Florida star

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1127110 F20090413_AABCME 00469.jpg 3064041f4097383f906a62390ea675a34cfeb72304eb7d03e203dc11ac8cd15176c8e04a
127447 F20090413_AABCMF 00469.QC.jpg 24de0c0a9d156271c4b242d5fb507a9937a853ded09438717e1e163d1258bd70b96fe6f8
14675224 F20090413_AABCMG 00469.tif fb2850651d92804e9c9c11a45bde33b081aa223d1ce42b40cd484682057316e3e25a9bec

xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200641datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date December 15, 1962dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=006410740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
December 15, 1962
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
December 15, 1962
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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:: -- ... _. ..., ... ,., .
i -...,- -- .-,._. -; -", ., 1. .....- -::"- r -.....--.---'""">---- -k .. ".- "- -- .-----r.-"S!'< .. ''',':"-.. 7--- --";: -- ; -- -_.- ... .... "" .--...- ...-.- -'. -

- \c { t


of F'' .

'1 HRYMiami\ Patrolman. Slain Within Four Week Period

. * 9 *



- ********** ********,k*_ _ _



*******; ** VOL 15. 1962 15 CENTS

Of God In Christ Elects Senior Bishop

370NSRDGCi D Lob lI! i

i : } : :: I V HIT BY COUNTER ft C II i


; C. C.Becomes. Williams Court Dismissed Against Order "Cool**,]


81st Damage- Suit Damage- Suit Orde *

Charges and countercharges tht TI1'8 t e P Doorr. ::

1 l Traffic Fatality are apparently The defendant countered

deepening the rift in that unwarranted attacks Forft
.Y P d Final Rites Monday!! Florida's!
Masonic family were damaging the refutation IIAR1dON(Coo;'
.,. Funeral services for
Claude Curtis Williams, circle as opposing forces of the defendant and Harmon (Ubol' Breeze)

29 of girt for their were intentionally and .\:ke1r, 33, 0 f 1819 Broadway -
.. 1401 W. 221d St.,
another legal battle inDuval's
maliciously made for the
was arrested in
will be held Monday..
Fourth Judicial sole purpose of em-
=sue >)ec. flat_ 3 p.m. in Mt. Court.
barassing the defendantwho
f The legal action began t. '
is a reputable bur.Ines .
hen the Fort ..r...
-: n and bond;r'aD.
r Grmd lodge of Free and The case against Mr. 'k i xVt3

Accepted Masons of Lane was later dismissed.Mr. .

Florida Inc. filed suit Lane then countered

Oct. 25 against former with a suit on Pec. 6,
Worship fill 'aster Jesse
seeking $ ,OOOOO in
Lane for possession of a
y portion of the VasonirTenple damages against the Grand, 'iI

-M' at 410 Bm ad Pt. Lodge in Circuit judge

; t4: -. In its charges, the Frajii.! H. Ellnore! s court. I

plaintiff charged that The damage suit was 0 \.1 I
Lane then building dismissed. Q J
SHOWN as they greet newly elected: Senior Bishop 0. T. Jones, Philadelphia; frnr-! left manager of the Temple Since then, Mr. Lane bus

to right second rosBishop: r.Lawreiice) : V-'illiaros,Norfolk, Va. ; chairman of the Bishop's secured an "oral Lease" again iiihtituted an St. restaurant

Council; Bishop John hite, New Orleans, La.Bishop; L. H. Ford, Chicago, 111. ; Bishop on an office which he amended counter-claim a-

VY. G. Shipn&n. Detroit; Bishop C. E. Bennett, Gary Indiana, Bishop Wyoming Wells, now refuses to vacate. gainst the Grand: Lodgeto Tuesday by Det. Sgts. J.
L. Jordan and H. T.
Greensboro North Carolina, are numbers of the Executive Board; Elder C. H. Mason, CLtfJDE C. WILLIAMS The plaintiff also tu! tmount of $100,000

Jr. pastor of the Mother Church; Bishop W. R. Nesbitt, Jacksonville, Florida; Bishop ....Passing Mourned charged that Mr. Lane and is again asking thrt Vatthew of !Iioiricide for investigation in the deathof

John f.. Bailey, vice chairman of the Executive Board; Bishop S. M. Crouca; ,,resident. Ararat Baptist Church, had taken advantage of the cross-defendant be
of Foreitn Mission '' Jley. D. J. Grab on, pastor his position of trust a 57-year. old woman.
; Bishop 0. T. / Jones,' newly elect Senior Bishop; -Dr. L ili i anBrtit ksI enjoined from h-t er..t. s< 'Police reports re'vealflat
Coffey, supervisor of Viomen' Departnent; Bishop A. B. McSNe.t, chairman of the Exe- off datiDg. with the Grand lodge aid erring with the cross-

cutive Board; Bishop J. 0. Patterson general secretary, and Father Bryant, seated. Mr. Williams many has swindled the Jurisdiction plaint T s use of Tem- Mrs. ClementinH
-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-..--.-.-.-.-. friends in the communitywere of a one Denson of 1813 Broadway
Vast Manhunt (Erne st C. Withers photo) shocked to learn of year 00 pie' s facilities now las beaten during ... Dec.
Receive Execution Stay lease by paying $
............ his untimely passing to Fred Alexander who held under lease. 3 fight and was lnt.*r

j Nets Suspect Defense Charges Evidfnc JohnsoN Chain which occurred, in a had no authority to issue represented The Grand Lodge ty Atty.its pronounced dead on arrival -

local hospital Tuesday the lease without Tuesday at Duval ,
MIAMI An inttsisive Falsified By 2 Lake Deputies night following injuries consulting my member of Leander j. Shaw Jr. and Medical Center. I
Racial Mr. Lane's attorney is
7-hour manhunt by over Drops incurred when his automobile ***** Officers said (;rs. Denson
Ernest D. "
Jackson Sr.a
200-Miami police rri'gay ORLANDO- -Reports this week rev u.lfd thatan collided -into the was beaten repeatedly hv_..

__ night Dec. 7 resultein -* Orange County grand jury is investigating Barriers In Fla. rear of a parked trailer I Elevate a 2x3 inch, 254' ft. Inngth

the capture of a :36- : c;'." rges against two Lake County deputy NF'v YORK The Howard on U.S. 1 North.According Episcopaleans boar! in her homv.Report

! year old.man" accused... -.. .. of. sheriffs retorted to have falsified evi- ;Johnson Co. announced to Patrolmen stated she had been then

dence in the trial of the two Negroes Dec. 7 that all 66 o fits Hafford Williams and !0. taken to the: Medical

n barged with the rape of a middle-aged company: operated C. hangum Williams ap- Nero To Bishop Center where she was
;L Fruitliind Park white woman. The accused men restaurants in Floridaare parently feel asleep at : treated for head injuriesand

were convicted and sentenced to death, but now open to all the wheel. of his car then relea1->.-d.

_- were granted ;i stay of execution when their persons who desire ser while driving south on BGPTON The Episcopal "conspicuous tcken- Willie !to) liD S, who
vi the highway.Born Church elevated its victory in our long
attonu j petitioned the State Supreme Court ceo lives at in3 Broadwaytold
R for a new trial on the basis of newly discovered In a declaration that in Jacksonville, first Negro in the- 'U.. S.. weary battle against police he heard Mrs.
evidence. *, its national policy is Mr. Williams was educated to the post those ugly things we Person: scr .rliDg.' Neighbors -

It was also reportedthat Charges against the two to provide "service in the local public of bishcp, r call prejudice' and joined Rollins in

the jury will study deputies were made by without discrimination, schools and was a gradu- here Dec. 8 segregation' ." call in*; the police, investigators -
former Lake County Deputy when the Venerable Richard Cardinal Cushing -
important evidence contained the company claimed at e of Stanton High stated. Mrs.

.. in a repo rt from Sheriffs Thomas 'tlaIk ed accomplishment"in School. While in high Massachusetts Catholic archbishopof : Dens m died while being

1 4LJ the crime labratory of ledford and Noel GriffinJr. placing this policy school he attaiDedI'rocinence Boston hfrf been invited returned l II j ambulance to

the Federal Bureau! 0 fID Also said to be implicated baseball Episcopaldiccese to the ceremonybut
into effect in the cuth as a the hospital.An .
I, vest g at io n in by the two It was further disclosed player and was an avid wasccnsecrated AI being unable to attend autopsy revealed
J .. former had I sent Rt. Rev.
7 shin are
a gton that
.- 100 of thecozpany's sports enthusiast. He !
i:1: : death resulted from he*
;\.1 ";...-..:..':" _- ..,.-..:'" This report is said to sheriff Willis I'cCall national chaino had been employed as a in a simple Anson Fhelps tokes Jr. injuries.
-- --"' BlTHG';<;
JAMES F. HINES \ possibly involve alleged and State Attorney Gor- f 297 restaurants are dining car waiter for but tenturie Fpiscopal bishop of "Cool Brvt' is belig:
damaging evidence against don C. 01 d1 am. in the fou th. old rite. Massachusetts.
the Atlantic Coast Railroad -
the latal stabbing of a held in city jail pending
two lake County IN DEATH CELLS The A native of I'ichigan Eoston's historic
company for nearly six
or the 1nv
28-year old off-duty Trinity Church in ()) lfYSJJare outcome: tiga-
patrolman.Dead deputies Chief CrininalDeputy The two accused Negroes declared that its desegregation ye ars. where he began his was the scene of tion.

as the result ofa James Yates and Jerry Chatttnn. policy had He leaves to mourn: ministry in 1934. the consecration ceremony

cut artery in his Deputy Lucius Clark. 26. and Robert Shuler been made 'in order to Mrs. Ella V. Williams, 53-year-old' Bishop Burgess with the Rt Rev. Arthur Powell Retains

groin is Patrolmen Janes &I3CUS CHARGES 23 remain in their clarify its position in mother; John Williams precedent-breeking Ii ch ten berger, pn'si ding
death cells this area and to clear and Lorenzo Williams, elevation was bailed by Church PostNEW
F. Hines 28, of 1060 N*; The charges being pon- at the State tistop of the Protestant
62nd st. a{IP had been a dered by the grand jury Fripon in Rei for". Their up rissunderstanding brothers; Mrs. Mary Love the Rt. v. Angus Cun. -piscopcl Church in the YORK---Stating, 'I

member of the Miami Police alleges that the two execution had been set which had arisen duringthe Rogers and Mrs. Agnes retired hi hop 0 f the United States servingas am not leaving the church

Force for about deputies manufactured for Sept. 6. but was set past several mOD th ". Smith, sisters; all of diocese 0 f Wain gton as consecrrtor. as its minister now," !

two years. evidence in the case by aside on Aug. 2 when This review was also Jacksonville; Felton **** News Woman Marries Rep. Adam Clayton Powell, :

the Held alleged as a aspect in ranking plater casts of defense Atty. Francisco made, the company stated Brown and Mr. Miller, Urban LeagueHas (D-N.Y.) maintained his I i

Arthur slaying is shoe prints from shoes Rodriquez of Tampa appeared in cooperation with the lifelong friends and a FRIENDS throughout intention to resign as i!
Salter Jr. of in Lake Congress of host of relative Florida community will be
belonging to the two accused County Racial an
1520 N'tr 55th St. who Job pastor of Harlem Abyssinia !
Negroes in the Judge Hall's chambers at quality (TRF), and the grieving friends. Listings interested to learn of
Baptist Church
homicide detectives saidDit.ted National adding i
backyard of Clark's Tavares and presented a Assoclrtion: for Dallas J Graham Funeral the marriage_.of Mrs. that he would remain at !
stabbing Hines
home. Til** two deputieswere motion for a new trial the Advancement of Home in charge. The Jacksonville Urban
outside a bar at 1230 the post for another year. j
Colored People NAACP),
tL.cn said to have based on newly dis- League has a listing ofcivil
NW 54th St. with a penknife since both organizations S. C. Suit Powell said he wanted I
service jobs which
sworn in court that the covered evidence on the to resign the
during a fight. bed
sought to have the
charges made by former interested persons may I
casts were made at the
member church
by '
Witnesses stated the company drop its discriminatory Is Re-Opeied obtain information about
scene of the crime. deputies I edfo rd and 1963 I
r because of
two became a heavy
men embroiledin
.. Griffin. practices 0 f RICHMOND Va.---In hat by contacting Acting
work load in .
an argument over and Congress.The
a leading the u meets.Baiter's Rodrioiez presented segregation. his- Executive Secretary
a might prove to be a
bowling game in the bar. It also noted in popular' N. Y. Congressman ]
James A. Steeley or office
car was spottedin statement by the former toric ruling, the 4th
had been severely -
Following the stabbing the letter that in addition
staff mEmbers.
house at
frmt of
a deputies stating they Circuit Court of Appeals
nines is said to have to the 297 com- Many o f the position criticized In many I
at 1461 NW 55th Terrace. had been informed during
recently ruled that u. S.
.t staggered into a vacant resided. any-owned restaurants such laundry workers quarters recently because -
where a friend the course of the trial as ,
lot at 12:.0 NIT 54th St. Hines was the second there are also 359 other District judge C. C. brick and! stone masons of his frequent ;
more than two years ago Carolina'swestern
of South
where be collapsed and Howard Johnson restaurants fyche absences from congressional -
killed dry cleaning workers ands
Negro patrolman: by Deputy Clark that district was \1\
di Pd.
IB medi by a Negro in the past plaster casts of the operated by local wrong in saying that the s other positions are a- .e. I I
_ at ely following four weeks. Officer Jer- footprints had been made operators under license 42 Clarendon County; cases vailable at nearby bases netted with r-any of the I
the stabbing which occurred agreements. the UL informed the Star r
rell backyard.
Ferguson 34. was in Cl RIk' 5 did not constitute a 1 city' s prominent organi-
at 9:50 p.m. Further disclosures revealed W
this week.Fersons
killed while questioning QUESTIONS class ruling.The ,jlR3. YIVIDWE 1.. V. HICKS zatiJr a. Mr. Hicks, the :
:alter fled the in terms of
scene that
desi rious 0 f
two holdup suspects lastNov. PRINTS FERFECTIOX court's decision Vivienne L. V. Eutsay, son of Mrs. Willie F.
his car as police these agreements do now information
securing further -
7. Times Union
popular Jar is
Hicks, employed by tin
The two exdeputiesalso cakes it possible for the
named into the area. not give the company are urged to
Funeral services for staffer to Willie Hicks.
Dining Department of the
stated they bad 42 Negroes of Clarendon
Fitb Homicide Detectives Hines held Thursday control over their call the Jax Urban Lea-
were announced
The event was Atlantic Coastline Rail-
questioned perfection of County to re-enter theirsuit EL 4-6292 goto
A.J. WcLhrighlin, racial polici e s. gue or
morning at Ebeneezer
Wednesday. Hicks, road.
They will be at
Bob Utes and Ernie Bush the casts since they had for Negroes to eDterits the office in the Afro-
Methodist Church, Rev. the daughter of Xrs. home to friends at 1110
beer the first officers all-white Life
***...*** A.f\ Hall, officiating. ********** public American Insurance pearl Eutsay, Is con- w. 9th street.
arriving at the scene. school. building. I I

". -- ---....... --- ---.:-::.. 11w I

r"' .' / \ :; ---1

UU 2 "t 1 fl1Al1A STAR i SATURDAY 15,1982

' ,-

a ) ;k hisl

NEWS ___ -' .1 1 (I AITh ti#! !

published by the Florida Star publishing co. _

,lieaber''of Associated negro press" f ,Ir t BY ERIC 0. SIMPSON

ERIC 0. SIMPSON NNN,1.......Haafin EftwAIYSOM -- I 'Z *'
1-" :;

, L WISE:_NNN......Mews Eiter Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson warmly
cV1: commended the Post Office Department forts

!j HILDA W TEHCiclIatiII Meager achievements in carrying out president

Kennedy's Executive Orders calling for
MAIN OFFICE & PUNT: t 2'rry in
;? .9 1t% equal work opportunities government

2323 Moncrief Road........Phone Elgin 4-6182 EL 4-6763 service.
Addressing a training seminar for postal

officers and investigators at the Washing-
Haling! Address:
fGN.. t
tonian Motel here, the Vice

P. 0. Box 561, lacbmie 1f 1 Fbrida j. President said "very few agencies -
J have a record that

matches the Post Office in
this regard.

Introduced by postmaster Gen-
One Year.l- $6.00 Half Year, $4.00 ", r4j I .a- O eral J. Edward Day, the Vice

Mailed to you Anywhere in the united States President talked to the postal '

Subscription payable in Advance a employees in his capacity as .
Send Check or Money order to: y r
ski ., t0 chairman of the president's

FLORIDA STAR P. 0. BOX 561 .. Committee on Equal EmploySIMPSON

Jacksonville 1, Florida .- ment Opportunities.He .
cited two areas where he said the Com-

mittee's records reflect "a high level of

Token School Desegregation accomplishment within the postal Service. "

"First, in processing complaints, the
Postal Service has exceeded by 15 per cent
Shows Contempt For The LawTHE + the Government-wide average for corrective

-- -- t.- -- action.

