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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200643datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date December 29, 1962dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=006430740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
December 29, 1962
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
December 29, 1962
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Full Text
------ -- -
--.... _........" .- ..,-, : --- .,".'.' "', 'I. JPI.T..',. "".. -
f. i. -1 .
; '" ; ...
t t.
I 1'IY'LJl1RARY( /
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, .:"I."p'p / "....;; .
) ofF q. II. .... .
! afi4.l .
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.-I--7y---- *_ _* *TT'* *. *. *, *, ... ... ... .... .... .... ... ... ._.. * .rTTM *



. cd cd
*' ************' ** I *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *- *- *- .-


Fir OR/Oil ,9 ,r:1I: *:

t. ,. ;-:: .
.. '-
-- : on t0 CJM t


i __ p c

Ex Official Helped Write Jax History ANNEXATION VOT

itgiiis IR Jan. .

DAYTONA BEACH---The new ; :! ;j t

r Public District constructed School 12 Manhattan in 92,School to be* S VITAL TO NEGROES' ,

will bear the name of K

llaryJlcLeod Bethune." Ewl Journal Series AIHllllol Voll Most VllalII'dlol ChariedWlt

This announcement was

made by Dr Aaron Brown, V Starts Actions li Past 25 Years Fatal SlayingEffort

member of the New York _
Board of Educa- T : *; the result of Jax toward a recon-
City i ,. Journal Reporter Cla- Annexation: Progress or Fraud? ,cilliation by an estranged -
tion, who stated that __ _
A rence Jones' revealing 1 husband with
the nine-member Board On Tuesday January 8, 1963, the most important -
t series of articles last ,his wife ended in the
unanimously approved theI. election in 25 years will be held
week attacking unethical (death of one person and
selection of the name cy .. in Jacksonville--Duval County.It .
: the wounding of another
machinations cf a number
because of the high is the election involving ANNEXATION.
of local "bargain" |here Monday, police re-
I. esteem in which the' late
The Annexation Election is to determine
auto re lair shops, the ,ported.
ilrs. Bethune was held. whether certain areas in the county will
4. City Cornell launched an Held in city Jail on
The Resolution which Immediate investigation become apart of the city, to be governedby charges of nurder and

" proposed the name con- the city government of the city of Jack- attempted murder is
1/L to ,
Wednesday put once
tains details of the ; : rtrw sonville.
, 4L and for all, the crooked Willie C. Williams 39,

numerous contributionsmade M shops out of business. Make no mistake about it. The Annexation ,of 411 *'. State Street.

made by this educational Named to the Cornell Election is most vital to the citizens of Dead, as the result of

leader. She was born the city as well as the citizens of the receiving a shotgun
t. July 10, 1875 in Hayes- LAST ELECTED OFFICIAL---George Ross, 84, (right) last Negro e- investigati a committeewere blast in the chest is

South Carolinaand lected to a city government post--he served two terms in the Jax Council ,President county. Nathan Brown; 71, of
Residents of both well
City Council during 1904 through 1907--reveals a wealth of firsthand Brad Tredinnick and areascity as as
passed away May 18, j countyare urged to get out and vote
Councilmen John Ian ah an, on
information to Rev. Samuel P. Nesbitt, director of the Centennial -
1955 in Daytona Beach,
observance of :the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation Clyde C. Cannon, Floor Tuesday January 8, 1963.
., Florida .
] .
The result
eider James"Marr and**-" of.this..electionwill..change. .
which will be' celebrated here Tuesday night VTan. rat7:30V', ,
The school, to be con-
o' clock in Jax Civic ,Auditorium. Churches, schools, civic organi- Cedl Lowe. the entire complex of Jacksonville.It .

structed In January \;zations and prominent individuals will feature the program. Prior to starting his will set up a type of government thatwe ,

1963, will operate from (Royal Art Studio) reportal expose, Jones may not be able to change for another

the kindergarten through deliberately, h ad a decade or two.

grade six, and will costappreximatelY$2,500OOO. vacuua tube disconnectedfrom Moreover, annexing portions of the countyto

: Court Enjoins Pickets And his car's transmission the city will have serious affects on

exclusive of the costs and then pro- taxes, street and drainage improvements,

for the site (land) and ceeded to a number of garbage collection, fire protection, water WILLIE WILLIAMS

the equipment. This Plant From Violent ActsAccording auto repair sh cps in and light rates and upon the very lives of 9:? 4 W. triton St. ,
school will be located on Ml liens' father-in-law.
quest for estmates for citizens and their children.The .
- -- --
the expanded site of public to John Henry: Hall said. pany: on Nov. 20th. having the defect re question voters will be asked to vote Vbuided in both legs,
but >reportedly satisfactory
rQ -
School 119 in the is
on follows
Hall, representative for Hall stated that the Hall listed causes for paired. as : condition at
the United Packing h mae company had also included the strike as rages, Mechanics at six of the Duval Medial Center is
133rd Street, West.J34th Food and Allied Workers a restrainingplea seniority and general shops visited, gave a BE EXTENDED TO INCLUDE THE TERRITORY OF ANY Mrs Bertha Lee Williams

Street and 'East of AIL-CXO, a temporary re- against picketing working conditions. long list of repairs ZONEDESCRIBED IN CHAPTER 61-2326, LAWS OF FLORIDA, 33-year old separated

Eighth Avenue, Manhattan.The straining order against J.n the suit but Judge adding that wages paid ]needed to fix the trans- WHEREIN A MAJORITY OF THE VOTES IN THIS ELECTIOK wife of William and
enrollment is expected BY THE REGISTERED VOTERS IN SUCH ZONE ARE IN FAVOR Bmm's daughter.
missiai. repair
violence in the current Gool ing refused to grant at Gold Merit are as Reports state that Williams -
to be around 1400, strike at Gold Merit the request. cketing such as $L 10 per hour prices quoted amountedto OF SUCH ZONE BEING AND BECOMING A PART OF THE CITY? and his wife separated -

and like all New York Packing Co Inc. was will continue as pi amed lower than other as much is $90 and What does ANNEXATION mean to Negro citi- about a week ago

City public schools, made permanent Wednesday Hall continued. organized plants in the !more. zens? while living in Sanderson. -

it will be Integrated. by Circuit Judge MarionW. When 17 bargaining ses- Jacksonville area. Jbnes, however, did run It could mean a lot of things. Some peoplesee Williams is then i

The Mary McLeod Bethune Gooding. sions between the Local Hall concluded that the into one honest mechanicwho it as a progressive move..as a move said to have gone to

School will ,be modern in The inJuction was issued and the Company; failed Union's ranks h ave, remained qucikly repaired the that will bring improvements to the county.On Brow' home .. o affect a

every respect. There will against Local tfo during some seven norths closed and the defect ft r nothing. the other hand some see it as a move reooncilllation but that

be 41 classroom units 774 of the food and of negotiating for a morale of members of the Obincilmm Lsnahen told that will virtually, disfranchise Negro Brown refused him entry

with an average registerof allied workers and also union contract, Hall striking Union is high th e board that the city residents..a move that will burden into the house.

27; one library; four was extended to include suit the union voted to despite the fact that Council had affected. county voters with taxes for facilitiesthat l'111i8D, officers con-

kindergartens, three the Gold Merit Company, strike against the Com- the Company has been regulations protecting the city has been enjoying for over timed who was carryinga
ab 1 eta hire a few the public from crooked
rooms for CRMD (children st rik e-breakers. 20 years. shotgun concealed in
Trill Sit For
Mirci 11 electrici and plumbers -
with retarded mental development -
Annexation could be a fraud. Good or bad- hi s overalls, then
); three rooms Trial for five men her male companion employer and further stated get ready to vote on Tuesday, January walked to the side of
State .
for remedial instruc- charged with the rape ofa were eating sandwiches that next spring 8, 1963. the house and fired .

tion; and four special women Sept. 14 in Ut. in a well-lighted Don't Cash Checks *>tnator John Uathews Jr. Watch next week for: twice through two ;

classrooms to be use Herman Park was picnic area of Mt. Her till introduce legislation windo
for the Junior Guidance scheduled for March 11. m an Park. in the sixth For This Person to regulate those The first blast struck
of *
and Eighth St. area near type garages.
Program. Wednesday by Brown in the chest
state in
over our
It has been brought to Lanahan's suggestion
will the Expressway when the
Other facilities Scott. him
Judge Charles R. killing Instantly.
our attention that Russell that the City of Jack- Official Seeks early; spring each year.
auditorium, five men appeared on the
Include an The trial date was set because The wife was struck by
This is the fact now
shown, draft
Charles, sonville should
public address system after all five alleged scene. They reportedly > Public's Support March of Dimes the second blast in the
has beenTe- instead of
control center, lunchroom defendants pleaded not took the woman: away: from ( regulations Salk legs when she went to
{presenting: waiting ft>r the state to funds developed the
her companion to a 'Floridians know
for teachers and for guilty to an indictment from and Sabin vaccines which the aid of her father.
pupils; gymnasium, shower returned Dec. 14 by the darkened area and each himself as i do so was Quickly experience how much the paralytic polio. Some two hours later,

room, exterior playground Duval grand Jury. allegedly rape her while being pre seconded by Councilmen March of Dimes means to prevent in the 1963 March 111 11 am s was arrested at
sently employed and JanesUnrr. We Join
teachers': toilets Four of the men, upon she was being held by Clye C. Cannon the nation," stated A. of Dices with enthusiasmand his State St. Home. A
by ,
and rest rooms, office being declared insolvent others of the group. -' L. Osgood, Jr., Palatka because of coroner s hearing is to
ti high hopes
the FID&DA
space for the general were given court Also named in the indictment j STAR whenseeking Chirps Soight president of the Florida the bright promise of be held later in the

office and that of the appointed attorneys to are: Richard Congress of Colored court of Justice of the ;
principal,, assistant defend thea. Hie fifth, Williams, 17, of 1025 W. cash to- o. limit? Parents and Teachers. even be greater achieved by The Peace Sarah Brun.Negro's :
principal,custodian, etc. Theodore H. Haywood, 39, Fourth St.; bin Cape- CHUCK National Foundation." *
cnecks or soliciting rfHT ORLEANS The
hart, 19, of 3321 Ar-
of 2068 Baldwin St., is
loans. Justice Court Bid
dlsi Road Charles Department an- Rejects
being represented by
Good fortune The fact i s that Russell
nomced that it is seeking '
Bradley Jr., n, of 1814
ruling Judge Wyche
Atty. Lam Mahon Jr. Charles has been a :ii'Al SPARTANBJHS. S.C. A 1
attend you all According investigators J thnson St.: Sinclair part time free-lance a federal appeals_ YS federal court Judge stated, 'The Plaintiff ;

the days ahead. the torn an and Johnson.Drop Lane.20, of 623 Dew writer for the FLORIDASTAR Mississippi court order GOT.to hold Ross : : turned down efforts of. therefore is not en'I''I r

titled to the ,
tut is ingerconnected first
no Barnett and Lt. Gov. this state1 Ne
relief he seeks in this I
. Clissic Ravain $250,000 in any mannerwith Paul B. Jo.hnsm Jr. in gro' s attempt to enter action.

(Reprinted from The' mate Saturday asioU.- days. this publication.His criminal contempt for all-white Clem>n COl- Gantt's
former associationwith attorneys are I
Miami Herald) AtM Rattlers prepared to lbre than 5.000 persona interfering with the d lege here last weekend. to the
expectsd appeal
South Florida's top tangle with Jackson including aluani and the paper should enrollment last September .T Federal District Court
ruling t c the U.S. Circuit -
Negro sport and social State College in the friends cf the mi- not be accepted as a of Negro James H. Judge C.C. Wyche said
Court of Appeals In
event of the year, the Orange Bowl. versity. came for the recDmendation Jbr loans Meredith at the Uni- that Negro Harvey Gantt

Orange Blossom Classic, The cue, which brought event from throughoutthe cashing of checks or any versity of Mississippi. S 554 failed to comply with order Charleston t c youth enter in the the

estimated climaxed nation. other favors or privi- *7iT rules and regul at i as tocl
brought an disaster to Atf, G I A |tiB.OW !(. second semester which ;
$250,000 pouring into a crowded schedule of Top sportsmen also 1 edges. emson and had also
starts in f
"We are free of the an-
Florida Star his
Miami cash registers dinners, parties and turned up, including failed to complete
Local and Florida A&M ceremonies waich had Stan Musial and beGaragio Eric 0. stepsonEditorPublisher Dual wave of anxiety." application.in! ...........*........... i .
A he continued, 'that .f j
::- -' DassiuL down hisu, s
leaders Bade the esti been building up for la.

Get Ready To vote For Aimexati 00.. Watch Next Week' For: Is AnnexatiOn GOOd or Bad .

tqI ____j. >.,:....-.r ,:. ....,' Viia._.a,4 ,,> _.._ ..- '''''-...*;.. ... _____, _:,..- ".- ,-_ -_ ----_ -_ '_ --_--_-_-_-_-_- J

[ Jt ;'""''''M '''': ',. ,"", ,,,,,,.:, ;,. .;,t;:;.,.; -- -. ',. ...., ..' ,. .,..

I ; : )( ; j 'I


THE FLOftfBA STAR "4II .......


Published by the Florida Star publishing co. J

Heater of Associated negro press" BY EBB e.SKFS8H


ERIC 0. SIMPSONAIYSON ...-.......-...IIi! (IlK 48

L WISE ..............News EiIII
Full utilization of government programs,

HILDA WODTEH.. ...... CicuI__ A both Federal and local,' and stepped-up,
efforts to encourage minority group youth

MAIN OFFICE & PLANT: to prepare for better jobs were recently

cited as two steps toward equal opportunity -

2323-Haicrigf Road....). Elp 4-6782 ,EL 4-1713: c t .. (
i ; s Hobart Taylor, Jr.executive vice chair-
I i 9fi- i', .
Yaiig Address: man of the President's Committee on Equal.

