Florida star

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126853 F20090413_AABEAX 00018.QC.jpg af878c46e268b965a4bd0375f9d068f87a9a3bf34b791edd8bd19ea84b4bbe9c320dd37c
6897373 F20090413_AABEAY 00018.tif c88d35451b9a9bd2cb1812cf4f76adac8cd928183858cdf195f312a0602e6454a386744c
30772 F20090413_AABEAZ 00018.txt 4490096936fa37d67dd3903f19fc70e5d20888ead1eb39cb2ea045efb19e5d85a420f516
869792 F20090413_AABDYZ 00010.jp2 9d4d31d46eebbbc5c17f6f3b2f7ee47745f3f3d5fa3c6758d9f0f4277d90a8b04f5a8793

xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200645datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date January 9, 1965dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=006450740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
January 9, 1965
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
January 9, 1965
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Full Text
j w "tmfl I I

i UniT Libraxy painesrill.r lty Of, Florida Florida t.ill.s Witness' Gov. Haydon Burns'! Inauguration

4j .
,,_ 1M,. ._' _. J.It'Ir



tY Op

:al.( .. '"" ..:-- --..", ..-.... ._ ......... k ---;:;-;- _n .... ...... r

INAOOOIUL' .. \Metro' odacatora ho .*r* platfora cnaita at Ue pr.* .lore U tao. tint ouw. .*" U. Mid Mr.. Juu KM9rt.uiBM junior jvnior wu.|. aaa IB tb. laird scone art aWSmtntirt d college

I cadent Btvattcrlnc Inaugural ccrwoay for oov.Haydoa torne, art seen CbU.... la the aoood scene ar. frtaldoat and Mra. Ora.* of toluala praty and Sl.. pittt aUntaalni Haydon, Buna hilt the oath aa Cbrtrnor I
of plortda. (Stt Pictorial Hlhllhta on pat* I)

ra * *

Negro Youth Appointed To Al F Academy




iii/n. 41 JlllllM lOltIT S, UK IS CENTS


Friends Hurt In Crash' i White Slayer

Jax Dentist And 4 : Gets Jail TermA

ooootolooooa .......... '
fktto youth.., found

CAN'T IDENTIFY MAN .., n r guilty an all of*'Baaalaucktvrby hlt* circuit ,

court jury, la th* March. h I)

2)rd shuns of B "..ro I

r ...". *M atnUnetil, to

tta liars I laatato prlaoaMonday.

STATE POLICE KILLEDBurns' J. e. .Rich, 22. of 21S2 \

Fourth Art could haft j

rtctlvtd B SO.ytar ..".

. tone., but Clroult Quart
P0tRom S.sPrlsel.r's Judc John M. McNatt !t.
County Deiuty
Solid th. 10yaaratrttcb

Face 'Ragged'5.e \ Mt .u CUflVlCttd. Of tttnitauihtr

.. : .. ..... J,' : .
....-c. dtath of
Shatters Tradition body of a 21-ytar* kilt ..1.. taktk back Urtn Baa.*..rrdo OMocratie Party official Mra. Aaalt DatU* addraMa Mra. Job.... MM CUap

old alala ateaptt, ono. to Saber O>>sath JankUa civil rlchta rally .t Aotoicb baptist Otarcb. kited at lift I* Mv Jlo. ..I.... pll 35, aothtr of II I.

alltftdly kllltd a Me .dd bt sisal a,*tdlaMl abo ala apoka at tb* rally It MB tkt first. Btttlni In tkt Nttro church aloe .IIHdr,... It *M rrporttdthat

BJ Joshua 1. gullies Class Florida Mliktayfatrolau bo,.aa Mt gold to It tarad too axMUa BIO. A iroup of atgdtata fro Obrlla ColUit Ohio r- Mrs CltappcU ...
staff o>rrt pood 'nt his sot bees m' pwrm)
built the fh rrh louklKa foraloit aallttalvaa

Inaugurations are usually stifffornal poattlvtly Ideatlfledureported .aa diaerlbadaa N... IU"II.' .h.

affairs. They are steeped rites -lth\ ancient by autborltlta a 'ratlvly ,o0prlpaser' CongressmanNames Rich aceuMpanltil by
at tb* Pataaa Coaatj ,.
by dtpatlaaat
oaths edminSteredtyvenerable( white ED SULLIVAN ..,.. other youtha, flrtdtb
Jail 1. Pal atll.. J[ tbo eoMty jail. IB
of This Negro
thatched justices filch courts. was
It la "II".. tb4 Ut .... Coaaty. Nt B"*r
not the case hen llajdcn Ourns becane the. tt'Ja1 aTa'Joka Urtry '......."" troubll. ,...,' "-. FNS

35th Governor of Florida.''. 5 5.x. .- J.1 bas. lit tberUa MtoBirata ..by kt ... aadt a Iris* -"To-Air Force
ba vlaltora Mttrtd, .
tilt laaucural ball at ttldtact to toot flack lit t. TO HEADLINE ..
1allah.ss... via Utpalachtt A/Ill NOTONCfcirl "' "." _
,Ag;. Tbt affair atIIIIJ' support' Ills btlltf. lea .*. I. Rtnattt tbla t

parkway thtyaanatd .aa not. Ut tralltloaal cordlat to PvtBM. Couaty>> Jax Dentist .tABMtUHIIlM. luktr
Ua CHI!!. of
( MoldfaahlMtd "...,...t.. b ll" af Jail t.." vbll Mnrlat A afttr. and Mra uilaus!
fMlly ..et.to..Uler. *
Ihlll oa no* past ,ears tut alaply* a ttoytar atattaca for 3 FrieadjIn NAACP BENEFIT blur 1111 l 11. 27th at .';'oih' ,

aaa of tkt two bills auto tktft.lack .. ala aUar..... to atttalttoklaklyrteuialMd UIiI
tell Md atopplai e"' *
bald at. both atata la* said Uat aautktr Auto Crash Air
ten ..!cooed *Kaya rd Sullivan hag accepted to head up an fatal shut fro a23calltor
atltatloaa la Ut C Cap1 ....ty oat to MeCltaay Pores Aeat).. uadtr tktdtr
...IIU,..." It ..a lltat IBfcalttfth. sly array of the biggest na.ea In the en- y pistol,
tol) City. ..bar of ,Nt. to ....ur' tk. body aa A traffl ae ..tlo of D.all K.
tertainitrnt field.then the Filial branch ofth.UACP Tk* otbtr thrto ".f."*
to bat U. .
ass at* tint of Jtaklaa, bat a N C. li olfla,
.rota attandtd Ut ball alone, also a rtoi>at .
ap daata its J. *. Alti
their b
pltdft of Nayooa Buraadvrlac lltatlfleatloaoomld a Jackaoaflll ,..'I.t presents < at Florida Stata Uaivtr poaltlva pot"t..., of KMattt'aBjvnMtt ,
Pa-la.22. atatlMitd ..ItSb.
ttt CMpatn to ad..ra talftatarta e.4lit..w.n puwisirs fit concert, It aa announced by David
lot to *
alty roo.e .ttsd.d of the show for the SUul "' a atalor OMtorof ( Aray at Ptrssg.. .
brtii tbo aoftreawt toUt situ lilt ao 14 to ...U los parks' producer
both kalla.la e lbs pottrful NatseArwsd M. Ci Btyat M CbttMM,
ptopla 'is acc.r,ttd, a prtctdtat aBat* rods d Iris flu |aa pltallaatlaa at lak Branch. .... :. ........ .:.!. .. .: Srvlea ,
WS KrlaUl
y > is !- VVWUIAadltorlM. 2lof Af* ,
fay ttt paopla. rial ltoatUaJ Tba slsr'stad.d rrmtill
blast flat It .. sot Ctaaity HMO
tortes &ImOIIIIf._t.W.,* Tbo U... l CMHBltt sad Rla. sate, l I' of
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Than. .,r. 10,000 Mats oat of tbt la atrltaa bt bill tbt .,
duo auras. Ut ISU Cbv ctrtaia It tM Jtaklaa. of ills ,..,* prtt.* o Pull Aru.Oftis.rs.
la tit aaural Mpthltbtatcr Jtaklaa ... kllltlkilt coo41tloa.Hoapltal! BOQO of auad.r. r.b",."
tmor.ptrforaHkla tint (1) tatloa 1II .. "A Cm* a..d town 1 Mil Ika fatal
let..a two. ...4ceU.' sotb.nitl.rsaid 210). fro 3:00: to r 00
official act IB two tiny of Pro' r..." MlcooosMoratta other stir
rouad pea flrt 'true apMiln
State Capital Bad lbs foU..... I"'.". ". back to labs Coaty Jail tkat ... loin rtadoltttd Ywtk PkWnsg tHa' a*. .hta.dosk.rda car,

feprM. Coort bVillllac.at ... .n., M arta-tllt .... far totritaeytrtaUoat .. ...
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ka tfa aa4 Ikt aatln, Ht bat aot MktM MUoay ,I". tto rtauratiM aftb 5.. ...at .M Mt *.< Ia4 I* ,.. flllae of tto pr u* a fit tit.. a4* bad Mell4l M appafMt II...

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; -


.) A.


THE FLORIDA NEWS STAR [IHK Politics i 3BBHBE3B-asesSBK-s-iaaB8. As Usual 1 1II

PlI1Jhhlld by The Florida Star Publishing Co.



The Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party

AIYSON E. VISE.... ... .. Mils Editor ... R w. lost Its bid on opening day of the 89th

Congress Monday to 'block the seating of
HILDA WOOTEN.. ......Cir.ilitioi Maiair the regular Hiss sslppl Congressional dele-,


MAIN OFFICE t PLANT: However, it did accomplish I two things

One was the support of one-third of the
2323 Moicrief Road.. ....ODl ELii 4-6782 House members of Its charge that Missi-

ssippi is guilty of depriving some of Its

Mailiif Address: ) citizens the right to vote and thus should

have Its representation pared In propor-

P.O. Box 561iicksnilll.1 Ulirlii <, tion; and the other, consideration of Its

challenge by the House Administration Com-

The voting the resolution: to deny seat-

738 NW 3rd An. Phou 377-1025 ing to the Mississippi group was 276-1 JO

against.The .

SUBSCRIPTION RATES MF 4r contested representatives are William -

One year, $6.00 Half Year, $4.00 M. Colmer, Jamie L.

Mailed to You Anywhere In the United state l ten, Thomas G. Abernathy

Subscription payable In advance John Bell Williams 1 1 all I

fiend Check or Money Order to) crats and Republican Whlt:1 j

Walker. '
FLORIDA' STAR f'.n. WK 5"! They were seated on a

JltcltMnVUl" 1. Florid.* lution offered by Rep.

w Albert ((0. Okla. ) who noted
Mr their credentials in orSIMPSON

Gov.Bums Can Curb Violence der and that any challenge to their seat-

THE PRICE OF HATE Ing should be dealt with In accordance with

And Prevent Florida Boycott laws governing contested elections.

The challenge stems from the fact that
Although we have not had as many killings

and shootings in Florida's. Ancient City Negroesby and large, are denied the rightto

St. Augustine is running a close second to vote in Mississippi The Freedom Demo-

Mississippi Insofar as racial intolerancegoes. crats charge that under these circumstances -

the representatives were not elected

By the continuing acts of violence Inspired Your by all the eligible ters.Rep. .

by racial hatred St. Augustine is Weekly .'' llllam Fitts RyanD.-N.Y.( ), Introduced -

also running second in the creation of a the resolution Into the House chal-

bad image for the city and Florida which lenging the Mississippi. Delegation.
depends largely on tourist trade and the

sale of its citrus products to uphold its VIRGIN I ISLANDS. ANNEXATION(

economy.It Horoscope Guide UHGED SIT CONG., BENNETT

is hoped that newly Inaugurated Gov. U.S. Rep. Charles E. Bennett, of Jackson-

Haydon Burns won't tolerate nor cajole the ville, fla., Monday introduced legislationto

white hate-mongers in St. Augustine and Incorporate the Virgin Islands in the

surrounding areas of Florida as they have iy PABLO The ASTROLOGERWHICH State of Florida as its 60th county.

been in the past. Bennett, a senior: member of the powerful

Maybe, Gov. Burns' predecessor was reluctant Armed Services Committee, called for free

to get tough with the rednecksin ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR elections In the Virgin Islands In Floridato

the absence of a Civil Rights law. But allow the Incorporation to take place
Bennett said that recent United Nations
the has the law his side BUSINESS LOVE a
new governor on TRAVEL
reprot criticizing the status of the Vir-
and there is no reason whatever why these
gin Islands as a territory the United
renegades should be allowed to continue
harrasslng Negro citizens and in so doing States night bring about pressures makingit
difficult for to retain its
Florida our ,country
create such a frightful image of
RE A rights to the Islands
that would cause the state to lose millions ARIESBorn ANOTHER. IT LEADS TO THE 'ALTAR, SO
of dollars in trade and revenue. FINE. IDEA TO PILL OR /UV MUCH THE BETTER FOREVCRTONE CAPRICOm Bennett said that the Virgin (Islands had
March 21st thru
PROPERTY WHEN THE TERMS. CONCSRMtD.. Born 000. .22nd thru been initially acquired by the United
Since it has been proven that boycotts
April 19th
ARE EXCEPTIONALLY AT. Jan. 19th States from Denmark In 1017 because of
of'states and their products can be somewhat .
7 40-e8.1"I) 748
effective the only alternative left TRACTIVE. its defense value, and its strategic 'location -
for Negro leadership Is to promote a boy- TO DO 10 SHOULD NOT 2-70-M- 17-37-Z7t v ROLE THAT GENERAL'
cott of Florida tourism aod Florida cit- LIBRA We must not lose this territory not only
BLAME ANYONE IUT THEM.SELVES. Born Sept. 23rd thru LY IS ASSIGNED TO YOU BY because of the I Importance national security -
rus products unless the unwarranted attacks SPECIAL SKILLS CANCERBorn Oct. 23rd THOSE AROUND YOU. YOU Bennett saidbut because all
in Augustine and other June 22nd thru ,
22nd of the SO states, not only Florida' have a
are MAND, AND THE QUAUlTltS July THE FORCES THAT ARE IM THE TRACES AND. ESTABLISH great deal to gain with the Incorporationof