Civil Ser-
Negro employment in the Federal
first act of the school desegregationcomedy
vice shows real progress toward the day
has been a smashing success. it has .
.'. _-- .'. .. .- : when all employment and all promotion is
been, as a matter of fact, one of the most "
completely on the basis of merit.
hilarious contributions to the disgustinglyfunny
In grades 5 through 11, he pointed out,
theatre of ole
good Southern Tradi-
Your employment of Negroes for fiscal 1962
tionalism. Weekly .
s ; : increased by 17 per cent--a total of 744
IT has to be adrcitted that the pitch fort jobs.

of federal legislation has had a lot to
i J;: do with the side-splitting performance of The seminar, which was held all week, is
the second sponsored by the Department to
Horoscope Guide
the Resistance
New segregationist The demands -
help train investigators in matters involving -
by the various district courts that
of discrimination and
Negro children be admitted to white schoolsin .. complaints

accordance with (their) Constitutional By PABLO The ASTROLOGER employee grievances.A .
.. total of 75 postal personnel, most below
rights is of
producing a type 'compliance'which .
will no doubt! cause future historiansto : r WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR the supervisory level, are attending thisweek'
s courses. With the 75 who received
whoop with laughter. BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL training at the earlier seminar the Depart-
TOKEN compliance, which to a certain degree -
has replaced high-velocity bullets, e e. I ment has the largest group of any Federal

flogging, house-bombings and other such agency performing these functions. They

dissuasive methodology, is proving to be a ARIES ties that call for great represent all races, religions and ethnic
Born March Mars is the most ele- major aspects this month
21st thru groups.
far More effective segregationist weapon physical -exertion.
vated planet in your but while its positionin The first functioned
April 20th group so success-
simply because its cutting edge is hidden 5-10-88-16-89-518
solarscope this week; your solar second in under the
within the myriad folds of legislative Venus resumes forward: fully conducting hearings revised -
tolerance.THE motion on the 17th, in CANCER an din your solar house helps sustain your grievance procedures that the deci-

Born June 22nd thru eleventh house, it actsas earning power, you may to '
grade-a-year desegregation plan is, your solar eighth house. sion was made enlarge the truii ing pro-
23rd a spur to your am- find that unexpected
From then July
on you should gram.
in actuality, a mockery of Constitutionallaw.
it was designed for that purpose: to be able to iron out sin y You will find yourselfmore bitions. You may crave developments between the Originally 15 Special Assistants for Employee -
tax difficulties, and if popular on the 16th leadership in your social nth and 19th will cause Relations were hired to implementthe
make of the civil
r a mockery right.of: Ne-
interested in the settlement and 22ad, and are great- I contacts, as well as in you plenty of anxiety, president's orders in each of the De-
groes--all if its
Negroes, contagion were
ever emitted to take hold, to spread. of legacies or ly sought after. Yet professional endeavors. because the ruler of partment' 15 regional offices. This nucleus -

Eyed narrowly, the grade-a-ycur scheme is estates, you will find choose your associateswith You do have the green your money house is .was expanded to include personnel in

a brawn! show of contempt for one of the that there is more action great discrimination. light to forge ahead in Uranus;- and its opposition the lower categories of the postal field

in these fields. such matters on the 16th. from Jupiteron service who will function at the local
essential rights of black citizens. It is It is better to ,
New Resistance at its best. Try not to count too screen new friends and Contact people of importance the I7th could cause level.On .

in Duval has in heavily on gains from contacts before giving who can be of serious disruptions in completion of the course the trainees
HERE County, as happened
other citadels of racial intolerance this quarter, however, the a freehold lease on real help. Stress courtship all your financial plans will be qualified to handle complaintsfiled
even though the outlookis love and and romance, but be Better be prepared to
your affection under the president' Order on Fqual
the fouth the school
throughout desegregation -
ride out this economic
promising on the 19th In prepared for less activity -
problem has become an immediate reali- this way you Employment Opportunities on request of
and 22nd. Your hopes will avoid disappointments in this field of storm. individual employees they will also hold
ty. Even now, the Duval County school boardis '
might be dashed to the or quarrels endingin your life when Mars turns 5-30-55-17-48-531
hearings and conduct investigations of adverse -
shifting and squirming within the not
ground by the :.tth.) when a wide open break retrograde on the 26th. AQUARIUS actions taken against the employeeby
too confining grip of federal edict in an 120991938129SCORPIO Bonn Jan. 21st thru
Venus is under ad- the critical
an over venus
effort to comply but defy. This is being Feb. 19th the postmaster or Regional Director.The .
verse aspect from your ma r aspect on the 30th.
Vice president credited the Departmentwith
done elsewhere in the state the South and
out of
ruler. This period could Any driving to and fro Born Oct. 24th thru Stay foresight acknowledging the need
the nation. It will be done here unless the ventures between the
bring sorrowful news. for parties at that time Nov. 22nd of full-time
placing competent career
att upt is met head-on recognized for what ,
17th and 21st. Changes
never take chances this is fraught with acci-
The of
in for this
key nation
it is, and by the force of Negro unity, month in handling your dent hazards. affecting your personal persons positions
Jupiter to Uranus on the wide program.
discouraged. partner money or any life may be hard to 1
2-80-3 318543
21st does not accent he
your "The Department said, "was among
WHAT is needed is a school desegregationplan joint funds. ta lee Keep a cool head,
angular solar houses, so the first in
'35O77148557TAURUS LFO participants region meetings t
which will guarantee all Negro child- as the tension will pass
Born July 24th thru its danger to your financial sponsored by the president' Committee. You i
ren the benefits of a racially unburdened by and your affairs will
basic education. first act of the school born April 21st thru Aug. 23rd. interests is less return to normal. This acquired the necessary skills and the !
May 21st The planet Venus resumes than is the case for necessary information at an early date,
desegregation comedy has been enormously aspect also creates accident {.
others. You may and acted that ,
forward motion on many you on information.
The transit f
funny--and quite successful from the segregationists long 0 danger. Make no \
Mars solar the 18th in your solar find that friendships of The progress you have made and the gains
of view.
point your pleas for travel by> air
fourth house. Immediately long standing will blow vou have accomplished have been heartening''
, BUT what is needed from this point are fourth house steps up at that time. The continued -
will find family up between the 14th and
less laughs and more, logic.What's activities in your home you position of Mars 1
21st and the whole
ties an d! loyaltiesstrengthening
environment throughoutthe in your solar house of
and you period could put you in
month. The best if marriage and partnership *
should make your home financial jeopardy
period for entertainments -
I s a blessing rather thana
the center of your activities you went overboard in
there or keepingopen drawback during most
* house comes on the during the speculation. But if you of December. Wrong Kind Of Do-lt-Yourself i
have been wise enough to
Christmas season. Let
16th. Over the holidays,
your imagination create avoid involvement in 3-10-33-15-37-315 !
take no chances with
glamorous parties thereon this field, then the "Scientific reports linking cholesteioland ;,
Happened To Tint? electrical fire hazards or faulty the 21st. Enjoy a last week 0 f Dec. will PISCESBorn heart attacks have touched off a new I
wiring Feb. 20th thru
touch of romance, but bring you the more constructiveinfluence food fad among do-it-ycurself AmerJeans. I
What has the jet age of international air, might cause quite a conflagration don't take it too of March 20th But dieters who believe they can cut down f,

travel done to time? Maintain seriously. Insist on Uranus on the 27th After Venus turns direct their blond! cholesterol without medical ':

Answer: As a practical matter, it has all adequate insurancecoverage moderation in entertain when its trine from the on the 23rd and supervision are in for a rude awakening.. \.
throughout the
but eliminated it as a travel problem. meat which could geto Sun encourages some new forms its conjunctionwith It can't be done.It could even be dangerous
month, and do your partto st
A news release from pan American World ut 0 f hand due to excesses endeavor. Neptune on the 27th to try."
avoid family dissension :
Airways provides a dramatic example: Pas- on the part of 8-40-22-13-62-842 jcui tort has a better That statement comes from a top authority
of any sort on the
sengers on one of its July flights were nth and 30tv Travel is your guests. SAGITTARIUSBorn choice of being appreci- the American Medical' Association. It goeson

able to celebrate our independence Day in 9-70-11-12-91-971 Nov. 23rd thru ated. Press for con- to point out .that the individual cannot
not advisee tiring the
far-flurg parts of the world. holiday week. VIRGO Dec. 21st. tracts then and on the know how ouch cholesterol his blood con-

Here's the way the story went: The speeding 73044lT73734GFMINI Born Aug. 24th thru Mars continues its 22nd with publishers and tains without laboratory tests; that a .

Jet plane was in New Delhi Bangkok Sept. 23rd transit in good aspectto agents, or try to expand person s entire food intake must be pre-

Hong Kong and Tokyo at one tine of day or Born May 22nd thru After Venus makes its your Sun-Sign from such endeavors in cisely regulated to lower blood cholesterol !

another on the Fourth of July. Then it June 21st station and turns direct your solar ninth house. foreign countries. Clear and that the elimination of certain foodsof

crossed the international Date Line, which Jtoen Venus resumes forward in your solar third This should spur your such contracts throughan proven nutritional value could be detrimental -

sets time back. So it was also in both motion on the 17th. house, family ties will interest in higher attorney order to, to health.

Honolulu and San Francisco on the 4th! it brings increased become more important to learning, as well as in protect yourself against What are these foods? Good nutrition, the j

The jet plane has shrunk the world. Now activity into yotr work you. Make! a special ef- contactswith foreign deception or double- AMA tells us, calls for a wellbalanceddiet II

the hope is that, by stimulating the kind and employment and stimu- fort to contact faraway lands. rIm to study a dealing. Neptune's tn- chosen from four basic food groups:

of travel that will bring a better under- lates your romantic relatives on the 19th new language, tat beginon fluencejs favors a short the mil= group, the meat group, the vege-

standing between peoples, it will play hopes. Relations, with entertain them, if possible the 16th for best re- trip on the 22nd. but able-food group, and the breadcerealgroup.

its part inultimately helping bring the fellow workers and employers on the 22nd. sults. liars is an accident no travel is advised on It further states that even thoseon

world real peace and a release from its should- be extremely Those of you engaged in planet, and when itturns the 27th. The danger of weight-reduction diets need food fro

grim tensions. harmonious, writing or advertising retrograde on the accidents on sea and in all these groups.

during December, perhaps should double your efforts nth it is warning you the air is marked. The general point is summed up in these 1

in these fields to avoid travel o f any 1-50-77-13-75-157 words: 'AI though some day science may cone .
--------------- bringing a promotion or a .
raise in pay on the Bth then, since the conjunction kind. Act constructively up with a diet that can prevent heart disease -

and 22nd. I f overindulgence of Venus and Neptune to improve relationswith such a development appears to be

on the 20th makes people both near well into the would
future. It probably
Most persons who have recovered from mental brings on some
: illness can return to the same type of job illness on the 24th,. have your work core appealingand and afar daring this take a generation to prove whether any

they held before the American Medical medical care at once.You saleable. forecast period. diet can reduce deaths due to heart or

.. : Association announces., cannot afford to take. ,.. -4-90-66-15-45-496- -' -, *CAPRICORN 6-60-44-18-78-842 blood vessel disease. The individual who I
any chances with your 'T' LIBRA Born Dec. 22nd thru i succumbs to food fads is taking a needless f

health at this time. : *B inSept 24th thru Jan. 20th risk. This is one place where the do-it- ,

--:'---- ....---- -:. : Den t go In for acti vi- Oct. 23rd Your ruler, Saturn, has N'A'A'C yourself movement should be abandoned.r" 1


t !

,. ,l.t'.\r r. ."-.-.c._+ >.-;.:-all. (0.1'I.d'! ,,.:"..-......4"L4f. .A..I..:..... i--a4; < ,;!_'J&:.i:... "1."1513--' 13t ;: > r ..; t..:.,, .""; .... r -.. :;".-:.. _.' ,. .8 .,.......- .=- ",...-,. !!.. ..... rT.t .....,a.-. .- t.

..-...::.:.=..._f-. ......-.. ... .. -- .. ...., .-..-. .. .. '...,.'-5 ._.... -_r"-._.-.. -...... .........;...",...- -': -.. _-...r..._-__....-".... .._....._...... .........,'-..-..--------.-----._. '.'- -- .....'...- ., ".... -...- ..-....-- -..-..-.,.-- .-.........-.....--. ..- -- -.--_, ..-. .-......:..".-, '."..- .' .
I I '.

V. j I


SlantoR Glee Club Wedding BellsApplications

I __ To Present' Messiah tin -s e' For

I Sunday, Dec. 16th '4f < :a :5 Marri :;es Licenses

: : =< J ICes A. Richardson,
The Glee Club of New a.q 109 E. Union St. 29.

With' Stanton Senior High : and Gloria C. Rellford,
School: will present its ; 1075 W. State St.. 22.

version of Handel's fta. K. Woodard. 1822 W.
Wedding plans for Hiss Annette Veronica Harper tF
"Messiah"! for the 20th St. 25 and Hen-
and Dr. Solomon T. Little, Jr.,gill cU' much towards
year rietta Wincey, 80 # W.
setting the social pace in Jacksonville during the Dec. 16 in the school Beaver St., 21.
Season. The ceremony will be performed
Christmas auditorium, according Mansfield E. Cody. Jr..
December 29 in Saint Pius Catholic Church. -
on Charles D. -
to Rt. 6, Box 455 27 and
such short while ago that we featured
It a
end Alpha H.
Brooks Mrs. Johnnie M. Reaves Tal-
Annette, the lovely and personable daughter of Mr. Moore, director of the lahasse Pla. 20.

and Mrs. William T. Harper, as one group. W.E. Bowens Lexington

of the season's debutantes, and now Once again farmer stu- N. C. 33 and Gennie B.
we have the pleasure of relating dents of the school who Holley, 3914 Leonard

interesting events in connectionwith aF were members of the Glee Circle 23.

her forthcoming marriage. Club who majored in Eddie 8 ess, Jo-.', 2034W.

The lovely home of Mr. and Mrs. music in college and 01 12th St. 44 and

William DeVaughn Sweet provided the teaching music will b< Zelina B. Trip. 1323

setting for Mifte Harper's first, pre- featured in the pre- k Florida Ave. 21.

nuptUl shower. Mrs. Eleanor Gay (' sen tat ion. I IV Ernest Tarver. 1510

sponsored the Brunch-shower, with Some of the guest soloists Madison St. 52 and

the assistance of urs. Sweet. and Miss, Harper for the 1962 Carrie Collins. 2114

MrH. Thelma Argrett. Gift of beautiful lingeriewere performance will include McQuade Street. 45.

added to the honoree's trousseau. Mesdames Estelle Melvin Covin 654 Van

Guests included Mrs. William T. Harper" and uiss Matthew Hamilton. Ver- Burn St., 29 and Laura

Emily Harper, mother and sinter of the bride-elect, delle Sullivan James; Jones 1043 Grant St. .

respectively; Miss Marilyn Wesley, Miss TheJnetia Misses Jacqueline Smith, fb Y .pQyyi $ 33. .
Argrett, Miss Catherine McKinney, Miss Sandra Harriett. Former Stu- : *; w Wm. B. Mungin, 1199 '.

who assisted the hostwsses; Mrs. Betty dents Beatrice 'Po lte. .- ton ro est. 18 and

Davis, Miss Coatsi Jones, Mrs. Margaret Wilson, Wilson Elite, aid Others Virginia Glover. 3701

Mrs. Annette Girurdeau, and Kiss Stazzie Hudson. The Glee Club Parents Stuart Street. 17.

Club as well as membersof MISS ALLIF: FAYE ROUNDTREE (thin! from left), was the surprised honoree at a shower part j. resented Robt. Robinson. 1505
.............................. Mildred -
the school's staff, .1* Mrs. Florestine Lewis (seated second from left) at her residence, 4110 Connie Street last Saturday: ; Davis St.. 39 and

faculty and student body .night. Miss Houndtree, the daughter of David Roundtree, 1496 W. 7th sr. will become the bride of A. Golson. 625

A surprise visit from S/Stg. William Guinyard will be assisting Mrs. Charles T. Maxwell, the son of Mrs. Louise Maxwell of 1317 Lee St. during a candlelight service to Court G, 26.

prompted us to visit the Edgewood Lounge, and it Moore and the Glee Club be held on the evening of Dec. 27 in Second Baptist Church. Some of the guests shown above are: Mrs.

was our good fortune to run into a "real-1-ly" with various aspects of Louise Maxve.li Mrs. Betty Solomon, Miss Wilhelmina Pinclney} Miss [wan Neal t'3 and Miss Odessa

good jam session. We didn't know all of the musicians the preparational ac- Williams Miss Roundtrec tas the recipient of many beautiful and useful glft A delicious buffet Blocker Concert

but Leroy Henderson, former jaxnn now per- tivities.Kindergarten. luncheon was served.

t forming in Los Angeles, set n "rapid grad ready" (Royal Art Pti'dio' photo) Claimed[ SuccessfulBY
Hatti Stewart, Panuel
pace on the drums. Mrs.

Lewis, Paris Davis, Atty. Earl Johnson, Dr. james On Sundays Program Woodlawn United Pallbearers Grand Tuskegee ChoirTo C.E. SIMMONS! JR.

HendersonJames L. Lewis, Paris Calhoun, and Parents Teachers BAND PARENTS REPORTER

Julian Walton were uiong persons taking in the Presbyterian ChurchBY Union Lodge Plans Sing In Nation's

sounds. Meet Sunday Th e Isaiah Blocker

Sgt. GuinYard who has just returned from a five- L.N. PEARSON. SR. Anniversary Fete Capitol Junior High School Band
The Home
year stint in China and Japan, was en route to conducted a highly successful -
Kindergarten Parent and The Woodland United TU3CEGEE INSTITUTE, Ala
annual Christmas
where he is now stutioned. Pallbearers Grand Union
Tampa, Teachers' Council will Presbyterian Church will The famed Tuskegee Institute -
a Lodge No. 228 will observe Musical program beforean
......s..............S........ hold their last regular begin Sun day, Dec. 16, its first anni- featured Choir in the will Christmas be- appreciative audience
I meeting of the year with the Church Schoolin
versary program Friday Pageant of Peace's Monday night in the
Sunday at 3 p.m. in the the George WAshington
Dedication cerenonies, and "open House" foi night at 8 p.m. in the annual National Christmas school auditorium. ''rs.N. .

