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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
December 22, 1962
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
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All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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aleph - 000581378
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notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
December 22, 1962
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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T **** * * * rf



.I. -- *. *. *****#*******. ****. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. .*...*..*
# .

I I II I FLORIDA $r/t *: Court 'Enjoins Packing House Strikers

,;I t -v 0,"G o ? VOL 12-HO. 38 SATURDAY DECEMBER 22, 1982 15 CENTS From Violence ; Picketing Continues

**- *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. ..t..uL..u.u..L. .
;JFJFJF.ttt; ; :

r DEAL DtfendoRfs Merchant, 82, Was Gunned DOWB Hearing Set

Reduced In

hiJgg $1 Million Suit In Brutal Robbery Attempt For temporary Dec.restraining: 26A

TALLAHASSEE TWO defendants Following a preliminary hearing Wednes- order was issued Wednesday -

; Ri.OR! in a sweeping day afternoon before justice of the Peace by Circuit Judge

LOCAL YOUTH $1 million damage suit Sarah Bryan, two-28 year old local men were i'' w. Gooding against

i seeking desegregationof bound over to grand jury without bond in striking employes of

theatres restaurantsand Monday's brutal slaying-robbery attemptof Gold Merit racking Co.,

****** Unfolding Of The 'Christmas t other public? facilities an 82-year-old local jeweler. Inc. from molesting and
"ope GivesTo were dropped from According to Detective acts of violence against

:the list,. it"as an- Capt. R. B. Whittington, reportedly died two non-striking employes of

AudienceAfricau r A nouaced Wednesday. signed confessions rehours later from a bul- the company.

King Agreeing In court to lating to the tragic eiet wouna in his head. Judge Gooding's action

serve all customers, the vent have been obtained seen By Witnessesfrom came.after a company

.VATICAN CITY---During Tk manager of the Carousel Roosevelt Hall, 28, Whittington- further attorney filed suit

his first private $ restaurant located in stated that two men who asking the court to en-

audience since he became fu1Wi1 Trailways Bus terminal worked in a furniture Join acts of violence

ill of a stomache and Tami ami To ur s Bus store adjacent to Tit- and picketing at the

ailment on Nov. 27, Co. were dropped from tle's place of business meat packing plant located -

Pope John XXIII received the defendants1 list. ;x. Jieard a shot and saw two on U.S. 1 northof

anAfrican Remaining defendantsare men running from the dgewood Avenue.

= local city officialsand rear door of the jewelry However, the temporary

f King Sun- police officers.The 4ROCSEVELT store. Two hours had restraining order dies

day and suit was filed barely elapsed before not prohibit peaceful

then blessed 1'a several weeks ago when a i- pi de eting. A hearing has
9 i rxt the two witnesses
: a large group of Florida A&M HALLof dentified Hall as one bees set for Dec. 26, at
assembledcrowd rr University students were which time the Union
1036 West Church St. of the fleeing suspectsin
c in .refused service at the and Joseph Montgomery a police lineup. will be asked to show

p [ St.PeterbyPOPE Y Carousel during a sit-in 28, of 836 W. Adams Suspect Picked Up cause why a permanent
aV ef .,...'d mo.nitJ"at Jon. ,At .!h at injection should .not be
JOHN S q u PHASE ONE;, ENDS.,. SECOND BEGINS---Kenneth Geddes (second from the-restaurant's Street. Approximately at the

from a window of his left) is shown being given a fond Bon Voyage by some of his sponsors 'time, that the Quick Arrest same time as Hall's instituted.
r said
manager to John H.
apartment.His who made his acceptance as a student at the famed FatherFlanagan' served Stating that the shooting pick up, police also According
restaurant only Hall, field representative -
Holiness' s Boys' Town in Nebraska possible. Shown from left are: bus -- of 82-year old JohnD. arrested Agustus L.

visitor was King Mwami Mrs. Elizabeth Jasmin, chairman of Shoe Fund, Gamma Rho Omega Negro those passengersnot with out tic Tittle occurred at Roberts, 30, of 826 the United PackingHouse

Mwamutsa, ruler of the Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority; Kenneth, Kenneth's sister, kets. Tittle's Jewelry Store, Houston St. Roberts hada Food and Allied

Kingdom of Burundi Harriett Geddes; Mrs. Marguerite Mitchell, co-chairman, Gamma Rho The students counte ed 528 W. Adams St. at loaded pistol on him Workers which is represented -
local by LocalNo.
whose 2.4 million people Omega's Shoe Fund; Mrs. Ruth Solomon Basileus of Gamma Rho Omega; with the $1 million 1 p.m. during an attempted at that time, and tests y
274, a general
or 57 per cent of its Fred Geddes Sr. Kenneth's father and Mrs. L. Jones. suit against tanagers robbery, Whit- later indicated that
out occurred Nov. 20 at
population are said to (Royal Art Studio Photo) anannuel and Mike Jonas the weapon had not the local packing house
be Roman Catholics.The been fired. Roberts told
of the Carousel, five
nation, which borders There Is A Santa ClausCostiUMiify's Sebring PlansInnovations city commissioners and police he was enroute toa following fruitless sevenmonthsof negotiations "
the Congo, was
on the three policemen pawn shop when arrested -
over a new wage \
formerly part of the Cooperation Mad making the arrests. in the 600 blockof contract.Mr. .
Ruanda-Urundi U.N. St. Roberts will
For Annual Race Lee Hall said wages

_ I trusteeship Belgium.The administeredby Youth's Goal PossibleChristmas NegroesBoycott Plan later face a hearing on paid at Gold Merit are
of carrying a
SEEKING An unprecedented charges
audience 1962 will be perhaps the hap. so much as $1.10 per
concealed -
move during ActionATLANTA weapon police
hour under the regular
between the Pope and piest Christmas in young Kenneth Geddes'life this past few days at said.
jnlon scale paid by
consumed some for several For one thing Flans on a
the King reasons. the F. I. A. annual meeting ". Investigation ContinuesThe other packing houses In.
25 minutes. This was Kenneth will see "White Christmas" for in Paris France, boycott action against JOSEPH :MONTGOMERY intensive police .
followed by the Pope the first time in his life. The most important has opened the way to West End merchants in tington said that Hall investigation continued the Jar: nrefenacted \

again giving audience to thing, however, is the fact that an all new concept in protest of a racial was arrested by patrolmen around the clock with ******

the king retinue for 15 this will be Kenneth's first Christmas at American Road Racing 'bu fer zone' are C. E. Kirksey andH. Hall being picked up at

minutes. The king is "Boys Town" the world famed home for here in Sebring, Florid being initiated by C. Johnson within a 5:10 a.m. Wednesday the crime at

currently on a, 10-na- boys founded by the reknowned Father for the 13th annual groups of Negroes here.A very short time after morning Later in the its scene--Tittle's

tions month-long tour. Flanagan. Yes, Kenneth Geddes of Jackson- running of the Internationally petition seeking to the incident, some four day, the two men re- Jewelry Store.

The Pope gave the kingan ville, a former student of Matthew Gil- famous 12 dissolve the zone between blocks distant from the .

autographed photo- bert High School is now a resident of HOUR GRAND PRIX EN- Negro and white scene.

graph and a book on the "Boys Town," Nebraska. DURANCE RACE scheduledfor residential areas is Tittle was rushed to a 17 Persons Arrested

works of Raphael. A There is a story behind the chances or Kenneth'scompleteing March 23rd, 1963. scheduled for presenta- local hospital where he

said the king Kenneth's getting the high school tion in municipal court.
spokesman opportunity to become a looked dim. Most likelyhe **** In Polk Bolita Raid
would send the. Pope a
so hard to give this boy:
Africa. resident of the world would have to get a-
gift later from His an opportunity, sat down 6 Men IndictedFor WINTER HAVEN police
famed city of boys. job and help support hisy sale of tax paid whiskeyand
of to await the decision of officers fran five
Thrower application was one brothers and also the sale 0 f
Potash 3000 which were seat in si st erSt the school's officials. agencies arrested 17 of tax paid whiskey in a

S Sentenced seeking to fill the 900 Mrs. Jasmine had heard There was much joy when Mass Rape this county's largest dry county.
it was learned that the Negro bolita and bootleg
vacancies Each year as of Boys Town and wrote ..
5 YEAR FRISON TERM -- boys complete their application of Kenneth The Duval County grand ..............*.. whiskey operators during TulaneAdmits IK
Scott SO, of 708 the school seeking in- Gettis was one of the
Evelyn in session conducted
; jury, meeting swooping
training and move on, Haywood, 39, of 2068 Negroes
Lafayette Street was new boys are accepted.Now formation. Father Wagoner 900 accepted but there Friday, Dec. 14. indicted Baldwin St. ; and Sin last Saturday night and
of the sdiool instructed was still rork to be NEW ORLEANS---In
five men: for the aid morning. a
for Kenneth Get t1 p/ clair Johnson 20, of Sunday
i story.A ner what pro- done. The community arose rape of a woman in I't.; 623 Dewdrop Lane.Investigators Reports state that precedent setting move
cedures to follow in to the occasion. Werman Park on the night than for private colleges
of stated lawmen seized more
couple years ago order to place a application Members of the Eastside o f Sept. 14. Tulane University,
Elizabeth Jasmine that the victim and a $1.900 in what was
Mrs. for Kenneth. sector provided trans- Circuit Judge John M. voluntarily desegregated -
employ- termed bolita money ands
of the Duval County companion er
Wheels in the communitybean :: portation; members of McNatt ordered the defendants here last week
School visiting teacher seated in awelllighted me ISO-bottles of tax
to turn. Mrs.'' Lula Gamma Rho: Omega Chapter held without er--was after 2 federal court
whiskey, plus moon-
staff had a referral picnic area
Allen one of the city'svisiting of Alpha Kappa AlphaSorority bail. No dates have beat refused to order the
card on Kenneth. When between Sixth end Eighth shine and homebrew Hasp
with the provided
nurses set for pending proceed
she visited the Gettis help of Duval Medical clothing and shoes ings. Sts. in Mt. Herman Park Rogers, chief of the admission of two Negro

home, she found that Center tooi pare or the There were tears when Named in the rape in- shun the five defendants Winter Haven detective coeds.

their Bother had recently required physical exaas, Kenneth departed via dictment were Richard approached the diners squad and raid leader Slated to become the
passed and left and the latter of thyboy's and dragged the woman said Sunday. university first known
I Trailways Bus for Boys- WIl1i ans, 17, of 1025 W.
the father Fred medical history. dark Rogers headed the raid Negro students are Miss
MISS EVELYN slIm Gettis tom bit they were tears Fourth St. ; Charles off into a area
sentenced by Criminal Sr., with 15 children to Mrs. Susie Simpson and of joy. Joyous tears Bradley Jr., n, of 1644 with each allegedly: which included officer Barbara Marie Guillory
serve as* mother and IIr. Arthur King of the her while she free! Winter Haven, Bar- and Mrs. Pearlie Hardln.
Court Judge Gillian T. that were shed because Johnson St. ; John Cape- raping
father to. 'There were State Department of Public tow, and Polk County Elloie both of whoa
after Criminal being held by one of
:: Harvey a lemeth Gettis, just an hart 19, of 3321 Ar- was
Welfare did the Sheriff's office plus will be admitted to the
children at home.
ten the others.
Court Jury found work requiredin average student, but a disia Road; Theodore H.
of throwing pot- other were staying with necessary officers from the fburth institution's graduate
guilty preparing a social boy who wanted a chance Negro SlatedNASSAU For UN Post ?
ash in the face, of John relatives. Mrs. Jasminewas history of Kenneth and to oe somebody was get- District's Constable'so school.