Let' s Hope that St. Augustine and Gov. LEADERSHIP MOST SOUGHT EVEN IF THERE .is LITTLE PILING YOU IN CERTAIN STARTING PRECEDENTS.' YOU the Virgin Islands In the State of



with economic reprisals and YOU SURRENDER UNCONOI* J. Raymond Jones, the first Negro leaderof
boycotts and suffering a loss of more than "ION ALLY. THE PEOPLE two the New York City Democratic
50 per cent of the northern tourist trade, /RE REALLY ON YOUR SIDE
(Tammany Hall Is
ALTHOUGH ) the of
the state of Mississippi is planning to CAN BE EXCELLENT SOURCES
DANGERS INHERENT IN IE REACHED BETWEEN '1". OTMERS WHO ANt TOO state probe into his role in the planning,
buy prime time on national television and OF COMFORT WHENEVER YOU
radio networks to get the state's "true ARE TRYING' TO ARRIVE AT income
image across to the nation" SOUND CONCLUSIONS IT IS four-
But Mississippi's "true image" is already POSSIBLE FOR YOU TO IN. 1.55-15-'Z.I45
gation Commission Is
well known throughout the nation SURE ALL THE PRIVACY' YOU
WITH' AE AND TREPIDATION. THAT WHAT IS GOOD FOR what role Jones played In the construction::
and the world, thanks to that! state's reign MAY REQUIRE FOR Tilt PURPOSE
ONE' IS BETTER FOR ALL. AQUABICSBorn a W (million I project In Harlem.
of murder, arson, and bombings of Negro OF REST, RELAXATION Robert S
THE INSPIRATIONAL IDEAS Jan. 20th thru W. avy, who represents Jones .
churches and homes.Mississippi's TAURUSBorn OR INTROSPECTION
THAT COME TO YOU SHOULD Feb. lath has appeared before the omission twiceto
... "true image" was brought April 20th thru BE PROMPTLY AIRED FOR 460-3>- 16-31..tntJOORPIO answer Questions about Jones and Edward

into still sharper focus with the cold- May 20th THE BENEFIT or THE OTHER J. Balaban.

blooded murder last year of three civil ALL THE ADVANTAGES ARE PERSONS ASSOCIATED WITH You SHOULD BE CONVINCED Jones and Balaban were Berbers of the

rights workers near Philadelphia (Miss. ) VOURS TO EXTEND AND II* YOU. Born Oct. 24th thru BY NOW THAT PREVIOUS board of the W million I Clayton Apartments,

and failure to prosecute the men charge PLOtT TO VOUR HEART'S Not 22ndYOUR. DOUBTS REGARDING THE which .er.'eonstrutted under the limited

by the Federal Bureau of Investigation CONTENT |I. SOME I". e.toU.IS.2.euLEO SECURITY OF YOU.IU'I>> housing program..

with the crime..Mississippi STANCES, ROMANCE It POSITION SEEMS SO THE ONE DEAREST TO YOU Jones resigned fro the board after being
seceded from the Union. thru SECURE' THAT YOU CAN .,.
once 23rd
OPENING UP THE PROSPECT elected to the New York City Council last
It is regrettable that there is no Constitutional OF A IRILLIANT AND fUL AUK. 22nd Polo TO ALLOW OTHERS TO TAKE ALL THE DISCREET year.The. .
provision that would permit SHARI YOUR JOYS MO PRIVILEGES.
Mississippi to secede again. I FRIENDSHIPS MAY
ALL PREVIOUS' INHIBITIONS TO REINFORCE YOUR FIN. contention between Jones and Rep. Adam
As part of the American Union that un- SWING, YOU SHOULD NOT SE FORMED WHICH COULD
regenerate state is doing tremendous damage STOP FOR ANYTHING OR LAST a LIFETIME. MANY or -
THE LEAP roRtARo THAT UNDERSTANDING that Jones used his. influent to dishonestly
to the image of tive, United States of ANYIOOV.rORGST HOLIDAYS YOU MAY BE TAKING SHORT .
America, AMONG THE PROMISING Nil- OF YOU WHO ARE IN contract for the project.
( Director J. Edgar Hoover EVERY DAY SEEMS TO IE YOURSELF* SVENj IF THAT tVllTONt.7.10.U.17.$771. en. Both an crlppltr _
baa called for "coutanYld1" to keep out STUDY AIROAD OH TO
At Us
oat no oat talked or wrote
Gitrwlata who would the civil Rovtacnt
to fUrthtr their 011I .... SAGES IN RESEARCH ANY IT MAY IE NECESSARY TO 6-eO.77.l35l.M7SAGITTARIUS do polio.TOO horrible. d"t>r** lag.>>ulda:t:
any good anyhow. '
Ho sued the Cbrualstsudths Ku glut Ilea u WHERE. SPEND MONEY IN ORDER TO '
23rd thru but then the national Foundation
the tjrptaoforsanlsatloaa attains to advance their" .. -ZZ.15-38.IU MAKE MONEY BUT THIS Born Nov PISCESBorn called

power Gad prtatltG b- shag civil) rithta aa a NEWS IS NOT LIKELY TO Dec. 21st Feb. 19th thru on the AMrleaa people to Join In w.
GEMINIBorn March 20th tn.nblpStJa science to tllmiaat this:
May 31st thru tre4 dis* t. Result
: jto .on; polio U>aaU"
Uos.szo.ee.II.7&m YOU
June 21stTMERC THE THINGS THAT HAVE to vaccine developed t.roa&a.2are' '
HAPPENED UP Till NOW Dines-financed research.
VASH1NO1UNPII' ( -The hospital Council>> of the ARE" NO LIMITS TO MAS INSPIRED YOU UP TO
MAY BE ONLY a PRELVBEOr Birth defects are
Natloaal capital Art .haa uaaalMOual- approved THE SURPRISES YOU CAN VIRGO THIS POINT. VYIN ir YOU store frSlbt..lal
TME STARTING' SURPRISES them least *** *
tht aaalsmtot of rooms' to patltnta sad appolat EXPECT THIS MONTH TMISOUARTER Born Aug. 23rd thru ARE RUNNING UP AGAINST iiv1 children an
YOU STILL HAvE C94MNG, born each .
'' .ar.Ian't ,
a.t of staff pa-alclaas without regard to net. HAS ITS FULL Sept. 22nd SOMC OPPOSITION YOU CM
TAG council Btattatat also Bald that adaUlatra SHARE or MEW TO OFFER EASILY SWEEP IT ASICE THOSE WHO ARE SHARP It aboat tine 'we took the 'Too

the staffs aoouldbtfrtt of racial dlacrltlaa.tion YOU, ALL or TNEM GOOD. THERE ARE OPPORTUNITIES AND WIN YOUR NAT TOTNSTOP. WILTED MAY EXTRACT a Secret label oft the birth defect probe

and. that the Issue of lattcrattd staff aadpatlmtG THOSE or YOU mo All INLINE GALORE FOR THE VlRGOANS THOSE or YOU WITH CLVt rROM TNt STATEMENTSOP 1 sand recognlged it De U.. rational health
Alit BEHAVIOR tf LGVEB tleaaee It really II?
MAT Tilt PUTWRC IS Linn MOM YOU ME M Ml AUtTERMS. rent sore comfort than
SHOULD HAVE MO THEM TO GREAT jut. rhsigiag the
BRING FORT. CM MM EL YOVG toOBl CO*. subject -taee their birth
"GU horn ADVAftcts' nuisroQAINRWIUX CAUSE FOR OIl>>'OIII""o.T. TO VANTAGC. THE REWAABSOf defect childra


ors1a Advisory ODaalulosj to the 0... CMsilaaloB] KIM 01 DEPRIVE NOTHING COIIIT'"CTIYILIIIII AND SPECIRt PRIVILEGES You dimes t.DCI dollars CODtrlbahd
YOU AMD iou..ELFlat. to the
oa Ciiil Uttts sat praised several GcortlG O>R>* MAY GE SIGHT TNSRC WITM FOR Tilt CAUSES. ClVCROMANCE AND a eisTiNCTADVANCEMENT GIVING YOU ABOEGCAM4 larch of DIMS this.omth'cu uPHd

.attits for liprovtatnta la .baits rtlattoaa.dtr YOU TO CELEBRATE AN .11 THESlCCT.lf.JJG.Stt TO VV9MCT THAT the dar then birth defects Join polio oo

mild that URBVlsG of wca<< progress asp be ASTONISHING BUTMVORABITOUTCOME HEEGS AH Ttj ,TMCdCNANCt KQt ,WHAT IUTU.1.- 10111110'1 1C W1.0.V7044l4.BI.p4 the roster of medics! problem. carted:
focad ia RTttaa-lct, Atlanta sad OaliMvillt. or ONE SORT 411 U Soh ell.'RE .

. -


1 '
SATURDAY UNBIIY '!'. 1355 mini slit PAWS !U 5

:Socially Speaking Benevolettes Culminate Year -With--- Charity Gateway Plans First Auiilliary MeetThe R-

". BY LOUIES cmxt AID Oatetay Auiilliary l 9ro: delivery I I IMr.

Chrlstsas iM4 is No. 3131 of World ffar I
ao Jut a BOBoryfor sass Veterans U.S.A. Inc. ,
ple.ssot and tor sass. IIDtortwlate1,. othtrHaa.i will bold its first
.* Mrs. uses latraa.37M St.. Boy.
'ortaaatetr.lIow., '.,. the Ra. Isis it roll of .eetlof of the year 2:00
bops. rreatide Dr.. 01 ri. Mr. Mrs. Ollls Jones,
serres'to N..N.lighten N N.,..sagging'.' spirits P. .. Saturday at the MrS Mrs. Orlaa Rims, 2570 Bpirea St., 01 rl.

Classie Usslss .Joaeph Jaaea Coasualty lOSS t. 23th St. Girl, Mr. ft Mrs liaison ff.,

SOS during the holidays Bridge Club la the heldltsannual Japonica Road luch-boos I Canter. .13th and Oruathal Mr. S Mrs. .Jaata tllty, Moss St. 1131 Grist

of nt tun. Streets.All ISM Y. aitt St., 01 rl St.. Boy
.Uta'aDd'the eichaoee of Chriataas leabtrs are urgedto Mr. S Mra. Jaits Joan128) Mr. Mrs. Clarinet

''Uabrella" prellahUoaohUta of btsutlful attend this initial son, S. 32nd St.. Plucktrs 1738 I. 23th
to gusts along with th. a- atttlnc oa the calendaryear.
Girl. It., Boy
wrdint of bridge prii:, added to the R
enjoyaont .
of the afternoon. Mr. S Mra. Jaata Bryan Mr.* Mrs. l.D. Lockttt.
Margaret Books are still open 144} Y. IS St. Girl. 1752 ff. 43rd St. Olrl.Mr. .
Natbls wa. top scorer la the brlditSWllOD.
for new aeabers. Anyone Mr.* Mra. Nina lat.ra.1II0t Mrs. Jaas Od ea.
connected with World far
Quest player laeladtd Callahan St. Boy 2142 McOiade St. Girl
Alronla Scrlren.Qoalse I la anyway is eligible Mr.* Mra. tillit Jones
LeBlaac Thelaa Mrs Mrs. John Jo ha aoa.
Lola. Booatr. Johnnie
for itabtrahlp.
.11, Annie B. Mlnatee Ana Moan. Ulsabath 1831 W. 34th si. Girl. 2183 Mc&adt St. Boy

Redding. Hat*] Flak, sybil Butler and Florence Mr. Mrs. Morris Mane. Ir.MlU. Curtis Thoaaa,
VA Questionnaires
Johaaoo. 2532 lUaU lit. Girl 2MO MlBtlaad St. Girl
Mr.* Mrs George Pitersoa.Rt. -
' las dab's aosbtrahlp sttlBCDaprlied of He] onToaey ) Query IncomesThe 1. Sot :283. Mo- Charity Club

\ centre Henderson Qracs 8111... Dorothy \ VA'a annual incest Clew, Fla. Boy.
011ver Sara 'nlht. Margaret Methls. JuaaltalllHaas Qiitatlonoalrta will beculled
Mrs Mra. John Andrm. Slates Banquet'
Carolyn Washington, Joan Spaaldlai, Mar- ,3ftllUiRrwLm'IS \'." to 70.000 VA pea-
_._ 481 Dr. Orange
Caret Stoles. Ml DO It Oadllng. and Alrtta AU. stoners la Florida at
................. Clue aDd Social Club, M the cine project to culalaato the the end of Nou.bu. Park, Pla. Girl. ST. Auault"lu..n.ADcll1t .
net year, presented the Hope Haren Children'a Hospital with a 3130 check. Mr. ft Mra. Vaaaie J.coUler. city Charity club
Ins Murrey, prtaidant of Lie ditto Bridge Club Ruts' H. "llaon. vA ..- la
tiring a banquet la
Mra.. 827 2nd Ate.
latroduced Shown froa left to right are: Mrs. Maggie Mays Trea. Owns Kdwarda dab
bald nests and aeabers at the dab a luacheoa president: Nurse Lawton, and Mra. Alas Harley, club aaalatwt aecrttary.Bo tonal Manager announced JackaoavUle Mich.Pl s. honor of Dr. R. .. May-
harlot the Holidays la the Ketchts ofPythias today
hag DDS., prtaideat of
( ?.l Arts Studio< Photo) .. Boy.
Building located oa Broad Street Mr. ft Mra. Eugene Mar the local chapter of the

Dorothy Rich scorers Oliver Tong Lydia tests Swttt included sad Doris Sara Jones.Sri gbt Ot-. WEDDING Out With The Old......In With The Hew.,.... rlaoa Girl. 2534 Darts St. loathers Conference ChrlattaaLea4erahlp

otra Bhttltr qualified tor the ctoor prize BELLS Mr.* Mrs. Jaata Thou. Pour Youths, who spent

Sinners of club prizes w rt venal MoQ oe. *ll a- Alphoaao Scurry. 2949 : 1811 f 17th St. Olrl. sli aoaths la a cor

beta Jones and Annie R. Mlnatee. Anther Court. 32 and Mr. a Mrs Oscar Pit r.e'lolal laatltutloa
Guests present ladadtd Lydia sweet. Otraldlat '
2414 N. Myrtle for ptacefal plcketlat
Patricia Ilia, 1307 V "
Hllllard. Dorothy ollrer. Margaret Button. Little Qirl.Mr. will also be honored.
13th St. 33. ,.;:' ':'1... A"
Harris Glory Brooks Margaret state Cathtrtoa Jails I. Hlaaoa, -T423Ptraandlaa 1YB .* Mrs.Claude trltht/ The banquet\ will beheld

Jackson Hyrtls no.... Alfrslda SlMoas. DorisJones. Aft 31 and 1883 W. ntb St. Aft. 2, Jan. 15. 8:30: p... at the

Mary Jones Rorttaat Ir..IItoa. rule Shirley, Ana Wright 1710tutltdce Boy, Holiday laa. For rtetrvatiota -

Viler 0 Dtra Bhttltr. and Bras Morgan. Are. ::e. Mr Mrs. illlleOolphia call VA 8-8408

Carolyn Rtadtraoa. daughter of Mr. and Bra. I. Carl .I.... Tfcoaae, Coluabui > 1823 Mccoalke or write P.O. Boa T5..
Edward Rtadtraoa and a student at BethuaeCbokaaaOolltit. Ji
Oa.. 29 and Lo-
served as boeteoa.Mrs. .
................... raise T- McIntosh, st
Augustine, PI L. 29.
Lau eta Natthewa of p.t.nbar.1rcSII.. aad
Headtraoa M, Brleklty.Jr. .
daughters Caaaaadra sod 11'Ou'w' tutata of meT > 1
22 and Bttty JBlabaao.119 EJik1iI11IgEiEIuiPIMPLU!
!asu Bartoni during the Talttldt.Bra. Medians St. II
Matthew was tattrtalatd vita a trip to fttt ti t eukmg \
18. I .lAtMtt,IUIMA TUTU Trig un auttuiutOM
Pall Bsac Msrlatlaad. and at social fractions >I ....M.I..N..a .- ....... .... ..MM.... \1 I
Roht. Anthony Jefftrsoa. (_' lw.i rN..1.1... t_ : : .. ... .. ... '
given by Mr. and Bra. Horace Shlpp and Mrs. Thelaa rMr."two a_' ...neNM :J ,....
Ala. 24 and Mtttie -..-............ ..... --
Johnson respectively. .............................""' LOVBUON OOM LOMIOMI
................... Bryut.2035 24. I. 18th St. ::=.w M..,'..=='MI/,. ;I ra '1M p.1.....N....- vr.r': I
P WH< I M *** .in. ft !. ..:=
Anniversary :: =

las Thus Clot Ian held its Thirty-fourth Jaaes C. Prlae, Rt 9 **" ** "*'*. '
... ",, UM" .kJtMMMWlMMS: 3 ? :.=.=
Duct tee Mosday after chrlstaea IB exhibition Bog sa I. 31 and Annette I .. "' ""r ...:;. .. -- I
Rail of Clvie AadltorlttB. L. Taylor' taahinttoa. MRS ATTIC DEVOUX.tpait hoiteee at the Edge-mod Lounge Is shown preeeatlag I ::::. n .'rte':-wan...::' N t:.eei:.