Arms of Mercy Nursing Home, operated by Mrs. 927 kindergarten W. 11th St.classroom Carver 2454 W.Elementary 45th Street School at Annex of Mt. Ararat Bap- Tree Lighting Ceremony S. White, director,

Azzie Lee Parker, are set for 3. n.m. Sunday! Since this meeting is 10 o'clock a.m. with tist Church Walter Hun- to be held in wa sin charge of the

I Decker: 16, with Mayor Ho. Con: Burns, official of vital importance, T.V. Huger superintendent ter and Mrs. Esther Ransom Wamin gton. D.c: Monday various events.

of the Duval Medical Center Welfare Agency anc all parents and membersare in charge. chairman and cochairman December 17. The program was narrated -

other noted' personalities participating.The urged to attend The Morning! Worship announced.Miss The ceremony will be by Adrienne Stewart

event will be aired over the radio and on a Mrs., J.L. Richardson, Service will begin at Marguerite, president covered by all major and featured stu-

local television y tat ion. president stated. Mrs. 10:55 a.m. with C.E. has issued an radio and television dents conducting band
invitation to all Grand networks and possiblyby members who were top

.............................. Enna Levy is vice presi- MRS. BEULAH MCCLELL/W( Simmons Jr. church Union Lodges, organizations Telstar from 4: 30- winners in the recent I
dent. organist, playing the

it I Iv! ? I-;*'. ...; '. \. ". :-.... ....'". >) NARRATOR -- Frominent prelude. Rev. F.D. Wilson and clubs to be 5: 30 p.m. EST. An conducting contest. :
c.f Miss Alveta Allen present at the event. audience of from five to The order qf events
The Kings Road residence Births Jaxon Mrs. Beulah Vic- pastor, will deliver -
The program follows: ten thousand persons is follows:
t Clellan. will be nar- the seriron. The
Lasvies Mr.' and Mrs.' Franklin Scripture, John Francis expected to attend the Prelude "0 Come 0
rator Sunday afternoon United choir will sup-
Mrs. Joan Spauldine, Mrs. Grade Sykes, and Mrs. Payne; 1134 W. 10th St.; when the* Diana Shop port the rites. invocation Deacon W.L.Brigntmond ceremony in the Fresi- Come Immanuel "8th
Boy. ; introduction dent's Park behind the Cen t.try Gregorian;
Sara Wright were recipients of prizes. mod el s di spl ay the The Westminster choir
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene of Mistress of White House. Ring Christmas Bells, "
Geneva cere-
Mrs. Helen Toney Mrs. Dorothy Oliver, Mrs. lat est in Milady' s will rehearse Tuesdayat
1 Hathock: ; 1424 E. 25th monies. Mrs. Theresa Under the direction of Ukranian Carol M. Leon-
Washington, Mrs
Carolyn styles during
Kinderson: Mrs. a pre- 7:30 p.m. Wednesdayat
Street; Boy. Wilson ; mistress of Relford Patterson assistant tovik directed by Patricia i
members of group. holiday festivity'
Mrs. Minnie Gadling sponso 7 p.m. Mid-week
Mr. and -"Irs. Clarence ceremonies Mrs. Alice professor of Crawford, 'He-
red by the'Brewster
Preyer and Bible Study.
.............................. Jackson; 311 W. 16th Mothers Club in Brewster 8 the Mack; Mrs. Nellie Smith, music and choir directorthe raId Angels Sing directed I
Friday, p.m. ,
A St. ; Boy. .. Hospitalauditorium.. welcome address; Mrs. 45-voice concert by Jolita T.
United choir will rehears choir will sing iCan-
Mr. and Mrs. Ren tie Jewel Tunsil. response. Simmons; "Wiat Child is
The Roth Drive home of yr and Mrs. Joseph Thayer (l Royal Art Photo) e. tate Domino" by Pitoni,
Weston; 1331 W. 10th St. Other program features This?, directed byFe'li
provided the setting for the December meeting of Earl H. Cumbo, one 0 four "Ave Marl d' by Rach-
Boy. will be furnished by Mrs sa Vall arinJoy;
; Bella Donna Bridge Cub.V faithful manbers, is maninoff, and "Halle1 -
Mr. and Mrs. Zebedee Gracie Maultsby, Mrs. To The World directedby
Mrs Geneva Adams, Mrs. Marilyn Macon, Mrs. IvuGnuit ill in Brewster Hospital.Let uj w" by Hapdel.
% Shoemaker; 7141 Ken Mrs. A. J. WilliamsIs Eva Jordon, the Dunna Betty Sparrow.
( Mrs. Graylyn Lesesne, and Mrs. Ira Washington us remember him and Others appearing in the
Knight Drive; Boy. Temple Quartet, Mrs. '.In de Bells'* Robert -
1 were among Members present. .hi s family in our ceremony are the U. S.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Released LulaHicks, Miss Frances Wilson; ''''arcl1 of
Prayers. Marine Corps Band and I
.......*...................... Lester; 5703 Dakota Dr. ; Christ is the only Scriven Mrs. Marian the St. John's University the Three Kings '
Boy. From Hospital sufficient light the Glover The Traveling Chorus from Thomas Wallace; "A I i
Mr. and Mrs. Lo nni e. Stars Mrs. Bonni Fra- Faithful Pine, Ar- I
A rapid recovery is wished for Mrs.Eugen1t Brown worl has. Minnesota. President
Chieves; 2249 W. 44th zier Rev. Erlina Dunn mold Stalling, and
who underwent surgery at Brewster Hospit l. Mrs. Friends of Mrs. AlbertaJ. Kennedy will light the
St. ; Girl. Ml. Salem Baptist speaker; Rev. Ernest Lawrence Alexander,
'E Brown it; a teacher at James Weldon Johnson junior Williams, prominent National Christmas Treeon
Mr. and Mrs. Jessi Murry vice president, saxophonists Ronald
churchwoman who residesat the Pageant stage.
High School. Ross; 632 W. Duval St.; To Host RecitalThe Deacon M.T. Brown and Bel ton, bass cl a rin et
Good wishes are extended also to Mr. Joseph Jack 629 W. Church St. .
Gi rl. Pastor's Aid Boardof Deputy; V. W. Edwards. PATRONIZEtisets 'Cantique deN 0 e "
and Mr. Marvin Mitchell, victims of an automobile will be pleased to
GOH Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Mt. Sal em Baptist (Holy Ni --Adam with
accident. Both are instructors at Northwestern learn that she is recuperating FAMU Professor
p'ka Walker; '5910 Poi ti er Dr. nicely after Church, 1249 W. 22nd St. Star \ vet' Burn ell Williams: and

High School. Boy. been confined for will present the Gospel TALLAHASSEE A Florida toes West as soloist.Which .
having .
.......*....*............ ... Mr. and Mrs. Claude 15 days in Brewster Calvaneers in recital A4M University elected professorwas '
Sharpe; 1077 W. Union Hospital.Mrs. l Sunday night beginningat as an of-
ficer of p-. -
+ Street; Girl. Williams 7: 30 o' clock in the the Associationfor
may re1
church auditorium. Student Teaching
cei ve visitors, it was
I Other Florida State Unit, .
gospel and
At boat,at fountains,rerywbere- learned. groups
.i.iE the general public are during a recent meetingat

: i 1 ............... invited. R ey. W. Q. the University of

Rogers Is host pastor. Flo r1 da. holidaygreeting

: is older.

1 I uYV.11"".' ... ... .

n PeP"nr_. "' .' the firstChristmas

now if Pepsi Card

_ l for those who think young Today people/ .?all ages*. 2 DISCOUNT STORES

I all oat for f... We live the modern active lift. This is the life for Pepsi 830 Casiat Ave. 4< or

.1Il -//,' ftrae/ar. c/taa-tasffar fessi.lt stores, /ovatafas, say "Pepsi, pleaser (NEAR COLLEGE '
1824 W. Beaver St.
; .. U-S. 90 Nur Stockton
: i '.$ '. '. o
'y 11:2: BEEF Heavy Western

aI 200 Lb. Avg. C Gordon'sGordon Gin was an English

J if' M greeting 74 years

.; t M FRESH, WHOLEPIGS before Mr.J.C.: Horsley designed ,
4 1 the first Christmas card.The

Gordon's you drink today

F x harks back to AlexanderGordon's

: I1 x BEEF original 176?forjnula ,

or one doesn't tamper N =
; m > with a good thin g..espeDI

_ Vv daily when it is the world's [ONDGNDRY
100 LB. AVG.iKpARE .
biggest seller. This year LLt..r.el.,GIN...,?,.,

send cards, serve and give

RIBS LB. 25 Gordon London Dry Gin.BttTUtl .

IW3M in COL BO*K8TUI VttlTSwjiun
nou cum.M rtoor.wwri wt M cpLinuuvouiII
,< .
S.MI MBraiifs At 9:30: A.M. Oa Hansel 4

r '. ,, .... ,, .
--- '"- : ___ _- .. _________ ____.__'_"""_-'- -'4-_' _..___.', -. ---

__ -
h .

1"&t .... t 19&p \

p ..-- I.... _

Br.wst r Mothers. Plan Two Events Sunday Clara White Hissioi LaiHches

", f :. } : ,, .
F -:" < ft? .. "
... .; .. ."! : ..
: :. '. .U' ;:}'.. :'v ,' '. r' .r ...... to ....\! ."' .
Its Sensor Activities
\ ,ka i' Holiday

During a recent meeting, the Clara White

aq Mission met and adopted a Yule program

_ ., which was immediately approved by its president -

1. .:." Dr. Eartha M. M. White, and was set

Members of Sweetfield Baptist Church who into immediate action.

have not turned in their commodities+ for
Activities- began with party for children in
the ,Christmas baskets, are urged to leaves I
the annual
J ThanksgivingDay Mandarin will begin at
with Rev. D. B. Barnes Sundayat
or Mrs.
e. dinner for the inmates -
2 p.m. Dec. 26.
of Sweetfield Baptist .
the parsonage and their friendsat On Dec. 27. the tour of
Cnurch. The pastor is urging all membersto '. Old Folks Home under Forest Hill Correctional

continue their financial reports Sunday. k,', i n ppttr' the supervision of Mrs. School for Girls will be

.} Rebecca Y. 'Thompson R.N conducted under the
------ -------
On Christmas Eve night, direction of Mrs. E.

S i tp the Ida Bingham Group Redding. The motorcade
and Sunshine Band will
The Red Circle ;
will conduct their an- will leave the Mission.
r meet Saturday at 4 p.m. in the auditorium
promptly at 9 a. m.
Church. The male chorus
of Erranuel Baptist
I visiting hospitals, The Servicemen"sChristmas
will rehearse at 7:30 p.m.The junior choirs jails and the shut-in party will be
will rehears -Friday at 5:30 p.m. District
sick. This event will held at the Arcade-USC
1 meets Friday at 8 p.m. in the church.
terminate at 6 a.m. at 8' p.m. Dec. 28 with

a.. 4 Christmas morning with a Miss S.M. Hudson, director -
---------------------------- -
program at Duval County in charge.

Prison Farm. Rev. Samuel Nesbitt

The regular order of services will prevail Coffee will be servedat will direct Open Houseat

Sunday at Friendship Baptist Church. Sundayat the Mission by Mrs. the Historical Museum

; Friendship Baptist Church. Sunday School Daisy Ford and her committee 4850 Moncrief Rd. from

begins at 9:30 a.m. with Deacon M. E. Patterson t at 8 o'clock on 1 until 8 D.m. Dec. 30thIhe

and instructors in charge. Morning i ? Christmas morning. At Boys' ImprovementClub

worship starts. at 11 a.m. District 4 will : 10 a.m. the Mission a functioning

meet immediately after tl!e service. The HOLIDAY FESTIVITIFS-The Rr*'ster Mothers Club will present two annual holiday festivities Sunday adults will receive auxiliary 0 f the Arcade-

pastor, Rev. R. Smith will deliver the sermons afternoon in the hospital auditoriim, the first being a L'rla style show sponsored by the Diana Shopsof their annual Christmasb USO, will be guests at a

during. the 11 a.m and 6:30 p.m. services Jacksonville, with Mrs. Ethel Davenport Bannister as coorrlil1t tor. imrae.Uately following will be The childrenwill party to be given in

the annual Kiddies Xmas party. Bretstrr Mothers shown, seated from left are: Mesclai:'es Emma Watkins, receive their pre- their behalf on Dec.

yagdeline Perry, Elizabeth Lawton, Nadine Brown, Argolo Burgess, Doris Anderson, and Evelyn Manning.' sents at 2 p.m. 31st from 1 until 6

--------------------------- Standing from left: Mrs. J. E. Davis, Bresster Mothers Club president; Mesd mes Glf.dys Hunt, Clara 'Ihe annual ChristmasAppointed p.m. S.J. Jackson will

.; Carter, Cassie Hamilton, Fannie Jones, Ceursheary Baker and Anna Wells. Diana Shop participatingmodels supervise activities.Gospel .

first New Zion Baptist Church's Choir 3 will be Mesdames Ruth Valdez, Artie Brooks, L..Starling, Maggie Aaron, anal the junior Models

will rohearse Saturday at 5 p.m. and all staff. The 'Dipnettes, who will serve as hostess are:. MesJames Mary Williams, Lprainne Sno den, EventPlanned

members are urged to be present for the Alvenice McQueen, Willie May Richardson, Susie Corker, Louida Henry, Dorothy Simms, Gloria Lockett,

meeting at which tin.e final arrangements Evelyn Johnson, Qiinenn Frazier and Willie Bannister, usher. By
.will be 'completed for presentation of the ..

Messiah to be held on Dec. 2.District. .. Witsell Bowens Nuptials Mt. Ararat GroupGroup
Fellowship Baptist

.Obituaries i i Shied For December 22 : 2 of the Mt.
-------- ---------------------
-, Services -- Ararat Baptist Church
Witsell wish to announce
Mrs. Mattie Drayton; J VT. and Mrs. Edward A. Male chorus will sponsor
..5 of West union Baptist Church the approaching marriageof
1083 W. 22nd: Street
Sunday services will Har- a musical program entitled -
will meet'Sunday foJowing'morning worship Derrick S. Moore: 763 W. begin at Fellowship Simpson Youth their daughter "The Gospel in
w4&i to hold its annual election of of- Union Street. Baptist Church at 1414 riett Margaret to Eugene Song Dec. 17 at

ficers. The Trustee and pulpit-Aid Boards Logan Street, will begin Harold Bowens, son of
Nathaniel Surgick; 1521 Elect OfficersThe 8 p.m. in church audi
will also hold respective meetings following Fowhattan Street. with the Sunday Schoolat Mrs Estelle torium.

morning. service. The Baptist Ministers' Mrs. Claudia. Johnson; 9:30 a.m. Mrs. G.H Youth of Simpson Reynolds of Leesburg, will

Wives will hold their annual Christmas 1923 W. 9th Street. Hanilton, Superintendent Methodist Church recently Fla. and Eddie Bowens of Among participants
be Choir 2 of Mt. Vernon
dinner and program Monday at 6 p.m. in the Buster Dove, ,Jr.i 2111 presiding. elected officersto Fort Myers, Fla. f The
Baptist Choir 1 of St.
head their various will be solemnized -
Tuskegee Road., Morning service will wedding

education"7. building.' ... '.h Joseph_ She man; :921fV ,,'.b'egin'at 11 o'clock.The activities. during, the on Dec. 22, in St. REV. JAMES A. CANNON Mark Baptist Choir 1 of
,-+rs.They :. .';.. : 1st Street. Deacons will lead 1962-63 year. PhillipsiscopalCh who will work with the Tabernacle Baptist and
---------------- ---------- --
Sao a Allen; 821 E. Union. the devotions. An old Holding, officer postsare urch. Westminster Foundation Choirs of Shiloh Baptist
Committee at AST College Church of St. Augustine
: Emerette McNair has been
Johnnie Vance; 2905 Mon- fashioned covenant meet- Miss Witsell
Friendly Westside ushers Union win has been recently appointed the House of God Saintsin
president; Loretta Dowser -
crt ef Road. ing will be held. outstanding academically
present a revival hour Sunday at 2: 45 p.m. by the West- Christ Choir 2 of
Mrs C Bell Denson; The City-Wide Deaconess vice president; and socially. Here are a
in Bethlehem Baptist Church. The junior minister FoundationBoard Macedonia Baptist Church
Beverly McNair, secretary scholastic
1813 Broadwv Street. Union will be in session few of her
choir will meet for rehearsal Saturday at of the Synod 0 fCataMJa. and others.
Harold Scott; 618 W. at 3 p.m. The sermon ; Gwendolyn Jordan. achievements: She has
l30 Christr.as rehearsal will be held United is
p.m. Thomas Washington
.. Fhelps Street. will be delivered by the secretary.:-:-:.faeea=RnU: h;Jhonpr roll (
at' 2..30:n"m" .' James Caldwell; 1191 W. Brenda Preston Mea member of the Church U.S.A. the general chairman for
w pastor, Rev. G.H. student; a
25th Street. as university pastor of the event. Johnny Gil-
surer. Society;
:, ton. National Ho no r,
':-I .=: ------.---------------------- Elder Theodore E. Clark; New chairman are: and was awarded a the Synod and coordinator bert, president has extended -
.. BID hour begins at 5 p.
,1 I 145 Blanco St. St. Augus m. Evening service start Dallastine Smith Christian science medal. As a re of the Foundation'swork an invitation to

a tine, FloridaMrs. at7p.lD. Outreach; Ernest suI t -0 f test, she von a among students and all singers to attend.

