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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200623datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date August 11, 1962dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=006230740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
August 11, 1962
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
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All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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aleph - 000581378
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issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
August 11, 1962
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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I If

y 1 ;



Miami Man 34, Nabbed 'For Check Forgery"Dlee: In kela"nd'' k ;

.. .
;; -
* *.*.*'. * **,* ** *** ** 'j
', '



., .. ... *
.. l tfF Fif ... TTT TTTTT -

f ;

\ i" FLOKWA STAR : T Jaxon Charged WI heating Collector

.'... '-. ,.0;. Whom He Charged Cursed His Wife'

"OL 12-HO 19 SATNMAY AUGUST 11, 1 1M2 15 CENTS f f1ff 1 .


Faces Jail For Defending Home) Preacher Denied

TINGS RULED OUTi S75 Shoe Shoe Shine PurchaseA After

,, local preacher was
ass denied a shoe mine in a

downtown Florsheim shoe

PRISON DEATH i store last week after
completing the purchaseof

a $75 pair of shoes.

.. . Rev. James T. Robinsonof

Investigating Team Reports City Calls U. S. Intervention : : 1355 W. 25 St. stated
that he had gone to the

No Evidence Qf Irvtality An Affront To Southerners 1 Florsheim couple days earlier store and a

According to & report stemming from a police ALBANY Ga. Responding to a call from Negro '. left a deposit of $47.25on

investigation Sammy Smith Sanders who was leaders the U.S. Justice Department moved into the $75 pair of

pronounced dead on arrival at Duval Medical Cen- this ci y Wednesday to aid Negroes seeking federal shoes. "At that time.

ter on the morning of July 17, did not die as a court protection in pretesting racial discrimination I gave the shoe shine
result of police brutality as was widely sus- here. Meanwhile, the intervention by the Department boy at the store (George

pected, but of respiratory complications combined has set off a chain of protests from Davis) one dollar and

with acute alcoholism. .... .... .... local city officials.The told him to dye the

The Investigation who had seen Sanders at Justice Departmentfiled Wrong 'Pad'Gets shoes a medium brown"
carried an in relative some time between the a counterbrief to The family of George Richardson Jr. manage to smile despite their unfortunate Robinson said.

secrecy was ordered immediately preceeding city officials' effortsto Man circumstances. Richardson is awaiting trial under $2,500 bond on The preacher, formerlyof

last week by Mayo r-Commissioner his arrest and the time block racial demonstrations charges of malicious mischief and assault with intent to murder. The charges Ft. Pierce, said that

Baleen Burns Immediately preceeding on the claimDR. Year In Jail stem from a July 13 incident involving a white loan company collector who when he went back to the

and Comissioner Dallas his death. persons questioned reportedly collared Richardson after cursing his wife and calling her a store and finished pay-

Thomas under whose in the area where Emmett Batson 28, of liar. Richardson scuffled with the man and subdued him. With him are shown ing for the shoes, he

authority falls the Sanders was arrested 506 Davis St. will have his wife. Mozelle and 8-month old son, LaVall.CouriReco decided to wear them and
., ********.**
County penal agencies. claimed to have seen him a year to reflect that wanted them shined on

Sanders, 34, was arrested in an 'extremely drunken beds should be slept r s Expose Incident Suspect ,Admits his feet. He was bluntly

and jailed for state repeatedly rY : D in--not under.On denied use of the shoeshine

drunken and disorderly falling to the sidewalk June 9, police found As Company Mgr. Denies StoryA 12 Forgeries, chas rs in the

conduct .in 'l00-bl c\l of- and crawling" on his : Batspn sleeping under 29-year-old local man is awaiting trial and Police. store.

E'ast Market Street on knees in his-helpless the bed ,of Mrs.ElizabethC. ."probable: conviction in Criminal Court for allegedly Report, 0 ,The store, located at

July 12. He was subse ness.H Basco of 857 W. 21st beating a white loan company collector LAKELAND- -Lakeland 214 W.,, Adams Street, isa

quently sentenced to e was arrested st: after his wife had been Insulted by the white police reported the favorite outlet for

serve 20 days at the sprawled before an East During Batson's trial man'and he himself threatened and attacked during arrest Tuesday of a 34- many Negro shoe-buyers.

County Work Farm and\ Market Street residence before Judge A. Lloyd .a dispute over a delinquent loan payment. year old Miami Negro This however, is the

transferred there the the police having been Layton Tuesday the The man,George Richardson who admitted forging first time the shoe

next day. On the 17th of. summoned by a tenant in prosecutor Asst. County jr. free under gonna give us some 12 .checks dating back shine facility in the

July he was dead. the building. .one witness Solicitor R. Hudson $2,500 bond faces money today--or else!" several months. front of the store has

The relatives, Mrs. a young girl., reportedly 9 Cliff told the court charges of malicious Whereupon he was saidto Det. Sgt. Urbine Smith ever been put to test bya

Elizabeth Waters and saw Sanders that Mrs. Basco had mischief and assault have grabbed Rich- identified the suspectas Negro customer.
James Bryant--both fall from the stoop of M.' L. KING left her home to visit with intent to murder ardson in the collar Isaac Joseph Martinezwho When reached by phone,

first c sins of the the same building. She that such actions'might some neighbors when due to the July 13 incident of his shirt, tearingit. listed 1442 N. store manager C.H. Smith

dead man--revealed to a claimed to have seen lead to violence.The Batson was been by other which took place in the ensuing Lincoln as his local stated that he had "no

Star reporter what they his strike his head on Department's pleais neighbors entering her before the front door of struggle Richardson address while in Lake- objection to colored
had been .told by the the metal edge of a that city officials shoved the out customers
home. The witnessesthen his home at 1094 Reiman man of land. using the
'eye-wi mess' The Star flower'box on the stoop. should not block Negro called the police. Street. the house and allegedly Martinez admittedly shine chairs in the

printed the account, The Friday meeting, at attempts to peacefuldemonstrations Paul Everett Basco According to Richard- subdued him with a broom confessed to 12 forgeries front of the store. But

and the stir of specula- which time the investi- is a Mrs. Basco's 19yearold son's wife, Mozelle .handle. beginning several months that George (the shoe

tion grew into a wave of gation report was opened denial to their constitutional son was sleeping in the Commerce Loan Com- According to the warrant previously and totaling shine boy) felt that a

resentment.As and explained, was attended rights, reports the house at that time. pany of 1620 N. Main the collector'sname $571 Smith said. practice would Injure

,a result, on Tuesday by Mrs. Bates stated.For He was warned by neigh- Street had sent .a col- is Lloyd W. Downingof Martinez also disclosedthat his white trade. "
July 31 the and Mr; Bryant Atty. the past two weeks,
com- bors that a strangerwas lector to their home a 10337 Agaza Road. Art Martinez had been Attempts to contact
sission-ordered investigation Earl John sen. Rutledge U. S. Federal in the house. He few days earlier demanding Dolan manager of the convicted and sentencedto George Davis has thus
Elliott -
of Robert
was launched. Assigned Pearson president judge immediately left the money. Mrs. company involved, denied five years in' prison far proved unsuccessful. i iHusbaid
to the the local NAACP and two has been conduc-
case was
premises. Richardson said, the man all knowledge of the in 1957 for check pass-
CapV Jmes Crews of the representatives of the ting hearings into the Police said Batson'sraIDcoat insisted on using her Incident when contacted. ing. JaII d
Florida Star. This was officials plea fora ,
IntelligenceSquad was found on phone after he was told 'I' m sorry" he said I During his latest exploits FatalSfdAfeg
in addition to Court injunction Pfidiig
and Asst. City court '
Powell. the front porch and his that she had no money by phone 'but I don'tknow Martinez passed
Attorney Claude Mullens. Stenographer against racial demon-
; shoes. in the bathroom. to pay' him. I told him a thing about it. checks ranging from Cfcefffs
and Asst. arguments
Crews, and -
Court Stenographer Leo Capt. strations _
police said there was no the phone was out of According to the clerk $20 to $75, Smith added. '7"J"l | : ------.
City Atty. the defendants.
Powell from
accompanied Crews
attempt made to steal order/ she said "Justto at Criminal Court The checks were usually .
evidence of police proceeding
No to the
and Mullens daring thethreedl1' prior ,
anything. get rid of him. it'san Richardson may be slated drawn on grocery and
brutality having been climax Wednesday, an
hunt for the
Batson told police he unlisted number but for trial on the 28th furniture stores and : s.' r{
facts.A found it was agreed attorney: for the demonstrators -
report of the investigation that the case of Sammy entered ,into was invited to the hose he got it some kind of of this, month. were usually used as x i--

acred at ,a Smith Sanders be de- court records the names by Mrs. Basco' s lIai d. way. 'Because ''a few down payments on merchandise -
******** .
ironically Mrs. Basco minutes he left to be deliveredto
meeting last Friday clared closed. of 15 persons whom he ( ) after ,
afternoon claimed that said were victims of has no maid. he phoned me and calledme fictictious addresses. -

the depositions of over ******** police brutality"in a liar." Speedup Ordered Martinez collectedthe
20 persons were taken Albany. ******** "A man knocked the fn Hew Orleans cash difference on

.J door at 8:30 in the the payment.

night on July 13," Mrs. School. Integration When officials at
Interracial l Ri ins Faces MO,000 Plumbing Supplies Theft Chrles.
,..,-.,--v',..5._ Richardson stated.r 'He Warnoc s Furniturestore
rr' >, f> said he wanted to sec became suspicious
., -
< 'iJk' my husband and I told dering all racial restrictions Martinez fled the premises. -

4 him George was asleep removed from He was pursued by
and he was. I told him first, Robert Warnock for JAMES A. ADKINS
New Orleans .Held Without Bond
; George wouldn't get up second and third grain several blocks but
3 .' t 1 ,s until about 10:30. He the U. S.' eluded the store of- ,James A. Adkins, 530
.. g.1,>"':. said he would be back. Fifth Circuit Court of ficial. Caroline St.. is being

r ,tt 'He came back about de Martinez was later held without bend in
Appeals up
10:15'Mrs. Richardson found by police hidingin city Jail pending
segregation of the public -
: of weeds homicide investigation
: w5 went on, "I told him schools here. a clump
between Florida and into the fatal stabbing
there wasn't any sense In a move to provide a
Avenues. of his coBBOb-law wife,
in bothering my husband one school systea for

k t because we had pard a both races the court NAACP LaudsJFK's police Adklns.reported.who resides at

: .<<:. bill that day and didn't ordered the school boardto
530 Caroline St.. was
"c S- i
+ C have gradually eliminate
any money. He
picked up by police
called so-and-so the separatebutequaldistricts
:: me a
OnAlbany shortly after Claudia
< liar and said we hadn t for Negrdes
s. Mae Arson 57. died at
paid any such bill.*. end whites.In NEW T030C---The National
her hale after undergoing -
a, '3z Richardson who bad a- providing a patternfor Association for the Advancement hospital treataent
wakened by that time, the school board to of Colored
for two stab wounds received -
,. reportedly came out into follow, the court ordered People 'deeply appreciates
FACE SERIOUS Q AIGBs-.ao18 above' are the eight Ben 'arrested last week on July 23.
by pelice for ""ial al"l- ;tfce front rooa demanding abolishing the your forthright -
legdly stolen soae $40,000 la pluafeiag supplies fro the ,- The woman had told doc-
Peasniar Supply Cbaeany. 1625 jeeele St. 'of the white man his dual school systea for statement on Albany -
and the Ooraaa tors she received the
Company 120'1'feet stated that, Isaac Ike) JOB... the right to coae into his the first and second Ga. ." NAACP
ring leader, Richard Holsea tad Joe tiafletoa are being charged with fraud larceny. The raaaiaiat -' I I (Richardson'a) hone grades by September 1963 Executive Secretary Roy wounds three days ear-
; died about
lier. She 20
five will be charged ,with receiviat stoles p ,arty. Top row fro. left :are: tIMe (ik.> joaee, 46;, Y BfUnf his Wi fe. and to abolish It for Wilkins .said in a ,telegram minutes

.Paul Florence, 31; Roy IV .Aldfi*.*;tits.*** *>1.e e,50. Jtotto.-- row- ,fro. left: .***h ill, 31: Albert Jfce Baa was quoted as the third fourth and sent .to President : after being
Alberts. 34; ** Sia iee., **..d Leonard fribeon .. .irea released from the
.joaea is + !wafer t2. 5&0# bond aad'Hoia+a shying, '-.-t fifth grades in September Kennedy.
your the
and Singleton are ia county Jail *e riaf i* reported 'to l Bare opermUd tor lag the paat .aea, wife hospital report
black 1934.
maths* boy You .*.*. *.** :oDcluded.Y .
J l



f f ..


4 !

NEWS !iI.; :: :: / .

published by the -Florid Star Publishing Co. j

I'Memberof. Associated. Negro Press", BY ERIC-O. *T)5og
-:1-, ',- J",,
---- 4; K
The reamining 'chackles of a slave
: :' ti .
ERIC .;S1IIPSII..............'hl1.1"1: EiIIr culture" are the principal reason for
1 ;O ', the large proportion of Negro homes with
"" '" moral
: unsuitable environment accordingto
a Florida of Public Welfare
.- Y :: report just released. The "Report on

IIIN OffICE t HAW: ,..: ; r's'. Suitable Home Law" describes what are,
believed to be the lingering effects of

2323 HwcrKf Road--.Fknc ELfi 41712 a 44713 ,! ;:'. history in the thousands of homes studied.Of .

.i -' 17,999 cases in which the suitabilityof

5< .._ .AMress: :;. : '" the home was questioned. 16/101, were

studied in detail and 11% were found not I

._ P. 0. Box 561, Jacksnvfc 1, FWa suitable. Of this percentage, 1,103 were ;

ei white and 11,435 were non-white. The new

"suitable home law section 409.18
," .;: i. '",. Florida statutes was passed in 1959. It
One)Year- .$6.00; Half Year $4.00 ; r. requires the home studieswhere necessary

Mailed toY ou Anywhere in the United.States y '.: ...J't .in the state's Aid to Dependent Children (
Subscription Payable in Advance :' program. '

Send check or Money Order to: } t- During this, two-year study

A k; period the welfare depart- I

Florida Star P. 0. Box 561 ..- .. ment was aiding a monthly t

Jacksonville 1, Florida average of 25,000 cases made ,

\ up of about 71% Negroes. The i:

Sacrifkt, D..... toscrfcwl !. ', F /'" legal, reason for most of the :'

Negro homes declared unsuit-

Lift H.gro T..c .rs St.durds able was 'failure to provide -

.,. vide a stable moral environ
MAN is a slow-learning animal. Man is, ment."

too. the most thorough-learning, the most In discussing the slavery background as

inventive creative and productive of all II. -.- .. T the historic origin of the problems of
: S
Nature s creatures. As such when he has these Negro families the report cites

been poorly taught or, because of physical 18 CHANGE THIS 0 R L DIM AGE' OF AMERICA. GOVERNMENT LEADERSHIP the principal reason for the unsuitable

.. enviromental or Social handicap, is.I moral environment as their acceptance of r

denied the essential benefits of a good illicit sexual relations as a normal part

education he becomes a tragically unqualified of their way of life. Cultural isolationfrom

chronically bitter and socially Your Weekly the main currents cf American life

maladjusted object of Nature's genius. is at the root of the problem, the report \,;

ACCORDING' to the racial traditions of- Guide l' ; says; and mentions several obstacles to

the South Negro teachers exist primarily Horoscope improvement: lack of education and job \\i

to instruct Negro students. This is, of .. opportunities, racial prejudice, and that ,
another ugly antique of the ,
course, just r. Negroes are so often not expected to live
Southern racial concept.. Still, upon .' .' according to the standards held by the f
it becomes apparent that WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR
peering closer white race. Such a belief has been dis-
while racial segregation in education is proved many times over by the thousandsof
.J -
entirely unjust the subtle or obvious a stable. Negro families whose standardsof c

practices of it might to some degree be 1 conduct in all areas of life are above

justified. ARIES 2-30-55-13-75-235 7-70-11-19-35-719 CAPRICORNBorn question but there are many in our ADC .