Newton Hall 53, who impressed by the his family. Letters of ting that chance. Bahamas Pre Jon an than B. Binghaais ffi: e and State The move reaffirmed

': also lives at 708 Lafayette boy&nher first visit. recomendation had to be The Kenneth Gettis sident Kennedy is said expected to be moved Beverage agents.The the administrators de-

\; St. Hall was He was an average stu- obtained from the Juvenile story proves to us how to be giving serious later this month to the Saturday night raids cisim of April 12. 1961

:blinded in one eye by dent in school, but he Court, the school this Catholic institution consideration toward reassigning UN Economic and Social which hit four places of in which it was stated

the potash. was endowed with a large and persons in the com helps boys of all Carl Rowan, Council. business, resulted in the university wou'Jc1admit

*********** and sturdy body f or his munity. Rev. Dallas ages races or creed if deputy assistant secretary Rowan, a Negro and the arrest of 15 men. qualified students A

age and above all a Graham was song those they prove worthY. The of state on public former top-ranked journalist Rogers said the average without regard to race

Good fortune burning desire to "be giving recomendationp Star is asking its read- affairs to the post of would be elevated b end on liquor chargerwas or color. :

somebody" He wanted to the appeal U.S. delegate to the to the post of aa- set at $500. Joseph II. Jones president -
finally all of the preliminaries ers to answer
I! attend you all play professional foot were COB of Boys Town so that tm.ted Nations Trusteeship bassador and would be a Arrested at 11:30 a... of the administrators -

the days ahead. ball. At 15 years 0 f age pleted and the anxious other Kenneth Gettises Council. leading U.S. spokesman Sunday were two men who of the Tulane Educational -
and in the 8th were charged with th.
grade oersons ibo were working Day: be helped. The present delegate on problem* Fund announced


,.",.4" r "....._,, :,..... ,.- ... ---..-,..< ... ." J .".A-'. "' .J'-L_. I ... ... .f -" ./. "..L>' ...__........ ." .,N. r ... ....__......__.i-.." .-._ J._", _' ....________..... .., .... .. .. ....," J- .." ..-..... .... ..T _,' _'

._'.-,.. ,


I. .
2 ;
'- ,
i ;. : : ;
< ; \ :; ", ,
NEWS /' .
'/J'I\ .,," '.. ,.:i .<.... ,., .. .,'''.- ;' 1J'I i. .:: :
J, ; # <:J. _. ," i
Published by the Florida Star publishing co."ember ,tt-. > 3..t .. i.1J -_ < f? >. I i
: :} ): :' .
of Associated Negro press" ; '
: '<_." ,; 'f: :,. :
., ; r <; Y: Li. ;:, ;
ERIC 0. SIMPSON.._.......Managing Editor : : ; :I4k

HYSON I mi.,.............Jlews Efltoi- ? .
'. '." ..
HILDA WOOTEN.._..__.Circulte MaiagaMAIN \'0
"': .f

OFFICE & PLANT: ... ThQ'Hiug

2323 Hpncrief Road........Phone Elgin 4.6182 EL 4-783 '. '$. ;" >,; ,

twang Address: .: :i; '_.;-:'.:. ,

P. 0. Box 561, lacbonih 1, Florida >, i
___ __ __ : ; f

SUBSCRIPTION RATES \. ..... .....> :.,., I,.,-.!c'.. e, .'v _;.: I I
MJ :t: : i

'.. One Year $6.00 Half Year $4.00 i ti
Hailed to you Anywhere In the united States )
Subscription payable in Advance
Send Check or Money order to: I
OW when Jesus was born in Bethlehemof

FLORIDA Jacksonville STAR P.1.0.Florida BOX 561 Judea in the days of Herod the king,

behold, there came wise men from the

Your Weekly Lk:5/: : :) east to J Jerusalem,

Saying, Where is he that is born Kingof

the Jews? for we have seen his star in the east,

and are come to worship him.
Horoscope Guide .
When Herod the king had heard these things, .. '

he was troubled, and all Jerusalem with him. T'", ,

BJ PABLO, The ASTROLOGERWHICH And when he had gathered all the chief priests ..

ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS and scribes of the people together he demanded of ,_ :

FOR BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL them where Christ should be born. t

A R KS 2-40-99-17-62-249 { And they said unto him, In Bethlehem of Judea: 'I"

Born March April 20th 21st thru LIBRA : ;, 1 :: .for thus ,it is written by the prophet,

Born Sept. 24th thru QiI/.jfIS
The spirit of Christmas Oct. 23rd
blesses the entire year
Venus has much in com- ;
ot Ari ans, for they
carry sunlight in their mon with the Christmas \ \'/ ( I 1 I j I f I ;
hearts. Star, as we could well
People do well
at any Christmas festivity guess by its title
to 'star of Love.' Li- e'
permit Aries to
plan the entertainment brl ans, then, can tell .. .... .;. .j,; l: ,J
us a great deal about .
bringing everything under J \) 'I '
one "head.! Thus*, the spirit of Christmas And thou Bethlehem, in the land of Juda, are 1; ;a .ir: ,,,
fo r no doubt they not ,r.. .,,.c;..!.f
Arians have a seeingeye the least the of for of '/ t
only express this spirit not among princess Juda: out .
; they are bold and :
but they have studied thee shall Governor that shall rule
fearless about going ahead come a my peo- ,
widely and deeply.
Israel. J -
5-20-68-15-89-538: 669H1951619.SCORPIO : ,
TAURUSBorn Then Herod, when he had privily called the s 1 yw ,

April May 21st 21st thru Born Nov.Oct. 24th 22nd thru \I. wise men inquired of them diligently what time I o (( ,t1., %,,

the r
Taurus takes time to Scorpio people love to star appeared. ':

count the cost and mea- give. They would rather And he sent them to Bethlehem and said Go '. ,. % '
sure both supply and de- give any day than to receive .
mad so that there is no Christmas., parti They ciiarly have the at and search diligently for the young child; and when (\ % \

final shortage reckoning.at the time Perhaps of ready smile and twinkling ye have found him, bring me word again, that I 1 /

this alone is the principal eye. We want to may come and worship him also.
hold Scorpios and make I
contribution of them tell us all thatwe When had heard the ( a'
they king they departed /
Taurems to the general krow they know, for : ;.. ., ,,
Christmas festivities. .these silent and fascI- and* lo, the star, which they saw in the east, went' ::!: J Y .3 (' '

7-80-22-13-54-782 GEMINI nating very aware people of everythingl are so .: before them, till it came and stood over where the iI" .. ;.. Iy i av ,

Born May 22nd thru young child was. 1 vE1
June 21st ---- -
Ginians are as flirtatious SAGITTARIUSBorn When they saw the star, they rejoiced with ex- _
Nov. 23rd thru f
as a candle in ceeding great joy.
Dec. 21st
the breeze,
feat may blow which away and we Sagittarius never And when they were come into the house, they

out but never does. In ceases to think of the saw the young child with Mary his mother, and fell
fact, it takes quite a meaning of Christmas and
down and him and when had &
worshipped : they
little effort to put the truth it symbolizes.The /

these candles out for ideal of the Christ opened their treasures, they presented unto him ,, '
theirdesire and /
is his
glow teachings mean
and give forth light, much to him. He soars gifts; gold and frankincense, and myrrh. //J JM

the flame of life. away In thought, on one
350551373351CANCER of these mental long

distance travels. .
Born June 22nd thru 9-70-66-13-87-976 .'" '. # .. .,,._ 'I.. c I ._ '
July 23rd CAPRICORNBorn : ., : -- ,. : -

No Christmas gathering Dec. 22nd thru -
could be complete without Jan. 20th
the sliver light
Capri com never forgets
given to us by people
anything and
born in the sign of accom-
pli dies everything with
Cancer. Cancer I ans are
such ease. What would
artistic types. They
know that the crowning take one of the other
,event at Christmas is sigis ages to do, Capricorn -
.the feast of the day does quickly and
the Christmas dinner. perfectly. .
420331681423LEO 54033155354.. _l"'t_""


Born .Tan. 21st
Born July 24th thru Feb. 19th '.
Aug. 23rd .
We know that because
Leos want to dramatize Awarians
are classed
themselves, and they belonging to the sign of as r
want to help you express -friendship, these people vhtma MeML1m2

yourself.which movie They actress know or who act as keep friendly a spirit powers of Jotj iilft \ ,

actor you resemble and good will in groups. We BROADHAX SERVICE STATION
can spot the
can picture you doing Aquarian -\
by his carefree manner 1 ,
great things in this
and ..
world. Leos, themselves, attractive ap- .
do great :tings. They Peace <
like to see everything 8-80-55-18-86-851 GREASING-STORAGE BATTERY SERVICE
undertaken in a big way. PISCES .. S on earth and : g c.j

-77-14-48-8 U Born Feb. 20th thru good will \ ) 816_I. Stall Street Pioie, EL 4.916Season's
March 20th / +
t,5: to men of
V IRGO are the artist 1 Greetings

Born Aug. 24th thru a f the zodiac. PI sceans all faiths. .. _
-- --0
Sept. 23rd at any gathering bring

Virgo sees all of the with then all that the a4 ; iTME CORNER DRUG STORE
Christmas cards on the sigi mesas in spirituality qs 1
I table. She crates the music and true aes- : May all the joys
lovely pictures thereon thetic values. These of Christmastime be
especially the sacred people are popular with
PHONE PO 8-3497
cards, the Madonna and all. Good news. breaks ': L1962 yours this holiday. ..
Child. Her heart resPonds out'in manr fields of : PRESCRIPTIONS! A SPECIALTY
your life.
to the spirit of ": It
''; .r, :{ The Best (Is None Too Good For The Sick
i these symbolical cards. 3-30-22-16-34-236 FAMILY Jo :: 808 West Asfclej Street '
.. "
: v ,
vw .j ., :'


.. ,.;,: .. ..-' :'> ..' .: .: ,
... '
Li :.. '; ;;:'" .-- .. ..a.PAGE .

--"--" '-'T,=q; '". _' -

I i'I\. l. I

, :- Grads Receive Gold Bars Music Directors Jax Couple Exch.iige Vows

FeaturedIn : .
r ; IIII; !-I : :

---- --- -=-=-. : Hat3! ArticleDR. t

I k



Mrs... Margaret Sutton was hostess when Les Trieze r y. a t' directors can plan their
Amies Bridge Club met recently In her test own halftime pageants is
Twelfth Street home. 1r told by Dr. William P. e R r ,
Foster, director of
Mrs. H. Lucille Harper, Mrs. Eleanor Gay and y
music and bands at c
Mrs. Lucille Clark were guest players. Mrs. Clarkwas :
the happy recipient of the guest prize. N 1E Florida Ail University, 4
in the October 1962, -
Outstanding in the club division were Mrs. R. t
edition of Conn Chordmagazine.
Carolyn Miller, Mrs. Ruth Bon tier, Mrs. Lillian t .! .
Singleton, and Miss Ruth M. Bro ane.
The bandsshows and '
Miss Gwendolyn Schell, Mrs. Winona Britt, Mrs. :
pageants presented by r..
Doris Jones, Mrs. Florence Wilson, Miss Coatsie '>i 4\
/ Dr. Foster aid his staff ,e 'i
JonesMrs. Vanorian Schell, and Mrs. Vivian ti .yF ; wen
; : it
:1r for the 132-piece Marching -
Satterwhite make up the remainder of the Les ;; "100" have brought t

Trieze Amies membership roster. "t r. considerable attention iP+

f' to the University. The .,
S..t.ttt.tttttttt..t.ttWishes \ has been invitedto i
"t group 6 ;
participate in f
, for a speedy recovery are extended to Misses Marilyn Wilderleft center, Ooldsboro, N. C. and Gloria Peacock several sports spec F- 4 1

!/ Miss Areatha Johnson of 1255 Hart Street, who is- Bendon, N. C. both senior students in the A. and T. College School of t acl a s.

. recuperating in Brewster Hospital following Nursing, were last week commissioned as second lieutenants in the U. S. The how-to-do-it-- PRE-HOLIDAY CELEBRANTS---During an Impressive

surgery. Army Nurse Corps. At left is Mrs. Naomi vrjun, dean of the school, and ti cl e is presented in early evening cereoony Saturday Dec. 15, attended -

Miss Johnson is cafeteria manager at New Stan- at right is Major Doris Calcagni, U. S. Army Nurse Corps; Fort Mcpherson seven steps .and illustrated ; by members of the immediate families. and._ _

ton Senior High School. Ga. who conducted the oath cerenony.liptist steps begin with photos.with the The friends, Miss Emma Jean Henry, the daughter of I I

..........t..t..ta..tt..ttit FAHU initial planning and the late Rev. Charles L. Henry and Mrs. MattieD. I i
E.I..I Assn. Slabs DesignatedAs move through the final Henry became the bride of James Edward Riley, ,C I

stages. the son of Mrs. Rosa Lee Wynn of 814 W. 2nd St. !