Music was famished by the Al Dowalai land froa D.C.. 25. At reetmtloa book .>jo the Bet botteee, Mrs, 'Thtlrltae Copelaal The coaple-
'-- -'
It. Peteraburc Florida. Melria. Brota, Jr. tar of Mra. Derovi'e _Ioystat at the Lounge lessee s long list of frlende l KIN.SUCCI.. =
...... ..... .....
will poaltloa silk a leading ooaeietios fine ,
Chleflaad. Pla., 27 and lad acqualataacta. Ehe aaauae a
Hills C. Kill a Junior dill hI student at Btharn Dorothy L. Burroughs
wiled College apsot the holiday Bars .lta
Coooa. 27. Mrs. Chester Hosts
his site, Moaarts sad daiihttr Strtta. Salter Barahall. Sr. .. "

Ira tint serves- as a dtotal kyienlst.for. thtstaU. 1843 W. 27th' St. 83 and Industrious Club ; '

Leon 2079 B.
17th It., 27.Robt. 'ThesaaJoee taJuetrto "
of The Bartoe L .Joaaaoaa
Mlriaa Johasoa.daachttr
Let Slaaoas. 3300 Club 1111 attt site Mre.tthtl .
of Florida Afaoas raporttd, a pltaaast sty laJadiaoavillt
Moncrltf 14. U and 0 itMoatcoatry Chteter. 1228 Be-
dariac th holidays. 3300 MoacrltfRd.
Coplhe Coart. 8iM p.a.
Miss John tea la trod Orange KM Jtrsay, tad is a ., 31.Darlle. I&hr411,
an lor at Ratitrs Ua1"nt t1. Ltt Illllaitr.S32 Mcllaslt.prteldtat ,
Its Beatrice III IIII
Davie It. 28 std of the organisation
A grand t? Bt of the past Holiday atasoa aa Us llaora aillard, 1413 .111 dtllrtr the

party bald la the Jtrott Road Boat of 1'.'. aadlyrtls Darts It, 22. first .....,. of the at.

itoaat. Onsets of honor sirs Ordtlphla Richard J Allr.... Jr. year to tht group MM-
Xroach of Ntt Tort City and arts Itatchtaoa of IOU Mc tade St. 20 aad Mrs are srgtd to att e dpn I

Ml sal.Othtr. Barbara J. Balth IITIIUHrt. ttly.Appltcatloae. JO/

citats ladadtd Harry Mollaad.. of Oak ."'. Rd. 20. a.coted

11"0'"tlqSII&; bait a Stirs of Miami and Otorit Allen A. Dtret, Jr for set ushers bare

Isle of Ml ail.ntta 3233 Ollaort St 22.... ,.. placed oi the ..U*
..................., 2/o
Dorothy Mat Slraaae.OilUaa. tsg list sod till btecrttied
Phi aa.ttr of 0>t.a Pl Pat Prattralty. Ca 20. at nil tie.

las. held a tonal tsstallattoa aolrtt Tuesday Bddte lice, 930 DarlsSt.

...1.. at KdttwMd ...|.. 21 aid Lose tee Pallbearers gas

Carl Jahaaoa, a local AtUraty aad a hauler. ofUs Is raa. Ju Besets Fla. .

frattralty, ofHclally pltttd Into ofHct John. 21. To Meet Tuesday

R. Jacaaoa. basilJree D. AJftrd. rltt teat Artist Oarle 1480 Pallbearers Dales L.04.. IAHK.GUARAHmD rrnm(

lows; trattt WlI|__. '...tr of records aad seal; Pie ride A"t. .If aad & aPea1 1238 will, soot 7.30, p...
Illlir L A .. 111, knvtrof nsaact; 12..0104 P..l1. In I Mb ,...hl at the hoot of ..1 an. ytartlmo, .artlH/.to8to

.h Btaks, editor to the article; and RadolpfetwUala. It. 30.Alpketae. the Ire prttd.at, Bra. kH htllfltlMUarollt sad 1111.

his e t pla4
St. 22 e..J Po*< ODll,t Orcle now paying

.1. t... ttrltMllt nit nth tfc. prttldaat.BlMarqttrtte

oea St. 17 D..... pretlflag.tw '
Jacob L. Q...... Jerksesrlllt Mttlag alleeatabere n,

Pla 28 aad to pay their .

tty Ass BeCalla. Jet.Pla. dt.e aad eadDtovataAfter .

30. tht attltg. e..-
Caas C ffllllM*. ",""t.Mr. Mra will ft ....rhl..d I

..* *, n L II adRote sits aa sold bait n., .10/

M.Raff, 2738' Reall" are cried U shied 5Cc

tee It. 30. at.

.s( 'J 4' CeittetTHII -

rII, IJ. ,_ 'AJ ,.,., ;. ; ". ... II'! M

... A .e4 AM... KMf IL 4 '-." /


,e WHITIKQ(? UrnLB.. 32'II M ,... ..* 9.vU. ... fltw'We1

grtCiM ."""C Vtrr Mitt* tf. .lrf. tuel ....,...w.4
... ...... ,.,. w ..1..w -
t1I .-. lit eo. ...... wtflry.




-....__w..r ran ..... .... M er e..rw
Invites You To LUtm To-




.... '- .. ..........

Hill: till UH: wre.r e..gw.Rua GROUND 'IOOR.THC PRUDENTIAL BUUWNQajgMftU *

IUPP L55 u. ..
Sitirlif I ,... 'Ill 12 yea.

1400 WIMC 1400 LARGE FLOUNDER a 4T4 ,

-- ----------.--- : __. -_ : : : _

J k. I

//li '''PitE 1 e 'E' ,. j 'FLOilDA 'STH PAPERS SUOiDAY JANUARY !. 1185 I

,' Central Baptist Installs See A_ Familiar Face In The Group Program 36th AnHlvesary Of lion I HopeTo

I New Officers For 65th YearAfter yr. Continue Through January 18th

completing the election and Installation of The' 36th anniversary of Zion Hop Baptist Church: and its pastor Mr. FiR.

officers Central Baptist Church now sores forward Simpson will begin: Jen. 10 at 3 P.". SlId continue through Jen. IS.
with renewed hope and expectations. ..._.,......_....._.....uu. ..._.._ ...
._ .._ ...._... .
The pastor Rev. K. U duu. ......... Devotion sill be conducted In charge; Mt. Olive cons Charles McCormick

Leander Joota and his will begin at 5:45:: p.m. rL by Deacons Ralph Primitive. Tabernacle Frank with ChurchesIn

fully were the elated The evening serrlca will Albert and Joe Leroy. Baptist and Creator New charge, Antioch Baptist. .

recipients of Many delectable begin at 7:00 p. .. The Rev 8.P Donald will Jerusalem Baptist. Rev St. John Baptist

repasts and Baptismal rite. will be preside.Bel ecUOI1l.0101r ends J.M. Dixon I.E First Corinth and Abyssinia

gifts froa members during administered at this 5; Welcome, Mrs. Jessie ToaD and '. A. Mack Baptist.Jan. .

the holiday. season. time. Williams; response, will preside.Jan. 12 Devotion, J.C.

TIlt weekly actlrltles Monday at 6:30: p... the fJ Phillip Alback; Churches' 11 Deration. DeaBrawster Thomas and Deacon H.L.

of the church are as Missionary society will L Johnson Churches In

follows: cfet. Mrs. P. V. Ojiarter- charge St. Matthew a.,.
Sunday School will con un president, has asked Methodist Hospital tilt and First Timothy

vent at 9:30: .. .. with that all members wouldbe Wednesday aught Rev

Mrs. M. Evangallne John present and on time. Observes 64th Anniversary H.H. Wright of Evergreen

son presiding.At Tuesday at 7:00 p... the ; Baptist; Rev. ....
the 11:00: O'clock regular Bible Study will Brewster Methodist Hospital observed its 44 years lor Mt. Calvary and

Hour, the pastor will be conducted with the of community service by holding a gala banoiet for Rev. C.C. Daniel of Mt.

apeak on the subject '1 pastor Rev. R. Leander the medical staff Advisory Board of Directors and Caramel Baptist Church

Have A Job for You. Jones In charge. Weekly special guests. ........................ will have charge.Program .
Music wi U be furnishedby basic hospital services.It
Prayer meeting will begin During the program belt I
Senior choir 2. with yxPICNRED..are challenges governmental -
at 8:00: P.II. lo the hospital cafeteria -
Mrs. Quisle rise Tuckerat hospital and PlannedThe
Wednesday at 8:00 p... the doctors and I
console. Usher proprietary hospitals by
the Senior Choir 2 will hold board reacted I sunbeam Spiritual
Board 2 will serve. the Utlaore singers, who will celebrate their 17th anniversary members giving Christian leadership
The regular B.T.U. HourWorship Its' rehearsal. Sunday night January 23, at the Mt. Ararat Baptist Church annei. their pledge of Christian I and moral Inspirs- Singers will render aprogram
Friday,8:00: p... senior How of these ministry by dedicating i at Greater St
msny youngsters da you know? Taken In 1995, the picture represents tin to all persons lathe
Choir I will hold its' the renovated Jack H. Mark Baptist Church 8:00
youngsters that are well on their way. Into natality.The person who can recognize community and In :
rehearsal. All members the largest number of faces Wblttlngton Memorial p.m. Sunday In Mayport
In the picture will receive a prize from the particular the coaplei
of both choirs are urgedto Singers In behalf of their anniversary. Clip this picture and test your memory. Laboratory and the adult framework of the healing Sponsored by Rev. w. C.

attend. Bring it to the anniversary celebrations with your nursing station and alalstry.In Roberts, the program

patient rooms.Featured Times of cbsnglngneeds will feature various

Parents Teachers To Conduct at the affair In a world of singing groups of the
I was Miss Ease Burrls, city
challenging opportunity,
Annual Workshop At ArliRgloRI : head of the Methodist we find that freedom and
E.:9rmiijurtjAEa1 hospitals of the women's
tension are closely Mother
District Four) of Florida Congress of Colored Parents and Teachers Association, ) :; division of the board of synonymous. Brevster Midway

will conduct Its annual workshop tonight and Saturday at Arlington Elementary! .Issionsof thr ..etbodlltchurcb. rich history for ever

School according to Mrs. Addle Rasberry, president.The all decades has met AME News

today Begins and,........................... APOSTOLIC CHURCH OF 000 In Miss Burrla' speech these changing needs and
program of Colored: Parents According to an announcement
at 7:30: P.m.. with Teacher Association as Ingram, group leader; The services Sunday In the Apostolic Church of abe emphasized the role baa provided Christian by the pastor

A.r., Osgood Jr.. pre.l.dmt speaker. J..... Bryant, Mrs. A. cokley: recorder God by Faith begin with the Sunday School at 10 of a church r.l.t.dhOlE Inspiration> and leadership of Mother Midway AMC
aa.Morning service .t 11:30 ....' )it'al In a total com-
of Florida Congress: principal of Bryant Academy :Civic Responsibility, : 1'11. Sunday School to the services of Church Rev J. W. Jones
lesson la, "'DI. Temptation of Jesus" ,unity and said: "The
Tulee will be E. Hunter, Monroe Patterson and will be the total patient before trustees rites will beheld
discussed by Elder Samuel] Forehand pastor 'The unique position of a hospitalization, during
Clarence Felder soloist, and Mrs. Rss- Mrs. Mary Washington Sunday throughout
consultants pastor will also deliver the morning Message churchrelated hospital capitalization and
berry will preside. the c1Q.A11 officers and
Named Sl. Paul's Saturday. sessions beginat Claude Hunter group Tuesday and Thursday at 7:30 P..., prayer meeting. goes far beyond the following hospitalization meabers are pried to

8:30: .... with Mrs. leader Mrs ChristineBlue MACNOLIA MPTIST to retarn to a full discharge their duties.
Choir I President Edith T.Jo r. work.hop recorder. Sunday Rchool begins at 0:49: ..... In Magnolia Musical Caravan and productive life. Books are open for the

chairmanpresiding. Mrs. Room Representative Baptist Church.Mornlng service at 11 o'clock. Holy For two days prior to financing of tbe'n.ral
Communion service st S p.m.Choir 2 and Usher Board Scheduled SundayA the observance, Mlaa
Membership Mrs. Susie
Clarence Felder was Georgia Lewis pre.1dSlt, budget members are requested -
elected president of Northwestern School, as Shelton, Mrs Daisy 2 will serve throughout the day, and Rev. '.8. "musical caravan"sill Burrla had met with many to get aa early
Thelma Peoples, pastor will deliver the sermon. be hospital officials in
Choir 1 at st Paul AMt song leader.Workshop Prince, Mrs. Ray, presented Sunday start.
Church In a reeent election consultants consultanta; Claude ODESSA STREET CHURCH rLord's at 8 p. .. la Eaverson reappraising the mission The order of servicesfor
Day Bible School begins at 10:30 .... In
Hunter leader of the Methodist
group ; Street
of officers. are: Character and Spiritual Baptist church the second Sunday of
Odessa Street Church of Christ with
Other Education Home Mrs. Ethel Pollard, re Earnest Tuff tIt Caver ton St. church. the la
officers electedare and William Neablt la year am folio:
charge. Morning .service at
: Mrs. Eardean Taylor and Family Life Mrs. corder. 11:45: o'clock. Charles John son. will I deliver the The apoasorlag orgaalaatioa Elder DavisObservance Sunday School at 0::30
first vice president; Aldonla Joyner, CharlesWllllans Health and Safety: Wai announced the a.m. with the Superintend
lace Rasberry consul .... Youth Bible Class at 4 p.m.. and Sisters will
consultants program feature the
Mrs. Hattie Wilson second ; ant, Mrs. 8. C. Hart
tant Mrs. Ernestine Taylor Bible Class at 4:30: P... latest la
vice president; II fl. Mrs. Alma Cash, group ; gospel and la charge. Morning worship
PRESTON BAPTIST (1901 Tutee BC ) Elder Moss Davis will
group leader; Mrs spiritual selections.
L'Qieatra Everett recording leader; Mrs. Ruby Wilson will begin prollltb
recorder Juvenile Hannah Holman recorder Sunday School begins In Freedom Baptist Churchat Aaoag the observe his third anniversary
secretary;, Mrs. ; groups appearing at II O'clock aad eveningworahtp
Each school la the 10 ...? with Deacon John H. Rogers la charge.Attorning as a gospel
are the
dla- Gospel
teals B. Walton, seal Del1n J1S1q. Judge LanarWlnegeart. < : will start at
st ant I Mrs. Mary Richardson Jaws Snlth, trict has beeri"We& to.. !; service at 11 b' clod!; evening service, TrottersHeavenly Fire singer Jaa. IT la Abya- 6:30: : p.m.TTusteeaclua.

