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Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
September 29, 1962
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
September 29, 1962
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
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All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Full Text

4 \

r L I-i

Miami Police Department Cites Negro Patrolman For Achievements During August

* . * * # * .



**************** .* ******* ** I
************* 1

Negro Barred Admission To 'Ole Miss..' J :

l.' 'As Government Ponders __Troops Use. VOL 12-"O. 26 SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 29, 1962 15 CENT_ !

********** ........... ...

Woman Nabbed ,Quintet Faces Serious Charges i


Reported Shortly Holdup After .A 6RFOR I

ville Five youthful women ranging Jackson-in BUS CAFE SIT s \ I

years ages ,from were 17 arrestedand to 18 .

************** *** _' -
lodged in city jail :J

following charges of 2 Teachers Shooting Scrape Trial Set For Veteran TT..I'i new>> veal

armed robbery, polices .

reported.Hiss Alma Jane Butt, ARMED ROBBERY CHARGES levied against five teenagers with ages tovnd To Criminal Court October 4th Cabbie VictimOf

30, of 1718 North First ranging between 17 and 18 years. Lodged In city jail following As a result of a lengthly but unresolving court TALLAHASSEE -- Five CollisionCab

their quick apprehension by local police are, from left: DeloresL. hearing last Friday morning, a bitter criminal Florida A&M University
Street North Jackson-
i Beach, told police Singleton 18; Patricia E. White 18; Christine Holmes 17; Court.... battle now looms in the gun-dual case of students were arrested driver Sylvester
she along Susan Marie Brown, 18; and Betty White, 18. high school art instructors Forrest C. Murphy and and J allied Tuesday Moses, a veteran of
was ***#***** .**** his estranged wife Lucille Blanche Murphy.... night for refusing to over 19 years with
the 400 block of West
Adams St. between 12:25 Federal Officers Blockaded Miami Patrolmen, Murphy, charged with S leave the Carousel the New Deal Cab Co. ,

the recent wounding of Restaurant at TrailwaysBus died on Monday after
L m. Monday morning when the possibility of

she was approached by In Attempt To Enroll Negro Receive Citations .his wife during an exchange compromise dissolvedin Station here, police hovering between life

three females. MIAMI---A Negro patrolman of pistol fire a brief but bitter reported. and death for nearly

: Two of the women OXFORD Miss. ---Ihe state of Mississippi, respectfully between them, sat passively denunciation against Police said the

grabbed her by the arms perhaps the South's most impregnable for- nicknamed "Cochise," through the two- Murphy given by his students, Patricia

} and the third pulled tress of racial intolerance, continuedthis has been cited by the hour proceedings while wife's white attorney, stevens 22 Ira Sim- F r

out a knife and demanded week as the focal point in a federal- Miami police Department his attorney, ErnestD. Robert B. Horner, who mons, 19, Reuben Kenon

Miss Butt's pocketbook, state battle which many capable observersare for his. outstanding. Jackson, methodically bluntly accused Murphyof 24. James Hamilton 20. '
-:"!: questioned Mrs. Murphy and Julius Hamilton
the report continued. regarding as the gravest civil crisis publicly villifying
officers refused to leave
and investigating 19
Miss Butt said one of the ,South has faced since the Civil War. his wife's name, and of
concerning the the restaurant at
the women hit her o n contributing nothing to
In the midst of this lice to resist any and early morning incident.in around midnight when
the side of her head the
of his
battle is ,the bombastic all efforts of federal an atmosphere of support requested to do so by
her fist and the SYLVESTER MOSES
with three-year-old son,
x, segregationist governorof marshals to escort r ri tense spectator attentiveness th e manager. The
trio then departed with Forest, jr. two days from injuries -
Mississippi Ross Meredith into the Uni- ": Mrs. Murphy students were also said
J.her pocketbook. The Barnett who is determined versity.At I" .' SI related in a subdued This was perhaps the to have refused a police he received ina

i remaining two suspects I r. .. -5-;. only time during the leave collision on Satur-
.' to defy a press time the '.' ::T voice how the exchangeof order to

,were across the street federal court order by federal officers had I. gunfire climaxed a entire hearing that the premises. day morning.

during the robbery, reports failuresIn I' Murphy showed any signs five arrested Moses' cab and a truck
barring The
a Negro from met with three ...._ | Blankenship "- ..t rtiulentyearlong. ,.. were .
stated. th' attempt tV Ie'l'l f'1' esTraTng'ement'between .o f:e'nb't 1 on*by*t urn 1 ng ic' dged'-t' ''ci'tjr':Jall collided/at Beaver and

Police arrived on the get Meredith into the achievements as a 'police herself and her husband. to stare in angry and were later released Davis streets. Moses was

'scene shortly after the school as a human officer. Admitting, under the astonishment at his under $100 bonds run over by his own cab

:incident and placed the Roosevelt (Cochise) accuser.In each Wednesday morning. after the vehicle jumpeda
insistent questioningof
victim: in their car. 62-Year Tremble,named outstand- Jackson, that she bounding the case Municipal Judge John curb, throwing him to

Three of the suspectswere ing officer for the also fired a .32 cali over for Criminal Court Rudd has ordered the the pavement.

apprehended walk- Woman Killed month of August by the bre pistol at her husband action, judge Drake five to appear for city Police identified the

Ing west on the 500 Department, was directly said: 'I am both court trial on Oct. 4. driver of the truck as
she appeared
block of W. Church St.in At Train CrossingDeath involved in the shocked and appalledthat Oozier Quails. 37. of
somewhat uncertain as *
1716 Walnut St. Quails
the company of two arrest of eight persons two talented peo-
to whether she or Mur-
other women. Death came swiftlyto connected with crimes ple like the both of and a passenger in
phy opened fire first.
police prevented the a 62yearoldwoman ranging from armed you, both well-edu- Police Return Moses' cab, Georgia Lee
"I afraid for
suspects from escaping on Wednesday robbery to assault to my cated, both school Stevens of 1541 W. 17th

and when all five were afternoon when she commit murder of a police safety, she said, teachers and leadersin St. received minor in-
simply, when asked why Suspected
picked up, they reported was struck and officer. your community, juries.

that one of the women killed by an eastbound Tremble, who was awarded she was in possessionof should permit your- Moses, who started

t dropped a hunting knife JAMES MMDiTR AtlanticCoastline a $50 gift cer- the gun. selves to become involved Armed Robber driving for the company
The conductedin
t which she had concealedin blockade of state police passenger tificate, was once before in a situation In March, 1943. was
the court of justiceof
her blouse. A loaded and plainclothes train at a Forest cited for his work like this. It is sucha Robert Lee Sharpton, Jescribed by New Deal
the peace DorcasB.
Executive Vice President
t cal. 38 pistol was taken officers blocked their Street crossing. in apprehending nar Drake, appeared to tragic waste." 20, wanted in Jackson-

from another one of advance.In The victim, Mrs. Mamie cctics violators and for be reaching a dramatic The MUrphy's, who were ville for armed robberywas Marion Marvin as "a
good driver and
the suspects.The Washington Atty. Belle Mathis walked rescuing a person froma settlement when, at one suspended from their arrested in Atlan- mighty nice fellow". a

victim's purse was Gen. Robert f. Kennedy onto the tracks even flaming building.A point, Mrs. Murphy declared teaching duties by the tic City, N. J. recently "It was too bad it had

recovered along side a admitting to the though the engineerwas second Miami officer emotionally: School board shortly and has beet "
to happen the
building where the three seriousness of the blowing a whistle also received an don't after the incident, are
."I want to cause official said.Freedom .
women were pickedup, situation, said, 'The and ringing a bell, according award for the month of him to go to prison, I being continued on that

police said.Awaiting government will do to City Patrolmen August. He was HobartR. .
Just want him to leaveme uft: J ens (J)- Sought
formal filing whatever is necessaryto O.M. Koon and Blankenship, white, alone!" Io! date has been set

of charges are Delores enforte the court C.B. Musselwhite.A who receive a $25
I : for the trial in Crim-
later however
Moments By Two Men
Lillian Singleton, 18, orders in the James H. police report also savings bond for being inal Court.
f of 1047 W. Duval St. ; Meredith case." states the woman had chosen as the month's

'c Christine Holmes, 17, However the posslbi-, been drinking prior to most courteous officer. Nurse Saves White Mother On Rape Decree

1 Ii ty that federal the fatal accident. The ,
635% W. Ashley, St. ; Susan "Cochise" Trembleis TALLAHASSEE---Two Ne-

Marie Brown, 18, troops will be order train was pulling into a Patrolman First groesunder stayed death

I 1047 I. Duval St. into the picture increases Union Terminal at the Class. Children From Bleeding DeathOLIVE sentences for the alleged -

as Mississippi time it struck her.
18 1047
BRANCH Miss.A triple tragedywas rape of a white
W. Duval Patricia resistance continues. The w ean' s companion ******* ROBERT LEE SHARPTON
; averted last week by the quick actionof woman, have asked the
Elizabeth White, same 'The question of Willie McDonald 66. cuts and bruises. brought back to
[ a practical nurse when she saved the Florida Supreme Courtto
federal troops is as narrowly missed death Jessie Charles Bolton. sonville and 1
address. white Mississippi and edged in set them free.
lives of woman
has been," the back Justas truck, a
said the purse's it by Jumping driver of the the Duval
Police County
following highway ac- Jail. The two, Chatman
: her two children a jerry
Atty. Gen. said, the train reached and a resident of 302 Detective
contents included seven Sgt. T. W.
and Shuler
Robert ,
11 adding, "That is. we him according:>> to de Goodwin street, was cident.Tne Johnson were
dollars the victims' wounds by Deputy Con-
heroine is 30-year recently grantee a stay
whatever is tectives.
will He was reported -
taken to Brewster
old,Mrs. Shirley Bledsoe ripping into strips, a stable Bill Edwards, of execution by Circuit

Hearing Hoiday necessary to .do the unhurt.Minutes Hospital and treatedfor who came upon the stack of baby diapersshe who works out of the judge Troy Hall follow-
I said threeor after the '
job as minor injuries. twisted wreckage of two found in back of Justice of the peace
four days, ago..." accident, which oc- Ambulance driver, ing investigation by
automobiles as she was the wrecked car. Mrs. Sarah aryan's office,
Accised inter- their attorney, Fran-
For 5 After his last, refusal cured near Donald E. Patterson
section of Forest and driving along Highway Bledsoe then herself went to Atlantic City cisco Rodriguez of
Wednesday, Meredith
1 on 26 of, 323 RiversideAve. 78. ,and brought the
collapsed from ex- fugi-
Mass RapIsts boarded a plane reportedly Copeland streets, an was not hurt. tive Tampa.
Seeing a woman and two haustion. back.Detective.
which had Rodriguez presented
for Memphis.
Five local men, accusedof rushed to the scene George Jajeh of 2050 children stretched out Saved by the Negro Sgt. Johnson evidence which sUP-
entering the university; Lewis St. an employeof said
senseless and bleeding no rse's quick action was Sharpton givena
rapine a Negro secretary cllided with a truck ported a petition he
of Mississippi and the the store, was ad- the statement admitting
pavement Mrs.
on ,
two weeks ago in causing injury to Mrs. Betty Warner 35 presented to the court
Negro-biases H. Meredith mitted to St. Vincent his guilt in six armed
Bledsoe worked over the of Byhalia Miss. and
Mt. Herman park area three persons and an charging two Lake COun-
will face a preliminary -who. in his on estimated damage of Hospital with a frac- three victims for ever her two children Pan robberies. On June 9, ty sheriff's deputies,

hearing next Monday in quiet way, is detcfr- $1,100 to the two ture of his right leI- an hour until she su- Warner, 15 and 11-year 1962, a man identifiedas L. G. Clark and James
that her death.
enter Until Mrs.
mined to ceeded in stemming the old Gary Warner. James Wright, who
of judge Sarah
the court institution lathe vehicles involved anda Mathis lived at 26S- yates, with falsifyingthe
chalky flow of the blood from Doctors at Methodist lives on Madison St. evidence which led
Bryan.The wake of federal grocery Watts Street.A .
five all Negroes, and protec- to police, Hospital in Memphis, was hit and robbed and to the conviction of
are alleged to have tion. the ambulance crashed City PitnlmaiMiffs Armed Convict where the Warners are was unconscious for the two Negroes for the

recovering, said the five days before he
overpowered the 37-year- who has into the doorway of a alleged rape of the
Barnett, patrolman lasv. three would have bled to knew his and watch
old woman, carried her his nearby grocery storeas city *** .a.ss.s car middle-aged white wo-

to 'a dark spot in the loudly proclaimed a result of the collision Thursday morning braved death had it not been fere stolen, Sgt. John- Mil.
1.'' preference of going to after he answered a call for Mrs. Bledsoe Chatman and Shuler
park and taken turns with the truck, a loaded rifle in the a fast son said

her.police Jail rather than permit ,hands of an escaped convict to a Williaus Street wo rk. Bond has not been set have petitioned for a
raping injuring Miss Inez
officers, summoned the 29-year-old Meredith and captured the residence in Riverside Mrs. Bledsoe has since for the alleged fugitive writ {habeas corpus
Allen, of 443 Copeland
to enter the about 10 &... Thursday. been given the state and asked the high
the woman's standing fugitive In the bathroom Job of robber. officers
by Street who was -
school, demonstrated he had allegedly The call came after a taking of the that probably court to grant them a
escort, arrived at the In the doorway of )f a home care recovering Sharpton
time to roundup his contempt for the broken into.patrol.an neighbor reported to Warners Maybe took part in other rob- new trial on the ground
scene in the store. She was police
federal court order by J.E. Regan someone was In I should be workingfor beries before goingto they were convicted on
all five suspects taken to Daval Medical the house while the
this week ordering single-handedly captured her" the grateful New Jersey. the basis of false
before they could getaway Center for treatment of
occupants at work.
: Mississippi state po- Charles ftiHup MUll!... were Jfr*. Warner said. Y.lci; CA.

