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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200635datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date November 3, 1962dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=006350740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
November 3, 1962
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
November 3, 1962
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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IMP _., _.. .__ ._ ; ::-_
--- ---- -- ----- --j- :- : :---- :' ------=------:- -- -- ; ; --- -- "--'-: -- ; --- --; -

I t. I
; y t
( "

It Miamian 28 Enters Suit Against Palm County Stockade Officials

A. .A. .A. ___ ___ ..... ..... ..... ..... -s.. .. .& .. .. .. f f III l1YS. *
. -



crr ,_ . ssosss.ssssso .


ii *" FLORIDA STAR. Negro Candidates Face One Another )


f ox'.J. : VOL 12.10.31) Sa-tlr.a'J, Hotelier 3, 1962' '15 'c' I.I'S In Nov. 6 Georgia General Election

TEGRATIONPLANYEN Officials Discuss Program Vote Tuesday

For lixnasfeg

11.11.II! U S COURT i;! 4 a Florida RepreseIIIdiaI citizens willgo

i iv : to the polls Tuesday,

6' _. .. .1_.1. Nov. 6 for the general
************* r elections. In these e-

$3,OOO Dumps Sovkt <3nnli A Ytar Plan Svbmitttdly e.. have lections the opportunity citizens will to

'L. vote for Republican
From Bus- Vehicle CollisionCarter Thrtt Florida Counties: K candidates running a-

gainst Democrats who

T. Lewis, local school teachers, The final decision on how public schoolsin were elected in the May
filed suit in Civil Court of Record Oct.
y a three Florida counties will be integrated primaries.It .

r 25, seeking $3,000 in damages from the is now in the hands of U. S. Dis- also means that

Jacksonville Coach Co. for injuries reportedly who received if they so
received following a collision trict Court Judge Bryan Simpson .' Democrats,
suggested plans--previouslY ordered desire, may vote for
between a city bus and a vehicle, it was
the court--Tuesday. Republican candidateseven
reported. by .
t' voted
Grind though they
!1 The plaintiff contends Jury Similar plans were of-
in May.

that: on Sept. 1, he bus was i I Indicts OfficialsMIAMI fered Hillsborough by 'Duval, Volusiaand coun- WIIIIIR Deplore PLAN HOUSING{ CLINIC A.L. Thompson, left, zone intergroup rela- for Of Democrats particular importance -
a on a
; passenger
tions office advisor, Federal Housing Administration, Atlanta, Ga. in the NOV. 6
ties Boards of Public
operated by the defendant -- A federal
Use chats with members of the Planning Committee
Troops working out details elections in that
t in the area of Won- grand jury has indictedthe Instruction on a'stair for the second annual Housing and Urban Redevelopment Clinic,' voters will be calledon

.. crief Road near Moncrief warden and acting step' basis, this mean- JACKSON Miss. --'Including which is to be held at A&T College November 15-16.
Village when the two warden of Palm Beach ing that all counties many of the The others Robert F. to vote on seven
are: Barkley executive director, Redevelopment constitutional amendments -
/I vehicles collided, County prisoner stockadeon concerned would begin state s most prominent
of Greensboro
Commission ; J. Kenneth Lee, Greensboro attorneyand The most impor-
causing painful injuriesto charges of shootingand racially integratingtheir leaders, more than Dr. B.C. Vcdd dean, MT School of Agriculture these in the
tant of
the plaintiff and beating a prisoner, schools from the Mississippi women .
1.000 *. *. *. *****.
-- -
I causing him to expend it was announced.The first grade in the fall opened a campaign here amendment providingfor

; sums of money in order jury's report of 1963 with an additional Wednesday against liberals Johnson, Alexander Nominees Orange BeginsIntegration an increase in the

to have himself cured of charges that' Capt. grade to be Communists and number of House Representatives

injuries. Powell Barnes and acting integrated each following atheists.The For State Senatorial Post if this

Plaintiff also charges warden James catoe violated year. For example women adopted a amendment is passed
ATLANTA -- Unless further court orders ORLANDO will 8 additional -
-- Orange Duval get
defendant with negligent. the civil rightsof In 12
years, all three bill of grievances against -
upset present plans two Negroes will be County Superintendent RepresentativesDade
operation and managementof Curtis Cosby, 28, of public school systems use of federal

said bus which .rel! Miami last March: ,9. ",would ,be'completelY..in-. troops in desegregating facing one another as opponents for a Earl Kitt stated that 15, Hillsboro,
state senate seat during.- esday's general school integration be- pinellas and Broward 7,
suited in its colliding Cosby, the Indictment tegrated. the University of Mississippi .
i with the other vehicle. discloses, was shot in Although Duval has yet applauded Gov. election here.. gins this fall when 13 each; orange 4, Palm -
The two candidates are Negro children will attend and polk 4, each
Beach ;
Carl G. Swanson and the left leg during a to make an initial step Ross Barnett's stand Atty. Leroy Johnson, I

Evan T. Evans are attys. scuffle with Barnes and toward even token integration against federal intru- democrat, and T.M. ; School Durance which Elementary primarilyserves and Escambia, Volusiaand
for the plaintiff. Catoe during their attempt Brevard 3, each.
Volusia and sion at the universityand Alexander, GOP nominee, children of
to place him in a the ser- Negro voters are par-
Hillsborough have already criticized
both representin the vice personnel at
EK Husband solitary confinementcell taken steps in arrest of former MaJ. District 38.Following Air Force Base located ticularly urged to vote

at the stockade. that direction. Volusia Gen. Edward Walker la somewhat south of here. for increasing the

Charged WitllWoman's Further disclosures reveal Avenue Elementary and during the recent legal hassle between a School Board member representation in the

that the two of- Mainland junior High crisis. 'three-Judge federal Kenneth P. Folks said House because it is
ficers beat Gosby witha School in which calls felt that with
Daytona already The group court and Superior Court: if school segregation more

Death slapjack, said to be have Negro stu- itself "Women for Con- Judge Durwood Pye exits here it is be- representatives in the

similar to a blackjack dents in attendance stitutional Government.;' Johnson was adjudged House white votersmay
cause of the choice of
to argument Tuesday be- other than it has a while Hillsborough's agreed to enlist wen winner of the Oct. 23 people Involved not by a be more inclined to

tween a couple who had flat rather than a school board has approved across the nation to democratic primary race board edit. He further help elect a Negro

been separated for quite rounded surface. the attendance 'bring back constitutional over Ed. Barfield, his "to>! revealed that when re- candidate to the legislature -

some time ended in the High Curt of three Negro childrenin government." white party opponent.It f port cards were sent out so that there will
of woman
3K hours previously all-white Ga. Indicts was believed that last year, a letter was be better representation.
who died some
school. Johnson and Barfield I' enclosed to each parent Democrats who face

spital.later in a local Will Poidm The original school Six' Riders' would face one another reminding them that they opposition in the coming

integration suits also in a primary runoff, but could apply for their elections are as follows -

charges Held originally of assault on to Sit-In Cists included the provisionfor DALLAS, Ga. Indictments Judge Pye overruled the LFPOY JOHNSON children to attend the :

integrating princi- were re- federal tribunal in that HI ApprehendTruck school of their choice U.S. Senator George

NEW 'YORK The Unitea pals,teachers and other cently returned Johnson was the winner Durance School is located Smathers Emerson

States Supreme Court supervisory personnel, against six whitemen since the Senatorial Thieves in the town of Rupert, R.

will hear during the however, no mention was who engaged in a Primary should be run on Kooseveit nooinson of Pine Castle, approxi- House Rep. Harry West-
week of Nov. 5th, I
made concerning this night foray against a district instead of a 626 Court F and Herman mately four miles southof berry Parris Johnson -
ment on seven crucial '
phase In plans submitted a Negro woman s home countywide basis. Mitchell of 4234 KatangaDr. Orlando. R.Circuit.

race relations cases by the three here during which In supporting his .. were arrested this Court Clerk,
growing out of the stu-
counties. time one of the men decision, Judge Pye said week for allegedly CarltonSecond Mulls John p. King Frank P.
dent sit-in movement
r was shot and killedby his purpose was to give stealing a suit and a Kincade, R.Fla. .
Jack Greenberg Direc- DOyle GMMFIs
the woman. force and effect to the pair of pants valued at RaceCAINESVIIIEStat
tor-Counsel of the NAACP
Legal Defense Fund, said FAMU Girt The indicted are: Billy Georgia constitutionthat $:D from a parked laundry College
that the arguments Involved TALLAHASSEE Florida's Gamel; 18, Jimmy Hump- senators shall be truck.
elected by voters of The 22-year-old Leo ing that he had received Opens Door
"the most important secretary of agricultureand phreys. 19, Joyt Prather
senatorial districts and Robinson Jr., and 23- so much mail ,
civil rights the president of 25; M. Nichols, about

murder with a more issues since the school Florida ASM Universityare 40; B. Parker 36 and members of the House year-old Herman Mitchellwere telephone calls and To Negroes
Gene Abies about from counties. ordered held in the personal encouragement -
serious charge to be desegregation cases of to be featured
lodged following the 1954." speakers during FAMU'sobservance 'The men were arrested Duval County Jail under about making a ST. PETERSBURG The

woman's death is Clif- The cases involve of the Land- when a group of maskedmen Coed SeeksTo bonds of $I, 000 each on race again, former Board of Trustees of
Centennial. gathered at the home charged of theft from Doyle Florida Presbyterian
ford Dunham Sr., 32 of demonstrations by Negro Grant Carlton
1490 W. State street youths from six southernstatesAlabama Secretary Doyle Conner of Mrs. Rebecca Wilson EnterU.S.C. interstate shipment friends Jr. told College here. voted
several days before the following a hearing he was
Dead as a result of North will beth e guest unanimously to admit
having received four Carolina, South Carolina speaker during the Uni- state's Democratic pri before U.S. Commissioner seriously considering Negroes to enter collegeif

pistol wounds in the Georgia Louisiana and versity-wide convoca- mary.; COLUMBIA S.C. -- Attorneys Donald DeHoff. the possibility they pass normal re-
Mrs. Wilson said the' for a 17-year O.K. Brown special of running again as .
head, chest and rightarm Maryland. They will be tion in Lee Hall Audi- quirements.The
Is Mrs. Edna M. Dun- heard on appeal from'state torium 'Thursday. Presi men knocked on-her door old Negro coed have agent in charge of the a candidate in the resolution stated
and said they wanted to filed a suit in federal Jacksonville office I96U Florida gubernatorial -
said that
hall, 31, who lived at courts which have dent George W. Gore Jr. qualified appli-
1617 W. 32nd Street. upheld the convictions. will speak Monday Nov. "sell a little poli- court seeking to have the FBI came into the l race.Accompanied cants will be admitted

Detective Sgts. J.L. Greenberg said that the 5,on WCTV from Thomas- tics and leave you a the University of South case because 0 f the by his without regard to race,

Supreme Court will allow ville, Ga. PresidentGore card. Carolina adait Negroes. interstate shipment. father, former Gov. color or creed.Wesley .
Jordan and Matthews
Ray ten hours of argumenton will speak on "The The woman, a housemaid, Seeking entrance to the Brown said the two men Doyle Carlton Sr., Sen.
said Dunham told them
university is Miss
Henry Scott III
he visited his formerwife's the seven cases. 'They Role of the Land-Grant said she yelled she Dobbins Monteith of ere seen by city Patrolmen Carlton was attendingthe
will be heard successively College. didn t want to see the Robert recent University \
home at about Columbia George
who said that
1:30 p.m. and following beginning Monday ******** men and got a revolver. she scught entrance to and Walter Solomon in of Florida Homecominggame In HospitalJohn

an argument, shot her. morning, Nov. 5th with the cases go to the. When,' one 0 f the men the university in the 1200 block of Davis which is con-
arguments expected to famed a _pistol througha May sidered the traditional
heart of the right of Street
j Dunham is then said to but a letter troll the carrying two
have gone to a public conclude Wednesday state governments to crack in the door she university rejected her large bags of shoes. 'springboard for political Wesley: Scott, well-

phone booth where he afternoon. Greenberg enforce discrimination said she saw all of the application.Her They were then pickedup forecasting. known hotel man, popularly -

called an ambulance and said he expects the policies of private property men were masked and she complaint charges for investigation. Among those greeting known as :ottf';

police.He Court to announce its owners, 'as in the opened fire. Her shots that she was refused admittance Robinson! and Mitchellwere Sen. Carlton were Gov. suffered a stroke at his
decisions early next were returned. Parris Bryant, the OPponent home last Wednesday and
of segregated questioned by city
(Dunham) then walked case to the university -
y ear. and lunch Daring the exchange detective Sgt. Gibson who defeated was rushed to Brewster
to the police departacit restaurants on account of
on 711 Liberty St. and The appeals will Question counters. Leroy Parks. 25, was her race. Davis and FBI agenst. him In the 1960 governor hospital following
the validity of killed. s race and his examination by Dr. E.R.
investigating officers
turned himself in, at ib ese cases may well Based:: as the suits defendants -
state trespass laws Investigators reportedthat said the pair executive assistant, Washington.
the future
the same time sur- indicate are the university -
under which most of the the lien fled the admitted Jimmy Kynee and Paul Scott's condition is
rendering a .32-calibre course of protest demonstrations its trusteesand theft of the
revolver reported to 3,000 Negro student against racial scene leaving.:the body<< the registrar. The shoes and Brown said Rand Dixon chairman of reported "somewhat
still by the side of the the Federal Trade Cos- serious" Friends
have been used in the under sentence for discrimination" the suit was filed in South some of the shoes were

shooting. demonstrations were con- Legal Defense Fund Chi:r house. They returned Carolina' s Central Dis- found in Robtns on' ahOlle. mission. should defer visiting

victed. Greenberg said added.. later to pick up the trict Court. until a later date.