financial secretary Dozier Varner, consul send three representa S: 30 o'clock; preaching by Rev John L. Montgomery Singers McCsll Gospel aisle Baptist Church, leaders

i ; Joseph Coppock, tats; Joaelle Wilson, tives. pastor. Singers.John ton. and the beginning at 8:30 p... choir 2 sad usher board
: corresponding secretary; group leader; Mrs. Mary BAPTIST Jsalo vale Chorus of Appearing os the program 2 will serve throughout
Mrs. Willie Mae. Forte, Robinson recorder, Gamma Rho Omegas Rev Eddie Taylor, pastor of Mt. Zion Baptist Little Rock will bathe Gospel Chores the day. The public Is
Church south side, will, deliver the sermon Sundayat of the Church of God.
chaplain; Bennett, Also School education, cordially Invited.
treasurer and J.L. Roberta Dr. H. James Greene Plan Observance 7 P... la St. Paul Baptist Church. Choir 1 Church Officials Rose tee Grace Mrs
and the Choral Group will render the CCMING ATTRACTIONS
Jr. reporter. consultant; Mrs. Alice music and Alice I stow and Boston
Osama Rho Omega Chapter Usher Boards 1 and 2 will) """ Sunday School at See NassauChurch Singers Arthur Goodman. January 22-2 --Flret

of Alpha Kappa Alpha 0:30: ..... with Deacon Edward Jefferson, Mra. L.V.Crumady officials enJoyed Mary Goodaaa ualoa Quarterly Conference

Another Fortunate Purchase Sororltjr Inc. will ; Miss Theora Legglaa and Deacon Braiton a pleasurable Gospel &1...,.. Andrew February 10--01 strict

sponsor its annual AHA Love In charge. Morning service at 11 o' clock.ST. business trip to the McCall and A. McBride.Goodwill Conference
$125 Human' Hair Wigs Week Feb. 2128.Other.activities. Wit BAPTIST
Bahama Islands recentlywhen February 14"Trustees
will Sunday School begins at 0:30: ..... la St. Luke laymen. attended the Mass Centennial AaalversaryFebruary ,
Get them while last. Include the Health Program Baptist Church with
they Percy clalrette la charge. Annual Conference of the 1st. 2$--Cbolf I
Bridge Night, at Morning service at 11 o. clock. loll Communion will llth Episcopal District AnniversaryThe sad Richard Allen Club

al i $ ,48.50KEYSTONE night at the Theatre and be administered at 8 p... Rev. M.J. Trow.ll. pa. la Nassau. Goodwill Hollaesa Annual TeaSHOP
TravelogsisterhoodNight. tor, will deliver the semns.PIIARIM
STORE Mrs. Csallle BAPTIST On the Steamship ei* Fellowship Maaa Cabs
cursloa were Mrs. til lie will observe Its firstaaalversary
I Thompson Is general Sunday School Sunday at 0:49: .... with the Superintendent a To a Iuoav
5O9 Broad ST. Mae Hart. prealdeat of Jam llw n out, 3.7$41 .
EL 42567 chairman. in charge. Regular services will) pre'rail the laymen's orgaalta- la Mt. Ararat Holiness
with Rev. 8. steward pastor la charge. INixtau uiful PARE
lion at Create Memorial Church 2018 w. 9th St.
NEW BFim AMt AMK Church ...d.et h. Monday. sight Jerusalem JlEQ t
Services Bun day. la New Bethel AM Church will]) .... office holder la vartoaa Holiness C..rclIIIll

\ 3 sin with the Sunday. School at .: 10 .,.. with Superintendent church and chic .onsut' have charge TMsday

_____ Frank 1.. kna.1Oft la charge. Mtioma here la Jacksonville sight St. Joseph Spiritual HAI CO1IUUM
The morning service begins at 11 o'clock. 'iv -
; Mra. AU. .. Byrd.a Holtseas Temple isIs Free
w.p. Ball Jr. pastor, will preach.n. ateward at Orsats PrkJB 2 Acres
830 Cassat AVI. PETtM .hViPTISTSuaday charge. ,
Memorial Alt Church; Mr. Jaamary IX First Bun
3101 Emerson services la 8t. Peter Baptist Church be Fells site State pr*.- Temple I la charge Jan. RED &HIPSr

gia with the Sunday School at 0:30: .... Moraiagservice Ideat of the llth Episcopal 18. I Joha MenacesCharch
1824W.Beaver at 11 o'clock and eataeq aura meme -
evening service at 7 District of theLaymeaa la charge. Jaa, tern Par=
i o'clock. In stall at loo service will be conducted, and Mr. Frlaee
17. Mt Ararat MollaeaaCharch
and Rev Lee McQieen will preach the seraoa.FOUNTAIN Icl.to'.odate
la charge with
CHAPO of th layaea.AccordlM the services begissisg
BIG lOSALE Trustee sail\ Mortgage Day .111 be observed la to the public with the Suatfay School

Fountain Chapel All church Aiaday, according to relatloaa director. Mrs.Lemvlala At I P.a. State Cvaagellst -

Rev. .. ,. Jcaea. pastor T. Harriet. the Rattle Mae Roala- I

FLA. THRIFTY BRAND The services egla with the Suaday Kchool at tromp brought bach uhf aoa of Sapient will .e
0:30 ...., with Bupeflatendent Ik Jorne* la charge. ealigatalsg report. the specter..
At 11 ...., morning service. All choirs will serve

STEWING HENS aDd the pastor will preacm. Cveniag service at 7
o' c1od1. M T-ISJRD.AC ..$35$$
NAcnom pRiMinw Volkswagens u CHIVY II wmS1

AT THIS HKI Services Bus day la Mseedoala Priaitlv Baptist r* f a\SJV V75'Satt. .T. *Un

NECIf"ii LB. lOcPIG Church beds at 0:30: .... with the today School IvJO JP nr** *"'WWS"".*"

with Mrs. L L. Stokes I. charge Moraisg serviceat DOWN p
11 o'clock. Serena by aa mppoUte. 51 M-s.-i l LDitaw$ Id J
TAilSMULLET .fORD .1 70S r
AimOCN BAPTIST .1Mi M d.mhn _. SlOtS'

Antioch Baptist Charch will begla Its Bviaday services $3 YRoi 11T1'mn! '""Fi29s

with the Saaday School at 0:90: .. with 1I: ,u,_ HK- *. .. .. .sae a.

Deacoa Morris M. Mans la, charge. Moraiag service d'Mm1htT Kf1y U OL1 t H ACtOMroRovso

at 11 o' clod; seraoa by tee J.J. Joaem, pastor /4OLZ m t...
FRESH I 4can. l
'.3 $2995
Evening service at 4 o'clock. -
tJ \,, ... ....

YUMA TOES 8BDDND Regular BCTHHL worship services will k* held Boaoay la I :;1t2h\f":. W U-PAWOV RJtnI:80. ..llt"i 5

Second Bethel) Baptist church ..d...., with the i dYrth."Ttr'.SlSlS d1m.tlru fA

Svaday School at 10 .... with amperlateawemt >. I sr.r'-.x11/S: .r
FRESH HEAD C loan la charge. Morajag" servfc at 11 o'clock and Iri&ffrA! : 1f1
...1., service at 4 o'cl ck.CniDSSIANS : I d1uiVDrP.c.1 as ;
sMLim r--IIT": :
LETTUCE Colloelaaa Baptiat teal will Maim Its teamay .rFo1n o.o......tn., r'.:-w: m w"t"
-- sea r_ ....
services with Baaday school at 10 ..*., with Dw -

IUSH ooft ge.r.see IIIU..,.. Alter Ierkleomisdare.Iermiag clay Ttmicht Til 0 00 e..rr 7 K wuns a -CIII

service at II: |$ .'clock. Choir X mill us...--'- 155M
aerve.MOlBrjrt. R. S. EVANS3RD
BANANAS MCTrustee ft. anus tm cw
--- -
Dy will b. oha. .rr 4 Bmaday la Bee Bethel & MAIN -- :
*- ytirtJ
AlE Qu'dt according to .... r.U 'Tyro' pasta = ==

The service aeglaa milk thefeuday Bck..l at 0: 30 "' 'JM!
BTU IK,, in IIIHT Sill M III II tlllltl 4 ..... with a...rt.t..., J.Ri...raom la caarga. B: 44X1 -Et .t)4 1 wee emnma.e

4 ... 1

I \ .
Ii: .. _

.h''.......:""' II 1}

, (

," c UIIIDA .mi rmi. Mir s

Grlorys Spend Merry COED Chits With lustructorLr4T GI 'lasuraace Negro RevolitleH Moves

;1 XMas In \f .,.'k.I' .. Policies CUB Into Business ,EmpleyRieRtNM I

OOCAOO-(ifloick Orstory and f.. ","<".l.f'., Re Modified' TOW-(NPI)--The' Negro Revolution already
to Chicago Chrl stats Day-plaa-one solidly entrnched In public facilitieshss. opened
,plltrlBtte to Mississippi where th. A nee plaaofperBsaent a new front the world of business and aaployasnt.Btreeslnt .
'dlstrlbutlnt'aearly 12.000 Christmas f 01 Insurancwcalledaodlfled ......................
needy ftalllss--both black sad whlte Ilte" --is the fact that fled Negro personisl.
the lists.Dick's ......... f being Bade available to "Negro" gains wiU aeu However there U the
J nothing unless they
count on the Miriutppi.'In all holders of National tragic part of the search
11 let jobs and are -
trip its sailed up In P'y Service Life Insurance prepared put bluntly by one business
these torts: 0 peiieoces through the new lay for the Jobs analyst:
opanlni to thea, civil
'1 had taa best Chrtstaa parted u". which re-opens NSU for Tor American bust
In ay life" said: "it disabled veterans of tights leaders have nsss, the frustrttlat
launched an all-out *
But he wee DOt content wonderful I orld tar II aad the as aspect rta.iaa the
to rest a PoD his laurels across a food r& Korean Conflict.' sault oa a wide froa t. shortage of Qualified
It Included the fol
for !he departed The VA plane to notify persona to fill the positions
lovdnc Helplnt teenagers -
: 1)
iBBsdlateljr for New fork to those who ,all tent policyholders they offer That
prepare th..I.a.
to do another benefit BO St." at the time of renewal sod the fact that those
2) Finding good joba for
Both he ted his wife Noting that E of the opportunityto ( Negroes who are quail fled
those who
are tr"&f.d.ud ,
Lillian greed that the of the bS obtain "Bodlfled are aoaetlaaa reluctantto
9) helping largeflame
project went over well.Mrs. white life" pollci'.a.Any apply for Job."
find oualinsdNeiro -
oratory has stack .anted: COED> Dollle>> Stafford a aophoMr alaaentary edncatloa aujor at type of National aBploysee.eBpeciallyat

bj her husband throat taint, but college St Petersburg, chats with her uncle Ollle fhlpps who Service Lift Insurance the skill sd and eiecutlve -
all his efforts for civil DO racial of the Science faculty at Olbba JC. More than SOot the ItS stu Including policies already levels.Busiasss IEM

rights aid has par Race) they have or have had relatives who either studied or taught issued, say be leek astsslae SHE IEMII
tldpsted and even been from tarke Dollle la the ward of .... and Mrs. D.L. Gfcsrasn of 725 feat cite. eschantsd for or con reported that V.a. Cor;
Jailed for her part ladasoastratlona. livered In : She Is a INS graduate( of New Stanton 'The nationally recot vetted to this new porattona are intea* this liiilrlif
In the for JC to bras picked her aa tb.Sr.1... Cobra" for the second con plan which will be issued sifytnt their scrubstohlreNsiro
Also mating the trip Chrlataaa .(Photo by Walter Robinson) at lower prealuB ,scientists 01 III Rill
were the Oratory child were shipped rates than the present entlneers and other key
--- -
reD, Lynne 5; and Ml* orated No perasnent plans. personnel.In Is flir

chelle. 3. ne twins, pl... Shell Grants Awarded The "BOdlflsd life" SOBS instances, sc- lily lisluss

bon nine Booths ago family went To Corps Stideits plan provides a level cording to the ...UI..,
howerer. spent the the plane. Negro College prealua through the coaptales are wllliat 145 mill IK.HOLL'Y'S
holidays with Irs. Greg The birds life of the Inaured. to sped thousands. of .
The Shell CoBpanlea P&undktlon. la corpora ted. an-
ory' a sister la Ohio. altnaeot of However the face value tjollare to recruit quali
aouaeed today a programs to support 30 collegeacholarahlpa
Both! of the older given out at "(NPX)..R. will be reduced nom
lor; oualined Negro students over thenext
.i'dilldrea sirens thrilled trlbutloa ;.,. direc five years, ........................ toaatlcally 90 percent
sad happy aboat the for good .. of Booaoale Rio four-year acholar will be aearded each sham the Insured vet BARBECUE
plltrlaste M were their Off threw. la declared cram reachea the ate of
year, for a period of
DbS,., called the 011Achteve.ent UIIECIE
pareata. Typical of a one each In here last Scholar five years beginning In U.
child's reaction to an Clarkadale '''''' aad IMS. tech scholarship At that tias, the ,
ahlpa. will be for Negro IICKI
adventure Into a Dee He said for parti policyholder will ban
students pi analnt careers ranges trOll |2M to $l,
aad haDplacsa-provoklBf "ran. out" la peaceable the option of restoring
IB pre-collete teachlatla 590 a year with the a- IEtf.
pursuit sac Michelle but the deaoaatra roust of each award the full\ sBount of oov-
the fields of catho'catica
Docent upon retuning core aad based eraie by> purdissini or ,
oa Stan PttllMU
ohaatBtry phy-
hotje.tte told her aother. dlatrS batloa. acceptance dinar- life Insurance s
will be :
sice, ttioloty. and gee grants nude to (
1 want to ao back to 1n one :: ) .. the Institutions the without a Bodice ei* t'iULKX '
to announce .. this eral or. eleaeataryacleaeo. students attend. Bslaatlon.AaSrertbtn. IllSCUlI.I.PlUnIS

