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Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
August 18, 1962
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
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All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
August 18, 1962
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Full Text

p j \


Bolita Activities' Slowed Up As Result Of Raids By US-. State Lawmen :'tL '

.* : ** : I : ** *.



* ft-* ** *. .,t TT'499 TTTTT. *

q -' Eastside Hoodlums Being Protected



J ; Y Publ.ic Indifference f To Crime


-" *' ***********

1. i L. JNDAY GROCERY CLOSING Efforts Victims'Stynitdly Fiar ':< < ,'\"'.->:::i.'Willi',-ti ":- This Now. ,

0 $

; : kCKED BY NEGRO GROUP side'Citizens Of of Gaipters the of city,the east-faced

with what appears to be
J !! B ********** Z ZI ***** a rising crime rate are

I I L yv _..::/oes Seek rot. ( Ii o. Jot JBMIS Imrofeces R.solltiol 6 lijirtd beginning to register
alarm at the frequencyand

After Church Is Ilf.l.d To Sort "11M I lGYf" Op.rutloi After Car crimes boldness committed of the by

LEESBURG. Ga. .:-. Negro found in ruins. ,f.f PorchPolice teenager and young adult
Jacksonville's s Negro 'Committee of 50'- last"Jedn'esday Crashes _
integration leaders The Federal, Bureau 'ofInvestigation hoodlums. e"S8 Ye

Wednesday called on the said' it endorsed a "blue law" resolution{ are searchingfor Crimes involving brutal

U.S. Department l of jus, was looking into the calling for an 'end to Sunday sales by city and' a hit-run driver beatings, shootings,

& .report that the church county grocery and super, ,markets. whose" car went out of rapes attempted rapes
tice for "special protection i. '
1111 .... ... '
after fire had been, bombed. The resolution to sup p control Sdnday; at about burglaries robberiesand "

destroyed the Sandy Negro leaders were port Sunday closing of Building, stimulated 2 p.m. crashed intoa other criminal n. r.

Grove Baptist church,, scheduled to hold a super, markets and discount 'healthy applause for porch at 314 NorthSt. activity have increased

headquarter*: ,for a 'Negro Prayer service" around stores was' made the Mayor under. whose"- causing a second since the early part of 5

voter registration drivein the ruins of the church in the form of a' motion term the improvementswere story porch to collapse this :year to the extent ">

Lee County. Wednesday night. And a by politician joe H. made. Burns, how- 'and injuring six per- that eastslde citizenscan ....

The : group believes Negro voter registration 'sons. no longer walk the
Negrp James, recently retired ever gave ,credit for
that the fire rally was to be held in Hotel-restaurant deputy the improvements to"teamwork" Treated at Duval' Medical s.treets with any sense- 0. r ,

Sasser in nearby Terrell Center and later of safety.
resulted .
from ,
an ex'plos1on commissioner, at a of the city 'x.g
County Wednesday night. released after being Police files swel- ..g
set off by anti- luncheon-meeting of the body and cooperation of

Negro elements. Committee of 50, held the citizens for Jacksonville treated for bruises and ling with unsolved cases ; J

Local investigators Jill Bolita HurtArrests :> ,cuts were: of robberies where the \-. ,
at Buster Ford's res- 3 progress. ; : e
acid they could find no taurant, where Mayor Alma, Lembrick. 16; victims are beaten < .
Brown. 27; Jerome senseless and left I t:4::
evidence of arson or By 01 Haydon Burns was the Mrs. Lois' Iszanl Lorene in '
that the fire had been Brown. 9; and Dorene the streets by youthful : :
feature ,attraction, as
caused by "a bombing. narrator of the "Jack Wins First RoewlOi Brown, 5. all of 314 thugs who evidentally "';l .
Negro leader Dr. Martin White Big i North St.. and'Nadalie derive some sadistical
sonville Story.
Luther King Jr. said the Price Is ftifttUBS. Scott. 26. of' '128'orange pleasure from such bru :
Federal agents last' politician joe JamesofferredtberesojuUori kkL\i.
fire was the result ofan \ :" St. and Mary'. Lee Ful- tality. A recent case, .
Saturday ,$ damper ;
_obvious boohing." T"to on'' record) for: .$lie'l&ll( 6j0fJ31 .Davis_.. involving a '60earold c'., ....:.._
bolita go *
on Jacksonville's: street.. -*m1in/ l Dds.ftsefitdescribe tY-. '.
And James Firman exe- operations when they -the press," as he,put ..-,' LOOKING FOR---a "shore" thing? Try making surf-'
According to City Patrolman the type of
cutive secretary of the staged coordinated raidson it) to support the the side cover-ups from discarded pillow cases, suggests -
\. B.L. Miller, criminal violence that
integrationist Student
three of the city's "blue law" action Tintex Color Council in its summer fashion
Nonviolent victim were sitting on is occuring with dis-
collection houses from. following a statement report. All that* s needed to take this fashion-
the second-floor porch turbing frequency in
Committee, wired the which the bigwigs of the f:-in Mayor Burns to the plunge are a half dozen pillow cases, a few
when an approaching that area of the city.
U.S. Department of Justice local .numbers businesswas effect that a move was into packages of fabric dyes and some yards of trimming -
The victim a commercial
asking for pro- said to be opera- afoot to, get city and from Julia ; A little imagination also helps.
North St. fisherman and
tection for N gro vote ting. county super markets to F
curb and
surmounted a 35-year resident of the
registration meetings According to assistant close on Sundays. most commonplace.Behind from the violence of
crashed into the downstairs eastside was set uponon
in the area. attorney general leonard Burns pointed out that ii I, a large numberof crime. it might strike
t of the
porch the night of Monday.
The church apparently Uallon. the.persons ar- the Sunday closing was these crimes is the you or your neighbor
residence.With August 6, by a group of
burned late Tuesday rested were the, big men in keeping with Chris- unpleasant paradox that today in the f crm of
the porch's collapse Negro teenagers. He was
night or early in the city's numbers tian principles and the many citizens are--con- robbery rape burglary
the victim were beaten bloody and sense-
Corning. The cement racket. ".e wouldn'tcome high morals of the community sciously or unconsciously gunshot or knife wound,
thrown to the ground. less with bottles and
block structure was over here just to to shuttef the -aiding and abettingthe or a severe 0 r even
Police estimated other weapons unknown
get the little one. doors of grocery markets.No young criminals by fatal beating.
house's damage at robbed of $7.00 and left
AIIIIiy N3TOISUrpd Mallon stated. mention was made as LOIS '". IS2AK1) withholding informationfrom Crime is everybody'
the car's
$1. 000 where he had fallen. The
Uallon. who came from to how the manifestation ..First Round Champion the police when problem. Fighting crime
$50. incident took place in
1111,1 Tallahassee along with of "Christianprinciples" they have witnessed the therefore is every-

four other agents from would affect Friends throughout ,the the area of First Street commission of a crime;
Te Cooperate Southeast arejustifiably U. Of MarykiRdFMtball and Florida Ave.-long a
the attorney general'soffice the showing of movies by: refusing to reveal job.Citations

ALBANY. GA. -- In a joined nearly 20 or" the playing of proud of Jax socialite notorious breeding place 'th e identity of a Given 2
Urs. Lois U.' iszard who fo r such criminal
Duval County detectives TMH criminal known to them
statement read to the baseball games on the ;
won the first round of activity.Not and For Heroic Action
City 'Commission here on patrolmen state agents Sabbath in Jacksonville.Laws by failing to appear

Wednesday night, Negro and State Beverage Department ,on the books cur nationally, televised Is integrated happened long another before this man In court as victim or At Little Talbot
Agents in the Trice Is Right" Show witness, thereby making
leaders urged "spate rently are not tight stepped from a phone
s eons be deternind very early afternoon strike- enough to ban Sunday Thursday and became the tOLLEGE PARK. Md. booth and was knocked it impossible to prose- Certificates of merit

down.: Eight persons were proud recipients of cute those guilty of a were received by two
soon by which the closing. Famed grid mentor Tom unconscious by: a terrific -
citizens S of Albany-- arrested in the swoop On the other hand, over $2.000 in prizes. Nugent announced Tuesday blow to the base crime. state park employes for
U rs. Is za rd. who Such lack of
Negro and white- can which according to Mal- many who are not in accord ; that the Universityof of the skull and robbedof coopera- their heroic but unsuc-

work out together mutually ion 'had to put a with the move see' handled her assignment Maryland has awarded over $200. This occurred tion on the part of the cessful attempts to rescue -
in bolita in with the poise ana man and woman on the
crimp swimmers
acceptable plans the proposed Sunday Its first grant-in- in the Third young
Jacksonville.." deftness of an experienced street is one of the from the
surf off Little
for the elimination of closing of super marketsas scholarship to a Negro Street and Florida Ave.

segregation is our pub- 'Ie know there are 50 one that will work television athlete. area--well in the midst most fertile breeding Talbot,,island State park /I
in Jackson- actress won a beautiful places of
or 60 places crime ranking last June 30.
lic life." hardships on citizensIn Approved for the of the violent Jungle
ville where bolita mink stole, a bedroom with the most Immoral
The state Park Board
The attached petition the lower income scholarship was Darryl that the eastside of the
tickets are sold." Ual suite, bicycle a vice dives end jukes citations. Issued
asked for clarificationof brackets, and workersin Hill, a star halfbackwho city is becoming.
lon said. 'e weren t Princess telephone and Joints.No .
certain fields who the Naval Another victim was sub- Wednesday commended
the city s policy: on played: on
in terested in the two tickets to a currently amount of police
johnny Feaster, white
interstate travel facilities can only shop on Sun- Academy freshman team jected to a severe
sellers. To arrest them popular Broadway vigilance can ever suc-
superintendent of the
exchange of days The whole plan last year. Hill gradu- beating and then robbedas
is like trying to empty show. ceed in
overcoming the
park, and Willie James
property bonds for cash has been branded as a ated from Gonzaga High he waited for a taxion
the ocean with a tea- She and her daughter ugly reality: of thiscity's Harris. life
bonds in about 1. 200 /torse and buggy" Idea School in Washington the corner of Florida
spoon. Roxanne are vacationingwith Ave. and Union. crime problem if guard. A letter of commendation -
arrest'eases, desegrega- being put in effect ina D.C.
In explaining the extent relatives and the public
at large continues -
from Parks Director
tion of city buses (if modern city striving As a regular, on the These three cases are -
: '
of this city: s friends in New York City to protect the Walter Coltell i
for orogress.The Navys yearlings, Hill typical: of only one
they are operated again)
: Ual is the wife criminal
numbers operation Mrs. Iszard from capture or
stated that the two
Mayor's scored touchdowns phase of criminalitythat men
and the right of peace- Is not presentation seven
lon stated. It of Jerry Iszard prosecution by frustrating
is fast at the risk of their own
of the 'Jack being an 85-yard giving
ful protest. os- one :
unusual city the local
a wellknown phar- the efforts of law
Albany Movement President size of Jacksonville to ville Story" showing aacist-business. They ran against the Maryland birth to a wave of enforcement officers.To lives swam 2,000 feet

W.G. Anderson was the vast improvement freshmen.Mtyer. terror among eastside into the Atlantic oceanin
do a halfmilliondollars reside at 1179 West 9th deny having
among those that made up worth of bouts made in the Gateway Street. citizens. the unsuccessful ef
witnessed a crime to
H. liras ; fort to rescue the three
the delegation. City involving a com
business a The popular young Unsolved shootings, deny knowledge of any youths.
Anderson a leader in Arrested In the raids plete face-lift as wellas matron is the second person or persons who.
Te rapes attempted rapes, The tragedy coat the
the integration fight the Increase of industry Top PostJacksonville's
three women the known
were jaxon to appear on burglaries and other' to you, are con- lives of two brothers

has been jailed numerous five men all white. which enhances Trice Is Riaht.II Oa acts of lawlessness are nected with the commission aged 19 and 16 and toe

times for antlsegrega- The raids timed 'for the economy of the March 27. Mrs.. Voacell Mayor nearly as prevalent as of a crine; or to 15-year-old brother-in-

tion deaonstrations. 1:15 Saturday afternoon entire ceMBity was Gonzalez Watson well- Hajdon Burns, immediate the. robberybeatingcrime refuse to identify such law of the oldest boy.
Albany Mayor Asa Kelley besides the highlight of the past president of the
: included, Dur known New York model sad pattern. Only recently persons; or to refuse to The 19-year-old had been

Jr.. reacted, to the petition val, Broward county lUBcHoat1ac.. Ebony and Jet magazines U. S. Conference of the terrified testify against such married but three Booths
by stating: "1- with the arrest of two The traaafo rattles of Mayors was appointed
girl won several of are all baraful
cover screams a young girl persons at the time of the
feel that whatever the policeaea. and action Bay Street' s sick and prizes daring a similar ala week to the com it was the only thing that attitudes which are droving.

jc ,carts decide, the against two others in figly waterfreet: area to appearance OB the ,.televised tee on international saved-her from being against the interest of

: people qf Albany ,are the Fort Laaderdale tad a pftfiera of fcettttifwlbaildlM show. municipal cooperation of raped by a teenage gang the community becausethe NIIITA KHBU8HCHKY,

''t law l abiding 'and. will DeerfieM .... areas. eo fil.tf vita' the American Municipal in the confines of her ego of the criminal Premier of Russia: "i

abide by a decision." Dugs sheriff Dale the aoteiraizatloa and Read Tk Association, Gordon S. own hoae-1n broad( daylight feeds on such public aa convinced that tomorrow -

/Kelley said. every Carlos' '..itt.about the erect!.. 'of see Iwsi- Clinton Mayor of Seattle And reports of protection asking him the Red flat wil

:_, specific.... area'aeationedin r4d. *-*l ,ewlfe't, be, ness -11.1.1. v_iekYacleded FttMSTAR( Washington, and brazea thefts and clever bolder and consequently fly over the united

'-+..':;;- ,"-tile petition vac. noi'; .aee j1 ate. :tke. Afre- '' : AtA president announced.: burglaries are so frequent more dangerous. States. But we will cot

:; isirolved in federal '- ****** Aueri.ean.Iaseraiees .w." * *a to appear al- None of us are immune fly the flag. It will
'H.rta. be the Aaerican people


-- _
'- '-""Jfr' "

\, '

-- :: '

_ tME 1- '. f.