... .,,.,. .. +Mr ..
-... .., "" } r s .lyi ..c r ; e *


: I I. "

l ,

,__ __ :;i r.
_._ -'-....- --':-, ,


Published by the Florida Sts? Mllshil, Co. r 1t

Member of Associated Necro Press" BY ERIC 0. SIMPSON

I IRYSON t -- -- tII f

L WlSE..News EIHr New York State regulations to carry out"

1 I the State's policy on racial integrationin i

HILDA WOOTEN.Circll ll_K urban renewal programs were made pub-3

., .. 0 lic by James Wm. Gaynor, Commissioner of;:
: 'I > Housing and Community Renewal. New York

2323 Moncrief ad..PIme ELgiJ 4-6182 n 4-1783 i thus becomes the first state in the nation -
=-- to adopt a program to advance inte-

III Address: I-- gration through urban renewal. ''

These administrative regulations, which:

P. O. BOI 561, Jacks8 e 1, FI Ia i have the full force and effect of law in-

\ the State of New York, have been promul"

gated to insure that Federal

SUBSCRIPTION RATES.One urban renewal projects receiving .",,' ,' i1

year .$6.00: Half Year. $4.00 State financial assistance .'

Mailed to YOU Anywhere in the United States, "will be carried 4

Subscription. payable in Advance I out in conformity with both

Send check or Money order to: I the letter and the spirit of
.. I r r ,
the State's laws prohibiting

Florida Star P. 0. Box 561 j I discrimination in nousing;

Jacksonville 1, Florida I will promote the sound growth1and .] ,

I 1. development of communi-
ties through positive advancement of the.
-1 principle of equality of opportunity; and

: will reflect a policy of open occupancy:'
The State's administrative regulationswill
,,"f \)'
have the effect of
ON the evening of Wednesday, Sept. 26, broadening the
the CBS Television Network presented an HOW LONG WILL{ THIS BE AMERICA'S WORLD IMAGE, MR. PRESIDENT planning concepts of physical and eco-
hour-long documentary account of a human nomic improvement, on which urban renewal

programs are developed, by requiring the
struggle now reaching a bitter climax in .. : .. '. added dimension of social improvement.Based .
the state of Mississippi.The repprt,
titled "Mississippi and the 15th Amend- on the seven requirements of the

ment," gave the viewing audience a $tark Federal Workable program for Community
improvement which municipalities must
and dramatic appraisal of human oppres- Weekly
meet to receive Federal financing, the
sion by describing the determined effortsof
regulations are in effect a workable pro-
the Mississippi white to discourage
I gram for the State. Requirements to bring
voting among the Negro citizens of {that
Horoscop'e GuideYour about social improvement have been writ
state. 'i,t ten into the seven Federal requirements,
WHILE the racial climate in Mississippi
and an eighth requirement has been added,
is perhaps the murkiest in the South, the

courage asserting itself among Negro | y PABLO The ASTROLOGERWHICH a The letter most of significant intent. departure from

MississiIPians in their battle for civil
rights is both admirable and outstanding.IT ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR Federal requirements is contained in the
letter of intent to out State poli-
is somewhat paradoxical, there ore, BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL
I cy. It requires a statement of the muni-
that in a county like Duval, where voting
cipality's intention to conform with both,
activity all people is encouraged .,
among ,
o---- .. ....-.-. the letter and the.splri t of the State's
so large a percentage of Negroes who arein
all ARIB8!: on your talents and see as the best means of leash of worldly or business broad laws which prohibit discrimination,

vote,franchise ways qualified themselves to register of this basic! and Born March 21st thru. if you can exploit one achieving your ulti- responsibilities, in both publicly-assisted and unaided,;

right by their refusal to register!, or April 19th .of them to your financial mate ends. since strained you may as well have all private housing, to promote sound munici-

advantage. relations could develop the fun you can extract pal growth through equality of opportunity -
their refusal to vote after havin entered There is nothing that
their the 2-30-77-17-63-237 in your home and from your friends or and to adopt a policy of open oc-
names on registrationbooks.
is likely to noteworthy
I public life this is other pleasurable pur- cupancy. This statement must be submitted;,,
I earthshaking during CANCER
I or one of the developmentsyou s uits. Be mindful of at the time the municipality makes a pre-,
THIS is a costly indifference on, the this first quarter. Could Born June 22nd thru
must exert yourselfto your physical and econo- liminary application for State financial,;
part of a people who loudly
so proclaim you be occupied with im- July 22nd
prevent before it mic limitations as the assistance. Federal policy requires re-
their desire and determination to become portant, strictly private you may not be entirely )
'first-class citizens.' gets out of hand. chances are that you developers of urban renewal sites merely.,
j personal projects there aware as yet of the ;
i 8-60-88-12-72-862 will need all ;your energies to-pledg compliance. with Local laws a-
HOWEVER much elections often resemble to 'be to 'the feelings
seems no 'need ;nature "
to with sub- discrimination whit d suclTlfew's
cope ;
Roman circuses, they are nonetheless the interrupt them for any that are nagging you inside LIBRA ,
main avenue of approach t o human rights excuse whatsoever. Shoul but you should at Born Sept. 23rd thru sequent happenings. Add exist. It imposes no requirement on the

through better government at all levels. ,you discover that you least have a suspicion. Oct. 23rdAs to your res urces when- municipality itself.

To vote is, by a process of selection, are behind in your bookkeeping Paint, write make musicor this is the week ever possible and study The Federal requirement of housing for

to guarantee progressively better govern benefit from the heed any otter Impulses when problems and demands the trends to foresee displaced persons has been broadened e

ment and thereby consistently elevate, extra time at your dis- that are meantto will be at their which way they are likely extensively by the State's new require
to go in the future. ments. Under the State's Workable Pro-
human standards for all people. i posal to get your accounts take you out of a rut. minimum you should

IN the face of concentrated and often up to date. YOU Even if it means tearing welcome the opportunity 9-70-55-18-91-975 gram, the municipality is required to"_

brutal opposition, Mississippi Negroes I may not have the opportunity yourself away from home to make necessary CAPRICORNBorn submit evidence that relocation housing*

and black citizens in other racially;, torn later on, and this or other affectionateties adjustments in the Dec. 22nd thru is available on the basis of non-dis-

areas in the South are demonstrating an could seriously handicap you must first ful management of personaland Jan. 19th crimination, equal opportunity and open

unshakable determination to raise their your endeavors to' com- f ill the mission on Joint finances. One Outside of a few minor occupancy, and that tenant selection proGrams -
"f r'a publicly-assisted
standards as human beings by asserting pete. The 6th-7th shouldbe earth that has been assigned of your more pressing gains in business or in l housing

their rights as human beings--that being peaceful enough if you to you by Destiny. tasks in this connectionmay your particular fieldof in the community follow the same policy/

to actively participate in the shaping of can restrain yourselffrom Those who share your aspirations be to reduce frivo- endeavor there is Further, the municipality is required t6

a government "of the people, by! the crossing swords with may be very lous buying or to tem- little to make this week undertake a community-wide information

people and for the people." j your life or business encouraging in these per your tastes for anything out of the program occupancy.to foster acceptance of open'' .

THIS "let George do it" attitude among partner. matters if you talk luxurious living. Your ordinary. You may have

i Negro registered voters and potential 5-20-33-14-5&-523 things over with them. over-all objectives may
be something to gain by REF(fCT...AND AVOID PERMANENT HURT'
easily reachedif
voters in Duval is not only costlY but TAURUS Even if the response to widening your circle of

outrageous. It is an attitude that, is Born April 20th thru your ideas may appear sive you have an aggres- acquaintances Joining A recent incident where a husband and

contributing to the betrayal of human} May 20thAs negative at home, a. mate partner or groups in higher-mind wife--both high school instructors--
manager handling
rights, not only here in Duval but where-I there is not much change for; the betteris affairs or dealing your with pursuits or Just passingthe climaxed a year-long estrangement by

ever human dignity has come to death- likely to make the head- likely to take place the important personages time in deep m di ta- firing pistols at each .other is a star fl

grips with human oppression. I lines during this first later in the month. who can further tion. Should you make example of what human emotions can cause i

WHAT WILL MAKE SAM liE RUN ? quarter, you may find 4-40-22-15-05-425 your career or promote any important contacts when they are' permitted to flood the

A enough time to. devote to during this period it banks of self-control. ;,
veteran New Deal cab driv* died Mon- LEO your creations. YOU
would be all to the
day. The the tasks that interest should also BECAUSE of the incident these two
cab he was operating collided d Born July 23rd thru attend perSons
with truck. ; you. Hobbies that are social for now and even more -both young and talented--have become -
a The man died as a result of Aug. 22nd affairs to which
injuries received in the collision. | it i ; shared with someone: nearS YOU are well equipped, you have been invited. so later. embroiled in the type of dispute

a sad occurance,andquite conclusive! now. to you become much more mentally to cope with 7-90-22-14-47-792 4-10-66-26-86-416 which, because of its public nature, may

A peculiar thing about the incident: fascinating than those the events of the day and SCORPIOBorn AQUARIUSBarn well develope scandalous proportions Before -

however is why did certain passengers in 1 that you have to pursue to read their signifi- Oct. 24th thru Jan. 20th thru it can be settled.

the cab take flight after the incident j .' alone. A combination ofo cance between the lines. Nov. 22nd Feb. lath B01H the husband and wife come from ofa,
ideas and skills
Why would anyone rassively involved in opens new This should give you the you may extend the You and your life or prominent and well-respected Jacksonville g '

such anincident feel it avenues of research and edge on the others when scope of your gainful business partner seem families, making it doubly tragicthat
necessary to
"head for the creativity. You may quick decisions have endeavors when you rea- to have equal stakes in the incident has-fceen permitted t"S
as it were; when
l be in the mood to indulge
actually they should be heading !for a be made, and certain lize that they have a carrying out the formulayou magnify into a court case. The Injury lo;
in but its
; daydreaming
conclusions drawn. Amass chance of have established to the reputations: and well-being of those
hospital attracting
or, least doctor
very a i would be ouch sore effective -
examination table to determine whether vital information and attention in the circles Insure stability and directly involved and those, who in the

their bodies are still reasonably! r to work out an actual set the stage for the where recognition and financial well-being in course of things, may be sucked into ,,a
to translate
r nected? i blue-print results you envisage.Come promotion are to be the days to come. This vicious vortex of accusations and denials

QUITE recently a woman in dreams into realities. closer to your relatives found. You may be handi- is a very favorable cannot here be determined.ONE .

of the New Deal cabs passenger one Bsance can be fulfilling and neighbors, capped for a while by week to alter certain thing is certain, however: This is
stoutly refused if there is
be transported tb to i only one per- |being careful not to dis- obstacles placed in your aspects or to add new hardly a time for vengefulness or vil-
a hospital in son who is the object of
lance although she was an ambu count their ideas when path by those who may be elements that will lification. it is, rather, a time for
thoroughly affections.
up and possibly injured shaken your you can use them to ad inimical to you and your will strengthen it to calmness, for reasonableness. However

collision between the as a result of a 3-60-44-16-84-351 vantage. Do not fight interests. The best way mutual advantage.8.404414s9841. opposed this husband and wife may be,
cab in
whic she against the natural delays however harsh their memories or bitter
was riding an another GEMINI to counteract these unfriendly -
TO cite an even more j,: Born May 21st thru that arise as it forces is to their disappointments, away can and
dramatic '
case which will PISCES should be found to mitigate the
not be long before problem
reportedly occurred June 21st use diplomacy or any of
at the west extreme Born Feb. 19th thru without the ruinous results of >
they have taken the at public :
of the Beaver Street viaduct Settle down to a steady means your com-
indident "
: 20thIf
involved a Negro redestrian who knock- pace and get no more:>> done flight for good. Also mand to disarm the op- March scandal.

