Florida star

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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200634datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date October 27, 1962dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=006340740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
October 27, 1962
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
October 27, 1962
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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-.... .. .---.--. -----,_.- ,4_-.w.".,. "- --..' d' '.' ,.... w. .. .', '-',- .. :. -. .' ''', -= .,-.."!. -". __ ......_ .,
: ". -:: '- '" '. .. ..'-' -
-1-- .

J '"
\ :

yi? *

iJ.BeCam BB Don't Panic During This Crisis, Civil Defense Warns >.:,

1 * *.* $ * -.:

Of :



.... .... ..... ....... .... .... .... .... .... ....:. .... *.*:\.*, *, '** *"* ,..


-. i r. 4. J gr:

". '. IJ. j a ",.


. 30 15 CENTS t -
.........*......*.....*....*-U-.*....*.....*..... .................. 27.1962 h

Homecoming Queen And Attendants Shelters

. Adequate Listed H.fallout... MOTHER INFANT DII

r Y
I shelter space, food and I
'Water for 50.000 people

Is available in 14 local -

!_., buildings local

civil Defense authorities IN EARLY A.M. BLA,3j
has pointed out \

but there are a numberof

p. Ar basic stops all .. .
homes should take.

t. are First basic, be calm.rules There' and .oj Tucker Couple To Air Woes Attempt By Rescuer Fails .

steps simple to,take inexpensive that could 1 J U', Criminal Court OR Dec. 4,. To Batter Down Locked Door
....,... t I ..... mean life or death.'JJen
:': Tragedy struck relentlessly here early
: .. -, Fear and panic could be : (By Staff Writer) Sunday morning when a 30-year old mother

,"'. 1.i. ,,; ... more dangerous than and her 2-year old daughter succumbed
some types of attack. apparently from suffocation when dense
'''' The case of the schoolteacher couple Involvingthe
.. .. I ,.t'. < Booklets and fact smoke fro an house fire filled their
'f '.{ {Jf.v I rk alleged shooting of the wife by her husbandwas i i
sheets on every phase one-room apartment.
t 't': { virtually reached the point of no return, 't .
of Civil Defense are Reported dead after : ,
.> a .. 1 )t\,z it despite behind the scene efforts of friends of from the building to.
4: ;, ..;.rt available at Jackson- being reached by, firemen summon the fire depart
k i' til'. Forrest and Lucille Murphy to keep the matter from
ville-Duval County Mrs. Bern ice
: were
the courts. *
iS rL .. ; iI i-; Civil Fefense head- Mack and her daughter found the
:: :
,N.., 'f..w. ... )' quarters, 111 Market At a plea day hearing murder in connectionwith Gwendolyn Mack of 1123 mother lying in her bed:? ;
L ii'f ti /' ) \ Street. held last Tuesday in the alleged Sept. Lee Street
and the daughter on the
I t V Here are some simple Criminal Court before 9 shooting of his wife Detective Sgts. F.A. floor beside her.

HOMECOMING QUFEN AND COURT -- Miss Annie Pearl Smith (left), facts everyone should judge William T. Harvey Lucille, an art instructor Gruber and W.C. Barber According to Asst. Fire

Edward Waters College's Homecoming Queen and attendants Miss know: Forest C. Murphy, 31, at James Wei don said that Edward Brown Chief A. D. Starrat. the

Earline Smith and Miss Ophelia Williams, will feature in the Air raid siren warn- an art instructor at Johnson School. who lived in an upstairs fire was believed to

wide range of social activities this weekend preparatory to, ings: Northwestern High Schoolwas room adjacent to have been started froma

EflC's annual homecoming game Saturday night with its traditionalrival Steady blast -of 3 to 5 bound over for trial the Mack's apartment lighted ciagretteon

Kittrell College of Kittrell N.C. Saturday night at 8 p.m minutes attack pro which has been set for was awakened at 2:30 a. the hall sofa.

in Myrtle Avenue Ball Park. bable. Tune AM radio to December 4. m. by the smell of Funeral services for

'(Related. pix ft story on Page 3) 640 or 1240 for official Murphy, who has been smoke and upon runningout the victims will be held

Photos y'Baker2Negroes .. ,instructions. Do not free on $1,000 bond is into the hallway Saturday at 4 p.m. in

*- "'-use the 'tel epllon e." ft* '"char ged-wi th*sss anl -tcr'pl1"p..ft Tliswvtercdasofaon-. Carter s Funeral'..vHome,..t,,,. .

Head WOWM ChirftdIN Top LtwbrsMttt Warbling tone or short < i ****:******* fire. Chapel. Rev. E.R. Simp-
blasts for three minute and other items Brown told the officers son pastor of Zion

Party TicketsATLANTASuperior With ULNEW attack coming. Take .: for survival They are: that he then tried to Hope Baptist Church ,
'S Dttth Prudential
cover immediately in force open the door of officiating. Intermentin
YORK---More than the best available Q). Miami Road. 15.000 the Mack Apartment and Mt. Olive MemorialPark

judge Durwood Pye ruled Loraine Jordan, 29, thirty-five top execu- Shelter. spaces; Duval County being unsuccessful ran Cemetery.

last Saturday that of 1042 W. Church St. tives in industrial and Evacuation routes, if Courthouse East Bay St.,

Georgia must seat its is being held for homicide personnel, relation., there is time: 7,995 spaces; Duval STAR Assists law

first Negro state Investigation in representing many of the Nearest main highway County jail East Bay

legislator since 1907, the fatal stabbing last largest corporationin leading out of town. If at Liberty Streets, '
it was announced.The of William the nation, attended 1,098 spaces; Robert MRS. LUCILLE MURPHY
Saturday night you do not have a car, .. .Shot by Bat
Jurist, in his James Hillman, the regular'Fall meet- walk to the highway and Meyer Hotel, 315 Julia ,. In Suspect'sArresthis

historic ruling said 'about 35, of 791 W. Ing of the National thumb a ride. St. 6, 795 spaces; .

that Fulton County Demo- Ashley St., polif reported Urban League's Commerceand Bare minimum emergency Federal Building (down-

? ratic and Republicar r Industry Council, equipment hone town post office), 300 The publishing of a automobile horn in
every !
senators must be electee Homicide Sgt. S.W.C.. o f which they aret;mem* should have: block Wgst Monroe St., picture description plus carried a physical for front of the deceased'barber

on a district and"notcountywi u------ ?;' bers. Battery-operated radio 6. ID? spaces. shop at 1103 E. .
I e basis. e A feature of the Meeting first aid supplies, Civic Auditorium Water \two. consecutive e STAR Vk weeks be- 2 Is t, St. ,ion Friday
The ruling, in effect, was the installa- flashlight and extra Street; 3,893 spaces; v haveTOn night. Oct. 5. .
to of
meant, that Atlanta Atty. tion as co-41 a1rman of batteries, supply of Bav] rt' s Furniture Co.' ri t assistance the The argument ended when
fceroy Johns, a Democratic I the Council of JosephJ. canned food, especially. : 407 ,Laura St.", /2, '084\ s* the suspect is said to
spades Atlanta i "p ice itf the apprbh en-
candidate for Morrow, vice presi- foods that have a high I ; coast 'ave pumped four .sho s -
ion Sunday of a man ,
state senator from the dent for personnel relations water content, like tomatoes Line, BuildingWater into Patterson s .heat

38th District who won 3 tart Pitney-Bowes, that could help: Str'et, 2.030 spaces; suspected of having. and then drove q u Wkly
fatally shot Eastside
lthe recent democratic Inc. Mr. Morrow, long relieve thirst. O1l11min&ham' 8 Furniture' away from the SMfie of

/.r. wry,over his white active in the Council One of the best sources Co.t\ West Fors th st.. : fc barber here on the incident. """ -t .-
I .
s l' t:kCt. .. ,
4pppne t arfield, and "in other League of sterile water is"a' "1-r 60 sp aces, da alias Riggins was taken into ,; ,., t
1 Johnny"Riggibs ( )
I 'r will not? have'>to face. a f .. tivities. succeeds hone hot rater heater .J. Pubishing Co., 403 est F RB8 PHI 'Johnny B. Wynn and custody Sunday at 8 a.a.' t t

Ii} runoff which would ave Albert P. withers; (vice Cut off main water valve f t 1 Ad& 1s Street* 1,110 .! .Held In Shootlnr Johnny E. Ragin, 50E. \> by Patrolmen D.K. Pratt, 1''

prevailed under a countywide president of General leading to house and use spaces. R.E. King and L.W. Ellis -
police revealed, has
basis. Foods Corporation. water from the hot water Duval Medical. Center Homicide detective Sits on West 45th st.y: r.,
been the chief suspect
ASt\\the \uat9 lnow F WAINE ac jSerioWWRrarges JORDAN Chairman. of the Council heater tank. Jefferson at West 10th .,G.H. Touch ton and B.R. in: the pistol slaying as result'of a""t'ip, to \ '.

stands, Johnson W\will i* V*be w .\ s. ,Established in 1947 Common household Iain- Street, 1,046 spaces; Deyo said Mrs. Murphy police, and is being
of Woodrow E. Patterson
.facing{} another\ Negro Y 'If '\ \ to helpv strengthen and dry bleach is an effective Belcher s warehouse! told them she drove into 43, who according to held in county jail
Atlanta: Realtor"T. M. ,, at q\ d F.A. !U extend the urbanLeague's water purifier. Instructions 262 Riverside Ave., 860 her driveway about 2.15 without bond on a mur-
Alexander, an unapposedGOP ,\s'i d t i messes' i industrial relations are on the spaces, Rhodes Furni- a. .. Sunday with her witnesses, protestedthe der charge. r
W II1J.t suspect blowing
candidate in the t'fh'\m\ th 'UHillman & program through bottle. If there Is some ture Co. 310 N. Main baby; in her car and her s

) rc Jordan became en- chance of radioactive St. .i 177 spaces; and husband drove up behind.
Nov. 6 general elec- active participationand Mother Of Three Charged
tion. "lil&ed in an argument at support,is Winthrop contamination, waters Central Van Lines, 315E. She told officers Murphy -

about 8 o* clock in El houl d be strained Bay St., 657 spaces. got out of his car I
pye's edict also affects Rockefeller.
the ruling of Oil co Bar. When Hlllvan Attendance at the Fall through several thick- Supplies have been or- with a pistol In his With Beating Elderly Widow

three federal judges started at the woman meeting, at which NOT- eases of cloth or dered for 33 other hand, came over to her
.jh an open pocketknife paper towels. building designated as and started arguing with Astute investigativeefforts employer twice with a '
iiixho stayed his recent president Henry Steeger
order against holdingthe in his hand, she largestIn There wa, a rush in local shelters bIt the stocks her. Mrs. Murphy said by ,City Patrolman soft drink bottle and

backed against a wall presided, was stores today to buy h are not yet been she tried to drive Sidney Gaines paid and then fled from the
primary on a county-
wide basis stating hat and stabbed Hillman in couicll history. demineralized water placed. These buildings her car when he shot off Tuesday in the ar -.
the throat with a packaged in a container are: her. :.;
rest on charges of assault -
the tribunal acted without '
jurisdiction in switchblade ,knife. s.M..till similar to a cardboard Jones Bros. FurnitureCo. Police found a .32 and Intent to commit L1 't!"

that their order Human\ was later pronounced : milk carton. 520 Hogan St.. pistol on the floor of robbery of a 69yearold .,

null and void.Secretary was dead upon arrival Discussion of the impending The manufacturer of 1,000; Ambassador Hotel the woman's car but it ,widow. t

of State Ben at Rival Medial Oct. 30 Duval the water asked the. 420 Julia St., 698; Cen- was not stated whether Held in city Jail, ,
Center. Journal to warn buyers tral National Bank, 404
school desegregation *rs. Murphy had fired according to Detective rf
Fort son s records show Mrs.. Jordan was said hearing in federal court that the carton is not Julia St. 529; Independent the gun daring Capt. R. B. Whitting- .. .
that a Negro served in to have left the scene9of designed for long-term toe
and related Batters pertaining Life Insurance qu arrel. ton, is Mrs. Constance
the 1907
Georgia Legis-
the Incident but storage. After several L
lature from the heavilly to the organization Co., 233 W. Duval St., Efforts on the part ot Delores McCrlmager, 19, _/
later returned to the weeks, it will begin to
Negro populated Mcintosh bear with her husband. s current program leak. 1,573; George Washington friends to, keep the of 1458 W. 22nd Street.

County which is situated She was then placed will feature the public A sealed, one-gallon Hotel, 305 W. Adams case out of the courts Detective Sgts. L. A.
under mass meeting of the St., 2.922; Ploridan stem from Hamwey and K. 0. Helsa-
on the Georgia Coast. arrest, reports plastic jug of the same were said to
further disclosed. Jax Branch NAACP Sunday Hotel 429 W. Forsyth back said Mrs.HcCrlmager
Reports state that a- water Is available, the feeling that some
nother Negro was nomi- *........*.. at 3 p.m. in St. Stephen along with a steel, St. 949; Mayflower sordid details of the admitted attacking Mrs.

nated in 1917 but failedto Sir Winston Churchill AlE Church, Fifth and plastic-lined five-saL Hotel Julia at Bay Sts. coupl.'s marital difficulties Bessie C. McCart of

get seated on account once wrote: "Dicatora Davis Streets. container.The 2,875; Sears, Roebuck would be 1073 Flagler Ave., after MRS.CONSTANCE MCCRIMAGER
ft Co 200 I. Bay St. ; ...Mother of Three Held
of a dispute. ride to and fro upon Rot led*e Pe&rllnpreai- following buildings 3, 58'1. tJ.red. the suspect had been

tigers which they dare dent, is urgently requesting offer adequate fallcat- Riverside Hospital, Both the husband and hired to do some house-

DON'T not dls unt. And the the atteadaace protection and are 2033 Riverside Are. wife have been suspended work for the 69-year scene.

Tigers are getting of all Branch officers stocked. with food and 337; St. Vincent's Hos- by the Duval School old victim. Mrs. McCart was immediately -

BEALITTERBUG hungry" Fidel Castro, and members as well as water for the listed pital Barrs Street at Board by whoa they were Reports further state confined for

sitting in the prisonhe the general public in capacity of persons: St. Johns River. 426; e loved. t that when Mrs. McCart several days in a local

has Bade of Cuba, what is co&sldered one Fourteen shelters are Florida.Baptist Build- started to pay the young hospital where she was

should BOW realize he of the ;Oat important stocked with food, lug 1230 Ben drieD Ave. ****** mother for the work, treated for serious head

profound truth of this meetings of the year water and medical sap 123; Universal Marion Mrs. gcCrimaaer hit her wounds, police added.

------- --

_-.--,... _, __,__-' ____ .. 7 ''''''''''r _., .-

:i ,I' 4' \."'.

PAGE 2 : OCTOBER 21, 1962

w rw.- r .

'NEWS !i: f 1 + 5-I t'N.":: :?. OLITICS AS USUAL I

Published by the Florida Star publishing co.

"Member of Associated Negro press" BY ERIC 0. SIMPSON
,: ,, .; -,
\ -.
ERIC I 0. PSOH..M Eitll'v ( I
aaapII' _
.. .