I .4 -\IY: IT ;$f Employment Opportunity, tolda
!1i: : P. 0. Box 561, Jackofnrle 1.1 Fferida! ; t charity dinner of the Far

I East Democratic Organization
\ //1
,..... -; SUBSCRIPTION RATES in Washington, D. C. that the
-;. ..)c' government program is getting

.":'." f"One year, $6.00 Half Year $4.00 Th results, both in Federal employment .
Mailed to you Anywhere In the united States & and in employmenton

,.'. Subscription payable In Advance government contract work. .
Send Check or Money order to: "Persons are being in-kMa lr
({.:. lA i
FLORIDA STAR P. 0. BOX 561 creasingly employed in occu-
E .Tacksonville 1. Florida pations hitherto denied them SIMPSON

because of the emphasis being placed on J"

DEATH TOLL this program, both locally and nationally -
ALCOHOLISM INCREASING r iQ M.1J ,' he drclared. 'A knowledge and

understanding of these programs and of ;.
STATE HEALTH BOARD REPORTS 1 the benefits that they will bring to all

people is one important contribution thatwe

Alcoholism is increasing in Florida and can bring."

1 death from it comes earlier than from The speaker emphasized the need for .en-

most other causes, the State Board of AND THEY ARE STILL TRYING T8 B IT IN MISSISSIPPI couraging minority group youth to complete

Health said. their education.

There were 305 deaths in Florida in 1961 .' -- .'-- .. "School dropouts in this group are much
from diseases and accidental'xnisoning higher' than the national average and are

attributed to alcohol. Figures for 1962 particularly sericus about the 9th and

have not been tabulated. Your 10th grades," he pointed out. "A most ,
Cirrhosis of the liver accounted for eTT' Weekly strenuous effort should be made to save ,

173 of the 305 deaths last year. There young men at this point in their careers, 1 ,

were 91 from alcoholism, 27 from acci- : : :: : : ; ; : for they are the raw material upon which ,

dental poisoning by alcohol. = ---H 0 ro seD peG ide the entire future of the nation rests. f
The alcohol-associated death rate has u "Consider the dynamic results that

increased 37 per cent since 1953, said would flow in a few short years if individuals t a

Everett H. Williams Jr. director of the such as you, could center }
boar Bureau of Vital Statistics. He ly some of your efforts on young boys of

said that the rate for males during the ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR high school age, if each member of this
period was higher than for females of organization could concentrate on one boy

the same race and the nonwhite rate was -BUSINESS LOVE TRAVELARIES in his own neighborhood to enable him,

higher in most instances than the white I J through your urging, encouragement and J
rate. mature wisdom, to get a chance to develop I'the

Williams said there may have been other CANCERBorn done by sacrificing the AQUARIUS! right kind of attitude with regard to

deaths caused by alcohol but the 305 Born March 21st thru June 22nd thru pleasures or other pri- Born Jan. 20th thru-: effort and adult responsibility. :: .';

were the only ones where alcohol was April 19th. July 22ndIf vate pursuits. that create Feb. 18th Children need leadership, not so much

specifically mentioned on the death cer- The holidays have their there are important friction and an- You should find this a from their fellows as from their elders

tificate.The compensations but for. matters to discuss, it tagonis&s. There is no fulfilling time to sh p who, through experience, know what paths .
nine-year study showed a sharp increase energetic people like would be wise to make better opportunity than for bargains that will are best for their future success. And j

' in death rate after the age of the Arians it generally your engagements as that presented by the improve your home and many of these children have parents

! 24, reaching a peek of 14 deaths per feels good to be back on early as possible. The advent of a new year to wardrobe. Many inte- whose personal lives have been unfortunate -
100,000 population in the 45-54age the job. Ample proof oi opening you have been make up your mind to resting items may already and who therefore are ill- I
overall median at death this may be presented turn over a new leaf, be advertised in
group. The age awaiting to reveal the equipped to advise. have here a situa-
I from alcohol was 50 years compared with by the zeal you display extent of your true and to keep it turned the newspapers, on the tion in which those who have the advantages -

66 years for all baths in Florida duringthe in getting your assignments feelings to someone dear from now on. let a day that brings must r ach-dawn-and ,assist.

period. done,. or in the i to you Bay, be createdor '. 7-414-19-64-:764'( : _ypu 'joiiD_ many ways. Do those who do-not.'' ..; r .-
Williams said "Alcoholism is a tremen- ingenious ways you employ presented. Relativesor not waste time to investigate -
dous problem in Florida and the nation. to ptomote business. others who are aware Born Oct. 24th thru anything that y '..rj"
It may also be time for of your weaknesses, seems of interests as ) ;
Aside from the mortality aspect, an estimated may Nov. 22nd i.
150,000 alcoholics in Florida you to take up suspended attempt to give you ad- others are liable to get I:
The spdal and festive
pose a vast tangible and intangible bur- projects that have to do vice as to what you events that may take there ahead of you if rl OPINION
with insurance investments should: do with ..
loss your cur- you,, dally.
den on the state. These people cause
this first
place luring
and security rent and reserve funds.Don't ,
and misery in numerous ways: death and quarter could outshine You do have the green
This would b listen as you can
destruction on the highways; loss of grams. e take these that rendered the light to 11 rge ahead in CLARK S.C. ---COURIER: ". ..Severalmonthsago
doubly important for the care of yourself
manpower and production in industry; increased welfare and happiness of without fI17oody's help. past holidays so pleasant'&idlnspiring. such matt:.-s on the 16th. an organization known as Committeefor

expenditures for mental hos- your lovecTones," and I ...'Yo u Contact people 0 f importance Economic Development came up with the
pitals; increased welfare payments to something positive couldbe 320441283320Born could do"no better than who can be of answer to our agricultural problems. This i

dependent families and broken, homes and accomplished by th e '"-''to' m friends-among real help. Stress court- group suggested that two million farmers
neglected children. It is disturbing to 5th. July' 3rd thru persons- 'who"occupy high ship and romance, hit be be removed from the farms, for their .: I

see that alcoholism is increasing. Research 4-50-77-16-85-457 Aug. 22nd official ranks or who prepared for less activity operation was inefficient. It would seem .

in the treatment of alcoholics is TAURUS'Born The Leos who have are leaders in important in this fieia 'of rather ridiculous to add another two mil- }

making progress but prevention rather earned recognition or enterprises. This could your life when Mars turns lion to our unemployment rolls. These t

I than cure must be the final answer." April 20th 20th thru higher pay should press open up all sorts of new retrograde farmers may not be efficient in their ,:

May their cause and do channels for the better 6-30-44-18-74-634 operations, but certainly the majority
Penson Crazy After mat should bA New a everything possible to utilizations of your PISCESBorn are eating, have a roof over their heads, '.

thoroughly enjoyable co-operate with favorable talents or particularskills. Feb. 19th thru and have some degree of independence, '
An Associated Press news dispatch reports Year's day in the company planetary configu- March 20th rather than walking the streets of some

that the ambition of Britain's male high of loving friends rations to serve their'end's. ..&._ 8-80-33-17-48-831 city in search of work that another j
Even if you have no .
school seniors is a nice' safe job with a and allies you may takea There may be an *; 'SAGITTARIUS' clear-cut indications as 5,999,999 people are seeking.'* : '

: pension at retirement. A London headmaster new look and at long-range your immediate opening to acquire some- Born. Nov. 23rd thru to when or where the rewards "

f who has made a study of the situation cant thing of value, includ- i Dec. 21st for meritorious
cludes, "Nobody wants to be at the top of plans. It may be neces- ing real estate. The New Years day is Just endeavor will emerge,

t anything. He was discouraged to find sary to supplement your matter should be right to discharge the pin your faith on your WATERVILLE, WASH.E1dPIREPRESS: ". .We I
that not a single boy wanted to be prime educati n or find thoroughly investigatedand social obligations you' could do much with a free market and a
lucky star tc get you
minister, admiral of the fleet, field mar- outlets Fonder for these;your weighty talents brought to a suc- have incurred toward there in due time. The sound currency. We could do even more if t

sal, ambassador to the United States, cessful conclusion when friends and others who that profits were encouraged for with that
and try to aspects accompanythe
archbishop of Canterbury nr head of the arrive questions at the you and the others con- have lavishly enter- arrival of the New comes investment and employment. And if

Bank of England. 'Instead he said, that proper shouldbe cerned are fully satis- tained you on previous Year should bolster your we refrained from oppressive taxation, it

'the boys look forward to becoming procedures followed to achievethe fied that there are no occasions. It seems as hopes spurring you into night eliminate this siphoning away of

clerks, manual workers,. draughtsmen and results which. sees hidden: Jokers.' if most people, to whom working against all odds funds that would otherwise be available ;

hairdressers. are turning out hordesof to be your life's goal. 560221872592V yea have extended invi- to make the grade. You for investment. And if we allowed free '
premature pensioners of life.." The I R GO tations to accept your should take advantageof wage rates it might encourage full em- I

headmaster based his findings on questionnaires Born Aug. 23rd thru hospitality, will respond invitations to social ployment." ,- i

the boys had turned in to govern- 2-30-33-15-54-231 Sept. 22nd in the affirmative events, where you may

ment employment officers.Pet Although the official If there is an oppor- become acquainted with

squirrels in a city park live for GEMINIBorn season of merrymakingends tunity to do business on exceptionally gifted or

but one thing--peanuts tossed to them by May 21st thru with the passage of a grand scale, grasp it interesting individuals.The DENVER COLO..fECORD STOCKMAN: "At

1 amused superiors. A nation of welfare June 21stIf an unusually pleasantNew without hesitation for long transit of last week's meeting of the annual Ameri-
staters winds up on the same boat. Tear s Day. circum- it is magnificent for can Meat Institute, Charles B. Shuman,
have had trouble liars through your sol at
;you negotiations, and
stances could make it open president of the American Farm Bureau
Tan saving up sufficientcash possible to draw it out covert. fourth house steps up Federation, made several interesting comments
topicsteSAYS 1-70-66-14-39-176 activities in your home I
to insure a feeling
I till the end of this on the status of those segments of :
of security, it may be first quarter. Insteadof CAPRICORNBorn environment throughout agriculture under government controls and t\
Dec. 22nd thru the month. The best
die to.a lack of management -
keeping silent regarding those operating on a supply and demand
Jan. 19thAs period for entertain-
and self-d1 dl:11np
your personal basis. His conments include ..'The livestock I
You should reappraiseyour long as you have ments there or keeping '
feelings or Intentions industry is an example of the suc-
position and lived up to ;your highest open house
tell the one you love. cessful application of voluntary supply .\
methods and adopt aoreeffectivepolfcies principles and havestriven
This could be the beginning Mars continues its management in agriculture by farmers and
to gallantly .
of an inspiring romance against all odds you transit in good aspectto businessmen, not government. Livestock '
insure greater stabilityin
,/ the days and years to for the Virgo sis can rest assured that your Sun-Sign from producers, free from government controlsand
i r : / come. This could be all who are matt ached at you and your fellow your solar ninth house. direct price supports have been guid- '
r the present time. In Capricornians: will one This should spur your ed by consumer demand and as a result have
that is needed to reaore
big bone of contentionthat some Instances, it could day taste the sweet interest in higher not piled up unwanted and costly surpluses ,
a lead to a more conclusive fruits of success. This learning, as well as in in government storage." "
has disturbed happy is the belief that
COIIUi tIIen t. contacts with foreign .
marital, partnership or should be encouraged '
9-10-U-13-81-913 lands. Plm to study a PEACEFUL COEXISTENCE WITH PETS
feaily relationships in LIBRA and utilized to navigate
I new language.
the past. Constructive Born Sept. 23rd thru that proverbially diffi- For pet owners whose loyalties are equally divided between their

steps nay be taken in Oct. 23rd cult last mile. It would After Venus makes its faithful now a handy cats solution or dogs in and aerosol their form upholstered- an instant furniture indoor, there training is-

0I this direction with This promises to be the be a pity to lose confidence station and turns direct program with push button control Just spray chairs, sofas
I the blessing of those third beds, rugs or other household furnishings with aerosol repellent
solar re
in yourself at in
best part of the month. your and pets win keep off. Harmless to animals and fabrics
I who. after yourself Ton can take advantage this, stage, because of house family ties will push-button spray can also be used outdoors on plant. XI
teSAYS HE'S ATAtLOR FOR A LAW FIRM are most vitally concern of"the fact to reinforce the unpredictable trends become: core important to shrubs" that require pet immunity. And if your pet is goi i 1
"bugs from Insects
pesky there' a variety of insecticid ._
... HE MAKES 'LOOPHOLES'/ ycaNfWvArrt. ed.640881t91648. your home end partner- that appear alarming. yon. sprays that eliminate ticks, fleas, lice and other lava rs
of animal eomfort.
r4 kii cacL --- ship ties. This cm ben 3-10-50-16-23-319 9-50-23-12-63-952

'" .----..- r
:> .

;y > j I : ,


Smart Set's Annual Party Festively Opens Holiday- Social -Whirl'

I L if

: -
. ; :
.. .. .

; 1

! t wow F
( { ( rCf 1
'! :'"!

I tt i
.F. r
I l \' .11 r.