I. 1I

I PACE, 7l' 'j 1 Flllil STAR > '4 SAtURDAY nmnu/ i i I!?' I

! : NEWS #
rj f ,
-- ., l

Published by the Florida Star pnbllshlnc co. .. #.,;
' "Member of Associated Metro press" 4 BYERIC0 p S0X

t t
ERIC 0. SIMPSON..".....ue.llUliI EMIr -- --

ALYSOH L WISE_-Jim EMIr Opportunities i for Negroes in Federal I
,1 a .}.: t f. government employment have improved sharply f
HILDA WOOTEH.CinIMI "" .- during the past year, Vice President
I- wa o j, ; x B. chairman of the Presi-
Lyndon ,
: c4 dent's Committee on Equal Employment Opportunity -

'2323 Moncn'eJo' ._..-PJMM Up 4-S782 EL f 6783Mafeg reported.The .
::1 Vice President released employment
Attress: / 'p figures compiled in a June, 1962 surveyof J
1 33 government agencies employing

P. 0. Box 561, JellsSUBSCRIPTION 1, Rrfa { 2,226,607 workers in continental
."--- .. United StatesCexcluding( Alaska and Hawai
( overseas employment) The report revealed
RATES r that, since a similar survey in 1961 ,
total Federal employment has increased
: One Tear $6.00 Half.Tear, $4.00 t .<. ri $,i f
I. r 29,2110, ((1.32)) while Negro employment increased -
." Balled. ..to You Anywhere In. .the united States ... .' qrc'? V c iJi: 10,270 ((3.6)) Total Negro employment -
'Subscription payable 4n Advance t
4 r is 292,836(13.62)( )
I y "- in i the agencies i
: f 1, ,+ ril
: Send Check or Money order to:
i .-. compared with 282,566 ((12.9) a year ago.
: FLORIDA STAR P. 0.' BOX 561 : ; The most significant fact revealed in
: Jacksonville I, Florida : .. 1 .. the surveyVice President Johnson pointedout

is the sharp increase in -

t MEDICAL SCHOOLS SEEKING the number of Negroes in the
middle and upper bracket of

NEGROES IN DOCTOR SHORTAGE I I II, Classification Act employees, .
a rate of increase more than
four times the overall rate.
t The U. S. today has "an alarming shortage -
"More than half of the
4 "
of physicians, and medical schools
which used to rebuff Uegroes are now step-up in jobs for Negroes
is in position of GS-5 ,
"vigorously issue seeking"of Ebony. them, says the, November LEFT THESE FOOTPRINTS WHEREVER HE WENT. HOW WORLD TENSION and above. He empha- j

"The problem today is no longer one of .A sized. "This is a sound +

keeping Negroes out of the field of medi- -- '. .. demonstration that the government is

cine, but of coaxing them in," Ebony de- setting its own house in order in reaching t.

clares. .. : toward the goal of equal employment

"Today, the need for doctcrs is crucial. /o :' : Your Weekly opportunity without regard" tc race, creed,
Racial barriers in medicine are at a color or national origin. ,

: record low. Yet there is a 25 per cent "At the time of the second survey Negroes -
decrease In the number of Negro medical held 28,986 jobs in the classified
students since 1956 and far too few Negro ; ?: Horoscope Guidely service at grades GS-5 through GS-II (sal-

doctors in a rapidly increasing uP uti aries of $lI,3115 to $9,640)) an increaseof
lation." MM8I or 18.3 over a year ago. Th e

The racial barriers have been lowered PABLO Tht ASTROLOGERWHICH total number of jobs i in this category increased -
Ebony says, because the shortage of Negro only M%.
doctors is part of an overall short- ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR In grades GS-12 through GS-18 ($8,955to

age. BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL $18,500)) the, number"of Negroes increased -
"Finding a doctor in the house is as by 43 to 1,380, a rate of-in i -

4 difficult as finding one in his office ... I I crease of 33.12. compared with an increase"-
I on Wednesday. As far back as 1960 there ARIES CANCER in the total r number o"f such jobs of on I ly

I were 5,000 more approved internshipsthan Born March 21st thru Born June 22nd thru LIBRA CAPRICORNBorn 7.82.
medical graduates." April 19th July 22ndIt Born Sept. 23rd thru Dec. 22nd thru In the lower grades, GS-I through GS-U,

By 1975 the U. S. will need 2,000 more Oct. 23rdIf Jan. 19th Negro employment increased by 1,768 or
medical graduates and 20 more medical Many of the difficul- may be difficult at you allow friends to The speculative fever 2.8 (compared with a total increase of

, schools, besides the five now being ties that beset you times erentiate for you between to diffi inspiration ,class you as an easy could take possessionof I 1.6%. )
during the previous touch, you can expect you, if it is raging
to the
planned, keep present ratio of and plain The Postal Field Service showed similar
month may still be with them to approach you in in your particular en-
132 doctors for every 100,000 people, wishful thinking. When another this rates of increase: 20.12 in grades PFS-5
you for the duration of one way or viornment. You should
I the Ebony article points out. this it through ,PFS-II I 54.52 in PFS-12
this one. 'Should you be happens seems ,week, ,as well as during know by experience, and. grades
f When it to doctors the "
comes Negro WM'
better for through PFS-18.
you to remain the rest of the month.
willing to concede that that it is not good for
problem is even more acute, because talented on neutral ground'and "It should be that these
your mate or partner has You can expect to be you. personally as wellas
Negroes, discouraged by the lack come up with ideas superior to avoid committing singled out for particular money wide. Friendswho changes in the employment picture do not ,
of opportunity in medicine, "began to to your own, you yourself to anything or attention in this may be trying to reflect special privileges for Negroesbut
turn elsewhere for the privilege of will not be so likely to anyone. You can trust connection. As long as convince rather are the result of insistenceby

\ serving humanity"Ebony explains. Actually fall in the traps that your feelings, and those you have been forewarnedyou even with you the otherwise best of President Kennedy, the Committee and
the number of'Negroes seeking medical are being set for you. who are attached to you. should have your intentions, should be the agencies themselves that employeesbe
training has been declining ever since You may be taken in by The first of a series of answer all ready or arrange courteously but firmly hired, promoted and upgraded on the
1935, the magazine points out. chancing strangers, or monetary losses or emotional to be somewhere resisted, unless basis of merit, the Vice President de-
t, "Only I6U of the last 7HOO medical your own emotional im- upsets could tran else at the critical have more cash than you you clared. .. .
school graduates and only 4,000 of the pulses. Take the proper' spire. Revert to your moment. know what to do with. r
260,000 physicians in the U. S. are Ne- steps to see that minorsare original views and fis- .
groes. This means 20 Negro doctors per fully protected from cal policies: if. you have, 4-20-11-16-97-421! 9-50-22-18-4 5-952 "A WISE AND CAREFULBALANCING" I
bem takne. common ,
:, I OO,000)' Negroes whose population by 1975 their own mistakes as should when sense SCORPIOBorn AQUARIUSBorn
will have increased 37 cent the well as from outside in- prevail you Oct. 24th thru :
per ,
Jan. 20th thru I
.) fluences. are dealing with affairsof
Ebony article notes. 2-30-22-17-84-231 the heart or making Nov. 22nd Feb. Iffth
Ebony says the three main obstacles to investments. You have a. perfect This quarter promisesto
Negroes entering medical school--"race, TAURUSBorn 20th thruWay 630881485638LFO right to conduct your be the most favorableof REQUIRES INTEREST FROM ALLThe 11

j finance and preparedness"--are being re- April? Oth existence according to the month, with the
: moved. your OTO lights. Should possible exception of chairman of the Pharmacutical Manu- _
"There is a place in American medicinefor You could be hyper anyone for whom you maybe the last three days. facturers Association recently testifiedat I

the Negro. I If he does not take it, sensitive and ready t Born July 23rd thru working try to enforce The possibility of a length before a House committee on the
he has no one to blame but himself," the take exception to everything Aug. 22nd certain rules of clash of wills is fanned subject of drug regulation. What he had
Ebony article concludes. that .your public The whole month couldbe conduct, you must accept !by: conflicting views or to say is of unusual significance now,
one of friction and them while you are because of the wide
and domestic associates objectives. The tug of publicity given to a f
say or do. Those who recrimination .if you m duty. But what you do war may go on and on, i fit European drug capable of causing tragic
k THE THREAT the &ho allow small disputes to in private is strictlyyour
OF COMMUNISM are running is not possible to deformities in unborn children. This pre-
swell into
i are likely to "be shorton large con- own affair and you find a compromise solu- sents a real danger--the adoption of destructively ,
patience and quick flagrations. You may would be justified in
tion as rapidly as pos- restrictive regulation in the
also find it
BEGETS more profitable -
resenting interference.
with demands+ and criticiffts. to sell sible, until both sides heat of emotion.
None of these property Of course, laws, no
for cash, than to pur- may have to give in The chairman reviewed the wide powersnow
our hemisphere," says Henry B. Sar- things will make life chase it at any terms. matter how unpopular through sheer exhaus- possessed and exercised by the Food
gent, president of the American & For- any happier for you, and You should try to figure have to ,be obeyed and tion. and Drug Administration in protecting the

eign Power Company, "we will always have it could becoB-e all the out all the angles that you cannot at flout them. 8-70-44-16-38-874 public from unsafe drugs, from false advertising -
except ownrisk.Keep
the threat of the spread of communism as harder for you not to could possibly arise, this your in mind during PISCES and from other possible dere-

long as the communist regime remains in blow your top under"se- for this may prevent the night of the 4th. 5th Born Feb. 19th thru I icticns. Even so, he minted out, 'the
Cuba. vere provocation. Mis- you from making hasty should feel impelledto March 20th Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association
"A great deal of communist money is beIng understandings now cre- and grievous decisions cut you loose. Even if you have all has already asked for stronger regula- .
poured into Latin America to supportthe ated cay grow to threatening later on. The largest the confidence in the tions governing the industry. To quote '

efforts of the international commu- proportions with measure of self-control 3-90-77-13-58-397 world in yourself, and him, 'It| has supported measures to
nist .conspiracy to undermine the existing the passage of the should be applied. your good fortune. You strengthen the food and drug laws in ways

governments and set ,up communist-oriented days and weeks. ... 9-40-88-15-73-048 are not likely to get that will further the public health. We
regimes."It .64D221873642GEMINI SAGITTARIUSBorn very far alone. Your own have opposed only those proposed measures I !
i.s encouraging i to note that the "' Nov. 23rd thru capabilities may be which, In our judgment, would impair, ,the :
people of all the Latin American nationsand V IRGO Dec. 21st handicapped by limit ability of our industry to serve the ;"
their governments have been alerted Aug. 23rd thru tions or by a tendencyto public.i i

to this danger and that steps are being Eoro May 21st thru Sept. 22nd The high principles by be visionary: rather A pending bill would give enlarged pow-
taken to combat it. June 21st Strength of pun ose an which yon live may: lead then practical. Should ers to the FDA. The Association--whose

"The Alliance for Progress and the results This could be the kin' .unexpected come to breaks,. shoul yon to believe else is doing thateveryone you have a going or projected 140 member companies i produce more than
aid when
of the Punta del Este Conference of a month tttat tri"efmen's you feel your that your work 1ikewise. It nay not has merit enterprise it may that be 90 per cent of the prescription drugs

,: are evidence of the new spirit of unity souls, and keeps is getting over your take long for you to necessary: to seek the used in this country--supports many of
that is developing in this hemisphere in most Gemlnians off bal- head. Instead of trying find out that there are support of a partner. the bill's provisions and believes thatin
the face of the communist offensive. ance. Should you have to do everything yourself too many: ready and wil- More than 'ever your some areas Congress should go farther
"Of course, much more needs to be done- any inkling as to what you should con- ling to win your con- ideas and your leader- still. It opposed only provisions which
: particularly in the propaganda or public is lying in store for fide in your mate or fidence for purely mer- ship will be s eight. would serve no public interest, do noth- f-
: information field--where the communists you, steel your determination other collaborators You may need to travelor ing to advance drug safety, and impair

: have been working very effectively and to maintainyour and allow thea to assume mo-tives. if you have per- visit quite suddenly. progress in this all-important field.
spending much more money than we have. poise and restrain some of your responsi sonal secrets as well Can you keep quiet until The chairman made a fundamental pointin
and effort (must) be moment? The these words ". .the
More money expended your more fiery impulses bilities. seems very as vital confidential propitious : regulatory action \
: on this important work by both government when the going gets hot doubtful that they will information that has inclination of all Leos of government and the creativity, com
; and private enterprise. You are apt to run up turn you down If you been entrusted to you, this month will be to petitive initiative, and 'ultimate responsibility -

... .- .... .... against situations that make your request with be very careful to keep babble away all they of industry both make very t
4 T 4 f i i i i could make you see red the proper modesty and them from tailing into know. This is foolish. valuable contributions to public health. f

Also pay closer atten- sincerity. The tendency the wrong hands. Use Resist such urges. Then Public health will suffer if we con
Thanksgiving Day tion to your work to to remain too secretive, your home as a refuge, en changes daily and centrate on either factor alone and neg-
prevent mishwps. Observe to your possible detriment making; certain that no you will need every lect or retard the other. Sound legislation -
II all the diet and is strong from one is prying into your ounce of caution in your in the public interest thus requiresa
; will be happier health habits that keep 4th through balance of past life to obtain incriminating soul to assess the situations wise and careful balancing of government
a day.
data against for
you fit at all Uses. the month. around you controls with rivate freedoms and
., J on., truth.4703318Z473. responsibilities.
"- 5-60-53-17-01-563
11914-98-19 7-40-55-19-61-745

... .. .-- + ... .,, ... I<."" -_ L j 1 .-.' r ..:...___""",,--.'-"" "'--"? -- ....-,. ....,..----__.__...., .. __ t ,,_ .--- ... ,- -

t ., '-'''-' .........-.-..-. .-..---.-. ..._.._"-- ... .- .... -.. .-. -- -." .. .-..._ ..,.a. ..........----"---.-."_..d""I"' _"'''---W." ._........' -"" -_. ----_.._. -.

I :
r- I ,

.r ''SATHIAY MYENKB 3. 1X2 -- ._ ..- HIM STAB mi 3

Urbann.II.* Undergoing 'lIeh.1 S..lon.

5ik V ," "

i t' '
r ;ty t t w:

I ;;Ut !
'I r' F { a ?? a y :

I 4\ I t

: 1 .a. 3 ?

\ y > Y .
: t 3MF 3


) ;: ; I? f. ,Pi

4 s 3tifi
+i r qi rr

; .