__ AIYSON E. WISE....._-- t EiIIr r'r ", ..j',i".:' ":,.'C ,- More than 20 Negro mortgage bankers plan

to knock on door of all
HILDA WOOTEH............_CimMiv MaiaprMAIN every the major
insurance companies i in
.1 r Hew York
_.....: ; City next
'. February, looking for just one thing
t PLANT: _. .. -- --.- .- ..... Mortgage money-and lots more of it--to

I 12323'Moncrief Road........Pfcw ELgiB 4-8782 EL 4S7B3P. .'J ,... be channeled through their institutions
,. '--
into '
'.- ,' 4 the housing-hungry Negro '
f .. ..... i'
.. -:=-- Zc r.lr -- market
Mailig Arlleess: ;; :. :",,,::" 1 throughout the na'J'
-.' tion.I ,
t 0. Box 561, Jackssavie 1, FbrMa r t ry Details of the planned inva-

l r sion of between 150 and 200 '
t major insurance
offices -

IT t- are being currently

1 f" One year, $8.00 Half Year, $4.00 developed by officers and
rank and file of the
Mailed to You Anywhere in the united States newly

t', Sub scr 1st ion payable in Advance : t formed' United Mortgage Bankers -
of America, Inc. SIMPSON
Send Check or Money order to:
r Outline for the planned invasion was

'.' FLORIDA STAR -, P. 0. BOX 561 .7 hatched by Dempsey J. Travis, presidentof

Jacksonville, Florida !f .7'KKK i' UMBA, and also the Sivart Corporation

mortgage bankersand of the Travis Realty

.. : In School D.s.mst1ouTkuiCuuuhi t Company.He .
i t ANTI
4\ told a select group of some 25 Negro -

Far Mora Costly V CIVIL t mortgage bankers from 20 states who

I RIGHTS were attending the organization's first

...WHO are these spattering of people, rerettably workshop clinic October 13 in the Sherman

..,p- in high office, who consider House in Chicago:

themselves qualified to voice the opinion "About 99.5 per cent of all insurance

II of Duval's citizenry i ? Who are these few premiums collected i in Negro neighborhoodsare

I who, steeped in what must be egomania, collected by white insurance com-

are complacent to believe that they exist FACTORS OF RAGE HATE THAT MUST BE DESTROYED TO RETAIN WORLD LEADERSHIP panies. Negro insurance firms collectthe

I as symbols of general preference in this 0.5 per cent balance.
area? What has given them the right to : .. :. "In the past it has Deen difficult to

lock their hands over the controls which attract mortgage banking capital into the

could put into motion a practical and Negro housing market. Those organiza-

acceptable school desegregation plan in Your WeeHoroscope tions which could best interpret the need

this county? and the fantastic financial potentialfor

THE court's October 30th deadline for this specialized market were either

the submission of a workable school desegregation non-existent or lacking in organization.

plan is a reality. The need (Guide Thus, they were unable to raise the large ,

for a rational approach to the inevita- sums of money needed to effectively ser-

bility of school integration is also a vice the market on short notice.

reality But there is an unreal quality By PABLO The ASTROLOGERWHICH "That condition no longer exists. Rightnow
in the attitudes of school board offi- there are mortgage banking organiza-

cials and their legal cohorts in this ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR tions which comprise only one-fourth of

quite sensitive matter. the membership of the United Mortgage
.THE quickening momentum of progress-and ; Bankers of America who are channelingmore

crisis--both locally and universally I -- -"-- .' I I than 200- million dollars in mortgage

leaves a I little room for the play of per- money into the Negro communities of the

sonalities, prejudice and procrastination. Born March ARIES 21st thru than sensual. Someonewho with one of the oppositesex talks of a confidential nation today. This is money which formerly -

April 19th can paint pictureand and have a swift nature. You have a mix- skirted these communities because the
AN bring your mind into rebound friendship or vehicles for introducing the into
expedited acceptance of school desegregation Clashes, dissension ture of the romantic money
I in Duval County will be the be good for you. The may harmony with that attractive romance. tBut the boldest with the platonic this the Negro market were lacking."We .

beginning of a great renovation-not only fact that others don't neverneverland moves are not always the month. Thus a friend must inform these insurance companies -

in the socio-racial sense, but in the agree can unearth some of glamour and romance wisest in terms of your may become a lover or that we are in business and are

'I economic and spiritual sense as well. weaknesses in your own seems to be near. over-all destiny. For vice versa. Write let- prepared to channel mortgage money intoa
BOYS No matter how your hearti those of you in business ters hold number of important
and girls--students, pupils--who plans or ideas. Welcome or conference. Negro
wrung with pity; be this is a fine time to clusters. We, must .point out to these insurance
till now have been harnessed, handicappedby controversy and criti- There always are people -
practical! You need all sally forth to display
confusion, guilt, hostilityall'uncalled cism. In this way you who put status or social companies that the many Negro
for and tragically unjustifiedwill -- will gain the advantageof your strength' for resis- your wares. position ahead of the policy holders they are now servicing;

find themselves the benefactors of seeing loopholes and tance. 9-19-22-16-89-912 dictates of their hearts.A shall be expecting to see some of these

uncharted worlds of human potential because pitfalls before you have 5-70-22-13-63-572 LIBRA careful analysis of premiums returned to their communitiesin

_ their humanitarian instincts would to meet them. You cannot Born CANCER June 22nd thru Born Sept. 23rd thru your true feelings may the form of mortgage money."

.have been liberated from the fetters of win through emotions.You July 22nd Oct. 23rd enable you to avoid making After the two-day seige of insurance

traditionalism.THESE will have to appealto Mercury may stimulateyour such a mistake. Those companies in New York, the group plansto
Your temper and
few men and women--both black and reason. Be sure that emo- mind. This can takea who flatter you because converge on Washington, to meet the
likely to
white-who because of their station bear all of your ideas are Though you are known erupt.as positive or negativeform. you enjoy a certain heads, of all..) ?governmental I housing and

the custodianship of the many, need step soundly based in common a peaceful type and You may guide your position of prestige or banking organizations and to try to develop -

'carefully these days. They need ponderthe sense. You might change' usually keep speech language and gain some responsibility. with these the type of cooperation

selfish nature of their prejudices. your associates or those fundamental and important arrangement which will facilitate the
temptered by reflection 0-11-19-63-640
the insidious quality of their narrow- who influnce you most. frustration can changeyou. points. Important flow of mortgage capital into the Negro I
mindedness. Some tide of good for- or prominent CAPRICORNBorn market.

THEY need', too, reflect on the costly tune is awaiting an Home attention.problems Therefore demand people watt you. You Dec. 22nd thru "The formation of the-United Mortgage ?

failure of others who,by the sheer weight your life seems to be 1 are in the limelight and I Jan. 19th Bankers of America is perhaps the most
even though
I of their rebellious natures, attempted to flowing down the right could be tempted you to able to attract those 1 New love or friends; are significant move which; has beenmade, by

halt the forward thrust of mankind as it river. take off for some relaxing who occupy ;Ion authoritative on the horizon. You Negroes in.our curren ) history, "TravIssaid.

sought its own refinement I In the wilderness I 1'14f321 vacation, it is position in life. should: note the posi- -
of' and If you have anyone to tion of Venus at an "As able to attract more mortgage
deprevation, degradation TAURU; not the time for ignoring we are
death. convince or something angle of friendship. The for
) Born April 20th thru trouble spots. capital into Negro neighborhoods
to gain, try now. Your meanings are clear.
May 20th Whenever you are bored better housing we are going to see the
THIS HAS IEEN ONE not Think in terms
II charms are only at of
[ Travel and visitors are or weighed down by problem character of these neighborhoods change
-1 HELL OF A WEEK! exciting. This doesnotmean sxof others, it's a peak performance but you choosiness! The many invitations drastically for the better--in some instances -
are also likely to come you receivemay seem"almost like
good idea to take it will over-
THIS has been a weighty week. A week necessarily all good in contact with buyers. make you a bit ner-
burdened with tension and anxiety and the for you. Certain things fresh look at your future Do not quarrel with one vous.Do not give in night. of
could occur this month There's a chance "With better housing, all the panoply
harrowing expectancy of sudden destruc- who holds an official or where you are sure of
will be stimulated -
for developing some new better living opportunities
that will have to be
tion. It has been a week when the young revised high position. Your outburst y mrself and know you of improvement
or changed later. perhaps daring facet of accelerate their rates I-
boasted, the old reflected and those of might boomerang. are right. suf-
your life. and most of the ills now
SOB)one with a glib
in-between years desperately tried to put 8-40-33-14-79-843 3-60-55-23-49-365
420771395427LEO fered in these communities will disap-
tongue and persuasive
together some plan of survival. It has CORPIO AQUARIUSBorn "
he said.
manner might try to pear,
been a week during which sinners turned push into either Born Oct. 24th thru Jan. 20th thru Members cf the organization which was
you a
tentatively to prayer..and the godly Born July 23rd thru Nov. 22nd Feb. 18th Texas
romantic or business formed last August i in Dallas, dur-
'in the midst of their 22nd
supplications merger. You have only Aug. You have the charms to Personality can attracta ing the annual convention of the National
pondered the worth of it. It has been a News is likely to upsetan
obstacles. This prominent
to swwllow your Independent overcome person. You Association of Real Estate Brokers con-
week of fear. .
pride and call apply cart! You may is an Influence which may be popular and win vention heard a panel discussion at the
I It has been a week during which men of be the recipient of sur-
on someone for advice. can turn some tide in approval just now. You Chicago workshop clinic by three of the
sought to justify the gravity of prise and the witness to
power It's possible that you your favor. You will be have the touch that goes nation's topflight experts in mortgage
their decisions with dynamic, hazardous won* t want to admit! some strange occurrence. able to gain by follow- over in social and public banking.
action. When the rapiers of diplomacywere More than
ever your ing your own Instinctand life. You and
having made a fool of may see William I. DeHuszar, vice president
suddenly thrown aside for the heavy ideas and your leader-
Intuition rather the wisdom of
yourself or something making a treasurer of Dovenmuehle, Inc. Chicago,
cutlasses of stri fe.A week indeed when ship will be s night
similar. Yet by so doing than what another may new friend or of deepening and author of "Iort9 a9b Servicing", the
I dis- You need to travelor
successfully--to may
men believe. Put mind .
your an acquaintanceship. Americadiscuss'ed -
you will show the true book of its kind in
guise their tremblings behind a facadeof visit quite suddenly. jpn your own aims and Some of your sign will
strength, and
confidence and braggadoccio. purpose Can you keep quiet until 'ed for the UM8A members"The Profitabilityof
supreme real intelligence that forget the nonsense of have the chance to link for the
while keepina a tormented eye on the Jiving propitious moment? The 'weaker voices. You have their careers or lives Servicing versus" Brokerage
products of their love, their labor, is always inherent in inclination of all Leos many antagonists or com- with high places and Mortgage Banker.
one who does not pretendto R. Solomon
{ Louis
A second panelist was ,
their trials and tribulations.IT this month will be to .petitors who wmld like worthwhile new friend
week tooof silence. That know all the answers. babble all nationally known financial expert and
has been a away they to see you "fall on ships. '
peculiar, clamorous silence of universal 3-50-11-13-65-351 know. This is foolish. your face." OO"'u' t let 8-90-44-15-86-894 partner in Solomon-Cordwell & Associates,

preparedness, of resignation perhaps. It Resist such urges.. The them see you "rattled"or PISCES Chicago, the organization currently engaged M

r-1 : has been a week when the lips of womentightened GEMINIBorn news changes daily and ,, unnerved. Born Feb. 19th thru i in i iHomes" constructing the "Carl Sanburg
of instinctive May 21st thru the nation's largest private
in an attitude you will need every 6-40-88-13-68-648 Mar. 20th ,
determination, and the eyes of their men June 21st ounce of caution in your urban renewal aevelopment.
the the sky the Your imagination is SA ITT R S Mars stirs your ardor. the bankers the methods
,' wandered toward sea. soul to assess the situations Born Nov. 23ra thru He explained to
You cannot long remain
stirred. The month is
I developments.
": hills. around you for used in orqanizino aroe
:; excellent for creative Dec. 21st passive when your Also speaking was John D. Cordwell" internationally -
: IT has been a week when maps replaced} workers, those who writeor truth. Secrets are important, feelings are roused. This prominent arthitect and

M :: .; tablecloths, caculatlon replaced conver- call upon their memo- 4-70-33-18-96-473( also finances. Try to can be for a cause or Solomon's partner. Cordwell spelled out

""satlon, and the tastefulness of steak became ries for some produc- VIRGO keep quiet about coney person. But the creative "The Mortgage Banker's Role in Urban Renewal -

,, secondary to the untastefulness I of tion. Gain by experi- Born Aug. 23rd thru Batters. Whatever you effect is good for you. Developments."

sudden obliteration.THIS ences in the past. Sept. 22nd want to discover, do so It starts you acting along Some of the officers and directors of

has been a conspicuous week.: A Luke is with you. if you Take a second look at by mixing and mingling. more daring lines. UMBA, in addition to Travis, the presi-

seemingly endless one, with Its dragging, take care of your friends. You may be You 11 get others to Express the truth of dent include: Vice President--J. W. Rob-

_,nervous hours. A week of relentless pres- health. Some discovery meeting many acquaintances drop all sorts of useful deep convictions. Think inson, president of the J. W. Robinson &

sures, during which even Incidental events may have been made, a but are they hints and clues to your in terms of the far Sons Mortgage Co. Houston, Texas; Secretary -

seemed to have dubious,even ominous habit pattern exerciseor really people who will future. Wherever you future. Take your chances --J. T. Bickers; Treasurer, William

Po entand the humor of the comic strips new pill that is advantageous mean something in your are hidden from view you when they appear-Mrbe- Hudgins, Assistant Secretary, Robert F.

*lost much of their laugh-provoking quali) ity. i- to you. Love life? The chances are aay: be happiest. Venus ther in love or career. Hughes; Attorney George W. Crank general

life is romantic rather that you nay quarrel is premising Interesting 9-50- 2-18-45-952 crnincel' and I apon F. Nance director.I .
ii "


a, .

i OCTOBER 27,1962 <-.. .. '\i>',- .;- ...-4-.<. ,- FURIIA STAR ; PAGE 3 '

Miss Edward Waters And Court Will Reign Here Saturday


4.., fa


: I
: ,
,: _

Mr. and Mrs.- Dewltt, Johnson;,::5545 Minosa

Hughes; 949 Beaver St.; Circle-Girl-,

Boy. Mr. and-JJrs. Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Willie Jones; 4849 MississippiCt. A

King; 1804 W. 33rd St.; .; Girl.,
Boy. Mr. and 'Mrs. Phillip

Mr." and Mrs. Jimmie Simmons; 744 Orange St

McGahee; 4027 Lockhart Boy.

Drive: Girl. Mr. and Mrs. Morris

Mr. and Mrs. L. P. Bridges; 119 Chelsea

Miller; 1040 Qallam Street; Boy., .," .. -... 'I: '" ..... ,.
Street; Girl. Mr.* and Mrs. June MISS DORIS MIZELL (left) of jasper, a member of the Senior Class night between EWC* s Tigers and Kittrell College of Kittrell N.C.

