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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200626datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date September 1, 1962dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=006260740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
September 1, 1962
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
September 1, 1962
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Full Text
.. -- .. .

a. f s

., .
r- _
** iJ.Negro -

J Pupil Shuns Attending Pensacola's Integrated Public School -

**** **** ******'
ft* ******* *
*** **. ***... *



.. ... ... ... ... ... ... .. ... ... .... *.'*. *. at. .,
... -

.s.>> g..

lake Court Grants Execution Stay FlO1illJll ,SjTll' '- -* ''l //1

-- -- .
-- -

For Two Men Convicted For Rape VOL 12-NO. 22 SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 1 1. 1962 15 CENTS- Y tot 0;!

* * * I

Peace Corps KtepriSHtifivts Ntot Wfcfe Ltcd Civic tatas ALBANY POLICE JAIL Z14'INVADING


e ;?


s, ?s"xr Ministers, Rabbis Conduct Night Yiath.si; ; I F a.y F; Robbery

AX Prayers, Sing, During Jailings Suspect At. Business Place I

ALBANY, Ga..Another mass arrest took \
A Negro, tentatively and four packs of
H place here Tuesday this time involvinga
identified cigarettes valued at
4. group made up mostly of Northern cler- as
Jimmy Brown and $1.30.,
appearing -
of both who held
gymen races a hymnsinging -
c to be in his The, suspect allegely
z demonstration in front of City Hall.
.a a t mid-30's, was fatal- attempted to flee but
of the
-r S. ly shot early Tues- was ordered to halt by
group were identified Rev. Ralph Abernathy and
McRae. According to the
day morning by a
i as Rev. Ralph Roy ff.G. Anderson, presidentof
security officer, the suspect
and Rev. Forrest Johnsonof the now widelypublicize patrolman
r t ss' when he was reportedly then started to approach -
New. York and Rabbi Albany MovementThe
3 caught in- him with a screw
p f Israel Dresner of Springfield three men are under
driver in his hand.
;; side of a local
i iaJFl N.J.. The majorityof suspended 60-day sen-
McRae fired twice with
restaurant after
the ministers in the tences on conviction of
of violating city ordinancein having gained accessto his service pistol. One
seventy-five of the bullets struck
the premises
Th a similar demonstration by
persons arrested
4 were
4. .y. white, and from the early last month. forced entry, according Brown in the right
While to police chest. Taken to Duval
states of New York and they were being a '
sq yMF New jersey. booked the northern report.The Medical Center, Brown
7 ministers stood in died a little over an
: Albany Police Chief an report states that
alleyway outside the Luther W. hour later, at approximately
Laurie Pritchett warned po- McRae, who isa

the lice station and prayed night patrolman 3:40 a.m.
I > > {t.-.J',, clergymen to dis- operates
t perse three times before and sang-hymns. They, the McRae Detective Tuesday.The .
TOP LEVEL CONFAB--Local civic leaders were given a firsthand insight into the operations ordering them jailed. were charged with dis- Agency, was dead man's last

of the peace Corps Wednesday during an early afternoon luncheon at Brew- Urging them to preach to orderly conduct, crea- checking buildings in known address was 532

ster Methodist Memorial Hospital's cafeteria. Seated from left are: jack Whitting- their own congregations ting a disturbance, con- the 500-block>> of N. Union Street. However,

"';on.. Brewster administrator;"isadore Singleton, civic-business ;leader; -.foUgJ) KelleY -* "" r and "iiver :the 'rA own .g re6atia.' g.onrth/eside ** ''f'J&1.rf1-' 11e"Nti; err:i he' **"aa." WQ""OD.e..at..tba.t.iIAlS: ._ ._---

peace Corps coordinator; Walter Davis, Corps African director. Standing 'from cities, the police chief walk and falling to obey discovered that a bathroom claims knowledge of

left: Atty. Earl M. Johnson, Duval Juvenile Judge LaMar Winegeart; Eric Simpson. said: "I'm asking you the command of an 0 f- window in Ford's him. His name was

Florida STAR publisher-editor; Frank 0. Bryant, business-civic leader; ,and Clinton this in the name of ficer. Bond was set at Restaurant had been established by identifi-

Moon, STAR public relations director. A later. meeting was held in the evening at dignity and in the name $200 each. forced open. Ford's cation found on his

Continental Bowling Lanes reception room. of justice." It was at "You have a responsibility Restaurant had been person.

I (Royal Art Studio Photo) that point that a rabbi to the clergy and forced open. The res- McRae. who is white,
a to the church/ the lives at 3445 Rockwood
t.i taurant is
read a brief passage located at
********** M ********** from a prayer book. police chief said at one 560 North Myrtle Ave. Drive.
Several white point. 'But if you come Sgts. j. L. Jordan
Local Man Accused Collector' Dtftist Accuses 2 Deputies were in the, group women and at as law violators you wil McRae reportedly the irregularity investigated -- and R. J. Mathew investigated -

be treated such." the inci-
least one Albany Negro as and dis-
Of Insulting His Wife Of Falsifying Evidence minister. Absent, however -, The police chief said covered .Brown* insidethe dent. Also respondingto
that under a city or- call were Lt.
A local from among the in
Negro man charged with assault- building possession -
ing a white- loan company coilectho TAVARES---A Tampa demonstrators were in- dinance such demonstra- of a coin box con- George Branch, and

had abused his wife was bound over for attorney this week her attackers. McCall tergration leaders Mar- tions require permission taining $15 in silver Patrolmen J. L. Mays,

I' Criminal Court action this ee'k and then won stays of execu- never made this fact tin---- Luther- King.. Jr. from the city ..- -
known to anyone.In lllaDag r. )lUdent Kefll1lS
jailed in lieu of $2,500 bond. tion for two young ,
Negroes who had been his petition, Rodriguez OIlInunity To

of George 1094 Richardson Remain Street jr.,, he was unable to carry sentenced to die for: State ,Atty.charged Gordon that Atlanta's Swimming Pools, To Negro School

Richardson any longer the alleged rape ofa initiate Move .
pleaded not guilty to Oldham, McCall, and
Unconstitutional PENSACCLA A tenyearold
I because of nonpaymentof white woman whenh Parks Ruled
charges of assault with
Deputies Clark and boy ran counter to
the accused two coun- CHATTANOOGA Tenn.---
$250 involved.
Intent to murder and violated'their stubborn of this city's
Richardson, jobless ty deputies of sup- Yates ... Responding to a Dis- area an integration order
aalicious mischief before pressing evidence oaths of office and trict Court order to segregation law has received a formal here by failing to show

Criminal Court since the July 13 oc- and obstructing perpetuated 'frauds on desegregate its public and possibly fatal blow in a recent fed- up at the all-white E.B.

judge I. Lloyd Laytonon curance, is the fatherof justice.The the defendants, suppressed schools, Chattanooga, eral court ruling here. Cook Elementary Schoolas

Tuesday.The an 8-month-old son. attorney, Francisco evidence and this week, became the U.S. District Judge gregated basis. .." assigned Monday or
charges stemmed His case is scheduledfor obstructed justice. .." The court said it Tuesday.The .
J Rodriguez, also a Negro, first Southern city to Lewis R. Morgan declared retained
trial Oct. 2-
from an incident which on upset the state's case Also offered as evidence assign white youngstersto four city ordinance unconstitutional jurisdiction in youngster, Alver

occurred on the nightof HillsilorolillRHtlils was a letter from previouslyNegro* in a con the case for the "pur Nichols was one of 22
against the two men,
July 13 at the Rich- the alleged victim to schools.A sent decree an order pose of issuing an injunction Negro students granted
jerry Chatman, 26, and
ardson home when loan ( SchoollittftTttioa Robert Shul r. 23, by Shuler's grandmother, total of 100 young agreed to by both par- upon a pro- admission to formerly

company collector Lloyd producing proof that which stated in part: sters, both white and ties. The order said per application..should all-white schools here.

I. Downing allegedly PtM the pair had been convicted "As for RobertShuler Negroreportedlycrossed that the ordinances requiring there be any incident Nichols instead reported -
called Richardson'swifelIozelle ), name cannot be because of the
:TAMPA county scnooi on falsified my color lineson segregation in arising a to Spencer
"a liar" officials of Hills evidence. signed to any paper of Wednesday when this parks and public assemblies breach of the peace out Gibbs Negro School.

threatened Richardsonand borough County Wednesday ""Rodriguez charged in thority since I am city took its first were in viola- of any attempt to enforce School officials said

eventually came to began working out a bis petition that Deputies confined here. He did steps in a 7-year pro- tion of the 14th Amend the ordinances, Monday that Nichols must

grips with him. Rich- school integration L. 0. Clark and not rape me and you gram of racial inte- ment of the U.S. Con- customs, practices pr attend the all-white

ardson is alleged to plan for submission to James Yates testifiedat can use this letter in gration by registeringin stitution. usages" now declared school to which he had

have struck the white the federal court in the trial that they writing to the governor the first three The court order re- uncoosi taUonal. been assigned until
\ with the handle of yourself." suited from suit given permission to return -
taan Jacksonville by Oct. :30 had taken plaster casts <, grades of 11 grammar a
a broom in the ensuing following Circuit Judge W. Troy schools. filed in May of 1961 by to the Gibbs
'A Tuesday'sorder
of footprints of the CITY'S CRIME
II scuffle. by Federal Dis- accused at the scene of Hall issued the staysof Chattanooga is the four members of the School. However, Escam

The 28-year-old man, trict Judge Bryan Simpson the crine-*actually execution and informed last of Tennessee'sfour Committee on Appeal for bia county School Superintendent -

a former truck driverfor it was announced. they made the cast from Gov. Farris major cities to Huma Rights, a student RATE DROPS W.J. Wood-

Food Fair Stores, James Thomas Hills- the shoes of the accused Bryant, who said he begin Integration in antisegregation organi- Jacksonville's crime ham Jr. temporarily as-

Inc. insisted that borough pupil assignment in Clarks'back would withdraw the Sept. its schools. zation.It rate showed ) 17.6 percent signed the fifth grader.

Downing and other repre officer for county yard. 6 death warrants when Classes in both city was "further or- decrease for the back to Bibbs Tuesday

sentatives of Commerce schools said the county Die petition includeda the order reaches him. and county school systems dered" by judge Morgan first six months of 1961as The nine other school

Loan Company had repeatedly board must comply with photostatic of begin Sept. 5. that the custom, prac- compared with the affected by the court-

a intimidated the coirt. order but the A statement by copy two To deal with any potential tice and usuage of the same period last year, order desegregation re-
MississippiMist Atlanta, its
and trouble-makers Cit of from the po rtedeyerything
threatened abused first order of business former Lake County a crime report
him and his wife in attempts must be to complete a deputies that Clark authorities have bor- agents employes or Federal Bureau of Investigation smooth as silk. The

to force payments plan. and Yates told them Prefect rowed from methods used those acting in concert showed.A nine boys and 12 girls

from them. Tho as and School Supt. they had sade the plas- by Atlanta a year ago with them in operating nationwide crime re- reported to classes

The July 13 incident Crockett Farnell jointly ter casts in Clark's Vote ktctrds when that city admitted municipally owned swimming port of the United under the watchful eyes

erupted when Downing stated they will first backyard. nine Negroes to pools on a racially States showed an in of city and countyplainclothesmea.

reportedly collarded study: the court order.It Particularly damaging JACKSON Miss.---H. T. white classes withoutany segregated basis is declared crease of 3 per cent.' but

Richardson in the door- was also indicated to the prosecution Bubba) Ashford a trouble. to be unconsti- In 1961 figures there.were no crowds and
way of his home. that the transfer/of Hinds County circuit ***** XCbarle tutional." showed 17 murders and no incidents as this
statement in the de Osolle, Pres- Judge Moran at another city appeared to accept
Free under $2,500 bone pxp&s court clerk non-neglient manslaughter
some 70-Negro to was served
petition by the alleged of France: point stated "...such the federal courtorder..
since the tine of the the v.M. Ybor School victim. The with formal papers by '''Ie oust help to build : cases in Jackson- .
rape swimming pools as
IncIdent Richardson upon the opening of woman of the u. S. District Court Europe, the real may ville for the first six .
middle age, Europe, hereinafter be operatedby .
was jailed when schools month last aonthsVlth 10 being reported For
Tuesday next Bight la said to haye stated week ordering him the Europe of peoplesand the City of Atlanta
bondsman Jessie Lane possibly' : answer the to Lake County Sheriff to produce his voting consequently of shall, commencing with 'through June. of Back To School
dropped the accused court',s order that some Willis McCall tnaT records for inspectionby states and not the this year. 1961 figures BargainsSee
the 1963 swimming season
BI'*. bond. Lane stated type) of plan be initi- the Federal govern show four rapes as pages 3. & 5
uler of
wall not one of words, myths be operated on a dese-
ated by next Oct. 30. ment. and schemings." against one ,this year *


1-1r _
-- -- -
i--- ': ---I----- :

pAGE 2 : Film_ STII' SHIilAY SEPTUM 1, 19H1.

\ '4r s D! =' =
I ,, .q
,l ;_':-:.: S


\J 0
.. '--1 1 r "
V Published. by the Florida Star Publishing to.M ., BY EEC .. SHFSOH
nber of Associated Negro press"L _

1f ,.".. -- --

ERIC 0. SIMPSOI--.latal II .
CY "The lack of job opportunities standsat
JtlYSON L WlSE.-.NfIs URN the top of the list of problems facing
t the Negro."