The Deaconess Board of First New Zion Baptist Emma Ford; 1256 W. Nattiel Christian Zeta Phi Beta Scholarship faculties on state col-
All visitors are wel- .
ctiurch h met Sunday at 4 p. m. in the home of 20th Street. come. citizenship; Kathy Parker ; Fhi Delta Kappa lege campuses. Mt. Moriah Sets

Kev. and Mrs. Leroy J. Clayton, 1(138 Illinois Mrs. Ernestine Lee; 921 .,. Christian Faith ; Scholarship; Bennett
( Program
Street M The Trustees. met Sunday at 5 1'.m. in Tyler Street. P at ri ci.aFrestonPub: College Scholarship and Ml. Vernon BaptistTo

te; church.- joe Fyles; 1585 W. nth Xmas'Musi' licityf Sherman Mitchell made the highest score musical program will

."ra 1. Street. Scheduled' I ; F"o p-rogram;..Paul'"Co .ser, on the Florida State Stage DramaThe be presented Sunday at

William Felder; 38 rDay organist; Emeretle Mc- test in the June gradua- choirs of Mt. Mt. MOri ah AME Church

+ -i Spruce Street. i Nair, pianist. ting class of 1957. MissMISS Vernon Baptist Church Oak and Stonewall Sts.
..a Floyd N. Ti gn er; 1617 Members are; Hazel will be presented in a Serving as mistress of

; .* Prescription Specialists Everson Court. pre-Christmas musical Moore Paula Mack, Pa- narrative dram entitled ceremonies will be Miss

C'_ Mrs. Dorothy L. Foster; entitled 'Christmas in tricia Hill Deborah 'The Child of Peace" Rosetta Bonds. Featured

951 Dam St. luksomille J Fla. EL. 3-9268 2001: N. Myrtle Avenue.B4BBBBBB8BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB. Song" will be presenteein Parsons Madlean Dullard Dec. 19 at 7 p.m. Fea- gu ests will be Miss

a Day Spring Baptist (Dorothy Lewis An- tured soloist are: Mrs. Sandra Forehand and the

.a S Church by the Isaiah aeletta Bullard, Dorothy Ethel Boyd Mrs. Lor- Mt. Moriah Junuor Choir.

? Blocker Chorus in the Lewis Gwendolyn Almon r4 3 ,w 1lA raine Johnson, Mrs. Other: individual talent

interest of Choir land) Gwennettc Jordan, Ann Mrs.j. Footman and others. will particil.ate.If .
;4 i i Continental Bowling i District 17 Dec. 16 atp.m. Greed, Mal vema Taylor, !

4 K enn eth Ho zen do rfCharles ,

1 s: 3118 Fdgewood Phone "December, a Joyous Watts. WOOLWORTh'SLIGHT
Lanes ,
J James Watts\
onth ,For All a seasonal -
: Off Cleveland 768-3493
: : for Van-dot an, Johnson, Louis If
production K x'
J Cart'er, Alton _Red dick,
) r.a narration: and chorus
Reddick A. Black
s1b including the "Feasts R.
.It e and the Kimble VcNair. Louise IT BRIGHT
of Light"
\' I : 'Xfcristm as Sto ry" will Hozendorf. Flosic Cooper H.11. WITSELLWi
:b \ x Thomas Walker. Jerome FOR CHRISTMAS
I I =. be> presented. tsell is cited ir I
; Soloists will be Pamela Patterson, William '\ .
/ : McMillan Sandra Cooper, chairman M.Y.F. "Who s Who among stu- e ,1 1.. ".. .. r..: ,. S LAMP CAMDOUIX><

: Mitchell, William Gil-' Fuiid treasurer; and dents i n America's : 1.98
Fublic Schools in the
'/i _
lard, and Vasati Davis. Gwendolyn Co wart, chairman
Witness South" and "Who's who For mantels,shelves and wiin-
.: .. The sextet and quintetwill Christian. ;
,I J Laveta among Students inAmerica's dows. 8 graduated electric
Christmas se-
Colleges and < candles set on a graceful ivory
\ .. lections. Cheryl; More- Youth directors are: plastic b,se. A truly hand
land will serve as Ash by: Co wart and Walter Universities. some piece to use.this year,
I .j.- Upon graduation from in Chrotma$es to come.
ator. Jones; Counselors, Mrs. s
narr wpOtwoaTN
S3=, .- Members and friends Alice Reddick, Mrs. New stanton Senior High CHRISTMAS TREE UfiHTS
School she received
y ,
have been invited to Edith Lowdell and Mrs. /USUmiStriniLfehti
1 n ,i attend. Choral parentsare Rebecca Samuel. Sponsors many awards, one being a
music schol arship to ,
I med to be special Rayfield Green and Rev. T e 1.97
: A Series Of Special Events = guests. J.J. Reddick pastor. Fla. A&M University of t

t which she served as Con- burn independently. ,
T. : : For Your Bowling Pleasure = tralto soloist; Delta Circuit features branch clips,
15 add-on circuit eomeaor.lonj
_. .... ;. Sigma Theta Sorority; ,. burning bulbs. Colors. I
BYRD Canterbury Club and was
.. BOWLING : selected as a counselor < I. T lsP StriII
,. <
; t
: : for the Freshman women
= UONDAYS 'Ql? 99
t :;..JFuel of KcGbinn Hall. _
TUESDAYS 10 a.Ta. to 2 a.n. "
oil & Bottled Gas Presently Hiss Witsellis For indoor trees.Jumbo bulbs. i
; ; 10 a.m. to 2 a.m.
__ :
: Adults 3 games $1.00Children 25 Gallons To 1.000 If Necessary an Elementary Teacherin
Ladies. -- 3 games $1..00FREE C. 11211'Strml (
; 25$ per game = casts -
= the Duval County;
k PRIZES Be sure to register for = 6330 Restlawi. Iriie i Pta P9. 4-9516 School system, workingat 69C 1

i' : Bowling Shoes and BagS' FREE GIFTS = Jacksonville Beach fat small trees and wreaths.
fee $10 -37.50 & $5. Elementary Senior High
f Game Tickets
[ : Grocery Baskets : FIXED Scbotfcl. She is also a AOOmOXAL BULBS, : Sad a fer 15c :I

:. = 4B WATCHES RIGHT! $ .8 8 nenber" of. the Duval "*Coi fGf 25c I
r Have them on band to replace
11 County Teacher's Ensem-
Cleaned, Oiled Adjusted Case WI th bum outs quickly. tup -2 for tic
io: YOUTHS BAY ble. I
t MEN'S DAY polished and one of the following This Mr. Bowens is a Jane

s. .SATURDAYS ark = parts included: .,, Ad y. 1961 graduate 0 f PAKU. YOUR MONK'S (

_i .. 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. t R> JEW L* MAIN SPRING.BnM. or'o'1N. He is b member of Omega WORTH MOil AT

_ ;;=t.. If Youths 25$ per game. THURSDAYS -' '. ;; :. REAR CRYSTAL'. ,Psi was a Fhi outstanding Fraternity member and WOOLWORTH'SI

c..: 10 a.m. to 2 a.m.t All fork Geannteed 1 TearDAVIDSON'SX .
of the University Concert O ROOSEVELT MALL JACKSONVILLE i
t : ;' PRIZES t .3 games *-- $1.00 = s DAY : = rand University BEACH PLAZA 1729 MAIN STREET I

:tS ."' ,Free Game Tickets '. quartet. He was 0 PHILIPS HIWAY PLAZA 300.302 HOGANST.
=.. ,t JEWELRY CO. Models Slightly] also member of the S FIVE POINTS O CEDAR HILLS
k .B.j Hi w. rwsrn o a H22i S.G.C.: s. G. A.: Y.M.C.A.Canterhury .; TOWN fr COUNTRY SHOPPING CENTER

\ {.""'.; ,

.- .-.::':'-i-. .."

-.: .. -w ....,...,rr.,...... .'" .. ...............,..--. '--. I
t.. i,
1- .' \ (I :

Florida Star Focuses. Pictorial Highlights ,Of Orange Blossom Classic ,

Thousands. Thronged The Streets, Braving Drizzling Rain, To See Florida's Greatest Spectacle --:'" :.

7.. :- "" : : ,j



3I ii i ii i
r iI i
r : s 9fjfl'V I

.M ape rz 1 > a! ...., I Ii
t .;ArdG" :" ..
n44e .. .
w I

I ; ;:: : _e ILU I I

.,.,. :.
O -
c '4 I k Ir..r. a4S :G q I Ia Ia

p a gtt.
r ,
5- ,
4 r'Q .
$ :: rh I
r I I4t II
i'* X w.A a .r R os
5 M A
3Y a
; 4fl yr'.3K: t
4 3 i

e: 4
r iy ,
S Af y I

{ $ .

I. Ott t ,

1) J 'i

4, } : : N
.. Y 54 ,
} y4 YC I f S3

a I' ,a, 1 4.
' t* r j C
1 ; t I

J : 3i S S :S __"".- : .._ __ ._- _. ?t, y

f. ____.,&.""'., ., r.IMJ,.. ,
r. -- --- -- ---- w.w-"W 'Yi"
; .... !
r i% tyMl


I I Lifelike! Loveable!

,. : ; :
ir :
x s ; New Born
6'J :'< t
'I't : z* BABY
't :1 ;: r M

1! __ ?
:I : 9DOLL
S ; : >h 1r-i--- x,41

{ -4 I I

i P-. ts r / #I 1 \V #' _
,1 # wafi I ) eJ & 3.

rn hI i 3 ,y.. \
( y ESt _

t ,p

Si ;yT 'fr : Ya
: b : : ,.
S 1S J \4if5L I
c _

ti L1I1h1 E I II .<:If';': Ai '-"* ..
.r '
J l
41 1. -..: I [ I I $ Ii P II ; t* _____ S 1s1 -



I SAVE '121 3 77

t I, Lr !: : Regularly 4.98

'= She's such.pet to hug...because her body is soft
, and yielding.: Her arms and legs are naturally mould
J ed, her smiling face U just like a real baby's. And ,
.. w p wR her dreaming eyes open wide. She wears t lace-
i .' trimmed christening dress with diaper and booties.
C t i' r L, Her rooted hair is soft and springy. 20'" tall
S y F yv
: it
: S5 __ c := WORTH MORI AT

i Ps
t. .

tt ":i-:' 1 : ___ O MALL O JACKSONVILLE
.' "; 'r. : ,,.. Ti\ : BEACH PLAZA 9 1729 MAIN STREET
f.,', .... PHILIPS HIWAY PLAZA 300-302 HOGAN
: -3 "'
,;: > ,
j .
;: ..
: ., t
:H'.",,,,,;",:"J{' ,. iI;f '''". ".. .i.:5& : F' % It'.
-- "WMM


,'jI ..____._ _._ _. _.
---- -- -- --- ------ ------

"- .' ......41 I ...... ... "" ,.-4'0
# '

II. ,I # t
f )

n.n ---------- --r

Methodists Jax District Hclds Organization's Annual- Project Gets Underway Operation Freedom Peace Corps Official

Successful Confab #i,7'.;. "l? ": .,
Four-Day x Moves Into Miss. Plans Extensive

The Jacksonville District Conference of
the Methodist Church, Rev. J.B.F. Williams -'- 5'r Y Operation Freedom is Recruiting ProgramST.

j district superintendent, was held at Mount 5- extending its work into PETFRSBURQ---A
f Moruth Church, South Jacksonville November the Delta
Area of Mississippi Washington, D. C. of-
27.-23-24. Rev. William Stittshost minister.me where it is as- announced that he
preconferencemeeting -1 1- sisting persons harassedfor will initiate plans for

held by Supe- ster HospitalRev. e, __ registering to -vote. extensive recruiting of

I rintendent Williams at Robinson gave the ; The board of Operation college
6 o'clock, Thursday, 22, local junior
Freedom voted to expand
morning message on
students for the Peace
opened all avenue torharaony Saturday to more than j. into Mississippi after

I and expediency.It 75 youth from over the receiving reports of Corps.
J. Washington,
f Lawrence
I was the deciding fac district in addition to 4e widespread and bitter
an official of the U. S.
tor in the success of adult delegates. The hardship result fag from
of Agricultureon
the conference. subject, "Seeing the the drive to register
loan to the peace
The welcome program, Invisible God." Jack Negroes to vote in that
led by the host minister Whittington offered to state. Corps, announced that he ;

erected an atmosphere of youth: and adult alike a .iIftJ The Rev. Clarence T.R. will send a Peace Corps i irepresentative
Ii \ -M ''' .. I Gibbs
ease. The local church great challenge-on opportunities -i'- ;. --- Nelson, Detroit, board I
which-was recently built in the medical chairman, reported that junior College soon to

5 served as a gre'at source field. The Woman i i thousands of persons seek personnel 'or the

of inspiration. At 7 o' Society o ? Christian
clock the Thanksgiving Service, led by l,rs. f_ J' surplus foftd. pthers had Development program,

1 service was led by the Hattie James, led the been driven off the operated to a greut extent -

district Superintendent.Rey. women in District l' \ ( land, denied credit, by Junior college

Eddie Rivers gave Organization Rev. J i shot at, and arrested personnel.
the from the Reddick, under the director t ?la f on trumped-up charges,
message F he said. Washington was in St.
sutj ect, 'Thanking God Mrs. O.A. Bums .
Petersburg in answer toa
For two years Operation
organized the
in Troublous TImes. youth. A/
Freedom has been assisting request made of peace
I Rev, Rivers is pastor of L _
k t. farmers and Cores headquarters by Dr.
If f' Ebcnerer Church Bishop Ball others subjected to John W. Re bert, Gibts
Communion service, held '
harassment for junior College presidentDr.
1 I on Friday morning, was Closes PREPARE FOP. XVAS MISSION-.-The above photo shows some of the member of the Florica Charities and
Confab registering to vote in Rembert bad polledthe
led by Rev. 1. Reddi ek, Educational Benefit League, inc. pac' tging gifts and clothing which will be distributed to thearta'
Fayette and Haywood stud 1t body earlier
pastor of Simpson Church Bishop V. F. Ball, pre- needy, an annual yuletide phase of the orgftld zation' s program._ in the center is the League'spresident counties in West Ten- this semester and found
and he was assisted by siding prelate of the Joshua Hillman cthers from left are: Mesdames Ella Mae gclden, Alice roneay, Florence desir-
nessee. Cash grants and numerous students
Reverends) Isaiah Mc- Eleventh Fpiscopal Dis- Alexander, and. Hattie Anderson. Food hill also be distribute; along with! other items. ,
.. loans helped to save ing to join the peace
Ii Fherfron, Robert Dell, trict of the AME Church, -
i A. L Fierce, Eddie closed the P7 th con- Christian Group STAR Ilglls many families from be fag Corps

Rivers J.W. Moffett! ference session of the .. Wins Classic Drawing driven off the land.

Daniel Singleton' R. L. East Florida conference Dwal's Mississippi The Delta adjoins region one of Dodger Catcher

Holtz C. Steger, w.ha "unday with services inFt. Sets Dec. 16 FeteThe Prevyiag w r f'.
: of the Tennessee coun-
Smith,. who gave a soul Stephen Avr! church. r Files SuitLOS
Host minister for the program committee Cage Teams ties. It includes some
stirring Conmunion Medi- of the richest fanning
annual event was Re/v. of the Christian Endeavor -
tation. Rev. Willinm Beginning this week the k r. o land in the world, producing that defective catcher'smask
Hour revealed
R.A. Ting, pastor off
Little from KdClenny plans during the monthly Florida Star is presenting fine cotton in caused him to suffer -
:JYIl e Chapel AViE Church
charge gave the noonday Rev. A.R. Richardson of staff meeting held recently a preview of a great quantities. a serious facial injury -
message, subject the county' s High School last
during a
the West Jacksonville for Christian First Timothy game
TheProdical fbn. l basket: ball squads con -
District was host pre- activities. i spring, I. A. Dodger
Friday night was highlighted ding elder. The'service till be pI et e with pictures, Slates Year's backstop is awaiting

with renditionsby The closing sermon was held Dec. 16 at 3, p.m. scheduled and the outcome of a law suit
Bethune-o>okn-an College delivered by Bishop Bellat and is tentatively coaches predictions and Final ConfabThe against a baseball

ChoJr. These were 3 p.m. before a capacity scheduled for Mt., Olive comments. This week we equipment menu fectu rer.
led by Rev. R.P. Fair, attendance of members visit the 'Home of the final conference of
Through his ,
AWE! Church. The theme 9 h the year in First Timothy -
chaplain of the college. and friends. Also I
Fanthers" Matthew. Albert W. Jones and Leo
selected for the monthis ei Baptist Church will
, He to the featured were the combined _
choirs represent "Giving. and is Gilbert Hi itl.Scmol. be held Dec. 13 at 7: 45p.m. Branton Jr. Roseboro is
,a great challenge based on the example' of The Eastside dagers with the pastor, seeking $25.000 in

by his beautifulm ing the various God's gift of his Son to are last year's city Rev. R.L. Sni th and officers daniages for loss of income -
church's: of tae disUSE -
essag e. the world. chsnps and were runner-: ; sustained as a result
,*. in charge. The
Some of the visitorswere \ Clubs, fraternal groups up for regional honors. T __ 4 election of officerswill of the alleged inJury -
Rev. S.S. Robinson
: Earl Kitchings is :
J District Superintmdent FIRST CLASS churches groups will be and contactedwith civic Athletic director and be held. was reported I II

of the Gainesville District POSTAGE ON an explanation as Oscar Norman is basket- I
Jack Yfhittington,
I ; to how they may partici ball coach. Norman wasa t-------r

p Administrator of Brew- CHRISTMAS CARDS pate.MEATS stellar performer on .
the hardwoods in additional -
b It 't --t.
to ga bing All- ,
America honors in foot-
SUPERIOR ball. He and Coach
Kitchings played their CONGRAroLATIONfi! ---r.trf.. Mary Thomas (center of t t tt

A. 552ft Bergmann Rd. received a roun-H.-ip train
7 9 PM college ball at FloridaA. Sahara liquors
To and M. ticket to Miami's orange Blossor "lassie as :t result t t tt
-- of the recent drawing held." by the Quaint
F-- Coach Norman has his
Pyramids, CivicClub, Making the pre.s:;.tation ere ",..,
crying towel out. He
WHERE YOU GET 16OZ. TO THE POUND"BOTTOM Mrs. Deloris Thomkins (left) business mn'iager.: and. t t
OF WEST BEAVER ST. VIADUCT-TURN LEFT states that he has only
Mrs. Annie Li Heads, cori-espondii t secretary. The
from last
.. IN -EThe FARMERS MARKET SUNDAYS squad two repeaters, John LaRosa a event was held durirg a sociu at the hone! of Mrs. .C-------t

FRESH FLORIDA GRADE "A"FRYERS24 senior forward and Ru- Rhena B. Battles.
(Royal Art Studio Photo) .j
dolph Jamison a senior 1

CIB. guara. me rest.L 01 therest I

-of the squad is -"
of '.' : <: :;*1?...:..[.:>::.':':.:.;...:.....'.. ..:... .'ftJ.. :::;'/::.: _! '
comprised sophomores '' '"' '
.'/ :: ;;:.
and juniors. Norman .. .
U.S. GOOD HEAVY WESTERN says 'We are rebuilding

CIB. am not making any predictions


will fare but all four : ,
f '
Iii." ,;
I opponents can rest as- I. :: : :. 'ii.;

sured that we are goingto "" the milk with extra Vitamin D for
SANTA Will Give Free PresentsTo be in the thick of
the fight when the bell _'I sound teeth and strong bones!

rings. .
The Kiddies Saturday ,And Sunday. The Panthers opened L::... ":
s.}' "Bobby grows out of his clothes so fast I can hardly keep
their 1962-63 season : him in jeans,"says their mother. "But Francis is growing

this week against the right into them."
IV tM (WE of Murray
q Their father Dr. Robert Higginbotham, is physician for
High, St. Augustine' on I; ..., the Midland Pennsylvania High School.His private practice
Tuesday and meet the ;' takes him many miles through neighboring country.