Ii i e.. ,

t :
J (j
t., .:
'I : I

r P0y :

fj w.- x

{ 1t' _

f R f : f
f .
y > ., .; <:
I .' .. ...
"+ .' .. '


;,::; q, : .
Yq -

---, ,- .,. ...... .4. ;"'.,.. .. L<"".'.L.- .t .

t GALA TIME---Members of the Smart Set Club which entertained friends with a Christmas Party at the Eldorado PARTY GUF..5TSu-A portion of the guests who enjoye.l the nocturnal Jamboree' are seen in the right photo. From t t

Club last Friday night are seen in the photo at top left. Seated from left are Mesdames Thomasina Jones, left are Eric 0. Simpson, Mrs. Mary Simpson Fred Dixon Jr. yrs. Nathaniel Davis, Smart Set member. Mrs. :f

Charlotte Stewart, Vivian Holmes, Lois iszard, Gloria Brooks, president; and Hortense Gray. Standing, in the Mrs. Thelma Lewis, firs. Fred Dixon Jr. Mrs. Fred Reid, Fred Reid and Janes I,. Lewis, Jr. ,'.:

t same order are Mesdames Louise Walton, Thelma Lewis, Joan Spaulding, Loala Schell Elizabeth Downing, and .
-- -
J Norma Bland. .--,- .. :L: .... C =_ _=-- -- : l

., .- .e-...... _"';, l-m.-: -I.: :.. !,

; :: I
: :
: 11
With i


The Smart Set Bridge Club launched the Christmas Sunday, December 30, from 6 to 8 p.m.
c0 ,
c 4-
S a U Season with a grand affair at the Eldorado Club.
Rapturous guests, smartly attired for the semi- ......e..s..e..ss..Se !
formal occasion, danced to the music Billy

Moore' Band. Miss Marilyn Frances Madry, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Reuben M. Brooks, president of the Smart Mrs. Arthur C. Madry, was presented to society on
3M Set, presented officers and members'd ring intermission Sunday, December 23, 1962, in the home other

e o" : Mrs. James L. Lewis\ vice president; Mrs. parents on West Eleventh Street.
: o4 Denn/s T. Stewart, recording secretary; Mrs. Arthur Miss Madry had as hostesses her sister, Miss
Jones, financial -ecretary; Mrs. Nelson Spaulding, Jacquelyn Madry, a student at Fisk University;
treasurer; Mrs. Jean C. Downing, chaplain; Mrs. Miss Sylvia Lawrence, a student at Spelman Col-
ty Hortense Williams-Gray, a member of the club who lege, Atlanta Georgia; Miss Patricia Roberts, and

ai ,ar is currently residing in Nashville, Tennessee; Mrs. Misses Miriam Johnson, Jo Ann Kennerly, Barbara <

., Jerry Iszard, Jr. Mrs. Vivian Holmes Mrs. JamesP. Bonner and Joan Barnes, all students at Fisk t
jT T \ I .3 'y Schell, Mrs. Leon Bland, and Mrs. Julian Walton. University, Nashville, Tennessee.
v c.f s.;' a kx vJ Among out-of-town guests were Mr. and Mrs. Robert Assisting Mrs. Madry were her sisters-in-law,
w Cole (She is the former Johnetta Betsch) of Chicago Mrs. Vancheta Cowart, Mrs. Johnnie CowartMrs. ,
> J
.Y and Fred C. King of Alabama A. and M. College, Willie M. Green, Mrs. Lois Roberts, Mrs. Celestine
S' -* 4 Hrntsville, Alabama. NicksMrs. Ruth Bonner, and Mrs. Estelle Hamilton.Lt. .
After the party, many of the guests enjoyed an Col. and Mrs. Parker of Florida A. and M. '
early morning snack in the home of the president.ssessssss..s.ssssesss.sss.ssss University Tallahassee, were among guests.

TAKE A SOH Members of the Smart Set and their escorts are shown above as they came forward to take a bow ..............................
to be followed by 'the dance.' (Royal Art Photos) .,

"" lf7' ; Miss Jolita McCray made her debut to society in f
Wedding BellsApplications ..... F" ; Trichologists 3
\' There is a living doll at the home of Mr. and Mrs.C. Pensacola at a ball sponsored by Alpha Kappa
I For t. Slat First A. Green, 1442 West Fleventh''Etr'eet.'Ke'are Alpha Sorority. "', 1

Mar7 i ?? *s Licenses i referring to Chubby, dimple-cheeked'w ila Michelle Miss McCray is the daughter of Mrs. Essie D.
&r. 'r -Aulvorsiry. Ft f. Terry, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. Terryof Silva and the late Joseph McCray.sess..s..es.s..es..ss.. .'. f
Janes W. Hogan- CEO den, Houston, Texas. a
S.C. 25 and Rosella Mrs. Terry (formerly Mercedes Riley) and her ..
Carter, 1348 Tyler St., I daughter are here for the Holidays.es.es..s..e.s..s..e..e.. I
26. The Florida Star Staff held its annual Christmas '=
Solomon T. Little Jr., \ i .. party in the convention suite of Fiesta Motel.

Tuscaloosa Ala 25 and Mrs. Janie Gilbert, Miss Hilda Wooten, Miss
Annette V. Harper, 1198W. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cole and their young son Catherine Salmon, Miss Virginia Munford and Miss ,
10th St. 22. FAMU HONORS ADDERLEY BROTHERS--Plaques from David are in the city as guests of Mrs. smother ':;i15 Brown served as hostesses.

dwin F.insey; 2062 Florida A. and M. University for' 'outstand- t t 3F Mrs. John T. Betsch of 566 West Eighth Guests Included: Miss Collette Simpson, Miss ,i;

Wright Ave. 22 and ing achievement in the field of jazz Street.. Delores Pearson, Joseph Pauline, Mr. and Mrs. I
Stetson Evelyn D.Rd.Thom, 23.as, 4724.' fltisiCj! ? > "went to Julian 'Cannohball'' ; The Coles, who have just returned from Liberia Percy Jones of Fort Myers; James Lewis, Alfred j

Richard H. Jackson Adderley (right) and his brother, Nat, dur- Africa, are currently residing. in. Chicago.. ,. Illi-. Harrell, Elcee Lucas, V. Wynn, Mrs. Colesta Bush, ;
1502) W. 2>th St., 40 and ing a concert at the university recently. nois. Tebedee Gilbert, George Sharp, Wendell McTeer, (

Ella II. ?&'cLoyd, 411 Dr. .Yilliara P. Foster, director of music .uno Mrs. Mary! ; :.lice Jones.
Johnson St. 26. and bands, Florida A. and M. made the pre- sssssssss..ssss.ssssess..ss.es ,
Samuel Vide, 1077 Davis sentations. Both 'Cannonball" and Nat, ..a ase.as.ss.sess..s..ssse
St., 22 and'oris Butler played in the Marching '100' and the Of interest to Jacksonville society is the announcement -
symphonic band and with the FAMU by Mrs. Theodore L. Jones, Sr. of the
731 Court =::., :30. MRS. CALLIE JACKSON Following your Merry Christmas, we wish for all
legians prior to graduating from FAMU.I .. .Founder-President the' marriage of Miss Sandra Carolyn Jones to Gil- oitr readers A BRIGHT AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR!
bert William Gadson which took place on Saturday,

"rs. Elizabeth Rich September 1, 1962.
Fie will be.. the Mrs. Gadson is the daughter of the late' Theodore 'i
: rry * -
; now Kb Pepsi rtJI} principal speaker duringan Theodore L. Jones Sr. and the goddaughter of Mr.
interesting and and Mrs. James H. Turner. She is a student at
varied program: highlighting Hampton Institute where she is classified as If you Lnow a family with a child born
for those who think young the first anniversary sophomore. with a defect, ask them to seek aid through

observance of Ur. Gadson, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Willie Gadson, their local chapter of the National Founda-
k-15 the Trichdogists Beauticians is a graduate of Florida A. and M. University and tion-March of Dimes. Join the 25th Anni-
a : League Local 38 is employed as a teacher in the Duval County versary March of Dimes in January and fight
,. in West Friendship Baptist school system. crippling birth defects, arthritis and
r' rk: : Church, Carrie at The couple will be honored wit reception in polio.

Baldwin Sts. Sunday the home of her uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Albert *
&s I < afternoon at 3 o! clock L. Helms, Sr., 2120 College Circle North on
yy Guest group will be theleague's
Local 50, ''Mrs. lestmg Center

M.L. Patterson, presi- TAUHASSEE Florida OPEC
dent. AtM University has been SUPERIOR

Mrs. Callie Jackson, designated as a testing
founder-president of the center for the 1963 na- 7A.M. QV PNf
League will be honored tionwide administration
during the progrea. of the National Teacher E----, INCLUDINGSUNDAYS
Other beauticiansgroups Exadnations which will
s 4 and the general be given on February 16, IOTTOM WEST LEAVER ST. VIADUCT-TURN UR'IN
public are cordially in- anmunced Dr. A.A. Abraham -
.vited. :director of the

i:' Featured test College service seniors bureau.' >re- a

paring to teach andte.J.Ch.er
applying ,for
directors can plan their positions in school LB.JF' .
own halftime pageants is systeas which encourage
: Thinking young is a state of mind. It's the big change that's taking place told by Dr. Willis P. or require applicants to
everywhere and it reaches all ages. You'scc it in people having more Foster, director of
.',-.' ,. fun doing more things.This is the life for Pepsi-**light, Basic and bands at subait their scores on
bracing clean-tasting Pepsi.Go ahead.Think young. In stores, the Nati mal Teacher
.::; buy an extra canon.At fountains,say Pepsi please! Florida ASM University: Exaainations along with JOWLS-4 9 :' I.
4;:,: in the October,' "1962. their other credentials
,'.*,; ., .
edition of Conn Chord
;:: torna IT nw-eou omw CMMM JKOMNVI mtxi urwcnaa KHMOU COWUY. .1'11III\' \, magazine. tests.are eligible to take the :

'"' ., "" J.' '. : '..' "' .... ...,.. .. ..;..... ;' n .
.. ... '
<_0- '!J!!'; : '=' ;.ii.J..'::' f ". "u.d_ '!!

t I \ : -'


1I. Leaders Dr. LW. Thompson Major Faiths Plan
Top Clergymen, To Spark Centennial Observance. 1

I. .... Death Mourned
,/ -/.P: : '. ;:> Religious Confab
::, .. !>.
By Fla. Community
CHURCH NEWS .w On Racial Justice

SASHIMTON. t.. c. -
More than 70 national

religious groups: will
Youth Day will be observed Sunday at Bethlehem Bap- z. -
examine moral and religious -
tist Church, Rev. A. Anderson, pastor, announced. principles on

Services will begin with Sunday School at 9:30 which racial justice Is

a.m. with the Misses Alva Randolph, L. Randolph, based January 14- 11* at

and Melveria Taylor in charge. Morning worship the Edgewater Beach

will begin at 11 a.m. BTU at 5 p.m and Evening 0 Hotel in Chicago. -

worship at 7 p.m. Rev. Earnest Williams will be The National Conference

in charge of services. The Junior Usher Board and i on Religion and Race has

Choir will serve throughout the day. as its central these the

concept that men, .united

through religious love, ,.
can reach goals unattainable -
Macedonia Baptist Church is hosting the conference by legal and
of the Ministers and Deacons Unions of the East
_., economic pressures
Florida and Bethany Association which began Wed. .Sr cr e
al one.tfever.
nesday with Rev. W. M. Hill, moderator. Parentsare before said
reminded that the Christmas will beheld
program .
DR. E.W. Father John F. ,
Sunday at 5 p.m. All parents are urged to have directorf
1 : Final rites were held S.S. assistant
their children on hand by that time. The pastor A Monday at 3 p.m. in ) the Social Action Department
is requesting that all choirs of the church sing N ati anal
Institutional -
Bethel Baptist
\ Sunday night during the union's final session.
Catholic Welfare Conference -
i \ ',;. Church for prominent -
iJ&.\, civic leader Dr. bas a meetingof
FMANCIPATION OBSERVANCE---Under the leadership of many of the city's top religiousand Earlinn. Thompson Sr. such significancebeen I

civic leaders shown above, Jacksonville will--on Jan. 1st--and 20-other odd mil- of 1411 W. 9th St. who held under joint
Youth Day will be observed Sunday with a daylong lions of American Negroes who will observe the 100th anniversary of the historic passed Dec 20, Rev.' sponsorship of agenciesof
series of presentations at Emanuel Baptist Church. NCWC, the National
signing of the Emancipation proclamation by President Abraham Lincoln on Sept. 22 Robert H. flilson, pastor
The Male Chorus rehearses Saturday at 7:30 p.m. Council of Churches and
1862, and became effective Jan. 1, 1863. Churches, schools, social and civic organi- officiating. Intermentwas
District 1 will sell dinners in the dining area the SJU ago OJ e Council of
zations and wellknown individuals will feature an impressive program which will be at the family
all day Saturday. Annual Watch night services held in Jax Civic Auditorium New Year's Day at 7:30 p.m. The general public of all )lot in Memorial Cone- America. "
will be held Monday night with the Deacons and Rev Gene Wesley Mar
..ery, .T.t::. Whittington
ages are urgently requested to attend the historic event.
Deaconesses in charge. Rev. S. L. Badger, pastor, Funeral Home in charge. shall. Methodist minister -
(Royal Art Studio Photo)
will deliver the sermon. One of the c camunity s is wring on c
most prominent civic- ference plans along with
Clothing Exhibit -IAe Testimonial Tea religious leaders Dr. the staff of the Na-

s Thompson was a native: of tional Catholic Con-

The Baptist Ministers and Deacons are conveningin Presented By To Cite WhittingtonJack Jacksonville and had resided ference for Interracial

West Union Baptist Church with events to end here for many Just ice, 21 West Superior -
Hew SfaRfioR Classes I'hi ttington, Brew- "
Sunday. Districts 1,2,3, and, 4 will have chargeof ster Hospital administrator ye ars. St. Chicago, secre-
the Districts Mass meeting which will be held for the past nine He was a member of tariat for the con-
informal exhibitionof
Jan. 20 at 3 p.m. All members planning on attend- An years who resigned his Bethel Baptist Church, ference. t

ing the Union meeting are requested to attend wear- hand-machine made position recently, will and had served as a mem- PATRONIZE
fabrics sponsored by the ber of its trustee board
ing full uniforms.The be honored with a testi-
advaicB:: clothing classesat for nany years. His
nonial tea Sin day, Dec
New Stanton Senior other lubl i c service Star Advertisers'
30 from 4-6 p. o. in
High School on Wednesdaywas Mr. and Mrs Luther Mr. and l1r s. Albert Brewster's affiliations included .
the first of a serieso Blue; 3318 Haines St. ; Crane; 2756 HamiltonCir. Cafeteria.The membership on the YMCA's
Male Chorus of Abyssinia Baptist Church will affair will be sponsored -
board of directors, a Dr. James Goodard
Christmas activities Boy. Girl.
serve Sunday at 2:30 p.m. during the Ministers and ; '.. __ by the Brewster Huval
director of the
Church. scheduled to take placein Mr. and Mrs. William Mr. and ,Mrs. J.C. Job=" Men's Club.Whittington.
Deacons Union meeting at St. Mark Baptist
and around the school's Caldwell Civil Defense board, Challenges Attendees
; 1843 W. 23rd son 1723 McQuade Sty
Rev. A. B. Reed will deliver the closing sermon. ; ; is credited
community before the Street; Boy. Boy. ,. .. .... business manager of the
District 7 will hold its annual Christmas party : t a any of the improvements
Jan.l at 5 p.m. in the hone of, Mr.and Mrs. A. Byrd, official h diday period Mr. and Mrs. Theodore "!r. and firs Bidwell brought to Brewster Retired and numerous otherorganizations. At FNI SeminarST.
begins. Graham; 2008 Falafox St. Chanbers; 276 Stockton during his
4104 Leonard Circle. The Sunday School Chorus rehearses administration -
Various wearing apparelwas Boy. Street Girl. AUGUSTINE Dr.
; and
Saturday at 4 p.m. Usher Board 4 meets was
on display with a Mr. and Mrs. Harvey :Mr. and Mrs. Ralph in the organization of Dr. Thomps en was a Janes Goddard, Executive
Saturday at 5 p.m.
picture of the student Love; 1155 Logan St. ; Bryant; 618 W. 18th St.; the "Men's Club. graduate: of I'eharry Medical Director of the Councilof
who made each garment Girl. s Pharmaceutical Protestant Collegesand
Girl. He is being ..succeededby
from aprons to tailored Mr. and Mrs. TommieTh Mr. and Mrs. Chi Ties Robert Nordhac who College and he had ser- Universities, speaking -

apNewYecth\| suits. In addition to II as; 1576 P. 34th St. Matthews; 1510 FairfaxSt. assistant! Whittington fbi ved with a vrellknown at the Seventieth

viewing the garments G1 rl. .; Girl. a brief *!1 ell at the pharmacy for many years. Anniversary Convocation

visitors and members of Mr. and Mrs. James I'r. ind Mrs. Jimmie hospital.The He leaves to mourn... -: Mrs.II I.,.;.I of Florida Normal and=In-