HILDA WOOTEN__........CirciiiiN 11I113II' rsf So stated Commissioner John B. Duncanof

rI y .. Washington, D. C. at a symposium on
; HUM OFFICE & PUNT: : "The Negroes in our Cities," which was

_2323_Hsscrief RoaL..J>toe ELgi -&1I1 & 4-CT3 4ti4 sponsored Waldorf-Astoria by the Hotel Reader's, New Digest, at the

A ,* % York, recently in behalf
Maig AMress: ;ti4: 1 -. : k of an article of the sane '.
cI/ j:13jI ',
title which
appears in the
P. 0. Box 561, Jactomfe 1, Fbrifc1H.CRIP7ION il #
l August issue now on the news
,, ''. stands.
,, '
RATTb ,. : ; The symposium panel was composed -
of city administrators
Ono r.$6.00: Half Yenr. $4.00 :i )
on the one hand and
t2iile i to you Aqyrhere: in the United States
sentatives of organizations!
in Advance ,
: ; ,- Subscription Payable
t. 4 which are working to solve the problems
Send check or voney Order to:
.:., '-:;i.'_ R' of Negroes in the united States
f1; /
riori'lr. tr P. 0. Mox 5<>1 of S "The building trades unionsand private

.TrcksoRVille 1, Florida : A. industry deserve indictment in this matter -
:,-; 'I of job opportunity, Commissioner

Let The Baker ,Bake, And, The, CAM : Duncan to do much said.more."Local' government also needs

And The Duval Shopper Shop .. ,0 0 Commissioner Duncan said that relationshad r

Sgout improved between whites and Negroesin
'nn: Sabbatli; and the Market Place. the nation's capital. Fifty-four percent ( t

THIS perennial thorn of dispute is be HOW LONG MUST: THIS BE OUR 'WORLD IMAGE'I MR. PRESIDENT of Washington's population is Negro,
coming gradually more troublesome on the according to Commissioner Duncan.

green stem of Jacksonville's growth. In "In the field of housing, we still havea

their tireless way, certain conservative serious problem.!! Commissioner! Duncan

factions in this city are seeking means told his listeners.Administrators .

to stiffen existing Blue Laws so as to : Your WeHoroscope appearing on the panelin

ban the operation of certain types of addition to Commissioner Duncan, included -

businesses on Sunday. While, to the other Mayor Samuel Yorty of Los Angeles,

extreme traditional Sunday shoppers : : Acting Mayor Paul Screvance of New York

gratefully respond to the convenience, : : Guide' and City Manager' Joseph McDowell Mitchell

and in most cases to the service offered of Newburgh, New York.

them by such businesses. Meeting with them were Roy Wilkins

A sense of moral outrage is doubtless : PABLO Tht ASTROLOGERWHICH Executive Secretary of the National Association -
behind the pious determination of the ly for the Advancement of Colored

Blues (if any) to outlaw buying and sell- ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR People, Alexander J. Allen Associate

ing on the Seventh Day. They feel (we Director of The National urban League,
must further presume) that the practiceis BUSINESS LOVE TRAVELARIES Dr. Anna Arnold Hedgeman, Consultant.

antichristian and should therefore be : Division of Higher Education and The

forbidden by law. American .Missionary Association of the
harvest of steady and
other associate who can
AT present, the two objectives which they chance encounter or unusual endeavors. United Church of Christ.Willin.'tI Kuntsler.
do it for Make your
(the blues) find most unbearable are Born March 21st thru, occurrence may yen Should find the Special Attorney for the Southern Chris-
and standon you
grocery stores within and without the city April 19th : make it possible for you own and possessionsare tian Leadership Conference, and Harry
rights to choose money
limits, and discount houses where radically The long Labor Day now and in the future. your activities and flowing in with un- Van Arsdale, Jr. president of the New

marked-down prices attract appreciative weekend which introduces : 5-70-55-18-98-571 your there will be little to accustomed force, it York City Central Labor C cuncil, AFL-CIO. '

Sunday multitudes. this busy month, : CANCER pleasure during does not mean that it The meeting was moderated by Louis Lo-

WHAT is somewhat puzzling is why the holds considerable pr- Born June 22nd thru mar the your long Labor Day week- will be permanent. Instead max, author of "Die Reluctant African"
Blues confine their condemnation to these Ise ofr vacationers and July 22nd and "The Negro Revolt."
end. The Virgoans who of going m a rec-
do not homebodies 'alike. You seem to be in for a "the population
two specific areas? Why way, they Con- have birthdays during kless spending spree Reporting that Negro
open the flood gates of their outrage flitting emotions as to: wonderful time during this period may look for- take all excess profitsand outside of the Deep South has nearly

sufficiently to condemn the Sunday openingof whether you wist to engage -,; this first quarter, but ward to inspiring mental invest them in bonds tripled just since 1940/ the Reader's

gas stations,movie houses, restaurants, in social pastimes: carelessness this does not justify in and physical pursuits property or equally Digest article compares the Negro newcomers -

"K pac aKe.at.prea..and..t.h at.variety. Of undertake repair Jobs, any sound with immigrant groups arrivingfrom
':ithatimay tst fat( '_ .
Tprm. it have reason:: ; :
at hone or simply< '.
other places of Sunday merchandising? Why just : 2-20-S9-13-57-291 overseas during the last century,
to believe spell."You'wfll have
that it
do they not seek to ban sports events on rest or relax, could become may CAPRICORNBorn but makes the point that assimilation is
be risky to venture in to watch both y cur
the Sabbath, and to outlaw for all time the reasons spur-:: heavy traffic, especially friends and pocketbook, Dec. 22nd thru more difficult for Negroes than for European -

the wholesome institution of the Sunday ring family: rows. There' during the holidays to avert a situation that Jan. 19th immigrants because of their skin
Picnic? should be opportunities, Remain on the friendliest E
avoid trying to prove can make life pretty color.
BLINDED by their righteous indignation, galore to Increase your+ otherwise by taking difficult. of terms with your Tnat the differencd has created problemsfor

the Blues fail to see (or perhaps refuseto valuable holdings form' reckless chances or 4-30-66-12-26-436 key associates as there people on both sides of the color

recognize) the fact that an indispensible ; new and interesting job;: speeding. You may also is much they can do to barrier was obvious in the symposium dis-

community service is being rendered connections and impress be making long-range LIBRA back up your ideas and cussion.
wherever in this city or county a store your allies to back '! plans regarding you Born Sept.Oct. 23rd 23rd translate them into Said Mayor Yorty: "When I was elected

opens its doors to the buying public ofa rather than hinder you. career or business prospects should make con- realities. If there is 'Mayor Los Angeles I felt that it was a

Sunday. Ideas should be taken'apart. ', or in creatingthe siderable You headway and talk of marriage, and real triumph for the Negroes of my city.I .

A LARGE percentage of the despised Sun- closely: analyzed, home atmosphere and credit for :you are eligible it set about immediately to bring qualified
Christian-minded dedica- and the stamp of approval; receive the seems to be ideal for administration where they
day shoppers are secure economic status the ideas that make this Negroes into
ted church people whose demanding week-day obtained from those who:! you deem essential. If possible. While your own agreements or rituals. could have an important voice in the way

working schedules compel them to shop on are authorities action before'you love has skipped you by ambition is considerably And there could be no things, were run. From the beginning, how I
Sunday or do without certain essentialsof You must also make m them.sure in the past, it may be stirred up because of more inspiring time than ever I have found some fringe segments of

life. Then, too, there are the many that you are not likely: taken by surprise on the the incentives involved the start of a voyage the Negro community and an inflammatoryNegro

who shop m the Sabbath because the pos- to run mt of funds when 3rd, 7th. If there are you may have to place social receptions or any Press determined to degenerate the i

sible bargains to be found theM are the you are only: halfway obstacles standing in much dependence on the particular event that is good-will of any white man, whoever he may

thin difference between their having and through an important pro! the way, you would do role that your life or related to your future. be."

not having. Ject. Ibis requires much! better to leave thingsto business partner may play 8-50-11-16-91-356 As a case in point Mayor Yorty mentioned

THE fact that Jacksonville is a terminus advanced planning. : chance instead of in your affairs. Whethery AQUARIUSBorn a photograph which a West Coast Negro

along heavily-travelled tourist routes is l4023168142 ; taking them in your own m are pleasure bound Jan. 20th thru paper had printed showing twin Negro

another factor the Blues must consider TAURUS i; hands. ,or compelled to perform! Feb. 18th girls, who the paper said, had been handcuffed -

in the midst of their Christian indigna- Born April 20th thru 3-8 -'17-14-85-387 certain 'essential du- Should you have to do and shoved out of their public

tion. Enough tourists are being frightened May 20th I i LEO tiesyou should find some driving or traveling school class in a racial clash. Mayor ,
away as it is by the starchy, puritannical The prospect of having Born July 23rd thru the long Labor Day holiday during the holidays you Yorty asserted that when he investigatedthe

4 atmosphere of this area without denying three days free to do Aug. 22ndIf stretch eminently may be wiser to select story he found that "there was no

them purchase of bread, baloney or a pair what, you like should you have an 'experienced productive and satis- the late hours of 2nd as truth to it at all." -

of shoes as they hurry through on a Sunday mist stimulating You ; mate partner: factory. Don't hesitiateto most favorable for this in recalling the incident, Mayor Yorty

EVEN as we leave the baker to baking may be a weekend guest '. or public relations man pull the strings thai purpose. You may then en- referred to the saying, "A lie truly believed -

bread and the cobbler to mending shoes, at the home of friends : ready to do your bidding may mean a better posi- gendered. Have no regretsif is just as important as the truth

let the Blues leave the Sunday shoppersto who live in a different ; you should bene- tion or a substantialboost yoi are among the few Negro publishers who resort to inflamma-

their pursuits. For if any outrage community or decide to : fit in great measure in income. Press who have to be on the tory reporting, Mayor Yorty believes, are

exists, it is not against Christian. jxinci- go on a sightseeing tour:' from his endeavors to forward with vigor to job. as the remuneration using "truly believed lies" to foment

pies but against human rights. of places that have always promote you or your achieve your financial should more than make up strife between the races, and so, he believes -
attracted you. creations. Do not hesitate purposes when strong for the pleasures post- are Negro leaders who preach late
SIMILARLY if there are any potential
Should yen be one of the to work or to be barriers may be placed ii poned Should you be the thinly disguised as "Negro nationalism."
violations floating around on this seem- : ,
few Taureans whose duties present at functionsthat your path by competitors one selected to presideat Calling such inflammatory reporting 'em-
of then
ingly endless sea controversy,
keep them glued to take place during or official regulations. a formal event in your Commissioner Duncan of Washington -
certainly it is not the practice of buyin] barrassing,
their familiar'hannts, the holiday weekend 6-10-44-16-47-614 locality said that the
himself a Negro,
and selling on the Sabbath but, rather, 01: ; ,
the achievements you can when this means hand- SCORPIOBorn 2-40-33-14-43-243 Negro publishers who resort to it com-
downright prejudicial chalk up would more than* some contributions to Oct. 24th thru PISCES promise their own power. "When they do

compensate you for the : your pocketbook or bank Nov. 22nd Born Feb. 19th thru print the truth" he explained, "nobody

J. Dowi Tlit Siikl lost holidays.' Romance ': account. bile everyone Not only are :you vital March 20th will believe them.

shines brightly on the else is having a good but you cay also possess The holiday weekend Agreeing that the influx of Negroes from
m 3rd cod it be forerunner those of who that comprises Labor Day problems,
may you create special
1, one jects to the Food and Drug Ad- the mystic quality that the South does
of a whirlwind looking for a new should be pure enjoymentfor compared them
are exceptional of the NAACP
ministration authority to hold up the leads to' an Roy Wilkins
that to: you and those who and
courtship comes residential alcdress country"
marketing of' medicine individuality. This with an "underprivileged
a new if there is
its logical climax on would be farsighted to have chosen to spend it discrimina-
doubt as to its safety. But a proposal should make many friends with Take the customary said that they
which would make it possible for the FDA the 7th 8th. Dangers look around for the and adherents for you you.precautions when tion in favor of the Negroes to help"them
are presented to the : bargains that may be the kind of with their white fellow citizens.
and create
to refuse to up
,approve a new drug unless you are m the highway
careless and Unwary. You: then available. romantic aura in which What often prevents white groups from
and until the entire medical profession and shun the outdoor
would do well to distrust 2-50-68-13-72-258 kind of "extra help"that
The whole the
you'thrive giving Negroes
agreed on its effectiveness is a horse ofa activities which are a
very different color. your OTO decisions, VIRGO Labor Day period should bit too strenuous for they need Dr. Hedgeman believes, is
then and to heed the Born Aug. 23rd thru "thatwe
offer unusual opportu- basic failure in understanding
In scientific mattersas in other fields, you. Should you' have anything a
there is always a body of opinion which is advice of others. Sept. 22nd nities to arouse inte- in mind to reveal all grow up with." Many textbooks, shebelievesinadvertently
7-20-11-15-34-721 : Some of your friendsare rest1 and affection aaoni: give white studentsa
extremely skeptical of all new proposals.For 4 to a pen CD close to your
apt to be prettyforceful be trying: of Negroes showing them
those you may ; faulty picture
example, Jenner's vaccination for heart pick the proper
GEMINI and Inclinedto picking cotton working as do-
all or
to impress.
smallpox Semmelweis' contribution to the moment and place to reveal -
Born May 21st thru overrule your objections 9-60-33-19-36-963 mestics. "Unite people she explained,
prevention of puerperal fever, and Findlay it and to extract
June 21st to certain anything about
activities SAGITTARIUSBorn of kncwing
"have way
s discovery of the role played by the a favorable response.
The Labor Day weekend or disbursements.Should Nov. 23rd thru "
mosquito in transmitting yellow fever, met : Hold :your peace when the Negroes.
promises to be eminently you feel that you Dec. 21st
with doubts and risks of loss or refusals -
head-shaking from .
many ontatm ding. whether you, are not quite able to You will not be long Read The .
authorities. Cod liver oil are heightened by
was are at home or traveling cop with them :you may in finding out what you
as, worthless by authoritive medical confusion or emotional
an around. While yon are do better to entrust the should do. or where you FLORIDA STAR Weekly
:body as late as 1919. disturbances.
enjoying yourself, a task to your mate or an- should go to reap the 1-90-22-18-21-192 A

--= -- --------- --- -- -- -
- -




1 L .
'. Local Civic Club EithrtMS. QIMM AKA '.To Present ':


; ';ttony\f.aJhion Fairinternationally
, ; .
; ._ .. .