REGRETTABLY,up to this point in time the Born March 21st Dec. 22nd thru caseload who have lived in ignorance of C

average Negro student in the South is thru April' 19th CANCER LIBRA Jan. 19th acceptable standards of family life. ,.
inferior to his white counterpart. There Born June 22nd Born Sept. 23rd thru Whether you are the one Giving up old beliefs and learning new ,;
Those of you who are in July 22nd Oct. 23rdIt
is nothing wrong with his intellectual woo will make the deci- ways poses difficulties for any group of
professions that are Your intuition bevel'1
capabilities, or with his sense of intellectual is most doubtful that sions, or whether they take time. ."
people. It will:! a long
typical of this space active its efforts
his inclina- man can turn back the
inquiry or with will be forced on you by

tion to study or with his retentiveness, age could find in, themselves -' dance. to Whether provide it gui-will clock, even if he wishes'to. sudden developments, you *
engaged highly -
or, above all. with his power of communication You would only com would be wise to be prepared -
his latitude of expression. He is advanced projects. penetrate the conscious plicate an already com- to move fast. SAMMY'S DEATH
ideas that be determined by the
Any emerge may
inferior because. .he is being taught by plex existence if you Rather startling news or
the effectiveness of modem-
may be put through
cling to the old customs
teachers. occurrences
inferior give u
wringer to extract the lay education in closing may y E
THIS long-known and strangely tolerated and conceptions..your plenty of food for SHOUTS NEED--F-OR. 1k
.brought to harsh 'focus recently last ounce of' .value" they" :'your mind against all whole,future, way,..of.,life thought. Should be :
fact was- you
"contain, metaphysical forces.
nay it could be You i
educators critically may have to undergo in need of informationthat
two Northern
when appraised the existing incompetence of most helpful if you have may find it Interestingto drastic alterations if you consider vitalto CLINIC AT PRISON FARMIN l
who this subjecton
collaborators, can with
teachers and denounced it as the you have allowed yourselfto your over-all interests -
Negro contribute materially to the 11th. Should youfind
in the inferiority of Negro be swayed by your lose no time in
root cause the conclusions that maybe yourself fairly emotions have been a city of this size a lonely and lit-
educators--one black one getting it from the most
students. The drawn (13th). In your well situated financially discovered in a compromising tle-known man like Sammy Smith Sanders is
university authoritative
white and both prominent zeal to achieve something build the future cf those situation. The sources. but 'a human speck. So when Sammy died over
teachers to raise prestige and business -
professors--urged Negro ,out of the ordinarydo who have helped. Thereis law of retribution couldbe three weeks ago a human speck died, and
through more insure a satis-
their standard of competence not overlook the need little doubt that you to in for the most part went unrecorded in the
and more applied you a factory return but the
extensive in-service training of eating properly, and. are being swayed by your rather heavy handed manner minds of the City's population mass.
lunar eclipse also
graduate work at northern universities.All obtaining the required emotions but they can but you will eventually BUT the police knew about his death because -

well and good. mount of sleep. You may lead yoi astray when they realize that it is all warns you against he died an acholic out at the prison

BUT what these two learned men are also take enough time are not backed up, by your for your own good. shadowy financial opera- farm. His surviving relatives'knew aboutit
tions that could turn
unfortunateand -
actually prescribing for an to salt away sufficient logic. because as relatives their blood-ties
of affairs is large 4-20-44-18-29-424 out to be detrimentalin
detrimental state assets. 880331781831LEO made them responsible of acknowledgement.This .
doses of sacrifice and dedication: sacri- 1-46-22-16-98-142 SCORPIO the long run. Weigh newspaper .knew about itbecause- in
condition of scholastic Born Oct. 24th thru all the pros and cons
fice to remedy a
TAURUS this publication the pulse of the city
Born July 22nd thru of questions that must
lassitude; dedication to develope a sense Born April 20th thru Nov. 22nd beats.
to the most Aug. 22nd Allow yourself to be be answered before you
and responsibility 20th
of duty May
FOR a while it was seriously thought that
nourishment of the Financial fluctuationsmay propelled by the events can carry out your long-
effective academic enthusiasm could
Sammy had been brutalized unto death:
be erratic to projects.
so as that transpire during range
student. soar to rather dangerous
beaten kicked pistol-whipped by policeor
make it the better part 4-20-88-16-87-428
this quarter, and you
heights if you allow it
prison personnel. A quiet but nonetheless -
-COMMUNISM ON OUR DOOR STEPThe to go unchecked. This of neutral good sense corner to and finda to will smoother find than the it passage wmld AQUARIUSBorn intense police investigation and a
to 'an. 20th thru
applies romance determined inquiry by this newspaper dis-
stay there. Even if it
be otherwise. Your hopes
sports and speculation 18thDo closed that died victim of time
Sammy a
cold war has diverse facets.It seems to yon that othersare suddenly materialize
llth-12th) It is may not be too obvious
is a war of armaments with both ( piling the and unfortunate circumstances. in death,
up profits or they may be blastedto
about it if
natural for ambitious your motivesare
sides piling up offensive and defensive the opposite may smithereens depending Sammy's body was discovered to be poisonedby
people to want to find substantially pe-
weapons of unimaginable destructive power turn out to be true when on how wisely alcohol larcerated by frequent and
their places m the top cuniary. Friends of yours
It is a war of trade with both sides the chips are cashed in. you have conducted yourself damaging falls resulting from the blind
of the world. Should may act as matchmakers
using their resources in an effort to become Many indications pointto and your affairs staggers, fatally depreciated by years of
and well be
attempt to get there you may very
the world dominant. economic force. the possibility of Restrain ill-health and what perhaps was hopeless
previously. your
ahead of your turn you the one chosen for their
It is a war for men's minds--and this substantial withdrawals emotional reactions as despair.
current endeavors in this
can expect those, whom
may prove, in the long run, to be the from your basic resources there is no telling how direction. You could havea TIME was not good.to Sammy. He died a
you may have displacedin derilect. But his death has created an
most important facet by far. The Soviets the process, to hit if you have far they may lead .you if struggle with yourself
and their satellites failed to heed this in- upsurge of conscience and"concern:
are pitted againstthe yon give them too much regarding the advisability -
back and trip you up
THE need for a clinic out at the prison
United States and the West in a no- Junction. Avoid the Leeway. Friends may be of
committing -
when they can. Even ifi yourself
Farm stands before us like a specter.In .
holds-barred campaign to convince vast opposite extreme of'pessimism using bad judgment.
t seems to be your although your
terms of ratio the majority of inmatesat
numbers of people especially in the new and the curtailment -
future interests should
right to obtain recognition 6-60-66-12-45-612
uncommitted nations that its systemis of all your activi the farm are chronic drinkers--alco-
bow to the force decide you to act in the
holic.Sociologically speaking
ties. find it
the best. YOU may
af ci circumstances that SAGITTARIUS affirmative. Should you
manifestation of
So authorities believe worth-while improve pronounce
a great
many have outstanding obliga-
dictate patience and additional -
that a vital Free World need is to do a property for your own SAGITTARIUSBorn tuons that .have to be human derilection.. Wherever there are

;.better job than in the past in pointingout waiting. satisfaction and a pos- Nov. 23rd thru met at a certain deadline cities. the problem exists. Jacksonville isa

and emphasizing the failures and oppressions 9-10-88-14-56- sible resale (16th). Dec. 21st you should clear city. The problem exists here. h

of communism. And one of the GEMINI 3-50-77-15-63-057 Although Eaglttarians these up. Try to keep HENCE the questionHow many more Sammiesare

better examples it seems, is coawinisms 'Born. May 21st thru VIRGO in general are looked extravagance to a mini awaiting death without help ox hope;
newest bastion Castro' s Cuba which is June 21stIt upon as rather strong- this
Born Aug. 23rd thru mum. slinking in the shadows of city or
only 90 miles from bur own shores.U. could be one hectic sept. 22nd minded and purposeful 810224391823PISCES in the confinement of the prison farm? How

S. News & World Report, in its issueo thing right in the wake Things may happen so they may have hidden any more Sammies will fatally damage

L June 11, sums up the latest information of aoother. The conse- fast as to leave yon weakness Just like other their limbs bodies and brain and then die 4
the 'no.-llve in Cuba of impulsive decisions human beings. .This.is Born Feb. 19th thru
on way people Qaeoces dizzy and unable to in penal Isolation, cursing an agony thatno
' Castro and his policies have sad actions are likely to show up under March 20th understand
and what grasp their true meaning one else could possibly ,
done it is an almost incredible story apt to be felt in unusual just go along with stress during this There are possibilitiesthat without having been medically scrutinizedto

of. change for the worse that has taken ways. It may be the tide as it may take ct1arter. unless 7 a have have been empha- determine whether or not they could

place in a mere three and a half years. food jadtaeat to accommodate yea toward the efi&aated yourself tra1ned_to. per sized in preceding have been salvaged? ,,
fection to cover any and quarter. A very interesting -
The magazine says, "Cuba, just before yourself to the isle where dreams come all contingencies.: Opportaaities arrangement could IT is not being being implied here>thata I

Castro. was enjoying its post prosperous wishes of your collaborators true. It would be abort that open up be made that should clinic at the Prison Farm could.bhavebeen .

*years. .Now Cuba, the hard facts show, instead of sighted to reseat aedckBly and without advance benefit the pocketbooksof the determing factor In Samny' s' possible -

is an economic shaables--fealfiag with trying to have tile last changes: when jo* paeeefls notice should be all concerned. Be survival. It is, however being

guns, but bankrupt." Tkea it cites' fact word. The effects of skills and talents feat seized immediately.. prepared to call a halt plainly stated that the presence of such a 1

Aft'er tact, based on 'official U. S< pacifylag gesturesafcovU are such ia deemed, .can count en your competitors to your social life if clinic at the farm could have explained 1

sources. jpifft gratifying somewhere else if.net being on the it has reached the stage Saw's injuries as probably due to causes

Before. Castro, Cubans had a pr capita to all eoocamM.' yea where yea MW reside: tell and ready to prO- where It binders you other than police brutality and his deathas

inc ..:.averaging $334 a 7s..* tfctr ki"- YM Mmtallj Bttame toaalIdLfyiag _meanwhile ,stay ea the fit from slowness or from de1'Otinl1our true due to tine and tragic depreciation.IS .

esth Latin Aaerica. Mew it ,laM .ew J.. op..r_i- good aide .of these who hesitancy on your part.. skills and precious it* then, unreasonable to suggest thata
tit. ir.*tBtl offered cherish mad rwimtyes.. lunar eclipse verifies -
toMlo"= =200. energies nurse should be on duty at the farm at
'l'ke'"food'situation is &l.-t..... gas; as .*feMB, 1tr tM ls r and attasd to jw:"''' that you are on the Inspirational ideas. all times and a doctor on call? If, it
bait 1M meet ,a.4f" tasks with .,_r eke ,right track. Use diplomacy -
with Cubans ROW eati&f oely ant as marital accords and ts, then Saaay Smith'Sanders"dfed in vain. ,
well' as in the pre..c..tro dam. .- ; year ..... tamed efficiency *o4c for better results. short trips' are favored.60441681864 NOR shall he be the last.

pt..eeta. on sciestiM. -' 5-eo-33-1t- 6-693 $-

,-, "'::
__ 7t ::-",_-'- '--:


I'i' ,


1 .I ,

v", ti :
_. NEWS :. ..- ",., : % r:

Published by the Florida Star Publishing Co

Menberof Associated Negro Press"
,. .."... & BY ERIC-Ot. 5TI'P'SO$
ys' T '1'. : .. :r 1 -. /,-', '. ..: -
'The -sl ;
reamining 'chackles of a eculture"
ERIC '(a. LS1PSMI ...........ll1r i EiferALYSIILL \ ;,RM
., the
.: :,, l .r are principal reason for

USE-.......tows Efer t ., ig;:-.;f- the large proportion of Negro homes with

\ 1 ;, --i.'",,' unsuitable moral environment, accordingto

HILDA t lioITENCicllalM..., 'j S 4 t i fs a Florida Department of public Welfare

'* report just released. The "Report on

Him 6FFKE I PlAIT: ,- .,. ". Suitable Home Law" describes what are

believed to be the lingering effects of
2323 Ksicrief RaaL..J>_ flp 4-J7I2
4-J7I3 ."' .. history in the thousands of homes studied.Of .