BIG LP ALBUM SALE- I stanton Vocational Engineers ::1. Mrs. Higginbotham left her art-teaching career several
Friday night.Girl
," years ago. But she is still an artist in the kitchen-with an
t .,..
(Special :! & eye to nutrition. "I get extra Vitamin D into this family
1 Group
) y1, FSf i I by using Carnation as the milk in puddings and pies and
I .-. Scouts Plan : cocoa-and on cereals!"

TT> .:%<. 97 c.4. I Ia Carnation to help is build the healthy sound teeth family and milk-with bones. No extra wonder VitaminD this

: I .. : I Christmas ParlyAt sr evaporated milk in the milk red,-and by far.-whi to-. can is the world's favorite

i RAY CHARLES PLATTERS B. B. KING DINAH WASHINGTON 1 Mt. Ararat : { : "I get the creamiest cream pies

;'-:. .// -just by using Carnation"
i ClYDE MC PHATTER SAM COOKE( ETTA JAMES ERRILL GARNER | DpcAheJ18th! t< > \ Mrs.Hifginbotham declares.
, s' : .z MANY OTNEASi Girl Scouts Troop 249 t \ when you add an equal
,.- and 318 of Mt. Ararat .. .' : amount of water Carnation
Baptist Church held a A is richer than sweet whole

%, regular meeting recently milk-for smoother resultsin

d all your cooking!
: I an decided to hold

their annual Christmas
large Selection 45 Single Records a
,. Featuring party Tuesday, Dec. 18 1 r----'

i latest t Hits Of (ROCK & Rfltl- at 4 p.m. in the church recipe: L _
auditorium Mrs. J.E. F ,

ii ... :: loin Our Free Rectri CM After You IDJ 11t Tie Davis troop leader I CARNATION'S EXTRA-CREAMY CHOCOLATE I
I PIE Makes 8-inch
at ated. CREAM ( one pie) I

45 Single Records, toe Receiie 1 Free of Year f"Ici. All girls are requestedto II 1 package chocolate pudding-
1L ? I and-pie filling mix
I (Yon Do Net Nate Ti lij Then All At lICe) will bring be exchanged.gifts which'Members I 1 cup undiluted CARNATION

who were absent 1 water
I cup
: i from the last; r eg liar I 1 baked 8-inch pie shell

The RECORD Bar meeting are urged .to I Combine the pudding and pie filling I
completed pay wit ef mix with Carnation Evaporated Milk
I and water in Cook POAT
1 saucepan. according
their dues Healthy
reff.ilar fb'r country boys "growing up overnight" Bobby
directions mix.
on Pour
t 40 W. FORSYTH ST. PHONE EL 4-8066 the year since Deeber and Frauds Hi inbotham. aged 7 and 4. were both 8-inch crust Cool. Top with toasted
is the final for payments Carnation babies-and they're both Carnation boys! I coconut or sliced bananas. I

Vrs. Davis 'eea- : Mother is an artist. Daddy is a doctor. L______________"from Conttnttd Con*"

eluded. .


I -- ,-\-t:. .._ .... .
--- -

..., -- : -T ..-' ,. ...--_. '- "--"'-- -. -. -

r------- .I 'f. )I I!

6 FLHIIA STAR /A AMethodists
-.;.. SATURDAY DECEMBER 15. 1962

Jax Distrkt Fitli's Organization's. Annual Project Gets Underway Operation Freedom Peace Corps --r Official

,. > -..
.Jr'. r
Successful -Cousfub "
< Moves Into Miss. Plans Extensive

The Jacksonville District Conference of
the Methodist 'Church Rev. J.B.F. Williams +y e Operation Freedom is Recruiting ProgramST.

district superintendent, was held at ?
Mount extending its work into PETFRSBURGAWashington

Moriuh Church, South Jacksonville, November the Delta Area of Mississippi D. C. of-

22-23-24.-. Rev. William Stittshost minister where it is as- ficial announced that he

The preconferencemeeting sisting persons harassedfor initiate plans for
held by Superintendent ster HospitalRev. : -It T 11 registering to rote. extensive recruiting of

Williams at Robinson gave the The board of Operation college
6 o'clock, Thursday, 22, local junior
morning message on Freedom voted to expand
students for the peace
opened all avenue tor Saturday to more than into Mississippi after

i harmony and exx:e di En cy 75 youth from over the j r receiving reports of Corps.
; Lawrence J. Washington,
It fet :
+ was the deciding fac district in addition to widespread and bitter
an official of the u. S.
tor in the success of adult delegates. The hardship result fag from
of Agricultureon
I the conference. subject, "Seeing the f the drive to register
loan to the peace
M The welcome program, Invisible God." Jack Negroes to vote in that
led by the host minister Whittington offered toyouth state. Corps, announced that he

erected an atmosphere of and adult alike a : The Rev. Clarence T.R. vrill send a peace Corps i irepresentative
to Gibbs
ease. The local church great chall enge-'on opportunities Nelson, Detroit, board
which' was recently built in the medical .1 chairman, reported that junior College soon to

I served as a grelat source field. The Woman : ... 4' thousands of persons seek personnel "(Ir the

of inspiration. At 7 o1 Society or Christian ? have been cut off from peace Corps' Connunity;

clock the Thanksgiving Service led by Mrs. .. ; surplus foad. ethers had Development program,

f service was led by the Hattie James, led the \{ been driven off the operated to a grout 'x-

district Superin tm ent. women in District land, denied credit tent by Junior college
Rev. Eddie Rivers gave Organization Rev. J qlr az .J'aEA shot at, and arrestedon personnel.

the message from the Reddi ck, under the director n trumped-up charges,
he said. Washington was in St.
RuLj ect, 'Thanking God Mrs. O.A. Burns .
For two years Operation Petersburg in answer toa
organized the
in Troublous Times. youth.
Freedom has been assisting request made of peace
Rev Rivers is pastor
of farmers and Cores headquarters by Dr.

Ebcnerer Church Bishop Ball others subjected to John W. Renbert, Gibbs .
Communion service, held. .;
similar harassment for Junior College president
11 i on Friday morning, was PREPARE FOP. XKAS: MISSION---The above photo shows some of the membejs of the FlorKa Charities and
Closes Confab registering to vote in Dr. Rembert had polledthe
hI led by Rev. J. Reddick Educational Benefit League, inc. packiging! gifts and clothing which will be distributed to the
Fayette and Haywood stud 1t body earlier
r pastor of Simpson Church Bishop w.F. Ball, pre- arnu't needy, an annual yuletide phase of the orgf1rdzation'a: program._ in the center is the League'spresident counties in West Ten- this semester and found

; i and he was assisted by siding prel ate of theEleventh Joshua..Hillmau. cthers from left are: Mesdames Ella Mae golden, Alice Poneay, Florence desir-
5 nessee. Cash grants and numerous students
) Reverends I.s d ah Mc- Episcopal District Alexander, and Hattie Anderson. Food ill also be distributed ulong wit: other items. ,
loans helped to save ing to join the peace
1. Fherton. Robert Dell, ; ; or tne; Nit; Church
A. L Fi erce, Eddie closed the P7 th con- Christian Group STAR Mains many families from be tigdrivoi Corps.
ference Wins Classic Drawing off the land.
Rivers J.W. Moffett! session of the

Daniel Singleton, R. L. East Florida conference Dival's Mississippi The Delta adjoins region one of Dodger Catcher
1l Holtz C. Steger L U "unday with services in Sets Dec. 16 FeteThe Preveing rri"z ,
of the Tennessee coun-
Ft. Stephen 4V r Church.
Smith who gave a soul Files
Host minister for the program committeeof Cage Ttanis ties. It includes some
stirring Communion Medi- annual event was Re/v. the Christian Endeavor of the richest farming LOS ANGELES Stating
tation. Rev. Williwn Beginning this week the land in the world, pro- that defective catcher's
R.A. Ting, pastor of Hour revealed i1tix.
Little from tfcTlenny Fayne Chapel ASS E Church plans dicing the monthly Florida Star is presenting 5 ducing fine cotton in mask caused him to suffer

charge gave the noonday Rev. A.R. Richardson of staff meeting held recently a preview of great Quantities. a serious facial injury -

message, subject, for Christian the county's High School during a game last
the West Jacksonville First Timothy
TheProcttcal ton. basket ball squads con-
District, was host pre- activities. spring I. A. Dodger
Friday night was highlighted ding elder. The/service ill be plete with pictures, Slates Year's backstop is awaiting

with renditionsby The closing scheduled and the outcome f law suit
sermon was held Dec. 16 at 3 p.m., 0 a
Bethune-Q okran College delivered by Bishop Bell and is tentatively coaches predictions and Final ConfabThe against a baseball

CtDJ r. These were at 3 p.m. before a capacity scheduled for Mt. Olive comments. This week we equipment nwiufacturer.
led by Rev. R.P. F n1 r, attendance of mem- visit the 'Home of the conference of his
Through attorneys,
AVC Church. The theme e. the year in First Timothy -
chaplain of the college.He bers and friends. Also Fanthers" Matthew w.
selected for the monthis Baptist Church will Albert W. Jones and Leo

broujtf-t to the conference bined featured choirs were represent the com-- "Gi ving, and is Gilbert Hi School.. t be held Dec. 13 at 7: 45 Branton Jr. Roseboro is

.a great challenge based on the example of The Eastside fagers p.m. with the pastor, seeking $25. 000 in
in the various
by his beautifulm chuich's of tue disUSE God's gift of his Son to are last year1 s city Rev. R.L. smith and officers damages for loss of income -

eRsag e. tri ,,+. the wo rld. clumps and were runnerup : A R in charge. The sustained as a result
Some of the visitors for regional bo x rs. of the
Clubs, fraternal groups election of officerswill alleged inJury -
, were: Rev. S. S. Robinson Earl Ki t chi ngs is
,;: churches and civic be held. it was reported
I District Superintendent FIRST CLASS groups will be contacted Athletic director and S as I

of the Gainesville District -
Oscar Norman is basketball
POSTAGE ON with an explanation as
f ; Jack Whittington: to how they may partici co ach. No man wasa t------J

t Administrator of Brew- CHRISTMAS CARDS pate.MEATS stellar performer on

1 the hardwoods in additional 1000, t' f '41 t ,
to gahing All- y \
1= !
OPEN America honors in foot- ... .... ....-- .IB .
SUPERIOR ball. He and Coach
their CONGRATULATIONS! ; :.. Mary Thomas (center of t t tt
Kitchings played
A.A1, received roun-lt ip train
5529 Bergmann Rd. a !
7 9 PMINCLUDING college ball. at FloridaA. Sahara liquors
ticket to Miami's orange Blossor. "Jassic as result -
I To and M. t t tt
of the recent drawing helcUby the Quaint
+'- Coach Norman has his
Pyr.uaids, Civic.Club, Making the pre-tation are ,"q'
crying towel out. He
"WHCRE YOU CET 16-OZ. TO THE POUND" Mrs. Deloris Thomkins (left) l'll.,iness manager, and. t t tt
Mrs. Annie L. Heads, correspondi>. secretary. The

.. IN <- The FARMERS MARKET SUNDAYS :: squad two repeaters, John LaRosa from last a event ,as Battles.held duriig: a social at the ho'..- of Mrs. -t=-------r

Rhena B.
FRESH FLORIDA GRAb "A"FRYERS24 senior forward and Ru- .
(Royal Art Studio Photo) --------A.
dolph Jamison: a senior I

; B ward. The. rest of the ,.

rest-of the squad is ':::':::"<: ::::::":::",.::.,:.:...:.........y....:..'. .

IB. comprised_ of sophomores .
and juniors. Norman .
' U.S. GOOD HEAVY WESTERN says ',e are rebuilding rypx/ii:Y ::

: C am not making this year.any pre I STARTED ON CARNATION

CHUCK ROAST 3 8 dictions as to how we

I --) IB. will opponents fare but can all rest tour as- i% I -STAYED ON CARNATION

'sured that we are goingto i the milk with extra Vitamin D for

SANTA Will Give Free Presents be in the thick of
the fight when the bell ty'r F i sound teeth and strong bones!

.... .
I rings. <.<: .
To The Kiddies Saturday And Sunday. The Panthers opened s : ': ...'
: "Bobby grows out of his clothes so fast I can hardly keep
their 1962-63 season him in jeans,"says their mother. "But Francis is growing
this week against the tI ::: right into them."

'iwm&wm ;. Their father, Dr. Robert Higginbotham,is physician for
} High, St. Augustine' on :": the Midland Pennsylvania High School.His private practice

i Tuesday and meet the takes him many miles through neighboring country.

BIG LP ALBUM Stanton Vocational Engineers .'...' Mrs.
SALE ::::"" Higginbotham left her art-teaching career several

: & Friday nigit. 'I years ago. But she is still an artist in the kitchen-with an

I (Special Group) ;, ii I eye to nutrition. "I get extra Vitamin D into this family
:> tr ?*. !*" by using Carnation as the milk in puddings and pies and
-'- Girl Scouts Plan cocoa-and on cereals!"

-., '. Carnation is the healthy family milk-with extra Vitamin

I \ 97 g:' i D to help build sound teeth and bones. No wonder this

j : -, Christmas Party "y t E i milk in the red-a nd-white can is the world's favorite
JI : evaporated milk,by far.

/:... b. .
k x
At Mt. Ararat 9

J RAY CHARLES PUTTERS B. B. KING BIHAH WASHINGTON i MI get the creamiest cream pies

E; !,. ,/ -just by using Carnation,"
(See recipe below.) Even
MANY OTHERS I Girl Scouts Troops 249 !f t when you add an equal
J and 318 of Mt. Ararat "- amount of water Carnation
, Baptist Church held a fi: '' is richer than sweet whole

VL' Frr' regular meeting recently I milk-for smoother results

I an d decided to bold I "' in all your cooking!IF

N/', Large Selection Of 45 Single Records Featuring party their annual Tuesday Christmas Dec. 18 !

|r----: ,
i latest Nits 6 at 4pm. in the church
3 auditorium Mrs! J. E, ,
loin Our Free Record Glib After You Buy 10 Of Tie Davis troop leader t I CARNATION'S EXTRA-CREAMY CHOCOLATE I
CREAM PIE (MakntmtS-inchpit
stated.All ) I

Ii Ii 45 Single Records, You Receive 1 1 Free' of Your koice.a girls are requestedto Z 3, 1 package chocolate pudding. I

tx and-pie filling mix I
a (Yon Bo Not Hale To lay Then All At Dice) will bring be exchanged.gifts which Members o 1 cup undiluted CARNATION I

who I
! were absent I 1 cup water
from the last reg 'll ar 1 baked 8-inch pie shell I

I The RECORD Bar meeting are urged to Combine the pudding and pie filling I
completed payment of r wr mix with Carnation Evaporated Milk I
their \l and water in saucepan.Cook according .IU'VICA I
reg. ar dues for Healthy country boys "growing up overnight Bobby
I to label directions on mix. Pour into ..... MIL
40 W. FORSYTH ST. PHONE EL 4-8066 the year since DecBDberis and Francis HJgginbotham. aged 7 and 4, were both i 8-inch crust Cool. Top with toasted ."" .. .J I
the final for payments Carnation babies-and they're both Carnation boys! I coconut or sliced bananas. I

i+rs. Davis con- Mother is an artist. Daddy is a doctor. |L______________"1mm Cottd Cat*"_

cluded. -


--------- ,....., ... 10':::"' __t.:.-" -" -'':: .: ..(:.:,. .. "'_ :.:. ,'::...- ,:'"H-' ",.'."'..- __::.. .: v. :;.. :. ,



Graduation Wracked Champ Panthers Cagers; Present Outlook Hopeful- New St. James Women s Day Event t' '.


Claimed Successful

The Women of New St. retary respectively for

,f i James AME Church had the day.

much success in their Mrs. Eva L. Guyton,
}n K. t
women's Day program re- Principal of Carver Ele-

Rv.a. t : m : ently. mentary School, worked

1; A1 :' ji Speaker for the event very faithfully as

during the 11 a.m. hour general chairman and
"I. ;1 F was Mrs. Annette E. had the wonderful cooperation -

; \ q r of Mrs. EssieB.
McCloud as co-chair

i 4 r ,:' N7; man.