"Ebony: fashion: Fair will, '. .
be presented in Duval Mr. and Mrs. Carswell Aikens of 1604 Logan St.

County. ATraciry. Soror have returned to the city after spending a delightful

't"R t I ;jlutn C.-:,-Solomon. Basil eus' visit relatives and.. friends in Mariana,
t. .
1 of ,Gamma: Rbo-omega. Chapter Florida.' .- -r':, 1; ...:,*?"."*!!.!;.. '.., :,:;!

; +L A--- 4 Tar of Alpha:Kappa Alpha ,,,
: .... .... .... ...:; .. '.., ....
Sorority"'announcedfollowing : ;
a recent exe- 0..;' ..# ...,.. .:: .:;:
Tk cutive-luncheon meeting. Mrs. janie Gilbert and Miss"Catherine Salmon

in the .home of Soror : Varitype operatorsat the Florida Star are on

Norma White. Soror Whiteis vacation. Miss Salmon is' visiting friends in

chairman of the ; Montezuma .Ga. Mrs" Gilbert expe0ts't0j.ycllide: : :
.Fashion Fair- Committee.: Fort Myers in her itinerary.

.Ebony Fashion? Fair is a ,-.M,HN.k. {... M_,.'11.M.' .

creation: of ,the Johnson, .... .... ... .... .... ....

p publishing and is* .. :. : .;;;",:' .: Irv ',' .

cp'J t I : i directed by equallu well- The junior Golden Links will hold a meeting

_______ known Freda DeKnight. The Sunday at 4 p.m. Members who were out of the

ROYAL %E LCOME"-Meeting in A. L. Lewis Branch YWCA Sunday afternoon members seated from left are: Mesdames Dorothy Gilmore Matti:., 1962 theme of the internationally city on vacation were Beverly Cecelia Clark and

Aug. 26, the Chit Chat Civic Club held its annual Musicale- FloydAnnie McCloud, Alma Henry (queen); Dorothy Smith, Elizabetl h presented brother, Anthony j. Clark jr.,who visited ,frt!nds
fashion show takes on an. in New York. Patricia Pearson and brother spent
Tea supplemented by varied musicale and highlighted the event
Banks and Mrs. Geraldine Sykes. Standing from left: Mesdane 1
Oriental theme this year. heir vacation in Texas. Barbara
jean Highsmithis
with the crowning' of its annual queen selected from among theeontendiiig Beulah Crawford Marjorie Lang, Mattie Wilson, Mary Milton; Lillie .'

contestants in photo left Mrs. Lucille Wrightright( ) B. Taylor Thelma Toney and Lucille, Wright. .T- .' : Ml.'fi. DeKnight returned just from rercently the- secretary.

-crowns Mrs. Alma Henry the club* s queen contest-winner. Club --.--,-- '. ..-- (Billy Brown Photos. ].1, Orient where. she selected .... .... .... ... ... ....
Local Links Lady Wins In H, J. Tourney Teachers Group Celebrate Nuptials i i fashion included for the show. .
Also will be -
Mrs. Thelma Doby of Tampa, Florida has returned

Elects OfficersA J} M current French and home after spending-a part of her vacation in

Italian creations. the city with relatives and friends. She was

new slate of officers FIRST FALL MEETING the house guest of her cousin, Mrs. Clara Watkinsand

was announced Thursdayfor i The sorority held its family of 1402 Evergreen. She visited Little

r the Duval Council of first meeting followingthe Talbot Island and American Beach while here.
teachers of ;,; .;,< F
English. vacation'
: summer Mrs. Doby is former schoolmate and a very close
f Y 4 English L. Olrardeau, K period Tuesday night in Star.Mr.
friend of C. parham Johnson of the Florida .
Jr. an instructor at ,i the home of Soror Frances Johnson Joined in entertaining Mrs. Doby

uMR Northwestern junior- '., f af Johnson 2030 Durkee while she was vacationing here.
'Senior High School was L Drive. /

elected president suc- jJ ; Present at the meetingwere .. .. ...: ..... ... ... ...
ceeding Mrs. II a Worren : sorors' Ruch, "C.

of Matthew Gilbert High Solomon; Frances Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Frank L. Marquez, prominent business -
School. Basileus and chairman '
Anti ; people of Bradenton Florida and Mr. and
Other new officers elec- 1. of the ACHR Committee -
t I Mrs. Henry praylor proprietors of the Futch
ted to serve during the Bellinger.
; Sara .
J Street Grocery Store in Dade City, were recent
1962-63 school-term, includes Gramateus; Alma Daniels.
y visitors to the city. They were guests of Mrs.
Mrs. Sadie Wilsonof Anti Grammateus; and
x Mae Allen and children, who are .relatives and
y.'., ,iIIt''st9J.f James Weldon Johnson rr' chairman of youth activities -
Mrs. T. Marquez, a sister-in-law. They also
> .
.. .' vice president; Miss ; Mabel Wright.
,,. l : spent their vacation at American Beach and Man-
Norma Llitlejohn of New Tamiouchus and Budget
.. '
': ; darin. Mrs. Marquez left with them on their return -
Stanton High School Committee chairman; ,Al
h trip home to spend her vacation in Braden-
NATIONALLY KNOWN GOLFER, lirs. Maxine Mears of secretary; Mrs. Rosalee NEWLY WEDS---Miss Deotha Olivia Patrick the donia Seabrookfinancial, ton Sarasota and Dade City.

Jacksonville, added ta her '.impressive trophy Shannon of Baldwin cor- daughter of Mrs' Frances Patrick, 6766 Herma Secretary; Luella' He-

'collection:recefl'tYy'irhan' won 'the' runner up responding secretary' ; Drive, was married Sunday afternoon Aug. 26 to Bride. Hodegus; Lorice .... .... .... ... .. ....
spot in the Second Plight of the Asbury Park, Hrs. Mary Wilson of, Joseph F. Rhoulac, the son of Mrs. Frances 'E. Howard;; phi'Ia'ctfcr'and o '. .. .

N. J. Three Ring Golf Tournament "in the Ladies Gilbert dolph Silas treasurer of Duval; Ran-Vo- Rhoulac during a 4 p.m. ceremony in Cordele, Ga. Membership Committee Miss'Mary Vaughn Curt daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
is shown (left) with Mrs. The wedding reception held at the chairman; Norma white.
I Division. Mrs. Meares cational chaplain; and was home of thegroods Thomas McCullan became the bride of L. V.. Will-
Yetta Daniels of Detroit who captured second mother and was attended by a large turn- Reporter and AKA Week
Vernon King of Douglas iams, son of Mr. and Mrs. leprg Terrance,
third flight. Mears plans on out of relatives and close friends. chairman; Julia Hazzard,
place in the Mrs.
Anderson, reporter and 24. The couple will reside in Newark, N. J.
tfie mal tournament slated to beheld chairman of Housing
entering nati f (Billy Brown Photo)
director of public relations -
in the very near future. Althea Gibson of '- Scrapbook and Log; pearl ... .... .. ... ... ...
Miller. Fashion Fair
New York City was runner up in the championship --
College Choirs Nellyvonne Russell By-
fligfit. --IAe- Plans for the annual Fun Festival sponsored by
Ernest C. Withers Photo) Laws; Camilla Thompson.
( Sept. ScheduleIs the Brewster Men's Club have been completed and
f J Scholarship; Elizabeth
the Festival will take glace Sept. 21 and run
,, Applications AnnouncedNEW Jasmin. Sloe Fund,: Louise ..
: : .. Annie through'Sept. "W.. \iEdgewbod"
YORK --" The Club will hold a call meeting Sunday at
R. Williams AKA Weel co-
Marriage Licenses September broadcasts ofTCegro 7:45 a.m. in the cafeteria of Brewster Methodist
chairman and Johnnie
College Choirs" All who are ready to make a partial
Smith. Hospital.
John 1030 W. Gloria Henderson. 2075 Cowart, hostess.
Church St. 33 and the ABC Radio Network advanced ticketsmay make their reportsto
Mary 0'-_ I4tli S t___. _,_ _- report on
L. Smith, 1008 W. Church weekly series will fea- Daniel Nicholson.
John W. Call, Philadelphia Normal
Street, 21. ture choruses of five of
Pa.. 24 and Nada R. r

26th Amos St.A.. Judge.24 and 1451 Florrie E. Henderson 325 E. NixonSt. the the united southern Negro colleges college, Mr. and Mrs. Ben Jordan; Gadson; 229 San Pablo Preparing For I
21. [3fJ [3 [33WoJCPWudifoAfdpi
tt.Street., Fields 21. 1460 E. 25th Geo. W. Freeland 1032 Fund Presenting announced.the member 1547 Mr. W..3rd and Mrs.Street Joseph; Boy. Road Mr. ; and Girl Mrs. William Fall SessionST. I.

Everson St. 20 and' Jacquelyn -
Harold C. Moreland Day- colleges of the Fund Lang; 330 W. 1st street Green; 1030 W. 25th St.; AUGUSTINE -- A
Y.' Yates. 735'EyVrsoh the program originatesin 13 Boy. special delegation
tona Beach Fla. .' .20-and t Apartment ; Boy. representing
-Elaine: S:"Wse1, 72"8; 'stf.J* JL9. New York City Mr. and Mrs. Lester Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Har- Florida Normal

Cleveland Street, 19.' ..Janes'Montgomery.. 122 The first broadcast of Norton; 4254 Katanga Dr. ; vin; 1935 W. 4th street; and industrial Memorial
8th St. South, Jax. the month originating
Oliver Robins ar. 532 W. Girl. Boy. College will attend and
Bloxham st.; 26 and:Janet Beach, Fla. ; 26'and Lou- Sept 2. will presentthe Mr.' and Mrs. Charles Mr. and Mrs. Timothy participate in the annual
ella Robinson
.. Mattox Fernandina 122 8th Johnson C. Smith University Youngblood;! 2163 Tal- Wilson; 23'76'. 1st St.; student Conference spon
St. South. Beach
Jeach, Fla. 29. Jax. choir Charlotte. ladage Road; Boy. Girl. sored by The American

Jimmy Stephens Jr. 35. r N. C. Suceeding broad- Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel Mr. and Mrs. Roy Walker; Baptist Convention Sept.

1232 Oakley St. 31 and Willie Wright 1129 casts will showcase the Williams; 2645 Edgewood 1745 E. 19th Street; Boy 2-7 in Green Lake Wis-
Kings Rd. 54 and Helen l choirs of Stillman 'College
Isbella 3aoak ].324 Van- Avenue; Boy, ,. Mr. and Mrs. Hesakiah consin.
V. demons.. 703 Court I. Tuscaloosa. Ala. I ft .Aj Toddlers'Lined
Buren street. 21. Mr. and Mrs. Otto Bol- Gamble; 6601 ClevelandRoad Reverend Ottie L. west,

Arthur L. Clayton. 1343 10.Chas. (Sept. 9) ; Bishop Col- ton; 1138 W. Beaver St.; ; Girl.. director of ReligiousLife Y

W. 26th St. 32. and De- M. Wilcox. 2114 lege. Dallas (Sept. 16); Girl Greater Payne at FNIMC will be accompanied .

lores Ward, 1762 Helena Mars Ct.. 22 and GloriaD. Barber-Scotia' College Mr. and Mrs. Robert by the following

Street 19. McNair.' ; 25" 'E.. 49th Concord. N.C. (Sept. 23) Humphrey; 9.37 W. Duval Plans Annual students to the Green i--: Jackets

Henry B. Crawford 1137I. ftreet. 19. and Hampton Institute, Street; Girl. Day Fete Lake confab: Mrs. Hazel
Hampton Va. '(Sept. :30). Women s _'. _
.12th St. 20 and ; Mr. and Mrs. Arthur West. Miss Bettie A. Gilbert / $499
i Oliver 4512 Bessie Greater Payne: AME Church Miss ,,
., "' ; James Howard.
t" ,, I Circle; Girl. recently organized for Andrea McNeil and Jacob i

At boat,,farota/AS,evtrywbtn- Mr. and Mrs. William the annual women's Day Chatman.
observance which is set
Stokes; 1232 Davis St. ; The theme of the con-

Er Boy. for Sept. 30. ference will, be "Kairos: Y Comparable value $3.99
ij Officers are Mrs. Annie
Mr. and Mrs. clarence Crisis In Community"and

King; 2520 Teal Street; Collins chairman; .HITS. the main speaker will ,

4,1', ,'-,> ., '. ......'<. Boy. Vivian Stevens COchairman be Dr. William Hamilton r
Mrs. H. Mainor.
; Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Professor of Thrology at Y9i
Williams; 5761 Teeler secretary; Mrs. Myra D. Colgate-Rochester Divinity ,
if Avenue Girl. King pastor for the day. ;
now Pepsi ; School. The conference ,
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Sept. 10. Mrs. Bernice will consist of ; -
for those who think young w* s aD the Taylor; 2904 Lippia Road; Sanders and Mrs. Mattie worship services lecture '_ Xx4 ; :;\,

tempo. More actiti tits-more time to tajoy tbta. This is the lift for Pepsi ; Girl. Flagg will present* series area group meetings '

-lifktt kraciaf, cltaa-ttttitf PtfsL h stares, /oeata/as, lay "I hpsi, !" Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Mc- 'Beauticians on Parade. drama 'art ex-

i? 'y: Near; 3524 Spires Street; Dinners will be sold hibitions. swimming, 'Q '
; every Saturday at the t
f Gin 1. games etc.FRESHMEN .