ed to the pavement by a private was vehicle than your dally quotas prepare for the crisis position. Headon clashes there are matters BECAUSE or its impartial nature, the ,

receiving severe lacerations of the I call for. Should OBJ sudden that may be brewing. should be avoided if that you and your lifeor machinery of courtroom procedure will I
and body. Still, this injured man changes be iaposed, on 6-10-11-13-58-613 they are sore likely to business partner have strip bare the causative elements of this

himself to his feet, declaring that dragged he method or exposition, you VIRGO complicate matters than to discuss and settle unfortunate estrangement. Again, becauseof

was "all right," and stumbled will then not be compelled Barn Aug. 23rd thru to ease them. It is this is the week to get its impartial nature, courtroom i
awy to and talk. A
lick his wounds in the privacy of his to start all over again or Sept. 22ndIf favorable for s btle together cedure will, of necessity. probe pro-I
home. discard work that has *o" fire one of those tactics that will either sincere effort on the privacy of the lives of those

WHAT could induce adult I already been finished. Virgos who has learned lull or appease those sides to reach agreement volved, making that privacy public do4 -
folk to
behave should be crownedby .
in so childish skittish you should also find the wisdom of complete who Bay be standing in main. -:
a meaner when the week's end. But
their health,well-being and !t this an appropriate time self-control, yon should your way. IT would .be far better for these two
even if the basis for an
their lives are endangered is beyond immediate to apply your skills ID find it financially rewarding 5-80-99-15-39-589 accord cannot be found outstanding families to come to sine accord -

understanding. the pursuits of pleasures daring this SAGITTARIUSBorn rather than, bY their bitter opposi-
further attempts to do
ONE fact presents itself however' as well as gain and first quarter. Do 'not Nov. 23rd thru tion, compound an unfortunate incident
doomed at the
if be
there s anything that will make JSaS: Boe perhaps even manage to break your policy of Dec. 21st so may into a tragic battle which will no doubt

4 run,an automobile accident ought to do it! both. If you find yourself silence, when you have Since you Bay not beheld start. leave permanent scars on the minds of all=

out of a Job check imposed it, on yourself too tightly on th* 2-20-33-19-32-239 involved for the rest of their lives.A6E1 .



l \. t tr
, r


Gateway Classic Committee Kicks Off. Successful: Planning Session

r, .. 4 -. ..-.:", ::: -lIIIU+" Wf' .
:; :.. ,,-
: .. : .
:J. ./:) {' 'i. : .
) 1
-- -- ....-
-= :: :
,fl" \ .. with -..

I a
Our bridge clubs have resumed activities for

the current year. It might have been a acre coin- = L

cidence that many of the meetings were scheduledon

the same date that fall made Its entry. However _

we are aware of the fact that bridge gases
can be most enjoyable during the cooler seasons.

.......tt..1..tatttitttttt. >

Mrs. Ann MCIntosh, president of Les Elites

Bridge Club, called the group to a meet east
Friday evening, held in El Dorado Club. "

Mrs. Virginia C. Gray Mrs. Vernal McCone Mrs. ...

Lois Avery, Miss Annie B. Minatteand Mrs. A1jJ: ''\

Maxine Jackson were among members. I .. 1

.............................. 11

PREP FOR NOV. 24TH EVENT HERE---Centered around a proverbial 'Bigger and mation departments. Local representatives Included Dr. William B. Stewart

The West Seventeenth Street home of llrs. Bar- Better, than Ever theme, Florida A. and M. university's (Jacksonville) J. R. president of Edward Waters College; City Commissioner John F. Lanahan; Mrs.

bara Harper was the scene of the, first meetingof E. Lee Alumni Chapter and official representatives from FAMU and this city Mary Betsch, W. DeVaughn Sweet. Dr. Smith represented FAMU president Dr

the season for Kefineites Bridge Club. Mrs met recently at Edward Waters College to launch initial plans for the revivalof George W. Gore. The J. R. E. Lee Alumni Chapter committee includes: MonsoleeT.
Harper played hostess to a. full membership quota. the Gateway Classic grid spectacle wnich will feature FAMU* s Rattlers and Davis, chairman; Chester R. Cowart business-industry; C. 0. Hilliard,

Mrs. Essie D. McCray Mrs. Sara Lovett, Mrs. Texas Southern university at the Gator Bowl on Saturday night, NOV. 24. On tickets; Williams H. Adams, alumni dance; Walter H. White, alumni breakfast;

t Celestine Nicks, and Mrs. Dorothy Oliver were hand for the kickoff meeting were A. S. (Jake) Gaither, famed Rattler mentor. Alvin White, housing; Mrs. Elizabeth .Cobbs, hospitality; Edward Hudson, parade -

I prize winners.Mrs. and Athletic Director; Dr. C. u. Smith', chairman of FAMU's athletic com ; Bennon Kendal, memberships; Otha Worden community contacts; Lemmie

Geraldine Hilliard, Mrs. Doris Bennett, mittee; Dr. A. E. Teel, E. M. Thorpe, H. R. Partridge, R. H. Niles, and Walker, signs and decorations; and Samuel Williams, souvenir program.

Mrs.. Thelma Greene, Mrs. Anne Monroe, Mrs Pearl Charles J. Smith III and D. C. Collington, directors of FAMU's public infor (Royal Art Studio photos)
Mackey, Mrs. Pauline Davis, Mrs. E. George and
-- -- -
Miss Daisy Gilliard were among 'participants' in Unity Prosperity Hew Instructor Greeted By Prexy And Lady Applications For

the'meeting.. ,
s 16L I
Announces ServicesMrs. "' 'Yw a LicensesJohn

.............................. Marriage

S. C. Wanamaker. smith. 292 OsceolaSt. Betty J. Rivers 2541

Mrs, Hatti Stewart, Mrs. Mable Jones, and Miss minister, announces the I 47 and Mary L. Mc- Ipncrief Road. 20.

Louvenia Solomon were prize winners when Kar- new class schedule for L Neal. 292 Osceola St. ; Elijah Fishburne. 1210

dettes Bridge Club met last Saturday evening at Unity Chapel 1778 40. W 30th St. 21 and MaryL.
the El Dorado Club. Mrs. Sarah Montgomery was Splrea Avenue. f PT __ Charlie Jenkins 2063W. Butler. 2522 W. 43rd

hostess. Classes meet every Mon- w 16th St. 47 and E. Street. 20.

Mrs. Mary Greene, Mrs. Willie Lee Lucas, Mrs. day night in the chapel tt Hall/412' W. 19th St. ; Solomon Williams, .War
Jessie Boddie, Mrs. Sybil' Butler, Mrs. Thomasina from 8 until' 9:30 p.m. 41. wick. N. y. 36 and Mil-

McFarlin, Mrs. Mary Coleman, Mrs. Gwendolyn and on Sundays beginningat John F. Hall 2115 dred D. Moore. Warwick,

Stewart, and Mrs. Margaret Wilson are among 10 a.m. Venus Court 38 and N. Y. 33.
I ;
P Kardette Club's members. The classes this week :

emphasize how to live L
.............................. prosperous life and the
I. way to overcome debt. 3I :'DDe[ [3.

Tickets for Ebony Fashion Fair are being sold at persons interested are

not irised, however, for cordially invited, to .
a rapid rate. We are sur 6SF

I this year the show promises to be "the most." become class members, '.:.."< \
Miss Joyce Bowman, who performed with the troopas Mrs. Wanamaker stated. IIr.

a model for more than eight years will narrate The chapel also con-

i the event. ducts services for en- WELCOME!---Mrs. Gwendolyn Austin, instructor in Business Education, is being ,. .
If Needless to say, some of the nation lovliest tire families, Mrs. greeted by Edward Waters College president and Mrs. William B. Stewart duringa

models have been selected to show the very latest Wanamaker concluded. 'get acquainted' party last week between staff and old and new faculty

t fashions from the Far East, Europe and America.Mrs. members. .

Ruth Solomon, Basileus, and Mrs pearl

a+ Miller chairman of this year's fashion fair, Elementary Students
Studying I e
reports that a capacity crowd is expected.The -tAe

event will -be well covered, as invitational
tickets have already been made available to .the f J4t French, German At Gibbs CollegeST.
9' X 12' Room Size
t tI press. PETERSBURG, Fla.---Persons
visiting Gibbs
Viscose Foam
.....ttt.t.ttttt..t.......... junior College nowadays are hearing unusual
1' voices speaking conversational German and
Mrs. Lois iszard, Mrs. Delphenia Greene, and
Mrs. pearl Mackey were guest players at the recent Fifty youngsters ran- with the program is
ging from 9 to 12
,t meeting of Les unes Charmantes Bridge Club. Cawe yearsin Dr. Robert Hall. Pro-
age are enrolled in
latter the recipient of the guest prize. fessor of French at
The was
Mr. and Mrs. Otis Jax. Bch. the College's special SALE
Fla. Girl.
and ; Florida Presbyterian
held at the residence of Mr.
The meeting was
.i Daniels, ; 1053 W. 19tt language
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer program that
Raiford Brown, jr., 912 W. Monroe Street. Lang College.
Mrs.: St ; Twins (Boy ,& Girl). 1359 Franklin St. : Boys meets Tuesday and Thurs- PRICED$1499
.. Lorice Howard, Mrs.
Barbara Walker, Mrs. "
Mrs. Mr and Mrs. Billy Bill; (Twins). days from 3:15 to 5:15 Deltas Plan
Maxine Jackson, and Mrs. Xelia Mitchell were
653 Lincoln
Ct. p.m.
; Boy. Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph
welcomed members of the club.
as new
Mr. and Mrs. Squire Mercer: 3307 Chase St. Its the most extensive Annual Musicale
Wooden were
Mrs. Joyce Lawson and Mrs. Lydia
Nixon; 2102 McMillian Boy- language program under- Regularly
for the evening Qualifying for club
high scorers October 14th
; Boy. Mr. and Mrs. Eddie taken for young peoplein
prizes. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Morris; 1606 Wilcox the state and Dr. $27.99
Mrs. Helen Gregory, Mrs. Norm White, Mrs. Charlotte Miller; 1614 Ruthledge Street; Boy. John w. Robert, College Chapter, Delta Alumnae Sigma

Bostick, Mrs. Betty Sessions, and Mrs. AVe.; Twins (Boy & Girl) Mr. and Mrs. Lewis E. President, hired a top Sorority will presentits
Alma Daniels make up the remainder of the membership Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Riddle; 2106 Edison language researcher to fall musical sinday,

.. roster. Baker; 644 Ct E.; Boy. ,Avenue; Boy. head the ambitions pro-
Oct. 14 at 8 p.m. in
..............t..t. Mr. and Mrs. John Mr. and Mrs. Charles gram. He is Dr. Kenneth the auditorium of St.
: Price; 1224 W. 18th St.; Wilkerson; 1490 W. 10th Reeton. professor of Paul AME Lurch Re\.
Girl. German at Local Florida
Street; Boy.
Miss jeannette Carey of Brewster Methodist R.J. Blaine host
Hospital Mr. md Mrs. Edward MC- Mr. and Mrs. Joe Presbyterian? college.The .
is spending her vacation in her hometown pastor.
Gowan; 5445 Bunche Dr.; C ildres: 53 s. 10th large enrollmentof
b Des Moines, Iowa. While on her vacation she has Girl. MUsic. readings and an
I Boy. Street
; local students who
II1 made a visit to Estes Park, Colo. and Furman inspirational! address by
Mr. and Mrs. Billy Mr. are mostly elementary
u Dicks; 930 3rd Ave. so.it Johnson; Rte. 1 Box 69; school pupils, helpsDr. Mrs. Lillian G.\ small
will be centered around
fKingsland, Ga.; Boy. Keeton to confirmhis '
Broward T. this year's theme
it Mr. and Mrs.
research results
: "
"Divine Guidance. The
AI koe,at httatiias,eraywkrtI Jones; 3416 Stuart St. ; young children have
Deltas annually
Girl. greater potential for present
I Alfred the worship service as
Mr. and Mrs-
,- enrolled on the basis of
public service to the
,.J .J; :!> ": ':'J; '" ':' ::. :':": ;? 4.r 'i' Girl Gainey: 1828 W. 19th St. ; teacher recommendation a community and it further
",,-, parental approval, and Save over 35% get big room-size beauties.
', dedication'
'!!. ".'.... ,' ,-, "" .,, .-1>;'.."..-".'." ".,.<.. ..tW Mr. and Mrs. Frank .intellectual interestand serves as a These are colodiil loop-pile viscose rayon with
the beginning
General service at
r Johnson Delivery
IJ 'tk. ; of thick foam rubber cushioning. Fine quality.
ri PepeA" "" ; Middleburgs. Fla. ability. of another Tweed colors in brown, green, or black. Extra
Girl. Activities of the pro- sorority year. savings too no added expense for under-
!J i now if Pepsi Mr. and Mrs. Robert gram include general Mrs. Hazel Overstreet. padding.
Wilson: 4323 Bessie lecture sessions,
and membersof
}f for those Who ftMjttWl r.I",PeePle .;all Ifts,. Circle; Girl. sessions, and instruc- the committee are 4

i all tit lit f,.. Wt llre it mtttn ttlltt lilt nit Is Hi lilt for Pepsi 111 Mr. and Mrs. Willie tion via the College s' hard at work to make 24" x 42" Hi-Lo ,, FY"

UfU, tntltt, tltii-tittlif P.ytL b otnt,H ftutiltt, say "ttftl,flttttl" Sapp; 2012 Palafox ultra-modern language this service inspirational .
I t, ',,, ..'.... .; '., Street; Girl. laboratory just recently and informative Foam Backed
'. :
E ; Mr. and Mrs. clarence installed.
Mills, -
I" : < Mrs. Hettie president
;" ,Bostick; 6072 Ribault Assisting Dr. Keeton stated. Scatter RugOnly

Ii ( : ,'( Youth Department
.'fl' '".: VALUES 1J 10.99
Schedules Event

New fall shapes and shades. For Sept. 30lh 99Regularly
"F :" "., Cloches, Pillbox and Bret.
ton:. A style for everyone Mrs. Mary Nealey.
to to with your new fall supervisor of the Youth p
wardrobLr Department for women's
Day at Mt. Morlah AWE

YRY Church, will sponsor a Big 24x42" rug in smartest'hi-Io
J' design cotton pile...foam rubber
fashion show
Sept. 30 back keeps it skid-free springy-
in the main auditoriumof soft Assorted colors.

v1 the church.
S The latest in fall and Itese prices are for Friday & Saturday only

winter fashions which

\ tli will Include coats, USE KRESS LAYAWAY PLAN
dresses, hats and bags
See Lots More Unadvertised Special:at Kress
will be featured.