Mrs. Guyton wishes to

'.x. 'ryj, N r.. r : 14 ... ,,1 r e -'t
i } -
; j r s ,.
r : C K.tr .qof ..."'.'S J kt

., .. .\
3 3j ,
n F
/ iiC. *

.i r"q h

I i 1I4i .d

% cp.k't A A a
=:(* : :. ; ;;;::' -' '. :'}.:'tw ; : / ? #; : 'y"x':x':" ") ; MRS. E.L. CDYTON

1 Jii""fr.j;; l : : .. .< z.. _

OPERATION REBUILDING---Despite the return of only two lettermen from ing Panthers" entire squad, namely from light: Victor LaRosa, assistant
Espy, who spoke of the
last year s County Champs team.MattltPt 1'. Gilbert s "Fighting Panthers" manager; Vaughn Ford. Lester WI lks, Charles Bevel John LaRosa, George

vo. to be well in the thick of things when the curtain rings down oil Johnson, Fred Chisoln, Ellis Jones Samuel Jones james Goodson, Rudolph importance of acceptinga R'.e"/
tcsk and doing it
Huval') s 1962-63 high school court races. in photo left, Coach j. B. Day Williams, assistant manager. MI'G's sports program is carried on well.

eiplains a new play to veterans Rudolph Jamison (11) &r.d John La osa(14) under the supervision of Athletic Director Far] S. Kitchen. J. B. Dayis

while the rest u/ the squad look on.Shown in photo right are theTight- the panther cabers' jayvee coach. Congratulations are MRS. ESSIE MCCLOUD
being given to Mrs. Es-
.. (Royal Art Studio photos)
telle B.

Kvssell Grabs Savings ClubHolds STAR Story Revmtes Friends FAMU PlayersTo Rev. J. W. Jones Principal Elementary of Lovingood School Arlington who express and appreciation sincere thanks to all

10,000 MarkNEW Year's Returns To MidwayRev. served as Program Com- commi ttees. man bers, and

Parted Over 26-Year PeriodAN Stage mittee chairman. friends who in any way
J.W. Jones was re-
30- contributed toward the
YORK snaring Final MeetingThe Mrs. Rovena Hughes,

rebounds in a recent I appointed pastor of served as Recording' Sec- wonderful success forth
Champion savings AME Zion presiding elders curiosity followingthe Hughs' Play Here Mother Midway AME Church
112-106 win over the retary and Mrs. Ann Ha- c
Club held its final reading of an article in the Nov. 17 issue of Sunday following the
Chicago Zephyrs, BostonCeltics'
"Simply Heavenly, a gan, as Financial Sec-
center Bill meeting of the year recently the Florida STAR has ably supported the axiom that comedy with music will close 0 f the 87th annual .1

in the home of "Truth is Stranger than Fiction.' the STAR East Florida conference
Russell reached a rebounding be' presented by the FAMU
learned this week. S W. F. Ball.
Thomas by Bishop HotelTV
Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie's
inilpttone of
I Players Guild Jan. ?8 in WANTED
10.002 in his sevenths Williams with Deacon N. gospel mo rl s. 1 the local Civic Auditorium Rev. Jones will be pre- Beauty Operators & Bar- in Fvery RoonForReservations !

amn with the Boston B. Barnes serving asmooerutor. Prof. Davis remained at under the sponsor- sent Sunday at his post bers-New Hollywood Beauty CallEL

club Wesley for four years, of duty d Grin g Sunday
ship of New Stanton & Barber Lounge-622 V.
During the same week The following were e- and whm he decided to''Senior High School. School and throughoutthe Ashley-Call Mr. Tarver 741 t% W. ASHLEYJacksonville

1 along the pro basketball lected off'icers for the KY leave, he recommended to'- This announcement was day. EL 4-9774 Florida
front, Oscar Robertson the pastor that Dr. Lim- SUNDAY'S SERVICES
coming year: made by Principal CharlesD.
him, Dr. Sunday School begins at Services
bric supersede
of the Cincinnati
Royals Mrs. Annie Bell pugh, Brooks, who also said
9:30 with BrotherS.C.
Limbric continued. a.m.
inserted himself in the president; Mrs. Frances 4'p that this will be another'first'
individual Dr. Limbric, assumedthe Hart, superintendent SOUND SERVICE
scoringcolumn .
vice i Ient
Price pre ; for the schoolin
by establishing post as Wesley director in charge.FOR Sound Service for Ad- Medicines-Cosmetics
Mrs. Elouise Gaither, i. its continuous effortsto All Leading
himself in four of the of music for two vertising-Dances Ball
financial secretary RENT
; present attractions of Hair preparations
and then enteredthe etc. Also Loud
five columns. years Qames
Miss Benesly Ann Butler,
interest to the general
2BDRM Apt.Wired Far Elec.
U' ministry. Speaker Service for Banquets -
Big performingin
assistant secretary ; 55 public. Cor. Broad &
Range.1817 Baldwin St.$12
the back court fort During -the period from Concerts, Record
Mrs. MartTtv "Millars The FAMH Players are
until 1962, Dr. Ikly. Phone El 49265ANNOUNCEMENT EL 4.2159THE
(' Royals, was fourthin 1940 Hops etc: Phone L 3-5902
recording secretary; directed by Dr. Randolph
scoring second infield Limbric said he lost
Mrs. Elizabeth Matbis Edmunds who is inter-
goal percentages, track and communicationwith
assistant recording
(, fifth in free-throw percentages Prof. Dav is. add l@ nationally recognizedfor Arnett E. Cirardeau. DDS,
secretary ; Horace his direction and
and second in Williams treasurer; from time to time he of announces the opening of SOOTH'S LARGEST & FINEST
production top per-
1 assists.Inscoring.. f wondered as to his where his office .for general
Mrs. Marian Williams formances. Dr. Edmunds
..had about of Denistry at
"inking-fundMiss; MarthaAbney DR. W. J. LIMBRIC is no stranger to the
R 463 Hi 15-games for a .. FrIendDr. He went 'ontosay that. .- 1306 W. 15th St. Jack
reporter. .Finds citizens of Jacksonvilleand
1' 30.9 average. He c.onncctr on reading various news sonville B.Fla.El 42222. I
Also James Abney Duval county who Walking-T alking-Kissing PattyCakeTom6alioa
/ chaplain; Mrs. Estelle W.J. Limbric, Pre- have been witnessinghis
of the Star, he
the floor'in 319 attempts issue ment.Emergencies,Anytime.
Healey, business manager. in the Chatty.Catby -
for a .545 per si ding Elder of the ran across the name of
Members are: Mrs. opal state for the past sev-
r centage. In foul shooting Frown.Mrs. Helen Bivins Jacksonville AME Zion Church District related, Frof. Davis, and then eral years Mr. Brooks FOR SALE J.. _.A Drink & Wet. From 14 Incbes
j his J15 out cf 141 began making inquirie
gave..him an .816 mark Mrs. Maria Williams, these chain of events to about him. He finally said. Over 100 GoodCleanRea j High te The Big 36 Ilc.esffi1
Mrs. Hattie Osberly "Simply Heavenly': was sonably priced used Cars-
r and fti assists, he had St ar representative contacted Prof. Davisby
144 for a 9.5 average. George Dunlop Darnell Tuesday. phone and 'sure written by Langston Some Late Models pricedto :[( $1.98 te $11.98DRINK
Phillips Miss ovi .'a with music Sell Fast. Bring Your (
According to Dr. Lim- enough," he had finallyestablished Hughes composed \ ,
Reed, Miss Brenda pugh, bric, in 1936, he was a contact with L by David Martin. Title to 2509 'Phillips BROADWAY DEPT. STORE

Mrs. Irene Jones Mrs. Zenia This well known play ap- Highway Rt. 1. South
student attending
HDlrncs and Wosl a long lost friend. AND WET 119 BROAD ST. PHONE EL 4.6018
I 8fflnoral H'\ tt ie Jones Mrs. College in Pittsburgh, Now that the lines of peared on Broadway for Fl 9-2791 & PI 9-279 DOLL

Home SAmhnnnrr Beatrice Reed and Miss Pa. While there, he was [. several years with great YOUR CREDIT IS GOOD

Martha Abney reporter. a member of Wesley Center I success. The FAMU players
.Srrt'ict n .
: Church which guild have scheduledthis
was then pasto red by production for one
2719 I W. Eripewood Ave.rtvne i Royal Crown
1'1 I PO 5.16" I Rev. W.W. Slade who was of its presentations in A
later elevated to the Europe next year.
cccccc ccc==O\ Cola I I shopry. {
) I Limbric-- Six hundred tickets for Most tasteful
Dr.thm Mr.
I the forthcoming produc-

If 1 I rWII'I M & CHERRY'S Cocktail.w I'-sr LoungeSUPER BAR .r -1' which swig conducted in was the at by Wesley that a Prof.time Choir E. tion afternoon ly" went of "Simply on at sale New Stantonand Heaven-Tuesday gift of the fl\ \

'!I Cordial Atmosphere I Clifford Davis who was persons interested in !

I Where Old Friends Meet director of music of attending the performancemay year

l/ S 1843 Ktngs Rd-E 3-8099--1138 W.Adams-El w7-74,5 i director of music of PROF.E.CLIFFORD DAVIS secure same from mem-

"I'II'.I" ''. 'JF ........ L. IoIL Wesley's senior and ...Old Tie Cemented"communications bers of the faculty. The ,,1 s
little theater of the 1

I have civic auditorium only

AWWIi again become cemented seats 600 persons and (7j
between the two men, rri't17
I those lovers of the stage
Frof. Davis is now the
who wish to get good
4 new director 0 f music
WtUI seats are udvised to
l. for Walters Memorial AMF
purchase their tickets
Zion Church, it was early.

MARKET jointly announced by Dr.

I, M Linbric and Rev. R.L. Second Baptists h

r Rogers,' pastor.

Under Prof. Davis' direction < s

1 BLUE PLATE jii the first Cal- ti
jii vacade of Songs recital
BERSNEI will beheld Sunday Around Holiday Events 7-

nigit Dec. 16 at 7: 30 o*
} SUGAR clock in Walters Me- Due to Yuletide activities Schenley-ihe whisky for tasteful giving. .

5 16.Quhae. i morial AME Zion Church. business, the regular :n decanters designed for gracious living! .

1'with Prof. Davis will also, meeting at Nu..w

i direct a Cal vacade of Second Baptist Church nvo r., c

;9.00 K"L songs program on the will be held Tuesday henle 4 S :
night Dec. 18 with Rev. Jchenleq
mtre hod order first Sunday of each j.C. Sans pastor, .eum.r
; pre-
j 9C I month All former at the embers church. of siding.

Each district
the Cal and 1 4'J4 ,
.IHI vacade of Songs '
Hallmark 5
Schenley's Decanter
will $5.00 fool order auxiliary are asked to ;
ensemble interested in is exquisite to look at. And in- ;
i. BLEACH singing with the new select an officer no side. .. the light and rich sunny ,
CENTER CUT later than S
I INits group are requested to Monday, 'x o morning flavor of SchenleySchenley's ,
Dec. 17.
contact Prof. Davis Annual reports i-. straight whiskys are '

PORK CHOPS quit 5' PO 8- 33 4 3, or Dr. will be lade and all > mellowed 8 full jtars before

i Limbric at EL 43867. !cabers are urged to be : a blending with choice grain s
$5.00 erfcr present. ':--:..
spirits. Give Schenley!

it i lodge Meets Dec. 14 I The Deacons Board will v Gift-wrapped at no extra cost!

I '' 59C SWEET meet Monday night, Dec.

Pallbearers Grand Union ;; rrr : Hallmark Decanter available in both quart and fifth sites.fSpSfcvfK .
n.Sunday's S
POTATOES31b. Lodge No. 228 will celebrate order of ser- 4- z <.dJ

its first anni vices
prevail as
i CENTER CUT WHITE versary Friday night. usual with Smday School *. 'sa i '

250 25C. I Dec 14 iq Mt. Ararat starting at 9:30 a.m. t .: < ': i :: : _i f ,- J.il'

tBACON .. !. Baptist Church's Education and with the pastor delivering ", '- .. .. .,, ...r... _'---_...
Building Miss
the 11 a.m. and '---. .
-- < r < ;
..&. .......U L* U".. _., u.,.u AI.,. .,. .. Marguerite' Dennis, evening worship ser- '. ., ..
RROT Rr@RIR\Z R R yIl4 president, amounced. vi ces


:-;- "T = : -=- .. _._;: -: --= ::: : ::::;;;..-:- ._411 ...:.--: .--- ,. .---- ---'*. .. .. "H', --_. -- --::.. -- ---- --. .' .. 1

f .. _, .. .
i KrwiV ."". .oJ.".. .-... ... )' }
IJ/I6.; 1 1SP'ORTfNG"IT'

.4' .. ..,' ; / .- : jVrt ri ". "" iniwp STW'.; ." : > ; e:r : SATURDAY DECEM HER is, 19&2

.. ..,. i'
.. -
<: i l\l Q 6WG WinwlifJ .1 .\I. 'I

\V UP .1 C.'Ors Cop l2\ 3; Sell 0 sj' :'t 0.t.. O. 0."iI",. .Oo. .'.. ...i ,

BY c. mm ,IOHNSOM .. .' : '; I II
> ;;, : :.:t :
: .,
AS WE APPROACH THE YULETIDE SEASON we can ask 'N.-. : ,!' : ...-"'. .... .
ourselves '. ': .. .. ... ,.",,,' -.. ..... .7. .kt.rll' ____ WOOLWORTH'Sco
is : i. r
fiat my attitude toward my fellowmen ?i "< .J' .c,"".... ", 1
? How have I lived with ny. .brother. ,my neighbor .If'-W1J. 79 :" ... i a
; '' .
: .. .
'-s. : : "" :
1.-l- '
; ml friend.n? :They Christmas. 'sea- .' V' ...: .r.. 1. 'f'l. : : .
: .. D "S 2ro. .t M ,'' 4 <-l.'j" -
'_ ,
son. 'fsthe. timefor .Glad 4 Tidin8s and Goo'e'ws. '; f ::... ... ,t".-t.- -.t'" .:;..ei M t .' .'-
Christmas is the..timepf theyear when the b1T h.4., (; ':';l:; ;:,:, ':.:; '. Caua
to f the' One_ *no brought"Teace. on Earth and food: I .; .

will. .Tbward all m-:., .Ihe.fclrth. .bf the Christ-Chilcf'|*.1 1.1 ";.- of::..;; r
/ ..... .. .'',. '.. ; f fto
was QO -
t \0' benefit particular, racial group, a '
creed :01: color, but 'all' men. Coi'i'i6okLa&e'Bo '
TINKLING, MULTI-COLORED CHRISTMAS Trees withgleaningdecorations
;sparkling eyes, radiant
+ ,
faces_ and bright, warn;: greetings., all these are a'Part'of' CUckJ CPketf
;the Yuletide glow that fills our hearts

with good will toward m. Is: it a mutual feeling?. ,
Is.it a.heart felt fp.e11ng'J "it :.a.rtWelVe monthsfeeling' .

The Question can' still ,be asked,' what i s'

my attitude toward my fellowman: ? ,While stocking

our shelves. with Bourton, 'ScotcbW' Gin, Vodka, I '
Wines and other drinks that 'enter. the ccl fib ration iQ
of the. bixi'b the ChriFt.Chiid, are.we stock.- A. ,. d t k : aC
info r hearts with love, joy' goodwili.'. Peace on Q
Earth .and 'Goodwill toward men? **.


turkey and dressing, cranberry sauce, fruit cake,

lemon 'cheese. cake, pound cake, baked hen, dressing I

chocolate cake and .all th e delicacies 0 f Christcias

are, we morn concerned: about our appetites than we i ,
are the real tlu.sp1 ri t of Christmas The saneolrl.in -
i.vld.tal question. seens to appear, what is RESUME PLAY JAN. 5---Coach Thomas E. Barton's Eduard Waters Tigers opened their 1962-63 cage season 0 t }

myattitude toward' my. 'fell, own an's s-. .with wins over Vorhees and Savannth> State and dropped their third scheduled gan-e to Bethune-Cookman. \ : I

BEGIN INq. ..EArLY;IN.IIiF.; OIm.tiG- befo re. Chri 1.11J as_ ', .,>:. .Th Jigers. #.,'w1I1, -. disband for the holiday period and will open the renairer of the season's scheduled s M if l rrf :4\\
dayv the 'old Jamiiiar. ,ME>'rI
YT/P-I areheard .froai. early.mom: etlI'IYnOm from New York City; ff, Thompson, Jacksonville; W. Robinson, Lake ales; S. Jones, Lake Wales; E.

one.'part of tom to:. 'th'e,oitei' .Wiat .is my (attitude Robinson, Jacksonville' ; R. Williams, Lexington, Ky. ; R. Gordon, Lexington, Ky. ; j. Bullard, Pompano a? L ,
ar: 'I repent the .familiar" words. Is my. heart' in Beach; H. PassK.ore, Lexington Ky. : J. Reddick, TaU ahassee. 'K neelin g (foreground) D. Everett, .x; t -

tun'e with tIle. ChrlsU-asf: : spirit? It"m, what about Marianna, manager.
1e VI Aki
the little barefoot boy with his tattered clothes '" M 1 ,

with na fote for a MIRY: CHRIST and no outlook for '. ,

a Happy New Year? What about the old widowed :' .