..t,, JI', ', Mr. and Mrs..Benjamin church. ORIENTATION ,. .

"'t iwt -". i The Annual freshmen' ( j\7

Orientation activities

.',:"" rill_ take place ,in FNIMC _; \-'t. .
Sept. 5-9 according
7 n 7r
"White Lobel"DEWAR'S Dr. Reid E. Jackson.RegistrarDlrector'ot, Cozy zip or button-front.; ., -*#.,
styles for boY5.andgirIi .
Fully washable. they're'" T 3
Student Personnel. The water-repellent cotton," .
week .long activities will I lined in heavy quilted :
acetate that keeps cold -
SCOTCH WHISKY be spearheaded by a out, warmth in. Snug .
formal opening assembly Orion acrylic pile lined 0 -
in the Anderson hoods with adjustable .. ,
C.....:.. draw-string to keep out ? ;
Hall Chapel at 9:00 a.m.
wind and snow.Some haveconvertible r'
on September 5>. zip hoods. '

L :' special-purchase Buy now while Kress price., ;:. t- "

r f is extra low.Toddler .
sizes 2 to 4,

: 1.HR. TV SERVICEDAY Buy Now .Use Kress Lay-Aw
E iA CALLS $200 IK; m & m -, .

EL 5.5770
,,,( f .&DIO t".uc..rD OPEN MONDAY and FRIDAY HUES i TILL '9 p.DI.j .



Brewster Hen Ready Plans For Annual Festival

!' .,:. :... ; : .,... ...'
;0.'& -' '

,.' "'l' >. > "..,..,. ., '.: __..._..- ; -.. ......-- -
.. .
$, CHURCH NEWSMonthly .. :t.. .1; ,'

I ,' i .. ,
; :1". L
'!.i''+R'y +w.T'.i ---
." :ii.' ': .. ,"J'.j .'" ;. : .,,,<,. .. .
:::. ". : > ,.' ':" '" :" 1- .'. '
conference will be held Sept.,6 y. Fy.y

in Tabernacle Baptist Church with the ?fir ,

pastor Rev. %. E. Young and officers in

charge. The deacon and deaconess boards.
will meet Sept. 3.
. ... . . :
: '
. .. . .

Usher Board 1 of Mt. Calvary Baptist y .5. H I ti .f'

Church will observe its anniversary Sept. S

10 at 8 p.m. in the auditorium of the

church. The announcement was made by Mrs.

Mary 1 Dunbar, president. The group with

the largest attendance in uniform will

be awarded a prize. A program will be


. . . .. .
. . . . _

Choir 3 of First New Zion Baptist Church

will meet Saturday at 5 p.m.for rehearsal

Choir 3 will be presented in a recital

Sept. 16 at 8 p.m. ,

. .. . . . F
. . . . .
4 //L '
The children's choir of Emanuel Baptist

Church will meet Saturday at 4:30 p.m.

The Sunday School department will sponsor <. C

its annual picnic to Little Talbot Is- '7';J."
land. The bus will leave the church at .....

9:30 a.m. All children must be accom-

panied by their parents. District 12 will

sponsor an outing to White Springs Labor

Day. The bus will leave the church at

9 a.m. and make the following stops: :

Myrtle Avenue and Beaver and Grothe and : "\ .::: k .
;: : ; .l. "t.It '
Myrtle Avenue. cp H"
': .- "rtI./ .

. . . . : : > : ':
. . . . ';J,
"' y.. ,.; '-.'"'''' -.14J.. ....."tl: 'h.r.'t'I--? ..' .{!

A fry will be held Saturday at the benefitof home SEATED around the conference table in the cafeteria of Brewster Earl Morse, president of the Brewster Men's! Club; Daniel Nicholson -
for the
of Mrs. Annie P. Russaw drive of Greater New Methodist Hospital to complete the final rounds in the terms for chairman of concessions; and C. A. Willis, treasurer of the

the Women's Day The fry will the attractions for the Annual Fun Festival sponsored by the club. The contract is being signed to clear the way for the Fes-

Jerusalem Baptist Church. Brewster Men's Club are from left: Harold Ferguson, T. Byron tival to get underway Sept. 21 through Sept. 30. The location is

begin at 8 p.m. Shields, coordinator; Jack H. Whittington, Brewster Administrator at Edgewood and Vernon Road. Advanced tickets are now on sale.

. . . John Keeler representative for the carnival company; J.Woodlawn (Royal Art Studio Photo)
.'..' .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. . . .i.. . ---; -- -- -

t Presbyterian Chicago Readies For Spiritual Church Ordains Deacon lifts Rock
Choir 1 and Choir 2 of West union Bap- ReBlts For

tist Church will meet for a joint rehearsal Church Notes National Baptist Convention Mack C. Daymon
Board 1 ,
Friday at 7:30 p.m. usher PleI9hJ

will meet for its business session at BY L.N. PEARSON SR. CHICAGO---Plans are well underway here for the The Sunshine Spiritual nights. The of

7:30 p.m. 82nd annual meeting of the National Baptist Con- Church 674 Florida Ave. Bishop w. R. Nesbitt Little Rock Baptist.

Rev. F.D. Wilson, pastorof vention, U. S. A. inc. Sept. 4-9. According to held its ordination ser- pastor of Holy Trinity Church will present

.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. Woodlawn United Pres- Dr. J. H. Jackson, president of the organization.The vices and Communion last Church of God in Christ 'Male Choruses on

byterian Church will deliver six-day conference private citizens have Sunday with the pastor. conducted the services parade Sept. 10 at
MI. Moriah Schedules. the message at the Thursday night and Fri 8 in the church
is expected to draw approximately made their homes available Rev. Sarah E. Jones in p.m.
11 a.m. worship service day Rev. S. Andrews, auditorium.
....,., ... 25,000 dele charge and assisted by
pastor of Bethel
Al inr ---.W OPMeR''S".0 Sunday. September 2, in .. AME
.r ? gated' from the 50 'stat es. "':Dr. Jackson; longtime Reverends II. A. Hankinsand Mrs. Emma a. John yn
:1 Plans the George Washington Africa and India, as wellas spiritual leader of the Henry Pridgen. Church Palatka wa sin is organist and chair-
have been completed Carver charge of the service.
: man; Mrs. fary Frances Elementary School
representatives from Baptist's convention, The ordination sermon man for the big musi-
for the annual Sapp, hospitality chairWomen' 2854 w. 45th Street. The The ordination service
the Bahamas and Jamaica, said emphasis this year was preached by Rev. cal program.
Day observance man service Communion and the bap-
begins at
I scheduled 10:55 and Missionaries from will be on "The Task of Hankins. just before the Serving as master of
for October. 28 Mrs. Marie Ousley. decoration a.m. The United choir tIs im of an infant
at Mt. Moriah Libera and Nigeria.Lay the Church in the strug- sermon. Rev. Pridgensang ceremonies will be Leon
t AME Church chairman; Mrs G. will support the rites brought to a close the
and clergy leadersof gle for Peace "I111 Go1' which
Officers for the ob. B. Palmer. Sunday School with C.E. Simmons series of meetings The I
Jr. at --
servance are Miss Barbara the denomination at- was joined in by the con Miss Doris Mack will
supervisor; Mrs. Arusha the piano. Mrs. Essie M. Thomas final sermon was preachedby
Robinson, chairman; Mrs. tending the convention gregation. give a musical welcomeand
Mingo finance chairman Church school Rev. H. A. Hankins. A
; begins at
Odessa Lane, co-chairman; represent over onethirdof Mrs Georgia R. Stokes Miss Detra Bclcger
Mrs. Ruth Smith, tag 10:00 a.m. with T. V. Celebrates Anniversary spiritual awakening was
Mrs. Ali Thorpe pastor: the Negro populationof leader of the Goodwill will present a tributein
committee chairman; Mrs. Huger. superintendent in held throughout the week
for the day; Mrs. Alyce the United States. It Praying Band was ordainedto songs.
Jones Mack, secretary and Jessie Myers cochairpublic charge. is believed to be the September 9lh the ministry. She is Central CME Church Guest soloist will be

relations chair man; Mrs. Ali Thorpe Tuesday, Sept. 4 West- largest Negro organiza- now Reverend Georgia R. Celebrates Women Mrs. Mary Goodwin of
i booster committee chairman. minster choir sDay
rehearsal tion
man. the world. Stokes. Brother Mack C. Mt.Ararat Baptist Church

Mrs. Albertha Reid, is 8:00 p.m. Wednesday. Site for the conventionwill Daymon was ordained a September 23rd and Choir 4B of Mt.

program chairman; Mrs. Rev. D. B. Thorpe is the 7:30 p.m. Mid-week worship be in the Chicago deacon. Charter certifi- The women of Central ME Ararat will be guest

Deloris pastor of Mt. Moriah AME and Study Hour in Coliseum with Delegate cates were presented to choir. The
,t Jackson, music Church met recently to prayer in
chairman; Mrs. Mary Church. the Westminster Hut. The Headquarters at the Reverend Bernice Jackson make plans for the annual song will be given by

Nealy. youth Crossroads study and pro- Sherman House Hotel and and Mrs Sadie Sutton. Matthew McCoy.
supervisor; SAY YOU SAW IT IN Women's Day drive scheduled -
Mrs. Gertrude F. Morse gram magazine will be Executive Headquarters atth'e leaders of prayer Bands. for Sept. 23 Others appearing will

ads and sponsors ,chairTHE: FLORIDA STAR used for this study. Fri- Olivet Baptist Music for the serviceswas Officers are: Mrs. D W be the Emanuel Baptist

day 8:00 p.m. the United Church's new $500,000 furnished by the Bass chaD rman; Mrs Church and Mt. Ararat

; LILLY'S DRUG STORE choir will rehearse at Educational Building at choir ,of the sunshine Rachel Mallory cochairman Male Choruses.0 Tabernacle -
8:00 p.m. in the Westminster 3101 South Parkway. Dr.
Church with
; Mrs Frankie Hardy Abyssinia, St.

A Complete Line of COSMETICS Hut. f Mrs Blanche E. Baker at secretary; Mrs Nettie Paul, Zion Hope, Mt.
congregation meetingis the piano.. A beautiful
Leapheart. financeMrs. Sinai, Bethany and Day

-. -: RUBBER GOODS CANDIES SUNDRIES Sunday being immediately called on next Bible was given to Dea- Clementine Brown, Spring Baptist Male
con Jerry Pratt and one program chairman.Mrs. Choruses.
Prescriptions Called for and Deftered Morning worship service to the newly ordained Mary Dennis. music Hostesses will be members 1
to- vote --- -
either in
1901 Kings Rd. EL 3.8216I against accepting the Mrs. Essie Mae Thomas Deacon Mack C. Daymon. chairman; Miss Eunice of the Female

sale price will observe her 17th anniversary The Bibles were presented Coker publicity chair- Chorus of Little Rock
the church Sept. 9 at by c. Parham man; Mrs. Maggie Parry Baptist Church. Mrs.
property at
State and 8:30 p.m. in the educa- tag chairman; Mrs. Vergie Hazel Gross and Mrs.
Laura Streets.
1 Meditation tional building of Mt. Following the regular Coker. chairman of deco- Annie B.Singletary will
Hour will be order of service the
i Ararat Baptist Church. ration. raise the offering.
observed Sunday in the pastor. Rev. Sarah .
j Door prizes will be E. -
Sanctuary at -
state and > -" -
Jones called the
awarded and a fashion
Laura Streets
7 to

I ,: 8 Let p.m. show featuring will be some presented.of the Parham Rev. Henry Johnson Pridgen.and Mrs.c. 'MORE POWER TO YOU1FACTORY !

'I a new Jackson is Pastor of the latest Blanche E. Baker to make
3 church L to wear for
by shouldering our I FRESH
remarks Each
Olivet Church. speaker ,
t... '\. task. Don t school evening sport
pray for The convention last met and paid tribute to the
t < .--:f' .,,., .' for lighter building but in Chicago in 1953.. Last The Thunderbirds of pastor, Rev. Sarah E. Elgin 4-4508

: : stronger backs. year it was held in Kan- Jones for the great '
<, Daytona Beach will 6e
Negro Catholic sas City MO.Delegates guest singers. Others to work she is doing, not AUTOMOTIVE MARINE DIESEL
I. '
:: will arive only as pastor of the
" appear are: Male Chorus
'!:. Nuns IncreaseIs from all sections of the of Mt. Ararat Baptist church but throughout the SOUTHWAY
country by special trains city.
Church the Lattimore
'".' NotedBAY bus caravans aid air convoys singers voices of The services Sunday was BATTERY MFG. CORP-
ST. LOUIS, Miss the climax to a seriesof FOOT.OF
Jerusalem Sons of Prayer WEST ADAMS
h.Z There are 983 Negro nuns Mayor Richard J. Daley. and Solomon Tlnnons, meetings that started

i among 109 religious communities in extendin advance Saturday night Aug. 18. .
Holy Light Singers, Sunbeam -
in the united greetings to the delegates The meeting was held by

: \ I a aF States a survey by the said. "Chicagois Singers Singers starlights Excelsior, Sammie the pastor and congregation ROYAL ART STUDIO .
Divine.. !. Word .! essenger. proud to be host city Henderson. of the church.. C. I. SIMSH Frtf.
Catholic monthly magazine for this important! Sunday night Aug. 19. the
Robert Prater and Gospel
discloses.The meeting of religious Echoes. Host and Hos- Goodwill Prayer Band with 515 DAVIS STREET
\ total comprises 840 leaders from so many its leader. Mrs. GeorgiaR.
tesses are Mrs. Thelaa
KEN KNIGHT with vows to the religious parts of the country and Edwards Mrs. Jacqueline Stokes was in charge. Quality PhotographsAny

life 91 novices the world. I ac sure they Monday night Tuesday
Thomas Rev.
Mose Davis.
I I Invites You To Listen To aid 52 postulants or will be meeting here in Andrew McCall and others. night and Wednesday Kind..Anytime
.1 candidates. an atmosphere of sincere night. Rev. J. W. Burrough .