.,. Models will be Miss ,- :" DOWNTOWN
; 1 Betty campbell Mrs. l( Es :
.t K1 <:..S 'fS h Bernice Wright Mrs. __ MAIN at ADAMS

MAIN AND FORSYTH STKKMUMMMMi Quinella porter. Frazier Rober GfH MORay mi Friday Kites < "
dviR N4 www

yob .
w r .


If : 'J HBKIIA STAR S NiilRo f StrliM btR25, mi


Cited For 37 Years Service St. Paul Luthern.F. Prof. E. C. Davis, Mother Midway Selects Woodlawn Presbyterian

;i ABOUT PEOPLE : T. McAdoo, Pastor Calvacade Singers, Women'S Day Officials Church Notes

AMOuntes I Services In St. Stephen Event Women's Day officersand BY 1. N. PEARSON. SR.

"IV V1rS. Services begin Sundayat committees have been The prelude to the

1 3Y St. Paul Lutheran Morning Worship serviceof
selected at Mother
Ethel C. Spears of 1950 College Circle, entered -
Church, 2730 West Edge- the Woodlawn United
AME Church Rev. J.
Brewster Methodist Hospital last Sunday for way
wood Ave. with the Presbyterian Church will
W. Jones pastor, announced -
She underwent surgery last Monday. Re-
surgery. Sunday School and Bible begin sunday Sept. 30
this week.
Activities -
from the hospital are that Mrs. Spears is
ports classes at 9:30 a.m. The at 10:55 a.m. with the
resting well. She is director of Ete de ArtsCharm. leading up to
Superintendent William church organist C.E.
i. Modeling School, member of the Gallant the annual event will
A. Jones, will be in kickoff Sunday with Simmons Jr. at the
and the Woodlawn united Presbyterian a
Ladies Club charge of the school. musicale beginning at piano. The pastor Rev.

Church. of F.D. Wilson will bring
t The subject Sunday's 3 p.m. in the church

.............................. lesson is, "Trust In 1 auditorium. the message supported
ij Lord review of S by the United Presbyterian
The a Mrs. Verdie Elder, -
the 'lessons for the past prominent local business choir and the
Brewster Methodist Hospital has announced that
Quarter. Westminster Choir.
Bernice Head, Miss Cecelia Dawkins, Miss N .
Hiss -
'tl Divine services beginat The church school will
Patricia Gibbs, Miss Gloria Love, Miss Regina 11:00 a.m. with the M begin at 10: 00 a.m. with

McCloud, Miss Eloise Sampson are now employed pastor, the Rev. FloydT. Mr. T.V. Huger. superintendent -
of the PROF. E. C. DAVIS
1962 graduates
at the hospital. They McAdoo, conductingthe in charge. These
School of Nursing. .... Series
Brewster Duval services. The pas- services will be held in

tor will speak from the Prof. E. Clifford
.............................. following subject, Davis, nationally known the George Washington
Elementary School
., ,
Bearing One Anothe s music director and pre-
... "\ .. ; 2854 W. 45th Street. We
and Mrs. Johnny Wooten of 2251 W. 43rd >$ .' > Burdens." Music will sent musical director
Mr. .'
."v:-% d are extending a special
Street recently returned to the city after ;;#., ,. "-}: be furnished by the of both the Florida an invitation to all residing -

I vacationing in Georgia, South Carolina, New York .' ptqM "' :; .:rJ1'4. Senior Choir, Mrs. Georgia Progressive in that area to
: >> 0.f
t and New jersey. They are the aunt and uncle of < : : Lucille Williams Baptist Conventions come Jn and serve with

Mrs. Bertha West Gilbert. CONGRATULATIONS!--- W. pruitt, (left), owner- Organist. The publicis respectively, support

Yfi operator of pruitt Tire Company presents 37-year invited to attend all ed by the Calvacade .. us.

... .......................... service pin to Leroy Mallory of 532 Eaverson St., services at St. Paul. t Singers and other Westminster Tuesday 7:30 choir p.m.will the

who joined the company in 1926. Mr. Mallory who WEEKLY ACTIVITIES guests artists, will rehearse in the Hut.

Mrs. Eleanor Hurley,, Director of Volunteer Ser- is wellknown in local religious-civic circles, Sunday-Wai ther League present a recital Mon.
Wednesday 7:00 p.m.
vice at Brewster Methodist Hospital, now has the is member of the Deacon's Board of Mt. Cal- 3:30 p.m. Adult Con- day night Oct. 8 at and
Mid-week Prayer
Volunteers under her supervision. She has been vary Baptist Church. firmation-6:00 p.m. 8 0' clock in St. L1kcIRS. Study-Hour will be held

working with all vroiinteer Service Organizations (Royal Art Studio Photo) t. day-The Hens' club Stephen AME Church
in the Hut. We are
I at Brewster. The Volunteens are the teen-age will meet with the Pas- Fifth and Davis Streets.
asking our members and
volunteer workers. Ebeneezer Women tor at 2779 EventideDr. The program is being
at largeto
Simpson VERDIE ELDER the community
at 8:00 p.m. TUes- sponsored by the Women
.............................. Completes Women s Prepare For day-Senior Choir Re- of St. Stephens leadingup General Chairman join us in this ser-
vice. Friday 8: 00 p.m.
hearsal-7:30 p. m. to the annual wo-
Program'Ebenezer woman and well kno wn United choir rehearsalHut.
Mrs. Louise Graham is ill at her home, 1679 Day Oct. 28th EventThe Thursday-sunday school man's Day observance.The Mother Midway church .

/ Academy Street. She is a member of Day Spring Methodist women of Simpson Teachers Meeting at program will consist officer has been se- As our church is now

Church and the Eureka Chapter 160, also the A. Church women's Day com- Methodist church are 7:30 p.m. with the Pastor of classical lected as Women's Day on the upward t move we

I M. Frazier Court 156. Members are asked to mittee has completed working to make the Dual in charge. The semi-classical and general chairman. Co- are asking each membersto
plans for the Women's Junior confirmationClass spiritual and will
visit her. which is scheduledfor
i' Day chairman is Mrs. Alma shoulder his or her
day program which is Oct. 28 a success meets at 9:00 a.m. also include a numberof
Blackshear. equally pro- duty and cooperate
.............................. scheduled for Sept. 30 Miss Dorothy Lang, Saturday wellknown hymns composed -
minent in Mother Midway our faithful and loyal
with Mrs. julia Robinsonand through the
general chairman re-
activities. pastor. Rev. F.D. Wilson
the who formerly taught at the Mrs. Eloise Brooks years by Prof. Davis.
Some of nurses ported. Half Of State program participantsfor in building a new churchon
Brewster-Duval School of Nursing are now workingat cochairman.Many The women will have Miss Evelyn Johnson.organistaccompanist the Sunday after- our new church site.

Brewster Methodist Hospital. The former teachers groups of the charge of, the 11 a.m. at If you want to be

'. at the Nursing School are ,competent nurses church have been"'gLviig service and they have Areas -.RepresentedAt Tabernacle Baptist satisfied with your lot

and are welcome additions to the nursing staff pre-final entertainments secured some of the Church will accompany r- in life build a service

in,the.hospital. and programs to make the city's most talented Gibbs CollegeST. prof. Davis and station on it.IMPERIAL .
I drive successful The women to take part in the various program

.............................. 1962 goal is $2500. Recently the morning worship. The PETERSBURG -- participants.The Mt SUNDRIES

a musical pew theme for the day is. Gibbs Junior College has public and friendsare Patent Medicines Cosmetics

i will narrate Ebony Fashion rally was presentedunder Christians Working TO- llege cordially invited.Rev. .
Miss Joyce Bowman become the ()) All Leading Hair Preparations
the direction of Johnson is ;
13 at the Duval County Armory. gether. for J.S.
Fair on Oct. Away from Home" I
Miss Bowman recently visited Paris to view the the' Ways and Means Com Dinners will be servedat approximately forty- host pastor. .t ku11_ Cor. Broad & Ashy 1

{ fashions to be shown here. She reports "Paris mittee. the church followingthe percent of its student W. R. Davis Takes EL 4-2159

fashions ard more feminine than they have ever The annual celebration morning serviceOct. body.

been and hemlines are longer." trill begin with the 7 for the 'benefit A check of college Business TripTo
Church School at 9:30 .
of the celebration. records on the approximately -

.............................. a.m. with Mrs. FleetH. 750 students New York City A .

Alexander serving as Rev. H. H,, Wilson reveals that: In addition W.R. Davis of 1033 SUEknows

LL Alyson Wise, News Editor of the. Florida Star, superintendent. Miss- "And 'Congregation to the regularly Scriven Street, a well
Johnnie M. Fisher will
was given a surprise birthday dinner last Friday transported known business, church-

by the Star staff and Mrs. Ann Wise, wife of then serve' as superintendent.assistant FNI s Vesper GuestsST. students more students man and fraternal, leader son for there paying just more isn't than any rea five

honoree baked the cake brought it to the star general (well over 100) have left the city last ,Sun tA i cents for two headache pow
The morning worship AUGUSTINE The
and decorated the room. He knew nothing of her been placed in private day by Silver Meteor fora ders. So she buys Goody's.
service will begin at Rev. Robert H. Wilson,
presence. Beside the regular Star staff presentwere home with people of no business trip to New
11 o'clock with the Pastor of the Bethel MRS. ALMA BLACKSHEAR
Mrs. Rosa Wooten and her two grandchildren, relation; and, as many York City.Mr. .
Institutional Baptist ... .. Co Chairman
prelude. Mrs.
Phyllis and Rodney William Jenkins jr. Some of organ students have come to' Davis is owner of include
Eleanor M. Hurley will Church of Jacksonville noon program will -
the best cooked ham imaginable was baked by the suncoast to reside the Davis Street Factory Midway
direct the music for will be the speaker at, : Mother i
Joshua (Josh) Williams. with relatives in orderto where he has done busi- Estella
the program. The general the Vesper Service at .choir. Mrs.
1 attend Gibbs junior ness for several years.
of service will Florida N.&I.M. College,, Greene, JJiss Sarah Best.
'. college. : .. ,. The many' friends he has -
the Wo -ti
be followed. according to Rev. 0. L.' Mrs. J. W. Jones
Being on this end of made since opening and InW
Cmier Mrs. Mary Alice Smith West, director of Religious men's Day
the exodus away from business are countlessand
will deliver the IID fling life at the colt, co chamrman; Mrs. A.
home the local Collegenow everyone Of them are Blount
message. The Ways and lege. This is an annual Wells Mrs R.
students wishing for him safe
Myrtle Ayc ?qnl: from nearly half ofplorida's and sound trip. After
announcements and reception for Rev. Rev. J.W. Jones.
68 counties, completing his business

IMEDIUM SHRIMP 89* reports. Wilson and his choir plus several other he will return to the PATRONIZStar )

:j u. The finale will be will be held prior to states and Africa. city; and resume his ser- 2 POWDERS S

LARGE held at 7:30 p.m. with the service In the Cole- vice to the public Advertisers 12 POWDERS
SHRIMP. ..........:L.. Silo the highlights on th man Westfall Dining Hall 2se'j

contributions of women Vesper services are ,

1MC_UP Gtt Vs AWfitor of the past present and held each Sunday after-

TROUT llMltta AMOUNT u. 59' Brrttui Cati the anticipated future noon beginning at 5 p.m. 4 dF

OffWurte* through the version of in the Anderson Hall yo

HUM tosh ttrfeptat the arthor, Mrs. MaudE. Chapel and the general ORT FL I I

, STEAKFISH u. 59' WHITING Higdon. public is invited to o

1 Women graduates of attend.

KINGFISH "fi ? 55c 32eh Bethune-Cookman and
4 u, Benedict Colleges have
been invited as spcial

Conch Meat L&.49c In s..a" lkow fer guests for the obser-
................ Stephen L. Scott. 911.
< lt. TA Ov Iea /fib ,....... GRAMst.ao vance. .Test Church Street. '(, *

I.. TURTLE MEATCATFISH ,jtfrs. Mary Smith 1920 : .

tew a....vh... .*..* .COOLMeJ Holmes andVest\ Lennie Road. Ii 4#
for NaN er Stock GMrrt.H.1 jj
.. 4.L 1 tk. t.ir., Calvin Hall 1444 West d. } ..
t '1.25 funeral Home j | 24th Street. : "
u : .
LI 49c Ambulance Service y good Lars. 1014 W. Duval o /$9&1
11"1 C.w M Meal.t I.... o ,
Pktu 3 4... t>eci69c r.. r trl. TIE BEST COSTS KO MOIf treet. .. :

OCIANVIIW 2119 W. Erfgewood Ave. Mrs. Mary J. a- :
SPOTS u.39c ,er f KC. PFwry TO 5-1641 1321 Franklin lIathis'l Il :
S Miss Ellen Holmes 1631. E .r .
i ,"
/ For Quicker Remits.Cult tile Worl Greatest' Meaai Francis Avenue. .. ,

Seymour E. Robinson ,

MADAM CAROLYN 1951 Venus Street. Ii I

1 Levy Davis 1062 West ...t.'C >.

MM liD STttttE him IITK ula Monroe street. 1:1: ,.

