Florida star

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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200644datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date January 2, 1965dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=006440740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
January 2, 1965
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
System ID:

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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
January 2, 1965
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
System ID:

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Happy New d.t.c1l5c ..... *...t btor IS rib ." ......... rd r** 4klal.,..... Hippy New Year

. .

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mi i ) rtiiiii'.m AlElS t. sAirllArIAHAIYi, 13V .




WASHINGTON. D.C.-Minority Americans are

Increasingly being utilized in the Federal
ERIC 0. SIMPSON.........MniEiBi Editor civil service, a report given to President

UYSON E. WISE...:.., ... Ness I Editor, r .-. Johnson disclosed this week.
Tor the third successive year, the annual -

HILDA WOOIEN.. .......Circilitlii" ," II nale-r \ : ',< minority census taken In June for the
President's Committee on Equal Enployaent

MAIN OFFICE I PLANT: Opportunity) showed major changes in the nuaber -

of Negroes and other minorities in the

2323 Moicriel load flare Elfii 4-6782 middle and upper grade jobs. _

The advances were made despite a drop in

MiiliK Address : overall employment that was in ,
line with the general cutback

P.O. Bn Sfitjacksmllle Florida '.. in Government employment ;,
In grades GI-S through GS-8

MIAMI OFFICE I ($5,OOO-SS.'UO) Negroes gained I:

'is 1,808 Jobs a rj.8 per cent increase -

738 NW 3riAn.. Phone 3111025FVICtIPTION qVO compared with a decrease

} of 1.9 per cent In these

grades for the total work force. SIMPSONIn
GS-9 through GS-11 $7,220-
One 'ear, (6.00 Half Year (4.00 grades
the Increase was 1109. or
Mailed to You Ajijwhere In the United States; $11,305)
15.8 per cent and in grades GS-12 through
Subscription payable in advance: /
GS-18 ($10,250-$24,500 it was 382, or
fiend Check: or Money" Order to: ',
iLn 19.5 per cent. Percentage increases In

FLORlflA STAR P.O. ROX 511 / these grade groupings for :the total work

Jacksonville 1, Florida force were 8.1 and 7. 5. respectively.
y 1 Similar gains in Negro employment occurred

gwvr. In upper levels of the blue collar.

Economic Education UNITY NEEDED postal and other pay categories.

A three-year conoarlson 1961 to 1934,

In American SchoolsThere revealed a dramatic increase in Negro employment -

In the highest pay categories.

has been a vast amount of criticism Total Negro employment worldwide was

of the Quality of economic educa- 299430. or 13.2 per cent of the total --

tion in American schools. As a result of Your WeeklyHoroscope a reduction of 2.566 Jobs since June 193.

Its inadequacies, these critics say A- During this period the overall civilian

merican young people In great numbers enter work force declined 29,949 to 2.270,469 as

the adult world with minds full of a result of the president drive for cost

misconceptions and mistaken beliefs. They reduction and increased efficiency.The .

do not, for instance understand the role decrease In Negro employment was principally -

of profit In the operation of the economy Guide In lower-paid blue collar Jobs

and they think it amounts to a much larger and in the CS-i through GS-4 grades of the

proportion of the national income than it classified service.

actually does. And they have an imprecise The President who served as Chairman of

knowledge of just how the American free iy PABLO The ASTROLOGER the PCEEO while Vice President expressed

enterprise system serves the masses of the extreme personal satisfaction with the pattern

people and helps to improve our national of progress of minorities in Government -
living and working standards.So ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR employment.

the criticisms run. Whether they are This progress Is the result of affirmative -

totally valid or nqt is, of course, a matter BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL and persistent efforts by the Federal

of opinion. At any rate, the schoolsof agencies to hire train and promote on the

Elkhart Indiana have for five years basis of merit alone without consideration

tested a program for teaching the economic of irrelevancies such as race or ancestry"

facts of life to the very young that seems ARIES VERY CONSERVATIVE TURN be nald. "It shows that It la possible to

to have proven to be a dramatic success Born March 21st thru WHICH YOU SHOULD WCLCOMC LIBRABorn CAPRICORN sweep away the customs and practices that

and that has been adopted In a number of April 19thA AS MOST DEli lUlU AND Sept. 23rd thru Born Dec. 22nd thru have denied productive lives to many minority
Oct. 23rd Jan. 19th demonstrates that
other communities CHANOE or PACE IN OPPORTUNC.YOU' MAY FIOURC \ Americans. It

The Elkhart story was recently told by YOUR PARTICULAR WOULD AMONG MANY. WHO HAVE there are in truth qrnifled persona.
John Kord Lagenann, in an article appearing MAY CALL FOR A COMPLETE VIEWtO SOMfOFTHC OOINASINTHISWORL6 THERE SHOULD BE LITTLE THERE ARE NO IMPIDI.MENTSTOPROGRESS from all races and reg/raa! who are available -

in the PTA Magazine. has been reprp- OVSRHAUCINO; OF YOUR WITH' 4l A"M, ELSE TO,BOTHER YOU FROM VISIBLE "to fill poata of responsibility with

duced In condensed 'form tn the December PLANS Of PROCEDURE.WILE' AND COULD WELCOME ANY NOW ON OTHER THAN THE FOR THE REMAINDER BP THE dignity and compe'tnce. Our continued

l.*u. of fladr'a Digest, The program, as YOU All RECEIVING' THI TMINO' THAT PROMISES POSSIBILITY THAT YOUR MONTH YOU CAN 'INTEREST' strength depends v our redoubled effortsto
Mr. Lagemann explains it ". .Introduces THC1' WORK LOAD IS OI"I..G101llU"U YOUR FRIENDS IN NEW IV skills and potentialof
tNcrir or AN 'IMMOVIO' STARILITV AND RC Insure that .
first., second. and third-graders to the ECONOMIC' PICTURE, YOU viVAL or SOME or THE HEAVIER INSTEAD IDEAS THAT ARC THC PRODUCT all our peop' r are utilized effectivelyin

same basic courses-and makes the subjectso SHOULD GIVE cue AUK At. GOOD OLD-FASHIONED PRINClPLSS >> OF PRETTIN ABOUT OF YEARS OF TRAIN- the purauf of our national goals."

exciting that children often groan when TCNTION TO JOINT INSURANCC THAT ARC FAR IT, SEC HOW QUICKLY I You INS, RESEARCH OR IIPERIENCE. The annual Mcorlty census, made by the
the bell CAN *ETTHINGS| DONE.SINCC ANYONE WISHNO) also contained
Interrupts discussions. AND SECURITY AR. SUPERIOR TO MOST MODERN Civil Service Comnlsslon.
And this Is done In a down to rrth way RANGtMINTS. THC ARIANS CONCEPTIONS THC CAN. ALL THE SIGNS. POINT TO TO FORM A FRATERNITY OR year-to-year comparisons for MexicanAmericans. -

that vividly relates theory to practice.As WHO HAVC MANY YEARS II' CRIANS WHO HAVE OPENED THC FACT THAT OTHERS ARC SOCIAL CLUB SHOULD HAVE Puerto Ricans American Indians

an example, a group of children is HIND THEM WILL PROFIT THEMSELVES TO THC POSSIBILITY BEOINNINO TO RECOCNltE LITTLE TROUBLE ENLISTING and Oriental A.ericans in selected geographic -

taken to a filing station where they learn PROM' PAST LtSIONS AND OP MARRIAGE MAY YOUR TRUC WORTH, THIS ENTHUSIASTIC FOLLOWERS. areas of their highest concen


year on an Investment of $30,000. lie Is FOR rUTURC ACTIVITItS. PARTY IS DEAD SERIOUS, LIVE UP TO WHAT II II. OF EIISTENCI OPENINO TOMANY Mexican-Americans and Puerto Ricans fared

asked what he would earn if he did the 'same 7-10 AND LIKELY TO HOLD THEM PCCTSD OF YOU. YOU ARC CAPRICORNIANS isPECIALLY well at all levels and both groups bad

work for wages and he answers about $8,000./ TO THEIR' PROMIfrS. COMINB I CLOSER TO THC TO THOSE WHO sizable net increases in. employment. Mexi
So the children learn ,that, In reality, Born April 20th thru 5-20-99.17.7.,2t ACTUATIONS THAT NAVE FREED can-American employees In the Southwest totaled
his return on Ms investmentisonly $2,000 May 20th LEO TIME El. 38.749. a gain of 2.824. or 8.3 per
a year while the other $6,000 represents Born July 23rd thru WAYS cent. Puerto Rican employees in Ne. Tork
wages that In effect he to himself.The MOST TAURIANS SHOULD TRAVAAANT OCHRES. 17.4
pays Aug. 22nd City totaled 4.440. up 857. or per
program called 'our Working korld'was HAVE A PRETTY CLEAR IOU cent.

created by Professor Lawrence Eenesh AS TO WHAT THEY HOPE TO YOU COULD SC TEMPTED TO s..aet.taeslbBCORPI0 AQUARIUS The pattern of progress for the Indl.ln.nd

a Purdue University economist. is quotedas ACCOMPLISH IN Lire. BUT CATER TO YOUR WHIMS IN. Born Jaa. 20th then Oriental. -Aserican minorities shooed

saying. "Young children have a tree MANY, STILL NAVE A LONG STEAD OP ATTENOINO TO rsb. 18thITNASOFTEN good gains in the upper pay levels with

mendous drive to fit themselves into the WAY TO* 60. SPECIALLY YOUR DUTIES.DO ITOUICKLVErORC Born Oct. 24th then some loss in overall employment doe to
real world around them. Why not make It you HAVE A CHANGE reduction In lower-paid Jobs.
easier for them by letting them in on the or HEART. YOUR DOMESTIC,
ground rules? The rules which are used ECONOMIC ..ND'ItO'UIiOttAloINTUitU
and explained are directly connected to ARC IN A PAIR. World Roundup
their own experiences To take another SAY TO CAIN THROUGH PER.
example the whole class la told to do a SONAL ENDEAVORS, CONSERVATIVE .
number of classroom chores without assigning POLICIES AND
any particular group to any particular THRIFTY HABITS. FRIENDSWHO
PE0 Mains a. o "A RO tk* Arabia* oaaUawlB BAA
job. Chaos follows, Then the different CURT' TOO MUCH ,IN.
tasks are specifically assigned and the FLUCNCI ON YOU CAN ONLY
work Is accomplished Thus the children ARTISTS 'IN LEAD YOU ASTRAY CAUSIN PINES OF YOUR LOVES EVENT. TO OISCOURAM THC lout. *coortia' to Dr. 4V a. LMsmtoo of U. ma*
tloftAl liatltat of oce.onoa The .1I..Ia'ta
gain an insight Into the principle of division YOU TO LOSE EIGHT OF YOURPRINCIPAL
of labor. STROMO COMPULSIONS. TO HAPPEN TO 1C LOOK INS TO BENEFIT AT TOUR U. ,,. wait<< b-fA BON URN 90 allltoN your a**.
The class then visits, a bank, and learns EXPRESS THEMSCLVCS. OPPORTUNITIES TOREACH FORA JOB, MALI INQUIRIES PENS(. START TAIINO A U at U* rat of two catlMtor (..,., M lack<< )
that it' a not juat a storage place for 29077581297 NEW PINNACLES ORTO POLICIES WITH a Tout..
money but, instead a place where Money Is SURPASS PREVIOUS PROFIT A BTClXtOK&U) ATVCAMUS4JU
put to work to produce. They learn the OEM I N I AND>> PRODUCTION QUOTAS WITH WHOM YOU CONC IN THC INTENTION -( CPI)-Al II..M ZMtU ONNilUM *f U*

economic concept of tools by Baking 11nl8l'bread Born May 21st thru MAY 1C ABUNDANT DAILY CONTACT." VERY ATTRACTIVE THEM ALONO LINES.THIS MORE PROFIT SHOULD" gaertlo *itta Arrleai* **c r.,*.. bore Fwcwatl u
June 21st OPPORTUNITIES ISLE beds ooNollatiM 4f aboat M XattBlM BUirapil-
len,r1atr they make a batch bOratir-
ring with a spoon a long and tedious Process cal **trl** fr tae eaeysleledls of 4*.*an4noBaJltl
Then they accomplish the lob
with an electric mixer In no tlme.So they TRVIN TO ACHIEVE PROSPERITY Born Aug. 23rd thru MARI A NAPPY CHOICC. IN LUCRATIVE klm of U* *twyl*,t41lBU part** a
see, a better tool baa freed children to THROUGH 'NVIIT.'I Sept. 22ndAJ.THOUAN t..70-55-II-175SAOITTAAIUS !REALESTATE ",...... took pod eed k* AfrtcM wklc* will *.

produce something else. OR OTHER MONETARY ..2D-n.I..SZ7 ..".u. t4 tk.r.( r. ta. loedtlg a1s...r4t.t.