.y4 ID

I : :

h : __ x i : :

1 }

0 ?

r e &

; A -

I J, r. ; r .. w, dagPr++ ,.w.-w'o+ 1x.aw,.... .vo-xn ..Ke ,..+i _

IIJ ." xh .
: Y"j r a1
a 1I a Y as a f w

IJ I : d _

r -- 5 -- --.... .. ..,-- .
-- -

SPECTACULAR' URBANNETTES- OP '62 la the theme of the Ur)....t League Guild's third annual variety show better than ever. Photo (left) shows: Mesdames Hattie Daniels and Janet Johnson in a terpischorean'show

I') scheduled: for presentation Wednesday night, NOV. 21 at 10 o'"clock in Duval County Armory.. The vehicle stopper.' photo (right) displays one of the numerous skits which will highlight an eveningof 1

promises to be more exciting and entertaining than the previous two productions with pleasing '. 'w" .. '. relaxing entertainment for jax first nighters.
I array of new talent supporting this year's event which the sponsors predict will be bigger.. .andS .. :::
College Choirs '- Wedding Bells

-IhI Nov. ScheduleNEW Applications For'

--- Marriage Licenses

broadcasts YORK -of The* Negro Nov. : Randa Burns, 322 Oak

1 Colh "
ge St., 66 and l rose Jackson -
ABC Radio Network \ with
weekly : .. -. 322 Oak St., 54.
series, will feature y ". LOUISE G. GUINYARD ;. James K. Tatusm.. 1607 ;i

choruses of fair Of major interest to Jacksonville society was dorado with all members present.Mrs. Morgan St.. 18 and JosieM.

southern colleges, the the wedding ceremony uniting Miss Unita Barnes Pearl Mackey, Mrs. Dorothy Oliver, and Mathis Hull, Ga. ,

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Girl. United Negro College and James Morris Fowler, perf armed Saturday, Mrs. Barbara Harper and Mrs. Thelma Greene were 19.
announced here to-
Brown; 1714 Eaverson St.; Mr. and Mrs. Otis Williams day. October 27in Waymon Chapel AME Church. The recipients of bridge prizes. William E. Scott 1014

I Boy. ; 2354 Brooklyn Rd.; Rev. George W. Smith, pastor, officiated. Other participants in the meeting included Mrs. Laura St., 23 and Shirley -
Presenting the member
t Mr. and Mrs. Elliot Boy. The bride chose her sister, Mrs. Catherine Pauline Davis, Mrs. Emma L. George, Mrs. Essie M. J. .son, 434 W.
colleges of the Fund,
Cbatman; 3622 Grunthal Mr. and Mrs. Harvey the Butler, as honor attendant, along with Mrs. Bar- McCrayMrs. Doris Bennett, Miss Daisy Gilliard, Union St. 25.
Street; Boy. Griffin; 842 Barnett St.; program bara McGriff and Miss Gracie Mae Sanderson. John- and Ann Monroe. Raymond Graham, 2021
New York City and is
Mr. and Mrs. Walter GirL nie Pamley was the groom's best man,with Theodore' Louisiana St. 48 and ;
. i Mr. and Mrs. Leonders beamed by the American .............................. Beulah M. Thomas 917 W. '
: \ Smith;, 709 W. Duval St. ; Broadcasting to Fowler, jr. the groom's brother, and Charles
Boy.w It > Cummings, ; 5630 Bree Rd.; Company Linwood Lee serving as ushers. 1st St.. 35. :
its affiliated
'f stations ,
Richardson, 1235W.
Mr. and Mrs. Ulysess Girl. each Master Eric Brown was ring bearer, while Little Mrs. iva Grant was hostess when Les unes Char- Amos
t week. The local ABC 4th St., 64 and Lola --t't-
'J simons; 2032 W. 6th St.; Mr. and Mrs. James stations throughout the Miss Janice Denise Butler, the bride's niece, mantes Bridge Club met last week-end in the -
M. 1235 W. 4th
f't Boy Baker; 5322 Buick Ave. ; country air the and Little Miss Bridgett Robinson were flower Trenton Drive home of Mr.and Mrs. otha L. Wooden. Brown
programon Street 54. t
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Girl. different girls. Mrs. Norma White, Mrs. Charlotte ,Bostick, and
days and Grady M. Jefferson. 801 ,
l Smith; 805 Blanche St. Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Har- at varying times. Check Nuptial music was furnished by Mrs. Rosemond Mrs. Arnetta Walker were high scorers in the W. Beaver St. 23 and I

f! Girl. grove; 1319 Pippin St. ; local newspaper listingfor Satterwhite and Mrs. Alberta Crown. bridge session. Mattie M. Bass 6812 i!

Mr. and Mrs. William Boy. airtime. Mr. and Mrs. Otis Barnes and Mr. and Mrs. Theo- Mrs. Betty Sessions Mrs. priscilla Brown Mrs. Hema Road. 17.

Scott; 6704 Alaro Rd.; Mr. and Mrs. Frank 'Negro College Choirs" dore Fowler, Sr. parents of the bride and groom, Lorice Howard, Mrs. Helen Gregory, Mrs. Xelia James M. Fowler. 1674

Girl. \ Porter; 5618 Vernon! Rd.; is now in its 13th year respectively, witnessed the ceremony. A reception Mitchell, and Mrs. Alma Daniels were among other McConihe St. 31 and

) Mr. and Mrs. Edward Boy. of continuous 'broad followed the wedding, held in the home of the members present. Unita Barnes 2651 Craw-
Allen; 730 Odesse St.; Mr. and Mrs. Robert casting over the ABC couple, 5752 Cleveland Road. ford St. 20. I
Gi rl. Whitehurst; 1325 Wood Radio young .................s............ !
Network Mrs. Jacqueline Baxter and Miss Rosanne Jones Walter Foster. 1022
J. Mr. and Mrs. Allen Street; Boy. Pearl St. 22 and BettyJ. I
Watts 1313 Oakley St.; Zion Hope Board kept the bride's book; Miss Barbara Robinson
; It's a girl for Mr. and Mrs. William Scott'of :
Jefferson 281 Plea-
t served the wedding cake; Misses Barbara and
Plans Anniversary 6704 Alaro Road. Little Lynn Denise put in her
sant 17.
11 I Delores 'George and Mrs. Ada Stanley served Street
Ml. Ararat District Slates Fashion Show
appearance at Brewster Hospital.
Members of Usher Board punch; and, Miss Rosalee Fowler, Mrs.Jattle Gilbert A, Davis 813

al; District 34 of Mt. Ara- Wych as narrator, and 1 of Zion Hope BaptistClurch' Medlock, and a host of other friends received .............................. W. Monroe St. 46 and
will celebrate Henrietta Gainey, 813 W.
Church! has Miss gifts.
: rate Baptist Mrs. Leatha Thomas
t completed plans for a Shirley Scott, Miss their 33rd anniversary Out-of-town guests included Mrs. Mattie Medlock, Monroe Street, 58.
Nov. 5, at 8 Mrs. Leola Dudley, Mrs. Kathyrn Robinson, Mrs.
Fashion Show which will Odessa Brown, Miss p.m sister of the groom, Gainesville, Florida; Mr.
f Bernice Henderson, Mrs. Johnnie Mitchell and
in the church.Appearing
be presented Monday Lillie Pearl Dotson, Ivan Seymore. West Palm Beach, Florida; and, Mr.
:; Miss Annie B. Minatee made the guest list
I night Nov. 5 at 7:30 Mrs. Delena Johnson. on the program and Mrs. Ezell. Davis, cousins of. the bride, up I
when Mrs. Marie McClain entertained Gems
will be Mrs. Maggie Bridge .
o' clock in the Education Miss Melissa Thomas Macon, Georgia.The i
Club last Friday evening at the Eldorado.
Black Mrs. Callie
building, Mrs. Leatha James Thomas and Miss Fowlers are at home at 5752 Cleveland Road.
Downing the Holy Mrs. Robinson and Miss Minatee qualified for
Thomas, president, an- Jacqueline Thomasas on1 et
nounced. models. Travelers of Arlington .............................. prizes in the guest division, while Mrs. Lois R

t Mrs. Wilma McWhite. Friends and th e Oscae Senior Mrs. Erma Avery and Mrs. Geneva Wheeler were recipientsof PRMNCYlem

program chairman, has general public are Jean Odom, Mrs. Gurdell Mrs. Florine Smith, Mrs. Margaret pleasants, and club prizes.A /7,144.
Murray, Miss M.L. Crews special feature of the meeting consisted of
secured Hiss Betty cordially invited. : Mrs Norma White were hostesses when Silhouettesmet
and Miss Nellie Hicks. last Thursday evening in the Ribault Road the presentation of gifts to Mrs. MYrtis Thomas

home of Mr. and Mrs. Alvin White. for her son, fiittle T. V. Thomas, Jr. ; to Mrs. *Jette nd>>soft your with ti&h MOTIUU dry skin nuzro.Ntfttct smooth.

Mrs. Norma White, president of the group, pre- Lydia Sweet for her: tfwo sons; Mrs. Zelma Johnson, of body sk'fi tissues ,.!

sided over the business session. included on the past president of the organization; and, Mrs. for darn tin pregnancy rest or your mae life.Show This fie up

it's Pepsi agenda was the report of the Nominating Committee Catherine Jackson, past treasurer. maul compounded skin conditioner to rtlitv Is especially the.

now j Mrs. Virginia Mathis chairman, and the Mrs. Alvenia Scriven, Mrs. Lillian Davis, and discomfort Inf in your of stfiv that" stretched You'll find feel a I '

Projects Committee, Mrs. Betty Howard chairman.Mrs. Mrs. Sylvester Bossard were among other participating MQTvnrnnjtt massage can ,

far those who think young 1 Lydia Sweet, Mrs. Dorothy Sweet, and Mrs. in the meeting. In fct fotftlifflc'left. and for back thattnumbing, too. Take fl':::
.. *
car r your body skin wild .
+ + Starkes will be hostesses to the -
4r Margaret November .............................r. MoTtau
meeting of the group. nvK n: .I IAlDnIt

.,., rwn.'YQUWlilll'lttU
.............................. f.Sh.". ", I
The West Eighth Street home of Mr. and Mrs. L.

k Carlyne Davis provided the setting for a recent

Mrs. Geraldine Hilliard entertained Kevinettea meeting of Los Diamontes Bridge Club. Mrs. AnnaB. MOTHERS 'I

Bridge Club last Saturday evening at the El- Frazier was hostess. FRIEND !

______ ;
t : I t rwfcci K in.crarr Asry:.gas

I 1"1.1..1'111.,1.

Magnolia Clab I CONSULT DR. SMITH FREE giMl.Mtq Cw.eMt..

__ : SOFA & SIOU( Will Be Told in Plain Words What the Trouble
Meets Monday RIS[ What is Causing it and What May Be Done Tob

n STANDARD [correct It, If YOU Suffer With: 8


will be discussed
KUSM l.l., Meteriela |
=-------=- .:.... cabers of the Magnolia DISEASES INTESTINAL DID
All ..-,.a-....b Ti.lN. I
All W.et'-....-.. ...[MiwMu which Beets Monday at S
NO DOWN PAYMENT rw... yr t......T........ 7130 p.B. In the hose of DISORDERSI
r+...... ... e-----e T_
Mrs. C.H. Young 2354 treat conditions commonly considered surlcalti
N 6.1..9 = :TOUt I':"r Lantana Avenue.The .
Today parties are more informal more fun.They reflect"the big changeto without the use of a knife. Modern methods of
a youthful new outlook It's! a modern state of mind and all ages EASY TERM$ ARRANGED ann R1 program will diagnosis and treatment. FREE-EXAMINATION BY
are involved. Call it thlnkina->oung: And what a life for Pepsi-hgnt, bt held NOT. 25 in Magnolia 1N7KENT CNLT-23 years successful practice in loP-I|
bracing, clean-tasting Pepsi. So think young. In stores buy an Baptist Church,
extra canon. At fountains ay "Pepsi please!" -' .. .. ECONOMY DECORATORS All HOURS-10 I.B. to 6:30 P.m. PHONE EL -
Mrs. stated.
'pe Young I DR. REX SMITH
.. officers and members
900 West State St. (upstairs) J
KTTU*It KPII-tOU KTTIMC COMMIT vMCWOWII trwu wfowmw nun rmi-csu CQIIPAQ IIW roe.* Vf are urged to be pre- I.Office
: sent. occupied try Dr. Lyocker-oppoaite.111ZW.I'.II'I'I..I4rII.lII..I'I'

1 1 l


j\ ..:..:t ...._:. .-.... t: :.. 'A- -.A-.t .r. .....M/ ...i ,f..& l. --..... ...--... ,., -'" .-......';"-0." ; "';; .c--: ..._ ,.... ______ .. ..'--if. ....."114---...'" .of_.1.....> ...... .__-=_...l... --- ,-..: .
_., _L ____._ .____ -'

..., =2T-T:::: ==l:.: '- '. .'- u.._. .-._" '- ?' ... ,' -.---- ,-...;:; .- .,, ... .........
F-; "',. !

i. mi ,4. FIMIDA STAR I SJUUROAY KOVfflBffl 3.132 1 "

, ..,
If' Impressive Candlelight 1 Services Featured In Hew St. James Second Baptist Is Woodlawn United


Celebrating JointAnniversaries Presbyterian ChurchThe


United Presbyterian
.$ Second Baptist Church choir of the Woodlawn
j will observe its 112th
United PresbyterianChurch
g a t"eta anniversary and the
'. ;,. will have its
fourth of its pator.
Y .r ', I fish fry Saturday, Nov.
l Annual Men's Day will be observed Nov. 18 in i : Rev. J. C. Sams, Nov. 3rd beginning at 3 p.m.

West Union Baptist Church beginning with the Sunday 41. 4-12. We are inviting all mem-

I' School at 9:30 a.m. Deacon Mac Moore and 4t The committee under the bers, fri:ods and sur-

Cleveland Clinch will serve as chairman and cochairman leadership of Mrs. Lucy rounding communities to

respectively. Tremble assisted by come and help us make
V John Payne has arrangeda
C this effort an over- ,
program for the oc-
whelming success. The
refreshments and fish
Sunday night Charles
'The Executive Board of theGeneral State Baptist will be served under a
,. Maxwell will give the
Convention 1 c.,- will meet Nov. 7 at 10 a.m. at giant oak tree draped
Sunlight Temple, a'cala. with all members present.. *. occasion and the com- with beautiful long
bined choirs under the
gray moss and ground
direction 0 f Mrs. G.c.
carpeted with green
Vaught will render a
grass. Chairs for
musical program.
The Pulpit Aid Board of Day Spring Baptist Church seating will alA be
Monday night, St. John
will observe its homecoming Sunday at 4 p.m. in available. The proceeds
Baptist Church Rev. A.J:
the main auditorium of the church with the president ," will go to help financeour
k Hughes pastor and Payne
Mrs. Alice Logan, 'presiding. The "Every new building pro-
Chapel AME Church Rev.R. .
body's Revival" will open Nov. 11 with the Roberta gram.
A. King, pastor will
Martin Singers of Chicago Ill. the com- Church scho d will begin ->
be in charge.The .
bined choirs of Day Spring and visiting choirs T : Franklin Trio will Sunday in the

will be in charge of the music. The pastor. Rev.C. r"r be the guest singing George Washington Carver

A. Weaver will be the evangelist for the oc Elementary School 2854W.
casion. 45th Street at 10 a.m.
Tuesday night Friendly
MRS. LOUISE YOUNG HuT HINSON, principal speaker, is shown addressing an attentive audience during Baptist Church. Rev. B. ,wi th T. V. Huger .

the recent Candlelight Service presented by the Comet Ladies Exclusive Ladies Club employees of H. Hartley minister, superintendent in charge

'I _Mercy Hospital student hospital aides and members of Bolden's School of Music in new St. James AME Macedonia Baptist Rev.J. Morning Worship service

Family Day will be observed in First Timothy Church. Mrs. Rebecca Y. Thompson RN, staff supervisor at Mercy Hospital and instructor of hospitalaide C. Rogers, pastor and will begin at 10:55

Baptist Church Nov. 11. All families will sit together classes at Bolden School was the program' &1 spons-or. Rev. B. L. Davis was host pastor. Mt. Calvary Baptist a.m. Rev. F.D. Wilson

during the services. District 1 will pre- Church. The rev. W. M. pastor will bring the

sent the Star Lights and the Soul Revivers in a Tabernacle Sets Pr3yer Band New St. James Hill pastor will be in message, supported by

recital 18 at District 1 will observe Obituaries .... the United Choir with
NOV. 8. p.m. charge and Wednesday
Youth ProgramYouth Begins Anniversary Claimed Successful C.E. Si Jr at the
22. A will be umons.
its anniversary NOV. program pre- George Hunt 2621 Davis might Emanuel Baptist .

sented. ., Street. Talent Night will Program Nov. 5th Women Day Rev. S.L. Badger. West piano.No .
.... man is old until he U
Allen .It>sley:Jr. ,1598 W. be observed Nov. 11 at Friendship, Rev. R.L.
., ."' The Triumph Prayer Band begins living in the
36th Street 7:30 p.m. in Tabernacle "i4 Wilson, and Mt. Ararat
begins its first anni- yesterdays instead of
I Dea. Robert Rice 11X0 Baptist Church. All 1'f. Baptist Church Rev. D.J

i Holy 1 Communion rites will be observed in Abyssinia Imeson.Street.. ., youth choirs will observe versary services Monday Graham minister, will the morrows

Baptist Church Sunday at 4 p.m. The Sacre- Mrs. Laura Brown 539 their anniversaryNov. night Nov. 5 throughoutthe be in charge of the
I of the Mother
remainder Midway
i mental sermon will be delivered by the pastorRev. Carl Street. 18 at 3 p.m. in the services.
week in Brooks Prayer
B.L. Wynn. All choirs and ushers will serve. James Alvin Sapp 1730 W auditorium of the church rand ushers of
House on Tyler St. under Schedules Holy
25th Street. Maxie Pillions will be all visiting congrega-
of Madame 1
Miss Helen Chatman. 1437 presented in his annual tions will serve.
Louise Nelson. Communion Rites
Wilcox Street. recital Nov. 18 at 7:30 Keeping the Fat th"

The progressive Club of St. paul AME Church Miss Ida Wicker 1438 Mt p.m. He will be accom- All Prayer Bands of the is the Theme, Keep Me Holy Communion rites I

will sponsor a Harvest Tea Sunday Nov. 18, Herman Street. panied by all adult city have been invitedto Everyday' and "Pres will be administered at I
in the .
from 4 to 6'p.m.in the home of Mrs. Annie Everetton Mrs. Charlotte Rivers, choirs. Mrs. Sadie Bivin participate sing Onward" is the Mother Midway AME Church

West 8th Street. Mrs. Thelma'Mitchell, the 1211 Cleveland Street. will give the intro- week long services. Monday .j:' .l."If.: motto for the celebra- during major servicesat
observancewill / : :
president announces that a program will William Hillman. 1003W. duction and Mrs. Queen night's .. : tion. 11 a.m. and 6 p.m.
be under the direction -
be presented.' Duval Street. Akins. the occasion. Regular services in Rev. J. W. Jones pastor
f Mrs. Maria Cherry, 1214 of The HeavenlyAire MRS. RAVENA( HUGHES Second Baptist for announced.All .