UKNIGHTTRAIN" Eleven divisions of hospitality, as well give Mrs.program Ruth Valdez highlights.will pastor of Mt. Olive AME Daytime, EL4 1894

Dominicans include 25 as of great interest in Church Orlando was in

1 Negro sisters. Four Bene- the proceedings of the charge of the service. Nile Time, EL S 8022

-Starting At 7:00 pm. Nightly dictine divisions account convention. PATRONIZE The West Union Baptist

for 18 Negro sisters Hotels here have opened- Florida Star Church Female Choral Ask About ,

1400 WKHC} '1400 eight sisters of Charity their doors to 'the delegates '-<_;;< __ Advertisers group furnished the Our Summer. Specials

divisions for 15*' and thousands'of' singing on Monday

....... .
.. -.. -- _
-- -- .-- -'. '. _. ,- _
-. ,' -i!" ::::



II 4 Year Old Percussionist James Bradley Jr. Youngest To -Ever Sign Professional Contract .

a j;

rI -

p y xYFj : : '.
3 {4 4ufcr

4 :: } -

-i : 3 r '
VII.IiIL1 ;9aY

t V4 'yz4i -r bi

: 1 A.wi

_' ;:: It

s 4L I'4 _' n. o \

Ya '


> +r ___

V 7?

i" : '

6 ::,-",:' ;"..... '.{..'A..:"" .',\ ,.".,...<0', .t.',

JAMES Makes Like Lionel Hampton. . AWAITS Down Beat. . HAMS' Like 'Old Pro' Before Cameras .

: New Social Civic Club OrganizesLATEST Paramount Televison Signs

B f I'
:.1 I

_. ,
a Fn b 4 Year Old Child ProgidyHOLLYWOOD

with 1 Calif.-- junior was knockingthe MAGAZINE and is being
LOUISE G. GUINYARD ..... iII Q Four year old pro- crib apart with sought by Ed Sullivan,
fessional jazz drum- the pencils and his Steve Allen, and Art
i *
mer James Bradley, beat was the great- Linkletter for appearances -

The prospect of out-of-town guests usually Jr. the youngest es tI"The on their respective -

creates a pleasant feeling for most people. HOW- performer ever signed couple said they shows.

ever, I perceived no atmosphere of pleasant anticipation to a long term got him a couple of
when "Alma" was mentioned repeatedlyin contract, went before professional sticks

our paper$.and other news media during the Superior Court after that and that 45tti STREET

s week* Of course' :, "when*! .r' reflected on the. char- Judge Ben Koenig he's been coming on

acteristics of "Carla," "Donna," and some this morning (23) like Krupa ever since. DriveinBARBQUE

of "Alma's" other notorious sisters I readily __ : L- at 9 for court approval paramount TV* s plans

understood the forebading air when her name z ; of his exclusive for the young prodigy

was mentioned.Ittt..Ittt..tttt..tttt..tttt..tttI. combinationmanagementtalent include grooming him they're D licious
for upcoming guest
pact with Paramount shots on several national You'll like 'em

Television produc- programs and 45th & MoncJlefHear

Wedding chimes were heard this week for Irma TO JOIN the ranks of Jax' social-civic clubs is the Off- tions. eventually to build a 45th Street

James Villarin and Curtis Telfair, Sr., who were Shore Fishermen's Club, which elected officers following its organizational For purposes of evalu show around him. He is
meeting last week. Seated from left Dan ating the young tyro's currently showcasedin Package Store
married July 24 at Woodlawn united Presbyterian are: Wagner, I
Church, corner State and Laura Streets. The Rev. George Graham, Sinclair W. Wilcox, president; Thomas C. Watson, earning power, junior this week's TIME I
Bradley obliged Judge
P."D Wilson'pastorJ"officiated; at'the..double chairman of sick committee; Thomas C. Watson and James Mason.
ring ceremony.The Standing from left: James R. Bodie, recording secretary; Edwin Koenig'with' drum E3

bride, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. L. James, Jones, by-laws chairman; Herman KellBooker T. Reese, Fred Toney, solo.While flash bulbs 13iJ-3[ [ [ E3lCcnool

2018 Davis Street, chose a blue, tissue taffeta, chairman of planning; Herbert Frazier and William Carter.Meetings popped and newsreel

tz-length: gown for the wedding. Mrs. Fay are held at the president's residence every Monday at 11 a.m. cameras turned--Junior

Helms, matron of honor, wore a dress of blue Persons interested on joining the organization are requested to settled him-
i lace design. contact any of the officers. Bradley
self before the huge #
The reception following the wedding, was held (Royal ,Art Studio Photo) ensemble of greywhitedrums bf/Pp S I Ii2
------ --
in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Helms,. jr. -
and ,
Rattler Boosters >
2120 College Circle, North. Philadelphia Jaxons Win
amaze his audiencewith
Mrs. Telfair is a graduate of Fisk university, Plan Month Long
Annual Women completely -
a professional
s Day Golf
Nashville, Tenn., with further study at Columbia Top
Membership Drive drum solo.
University. She is currently serving music instructor oaa
as For Sunday Sept. 9 beat and of
Awards In N.J. His sense
at 'p 'cit"High hool, Fernandina Beach, TALLAHASSEE -- The rhythm, and treatmentof
Florida. Florida A&M University The Women of the Phila- Jacksonville
golfers-- the traps left noth-
Rattler Boosters' kick-
delphia Baptist Church
nine in number--partici-
ing to be desired and
Ittt..tttt..tttt..tttt..tttt..tttt off membership drive for met recently, and the pated in the annual Three
reminiscent of
1962-63 has been was
set in following are asked to Ring Golf Tournament last
I motion and will many great Jazz drum-
Macon L. Williams, former coach at Florida A. cmtinue serve for the annual week at Asbury Park N.J.
mers of by gone tin
and M. University, has made several visits to ,through the month of Women' s Day, Sunday, with several of local .
alley days.Junior'
the city recently in connection with his work as I September. The drive Sept. 9: linksmen and ladies win- pan mother,
seeks to s Mrs.
traveling public relations representative fora re-register General chairman; Mrs. ning awards in the topflight
present Robbie Bradley, a
members and to Wilhelmina
D. Towson
national brewery company. ; divisions.William pianist-vocalist, who
increase its
Mr. Macon is known by associates and friends as membershiproster co-chairman; Urs. Jea- Reid won first nite club act .
does a
J by 500 '
Builder," new membersThe nette Boggs; secretaryfor place in the Third
"Body and has devoted many years of Flight with her husband James O'tBig
his'life working in the area of physical educa- organization is devoted the day; Mrs. LouiseB. Mrs. Maxine Meares, second -
exclusively to Sr. as puzzled as
assisting Williams treasurer
tion. ; ; place in the Second
how he
and anyone as to
Mrs. Azzie L. Anderson was among persons extending 1 the athletic program promoting of Mrs. Nellie Brown; pastor Women's Flight; Dr. came by his drum beat- k
for the day; Mrs. Theloa
courtesies to Daniel Lauray third placein
social Mr. Macon during 1his" the
university. The benefits ing prowess.
W. Norman
stay in Jacksonville. ; program committee the Fourth Flight;
and privileges "When he was 17
presently -
jf ; Mrs. Luvenia Newman Conel Dunlap third placein
open to members months old," she explained Handy Hold-All School Bags
.. Mrs. Louise
tttt. "tttr. ttt1* ttt Z"* tEtt. tttt Wright the Third Flight; and 'he started ,
and Mrs. Dorothy Hayes. McClellan second
-- tapping pencils on the Plenty of room for books or lunch
Finance committee; Mrs place in the Second
inside, plus safe outside zippered
side. of his crib.
Ruth Malone, Mrs. Mar- pli ght.Other My section and buckle pocket.Handle
garet Davis; Mrs. Rose- local contestantswere husband decided to and removable shoulder-strap-

anna Quarteman. and Mrs. Miss Gertrude Styles accompany him and carrier,leather-like plastic, secure $166
when they got to the I buckle metal
lillie Mae Edwards; deco- Samuel Monroe, N. Maple closings, corners.
real upbeat part--wowi! I
ration committee; Mrs. and Melvin 'rd. .
) - v-'l
J ..
Ada Standley, Mrs. Rebecca ....

SUER MARKE5 Willie Teasdell Bell Allen and; Mrs.tag fill Center

committee; Mrs. LouiseL.
-- Wright, urs. Essie U Bargain Pack
HUE PLATE f Smith and Mrs. Cornelia -
Phone It 4 1468 i -- y
Graham and Mrs. Pearl ._ : :," Theme Paper
vI ::, < .
Mayonaise I Terrell ads committee IARCI .' ::: '
; ;
t PORK ROAST ..rat Sarah Jones and Urs. ".. StrfcM* 'tr:lr tMPtodl Nrrtr RED BASS u. 32c -' : :

wh$5.oO.i&39 t tI Edna Calhoun; sponsors' TURTLE Pi"....MEAT 6IIIN RED MEDIUM BASSFLOUNDER u. 43c .. \_ '. -,;.... .., c,". --;- .."
; Mrs. Addie B. --
49c 6 6Cj
LL 29Ct Hayes; music chairman; .t.....E.ChIntenI r ....* w c.Uwkt.* .0002.C.N.w.M.4 u.
YRETDLE" l Urs. Idella Kirby; ; chair- ..'grea 2 U. LeMt YELLOWTAIL -

I man of ushers; urs. Grace u. 1.25

Dunmyer; refreshment M.vi C.W4 to Hi4f. **r tpkp. .... SNAPPER
t nt S8 FLORIDA ERASE 'A't Shortening I Varnell chairman Perry.Choruses for .the day: Mrs .J 69C. fl iM.por,.,pk rxa.. LB. 55Cit \2'S ho'.no' .h..'.

t If t t1M Parade AVw. ieimI .Htl".4.kr." Full semester's supply of standard size, high

iHENSCr 3 ". ca 39C Set For Sept. W* Conch Meat u.49c KING riSM count filler paper with waterproof ruling. In

t t The Mal c Chorus of d U. Tk Out Ia STEAKSSMCKIIO LL 55' cellophane wrap.
$5.. 1M Little Rock Baptist $%.'0 ... E ITID

y. s. nL s Church will present rtfSMSTEAKTISH TROUT AMOUNT II. 59' Shop Kress. The Store With

t r Potatoes 'I'ILIIit I Parade""Male Choruses Sept. 10 at on 8 CATFISH GENUINE u. 59' More Values and Variety

t '.lOA FAil 5C p.m.auditorium.in the church u. 49c SNAPPER t 9. 55' '; ,- DOWNTOWN

10 ft. fca* """ I II Serving organists for m2 MULLET LINE -I:: MAIN AND ADAMS
i iiicr $5.. Kr A II the program; will be Sam URGE MULLET ...... .. ... Lb. 29c --. --

4E 4III .... I my L. Davis and Cecil B. MEDIUM MULLET .. .. .. Lb. 20e OPEN MONDAY AND FRIDAY HUES Till 9 p.m.SA1aRDAY .


'i' t .ill
PAGE 6 FlIMM STARI 0# -.. ,

I : Jax' Bears' Eye One Goal. A State Loop Title No More No Less ,

1. .
; Y

: cc- \ b,.
\ 'A.wt

J- :
r4..y : .