Laxemann cites Instance after Instanceof lOrD "0'. 23rd them
His article ends with
this nature. some- Dec 21st
said by Purtfeu University President Horde PROCEDURES THAT DO, YOU MAY HAVE TO AC. hb. 19U tbraHarcb LI1W'CD. bt1..U1)--1e17 o-tD.. n.,awSIC
Till KNACK OP CORSET SPOUT VII attB.Rftt Dahtn1t1.
'Ioun ttnnho get this kind of groundingIn
the early grades going to be
taken In later by slogans and anneals to
the emotions Professor Senesh la doing
FECT. THERE ARC HO MORE OAA.ANCS atria Mr 'tk MltMt. ., *>*** 4 .
the nation a service by equipping future .
citizens to deal rationally and resoonslb- OBSTACLES IN FRONT or CSOINO &a'.1N1t HIkkAv*. to tk **Ur **atry.w .
ly with problems that affect our national IWII. S A FOOT
well-being and survival. OCCUPATIONS THAT NAVE NO TART AOWANTAAC OP IMCOPCNINO CALL Tilt SHOTS INS YOUR L9OA* < PROJECTS aura UtlQlta-IPl-hntl wo. tk* rlcot isM


Facts On Traffic SafetyTfct SATURN IN YOUR SOLAR C At I ON MISC. LOVE OCT PER CENT ACCURACY. DM THATVILL ka4r of Lads AlMrSna. Aals *a e Afrlcu Mat..
U on.ut to U. Art It....* .>...... .. klocaIt
AMBITION TO ITS MltMCSTLEVEL. ANO p rt1etaatle..555 UfT" la p. jtwtlagtatrt
tktt ntotnblle caa't on. tfla*. At a'ST.
warns atop *
WHERE *f w4.r.wr.J...4 _trS..> lBrl w
k*rr4l iNs tie cxt mUac Lessee *f eb-
beta, a er to a kilt water aorakl CIOI.1 Uou. I.,;)-U.!)44.152 OTN PARTIES IIL"YITNAT BC OOMEWHAT MORE DIFFICULT DAY OC IIITilL" EN-
lists tnm Arab stabs, kit .. a bt rla. .* Its
flat's ttt dlstue from BXM* late to tint .w. LIFE T04ETHER TO liT YOUR' MAT! 04 LIST TNt SERVICES OPFBIENBS
CANCER ro* oatcaUM tkU nt wo*14 k* Irate |B.H If
.. a kMOball 4i..*..n. CbMlaaloa adds. tbllo THC ONLT INSURANCE OTHER ALLIES TO UNOCR* 01 TO SOLICIT
Para June. 22nd thru MAPFimtM ANO oolltl**! acrlaiAvUm **r* were late PI laWt..r *
wlag too closely U a major cuss of .cete..h. FUTVM n.* CIACUY WHAT VOW CAPITAL TO OCT TNINOIMOYINO
July 22nd SECURITY.VaO. ARC \f TO. ALOOO TNC LINES a IJ'Mt> *'*lflt date WB n *t GlCI1lduU. la
cUl nlN.**
w.a.a.Is o
-000. TNt TRENDS ARC TACINO .'",....-*. ...>>..t4.4ft.4Jt ..JO-I1.II-Ut71 1
.I r -' .


.. '

r r {t J .1 "

i"Ar "Alf tl, 5' RII"A "AI PAPERS PULL 3

Fla-.Jax Annual lull Highlights Yulotld S..on


-1-1A -
---i---- __ -



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v 1+ + aSy f.r t I a

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a ylYwr mr..rav 1

all k"Yw


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{I lye OCA T1VC .. time of tkt I/e Js1 1\111". fro Ill
lens tf th..tete ... .UOft dwi tlolleed .! tftl*
hero eUI. ".., Ito t.M hr. nor ....ura.
1 ts rt C,UOB tf riMtt IM durt h..lo..

2703 Kings Avenue

(Phillip. Hghy)

[ Now nadir M


d < miai4mealComplsiily

1. Lft l. rlitt: J*..t ar,..,. lu.l. Ware. ar*. 1 tr C I. ..rru, .". ..< n. "rj Mr**. .!.. II. t.il c ri.r. ....UI HUM., tt. .."..,tr.
,......... Cl**.l4, .*,**. B*.k. tr*. rt,. 1.15.., I.nl.I. JM..,.. hs.wt ....... VIII tsrs.re bw ..4 .r .,*. I'***"/ B.***r4, I,, tr*. ttlll* .1... .... 1e99rl, 1q/N. IsttlI J 1. .. tr.. tMtltfU*. If*. *..."|.. ArMll.{
.tH. S..rs.O$ stl. ..,.... ttir..1/.5 t.cl.tt.drhs. L.aVII. ullo.d, ,
I. Lett. .. rl..t: tr*. HIMXU ...*.tt.tr.. 1ir.s. .ft. Crlt.tlM L.IL. ,... L..... ,t ..< tf..
a. ,........ tr*. o/*.iu tt.Mrii(. .,*. ..r. .....,. JMMmu Irr-t. V,. rm.. ..tll.. .....,.., a ... .,.. It. I.'. ....,. !.. ,.t. filkr. ... r, *.4 ir.. ... Oriel, 4 4iimofpksrs \
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9, tr M< a. *.*..* .... jr Br .*. tr*. *....* p
.... B* Br*. ",h. tfct.r* .......U. t.r*.rt L. t. .r5. IMI ..'US. .,.. LeI11. !MC1.Uaa. tU' MI trim B*.t .0..11.. +111.',IMf.* U*>. Nlrld* IDA AtlSeewtV UUAAD
.t..1a. ar" UMIM *.... .,. *.< tr.. itr- l..rtt. .r*. I. .....e. *r.. I.,. till. .!.. D.mM ssslr.! 'sIs.S. .-
Ca1..... MJ.VT1ltwK. Iw.srI a-- .. ..".# ,.....,. .re, hsN r....... kUS.'lll.; hjoyU D".U.gI.
.. J ; Or. C feetIts.. i. .......... .n Ir.. o.nr ..n....

L.1. ..UI.... alt.....,. tsttt. ..... .III.... [..Lc.4 .. BtM !*.* ,MI., ...,. ..< tf.. 1W.*. BIM C.r. I Ovr lorapsCorpta
.. .rs. I.L. C**.*r. ... J.- ........ I4aa.... ....
ILr... twMI,.!. rr*** 1.. 1.ri CHr; if.. >.rlMft l/. ttrrf. tl4U. ....,.. 11IM.I. Itu alrlll .
DatnI1. .... L L.ttraLa. .. .... ....U *r.. |r M J. MTTV, v*. L M-1U. se h_.. Groups,
.r*. MlU C. ft.,.. Itt/.1. t..,ur. Milk. ..Sh r,

... ... ..,.. ..,t. .... 11....... 0x.,.. .....4 .r*. ..ttl. U..4M,t. In ../(.. *Uf... .,.. ...... Br. *.4 ... "... ..,.... .,.. .... hid.. Its Bhlhdir PirtitiWilcomi
tstq.n.. P.L ....... .... ....U) t.U.. t,.. n. ..,. fr"'*s T,".11 '.1.... re".. J.+ .. trI. .. ..I... ,...,.... tr M< tr*. ..
ons1. taiU &ll-. .,*. ..... L tiltliM. w. M. .... .. BuMl*. //. ras.. I4S. J+. a. *M .... |.M.
tl. ir. ... "re. LAle c.u, tr.ice.. J.. hap 1'-- I1.Mr5... tL D.t. --. ta.. whin """... s... .. -. Pluly" PiikiagStiff
.. Its. .... ..,..,. .r.. .rMl ..MI. w. ...1. IL CMtSI ....... ,t. seVs.. J M .. ...et.5t... ., k.i'-
........ III 1/u IMw. .,.. "'.1. ruSss. 15111.. .r* BUM *... ftMltU. tr rn. .... ter.... : Drier U
...... hn, ,.,..... 1" 11th,. Jsltbsetua '" Alt,, M4 ... LL J........ k.. ... G.r/N ..... (rt.OItt.t TU ftietctr "J" ril All ftadto) ,
+r', 511.0. l Puckap



';(' "' -- --- .. ,
-- -

: _
--- -
jii1L.1.1 TTr t

4 fU111I sat PIPERS 4 MT0IIIY JIR3JIIY 2, un*

Mt. Calvary Set "Week Of Sundays" Revival Church Singer_ To Record New Bethel AME

Love Feast Set

For Watch Night Starts At Bethel I Baptist l Crjurcl) J8ebj J( a1d will Watch.be night held Thursdayat service

The' watch night service In a religious drive to awaken Jazons to tbeSrCbrl.tllD
10 p. in New
Thursday' la Mt. Calvary responsibilities, the Rev. Robert H.
Bethel AMI Church followed
Baptist Church will began Wilson pastor of Bethel Baptist Institutional Watch Night services will be held Thursday at by the Love Peast.-
at 9 p..., with the church 1058 Hogan St., has announced he will conduct 9 P..., in the Mt. Zion True Church of ft-4 in Memorial service forth
deacons In chart of "A Week Of Sundays" revlal services.The Unity 12th and Danson I
series will begin .................e.... Streets. Miss Alice boston deceased aeabers will
the dtrotlon. Several will be featured in a gospel prograa. also be observed
sermons will be dellv Sunday, Jan. 3 and continue Appearing will be Elder Moss Davis, Traveling u The Sunday services
red with the pastor for seven weeks. Stars Golden Gospel RogersHeavenly fire Singers begin with the Sunday
preaching the last Mr- There will be regular and others. School at 9:19 .... .
ion for the year. The Sunday services at 11 Elder J.S) strong pa.tor.t Baldwin and Mother with Superintendent p.
combined choirs and O'clock in the aorning 1' Margaret Button of oordele Ga., will conduct the p. Donalsoo in charge.
ushers will ...ne.A and 7 O'clock in the watch night services. Refreshments will be served Rer. 1. P. Ball. pastor
call meeting la evening. In addition at the dose of the service.MT. will deliver the

scheduled Sunday following there will be revival ; .. ZION AMI at 11 .... The sermon Holy
the coring service services each Tueeday at Rev. C.Eo 'Toston. pastor at Mt. Zion Mt Church: Communion will be ad-
to formulate plans 7 p... throughout the 201 E. Beaver St., has asked all cbolrs. ushers Blalstered daring the

for the church and seven-week period. r and trustees to attend the watch night service ajor .services and a
pastor's annlferaarjr. Starting Peb. 14. the Thursday' at 10 p.m. The pastor will also deliverthe nuslcal extravaganza
District 4 will sect final week of the ..enon.A will be presented at
'In the boas of Mrs serles--there will be leadership conference will be held Jan 4-'. 7p...
Hannah HOB an. 340 a?ruce nightly soul stirring Ministers throughout the city will serve as nar ...,.A. C. Chandler of
St., at 3:30: p... with services featuring a rato rs. St. Paul AMI Church and
Deacon Benny Parson In guest sinister to be announced REV R.H. WILSON .. MT. SALEM BAPTIST eaters will conduct
at a later date. Watch Might services will be held ...ili..i.ORS ..
assisted by local Bin- at Mt. Sales after service, prograa.visiting .
Rev, Wilson who will asters extends an invitation Baptist Church 1242 W. 22nd Street at 9 p... RSCORD CONTRACT Swarded! with a fo.r-7ear choirs.quartcts
charge.Worship preach during the "Week to the public to The pastor Rev. W.Q. Rogers.is asking all ushers, recording contract with peacock a.cordPaD<< and special groups will
of Sundays" revival, attend the services which, choirs and trustees to attend. Refreshments will after an outstanding performance as choir soloist be featured. Henry A,
he feels many will find be served daring a recording session with famed ITsniellst Wynn will preside at
exceeding soul-refreab MIDWAT AMC: .. Cleophus Robinson of St. Louis Mrs tie console.A .
H LLEY'S BARBECUE ing.i Love feast service will be conducted Thursdayat Beatrice Hajnes 11 presented the contract by Rev. Church conference Issctyduled
9:30: p.*. In Midway" IMS Church with Rev. J.W. Robinson. The talented singer was featured soloist Jan. at .:30
liRBECOED r+II i Musical Events Jones pastor in charge The' watch night service In the recording of "Jesus Be A Pence All Around p... The program for
will begin at 10:30 p... church conference Is Me." a selection ('D Rev. Robinson's newest al ba. INS will be presented.The .
CHICKEN I Calendar : scheduled at 8:30: p.*. she Is a BtBber of the 100-voice radio-TV choir of first quarterly

A musical prograsj will The services Sunday begin with the Sunday School: the Bethlehem Missionary Baptist Church In St. conference .111 be held

lEEf be presented Thursday at 9:30: ...., with Superintendent 8.C. Hart in Louis, which: Rev. Robinson pastors. Jan. 22 at 7:30: p...,
L SLICED PORK r" night In Evergreen Baptist charge Morning service at 11 o'clock. 'The Holy with Rev A. L Richardson
Church, Logan and Communion will be attain!etered. Evening serviceat CkrlrrL Briefs presiding elder
6:30 p. clock.
Cleveland Streets.
in charge. All boards
111 IllSCOILl.I.POTATOES .. ..
HOUB fNi. Appearing on prograa ABYSSINIA lurrm Mrs. Bertha Belle will the Traveling Stars. clubs and organizations
will be the Mccall Singers New year's Eve watch service will be held Thursday sponsor a Busies pro Refreshaents will be have been asked to Bake I
Chrlstlanalres.Sunbeaaa at 9 p..., in Abyssinia Baptist Church with grn Thursday night in served following tilepl'Or written and financial
Voices of Rev. II.L. Wynn, pastor and officers la charge reports.INDEPENDENT .
1 121th E the African United
Jerusalem Miss Alice 411 choirs will serve and baptism service will
Church 1229 Mllnor St.,
St., Mucriil !.. Philip, sunny Rose Sing be conducted featuring Paul fountain OIL C4KEROFr4P .
ers. Holyllghts, Ex The' Boy Scouts will .Meet Thursday' at 5:30: p.... and HONK rfUVTFY
the Dixie Jubilee
Hi. 2- Mini Ti celsiors Celestials in the lower unit of the church. AH choirs will Singers MECHANIC ON DUTY I