Cleveland Street. MusicalSunday Prayer Band. Prayer ...General Chairman Sunday begins with the choirs ushers I
Bands No. 1 and 12.
Joe Ross Jr. 1736 W. According to Mrs. Ra- Sunday School at 9:30 stewards stewardesses 1

,., Sunday services at Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church 24th Street. The public is cordially vena Hughes, general a.m. with C.M. Vaught deacons missionaires I
all services
ft i will begin with the Sunday School at 9:30 a.m. Lamar Smith, 1504 W. invited to the week. c chairman the recent and L.C. Chester in and class leaders will

r tJ. with Mrs. Hattie B. Neal in charge. Morning '45th Street. Sister Rosetta Cohen ..* throughout annual Women's Day ob- charge. The pastor will serve throughout the ,

worship at 11 o'clockBTU at 5:40 p.evening Mrs. Edith Brown, 1054 will present a concert servance at new St. review the lesson 'Th e day. j

I r'f' worship will begin'at 6:30. Choir 1 and Usher Phelps Street. of gospel songs featuring -., .1.r First Born s James AME Church was an Bible" and deliver the Group 9 will sponsor a /.

., Board 1 will serve at each service. Ralph Thomas' .1728- *'W. some of. the ,t. ServicesElder outstanding success. sermon for the morning Rum age' sal'6 Saturd .'' 'at

I' 6th Street.Katie ; city s best known sing- Sunday Mrs Hughes wishes to worship services at 11 Florida Ave. and Odessa ,

(f E. Key 1505W. ing groups Sunday at A. Hill, pastorof thank the various com o' clock. St. Group 5 will sell

22nd Street. 3:30 p.m. in the United First Born Temple mittee chairman captains Baptist Training Union fish Saturday 01 the

t i;1 St. Joseph Spiritual To Present Drama Rachel Thomas .1410 House of Prayer, 1852 W. 825 W. Monroe St. team members, will be held at 5:45 p. church grounds. 1462 \!

Grothe Street; Apt. B. 4th St. Sister Ethel announces the following congregation members and m. with Mrs. R.H. Mor- Van Buren St. The annual I

t; District No. 7 of St. Leroy Roberson, groom; Oscar Nelson, 5671 Brooklyn McBride. host pastor.The services for Sunday: frisnds for their sin- r Isset te assisted by Women.s Day observance

Joseph Spiritual Church Benjamin Frazier, fatherof Road. Alexander Heard in will be held ;
Gospel Star Singersare Sunday School. 10 a.m. cere efforts in helping Sunday.
r will present'' a drama the bride; SherileanE. Mrs. Bessie B. Rogers, included among pro- Morning worship 11:15" put this year's celebration ch arge. Nov. 11 throughout the I I

entitled 'Ibe Wedding"Monday Lewis mother of the 758 W. State Street. gram participants. a.m. the top.Sweetfield Evening worship will day. ,
i: night, Nov. 5 at bride. Mrs. Fannie Laster,' >1325 t be held at 7 p.m.

8 o* clock in the church Bishop M. IL Frazier is W. 18th Street. Plans Annual Joint Observance DONT PASST' j

auditorium located at host pastor. The publicis Mrs. Edna M. Dunham, I
I 2039: Brooklyn Road. invited. 1617 W. 32nd Street. : ;' '.' ----k.-- ",;"::::: ';::){ : Communion Rites THIS UP.IF t

The cast includes: --Thomas Lewis Mrs. Shirley A Kelly .. 0'. i &
Linda Wallace bride
1 ; Reporter-- 1027 Callen Street. Planned SundayHoly
r : here is the answer to

J.i ff..::..,,:":,:..:,,' your Prayers. Last week "t
A"V.: -
i. <,..'.....''..:. Communion will be all of the people who
t., .< received this POWERFUL
0 ..' administered Sunday at
QI2DISCOUNT r" 3 p.m. in Bethlehem PRAYER were helpedthe

h. Baptist Church. All same day they received -

I : y choirs and ushers will it. This POWERFUL
> X
,t.:,;,:..'v\. serve. Mrs. Delia Hunt- PRAYER is said to have
830 Cassat Ave. ""
ington will be in charge been found on the sepul I
(Near College)
of music. The pastor chre of JESUS CHRIST in

1824 W. Beaver St. Rev. A. Anderson will 1709. It is said that

j t 1 U.S. 90 Near Stockton 4'v. + vYLi deliver 'the sermon. anyone who reads this

Services for Sunday prayer, hear it reador

1 JUST RECEIVED ANOTHER ,:: will begin with the Sunday carry it on their
; School at 9:30 a.m. body will have happiness -
SOLID CARLOAD :-i! with Deacon E. Sawyer. success and gooo
f 1 I
,:/> Mrs. Marie Williamsonand fortune in every way,!

((40 TO 60 LB. AVERAGE). J.: Mrs. S. Fedd in and receive Blessingsthat

t FRESH COUNTRY PIGS .1/ .,, ;.. charge.Morning worship will seem$2. Donation impossible.Send to.

riAkiki ; ":: : begin at 11 o' clock, Criteria of Christ. You
k\ ,:--f/'i., .
> BTU at 5:30 p.m. Usher will receive POWERFUL
,Ii ;:::fI :
: Pigs La.39c ; Board 2 will sponsor a PRAYER, and weekly

': spiritual tea Nov. 11 Bible reading... :
I Cut: mJ ITnipfW fnr Your Horn F'HnI ;: ;i ;j : ; 1 from 3 to 5 p.m.. Rev. (Rev. J. King)

J FRESH COUNTRY .-< Ernest Williams will Criteria of Christ P.O.

I BACK BONE LB. '49C :. '"fr be the speaker for the Box 654. Ty 76046 De- 1

r. ;. tea. troit 6,. Michigan. _


I, HAMS LB. 49. Mrs. StoneGIFTED I

., .< ;
Will read your PAST-


PORK SIDES LB.39c Gives names of ene- &

mies and friends. J g
FRESH COUNTRY Madam Stone reunites i 3 r 1f

HEAD CHEESE LB.39C the separated and j i

causes speedy and E i

happy marriages. rf/ :
3 : 00 Overcomes ene-
_-__ mies, bad luck and evil influences of all

h 4W.J r rrr..x. 6YW.O .________ kinds. Restores lost nature without fail.
WHITE LABEL LUZIANNE Coffe., nd Chickory,
Now In 2 Grindl/ 59 FINAL ARRANGEMENTS are nearing completion for Sweetfield Baptist Church's 51st No matter what your troubles may be,

COFFEE Drip or Regular LB. anniversary and the fifth of its pastor, Rev. D. B. Barnes. The observance Madam Stone can and will help you. You

N. ..fen It Hits prlct....C.t. Wra,,. Frt. begins on Sunday night Nov. 11 and will continue through NOV. 12. Rev and gain results in just one visit. Satisfaction I
U4 Y*.r ,,.... N... for Pr Ww--Nctkinf Down 4 Months T. NT Mrs. Barnes (shown above), church officials and congregation members will guaranteed.Open ,

... host the various pastors and their membership who will highlight various ser- DAILY 9 "M. to 9 P.M.-SUNDAY 1 p..., to 9 p.ypeneaeatly .
t Located in Om Hove ...
vices during the annual event. Dedication services for Sweetfield' new I

WATCH THE KEN KNIGHT SHOW dining room will be held Sunday afternoon, NOV. 11 at 2:30 o'clock. Miss 7440 Phillips HighwayUS.NO.

Eftff Siriir frn SM I... to. IfcN: i... s"s.r..J the Sweetfield will be crowned Monday night, Nov. 12 during the annual banquet. 3 Miles South City i
1 i Limits
Rev.and urs.Barnes and family will be honored eith a shower party the follow-

-'t'1._._>..." tat Btrkits. Tin Nty iptt+rri )Njn TV ski i Hi tfce Serik st ing Thursday night by the Sweetfield membership. jackaontiile. P1or1'I'I J

;i 1 f

,,-' '.;.is,';" : 1. '" :._ < .' '_L' ,,-, ,,,' ,;."'" ..;:.>it- ,,.or W : .: '- I i ,..- .... ,,'\,'-,'"_-cc;,,:;-"',''-'.-j.,.,. -. \1
t' T '"

-. _- .. -'" .. .. .-. '- -. .T' ._._ __

.\,..!, j I' .
.1ll _IT MYEMEB 3 1X2 t 1 .. I"' ; ) .,
{ .
-:: I't I : ;J.-.J.- ., ,...Ii tt: '. ." ,' FlIRIIA STAR. 1A I TUBE 5
E ,. .

t.s : .. Yes, W. All Mk. ,.1', ,: ,:';' t ...;;.;__ / "; : _-, 0'J"_; '; >: ,
J.< !" t"'j $" "1i" I ". "
-: ,
":>,. -. : ..: 'f-'" f' '" : ,;.
'i Subsidiary Motions :

By Marcus H., Boulware
'" ..:' 'fI.
QUESTION: What is the purpose of subsidiary 1
notions--T.H.L. .,
ANSVER: The purpose of subsidiary notions (seven j
I of them) is to get rid of the main motion either

temporarily or permanently. However, the purpose PRICE IS RIGHT SALE !
I of the notion to. amend"--a subsidary motionis --

'i to change the wording of the main motion.
It is hoped that by changing the wording of the
main motion, the club members will be more will- YES THAT'S RIGHT! PRICES AT WEMIRE ALWAYS tOJVER IHAEOTHER

,. ing to vote upon it. Thus, in this way the club DEWERl YOU GET M
gets rid of the motion-either one way or another.
> Among the subsidiary notions are: CURTIS I 1C Ml MATHES WITH NORMAL INSFAlMiON TOO! 3H0P TYREiSiiCiU 1TO
1. !Motion l to postpone indefinitely
j" 2. Motion to amend CUtre-MATWS:

t r* 3. Motion to postpone definitely 23" STEREO THEATRE -
t 4. Motion to refer to a committee
4">:. 5. Motion to lay on the table HIGH FIDELITY COMBINATION 23" TV-STEREO AM/FM RADIO STI RE O.

6. Motion calling for limit: on debate
11 Tht fintit tolovtslon Picture and Sound. True high Fidelity StIr,.
7. Motion calling for the previous with automatic changer and diamond stylvi. AM/FM Radio with 4 AM/FM RADIO

question matched HURdolity spoofcors. This fino instrument Is made of selected
r READERS: For ay: chart of parliamentary: notions, hardwood and finished rich mahogany. Bought directly from the in. the all new for 1963
send fifty cents to Dr. Marcus H. Boulware, factory to yow at tremendous savings.
Box 310-A, Florida A. and M. University, Talla- .
hassee Florida / ,,
/ r e9et,

Floridian Receives Citation

I r 3 d Y ,; :
s '..
f a 11 10 LP STEREO

tI $ 9 5 -:0''.- s ALBUMS /

__ 4
,I II 29 9 I i-- FREE/



I PER MONTH $15990


I *
FT; !IYER, Va.---Captain Brinson (left) ADVERTISED' BRANDS
of Lakewales, Fla. receives the United States AND ONLY 8.25 PER MO.
t Air Force Commendation !Medal for his meritorious FULLY JUTOHflTICiWASHER I WESTINGHOUSEWhirlpool

# 'service as executive officer of the 1130th USAF .
t Special Activities Group here. Captain Brinson .r. r 2 OKIES Regular ar |i l .

'K son of Mrs. Lillian Black, 217 Donsett Ave. .- j I
For Silks 11 : : .\ ,
Lakewales is a graduate of Tuskegee (Ala. ) in Special : '1.- '
stitute. He entered the servicd in June 1954. The WATER TEMPERATUIR O IIp : ra.-a ,
I -
captain, who is being reassigned to Hawaii fort '.
QNttSif T +
5 YR.
duty with the 1957th Communications Group, is :
I t married to the frmer Odessa Hamilton of Washington TRANSMISSION % Sfc "fir liiii 1'1' 1 I'

I .. D.C. She will accompany him. Presenting FULL SIZE CAPACITY S E;S:'.". I Whirlpool :, ADlllULUOOa
tbe.:decoration, lsjColnelt Robert W. Elliott, .l
;I commander of the 1020th USAF> Special% Activities -:. ; ". ..... AUTOMATIC SEDlMENf JEJECTOk ; NO AGAIN non WITH EVER ," e'w.) NO EVER DEFROSTING AGAIN

Wing at Ft. Myer. -'t ; IOTTOM nunt THIS 2 DR.WnnNCHOUSE A GIANT .

Jax Seiior Reigns Saturday -.. 1 :'', J; ADVANCED AUTOMAt( :WAJr|| ONLY$279.90


l Over FAMU's Hontcomiig 11: -;

c i, TALLAHASSEE---A 20-year old ,senior biology major I ;_ 1 __ (' I OF THHI IIfO'W: $2 6 990
'-"'frolf Jacksonville will reign over the Homecoming .,' : WANT SOMETHING 2 DOOM )
Jt festivities during the Diamond Anniversary cele- : '
I I' bration. of Florida A. dnd M. University this week '.- INEXPENSIVE? IE SURE YOU AND IT caN BE YOURS WITH
I Winsome Gwendolyn Clark Tarpon Springs had 181 S NO CASH DOWN AND
I polled 500 votes .to 419 votes and Johnnie Ruth [
Ii CM The Super Audio
over write-in candidate Speights of Miami polled J
i tuns umsIN -
Gracie Lewis of Miami 150 vet es.
for the coveted honor. The newly elected GENUINE HAND RUBBED WALNUT OILED CABINETRY
[I : Antionette Brown of "Miss.. FAMU" will be
{ i I Pensacola polled only crowned during the ) .. i' FIEESEKYICr
::1 '
d I 19 write-in votes. Miss colorful coronation CAlrNtT'YDELMONICO
1t V : '. IS ACTUALLY'
, Brown was junior atten- ceremony in Lee Hall R
i I f 6
dant to "Mias FAMU"last Auditorium Thursday. ; 19 INCH

\ t year. November 1 at 8:00 p.m.Completes' .... PORTABLE TV '' r FUTLONI LOW AND
I. Chlrper Con chit a Clarke 4 tUUTIFULFREE

Jt ,i Lakeland, defeated three Study RASmflRIATKTSfUCTIONOFPORT.trim $0095
J 1 other candidates for the .