Mrs. Dorothy Oliver was guest player when Gems D.c. 26-30 Joint Confab Hire Testing Center Elder W. L. Cochran, pastor of Primitive Baptist I
Shares SpotlightIMPACT
at 5764
Bridge Club met last Friday Church, officiating. The ceremony took place in !

i Cleveland Road. The Ministers and Deacons Union and the Women TALLAHASSEE Florida the home of the bride's mother at 5542 Verbenia f

Mrs. Lois Avery, Mrs. Myrtis Thus, Mrs. Catherine Missionary Society Auxiliaries to the Emanuel AfcV! University has been Road. (Photo .by Royal Art Studio) 1
Jackson, and Mrs. Marie McClain were recipients 'designated as a testing
Progressive Baptist ssociation. Rev. J. W. John- '
of club prizes. son, moderator, will convene with Mt. Bethel center for the 1963 nationwide -IAe !

Others participating in the meeting includedMrs. Baptist Church, Rev. S. A. Thomas, pastor, December administrationof

Alvenia Scriven, Mrs. Kathyrn Robinson, 26-30. the National Teacher !

Mrs. Lillian Davis, Mrs. Sylvester Bossard, Mrs. The opening program New Hope: Marietta. Examinations which will
be given on February 16,
Marian Walker and Mrs. Geneva Wheeler.t..ttt.tt..tttttta.tttatttt. will be presented at Sunday School will If IfIi
announced Dr. A.A. Abraham i
7 Devotions will be
p.m. begin Sunday at 9:30
director of the
The opening program a.m. with the local'superintendent
test service bureau. f
i will be presented at in r

An interesting social event of the past week 7 p.m. Dveotions will charge. He will be assisted College to seniors'teach preparing and ''IJI'I i

was the miscellaneous shower given for Miss Annie be led by Deacons Robert by the District .
teachers.applying for i. i
Pearl Smith by members of the Edward Waters Col- Newman and James Byrd. superintendent.The positions in school OF AN EXroJT Mr. and Mrs. Windell Mr. and Mrs. Thomas

lege library staff. Mrs. Guy Craft, Mrs. Mable General enrollmentwill 11 a.m. worship systems which encourage IDN" -- Ruby Dee Boswell; 7204 Rhode Cook; 715 W. 4th St. ;

and Mrs. Elizabeth Redding were co-hostesses also be in order. hour will be opened or require applicants to shares the dramatic Island Dr. ; Boy. Girl.

for the affair. The program will be with congregational submit their scores on spotlight with Ralph Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Mr. and Mrs. James

Miss Smith, daughter of Mr. Charles Smith, Sr. conducted by the host singing. The sermon the Nati mal Teacher B ell any and Peggy Ann Scott; :3322 Oomonwealth Howell; 1231 Evergreen

I. will become the bride cf Ernest Lee Griffin in church, with Rev. D. J. will be preached by Examinations along with Garner in Impact of an Averue; Boy. Avenue; Boy.

the very near future. Jones responding to the Rev. W. M. Smith or his their other credentialsare Execution" on ALCOA Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Mr. and Mrs. Phillip.

Traditional shower decorations, including miniature program. The sermon will appointee. united and eligible to take the. PREMIERE presented by Hall; Z:21 Lantana Ave. ; Pearson; 2302 San Diego

umbrellas as souvenirs for guests, adorneda be preached by Rev. G.L. Union Choirs will fur- tests. Fred Astaire Thursday, Boy. Rd. ; Boy. I

heavily laden gift table. The green and white Boyd. Rev. Clayton Set- nish the music.At The designation of J emery 3, 1963 from 10- Mr. and Mrs. Henry Sm'r.' and Mrs. Johnny

color scheme was carried out in the refresh- tles is the alternate.The 2 p.m. the laymen Florida ASM as a testing 11 FM NYT over ABCTV.In mons; M 17 W. 31st St.; Rhodes; 6930 Virginia

ments. choirs of summer- will be in charge. center for these examinations the ALCOA draaa Miss Girl. Avenue; Girl.

Misses Doris Mizelle and Delores Coppock pouredtea ville and Mt. Salem will Deacon Robert Newman, will give prospective Dee plays a woman who Mr. and Mrs. \Willie. Mr. and Mrs. James

I and Misses Eleanor Brantley and Marsha furnish music. Mrs. president.At teachers in this must make a life-and- Smith; Rt. 8 Box 458A; Brow.; 7715 W. 45th St. ;

4 supervised games. Deloris Bright will 2:45 p. m. the YoungPeople' area an opportunity to death decision Involving Girl. Boy

I The bride-elect, who had the distinction of serve as soloist. s Hours will compare their performance her young son. .'l, ...,.;...,. ,., ..,.l' ]t""oy.1 ,
: :!<' "
>: !
reigning as' "Miss Homecoming. of-'ld62-63," Thursday at 7 p.m. the begin with Mrs. S. on the examina- .3 .. ,. .S :- f

I greeted many of her classmates during the evening women will be in chargeof Jones and Mrs. M. tions with candiates ; j., .

the service. Devo- Holloman, presiding.A throughout the countrywho ,."..4.,_. ,,
........ **.. .. ......-.-.-.-.-..--.-.-._....... tions will be led by panel discussionwill take the tests in > .;' :.:t :n':
I .
Mrs. Olivia King and be held during the the nationwide ministrations .
: <
Wtdding ItllsApplications ..
Christmas j jA Mrs. Mabel Walker. The session with Mrs. Joan Dr. Abraham 3M
i ForMaT topic for discussion Barney serving as nar- said.At -f p

t'i. ".t.es License:S will be "The Churchs' rator. the one-day testing
role in the present day session a candidate may If
Crises. The sermon Fla. A & M Professor take the Common Examina- il"
Ernest L. Woo dard, 672S.
Lincoln Ct. 21 and will be preached by Receives Invitation tions, which incluie -k x Jtlf
Edra U. Collins, 5638 Rev. J. W. Jenkins, alternate tests in Professional t

Mimosa Circle West. :23.; will be Rev. E. To Join Seminar Information, General
i Clarence Johnson, 2117A L.Norman. The choirs of. Culture, English Expression .. I

Mars Court, 35 and AnnaM. Philadelphia and Mt. Ill. Dr. and Nonverbal
Bethel will furnish the Reasoning. In addition, p/
Carn es, 1108 W. 23rd Ame Richardson Gayles, ...
St. 38. music. Enrollment, collection each candidate may take
professor of educationat
Chas. L. Gomez, 1263 W. remarks, announcements Florida A&M Uni- one or tw of the thirteen Her :mother or her sister?

4th St. 25 and ShirleyA. will followin Optional Examina-
versity, has
been extended -
Hendr1 ks, 1273 W. order. an invitation by tions which are designedto

A 4th r St., 18.Ben Friday at 7 p.m. Dea- the progran: chairman'to demonstrate masteryof Whether you want the excitement: of a different
Harris, 3033 W. cons Frank Smith, W. participate, ii the 1963 subject matter in the hair shade, or want to give new life to dull or
45th St. 25 and Josephine Shepherd and W. M. Walker Amual student Teaching fields in which he may gray hair insist on the long-lasting haircolorin Ii
teach. Best wishes to the famous red package-Godefroy'a
be assigned to
McCarthy' 1207 will conduct devo-
Conference to be held
Laneuse. It's easy to apply, and complete in
C2JT9620 J effer s. o, 24. tions.The inspirational here Feb. 14-16 1963, Greetings and you in all ways one package---there's nothing else to buy.

SILVER STAR Luther Williams 219 N. address will be givenby in the Conrad Hilton Best wishesTo the

DRIVE IN LIQUORS Myrtle Ave. 27 and Mrs. Mabel Calhoun. Hotel. Our Many during year. YP < 9r 18LOVCLYCOLORS
9 ( i
We're always I Odessa Palmer, 219 N. The educational sermon She has been asked to Friends and Customers Reyno Pharmacy LARIEUSE1 Jl.z!) yf I
Myrtle Ave. 26. will be preached by work with Dr. G. V. ..rOod
j FLORIDA STAR 525 DAVIS ST. EL 6-7671 .frey Mfg,Company.391O Olive St..Ct.LouI.MO.44"long ,
to Willie Williams 4231
serve Rev. E. L. Wilcox, alternate Erickson of Montana

customers. Lockhart Dr. 36 and Rev. B. L. State College in a discussion I&< .... .I.a. "._a._._.A _._. _. _
our Daisy M. Heat.h 4231 Gordon. The choirs and group concernedwith L retwrasmresCTHaa

5668 AVE. B Lockhart Dr., 40. ushers of Bethany and current practicesin

_. student teaching jls$ In; liittji

At home,at fountains, everywhere- ,'. evaluation and how they n
can be improved.In .
I '
Ml this connection dr. full

$ I Gayles has ,requested

.,' from 100 colleges their

procedures for student -
I Pe.S1 >< teaching evaluation. t7 .
i t
"- DESK : Li

R now if Pepsi. 1962 ? _

for those who think young r fm\taefpeiftte .-i ?.' In a choice of 4 4 ;y.,; r

tempo. More activities-more time to enjoy them. This is the life lor Pepsi rlirht Decorator Styles i

bracing, clean-tasting Pepsi. In stores, at fountains, say-"Pepsi, please t.. ,!h J Never before a versatile 1 9 ".

) : : desk with so uses. ._ MODERN C
op, ;; t '
; \. ,' Use as a desk, record cabinet Choice otwalnut.z&ahogaay ,

b : ': divider television table' room '1' oak with matching or lined I I

1"L bookcase or a bleu hard war.. tx... I
., phonograph table.Created .
1i: ... : '. ... ,. craftsmanship rfi ti = --
: .. 4" ''"r;-:" tivelv styled tor any decor. _
: :
,lit i,.. "" ." .... i ,.... Ideal for motels, hotels or ,
>; 1 i; : ., .''5f' home. All 44' long and .. -
... :
-. ..'. -t' "' 291& high. Easy to assemble I
4 .
:. 1'i' -
1 I ..terrific value. I I

'-. '! .. .1 I
r .: r Y ...J.i'h' P. 4-:::... Sales Maple flnlih. i
.' :''" i B'with Gold or I 1 CHINESE MODERN Antique :Brass Bard- ,
J ''' '-. .: ; Soft Cherry. Brass Black with Gold Trio. wren
!. II i
I '.\ > hardware.SKC1A1 A&iiqa Bray Hard-
;. ware.
tl;: .. ): i
: :' : Iatped I.d $
l i $12 88
; r { '" ::.---:.
4\ee We take this'opportunity to ....::. ,. -. I MO H.YrNtw. I
I jI!
'. _.... C1.OIM.hr.,IrbM..w
to "1-- -- ..... ...............4
.....It i,...........
I thank all. i ..... '- ......... .. ...... S
you +.wr..nio... -.....

I I I /. SPEARS niHTIIE Cl. i BectrI'HAl' I! D.--n. == E PHONE El 5-7571 MAIN & ADAMS !

J 21 BROAD ST. EL 5-4141 fcHW* 5W K#

-.&-I"-, .-..,;--- -.-k.-- --- --- ----:-..__ .- 01 ... -"r --'-, ____ .._ _h --- -.-..L.ri .. .'- -......... ,. ... ... _.". ______..____---:::":.--:::: "'::.':.-_-_-""-" _#-. .. ""' _' ,- .->-' "._ '

"' '''- '

>. ... )l n. 11,


PAGE 4 -,. __ _.____ ,

Woodlawn United tfa

D i let ion ,
Presbyterian Church J" r a. I
I v.* ,-.- r"

BY L.N. FEARfflN. m. :r:;:.
NEWS .- ,' ,
By Rei. J. eddick
The Woodland United ; ...7
.. &
.", ,
Presbyterian Chu rch- s '

School will present its
amual Chri sblas program h iciri
Choir 1 of Mt. Zion Baptist Church, southside, s>
Dec. 23 in the George THE QUEST OF WISE MEN
will meet Friday night at 8 p.m. for rehearsal.
Washington Carver Elementary -
American Legion Post 244 will hold its property
School 2854 W. Scriptural Reference: Where is he that Is born
mortgage burning ceremony Sunday at 3 p.m. at i
45th Street beginningat King of the Jews? for we have seen his star in
the church. The pastor Rev. Eddie Taylor and
7 p.m. with. T. V. the East, and are come to worship him. '
officers held the regular monthly conference Huger, superintendent in
(MATTHEW 2 : 2)
meeting last Monday night at 8 p.m. charge. The program is : _

being sponsored by the r- -

Church School. A play History is a testimony to the reality of God. God's purpose has been clearly .

will be presented. The indicated in his world through the efforts of those who used Him in crises.He ,

The annual Christmas program at Sweetfield Bap- play was written and has revealed himself to man in every stage of man's understanding, givingto
tist Church will be held Sunday at 7:30 p.m.withMrs. will be directed by
man new perspectives in regard to man's true purpose of existence. The t.