PlIERS TUT m m! tm jwtwite Irs. Mamie Edwards 1238 "

i ..VtII id brftt ttw! flit Swift street. ......

b Mfr .-km fir tv tm$, aaritj Era M. Jenkins 1523 Ht. ......

W- *i teentabM, KT ** &! Herman Street.

f 1 Ifr lit K rt 1M lirt Ci* sit it! William Ward 1711 West -
Third Street. "i

Nets Greta FREE Witi Real qs ti Fred Douglas Sherrer, : 0.a. I a, *

87 13 34 60 2725 Hamilton Circle. &

E 48 73 gg 23 Mrs. Lillie Mizelle, -
AMI e&a.Dlda ....tt rsycalc **Ujm Sad fiplrlUak adrlsert Without your Wing on* word.. Jasper, Florida. : 4 .
you will be told your ..... the object of your visit cverythlat wish to <-
you bowl if you are se k- Mrs. Mary Lovings. 130 .
tap the truth oa all affaire of life, relltloua advice, separation divorce. work chaaces. sec McMillan Street ) : : % t
adaa Carolyn today. Have you a >>roW_ that to you sees too heavy a hardest you owe It to yourself 1
to seek a helping haad lay to thronth lift unhappy uhea you ear have your greatest wish UTS. Ada
(Tocama) Fitzpatrick -
Materialised oaly throoth this treat Fsyehlc. Kadaa Carolya. She will show you the way to success ;
; sad dpptn.... you aay coasult other acdlaus. but before you decide who caa help tad will help you 1702 Eaverson
See Madsa Carolyn bite reunites separated sad loved oats, settles arrlste troubles and helps you Court. / L1
Barry the one you love. NO doubt you have coasnlted the rat BOW ooasult the best. Only oat visit
.Is James! R. Martin, 923K
necessary Carolya.
spiritual adviser today; toaorrow say be too late Kadaa "TRUDISCOUNTS"c
Carolyn CaD be l.cated at Tea Le* Tuner .... If you ride tb. bus.tak awber 77 .lak Vbrresf W. Beaver Street. ,
sad ttt off. at Kov Aveau. Look for the Bud Sip ataadlat la the yard with large sober 76$... irs. Pauline Kelsey
you eaa'r alas It. Hours *l-a.a.to "P.Lclosed all day oa Vedaesday..opea all day Snaday.atlsfactloa ,
T "! guaranteed or ao fee," ludaa Carolyatll 741t 9mA 4038 Hudson Lane. .
l* liflr
.T8 1 LMI FMKT R*. nItS: frt tit it tat &tI. Jgjj Ie Rev. Hosea F. Mcphaul. .

fttftfi ii'-.mrs CIfI II .f MM M. ilL CltHB nMIt MfiM tW he tot B 'iH. 2IB.. 1843 Bisbee Street.


,_l, .. a.,. .-. ,...-.. .'.: ... 'z o3 .


f filllllAY


Deadline Irawstar MM Clothes-0 RMH \ ..rsrs sisrs .szsoooas raa0soss..arosiisi ...

Bj Russell ( : Charles s -1 1Xf Render Service Fashion Parade | .1.121st

a man dawn poor he gwine die poor," said Set For Sunday, | t
f Politics Renfroe. lf he bawn in trouble he The Brewster Men s club
I '
flittering Fashions I II
gwine die in trouble. A man bam in th' mountains, sponsor of the Annual I .
on Parade" will be presented -
always got th' mountains in 'im. An' them what s Fun Festival flare In pro-
Sunday Sept.
ham by th' rivah or in th swamps or on th flat- gress at Edgewood Are.
lands is th' same. Where ya bare is where and Vernon Road, was at 4:30 P.O. in the
ya auditorium of Mt. Mori ah I
live 'cause that's' the country inside ya head. organized in January of ANNIVERSARY I
Church located at
; I
An' it's where ya gwine die too. Doan havenothin' assembled.1955 with forty-four" men the intersection of I i
to do with where ya put ya'feet or ;what
ya do: wit' ,ya hands or whether ya ever have moneyor The club was organizedto Streets. and Jackson 5II
no..." promote better healthin I

I "An' alia that doan have nothin' to do wit this community, to sponsored The affair for is the being bene- II I IS

'? what we talkin' bout either! big Mumsey Slade promote a friendly relationship fit of the annual 'Wo- I

shot back. "I say puppy Wilkes didn' have to between men's Day program which ,
die broke not wit' th' long money he had back in Brewster Hospital and terminates on Sunday
.. the community to encourage -
th' 50 s. He wuz Jes too free wit* October 28th.
use of Brew-
ffr ':;'Ills dough, thas what put 'im on th' Mrs. Ethel Davenport

"f-' A;:.,'grave.soup-line' an' dumped im in a po ster hospital and in to its aid over-the Bannister,for Fashion the Diane Coordinator S MAIN AND FORSYTH t

p" 3 "He was bam to be broke an' he'idied al cural program of equipment in its pro-and Shops, assisted by I OPEN MONDAY AND FRIDAY TIL 9 P.M. I

w to prove it,". Politics said models, Mrs. Bernice M.
facilities and to -
S( "t stubbornly 'if puppy had' a had a a better educational Wright Miss Betty J. 5 I
illion Hubs it would a tipped Frazier, Miss GloriaDu
vocational and sccial
away from 'im th' same way. He j eswuzn' life in the community. gger, Miss Linda DRESS DEPT. Special Group Of

c meant to have nothin' thas The total program of the Ravnell Miss Patricia s .
Ravnell. Victor Charles
all." club and all of its
activities -
1 Standing by the door of the poolroom, ilcNasty are within the Ravenell and' Robert pars I 4& Special Purchase:: Winter boats
ter, will display the
was watching a chilly drizzle wash the street. And framework Democratic S .
attractive fall and
with a piece of his head he was listening to the America and Christian I !
z winter fashions now on -
dry clicking of poolballs coming from one corner idealism.The .
sale at the Diane shops. 5 .,.. Beautiful New Fall I
of the place, and to the argument between Poli- club has taken .
Miss Barbara Robinson Dresses in All NewS
tics and Mumsey. And he was thinking about the guy part in the CommunityChest Includes all wantedfabrics
general chairman of entertainment Styles, Colors and Materials
they were talking about; a guy who had been kind- campaigns Heart : f/
will conduct S v -
hearted but not too careful... Leathers-Velvets-
Fund, Cancer
commentary. Miss Judith ,
5 Sizes 10-20 14K-24K} }
"You an' him musta been close kin, then!" Mum- TB Association s fund McBride will present 7 Tweeds-Plaids-Solids ". ..
Values to 16.99S '
sey was saying to politics, in acid retort. "In !.4
campaigns and Muscular musical interludes; solo,
th' fifteen I been knowing YOU a in'
years you I
Willie There will
Dystrophy campaigns.From Cherry. .
never had nothin'! the very ,beginningof also be numerous door I t- $4
"I got. all what I needs," politics replied, football furnished
the prd by Diane shopto S (
defensively. "I got a place to lay my head when $6 I
in Jacksonvt'llesponsored be given
games away. Values (
ut/ XI to $34.99
night come, an' I doan ever go hungry an' I got by the Jack- Mrs. Mary Nealy is sPOn- \ o \

i peace of mind.." sonville Charities sor of the event and I ({ ) '
I "1 f nothin' wuz money you'd be near-bout-' Inc., the Brewster Men's Miss Barbara Robinson, :. .. old $8 $13
\ < I
richest man in th' worl' !I" Mumsey told him, scorn- Club has played a major chairman; Mrs. Odessa i \ ,

fully. 'At least Puppy had holt a some real breadin part in helping to spon- Lane, co chairman; and I :'

his life--which is more'n you can say for sor the games between D.B. Thorp, host pastor.

yourself' the National Football S $15 I
"He wasn' careful, though MCNasty said, Foudtiii all weather 11/
League Chapel I I /
thinking aloud. 'He was kind but he wasn' care- All of the projects I

ful..." sponsored by the club, AME ChvrchNews ; -
I "That doan have nothin' to, do wit' Mac," the public has supportedthem I t1Jn and $17 I
Politics argued. uppy Wilkes couldn' holt and __.L_
beautifully .
onta that money no kinda way 'cause he'wuzn' the members have every I I-U l-L e e = -- -'-e -p1 --- e; '- -' I
bawn to have it. The country in his head wuz to believe the The Twelve Tribes of

po country." 1962 reason Fun Festival will terminate Israel project with varied will I 14.99 Value S Hundreds of dollars will be given away S I
I Tjike to see the country in YOUR Head," Mum- The a
I sey countered. 'Betcha ain nothin' there but money be no derived exception.from the program Sunday night at I e It during this anniversary sale "a I
8 clock in the church
palmetta stumps and swamp water! will
McNasty turned from the door, tired of staringat Fun toward Festival completing go a auditorium.Featured will be the a $7,00 S cone in and register *a I

the wet world of Ashley Street. "Seems to me pledge made by the Usher Boards, Choirs S ''- --e-. :._ __ -e-- .
.e-I 0 0Children's
th' country in a man's head is the hardest placehe Clubto
can ever try to get to," he said, walking over Brewster the Brewster Methodist Stewardess and Trustee, 5 LINGERIE DEPT.
to sit in one of the shine Chairs. "Sometimes Missionary and other S t Dept. I
Hospital Expansionfund. boards of the church
4 it's the lastjplace, he ever gets to. Sometimes Values to '
it's the"placeTie never L gets to..." He lit a. along individual with program groups par and;. | Quilted Roles $3.; t I

S cigarette. Gutst Speaker ticipants.Mrs. }s I
"Good thing politics ain' tryin' to walk aroundin Irene Austin is |I Nylon Gowns to13e992.99 ; Girl* s New a
that country he got in HIS head," Mumsey At St. Stephens! sponsor of the program $1 1.50 t r I II
would done chewed 'im
cracked. "Hungry gators a .
which is'one of the Baby Doll Gowns -
Wo I
up by now!" Simday, Sept. 30On men's Day activities-- g i I .-: Fall Dresses s
"You doan know nothin' bout th' country in my
which will observed on I
head" politics snapped back. Sunday, Sept. 30, Oct. 14.
'You doan know nothin' bout what kinda country the Missionary Societyof I
The Christian Fellow- S Ladies' Flannel Pajamas
puppy Wilkes had in his head, eitherl"! Mumsey St. Stephens AME
ship mass meeting will I

told',3"know him. it was po country," politics replied. Church, Missionary will Sunday observe,. be held Sunday at New I Values to 2.99 X1,50Reg. s
St. James AME Church.' ,
Tuppy couldn' a holt onta no money if somebody The occasion will be President A.B. Hagen is I 4 z \ Values I
dolluhs day! He didn' knot highlighted the .
pave 'im a thousan' a by pre- requesting the attendance I ,
he had to be careful," McNasty said. "Th' more sence of Madame E. Fitzpatrick .of all officers and f 5.99 6.99 I
kind a man is, th' more careful he got to be. PuP- the brilliant
members. I( .69 Panties j:34 fI I
py died broke because he didn' und erst an' that. spiritual leader from Sunday School starts at E I f 1 1r
All he knew was he had to help everybody who came Philadelphia,, pa. Madame 9:30 a.m.; Mo-ing wor- I

to 'im with a cry or a beg. That' what got im Fitzpatrick will be the ship, a.m. with the ser- 1- SPORT WEAR \
jammed. He had a big heart, but he had big hands, guest speaker at the mon starting at 11:30 *. I $2-$3 I

too.An* one day they wound up empty from givin' ." 11 o'clock service. An Free dinners will be I :k 1 1vJ
2 Fall Skirts
He Jes had a head fulla po country Politics inspiring message is served following morning t 1 I
argued. He couldn' left this earth no other way anticipated.Mrs. service. The youth will s f
Ethel S ; "a Dark Cotton Wools- I
but broke. the
have charge of 3 p.m.
be careful, that's president of the Mis- ; Corduroy in All Sizes !i
"A kind-hearted man got to ', program. The 5 p.m. Is and Colors t Girl'sCAI'
; sionary Mrs.
all McNasty said. Classes will 'feature a
I know ::
V JIt doan matter now nohow.. ." Mumsey Slade juanita Johnson, supervisor sermon by one of the1 Values to 7.89'$2aNd$3 ; Coats $3.00 I
and the Rev. J.S.. AI t
v *- murmured. mini at era. I h
They were all staring out of the door, looking Johnson, pastor of the 6. 99 Value
Baking church, urge the, attendance Weary Winner .
at the wet, dreary worlds that the rain was '
Ashley Street. And behind them, the regular col- in both body and -' -- Girl's Values to

lision of pool-balls somehow resembled the crisp spirit friends.of all membersand I iew cotton blouses Winter Coots 18 1 1Reg. I IAll

of falling poker chips. .,. ,
clicking r
--4 :: 4l : Materials and Colors $$. I

--7- ---t t1 Keg. 1.99 Girl's S

//1 H t WI JIJ$ t fl"I I I I $1.00 1 u t tI Winter Slack 3.99 Value Sets $1.50 I i.I i.

