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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
August 25, 1962
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
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All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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aleph - 000581378
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issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
August 25, 1962
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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< .
;. < .
-- .
..., -
I I !

) I: :

I :, Negroes Whites Arrested In

; Ao Burglarly_. 'Ring T'ermed Dade's Largest

s ttTitttiik: ""

1 .- .- .- .- tttYiiti' *. *. RSttiiet. . .

Scenes At One Of State's Worst Water Tragedies

ouIlMcY BURIES ... .. v-"'


t 18 WHODROWNED 4 w = 1 r a a ,. "F SI I

J '" ',"

ti }. .
.' .

i ; : f .' 't.

',A ... +, tv .. ,-, \
f., FLORIDA 4 4YOl t

f ., '.'; STAR .fgl 1#1. .' ;. : .

.1.2-X0. 21 SHIMMY mm 25, 1N2 15 CENTS 4: ; f

L Q U. DERS DUVAL .4w '." ,, a Fd

: .
::.. ,
r .9i0a

tit0/ i t sY r 'Fi i,


:. "r..... ..
I .................. Q

S l5 lit Stttis Ittrd. Must imply. 17 Children I ', 1 Adult Died, ; :

WIt_ Ortir ly October 30tk II Trifle Belting Misiipj r ynxa

Residents ,of Duval County were quietly QUINCY---It has been a week since an'jj

handed the news'on Tuesday that a Dis- overloaded 14-foot boat capsized without-ft r

I trict Court judge had issued permanent .'warning in Lake Talquin near here: causing ,,' .. .
I and sweeping injunction calling for an the drowning of 17 children and their t -

end to racial segregation in the coun-.'r '*'-Sunday School superintendent. -: ..",_,.
: .
schools. !!' .
ty s public The incident broughtto t

U. S. District Court of the tragic conclusion at ;
semester Burgkry Ring: :
Simpson directed church picnic sponsoredby ;
judge Bryan upcoming school year, It: GSI.

his order to the the Blessed Hope Smashed( In

Duval Board of Public Tkowiis Missionary Baptist

Instruction calling Vilay Church near here.. ,. Dad.SIEVED'. CountyMIAMI
'for the immediate"'t r-: : The open boat, equipped, Ip

mination of using as a- Criticilly Shot with an outboard motor,'- DADE's.L RRFST

criteria the Florida was being ,piloted by25yearold -- Combined
ATLANTA -- Former
Pupil Assignment Law major league catcher Joseph forces of the FBI
for "admission, as* Bouie when it suddenly Metro and Miami Beach
Valmy Thomas, former
signnent, or reassign- receiver slipped backwards into police, Seaboard and
first string
ment to schools other j PEC ,.
is the water' and flipped ajjehts arrested
for the Jax Suns,
than uniformly and with- overspilling its"youth- 10 ''bpxtcar burglars
critical )
out.racial. discrimina- In. an Atlanta Hospi ful human cargo,into .the in w,| t5ii ,ht become
tion." \tal. after having J lake. The mishap oc"t '1)tl" st' '.4bu r- 1 YE

(The school board was .been critically 'curred some ,t300 feet glarly ring capturedin .
instructed to submit 'offshore, according to Dade' s history.With .
wounded Tuesday by a
to the court, on or who later took eye-witnesses. investigators reporting :
]man ..
before Oct. 30, "a de- j his own life. l r,.. that four men .. "' ,., '
tailed and comprehensiveplan 11': have already admitted to .
Thomas, 32, of 1287 ,.r -Jt '":
for bringing about ""' :itf breaking; into box cars ,
the' ordered racialin--''a.--Fair st...",' J5lLJCtce-Ied 1" and stealing thousands .1.1sa
treatment at Gjra d jr it. 1
tegration of the school { o'f goo f n 'ore"re .
two ; \ "
Hospital for bullet
'&y stem." was. sold.. C
wounds in the chest, and
The decree comes as a to "fences" (a fence is 1 rb I
'was then transferred to
i result of the Integra- a reseller of stolen I

l tion suit filed here Hughest spaulding Pavi- goods), Det. David Hel-

Dec. 6, 1960 by attorneys lion. man said that 22-inno-

for the NAACP. Police reported Cleve cent people who had pure __
land LYons 42, of 203 j b,.. chased power lawn mowers ; il r-
i grievances Linkwood Rd. SW died of ,. .
from the; fences, had' re- || -
bullet wounds in the 1 1
turned them to the po- ,
court order forbids the
head Just before an off- lice.
school board and the \ j ,-t: 5
duty police officer SINCE LAST JANUARY 11 T ; Ia
superintendent of public y
reached the house where
instruction from 4 ir ..af Helman, further explaining T [
Thomas had been shot. P the arrests of ,
1. operating a com-
The house was located on the 10-nen, said 'those
pulsory biracial school
Fedora lay NW. arrested: were part of an Jr
system here. Detective F.J. Hasly :(
organized gang which
2. Maintaining a dual and Lt. R.F. Jordan of SURVIVORJerome stole merchandise from ? *-J _

scheme or pattern of the Fulton 'County CoM and Mother. box cars of the Seaboardand

attendance based upon roner!'s office said Bouie, superintendent Florida East Coast

race or color. Lyons went to the Fedora of the Sunday School, railroads in Dade and

3. Assigning pupils to 1 Way house at 8:50 a.m. was the only swimmer in 1 Broward Counties: The
schools the basis the perished, + f
Tuesday tore a screefrom' group. He ring is believed to have
a of and color of however, entangled in'
race bedroom window
been operating since lastJanuary
the pupils. and fired a .32 calibre the arms and legs of \, '
'4. Approving budgets, the children who clungto .' .
pistol. Officers added '''' 'J.._ r J
making available funds that two shots struck him in panic. All of j ., '

approving employment Thomas, the third the victims were between Jsx NAACP's \ \&; -

contracts and construction narrowly missing the the ages of 5 to 14 : }
i programs and woman. years of age. QUINCY Rescue teams members at nearby Lake Talquin begin grim task of identi-
Mass MHtfrfSlottd
f approving policies, ESCAPES ASSAILANTThe A lone survivor, 11- fying 17 children and 1 adult who drowned here saturday Aug. 18 when their over-

curricula and programs woman ran and Lyons year-old Jerome Maples, loaded boat capsized in 8 to 10 feet of water. One 11-year old boy. Jerome Mapes.

1 designed to perpetuate climbed through the:win- described how he clung, was the lone survivor. Photo below shows grief-stricken relatives and friends
maintain or support a Thomas to overturned boat until Swdiy t
dow and followed Incident occurred at Negro section of the lake.
school system bperatedon into the living room, rescued bf two white (United press International Photos
a racially segregated officers continued. fishermen., "I didn't Earl M. Johnson )
-- -
basis. Thomas than ran from the know whathad happened 1 one of the NAACP

5. Assigning teachers, house and collasped on! at first.* he said. attorneys.who successfuilY 'Best Faces Homicide
principals, and other Buddy' Charges:
the sidewalk they said. "I heard a couple of r chal-
supervisory or supporting -
TAKES OWN LIFE them yell out 'help> lenged 'and won the
personnel to .schoolson Hearing the shots a me' and they all triedto i school integregation -

the basis of the raceand neighbor ran to the home grab hold of Mr. case against Over Fatal
color of the Shooting Of Close Friend
per- of patrolman Roland Lanewho Bouie. I was by myselfand defendant Duval

sons to be assigned or lives nearby Lane. when I came up out County,will outliner
the race and color of approaching the horse, of the"* water I was by e school suit

schools the pupils to attending which the the said he heard a ,shot andfound the boat and grabbedhold Sunday during the Police Reports InrUrnt/ Pair Argued Over $2 Card' Game PotFOur

Lyons lying on the of it. I don't; Jax NAACP's public "
personnel are assigned.' discolored ciga- Georgia town of Rich- ways ask for him. and on way from there. I
dining room near the really remember much mass meeting at
The integration suit, carport. after that..." 3:30 p.m. in St. rettes lying on the land and were regardedas visa versa. They were was really only tryingto
brought by attorneys for ground was all that remained inseparable before two real buddies.I don't do a dying man a
ofthe Skin divers who
Thomas, a native <<. recovered Paul AME Church'sauditorium.
the National Associationfor Virgin Islandplayed, the bodies reported to mark the spot the fatal incident. see how such a thing last favor."
(j the Advancement of' league 'child where Lawrence Rivers "I knew them both could have happened Mrs. Ross and other
five years of major finding one other matters including -
Colored people wasfiled collapsed and died lion- well," stated Mrs. over two dollars." witnesses reportedly
ball with the NewYork in SoU!e's arms, a small the preparation of .
here Dec. 6, 1960.Giving his back day night after being r ,r '.y :si' = Mrs Ross related how, sa* Browner rifle the
Giants and .the boy on with hisarms school pupils, and
the, decree a shot twice in the chest i- when she heard the pockets of Lawrence
Cleveland, Indians. At tightly clutchedarouad parents dealing with
somewhat flexible aspect by a man described as shots about 9 o'clock after he had been felled
the beginning of the Bouie's neck, a possible problems of "
judge Simpson being his"best buddy." '!/ Monday night, she ran' by the bullets. Mrs.
he small girl clutched
"' current season to school integregation
declared Lawrence, 30, out to find Ross stated that the
: played for the Jackson- his wrist, and a, boy will be featured duringa was gunned Lawrence
:, ,"By entering the. ap'* ,yule Suns. but was ,entwined about. oae a panel discussion a down by his 33-year-old '\ lying on his back in four cigarettes lyingon

-i.':proprlate injunctiveReorder traded to Rochesterafter.recelyiai his .. spokesman stated. friend, William Browner, the driveway of her the ground came from

but..bT delaying' a 3D su- Most 'severely hit: by job opportunities, a because of a disagreement property. "He died the dead man's pocket.

>: its effective date'for spcssiofl for allegedly the tracedy.ter progress report and over a $2 pot in a ;'.'. right away," she said. Burial for Lawrence

,V: :the time being,'"pending"ijtiie v', striking an raipire. and Mattie'I ttfte" Watson, plans for selective card game they had both "And he didn't bleed Rivers is slated for
*- .a 4
";-...-: submissiontpf, Rochester in turn who lost 7 of their 12 been involved in, according but a little bit. t' Sunday, Aug. 26, at
buying cM*>*ign against
*- *,.JstfDlete plea for totali a. tn4 his U Atlanta.I chll,..... *r:' stores still dj>.1..1.s to a police re- tried to get his shoes Richland, Ga. He is

iiii8fttion- of tae: 'bi- @*** .** m&t OB the n. Mttaea 'childruwho e in" .. ......t te" port.Lawrence,. wbQ lived. off so he wouldn haveo survived by his mother

': *:;;-mial; ejects of :tie k cerrt' 'r *d trip withto : *re**.* '',were."J.'L. signs over:rem-r+i!!:;, :--at 1971iJaldwlUStreet.: WILLIAM BtOVKERddie die with them on his and two brothers.In i

'-ojI':(: s y stems.H >A l..,. .it M Inhl 14; Btleraa, 12; .>1'x driakinwttiatst, : &ad Browner, .wb"b lived. ( Mae Ross, of 1974 feet, but the police' the meanwhile, the

; :, : .- that a r ;', red. Hager. which 11, LmfA, '9; AaiNrd. lunch cow ters,.eoll1ebs. l h ,; 'directly across the' Baldwin Street. "If got there by that time four cigarettes are
> ""t; .'sbsrt s.., .o'1f_V ?.:--....'."co al1',MJ aced 8: ,Jti.i. fer,: i.-'ud:: discussed, dsc1a..-:'"th ; street at 1974.both Browner got home before and told me to take my 'still lying' bn the

:\z:.de at the ad of Hit sa the dii..... list Terry S. meeting, ; ewe frog the northwest Lawrence, he would al hands off him and "get ground where be fetl.f .

,.." ,
''- ." :;r-_",! :_" "., ,,_' ._'.... ....
1 >f 0 -:" 4 --,-. -' ,
] '
: '
t. ii L .tf ; -- .: .-f -
r"f' -
, : : .:::$; .-i-I ,
:: :: '--<' ;-'>;,' :.:'':.- '


-- -
-- --
-- -- -
ff ---- -------u------ -- .
"- - ---




htJ\ .: T
NEWS. J( -.. cofieiiiiii
f -
I, !
1 Published by the Florida Star .Publishing Co.

1 "Member of Associated Negro Press" .

ERIC 0. I f PSOLNN.HN..... Maagiig Editor //'WHY CLEAN DONT UP \yYOU .

JtlYSON E. WISE.I ....N.........Jews. EiterHILDA IN YoFILTH it .CLARKSDALE Miss. ---Negroes denied the

YARD ? right to vote -in the Second Congressional
WOOTEN............ ..CJrcriaifti Manager 'f District are
trYing_ a new to win
I', ; way representation -
MAIN OFFICE & PLANT: : 4rr ... in the Congress. of the United
I States -' .
2323 Moncrief f Road Ptoie 4-8782 F They :are signing petitions -
..... Elgin EL 4,6783 ,oj stating that
--- if they had been
permitted' to vote in the
Hailing Address: June primary_ election theywould'have ::

: cast ballots for .
P. 0. Box 561, Jacksonrie 1, Flarida ,. : I : the Rev, Merrill W. Lindsey,. 1

Lindsey:, ,a.Negro, got 1.478
': )' votes in
,. the. Democratic Con-
.- < .. r-- 1) ,.'- 1
\-CRIPTION' ? RATES. : / : gressional primary while two

: One Year v.$6. 00; Half year $4.00 ; : ) .... ,' .,..- white opponents, obtained a
-ittiled: to You Anyvhere in the United States T.j total of 66,443. Jamie Whit-
'Subscription Payable in Advance ten won with 4.2. 876 votes. .

Send check or Money' Order to: I n Integration leaders seek
\ y Fi t ti tt over 65,000names on their petition, which

PloricUv .trtr P. 0. Box 561,1r J: ..id; NAYFI will be more than the difference between

I ';Nocville 1, Florida I i, A Lindsey's vote and that of his two op-

: ponents.The .

A Lesson From pN W GNh1 !'{T'OEQIC'/CEQ7 .. ,. 1 1c petitions will then be presented to
Jacksonville's Eastside, a 8 t, X E 0 05 '10 : ''C/A'C'CIF/ ZkNS y..:_.. the speaker of the U.S. House with a request -

I y. NoyANfE E6 HAfi Q, p *pl G tltiltl 7ED nGA1N j ; that tthitten' election be declared

Lack Of Communal Interest Breeds Crime G cG p t r F. KGC CRE D QK CUI.QR: null and void and Lindsey be seated as

the winner.If .