FtNSA are
ear MET IL1S2


NEWS ;'. .{ "" -.LH A ;:)

t .
Published by the Florid Star pnblisning To.. .,, ... -

,'M :ber of Associated Negro Press"ERIC S ;; % 1,. '1 It11 BY EES s. mm

.' ,. .''
.. > '
\ Hands off the Bill of Rights1'!
0. SIMPSONAIYSOM _.......... Eittr 0 .t.b; ? This was the battle cry directed at

E. WIS ............ renv Um VICraMMr ': "\ r Senator James C. Eastland (Dem. Miss. ) ,
chairman of the Senate judiciary Com-

; HILDA _._..... I. :.,. ." mittee, by letter, telegram, postcard and
telephone call from every section of the

MAIN OFFICE & PUNT: t' country following a recent committee
$ 1I4.- A hearing on proposals to amend. the Con-
S23 MMafef l Road_...t\m\ ELp J-S782 EL 41713M .. stitution.

1- 1AfERfc4t A' t. -, The hearing was called to consider leg-

.11Itess: (jj \ yr ;. islature aimed at upsetting the recentU.
P. 0. Box 561 Jacks Me 1 FlrtiiMM 7l" S. Supreme Court decision >. #
outlawed the
that York
i New -O.
., .. i: ...- / \\ I Regents' prayer as an in- :q.
; \ /j '
-' : SUBSCRIPTION RATES / \ : frigement om. on religious freed x, ;

One year,,-$6.00! Half year $4.00 .. ,
Typical of the protests a- \
:?- Mailed to You Anywhere in the United States
5'f \I gainst proposed Constitu-
': 4 Subscription Payable in Advance 7 z'
',: r r tional changes was this "
Send check or Money Order to:
statement by Shad Polier of

I New York, chairman of the national -
Florida P. 0. Box 561 :: ::
Governing Council of the American
Jacksonville 1, Florida
Jewish Congress:
"For months the same Senator Olin B.
Low Rules Against Gestapo Tidies Johnson (Dem. S. C. ) who presided at the
"' .', Senate hearing on Constitutional changes
Of iacksoivihappened Finance Companies ;
? C1 : LwMr.r ..r has held up the appointment of Thurgood .
It last Monday in Small Claims ;/ Marshall as a Judge of the' U. S. Court

Court, and, by happening, it heraldedthe 5. of Appeals. One may well doubt whether ,

beginning of the end of a vicious era Senators Eastland and Johnston are as -t

during which many local finance companies CIVIL RIGHTS ACTION WILL ASSURE TREM OF THE TRUE AMERICANWAYYourWeekly concerned with the preservation of religion :
freely, boldly, and without regard for as they are with using this issue \

civil rights or human dignity, subjected as a stick with which to belabor the \
their customers to all sorts of intimida- Supreme Court for its decisions in favorof

tion including threats of violence and equality and against racial discrimi-

violence itself as a means of wringing nation.
payment out of them. "One of the Constitutional amendments

The case in point has to do with Mrs. under consideration would go so far as to

Lonnie Pittman of 136 Park Street. Mrs. :; Horoscope; Guide ; forbid judicial interference with any law

Pittman was awarded $275 damages by Small affecting public schools--thus wipingout

Claims Court Judge, YL Shannon Linning ". t the historic decision of the U. S.
: .<\
after she had suffered nearly two yearsof ly PAHO The ASTROLOGER Supreme Court in 1954 barring public

harassment and threats by City Finance school segregation. 1

Plan, Inc. 822 Davis Street It was by WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR 'Even an amendment limited to reversingthe

such gestapo tactics that this loan firm BUSINESS LOVE TRAVELARIES Supreme Court's decision in the Re-
tried to force payment of a promissarynote I.-"- gents' prayer case would constitute the
Mrs. Pittman had made to the firm. well-prepared plans can 6-60-12-11*. .:i' r CAPRICORN first instance in the history of the
Born March 21stthru be effectively executed. LIBRABorn Born Dec. 22nd thru the Bill of Rightshas
To quote Judge Linning: 'There have been United States in which .
numerous cases like this in the Duval April 19th 1-20-44-12-74-124 Sept. 23rd thru Jan. 19th been tampered with.

County courts, but to my knowledge this Now that Uranus is wel CANCER Oct. 23rd prudence is not a "The American Jewish Congress is vigorously -

is the first case that has come to final within your solar 6th Born June 22nd thru There are enough contingencies strange word in your vocabulary opposed to any amendment to 'the'

judgement and in which the finance com- house (since the 9th), July 22nd in the course but you may Bill of Rights. We believe, as well, that
and coning within strik- The difficulties that of life, forcing you to have to be reminded that
pany has been held responsible under the' the American people are equally opposedto
law. ing distance of a con- you may have avoided up dip unto your reservesto it exists for the rest of any effort to abridge our Constitu-

judge Linning ruled, finally, that there junction th Pluto, the to now should not be meet them without the month. You have a tional guarantees cf freedom, equal ity.
was a calculated plan by the finance firm matter of what, and how considered as being out accelerating the flow of tendency to become and justice.

to coerce payment of the (Mrs. Pittman' R) to eat may become of of the way. They are cash through thoughtless thisin bolder than usual and to "We therefore urge every citizen to t
extravagance. Keep
debt and that it exposed the plaintiffto paramount importance. very much in evidence mind if are temp- fall victim to excessiveselfconfidence write to his Senators to express this
public contempt, humiliation and 'em- Should you encounter any (18th) and s!b ply a- ted to to especially single--but vital--thought:
contrary '
go if
barrassment. Thus,he said, it constituted gastronomic discomforts, waiting a slip on your good Judgment. It wouldbe you come 'Hands off the Bill of Rights!"

ajvrongful invasion' of. her' right of you would.be well advised .-' part to march right in comforting 'to bask in under the influence of In addition to Jewish groups such as jthe
friends whose existenceis
to consult with and confound JOu.TraTel}
ci il
privacy. the warmth generated by somewhat complicated. American Jewish Congress, many '
What, then, is going to become of George competent medical and commitments are intimate associates. liberties organizations,Protestant church
Unless have to choicein
Richardson, Jr. and his family? what became authorities as to the still on the hazardouslist Take advantage of the you bodies, educators and citizen groups across I
of their of' the best means to cope with and you ignore the the matter it seems
right privacy on feeling of good will that the country have asked to
better to put off busi-
of 13th when Commerce them. Diet abuse cQul precaution at your own
night July Loan is then created to establish opposition to any Constitutional a-
make themselves, felt on risk. Things should be ness or pleasure trips
collector first
Lloyd Downing charged The
Company the basis for until mendment at the public he&ring.
next month or
into their home and collared Richardsonin the 18th-19th. The Arian looking up again. YOU sounder economic policiesand hearings were limited to testimony by
to the into who are spending leaves may then find yourself later.
an attempt bully man pay- operations. members of the Senate.
aromd home base may he released from certain 4-20-88-16-78-428
ment of a ,dent with.the company? What
the law going to do about the fact that 'inducted to makemajor restrictions that have 2-10-33-17-92-213 AQUARIUS Some HeJpfo' Hilts To BoatersSome

Richardson protected himself and his changes in the house, kept you from interceding SCORPIOBorn Born Jan. 20th thru
home against such a brazen intruder? with the purpose of personally in the Oct. 24th thru Feb. 18thIt 40 million people took to the water

catching up with the execution of your plans. Nov. 22nd1be.PDsibility is human nature to this year in pleasure boats. The .American
Mayor's Actta In Sawfcrs' DHth latest trends or gadget. 770221682721LEO of loss resent the difficulties Association stresses certain basic precau-

2-50-33-17-99-253 and disappointment are that so often beset us tions that all boaters should know and

(o1IIIItIt Aid HMftfcy Born July 23rd thru accentuated on the 18th. when we are bent on observe. Among them are these: Don't over-

IT is generally suspected, and in many TAURUS Aug. 22ndIf Do not reveal your secrets making existence a pure- load the craft. Don't stand up or change
cases actually known from experience, that Born April 20th thru your zeal matchesthe wear your hearton ly enjoyable affair. seats while the boat is underway. Watch

police brutality is practiced in this May 20th glowing picture that your sleeve or tempt What we are all apt to your wake--waves can cause damage. Avoid
city. Fear of reprisal from officers Should there be no others be paintingfor chance by taking too biga forget is that troubleand boating to close to swimmers, fishermenand
# guilty of such cruelty is no doubt the betterment in your you, you augmentthe gamble. YOU are much hardships are neces- water skiers. Don t Jump or dive froma

cardinal reason why man who have experienced family and partnership risk of financial surer of keeping out of sary for the proper development moving boat. Be sure everyone aboard

such treatment while in the relations, it may be reverses to a_ dangerous the way of temptation of man and all wears a life jacket. Don't venture too far

grip of the law remain silent or at least because the basis for level. YOU cannot affordto when you are spending living things. Without from shore. And if your boat overturns,
reluctant to make public their experienceIT mutual confidence has not permit anyone to your leisure moments in them we would all vegetate stay with it until you're picked up.Letters .

should be felt however as yet been restored. natural surroundings.' Al and eventually die
that the flatter you. or get you
Mayor's investigators made a sincere effort Examine your own be emotionally involved, to human beings should out. Consequently don't To The IIdllor
to uncover facts havior and conscience, place themselves in a feel a bit sorry for
any which would the extent that you take 18032 Wexford
'' and verify whether position where they can yourself if things are
have substantiated the or not
rumors of police leave of good Judgment Detroit 32, Michigan
brutality.THE you are blameless for restore contact with the somewhat tough for you
entirely. Once you are August 10, 1962
this condition. You natural vibrations, enabling these days. The lessonsyou
part this may
newspaper played in the over these dangerous
it matter was not to create unjustifiedalarm ,find yourself hard put hurdles, yon should find them to think and will learn and the The Florida Star Nevs

.; but to stimulate public interestin to prevent a conflict of the rest of this quarter rediscover the true wisdom and strength that 2323 Moncrief Road't

'\ and resentment against inhuman police interest unless you are somewhat more friendlyto values spiritual as wellas are thus engendered will Jacksonville 1, Florida 5t ({o "
practices which ready to make the desired material. if you can figure as y mr greatest 7i..
1 are still prevalent you and your ambitious '
compromises. coax your' closest partner assets in the future. :
throughout much of the South. interests. Dear Sir:
Join you in such a guest,
THE the you wel- Render account of 720331492723PISCES
part Mayor of this city and a good .
executive officers played in the matterwas come having all the time your gainful endeavors beyond you both would benefit I recently visited your fair city which

to demand, without delay or mumbo- at your to disposal to devote even if results do not 3-30-33-14-54-314 measure. Born Feb. 19th thru is my home town. I have spoken (bragged

jumbo that the truth be found at all your surroundings quite come up to expec- ,March 20th what a time could be had) well o it to
cost. 'Perhaps the truth was found tations. Make confidential SAGITTARIUSBorn my friends.
; per- 8-60-77-13-65-867 Nov. 23rd thru You may already have
haps not. if not then it arrangements that:
was because the GEMINI Dec. 21st received advanced warn-
truth was hurriedly buried beneath the Born May 21st thru will replenish your cash There are few peoplewho ings that trouble may beloosing On my vacation this year I invited some
.dece tfulness and the fear of the 2-40-66-14-62-246 of friends to
many June 21stIf have nothing to hide in your associations my so to Florida with me.

persons questioned.IT you can manage to VIRGO from the past chaptersof if you have We enjoyed everything immensely until we
must be admitted however that the get by without any fuss o Born Aug. 23rd thru their existence.Still failed to use the tact decided to go to the American Beach, that

actions of Mayor Burns, Commissioner ado. yea should find the Sept. 22nd it seems wiser to and diplomacy that cer- was a mistake.tr:sh. tin cans, bottles,
Thomas and the thoroughness of their rest of this quarter Since you' are now being withhold such information tain situations warrantedYou paper all over the beach. We wanted to

E investigators was highly commendable.A tailored to your' Measure. subjected to strong from those who can feel the full clear away some of the debris so we could

healthy precedent has been set! The accent falls CD your planetary pressure, it could use it to advance brunt of concerted action have a place to sit but there wasn't

IT is gratifying to note that Mayor- enjoyable pasrlmes. or becomes all the more Important their own interests against you or your po even a trash receptacle on the entire .

Commissioner Haydon Burns acted with those- that require full to weigh your gince showdowns of any licies. You seem to havea beach.;

swiftness, tact and determination in the u se of your wit and words and actions with sort could prove partIcUlarly way out by resorting .
recent and tragic matter of Sammy Smith stored-up knowledge. The greater care. Verify upsetting, it to begotiations. or One of my guest cut his foot which was not

Sanders when, as the city's highest of- more privacy you can reserve your facts before you would be worth great making certain indispen- serious, but could have been.

ficial, he ordered a full investigation for )yourself .the engage in argument in pains on your part to sable financial adjust-

into the somewhat fuzzy facts and discon- better you can preparefor order to avoid the humiliating avert them. The friendswho ments. There should be It is totally impossible to walk or driveon

certing rumors surrounding Sanders death. the activities you embarrassment are loyal to you are no shortage of ideas from the American Beach without getting your
A medical examiner declared Sanders' lined up for yourself of having to apologize not likely to betray which you can pick when tires slashed or your feet. I sincerelyhope

s death was due to natural causes Rumor thereafter. Take immediate or retract your words your secrets. But your you are under stress. But something can and will ,he done to

on the other hand, had his death as due actio if your subsequently. You shouldnow main problem is to find still, men all is said rectify this eye' sure soon.

to the fatal effects of a police beating friends and advisers be at a stage when a exactly who may, be. Your and tone, you may. have to -

in the confines of the County Work Farm. furnish a cue that can bit of long-range planning ow feelings may be able lean on your closest col- My friends have given me such:a bad tine

Another inmate purportedly 'w\tnessed' lead to profitable real- may, be apropos, in to provide the correct laborator or loved one about the incident at the beach, I'm' aboutto
4 such a beating. Mayor Burns, underwritten estate deals, o'r the acquisition order to make the answers. Hake wise use to stabilize the situ- develop a complex. '. :-t *-

by Commissioner Dallas Thomas, demanded of a new home transition through Nit of the energies material ation for yon. Romantically -

t that the true facts be found "regardlesswhoa that could surpass your you are now going some resources of surprising Sincerely yours,
it hurts. fondest expectations.This what smoother than it your principal allies.48iT221369482. circumstances are due. v

is the day when may be otherwise (20th). 7-50-88-16-74-758 Samuel Cummings


". --:4 _. ._ _. __ ,_'W__ ;:::,;. -. -" .-, ...-,.- "'-'f, '''','',--J7 L, .,.:'E: .,....1..
: : ,,

t t.A'' isrJ'f f "
RUlli STAt
.. -.-_ _n Dlfr a

'--- I.flr.ii. CoRveilioR Dclaf ales-Feitd, Mrs. Louise R. Prothro I nrrr v'

; ,
p- -tAe -r Pet Milk i Consultant; .