SUPER MARKEt S t I Slack Sets Values to 8.99 $4.00 t .

1 J' .. r Hosiery Dept. ; I

t Balky aid BailoaSweaters ,
i I Ladies
Values to 5.99 $2 & $3
HElSlEY rttsrr .lnE

/ t t APPEALS good Marshall court judge shows Taur-signsof S tI t Full Fashion .37 I

SUGAR9ta Leather'
E BREAD10 weariness after being 2 Fully GuaranteedSold
subjected to over a year .
J" t Palm Gloves .69Value 8
of action
delaying a
I by box only
wits 5..QA nr bloc of southern Senators 1.99 Value .49 I 8

I I.t'I t. t who dential opposed appointment'his presi-to I Clwkgtt 8

u. S. H 1# 1 FHZENM"JLOKRA25C the judgeship. It was in OPEN YOUR DIANA CHARGE

; t 1 Sept. 1961 that Presi-. New Fall Bags ACCOUNT TODAY II
Ii PotatoeS'JOA j dent Kennedy appointed 4.99
f 6.99 Values
2-11 iz. pkt."Sci t Marshall to the federal Win. H......
. I. lOIb.kag ''''-' bench. It was not until 1.00 aid S1.69 Mrs ......................... ..................

; a little over a week ago SOME IX I AJJrs .................CItr .......... ,. .;....

t that the appoints was i.vhrel >M ..................................... I

BRIBE T SLICEIBACON finally confirmed by a Toys PIOKE H.u..4 ..rtJ.yed h ..............................
Pork Roast showdown rote in the
i tI t Senate. The vote,' 54-16 Stffd ANIMAIC' IAlL 0tIIer KcNMi Mi .................................

in his favor, left Marshall 1111 S/potoN of m/Iaot ..................:............
490ft. s southern enemies aa DOLLS
t IPPWIII t wtn
t ""'" with somewhat reddened $2.29 DIANA SHOPS l. :wesTst.naRln
faces. The i
1 I.. eele Ik.
--.t Marshall was formerly I

..... 4III .... general counsel forth -
i---'* e' NAACP. r l4WI WI', .. ...I "I.-.s..". '''''< I 'a'"H y ..- 'I

41 N


,1 'f

PAGE 1 .

National l Champion Rattlers' Open Season Saturday With Benedict c'



: Roberto Maduro sr. and Bill Hood, many of the

problems that stare people in the face could be

solved. The two executives reached an agreementin

a very; friendly manner, without a lot of fan-

fare and without any conflicting opinions.

s only proves what men can do if their minds are

clear and their hearts are right. There was, a
mutual understanding that should the Suns and ,

Y rrM the Atlanta Crackers return to Jacksonville to

continue the playoff series, the baseball game s

would start at 5:45 p.m. leaving the jax Bears

free to start the football game at 8:15 p.m.

i; reached .by two men who were able to see together.

Did you know a ticket to the Suns-Cracker game

will also admit one to 'the Daytona Beach Thunder-
r } I birds-Jacksonville Bears football game in the
4 #
Gator Bowl. Search. through the pages of historyand

:\\a Li see if it is recorded anywhere about a greater -
.. ,
aJ\ S L spirit of cooperation than was shown by Bobby

Rr vW Maduro Sr. of the Jacksonville Suns and Bill

Hood of the Jacksonville Bears.


executives who are engaged in the same type of .

promotion. That promotion is in the field of

sports where the greatest strides in human relationship -
has been made. Nowhere in the pagesof

history has it been recorded where there has

; been friction, animosity, antagonism and con-
tempt existing among the participants of the

various sporting events where white and colored

work together. Harry Chitti didn't refuse to

catch because Artie Kay was pitching. Kay didn'tgo /

around sulking because Valmy Thomas left the

YT club. The jax Bears did not walk off the field

because they were playing together, and. as a

4 ,e result the Bears are on top of the league...

and be right..join in with some sporting event

where men are too broad hearted to be narrow,

too open minded to be selfish, too strong to be a

weakling, too unified to be egotistical, too far

sighted to be blind and too cooperative to hin-

der. There is something about the humanitarian

spirit of athletes and sportsmen that puts them

'< ". men's souls. A-
beyond the smallness that grips
Vas f 1 oxxw .... ..
.rwaa .ne
46 w sss 'p r e < w >'S '"""" "! .
gain we say it was a master stroke that caused

two men to see together and solve a problem that

made all parties involved happy.
Bottom row, left to right: Coach Gaither, Burney Adams, Guard, Savannah, Ga. ; palatka; Sam Cooper, fullback Plant City; Harry Taylor, halfback, Talla- .
i Paul Smith, center, Chicago, ill. ; John Hamilton, halfback, Miami; Frank hassee. Fifth Row: John Brown, fullback, Tampa; John.Thomas, guard, Deland;
League has been chosen and for some rea -
Griffin, halfback, Miami; Lorenzo McFadden, fullback, Sanford; Roosevelt Eugene Johnson, quarterback, Gainesville; Willie Medlock, halfback, Waycross,
son it was Bob Bailey of the Columbus jets. Far
1 Coleman, tackle, Anniston, Ala. Second Row: Willie Riggins, halfback, Gif- Ga. : Willie West, tackle, Miami; Freddie Miller, fullback, Miami;. Rudolph
be it from us to attempt to discredit anything
ford; peter Livingston, tackle, Tallahassee; Whitfield Jenkins, end, Ocala; Givins, center, Miami; Walter Highsmith, center Lake Wales; Earnest Hart,
that has been done toward making a choice, but
Napoleon Johnson, quarterback, Raleigh, N. C. ; James Shelton, end, Miami. quarterback, Miami San Jones, end. Lakeland. Sixth RowMarin Patterson,
to point out a few things Bailey did to win the
Third Row: johnny Cotson end, Miami; Clarence White, guard, TampaRufus halfback, Miami; Freddie Johnson, end, Miami; John Williams, guard, Miami
honors would certainly be appreciated. Here is
Stephens, quarterbavk, Bartow; Eddie Williams, tackle, HallendaleGleamusjordon Owen McKay, tackle, Miami; Calvin Long, halfback, Jacksonville; Warner Heath, '
the 'Mighty Mite" Vic Davalillo, of the Jacksonville -
guard, Miami; Robert Paremore, halfback, Tallahassee; Alfred'Denson end, West Palm Beach; Carlton Cooper, halfback, plant City. Standing: Charles
Suns who came in for the second spot,
end, Jacksonville; James Tullis, quarterback, Miami. Fourth Row: Bruce McCray, guard, Clearwatee; Charlie Ward, halfback, Thomasville, Ga.; Robert
led the league in batting with a .347 average;
Wilkins, halfback, Aliquippa, Pa. ; Archie Williams, center, MiamiRobert Gamble, guard, West Palm Beach; Nathaniel Davis, halfback, TampaCharlesSutton ;
led the league in hits with 200; led the leaguein
Brown, guard, plant City Charlie Hudnell, center, Bartow; Benjamin Cooper, fullback, Jacksonville; Emmette Gambl tackleWest Palm Beach.
triples with 18, led.theleague in stolen
halfback, Plant City; Bobby Felts, halfback, Miami; David Danielstackle Calvin perry, center West Palm. Beach; Paul Washington, end, Houston, Texas. ; =
_' -.-.,. bases with 25, and was*, ,calledFin n several
S., S ana Samuel: Fitzgerald, guara, west Palm Beacn.EWC .
FAMU's 1962 Grid Schedule occasions to pitch.What was left for Bailey to

; lead in except collect $175,000 bonus. The little
Meet Savannah Here Saturday
Facing Benedict College Tennessee state Home c .' : center fielder-pitcher for the Suns was tops in '
Saturday afternoon, NOV. 3 ,
everything but the pitcher's earned run average
National intercollegiate A&T college Homecoming and*home runs. Vic placed second. Not angry a-
champion Rattlers will 10
'bout the choice Just a little bit confused.IN .
engage in 10 games in Allen University, .- .','- '. > .
\ SOME LOCALITIES the question has been asked,
their quest for another Columbia S.C. :' :.
> :>
"How will Vic Davalillo make it in the
.... y Y.T majors
mythycal diadem. N OV 17 & ("
/! '". h with the big boys? Wouldn't it be just as easy
THE SCHEDULE FOLLOWS: Southern University; : ; : :'
; 'S k5Tpt to ask how did pil Rizzuto make it? How did
SEPT. 29 Baton Rouge La. >. .';0,;;: ;'.$ .: 0
; : {" Albie-pearflon. Bake" itT:fojr-did Bobby Shantz makeit
Benedict COllege Home n0 V. 24 '
.. ; : } ? How did Vada pinson make it? How did 'Nellie'Fox
Oct 6 Texas Southern U 1 :
make it? Oh, one could just go on and on .
Lincoln U1iversitr,1IOme; Jacksonville, Fla. / '- .
.. '
naming other little men who not only made it but

.Morris Oct.Brown 13 College, Hunters f Co**. Says were stars of the game. Another thing, have they

tiU forgotten that DavaliHo posted a .347 batting
Atlanta Oct. 26 Deadline
average for the season, and did they not know
OCT. 20
TALLAHASSEE Hunters that the majority of pitchers pitching to him
Bethune-Cookman, Daytona
who wish to take part in were former major leaguers? I am quite sure the
0 CT.. 27
the gun hunts beginningDec. great baseball prognosticators remember such

26 on the CitrusIt names as Kucks, Sadecki, Billy Muffet and many

Wildlife Management Area other former major leaguers.THE .

sneezing must submit applications BEARS FINALLY WON THE GAME Saturday night
I nayfever to the Game and FreshWater from the Daytona Beach Thunderbirds, but not

1M Fish Commission before the Thunderbirds put a terrible scare
tiwill'sgnaein.... C's.0i O'.Qnr." "' at Tallahassee by October into the Bears. When Moynihan started throwing

those passes and consistantly hit his targetsand

ROYAL ART those targets were turning the passes into
touchdowns. Both teams came up with some beauti-

C. I. SIMM, Prtf. ful running plays. On one play pickard got away

,_ 515 DAVIS STREET down that sideline and there was nothing in his

.. Quality Photographs,
:. \

1 1 Any Kind..Anytime ;

FIRST CONFERENCE SETTO---Fresh from non-conference season s opening 8-6 win over Fort Valley Col
t 'Daytime, E14 1894 \ lege" last Saturday night here, Coach'Clifford (jack) Paul's Edward Waters College Tigers will begin Yy-

defending their '61 SEAC title here Saturday night in Myrtle Avenue Ball park at 7:30 o'clock against y
Nile Time EL 5 022
the Tigers representing Savannah State College. The 1962 edition of EWC grid hopefuls are: r

Ask About Charles Cherry; Willie Davis Freddie Jones, Julius Mack, Othello Young Melvin Cannon Charles

Glover, Henry Royle, Walter Jackson, James Gooden Willie Simmons. James Butler. John Reed Curtis

Our Summer Specials Thompson Samuel Wilbert, Theorn Hudson, Charles Moton James Clark George young Leon Smith

Clarence Brown Robert Preston Clayton Hawkins, Alfred Green Kenneth Lawson, Clyde Thomas, Leroy

Simmons, Gene Burroughs, Ivory Black Roy; Mitchell Edward Toson A. C. Miller Freddie McDonald .