If role of junior attendant AIL TELEVISIONS TO '"

to the University queen. aEIll1NFOUNDAHYIYNERI. E STATE OF : vitro sHOwn
If f Miss Clarke had 523 FLORIDA DELIVERY NOW ONLY r.
votes; Willard Watscn of I f :

Sebring got 213 votes; 1 yt __ $26995
)Marie Alford of Miami = -
II w
L 201; and Barbara William
of Jacksonville, 49.I WESTIKOHOUSE
.. 19 INCH
Geneva Knowles of Deer- .... PeitableTIUVJK3N The Super Audio 72 with tptciol 27 Chassis and sensational AM/FM
I field Beach won the Radio,Super CM Changer with diamond tryfvt. Large retard storage
1 sophomore attendant \ I $128 M I I FREE s pot*. Matched High Fidelity Speakers with crossover network

honor in a landslide t-i";; '. WARRANTY Including 2-12" Woolen and 2-4x6"Tweetors.TYREE'S .

vote over two other op- .". .< .1' ,
J .. J "4 _
t "
I.l ponents. Six hundred and 0 sr ,p
sixty-four ballots were COMPLETES ALL REQUIREMENTS r-- nNt o
cast in favor of Miss FOR PH.D. DECREEMi --
r. Knowles. Mary Davis of ss M. Lucia James ONLYNATIONALLY -
J! associate professor of WESUNGHOUSEDEtUXE I
r" ed ication A0M1 ALPAY\ NOTHING DOWN
I ALM University, has completed BRANDS. PORTABLE TV
'7. PER
all requirements II 0 NTHRIVERSIDE XiaCK4IMERjlIf f Qft pVEfCpQ; (!
ALICE : for the Doctor of a FlNE-tUNWC URWCE |llll{ |
Philosophy degree at the o AllTHE DELUXE t FEATURES YOUYtfNfCfAt
University of Connecticut. 0
As long as you cant buy head i
ache powders better than I
I Goody's why buy a brand that ., rias ARE
-: Kifrm
costs more than Goody's7 ORDER FUELvIz ( PRICES

wneK cppo A* *u mil v itotii -


.i RED

R L ASK! OPEN I 301 PARK ST. EL 6-1347 3522 BEACH BLVD. FL 9.2166 '5482 NORMANDY EV 8-5447

ORw..rw 9A.M. 9PM.WEEKDAYS Op 9 to 9 Weekdays Open 9 to 9 Weekdays Open 9 to 9 Weekdays


L EI/ (!ill

01,"...... -
AD SaIsIIs Ice & Fuel Co.

12 2 POWDERS POWDERS 25 SO Sill PO N.4.4311..... AM. t_'. -. c ;'1(,,' l.\- .
f .


.- '. _..::: ..;: :..:::. ...;....-"

:> G'y' :T

I- 1 i 11 11I
*: -
ml 1L_ ( fLtilBA STAR ., -2 'SATlRlAY-- MTBiB 3, t.

I AMitieul FiNs! Albcttri ,\ Fli. Normal Chapter Organizes For 1962-63: Year Civil Rights Leaders Protest I

For Sfalt CaiKtr Rtsnrcli ; Aiti-Picketiig Ordiisict

.,.. u. .
During the past year, $183,942.00 has been Infested '- '- a- EDEN TON, N. C.---Civil rights leaders in this
for purposes of cancer research in Fla. northeastern North
Carolina Community have vowedto
by the \merican Cancer SOciety. it has been allocated I defy a new city ordinance restricting peace-
to medical centers and institutions and cM ti ful picketing.The .
issued as fellowship and scholarship grants for :
special projects Last year, $128,788 was allo I N ty ordinance, passed violation of every
by the Town Council, i a citizen ri gh t to
: -
cated for similar cancer control research work. >: ; : I
....7a 4 : LT ";, avowedlj aimed at per- peaceful protest under
The announcement was amounting to 1'
$63 sons protesting
I segre- the First Amendment to
made in a report issued .
872. Another grant is gation.It "
1 : i thelLS. Constitution. ;
by Donald Smith, M.D., : :
for 10405.00 for a .. states that no one
added i
They :
Miami, volunteer chairman study the synthesis of f w... can picket a residence ?
: 'Me will not obey this d!
of the Society's candidate anti cancer IB.. j or place of business in !
Sure :xYM Edenton law. We will challengeit I
Research Cbmmi ttee. agents and a third of without applyingto
To the University of $14,903 is used tc the town clerk for a until it will be Ii
'\-.' .f permit 24 hours in ad- erased from the books I
Miami four grants study natural productsin ({" vance. If the permit is and the right to peacefully -
Packaging Change cancer institutional chemotherapy.An grantof ,:' granted, it costs $10. protest without Ii
V : If anyone pickets withou charge o. permissionshall ;
$25,000 was issued ,
'J t a permit, he is be restored in
., :
eau ra e By for the purpose of allocating ;:
subject to a $200 fine Edenton.' I
funds to
Regal Beer Co. qualified physiciins aid or 30 days in jail. In Atlanta, the Rev. :
f Edenton is following a Wyatt Tee Walker, exe !
other scientists who
MIAMI -- A packaging pattern spreading cutive assistant to Dr.
want to try out a new I
change to make beer cans idea. Six fellowship : throughout the South. A Martin L. King Jr. I
easier to open has been grants of $600 each were number of cities have said he would ask the

made by the National issued to permit students :: fOadopted laws. restrictingpicketing. Gandhi Society for Human
Brewing Company, makersof of the Medical Rights to explore the
Regal and National Bohemian Sch 01 to pursue.) special i : 1 In a joint statement possibility of inter-
Beer, M. C. studies related to can- Norman L. Brinkldy ceding for the people of

Som er all resident cer research and control.direction .... '" >!' '. '._.. .. "__ "- }s local NAACP president Edenton in a II(gal chal-
Under Dr. Naykor's "" .',11 0: ..Q.. _. .... .,_ '__ ." S Golden A. Frinks Eden-
manager of Miami's Regal early detec- ton civil rights leader, lInge to the ordinance.
Brewery has announced. tion techniques are now ST. AUGUSTINE---Shown here are the officers and faculty advisors of the R. W. puryear Chapter of and Frederick H. LaGarde .
Aluminum tops on both the Student National Education Association organization at Florida Normal and industrial Memorial regional representativeof IMPERIAL SUNDRIES
being sought for cancersof I
brands are being used breast and College for 1962-63. First row: (left to right), Charles Bolden, Lester Tate, Herbert Flynn, Andrew the Southern Christian -
the lung patent Medlcines-Cosaetlcs
instead of timplate with gastro-intestinal tract Jones, Simon Sheffield, John Britt, Willie Scott, Harold Jones, Alexander Lawrence, Carl K. Adams, Leadership Conference All Leading
the result that the con- which might be as feasi- Allen Starke. Second row: (left to right), Mrs. B. H. Puryear, advisor; Elease Wynn, Alphanette labelled the Hair Preparation t
sumer now need apply ble as the Pap test for Greene, Loristeen Britt, Patricia Cotton, Evelyn Wright, Willie M. Stafford, Phineas Sheffield, Edenton ordinance as Cor. Bnsd I IsHfjEl
only light pressure for uterine cervical cancer. Pearline Quary, Gwendolyn Batie, Jennie V. Redden,Elnora Wesley Joan McKay Gladys Tilt Florida "unfair, unconstitutional -
opening. The new, soft Banks Lessie Taylor, flora James, Rosa Hires, Annie Hardy Ruby Butts Mary A. Smith, Lessie Reed, .and in clear 4tDD-
lid will maintain the Merle Tillman, Eartha Cowart, Delores Lee, Euna Robinson, Vera Thompson, and Dr. J. C. Chang, ad-
same strength and the PATRONIZEStar visor. Rear standing (left to right), Lettye Dowdell, Thelma Mosley, Shirley Chapmen, Versia pol- J
body of the can will remain lafd, Joyce Rhodes, Taffie Bell.Euvina George, Louise Townsend, Evelyn Brooks, Tinye Felton, MaryL. :

conventional tin- Advertisers Barnes, Bettie Gilbert, Nadren Brunner, Catherine Robinson, Mary J. Scott, Annie Boatright. [ [

plated steel. ...... -' ----A. .
; r O OaOaO O O OaO O 0a0a0 0 O'I' 4

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/:' D ;i I; :'iffrf' .- D
'l i :.rf:4t J' '" d} 2prs.$100
... ; GIVE YOU
O ",' ':' :.- : .1 ar MONGOL TORTURE--Rory Calhoun (center) and Robert R E
, D \. '/ 'J Hundar (right) watch prisoner brought to Mongol
: ;_
THIS justice in scene from American International's .
O I 'ttARCO POLO," Cinemascope and color adventure -}' .: a r..n nt $ !l
D '. < 11II D spectacle, opening Sunday, November 4th at the ; FULL FASHIONED 60 gauge
Strand Theater.
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EL 4-2323
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0 and Mrs. Robert L. Jackson son of Mr. and Mrs. Pocket Radio
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'-' ." .. ...........-. ___.....h. _.__ ---.... ......_....... ." ......__ ___- -...-.- .. .....- ... ... f L1 h ....._L _.... 4J S u .

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." _" __ .. ._._. .- .. --- -.r -._..-- .' .--.-'-" ....-- ...z V..w....M. _.. ..i-w. .+_+i...ai...........ip_:........_..... t-I--= : .-.::: .i.
fll. .

.. .
f WAY man 3, m F FIIIIIA STAR : PJ6E7Tl


: ; ABOUT PEOPLE St. Pails OieA s Dai, Sports Activity Highlights 'Y ProgramSHOWN Cancer Group

i t t' ***** V ; Fete Is Declared Has Session

A Success The J. Butler
I The Orchid Ladies Club will present its annual Y Eugene
Chapter, Duval County
t Harvest Tea Sunday in the home of Mrs. Connie
Sunday's services at Unit of the American
King, 1473 W. 14th Street, at 4 p.m. Mrs. Bea-
St. paul AME Church wasspiritually Cancer Society held its
/ trice BjUCOB. is chairman of the program. A music x '" S
I J high witl meeting in the Assembly!
| program will be presented.
the woo en of the churchIn Room of Brewster Metho-

f ................................... charge. dist Methodist Hospital
----- ----- -----
Those who worked so Tuesday at 8 p.m. with

I. hard to make the day the chairman, C.A. Willis
Mrs. Pearl M. Davis, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
successful were well presiding.
t Ira M. Walton of 1257 W. Beaver Street, is spending -
pleased with the re- General Chairman I.M.
her vacation in San FranciscoCalif., as the i
t sponse given them in Sulzbacher and Executive
guest of her brother, Clark S. Edwards and aunt, .f
this annual effort. The Director Richard Por-
Mrs. Leana Murrell. Mrs. Davis is.an L.P.N. at
pastor, Rev. R.J. Blaine becker were present.
Brewster Methodist Hospital and a member of the
was high in his praisefor The meeting was officially -
First Corinth Baptist Church.
the untiring efforts 1 .I; : opened with

.-.-.-.-.-.-..........._................. expended by Mrs. Lucili prayer by C.P. Johnson.I .
Jones, chairman of rt Ft I t Mr. Sulzbacher upon

activities, her co- presentation to the
Samuel Judge, of 1333 Bridier Street and a mem' t t
chairman, all of the .group remarked, "we are

i captains and those who I faced wiith many problems
Samuel judge, of 1333 Bridier Street and a mem- rjx't Y
answered to their call. but organizations
ber of Sweetfield Baptist Church is ill at his
Mrs. liable Mores and I cannot function without
home. Friends visit him. '4
may her youth grbups put stale at i p-oople like us. The ,

................ ............... over a very fine program .* *: speaker said there are ,
- -
which was well renderedand three vital points in the

11 the performance o'f eaN cancer porgram. Service; I
Clarence A. Willis, treasurer of the Brewster I
the youth was hlghlac- Education and Research.
Men's Club and trustee of St. Paul AME Church
a clilmed by the audience.The I He defined each point.
l is chairman of the Eugene J.. Butler Chapter of
church will observethe Present were: C.A. Willis -

I. Duval County unit of the American, Cancer Society. Holy Conmunion rites I ; vice chairman ,

( Mr. Willis has served in the Cancer Crusade, Lil-
Sunday with Choir 1 George Nairn; Mrs.
l Christmas Seal sales Heart Fund campaigns and furnishing the music in ABOVE are members of the Matthew Gilbert Hi-Y Club, who attended the first fall activity day lian Goosby, secretary;

other campaigns against dreaded diseases. the morning and the Ada at the Johnson Branch YMCA. Hi-Y is the YMCA's club program for high school students and is one Mrs. Eleanor Gay Mrs.

11 Bracey Choir singing for of five such clubs in Duval County high schools served by the Johnson Branch Longbranch Gra-Y Ada Stalling, Mrs. Lu-

.............................. the evening service. The clubs. The YMCA has 24 boys clubs with a total enrollment of over 400 members. Ezekel Bryant is the venia Turner Cf Neil, Mrs

pastor'will preach the Hi-Y advisor at Matthew Gilbert High School and also assists part time with Harold A. Hargraves, Alice Conway, Mrs. Pearl

1 Mrs. Corine. Moseley of 1312 Prince St. left sermons for the day. executive secretary of the-Johnson Branch YMCA. (Photo by Washington) George, Atty. Robert Gray i

.. the city recently to attend the funeral of her Sunday School will begin James Lewis. Dr. Daniel f

1 I sister. :,. Mrs. Bertha: Thomas, well .known..citizen" of. at 9:30 a.m. withthe Albums Y To Observe Annual Northwestern Group *auray, and C. Parham
Orange: City. Mrs. Moseley is staying. at 389 Blue superintendent Wil- Johnson.

) Avenue;. -..._orange Cit..,.. /. .'. F.--.. :... .' / .. .'L;1 liam D. Sweet in charge.He Prayer Week Sunday, Nov. 11 Conducts UH AnalysisNortnwestern's Last year's chairman, J!

