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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200632datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date October 13, 1962dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=006320740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
October 13, 1962
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
October 13, 1962
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Df FLA. NISiO YMiami's

Franklin Federal Savings And Loan Assn. OffICially Opens Friday, Oct. 12th

*-- *-- *-- -....... *....... *....... *....... *- *- *....... *....... *. *- *-, *



F. _,; ,.

*. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *- *- *- *************** 1 00,



VIL 12-NO.. 28 SATURDAY OCTOBER 13, 1962 15 CENT M


i Qaseis To RtlgVHere Salarda Favor Wildcats


An aura of fall pageantry

r. and color annually

a.b pervade sport associated of football--will the with Jax com-the BARRING NEGRO PUP1p -

y ,L i SWi munity traditional Saturday gridironfoes when

representing Be '-" ****
7V1L4V thuneCookman' Wildcatsand !ProUsf! Over Horn BlowingI.lisved \ \

Benedict College's Answers Negro. ,I.. Meredith 'II" ..

Tigers Saturday clash night head-on in thi : Led To SlayingA Parents SuitTALLAHASSEE ,Army Bias :I1)

second annual presentation widespread police hunt is being con-
a3 4 -- In OXFORD Miss Unusually -
% of the Jacksonville ducted for a man who shot local barber
answering a suit filed
to death Friday night quiet James
Classic. jshop proprietor Est| in federal district
rx Y-. Actually, festivities 'rafter" the two had briefly exchanged harsh
court here by Negro parents w
get underway Friday .:words.The .
seeking integration -
night when supporters of suspect, johnny B. i t of Leon County's I

both teams and guests 'Riggins (alias JohnnyB. public schools. Leon

gather in Duval County Wynn and Johnny B. School Board officials

Armory for the Classic Ragln) took flight filed an answer this

dance which begins at after firing three bul- week stating that no Ne- .

.Y arx u" 'ai 10 o'clock. lets Into the body of gro child has been x

: : Officially the game's Woodrow Edward Patterson denied admission to a

colorful series of a barber. iIi white school on accountof
: .yp .. events kickoff' with a Witnesses stated that race. ,
f -
:, ':' : mammouth parade at Patterson protested to The school board's I IJames

'; suY 12 o'clock noon consist- Riggins about con- brief stated that no
> ing of the Bethune and tinually blowing the complaint had been \
'f Benedict bands, the of Sounds Off
,, horn of his automobilein filed by any parent
;. respective college front of the barber a school child seeking Meredith sounded off

; ; queens and courts ridingin shop, after which the reassignment, adding Tuesday by critici-

festively decorated suspect allegedly got that practice of racial zing the U.S. Army

d floats, eight crack out .of the car and segregation has been due and the NAACP in

Duval County high school opened fire. on the to this reason. their' handling of
bands and majorettecorps barber. WOODROW E. PATTERSON As to the mstter of the certain aspects of

Y rand. floats/'. d.r a 'J\*" 'The'..'8. en .;ofithe- slay- .Gun Slaying Victim sari gnmenV flo1teac: .ere,*'-:thew'dese ire ga tlo ,of....tithe
motorcade rep esntinicivicfraternal ,ing was 1108 E. 21st Wanted By Police and administrative personnel University of'
HER MAJESTY AND ATTENDANTS---Miss Delores Bing (center) Bethun -Cookman's cur- organi- Street. the school board Mississippi. :.

rent queen and her attendants Edith Murray, Beverly Taylor and Gloria Abney, zations and business The suspected Rigginsis stated that this matteris Meredith charged that
pose under portrait of the late reserved for the
Mrs. Mary McLeod Bethune the college s distinguished concerns. said to have been the Army had segregatedits
founder. Bethune's and Benedict Colleges' queens and their attendants During the afternoonand driving a green-and- school board and! not to troops which were

will feature program activities during the annual Jacksonville Classic evening prior to, white oldsmobile, dbp' p arents of school brought here followingthe

festivities here Saturday. Miss Taylor is a native of Jacksonville. game time, Jax citizenrywill thought to be a 1955 children. riot' which erupted

r host supporters of model. Negroes failed: : to exhaust when he came here some
Facility Opus Now Vistas
the two colleges. all remedies provided 11 days ago.Rebutting.
WOMaNMau's Wildcats Slight Fa- under thai 1956
VA Announces Meredith
For Florida's Noiro Investors I vorites. Florida's public assignment charges Army Secretary

MIAMI---History will be in the making During resumption of New Nonage PlanST. l law. leaving Cyrus Vance countered
Fatal Shooting the Classic last here them no just cause for
here Friday night when the South's first board Negro
Bethune s Wildcats court action -
nterracially operated federal savings year PETERSBURG---The not placed on sane
I and loan association opens its doors for Police are holdinga eked out a thrilling Veterans Administration concluded. patrols to "avoid unnecessary -
old 25-19 win over the South Federal Judge G. Har-
30-year woman incidents"
business following an auspicious dedica- is making"another
the rold Carswell denied a
Carolinians in contest.s -
tory program. offering of mortgages during the ,rather tense
f fading moments. obtained incident to request of the school days following the
On the strength of 1 board to dismiss the
Chartered as the frank- the sale of homes acquired riots.
in Florida's ti-* their current season's JOHNNY B. WYNN suit two weeks ago it '
lin Federal Savings and under its GI "Ole Miss's" first
nancial circles, is record with a 19-0 win ABOVE is a police i- was reported. student also
Loan Association and home loan guaranty pro- Negro
president of the new e.' over strong South Carolina gram, Rufus H. Wilson, dentification photo ofa Daisy Bates' denied a report that he

association. Other mem- '. State a crushing manager of the St. man known as Johnny was 'pi cked" for the

bers of the concern's i ": 43-0 victory over Albany Petersburg Regional Of- Riggins (alias JohnnyB. Story On Press desegregation movement
and 25-23 loss Wynn and Johnny B.
State a
,board officials include fice, announced. priorVA 'other than acting upon
4 Dr. Nathaniel C. Cols- to Morris Brown the offerings were'on a Ragin. ) This man is NEW YORK---The historic his own initiative a

ton, chairman of the Wildcats then--as predicted competitive bidding being widely hunted by struggle for school integration statement which was
.y ) --bowed to PAW s police in I
T. board; Rev. Edward T. basis. The current offerIng connectionwith in Little later endorsed by Aaron "

Graham, vice president; Rattlers by a 65-0 tally is "across the the weekend slayingof Rock, Ark., and the per- Henry, president of the

Phillip Spier, vice "jJ However sports observers counter" at prices established Woodrow Edward Patt- sonal struggle of Little Mississippi NAACP.

chairman; Joseph p. !I are inclined to by the VA. erson. Riggins 50, Rock's heroine, Mrs.
Curry, secretary; and go along with the Wild- With the exception of is said to be 5 feet, Daisy Bates, is movingly CORE Initiates
cats again this year fora I
Otis D. Jamestreasurer.The repeat win over the loans secured by pro- 10 inches in height, portrayed in her new Miss. Action

board of directors RUTH L. GAYNCN due perties.in New York approximately 190 to book, Ih _fi2! !
J includes: Dr. Norman J. ..Murder suspect South Carolinians New jersey,Massachusetts 200 pounds in weight, NEW YORK. N. Y. -- A
to Coach Cy: McClairen'sgreat Ql-LIttLa-Eack.
Russ, Loyal M. Downing, suspected of having Connecticut, Rhode and of medium brown broad program of econo-

Walter C. Cogdell, fatally shot a 53- Sophomore passer Island, Vermont and New complexion. Any information book is scheduled for mic sanctions against
Frazier and his
Emanuel 11. Prntcher year old man at Bobby Haig>shire, sales pricesfor concerninghis publication October 29 ultrasegregationistMississippi
supply of reserve whereabouts shouldbe by David McKay Co. has been
about Wed- loans in the current
BILLY MILLER' nesday. strength in both his offering will be: forwarded to this Mrs. Bates, long an launched by CORE. All
President backs and linemen. active leader in the branches
pr&eRate newspaper or to police of CORE'S 60
Pronounced dead on arrival Interest Sales
located in the teeming at Duval Medical Benedict with a sparse oer_S100 Headquarters, Homicide fight for civil rights across the country will
business thoroughfareat ; supply of returning Division. and a national Board be mobilized to partici-'
,1001 N.W. 3rd Avenue, Center was Leroy Brooks letter has garnered only 5% 98.5 member of the NAACP pate. \
of First St.,
53. 832 E.
the ultra-modern facility reports state. Under investigation two wins this season, 5%% 99.5 16-Year Old gives a dramatic and The program calls for f
will serve Dade murderis that being a 7-6 upset 5K% 101.5 intimate account of -dissuadingnew industry
.2. for
County's estimated 4. Mrs. Ruth Louis Gay- over perreni ally strong, 5*% 103.5 Drowiiig Victim southern fury pitted from locating in, Mississippi -
Morris Brown which had urging the
150,000 Negroes under ICounsel non who was waiting at 6% 105.5 against the steadfast
"There a : in turn the previous offer- unflinchingdetermlnation federal government to
the motto, ; the scene of the incident Mortgage loan The body of 16-year ,
wet upset powerfulTenn. "Little cancel construction ',of
penny Is Saved is a when Deputy Constable ings also are being old George Goolsbyof of the
Dollar earned." Edward Holt Ail. The Tigers made in the excepted 6206 Pettiford Rock Nine" to attainan any segregated facili-
then went onto defeat educa- ties in the state and
well- unsegregated
Billy Miller, : arrived. states but the price Drive was found
Knoxville College 44-0
in the
rt r--- Police report that the schedules are different. floating in the St. tion. the
last Saturday. make their In her story, Mrs. courts the right of
Investors may River at the
deceased, his sister, John's ,
Halftime highlights selection loans Bates also tells of her state or any of Its .
and Mrs. Oaynon had been own East end of Fuller
drinking. Since their ,again promise to behighly and will not be limitedto warren Bridge Fri- childhood embittered by cities to income tax
entertaining of her mother exemption on bonds sold
the murder
were no eye witnesses loan day, Oct. 5 by Arthur '
with scheduled perfor-
Ronald C. Shafer, and later at the scene it blocks of loans. The Andrews, 25 of by white rapists and to build segregated ,
mances by the two colleges -
Atty. Henry H. Arring- has been presumed that loans will be sold witha 2563 County Docks the gradual replace- facilities."The I'
and local
ton, counsel. the two became in an high repurchase guaranty Rd. ; police re- ment of her bitternessand federal government -
; Dividends will be paid argument sad that the school bands. by the VA. The VA will ported. hatred with a belief in effect is presently \
quarterly with 4; per woman fatally shot the Top Bhtcttr buy back a seriously de- Identification was in the brotherhoodof subsidizing

t cent paid on all deposits aan. faulted loan for the made Saturday by inyestiptlnlofficers- man and the deter- bonds by making them
NEi: YQR Millie "
the association Brooks' relative, according T. same price paid by the mination to be an active tax-free explained
stated. Deposits Qosaett WEB elected than part In the battle James Farmer, CORE
to reports afro purchaser. More who found classroom '
made by the 20th of Mrs. OBBle 11111.... oi of the hoard. $100 million of VA notes and four snapshots for equal rights. That national direction at

each month will start sister of 1210 Franklin director of vthe owned mortgage, loans on the body.; There' was this battle was fought the press conference,

earning dividends ,as of St., and a brother United Negro College have been sold with .no evidence of foul in an atmosphere of *******
Fund at the organization's the unflinching
the first of each 'month, Irvin Brooks ,of IIM this repurchase guaranty play but an autopsy will continual harassment cony of

HATHANIEL, COLSTCffilQuUrmaa the announcement cuneluded. Langston Street. held in Atlanta.annual meeting since April. be made, police said. and violence is testi- spirit of its writer.'f .

of the Board .

: r

-! fir w t -T ysl rey
''':Ei'1<:"_ ,, -

--- --.....: .- -' ';:;' ::;" : ;; :: ...,. -- -
; .' _._", -..,. '. ...........
.i :

mi 2E T FIMIA STAR. : SATURDAY OCTOBER 13, 1962 t tL \

L .

THE FLORIDA STAR t- (,< 48 "'
4 f.-"
.; rwiLkt


published by the Florida Star publishing co.
BY ERIC 0. p
"Heater of Associated. Negro press"

S t -- t ., --
? ERIC 8. SWPSMLALYSBN ..=.-..... E_

L USE. T ......._JmE* f ,-.' WASHINGTON I -An analysis of the decisionsof
1 r the U. S. Supreme Court during the 1962 ;

!: HILDA VOOTEN.......... ...CiclliIIL la pr term underlines the role of the court-as s'
"the nation's supreme guardian of the

MAIl tfflCE & PLAIT: 4 liberties of the people it was reportedby

r, : the American Jewish Congress.The .
ti 2323 Mncrief Road NMN Elfi M712 a 41783 -
---- L.4 organization's annual survey of Supreme -
: ; : __ Court rulings showed that in 22 out

1_ utess: ; ____ cf 28 civil rights and civil

...'. __
P. 0. Boi 561, Jxbnvie 1, Fteft. JJ ____ liberties cases decided last
t __ termthe Court ruled in favor
.* _
+ t -
.I .:"1' : :: -- of the person claiming his <#

SUBSCRIPTION RATES ._ .; constitutional rights had

I 'r5 been denied. This amounted to

,., Cae Year $6.00 Half Year $4.00 .::...;..: 78.5 per cent, compared with
GbIhG _.._ ..
tj Mailed to You Anywhere In the united States 68 per cent--106 favorable
To ATTACK us. W5 ,
l Subscription payable in Advance OEST NIM I.t. / decisions in 185 cases-durinQ ..