... Receives
--- --..--- ; Top Award

.yl aCaine

-l I.' .
.**** : :

Ecoes ''are: being" heard from one of the most

colorful'weddings t, ever 'held "In Jacksonville. N
that''of Miss Estell Williams and Rudolph UtKissick :--
-f .. .' ; S 1WASHINGTON
jr. :
The''bride is 'a member of one, of Jacksonville's x Mr. and Mrs. John Boy.

oldest families, and everyone was resent at Daniel; 1756 Callahanst. Mr. and Mrs. Frank S

St. Paul AME Church to witness the ceremony' .; Boy. Brown; 1497 W. 23rd

performed 'by; Rev. K J.' Blaine, pastor.. Mr. and Mrs. Reid E. Street; Boy.

The'church was filled' to capacity 'when the bride Jackson; 7227 RichardsonRoad Mr. and Mrs. Lewis

marched.down the aisle on the arm of her father ; boy. Barnes; 2403 Horne St.
J. L. )Williams, Sr. She was adorned in the traditional Mr. and Mrs. Flozell. Me- Girl.. i

white full length' gown, choosing one = vsvx Craw; 121 May St.; Boy. Mr. and Mrs. Robert

made up of tiers of .ace. Her' attendants wore Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Taylor; 2415 W. 1st St. ; Mrs. Louise

walt .- ength gowns. Mrs. Helen Gregory was the Phelps; 135 Park St.; Boy. R. Prothro. a Senior Home

honor attendant, and Vernon McKissick, brother' of Girl. Mr. and Mrs. Henry L. Economist for Pet Milk

the groom, ;' served as best man. other members of -r- __ Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Burkes ; Middleburg Company last night

the, bridal party included' Mrs. irma Villarin, jw1.fee Wiggins; 6273 Pettiford Florida; Girl.Mr. (Thursday. August 2))

Mrs. Betty Belton, Mrs. Dannette Howell, and Drive; Boy. and Mrs. Birthel received the 1962 Service -
Miss ,Daisy Gilllard, bridesmaids. Little Miss Mr. and Mrs. Buryl" C. Eagle; 296 Goodman St. ; Award of the

Paula McKissick,junior bridesmaid; George Lowery RS Napoleonr2923; ,Willow Girl. National Association of
Herbert : putman Richard McKissick, James L. Street Boy. Mr. and Mrs. Hezikah Colored Women's Clubs at

Williams, Jr. Clarence Belton, Frank Priestly, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Godwin; 2660 Lantana its annual convention in

and.Joshua W. Williams. ushers. Proudme; 1750'W.. 10th Avenue; Boy. Washington, D. C. --

Out-of-towners included Dr. and Mrs. J.'W. Street. ; --Girl.-..' ._",---.. Mr and Mrs. Alonzo The presentation' was.

Williams. Winter. Haven; King Henry Williams, .4 -r yPx3 .'S l Mr. and .Mrs:,.Christopher Green; 1025 E. Franklin made by Association-
/ Hammonds;; 116fe 'W. 3Ist Street, ; Boy. president Mrs. Rosa L,*''
White,Springs; Mr. and Mrs. Guy Turner< White 4. 7 1
Springs;Jeff Houston,Cocoa; and Vernon McKissick, Street; Boy. Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Gragg at a banquet hell
'" .. Mr... and-Mrs.. Jerry
Newyork-City.: Jones; 4323 Bessie Cir. at the SheratonparkHotel .
A reception followed the ceremony and was held Allen 4618' Moncried Apt. A; Boy. attended by more

in the," Waldron House of Bethel Baptist institutional Village; Boy. Mr. and Mrs. Carl than 1. 500 delegates'
.J Mr. and Mrs. Moses :
Merritt 2962 Willow representing 100.000 wo
The happy cpuple is honeymooningin ;
,Atlanta. ; Ga.. ffilliams.; 1532 W. 8th Street; Girl. men and girls in 42
: I Street; Boy. Mr. and Mrs. Moses st ates. .

111 .. .... ..e. .... .... .... 4 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Scott; 6164 spirea St. ; The award cited Mrs.
1" P" : Cummings; 4023 LeonardCr. *
Boy. Prothro for her outstanding -
Kig.r .,r: I : IIYI rr < .; Girl. Mr. and Mrs. George work in the home
.. Mary. : A.. Brown, is In the...r"1iJrlr' Ti. ,i g 1i'er' : -,Mr.. and Mrs. Edward economics field among.",
Williams 1324 PrinceCt.
parentsMr. and Mrs. John '
H. Tyler of 1619 Pearce e
Hall; 1258 W. 10th St. ;
Street. -She is accompanied by her'young daughters ; Girl.M. youth. She has visited

Linda ,and, Patricia,and sons Theodore and Michael. colleges and universities
Applications For Marriage LicensesColbert throughout the c mntryto
She will join her husband, Theodore Brown. Sr
lecture as well as to
in ,New York early in September.
J. Britt, jr. Broome. 1152 PhelpsSt. serve on panels and in

...-... ., ...., .... esee esee DELEGATES ENTERTAINEDLocal members of Tricologists Beauticians Unit No. 1329 W. 9th St. 23. and 37.James consulting roles with
: 38 of the Orange Blossoms State Beauticians Association presented a Welcome Loristeen Tucker, Camp- E. Sumpter Canton young people. Her leader-
JIiJ1 '' Home party to, its president, Mrs. Callie Jackson and Mrs. Minnie Alexander, bell ton, Florida 22. Ohio, 24, and Annie R. ship ability and national
1324'prince1 It'.jS. ;girl for:,Mr. and:' Mrs/: George H.:'.Williams. parliamentarian :Monday afternoon following their return as delegates at Willie Pitts Miami Givens: 1109 Dora St. prestige have placed her
Street1. 'Ll'ttle"Debor'' :
Micheleput the recent National institute of Cosmetologists Convention in Cleveland, florida, 49 and MaggieL. Jax. Florida; 24. in great demand for cam-

Thpr in l her,, Augu9.appearance::_ ,- at a-*Brewster,y.,., f'i; Hospital. r1'f"last- with Mrs. Wilma McWhite, Artists Chairman, serving as hostess at her 624 Parker Fitzgerald, William J. Reese 322W. pus appearances at both
..,u" v, -..""i1'>(;,..,, .,'in t...j f-r,...,','-'{-.-. ... .r',. d,, ,... Court-D residence. upper photo shows some of the members who were present Ga. 32.Cummings. 1st St. 34 and AnnieM. the college and high
..j..'' f .' *.. .... ...* see. ...". to welcome/ Mesdames Jackson i and Alexander. Seated from left: Mesdames Callie Jacobs 1148 Cook 1344 W. 20th school levels.Mrs. :
Jackson and Minnie Alexander. Standing from left: Miss Bessie Graham, Kings Rd., 28 and Jean A. Street 20. Prothro is a mem-

assistant financial secretary; Mrs. ola M. Taylor, corresponding secretary; Comer 807 Jefferson Rudolph Waldo McKissick. ber of Home Economistsin
Mr.and::" Mrs. Reid E. Jackson
II of 7227 Ijcbsrn- Mrs. Wilma McWhite, hostess; Mrs. Damon Collier, financial secretary, and Street 18. 2016 Mars St. 34 and Business and the
son fovi
at Brewster' Hospital on August 2. Brian Keithis right), and Mrs. McWhite (center) are shown wishing Mesdames Jackson (left) Grothe 20 and JohnnieC. 1810 Francis St. 33. Association. She also

the l I second" son' 'born to the jacksons., and Alexander 'Bon Voyage' at the Railroad Station prior to their departurefor Lee 1313 Prince St., Coleman Bryan 1712 holds memberships in

... .... sees sees- .... s.e Cleveland. two delegates were presented gifts on behalf of the Trico 22. Myrtle Ave. 23 and American Women in Radio
logists unit. Felix A. Swain. 1152 Eartha L. Coger, 1230 W. an d Television
f*vas,4 <.roused 'from'.a, period-of.relazatiun' re- (Royal Art and Baker photos) Phelps St. 53 and Edna 3rd St. 22. Honors SlatedFor

:entiirb'y) the'Itppearahce:3>f' members? Les Elites- Principals To Hear: I Brewster Men

and tiems Bridge Clubs who camefiia: and casually Miss A. CrispinMiss 1
presented' several lovel gi ft';:J-.Some things Dr. J. I. E. Scott Complete Plans

for your' new' home," they said 2riITS. Arey Chrispin a
;Ann" McIntosh, Mrs. Marion Walker Mrs. Lois At Annual Meeting For Annual Event wA$ member of the faculty of

Avery, airs. Susie 'Thompson Mrs:*Lillian Davis, Dr. J.I.E. Scott, assistant Douglas Anderson School

Mrs*. Elizabeth Simmons, Mrs. Vernal McCone and director of The Brewster Men's Club will be the h moree at

Mrs. Alvenia Scriven were among-pat'tlcipants. Education; Duval County, met last Sunday in the the 'Honor Day" service

"This xrqpled with a visit, from:mY.mother, Mrs.LuIaHftfayttf will address the Elemen- cafeteria of the hospitalat program to be held Aug.

? fia .nswell, :S. CiJSJfas'added 'much tary and Secondary School 7:45 a.m. for the pur- : t 1 iI 19 at 3 p.m. in the

happiness.,.Ja.n t.to. ,my ow: .summer.. ...vacation. .. Principals ,County. pose of completing plans gin, Little White Chapel 640W.
Ww ! imi ") wn. .
10th Street.
: presidents an for the annual ?un Festi-
: .iQepart-
:It! i ,'M' 'idl .wo.L.., ,. : ; ,
tlti.:.K .e. '
... sees .... .... ". invited to remarksare
.. "", ,. .i.. ''i./ ment chamrmen at., the val and to discuss the give
'pt. .t' _..#..,.. .
.. .. annual meeting of the continuance of their part X j Chester R. Cowart.
:: "* "*: '' ,.,,,. f. .. ,... .
Mrs, ;,Claudia Jenkins and Mrs.: ... Iris. Knox r.- -are?" Association which. will in the pro football game n's principal of Douglas;,'.
.. SweetsPrincipal
vacatioping: in New York City. be held at Murray High to be played in the Gator Anderson. W.D.

trs.; : 'Jpnkinsjoined. hubby, p. J.' who has been School in St. Augustine Bowl Aug. 18 at 8 p.m. of Duval

in the New York and Canadian area since ADrtl..i beginning at 8 a.m. between the champion Vocational Adult Night
Tuesday, Aug. 23. Green Bay Packers and the a r-I4 School, Mrs. Julia Walker

.. 1.11 sees esee sees .. .. The discussion coordinators St. Louis Cardinals. Brown and Rev. J.T. Mc-
are Edward President J. Earl Morse Millan.

Ointerest' to legions of friends and close/ Benthone Charles D.' presided over the meeting. FOREIGN FRIENDS---Hampton institute students recently hosted French students Howard Guyton will be

associates;; in, theFlorida: community: was the recent Brooks and Mrs. Lucile Terms of the contractsin visiting the Virginia campus as part of the Experiment in international the principal announcer.The .

graduatiQ rP "qw rd. ,University's 1 College Col em an. connection with the Living, program. on campus for two weeks the students lived in dormitories, address will be given
Dr. owners of the attractions' attended classes ,and. participated in all 'by Rev. B.F. Broken-
of Denistry of Mr. Arnett Girardeau the youngest Scott-well known campus activities. Above, (left to
son of Mr. and Mrs. English Girardeau of 1223 through educational we're read by Byron right), Margaret Wynn, Greensboro, N. C. Martine Hoffmann, Paris; Michel ,borough shepherd of"the

West,13th'St.':, 'city. 'Dr. Girardeau, who graduated circles-is an outstanding Shields and they were Pardailhe-Galabrun, Paris; Samuel 'Merritt, Norfolk, Va. ; Bettye Richardson, chapel. '

with distinction, received the following awards: educator. He holds the discussed at length.A Jacksonville, Fla. and Milliot Claire, Paris, take time out from a busy A musical program

Doctorate Degree from committee was selectedto campus schedule.Allen !. will precede the address.
The John W. Bluford Award,given to ,the student
the University of Pitts- meet at the hospital
demonstrating outstanding skill in oral ,Diganosis burg. He Is also authorof Monday to{ go into detailsof Chapel Women
and Oral Surgery;, the American Academy Award for several academic books the contracts and t

exhibiting the greatest interest and ability in and articles including reach seme definite con- Schedule Annual Fete

Clinical Operative Denistry. ,He 'is' presently a 'Finding My lay and clusions. Several men itS w
member of the! Dental College's faculty.Dr. The annual Women B day now Peps x
'Getting The Most. Out of said they would: be observance will be .
Girardeau who received his held
early educationhere High School." available to be present. _

later attended Howard University where he He is editor of The ; Whatever is settled on by: Church at Allen Sept.Chapel 30. AME for those who think young
received his Bachelor '
of Science degree. Later Negro Educational Review, the cccaittee, it will be _
joining the armed services, he served in the and is also a member of brought back to the body All captains have ,been

European' Theatre of Operations prior to continuing Phi Beta Sigma Fra for the final green asked to make the first

his tour of duty in Korea during the recent ternity. light. reports.

conflict. He was assigned to the Signal Corps as -

a radio operator and was cited for his efficiencyin Committee I Plans I Labor Day Program

that capacity.

v During his early youth 'Dr. Giradeau was one 'of jrjq1
: <
the first four members of Scout Troop 51 from :

Ebeneezer Methodist Church to receive the vaunted T

Eagle Scout Award, and was signally honored by i

becoming 'one of the first members of the Order ,of

Arrows Chapter to' be organized in Region 6--'and

in all' probability--In the nation. At.'that .time, j. !