Mr. and Mrs. Ceasar Huggins; 1551 W. 33rd majoring in Elementary Education, will reign as Miss Edward Waters Members of Miss EWe court fro!! left are: Miss Rosalind Howell of
Stewart; 4118 Conie St. Street; Girl. College during the colorful series of planned events here this Jacksonville; Miss Bobbye Mervin, Jax, and Miss Olivia Harris of

Girl. Mr. and.Mrs. Essaw weekend leading up to the traditional homecoming game Saturday Gainesville.

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Conner.* 5709 Bree Rd..: -
-- -
Perry; 1444 Myrtle Boy.---r-- d Wins Modeling Award In H. Y. C. : r Bethune Elementary Popular Teacher

Avenue Mr. and; Mrs.Boy. Charles Broadnax M r. and; Mrs.1902 Davis Leon Y w v j jp js i f... &I& -:. --.: .: = -- +0----- !JH Completes 1' DuesThe Retires Following

Scriven; 1717 W. 11th Street; Girl. ,. : < ____- -__ _' -- _=-=_ Lengthy IllnessMRS.
Street; Boy. Mr. and:Mrs. Johnnie 1! j. :, -_ -=- ---=- Blue Triangle Clubat
r ,-
Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel Martin; 2160 Placeda : J; ,' With
Frederick; 5702 Verbena StreetUBoy. School on Pearce Streetwas 4

3oad: Girl. Mr. andJtrs. Clarence ._ .f .,',.' LOUISE G. GUINYARDA the first YWCA club

Mr. and Mrs. Henderson Sullivan; 4123 Santee ..., : '' '< this year to pay its
Road Boy. j capacity crowd showed up at the National Guard membership dues in
Gamble; 911 Everson ; $
Street; Boy. Mr. and Mrs. Albert + x ;,. Armory last Saturday to see Ebony fashion models fu 11. Appointed by

Carlos; 4115 LeonardCt. 5 rR ; display gowns and other attire that still have principal Henry Ward
Mr. and Mrs. Lerzie ,. .
; 'B 1Pre.ier, x M > ;' 'i 'the town talking "Ebony Fashion Fair With an Jenkins Jr. as ad-

OES To Sponsor ; '. f"-JI Oriental Flair" was sponsored by 9amma Rho vi sors were Mrs.

Offers 'd Yx Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, inc. Marion Marshall and
Hair Style Show t4 x ; rc The shownarrated by Miss Joyce Bowman of Ghana Mrs. Mildred Davis

Free Recordings ropened with East meeting West in a fantasy of .. The Olivia H. Baldwin

Here Friday Nile As a gesture of good- .4., fashions. Scenes included Act. I'ere: "in a Y-Teen Club, Miss Sadie

will to viewers of the d'.r} Japanese Garden," ,playtime-Kimona Kapers,," Bryant president; Les
"Birdseye View of Far East Fashion," "
Ken Knight TV showCHANNEL "India, ;i Jeunes Filles Y-Teen

( 4. SUNDAYS at "Thailand," "Hong Kong and the Philippines," Club. Miss Nancy Frinks E. A. ROBINSON

9:30 a.m. ) PREMIER 'Polynesian Paradise," and "East Meets West president; Teenettes
f for the Mainland." Club. Miss Carolyn Friends throughout the
Beaver, ",who sponsorsthe is i l Included in Act II were: "Bathing Beauties from Holmes president; and Florida community will

popular show, is Coast to Coast," "playtime Wardrobe for the the YWCA Blue TriangleClub be pleased to learn

d' Y ed.y offering a copy of the E Four Seasons," "Casual Air of Beauty at Home," with Miss Patricia that veteran schoolteacher

= r recording ( "BEST OF "Dressing the Family in High Fashion, and Pearson serving as Mrs. Ethel A.

X THE KEN KNIGHT SH M" ) t "Fascinating imports for The American. Woman's president are the YWCA Robinson of 1110 W.
most 8th St. who was forcedto
free with each $10.00 Taste. groups having paid
food order. The finale included a display of gowns from' around "-''"- of their YWCA Member- retire from dutieson

MRS EDNA B. CALHOUN This recording includes FIRST HONORS HONOREE---Popular Jax socialite, Mrs. the globe under the caption, "Sparkling ship fees in full according account of a lengthy
.Feature to thair illness is well on the
Hairstylist four songs by Azie Anderson Parker won first prize from among a Beauty of Night."
road to .
Starlight Gospel Singerand field of many of the nation's top models during bership rolls.
"Explosions in Hair Modeling for Ebony were: Jacy DeSonya, Milano, The Bazaar for Blue Robinson during
Jacqueline Fort. the recent $1 million fashion show
Styles, displayingthe staged by Italy; Janet Floyd, Indianapolis, ind. ; Martha Triangle and Y-Teen her tenure of 37 years

latest in milady's Lodges To former Jaxon Milton Hood in the ballroom of Lebourg, Haiti; Kathy Miller, New York City; Ann girls will be held at in the teaching profession -
Present Hotel Theresa
New york
City. Mrs. Parker and
hairdos for the 1962-63 Porter, New York City; Terri Springer of Cleve- the YWCA on Saturday was a faculty

season will be expertly Mrs. A. husband Richard extended their motor tour to land, Ohio, who held the audience spellbound withan No 3 with clubs member of Oakland Ele-
Burroughs Witchita Falls v.
Texas, where
they visited .
modeled and array of unusually beautiful and colorful having booths filled mentary School at the

demonstrated Friday St. Johns Lodge 14, family and friends. outfits; Alberta Thompson, Pittsburg. Ps..; Cathy with articles end foodStuff time of her resignationMrs.

night Oct 26 at 8:30 Paul Lawrence Dunbar Royal Art Studio Photo) Young, New York City; and, Jorge Ben Hur, Colombia for sale. Robinson was confined

o'clock in Masonic Tern- 219, Washington 386, A. South America, the only male model in for several weeks
Applications For Marriage LicensesWm.
pie's auditorium 410 J. Collins 602 and the group. VeteranAssigned NCO in Flagler Hospital.

Broad St. under the King Solomon 637, The Ebony Fashion Fair entourage enjoyed a delicious St. Augustine.The .
Johnson. 2800 Baker, 802 Shetter Ave. To
auspices of R.L. Flem- F. and A.M. P.H.A. dinner at the El Dorado before boarding FAMU wife of Rev. H.H.
Liberia Dr. 21 and Jax. Beach, Fla. 27. j
ing Chapter 45 of the will present Mrs. Alice the bus for Miami. TALLAHASSEE Lt. Col Robinson Mrs. Robinson
Tookes 1764E.
Patricia A. Walker, Henry ,
Order of Eastern Star. Bu rrough in recitalNov. Albert J. Parker professor among her many other
3727 A. Riley St.. 17. 30th St. 23 and '
Some of the models 13 at 8 p.m. in Lavern J. Miller 2584W. ...**.*.......*.*..*......a.. of military civic-social interests,
'Rbt. C. Hendy 1432
who will be featured the Masonic Temple 45th St. 17. t science. Florida ARM serves as president of
Kings Rd. 23 and 4 '
during the event are auditorium.Mrs. Dorothy M. Johnson, Felix Williams, Jr. The Ladies' Auxiliary to Special Delivery Mes- University, recently the Baptist Ministers

Mrs. Elizabeth Mixon Burrough has appeared 1432 Kings Rd. 22. 904 Jefferson St. 20 sengers held their recent meeting in the home of announced the arrivalof Wives Alliance.She .

Mrs. Celestine Daniels in several Otis Vullins, 1625 and Barbara J. Wright Mr. and Mrs. B. S. Westmoreland. Sgt. First Class is presently the'

Mrs. Johnnie M. Brown, churches here and before 815 Franklin St. 17. Discussions held Abram Bellamy of Win constant recipient of
Moncrief Village, 22, during the business session
and the Misses Victoria audiences in David Scott 1441 E. ter Haven who was assigned numerous congratulatory
centered around projects to be
and Eula. 4800 Mon completed during
Thomas Mary Alice and Georgia, New York and 25th St., 19 and Addie the coming to the FloridaA&M messages for her years
crief Road, 23. year.
Debris Blount and at a session of the M. Waters 1531 E. 24th University ReserveOfficers' of faithful service to
Arthur A. Covington, Mrs. Margaret Starkes, Mrs. Frances Shipp, Mrs.
Mrs. Deloris Way National Baptist Convention Street. 24.Charlie Training her fellowmen and to
Indianapolis, Ind. 26 Margaret Griswold, and Mrs. Doris Bennett were
Narrator for the pre- of America held J. Bradley, members Corps Department. the community.
and Ethel Smith 1109W. among present. .
sentation will be Mrs. in New Orleans. 2102 Myrtle Ave. 23 --
Adams St. 22.. T
Salome Summers, vice The Masonic family and and Earlene Thompson, ..*..*.......*..**.*.......... j
president of Local Unit the public .are invited. James C. Warrick 1971 W: 2ad St., 22. I[3 [3mm
1830 W, 20th St. 20
No. 60 of the Conneis- Anthony Rutledge
seurs of Cosmetology. District To Sponsor and Annie P. Johnson 1360 W. 14th St. 19 Mrs. Lois Avery was hostess and Mrs. Josephine

1923 W. Ella St., 17 Cleveland were guests when Les Elites Bridge ,
Featured hair stylist "Heaven: & Hell"District SPencer Sampson 1500 and Zeynell Brookins Club met last Friday evening at the El Dorado.
the showings 1302 E. 32nd St., 18. 1
during Maitland Mrs. Vernal McCone, Mrs. Elizabeth Simmons, and
Ave. 24 and {
will be Mrs. Edna B. 7 of si. Henry M. Young, 1515 HIlJlb
Ca Ihoun. Joseph Spiritual Church Dorothy. Byron, 602 Blue St., 21 and Zada F. Mrs. Ann'UcIntosh qualified for club prizes. Mrs. a
Court D, 20 Josephine Cleveland received a gift from the
Garvin 1790 W. Kings
'Heaven andHell" .
sponsor a .
Ticks ts may be secured -
Earnest F. Dixon 816 Road, 19.Johnny hostess. <.'
Party Friday Sal
from Mrs. Emma
Shetter Axe Jax Beach, L. Jarrell, 1739E. Mrs. Maxine Jackson, Mrs. Marie McClain, Mrs. :.
Watkins, and Mrs. Cal- Nov. 19, at Ruby's ri
houn. place' 2347 Stuart St. Fla. 34 and Evelyn D. 27th St. 19 and Johnnie Mitchell and Mrs. Alvenia Scriven were :3..r4'

Henrietta King, 1862 W. among members present.

29th St. 17.
Kenneth A. toner, 1334 1

Whitner St. 21 and

its Helen L. Milton, 1545 Mr. ,A. Phillip Randolph, head of the Brotherhoodof
now Pepsifor S Madison Street 19. the Sleeping Car porters and Dining Car Waiters Your Choice of

Robt. L. Hooks 1334 and Mr. Milton p. Webster internationalVice The .3 Best-Selling

those who think young Johnson St., 22 and Mau- president of the organization, were: recent' Electrical Appliances I

I della Bossard, 1543 visitors to Jacksonville.
: 'J Davis Street 21. .
... Onl
>wy .. ....... fffiI
-------- "
"/ -'>,>>:;. w".
Ml. Olive Primite $
.J !
Q : : ; : each \JI '.

chedules Mortgage
Put extras away for holiday !

coffee automatically, keeps it
Burning Sunday hot.

I STEAM AND DRY IRON...dial the '
.. material you want do all your ,
Officers and membersof ironing in record time. Light
r'3 a. 1 r E Mt. Olive Primitive durable.
t1i ,. weight,
; m .4
f; ,," }.' /AL- E Baptist Church will 2-SLICE POP-UP TOASTER...automatically
,fl. Celebrate Mortgage does bread the way
I fi \ you like it best.Seo .
;; O. j- Burning Day Sunday at

3 p.m. Rev. J.M. Dixon

ii pastor, announced.Rev. .
: R. H. Wilson s
-. '
pastor of Bethel In
: : :' Her mother or her sister? stitutional'Ba.tist % ,

fJJt f.N'f Church will deliver the r -
.. t. sermon. Mrs. Elnora McBride ,

.f. Whether you want the excitement of m.different wall appear on
iii<oday ';' .-' '?S hair shade, or want to give new life to dull or the program as soloist.

1; gray halr.inaist on the lone-lasting haircolor Other program high-
parties are more informal. more fun.They reflect the big change in the famous red package Godefroy's .
to a youthful new outlook. It's a modern state of mind and all ages Larieuae. It's easy to apply, and complete in lights will be featured
are involved. Call i it thinking young. And what a life for Pepsi-light. II! one package-there's nothing else to buy. by W.A. Beat, Trustee lots More Unadvertlsed Values at Kress'
bracing clean-tasting. Pepsi So think young. In stores buy an Board chairman and Dea- -
extra canon. At fountains say"Pepsi please!** 18 LOVELY : Downtor
## con Eugene Matthews s .s'
: m R a
,. : PeiSI, /r COLORS chai-aan of the Deacon \._ MaiD & Adams
-- -- -- --
enus n tn CCM" K-IH*saran M wcuomut IIIIIE'FMBBWI not""'at cow- w an I.A..U..e Board. The public is
0ed.f roy Mf e.Company 3510 Olive St.8t.Loull.Mo, In 'fl ted. Open Monday and Friday Kites Saturday til'{ 6t'

---.... .. '- '---'''''- -- -- -- -- .. ..... .... ._ ...., .--._-..- ..... --- -- .... ._,_.. -
___ __ -- -- -' '' -- ... ... .... ______. -.;;: =: :: ..... --....____-.- .


A ... ..


Oldest Church's: New Building Nears Completion St. Paul Observes Fountain Chapel Woodlawn Psby1edan

:Kwbay ;t '.-:,. ':,' .b' ... .. idIW AME Church Church Notes
; '
'' : .;:- .,. 4fJ',t Women's Day Sunda IY
; :
.:< :t 1,.H. PEARSON SR.
j' ; t:, Rev. T.E. Shehee, presiding BY ,
CHURCH NEWS .\ ;;.: elder of the Church school begins

,,:. South Jacksonville District at 10:55 a.m. with T. .

x rF. will hold the V. Huger.superintendent

fourth an d final in charge Sunday Oct.