C)i ttone.,Soul Revivers rehearse Jointly at 7:30: P... Also appearing will be Ike Joseph .................... Proprietor
1471 lilts lid Installation service for all officers will beheld
Traveling Stars Gospel .
LI8A"Photography State and Jefferson Street FL A 9371
Echoes AngelaMable, Jan. 12. Holy CoMunlon rites are scheduled -
Union Singers and others. Sunday at 4 p.*. The pastor will preach and all
With A Style"One The' progran Is sponsored choirs will render the susle. Enjoy More
by A. Mccall. -- NCW ST. JAMES AMI "
p. Watch night services will be held 'Thursday at

Cider Moss Davis will 10 P... in New St. James AMI Church following with a piano
observe his anniversary the prei.entatlon of the Chlrataas program by the
Jan 17 In Abyssinia Sunday School Department according to Rev. A.D.
Baptist Church as a Harris, pastor. or organ from
soloist. Conducting the devotional service will be Arthur

Appearing the program Hagla David Lee Mrs. Rosa Young Mrs. Mary Miller's-the '
will be Arthur ooodaan, Cruela. and others. 'lb.'..noa will be deliveredby
MrsMary Qoodsan Church Rev. '.R. Akery, tithed sinister of the AMI
home of
of God Gospel Chorus, Church: Other Ministers are expected to be la attendance. fine'I
"Rosa Lei Orace, Mrs The pastor hai'aaked all choirs, under
I Alice Boston and Boston direction of Mrs. Harriet "Uto.', to reader the music for over
Stop Shopping For All'' Singers Union Gospel uslc.
.. .. 60
I Singers and others. CHURCH OP HVrXO ODD years
Your Photographic Needs An appreciation program has been scheduled tor Jan
"When Singers Meet" 3 at a P..., at the Holy church of the Living and
EMERSON'S PHOTO SUPPLY will be sponsored Thursday honoring Mrs. Annie Hill. As little as $25.00 down-up to 4 years to pay.
.. ..
at 10 p..., by theTrluBphant PILGRIM BAPTIST
1817 N.' MYRTLE AVE. Gospel 'Singers Teachers' ejecting will be conducted Thursday at A lifetime of enjoyment for the whole family.
Association In the Clara 7 P..., in Pllgrli Baptist Church The services
White Mission. Sunday begin with the Sunday School at 1:49: a... Open Man. Prl.until .
((0 Opu Siiiiys., ly Appilititits) Features will be the Coaeninloa service will be held at 4 P.su
Union .. BRHEL BAPTIST .. I:*) ,..., e
Celestial Singers,
Phil 354-3212 Gospel Blngsrs.Cloftones Watch night service will be held 'Thursday at ? F. O.l1UIJ JDn."' ;caro

and other groups p..., la Bethel Baptist Cftsrch. "outhelde, with Saturdays astil 3:00.: .
Rev. David Johnson putor ID charge. 41 L DWAL 3T sea.....

free parking r,.......eI,,..".,... '1Iw I",

3LOCATIONS* Witch Nile Rites AI West Uiioi in rear of stare for castonera.
I Witch night services TIt.H_.111--1 Or.... tw_ !w i'O
A.bss.dore .111 meet
will colducted Thurs ...
Sat.rday at 3 ,
day at 1:10 p.m. I.
e 833Ca atAve. west Onion Baptist __ ..... .... .

e 3701 I Emerson Church with Rev. A.p.CuaaiBga. R. S. EVANS .
pastor, Is
el824! W. Bearer charge. All ushers and 3rd&Main I
choirs will serve.

FLA. GRAD2. The' Missionary Society
idNQTHa'm will Beet Thursday at Volkswagens
( '
HAlf'25C 29c ,..., and choir 1 and $195
FRYERS the Male Chorus will
HENS rehearse at T:30 ,... DOn EFFECTIVE JANUARY 1, 195
The Circle sua*
13 VALUltT...|136
abide Band and Royal *
61' .....tnn
PORK HAM LI.49c I II I cum tray lair Nm! .536

... J, Braa4te LleUEAI d. ttLrI' =136 NEW
_J..IlVlA!!.... ...
In roJW ........1",

lilt CILIIEI s3cxcvYilW:111 i %

ROAST 39c Will ester gray aalrlato ... waives. ..
IB. to :30: alMtee.No .-e'. He tt !> DOl .... ..5443sees.Ayose
tea pet It oa I.UIt_
at BOM. bZ'C r. ...,K. .

arR1"ilhB ...51016
Armour lluegrau Fresh Froi n -Avg. 10-12 U. "
MCDD1M bj' ;....
"" "a' '
It will Mt rub eff It
stays ea several aoataa.iMpoelag. .

Ma batilsa ..-auv: : o -, tS
ear. ,.,....., welat. SIIiR ram: as
curling or etralsktealaglr It tt..UI.. 0. DAILY INTEREST
LONG ISLAND C ear cever war gray 1i'.mrf HA PeW en Yew Rene.
3" 9 hair M sitter hoe eUe ; .=
DUCKS u. hors ev tae ...... IUCI eo-P N't.-1n'OP PASSBOOK SAVINCSCoan 4 %
dais MUd.WQHOgKyt. DlP.Co I NS
'. PQRTUUOI1M US ,otmdtd fir Cr dift4

OP .... US QuarttrfySIBTIEW
DOCS MT mmrtu m
\ ...... at tatlagCAVnoN ........ 1$

g Hav : : Use u dlrvet.di1 7'1R ... ITS .
ea label 0.1.,.: Blact. .. "..*... ,1) US
Dart Brews. IMUwa BrMa.price 5".' 1 era r era e..
Mr Vet II.M plea p S. EVANS InIS1'lllL BjunIIN.UsjffjSi.
... TM il.

I NXKPMAUUCY1M 3rd& Main ..... J55.4CU

WITH TIE IEI HttlT SIR M lIlT IT CUHEl 4 AH Atttmmu tutnd t* 120000 byPUE FDJG

.. Ii..3. Fb. 8

I ,


. I I

.- JUg'AII .2, 1115 ( FlIIIIA STAt PWIJ mi 5

... .

; ,f College Fund Gets Esso Foundation Gift MississippiPoorest i .- t:...".. .!""f ". "'t.. ."."..: ._ .... :\. .... ,,t '-..
-:, ..t1;. ....,.'. \ \ ... .... ), "
StateIn u't1 ) .
I ''', \ .
t\ ,. '. t." \" } \: .;.t 1"\I"', i/.IUrJ.ij{ \ \\
\ Union

KCT TO.....Dr1)..tississippi .
the poorest IrL.
ststo In the Union baa
discovered that its %
racist rtputstloa stsndsla
bad irses oa ffsllstrttt.

4 Tbs cold bard sconoalo ytl ___ T
1w i f
+ + i + ti
truth hit boas whin a b: l
A y
Mississippi vstsr auvply t + C lx3

district, asuslly easy
to flounce, found no bid
for airs than 121 ill
liana la boada. :
I :
Although DO fall strttt :
moist would coat rlttt
oat aDd adalt It. tb.'
truth of the titttr sun
that she NAACP had sake<<
the brokers to boycott ; MIi 4A. MIr

the issue.lids A
CARL N. AXOOtaort Nitlonil chalnan of tile ClUed miro Collut fund's lilt nit subaltttd by t r' ; ]L A A
'pupil**, *ee.,ta 1150,000 check..a lift to the Fund sad Its 32 arbor col two oriaaliatlooi. but :

Jtjts troll the *.so tduestloa foundation, tt lift Dr. Frtdtrlck D. pstttrsoa.prtildttt the lattrtit rates tbty
o! U.N.C.f., and at right, Robtrt 0. (Ooodjkooati. vies prtsldtnfinchsrit listed site far above
of tat Etittrn Csso Xtdoa of Ilusb11011 RtfUlai COBPSDT, fco aidt the alnlaua which tie
tht pmantitloa. Cunblt 011 Is a contributor to tile Esso Cduestloa foundation, Mississippi district bad
.111 cb: ... established la 19SS by Standard 011 Coapsny (!U* J.r...,), Kuibls's stt.
PITCH tl rat .. Hosei Small JC Blount Mrs. Virelli' Robinson Robert Francis

ExTtJikeejoaRNamed Secretary Of Airkalture 15 Year Old YouthSentenced Manager Market Manager Head Cashier Receiving Clerk

Forest Orders Mississippi Probe To Death

Broad The Management and Staff of

,Service Aide ltcrttH7 of Atrl cut tart Orrllls L. Trtsasa bss Nn CJI.LW.NPU.( ** & First 511.
Prtston Cobb Jr. .boIBS
c s".tdlIelIUIiUpton fro tat Dspartasnt's of
Jsssi T. Illllsss, flee of the laspsetor Osotrsl(010i to tits/ !,. Into siBttactd to dtsththia DAYLIGHT GROCERY
toner sdalalitrttlvtofflctrtltbtbi ht .aa oily 18
cbarats of Irrtsulsrltlts la tbt root strloul
VtttrsosAdslBlttrttloa '.Ir. old. has bees
ttirsl stsbillistloa sad ooaimatioa (A8CcM'*
la Chles10. traattd a atw trial byth studs SIISM'S firntliis Ti All Its Cistmrs in
soulty coMlttt sltetloa la a Buabtr of countItila Frliris AH Tale This
111. sad h.k.,... Mlsslsslivl..> ........................ 8th O.I. Circuit

to Ala its, bun'ptrsoaatl btsD sppolattd auut- The iBvtttlistors ere his jarlsdletloa la such Court. of tbo Afptals.Cobb. taa cootlcttd. OpHrtnltji Ti flash All Fir Tkilr Pitruii Tkriifkiit Tat Tear,

seat staff of tat 0.8 problni tbs cfcirits aadiBttrvltvlai astttrs. of alsylai' his silts

Otpartatnt of AlrScul.tun' ttnrtttlai tuners fsratrs ta la.. of A auabtr slltitd of taproptrsltetloa lastsaets ..,101" rtctlvtd tbtttlooat f i Wish Yn i Niipy New Tsar AH Assure Yn Wi Will Oi All Wi Cn Ti Male
Portst Strrlet.Hi. Bt t oa his litb
tllllMs. till stmss volvtd. sad will report setlvltlss ttrteslltd birthday. 'Tee U.S. Court II On Ij Chili Yn Cnrtins Elllclnt Service AH
ssststsat to tat to tbt sterttsry tbt results to tbs D.partssit' *> ruled that jail ooBitltvtloasl list Fills At The list.
chit of rtcrultMat sad of tbtlr flsdlm. a stttatloa by tbs
rlibts sure tlo* lirfilis *
:q.&llflcstloas brush of The tecrtttrjr till rtvltt Council of rtdtrattdOnsslsstloaa lattd sad stlpalsttd
Forest Btnrlct. Ito tor the niponts'aid' tits (COrO). that a stoosd trill an it Management And Stall
hues reports ere la.eluded
tee has staff of shout nudist cellos ss Ii. be b'tld la no less this
JJJ.OOO, to, proaot tat dlcsttd.laaadlsttly. of la tbt the 010Oa lsveslllaIlia eight aoitbi. Broad & First Sis '
coaitrvatloB sad t.. prior to A Jasper Cosaty Jury
tbt ballots for the
but use of all 0.1. tee tltctloa. bleb ,ss coavlcttd eta. oa Au,. II.1M DAYLIGHT GROCERY
ftftit liada. and to adlalsttr bald DtA. 3. IM4. cbsrcts coaavalty eosaltt.eeleettoss | la tbt fatal shoot
114 astloasl of latlaldstlos sadtbrtst la Ih..alpplII h, of Frisk Coltaaa
,gnats of 111 stubs'CT. cubist Nttrotsbo Seine toners sirs 0118... 70, afttr tbtyslltitdly
ptralttsd tbtlrsata esadldsttt for ootuaualt,
... ariutd ovtr a
P rJr.to coalai toYiibt4tca to bt plactd oa oultttt potts la It flab the boy had cauiht
ballots! by pttltlfta ooaBualtlta la 10 of tbt .
a fee ...11I sere a pond.
..., M,. ;*&11&... sadfttTktd'Wlnct .......OtAtr.Mtivlts latl 13 oouatlttlatM atats.roarttta Cobb dusted 'h llllls, .
list *....- .4t a r.er' list a Negroes wtrotlttttd sad late sail bt Ics.'b ., : SUPER MARKEY
ss sdslalstrstls as. Negro esadldstd's bsra to ttastalty fld It. -
slstsat to the alit of sec based sad saotfesrcsadldstt ClOUS't." 4 ss'caalr* Tb* apptalaoourtrullaiCM ;
.... t it Ice o/altsiL
staff of tee V4 MttsldtOfCltsl ass sbot st.Rtports M the' ground thatNepal QUANTITY Rl6n IISUVIO'
tttabtrs sad
2 as rtcuosr
la CblCMO. of srlalaalatttrs hiss btta ayttaa*
*,{Ht ttst to- Oilewo fro of tils bled I as sittrasto" atabtrs.of stlcslly oislaltd fro SPECIALS GOOD THRU SUNDAY AT EDGEWOOD AND AVENUE 6
tU VA bospltsl at Tui ban btta thud ovtr to This Is sa lacrttss tb* trsad jury *lcb la.
b.. tatrt ... had bud the Juliet O. artatat.Osrits silo Mtirott strtlBi oaeosMialty dltttd bla and U* ptttt
eotMlttttt la
'5 stiller position state a4t of tlcls- jury silo toattttidkla.
the Stats Mosad Sues U. S. GOOD
tloa of tltetloa .
his dlscasm flu tit pro
J Air 'or,. ss a first tdnrta art btls. is. .ass bees tltetlsf KtiroCOBOltttMtS A Otorila pulls of HOG
I llsattaiat ftllotlu vtitliattd b"? tbt CaM's fid si his atara that b*
world tar II. laspsetor users .ao .111 Mt Itt tie salts CHUCK
, 1 I AMledo. lay. tollittor Otstrslttrit