;. # i
.,. "
\! ',. R
I 4

\ Pa5i

1\\\ ,

: 6ir




OPERATION FORWARDJacksonville! climbs another rung in its bid to become the nation' manager of the jax Bears engages in strategy session with Scout Jimmy Thompson, for-

s number one sports metropolis this fall when it fields a pro-football team mer Matthew W. Gilbert grid mentor and assistant principal at MKG. Center photo:

,which has become a member of the fledging six-member Fla. Football League. Others in swivel=hipped halfback Willie Bussey former local high school luminary and FAMU

contention against the jax Bears ultimate bid for the first year's championship will star, is expected to be heard from this season. Lineman Donald Dixon also a local

be Daytona Beach Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Miami and Key West, with all teams boast- high school product and ex-Rattler is said to be shaping up well for the fall campaign -,

ing a vast array of former college stars which played on some of the nation's most which opens here Saturday night, Sept. 8 against Miami in the Gator Bowl.

outstanding elevens. Bill Hood (left) energetic and 'round-the-clock working, general'Fastest .. .
I 11111* Tl p n 11
Willie i omes inru ror billyNOW i iL it it

Oman' Extends Wm Streak SPORTING IT UP :: I

l ** ** ** **


MANAGER GERAGHTY HERE'S A TOKEN.It has come last It is not on top of the league in 1962 and

from friends of yours; friends who watch your this is the year the Jacksonville Suns enteredthe "

movements while you do your baseball chores. international League. NO one is concerned a- t t
k T
You have made some lasting friendships, from bout how good it was then, the thing that matters

xti rr the days when we first met; when you were winning is, how good is it now? !

baseball pennants, you can bet we won't forget.AS WHEN PEOPLE START TALKING about how weak or how a

YOU STOOD IN THE COACHES BOX, you have really strong the league is now, or how strong or how '
DIG THIS---Willie McCovey, San Francisco
been the master, standing there like a wise old weak the teams were last year or two years ago

.... fox. Through your thinking and your guidance, why not go back to the years of Bill Dickey, Giants' allugging outfielder, is shown doing an

P you have produced a winning team. It matters not Bony Lazzeri, Bob Shawkey Jumping Joe Dugan, odd stint among ball players--that is--signing

what people say; you are really on the beam. Bob Meusel Phil Rizzuto or any of the, other autographs for one another. However, McCovey
broke precedent by inking ball which he blastedfor
FROM THE BEGINNING OF THE SEASON your baseball great stars like Babe Ruth Gehrig or anybody,

club has been on top; you just kept the team but the owners of the Yankees are not paying a three-run homer to give Giants southpaw
nurler Billy Pierce (right), a recent win over
hustling, while folks waited to see them flop. those men. The men who are being paid are being

You're with them when they're winning, you're paid for what they do now. The Yankees are not the rival L.- -A.- -Dodgers..--- -_.. -- ----- .
.1 'I1I l. .1 1 1 : )'ith..them .when they lose: you don't stand aroundacting ,- paying MUler ,Huggins 'or' Casey Stengel now to Mays; Banks' Members Of 300 Plus Club
grouchy, giving alibis and _
'I. singing the manage the yankees, they are paying a young fellow *
who answers to the name of Ralph Houk. NEW YORK---With Ernie Banks making a breakthrough -

y PLEASE ACCEPT THE APPRECIATION, of every loyal THE MEN WHO ARE PLAYING BASEBALL for Toronto, Willie Mays has been a member of the

fan, for your deeds have been heroic; you have Syracuse Rochester, Columbus, Richmond, Atlanta, 300-Plus major leagues homerun club since 1961.

been a winning man. if they meet you in the play- Buffalo Jacksonville are not being paid for Names of the 300-Plus Club members follow:

: ': offs, tell the opponents, Here -Comes Ben. Let the season of 1962. Since the teams of last year HR YR. .PCT

them know you won the rennant with a team of did not play the team of this yearwho knows 1. Babe Ruth 714 22 .34'
est fighting men. what would have happened. There is one thing sure 2. Jimmy Fox 584 21 .325

NOBODY HAS EVER BEEN ABLE TO' SAY why the Suns and certain however, the teams in the various 3. Ted Williams 521 19 .344
V Just slay everything on the road and get home cities have certainly met this season and every- 4. Mel Ott 511 22 .304

and do like bug does in commercial when the bug one knows what has happened up to now. 5. Lou Gehrig 494 16 .340

INTERNATIONALSTARJacksonville Robert killer hits him. All kinds of answers have been IT MATTERS NOT HOW GOOD TEAMS in the Interna- 6. Stan Misial .' 458 21 .333

Hayes, the "World' Fastest Human/ given but none of them are too satisfactory. tional League may have been in the 'past, none of 7. Mickey Mantle '395 :" )2 ,.308
kept his unbeaten"string intact *"
by pacingthe Whatever the cause it is such a pleasure to them could have stayed at the top of the pt any 8. Eddie Mathews 391 11 .283
U. .S. sprinters to 10.5
seconds win
a know they can lose at home and win on the road longer than the Suns have been this year. Nobodycan .9. Duke, Snider 389 16 .301

Thursday in Stockhold, Sweden. The FAMU and still stay on top of the pile. Any team that belittle anybody or anything unless they 10. Gil Hodges 369 17 .274

junior is touring the Scandanavian Coun- can stay on top a whole season, with the excep- have something tatter to pit in its place.If they 11. Ralph Kiner 369 10 .280

tries and Europe with the All-Star U. S. tion of two days is nobody pushover. know of a place with a team that has played the 12. Joe DiMaggio 361 14 .325

Men' s and Women' track and field teams.In PEOPLE ARE ALWAYS TALKING ABOUT living in the game hard enough to stay on top. Nobody is attempting 13. John Mize 359 15 .312

past performances Hayes has tied the past, and yet they always refer to some par- to belittle any other club in the league 14. Willie Mays 357 10 .318

world's record in both the 100-yard dash ticular event that happened in the past. Well but they are yelling to the 'skies the strengthand 15. Yogi Berra 348 17 .382

-(9.2) an' the 100-metre dash (10.2) that is the way history is made. Ben Geraghty is position of the Suns. 16. Hank Greenberg 331 13 .313

remembered by the great teams he produced. As BEN GERAGHTY IS THE PEOPLE S manager. He keeps 17. Ernie Banks 329 10 .290

WHEN YOU ARK ILL manager of the Jacksonville Braves, he made his .' his team hustling and moving to the last man. 18. Al Simmons 307 21 .334

t You Seek The Best Doctor tory. He won the hearts of all baseball fans, and Winning a pennant is what he is after and you Mr. 19. Raj Hornsby ".. '302, .,X23 ....358
r When Your Doctor PrescribesGet now he comes back to Jacksonville in the very critic.barring inJuries,just stop him if you can. 20. Chuck Klein '300 ,14 : 21

Experienced Pharmacists first year of Triple A baseball grabs the top .

According' to Your Doctor's spot and holds it. Joe Brown

Orders. We Use Only THE JACKSONVILLE SUNS ARE NOT INVINCIBLE like Eastern All Star Trio

.. ,
-": The Best Quality DrugsDr. G.ts Whipped
0- .' > some people seem to think. The men who make up

C. E. BlackPropr1etor the Suns team are human they are skin and bone

flesh and blood. They get tired, weary, fatigued, !II 'Comeback'SAN
Joins Jacksonville BearsThree
3 ,REGISTERED PHARMACISTS TO SERVE YOU sore juscles injuries like other players on
Calif- Although -
other teams. They get hungry, sleepy and in other JOSE -
decisively whip-
A COMPLETE LIVE OP words they aren't different from most of us. Eastern College All-Star.
made untilhe
ped in his comeback bout had the team
Cosmetics Rubber Goods Candies Sundries People never stop to think that the home town all-star players with Cavari. from West York finishedthe
hurt. He
folks of the other teams don't their here last Saturday by got
want to see
DELIVEREDLilly's is six feet tall and
PRESCRIPTIONS CALLED professional or tryout N.J. season with the port
teams lose at home anymore than the fans in Jack- Louie Molina--a comparative -
experience_ have been weighs 190. In 1959 at land sea Hawks. In pro
Store sonville want to see the Suns lose. The only newcomer--former added the he
Drug to Jacksonville Colby college ,was an ball he played guard and
thing they can do is sit there and take it just lightweight champion Joe Bear roster all-Maine and AllEastend
tried out this summer
Brown sal dafter the
like the Suns fans do.
working out with
Here and voted most
bout--he has no intentionof with the patriots at the
ANOTHER THING FANS FORGET is that everytime a the local professionalentry valuable player on his
1901 KINGS ROAD EL 3-8276 retiring from the position. He captainedhis
baseball is going on, there are 18 playerson
in the Florida ccollege team a S an offensive high school team at
the field and nine of them on the opposite ring. Football League are Dick end and defensive
in 19 i6.
Molina Hingham. Mass.
The 23-year-old
side. The nine on the other side are paid to beat Hassan and Pete cavari, halfback. He tried out

IIMAKESI21SK1N the Suns just as the Suns are paid to beat them. who is a San Jose grocerby ends and Dave Berman. with the New York Giantsin Wills AimsAt
trade has engaged in
It matters not whether it is Abernathy, Taylor, tackle. Hassan and Berman 1960 but wourfd\ up
but 22 bouts. "I'm ready
Schaffernoth Ceccarelli Kay, Gabler, Donnelly ; have been drilling with playing the season\with National'sMark
for Ortiz he's the wel-
I or Hawkins pitching when a man walks up to the the Boston Patriots and the portland Maine Sea

plate with a bat in his hand he goes up thereto terweight champion--now. Cavari tried out with Hawks a pro club from 80
The Boone the better.
hit. Slne this is true, what is there so the same pro club ,last that area. in 1961 he
The match which was
terrible about the Suns losing some .gases. 1 year. tried out with the J p- LOS ANGELES---L. A.
Brown first since
I THERE ARE THOSE WHO HAVE BEEN TRYING to dis- Hassan from weymouth. troits. During his High Dodgers. Maurj Bills
losing his title to
credit the Suns, but how in the world can one Mass. is six feet three school days Cavari played who has stolen 72-bases
Ortiz at Las Vegas ear-
discredit a team that has been on top for an and weighs 220. He played on a team that went undefeated this season, feels confident *
lier this summer, was
itEAtES"OLD. entire season. How can you play a teas cheap end with Columbia when four years and that he will
supposed to have been \
FASHIONED" with such performers as Vic Davalillo, Tony that school won the ivy won the state champion break the 52-year old
one of a series of tune-
Martinez. Harry Chi ti, Larry Brown. Hike DetaHez League crown last fall. ship each year. National League stolen

Dan MOrJon, Casey Wise, Buddy Barker sad the > ups in Brown's coaback He was an all ivy selec- Berman. a six foot. .232 base of 80-base-thefts
schedule with the
Skint0. i + ) other top performers who have worked so ,hard set at a return championship goal- tion and led the team in pounded from Hull. Mass.; set by Bob--Bescher of

rank. The SUBS In high also at ColbyHe Cincinnati in 1910.
jGQhteru to keep the.Suns in the front match with the pass receiving. played
duk spats have been winners regardless to the Barter of world champion. school he played on a was captain of his "If I get lucky e-

perrect powder gases lost, whether at home or abroad.EV Brown who reportedly state championship team freshman team and the nougb and do it in the

base sMant >R Y 'ONCE IN A WILE SOKECRE coves up with save : remained on the bicycle and holds the GreaterBOston.1nterscbolastic varsity his last year. ,next half dozen games

phony comparison of ,the Suns and the last year* s throughout the 10* He was an all-Maine or so," Wills said

tea ia their how town. That ww 'eve* ,feef.re ',rounder, took con- area record for returningan tackle three years and Then I might be tempt-

blrtk..s even given to Triple A l**.fcan la ,.:. filtH ;round-by-rounder- intercepted pass--87 all-East in I960. Berman \'id to go after ty CObb'

jaefcMOTille.. feUregardless. how feed.. ;*e.>. .: tottering bjr the ever. 'yards. In high school he tried out with' the:Giants, "major. league recorder k

duter, of Pw.s kr the. Jw wr h the. sa.r in their fc et0i- WR last year or 11M' "t.r .,pursuing >lina. was a Boston surburban} in 1961 and apparently 96."


-!' ', : -- .
':: ,> :- : : .. .

,i'c.:,: :< :fi


-- ; f : '

1 t' .. IASTAR PAGE 7Ii
-- --
-- -

II Pro Boxing Comes To lax J Sept. 4th Under Weekly Fights' Schedule I

Jax' Ford Meets Texan Cvliii Refugee Signs With Indians 16-Letteimen On 55 Man Squad I

-1 Will Report To A&T's Bert Piggott


ii In Star Studded Card -:.. : ;_A KEY MEN RETUR'VIN'GGREENSBORO S. C. both juniors.

Other standout backs ex-
": '- N. C -- A
!WEEKLY BOXING SHOWS, ,. Dupas. johnny Russo been successfully stdging -'-. squad of fifty-football pected to report for

Tommy Schafer Armand weekly club fights in the players including 36 opining drills are: half-
Resumption of p-nfes- backsDick'estmorpland .
Savoie and Florentine Miami holdovers 16-of them
area.: They hope
placeIn Charlotte. N- C. sEnior.
lettermen will
that Tuesday night report
Jax' Coliseum Tuesday and Ronald Hart, Suffolk.
bouts will inaugurate this week to Bert Pig-
night Sept. 4 when local a -- Va. junior and full-
1' gott. head football coachof
product Tim Ford meets similar feature here.A ], .
backs Augustus Lee a
strong supporting card the A&T College Ag-
veteran Rocky Randall of + t h r 215-pound! junior from
has been scheduled. gies to begin drills. on
Houston Tex. in a 10- Special admission prices September 1 for the upcoming Washington. D.C. and
round welterweight main ?( Willie Dixon 201 pounder
will ,be charged youths ""'- season.
event. The show gets _
from Bern MCand
list of New
under 14 years of age Leading the
underway promptly at William Sinclair.. 217
with hopefuls is Willie Ferguson -
plenty of ringsideand
8:15 clock ,
} (
general admission junior, the 6-2.:! pounder and Archie Hey-
Ford a clever slashing ( wood. 195 pounder both
\1. seats available. Reser- 187-pound passing sensa-
type aggressive fighter .
sophomores from Charlotte
turned N vations may now be secured tion from waycross. Ga. .
professional last
who last year was named North Carolina.
Karen: and is undefeated by: calling the Jax
ROCKY RANDELL Coliseum ticket office. All-CIAA quarterback The Among a group of returning -

....Vet Campaigner EL 6-1351 or at the Downtown Aggies loaded with great tackles are:

Coliseum ticket signal calling talent, lettermen Carl Stanfordthe

xtw 4..w. Fernandez. Randall was office at Hemming Park. will have also big Jim 258-pound! junior from

born in Rome Ga. and Mitchell, the senior Freehold N. J. ; George

+ ; A...; :: Ford in Monticello. Fla. MwMftr Says 4 190-pounder from Newport McDowell a 211* pound