Avoid the Crowd... Ride in Comfort the facdty were treatedto Fasley; 2905 Myrtle Ave. Lowry; 1013 Brady St. ; tea will serve a R. Vaught Thompson, tiustriaTHemorial' College
some tasty refreshments Boy. Boy. two-fold widow; three daughters on De:. 8. stated firmly:
that were servedby fir and Mrs. Th purpose in Mrs. ) illian Robinson "The Church-related
cut as honoring
Mr. and Mrs. Johnny the former administrator -
with the members of the J ales; 4515 Trenton Dr. Rhodes: 6930 Virginia and wel- city; Mrs. Ruth Cunningn college now stands at a
class. N. Girl. Tallahassee; liss crossroad
; Avenue; Girl. coming in th!. new off requires
SAFE COURTEOUS drivtrs. Receiving special attention Mr. and MrsJames Mr. and Mrs. James i ci ale Mildred Thompson New decisions from both the
York City; three *'
was the lovely Howell; 1231 Evergreen Bro1l1; 2715 W. 45th St.; I Whittington has ex- Ciurch and the College.
tailored suit made by Capers, James Thompson, The Convocation featuredan
Avenue Boy.
; Boy. pressed a desire to
Mrs. Mary Mitchell Windell both o* this city, and academic procession infill
as a Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Mr. and Mrs. maintain membership lii
surprise gift fo r her Pearson; 2302 San DiegoRd. Boswell; 7204 Rhode the club. Capt. Frlinn: Thompson regalia, the presentation -

mother; who incidentallywas .; Boy. sland Dr. ; Boy The public is invited. Jr., U.S. Army; three of Meritorious
on h snit to see her brothers Alphonso service Citations to,outstanding -

gift for the very first Thompson, city: James Church leaders. ,
.' time. Obituaries I ABOUT PEOPLE Thompson, Jericho, N.J. and the conferring of

Other activities held and Edward Thompson, two honorary degrees.Dr. .

this week included a t'rs. Elizabeth Anderson; Mr. and Mrs. Percy Jones of Fort Myers, are holi- Philadelphia: Pa. Also a Gooddard pointed+

special assembly progran 11401 Carolina Road day guests of Mrs. Jones' parents, Mr. and Mrs. host of other grieving that the question febould

NEW "Built for tht PlrpOSI"CHECKER honoring the football COsmo. James Ellis of 1350 W. 19th St. and Mrs. Jones' relatives and friends. the Church remain In the

teen for their latest ac- Mrs. Inez 'icLain; ; 1350W. sister and husband, Mr. and Mrs. Zebedee Gilbert College business?" is a

TAXICABS complishments on the 22nd Street. of 1033 Brady St. Mrs. Jones (nee Richardean Ellis) Outstanding Soldier perfectly legitimate one,

gridiron and th-e Annual Mrs. Louis Fpps; 8004 is a graduate of Wiley College, Tex. and is well- Award Given FAMUan and ,one which oust bet

Radio dispachtd low farts. Christmas Farty for New Kings Road. known in national tennis circles. ac ed.
kindergarten age children Rev. Joseph Taylor; 1044 SENECA ARMY DEPOT FD- Two honorary degrees

sponsored by the childcare West Church Street. M U LU S, N.Y. -- PPCVbodrow were conferred, to Susie
CALL NEW DEAL CAI COMPANY, class of which Mrs. Dr. Earlinn. Thompson; C. Hughes, a 1961 Catherine Hoi ey, the

A.L. Jenkins is instructor. 1411 W. 9th Street.; Miss Collette Simpson, a physical therapy majorat graduate of Florida Add degree Doctor of Humane
Elgin Other members of the Mrs. Beulah Lewis; 1717 Texas Southern University, Houston, Tex. is university, was named Letters with the cita-

department offering assistance West 27th Street. spending the holiday with her parents, Mr. and outstanding soldier for tion "Educator and Humanitarian
Openings are ivailafcle for capalle careful drivers o were Mrs. G. B. Mrs. Margaret Freeman; Mrs. Eric 0. Simpson, 2434 Doby Street. the month of Novemberh and to John
810 Minnie Street. Henry Maguire the degree
Snyder Mrs.
S.H. Folsom ere.
Good pay, food workiig I coo iti IS. and Mrs. M.B. Mitch 1 Vrs. Martha Kelly; 1530W. In obtaining this recognition Doctor of Laws with the

.- 10th Street. he was first citation Outstanding
David Curry; 1610 H. chosen in his own company Churchman and Public Ser-
29th Street.Abraham Miss Josephine Bivins of 1442 Van Buren St. and and then appeared "ant. It I

SALE GOOD Graham; 2078 W. Mrs. Alice Johnson of W. 9th St. left the city before Board of Noncommissioned L'S ... .
4 -- -
s 17th Street. -recently to spend the holidays with Hiss Bivins Offi cers. y. .c r- .

ALL WEEK Mrs. Cornell P. Johnson;: brothers, sister, and other relatives and friends ;"

1635 Morgan Street. in New York City. Mrs. Johnson will be house guestof

Edward steadman; 1430 W. her daughter while there.
State street.

830 Cassat A... Peter Johnson; 2156 Me-
NEAR COLLICI QIade Street. .1963

18-24 W. Beaver St. Mrs. Josephine Green; Miss Catherine Salmon of the Florida STAR administrative -'

UJ. 90 N.., StMktM 17 SB w. 19th Street. staff, spent the Christmas holidays

Mrs. Carolina Johnson; with her parents and family, Mr. and Mrs. J. P.
LARGE BAKINGHENS 1169 W. 26th Street. Salmon in Savannah, Ga. She reported a pleasant

Tammy G. Nericlrk; 30 48 I stay. -
Florida Grade A LB.39C Moncrief Road. :- .

Hiss lolls Uaultsby; .. t
3201 N. Myrtle Avenue. .
Albert Carlos III; 4115 Mrs. Eleanor Hurley, director 01 community and ,. .,

1/2 BEEF LI. 39CCut Lenox Circle 7. volunteer at Brewster Hospital, left the city last ,: ;
the holidays with her family in Conn. ,
l'rs. Ida L. Taylor; ; 808 Friday to spend -
and Wrapped Free Arg. Weight 200 ..... Averogt Price .. .80.00 Clay Street. ,'

WILSON CERTIFIED SUGAR CURED Ephram U. Lawrence; 837 >.,,

er Whole LB. 49 Kings Road. \ o
HAM2 Mrs. Majbell Lawson; 705
a !.h. } Wt. .
last Friday
South 8th Street. Mrs. Mattie Wright left the city

WILSON'S COUNTRY HILL Mrs Josephine Scott; spend the holidays in Atlanta, Ga. Chattanooga,
Wt 2222 McMillan Street. Tesn. and Lookout Mountain. .

TOM TURKEYS ft &; !18 M Lbs.Trtijj LI. 35c! ,. 1

******* 'T We also take this opportunity i ito l f f .

G asd :Irs. Ada M. Lee of 1572 1. 30th St. is convalescing thank all of our friends .
/ : -0 Beet at home following her recent confinement r
.: To OurHriendsaa ... for their good will and support. j I
Brewster founder-emeritus
r WATCH THE KEN KNIGHT SHOW .iFv: ,. in Hospital. Mrs. Lee is .
.. ". of this city. She
r McLeod Bethune KEN KNIGHT
:.'.... }..;: 'i .jo:;:' I' rt.J'> of the Mary 0i
:. :\ > tj : FU1MA STU I is also a wellknown member of numerous other civic-
: ; ,. 'religious organizations. WRHCSTAFF : t
: ,- -
:' < Siriaj Umiifs_ M J:* A:r. h UNM) J Ip.j ,0 <' & IIIIIENEIIT' }
.-,: ,, .1P4 L < -> ;- .t ******** I '. "" --

.:Ji;;': ;i.- ,< ;3.,. .,,' ;.. <"- -:-; O. ," :- f '. .}:;:. ,,_ .._..', _........ ""_i'< H.-"__ ,)

l"T B
\ \

Top Clergymen, Leaders, To Spark Centennial Observance Dr.E.W. Thompson Major Faiths Plan\

,I '__. 1.- ( l : .:! ,." Death Mourned Religious Confab

By Fla. Community
CHURCH NEWS i. a On Racial Justice

S/SIlIMTON. I.. C. -

More than 70 national

1 religious groups: will
Youth Day will be observed Sunday at Bethlehem Bap- '
examine moral and religious -
tist Church, Rev. A. Anderson, pastor, announced. J ,'
.a principles on
Services will begin with Sunday School at 9:30 Is
which racial justice
a.m. with the Misses Alva Randolph, L. Randolph,
I1. at
based, January 14- ,
and Melveria Taylor in charge. Morning worship Beach
the Edgewater
will begin at 11 a.m. BTU at 5 p.m; and Evening i r.-
Hotel in Chicago. >
worship at 7 p.m. Rev. Earnest Williams will be
The National Conferenceon
in charge of services. The Junior Usher Board and has
Religion and Race

Choir will serve throughout the day. .s ,. tA as its central theme the

concept that men. united

through religious love,

can reach goals unattainable j
Macedonia Baptist Church is hosting the conferenceof

the Ministers and Deacons Unions of the East a by legal and
I economic pressuresa
ill _
Florida and Bethany Association which began Wed j one.Never.

nesday with Rev. W. M. Hill, moderator. Parentsare before said

reminded that the Christmas program will .beheld ,
.\ DR. E.W. THOMPSON Father John F. Cronin,
Sunday at 5 p.m. All parents are urged to have ,,,
held as., assistant directorf
I their children on hand by that time. The pastor Final rites were
is requesting that all choirs of the church sing 71' ,:\ Monday at 3 p.m. in ) the Social Action Department -
Institutional National
\ Sunday night cluing the union's final session. Bethel Baptist
j t i4.1 Church for prominent Catholic Welfare Con-

._ civic leader. Dr. ference, 'lias a meetingof

,/ FMANCIPATION OBSERVANCE---Under the leadership of many of the city's top religiousand Earlinn \\. Thompson Sr. such significancebeen .

civic leaders shown above Jacksonville will--on Jan. 1st--and 20-other odd mil- of 1411 W. 9th St. who held under Joint I
Youth Day will be observed Sunday with a daylong
lions of American Negroes who will observe the 100th. anniversary of the historic passed Dec 20, Rev.' sponsorship of agenciesof
series of presentations at Emanuel Baptist Church. National
signing of the Emancipation proclamation by President Abraham Lincoln Robert H. fill son, pastor NCWC, the
The Male Chorus rehearses Saturday at 7:30 p.m. on Sept. 22, Council of Churches and
1862, and became effective Jan. 1, 1863. Churches, schools, social and civic organi- officiating. Intermentwas
District 1 will sell dinners in the dining area the Synagogue Council of
zations and wellknown individuals will feature an impressive program which will be held at the family
Annual Watch night services "
all day Saturday. held in Jax Civic Auditorium New Year's Day at 7:30 The lot in Memorial Ccme- America.
general of
will be held Monday night with the Deacons and Gene Wesley Mar
ages are urgently requested to attend the historic event. ..ery, J-S.:: ffhittington
Deaconesses in charge. Rev. S. L. Badger, pastor, Funeral Home in charge. shall. Methodist! minister -
(Royal Art Studio Photo)
will deliver the sermon. One of the c oanunity s is worVing on conference -
most prominent civic- plans along with

: Clothing Exhibit Testimonial Tea religious leaders Dr. the staff of the Na-

t Thompson was a native: of tional Catholic, Con
The Baptist Ministers and Deacons are conveningin Presented By To Cile Whittington i Jacksonville and had re- ference for Interracial

Union Church with events to end 21 West Superior ..
West Baptist si ded here for many Justice,
New SfantioR Classes Jack Whittington, Brew- "
Sunday. Districts 1,2,3, and, 4 will have chargeof year s. St. Chicago, secre-
ster Hospital administrator
the Districts Mass meeting which will be held An infernal exhibition for the past nine He was a member of tariat for the con-

Jan. 20 at 3 p.m. All members planning on attend- years who resigned his Bethel Baptist Church, ference. "
of hand-machine made <
ing the Union meeting are requested to attend wear- position recently, will and had served as a mem-
fabrics sponsored by the ber of its trustee board PATRONIZE
ing full uniforms.The be homred with a testi-
advarcB: clothing classesat t- for many years. His
c242ze ronial tea Sin day, Dec
New Stanton Senior other tublic service Star Advertisers'
30 from 4-6 in
Higi School on Wednesday Mr. and Mrs Luther Mr. and Mrs.! Albert Brewster's affiliations included t 1
was the first of a seriesof Blue; 3318 Haines St. Crane; 2756 HamiltonCir. Cafeteria.The TI ember ship on the YMCA's
Male Chorus of Abyssinia Baptist Church will ; affair will be sponsored -
Christmas activities Boy. Girl. board of ;directors, a Dr. James Goodard
serve Sunday at 2:30 p.m. during the Ministers and ; by the Brewster
Deacons Union meeting at St. Mark Baptist Church. scheduled to take placein Mr. and Mrs. William Mr. and_.Mrs. J.C.. Johri" Men's Club.Whittington. director of the nuval

Rev. A. B. Reed will deliver the closing sermon. and around the school's Caldwell ; 1843 ff. 23rd son; 1723 McQuade St.:; is credited Civil Defense board, Challenges Attendees
community before the Street .. business manager of the
District 7 will hold its annual Christmas party ; Boy. a any of the improvements
Jan.l at 5 p.m. in the hone of Mr.and Mrs. A. Byrd, official h diday period Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Mr.! and Mr' sT Bid well brought to Brewster Retired Teachers Association At FHI SeminarST.