TilERi4T I exists in the eastside of Jackson- this is refused the petitioners will

ville a community indifference which is LET US START DOING THAT JOB AT HOME have grounds for asking that Mississippi's

both puzzling, and poisonous. Like in all representation in Congress be reduced until -

other quarters of the city there are men It the situation is remedied. This request -

and women there who, despite their dif- would be based on the 14th Amendment

ferent circumstances and interests to the U. S. Constitution.This .
naintain one common and perservering interest Your Weekly amendment says that when the rightto

that being, the betterment of the ;: .. vote is denied the basis of representation -

community of which they are a part. in Congress shall be reduced in

QUITE to the contrary, however proportion to the number of citizens
there appears F:
to be a rronounced lack of community : :,7 Horoscope Guide denied the vote.

spirit among residents of the eastside, The petition drive is tied in with an

despite the fact that they have every rea- intense campaign to register Negroes to

son to invest their 'maximum. effort in upgrading By PABLO The ASTROLOGERWHICH vote in the 24 counties of the Second
the public and private environment District which is in Northwestern Mis

of their homes, 'their shops, schools, ARE YOUR LUCKY, DAYS FOR sissippi.
churches and, above all, the communal Aaron E. Henry local druggist and a

world-- of- their children.IT ,BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL leaderin the movement said: 'We hope

is, in fact, within the. communal world .. -- :. generally that this signature campaign
r "
of their children, that the general will aid: our fight in Congress for doing
com- ARIES factor whether you desire
munity indifference CNCERBorn worldly possibilities. away .with the poll tax and the literacy
eastside has become prevailing in the Born March 21st thru June 22nd thru it or not (28th). Should it prove interesting test/
an. acute and con- April 19thIt July 22nd The cycle that begins ;
spicuous enough, stir
problem.ONE up Henry also described means used by election -
is not always that Although be after the 29th confirms
you may attention and the
of the first neces-
elements officials to prevent the countingof
by a dis- something can hold your tempted by what seem to that public attention
capital to exploitit
interested sary
community is crime; and crime ball. ts cast. by Negroes who did go to
attention for any lengthof be unexcelled may be drawn to you.
as expressed publicly, manifests itself time but the chances fire ,would 190661866196LIBRA widely. the polls in the June primary. lie said:
far more among the youth than that away you 5- -29-78-562 "For the first time, the chairman of
among older your present
pet do better to lie low
persons of such leanings. the County Democratic Committee refusedto
THE projects will do so are and gather all your resources Born Sept. 23rd thru CAPRICORN
alarming increase of permit Iersons chosen by the candi-
juvenile crime quite promising. Your The things that Oct. 23rd Born Dec. 22nd thru
in that area of the city in recent months creative Jan. 19th dates to work around the polling places.
abilities and
end or transpire of You are not likely to
is positive proof that the essential responsibilities sense of beauty shouldbe their own accord shouldbe know from one minut You have nothing to None of Lindsey' supporters were per

.. of that community. are. going called into play, to accepted for their to the next where your gain by*stalling if the mitted to serve, as clerks managers,
-untended: >.< ". -''', *- ',-- : officers.
"' -
'' make your achievements- subsequent value. You ,*-next*surprise: will, ,come moment has come for you bailiffs, or' returning
BOYS who a few. years ago were shooting all the more remarkable. should feel smug and from. They should not be to chart' your course to 'We did have their permission to serve

marbles or proudly accumulating baseball Should you find yourself satisfied as well as too hard to take if you ward new. and perhaps as poll watchers which was some 10 to 4

hero cards have become muggers, hold-up lacking in these respects pleasantly surprised 'on have arrived at the sensible unknonw horizons. You 12 feet from where tte voting was goingon.

artists rapists or enjoy the diabolical 'do not refrain the red-letter days of, conclusion that will have to trust providence We were not permitted to participatein

distinction of being gang members of com- from drawing on the 24th-25th. Weigh all the they are meant to point and the Judge- the final vote counting but were

manders. Two, three, four years of time talents that your mate advantages on your side the way to your earthy ment or determination of permitted to sit in the balcony of the

have degenerated these thildren into or other associates pos- but d7n' t make any moves mission. You should geta your partner to blaze auditorium while the votes were being

thugs, hoodlums and highwaymen who pleasure sess in generous mea- that would be prematureat tremendous uplift from the way to dazzling and counted. I have my suspicions as to the

e in brutality and pure sadism is at sure. It. makes little best (28th 29th). the one who is dedicatedto exciting places end ex fairness of the tabulation."

: times unbelievable. difference whether you The beginning of the your welfare and pro- periences. Even if thing Mr. Henry, who is state president of

IN the meanwhile, the community reclines have been on or off the promised new cycle fallson gress. The cycle that are only in the talking the ;NAACP, has been harassed in many

on its easy-chairs cf indifference, mutely job during August as the 30th giving you comes into being right or planning stages you ways because of his leadership in the

consenting to the criminal performances of all the signs point to a the green light to proceed after the 29th may be will have to figure on civil rights campaign. Recently he was

its youth which range from common theft heavy work load during to the desired the one when you will taking active steps to; sentenced to six months in jail on a

to homicide. the coming month. Do destination. Be mindfulof have to re-examine the ward implementation soon trumped up morals charge; he is the vic-

THE police cannot be expected to do an not allow yourself to the rights and privileges past and present to discover after 29th. tim of two libel suits totalling $40,000;

effectual job so long as the public con- be handicapped by your of those on whom the keys to thi 2-30-99-14-54-239 and his wife Mrs. Noelle M. Henry, after

tinues to regard crime as. none of their prejudices. you depend for aid. future. It may become AQUARIUS 10 years of service as a teacher in

business. Crime, particularly in the area 3-50-22-16rG8-353' 7-30-H-17-44-731 necessary to devote some Born Jan. 20th thru Coahoma County schools has lost her job.

of prevention, is everybody's business.It TAURUS LEO time and energy to the Feb. 18th

must be regarded as, much a menance as Born April 20th thru Born July 22nd thru caused that have cap-

tuberculosis, cerebral palsy cancer, May 20th Aug. 22nd tured your heart or Should there be any Read The
You should be the recipient This may have- been a links in your employment -
heart disease and the other physical, mind.
mental and emotional destroyers. Even as of unusual ideas pretty exciting month so r 4 !0-33-16-43-483 and monetary FLORIDA STAR Weekly
which may be followed far despite the fact affairs, this is just
we readily contribute '
and time
money SCORPIO the time
in the fight to through while they remain that the accent is on vacations to strengthen Bonds for
conquer these diseases Born Oct. 24th thru them.. Start a saving Savings Freedom
fresh in and recreation.
we must as much and your mind
-- perhaps even moreso-- Nov. 22ndNo account, favor
offer our time and assistance in whatever they: seen to contain the Should you find it feasi- matter what.shape investments sound
makings of ble and desirable to get. or get your
success provided
manner feasable in helping our law en events take you seem t insurance coverage all
forcement you first overcame away from the daily
officers battle the social be in for one surprise inclusive and to
disease that crime is. your inner doubtsof tensions take time off. up
after another. Your hopes date. YOU should fin
self-made handicaps.It Say nothing about it if
A city's crime
might well increaseif friendship and social- your present
or projected -
is ideal for zeal and certain confidential
disproportion exists between its rate activities are the main partner fully
enthusiasm in monetary developmentshave
of growth in area and population and its anything targets., The extent of co-operative in these
you undertake especially favored you. in
employment opportunities due eitherto the benefits which may be respects and you would Y "
in the creative r order to prevent others ,
a shortage of resident industries or to yours to enjoy as a consequence do well to listen to his
romantic departments from taking advantage of
existing soGio-racial inequity. will be deter- or her suggestions that
the knowledge to further
Tills, however, cannot be swallowed as a, Respond with alacrityto mined by the adaptabilityand may guarantee mutual
impulses their own ends. The cycle
that take
pill of justification.CRIME self-control have protection.
you After the
you to take an added that gets its main boost
cannot be justified, because it's been able to maintain new cycle gets under
from the 30th -
on concentrates
in cultural
costly and hurtful existence in our midst thr ughout. Do something (29th.30th), you shouldbe
pursuits. ; on your -
eclipses our most shining communal a- interests foreshadowing really constructive toward busy getting these

chievements. It is disturbing to presume fr-10-88-15-24- a busy time your future employment matters out of the

that crime is an elemental part of so- GEMINI ahead for you. success.. You talking stages and into
ciety. And although this might be a socio- Born May 21st thru should not be remiss in firm realities. I'r

logical reality, we must never relax our June 21stIt 5-70-44-14-55-574 planning imaginatively
vigilance against the spread of crime may become almost a VIRGO and far ahead. 910331891913PI
hop d task to
first in the intimacy of our homes, and ess pre- Born Aug. 23rd thru .820771252827SAGITTARIUS; SeE
then without doors in the immediacy of our vent ideas from crowding Sept. 22nd ------ Born Feb. 19th thru .
in and keeping you i D a
community.TO There should no longer March 20th .
turmoil. Uranus in your :Born Nov. 23rd thru l1'W. r
ignore this responsibility is not solar 3rd house since be any doubts in your Dec. 21st There' is no reason to

only to contribute to the growth of crime the 9th activates mind about what is to Improvise only when justify hesitancy in I r 4r-
within and without one's community, but to latent inventive tendencies be expected of you now there is no other alternative matters that have to do _

run the risk of sacrificing one's loved to the point and in the days to come.A or if you have with your emotional or

ones to the primitive destruction of this that you cannot rest friend made may be, a failed to draw up a partnership interests.

malignancy, whether it be in the form of easy until you have friend for life (25th). master plan to govern Accept the events a .
their -- --- -
losing a son or daughter to the limbo of You oust emerge and disclose your official cr COB- face values and
tried then out. Just .
you will have no "Freedom in America involves a profound respect for
imprisonment or the searing death of yourself and your merical activities. Those cause
take your natural pre- for regret. The indmdual liberty, a strong determination to maintain that
electrocution, or l >r.ing a son, daughteror cautions to protect best points because cf who have gone to the alli- liberty, and to bring ourselves and others to a better life
other loved ones to the blind vengenceof yourself and others around the circumstances that trouble of arming themselves ances that are now pro- within its framewerk. Many Americans i today are sincerely
those who have been permitted to degenerate are most compelling. You with the necessary jected. or definitely wondering what they can do to defend and preserve our
to criminal activity.IT you. Conversations may not always have the facts and knowledge formed should prove to freedom. They wish to contribute to our defense efforts, to our
with people who choice of be exciting to say the adventures in space, and to strengthening our free institutionsand
is high time, therefore, ,for parents, can provide active sup- the role, that should taste the least. Should our traditions of liberty.The success of our efforts is based ,
church and civic leaders and other adult you may have to pi a: fruits of you still and
port may turn out to be success long be At large and upon a strong expanding economy. By investing port of
leaders of the eastside community at largeto fruitful (25th). It is henceforward, bu tit is before the re-happy- atliberty his savings United. States Savings Bonds, an individual citizen
look squarely at the problem that isa not likely to be a st len 'go-lucky ones who leave to set a date for can contribute)o all of these objectives. I would like to take
favorable for tacit or the formal
or shadowy oie. The goodwill rituals wait this opportunity to invite every American to purchase an extra
shameful everything
of crimes to
spreading wave being. written agreements. of allies chance. until after the 29th. share-'n' freedom'by purchasing an extra Savings Bond during
c r ltted by their youth. 2-40-55-13-99-245 may be- A bright Idea should be the Freedom .Bond Drives-John F. Kennedy, The White
come an indispensable fully analyzed for Its 3-50-66-13-85-356 House, May r, 1962. .


,... .

i Y
), .+

.... .__ -
'- :;--

I Williams, MC"KiSSiik. 11s An Outstanding Highlight Of lax c Summ.L: Social Whirl I

j 0._, _I
ke '"
f >': w' .ref

i with I. Ir s. { 1 :

Mrs. Lois iszard has gained celebrity status

with her recent appearance the national television
show, "fte price is Right." What started

out to be an enjoyable vacation turned into a r ny -

windfall for the attractive young matron, who was aa *,a

"Champion for a Day." l t Js ua A

Lois returned home last week to a happy husband e ASS'L.t rs..rrs

(a full length mink coat was included among
d #
her prizes) and a host of friends who rejoicedwith + i -

her in her good fortune.oJ a _.
Mrs. ,iszard was accompanied on her New York Y yI r.

trip'by her daughter, Roxann.. 4 f' O

"" y ,
..... ". .... .... .... .... ....
,f" ,:;;... ,.i iE
The".engagement of Miss Zeta Estelle Gibson to 3 !.wrr .. '.i1111 111iiiasra.

Dr.' Samuel Von Wimbush is the social news oft .. 1 wjy bM .
+ .
__ .., E. ,
;" %.11.- 1. ; Wi .ry :. ";
; mA
the week. -.ca .J__ __ 4 ._ Ir

The lovely daughter of Bishop Sadie Gibson BRILLIANT EVENT---Acclaimed.by pioneer residents as the largest dants, are: Mid Paula Matthews (next to bride) junior bridesmaid

and the late Sgt. George attended matrimonial event in Jacksonville's historythe Saturday and niece of the groom; 1 1 rs. Helen Gregory, matron of honor Mrs.

Gibson, captured the evening, Aug. 11 wedding of Miss Estelle Theresa L. Williams, the Betty Belton, Mrs. Irma Villarin Miss Daisy Gilliard and;

heart of Fiskites as an daughter of prof. James 'L. Williams and the late Mrs. Gertrude L. Dannette Howell. From'left Vernon Mrs
: McKissick of New York
early entrant to the .a.- Williams to Rudolph McKissick, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence bestman and brother of r groom; Ushers, Richard McKissick. brother City,

university. Her later McKissick, was celebrated in a brilliant candlelight ceremony in of groom; j. L. Williams
jr. of the bride Joshua \\.
exemplary accomplishments spacious St. Paul AME Church, Rev. R.J. Blaine, pastor, officiating. Williams brother of the bride; Frank Priestly George

as a student and 'F Hundreds of guests later attended the wedding reception which was Herbert putman and Clarence Belton. in foreground, : Susan Howell Lowery,

held in the Waldron of Bethel institutional Church.In .
her charming personalitysoon House Baptist flower girl; Harry, James, ring bearer, and Gentry Wright flower
won for her a center photo, the celebrants (center) flanked by their atten- girl. Photos left and right show celebrants at beautiful, cake.

permanent place in the -
"rrt". L .AV Inl. '
k' : \Fl.!otos_ By .Sherrpd: : )
Fisk University family. Popular Educators 'E.G..I Stfs

Honors bestowed on Miss Dr. J.C.
i Sums To Head DelegationTo
Gibson during her college Secretly Married -tIt.e

career includedher Joist EvtMt
TAMPA Two of Florida s National Baptist ConventionA i
reign as "Miss Sophomore of 1959-60, ,
leading educators were s -
"Kappa Sweetheart Attendant," 1960-61; and r r a a large number of Floridians
married in '.'; will attend
recently a the
The 70th
'Kappa of 196162." She is anniversary. of
Queen a member of 83rd Annual Session
Delta secret wedding witnessedby Emanuel, Baptist Church parent body and the
Sigma Theta Sorority.
ones of the
a few close friends, and the 15th for the Rev. auxilaries of the National

.... .... .... .... .... .... here. The newly weds are"' S.If-- w f Badger 0.. a as pastor Baptist Convention of America which will con
Mrs. Margaret Blake of opened last: Sunday night vene with the Mt. Carmel Baptist Church, the Rev.