{L GORDON THOMPSON CaLset .ttd Litrtait.the e...sail.ktroc .:

ji.- Awnu "AS far s. I M *os* JOWLS
tratd, Prtstss Ctbb ROAST
IS 1ILSI50TOI.: OeI..ArMurtll.OOO ..111aerMl.latetptisos.
baa btaa ." M' atsttd Usttbt
...."41' to Aatltcb Colin Ices till ii. ..a1" *
Jacksonville's CNIYROL/T]' Center by tbt Da Post CM t* Iii. U.1 tuprtatCourt. 19
( "paay to asilst *lock's LB.TOUNQE.

lattrraclal EdMstloasl Tb* ..Mils open salt 39
men far trslalM Is* that Cols., tbo bM .,-t LB.
WE'LL GIVE adt,isttly prated Nt. tine yMrsoatttth rt.tia IN, TEETH OUT
salt a.,n .,....ta. Iii Mt advlstd of bit ,
eoapaay aaa...etd todip. .oaatltatlMsl fights st
Is hills tbt past Usapsay tM tla* tf lie trial. DIXIE CRYSTALSUGAR
2kYOU iO said Its ,.rta. D.L.., Mtlltttll. fAt VEGETOLE '
I .listl.a la sa tt,trl. 1 tats, *ba tts ..,..
I II a..tal step totsrd la. t* rwrtttst Cobb site
.,...... tbt ..,.h of tb* asavUtlM, islstdtb
I L1 THE TOP Nits stltsttsts sad aM htsrlMoaa unit SHORTENING

tadattrs. St ksbts ..".. site
rarpost of tbs Aatltcb lint./.a.aesutall, to
I CHEVYDEAL pro ra. Is to dlsotrtrsblt Itt a ... trial la ftdtrsl .
... tsltattd ..,,, district AvertIlriel 0 LB.PKQ. 37
st. >sts ... ordlbsrtlytosll
Mt ft U .ll..t 3 LB. 55 .
..e.... Of iBMfflSltSt Lots .
.ttltstloa, ra...... .' CAN
!; pr..".t.... It hafts U Seller Jailed with $SS... ti rare it BUI 'tied eiders
INTOWN 4..lso ........ ftr ..11.
-.atlas IsttllliMCt sal ....IJIIVTIJI.ft CB. ..tbsa/
l.ai.rsisuelltl.i la Cs/tU 41. prtMttrf
I tub ,.... pt.tlt sad 10'Str* ....'hi FRESH PORK ROAST I,. 25e
... tilt tin get rtt ....t.r' U tlsdtiyOblabMala .
.ttf'''dlti'aslrassl* aot afftrlu

IMS Sushi ta., ..... say Mr* iris lots fit IAM-CUE SIZE SPARE RIIS II. 3ft
It till also Miltt tataflasMlally sals.On .
SAYS. n p ,
iteblu.slips. Rwvtabtr M. Cults 4
I' It U* ttatruta* .is tatttctd ,. ..* McKENZIE FROZEN GREENSittuii tt'v" i .:
GORDON .Me..... this atirtaca ,.11' la prices *a call
say b* aatfsi U Ut ta* .Mftrsl ....... sarrMt .
; THOMPSON sirs .....tl..a .... fr Mil frawt ( iiuirt mtiiiiiFAB K.: ru, tot
. .aatty.OMt n. ptr tual s/t trios >.I"
,....,.& Ie AS 1 1Mb. n.. f.4 b* prMlMd U hAt
NCUIl 25e
tstfaMta till ,.1", U.sells. .at ttt ftritttM. M
I .' Is..*.'... .. .... lMd* ..*..,.'a'. *.-g..,.., 111,1.1.,., ..5tie 1': m<
,....,. I...I. .....t. sstta... ,
alttraat sls.atstb (*.s 51$.. dtfMitlsi ,
M ,trida of uses tart st *. tb* MftS4 eves U. ;
GORDON THOMPSON lbs used sal Jobs It prtftrty rtvtrttd t. lOYAL RICE.:. '. i U. HI, 35C

N ladMtry ad ol.t.t.rs.OS ...". Ca/lla .ail...*4U
Pest till b* ... OfIU Mil J.h sad MllMtlatsllast
t.a.sal it tr *ldlsijsba. psyatslatll

J400 KtNCS AVINUf b. Itft ilslisyvsrtlf

Gre' itinpst .ltMst* add/it alels/. tet. ALASKA SALMON TAU cal 3'C.SATURDAY. I


--- --- -- -

L 'I" j '". t. .' '. .- ".' .' _"__ "" I .' n' ___ _. '' ._' ,' __ -_'_ I'I'J, ,-

{ ) S

'Jumalca Hello' Registration Set Marriage
b !
'Socially Speaking
,A. 11th Andrew Davis 1021 E.
I January
I 'Third Street and Sylvia
srro delivery BT LOUISE) GUI WARD Registration for Practical Patricia Thomas, 5253

plan Drive.
anal The big event of the current week was Lea Trleze Nursing Course and
Testing will be held for Janes N. Washington
Allies Debutante Ball held
Mr Mrs Jessie Sing Mr. ft Mrs. William Carter Wednesday evening in the Jan. 11 at 8 p. .. for 1840 Seminary St. 31
letary, 1655 1. 34th St.? 5668 Moncrief Rd.. ., Duvet county Armory forty-fouryoungladies! made persons with last aaaea and Marie Atkinson
Girl. -a their official debut to society before formally
Boy beginning with the let Brunswick Ga. IS.

Mr II Mrs. James Odgen Mr. sit Mrs. Harold Wallace ,. attired guests.Al ....................... tern"A" through 'Y'. David Vlnson. Akron
2142 NcQiade St. Girl. 1588 Moncrief Rd. and Jaa. 12 at 8 p.m. Ohio. 21 and Augusta
01 rl. Wise, Florida STAR News Editor Is confined
Mr. Mrs Ransom Jackson for last naaes beginning Damon 1522
Mr.tMrs. Curtis Thomas + Sy Veterans Hospital take city Florida Rm. 323.
3308 Japonloa ltd. with the letters "N" St. 24.Arthur.
2560 Highland St. Girl. Friends are encouraged to write. 1715
Boy ......rasa............ through 'TV.Registration. L. Prater
Mr.* Mra. John Johnson Mr. Mrs. Alfred Jenkins will be Leo St. 26 and Maxine
1143 Rut.edge Ave., The twentieth street home. of the Matthew walkers
1 2183 McQuade St. soy conducted at Station Adklna. 1411
provided the setting for luncheon held
joy. a Monday Vocational High School 23.Alton .
honoring Patricia Till man, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. 521 ff. Aah1el'st. C. Jones 736 Ken

Boy Now On Easy Terms a 11. N Peter 1964 Debutante Tillman.Coterie Miss Till man Is a aember of the Requirements are: Education Knight Dr. 31 'and air-

.. ....................... 19-43 years,completion ley J. Patterson. Bron-
j of 10th grade or son, Pla.. 22.
I Of Particular social interest was the double-ring
WIGSAre above. Persons woo have Jesse Shealey. 2203
[! .h' marriage ceremony uniting Miss Dorothy Nixon and completed 10th grade Moncrltf Rd., 30 and bra
.t flIIIUaJ'] ". William Jr In holy wedlock.:
have been asked to submit E. Boaaard. 1343
tjrJ : TW beautiful affair was an event of Sunday at .
Lovely ; proof at time of St.. 29.Cbaa.
i \ r. j Ebeneezer Methodist church with the Reverend Ernest registration. E. Jenkins 814

Citizens In six North American cities got a real Von Wilbur "Newman ott1ch.ln.. Citizenship: American Minnie St. 25 and Catherine
GIFTS sunshine Nuptial music ..... fu rnllh.d by Mrs. Mary Lewis
sails of Jamaican when 23-year-old Enl Citizen or declared In- 0. Griffin. 1362
White accompanied: a promotion tea on a "Jamalci Betsch and Miss Blanche Hammond. togtlcn of becoming one. W. 45th St. 18.
n en also tiy flU wlfi, Hello" tour. The sparkling eyes and csptlvatln The bride I. the daughter of Mr. and Mra. Johnny Health Good Physical Alfred Deal 148S I.

mulls of the pretty alas were described as "Juslj Zlmnon. Die bridegroom Is the son of Samuel ... and mental health. Teat 5th St. 39 and Ruth Mae

sw.ithurt ir wither a sample" of what winter-bound North Americanacan lies Sr. and Mrs. Eleanor Gay In,. all applicants are Battle 633 I. 17th St. .
find in this winter. .Miss White waa a Miss Margaret Nixon, her sister, served aa maid
Jaaalpa to take the pre-entrsnce 1C.
100% HUMAN HAIR recent contestant in the Miss Universe contest. : of honor. Another sister Miss Connie Nixon and examination. To become a Willie Madison 609

(NPI PHOTO' a cousin.Miss Jockebeth Lyons of !Ft. Pierce were practical nur... It will Orange it. 19 and Johnnie -
EBONY WIGS among the attendants..lon, with Mies Ruby Scriven
I be necessary to devote a *.. Beck. 609 Orange
Morgan State of Hushing. N.Y., cousin of the bridegroom. full year to prepare for St. IB.9m. .
II As A lititifil SiririjiAid Completes Little Robin Neal. niece of the bride was flowergirl the vocation. L. trlcht Tbo...-

I Wi Will until Ski (Till Sit Gets bearer.and William DeVaughn Sweet jr. was ring Persons who meet the sills Ca. 52 and Dorothy
$73,000BALTIMORE requirements and are accepted N. Thomas finfall
Benjamin Powell served ss best man, and JamesPrims' for the class !N.C.' 43.Zollle .
EXACTLYTIE Md.--El SAN ANTONIO.' Tu. -'AI r-f',> served as chief umber Hubert Nixon brotherof will need $30.00 for ..- Richburc.Cincin
.an Marlon ff Logan Jr. .- the bride and Alvln
white were other ushers
perlenced secondary penses of laboratory coati Ohio 23 and Sandra -
COLIC AMI STYLE Sit MS ALWAYS school teachers of.athe- IOn of Mra. Dorothy Logao A reception honoring the couple was held 1m* fee books, uniforms and E. til ion. 5808 Mon-
atlcs will have the of 2730 Begonia Road,, mediately after the ceremony In the hone of Mr. special equipment The crtef Rd. 20.

WANTED CALL IS AND ASK IS AIIOT IT opportunity, to spend an Jacksonville Fla. has and Mrs William De/aughn! Sweet sr. expenses will be paid Bobby Lester Knight

entire year and related oot'letedthefirst phase Oil .,of town guests Included Mrs. rally Scriven periodically throughoutthe Atlantic Beach. Pla. 25
surer session in full of his Air Force basic Irs. Elizabeth Jackson aunt and maternal year. and Fannie Mae AdMton,

Wig City tine study of lathe .llltary training atf grsnAnother of the groom respectivelyof Flushing, Additional requlremfata Atlantic Beech Pla.. 17

atlcs because of a Lackland AFB Tex. New york. an/! Mr. and Mrs. ftamuel L. Willies, sr., are two peraoaal re* John Perry 4904 Rhode

173,000 National Science The airman is a 1964 father and stepmother of the groom of Riverhead feren&ts.two pbotostatlc Island Dr. 19 and Patricia -

40 W. MONROE ST. Foundation' grant award graduate of Nortbwesten New york. of birth certificates Marahall. 1017
ed ....................".. copies
to Morgan State Col High School. &lid two photoatatic Hobaon Lane, 17.
355-3791 J lege. Local Alpha Kappa Alpha sorors net recently and copies of high school I very Lee Black 1663

; elected officers for a new fiscal year. transcript. The program Blue AYe.. 21 and Carolyn
The new officers include Ruth C. Solomon, basileua is sponsored by the J. Stockton 6103 I.