Send Check or Money order to: the previous four terms, it i

FLORIDA STAR P. O. BOX 561 :: was noted.

Jacksonville 1. Florida The 61-page American Jewish Congress

; VrCi study, sixth in an annual series, was pre-

Job Discrimination Against Negroes pared by Leo Pfeffer, director, and JosePh -
(' S.. : of ,; B. Robinson, assistant director of

Hampering The Pace Of Jax Growth c the organization's Commission on Law and

g Social Action. Ephraim Lindon is chairmanof

t The unfair employment policies maintained : _. -, = commission.
by the majority.of Jacksonville businesses '.. .. ., \ :.,"'. ."-10 Drop in Number of Decisions Noted

discrimination which must be -
js'an area
The study reported that fewer cases involving -
quickly cleared up if this city is to enjoy STRIKE GOVERNMENT. ACTIM Will MAKE MISSISSIPPI IT'S BURIAL PLACE the Bill of Rights were decided

and that solid -
continued growth prosperity

which is the economic backbone of -- ,. '. r during the last term than in the previous .
year, reflecting a decrease from 120 to

urban' c mmun I ty. 101 in the total number of opinions writ- .
1 d "
:We are I in the midst of ..a-great transition ',I ;'::! .. ._, ten by the court. This was attributed to
evidence of this ;. tIIF.t: Your. I
hereabouts. Predominating : "
.:': Weekly
q. the .fact that Justice Felix Frankfurter

4 transition is the number of major business became disabled and did not participatein

concerns who have chosen this city as a
decisions for substantial of
base of operations. Sears Roebuck& Co.'s = : the any term and Justice a Charles Whittaker part retired -

dollar establishment Bay Guide
multi-million on -
on April I well before the end of
Street spells this out. The Atlantic Coast the term.Thirteen.

the terminus importance -
Line Railroad, realizing
cases were taken off the calendar -
of Jacksonville has made this PABLO Tht ASTROLOGER
By and postponed for disposition during
city its home base. To punctuate such enterprises ,
the term beginning Monday (October I ) it
one need only look to the Coliseum it i- -: WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR ,
was reported. Of these, nine were i in the

( ,the expressway system,the Auditorium, -BUSINESS LOVE TRAVELARIES field of civil I rights and civil I liberties.
City Hall the Courthouse..all these
'Ground-Breaking' Decisions Noted
things of which stand as concrete evidence <.

that Jacksonville, as a city, is being Of the 22 cases decided favorably, a t

carried toward a position of statewide particular conveyance tions not to get involved The more you try to least two were of major importance i n

well national recognitionon Born March 21st thru you would be doing in mishaps save on the one hand
prominence as as breaking new ground in the application i of
April 19th yourself the greatest hazardous adventures or the higher the costs
a tide of bold endeavors.It basic constitutional doctrines, the sur-
Tour emotions are being service to listen to it. compromising situations. seem to rise on the
is, therefore, both a racial and economic vey found, adding: .
i; stirred up. but you must 2-30-77-17-63-238 8-70-77-12-82-871 other. Not only do you
crime that the general employment these--Baker V. Carr--may in the

+' policy in this city is not in gear with exercise considerable CANCER LIBRA have to pay more for long run match in significance the Supreme -
Born 23rd thru
the mass machinery of municipal growth. self-coktrol to keep Born June 22nd thru Sept. the necessities but Court's I95U decision in the racial
Oct. 23rd
them in hand. All will taxes premiums and pos-
The calculated discrimination practiced a- July 22ndAs school segregation cases. In this case, ,
be well when YOU may be lulled by aperiod sibly impositions
you apply are
gainst Negroes by the majority of business Mercury returns to the court held that federal courts have

firms i is something we must all recognizeas all your energies to its normal direct mo- of tranquillityinto claiming more and more the power to hear and redress claims that
create things, and to believing that ther of your savings should
a dangerous detriment to the growth of tion on the 15th you arbitrary apportionment of legislative
turn in would give gain or be
superior and you you lucky enough to
1 this. city because 1 it ,.is.;forever under- original' Do'n' may soon find it" easierto districts constitutes a denial of equal
work. pleasure. of the
t" Be have
wary some. This is like-
mining the most determined efforts toward get things settledto protection of the laws.
hestitate to try out friends who may be put- ly to be the conclusionyou
establishing racial equity. yiur satisfaction.This The other significant decision the
F study
new ideas with due ting ideas in head
your will draw shouldy
4 The Negro market in Jacksonville has should include said, was in the case of Engel V. Vitale, '
regard for all safety or temptation in your be taking stock of {
reached considerable dimensions.
No longeris
precautions (17th) A housing problems, family way. Those of you who assets and obligations. in which the Supreme Court held that the .
i i it
solely field for door-to-door
a can- projects or any of the
_ romance or friendship have previous attach- in any event it looksas recitation of a daily prayer in a public
and bill col-
vassers Saturday morning differences that
could founder on the may ments may find out that if you will have to school violated the clause in the Con-
lectors. It has become a concentrated and have cropped up betweenyou.
rocks and leave sorrow they could be playing take a new measures to stitution prohibiting laws respecting an
metropolitan force of demanding and dis- Try to recognizethe
and disappointment in with fire should they safeguard your present establishment of religion.This ruling, the
criminating taste representing volume pitfalls that you
its wake. NO matter how stray at any time during and future interests AJCongress said, "was the logical applica-
of buying power that can in no wise be could run into and take
intensely you may feel this and the next quarter and to bolster your tion of principles clearly set forth in

ignored. around this time, you the necessary steps to place yourself ona security plans againstthe earlier Supreme Court decisions barring
Nevertheless, Negroes applying for employment avoid them should they
must maintain complete day-to-day basis and threats of infla- "
governmental aid to all
any or religions.
at most of the city's major truly materialize. Loss
mastery over your do likewise with your tion or other adverse The high court's rulings in sit-in and *
t stores and other business firms find of cash and valuable
thoughts and actions. business or dinancial forces. Freedom Rider another
themselves cases were highlightof
automatically relegated to 5-20-33-14-59-523 property may afflict
chorish jobs like that of janitor, errand- : those who have failed to 4-10-66-26-68-416 the term. These decisions, the American

runner, chambermaid or something of the Born TAURUS April 20th threMay : take the appropriate 7-90-22-14-47-792 AQUARIUSBorn Jewish Congress study asserted, "made. .
20th guards. SCORPIO ; clear that all state segregation laws are
i3 sort, despite the fact that in many instances Born Jan. 20th thru
_ f Oct. 24th thru unconstitutional and that persons may not
the applicant is the possessorof You my find just what 4-40-22-15-55-425 Feb.! 18th
Nov. 22nd be punished for defying practices and
a college degree, high school diplomaor you want, if you are LEO MaKe sure tnat you are "
other of Born July 23rd thru Moderate your attitudesthe customs of segregation.
some proof qualification. looking around for some- absolutely blameless be-

Negroes are no less qualified to func- thing unusual to adorn Aug. 22nd moment you perceive fore you chide your mateor Elephants Make Poor Safe Crackers!

tion in managerial supervisory and even the home to make life This is the critical that piople in charge, partner for aggressive r'I

administrative positions than are whites. more practical and com quarter of the month or those who share your attitudes. You tend to be : /,"; .'..
habitation, showing --i
They can manipulate office machines and fortable. And with Mere when both your allies signs of displeasure.This are morose or likely to put ryw

conduct office routine with the caliber of cury going forward you and competitors could Id far to ;the worst possible inter- :
ecu go
effeciency that most business firms demandIn also start rollingup take a definite stand :
may offset the showdown that pretation on the actionsor 1----)
I short, they should not be kept con- your sleeves 'for the against you or your threatens. problems that behavior of others.
fined in prison of discrimination amount of work future intentions. It s
a expending growing keeping you from This could lead to a R

their gifts and energies operating that will have to be may be wise to antici- are arriving at the desired definite showdown withno y r y J ,

elevators and keeping restrooms attractive done. Disharmony within pate their moods or demands J
it results can better be one the gainer and -' yi
simply because they black. the family should not and try to arriveat '
are solved through tact, everyone the loser. : : '1

The Negro dollar is readily accepted be allowed to simer, or an understanding.Should diplomacy or profound Showdowns between \ ,

whenever he himself the to reach the' point wherea this be in vain
presents as shop- thinking than through friends loved ones __
per. In accord with this, his application final break is pro- you dons may expect any show- forceful means. Danger- debtors and creditorsare ? ____ .,
for employment should b voked. 'conflict with take place by y -_
e as readily accepted
the 20th. our work methods or quite likely to set .. : v
The Intensityof r
so Icng as he can satisfy the existing existing statutes could conditions should be the stage for revolu-

requirements.After also crop up. making it feelings of and thedepth rapidly corrected before tionary decisions and

all that dollar he spends has to essential for :you to be ensuing make resentments something serious trans- changes. The first shot

come from somewhere. And dollars take cities fully informed as to possible may for it im- 'pires. may be fired and you can

where they eventually arrive. And what you can do, at to make either side 580991539689SAGITTARIUS expect conflicts to be- Prrtty Tralm-r ( ......,. tit The Itr cur of Jungle Frirnd
any retractions .
whether the discriminationists home.
like it or come intense. This may
now or later. This is
not, Jacksonville i is going places. 3-50-44-16-63-354 the mean upsets that affect
compelling sdA 1x
...And the Negro i te going with it. reason a rd y W
GEMINI Born Nov. 23rd thru your business, reputa-
underlying the
. recom-
Born May 21st thru mendation that all Leos Dec. 21st tion and home life severe .. .

fT June 21st should make the greatest This could be the cri- enough to compel .3 l

". You can accomplish a effort to remain tical week of the month you to chart your future
...... ..'.... mastersof
: J f lot. Put the finishing themselves. when you are faced with course in entirely dif-
: '
;: I .' touches in your hone, 6-10-22-13-58-612 the unpleasant prospect, ferent directions. r ;\

:<- ''\ or Bake the final pur- VIRGO of making a final deci- 8-40-44-14-96-841 !;r

chases that you deem sion, one that you would PISCESBorn f
Born Aug. 23rd thru 3 t
necessary to give it the gladly leave to soaeooe Feb. 19th thru
Sept. 22nd 1
appearance you have desired else. Don t be panicked March 20th
Any ailments that ,
.. and planned. you maybe or pressured into accepting Conditions seem tran- "

should watch out for afflicting you may advice that quil enough during the _
be traced, to certain
.. % 4 interesting sales but goes contnly to your fore part of this third
faulty eating or living
Collect the bargains habits. Should therebe deeper Instincts, as quarter. This may lull ..-Jf', .....!' ,..
that will place the any d ubts, do not you world have cause to you into a false feeling .=-.,.....-.. : --". I
least strain on limited fail to consult those regret it for a longtime of self-confidence the ;'l1"' II
While an elephant may claim worldwide fame for
caah funde. Hold yourself who are recol! sized prac- to mae if yon fail usual precursor to mishaps retention, n doesn't foUow that even a trained one can memory"crack"a

HIT THE BEACH-! --Jeeps1 and tanks of the in check to keep titioners or specialiststo to resist. Write or say due to negligence modern office safe however The, Metlink Safe people wanted to see k1 *
an elephant try on one of their latest office
fro the words model
.mobilized i 150th Armored Cavalry Regimentof saying diagnose your trouble nothing that could be or reckleeeness. Koa a 3.000-pound H-year-old male African elephant, did hia
the West Virginia National Guard roar that will hart peoplewho and to prescribe the used as a basis .for complications that best but couldn't find the combination without the help of EloIse
are overly 8 Bltive legal actions thus created are Berchtold. Cincinnati. Eloise In schooling Koa to appear in
down the ramp of a landing craft at Ft. proper remedial treat- against are wild animal act: in Toledo' too this summer. Trained African a

'=Miles on the Delaware coast. The swiftness (20th. 21st).. If you ments. It could be adverse : you. not being lessened by elephants are a rarity because of their vile tempers.
Put to the test, Koa stood his
have on hind
a feeling solar eclipse. legs
-' that -it 9-70-55-18-91-975 the on three
: .with which i the I 150th became combat- for those *o..ein This be called the used a blowtorch, a jimmy sandpaper and other usual bu legs
would be law!** or- may tools in his futile g.
IB- come a ort of distress lary attempts to reach the pail
last winter it In of
... ready earned a place safe to Mfe m ae rtlB Born Dec. 22nd thru climactic period enjoying In the lower photo. With the kind at appetite carrots hea'
: elite Strati or predicament. Take all the safe to be the he d IS-
Army's Corps.
the ole Amy trip or to board a Jan. 19th 2-20- 3-18-23-239 plays appears only place to store them.
the necessary precau


'I f 1 )


_ Beauticians Set Re iou' Meeting For Miami New Club Organizes Fashion. Fair With I a Oriental NailINTERNATIONALLY .'