Annie Bennett in charge. Final rehearsalswere T.B. Margrave, Jr., executive prophets dreamed of a Messiah. They sensed the need of such help from God

held Monday and Thursday evenings. A popu- secretary of the and God opened to them the door of understanding that they were able to beginto

larity contest between Rev. D.B. Barnes, pastorof J IDes Weldon Johnson
communicate a prediction which unfolded in the birth of Jesus Christ when
Sweetfield Baptist Church and Rev. W. S. Bnnch YMCA. A special
"the fullness of time" came.

Young, pastor of Tabernacle Baptist Church is invitation is extendedto Sometime after the birth of Christ, wise men came to Jerusalem in search of

now in progress.The surrounding areas, Him who was born King. I think that the world must recognize at least three
visitors and friends.
characteristics of wisdom clearly expressed in their quest: I
Friday, Dec. 21, the
United and Westminster 1. The Quest For Truth SHINE IN CHRISTMAS CO\CEar---Howard: T. Pearsall,

choirs There were those; including Herod the King, who had prejudiced the whole center, director of the A. and T. College Choir,
annual Christmas will be featured will rehearse at
jrogram matter in favor of their selfish desires, wants and wishes: To this group, over the with chief sdoists
goes scpre of the
of two plays entitled "All 8 p. m. in the Hut to
with the presentation
the star was only a strange object in the sky which stirred up people. They choir group "who, last week thrilled an audience
for the Spirit of Christmas," and "'bo Stole serve for the 11 a.m.
drew their own conclusions which were in harmony with their wishes rather with its annual Christmas Carol Service.
the Christ from Christmas,' Sunday at 6 p.m. Worship-service Dec. than search for truth. But wise men, not only of that age but all ages, want
in St. Thomas Baptist Church. Recitations aid 23.: Sunday Dec. 23 the Season's Greftings
to know the truth behind occurrences. Only those who are foolish brush aside
Church School will beginat :
sucb important matters and move on as though that erases reality. Whether or P. MENDEZ
Church. Recitati ms and 10 o'clock with T. V. ;
in St. Thmas Baptist not we know it, truth does not change the nature of reality. Wise men search Cuban TailorMasonic
will be rendered the children Huger, superintendent in
Christmas songs by for truth. I saw a lady sometime ago who used a 'suck bottle" to quell her Phone! EL 5'6168 ..
of the church under the direction of Mrs. M. L. baby who was broken out with sores rather than going immediately to the cause. Temple JOB Broad Street ,
The public is invited. Morning worship .
Johnson and her committee. service will begin at Many of us today, like Herod, in the face of reality, use the "suck bottle"

remedy, which does not answer the true need. Wise men are not contented with
10: 55 with Er! s. Ru dyn e
temporary relief. The religious song expressed more wisdom than we would PaitC j
Watson playing the
pre- ct birna$ f
lude. Rev. F.D. Wilson, ordinarily think: 'My soul just wouldn't be contented until I and the :
Church will present its annual -
West Union Baptist
pastor will deliver the Lord. This was the Truth about the Star.
at 4 in the
Christmas program Sunday p.m. 2. The Quest Was to All Available Sources
s e rm n.
education building. The junior choir will meet I will give my best; to I once heard a very fine old genbieman: say that when he was "seeking religion '. : ;:
Saturday at 3:30 p.ia. for its annual election of .
the aster today. he was so eager to experience salvation until he was thoroughly < k c ..
r ; .i
officers. The Ministers and Deacons Union will willing for sinners, saints, people of every age and kind to pray for him. He (l ':t

meet Dec. 27 through the 30th in the church. First did not stop there. He further said1 would have accepted the prayer of a :/ .
Biptist : 'i
dog." He was of all people serious about being helped. Many of us today are /,rvcr9

A..O.ICISActivities so liberal about our acceptance of truth. To some, it must be brought to us : .

from certain sources before we accept it. God can use any and all of his [
Church will present its
Tabernacle Baptist creation to communicate truth. Jesus even points out a snake as possessingthat
at 7 in the church '
Christmas Cantata Sunday p.m.
which we need. (Matthew 10:16) v

auditorium, with Mrs. H. M. Lawrence in charge.The 3. The Quest Was Goal Centered
By Eosa L. Coffie
general public is invited. Teachers meeting Many of us today have also lost the star in many areas of life. We have lost

will be held Saturday at 6 p.m.L Choirs of First Baptist the Star of guidance. We are traveling but, to put it IL Ham Boone's words,

Church will 1025 Jessi St., "Are we gwi'n sum wh' ? We, in too many instances, are not going any"here.When ", : D ;: $;

present a Song Ser- we don't know where we are going, certainly it is no where. If there is
vice centered aromd the
anything that proves we are in harmony with the Star is purpose. God has rxx
Bethlehem Church will present its Birth 0 f Christ Sun day <
Baptist pre- I
nothing without purpose. People know that they are saved by their purposeful .
at 3 following during evening rmip ,
Christmas program Sunday p.m. living. We may have money, social status, education and still miss the real \
distributed. Final Christmas hair at 7:30: o'clock in
will be
which gifts : #
significance of the Star. Does my celebration of Christmas have purpose? .::: '. '
be held at 2:30 the church auditorium.
p.m. We have lost the Star of love. Many of our Christmas gifts are the resultsof ..
Anderson is host Sunday services begin 'i.
The public is invited. Rev. A. expediency and not love. Jesus is the gift of God's love. (John 3:16) It is
with Sunday School at
pastor. for us to find salvation without the Star of Love. If_we are nQf; guided by
P:'3G a. m. with Teacon G. '
"' love of God in hearts, need to stop in 'Jerusalemt-'and inquire for the
t t; \ our we
: :
: J
;: -:.; :,' :i!! : .?., W. Ccott. !superintendent lost Star.Christmas.

-:. <..':.': ,. v ; :'.t ,: rh' >I'Y aid charge.departmental The officerin lesson is Jesus' birthday. Let us treat Jesus to that which is our best. I I

<< .1 't <,.': 0. will Treat Him as you treat others whose birthdays you celebrate. Give your best to
topic ber.od
', ,: ,
r.J.7. ." ''::7. .. Him who saves you. Keep your eyes on the Star. Worship in gift of yourself,
.. Y .... "j Cones! to Us.'At n .
possess m, and telling the story.
k-- 4, ,.'" 10:55 a-jn. devotional -

: k '. services will Outstanding Soldier Season Greetings

be led by the deacons. ObituariesJames }May the peace of Christmas fill .

Rev C. B." Dailey. pastor Award Given FAMUan
F. Flowers, 655Him heart and anil your loved
will be in harge St. Tallahassee your

of services. The Adult Mrs. ?attie J. Drayton. SENECA ARMY DFFCT FD- s ones know a time of great wonder. I

Choir will render music 108 West 22nd Street. HULUS. N.Y. -- P FC

with Mrs. Wilhelmina J ames J.. Henson, 611 Vbodrow C. Hughes a 1961

C n I'clntosh at the console. Madison: Street. graduate of Florida A&M 1962 II f

\ BTU will start at 5:45 Frank Hooks, 319 East university, was named
Ashley Street soldier for .w I II
p.m. with r.K. Tillman, I & -
president presiding.The "rs. Emma Gaines 1903: the month of November \ : II

here.In I
Illinois Street.
Brotherhood Chorus To Our Many Friends
will .rehearse)Monday. Lucious Davis, 1165 West obtaining this recognition E. D. JACKSON II I

night at 8 o'clock. Union Street. chosen ,in he his was own first company ATTORNEY I DR. aid l4 is. G.B. Mclntosk, and Daughter

Prayer service begin at Robert Brown, 36C9 Ar- and then AT LAIC __

; 7 p.m. on Tuesday night. disia Road. before a Board appeared of NonCommissioned
< t
1962 Bible study starts at George C. Brown 2624 / + i
,, Officers .
I' # ,
?: Southern Avenue. "' t
;-.\ 7 p. m. Wednesday\! with which ':
scored candidates
'c It's Christmasand the pastor serving as Mrs. Emma Ford, 1266 W. .on appearance military f

< a joyful time. Let's instructor.Scouts are urged All Boy to Mrs.2)th Street.Clementine Denson bearing know-ledge attitude of duties, e': je tI# ; ,

celebrate and give ,thanks, meet with Scout mister I 1813 Broadway, Street.; ". ..a... i

n for-our abundent blessings. Jonathan Forshee. Thurs-' INDEPENDENT OIL CO. : 'lnl; ..!,
day at 6:30 p.m. in the '
boil din
t. I.

liE JOSEPH proprietor !

Drugs Sundries Cosmetics State and Jefferson StreetsEL 6-9432 !
********** -

530 BROAD STREET Phone EL 4-2159 ,4'/\/

., -. ; -- r
; .w f y fj% y IJ




1 1 1 ,
830 Cassat Ave.

1 1824W, Beaver St
1 k u
J \ "l_ i.
:>" US. 90 Stockton


(Heavy Western) It\ Mu,' Be Sold By Jan, 1 .. I

V2 BEEF LB.39C isr g fr $V.,.

Cut and Wrapped Free Avg. Weight 200 Lbt. Average Price 80.00 May the beauty !- )
In %
the ahead :
year we ;:
Holy season
1/2 Whole r ,
or LB. 49 hope we may continue to ti I fill home (F
Wt. your with .1
HAM 16 to 18 Lb. Ary. ,
serve Best of luck. '
you. :
> ; : .f a lasting.ha pp in ess. ;
Avg. Wt. C I I
l6te1gL6a LB. 35 < ...
Alb Ss3 Ralf'Tirkep SHIES Fll TIE FAMILY


& Repairing FL -x: 1 1J.



Sunday Mornings At t 9:30: A.M. 81 Channel 4 1073 Flirita Aia. iacksinill, Fla. W. P. HOLMES, JR.-, DIRECTORS MPHONSO WEST .J': .... .



..: _. _.. .::__ 4- __ _......______ -..q-'I- "" --- "-:;:'! __,-", --:-, ""' ..-.L- ,?", __ -a. ,, ._. _. L"" <- --_.- ,. ... .' '.. -., .-... .. >-,,--. Jr. ;.Ii;

.. '

Ii' ,, Jp
' 1 )
--- --- -

,, CHRISTMAS Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Miller of 1402 W. 31st Distributes Toys
MERRY ,.,:= Order How at Reduced Prices
Street, announce the engagement and approaching
=.r .. J marriage of their daughter,Bettie Louise to Isaac- Xmas Photo Cards

,. Hudson Sr. of this city. Both parties are lodividsals' Family Groups The Wesleyan Service Guild of the Livingston-

I seniors at Florida A.. and M l, University. Hiss CIn6sBlack Anderson Methodist Church met recently at Brew
W Miller is a sociology major and a master of Alpha ster Methodist Hospital. Following the meeting,

-.-;.;. Kappa Alpha Sorority. Mr. Hudson is a vocational & White-Color the group had dinner in the cafeteria and after
''J. --: r t. education major and a member of the advance ROTC SepiaTone dipner; they made a tour of the building. They I

r :,-; i,. ', Pershing Rifle Fraternity. The wedding will be distributed candy and toys to the children.
1.J solemnized on Dec. 24 at 4 p.m. at the home of Quality Photographs'ChurchesWeddings 1
1 r the bride's parents. Friends of the couple are Socials ,I .
1 .,> ...*...................*...... Dial EL 4.1894
r Mrs. Eva Lee, a member of the !Mt. Calvary Bactlnt:

.. Church and Choir lIs confined in Brewster Methodist .
_/ Hospital. She is also associate matron- of Greetings From
? Howard Chapter 171. Friends may visit her.
.*.........*.*.*......*......* .: -
9. Florida 1

Several Brewster employees are now hospitalizeddue eaC 'of < : A Four Year College :

I IJ to Illness. Among them are Mrs. Mattye Montgomery 1
et 1M
UwUt tb* AuiptcM
R.N., Mrs. Myrtle Smith, underwent surgery AFRICAN MTTHODIST: EPISCOPAL CHUKCH

J at St. Vincent Hospital and Miss Bettye pierce or BACHELOR OF SCIENCE DEGREE j
the Admitting Department. lSt11lQ ASSOCIATE IN ARTS DEGREE
i P 5

-, :; We herald the season .......**..**...**.** *....*.*, -, .f' _.?.,"' ,"-:! Major Physical Concentration Education English 1 ,
4 Business Education Social Science
with song and gratitude Monday Dec. 10, the Wesleyan Service Guild of the Elementary Education General Science "

for your friendship. Livingston-Anderson Methodist Church held its '> I Minor Concentrations

regular monthly meeting in the cafeteria. Dinner '::: 19 62 Biology aiathematiaTorminalConrua
was served at 7 p.m. .Two large bags of candy and
Serving Jaxons for 73 Years .
1 toys were provided for the children other church Home Economics Secretarial Science
groups have arranged dates ahead for their visit. .