17.999 cases in which the suitabilityof
,,, M.: j5
;. v : the home was questioned, 16/101. were

s.P.. 0. Box 81, J Jacks** 1 I FMfc \ w. studied in detail and 77% were found not :<

a e suitable. Of this >ercentage, 1,103 were

;. white and 11,435 were non-white. The new

-.,,;_- SUBSCRIPTION RATES ;y? ::5 "suitable home law, section 409.18

L. Florida statutes, was passed in 1959. It
OneiYearv.$6.00: Half year, $..00. -S
: requires the home studieswhere
Mailed to"you Anywhere in the United States .; necessary,
in the state's Aid to Dependent Children
Subscription Payable in Advance t',

Send check or Money Order to: f program. '
During this two-year study
4S E r period, the welfare department 4
Florida Star P. 0. Box 561
ai' was aiding a monthly
Jacksonville 1, Florida
average of 25.000 cases made

'. / J \ up of about 71% Negroes. The f
Sccrifkt Proofed
Tt .. legal reason for most of the :

Negro homes declared unsuitable r

Lift Ntgro TsichrsDkit1su SftMkrisMAN was 'failure to provide l'

vide a stable ,moral
is a slow-learning animal. Man is, ment.' '

too, the most thorough-learning, the most
In discussing the
inventive, creative and productive of allNature's slavery background as

creatures. As such, when he has the historic origin of the problems of

been poorly taught, or, because of phys- 18 CHANGE THIS 0 R L DIM AGE' OF AMERICA. GOVERNMENT LEADERSHIPYour the these principal Negro families reason ,for the the report unsuitable cites

ical enviromental or social handicap, is .
L moral environment as their acceptance of
denied the essential benefits of a good
illicit sexual relations as a normal part
he becomes
a tragically unqualified -
chronically bitter and socially of their way of life. Cultural isolation t

maladjusted object of Nature genius. ; Weekly .. from the main currents cf American lifeis

ACCORDING to the racial traditions of, at the root of the problem the report

the'South, Negro teachers exist primarily Horoscope Guide says; and mentions several obstacles to

to instruct Negro students. This is, of :' improvement: lack of education and job t

course, just another ugly antique of the By PABLO, The ASTROLOGER opportunities, racial prejudice and that

; are so often not expected to live
Southern racial concept.. Still, upon a---r-; Negroes

peering closer, it becomes apparent that WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR according to the standards held by the

while racial segregation in education is white race. Such a belief has been dis-

entirely unjust, the subtle or obvious .1 BUSINESS LOVE -, TRAVEL Eg proved many times over by the thousandsof

practices. of it might, to some degree, be _____________ __ stable Negro families whose standardsof
conduct in all areas of life are above
justified. in time the ARIESBorn 2-30-55-13-75-235 7-70-H-19-35-719: CAPRICORN question, but there are many in our ADC
REGRETTABLY,up to this point ,
March 21st Born Dec. 22nd thru caseload who have lived in ignorance of
student in the South is CANCER
average Negro LIBRA
thru April 19th Jan. 19th standards of family life.
Born June 22nd thru
inferior to his white counterpart. Born Sept. 23rd thru
nothing wrong with his intellectual Those of you who are in July 22nd Oct. 23rdIt Whether you are the one' Giving up old beliefs and learning new k

professions that are Your intuition be who will make the deci- difficulties for any group of
ways poses
capabilities, or with his sense of intellectual may is most doubtful that

inquiry, or with his inclina- typical of this space very active in its efforts man can turn back the sions, or whether they people. It wil1. take a long;: time. ."

tion to study, or with his retentiveness, age, could find themselves to provide gui- clock, even if he wishes'to. will sudden be forced on you by

his of communi- engaged in highly -' dance. Whether it will developments you < *
or, above all, with power You would only com
advanced, projects.Any penetrate the conscious would be wise to be pre
his latitude of expression. He is
cation, plicate an already com-
by Ideas that emerge may be determined by the pared to move fast. SAMMY'S DEATH
inferior because..he is being taught plex existence if you
may be put through the i effectiveness of modern- Rather startling news or
inferior teachers. cling to the old customs
wringer to extract the !lay education in closing occurrences may give y u
and strangely tolerated and .
THIS long-known conceptions. Your
factwas: ,brought to harsh'f cus recentlywhen last .ounce of. value" they :;your mind against all .jwbole.future way..o!..life plenty of food for SHOUTS NEED ., ,.. FOR .
uif hbe thought. Should you be
llei contain. It metaphysical forces. You
two Northern educators critically may have to undergo
most helpful if have find it interestingto in need 0 f informationthat
appraised the existing incompetence of you drastic alterations if CLINIC AT PRISON FARM
collaborators who can toy with this subjecton you consider vitalto
denounced it as the have allowed
Negro teachers and you yourselfto
contribute materially to the 11th. &ould you your over-all interests -
root cause in the inferiority of Negro be swayed by your
lose no time in 1
students. The educators--one black, one the conclusions that maybe find yourself fairly emotions or hare been IN a city of this size a lonely and lit-
getting it from the most
white and both prominent university drawn (13th). in your well situated financially discovered in a compromising tle-known man like Sammy Smith Sanders is
zeal to achieve something build the future d those authoritative sources. but 'a human So
speck. when died
professors--urged Negro teachers to raise situation. The Sammy over
,out of the ordinarydo who have helped. Thereis Your prestige and business -
three weeks ago, a human speck died and
their standard of competence through more law of retribution could insure satis-
extensive in-service training and more not overlook the need little doubt that you be applied to yoi in a factory return, but the for the most part went unrecorded in the

of eating properly, and are being swayed by your minds of the City's population
graduate work at northern universities. rather heavyhanded; manner lunar eclipse also mass.
obtaining the required emotions but they can but you will eventually BUT the police knew about his death because -
All well and good. warns cu against
amount of sleep. YOU may lead you astray Ibm 'they y he died an acholic out at the
BUT what these two learned men are realize that it is all shadowy financial prison
also take enough time are not backed ,up, by your opera- farm. His surviving relatives'knew
actually prescribing for an unfortunateand logic. for your own good. tions that could turn
to salt sufficient
detrimental state of affairs is large 4-20-44-18-29-424 out to be detrimentalin because as relatives their bloodtiesmade

doses of sacrifice and dedication: sacri- assets. 880331781831LEO SCORPIO the long run. Weigh them responsible of acknowledgement.This .

fice to remedy a condition of scholastic 1-40-22-16-98-142 TAURUS Born Oct. 24th thru all the pros and cons newspaper .knew about it ecaU5e' in

lassitude; dedication to develope a sense Born April 20th thru Born July 22nd thru' Nov. 22nd of questions that must this publication" the pulse of the city

of duty and responsibility to the most May 20th Aug. 22nd Allow yourself to be be answered before you beats.

effective academic nourishment of the your enthusiasm could Financial fluctuationsmay propelled by the events can carry out your long- FOR a while it was seriously thought that

student. soar to rather dangerous be so erratic as to that transpire during range proj ects. Sammy had been brutalized unto death:

heights if you allow it make it the better part this quarter, and you 4-20-88-16-87-428 beaten, kicked, pistol-whipped by policeor

of good sense to finda prison personnel. A quiet but nonetheless -
COMMUNISM will find the
ON OUR DOOR STEPThe to go unchecked. This passage AQUARIUSBorn

applies to romance neutral corner and to smoother than it world Jan. 20th thru intense police investigation, and a

and stay there. Even if it be otherwise. Your hopes determined inquiry by this newspaper dis-
sports speculation Feb. 18thDo
cold war has diverse facets.It seems to you that others suddenly materialize closed that Sammy died a victim of time
llth-12th) It is may
be too obvious
is a war of armaments, with both are piling up the pro- or they may be blastedt and unfortunate circumstances. In death,
natural for
about it. if motivesare
sides piling up offensive and defensive fits, the opposite may smithereens, depending your Sammy s body was discovered to be poisonedby
people to want to find
weapons of unimaginable destructive power turn out to be true when on how wiselyyou substantially pe.cuniU'1. alcohol larcerated by .frequent: : and
their the
places top .
Friends of
It is a war of trade, with both sides the chips are cashed in. have conducted yours damaging falls resulting from the blind
. of the world. should you your- may act as matchmakers
using their resources in an effort to become Many indications pointto self and your affairs staggers, fatally depreciated by years of
attempt to get there and you may very well be
the world dominant economic force.It the possibility of previously. Restrain ill-health and what perhaps was hopeless
ahead of turn, your the
your yon one chosen for their
is a war for men's minds--and this substantial withdrawals despair.
can expect those whom emotional reacti ms as current endeavors' in this
may prove, in the long run, to be the from your basic resources there is no telling how TIME was not good to Sammy. He died a
have displacedIn direction. could havea
most important facet by far. The Soviets you may if you have far they may lead .you if derilect. But his death has created an
the process to hit struggle with yourself *
and their satellites are pitted againstthe failed to heed this in- give them too much upsurge of conscience and concern:
back and yon the
trip you up regarding advisability -
United States and the West in a no- [ junction. Avoid the eeway. Friends may be THE need for a clinic out at the prison
when they can. Even ifi of committing your-
holds-barred campaign to convince vast opposite extreme of pessimism using bad judgment. Farm now stands before us like a specter.In .
t seems to be yourri&bt self. although
numbers of people, especially in the new and the curtailment your terms of ratio, the majority of inmatesat
to obtain recogni- future interests should
and uncommitted nations, that its systemis \ of all your activi- 6-60-66-12-45-612 the farm are chronic drinkersalcoholic. -
tion, bow to the forcef decide you to act in the
the best. ties. YOU may find it .Sociologically speaking, alcolholismis
) circumstances that SAGITTARIUS affirmative. Should you
So, a great many authorities believe worth-while to improve the most pronounce manifestation of
and additional have
dictate patience outstanding obliga-
that a vital Free World need is to do a property for your own SAGITTARIUSBorn human derilection.. Wherever there are
waiting. tuons that .have to be
better job than in the past in pointingout satisfaction and a pos- Nov. 23rd thru citiesthe problem exists. Jacksonville isa
met at a certain deadline
and emphasizing the failures and oppressions 9-70-88-14-56-818 sible resale (16th). Dec. 21st you should clear city. The problem exists here.

of communism. And one of the GEMINI 3-50.77-15-63-357 Although sagittarians
these up. Try to keep HENCE, the questionHow many more Sammiesare
better examples, it seems, is coawinisns 'Born, May 21st thru in general are looked
VIRGO extravagance to a mini awaiting death without help ox hope;
newest bastion Castro' Cuba which is as rather strong-
s June 21stIt thru upon
Born Aug. 23rd mum. slinking in the shadows of this city or
only 90 miles from bur shores.U. minded and purposeful,
own could be one hectic 22nd of
Sept. in the confinement the prison farm? Howiany
S. News & World Report, in its issue thing right in the wake 'Things they may have hidden 8-10-22-13-91-623
happen Sammies will
may so more fatally damage
of June 11, sums up the latest informa- of another. The consequence fast to leave weakness Just like other PISCES
as you their limbs, bodies and brain and then die
tion on the way people now live in Cuba of impulsive decisions dizzy and unable to human beings. This .is Born Feb. 19th thru
in penal isolation, cursing an agony thatno
and what Castro and his policies have and actions are their likely to show up under March 20th
grasp true meaning one else could possibly understand,
done. it is an almost incredible story apt to be felt in Unusual : just go along with stress during this There are possibilitiesthat without having been medically scrutinizedto

of change for the worse that has taken ways. It may be the tide as it may take Barter, unless yo have have been empha- determine whether or not they could

place in a mere three and a half years. good Jadgaent to accom- yon toward the enchanted yourself trained to per- sized in preceding have been salvaged?

The magazine says, Cuba, just before modate yourself to the isle where dreams CORe fection to cover any and quarter. A very inte- here ,that
is not being being implied
C-stro, was enjoying its most prosperous wishes of your col- all contingencies. Opportunities resting arrangement could IT
true. It would be shortsighted -
a clinic at the Prison Fans could !have
years. NOw Cuba, the hard facts show, laborators instead of to resent that open up be made that should
been the deterning factor in Sammy's'possible -
suddenly and without advance -
have the last benefit the pocketbooksof
is. economic shambles with trying to
an --bulging when
changes yon possess
survival. It is however being
notice should be ,
guns, but bankrupt." Then it cites fact word. The effects of skills and talents that all concerned. Be i
stated that the of such
seized plainly presence a
Immediately. You
prepared to call a halt
after fact, based on official U. S. pacifying gestures are much in demand,
farm could have
clinic at
,can count m your com- to social life if explained
should prove gratifying your
sources. somewhere else if not
petitors being on the Sammy' s injuries as probably due to causes
all concerned. it has reached the stage
to YOU
Before Castro Cubans had a capita
per where yen now reside..
ball, and ready to other than police brutality, and his deathas
attuned to pro- where it hinders you
averaging third highest are mentally
income $334 a
year, : meanwhile stay on the
due to time and tragic .
fit from slowness or devoting true depreciation.IS
from your
in Latin America. NOW it has dropped solidifying opportunities good side of those who
recently offeredas hesitancy on your part.. skills and precious it. then: unreasonable to suggest thata
to.below) $200. cherish and
respect you The lunar eclipse verifies -
nurse should be on duty at the farm at
lunar energies
'nie" situation is almost calamitous shows by the theright
food and attend to your daily that you are on
inspirational ideas all-times, and a doctor on call? If its
must not
with'Cubans now eating only about half as ;eclipse. Ton tasks with your accus- track. Use diplomacy '
marital accords and then Sammy Smith Sanders died in vain.
well as in the pre-Castro days. compromise your future tomed efficiency and for better results. ,
projects. short trips are NOR shall he be the last.
conscientiousness. 5-60-33-14-36- -

-.. ...-.- ... -----.- S... --<-,
r + t+i'p

-- _

.: } i\ i- l

'-- .. .. _. d ,__ ._.__ .. .. 4' ____ .__,_ __" Pl6E'9

= _-: Jax Model, Visits FamilyCOMPLETES Club Entertains "= .CO'p n al ion i i u r Ben:;
am- ,.. r ,
il } .'.. -t.
..."; '.. .., :.ns-.er' y.. ."
Member's Sister _'. c.fsyiryNr:
=-- = =-: -" ..- < :- '
-=-=- ---=- >r ," : 4" .

l Little t '.'i 1 ...
Patricia Ann '
Smalls the sister of c..,'.. J L; .'"'" ;)
Gloria Smalls 707-C. -- \
Mars Court was the sur- I

prised recipient of a .,
Pre-nuptial parties for Miss Estelle Williams r :
sz birthday par1y: ..'!hen' ..theBobberettes \. ;,. :
have dominated the
social scene for the past 'PreiTeen. 4 .
'several weeks.' The ceremony uniting Miss Williamsand
Social and Savings Club
Rudolph MCKissick jr. is set for Saturday, ,. exr
held. their regulara4eetingJednesdny
August 11in Bethel Baptist institutional Church. Rr

Mrs. Mary Jones honored Miss Williams with a ;::Mrs. v rr..+ riqt
Odessa Burks, counselor
miscellaneous shower last Saturday evening at theA.
presided. .
L. Lewis Branch Y.W.C.A.Mrs. .
,J The] club will be hosted
Rudolph MCKissick, Sr. mother of the
with a party Friday nightby
prospective groom, was among guests. other guests + ,
f Harriet: Jackson at her
included Mrs. Vetrice W. Williams, Mrs. FranbeHandy' '
.. residence, 716-13. Mars
Mrs. Gwendolyn j. Mangram, Miss Coatsie
Court Gloria Smalls reporter -
Jones: and Mrs. Eleanor Littlejohn, who assistedthe
: .
hostess. \ ?
-,pr. Stf:: .. ,. ... ..
The College Circle home of Mr and Mrs. C. W. -- .. .....
".. .. ,
dent and Pa'tricfa'Samp ,., .
Dunlap provided the setting for another shower. tlH ,
son is secretary. MRS. ESTELLA .COOPER) (left), president of the sponors--the La Sabn Social
This time Les Fleurs Whist Club, of which Miss
and Savings, Club--presents crown and gift to Mrs. Ford who)
Mary was acclaimed -
Williams is a member, sponsored the affair. Mrs. Irene A, Baggs
queen. during the Coronation Ball hold Friday nltht.ut:. 3 in Elks
Mrs. Faye H. Helm, Mrs. Irma Vtllarin, Mrs.
Auditorium. (Billy Brown photo)
Cornelia oree, Miss Myrtle Turner, Mrs. Doris MODELING COURSE---Miss Clavica Grant, Spending 10 Days

Scott, Mrs. Betty Belton, and Mrs. anisette the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Grant 2004W.
Howell were among members present. 17th: St. having recently completed a course In Carribean AreaMrs. 2nd Annual Event Held At Fla. NormalST. Mrs. DavisTo
.' The Roth Drive home L. Rl'ce; 'urs. 'A; u.
of and
Mrs. Joseph modeling at the Ophelia Devore School of AUGUSTINE---The
:'Thayer was the scene of a bridal luncheon sponsored Charm, New York City, is presently vacationingwith Irene A. Baggs. second annual House Parker, M.r a,.- I. "S. Present
715 W. Church St. local Powell, Mrs. M. E.,
by Miss Williams' bridal attendants. ,
her parents. Miss Grant was: one of t'ia t'n Party under the sponsorship Recital Sunday
Firl Scout Peck, Mrs. L. A. Will-
Mrs. Vivian Copeland Carter, a former Jaxon
now models present during the La Sabre Social and of the Women s
residing in New York City was among guests. Savings Club's recent fashion show here. She church and civic worker Missionary and Educa- iams, Mrs. D.N. Cooners, Urs. Frederick Davis

Others present included Mrs. Helen' Gregory, plans on returning to, New york in September. -left Thursday for a 10 tional Convention, Miss Lottie English, will present a musical

Mrs. Dannette Howell, Miss Daisy Gilliard, Mrs. (Billy Brown photo). day cruise in the Carri- of Florida, Inc. was Mrs. James Massey and concert in the Laura

Irma Villarin, Mrs. Betty Belton, Mrs. Norma R.White bean area. held at Florida Normal Mrs Idella Kelly. urs. Street auditorium, State

Mrs. Rebecca Martin, bridal consultant to From Miami, she boarded and Industrial Memorial Temple Morris and Mrs. and Laura Streets, SUn-

Miss Williams, Mrs Margaret Mathis, Mrs. Dorothy -- the SS Evangeline and College, July 1-Aug. 2. A. M. Johnson were in day, August at 8 p.m.