Mr. John (pop) Rutledge was Scoutmaster of'Troop .
51 and Central Commissioner. Girardeau retains t t .:'

his church membership with Ebeneezer Methodist "r i ..
Church'!'. He is the recipient of numerous messages l< };fj; J'
of congratulations from his friends. ,' 1 ..... ,! 4 r. S

.... -f' .see.: .. .*.. ...... .... M1 I .....

'foftV_ \;. ,..... '' #. .,' ...._. .. I
., :
if -
.Ii' h
LILLY'S w'3rI _
DRUG STORE ..,' 1 I '

,,, ':'>- A Ccifkte Lie ,of COSMETICS Today parties are more informal more fun. They reflect the big changeto _
,'. a youthful new outlook. Irs a modem state of mind and all ages
are involved. Call it thinking young. And what a life for Pepsi-light.
mm GOTHS CMIIICS SWUMESfw .. ::. PROGRAM COMMITTEE-Program ccsaittee members of the Satellite Social Club bracing, clean-tasting Pepsi. So think young. In stores buy an

L? prascdt1Hs C d art Mmi are shown completing final plans fqr their, annual Labor Day celebrationwhich extra canon. At fountains say "Pepsi, please!
will climax the club's
suser activities. Proa the left S11
are Mesdames
.. .
1307 Rd. .t Juanita Undsey, May Holley Rose L. Mitchell and Honey Walker. .,
:, }: : Kegs II 3-1271 ; The croup'scoaolete < KTTUI arc-sl COU MTTIMC tDHTMl OT MCUOMUl aw.9 M.IYt Otm Kro coo COWM1 .S WMAttW
." program will .be released in
a later issue of the STAR. .
f. ..
(Billy Brown Photo)

. ...r ._.,-. .. ._ ...._, ... .
.. .
.,.. .. -,...,,.-.:--.....,".,. -.., "' .':- ':' ,. ;.' Of :, I, :: '" ":'1'.; :, .

r .,


I it PratMiftt Families Mmri h Jtx NMIS) best Sweeffield Kicks Off Mrs. F. Davis Woodlawn .Prem. _.

Men s Day Activities Musical Program Church Notes

OR August 21st Was A Big i SuccessMrs. BY L.N. PEON *SR.*
The' annual lien's Day Frederick Davis, Church, school opens

activities in Sweetfield wife of Mr. Frederick Sunday, Aug. 19 at 1.0:00

Baptist Church mill begin Davis, post" employee, rejOices a. m. in the George

Aug. 21 and cmtinne in the fact that Washington Carver Elementary -

The united Holiness Prayer Band for All people through Aug. 26. her musical program, School 2854 = W.

will begin prayer meeting and a tarry service The kickoff program staged in Laura St. 45th Street with superintendent -

f Aug. 20 at 8 p.m. at 1836 Meharry Ave. EvangelistCecil will be held Aug. 21 auditorium last Sunday T.;V. Huger,in

Thomas will be the the speaker: with District 1, deacon night, was a huge suc- charge. "A special invi-

The prayer band begins its first anniversaryAug. board, deaconess board cess. tation is extended to

27 at 8 p.m. The prayer meeting and tarry and District 7 in chargeof She is using this mediato both adults and children

service will be held nightly. the program. thank Alyson E. Wise residing in that area

l 3 wry District 2, Choir 3, STAR news editor and to attend our churoh

0/0 0/0 0/0 Usher Board 1, Sunday staff, Uriah Potee and School and Morning-Wor*

4P! (s School and BTU will con- Mrs. Beulah McClellanof ship service. Your pre-

The Sunbeam Spiritual Singers will observe their f-i : duct the activities Aug. the Colored Edition ol sence inspires us and

3rd anniversary Aug. 19 at 8 p.m. in Mt. Tabor 22. Districts 34. Usher the Florida Times union, gives us new ,approachesto

Baptist Church, 5th and Mt., Herman Streets. Board 2, Chdir 2 will for the ir timely publica- building a great and

Appearing will be the Starlights, Voices of have, charge 0 f the program tion of the musical program much needed church.MorningWorship .

Jerusalem, Traveling Stars, Holy Light Singers, s w August 23. in putting it out to beginsat

United Gospel Chorus, The Bells of Zion, Andrew Districts 5, 6, Choirs I, the general public.Mrs. 10:55 a.m. with the

McCall and the Sensational Singers. Li Davis also wishesto
vw 4, Trustee Board, usher pastor Rev. F.D. Wilson

Board 3, and the missionary thank all participantson in charge of service. He

0/0 )/O 0/0 society will the program for being
the ,
BRILLIANT CEREMONY---in what many older jaxons term as the largest attended bring message
have charge of the pro- artistic in the performance -
I supported by the United
matrimonial ceremony ever performed here. Miss Estelle Theresa Lee Williams,
St. Peters AME Church will observe its annual gram Aug. 24. Each group of their duties.
the daughter of Prof. James W. Williams and the late Mrs. Gertrude L. Will- Choir with Mr. C.E. -
f Women's Day Sept. 23. Heading activities will be will make a report forth She also includes Rev.
at the piano.
hams, became the bride of Rudolph Waldo McKissick, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Jr.
I Esther chairman and E. Sanders, Wilson, the
Mrs. Carter, Mrs. e drive.A Franklin D.
Lawrence McKissick, in a brilliant candlelight ceremony Saturday evening, Wednesday 7:30 p.m. ;
co-chairman. Bible quiz will be pastor, and
Aug. 11 at.630 p.m. in St. Paul AME Church, Rev. R. J. Blaine, pastor, of- Mid-Week PrayerBiblestudy
:: congregationof
r conducted each eveningby ushers and
McKissick attended Stanton High School and graduated from in the WestminsterHut.
ficiating. Mrs.
: .
United Pres-
0/0 0/0 0/0 the pastor Rev. D.B. Woodlawn
Hampton Institute. She is a faculty member at Isaiah Blocker School. The for their Friday 8:00 p.m.
Barnes. byterian
graduated from Stanton High School and attended Tuskegee institute.He United Choir rehearsalin
Rev.' R. L* Jones, pastor of Central Baptist groom Ministers who will deliver timely cooperation. Cooperation the Westminster. i
is employed by the U. S. postal Department. The couple motored to Atlanta i
Church has announced the youth religious rally the message Aug. solves many night 8:00
short honeymoon trip. Their residence address will be announced Tuesday p.m.
on a
which will begin Aug. 2 through the 26.The rally 26 are; Rev. C.S. Pelder, problems. Westminster choir re-
friends following their return to the city.
will be conducted by the intermediate and senior to president of the State 'A bunch of freckles hearsal.The .
(Royal Art Studio photo)
departments of the church, assisted by the young Sunday School and BTU would be a nice coat of entire audience enjoyed '

adults. The theme for the week is, "Thou Shalt Joint CntrchRtvhrol First BaptistAnnounces Christian Endeavor Congress and pastor of tan if they could just the musical program

Have No Other Gods Before Me." Toe young people's Meets t SundayIn Union Baptist church get together.L.N. rendered by Mrs. Fred

chorus will render music each night and Rev. Deland, 3 p.m. ; Rev. R. -- Pearson sr. Davis in the Laura Street

Arthur McFadden will ,deliver the messages each All 20- Sunday s ServicesBY Grant MemorialThe West, Instructor at Reporter--- Audirorium on last Sunday

night. parents are asked to attend and bring Florida Normal at 11 a.m. night at Laura and State
regular monthly program Members
the families. 31 At StarkfSTARKE of the Christian and Rev. H.T. overstreet streets. The very fine

Regular services will Endeavor Hour will be pastor of Mt. Tabor Bap- Select omen's local talent that she had

0/0 0/0 0/0 Mt. Pisgah prevail at First Baptist held in Grant Memorial tist Church at 5:30 p.m CommitteesThe on her program could not

AWE Church, Rev. J. A. AME Church Aug. 19 at Day be excelled. The Wood-
Church 1025 Jessie St. .
$ School of the First Born Temple 825W. Grimmage pastor, will Choruses Parade
The Sunday Sunday beginning with 3 p.m. This will be the women of Simpson lawn United Presbyterianchurch

St. will a trip to Silver sponsor a joint revival members, visitorsand
Monroe sponsor Sunday School at 9:20 eighth monthly session. Methodist Church met

Springs Aug. 18. The bus leaves the church at meeting with Mt. Nebo a.m. with G.W. t.superintendent Special selections will Set For Sept. 10th recently with Rev. Joshua friends wish to thank

8 p.m.Dewdrop and Jefferson at 8:15 a.m.; Eighth Missionary Baptist church in be rendered by 'the youth Reddick minister, to Mrs. Davis for her very

and Davis Strdets at 8:30 a.m. invitations have August 2031. ch arge. choirs of New Hope and The Mai c Chorus of organize for their annual fine renditions, and hope

been extended to the public .to join the Sunday Prayer meeting will be- The pastor, Rev. C.B. St. Stephen AME Churches Little Rock Baptist celebration which she will live to sponsor

I school on this trip. gin Aug. 20 and preachingwill Dailey, will reyiew the jointly, under the direc- Church' will present will terminate Aug. 28. many more.

begin Aug. 27 with lesson from the subject tion of McKinley. Gen- "Male Choruses on This year a dual cele- O'nebecomes hi still'

0/0 0/0 0/0 the services beginning at topic, TSzekiel pro- wright. Parade" Sept. 10vat 8 bration will be held with self only by becoming an

7:30 p.m. cl aims God' s Love. Selections from several p. m. in the church the women in charge of instrument of a cause

The annual Men's Day will be observed at taber- 'The theme for the services Morning worship startsat singing groups of the auditorium. the morning service and that is greater than him-

nacle Baptist Church Aug. 19, beginning with the will be 'The 11 a.m. with devotionsled city will be given. The Serving as organists for the men will be in chargeof self.

Sunday School at 9:30 a.m. and continuing throughthe Judge is at the Door by the deacons of the theme for the month will the program will be Sam- the evening worship.

evening service. You Better Run and See church. Music will be be selected and, presentedby my L. Davis and Cecil B. The following persons Bible Translations

Officers for the observance are: Charles Reed, About Your Soul, Make furnished by the Brother- the young people of Fisher. were elected to serve:
NEW YORK Various \
chairman; C. A. Lawrence, co-chairman; L. V. Haste A Man To Live, hood chorus and the Young S t. Joseph Methodist Serving will be the male Miss Dorothy M. Lang,
portions of the Bible
Jones,' secretary; Deacon H. M. Pauline, program and For Thou So Soon Adult Choir, Senior and Youth Fellowship.The choruses of Mt. Ararat general chairman; Mrs.
have been translated into
Must Die.
chairman; Willie King, finance chairman; Eddie Junior Ushers will serve program chain-man, and Emanuel Baptist with Th ressa Aaron. Mrs.
six additional tongues,
Colzie, tag chairman; Deacon Berry Sheffield, Rev. Ira D. Hinson, throughout the day. has asked all ministersand Matthew McCoy as d irec- Gladys Hooker cochairmen *
bring present
of Bethel
flower chairman. ,pastor AME leaders in all tor.
youth ; Mrs. Cora Kelley
At District 23
4 p.m. "and
Church, Tallahassee, will to I, 181 languages
of which Brothers; Ezekiel churches to send their Other male choruses appearing treasurer; Mrs. Rebecca AmericanBible
dialects, the
conduct the services.Rev. .
0/0 0/0 0/0 Futch and Joseph Simmonsare young people to partici- will be Abyssinia Sanuel, secretary; Mrs.
G.B. is Society announced.
of Mt.Burgman Nebo. leaders, will meet in pate in the activity.Mrs. Baptist, directed by Florrye M. Mixon Finance Recent additions include

The women of Antioch Baptist Church will sponsoran pastor the home of Mrs. Herbert Mattie Thompson Columbus Smith; Mt. chairman; Mrs.
Rev. W.P. Jenkins will Ogoni (Nigeria), Kekcbi
outing to American Beach on Labor Day, Sept. Stokes 2050 W. 40th St. assistant director of Sinai Bat tist, Cass Gertrude Moore, literary Peru'
preside and Rev. W.J. (Cuatamala), Piro ( ),
3, in behalf of the Women's Day drive. All mem- the hour has announcedthat program. chairman: ; Mrs.
Taylor will serve as BTU meets at 5:45 p.m. Sinai Baptist, Cass Kwara (aeMwala (Solomon
bers who can are asked to Join the group and to Tillman the attendance of director Johnnie Cowart, sponsor
with Shootes Day
moderator. Deacon W.F. ; Island) Mao Naga (Assam)
bring along a friend. president presiding. young people has increased Spring Baptist, S.L. program chairman; Mrs. and Kambera (Indonesia).

Friendship Groups Major sermons will be over the past Davis, director; Mt. Celia Love, publicitych .

0/0 0/0 0/0 preached at 11 a.m. and seven months. Canaan Baptist, Zion ai man.