," Before turning prn.: News. Va.; Cornell Gordon senior from Charlotte

." ,> Ford won the 1961 Thomas Was REFUGEE SIGNS UP--Manuel Enrique Hernandez Gazmuri, 17-year-old 188-pounder from N. C. and Alexander

.. Florida Silver Gloves 147 Cuban southpaw sensation who escaped by boat from Castro's Cubs Norfolk Va. and Jesse Gaines a 205 pound

pound title here. In 'Model' Player three weeks agosigned a Cleveland Indians' contract with pitch- Jackson a 63. 220- sophomore from Newport

.. 1962, he became FloridaAAU coach Mel ''Harder. pounder from Greenville. News Va.
Valmy Thomas, former --
Welterweight conten- -
... der His pro-matches have Jax Suns' catcher who was New Treatment Engineers Begin
been confined to Miami's critically shot last Howie Poilet; Next Meeting For The RecordTIME'

Little River Auditorium week in Atlanta, was Rates Gibson Sought For Football DrillsOver

RandelP, record to described by Atlanta -

Ia date stands at 73-35-11 Crackers' Manager Joe Best Hlrler Ernie Davis hopefuls 30 enthusiasticgrid _
He has scored 35 knock Schultz as a model ball f7A
CLEVELAND New treat-
outs. He scored his last player during an interview -* ST. LOUIS -- Who is the head coach Edward joynerof A
ment has been ordered for
the Stanton VocationalHigh
kayo three years ago here last week. best pitcher 'in major -

Ford has yet to recorda Schultz, here wmth the league baseball? Don Syracuse All-American school Engineers at

knockout. However according Crackers during their Drysdale, Sandy Koufax, back Ernie Davis whose the initial workout of

to his Manager, final suns-series here Art Mahaffey. Camillo mysterious blood dis- the squad recently. Onlya

TIM FORD Johnny Rushing, the local last week told a local Pasquale? order has sidetrackedhim small number of the
from playing with fw3
.Faces Big Test puncher is one of the sports writer that Thomas Their team supporters returning lettermen from
the Cleveland Browns
best prospects to repre- who suffered an .unfortunate mighty evidently support last year's squad reported -
accident which the above choicees but pro-football team of the due to the fact a
in seven pro fights.In sent Jax in recent years.
Randall, he meets Tuesday night's card could possibly affect according to pitching National Football League that the boys are still ii
veteran of nearly 10- marks the first promo- his playing career, "got coach Howie Pollet of the holding summer jobs.

.years of ring warfare who tion here under the Sid 'along fine wifth all of St. Louis Cardinals Davis has been sent for AfTer the fist of the
further treatment to
has fought such wellknown Meyerson--Dick Lee pro- the (Atlanta) players and Cards' Bob Gibson is wellon month Coach joyner expects -
Maryland under orders to have a squad of ,
leather pushers motion team which has there was never any the way to assumingthe
as Tony
from Arthur B. Modell, over forty boys workingout. 'H_
tin APa+- nH4 net between _ma vaunted nomination.
president of the Browns .
Watson Represents Oct. 26 DeadlineSet and him. Pollet who in his pre-
and team physician Dr. The coaching staff spent t
Popular Boating Co. sIn For Game KissimmeetartACob mier pi ay ing*days--the Victor Ippolito the first week of drillsin ,
40's and early '5CT s--was i
Southern AreasNEW Following consultation, conditioning.: The M T,
Hunters Cofim. Says one of the game's out-
YORK -- Paul G. standing lefties, says it was decoded to send squad were suited up on ,.- .
been appointed TALLAHASSEE Hunters Davis to the National August 22 and contact .
Watson Starts Oct. 20th Gibsoi suffered the most _
Southeastern advertising who wish to take part in common ailment of most institutes of Health in drills began. The Engi-

representative for Popu- the gun hunts beginningDec. CAPE CORAL More than pitchers--lack of control Bathes da. M d. neers will open this year

lar Boating it was announced 26 on the Citrus 350 boats--in all shapes and confidence--is well Davis last year's against traditional rivals -
GET-TIN' SHORT! World Heavyweight
and sizes and from all He ism an trophy winner Northwestern junior-
Wildlife Management Area ,
today by EdwardD. his .to overcoming.
on -way. and
Champion Floyd Patterson (right) ,
must submit applicationsto qver the united States-- was stricken last month Senior High School, on
Muhlfeld advertising that problem.
challenger Charles (Sonny) Liston met re-
the Game and Fresh wriil parade into Cape while practicing with the Sept. 15th.
director 0 f the ziff- "He feel--as he should show at
Water Fish Commissionat Coral Oct. 27, terminating College All-Star Football The Yellow Jacket-En- cently during a charity boxing
Davis publication. feel--that he's the best
the two leather-
the 13th Annual team at Northwestern uni- gineer contest has been Scranton, Pa. However,
Tallahassee by October "
Mr. Watson cover pitcher in the league.
won't be in such relaxed mood
pushers a
Kissimmee Boat-A-Cade. versity. Hospitalized in the curtain lifter for
Florida. South Carolina,- 26.Gun hunting in the area A week-long event 'featuring Pollet continued. Evanston, Ill. he was the prep gridiron season when they meet in a 15-round championshipmatch
Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee. Last year wiith the
in Park
a regatta, fish later transferred to for the past few years Sept.25 Comiskey ,
Mississippi Louisiana will be limited, to four Cardinals, Gibson won 13 -, --
and the Caribbean for controlled hunts consisting fry numerous other and lost 12. He walked Marymount Hospital here and is an eagerly awaited Chi-- Golf- -- Club-- Joins UGA I
of two days festivities and endingin Aug. 3 for more tests and- contest. Both teams fight
Popular Boating. He per 113 to lead the M.., but .
cruise treatment. hard to win the and CHICAGO The Linksmen character.judge
a through
maintains offices in hunt, with not more than struck out 166.
Golf Club. Inc. has been Fred (Duke) Slater -
Florida the the fans given their
Jacksonville 800 hunters participating waterways are
Fla-ida. Nationally recognized Leo Dirochec
accepted into the United Jackie
boat-a cade begins Oct. mon s crth.
An avid boatman Watson in each hunt. Dates radio announcer' Harry. ey
20 at Kissimmee. Coach stated States Golf Association Joe Louis are honorary
has had for the four hunts are Joyner
Cardinal broad- Is Released
many years of Carey--
one of the most respected members of the Linksmen'
Pre-cruise activitieswill that most of the
experience in the advertising Dec. 26-27 Dec. 29-30, caster--said Gibson boys

sales fieldin Jan. 2-3. and Jan. 5-6. reach a climax on should win 20-games this From HospitalNEW -, from last year s predo- nation.In governing. body's in the club.The Linksmen will spon-

the Southeast. No hunter may partici- Oct. 24 and the cruise With minately 10th grade team
in year. 16.already won
the unparalleled dis- their first annual
will be launched YORK Leo Durocherwas will return. he has the sor
in the
the past he has repre- pate more than one and a little better thana
ti ction. the Linksmen's tournament--the Chicago
sented such magazines of the four ,twoday following day. Down the month to Gibson released from the usual pessimisstic attitude -
as go
club joins clubs and Classic--Sept 8-9 on
hospital last
Boating hunts. Applications forms Kissimmee River Valley concerning his
Industry Field might just do that.
folio golfers of the Ch i cago' pipeoPeaceGolf
highest s
ft Stream. Boats, may contain names of the boats will travel, sing his collapsein team's chances in this
Year 'Round and BoatingHAROLD from one to five persons, reaching Clewiston and COISY IlksFi.11 the visitors' club- year s city championship Course.
r and will be consecutively finally the Caloosahat- house: at the Polo Grounds race. The staff feels

fp1 numbered as received in chee River, entrance to Pact Durocher collapsed just this year i sa' 'bu il-

Tallahassee. No names Cape Coral. prior to last Friday ding year' and the

will be honored on more Gulf American Land Corporation With 'lostoiBOSTON night's (Aug. 24) game squad will hold its own

than one application. Cape Coral and for a while it was in competition. in addition \

Application must also indicate developer, will host a --' Famed pro- thought that he had suf- to regular North- : .

date of hunt being dinner and dance for fessional basketball fered a heart attack.It east Florida conference
picks Goody's and pockets the '
difference. Why pay more when applied for and serial boat-a-cade participants. 'whiz Bob Cousy of the later developed that tilts, the Engineers will T 'ir \ ILTJ

you can't buy better? number of the Public Hun- Boston Celtics of the Durocher had been givena play all four of the

ting Area Permit for each tace Corps NBA stned for his 13tb penicillin shot some local high schools.

member of the party. and final season with the 15 minutes earlier and

Total limit for each today Needs Athletes champion Celtics Satur- had suffered a violent Read The

hunt shall be 100 WASHINGTON Because day, the club announced.The case of penicillin allergy -

legal buck deer. In such African Nations are interested 34-year old Cousy FLORIDA STAR

case as the hunters take in bolstering last April announced that The 56-year old Los

G 's :;J'lI 100 .legal buck deer on sports programs in their this would be his last Angeles coach was given Watch This Gown

tn.tU.\ttt toofR5l the first day of any respective c entries, season of profession play two shots by a physicianto 31-27-43 :

lI hunt, the sec cod day of the Peace Corps is with the National Basket- neutralize the penicillin 182-88-17

I the hunt will be closed. seeking athletes both ball Association and has and was administered -
l\! --
signed a three-year before 5 _
------- lien and w. men--for projects con- oxygen 2
in Morocco Sene- tract to coach at Boston being taken by ambulanceto 3 7

.. 2 POWDERS 5* Royal Cola Crown gal and the Ibory Coast. College beginning in the hospital. 1 ',. 9
12 POWDERS 25c 1963.
Fifty former college
athletes--not necessarily Among his extensive NBA Setson's Opener 18-57-258

You Don't Have to Go to Town to Get college graduates--have records, the alltimestar 92-04-48

been invited by thenewly holds many assists TALLAHASSEE Florida

;; LOW PRICES independent.countries marks. MM University will play Sometimes Sometime* beto fe*a down 01

to assist In Title Mitch its first game on Septem- Bo addL.nbtraets
Ha works It aD ftromtd
the coaching of regionaland ber 29 here. Benedict '
'" On TOOT national teams. Fight ,Dncifs College will play the I' Coming Aztrsctiosi -'-"'-:' ,

Those Interested in Rattlers on that date. 15-67-22-76 Tim Twist,. .
r New On SlIt ...
STORE NEEDS Joining the corps nay
DRUG forward applications CHICAGO A total of mtwataa>utatmutntattatttntnattnatatosttttttttttrottutnsrtatuutttnl utu rr The Latest Men's Hair Styles l

Trade With Your Neighborhood Drug Store immediately to the peace over $100. 000 in advance I Jacksonville Coliseum ,

IB WILL MEET ANY PRICES ADVERTISED IN YQUR COrps Washington 25. ticket sales has already D Being Taught At The

LOCAL PAPERS 0. c. been realized for the I II pw
TJC Dflliver-le Also Fill All Doctors'Prescriptions fjiwwi Meere Patters en-Liston world 30 ROUNDS OF ACTION!

: Dixie Pharmacy CeiMts HELSINKI. $30,000 Finland heavyweight in slated Coaiskey for Sept.title park.25 fight here I PRO BOXING pS I JacksonvilleBarber

World Featherweight Local promoter Irving STARTING TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 4th 8:15: P J.t ;! College Inc.
ch.-plon Davey Moore--
1302 Kip IW it Mj* AMK who successfully defended Schoenwald. working for AT POPULAR PRICES
Chaapionship Sports, Inc.
i Pines a 5- !1-. his crown against said ticket sales which ADULTS $1.00 Reserved Box Sear Section $1.50 6.1.. Approved 100% Air Coed.

inexperienced Finnish opened here Aug. 13 were =, RING SIDE RESERVED $2.00 g

: challenger 0111 Maeki. well underway and that he 9 MOT.MS .... St cT..... Ot'c.4 ..__ c.a.v.- Tch' 9 630 DAVIS ST. at Beaver
PAT WATtt AM TOIM* OnK1w .._..... .
TSIR UHT, his Pk. AIM H rv tmtthttm C4t. 'U W Mf St.4 :5
received $$30.000 for ....... .. .
is now prepared to con- S SfMtt SlM 44ft W. Tek>li M re r tw (ccr"r4. C: H 3 -'
share of the. following c.e-,,. .$ .re11. S FLORIDAS1T1WYSEPTWEI1.1.Z --
: HUS AT DM SINE gate tinue sales with $100. 000 g3Imau Liuufl t mRRtanuDuunplnmnIauuuu3JD;i IACKSOHY1LLE .
the 15-rounder here cash in the tilL I


r-t-t' -'i ; ; ,
: .. ,- '

I 'f .