4104 Leonard Circle. The Sunday School Chorus rehearses begins. Graham; 2008 Falafox St. Chambers; 276 Stockton during his administration and numerous other
Various wearing apparelwas Boy. organizations.Or. .
Saturday at 4 p.m. Usher Board 4 meets Street; Girl. and was instrumental AUGUSTINE Dr.
0 n display with a Mr. and Mrs. Thomps en was a Janes Goddard
Saturday at 5 p.m. Harvey Mr. and Mrs. Ralph in the organization of Executive
picture of the studentwho Love; 1155 Logan St. ; Bryant; 618 W. 18th St.; the Men's Club. graduate of I'eharry! Medi Director of the Council

made each garmentfrom Girl. Girl. cal's PharmaceuticalCollege of Protestant Collegesand
He is being succeeded
aprons to tailored Mr. and Mrs. Tommie Mr. and Mrs. Chi Ties by Robert Nordham who and he had ser- Universities, speak

-HQPP4 New YeM; suits.' In addition to Tb II as; 1576 W. 34th St. Matthews; 1510 FairfaxSt. assistant Whittington fbi ved with a wellknown ing at the Seventieth

r viewing the garments Girl. .; Girl. a brief q!'ell at the pharmacy for many years. Anniversary Convocationpf

visitors and members of Mr. and Mrs. James )'!'. mad Mrs. Jimmie hospital.The He leaves to mourn, '" --: Mrs......,..,. Florida Normal and=JintiustriaTlfemorial -

Avoid the Crowd... Ride in Comfort the facilty were treatedto Fasley; 2905 Myrtle Ave. Lowry; 1013 Brady St. ; tea will serve a R. Vaught Th cmpso n, College

some tasty refresh Boy. Boy. two-fold widow; three daughters on Dec. 8. stated firmly
purpose in
ments that were servedby Mr. and Mrs. Th miss Mrs. Lillian Robinson 'The Church-related
Mr.! and Mrs. Johnny honoring the fbraer administrator -
with the members of the J
class. N.; Girl. Avenue; Girl. coming in tb3new of Tallahassee; Piss crossroad which requires

SAFE COURTEOUS driv.rs. Receiving special attention Mr. and Mrs\ James Mr. and Mrs. James fici ale Mildred Thompson, New decisions from both the
was the lovely Howell; 1231 Evergreen Brown; 2715 W. 45th St.; Whittington has expressed York City; three sons, Chirch and the College.
tailored suit made by Capers, James Thompson, The convocation featuredan
.. Avenue Boy.
.. 1 ; Boy. a desi re to
: .' w' '
.., ..:'.. "..,#.., 'I.H: surprise gift for her Pearson; 2302 San DiegoRd. Boswell; 7204 Rhode the club. Capt. Rrlinn Thompson regalia, the presentation -
.,.. >: ,."'.. 11'..... "...:: mother; who incidentallywas .; Boy. sland Dr. ; Boy. The public is invited. Jr., U. s. Army; three of Meritorious
on hanit to see her brothers Alphonso service Citations to',outstanding -
@ ';:''I[. !L ji. gift for the very first Thompson, city; James Church leaders. ,

time. Obituaries ABOUT PEOPLEIIr. Thompson, Jericho, N.J. and the conferring of

Other activities held and Edward Thompson, two honorary degrees.Dr. .

this week included a I'rs. Elizabeth Anderson; and Mrs. Percy Jones of Fort hers, are holi- Philadelphia, Pa. Also a Gooddard pointed+

special assembly program 11401 Caroline Road day guests of Mrs. Jones' parents, Mr. and Mrs. host 0 f other grieving that the questIOL should

NEW "Built for tkt pvrpost"CHECKER honoring the football C.osmo. James Ellis of 1350 W. 19th St. and Mrs. Jones' relives and friends. the Church remain in the

teas:: for their latest accomplishments Mrs. Inez 'icLain; 1350W. sister and husband, Mr. and Mrs. Zebedee Gilbertof College business is a

TAXICAIS on the 22nd Street. 1033 Brady St. Mrs. Jones (nee Richardean Ellis) Outstanding Soldier perfectly legitimate one,

gridiron and th-e Annual Mrs. Louis Fpps; 8004 is a graduate of Wiley College, Tex. and is well- Award Given FAMUan and ,one which must be
New Kings Road. known in national f ac.ed.
Radio dispaclitd low arcs. Christmas Party for tennis circles.
Rev. Joseph Taylor 1044
kindergarten age children SENECA ARMY DEPOT RJM Two honorary degrees

sponsored by the child West Church Street.Dr. .\ U LU S, N.Y. -- P FC were conferred, to 'Susie
CALL NEW DEAL CAi COMPANY, care cl ass 0 f which Mrs. Earlinn W. Thompson; odrow: C. Hughes, a 1961 Catherine Hoi e7. the

ElgiH 4-1611 A.L. Jenkins is Instruc 1411 VC. 9th street.; Miss Collette Simpson, a physical therapy majorat graduate of Florida AiM: degree Doctor of Humane
Mrs. Beulah Lewis 1717
tor. Other members of the ; Texas Southern University, Houston, Tex. is university, was named Letters with the cita-

department offering as- West 27th Street. spending the holiday with her parents, Mr. and outstanding soldier for tion "Educator and Hu-

Openings are available for cayakle cirelal rivers. sistance were Mrs. G.B. Mrs. Margaret Freeman; Mrs. Eric 0. Simpson, 2434 Doby Street. the month of November manitarian' and to John

Scyder. Mrs. S.H. Poison 810 Minnie Street. b er-e. Henry Maguire the degree

Good pay, good wsrkiag coA itiers. and Mrs. M. B. Mitch 1 Mrs. Martha Kelly; 1530 In obtaining this recognition Doctor of Laws with the .

.- W. 10th Street. he was first citation Outstanding
David Curry; 1610 3. chosen in his own company Churchman and Public Ser-
29th Street.Abraham Miss Josephine Bivins of 1442 Van Buren St. and and then appeared TBOt. u

SALE GOOD Graham; 2078 1'. Mrs. Alice Johnson of W. 9th St. left the city before Board of NonCommissioned ..
e 17th Street. -recently to spend the holidays with Miss Bivins Officers. .#' :. --:'! ;-. '! -'

ALL WEEK Mrs. Cornelia F. Johnson; brothers, sister, and other relatives and friendsin --- ---, .

1635 Vorgan Street. New York City. Mrs. Johnson will be house guestof ;' t I

Edward Steadman; 1430: W. her daughter while there.
State Street.

830 CasioAvt.. Feter Johnson; 2156 lc-
Quade .1963.

18-24 W. Beaver St. Mrs. Josephine Green; Miss Catherine Salmon of the Florida STAR administrative -'

U4. fO N... N.t1.s nSB W. 19th Street. staff, spent the Christmas holidays

Mrs. Carolina Johnson; with her parents and family, Mr. and Mrs. J. P.
1169 W. 26th Street. Salmon in Savannah, Ga. She reported a pleasantstay.

LB.39C Tommy G. Nevklrk; 3048 .
ENS Florida Grade A Moncrief Road.

Hiss lollie Uaultsby; ., ,
IKE-iITtl -
3207 N. Myrtle Avenue. ,
Albert Carlos III; 4115 Mrs.. Eleanor Hurley director ox community and __
1/2 BEEF LB.39C Lenox Circle W. volunteer at Brewster Hospital, left the city last tI:

ITs. Ida L. Taylor; 808 Friday to spend the holidays with her family in Conn.

Cut and Wrapped Free Avg. Weight 200 Lbs. Avtragt Price 80.00 Clay Street. '.. ,.

Ephram U. Lawrence; 837

'41" Kings Road. .
OF LI 49 .
HAM2 Lb. A'lg. Wt. Mrs. Hajbell Lawson; 705 :.I .,
South 8th Street. Mrs.' Mattie Wright left the city.last' Friday -to

WILSON'S COUNTRY HILL Mrs. Josephine Scott; spend the holidays in Atlanta, Ga. Chattanooga, 1

A Wh 2222 UrJiiUao Street. lean and Lookout Mountain. J

TOM TURKEYS 16 to 18 Lbs. LB.ffr 35 .x .,. ., .
Abt StB lair Totiys
******* We also !
take this opportunityto j IIlui ,

,., Greet aad Mrs.d Ada U. Lee of 1572 W.' 30th St., is convalescing thank all of our friends !r. i
-'f Bestwiiius at home following her recent..confinement r

WATCH THE KEN KNIGHT SHOWHiraiis ,, ..- To OurFriends in:'Brewster Hospital. Mrs Lee is,ounder-eacritus for their good will and support. ; f

., ;:; I andFUilM c.tf of,tfee Mary McLeod Bethune Clrcle-o; this city. She KEN KBI6HT i
'i STAR :is 1 also a vellknoia neater of numerous i other civicreiigioas I'
4. organizations. WIHC f

J'. -', Seday At 3:51: A.M.. N CkHKl 4 ) :; f' \: ; 4STAfF t MMGEHEHT ..
,. 1

_. --,' .
--"" -' ---
f -

hr. .,,- : i '
l '


r ,. Oil Co. Crtittsw State Official Sparks EWC Program Fisk Honors Omegas Celebrating 51st Confab

i -c. ._ .-: .' .-- I
; .
Salts Anus : -" .. C. J. Smith HIT&LAHASSEE This Week In Idianapolis, n.

RP 7ADELFHIA James Humble Oil and its Esso a' sky .eet CharlesJ. INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana---The Honorable Matthew

B. Oem and Clifton R. marketing group here. ; ',b mfe Sll th III, directorof E. Welch, Governor of the State of Indiana will

Brads have been assigned native 0 f Parkersburg public rat ati as and head a list of featured speakers before some 1500

1 newly-created w.Va., Mr. Queen studied. .,{ assistant professor of delegates of Oaega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. ,
saleiterritories herebythe English and psychologywhile journalism at Florida when the fraternity celebrates its 51st Anniversary -

f feast era Esso Region in the service.He -. ACM toiversity, was recently at a five-day Conclave at the Clan>ool
t of Hznble Oil & RefiningCompany. has also attended St. awarded a Gold Hotel, which began Dec. 26.

t i ., Joseph's' College, Temple Anniversary Alumni Citation -
and the I "for special Governor Welch will be sAid
YrL Brooks was promoted University Sigma i
competence in j ourna- the principal speaker at
to the coapanys s Wharton School of the
lisn" by Tennessee A&I the organization's
fueloil; sales force ttoiversity of Pennsyl-

from bis post as an accounting vania, specializing in State university. Luncheon honoring the Rights DefendersDelta
with was graduatedfrom undergraduates on Friday -
assistant at coBBunications, sociology -
I the Nashville institution Dec. 28th. at 12:00
Humble s Penns.l.aniaAreaHeadquarters. and public relations.He
' : Mr. is married and has a with a Noon. Sigma Theta, a
in Dr. W.S. Davis, President -
bachelor's degree National Sorority of Negro -
Queet a former public daughter, 5, and a son 2
1947 and a year later Tennessee A&i State college women, is
., \ relations representative Mr. Brooks, who is 32,
, was awarded the master s University, who is a mEmber devoting its energy this
,. of Philadelphia. Ur studied accounting at
T bin League, has been one Temple and holds a cer- degree in journalismfr of the Fraternity, Christmas towards the

I tificate in accounting oa the State tni- will deliver an addresson relief of Negro familiesin

from that university. At versity of Iowa. In the "Manhood As A Weapon Albany Georgia, whose

age 20, he joined .the sinner of 1961 he was a for the Fraternity for means of income have been

government civilian Wall Street Journal the Next Fifty Years" cut off due to their efforts -

, staff assigned to in- Newspaper Find Fellow at Friday Dec. 28th at to obtain the rightto

spection of Navy material The University of Minne- 11:30 a m vote.
in this area. EWC PROGRAM---Centering his speech around the topic "A Man doesn't begin to sota. Lt. Lawrence A. Oxley Over 1. 100 citizens of
attain wisdom until he recognizes that He is no longer Indispensable," Dr. founded Director of Sped al Pro Albany have been arrest-
He went to Humble directly Tennessee State -
from his g orern- W. E. Combs, (left) a member of the State Department of Education, was princi- in 1912, has just j ects National Council ted for such offenses as
pal speaker during an Edward Waters College Department of Education sponsored for Senior Citizens, who sitting in the front of a
gent post and was assigned concluded its semi-
1 dinner which was held for the institution's staff. Greeting Dr. bmbs are Dr. Is a Forma Grand Basi- bus restaurant
If initially to the centennial year of the a
oil :company's data-pro- Theodore, chairmaQ of EWC's Department of Education, and Dr. W. B. Stewart, Federal Land-Grant Act, leus of the Fraternity, and seeking to attend -

cessing operations at president of Edward Waters College. (Photo By Baker Studio) 18621962. will address the gr up a church service.
"[ ft' '
during its bli
The head of the Delta
bt\ UIIbl e' fuel oil Holiday Fete Cites observance on Saturday
s chapter in Albany. Marion -
spa; s representativesforY A Gift For The Years From Tyree'sMRS. December 29th at D:30 King was knocked to

>re than a year anda Africian Ambassadors a.m. the ground and licked by
hif. After joiningthe c a 4 The Honorable AlbertH. an officer when she
NEW YORK A rare com- Losche Mayor of Indianapolis -
in Feb. EGI ,
tepany I IY brought food to 100 teenagers -
bi nati cn o f grace,
Indiana, will
I briefly as a who were incar-
warmth and elegance set 4s
be featured during the
s.trainee. and a cerated for marching
t JunioA salesman. the mood of the American Conclave's first session. peacefully on the City

Mr; seen, 33f was an Society of African CUl- One of the Highlight Hall. She was six months
infantry lieutenant tu re' s Sixth Annual a sessions of the Conclave pregnant at the time md

i durin Holiday Party given in will be a symposium en lost her baby.
he Korean war
honor of African ambassadors the "Creative Jeanne Noble,
and senpd 18 months in subject Dr. a
Korea nd Japan. He the Pennsylvania Area last Saturdayat Solutions to Social Is- native of Albany arid the
the Americana Hotel. sues" The Democratic National President cf
won the ronze Star with Headquarters. A nativeof
0 ak ilef Cluster for Philadelphia, he The music cf Duke Ellington Party approach will fea- Delta in her plea to