L rjaNF b Quarterly Conference 28th in the George

The 38th anniversary celebration of Friendly k for this Conference year Washington Carver Elementary

Baptist Church and the 33rd for the pastor, Rev.B. in Fountain Chapel AME : School 2854 W

H. Hartley, will be held Oct. 29 through NOV. Church.Friday night, 45th Street

4. Oct. 29 will be Oct. 26 at 8 o'clock.Rev. The
Family Day. Beginning Oct. 30, Morning worship
service will be in charge of various ministersand Y"ce t*, r.kwo'q F.W. Jones, pas- service will begin at

their congregations. t tor, is asking all 10:55 a.ra. with Rev. F.
.alar ary a fae4 s40ka."tl" w
boards and clubs' chair
P. JONES D. Wilson
UBS. LOCILE pastor
.............................. ..General ChairmanThe men to turn in final bringing the message. J

reports and business to The Westminster choir

?.. M : be completed at this
"in-gathering of the Harvest,". will be pre- 'd'am R..z OTMM. i.? ..w yy .3 F> I pA:ai. .R1a7ou rsrp., a women of St. Paul will support the rites
... wna+,rar t .+M.p.rrw._., awe .N,.i w a-=* d t+a till1 e.Rev.. with Mrs.
sented by the Sunday School of Sweetfield Baptist *.N..rlsr ww. rlewapa, .w r ,f or.w llr an dL A./1r ''sy 1M.y.t Ma.9F P+.M AME Church Rev. R.J. Rudyne Watsonat
is a"trr's .r eee- :r Shehee will be
Church Oct. 29 at 8 p.m. Each member has been z w.mr;aw.Fr, /+ Blaine pastor, will the piano.
xr awA '3d..G 1K 1. .#Fa.H .v..M.. '. arrw"fit.+l+lae k ,. ,, present throughout the Tuesday, 7:30 the
asked to make a contribution to Superintendent + KJFb mx '14' 9La.sa v. .per celebrate their annualWomen's p.m.
.... .. .... day Sunday, Oct. 28.
.r a sM rlk.a.+aoro2ataam=gwla 'k eaute xxwK Westminster choir will
R. McKinnon. The pastor's and church' s:-anniversary /' ay.y.rwdgn. w-sue..z.amra.4r'"w, .r/IF.. +MM iM '.ace Day program
..r. +adF-cf s.r.w arr"a cacn.aw.a Sunday School will
,. ,,, FWWEfia+r
-IwawwaFUaear.p. .t +YK.rsa saw e>a wsv..pww.r : M.W ? rehearse in the West
will begin the first week in November. ? M Sunday with a seriesof
Si !Wt n pwYw at 9:30 with
%M.a.rraP.F.}! :a .p < P begin a.m.
Usher Board 4 will present "talent on parade"Oct. events scheduled to minster Hut. Wednesday,
Superintendent Cook in
28 after service. take place throughoutthe 7:00 p.m. Mid-week
charge. All officersand Prayer and Bib he
day, Mrs. Lucile P.
......*....................... Jones, general chairman staff are requestedto will be held in the
be present for the
announced. Hut. Friday 8 p.m.
10 a.m. Consecration .
The Willing Workers of Woodlawn United Presby- Events will begin with United choir will rehearse -
service. The pastor is
terian Church, will hold a fish fry on the new Sunday School. Mrs. in the Hut.

church site, 3066 Woodlawn Road, Oct. 27. The C.M. Harris chairman, requesting all choirsto Saturday, Oct. 27th

United Choir will hold a cookout on the new f and Mrs. M. Jones, co serve Sunday throughout the Willingworkers will
R es the day. Rev. She-
church site, Nov. 3. Both activities ,will be chairman will program have a fish-fry on the
hee will deliver the
church site
activities featuringMrs. new at
held in the afternoon. -
1 11:90 a.m. message. Cleveland and foodlawn
A.M. Frazier of

.............................. ,? Mt. Olive Primitive The ACE League will Roads. All members and
meet at 5:30 with
Baptist Church as guest the public are invitedto
assistedby the present presiding. attend.
Mrs. Mamie Blount will be presented in ,an after superintendent Evening worship beginsat
Miss Eleanor of Zion Saturday after noon
service program, Oct. 28. in West Union Baptist 7
Hope Baptist-as guest Nov. 3, the United
Church in the interest of Men's Day. All singing The pastor is issuing
secretary and Miss B.H. choir will have their
groups of West Union will observe a combined anniversary OFFICIAL INSPECTION---Rev. J. W. Jones, (extreme right) pastor, and officials Moore as Second Baptistto notice of a Trustee fish-fry on the new

Oct. 29 at 8 p.m. inspecting exterior of the new Mother Midway AME Church are shown viewing the introduce Mrs. A Board meeting scheduled church site. Hot fish

cross gable which is located at the rear of the structure. others standingfrom for Monday night, Oct. candied apples, salad, '
............................... Joyner, guest reviewer
left are: W. Gadson, S. C. Hart, C. Robinson, E. Elder, E.Jfilliams" andA. from Seventh Day.Ad- .29 at 8 p.m..in_. the an d fish wIll be

Thomas. Mother Midway is the state's oldest AME Church. ventist Church. church. :' ; served. Church members
Rev. L. H. McClendon, pastor of the Mt. Moriah and communities
Mrs. C Owens of Mt. sur-

and Brewster Pleasant Methodist Grove Hospital.Methodist Friends Churches may is call ill in to Calvacade Singers To Present Concert Sunday Night Olive guest superintendent Baptist will, be of Announces are rounding especially the new invitedto site

see him. the Senior Department help put this pro-
Service SundayMother

.-.-........-.at................ Mrs. I. Blount, Mrs.T. gram. A man wrapped up
Small, Mrs. V. Ma- Midway AME in himself makes a very

this and Mrs. L. Sweet, small package.
Men's Day Fete Chu reV s annualMother's -
superintendents of the Day observancewill

Planned SundayThe Young People s, Intermediate be celebrated Sun Methodists Selectomens

annual bazaar of Junior .and day, Nov. 11, Mrs. Ver- DayOfficials

Primary departments, di e Elder, chamrman
St. Philips Episcopal '
respectively.Mrs. and Mrs. Alma Black-
Church, Pearl and Union
E. Blaine will be shear, co chairman announced -
Streets, will be held yi Fv
N! pastor of the day forth this week.
Nov. 16 beginning at' The women of St.
: The thirteen captainwho
7:30 p.m. i 4: e morning service Joseph Methodist have
R a have been asked to
which begins at 11 a.m.
This year's event will organized for their
and will feature Mrs.R. raise $2 00 each are:
annual observance
be held in the new
i Mrs. L.G. Jones Mr.
Anderson Stephensas
Parish Hall. Mrs. Naomi which has been sche-
4e V. Capers Mrs. L. Fort
principal speaker.
Harris is chairman of d ul ed for Nov. 21
Mrs. C. E. Daniels Mrs.I. .
Other program highlights -
the bazaar and prelimi- .. throughout the day.
will be providedby C. Armstrong Mrs.E. .
nary plans have been The women have chosen
Daniels Green Mrs. R. Jackson -
Miss D. ,
completed and all com- Mrs. Ida Logan of DaySpring
L. Mrs. A.D. Wells
mittees appointed. organist; Etheridge Baptist Church
Rev. Mrs. J. Tanner, Mrs. H.M. Anderson
Tickets may be secured for their morning ser-
SCHOLAR Henry Lati- the Female Chorus, Mrs.W. Mrs. J. Thomas Mrs.
from members of the vice which will be 11a.m.
mer Jacksonville, received .A. Harris Mrs. M.K. D. Anderson, Mrs. S.
church. The char frrnan .
a $600.00scholarship TABERNACLE BAPTIST PRESENTATION---The Calvacade Singers under the directionof Thomas, Mrs. S.P. Butler Best and Mrs. A. fra-
has announced that this Mrs. Vivian Moore is
to the their director Prof. E. Clifford Davis, will return by popular demand to Mrs. W. McKeever, zier.
affair will be general chairman and
pro- Florida A&I University Tabernacle Baptist Church Sunday night at 7:30 o'clock for presentation of Mrs. J. E. Brown, Mrs.L. Rev. D.B. Barnes, pas-
grammed with a wide college of law for the Calvacade of Songs. prof. Davis, for many years director of music forth Gibson. tor of Sweetfield Baptist Mrs. A.C. Johns ai ,

range of activities. .maintaining a straight National Baptist Convention, inc. U. S. A. will also render several of Mrs. R. Stevens Mrs.A. Church along with publicity chairman.

T -- "A" his hymnal compositions. Rev. W. R. is his choirs, ushers and
average both semesters own young host pastor. The public is Zanders Mrs. L.
last year while invited. Sweet' Mrs. M. Surcey. congregation will direct West Union Baptist

Patent Medicines CosmeticAll i studying at FAMU. He Mrs. M.L. Butler, mrs.D. an after service
Leading Hair Preparations has c pleted the reQuired St. Phillips Plans For Annual BazaarThe Homecoming's Host Bennett Mrs. E.W. Sunday at 8 p.m. in the Announces ServicesAnnual

number of hoursto annual observanceof .U.s.. 1. Rev. R. Smith Mc Kissick Mrs.P. church as an activityin

Cor. Bread % AsUeyII enroll in the college Men's Day will be pastor.. Smith Mrs. V. Har- the interest of the Men's Day will

4-2159 of law. held Sunday at Friend- Officers are Flemming per and Mrs. L.P. Jones annual Women1 Day ob be observed in West

ship Baptist Church one Alberti chairman; Dea- Miss H. Thompson of servance. Union Baptist Church

con Isaiah Roberts cochairman Mt. Zion AWE Church Sunday School beginsat Nov. 18 with Deacon I 1, f

; Deacon M.E. 1A will preside over the 9:30 a. m. with Mack Moore as general

2 DISCOUNT Patterson program Junior Church program Superintendent S. C. chairman and Cleveland
Hart in charge. Morning
Chal rman. which starts at 4:30 Clinch, co chainaan. _
The theme for the day worship starts at 11
STORES p.m. Programs will be'presented -
will be. "How to Get. a.m. The sermon will
Climaxing activitieswi at each ser-
Job Done." Speakerfor be delivered : Rev. J.
830 Cosset Avc. the 11 be the Youth by vi ce.
L the morning will be W. Jones, pastor. Group
(near College) District 14 will meet
Rev. A. Anderson and 9 will present a Literary Sunday after morning

the evening speaker! Tea preceding the
1824 W. Beaver St. worship. District 6
will be Rev. Ulysses 6 p.m. evening worship.
U.S. 90 Near Stockton will meet at 3:30 p.m. .

Clark. PRESIDENT and Mrs. W.B. Benefit ProgramSet in the home of Mrs.
An invitation has been x
JUST RECEIVED. A Stewart of Edward Y Odessa Wiggins 2058 W.
extended to the publicto
Waters College will Oct. 28th 13th St. ; District 7
worship at Friendship -
host hundreds of alumni r.r will meet at 3:30 p. m.
SOLID CARLOADBABY Sunday. members and friends :3 'Choirs on parade" in the home of Mrs.

Methodist Woman during EWC's annual will be the theme for Carrie Riley 1216 A-

WESTERN BEEF homecoming here this r the benefit pro cram corn St.; District 10

Complete Plans week. A wide variety of scheduled Sunday Oct. will meet at 3:30 p.m.

events have been calendared 28 from 4- 6 p.m. in In the home of Mr. and

HIND QUARTERS For Annual DayThe from Thursdayand Masonic Temple audi- Mrs. Wilbur Rogers

men and wen of will climax with I torium Mrs. Beatrice 2041 Yulee Street.

Simpson Methodist the annual game Satur- Turner, worthy Matron The Young Matrons

((30,000 IBS.) 45C Church have completed day night between host MRS. RUTH A. STEPHENS and sponsor announced. Auxiliary will meet

plans for their "Dual EWC's Tigers and Kit- .Principal Morning proceeds from the Sunday at 4 p.m. in the

Day" observance whichis trell College in Myrtle Speaker musicale will be turned home of Mrs. Lillian C.
set for Oct. 28. Avenue Ball Park. over to Sendrar Chapter Bell 1623 W. 33rd St.

SAVE 20c LB. Fashion Show modeled by
(AVG. WT. 100 LBS.
i the Carolyn Kennedy


IE"I Senior sponsors for


Fresh or Smoked % HkPICNICS gr m will be Mesdames

Lb.T c SOFA & CHAIRSTANDARD C. Streets, M. Morse Will read your PAST-

FREE A. Pinkney. L.;P. Jones PRESENT ana FUTURE!

and Rev. Mrs. A. Zan- Gives names of enemies -

TWO : / ders. and friends. ,

: Evening worship startsat Madam Stone reunitesthe i
.QONE C -T-4 950
69 7 p.m. with )Irs.A. separated and
OR STEAK L1 Ingram, recently causes speedy and ,

SIRLOINFIRST La...fr fcUfemtifSOMQMy winner of the ilrs. happy marriages.Overcomes: 'l
SAVE 30.
Paul for 1962"contest
AS s,ri.1.bb..16 rh1 St. ene-
.. AI Hew Weft fillAMe4 Gwe..n.l-Fr..ti..laN0 presiding. mies, bad luck and evil influences of all

CUT kinds. Restores lost nature without fail.
DOWN PAYMENT ,.n....,. ......ill T.. .....ill
3 100WATCH No matter what troubles be
T. XSOOOgOBOCOOOP your may ,
J. S. Irvin, Sr. ,,,, I
PO'1U&t" MC 1NTS
PORK CHOPS tau Itcuta CwlltHt MADI AT TOW alQUlSt. | | Holmes and West j Madam Stone can and will help you. You
gain results In just one visit. Satisfaction -

J L.5. EASY TERMS ARRANGED | | Funeral Home | | guaranteed.Open .

11 Ambulance Service DAILY 9 A.M. to 9 P.tf.-SUNDAY 1 P.It to 9 P.M.


Evirf Solar frii 9:31: I... ti 1IM: I... S.ISlf..J the AND UPHOLSTERERS 0 2119 W. ErfsrvMWfAve.II 7440 Phillips Highway

heaisr Meat Markets. Tfes Mly $|Hsinl Kifn TV slew i it tk Sittieast >3 NQIWOOD AVE I !... -PhN\e- ro 5.16.41 US ;NO. :1 soum 3& Miles South City Limits.r ,





H OCTOBER. 21.. 1962 '- FLORIDA STAR '
-- -.. -.__. Diet C'ABOUT !