; Barbara Robinson, gra-wateus; paralee parts Board of Public Instruction Virginia Ave. 22.Czeklel .
sntl'granmiteusnnls. ; Ruth Willies. eplatoleus; and accredited by C. Mane 914 ..
Mabel Wright tarn lous; Alton la Reabrook, flu social the Florida stats Board talon St. 21 and Mary

secretary; :Xella! Mitchell, phllackter; 'rua word of Nursing. L. Riot, 914 I. Union
business manager; Nona 8. White, reporter to ivy St. 11.Oaten.
: ) Leaf; iva Grant custodian; tall Alston parliamentarian NAACP Interest' Delve, 730 Ever

""'", '\son.;;"., --Y "fI'l .. '". J'.I 1 ; and Willie Mae Green hodegus. Seta li Soilhwest son! Bt. 20 and LillianL.
I "AU III." is scheduled to be held February DALLAS, Tea. .'Ascent tllliama. 4106 PearceSt.
\41-2fL IMS. Camilla Thompson la chairman: of the 36.Rudolph.
annual meetings of.KAACP
committee responsible for the observance None .
V. ,.ra. 1208Clay.
J State Cbafermacea la New
'4 \, v tJ,, White flue Matthews, Xella Mitchell, Betty Thread Ntilco andTeiae Indicate 81., .21 aid Ian r
', craft. Annie Ruth a/lure, and LUcretia Williams ..., rvaas.734 Market **. ,21Robt.
*.& *. t a resurgence ofleterut" 1
ar. .
other,nembers of the cowitttee.The : ,
J ......................... in the Aa* N Strawberry Jr.
t : sort stion. NAACP Southwest Nerlock Md.? 19 and I
,. West Twelfth street home r Sblrley McCoy: provided Regional Director Robbie Nell Moore, 1310
the most recent meeting of
the setting for
1. 19th 22.
Clsrenee A. Laws said St. .
The Charming Domlaettea Bridge Club. here this week. ,.. ..,
Debris Kelsey, fhlrler Anderson, and ( ,eJ) JfMtewere

tl.!. winners of club prizes. Ruby walker receivedthe
guest prize. 'You Don t Have To f'b To Trot .n Ct

Margaret Marta' and Marls (streets were guest
playerawhen Bridge dub met lathe newly renovated
4 i't' n4 home of The William. Scrlvens. Margaret no 'lour

Stark es was high scorer.Lois .
Avery and Myrtle Thomas' outlined for club DRUG, STORE HEEDS

t,, 4 II rll... ..1.."11.........ISIS IS S Trade with Your Neighborhood Drug score
(. 'The petite and charming: Barbara Aaron wife of ,
r neIIY.r.-. aha fill aU h ct4r" I Prescription
the Milwaukee Braves star Henry ''lIIk'' Aaron

,; t 'LI was among the guests attending the Florida TTtt's

"I-- : ;. annual staff Christmas party Dixie Pharmacy
I') Najli In the penthouse of "!' Uro-uerl eM la.
auranee company, the affair provided grandeur tot
'; 1312 Elm titi it Mjrtli Anus
the staff members and their gueets. Ehjoylsg the

affair were Dr. Hunter Satterwhlte, Atty. Lauder Phut .lj.li 5.nn-1I

: -- Shut Miss Hilda 1I00t_. Mr. and Mra. frio 0. .. ------ --
Simpson. Mr. and Mrs. Silas Gilbert J 11 eel *. Lucas
..d... Virginia Muaford.ddla grown. Josephine PAT THI liCIT, WATEI All TELEWNE

Charles Parsons, Realtor, Lark IBS. Viola Jottea, Olaofcell Richardson: DILLS AT III STILE

Jacksonville,says i and Tours Tn 1,.
Others Included Jesse ,..rrue.. Randolph Beetle

"If your last sip Done take! d Bel Lott.ton. Eugene Baker, James MccroMacT mad

means as much to you Happy New Year

-I asyour first..." )

e ...then it's time for you to try Old I
Taylor 88. Old Taylor stays with
your drinkwh.Uler'Oadd/JUlt
a dash of water or a real iplash.
\1 J That's because Taylor's rot flavor.
Rich flavor. Smooth flavor.Your
first\ sip will tell you why Tayloris

the moat popular premium ,.
bourbon In the world.Your last alp
I will t.lI'OU why It's going to stay ,' ,
that way.Try Old Taylor 89 tonlfht' "1ft ;

'j t 1s s


S IT' 3 .r* */ Tkf IU* fines Hair Sty Its
J r .4
+ 41t Are Taut At Tb


BYI.OIt JacksoivilkInto

'May the New Year hold many

r happy times fox you and yours College lit.



4 I I nm i 10111(11 'lnftmt.81.t halts,

: \ J


J .t

J..III Asked To Remove Another Country FAMU Dean Meets FCEADURING Polio Victim Wins Suit Against

Under New Attack Conductors Award Ala. Klansman
HI.self From Rights Case -. ,. -.w
: ;: ; Filed
By Negro
.';( '..' : t" lID TORt-(NP1) JiJsea
-(NP1)-- Ty .; ,. .
JAOSGN. 1r1'-lIPI federal f
)- judge Harold (.0&. 'Baldwin btttatllln Pi' : Driest 20-yeanold BIRliINGHAMPIA
who baa fought airtnoualy to block enactaent of F .. .Nitro natorlst has filed
'Aiothtr Country' hastouched ...... : polio ,I cUa. Bas naoni
civil rights laws hat been naked to disqualify salt .,.In.t.n acknowledged
off a ftud laCblcara all .udclans who nadesiicalfleant
hlaself laacoaplalnt: alleging that 14 Ku KIn Klan
Mississippiracial ; "
Ian art inoonstltntlonal. Irlttt Junior \ .J I1 .: advances In atabtr after
ins justice- .. Departntotacktd ......................... College and the hUh ):::,. ftij; ;"'; \ .It' '' their careers here recently chased froa the whltt
war bt taken to the city ...... .. during the third *
that CDi di squilltj dicta Dta.Mitt aan a service station
council. ." Waltri Utropo.lou.h'lo -
hiaselfontht grounds Carter la a ruling The eoaplaiaaat iaediell
The furor arose whta Conpetltion for
that his personal lawyer which baa been described f\ Esoott who said
the father of a 38-, conductors.Inch .
la a defendant la the aa without precedent hi scar window was auashtd -
old woaan atucllDt! In the was declared a.inner
Casa held that a nxM .. ._ when ht asked for
sight acbool program objected '. IB the coapt
The lawytr la Uaalaalppl ot'a account of a con service la. the Anniston,
to the book. r tltloneach had a chance
Atty. Q-. Josh ftaaloa by ont of the ... ,.
., Ala., station
'Aooth er Country" had .:, to had tbt New York
Patterson, and tin tan suspects naJt..ral, _d i'
The station ia ownedby
bees sade read- ,, Philharnonle in. a selection
required \ .> :
: t
under challenge lsvolte14.aerr not adtal sssble aa ogle Ini by art. Joa.seChart \ 'f.""" ,,\ .'Ii :'i!::#': of hla own choosing Kenneth U Adesis. who
*, pissed tMayear. !!i' : I ilr, :tl \"! .. baa a record of racial
Instructor of anelective : \ iI"\ ,". and each received a cash
Caller said "I haven "
: Inddeata. Ht la the BM
award col daedal
coarse on 20th and
The affidavit aaklai aataklag amplclon who van charged with
Century British and L :: the prospect of btlni
Cox to disqualify hla- that Judge cal played American literature.Dean I assigned as an Ual.tIDtcoa punching Nat (King) Colt
self wan filed by the aont part In that d.- la KM and for taking
Oscar K. Shabat, \ '. due tor next season to
Lawyers Constitutional cialon. I would say that part la tbs burning ofa
of right said that ht aa Aatricaa orchestra.
Defense Coaalttet. which: Judge cot bars watch prttdoa Rider bus in
defended the right ottob.rI Only D.f>rlest and one
charged that the lava Inc. 1M1.Racott.
to select their othtr of the attttt were
are "designed to de Rtp. Cal ler said that said that he
own Instructional naterlal. Aatrieans. The other
prlTt Negro cltlsenn of ht will keep a vigl- and two other Negroes
Ht refuted to the fall conference four rep resented 81 tier
of the Plorlte College Fngllth Association the
brie ri hte. last. eagle's tyt" on on ere refused service at
ban the book. crow' of Ploiida A&N Cnlvtralty. Dr. Francis To was end. chairaan. land Prance, Ouataaala ..'
Judge Cot, who rtceotly the Judge activities Departaent station oa fln>t.1C. .
thr te.edtoJsll Aetlnc darlai the seat few It we a the aoat la- of English. Plorlda State University, Tallahasaee. and Dr. John Pickard, pro and the Netherlands, .
a. port ant decision I haft factor of English. University, of Florida. Oaineavllle., chat with
0.8. At ton 17 .. Milton week a.Boat D. Mahon] C.
latienbaoh In a civil aaarttrt late faced In ay Junior col Rhaney, dean of the College of Arts and ftclimcoe st florid* M.

rights hearing.. It a prtttd the atattatnt asa left adalalstratlvt Southern OYAL ART STUDIO) )
Efcabat saloTkt \
career R
key fiiart In Mississippi veiled threat of 1.peach. .* Asian Clayton Powell Hasted

*a _..tIIl rights ...t. but Ctlltr book also caseunder Re.elect MingCOICEAnnounceaent 515 DAVIS STREET
attack by Aid.
struggle.brllar. said that a U.S. lodge For Avefihg Payment To Widow
John J. Hoellen. ..bod.ud.d : of ELgin 4-1894
th. dial nan of aay not bt iapeeched by
a council ii. the forastion of the
the Houit judiciary COB- Congress except tor MSI TOM-(NFI)-A Nee Tort State Supreat Court "
ventilation of the book. 9>>>thern Laejtra Coaaltttt -
alttee Rep. Bunuel Cel* 'wrongdoing, Including Ht also said bt will Judge called Rep. Adaa Clayton: Powell a "person to Reelect til NUIIU
Itr (IXH.I) .1d.* had failure to titrclat who has repeatedly flouted the orders of the court
liaa to the NAACPBoard"
seek to have the work Ming
a saeaklag suspicion" those laws under bin and shown an utttr coatanpt for the." ZEAL NAIL j
that Judge Harold for of oath." pomocraphlc.White ........................ was announcedthlB NIB
".*.th'SIn.1 N. cold week by Virginia
Mississippi had need hit Read Mtalster .... the marks during Jones used confident Attorney, 8.1. Tucker A Aii-ciiirs AII-TIMJ
Sentenced To Inforantion obtain
influence to gals the
a ooateapt of court Mr. Ming, a nationally
fretdoa of 21 wait, .. Refused Appeal hearing iavolvlag 'long apoasorahtp of two houst known Chicago Civil Sn Ins First

charged In the aarder 'lore Thy Neighbor" drawa-out atteapts by ag projects for Lights attorney, la i

of three civil rights IB Rice CaseIA5HDt01CNNPI Powell to avoid paying a frt...d.. pictured above. He essaaong Hilary ,.'lIc-$
workers la Mississippi.NUtttM au CAOO-(!lIP J)**111 sore $4 1,100 Judgeaeat to a .Jones, who It a city lawyers .bo prepared -

of the BUS ... have MID sentenced. )-Th. wioaw.: council a an, said Powell the historic Open Dally
by Crlalnal Court O.nV Bupreme Court>> hat
,.et. ttrt freed and Judge Oold told Po 11'.la. brought the suit beceuae school Cases resultingin
their bondt rttnntd by Nathan N. Cohen to read refused to rev let the KEPT TIKIAYS "
,tr, Henry R. till IMS, of 'POll U cal tftIl tJ. the 1.34 decision,
C.8. COBBlaaloner Lather the Bishop Pintos M.Shtta east of Rev Athtoa .. _
10 sense poeeii to pr>
book tatltltd .Jones, a white nlal
Carter at a pr.llsi.sryhesrisg the Judgenent and "ooai
In Htrldlan. tovt Oat Another," &Del star convicted oa char*
baa to the salubrious
Nina agbalt an tttay to his lee iroelni out of aaattaapt
cllsateofitew Ton which
Tbt other two were frt.don by Dec. JO. to lateirate aa ha rlO r...\.."
The ill were gives the Atlanta church.Ironically SUGAR
lotlont by the Jts Powell who faces are COFFEE
tlct DepBrtaent which aaat atattnct haadtddown the Plrtt reet If ht should go
NOT JO to seven Baptist Church, where
It wale to hart Judge boat to New Tore, baa
other dtftndantn con the Incident occurred
Con coBveae a ftdtral bees tvoldlag the city.
tletad la eonatetlon I. Juat\ 1M3. baa slice
grad Jnry to bear the Justice Gold ladlcated
wlU'tbt Uiaoort rtota. opened Its worship sere
,evidence and return In*
that eves If Powell tveataally -
vice to ""ro-.
Mr. Jonet was err..ted pays till Jndrest -
bt will have to
and convicted tf "la.terferlsc 11 ii. s t.
) WIN Til Alt III with relicioMworenip fate .:hr... tf e,vll 994 39tliit .
and trial e oa leapt.'wouldn't
after ate 'AI
yes Feel The Beat Dottorfata justice btliaplsg
teapttd to ester the If ht tert per*
II Piperleaced Tour doctor PharBeciata Preecrlbie.Wt Aerea ia the ODtveay of Bitted to mew la at the lliit I film vilh tl.ll$ hell" if.if

..A ordlai to your factor two K.ero cirla.Buptrior Court. ledge last suite, throe'the lilt I Iritl

nosey oa the table, aayttrt
Orals w. Pat Poly The Beet
Darwood T. Pyt seateaeedtev. It is.' aad have
C.r.. BUCI Quality Dregs .
Jotet to |> BoathtIn the courts do NUll

Proprietor Jail sad riled his about &t?" Oold aald. J5.OJir

J CISTtXS PHAJOWClirn TO' 1 SYt; TOU .1.snow Gold reserved derision

A COMPLKTC: LI1 OfCoaaet After strvltf 1M days whether to pu-lsh potell)
I. the alaltttr uri
Us-Rubber Osodtfaadlttftuo drift for' his fsllurt tt appear *
bad felt 130,000 bond ,.-
PL'7II*IPIIOrtl ccxtu pot' tinLilly's rGJYW'D for eiaalBstloa ea
diced by the leoriiaMpreeit SPECIALS GOOD
a is cost af eosrt QUANTITY 'till iriir
Court. Ht ul* SATURDAY "
Drag Store lushly obtained hit ajmotjd Rubla.attoraey
release aad attended the
appeared la the ....

