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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200633datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date October 20, 1962dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=006330740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
October 20, 1962
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
October 20, 1962
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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... ---- :
--...... --, --_.._.. --. '-- .

: \
J..' .. :

Court Rules Miami Teens Must Serve Out Jail Sentences '- 'NJGRO ,. : >

. . . .




cf dO ..__.._.....L._................................_........... .....1. . .
j ,f; ........... V************* c



*<1 "

,: *nA O> 01 12-HO. 29 SATURDAY ICT8IR 20, 19S2 15 CENTS

.. C) ssssssssss sss.s.ssss
aac w


.. Peace Corps Day Celebration Oct. 19_ :"


TO NOW -P ---E. -

r'- ---- M"MI '

************* ******

Atlanta Negro Attormy Faces Flerta Star Editor Yticts IlslitlllGR IS + -I"--,!% 1 .4 'I -


Run-Off For Gi. Seute Seat Mid For lnforafiR Schools '.,.'..- Serfs FirstMIAMI a

A'ILANTA---Marking the first time that a Duval' school integration anxieties :

Negro has entered Georgia s stat senate were brought into critical focus again

race since Reconstruction 38-year old this week as the U. S. District Court's
attorney Leroy' R. Johnson running as a deadline that some positive action be munity's- 'Forward corn-

candidate in Fulton's 38th District, swept taken in the matter draws near. Look'
took anothertremendous
District Court Judge *
to a 7,220 vote margin over Ed Barfieldof +t. iL

Atlanta whom he will face Oct. 23 in Bryan Simpson ordered cept and maintain inte- leap

the Democratic primary, run-off. the school board to grated schools if all last Friday night F +

submit a desegregationplan pupils regardless ofracBr'Sre when over-flowing

by Oct. 30. Eyeing to be given- -crowds of wellwishers -
Winner of the Oct. 23 '
proposed by equal educationalopportunities. attended the
a plan
run-off will face
a- Official BeffesRecnfttag official
dedication and
nother Legislator George B. ) : -
Negro opponent
Stallings as a possible Following the Monday opening of

Republican T. M. Alex- Here answer to the dilemma, press conference, a the Franklin Federa.
ander in the NOV. 6 _
the board sought the major meeting took Savings and Loan Association -r---
general.elections.Alexander opinion of their place on Wednesday in- at its _,_ __ '- j 4

was unopposed in special attorney FredH. volving school board spacious 1001 NW I

Wednesday's GOP pri- Kent concerning members, the board's 3rd Avenue Locale.

mary. attorneys and spokesmen Principal speaker
Early tabulations Stallings' plan. for the executive board during the brief but WILLIE A. DOUGLAS of Tampa, and a graduate of Florida A. and M.

showed Johnson with University demonstrates the proper way to control oxen to a group
well-planned dedicatory
of the JacksonvilleBar
Kent's reply said. in of pakistanians. John Cash of Erie, pa. looks on. Both Peace
than 5,000 lead
more a
exercises the
V part: _'*r,, stallings'plan Assn.,, the Jack's -:; was Hon.
over his three"white 1.K one' ., nville Area'ChaBBter1- ecn Wallace :.Assistant .- ;Corpsmen are in native. Pakistan dressJacksonyille
appears to be Haydon Burns proclaimed. Oct. 19 "as JpeaceT Corps "Dayiaittfnocal ,,
opponents. aiV of the fairest and most of Commerce and to the Administrator of
news media and public-spirited citizens joining in with officialsfrom
An earlier U. S. Court wY Federationfor the Veterans Administration -
logical of any; which we .Duval Washington in a combined effort to step up the Corps' recruitment
ordered reapportionment ConstitutionalG Washington,
have encountered in our
program in the Florida Crown area. Peace Corps head-

of Georgia'sstate research on the sub- overnmen t. D.C.SOUTHLAND'S quarters are now open to inspection from the general public in
senate seats was ect. Unfortunately, The problem ot the 'FIRST'The
j ; in Duval County Courthouse.
reenacted by legisla- it several times has court's order and the new facility is

tion some 11 days ago been held to be uncon- Oct. 30 deadline was the first of its typeto
Crowds Stage
locate in the South Wanted By Police Misses
giving populous coun- .- stitutional by the aired during the two-

ties more senate seats. : federal courts including hour session. on a interracially
:< ended owned and operatedbasis. Mourning March{ "Ole ?
: :'h ; the United The meeting ass
High Cosrt .tf'. .. without generally acceptable A spokesman for
,'" States Court of Appealfor MACON, GA. -- An
,. .. the Association stated r
school desegregation 7
Turns DownSlayer's S- the Fifth Circuit. orderly procession of
that he feels that
Fifth plan having sure several
LT. ANDREW HCLDIAN Florida is in the hundred Negroes -
been conceived. what Miami has suc-
Bid Circuit. wearing black arm
Lt. (jg) Andrew L. In actuality, the Turns DowiPrincipal's ceeded in doing will bands marched in the <

MIAMI---A plea for Holeman, assistant Stallings plan would prove a 'breakthrough'for downtown business sec- s -r W

freedom by a confessed procurement officer give each white parent MM other similar action tion here Wednesday in

Miami murderer-for- from Coast Guard Head and Negro parent the by other citiesand protest to the shootingof "5i

insurance was turned quarters Washington, right to choose to enroll To Free Youths communities in the a 17-year old Negro ,.
D.C., is in the Jack- South.
down youth local
Wednesday by their respective by policemen. -
MIAHI---Pleas to free
Florida' Supreme Court sonville area visiting children in an all- Other participants on -
two school students
by a 3 to 1 decision schools and colleges to white. all-Negro or high the program were B.E. Carrying placards
... i. ', : i
from terms r
serving jail
: y
it was reported. acquaint officials and integrated school. Miller. president; Dr. .... reading "Stop this 'S q' sr"vyi .
Students in educational were refused Wednesdayby Nathaniel Colston, "'<, .-'
; "
The senseless
case Involved for- Kent's admitted Killing" and '
opportunities offeredby Metro Judge Gerald chairman of the board; ., '&arf ,
mer Miami boxer George miration of the plan 4 other related matter ,., ?, >
Klein. ,
the U.S. Coast Stephenson, \ '.
Rev. J. W.
Milton, who from an unlegal pointof the marchers -
accordingto Judge Klein turned walking .:f. 'it.'LPANETTE .
Guard Academy. New ted Star Dr. Kelsey pharr Mrs.
reports, admitted view pro EC three and four abreast
London. Conn. publisher Eric 0. Simp- down the motion of Atty. Lily Muse Doles. Mes- JOHNNY RIGGINS BRACY, 21,
driving his sweetheartinto v paraded around city
Appointments as Ca- son to criticize the George Nicholas who dames Colston and hall and who has been attending
the Miami Riverin were informed
1958, two months dets are based solely school boards attemptsto said the boys had no Miller, and the special Local police agenciesare that both the Mayor Jackson State College,

after he had insured on competitive exami- dodge the court's previous arrests and guests. Rev Edward T. still seeking the and Chief of Police Jackson, Miss., had her

E' her life for $10,000. nations and adaptability desegregation order. good school records. Graham, vice president- cooperation of all were out.Reports. application for admission

a to military life. 'The school board Charged with having no director presided.I citizens during the to the uni-
The incident was said further
An applicant must be a should not continue to driver's license in the addition to wide searchfor johnny stated that versity of Mississippi
to have occurred some one of the
high senior or graduatewho dodge their responsibility case involving exchangeof these and other Association Riggins, alias Johnny B. marchers' leaders. William rejected because Uni-
two hours after Milton
had purchased the has reached his to comply: with a driver's licensewere officers are: Wynn and Johnny Ragin. Randall, said that versity officials said

$99 17th birthday by not th e desegregationorder James Arthur Col- Charlxs D. Prather, This man is wanted for the paraders_wanted to it had been improperlymade
car used in the crime. "
his 22nd birthday by Simpson said son, 17, of 1822 NW executive vice presi- questioning in the Oct. talk with city of- out.Publisher.
After Milton reported July 1, 1963. Their lax and even and another
63rd St. dent; Philip speir 6 slaying of Woodrow f icials about the

ly confessed to the The 87th annual exami- defiant attitude can Northwestern.. High School vice chairmandirector Edward Patterson.Riggins Saturday shooting of Dies

crime, he admitted nations for admission.to serve no other purpose senior, 16, both of ; Otis D. James, 50, is reported A.C. Hall by two po- ,- aM ao a-
murdering his father to the Academy will be but to create areas of 10 '
whom will have to serve treasurer: Joseph P. to 5 feet licemen.

collect a $300 insurancein held next Feb. 18-19 hostility and resent- out 30-day sentences. Curry: secretary; Atty. Inches in height, approximately Officers said they
Mississippi some 14- In over 150 cities ment where none need
pleaing for the two Henry H. Arrington. 190 to 200 were attempting to

years before. Milton throughout the 50- exist." The publishermade students' release from counsel-director; and pounds in weight and is arrest Hall for the
said that his mother--- states. There are no his remarks at a
of medium brown com-
jail was Northwestern Bqrton Engels co- alleged theft of a
now under an appeal or geographical
congressional press meeting Monday
Principal Samuel 0. counsel. plexion. pistol from a car hen
for murderforinsurance quotas. which !Kent out-
during .
Cohen who told the court Walter C. Cogdell, Persons having any Hall made an attemptto rs4.
conspiracy con- lined to newsmen the
the sentences, would Loyal G. Doming E- information regarding reach in his pocket.J .
viction in two plant laptist Head illegality of the severely handicap thestudents' Manuel M. Frutcher. Dr. Riggins' whereaboutsare .T. Brown and J.L. 1EIn,;
city cases, urged him Stallings proposal.
attempt to Norman J. Russ and requested to immediately Durden were the two

to kill his father.Dr. At Cittolic MeetDr. During the press con-' complete school during Ronald C. Shafer are contact local officers said to have S

Joseph Davis, Dade f erence Kent stated next Spring' s gradua- the board of direc- police homicide a- been involved in the
Joseph H. Jackson
Medical Examiner's memory that 'tests have tion. tors. tststtts gencies or the Florida incident.The .
is of Chicago heads the
credited with'breaking' U.S. National Baptist proven" that eighth Cohen added that the PAIR ARRESTED OVER Star. This man is b'e- pistol was later

the Miltoncase. nvention, theworld's grade Negro pupils are two would have to do a WAGES ARGUMENT! lined to be armed and reported found near

below par of eighth tremendous amount ofmakeup must be considered
'largest Negro Lester Hill. 55. of th e scene of the
What night have been grade white students. work. 2147 Benedict Road and dangerous. arrest. P. B. YOUNG, SR.
representative -
religious group
attributed as "a per- of a This remark was immediately Colson was convictedlast Bufford A. Harris, 40, sst.ssss. Police Chief L.B. Me-

fect crime" revivedDr. challenged by Friday in Metro of 1036 W. Monroe St. bruised face and a Callum Is said to have NORFOLK Va.Deathcame
Davis memory to a quarter of He is Simpson, who said: Court of driving with- were Injured last Mon- swollen left eye in the suspended the two officers suddenly Oct. 10

Miami Herald story of a Negro population.: If that Is so, it out a license and dis- day while fighting at fight. Harris was shot pending outcomeof to p. B. Young Sr. ,
observer -
the only Baptist In the left thigh,
state murder-for-in- only goes to that po- publisher of the
the prove playing the licenseof 935 W. Monroe Street, the Investigation. journal
surance plot charges of attending the .'separate but another. police reported.The lice said.Lester and Guide here since
Ecumenical Council Hill was arrested Top DirectorNEW
murder against Mrs. equal school facilities The second youth was fight developed 1910. The dean of Negro
following the
Lena Milton. A further which has been found guilty of lendinga over wages Harris had for disorderly YORK William: T. publishers entered a

check revealed the relationship the Baptist World preached for the past driver' s license, Illegal paid Hill for working conduct and fightingwith Gossett was elected local hospital during
Alliance .not to entourage -
pistol and Harriswas
between the a Vatican in- forty years, is an transfer of'an for him police stated. dis- chairman of the board the latter part of
arrested for
'111 tons. vitation. : !' utter myth. It proves,' inspection sticker and Investigating officer of directors of the Sept He was 78 years
The former boxer was too" Slnpspa added, permitting aa unlicensed said Hill received a orderly conduct United Negro college of age.

then picked up "the acute need to ac- person to drive a car. broken right ankle, fighting police said. Fund

,.",. ... ----- -



. J I'' I : 0

PAGE 2 t ,; FlUIIA STAR >- : :; SATURDAY OCTOBER 20, 1962;, .

THE FLORIDA STAR > if (; .i.lJ7 t .. .' AOLITICS- 4I J

NEWS i j '
( ,. .,y! AS USUAL!

published by the Florida Star publishing co. J

'1lember of Associated Negro press" 4\\ \ .-.-. ; ; 4 t: ..; .- BY ERIC 0. SIMPSON .

ERIC O. SIMPSON_....._....Maaghi i EfttrAIYSOH # 1\t, i ( ((if > "..i" _"'h 1"I:!.' ".'I --.:,- ., -.t" ,

E. WISE..__...-...-Jfews Efttf /RELDOM 1f / ( WASHINGTON, D. C.---Discrimination in :

rf employment and training is costing-the
HILDA WOOTEN..............CMrfa llla pr .....r r ; United States
'; + $17,000,000,000 a year. \ .
So, declared Vice President Lyndon B. _
MAIN OFFICE i PLANT: : .. A4. Johnson, chairman of the President's Committee "

2323:Mcncrie ef! Road......Phone Elgin 4-6782, EL 4-S7I3 \&,.... \ on Equal Employment Opportunity,
\1 t' in a speech to the Department of the Army .

Mailing Address: '<'*%& AT50ME HERE ARE X employment pol icy officers attending a

'. / TAKING THIS FREEDOM / training session in Washington.

P.w' 0. Box 561, Jacksonvile 1 1t Flsnda ;2 BUSINESS UTERALLY 1 "The concept of equal employment opportunity -

_l.\ is not a luxury in which we indulge -
f i in our leisure moments

SUBSCRIPTION RATES : S '. '. he emphasized. i is a mat- '

': i ter of necessity--urgent
One Year $6.00 Half Tear 4.00 : ,. t\ .. necessity."In .
> ...
Mailed to YOU Anywhere in the united States ",r) ,. ( ; t the first place equal k
Subscription payable in Advance ,"" .i .t ,. I / '- .'. ,.
: :; :' employment opportunity i is a
Send Check or Money order to: -
question of justice--and no

FLORIDA STAR P. 0. BOX 561 nation can 'hold itself forth
Jacksonville 1, Florida F : as the I leader af the free
"..-' world unless i it practices i justices ...

;; :i.: to all of its citizens i SIMPSON
MORE JAX BUSINESS FIRMS regardless of race, creed, color or national -

r i I on. gin.. _
ADVERTISING IN FLORIDA STARThe "In the second place, it is a matter of

1' ". b4\a\ economic urgency--because we can no longer
broadening recognition of the Negro deny ourselves the use of trained and j

press as a valued medium of advertisingcan MISSISSIPPI MUST NOT BE ALLOWED TO DERAIL THIS skilled manpower for reasons totally irrelevant j-

be regarded as signalling a new era to merit. The council of Economic -
in the mutually dependent 1 relationship TRAIN, MR. PRESIDENT Advisors estimates that the nation's

between business and consumer. gross national product would rise bvlijOOOOOOOOO

Here, in this mushrooming city, the .' ., H. _._ '. $ i if all jobs were handle
Florida Star is being chosen by' an increasing solely on the basis of merit and without '

number of business firms to regard to irrelevant ccnsiderations'of"

describe the benefits of their productsto Your WeeklyHoroscope I ancestry. The increase would rise "to"

the thousands of regular Star readers .J. $17,000,000,000 if the opportunity to

who make up a large if not, a major por- train for all jobs were open on the same
tion of this area's Negro market. : basis.