.,...... Aft..
UIV Letonia Ta 1If
MIAMI The 20th' made. Club reorganized
Progress. The Regional -
..' .
I annual meeting of the purpose is to Dr. Katie E. Wicken of cently at the home of i .ai ern sae. j -

( Southern Atlantix' Region establish Intimate New Orleans National Miss Isabella Sins,

of the National personal acquaintanceand president; Mrs. BushierB. 5134 Dodge Road.

Beauty CUlturist League friendship between Hunter of Atlanta. The officers are Miss ,

inc., composed of various states and regional supervisor, Isabelle Sims presi- -'.

beauticians in the locals: to serve as a and Mrs. Alaine s. Weldon dent; Miss Valarie i$ ..t: i t \

1 States of Alabama bond which shall bind W. Palm Beach; Anderson vice president ..; ', T.\, "
Florida Georgia North together the hearts state president, will ; Miss Patricia .

A and South Carolina thoughts and energy for be in attendance during Alexander, recording ; .. }' I.. -'

will be held in Miami progress: To become the convention. secretary; Willie. G.1:'.< ,
a .A\
Oct. 28th thru the 30th sore enlightened in the Thomas financial sect ":' \

I t in Hampton House Motel1 field of beauty cul- SvppIrtYNr retary; Mrs. Letonia ., 1 I ;

s headquarters. ture and to keep a- Alexander treasurer;:
;The-' -.theme is "effficiency. : breast with the changes 'NAACP Aid Mrs. Alice M. ,Anderson, v ....

Friendship, reporter and David
UrHI Itftftfft Alexander business

,, ". -

..... J
--,-'': "
't.t:' : : -
; .,,.. y ry
l : '
/ -
:; :. FAMED Ebony Fashion Fair will appear here Saturday night, Oct 20th at 8 p.m. in

With Duval County Armory under the auspices of Jax' Gamma: Rho Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority.

LOUISE I G. GUINYARDTHE Ten of Ebony's lovliest models will show off some 200 high fashions creations of top world's
fashion designers, from bathing suits to the most unusual formals from around the world. Mrs. Freda

DATE HAS BEEN CHANGED. Ebony Fashion Fair Belton, Fay H. Helms, Estelle MCKlssick Dorothy 'DeKnight composes and organizes the show each year. Miss Joyce Bowman, former high fashion model,

will be held at the Duval County Armory Saturday Dunlap, irma J. Telfair, Cornelia Oree, and is the narrator.

I \ evening, October 20 instead of the date previously juanita Wyatt, and Miss Myrtle Turner were presentat Social Club Is Conducting Civic Project

announced. Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority is sponsoring the meeting.

the show and will use proceeds 'to boost Mrs. MCKlssick,Mrs. Wyatt and Mrs. Oree were high /. >>, ... 1

their scholarship and shoe funds. scorers in the whist session. H

The parade of fashions will have an oriental The West Fifteenth Street home of Mr. and Mrs. I _

flavor, featuring styles from the traditional Ru 001 McKissick will be the scene of the October q L -1.S If

Japanese Kimono to the very latest in design by 24 meeting of Les Fleurs Club. t ,+ :$ C

j If famous Japanese designers in Tokyo. Still on the f c k ,
Oriental kick will .5555.5.SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSs. .,
patrons view styles from 'y.
India Siam, Thailand, and The Philippines. items _

\ by French, Italian, and American designers willbe Mrs. Velma dark and Mrs irma Murray were guest 5- _

Included as well. players when Les Elites Bridge Club met last Friday I-r I

talking with a representative of Gamma Rho evening at the Lincoln Golf and Country Club.

Omega Charter: we expressed our curiosity about Mrs. Clark was high scorer in the guest category, _____

+ ticket sales and prospective patrons, we were .however both ladies received a gift from the club. .... __
amused to learn that tickets were being sold to .Mrs. Lois Avery and Mrs. Elizabeth Simmons were,

J male members of the community at a rapid pace. high scorers in the club division.
't -p
One couldn't help wondering' the men are Interested 'Members present in addition to prize winners included .
in viewing the beautiful fashions or the Mrs. Ann MCIntosh, president; Mrs. Vermal r

I beautiful nannikins. At any rate, a capacity McCone, Mrs. Johnnie Mitchell, Mrs. Bernice Hen-

crowd is expected. derson, Mrs. Marie McClain, Mrs. Maxine Jackson, \

r Miss Annie B. Minatee and, Mrs. Alvenia Scriven. i

li ..............................

i Chief, Petty Officer Velton parker'spent the

4 week-end in the city as guest of his brother and Mrs. Ruth Myers entertained Entre NOUS Bridge
sister-in-law, C.P.O and Mrs. Richard Parker. Golf
Club last Saturday evening at the Lincoln
Velton, who hails from Los Angeles, Californiabut and Country Club. THEBENEVOLETTES. well known in Jax social circles, are presently engaged in a sale of candy in

is currently stationed in Charleston, South Mrs. Aldonia Seabrooks was welcomed on her re- order to support their current civic projects. The most recent meeting of the club was held in the

t Carolina, was feted with a birthday party during turn to member status in the club. home of Mrs. M. Newsome with Mrs. Charles Scriven serving as co-hostess. The neat regular meetingis

L! his brief stay.incidentally Mrs. Doris G. Bennett, Mrs. Camilla Thompsonand scheduled for onday! Oct. 15 in the home of hostess, Mrs. Joe Seldon. Mrs. Walter Solomon will.'

The Parkers left earlier this week Mrs. Helen Hart qualified for club prizes. be co-hostess.

for New York City, where Mrs. Parker ,(the former The previous meeting of Entre Nous was held in Fall Musicale Tea Planned Sunday I

Mrs. Azzie L. Anderson) will appear in a fall the Durkee. Drive home of Mr. and Mrs. Wesley John, .
fashion revue. Mrs. Edmond Sneed Edmond Sneed; Mrs. Vora
son. We erroneously omitted the name of Miss -th-
will be principal Anderson Mrs. Gloria
......... Wai tee ,McRae, who was one of the guest players. ;
..............1..1. speaker when the Sepia Holiday; P.J. Williams;
-. .. ...ro,-n -r' -.... Miss Theora Leggins was hostess. Ladies Social Club
\ pre- Mrs. Ruth Golden; William

The Alpha Wives, auxiliary to Alpha Phi Alpha .....t..1.....a..t..1..5 sent a Musicale-Tea Sun- Allen; Mrs. Rhe
Fraternity, had an enjoyable installation banquet day from 4.6 p.m. at theY Hart and Miss Brenda

recently in Nobilio's Dining Room. Mrs. Frankye A, 826 Eighth Street. Huey.
Mrs. Helen Toney was hostess to the most recent
i Handy officially placed into office the following Program highlights included Master Kenneth Faulk
_: meeting of Classy Lassies Bridge Club, held in her
persons: Mrs. Vera Davis president; Mrs. Thelma : Miss Elizabeth A. Glenn,
Geranium Road home. JI'
Lewis vice oresident; Mrs. Aldonia Seabrooks, I c2ze- Opening song and prayer
I Mrs. Geneva Henderson, Mrs. Joan Spaulding,
secretary Mrs. Frances Richardson, corresponding -
recording and Mrs. juanita Williams headed the scoring list. Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Taylor, 2453 Bolt Ave. ;
financial -
Mrs. Mary Mitchell,
Mesdames Alveta Allen, Margaret Starkes, Grace Davis; 1556 E. 20th St.; Girl. [31iJ3r3E3[
i secretary; Mrs. Miriam Burney treasurer;
and Delores Sykes, Margaret Mathis, Minnie Gadline Henrietta Boy.. Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel
Lorice Howard, chaplain; urs.
Mrs. Howard, Carolyn Washington, Sara Wright, and Mr. and Mrs. Napoleon Cunningham 2645 Phlox

Shaw reporter. Dorothy Oliver were among other members participating McKnight; 1117 W. 1st Street; Girl.
Other participants in the banquet included Mrs. ,
Bonita in the meeting. Street; Girl. Mr. and Mrs. James Las-
'Mrs. Doris Sewell Mrs. agefiflZe&
Thelma Greene
Mr. and Mrs. Keneth ter; Route 9, Box 1026;
i Sherrard,Mrs. priscilla Brown, Mrs. Gladys Bryant ..............a..t..a..at.. Richardson 1722 Davis Boy.
Alice Girardeau, Mrs. Luther James Mrs. Joan t
Street; Girl.
Mr. and Mrs Clarence
Patterson, Mrs. Erma Word,
-j Spaulding, Mrs. Jessie Kappa Alpha psi Fraternity's "Sweetheart Party" Mr. and Mrs. Willie Stamper; 5757 Saywer
Mrs MYrtis 'Thomas Mrs. Lois Iszard, Mrs. Corinth Tyrus. 3212 Moncrief Rd.
t held recently at El Dorado Club proved to be Avenue Girl
Barnett, and Mrs. Esther Ramsey. typical of the group's tributes to ttheir 'favori te Boy. Mr. and Mrs. David
Richardson, Seabrooks and Sewell Mr. and Mrs. Cronelius
Mesdames Ramsey. girls." James.; 3533 Ardisia Rd.; Coleman; 714 Pippin

;"were' "hostesses.. At the helm of the Jacksonville Alumni Chapteras Boy. Street; ,Boy .

.................... I they begin the season are: Robert Mitchell, Mr. and Mrs. Forest Mr and Mrs. James

i l Polemarch; George starkes, Vice polemarch; williair Dishamond, 2520 Teal Gilmore; 1530 W. First .
1 Mathis, financial secretary; Lawrence Jones, Keep- Street Girl. Street; Boy
hostess when Les Fleurs ; Infants' Wonderful
Dannette Howell was 4
Mrs. er of Records; William A. Johnson, Exchequer; Mr. and Mrs. James Ramsey )
Whist Club met last week-end. Miss Daisy Gilliard Mr. and Mrs. Ransom \
Hillie Howard,Strategus;John Grissette, chaplain; ; 2272 Forest St. ; S-T-R-E-T-C-H Coveralls
I: fwas':guest player.. Girl. Michael; 2810 Flanders < .
and RiPtus Green -
Julius Gulnyard, .
_ 'Doris Scott Betty
-Mei dames Barbara walker. Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Street; Boy.
W*, *u K fcJ. "" dean of pledgees.
1 .
f-...: : -. 4N
S x Ri
F. : ;
t ':f"- -;." '. 'n '. Applications For 99'

1: l nowit1Pepsi Marriage lk..sis ( ;

- for: those "who think young 1479 Chas.Steele C. Alexander.St. 29, sarahaIII liquors One he size grows fits from your 6 to babyas 24

-_ .. and Joyce S. Ivey. .
& months,thanks to stretchable
I tJil."t ;' Restlawn Dr.. 18.
:i nylon. Red, blue,
t 2. ; David Harris. 1068 pink, maize.Toddler's.
t Lewis Ct. 25 and
i ; ,lt .; 11 Shirley Lewis, 1466

Florida Ave. 25.
Edmon Norris. 5729

Cook St. 56 and Ruth \
( lilxm. 5729 Cook St. Boxer Longies / J i iJ f

i. A : 42.Eldon J. Pipes. UPHOLSTERINGFREE I J '

Nata lb any. La. 24 and
Cindy E. Pitt II an. 1756E.
I 27th St. 20. SOFA & CHAIR 991Sturdy

John W. Cameron, 375 r.7 STANDALDr
L ,t South Myrtle Ave. 24 '
Two/ -
and Mae N. Dan!els. ,.

375 S- Myrtle Ave. 22. '/ $4950 long-wearing
/ r Qar a. .-, Terry C. Skipper, THROt/ .; Bedford' cords cotton

1087 1. 29th St., 18 twills, ,:

4 1 and Joyce Candy. 942 = L.bt...b.Met..11... lins,chinos, Cordannas
E L PILLOV/S/ -= all SanforizedIwarmly
Jefferson St. 17. --J.I. $,..,.1eMu4 b r... J. L ins.., lined in cotton .
Hew'...... ttacontor CtMl'f i
lilllj c Burns. 1112 Dora All w..t ..... $,.a--.... Kasha cloth. Assorted ,
colorful and sol _
St.. 23 and Ellen C. NO DOWN PAYMENT patterns -
i : fW.. a..... 1'_II.II ids sizes 2 to 4.
Bell. 622 Court C. 19Adrain FIRST PAYMENT'..--... ;
is a state of mind.Its the big change that's taking place PO 5-1596 "
young DUE IN
everywhere,and it reaches all ages.You see it in people having more Ef. Saith. 3332 See lots More UnadvertIsed Values at Kress'Aat
: fun doing more things.This is the fife for Pepsi-light. japonica Rd. 30 and
.' 'bracing,clean-tasting Pepsi.Go ahead.Think young. In stores. Caressa Martin 3332 I L EASY TERMS ARRANGED ...- -,' DBlilTO""
1 buy an extra carton.At fountains say Pepsi please!
japonica Rd. 37. ,E : : S:
Tony Watts. .
ana s t wv-tou torn**torn*ttucooMU ma noruat r.a P..W..ca a. '*'u
26th St. 31 and
.... : .. ... I. UPHOLSTERER* ari Frfcj KitesATURDAY
__ ,,..qr"'f."i -.f:" : Mary J. Speer, 1204 3 NOIW&OOAVt MI .
W. 26th St. 30.