Trehnch Directs with four policy of The scholarship Beards
The Shell rogadatloaplena ,
faally program will be Bade through h I
to budget D2S.OOOfor
Rights Program cause ee Direc the National AcblevesentBcholarahlp HI. 1 I
the five
I care of the 1 '.. In a ITBW.T year pro Program, a nil NivnpafwfWBI

1 At Howard U. lies. Only scholarships wlfl reedy sntouaced projectof tmJ mlali{ Hit! St., Mttcrlt! If.Hi. .
called oat the Job Ap*

) WASHINGTON.0.C."HowardUniversity .."tel. ao. recruit-reiala Cancer l I. Scholarship the 1 National Corporation Merit Year helms 2- Hinf Ti I

\ PresldsatJSMS of Evanston III.
1 B. Ntbrlt, Jr. to Poll with WOMeN ShowsRecessiea 1471 Ills la" LISA .
day aaaoaaced the .,
polataeat ot Or Arnold Adam .
B. Trsbach. toner Ha- Leader

tlonal Legal Aid and De Called Durtat the year of

fender Association official INI. It Is eetlBSted

as director of the that 1.700 gee caeee of
Calversltys sew Law and House. group dense ceacerwill$ develop
NUMB bights Proiraa that a poll .
( "> (l NP!)*-A wag Plerlda -
The program Is aa la* portedly .. has pre a.. SU'PEk MARK .

terdlselpllaarjr project Adam Clayton T'I.. the so-called AI hoe in tell ton of
sponsored jointly by the ho the "
.' which cancer can aa'bedetect.:
t lu"
Calverslty hater for QUANTITY Ilattn
Deep South>> ed la aaay casss before IISUVID
House la at.

r I the Studies Tout sad and the Coaulty school The poll ... Dmocrtts.. ayaptoae la cwruble appearebea), eoae 100florlda It SPECIALS GOOD tHRU SUNDAY AI EDGfWOOD AND AVENUE I

before the
of Lae.The
will spread eoaea will act
Pageant ...
overall purpose of survive caaeer ef the FLA. GRADE 'A' FRESH '\
has been
la to ..
the provide
program ., preel sterns or wone beceaee
legally tralaedleadership la theoateoao ... Jewish they waited tee I.... DRESSED 1. DRAWN
.:! to help solve coatreeeloael Tie laforeitlee, oh* .
Bald that
BBBJ of the probleaa of The .. -"t *si set talaed free the till PO R K
writer had ,
coateaporssy iocleqeeelrtt received .... .. weald Issue of the AaerleaaCarter
... ere Boclety'a "Caa HENS
coat of
I per ,U.n COB- eer Pact and "..,..*'
Pnjif. Tie Mlfltiitt bers. 23.4 booklet also eoeevata
ud IS per
IirH" ..& that the death rate for ROAST
his II Tli leealsites ,
; itowever, that the cancer ahoes a steady
ressoa to ...11... Although it 4
reported they
seed peer aeaeeetfMereeessd ealy 4 ... ins beam reduted alaeat 19
fled act he. Ir.cte called ,. t. Mirth/' 10 perceat la the peat
'f ef irsr rea eeeesatleaeeairrt the polli -'!here la 11 years, It coal beredated 25

,. fnr yes trite aeabera said .. to rear aeon aere--lf LB. L8.

sifrj vided ...... of very ensue woald havea
unit HUH fsshlaitea be re. -Tap" .....U.. teet

134 .. BiealiM. Cftleese.in cesld be ro. Berth.la Bade as part ef SB aa*

silted .....' ocIIIII. of B.W Baal er stal>essuslheeltt
.. leader (ftechup.no .
sacs peel '"11" test le SUGAR S
.. It off baaed oa the slews oof It flOOR

'R OYAL ART STUDIO .. Mttler stab ef are eut shed' -off orally eellawalck .

615 DAVIS : by llvltt U..... 'The
teduilejie Is rslstlvelysi
f ELan 41894I1TIIU. .. It caa be loco
chat was the ... ef
:. a local anesthetic sad C
(IIIPI).,.... cam be baadled by Beet fS L8.BAG 2 {

;\,: ICIl Ills IllS ...,*tllllM e rwa* family payelelaas.CORE 6L8. 43

"..... OCT PKG.

.z.... Il-CtIen, 111jNsSi me Pram Supports lilt, I x19 15.11 If Ills red srdu 11.11 1 iItl f nH Ir ISIS ISIS erdsr

t Baited
Sirs first .,...last Free Speech

1 el l leis

,. Iitar, Fi-llc- elective MoveesMOBt CENTER CUT LEAN WHITE BACON li.

t Open Dally the die- BtMR.n.Cftllf.>tot

ElttFT TKMT1 .. a radio Ratleaal Mrectsr Jeeee U. S. GOOD III, STEAK 11.
r Parser re.e..tly fie.
her U espreee COtTe

l IKI TH FUEL .eeppert..eecs ...,., .the.. at free tee VITA fOOt APPLE JELLY t n. III 25C

. It Tea Peek ne .. h."II.t Calldnla:

II -. leer Teeter which eilaaied SB P*. McKENZIE FROZEN CUT ORKA 211 1 it. rut. -n
Set Pa erlee ..ccerdlst, to yam' .f T sUleat Slt'ls*
Or,.. *e See Oat, /Ip aera.AMreeelat.
r Co L IUCI qaallty Or a rally er

r hDtrS'" r ever tlOt sUdeats sad 3 '
feoulty Beaeera at Ueaela '
4 9 .'CJI'TDJD..a". n T*tK fUlL eee.es etrss... LETTUCE EXTRA LARGE HEAD 1 1O

A COBPLCTt tl Paver said: "T lefltht
_. lc.1iMrL l.ed. tnllee- ... U Mr Jut
PVs 1fl2 CATJ.m rcm s-o fwiJ ]] BB . If arebadbera.ea
I e... data. ew wwall hope led
:Dnpg II" tI. .
a Ire4 41a.
-..... AlASKA FANCY SALMON au cal 3.e

1117 Sill a S I .9.


PACE I 'ftlllll SUI fAPEIJ i 'SiJDUAY, JANUARY ? '191500V.
I I I IC .
t II' i" --

Pictorial Highlights Of Inauguration

':': i--:; i4 .



: j-

I r




}K f

r. 1

.. ....._. ...." -2.- n I ,Wd'Ii.JZ 7Arfr.
C BOMS addraaalni the atabld faculty ud tttidtot body otan MRS. PIAK. QORE, Mr*. Mildred lures OCT. Hay don.: Burn. rraiant
on pletur are Mrs. Mildred Buna' Provident Our. Honorabl tad Mra. Own W. Gore and bill chainan A. Do Jake Oalthr tall for the OBt. AXDMRS. EAR. r.uaa.om.11 aoillt by Mrs. Cbrt( and Caller I
J. Edwin Larton ud Mr.. 'ttotu D. Ball,. o.ers.K city vie president J.R.C LM Jr.

? M I'nk4rt

u,. q ,,

y 1

I ,

rX Y .

., r k


'" -
RALPH EUGB1E MAULTSBY a ienbr of the staff of the secretary' of OX. RAM>LD BACHMON or the University or Florida conduct the Batted and eacto band per>brsed a single auaber.THFMARCHINO .
Stat*. crwtlpn 1111 n"'ba" Secretary' TOM and Mra. Ad... at right band. of tile University of Florida (ItftFlorida MM (center) and, .
Stanton Bla Devlin the
pass rerlewlng atand.... .
.. ..
mod the new attorney contra.. Karl: Pair cloth POll for candid tbot.JOBHCA Florida Stat Univrtlty./ buds pretented Batted musical nuabtrtBurns'

'ir-- \ .. {:);' .;;\Wl:;::(;!<': < Offered At M. Gilbert Fellowship
". 0\\' "" /j.tJ."Jr.lI'i .. : Tax Courses
.. 'i' The Saturday Nlgfat Fl
n Registration continues prepare! persons to fill
the ,
I \ finishing court loethlp Union 111 end
.M s at Matthew f, Gilbert out tat return for the according to Principal lit first anniversary
:; f Adult School in book period Jan 1 to April I. c. Hndroa fb.lat.at ctltbratloa Saturday
y ,' '.,.. I..j. '!. ... :, keeping and Income tag IS Several, applicationsfor lava governing night vita Elder A.Bolea
r 4 : court**. scow tax are being of the Church of Clod la
a Sit \\1'11' tax court 1* a Hitk joba bat bn r** taught. Christ In charge.H .
," ....., cieved to place
} 4 .. ... : court designed to persons

.. "
,. "
l --t i,. f'i:..

I .,' .
kt -i$ H 'J 'f ., ,'\\)ti>> ,C\\


.I j ,: ,



WILLIAM....nDltlDA STAR rprntativ.and ml ce......'el co.* Sgtt. SMKM Endall sad Solo .
graduate student at Florida stets Unlwalty, !s ram Iton of tilt JackioaTlll Polio Departeat ,. r .
shoes itttlng nag, to.haadd abut fro the mew to the inaugural ball Both officer are FAMtfgradual f '"

Florida ftmmor Haydoa Burn. **. 1
_._ i '
: t
---- 1 : '. l' .

II Tradition ..
Inauguration Shatters I' t
:,. .:..:... ""' t., t

"**\." (FROM PAGE: 1)) Th*. famous Stanton High bault High Sohool sand in the Military unit. r. .-
''Jaiont Mtnl Rdtard1!: Bud along with Pawn and clanking any tank*. 'The world fawua United "'; \

Holt, Joseph H. JeaN, High and Rtbsult arrived Rut to the army tank States Marino Dm and Y
Lit 8Q11", Jerome Slngltary by apMlal train in third spot were tII.IIII'ch1al Ingle Corp. Included .' \1 .\ ic
J. o rdatr sad Leading the parade I" Slut D Tlla. Aaaoh several "Negro aeabr
Mra. Sana: Ralph Maul tilt Marching ohif of of the JaokaoDvlll The tojually rued drill
ttby, Jan.a "J1mmy" Florida Itat UDlur- band paaad the ravitfing tai performed till la* ;
Snttirwhlt alty followed by Rift stand till Oortreor trlcat II count aanual ,:..' ,:
stood in .aalnta, la 4th e hllaaarohlagtlthniedVayoaMa. 1'e
Thy were co..
position follotlai the
U. of Horida Oater Band ended .by a .Ntgra" igt. .. \e-..
major who executed the
oat the Incomparable r' I
Marching 100 of FAMO. eoaaaada with his aabr. .r
slims of the times i* lee' crack drill unit ia
t the parade wire a Negro mixed and haa appard
r Air Rare ROTC cadet lath all around till *ouatry.They .
fud Billy Mitchell wire gueeta at tat
Drill TM of th CalTralty later lOll football
of Florida, its' gejt*. Th* guard bearing 1
crack drill unit fired a th* colors of'th* corps
rlfl saints aa thy was at I eel.
paaad till rTl "tlag Lake County .aa rill r.>
atanl gated by tat band of
y Several Negro soldiers Cuatia Vocatloaal .High
were drivers or nnatri SohoolIMPCIIU Negro' .


ALL' LEADING NIDICINES HAIR PREPARATIONS- OOSffiTICS "Isn't it time you tried a whiskey

Car*. Broad and Ashley IL 4-2159
that makes your taste buds blossom

aka Elce Leas, prfatiaf ccoipuy .v.r. JacboeriDt
I latest HIB'S' Hair Styles

Good a.wtslAsthma
Are Tinkt At the
& Bay Fever Sufferers

Report Relief In Minutes
JacksoNviBleBarbtr Of we're talking about Old
1ta..et+aNa DMtere ....... Ka1N........ course, Taylor
Cimea. e.aa..et.,rrte..t trey.we g.e.w.. the whiskey that adds something special to every

A..r., rawwr W ....--" c.-. LM P.... drink. Old Taylor S6 has fia\'Or. fellow flavor.
s_..---.wu..w 1.1. Y *.. -- Smooth flavor Flavor that tells taste buds
lie. .. .. your
College M W .... -err.r c..w11.1.' .. Aso. -
._ ..o.now..M..s c.- nice L Flavor that stands OLD
+ f..r 0.-r something going on. up
.... __ .... e-la
r. C OIl 10M
....Ww..s...... -------. ... M_.. .... ... 115 a......M to a splash of water or a splurge.Try pIdTayIor66with YAY' fta
.r___.CNIMM_ _N..I/_ 0..A.1om. ... 11p eats,.a.ova..1 e.rw_at/ ..=-:: u much or as little water U you uke. Either ...
630 DAVIS STREET w-A.M.M c.- f..e ,e c..e.t"aww r", way, youll be doing your taste buds a flavor. II .. .

ItcitHillli, hinds V 0 tot ... ,
.Ir.vucav 1'161,00 e."eeclllSan.a..oa, t'g o'o raLO.pg+ auwv co' ,....fOjtt S tofLtvlut.aruca.r .


.. ....r,---- .-- .--'-- .. .- ,
_- _4 ___: ._: : _: = =::.::.:..- .