Dunlap, Miss Myrtle Tuner, Mrs. Faye Helm, Mrs. will enjoy stopovers at Mrs. Susie C. Holley, chargd of Youth pro- The program will fea-

,Dorothy Crawford, Mrs. Barbara Walker, and Mrs. 1 b Jamaica Haiti and Nassau president and Mrs. motion. ture local musical

Doris Scott. # 1 Celestine Dixon, first Banquet Held talent, including Miss
Mrs. Baggs is a faith- Mrs. Alzora Simmons,
vice-president, directed a Betty Davis, her daugh-
.'... .... .... .... .... .... ful member of St. Paul the three day teacher at the Dillard ter, who is attending

AME Church where she confab. Theme of the High School of Ft. the University of Miami

Mrs. Lois Belton Kinney,' speech and drama coachat serves with Choir 1 as annual affair was Lauderdale was the main and Leroy Dickerson,
treasurer. She is also a speaker for the annual Lyric tenor singer. '
North Carolina State
CollegeGreensboro, N.C., 'Study, Learn and
.L.... member of sthe. Trustee banquet held on August; 1
is visiting her mother, Mrs.-Wlter.Beltonof Serve.
CO/J1 .-. Board the Women' Pro- in Coleman Westfall
1330 Madison Street. The main purpose of

'Mrs. Kinney has gained prominence .as a public gressive Club and is the House Party was to Dining Hall. Mrs. CarrieB. Top Contestant. .... ..** **. ..
':speaker and1a's appeared on' several .radio and Mr. and lITsT"NeTzarBattles : Street; Boy. treasurer of. the Boardof provide an opportunityfor Sloan served as -- b.C, """"1

'television programs. She is accompanied by her ; 1727 E. 19th Mr. and Mrs. William Christian Education. the members of the toastmistress and Urs.
Charma. Cummings; 750 W. Duval H er other public Women's W. P. MCKissick was in
young daughter, Street; Boy. M. & E. Conven
Mrs. Kinney was guest at a bridge luncheon held Mr. and Mrs. Eddie A. Street; Boy. activities include; tion of the General charge of special
troop leader of st.
last Tuesday morning in the Cleveland Road home Burks; 1122 Van Buren Mr. and Mrs. Mosses: Baptist Convention of talent.

'of Mr. and Mrs. John E. Mangram. Street; Girl. Howell: 209 Alley Rd. Paul's .Girl Scout Florida, Inc. to per- House Party ConsultantsThe I

Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie Atlantic Beach; Boy. Troops 261 and 293. fect plans for their official consultants Is
.... .... .... .... .... .... ""Mr. and Mrs. Charle president cf the Gate- and for the House ,--I
r King; 2438 Edgewood Ave. organization, _
Girl Scout Leadersand '
Boy. King; Rt. 7 Box 70; way give special attentionand Party-Leadership plan- x

The Alvin Downlngs are in the city as 'guest of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Girl she recently served support to Florida ning session were; Mrs.

Mr. Downing brother and sister-in-law, Dr. and Nicholson: 1416 W. 7th Mr. and Mrs. Carl C. .as director of the annual Normal and Industrial Susie C. 'Holley, W. L.

Mrs. .T. C. Down hi,;. Street; Boy. Porter; 1437 W. 26th Girl Scouts Day Memorial College. Johnson, Business Mana-

Many Jaxons have enjoyed dancing to the music Mr. and Mrs. Howard Street; Girl. Camp which consisted of Some of the highlights ger-FNIMC Mrs. I. G.

of -Alw'in.DowtiihawBand, whichhaa played at 6108 LoneStarRoad ., Mr. .an d .Mrs. JohnThoarasNr420GCvnnie an attendance of 150 of and the main participants Wilder, Mrs. C. F.
Simmons; ; ... ... .
girls and a staff of'14 -
Mrs Corinne
several formal dances.Mr. ; Boy. ; counselors: t: oh therogram, !
Watts Mrs. J."WT"
.. Downing, a retired army major, is head of Mr. and Mrs. Amie Boy. for the entire session ,
the Music Department at Gibbs Junior. College, St. Sloan: 1503 E. 24th Mr. and Mrs. Ike Carter Mrs. Baggs is also a included official greet- Salters, Mrs. Ossie
318 Nixon Street; Girl. member of the A.L. Smith, Mrs. Rosa L. MRS. LILA
'Petersburg, Florida Street; Girl. ings to the group at ANTHONY was
Mr. and Mrs. Vernell Mr. and Mrs. Alonzo Lewis Branch YWCA. and large by Mrs. Pauline P. Samuels, urs. F. U. one of the contesting

.... .... .... .t.. .... .... palmer; 1048 Davis St.; Geddis; 2734 Eventide is a committee woman and Puryear, Dean of Women Bagley, Mrs. Mary Moss, models for the La Sabra

Girl. Drive; Girl. poll. clerk at Precinct5E. at FNIMC; the occasionby Urs. Callie Rentz, Mrs. Social and Savings Club

Mr. Milton Butler has returned to his Phila- Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie Mr. and Mrs. John Mrs. Susie C. Holley, A. B. Coleman, Mrs. last Friday. She is a

delphia home after visiting relatives here in Crumbley; 1103 'DanielJos. Streeter; 1140 Odessa Her many friends are president of the Women's Sarah Ivory, Mrs. EssieB. member of the Trlchology

the city. r Street: Girl. wishing her a m st Convention; the main address Johnson, Mrs. S. R. Beauticians Club, unit

He is the brother of Mr. William Butler, 722 W. For pleasant vacation. was delivered by Lewis, Urs. S. L. Badger 38.

Eighth Street, who is confined to his home be- Applications Marriage Licenses Mrs. Mitchell Mrs Janie Poe. and Urs.Carrie Carswell. (-Billy- Brown- -- -Photo--- --"-

'cause of l ness. .. _,,, .".. .-.2:: J. Leach 617 Lafayette Curtis Smith. 1628 Won- Entertains i The title of the ad- FfUMORTS COTTAGES
st. 20 and Car- crief Rd. 22 and J, tress was "Learning
.... .11i .... .... .... .... Mae Roberts. 214 StuartSt. iotlvatee Service" ;
rie B. Bates. 908 Oak- The Sepia LadiesThe

.. ley St. 21. .. 21. Mrs. A. R. Smith was in Cottages by Day Week or Month _
Friends of Mrs. Rachel Donald are happy'to learn John H.' McGee 718 Otis Nathaniel Stevens Sepia Ladies held charge of worship and

that she is recovering rapidly at home after being Venus Mars Ct. 32 and 1211 E. 37th St. 20 their regular meeting music was rendered by Hot &' ,Cold Rockwell Water

confined to a local hospital. She is the Shirley R. Spear 637 and Freddie M. Lamar. in the Mitchell' residence Mrs. I, P. UcKissidc and

., wife of H. C.' Donald, local businessman. Court E, 26. 747 Lafayette St. 18: 3281 Brosque members of the local Private Apts. With Cooking Facilities Low Rates

Wm. J. Loyd 1110 Dor RayfIeld Ruben Barney Drive. First Baptist Church.
... .... .... ....
.... .... St. 21 and Lottie M. 1842 Rowe Ave. island Following the regular The Mission Study FOR RESERVATIONS

Barnes. 2067 Mcs lard St. Mary! M. Cap eh art. 1674 business session the courses ( home and .. ..'"
Mrs. Grace Young, accompanied by her son, is 18. McConihe St.. 18. group enjoyed a social foreign) were ,conducted Call i- < 261- 5D8 Fernandlna .

taking a brief respite from what has been a busy Lovett D. Smith, 511 James Nesmlth. 1921 W. interlude which included by Mrs Susie U> White, EL U-6697 Jacksonville) '
summer. A stop in San Antonio, Texas is Included the serving Dollie Ford and .
Jefferson, 24. and ,Clyde 19th St. 23 and Etyza- ; of Mrs : ,
in the plans of her two-week trip.LILLY'S n buffet luncheon.One 'Barnes. .*
Mae Ramsey. 511.Jefferson beth M. Crawley. 1289 W. lira. Nellie Write:' Rt. 2, Box I6U
St. 22., of the roup' ft summer Convention leaders for FernandinaLois
.... .... .... .... '.... 1.r ..4 p 23rd. 23.Edmond activities .
Bishop Blue. 1529 Davi Walker 1568 was a the workshop were: urs.E.

.. '. St. 50 and Mary A. Still St. 27 and Louise. trip to Little Talbot B. Cooper, Mrs, S. Stewart, Mgr.

;_/ .. .". H White 1525 W. 13th St. Sabrina Green. 1202 W Mrs. I.E. Williams -
: Church St. 21 '
L. Miller 418 Jesse Williams 1092 Returns FromNashville

1. A'Complete Davis St. 27 and Sheila Kings Rd. 21 and Betty VisitMr. its .
line of COSMETICS now Peps;
G. James. 418 Davis St.. J. Byrd. 1532 W. 16th ly
) I.E. Williams prominent -
,.1 DIN' 20. Street 17. social-civic for those ii'
: who
'. Geo. uangram. Jr? Marion Brown 818 W. has think young I7Y4
worker returned to
Called for and Wwri 1018 Madison St. 23 and Monroe St. 21 and
Prescriptions l the city after having
Eleanor Washington. 102E. Maria Washington 818W.

1907 Kings Rd. El 3-8216 State St.. 19. Monroe St. 24. accompanied her daughter.
Mrs. Hortense Williams

Gray by motor to Nash-
.5 E E-'-T NEW ville.

I hL..4.f ; BRICK HOMES d. .. : :

_.. .. "'.. 'I. '" e'" .... I enjoyable week's 4
"{ ; L { ; :, ," stay in 'The Athens of
I ..l ..... the South."

%* *? ::! E. : : New Yorkers Visiting

Mrs. Malissa A, Webb .

Enjoy The Luxury Of Visiting Mrs. Malissa A.
r Webb of 1232 ClevelandSt.

Paul and Mrs.. and Mr

T. I. Everette of 1785 W. 5

M FREE Vn' Sixth St. are M r s.
C i Webb's daughters Mrs.

4 THAI GASH Johnnie Eleanor Webb :

MONTHLY PAYMENTS Tl MIYE HI Lovette Island. of and Jamaica Mrs. .Webb'sgrand Long r

'. nieces the Misses

00 $300 May and Viola ucSears ., .

$59 both of whom are faculty ,1. .. # .

SOME WITtICARPORTS': }..... -. H. .
,,1 -cbool 'P ,- ,i, .t. into their leisure fettinf more out of their lives. It's a new outlook
Con ". .'. This is the life for '
s :. ., called thinking young. Pepsilightortcmj.
< : .ciean-ttstini Pepsi.So goahead-ihinkyourig. In stores
:10 ,',. buy an extra carton....!fountains, :-P'.please.tOO
: Sales Of fMOpM Daily i : WEST45th '&!=VERNON RD. .A\ ;l p4g z ..... : .
b.1.Ju ; .. .
; 1. .
a 4. .. :. .'J _;
\ to 9a '' : ......__ ww ,
,. rot,,, : lIf't. a i.. r -aa -rw' 'new Mat'} 'WMa" ":*gn.t. ,, w MI t "
CALL PO 5-1685 a ,

I \
Ml V -f

II I Tabernacle .To Host Male Choruses Musical Extravaganza Sunday Night I

& Abvssiiis WftMti To PrstHf Aiiiial Evait Grows Led Bv Msskol Hi@dCHURCH

.. .
..... ,-" -
i :) Of Nat'l Baptist Coiveitfoi


I : 4:::: ...National Music Director

l Prof. E. Clifford Davis, for the past 33 years

musical director of the National Baptist Conven-
Usher Board 4 of Mt. Ararat Baptist Church will tion, Inc. and also music director of the Gen-
eral Baptist Convention, State of Florida, will
sponsor a trip to American Beach .Saturday. The i'
bus will leave the church at 3:30 p.m. Ticketsmay h'I : direct the combined male choruses which will

be purchased from members of the usher Boardor feature the musical extravaganza beginning at
at the bus. 8 p.m. Sunday in the new Tabernacle Baptist

Y Church. Rev. W. E. Young is host pastor, and

.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .... .... .. .. .. .. .. .. Homer Seldon, Tabernacle Trustee Board member, is
the program's
r sponsor.

Revival... .,., .... ....meeting. is now. in session First.1 .New For the past several
ZionBaptist Church, on MoncriefRoad n
,and .willcontinue"throuBh
t- "yr 1 weeks Prof. Davis has
Aug. 11. Rev.\. '/'C.--Danielsisdthe' t been directing the k
: .: '
evangelist for the services. various participatinggroups

.. .. .. .. : .. ..... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. night program for the which Sunday is

expected to draw a capacity -
The Steward Board of
Ebenezer Baptist Church w- turnout from

will sponsor a trip to Little Talbot Island among the city's musical

Friday. The bus will leave the church at 9 a.m. Y lexers.

Tickets may be secured at the church on the day In addition to his work

of the trip. with the Baptist conventions -

.. .. .. Prof. Davis a r
.. .1 .. . . .
. . ... Mt. Zion Plans
SHOWN ABOVE are the women of the Abyssinia Baptist Church who will play important roles in the

Usher'Board 3 of New Redeem Baptist Church will Women's Day Celebration Sunday, August 12th. They are from left to right (seated) : Mesdames School Picnic t

sponsor a ride Saturday. The bus will stop at Lilia Marshall, Elouise Baker J. C. Neal, Artie M. Davis, Bernice Strickland, Lula Harris, and native of Columbus Ga. .