PEOPLESociety : .,) axons Participate In stale Conference Science Teachers 1 RMV Y'M

t' at
3 of the independent Benevolent Associa- # GS

tion of America will sponsor a Friendly Tea Oct. Hold Instruction.r
i1 D,7 y
+ ;
28, from 4 to 6 p.III. in the home of Mr. and Mrs. t
John Walker, 1326 .Cleveland Street.
Critique At FAMU=
y 4. **.
.j'" :-' 1 1. TALLAHASSEE Science?I
.. '. : Teachers took a critical -=
'MrS. Hettie Mills will be featured in a ,travelogue look at instruction --

at a Musical'Tea to be.presente| .ct. 28 for pupils and

,from.4 to 6 p.m.. at the Metaphysical. ,.Science teachers during a meet-
Church on Edgewood Ave. ,- ing held here Oct. 19-

20. at FSTA headqu -
f ,, arters.
.- ". The teachers
.,- ,. i it tm representing
'xa the Science
Mrs. Mable Morse will present a Kiddies Fashion
,Show Oct. 28 at 4 p.m. in the basement, ol St. Section of the Department -
?aul AMS'Church as a special 'feature of the- Wo of Classroom

men' s Day program. The junior choirs will render -- ;- Teachers were led by
the ,music and soloists will be ATTENDED MtiSir /i-r-, \ --u.-j LU attend the State Music. several key figures in
jacquelyn Fort and P. Foster, director of music and bands at Florida A. and M.
William Streets Association' i : .. reviewing science instruction -
jr. u. vo.-- at Florida A. and M. University University.Mr. Brooks appeared on a panel on "NEA Professional for pupils
recently were Salons Charles Hill (left) president of Priorities. 1962-65"
with Mrs. Rosa L. Duhart, secretary, and teachers in the
the State Association, and Charles a Brooks (fourth from left
Department of Classroom
Teachers, Tampa; Mrs. Thelma Davis state of Florida. Among
principal of New Stanton High School. Mr. Hill is shown viewing
vice president, NEA Department of Classroom Teachers, Grif- the principals
New members of the Board of Directors of Brewster plans for tic education in Florida with Dr. Wiley Houseboat, fin, Ga. ; and Mrs. Mogul Dupree president, FSTA Department o f heading the evaluationwere spear-

Methodist Hospital are Charles Bailey, Major Taft professor of tic at Florida State university and Dr. William Classroom Teachers, Tampa. : Frank Pierce of

Cummings, N. L. Reed, Mrs. James Rogers jr. Gibbs Junior College

johnny Shaw and J. R. Timmins. -1- School Lunch Program is Rewarding Wilkins Returns St. Petersburg Presi-

.- dent of the Science
I From ra;
f EuropeNEW group; Alonzo Williams,
chairman of the Leon
YORK The Mis-
..Mr.;Walter Jackson, a prominent churchman and a
sissippi crisis was a w- County Science Teachers
long time employee of the city of Jacksonville has
returned to the city after spending a very enjoyable major story in the Association; Herbert
vacation in New jersey and New York visiting European press. NAACP Alexander, Lincoln High
relatives and friends. He also spent a part Executive SecretaryRoy School Tallahassee and

of his vacation in Miami. He reports a very enjoyable Wilkins told reporters Herschel Williams of
vacation. Mr.Jackson lives at 1524 Florida upon his return FAMU High School, Ta I-

Avenue. Thursday from a ahassee.
4 month's tour of England Of serious concern was
-' {.:'
4 .4 France. Switzerland and the lack of National

Ed Charles, the slugging third baseman of the pr ::! Italy. He and Mrs. Science Foundation-

Kansas City Athletics paid a visit to the Florida ., } r Wilkins arrived aboard sponsored Institutes in
Star before, leaving for New York where he will the U. S. Liner Consti *- Florida's Negro senior
receive a citation for being selected a member of 1 Y A D. tution. colleges.
the 1962 All-Rookie team. He will be accompaniedto The extent and mannerin .
New York by Mrs. Charles, his lovely wife. yG: which the story was

played up 'made an .

SCHOOL Li114C -- -.Trlt'se twv cst Virginia; American feel as if a MARYsays

youngsters, I like i !15 million: other Ameri- handful of slime had ....:<......_....

,Mrs; Ann McGee, who has ,been confined; to Brew- can children are enjoying a nutritious been thrown in the face ELVIS PRESLEY plays a prize fighter for
ster Methodist Hospital has returned to her home, low-cost meal at scnool under the National of the country," the the first time in "Kid Galahad" opening why ever ?pay There more thanis
necessary is no
2046 Venus St. Friends may call to see her.hv School Lunch Pro 9 rani. &ca-jse: their school NAACP leader said. "I Sunday at the Strand Theatre, in color headache powder better thanGoody's.
." : v-v-r: : ; '. does not aVe hinChr' felt sorry for United the co-hit "East of So ?
/ : ffiUTC%" -', < ff : n, they are eat- plus Kilmanjaro. why pay more

..t;, -....,....-..,...1.--.J., ;...l..., >I HI< .. ...." ing fully at one-tMfd.oi"the their .jjRjfek.: [ The cbitdrefl's.itaia lunch provides ly States embassy who have personnel to- Probe Sought In Negro's Killing .-- .

The A. L. Fleming Chapter 45 will present a food needs. The .#.. S. Department of'Tfgri.culture i- struggle with damaging ATLANTA The wanton charge of the Depart::

hair style show Friday Oct. 2S, at 8:30 p.m. in throtfgn& its Agricultural\: i 1 1 Marketing issues of racial con-" killing of a Negro ment's civil rights ri

the Masonic Temple, 410 Broad St. Mrs. Edna B.Calhoun i SarYteay1: ta b.l'i shed nutritional j i I flict in our country. prisoner by a guard in division.The .

is chairman of the affair. Mrs. Emma standards for the lunches and suppl ies'S i Since resistance to the Baldwin County Pri- prisoner, Richard

Watkins, worthy Matron, extends an invitation one-fifth of the.cost. .through cash and Federal authority in son camp at Milledge- Ingram, 34, was shot r.
to friends to be present. food assistance' ',* '..t' ', Mississippi is a state ville Ga. demands and killed on order of
policy and not just the "immedi ate investiga- Warden Joe Collins when
First Bern HmlfeC 25 Talenl ShowHoward \
action of white individuals tion" by the Department he balked at enteringthe I
&. Y : ': a&fKtorinn under spon- "every of Justice, the which .
+ Mesoriplc "hole. to .
a4' I r rRN1' s .
w .
1 The Lily oJ'iT&VValiey Social and Savings Club First Born' CQV'L. rrs C'.b .;. Elstf'll!c: ;. Mississippian in the National Associationfor he had been consignedas i
will hold its social Monday night Oct. 29, at 1459 W. UaiouWStreet.: It Iird,' Federal service oughtto the Advancement of punishment. He was .'

the home of Mr. and Hrs. Pete Wilson, 5644 Brait will host a talent. pi., o- S Sister Rosetta Cohen. be required to take Colored People said in killed instantly by a
< Program features will an oath of primary a telegram to Burke shot fired by D. 2 POWDERS se
Ave. All members are asked to be present and on gram Thursday night \ pistol
be provided by the 12 POWDERS 25
loyalty to the United
time. Samuel Fussell, reporter. Oct. 25 in the church Marshall. Assistant W. McCook.( a guard. .
Heavenly Host Gospel States Attorney General in

m I h : .
.- %
j ,

t ,.

i .

.' :.. .
;: : -


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< A

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TVA'i 1-,1. ;: /, ,, .t ....///;

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SERVES :r ,'. '

t : '>. ........:4,-j"I,4 ;,;.:., ,_ p'; i.fA." ,
; '- ... :: .. .: .... 1. :SU _-, -,
.t 'f'; .. '%,

.j '? r: :,;::: : :=- -, : : ,:':' <:: y .

....,., -.. .'. 1''.',. r
b.F: +,'F 'g' ---),IIi-o! i!!' '
,: ,:. .. : ', :_ :' .' ..= .."t. ;' r6' a
.t' '
r. "? >Ef"" ''' '" '
: .

-' -" I .r-_ ,.. : ':. : :. ;;;tJ. i; '; /,: : : ; ;;:. I _

.: "
n ... : ,
.1 7 i
: j

1 .. "


\ '1


I Y ,; y ,':

!1 ]- '- -1 S 6 HALF-

-3'w'w 3 Enjoy the same's'parjcting taste of Coca-Cola now In a QUARTS

: k> new economical "Half-Quart size. l&ounces. Each big

f ::. 5r bottle-ewes*three-full glasses. for less than 3$ a serve ((18 Servings)

.. ing. Get that refreshing new feeling with Coke, now In the .

1 : new 16-ounce size. ,
1 -
1 : c1 ,
.: a.w.f r.{'sfa nt r If r.t'tM..u.c-".,k In I the(locality)area. 'f .

?ACnSO vV1LL E Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Jacksonville Flori a

--------- -
-- -- ----- -
-- -
-- -
-- _
-- .- -- .
: ; .
I t ;

I 4Plst
a tLiRllA idN I GCIOBtR 27, 196/
., .

Noted- A.t ors New took Hits Market 4;., J,.Women' Methodist. Guests Leon Bland Funeral Home Now Open

) Of Brewster

Brewster Methodist
Hospital had as Its Sa
guests from last Satur- "u
day through Thursday
a.t ti
lire. Warren Hutchinson W
p' 81, and Mrs. C.P. She- y+a a'
6bv a k x Bel. 79. of W saw at os a, a c5ri

Wisconsin.The i tL:5 : .
Y o "+J; guests representeda _
l '(, 4 group of women of "" 4'tS

Wauwatosa Methodist 2c S.,
Church. These women do w..d

sewing for various .-
pro- >>$(
r ,
jects of the Woman's :&
Division and it is lar-

gely made up of retired .... ii
5 w J p
women who get a A u
xY w\
U- delight in doing something 5 JI'I F1
# to keep themselves -
busy. They said 1 r.
a (? ': i .
their motto is, "Jesus
went about doing Good. f
We must follow in his

fJGHI footsteps.Mrs. Hutchinson" and J '

Mrs. Siebel said their .5 Y

[ : trip was sponspred by
i 'their group. through a
EEO 0 ifis 4I fund raised to send
__ than to Brewster Metho- Leon Bland Funeral Home S

dist Hospital and to
Ethel Harpst Home SIIIII/IIBSaSSIaaaaaaaaaaaa

Cedartown Georgia. 4815 Avewo B Pfeow Po 87818The
They represent a
church membership of
following firms and civic minded citizens join with the Florida Star in extend-
2600 and over 500 mem-
ing best wishes to Leon Bland on the opening of the Leon Bland Funeral Home which
bers of the Woman's
will serve a need in the community.CONGRATULATIONS.
> .'--.Z.:' Society of Christian
Service. They have a 1111111111.l11111111"111111111 .III'111111111111111111111'11I
DOING HIS PART---Elmer Jackson, center, showed his enthusiasm for Langston membership of about 30.
Hughes' new book, "Fight for Freedom: The Story of the NAACP" by single- in their workshop proup
handedly racking up a record sale of 350 books to friends and members of the One of their membersis .S & BEST WISHES

Newark, N. J. NAACP branch. He received the well-earned congratulations of 102-years-old and is .. .
author Hughes, left, and Carlton B. Norris, right, president of the Newark still active in the ..' :' '-.-" "- .:, FROM YOUR BUILDER .. I., _,-. d .
branch. ', .7" .
workshop rolling
ages for Brewster .
To Pilot Braves Methodist Hospital.The .
r. visitors said they Doing Business As Duval Builders

I were highly Brewster impressedwith and the Known As: "The Company With A Big Heart" .

J work it is doing. They 225 TaHyrand Avenue Phone El 5-4606
; said they were going
n.; back home and carry the
ster' and at some other BISH-WIN BARBECUE

.dX time perhaps some of FLORIDA STAR AND STAFF 5403 Avenue B Bishop Donaldson. PROP
the other members of
J 4 the group would becoming WISHES
this way because FROM CONGRATULATIONSfrom

at their ages they I Mr. and Mrs. RooseveltCONGRATULATIONS Miller
53ryk' 9 J S would hardly get back J FIRST NEW ZION BAPTIST CHURCH
this way.
'i r #1i )Z'v They 'attended serviceat FROM 1100 Davis Street 354.8611

> Ebenezer Methodist LUCKY STAR CAFE Reverend L. I., ,Clayton, Minister .
Church end a musical at
Edward Waters College. 627 West State Street c. H. Wilson, PROP.

BOBBY BRAGAN 4 Y They have enjoyed their
.Bach On Top Jacksonvilleand
: trip to BEST WISHES
WHEN BRAVED manager rV rir hospitality of Iron KEROSENE HOME DELIVERY

Birdie Tibbets resigned its: citizens. Sander's Farms Guesthouse Mechanic On Duty

from the staff to become ,Dodgers Dominate'
5538 Avenue B PO-4-4397
the new pout of 4r : ; Slaye and Jefferson Sts. EL 69432
the Cleveland Indians, Yw '...L'i! I Hr. and Mrs. Adrian Sanders, Props.

former major league :, ;
was hired to manage the
'63 Tribe. Bragan is r' a FROM

ball wellknown circles.in Jax base- 1H; 4 4? GEO. E. PATTERSON-DESIGNERS Fried Chicken And Seafood Our Specially
BOBBY MAYS, one of the top golfers in the Quaker rr: r r Mr. And Mrs. Mack Mitchell, Prop.
FLORIDA STARIN City area, shot a 141 to take top honors in the 2741 W. Edgewood
pro division at the 12th St. YMCA golf tourney .at f AvenuPHONE PO 49103
EVERY Langston Golf Course. More than 200 golfers from.. CONGRATULATIONS FROM
Pennsylvania, Virginia Maryland New jersey and i
COLORED HOME the District of Columbia took part in the Uga's GOLDEN PEACOCK DINER COMPLIMENTS OF

last major tournament of the year.A. Aa, n.
1921 45th Street

.._. ..Dominates Voting SERVICE CASKET COMPANY
Mrs. Corine J J. Wilson, PROP.
NEW YORK The 1962 I

3 r 7w major team selected league All-Star annuallyby 82/ South Myrtle Avenue

l Baseball Writers
Association the sparkled witha COMPLIMENTSOF PHONE EL 6-1055

quartet of L.A. Dodgers'

who dominated the poll Jacksonville 4 FloridaCONGRATULATIONS
jr v with a quartet of players J' ,
named to the 10mans
Dodger slectees Included DALLAS GRAHAMCOMPLIMENTS from
shortstop Maury
Wills outfielder Tommy

,. Davis, right-handed' JACKSONVILLE CASKET CO.
a y wriT R pitcher Don Drysdale and .
c left Sandy Koufaz.

'The regaining members of MaiDfactorers' Of( '. -
.. .'
: r the squad consisted of .
.'to second baseman Bobby .., ,
.. .
Richardson of the New

SERVING ON FOREIGN SOIL---These Florida A. and M. University graduates and York Yankees: Brooks ..
employees have accepted assignments to serve on foreign soil for the next two Robins Orioles third
years. They are: Dr. and Mrs. Edward 0. Minor (left), audio-visual communica- base; Willie May Giants; Caskets ands Funeral Director's Supplies
tions consultant Federal, Advanced Teachers College Lagos, Nigeria; Dr. and center field; Orlando OF '
Mrs. B. L. Perry, dean of students, university of Nigeria; and Mr. and Mrs. Cepeda, Giants first > ,,: :' l :' :: ::: f. ,
John Noble, assistant hospital administrator, Saudi, Arabia. The wives are base; Frank Robinson -4i'-. 4'" : .ir .1',," <_.>' *""''....,'..ab.> ''-', .."' :'":
accompanying their husbands. The Minors and Dr. Perry are on leaves of absence Reds; outfield; Earl TAYLOR CASKET COMPANY -
from their positions at FAMO. Battey. Twins catcher. .
Office Phone EL 6.3069

Howl Fmwrd H... Opened

JACKSONVILLE'S MOST EXPERIENCED' The Leon Bland Funeral his funeral hone inde- 422 Market Strut
BUILDERS OF S I 2406 Liberty Street
Home and Chapel, a new pendently. He wishes to
establishment In the continue his:untiring

FALLOUTSHELTERS Jacksonville Mortuary business, PI a.of, service when needed to the in public every Pfcoie: EL 3-8557 Jacksonville 6, Florida

opened its doors to the capacity possible.He .
general public last Sunday is hoping that all i
Oct. 21. It is located friends and Interested I CONGRATULATION

DON'T RUN Phone PO 8-7818. this change in his busi-
FINANCING Mr. Bland, who has beer ness status--Leon Bland, 411 Broad Street ,
TAKE COVER El 46783 manager of the Dallas Mortician and owner of
James L lewis Mgr.
RICTONF ASSOCIATES Graham Funeral Hone the Leon Bland Funeral James H. lewis ;

during the past, 12 Home and Chapel. Office PO 4 40784t -
years, is now operating El 4 4000 Cemetery. -


.- .T. .. .. .