I I {i


Church, Nation Charge Grants To Steelworkers Head Clifford Gets New Post Firms With City Ford FoBridatlon.. Appropriates

Face Detrimental Bypass IntegrationNEt Names Assistant Chicago Hiring Funds For' Negro' Training' I

01LLV4SNPI)-*lte David J.
Responsibilities McDonald.President Negroes
Louisiana Conference: of of the United Steelworkers NEW YORK-Crsnta to improve the training of Negroes
I ASHL1GTON. D.C.-ThB the Aierlcan ,Association: of toerlca, has CHICA00-* (NPI)--The >> for Managerial and executive posts In business I
church and the nation university Professors, appointed Rrnest L. Chicago ConMlsslon on and industry were announced last week by the
fact' responsibilities eetlng here recently Clifford. his special Hunan Relations reportedthat Pord Foundation. ."....S'."..........u..

that a divided people adopted resolutions opposing assistant to Investigateand fins holding public The grants center around credit at Ion officials
cannot hI flU, leadersof graats-is-sid to study minority croup>> contracts are hiring an Teas V>uthern University next spring
six Presbyterian: and white students to enable problems arising out of increasing nknber of In Houston, whose Indiana University has
!Reformed denominations the to escape attending contract provisions. Negro _10'.... business school Is the been granted $180.009
aid In "A Call, for jittlonal Integrated schools. The Three years ago Clif The coBBlsslon con first predominantly Negro for an arrangement
Unity" today body composed of all ford. 38, was named by ducted a survey of 792 school<<: to request through which its. bust
"Because the .orld white professors from President McDonald to coBpanles and reportedthat accreditation: by theMericsn neon school fiend ty ambers
Deeds so such what! our the area held that the serve on the staff of they showed a Negro : Association of will be available
nation In unity could' money used for grsntn the union Coal tte. on ecploynent of 16, MO out Collegiate ftchools of to help with the develop
offer and because our was being diverted fro Civil Rights of a total work force: of Business. They are: Kent of the business
churches: can truly mini areas where .t was Boat In his oat recent 168,247, nearly ten per tWO.OOOtoTeiaa ftouthem's school at Texas buthern.
stet to our 'nation onlyIf needed. assignment Clifford cent.: School of Vitlaens
we try to demonstrate A like consent on the will review, prepare '. The previous year1a for\ taco ty expansion end -
In our liven the gospel grant-in-ald program and submit factual reports figures put Negro e.- reduced claaa sties, : ZITS WANTEITil
appeared In the states In
ploynent sass companies
Ce proclaim>> we call all on Minority group scholarship, faculty
Christians to a new de- it*., local dally over P rob]eas ss related to steight per cent.The : released tine for research -
the signature of J.K. figures were based Ears Cash
cation In 1913 to the contract provisions and curriculum:
end that together we May Howard. He wrote: Us member of the staff V0m: *'>.-.avid l J. Mcnonslct! ,. left president of on studies of companiesthat revision strengtheningof
strive to bring greater ''Grant-ln-sid In like oftheCoejslttMon Civil the: Unite.I te.]workers of Merles, Is shown In do business with the library, a gulctence Th
unity within our na whiskey and woaen-great Rights Clifford has fire hsn. ale with frnest L. Clifford after appointing the City of Chicago and placcpwt pro Stllil'
tic." the Joint statement if you can afford the helped implement) the his ss his sreclt assistant to Invests Chicago Board of Education gram, cooperation wltn
said. expense It Bay have union Civil Rights late aoi' study nlnorlty stoup problems arising Metropolitan Sanitary nearby hltfi schools and FLIIIIA Sill
Toe Moderators, who seemed like a good Idea policy which vas es* !put of eon tract prorlgtan District Chicago: colleges and preparation
represent churches: with at the tile, but It Is Ubllahed at the fourth Housing Authority, Chi- for Inspection for IC l+m+*f*+*f*+++ l***

ore than bur and one becoming painfully Constitutions Convention Racial Practices Atlanta Integrates taro Park District Chi

half Million church sea- obvious that we can't In 1948.Mnce Queried In MissManufacturing All White School sago Public Buildings You ftm' t Mnvr To fb Tu roan '.n net
afford It.'Blacklace Coaalislon and the Chi
then, this COM
bets Issued the call .
.. ATLWA' (Pl--The Transit Authority
following an annual Barred with Francis C. taco LOW PRICES
service of Intercession Shane as executive sec Atlanta school board All contracts let by

and Holy O ualon. In Philly Parade retar,. has continued. NS YORK. M.1.-In line will transfer Negropupils thegovcrMental agencies fin Your
this Month to an ftiadlscrialnation
to represent the union with COKE policy of al- have a
Teen Ager Throws nULAMLPHH. ,...-Tor la relatively all Matters says attempting negotiation all-.hite school: which clause which forbids the DRUG STORE NEEDS
has been the center of
employer frua using race
the second successiveyear : pertaining to Civil tefore actionCORK:
Foster Mother's ss result of con Rights, SIMM rights and National Director JanesPamer integrationist controversy as a basis In the hiringof Trade "I ith Your Netghbornoixl Drug *>tor*
action, "blackface" civil liberties. baa seat queriesto since August. workers or in letting .*s ut M TT; MIT PRICtN 'f\V.I'\ MJIt IIX"Uo PtP'TtN.
Body To HogsEUZABKTHTOm. waa eliminated In the M major anufacturvrs: The Ilr wood School tub-contracts. .e n.J her.,. also fill all ">ctors Prescriptions..
N.C. .. New Tear Day IIII.'U'anM Physicians Know silk plants in Mississippi which: has a present en- Edward Msrclnlak, COMalsslon -
rollient of 43: ..hlt..tud.at. .
her. ss to their ra. director said
< NPI-Tbsddeus Davis ., was the objectof Dixie Pharmacy
Simpson. II, was held 'last year, the group Danger 01 Smoking| chi practices. picketing by Negro that opportunities have
engaged la a project to In cases wti.rs responses increased for Negroes
without bond here Last A survey of Florida
parents and civil rights
eek In connection with eliminate the blackfaceInlstrels physicians by the state are Inadequate aid leaders lilt Fall seeking apprenticeships 13.2 Kins III. at Mfttli, Aunt
fro. the SB an area of job opportunities.
the bludgeun slayisi of Board of Health at the where negotiations are The school located In Pluis Elfli .5587-11
otherwise very beautiful refuse), boycotts will .
his T1-yesr-old fostersotber request of the Florida northeast Atlanta, is
Mowers Parade, acoorl-: be Initiated.The He said that one year -----------------------------------
The victim. Mrs.Eva Cuomittee on teotlm and said to here empty cl ass-
Bertha Josesdl.duta Ing to Louts Fmith.who" queries went to the nuaber of Negro apprentices PAT TIN IAUI AMI UUFI.NE
Lou Health shoes that 43 percent ro.., while two nearby froa 69 WIT
Is presently a regional sit lone] corporations
fracture. COM field secretary. of the doctors who tjth branches Is Negro schools: are crowded to 19$. IIUS AT 101 SUMQuantity [
Inflicted by a* aie. seated at one the or beyond capacity
The Injunction obtained Mississippi and to companies
to county
According another hart stopped; 3)
then dyes not apply located solely
sheriffs officers the per cent never have
yotth confess the to this years pa stoked and the rwslader within the state.Employment .

slaying, ..,/.. h.. bad ratte and because of the awoke.Questlosnsires. Grant
Mat the woven after she city BdMlBiatratlOB'B were
offered bin to cut soaewood. failure to deal firmly sent to S.Sit physicians
with tt\. Issue. we found and ,.447--60 per cent-- Gives To SCLCA TIDE

Her body was found ourselves again faced replied. To hundred replies > trsat of $7,000 tor
hill, Mangled by hogs la with the prospect>> of resort after the tabulation the Mployatnt of No... a
a hog pea BOB. 50 yards leg to direct action vas completed and lllllaai on the staff
of Ill,,,,. Rtunrd
from her bo... The discovery Serial Lots were not included. the loathers Christian
was Made by hereon Malt the physicians Leadership Cosfereac SPECIALS COO" -
1111 Jo.... aw had Seller lulled. said they had; ed/lsid all sag presented to Dr THROUGH SATURDAY t
b.eaBlsslagslac. Dwc.t) ASUICTCN.!' a c. --cd*tad patirats to stop aotlsi; artla Luther lira at apr
flOOR BEAUTY.TIP R. Carl la. U, promote.- 45 per cent said they ... coaferrace for Dr.
of a 20-acre .'oriel advised patients with (lag In New fork shortly 119.E sill! 39'IIIIUL F
........ b.eaty ,,.. .. .. Cemetery IB Lindsay.Oklahoma. specific health eoadi- after his raters froerecelvltg
fW yea, b.rd.e.d Hurt, M sea.rkMieady sue
Is to
as yes 4. for year not offering stop. theftobel Peace
-......... say more burial lots for forty-three per Seat Prl a..
..It! said they quit beeauaef .
The .ou,. said Or.Qayrsid
health reasons; 21 ., 1&18Ore.f COFFEE lllil 1 Plllll

scientific per Seat because evldesce of of CORAB Is shag. is to the help presestatloa. ill! Jll.ll ir uri till eider

Harare effects; II per till laws .'co.tiase his
Seat for lack of satis
work si a director of
faction; 10 per Seat for voter registration, Vd
elf-dlsclaltse: the r.. like to ackaowledie the 1 LI. 69

There is aalBder for other reset .. sort Mr, silliaas
*a. has dose aad .*> hope the Itait I (wltt iM it uri .till eider CAI

preteststloa of this
Illinois MilO. check sill .scoenie ARGO CALIFORNIA SLICEDPEACHES

oftIyone Wage Hoir Post other"SB, Presbylerlss both Negro lay sad

IAn1MQ1.),s.-("1)-I... white, t* give ef their 2% Sill tsar
skills, aad b assured 19
B. Mayses has been pro* e
diet cola soled to a Brmfesslsasl the Veiled Presbyterian Hilt 2 Pliiii grid. liiir ,.,dull
level ,..111.. eltsla Charts sill support taw
the DartsBt ef Labor Mt oily fits prayer .but
as B MeBaur analyst IB sabot as 111 ways sacs
rates MIS ..tl.. eill stall .. this"
the deterslaatlea' of .r, willlMSlsa d...BIB *
that vase ratesa ..'1... the ftitler Coaasaltf 29
sections of the coast" PresbyterlM Church of H iiftH runic
A native of Carl, 111. ..*....., wrgla sad ...
HayBM is B gradeaU ef live full lisw U voter
Pub diversity aad the reglstratlesj and related
tslverslty sf Uhlias.He eoft'*.lu vlrtsslly BOB
cola earn .s lBted t 0 the .dget*fer atost tw mini

rt..et__ Is'''-,_|4 L yearsINDEPENDENT

: OIL CO. FRUIT PIES 21 11.1m 29

name: PjivyrI1r narr t" LIYTPT i Ski
M-cH1i/IC! of: I'' Tt

1J ;h .................... froprUtorWM
'tta n4 a' anq 't -ta. 4.a17"PkFetejrupby

A Style"

A e k. I III lie 19cMttES

l II,

+_ COne
plEf s HfUffl NT SHIIEI

t II.
PEISi Stop Shopping For All




(fill Jirtijl. I; JlHliti.it.. ) 1EIIEI PILE riUHIIt, II UtUM tin mum

Mm JS4-HIZ I!:BEANS 2 U5. 291 now s !<. 49 ROAST PORK ,,3911111UI

, .

d.U. '
\ ) p; 't-' '-I'-; :'' ,


-..- -
"7 ran: ">101'Z.



.rim .
? Jjn


Provide Cr< Record Number Of Negroes Tampons At Bethune Cookman

Take Office This Month

'ASHt"IICPIN'cro') will be holding elective

office in 33 states as a result of tae! Novenber r

elections, according to a report Issuedby
the Dtrocratio National Conmlttee.
..."......""..".." .a
One of the outstanding 'i e

rt'e. facts is that of the southern states where ram

280 Negroes elected to voters elected two Negro

local..tate and national justices, of the peace, a

office, all but '10 are member of the county w

Democrats, which proves board of revenue, a umber .
tb.t' President Johnson's of the board of education -
landslide< victory carrieda In Alsbama..

lot of other Democrats Georgia elected a

into office.An second Negro state senator -

outstanding exception and Tennessee elected
was the reelectionof Its first Negro to

Massachusetts Attorney state legislature since

.n Q n.Edmund Brooke reconstruction. Houston,
I rp :
,, '
r+y ...'x l '. d who won despite theover Tel added a second Negro
whelBlng Democraticlandslide to its school board end :
TENDER LOVING CARE'-EveT7 otter limit SOB* precious In his state Oklahoma elected four 'i
is born with a birth defect. March of '
baby There Is widespread Negroes to the legis \ :
Dlmea funds provide care by skilled professions speculation that Brooke lature. t ."' .. .
"''''! j
workers in S3 centers for treatment. Millions of
light become the first Hose 28 of the winnersare f"
others ask mil You cut help sire the answer and Negro to be a state wom n. I
aid the'affllctel. Join the March of Discs, Jan. governor. rIVE TAMPA (XM.t Bethune-Cbokman College take time out In between classes to pose for the camera

2-31. Toe election also produced mac Prom left to right: Miss Marjorie Oiaian. freshman and Elementary Education major the daughter

the sixth Negro Three Rob of Mrs. Vivian Ouaaa of 4403 39 Street; Miss Flora '1I1D. Junior and Elementary Fducatioa major

congressman John Con- the daughter of Mr. and Mrs Woodrow B. wjrnn of 2218 19th Ave Mrs. Dorothy H. Keel, senior
13 Year Old Lass Lets
lets of Michigan, the Motel ClerkThree and social science major, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. perry C. Harvey, gr. of 908 North willow

only state which has Avenue; Miss Cvora Wynn junior and sociology major, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. woodrow B. cyna
Nothing Flub WH Visit two Negro representatives men surprised a of 2218 19th Avenue; and Margaret ouzaan, freshman and Elementary' Education major, the daughterof

in Con 11'.... night clerk at [lun.' s Mrs Vivian (ouman of 4403 39t Street.

TV31INQTON: -(NPI)-It's a long journey from fold- In state voting Negroes Motel on Collins>> Are.,

1,05Betters.( to shaking hand. with the First Lady added 33 seats to Min Beach: before dUll Mrs. Roberts i Negro Named As
but Karen Lynn Coxe. 13, of Jsshington, enjoyed the 57 they formerly Monday morning, robbing
every step of the trip. ........................ held In th.' legislatures, him of an estimated Rob Miami
Public I Inst Deputy Atty.
Karen was among 1900 at first she was refused and added 27 sore other $300. \
admittance she left state end local offices The trio rushed In on Food StoresBandits LOR
volunteers who were ANa L'R.NPlRat! ) c. o.irdy, 59, who spent
the White House gate and to bring the national porter Plooker Adams Third Term IS
guests of honor at a Jars as a Los Angeles policeman has beennaked
called her nbther, who total to 184. and knocked him unconscious -
recent reception at tie the first /Negro Chief Deputy Pistrlct attorney -
struck Miami
White House, to receivethe calmed her down, and Die congressional Negro with a pistol a Mrs. Jane 8 Roberts was la this Califomls metropolis.
personal thanks of then handled Batters as delegation In additionto deputy sheriff aaldlhej' re-elected today (Tuss businesses Monday< taking ........................
Mrs. Lyndon B. Johnsonfor only mothers can. When Conyorm, will include then went to night clerk day January S) to her an estimated 1250 In lIoard, appointment
their work duringthe Karen returned to the WllllM I. Dawson, Chicago James. Hitter and Knocked third consecutive term cash was announced by District tonll!" .

campaign. White House gate, she ; Charles Diggs, Detroit his) to the floor as chairman of the Dade According to Metro police Attorney belle past president ''of
J Bunny Food! Store, J. lounger. The chief the Criminal Courts 'liar
!line nearly didn't was immediately adult( ; Augustus Hawkins, The robbers attempted County Board of Public
I.j get her very big moment. Once inside, she said Lo.Dill u; Robert N. to get Into a safety Instructions on NW 18th Are and the deputy's salary Is 123. Association Broady will
22od: Ave. Market where 800 a year direct bath the courtroom
she was Boat impresssdby C. Nil. Philadelphia: deposit box for .otel The unllloul'.ctioD
Through sons oversight, aroady, a local boy
the beauty of the and Ada Clayton Powell, residents, but succeeded came at an organizational the targets of the robber all II office ectlvl-
her DIU was not on the Joinedth.force In
White House and its New York. only in getting Into the meeting of the board In !ee.Four. ties of the 182 deputy
1II..t'H.t and after
official working la the
Christmas decorations. The trend reached into cash drawer the auditorium of the Ben looted the poet office, lie rose district attorneys.Bethune .
Llndsey Hopkins Buildingat Bunny food: < store, armed
Tilckly to the rank of