II1J HISS ISO (I 3.$1211 l PlrstBaptlstChurdi two N..ro.a with eourtrooei later ta the IIUZl Alllln'S Mill.lit! IONS CHINRICE

ere day to repreeeattbt

suit cosgreisaee agalaat the IB net a DETERGENT VEGETOLE :

Nero leader of TeMsaysll

J. Ray oa4 .loses

p J Tie suit chirgee that h.. 29 iiiit t tin m f*

Gold. Praises Sin 'J : 59' $5.50f mitntf 1 U C

Negro Rivolition with Iris iisl Clitl ii.tr. 3 11. | gWIIU

Oil CAO>-(NPI)-/other

arry 001'.. ......1.'
the real duet tf the IcUt11[ leUlllE 'lIClIU

Some peoplestidiatabeion Joist that Aaert'A Negro AtteeJ Is la, debt said

alls to Negroes the 'itott ftr that aaltiit bt OKRA 2 This 39 J PEAS 2 .II1,11$. 39

elatlta la the bis

tory tf ...$. ."
oold.rtheref *117 1 rUe HUE 'A'

Ia ...rt,," aad editor
flick diet cola. tf tat cartllaa fsrse

II'...... If at smMtrygives FRYERS Ill s.tl A /IAN u.23C

aegrtet SB t.e>
ceUea. "they caa get MIIIE

...,,"' 111 else." -

.. tMtlattd: **,..,.
Westate has less the grtttestprseterlty SIIIEI

bulldltg ..

this ...try mien Ut 11311E[ '

onrname last Tt years that aaycewatry HOG JOWL :i 23

feat .." baoea.aa iltTl .

< Ut Htgrttt sere ,,.

on ours. ..... autf It

't' trlB( that Use, nlu In IUCIIU

l1..01 la 1 err t. nut CII iiniii

cat>e here frtei (arelgaIsait Lugs *

Many tf tbeatMltVt $ J PEAS

natal bills PORK CHOPS 3 LIS. 1 24 11.

:,. ',f.r \ r feat a. sorted bard sad .IIS fiber Prrcgeae el Ibtt prise fleeee f
-' tert ablt as send their

children 'e ...lets. II. 1(1( IISI lllfllll. ItUIITE
"J\9 atgrttt ..,./ ,

e doss* ewe a tte eSjea aceieUisg

..lelta acid tfest

.........., ...e.". reveleUonlaU I
knee ..et ma we

.. tfetrey .... tilaUs

M'Mf.' .. VtaM... add c

Nth set east tt 4. BANANAS 10J 1

la.that". "Bt .Jest Best 11. ,:

, 4

r r 4J J
-- --- -
-- --- -- ------

---------- -- -- --- --- ---- ---- -- --- ------ ------ ---- ------------ -- -

: ,. -." -. -_'_ _' .-,1.-" .. '' ., tII.J u' "

I t

1 t I



n ,

-. 1. ., ......
-I.-; ;,: '. 'IIII:, -_" /' ..;.;QI ft: '"T.r :"" "- ___. ...:.. ......;.. ,, .':" 2;", "j!" "r r7- "'-

Miamian Displays "Discotheque" 2 Educators Miamians "In Court Test ClerkF'

Get "Poverty" \'",* .llas Seek

more AASNINOTON--NP11-Teo top openings In the i Mor... Stv.bils

on adulnletretlona poverty program hare war a rr BALTIMORE Md.-Sons '

been filled Washington: .' Y 125 major oosjpaolaa frogs !

educate ram. ? throughout the United

Dr. Benetta B. Washington s t States will bt holding

L principal of Car rocrultaent interviews I

doro High School baa k on the Morgan State Collets

H i taken a yeara leave of campus for seniors :

t absence to work for the I N and alumni froa DOW until

I v Office of Econonlc Op* April. :

port unity. Oaring the month of

N 1, I Ty Dr. Irene C. HJPP. assistant i November students hue EIIPLOr o--Ml.. SynthlaFlorabeal

superintendent bad interviews with representatives Teele. a
tor pupil personnel Is from such lest graduate of Florida

retiring to become an I corporation, aa Time, MIII1DIY'Y.ltJ. bas been

1ji educational consultant U.S. Naval Air Facility .employed, her aha

for the United Planning Ml Llllr, Atlantic Refining mater as a clerk In the

Organs satin. MOOT COURT-Pour third year law students at Florida Ail University recently C. P. Telephone Teat Service ireau. The

Dr. HJPPa will serve asa served as members of the prosecuting and defending teams during a Boot court Bank of American daughter of Dr. and Mr*.

llaslon between UPO and civil trial. They are shown here with Judge John Rudd, city judge of Tallahassee Trust and Savings, L I. Arthur Karl Teele of

I the school department' In In the AMI Moot Court Rooa. To judge Rud
her new poet. Funds" for tea, Ed Duffee Jr., of Tallahassee and Mrs. Gwendolyn cherry of Nlaal. 'To>> his aeph gaagraoa and Sons Miss Tide la a

the model school division left is the defending tean.Saautl Honour, Mini end Ttoaaa Broadwater Boston.Mass. and American Sugar. member of Delta slgaa
THE DISCOTHRQUE INFLCE! AT FAMU-Ulaa JanyceMaycock are channeled to Theta Sorority.

a.aenlor ajortnc In speech and drams at,
the achool department,
Florida MM University, eienpllflea the "dli through UFO the COB Sport's Writer Criticizes "LONG LOOK" DOMINATES FASHION-SEWING SCENEby I

oothequ influence! In coed faahlona aa she trims
prehenalve planning or can't miss if you agree rich.
a holiday tree In a FAMU women' dormitory. The ganlcatlon tor D1Itr1ctPO'f.rt.1 Willie Mays Dinner TicketsSAN Else AithtrVtth our selection. f> show it

daughter of'Mr, and Mr a. Albert Maycock of 0910 progreasfifteen here in white crepe combined
the first eight of anew
N.W.Oth Court Ml ml, Mlaa Maycock writes a fashion with a long heavily encrusted
district school- FRANCISCO-(NPI)-Prescott Sullivan season, there i* always sequin stole. The sleeveless
colunui for the FAMUAN. atudent newspaper and la a on the list are In the sports writer for the San Francisco Chronicle calk about new fashion. But "V" neck shell crepe top

matter of the '65 RATTLER (yearbook) ataff. Scheduled Cardoco model school area has charged that a planned testimonial hate you ever beard N much controls the easy waistline

to graduate In April the "dlacotheque" where Dr. Krpps will be dinner for Willie Mays makes the Giant centerflelder talk hate about.bout ODe the look aa look you gathers of the slim three-gore
conscious coed la Bomber of the FAMU Plajnskers long floor-length skirt. Correctly
working with UPO. Nearly twice treat as the legendary ,
seen as Long skirts, full or tapered l / accessorized with the duo
Guild and served aa a member of the 1954 MADIXOI .
children will will be for almost .
78,000 Joe DIMagcio. worn e ery
BELLE College Board.FAMU .... .................... .... thing and everywhere after sling brightness of the gold
benefit as a result of -- ---------- -- sequin stole are the long
"We never believed it, five P.M. This ia the: most
the increased funds. last south cost only evening-length gloves, slim
and still don't." said exciting fashion news that'a
ScheduleJanuary Washington: will continue 112. &0. hit the fashion horizon since tapered pumps, little jewelry;
Caters Sullivan, adding that touches and a coiffure that
the work begun by Dtesportswriter quoted the mew look of 1948. .

2...................Albany State college.3anuRpp Dr. Jeanne Noble of San Francisco Mayor John 'one so-called anonymous At-home aewera are part spells for elegance anywhereAll McCall'i.

...................Ft: Valley Bt.College New York, In developinga F. Shelly is "exaltingMays' source as saying: of ibis fashion taCit.PMIII. you..rrom
............. !mate at the ex* The demand hat been so I
JanJery'12 ........Alabaaa St. CollegeJanuary National Job Corps "It is putting Joe iaan its been difficult

19.........................Tuilttg ju-tlt. pro gras penal of a hoaegrown" unfair lUht. Mays all great the, requests for long tilling skirt

February i........................Clark College h.ro*DlYagldo. never saw the day when pattern Two of the wtost- 1 III

Febru4ry' ...........-....Berhune-CookBan col. Ivenutally the Job Sullivan was upset over he could pack Joe a shoes wanted numbers for the coo I

February 12..................Alabaaa A k M Collegerebruarj20 Corp for girls will the fact that ticketsto as a ball player. tbsethiss ins holiday aeaaon are the

......................Allen Univ.nityAWAY provide training and re* the Maya dinner set must be done to two pictured bet,. McCalt'a Ito you here p iKutMraptor's (-
-* habllltatlon centers tor for Jan. 15, will be the proper pens patters 7013 ia the newealetpreesion Mart- pew manak ts iafeet I trick ar'.I rM
won en froa die 123, sdlle tickets to a for at-home ele lee thin lone, slim Mart Umfaloeeetf .1 "Iowa," iMMkft-MNMMUt tW a
................. "
January n Morris Brown, Atl ante. urban and pective. gance. For a More glamorous way a white mew sakt wU tuna oprm". and Turn MI
advantaged DlMa-glo testimonial evening of fun, take a look the kl.Mia-nU of your swhJwf
.. The teatjaonlal for and vslvetosa vest. 11% a suit
January 2-******-*** Tuakegee, Tuakegee, Alabana This throws the lock'Iteun.l
: ., rural areas. at McCall'a (7069 eyes
pattern caaanl ensenmlo In wear for
will be held in
Maya of lira and uttrneIts
.. shown on the right. holUa"si......." Mtfau'ehues out
the Grand Ball roo. of ., ..... octaila.
Whatever !1. on aocial IIJ. e--s.
Tune WAME Home Of The World's the ralraont Hotel. Co calendar for Fall, your par* 1Sf. e ..
chain of the affair ties .,-howe or away will Have you met I ml blip's'! .
have store meaning when along look of long eveaing allure ml ties the start n rev
are Alan K. Rrovno. vice But this is definitely not for srtee.f model ItU Hr Mama
skirt ia the order of the
president of the Bask staying ...ho... And if you cram MwuVIa, Inc. and 'hell Ivturninar
Disc evening. You can be your with a ww twrsuM.alltjr .
Champion Jockey of Aaerlca and fllant mow charging elf and aa thought you had all the value each up U_. In. hU Itrst .rpvarancw
there waa to receive in one ...
owner Horace C. Stone you move among your party .. Napa" r. aIn
haven't ....
pattern envelope..you wajr+ut polkvmanuparcharfvd rklee.t'
ia skirt that touches
Shelly le guests
ham Mayor
\ seen anything ,eel I Not only ml l>n>wl rar.f .
honorary chairan. your ankles. You will see do have three clothingpieces. ml is brtac uvd.d for Muntram
long skirts nade from draperyfabric you If Stan Thr. MMMT !
...but have fowl.,
yon who tlHMB
and dazzling brocades. Muter, palsta crazy
Giardello Retained Fabric that look heavy and a nest long ..Ire. pullovertop artaons en ....... -"uta..r at ma-
sleeved blouse .. .
long lam shews.Have
bulky will
surprisingly move
World Championship about with easy glaeiour, (with two neckline closings, e a
this and stele
time) n
Bulky woolens, tAick cut vel you trod.rM r ...1."-
r vets, heavy damasks owl You are sure to knock 'em lr.r Cut a ..,.. IB a rul....
PHILADCLPHIA--fNPII--) deeply tenured fabric will dead when you make lout or rum vraavr, dtp tk.. .tasrr
Joey alardallo retalaed be popular fabric selections grand entrance at you In sfcvwraro1 peal BIM! tr.MIhe .,
his world Middleweightchampionship Fall after-dark function. You \ ... ." to uttunrry, !..*
These unusual skirt fabrics .
marks. waste ha4 ta ar aarthins
with aI.- will be aeen. at-fcome or st the. ?else you w ant.. naatao.a IVrouad 4e- sessons moat elegant black that your print will
tie function. t ke In twersv, sa rut MUrs orv
damn over challenger ._... backward.Ca. .
la addition to the length
Rubin Carter at Fat la* .
of your skirt making fashion
Nicky dslpbla a Coaveatioa news.the number of pieces kat. nw In Buhl u'
Holder of world's Hal)J. in your costume is .1.0....* ..1T_ 01.,.._* YI'nIIN
sad 'Wady' M.a.w1)51's
worthy of Comment. Three or
Broadcasting Record The crowd of 6.000 wkaL MMMtrram has tK. Krr-
feed Hanna S26Continuous Hours which paid 1100.000 to four pieces in your costume rat (711 .. I. SI ml. awl .k.
Rockii Rogers provides an elegant yet cat* ftrrarl SS4 I.TO I.M to I/W
see the battle, boo.d iial sportive air when you ratenlastHome ...... And ....'.ra l.4k ...,!.
the declaloa. One fan or whee p.',. aMr in rithrr. fc4 i.n e or
invited ihwplay ..r- Thr. ....s.f.awn..I. ,
tossed a bottle late outCoatbtne
..... coordinate fw Isis Yard Nam
the ring, but nobodywas lit.. warM nml a tk. f.ewtt..
fabrics and colors to yow .f ('.hI..... _1..... It 1s
"t.n.re. ewe lilai.,. Making four own 211 .....sad lam.a i|>t* were BO kaock clothes. imrod>.. ideas taabelong 1.e war h........