Are Preparing For 7 p.m.The Macedolla'sWOlneR Hope Baptist, Bethany Mrs. Anna Hooker, .deco

The Male Chorus of Emanuel Baptist Church will Brotherhood Chorus Baptist and Choir 3 of ration; Mrs. Julia P. PETE'NHow

be presented in an after service musical Aug. r meets Monday night at 8 Plan the church of God in Gilmore, contact;, Miss :
Annual Women Day
26 at Antioch Baptist Church, in behalf of the s p. m. for rehearsal. Christ. Edith Young, corsages;

women spay-drive. 'Miss .Mary Ann Daniels is Prayer service will be For Annual FeteThe Guest soloist will b Mrs. Altamese Miller, about this No other headache -
The of Friendship
women: powder is better thanGoody's.
sponsor. held Tuesday at 7 p.m. Mrs. Mary Goodman, accompanied tags; Mrs. Irene Harris,
Baptist Church on New women of Macedonia So why pay more?
music and Bernice
Wednesday night's Bible by her Arthur Mrs.
Kings Road will observe Church
0/0 0/0 0/0 study begins at 7 p.m. primitive Baptist Goodman, Leon Bland will Pugh advertisement.The QC/
their annual Women'sDay met recently to make
and will be conducted serve as master of cere- wen will sponsora I ..
celebration Sunday annual
Districts 1, 2, 5, and 11 of Day Spring Baptist by the pastor. plans for their monies. beach outing to Little I.
Aug. 19 beginning with will terminate
Church will celebrate jointly their anniversaryAug. First Baptist' ? annual day which Talbot Island Aug. 18.
the Sunday School. with
26, at 3:30 p.m. in the auditorium of the beach outing to Little 'Sept. 23.
Officers are: Mrs. Lou- the Sunday School. Youth Day Set I For August 26th
church. Refreshments be served in the Talbot island will be
venia Hopkins, chairman; f. The officers are: Mrs.
dinning hall foil sing the program. All districtsand Mrs. Lucille Casin, co- held saturday Aug. 25. E.L. Ashley, chairman; The youth of Little Rock First Baptist Church will
auxiliaries have been invited. j. S. Smith, Buses will leave the
chairman; Mrs. Mae E. R.L. Stokes, co- Baptist Church will ob- be the speaker at the

James Webb, W. R. Buckner and C. Cummings are Hartsfield, secretary: church promptly at 9 a.m chad Mrs.imam; Mrs. A.T. White serve their annual Youth 11 a.m. hour of worship.Rev. .

the leaders. program committee, Mrs. The general public is secretary; Krs. B. John- Day Aug. 26, with Mrs. Randy Hezekiah will

invited. ffylene Bernice Dunbar be acting pastor for the
Louvenia Hopkins, Mrs. son, program chairman;
0/0 0/0 0/0 Cornelia, Prime Mrs. Emanuel BoardIn Mrs. L. Thomas, treasurer serving as chairman and day. 2 POWDERS sc

Lucille Casin. Mrs. ; Mrs. Delia Furtick, Deacon Larry Oneal ser- 12 POWDERS 25
ChoirVof Simpson Methodist Church will presenta Special Meeting
Ward ving as cochairman.At .
Dorothy Mrs. Mam finance chairman; Miss L.
recital August 19 at 6 p.m. in the auditoriumof 3 Anthony Dor-
SIII th. Monday Aug. 20th Everett, beautification; p.m.
the church. Appearing as solists will be sey and Paulette Harvey
Finance committee Mrs. Mrs. M. Lewis, youth
Sherman Mitchell, James Watts, Gwendolyn Jordon, The Executive Board of will preside. Appearingon
Cornelia Prime, ,Mrs. chairman; Mrs. V. Falana,
Alethia Kirby,. Paula Mack, Patricia Preston, Elizabeth Powell, ,Mrs- the Emanuel Baptist Association co-chairman; Mrs. Mary the program will be .r:

Dallastlne Smith and Lucious Morann. will meet in chairman Rev. Levi Green associate -
Bertha Wilson, Mrs. Ann Mitchell, tag ;
Guest artist will be Deborah Hardin, and Debris Walker joint session with the Gainious. minister of
; treasurer Mrs. and ,Mrs. Anna
Mangram. The public is invited. Miss rorothy Ella Byrd; beautification Women's Department IKnday
night. Aug. 20th in '
Mae Lang .is the advisor.
Mrs. Virginia McKenzie
United Missionary Baptist
tags, Mrs. Frances Pat- 4itThi-
0/0 0/0 0/0 terson. ,Church 4th and Cleveland .

sts. Rev. Smith, host J y
Captains are Mrs. I Ia
The annual Men' Day observance will be held pastor, it was announced
s Demaris Kendrick, Mrs. M rUe Ave. end Adams Phone EL 4 1468 '
Aug. 26 at Shiloh Baptist Church, beginning with by Rev. R.B. Williams, a
Albertis. Mrs.
the Sunday School at 9:30 a... Programs will be Louvenia Hopkins and recording secretary. A "Slim" Repeat Special.

presented for each service. officers for the day Mrs. Lucille Casin. Important matters to be ,
discussed will includethe MEDIUM SHRIMP 790 _
are: John Garner chairman; David Thomas, cochairman Youth department, chair- Lb.

; finance committee Deacon William man, Mrs. Lola M. Williams annual National Bap- SPECIAL ECONOMY CARRY-OUT lie

Thompson, chairman; Deacon Henry Anderson, cochairman pastor for the tist Convention, Association PACKAGE OF 10 US, ONLY............. ....

; Deacon Jesse Sharpe, public relations; day, Mrs. Minnie Smith. programs and other LARGE SHRIMP..u. M"
very important natters,
HenryrSaith: co-chairman. Rev. Remus Smith is .
Rev. J, '. Johnson i
pastor of Friendship.
0/0 0/0 0/0 moderator stated.Regnant. GIEEH FLOBID& LOBSTE1S IS. 69c

Annual yen' s Day will be observed Aug. 26 at UD ClNUINI WHOLI UA US IN THI

Sweetfield Baptist Church beginning with the ? SNAPPER LB 55c "SWIM STAKES"C1f1ch

Sunday School at 9:30 a.a. Serving as general

chairman is I. 0. Sinclair and the cochairmanis OCEAHVIEW ;
Herbert Grant. The chairmen have asked all 39cI. .

members to make reports to'the pastor. Karr jMr Vat Cry tits m .*! S Lb. :- O.t Da SPOTS u.
l- ..... ..lh mVIBlmVA V. 9mVm>. M.ttectIf ftWiT1. $L lit Invites You To Listen To -
M.r *u* tmwt /wkifiht..f
mV0JU| lat ttA& UfkA BJt maY ssw M tr a nit ei p.+life.
PVmmaCMf nit. .....U*eaUittottf b.gai- t. sus u. ....... 43c ILUEOEANt "KNIGHT TRAIN"Starting
ny CMWMMH to r4M M liataat"tat
Specializing in TintingScalp Treatments, Manicuring .r that tfnttk* fttii f to >.* MOTHERS I
Facials and Hair Tearing operators are -$,J.. Ysa'II-tin/a, wnBMfno a 1srt. u.. ....... 2c IREAM '"
...... cm .. ea.vi.g 1w
'Ie dames Willie CrutcherGloria Morgan, lilheaenli .tilt IIIIIIItlta Ia I.p and.Nast. FRIEND. Mac rctxrxDCt. u.. 55c At 7:00 pia Nightly-;;;

Rousseau. and Hiss Ethel L. ilcClendon.7M thi*1'Q'cn I.iVI" a10DdI If'yaw I.Ya'Iff. 3 2 C .i
MASSAGEfrtfett 49c u. WRHC 1400 :
-' mea aaYtt nMt* It.At 4wtNrrn M IQ11 f1OIMDII.LJt. 1400 ,
I. eiw Sfent PtoM i El im_ wacrraaa, a tf U*CWtf Akr-AIUfttil


I. ._-


.---- -- _- 5

i BOUT PEOPLE Jo TMcWr AttMMM RvtfMS Simtr s.ssll.r Elder A. HiReSAllolncs Tabernacle

,r_. .

.. ***** HisChurch Observes Men?sDay

Mrs. Esther'jf.. Fennell, formerly of Jacksonville ,.11 s Program SundayA

and now residing in Tampa, is in the city visiting Elder A. Hines. pastorof
relatives 'and friends. She is an instructorat i. n >4 the church In God and
J. daylong long program
Hillsboro County's Carver Elementary School. d Christ Tent at 1965 I.
(of events will feature
Mrs. Fennell is/the mother of Robert Fennell jr., 45th St., announced that
who is visiting with his father here at 616 .. the Ministers of the Holy
1 ( annual Men'sDay
Church Street. Robert jr. is a student at Middle Union will meet Sunday at
} observance Sunday it
ton High School in Tampa. 1:30 p.m. at his church.

.v... .... .... .... .... .... 11] program Featured will along be with the Ad-the Reed was announced general chairman by Charles
and Deacon H.M. Pauline
dison and Morning Stars
program committee chair-
-Rev. Clarence Steger, pastor of St. Joseph Gospel Singers, respec- ,man.

Methodist Church has joined as a volunteer service BOOks tively. other singing
__ The day's activitieswill
e worker at the
Brewster Methodist Hospital as groups, friends and
i get underway be-
part time Chaplain. His service consists of general public are in-
ginning with Sunday
visiting patients, conversing with patients and rm vited.
r School at 9:30 a.m. with
their relatives and friends. He is bringing the On Tuesday night at
]Deacon J.L. Chapman
church to the patients. Rev. Steger communed 26 8 o'clock. EvangelistRosa
superintendent of Mt.
patients in bed on Aug. 9. Shaw, her singersand
Ararat Baptist churchin
i mother abng WIth the

.... .*.. ...1 .... ..... .... Addison Gospel singers ; charge. Guest teachers
will be from Abyssinia
=. a ; will present a programat
;Sweetfield and Dayspring
Mrs. Viola McTeer of 5320 Mays Drive left the the Tent. Singing Baptist Churches respectively -

city last Sunday to visit relatives and friends groups and the public are supervising the
I in Miami. She will be the guest of her cousins, adult clases.
Wednesday night. Evange-
Mr. and Mrs. A. Lightfoot of 1935 W. 57th Street. The youth Department's
list Shaw and group and
Mrs. McTeer is a member of ,Abyssinia Baptist classes will be headedby
the Addison singers will
Church and serves in Choir 3. representatives from
hold services at Refuge -
West union Emanuel.
.... .... .... .... .... .... Church, 1380 Florida Antioch Mt. Olive
Avenue, Elder C. Glaster.
Primitive, St. John and
NEW BRUNSWICK N. J.---Mrs. Alverta P. Cook of Jacksonville, Florida demonstrates a collection of host pastor.
Artis Strigler, the young man who has been con- Greater St. Matthew Bap-
soil samples at an exhibit of teaching aids during the Elementary Earth Science institute held at -- Sister Maggie Hines, .
fined in Brewster Methodist Hospital for a long the tist churches, respec-
Rutgers university Summer Session. Reporter--
time has expressed a desire to do leather craft.A tively.

downtown leather company was contacted and a Jaxon Graduates Direction Mrs. AITWhas : i ms Day Spring Women John Gripper. prominent

representative from the company visited Artis at ConfabIn member of Day spring Bap-

the hospital and got him started on his way.Since With Distinction : Attending Plan Annual ProgramThe ti st Church will be

being confined in Brewsterthe youngenthusiastic By Rtv. J. RtddRk I' Cleveland, OhioMrs. wen of Day Spring 1 principal speaker during

patient has lost both, legs. He was practically Annie Bell Williams Baptist Church will observe the morning worship ser-

paralyzed from a gun' wound and has never lost \ of 1514 Wilcox St. thear: annual Women vice. The Youth program

hope ,nor courage to. continue his fight. MissMargaret Clear Vision or Disaster left the city Aug. 11 s Day Aug. 26. with will begin at 3 p.m. .

Field, director of- patient care at to attend the Inter- ?rs. Florence T. Jobnsm 'with George Brown as
'. Brewster says Strigler's outlook on life is very There was once a story told of a lady who became national Applied Christianity serving as general chair- 1 principal speaker. At

encouraging. almost blind at the age of 69. Since she was only convention in man.A 5 p.m. a special program

'49' to other people, poor eye sight, along with 'Cleveland Ohio. musicale tea will be will be held with Deacon

.... .... .... .... .... .... natural handicaps, tended to increase her defense While there, she will given at the church Aug. W. G. Patterson 0 f Mt.

I mechanism, especially among friends who seemed to be the guest of BishopA. 19 beginning at 4 p.m. Camel Sa fiat Church.

accept her given age. She expected many of her Youth night will be observed The observance will be
Mrs. Susie Coleman, wife of Rev. A. B. Colemanill Sims and family. 5311
friends to a social one day.But before they came, Aug 20 at which climaxed with the 7 p.lI.
be the morning speaker at Day Spring Baptist Woodland Avenue. Mrs.
she went out to the gate and stuck needle in featuring the
a drama entitled service
phurch Aug. 26,, ,for the annual Women's Day obkervance. fi 1 11 ams plan on time a
the gate post. After her friends arrived, she visiting Ohio sites ofin "Women of the Bible" various senior and Junior

1r 1 casually said to her little grandson in the will presented by Mrs. organizations of the
t ere s t before returning -
... .... ...,. ..... ...... ., .... DR. ARNETT GIRARDEAU presence of her friends, 'Johnnie, I see a M.L. Terry and Mrs. church.
.: .. ..... ... J....\ : to the city.
...Howard U. InstructorA needle in the gate post; go bring it to me so Lucile Martin.
ic 11 Sunday School convention will meet with the that I may sew buttons on the baby's dress." Albany OfficialsHit Special service will be

MEMBER of one of Jack- Although this '49' year old lady could not see sponsored by Rev. J. B.
w Mt Zion Holiness Church at Greenland, Aug. (
sonville's oldest families well, she tried to responsibilities cut By JFK BILLis
26. Dinner will be served at the church Sun- assume Kinchen Aug. 23. in the

Elder W. W. Ward is pastor and bishop. Dr. Arnett Girar- out for those who see well. Foilwing this practice WASHINGTON When questioned auditoriu of the churchat

deau recently graduated we know that she was headed for disaster. during Wednesday 8 p.m. with Rev. B.H.

