttatatlvt
Trophy tfttr ta the

wrist year Ioecbbes.. DBA ...&4.

.. sorehas three

UtdwI MNAI pliers .M bt selected

L ire tay tt lab atd tt
1Ws ...MwM least tat pltytr tree

.. Attc tle every tern east bt awl.

a .*Nia< ... MBA rtgal

T. busies float. b

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lefesl Mea's Kilf Styles IRU6 STORE NEEDS

Are THikt Al The frMtau -Mgahtraoad Drag store 1 .1.
MC WILL MdT' *T FBCH AI1f.fa KM LflCC p rtld.N ;. ,

>tll.tr." ales fill all D..ta', "",uu",. fl. '" ..
/ "' -t-I trjiAg
JacksoRvilltIwbtr : .. .
Dixie Pharmacy 1

Colbft lie. 1H2 UHS tf"1 >ttttli .,fIt dues at"its

Pkns S.SH7-M Beef Best


litliMtttli, I11sIt. IT H* S1KC

-. -



# ...'.- ... .,
# '" '" J

) t-* ) l 1; ,

11 flllll&SUI\ PAUlS SnURDAY JANUARY 11, illS

SHOP and SAVE at Your Annual Officers Election Mt Vernon- GroupsTo

/ :: --lfT5r- Render Service
/ Ctolr land ticker Board
nw ,.l Fay 1 and members of M4.Vernon .
'IWAREHOUSE 1 Baptist Church

'I will accompany the pastor
I 4I RSV.O.T.: McCslli; to; '
Zion Hope Baptist Church
A.P STORE ,_ Prlday night to render
service la the pastor
i and anniversary

Services Sunday begin
\\1 with the Sunday School

::1 at .:30 a....wltll Deacon
W. 45th StreetJust
'l 3000 Fred Dry la charge. The
lesson, 'The Kligdoa is
at baud" will bs reviewed -

Off Highway U.S. 1 In by the psttor.
rp Morning service at 11
O'clock. The pastor will

FLORADALE deliver the ssraon. At
I S:30 P.M., BTO' with Mrs.
Bertha Richardson la
Prices ID
thlsadaragood a charge. Evening service
at 7 O'clock choir 3
and Usher Board 3 will
p. serve throughout the day.
January n
Installation servicefor
the officers will beheld

qr i .. following the ssr
... .
:.:, "''L .......:'JoH'r i ..W'' 1II _._' .. .. .,:.\ ,,' ". -. Ice with the psstor' in

AN IMPRBBSm CERBCNT featured the annual oleo Standing from left: Langston saw, Senior Deacon; charge.

tlon of officers of Temple Lodge 340 RAM vita: the George. Hunt treasurer; Marion bone: Willie Allan 3rd AnniversaryElder
i Instillation taking place last Monday at 7:30: p... James Jackson Junior Deacon. 'Third row from
in Maaonle Ttaple. Stated from left are:, Willie left: James stepban Howard Oaffeny, Glen Peek nose Davis will
Solomon, Senior Warden; Ernest Pierce Worshipful Or tie Milliard Roy frown. Back row from left: observe his third "anni
Master; Charlie Cicero Jr., Junior Warden; and Robert Hrown. diaries ailth and Jlsoy Hicks. Wll versary as a gospel
Lloyd pearaon Jr. secretary and Past Matter lltn Cuylar' Is chaplain and Joe Rice are not ahowa. singer Sunday Jan. 17
(Photo by Royal Art Studio) at the Abeynnla Baptist
t lurch. Dewltt sad Onion

p Pearsoi Sts.
f POLICE REPORTS II Cbnt'd from page 1)