'_ -- ... ... .. ..__ '
- r. tr 1. II. L 11II"" our JII'J J7 .
_ t ... --. '-. '.-


I t Festively Entertained On Birthday St. Paul Ladies ABOUT PEOPLE

Will I End Contest

I'l ACHURCHNEWS With Fete SundayThe Rev. and Mrs. R. A. King left the city last

'i "Mrs. St. Tuesday for New Orleans, to attend the funeral of

Paul" Contest, an their Son Marcus A. King, who passed last Satur-

9s' event leading up to the day in a New Orleans Hospital. Leaving also to

,,r annual Women's Day ob- attend the funeral were the deceased' brotherand

; Usher Board 1 of Friendly Baptist, Church will 1a servance on Oct. 28, sister-in-law, Mr. and 'Mrs. Vernon King. The
observe its 28th anniversary Oct. 15 at 8 p.m. a r-1'J will take place Sundayat funeral was scheduled for Wednesday, Oct. 10,

I in the church auditorium. A program has been 3 p.m. in St. Paul in St. James AME Church, New Orleans.

planned with, talented individuals appearing. p AME Church with a
1 ..............................
I varied program al-

: : :: : : :: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : ; : : : ::: : : : : : : : : co'h
M a Mrs. Dorothy Blue, a graduate of Southern State
Mrs. Essie Mae Thomas will appear in recitalOct. Academy, Atlanta, will continue her educationin

17 for the benefit of the St. Stephen AME ,,"' : ;' art at the Continental Schools in Los Angeles,

e Church1 Women s Day observance.' She will be. ac- companied by Matthew McCoy and Mrs. Ruth Valdez ''1. ,OP Murray of 609 Florida Avenue. -

will serve as mistress of ceremonies.others to T eS hi .
IN. .................*............ '
appear will be Deacons Leroy Mallory, Solomon. ar la Jti
Timmons and others. + t

S f( Iii.. IS' ira \j d Miss Henrietta Jonesone of the three registered

. . . . . .
. . . ,. .; . pharmacists in the drug room at Brewster-Methodist -

i j'4 ffi-i t r Hospital is back on the job after success-

The Special Gift's Committee of lit. Zion AME kx fully undergoing surgery. Miss Jones was welcomed

Church will sponsor an Autumn Tea Sunday, Lb- back to work by Brewster s entire staff.

Oct. 21 from 4 to 6 p.m., in the home of Rev. and

Mrs. W. F. Foster, 201 Beaver .Street. Mrs. Agnes .....*........................ i
Reeves is serving as chairman and Mrs. Nannie

Fletcher as. program chairman. Bishop j. R. Lockley and son, Rev. J. R. LockleyJr.

ready completed by the and Rev. J. R. Elliott of Philadelphia,

I" .. .. .... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. various committees.Contestants Pa. made a brief visit to the city after visiting -

for the in South Florida for a few days. They were

5 District 15 of Mt. Ararat Baptist Church will vaunted honors are Mes- the h9use guests of Elder J. M. Tarver, Elder C.

sponsor a Helping Hand Tea for. the sick and shut- COMPLETED PREPARATIONS---Mrs. Jenny Crockett (left) general chairman of St. dames Bessie Ray, Alyce M. Edwards and E. L. Banapart of 3602 Japonica

ins Sunday, Oct. 14, from 4 to 6 p.m. in the 2-G Stephen AME Church's annual Women's Day program and activities, and Mrs. Ethel Ingram. Lois Gibson Road.They are all members of the Church of God.

Recreation Center 29th and Chase Streets. Davenport Bannister, fashion coordinator for the Diana Shops and Jacksonville 1IJ'7 ,

"First Lady of Song," style selections for the 'Just Wonderful Style Show" &. } *......*...*.........**..**...

.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. which will be presented Sunday beginning at 4 p.m. in St. Stephen's Education r'e&1 ,)'* p

Building. Mrs. Lois Iszard of Jax, a recent winner on the nationally tele- Mrs. Hettie Mills, who recently returned from an

Mrs. Hettie Mills, who recently returned to the vized ?rice Is Right" show will. be.one- of the models. The presentation isa r t educational trip abroad with other members of

city from abroad will give a travelogue at a St. Stephen pre-Women's Day activity. will be furnished by the the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, gave a travelogueof

Musical-Travelogue Tea, sponsored by the First Diana Shops. her trip last Wednesday during the regular

Church of Metaphysical Science on West Edgewood (Royal Art Studio Photo ) meeting of the Brewster Alumnae Association that
Avenue, Oct. 28 from 4 to 6 p.m. I was held at 7:30 p.m. in the home of Mrs. Grace

Irtwsfir MtN's Club Thanks an e i Sykes, 5832 iris Blvd.Some of the health prdbleas

.... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. :. .. .. .. .. .. Service encountered and various schools of nursing vis-
NNFestival's SundayIn b
SupportersBY ited in Africa and Europe were included i n

A Musical Tea will be sponsored Oct. 14,' from C. PARHAM JOHNSON test The Miss pro New St. JamesMrs. her lecture.

3:30 to 5:30 p.m. at the New Hope AME Church, .
The 1962 Fun Festival Football Contest, The Rebecca Y. Thomp- ..*.*....................*....
17th and Davis Streets. The sponsors of the tea
Pro Football and
sponsored annually by Hop givenin son Mrs. Rahmingare
are Mrs. J. Drayton' group in the interest of the Duval
the County sponsor and cosponsor -
'I the Missionary Society. Brewster Men'sClubjis Maxie Williams jr. will be presented in a recital -
and the
history 'now. Armory initialFun respectively,
18 at Tabernacle Baptist Church. He
Festival for the Candle-
.... ... .. .. .... ..... ... ... ... .:. ...... .. ... Whether it was a suc- given in Sunday adult choirsxOf the
.. .. ... ... ... .. .. .. .. ... .... ..... .... .. .. ... cess or a failure is the Myrtle Avenue Base- light service which is will be accompanied by the
a ball park.A scheduled Martha Matthews and church and will be introduced by Mrs. Sadie M.

Choir 1 and Gospel Chorus of First Corinth Bap- matter of opinion, bu tone Sunday Dorothy Bacon. Bivins of Abyssinia Baptist Church. Mrs. Queen
new. wing was builton starting at 7 p.m. in
thing is certain,
tist Church will observe a joint anniversary Oct. it was given and that the old building New St. James AME Mrs. Lucile P. Jonesas Akins is spnsor of the program.

15 at 8 p.m. in the auditorium of the church. The general chairman,
is what the club promised which was very much Church. *.................*...........
choir or group with the largest attendance in the people.The nsce ded. When funds Members of the Char- the co chairman and

uniform will receive a prize. were solicited to do mettes Ladies Exclusive .committee members are
gates first openedto the Job, the Brewster Club will be candle endeavoring to make the Mrs Margaret Bass, who recently resigned 'as coordinator

. . . . . the Festival Friday, for the Eugene Butler Chapter of the
. . . . .. Men' s Club joined bearers. Other pro- Sunday afternoon event
and was
Sept. 21 ,
American Cancer Society is now employed in the
scheduled to close others in pledging to gram highlights will
Miss Delores Waddell will be speaker at the Fall be participated in by Business office of Brewster Methodist Hospital.She .
Sunday. Sept but the building fund. The
Tea to be given Oct. 14, from 4 to 6 p.m. in the club pledged $10,000and graduates and present has been chosen along with others to study
E due to the rainy period
the I.B.M. system classes at the international
home of Buren Street.
.Mrs. Clyde .Wright805TVan .which vhalted-actlviti more than $3,000 students of Bolden'sSChool
-. ,Thetffea;Ts*for the' benefit Lo'f' tat:-Joseph*Methodist '''' provisions were made es to has already been paid of Music and its Business Corporation.

( .Church's Women's Day. operate another week. and the men of the Nursing Aide Class and .................**......*....
The second week started club are working towards the children of the
: : : : : : : :: :: : : : : : :: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :: Monday Oct. 1 and paying the nursing personnel of
Speakers for the Women's Day observance Sunday,
closed Sunday, Oct. 7. balance. Since the Mercy Hospital.Mrs.
The Sunday School Department of Mt. Vernon Bap- The attendance increased pledge was made, many Louis Y. HUtchinson at Fountain Chapel AME Church will be Mrs. Dol-

_ tist Church will observe its 33rd anniversaryOct. the second week friends and relativeshave of Hawthorne, Fla. lie Ford,Mrs.D. M. Hayes and Mrs. A. B. Shehee.

21 beginning with the Sunday School at used the facilities will as narrator
because of fair serve .............*.*....*.........
9:30 a.m. Guest teachers will be present. A pro- we ather. of the building. and Mrs. Harry Mae

gram will be presented at 3 p.m. Deacon W. G. The Fun Festival is Mrs. Lois IszardTo Anthony, organist-ac- r y ,,,,> Pa ,
Patterson will serve as superintendent. companist.
given annually for charitable -
Fashion ShowA I 1
.. ... .... .. .. .... .. .. .. .. .... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .... .. .... .. .. .... .... .. .. .. .. purposes and benefit fashion show Methodist Woman Presbyterian
those who attended the
featuring Mrs. Lois Iz- Complete Plans Church NotesBY
festival and carnival 1ICREDITI
I The Mothers Club of Troop 79 will.sponsor a zard wearing special
contributed to a worthy For Annual DayThe L.N. PEARSON SR.
bazaar at St. Paul AME Church, Myrtle Avenue and furs will be presentedOct.
cause. The proceeds go
13th Street, Oct. 26, beginning at 4 p.m. 14 at 4 p.m. in men and woven of
to help make provisionsfor The Church School begins -.
". the education buildingof Simpson Methodist
serving humanity. MKS. BESSIE RAY at 10 a.m. in the
: : : : : : : : : : : : : :: : :: : : : : : :: : :: :: : : : : : :: :: : : : : : : The club St. Stephens AME Church have completed
conducts many George Washington carver
Church. plans for their '
projects to secure the most successful in Elementary School, 2854W. I
The Gkod Samaritan sewing Circle will observeits Others to appear will Day" observance whichis
.funds to help Brewster the history of pre- 45th Street withT.
anniversary Oct. 21 at 4 p.m., at the Brooks be Miss Margie Alvarez. set, for Oct. 28.
Methodist Hospital Womerf activities. V.
pay Day Huger. superintendent -
Prayer House, Tyler and Kings Road. An invitation Miss Charlesetta The w ,men will have '
building Wellknown in
expan- personagesof charge.
has been extended to all clubs. Spicer, Sinclair Wil- charge of the church 'I I
sions, equipment and the talented Gretel The Morning worship
cox and James Gen- school and morning ser- 'rI
remodeling old build- and Gertie School will service begins at 10:55
: : : :: : :: : : :: : : : : : :: : : : : :;: : :: : :: :,: :: : :..: : : : : : ings. have wright. Mrs. Ethel vice. with :
They assistein provide program high- a.m. Rev. F.D.
or r Davenport Bannister, Speaker for the 11 a.m :1 I I II
the various cam- Wilson pastor in TERMS I
representative. a rites will be Mrs.!
A week of prayer service will begin Oct. 22 in paigns like the Community charge. The Westminster
downtown fashion shop Sallye Mathis. Mrs.
First New Zion Baptist Church. Preaching will begin Chest, Heart choir will support the f
will serve as directorof Theresa Hagan will be
Oct. 29 through Nov. 2. Rev. S. L. Badger, Fund Muscular Dystraphy. the show and Mrs. ,guest soloist. Music rites with Mrs. Rudyneand I AVAILABLE I

pastor of Emanuel Baptist Church will be the Cancer Crusade Evelyn Freeman will will be furnished by friends are invitedto

evangelist for the revival services. District 4 Seal Sales and othersto narrator.The attend our services. when your A.M.E. Church
serve as
the w, men of tha ambiped I
will sell barbecue Saturday aE day at the church. benefit mankind. affair is being Tuesday night 7:30: p.m. buys Officially Approved
choirs with
Annual Men' s Day will be observed Oct. 28. Beside the annual Fun sponsored for the Ruth Durham Myers serving the Westminster choir I PULPIT GOWNS I

Festival, the club benefit of St. Stephen as organist. will rehearse in the CHOIR ROBES
assists, in the promo- Hut. Wednesday, 7 p.m. I
AYE Church's Women's
Officials for the ob- UNIFORMS'CHURCH
tion cf the annual Day Mrs. J.V. Crockett Mid-week prayer and I I
servance are Miss
charity professional Bible Study will be held
-h paint specialMY general chairman and Dorothy Lang, chairman Other Church Supplies
games by advertisingand in the Hut. Friday II
Mrs. L.M. Smith, co- with Mrs. Theresa Aaron
selling tickets. 8 p.m. the United choir from reliableSANDIA
chaorman. and Mrs. Gladys Hookeras I II
FRIENDSHIP SPECIAL"IMPERIAL They sponsored the will rehearse in the