\a- Erralng and Day Coon:
Mrs. Ada Dukes, of 1031 West Church Street is _- SUMMER SCHOOL
BROAD & FORSYTH confined at her home. Friends may visit her. Mrs. APPROVED BY:
Dukes is the grandmother of Mrs. janie Gilbert of Southern Auociation of Colleges and Secondary School (Junior Collejt Dirision 9
Florid State Department of EdllCaUol1V.terau '
the Florida STAR staff. Adnuniitration

...****.***....****..*.*....*.* May every blessing of. this .j MEMBER American: Association of Junior ColleieaAmerican ,
I l4j tr''> J;*'I r i r Council on Education

\ W ATe H E S RIGHT FIXED! $, ..u.. Mrs. Rosa L. Wooten, of 2211. Myrtle daught'er';.Ayenue",.._'has in-, .1.,. 'Christmas gather with be yours family as and you friends.DAYLIGHT j YOUR PASSPORT TO BETTER EDUCATION 2 1 1I

returned home after visiting her :
f\ Cleaned, Oiled Adjusted, Case J i th Philadelphia, Pft. She also visited friends and F
and of the following r his [ tit
Polished one I
parts included: Adv.JEAEL' relatives in Omaha, Nebraska, Chicago> ill. and GROCERY CO. /

Miami, Florida. _
, i CRYSTAL* ..............................
All Work Guaranteed 1 Year

DA VI DSON'S ChronographsI.DAY and Special ", '.' 'n' '. BEAVER ST. FISHERIES

stRvicrOROKJCS JEVY.ELRY CO. Models Slightly]
i Higher M: : SF: ,-; e c' 2677 W. BEAVER-WEST OP McDUFF AVENUE EV 8-2633
1 116 W. FORSYTH e tt 6-0229 &

ll'eatt 1962 da o a ROE SHAD LB. 45' BUCK SHAD LI.29c

home be filled SMOKED MULLET LI. 65' OYSTERS I IN SHELL IU. $500
l great : ;. L!. '" klnj
happiness. FRESHWATER LARGE RED BASS ., lrollin, 1, 25'ROE

., "

., .,./
< MULLET ROE 89 LI.29c
:: ? I
: ; ;:.
,; .x;.., :: :
Y .1y is FOR STIWINC PT Sp ec/.1! f LB.

+ 1 j i yl; h' ; .. CLAW GRAB MEAT M" LOBSTER '
R i. :. .. u. MEAT CAN sin|
h 1 ,, .., Dr. & Mrs H.H. Satterahite PERCH FILLETS LOBSTER TAILS
& Family
1 v
1 C

N 1n

"' .,<"
\ i extend greetings -. ..1 1, ; .1.

,}A the Season and ...1ia. /l..tjl i) iOWe > '-
M of
sincere best I


John I. Coleman, Proprietor $ 00 S II / '

J 1302 KINGS ROAD at MYRTLE AVE. EL 3-5597-98 25E4 W. ED6EWOODf AVE. PO .5-1766 ..,.. | ,_ 's

---- -- ---.- DOWN

mWWftttt Qf EWi (WlE_ /Ic( Miss Mary L. Brooks !"F' '"

A Merry Christmas i To Pledge Troth j /f 1 .; r t

1 1 ,
and i December 23rd Washable Plastic and Heavy Pile fro f t,a.
': it
UAHSWRev. and Mrs. k

A Prosperous 1963 A.B. Brooks of this city C ,, Special I TV Position
',- :
Announce the approaching
: t q., .
marriage of their daughter -- .-..:$:.... "
,,r--: ,Xi
1 Mary lAu: to George
I "
Billie Rogers, son ofM /1.Y > /
_y''' ?
n1f a rs. E.M. Rogersni 1 Y h ,1 u v7
/ : R .
i Orlando. The wedding it,, b r x t i :
'1I1rrU'If scheduled for December ; r t
II 23 1962. .
.-. ,
I Ii ;, W.
Adjusts '' r ,,' '
automatical/! ." Ir
E ,
-- a to the position : y
you desire! d Cbnltmat
iI ., 1
r CI t the

I ; AFRO AMERICAN I Ii f+ .v. ".f.; .,,!, 6 1 ,c, ',. 1y: .. Famil f a En r earl 0 IT'i1!


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; :T,,.."<.-- -, ..., __ _, -,_ _Jl V' "'II""" I .III.. J ..', --'.-,..' '-,,',- ...,. .., ,

Ir'p': :;, I'"


; .r
t Annual Xmas Fete i Held At Baldwin Milton Hood Greater Harvest s

fJ D.!). Nicks, principal oust reso urce "t eacher.Mr. r'b rpw Choirs Union Set '
i' of Baldwin ElenentaryJmiorHigh .
Nicks anno tn ced Slates New Faith Clinic
11' S
School anI that
Florine Curtis of Annual Fete SundayThe .. l
I noinced that the school the ninth grade
'i held Its annual Christmas led theh Fashion Show l .
010 r rol 1 wi
than -!,Greater Harvest Deliverance -
I:., Chapel program: on average of 3.7. Other Friendly Choirs Church, ,702
Wednesday, Dec. 19 at Junior high students on Onion will observe their MILTON HOOD LaFayette St.' at Albert,
10:00 a.m. the honor roll were as 6th Anniversary Sundayat NEW YORK -- Milton East side, is c inducting
M!.'iI Mrs. Verdie Bradley of fallows: Beaulah Boykins IiL cw 2:45 p.m. at Royal food. former well known a Faith Clinic nightly,
t the fifth grade and 3.0, Glenontine Gunter- __ Tabernacle Baptist Churchon singer and promoter of starting at 7:3) p.m.
: chapel program coordinator 3.3; Cornelia Bryant- 21st Street near Jacksonville and now of Services are being
of the school 3. 5 In I It: ; Myrtle Avenue. this ,
addition seventeen city has been the cern ad en under the di-
was chart of the
members of the The pro gram as recipient of numerous recti- .. ,, pro gran. Music will be elementary grades corn- tl scheduled: Processional successes following his H.K. .CMpbell. pastor
conducted: by Mrs. Saith, Dieted the hooor list. tea all choirs; Scripture sellout fashion show and Sister Campbell

.- Rev. A Murray; Prayer last summer in the Hotel t e ach er.
Rev. S. Thomas; Selection Teresa s ballroom. Sister Campbell is
SUPERIOR JIrL: ./ 4 v serving choir ,. Introduc- Since that 'time, Mr. known throughout the

II Jt tion of Mistress of Cere- Hood has been the guest nation for her meetings
-1t L monies Mrs. E. Hans- of Dr. Rudd one of New which have been con-

MEATS- berry; Selection, ser- York's prominent phYsi- ducted in jails, prison?
L ) ving choir; Welcome Address elms, and vice president hospital wards and tent

,1' "WHERE YOU GET 16-OZ. TO THE POUND" K. s r : Mrs. J. Barney; of New York's Urban revival
BOTTOM OF WEST BEAVER ST. VIADUCT-TURN LEFT Response Deacon F. Snith League at the League' s She has just recently

' -+ IN -Th FARMERS MARKET 7. Selection Royal Tabernacle formal party in Rocke- returned fro. an evange-
'I ; History Mrs. 3.Barney. felle Plaza Ball roo. on listical tour of migrant
FLORIDA Oct. 26 and is. a workers cams from New
r. Selection Willing special guest to the York to the Southern
r.Fii rt. TS.TEE > 13 Workers Choir Union; UL's Beau Arts Ball States, ministering to
Introduction of Speaker, which will be held on Anericin and workers
IB. Rev. L. McQueen; Speaker Christmas night.Mr. free other countries.Her .
Rev. H.L. Baker; Selection Hood, friends report Missionary work also
Kt. Bethel Choir 1; 'brought the includes boys and girls
Miss Bernice Higgins adds charm and grace to this lovely French Provincial
Offering, BID. L. Barneyand house do,+n' when he appeared parental; homes. Juvenile
FI setting: from Pierce-Wall Furniture Company where you will find beautiful
TURKEYS35.it BID. J. Long; Selection in his specially shelters and retarded
Christmas Gifts For The Home. Because they last for years and are enjoyed by ,
t. Sinai Male! styled formal ensemble children in the various
IB. the whole family Gifts For The Home are practical selections that are always Chorus; Presentations, consisting of gold and cities,
,. appreciated.Miss Higgins found so many wonderful things at Pierce-Wall that Mrs. C.I. Sister Capbell is also
-- ------ Williams Re black tails with gold
it was difficult to make a choice. She looks delighted, however, with this marks. associated with the
shoes and buttons made
C authentically styled French Provincial sofa with its distressed Fruitwood Rev. L. McQueen is the by New York''s leading 3>mi flh Menem Church,
HAMSED 48 frame and beige-Damask cover. You, too, will be delighted when you select host pastor. tailors and Sloe manu- Afbury lark N.J. Revival -
wmderful Christmas Gifts For The Home. facturers. Fellowship
(Photo By Baker)
IB. Second Guests 0 f the well- Miracle Valley Ari z n a,
known shown from Jacksonville and is sponsoring pas-
CHRISTMAS OPEN HOUSE AppointedREV. Announces Services included Chief tor for Brother A A. r

: ; WITHHKAXGKR y a Petty Officer and Mrs. Allen Revivals and co- f
\ HAL Richard rarker (nee Mrs. ivAn g,,li st fo r Brother '
r JAMES A. CANNON The Yuletide obser- Ken Redguard. Kingston.laaaica ,
Aie Anderson Parker)
[ andSANTA who will work with the 1 who is now !
vance will begin in the and his mother Mrs. Ada
Westminster S
CLA1JSgreetings Foundation p Second Baptist Church, Lee and husband Ralph visiting the church and I
Committee at A6T '
Collegehas ( 954 Kings Road with the Lee. Also on hand is heading the foreign .
been recently appointed "4 : 2c ; 4e'L early Sunrise service, relatives and friends mission work ,of the
by the West-
minister Foundation Tuesday at 6 a.m. from White Plains. N.Y. church b?.re.
I Rev. J. C. Sams, the
Board of the Synod 0 f +
; : Catawba, United Presbyterian pastor will give the
1r c
' inspiration talk, and > \
Church, U.S.A. ,
conduct the personal .
i & I
as university pastor of I
if meditation period.
the Synod and coordinator -
The combined choirs
of the Foundation'swrk
will sing and a senior
mong students and
J usher beard will serve
' faculties
on state college -
campuses. for the occasion.The 1-962

, regular servicesfor
Sunday will begin
., k
;: with the Sunday Schoolat : tfiS
9:30 a.m. with C. M. ,'" ...._
FUTURE JET PILOTS---Louis R. Bell, left, cel Op, Vaught and L. C. Chesterin -- \ : "
: ..." N. C. and Will A. Croon, Jr. Kinston, N. C. charge, with the
both seniors at A. and T. Colo ege, are taking pastor reviewing the f
r easonts' J flight instruction, under the U. S. Air Force lesson.
ROTC Program at the cdlege, in preparation for Consecration service
immediate transition to jet flying immediately begins at 10:45 a.m. and
I'' (! upon their commissioning this June. the morning w, rship at ,

11 o* clock. !