I mother who. has struggled to furnish meat and i .

bread for her young? What about the bedridden C.

father .ith no hopes of bringing a Kerry Christmas tor : ys ,A ,5 v'r I
and a Happy New Year into his home? What about the 2 .'. A. EASY CARE DUSTER

little girl with the old old. faded doll? What "... 'I I;: ,;.."'.r.. ...':'. 1 1j
about the Negro who desi rP5*'tQ get*'an education. :t\fr i ; / ;J 1.99
Jbut.4s,_denied.the opportunity. ? .:;
'I COME 10 BRING GLAD "I Come to bring Peace on Earth and Goodwill t tN i '1 prints or embossed solid

Toward Men." How can I separate men to bringgll1.ct J T .\ 1 'r colors. Trimmed with lace
or contrast binding. Deep
tidings' How can I pick men to carry peace
t. roomy pockets, choice of
and goodwill to? Yes thir. is the time for exchanging < ,J Peter Pan or Mandarin col-
gifts. Indivirtially speaking, should we 111 2. I! 4 r lars.Machine Many washable with 3-way need belts.lit

the question, .
ourselves '
stop long enough( to ask tf 'AI tie or no ironing. S-M-L.

what is my attitude about my gift' Do I compare Ii t
::/th'o gift I receive with the, gift I give? An I more ". B A DAINTY
concerned more about the gift than I am the : ; tiiJcx'xi(? E!. MIRACLE' DUSTER

I expect to receive? Will ......j 1 I
fiver? Do I give because t. i
ffly receiving attitude hurt me in the future? 'The 1 ..', .. .. 2.99
gift without the giver is bare. r ik f k

MAY THE BIRTH OF THE CHRIST CHILD be uppermost in A r -, a. Trouble free, blend of Ar-
the minds of men and may it be spent in coirmrtiora- ta ; nel* Triacetate and cotton.
and the hearts of x t Flattering round collar with
birth may
tion of his lowly 1 narrow spaghetti ties two
mankind be in tune with the spirit of Christmas. : F convenient pockets. In assorted
I wish expressed for a S M-L XL
__ May it be so that with every prints. -

mtllJ.illrl l everywhere regardless of race creed or c.Keeps. WARM QUILTED ROBE

color, regardless to the texture of the hair or you warm in style. Estron acetate
the condition of the garment. is quilted with glittering metallic threads.
every girl and boy Features satin bound front and wide col 3 9 9
10 EVERY all filled with t lar, net artist's bow and gilt buttons; three 0
May you have a Merry Christmas, quarter sleeves. AU over floral print in
season's joy. May peace and love be with you ':\ !" _: rf}:" assorted colors on white. Sizes 12 to 20.
, the : ...... 7'l
; .throu out another year, We're wishing all of you l i5 EXCITING TIPTOE I

I i a Merry Christmas and a season filled with cheer. .' _..r ,. FASHIONS

t -
t ; INDEPENDENT OIL CO. Y H s y 1.OOpr. ::1 I

Mechanic On Duty .0: ; 0 ,% ,. A. Plush fn glitter scuff. Fluffy J
A step-in has bright Mylar
IKE JOSEPH, proprietor binding on the foam cushioned
State and Jefferson StreetsEL 6-9432 ". sole. The instep is
... 4 ; handed with rich satin and
.. -7' '" ft. t } U ; raid.. Coral, turquoise,
": : .
.J .,,;,..1t..;1... .' .... ii"9" ....,r ,t' ..;, .: ..... white, lilac. Sizes S-M-L.
,. ,, ...t .
...) .t. .,".'' '-.1. ": .- ', ... x
(."..:( < :. : "'l'f sL .1t! N/
I I "'." .': ,, 'y >>Y B. Porn Porn felt. Bright 2-
"'J'" a ,:.o- ;' ':< ...., 'cj
," combination in arr
C : tone
Kf' 'ts
... ..).t't. -
I 1 ;.< 1\:.V '
:#.or'J. j. .t." : classic design with soft
:...., .ft 't,4.': .,'J.; 'J:.:J.Z,.. 1, ,'(; ::: \
.i ,. 'J. ......--"r" 1:'\ '. ;,:+'";{Y.'i'"'" .. .!-}:,:'','," padded soles. Blue or wine. I
tf-r' v.-r. Sizes S to 9.
a 1. ..' ''"t Z'!'''''a'awC If d l;. ': : A ;t g tl>''; .' ''' v.
tf" "ii1' -
/ Y
it t ::!!. ,
: I
: : ,.
1. .. .
.i '' .
..IA: :, ) ''t :;: i< $;;;:
: ; ')!.i,($' s'I.7j.1..K, 1o:(. ..-' ." .,- '.
e \ yll.f\'f; *" ., ''' ., H i'IJ'1. :.

r / I TOP 1962 FARM AND COMMUNITY AWARDS--- "The farm family of the year" and "the community of the YOUR MONEY'S {

year" in South Carolina were honored last week at State College, Orangebure. At top, the honored WORTH MORE AT

family, Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Hough and their two children Frank and Reba (center) of Darlington WOOLWORTfi'S'1e

MAKESg2ISKIN BLEACHES receive a plaque from G. L. Twitty, president of the' State's Community Development Association. ROOSEVELT MALL JACKSONVILLEBEACH

"OLD FASHIONED Looking on are Mrs. Wilhelmina P. Johnson, their hone demonstration agent; and L. A. potts, special PLAZA 1729 MAIN STREET

assistant to the Secretary of Agriculture and awards speaker: and at extreme right, K. N. Williams, PHILIPS HIWAY PLAZA 300.302 HOGANST.
: assistant State Extension agent; and the Hough's county agent, R. C, Smith. Middle photo shows O FIVE POINTS CEDAR HILLS
:siona. residents of first-place John P. Burgess conmunity near Greenville receiving their plaque and $350
-.,. check from T. J. Crawford (left.) State College public relations director. others, left to right,

lightens dark spots are; the Rev. W'. A. HarrUon, W. C. Brock, president of the community organization; Mrs. Eula B. 3tf &3 & _

perfect powder Brown Mrs. Oddie Cooley, and F. D. Garrett and uiss Sara R. McDuffy, the community's county farm,

bast and home demonstration agents. Bottom; Two of the seven homes built during the year in the top com

munity. Associate County Agent F.D. Garrett is giving Mrs. Billy Young and her son Edward some pointers -

on growing shrutbery. The other, home was .built by her brother-in-law and his wife, Mr. and Mrs.
Edgar Young. Both trothersOrk at a cotton mill and raise hogs on the side. The Clerrson College

Extension Service and South Carolina Rural Electric Cooperatives sponsor the program.USD\ Photos
.Manufacturers of Potter's Ber 9a mot,,"Th. Jar with the Slar"

' t Bell Robinson On Look Team I .-
'f You Don't Have to Go to- Town to Get ooa'T BE A Venetian Blinds Re-strung MEDIUM MULLET 20C
Look NewAlso Upholstery. Lb.

I LOW PRICES LITTERBUG1 I NEW YOn Negro stars zine's B62 All-Aaerica -Done-Good pric Call- LARGE ROE MULLET is. 29c 1
4 aMq, Published as a El 4-5841
S I i public service Bobby Bell of Minnesota Football Teaa. 98c
d 4 in cooperation with and Dave Robinson of ,I U 6fMti \ SHRIMP *
'I i : On Your O xj* The Advertising Council Fenn. State rere* Bell, the lone repeateron I t. "SLASHER SUM" CUTS THE PRICI 2% "
selected to Look Mag! a- the team, led all
" DRUG STORE NEEDS .* _*n.__* .* *_ tackles in the ballotingand ( ORDLProfi MEDIUM SHRIMP Lb. i
10 U. Gum Package, Lfc. 69* Fw Sri StraIght Wok
von the annual Cut-
Trade With neighborhood Drag Store
land-Trophy which is a-
LOCAL PAPERS Football Writers' Association GOURMET CORNER
'1 w&'Del+rerfie Also Pill All Doctors'Prescriptions :'. Srdcr. Howat Reduced Prices of JlnericaLEO'S
.. ASH! Per The M-Confmht Wh UTM The batty Pnda
Xmas Photo Cards 'i
Dixie liiifidnals Family Groups PKG.
Pharmacy SHOE REPAIRS.oe I
: Clubs # FUEL FRESH TURTLE MEAT ca..u LI ) 69c \
"I i

... J302 Kings Road' at Hjrtto Areane'Pkooes' Black & White Color Repairing CONCH MEAT LI.49c ,I

'f ./.\:: EL*S-55l1-li '- 'SepiaTone Ot Any Kind( IsOor FRESH POMPANO !
Quality Photographs /q.f.Oil /r.1.eb : Lb. 51.25
I '! Only Easiness AH Seasons lee & Foe! Co. .
Churches Weddings' Socials Mil Np..1 .

i BILLS AT OUR STORE Dial EL 4-1894 145 10 Id a wreeae i Pa MSIi FISH. STICKS 2ft 40 Stkks U. PIL,. 99cr

-- -
-- -
-. ,

I r t .

\, Pie! jJJ

JJ Jackson State Stuns Rattlers 22 6 In DB Classic Upset. ,: :, :'

******* *. *,, *. -

Mississippians Gain Naf I Title Gibbs Cobns (OIII..lal-r Immediately After "Classic"All

Whip VorhMS iowltag American Inks Pro Pact

f, By Containing Mighty Fla. A&M By 88-77 Tilly (Wk. of Dec. 3rd]

t., MIAMI -- Fla. A&b1's tion piny, directed the ST. PETERSBURG A tall PIN RIDERS LEAGUE
m 0 yea tF of the third
; ,21-game victory grid- poiverful and talented cage'creifroa
Tigers' 'machine W. L l Y
'f skein was brought to an to their total of 22- A&M, Wiich hadn't been Denmark, S.c. felt Painter's Poultry. 28 4 -.
shutout in a Classic City Motors Exc..., 27 5 4 N a'z.: '
f chart halt here last points scored in the th e venom of Gibbs ; -r -
f game since 19 0, cue Junior Dixie Fngirteers.. ..21 11 "
J Saturday night when first half, with the College's Cobras, -
to life. Senior Jiarter- Friday Carver Station A. 21 11 r -
Jackson State College visitors first TC: coming night, 88-77. Y"
back Jim Tullis of Miaai 1be Fla. Times Union. .. 14 B ..
,.' from Jackson, Miss. from the game's opening Voorhees quintet
hit fellow-hometowner A fro-Am e ri cxut..13 19
ground out. ? 22-6 OB kickoff on a smooth- the pride of South Carolina : r. + .
" .Bobby Fells, a sophomore G li dd CO... .. 4 :28
J Classic upset thus running 63-yard: drive. junior college
concurrently with momi basketball Foremost Dairies. .. 4 28 .
leaving some 43,461 Edgar Jordan Knifed over on a swing
g 36 and 44 yard through Florida High Ind. gsm e--51 At er
partisan fans in a state into flay territory from came

of shock. the 8. Curry failed on .. passes with Fells scoring it to this basketball James, Dixie Engineers,
on the second. 209 High Ind. Series 0 ,
The visitors who bar1 the 2-point conversion. stronghold to end Gibbs i
l FAMU s two-pointer barely JCs Louis Jackson, Painter ,
reign Florida cy
wrapped up the Eouth- Curry scored from the as
failed when Hayes cage kingpin.For Poultry, 541; High TesnGaleFainter's i I
Athletic Con-
sest onp for the second TD I
fumbled at the one. Il
ference' s grid crown for and Louis f'cRae, another ?7 minutes it Poultry, i
Statistics looked if 97 I, High. Team !
as they would.
the second consecutive '
Colts' selc tee, scored
j **:* Jackson Series--P. Foultry 2843 i iM
.. Gibbs got heroic ', f
-' yen, were prioiKl for the third tally from 1st Downs. 13 14 efforts i

this one. Last year, four-yards, in the second Yds. Rushfng 123 157 from freshman sensation MUSICAL FINS LFAaJE4 p fi;

Curtis Bankston of Bart Chords..... ...... r ,
, they were on the short quarter. Passes..12-26 5-41 '1.er
0" to keep a dynasty Prestos. .... ... .. 9 7 i
1 end 0 f a 14-8 loss on Key players on the Rattlers' Pa&s. Yardage 195 41 !
from crumbling into the Clefs...... .. .. .. 6 7Felodier I
' this sal f-same spot. offensive team Pass. Inter. 1 4
1 dust of oblivion. B-.nk- ..... ... .. 6 10 > I
And they were fortunateecou were forced to sit this Punts..2-42 5-41 II
ston scored 8 of his 29 Rfcythiaettes.. .. 8 8Vivaces +"
i to be fielding one out. Fullback He- Fun. Lost..1 1
I points: in the last three ... ... .. .. 8 8
11ll the soiu t c 8in vhich hac1battled wri tt Dixon remained on Yds. Peo..20 30
.' minutes of play to spark High Ind. Gam e--Ruby
the miflty Rat- th e bench and All- Jackson
; Etate--14 800 --
Gibbs to the victory.The Harsh all, Rhythm ettes,
i tiers for four thrill- Ameri r.a Hal fback Bob 22
victory was accom 164, High Ind. Series--
packed periods in 1961.Jackson's Fareaore *'as injured in Florida A&M..O 060 --
plished before a packedgym Ruby Marshall R. 454; r
the first and
; 6-2, 202- quarter 6
I of approximately H.T. G%e--R. 565, HighT.
pound junior QuarterbackRoy was unable to aitici-
1100 fans who came tc Series Clefs, 1518. .
further. This left .
(The Matador) Curry, pate: -
t directed the Tigers' the running burden on Bobo NewsoMe donate their admissionfee QJBN PINS LEAGUE 'SIGN HERE PLFASE Willie Richard. All-America End of the Jackson

f. attack with the fin se Halfback Bob Hayef., to the United Fund- Silver Star... .. ... 22 5 State College Tigers, 2962 mythical Negro Colleges football champions,

of an old pro. (It's reported "the rorld's fastest Dies I At 55 Red Cross campaign. Moncrief Drive' In-. 16 11 sigis contract immediately following the Florida ASM-Jackson: State

r that he's been football player," who Gibbs had its three Floradettes.. ... .. 15 12 Orange Blossom Classic game last Saturday night at the Orange Bowl in

f: already dra it e(1 as a was contained by the ... .' year record of junior Newsome Forni ture. 12 15 Miami with Buddy Young, former All-America back and presently assistant -

'fu to rE' by the Pittsburgh Ti gers alert fon'' 'rd college invthcltility Holloway S. House. 9 18 personnel director of the Baltimore Colts. The signing took place

.. Yr Steel ers) walL and this season's 2-0 Xufflers.- 9 18 on the Orange Bowl's 50-yard line. j

, : Curry, cleverly blending l- Cn the short erd of a i record at stake. Cavalier .Cleaners 11 16Nitfctingales I

t passes with the op- 22-0 soon1 in the failrE With height, speed, and ...... 13 11. Mays, Brown "MVP BiggestThrill" I II I
balance, the smooth,
High Team G ESilverst
I iiiiiitiif linn if iitviiiiiiiiiit........t.i.i11111111111tt1r111111 operating Vooifcees Cager Tresh Named
, lULUiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiiimiiimiiimiiiiiiiimimiAvoid ar, 662; High Team !
t' ., ; jumped on one of the Are Honored WillsMAURY
J Senies--S. S. 1901.
.. ,;. nation's high scoring Top Rookie

the Crowd... Ride in Comfort .r teams early in the game SALLY L r.AGUEl.ucas II L 1.SmFIOO
Inksters ... .23 9
and got a six point lead HEW
,,. YORK ----- San
r Richardson Rollers. 22 10
arham Thomas, Isaiah Francisco fabulous out- "winning the
-.',' Imperials. .. ... .. .22 11 ., r
most valuable
-- Flair, and George I'acon' fielder Willie Mays, aid player a- .
t ..t. .. with : Banner Food..16 E ward was a greater r g y'h, ,
all. double-figure scor Jim: Brown star fullback ,.
,. 600-Club Jets... .. 15 17 thrill than breaking ;
k Y ers for Voohees with wi th the Cleveland Ty
i <,t 5-a ar s.. ..... .. .. 12 20 Browns of the O>bb' E record," Kaury '.
,55. 16. and 10 points National
s N Old Forresters... .. Wills stated when informed "a'"
11 21
r SAFE respectively, sank Football League, were at his J'i
COURTEOUS drhrtrs. Spokane !.:' .,.w ,
i steady fielc3 goals to. Higi Gaae-Imperiels among 12 professional Fash home thst he had ".