Louis Johnson Dance Deltas To Present co-chaiirman. Hut. I I I
A program featuring
Troopic of New York, The WillingWorkerswill
r INTERIOR EXTERIOR GLOSS WHITE The Hiss Brewster Con- students of the Gretel have a fish fry on SUPPLY 9
Annual Musicale lights. Pastor R.J.
school is scheduled Blaine has givenhisfull the 4th Saturday in Oct. I'I I COMPANY I II
All friends and membersare
Members of Jacksonville during the eveningOct. support in aiding

IIG.lle. FRANKtried Alumnae Chapter 21 as a benefit the spons as to go asked to help sake I Official Episcopal African Church Methodist 1 BJ
Delta Sigma Theta performance for theo 'over the top' during program a success. Authority of Bishops Count )
will Nov. 3 rd, the United and Office of Inc Ratations. I
Sorority present bservan ceoGrall Sunday presentation. S
choir will cook- A.U.E.CHURCH
give a
them all and discoveredthat their annual musical I BENEFITS FROST I
Anniversary SlatedThe out serving hot fish YOUR PURCHASESWRITE
no other headache powderis and w.rship service Memorial

better or faster than Goody's. Sunday Oct. 14 8 p.m. Ladies of Leisure candied apples and punch TODAY I I

A 99i'.nn So why pay more? at Rev.St.B.J.Paul Blaine AME .Church.pas- Hosts Scout FeteThe will.celebrate Social and Saving its Club 11th Both the fry WillingWorkersfish and the United FOIt II

choir cook-out will be
tor. anniversary Monday I I
GALLON 1UIRYI UM1TTh T1 W Featured as soloistsfor Grant Memorial Trio Oct. 22 at 8 p.m. at held on the new church GOWN
oma ,-.na..wwr,.... site at Cleveland and OFFER
DOti 1 qq1 N T.41.1..1/.rr the service will will appear in a musical the Mt. Sinai Baptist' I

A1ILTI NOT .. include Mrs. B.Ii. Walker recital at Midway AME Church, 6th and Lee Woodlawn Road. to and Include FREE CATALOG.the name B tad* awn.... I

E Noarerr'HI.i lit and Mrs. 0.11. Jones Church, Sunday Oct. 21 'treets. with draa of >your church toctthar!
your own nama and ad-
-- -
111tS SUPPLY SORR't NO Curs tI :,7,7 with Mrs. L. B. Black- at 8 P.m. in the in- Featured guest soloist >> I drtss.EASY I

I shear and Mrs. R. Myers terest of Group No. 8. will be Matthew McCoy, Holmes and west TERMS

Rte. at the piano and organ. Mrs. A. [). Wells CaP- noted musician and I

i ''t SrMECJPAINTDISCOUNT : Others will include tain of the youth group gospel singer of the funeral Home. FOR

Mrs. L.G. Small, who is sponsoring the trio city. He will be sup- Aml)11lncr..Crrrr II A.M.E.MEMBERS I

CENTERS ,, -1 will give the Inspirational for her young ones. The ported by others appearing "TIE 11ST COSTS Ie MOI211' [-, SANDU CHURCH SUPPLY CO. I {

6116 NORWOOD AYE. address; program is for the bene- on program. w. Etfa{ : wmd Ave. Dtpt 20

FOUR BLOCKS NORTH OF 2 POWDERS 50 centered around the fit of Women's Day which Mrs. Mattie L. King ......... ro :;.1 11 TOiniSTRICT.,N.L I

GATEWAY SHOPPING ENTER PO .I:,..2315 12 POWDERS 25C theme "Divine Gui-' will terminate Sunday is president of the ..o=== c = o c I .... WASHINGTON 2,D.C. >
dance" ; Nov. 11. club. ---'IfJ' t


-- .. -, -- --- -._---, ..- ------ --.- .. ... -... .,......_


6 __.. ._ '- _._ 5

11'' Teachers' Association Launches First Meeting Of School' Yar. .. I

r___......._._ __ u __ _
.P wcrS F S.S .

I .:.:r[.>, : ip U

...1 ___
a '..
1t f ,

r ra


: :I

I rN

a t


( C 1tj
9r 1a t a

___'_ .-.
school in the former Board of public instruction building. The first session centered around a
KICKOFF SESSION---Addressed by Dr. J. I. E. Scott, Duval's assistant director of education Miss year left are
"Humanities" heme supplemented by visual aids. Association officers shown in photo* :
I liable Talmage, county coordinator of language arts, and Charles E. Ahern III, president of the Eng I
and Wilson, treasurer.
English Giradeau, (rightpresidentillrs.: Mary Littlejo ,secretary; ; Mrs. Mary
JT u lish_Council: the Duval County Council of Teachers of English held a recent initial meeting of the (Florida Star photo)

Vie Lie do Ladies New Lincoln Two WtllkdowH ObituariesDeacon

Hold.First. Meeting Season's Business Milton Hood Sponsors First J. CUrry 1931 AME Church Signs

g1 Election of officers Jaxois Join Broadway Street. Marketing Agreement
Biggest Show Sunday In New York City
featured the meeting of Announces Services Rev. J. Manning 1133

the Martin Tin Co. Franklin street. With
Vie Liedo Ladies i Hafl CompanyST.
Dr. Allen Pyke' s Lincoln Business College FEW YORK CITY Milton models will be presented. -
last Saturday night at Joe Davis 3904 Spires
Club Eldorado.Elected Fighting Wildcats Band has opened its With the addition of Hood, well known Singer The featured male Street. LOUIS selectionof

of Bethune-Cookman Col- Technical Training Division two well-known jazons and promoter of models are Columbus the Sandia Church
were: Mrs. A.M.. Miss C. Hartley 2334 D
will lead the annual at 2616 N. Myrtle John Mahon and Roy Wat- Jacksonville. Fla., nowa Kennedy and Jimmie Supply company of
McIntosh, president; Mrs Street.
classic parade Saturday Avenue. kins--who recently. resident of New York Lawrence New York Washington. D.C. as of-
A.L. Peterson, secretary ., ,; D.A. Crowd. 1543 Evergreen -
I Oct. 13. Dr. Pyke is The college will :> ..,, ". City will sponsor his City's leading male ficial pureyor of church
assis- '
Mrs. J.M. Tossie / Avenue.
noted for his initial specialize in training ".II ... first big presentation model. B.F. McLaurin. supplies to the African
tant secretary; Mrs. W.M. Dea. J. Jones. 1194
and outstanding work students in IBM and Bur- "The Fabulous supervisor of The .Methodist Episcopal
Ashley, treasurer, end Hart Street.
while developing the roughs business and Million Dollar Fashions'at Church was recently announced -
E II rs. D. W. Jones, re- Grant Wilson, 450 W. 29
now famous Florida A&M electronic machines.The the Hotel Theresa in a Joint com-
porter. Street
University Marching school management' Skyline Ballroom on munique by the AWE
The Welfare committee Mrs. V. Washington 1544
"100' selected Jacksonville *s t the llth floor, corner Church's council of j
,mapped out plans for the W. State Street.
The line-up will form a site for their school of 125th street and Bishops and office of
4 first project which will *.., Mrs. V. Bengal 4144
at 12 o' clock on Watei operation because of Public Relations, it .was
consist of giving basketto Leonard Circle.Mrs. .
street off Bay street. the tremendous growth revealed by Reverend
the needy during. the J. Page 2736 Lip-
stability of the
Community Organizations 'S. .r Doctor Emory G. Davis
weekend. pia Road.
Thanksgiving and Businessesare Negro community in public Relations Direc-
Calendar of activitiesfor ;,; Mrs. L. Webb, 2346
urged to contact Jacksonville and Duval .. S tor for the Church.
the year were pre- County.W. .'.+., Brooklyn Road.
Frank Hampton or I
sented by the program Nathanlid Davis at Grant Parent direc- N H.W. White 1148 "Mill( APARTMENT FOR RENT!

committee and hostesses Creek Road. ; Gentleman to Share Apt.
EL4-1 78 4 in order to tor of the college,
; and were accepted by the a'r M. Moses. 511 W. Beaver Home Life-Christian Ham(
pointed out that "the
participate in this JACK MAHa
It members. Street. n. 3.004?
big communitywideparade. pace of business and in-
Other members present The Parade is dustry is undergoing an acquired Martin's Tire Mrs. M.M. Fields 1161 ROOM FOR RENT
were Miss M. Demps E. Fifth Street. Furnisbed-or With Boa'
; at East 21st
1 scheduled to off almost constant changein Co. 61 '
i Mesdames M.S. Mitchell at 1:00 o'clock prom- keeping with new Street, patrons are assured : MILTON HOOD LOTS FOR SALE I for 2 College Girls pIa
By Parent. EL 5-86]
M.C. McDonaldson
ptly. Further information trends new demands and of superb .To Sponsor Big Event $25.00 Down

Pearce M.J. Morrison. may be secured, new developments in of- high quality: merchandiseand WANTED
$10 Month at MariettaEL
r A.P. Clayton and M. fices and field the best workman
from Ezekiel efficien Brotherhood
Campbell. Bryant ship offered. of SleepingCar 47442 SuadajsTelepboee Beauty operators & SaNe
James E. Thompson, cy.
Porters introduce Hollywood Beau
Hostesses for the next William Brewington At Lincoln Business John Mahon with 8 Mr. Hood. EY 4-1181 Barber Lounge-622 W.

meeting will be Mesdames Edward and College courses will be years experience in the Y
Barnes Sidney.Henderson.
EL 4-9774
..... Ashley and M. CamP- Nelson Grant. scheduled for evening tire business, has Manager of the Y.M.C.A. FOR SALE

bell. hours aa. well as day- joined Martin's Tire Co. AIDREY SMALTZ of Greater Large, Choice Wooded
New York
time classes, to accom- in a move to better ser- ...Will Model Hats and the members of Lots-59' X 100'-On Per- I fc

7 BQP..C.ITY modate those who desireto ve his legion of friends the ?" are all co- nandina Beach-$350 Cash Sound Service for Ad- *"

.,.;.,.., ., further their train- who frequently find the Ave.", Sunday Oct. 14th' operating with ur. EV 46711Johnnie's vertisingDances, Ball

-' Friday & Sat., Oct. 12-13 ing without interrupting need for tire replace- at 8 p.m. Hood.Mr. Games etc. Also Loud

daytime employment. -""" The models to be fea- Hood: comes highly HotelTV Speaker Service for Ban-

11 p.m.-'tll Adm. 990 Inc. tax parent said that wage tured: Miss Audrey recommendation by A. in every room. quets... ,Concerts. Record

increases almost in- Snaltz. New York City Philip Randolph, president For Reservations. Call Hops etc.Phone El 3-5902

varibly accompany acquisition rk: top model and magazine of Brotherhood of EL 5-4025 : POUND: SERVICE

-IN PERSON --,1oM...,..r of the new cover girl who is Sleeping Car Porters.Mrs. 741/2 1 W. ASHLEYJacksonville.
.. Wiley
HITS IooMeoNIW alents. .g contesting for Miss Kathryn Hagood Florida ,

"Hcrnr IITWISTIII' Other business machine Beaux Arts of 1962: switchboard operator 'Jack onville' s

instruction available at Mrs. Smaltz will alsoELMA of the Y. M. C. A. willbe IMPERIAL SUNDRIES Finest

., Lincoln Business College V dean of hostesses. 2 Bd Rm Apts.-$11.50

W = embraces operation of r Patent Medicines Cosmetic Wkly-Water Furnished-

.j ROCKIirTHEFISHGEKFMNKUN, bookkeeping computing, L All Leading Hair Preparations I Resident Mgr.2414 Sail

:i numeric accounting and 3J Church Of Living Cor. Bred & AsttjEl Diego Rd.-FL 9-1757
.:i .
interpreting machines Opposite Douglas An-
plus management principles derson School.
God In Christ
procedure, development \
Al KMlt of the Dept. t"ucrwoho"
S .f effort t* promolt
and IBM form \ Florida Irodr:',. we rffcr:

design. i Sunday night at 8 o* BREADED MULLET FISH STICKS $05 '
AND THI BmckH. Ski h". 5-l>. I..., Only .SO irKkH L per box
ROY HAWKINS I clock the pastor and

HOUSE ROCKERS Revival In Progress congregation will conduct -
ment and recapping.Roy MEDIUM SHRIMP Bge
.. services at the LB.
FtATUUNO -- At Mt. Sinai Holiness Hawkins who comes
Church of the Living s
ten to Martins with 15 LARGE SHRI/t1P..u. PO
A night Revival years
4 God Pillow of Truth in
TEXAS service is already of reputable service to
RAY this church.
underway at Mt. Sinai his credit, feels cer-
Mary AMI* "What'i' CMW \ -, Holiness Church and is tain that his associa- \ HEATH choirs. Usher Boards WATER CATFISH

being:conducted ,by' Elder tion with the 21st St. ...Representing Mac,.* s and will .. 39c
; .. IXTIA ADDED ATTRACTION \ "" Lela il. sparks, pastor tire mart will enable SPECKLED LB. 49c
conduct services Monday
4 IBA... -nan* .... Elder Sparks is invi- him to render the best model the fabulous hats night at the Minor St. TROUT LIMITED AMOUNT tl. 3 CQ*'
ting the general publicto service possible to his FRESH RED BASSSTEAKFISH LI 43c:
of Cleo Sims New York Church Elder J.M. Tabor .
friends.Martin's J S ". A *.
attend. many
U. S. I !lu MILES SO. OF JAX Special Youth City's top hat de.- pastor, and at Bi shopWilliams' u. 59' \\