I Tune WAME Home Of The World'sChampion re-elected which four members recently of with shotgun an unknown The lady gunge cashier sergeant and in 1939, Alvmnl

became a homicide detective.
offered reelatsnce.
the .even-aeeber board no. Slate BanquetThe

took the oath of office graiiate of Jefferson
for new four-year terms. A lone bandit< belated
Jockey Hlrti Miool. be attended
First wosen to serve la the end treet Market fight classes at the Alemnl willsponsor

this post, Mrs. Roberta without displaying a University of Southern an alumni breakfa -

was appointed to the lethal! weapon. Authorities California end the Losingles Jan. 23 at 10 e.m. .
board la 19$7 by governor said the bandit in the targe Bashlagtom
rolls* of L. .
Leroy Colli II, later ailed into the store Hotel for all alsmalmembers.
He was "&t.d to the
winning the post IB with his hand in his .
bar la
public election She wss pocket mad ordered the UU Dr. Richard V. Moore
was appointed lieutenant
named chalrsafnjanuarj caster to move over He presldestof
l of 1961. selected for the took the mosey out of IB I94>, bet at will spemk on the college'Tro-,
/ the time of the promotion
5 position the register and fled
sgala by her green of the College mad
fellow bo.rdb.n la on toot.Mle he had already Future Oetlook."
I'I 1943 and a ala today. maniai tenth( on tamed 1m his resignation Special
I'I gusts attending
I so that he meld
Re-elected to serve 32nd Ave. shots were practice.. this Meting will be
I with her for a third fired IB the culprit's His ..hctlN" cftlefdrfmty John funk president of
term as vice-chairman directloe. by the store the \National Alemnl As-

, Kicky let war C. T. McCrlasom. administrator manager, bat It IB sot Hstrict praise 1.JI"attorneybroudit soelatlos, sad Carver
of Victoria known whether any of Portloca eiecetlve
law enforcementofficials
Holder of World'sBroadcuting gee
hospital. McCrlmmoa has the shots readied their secretary
Record and aefert** at*
been a member of tae avert or sot Nathaniel local
I ''fred Haan 228Continuous Hours Dmvla.
Rogers board since 19M.
president snmnemcedl the
8*on la for see four- Death Claims Two In committee members re-

year ten. as board members spomslble for the evict

also, were JacaOordoi Mine Gertrude
Early Year's arm:
\ i presideat of Styles, Ezekiel Bryant.Mrs .
k aahlngtOB Federal Savings Edith AsdermoB,
r and to an Associationof TV Miami residents droved at the atari of the James Key. Mrs, KvelyaBarnes.

Miami teach and well New Tear.one a but-yesr-old tot.who pleated) Into Miss '.'1. Stew
,j kaosB hotslsg flaaaceconsultant a canal at a labor tamp. and the other, a 13-year- .
ard Mrs. Dorm Amderaom.itlllam
and tree AaaaBreaaer 014 teeo-ager WM lost his life tfille testing we-
I jI __ i 1 Meyera. civic ter III\UII at a locaplt ........................ Beverly Rlehardsom.Taylsr. Visa Miss

Tae body of 4-year-old
leader attorney aad three other yesthe wereplmnslsg Jommetta Ehe sard. .rs.
Bob Terry former public health As t ho ay Smith wee recovered to take a acts Eddie Mgh. llllsm KsgglBS. -

Fro S:00 to 8:30: curie and school teacher. by Metro police IB the pit but after Miss gesettalrae

From fAMl Downtown Hold-over members whose aid termed over to the Cumerset's fatal dive, ., Malace Raaterry,
Iloeio one Studio Ray present tens da mot et- medical ...I.r' office the other yettha sped James Foelsr sad Mrs

pin uatll 1N7 l.d1l4. Aethoritlee said s"ey to get kelp da readerWMBM
ura. Meleae Voslok, C. the yoeth wee slsrlng
Holmes Braddock aid Beer the water's edge
SEE AND HEAR THESE James .. Neadrle, all with two other relsttvee

promlaeat IB community ... the fatal fall cfurred. -

end profeeel aal activities. -
There Is B femce that
i Mrs. Roberts Is the divides the easel from

wife of coat rector Lyle the road aid< the yomthsad

RADIO STARS Roberta mid serves a* his cow*as lea a ap-

t SecretaryTreasarer ef perwatly wemt aromad' It
a. Lyle Roberts lac. She to tats access to the

.as the first woman appointed carnal.Am thorny was eater
.. to tie Dade lag B Han U tae eater Vrt I
Coati Budget Board. IB according to isvestlgators -

WAME-1260 1115. reslgalag that .. he eae a

posit lorn to be appointed snake. No jsmsed eat

to tae school ,board IB rye Bath of the snake smd

1.J7. the loose sand gave
nit sliding him late
:J MIAMI I the water.IB .
Pelro ite
'. the other caae.arvtB :;

*$;; : Hear "Hot Line11 Nightly At 11' p.m. icssfreet.: 13. "
,:? Oct of un xt Tth Ter..
droned as he alternated Spolligkl Prodid Of The Weak

= *I.tf 4" With. 'Art Green 'ADVERTISERS to test the water depth Miami Floridar

1 lot s 0 rockslt. Me sad ,


", -

--- -- -- --- -
. ,'" ., ,., 100oOI .. .,. .tj r ',- .,,, .


ilia liT S, un fU111I STAR PAPER 'IU r

CelemiB Top Star In Liberty i BowATLANTIC Nation's Coaches Surprise With Selection of

University Of Georgia'sOnly CI--(NPI)" Convention Hall Two Quarterbacks For 75th Annual I

They should hare called The 9-8. 172-pound Utah "Diamond Jubilee" All-America Football Team

Tan Grid Star Dies the Liberty Bowl the ton. senior stole the shot.He ftf tl\ tk. M tM tllIOI( I* n r.*.. *f kail*. .MM.A. ....flee ....... Ind IMI,- N has
Coleman Bowl thin year. traveled S3 yards In a IKS' **. AlMrttM FMtkall' C*...... AMMMU** tot .* MiMi. .*mt HM",- TlMr mrt tltr. _
Coleaan. of k.. till ,*.r k.i..f.J ewe p<...,* M .... 1..14 Ml*.* *r*.. IMI r**... %...... SV*IIMI fturStok
a product spsrkliag display of
***,*.- 4Mfttrto.kt ell S.ir> M Or..***."* M ......._) IM ...'.rItM" 0...
the San Francisco school running skill to give Crif Mr M M Calltamtla. IM4HM 'M (e.IIM. Mr_N ...._ I
ATLWTA-(NPI)-The "I2thasn" on the University of Georgia's football teas snsten, led his Utahteauates Utah a 19-0 lead at half- Alt.Am.HM 1.1 f.r Ik* to W.Na..Ww........1 1111...d.MI.MMI...*<.Ot.em k BirtHiM 1..14. TM' 1...ii DMa.d V..', f.J.MIa-i..t wM Wilt hlww*.c....,M 14eMMtIa *.
Is dead. He Pleas _..... ....... YN wall wtlk MM**..ltw Ca* *r Wkmwy feel
waa Starts. 63, who wu know to the playes u Clegg. to a crushing U... He picked up 154 114 J'-.. ..... .... ...., ...
5.. wad b, 1_. It..... c-.. ,. AlIA. M .iral rt. All Am.rtai MlM ................................
32-6 win over lest Virginia yards In IS tries.lhiis ........ .....,_ In IteM4I .. NRMAI.d .-" "_'. lk. 1M4 ll-.lMitk

Although Georgia still years.In da. In tht annual classic a crowd of 6.059 ,I-- --

has to adult a Metro to another day and His ability with the played Indoors In watched the nationally
Its televised ..... the Utah r
playing roster.ciegg age. cltgg Bight have football bee... one of
was a tradition. EWC Tigers tea lost little tine
He diedat been
a great athlete. He the legends on the can j jel
63 of a heart attack. showing Its superiority.Of jI
played with a Negro baseball pus. No one ever took I
CigeSchedule the sli tines It had
Ht Bloc
years oldwhen
league, and boastefl! bin up on his claim that
the ball la the first
he first showed op of ontpltchlng the legendary he could psss the lengthof
on the canpus at Athens. half the Utah squad
satchel Paigs by the field.
His love !for!: the Bill docfootball and droveS yards and 77
"railing back
Clegg reportedly got With the resumption ot
and baseball yards for touchdowns,
lag By amoker." his nlcknane through" n classes after the boll I
end kicked two field I
teas lade his the .o.tdhthcuhb.d
There is si so the possibility speech defect then he days, the Edward Waters goals. Oil a*>*>* NOi. l..n Dc'a 145 Cre"", ........ asle .... man asI.It
witerboyIntbehlstory that ho could was s kid the other College Tigers take up <.. tailKANSAS (..ttM) ... till 115)aStwN
of college lest Virginia, theSouthern noSpAr CAU105NIA
throw a football further yocngsters thought he their basketball schedule ConferencechaiploQS.

sports. than any player he aaw was saying Clegg Instead where they left off Dec.
anassed only
His first job at Georgia t .
daring his y tars at Geor- of Plea.The nsne stud 11 when they defeated
was yard boy but be 12 first downs to Utah's
the Tigers of VoorheenCollege. 2$. and picks up 238
athletic Juior Keajlers Primed For yards on total offense, r

They will begin their while Utah gained 466, I'T R
off with Coach Alei .
Cunnlnchssi, be worked City Bowling Tournament 196) nchedule at JaaesVelOun yards.Oolesan'. 9'

with all the other no. Johnson gyvnaaiua a high school H.
tables dawn through the Junior Bowlers, keyed to the hilt for the coning Saturday night at 8p.... coach said the 93-yard R h
finals of the singles and doubles tours.'t. fin against the strong basket run ""reaiaded of the

lahed the scat-finals with lapresslvs narks, according ball team from South ones he aide for us two
Haynes Wins to an innoune.ant by the two officials, Carolina Area Trade. years ago. I'd say after T.., "'_."". ,. .... 5..14.. S ".* .. B Dtk Sot'..* 0
I'A uel 11'1. reel <.11 sot e-a HM
Mrs. Dorothy Aliens and James Keys. School, this performance, heal INOANAll.t& ISNNTATS WASMINeTOMCsitlvs ILUMOISSOOT"
Comeback Award ....................._... The nun were engagedIn fat be given a shot at

KXNSASCITT: .*>."(!NPq. The finals will be held JUNIOR DOTS an ethlbltlon gave the pros."

Abner Haynes. who was at Colt Bowling Lanes Reglnsl Collins and during the holidays attest Named l

almost ready to quit 1:00.... Saturday. llllaa Jobn.oa-036. 3gane Pals Beach, losingto Oglesby
professional football Pacers In the seat set.DbleeCddricka. the Lions of Florida i e

two weeks before the end finals st Crowt Bowling SE1IO*. GIRLS Meaorltl College, Thin To Rating Board v

of the season has been Lanes are ns folio.: Cotton gave did not change theTigers' NEW TORK"NPI"Bd e*

mimed the Comeback BANTAM and Cynthia Slnanas-lOOS 2-0 conference Oglesby, bead basketball

Player of the Tear Is Eingles, Ashley O>>.art. 3-grs set standing that they held coach at Florida AhM

the American Football 2 gases.210; Dosblts, _loa Don before the holidays University, has been
League. The nosing beck Leonsrd ftlanoas and Larry Singles Julius Grant There will be ao sore naaed as one of 39
exhibition teas for the T s..I Nalp. Te. 1114. I 'MI g
for the Kansas City Dlam. 62Z 999; Doubles, Johnny coaches throughout the ; n5)5)Nt : .a 1411) 71..I IS?) M.. Ill
Chiefs, bad been playerof Tigers for the 1969 .11I.1. 9KLANOaA IArLOC MOTHS SANS
JUNIOR' OIRLS Swain and Jitney I.ester1111.3 nation who will serve on
-- --- ---- -
the. year In I960, but Singles. A. FrancisAlkene485. ire set.Spectators schedule leaves no open the Mail college basket -
failed to attain that ; Doubles L. are en* oaten up to the tourna* ball coaches rating 0000: Clay's 'Pe,' Gels

fora In the three seasons ,. Francis Alkens and couraged to cone out aDd sent In ,.br1l&r,. board.

that followed. tnestlao fall ace*103$. witness theaetcbes.Otfivm. Tb. January schedule Coaches on the board ONE GIFT "Pesstd" For lenllii WSMIH
calls south
This year, the 215-ysr* -- will rats aaall college
old star started. a trlol..8at urd&1 "11I. basketball teams each WORKS L/UISVILLV-MPI-f'.ssius( Nnrcellns Clay V. ,

split end but was soon 0; Bttnufte-Cootaan. Prl seek. Five tootles. were MANY fatier ot worltTs neavyvelgbt boilng cliseplon.
1' 1
back In his old apot In day Jan, IS and Albany selected (roe each ofseven has been placed under 11,000 bond and warned to
the bsekfleld. In the State, Friday Jan. 29. WONOErti stay away fro" n woaan who accused him of beating
schedule for geographicaleectloas ..... ...
ke Other gases her. S.1..u.1u (***
first 13 genes,
of the oeuntry.
picked up 652 yards o. January: Fla. Mesurtel, 00 Marian torsey, 33. Bald' 'pct like sitiilts

124 carries.IWalcbThisClowi. It. Augustine.Fla ted.Jan. that the elder Clay |J. Clay doled the char
I. Bttbune-CooUes. THE SPORTS ARENA struck her In the back I gas stating that he

Daytona. Monday Jas. Iud .* cite his fists (tiring an ,ran nt ease on the sight I

Albany Stste. Albany, era It\N-tP'I-PUr(! the first tins since It altercation In her hone, c>f the alleged. bestlag.r .
Sl-13-531 Oa.. dateday Jan. 20. stand In 1935, the Sugar Soot track attt was Tie: judge toH tile to
lategrsted Here Tuesday tlth such Negro stare ..