D 14; Hit Team Series-- athletes honored 't"'
take a lead over Gibbs. been selected by the )

I .... ... .,. ., BOOONEWmMEOILANID Imperials, 2925. recently at the first Baseball Writers' As- I. 1
.'' : Scoring by Nat Styles
.M"'f.' ''' '''' "H _
,... >: W all-sports dinner her .-
.. Whitted MOONLIGHTERS focif.tion as the Tinner I'
Johnny cut

, ...-,,,, ..,.' '.. >''> -': .... "IB' ... ., .,. ... BObo New- Gibbs' deficit to a 36- Electrons..17 7 and Cited Bro along with Mays of the National League P'Jr. ,
,1n. : ::> '--""' "' -" some, 55, one of the >ii \-ttU' retirtduntJefeoted ,
't :. : 38 score by half-time. Steeley's Lab.. ... 12 12 HVP award for 1962. J1"A ,
f .M' orlc"s :
I most colorful, most Thunders. .. ... Wills who shatteredthe .
I :", ". li'll'SIm'; i ,.,,.___Ailing,.capiain Roleit 11 13 heavyweight
t-: traveled, andrtjesT'lired"major "Speigit Tailors. .. 8 16 champion long standing base '" ,
Williams off the I
n f ...... ... "hll" 'r'H4:7SF league pitcher bench in the came second half High Team Can Thunders F.ocfcj b arcs ono Bob theft record of 96 rtiicn :\/ ... I:

during more than 20- 53): Cougej, of the famed was held by Ty Cobb, .
.. to help Gibbs grdn the Hid Team Series-- I
years as a major league lead with 4 minutes eft Thunders, 1470. world cbampicn Boston established a new major TOil TRESH I

f NEW "Built for the purpose"CHECKER pitcher, died Dec. 7 to play. It was an uneasy Kale Bowler of the Week Celtics barketball team, league mark of 104 and N PI I II I
just short of a decade golfer Arnold Palmer and he YORK\ Although
two point lead until is Tommy Fowler of the was responsible he

following his last major Bankston scored tw Thunders, who h ad a high others.Fd for carrying his U A American was awarded the
J TAXICAIS Sullivan, tel evi stun League's
league gaD e. cons ecu tirve baskets to of 218.Female. Dodgers to a pennant.In .
Bom Louis Norman New- celebrity, emceed the winning the MVP of the Year"award
4' r make the score 78-74 Bowler of the Mil ? barely nosed out by the
Radio dispaehed low farls.J 50-a-plate dinner which BaseballWriters'
some, the big ri gh t- with one minute and 43 Week is Dorothy Johnsonof benefited the Associati San Fran si sco Giants'Wllie Association,
ender was affectionately -
seconds left. Gibbs got the ChickadeesLadyBirds ': the majors' New York
aye Yankees
J CALL NEW DEAL CAI COMPANY known as Bobo, a term on of Retarded Tom
added help from Ray Leagu e--who had a Chi dr. IP 62 homerun kin g Tresh, isn't unappreci-

It which he greeted every- Adams and Eddie Whit- high string of 188. punched out 49 for the ttive of the honor, he
Elgin 41611Opeaiags one with including the
field to steadily pull ATLANTIC COAST LEAGUE '62 season.Wills happens to be immersedin

club ower. to tiie team'sbatboy. ahead during the waning O.K. Corral .... ._304 Ttt A&T AggiesEdae garnered 209 his school rork.

are arailable for capable careful drivers. From the time he played moments of the game.Gil.Is Sept sabers... .. .. .29 19Flintstones..22 votes to hays 202. Tomcy The switch-hitting starinfielderoutfielder
will Florida
play 26 Davis: of the Co(1c erA
Good pay good working cOlditi his first professional Elizabeth le
J ., Normal of St. Augustineon Amvets..1! '4 34% finished third with 175 hard at v/o rk oc his
,gane at Raleigh, N.C. in
December 18 in St. Hi gh Te am Gam e- voter.. physical education studyat
1 iiiniuiiimiiiHiFiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimiiniiiiiiiiiiiiimi 1928 until he finally City Quintet
F et ersbu rg. Sent- _. _sabers._ ___. 631__ _:. Hi n_ eh_ Central Michigan University
s retired in 195?, the g
Team Series--O.K. Corral, where he expectsto
big 6-3 righthander who GREENSBORO f N.c.
Bell Is LoutRepeater The obtain hif degree in
weighed in the neighborhood 1841LADY AtT College Aggies last Warriors Sign

c;i '. ., ..."" '.. of 220 to 240 BIRDS LEAGUE week edged the Elizabeth tour more semesters.Tresh .
t' OH Eagl e s. .. ..... .. ...13 5 is a "baseball
\ ?" : pounds pitched for 18 City state Teachers College -
.1 Starlings..17: 5 brat the
Ai' '""" > clubs, _half of their:, in Fixates 90-86. for Sev81th son: of
'1:" "' 62 AllAmtricaBOBBY Chickadees ..... .. .. 9 9, Negro Catcher Mike Tresh,
;;. the major, .. their first win of tire
r II Swans........ .... 9 9 Former brilliant receiver
In a quarter of a century season in the opening
Flaaingaes.. ... .. 711 with the Chicago
,., :' ; of major league CIAA basketball game
.. i : Robins.. ...... .. .. 3 E SIN FRANCISCO White Sox and Cleveland
play, Newsoire ware the h ere at the Charles -- The
High Team Gene-Starlings, Indians from 19381
uniforms 0 f 'the Washington Moore Gymasium. San Francisco Warriors
670, High Team Seri through 1549. Pike! how-
Senators four times, es-- A&T took the lead at of the National Basket'
Eagles, BO 4Introducing ball ever, could not hit
the Association
t. St. Louis Browns, three ,. opering whistle as signed
times, and the Brooklyn Con Hugh Evans, co captain their seventh Negro with his son whose D62

tinental's Personnel and playcaker player when record Included a .286
\ Dodgers and Philadelphia drove in they obtained

Athletics, twice each. Fredrick F. for a layup and kept it Willie Naulls batting average, 2G-

-.. + He also saw stints with BELL Beckette (Fred) for the rosainder of the from th e New TurkKniclr hoceruns: 94 run s

the New Y.rk Yankees, District Supervisor ball game. in return for scored, 274 total bases

for Continental Evens vas forced to retire veteran Ton Cola. and 92.RBI' s.FLORIDA.
York Giants, Boston
New RADNOR. Fa. Talented
t shortly before the Included in the deal
d Detroi in the V
an University of Minnesota .
Inc. ,
t American League, aid the 1 L end ofthe first half .was Kenny ,Sears, one of <
Tackle Bobby Bell ''
was Texas. Fred is
," Chicago Cubs in the the with an injury. He suffered the league's top outside r .
a only repeater on a native of '
National.He a deep gash at shots. Naulls and'Eecrs

managed to record Look Magazine's! 196 ? Phil e.. Fenna. the base of hir skull are expected to give the STARIN

t 211 wins, but also lost All-America Football Bom Nov. 11 : -ray reports failed to Tribe additional helpin
i Team i&ich was selected 19 25. Educated in EVERY
indicate any trrctu re. rebounding and
222 times, being one of scoria -
by 5CO-IUD Ler coaches of Philly. Graduate of U.
.. the few major league He ras released from the g.
the Americas Football of Iowa. Major in Fhys J hospital on the follow- COLORED HOME
[ hurlers
to top the 200
Coaches ASR>d.8tlon. Ed. .Working For Continental ing day. Evens scored ..
f mark in victories and
fi Bell, a resident 0 f for about 2 14-points before earing

i defeats. Shelby 1\. C. gave yrs. Prior to this Jot the game. .

Gophers representative*. voxked as Social Worker The Aggies had built ups HHEN YOU ARE ILL

t We Are Now national grid honors fox in Fhiily and Baseball 15-point lead midway i
Watch this down coach at Central High in You Seek The Best Doctor
the third in
year a row. the second half tat: saw,
Equipped To. ,_ Phiily.
\ it melt away before an When Your Doctor PrescribesGet

I Train The HalHlk.....r.i 48 -:90-:S81 COLLEGEIASKETIALL Cigarette i Sales press effective generated full-court by the r According Experienced to Your Pharmacists Doctor's

f! Show visiting teachers. Witha IncreaseThis
Dr. C. E.
4 5 niiiute to go. A&T led gggt QJality Drugs
r Proprietor
JacksonvilleCollege year's cigarette -
5 0 by a ere three-points'
-. SceresBethnne output is estimated 3
at 539 bil-

-Cookoao 81. lion than in seal the victory. A
31-47-88 more LINE OP
Barber Inc. Edward Waters 65 James Jackson. 6-5,
774 1961, says the U.S. Cosmetics Rubber Goods Candies Sundries
69 and Eliza-
-239 Haapton Inst. 82..Va. Aggie center,

'---. J---- State (Norfolk) 80. Department of Agri- beth City's Brady Jobnson PRESCRIPTIONS CALLED FOR AND DLilly's

j 6. I. Approved 100% Air Conii.63O 954G188onwtlnw. Elizabeth City 91..Va. culture. led the scoring with

Dnion 85 Cigarette consump 26-points each. JerryFowell .

., he 1 up Lane 112. .. Talladeca 37 tion in the U.S. and Dmg Store
Sometime co-captain
: DAVIS ST: at Beaver he* down Aggie '
UfO adds, Ruhtract ?e nn. State 89. rPanAnerican by forces overseas and Willie Francis, 0 f

JACKSONVILLE!( FLORIDA He work It all around 14J.C. this year is placed the Pirates, took second 1907 1 KI/iGS ROAD EL 38276I

nt 512'billion..
r > .. State 108..r.sk.90 honors with 17-each.


._ ... _. _._ _._ .
------ -------- w.---.r.--- ------ -- -------Y. -- ---

-. -
-. -- ,,-

; .. f' : J -1,

lGE ._ ..

CHIPS OFF TII1l0CKS Jax Coed Is Program Participants CorrectionThe POLICE REPORTS
.., .
,;;;;:::. December 8th issue I I'OMAN

By "Jay Jay1The ," .:',. of the STAR carried a .......................a.....

to three .
A story relating
'Classic Special" junipeti on the REPORTS REPORTS BEING BEATENBY
juveniles being implicated -
way South. In fact they danced all night. as suspects in a LOSS OF COAT BOY FRIEND
The band played and everything hopped. TheSire Mrs. Anna Lyons 45. 0 f
series of burglarieswith Mrs. Juanita Wynn
train with the same passengers looked ,s, one of the suspect'saddress 2516 Woodland Street, 1189 w. Church Street was
like a funeral train on the way back North. being given as lost a coat when got injured last Sunday, police -
The mighty Rattlers had been treated like reported.Mrs. .'
2124 Davis St. ready to leave for
tney were comr:ort grass snakes. A couple of Lyons said her
$ The STAR regrets this church last Sunday police -
fellows by the names of Jordan and Curry grevious error which was reports indica ted. boy friend Eddie Harrington -

along with some of their other friends for- carried through no faultof Mrs. Wynn stated th at whose age is
got to react the newspapers. They did not dg 1 I ?xF its otm.. she could not find her listed at 53 and addressin
Know that they were supposed to rollover $. Y 2124 Davis Street is coat but went to church the 1200 block of W.

and play dead Saturday night. Methinks that T the residence of Mr. and belbre making a thorough Duval Street came to
Texas Southern stopped off in Jackson on Krs. Listen Burns, anil is search of the muse before her muse and demanded a
the home and held 4 gun he told her he left
way a scrimmage. Anyway, not the home address of reporting it.
The Ratt.J c'r:- wuz stopped. .. ofa there. She said she denied -
no signs
There were
.... any of the. implicated
Many of the boys did not attend the clas- :.. youths.The break-in and police knowing anything
sic because they felt that the game was about it and Harrington
-. _. STAR feels happy in said her husband was a
-- -
V -
too close to Saint Nickmastime. You know the started beating her in
being able to correct little reluctant for
you can't put empty scotch bottles and f'. --. : .;'''_ .. ., this error. report to be made. Mrs. the face with his f1 sts.
football game rain checks under the tree. elsewas Mrs. Lyons was takento
The !kids want solid toys and real glad DORMITORY OFFICIALS---Officials of Melvin Lodge, on**. of the Northwestern s DOT Wynn missing said nothing but the Duval Medical Centerby
rags. six residences for female students at Florida A. and M. University police car wht-re she

Tempus really fugits. A few years ago, a are pictured here during their rev open house. Elects OfficersIn coat.Patrolmen W.H. Harrisand received treatment for

couple of tots were in the neighborhood.The They are, left to right, Carolyn Brown of Blackshear Ga. S. Gaines investi- her wounds.
other day we received invitatinm' to' vice president; Barbara Owens of Miami, hostess; Fnith Saylo Recent SessionThe gated. COLTLE DENY. KNOWVGSUSFECTFF

their weddings. Harriet Witsell, rlai.ghter, of Jacksonville, second floor vice president; Annie M. Carey . THIEF
ells Oliver, of
Mrs. Est
of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Wi sell and Annett of Tampa, trasurer;Barbara Foster of Mobile, Ala..president D.C.T. CLOTHES FOUNDIN
jr.-Sr. 17 n 30th street reported
Harper, daughter of the William T. Harpers Dorothy Booker of Dunnelln, chi1'l airc;Bobbie Dew of Gullport, of Northwestern OTHER MAN'S LOCKER
will both become December brides.Both lasses Miss. first floor vice preeident; Evelyn price of Tampa; High School recently the theft of a

are marrying out of town lads. Secretary; and Eleanor Johnson of West Palm Beach. held its election of Robert Fennell, of 613W. radio from her home last.
of Street was Monday, police reported.She
officers. As a result Church
Albert Brooks, son of J. D. and Rose
Brooks is home for the holidaze. 'Chunky' Our )wan Al Wise is locking smug these Phillipines i i Welcome the balloting the fol- the victim his of a thief suit told police that a
as young Brooks was known before he joinedthe days. Al was the daddy of the "Robert lowing persons were who stole grey m an drove her and
top coat at 33
and grey hone. The
Richard Oliver
Navy, has been stationed in the Far Hayes Day" idea. Everything went over witha Peace Corps Volunteers elected: Adams Street, police
W. : man went into the house
East. He is in electronics with the fleet. bang and the local lad re.uly: had a'day. Theola Jenkins, presi-
rt eelFennell
repo and sat down while she
The is another "11 Barbara Reel is upsetting everyone with Another dent; Francis Hansberry,
town gaining surely nee: FASHNGTON -- stated that he talked
her wig hat. The Srvwster Hospital PBX vice president; Patricia and Richard on
professional man. Arnett Glradeau will open contingent of about 70 went to the basement to the porch.
offices for the practice of denistry on operator is known as the gal who made Volunteers arrived in Howard,secretary; Sharon check his clothes sincehe During their conversartion.
this week-end. orange hair stylish. Folk are shocked when t the Philippines: teach Wilder, assistant secre- had lost an overcoat
she said the man
she sweeps in with a black hair-do until tary; isiah Freeman,
element ry.'s'chools&n'd
Friends are Hamming the passing of Char- }i the just two days before. He took the radio fro LI the
lie Gttrpz: popular Ashley Street figure and they find out it is a wig. to work in the fieldo treasurer; Barbara Gos- sal d a suit and topcoat dining room table* and
formerly connected with the Palms and Two Mildred HALFton: is making plans to have a f rural community sit, business manager; was missing afterhe
ran out the back door.
big "pre-Christmas" rummage sale. She action. Eunice Twiggs, assistant .
Spot. He was funerai'ized: last week. checked his locker.He Police said Richard and
For several years, a local deejay has promoted will have everything on sale from ant The arriving group business manager; Shirley said he found his intoxicated
eaters to termites, from: rag dolls to ,you, University were
a statewide broadcast of the :annual trained at the Graham, chaplain; Eddie suit hanging in another
They stated that the
Orange Blossor... This year the "Classic n r..e it. If you pass 9th Mid Venus and seea of Hawaii in Hansberryreporter; Janet m an''s locker. He then wanan and Richard Knew

Committee" saw fit not to give tIle deejaythe crowd gotliered; ,, you' 11 know that her Hilo, for two intensive.*..,:| Wilson, assistant reporter called police. The suspect the man lit that Richard
sale is in progre. : months. For 60 hours a Evans,
option. All around town is the cry of ; Marie ? s locker did not denied knowing him.
"foul." In fairness to the university, SALE week they studied parliamentarian.J. have a padlock on it. he
WESTSIDE LOT FOR Filipino culture his- S. Genright, D.C.T. Honors For White
Smith and
I asked FAMU PRO man, Chuck Dr. said. A sweather be-
Gore what lran.ened. I was informed \\j' the tory, economics, educa- co-ordinator, congratu- longing to Calvin T.
officials that conflict 100Across tion and government.Th lated the newly elected St. Louis -- First
University a arose Desirable Lot 50 x Beaver Robinson was also foundin
concerning the outlets for the gane in Street Via. Al Almeda Reasonably priced learned teaching flfficnrs. The function the locker with the baseman Bill White of the

Tallahassee: : and Miani. Seems as tho certain methods aid received refiehit .anal urpose of the clubas suit, police said. St. Louis Cardinals, received -
stations in both; cities hail done the school El 4-8880! courses in also stated by Gen- Patrolmen D. E. Merritt, the Van of the
certain 'favors' many tines and when the American studies and wr.ight with special 1.C. Chevez and Sgt. A. Year' award from the

lucrative game broadcast came along, their international affairs. emphasis to the D.C.T. J. Ruff investigated. St. Louis chapter of

competitors. were- -awarded. the. package. The STRAND ROOSEVELT'Sun.Mon.Tues. freshman class. . Frontiers International
promoter was asked to correct the situitionlast
V Sun.-Moa.-Tues.

*v ', Triple I Feature t Show I EDGEWOOD AVE. Drive -In Super Market

Audie Murphy "YOUNG AND WILl"In
One last hold over from the jax Classic '
game week-end. the Sirmons Clifford and 1 "18 AND ANXIOUS"
Madeline's swanky'"flhite Swan Restaurant." 'I i
The Texans were served Texas style" "6 BLACK I "WAYWARD GIRL"

steaks with the trimmings. We think that Open Free

this was a love)]y gesture on the part of and I : I

the Sirmones and helped, to convince the "BACK Wed. Thur. Sunday -.. .. Delivery

visitors that everyone. in, Florida was. not MEA75
against them. The couple own and operate ---- t m : SUPER MAANET p

a business blcck out Kings Road way. and"lOKITJMJK -'--" '- "

I You should have seen Jackie Graves of Con- 24, Soars ______ :

tinental Bowling Lanes canceling the call "IMITATION OF PIRATE"I t BRAVE" mIl t I-II Phone I'
Er-1 :
he had placed for an armored trurk to pickup F,1. S1t."LAWLESS .
his winnings on the Texas-FAKU?: game. and / a day ''

Jackie counted his chickens before they I Randolph Scott --- ..- _. PO S
were hatched. Moral: The game isn' t over __ 9494iI
until the last tnckle is made; not the Fri. .
last gun. Ask Syracuse about losing a game and "BRUSH FIRE" f
LL _____ _
after it is over. BATMANBIN -- --- i
Don't know what hap jened, but there is a and
# 7
Chap. Edftwood Ave. ft Cleveland Rd.
new voice on WRHC where once the liquid
voice of AN King were heard. "MORGAN THE I plus 3 CARTOONS "" M i

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foam cushioned LIVER 39" BACON 49' HAMS 49 C

lounge chair, 2 step I.. Ib.I Ib.



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table lamps. < Ik. ID. Ik.

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