.... .... .... .... .... with distinction from There are many of us today who do not have a press conference if Hartley of Friendly Baptist a wise one. He knows youcan't

Howard University's col- clear vision. This is perfectly natural, for all federal action was contemplated Church in charge. buy better headache pow
ders than Yet
Goody's. Goody'sactually
lege of Den try. Dr. do not have clear vision but it is not practicalfor 24 the of
ts. Beatrice Mason, R. N. Mrs. Ethel Louise : in Albany Ga. Aug. wedding cost less.
Girardeau is presently one who do not have clear vision to operatean President the nation will terminate -
Kennedy; quick-
liens, Mrs. Inez Rivers, R. N. Mrs. Marion serving as an instructorwi
'Makei' automobile, airplane, or train. To exercise ly replied that the at 8 p.m. in the
at Brewster
;.. : 11 all nurses Methodist Hospital th the college, ,of 1
'arVnow such practices is not fair to those who trustus. government was going to auditorium of the church.
on vacation." They will return to duty at Denistry's faculty.
th end of their vacation period. It is murder to conceal our handicaps for attempt to provide a 45th STREET
4 Freedom' Riders our selfish reasons at'the expense of others. It satisfactory solution to

.. .... .... .... .... .... involves life and death but more death than life. the problem as it has in DriveInBAR.BIQUE
Arrested'In N. C.
We know that people who have poor physical visioncan the past.

11[r 1 of Grant Memorial AME Church will spon- DURHAM N.C. -- Four find a wholesome working relationship in our The President then 'wenton

CORE members were arrested society; many of them do. to say that he saw no
sor Summer Tea Aug. 19, in the ,basement of the
cha:;.ih from 4 tp 6 p.m. .. here during Free- The thing that bothers me most is that so many reasonable why the city they're D f r ciousYou'll .
dom Highways demonstra of us who have poor spiritual vision attempt to officials of Albany
like 'em
..t .... .... ; .... .... tions. waldo Mead. Duke represent major responsibility in spiritual could not sit down with
Divinity School student affairs. the movement's Negro 45th & Moncrief

lit Vermeil.Porter, R. N. at Brewster has beena was arrested foV trespassing That which is, does not change because of our leaders to seek a peace- Hear 45th Street
at Howard John- ful way for the Negroesto 2 POWDERS 5C
from d .t1joilong time due to illness.She poor vision. Many of us set up our relationshipto
son's Restaurant after with secure their rights. Package Stme 12 POWDERS 25lUPElOl
is kupcrating'at: home, 1745'University Street, total life situations harmony our poor (
Colltte Gardens. indicating to the wai- vision and not in harmony with that which is. We

tress that he wanted are therefore headed for wrecks and disaster.It .

.... *... .... .... .... .... three friends to be ser- is wisdom to apply the necessary effort to
\ ved with him. The three
clear our vision before we move on with decisionsand MIITS
friends were CORE mem-
Mrs. 'Alice: Johnson is making elaborate plans to actions.
bers who were waiting on
j preseit a wedding of the Nations, Friday August Scripture reference: Mark 8:24
24, at 'the Day Spring Baptist Church. Twenty-six the outside of the If we see 'men as trees," our vision is still

) countries will be represented with brides,grooms restaurant. Mead was serious for we will treat men as we do trees "'. BEAVER ST. VIADUCT
arrested at the requestof
attendants and,weddinl parties. The women will be and men are not to be treated as trees but as
) cost used in the traart1on gowns' of their coun- Clarence Howard Daniels.Johnson manager:, brothers. If' there is a question in your mind ,as IN The FARMER'S MARKET

tries.o 1, to how brothers should be treated treat them as
the three others
Later you would like for them to treat you and not

.... .... .... .... .... .... were arrested on tres- as trees. FLORIDA' FRESHFRYERS
pass charges at the GRADE "A"
restaurant. They were: We have much evidence that many of us have sucu

Mrs. ]race Young, accompanied by her son is joycelyn McKissick and evidence that many of us have such vision today:

taking.a brief respite from what has been a busy Guytanna Horton, Negroesof 1..' We cut them down: stabbing them with our B R EA 024c

siuaer. A stop in San Antonio, Texas is Included Durham and Jon Shaef- tongues.

In the plans of her two-week trip. fcr. CORE member of Seat- 2. We make tools of them: taking away their

.tle. Washington. rights as men placing them in positions

which will serve our convenience without

their consent. I .-

r----- ---t tt Out distorted views do not change the fact that 6. gc

man is man and not a tree. We who live as thoughour ; 2 :..
poor vision is correct is headed for wrecks

t WJJJ$ t tt and dfAA.A-lIra

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Bean 2 # 2 t. recent 59th held annual in Miami convention IS IH AS

CWTE1 criBREAD [ Dr. Richard V. Moore, $300.

I ? UI" 'IITE 1& PORK CHOPS t Cookarn president College of ,Bethune-Daytona $5900 SOME WITH CARPORTS :

Beach was elected presi-

UIIE lIIf. I. 5% 1i t dent Teachers of the Association.The American. / : Sales'Office Open Daily: WEST 45th & VERNON RD:

-I Association has a ',. .,,. ..' .
4III "' 4III total membership of sore CALL PO 5-1685 -

than 30,000 members.

PjgjL. ., t t \
''' fi
r i _. FlIMIA STAt s mca r asH ia tts t ; !

II !; TOp Coaches: Spark A & T's Annual Coaching Clinic In Greensho ; : A J

-; ,. ,"II! ?" '
,:';; :,1.. ,'''>ftj.
y r:.; ,e':" :;. c: SPORTINGrilup ,

r ,
v -<,>,<-. BY c. mm JOHNSON 1
} -
,:, iEL1 I. '.- t: "

1 American nation. One is the ever present? taxes.1 2. 1 t

YP and* the other is integration. How the',white man -.t'

treats the black man.and how the black man treats J. '

L ir the whites, how they keep up such confusion :in ,

I __ discussing the other's rights. ,: 'dS,;,

ATHLETES NEVER SEEM TO WORRY about the color :.:
of the skin. They just work together; they are ... .1'all

\ __ --c ..A d '- .,' there to win. If a black boy scares. a touch-\ ',. 1-
down and a white boy calls the play if the 'i; .1
Stasavltch (right center), head football coach--at East 'Carolina College a. .
CLINICAL IEScclalmed as one of the most successful in the series wanted it. ;
white boy kicks the extra point, t .ey
his qry. A. and T. College Greensboro, N. C. climaxed its annual coaching leading exponent of the single-wing attack sells his system to coaches that way. '; ). -: ,
clinic from left head coach R. E. Blunt of Hillside High School Durham N. C. ; /
t with, top' ,mentors in the sport of basketball and football conducting : WHEN THEY GO INTO THE PRIZE FIGHT RING the ,
I. the three-day session last week. In photo (left) Horace (Bones) McKinney Walter A. Hunter, grid,Dientor at p. W. Moore' High School.' Elizabeth City white fighters with the blacks they're not"

1\I ,':Jtl- -(U", head. basketball coach at Wake Forest College Winston-Salem. N. C. N. C., and'Ben F. Whaley head football coach at Hampton institute, Hampton, worried about integration. It's the wallop each

M4; .;::wnase' ::,team' last season went to the NCAA Basketball Tourney finals holds Va.; Earle Edwards head football coach at North Carolina State College other packs. And while they are trading punches

i' ""; .J. ourl'with fellow basketball coaches from left: ,Cal Irvin Aggie Basketball "Raleigh, N. C. gives fine points on football offense to William Boyers if one fighter is down at the count of ten, he

I A.-.,,.ceac1i_. .....-:. Frank Robinson, Williston High School, Wilmington N. C. and W. J.urcran'athletic (center), assistant football coach at Greensboro's Dudley High School and knows he is the loser, and his opponent had
I -. :director, Dudley High School at Greensbor' Clarence Bert piggott head football coach for the A. and T. Aggies. to win.
:: (A. and T. Public Relations photos) *

S.C. Schedules Wills, Miht.Ireak there for one common cause and that is to win a .r ,
; A&TGrhIters Rated
::,''.-- UlKIergoiq Physical Checkup Bridges game and not to look for any flaws. Baseball

&Grid GamesORANGEBURG. Ty *1" Sdtdvl.9GimiSkite tROIg players don't argue about t.the. color of the skin.
f4' Top
: :
;" < ( y' The
-.J: < only thought they have in mind is to play
With CH 'S Rtconl 1, '< 1 : the game to win.
S.C. ,'r15 ;", Yankees
I a new coach. George Bell ,'\ '\
jr. 'at the helm, S. C. LOS ANGELES -- Althoughhe GREENSBORO. N. C. -- A about complexion. The tie that binds them close

State has scheduled 8 has previously stated 'nine-game slate including together is the spirit of affection. They let

games for the fall foot- that he has no such the toughest other people worry about the question of whites
ball season. thought in mind Maury roughest competition of e.i and blacks. For it matters not how they argue

The schedule: Wills 5-10. 157-pound its class and type with Uncle Sam says, "pay your taxes." ,,

Sept. 22, Bethune-Cook- shortstop of the Los six games on the road IF EVERY MAN WAS AN ATHLETE how happy folks

man. away. Angels could possible is the frightening picture would be. Then folks could sing with open hearts

Sept. 29, AMen University break Ty Cobb s and also .f facing the A&T about the Homeland of the Free. They would haveno

I, away. the,:National League base College Aggies in the time to worry about the c, for Oof. the skin;Iof*,,.
Oct. 6, Johnson 'C. Smith stealing record this season up-coming football sea- they all would play the game of life, and woulcfplay

home. many observers be- ,son. the game to win.
Oct. 13. Clark home., lieve. 1- Bert Piggott. head 1 BASEBALL HAS COME A LONG LONG WAY since Jackie

Oct. 27,' Lane College, Cobtf major league mark coach for the Aggies, :. w, Robinson was humiliated, persecuted aggravated,

home. for one season: is 96 and who just worries about molested and agitated when he went out on the

Nov. 10, 'Morris Brown. the National League record the A&T schedule' but field that never to be forgotten day all dressedup

away. of 80 was made by, doesn' t make it, calls in a Brooklyn Dodger uniform. That day and for

Nov. 22. Benedict home....... Cincinnati s Robert the 1962 slate, 'a quite a few days after that he was a little bit
Bescher in 1911. nightmare. MARSHALL BRIDGES of black everything but his superb fielding, I

If r The unassuming Willis .e They tell me" Pig- NEW YORK -- Two factorsare his speed on the base paths his superior base '
29. a native of Washington. gott says 'you give a '
RAPIDlHR. believed to have stealing his hefty batting averages his conduct -

D.C. says "Willie x. touchdown just by play- made-it possible for on and off the field as a well trained,
TV SERVICEDAY Davis' and Vada Pinson _ing on foreign sod. ...and pitcheruarshall Bridges highly intelligent and well educated man soibn' .<1)

AND NIGHT .are faster runners thanI to folks we play you can
success as a fireman with won for him the respect of his team mates opponents
am. but that, base little afford to give an
C :LS$200 the New York Yankees ball umpires, managers owners and fans all
stealing is an art. Nobody inch." club this year. over the world that is due a master in his

t fi' CMAICI MAM ,EL-5-5770 can tell you how to The schedule is only a Traded by the CincinnatiReds field. Today that same Jackie Robinson is a
RABIO have ERNIE DAVIS. Syracuse's All-American back who fraction of
PUfATCHfO steal you just to piggott'
I to Jersey City of member of the Hall of Fame. As a member of the
learn from experience. signed ,a three-year $80,000 contract to play problems. He loses a full
the International League Hall of Fame he holds his place with the greatI
with the Cleveland Browns is undergoing three- six
team men, by an
last year didn t appearto est of the great.
r You Don't Have to Go to Town to Get weeks of exhaustive medical tests because of a economy cut-back in have been advantageousfor JACKIE ROBINSON'S ABILITY TO PLAY BALL, his ,
blood ailment. Davis may be lost by the Browns scholarship grants, and ;
either Jersey Cityor ability to stand firm on the face of all kinds]
for the entire fall grid season.FHchtr ,. another five for academic '
t ; LOW PRICES Bridges. When the Reds of humiliation, soon won for him world-wide fame'.Ijand
; deficiencies. The problems '
; : :
." Escapes am ors "Sign sought Jesse oonder as a people crowded into Ebbets Field, who hard ?
are compounded by
i catcher from the, yanks. thought of basebaft'started to make the turn?:
On Your Hubie White the absence this year of
i ; ; ; Bridges was sent to the stiles at the gate with a loud sounding mush
: Nitive Cibi Gene Cambridge and joe
New York club as atradeout. that not only did it make his warm and constant!/
: Taylor halfback sensations
';'" DRUG STORE HEEDS who have cast friend Branch Rickey take notice but the entire '.

In A loot lots with During s ring training Brooklyn front office. Not only did thjf'
With Your Neighborhood Drug Store their pro-
Trade fessional football.The this year at the Yanks' click in Brooklyn .!but everywhere: else the Dodgei? .
coach explains that camp played. People soon forgot Jackie as a Bla
LOCAL his coin try's greatest
Bridges was in the best :so and so and started to thinking about him as-. ,
We Deliver-We Also Pill Alt'Doctors'Prescript ions pitcher, 17-year old the brightest spot dismal, in physical condition of his master on the baseball diamond. -
lefthander Enrique Her- the otherwise r
is the fact that playing acreer. and was THE. ALL AROUND PLAY. AND DEPORTMENT of Jack, ]
nandez escaped from Cuba picture, '"
-Dixie Pharmacy able to
will impress manager soon opened the door for Roy Campanella a. ,Big
the home games
:: by boat and kept a date -
Ralph Houk during the
G'<- /I
M start earlier this year. Newcombe, Joe Black, Sandy Amores Junior
.... with a Cleveland scout
spring exhibition
The new kickoff.timeshave game liam, Charlie Neal, today the Dodgers. have Jo! I
here last Saturday,
1302 Kings Road at Myrtle Amwe following a 17-hour been set for 1:30 Bridges' big opportunitycame Roseboro. Maury Willsand Tommy Davis. AIr dy

"our worries .on the Dodgers' Drysdale has passed the 20me
Phones EL 5-5597-9B voyage.. : p.m. when star relief
Saturdays will end a half winning mark.
Hernandez was ,met by ,jI 'J:; pitcher Luis Arroyo suf- 9
: ; } hour earlier" Pigott No Federal Court no District Court no Clurt

:" PAY YOUR LIGHT WATER AND TILEFMHE Arcos Indian who Scout suggested Munchy he de ,.f/ ",. t't... -..,..-. "' ", J.l.'t.;'i[': .."., explains. Bridges fered arm bridged trouble.the gap of Appeals no Supreme Court and no legislative

BILLS AT OUR STORE I would call Cleveland and HUBIE WHITE Players Support by saving at least a laws have been passed to force 'team mates to

arrange for a tryout. .Chances.. ExcellentSAN ,' dozen games at the same play on the same team with the Negro play rs.