' ., ...-...- .. ...... .... .. .. ...... ................. '"t will be assisted by At Tyres'sFres High James Lewis, was pre- '!
his staff. President The annual observance the sented to the group for
Special feature of
( Townsend of the ACE League of Week of Frayer and national and inter School: Social Studies remarks. He also pre- 'I

'f I Mrs. Elizabeth Simmons was hostess to. a meeting is sending a special In an effort to reach World Fellowship sponsored national observance in department presented an sented plaques for ser-

1 of Entre NOUS Bridge Clubheld in the home of Mr. Invitation to the adultto new eazrowyers TYREtf e by the YWCA. A. L. the nation's capitol analysis of the United vices rendered. I!t

( and Mrs. William Butler 722 West Eighth Street. 301 Park Street is Nations recently in the
accompany the Lewis Branch will be will be a gift bringing Dr. Lauray was elected I
J Mrs. Lydia Sweet was welcomed as a new member giving 10 LP stero held school Cafetorium with: !I
children and youth to sunday Nov. 11, at ceremony in which to serve as chairman of

of the club. the league at 5:30 p.m. albums free with the Mt. Zion AME Church. The YTeens-the 12-16-year- Evelyn Billingslea pre- a committee to briig in I

\ Mrs. Frances Johnson, Miss Lauretta Jenkins The league service and purchase of each RE- program this year features old mEmbers of the YWCA siding. objectives for the body.

Mrs. Aldonia Seabrooks, and Mrs.' Ruth Myers; were the Sunday School need GENCY.RECENCY. Adrica. The representing each state Other participants included Mrs. Gay, James Lewis

;t reclpi ents of club prizes. th e support of the that beautiful speaker will be Mrs. of the Union will par- Linda Williams and George Nairn were

J Miss Tlieorajueggins, Mrs. Doris Bennett, Mrs. .adul ts. contemporary designed Hettie F. Mills. Music ticipate. Andrea Martin Donald named to work with him.

Lydia Sweet, and Mrs. Helen Hart were amongother Each Wednesday y and cabinet that concealsthe will be furnished by the Gifts will include Howard, Minnie Thomason, Mrs. Alice Con way volunteered -

members present. wonders of AM/FM contributions of YWCA Louis Rainge, and Linda
Thursday. afternoon at Glee Club of James Weldon her serviceto
f radio, whose distance Benders. Gail Harris was
4 p.m. the Girl Scouts Johnson Jr. High members in the United organize bloc
... ... reception is an electronic was the featured speakerwho
States to strengthen the
and Brownie Troops meet School. workers for the Crusade.The .
r miracle; 4 (four) elaborated on the
wcrk in
Association s
, ClassifiedWIKELBBOTfL r with Mrs. Irene Baggs Association in more closing prayer was
matched Hi fidelity side theme "The UN. "
and the ass!start Scout than 70 countries will countries overseas. given by chairman Will
fixing speakers Flip The
; for program was spon-
Serving as chairman
leaders. St. paul is take part in the cele- is.
t over diamond stylus and World Fellowship is sored under the direction -
ROOMS FOR HWTjPjuraished throwing its arms around bration. Funds raised
fully automatic stero Mrs. Susie E. Chambers, of Mrs. Johnnie M. I i I
I the Boy and Girl Scouts. tfr: YMCA members across SISTER BISHOP
J .,17E.. Forayth Street ..i H&C: ;W-on Bus. record changer. co-chairman is Mrs. Eva Mitchell and Harold Ken-
f i The leaders are- doing a the United States make Spiritual Reader Advisor
Open 9 a.m.-6 p.*. except Lines-475 W. 19th St. Scorning the usual"token" Satterwhite. More than ne rlynerly
fine job in training the possible advisory ser- Tells All problems of Life -
Saturdays and Su ndays Phone 356-8301 ad businesses fifty members of the
youth.St. vice, program grants and along with Interns SATISFACTIONS GUARANTEED
FOR SALE dole out to Negro news- will be wearing
YWCA Leonard Jones and Miss
f Paul AME Church is training of personnel. No Appointments Necessary
BOCKS POI nan- %All Furn are-Carpets- the church of the open papers, TYFEE's shows Negro it This year, as has been identical costumes with Gloria P. MeNS!r assis- Hours: 8 to 8-SUndaysCall i
respect for the
Nice Rurnished-HSC f-Kltch- Venetian Blinds Light door and open invitation the custom in the past, colorful streamers ting. For Appointments-RA 5-4608 'i
buyer by presenting the of The chorus and sym I oni
en privileges-inform.-Apply Fixtures, Lamps, Mirrors & is extended to all to the National YWCA will identification 10310 ATLANTIC BLVD.
REGENCY and several band furnished music for
turbans and
V 1723 nrunthal St. Air Conditioners.TIPTOP come in for spiritual sponsor a World Fellow countries Bus Stop 151APPRECIATION
other good buys to be Jewelry. the occasion.
worship. ship Observance in the
found at their Park I
Washington (D. C. ) Cathedral -
r. Street store in a full
LIQUORSand on the Sunday
page ad in Florida STAR, Downtown Jacksorivilles: ,,
Brewster Club Hears which opens the week.

this week. Dr. Ralph W. Sockman ; c::,( ..
Other TYREE Appliance i6 R tOd
clergyman who recently
t Wlilfilglol1he stores are located at: tE t ttE u
retired as minister of "* ., ,
tE tOM
3522 Beach Blvd. Oat ;
Lounge the Christ Methodist
Brewster Men s Clut Phone FL 9.2166 and iE 3
Church, New York City, t.s.1.t- .
met recently in the 5482 Normanay .
.will be the speaker. His
cafeteria of Brewster Phone EV 8-5447 address will be relatedto ,, Thursday' Friday Saturday

Methodist Hospital withJ.
the world theme, SPORTS

Announces Tkt Opining, presiding. Earl Morse president NAACP Story "You Belong Together." Slipover Baa oa Ladies OPEN MONDAY AND ft

More than 2,000 YWCA P.M.
Following the opening FRIDAY TIL JJ
SellingNE Fast representatives from Sweaters Wool Skirts
prayer by Chaplain Eugene across the United Statesas

i Of A Beautiful Air CoB.itioieJ Leufe H. Brown, the administrator YORK -- NAACP well as from overseasare 3.99 Value

Jack H. branches across the nation expected to attend'th I Values to 7.99--

;;( Oar Appreciation For Your Patronage Whittington gave a report enthusiastic e Washington event.
Among others .
Bible study lecture. The response to Langston attendingwill

lecture was informational Hughes' "Fight for be members of the
Tip-Top Liquors diplomatic Con Car Coats
to the members since Freedom: the Story of the corps
Ladies Banlon
.' gress end other branches
many of them are NAACP a paper back (
919 Dam of the federal
; teachers in the t r Sunday pocket edition that ment.. govern- Toppers Cardigans

J J Clarence Kill, Manager Schools. It gave food sells for 50t.APARIYENT Values to Values to 4.9919.99 -.
for thought.

1 FOR Ran 2.77

i 2-Ra onfurnished-Conple i Starts 5.00.

or Christian Mn or Woman [STRAND Sunday "
l .
1710 Jefferson St.Jokith's ',' HAND BAGS

THE MIGHTIEST Value to 4.99.w ,

TV in every room. ADVENTURER l I 9jE LlH6ERI
MARKETSOLEO For Reservations Call OF THEM ALL! 4 5

SUPER EL 5-4025 II .. 24.99 Values ::. -. : fouled Robes

., r 741K 1 W. ASHLEYJacksonville. ONEMA5COPE( COLORiwyCALHOUNYOKoTANI I Values to 10.99

v.5. Florida S ;.. '. f n 1 s 3.59


POTATOES Beauty operators ft Barbers j
29C New Hollywood Beauty ft ALLIrtcI: 'zen.c Ladies

J: 1 lIb. lOA lSIk.Iag Barber Looate-622 V.Ashley Flannel Pajamas
Call Mr. TarTer HL 4-9774 I Ii Ii

._ 2.99 Values
L 2sous FAES1 StrvictsSound
lilit I 55.. Irillr PORK i 1.50F.
service for Advertising :1

FRESH RllllA ClUE A 33
(: Games etc. Also LoudSpeaker
Service for Baa- CHILDREN S DEPT.

HENS ROAST I.GOLD quits, Concerts Record

19C Bops etc.Fbone El 3-5_ FIS I
SOCK) YliI.I 3 Far C110t't

IEIAL COFFEE Aiartieifs S S 51.25

s 'Jacksonville ressas .; Rf
FLOUR Finest" for

pKk I 29C MIXIEIL 'lOAPlals .
1 I. 2 Bd Ra Apts.-$11. piss Values to 9.99 isPanties

Ir Self.ris II IHSE' "" fkly-later Famished
hi' :1
lita Teresa
Resident Sac :
;,Mgr.-2414 ; 3 00 .39 Value -

licit 1 Ilit $5.M Kfa II.it 1 eitli $S.M KiK Diego Rd.-FL 9-1757 ia S for 1.00
1.75 5
} Opposite School., Douglas Anderson "SIMtEK m SK8KE"


..:.:.l. ". ,-_ -'_..-...:. >,;....._ ... .-'-,,-----.:.._- -._f:'..--.-_ ..-.-. ." _'. '-'-"".....-f.-. ---- .. ..::_. ...'..r. h__. ._.' t<.. '.... ... '_' ->YeLY-Je- ....... ...._ ...... ... .1 ..'II.-...._._'. ....-__Io.&-.. _."_"J_ _A.A_' .'..... ... =" -' ....

'' -------.- -- -
!:: .T
: -- ...,. _,. ... .. ,
-...------- r "
;:: -

t G I't' !,'

i-t. SPORTING IT UP Base Thief Meets His Match Bowling, Other Events To i a


Usher In FAMU-Texas Sato !
I THE 'HISTORY OP SPORTS LIKE THE American History ,: f. '
is incomplete without mentioning the contribution sy. -

the NegrO has made. Matthew W. Bullock, on? ., w.x1 x 4 .a All of the fanfare activities which will held at a location to be. ',

Massachusetts. most distinguished citizens is a .J t.n. .., F j :, usually associated with include a bowling announced and at noon-
former: football star at Dartmouth College, was a fall grid spectacleswill tournament for men and time., the parade con-

member of the track team and served as football .5.9 ws be in well planneda women at Continental sisting of FAMtf s famed 11

coach at Mass. Agricultural College. He is a order for the Jax Bowling Lanes consistingof "100" marching band,

Harvard Law School graduate, served: in France in t.. Classic here NOT. 24 in three flights for supported by festively I

the YMCA during World War I. He also served as ',. ..aF{ the Gator Bowl, according men and two for the wo decorated floats, five i

physical director of troops. In 1927 he was appointed : Fr r to Monsolee Davis, men. Attractive trophies local high school bands

< of the J.R.E.. will be awarded winnersin and several from near-
to the parole Board Massachusetts_ in president !
1944 he was promoted to the chairmanshipof that > Lee Alumni Chapter of both categories. by localities will enhance --

board by Governor Saltonstall.DID Florida A&M which are The annual Aummni Dance pre-game activi ,

the fellow sponsoring the setto will be held Friday ties. "
C L rl between PAW s Rattlersand night in Duval County Mayor Haydon Burns has
but he
from Nebraska who was never a champion, '
with music to be proclaimed Nov. 24 as 1-
Texas Southern U. Armory
knockout king the heavyweights. He N
was a among '. '
y Robert Hayes' Day. and
furnished by Little
ruined the hopes of Battling 'Sikl, the Senegalese The game gets underwayat
8 Junior Parker and His a ceremony honoring the 4
fighter who defeated Georges Carpentier, world's p.m.Davis orchestra. "World* s Pastest Human
and his various
light heavyweight champion from France. The fight a : w k will be held at half- '
Y committees have already Saturday morning, the
came off in 1923. A Spanish heavyweight champion, time.
scheduled a weekend ofGuild Alumni Breakfast will be
who fought under the name of Texidor was defeatedby .

Taylor in 1924. Max Schmeling, the German WATCH OUT! --While being honored recently at a Friars Club dinner Dodgers
Rehearses Vehicle :
heavyweight fell under the powerful blows of the base stealing shortstop Maury Wills is humorously being shown the techniqueon Hughes

man who ruined the progress of champions.>> Taylorwas how to really steal things by famous stage picket pocket artist John Giovanni < M

interned by the Germans in Belgium, during while Dodger-owner Walter tfMalley (left) Dean Martin and pat SilversSgt. g'F f

World War II. ( Bllko) look on. .

WILLIAM H. LEWIS A.B. LL.B. LL.D., was bornin :i" c

1868 at Berkley, Va. He was a great athlete.He -- A ,
Fear Mob Action -- 'j
played! for two years on the Harvard football NAACP Seeks

team and my dear friends, he became the Harvard
Oq '
coach. During his years at Amherst, he was cap- .c d ]

tain of the ,football team. Lewis was a brilliant ,In Stwtat Demonstrations To AidMiss. I S o ,!
,' ,'
lawyer having graduated from the Harvard Law ....V ", .
School. He was elected to the Massachusetts TALLADEGA Ala. ---The owners of two A a*" } i
drug- a roesWASHINGTONIn ..;
legislature, 1902. He was U. S. Attorney for store lunch counters said they refused to 4

Naturalization for all tm I New England States.He serve Negro students because they feared 4 1 1 R ',k i

was appointed assistant Attorney General of a 4, "
damage to their business and property, the x. .f ; 3
the United States in 1911 by president Taft. Southern Christian Educational Conference attack on bar- I
riers to Negro
DID YOU KNOW, OR HAVE YOU HEARD about Oscar announced. employ- t'1i 1 tS
ment and mob
Lewis? Well he was a Negro. He rode the first promo-
Students here and at day. tion, the 4
Kentucky Derby winner at Churchill Downs in 1875. National e
Huntsville Ala., were All confirmed state- Association for
The horse was Aristides. Fifty years ago, the the s .F
later burned by oil of ments by police Chief Advancement of Colored

leading jockeys were Negroes. Isaac Murphy was mustard, apparently by Victor Dyson, who had people filed a series of S I

the first man to ride three Derby winners. in persons who obtained it described how mobs of '-
actions--two in '
one Kentucky Derby 13 of the 14 jockeys were elsewhere than at orr unruly whites almost regional -
offices of the .
_. _
colored., The last of the great Negro jockeys was and Slays store. took control of the
National Labor Rela
Jimmy! Wink field who won the Derby. twice. Similar testimony was town square after sit DIRECTOR S. R. Edmonds, professor of speech and director of the playmakera '
tions Board and. me in a
IT IS FAR FROM ANY REASONABLE comprehension to given by stone. Even in demonstrations last United States District Guild. Florida A. and M. University, explains problems in Langston Hughes 1'

think of writing a history on sports and leave while the trial was April. "Simply Heavenly" to European bound FAMU Play-makers. First row, lett to
Court--designed to halt
out the pioneers. Negro athletes are as vitalto going on, two young women Orr was asked why he

the history of sports as they are to the were denied serviceat didn't serve the Negro racial three discriminationby trade unions NAACP Asks JFK Faces Race Member In Runoff I

founding of a nation. Long long before the days his lunch counter. students. He said "I

of Jackie Robinson, Roy Campanella, Elgin Baylor, Neither Stone, nor the was trying to preserve and In one addition railway, company.RobertL. To Protect Miss. r .. .I IM