1 r bravery combat. He is married and has two and orchestra k ture Dr. Tinsley L. Delta sorors everywhere
kept tables empty asguests aid the embattled Ne-
i s i ptain( in the daughters, aged 10 and Spraggins Special Assistant to
Uni t'd,' ates Army Re- It and a son, 6.Nlt'l ani including diplomats to the Democratic troes of her city said,
members of the
National Deputy 'Albany .where Negroes
servp Society filled the lavs worked heed: and
Chair Dr. Spragginsis
Leaing the Army in Giird dance floor.Dr. .
' t 195 hewasafield'' *' a member of the Fra- suffered much to have
] John A. Davis thesociety's
their humanity
r ep seat at i v e forth ternity. The republicanParty recog-
President, I approach will fea- nized. .is a scene of
, ree 'ears for Johnson lias Ends introduced honored guest Y "
disorder. To offset -
ture Attorney Grant Reynolds mass
Publi ng Company publish and told c! MSA! S ori-
Assistantto the severe economical -
erbf Jet and Ebony gin and
purposes. "The
In Missouri National reprisals suffered by
the Republican
He becfe
f. an Urban Lea-. American Society of
Party, who is a the Negroes in Albany
stai African
gie member in 1957 Culture. said
and nefty four years Dr. Davis, "was established > Past Grand Basileus of an Fmergency Clothing

PJ later, \ansferred to JEFFERSON QTY Ko. as result of L"1 the organization.All Find has been establishedby
Governor J dm M. Dalton, the First International men who have been in Delta for children

1 I on prodding from the Conference of Negro the Fraternity for forty whose parents are out of

I. ] 6 .&U. w& ..td Nit .s ..at.e. erg aid zat/i m Writers and Artists. _7--- ,. --wwc men ,- W' _'""'"" -- -_ ,---.._- years will receive Work because of civil

:;>> here, ordered full integration avis went on to MARLENA HAGANS AND MRS. BERNICE HIGGINS pose with one of TY F.E' s "Gift Pia QU s. rights activity. -

I of the .Missouri formally intr duce Duke For The Years," The American Traditional By Magnavox--a stereo theatre with -

National Guard. Ellington who was one of 280 square inches of picture. That Ink Spots Albun is not out of placewithits ,
D The Governor instructedAdjutantGeneral the first members of the: tenth of an ounce touch stylus and the Traditional s amazing Micromatic

I A.D. Society. AMSACT s national Record Player, utilizing 30 watts of undistorted power in its stereo amplifiers BYRD & SONS

r Sheppard to advise all membership presents for superlative reproduction of the full range of sound through its Imperial --

unit commanders that incoudes approximately Sound System's two 1000 cycle exponential horns and two high effeciency bass l \ .

entrance should be basedon 400 Negro writers, artists speakers doing the work of a "double multi-plicity of cone speakers, givingit "
qualification alone. and scholars. tones to which Fuel Oil & Bottled Gas
y wider and purer reproduction of the high frequency
This move announced on a range
The Society s concern difficult transient piano tones and percussive 25 Gallons To 1,000 If Necessary
Oec. 19, followed a series your hearing is most sensitive. Even

of requests for with African culture 'was sounds come through perfectly....It' s 100 FM AM Radio produces powerful 6330 est spa Drive Phone PO 4-9516

an ,executive. order ban- well represented by Ellington long range,,.,.static-free reception..words fail us--see it at TYREE: S....
ning discrimination in whos "LiberianSuite" '

i.. the the state.NAACF guard through lodgedby its was composed in NAACP's- Rolt REPAIR SERVICE I H

state conference presi- honor cf the Liberian ,Venetian Blinds Re-strung!i j FOR RENTBeautifully r------:::

Bush Centennial. Guests were j Look NewAlso upholstery-:[ Furn. RoMS for
dent, Mrs. Margaret
Wilson, in associationwith entertained by the InProgrtss Nllra I Done-Good PricH- Call Men-Small Furn. Apt. for t-------,
orchestra in a hal f- 3-9942
Dr. William Ross, El 4-5841 Couple OnlyEL
hour concert in tributeto tt
V NAACF state legislative -
the honored Anbassa- Told I pooooooooeooooHDlmes t t tt
We appreciate y r chai rm an dors.The IMPERIAL SUNDRIES
Prior to the Governor's and West Sahara liquorsWe
I and hop, Adlal
patronage Hon Table
the Missouri t tt
more t
conserve you agaim National Guard, consistedof Stevenson U S. Ambassador Funeral Home patent Medlcines-Cosaetics

SILVER STAR \1 90 all-white units expressed his' real MADISON.basis Wisc.for judging- The Ambulance Sert'irein Hair All preparations Leading
and two all-Negro units great appreciation ofEllington' BEST COSTS KO wir t L t tt
s music in a the progress of the Ne-
SRIVEIHllQUORi5S68AVENBE \' (both stationed in Kansas : 2719 W. Edgewood Ave.
in the first century Gor. Broad & Ashley
City and containing brief speech f pi lowing gro Phon PO 51641LEO'S ----- -

31, 98 men) the concert. of other groups in the" 'meoeeeooooooiSloe EL ...2159FOR t r ,
American community, 48
Herbert Hill NAACP
l&or secretary, said ata I SHOE REPAIR SALE

meeting celebratingthe Over 100 Good.Clean.Rea-

centennial of the I Repairing sonably priced used Cars-

Emancipation Proclama- I Some Late Models pricedto

'I : WI tim here 'at the Uni- I If Any Kind Is Sell Fast. Bring your

versity of Wisconsin. Title to 2509 Phillips

MARKEtS i: lir Only Business Highway, Rt. 1. South $
"R Fl 9-2791 & Fl 9-2792
FlAGER SCHOOL-Lessons Day or Nicht- !

Call and Ask About the f
HOG Class Starting Wednesday ,>, i I
I24 -
\ g1 i
I Blackey January 2nd-Call 7659393REASONASIIE I II

Mione EL 4.1458BUCK I
FEE: Myrtle Ave, and Ajfoms

JOWLS _f i'r;;; :

\ Pegs 1 J 25 Jetafe's TV in Every RoomFo.Reservations Htttl. SEA BASS LB. 35 C I I MANGROVE SNAPPER LB. 49C- 1963 < ", '$!,-'

k Call Tk -'LUU"dt INN lie MeH" ..rietyt ti., :::: '
: ,
""* "
fL 5-4025
\ .. 74IJ4 ff. AS1LEYJacksonville s, t i ,

Florida IB. 32c .. ; 'j
\ :
i I ',_ ', ". ;; ,
\ .- ;
\; iv u. 00. '.;
WANTEIoeauty l FISH STICKS 40 She: < I -; f -
iJIMiAH8Y.fr; \; ESiPBIK >:' f'r "
Operators 6 Bar- ;

GRITS; 10C HAMS ,4301HcKENZIE fc bers-New Barber Hollywood Lounge-622 Besot w.) ROE WATERCATFISH SHAD u.49'FRESH BUCK SHAD u. 35 ,.::': -: : Ii :,

-Call Tarver
Aahle7 Mr.
) S5J0 ei1rer FT. 49774Ssnvic.s.- ._. u. 49c MACREBELLI LL 3Sc. riii-"
1Ia 5 I" hi SPECKLED F $ -'.!


I BOUXD &RV1CE! THI "ELUSIVE" light the lamp of f'7

in Sound Service for Ad- SHEEPNOSE k 32c it. 59'A hope for all men everywhere. ; ''5,...
Green t "
vertising-Dances, Ball : .
't1 Potaoesg A--sR. SMCtoT TrMtSUTQCODRSHuL CHIN MaiDA r
IVMISTAIIS Games, etc. Also Loud I EScOAT LOBSTERS u. 6 9' L
Epeaker Service for Ban- LEON RAND fUNERAL HOME f

t [ T 11 II. NcYKIi quets, Concerts, Record WHITING 32c DIUMFISH u. 29' ;:

t i\\ mm&i II Bops etc. Phone FL 3-5902 IN 10... GUIlT PACKAGE u U.lit IN 10... cum FACJCACI U.2S< 4815 AVENUE B. P8 87818SAI. ,

Ji' "" "_ ..h

'- '
..... -
--- ----
: -- -
-------- -- -

i r PAGES 1 l it' -r L .. I T Ig

siiumv BFCFHRFB 1m
MMMM .. .,

SPOB rGJJ! UP Smashed 9 Records N.e.'s Prilci Hall MasOlS WI. Iidisfet Club Prfiw' E& rd's I

Suit Against "lops" Grasps Taps First Ntgro School ih rill

:: rut TOE WANT OF A OJN a record was lost. How sad WINSTON-SALEM N. C. ---In a sweeping NEW IDHONS fLANNED S.tForiu.9

and bow pathetic It Is to rob a man of a well decision against a group of men who

I earned record because of shortsightedness, 01 claimed to be Masons, Prince Hall Masonsof that Atty.in planning Rodriguez said NEW TURK -- NAACP
negligence of a well laid plan or whatever it was. North Carolina, under the leadershipof motions, he will try new to lawyers will go court

I A hard running, conscientious dark skin competitor Clark Brown, Grand Master, won a smash- get a court order de-. again on Jen. 9 in the

was robbed of a F.2 record in the 100-yard ing victory. here in superior. court. daring the two Negroes 12-year-old case [linst

P dash at the University of Mimi February 17, B62. The Prince Hall Masons paupers in order to the Prince Edward QUl1t7:

Well guns have been used for a long, long time lad filed suit against the State of North Caro- bring the alleged rape Va, public schools. The
for holdups, but it was for the first time in lina and front establishing -
the National Supreme victim from Tennessee hearing:: will be bald in

history, a mix up that guns were used so effec- Council, National Grand or conducting Lodgesof where she is now living, Baltimore, lid., In the

tively. Robert Hayes of Florida AMI was the vic- Orient of Ancient and Masons or Auxiliaries to testify as a state fburth ;Circuit Court of

'; tim of a gun mix up. 4t + Accepted Scottish Rite thereof, within the witness. Appeals.

, k' ONE OF THE ,GREAT QJESTICNS that seems to puzzle Masons of which William state of North Carolina Although signed' confessions The case against this
J the American public is: Ibw was it that those, who J. Fitzpatrick is named iterein the words "Free to the crime had Virp*!i- School system

are so well versed with the well established rule grand commander: %: ; Calvary and Accepted Masons1'' or been Introduced in evidence was initiated in 1950

I.f, as set by the AAU, disobeyed, ignored, by-passed Grand Council, Ancient the words "Masonic at the trial, the and was one of the five

and junked so easily yet still remain: in the good, and Accepted Scottish Lodgef or the wordMasons" two men stated they had which led to the'Supreme

graces of the AAU while the competitor is puniab Rite Masons J.E. Meisea or a colorable been made to sign them Court's school de segregation -

ed? Everything was in order but the calibre of himer named as sovereiga Imitation thereof under duress. decision of 1954.

I the gun.ffORTS. grand inspector general; are used in any manner The Prince Edward County

ARE GETTING IN MIGHTY BAD shape in this r Hiran Lodge No. 158, Rev whatsoever.' They were Ledford is also saidto Board of Supervisors
have discovered
comtry when an athlete is penalized for the errors J.M. Todd, worshipful enjoined from using some closed the schools in I
partial prints
at the
of the promoters, officials or financed master; Hiraa Lodge No. sigas, symbols, insignia B58 in anticipation ofa
scene but had covered
, backers. From what we have been able to learn on 168. Winston-Salem; and etc. of Masons. court mandate ordering
the Most Worshipful them with some tubs on
t this end of the line. Robert Hayes was not askedto This same group has integration. A of
National Grand Lodge lost similar account of threateningrain. system ,
choose the starting gun. The whole idea is to cases to private schools for
Free and Accepted Masons the Frince Hall Both Ledford and ,
the starter and not make .
punish Hayes responsible.For white children .
Ancient Griffin later disclosed was instituted /
and One of
Accepted these was in New
many years people have always looked upon the -' / '"
Scottish Rite of the fork state and the otherin that the rain later supported b
J American Athletic Union with pride and honor for r.; public
State of Maryland, of washed away all prints. tax monies. Nero
, the great wok it had done and was still doing for ". : Pennsylvania. Prince children
athletics. : F ', which William J. Fitzpatrick Hal authorities say Then Ledft>rd and Griffin have be

is named as they will continue to expressed curiosity without formal train]
RECORD-BREAKER wilt Chamberlain, star center of national grand master. prosecute this group of about the perfect printsit since the schools e
since the smoke from the .22 cal. starting pistol
I the Philadelphia Warriors who moved to San' Prince Hall Masons declared bogus Masons wherever was reported Clark closed.On
could not be seen too clearly, it seems the runner
Francisco this year, was the recipient of numerous that these or- they find then trying to told them he and Yates July 25 of thisifear
is held directly responsible. Since his record is
citations for having broken 9-records during the ganizations were all operate as Masons. They had made the casts inClark's District Court Jiflge
at stake, it could well be suggested that a big /
1961-62 ABL season. Oren R. Lewis rule that
'bogus and clandestine' say they will also proceed backyard from
bam fire be built and that use blanket
someone a Vlrlnla
the State of
and asked the court to against other shoes belonging to the .
t for sending up smoke signals. A young man, conscientious TD Twins Reunite With i JakeFOOTBAIL enjoin them from actingas groups acting in a similar accused Negroes. through its constlutlon,

I determined yomg man who' gave every: Masons and attemptingto : manner. GIVfN: GO AHEAD ass "'t randatoryiity to

thing he hid was robbed. carry on Masonic ope-, Atty. Rodriquez is said I establish and mintain
rations. Hospital to have contacted Gov. an efficient sutem of
( the world and nowhere has it been stated that an
k 1 Judge Walter E. Johnston Ferris Bryant's office public schools |rough-
athlete was penalized on a similar Russia, '
excuse ruled in favor of Prince Drops Racial Prlir to his visit to out the state id that
nglsnd, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Rome and
Judge Hall the state /of
Hall Masons and stated and was told may remove -
everywhere else where track meets have been held,
Staff /
that the def endints. Barriers to go to a court of from tb system
the circumstances were so much different. Feople
i iL
should "competent jurisdiction schools in wl/ch/ the
be -
are still buzzing about the unfairness in the permittedto GREENSBDK), N.C. The '
case. They are still concerned. adopt and use as Moses H. Cone Memorial for his stay pe- races are mixe