'Ik John Wilson, Cecil Higgs, Marvin Grant Ulysses Thomas Douglas Thompson, Freddie Wilson, Otto-
Strickland, Dale Fields and Mack Gooch.

o (Baker photo)


k WHEN YOU ARE ILL Cloflki Opens Grid Stesos z[

Ton Seek The Best. Doctor
ORANGEBURG S C. -- 0 cr. 27

I I I When Your Doctor Pharmacists prescribesGet Coach J. L. Staggs and Fayettevllle State Away N y
Experienced his grid assistants have NOV. 3 X y
According to Your Doctor's
high hopes of
Paine College ,
i ,, ; Orders We Use Only Away
i MAKESj2'SKIN BLEACHES the successed which re- NOV. 10 r
+ OLD FASHIONED'Manuf&cturtrs Dr. C. E. Black ..,. -. '.i" SAC football championships NOV. 17 x.l, '
S 1 Proprietor in 1958. ': and Savannah State Home

follows : > Edward,Waters Away 1
v A COMPLETE LIB OF (X denotes
Lghfens dark spots conference Invites You To Listen To -
Cosmetics Rubber Goods Candies Sundries SEPT. 29 games)

blue period powder ntqfl S PRB6CRIPTION6 CALLED FOR AND DELIVERED Bluefield OCT.Stat."x' Any Read The "KNIGHT TRAIN"Starting :.

Morris college Rose I ,
Store .
Lilly's Drug .
OCT. 13 <<
At ?
FLbjRJDA STAR 00pjii. NIghtIy1f -
Miles College Hose t ,,_. -

of PoW Eefgwaol/Tbe Jr with fhe Sias' mi DIllS MAI El 3-8276 ;, "** Albany OCT State 20 Xr Home Weekly 14OOWRHC14OO't. .

...- S- "
.. -
---- -.r r'o.J f

0- 5- S : ..


I *


: ., .


i ;

>1 ..i '
( ::.{ :

'..' ; Jax Bears Whip Daytona Here* Benedicts Tigers, Bethune Cookman's Oct. 13 Opponents, In The Gator Bowl t(' Pegs NabIS

I .;!1 35 34 In Close Loop. Win 55 I d

: : GATOR BOWL The Jax Cross-Boston patriots total. sai t r t i

Bears' some 5.096 sup- passer Tom Moynihan took T-Birds Hall Lucas

porters received a good- over Breaux's laurels thrilled the fans witha i

ly fading moments scare with 13 of 29 comple- 92-yard kickoff return -
n R
.. during the Florida Foot- tions for a 172-yard in the first quarter f

ball League's Daytona Fla. Commission and the Bears' r I

Thunderbirds session Freddy pickard swivel l r

here Saturday night ala Releases RulingsOn hipped 59 yards for the % C : J

j hosts' eked out a 35- Hunting Dogs locals initial tally in

34 win to keep their the second.
LAKE CITY Deer dogs 4 a4l'' Abt r
victory skein intact. Jax..14 21 0 035 l
trained during the
The Bruins thanks to say Daytona..6 0 0 28--34
closed season for tak-
the fine first half .
ing deer when such dogs Rids' Podrts = -_.. .'
quarterback Don Breaux *.
registered their 35- are constantly attachedto EARL BA TTEY
4 ;
leash or rope in Cop Coast 4 '
point total in the a FlagThe R .. .Pickoff Socialist
) the hands of the trainer
first half and were unable Cincinnati Reds' I MINNESOTA TWINS' First
i; according to c. N. Cly- '
.attain their r catcher Earl Bat-
Northeast Florida San Diego farm club won

scoring touch thereafter. Regional Bore Manager Game the pacific Coast League sa. : tey notched his 13th

Evidently sensing that championship for 1962. pickoff of the season
and Fresh Water Fish Com
r--i which was good for the 9 when he recently caughtLos
[ mission. The carrying or finishing 12 games ahead

goose might also prove 'use of any firearm while of the runner-up Salt Angeles Angels' Earl

successful for the gander training deer dogs is Lake' City entry. The Morgan off first base,

T-Birds former Holy- Padres posted a S3-won r Satt y's season victims

A I T's 1962 prohibited. include Earl Robinson
.v 1 Bird dogs may be and 61-lost record. 1962 BENEDICT COLLEGE TIGERS---First Row seated: Johnny Bines, halfback; Nelson Paddies, end; King

1f a Football Slat.F1' trained during the While the Padres won Range halfback. William Zander, guard; Willie Matress, guard; John Caldwell halfback; Hilliard Baltimore: Joe CUmming-

s a 29--Shaw u. Away closed season for tak- with a team effort they JoneS, halfback; Otis Johnson, end. Second Row: Bobby Floyd assistant trainer; Kenneth Harrison ham. Chicago; Carl
Yastrazenski, Boston
-Maryland state ing quail ,with the aid still came up with some tackle; James Stackhouse, fullback; Wendell Dailey, fullback; Charles Benson, halfback; Marion ;
ocr. Bob Rodgers. L. A. Bill
of a pistol firing a individual honors. Nicholson, end; SamueL.Cromer, halfback; Winston Thomas, halfback; Henry Fields, fullback; Kerney
I Away. I Bryan. Kansas City Al
'f 20--WinstOn-Salem blank or solid ball. Catcher Jesse Gonderwon Glover, end; Raymond; Kuna, head trainer. Third Row: Ulysses Highsmith, quarterback; Timothy Lane, ;
J OCT. Snith and Camilo Carreon,
; Teachers Away. However the carryingor the league batting guard; James Gray, tackle; Nathaniel McNeil, tackle; George Wilson, center; James Chandler, half-
: Chicago; Barry La taan.
27--Morgan State use of a shot gun or championship with a mark back; Calvin Richardson, center; Juanita Roach, halfback; Issac Jones, end; Frank Butler, end.
OCT. Cleveland; Chuck Cottier
Homecoming. rifle while trainingbird of .342 and teammate Fourth Row: Raymond MCMurray, guard; Claude Br wnlee. tackle; Bland Thomas, center; Lenzie Neal,
Washington. Tom Tresk,
l NOV. 3--Fla. A4M University dogs is prohibited.Bird Tommy Harpjir third quarterback; Charlie Smith, guard; Capt. Robert Fennell, quarterback; and George Lyons, end.Missing
1 Yankees, and Don Hansen
'I'i' Away. dogs do not have to baseman, was runner-up from the photograph are Ronald Davis end; WilbertMcClees, end and Bobby Treadwell, tackle. Baltimore.
with 333.
be attached to a leashor
\ -
a NOV. 10-Virginia State
Home rope: aid can run free Gonder was also the 7,745 Fans Edward Waters
i runs-batted-in championof Rattlers
1 NOV. 22--North Carolina. while in training Cly- Champion
Honor Likeable
Away. more stated. the league with 116. Whips Ft. Valley
*I t Harper led the coast

i! League. in runs scored. Luke Easter Open Season
k ,Scoring Romp. Ties Record 120; and bases 105. In Upset Win With 'Breather'

i1 .... ,.
:: Outfielder Ken Walterswas '
m Edward Waters College
'" '
: "- chores with
tops in dubles with l Tigers opened their out in pads. 'lit"' s in

43 and shortstop chico averaging 27.3 yards
t* 1962 gridiron season good physical condition
p n boot.
f Ruiz was the leading tL.. last Saturday night at TALLAHASSEE -- con- per declared Coach Gaither
The snail's
base stealer in the the Myrtle Avenue BallPark ditioning and punting "but I am not sure he

League with 40. t against Fort Valley the blood and sweat Gaither has been follow- can take much! contact.
? .r" ing this fall has aided
Gonder is only the State College. The units drew praise from Hayes ripped off several

second catcher in the Tigers gave rookie coach Florida A&Ms Coach in keeping injuries yards in the 20 minutes

: history of the Pacific jack Paul an 8.6 win in Jake Gaither as the down. End johnny costonis contact work recently.He .

{ ; L Coast League to win the his college coaching Rattlers moved into the nursing a blood clotin looked real fancy in

batting title and the A debut. The game was final two weeks of toil- his left arm. Half- moving laterally along
r back Nat Davis is suffering the line with both knees
{ first receiver ever to played in a steady driz- ing for the opener a-
i from a severe raised high and to the
win the runsbattedinaward.
zle which made the gainst the Benedict COl-
_ cold. Both have been outside."
field a sea of mud. lege Tigers here. Sept.
kept out of action. According to Coach
The Padres drew an un- EWC scored first and 29.
'He have a lot of work Gat ther. halfback Robert
official attendance of elected to try for two "Our punting went
to do in the interior." Paremore is showing much
252.196 for 1962 the points after the tally well." he said. Quarterbacks -
K he said The Rattlers improvement over last
t. ir best since 267.141 in and were successful. Ft. Jim Tullis.
s.>r' have several seasoned season. The fleetfootedTallahassee
.+ 1958. Valley's All-SIAC half- Napoleon Johnson, and
1.. ,
< and then there dasher
tix players
..; .-".... ''" ,. '. .. Gonder was named "The back and co-captain tookthe end Freddie Johnson got
a; \ are inscances where two scooted to the outside
>>-. Most Valuable San DiegoPlayer'
r.t. kickoff and galloped off some long punts.
tr :. or three players are unmolested in a scoring
... '
; John Tsi tourist 92 yards for the a Napoleon, a punting
? ;' LUKE EASTER fighting it,out for po- gallop In the short
f\ : ''' Ihe Most Valuable San touchdown. The conver- specialist for the past
.. .
i' +4 .Popularity Reigns HigtROCHESTER. s tions on the first mixing last week.Charlie
Diego pitcher", ; and .. sion failed. This ended two campaigns averaged
three units. To sum it Ward of Thomas-
HALFBACK Timmy Brown recently opened up Harper The Most Popular the scoring for both 33 5 yards per game in
N. Y. Emulating all up. no one knows ville. a converted half-
the Philadelphia Eagles 1962 National San Diego Playe ". teams. Edward Waters 61 Tullis. a fancy
the back from quarterback,
exploits of who will be playing
Football League's season by returning a Manager Leishman's and Fort Valley sloggedup triple-threat ball
Archie ,Moore. Satchell where once the season drew praise from Coach
Cleveland Brown's kickoff 105-yards to padres came in for con and down the muddy handler shared the
1 Paige, veteran first gets underway two weeks Gaither. Ward is workingand
tie a league record.a following ,Sunday, sideralle honors in the base field but neither team
slugger Luke Easter from now.Sprint is going to make a
Brown raced 99-yards for a TD against the poll conducted among was able to get a Gomez
steadfastly refusesto raise STwins' champion Rober place for himself
St. Louis Cardinals. the the league s
Despite managers. scoring drive underway.
retire to a stated the AIM coach
I more Hayes Jacksonville, is
runs, the Eagles bowed to both of its "Harper has the toolsto passive wwy of life and Coach Paul stated that MeleTWIN

first two R9mes opponents. be one of the best in plans to return to uni- due to the conditionof Hangs Up Mittens For One Year II

the business" Tacoma CITIES.. Minn. -
form next the field and the -- -
manager Red Davis said. Big W'ke. who is said rain his offense was Pitcher Ruben Gomez who

Harper, along with his unable to jell. He is formerly waked for the r
to be at least 41yearsof Phillies and Cleveland
runner-up batting markof
pleased with the showinof
.333 hit 24 doubt!s. age, was suitably the defensive team Indians has credited
4 pt home honored'by Red wing fans Minnesota Twins'
triples. 26 ManagerSam
the o
declared that
and +
.. K
one night last month witha
q ;i. Mele for his
runs, drove in 84 runs recent tzt
victory was a team win.
banner midweek
I r .w and stole 22 bases The new look of the pitching successes.in .
745. attributing to
F1 Sammy Ellis, who hurled an assignment against ra
Tiger calls team calls
a no-hitter for the popularity as one Washington. Gomez _
} with
of the most well-liked for wide-open play
I padres against Tacoma had a one-hitter going
of ball handling
players in the Red Wings'79year plenty
< on August' 14. was voted ; provided the weather his way for five innings f
< :diamond
S by the managers as "the history. cooperates fans are in then gave up a run In i

best major league pro- Easters' received a tremendous the sixth and fell behind -
for a thrilling evening
:, ovation when he
spect among the pit- 31. Bob Allison's

chers" 'the top along with his wif and this Saturday. three-run homer in the .

righthanded pitcher in three children were introduced Watch This Onwn eighth provided the --

the coast League" ; the during the winning margin for Gomez I. :..... :
.. : pitcher with the best ceremonies by Inter- and the Twins. PHILADELPHIA lightweight Len Matthews, who

: fastball; and 'tbe national; League presi- 719 33 249 "Mele Is a great man claims that he is unable to make enough -.

pitcher with the best dent TOmmy Richardson. to play for. He gave ae money in the ring to underwrite current
6. 8
curve ball" Richardson presented confidence by letting expenses, announced that he is hanging up

Second baseman Bobby Easter with a placque 1 7 me stay in there. I know his gloves for one year and expects to

Klaus was voted "the from the league while 2 :... L-4.y that if it had been find employment in a philly Brewery.