DOWN PHILLIPS H'WAY services are being heldon with 189 years s-igners. Church of God 'BLUE FISH Umi" Q n RED BASS n 29c:
of combined tire
Friday- experience Featured model of the In Chris Tuesday night Am. Lb. WWW1J Ik. AWl. tr tM fNnlf fomUf
specializesin LAKCI
evening Mrs. Azie Lee services will be held in SMALL

passenger car tire Parker, prominent society Rev. ".L Jackson's FLOUNDER Lb. 29c CHOKERS 49c
recapping along with 'ENSACOLA
matron of Jacksonville Church of the Living God BED SNAPPER 59c:
truck and floatation FLOUNDER 39c- LI.
Fla. will be and Pillow of Truth. LL -

recaps at the most rea- seen in several scenes. Wednesday night the // .rr it >"&, sonable prices in Duval CHUN" FLORIDA
Lovely Miss Velma Heath Elder and congregatloi SPAMttH
yet offers incomparable LOBSTERS .CTU.H LI. 69 MACKERELLI\ L. 35c:
Miss Y.M.C.A. of 1958. will be at New St. John

P S l MARKS 5 workmanship. and also magazine cover Holiness Church, Elder
S U Martin's Road Hazard
'l girl; beautiful Consue- A. Mobley, pastor, and
Guarantee given each ll6Z4Pota /
lo Lopez, cover girl Thursday night at the I
customer a guaranteefor
sod manyCity's other New York Church of the Apostolic
the period againstall
beautiful models Faith and the Churchof
ROW LONE GRAIN road hazards except
I and handsome mali the Lord Jesus.
PARK fire, accidents,

} RICE 3 li. chain cuts, running

s.4 flats, unbalanced or
It FAESN misaligned wheels.
witk $5.00 order Other service offeredby

e' Martin include the : EBONY FASHION FAIR ;
fixing flats for ;. .
life of the tire: ., WITH AN
ltle ; '

SPARE tion free:every brake 5.000 check miles Monday FLAIR( 5w

i ; ii BEANS ISO through Friday: tire ) ORlEHmL( .5

RIBS mounting, free: and :: ;. PRESINTID BY '

lb. wheel alignment inspection -
! Gallil pb IIIII Chapter J
,,. '
VITA Fill mil free. Monday ,


so00HOPE The new owners announce -

JELLY JOOwitfc 1 four locations to serve .I

its customers. With the Satirdiy October 20 1962
., : ,
190 main plant at 21st St.

1i4; ,?, $S.M tot Hfef off located Main at the 5780 others Arlington are- DUVAL COUNTY ARMORY '.

vita $5.91 ltd irtoc Rd.; 1935 Main St. ....
and Gateway Shopping ...; It State At Market Street. k55

Center. ',,- ,



.... ,
r.1 ----- -:



Queen Wilma Returns To Classes

Buckeyes Toppled By Emus SPORTING IT UP: Rattlers' Crush

y IT C. PMHUM lOKNSGflWHL Lincoln U. 52 6 "

WITH THE 1962 BASEBALL SEASON in the background ,
., .
.h' YPyhwY and the men have brushed the mud and dust -

.n off their sheep and salted their uniforms down y : ,f. -,C ;f TALLAHASSEE Show- yards and lincoln became -

:4: A r > .. ing the heralded all the first team to
in moth balls, their attention is now turned to ; "
'round class whichbrought'
other fields of labor for the winter months.The cross the hometeam'agoal

.4 ., historical background on athletes is that they ,,.,"' -; them 'their'second line via a 33-yard
i F straight from quarter-
W play
are busy people. Many of them go to different pass
national intercollegiate back Bob Johnson to
dsJ places where winter ball is played and many of
J championshiplast end Ed cromartie who
them go into other fields
: year. Fla: AWl was stopped ca the
Rattlers combined a 'Ra ttlers' one-yard
an elementary school teacher In ,his home town, +
.. :< .. vicious air-ground attack line. Halfback Jim
of St. Louis, Mo. Savage, a graduate of Lincoln ". 'T y ;
..',1.:: .. :M'. which carried Curtis plunged over to
v University, Jefferson City, HO. has been a bC' 11 Q r n :,,': s4
2 x teacher in his home town for the past three .. : ,!
& 52-6 victory oVer hap- FAMU gained 324 yards
i r' '4RPi years, and when the season is over he goes home < '
less Lincoln U. of rushing to the visitor -

_____ to the class room. : : : {: iI Lincoln Mo. It was the s 69 and 154 yards

THE JACKSONVILLE SUNS'' OWN HARRY CHITI is still... :, Gaithermen' second through the air to

in Jacksonville and employed at the North Florida !'.:. .. win in two contests Lincoln's 41- 1
Motors Company. Jacksonville fans ..... ),' .. ".. \ ;
remember .
can ,: \,. ..':" ,., played this season.
that Harry is strictly ,a major league catcher.Not Fla. A&M hit the Griffin Joins

only is he a major league catcher, but he is SUCCESSFUL COMEBACKI---The! United States -
4 t. scoring column when
h international champion track star Wilma Red Cross Assn.
also a major league slugger. That man can hitl] quarterback Jim Tullisof

There were two .300 hitters on the Suns team and Rudolph Ward, triple Olympic and world'ssprint Miami tossed mid- Pete
Chit is one of' them. His seasons s average was a record holderhas returned to field 29-yarder to end Griffin associate professor -

t ; :i cool .336. He is now in there slugging for North graduate study classes at Tenn. A. and I. Alfred Denson of Jack- of physical

Florida, Motors. University after a recent successful with sonville and duplicatedthe education at Florida
track and field team in Scan-
-4 w y 5 h EARL BATTEY, another hard hitting catcher turns the U. same feat sometime AftM University has
'' and countries.
danavian European
', his attention to other means of Income during the later with Den son again been appointed to serve

3 y f 4r' off season. The Minnesota Twins catcher is in listen Homed Top Fighter; hitting paydirt.Capitalizing a two-year term on the

,: Za? t the public relations department of Larry Auto on its Board of Directors of

Glass Company in St. Paul, Minnesota. Throughoutthe Floyd No. 1 1NEW powerful ground offense the National AmericanRed

winter months Battey concentrates on hia FAMU made 10 points by Cross Association.Mrs. .

1 duties with the glass company. Battey is one of YORK Sonny Lis- and Ben Mendina Fresno, rushing conversions. D.G. Diffenbaugh,

the outstanding catchers in the major league. He ton's devasting knock- Calif. Leading by a 52-0 executive secretary of

was once with the Chicago White Sox, but at that out of Floyd Patterson Lightweights: Champic tally in the fourth the American Red Cross

I time he played second fiddle to Sherman Lollar, earned the new cham- Carlos Ortiz; Carlos quarter FAMU was p.ena- in this city made the L

y) 'c is He came into his own as the Twins' catcher. pion Ring Magazine' Hernandez Veneuela; lized twice for 15- announcement.

I'1\' FIRST BSSEMAN BILL WHITE of the St. Louis Car- .Uhter of the Doug Valiant, Miami; Fight

\ dinals Is a regular sportscaster on Radio EMOX lion th award.Patterson Jim Brown Houston; Detroit PropsSod May

and an affiliate of CBS.Aside from playing first was namedNo. Bunny Grant Jamacai; Fullmer In

\\ base for the Cardinals and hitting home runs, 1 contender for Alfredo Urblna Mexico; Sam Jones

his program is year around. Listen crown, the Arthur Persl ey, Red J.n.TitIeJoqii!

JUST ABOUT ALL SPORTS FANS HAVE HEARD the name champ's former position Crosse La, ; Dave DETROIT Sam Jones

:\ of junior Gilliam, the all around infielder of other first 10 Charnley, England; who has two no-hitters

3 QUARTERBACKS for UCLA who had a bind in the na the Los Angeles Dodgers. Well people have often heavyweight ratings in and Gene G r ash am. to his credit and was

tion's biggest grid upset last weekend via a 8-7 asked the question, what does junior Oil Li am 'do order include: Eddie De t r 0 it. the possessor of a ;

win bver Ohio State' Buckeyes were from top: during the off season. Well, he is a representative Macheo Portland Ore. ; junior Lightweights: blinding curve ball

Ezell Singleton, Carl Jones and Sophomore Lame for Hiram Walker in Los Angeles Zora Pol ley, Chandler Champion Gabriel (Flash was given his uncon-

Zeno. Zeno could have been tb game's goat when ANOTHER DODGER IS MITE A BUSY FELLOW while the Ariz ; Ingemar Johansson Elorde Manilla; Auburn ditional release by

he missed a One-point'.con-, rsion after UCLA fall and winter months roll around, and that of Sweden; Archie Copeland Flint, the Detroit Tigers.

i scored. However, he directed a Bruins into enemy fellow is Tommy Davis. Davis, an outfielder for Moore of San Diego; Mich. ; Harold Gomes The release followed ,F.

territory in the fourth quarter and booted a 24- the Dodgers is a salesman for the Sales Boosters, Cleveland Williams, Providence R.I. ; Rav waivers by the rest of

yard field goal for the victory. an advertising firm specializing in business Houston; Cassius Clay No bile, Italy; Jose the major league clubs. M

gifts. Davis works out of the Los Angels'office. Louisville: Henry Luis Cruz Mexico; Yuku The 34-year old Jones

Brings Punch Fans remember Davis as one of the strong arm Cooper, England; Bob Katsumato, Japan; Oscar has been bothered by

Ma' 49 HR's fellows of the Dodgers because of his mighty bat. Cleroux, Montreal; and Reyes Phillipines; arm trouble and has
Dejohn of Miami.
WHILE MANY OF THE PLAYERS leave the Country during Johnny Bizzarro, Erie been undergoing treat-

the winter to play winter baseball, others Light Heavyweights: Pa. ; and Tommy Tibbs ment for a growth on I. di

Wins Nat'IJS THli stay in America and engage themselves with dif- Champion Harold Johnson!! Boston Mass.Featherweights. his neck. -
ferent fields of labor.. Most athletes are busy Philadelphia; : Champion Jones appeared in 30 I

men. It is understood with the various companiesthey Rinaldi of Italy; Mauro Davey Moore; Sugar games for the Tigers EMILE GRIFFITH
Mina Peru; Eddie cot- Medel Seeks Broader Fields
Miami Joe
Aidedby Ramos ; this and had
ANGELES year a
work for that when the teams prepare to go., -
the advantage of the ton, Seattle, Wash. Mexico; Howard win- 2-4'won-Loss' record*.** --II II
..; to spring training caopa, their representatives PHILADELPHIA E>nile
; National League playoffs Doug Jones, New York; shone Wales; Kazuo to the
Jones came
are always ready. They are just as efficient in Griffith, world's welterweight -
with the Dodgers, their Jobs as they are in baseball uniforms, Gustav Scholz Germany; Takayama Japan; jet Tigers from Houston who champion