This warming attitude--particularly in Guide "In other words, job discrimination will

the case of non-Negro businesses and cost us $13,000,000,000 to $17,000,000,000 '

their increased volumne of advertising in this year. "

the Negro press--is sound wisdom, good PABLO Thi ASTROLOGER The Vice President pointed out the im-
business sense and profitable public re- By portance speedy adjudication complaintsof

lations. WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY t PAYS FOR discrimination.,
The reception that our readers have "We are dealing with a program/that involves /

given our new advertisers is very grati- BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL justice, and one of the oldest and, ,

fying, even as the reason for the good truest df-tegat- maxims is that justice...
reception is easily understandable. Our denied," he said. "It is important to all ;
readers feel assured by the presence of ARIES quarter much more ful- Many of you who are h ave to be taken by of us that anyone who feels he is agrgrieved ,

such advertising in their own newspaper Born March 21st thru filling in many respects. blessed with a generousand those who drive or commute have confidence that his or her

that their buying dollars are both appreciated April 19th Even if the start seems high-minded mate or you should find complaint will be adjudicated fairly,

and sought after.It to be unbearably slow partner should have this last quarter some- honestly and rapidly." "

needs be mentioned, too, that the NOW that Mercury is sure and steady progresscan much to be thankful for what more to your liking He commended the Department of the Army
element of improved racial relations going forward once again be chalked up by these days. The mistake! You may have discovered for
for its training employment
>fas ,been given an Inestimable boost by the hum of activity those who posses patience you may have committed, by. now that a friendly program
policy officers who supervise the equal
this democratic approach to newspaper ad- should be making sweet along with their or the unavoidable dif- approach will attract ,

"e !.s\nQ -e. .} ; >" "T- sounds in your ears. 'Re other virtues. Keep up ficulties that are bearitfg more attention than one employment opportunity. ; program in the Department -
The Star promises, therefore, both to n ew "your gestures of" your faith and optimism: down on you, may be i that is on the bel- -, -ami ptfi'n ted cffltirthat' other:

its readership and those business firms friendship toward those and all will be fine. rendered more bearableby ligerent side. Results government departments likewise are con-

who acknowledge the value and service of whose collaborationwould Look for a new Job homeor the ministrations or should be forthcoming ducting training programs. .

advertising in these pages, to continueto be useful and pro- business, should your helpfulness of a loyal when you play your hand "Our government cannot declare equal
invest a maximum effort toward creat- fitable. And if an alliance particular circumstancesso companion. This could with greater discretion. employment opportunity to be a national

ing an ever-stronger bridge of under- has been rent dictate. You can make also be .a day for the 3-60-33-19-82-393 policy unless the government's house is fin

standing between the business community asunder it may be the grade even if the standouts to make up order, he continued. "And we are

and the vast world of the Negro market.As mutually desirable to obstacles you see from heir minds as to .CAPRI CORN engaged in every possible type of activity -
the major Negro newspaper in this bury the hatchet, and afar look formidable.Your whether they wish to em Porn Dec. 22nd thru to assure that the government'shouse

area, we accept our responsibility with a to re-establish amity faith and convic- bark on the sea of Jan. 19th will be in order. We want our pro-

deep sense of pride, not only because we and trust. It is highly tions would be your main 'matrimony or not. Glad There are many more encouraging cedures to be 'simple, swift and effec-..
regard our function as one of profound favorable for happy pillars of strength. tillings bring cheer on signs during tive.i i find that' depends entirely I upon'

value to- the enlightenment of the community financial deals and 1-20-88-16-36-128 the one hand only to be this last quarter you you." "* h

but because we are so actively ettlements. CANCER shattered later by an may expect a business "You are (j'ealing-with people, and T".

participating in the phenomenon of pro- You cay feel that you Born June 22nd thru unfavorable turn of upturn and an Improving hope you will remember that a complaintmay

gress. have had a close shave July 22ndIt events. financial picture. Take be merely an onerous addition to

In the midst of business and buyer, we but don't take it for is pleasant enoughto 7-40-65-12-SB-745! the optimistic view, and your burdens but to the man or woman

feel ourselves in mighty good company.We granted that you are out picture to yourselfthe LIBRA you will not be dis- making it, it can be the difference between -

also urge Star readers to patronizeStar of the woods. The signs kind of a life you Born Sept. 23rd thru appointed. This may be a rich and fulfilling life and a
advertisers. Of financial problemsare would like to lead. But Oct. 23rd your lucky day when idea life of dreary mcnotony, he declared.

still very prominent it is far more interes- You usually play Quitea are inspired, friends "We must use statistics to measure our
THE COMMUNITY CHEST FUND indicating you cannot ting to take the initia- prominent part in warmhearted and your progress, but the men and women who feel
afford to become too in- tive and social hopes soar to greater aggrieved must"never be treated
try to createit or club circles. as sta
EXPRESSES MATURED CITIZENSHIPThe volved in less important for real. You may con- Your popularity is bound heights. There is one tistics. They are Human beings with the
that could
matters. sider the subject calmlyor to rise when you show a spot same dreams, the same hopes and the same
Community Chest Fund campaign is a dampen your pleasure
4-3 2-16-95-432 take the initial steps willingness to assume a desires for their families that you have. '
powerful drama of community interest and somewhat and it has to
seem necessary. The "It take more time but i if in
more of the responsibilities may every
of moral do with finances.
the matured acceptance i responsibilities
very best of
TAURUS that are case you handle you attempt to put your-
the citizens cf .
by a given area.Jacksonville's 6-20-11-18-86-621
Born April 20th thru seems promised to those entailed. Many of you self in the other fellow's placeyou will
CC-UF launched
Tuesday May 20th who have acted with will be fired to serve AQUARIUS be more certain in your own mind that the
at the Civic Auditorium, spells outagainthe Born 20th thru
faith and be- Jan.
profound humanitarian force this united This is likely to bea cause of the'strength of a cause toward which you Feb. 18th served.ends of" justice and humanity have been
sympathetic and
period of are
effort is. ups and
their convictions. Even will flinch There are many more .
Seeking to achieve i a goal of o ve r a downs. You should be if your economic posi- you the, sacrifices not that at. promising developmentsdue -- --

million and a half dollars before the end riding on a rosy cloud. tion falls short of the be demanded. Locate may and during this last

of this month. I It was both astonishing and Romance marriage mark this should not accept a Job that meets quarter, favoring y ur
surprising to note that money collectedfrom social events and a hinder those who believe with professional and gainful e Yf
municipal workers alone soared to an feeling of success are in themselves and in your as activities. YOU may have
well as material requirements -
estimated 15 per cent abcve its quota of the favorable prospectsthat their abilities to get should interesting offers and
U2,000. enliven the scene *T be hunting for one. conversation leading up 4 1
It might be asked, however, just how during this time. But 2-20-33-17-69-237 to what may be con
much is the r Negro community at large par- while you are floating 7-90-22-14-74-724 sidered as a stroke of
ticipating in this tide of kindness? ever higher, 'do not forget LEO good fortune. pUt everything -
how much to their the axiom that the Born July 23rd thru SCORPIO
Just according numbers, Born Oct. 24th thru you've got behind
Aug. '22nd "
? fall may be all the
are they contributing Nov. 22nd your attempts to succeed -
Matured citizenship is many things. But harder. Due to the Influence As there are two sides The field in which you gain recognition

perhaps it is above all sharing the responsibilities of someone who to every coin every- and create or close a highly profitable -
can romp may
of the community to the may be more wishful than thing that happens has deal. The com-
be men larger than
extent of their abilities and resources. realistic you may be its good aspect as wellas anticipated. It wouldbe petition may be quite
Give generously to your Community Chest- led into overlookingthe its bad. YOU should busy to snatch the victory -
worth a try to explore -
United Fund drive, for it might, with the legal or profes- extract moral and financial the full range of away from 1 cu, but
passage of time have to give generouslyto sional obligations that gain from certain they will faiL
known well
your as as
recent developments. But
are reposed in you. 91033188913
the real prize may be suspected talents and
Yes, We All TilkSJESTICN the This Blast promises favorable to be collected through to give them a fair PISCES

strokes of luck. You lIB chance to develop accordingly Born Feb. 19th thru
: Which of the Negro colleges have speech period of the month ) ,e r
clinics and curriculum speech correction majors calling for great pru- acquire prpperty receive it is excellent Mar. 20th

ANSWER: South Carolina College, Southern Uni dence aid discriminationon an inheritance or for those who Now that yon seem to
otherwise collect the are hardy enough to attempt -
versity. North Carolina have had most of your
College, Morgan State your part. III- d-
rewards of sagacious in- anything once downs, can begin .to
College. yon
institute and
Florida A. and U. vised changes of Jobsor
vestments. There is a with the hope that it look forward to some
University. These institutions
train students for locations would do
new cycle being started, will materialize along with
Talks persons
careers in speech correction.At more to make trouble ups. KEN KNIGHT
when you may have to the'llnes that cay bring with whom you have
Florida A. and
M. University than
Tallahassee. existing problemsand
change your course be- you love renown or mutual interests should Invites You To Listen To
a of training is -
program offered on the under- solving them on the cultural development.
cause of a removal begin to get somewhere. .
graduate level to prepare students for spot.
family separations or 4-60-77-14-06-467 you should find yourself
correction program should write, to Dr. S. Ran- "KNIGHT TRAIN"Starting
2-40-33-15-56-243 marital estrangements., floating on a cloud that
dolph Ednonds. head speech and drama department. '. SAGITTARIUS
170441581174VIRGO has a silver lining.
READERS: For my free pamphlet! on public r ; Born : At 7:00
speaking, GEMINI ; I Nov 23rd thru Face the future witl p.m. Nlghtly-
send a self-addressed business envelope to Dr. Born May 21st-thru',' ,- .;.;; '> Dec. 21st confidence go wherever

Marcus H. Bollw re. p. o. Box 310-A, Florida A. June 21st.i.,.***"*' Born Aug. 23rd thru".,; Outside of the usual your destiny guides you. 1400 WRHC 1400
and M. University, Tallahassee Florida. YOU should find this 'Sept. 22nd : precautions that always 3-50-11-15-32-351


s1... y:'-


r--- ; _

\ I

Difir! 'J

i I I: I''; Jax Fair Eveafs" Hirptr-Littlt Engagement Applications Legion Auxiliary Nail Women's Council Receives Loan To Constuct Bethune nut House f r IIW

)i Deadlines Are Is AMOtmced By Parents Marriott Ke ese s Announces Events (INGTON. D.C. late educator and tion, of highways have I I

AnnouncedDeadlines The new constructor statesman mary McLeod created a tremendousneed

Ernest A. Johnson, under FHA's newest tool Bethune of Daytona: for housing middle

In the con, 1358 Bridler St., 27 and American Legion Auxiliary for providing for Beach. Florida. Mrs. income families-a need

petitive events scheduled Thelma Adams, 1066 Lewis Unit 197 is having families uprooted by Bethune was the Founderof that has been intensified -

C: during the 1962 Cart 30. its Fall Twisto-Rama urban renewal received the sponsoring organization by discriminatory

Greater Jacksonville John L. Anthony* 347, on Saturday night octo- final approval which has housing pattersn in
Agricultural and industrial Elm St., 21 andMary- E.*:',
ber 20 in the Post the
Homeon by: Federal HousingAdministration's honored her in this way nearby Virginia and
tt Fair have been Jones 328 Chelsea St.,,
? Benedict Rd. A good local as one of a varied pro- Maryland.

announced. Mrs. Kay 18. f tine is in store for insuring office in gram of memorial tri
t Armstrong, Pair Administrative Henry M. Young;"' 1515 -.all ages. There will be Washington. D.C. on bItes to be made during District To Sponsor

\ Assistant, Blue St., 21 and ada F.' games, good music, good Oct. 1, when the Educa the Centennial Year by "Heaven & Hell"
i1 said the deadlines o Garvin 1790 W., Kings the
!' food and prizes to interest tional Foundation of thousands of women

apply to tour events. Road, 19. teenagers and the National Council of across the country' who District 7 of St.

\ .j The ,four are the first Johnny' L. Jarrell 1739 adults. Everyone is in- Negro Women signed loan continue to be inspiredby Joseph Spiritual Church

annual Queen Contest, .,E. 27th St. 19 and vited to come and documents for the con- her great leadership. sponsor a 'Heaven and

the Annual Fashion Show Henrietta King 1862 W.,, spend a delightful struction of Bethune Bethune House will be Hell" Party Friday

the'Livestock judging 29th St. 17. evening with their House. located in the Nation's Nov. 19 at Ruby's

ye and the Arts end Crafts r :Kenneth A., Stoner. 1334 friends. A small ad- The project has been Capital where the rebuilding Place. 2347 Stuart St.

Show. Whitner St. 21 and mission will be charged. named in honor of the of neighbor- Those attending are

Mrs. Armstrong pointedout Helen L. Milton 1545.. hoods and the construc premised a lovely time.

that although the : -iiir:] 4'r Madison street 19.'

} Fair opens its' 11dayrun Robt. L. Hooks 1334 -==*- -. --

I i on Oct. 24 the .j Johnson St., 22 and Mau- : -

deadline in the Fashion della, Bossard 1543 1' .11 = I- -

Show is the next day -# r 4 t Davis street. 21. '_ .. : ; --- ---- -.-- ---r-=-. ._. TTT
r '
because the show*will Arthur N. Barfield,
be held Oct. 29 and 30.) c 1164 West 30th St. 23 With _

The queen contest will : and Sallie Wright 1706W. LOUISE G. GUINYARD

s be held at 8 .p.m., oct. 33rd St. 26-
25 in the Jac'tsonv1lleBaseball Mr. and Mrs. William T. Harper announce the The 1962 Ebony Fashion Fair, scheduled for

engagement and approaching marriage of their Helen Gregory, Maxine Jackson, Joyce Lawson,
Park. The Gets Kroger Grant :saturday evening in the Duval County Armory, will
daughter Annette Veronica to Dr. Solomon T. Xelia Mitchell, Betty Sessions, Arnetta Walker,
winner will reign as .... .... display numerous high fashions styled by world- .
t Little, Jr. son of Mr. and Mrs. Solomon T< ,.>...... Barbara Walker and Lydia Wooden.
Miss Greater Jackson- ,famous designers.
Little, Sr., of Tuscaloosa. Alabama. Club prizes were won by Mrs. Charlotte Bostick,
ville Fair for the Freda
remainder Mrs. DeKnight, director of the show, has
The bride-elect is an cei ved a senior Mrs. Arnetta Walker, and Mrs. Maxine Jackson.
of the Fair. selected exotic musical numbers
to tie in with
honor graduate of Stan- Citizenship Award' and; yr Mrs. Winona Britt, guest player, received a
Mrs. Armstrong said 11 the oriental theme of the show. The narration
ton Senior High School was on the Dean's list lovely gift from the hostess.In .
girls already have been cA will be done by Miss Joyce Bowman, a former
and a graduate of Fisk during 1962. addition
T entered in the Queen Ebony model. to the three rounds of bridge, a
in Nashville She is a member of. the
University double stork shower
was given for
Contest, and added that Local principals in the show include members of Mrs. Charlotte
Tennessee with,a Bache- Alpha Kappa.AlphaJSorority : Bostick mother
": of Sharletta Voncile Bostick
1 entried in the other Gamma Rho omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha ,
lor of Arts degree in and was a and Mrs. Arnetta Walker
mother of Philip Lansing
three annual competitions Sorority, inc. AKA's roster of officers includesMrs.
English. member of the 1960 f Walker.
Both mothers
ahead Ruth C. Solomon received many beautiful and
are running : Basileus; Mrs. Frances
Religious, social and debutante coterie.Dr. i practical gifts.
of the previous seven ...;:Johnson,_ Anti-jDasileus; Mrs. Sara Bellinger
which Little a
years the Fair, has ,been academic honors Gramnateus;- Mrs. "Alma Daniels, Anti-grammateus; The next meeting of the group is scheduled for
held. she received while attending graduate of summer High Saturday, October 27, in the home of Mr. and:
ifVjGETS Mrs. Iris Knox, Epistoleus; Miss Mabel Wright,
the university School in St. Louis. Mrs. Otha Wooden. *
Winners in the Live- included election to Missouri and his col- Tamieushus; Mrs. Aldonia Seabrook, financial

stock Division and the the offices of Presi- lege work was done at secretary: Mrs. Luella McBride Hodegue; Mrs. 5005*....*****..........*...