most improved player Manager George Sisler'gave Cleveland's Mel McGaha.I -

since the opening of the bio a blank check 48-90-88 d had been oat of Ton Don't Have to Go to Town to Get ;:

season" Harper was indicating that it would 552 25 904 there after giving up .

second. amount to more than 'om dme n," u| that seventh inning home- LOW PRICES =
.... .
11,000.Sisler wm.tI + he' i'wiH
joe Nuzhall was thirdin run to Bob Sshaidt. .
adds nhtrart*
the balloting .for noted. "Let me He w.rk It all ronn. Following Schmidt's -.
this check will not
'the best lefthand say blast, Gomez retired Co Tour =
We Are Now interfere with Luke's Coming Attractions
pitcher in the league" 03-119-11-05 seven Nats in order.
social security. We pay:

Equipped To.. .. fifth Bobby along Risenhoover the pitchersin was. that too and hope to pay DRUG STORE NEEDSS -...,

it for some years to'
t the league with "the Trade With Your neighborhood Drag Store -

N Trail Tile HuuIcipp.df best BDve to first base. come.Color"tfxotoes of Easter 'MORE POWER TO YOU!I' IB WILL MEET ART PBICES ADVERTISED IN YOU _

Recalled and ''Luke Guy '
s Our
::; ::- FACTORY FRESH fe Deliver-fe Also Fill All Doctors'Prescript :
pins were distributed to
AL DOWNING youthful
lefthanded Red Wing fans as they
f pitching sen- Red Elgin 4-4508 Dixie Pharmacy
sation with Ricbaond of entered the park.

the international League Wing players in the line- ,

College Inc. was recalled by the up also wore the pins a AUTOMOTIVE MARINE DIESEL -

parent New york Yankees rather unusual tributeto 1312 Ksp had A KjrtfeEL ) Arai :

team last week. Downing, a ,layers' player." SOUTHWAY =
6. I. Apart 111% Air Cm! PItHs 5-S97-88 -
who suffered occasional -

630 DAVIS I ST. at Beaver periods of wildness. BATTERY MFG. CORP. -T
pitched a no-hitter for .'-: FOOT OF WEST ADAMS .

JAClSIttYH.lE. FIMHM ; the club this past sea- BUS AT IUR STOREf



E .4 F I.T .


f _ _ a_ __ __ _
Fashion Parade Slated Sunday At Nt. Heriah Ga. Shtriffffs Plan Benefit i Fiesta Party Saturday Night i iS.

. f Offer Rtwtnl For T'1' : ,.\,,':' h

.. r ::

C .-I".r..rs T '
F s 1 Da :.t

WA \ ia4 VALDOSTA, Ga.---A 65- -. L ? 1'.",.t..(.-f.i',

'- '
% year-old Negro farmhand \

F f .A arrested in Madi- '

Li 1 f : son CountyFla. earlier
f this month and tentatively.charged 'a
with Ij

LILlV arson in connectionwith

two attempted

church burnings in ,
lv Lowndes County, Ga., may i ? A t bff
K; .
.ailI.r1i1a be released because -
3 soon //f 4 :
d 2 1s
of lack of sub- ,
stantial evidence, ,.
'i $ p w
n Lowndes County Sheriff d'R= .
Jewell Futch said Wednesda.y -
MRS. ETHEL DAVENPORT BANNISTER, (right) fashion coordinator for, the Diana i
Shops and IIn=. Mar;, I;. aley, supervisor of the Youth Department's activitiesfor I
The suspect, whose
the annual Women's Day program at Mt. Moriah AME Church, carefully select name has not been revealed !
the fashions to be modeled Sunday afternoon at 4:30 oblock during the Clothes
was picked
N 0-Rama presentation in Mt. Moriah's auditorium. The Diana Shops are sypportingthe at Pinetta, Fla. on
program by donating the latest styles in' Misses and adult fall and femine Sept. 19, and trans- : :

apparel. ferred to Valdosta where
(Royal Art Studio photo) he is being held in :i -x. 4) I

Lowndes County Jail. :ji ) : :
Greater Jax Fair A..olilces'Several Masons PlanC. Circumstantial evi-

dence tends to link the

Innovating Features H. Henry Day man with arson attemptstwo
*weeks ago at the
Here SundayThe
Two features have been added to the greater Payton AYE Church and a
Jacksonville Agricultural and industrial Fair 32nd and 33rd Negro Church of Christ, TO AID PATIENT---Officers and members of the Sepia Social Club are inviting the general public to

this year. Degree Masons of Fla. the sheriff said. attend a Fiesta Party Saturday evening in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Mitchell, 3281 Brusque
will observe C. H. 'The deliberate burn- Drive, Floradale. A patient presently confined at Sunnyland Training Center will benefit flom the
One--a Queen contest- constructed by high Henry Day Sunday beginning ing of any church is a proceeds. Seated from left are; Mrs. Elizabeth pierce, treasurer; Mrs. William Brown, Mrs. Viola
is to please the school students in the
designed at 2 p.m. in sinful act," stated Faulk, vice president; Mrs. Minnie Thomas, Mrs. Winona McKinnon and Mrs. Georgia Mae Crawford..
older fair-goers. The Duval County school Ebeneezer Methodist Futch. "It doesn't: Standing from left: Mrs. Gertrude Brown, Mrs. Onea Hart, Mrs. Vera Anderson, secretary; Mrs. Ruth

other--a Noah's Ark system. Elementary Church, Clay and Ashley matter whose church it Golden, Mrs. G'oria Glenn and Mrs. orlene peacock, president.
animal exhibit is designed students in the systemare
-- -
Streets. is or what race is in- (Royal Art Studio Photo)
to please the painting the stall
Rev. E. J. Rivers, volved."
9 youngsters.The signs.
of the host Futch, who is the -
pastor FEb UP!
Queen contest is And because the annual : LOTS FOR SALE BOYS WANTED
church will deliver the president of the Ga.'s
the first ever to be held Fair is held in the Gator LOW SALARY? INSECURITY? FOR SALE $25.00 Down To Sell Florida Star
Miss Frances Sheriffs Association,
at the Greater Jackson- Bowl-Baseball Park sports message. Government Work Means High Large, Choice Wooded Newspapers on Southside.Come .
Scrivens will be guest said the organizationhas I $10 Per Month at MariettaEL
ville Fair, which opens complex there 11 be Starting Salary Equality Lots-59' X 100'-On Fer- to 2117 Wishart St.
soloist. The Deputy of a standing $500 reward 4-7442 Sundays
October 24 for its free football games Benefits. Men. Women 18-52 nandina Beach-$350 Cash or call FL 9-1271
the Valley is urgently for who
eighth year. It is open pitting the county's top anyone can Your Spare Time Trains EV 4-6711 TelHhQM EY 4-1181
to single girls betweenthe teams against each other. requesting the atten- supply information lead- You. Write Name, Address,
ages of 16 and 23 who All this will be free to dance of all depart- ing to the arrest and Phone and Time Home To
mental members of the conviction of Moncrief Drive-In Market
any per-
are sponsored by com- those attending the Fair. ATDC-Plorida Star-PO Box
merical exhibitors in the The only charge is to Masonary.The son or persons guiltyof 561, Jacksonville, Fla.

Fair. They will be get inside the gates. public is invited. church burning. HELP WANTED 24 hours 45th St. & for Free, Deliiem
judged m beauty, poise But, children under the
African Coed Attends GJC SendeePhonePO
and personality. age of 18 will be ad- TICIETS AVAILABLE for a d. Moncrief Road
t Six girls already have mitted free until 6 p.m. a Experience Live-in Maids 5-9287-PO 8-8811

been entered as contes- Saturday, October 27 and ms' -Out Of Town-From $35 to
tants. No limit has been Saturday November 3. $50 Wkly.-LOCAL: Experience -
set on the number of Members of the Armed CooksMale & Female-

contestants, but deadline Forces in uniform will Dom.MaidsSrv.StationAttendantsFum.Handlers
.. ti
for entries is be admitted free on ',' t x ;

October 17. Saturday. November 3. 1 FIDELITY EMPLOYMENT

The winner will be .fw '. 't 1832 N. Myrtle Avenue
crowned as Miss Greater Church Burners f

Jacksonville Fair, and Secretarial Help Wanted
Given 7-Year _L I Ik Ir 41
will reign as Queen ofjth SecretaryTypistGoodEnglish

e fair until the Prison Terms Spelling. Busi-
festivities close ; ness School grad. Apply
Ga. Threeof
November 3 < ; 3 p.m. Sunday, Florida
four white males who
r. Y.
The Noah's Ark is con-
Star, 2323 Moncrief Roador
confessed to burning a & -'it a 1sgtt kt
sidered by Greater
write to P. 0. Box
sonville Fair officialsas Negro church were sen- 561 NO Phone Calls.Johnnie's %
tenced to seven years ..
a unique way to ex- ,
hibit all types of imprisonment each less s 4. -
animals and birds. than one week after an xhy r7i Hotel +v' y 1

The ark front is being intense FBI investigation TV in every room. 1 8 ..
brought the case toa For Reservations, Call

45th close.A EL 5-4025
j 16-year-old youth, 741/2' W. ASHLEYJacksonville
also involved in the
DriveInIARBQUE burning, will be triedin Florida f.
juvenile court. HILDA GEORGE of Liberia, West Africa, uses facilities -_ 'r.. 4

The three men, identi- of the Gibbs junior College Language Wile Apartments ---- -- -- -
I they're DYou'll licious fied as Glen Roland 56; Laboratory to brush up on her English in prepara- 'Jacksonville'sFinest'
I Melvin Earl Roland 21 tion for classes at the St. Petersburg, Ala. in- FIRST CUTPoRK39
like em and Marvin Allen Milner. stitution. The daughter of an African lawyer, 2 Bd Rm Apts.-$12.50 11 INCH Pork

45th Monuet: 31, were sentenced by Hilda plans to major in business. She joins sev- Wkly-Water Furnished-
judge Walter I. Geer. eral other African students who attended Gibbs Resident Mgr.-2414 San WEINERS35SMALL Chops
Near 45th
iJ last Diego Rd.-FL 9-1757
The church was locatedat
Package Store Dawson, Ga. (Staf:f photo by Horace Jones) Opposite Douglas An- 69C CHOPS m.
derson School. .
---- -- ---
ServicesSound --

_ Specializing Special rates in I=:\\I S Mrs..,,Other Hortense rerators Neal, Mgr. St. Stephen Recital Half couple-1 Apt.-2 Rm For Sgl.Rent'lien Also or Service for Ad- I I NECK 1 SHORT

for School r I1TI' to serve you Res. Matthew McCoy will be After Gp..Call EL 3-9942 vertisingDances, Ball I 49C'I BONES 5C 19"RIBS
EL 4-9780 EL 6-0420 SPAREIb. lb.I
Tinting Dyeing presented in a gospel in Games, etc. Also Loud I lb.
songs program Sunday Speaker Service for I
Banquets -
; K. '- t ? >C-'' 44- !")* <==s= MULLET
I night in St. Stephen AME 5-Ras-Near Bus Lines-Con- Concerts, Record
;: Now Open 0.4a Church in interest of veniences-5632 Cleveland I Hops etc.Phone El 3-5902 ; FRESH FISH lOC ib. 25 C i BRISKET
the women's celebra- 8-3933 BACKBONES 991STEW
Lincoln Golf & Cwiitry tion which will Day termi- Rd-PO 8-4493 or PO SOUND SERVICE i i 39C or 3 Ibs. for .
16. 3 Ibs.
We feature quality in nate October 21.
I I II E STRAND Susda) thin Saturday
I (foods & efficient service Mr. McCoy serves as II I .
organist and director, I STEWING
Catering Social Clubs & Parties { of the Mt. Ararat choirs 2 Big TecMcoIftf Pictures I GRADE 'A'FRYERS 2. 9 HERSHEYSUGAR' HENS 251- '

Ii.I 6602 RICHARDSON RD. j and the chorus at Eman- lb. .. lb.
I uel Baptist Church. He OKY tout coma tmsrwium rflMf n none coma TIBS CTMY .

Mr. & Mrs. J.E. Hotckios er J is an instructor at theD
and B School. CRACKLINGlb.
----- -- ----------- -;

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9 cans .
Robert Urtn GaU.ju Kpw A Story of The Christ.Insptntipoof. 25" 491-
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31 ,i.rs the TIDE 3 Ills.
'e1 I In.Sookm Us!! 9 to a Customer ,
with{ swl I mac M tte ergai # .<
KB Adiaice
# : who have traded with as is cur past years.
i' -"r. .
: hi'" ",- -.' 1 II Prices

I. We are epeaisz ocr 4tb store known as Edll'lpd Driie IB Safer Market
j STRANDKife at ttffev&ri aid Cleietasd Road. Watch (to car Grad Opeikg Bate.
B o sat 5 p.m. OfM'II 11.1. wit 14. dip Ks *l lid lit a for Located

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WEST EKEVIM MfME AT CLEVEUM M. j "K1I B m KMCS" "RAXI if IEAT1I f tree ripe trots the Crabs BAy arosed tie deckf'

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