Recently Cuban Armed 2 All Star'Imes time recording remarkable THE SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS HAVE PLAYED great all
with Willie Orlando Cepeda, Felipe A ou,
Forces Minister Raul Castor FRANCISCO -- The low-run Mays
Fidel s brother newly arrived San Plan The Mississippibornhurler Jose Pagan Matty Alou Juan Marlchal and WI lie

praised Enrique and said Francisco Warriors-- NEW YORK Although the who has been McCovey on the team. No one has questioned Ithe

he was worth $60,000 annually formerly hiladelphia players second annual serving in the majorsfor owners judgment in having that stream of dark

as the nation' s of the National Basket- All-Star game did littleto several seasons with skinned players perform for the Giants. They

j: best player. ball Association have support their argu- the Cincinnati Reds. St. have given the fans what they have paid ,to see,

Enrique a 6-foot, 164- announced the signing of ment for two contests Louis Cardinals and and that is a well played baseball game.

1 pound Negro said the Hubie White. 6-2. 205 annually, the players down with Jersey City FROM THE WAY THINGS ARE LOOKING now the New York.

Cuban government paid pound All-American from believe two games a year seems to have at long Yankees will be playing in the 1962 World Series.

him 167 pesos monthly Villanova University. are necessary for the last, found his proper Should the Yankees win the pennant the fans will

hurl amateur ball for During his three years success of their pension place with the championNew see the dark skinned faces of Elston Howard

the Occidentals of Ha- with Vi 11 an ova's court program it was learned York Yankees. Hector Lopez and a mighty fine pitcher named

vana. (The Cuban government teams White scored 1,608 here recently.To Stale Commission Marshall Bridges. Such star players as "Whitey ,.
7 rates the peso points and snatched a begin with the FordMickey Mantle, Maxis Tresh, Skowron, Boyer,

6 equivalent wi :th the total of 754 rebounds. players' pension plan Announces Dates Williams and Blanchard have appeared to complain J

American dollar) He hada W arrior' s general has been in operation about playing on the same team with Howard -Lopez
For Bear Season
10-2 record.It manager Eddie Gottlieb since 1947. originally and Bridges. Casey Stengle never objected to

was learned that says White has an excellent covering only playersand LAKE CITY The special managing a team with the dark-skinned stars the
k1 Y ___ Hernandez would earn chance to landa managers who had been bear hunts in the OSceola owners haven't objected to paying then: and fans

;5.rr' ______ $250 monthly in this berth with the West in the two leagues since National Forest will have never objected to paying to see thea.: it

1r country's Class D. league. Coast team. 1946 were covered. Less open October 1 through matters not who wins the pennant, there will be

.L than a year ago all October 27. for eight: some dark skins.

managers dating back to three-day hunts accordIng at the
TS '1947 were covered. Thereis to C.N. Cly.o ref the big bats of Mantle, Marls, Blanchard

a plan under con- Regional Manager, for Skowron and Tresh, but have you ever beard of..
: Skintona sideration to cover all the Game and Fresh Water Leon Wagner of the LOS Angeles Angeles or Hank
4 i Fish Conaission.
: c'. ; living Hall of Fame nea- Aaron of the Braves or Ernie Banks of the Cubs,

:-. ..' .: : bers. Hunters who wish to Willie Mays of the Giants, George Altman of the
Originating a modest participate should file Cubs, Orlanda. Cepeda of the Giantsr Elston Howardof
: The Twist scale, the first pension application with the .
the Yankees or Willie Kirkland of the Cleveland -
liqhten$. plan called for payments Regional Manager P.O. Indians? These players have scored quite a 1

|The Latest Men's Hah- Styles of $50 a month beginningat Box 908. Lake City few runs themselves, knocked in quite a few and, :

,9 the age of 50 to Florida by August 31. pat quite a few balls over the fence. So it is J t

Being Tiifht At TinJacksonville MAKES SKIN MEACHES players with at licast Drawings will be held on useless and I am quite sure you will agree that ,

five years big league of this date to determine the color of the skin makes no man superior when! i
: ervice, $100 to 10 tOn year the pdriods and parties given the same chance to show his stuff. '1
that will be allowed to
and to
$200 20
men. Since that time, hunt.All, applications for their ,team. While,
& think of winning gaaes ,
8a; there has been a steady oust be accompanied by a ,
mating rave over color you rejoice over per-
Barber College lie improvement to the plan. $50.00 check to cover formances of your team. mates and yo.u: .own well!
permit cost. Each three-
The plans most recent \ '
perfect powdtfjriMufafcrwf revision raised player day hunt will be. limitedto plaYed, gaae. ;
I .
., 6..I. 'IfipiHt' 111% Mr Cn4.63O SnonM benefits to $ player with not more than 17 .' 5' _

,. ,. five year* s minimum service people, except upon Coa- Sead cr Erics Your Nuevo. '. '

DAVIS ST. at B.ftv.r from $88 monthly to mission approval. Each ...... .. oa To rFLORIDA Th '", .. S r,
in the
person party oust
J. $112.50 he begins .
1 UCKSMWi HUM cf POUMT'S ItrjiaoCThf Jar wh the StaT collecting at the ,age of possess a valid hunting < STAR. -


I lax' Robert Hayes Paces U.S. Track Stars; To A Devastating Willn Finland I

-- I

MuyF.c.CI.y FAMU Spririw _I. MMSM GktfTeam Cops City Tile Itoys'Teams' Vie For City i Championships Bastball MI. agers' PIaiBiflt

Is Slrklll"I. Heap Praise ForStokes

!I. 2 VIctories I III red

k= 0.RobilSOI
Jack- r '
KUOVCLA. Finland w'

sonville's famed thin clad
r., NEW YORK When L. I. r
Robert Hayes, who runs
(Brock) Brockenbury,
under the colors of Fla.
r noted West Coast sports
3 t.&U. University, maintained rs t
scribe talked with sports
: his winning ways
figures regarding Jackie a
ay pacing the U. S. Track
Robinson' induction
J sad field stars to victory -
into Baseball's Hall of
aARCHIE during an international -
Fame, the following was
w meet here Thurs
day.: 3
;,'. .' Hayes, co-holder of
..,... 5.1 nJ'r Gil Hodges: "I am proudto
world marks in the 100
MOORE say I was i member of
and 100 yard
...May Face Clay the same team as Jackie
dashes, respectively,
i AGELESS. Archie Moore, won the 100 metre dash Robinson. He was the

former world lightheavy- spark which made us a
in 10.3 with another 9J aM e
weight champion who holds great team and I shall
great U.S. sprinter, Payl

only California's versionof Drayton of Villanova always feel greatly indebted -

the title, meet. to him for it.
may placing second in 10. 4. :
undefeated ..On and off the field.
youthful, The 19-year old Hayes

Cassius Clay 1960 Jackie was always a
and Drayton then teamedup } .
Olympic lightheavyweight s gentleman as far as I .
to give the UnitedStates'
champion, in a lest Coast 400-metre relay know and it thrills me t -1h%

bout come October, provided to no end to see hid make OSCAR ROBERTSON
team another victory in
: ..
.Aids Teammate
the Hall of
he fails to go 42.9 seconds.

through with a bout with The Americans, who had ii 0-0-0-0, MONTICELLD. N.Y. Jack

In gemar -Johannson in earlier drubbed the REESE CALL HIM TWyman captain of the
Sweden. Soviet Russia track and Cincinnati Royals basket-
Pee Wee Reese "Jackiewas
field team during a recent : ball team of the National
Niw Dole Sit __ I $ the greatest. He
meet.at Stan- Basketball Association,

ford University, swept Tir could do everything andI announced that the fourth
For huMor loved playing with him.
five of the six scheduled annual benefit game for

events: here.KnoxvHIt. When I learned he was paralyzed former court

Tipr Title Go going to be a Dodger andI star Maurice Stokes will

Stats realized he
was a
WEST JORDAN Utah The r be staged at Kutscher'aCountry
# "t T
shortstop, --it worried
middleweight title bout Club on Aug. 24.
8-Grid Stttos me--not because he was a
between world NBA cham- Twymsn the injured
Negro but because Ididn't
pion Gene Fullmer of this KNOXVILLE, Tenn. Stokes' legal guardian
want him messingup
City and Dick Tiger of Knoxville College Bull- r has been raising funds
with my job. When
Nigeria, was moved up dogs open their fall for the paralyzed Stokes
they decided to let him
from Aug. 27 to Sept. 12 grid slate of 8-games since 1958. He indicated
play first I was with
to please sponsors of the against Kentucky State s him all last week that in addi-
the'way. "
1 'doted circuit theatre Thoroughbreds at Memorial tion to himself, such
0-0 0.0
telecast Marv. Jensen Alumni Field here Sept. other Cincinnati starsas
Fullmer. manager reported 29 at 2 p.m. Oscar Robertson. Arlen
Dean: "I admire
; *. The non-conference annual Bockbcrn and Wayne Erabry
any man who stands up for
Jensen said that 'reasons clash' between the will participate in the
his rights and if I were
for the extended date tw t schools is a tradi- game along with Bob Petitof
k 0 colored I would be
were sought so that the tional opener for the : the St. Louis Hawks.!
fighting just as bard as
sponsors would have, a opponents and is a Red Auerbach of the
Jackie. Jackie was a
secondary date in case classic-match seasoned i champion Boston Celtics
great man on and off the
the fight might be can- with friendly rivalry. : will guide the Eastern
__ field and belongs in the
celled on account of For its homecoming A 11-Stars. The Western
Hall of Fame.
rain. classic, the Bulldogs coach will be named next
While reminising awhile
Tiger becomes the second play host'to Morehouse week.
before doing his Game of
fighter from Nigeria to College's Maroon Tigers -- -x All proceeds from the
the Day telecast, Dean
fight for a title, the .on N.OV. 3. game will be turned over
went back to the days
first: being his countryman Other scheduled games r to the bedridden stokes'
when he and "Satchell"Paige
Hogan (Kid) Bassey include: Oct. 6. Benedict ry fund. Nearly $20.000 has

who held the featherweight College, away. : i __ had their famous been raised in the past

title several Oct.. 13, Tuskegee Institute !'_ barnstorming battles. three years for Stokes
"Satchell is the greatest -
years ago. away. who has been in a Cincinnati
right-hander I ever
The Fullmer-Tiger encounter Oct. :20; Ala. MM, home. hospital sufferingfrom
saw and he would have
will pit togethera Oct."27, Fisk University, a brain injury; sustained -
been in the Hall of Fame
pair of rugged pugi- away. nearly four
long ago if it had not
lists. The Nigerian is' Nov: 3.. Morehouse, Home- } years ago.Ezzard .
been for his color
being given a good chanceto coming. a : Dean said. Charles

defeat Fullmer. 'NO.,.'' 'lO, Lane. College,
.... -J' Dean also praised the
away. Picks Patterson
\ late josh Gibson saying,
Ncv 17, Livingst me,
Watch This.(]nwn away.> ,. "I have no doubt he was Over ListoN

d the greatest catcher who
B'2 MEMPHIS Keeping an
54_ 36
ever lived... I know one
481 66_976 HHtiftf Stratk engagement here recently
thing..he hit the longest
to referee a wrestling
5 \ 6 During the period of ball ever hit off me
match, former heavy-
3 : f July 3 thrmgh the 31st., when he smashed one into
weight boxing champion
; Pittsburgh's All-star the lights at Griffith.
1 8 r Ezzard Charles--full of
outfielder Roberto Stadium in Washington.
fight talk--offered the
Clemente hit a 479 pace Other baseball 'greats'
49130_ _043 opinion that Floyd Pat-
during the 18-game rampage loud in their praise
16 9853IomeUma ., terson would kayo sonny
Clemente had 34 > for Robinson the base-

M's III 'hits, 71 at bats 17 runs ;: ;t ::: ; __ S _. ball player and Robinsonthe Liston when they clashin

k BomettxM he* down Chicago Sept. 25.
scored 2 triples, one { man were: Casey st engel ,
Be ..... fobtemetaHa /J Floyd" said Charles.

wtrica It aD tread homer and 11 RBI s. It .iii" ", Freddie Hutchinson has a terrific punch
was Clemente' longest Leo Durocher Carl Hub-
Coming AtSneUoas boxes well and is too

44 91_ 29546 consecutive game streakin CHAMPS AND mN'IENDERS---lhen the Simond Johnson Girls' Softball team, after having compiled a bril- bell and many others, regarding speedy for Liston. "

the majors. liant 100 record to successfully become the City Recreation Department's Junior Softball champsfor Jackie Robinson s Charles believes patterson -
I admission into Baseball
the second consecutive year, the female exponents of the outdoor sport once again set up a 'will win in eight
Hall of Fame.
withering pace which the boys' teams are now endeavoring to duplicate. The champion lassies swept .rounds or less. _

I' through their league by twice defeating the Girls' parental Home, Wilder.Lavilla, Forest and Jef-
ferson Park teams by a total lopsided score of 146 runs to their opposition's 15 tallies. In the ART STUDIO

championship play-off against Jefferson St. for the best out of three games, the S. J. Girls copped G. I. SIMON Prop.