.Arts and Crafts Divi- dent of the Newman Club St. louis College of Lorice Howard, Philackter; Miss Barbara Robinson,
KROGER Doristine
sion will be selected parliamentarian; Mrs. Vivian business
during the course of vice president of theCmen' Pharmacy and Allied Howell, Tarboro, N. C. Gems Bridge Club held a special election meeting
Sciences and Washington manager; Mrs. Betty Howard, custodian: and, Mrs. '
the s Senate, trea- a freshman at A&T 'Col last Friday evening in the Jerome Road home f
Fair, Mrs. Armstrong o
Norma White, reporter to ivy Leaf, official
University St. Louis
said. She also surer of the freshman r f' Ipe"** .in';,home. economics Mr. and Mrs. T. V. Thomas.

urged persons planningto class secretary of the Missouri) He received ... -,has.beea. awardedscholarship tt A,*.a f,Jf. organ The Fashion of the sorority.Fair Committee is comprised of Mrs. The new roster of officers includes Mrs. Marie
of Medicine
Senior class, treasurerof the Doctor
enter any of the grant by Pearl Miller McClain, president; Mrs. Marian Walker, vice'
the Dormitory council degree from.ba V >. the Foundationto general chairman; Mrs. jolita
competitions do so for Scribner Hall Medical collge. Nashville continue Kroger her Simmons, co-chairman; Mrs*" Luella.w .- --- :. --. president; Mrs. Alvenia Scriven, secretary; Mrs.
as soon as possible to McBride, hospitality chairman; Miss Sylvester Bossard, assistant secretary; and Miss
and Chairman of the Tennessee. He education.The .
avoid the lastminuterush. Zelma Johnson, treasurer.
Barbara Robinson social \
Committee for is presently servinghis ;
daughter of and
internship at HomerG. Mr. Mrs. Lorice Howard, housing chair- Mesdames Margaret Starkes, Ann Monroe, and Mar-
the Student council.
Mrs. Elbert Howell, Sr.., s garet Starkes made the list
Phillips Hospital;, man; Mrs. Vivian Ingram, tickets up guest for the
Ebony Fasftiaa MHel She was a member of of Tarboro. she was
Missouri. He chairman and I bridge session. Mrs. Monroe was winner of the
the Forum staff, Fisk St. Louis salutorian of her June ; Mrs. Norma White,
is a member of the publicity chairman.Mrs. guest prize.
University Choir and
high school class. She
Club prizes were awarded to Mrs. Lois Avery and
resided in the Basic Alpha Phi Alpha Fra- Solomon, enthusiastic over '
plans to major in foods
College Honor Dormitory. terni ty. ticket sales, states that proceeds Mrs. Catherine Jackson.
and nutritional
4e will be re: the Mrs. Geneva Wheeler was welcomed as a new.memberof
wedding; from show will benefit
.Mi ss Harper, je- The search. .... '
., ,
-- .. the club _
solemnized on. Dec 29. "" I" the sorority's shoe and scholarMRS.. Mrui tt ? I,1. i1 _.

vEBONY Two Gibbs' Alumni Club Holds"Regular ship funds. She mentioned further that the beach ..............................
b Attending scene will be an added attrac

SessionMrs. tion, featuring outstanding play i

South Florida University clothes and swim suits. .'> Mesdames Frances Waldon, Peggy Norman, and Ellen

Rosa Lee Sanders. Reports from Tallahassee indicate Williams were guest players when The Charming

ST. PETERSBURG---The first real crack in the 1820: Brooker Road, entertained Ladies. Bridge Club met last ,week-end in the
that the city is equallyenthusi-
walls of Florida's white institutions of higher the J.W. # Broadway Street home of Mrs. Margaret Day.
astic over Ebony Fashion Fair,
learning by products of Negro junior colleges Moultry Club Thursday, Mrs. Dorothy Dunlap Mrs. Coretha Wilson, and
which will be the
presented by FAMU .
took place here in the Tampa Bay Area Oct. 11 during its re- Mrs. Sophye White were winners of club prizes.Mrs. .
Social Board Wednesday evening,
Two Gibbs "junior col- E.Bradenton,.., was yaJLe- gujar me.eU.ng.: .%, .. October: 24. in,Lee Auditorium. Norman qualified for the guest award.

lege alumni, veil e Fort dictorian of the. 1952, ..A thank you.,note. ,was SOl.OMOO Mrs. Hortense Brewington. Mrs. Vermel Glover,
Designers collections mentioned in the Talla
FASHION PAIR1 of Bradenton and HenryS graduating class of received from H.B. Mrs. Rosa Lee Shannon, and Mrs. Ernestine Poole
hassee report,' which will also be featured. in
Janet Floyd wears the th of St. Petersburg L Lincoln-Mem rH1gb'\ Sh i eld s of 2539. Kings were among other members participating in the.
'" Jacksonville, include such famous personalities
"Excedrine" brunch enrolled at the University School in palmetto. He" Avenue.. Mr. Shields meeting.
as Eleanora Garnett, Enzo of Mialno, Emilio Schu-
coat designed by Charle of South Floridain spent several years in also sent a thank you

Kleibacker. White Tampa to mark the the service and then note to Mrs. Clarence berth and Fabiani of Italy and Maggy RouffChristian .**.**..............'..........
Dier, Nina Ricci and Jacques Heim of France.
faille coat is lined first time'Negro junior enrolled at Gibbs jr. Chandler of Jerusalem
The show will alsofeature fabulous gowns, coats i9
with red and, green vel- college graduates have College where hegainedtop Baptist church. South-
and suits as well as casual and lounging apparelby
vet with white fringe been accepted, by me of academic ranking side. _
American designers.
around the hemline. The Florida's white institutions graduating summa The next meeting will
Proceeds from this appearance of Ebony Fashion
fabulous showing takes en the under- cum laude last June. be held in the home of
Fair will go to the Student Loan Fund at FloridaA.
place Saturday night, graduate level. The two Smith the son of Mr. R.G. Jacobs. 2710 Kings
Oct. 20 at 8 p.m., in will begin junior year and Mrs., Robert. Smi.th, :', AYe'-MTSV M. "C 1 ark-- and M. University. .

Duval county Armory studies as ,mathematics 3808 Seventh Ave, N.' sSt..,' will be the hostess. ..............................

under the auspices majors. Petersburg, is a gradate *. ., '

jax Gamma Rho Chapterof Fort, son of Mrs. of the local il'tgh St. Paullulherni
The popular Eldorado Club prcvided the
school where he very
Alpha Kappa Alpha Virginia Fort who re- was an
student. AnnouncesService .. setting for a recent meeting of Les Trize Amies
sorority. sides at 1003 JOth Ave. outstanding
Bridge Club, with Mrs. Vivian Satterwhite servingas

: SundayThe hostess.

Mrs. Marjorie Gilmore, lone guest player, was

Rev. Floyd-T. Me presented a beautiful gift by the hostess.

Adoo. pastor of St. The close of the, bridge session found Mrs. Va- !GJ

: :: Paul Lutheran, Church. "
Schell Lillian .
noWitkPepsi norian Mrs. Singleton Mar- 4 .. ,
2730 W. Edgewood Ave.,
garet Sutton, and Mrs. Ruth Bonner heading the
will preach at the Lu- ,Her :mother or her sister?
far mat who think younif ." theran Church of the scoring list. Mrs. Doris Jones qualified for

the door prize.

.. Sunday in observanceof Les Trieze Amies membership roster includes, in

'addition persons mentioned above, Miss Ruth, Whether you want the excitement of a different
its Third Anni-
hair shade, or want to Rive life dull '
new to or
Coatsie Carolyn ,
Broome, Miss Jones, Mrs.
VIe The Rev. hair .
rsary. gray insist on the long-lasting haircolor
ftr William H. Jones, Pas- Miss Gwendolyn Schell and Mrs. Florence Wilson. in the famous red package-Godefroy's

( tor of the Church was Larieuse. It's easy to apply, and complete in

.............................. one package-there's nothing else to buy.
the builder and.orga-

k .r nizer of St. Paul. 18 LOVELY '
K # :
1.: The Sunday School begins Les unes Charmantes Bridge Club met Friday COLORS

at 9:30 a.m. with evening in-the home of Mr. and Mrs. Alvin White, LAR/EUSEa

t } William A. Jones in with the following members attending: Mesdames God.froy Mfg. ."y.3510 Oliv SL.St-Uowl'.,Mo.

m. charge. The lesson for Charlotte Bostick, Priscilla Brown, Alma Daniels,

S Sunday is. 'Daily Food

From Heaven." Ex. 15: I -

.y 2217:16.The L ,
Y 11:00 a.m. service

will be conducted by ,
the Rev. Gerald Qiiras EBONY FASHION FAIR n

w \ pastor of the Lutheran
1 Sj -a_ Church of the Redeeser,

r preached City. Pastor for Qiir&a St. Paulon i has : OSieWfAL{ fLAR( tJK

many occasions and
everyone present received -

R-_ many blessings Gamma Rho Omega Chapter

\f from his messages. ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA SORORITY .


\ 9i Monday, Board of

Elders, 8:00 ,p.m. Saturday October 20 1962
AU o\et America there's a peat new feelinf- eoplt :are putting more I
into their leisure.ftttini more out of their lixn. it's a new outlook Tuesday, Choir Rehearsal '

called thinking young.This is the life for Pepw-Iijht 1: 30 p.m.
bncing.clean-tasting Pepsi So go ahead-think)oun in store ,
\i- buy an extra canon. At fountains. say "Ppi.please''" '. Thursday.: sundae. schoolTeachers DUVAL COUNTY ARMORY

:'Pe .. meet at 7:30
,,,,-' -
., ,r",........--..'.'cIt + ow.l/Ws.D-" ''!"" K"cYY.' S.i.g '" p.m. Saturday, junior State At Market Street.

Confirmation, 9:00 a.m.


-, $. ;;. ,', -' .
-- ----- --
., -

: iTj
-- -- :
-- :


J f
4 M8KIBA MAR 1 Saturday. October 20, 1962
-. ..

I Woodlawn Presbyterian AME Cfcireli fates teto Far Rcdi i .ArH.ellt. Benefit ProgramSet Calvacade Sings In

.... ;
,'\ > '."""
1 .' 'r e" ; Oct. 28th
Tabernacle RecitalS
Church Notes i
'. __.->1.\
& NEWSChoir t: For Sendrar Chapter

Laymetf Day will be l : "Choirs on parade" ,
!. observed Sunday at k will be the theme for S 7'
Woodlawn United Pres- : the benefit program

byterian Church with 1 of Mt. Ararat Baptist Church will observe t scheduled Sunday Oct.

the morning worship its 43rd anniversary Oct. 22 at 8 p.m. in .J 28 from 4- 6 p.m. in It

being held in the the church auditorium.Rev. :"h'1 Masonic Temple audi- .

, George Washington Cart S. L. Badger, pastor at Emanuel Baptist { torium Mrs. Beatrice

ver Elementary School, Church will be the speaker for the observance.The ;' ,'orE :f Turner, worthy Matron

a. ,1 2854 W. 45th Street, serving choirs are Choirs 1 and 2. Emanuel 1 p .-1"' and sponsor announced.

beginning promptly at Baptist Church, Male Chorus of Emanuel and -the < Proceeds from the

i 11 a.m. with the men of Male Chorus .of Mt. Ararat Baptist Church. .:: ::.* t i ij musicale will be turned

the church in charge.Mr. Choir 2 of Mt. Ararat Baptist Church will be :1-;: over to Sendrar chapter
101 pf which Sister
Thomas B. Hargrave
the guest group. Various choirs have been invited -
Johnnie Mae Miller is
jr. executive
to take part in the program.
tary of the James Weldon i the Worthy Matron.

Johnson Branch "t Sister Dorothy Davis

>I YMCA. will be the F 1 JAG--' rp f ;' will give the welcome

speaker. Music will be "Everybody's Revival" will begin NOV. 11 and address and Sister Erma -

furnished by the men of Baptist Church, ,, t- Mathis the response.
run through Nov. 19 in Day Spring
the church with C. E. Elder Collier will E.C. DAVIS
1053 Jefferson Street;
serve as master of
Simmons Jr. at the
The Roberta Martin Singers of Chicago, Ill ceremonies. .To Direct Recital

piano. will be the featured singers during the services.The !
Other highlights -
All program With final
men residing in rehearsals
group will be supported by the combined
the surrounding communities : : .i.iJ will feature set for Wednesday and
choirs of Day Spring First New Zion Baptist and Macedonia Baptist'sChoir
of the Carver Thursday nights of next

school are especially others. 3, Zion Hope. Mt. week at 7 o'clock in
The pastor, Rev. C. A. Weaver will be the evan- Ararat Abyssinia,
invited to come in and Tabernacle's auditoriumthe
gelist for the meetings. and Little Rock s Male Calvacade
attend this service and 85-voice

also sing with the men Choruses. Singers will return by

of the church on this 7 a Choirs from Midway and popular demand to

occasion. Moncrief Baptist Tabeenacle Baptist 1
Members of Central CME Church, First and Davis Churches
Church School beginsat Church 903 E. Union St.,
Streets, will honor the pastor Rev. D. W. Bass, and Miss (Katherine B.
10 a.m. wath T.V. Sunday night. Oct. 28
HUger superintendent in and his family Oct. 22-26 in the church audi- A HANDCLASP signifies the designation of the Sandia Church Supply Company of Miller mil round out with the concert

charge. torium.: Washington D. C. as official purveyor of church supplies for the African the program. getting underway at

Tuesday, 7:30 p.m. the 4 Methodist Episcopal Church. The selection of Sandia was recently announced ina Sister Beatrice Turner 7:30 o'clock, prof. E.

Westminster choir will joint statement by the office of Public Relations and the Council of Bishopsof and Brother Andrews Clifford Davis Direc-

rehearse. Wednesday, 7 the A.M. E. Church. Shown entering: into the agreement are Reverend Doctor will assist with the tor, announced:

p.m. Mid-week Prayer A'''Musicale Tea will be held-at the union' Community Emory G. Davis of the A.M.E. Church and Charles Fisher of the Sandia Church offering. The public is The Calvacade Singerswere
and Bible study. Friday CME Church Oct. 28 from 4 to 6 p.m. A invited.
Supply Company. _. .-, organized earlier
8 p.m. united Choir program will be presented_and invitations have in the summer,by Prof.

will rehearse.On been extended. The tea is to benefit the annual Mrs. Alyce Ingram
ObituariesMrs. Replica Off Noah's Ark Student'sCreation Davis, who for the past
Oct. 27. the Wil- Women's Day. .
33-years has been
ling Workers of the Wins Annual
Viola Washington At Greater Jacksonviib FairJACKSONVILLE. musical director of
church will hold a I 1544 W. State Street.
the National
St. Paul Baptist
fishfry in the after- Mrs. Anna Warren, 2222 Contest Convention, inc. U.S.A.a .
noon on the new church The pastor's Aid Club of St. Paul AME Church Westmont street.
former affliate with r
site, 3066 Woodlawn Rd. will sponsor a Fall Tea Oct. 21, in the basementof Mrs. Mamie M. Fields, the Wings Over Jordan

They are asking the the church from 4 to 6 p.m. The public is. 1161 E. Fifth Street.
group and is presently
communities and membersto invited. .. Grant Wilson 450 W.
music director of the
help make this affair '.. ... ._.--- 19th street.
Progressive Baptist
a success by Mrs. Emily Jackson, h-

coming out and enjoyingan .. -. ""- ..... ... 1362 Van Buren Street. State of Florida progressive and
the Georgia
evening of fresh Members of District of Mt. Ararat Baptist Leroy Brooks, 802 E. Baptist Association.

sandwiches. Church will celebrate its 14th anniversary Oct. First Street.Mrs. .
Although the majorityof
Saturday afternoon, 21, with the Anniversary Tea in the Education Viola Bengal, 4144
the Calvacade Sing-
Nov. 3 the United choir Building. Mrs. Willie Young is in charge of Leonard Circle. Y
H ers are members of
will hold a cook-out on the program. Harvey W. White, 1143
Tabernacle, the remaining -
the church site.
Mill Creek Road.
Hot fish, sal ads, rt. ks singers are
Cornelius G. Gary, 529W.
candied apples and Choirs 1-2 of Zion Hope Baptist Church will Beaver Street.El i representatives of' a
number of the city s
punch be served.
observe a joint anniversary Oct. 22 at.8 p.m. in iz. 5 Ann Solomon!