Executives Visit Jax Area D i'. v i i ot) -

By Rev. J. Reddick

Sometime ago I read a -.oJ-j <'f a wild duck which

Mintts : was flying south for the season along with other

y .1 ducks in a farmer barnyard having a merry time,
+ eating and drinking and frolicking in a pool. He

By was so much impressed until he joined them in

ussell (Chuck) Charles their merry making ati .' ,. 'h them for several -

weeks before he thought of his journey a-
After 60 days in the slammers, Hallelujah Jones hIt
gain. One day he saw other wild ducks flying by.
was back on the brick looking renovated, re-
He, reminded by their flight of his southern
juvinated, resusticated and redeemed. His long- ,
winter home decided to join them and made an attempt -
Jawed face had well-washed look to it his -
; eye- A (EARL
that he had
to fly again, only to find out
balls, traditionally blood-shot, were now a become too fat to flyso he fell back into the
healthy pink. His body, normally booze-bent, was 4= t barnyard. He now just realizes that all his
now starched up from Jailhouse vittles. He looked
good times in the barnyard was only preparing
good, that was all. Good and clean.
him for the farmer's dinner pot. This duck was
"I am no less a man of God," He told Hump
soon where he had been preparing, in the dinner
Abernathy, who ran the poolroom for the real :
!k '*1 ,1q -n er pot.
estate firm of Crooks, Horizon & Snare. '1 badly
people too must receive that for which they pre-
needed that retreat from the temptations of
pare themselves, be it the "dinner pot" or the
k booze, babes and skin-games. I feel .4 "southern winter home" and all its freedom and
;: ';; refreshed, renewed, reestablishedi. = :- 4I : values resulting. opportunities knock hard at

.." His face had a shiny look ;: the doors of those who are prepared. The American
.. ",of sanctity. ; youth today have more than 24,000 different
; '' "yeah, but ya blew ya pad and ya t Y'Mwi"t jobs from which to select a career. Every youth

sole I lady whilst ya wuz in stir" and every young person should consult a Job dic-

: 'iT' Hump reminded him, as he racked $ asY tionary today in some good library as a helping
1 the balls for a pair of untidy x guide to his best vocation, instead of drifting
w! 'sailors. "There's two things a into whatever is convenient. preparation for

can can't do when he got somethin' many Jobs afford pleasing experiences during
CHUCK to lose--thas stay in jail for preparation. I dare to guess that the most' jobs

more than-a week an* stay drunk too much." There afford more bitter than sweet experiences during

was a look of wicked satisfaction on Hump's faceas CLASSY DISPLAYI---John! (Champ) Edgehill right, newly appointed field sales super- preparation. Let us not confuse pleasing experiences -
he turned from the pool table. visor for the American Tobacco Company inspects attractive display kit being demon- with adequate preparation. We must face

Hallelujah smiled. "I am no less a man of God," strated by A. L. Miles, left, regicnal l sales supervisor and Harold N. Jackscn, Jack that for which we prepare ourselves. We have no

he repeated. "As a matter of fact, I feel better sonville area representative. The two company officials were here on a tour of the other choice. If we carelessly drift into what-

equipped now to serve my Maker. I am cleaner Jax area last week. (Royal| Art Studio Photo) ever comes along, we might be sentences to that

...less burdened..." very thing for life. Vocation is important. it

"you less burdened, all right," Hump cracked. determines very large measures the quantityand
"Man who aln' tied down wit' an ole lady sho is Top American Tobacco quality of our friends for life, where, we

less burdened.," He cackled with laughter. will be located our standard of living, the type

'If I lost my madam in 60 days absence means I S Official Visits AreaJohn s of our marriage our personal growth,: the type

never had her in the first place," Hallelujah of our personality and our general success.In .
the face of a changing society, social stan
reasoned. "I glad it's
am over. I was never
(damp) Edgehill, world, people'need to
dards and a changing young
certain of her, and that kept me nervous. A man
the first Negro to be this matter of vocation. We
take new look into
wastes a lot of time when he's nervous. And he
makes a lot of mistakes, too." elevated to the posi- cannot get more than that for which we are pre-

They watched in silence as one o( the sailors tion of sales supervisor jJjj pared. Prepare to 'Fly .
on a national level L t Li: .
sank three consecutive balls before flubbing. a by the American TobaccoCo.
sircple bank shot. / Classified i
inspected the '
"There comes a time in a man's life when he s 5
Jacksonville area last -
---- --- --
has to get'away from the very things to which week accompanied by Re- .. gh iA HELP WANTED POSITION WANTED
he's attached the things he loves and .Y I
; very Room &
gional Sales SupervisorA.L. Girl Wanted-Free Experienced Female Typist-
cherishes," Hallelujah said after a moment. ., Miles.Edgehill. Board-No Hard Work-Only US Grad With AdvancedStudjEfflcientEL
'And If he doesn't walk away from them, he's is the only M I Answer phone-EL 4-8170 5-7997

bound to do something that will snatch him away member of his race in I : i

from them. Maybe that s the reason why war always the entire tobacco industry : j. .4,"; / FDR RENT FOR SALE
returns to the world, I don't know. But I know to hold this i Sin-
For Quite
A: ':3%, Nice Home practice piano & Wood &
that a man can only become sure of his valuesby position. :"'\
:6:.. gle Man-Modern Conven- Coal Space Heater-Good
leaving the things that he values for Edgehill a former rOUNG GERMAN STUDENTS .t Gibbs junior College in St. Petersburg, Fla. learn
iences-Call EL Condition-Call EL
a time..." flyweight and bat tan- how to pronounce new terms being studied in German. The group is among 50
"Doan pay for a,'man to leave'nothin'he value," weight amateur champion students enrolled in either French or German at the College in a uniqur lan-
Hump argued no longer in sly humor. "If a man later turned professional guage program centered around instructing students between 9 and 12 years HOME
leave his woman or his pad or his short or his and lost one of age. Use of Whole House-H & C We Draw plans And Will
W-At Bus Stop-West Side Additions-Work
food for a long enough time It ain' gonna be bout in 88 encounters. (GJC Staff Photo By Horace Jones Jr.) Construct
Children-EL 4-3720 PO 4-4106.
there when he git back." A graduate of a West No Guaranteed-Call

"If it's his when he leaves it'll be there Coast University, he Mrs A Parker
Look! Has Come To The
when he gets back," Hallelujah replied. 'That's first joined the Ameri- The Hew{

the reason why a man has to go for awhile.. can Tobacco Company in Visits N.Y.C.

because he wants to know what's his is his... 1951 and worked in

"Crap," Hump grunted. "A- man ain' nothin'. but sales in the Manhattan TexasMrs. CONTINENTAL BOWLING LANESReopening
a fool if he leave somthin he wanta keep. This area of New York City.In Azie Anderson
Parker, prominent Jaxbusiness
worl too fass for that kinda testin'." 1953 he became the
leadersocialite -
"But a man has to unburden himself Hump," first Negro to be pro- captured first
Hallelujah told him. "you just can't go through moted to sales supervisor prize while contestingwith Friday, Oct. 26, 6pm.
life burdened.And when you're not sure of the on the Eastern some the nation's

things in your life, you're burdened. Sea BoardHe leading models duringthe With The
New Look!
Million Fashion
"Trying to live with burdens is like tryingto is assistant Grand $1
Show sponsored recently
take a bath without taking off your clothes," Commissioner of Veteran
by former Jaxon Uilton
he concluded."I Affiars I.B.P.O.E. of New Managemement
Hood in Hotel Theresa'sBalltoom.
doan see what that got to do with leavin' W. and is an accredited .

an* losin' ," Hump returned, intolerantly. Move expert rifleman in the As an additional high- : .
ya lose, that th' only law I know..." He walked National Rifle ASS1cia- light during the event. Atmosphere5 r I INew
over to the pool table to rack the balls again. tion. He i s also af- Mrs. Parker climaxedthe
...And behind himHallelujah's face had tightened filiated with the New show by modeling an

with thought, and the shiny look of sanctitywas York Conservation Department ; individual showing.ofher (Reduced) Prices
gone... as a safety own fashions to the .
officer. particular delight of

The two American the capacity turnoutof '.

HELP WANTED Tobacco officials were Gothamtes. Adults oaths 25
MAI1 -Live In positions in BostonMass. er NT Area- joined by Harold N. Mrs. Parker s coif- 40C $ ,. .

$150 to $220 Monthly-Free Room ft Board, Ticket Ad- Miles, local sales representative feur was arranged by
Experienced CooksDomestic for the one of the beauticians
Maids, Kitchen Help Hotel ft Motel Maids.FIDEUTYEMPIflYMFNT American Tobacco Co. frcm Rose Morgan's Open Week-end! 24 Hours '
AGENCY during the area tour House of Beauty.
1832 N. Myrtle Avenue EL 6-6389 here. Charlie (Hoss) Singleton -

former* another Jaxon-New wellknown Yorker Special Rates On 'Ladies Night 'Mens Night Family Night

r----- ---t tt and entertained fashion show the sponsor '
following its Bowling Is Great Fun ... Why Not Bring The\ Family Out? ,:

t tt closing. ;>
t JJJ$ From New York City, -, ,:',,. ..
the Parkers notered to

t SUPER MARKET S t tt where Witchita they Falls were Texas house.,

guests of Mr. Parker's Meet Ed Charles, Kansas City Athletics-Ballplayer, voted
t parents, before re- "Rookie Third Baseman of The Year' : continental is proud
t Argo 14 size
Siall larkecse SizeSPARE taming to the city. t: to have this faaous ballplayer as its Public Relations
; i Director to greet our Jax patrons and represent- the man-
t TOMATO RIBS t -S agement. .,

A .
T' CATSUP 5C t 32 Modem lowfeg lanes }": "*t i

liiit 1 with 5.00 fu* irtfirHerslej's
-- t I 1F Free Attend ed Nursery -J

t| SUGAR lProne 1 190liiit PORK t tt S :i Free Meeting Room For Clubs Group, = ,t i..<.let 25*.."'1";,

D -> '1
t 5th. 29CPOTATOES RestaurantDinnersSnacksSoft. .) : ;

/ 1 with 7.00 cad( trierMcKeazie ROAST T AT FAMD -- captain ,-

?. 1 Cephus S. Rhodes of Drinks .
t i
Fresh I Apalachicola is now Free Parking?
serving,on the ROTC Charles Plenty
1 GREENS / staff at Florida All 1

,, University. Recently
CHIMBraws returned from the CoRtiMRtd Bowlfog Lanes

$: tJSTA lOC ii n. hag First Cavalry Division .

2,11mj in Korea Captain Cleveland Rd.
1 18 6Z. package I Rhodes is assistant A( 3118 Edgewood Ave Off

"' 4II professor of military Fred Woodard Manager -
ael EDce.


.' ,

t ,

8 .% ',. F18RIBA STAR
__ OCTOBER 27. 19E2

. 'APB.'- Tex.:'FlORIDA- AIRMEN ARE REASSIGNEDLACKLAND FAMU'S GriffinAppointed Cards-Cubs Complete. y'Season's

Three Florida men. two Mrs. Willie wright 830 ToNat'I ,

from Jacksonville and W. 29th St. and Airman, f. ?'

one from Miami, are Basic Lenwood Taylor AAU Bd. Biggest Swap -. r

r son of Mr. and Mrs.
solom en
D. Winston
NEW YORK -coach Pete
.r rk13F 1659 McMillan.
y' ,
t Griffin of Florida A&M Y 1 ,
Airman Basic Jimmy L. University has been appointed -
Wilcox is the son of Mr
.{ to the National
and Mrs. Robert B. Wilcox t Distance : .,
Long Running r ,
208 WashingtonDrive Committee of the United ;...
1 ill ami. States governing body'of \
: \ ..4
Airman Wright will attend ..
the Amateur Athletic
a communications : ; union of the United
center equipment will study a supply States. Fp

following completion of specialist course at specialist course at** ,
Coach Griffin was
United states Air Sheppard Amarillo AFB.A A:
Force AFB. He is a
nominated to the committee -
A/B CLIFFORD WRICHT basic military training graduate of North- graduate of George, by the N. A.I.A. \
here. western High School. W. Carver High School 55
president: Volney Ash- ,
being assigned to The two jaxons Airman Airman Wilcox willstudy t
new are Taylor. a .ford through ,its exe- s:
bases to study technical Airman Basic Clifford graduate from New technical ad ADon
cutive Al
training courses Wright, son of Mr. and Stanton High School ministration at Amarillo. ,
Duer He was informed
.. AFR
SPORTING UP --- of the his executive accpetanci group by of George Altman Cardwell

I !! J the AAU by Donald F. CHICAGO in the sea-, club Cardinals sent right

BY C. PARHAM OHH Hull, executive direc- son's biggest trade to pitchers Lindy Mc-

tor. Griffin is the date, the St. Louis teams Larry Jackson
THE WORLD SERIES FINALLY CAME to a close and ferent Redskin team.
former coach of Nat fan a Cardinals and Chicago catrpai ; catcher Jim Schaffer
the Yankees have salted away their equipment, IT WILL BE A DIFFERENT DAY IN Florida football -
AAU sprint champion Ro- dibs engaged in a three- Wi Chicago for power-
bedded down their uniforms in moth balls, gone when the Rattlers of Florida A. and M.
bert Hayes. 1 outfielder
player each swap which money g g
home to their families to talk over the winningof University either plays the likes of the University s

the World Series for the 20th time. one thing of Miami or switch to another conference. Game Commission.

they can say however is that the Giants were no The powerful Rattlers always run through the

push overs. They gave them a battle right down SIAC like an Army tank over rough ground. How Amends Rules Q R

to the last wire. The one thing to be long remembered does this sound, Bethune-Cockman 7, Rattlers, 54;

of the 1962 World Series was the spec- Morris Brown, 8, Rattlers, 48; Allen U. 6, Ratt- OCALA The Florida

tacular playing by both teams. Well all of that lers, 40; Benedict 7, Rattlers, 62. Well, one Game and Fresh Water'Fish

is history now, so let us turn our attention could go on and on and note the superiority of Commission has amendedthe e
toward the football season. the Rattlers over the SIAC. The real strengthof hinting rules and y
ONE OF THE MOST INTERESTING features about the the Rattlers is tested until
never they step regulations for the Citrus ,
1962 pro football season is the big battle for out of the SIAC for competition. Good luck Rattlers ?r Wildlife Management .e T.J.1fr

the rushing leadership between Jim Brown.of the and more power to you. ....Area for the 1962-63 !

Cleveland Browns and Jim Taylor of the Green Bay A GREAT CROWD IS EXPECTED TO BE on hand when the hunting season. The

Packers. Taylor the powerful fullback of the Rattlers meet the strong Texas Southern univer- amendment lists the I Ii Cola'e

Packers has been a standout throughout each sity team in Jacksonville. The game will be played number of antlerless. deer
'" t
season and this year has set out to dethrone Jim at the Gator Bowl November 24 and then there to be taken by the bow .