this city and Cato Roachof and will terminate Aug. J. D. Houston, pastor September 59.
Visiting relatives rejoiced with Mr. and Mrs.J. Ca/me -
Ft. auderdale. Both The delegation which
W. Mitchell of 5751 Tusk Court on their .entry 27.The Evangelical Board. Rev.R. .
are graduates of Florida following churches will be comprised of H. Wilson, city will
into their new home. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Atkins; Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Carr;
AIM! University.The will participate: Monday churches from various fill the
Mrs. Mitchell's parents, Mr. and ,Mrs. A. Waldon wedding 729 Ct. E: Girl. 1774 Francis St. ; Boy. corresponding
double-ring night;, st. Stephen AME sections in the state secretary post and also
Bowers of Frederick, Maryland are enjoying the Rev. and Mrs. Charles Mr. and Mrs. James Brock
was held at 7:00 p.m. in and Mt. Ararat Baptist which are connected with will serve in the Foreign
local scenery, along with her sister Mrs. Mary Dailey; 1027 Jessie St. ; 1410 Illinois St. ; Boy.
the home of the bride'sminister Church es.Tuesday the Progressive Baptist Mission Board Department.Rev. .
Hackley of Straubing, Germany. Mrs. Hackley is Girl. Mr. and Mrs. Richard
the Rev. Cubell night, Abyssinia State Convention of : E. Armster of
accompanied by her children, Marshall, Marcia, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Weston Wallace; 638 Ct. E; Boy.
Johnson of the and will be headedby
pastor Baptist New Hope AME Florida Clearwater will representthe
!Mark, and uarnia. Mr. Robert L. Smith is also ; 907 W. 30th Street; Mr. and Mrs. Samuel
Tyer Temple Methodist Churches: Wednesday the Rev. J. C. Sams. State Mission Board
enjoying The Mitchells' hospitality. Girl. Douglas; 408 E. 27th St. ; ;
Church. The bride was night, Mt. Calvary Bap- city. Rev. S. C. Cardwell. St.
Mr. and Mrs. James Wil- Girl.
.... .... .... ... given in marriage by tist and'Macedonia Primitive Dr. Sams who is the Petersburgh Home Mission
.... .... liams; 205 W. Hall St. ; Mr. and Mrs. Bobby MC-
W Linnell Dupre&r owner Baptist churches. Girl. Griff; 722 McCoy St. ; pastor of Second Baptist Board, and Rev. J. C.
of a Tampa printing: firm Thursday night, First Church is the General Adams of Belle Glade, the
Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe Webb of Fort Lauderdale Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Girl.
and husband of Mrs. Mogul Corinth Baptist and President of the state Education Board.
Florida were recent visitors to the city. They Davis; 1504 W. 15th, St. ; Mr. and Mrs. Louis Pres-
Dupree president of the Bethlehem Baptist; Fri- body and the Vice presi- Rev. W.M Hill of this
were guests of jr. Webb's mother, Mrs. Malisso Boy. sley; 1201 Weare Street;
Florida Department of day night Antioch Bap dent of the national city will serve with
ebb of Cleveland Street. Mr. and Mrs. Larry Boy.
Roscoe Jr., Sheldon and
Classroom Teachers unit tist and Greater Payne organization the Moderator's
Deborah Webb, accompanied their parents. O'Neal; 1711 E. 27th St.; Mrs. Robert Thomas; 2670W.
of the FSTA. AME Churches. He will be active
Visiting Mrs. Webb at the same time were Mrs. Boy. 45th Street; Girl.
The bride is assistant Aug. 26 Second. Baptist .through out the sessional
Mr. and Mrs. Blarence Mr. and Mrs. Norman
Johnnie Webb Lavett of' Springfield Garden, New principal of T.ampa'sHowardt Day Spring Baptist and week as one of the key
'York, accompanied by her daughter Wand /. 'and W. Blake' 'High Mt. Olive Primitive, Baptist Harden;. 735 Everson St. ; Thomas; 2336 Southern presiders during all
nieces Viola and Mary McTear. Boy. Avenue: Girl. -
Churches. business periods.
School which was named .

.... .... ... .... .... .... for her late husband. She Jaa Cori Competes Study Other state heads attending -
also w, rks in the evening are, Mrs. H. B.

division of Gibbs Junio Miller of Green Cove k

The Emmett packers of Atlanta, Georgia were in College in St, PetersburgThe Springs. Fla. Senior

the city recently as guests of Mr.and Mrs. Algier bridegroom is the Women; Mrs. A.L. Dean

Barnett of Edward Waters College... principal of rt.. .Lauder-. Sebring Junior Women;
dale's Walker Elementary Mrs. Idella Williams of
.... .... .... .... .... .... 7"
immediate ishers .
School and the Sarasota. ; Mrs.M

past president of the M. Waren of Bowling

Mr. and Mrs. English Gerideau, Sr. of 1223 Florida State Teachers Green and Rev. W.J. Glove x

West Thirteenth Street have returned from an Association (FSTA). of St. Petersburgh FAMU STUDENT NURSE -

extensive vacation that included attending com- Both will continue next Children Department.Mrs. Miss Tonya Ann Harris.

mencement activities at Howard university. year in their present .. H. L. Alexander of An attractive Junior

Their tour included visits to Milwaukee, Wisconsin jobs, but they plan to ?'_ Orlando and Rev. H. B. nursing education majorat

where they visited their son Emmett jay; make their: bore, in Ft. .... ) ... Whitehurst of Sanford Florida Attf Universitywas
Raleigh, North Carolina where they were guestsof Lauderdale. -- gpll Youth: and Sam Davis chosen Florida

their daughter, Mrs. Margaret Exum; Jamaica Second Baptist MANIFOLD city Layman Brotherhood. Student Nurse for 1962

New York where they visited the Girardeaux; E. 27 Others from this city by the Florida student
Slates Aug.
Englewood New York, where they stopped with Mrs. and other part will be Nurse Association re

Sadie pardin and family and Rev. A. C. L. Arbain; Musicale Here '4 active at all the de- cently. She is a former

Pittsburgh Pa.and New york City. On. their The J C. *Sams Ensemble o partments. Among thosein FAMU Spring Sports carni-

visit to New jersey they were guests of a' f crmei Second Baptist Church key positions will be val queen and a native of

Jaxon, Mrs. joe Burns of Roselle,. and Mr.. and will present its annual FAMU SALUTES FLORIDA---Florida A. and M* University saluted the great state the Rev. H H. Robinson, Pensacola. Tonya is va -

Mrs. Wilbur Allen in Mt. Vernon, New York. musical recital Aug.; 27 of Florida this summer and posing here for publication at the billboard of this city and Braden- cationing in New York

tat 8:15 p.m. in the located on the 'campus are FAMU co-eds, Ernestine Ladd (left) of Pensacola ion who will presideas City with her mother.Mrs. .

auditorium of the church and Delores Pearson of Jacksonville. chairman of the Edith Harris.
--- -----
artist will be
You seek The Best Doctor

) When tout Doctor PrescribesGet Charles Wilbur, wwho will Applications For Marriage Licenses

be ,heard in several selections ..
Experienced Pharmacists
and will Otto E. Bolton. 308 Rosie B. Cain. 1659 W.
According to Your Doctor's sup- At boat,at fountains,everywhere-
l/orttd ,by the ensemble. Goodwin St. 20, and 25th St. 59. .
; Orders. We Use Only t .
I Other artists appearingwill Lelia L. Holloway 3219 James E. Harrell, 2238
The Best Quality Drugs,
<' be Allie. Faye Round- Moncrief Road 18. McCoy Blvd. 19, and MaryL.

r ., ,Dr. C. E. BlackProprietor' r to. : tree. Aaron Jackson Amos Clarence Johnson Jr. Jenkins, 2058 Tuskegee r

; Ealey and Albert. Henderson. 628 W. Union St. 21 and Road. 17.Willie .
".,;: f, 3 REGISTERED RMRMACISTS TO SERVE YOU Norma'J. Richardson, R.H. young jr., :p p ,: t : t '. : 1:"

Beach Outing 6310 Moncrief Road, 18. Green Cove springs Fla. 1 '--, .,F -

A COMPLETE LINE OFT.Cosmeties Otis Kelsey, 6839 Hema
Persons interested in a 19 and Joyce Lane 1205 if Pepsi
'" Rubber Goods Candies' .-t:. ?' PRESCRIPTIONS CALLED FOR AND DELIVERED"Lilly's Harden 4945 Rhode Island
for those who think
: Beach may secure bus Herman J. Jones. 2605 young Today people of all ages fO
Drive N., 34.
: transportation Saturdayat Debra Dr. 26 and Willie ill tit for I... We lire lie modern active lilt. this it the lilt for Pepsi .
Store lewis Tanner, 6335 Rosa
: Drug 7 p.m. at Johnson and Mae Gray 2613 Debra Dr. -li t ht, tnciit, elni-ttttii Pepsi."b tons, il fountain, say "Piftl,final"t
and Annie
Ave. 77. L.
Fifth Streets.
Kennedy 6335 Rosa Ave. 2LLeon
Henderson Jr. "
1907 KINGS I ROAD EL 3-8276 67. 536 Eaverson St. 31 and 't.4

Donald F. Poe, Pensacola Lucile McClain. : .
536 '
Fla. and Olivia Burns i ,
JANEdiscovered Eaverson St. 25.Miss ...{;1
1257 W. 16th St., Jax. 24 '
A. LawrenceIs
11 William R. Dani els', 748 ,

Wbite Label" that Goody's is the ff. Ashley St. 25 and Vactioninghi ,., j ,

sensiby! priced brand of head Artelia scott. 1531 > .,' ";" "
ache powders. There is. none Francis St. 29. New York City I ..1fi.
DEWAR'S better. So why pay more? Enoch A. Lundy, Alachua Miss Audrey Lawrence,

Fla. 24 and Louise L. the daughter of Mrs. Ola

SCOTCH WHISKY IL Fla. Lawrence and a June a.o
: DeO>ursey, Alachua. ,
I f 29. graduate of Stanton High

George H. Totson. 3717 School left the city re-

e Davis St. 32 and Rosa L. cently for New York City

Rowe. 719 Court D. 39. where she is visiting

f Al S. Darrlngton. 805 ,. relatives and friends.

Monroe St. 31. and She is being wished a

,* '. -, Jacqueline Brown, 829 pleasant stay.sneezing. t'a'wr.1.4.

a'Mte } .' ;+ Blanch St. 25.

ti I Willie Frank Strive. _

3263 Katanga Dr. 25, and f

Barbara J. Keenon, 6233 du. .
Dr. 21. I h fever / .
2 POWDERS 5* Katanga 'Y.1.TY1.w.M.w w/Y N.I Y.M.

$12 POWDERS 25 John D. ,Clark., :712 I Dr.feQfi Grata.. ttmrt..ta a =::
Blanche St. 65, and


r SATURDAY.: AUGUST 25, 1962 : :i------ FLIHIA STAR j k. : __ .:-c;

PIt Williams McKissiek 'Nuptials An Outstanding Highlight Of Jax Summer" Social I Whirl I I Ih

: .. _

! -- 1 : _

.. YJ.Yr
I 3k
ea :
!i _

i:' LOUiSE G with GUINYABD I __ 1 __ w

Mrs. Lois iszard has gained celebrity status -j __

with her recent appearance on the national television .4 .

show The Price is Right." What started
out to be an enjoyable vacation turned into a ; s., -
I ,
windfall for the attractive young matron, who was 6

Champion for a Day." __

Lois returned home last week to a happy hus- ; K
1 f,
band (a full length mink coat was included among / e

her prizes) and a host of friends who rejoiced __

with her in her good fortune.J 4 ----r
Mrs. iszard was accompanied on her New' York ,Y Yt _

trip by her daughter, Roxann., s \1 1 :: Y

.... ,. .... .... .... .... .... w.Mw.
G '. :.
a 4
;' ,
:- ,
The'engagement of Miss Zeta Estelle Gibson to utiLti',4r

Dr.the week.Samuel Von Wimbush is the social news of -_. -'< ... ;... -_- t-: '-v ft;.. ._':i:1 U4- _awt. ,.'v .'

The lovely daughter of Bishop Sadie Gibson BRILLIANT EVENT---Acclaimed.by pioneer residents as the largest dantsare: Mis. Paula Matthews (next to bride) junior bridesmaid

_j and the late Sgt. George attended matrimonial event in Jacksonville's history, the Saturday and niece of the groom; Mrs. Helen
Gregory matron
of honor
Gibson, captured the evening, Aug. 11 'wedding of Miss Estelle Theresa L. Williams, the Betty Belton, Mrs. irma Villarin, Miss Daisy Gilliard and; Sirs

heart of Fiskites as an daughter of prof. James 'L. Williams and the late Mrs. Gertrude L. Dannette Howell. Prom'left Vernon City'bestman Mrs
: McKissiek of New York
___ early entrant to the Williams to Rudolph McKissick, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence and brother of groom; Ushers Richard McKissiek, brother

university. Her later s McKissick, was celebrated in ,a brilliant candlelight ceremony in of groom; j. L. Williams jr. brother of the bride; Joshua 1ti.

/ exemplary accomplish- spacious st. Paul AME Church Rev. R.J. Blaine, pastor, officiating. Williams, brother of the bride; Frank Priestly, George

ments as a student and Hundreds of guests later attended the wedding reception which was Herbert putman and Clarence Belton. in foreground Lowery,
: Susan Howell
her charming personality ,: held in the. Waldron House of Bethel Baptist Institutional Church.In flower girl; Harry, James, ring bearer, and Gentry Wright, flower,

soon won for her a J center photo, the celebrants (center) flanked by their atten- girl. photos left and right show celebrants at beautiful cake.

permanent place in the -_- .. .
Fisk University family. Popular i''Educators:- Elllal.11 Stts Photos jsy .sner.roci)

i Honors bestowed on Miss Dr. JSums To Head DelegationTo
Gibson during her col- Secretly Married --II

lege career includedher Joint EvMt National
TAMPA Two of Florida s Baptist ConventionA
reign as "Miss Sophomore of 1959-60,
leading educators were
"Kappa Sweetheart Attendant," 1960-61; and .. large number of Floridians
married recently in a v will attend the
"Kappa Queen of 196162." She is a member of 70th :.anniversary. of 83rd Annual Session of the
secret wedding witnessedby Emanuel Baptist Church parent body and the
Delta Sigma Theta Sorority.
ones of the
a few close friends, and the 15th ,for the Rev., auxilaries of the National

.... .... .... .... .... .... here. The newly weds are.W SwkjJ Badger ..as.. pastor, : Baptist Convention of America which will con-
t vene with
Mrs. Margaret Blake of opened last Sunday nightand the Mt. Carmel Baptist Church, the Rev.

this city and Cato Roachof will terminate Aug.. .x- J. D. Houston pastor, September 5-9.
Visiting relatives rejoiced with Mr. and Mrs.J. Ca4we-
Ft. auderdale.. Both The delegation which
W. Mitchell of 5751 Tusk Court on theirentryinto 27.The Evangelical Board. Rev.
are graduates of Florida following churches will be comprised of R.H. Wilson city will
their new home. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Atkins; Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Carr;
A&M University.The will participate: Monday churches from various fill the
Mrs. Mitchell's parents, Mr. and ,Mrs. A. Waldon I. f 729 Ct. E: Girl. 1774 Francis St. : Boy. corresponding
double-ring weddingwas .. night,. SJt. s t e hen AM E sections in the state secretary post and also
Bowers of Frederick, Maryland are enjoying the Rev. and Mrs. Charles Mr. and Mrs. James Brock
held at 7:00 p.m. in and' Mt. Ararat Baptist which are connected with will serve in the Foreign
local scenery along with her sister Mrs. Mary Dailey; 1027 Jessie St. ; 1410 Illinois St. ; Boy.
the home of the bride'sminister Churches. the Progressive Baptist Mission Board Department.
Hackley of Straubing, Germany. Mrs. Hackley is Girl. Mr. and Mrs. Richard
the Rev. Cubell Tuesday night, Abyssinia State Convention of Rev E. Armster of
accompanied by her children, Marshall, Marcia, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wel- Wallace; 638 Ct. E; Boy.
Johnson, pastor of the Baptist and New Hope AME Florida will be headedby Clearwater will representthe
Mark, and Marnia. Mr. Robert L. Smith is also ton; 907 W. 30th Street: Mr. and Mrs. Samuel
Tyer Temple Methodist Churches: Wednesday the Rev. J. C. Sams. State Mission Board
enjoying The Mitchells' hospitality. Girl. Douglas; 408 E. 27th St. ; ;
Church. The bride was night, Mt. Calvary BaptiSt city. Rev. s. C. Cardwell, St.
Mr. and Mrs. James Wil- Girl.