Fifth and Florida Avenue at 9:30 a.m.; 21st and Lizzie Harris; (standing Mesdames Viola McTear, Annie B. Gardner, J.C. Robinson, Elouise Marcardo Saturday Aug. 11 is renowned for his work

Phoenix at 10:10 a.m. ; at the church at 10:30a.m. Callie Bowles, Myrtice French, Malinda Rochester, Alberta Grooms and Mary A. Cade. Speaker for the Final preparations are as a composer of many

.; 56th and Evergreen at 10:45 a.m. morning worship will be Mrs. A. W. Frazier of Mt. Olive primitive Baptist Church. Mrs. Ruth Wise of being completed for Mt. wellknown hymns.
annual sessionsof
Bethel AME Church will be the guest soloist. The will Zion AME Church s an-
New evening speaker be Mrs. Thelma Barnwell
: : .... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. : : of the Emanuel Baptist Church and an instructor at Forest Park Elementary School. Mrs. Bernice nual Sunday School the Baptist Conven-
tion the 1, 000 voice
Smith will be the guest soloist. Miss Louvenia perry of the Abyssinia Baptist Church will be the picnic which is sched-
Tarry Meeting will be held Friday at 8 p.m. at choir has, for many
_speaker for the afternoon program. _. uled for saturday Aug.
the Church of God in Christ, Southside. This will 11, at Little Talbot years, been one of his

also be pastor's "pounds" night. Elder J. E. Miss Detra Belcher Woodlawn Presbyterian Island. priority projects. Mrs.

Williams' will lead the discussion. Choirs 1 and ABOUT PEOPLE Church Notes'BY I Sunday School teachers E. Clifford, Prof. V
To Present Program Davis assistant is
2 will also meet for rehearsal.The will chaperones
***** L.N. PEARSON. SR. serve as in
At Little i Rock ChurchMiss : Serving as lifeguardswill equally prominent
: : : : : : : :: : :. : : : : : : : : : :-: : : Mrs. Ethel Davenport Bannister, noted gospel Mrs. F. Davis wife of be Dennis Stewart national religious cir-
wellknown Detra dramatic singer, left the city Saturday for St. LouisMo., Mr. Frederick Davis of Leon Smith Michael cles.

Florida group of St. Joseph Methodist Church reader will offer a to attend the Gospel Singers Association. Membersof 2212 Whitner Street Stewart and Howard Mil- Mrs. Myrtis Lawson

will sponsor a trip to American Beach Friday-in the Triumphant Gospel Association accompaniedher well known postal em- ler. The lifeguards will

interest of the State rally. The bus will leave Tribute in Songs Monday on the trip. Before returning to the city, ployee, on next Sunday assist the regular Entertains GuestsRecent
Night September 10, at
the church. at 8:45 p.m. she will visit her sister in Philadelphia, Pa., night Aug. 12 at 8 a.m. guards assigned to the house guests of
Little Rock Baptist
."t. ; and will serve as official gospel singer for a will render a musical beach. Mrs. Myrtis Lawson. 1243

.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .' .. .. .. .. ..... Church, at which time revival meeting in Brooklyn, New York. program in the Laura Sunday School membersare Cleveland St. were Mrs.
.F. The Male Chorus of the
Street auditorium
Ethel Hicks and Mrs.
'. urged to bring guest
Church, will present .... .... .I... .... .... .... Tiaura and State streets. Gena Hardy of Birmingham.
Saturday Clubs 4-8 of Macedonia Baptist Church and all members of the -

will -sell, barbecue on the lawn at the home of 'Male 'Choruses on This program is being church are urged to Ala. and the

Miss Mattie Cantt. Club 1 will sell dinners in- parade.Serving will be Emanuel Mr. and Mrs. Paul L. Owens of 2124 Fairfax St. given to help strengthen spend the day on the hostess' sister Mrs.

the home of Mrs. Mattie Rhodes for the benefitof Male Chorus and are spending their vacation visiting their daugh- the treasure of the beach with the Sunday Lealo Moore und little
the:Women' s Day celebration. Mt. Ararat Baptist Male :er and son, Paulette Marie and Paul Owens Jr. trustees of the Woodlawn School members. Free Diane Moore of Pensa-

who are attending school at the Pacific University United PresbyterianChurch and cola.
of transportation refreshments
.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..... .. .. ..-.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. Choruses.Ceremonies will Master' be Leon in Forest Grove, Oregon. They will also attend which is now in will be provided Also guests were Mrs.
World Fair in Seattle, Washington before returning the process of buildingon for all. Lawson's niece and
Bland, prominent busi-
The unity Assembly of Truth :announce* the summer this home. the new church site Bus transportation will nephew Miss Mae Jgude
ness man of city.: __ ... at Cleveland and Wood-
and fall term of a.new-class entitled icnow Thyself o. leave Saturday morning Hardy of Cleveland: Ohio
GuesT'organist, will ... .... .... .... .... .... lawn Roads.Nowadays.
Classee held and Russell Hardy of
are each Tuesday evening be Cecil Fisher. Othen from the followingpo

from 8 to C:30 p.m. A Sunday School for childrenis appearing, will be the all living in ts.Cleveland. Detroit. Mich.

held each Sunday morning at the Unity Chapel, Tabernacle Baptist Male Mrs. Margaret Moody, Comptroller at Brewster organizations are making Rd. at Edge- Sister Cohen Plans

1778 Spruce Avenue, Mrs. Sallye C. Wannamaker is Chorus under the direc- Methodist Hospital is away on her vacation. She efforts to do things wood 8:10 a.m.; AvenueB Recital
leader. will return to her duties at Brewster after a worthwhile, and we are SundaySister
tion of Miss Evelyn H. at 45th 8:15; Mon-
two weeks absence. aware of the fact thatin Rosetta Cohen of
. . . Johnson:' Mt. Sanai Baptist crief at 45th. 8:18.
.5. . . this effort we needed First Born Temple, will
Moncrief at 33rd 8:20;
Church, professor .... .... .... .... .... .... Mrs. Davis' assistance.In be heard in a recital
Shootes, director: St. Moncrief at 26th. 8:22;
Choir 2 of Jerusalem Baptist Church will conduct answer to our Mace- Sunday at 3 p.m. in the
Myrtle at 21st 8:25;
Paul AME Church Male 1
j its rehearsal and business meeting Friday at The Royal Palm Christian Club will sponsor a donian call Mrs. Davisis Expressway at Fairfax Church of God in UnIty
Chorus, prof. Allen
8.p.m..... Green, director; Abys- trip to Little Talbot island Aug. 18. The bus presenting herewiththe 8:30; Myrtle at 13th. 13th and Dancy Sts. ,

t ,. will leave 5th and Lee at 8:30 a.m. Tickets may best local talent Rd. at Lee's Elder M. sutton, hostpastor.
. ,;', :. .i. ; ;-. .c. .f..' sinia Baptist Male 8:35; Kings IN I
. .. . Chorus Prof. Sammie be secured at 1536 Johnson Street. that could be found Auditorium. (EWC), 8:40. : .
throughout the city. Deacon S.V. Cohen will
Rd. at
The Royal Palm Christian Club will_ sponsor a Davis Baptist, director Male Chorus: Bethany and .5.. 5..5 .5.. .... .... 55.. She is presenting the MYrtle Also 8:45 Kings; Myrtle at be ,the .program1 s masterof

tri ..to Little Talbot Island Aug. 18. The bus Zion Hope Baptist Male following participants: 8th 8:50; 8th at Davis, cerem oi es. Sister

j will leave 5th and Lee" Streets at 8:30 a.m. Chr.rus. The Silver Slipper Social Savings Club will The Illustrious Leroy 8:55; 4th at Davis 9 Rosa Gray is sponsor.

Tickets may be secured at 1536 Johnson Street.r Guest Soloist will be sponsor a trip to American Beach Aug. 11. The bus Dickerson. graduate of a.m.; 4th at Jefferson, The general public is

will leave 45th and Avenue B at 6 p.m. 8th and Stanton High School, Broad at invited.Pallbearers'.

.. .. .. -- ... ....-.. .... .. .. .. .. .... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. Mrs.dames Mary Hezel Goodwin.Gross Mes an Davis Streets at 6:30 p.m. and First and Florida Florida A&M University, 9:05 9:10,; Arrive at Orange church. Meeting

/:T. t.\ NIZ1!; Annie B. Singletary. Avenue at 7 p.m. and has received his 9:30 a.m. Departure for Pallbearers Society No.
Star Itiiurtisers Mt. Ararat Master's Degree in both
will have charge of The '" beach, 9:30 a.m. 18 will meet with its
.... .... sees sees sees sees piano and voice from
offetory. Special Eastside schedule: 21st president lira. Ella
Sponsors Beach Trip guest choir, will be Mt. Columbia University, anc at Pheonix, 8:25 a.m.; Rust Monday night at

RAPID Ararat Baptist No.4, The Brewster Auxiliary, The Floradale unit of is now Professor of 8th at Florida, 8:30; 7:30 p.m. in the base-

Usher Board No. 4 of under the direction of the Auxiliary and the Brewster Mothers Club of Music in Middletown High 3rd at Florida. 8:35: ment of Mt. Olive Primitive
1-HR. TV SERVICEDAY M t. Ararat Baptist actively engaged at the hos- School Middle N.Y. and
AND NICHT Prof. Mathew McCoy. the Auxiliary are 1st Florida 8:40; Baptist Church.
Church will sponsor a pital rendering volunteer service. Mrs. E. M. He will render both Jessie at Florida All members are urged,

# CALLS $200 trip to American Beachon Anfioch Committees Hurley, director of volunteer service has said piano and vocal solos. 8:45; Union at Florida to be D resent.raEzia _

CMARCI INIt Aug. 11. Bus transpor- Preparing For "several members of the groups are moving along The popular Freeman Sis- 8:50; Union at Ionia
FLAK EL c-c-Jin tation will leave the hours of ters, known as a trio
RADIO DISUCtUD toward another record-breaking numb o 8:55; Arrive at church, reliefof f
church at 8:40 p.m. Annual t Women Day volunteer service. These women are rendering thoughout the city for 9 a.m. Departure. 9:30 i

The women of Antioch invaluable service at the reception desk. their poise and harmony. a.m. hayfeierw

Baptist Church will ob- W.K. Harper, wellknownin Rev. W. F. Poster pastor -

serve Sept. 23 as Women .... .... .... .... .... .... the musical as "Mr.Soloist" Summer G. liles.superln'tenden Dr. Guild' Or*.n Mountain
will c. w. O' co..o
s Day, beginningwith a t.

the Sunday Schoolat Little Miss phyliss Simpson, daughter of Mr. rendition on this pro-
and will be at his Fred ".udlr""IIM'' tkt ital -/ the
9:30 a.m.Officers and Mrs. Eric 0. Simpson, has returned home gram, 1962-3 ,.""., ....... trith ...

f are: Mrs. after visiting her uncle Hargrove F. Wooten and best. Mr. Harper is GREEN FL03IDA LOBSTERS AIOI:lr.rAY AM.A I
known as one of the best
Ruth F. Brown general family in Houston, Texas. The little Miss Simpsoncame Nb ..... ... .a .... I .N/N "51t. .HI b. I........ .Me 11.1S.
chairman; Hiss Rosa,Lee in by Eastern Airlines. tenor singers in this 1..1/N. Me4.& .... da II L1.n.M.1.- ..... ,....

Trowell, co-chairman : ity. He will sing a 35c -
ti. ItADttS Iff:THI :
Mrs. Eliza llcQieen, sec- 55.5 5555 .... .... .5.5 5..5 solo on this program, '
retary; Mrs. Hazel nd will also appear with

Robinson treasurer; Mrs. Mary Simpson, has returned home after he Westminster Choir of SNAPPER L1. 55'

Call to worship, Mrs. summer school at Temple university, Philadelphia, which he Is a member. 3 9c

Vary Huey and Mrs. Pa. Mrs. Simpson is an instructor at the John E. Hear Ye Him." Conch Mntu.49o SPOTS w.

Beulah Kelsey; program Ford Elementary School and the wife of Eric Missionary Day
chairman Mrs. M.
editor of the Florida Star. .
0. Simpson $L0 lea
Daniels and Mrs. Daisy Celebration Sunday 49C

Moseley; decorations, .... .*.. .... .... .... .... MANCROVISNAPPER BROKERS La..om .
At 1st Bom "
TempleFirst 49'
co-chairman, Mrs. Nettie u. -. AM A THAT"A5SUIES
Mae Kelsey and Miss Mary Born Temple 825 SLIM.rtON .
The .Brewster Men's Club has recessed for the
W. Monroe St.. will observe /.1 taw al.. Meta
Daniels cochairmanof
Ann ;
summer but the men are still actively engaged in ....'. -$1
tags, Mrs. Lavonia various activities. They are working with the Missionary Day STE&KFISHI9AMISN SS!
Sunday it has been
Graham; sponsor chairman an-
of the
Jacksonville Charities, inc. sponsors
Hiss Joyce Danielsand football lames each year. This year the nomced. I&..e.... .OlhlMMi. .......MM..*....AMI..CeAe 3ze
Miss Frances Parker. pro Sunday School begins at ....... III....... I LL.LeIlIa MACIEiEl LL ;
Green Bay Packers will meet the St. Louis Cardinals .'
10 a.m. Missionary Mat- 'i.25 MAT
- ttyssi* State Mi* in the Gator Bowl Aug. 18. tie Johnson will be the Newt .... III ...." ..... WHITING LL 32',
... .. ,. ..
:_ KEN KNIGHT I The women of Abyssinia Gospel Cnsnta Aw. 12 Rtcttd speaker during, the 11 a.69c rvtiv NWpCi'fgL4a .
Church are PO. '
service. 41
a.m. ..
YPW begins
invites You To Listen To R.L.. host ------ --
scheduling aa outing to The wellknown Gospel Rev. Jones at
5:30 and
I American Belch Friday Crusaders will presentan pastor. Worship P.O.is slated for RIM ran ...1CC1SRIIS tltftll t
55' noU! SB51'fl
"KNIGHT TRAIN"Starting nltfit. An*. 10 for befit after-service Calva- Gospel groups which' 7:30 p.m. U. u.

IH_ -of the annual Wo cade of Songs featuring have not already been ., .

L men' a Day observance. outstanding gospel group invited and which would 1 d :eelttep
ZOO NtghtlyWRHC -
pm The bas leaves the of the Florida CosmmitySin 1 like to appear on the

=1 1400 church at 8 ,... and the day, Aug. 12 at 8 p.m 'i program, are urged to. Sooo""" ; fI,.;." .. ; ,. .
general public is in- )tlt ,, contact the Gospel .
,,:' ,JJJJ! 'Ii. ,,' ,. 'Pliant ELfI T.4f
_ vited. Package Start fun f Crusaders Imnediately. I -< u' I \ _
-IPI!: .r 1r
? A

.. -- 1-


'f I



eze St. StephensHolds Rev. S. E. Fekter Bride Elect Feted By Attendants Roller Derby'sHere

Anniversary Addresses Callahan + F .