Life is not made up.of'i-MI_the la di torium lo |ihe .Church.Urs.t;Agnes...:;Williams -*:,1491 W. Fifth streets- major' churches. '
things we omit, but of "fie"ro'gram n will feature -
Inez Jones are the presidents. A program Mrs. Lula James. 1138 rtf
things we do. will be presented. Hart Street. the classics,
MRS. ALYCE U RAM semi-classical gems,
oo&r Ernest M. Jones, 1442 W. ...Mrs. St.
paul 1962 spirituals3 and gospel

Holmes and West }jg j 1 Mrs.25th street.Eula M. smith Mrs. Alyce Ingram, an a music in addition to a

funeral Home The First Church of Metaphysical Science will 10T9 W. Fourth Street. ardent member of St. .. number of hymns com-
ri Paul r posed by Prof. Davis.
Ambulance Service 0 present a Travelogue Tea Oct. 28 at 4 p.m. ; in Mrs. Dora K. Bright AME Church won

the main auditorium of the church, featuringMrs. 1525 McConihe Street. top honors as Mrs. St. Music lovers and the
Paul general public are
AME Church
Hettie Mills. Mrs. Lillian Goosby is serv- Mrs. Evelyn T. Warren, for
2719 W. Erfpewrvyf Ave. cordially Invited.
Phone PO 51611A.M.E.'s tJ ing as general chairman. 1150 W. 32nd Street. 1962 to climax the .y

.. Jake Staten 950 _spirited, annual contest w ,
...cc==c==ccc=" held :jj q .I
a capacity I
a Avenue. '!!o !' 1

,- ." 1 "..... Nelson Wilson, 1322 audience attended nisi.. -, .-IIJP. -- ,- "
cale last Sunday after- "
Mt. Zion AME Church, Southside, will observeits Grothe street. ; JERRYis
noon in the church. FLA. structed and paintedby
30th anniversary of Butler's Day, beginningOct. Mrs. Georgia Jordan
auditorium.Both Noah built the ark, but .
22 and continuing through Oct. 28. 1611 Davis Street. students at Technical -
w oen w rk very a group of Duval County High School, under
Christian Endeavor smart when it comes to head
students building
are a direction of Howard
ache powders. He knows there'snone ,
replica for the 1962 Adrens, Tech High com-
I Society Meets better or faster than

l District 27 of Second Baptist Church will Greater Jacksonville merical art instructor.Many Goody's. So why pay more?

L ONLY I II I sponsor a Fall Tea Oct. 21 in the home of Mrs.L. Sunday At 3 P. M Agricultural and Industrial gallons of paint
Fair. and a lot of time have
L. Rodgers, 1550 W. 7th St., at 7:30 p.m. ,
The Christian Endeavor ly And, like Noah's ark, gone into the ark,

I Hour for the month of the students' replier Ahrens said, adding
I I II dt
I CREDITTERMS October is scheduledfor will contain a mother that it will be ready

Sunday at 3 p.m. in and young of each when the Jacksonville
The Special Gifts Committee of Mt. Zion AME
the Ephesus Adventist species--not just Fair opens on Oct. 24 I
I I Church will sponsor an Autumn Tea Oct. 21 at i
School building 2860N. adul ts.
for 11-day
an run
4 p.l. in the home of Rev. and Mrs. W.F. Doster,
Edgewood Ave. the It's all part of a Tue results from this
201 E. Beaver St. Mrs. Agnes Reeves is chairman.Mrs. 1
building is located unique way to display fair student effort f

I AVAILABLE I II west of the Saint 1 animals according to will be on hand for.

I Lutheran Church. II rs." Kay Armstrong, all to see when the

Musical groups to be fair administrative: As- doors to this year's
when A.M.E. Church
your I Eliza Rich Perry will be the speaker for -
buys Officially Approved featured on the pro- s 1st ant. in keepingwith Fair opens, next week.
the Women's Day celebration in St. StephenAME 2 POWDERS 5C
gram will include the_ the mother-young
Oct. 21 at a.m. theme 12 POWDERS 25
youth choirs of Ephesusand the display is
CHOIR ROBES ...C>ntest- s Runnerup
Ebenezer. A selec- designed to please

UNIFORMS from Payne Chapel children primarily

I CHURCH FURNITURE I Mrs. Hettie Mills, who recently returned to the with tpn the theme of the activities.Mrs.closely wi.th St. Paul's Brs. Armstrong added. I paint
Other Church
I Supplies city from abroad will give a travelogue at a month discussed by a Ingram serves on The display consists
from reliable member of the ACE Lea- oft large front-
Musical-Travelogue Tea, sponsored by the First one of the auxiliariesto
I II Church of Metaphysical Science on West Edgewood gue cf Mt. Zion AME the Steward Board piece-40 feet long by .., 1 "ACT FRIENDSHIP SPECIAL"

I SANDIAICHURCH | Avenue, Oct. 28 from 4 to 6 p.m.UPHOLSTERING. Chu rch. and Mrs. Ray is a dis- 12 feet high-in the IMPERIALINTERIOR
Church representativeshave shape of the Biblical
SUPPLY! been asked to be Ark. Behind the ark
the Senior Missionary FLAT CHOICE OF COLORS
present before 3:15 PJB front will be a huge

I COMPANY I for the attendance Society.Other contestantswhose tent, housing the i

count. Any religious animals yother and
I Official African Methodist efforts greatly
Episcopal Church Suppltor by group may participate young of each species -S
Authority of Bishops Council aided toward the Q1 t- IAINTI
I and Office*cf Public Ratatfons.{ II by sending its young will be housed in separate -'
SOFA & CHAIR standing success of
A.U.E.CHURCH FREE people and adding their stalls inside
I BENEFITS FROM I thi s years annual
YOUR PURCHASES ti, STANDARD names to the roll. the tent.A .
event were Mrs. Dorothy i
I WRITE TODAY I TWO ; Rev. E.J. Rivers, Bacco. Mrs. Lois Gibson door in the front- i
minister of Ebenezer piece will lead inside .99
and Mrs. Martha Mat
I FOR'FREE II Methodist Church will thew.ftanf" the ark. 'besides

UINtSTER THROW give the Message duringthe being a unique way to
GOWN t.wt s Marli.4 program. 'The meeting ( Memorial exhibit animals, the ? r INR4Yl UblITED TIME'
OFFER is sponsored 0111 ..w1 me,1.w.. tw r r1A
by H Scout ark another
PILLOWS te represents .
Aa sM.v,s.t..48r..dI Fete DNO / 1. t M e vt eIurf
II and FREE CATALOG Be sun +.w F AU.dAA the ACE League'department 'first in the seven- ?
to IncbxJa Uae name sad *> Wrek nat.4-Ir Eeti..h/ The Grant Memorial Trio
else of your church tecathar | of the AME Church. will in musical year history of the uo UHlT WJ.Il5 rnutts
rfth your own turn and ad NO DOWN PAYMENT tEE................. .. ,_.....i.J appear a acts a:1Yille: pair," s SUPPLY LASTS
........... recital at
I ans: I S. Irvln, Sr. IYTNCAPIIOIM Anniversary Slated Midway AME $OQR't' to CVURS
PO 5-1538 ::::= n.EWTS Mrs. Armstrong said.
EASY TERMS Tar ftKintw CmtitHt .*EQuaf Church, Sunday Oct. 21
is the first
I I The Ladies of Leisure this
at 8 P.m. the in-
FOR EASY TERMS ARRANGED Social and Saving Club terest of Group No. 8. tiae a major exhibit at STATE5PA1NT5DISCOUNT

I A.M.E. MEMBERS I I will celebrate its 11th Mrs. A. D. Wells Captain the Fair has been built

I SANDU I I-ECONOMY DECORATORS anniversary Monday of the youth group primarily by studentsin CENTERS
CHURCH SUPPLY CO. the public
D.pL 20 Oct. 22 at 8 p.m. at is sponsoring the trio 6116 NORWOOD AVE.
I 701 -H-STREET NX. I AND UPHOLSTERERS school. she ex-
the her
Mt. Sinai Baptist for young ones. The FOUR BLOCKS NORTH OF
...... WASHINGTON 2,ttC I plained. The front- FO
Church 6th and Lee program is for the bene- GATEWAY SHOPPING CENTER 52315fAGE
----, piece is" being con-
Streets. fit of Women's Day

-4 r .....a.-.w ...

-....- ,----- ... .. '.--'
orI -'_ __ -- ..,_ ., .. .


j \ tIc


SATURDAY OCTOBER 21, 1K2 -: ."' .. I .- '. FUIII STIR PAGE 5
_ I

Prtsfdiit's Actiti Helps, FU. A &- M's Toi Students Cited Teachers Association

Discosses Priorities Pepsi Receives 2nd Annual AwardThe

N U. S. lunge Atari WMtte TALLAHASSEE The

eighth annual Florida -

squelching NEW YORK---President the Mississippi Kennedy's insurection action was in State Teachers As- -

praised by NAACP Executive Secretary Roy eolation Leadership ____ _
Conference held at
Wilkins as helping the American image
? Florida
that of the Administration among Euro- AM Universitylast
week was centered
around professional
priorities from 1962
The NAACP leader's remarks -
in 1956, but not as through 1965.
were made duringan f
difficult as Mississippi. The conference offeredan
interview over a
Mr. Wilkins was vacationing ideal in-service
trans-Atlantic hookupon in Europe with educational program, Ii: /'
the Columbia Broad-
broad in and rich
Mrs. Wilkins. scope
; I
casting System's radio
in variety. The leaders
program, "Let's rind Huitor300lb. IllS representing various _
Outwhich was broadcast -
districts and counties
over the CBS net-
throughout the state of
work facilities here. her Florida became familiar

The President's action, with current educa-
Mr. Wilkins said LAKE CITY -- .A 300 -K
t tional trends and received -
pound black bear was occasion is the second annual Community ofHarlem's
examine the anti- practical help
American propaganda of bagged on October 19, by: and guidance in plan- Fair Employment Awards presentation,

the Communists. Mr. Roy Griffin of Melrose ning activities for held recently in New york City and receiving an
during the annual award for the second straight year was Pepsi-Cola
I Kennedy he said, showed their local areas
managed bear hunt in Metropolitan Bottling Company. Shown here left
he meant business FAMO PRESIDENT SALUTES---Dr. George W. Gore jr. (center), president of FloridaA. through lectures, dis-
the Osceola National to right) are Robert Logan, district sales manager
when he sent in the and M. University embraces National AAU sprint champion Robert Hayes of cussions and demon-
Forest, according to in New york City, William C. Raines, Mayorof
troops to see that the Jacksonville and soprano Conchita Clarke of Lakeland. Dr. Gore paid special strations.The .
Wildlife officer John S. Harlem, Charles de Charleroy, vice presidentand
Federal court order was tribute to the two students during A. and M.'s opening convocation recently. conference fea-
Croft, Hunt Supervisorfor general sales manager, Pepsi-Cola Metropolitan
I carried out and to see Miss Clarke appeared for 10 weeks at New York's Radio City Music Hall duringthe tured prominent speakerin
that James H. Meredithbe the, Game and FreshWater summer., education and Bottling, New York, and Reuben J. Patton presi-
Fish Commission. dent of Locality Mayors, inc.
enrolled and pro- national affairs... .
The Florida bruin .
was ...
tected as a student at .
Jumped in Big Gum
the university of swamp
by five Plotz hounds

Mississippi. owned l by B.J. Houston of
iT) Mr. Wilkins foresaw ,
Lake City. The chase
I future trouble in school
lasted more than three
;+ desegregation in Ala-
hours before the old 1.0.0 EWORTh.
bama and South Carolina
bear was treed up a
but not as violent or
large black gum.
critical as in Missis-
Wildlife Officer Croft
said the bear was spotted -
'There is dissent in
the day before and

South said.integration"There Carolina is in espousalof "South he was area still when roaming the Plotz the Cr' Hours EWA RIIES Iw

hounds were put on his 1
i Carolina. There is po track. The bear took the

I such thing in Missis- dogs into the rough

sippi." swamp and tried gamelyto
Alabama will be difficult lose them in the deep 44IflYhP* w 771 1F

he said, recallingthe
mud and heavy _brush., but
Autin cine Lucy case the h rands stuck with

v LY the trail and finally WhileENAMELWARE EAST COOKING
Ole Miss. put him up a tree. Red and ALUMINUM

Griffin sloshed throughthe :. Needs a Minimum of Upkeep
Gets Student swamp to the baying :

dogs, and brought the { 4 QT. COVERED SAUCE PAN

I Rioters NaMes bear down with his 12- ; 2 QT. COVERED SAUCE PAN

gauge shotgun.The A Kitchen Favorite for Years ,. SEC 'N TAKE PAN
OXFORD Miss. -- special osceola ;
Names of students re- Bear Hunt with two three 7 CUP PERCOLATOR

portedly involved in day hunts per week WHISTLING TEA KETTLE
the riots here Sept. started October 1 and : .'<, SAVE up to 82c

.3O: when .Jt\j9MJ2ers clgasQpt October _31- each Regularly to 1.79
were turned were o

Justice turned over Departmentto by the Famed AvtoApp.arle

University officials of Mississippi -I Show

_ Wednesday.According to justice At loll ParkThe Regularly to 1.47

Department's chief of the a SAVE up to 59c .
criminal. Rosthal section the RobertJ. uni- DRIVERS. "THE Greatest .tm .ijf;i;i:
.. ""'.Show on Wheels." will _'....,.-. ,
"VeFsity was nod requested be at* Jacksonville Bake Servo Store in GLASBAKE OVENWARE

to take any Baseball from Oct. Take it from the stove,serve directly on the table, store leftovers
particular action-against park in the refrigerator. In the same white dish with aqua flowers.
16th thru the 20th. The I t! g ,
the suspects but he did
not rule out the pos-
terrific 2-hour spine
sibility of criminal ::: ,,;' ., 2ft QT. UTILITY DISH
tingling show that you e.
action by the depart-
will never forget. "" SQUARE CAKE DISH
ment against the alleged i
offenders. you'll see "Dapper

"We are turning this Dan Fleenor, who directs y r. PARTITIONED DISH .

over to them for their all track opera- '
tions well as driving.in
own best judgement' as .
Rosthal said in' hoping most_ of the toughest #_ 2 QT. COVERED CASSEROLE
that the university of- stunts. He is noted for

ficials would make its his uncanny ability to SET
balance speeding car 3 PC. SAUCE PAN .
own inquiry and take ap- : v"t> 4' ,'l '
; > ( ,
action. on two wheels for a long POT .NY"f...;f...., ..'<<. _'.;/.u.>" ''<''. >:0."../1'h'W:>' '.>> N._
propriate distance.The 6 QT. COVERED

Rosthal added investi-that thedepartment's feature act of the 8 CUP PERCOLATOR Lightweight Easy Clean PLASIICW ARES

gation turned up "com 28-event progftm will bea Designed to neither chip, crack nor peel. ,
ramp-to-ramp leap of a QT. WATER PAIL '
plete evidence"' against new compact hardtop. 10 In many pretty colors.