dowse ia the fight only .. you. o .
For value take The.hsttast. new Grand. Tour.
which pitted the lit pattern
.le ear on the trarks M tfvrwko >.
aad-aove tactics ofOlardsllo .70 I), la the pattern enve SO4. a hit w..-r stt
lope 7.a hate a skin, vest >artono, SvWtna and Tarn
agalast the .. .1..4 tailoredshut. fk rm. Now M***mm ....
.. .a4eta power f Carter. ... .has pet eke Nrark* oa IK.sM .
YN couldnt ask for ,..ta. track bn a li U sralakrL
r' Bob Terry The latter aaaaged to more value ia one pattern.And ;...._ Tile new ran, -0_
open a rat ever flier another thing about **..4 and ...d somertna' akti.
good "
From 3': 00 to 6:30Froa : Two Too. la-* to ..... tore .
dallo's la the this it can be weedsomsey keg wnn aothMtUe kWv sMMta.CKkor
WARE eye pattern to tost ere**. roatnroe to a
ftotnraa |
Downtown MH OS aJwtO-
dllonio oie Brotder Ray fourth rolll The .o and cille........and over ".M nta. .......... skip Ion ._ ...... _ft' plated. k.ka.The .
Studio again H caa be warn ao many ever e tons so* alM star... 1st.e hW a.. *M>Ui.a f.ltrm.anra .
tied anus the rest of different ..,..Witb each new a- stale .m'w tins to kip you keel sat
the flatt.Olardsllo. fabric ceetbtnaiioo. yew> havea rs srsiBto ana ...... way e.M the eomfvttttoo, Then a'tr.
was visibly outfit.The ....... U M IIrc-.r.: hurts s.r* mi*... lama fee esklketass,
SEE new e-Mtrt here e71M, ....i -... ne.I purvaaM.
AND HEAR THESE 1tI'a Carter left pictnred
to the head ia the displays .long ..-..... skirt I
in fluffy mohair. _a bold- plaid
fourth round bat asaa
of green and blue on a whitebockground.
god to wove oat of the Fee perfect color

challenger e explosive coordination the same green
flats. I. repealed in the below.
w SIM line velveteen vest,
STARS The less was carter's
The. filmy season of white
fifth la 23 hosts. For silk stakes a......... %*h a
Ciaroollo. It was his tailored notched collar, long
ITU profeealoael' bat sleeves, this Mil providessoftness .

tie. Re has woe 0T. lost to the tweedy vel

and fosght sever ety look.Sofi .
22 .
waistline gathers
WAME1260MIAMI dra... smoothly shape tie long

nacefvl lines of the shut.
The lined velvet vest is dart
ISIS 111111 fined a* tack aa. her sadbsneasd
is hose butte...
w..c_, font betas M this

Tie Ean call wry, make tlue vest a work
sale Kent In year ..**..*.

h' .* : k k can easily ne wore with WMBMSpotlight
"' Hear "Hot line" At 11 *
Nightly p.m. SIDIII Tat ether. skirts 'U ses and
slacks, Anothet. tnlkej-abnoifash
*** is the. as* .. large Predict 01 Thi Week

WithArt Green UHltl SUI 11......$. innssi. Keef:
ibis .. aiM tot after--., Miami Florida,1.
On the tight. is nnotWc


q* ____ -- -w -- .-------- ------i"' -_ -,-._ -- -. t 1 ( ---- -- -- -__pwIuru_-1-t.-

ti I .


I A Year Of Sports. A Year Of Thrilling! spectacular I


Tfc* aportlai year of II.< carried tke variety aaeiclteoeat <. 1194 takes Of Sift. WMi A Km+ TAI P.Mi1oa
of a rookie athlete's tint varatty sup:
Cassias C1.,. ttt proaoat keavyvolcfct boilai ckaaploi
.ta atlrrlai ap th both world aU lie wild aa.
aboard predletloaa tbat ke would beat tkt socks ofl .
tke block-bust IsSoony Litton....ibt aoatkof Jaaaarj
fond the formtr baseball. grist of tho IrocIU,. Dod
..r.. Boy caapaaella aboat to be ladacted lato U.
loll of r.... Hla career ..* abraptly eaded after aa.aato ( ta
aceldcat. left '1. partially peralyted....
Robert labs eat skoelsi tko trsckstera hoe if adoae.
tittlti record oa top of record) la kla kid to
b* tko world'. fittest ..*....ft. late tllllo Ballor -
*. star kalf-back of U* Cfclcaoo leara. ..* telllai
kit .s-t.a.aatos at riorlda All tkat kla ireateettkrlll
e'M kea raaalai a 21.,.,. toackdooa stalest
Ue reeabay. ratter U tk* ekaaploaablf ..*.....klcteyrlikt.
tk. WO...'. PtA golfer ... caking bar ...lMath
tko televised Skoll'a oadtrfal tor 14 of golf.la .
rebraary, tie aoath of Lasts.,Sassy Llatoa Ureo
a birthday party for Caastae Clay. .. silt Clay a
teleiraa tilltai lies of tko party sad Ito Loal-
villa lip qelpped. "it he ..0...' t fall la ........
... sot loin to lava "Clay kept kla oord o.
Pe 1nar1 25 eta tk* kit easy lit idl* la his oorar .1 yr
V. -I
at tk. flag of tk* eoveaU rod kll.....,* la Jack i
aoavllle. tko ..,1.. Qlobetrottert prpard to take r' Yu .
oa the Atlaatlc City anlla Las kllarloaa bass. *
ketball lblt1oa of skills 1'

lard elide broeibt la tk* Tadpole baaketeera of U.'laoa *
Johaaoa Recrenloa Cater aad. Florida MeaortalCollW (
a Jobs llscletoa ma Baaed abet Velaeble player w.0ow Itraalt'
of tk. 8KAC Basketball. T.,.... ....north carollaaAaTa
tMkaaa Itt Uro ... CIU records la a tkrlllla
torn tk. elre eats aeel..Jlaay Valor sad looks "1.-
yard .*r* vklpplai tk. attr la ahtpe at Jeo. 1.1. _
doa Jobs Dot aa .Tatfal taata ._....ft.r. sere
ra ore that Metro atkUtM ooald sot eo* *t. la tk*
Olyaplea becatee of tk* rr present civil rlcktabasal
Thiaelada at a aeo series tadoor 110.
relay record la April also the teM ra ] aeooade keloo
tie s.t.bllshdJ.1....Jokau aale.. star d.rMlf.
back ltk tk* reakliitoa ...,.... Bade Its emanaceItk
U. pklledolpfcla locket U a tpclal HIck and ,
retlai apeclellot..layet Joaea wee heist erltUlMd
for trylai to raa fcerdleo 1U oee let shorter Uaa the
other Me soot oa to tko Olyol II Tokyo. Japaa,to
prove U jilt slosh takes ell lit shorter tkM tk*
ether to clear the .bandies la record tla.,?01 U. Hat p X .
woi. naala prea sod alooat a I..... sill the ao 4 M
deftact Cklcaco Cardlaala. .aa at to tk pkltadelpklatMlea '
aloa sill aaotker muster prevtn nat ktatraoela Y.. ..Y _
.... bad tre..*>a Lj dopreclated.AT .

ortketra. /aalor'eal. Sail School ford the May Aa array of ...rt. klfklUkta octopi fro tk** 01,..... laJapaa Baylor O..li. ; Machen Terrell Bout Witch ThlsCIou
t the torire .r.1I back here la the states ,
.*Ur to their llklaj sod shooed ltprfaadly *
Lakers Hurt 11-IS- 42
doalaatlai eoMty track aad Held ooptltloa for tk* trked ,the .0." of Qoteber lays Jte. tobert
third straight ,*.r'-....*. Itaatoa plaeed eeeoad aad4tU Muss. Idltb McOalre. alpk kites, leary Carr. Jobs LOB ANoa.ra-c"'U-- Set For 'Heavy' Title 53 II u
.. Ollbtrt placed third baton Doa lM ...,...... TVMa" Vttlaa ...... sod. .. a...... of atker track "fJbnctr aha aoet sop
Joe loots celebrated his IOU blrtfcday sad the lateraal field state floe tko Oalted Btatea .... a repatsklooboelaf tkln at all ahovt profettlontl Nr 'TOW- ft.*... (... a little More lastty la their trip forbad at lie sl,..des la Tokyo ,..... Tbe tot If a basketball Midi baa dlaoanad" Caaalua Clay aa the ..*..,. 1 ,
Uj" aaalact tke fbror ....7* ikt .......*.. Ik* series of baaeball.aa ,.. br tie St. Leeks. Cardl' -.1 'hoes lIst) Slits Bajrlorjit "llkt cbaaploa. ."| | roooiali a bowl betocM
Uo Aacelea Dodaera sere battllM valaralty t* rmala a sale aa hard tkroelac Sal (Ibeea ...... the faeleeaUse tk*. baclbooo of tko Ifojdh Macho and Rral Trrl for the diM" .. f ,
tint dltlalea bMehall lab la tke ".UOMI Lot...* ... To lla A Series W* tltkoat Really Tryls*.. ,foe Aaitlca Lakori.ut ahIp. %aoatrdlnc>> to Jull '...CIm.. 51
the Claclaaattl MdUta atpp. sod t*.ked sill It. The Jaae Veldt Jokaaoa kraack *f the IfCA hell It. .Baylor li havlnJtoao 5 'I' to received otters ellA ,.'''rmll. H* never -iS-53.
Loala fr a tkrtllln ....., sports a0e talar. first aeaaal liter MM! naasl latltatloaal lard Chart trooblo of kit fro_ Cbletan>>, Houston tape Terrell k r_.".o /1-? II Sit
Toarao at..Little haler Illleo bed foaad ,.-.. to and Later fan
frost .a. don. he eta chsaplop.H '
Sleet and Han FrancIsco
Latay Moor, oa tile ..r.. of betM lewd the oorir a cry Tareta" ar "!' *. rout It" abea be sot aaaed Jut dDo t kao hat to for a '.rr.I..eb.. jest bamklrtHis) llNMtltlM.. NVI' \>9
flu. ** If* e hoes
orat balfback after lajarle* Ud pluad his far the the ... o*.ic*) of the Loa Aa.elea Hotter opponetta. including
rtsAt said laaaeaoa.Trrll .
eo.n N* adda, mblrkdlM,
prlaa football It.... *ai Miss a *(bt by eorldckMtlea MOtCMtlt eels that tilt 4.t, *aa achvdiled that ....,...,'. Pet "..1.. lie sods it all roaad
Cklceaa Bara..Moor* stayed silk the Colt A cal of cold air sod a bale fall day la the kladef 33S'e owd player has a to fish Itotaton'a Cleveland ,nacbtr for a title amino mnlDM
.f tk* n. U be salad *< ...back river of the fear** vesiker nit *aa sale a irld star ....U t. kl* OMblaatloB of .1110* tllllMa for U* flKkUTotltraun
after be led the lease la Tie fro fMaialU.. fallest p.tatIit..Ask Jla reeall \ The CI."I,*d U 0... ....". eUcluidepotltt tU lido but the I.vt ill\ ...., IS II IS
-ITT. first beieaaa for the It. Loaia CardlaeU.ma boss fallback sec ell III bit eel to. reeord |..*0. ud kaottrlnaaelo use ealh4| off after it a ekato at tb .
blaetlai the eater lean* .tua1 to fled pisses latke llfetlo. rMbtai MIa aad mother l.*... till la yard pvlla. ItltlMa ass slot by title If Ttrrell elms ....
frost offleo ten ...url.. ...,.*. retlrlai tree ..1... fer oa* ....... ,k.tkss..ea.ha. see still Nor II tk* ."-: T.i.. kltDetr patrol. It. Oiuvalo I* okay No Man's Days
active 1O..tltl..ft. ",1..r.IU" plerlat aad PtOaaao ....erl.. chat kappeaod la tb* atr tol diesels. odleal cusses mere uffo. said that if k* beat
durla a .
..H offUlally lAst Uey aoald allee ooafetltloaeltt after blot doeaed by boil CaretIse Stale alias. that for tie talelao lasacaoa said lie bat pttUraxi, b. ..11 I give Are Numbered
....,. alkletea. M-d Pralrl Tie sal rvaalM kaeo la their ..,., .* deposits k* should bat told promoters U Oil ,..roll a fluht." KM< a Days ere Muss
n* seat of Jee **.*!.tt. the first halter tk* aid do.a la !seta. the too kick schools battled for irlt aid far the tats, ....f Md leashes brf*< ".N..U" sad ....
aleadar year fladlad Bafer Joaaaoa. OlyapU "oWatklaalaaer lie Mi Mae Bath Ckaaalooaklp after flalsklil the btaitrlait ho akooldfc "' to it bisdtea to si'** ala Bronze Stars tuna. CM I4 Veers VkatiToa
belad abed to tie brMdfMtlid. t**. for MCato .** ..".,... pjak* Rltk atkoel beat .1441.... fer v* rent < *eea aveerac* *f the et olyaal uses la 1at1e. that okaaploaeklp<< eat later toyed silk Llaeelaef Telia- to lau do you glue the "tkey can let to 'Stats'Roberto Days Lucky COUr ttd.
Js -. hawse t* ate Ue stole .,.. '....1..1'. Ito aeooad m ...4.' oiorcli to i coo .*." CihCIItNATt--iMP11-' tend la.oo fir rwrNttroacoa
IlL .. three ,.,.. ..Mil *).rrett, .al* Mayera sod lilt 11 let seed* lo bi The sassier hold tlAefridala ClMMlO Of Ovid fop
Co- see baseball stare sore beta wait by *arle.. ferp sore wed to tk. Uk>ill.te.'.... tea*. .AtttoUoa .ale tl ref Mt tk* Tr rilUburtii, sue th. M5. J"Mt'
sager leaps t...* sill ". plttebart Plrat kiss of raabllat see seed to tko ..,...a.. tea aa Hat ..I, .111 Baylor ell.wu' bout for a tloatl te'u btltlMckMploeeHlp fill U the blush I hi.
aecaMdaf raldlM _aUa, Calle** tMOf to* Joker .......* oMtlaoed to a.rm a plaeo la the ...." tlrealtaf lariroltlet lure tb double hostler lod sill a.3I1 Md Mali to none. f...
.,.'.. .....,. Payee o.petd a *lat the polls* feothall Lakoro oa tbo playlnfloor. circuit' tel set slos (u.tetU oath, ehlle Ptlll rue Office ftai .na./ '.....'
la Lee Aaiele tie later a*..ttM aa latltattea to DICIMIIIlltk II U already the rloyd Pattera0oori 14 U bee>> no* eltfc fill I. florid
play la tb* peat all sts.. Can *t the Carts keel la Ita faalllar paUtf aad featlrtty of Uto rsletle kartlai tfceo it the > Q ..aJo fltfltat 4T. ,nownwxr...................
11.a urrr ....1....s. trackater for Mattke fit see.a teed Uo tM tteoolai a* .tI..... to k*.. the lato. They lost ao .*. Oard. .
Madlooa umaro ) of 11. Lo.. .
bent set ... UI re orda far theN sad Il*.yarddaak. allalaatlaa boat fey tb* beayeebt kaopleaeklpbit '...t.. J.009 deist Ok J29.. daeuuotsdlhole ten >," I .eks 5 ..................
laeertaa lib .....U. at tk. .*..tM Paetoa Oaeelaa Clay **.nl.*.H at a ..eu* .oaplltl.Clevelaad pain tar simply anaoti ..1 told tbM 'h"' talaaklo pi' t
Collies of U* MIA .e....t.d aa let*.rU4 .....u.1I ..all.sit.* oaatoader M r Uo ko ryoel'tttroM. else that itilor .,.]. set," said ......0.. o oat.t lie loader. I*tier no, DUI or ..?..1In.....PVBeef ......
.I tat* .. JCte0s. Ml**. Poe east br a kl.**ay patrol*** dMtai a draaaeaafn met play aftliat tboboatoo eel slat MOtktMl to do ballad li ball lit. I
111th *. .9a4errsted Her I a* **. palled a rabbit oat Celt I t..
Tb ...11 *T freak sot .raa* br..* aa Nttot..1. a4 oall*** arid atar darted pow 1iwts..L dash aod J. Pollard said tbelr
Skein drill fee tko oMlad fatball ..**... .tk.*raf Place la the jMkaeaeltle .*.u., Clroolt by lasts*
leatber aad U* faatlllar r ar ., aatty oaa alae4 aa AK epeaeered deablee ...et at a local b.etl*|
U tko ploys ..*.** traUUd ..* after It *ao lera"4 l..... .,.... Miler OC flaekbact. *l*>., a pro grid
bad ttllle tallUor aad Jab* ..,...... too of their ...,,..t .ltk the Pltt.*ari iteeUr. *. ........ May**
flaeat ball player*, .." killed la aa a*to M.le.l alad a Ur year vet silk Ue ftalla Orek.r* sod R
......tt to .e*.. ..tu...* Clay, after ..tU.. *eryaosfbrtablo kla nwalai "" ..'. kebfey Pelt, laid kit fataraettk "
fuoaelal non U kla first ....." fldfct. the MaltlMT tit.ta. d'"* Cl**.>eM Soo.... theM
altt Say LUtoa. al.a4 far aaetker bet. It ... rfswred k. a load ...< 54 .10 11. .. l...l r..tbalt
ale tt* bath of ..... bell f* tko Ulka4l Clay Loan .....le...... .r.,... tko ''''''1'' fr*.* of
.. k* settled s.o.ell aaaatla .*.... toajl K. M... Ue ftmmaof* ea.uMar froet ..,....** Mail *.
Mara-klttla* ."*, Cbarll ffeH .*t bad Ut t..o tara a heisted tale of II..'''. Jtfry Collies. UaMO
be flalkd sill a .*< tk* entire .re.ao M-.
lot ao.y .taal*. WMbet sOso .a pea Jto MTM.
r..,.,...ad use aa.er pf !. toe IC. Pal OP*. a.lfsB .MN1 M reratl I* .."... furl .. ffrl to A
their lint ea-i....1, aUe Ip1,.
,..... t- 5_ .
f t..II' II ... M UrllllM fJ-.to bo ir a. Sat leedt'i i r .d
,.. J chwetlla pre ... Uetr ..... lateraatlaaalt .% r. .r ... soy o-foit .r <*..!.. ,...*...1\f.
**.a. poaaact la Q,.. year*. ,Artko Ab. tire pen. aitl Mat so err trsotq ,aI r.
...r. to sea sole tko ... Asia Ca t*** *a* noel
by a relatively see ...., Seiko ..**!. Case. .ar
,..,.. lira Ck'"* ,*,..*... nest Ha U tk. Tess.ter .
flaala af tk* ..** Clabator.atl.*ai TaraoM SOUTHSIDE FORD
u -ra a-H-...T. .r.n- P10 trsoi.e .,..
Olldo aa4 MFrd 5.oe.. .s1 a.. ..... r IU. Is ,qf
tko atbaU eir..U M .* *.. sore eat ... Mtbo o
U pro OM Halt. ,fish ..... foatbalt ON" Ut fall SELLS FOR LESS! \ -
MIM M Mtls..flhert. ... .... -. Stoat.** t.-
ovttoaol aad .*.lao M..,..* *J 1 ad. Shelf fettle BestI
let off ortle* Md .. bo -V Aenl.a4..l0.srd Ma- SOUTHSIDE FORD at its
tar. all4..1 J*.k*...HU ode their tint etioovda
a n f..t std wow kr aklPPlM t*. ......<
u-e.I Ssaa St. aVC ..-.. 1M tl*.ra of MC .*.t sow 5309 i. cli ftfVtJ.
_let. the aoaa*> *1. tM aia***. lies sf petite.
to Sae 11WIr of De ..-.&.