Semces: Sunday Court Of Honor ava s 21H1 Loop 5.tto

The auditorium of pine S
Forest School of Calla- FridaySoutheast Ntte

1 1 US han. Florida was filled -tD roller skate

with people standing on fans will be witnessingthe
both sides and in the second of a three-
Hr Russell (Chuck) (CharU
.vy r xx rear, daring game series between the .
M ew of Honor of the Cherokee
Jax Dixie Devils and the
****** d
District on Wednesday New York Chiefs when the
Prom where they were sitting in the semidarkness August 1. A motorcade two teams clash Friday

of, the Lounge they could see the tables and consisting of four night at 8 clock in

chairs that had been set up for the party. But school: buses and a large 'i. y the Jacks mville Coli-
there was a worrisome serene nakedness about number of cars carried seum.

the whole thing; a sort of melancholy beauty. the scouts and their 3 Starring for the Dixie
Maybe that's why they were talking about people friends from Jackson To ti.: \ --rr Devils will be Sugar

and the thing called soul. Or maybe it was because ville. -2V Ray Robinson's son

Time seemed to be making an awful lot of Rev. Samuel E. Felder Ronnie and Sandy torse,

noise laughing its way through the clocks. .. Df jacks mville and Pas- the daughter rf one of

"Things jes ain't things without, people," tor of Bethel AME Churchof the original Mills

:.Grisby_ observed_ "one little man standin' at REV. ROLAND SMITH Callahan was the inspirational Brothers quartet.

the foot. of a high mountain give that mountain speaker.The FETED---Miss Estelle Williams (seated center, foreground), whose marriage to Also starring for the

." He paused, thoughtfully. KB CHURCH'S ORSERVANHBnev. Court was presided Rudolph McKissick jr. will be celebrated Saturday afternoon, Aug. 11, was Chiefs will be little

... ''; when a bird sings," he went J.S. Johnson, over by C.E. Simmons. honored by her bridesmaids during a bridal luncheon Friday Aug. 3 in the Mike Gammon, who three

:tJsoul."it ain no song unless some- pastor will deliver the Jr.. chairman assistedby Ribault Heights residence of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Thayer. Seated in (fore- years ago was selectedby

j can hear it. People is Jes Thanksgiving sermon Melvin L. Marshalland ground) from left are: Mrs. Norma S. White, the honoree. Miss Williams. league coaches as the

!.!! name for soul." during the 11 a.n. service Attorney Earl M. Mrs. Doris F. Scott and Urs. Margaret Mathis. in background seated from Most Valuable Male

McNasty took a pull from his in observance of Johns m. left; Mesdames Vanetta Thayer Vivian Copeland Carter former jaxon residingin 'Skater. Billy Gardner

glass savoring, the taste of the the first anniversary of Pep songs were led by New York; Fay Helms and Miss Myrtle Turner; Mrs. .Dorothy Dunlap Miss and Gloria Mack.

drink before he spoke. "people the new. ultramodern R.A. Sewell Field Scout Dorothy Crawford and Mrs. Rebecca Martin bridal consultant. Standing from Friday ni te' s Roller

i jes ain' people without people, air-conditioned St. Executive and Maxi left: Miss Daisy Gilliard and Mesdames Betty R. Belton Irma Villarin Derby League games will

Gris, he said, thinking how Stephen AME Church Sunday Coleman. neighborhood Danette Howell and Helen Gregory. be the second of 18-
it was announced Commissioner. A motion
CHUCK much the empty tables and chairs (Royal Art Studio photo) weeks of thrilling
this week.
picture of the last Boy
looked like a'deserted setting of the Last Suppec league play which will
... ,' The 3 p.m. observance Scout jamboree was shown
"Soul, to me, is: the amount' of life a man can which will be held in by E.G. Coakley of Cal- Mother Midway be staged every Friday
'get outa Life' since he can't have all of it," lahan. Direction night at 8 clock in

McNasty continued. "But even if a man could the spacious church Advancement awards were Plans RevivalOn the spacious and modern-
auditorium, will fea- istic Jax toliseum
stretch out his arms and pull alia Life to him
presented to the boys of
ture the noted Rev. Roland -
and cram alia it into his stomach it wouldn' Smith pastor of. the following troops By Rev. J. Reddick Aug. 12th Allen Chapel Women

mean a thing unless there was people aroundto First Baptist Church 43 St. Phillips Episco- Rev. H.L. Herod will

say TTOW--he did Itl! He grab ahold of Life and Little Rock. Ark. who pal Church; 46. First Help Find Yourself be the principal speaker Schedule Annual Fete

crammed it in his stomach! People may be another will bring the message. Baptist Church of during the Sunday. Aug. The annual laments day

name for soul all right. But people need peopleto Culminating the day's Fernandina Beach; 51. 12 Revival at Mother observance will be held
I read a story in a newspaper a few years ago
prove it... will be a Ebenezer Methodist Midway AME Church Rev. at Allen Chapel AME
programs where a man's plane crashed in the snowy moun-
Grisby's big body was slumped in the chair; and musical extravangzahighlighting Church; 53, FriendlyBa J.W. Jones, pastor Church Sept. 30.
tains. He parachuted .safety, miles away from
his eyes now, appeared to be closed. And there the 100- Mist Church ; 58, : anno unc ed. All captains have been
civilization. For a few days he survived under
edge of in his face because nobody Emanuel Johnny SLaw will Introduce
was an worry voice choirs scheduledto Baptist Church; asked to make the first
adverse circumstances. Finally he said to him-
had shown yet....nd Time,laughing its way through 74 St. Pius Catholic the speaker and
reports. Chairman
begin at 8 p.m. in self that he had better take his life and put an of the
thA''clocks*, ,was beginning to mock the church auditorium Church; 76. St. Stephens also Deacon Albert Taylor Yang People' Departmentare
end to his suffering. Minutes before he took his
him. He took .a deep drink and setMs'glasfr.'aSfcnmmewhat ME Church; 79 St. Paul chairman of Class Mrs. Shirley
Rev. Johnson said. At Ann
to him that there others
life a came are
: roughly Church 2 of Timothy Baptist
that time team captainsare AME ; 141 P.T.A. Williams and Mrs. Mae E.
who searching for me. New hope came to him
""I plan to have a soulful party ,. expected to make George W. Carver Elementary Church. Washington.
he abandoned the idea of suicide.
tonight McNasty he said as final School; 147 P.T.A.
himself. "That's reports.Rev. There is no life today which does not have major
though reminding officers Pine Forest Elementary
Johnson problems which cannot be handled alone. This i?
why I invited soulful people. and members of the School; 151 P.T.A.
McNasty was thinking of the rain 1 Pine Forest School of true of race nation or any organized group. One 1iaThi Eir
church extending an
I the main troubles with under these cir-
outside--slashing in from the I invitation to friends Callahan; 173 Second of us
North trying to hammer the City GRISBY r. Jf Baptist Church; 175. cumstances is that we feel that we are left aloneto
quest Robinson
and the
publicto a
general e Sugar Ray s son
into sodden submission. Noah don' have too many share in the three Grant Memorial AME solve our own problems. We let ourselves believe ,

kinfolks in this town,' he said. "It would Church; 193 Mt. Ararat that others are not trying to find us and
Grisby events which are sched- Baptist Church Mt. rescue us from the dangers to which we are ex-
out tonight.
take a lotta soul to come uled throughout the day. ; t Friday Nite
t tt
stood up. "I know my people" he said bluntly."Theyain' Mrs. Lillian smith is Bethel Baptist Church posed. As long as Satan can keep this idea fromus

got nothin' BUT some soul!I" He and 297 Fri endship he can keep us moving toward disasters. in
general chairman of the Church.Participants. the face of major problems many of us have already -
for the, t
walked heading organ.
away ; -: ---- --' daylong activities. tt t
McNasty didn't move as the big voice- of the i *. *. in the committed suicide as far" 'as conscience Aug. 10"

organ filled the Lounge. He was watching the Mt. Olive..PrimiliveTo : Court of Honor were: hopes and faith are concerned. We have frozen on .

people come. They came in ones and twos and took T.R. Rutherford. Dis- the opposite side. We have become blind to the t t tt

their places at the party table. And they all Observe! trict Commissioner; L. other side of the story the side on which hope 8 p.m.

expressions of apologetic R. Aarons field Commissioner exists.It _
seemed to be wearing Men s Day Aug. 12 t t tt
expectancy. And Grisby began to grin rocking his; ; Commissioners is hard for me to discover rescue squads who

body like a teetering boulder to the hurrying l Phillip Alback general Alexander Stewart. Ed- are near me when I am in the midst of mountains. AI The JAX

rhythm of his own music. chairman and David Hallas mond 'Thompson T.R. This goes to say that there are those who are t ,

-Soulful!" he said later grinning j victoriously secretary, .are in Lowrie. Herbert Powell. very near me in my problems which I do not see

as he sat at the head of the table surveyinghis the various committeesnow Maxie Coleman and Solo- with the physical eye. Because I do not see them OLISEUM

guests.It compelting the an- mon Small; Scoutmasters does not erase the fact that they are there. t t

didn't matter that most of the people at the"table nual Men's Day obser- John Davis 79;; Jerry When we realize that they are there doors of for

were nc-t ;the. ''soulful ones he bad invited.It vance which will be held Bailey, 147; Willie Fare communication swing wide open I !

only mattered that those who were there had"enough throughout the day; Sun- 53; Kenneth Burns. 175: in a wcrld like this one. we must learn to com- payment of 50C'

soul to be there even if the rain was day Aug. 12 in Mt. Olive, Samuel Barney. 194; municate with all people whether we like them or .

_, /trying to. hammer the City into sodden submission. primitive Baptist Church Theodore prime. 297; not whether we agree with them or not. They In General Admission Section

And kind? of watery- look came into his eyesas Rev. J.M. Dixon pastor, Edgar Austin 51; BruceR. might be searching the wrong way. We can help
I someone raised a glass and proposed a toastto announced. Seldon. 74; Archie V. them if we do not despair. The important thing is (This Covers Tax & Service Charge)

his 31st birthday. "Soulful. .." he said.[ The program will 'feature Coakley. 46; Charles that someone is searching for us. Keep the doorsof

"Much, much soul!" numerous wellknown Edwards. 151; and HL.. communication open. GENERAL ADMISSION BOX and TRACKSIDE
city talent. The general Patterson .297 Troop
; ,
( Goldbara Sets liitnis Probe public and friends are Committeemen Theodo Dr. R. V. Moore Is Elected Children Children
invited to
------- -- cordially Boatwright., 151; Syl-
WASHINGTON Secretaryof racial discriminationin share in the events. vester Henderson 141; Teachers National PresidentDAYTONA Students $.50 Students $1.00

Labor the unions and will who served cook at
Arthur Gold- as BEACH---Dr. Richard V. Moore presidentof 5 1 MAdults
berg will launch a pro- himself" head a program First Timothy'sRites Camp Coacoochee; Benjamin Bethune-Cookman College was elected presi- fo 5 'fo "

gram to break down 'to open doors for Jenkins 141; Walter dent of the American Teachers Association at $1.00 $2.00
racial. barriers in Negroes in the craft Commwioii Randall. 173; James Al-
; : the j' its 59th annual convention in Miami Florida, on
.Cation's craft unions, trades Jet says. ford. 51; and E.G. Coak- Saturday July 28. Moore has been Don't miss
vicepresidentof t
reveals The .labor secretary Communion rites will 1 thij most exciting> sports event-
the August 9 ley. 151; Eagle scout
organization for the
be year.
", "IR'sue of 'JetT national called craft union discrimination 19 observed at 3 p.m.Sunday in First Aug.;; Kenneth Tolbert. 74; Dr. J. Rupert Picott, educational administrator Every Friday night t for the next 18 weeks.

:.rf.LI"O Ne1lS:" Magazine. "one of Rev. R.J. Blaine. PastorSt. executive
Timothy Baptist Church secretary of and a distinguished 28 of the
Gvldberg'Personally the major labor problems Paul AME Church; speediest and roughest
Rev. R.L. the Virginia State leader. He is also a
pastor skaters 14 WOMEN and 14
MEN. See the
will direct a probe of facing the Joseph Waldron. Camp Teachers COLORED MAN
announced. Association member of the Florida AND WOMAN TEAM
country. Jet reports. Maintenance; C. Parham composed of SUGAR RAY ROBINSON'S SON
was elected vice president State Teachers Association
=; -=:- Johnson, Vice Chairman RONNIE and ONE of the ORIGINAL MILLS BROTHERS
L- ilium George W. Jones the National Educational SANDY MORSE.
j :; Cherokee District; and of Montgomery. Alabama Association and
executive secretary and the plorida State Coun- COLISEUM
Chairman. Camping and HEMMING PARK AND
Dr. Walter N. Ridley cil on Institutions of '
president of Elizabeth Higher Learning Moore ALSO BE ON
Hopkins.Sfcnior City State Teachers COl- has served on several FRIDAY NIGHT.

patrol Leader received lege. Elizabeth City. state committees, ,including -
SUER MARKE75 the Attendance- No rth Carolina a planning com-
i Uniform Advancement No doubt you have seen it on TV every Saturday!
tr easurer. mittee for the Florida
1 1i Award on behalf of NOW COME AND SEE THEM IN PERSON!
The association voted Conference on Education -
Troop 147 from Bruce R.
that the 1963 meeting State Scholarship
Seldon of Troop 74. ROLLER DERBY
Chuck Roast will be held in July in Committee and Florida
Dr. J. C. Downing;
t mAL | Dallas. Texas.Dr. Resource Use Co ED!tee.
LONG GRAINIRICE3m.kd Chairman. Cherokee Dis-
Moore Is well knownto

t % Ie t boys trict on congratulated their advance-the the educational national circleson state D t

ment Scout and Executive R.G. Sewell.made and local levels. He has m1F! !

been president ofBethuneuookman
t announcements. The Court '
'tt $5.00 ner. PORK SHUT INK SMilE' ? of Honor was dismissedby College
for the past fifteen "Where You Get 16 Oz. to the Pound"
.. Rev. R.J. Blaine. .
: t Ml DANDY SAUSAGE I tt. years. the In Non-Alucnus I960 he received WEST BEAVER STREET VIADUCT

Award from the Florida In 4-... The FARMERS' MARKETFRESH
I GRITS 45th STREET A&U University for

L.19C 390 | meritorious achievement; FLORIDA GRADE "A"FRYERS26
Drive IN
t as a humanitarian, an
witt $5.80 Offer f BARIQUEthey're- LB.COPELAND'S .

MILK D IIci usYou'll

GRAPESM 3c: 1ge I like 'en Medidnes CoSZMti

"J( ,. : ,19C. 45th & MMtcrief All Leading Hair ] SUGAR CURED

wfl ,$5.M rftf. Near: 45ft# Sit Cu. '
J : 4 38
C- '. ..;:..." f Package Stare ,- ____1.' .I .HAMS LB.