_ less than half of 20 This little car will be ROASTER SAVE up to 52c

students questioned projected thru the aira Rezuliriytol.29PAH.

during the night of the d1stAnce"of'sixtlfive 5 WAY COOKER WITH POURIN6! SPOUT

riot..addinc. similar feet. ...... 17 Q'T. DISH PAN LAUNDRY BASKET
evidence will be made on Other thrilling stunts OR WASTEBASKET

other suspects End will listed in the programare 1/ It QT. UTIUTY TUB
be turned in soon. \x each
precision drivingover .. /
elevated rasp ways,
:AlbsyYomg Polk. deliberate crash roll

;: contests criss-cross
Q..stlol I daredevil driving. the ; > s

'T-bone crash and the
Pickets Aerial divebomber crash _

ALBANY, Ga. In of a stock passenger Elaborately Patterned LACE EDGED RUNNERS SATIN TOSS PILLOW IRONING SET

the first racial incident car into a car parkedon FURNITURE SCARVES SAVE 30c
reported here the r& eway. Clap.US Vital SAVE He
iduring the past Tickets for the performances i 2 for 81C lifrlfcAluminlzed
Iff.Me C
of the HURRICANE 88
-month, police round- z '
;tedlup and question HELL DRIVERS Bay' v 77 c Itplar1J S9c.1. 7JV 77Ct

:eight Negro youth be purchased in advance 13V4x40 in white and sIlicone
when they appeared at the Jacksonville In wipe clean plastic.36x42" pastels. A pretty way 14"sq.with soft>kapok cover with cushion
Tin downtown Baseball park and at to save your fine filling center button. fluff pad.Fits standard
a group Of- AT MOST STORES furniture Assorted colon. 54" boards. '
here Wednesday. the Downtown Ticket
i police reported that fice at Rasing Park. '. FM AN APKnZHK MEAL OR SHACK VISIT A WOQLWCRTH'S LUNCH DEPARTMENT

ithe' apprehended the F>>tUaI SlniltWiIIII

youths in what aeeaedto ;: ,,: YOUR MONEY WORTH MORE AT

be an apparent effort PIKe tops j' a. -e h WOOLWORTH'SS.

to picket white
hi Pwrte. Rko
'merchants. They were
F said to have been wearIng TALLAHASSEE LeRoy ,.. aII.. ...I .. I'I..I.., S

T-shirts with large Van Crump ,r.. a fozqer DOWNTOWN STORE
lettering urging shoppers Florida MIA University DswttovB Tojlaad I

not to buy from student from ffilliston, 300 Hogan I
Albany merchants.A ii: now in the second LAY AWAY KAN Mtj. Is How Open I

delegation of ministers phase of his peace at Monroe I .

from Newark N.J. Corps trailing in Ai- A Small, Dtps!! M Slop. Early FarSelection s

were expected here bonito, Puerto Rico. PHILIPS H1WAYPUZA I i
''Wednesday night to final Calpletl
His destinationwill WiN I Hold Your Pvrcliuc i

address a maraoutb rally be Ecuador where .. .., I1'.zr.llI'...
in one of the Negro he will serve as ez-

church here. taia on specialist.

f --- -
-- -- -

-. e. -
---.--, ..--.- -.
-- --
1 .L 11 ..._''" .....>,_ ._ ._"_,",_.,.",-. _.._ _j'o-_.,. .':!:.-._-_.U'. ._-__'.__.,.-..._......_

I i
\: -. -, q'L'- \, .- .. ... .'f... .. 'f ;:

l..AGE 6. : rs.:: ". < F"j
: 1" .. ._.. __.L___ .. ..'::__ 1 ,
:' rAMU r Is Hosting. Civic{ Conscious Miamians{ Over CrowdSniRgs Loan Association Opening Rev. R. A. King, Plans RecitalBilly

ffHikriils' COld. .. ,.".''.,... .... '. .. :.1 ,' ,. ,, And Congregation, and E. pianist Beal organist for
TALLAHASSEE The To Render ServicesRev. Choirs 2 and 4 of
Pali Materials Conference Macedonia Baptist
spons Qed by -- -i _> 4 i .: # R.A. King, pas- Church and choir 1. of
V Y .:: and congregationof
s: the state Department. ofEducation :: tor Grace Baptist Church
b in Payne Chapel AUE will present musical
tion with .z Church, will render Oct. 21 in the audi- F
University coopera-I services Monday night torium of Grace Baptist

a Florida State Librarian Oct. 22 at 8 o' clock Church. .
in the Church of the
Serving j
Association is being as guest
held in the Perry-Paige Living God the Pillar soloist will be Mrs. i I
and Ground of Truth,
Building at FAMU. Oct. Mary Goodman. several I
1851 W. 27th Street. selections will i
:19 and 3). the theme is
The program is in. rendered
by the -
'Teamwork for LibraryProgra&s.
." benefit Elder J.H. Gospel Singers.An .
GANG LEADER Sunfcr Baker Tobert, passor. IIrsUa1'1 instrumentafsolo
battles tough prison, inmate in *. The conference empha- 1Li1 "
Davis is sponsor.
: will be offered
by Mrs.
violent scene from THE CON. sizes a team approach :
CRETE JUNGLE" yhteh open i : The public is invited. Hattie Bass.We .
Sunday at the Strand.... administrators .
TEeatre* Film features Sam Wan teachers end librarian -

anuker released and by Fanfare Mar jit films.Said and- IB:II',':for effective libraryservice. OrttlAlt;

Climaxing these ses-
Methodist Woman t ? = .A' F BTX
sions on October 20,
.a summary of the con- 1 "
Complete 'PlansFor ti ,,
; r
ference given. 6dp ir" 1 -

Annual Day 'McCoy To Feature _

The men and cum of
Simpson Methodist St. Stephen Recital

Church have completed Matthew McCoy will be

plans for their "Dual presented in a gospel in

Day" observance 'which -. songs program Sunday
is set for Oct. .Z@. night in St. Stephen AMS
The wmen will-have Church .in Interest of

.- charge of the church the women's Day celebra- ; saav J '
t h .
school and morning;ser- tion which will termi- aNY. 'a
vice. nate October 21. r

_._-_._., _._ ...- -.. ..... ,-. ,
-" '
.I< i
< ;
: -
'..-" :
: ,: fv1
:.. "" .- r 10' ii
r .. g 1SI

%l'liJflfF Cfl/*1! l>. T 4i I I I'I III'
: 61P 1J ll J.S UCT'Of'' / Y qk

: AD l ,, _, pOBLiC INStJtCnl C' >

BOAR u 1..,tt11 Jr.* :, $ m ,
y B
J:1\lIn:a k I.tftl! fA JM !.- \ iY

.- ,

Equipped To .
7Y (

I eF '-::. _Train The Handicapped H

i i4K.
,, :g t: t z _
\ sY w f
JacksonvilleBarber I fI

LT .r !a J: '.<< r College Inc.

ST. PE"l'ERSmmg.--A trio of Suncoast co-eds shown
observing $200,000 worth' of construction at Gibbs
GI. Approved 100% Air Cond.
Junior College are: Minnie Battis and Fannie

Hudson. Bradenton; and Dave eh. Harris, Palmetto.The SOUIHLANIf' 8 FIRST---Top photo shows the ultra modern Franklin Federal Savings and Loan Association, 630 DAVIS ST. at Beaver -

co-eda: are among freshmen from 33 1001 NW 3rd Avenue. Miami and bottom photo a portion of the. .vast over-flowing crowd. which attended ..0....;... .W'"
\ counties attending Gibbs junior College.. the dedication exercises and official opening Friday evening, Oct. 12. The new Association is the lICKS 1 ONY1tlEr mm
(Photo by Jones) South's first interracially owned and operated facility.

. i < .
A. ... .. .
1 '::: ---- .
k AE's. : ________


,\ ,

---i tS I

-- -
-- -
--- -
---'w.-- it


,< TRADEMARK 6 \ '
..,...... iJ .


.. ; c %, !
'; : ; ;

: .
: .. .v r
j':": ;
$ .> .1 .:: ..-.
v t,
r t c i \-.". .'"...-i.>.li'. j-: .">,> *

s : .,. .' -'ff .. ;s ,
I ,, t I : jj ..
t a d .. i< A 7aZ.. ; k -,

< \ : ;...
-- -.,.....- -- ....
\ .' \.5, S\Q'' 'ryf'N

( S S

y : Y _


fr- .

i;:. ,< 6 HALF-

k L.w; Enjoy the same sparkling taste of Coca-Cola now in a h QUARTS .
." z new economical Half-Quart size. 16-ounces. Each big

r bottle serves three full glasses. .for less than 3 a sew ((18 Servings) J .

i ing.Get that refreshing new feeling with Coke, now in the .. .: :

.. new 16-ounce size.JACKSONVILLE .; -
: y iT. .- -- > ,

1 ..-...." ....-....'.......-."......''"'"swcw- ... c--.....,.r,.w-"'' '" In the (locality-. "'-' )area.
Coca-Cola.Bottling Co. Jacksonville. Florida

f ctois.T: : I .

sa rar, ; ___u FLIIIIIA STAR KAHt /

I Friends Hour Popular Jax Matron Ol.ril' Surprise Birthday Fete .


F ;.

,. -

drys. -
t : ,4 r.

fsM '

f, '

+_!_ rR w
1_ S

1 .. E ..4


I r-

f p



vT P 1.5 "

n4d X a; ... ,
: t''f t 3 o' {
i .Jb
.. ... ...... .. _.. __ ..
---:11--: '" '110' .. sue. _..41, -"' _E 6 -.n. ."..,yu. 3W-1Wd.__ .' .. JIIkJ

MRS. ESSIE MAE SMITH OF 1417 W. 15th St.. was the recipient of a lovely surprise- birthday party

? presented by her husband. Ernest Smith (both shown in inset right) last Saturday night week in the

Community: Youth Center. These for the event was a presentation of a short skit entitled 'This is E2

r your Life, Mrs. Smith." A huge birthday cake flanked by a veritable array of buffet delicacies enhanced ,[3 [3 [ ] E3'

the scene. The honoree received flowers and a lovely gift from her husband and numerous

presents from the attendees. Among those present were: Mr. and Mrs. Charles Edwards, Miss Mildred
Edwards, Miss Gloria Edwards, Mrs. Jessie Glass, Mrs. Clara Albertie, Mrs. Lillian McMillonMrs. r

Odessa Charles Mrs. Vivian Copeland Mrs. Essie Mae Jackson, Mrs. .Rose Huffman Hamp Sullivan, Mr. tutcti

and Mrs. Jackson, Mrs. Alexzina Johnson, .Roosevelt Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Francis Williams, Mrs. Betty 1 :; ,YOU DON'T

Edward, Mr. and Mrs. Wash avis Mr. and Mrs. 'Ira Carswell, Mr. and Mrs. Frazier, Mrs. Lennie fred- .".>::

rick Mrs. Ruby Baker, Mrs. Gaskin, Mrs. Mildred Ray Mrs. Corine: Wilkins, Mrs. W. M. Washington, By

Mrs. Lou Ella Evans, Mrs. Alice V. Pompey, Mrs. Evergie Coker, Miss Eunice Coker, Mrs. Vivian Robinson :Russell (Chuck) Charles"Shaddupl" NEED CASH

I Mrs. Lolar White, Miss Elouise Ray Mrs. Tommie McElmurrey Nathaniel Edwards Miss Audrey
Mary Lou bellowed. "jes shet your
GibsonMrs. Anna White, Mesdames Williams, Watson, Geneva Hunter and A. Verdier. :
lip, an' keep it buttoned, zipped an' nailed together il%;.:;.,.
(Royal Art Studio Photos)
before I knock your teeths outa them two Open a Kress .:
.. .sReady'Cred'rt ,',..
''' '.j.;:'f
Schedule Joint Annual Event ftmny-lookin' hole you hear with!" .. t1"'"
Districts .
I.1 St. Paul Board C. P. Johnson -
She wasn't shucking. She would have slapped Shopping Account-i

Districts 11 and 28 have charge of the Observes 32nd Annual Sonny-Boy up side his head so hard his brains ..'j

of Zion Hope Baptist services. L. 'Moran and Is Given would have stretched out like a ..............'...,....,....'.. '->'.',., .
:"., .-,< Today!
Church will observe Mack Tiller will be Fele .October 24 Surprise Party [runway. Mary Lou just had heavy

their respective fifth the leaders. Mrs. Ida E St. Paul AME Church hands. The sad part was that all

and 13th anniversary Fowler and Mrs. Geneva Usher Board 2 observesits HAPPY BIRTHEAY !f rt1: little Sonny-Boy asked was who in .

programs jointly on Baker, respective pre- 32nd anniversarywith C.P. Johnson, veteran : hoopy-doopy was hunpty-Dumpty. ;1irlftrt.:

Tuesday night, Oct. 23 sidents are in charge Rev. A. Anderson, Florida Star newsman, Historifically speaking, Sonny- it:f" \.:: :.I

in the church's main of the program.Rev. pastor of Bethlehem was the surprised recipient ,*;'t [Boy heard that Humpty-Dumpty had i1t. .:. sbopping acc un\\

auditorium.Rev. E.R. Simpson is Baptist Church as of a birthday i Jsot[ on a wall somewhere back in ;.:,:"t}' rea.U J credit :

Eddie Taylor and host pastor. "The publicis principal sp daker. party presented Tuesday R' I time but had probably got to uppity t.::S..: Mr s. John Doe. .
his congregation will cordially invited. Wednesday night Oct. afternoon by friendsand with himself and.wound up on the ;}>.: 100 park St. A.
V ,
.. 24 at 8 o* clock in the associates at the CHUCK ground in pretty raggedy shape. Anyhow ;;
r auditorium. Star offices. 'What. did the King's horses and the King's men .
church ,: ,: "' '.1!
I The serving choir will ,Promptly at 5 p.m. have to do with it?" the little boy whispered to 'H';' '"'-" "

be from Abyssinia Bap- Mr. Johnson, totally McNasty, who was sitting in the kitchen waitingfor

tist Church organists unaware 0 f what was the chitterlings and greens to get did. JUST FILL IN THIS COUPONand

See aid HMI III! will be Mrs. L.O. about to take place, "There's some things ja jes can't fix, no you'll receive your KRESS Ready Credit Shopping Cardin
McClellan and Arthur was ushered into the matter who you know," McNasty whispered back,
Star's circulation a few days!
Goodman. de- keeping a wary eye on Mary Lou's wide muscular
Ray Charle partment where the ----------------------.,
Friends and the back. 'Humpty Dumpty festive board r7; ; I
general public are "Sonny-Boy, but he found out that even a boss egg H. E$$ A CO.: -120 MAIN ST. rI

and his invited. was already set-up gonna crack when it fall, an' that once it crack, I Jacksonville t
amidst a colorful fall Florida
I Great Recordittf C.uc.rt Report Finding decor, and was..greatedby ain't no kinda pull"in the worl gonna get it I Please open a Ready Credit Shopping Account for me. I
back together again. 1 I
the 'singing" Hmm. .... ,
about what's crack if y'all 1 I
ail 'Happy Birthday Mr. 1 know jest gonna Wift'i No..., .H.... 'h.......,. ............ I
doan shot up that foolish talk! Mary LOU com- 1
Johnson. ...
n 715s manded, storming across the'kitchen to the re- 1 Address- I
Dance Orchestraalso The menu, prepared
frigerator. 'It is one thing I can't stand is stet

!;r-- under the capable little ole wet-bottom children always askin' a 1 Hwtkond f.,.. It,.. I
direction of Mrs. RosaL. 1 I
mout' fulla foolish questions."An' Wi'r.eiy'dh
Wooten, Mrs. Janie 1 I
another thing I doan like"she added, Other Store Accw,,ts .- 1I
The Bduiftfc Gilbert, Miss Hilda
wooten, Miss Catherine waving a mixing spoon threateningly at McNasty, .. .. ...-..... II
'is a grown person like you who ain got no thin' .. Irrrrrrrr
Salmon, Miss Eddis mo' to do but sit, answering foolish questionsthat _Si9..lw_______________ _-___rJ
JAX COLISEUM Brown and Miss Virginia
little children like Sonny-Boy can think up

Munford consisted of faster n you can lie 'bout. Get outa my kitchen,"
Oct. 19th barbeQue chicken and LL@EAY7EET[r{ $139.95
N Uyananda Pati, all of the fixings, hot she ordered. 'I' all ain' gonna make that pot
professor of biology at cook no faster!"
8:30 Vitill rolls and fruit punch.
p.m. A&T College, reports McNasty took Sonny-Boy by the hand and led him
The honoree received
ft findings in the research out into the yard. 'Like I tole ya son," the
t ADM. $3.00 $3.50j project he is handsome gifts from the said, "there's some things ja jes can't fix. QUALIT
Brewster Men's Clubr
conducting that pro- Brewster club president '1 ain' see nothin' round HERE I couldn' fix!" B.II!!J!!! ]fVt

Tickets Now OR Sales. males longed treatment' of and Mrs. J. Earl Mary Lou shouted from inside the house.
by the
use of Tou oughta try fixin' an egg after ya dropped
Morse J.E. Davis
Mrs. :
Ebony' Record Slop list* fn'st128 I certain type female and from members of the it," McNasty murmured under his breath as Sonny-

W. IsNtf Sl 928 E. biN St I hormones may lead to STAR staff. Boy scampered away.
sterility. "Did the King have any catsl"! Sonny-Boy called -

FLORIDA STAR back, and disappeared in an alley between two } 1 )
.: .

r----- ---t tI Main Office & Plait houses."Why don' cha ask ya mother that, son?" McNasty s [ ;, f.' 1 r >:'.1.