Welcome Mat. Spread For Teachers Stanton Vocational Wiles, Apartments

Chips Off The Block Slates. Business i 'Jacksonville'sFinet' ,

2 Bd Rm Apts. -$11.50
By "Jay Jay""You : ( Course ScheduleAdults Wkly-Water Furnished-

spent all year and yer drinks are old; w ..j interested in Resident ygr.-2 14 San

better get outer here before we throw you out* registering in Stanton Diego Rd.-FL 9-1757

and we'll do that. (Apologies to the writers of Vocational School's Opposite Douglas Anderson -

'Why. .Dontcha Do Right" ) That seems to be the Evening Division's School.

song the help,.sings around the TropicannaEnquire Business Education Sunday

etc. nightly. Around 'half an hour before regular Class, are urged to register STRAND thru Sat.

closing: hours, they let you know that your pres for classes no

ence is no longer wanted in the place. in fact, e c* hr IIIF 4c d? later than Friday night, 1

by a quarter of the hour or many times a few Aug. 31 in the school

minutes before, chairs are on top of the bar, : : ? : y. S__ office.

tables in the seats, and the cleaning help is Mrs. Virginia Collette

pushing ladies out of the ladies lounge. Seemsas V t I Gray, director, announced

tho it ain t the help but orders come from : that classes will be held

topside telling them how long they will get paid PS Monday and Friday even-

for non-profit making duties such as cleaning up ings from 6 until 9 Po m.

the place. We agree that a man has the right to individual instructionwill

close his place when he wants to, but if you be given -to beginners EOWARD
to have time .. ,d!;""" ,'_ ,:q'O.-, v, ": "'' ,:, : .: and advanced
profess a midnight closing by golly '{. ),>I'"t&' ,.#p, 1/, "f'' ,,., 4 .1w: ,,, !;,."4' SMa IJaclj
let me finish my drink without getting dust in < :;<.''' \', : : <::: .; : ::,0 ,::, > 't. '" students in the'followingcourses IO
; < "
-- "
f1' "
it, dodging chairs on tables and having help y "- "; : office procedure

stare at me as if I were public Enemy No.I when L ,, : ;. : :;:':kZ.ir.: : -'' ;i".1/ / :', ..., ., typewriting,: shorthand,
I persist in trying to sit them out until 12 ''; *' "'," ',' /, ,. .;.;:.. "' "." $' 1". "".._',1' A: <;,","'': ..'"' '""' :; :; ; stencil cutting, and

midnight. ANNUAL LUNCHEON for new and former teachers of Duval's school system were guests at an annual lunch- operation of duplicating the4iautMiler

Almost forgot--but Walter Grisby, organist and eon sponsored by the Afro-American insurance Co. W. T. Harper (left) and W. D. Sweet (right) repre- machines.

host at the Edgewood Lounge had a whale of a' sented, the Duval Board of public instruction at the affair. Theme for the business

birthday party. Fellow musicians and friendscame (Royal Art Studio photo) course is, "Improve Your

out to wish him happy returns. The same ., possibilities for First -and-

evening the Editor entertained George Brown, Second BaptistTo Class Employment.
special representative of the Pepsi Cola Company.A Afro Sponsors POLICE REPORTS

few members of the local fifth estate partookof Observe. NAACP Picket

steaks at Buster Fords and communed after, Annual Event COMMON LAW Robert George invest
wards.Oh Holy Communion WIFE ARRESTED gated. Beaten In s. c. [v m *Aifiii
and newly hired ...... ............
boy, she can talk! This 'was the first com- SERVICES SUNDAY Former Police reported a fightat W'ROOSEVELT
teachers who will assume
ment many persons made when they viewed the Holy Communion will be 1012 W. Duval Street CUTTING VICTIM ADVISEDTO NAACP youth leader Foster -
Ken Knight Show on channel 4 last Sunday morning.It observed Sunday at 1:45 duties this year in Du- last Saturday between a SECURE WARRANT Gilchrist was assaulted Sunday

was pleasant to discover that Theresa 'Terry' p.m. in Second Baptist val' s school system were 48-year-old man and his Robert Lee Johnson 42- here while participatingin thru Tues
honored during an annual Street was
Mackey, the manikin, who mutely points out items Church. Rev. J.C. Sams, common-law wife. The man of 1202 Acorn an antidiscriminationpicket
luncheon sponsored last last Sunday be 3 Big Pictures
regularly on the show has a very pleasing voiceas pastor, will be assistedby was injured the fight. injured line by a white
week the AfroAmerican and 12:30 :
by tween 12 p.m.
well as pleasing looks. Stars to her for the the associate minis- Insurance Co. It was reported that police said.Johnson youth using brass "TERROR OF BLACK FALLS"
way she handled the TV show last Sunday morning. ters and deacons in the Zebedee Green and Callie knuckles
Welcomed to the area told police he
Twas nice hearing her. administering of the Mae Andrews got into an He was treated at a
Miss Lorraine Wil- sitting on the
Dorothy (Douthside) Nealy stopped by to extend rites. They will also were: argument concerning the was local clinic for contusions RIVER"I
liams, Miss Rosemary friend's porch talking
thanks to the folk for the way they have been extend the hand of moving of Green and as and lacerationsand I
Alexander 'Mrs. Geral- he named as -
when a man
coming to the Lincoln Country Club. Dot is one fellowship to new mem- the argument grew hotter released accordingto ; Sun nite
dine Hillaird, "Mrs. John, walked up. SKYVIEW
of the new waitresses. They have several foxes.Lt. bers who joined the a fight developed. Green Eugene I. DeQuincey thru Tues.
Thelma Marvin, Miss Maryj. pulled a knife and cut Newman
Richard Williams, navy jet pilot and the church during the monthof pushed Miss And revs to field '
Hall, Miss Bettye the left side of NAACF secretary.
him on
family are visiting Dick' mother for a few days. August. the floor and she got up .R CiH DS :
Mrs. Ellen V. the face.
Mrs. Williams isthe former Ruth Dunmore, a Sunday School begins at Spencer and cut him in the face. DORJSDAY
Kennerly, ** Mrs. WillieL. investigating officers rrll.
Bethune-Cookman campus queen B.M. (before mar- 9:30 a.m. with C.M. The weapon used to cut J"Johnnie's
Austin, Mrs. Beulah said the injured man was Hotel ToNY Rar+
riage..Dot Reese has been under the weather fora Vaught and S.C. Chester him was a razor blade according -
Flanders, "Mrs. Sarah intoxicated. He was advised TV in every room. EOIE i 1D1I1S.J1C1 ;
week or so. She is still at home recuperating.We in charge. Various departmental to the police
Washington.Miss to get a warrant For Reservations, call
stout folk declare that it is hard to lose supervisorswill report.In plus Cu-Nit
Dorothy Roundtree, patrolmen A W Harvey EL 5-4025
weight. I know a surefire way. Just let one of render assistance., telling her story of
Isaac C. Williams, Miss and D. I. Poston investigated 74iy2 W. ASHLEYJackso "SHAKE DOWN"
us hear the rustling of the Angels wings like The pastor will review the fight, she said Green
Alberta Watts, Miss .
one of my portly neighbors did. She lost 11 the Sunday school lesson Eliza Perry, Miss RosaL. knocked her down and . ville. Florida Vin $260 cash Mon. nite !
pounds in two weeks. fron the subject topic kicked her. Green was
Williams, Jerry Bailey -
junior Jenkins (Little Bar-B-Que King) has "Rebuilding the Homeland Miss Gloria T. taken to Duval Medical -

opened up number 2 on Kings Road near EWC. Incidentally and will deliver Tolliver, *Miss MarionF. Center for treatment and Moncrief Drive-in Market
his sister, Ernestine Baker and family the sermons for Miss Callie Mae Andrewswas
smith, Miss
have just returned from Newark. Funeral ser- the morning and after- arrested. "-

vices were held in jersey for Warren "Tony" noon deacons services., deaconesses Servicesfor McTier.Aldrich Miller, Miss Patrolmen W. Wiggins and 24 hours 45th St. & For Free Delivery

Baker, Ernestine's former husband. Many may remember SerYice-Phone
and ushers will be held Hazel Raysor, Miss Vic- Howard Johnson'sIn a day service .
. WW Tony II. as a !navy shore. .--patrolman-,.- here. 9 .-during at--10:45 a.nu' medita- toria McAdoo Mrs. North CarolinaIs Mo n cr.,,_ f Road, PO 59287PO 8-6011

tion from 10:5010:55and Demetrial R. Wester "
John Koon, one of the big Koonfamily is home Wc 1
morning worship at Miss Shirley Harris. PicketedDURHAM *.: : 1I
for a spell from Washington. instead of a vacation I
11 a.m. Evening orship, Miss Gladys Hopkins, -- Motorists fM .5 1't
: =
'he'll need a rest when he returns if he 7 p.m. Miss Frankie Williams traveling on Chapel Hill p ; .5 '
follows big brother Walter, Odell Doggett and
Miss Dorothy Crawford,
The combined choirs Boulevard witnessed a
Jimmy Jenkins. under the direction of Robert L. Taylor, Miss a mammoth protest meetingin
Clarence King was telling us that when Tip Top Mrs. C.M.'aught, assisted Marjorie Ayers. front of the Howard"
Bar moves across the street, everything will be
by Charles T. Mrs. Ethel LaFe, Mrs. Johnson restaurant, which
modern. By the way, have you noticed how Davis Maxwell, will serve Dannette Howell, Miss served "white onlY." S- Th
and Kings Road has died and how sick Davis Streetis Christopher, Secretarial WantedSecretaryTypistGood _
during the morning and Mildred Help
business wise between Kings Road and Ashley afternoon services. Mrs. Hazel, Anderson

Streets. Unless we wake up, the Negro business Frank Brown Choir No. 1 Miss ina Wright Miss .English, Spelling.Business -
district is going the way of the Dodo Bird. will serve during the Barbara Linwood, Miss School grad. Apply
MarionSutton Walker is all smiles. Her husbandwas
night services. Lucille E. Williams 3 p.m. MondayFloridaStar
among the crew of the Shangri-La which recently Usher Board 1 under the *Mrs. Alice F. Moore, 2323 MoncriefRoad {

returned from a six-month Med cruise. direction of Mrs. M.K. 'James Prime Miss or write to P. 0.

Marion and hubby plan to leave soon for vaca- Heard will serve for the juanita D. Coglin. Box 561No Phone Calls.

tion land. day and Tuesday.The Miss Dianne Tapley
Thelma Harris Livingston and BarbaraMrs. Crip) pastor and membersof John D. Matthews, Miss IMPERIAL SUNDRIESPatent

Walker have been given new assignments. Mrs. the church's delega- Johnnie B. Moore, Miss Medicines Cosmetic

Livingston is the new Dean at Gilbert and Mrs. tion will. leave the city. Marjorie Alvarez, Miss All Leading' Hair Preparations L r W .
Walker has a counselor post. Congrats to both at 7:10 p.m. for the Doris Sewell. Miss _

ladies. National Baptist Conven- Thrizah sykes Miss Lo Cor. Broad & Asi&y
Everything is swinging at the El Dorado but the tion of America in rice Howard and Miss EL '4.2159Services
parking. Hurry up lad and get us off the side Oklahoma City. Vernice Fayson.

of the road before a driver like the one we sa previously taught in Y l

Saturday morn comes along. A poor fellow bounced FBI SALE system. .

off three cars as he passed through the Enquirelot. Large, Choice Wooded Formerly taught in Sound Service for Ad- Buy X y Gal. .' Get 1 PintSHiRBIRT

1 ts-59' X 100' -On Fer- ntcht school. vertisingDances, Ball ; Free
One of the TV stations has a cameraman follow- nandina Beach-$350 Cash APARTMENT FOR RENT Games, etc. Also Loud ICE i894 >

ing patrol cars, patrolling the Negro section in EY 4-6711 2-Ground & 2nd FloorH Speaker Service for Ban-: T*
an effort to solve the high crime rate. They quets, Concerts, Record .
& C Wtr.-Children accepted.Reasonable666-
should take him off the tail of the cars and 5- AVON'S PRI1NCTS Hops etc.Phone El 3-5902 PORK CHOPS

send him to the court rooms where he will see SOUND SERVICE .
W. lOth-EL 45119. FIRST CUT
light sentences meted out to four and five time ATTENTION WOMEN HECK

losers. As long as the offense, though it be GillS BEAUTY SHOP BONES IOC 1 CENTER CUT 491tS
murder,is committed against a Negro, the penalty Christmas Selling lb. III. Ib.
: s light. Let him photograph the dark streets and Starts Early With Specializing In /f|| 2301 MONCRIEF ROAD

where lurks, the joints that cater Avon Cosmetics-part
alleys to teen-agers danger with obvious police sanction; the or full time. Valu- Tinting lying 1i fSpiciaI rates for 'School 'A' 29 A CHICKEN 15/t I SHORT 15"

shine houses; the hordes ganged around bar parkIng Sales TerritoriesNow Mrs. HortEBse Heal Mgr. Otto operators to senre ion. NECKS RIBS lb.>
lots drinking wine and hard liquor. Tell him Available. FRYERSft. YI
to take pictures of the "colored employment EL 6-8810 Step EL 4-9710 Res. EL 6-0420 2 Ib. BH .

office and listen to young adults tell how hard PIIIXUiii

it is for them to find work. Send the cameramanto BRISKET FLAT 15/t

Blodgett Homes and similar areas and ask bin STEW 29 SARDINES SALMONS 69 t
plainsclothesmen EDGEWOOD r.
to find the juvenile t
or youth workers in the Negro section. He will THE ,r ,. .. ,' Ib. 2 cats 1 can
only see the end result following the cars, what S ,' .if'P, ..,. GOOD
U. S.
about the causes? t 0" .
Our hats are off to the Voiusia County and Es- 1 TUNAliiit 39C ROASTGRADE 49C

cambia County school boards. When elected officials i ., I / !rr-m C
willingly obey the law, chances of their t IY 4.\ 2 caw for lb.

communities becoming a kittle Rock" are less- ** : "tP Featuring JJS <" ell:
ened. Congrats also to the brave plaintiffs in 'A'STEWING
I Itf
: SELECT Boiling
the cases. These people caught virtual hell from II I 'f 39/t 15tHENS
all types of harrassments over the past mths.1F8J111. tile Grtft Grisly 25C IEEf 'LIVER I'CON

,. Il N.
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I kat n ::: witt ml m& M He ergaMTfKTAINJIMT .



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-- nu ', ::, .: EtisE/ifNla91' AVEME' AT CUKUM : A.
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