Mrs Julia Morris, an from an epileptic sel with the possibilitythat in trouble.If .
80-year-old Kings Rd. sure city police .said the trusteee want a reports that Pearson loyal Crown
resident was 'fiia while being transported stronger hand in runningthe expects another job or Cola
flaaed' Friday when a fro Duval Medical Center school .,.t.. Thus is planning to go sway
youthful pregnant wosta back to city Jail say unsavory Infer to study under scholarship : lirlir listed
limit 1 approached her with the James Oantt, 40, who Batlon like job sellIng are true, then be
old 'Vlgeon drop" ,.... .uth tar' r. Artistic
lived at 31S Jefferson under an elective has nothing to lose.
,ft. I Mrs. Morris explained 8t was arrested Sundayon school superintendentwould However there art per Barber Shoe lie w. Ashley,
18 to police that she went a drunk charge and ..lie. good sistent reports that Phoae-n. 4-l !t.INI.
$$5.00 Ir 5 2g to the bank drew oat ''for loitering around a for changing the case television films sad
lora BAG 11,000 and cave It to shine house. He sufferedthe tes.So. eys other secretly Bade files ItslrHlt FIT lift;
the voaan before she Dtstretsle. Nice yess>
seizure around 5:30a. : It Is easy to see involving Pearson, will f
Drd IF realized. what had taken. ... Monday and was taken why the trustees want be brought into play, Couple er Tingle Pertes.Prlvlleite. ..
place.A Call III-30M
to DMC according. If&II d whirl.lit la brought ,
. report) Pearson to tell what he to trial for Insubor ....... I S.B. A I p.a.
knows, if bs knows
EXTRA SPECIAL GRADE A FLORIDA WHOLE Baltimore, Maryland He was treated and re about Job selling dination.
leased from the hospital NEV Till MAIISTo141
in the
schools There
resident here la Jack
sonvllls on visit told and a pattywago. wee ere SOBS who believe lily White Lodge >k. Jebe. ..au..

police that two sea ..110robb.d sent to pick his op. that Pearson bas some Plans Sunday Tea .Tlcktte StatUH .....,
FRYERSDRESSED his of his cash After the wagon got back Intonation oa the subject lie Pest Ave, 'ltn.r"II. ,
and shoes after they had to the police statloa.Oaott of job selling; Lily Whits lodge 117 .t. -
all had a very friendly was found lying lathe but according to scuttle- and Lily White Royal

drl&klof wore back bleeding fros but, the people who are CD art lIT will sponsor s Ill ItlTIRIAM '
Jurand Oadaey said the the Booth. Re was rushed supposed to have talkedto Rainbow Tea Jan 34 from)
sea offered his access back to DMC but was Pearson won't come 4 to I p.B.la it. Vets. KMT JtlICCIf8CT.Jackeo..U1.

c datlons for the evening dead on arrival forward oness they are on Educational Building. .> sD weeeelNeely
and they left the bar togo . e pUt on the etand. oortt 4.r-o b-4rao-i aptrt

AND < t \ bo... They robbed his MAN INJURED IN BUST It is generally con LIT FOI SALE meats ttttr fers. II I.toeer
) on the playground of a ceded that if there Is week, IttlOtt air,
-A highly explosive matetialsot Liseels VUUt.ro 14110,
local school. job sell ing in the schooleystea 3411. WtttMoat. PI ,.n.",
DRAWN .e. known., city it should be
authorities at prssent, brought out or proven UNI rot tonPanlsfctd
IB. BABY ABANDONED sent a n..aroldlack'OIUle ftoaa. V. '-"41.CaU .
by a grand jury one way
An abandoned baby, left Ban to CMC don or the other. Thus, Rut after g 4... or all SINBEI CIISIIESEVIRfi
day when It Ignited Inan 4.r saturdv.SES .
Ballard on the front door step ledge Pearson stands st MACiriEAOHPICI.
at the hose of Mr. sad old washing aaehiae a precarious croes-road.
Plain Or Self Rising JEWEL Mrs Arthur ,Jones 1441 that was being used as a He could do the ooawnal I FN SALEatbaelt 5' I1|.3N, sal
turned stove for an outside liver Circle MO er MM* M wtpvweate. >
evergreen as ty a service by exposingJob per
FLOUR SHORTENING over to authorities., eeoortiai fire selling if he knowsit e.dtoom itetrs New BDO' ....au...
to reports Issuedby Aloaao ffllklas, of 131 stists.or he can Inspire a'a'.2' titre* Will ..u",... oblige*
the* Jacksonville State It.. was ads it ted pupil boycott that lets, 100 s 3111 ..'II. MOBS, call ,u...... eay
to EMC in serious condition. loot tens. SON IZALTT.Iq UN.I.DEPENDENT .
i Polite Department. would help to render
, 5 LB. 4Q 3 IB. 49' The jonetes who have Me is reportedly Duel schools even more *7301.