2323 Moocrief Rd. suggested, and sat down on a bench in the yardto 3 >- "
grin to himself... : '. :
I l I It ...., .t
._. WlJJI First Born Plans Oct. 25 Talent Show Nurses' Aides .. -- .. '.,

t SUPER MAttKE S I II First Howard's Born Memorial church. Singers Singers. BSA TravelingStars Gospel Elects Officers :7 -, .f.

1459 W. Union Street, with invitations
Members of the Nurses
I Giant Package 'eam I will host a talent pro- being open to other Aide Class at the LTi

wishing to _
gram Thursday night groups appear Bolden school of 1

SUPER SUDS BLEACH,50 I IHalt Oct. 25 in the church on the program. Nursing held their _,__r__
t auditorium under sponsorship Deacon S.V. Cohen will election of class officers The THRIFTOM

I of Elder Flax serve as master of.. Series 193-A-tt-M : r
1 1 with $5.00 order i recently Mrs. 1 rtube(tvertfl diag.-172 tq.ln.picture!
Howard, pastor, and c ereBlon es.
t Margaret Maples, reporter -
Sister Rosetta Cohen. The program is being
25C announced.
Lew Fresh features will sponsored in behalf of
Installed to new posts
be provided by the the church's building RCA VICTOR
t limit twit.1 PORKROAST were: Mrs. Estelle
$5.00 crier Heavenly Host Gospel drive.
coleman, president:
29C t' .. I Mrs. Edith Burgus vice
president( Mrs. Angles \

CHUCK Jones, secretary; Mrs. : BUY IT FOR AS
39C ,,. Beatrice Williams, LITTLE ASJ2.00 A WEEK

ROAST financial secretary; tO Own/

Mrs. L. Robinson treasurer -
; Mrs. A. Shleton.
Extra Fancy Red Belicius II sara 1 livers Mrs. Edith Jones Mrs.
3 Callahan and
'-- > Barbara
_ t 25C 24 MMi I Hiss D. Simmons, See Lots More Unadvertised Values at Kress'J

t APPLES J5C. t business Chairmen managers.Mrs. B. .( 'R E S S- : Downtown! ,

twit. SS.DD HierI Bryant and Mrs. E. Tay MaiD & Adams

L----J lor. Mrs. L Y. Thorp,
IB the class
i R son.Instructor RN. Open Monday asd frida, ,Nites Saturday til' 6y

... "'_ __ J

1 -

.. ,
{ :-

.. .. ,L' .,
PAGE_ 8 '_ ; '" :- FLORIDA STAR ,

Live Fights., To Spark Coliseum's, Title Telecast 3 Top. Bouts To Precede '1:1:_

SPORTING IT UP : Title Telecast x

BY c. mm mm J-mr--l P Jax' own Tim Ford the World Middleweight title

WE WILL UNDERSTAND IT BETTER by and by. on the recipient of boxing's match between NBA cham-

same day the 1962 World Series had Its beginningIn Fighter of the Month pion Gene pullmer and

Candelstick park in San Francisco with the f. rdn award, will place his Dick Tiger of Nigeria

singing of the National Anthem, soldiers were 9-bout unbeaten pro- Tuesday night, Oct. 23.

escorting one lone Negro to school in order to fessional string on the in Jax Coliseum.

receive an education. Whenever and wherever the line when he meets a Ford a product of

song is sung, the congregation rises to pay their rough and ready Jax' amateur circles, is

respect to old Glory. At the same time pande 'spoiler' in veteran managed by the well-

monium was breaking out in Mississippi. It is welterweight Sailor known johnny Rushing, a
Billy Martin of Gadsden former wellknown fighterin
how people can
very hard to understand some
Ala. in a scheduled 10- his own right who
truthfully stand up and sing "Long may it wave

over the land of the free, and the home of the rounder. fought some of thenation's
The Ford-Martin match
best during his
brave. But we will understand it better by and
will be one of three squared circle activities -

by.ONE star studded live bouts .
which will precede the During the past few
from year to year can be found at the uni-
Closed Circuit 15-round years. Rushing has been
versity. Some o'f the stars will probably be
conducting a stable of
seeking a job with one of the pro teams in the tf Advanced StudyMRS.
boxers who have been
National Football League or the American League, JA* OWN undefeated welterweight boxer Tim Ford (center) is shown receiving some fine points from pleasing fight fans in

you know what I mean, those play for pay boys. his manager johnny Rushing-ior to his Tuesday night, October 10-round match with former Navy Jax. Miami and other

Boy 0 Boy wouldn't it be a mess for one of the welterweight champion, Sailor Billy Martin (lefty of Gadsden, Ala. This main bout is one of three parts of the Southeast's
star players to go all the way up to the St. star-studded live matches which will be programmed in Jax Coliseum prior to the closed circuit boxing circles.

Louis Caridnals, Cleveland Browns, New York televised 15-round world (NBA) title match between Champion Gene Fullmer of West Jordan Utah and Ford. who joined pro

Giants (football), Minnesoto Vikings, Denver challenger Dick Tiger of Nigeria There will be now home showing of the bout. The boxing matches circle nearly a year

Broncos Washington Redskins, Chicago Bears or
at 8:00 m.
get underway p r ago. has compiled an
any of the other professional football teams and .
undefeated string of
finds himself playing side by side with a Negroor Philly Tapers'Pro
finds himself playing directly in front of a L.: A. Honors Maury Wills&mlJ nine bouts. He engagedin
two 6-rounders in
Negro. Would he get a mental picture of the Court Clyb
Miami was advanced to
:Meredith case and quit and go home?
Offer Plans rounder and one-10
NO. IT IS OUR CANDID oPINION that there is a f
round bout, with the
very slim chance that an athlete .would 'have time PHILADELPHIA -- Of
of his
majority fights
to bother about running the school's business. ficials of the Philly x ; 4 $ x :
a having taken place in
From every-day experiences, it has been found Tapers pro basketballteam A. t I
that the most open minded and fair thinking individuals of the American vjss& :
Basketball will His ring victims to
are athletes. While in school, they JOYCE B RUSSELL,
date are Bobby Allen
are thinking about keeping up with their studies announce their plans a 1962 graduate of
this week for benefit oflocal & johnny Vaughn, Herbie
and giving thefr best to the team they play on. &pI Florida A&M University, Williams. Bobby Monroe.
fans and the pressit is
pursuing graduate
As professionals, they think about scoring a Jimmy Beasley. Bobby
was announced here work toward the masterof
touch down or stopping the other fellow from Monday. Monroe Willie James and
arts at the University -
making one. Athletes are busy people and they .Y Rocky Randell.
Benjamin Katuran, theTapers' of California
4. at Los
spend their time concentrating on books and Two promising lightweights -
general manager, Angsles. she is
a re
plays. please don't misunderstand now, nobodyis s Bobby Allen of
is expected to present c. cipient of
a $2. 559
attempting to say that all athletes are non- the Virgin Islands, a
the press with the graduate assistantship.
prejudiced because they are human too and they Y cousin of world welter-
team's roster and fill r v (:)
have their way of thinking like other folk. .,.. RecalledAL weight champion Emile
scheduled for the 196263 / )
THE WASHINGTON REDSKINS was in the National fJj.J Griffith meets another
ABL season at the DOWNING youthful
football League a long long time before they promising boxer in louis
Warwick Hotel. The qAMV lefthanded pitching sen-
added, they were accepted with wide open arm Tapers will open their sation with Richmond of Bowman also of West

The Redskins have players from all over the home at Jacksonville in a 4-
season NOV. 17 the international League
Southland and nobody has cried "bloody Murder" "Mhi rounder.The .
Concenton Hall <, -Z was recalled by the
since the went into action. other i ni, : live bouts wifll be
Negroes Have you Katuran, .
k ij, parent New York Yankees
noticed' the new life that has been instilled a- Tapers' officials are: < ,' ? team last week. Downing, rounded out with a

mong the Redskins? Have you noticed the brand of Paul Cohen, presidentof ". k sumo,. who suffered second 4-rounder be-
.. occasional
.. t: -. .
football compared to the the Technical Tape ".. ...... : tween junior-light-
they are playing now as ... ..,\, ."-,;. periods of wildness,
games they played last year? They have joined Corp. of New Rochelle, i.y ... ;.. \ ; pitched a no-hitter for weights Sandy Seabrookof

heads, hearts and bodies to make the Redskins N.Y. : the moving force ,.;.'' ."... _. 1"'w%. .,. .. ...J'.v, :"._ the club this past sea- West Jacksonville and
'\.. t .'. .. '
one of the toughest teams in the league.ON behind the decision to : tHf. ) son Rocky Adair of Tampa.

EVERY MAJOR FOOTBALL TEAM, baseball team, bring the Tapers to MAURY WILLS (center) was the honoree of a big celebration in downtown Los

basketball team, one can see the whites and Philadelphia: Albert Angeles recently when his single season base thefts reached the 100 mark 1r-------j
colored running. blocking.tackling and working Greenbaum: Reuben Sirul- on hand to congratulate Wills were National League President Warren Giles j ARTSTSTUDIO

, together, a unit. When the Star Spangled Banneris nik, William Banks and (left), supervisor warren. Dorn. and Deputy supervisor Gilbert Lindsay, both 515,, '
!:ii li"-'B"'! U ;:!J
played those men stand together and face old Robert Miller. of LOS Angeles county. .::.

Glory in the true spirit of a true American. No 4 Quality PhotographsAny

tear gas was used and no soldiers were used to A I T's 1962 Seeks Rushing Title o0oTALLAHASSEE Kind..Anytime

escort Elston Howard behind the plate to catch Quarterback -

the pitches of Whitey Ford. Football Slate : + '. ." Emory Collier of Daytime, El 4.1894Nite
THE THING THAT IS PUZZLING. is why is every- OCT 20--Winston-Salem .. the '61 Florida A&M Time, EL 5-8022

thing so calm and peaceful in the sports world .
Teachers, Away. /. <,>",.., University football
and so confused and distrubed in everyday life a- OCT27Morgan State team conpleted 45 of
1.1.i i ;:. Order Your
men. Men of intelligence, men of character, ,
mong Homecoming.NOV. .':"4: .; 83 pass attempts for

men in strategic positions, men who are capableof 3--Pla A4M Univer- 't. 742 yards, six touch'do'wns Photo Xmas Cards Early !
using their influence to produce great goodin sity, Away. .' ,- :; -"" Hati ,* and five con-

the land, but who are using it for opposite NOV10Virginia State? ,.'' ; versions. Watch For Our Reduced Prices
old Good .' "
reasons. An expression says "Be A Home ,

Sport" and it has been in use through the JOY 22--North Carolina, ft.;(.f t t

years. Away.FAMU's.
IT IS ALWAYS GRATIFYING to hear of a friend, an I' ,t" '4 .
acquaintance or a loved one making good in any

chosen field. There were many friends, many acquaintances

and many loved ones who were very 1962 f,4

happy when the news went out that he had been : Make emTasty

chosen on the All-Rookie baseball club of 1962. Grid Schedule \ "- A

The affable third baseman of the Kansas City F t s'iR

Athletics proved to the baseball world that he OCT. 20Bethunecookman f J::. iiia

had just what it takes to become a great ball Daytona f x. IeY

player. From the way things have worked out for 0 CT 27 F _
him, it only proves that a good man was ridingthe Tennessee state Home w
'bench too much in the Milwaukee chain.Chancesare NOV. 3 r
also that he probably would still be bench AST College HomecomingNOV. tix

warming in the minors. Everyone around these 10 I .,t c J N
: ,
parts know Charles is a ball player. when he Allen University, i '1 y'.\0-t n

played second base for the Jacksonville Braves, columbia S. C. COWBOY RIDES HERD Dallas Cowboys back Don Per- T / / fi

he was playing a major league brand of baseball NOV 17 kins is presently one of the National Football '

then. The Kansas City manager recognized talent Southern University League's most hard-hit ting.young runners and as of I

and used it to the best advantage. As a payoff Baton Rouge, La. 'last week was the third best ground-gainer in the r ,

for his faith, charleS was chosen a member of the NOV. 24 loop with 169-yards gained on 32 attempts for an jv1

Texas Southern U impressive 4.7-yard average. .. ,
rookie team.BASEBALL ., ,
Fla I IGood '. / /1 :
Jacksonville '
like to hear seething about former players who DEC 8 S =-

performed here..men likev Horace Garner, Nat Miami Orange Blossom Classic, news forasthmatics i

peeples Humberto Robinson and other players, who Johnnie's Hotel yIA

performed here. Fans would like to know whetheror PATRONIZE SpeUlUf'a discovtry BOW nuk** It TV in every room. r
DOMibi*for broaehUl asthma udcrcra
not they are still in baseball, if so where? to quickly. ,rclter. choking, couchlai.f For Reservations Call.
sspuic .s.do U without BM .
Garner is remembered for his long ball hittingand of So latcrBA..f. you drugs CM ct or painful Dr. Guild's IaJK Craca GBs. EL 5-4025 -1y SUNNY SAYS: "Serve Schenley's sunny morning flavor

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1907 KINGS ROAi EL 3-I27S of Pesntr' 1.,.9 n of'Iht-Jar With the';aru School. .

--- .
",< v (



1962 FUIIIA STAR page 9Be1hIll's

Wildcats: Outscore BenIt'sTers: 25.20 In Classic's Thri1rDiUer I

Frazie r's Magic Arm Provides ALL CIAA Pass Receiver- Clicks Rattlers' Drop Wolverines ..

'Stunner' In Do-Or-Die Finish 1 q P 36-12 Via Air Offense .