Vve wish well and /c.Y The annual Christmas
you extend / ; program featuring the

for -3 youth of the church J :
,. our appreciation
will be held late in the!
the chance of serving you. i 1 afternoon.


i ,
We. send > .J J
1963 youa i .
r kate. .- :
greetingand JJ \\reextendgrwtiugs ,

WINNDIXIE T4.; a wish f OUR MANY FRIENDS of the Season
for a happy froaPeople's best tai spec.C&CGROCERY .
STORESINC. Yule season. jr1- Pawn Shop l


I Christmas lacksonvillet Florida 1
&UUNDRY CDerrii 7333 LEM TURNER (D. LtC .:
612 W. Ashley St. F i

r tv1C tv1C SAMMIE L. DAYIS Licensed Funeral Director{ I

24 Hours Ambulance Service 929 WEST BEAVER T4Ptxicei! af ijzi.sinis j

SALE x di.-- I Phone EL 4.0545 EL 4.0546

.. At this jo/out season, we wish you nor only traditional
; (Special
Group) d I
''-' 7'I' -Merry Christmas but a well. express HM hop that you and
yours will find a share of the peace arf fcappfam that cones
I 1 H97c:

I aar \ to all who seek out flw to*.mtomngof

;, i Chrhfcw*. This w truly the '
O r AiIl liti t tood
: :
Ii I' P OC O. .orth,
DINAH WASHINGTON 1 Y WEE W ",f( t .,en. "

& '

v/ Peace
and joy tP4".55
i be with -

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'r r rThe\ RECORD Bar I;/J, 1962 26 Beautiful- -'Rooms- FIESTA Each MOTEL With Telephone- Aid TV Air-,

\ Gulf Lifer conditioned For Soootr Comfort Title Baths With Tabs ARV' ;

r I ;l 40 W. FORSYTH ST. PHONE EL 4-8066 Showers Eleclricillr 8Mlid la Winter( Air Conditi led ,r':'..

.(JlaUVttw.uv -'_ Ad INSURANCE COMPANY 1251 KINGS fiD.-Phone 355.1695laeksaar .;

lle'r Newest Aid finest "t'
; j'
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.. '.. .<. .
., :
_. ..;; -:; .
;> < ii
"., -- t :, ;::, .. .

: ; -
,,; ; "" '

[lS-S- ;; ., : f ft


'l1'II."./ Famed Quads Greeted By A & H President And Wife'C UrbaN League Fellowship Baptist' I I Venetian REPAIR Blinds SERVICE Re-strung
I II.A' t' i#, :'Has Job listings Merry Christmasand Look NewAlso Upholstery-
t '7 : Announces Services
:The Jacksonville urban Done-Good prlc CallEl
-League has a listing of Sunday services at 4-5841
T civil service jobs which Fellowship Baptist A Happy JVewFear t ROOMS FOR RENT
J Interested persons may Church will begin with
.f Furnished-On Bus Lines-
i : obtain information about the
I H Sunday School at
475 W. 19th Street-
g by contacting Acting 9: 30 2. m. with the FLORIDA STAR 356-8301
Executive Secretary superintendent, Mrs. G.
James A. Steeley or of- H. Hamilton in charge.
{ ,
1 f fice staff members. Devotions will beginat
Fx. Many o f the position 11 aD. and at 11:15 Royal Crown 5 RMS-Near Bus Lines-Con-
such as laundry workers a.m. the sermon will be veniences-5632 Cleveland
brick and stone masons' preached by the pastor 1 Cola J Rd-PO 8-4493 or PO 8-3933
dry cleaning workers and Rev. G.H. Hamilton or a
other positions are a- visiting minister.
vailable at nearby bases At 5 p.m. the BTU will 's Hotel Small-Freshly Painted For ,
z., the UL informed the Star be in session with the TV in Fvery RooaForReservations Couple-Single Ra For Man
this week.Fersons. president, Mrs. Anna CallEL EL 39942IMPERIAL
, 1 ft f t des rlovs 0 f Cummings in charge. 5-4025 I

t :., ,. securing further information Evening service will 741J$ L. ASHLEYJacksonville ,
1t to I SUNDRIESpatent
are begin at 6:30. The
t I I'r, mes- Ploridh
call the Jax Urban League -
will be deliveredby
l sage
: ; tx Medicines-Cosmetics
= EL 4-6292 or go
t. ", i the pastor. Watch All Leading ,
the office in the Afro- WANTED
4 ; service will begin at
,:/. ,:.,... .... American Life Insurance 8:30 p.m. Beauty Operators &' Bar- Hair preparations ,
}.., .. .
I ," .t..:.. ,/A- { : buildin. bers-New Hollywood Beauty
: -
. ; ..,
I : Cor.
;3 V. Broad & Ashley
;; '' f..,, .. ... & Barber Lounge-622
'<> ,
':' ; 1 ; .J'A Ashley-Call Mr. Tarvt-r EL 4-2159
/ ." ; ;, MERRY CHRISTMAS ( EL -S774 ,
: { \ : .
., if ,., ",' ." "." r,. Services FOR SALE
I o ? friends.
my )I all of
M1 ; to our
< :."-.4. ..J4I';', fi,:,,,t: .i.' ? /+ l : many ) SOUND SERVICE Over sonably 100 priced Good. used Jp> n.Rea Cors-

'".:#,.:',.<.. .r.; ;..\, .,:.,,:.jd. .i:.-....>" : "..C.(,,.. r ---4--- Sound Service for Ad- Some Late Models pricedto
"'- ., 1962Free "J-" vertising-Dances, Ball Sell Fast. Bring Your
\:_ .. l' /I':
WELCOME!---Horida A. and M. President George W. and Mrs. Gore welcome the famed Fultz Quadrupletsto lllllitt YII \ Games, etc. Also LoudSpeaker Title to 2509 Phillips
Miami during the festive round of planned program events leading up to the 30th annual Orange Service for Banquets Higliftay. Rt. 1. South
Blossom Classic which was witnessed by 43,464 fans representing all areas of the-nation in the LodgingFree Concerts, Record PI 921PFl 9-2791'

fi..r Orange Mississippi.Bowl, where Florida A. and M.'s Rattlers played the Tigers of Jacks State College, Jackson Room ServiceFor Hops: etc. Phone q. 3-5902 YOUR CREDIT IS GOODIRGEST ..,

r .f the

Prescription Specialists : t
o WhoRegistar After12:00 SELECTION OF (:OLORED DOLLS 1
I I a.m.
951 Davis St. Jacksonville, Fla. EL. 3.9268 ,

\\r .1 Fuel Oil Bottled Gas -i'. 1- ....., within 2 days after wedding cermony. WattingTalkingKiTorabalit!sing Patty-Cake
25 Gallons To 1,000 If Necessary
I reets I Bring marriage certificate Chatty-Cathj -
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I '
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Dby - -
H J' .t 1 e 5 C

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J4 'r-
;=.1I aV / -
\ 1962 .
i I ,

Best wishes to .. rv
To.ourgood friends
\a II for a most we send salutations ,

'n ppy holiday. fOt a glorious Yule. -


\ W Moocrief Rd. 1178 KINGS RD. We herald the season rWE
Y \ PO 4-9101 EL4-1678 with song and gratitude DO OUR OWN

\ p. .. ., -A for your friendship. FINANCINGLook


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Sahara liquors .,. elect r- oar Hours Courteous Ambulance Service

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... Mr. Aaron Neal Mrs. Hortence.Neal i ';x a t.? stitj! *tti i.s'1.rt ... ,,, t,i. ,Nt.j ., _
'. ':' S S.tr
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'! 15C. 5 Ik ,Ichl' C I 2719 Til Phone BEST W. PO Edgewood COSTS 5-1641 K8 KHf Ave



.._.- .

.;;; =- ,,_:. ... ,"'- r 1 ____ _,_ '_ ,

i ..
'-r- ... ..or-
I \ '


.: Rickey Seeks Boost From GJC McDlll Open? No. 1 Draft Choice ,.


I C AC f QK E th L _' Hasting Season 'f

3 Day Period

CHRISTMAS FOR' ALLIn knows the unfairness suffered by Robert Hayes *, I
LAKEUND colonel
a rural community in Georgia, Lived a widow concerning his 9. 2 record. You know how unfairit Stanton
T. Smith. Jr. .1
without a Job. The mother of four small children, was to take the record away from him becausethe Commander 836th Air

Linda, Wilma, Willie and Bob. It was in the starter used a .22 cal. blank pistol instead Division, Macdill Air

Christmas season And the spirit was running of the regular .32 cal.blank pistol. Hayes is the Force Base Tampa, announced -

h ghThe other children were happy. Her's could speedster from Florida who tied and broke track that hunting

do nothing but cry. records in several countries and was robbed of will be permitted on the

Children wept to school rejoicing Christmas was his mark down in Miami because of the use of a Avon Park Bombing Range .M

certain calibre pistol for starting IF YOU HAVEA for a three-day period
coming their way. Lindaher brother and sister,
CANNON LOADED WITH GUNPOWER.I Dear Santa December 23-24-25 and a '\
were trying their best to be gay. They knew that
consultant the
BRANCH RICKEY---Senior to St four-day period Dec. 29,
unload it at the track meet in Miami. Hayes was
their mother was penniless. She was willing if
chats with
Louis ardinal organization, 30-31-January 1.
she could. Her financial condition prevented, but asked down to Miami to run, not to select start- }
'Dr. John W. Rembert of Gibbs Junior College St. Colonel Snith: said that Yr
her four children understood.A ing pistols. That is like robbing a prize fighter -
Pete, Fla. The two are engaged in a project to entry to the Game and
deep sadness fell on the others when they of his title because the bell hung up. ,.,-
baseball in the nation's institu-
upgrade Negro Fresh Hater Fish Commission -
noticed the other four. They called all children Do you have any victories in your bag? If you.
tions of higher learning. Mr. Rickey called upon Wildlife Management -
together in a room, closed the doorand held have, please leave one by the Gator Bowl in i
Dr. Rembert to contact administrators to boost Area will be per-
their little meeting. Everyone answered the call. Jacksonville for the university of Florida. The!
baseball in order that future prospects may move mitted at 5 p.m. on
They agreed to divide their presents, and make Florida A. and M. Rattlers have already lost to into organized baseball more rapidly. Dec. 22. and at 5 p.m.