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PAGE 10 ; FLIllli STIR HPIIIJ SlllilU. IMBUT 2. -

SHOP and SAVE at Year NAACP Gets Funds Pentecostal' Xmas Program finishil Roses I
IN. Cltralud 0t JL 5-0295. i LEO'S
KS. From Defunct Unit The Sunday School Da* a... MOther Laura *..-
partiant of Pantaooatal son will dalivar the SHOE REPAIR
V \ WAREHOUSE NCT 'TORX.(NPI)-ihm Church of First Bore 3. .aaaa<.< runic NOTICE Sill
\ the Couunlty Scholar locatdd at 1831 I. 23rd At 5 p..., the yooth III
ahlp Foundation fbundad $t., will praaant its meeting will be bald H sacrifice singer Console 01 Iii Kill
In 1915 to pro-Ida ft- annual Chriatiaa pro- and at 7:30: p.... the
) 4APSTORE asocial aid to talented gym Thuradayat8' p.... lIuto,'. aid club will s.ela.or UMJM Machln M.OO! per Btl.aonthpajrBMta 144 Is Oar
'A:9)\ New York City Negro IB the church auditorUB. sect with Mother Lalia Good e ClUU tloa.
youth aaaklni a higher latch aarriea till tlndanmod pr.sidini.The till dtllr.r. No oblltatlooa. Only Bisluss
education, decided to be also be held. evening aanrlea begins
I 3000 W. 45th St.ROTICEI disband rao.ntly. it Choir 8 will render at 8 f1 clock with Deans Call I3J-1I4 145 ,FLORIDA M.
'i or day.
r' 6 tumid over the balaaea the Bualo. The services Booker fllllaaa In Inllht
of the Bonayln itatraaeury1360.75to Sunday tails with the 'cbaria of the devotion --- ---- ,
.. and taitlaoalal ..r-
Sunday School at 10 a.
t I I the National NAACP t- Moraine service 11:45: rloa. Sermon by the WOOLWORTH'SDOWNTOWN

I Prices in this ad art good rice aaalatlnf paator.
I II Monday at 8 p.... the
through Sunday Uanuary 3. IMPERIAL SORORIES
Pentecostal fllllncforkara

-- Cor. Broad and AshleY EL 42159 ''8 fadnaaday.8 p.... Bible p.a.atudy.. will 300 HOGAN ST. ONLY

SHIPPED GRADE "A" WHOLE lag Corkers Prater Band
; ...t.. Tarry services 1a
1 1965We la aebadulad Friday at
8 P...

FRVERSDressed Las Amlgas SC

Holds Meeting Q ,

Lu Mltaa Social dab rdLtI3eL&

} C set recently faablniton with Mra.Lucllla aa.

Officers for tie cowing
aid yaar were alactad. Mra
alone Gibson heads the
orianltatloa aa tilt new
Drawn LI. praaldant and the Hat
of other officers are: y
Mra. Lucllla Olbaon flea
president; Mrs ttlh.,

DIXIE CRYSTALS also take this cpportunity a.ola tbron. secretary;. ,
Mra. Sttarla Gore assistant
to thank all of f our friendsfor secretary; Mra.

their good will and support. Linda secretary Mltcball.; Mra financial Louts MESH DEII.I01

Oolaaan. traaaurar Mra. .
; :
MANUEL'S TAP ROOM Jeannette Hartley reporter *
SUGAR Mra. Marian luST QUAil"NYlONS
k 626 W. Ashley St. Bracy. cbaaplaln.
Other Baibara art Miss
Terminal Lkpers(6REYIOIIND Yvonne Robinaoo, lies
Cbarlaatta fiplcar.: udMra.
( BUS STATION] Cvlra tllcoi.
The club recently pra :
anted gifts to the
i Limit one : elttef patients at Daniel ...* :
ett 1epd orlal Unit.A clack radio

with $5.00 C .,..,...,..,. ..., ... < was given to each ward
with and
along pussies
LB.aM ,My"I.t An ,. ftd,'Adomtho"e; .t 4, [.41 playlai carda. 3 PAIR FOR $1.00
or more The January ...tID,
.111 be held at the hose
of Mra. tlflra tlloot. ten ly )Iont at prrtktUjr a ffve wvy rforlSMmtnt
food order URGE WHITING 1.8.3L2Jr.
Wr dcml.to*n.e.hah.eye a f ttik.
.3.'.Icl w. L dsp CH.COUNT*. war.ww.J IN la u ti ....s .... Gateway Barracks 'M'CIrite.cw .ttcrln|colon...*Stlo XL B.
.M* .*.IMMfl (V 11* ft., -il..... ..,*,
To Hold Meeting IIWt.IOOOp up a wurdrd Evco at tltak reader
SPECKLED TROOP / &e, 49c jtict.they',.a knlfi boyl
Oattway Barrack nUl
WHITE BEAUTYSHORTENING SHEEPSNOSE u. 35cDRUM| u.29c Vatarana of world tar I
will ...t Saturday, Jaa.2nd. LADIES SCUFFS
GREEN LOBSTERS' u. 79eJUMBO at the regular

:=.......m.w..v aw......N..........tile,...I...... M.seating JaM piece Center tilt Joe ASST'D /' 1'

SHRIMP u. 98cLQ. The aaaaloa will be : ':
the first ...U.. of the _e//- .
HEP.,SHRIMP .,... t,. 79a new yaar and all toddies ..." o;,
ara aipactad to ba peaseat. J /' /
BLACK SEA BASS ?. 390 Trustee reports /
Limit one 9. k trtm....!...... a..k. for !... will be flada. 'ISIMILAR..' TO


with $5.00or FRESH WATER CATFISH ia. 49* ..a rary. ttOa.. ||o 49$
LB. eataly. Call B. I>l2tl.


food order 32"coloiitJ

Connolly ICW TOII NAIlS rayon scarves

tunFine ,Ta Ml .5..3e5. i.ltlaf 47TMCOTMIEFS <
Tickets I..t-.. At.aey 1
.FAB lit ,..l ,,.., ...n.", aerie roI ,.,,
Men's Shoes II.I. / pmts.r Wid wrAb.IJ..1,
iwd. L.4.. ..... .,...,
lord 1*_. _
Now A ItL 1tl.I..ny m n' tuao copp.r.)C...,,.........

$2230 :.(44:..irUt.it.'.Lar4.en....*.'..t.:..*M7t'
1 DETERGENTLimit C W t1 : ....k4*..MRI.. .B* We u'aclair
c tJT-ala '-":: ci :-.-
i ( W
BAK.T "'.lta&." ....-.
roe aerie m

with $5.00or 901 IIKTIRIm ..ttW b..f. 4 for
...........---+ ... pea
more GIANT Ef ftllCarliIC'f .aa..ic'.... v.M>

PKG. 3.1U. n..tt bent......"Me........a lt. q 'A
feed order also Qrbra ......t,...Tw Motnat.,.". ........ w
lat: lid
mute titer ftra. Ill IIItr
4 *.. ..a.. n. '.1117 u yY. ---.r- --1 EXTRA WIN


Bend 11.00 tlth order
Fay Mimes Co o.Do

3 'U.ll 39C FASHION MEN'S SHOP l iIIlytt0 .S7C

-- Broad & AihUy45)h

SORSIIMC lUll CUPPEO FUSI HIM IEOTomatoes otFUlL N.q 1.k. hark, 1..1Re.
St. & Moncrkf Rd. frhrr, s.d .4q
I due .tit 4.., ch.

Greens BiKriil Stm OfM ..fto (!ill 4r tMk.e.t toe.Baas?' wags gents, r was i ray

I hUt I ,... In. tin Stt.JttlSIS .
TOIXf! --.. ........
t 'COIUIBNOSTMO :$ 11 UM .tl I ,". M Selssaa..If..r.. ... Till MUCH. WOIII MSIt AT
MO. 15 s1.....
Tsar' Ckilci cli 1 10 ,.. WOOLWORTH'Sv


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