GATOR BOWL *- Playingthe yard TD to
pass Sammy diet 8, Bethune 6.
role of an underdog Cromer. The extra Benedict then addedt ATLANTA -- Nationally in tough contention for three years. .

throughout most of thecontestBethuneOOok pointed attempt failed. o its lead in the w rated Florida' A&M the first two periods by Wolverines' signal

Rattlers holding Jake Gal there caller Samuel Hill directed -
Benedict 8, Bethune 0. third stanza when their were forced to s

man's wildcats produceda Although outmanned in downfield march climaxed hit the airways downing number one Associated his cohorts to a

prank Merriwell last the ruling department, with Fennell knifing 4 p stubborn Morris' Bronn'sWolverines Press poll rated small 68-yard drive culminating -

quarter performance to the wildcats mixing an through the Wildcats ktt : 36-12 in extending college team to a 20-12 with a =38-yard

outlast their tradi- assortment of passes defenses from the goal their season's first-half tally forcing scoring pass to en

Y yrY unbeaten streak to quarterback Jim Tullisto Simon Hubbard. MB' s
tional SIAC foe Benedict with thair ground game line. NO extra point. O.rF + 4-0-0

College 25-20 before marched to the visitor Benedict 14. Bethune 6. here Saturday during an go to the airways in second TD came when Hill

some 8. uuo supporters goal line with 265- Living up to their SIAC tilt. subduing the toughestfoe hit back Solomon Bran-

during the second an- pound fullback Eugene Cognomen, the Wildcatsled The wolverines remainedGibbs' to face the Flori- non with a 42-yarder and

nual Jax Classic grid- Clapp accounting for the by swifty LaRonnie dians during the past Ed Dean for a 2-yard

fest here last Saturday TD via a line plunge in Admas' 48-yards punt FencersTo tally, Halfback Hewitt

night. the second quarter. Poin return and a 5-yard Liston Credits Dixon was on the receiving -

Bethune's supporterswere after TD failed. Bene- handoff, scored and AT IT AGAIN Dick Westmoreland, star halfback Meet TopTeams end of a braceof

stunned during the took the game's lead with the A&T College Allies who last year led the President With Tunis' scoring pas

initial 50-seconds of Riy Robinson for the first time by .CIAA in pass receiving, 'is apparently taking up White ses and end Al Denson

play when their great an 18-14 tally. where he left off last ;year. In the recent game A Big AssistCHICAGO (Jacksonville) scoredon

passer senior quarter- Loses Bract As the nip and tuck against Tennessee A&I State University, he gatheredin ST. PETERSBURG, FLA. another.

back Bobby Frazier was battle see-sawed back five-tosses from All-CIAA Quarterback Willie It's another year and just before FAMU..8 14 8 6-36

dropped into his own end Of DecisionsRAY and forth the Tigers' Ferguson, setting up one TD and completed the day another season of com- returning to his home- Morris B. 6 6 0 0-12
petition is about to un-
zone on a pass try. .. J. Roach returned the with a punting average of 42.5 ;yards per kick. townPhiladelphiawith --
fold for the most un Broken Jaw
Benedict 2. Bethune 0. South Carolinians to Westmoreland comes from Charlotte N.c. where he the heavyweight
usual of Florida college
The Wildcats then N the game's lead when he played at the Second Ward High School cKrrpionship: Sonny Lis-

kicked off and with reaped 38-yard unmoles- sports. ten gave President Kennedy Sidelines BrutonDETROIT
Fencing, a oncedeadlygame
lightning like precision II ted to score in the .. At! Cats Lick Wounds that enjoyed the a big assist for
-- A broken
the Tigers' Bob fourth canto. helping him to obtain
prominence of such contemporary -
Penn ell tossed a 43- the Patterson match. jaw suffered when he
Bob Frazier then stood
f the crowd on its feet Rebuilding For 1963 Season internationals Liston said that when collided with Al Kaline
as swimming
: when he snagged a Tiger NASHVILLE---A week Patterson visited the and Albie Pearson'sline
off and Tennessee State uni-
Second Negro 'S'Y"Y' Tennis, and track and
drive which
', pass on his own 11 and White House last spring,
\ versity eleven is getting a complete faceliftingafter
:;; field, will break into slithered between them
.. ... swivel-hipped throughthe its 6-26 loss to Grambling College last Patterson promised to
Pro BasketballCoach ,.. .. the spotlight when Gibbs for
> .. visitors defenses on weekend. fight him (Liston). a triple, may side-

d/' j an 89-yard all the way Junior College's Fencing The President saw the line Billy Bruton from
for the Bayou Tigers.
Society takes the
Named "We've gone this far up bout on closed circuit participating in a post
spectacular to
only Scoring in the first, foil to begin its fourth
without a win Coach television. season exhibition tour
have the ball returnedto
tl'L third and oirth
OAKLAND Calif. -- quar- season.
Lawrence Simons moaned of the
Patterson promised the Tigersin
BC's 31, for having
Former all-time pro ters, Grambling held a Basketball is the major
'We've got to stop Hawaii and .
i Japan.Bruton's
president that he would
with .. 1 ;,.. stepped out of bounds. 26-0 advantage until the domo
Basketball great ",. ','0/ ',','t- .E Frazier, arose to the thinking about this season of Florida Junior go through with the our lower jaw
in the
the Harlem Globetrotters'Ermer last 42 seconds college competitive
and get a group came in contact withKaline's
RAY ROBINSON occasion inso far as fight and 1-Ie couldn'tgo
Robinson gas been game. sports, and Gibbs has
.Life's Not so Sweet the Wildcats were concerned ready Ibo will be around back on his word," shoulder and
named coach of the Oakland With time running out excelled in that. A
zipped a 31- for some time.'In Liston concluded. caused him to have it
the Big Blue quarterback former national col-
team of
the lopsided Grumbling -
MEXICO CITY -- While yarder to 200-pound end wired by the doctors ofDetroit's
American Basketball Charlie Powell engineered legiate fencing champion
loss. Coach Dins
the old saying, 'Life George Williams who Liston Willing Osteopathic
League it was announced who had five of his Tennessee's only Dr. John shinner of the Hospital.
begins at 40" seemingly supported by perfect
recently Tally by marching the Mound Park Hospital
works out well for most blocking iced the con- veteran starters nursing ,ro Meet Philly'sHarold
Robinson s selection injuries. Inserted more Big Blues 58 yards in 12 staff introduced the
people, it doesn't seem test with an 89-yard TD. Davis Starts
makes him the second Ne- plays for the TD. Fresh- sports to Gibbs junior
freshmen into the varsity
to be working out too with 7:40 remaining in
gro to assume a pilot man Fletcher Smit College back in 1958 Johnson Out
squad. uonday'spractice Working
well for the once great the final period.
post in pro basketball plunged over from the and the College has been
Jimmy chandler of the saw year
ranks, the first being one-yard stripe cappingthe doing well in the sport
Paul Byrdsell. Fletcher
the past three Wildcats paced the his first public ap-
drive that kept .
johnny McLendon, former was ever since.Dr.
-gainers with 98 Smith, Lewis Hill and
weeks, Robinson has .
perance stage by boxing 4.
alive by 22-yard .
Ten. A&I mentor a pass shinner has Lady
in the
yards in 11 attempts.He Cleo Edwards '
suffered two Jolting promoter Al Lewis here
from Powell to end Odell
When asked whether he Luck on his side this
setbacks, one in a just barely nosed backfield with Frank recently champion
was being placed in a Swift. year. instead of facingthe
Mexican divorce court out teammate Roach who Mcftae, and Don Clevelandat Charles (sonny) Liston
Robinson Coach Simmons' Nash- task of grooming raw
unique position here and the other in a totaled 83-yards in six Tackles. told State Boxing Com-
4 .-.. ville Cats will have a recruits, he will have
'replieda'firma. It
plzrlbg.. tries. Unbeaten Grambling missioner Al Klein and
London week off to lick their the products of 1 astyear's
tively adding that "I Robinson s wife Edna: a Statistics: racked up its third sea- wounds before tackling guests that he world be I
classes plus
no 'reason to give ita sort behind the .r
see s victory
ex-chorus Beth. Ben. willing to give light-
glamorous Central State college veterans from lastyear's
second thought. girl--Edna Maeobtaineda First Downs j 12 18 rennin: of fullback J. D- eleven at Wllberforce.Ohio Impressive squad. heavyweight champion r4

"I don't anticipateany divorce from Ray inxa Yds. Passing } 213 43 Garrett who scored twice in its first con- When the 1961-62 school Harold Johnson a shot at

trouble. The way I > ference game.Twraey the world title.
Juarez a border two Passes inter 3 1 Central rolled around, Dr.
year '
look at it, a man who .
"Sure, I'll be glad to
across the Rio Grande Yds. Rushing 83 360Punting "

t performs professionallycomes from El Paso, Tex. 438.3 2-27.5 St. Starter Urged Shinner for had the 13 team freshmenout drawn fight Hal" Liston replied #'

to play regardlessof just a few days before, Yds. penalized 1 0 # from his regular class in answer to a I. .."....

the coach's color." the 'aging'"* former Fumbles Lost 75 40 rk For listen'sNixt of these scribe's question con- t ....., ...- _. .2J
; sessions. Nine
The Oakland coach grew K.4V the KRME; iiJlis
champ dropped a decisionin Bethune.0 6 12 7-25 .w co-eds. cerning proposed
up in San Diego. He took .,.. Y FoePHILADELPHIA were match."I .
London to young Terry Benedict. 8 0 6 6-20 CLEVELAND.Pro foot-

pains to point out that Downes after staging a Pro Football was scheduled to ball fans especially

he was a serious playerand futile -- An fight him back in 1956
valiant but fight supporters of the cleve-
not a clown for the Announces official of the World but he backed out."
Ray Just didn't have -ScoresAP landers were heartenedby
Globetrotters who had Boxing Association has
enough left to catch the Commissioner Klein said the return of celebrated -
plenty of players of elusive young Brittisher HomecomingTALLAHASSEE suggested than an elimi- LEAGUE the commission would Syracuse All-

both, types. Alleging incompatibility nation tournament to Eastern Division welcome such a fight, American Ernie Davis to

iOne thing I' d like to Mrs. Robinson was -- The determine heavyweight I L T pct adding that his office the fold.Davis .

do,"" he said, "and. their Florida A&M University champion sonny List on' s Houston.....4 1 0 .800 would go all out to make
granted custody of the National
that's to teach my Rattlers, National Negro : I next foe be staged in Boston..3 2 0 .600 the bout if both partieswere
son Ray Robinson Jr. Football League's numberone
players some of the Collegiate Football the near future. New,York..2 4 0 .333 interested."It .
13. and $200 a month :draft choice had
'Trotters' great passing alimony. Champions will play the "Floyd Patterson BUffalo......1 5 0 .167 would be a naturalfor been sidelined by a

techniques. most players A&T College Aggies of miserable showing WESTERN DIVISION Philly" the com-
According to the blood disorder for the
pass too methodically, North Carolina for home- ;. against Liston should Denver......:5 1 0 .883 missioned stated. And ,
divorce petition the past two months which
only passing once in coming her in Bragg force Patterson to prove Dallas..4 1 0 .800 should draw a million
Robinson s were marriedin was discovered while
awhile. I'd look to see Stadium on November 3. himself against other San Diego...3 4 0 .500 dollars or more from the
May 1943 in Chicagoand working out with the
more passing and to put EARL BELL contenders before any Oakland......0 50.000 live gate.
have been separated college All-Stars in
more action and zest RATED the best defensive second match with Listen NF LEAGUE
since Nov. 3, 1959.'MORE Former FAMU 0.0.0TALLAHASSEE Chicago last summer.
into the game, back on the ," said Tony Pe- EASTERN DIVI3 DN -- End Al
Davis, mom Medics said
--- -
team last Senior tronella, chairman of Washington. 0 2 1000 snared
year Denson 19 passes
Court Star'Ilks had a form of lukemia
Earl Bell of yeadon, the WBA's ratings com New York.,3 2 0 .600 for 395 yards and six

POWER TO YOU! (Pa.) is starting left mittee. P1ttsbar! ...3 2 0 .600 touchdowns to rank as has--accroding to doctors -
Pro Pact -responded extremely -
dethroned Patterson Dallas......2 2 1 .500
halfback for Central Liston the number one pass receiver well to formal treat-

I PITTSBURGH.' PA>' Walt State college football on a first-round Cleveland..3 3 0 .400 on the national ment.
FACTORY I I Kennedy the All-SI AC team. Last season Bell knockout Sept. 25 in St. Louis... 1 3 1 .250 championship FloridaA&M Davis' conditioning
Elgin 44508AUTOMOTIVE center from Florida AIM cored two TD' B and Chicago. Philadelphia.1 4 0 .200 football team. He program will be directly

University, has staged: a averaged 5. 4 yards in patronella said the WESTERN DIVISION is a junior this fall.o0o supervised by Dr. Vic-

MARINE DIESELSOUTHWAY contract ,to play pro- 14 carries. He' s also Archie woore-Casslus Green Bay...5 0 0 1000 tor IPpoli to, Browns'team

fessional basketball for the teams number one Clay 12-rounder Oct. 23 Detroit.....4 1 0 .800 physician.

the Pittsburgh Rens. punter. at Los Angelje could Baltimore..3 2 0 .600 .

In his four-rear, career Bridges Allows serve as the first San FranelscoS 2 0 .600 '.4.,. : ';;1

with the Rattlers. Ken elimination bout and Chicago......3 2 0 .600

BATTERY MFG. CORP. nedy led the team to Senior loops that matches involving Los Angeles..0 5 0 .000 CLOSED CIRCUIT GENE

FOOT OF WEST ADAMS three begue championships Eddie Machea. Ingemar .inne.ct..O: 5 0 .('00 TELECAST
1st Grand Slammer
I .He is a native of Johansson, Cleveland ALP SCORES DIRECT/LIONarousnaraRK FU LLM ER

Tuskegee Ala. and NEW YORK -- Yankees' Williams zora Policy Buffalo 35. San Diego 10 ... SAN riuajco,uur
played prep basketballat and Patterson could Houston 56, New York 17 : CHAMPION
liefer Marshall
You Don't Have to Go to Town to Get :1:.
Tuskegee High. Bridges first world follow.I Denver 23. Oakland 6 d

LOW PRICESOn The amount of Kennedy Series record may never NFL SCORES
contract not disclosed -
was become to his
i one per- Baltimore 38, Cleveland 14
Pareaore speedyand
announced Ed
sonal liking--slnce he Dallas 41, Philadelphia 19
Tour Oglesby. FAMUs head is now the first American powerful Pittsburgh 20, New York 17
the Florida A&M
basketball coach.
League pitcher in the Rattlers Washington 17, St. Louis 17
University ,
WATCH THIS CLOWN contest's annals to San Francisco 34.Chlcaco 27
DRUG STORE NEEDS carried the football !1
slaa {
serve up a grand 59 times during the '61 Detroit 13. Los Angeles 10

Trade With Tour Neighborhood Drug Store S4-9t-3 hoaeran-pitch. season. Green Bay 48 Minnesota 21 HoHoME ., DICKTUESDAY
WE WILL MEET ANY PRICES ADVERTISED. IN YOUR 273-39-151 Bridges--as all sports .v.

LOCAL PAPERS fans know--served up the College FootballScores- i MIGHT VLlNjf I lULIlXOgfB

We Deliver-fe Also Pill All Dxtora'Pr erlDtioas 6 7 bases loaded homerun 23rd "fjP CMAUUCNGII

pitch to Giants' Chuck Bird waters 28 Vbrbees 6 .
3 1 Tnskegee 38, Knoxville 6 .PIUS 3 LIVE BOXING MATCHES!

Dixie Pharmacy 8 t. Hiller in the fourth Florida AIM 36. Morris Bishop 35. lust 6 Featuring; Colored ft White Boxers..Starts at 8 p.a.

lame, seventh inning in Brown 12. Morris 9. Savannah 6

17-64-53 the Stadium here. Bethune-Cookaan 25. Bene- V. Union 26, Win-Salea 14 COLISEUM

1302 Kings Road at Myrtle Avme 755- the H111e fifth' s blow four-master was only Morgan dict 20.State 39. Howard Shaw 14. Eliz. City 14. Tkkds M. .. cab .t Celi,."... .-4 C.wsw's O..tew". .

s..tt.et Ge's ay State 6 Tick Offic., HtmmHK Park
a Phones El 5-5597-98 So *ttm.. ..'. .... given by Bridges during Gen'1.Adm.$2.00-Reserve Bozes,13.00-S1ngslde.14.DO
Urn JJ N.C. College 28. Virginia Crown
CIV MH ..btrsels the '63 season. Royal I All TAXI INCL'Phone

wMks it all Fwd During the regular All State 6 T......... .-....... Au..... -<

.' PAY YOUR LIGHT, WATER AM TELEFMHE THIS CLOWNIS season. Bridges yielded N.C. A&T 20. Maryland St. 8 4 Cola .Coliseum 354-2011

BILLS AT OUR STilE WATCHING homers to Dick McAuliffe, St. Aatnstlne 20.St. Paul 8 a mar.iour T.V. Fight Starts 9.30 p.m.
AlL MIl 42. Pt. Valley 12
61-19-11 Tigers.

,, .


------ -

4 41 "

Saturday October 20. 1962
Page 10 FLIIIBI .