Christmas for all. Jackson State Tigers and the University of Miami
on Dec. 28. ,
The children told their parents what they had Hurricanes went to far-away New York and lost to Church O.f God All hunters must checkout ll llI

agreed to do for four unfortunate children, who Nebraska in the Gotham Bowl. Floridians would In Christ Elects Government To of the Bombing Rangeby I t a

deserved a Christmas too. They met on the day like to 'obtain one victory out of three games. Senior Bishop 8 p.m. both December _

they appointed, with bags of fruit, toys, and Now Santa, if you do have a victory left, please New Issue Emancipation 25 and January 1. .

many things that were needed for a mother.her keep it for Coach Ray Graves. MEMPHIS. TENS. -- The colonel Ftaith stated. JUNIOUS BUCHANAN
Church 0 f God in Christ Proclamation Stamp
girls and boys.Happiness Now Santa.one last request. Please load elected a new leader and Aldrich and Colonel .
reigned around the town for a widow your bag with stacks and stacks of congratulations Senior Bishop, after much WASHINGTON Postmaster Smith expressed pleasure
College's 6-7
without a Job. It was a Merry Christmas to and appreciations, and scatter'them a- prayer and deliberation, General J. Edward Day that easing of the

everyone.The children were very happy and each mong th e sportswriters who for the first to climax its 55th Holy announced that an Manci international crises, 272 pound tackle and

one shed a tear as they were wished a Merry time selected a Negro for any spot. Bob Paramo Convocation which closed pation Proclamation: Com- and the holiday recessin rated one of the power

Christmas and a prosperous and Hap W New Year. is the first to be chosen Santa and you know last week in Memphis.The Bieaorative stamp will be training activities, ful Southwestern Ath-

Florida A. and M. and Bethune-Cookman have pro- newly elected leaderis issued next year as part had resulted in the two letic Conference s fas-

duced some mighty fine players. However, that is Bishop Czro T. Jones of the centennial observance hunt periods.Aldrich test lineman, became the

Hog Maw Bowl like water over the dam. We are cmcerned about of Phil adelphi a, Penn. He of President warned however first smallcollegeplayer

the Santa..whom we believe to ,be quite C.H. Lincoln's action that to be honored asa t
;..r"j' Christmas, 1962 present will replace Bishop that life-safety precautions -
,. brought freedom to three No. 1 draft choice r
("- meritorious of this honor. Mason, founder of the must be observed -
\ million slaves. when he was
Negro recently
church who died lasty by all hunters,
Your Pal The Proclamation went drafted and signed by
Dear Santa Claus ; ear. because of conditions
From Hog,Maw Bowl into effect I the Dallas Texans of the .
January ,
Bishop Jones, the new both in and out of target -
1863. Mid-February is to American Football .Lea
I know at this time'of year you are a very busy FNI I Lions Senior Bishop, was one 0 f areas. gue. Coaches claim t"
be the issue date of the Buchanan -
fellow, but because of our long friendship, I am Noted Baseball the first group of Aldrich also appealedto 'looks and acts ,
new 5-coit stamp.
taking advantage of this opportunity to write. Open Season bishops to be ordainedin h.mt ers to protectall like a supermen.f'Giants
the Church of God in Centennial activitiesare
Look Santa, I have a few requests to make. I Authority Pays Air Force property
Christ in 1933. He has being coordinated by
against damage of any
know you allowed a football team known as the With 2 Wins
the United States Com-
bem a minister for nearly -
Tigers from the capital city of Mississippi to Visit To GJC 50 mission on Civil Fightsand kind. Because of the Sign
ST. AUGUSTINE -- The years. immediate resumption of
come all the way to Miami and practically run ST. PETERSBURG -- Thenation' there will be widespread -
the team known as the Rattlers from the capitalof Lion Basketball, Squadof s Negro colleges Before being elected to training activities
{ Florida Normal and his present position.Bishop governmental par following the two hunt Hampton Tackle
Fl crida out of their own pond. NOW couldn'tyou and universities will ticipation. The National
Industrial Memorial Cbl1 Jones headed the of
periods,* many pieces
just pull out ,of your bag a reverse in that soon be asked to upgrade Archives will open an HA1PTON Va. Currie
ege defeated the Youth Department of the equipment and extensive
scoreso Jake Gaither could keep his perfect baseball in their exhibit January 4 with Ball sturdy 235-lb
Voorhues Junior College Church of God in Christ, communication networks
; record in tact, I know the score was 22-6 in athletic program so ceremonies at which .tackle who played with
qunitet by a score oi which he organized. will not be removed for I
j of the Tigers, but for our good friend Jake that potential playersmay Attorney General RobertF. the Hampton Institute
102-75; and nipped the Other organizationalchanges the hunt periods. "
couldn't you make it Rattlers 22, Tigers 6? reap benefits from! Kennedy will be the football team, has been
Savannah State College effected by
L Now Santa, I know you know, I know and everyone participation in organized principal speaker. signed by the New York
f i veto the tune of church officers during Rosey Brown
baseball. Numerous cities throughout Giants or the 19G3 sea-
jT? 73-71 to open their 1962 the Memphis meeting in-
Branch Rickey, senior the country are plm- Tapped For NAIA son, it was learned to-
63 scedule and season. cluded the establishment
consultant to the St. ning observances as area day.
The games were playedon of a 12-member executive
Louis Cardinals, has number of colleges and Hall Of FameNEW Ball said he would re-
the Lion' s home court Board to replace the
called on Dr. John W. universities. Port to the Giants'
on December: 5 and Dec. Executive Commission, o : YORK -- He York
Rembert, President of Archives will displayfor Giant Tackle Roosevelt management next July,
11, respectively, according which was appointed by
Gibbs Junior College, to about six months the Biqwn was recently namedto following his graduation
to Head Coach Bishop Mason in 1951.
li/htel help him push such a original Emancipation National-Associa_ from Hampton. .
Ferman E. Martin. bach The three-million strong
baseball program. Base- Proclamation and related tion of Intercollegiate Originally an end, he I t
also indicatedthat membership o.f the Churchof
ball's elder st at em an docunents. A facsimile of Athletics (NAIA) Hall of was switched to tackle /
his squad was sharper God In Christ will now
1 .. called on the local the Emancipation Frocla- Fame during a pre-game in the 1961 season. /
brighter.cts : than last year's but move forward under the
( junior college presidentlast nation is offered for ceremony before the Coach Ben F. Whaley of /
that he was still 'working leadership of Bishop
week to ask if he sale by Archives for Giants-Cleveland Browns the "Fighting Pirates" /
on several plqjrs fora the Executive
sKin more effective off Board and the ninety-two
of Negro copy, send a money order Brow's brilliant college player, thinks Ball/

m seeThe junior colleges, senior Bishops of the organization. made payable to General football was played h as the potenti fon
Lions will ,
Instantfy to-. face colleges, and universi- Services Administrationand with Morgan State College pro foot ball, 'Ie' s 'a ,

j fade away k C before twenty-four the more termi teams ties, to inform them of Fred T. LongNamed make request to the in Baltimore Md. good blocker and he',$
season ."
Blemishes the tremendous benefitsof National Archives, aggressive,
nates. They will, meet
Dirk Spots x such a prograa. To Washington 25, D. C. USE FIRST CLASS said Whaley.
the Beth me Cookman College -
Before coming to Haap-
Spots At the same time
Wildcats on Dec. FAMU Players ton. Ball played for
: Rickey is anxious to Hall Of POSTAGE ON ,
s 15 in St. Augustine be- Fame Hutchinson Central High 'i r
get six Negro baseball
H ,.. ? fore departing for To Stage School in Buffalo New II
scouts as soon as pos- CHRISTMAS CARDS
85 1 York.
.a urn Mwu a.aY St. Petersburg on Dec.
sible and called on Dr.
IS to face the Gibbs Hughes' Play Here .
., Junior Renbert to contact ath- Yes W e All Talk I
'a' College letic directors, for such "Simply Heavenly," a
When it comes to learning a language, we think of
with music willbe
talent. comedy
1 + .-sa...elaa.so.m..e.as.....BBBBBBBBaHBBBBHBaB 1 1r A staunch advocate of presented by the FAVU two ways.The usual one, in the case of a person's

i better race relations Players Guild Jej). 78: in mother tongue, is through hearing it spoken con-

r I i Continental Bowling He pld students that, the local Civic Audi- tinuously and by imitati ax. However, there 1-

B four things will improve torium under the sponS J- another way of learning a language and a nor

1 : B relationship among the sh ip of New Stanton scientific method, is through a detailed study 0

3118 Fdgewood L anes Phone 8 It races: "proximitytheremoval Senior High School. each sound in the language the grammar and sj

t 5 Off Cleveland 708-3493. : ; of barriers This* announcement was tax.

.e er through closeness; cultural made by Principal Charles Because deaf people can't hear, or their hear g

: a. entertwinonmt-tne C. Brooks, who also said acuity is reduced, they do not learn to srak

bledding of talent such a that this will be another or they, experience much difficulty in lear ng

.B II. as that of Marion Ander- FEED T. (Pops) LONG firnt' for the schoolin to speak.

a son; the association of its continuous effortsto Parents who have hard-of-hearing children/or

= tar .9 the middle classes; and HALL 0 F FAMER -- Nationally deaf children, should enroll them in are-
moral identification- } known Coach present attractions of
: school class for the deaf.
0 ='' .. dignity of human per- Fred t. (Fops) Long, interest to the general

t .nM e. g sonality." current head football public. -
f;. ..:( : '_ : > coach at Wiley College, Edward Waters

I. II. Grambling Ace P ar sh all, Texas, was

i' II named ,to the NAIA Foot- i

\ I Ii _III To Face Soviets ball Hall of Fame last Basketball Slate m

week. Long who has been
t GRAMBLING, La. Ambidextrous 1962 63
:. : 8. ,t Willie Reed, coaching 41-years, has

smooth play-maker anc held stints at Pr"r! e Opponent Place

.8 ... = .a.takechargetypeofplayer View, Paul Quinn and Jan. Avoid the Crowd... Ride in /omforl
5 Albany State Albany
+ .
who toured Soutt Texas College before
9 S.C. Ares Trade Here

f.; : A Series Of Special Events : mer American with the this AAU past basket sum- His taking career over record at Wiley.is 10 Savannah State Sara. wiThr

i; B For Your ball team. 219 wins and 121 losses. 11 Claflin Orangeburg.
( Bowling Pleasure
: H : I. 12 Morris Sinter SAFE COURTEOUS drirers.

J; ...... 14 Lane Here ,
aw s :
You ,
I Hare to Go to. Town to Get
t I 17 Albany State Here
I; LADIES DAY FAMILY BOWLING : 19 Bethune Cookman Here I..,

\.., B LOW
B MONDAYS PRICES 26 Paine Augusta
t .
, g TUESDAYS 10 a.m. to 2 a.m. 28 Allen Colombia

B 10 a.m. to 2 a.m. : On Tour 29 VOorhees DenmarkAO
6 Adults -- 3 games $1.00
Ladies -- 3 games $1.00 _I
Children 25$ per game :

-. B ,- FREE PRIZES Be sure to, register for DRUG STORE NEEDS (aRDE1iIJi1Prcmpt

Bowling Shoes and Bags t $10.-$7.50 & $5. : Trade With Tear eigiiborh+d Drug Store.

Grocery DcG
: LOCAL NEW "Built for tie purpose"
.... .- FAFERS
!I' B IlL I we Deliver -le Also P111 All Doctors'Prescript RED

; ;'-i .' a YOUTHS DAY t. HEN'S DAY i:.; ASH!

."'. Dixie Pharmacy Radio dispache/ low fares.

.j j :t : t.i I

1, It.. ,. :"Youths 25$ per game ,. .,, f, .-t '-: .t.. > :..';.'; < '%a.m. to '2 -
'.' ": ... &.a. .i..J' .. [ill] .
"S' .it

'it,. 1- -''' '5'..: ',,',-'<,..h' .,'> PRI, "l.'t":-; <,3. e -- $1.00 ,,:' (," ,'..' Pfcms Jl 5-5597-38 Elgtr -1611

,- .J >.. Free Ge.. ;tickets> t' } ....4M4 Oil PrM.m ,-.L
;--!. i.) ;.*+&ef_ae*' parting.'Attended" "" Nur&ery, lesr.urann service ?'" .- PAY YHR ItMI, WATEI AND TELEPHONE Seasons .Ice....& Fuel, Co. Openings "are aiailat for eapalle cirefal:' !&,. $.

;All N. A a
::: ............._. ....................,. .... :" ij :'; ; Will: AT HV STORE PO 4.4S11 Good pu, IP woAiiiS coBditioiis. '<

: -, .. -,:
"' .. ..
;;:.. 'l ,: .,, .. :.. .. "- ..
J1 < .. y ,.'. < :;;:; .; "...t,- ',.. '
,1Iit -
-- 7 :0. ,
.lt I'i. --- ..::: ikPA6E "

--- ...-.-- '

I PACE 9 1


}.fa". ,; 'Goofed- Robert Hayes' Record Is Turned Down :; I


11 Aggies Cagers 'Prep Sir Eyed, f. W. Woolworth Achievement Award Goes To Gailher Critical Baraga leveled

\ Win .Pair Averaged 1U_ Yds. .' ', .,..,...,. .-.,.. '.,

; '", } ..

I t GRnNfBHO, N.C. The And 24 ID s d f r V. u Over Decision By A AU"

AT College Aggies lastweek -

II' closed out the pre- riles'well, Floyd Little, 11lE-A.tLFLB.ES_ QmE1lQUD Mimi! Daily News penned ticularly interested ia

J, holiday basketball sea- 5-11. 19 -po1J1d 1962 All r, ; JS a searching article on how the blunder happened

, America High Scho d the incident and discovered I
cle.an conference -
son with a And the American Ath- rather, can anything be i I
!', slate by whipping fullback from Bordentown J letic Union (AAU) wonders that the use ofa done to keep the reeafd.OH

t ii the FayettevilleState Military Institute will why it is in public .22 is gait coon in tile books.