: ,.
( _
F7 :-


-- -
V.xr 1- :

.. ', ...... --. ...." 1.p .' ../. .... '.'..'-..- ., -- -- .mi n 4ft1m _. "' .- '"' ____ ,,:,. .' 1-....... _
7-) ,

: : r. ,

SPORTING IT UP Nip, T fwi To Perform Hen licks, Moore Refer Deify Is U. S.'$ Fastest Growing Sport


.. CoschIi Clink
._ ._ .
---- -
JACKSONVILLE AS A WHOLE can feel Justly proudof .... ....,... ATLANTA Two perfectionists
its son who has written more pages to the in the fieldof

Jacksonville-Story. with. his triumphant 'performances :;" _. s prts, W.J. (Billy) r
8s-a* track star.Robert Hayes, the 19- Nicks and Leroy 0. t

year-old sprint star/.of Florida A. and M. University d : A. Moore are top Cliniciansof

noW:wears. the crown of the National AAU L .: the Georgia Interscholastic 6
100-yard cbampi n. Hayes pushed his way to fame .. Tq : J Association a I. S 39i

and. glory in- the June 30-july 1 meet held at clinic .which began Monday -

St gg Field in ,Chicago against Poland, and later at Booker' T.
tied; the,world mark in defe ing the Russians'at \. Washington High School. ;

,:Stanford University in all of his performances / Nicks who greatness fr

in which he has emerged victorioushe began at Morris Brown
has kept his quiet, unassuming and humble manneras : 1x College where he projected -

only a star performer can do. ''; t? : the college's

. SINCE BECOMING A TRACK STAR the Jacksonville- ...\.E.6.. football teams into r

Florida R. and M. University, Hayes has become i< national orbit; is .

a world traveler. He has become acquainted and e. !i.. fea athletic director and

competed against many of the top stars of the > coach at Prarie View
,t ack. He is a teammate of such track stars as t...; ,. College, Prarie View .
Paul Drayton, Homer Jones of Texas Southern, Texas.A ,
.i ,
former Olympic star iraMurchison, Roger Sayers ::: native of Griffin;
of omaha, who held a victory over Hayes and Bob Ga. Nicks has a lifetime
Poynter of Santa Clara, and Frank -Budd, the manwhose football coaching

record was equalled by Hayes.IT .- <:;,,?: record of 160-games won

IS WELL KNOWN HOWEVER that despite his great ; : 61 losses and 22, ties

performances and the fame that has come his way, 't Y'a R,:y fin 23 years as a football -

it has been announced that he is still deeply head coach. Arr

interested, football. in discussing the football ,, : His Pra-fle View panthers

situation. Hayes mentioned such track stars have won' three national .

,as. Budd, who nas signed a professional contract championships during a

to play football with the Philadelphia Eagles; seven year period ending

Glen )avis the former Ohio State star and in 1958.A + B

Olympic champion, a member of the Detroit Lions HEAD ALL-STARS---Leroy (Satchel) Paige (right), native of Oklahoma

for two years, Ray. Norton, who made history at legendary baseball moundsman and Reese (Goose) where he attended Lang- SANDY MORSE (left) the daughter of one of the original Mill Brothers a

San Jose as a track star played football with Tatum, equally famed for his prowess as a skilled ston University. Coach teammate of Sugar Ray Robinson1 son Ronnie, both of whom are members of
the San Francisco 49ers. it is reported that Moore* s basketball teams Chiefs in the second of a
Hayes baseball and basketball player along with his the jax Dixie Devils' team which host the New York
has said, that despite his triumphs in track, he comedy routines, will be the feature attractions have greatly added to three game series in the Jacksonville Coliseum Friday night, AUR. 10 at

still prefers football. Jake Gaither, the Florida when the famed Kansas City Monarchs and the lustre of sports 8 p.m. As attested by last Friday night's turnout of local fans, Roller

A. and M. football coach says it is all up to the Harlem Stars entertain fans Monday night conscious Prarie View. Derby is one of America's most thrilling and fastest growing sports which '

Hayes, he must make his own decision. Aug. 13 in Jacksonville Baseball Park at 8 p.m. His five year recordat has .a vast following of entire families throughout the nations.
MANY OF THE FANS WERE VERY RUDE when Atlanta Prarie View is 111 ,

Crackers made their last appearance in town to OB Stephens Sam Jones wins and 40 losses. His NAACP Attorneys Studying Memphis Host
play the Jacksonville Suns. They booed Valmy basketball-career record -

Thomas the spunky little catcher when he was Handles SelfAithority Adds Slider shows 182 wins Appeal For Augusta Youth To National
against 69 defeats
sent out to play for Crackers. Every fan who attends
the games regularly, members: the incident To His PitchesDetroit covering the period 1953 '
With AUGUSTA Ga. -- Attorneys for tne National Association Open! Golf Meet
when Thomas was playing for the Jacksonville When Sam up to the present time. for the AdvancemeaCOf-lColored; People ... -

Suns. He questioned the call of strike by the ,.,.'" "". .. -. .---"-" -', Jones overpowered the -Moore is-a ..three.timewinner afe stu"3ying; ; the transcripfoiTthVrecord in the MEMPHIS, Tenn..,- joe
umpire and Thomas vigoriously objected the deci- t : Chicago White Sox on of the Georgia murder conviction of 20-year-old Negro Frank Du- Louis Ted Rhodes along

sion. He was punished and came back to play the 1 July 2 for his first Invitational tourney masJr.., to determine what further action to take with from 300 to 500

game.How many players "have,been fined or suspendedand i'. .t.. ., t win of the current season held annually at More- in the case. golfers and an estimated
sometimes both for doing the wrong thing.IT J house College. His teams attendance of 1.500
had to life imprisonment -
} something new The first of nine young sentenced
WOULD BE WELL TO KNOW how many of those sitting h i have lost only two end ofa visitors are expected at
been added to his assortment Negroes to be tried for at the
there booing had never made a mistake of one tournaments during the the UGA' s 36th annual
trial. July
of pitchesthe -- the slaying on April, 19 three-day
kind or another, and .just suppose people continued slider.It past four years. His of Leslie Lee Luttes 25. i' golf tournament to be

to boo them after everything was settled. Most of was more than just 1960-61 teams were 16-year-old white youth. Chief defense counsel played here Aug. 2024.

the booing came from the far corner of the grand- another victory for the voted the top teams in Dumas was found guiltyby Frank D. Reeves of Robert Wri'gnt announced.
bleachers. Nobody with a sound mind the nation by the Associated and
stand and said According to Wright
veteran hurler who four an all-thite jury and Washington. D.C. .
would say Thomas was right in what he did. months earlier had doc- press. the trial record wouldbe his Associates at least
Yes, Thomas was wrong and everyone knew he was 125 Memphis golfers are
tors shaking their heads JMJL Star .Cotgrai related By Newt studied for groundsfor
";dog', but he-had paid thb'tHrl! lty. Booers get a solemnly when' they removed possible appeal. expected to be attracted -

big kick out of booing, but"no booer craves to Sk four knotty tis- Associated with Reevesin to the event.

be booed. SANDY STEPHENS sues from his neck whicl t the defense were Wright also stated that

THE JACKSONVILLE BASEBALL PLAYERS the manager had "low grade maglign Donald L. Hollowell of there's a possibilitythe

Ben Geraghty, the front office and the thousandsof JOLIETTE. Que. Although ancy." r.d Atlanta. NAACP Georgia Charlie Sifford, the

others did not stoop low enough to boo a man the coaching Jones who was forcedto attorney, and two young nat+on's ranking Negro

who was defending what he thought was right. They staff of the Montreal undergo an operationfor V Augusta lawyers. JohnD. golfer who was recent

realized that Balmy Thomas over stepped his bounds Alouettes have been the tissues removal Watkins and John runner up in the PGA' s

but they also realized that. the punishment was not trying to bring their never complained Ruffin. Jr. Canadian Open tourney

left up to them and so, they let the proper ones glamor rookie. All- according to Detroit F. In addition to the nine may also participate in

deal with it and once they did, as far as, the American quarterbackSandy Manager Bob Scheffing."All t charged with murder the pro bracket.

thinking Jacksonville fans were concerned it wasa Stephens of Min- he ever complainec. S five other young Negroes Another big golf match

closed chapter. nesota along easily, the to me was that he was- ; ;\ ",," ;:: /i tlWi'H :' were arrested and: indicted slated for Memphis. will

t WITO 'ALL OP THE BOOS THAT CAME his way, he turneda 'smoothie' is, upsetting n't getting to pitch ,'...;;..((....:, .:, for riot in con- be,. the ,Robert Wright. :
deaf ear to it and continued to play ball as if their plans with his enough Scheffingsaid. ."' ''''''.. H. <'1- : 'tt: ..., nection with the Luttes and Associates' fifth
nothing had happened. He played with the same authority and polish in slaying. Thirteen of the annual tournament

vim, vigor and vitality that he played with when practice sessions. Meanwhile, Jones, wh j" 14 defendants are under scheduled for Sept. 1-2

he was with the Suns. He completely Ignored the Although the quarter- was throwing hard by 22 years of age. at Fuller.

boos and those who were booing. Now why cid they backing spot has been mid-June had added a J-11. *- *-

boo? the Aft major problem slider to his pitching A Difference:
JACKSONVILLE IS FAST BECOMING A SPORTS head since Sam Etcheverry's assortment which he The trouble with many of us is that vie would;
Suns have departure to the St. rather be rulnsd by praise than laved by criti
kinds athletics.The .
quarters for all credits to the instruc- .
given Jacksonville somewhere to go, relax and enjoy Louis Cardinals of the tion of ace hurler Frank cism. -The Telegram, \Voricstcr Mass.
H. ''
National Football League .
a real game. Wrestling has carried its crowd Lary. l' ". .'Y' -
and continues to draw heavily on the public. On they were not 'Trank Lary taught me .' v'' t ,. '. .;.' ." to ." ;,.. ,,' Depend On The Bo"

the 13th of this month the Harlem Stars will play counting on Sandy in how to throw the slider ...--. ,r. l1iy "I<..'':J. "' ",.: ...:. ... ,,-i' 1t.' ..::;.. 'j.' We dun't doubt that United Stale and Rusilaa
the 18th of the month their plans for this A! 'iI'V. ',J 'J'-';' / :1' "!:..: lf't'" spacemen will eventually fly into space togeth .
the Kansas City Monarchs. (On after all of these .
\_ t'. J'' ... ,!.( .i""zJ' fj(" er. What concerns us whIch will be captain.
the professional football game between the packersand coming season. years," Jones stated. ..... ., .r;:.., : r:r .. .. ,!\f =-.1 The Journal Sioux City la.
Having a couple of good ." '.:fIf' ..;. "- .. ... "' $ ... Jt'......" df ,)
will be played. noted
Cardinals Jones, as a curve
quarterbacks on hand,
Read The they were planning on ball artist, has a fast DONEI---When! former Dodger star Jackie' ROYAL ART STUDIO
ball which is still
Robinson (right) was recently inducted into
Sandy along
good. Now. he can throwa Baseball's Hall of Fame, one of the first to
FLORIDA STAR Weekly more experience. bit of everything, two congratulate him was Willie Davis, hard-hitting 515 DAVIS STREET
Although Sandy has yet
types of curves, a.' and stellar defensive luminary of the L. A.
to show how he will
knuckler, slider, and Dodgers.
handle himself in the Quality PhotographsAny
'MORE POWER TO YOUr! face of a big rushing fast ball.
Now, the Tigers Kind..AnytimeDaytime
tackle, he is said to American League oppcnents Neariig 7th St. AiftstiMAlienees
FACTORY FRESH handle himself with
can look for fiv EL4 1894
authority, and gets the types of pitches when All-Time Merit 62
ELgin 4-4508 ball off well in passes. Time Eli 8022
Jones is on the oound.Ntfro Footfall Slate Nile ,
is the
His speciality
AUTOMOTIVE MARINE DIESEL option play where he Pkiy.rsACtIYkISS i RALEIGH. K. C. -- Ask

swings outside the end I Athletic Director Jesse AboutOur
TtfcW Summer Specials
SOUTHWAYATTERY where he may either run Clements announced the

: with the ball, pass or following football .

'r B MFG. CORP. lateral to a fullback. In Ak-Fk Loop schedule for St. -Augustine -

,FOOT OF WEST ADAMS Stephens, a 22-year old football team.
native of unionTown PENSACOLA Althoughthe r
-1.. ,. Home gases: Sept. 22
and the of two Florida members
Pa. son an
Morgan ,College; Oct. 20Hoaecoalng
undertaker, with an addition of the Ieague--Pensa-
( ) Fayetteville -
of 15 pounds now cola and Fort Walton Teachers
WHEN YOU ARE ILL tips, the scales at 224- Beach--agreed to play
College .
; NOV. 10, John-
You Seek The Best Doctor Negro players, the
15 more than when he
V son C. Smith; Nov. 17,
When Doctor prescribesGet
Your generaled Minnesota to a other league members
Delawwre State; Thanksgiving -
Experienced Pharmacists 21-3 win over UCLA inthe Dothan, Slema. Montgomery
Day, Shaw University -
., According to Your Doctor's Jan. 1 Rose Bowl and OZark--all in
=r Orders.' We Use Only ," Alabama--would not
.\; Game. Out of town cues: Oct. MAKES/Z# SKIH BLEACHES
,_ The Best Quality DrugsDr. With his additional answer president Bill RECORD BREAKER -' 'as tan
6, N.C. College; Oct. :
C. E. Black weight Stephens is still Moore s question during The Man" Musial. who has 13, St.. Paul's College OlD FASHIONED

..Proprietor3; .'p '. swift and elusive. He the summer summit. already set six Nationalor Oct. 27. Elizabeth City
SF -3.REGISTERED HiARMACISTS'To'sERVE YOU .. has big.. well muscled meeting. major league records State Teachers College; Skinto ,
!It- legs-which he plants Although ,the Alabama is now with reach of his Nov. 3,. Winston-Sales .
apart hit' league, teams have a-
making seventh Babe Ruth'stotal State
A COUPLETS LIKE OP Teachers College.All .
Cosmetics. Rubber Goods Candies --Sundries hard to bring down. dopted a 'wait and of 1,356 extra base hone gases will bepllQ"ed
Although the terms of see" attitude in hits. SOle of the versatile P.rIM pa'ar
Sandy's contract has answer to the major St. Louis Cards base jtOiit'.

StoreStore never been .disclosed, it league club owners der outfielder's record Support Ytw

Drug "Is'understood' he signed mend that the league string follows: playedin Ad
""',.,a .three"yeaI--no: cut- must integrate. their the most games total

1907 Kips ROAD EL 3-8276 contract at $20.000 per p 1 ay A'-foatlrs byj bases, moat hits most Urta Uffvt .Manufedurtft of poW{, brgimol/llvt Jar with the StIr"I '
plus a bonus. runs batted in.

1J -

1kf". ,.

VJux' ..

F ...