..!.; .... .... .... .... .... given in marriage by and'Macedonia primi- liams; 205 W. Hall St. ; Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Mc- Dr. Sams who is the Petersburgh. Home Mission
.. .
Linnell tive Baptist Churches.
". Dupree; owner Girl. Griff; 722 McCoy St. ; pastor of Second Baptist Board and Rev. J. C.
of a Tampa printing firm Thursday night. First Church is the General Adams of Belle Glade the
Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe Webb of Fort Lauderdale, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Girl.
and husband of Mrs. Mogul Corinth Baptist and President of the state Education Board.
Florida Davis; 1504 W. 15th St. Mr. and Mrs. Louis Pres-
recent visitors ;
were the city. They
Dupree. president of the Bethlehem Baptist; Fri- body and the Vice presi- Rev. W.M. Hill of this
were guests of jr. Webb' mother, Mrs. Malisso Boy. sley; 1201 Weare Street;
Florida Department of day night Antioch Bap- dent of the national city will with
Tebb of Cleveland Street. Roscoe Jr., Sheldon and Mr. and Mrs. Larry Boy. serve
Classroom Teachers unit tist and Greater Payne organization the Moderator's
Deborah Webb, accompanied their parents.. O'Neal; 1711 E. 27th St.; Mrs. Robert Thomas; 2670 Council.
of the F TA. AME Churches. He will be active
Visiting Mrs. Webb at the same time were Mrs. The bride is assistant Aug. 26 Second. Baptist Boy. W. 45th Street; Girl. .through out the sessional
Mr. and Mrs. Blarence Mr. and Mrs. Norman
Johnnie Webb Lavett of' Springfield Garden New principal, of Tampa's, Day Spring Baptist and week as one of the key r

Tork, accompanied by her daughter Wanda Wand Howard W. Blake' 'High Mt. olive Primitive-- Harden;. ..735 Eyerson.. St. ; Thomas; 2336 Southern. .. presiders during all
-nieces Viola and Mary McTear. Boy. Avenue; Girl.
Churches. business
School which was named periods.

.... .... .... .... .... .... for her late husband. She Jax] Coid Computes Study Other state heads attending -
also w, rks in the evening are. Mrs.' H.B.

division of Gibbs junio Miller of Green Cove

,The Emmett Packers of Atlanta, Georgia were in College in St. PetersburgThe Springs Fla. Senior
,the ,city recently as guests of Mr.and Mrs. Algier bridegroom is the Women; Mrs. A.L. Dean. t

Barnett? of Edward Waters. College.. .-. ,. ,-, principal of F ...Lauder-. w rY ..r' Sebring Junior Women; R)
J dale's Walker. Elementary 4 Mrs. Idella Williams of
*e... .... .... .... .... .... a 1 I 11 k1 -
School and the immediate Sarasota. ishers; Mrs.

past president o..i the M. M. Waren of Bowling
', '... .' :' .
Mr. and : '
Mrs. English Gerideau, Sr. of 1223 Florida State Teachers Green and Rev. W.J. Gloveof

West Thirteenth Street have returned from an Association (FSTA) '. <; "" .:.' t.;. .' St. Petersburgh. FAMU STUDENT NURSE -

extensive vacation that included attending commencement Both will continue next 0: :;, ; Children Department.Mrs. Miss Tonya Ann Harris
: .:
activities at Howard University. year in their present f ; H.L. Alexander of .an attractive Junior

Their tour included visits to Milwaukee, Wisconsin jobs, but they. plan to 1:: IOtti Orlando and Rev. H.B. nursing education majorat

'- where they visited their son Emmett' jay; make their: hpie.in; Ft. ) Whitehurst of Sanford Florida A&tt Universitywas

Raleigh, North Carolina where they were guestsof Lauderdale. MANIFOLD Youth: and Sam Davis chosen Florida

their daughter, Mrs. Margaret Exum; Jamaica, Second Baptist city, Layman Brotherhood. Student Nurse for 1962

New York where they visited the Girardeaux; E. 21 Others from this city by the Florida Student
Slates Aug.
Englewood, New York, where they stopped with Mrs. and other part will be Nurse Association re-

Sadie pardin and family and Rev. A. C. L. Arbain; Musicale HereThe ". t P r active at all the de- 'cently. She is a former

Pittsburgh, Pa.and New York City on, their J C. Sams. Ensemble o ..; } 5W partments. Among thosein FAMU Spring Sports Carni-

visit to New Jersey, they were guests of a" fame z Second Baptist Church f 4 key positions will be val queen and a native of

jaxon, Mrs. joe Burns of Roselle. and Mr., and will present its annual FAMU SALUTES! 'FLORIDA---Florida A. and M< University saluted the great state the Rev. H H. Robinson, Pensacola. Tonya is va ,

Mrs. Wilbur Allen in Mt.. Vernon, New york. musical recital Aug. 27 of Florida this summer and posing here for publication at the billboard of this city and Braden- cationing in New York q

-'at 8:15 p.m. in the located on the campus are FAMU co-eds, Ernestine Ladd (left) of Pensacola tion. who will presideas City with her mother. \

auditorium of the church and Delores Pearson of Jacksonville. chairman of the Mrs. Edith Harris. i

You Seek The Best -' Doctor Featured artist ,will be

When Your Doctor PrescribesGet Charles Wilbur w who will Applications For Marriage Licenses

Experienced, pharmacists be heard in several selections .- ..
and will be Otto E. Bolton 308 Rosie B. Cain. 1659 W. '
According to Your- Doctor 's sup- At boat,at fountains,everywhere-
Goodwin St. 20, and ..
St. 59.
ported by the ensemble. 25th -
Orders. We Use Only .
Other artists appearingwill Lelia L. Holloway, 3219 James E. Harrell 2238
i moo, The Best Quality
I: be Allie Faye Round- Moncrief Road. 18. McCoy Blvd. 19, and MaryL.
: ,Dr. C. E. BlackProprietor ;.. Clarence Johnson Jr. ,
tree Aaron Jackson, Amos Jenkins, 2058 Tuskegee
:__: .. W. Union St. 21 and
Ealey and Albert Henderson. Road 17. \ -----. .... ;
;;-".; 3 REGISTERED RIARMACISTS! TO SERVE YOU Norma' J. Richardson, P.IIJPep ;'
? .
Willie R.H. young jr.
.! _
6310 Moncrief Road 18. ._ __ ,., -
:"Y{. Beach OutingPersons Green Cove Springs. Fla. 0- .
7 .. A COMPLETE LINE OF Otis Kelsey. 6839 Hems .,'" <;;,
'. interested in a 19 and Joyce Lane, 1205 it's ;
_ : *Cosmetics -. Rubber Goods Candles' .Sundries; beach outing to American Rd. 49 and Gertie M. Barnett St., 17. now Pepsi

for those who think
Beach may secure bus Herman J. Jones, 2605 young Today people 01 all ages to

transportation Saturdayat Drive N., 34. Debra Dr. 26 and Willie all out for /... We Hit lie modern active Ill,. Hit it the lilt lit Peps liJ

j ,...:., Lilly Drug Store Fifth 7 p.m.Streets.at Johnson and Ave.lewis, 77.Tanner.,and 6335 Annie Rosa L. Mae Gray, 2613 Debra Dr. -/fell, tneitt, clear-tastirg Ptrti.lt stores, II fountain, say "Ptptl,Please

.t ;" : Kennedy, 6335 Rosa Ave. 2LLeon
Henderson, jr. ,. -
> : 1907 KINGS ROAD El. 67. 536 Eaverson St. 31 and : "

I Donald F. Poe, PensacolaFla. Lucile McClain 536 : :
and Olivia Burns. k& :
JANEdiscovered Eaverson St. 25. ,. ;
38276cli 1257 16th St.,,Jax, 24
Miss A. LawrenceIs 'y
11 w William R. Daniels. 748

'i3 Wbite that Goody's is the W. Ashley St. 25 and Vactioning I

sensibly priced brand of head Artelia Scott. 1531

; ache powders. There is. none Francis St. 29. In New York City

DEWAR'SSCOTCH better. So why pay more? Enoch A. Lundy. Alachua Miss Audrey Lawrence, C. ;?

Fla. 24 and Louise L. the daughter of Mrs. Ola
DeCoursey, Alachua Fla., Lawrence and a June \3%
--' 29.? graduate of Stanton High r + Y"S

CoodgV George H. TUtson, 3717 School, left the city re -

Davis St., 32 and Rosa L. cently for New York City _
1 1f Rowe. 719 Court D. 39. where she is visiting _

AI S. Darrington, 805: W. relatives and friends.

_ y Monroe St. 31. and She is being wished a
_ Jacqueline Brown 829 pleasant stay. w r

'buew...i Blanch St. 25.
Willie Frank Strive, I Irrffk sneezing Kd'.3
} 1 and
3263, Katanga Dr. 25. I! ..53'y

Barbara J. Keenon. 6233 i Y
2 POWDERS So Katanga Dr. 21. [ I Vhj fever -!. 1 'f.

712 : ..,
r 12 POWDERS 25 John D. Clark .a+dlf'.6 aMwatola o c.i cc+ ov.u :

-.- Blanche St. 65, and



! Union CoflHHiMty s Mt. Ararat's Women's Day Supervisors ABOUT

i'i Baby Contest ;1 A.F+. > PEOPLE

Finals Sunday *****

', CHU.RCH'IEWS Mrs. Cleveland Johnsonand Mrs. Nettie Durham Miss Mary Johnson and Miss

Mrs. A.B. Houston, .: Yk Charlene Taylor are back in the city after attending -

chairman and co chairman k ei the Prayer Band Convention in West Palm

respectively, announce Beach.
that the church- {
The United Holiness Prayer Band will hold prayer .... .... .. .. ... ... ... .
wide Baby Contest pre-
meeting*beginning at 8 p.m. daily,at 1836 Meharry
sentation will be held :
will be Evangelist Cecil
The speaker
Sunday at 11 a.m. in the : Thomas Byron Shields is serving as coordinatorfor

Thomas. .. church auditorium. the Annual Fun Festival sponsored by the

... . . .. .. .. . Classes 6 and 8 and Brewster Men's Club. Plans are being perfectedto
. .:. . . . . .
Stewardess Boards will present the Fun Festival during the month of

present little Edward September Mr. Shields reported. Full details will
Usher Board 1, 2, 3, and 4 of Little Rock Bap
Arnold Johnson, Little be released later.
tist Church will .celebrate their Joint anniversary
Wayne Damon Williams will

,Aug. 29, at 8 p.m in the church auditorium.A be presented by the .. .. ... ... .. .. t ...

program has been arranged. other boards in the Trustee Board: and Shel-

city have been invited. lia Antoinette Burls is Rev. and Mrs. T. D. Tyson have returned to the

.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. being supported the Missionary by city after vacationing in Cocoa and Merritt
Classes 3 and 7, ANNUAL PROGRAM SUNDAY---A daylong series of events will featurethe island. They were the guest of their cousin, Mrs.

Board and the A.Reed. While in Merritt island, the Rev. preachedat
The Traveling Stars Gospel Singers will be annual Women's Day observance Sunday at Mt. Ararat Baptist
Sunday School. Richard Mt. Olive AME Church.
heard in recital at the Mt. Sinai Primitive has the back- Church, Rev. D. J. Graham, pastor. Outstanding persons will
Allen Russ

Baptist Church, 1824 W. 27th St. Aug. 26 at( ing of Classes 7 and 5. feature the various programs and the general public is invitedto ... ... .. ... ... .

have been extended to the attend the events. .
8 p.m.Invitations
Choir 2 and Usher Board 1.
(Royal Art Studio Photo)

public. Mrs. Vermeil Wilson a member of Day Spring
Second stDedicates -

.. ...... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..... .. .. .. .. .. ..,.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..".. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. New Celebrate NuptialsTWILIGHT African United Maceo Baptist Temple Church No.and 185 also IBPOE a member of W. of will the be Pride leavingthe of

't'.',. sa. Plans AnniversaryThe city in a few days to visit friends and to

The men of Mt. uoriah' Methodist Church will Youth Center attend the Elks Convention in Detroit, Mich.

observe annual Men' s Day Aug. 26, beginningwith Impressive dedicatory iL- -, African United

the Sunday school. services were held for Church will celebrate its ... . .. .. .
seventh anniversary in
the New Youth Center of

. . . . . auditorium of the
. . . . . Second Baptist Church the Willie Bussey an employee of Breaster Methodist

last Sunday at 4:30 p.m. church Aug. 26 beginningat Hospital has been going like wild fire in the

Choirs 1, 2, and 3 of Mt. Bernon Baptist Church Hundreds of members and 8:30 p.m.Talented backfield of' the Jacksonville the
Bears city's I
will observe their second Joint anniversary Aug. friends filled the auditorium people of the first and only professional football team. Busseywas 1

27 at 8 p.m. Mrs. Alice Johnson of Day Spring of the center for city will appear on the '
quite a star in his high school days and
of the
Baptist Church will serve as mistress of cere- the occasion. program. Some
during his collegiate days. Bussey is well thoughtof
monies. A program will be presented. Usher Boards Arrangements were under 'participants are: Mrs.
by the Bears officials. Barring injuries,
1, 2 and 3 will serve. the supervision of the _A I M. Morris. Eddie Bell.
to be headed for stardom
appears as pro.
Almon Wright Mrs.G.
Youth Council. Outstanding ::

. . . . . ,: 0 Mrs. Lillie Brewster employees are looking forward to seeing
. . . . . personalities who are U Tripp.'
Rivers Mrs. Bertha their co-worker in action September 8 against

l Stanton Vocational Announces. Fall interested young adults in childrenand partici- ; a Bell.' Miami.

1 Registration Slate pated on the program.Mrs. Also Pauline Keys .. .. ... .... .. ... .. ..
Alean Tarver, the anise Doby. Mrs.
-- -
Leroy B. Jacksonville, adults and full time president of the council CEREMONY---During a picturesque early Katherina Keys. B.S.

principal of the Day trade students. Additional Gospel Singers. Elder Rev. Clarence Steger has assumed his duties as
was .the keynote speaker. evening ceremony. Miss Blanche A. Barfield the
Division of Stanton Vocational -, information may Will Roseburr. Heavenly volunteer chaplain at Brewster Methodist Hospital.He .
Others appearing were, daughter of Mrs. LeJia M. Barfield of Valdosta
High School announced be obtained at the prin- Star Gospel Singers. conducted his first service Sunday Aug.19He
Rev. J.L. Hall Thomas Ga. became the bride of Cleveland S.
that registrationfor cipal's office. Studentsare Elder Oliver Lewis. Mrs.S. .
D.ani. e 1 s Mrs. Emma Sr. of Calif.
all new students and being accepted in all Berkley the ceremony taking placeat Easter, Traveling conducted his first service Sunday Aug. 19
Peach er. Amos Ealy. Miss
,I for the 10th grade will area with the exceptionof Ingreid Hilton Atrus 1736 W. 17t'i fil. at 7 p.m. Rev. J. C. FVH, Stirs, Deacon s. John- at 8 a.m. His sermon was heard throughout the hos-
pastor of Second
Baptist Church .
be held Tuesday Vocational Businessand Davis son. pital.
Fleming Sam
September 4th beginningat Practical Nursing.The Alexander Heard and bride's attendants were Miss Pat Donaldson, Elder Sidney Gates is

8:30 in the morning., Nursing Class and Rev. J. C. Sams pastor.Mrs. bridesmaid, and Miss Georgia M. Mongen, maid of pastor of the church. .... ... ... ... .. .