Brown, who has led the league for four straight will be one more Saturday in between before the hunters to one hundredand '

years. Brown, the pile driving fullback of the Rattlers meet a selected team in the orange Bowl prohibits gun hunters 'i\: ,

Browns has been a consistant leader in that de- in Miami. From the many conversations that are from taking any deer Lindy McDamel Jim Schaffrr

partment.IF being carried on now concerning the orange Blossom other than bucks with George Altman, pitcher 41- and a 4.12 average
ONE SEEKS EXCITEMENT all he has to do is to Classic, Jacksonville will be well repre- five-inch or longer Dm Cardwell and catcher average 55 games it being

go to football game and there it is. To look sented. There is something about going to the antlers. Archers will be Moe Thacker. 28. hit s worst year a f play 'r

up, and see Jim Brown or Jim Taylor squirm througha classic that has charm, a majestic beauty and a allowed to take antler- Al tman. 29, batted .318 following years' as one
line for good yardage, or to see Willie Gali- soul stirring influence upon those who attend it. less deer beginning with 22-homers and 74 the game s top re

more get away down the side lines for an 80-yard THE BEAUTY, DIGNITY, CULTURE and intelligencewith Nov: 17_. uQ.tit 100 have. runs batted-in. Cardwella with a Schaffer. 26, a

dash, or to see fleetfooted Lenny Moore take a whom one comes in contact, actually adds to been harvested and thereafter 26-year old right- games.. inning defense

screen pass from johnny Unitas and zig' zag through the forward look of the individuals. it is some- only buck with five hander, had a 6-16 record catcher batted .242

'the opposing team and scamper for pay dirt,offers thing to see the beautiful decorations, the inch or longer antljrs while appearing in liefer RBI.no homers and a

you excitement. One of the most spectacular play- colorful parade, the dignitaries, the beautiful, will be allowed.The .

ers on the professional front is Bobby Mitchell' beautiful women, the well dressed and immaculatemen archery; hunt opens College Football Asthma I

,of the W shington Redskins.FOR Oct. 20. 1962. The num-
many of them who could be placed in the Fla. AIM 52..BethuneCookman Attacks
category of handso menmany of them looking View
6Morris How ytold speedily to dl Ir-Iot
operated without the use of Negro players and the area will be un .. & Specialist. ,.U. -
prosperous, like they leased the Orange Bowl to Brown 22..KentuckyState ..oipinc relieved' >o .t. Ont tune I
*are m.ied' No wslting.No drum .
then George Preston Marshall, owner of the the Alumnae Association of Florida A. and M. limited. The gin season 0. _painful In rtorinf Injection free Wonderfully br .thin..ever Now'
team suffered a change of heart and got some will'\ consist of four two- Dalles vciUbl without! r ,A.k your
University Just for that special game, some look F1sk.16..Howard 12 Denv'e : : for Or Guild.Green. Mountain
Negro players. Since that time, the Redskins day hunts. The hunts will or CompcNnd.Johnnie's
ing like they just latched on with some good Central St. 21..Tenn.St. 6
have been on the move. New life has come into be Dec. 26-27. 2930.
friend who promised to take all the tabs. But all Alabama MM 26..Knoxville C
the Redskins since they secured John Nisby and in all, those who have. never attended a classic Jan. 2-3 and Jan. 5-6. Clark 61. Alabama St. 0 phia 22. Hotel

Bobby Mitchell. The entire team seems to have should actually see the different attitudes and No more than 800 huntersmay Bluefield St. 26..1. Va. in every room.

more spunk and they are going places. Just how modes of life. There is something about attendingthe participate in anyone State 19.Albany Dallas Reservations Call

much the dark skinned boys inspired the other classic that is just a little different from of the four two-day St. 8..Claflin 6 New York EL 5-4025

members of the team, who would dare to say, but many other activities.ONE hunts. Gun Hunters must Alcorn A&M 39..Texas S. 16 Chicago lW/2 I W. ASHLEY

one thing we do know, it is altogether a dif- OF THE MOST AMUSING THINGS ABOUT the Classicis make application to the Miss.College 38..Jacksonst. Green t
cisco nnvi lle. Florida
to see the women dressed up in all of their. Taj lahasseeOffice_ pjriorto .. 0Hampton. t (

finery with their beautiful corsages sitting in Oct. 26. The names Inst. 19..VirginiaSt. WANTED i 1
will be drawn by,.,IBM Ji
the grandstand with all of their dignity and not 12. operators & Barbers I
machines in the Tallahassee {
knowing a. thing about what is actually happeningon N.C. College 19..MarylandState Hollywood Beauty &
office Nov. 5. and
0 the field.in fact they are not too particularly 0Morgan Lounge-622 W.Ashley I
milrtiii1a each hunter that is drawn j
concerned about it, but they do know they are State 34 Delaware Mr. Tarver EL 4-9774
will be notified by ma ll. 1 1f
at the Classic. Now when their time comes to f\

shine out is when that great Marching Band of

FAMU comes out during the half time show. It is a

JMAKES12E'SKIN wonderful experience just to sit back and watch \
ir i
the reactions of the people. The women, Bless
Their Hearts, why worry them about what down it t

BLEACHES is, or why worry them about how many yards were i
FASHIONED"Manufacturers gained on that play? Let them enjoy the game
just as they like. R1C
THE CLASSIC WILL BE PLAYED December 8 and every-
Skjnt0 .
one who is working toward being there will be .
making plans. They will be getting their shoes, dfi'l'l

e lightens datk spots hats, bags and suits ready. When they step out in

perfect powder Miami on the night of the 7th or early on the

brio morning of the 8th, there is one thing one can IJ I
... If J
bet on and be a sure winner and that is,. those j Ij

who will really be ready.
MANY GAMES WILL BE PlAYED ON THE local front be- t I

fore Dec. 8, and the teams playing them will be
: of Posntr's Bergamol/Thf Jar with tht SI..." soliciting the full support of the citizens. rye 1\\
Several games have been played so far this season i
and the attendance has not quite measured up to 1 A j

the standard. Support the teams in the towns in I

which you live. R1CH

t ERa }.

Wiley Apartneits 1 J

Strvicts g Jacksonville s .,

Sound Service for Ad- Finest \;

YCrtisingDances, Ball 2 Bd Rn Apts.-$11.50 t

Games, etc. Also Loud Wkly-Iater Furnished- THICK ERCREAM1ER J tJ

Speaker Service for Ban Resident Mgr.2414 San tI

quets, Concerts, Record Diego Rd. -PL 9-1757 I

Hops etc.Phone El 3-5902 Opposite Douglas Anderson -


: t

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< ..,... ,....C'cPAGE -
; .. .i ..... .fN e--
1400 WRHC 1400 1N7 IIICS HAI EL 3-8275 .ua [ape Ap w

+ a.ur..

+ f ,
; .. r

_6CT81ER 27, 1962 .. ; .. FLMIBA STAR PAGE 9
u -

Itr Edward Waters Faces-Kittreii In Homecoming Here Saturday Night I

Colorful Spectacle To Hiihliiht 1 1Ewe's .
Dtfcy PtwtrfH. .. Whirlybird Set
I ; .. .'. .'
** a t ,; .. .
HoiecoMiR Ikflmml pvn A II II.hj i1:4, : ,}ti i <. .' For Jax FairA

in order to thwart any TOKYO Japan Lam whirlybird Is coming

ideas Kittreii may have ; "- to the 1962 Greater
Coach Jack Paul's D:>b7, former major-lea-, < :'! "'"
concerning an upset.As .
Jacksonville Agricultural -
Is still 'rof
guer capable
Edward Waters Tigers, t.i
defending SEAC '
hitting the and IndustrialFair.
long '
now locked in a three-
champions, EIC will be
way Southeastern Athle ball according to ..reports .. .. f ". '. I .
; .1-
in particularly fine
; The copter will be here
here. ...
tic Conference tie withAlbany =
physical shape for A member of tbe Nagoya' '; .: -S A.- from Newark Md. and

State and Morris Saturday night's setto Dragons of the ,Central ;' + .3- _-.? hll. S will feature the slogan:
College, are slightly and is expected to : } 4'S __ _
provide ( "See the Fair from the
favored to setback their constant scoring Japanese) Baseball 4. K.1 "
a handed Air.
sister college, Kittrel League, the left : .
threat from such outstanding r
\ Mrs. Kay Armstrong,
of Kittrell, N.C. during slugger recently poled ,
vets their :
as "' : : : fiar administrative as-
the annual home- a pair of homers to ; ,'.
leading scorer Willie drive in four rune in',- '". sistant has just an-
coming extravangza Simmons of Bartow, the Dragons 82'T1i ;;" 6O-6- 33 726431PL42 nounced that James R.
Saturday night in Mack others. ,
Julius and .
: Bailey's Helicopter Ser-
over the Kokutestu I
: i ,
Myrtle Avenue Ball '
Jax products serving Swallows. :. : J.iii'. vice is the latest addi-
Park. The game gets important assignmentson ir.. .lJ.
underway promptly at Don Newcombe. former." ':-. .. ., te tion to the growing list
Tigers cliqueare
of attractions for this
pitching ace; is: .: '
8 o'clock.The .
Melvin Cannon, Roy
Doby s fellow member of year's Fair.
local Tigers, .
Mitchell Leon Smith the Dragons and is also She said Bailey himself

fresh from a 28-6 victory James Clark Bobby hitting the long ball. _....: will be on hand when the
Vorhees two
over :
Grover Othello Young,
r Fair Oct. 24 and
weeks ago were idle Walter Jackson, Samuel Driffrs'. Gfai _' .:::';. :, will offer copter ridesto
last week, thus giving Wilbert, Gene Burroughs :. _
:: ,_ __ Fair-goers throughout
Coach Paul an oppor-
James Clark Wilt Alstti; the annual event's 11-
tunity to drive his Robert Davis, and : : l
Day run.
charges through a week Ivory Black. ':! '1'COACH JACK PAUL'S EDWARD WATERS TIGERS, now locked in a three-way SEAC Conference She added that Bailey

of constant preparation Ntw Coifrai. tie with Albany State and Morris College, face a tartar here Saturday night when serves as pilot and

Airoi, ReUy'Grind .f they. clash with their sister college Kittrell of Kittrell, N. C. in the annual homecoming takes up two or three

Hospital Bound j setto in Myrtle Avenue Ball Park. The game. gets underway at 8 o* clock. riders at a time cir-

51..' cling the fiargrounds at

: ;"! Hayes Gaither Rattlers Griffith Wins, about 200 feet.

34 Thrtt EichNBT .a : This is the first time
_ MY ,
1j j .. Can't Accept such an unique ride has
Lw YORK Hank Aaronof Y > been offered at the
the Milwaukee Braves ; :4..t:i tAre:, Magazine Features Junior Title Jacksonville Fair, she

and ,Frank Robinson of ; :r II, sa ide
#b the Cincinnati Reds $- i 4 '
$ )0) 4 r .PliERSIIJRG! -- Ro- halfback who runs the college, had never left .
leaders in VIENNA Austria.-.Al. .
were co I. ;;J1. y
jt.. i tiayei; 'Coach Jakei1iii'r 100-yard dash in just Florida. ''Mitch1 SwingsBOBBY
grand slam homers in ...J hough present- rules ,
4 /and the Florida one-tenth of a second Last: December Robert
state that
the National League a boxing
with three each this IS P __.'.E2Y: ...AfcrpOat Rattlers over the world record Hayes picture was the champion cannot hold two

seasonit -IW rte.I ,afertthe, topic of a five (9.2) the second fastestman next to the last one in titles at one. time,
past was an- k "'
'.#.fA nounced.; '.: :.!;<'- I \ adja the 'magaaeetbn on the team. He s the official program for World Welterweight,.titleholder .
:0' Roberto Clemente"of '; .. iI1: : :"of the St. Bob, Paremore a 9.3 All the Orange Blossom Clas Emile Grfttittiwho .'*"*

H7'... ., : ;''tWbujg Times, re- America halfback. sic..the colorful bowl won the Austrian
the Pirates runnerup """ *
( wws .!1 ... 'i.1 '.
%'I1f. 'J.:1 for top Negro football -
with two. c sttly ii Robert Hayes is the game version of the brand new bu
:* WALTER ALn V'j 1''JJ\stQry was written world's fastest humanHe teams in Miami."Under' world welter-

.. I ....q. Others credited with ..... ii. e4' : f: tl,by JXon Meiklejohn and is also halfback the picturewere junior
.. a on weight championship will
WILLIE MAYS bases loaded homers .Y t. ,
._...Seeks Rest Willie Mays LOS ANGELES- :,-,Can ti i'T r'.t.;';;j fcotigraph ed by ,Dick the FAMU squad. the words, 'Robert not be recognized as
were .
FOLLOWING conclusion of Giants; Tommy Aaron, to predicted J'U mom F.ttj., > arka, both of the Ibis is what the story Hayes Rattler halfback.' such by the w, rid boxing

a series of exhibitiongames Los Angeles Dodgers', Times staff. A head andshoulder had to say about Hayes: He had been used only in associations.
Hank's brother and
between Nationaland teammate on the Braves; signed manager Walter: shot of Hayes "ROBERT HAYES, THE spots during the regu- Griffith, a native of

American League Willie Davis and Tommy to .a ,one; rAlston ear' ;appeared' on the cover in WORLD S FASTEST human, lar season the Virgin Islands, who

all-stars. Willie Mays Davis of the Dodgers; contract to', a.flay" :,,color' is shy almost to the 'Hayes is now knownas now makes his home in
stories that"h e.: 'The writer describes point of embarrassment.He thC world's fastest
stated that he nay Lou Brock, Cubs; and New York City out- .
s''seoior. head 'coach Jake Gaitheras the mantle human. He has beaten u
enter Mt. Zion Hospitalin Donn Clcadenon, Pirates National League'managerhe' wears of pointed Teddy Wright of

San Francisco. Mays with one each, respec- s 'been with: the coach'Vinningest in college active fame with dignity. every top sprinter in Detroit last Wednesday

,1 collapsed at Cincinnati tively. the Dodgers 10 rears'- "1 t is a suffen fame the w arid, traveling to night via a 15-round de

on Sept. 12 and 'missed would be replaced.It football, and the that has made a transcontinental California, Iowa Ill., cision.
: ,. ',
Gets CompetitionJIM attlers 'the
three games. Doctors, was suspected that as traveler out Finland and Sweden. He's According to later an-
at that time, suggestedhe following the Dodgers' fastest football team in of a 20-year old junior shooting for the '64 nouncements by the MITCHELL

report for the blowing of this year's: .the world." from Tacksonville who, Olympics in Tokyo thena World Boxing Association ...Swings a new deal

checkup following closeof P National Leagaepen- The article points out until he enrolled inNorthwesternStanton pro football career. which headquarters in HALFBACK Bobby Mit-

the World Series. P nant to the Giants would. f the United States, the chell's trade by the

resulted in a parting'. Prepsters European Boxing Union Cleveland Browns to the

Hayes Nominated the ways between the and Brittish Boxing Washington Redskinsthis

genial Alston and the Board of control the year has provideda

or Sullivan AwardNEW Dodger hierarchy, but it Clash Here Friday NightDespite three association were needed shot-in-the

was liter revealed that in accord that Griffith'snew arm for the 'skins who

he was solidly supportedto 154-pound world now lead the AFL' s
YORK -- THE return to his ,field past current in front that counts crown would be declared Eastern Division with