Teachers College; be wearing the colors of disfavor, wonders why Florida events. '1 just want to try
' Broncos, 70-61, and the Notre Dame Universitynext f( its influence is ebbing. George Dtiganae was the to do something' fee

. Hampton Institute.Pi fall. Recently the AJV Bade starter in Miaai. said. Dut I cbrf t knew

I rates, '84-60. f.A&T t. Little who hails from the terse announcement "In the IS years that what to do. I don t

1 edged the Broncos New Haven, Com., covers that it had disallowedas I have been startingraces think I have any recourse -

! in'a thriller. With the the DO-yard dash in 9.9 )< : a world record the in Florida" said in this thiag.I .

. game tied 60-all, with seconds. This speed and 9.2 second 100-yard dash Du grasp e, "I have, used t 1'. going to -writ e

three minutes to go, power carried him to 1 ya > of Florida MM's Robert starting guns dozens of John Hull of the AMI

the Aggies turned on, the 1237 yards on a 11.5 1 x xI Hayes, run at the Uni- times which di win' t Beet trade coawittee, in New

heat scoring 10 .points! aver&.g3' per-try. He : \ versity of Miami Feb. If, record specifications.It York.

while holding Fayetteville crossed the enemy goal 1962. is coaaon practice to T. Sick about it,"

to a singl free line 24 times. Seven of ,RSi3 4 ry j The meet starter had use the scalier guns Griffin went OR. "and

throw that the Jinal Floyd's TDs were called r'..:. disobeyed a critical when no rec cds are expected :you can inagine how aid

.. -scoring of the gone. back on account of rule and used a .22 to be involvedbecanse -- K ail es is. I was so sure

Jumping of f- to a hefty enalties. caliber pistol insteadof it s cheaper." the record would be approvedwe -

lead midway the first Coach Al Verdel 0 f t / one of .32 caliber The Beet dtsi Mill is had gone to

period, the Aggies went Bordentown said Little ,,, as specified in the AflJ responsible for supplying all kinds of trouble to

ahead to outclass the has visited the Notre rules. the starting gun. have the proper fore
F. W. WOOLWORTH ACHIEVEMENT---One of the high spots for the national small
Hampton Institute .Pi- Dame 3ampus: and was Shocking insubordination Vince Lally was the filled out--then, all of
college football champions of Florida X. and M. University during their 30th "
rates. Leading, 46-30 highly impressed with chairs an. "We would a siddsi blan'!
at intermission, Aggie the university physical annual Orange Blossom Classic was a special team breakfast and the awardingof So the AAJ has punishedthe have used the Universityof Reader Hutfi W. Robertson -

.' coach Cal Irvin emptiedhis plant. an "Achievement" plaque to Coach A. S. "Jake" Gaither. Shown above pre- starter by strikingthe 'i ami's 't8 calibergun of Clearwater writesin

bench at the start Verdel said Little senting the plaque to Coach Gaither (right) on behalf of the F. W. Woolworth record.No bu tit was being :

'I' of the second frame and hasn't been 'signed .as Company is Robert J. Brown, president of B & C Associates whose firm repre- matter. He was about just yoingKayes. in repal. red." said Duganne 'In all sincerity. I

the substitutes continued yet by Notre Dame. sents the Wool worth Company. The team breakfast, also sponsored by the Wool- th e way. Lally said his plans a arc you did y c u ever

I the pounding.Big adding Notre Dame isloyd worth Company, was held at the Flamingto Hotel in Miami Beach. Addition of To rehash, the A&M were to locate a .32 hit h ear of Bore stepid

J gun in the Aggie ? s first :trJ ice. the team breakfast marks the first time that the club has been the guests ofa speedster made his great HIIebow nobody did and ruling by the AAjr" .. .

attack was Irving .Mulc Since Bordentown plays national firm at a classic affair. dash on a standard Uni- when the meet started (Miter's Note: N0) i
only the .22 was a-
are who dumped: 21- a majority of its games Will Join"Redskins versity of Miami track.
\ Tenn. Cagers l vailable. The: AAJ has accoap-
points but four other against college freshmen The distance was prop r. coach I
.. .. ." Hayes' unasswing 1ished one thing.
teammatas hit double teams such as Hofstra "t.' ; :" "' .1it'. y The 'lane lines were
;( r ): isn't
Fete Griffin par-
figures including: Delaware, Rutgers, On Win Spree : ,, ( : ; white and the wind was I
Co-Captains Hugh Evan Columbia and Muhlenberg, 'Q': l: .. t. ,,0.." -. '" minimal. Most timers had 1
his college freshmen : : ; -'>- ..' ''' ;
and Jerry Powell, Neil '' .' -him at 9.2. One had him I
NASHVILLE -- With two : {
f Shed and Mauri Mc- competitors will not be : at 9.1. He'd made history .
wins tucked Tennessee '
H art ley. strange to him. Verdel away : and later took a

.. t continued. State University t\/ : tour with other crack
hardwood aces left by F .\
i Coach Verdell also American track stars,
plane Saturday week for NQELAL
..' stated that Little 'even made an overnight
o a the West and one of the ; "j
0 wouldn't have trouble most glamorous trips trip into Russia wherea
0 with hIs studies in t; % <$: .ji scheduled meet with L
ever taken by a college
order to stay in school; -- .
\* 'He" *s a very bright basketball teem. .': .,, off.A ,.
"'"' : ,
Coach Harold Hunter s "
boy. In fact he's on ., r couple of months ago
the dean's list. Whm he gunners whacked Pan I .f.fr AAU nominated
't,' the Florida c A'y '
American Co 11 eg:? five ; y. ii
cane here he was shorton him for the Sul- :
last Friday night weekat
college credits in S" livan Award and honoredhim "', I
Keen' s Little Garden
foreign languages and and his coach. Fete $ .
89-75 before a jam- r c7 :.il
zy f math, bit everything is Griffin, at an annual : l
packed standing room:
straight now." fig luncheon, held here in '. ri ,
only crowd.

Champ Tigtr Hot-handed Bill Bradley Tampa.
5-10 guard and the smallest r4 .f

tot Wins VivHtcd man on the Big Blue ..va : CH FAF ER.
Last Saturday the
squad paced the fire- : : i !
grimly announced it was
Neil TrophyDICK power with 19 points. :.
approving 56 American yr
Bill Smothers 6-7 center > 1v 'G 4
f@keh) TIGER records but disapproving
and Hunter's flashy
.Boxer Of Year Hayes'. 1962Peace
guard Ron Smith both
Only statement was that
DICK TIGER world' chipped in 77 points r-a. and be with and
tq e starter at Miami had joy you your :_
May middleweight champi n, leading the way to thei.r Villanova
FULLBACK Billy joe of U. was'theninth used a 22 caliber gun,
named 1962 winner of second straight victoryof Joved during this blessed
fill the days and was draft choice of the Washington Red th at such a starter ones

hearts of everyone. the Edward J. Neil awardas the season. skins last week when the National Football bust use a .32 caliber Yule season and all the days to come.
fighter of the year. December ID, the Tigers
League held its annual player-draft ses- pistol or larger for an KEN
The 33-year old Nigerianwas faced Seattle Universitythen
Christmasand in ;
Merry Chicago. event in which a recordcan
'f selected by the on to Portland, .. "
-- -- -- --
be recognized. WRHC
Boxing Writers' Associa \V
Happy New Yepr tion. The Neil trophy is slave DON'T BE ALITTERBUG \ John Crittenden, enter STAFF & MANAGEMENT
for the
J named in honor of the prising reporter ,

from late Associated Press MERRY Q toM/ Published as a BLENDED WHISKY. PROOF.65'a GRAIN NEUTRALSPIRITS. Si962' SCHFNlfY r-ST- ; HERS: CO.; N Y.C.t .

;, DR. and MRS. JAMES killed sports in writer the Spanish who was CRRTMASI 1- '; ';" :Q:a. 4w.__s tr, The in Advertising cooperation public service Council with f a

WILSON, Civil War while report- ;
ing an engagement between .

I and STAFF the opposing Watch This Clown

# forces. _. And thanks for your I ofthe 1,
25-21-1 gift r
loyalty. I IC'li"liY Is

856-55-317 year.flv!

I 3 =. 5
: <
6 7
I 8 4 s .,

i 1 18 -42 71 1

lu1 yF.
712- 44-604

l Coming AttncttcJH


R FLORIDAA Sometime he'n up
Sometime he' down
fi He adds t WEEKLY FOR EVERY He works It all around


I.I 'W".I..il.ar.l..I'.II .I'I..AII I

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j ft j I & Cocktail Lounge .
S Cordial Atmosphere' I 0 In decanters designed i for gracious living'!

I Where old Friends Meet SS
1843 Kings Rd-Rl 3-R099--11 I.Adam..qd

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"J '
'- ,1, \. JACKSONVILLE. FLORIDA"t. !i 1907 KitS ROAB El 3-8276 t Mrs. Adrian Sanders y .

....-.;.. ._. ""'-. -

H_ -'r'
.' ..' '

1962' :, ; .. I 'iIh'r'As'-r-I-- 1


A Merry Christmas .,' { Powell Retains I
To All Our Patrons Church Post ,
Myrtle Ave onrf Adam* Phone dEl\ IOP.K.tatlng, ''Ian
Tropicala. LoifRge ft Package Store] not leaving the churchas '
its minister now/
: lttM 'u. Rep. Adam Clayton PowellDN.Y.
lIQUORS # : ,,, .
.f r ;; ;
( ) maintained his

I.fjt./ft- .. f.,., ,6' \,; .'1fJ t. w ..JJ/i LARGE MEDIUM' SHRIMP Lb. 89C pastor intention of Harley to resign s Abys>as silia .
\ ; < r; ). \ : t
., Y. J. Baptist Church adding From A Friend
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en i'J.
Enquire Loungo & Package_Store -'- ."! .I' : ,, A millionyears I I ji,j
----------- -
y out of
"/ plus"TRAUMA"
, o <" time

I ,.3 Ai Action Mystery
= Drama
'< 'r I. imiinmniinmmiiimROOSEVELT
IB tie saIl program WED. THURS.
_,. your Yule
4''< stocking be fill
a. *4 '
ed with joy love
a -' $ of and peace.friends To all '. We take thisopportunity I
our we : >:
-M IA send our greeting nk to The RtERCenturion
for a Merry Yule.
: nc thank you all. COMfSIIlMCI1ECHNICOIOh
1962 : !
DR. L. B. CN D SGeneral f
&tiDr. and Mrs. lames R. Henderson1
and daughter, Stephanie "
Of Medicine

1 8th and DAVIS every Greetings 953 DAVIS Street I J

Drive In Liquors On King's Rd.
.:.. < ".1' Merry tNOIRIUW f tW C t C tWfC'c Ac t{ C 'cC EE C att<< M 1

y., lEDGEWOOD AVE. Drive In Market

I. ; S .'.. Super

', ,it. -. i Big Willie Motley ExtendsMerry iA

f ff :,,. Christmas ..( jI. .)
y ri StmdS I I. .
f H( a *' t 32 yM n S i & iI

I 1962 i
_. And joy of the
season to every A Prosperous New dear =

,. family we know.

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i ... ,,..,.",
/ I 'J: t" lt'tv .,a"f. '
p- .0 h ,he JI6un.ge i : jT: I

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t i

HENRY "CHICK" MINOR on Sax t' l \
1 y.e Open All Day Christmas 4
with soul music on the organ 1962 ,
: '
dancing and listening pleasure I '
i Free i
1 "'- May the light of Open FLA. GRADE 'A' :
Christmas time bea i ii
Sunday Delivery
L \
guide this day.
{, \ I. C. I1WNING :.+: .., .v TURKEYS ,. ii .

J D. I. S. ) : Phone ii
24 boors HENS & TOMS S a

Hello a day All Sizes j4 PO 5 9494
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J. D. BROOKS .J Jf '
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LIQUOR: eL G messages to ,ID. HAM lb. lb. i
Lou wish cheer.


7 1913 Kilts( Rd. I tfgftW ahCC SJr t IW U*( .

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