M/NY OF THE COLLEGIATE ATHLETES HAVE alreadysung .c part of their name, distinctive Hospital here has drop- tition. He did not, wever[ ,

their swan song and many more will do the phrases generally ped its racial harries issue any ord equir-

same when the remaining bowl gimes are played. associated with by issuing an Invitationto Texan Thrilled Fans ing the schoo s ;o re-

Names of the players will not appear again on Masonry.The Negro doctors and open on a raci integrated --

the rostrrs of their teans; some will be recorded court decreed, dentists to apply for I basis. n the

among the pros. They will then be performing among ordered and adjudgedthat staff privileges, it was forthcoming he g. the

the play for pay boys. the defendants s. the announced Wednesday. NAACP will app this
This action aftera coel the
came failure to
of this colunn and it Fitzpatrick
Hall O'Famer. A.C. (Jake) Gaither (center federal court turned opening of ti1 / hools.
still is, that the greatest exponent of good will agents and officers, be
and human relations lies anong the athletes. The ) of Fla. AIM? held a reunion with his fared restrained and peraantly down a request 'by Negroes The NAACP wil/also/ ask

day is here when all the bedlam that once sounded "Touchdown Twins," Al Frazier of the Denver enjoined from holding for a desegregation for a court rder restraining

't across the nation is becoming silent more and Bronchos (left) :and William Gallimore of the themselves out as luly order. tb/dll story
more. It was gratifying to know thit Bob Faremore Chicago Bears while receiving a placque from the authorized and consti- The Memorial: hospitalis r tactics ofe School

of the Florida A&.M I Rattlers Gas chosen to play university for annexing another 1961 national tuted Grand Lodges of one of two hospitals Board which S refused

g with the Qbllegiates South Team against the Col- football championship during FA'U's; annual gridiron presently involved in a to file a p for re-

leges' North team. Paremore-is said to be the banquet. Health Board suit to desegregate ,I opening th chool as

fastest man on the south squad. federal ly-financed ordered by eke Lewis.Arguing

THE UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA GATORS will play Fenn. There's Gold In Those Waters Urges CautionIn "separate-but-equal' : case willCounsel

I State in Jacksonville '!'H the Gator Bowl. The clause of the federal ; be NAACP /eral

thousands of fans who have purchased tickets have Food HandlingDuring (Hill-Burton) hospital i Robert L/Carter and

not made criticism about the Gators playing a team construction act. I h is ass/t ant, Hiss.

with Negro players. Neither have the Gators com- s HolidaysHolidays Should the suit, which I. Barbara Mrris, both of

plained about playing against Negro players, and is being instituted by New York ty.
the entire affair is the a of CHARLES GRFEN co cap-
what is so good about can be a particularly group Negroes supported -
Gator Bowl committee was well aware of the fact dangerous time by the National tain-quarterback of the Offer

that the Nittany Lions will have Negro players for food poisoning because Association for the Advancement powerful Texas Southern:

Athletes close their eyes against the color of a K the festive spirit of Colored be Tigers, thrilled them tine r.

I inane s skin, the texture of his hair or the color sometimes leads to care- successful it will ere than 20, 000 fans TAl FE The

of his eyes. They are more interested in winning lessness, a State Board lower the bars throughout with his uncemy passing Flor University
games, earning their. keep and being deserving of the nation in hospi- during resumption of the Ratt an in-
f Health official said
*,heir pay.Another tals now practicing the Jax Classic between PI a. vitrfon, to play in the
today.Dr. A&r.t and the Texans here pro/:ed Santa Bowl agait -
Citation Changed Uniforms Clarence M. Sharp, 'separatebutequal1'clause
f Texas A&I College
of the HillBurton Nov. 24 in the Gator
assistant state health
ELGIN (The great) Bay- Act. Bowl.
ATLANTA, G-Coach officer, said "Most
lor, captain of the Los
Jake Gaither of the people associate foot
Florida A&M University Angeles Lakers, and one 4't ? poisoning with hot weather ...BBBB/BBBBBBBBB8

Rattlers received a 25- of top-ranking bu tit can also

year achievement award players basketball in pro fessional !- : happen any other time Continental Bow ng i iL

during the Golden Jubile completed a E of the year if the cook
six-months stint with
celebration of the : neglects the primary
I I uthem Intercollegiate Uncle 7am and ,returned laws of the kitchen: 3118 FdgewoodOff 'anes' Phone
to place the Lakers in Cleveland 7P8-3493
= =
I Athletic Conference herein ANOTHER D, 000 WINNAH Ned English (right) cleanliness; and keepin
t contention for the NBL
Frazi or' s Cafe mnplonshlp.f Tampa railroad workers beans a toothy SD, COO smile hot foods hot and cold .& ..,

f I f Society. '. after he found out that an ll-ounce Bass which he foods cold.7iOETEIYEn. .

i. hooked. in the Kissimee River had a $10, OCO Schlitz .

i : ROYAL ART STUDIO Fishing Derby price tag attached to it. English is .. ..

.- shown with Gene ffarnstedt, manager of Tacpa's < .
\ 515 DAVIS STREET Schlitz Brewery after having been officially P .. J.. w

Order Now at t Reduced Prices notified of his good for t m e. Del' .. ..

Photo Cards SiviiiiaiisIan Hayes A Nominee RED .. 0r I

p L ; 'tBdividoals Family Groups TAMPA! Robert Hayes, co4 .. i
w : the National A/U .
L Clubs H .
I Action
j has been nominated .

Black & White Color SAVANNAH, Ga. The for the Sullivan FUELill 8. Yr .8.

first reaction Award by the Florida 8 .
to Presi-
Sepia dent Kennedy's A4LK Hayes and his ex- 8 .

Quality Photographs order banning segregated recent coach Fete Griffin, [ = .8,

hurdles-Weddings Socials housing constructed by were honored during the d I B
1t.Off PtMtKfI 8-
Florida B
federal AAU.. annual
I Dial EL 4.1894IOSNERS funds became a luncheon All Seasons Ice & Fuel Co. Events
matter of record here in in the SU. N.r.... A... : A Series Of Special E
a suit filed in Hillsboro Hotel recent PO 4-4 JH
County Superior ( ly. : For Your Bowling Pleasure = ,

Skintonabrighter. here Tuesday. burt'l You Don't Have to Go to Town ,to Get .. .-. ..... ....4111 :

and Charging its Housing that Authority = LADIES BAT I FAMILY BOWLING 1 S

l are plaining to build LOW PRICESOn MONDAYS I B
'low cost public housing : TUESDAYS 10 a.n. to:2 a.m. B

.1.1ilhtor for !Negroes only and your 10 a.m. to 2 a.m. __
= Adults 3 genes $1.00 g
listing as defendantsthe Ladies -- 3 games $1.00
Children 25$ per game
City; of Savamah and :
DRUG STORE NEEDS Be sure to register for ffl
the Say am ah Housing is FREE PRIZESBowling
a t /
substance of the suit
Trade With Tour Neighborhood Drug Store Shoes and Bags $10.-$7.$0 & $5. .
filed by; Mrs. Carrie IE WILL MEET ANY PRICES ADVERTISED IN TOUR : Free Game Tickets Grocery Baskets :
slin Cargo Mrs. Edith Pelpz ,
'and Herbert Karpf, P e- Deliverle Also Fill All Doctors'Prescriptions = 48 I =II

titioners.It .& ,
.. to- was also reported = YOUTHS DAY f'i iS DAY a ,

MtcwayMtmts&es that the oulti-nillion Dixie Pharmacy13D2 '
dollar urban renewal 8 SATURDAYS 'i .;!
Nrfc 8 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. f .
Spots suit is
being filed for
Ate ltots thirty or mare plain- Kills Road at Myrtle{ Avenue = Youths 25$ per game THURSDAYS :' ,
10 a.. to 2 a.ffl. .

white tiffs,owning both Negro property i and "IllS EL 5559198P.Ai.YIIR = PRIZES: ,3, games -- $1.00 =

Free Game Tickets .
0 owners, in the area. .
eB r1 f> a aftn >P Atty. Shelby My rick is IISIT, WATEI AND TELEPHONE .Pr-AA Parkins Attended Nnrsrer Tiefttaoraat Sfirjricei z


, ,., -. ..:.. = -. -- ... .. -""" ._,,",_c_ ,..,. -._ ..... -- .....-..- ...- -- ..

---- _
F _
w-uw-t ---


\.\ .o n Douglas Anders' -.s "Fiery Dragons" Cage Clusters


s ? ;3
:- ::

LI :i a k I

( 4__ --fi-\---\ : --P : ; -
T I ;

7r i ,
4 U I I

F ,


\ k- :

I : : J k '

,- F.
41 I

l :


+ ,,
;. xd Aws

3 f4"A
< Y

c? tf )
I ;1 i
.- ; :

: :' :-: :

(: ,
V r : br" f I I
-- 4 : itJ \1 L :

;5 ; : : 4




--- -

ALTHOUGH team championship are of times the ultimate goal of most high school coaches Coach Harold Billie Robinson, juanita Trice Mildred Critton, Constance Johnson and Jeannette Campbell. The entire

0. Hare, mentor of the Douglas Anderson "Fiery Pragons" basketball team (shown standing at extreme Dragonettes squad in center pix are, first row from left: Jenette Campbell, Mildred Critton, and

right in top photo left), is a firm believer that the school's overall physical fitness program Constance Johnson; Second row from left: Rosiland Lewis, Shirley Campbell and Myrtle Brown. Third

centers around collective effort and spirit among the participants, thus producing highly beneficial row from left: Maxine Davis and P'hylis Thomas. Dragons' squad members are front row from left:

., characteristics necessary in the training of the leaders for tomorrow. In top photo left, from lefts Reuben Alston, James Walker and James Hicks. Second from left: James Paulin, Maurice Jones, Sylvester -

.are $Dragons' Captains, Claude Holland, Walter Fulton Charles Caldwell and Coach Hare. Returning Reddick, Claude Holland and James Williams. Third from left: John Anthony, Charlie Vil I hun:;,

3 seniors in second photo are Capt.Charles Caldwell and Charlie Williams. Starters. shown in top photo John Price Billy Tobe Eddie Beauford. Top from left:. Edward Hayes Walter Fulton Sylvester Ping-

I right, areJames WalkerF; Sylvester Reddick, F; Charles Caldwell, C; Walter Fulton, G; and Sylvester letary, Pernell Brown and Charles Cald ell. ( Billy Brown Photo )
. Singletary, G. In bottom photo left, the array of starters for the Dragonettes are: Rosiland Lewis, Y. -: ;.

Rattlers Prep For Cage Settos Clark Cagers Aided Suns InPrecedent Breaker

..'>i: ', ,.J.' .-.. Show Potwcy;
AI : ."
1PL '
I bt1:. 1x
rrs : ;;: .: Win 3 StraightATLANTA

s _

, .. ', ?,:: ," ,'''' J. -- Clark College s y .

I I.. ,. ,4 ;I.,-'....,,.-'---,. i s Fanthers, who
place third in conference
:,\ j tournament play last

;, : year, may be a tean to ,
"riYrt; watch this season. The l
; Clarkites are undefeatedin
w h&t
p conference playas
, : they interrupt their
a schedule for Christmas
J -
, gV holidays.
s v ; ? Faced by Walter Simpson

and Reginald Gardner of
Cnt New York City and Charlie

I r'I Smith of Atlanta, the ..
G Panthers wrapped up their

: third straight conference
victory with a 110-62 ;i sf
RATTLERS DISCUSSING GAME--Coach Ed Oglesby (right), head basketball coach of victory over Fort Valleyon _

I the Florida A. and M. University Rattlers, discussing game plans with his star nec. 17. .t .- --... '_ .-: .

forward, Waite Bellamy. Looking on is Dick Hill, new assistant basketball bathed by Director of
HISTORICAL FIRST---Relief righthanded moundsman Art e Kayleft) pitcher Ruben Gomez, later sentto
coach and head track coach.D.troit .
Athletics L.S. Epps who Cleveland and veteran catcher Valmy Thomas, also later traded, combined in helping the Jax Suns be-

hardly ever fails to come the first yearling International' League entry to win a pennant in the IL s history.
Impressive RecordBIG
bring at least one
r Signs basketball trophy a year Game CommissionU.

to the campus, the Pan- Liston- Sues

i f thers started their win-
Hampton Start ning by polishing off To Aid Farmers

t Bethune-Cbokman. 82.58. S. For Purse 'tII: :

Their most importantwin In1963 -- .
cane over last year's
H.VFTON., VA. Iiicicn SIAC visitation champs NEW YCFK Attorneysfor TALLAHASSEE land- I: :' i '
r. Reesburg 285-pound .- world's heavyrei bt
; owners and farmers
and tournament second may
tackle for the Hampton d kpT ,,> place winners South Carolina champion Charles (bray) now produce more fish and '!:T-

Institute football team State With Charlie Listen filed suit. in wildlife by developing
for the past three seas Federal Court here T'on-
their lands
f Snith and The 0 ti s Norton hunting,
ms,.. has been draftedby day in effort
ruling the backboards the ?n to reCover fishing and other forms

the Detroit Lions, it Cl arki es took a 64-47 5 207.0 CO which of outdoor recreation and

was learned today. victory.In they claim was impoundedby receive a share of the
Reeburg said he will the _.-.s
cracking the 100- government following cost for such development
sign a contract until faint mark against Fort his Sept. 25 under the 1963 Agricul-

after the 1963 track sea- Valley Clark took up title match against tural Conservation: Fro-
son, in order to protect Floyd Fatterson in gran, according to Wayne
YEAR---Promising Jax welterweight Tim Ford where they left off last i
his amateur status. He'sa broke into the pro ranks under the managerial! reins year when they emergedas Chicago ":"U my, Wildlife Bl l.p-
shot putter and discus The government- rd A gist Game and Fresh
of wellknown fight manager Johnny Rushing and ran the only tear scoring
thrower on the Hampton of the Water Fish Comtlssion.Conservation .
i his unbroken string to 12-straight wins before los- over 100 points in the money was part
Institute track teaa. proceeds<< from the bout, practices : '
I ing on a split decision recently in Miami. Ford SI AC tournament atTuskegee incluJed
He played high school and was claimed by the in the programare "
f will. meet a top opponent here when pro-fights are --and they did the
football at Hastings-on- f! government in a suit creation of fish "
resumed in January in Jax Coliseum. it twice.
t' Hudson, New York. The Clarkites open their filed in Federal Court ponds, development 0 f
ponds or marshes for
-- Nov. 3).
e0. W. U. after-holidays schedulein
The Internal Revenue waterfowl, the establishment
V TOON YOU ARE ILL Atlanta with a con Service claims. that tax of wildlife. As
Y test which them
Has pits against provided by the Food and
Negro Cager Uorehouse on assessments against
I You Seek The Best Doctor January 4. Championship Sports, Agriculture Act the We Are Now
Federal Government will
When Tour Doctor prescribes WASHINGTON -- Rocky Inc. promoters of the .

pet Experienced Pharmacists Wright, a smooth ball Watch This down chiplonsbir: fight--ors share the cost of expenses .. .: Equipped To. .,

.. ...According to your Doctor's handler from Cbester i 1. D4. 084 in tax as- in creating and
,_ : .-_ :'_ Orders. We Use only The (F a.) High School. may 63-27-3 sessments. A total of devel HaldicappedJacksonville
C. E.. Black and .
Dr. areas -
Best .auty Drugs become the first Negroto $1. 379. sn was iFpouu .:
Proprietor 192 33 make. available long-tern.-
/. v play basketball with by the Service in ,
I. REGISTERED PHARMACISTS TO SERVE YOU George Washington Uni- 4 I Chicago. Liston and FHA loans for the con-
f versity. struction or installation -
Patterson were named co
( } A CC&ELETE LINE OP Wright reported for & 9 defeqdmts in the suit. of recreational I

t Cpscetics Rubber Goods Candies Sundries practice with the Z facilities.