Class honor. James Ethron was bestman. The groom serves
previously enrolled Vocational Business
Susie D. Thompson Wocdliwn
at the VocationalHigh both have their full with the U. S. Navy at Mayport Naval -Base. The Presbyterian Mrs. Fannie M. Jones and daughter Carolyn of
served as the mistressof
School will returnto quota of students. ceremonies.All couple are residing at 1816.Houston Street. Church NotesBY 1666 Steele Street is visiting relatives and

school on that date (Royal Art Studio photo) L.N. PEARSON SR. friends in Oglethorpe Georgia. She is a member of
will be
and enter the grade they Miss. C. J. Gamble, under the supervision of the Brewster Mothers Club.

have previously registered Annual Youth Death MoyroedKILLED Sunday, August 26, the
an adult counselor.The ... ... .. .. .
in. Bride Elect, Is Belle Waters Young Fete SundayAt Woodlawn United Presbyterian -

All new students will Church will begin
Peoples' Choir was in .
report to the school its regular Morning Mrs. Gertrude McCormick a former nurse's aide
Shower Honoree charge of choral music. BaptistThe
&ud1 Qr u.. Students" .". ----', Worship Service at 10:55a.m. at Brewster Methodist Hospital tho. 3 p.m. to

registering tor the tint Miss Carolyn J. Gamble Brewster MenPlan shepherd Boys Lea- with Rev. F.D. Wil- 11 p.m. shift died recently after a very brief
to and
time are required gue Girl's Auxiliaryof
bride elect of Sept. 7th r minister Illness. The almost sudden death of this well
1 lon, deliveringthe
bring proof of grade.Junjor Sunday Second Baptist Church
High School gradu- was feted with a mis- will sponsor their annual nj.eF' message. The Westminster thought of employee, cast gloom over the entire

ates who are planning to cellaneous shower by Morning MeetingThe Youth on Parade pro- choir will sup- hospital

t enter the 10th grade for Mrs. Agnes A. Walker gram, Sunday at 3 p.m. port the service with A & T ProfessorIs 19 Affricans
and Miss Maggie Kellum.: Brewster Men's
the first time in Mrs. Lena Mrs. Rudyne Watson at
at the home of Miss Kel- Club met in a call ses- George Named To
are to supervisor of the the piano. The Westminster -
requested bring lum 1802 N. Myrtle Ave. sion Sunday in the Cafe- groups. choir Science Panel Gel ScholarshipsNEW
under the
official proof of grades SUNDAY1 S SERVICES
Games were played and a teria of Brewster Metho- v
completed. Regular direction of Mr. Rut- GREENSBORO N, c.. A YORK -- Awarded
Students residing in any delightful repast was dist Hospital with the Second Baptist Sunday ledge H. Pearson will professor at A&T Collegehas four-year scholarships at
served. president. J. Earl Morse -- Claude Scales
section of the county may Begin with the, Sunday sing,a special selection.The been named memberof United Negro College
Present were: Mrs. Ruth presiding.The 21 Rldgeway, Va. a
public Review
Panel of
enroll at Stanton Voca- School at 9:30 a.m. with is invited to Fund member institutions,
main discussion of rising senior and newly
Johnson. Mrs. Mae
tional High School. All C.M. Vaught and L. C. hear this great choir. the National Science a group of 19 African
Battle, Mrs. Jeanette the group was the annual named commander of the Foundation, Washington,
st udents must have Chester in charge.Rev. Singers who wish to join students are scheduledto
Scott. Mrs. Majorie FUn Festival. A committeewas Joint Corps of the Army D.C. to review pro-
serious intent and the J.c. Sams, pastor, this choir please con- arrive in the Port of
Johnson Mrs. Martha Po- selected to meet at and Air Force ROTC Detachments posals and requests for
desire to attain will review the lesson tact the president Mr. New York. Aug. 13. according -
pro- lite, Mrs. Marion Daise, the hospital Monday to at MT College, Willie Smith grants from colleges and
'Good phone to James R.
fiency in the trade in Tidings To The
Mrs. Valerie Gilbert discuss terms with the was killed in a motor- universities.Dr. .
which they enroll stu- Exiles" and deliver the 765-2145 or the director. Gerald Smothers Jr. UNCF s director
Mrs. Mildred Robinson managers of the carnival cycle-auto collision near A. Edwards.
dents sermons for the Mr. Rat ledge H. Pearson of educational
at Stanton Voca- major
attractions. Martinsville. Va. Funeral professor and chairmanof
Mrs. Agnes A. Walker
Sr., 536 W. 18th Street.
tional must enroll in one Kellum and services. the A&T College Department services. The young men
Miss Maggie Attending the sessionwere services were conductedat The Church School will -
of the shops. in additionto Consecration for deacons and won en from seven
the honoree Miss Carolyn
Lucious Clark C.A. the Mayo Baptist begin at 10:00 a.m. under chemistry

shop work regular Gamble. Willis Daniel Nicholson, deaconesses, choir and Church near Ridgeway. the direction of the su last week accepted an countries comprise the
j high school work is given ushers will be held at second group to matriculate -
Ellis Morse Calvin Horse perintendent. Mr. T.V. invitation to serve on
which enables them to 0:45 a. m. Sgf. B. D. at UNCF colleges
Beauticians' Workshop J. Ear Morse, Eugene H. Gray 8J er. He is inviting all the panel to review and
obtain high school Warning whip begin at under the African
a Brown Barnes Lnndy. Hllli Arrives At FAMU members and visitors tc make recommendations regarding -
diploma along with the 11 o' clock for Scholarship Program inaugurated -
Howard, Freddie Williams, TALLAHASSEE Lt. Col. be present and on time.
trade certificate. Baptist Training Union last year. This
Trichologists Beau- J. J. Nixon, Mr. and Mrs. Albert J. Parker pro- The Westminster choir National Science Founda-
Those who have ticians' Unit begin at 5:45, Mrs. year's African freshmen
recently 38 are inviting George Lawson Jwes Guy- R.H. fessor of military will rehearse Tuesday tion spons cred SImmer Re-
graduated from one of all licensed Morrissette assisted by search Participation Pro- will attend 16 of'the
ton. Harold Ferguson science. Florida MM University night 8:00 P.m. Wednesday
the academic high schoolsmay beauticians to attend a Alexander Heard will be Midweek grams for High School 32 UNCF member institu
Thomas B. Shields. R.C recently an? 7:30 p.m. Prayer
enroll in the trade worshop Monday. Aug. 27 in charge. Teachers. tions.Invites .
Gibbs, C. parham Johnson n winced the arrival of Bible-Study. Friday 8:00 .
shops on a full-time or from 12 noon until 7 Evening service beginsat ;..
p.m Josh Hillman. Dr. Bart Sgt. Baron D. Gray "of p.m.. United Presbyterian M --. "
part-time basis. There In Robinson's Beauty Weech and AdministratorJack 7 p.m. Monroe La. choir rehearsal 8:00 p.m. '''''

is a slight fee for Shop. 1049 Davis Street. The Belle Waters Choir a
H. Whittington. Sgt. Gray was accompanied Sunday weekly at State

.... under direction of
The Club will meet again by his wife Ven- and Laura in the Sanctuary [

: : Sunday and it has been Charles T. Maxwell will dora of Frankinton, La. Meditation. Hour !
tll J Celtte sing and the junior Usher t-
announced by President A graduate of Union will be observed from .:< .
Board under supervisionof
Morse that the meetings Central High School 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
; --" will be held continuouslyuntil Mrs. Agnes Jackson Columbia. La... Sgt. Gray It is not where you are
Myrtle Av&ohd ,Adorns Phone EL 4 1468 assisted by Mrs. Laurette
further notice. also attended southern but that you are that d

STEAMED FLORIDA LOBSTER tZit' With all minor details Blount will serve for University Baton Rouge determines your hap- :

and throughout the day Sundayand La., for three years. .
complated everythingset
Green (Uncooked) Florida L01STE1S u. 69c: in readiness for the for the Tuesday night Formerly assigned to B I 4 ;to

,, Tor ,1&. fourth ttrmlght vrrk SHm hold tilt prk* H4 undtrtrrrttc service. Second Battle piness.RAPID :.
vrtnr from tAe -Jcwrtf" annual Fun Festival to Company

begin Set. 21-30. The Following the services Group Fourth Cavalry f

ROYAL RED SHRIMP Fun Festival is sponsoredby Sunday night, the pastoris First Infantry Divisionin

"-4.... 7$ ... ... s1. .. 100 f....... bt.h ....tf. k.gt the Brewster Men's asking the congrega- Korea Sgt. Gray assumes 1HK. TV SERVICEDAY I
.. .... AND NICHT
> .
b.41ti **v 1 .teI. Pw fwtNr *k Mr. Wm.lb.
79c Club. tion to accompany him to new duties with
... Baptist Church. the Florida A&M ROTC departs
Mtet MMRy MitW The combined choirs and a
assistant Instructor c1ii41rL
tndinks.r eta. .. Officers and mesbersof senior usher board 'will of military .N a 5-5770
r1.sA rr. CREtM .... the City-Wide Civic serve for the. occasion. U'tO "YCIUD

TURTLE MEAT u. 32tu. League are requested to Weekly activities. in-fl

i lev Ck.....r.l c.... .008Z. Beet at the Community elude. The J. C. Sans;
.. nou'
l4Mlhr tr..t $tMk c.a. .
rnrrN M X .... &..-. House 1199 I.. Church Ensemble Annual ausical.
S La$1.2S UADtftS WTHt"SWIM Street. Wade Night Aug. The affair will be held!

..... Cctatf to ....., 1. *. 27 at 8:30 p. .. Monday night at 8 p.a. .
Pkp. 1 "' rMas pw 'kI- STAKES"OCEANVitW
F 69C President John Hicksis The prayer. of Faith Hou FACTORY FRESH

..' PKQ j streaeiBe that ur atbusi&ee will be held Tuesday at
is to be transacted 7 p.m. R.W. Jackson Elgin 4-4508

Conch Meatu.49c. SPITS LI. ''I" tail it requiresthe will conduct the devotion You To Listen To -

i attrition of every the pastor will administer AUTOMOTIVE MARINE DIESEL .
!. Lk Tk 0e In .
S.to W.aI Ecrtte B..**r. Other officersare. the Baptismal "KNIGHT TRAIN"Starting

farther L. Taylor. rites and be' in charge olj SOUTHWAYBATTERY :

Tie .t rtft .t. Jtev, ft, the Bible period. 1

";,,;, CATF&MLB. L. Wfw,..-.. M.... Oiiw' The monthly bmstaes MFG. CORP. At 7.OO pm. Nightly= '

.,-' 'ft_... -"........4 vice meeting will te'keld. I FOOT OF WEST ADAMS

LI.411 I'j < pr..44 1 .i i..scaeea: 8:30 r.m. wit*' tire: 1400 WRHC 1400 .' ,

phillips. i.....c In charge


; x s

-- -- --
-- -
U -
F- -

---- ---

E2e FAMU Announces- League Issues Clothing To Needy Children UL 'Cciftraict L I W III a'_' e"

, Freshmen Orieititkw .a..5-. Will hahn Now Headsa

tation TALLAHASSEE P!riod-for An freshman cries- Top Uidtrs ItittGrtip

! and new students ti NEW YORK Dr. John A. .V'
tt il S will be held at FloridaA&M 4 .,.,
: Hannah President "

12. announced University M.G.Sept.piles 3- ; ij; Michigan East Lansing.State Michigan University i' aWILLIE *..'..*

chairman of the Freshman
By Russell (Chock) Charles Orientation Committeeand and chairman, U. S. Commission -

Civil Rights
Frazier (Gleep) Moody was locally regarded as director of student on
: heads the list of
an authority on women and marriage. This was per acti vi ti es. : pro-
haps understandable since Gleep had started marry- The week long program is : ,_ minent speakers who will
address the National
ing at 17 and now, at 48, was in the process of designed to aid freshman a ,Fr
Conference of the Urban
leaving his eleventh wife. He had to know something and new students in
all right. A man just didn't rack up that making satisfactory adjustments League in Grand Rapids.

much marrying milage without learning something to their new Michigan it was announced -
here today by
about women and that hill-and-valley country environment. and, ,to. .. assist,
known as matrimony... in guiding the *develop-j Henry Steeger, League

{ Host wimmin just doan have th'time to wait, fora went of their potentialities president. Dr. Hannah
man to become what will speak at the public L WESTGN JR.
they 'speck he oughta be,* to the fullest extent -
Qleep stated, in his hard, positive toward realizationof meeting in the, city's ..State President
spacious Convention Hall.
: voice. "They doan mind wai tin' satisfactory as wellas YEAR'ROUND PROJECT---Joshua W. 'Hi11man, (left) president of the Florida easeitable During the annual con-

<< for a pot to cook or a cake to bake purposeful living. and Educational Benefit League, inc. is shown dispensing items of Sunday Outing vention of the Florida

*or a prechuh to preach a three- During the period of clothing to. needy children prior to fall school opening. Over 600-needy chil- State Association of

[hour sermon. They doan even mind orientation the uni- dren and families have already become recipients of the league's various pro- Lily White Lodge No. Negro Deputy Sheriffs,

'waitin' for their kids to, grow up; versity can become acquainted jects. 'Such organizations as the Salvation Army, Department of Public Welfareand 148 is inviting the Duval County Detective

an' they'll slouch aroun' thirty with thenew school administrators assist the League in selecting the recipients. The general public to a tripto Willie L. Weston Jr.

years waitin' on somebody they students and they can League also conducts a free blood bank for people unable to pay for such ser- Silver Springs Sunday. was elected presidentof

'doan like to die. But they Just become acquainted with vices. Such people must also be recommended by welfare agencies. The organiza- Aug. 26. The bus leavesMt. the state body.A .