SI 41 11 Fires Five I Richard HttUlna, Oraabllsg. College and Then- .

f 1 Letls( Titus Southern, university, coapetlng.
1P .. the 00-.et.r and the l00-.,t" cia.b...
I ua: us. h. ("NP1)-) 18"" AWRJAl TIP PIKFOMKM AWARE.Itftrll'
3 The Illinois Central
I 2 Bsllrosd, tilth has tI,300.000 11111I'114 T'J) . carried kindreds of rOM- 21 15 42 r r thousands of Negro al* salt agalnit foratr ..." ..a\t ch tap Ion Bonny SPORT

147 11 SSIMJMwtlnes grants from the South Llaton has been reinstated by ;the Nee York Appellate
fired five nlto BOB who Divlalon. The ruling reverted a lower
He's Up pleaded guilty to tieleace court decision dlsalsslig, the suit brought by
Roatttatt M.' DOSS against Negroes la LI ston's toner aaiuger, Oeorga Kate. Ratn.ejatas M AO A Z I N s

No sdds. eubtrscts, Mississippi that he was to share In the proceeds of last

He works It all .ro..' The I C, has teen aaIroBls Februarys fight bttt..a Ustoa sad Cssslus Clay.

ocmno _m VTIOhA target of charges day tM ruaaer of the tort
Q j that It eageges In reels rug BVttnmgMM_ N.. Tea
II 11Non's 4 1,1'1 At HFL TOP AU7Nef1 !
53 f Bias, but It Is oipected I lull CAIN IfJNrfta leete
"It TOM ( H) -The Cleveland Rroess'nlghty
....................., that the firing of the MWMfni'otsMtltiNKINGS .
JB hoes has won the National Football Leeguerushlsg .
.. will help .r... SWJIS6
Day thai nvutatlos. chaaploaahlp for the seventh lice IB bin I U.MIII1 C.-WI

ere Tie Ben pleaded ...UUt. eight pro seasub.gat ."Ing 1.446 yards to bring hi YIM11M MsrOislll.1Ptm
Are Numbered
ShadE..*-' .... ....."
his total to the alherblayer
.. various counts Incoaatctloa career ao. u. sure say 15.".., __........*.J '",
Han's pays are '
In NfL blatory.IB NMrw a/b/1a.Nr
bered".MealU and For tits ra lsl e..14.....'__ ... _......
violence In NeO sh hat the toueadowa d...rt..t. Less ia>ore of the _I sNNw1 *w..4N..aM.
tune Can M Tours *>.. k aeaater, They were aaoeg BaJtlaore Celts ear the leader silk :30, s tew )... .'-iA..yrN.-lie M iN,1. =....:=

TOB Rios Tour Lucky V w 10 sea .rr..,.. In a gue record.TO .
Days Lucky Col ere Etc.s tY '''nl'.ht. crecktotaos.

..12.00 for your racial bDBbisgs the MATT WtL KOOI1R HONOR

Norucop. e Oslde for Pike Cewaty "... NCT TOM-(*PI-.tt "lUll, hard ruaatsg' full
J/ CAtJTFill All pleaded I guilt or ao each of p.hoes fork Jets bss ben chos. rookieof

1. Ue blank below ateat te Gar,.. slr. the yesr IB the trices Poelbsll Ltsgue.fbtll's BAR
r, Ball to WMC. Poet slag lroe ale rek feeble** elABlsg for**Is Is to "" able to block

Office B,s lITtJaxAaM* D.C.I OBI* c..raU ae4 fo...see eel sad ..ra..... They are catch ,..... and ,. fast ..otI-' to set outside." 2703 Kings Avenue

Till I. Flsrloa here IB the seoead gaae of the Charlotte IavlUtloatJ Paul 0. tllses, 2$, .. has proved that It warts.
... .....
*4MIo.mrr-.- OBOS Hehsel BaaaKStd
(110) 1111 I. flls., 22. sell, a 211 pound bath froa OMe" Slate bee
gite ready for s INK as DneMts 111 11. fcj .,. ergo M passes for l.7 lards and scored five (Phillips Hghy)
NIltoB .......". 24. Joan
set U2U c"" M strong b .alad his flu s taepout Peal wtstbrook. 20 and t.dI61...
kill (A cn TelsptMte. )
.. Gerald L.*nace. 21.
MTT Of B1- :.j;.;,- .. CUVTUWD tlLLlAMI UNP OD>* (CMIXTMCUSIOd Now mdtrnw

-(PI-rievelaad sill I's., beevyeelgfttMMteaetr

who wss shot .y a ,.... fO.I.. ...., Is

blot well after wa4.r.,lag ten hours ., sergery

19 correct a kidney ... nuigintilCoBplttily t

.e was aMt by s highway pstrvUea .(.. arrested. ,

the fighter OB s cfterge ef drvakea ddrlsl.L ,


S nUCIIC'O-4Irll ajph 10..... holder Of riBoiiltd s
the world ,..,., In tae broad Jeer. hss filed. Bit

eatry tat tae eecad eaMiJ pjaalser IsvltstloaalIs OiitlalBospkin, t

.r Ck.elte.* '... .'da takes plate -. t,
IB the BM gland C fee Pal.... is e 41ll" t*

the 14... ).*,, BoetM will take M all owners IB

tie ...rf1..... sad triple )..*. 104 NAIMH0Drlikiig
't r I AtlalrtEaioy

Ir llffUl" or (jomcif $crjcina

: *. t/-Nil-feel Casrlle .,...... of
11-. the Oaimtlty tf ....., Bwtbsll g.. Is avAlsgSB II Oir Lounge

/ tll-et sltwast .. fe nlt .*.r. plsrers is anttt
... ,.. et is Integrate safer sUlvtle ,..ee st Usk : Couples, Grsipj,

... ...... 'r#.11'._-__ I ". ..|. One f,...,H' .. Sanett Fftelse, s Negro [TV '

.. ", "tf** .. Le leve Male MIA, Birthday Panics
\ tall ou' Tum Lffnr t or itTCtAy I1AI1IM 0 Welcome

.rr. rJ ..-C1IPJiOdI Jake Salthef BftM
pair *4S) I..th," ...t... | lea etll loss Pint ParkingIrive

Beef at its Best (. start I,.. MrsU I* see....... sett year's

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PAGE o f 1\1'n\ liu.usfU'U; f : SATURDAY- JANUARY t. -U 5'

Omegas Install Officers In Brilliance

j :.7. WarehouseAtP Greetings Teena, By ROBIN A. HOMESTER

g :tHotdoth thou dotth after the 1-e-n-i vacation ''P'I
know you're planning way out things for the
year 1SIU.Ha" you made any resolution'? ..11. how
Store about trying these:
: 1. I will put the garbage out on tint (even If
it'. raining). '
2. I will get to school a little earlier (even
It 11111.. .. and it probably will).
: 3. I promlat' not to snore In study ha]1(1( &don't.
; .ant to '.ske everybody up).
t : Open Sundays -
; ..* 'it 4. I will not set a bad eianple for nnderclaaaen -
(Til let them think up their own wail of mla-
t shaving.)

.? 5. I'll never miss "ft Muntttra"
9 7 l"t ) ,t on Tuesdays at 7:00.: (They'll never
a.n1. to p.m. haunt ..).
JackwnvllU Oaa ter. recently installed oftlcera
CURIA PSI PHI..Prattrnltj, /. I will Improve my mlnd.It need
for the comini veer in a ceremony of brilliance at tnt beautiful tdgewood lit).
-" Prlcea Ini Lounge. Prom lift are truest filaon Keeper of Records; Jamee Alfred. Viet 7. r 11 try hard not to becose a vip
r thiaadartgood Baalltua; W.H. Adam, Keeper of plnmncee and Rudolph Daniel, Dean of Pledge this year.(A very ignorant pesos).
i f' through Not shown are J.H. Jackson, Baaileua; and-Diood Banks Editor To the Article JtOBI' !Hear Tel Hear Tel! The social club
Sunday of the week la about to start roll call: Beverly
Jan. 10.1989. Jordan,prealdent;Joan Cllllct1.Yic. president;Brenda

Guests Enjoy Colorful Installations .Martin aecretary; Linda Dunn, financial secretary;
., Patricia Mat hi a. treasurer; Shirley McBride, hiei-
ness manager; Paula Matthews, **.t. business mamager
f c. r.o, : Cecelia Mtthla, reporter, ; Patricia sampaon.
chaplain Lynn season Jacqueline Belton. Juan
-, .- j Darby, Renee Davis, Ralnell) Gideon Vllluetee La-
alit Antlonettt Lovett Lyndla !No' ra an.Venice
Sans. Margo Tribune and CarolYn Holes This
Easy To Get To--Located'; At charming group of laaalea The Qieralda.

Their Mascots are Carolyn McBride and Janice Math

3000 W. 45th Street 1*.
Their sponsor are Mra. E. NcKlaalck and Mra. B.
teenagers' haves definite They want
adjoining the big A & P Distribution Center to know how to socialize) at school purpose.and In the community .

and to help the less fortunate with this
aa their ass. they seek to understand others la
their civic and social live. The Pfteralda'" motto
C .
DIXIE CRYSTALS sect. help and love all.
4 !%! for clean wholesome, way out fun get Invited
to an Faeralda' social
711SUGAR -----.-' Say Teens, pick up on the latest "gab".
5'L etc J PERajNS..Attending the Omega Pal Phi Inatallatlon e.re oo1e. were privileged Tl'Pf--great TIOHT'-..'-out; o0--ahorj-lived.
to feel the feetlve atmosphere environment of the Jacksonville nightbeat. BOVB1.10---aakIng: the round of parties and hangout
Bhow above11 a .all segment of the "CUe" group aa they atop tile action to .
poat for a photographer CLAIM BUT--Teneiw for a good U...
Limit one with 5.00 or more food oraer) (to plan' PHOTO
WPP HHUPP very high pralae indeed.

SPECIAL THIS WEEK! Social Event Honors Church. Adult Registration VlT"tery important" talk.
Try this on :your friend Teas: 'Where did Prldaygo
MAXWELL HOUSECOFFEE Of God Youth Department Principal T. '. Montgomery with Saturday on ftinday night?" An...,- "Dom
of Douglas Anderson -
to Colorado Blvd to drag race the little old lady
evening Adult School
from Paaadenaln mighty CT9 and to hate a Sunday
The youth department of the Church of ood In baa announced reglatra- "
with Tu.sbat
Christ sponsored a lOci al la honor of the college lion for the second Bern
I L1. students who artmembera of the church: at the T CA. eater will begla Tuea-\ -
79C Mine Tina Jones waa ...................... 'KEEP! AMERICA BEAUTIFUL

II CAN hostess In charge. College Iran, Dale and Culls 'p ii

atudenta sttendingnreMtes Stamper. Delorla. La- '-JoJ '- -' ...., ....,
: Dtlorla Black- vent.. Earl and Alphoaao SINGER CONSOLE ) LADIESIII'- v
SPECIAL THIS WEEKI shear Ttnntaaea Bt it. Franklin Zelma XcRoy SEWING MICIINEACRlriCI.

Unlveralty; Mlaa Linda Brenda Me Roy, Tyrone and I Zlg-ta.. 11 ) Bay 3 Pain of first quality homer toff
DETERGENTLarge Size Karen Hall Hampton Inatltute Barbara Jones, Iran I I IM or ..... la per ooUparwwit $2.99 And Receive 2nd Pair Free l v
: Hlaa Cynthia' Holmea and Sandra Jack-
Oood .dA Ho.
Ealtb Epelman College; aon.Cnaperona. ) Call
308-80M (
till 4.II"r..o) .bil.s.tla.a.
C Zannlt Hall Clifford were; Mra. n n n n n n n n n
Kolas PAMU and Vllllt Nona Nil Mr. and Mra. .. call 1M-II44. sal
Coleman Watson, Bethun. Richard Bradley Mra.
25 Oookmaa College. Pauline Bright, 'Mra. 1007.Human
FAB Other ...b.rs of tht Viola Hall; Mra. Caaa Hair Wigs
dtpartmtnt attending Levy, Mra. M.L.. Rankle,
wart Doris and Patricia and Mra. Helen Vataon. HOUSE Imported Hair$4S.50Value
Ranklna, Juanlta Petty,
Phyllis and Barbara Denson WeddingA FOR SALE $125
Eharon Cannon, Mat Jan. EventMr. KEYSTONE STORE
1329 W. 26TH
Praoela Croaby GwendolynDlion.
Gwendolyn Cooper .. and Mra. Augusts I 509 Broad StreetEL
: Street
Dafld Levy, Wllllt
t Deaaoa announce the enagtmeat 42557
Dixon Mattlt Durham. and approacalag
Toleatha frerharttlamae: marriage of their daugh Yiry Mica
ter. Aretha to Russell JIN. tltlRITZUilts SIC
FOI um T. til llama, son of Mra.Horteoee 2 lilrna lust Fndorsed Br Leaders Of NAACP CORE, /National
lagle. sin preferred. Call tilllama. Urban League. Deala )ith Civil
IBS. a s t4.voyal. TB* wedding will be aa 110 liMir Ti Rlgnt. Segregation Blind Bigotry Out.
3 CAN SSe event of January IT. at dated Negro-Nhlte Relations,
! the.Mew Bethel AVE Church Silt Suitipprilistiij
Crown wit, .... ..r. Ball tfflelatlag. .. **** ,{
Cola The tlae baa $11.11 IHIcI
been act for 12:4S p... ........ '
Young Tender Baby Beef Cut From Small' Pigs' I Pol lowing the ceremoay. Mitllj. "

\ SIRLOIN STEAK SPARE RIBS fUlIISUI IO.M a at reception the' home will of be thtbride'a held Can. tl S Er-T-S511.! IIItMst I DAnl ..iiit.

I Room Apt for serried pareata. 1401 ., rPoel mNMI
torklag teaale. Call Hate Bt, Prleada sad Euilin Call 72I-3S72 ".......ar a amt
after ,...
143 1
147- relatlvea of tht cotplt ._e#'___
( art Iavlte4. Ilk Fir Mr. In. *
69 la.39CLean ALSO THE FIRST TEXAN"Staff :
n. lEI Till MillST.

Ml .'.>;* aTUketa lsftlss
...t.MR Anise:
e 110 Post Ate., I..,"" .
Jells W.T. Gnats Salts
Freshly Quick Frozen Grade"A"' ,J.,.

Ground Beef Turkey MB IIW KUf m 1111111 KWUKTJaekoallle'a W.T. GRANT CO. [

fla.......lOMorated > 210 MAIN ST. ____ ,-f
I .TWO W<)rocm a|>.rt. ,.
I l meata. '*Ur farm. u..to Announces The Appointment

win per ...t l..l'.at Mgr.Ul .

3 LIS. $1 ""lI. 1 O MAIDSFOA leatMat. PIUI1.. OfEDWARD COLEYS _x' r: '

Assorted Flavors American Beauty As lliaci Silisiu

Hie TOMATODRINKS NEW YORK Servicing Jaxons WithA la
Jib. garaatee< *a ar*
Complete Line Of 1. U 11
rival tara 1)1 tt gas _
weekly. live ia llaeCkM BRADFORD APPLIANCES J
I .... _
JUICE ..'041 .wa r aaU ?
TT. "rite fit >.ar a*.
|lleatl<.. toe tutu ..., TVs- Radios Stereos Washers Dryers Refrigerators

,. r.*. Pree gift .a arm
rival. .*.. aaa. a4 >... Freezers Vacuum Cleaners Sewing Machines, Etc.
34i n. 89v Vi 1; 1 lOC aw Wr tf refer me., AJU
BUD *oe ci. MI a. m.uCirett. ForPrompt Home Service Phone EL 65728p

1 1t t preetert.M.T ...