0.w' Willie Mays walked off football uniforms or basketball uniforms. Willie Pastranb, Miami; Bailey, phillipines; acquired him in a trade plans to move up the

with his second major ATHLETES OF TODAY have all of the requirementsthat Erich Schoeppner Germany Danny Valdez Los expansion from, the weight ladder with an

league homerun championship make valuable .employees of the companies ; Bobo Olson Honolulu Angeles; Gracieux Lam- { Giants last December. eventual middleweight

with 49. his second ; Chic Calderwood; pert and Don Johnson. non-title match with
they work for. They are educated in the finest, Dark Plans
_ince 1955 when Scotland;and Peter Gum- Los Angeles. Don Fullmer in Madison
colleges and universities of the nation. They
h he blasted 51 for the bert Germany. Battamweights: Cham- ToG i y e Mays Square Garden.
are Intelligent, cultured, dignified, capableand
then New York Giants. Middleweights; Cham- pion Eder Joffe, San Griffith has signed
prepared.! They trained side side with
are by
The San Francisco slug pion Paul Fender, Bos- Paulo Brazil: Alphonse More Rest In 63 to meet Teddy Wrightof
other athletes, work side by side with other dignitaries -
; ger finished the regu- ton Mass; Gene Fullmer Halimi, France; Johnny Detroit for the recently
just as they perform on the field with SAN FRANCISCO San
University lar season with 47 one NBA champion. West Cajdwell Ireland; activated junior
PAUL HOGUE, other players They know how to talk. They know Francisco Giants' Mana-
of Cincinnati Allless than the Min Jordan. Utah; Dick Ishmael Lapin, Panama; middleweight crown at
Al Dark said that
howto smile. They know how to answer ques- ger
and 1 nesota Twins' Harmon Tiger, Nigeria; Terry Pierre Cossamemvynes 154 pounds.
American No.
tions and they know bow to entertain,detain and regardless of criticismor
draft choice of the New Killebrew but went on obtain prospective customers. They know the rulesof Downes England; Denny Belgium; Piero Rolio, pressure, he plansto The Fullmer bout will
to hit two in the first Moyer Portland. Ore. ; Aoki give Griffith a chance
York knicks is expected the game just as they know the rules of the Italy; Katutoshi ; rest, Willie Mays
to bring a rebounding playoff contest with games they play. George Ben ton, Philadelphia japan; Jerman Marques more next season, maybeas to test his prowess T

and scoring punch to the L. A. Dodgers.the FLEETFOOTED OUTFIELDER of ; Joey Giardello Stockton, Calif.; and against a heavier opponent. -
MINNIE MINOSO, THE ,many as 10 or 12
New Yorkers come Mays' feat dropped Cherry Hill. N. J. ; Jorge Salazar. Mexico. .
the St. Louis Cardinals is quite a favorite games.
Killebrew into second Henry Hank Detroit;
basketball season.
pro the youngsters. He always has time t c spare in .. .
distinguished place with a pair of joey Giambra Buffalo; .
Hogue dealing with children. He was a favorite in New York Yank's Key Trio
himself in his final National Leaguers Hank Louis Folledo, Spain;
Chicago while he was with the White Sox. During
college season by being Aaron 45, and Frank and Lazlo Pappo Hun-
the off season, he is a sales promotion repre- .
named the NCAA's Most Robinson blasting:39. gary. T I.
sentative with Anheuser-Busch Beer Company.
Valuable Player also In the battle for batting Welterweights: Cham-
PLAYS WITH the Los Angeles .
in the Holiday Festival honors Tommy pion Emile Griffith; j
Dodgers known as John Roseboro. Baseballfans .
Tournament, and was seDavis and Frank Robin- Luis Rodriguez, Miami; I
know what he does with the Dodgers, but many .
lected Player of the son 'continue their nip Brian Curvis Wales;
he does when he isn'ttoiling tS
fans do not know what !
Year." Paul captain and tuck setto down to Ralph pupas New orlean ,wy .r f
with the Dodgers. Roseboro is the.man
and center of the Beart final day with Jorge Fernandez, Argentine -
J who handled the pitches of John Drysdale, while_ ;
cats is 6-9. weighs-in Davis finishing with a ; Ted Wright
Drysdale was passing the twenty game winning, l
at 240 and is 20 years 344 and Robinson a Detroit; Rip Randall li a.
mark and setting a record as the strike-out kingof Bob
of age 342. Dallas; Fosmire
the National He is the Dodgers catcher. -
League. r
Roct way. N.J.; Bruno / jI
John Rojjeboro is director-owner of Gulliver. t Vusintin Italy; and ;

Travel Agency of Los Angeles. Guy Sumin. Pritchard,
PLAYERS in the maJor ...;j 4---f
leagues is a fellow known as Floyd Robinson, junior Welterweights; >< '

YM 4: an outfielder with the Chicago White Sox. Floyd Champion Eddie Perkins .:.,. r -'--
....... t.
in of the most interesting as wellas ,7- JI" '
is engaged one Gary, Ind.; Kenny Lane > ," l __ _
spectacular jobs during -the off season to be Muskegon Mich. Duilio ALL-STAR TRIO--Contributing to the New York Yankees current pennant win this

engaged in. Robinson is an underwater photographer Loi, Italy; Louis Moline year was top relief pitcher Marshall Bridges left), outfielder Hector Lopez

1 n he has won the respect of his employers San Jose and first string catcher Elaton Howard.

just as he has done the baseball fans across the Calif.; Jose Stable.

nation. Cuba; Paul Arnstead.
NOW ON TiS LOCAL FRONT: It is sad and regrettablethat Los Angeles; Battling PATRONIZE

the news concerning the resignation of that Torres. Mexico; Manuel

noble baseball man San Wolfson as president of Alvarez Argentina; Star Advertisers

the Jacksonville Suns has come to pass there in U

these united States can another Sam Wolfson be

I found? it is regret able, because his heart is in WHEN YOU ARE ILL _

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t 1400 WMK -' 1400 Watch For Oar Rritcri Prices 1901 XlXeS! ROAD El 3.821&Manubcturlf& of Power's tersIto ht Vtfh the. So"


4 =-
-- -"' ;:.
.- -
:-5I -;;





I Jax' Ed Charles Is Named To-Maior Leagues' All- Star Rookie Team t! :

. Rookies To Rtctivt AwirdsOctobsr25IwN.wY.rkCity Fullmer Tiger Title Bout To Show At Jax Coliseem Former Gibbs Frank Robinson :

I .,H. xs ',. '" Rt \:. Grads Spark Mulls Quitting i il

,io.-." "" l ;
NEW YORK -- Three Torre, Don Schwall and ';''" Etix : N.M.U. QuintetST. I

leading negro major Jack Curtis. : :: ..-' c

league baseball players: The 1960 All-Star 0:" PETERSBURG When .
were elected to the Rookie Team memberswere 1r the New Mexico State ri rit
I Cyy : University Aggies swing
1962 Topps All-Star : Jim Gentile,. into basketball com- i 3i
Rookie Team it was announced Julian Javier, Ron Han- i
petition against their
: They are: Ed sen, Ron Santo, Tommy ;

Charles, (Jacksonville) Davis, Frank Howard, L tJ ; ;;k1 __ -h...':;-. opp tough meats Border, three Conference play- a eA
Third. Base and Coker,
Manny Tony Curry, Jim "
Jiminez Outfield, both Chuck Estrada and Dick (\ 7 ers frcyn Gibbs junior
of the Kansas City Athletics Stigman. .. College may be wearingthe t
T. Rn f M tI
colors of the
and Al Jackson, Members of the 1959 h a : !I
New York Mets pitcher.The ,team were: Willie Mc- .. aae+

full roster of the Covey, pumpsie Green,. Coach Phil Askew picked -

team is: Joe Koppe, Jim Baxes, up two more Cobras

IB: Fred Whitfield, St. Ron Fairly, Bob Allison re this year after enjoying '
the services of
Louis cardinals; Willie Tasby
Gibbs Junior College'sJCO
2B: Bernie Allen Min- John Romano Jim Perry x

nesota Twins.3B and Jim Toole. All-America squad CINCINNATI---Frank
member Willie Booker, Robinson, the National
: Ed Charles, Kansas r w.
City Athletics. 81,425 h Awards last year. Askew asked League's 1961 most

for, and received the valuable player, who is
ss: Too Tresh -New York
Given SchlitzTAMPA
Yankees. By i talents of last year's getting around $40.000

A final tabulation k'< Cobra Captain, Leroy a year, said he plansto
Jiminez, # 4l
OP: Manny of the Schlitz
retire from baseball.The .
Canady, and Cobra rebounding -

Kansas City Athletics.Al 1962'Florida Fishing .'<< ,,, l and shootings 27-year old star-

Luplow Cleveland Derby showed today that Sherman Hammond.: added "this does not
Indians, Boog Powell,
awards totalling $81
Askew added a couple o mean I'm turning my
Baltimore Orioles. 425 were paid for 1.877 Junior College All- back on baseball for
CATCHES: Bob Rodgers. z *
Schlitz-tagged Americans from two West :
Angeles Angels.RH. :
in the 1962 der- ,
PITCHER: Dean caught # Coast Junior Colleges 'I'm doing it fq.r::

by. This amount was 1 '1 : long before he was cer- physical reasons, "Rob::

some $20,000 more than tain to get Canady and inson said. 'It's they
the 1961 derby figure.In l
Hammond who were being physical beating I've:
addition, $1.783 K G M.x C
sought by several other taken during playing:
went to turning 1
persons senior colleges. This
baseball. It k e e padding _

in "old" 1961- means that he is going up--my back, oy:.

tagged fish caught: after the Border Con-
,. knee, getting hit witK,
during the 1962 derby, s
ference title by get- Pitched balls. it'-s
bringing total paymentsby J the best talent he
ting not just a decision
r \ ;;;;
Schlitz to $83,208 :. ,;'R ; qa .
f / <, can find. In Canady he I've made overnight." :"

this year. if: will have a fine ball- When asked if he might-
John W. (Bill) Woods
handler and playmaker. consider changing his
Chief of the Fishery
r *. These attributes earned mind, Robinson added,
Division of the Florida ;:
,.w +'e ; him a spot on the FJCAA "Well, if the Reds
Gameand Fresh Water
; .'
dream team because his
made me an offer, I.
ish Commission, Tallahassee -
II ,. steady play-making set just couldn' refuse,
stated that
ED CHARLES R 4L the stage for Gibbs to I'd be awfully crazy to
"maximum returns
..Slated New Honors win the FJCAA tourna- turn my back on base-
(of tagged fish) were
ment in Fort Pierce against ball completely."
obtained "through the
Chance, Los Angeles high rewards offeredby CLOSED CIRCUIT TEE VEE SHOWING HERE---World's Middleweight champion Gene Fullmer's (left) title \ the likes ofocalaHampton He concluded he could .

Angels.LH defense against Nigerian challenger Dick Tiger will be shown on Jax Coliseum's giant screen here JC and expect a substantialraise
Schlitz. As a result -
PITCHER: Al Jackson. Tuesday night, Oct. 16 via Closed Circuit television. Three live-boxing matches consisting o f MiamiDadeNorthwesternCenter. from the Reds for
Woods noted, we
New York Mets. Colored and white fighters will start at 8 p.m. The 15-round title bout will go on tap at 9:30 p.m. his performance this
feel have excel-
we an
The members of the hot knowledge of the There will be no home Tee Vee telecast. Askew not only jot year, conceeding the oJE;

rookie team will be harvest by sports three of Gibbs' top fers might go as high
MVP Prospect stars, but he received
honored at a luncheonat fishermen in Florida." Bethune-Benedict Clash as 65000. r
the WaldorfAstoriaHotel three Lakeland's legen- =
Given tGo' Sign
in New York Cityon No. 1 ThiefALTHOUGH dary prep figures.

Oct. 25th when they Nite Oct. 13 Booker, Canady and Ham- =:1
'.' mond starred for Rochelle -
r; will receive engraved ... ; ro Senior High w
trophies aDd other

awards. In Gator Bowl ClassicTwo a School Another LakelandGibbshero ---

The plan to name an Hendersonis J
annual major league .: -
T rather evenly Morris Brown of Atlanta nation's outstanding at Central state in "
All-Star Rookie Team
matched teams should which had on the pre- passers Frazier in ;. Ohio with equally impressive -
was conceived by Toppsin
provide 60-thrilling vious week upset mighty his first two games fit rWIwA I 4 credentials.
1959 to call atten-
minutes of college Tennessee A&I College. this season, completed
tion to the ball-
yang football here Saturday McClairen in his first 14 of 28 tosses. PATRONIZE w I I1i

players 10 are usually night in the Gator Bowl season as mentor of the During last year's resumption I _Star Advertisers I II I i
overshadowed by the
when the BethuneCookman Wildcats had a 5-3 con- of Gator Bowl : -
publicity given to rec ords are ?:\: J 81-26-70 SIDELINED this seaso
Wildcats face the ference record. competition between the \
established stars.In made to be broken, many \ with a mysterious blood
1961, the following sports observers pre Benedict College Tigersin Spearheading the two colleges, Benedict, f.,.... ....". .., .... L' ;. '," :. 47888934Watch disorder later diag-
the second annual Tigers' attack again leading until late in : ri
i.4 '
>' '.; ; < : .-.
& lukemia. Srracuse's
players were chosen in dict that L.A. Dodgers' >> ... ;\. :a.._ This Clown nosed as
Jacksonville Classic. this season will be the game was defeated
the third annual All- Maury Wills new mark of All-American
The game goes on tap All-cx nference quarterback 25-19 in a thrilling halfback Ernie Davis
Star Rookie Team election 103 stolen bases this
promptly at 8 p.m. Bobby Frazier who encounter. DODGERS slugging 9 % 5 released froma
: J.C. Martin, Jake year may never be has been
I Bethune, under the is rated! one of the outfielder Tommy Davisis >
Wood Dick erased Wills' single Placed 3 7 Maryland Hospital..
Howser, coaching reins of Lyles predicted to be one .
Charlie season exploits broke 3 7 and has been given per-
Smith, Lee noted former Bethune of the top prospectsfor

Thomas, Billy Williams, Ty Cobb8 all-tims grid alumnus Jack (cy) Cards Echols On Waivers the National League mission to return to

Floyd Robinson, Joe mark of 96 and the MfnTTSff / s McClairen who also had s annual Mo t Valu- 24 -16-04 play with the Cleveland.

flfl 1"amrd BALTIMORE---With tonguein Browns of the NFL.
several good years of Given ReleaseST. able Player award thisy 36629115Sometimes
t cheek, the Baltimore Davis, who graduatedfrom
pro football as an end ear be' s up
college last June,
Colts placed injured
Davis led the leagues
with the Pittsburgh Sometimes he's down

Steelers opened the LOUIS---Because he halfback Lenny Lyles on with a .347 batting He adds substractsHe was hospitalized priorto
waivers notated "in the Brown's early
season with a spectacular reportedly arrived at average and his 150- works it all around '
season training camp
19.0 win over South the training camp some jured evidently hop- hits led the majors and 100-86 02 sessions.

k j Carolina state and 25-pounds overweightwas ing no National League broke a Dodger record.He .

followed it up by rumored the reason would claim him.A is a native of

v v't crushing Albany State why the. St. Louis Car- five year provetin Brooklyn, N. Y.