'doan have no patience when it come the university and its tion also pick up used furnitures, appliances and clothing for distribution Olive Primitive native of Carabelle.

to waitin' for a man to become what they 'speck facilities.The to the needy. interested persons may call the League at 1117 Myrtle Ave. Baptist Church. Fourth- Officer Weston who has

be oughta be." dormitories will ELgin 6-4368 or 354-7571 for further information: and Myrtle Avenue', at been a member of the

They were sitting in Crack's place eating ham- open Sunday Sept. 2. and (Royal Art Studio Photo) 8:30 a.m. Duval County Sheriffs

burgers and drinking beer. And it was late the freshman admissiontest Department since 1953.

enough in the day that a few of the nightos were for all students ho 5' attended Leon County's

showing on the scene, looking beady-eyed, disil- have'not' taken it will be Jax Teacher Volunteers For Congo Duty public schools and

lisioned and mostly hungry. given the same day at ,': f-" ', studied under the Armed
7:45 p.m. in Howard Hall. \ Forces institute Madi-
4'I don't think women give much of a damn whata #- i' ,
The departmental placement \ '. ,:Ii ion Wis.Officer.
man wants to be so long as it offers her security tI, z' .'.''T '
and some kind of social standing," MCNasty examinations for t 't::' : .>.:,.......... YO. w.t. Weston has attended -
music and i i-;; ; > Fla. Uni-
majors A&M
argued. "What women get tired of is waiting fora t t ; :;.
man's life to start paying'off." will be .given in Lee and -. versity's College of
Jones Halls respectivelyon W. Law's annual court
ttaw, naw, naw! Gleep contradicted, shakinghis
September 2. forums and is
,. presently
head from side to side in negative emphasis.
"You got the whole thing wrong, Mac. You just Jaxon Was Cited < J":?y,'" L 4 w undergoing a course in
.-.-. z ; the study of law from
ain had the experience with them famale folks '-- i1 a ;,
-- .. t'. the Extension Divisionof
like have. Them- definite ideas in r
I people got On "Price Is Righf i LaSalle university'sLaw
their head what they want us menfolks to be once, 1_ _-_ w ... =.
we get hooked up with 'em. .." .M zo School Chicago.
Gleep paused, bit ravenously into a fresh ham- _
Equally prominent incommunity's
burger, took a deep. swallow of beer, smacked his yy R activities

lips with unrestrained satisfaction: "My fust
Officer Weston is a 32nd
wife wanted me to be an undertaker," he revealed,
( '. degree member of the
suddenly. "She was a narrow pretty little thing
Ancient and Accepted
with a kinda yonder look in her eyes. I think
\ Rabia Temple of Noblesof
she just had a likin' for dead folks and wanted
the Mystic Shrine
to get me messed up with 'em. He laughed I
the National Sheriff'sAssociation
"She hard-down the idea L'
quietly. was so on
and is a
that I had to cut 'er loose," he concluded. .- loyal member of Grant

"She just, figgered you woulda, made more ,money 3s: Memorial AME Church.

messin' with dead folks than with live ones. ..." Others elected during

McNasty reasoned, grinning at the thought of the : r- k w the sessions held in

'narrow, pretty little thing with a kind of 3f Baker's Motel were: Deputy

yonder ,look in her eyes' .' 4 David Pope of Leon
Tive-no, six--of my wives anted me to be a Wit::.( County first vice pre-

prechuh," Gleep went on, amused by his own MRS. FRANCES SYKES sident; Deputy L.E.

recollections. "'Seems"like." .Igot 'a natural ....Received an Award WASHINGTON D. C.--Nine graduate home economists who have volunteered to teach their specialty tq Coleman, pinellas county

pulpit personality' .." He started laughing so Jaxons seemingly have women in the Congo are shown 'at Howard University, where they are receiving additional training second, vldfe prertfdent1;

hard tears came to his eyes. "But I think the been among the many prior to leaving for Africa, Here, the group is shown with Mrs. Priscjlla C. Reining, (right), Deputy Charles T. Smith, ,
funniest one of all was my ninth wifeMinnie Lee, fortunate persons pri- instructor in anthropology at Howard. Recruited by the Agricultural Technical Assistance Foundationof Nassau County, recording

a gal outa Palatka. Do you know what she wanted Hedged to attend the Los Angeles, sponsors of the Congo teaching program, the home economists will be assi,iert to the secretary. Deputy Walter

me, to be, Mac! ?" he asked, choking with laughter. nationally televised Congo Polytechnic institute at Leopoldville to teach courses in nutrition, child development, Coleman was re-elected

'No..." show, The Price Is housing, consumer education, clothing and textiles when they finish training September 10. Howardis executive secretary.
"Guess, man. Take a guessPLEASEI"McNasty RI gh t. Deputies Patrick Duval
conducting the training program under a contract with the Congo polytechnic institute. From left
"A ?" he offered, Although native born and Richardsonwere
shrugged. congressman to_right -teachers Dorothy L. Kopper of Bakersfield, Calif., Odessa Wagner of Winniwood, Okla.,
tolerantly. "A Jet pilot? A Pullman porter?, A people, Mrs. Vonceil "of hosts during the
Gladys Loi Eufanla Okla.Mrs.. Johnora Faye Hayes of jos Angeles Calif.Anita Jacobs of
Grand Dragon in the Ku Klux Klan--?" Gonzalez Watson, and Marksville, La. 01 enda Orton of Lawrenceburg, Tenn. and Claudette Barrington of Jacksonville, convention.

"A JUNKMAN! Gleep revealed, holding his just last week, Mrs. Florida. Not shown are Constance Russell of Swarthmore, Pa. and Felicita E. Scott of New York ,
sides with mirth. "Minnie Lee used to say thatI Lois M. Iszard have City, who also will teach at the institute. Royal
have so much likin' for raggedy ole_ things been fortunate TriceIs ---

that I' d make a natural junkman. Can ya imagine Right" contestants, Gov. Requested Judge Orders NAACP To Aid Key West Group Crown
the STAR learned this
something like that? ,
It was after their laughter had subsided that week that Mrs. Frances Transfer KEY WEST. Fla -- The Charles Major, localNAACP
Sykes of 1504 W. 24th To Invesigate president, said Cola
McNasty asked: "This wife you divorcing now, NAACP will provide legal
Gleep, what did she want you to be?" St. was cited on the RICHMOND. Va. -- The counsel for parents of that his branch will .

"'!bat ole foolish woman ain' .got a bit' a sense show back in March 1958. Alleged Beating Pupil Placement Act of children whose applica- petition the Board for

in her head," he replied, with sudden irrita At that time, Mrs. Virginia sustain another tions for reassignmentto an end to all dis- 45th STREET
Sykes was living in PANAMA CITY The Bay setback when united crimination by race in
tion. Ever since we got hooked up a yearandahalf white schools were
ago, she been after me to get a job and be Brooklyn and was employed County Branch NAACP has states District Judge turned down here last all.the schools of sur- DriveInBAR.B.QUE

what she call 'an ordinary working man' at Gotham May's requested that the JUs- __John D. Butzner orderedthe week. rounding Monroe County.Mr. .

"It,' s Just like I tell ya, Mac, he concluded Department store as a tice Department investi- transfer tf 10 previ The Monroe County Boardof Major charged the

"them wimmimfolks got it in they head typist.Mrs. gate the alleged beatingof ously rejected Negro Public instruction Board with seeking 'to they're 0 licious I r

Just what they want us menfolks to be, but they Sykes was living a prisoner at a pri- pupils to white schoolsin recently announced that establish a buffer to

ain' got the time to wait till we get there." with her mother Mrs. son camp in Bay County. Richmond. it would end racial dis- defend itself if the You'll like 'em

McNasty, in his silence, was wondering if perhaps Ruth M. Davis at that Florida, Rev. Timothy Judge Butzner s decree crimination in Key West federal government suit decides to- 45th ,g HonciiEl
time and was awaitingthe Youngblood. branch pre- restrained the Richmond schools. However when to file a
I Gleep wasn't right. A man didn't stumble
through that many marriages without running return of her ser- sident stated this week. school board and the 60 Negro parents made test whether impact funds Near 45th Street
Charles Gaines a pri- State pupil application, half can be held from segre-
viceman husband Gilbert Virginia weredenied.
.. Store
smack into some cold, hard facts. Package
at the unidenti- board from gated school districts.
Sykes Sr. from overseas. soner placement
.- ._-, i
Mrs. Sykes' mother se- fied camp, was reported denying nine colored

STRAND Sunday thru Saturday cured a pair of ticketsto beaten by unknown per- children admission to '
the 'Price Is Right' sons. On two occasions the Chandler Junior High i Ti _

T1fEIIENlHWSm and prior to show s pre- Gaines wife is reportedto School and one teenagerto 1 I I
A !
MM sentation, all attendees have tried to see her the John Marshall :
bid for the show's door husband but was refusedby High School.
? ? officials. Mr. decree was issued
The local, youhg matronwas Youngblood reported that in response to a suit MARKS 5
among the 10 survi- he had learned Gaines filed on behalf of the I SUPER

ving mtestants con had been placed in con- Negro students by s."i., A

y?+y w_ .1... _-.0 91..D "NOW* Q tending for the prize finement, after the beat- Tucker. Virginia State GEORGIA REDTomatoes 1
OOHK1 and was finally selectedas ing. The purpose for the NAACP counsel. The com- PUFFIN or BETTY CROCKER

the winner of a hand- punishment reported to plaint further asked
WAYNE aid "HORIZONTAL EtUEwN 1" some set of Franciscan be severe, was not that the school board be t BISCUITS t

chinaware. learned.The "enjoined fr n operating

ROOSEVELT S" *ay thri t Tuesday NAACP reported from, racially segregated # 303 can 5 C t
Tampa that it had also schools and..be required S

3 terra notin pictures Voter Registration wired the Governor to to submit to the I 5Ct Lint 2 with $5.00 order ,

.. requeet an investigation Court a plan of de can .
t. 'tHE BRAIN THAI KOUUHCT WE1 into the beating. segregation." 0 fRESH ,

"INVASION Of Tt! ANIMAL PEOPLE"' Drive Sparked 0o

SKYVIEW Sadiy Nte tin Tuesday- At Canaveral C9 Ltvti Posts 1 SUGAR 19 t 33C1'

Iii $245 cask MM, tile MELBOURNE Fla. Negro 56ag .

voters are expected to WASHINGTON The ap- for all Americans to be
Unit i with $7.00 order
number 1.000 here by pointment of two Negro proud of.President. oat
November thanks toa women to high level Kennedy named
-------1 next
t U. S. # 1 1I 1t
r NAACP voter registration ,etate and Federal posts Mrs. Marjorie McKenzie t CHOPS
S* *fcJ All. 25, 1Mi2! drive in this Cape' were cited by Mrs. Margaret Lawson as an associate

1 Canaveral city. /' Price vice- Judge ,of the District of Potatoes
ft ad Nt
m Mder 14 tip ;
Jesse Buggs. local NAACP chairs and director of Columbia Juvenile Court. 35e

6e jet ig te' 0( Saturday kthre 2 ,.I. 1 president said that this women's Activities of The appointment is subject 10 lb. Bag 5OJ

t to see "RRST TEXAN" & KKL CITY" will make Negro voters the Democratic National to Senate confirmation .L

S : : here one-third the total Committee as new dimensions and is for a periodof _- ._
'S registered voters. in democracy 10 years.

i iI I .

,, ....

t. 1 ,.... '
E \ \ 'ti.


U.Ok.St.rG.isAz Sentry -Picks "Nip" Hosts Pro Stirs, Fiis SPoRTING IT' UP

S LktM Te KO

Y M Flaytf! !I. 5th

PHILADELPHIA Heavyweight ways that are rough; if you'll work with your

titl d! Challenger might You will make it all right, if you're.

Charles (sonny) Liston. made of the right kind of stuff. ti

countering last week's IT MAY BE A LONG; WEARY JOURNEY, up mountains and
statements that he was hills that are rough; just make up your mind and]

1"1{; too slow to hurt Champ stop lagging behind. if you're made of the right.*
"" Floyd Patterson in their C w' 6at kind of stuff. \ .' '*-.:*:

l Sept. 25th Championshipbout __ SOME PEOPLE WILL TRY TO DISCOURAGE and- give'?

in Chicago, predicted you trouble enough; but they won't check'yoU' ::

/.. 'f"{ .. ,, that he world win speed, with all the help they need. if you'remade .
./ the fight within five of the right kind of stuff.

r .a YOUR-DUTY, though
answering statements your path may be rugged and rough your courage

4 attributed to Ingemar will ,grow, from the valleys below if you're.

6 : 4 K Johansson that he '(Lis- made of the right kind of stuff.

.) ton) was too slow for YOUR SUCCESS WILL DEPEND ON YOUR COURAGE you
Patterson Sonny stated know you can't win on a bluff; you can buckle

'Johansson was pretty right down and move every frown if you're made

xi slow against Patterson. of the right kind of stuff. .

joe Louis was slow ,but ANNUAL EVENT( ---Come pro exhibition football game time every August in Jacksonville THE WORLD LOOKS FOR MEN 'WO RE DETERMINED who

he always turned out faster every dyed-in-wool follower of the play-' or-pay sport loots for- will stay on the road whether smooth or rough;

than the gu y she ward to the game's preceding event, "Nip" Sams' annual party for playersof so just go on and try, it will place you up

\ fought. the contending teams. Last Friday night, Nip laid out the welcome mat high if you're mad of the right kind of stuff.

Liston predicted that if for members
he hit Patterson hard dinals. In scene above host Sams and one of the hostesses pose at the fes- off the farms, from the coal mines from the

enough to knock him down tive board (background) after greeting honorees and guests at club Eldorado.
ditches from the class students
____ ,. as from
that he (Patterson) r. ---- the lowly cabins and the expensive mansions frog

wouldn't get up like he YesW. All Receiver Cited i By Houiefowners
the most common jobs to the most skilled and
did Johansson.The .
USUAL SIGN they have become outstanding in every field of

challenger who said By Marcus H. sports they have undertaken. in football basketball -
he now tips the scales
tennis golf baseball boxing hockey
at 220 pounds added that QUESTION: Our' p
roller-skating and wrestling. Many of the sportshe
he expects to begin the when calling for
::.... is not as prominent as in others but he is
Chicago phase of his on a motion says.
CHARLIE TIDWELL former university of Kansas there and is gradually coming into his ownonly
trailing Aug. 20 at who are in favor
track star was one of eight candidates cut from those who are made of the right kind of stuff
Aurora Downs harness motion let it
the squad last week by the Minnesota Vikings of racing track. Liston fur- by the usual sign. y make the set. .

the National Football League. Tidwell who ther stated that he also this correct? ---- THE STUFF THE ATHLETE is made of, carries him

specialized in track events while at college expects to enter the ANSWER: In the far beyond his success in his fav rite game.

had not played football since his high schooldays ring at 212 pounds. club, there is Many of the of the most outstanding athletes

at' independence Kansas.- -sign of voting. -4 excel in business and professions. They hit

home runs, steal bases cut down runners at the
RewKes For means ;
dump Champaigns
Fla. W'omenWriters and no vote And. .i jLJ plate and listen to the cheers of the multi-

r' fore he j tude. They sweep through center for a long gain,

CitedIn "All who are in ; they take off around end for what may' easily bea

M' l4r47br the motion say ; ;' touchdown, or snag a forward pass and scoot

Magazine those who are across the goal line. They take of the line

: 'NJ' ." that ia the big t cklea'lUards'[ ends and centers.

TALLAHASSEE -- Three Of course the They guard that line like walls of granite.