Florida Association of season performances when these two fighting vacant. ties and
manager's post by Dodger 4 wins, two
the AAU has nominated ...A BROWN LoomsCLEVELAND'S general manager 3''l one of the highlightsof clubs meet on the annual The last multi-titled no losses. The passing
Robert Hayes of Florida Buzzie Bavasi. local Prep school field of battle. world boxing championwas combination of Sneadto

ASM University for the pile- competition will take Coaches Walten and Henry Armstrong, who Mitchell netted
James E. Sullivan Award driving fullback Jim Eyes Rushing TitleMIKE < place in Myrtle Avenue Small of the Jackets during the 30's held the Washington with a pair

Hi yes shares(the: world Brown, who has held the, t-' J .. Ball Park Friday night and Devils teams, respectively world's featherweight, of their four TD s in
record of 9.2 for the NFL's rushing title in' I (.:" when traditional grid I are currently lightweight, and welter- Sunday's 27-21 win over

100-yard dash. He is the palm of his hand A rivals Northwesterrf s driving their weight crowns simul- the Philadelphia ..
.j: .. ,.,t ,.... : "
i. ...
also the National AAU for the past five years Yellow Jackets joust charges through gruel- taneously. Eagles.

sprint champion and a is facing the possibility ..! ]1 J}' ROBERT HAYES with the hard-hitting ling daily sessions in

_ sophomore halfback on of losing the ,.. "'::1". ,,.fforld s Fastest Human New Stan ton Blue De- order to have their

the Florida A&M Uni- championship this year. vils. Game time 8 o' clubs in tip top shape

versity Rattlxrs foot- Current top ground that Jake Gaither is the clock. for Friday nigh t' s

ball team. He is a gainer is fullback, Jill 'only coach in the busi- The Blue Devils go spectacle.The .

native of Jacksonvilleand Taylor of the Packers. ,ness today who has a into Friday night's usual pre-game aid

an elementary edu- Brown is presently in pro bleu of having a'DIYI contest with a 3-1-1 halftime festivitieswill

cation major. sixth position. record while the Yellow prevail in one of

---.-- Hnttrs have lone win '
y's Jackets a the fall season s most F

A YSSJ I against five losses. colordul sports' extravaganzas -
317 link
"MORE POWER TO YOU!I" Iff However past records
show that it's the game
: LAKE,CIT Thirty-six

FACTORY FRESH 'hunters bagged 317' Hmptoi Points For .500 Mark I
BROWN mourning d eves on the
rj .
Elgin 4-4508 ." .Leading Rusher Caap Blanding special HAMPTON. Va. Although Carey Hugbley.

DELAWARE U' a Hike. / ,:. aaied dove fields, th! Hampton Pirates John Boykin 13 ads the f
'during the* first day oft have started slow team
AUTOMOTIVE MARINE DIESEL Brawn, who during his offensively as the
sophomore year in 1961 tooting Oct. 15, according (1-3-0) this year, there leading ground gainer.

', ,to Lovett Williams are signs of improvement Although a freshman, 5T
SOUTHWAYBATTERY led his mates in ball ,
carrying with a total ': Game Biologist 'In the game against James Guthrie is second
and Fresh Water Fayetteville the team
tiaae best
ground gainer for
MFG. CORP. of 404 yards for a. 4.5
currently .Flfb Conls&ion. definitely perked up the Pirates.
FOOT OF WEST ADAMS average, is *
leading Middle Atlantic" .*.'.' Several hunters got even though we lost. Preparing for Virginia

.. their limit of 12 doves asserted Coach Ben State on Saturday. Oct.
'...... Conference carriers
-' with a 9.7 average according .., :shortly after the hunt Whaley. Whale feels the -Hampton won 19-12-
at Plenty psss defense has improved Coach Ihaley made se-
_. You Don't Rave to Go to Town to Get to last 'week's' began noon. ;
of ;doves were still along with the vera: offensive innova-
Browsm '
: flying ifter the shoot ground and passing of- tions. "Although the
LOW PRICES gaining Inel&des.
gr offense was better
,ended and the Commission tense. The defense isled
two TD gallops of :66 against Fayetteville
_expected another succeseful by the team cpataln.
____ and 32 yards, respectively. ,-- ., Edward Thorpe, assisted there are still rcugh
hunt on MOnday
On YourDRUG Oct. '22: This was the by standouts as Currie spots to be Ironed out We Are Now

52- 75-21 next open day for the Ball Jesse Lott and said Coach Ihaley.;

STORE NEEDS .* special Caap Blanding Equipped To.. .. .

,: Trade With Your Neighborhood Drag Store ,g47 -+ -311 'dOTf shoot. The other
.< *
cpm days are Oct. 25 and ROYAL ART STUDIO Trail Th Heidkepptd
Dalifer-Ie Also Fill All Doctors'Prescript Msay letters are coningInto
I .7. ..
the COM!PS ion office Quality Photographs Jacksonville'Barber

I 7. .free sportsmen who
Dixie -
Pharmacy :1 '. were on the first shoot, Any Kind..Anytime

T ; cosBencttng! the Ceadasion I Daytime, EL 4.1894 Inc.

fqr opening these fieldsto College
1302 IllS Rui at Myrtle ANN 114-11-11I '.. dove hunters. The Nile Time, EL 5.8022

tz ,.' .
PIIHs 15-SIMI; ",- .{ fields *ere planted in Order Your 6.1. Approved 1 100% Ai Cud.63O .
d::::: : .= 11ft : :. com by the Commission

PAY Yflya USD WATEX Mi THEME lie 1"11"J.' wa aah B .. :.p 4.' .,: first.4.were opened for- the Photo Xmas Cards Early DAVIS ST. at Beaver

Ile whelra ei am =t tine on Oct. 15 to ."..1JACKSONVIllE.

; BUS AT Ht STIlE It t4 ,dove hunters basis.on an experimental Watch For Oar Reduced Prices flHIIA


--' -

) \ .f
4- { J



Gibbs Spotlight I IB Celebrities i Boost Book's Sales

Realtors' Yearbook

ry.k -
r salute to "Higher s

Education in Florida ,

,t th e 8, 500 member
i ; Florida Association of

Realtors selected Gibbs
Y .k-
Junior College as "re;

presentative of the .-;
.,y state's public Negro 3
junior colleges.

Gibbs was given the
yr Pe
honor in the Oct., 1962 R'Y.m 1

Roster and Yearbook .
F '
issue of the 'Florida tYa

t Realtor official
LETS GO TEA% .and other encouraging chants will fill Myrtle Avenue Ball Park'sarea publication of the As-

Saturday when the above attractive bevy of Ewe cheer leaders corps urges the sod ation. s

Tigers on to victory against their traditional annual homecoming rival Kittrell In focusing attentionon X

College of Kittrell. N. C. The Tigers will be seeking to break their current three- 21 of Florida's top =.

way SEAC tie with Albany State and Morris College. other colorful features are pro- institutions with nine

mised in conjunction with the game which gets underway at 8 o'clock. of them being junior

(Baker Photos) colleges. Loren M. Ward

chairman of the Florida -

"Y" Celebrates Largest Father Jon Banquet In Its History Magazine Committee, in

his fbreward. said *'exciting -

.: ;;: .,' events are 4r
"'; '"? ',J ta king place in
'. ;;
Florida' colleges
: ;
1 and
;: ;' :
} -, junior colleges, and it
0 Pt"
t. V{N is fitting that the
: :::\ v .bg Florida Realtor Maga-

,- ..-.... ;.,, zine Committee chose

Ik. ., the editorial theme of
; 1!!. '> "Higher Education in

: .. ,\ i Florida", for the 1962
.,. 'Ii r 0 ; Yearbook and Roster

Issue of the Florida

___ Realtor." TWIFTING FOR FREEDOM---Harry Mu/phy, former student at the University of

., ... .., The article on Gibbs Mississippi and his partner, Ines Delgado were among the many guests at a

Junior College pinpoints recent NAACP party in honor Langston Hughes' new book "Fight For Freedom:

its inception, The Story of the NAAOP." Each of the guests attending the party held at

its tremendous growth Small's Paradise in New York received a personally autographed copy of Mr.
and acknowledges the Hughes' book.

extensive geographical ,..., .. ,
'-"' '...", < y
r-. ?:.:;; .. : .': ;I ...'.iq' "
boundaries of the col- ," .. !' .". ,', ,
lege. Student preference ,' '

fo r th e 4yrs'

"rigid" content areas

.a and the subsequent suc- > ..

cess in more than 30

senior institutions,

were laudable featuresof

the college.

Ml. Pleasant Plans

Joint AnniversaryThe r1 W)3j

church and pastor -
Shown is Elder H. M. Barker delivering the main address to 140 fathers and sons who attended the s anniversary of Mt r j

Annual YMCA Father-Son Banquet at the Moncrief Elementary School. The program one of the largest Pleasant Baptist Church'

I POLICE REPORTSWoman ObituariesMRS. will Various their be congregationswill held ministers Nov. 4-11.and 'T'TPHILADELPHIABerkeley

injuredBy participate each
Man Accuses Youthof 150 Magnolia Street. Street. "
Boy Friend night.
Service for Sunday
Herman Street. V?. 23rd Street.CHARLIE .
Annie Pearl Brown 37, will begin with the
Frank Green 36, of MRS. CATHERINE WELTERS. BLACK 1704'
of 1033& W. Church St. 1007 Broad St. was Sunday School at 9: 3Ca.m.
81 Bridge St. St. London St., Brunswick
was injured last Wednesday with Miss H.B.
attacked by two young Augustine.
police reported. Ga.JOHN Neal in charge.
men last Saturday. ALLEN SIMMONS. 1611 W. LEE 1020 Price 11 o* G. Burrell center, newly elected president of the
Police said an argument Morning worship
police reported. Church Street. Street. National Business League is seen showing off plaid Stamp Premium Catalogue to
between Miss Brown and I said his two attackers clock, BTU 3 p.m. .. Evening -
Rdbert ( Green MRS. EVA MAE FOLSOM, EPHRON BYRDT 6624 Ever 7 lovely Alberta Culbreath popular Philadelphia model and fashion designer.
Lee Ziegler worship p.m.
accused him of 1340 Fairfax Street. green Avenue. Miss Culbreath one of the first models to tour with the Ebony Fashion Fair
1033 W. Church St. resulted -. mother Choir and Usher Board
in a fight. Miss threatening their MRS. SARAH C. GREEN. WILLIAM J. HILLMAN. 2 will serve'at! each (appearing InJax,, Oct. 19) was excited and surprised at the caliber of gifts
who once lived.with 1034 W. Church Street. 1033 W. Duval Street. offered by plaid Stamps. The Negro Business League prexy was impressed and
Brown was reported to pastorRev.
Green as his common- BEN PHILLIP, 251 Foruce MRS. MARGIE MCGILL W.H. Webbert will pledged the full support of the league behind the plaid Stamps Program to
have had a knife in her
law wife. Green
Street. Baldwin. influence more Negro owned businesses to offer stamps as an inducement to
the sermons.
band and when Ziegler .
when he tried to defend MRS. MARY SMITH. 1110 MRS. MARY MANUEL 1122 consumers and meet today's growing competition. Jesse j. Lewis, president.o f

attempted to take it himself; he was knockedto Franklin Street. Jackson Street. Ft. Lee Charged\ Jesse J. Lewis & Associates,Inc. public relations counselor for plaid Stamps
from her, Miss Brown
the ground, beaten
RUFUS ANDERSON 5709 MRS. DELLA GREENLEE is the pleased onlooker. '
was cut./in khe hands kicke& '

-. id aTsc, injured her stomach.and \ in the, Tyler MRS. Street.MILDRED B. WARD 920 Scriven. ELLA G.Street.1MRS. .oHmS.lUd\' P With 'School Bias. 'l I. \\1.. Tampa Area College Hold Planning Session

l'1t\lt\ lee.She.reAeived. He also received a ," rI- ., ', ., !i : ::,t'" ?!. PI; it"-m..., :--- '''7I.
234 Division St., Fer- ' Prince Street. ,. 'f'. ;
l ), ,,
} treatment 'if'. "',}
minor laceration on the nadina Beach. CHESTER L. BROWN 2060 /; -7" t'' $..
\ for injuries: at DuVal upper part of his mouth. JOHN HERMAN. 7827 NAACP's Virginia trgani- < '. .
Yo rk '
Medjlcal Center. Both and WashiugTon
zation '
\ Green was taken' to Mattox Avenue. i
parties were' arrested. Duval Medical Center MRS. IDA B. WILSON Bureau charged the ,Command #
18th Street. r \
427 W.
'. police statePatrolmen of Fort 'with )
for treatment. He was Grothe Street. Lee :
\ W. Wiggins advised to get 'a warM EROY BROOKS, 1802 E. rank in "
t If+ : : Main Street.
an&F. Mack inves iga- rant. *! I education of thech111ren
21st. Street. MRS. EVELYN LYONS. 1165W. i
1 ted the fight. > : of Negro'personnel, s Optioned -
l" 1727
ABE WASHINGTON 8th Street. ,

y Highland Avenge. MRS. BER. ICE MACK 1123 Clarence here.Mitchell, director 1 4J x : a : ?,

STRAND SUNDAY thru Saturday MRS. JESSIE E. BATTLE. Lee,Street. of the Association' (
523 W. 17th Street.
s Washington Bureau
'S. iiJ :']'T if r i Ii'H rat' j"'a Hlilfl InlJl WILLIE (BILL) LUDE 2046 Davis street. ,
ELVS" TXUiRSCHCCUPMY presents 1113 Pippii)t Street. MRS. MATTIE MAE HARRIS Cyrys advised R.Army Vance Secretary of a INTERRACIAL COUNCIL,#f colleges) the Tampa Bay Area J cats l r

=1I PRESLEY MRS. A. IEEE AUSTIN 1948 W. 4th Street. memorandum dated July plans for participation in mbre intercollegiate activities during

KID GALA HAD 1043 Davis St eet. CURTIS L. JENKiNS, 23. from the base's a recent meeting held on tfhe campus of Gibbs junior College Bt,
I HENRY WHIGHAM. 1465 W. 1330 W. 31st Street. Representatives shown are from the Univeisity/oT
Petersburg F la.
I --KUIXE A \ ) ,' $SiSSS r 1I1i= Um\l\: iIJ iidlti. 15th Street. The memorandum, whic South PI rida, Florida Presbyterian College St. Petersburg,]!1 ,
CORNELIUS G. GARY LOTS FOR SALE group1wilfmeet again October 31 to present
dealt with the educationof and Gibbs JC. The
AND 520 W. Beaver Street. West jax-50 x 125-Col- *
CO-FEATURE dependents of military sentiments of their respective institutions.
MRS. DORA K. BRIGHT. ored-Bargain-$850-0wner (GJC staff photo
personnel, told all ,
1325 McConihe Street. EL 65949SCHOHELD
parents that 'Children
REV. RUPERT G. W. -- -..... will attend schools of teachers Complete '
FIRST I Sea JcitCthJef.
Prince George County,
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TII41E'( except Negro children... Advance .- -. '_, -- -
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