43-0 the following dinals released Fate his second year with "MORE POWER TO YOU !I"

the Colts is To ResignSam
weekend. Echols, their number one Lyles Prexy

Benedict's only win draft choice from North- Suffering with sprallied .' ,"k, FACTORY FRESH

through the first of western University.Echols and possible torn liga-

last week was demonstrated reported to ments in his right Elgin 4-4508

: in their camp weighing 280- knee, suffered duringthe

'little David' role pounds, 25-pounds over season's opener a- AUTOMOTIVE MARINE DIESEL

with a surprisingly gainst the Los Angeles
his normal weight of

YF 7-6 win over powerful, 255. 4 Rams. t SOUTHWAYBATTERY

; : ', t. '.>..... ": : :: : i
,. '" : '"" MFG. CORP..

if', .
-, ).
You Don't Have to Go to Town to Get
fir, w.view CREDITED with being

the prime force behindJacksonville'
s acceptance -

4.. into the International -- .

League this On Your '

We Are Now r l P year, popular business-
man-sports leader Sam
Lam Wolfson announced Mon-
Equipped To.. ... i :"s
day that pressing busi-
Trade With Your Neighborhood Drug Store

Trail Tfo HiNlikuppid ness matters will force WE WILL MEET ANY PRICES ADVERTISED IN tOUR

him to resign the Jax LOCAL PAPERS

Suns presidency following We Deliver-We Also Pill All Doctors'Prescript ionsDixie.

.. the iL's Decem-
JacksonvilleI "'.'tcJ> ..;.., -,. .. \.
t ... : ber meeting. Wolfson : Pharmacy

.. .
promised that he'll con-
... .'.., ,
..:': .. F" '.: Ul;;; tr: -r tinue to support the
Inc. A.' :r.. ;; -... .:. Suns in whatever capacity -

Barber College AGGIE MIDDLE ATTACK---Mainsprings in the A. and T. College Aggie's middle he'll be called 1302 Kngs Road at Myrtle, Avenue

attack this fall will include, from left to right: Wilbur Mapp Asheville upon. Pbe&es EL 5-5597-93

'8.1. Affmri 111% Air CwL N. C.. 240-lb. center; Willie Ferguson, Waycrpss, Ga., 6-2, Quarterback, and '1..:

Algustus Lee, Washington D. C. 2201b.pile' driving fullback. All three saw

--: 30 DAVIS ST. at BsavsrIACNS@IIYIUE action against Tennessee A. and I. State University in theo ner.at Greensboro r + PAY YOUR LIGHT WATER AND TELEPHONE

:;)?* : mm Saturday, Sept 22. The Aggies won a 16-13 upset win, ending a fire. :: BILLS AT OUR STORE

year victory-drought against Tennessee. I.

----, ,.'


# t' ,

+ T. .,. .t i.


Miss A. Burrough V.I.! Siper Friends Honor Miss Mildred Gilliam Zed Baptist Prepares : I

Celebrates First Store Offirs $' s For 112th Amiversary I I

Recital Sundayx Second Baptist Church Sunday will begin with,

larfflM Rites will observe its 112th the Sunday: School, C.M.
anniversary Nov. 412. Vaught and L.C. Chester
A store that offers The committee has 'arranged will be in charge.

sayings on almost everything 4 ,, _.,
a program featuring District Day will be
V ., .,.
: < "
used by the house- IFS -various ministersand observed with the busi-

wife under one roof has ',t'f z i, <, choirs of the city. ness meetings conveningin
opened shop at 1812 Cas- Rev. J.M. Bing of Apopka the var bus homes.
sat. I 3 Florida the only living Consecration will be
Y Operating under the 2.7 former pastor has been held at 10:45 a.m.
invited to speak duringthe Morning worship at 11
this super mar
observances.The .
d clock and evening w r-
ket under the directionof
fTS fourth anniversaryof ship at 7 p.m. The pas-
Mr. Hascle Evt mick,
t ;tf the pastor Rev. j.C.
(General Manager), offer McCoy To Feature
Sams wiai also be ob-
savings on nationallyadvertised served. ,

groceriesand The celebration will St. Stephen Recital
meats, health and
\ beauty aids.Although ..., begin with a specialsong Matthew McCoy will be
service by the com-
the Cassat presented in a gospel in
ALICE BURROUGH will OD- bined choirs of the
Avenue store has had its .,. songs program Sunday
serve her first anni- church under the direc-
doors open less than two night in St. Stephen AWE
versary recital Sunday month. Mr. Emmick has ,- tion of Mrs. G.C. to ugh' Church in interest of \
night Oct. 14th in the assisted by Charles T. I
the Women's celebra-
staffed it with courteous -
auditorium of Mt. Sinai Maxwell.
and tion which will termi-
Baptist Church at 8:15
Regular services for nate
Every member of 21.
Mrs. Ethel Davenport -
Bannister will be honored store staff is readyto ". Welcome I iii I i

at this time as the render every assis-

first lady of Gospel tance further possible.To serve. the x{ Bethune Cookman, Benedict Fans
Song of Jacksonvilleand .
will also be one of community VALUE SUPER
the platform guests. STORE plans a perserip- tx WHITE SWAN RESTAURANTFormerly
tion counter, in the
Others appearing wall

Ebenezer be Willie Trio Motley David the near for this future.department The staff II! ( Madeline's Gate)

Palmer Shelley Jennings will be experienced. -Y t
F Special Weekend Menu
Robert simpkins Florida-licensed phar- .'
macists.Mr. .
and Soloman Timmons. Emmick is well- __ 155_ h" ,:.k' J Open 11 a.m' Until
Among the platform guest ..... ; ;.
will also be Mr. More known to Jaxons in ....... .. t M .. :-;;, ;'
land who was the first. several areas having e'"'::; i (Closed Sundays)
been in the t' _
sponsor of Mrs. Burroughover grocery :
one of our local business in Jax almost "I-.-' '",' : 1929 KINGS RD. EL 4.9962

radio stations Albert 20 years. r"' 'i"\', ____ _
Watson of Daytona Beach Send ".. ( ... .':/.'; __c MRS. MADELINE SIRHON, Owner Operator
or Bring <
and Cleveland Green. '> y __ a- _
News in To The
Woodbine Ga. FLORIDA STAR t.,: ;;: t I I I How I I .
Serving as narrator will ; .IL' :
$ :
be Mrs. Mary Green who Main Office & Plant ,

will be presented by 2323 Moficrief Rd. In Jacksonville
Mrs. Luella McBride. SURPRISE EVENT---Miss Mildred Gilliam was the surprised honoree at a party given in her honor and
I hosted recently by Robert Harley. The evening was pleasantly spent with dancing and the playing of IFPROGRE5 ...S
games: A sumptuous luncheon was served. Standing in' top photo from left; Al H. Williams, Robert Jfk LINCOLN

Harley, Miss Gilliam (honoree); L. E. Gonsalez and Johnny Davis. Seated from left: Mrs. Olvena ,tz I.NCOLN 2
$ [DorisMrs. Ella Willis Mrs. Ruth Bell Mrs. Ruth Biviris, Mrs. Mable Dunbar Mrs. Dorothy Williams, l 0 : BUSINESS
7 V BUIIN'n ..
x. Miss Virginia Harper Miss Ophelia Crawford and Mrs. Bloodworth.Bottom-photo seated from left: d: 3. '
Ow.. C !
Mrs. Willie L. Ross, Mrs. Johnnie M. Brown Mrs. Alberta Johnson Mrs. Ada Reeves Mrs. Blanche \V 0 -

; );d"I t Miller, Mrs. Rosa Veol, Mrs. Lula Washington Mrs. Rosa Edwards and Mrs. Flora James. Standing fro p 'lJf COLLEGE

{ left: Rudolph James Robert Harley James Peoples Mack Dunbar Leonard Bloodworth, James Willis, ,-

.- c Willie Evans, Miss Gilliam Robert Brown, Lee Miller.


Hi City i Bus Driver St. Paul ChorusIn Civic Club "Progress Through Education"

EBYS WANTEi I Elects OfficersAnnual
Robbed Of 80.00
!hiUSTER TERROR TRIO---Vincent price, peter Lorre and To Sell
Basil Rathbone Hollywood masters of terror, horror Star Monday Nile election of t 1 1r
Newspapers on Southside. A Jacksonville Coach
officers featured the
and thrills co-star together for the first time in
Come to 2117 Wishart St. Company driver Zackie
American international's Toe's Tales of Terror" groups repre- recent meeting of the
or call PL 9-1271 Smith. 60, robbed in
was senting numerous churches Gateway Civic Club heldin
_opening Sunday at the Strand Theatre.
..... the 500 block of Julia in the jax communitywill the residence of Mrs.
Street Tuesday between be guest artists Liberia Bailey 7845 N.

.. EDGEWOOD \ 6:45 and 6:50 p.m., po- Monday night when the Kings Rd. 1
THE LOug..i lice reported. Gospel Chorus of St. New officers are: Mrs.

The driver stated that Paul AME Church'celebrates Sallie Johnson, presi-
.' 0 he was stopping for a its 17th anni-
:. dentMrs.; Clara Singleton r sr
.i, : young Negro man to get versary at 8 o'clockin ,vice president: Mrs.
off the bus, but insteadof the church audi- Maud.Dell Hutsontreasur
I ENTERTAINMENT NITEL1\o; I getting off he showed torium. er; Mrs. Elsie Cunnings .

the driver a large open participating choruses recording secretary;

featuring .' : I. pocket knife and told will come from Mt. Mrs. Liberia Bailey, IBM Machine Training

him it was a hold up. Ararat Emanuel West financial secretary
1 : I Smith said he demandedall Union Choir 3, Mt. Mrs. Ruby Green. busi- IBM EQUIPMENT. EVERY HOUR OF TRAINING IS UNDER
I I R bert Grisby of the bills and Ararat;Abyssinia union ness manager. SUPERVISION OF INSTRUCTOR.

1 box.change from the fare Community AME Mt. Pastor Condemns REGISTERED DIPLOMA ON GRADUATION
Olive primitive Mt.

1 4 with soul iiiebc on the ergaah s s Smith said he gave the Sinai Baptist Midway James Meredith Phil co Electronics
the NEW Miss.
young suspect money. AME Everson St. Bap- ALBANY -
.5 .. 1 The suspect got off the A Negro Baptist minister
here has condemned
bus at Julia and Ashley Negro
0 Starting Monday Night Oct. 15th: Streets and ran Smith tist and Mt. Moriah University of Mississippi LICENSE. 6.000 ELEC. TECH. NEEDED) NOW IN FLORIDA.

'LADIES' NITS See Something New and Exotic in .' ,' M aided. The young holdup AME. applicant James H.

Ladies' Hair Styling Modeled by Jax Beauticians.., "'a' :: II man was the only pas- Usher Board 2 of St. Meredith for his adamant
O A FREE PRESENTATION ; 1ff I II senger on board at the Paul AME Church will stand in the 'federal- Byrrcyghs Machine BookkeepingPREPARES

0 time of the robbery. serve. J. Watson is state law crisis set off
.1 Bar opens at 5 p.m. Open 'til 1 a.... I Smith continued. smith president of the -celebrants by his desire to_ enter YOU FOR WELL-PAYING-LONGRANGE JOBS IN
said $80 was taken by, and Rev. R. J. lily-white school.It
0WEST EDEEWOOD AVENUE Blaine is host pastor.
whether Meredith him-
---- ---- --- ---- --- -

Enroll Now And Learn A Profitable Trrit At STRAND Sunday thin Saturday self ,a has native taken Mississippian issue- IBM Key Puck



Evening Division of Stanton Vocational High School is offering -euu UTHBOXEjCo

a wide selection of courses for TRADE PREPARATION, TRADE IMPROVEMENT -- SUI..lal..Tall.Oct. .-

and OFFICE OCCUPATIONS for high school graduates and JIIs Feature 14.15.16

f adults who wish to learn new trades or advance themselves in AUDREY HEPBURN 3 a rtY
Bit Booster
their present positions. !, SHIRLEY MUoLAINE THE

:CABINETMAKING AUTO MECHANICS SHE REPAIR Becua of hllln eMn of b theme-tbis cfc I pktIn II rrprEadK b tldb flit. -


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........... ERtm! BORGIfI. flu The South s Finest-Most Collate Negro


.. ri.-Sat.-@et. JJ.L
-1.r..J -" ibaWasxt 'SIAlr 2616 N. MYRTLE AVE.



:)0 : "
e81A ;
,- '. r<. 'FOR INFO ,,' tv' AI '
: IAT9L i EriK Tills Name \1
'- .-' Street
I.-T..I. or Fri.
Phone Elgin 6-5581' ._____ _________ 521 W. Ashley Street o......&: Pe awtiatW1WM City "honIBMOBurroughsOKey
This Is A Vocational Unit of The Duval County Board of Public Inst. WRO AlTllfI Fir FREE ABMISSI8N ) PuncbE1ectronlcs

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