Florida women, authorsof may call for the 5 THEY SHOOT BASKETS FROM ALL ANGLES, on the

a biography of Negro asking the basketball court and, guard their man like sol- I

women, were in Tallahassee stand or raise ,.. diers on the post. They stand up against opponents -

recently to meet and hands etc.Occasionally. I in the ring and battle it out as man tc
greet the summer students tc
a man. They are knocked down get up and knock the
faculty and staff of BATTEY star catcher for the M\nnesota.Twins
M club will have a opponent down. They do not stand around in either
Florida A&M University.The for the American League All-Stars
sign of voting- case, grumbling complaining and shedding tears
book Portraits in their two sessions with the National
usually defined like babies, but with the right kind of stuff
Color. was published recently I iJrrI) All-Stars this year, was cited by his
iM by-laws. For within them they stay in there and fight.
by Pageant Press. fans when tho Twins played a recent
,. e1 'thumping the OUTSTANDING ATHLETES are Just as busy in the
The book presents short at Lks Angeles with the Angels. Leon
.1J' ,.
biographical sketches of \ and so on.READERS off season as they are during the busy seasons.
\ ;.: (left) presented Battey with a beautiful
women in many walks of '. { fl' .t : For my The game takes care of one thing and their busi-
'/0> "in behalf of South LOS Angeles fans while
t life. it discusses early ;. I ; mentary law ness and professional careers take care of a-
*' of the Angeles Sentinel looks
historical personalities 1 ";tW'S .. motions, send fi pye jr. nother.. in and off the fiejd they conduct themselves -

as well as well-known to Dr.< M. H. ; at all timesinT-dignified,''well trained'and

figures.Mrs. i'J"1., ,{ tKY P.O. Box 310-A, Education 3rd Grand Slammer cultured manner. When an athlete is made of
Gwendolyn Sawyer It.'t:). S MM university _-_ the right kind of stuff he can take care of
Cherry and Mrs. Pauline ..: :{t see. Florida. By r-- 1G himself at anytime.
Styles : .j
-N\+ 42's Not Speaker
Florida A&I University .' 'f",.... Baltimore Colts of the National Football Leagueis
.along with Mrs. Ruby L. : '<\:" -- 'The a teacher in the Central High School in Louis-
Thomas a graduate of it"::
1-.1 ,: pace economic ville, Ky. He serves there as a substitute teacher -
Allen University were '
ai ut pro- and has been since 1958. He- teaches the 12th
presented at a "meet
in recent years grade in civics. ERNIE BANKS the famous short-
the authors receptionin SURVEYS flEW PRDSPExTS---NBA' s world light heavy-

the Florida Room O' weight champion Harold and Mrs. Johnson, who up sharply stop, first baseman of the Chicago Cubs of the

the Student Union enjoyed a brief vacation in France and Italy of adult National League has served as emcee .for the

Building.The following Johnson's kayo of Gustave Schultz in in today's Harlem Globetrotters.

authors, who are West Berlin, Germany, have returned to their ," an adult leader EVERY BASEBALL FAN knows Elston Howardthe man
t the graduates of of many talents with the New York Yankees Big
staff members of North home in Philadelphia. Johnson is eager to place
A&M University JIM BROWN, the great fullback of the Cleveland
his title the line
western junior High on against any worthy con- .
School Miami were on tender this fall or next winter and is mullingover FRANK ROBINSON Browns and MINNIE MINOSO the hard hitting outfielder -

hand in the main foyerof prospects of challenging the winner of the 51W'o Edward W. Brice, ..A Do or Die BlastCINCINNATI'S of the St. Louis Cardinals keep the ball

Tucker Hall to discuss Sept. 25 heavyweight title bout between champ Adult Education slugging rolling during their off seasons. ELSTON HOWARD
U.S. Office of is salesman with the
their book with Floyd Patterson and Charles (Sonny) Liston also outfielder Frank Robinson a Ballantine Beer Company;
addressed the BROWN is salesman with the Pepsi Cola
interested Individuals. of Philadelphia. i 1961' s NationalLeague's JIMMY a
receiving Company and MINNIE MINOSO is a salesman with the
Most Valuable
S.C. Scbedvles8GrU 2 000 an audience Player, hit his third Busweiser Beer Company.When Howard is not busy

JACKIE persons bases'' loaded 10th catching the pitches pf the Yankee pitchers, and
Stadium inning
OHMS .No's Still during
is records with
homerun Monday night to when Jim Brown not busy breaking

ORANGEBURG. S.C. With USUALLY when a commencement pace the Redsto a 7-3 the Browns and Minoso is not busy guarding the

a new coach. George Bell player is is win over the Los Angeles outfield for the Cardinals they are busy sellingthe

jr. at the helm. S. C. Baseball's Hall being Dodgers. products of their companies.
adult educa-
State has scheduled 8 in Cooperstown. N. upon NOW FANS DID YOU KNOW the star of the Boston
FAMU observes its
games for the fall foot- team usually the ListM Picks Celtics Basketball team of the National Basket-
Anniversary this
ball season. uniform number. ball Association, BILL RUSSELL owns a rubber
with the theme She
The schedule: No. 42 made TroJRlng plantation in Liberia and spends his time running

Sept. 22. Bethune-Cook- Hall of Fame of August being his business when he isn't leading the league in
Education, of
man away. Robinson jof the CHICAGO Officials rebounds. Things just didn't come to these oat-
a high FAMU of the Aurora Downs race
Sept. 29, AMen University Brooklyn Dodgers standing characters because they are special favorites
track announced last
away. remains active, worker Charles R. of anybody. They had to battle every
i ; } week that challenger
Oct. 6. Johnson C. Smith, to west Coast of Miami and step of the way.
Charles (Sonny) Liston
of Bacon
T.: Bacon will do his final conditioning -
Oct. 13, Clark home. the go from one golf course to another. His out
TALLAHASSEE Concord N.H at the track
-1 k 1 11 Oct. 27. Lane College, graduates of FAMU. standing performances has placed him .in the upper
A&f title
University for the Sept. 25
-I a SlfforcS'sactions
home. bracket of the nation's top golfers
its first game on the bout with champ Floyd
Nov. 10, Morris Brown on .the golf course and off has won for
ber 29 here. Patterson.
away. him the respect"that is given, to all other men
College will John R. Darby Attorneys for the alleged -
Nov. 22. Benedict, home. the lone in the golfing field. His deportment has been a
3. Rattlers on that was bankrupt track
the credit to the people with whom he has associated.The .
of 25-year disclosed that Liston and
i medal presented Jack Nil'onof one thing that 'makes Sifford an outstanding
II I his advoser,
golfer is that he is made of the right kind of
Chester, Pa. had
F. Wilson of stuff.NO man fails when he presents to the public
signed contracts for use
J.I.E. Lee Of the site beginning the type of. stuff that hu. sad. lien ftaous. .

__ U Aug. 20. Aurora just a
A&U. presented few miles northwest of "Give to the world the best you have and the

to presi- best will come back to you." This point has
The Twist Chicago.
'f George_ W. Gore Jr. been proved through the years, whether in football
-- -- -
1 II baseball, basketball, tennis, golf, boxing,
"1 .The Latest Men's Hair Styles Arch And George Get Big Bang Softball, or any other sport, just remember that

: men like joe Louis, Jackie Robinson, Jim Brown,
Being Tovfht At The
MAKES# SKIN MEACHES Wilt Chamberlain, Charlie Sifford and ill the

others had the real thing. The same stuff that
JacksonvilleBarber worked for others will work for anyone else.

S ..
frinto r4 'w p'' ..

College Inc. tightens dark ,;,.,\ .,. LILLY'S DRUG STORE -

w.'o.. ;
ptrftct pow&rMftftuligywf A UH if CfiSKHICSmm
; ARCHIE MODE (left) and West Coast Bozinf
: 6.1. ,,,mid 1 m% Mr Cut
_ George parnassns are evidently getting
'kick' out of their three-way telephone .
630 ST. at
,, .
raation with youthful light heavyweight Cd fer.t. Mtvri .

JACKSONVILLE an** Cassius Clay of Louisvilb Ky. Clay said

of Poffit/s fcf i*oC'Thi Jar with the is next on his list of boxing victims. 1901' Kft El IL 3.8211IiT

:::... .... -: = ... ----.....- .. -_.-.--- ---.., _.. -- -- -.-.- .- .- 1

V-iIUilEUl; ; ; Ti -

7% nllllA STAR 1 fjtbt /
.' .
.." .


:' ; : }}

34 '


HIS FteU Bay EX COLTS' Ckanp Wins NoR-THIe Boot Vic Power Cloy Compares Right Hands

t Makes Injuns' = ---- -;


1 1x A muscular, good-looking

native of Detroit who a Look Bad 1

played his college ball S

at the University of MINNEAPOLIS -- In his

'South Carolina is cur- former player-role with 4

x rently holding down the the Cleveland Indians,

number one 'center spot ace first baseman Vic

with the professional Power, finally tabbed by 'tf

Jacksonville Bears. the Cleveland front of-

Jim Nemeth, who played f fice as *a bad guy' was 1

last eason with the traded to the Minnesota
CHARLES' Baltimore Colts as a Twins in an effort to .

linebacker with the defensive Aid his reported bad influence -
-.A Great Year -
units, could L' to the team.

STEALS ON WHITEY -,Durin have'gone back with the ry However, the contro-

the past weekend series Colts this year but versial (?) Powers is not

with the N. Y. Yankees, decided to start pur- 4 only having one of his

third baseman Ed Charles, suing a regular occupa- 4 better years since having r.c .

a Jax resident: and former tion rather than stayin joined the majors, and

Jackscnville Braves star, seasonal work. "ButI instead of being a

became the second opponent really enjoyed ,playingat v f fa labeled a 'clubhouse law-
7 SR 1
t this season to Baltimore" he re- kw yer' as in Cleveland is

steal second on Yanks' veals. > M f s one of the inspirational 11

pitcher ffhitey Po rd. GETS TRYOUTHis figures in the much improved MIGHT RIGHTS---Cassius (I'm the greatest! ) Clay,

Charles was also' on base Job brought Nemethto Twins' club. right, undefeated in 16 pro fights and Louis-

12 out of 14 times in Jacks nvi lie. When he Powers, whom it is said ville, Ky.'s contribution to the heavyweight

the first two games of heard about the new entryin WATCHOUT!---World welterweight champ Emile Griffith of New York weaves undera had several run-ins with boxing scene compares right hands with equally

the series. The stellar the florida Football crushing right thrown by Denny Moyer of Portland, Ore. during last Saturday'night's Cleveland Manager Mel loquacious Bo (No Hit) Belinsky (center) of the
Kansas City Athletics he applied and McGaha during spring
and Lavorante whom
non-title bout.Griffith was awarded a split-decision nod by Los Angeles Angels
yearling has 17 stolen was given a tryout. Needless ring- officials. training this year (Mc- Clay kayoed as predicted in the fifth round of

bases and is batting to say, the Bear 'Gaha reportedly said
their recent match in Los Angeles.
close to the 300 mark. management is pleased ApplicationsReady Powers could neither hit

with the results.In ROBERT HAYES WINS TWO nor field) has been Durocher Says Dempsey. Leans
Bmtofl After the short time he has For breathing right down the
EVENTS Toward Liston
been in Jacksonville, the SWEDEN neck of such American ,

TitU ShotPHILADELPHIA' six foot two inch, 240 liar Hunters League leading batsmen as Wills Greatest

-- George pound 24 year old Nemeth HAESSLEHOLM. Sweden -- metre dash in 20.8 to Boston's Pete Runnelsand But Floyd-----

Benton, whb 'has spent 13 has grown to like it. TALLAHASSEE -- APplica- Jacksonville s Robert out bid second place Kansas City's Manuel NEK YORK Unless Chwnp
tions are now being received Hayes-- the world' Hayes Zl.O.jonsson again I've Ever Seen'CHICAGO
frustrating years in ,the "both my wife' and I Jiminez all season long. Floyd Patterson adoptsthe
from Florida fastest humanran a placed third. The U.S. tactics which him
much While the Twins were won
fight game, wants a shotat like it here very
hunters who wish toparticipate victorious season's Team of Dray ton, Hayes. three the title from
the middleweight title. and hope to make this our sweeping a game Jess
in the fastest 100-metres in Boston and Williams won series from Cleveland in -- "He's the Willard in 1919. Jack
home he sais. His Wife
his vic-
; upset best base
managed bear hunts in 10.1 here Friday and kept runner
the 800 metre relays. July Power further Dempsey--the old Manassa
Dianne is expecting
tory 10-ranked "
over No.
ever seen. Leo Durocher
the Osceola and Apalac- his undefeated string intact CONTINUES TRIUMPHS humiliated his former Hauler--leans! towards
Joey Gi rd _lloMonday their first child about coach of the Los Angeles
hicola National Forests, his
by winning In Sunday's meet
teammates by stealinghome challenger Liston to win
r night week.here.. Oct, 1. He met her in Dodgers told John Kuen-
according to A.D. Aldrich specialty Sunday in 10. 5
r Vaexjoe. Hayes again while the Twins were the world heavyweight
Baltimore.FINE .
Bent oh also stated he RECORDAs director, Game and Fresh at Vaexjoe..against thisnation' demonstrated his superiority enjoying a 7-0 lead. ster of the Chicago Daily title in his Sept 25
would give Joey a return
News recently.
Water Fish Commission. s best trackmen.The over his stating that he feels bout against titlrholrier
transfer from the In .
shot in, October--if the a Durocher credits Willis
Florida 'black bear are 19-year old Jaxon foreign rivals by: winningthe completely relaxed play- Floyd Patterson.Dempsey .
"' of Toledo,
price is right. 'I' 'University successful base stealing
rated as the largest in who becomes a junior come in the
Century co- ing for Twins' Manager said that here;
hrs Nemeth played three years
Following thefts this season to the
the nation; and because this fall at Florida Am paratively slow time
10 round win at South Carolina as an of Sam Mele, Powers added seems to be a hint that
over slight shortstop's theory
offensive center and their early retreat to University, thrilled 10.5 with Jonsson placing that. "he. (Mele) lets me Patterson will try to
and his about
Giardello. Benton Willis
impassable swamp territory Friday's crowd of 3. 000 second while being running. (
play .lets me do build up his weight so he
linebacker. His high my game.
said in has stolen bases
manager the 49 so
they are extremely fans by withstanding clocked in 10.7 seconds. anything I want to do. won't spot Liston too
school ball was playedat
dressing following this .
room far This is
t difficult to hunt, even tremendous finishlinebids The 800 metre relay
told ahead, 'uch poundage.'
Lincoln Patk. Mich. "He me go
the fight that the Philadelphia 31-short of the major
with excellent dogs. The by his teammatePaul team consisting of Dray-
to the
where he made all-con- steal home anytime you ex
would Ii k;. to league mark.POSITIVE .
Osceola National Forest, Drayton of VillanovaU. ton, Hayes, Williams and
tkke.'on the winriei"bT'ttte 'ferenceiallarea:,and ,.want. Hit and! run anytime THINKER champ patterson should
in Columbia and Baker and Swedish star Ove Boston copped the event want He 'trusts streamline himself so
Gene FuJlmerPaul.Pmder all-state. At South caro- you "When he s ( Willis)
counties in Northeast Jons son who placed third. in 1.24.6. to do the right thing that he can come in lean
title ,fight on, a winner- lina he made the second leading off first, he and hungry.
Florida, and the Apalachicola .Drayton won the 200- and like it. "
take-all basis. team all-Atlantic coast I has it in his head. I'm National Forest
t It has been observed Conference. going to steal and they I
in Liberty County in Stars Greet Rookie
here that top fightershave .NOTES DIFFERENCES can't throw me out." HENRYdiscovered
Northwest Florida, pro
been avoiding Benton "The big difference Wills, according to
vides some of the best
in the past.Forum. between pro and college Doricher plays a gues-
bear hunting in Florida.
Y r
.ball I ,,1s the, keen .competition sing game with the pit what millions al
NIA DEADLINE SET ready know. You can't buy better
at every position cher, when he might throwto
Applications for the than Goody's. Yet Goody'sactually
Pr Dits and the more wide open first and when he expects -
.xy Apalachicola Bear Hunts cost less.
type of play" Nemeth to deliver the
should be filed with the
says. "And in .college I pitch to the batter r

claimed Wynston T. Brown played both offense and Regional Manager, Game Wills has certain pitchesto i
former president of the and Fresh Water Fish Commission i4- lJ
defense, but only one way run on and prefers to
P.O. BOX 576
National Bowling Association "
with Baltimore. steal on the breakingball
here on Aug. 2. Panama City Florida
:The Bears. play ,an exhibition since its slower.
prior to 11 a.m. Aug. 30.
iiiBrown, the Association -
25 in :
game Aug. Max Carey former Pitts-
s first president, Hunters who wish to par- I
Melbourne against or- 9 Durgh Pirates star holds
held office from 1919-41. ticipate in the Osecola 3
lando. They open the f
the National League record -
He was one of the ori- Bear Hunts should file _
regular season of 51 stolen basesin

ginal group of 21 per- Miami in the Gator Bowl, application with the Re- one season, an unbroken f "

sons who met Aug. 20, Sept., 8.. gional Manager, Game and mark which he set

1939 in' Detroit to lay They will hold a full Fresh Water Fish Commission t r..r r
{ : in 1923. The major league
the first draft of the P.O..BOX 908.
scrimmage Sunday
game record of 96 stolen basesin
Lake City, Florida priorto
organization.The. Aug. 19 in the new ball \ one season was set by 2 POWDERS SC

NBA celebrated its park at 3 P.m. There is 11 a.m. Aug. 31. All .e \\It the immortal Ty Cobb. 12 POWDERS 25c

23rd anniversary last no admission charge. 'The applications must be accompanied .: Ain I i j ji"

check to '. '. !
week. by a \: .
public is invited. "
__ '
\: .'. '''' .. .J '.-s. ... .. .. '..,," J
1 permit cost.REGULATIONS r .. .
covet I'II''' ) ''' -' .. I. #O.. _1.- f.. "
: 1 .+,,< ._-..w a.. _. .' '''; ,, .' '. -- J="."- It. ,'.-,
,ROYAL ART STUDIOC. t. ?)1 .. T T jf1r
Regulations for the ()
J. SMMt 'n,. special bear hunts pro- WELCOME! ---Carl Boles (center) the San Francisco young rookie c a)!,.