,t PRESCRIPTIONS CALLED FOR AND DELIVEREDLilly's freshman squad, on Oct. 14-36 32 W.l..II".I'.I. .".... Barber College Inc.
15 and appears to have
won a starting berth. 311 -11 421 CHERRY'S BAR I
Drug Storej Whether he makes the Oo-k\a J-,.,.--, & Cocktail Lounge 8. I. Approved 100% Air Cond.

varsity next year will 7-15-26 Cordial Atmosphere
j" depend on 'boy good he Somttlmn beta up Where old Friends Meet 630 DAVIS ST. at Beaver:

', 1907 KINGS ROAD EL & is," athletic director Sometime! he* down 1843 Kings Rda 3-8099--ll38 w.Adams: -E1.3 '
He adds nubtracts JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA .
Bob Farris said. He works It all around '-

.__i _#.___.. ._' _' ;j..l ;" :-

tii .

I .... sq,, -- -' -< .:( _". _._':,.;:,'" ',..'" t '

.-' '

if J ",I. r l


i i /CHIPS OFF THE BLOq( ii .Gets. Overseas',r4kF.. AssigeneBt. ck 3c.. t tfj Yes, We All Talk

.By "Jay jay" i.F LEARNING A LANGUAGE '0:0:

Tis the week before New Tear And all around Sass is looking for his sixth wife.Nip wants to, 11 By Marcus H. lbu1 are .
town--- catch up with Toaay if anvil le. s If .
The women had bad the menfolk to go downtown Colored members of the police department want ; When it comes to learning a language, we think of

We pore menfolk get stocking bottled cheerTo the opportunity to be policemen; not 'Negro two wars.'l'be' usual one, in the case of a person's
help forget the bills due, come the New Tear. policemen They hope that the city fathers increase ; mother tongue, is through hearing it spoken ,con

Tep, it's the same vicious circle erery year at their numbers and. that the courts start a tinuously and by imitati m. However, there is

this time.The women in our lives have had as pool convicting the felons they apprehend.Sol another way of learning a language, and a more I I

men grumbling and finally signing on the dotted Weston wants construction on the new downtown scientific method, is through, a detailed studyof \

line. We will spend most of the year paying for Gulf Station to start. He is also lookingfor I It : each sound in the language, the grammar and syn

holiday fun but in the endwe oust admit that we customers of any kind. I think that most of tax.

enjoyed seeing the smiles on the faces of the the folk in business want the same thing. Wen- ,.,ey Because deaf people can't hear, or their hearing .

woaenfolk and kids. del's Clothing Store at Kings Road and Myrtle acuity .is reduced, they do not learn to speak

The wise boys are still playing an age-old and Mathls Avenue Shoe Factory are among the or the, ..elPerience much difficulty in learning 1

dame. Pick an argument with the girl friend places which invite yon to stop by and pick up to speak "

and hope she falls out with you Just before jour: New Tear s gifts. p .,. : ; Parents who have hard-of-hearing children, or 1

Christmas. Of course, the girls hare caught oa to Johnnie Stewart needed a new line from Santa' ., :deaf children, should enroll thein a rreMhpot :

the Jive and refused to bite. His old one is rather thin. People in town are .e ot class for the deaf. There are, however, "

Essie McCray sends special thanks to St. Nick. catching on to "my brother" .For Hugh Wilsonof hundreds of cities and towns that do not have. !

Some of the other girls want to know how she the TroplcannaSanta was asked to bring New suCh classes or centers for the Instruct CD of

happened to land such a good catch. .. .All of worlds to conquer sad a cushion to fall on when R. L. Wynn, dairy specialist with the A. and T. the deaf chi 1 d. ,,

these short-haired gals and some of those almost props are kicked out..Our Friend Alfred Har- College Extension Service, with his family, will For parents of these children, i recoamend a

bald frauleins want to thank you for those crazy: rell, is simply looking for "a winner" whether leave for Nigeria, Africa, in January. He has book. Lmgunrn for tlA! PIES Mol 1
wig hats. I Now everyone can have some hair. it is in love, politics or with as yet, unborn, been granted a txo-year leave from his current Grace Lawman QlW, by 1

Ralph Washington asked for a new batch of .girls but incubating newspapers. post to co-operate in the Nigerian Program of New Tork Cit published by Grune and Stratton> 1
y. This book
to town. He has made the rounds and cost of the Fred Beckett of Continental Bowling is looking Continuing Education at the university of Nigeria costs $5.95.

gals know his song by heart. ...J. Gardner 'Slid' for about a thousand new bowling fans who want to In the family group are, from left: (seated) Mrs. INDEPENDENT OIL CO.

bowl regularly Also on the sports beat, golfers Wynn, and their tai ldren, Helena, Elizabeth and f
want a quick decision to be rendered in the golf Bobby. {
Mechanic on DutyIKE
course suit. Certain school folk, too numerousto I
l JOSEPH, Proprietor
mention, are hoping that come January or POLICE REPORTS State- and Jefferson StreetsEL 8-9432
September as the case may be, a nice Juicy new E Ef

school is tossed their way.Others are praying would i
WOMAN REPORTS BEING sign a warrant,
that those who want principal ships don't get. police concluded ,
them. On the school integration issue, NAACP
Patrolman B.'A, Limbaugh WATCH ES.iS85s.: $
t ,.
staffers are wishing for a favorable decision A 35-yeir-old woman gas conducted the Investi
from Judge Bryansimpson. beaten by her boyfriendlast gation. Cleaned Oiled Adjusted, Case With

:,,rr',: :' .,, Lou .Ritter would probably have wished for the Saturday, police .. . Polished and one of the following ?his
:a mayor's seat and all of "the bo.s"would like reported. parts included: A d r,,
Mrs. Dorothy *
w for him to get it. If Hizzoner wins again, we JEWEL MAIN SPRINGST iI or CROWREGULAR
1 :'t.' of 727 Davis Street said CAUGHT BY ro II CE I
:; will need a special order of 'Ge -away-ki s" her boy friend cane h me CRYSTAL'Ali I

r? specially designed to fit all sizes and ages. end beat her in the Eddie Brown, of 855 Work Guaranteed 1 Te rDA
Chronographs I
:..; :: of politicians. face with his fist. Investigating Iona Street reported to I.DATsiRvicr VI DSON'S sad Special
Ed Charles would like a good season with: a 300 officers
police his
money was ,,.,, JEWELRY CO. Models. Slightly]
:;k; ,. ;: .batting average and Yankee contract in the said the victim was being snatched while 0003 I'Higher

: ; mail. drinking and could not shop fag] last Sunday, IIS W. rOKSTTR O a H22i

a : Tis time for some idle talk. The Christmas tell them fully what police stated.

party is the thing. Lay's had a ball. The group happened.The Brown said he wfe buy STRAND THEATREDouble
met at the El Dorado. Al Wise of the STAR staff injured woman was ing a package in a store

gave the party his specsal attention. He and Mrs. taken to Duval Medical when James Lee Sarvis, Feature Starling Sunday \
Center by police where 19, of 1536 Pasco Street
Beefeater had a round. You know who won. "You fight war with your weapons... 1\
she was, treated. grabbed hi s money and
1963 Otis "Mr. Broad street" Speights has completed Patrolmen 'w. Solomon ran. I fight with mine!"
; CHEE remodling his store. His place is sporting anew
and T.L. Mays investi Police said they saw
look. We hear that Jerry Nash is Jealous andhavin -. .
'gated. the two men running and
gplans.drawn. Willie Wells and JerryNash .
is they Joined the chase.
debated the hows and whys of trimming aBorsolino" l
I STABBING C VIC TIM WILL Sarvis was finally 0
t s time is still celebratingthe
again down.
f. WARRANT, POI CE REPORT caught in the 600 block
.;: to wish numerous friends Jackson State College from MISSISSIPPI vic- of Madison Street. They (

: everywhere New Year joy.SeWELl tory in the "Classic." Mrs. Millie Luapkin. 32 said Sarvis had the ;1 1A 1N
As I sign off dear readers, I take this time to
of 1520
Harper Street money en him when he was
wish a happy and pleasant holidaze to each and a
was injured 1 ast Saturday caught. Amount stolen .L. }
FUNERAL RIME Hope to meet at the Civic Audi- _
everyone. you during an argonaut, was $16. 4 1. -J,
torium when the Fla-Jaz gather in their annual police report indicated. Patrolmen E. Jeffersonand
affair. Mrs. bumpkin told police A Jones investigated. -
' .
1439 Davis StreetEl
she was stabbed in .

3-0670 EL 5-1509 ....................**........ the upper left shoulder f,1 ..,1. i
T atj-F.r Hours Cogrtews AnMHce Inca by Earl Cobb, 33, of LOSS OP COAT :

The National Foundation-March of Dimes which 1524 McCoy. She r as 'VPigeon.*
Reasonable & Reliable' Futral Siriice marks the 25th anniversary in January,was foundedin taken to the EmergencyRoom Mrs. Juanita Wynn, of .
,Rev. w; C. Neal at Duval Medical 2jl6 Woodland Street,
.. Rev. C. J. Crosby Mrs. Rosa Obnyers 1938 by President Franklin D. I Roosevelt. Since list .
Center for treatment, ; a coat when got F
Mr. Willie A. Chatman Mrs. Evelyn Stewart then, each succeeding President has honored the
police stated. re ady to leave for 0
Allen Dimes Drive by meeting the March of Dimes children -
Mr. Williams Mrs. Annie Mae Barlow church last !
Mrs. Lunjkin said 3he Sunday, police D
Miss Sandra L. Crosby Miss Marine McQuayMr. who symbolize the thousands of patients reports indica ted.

Aaron Neal Mrs. Hortence Neal being aided.... ,
I ..

B C Instructor DGEWOOD AVE. Drive-In Super Market t

e p DODun.ge'
Attending ConfabIn .


Chicago III.
: t
Free s 'y= Open

LEO DORSEY Prof. Alvin A. Reid

ENTERTAINMENT NITELY Associate Professor, Delivery t ;; ; Snndar ,

on DrillsALfRED Business Administrationat

Featuring Bethune-Cookman College -

CORLEY Daytona Beach, Y #:

Florida passed through Phone : ; 24 baa

HENRY "CHICK" MINOR on Sax the city last Monday on .. V ,

his way t 0 attend the i day
PO 5 9494 ,
North-Central Business
wift saul music M 1EacieZ qa ... Association meeting .- stnict .
ai' liste_i ileum which is being held in : -

Chicago, 111., Dec. 27- r
: 29. ,- -". .

The meeting will be

conducted in tours and
these attending will

have an opportunity to

select the trip they de COONS CAT FISH
sire. Prof. Reid sai'd'he $1.50 39C

was Int er est ed in ,".

several of the tours, I n _
but the time of each' had LYKES PICNICHAMS

I to be considered. I Hog RABBI 1
J. D.
BROOKS .," Rattle Deveauz
your ''? Tours listed are: (1)
cenlalll&Uacer' !
your accoandfttiai hostessHH.ay Bo ard 0 f Tr ode; (-2) ,It.39C 25 c 6ge

K Federal Reserve Bank of Jowls : I
r Chicago; (3) Prudential I"
-- -
Nile Insurance Company; (4) LEAN BRISKET I BllfrI

IsLiliES Internet cal Business :OYSTERS
Machines; (5) Harris

Trost and Savings Bank; STEWwa HRIMP89 '
lUTE'H' (6) Marshall> Field and t.2 JpI.
$ C ,
Coop T; (7) The Chicago fi
le Stafly l c.... Sm-Times Building; (8) \
Federal Bureau of Inves purr

A 0 Designed for the especially' ladies ',." libtwfa tigation. SdwtJ's BACON 990 NeCkBon 2'L STEIN 3CmoIII ,

-HMMT !- 's. ...

to IMK 4 t 5
ML Jones, Shirley; Bo well. SELECT run

I Ciw Sylvia; Brown Charles:

y 1 to Rap Brom, OzrLe;. Grissett. Beef 99Cn I Haslets i9G

Ralph; Graham, Leol a; 3'CRiets

vMst C.ero n, Dan Jr.; Holland Liver .
uouax .
!i tD6Ep !, Sharon; Smith, *. .

I Ii Ir' lisa; Addison Rena Ad- 19C I
b a .
;t dison. Robert; Davis, : SUGAR 59C BACON 99c

WT DttMH ttBHE IT CLWEIMB M 1,' Joan; Bryant Charles; 5 lb.Iit ChiCkenk ,

.Carolyn.Cameron Calvin; Wright, $5.68 triira ire f order s 5 II. ku 3 Ib


.J. ,
:r -- i ir