PKG CAN one other adopted chili, recovering rapidly trot insdeojiate by the loss
told Investigators that the explosive experience. of Bore funds and cause Oil CO.

limit OBI limit (Nil a note was pinned to the C C.'PLI BOUNDED a lot ef youngsters to M3WPTNK HOtf: TfUVTHT
t.o*soath*old infant A doable shooting be* row fee streets end get
With A $S.ID Or Min Or.ir that the Bother tweea Jacksonville MECHANIC: ON DUTY
With' A $55.00 Or Moro Order stating a
IKt Jontph .................... Proprtttorfftats
desired the youth to be couple alaeet proved FH' SAUostktlle.
) And Jefferson r..t& n .042\
with the* tragic when both ended .
Cleee Is Teen
JANE PARKER WHITE All FLAVORS MARVELBREAD Pros) all hUntS,... the melee with gistaotwvunds Istaeadeartalthtd bleak

the mother knew the Jones in the stoaaoa. ........u ..... 14000.
ICE CREAM faslly and of their love Johnny White, of lOT sew MUTT. 1117111.CUCAXANO. KINGS BAR
for children. Short Dennis St. told

Mr. and Mrs. Jones said Investigators that Mrs seal340e.lssiUhisee 2703 Kings Avenue
that thy would like to Delia Mae Preston, dl. aster
i have custody of the of 13 Ives It.. shot sin
... .
2 140Z 33 1/2 m. 48 child. with the pistol first, Meffe reef.Siaiers.Whites, lit A Si. 3Sisger (Phillips Hghy)
LOAVES pu BONER DID then he wrestled it fro eetaoetls slg

A city prisoner died her bands sad shot her sa... ....It each Call
II llltT. fla. Steltgachlae. Now inder

Hal All MEAT Pigs ELBOMBEEF I Ml w. PtrtU.Pfifir .

STEWAll new

MANUEL'S TAP ROOM I TH MlfltlittPuir maaagsmutCompletely

59 Or ELBOW 1 all 626 West AsMey I Is Tie WirN

U. :
SPAfiHETTI Presents MitelEntertainmentrtuimxm geed year mane aid s4e>tte
and fund "t he. Vlruleef
KEII( Sill-do grayer sea eeeMslltfceesders "
"mUNOOne fer ,... Ul..J


0.4 s. ....1.... aictt
Tht Torrid Sax ManTennessee ... IUIATWU9Atte4aat)
j:&d iaA


QUART x Enjoy Drinking
On Hawsond Organ
In Onr lenngiCoiples
Oily 0
liTTLE PLUSFRANK Jese istreatees M arrival Groups,

tan III te Mlweekly.
LEGREE Vive IB flees Birthday Parties

s r4 4eh httstld5 2, BBMB.IM ea reef, taw I WelcomePlenty
'" to Drums TV. Write rev jeer as*
r .,i4r f114 6t1rf Is3
r ,u.n. BM tlctet went
Tuesday a icdatsdajr JAM Session te yen Free gift M *r- ParkingIrhri
Thursxtay AMttur lei&b tDlTtlTAII rival Bead Bate as4 I**** -
swtr ef reference uu .
( T lIGHTlY I '.M. 2 A. M. nuts MBKT. M> I. BtUs
lust.reee.rt.W.T RI JOtO P..... 5tH'PALE

.. haagK

..... I'