515 DAVIS STREET vide a total of 14 left fielder was brought up to the Parent club recently to fill ]No; 1 @ml' r leff (0. "

managed three-day huntsin in for injured Harvey Kuenn (left) Boles, flanked by star Willie ,

Quality Pkotoiraphs the Apalachicola Mays (right) played for the Giants' El Paso club in the Texas : .a 1i A

National Forest, Sept. League. r
I Jc -
I- Any Kind..Anytime 24 through Nov. 10. The thceCI
8-managed hunts in the L. A. Angels' Big3 Robinson Meets cool !

Daytime EL4 1894 Forest 5'0
Osceola National ,r1' S" .
will be held Oct. 1 Terry Downes

: Nile Time, El 5 8022 through Oct. 27- September 25thNEW J (mix }onlon's Qin 1a tall,

A Ask About t IIIkIIHtIWilsIt p a YORK Former five- t /iced drink-and you will too!)... ':.
: y- Our Summer+ Specials II VicttryIn times middleweight cham- ;m () ,

'" pion Ray Robinson has c ft E' .ri'
Mexico '. : signed a contract to English are not easily fazed, "It
You Don't Hare to Go to Town to Get .K The I fj.
fight Terry' Downes in \ by summer heat.; This

PEUBIA Mexico Dan rT1i11i London of Sept. 25, i national talent was given a cheer b..

Y LOW PRICES Bankhead, former Brooklyn 1/ was announced this week. "\\ ful accompaniment in 1769. when .{.\!

; Alexander Cordon introduced .t
/ .=:::r-.
... Dodgers' hurler. used Robinson, now said to .
his remarkable TheCordon's "N" _' ", ,
,;..: his bat and his arm to rtIi be 42-years in age lost ) gin. ,' .
On Tour ,
victory you drink today 1 \(.,.
win his
t. ." 8th with his last fight
< harks back to his original J ?j.
Peubia of the Mexican ,- Jj formula,because one does, *_s 1_.- :"' :. ',
:I;:: DRUG STORE NEEDS League here recently. kt \ :. J.'
F/ Watch This Gown 'Cti not tamper with gin of \ ;" ;: / :
Playing first base and : ,.. .
f 'trade With Tour Neighborhood Drag StoreIE '> l\S\ ) > such distinctive dryness ,/ __ ,. 1)
the outfield when he's 91-72-43 and flavour. Try it soon : TI LED '
> :_ rr
LOCAL not on the mound. Bank- ," t .{ 19 L in a tangy Gin & Tonic f .

I PAPERS head paced his team to or Tom Collins. Youll. 'GIN.. ... .,. .
Deliver-We Also Pill AlLDoctors'PrescriptioiaDixie ., ; .
and .-
wins on three successive 2 4 c see why, summer .

nights. The first game, .-' 6 9 flCq winter Cordon's Gin .:rrca:" rtwt:;A. ,p
Pharmacy I 8 7 '; is the biggest seller in '- ttf
: he doubled in the tenth : ..
_-" : : England, America, and : tt.: .
and scored on a single "
.1" i-. '4'indetd the world! r.
by Jose Guerreo. The. L til' e 15-25561 Ij\; '. JeC
J 1302 KBJS Read at KjiHe. A NK following night he 53-ul-al; \ .

THREE MUSKETEERS---Three players whose out- ,.
singled in the ninth to Sometimes ae'a iqgomftlmfa
Ptoes a 5-5587-M drive in the winning run. standing play on offense and defense for the LOS he's down 11' .. oismii9tc*xiOttCia) tOOT.ltll"il SPIritS DtSJIlUD flO"CUll to no<<, .

: In the final night's Angeles this year are Billy Moran (left), Leon Ha wades.d *. It ntMntetaHa aD trocad. it ,.,,' woo\on en IU.IMMI.. .11 MOWCJ or a.s i rJ'..,
PAl YOUR' UGHT,> THi Mi mmMiE game, he _hurled a 1-0 Wagner and Lee Thomas. The rampaging Angels have ?" +. ...... ...... ... ;;-').;

victory over Monterey torn vowed to remain in the American League's first Coming Ate I-- l\- -.. .. ... ......" JI-.. ..)r ",. '
.. v r r'. "w \ '
: BUS{ AT HI TME 18.64-88-28 r. J. ".0 .. '
8-3 pitching record. division contention. I.. ...: C J C J \": .; "


,- -' '- .

i ie

t .


Chips Off The BlockBy Mianian Receives Civic Citation Youth Day Set Day Spring Women APARTMENT FOR RENT '

For Business People-Near
August 26th
Plan Annual Program
College & SchoolCallafter
,"jay Jal"'School ,...
'! the youth of Little Rock The wen of Day Spring 6.p.m. EL 3-9942

days, school days, dear old some klndadays' rQ? i! Baptist Church will ob- Baptist Church will ob- .

will 'soon be the song of the day as hordesof ._. ... serve their annual Youth serve their annual Women FOR SALE

little reluctant dragons and dragonesses are Day Aug. 26, with Mrs. s Day Aug. 26, with uarge, Choice Wooded

pushed through the doors of the schools by happy 'I Wylene Bernice Dunbar rs. Florence T. Johnson Lots-59' X100'-0n Fer-
parents. Parents will give sighs of relief as they \ '-. ': serving as chairman and userving as general chair- nandina Beach-$350. Cash

tell the teachers, "they are all yours, take : Deacon Larry Oneal serving -' man. EV 4-6711_

them." The bad thing is that parents really mean t _y -!--- as co-chairman. UVE IN MAIDSTo

just that. They forget about their kids until the ; At 3 p.m. Anthony Dor- Gov. Praises $55 Wkly. .

teacher has ,to put one in his or her place or sey and Paulette Harvey Send References with
until someone tampers with the band or athletic -4 will preside. Appearingon letter. rfare rushed.

squad. In the midst of all of this talk about improving the program will be OCALA-Stating that Hampton Agency
L t
education and improving teachers, it : Rev. Levi' Green associate the "enforcement of 13 N. Station Plaza.

would be nice if John Q. Colored Citizen would /. minister of our law is fair and just Great Neck. N. Y.

take an interest in his children and in their / First Baptist Church will for every segment of our

schools. Teachers need the help of the parentsin .... be the speaker at, the population,'' Gov.Farris N. Y. lire-ln Mads .
more than several ways. 11 a.m. hour of worship.Rev. Bryant praised Negro law
Jobs Guaranteed
Tis still a wild rumor but it persists.We are Randy Hezekiah will officers last week in a I
.. $30-$50 Wk. Fare Ad-
trying to find out whether or not Ray Charles will a--- be acting pastor for the telegram sent to Marion
vanced. Mallory Agency,
appear at the Coliseum. The rumor is from fairly day. County Deputy Horace
reliable sources. We do know that Mr. Charles and PAMU HONOR GOES TO CIVIC LEADER---The meritorious achievement a- ., Moore, president of the Dept. F-2, 576 Merrick.,

his group will be in Florida around the month of ward from Florida A. and M. University is being awarded to Miami' s Florida Association of Lynbrook, N. Y.

october. it is for sure' that Alpha Kappa Alpha civic leader Charles Hadley during the summer commencement exercises. Choruses Parade Nfgro Deputy Sheriffs.The .
President George W. Gore Jr. (left) made the presentation. ServicesSound
will sponsor the famous Ebony Fashion Fair this governor added that

fall. 'Oriental styles will be featured in this Set.For Sept. 10th the state was growing'in Service for Ad-
POLICE ,: Man Receives
year's show. REPORTSTEENAGE an atmosphere of vertisingDances, Ball'

Yvonne Daniels is back at the turntables for Death Sentence harmony and prosperity" Games etc. Also LoudSpeaker
WOBS. The popular Miss is returning to Jackson- GANG was beaten last Sunday
The Male Chorus of service for Banquets -
ville with loads to talk about after a stint with ATTACKS RESIDENT when she was attacked bya For SlayingSTUART Little Rock Baptist IMPERIAL SUNDRIES I Concerts, Record'

the affiliate in St. Louis. Albert Lee. 26. of 1313'pri woman whom she did not A 22yearoldNegro Church will present Potent Medicines Cosmetics Hops etc.phone El 3-5902

Hugh Wilson is making plans to take in all of ce Street was at- know, police said. was sentenced to 'Male Choruses on All Leading Hair PreparationsCor. SOUND: SERVICE

the spots when he goes to New York around the tacked last Tuesday be- The injured woman said death here Wednesday for 'parade" Sept. 10 at 8

first of next month on his vacation. His trip home tween 12 and 12:30 a.m. another woman came up the April slaying of a p.m. in the church Broad tEL AthyJohnnie's HELP WANTED ,

will be especially significant this year. West at Kings Road and Spires to her on 21st Street white secretary. auditorium. 4-2159 NEED SCHOOL FUNDS?

Indian Day is annually a big thing in the City. Street police reported.Lee and asked her to get hera Edward Williams of Serving organists for AVON'S PRODUCTS
said he left job, and when she told .
This year natives of the Antilles have a whole as nearby Gomez showed no the program will be Sam- HotelTV Housewives Like YourselfAre
the Drive-In Theatre her she couldn't, the -
heap to crow about because Jamaica has her inde- emotion as Circuit Court my L. Davis and Cecil B. in every 'room. Earning Good IncomesBy
pendence. Hugh tells us that the "home folk"are several teen-agers approached woman got angry and hit Judge C.P. Trowbridge Fisher. For Reservations Call Representing Avon.
him and hit him her on the back of the '
making plans for big doings already. sentenced him to die by Serving will be the male EL 5-4025 Cosmetics.--Opening now
several times about the head and over the right
Orchids to Curtis Taylor and his staff at the electrocution for the choruses of Mt. Ararat 1 W. Available for Qualified
head and back but he eye with a brick.
Eldorado. Curtis had an earlier than planned fatal strangling of Lucy and Emanuel Baptist with Women.
could give no reason for Mrs. Amos was 'taken to
opening last week in order to fete the pro foot- r Ann Wethington, 26. of Matthew McCoy as direc Florida Call EL 6-8810
the attack. Duval Medical Center by ._
ballers. You get the same tasty food 'and courteous Hobe Sound.Williams. tor. -r -- .
The injured man was police car. Officers
service in new surroundings. Tis said that some of was found Other male choruses appealing Just In Time For SCHOOL
taken to Duval Medical said victim could give
the local wives could tell when Curtis opened up guilty Aug. 2 by a cir- will be Abyssinia .
Center by police and them no description of
by the wee hours their spouses crept home, if cuit court jury. He will Baptist directed by Men And Boys'
left for treatment. the person who attacked
they made it at all. be transferred to the Columbus Smith ; Mt.
Patrolmen 0. Bowman andJ. her.Investigasdng.
It's all off for Shirley Johnson. The well known State prison at Raifordto Sinai Baltist Cass ,
Deldon investigated. the oc- REBUILT SHOES
Terminal Liquors hostess cancelled her trip down await a date for exe-
S. curance were patrolmen Sinai Baptist. Cass
the aisle just prior to the big day. We understandthat cution, which will be
REPORTS BEING STABBEDBY W.J. Johnson Jr.. and H. Shtotes. director: Day
it was by mutual c msent that things wer set by Gov. Farris
Baptist. S.L.
BOY FRIEND C. Newbold. Spring ,
placed in cold storage until papa comes back Joan William, 23. of . Bryant. Davis, director; Mt. $ 295TO $395t

that it was by mutual consent that things were 1145 Ware Street was Canaan Baptist, Zion

placed in cold storage until papa comes back treated at Duval Medial: U. S. Attorneys File 'Sails, Hope Baptist Bethany t

from the seven seas. Center last. Monday for Baptist and Choir 3 of Forde's Shoe t
Boys and gals get things in order. The ShangriLa injuries received duringan COLUMBUS. Ga. U.S. 'attorneys immediately' filed the Church of God in

has hoisted anchor and is about to return from argument at 791 W. suits against Georgia County officials 'following Christ. 517 W. ADAM ST. I.
U.S. Federal District Court .,.1-
the Med. Don't take chances, he may be in one of Ashley Street, police Judge Robert Elliot'sdenial -
those air-groups that will fly home and get here reported. of a request for a restraining order to

ahead of the ship. Miss William stated prevent prospective South Negro Georgia voters.police* from: .threatening. Moncrief Drive-ln Market

When in Rome do as the. Romans do--unless you that her boyfriend.
In the brief filed MOn-
happen to have a liquor license. Possession of James Stuart 26, go Fred Campbell of Sumter
45th St. &
day justice Department County; Police Chief 24 hours For Free OelireServicePs
that all sorts of
scarce commodity gives one angry with her becaus
privileges.Take the Bus Station.Lounge. Everything she,*as.in a bar.. on Ash- attorneys also asked Waymon Cherry of Dawson; service ;
else" in' the Bus Station is Integrated but -the ley Street drinking with Elliott to halt persecution John Brim mayor of Sass a day MOlcrltf Roid PO 5-9287,..P9 8-1511 ;

Lounge and they say that the owner says that he another man. She said he of two representa- r and M.E. Mathews. I.
tives of the Student 1
ain' t. His facilities not and stabbed her in 'the right A
are even 'equal his gut I Ir
Nonviolent In Jacksonville It's .
seperate." Negro patrons and the help have to go arm with a knife duringan 1
Committee who were arrested -
upstairs to use rest-rooms while "white side" argument. After receiving on vagrancy ORANGE CASTLE L 3N f

has rest rooms. Maybe city, health department requirements treatment at I
charges while attemptingto PRE-SCNOOI )
are met by the off limits to us rest Duval Medical Center she in
assist Negroes
rooms on the "white side." .Yet we continue to was released.The registering to vote. 3905 ROBERT C.

flck in and feed the hands that slap us. To add investigation was judge Elliott told the

to the irony of the situation, there are signs all conducted by Patrolmen attorneys that to do so WEAVER DR.

over the place stating that all facilities of the Freddie Mack and C. Mc- would be violating the between Moncrief Road

terminal are open to all regardless to ,race or Clendon.. . *'.' rights of the state and Ribault Scenic. Dr. ,
color. courts..a "gross abuse
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