Oscar Robertson, jimmy Brown, Bobby Mitchell, other druggists would my property and keep it ,
Carter, the Association 'l
Charlie Sifford, Wilma Rudolph or Althea Gibson. admit that service was from being, destroyed Integration Leaders A 4t F
s general counsel,
denied to Negroes beau and there was the possibility ,,,.. 9M
announced the entry of WASHINGTONPresident
I ROYAL ART STUDIO se of their race. of harm to the ..
the NAACP into a third Kennedy was urged to
One' day during the persons involved." ., A i
NLRB case originally invoke all means at hir
trial, toughs standingin He added: 'I f word w '
filed by a Jim Crow disposal to protect r '.a: /
Quality Photographs front of the Courthouse got out that er served
local of an independentunion life, limb and pro-
threatened to Negroes at our lunch .
Any Kind..Anytime in Houston, Texas. erty 0 f Negro integration -
kill Bob Zellner, a counter, we would have .
leaders in rR F Kr'
The NAACP, Carter said,
Daytime EL 4.1894 field secretary for to close up. a .: .,
r F,.
has filed a petitionfor ,, asae
SNCC. as he left the He was asked: "Whatif r. g
Nite Time, EL 5.8022 recision of cer- appeal came from ..
and the other w +
building Carl Braden you tification of the Sea- Bishop Stephen Gill #Y .. .. ,
and editor and druggists agreed to do r
Order Your farers internationalUnion Spottswood. chairman of .
field it at the same time?" x ,: I
secretary for ,.; .4' :
of North America, the NAACP Board of Directors II
the Southern Conference ''fe would all have to ; : .
Photo Xmas Cards Early AFL-CIO. The petition, who cited the %. I
Educational Fund (SCEF) close up orr re-
filed with the NLRB'sSan bombling of the home of ,

Watch For Our Reduced Prices Both men are defendantsin plied. Francisco office, is Dr. J.L. Allen, of a dg .a
the case. The druggists agreed f
Columbus vice, chairman
the first action to call ,
... Mitchell Orr told Circuit that there were no disorders of the MississippiState
You Don't Have to Go to Town to Get by the demon- for recision of certifi- <
Court Judge wil- Advisory Committee ,
cation of a union on 4 kr +
liam C. Sullivan thatit strators. The only dis- to the U. S. Commissionon ..
.LOW PRICES racial grounds.
was not the studentshe turbances were caused Civil Rights. i
in Atlanta, charges of
feared, but mobs of by persons not connected Bishop Spottswood' ,

angry whites. The students with the stud unfair labor practiceswere letter, dated Oct. 17,

On Your are members of en ts. filed with the also cited bombings of SENATORIAL CANDIDATE, Atty. Leroy R. Johnson won]

the Social Action( Committee Orr said that a large regional NLRB against the properties of Dr. the Fulton Democratic nomination for the Georgia

DRUG STORE NEEDS (SAC at Talla- number of but of town Local 2401 of the united Gilbert Mason and Dr. State Senate in the 38th District, Superior

dega College and work residents were present Steelworkers of America, Felix Dunn NAACP judge Durwood Pye ruled recently. Johnson will 1\

Trade With Your Neighborhood Drug Store. closely with the daring the disorders by: AFL-CIO. At the requestof leaders in Biloxi an d face GOP candidate T. M. Alexander, Atlanta I

WE WILL MEET ANY PR 1C Ell ADVERTISED IN YOUR- crowds to Local No.2, an all- Gulf and leader the senate
Student Nonviolent co- numbering up port, respectively, realtor a fellow Negro for I

LOCAL PAPERS ordinating Committee 500 or 600 person Negro unit of the Independent and the firing upon of seat during the Nov 6 general election. i

We Deliver-We Also Fill All Doctors'Prescript These included Metal Workers homes in _
(SNCC) Atlanta. a huge Negro Leake 1

I The students, SNCC. man with arms as large, Union in Houston, Carter County t

Dixie Pharmacy and others are under as tree trunks who came will represent the unit The "frequency and
of intensity of telephoned- NOTICE TO I
temporary injunction to into orr's Store. in its complaint unfair

stop integration activities The man told Orr he local practices a- threats have greatly

1302 Kings Road at Myrtle Anne in Talladegaand had 'come to get me gainst the union's all- heightened." President

the State of Ala- one, meaning a Negro white Local NO. 1 at a Kennedy was advised. TAXPAYERSChapter I

Phones EL 5- 91-98 bama. None of the white student. This man hearing scheduled for
Ting Ling .
segregationists are offered to help Orr, Nov. 8, 1962, in the

_PAY YOUR LIGHT, WATER AND TELENttNE barred from their activities but the druggist told regional office of the CHICAGO Just priorto 192.21 Florida Statutes provides: i

such as acts him the best way for NLRB at Houston, Texas. his Sept. 25 title
BILLS AT SIR STORE of violence of fight with Sonny Liston
against him to help was to get The Brotherhood
"All owners of property shall be held to know that
students. out of>> his store. Railroad Trainmen, AFL here heavyweight cham-

I. Testim my of orr and Orr said he refused 'CIO, and the St. Louis- pion Floyd Patterson' taxes are due and payable thereon annually and 1 f

; his partner, Robert L. several requests for San Francisco Railway ring earnings in 40
are hereby charged with the duty of ascertaining
Slay, took up the whole dl of mustard and sul- Company are named in a fights totaled 4250. i

third day of a hearingto furic acid by persons suit filed with the 610-or $5.550 for every the amount of such tax and paying the same

determine whetherthe who wanted to throw United States District minute he fought as a
before the first day of April of each
e injunction shall be
them,on demonstrators. Court in St. Louis. pro.

made permanent. Testi- One man simply asked

mony by Louie stone, for "something I can Under, Chapter 193.41 notice is

i. owner of Stone Drug Co. throw on soiebody and rolls
hereby given that the tax ore
consumed the fourth burn 'em. ,

.. ,_ x now open for payment of 1962

at Room 107 CourtHouse
>4:" t : county taxes ,

.ii. "-. y r : subject to the discount

f r provided by law.

"- _

x y Statements have been maflad to QII! property

owners or tneir agents at lost known e&rssi.If .

i yours hell not been received, please notify

s Csx + a s Ig sz this ofHco.Phase

-- Return ,Statement
y a Y AA r With Tax Payment

'lN ..

Invites You To Listen To 1E
.. ..
L + a.i .

r. '"KNIGHT TRAIN"Starting +prF.o Mvwwi EE CLYDE Tax H.CoK&ter SIMPSO"

At 7OO p.m. N{ htly- Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kiaber, Cleveland Ohio, both .

1950 graduates of A. and T. College, were sazed at Duval Ccuity

1400 WIlt 1400 the new developments at their Alca, Mater when they ., L

[ R .pMl j M'hf M 1 MN .iir visited the College last week. .
t .


-,. ", i .ir w.o: '':;}'..h'Y... .>fJ,,<-. .. .. ......
------- ------ -- r. "-

----- --...' ----,...-- .. .. q

1-----. I' ') IJf


Jpf Sports Trails Lead To Tallahassee Saturday For -Rattlers'; Homecoming

i National Champions Meet Traditional Foe Saturday In Capitol City I Gigs lady
Gun For 18th Win F e- 1 ,t asfi Plals SeveiManaged

Saturday Against AggiesTALLAHASSEE Huts


I of 78 managed public
Academicswill in g reunions. versary. the theme for i t hunts will be conductedby
have to take a back Similar ties will- 4'3' ) J4' ,
Nov. is "The Role of 4 $ .. r the Game and Fresh
seat to the ole FAMUspirit" follow in clanlsh-llke / ) _
the LandGrant; Collegft'However da w Water Fish Commission
as things move manner after the game,
for Homecomingit during the 1962-63 hunt-
into m eventful weekend regardless of the vic-
will be "FAMU Pro- Ing season, according toA.a ,
of fun and merry-making tor of the contest. Cam- "
spect end Retrospect. Aldrich. director.The .
during HOMECOMING at pus organizations, clubs
The students kickoffthe managed hunts con-
Florida Afll University and ,Greeks will move
gala weekend with a sist of 45 managed dovefi 4
beginning Thursday night into their own, planned
street dance in the elds ,located in 12
November 1. activ1tiessome'private cur, ,. '
gymnasium area Thursday counties, and 27 wildlife :
The top ranked Rattlers and some open to the

take on the A&T Aggiesof public.A night. management areas

North Carolina in horde' of former 1 1 t "4' located in 38 0 fFlorida's
Ace t 67 counties.
the Intersectional grid students, alumni and );f ,# : ; Included will be two

classic, which looms to friends of both colleges
To Face Soviets special archery hunts,
be only a part of the will Join the facultiesand
two special bear hunts,
celebration.The student bodies of GRAMBLING. La. Ambidextrous -'
four special deer hunts,
game, which will the rivaling schools to Willie Reed,
get wholehearted atten- celebrate. a smooth play-maker and three special quail
'ArE hunts, and 27 wildlife
tion during its playing, Aggies boosters have takechargetypeofplayer 4 ti}
management area hunts.
will be preceded by chartered a train. who toured South
The 45 managed dove
parades, coffee sips, Rattler wellwisherswill American this past sum-
mer with the AAU basket- fields opened for huntIng -
breakfasts, songfests, a pour into the city
ball team, has been Oct. 6. and are located -
track meet, a pep rally, via train, plane, bus
named to the
NAIA court in Dade Gilchrist
and scores of handshak- and various other ve-
team which will oppose ..._ Suwannee Clay St. John
hicles.-The word is out the Russians' Olympic 0'" '_: .mo._.. :::" ,0' ;, .--:-, ,""!'. .:' .. '-:-, -. : _._ :; ..q<, _, ><' Fl agl er, Hernando
that will be thereto J/IIIII11" ,. 'Ii
they team in a two-game ., ;
-.. = ..-....... 't9 ... .- ;,. Franklin Jackson Walton -
Big Hawk see the gam3 but series in midNovemberhere iE---
Okaloosa and Santa
above all to greet old in the States.A .
,, > ; Rosa Counties.
Thinks Highly friends. 6.9 Junior, Reed is -' -. _'" .'.'_" -- -'v-.',"..- ___--_ ____ .

Neither of the two also a good dribbler and COACH (JAKE) GAITHER. Hall of Famer and the nation's winningest' football mentor, will have his

Of Nip Catcher Rattler home games have son ball, handler.he grabbed Last 380-sea- Rattlers gunning for their 18th consecutive 1961-62 football victory Saturday when the 1961 national KEEP GUN OILED

attracted the, usual rebounds and scored champions play host to North Carolina's A. and T. Aggies Saturday afternoon during FAMU's And an easy way to do it i

Could catcher Shinichi following from out of 458-points in 26 'annual homecoming. It is believed that all roads will lead to Florida's capitol City where sports by pinninj* a l.titib* wool pad
the thus this games. saturatedith oil to the flap
Eto become the first city' far Reed, who weighs 230- fans may witness the rampaging Rattlers play against their season's toughest opponent during the of your irun cac.Blue .
But will be
Japanese player season. they pounds was a dependable current schedule. (Fla. A. and M. Public Relations photo)
to cake the U. S. major here tar\ Homecoming.
member of the
leagues? While FAMU is celebra-

Den Newcombe quoted in ting its Diamond Anni which 1961<< Grambling won the NAIA team Dragons' Homecoming Devils Face Daytcaa

the Nov. Ebony, seems to

think so.Interviewed. championship. Friday Nite II! HomecomingS

as he winds Sebring PillShUIOYIliois

up his first season as Top AppointeeFRANK Set For SaturdayClassed s Blue Devils Cafeteria Thursday

a first baseman-out- ., celebrate their 51st morning. The Student

fielder with theChunichi For Annual Race ;4, as one of the Myrtle Avenue Ball Park. halfback Pernell Brown homecoming game Friday Council, faculty members

:Dragons of Nagoya most Important conference The Dragons will be ina being shifted to Cald- night when they clash students and Stanton

Japan, the one-time SEBRING An unprecedented games of the revengeful mood this well's position. with New Campbell St. alumni were on hand to

Brooklyn Dodgers' pit- move during 3 Y 7 4 1'3P >'r current season Douglas year due to the defeat Seniors on the Dragons Senior High School's offer their final sup-

ching ace has some glow- this past few days at Anderson s Fiery Dragonsare handed them by: the Bull- squad who will be representing galaxy with game time port for Friday ni gb t' s
Ing words for his teammate their Alma slated for 8 o' clock. setto.
the p. I. A. annual meeting expected to be all dogs in theiir home

,. Eta in Paris France, fired up when they play stadium last year. Mater for the last time Throughout the week, a P re-game time festivities -

Eto reports Newcombe, has opened the way to host to St. Augustine Several Important in grid togs are Johnny series of planned activities will feature the

"is leading the league an all new concept in Murray Hill Bulldogs in changes were made in the Cannon. Charles Caldwell have been famed stanton band, the

f.r' in almost everything American Road Racing the Dragon s annual Dragons this week with William Turner Isaiah staged at Stanton with halftime pageant themed

}: and "is the only Japanese here in Sebring, Florida homecoming tilt Saturday quarterback Charles Flentroy, Ulysses Coleman pep rallied, and other "First Ladies On Parade -

[i who cmld qualify for the 13th annual night at 8 o'clock in Caldwell being moved to Novin Waters events leading up to the ." presentation of

r asV majb f lea ga'a*hit running of the Internationally an end position and Beecher Ellis Willie Homecoming Breakfast Miss Stanton and her

ter. Says Newcombe, famous 12 Hay wood and Aaron Cone. which was held in the attendants will highlight ,
the. slightly built Eto Champ Holds Own With this annual y
r bits the ball as wellas DURANCE RACE scheduledfor 4 UPI Poll Tabs 6 event.

any big man." March 23rd 1963.A .

t The Dragon catcher is New World Champion-
: ship for specially built WATCH THIS CLOWN
n the, only Japanese playe FORBES r

Newcombe found 'comt Prototype cars has been ..To Senators. Negro All-Stars 57-85-32
t in iti ated. Prototypes, .
parable in any sense to
which are manufacturers FORMER Howard U. four- 321-10-549
our major leagueres.: letter NEW YORK -- World who led the majors with
,, ..experimental, or sports star Frank
Th Big Newk"sums'up champion Yankees'mainstay 49 homers and 141 RBI s.
+ Double-A pilot models, will be Forbes has been named to 8 1
.. as, "Maybe Bobby Richardson led the voting with 22
assist in the reorganization 9 > 2
l tested under the vigor- J
or Triple-A. They have a of the Q Mays and Cepeda of each. Drysdale who a
ous racing conditions of Washington 7 3
definite; lack of know- the famous Sebring cir- Senators farm system it- c:> the Giants, recently led finished the season witha

how, even on fundamen- selectees to the United 25-9 record was the
cuit. was announced last week. 22-91-60
tals. a Press International' next popular selectee
He is presently .
In addition to the touringthe r
Newcombe adjusted Carribean 1lsh R.,4 all-star major league wi th 21 votes.Richardson 485-84-336
Grand Touring Champion- area look-
readily to Japanesebaseballafter a toam for
1962. it was and Frank
ship cars, already approved ing over future major SOBMtflMS M'. .,
some by the F. I. A. league prospects. -kL 2W noun cede Robinson with 18 votes SoBMtinu IM'I 4 "
initial trouble recap- u The 24-man UPI board each and Davis with 15; H. adds, .subtract
turing his timing at the Committee this entirely selected Richardson as Battey and Cepeda with Ht wtrka It .H ......
set new class 0 f racingcar Pro '1 F'R its second 29-30-96
plate.' NOW getting lask.t cill g M' baseman. Maysas 13 each followed in concurrent -
to return to Newark, N.J without any engine one of tha three

,'.a vh.ere_ he has a bar, size limitation, has NFL Standings I outfielders and Cepeda order.
been approved for competition i21 J
store and :
package apartment EASTERN DIVISIONW as the game's No. 1

. building, he tells only at Sebringin L T pet. 1J L first baseman.

he* 11 be, back in the United States, as t yda '
Ebony Washington..4 1 2 .800 Also picked for th _
well as the European
Japan next season "ifI ,New York..5 2 0 .714 squad were catcher Earl

help the club this circuits Targa Florio. Cleveland. .. 4 3 0 .571 Battey of the Twins;

year and if I can arrange Nurburgring, Monza; Le Dallas. .....3 3 1 ..500Pittsburgh. # s shortstop Maury Wills.

to be away from Mans possibly the ..3 4 0 .429 / Dodgers; Orioles' third
business for another Tourist Trophy meet in I
my St. Louis..2 4 1 .333 baseman Brooks Robinson;
five or six months." England. and outfielders Fran
Philadelphial 5 0 .145
; -
Robinson Reds. and t

WESTERN DIVISION Tommy Davis Dodgers.Don .