FACTORY FRESH the first two games by 35 to 2 and 31-2 scores, the second encounter lasting only three innings. The DAVIS
champs, posed in top photo, (standing from left) are: S. J. Recreation Director Carlto Bryant; team

Elgin 44508AUTOMOTIVE Capt. Loretta Carter, Theresa Hall, Cynthia Knight, Barbara Edwards (Co Capt.), Earline Kimbrough, I Quality PhotographsAny

Violet Taylor, juanita promise and Coach Danny B. Davis. Seated from left: Sandra Chtistie, Patricia

MARINE DIESEL McQueen Bennedette Cole, Evelyn Miller, Gail Shipp, Kathea Thomas, Dorothy Hall and Regenia Me
fadden. The Singleton team (center) and Holley s Panthers are in contention for the Lorenzo Bryant

SOUTHWAYBATTERY Memorial Softball League, although at this writing, the Blue jays and the Eagles are predicted to Daytime, EL4 1894

be play; off contenders. The Panthers, rated the best offensive team boasts three players battingover

MFG. CORP. .300" namely Osborne Longworth, Roger Greene, Arthur Milse, Talmadge Dorsey and Lawrence Cal- Nile i Time, EL 5 8022

FOOT OF WEST ADAMSFWbtte lahan.' Kenneth Manuel s play has been outstanding and team Capt. Leon Johnson, an ace hurler, sportsa
Ask About
5-1 wonlossrecord.. Singleton team's Capt. Bernard Wilson has had an outstanding season being
ably supported by William Pough, Kirk Corbett, Charlie pough, Sammy Morris, Henry Morris and Thelton Our Summer Specials

Myers. _

(Baker Photos)


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Prafets Guy SANTA MONICA AlfredT. Experienced Pharmacists

SOUTH FALLSBURG. N.Y. lick 1m tae Quinn. 39. Santa According to Your Doctor's
NEf YORK Stating the Seemingly satisfied with
SCOTCH WHISKY Monica's ;: Orders. We Use Only
movies showed Gray th e progress of his "Outstanding *
The Best Quality Drugs
"wasn' t concentratingon training thus far, heavy- WASHINGTON D.C. The Teacher" became the

I football at times last weight contender Charles Washington Redskins have first member of his race Dr. C. E. BlackProprietor

year", Coach Clyde (Sonny) Liston left for announced the signing of to be elected to the

(Bulldog) Turner' of the his home In Philly last former Michigan University post following his selection 3 REGISTERED PHARMACISTS TO SERVE YOUA

New York Titans, the week. He will remain All-} erican Jim as chairman of Santa

American Football League there until he goes to Pace 26. to their pre- l&nl'ca's Recreation Com- COMPLETE LIVE OF

3r said 260-pound tackle Chicago to complete sent National Football mission recently. Cosmetics Rubber Goods Candies Sundries

Moses Gray, Is a much Improved training for his Sept. League Roster.In PRESCRIPTIONS CALLED: FOR AND >aLilly's

player this year. 2 1,title bout with Cheap 1958. Pace played Relieve sneezing

Turner said he believes Floyd Patterson.Last one season with the San Drug Storl.

Gray is a dedicated week Liston tipped< Francisco Forty-Niners. .

Player Boll he believes the scales at 220 pounds.He but later suffered a leg hayfever

has doubled his speed hopes to scale down to injury which prevented 1907 RINGS ROM R 3.am.L
I UM Dr. GviM's OTMII ftUvntoln
this year 212 at fight time. further league play. Ci.l ,",-f' 0' Co.... .M.


.. "

8 FIMHM 1fz
SATlUAY A GilST 18. 1

Jax licks CORE Group Hits n Fisk U. Is Grant Recipient 2 AciIn.d, ....

MM ViMisIuSiiday LoHf Island's 5 ArrestedJohsoi's

Tom Bousing Bias At H.


Myrtle Avenue Baseball Members of Long ,Island CHARLOTTE. N.C.. Although -
park will be the scene CORE held the first of a v rt yb two Freedom High-

of a baseball came Sunday series of housing actions '1 ways participants were

when the Jacksonville called Operation window acquitted of trespassing

Bucks meet the strong shop" here over the charges for seeking ser-

Valdosta Hawks of Val- week-end. During Saturdayand 4 vice at Howard Johnson's

dosta, Ga. Gametime is Sunday, more than here five were arrestedat -t

2 p.m. 40 housing developmentsand 1 the restaurant the

The Bucks have been 16 real estate brokerin following day. -r-- -' i _

playing an outstandingbrand Nassau County were One of the five was

of ball and bate visited in an effort to Moon Eng who had been I

established an amazing determine and documentthe acquitted along with CORE

record since the team was extent of racial dis- Field Secretary Henry

organized. It is now con- crimination in the sale, Thomas following a two-
si tiered one of the of hoses to Negroes. More :: 4 I Ie hour trial in recorders

strongest semi-pro team than 50 families participated -' i court where they were I/

in this section of 'the h the tests, which represented by Attorneys

state. It will be a game were considered "ex- :; Floyd McKissick and

worth seeing' since the treaely successful." t Thomas wyche. The other

Hawks are coming to town Mrs. Mark Dodson Chairman i four were Landry Williams i

with a fine record to be of the Long Island Frank Nelson, James Dennis -

proud. CORE Housing Committee, and J. Greer.A .

This GeorgiaFloridaclash said today that "The 1&1J' total of 11 Freedom
will be worth '
pattern of discriminationseems ghways participantshave
seeing since it is expected clear." Builders been arrested since
to be a well GULF OIL CORPORATION'S continued Interest in higher education is exemplifiedby m
and' real estate brokersare start of the project,
played game. The admission a $1000 unrestricted grant awarded to the Department of Economics at Fisk
aware of the law a- which is simed at desegregating -
has been fixedat gamst discrimination and University, Nashville. Tennessee. presentation of the grant was made at the restaurants ,

a price that will give first student assembly of the Fisk summer session. Officials presiding at
are, therefore, careful along North Carolina'smain Greensboro, N. C. a recent
the entire family an opportunity about their operation.Mrs. the, ceremony included (1 to r) Dr. Vivian W. Henderson, chairman of Fisk's highways.Four graduate of A. and T. College in engineering

to witness Dodson called their economics department; Dr. George N. ,Redd, university dean; T. F. Cramer, arrested at the mathematics, was last week commissioned as

these fine. teams in practices "sophisticateddiscrimination. ; Gulf sales manager for the Nashville area; and Daniel G. Kean, Gulf. Oil Howard Johnson restaurantin officer in the U.S. Air Force under the A. and T.an
action. public relations representative, who homself attended Fisk.
Durham, are serving ROTC program. His bars are being pinned on by
Tickets are now on sale In one case, a familywas 30-day jail sentences.The Mrs. Dukes, his charming wife.
and everyone is urged to told they would have POlICE REPORTSMAN Command Performance CORE actionists re- -

purchase ticket x earlyat make a $10.000 down payment fused to pay the $25.00 Hsrassntait Is Charged
the Lone Star Barber
on a $24.000 home. fines imposed on them,
Shop near Fourth and Another builder told a FAILS TO RECOGNIZE: INJURED MAN REFUSESHIS asserting that going to
Against OfficialsLIBERTY.
Davis Streets., CORE couples who asked ATTACKER f TO PRESS CHARGES I jail is the best way to

information may be about policy regarding During an argument at demonstrate the intensity -
secured from General sales to Negroes. ''Don11' Odessa and Florida Ave- James John 01, 25, of I of air feelings about Miss. Louis warn him of a plan by the
Allen a key witness in
Manager G.H. Horne At worry about it; the banks nue last Sunday a man was 702 W. Monroe Street was : the immoral practices of sheriff and seven other
the of
the Lone Star Barber allow it. We've hit over the head by an injured last Sunday, segregation in Durham" killing HerbertLee men to "get him."
here last fall, is
Shop. .. found other ways of discouraging argument with a man whom police reported. The relative had been

.I I IMPERIAL SUNDRIESPatent I them." he told police he knows Witnesses stated that f. Negro Youths being subjected harassment to constant by- told of the plan by a

only as ''George' The between 1:10 and 1:15 TONY LAWRENCE" friend. As a result of

Medicines Cosmetics I 17 Year Old Charged argument grew hot and p.m..a man identifiedas SINGS FOR ROYALTY Tony Green Advice Amite County officials.Bob the warning. Allen was
All Leading Hair Preparations fight followed. it was A.C. Collins of 702 Lawrence a former Moses sec- able to avoid the group

Cor. Bread & As&jEl With Shop liltingA at this time that George Monroe Street Jumped athlete who successfully By UL Official Nonviolent retary for Coordinating the Student that was after !t\im. i
hit him the and
on McCoy from his 1957 Mercury turned baladeer. was
4-2159 17-year-old boy was reported.He with Committee (SNCC) reported Crown
struck Johns an tapped to sing a command oyal
.SundaJ apprehended in the'J. C. was taken to Duval iron, pipe and drove away performance for Princess NEW ORLEANS -- Negro that Allen's jaw

STRAND Penney Company Store at Medical Center by pri- without saying a word. Margaret and her guests youth were advised here was broken in two places '

thru Sat. 320 Hogan Street last vate car. police said the Johns was taken to during last week's Jamaican this week to j dn in a when a deputy sheriff Cola

2 BI* Teetotaler Hits! Saturday attempting to victim was too intoxi- Duval Medical Center for Independence cele- 1crusade-for-lnowledge" struck him with a flash- _

get away with a pair cated to give them any treatment. The injuredman bration. campaign whereby to gain light. Instruction

SO PROUD... trousers, police re- description of his at- told police he did Miss Detra BelcherTo the tools needed for new The assault took place U.8.,Civil Service Tests

SO FIERCE... po rted. tacker. not desire to prosecute. job opportunities in after a wonar in jail
SO INVINCIBLE... police said Lephus Fel- Patrolmen C.T. Mc- patrolmen E.R. Taylor Present Program today s changing patternsof asked Allen to make a Men-women, 18-52--Start

GERDIIMjck al'N" ton, was seen coming into Cl endon and S. Gaines and Sgt. B.W. Kendall At Little Rock Church onployment. phone call for her as high as $102.00 a week--
the store by the store Investigated.WIFE investigated.MAN he passed on the street preparatory training
Miss Detra Belcher "The great tragedy "
I manager, Carroll Benton near the jail. .The deputy until appointed. Thou-
of the wellknown dramatic Mr. Finley said, 'is
t security officer BAND THREATENED HERA IS INJURED BY also arrested Allen on sands of Jobs open. Experience -
Captain reader, will offer a that far too many young
Penney Company; 28-year-old husbandwas UNKNOWN ASSAILAINT a charge of aggravated usually
Tribute in Monday people drop out of high
CONNORS kA iiA DM'AIIA" j.H. Miller and Sgt. J. taken to Duval Medi- Julius Merrill 31, of assault for which be was necessary. FREE information -
C. Boatright of the Night September 10, at school and therby auto-
1735 W. 5th Street
fined $25
cal Center by police on jobs,
Little Rock Baptist matically erase them-
TmDJmDJr 1NTED1&hm police De-
+ Jacksonville last Sunday for treat- Injured last Monday by On another occasion a salaries, requirements. '
selves from
Church at which time opportunityfor
partment. ment of a wound he received an unknown assailaint, relative of Allen's drove Write TODAY giving phone
And The Male Chorus of the advancement.
Felton was seen taking in a fight with police reported. into Louisiana, where he no.Lincoln Service.Box .

m MOST two pairs of men's his wife police said. Merrill told police he Church will present wws cutting timber to 8592 Ja, 11 Fla.oa. .
INCICDISICWEAfON trousers into the dress- of was in a bar at Davis 'Male Choruses on y
MZiII James Henry Byrd
EVHWICUEI ing room. When he came and Beaver Streets when a Par"APARTMENTS
712 Court D. got into a ,
uziw.isue out he attempted to pay fight with his wife man walked up to him and FOR RENT
......... Mrs.
-a.1IIa :
for one pair Bernice Byrd and was in- struck- him on the forehead 4 Rms & BathReasonable666 :

wI said. Officers said Fel jured. Police said Mrs. with a, Coco Cola W. 10th Street .
taken back into bottle.
ton was :
S.ay Byrd state'd she was Phone EL 4-5119 .
ROOSEVELT ro Taes the dressing room and questioning her husbandas The injured man was

searched it was then th to why he did not come taken to Duval Medical FOR SALE

jan art fir -see III! officers said they found home the night before Center for treatment., Large Choice Wooded 'I 'J

the other pair under the and he, becoming very No arrest was made in the Lots-59' X 100'-On Fer- 4
pair Felton wore in the ase. nandina
1oQ angry. attacked his wife Beach-$350 Cash
0/JJ.fe s re. knocking her down and Patrolmen M. Newsom and EV 4-6711 Moncrief
choked her. J.J. Doe investigated.Johnny's Drive-In Market
to -
In attempt
an protect
GEORGEfound herself she hit her HottlTV 24 tours
JUAKITA MOORE.1WWJA JACKSON Send References with f
husband with a water in 45th St. &
; every room. letter. Carfare rushed. a day service .
pitcher, causing a lace- '
-aid cohr colitWYVIFVV i For Reservations, Call 'W Hampton Agency *
that other head- ration to the left side I .'
out no EL 5-4025 13 N. Station Plaza Mowrief Road
IiillI illIii.1iiIiII ache powder is better than of his face, police 741% W. ASHLEYJacksonville. Great Neck. N. Y. For Free DelherjSendeePhone
of-- jrice.
Goody's-regardless stated. The injured man

*0) So why pay more? was taken to the Duval Florida Plenty Fruits, Yellbftles,
N. Y. live-In Maids
Center by policecar.
!! Medical
IeJ. 18 Jacks.riIe It'sORAH8E Jobs Guaranteed Sea Foods
Conducting the investi- $30-$50 Wk. Fare Ad-

S.. HI gation were police of- CASTLEPRESCXWL vanced. Mallory Agency '
PO 59287PO::: 8.6011 aad the Crabs
tin Ts.tEDAAA1L9fPCB ficers M. Young and C. Dept. F-2 576 iferriclc,
Jackson. The investigate Lynbrook, N. Y.
g officers said Mrs. 3305 RI1ERT C.

Byrd stated that her hus- ServicesSound MARTHA WHITEFLOUR Q
WEAVER 1R.Road 25 IDS.
band had threatened to

BHMfit.COIMU.FANAMS.ON kill her, and she re- a ktw.. IIerie'' Service for Ad- (towel icladedJ

quested to be ''confined vertisingDances, Ball
ad Mart Sea*
for her protection. She Games, etc. Also Loud

asi Lois Prtaa"TWIST will explain that to the Dr. Matlfe EfsnMractN Speaker Service for Ban- 12 mc. SELECTED BEEf
| quets, Concerts, Record GROUND
municipal judge. reports WEINERS+ Ie
All K1SHT"via -
2 POWDERS 5 stated. flops etc.Phone El 3-5902 LIVER BEEF j

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t t I STEW
M .
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