.- ;:.'..,. .,,.'" ., ,. ,.." ------ ......,. __ 1t. '. .p .
,!::'to,.I> ,_ ," >/$ "', ".,-". "iIr1"\'"..'"."' f", J;' .' McLendon'sDeath POLICE REPORTS
Chips Off The Blocks :' ; 1

Bf Jay Jy 1 i = MournedREV.
: ; -c' MAN. WOMEN SUSPECTEDOF conducted the investigation -

There was chaos on Ashley Street the other day. :, ., .r : :. :. : RIPEST G.W. MCLDCON ROBBING MAN ..
<" "" Scarcely had the street cleaners Lee
removed the J The Jacksonville Henry Harris. 45.
wreckage from around the Blue Chip Barber Shop : < .. :' :'_ community of 713 W. Beaver street

when a new disturbance started in the middle of ; : 'I rtf : ;;+.. when was It saddened learned Monday of- was the victim of a PROPERTY WOMAN REPORTS STOLEN

the 600 bIt ck. on Broad Street, Calvin 'Jack' <. ? ; the sudden passing of ale and female team 'The bedroom of Miss

Legette had cooled off slightly after the Dodgers < ., .__, ,. ..... "....-,.)_, ,- ..,<\- :' ,V',,,- Rev. Rupert G. I. Mc- who were listed as Corrie Lee Partridge.
lost. All Dodger fans switched caps overnightand \ _. .,, d1' s t /: w r :: ,.. Lendon, a prominent suspects number 1 and 21 of 1709 was entered

became Giants. To continue the story, fans resident, whose death 2, by police after last Monday and several
in the Artistic and in Skipper's Grill were Harris wallet and
occurred a short tine items were taken, police -
watching the game on TV. Suddenly Killer hit a after his baring been money; were stolen. reported.The .

grand slam. Harry "Peanut' puzi became ten feet condined a local Police said Vivian M. thief entered a

tall and erupted. Elmo 'Crack' Davis blew four t plJ1i hospital.A Colson. 25, of 748 W. bedroom window on the

fuses and Griel McCurdy almost cut a man's ear z. r a native of Geneva, Ashley street, and Han- east side of the house

off. The gloom was not lifted until Thresh hit ., a Ala., Rev. McLendon had sel Simpson. 37. of and stole several

one in the stands Wednesday. Still the Yankee been a resident of Jack- 654 W. 11th Street articlis: and some can

faithful dread going back to 'Candlestick.' in sonville for 37 years. were observed fleeing goods the police reports -

New York, reports came back that Albert Top>> Highly active in re- from victim at the indicated. The

Frazier fell off his favorite high stool when ligious and civic cir- corner of Ashley and thief apparently went

Hiller hit his blast. Jerry Nash claims that cles, he was a member of Davis Streets about out the back door which

Frazier could look at television in Jacksonville Magnolia Baptist Church, 7:05 P.m. last Tuesday.As was left op:n. A witness -

Instead of going to New York to do the same thing. Tuskegee Alumni Club the two entered a who lives next .
Robert Brymer has taken up a new sport. We were OPEN HOUSE SUNDAY---A new, ultra-modern facility joins Jacksonville1 rapidly the National Allianceof taxicab, .Harris ran up door said she saw the '..

shocked to see him and Ralph Washington bowling. expanding metropolitan area Sunday when Leon Bland, one of the city's most Postal Employees and accused Simpson of suspect leaving by the

More and more of the boys are becoming keglers. prominent morticians holds open house in his recently completed funeral home the Baptist Ministers' stealing his walletand back door.

They have found that bowling balls are cheaper Sunday at 6 p.m. at 4815 Avenue B. Mr. Bland attended Iowa University and received Brotherhood, James Wel- money, police said. It was reported that

than 'balling balls. his degree as a funeral director and licensed embalmer from Atlanta don Johnson Branch YMCA When he accused Vivian the suspect and the

The fabulous 'Ali Pat' Patrick of New York ,and College of Mortuary Science, Atlanta. For the past 13'' years, he has been affiliated and many other com- Colson of stealing she victim are first cou-

Atlanta blew into town this week. Ali Pat is with the Dallas J. Graham Funeral Home. He is a member of St. Phil- munity service projects.Rev. returned his wallet sins. Miss Partridge

fabled around, Atlanta and all points South. He lips Episcopal ChurchAlpha Kappa psi FraternityMaceo Lodge NO.8I.B.P.O.E.W. McLendon was held empty and Simpson stated that she would

is now connected with a record company and drop-, and other civic organizations. The general public is cordially invited to in a very high esteemby threatened him wmth a sign a warrant, police

ped in to see his old pal Ken Knight. Sunday1 dedicatory and open house ceremony. George Patterson constructed the those who had the knife.The two suspects said. Loss was ,given at

Jackie Graves, manager of the Continental Lanes new builaing. (Royal Art Studio photos) good fortune to have fled. Harris $53.73. The suspect was

in Houston and general supervisor for the cor- (t Continental: Forms 2 New Ladies'LoopsThe gained his friendship.He stated. Harris said the listed as Ernest Jades
Miami To Host amount taken
poration is in town. Jackie is making his roundsof leaves to mourn: was $9.50. 20. of 1312 Tyler St. .

the installations. He brings good news of formation of two their title.There's Regional BeauticiansMIAMI Mrs. Mabel McLendon. At the time of his arrest police said.

Luke LawtonHargrove Wooten and other old' friends new ladies leagues music in the Simpson had $7.48in The investigation was
widow two Rupert
; sons
still around shaking brought to three the Dr. Katie E. his possession and ;
in Houston. Fred Beckett is air every 'Wednesday and G. W. McLendon Jr. city conducted by Patrolman
hands and speiling about the merits of bowling. number of ladies loops Thursday evening at Wickham. president of McLendon. his companion had $1.15 C. Barton.
living in Houston. Hemet engaged in Fall League the National Beauty and Dennis when she was arrested . .
Fred is a Philly boy now the bowling lanes. On Washington 0.c. ; four
Culturist League Inc.,
police said. order
of play at Continental
in the
an old baseball opponent person Wednesday evening at
daughters, Mrs. Annie
will be of the
to avoid
Bowling Lanes. Ladies HUSBAND INJUREDBY
the much traveled Buster Ford. Incidentally'Buster's 6:30. the Ladybird Lea- Ruth Powell and Mrs.
Vivian Colson
featured speakers attemptedto
still jumps on the week-ends. bowl on Wednesday and bowls. HIS MATE
Birdland' six teams
gue Mabel city; EvelynM.
during the 10th annual Mrs. give Harris $8.15.
Tis true Jazz they play out there.On Thursday evenings.The make up the league and Regi dial Meeting of Hodges, Tallahassee which was turned in as Leroy Davis. 42, of I
'the professor,' 'the Genius'or Queen Pins League, all have the of
kick name
the jazz the organization holds and Mrs. Priscilla evidence in question 7 55 Odessa Street was
call him will be in town this Mrs. Ann Runnels president birds. Officers are last
whatever you plays each Wed- its three-day sessionOct. Williamson of New York police said.Investigation. injured Monday
lee*. I mean tell everybody that.Ray Charles is evening at 9:30. Mrs. Mildred Hampton 28 through the city; also 13 grand- was police stated.

coming to town. Me and old Nicodemus have our nesday comprisethe president; Mrs. Dorothy 30th here.Regional children, nephews, and-- conducted by PatrolmenH. Davis said his wife
tickets already way down front. He kicks off at Eight loop. Last years Johnson vice-president headquartersfor other relatives. Edwards Jr. and S. Alice Mae Davis. 48,

8:30 p.m.Herman Schlitz Mrs. Kathleen Jones, -11 Tinned activi- Final rites will be Washington. had been to Union and

Cowser and my man Charles Pelham were out championship secretary and Mrs. ties will be in the held Saturday at 3:30 e . Florida Ave., and he
Ladies ,face stiff com-
on the town. Cowser was explaining the meritsof petition this year in Helen Brown assistant Hampton House.Starting p.m. in Bethel Baptist POLICE DISCOVERS went to :let her. When

Chrysler Imperial versus Caddy. When all was the fight to retain secretary. Mrs. Luella at 8 p.m. Institutional turch.Interment SCHOOL BREAK IN they got home they got

said and done, I had to agree with Pelham when Cummings, treasurer; Oct. 28 a welcome will be in into an argument and

he said, 'life is a bird, ain't it?" Mrs. Susie Keith breakfast will be held. Memorial Cemetery. The R. L. Brown school she cut him and ran out

Something new in the way of education has come STRAND chaplain and Mrs. at 10 a.m. delegates Holmes and West Funeral' 1535 Milnor Street was of the house. Davis

to town. So far, so good for the Lincoln Busi- Ernestine Rivers will be taken on a Home, 2719 W. Edgewood broken into sometime said he followed his

ness College. We went through the premises and Suftday t thru Saturday publicity chairman. tour of Miami and Miami Avenue in charge.Brewster between 5:30 p.m. Last wife to 838 FloridaAve.

from all indications they are for real. The ember teams are Beach. Monday and 7 a.m. last ., and tin* is where

courses offered for certainly meeting the current ALL HELL BREAKS Flamingos starlings. Dynamic Dr. Wickham Men Tuesday, police re- police received a call.

needs of industry. A person with the desire and LOOSE Inphis Eagles, Chickadees will address the dele- ported.It The injured man received -

ability would profit from the school' program.The Swans end Robins. gates at 3 p.m. and Met was reported that first aid treatment -
fish tales are in vogue again. Ennis Ceasoris The other new leagueat principal speaker for SundayThe someone used an axe to at Fire Station

spinning the latest. He fished up and down the Continental Is the sunlight Beauty break open the rear flp. 5. He was taken to-

river banks and did not get a nibble. Ceasar hada called the Musical School commencement Brewster Men's bath room window. After Duval Medical Center

tub full of fish. He declares that they caught Pins. Officers are Mrs. will be Dr. Club held a meeting gaining entrance to for treatment. An employee j-'
program last to make
them at 'The Croaker t. Ozzie Sunday the school the thiefor
Hole. That's a spot across E Williams Edward T. Graham. The at 838 FloridaAve.
the rirer from New Berlin. We think that they 1 president, Armenous Mc- graduation exercises financial reports and thieves entered the said Davis chased

were\.usht at Seafood Center with silver bait. Clendon, secretary* will be held in Mt. to map plans for the kitchen by raising a his wife into the

The wolves are licking* their chops. They are Grace Gilbert, assist- Zion Baptist church. future projects that panel opening into the restaurant knock her

waiting for the glamorous models of the Ebony 2ad Co- Hit! ant secretary, janette 0 n Oct. 29th the launched.are now ready to be. cafeteria and the only down and left.Patrolmen .

Fashion Fair to hit town. If the old policy prevails Smith, treasurer and business session and thing reported missingwere D.L. Poston

Mother DeKnlght will tuck her darlingsin INtJILD''VII IDM AO I. Ei ININrn Yvonne Ringer publi- clinical workshops will During the meeting the two one half pints and A.W. Harvey in-
JWI1._ men expressed their of milk and three rolls
and the boys may look but not touch. Fashion city chairman. Member vestigated.loYs'WANTED.
underway 8 a.m.
NiaEn get gratitude the Daylight the caretaker Walter .
Fair has an Oriental look this year. 'IrEtE !......IU teams are the Melodies. At 9 a.m. the Tropical r
liMY Grocery company
Members of the urban League Guild are beginningto UIIQIIII Chords Rhythmettes an Williams, reported. He
Hair Style
..fr12! Prestos. The Rhythmet Beautyrama for the charitable said nothing else was I
practice for their annual affiar. "Spectecular ,
Show and dance will be
gifts it donated to To Sell Florida
missing. Star
urbannetts" will hit the boards at the .,. tes and chords were [
I. KQWUtt iMMllVf p..p IIWD held in the Fiesta Room
help create interest in
victorious in their Patrolmen C.V. thorn- on Southside. I
Armory on the Wednesday Thanksgiving.Helen .
before Elizabeth
of the Mary
drawing patrons to the Come to 2117
Robinson and her aides are busy working ROOSEVELT SUNDAY ThruTuesday first evening league Hotel. annual ton and B. E. Baxter St.
Festival at call
bowl FUn or FL 9-1271
play. They
the skit. Proceeds from the presentation will
on The final day's session -
Ed and
gewood Avenue
to go the Urban League. By the way, a decision 3 BIG."66 1 JOHN Hits! Thursday Ladies who at do 8:45 not p.m.bowl Oct. 30, opens Vernon Road. Each nighta

will be made soon concerning the league. A sort with the business meet- bag of groceries was
invited to out
of sink or swim deal. '''ANGEL and the BAD MAN"WAKE are and attend the come free ing and clinical workshop given away. The company

Happy Birthday to C. P. Johnson of the Florida bowling clinic which at 8 a.m. At 5 P.m also donated certifi-
Star staff, Barbara Reed of Brewster, her big the delegates will takea
cates to the children
of the RED WITCH will be held each Monday -
brother Freddie L. Brown, Renee Francis, JohnnieM. trip to Nassau.A which reduced the fare
and all children of Libra. Star Wednesday and handsome attendance MEDIUM SHRIMP
Mitchell you "SANDS of IWO 1 JIMA" Friday at 6:00 p.m. of the various rides. Lb. 79c
employees gave C. P. a surprise party. Daniel trophy will be awardedthe The men are gratefulto
All desiring to
Nicholson, a member of the Brewster Men's Club, All Three of These learn parsons to bowl or improve -' group having the Mrs. E. B. R. Cox, LARGE SHRIMP...............Le.Ai $110|
made the presentation for the club. largest attendance
Mrs. P.E. Jones and
Sympathy goes out to Alvin 'Cree' Paige and JOHN their game are registered. Service mult *f Mi. Dp t. *f C."*cr*..M.', efleet t. "r."'...
invited. Mrs. Robert L. Hender- ,..,/. N.Lth .. .ft"
joanie Cofield. They lost a mother and' aunt re- awards will also be
son directors of the BREADED MULLET FISH STICKS
spectively. Mrs. Paige died suddenly the early Presentation Made To tendered individuals. Gretel and Gertie MMltn. Sktalm,S-u. Sin Only ISO Sucks/ $J.IS LB. 49c

part of the week. This Pass St. Paul School; Eric 0. Simp-
little boy some twenty odd years OCEAN VIIW
When I was a I Music Teachers
son, editor; Al Wise SCAT FISH
ago, I would wait outside the Durkee Field tocarrJ' Plus 6C will admit one : Announces ServicesThe news editor and staff SPOTS L. 35c
glove. Each day the old Red
in asy buddy's 49c
of the Florida star
there would be dozens of us wait- presentations were women of St. Paul SPECKLED LB.
Red Caps played
hill under 14 to see to the Church are busily Uriah Portee and staffof TROUT tlMITID 59'
presented music AME
ing for the team. The favorite of the kids was AMOUNT IB. RED BASS E.. 43c:
the Star Edition of
would give one of us his teachers in attendanceat planning the termina- 3'S 5 Lb. A'....
'Mint'Jones. He
See "THE CAT GIRL" the state Music tion a f their -annual the Florida Times IAIGI
shoes and still another his
glove, another his celebration Union; Radio stationsWOBS IL59s RED BASS uZ9c:
little bag. With these items we could walk proudly leadership Conference Women's Day (.12 Ifc. Avf. fr*. thrifty t....,
(THE Roosevelt Sat. Oct. lOt held at 'Florida A&M which closes on Sunday. and WRHC and all
past the tickets takers and enter the game. University last week Oct. 28.Conmittees. other sources that FISH JST4.35CFLOUNDER:: WRITHING L,. 32cPINSACOLA :
The untimely passing ofMint' Jones this week to advertise the
From 10A.M. to 2P.M. representing -
tears a page out of the book of memories of many which the Florida was sponsored State Music by all departments: are 1962 Fun Festival. The ,.. 49cCHECH RED SNAPPER 11. S9c:
of us who were reared around the 8th Street sector SHEEPNOSES 35c
Educators Association.Dr. working wmth the cooperation given by FLORIDA L,.
______ __ -B Mi and these individuals and SPANISH
J. Richard various chaiirman LOBSTERS
Warren LB.69c MACKERELL 39c
t,. :
State Consultant in captains under the groups a very

THE EDGEWOOD LOIIII'I Music Education opened direction of Mrs. prominent role in

the confab with an address Lucile P. Jones general helping to put the StoneGIFTED
on 'The Challenge chairman, with their job over.

to Music Educa- goals toward making The next major issue AND LIFE READER
tion." this the most success- confronting the Brew- SPIRITUALIST

I ENTERTAINMENT NITELY I w ful annual observancein ster Men* s Club is the Will read your PAST-

the church's history fruit sale project,
RBI FOR RENTFurnishedALSO which Is also annual
I The entire church an
I FeaturingRobert Gives names of ene-
Folly membership is fully affair. "
mies and friends.
Equipped Balf-Apartaent supporting the sponsorship The men are gratefulto
Madam Stone reunitesthe
I H. 3-9942 of the annual Humble Oil Company, '
Grisby separated and
celebration which grows who so graciously donated -
causes speedy and
I TALKINGNEW year by year resulting the land for the happy marriages.Overcomes 1
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I wife snl Msic N the erga Ray Green ene-
I Complete King James new Interests.
mies, bad luck and evil influences of all

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