Green Bay....7 0 0 1.000 t Drysdale, Dodgers,
Detroit.......5 2 0 .714 and Dick Donovan, Cleveland -

Chicago......4 3 0 .571 were the pitchers.Six .

FRESH Baltloore. ..3 4 0 .429 of the players _...s

IlinnesotL .,.2 5 0 .286 honored hailed from the
Elgin 4-4508 SADIE DIXON one of the nation's leading women LA
NBA Standings National League and
bowlers was more than holding her own as a com-
four from the American
EASTERN a VISION petitor in Philadelphia's Colonial Lanes Major
Boston.....3 01 .800 League. World's Series
League last week, according to statistics released -
Syracuse... ..3 1 0 .700 play did not count.
by the Philadelphia Tribune.urs. Dixon
Cincinnati.3 2 0 .600 Wills, who stole 104-
registered a 965 series and a 255 single and 9
New Tort....2 4 0 .333 bases to erase, immortal 1
trailed Jim Weston's 196-average with (Mrs.
BATTERY MFG. CORP. Ty Cobb's former major
WESTERN DIVISION Dixon's) 189-average. Her team, the Dixonites
FOOT OF WEST ADAMS St. Loois. .. .4 1 0 .800 is holding down second place in the league stand- league all-time 47-year
Mark of 96, and MaysJOHN
Chicago .....2 4 0 ..433S. Ings with a349.33 average against first place

I' Francisco.3 1 0 .750 Gamblers 353.48 average. r
Los Angeles. 4 0 .333

I, WHEN YOU ARE ILL Detrolt..O 5 0 .000 Frazier, 1C Rite Honors I

t;. _.; You Seek The Best Doctor DAITONA BEACH ,SEAfs credited with 6-touch We Are Now

: When your Doctor prescribes No. 1 passer. Bobby down...... passes for 631 now asks for Goody's every Equipped To. ':

: Get ,Experienced pharmacists Collsp Results S :_:', ;....Frazier of Bethune- yards under a game time. He knows there is none

.;'l: ,,According to your Doctor* s : Cooksan College and hIs average of 207.8. better. So why pay more? .
: --
: : !
: Tki
: :: Trail Hsidkoppfd
J : a 0-k orders. le use only The Aim a Mater, were Bet: une-Cook an' was

Dr. C. E. Black Best. QIality Drugs Edward Waters 23. u, nationally rated last listed No> 3 nationallyin
; Proprietor lit t yell 12 week following a poll of pass offense.

3 REGISTERED PHARMACISTS TO SERVE YOO Florida A4H 20. .Tenn. 0 small college football Frazier was listed Jacksonville

l Morjhouse 2p..Clark 12 players and member teams fourth' in individualtotal c

A COMPLETE LINE OF Morgan State 21..N.C.MT of the National Associa- offense with 1029

Cosmetics Rubber Goods Candies SundriesPRESCRIPTIONS 14Dillard tion of Inter collegiat yards in 104 plays a .f. Barber College Inco

CALLED FOR AND DELIVERED 26..Biabcp 21 Athletics Sunday. game average of 198.0. i

Ala. A&M 54..Ala.' St.6 Frazier, all-conference 1

At ecru 21...Southern U. .14 quarterback, was ratedNo. 6.1. Aflnmni 1 106% Air Cad.

LiKy's Drug Store J.C. Salth 25. Winston 8, 2 passer with 53 P Royal Crown

Toskecee'14. .Ft. Valley completions in 95 attempts 630 DAVIS ST. at Beaver "

N. Carolina 20.Sha for a .558 per- '* Cola 2 POWDERS 56

c 1117 HIKES .ROAI El 31271L Livingstone 20..St. Paul 14 centage. He was also 12 POWDERS 25* IACKS9MifHlE FIKM!
t :-

-"'- .' ....- ::iesrr. _- -- ---: ---- ---- -,---- ---, -. -____ _. __- ._-.>1- ._" ._. _,__,_A..___ ,

w ... .,- ....''&. _''' ..: ......- :- "" '
'' : .
... .. < '
d' .
.,..... + r .. "., ".. .
. ."." f '"', .'i''' '
( '
'r'- .

I ,;, .. *' ; 1

( FOR SALE Fashionrama Captivates Appreciative Edgewood Lounge AudiencePREMIERE

n I practice piano ft food a .
Holmes andVest\ | [ .
} '
il Coal Space
fiuieral Home
Condition-Call EL 5-8046
T af <
" I Ambulance Service A


2719 W Edgewood Ave. We Draw plans And fill I
Phent PO 5-1641 AdditionsforkQaaranteedCall
I ,,; -
00000000000000% pn 4-4106

L. w .
: : : WIG HATS! i ,

:' .Shape To Your Prefereice T 'w'T

,. :._'.:. With Brash And Hair Spraj = :: Y

; $4.99

,..'1.\-',,\ ,\ .,:If.,I
."' \ 'I'
\' :
\:' 'j. l.P
\ .:j'1'..' :I.,.'._
: ; I
\;..."_..\.. i\'t\ '.1V ,'9\ ....,- .
\ ::\
,0- JII-. :' :J.- ,I, '' PRESENTATION---A highly appreciative Jax audience was on hand at poise. Gracing the scenes from left are: Mrs Ruth Valdez, Mrs. Sadie Braxton

.: (/- :tli:'.",...:.."'...? Edgewood Lounge last Monday evening for the colorful showing of Milady' Miss juanita prince, Miss Artie Brown, Mrs.Ella V. Starling, and Mrs. Valdez
'' -
.: : :/ ;ji\- f latest fashions sponsored by the Diana Shops under the direction of the con- again in another ensemble. Mrs. Beulah McClellan narrated the show and popular

-1 1 I J 0 cern's fashion coordinator Mrs. Ethel Davenport Bannister. Above pix show Edgewood Lounge Manager J. P. Brooks welcomed the attendees.

several of the young ladies who modeled the various fashions with professionalJERRY
COLORS: wkite.platiBgi.black.

I 2 Men Held in Truck RobberyA POLICE REPORTS I

Duval Laundry truck Court F and Herman Mitchell WOMAN CUT ; Medical Center where she ,
was entered while parkedat of 4234 Katanga ACCUSES ANOTHERMrs. received treatment.
First and Madison Drive. Patrolmen D.C. Haddoc I

W.CARTERCOMMISSIONER Streets last Monday Reports stated the same Joanna Russell and D.R. Greer investigated I
s Police identified two 45, of 632 W. Duval Stwas
two men were caught
_.., ".i. suspects who entered the injured last ibnday . .
r'tsa t. later on the same day
FLORIDA ;. truck and took one blue police reported.
after thor had reportedly -
h ara liq I or-sri quit valued at $50 and Mrs. Russell said Miss PURSE SNATCHERAPPREHENDED
taken 13 pairs of SENTENCED
'. ..r ::;1 P, sa one blue pair of pants "Earlene Walker who ;
: shoes from a parked
and valued at $10 as Leo works with her at a
truck on Jefferson St. Willie James Johnson.
PUBLICUTILITIES Roosevelt Robinson, 626 Laundry started an
I 17. of 1215 Davis Street
argument with her over

*' _* j( *..*_ *__if; :fi'_ who was going to iron who reportedly snatcheda
leather bank bag con-
some clothes.
JBUtY CAITH fiat been a most loyal While the argument was taining $119.51 in cash
and faithful public servant to you ; and $669.56 in checks
the rtu'dtnh of Florida and deurvM 1 in progress, Miss Walker
your continued vota and support. '.-' .. .,' Keep Florida Strong allegedly pulled a knife from the hands of a female -
Start Ragardlta of whether you vats M messenger at Julia
ROOSEVELT Sunday and cut
1 Democrat or Republican YM can from her bosom
.and keep Jerry Carter yo r Commmfonar el Rofida Rafcotd tad Kith r rs. Russell on the and Monroe Streets as
Pubis Utifitiaa.JQtlY she on her to
was way
CARTER hat tfia aiparWa a* vow Commlubaar fa daalaa vBith make bank deposits for
Intricacies of transportation and utility rata rtguUtiom pbi hit arm.
: : oGd background and bwwladga of tot .... handling of oosis,>tiotg Police said the injured her employee was apprehended -
: bosintti and placed in I
person walked to Jail.

JERRY CARTER has saved Florida Residents.

nearly $ 200,0 OO'OO. 1

M.NyMpxr AaYw.<.u .1 u+nY QH ELECTRICITY( GAS anil PHONE BIllS. 1i

w.g a w w..e 6n
e1/r H&IAHASSK AREA -Jerry Cartar wit dlrtcHy rtspom&b (or i stlsndt
w}Hwrn m*m ni t warn IM ISM tm fsu Mini n m tint to the customers of Soutkaaitarn Telephone Company .la North Caobd [ b ----ShellfithBoneless Dcpt.
sad. Northwest Florid. of nurly $1 I mIRon! SHELL OYSTIRS With that
SOUTH FLORIDA Four ((4)) u orate rata radncTKMa oa Flortd Ptaw .Tini-a-tha-Saa" Flu.., .. ... ...... Bu. $5.50 1
and Ught Co. wara orders by the commission In 1957 raduefag Va Bu. Xl.OO
lactrk Cght rates 4725.000 annually Another $200.000 !. '60,.a*. SELECT OYSTERS .. ... ... ........ .. 't. 1.50 .
other V/4 million hi 1960 and anothar TOT $2 snUGo*. Total MarV $i/ ,1rY STANDARD OYSTIRS-Stranfth Civln; ( Stew .ft. J1.25

.IIBoa M this vast ara* alona. STANDARD OYSTERS .. ... ...... ....Vl Pt. 65c ...,
KNSACOU The Commission orJarad rata raducfioat .... CLAW CRAB MEAT ... .'. ...............Ik. $1.10 .\'
and ajMHiaDy-rant into effect January 1958. (Gulf Power Co.) WHITE' DELUXE CRAB MEAT ........ ....L.... $1.25 "
JACXSONVIU1 Rafunda U 94 a ounHd to JI06J27 h1uhA*, Y g p SEA SCALLOPS Fret from Reel .;.:: :: .... Lb. 7t.
&II Cool W LOBSTER TAILS-4 tea' Of. Sits ..... .. Lb. $1.60
CRAB CLAW FINGERS . ... ...12 .,. can $1.30
MADISON Commission Carter Wore tW eoannUsfai to
into I and COCKTAIL LUMP . . .. .Lb. $l.ne
poona company carving Madison public haaring on rata m .
Uadaquata and Inafficiaflt sarvica.Charges wart cut ONE HALF Tbfca BAY SCALLOPS-'lnJ. Idu llf Fr itn Lh. 95c
the tk* spurred other phona companies in the stet to fcwtal nor* QUICK FROZEN ALASKAN KING CRAB LEGS Lb. $1.25
4 Phmodel e ket! ; snodara and afficitnt equipment under the suparvtslon and tfcrowghtfca
ccoparaaion el yo r CoaMnissionar Jarry CMt..I thesfos. CrmbAH : m2 MULLET LINE

. Lb. 29c
MOMDA-ftadueod raise for M wrat gas ..... gona Wo ....aievar .
i N'om n N... stall by order of tha Commission.Jerry Cartar't fin ACt WI Return of Fresh MULLET ROE .. .Lb. 79e
*o urge Wasfigation and 1 it resulted) in the first statewide K) pwo..at :
swduetion of axclMng phoiw cttafgaa ..d bolithad a SOc par most
: aWga for daak and hand phona from thf p"n ft.1 SU.".PA ft lutat o/SfJC.omtt ... .
"Mulltt RAH and Ov_irr *ttn' .
Buis Fannst ftt.fitct.Kmw H.Ips to 5/oi e tiff Winter FLU


ftOllOA I,. NOVEMBER 6th
Good for one child under 14 In Handy 10 lb. Carry Out Package 79c lb.

: before 2 Sat. Nov. 3rd pd pot.adv. _.
.. .LI.
tfl CtO #- *- *. -Ji; 7k. '* *. '* *. -*- -.* .- -
'U X06
.' Clint Walker in "FORT DOBBS" I

Remember to Vote

George Montgomery and in "SAHAR" NOVEMBER Tuesday 6 CALL i Continental Bowling i i

.- .: -.' I

Moncrief Drive In & Grocery45th Florida Builders Now ..: 3118 Off Cleveland Fdgewood Lanes 7 Phone.;83493e -:.. 1

,) .
St. ft MoBcricfW
____ .

r For Top Quality Construction Of :. w .=


z; Open 24 hours pHon. ; For Free Delivery *Heating & Air Coiditing' .0 .: I

: thru Son. '.- Call PO 5.9281 .

New Homes ._ .
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Garages :
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J E For Your Bowling Pleasure :


HAMS ". &
Ib.. = MONDAYS .
TUESDAYS10 a.m. to 2 a.m. : '
Reefing 10 a.m. to 2 a.m. .
Adults -- 3 $1.00
SIDE PORK : Ladies _e. 3 games $1.00 t Children __ 25$ per game :

39C SHOULDERS39C 4 F.*c.s : Be sure to register for e '.;
FrISk ,n. .. FREE PRIZES GIFTS a 'f' ,,
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f : 1IIIilll o Bowling Shoes and Bags $10.-$7.. 50 &. $5. : ,
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Grade A STEWING HENS : '. Free Game Tickets BasketsYOUTHS l\.

FRYERS 29C 250lerskti .. ; .*Repairs: ,:. = t .01..= a .1

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I DAY ''S E .
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!, --No Money Down-- MEN DAY ,

SMOKED IACON 10 SATURDAYS a.m. to 6 p.m. .f .:... ..." ,
SUGA3 t CeiveitiMal Loans .
99C = Youths 25* per game THURSDAYS .

15 ftJ. 390 '. 10 s.m. to 2 a.m. : '
llLSSJLflJuLlrtl j Ib. Also_ CMSilUiliM Financing PRIZES t 3 games -- $1.00 "

PLENTY FRESH VEGETAILE Fir FrM Istimites Call .:. Free Game Tickets >.: ,.

:Free Parking Attended Nursery Restaurant Service BSBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBaBBBBBBl '

'. Live CrdM-p.1riilt __ EL 354-672 PO 4-0816 Ext 7 c
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