Robed Huy.s SpMrtadsAN .!s Ov.r RwssliisRj KM** Added Culpepper Bray Strengthen

To Allies SkrttGREEN3BCRO. I

'i $ N.c. The
College Aggies 1962 foot Bears At Tackle Post

ball schedule was filled
PORT LAUDERDALE Two fensive platoon on top. '54) and was starting
last week with the addition
giant defensive tackles The Bears will use a tackle on the Crimson
tw of the Norfolk
could make the Jackson- four-man front which Tide's '52 Orange Bowl
ville Bears the team to calls for four big men team that slashed Syracuse -
a newcomer to
the CIAA.Thefirst. beat in the Florida as the rushing force. 61-6. and the '53

: f Football League this Culpepper is the most Cotton Bowl team that
of a twogame -
fall-so believes Bears' experienced player, in lost to Rice.
series will be
General Manager Bill terms of pro playing He was named to the-
played here at the
Hood. time in the florida All-Southeastern Con-
Greensboro Memorial
Hood's optimism revolves Football League. He ference team in '53
Stadium on Saturday,
I I.h around Ed Cul- spent four seasons in and 54 and participatedin
October 6. Kickoff time
-t f pepper and Dalton Bray, the National Football the North-South
has been set for 1:30
411 I two mammoths who will League 1958-60 with Shrine game in Miami his
1: Bill Bell A&T athletic handle the defensive the Chicago Cardinalsand senior year. Culpepper

m : tackle slots for the '61 with the Minne- spent three years in
director stated that
Bears when the FFL opens sota Vikings. Newfoundland in the service
contracts for the home
play Sept. 8. Culpepper stands 6-feet before starting his
twogame.series., were
Both players have the 2-inches and weighs 270 pro grid career.
completed on Friday. He
rr told reporters 'We size and savvy to put pounds. He played four The 28-year old

the Jacksonville de- years for Alabama ( '51Bosox graduate of Manatee
# ;; ': have been looking for
High in Bradenton now
good opponents to fill
works for Standard Oil
the date, which was SIRS Schedule Add
in Jacksonville. He and
open in early October,
his wife Barbara, have
for the past three 'DiallOlHl' Nite Fulltime Scout .
one son, Ed, Jr.
years, and the admissionof
The Jacksonville SUNS MOBILE Ala. Former This squad has aboutas
Norfolk State, this
and Davidson' Indianapolis Clowns out- much beef and sizeas
"' Jewelry
to the CIAA solves
: :; year ,
We Store at 116 West For- fielder Ed Scott. 42 some of the NFL clubsI
problem. are gladto
syth Street are working has been signed as the faced" relates CUl-
have the college on
schedule. together to give the Boston Red Sox first pepper. "the backs have

TIES WORLD MARK!---Jacksonville's Robert Hayes (left) of Florida A. and_ M. un- our The new addition bringsto Jacksonville fans the fulltime Negro scout, good size too. I

winning the 100 Metre Dash in the world record time of 10.2 during the recent dual meet betweenthe 10-the number of most exciting night of it was announced by the haven't seen many under

united States and Soviet Russia's track and field teams at Stanford university before near the 1962 season.Davidson's Sox front office last 190 pounds.
games the Aggies will
100.000 fans. Running second was Robert Sayers (no. 105) of Omaha, Hayes teammate with an uni- 'p'lay Jewelry week. Dalton Bray is a big
this fall four
dentified Russian runner placing third. Hayed was scheduled to leave Saturday for New York to join at home and sixaway.The Store is giving away TEN! Boston executive Milt powerful youngster who

the u. S. team which will fly to Sweden for a middle of the month meet. schedule lists the THOUSAND envelopes on Bolling said that Scott dearly wants to prove

the night of August 24 would cover the SOuth- he can play top-notch

.PfMiless Turp'mTWHS BStSNL13 GlyRHters Fla's HfMMckRttiiMd September following 22.home Tennessee games: (That's Friday the 24th) land for the Red Sox football with the best.
at the ball park. Each looking Bray is 21 years old

To WrestiMf Is littnsttdli Stirftr State October Zl University, Morgan State; envelope contains a Negro talent. the 6 feet. 2 inches and

"DIAMOND.among ten Scott played for checks in at 260 pounds.He .
WARWICK. England --
1: College (Homecoming) ;
Al With Cndiwls Clowns in 1939 and has excellent speed
Randy Turpin the man LoopPHILADELPHIA November 10. Virginia thousand envelopes are
the NorfolkVa
later joined
who in 1951 shocked the LAKE FOREST COLLEGE. State College.The scattered eight geniune for a man his size.A .
Flashy : Black Tars for two
boxing world by up- 111. Only me day of road games are: diamonds..the rest are Jacksonville boy
backcourtman Guy Rodgersof 1955-60.
seasons. From
setting champion Ray practice behind them, September 15, Quantico simulated diamonds. Take Bray went from RobertE.
the former Philadelphia he was a part-time scout
Robinson, and whose 4 Warriors--now the with a full squad on Marines, September 29, your envelope with"DIAMOND" for the Pittsburgh Lee High School to

ring earnings were .. hand, it is to David- the University of
( apparentthe Shaw university; October -
San Francisco Warriors-- pirates, joining the
estimated at $240,000, St. Louis Cardinals 13 Maryland State son's, at 116 West For- Florida with rave no-
although planning to Red Sox last year as a
is reported near broke : have another fullback College; October 20, syth St. and they will tices. He received all-
travel to the West Coast part-time 'bl rd dog"scout. all-
and earns $70 a boutas % battle looming. Winston-salem Teachers check to see if you are City. all-State.
... with the team this fall and all-
a wrestler.The Mal Hammack former College; November 3, one of the lucky genuine Southern
has left th3i door is credited with
openon ......... He Am.rica acclaim and
sad state of .af University of Florida A&M University, diamond omers
i N .lrftrl kED an offer .f rom the N ..., Florida signing Hank Aaron to
-.. : sensational
fairs turned in
were 'revealed"when ; v-fuilback""no"w sVarfing .and November 22, North If you don't have a a
York Tapers of his first pro-baseball
in the High
Turpin, a 34yearold real diamond in your performance
his seventh pro year, Carolina College at
CHARLES American Basketball contract with the
Brittish born Negroof envelope, the simulated School All-Star game in
first the Durham."You're.
was string on
...Ex Braves Star League which settles in ClownsHalas
in to
West Indian parentage card offensive unit diamond will act as a Gainesville 1959
tphilly this coming sea-
appeared in War- HAVING GOOD YEAR Jaxon despite a relativelysmall Next $2.50 gift certificate earn these raves.
son. After snaring star-
wick bankruptcy court Ed Charles, a former 205 pounds. Then to apply on a minimum SixRENNSELAER Bears a
Rodgers former TempleU.
Cloy Tells ting tackle berth on the
where he. listed his purchase of $15.000. How
.Ben Geraghty product of Star, when asked if in 1960 Hammack got Ind. For Gator freshman team in
total assets 1204 can lose????? The
as you
the former Jax Braves hurt. breaking the team's cur-
he would switch to LOS ANGELES After '60. Bray deserted the
pounds (about $48,000) and i ho was sold to the Philly s new team said. Frank Mestnik, even dumping Alejandro for a first 10, 000 fans into few law last week owner- books and lost his

in Income tax. The Internal Kansas City Athletics They would have to smaller at 200 pounds, predicted five-round the ball park on Friday;: couch Tfortc D li':- c)f 11-r scholarship.

Revenue was last spring, is having make an offer which from Marquette had kayo, youthful heavy- August 24th will be Chicago Bears fined six

listed as his only an impressive season in would be too good to been 15th draft choice weight Cassius Clay of the lucky ones. .. get players $50 each, with Lenny Moor

"creditor. his first year in the turn down." but made a good showing Louisville stole a there early and get your the warning that sterner

'i XPin: setting hli majors Charles" blastedhis Then, they would with the College All publicity from Archie diamond! measures would be taken Fiially Sigis

world title on the linein 13th homerun of the have to, put it in the Stars that summer. After Moore seated at ringside SHOPPING CENTER NITE for future training camp

a return bout against season against Cleveland bank so I would be .sure Hammack got hurt. Mest- shouting 'you're next!" The Jacksonville SUNS violations. BALTIMORE The Balti

Robinsm, lost the' fightto last Sunday to aid the of getting paid if they nik took over and was The 20-year old Clay who will honor another" Halas announced the more Colts star half-

the former champion Itaseys doibleheader should fold before my the teams' No. 2 ball has won 15-straight bouts great Jacksonville Shop- fines as the Bears back Lenny Moore finally

at' the Pol o Grounds. sweep over the Indians. contract expired." carrier with 429 yardsin via the kayo route since ping Center The PHILIPS veterans and rookies ran broke hold-out ranks

( The fight grossed over Support Your Rodgers said that under 104 carries. turning pro was winnerof HIGHWAY PLAZA with anight" through a 90-minute workout and came to terms with

$700.000 to set a record present plans, he will Although hurt himself the light heavyweight on Sunday, as a followup to the the management by

The heavvweieht for a match class below UlfHMThf LIIIH go to San Francisco with last season he remains, division and was awardeda August 26. The SUNS will squad's scrimmage with signing his '62 con--

the Warriors. No. 2 carrier with 334 gold medal as a memberof hold a three day base- the._College All-Stars. tract last week.W' ,

yards in 104 carries.He the U. S. Olympic ball clinic at the : ""

,..,. Crier losesDriver's also kept the No. 1 Boxing Team in Rome. Philips Highway Plazaon ,, "a"'n"1i "

; .. > Lktist fullback job. Clay: who was jubilant Thursday, Friday and

Coach Wally Lemm has because it had taken Satyrday, Aug. 23, 24 r "White Label", : IDEWAR'S

a TRENTON. N.J. Roose three rookie fullbackswho Moore 10-rounds to do and 25..with players .

velt Brown, 284-pound faced their first 'from the SUNS and
what the youngster had members .; t;
tackle for the New York drill yesterday (Wednes- of the Jackson- I
,. doge in five, in con ,
af football Giants, lost his day running behind ville Recreation Department }t 1.
) tinuing to bask in his SCOTCH WHISKY
New jersey 'driving license '- Mestnik and Haaaack. It newly won glory continued coordinatingthe If

for three months is a pretty tough row 'I told you clinic. Clinic hours

for lour' traffic viola- to hoe for any of them. what I'd do.. well, I will be from 10:00 a.m. I

tions in three different Hammack, a fiery, ball did it !" to 12 noon each day of !

states, it was announced. player's ball player, )August 23, 24 and 25. kLed!

Here's Crier's traffic will be trying again to Wftfier May Complimantary tickets

violations score: uproot the gritty Mest will be distributed by gi

L June,. 1961Speedingin nik but it's doubtful f Get FirstL"I's all stores. in the plaza I.i.

Michingan four. the ex-Gator will give beginning August 16th.

I points. ground to any youngster. MYP These tickets will admit

June 1961--Failing to The Cardinals_ play the Los Angeles L. A. fans for a minimum ser- iidt

stop>> at a stop sign.: in New York Giants in Canton Angels followers be- vice charge.

Pennsylvania, three : Cbio, Aug. 11 then lieve that if outfielder Remember philips High-

points. ., meet the World Chaapion Leon Wagner continues his way plaza Shopping Cen-

June, 1961Speeding in Green Bay Packers inJacksonville's impressive long ball ter Night, Sunday, .
New York, four points.
Gator hitting he has a better- August 26, beginningwith

November, 19S9--Speeding Bowl, Aug. 18 in a game than even Stephen chanceto a three day base- You Don't Have to Go to Town to Get

in New York, four points! sponsored by Jackson-
become the American ball clinic Thursday
New Jersey gave the big ville Charities.Not LOW PRICES
League first Negro Most Friday and Saturday,
tackle three bonus points
one to dally around .
Valuable Player awardee. August 23, 24 and 25.
i for getting three viola
Lemm, in his Angels manager Phil CET YOUR COMPLIMENTARY
tions In 18 months.hN On Your :_ '
.TiSil'rhe first year as Card coach Rigncy believes Wagner TICKETS AT PHILIPS HIGH- -.... .
MHts plans to hold his first has the ability to WAY PLAZA STORES.

'- scrimmage Saturday average at least 40- DRUG STORE NEEDS ;
Latest Men's Hair ,
Terry Downes (July 28) 'homers a season if he rVatch This down
Trade with Your Neighborhood Drug Store
\ At stops swinging at bad 28 39 42.
f s.e..Hr 25tII HI Sips pitches and concentrates i 515 44 697 BE WILL MEET ANY LOCAL PRICES PAPERS ADVERTISED

4 1 NEW YORK Power five- BO re on hitting pitches
For2MlYNrWith 1 K We Deliver-We Also PJU All Doctors'Prescript ions
JacksonvilleBarber times middleweight eb aw- within the strike Tone.ExdNMp .

pion Ray Robinson has Hiwlts kiwiFlgkts 7 a Dixie Pharmacy

signed a contract to 1. Sat

lit fight :Terry Downes in ST. LOUIS St. Louis All. 24SAN

College London of Sept. 25, i Hawks Cleo Hill, the _20 331

was announced this week. teams number first draft Fwaer JOSE.world lightweight Calif. -- 17191S 1302 lilts toad at Mjtte Am*. "'

6. 1. AppmetI 111% Mr Cut Robinson, now said to choice a year ago to a champion joe Bro_n will IIometJIDIII.. Mh aIt PRes EL 5-5597-53 -
be 42-years in ace lost 1962-63 National Basket- be on the '11 +vs OowrwEs
come back

:63O: DAVIS ST. at BMVM> his last fight- 10rounderon ball Association con- trail ifcen be faces Luis wry..... oe ttftB bleaetig .rod ." EPIIIF
: tract his PAY YW8 WiT lATER Alii TU :
-a A x' _J .... -_a decision signed con- Molina in a 10-rounder I

: JIClSIriUE. n_. .. -Moyer.against unranked Phil winter tract for season.the fall- 'here,Aac. 24 at San Jose 11 51 _Aaldr-Wi n ILlS AT HI STME -

11 park.


:, .:
\ .
8 : .', RIllA' STIR SATURDAY AUGUST 11, 1112Bns

Named Ya. School RulingHaiM < ', '. : .' Bids .Associates Farewell .f : :':'1- .::. <:,; .. POLICE REPORTS r

ly NAACP .. ";: 4 lice reported. H. Y lite.1I MaiU
::- .'-" ......-,-'#<"", ]J..r ,.. :... .... ..... : '. ', '.'''; ::,", HUSBAND STABffiD.. THIRD Brown told police he JO Guaranteed
("'. '
Df.iderCHICAGO Editor NEW YORK Leader of ; !; :! '
_.. ., -. THE IN 2 REARS BY MATE and another friend were $30-$50 'k. Fare Ad-
the National Associationfor .: : ,
jI:1 "
: : ,
Advancement .. ... playing; cards when a man vanced. Mallory Agency
Appointment the of ::. '-:..: Oscar Green jr.'. 27
T ; known only to him as Dept. F-2, 576 Herrick
= '" J :: = ..,. '
Colored People this '
of Ben Bursn as editor- : =. Pte: :-.w--; ,v of 130.5 Cleveland Street Willie, started using Lyn brook, N. Y.UYE .
week hailed Federal Dis- : :: l: :.,
in-chief of the Chicago / was the victim 0 f.a. profane words. He said
Defender, one of ,two trict Judge Oren R. "'"""' \ : ..,':-. .'.;'"". stabbing last Sunday at he asked Willie to stop
Lewis' order directing IN MAIDS
daily Negro newspapers about 455 a.m. police w using profanity and when
prince Edward County > To $55, Wkly.
in the U. 5. was an- __ reported. ,- he 'did a fight started.He '
School officials to reopen Send References with
n ounced by John H. Green said he got off said'-some furniture
the public 'Schools, letter. Carfare rushed.
editor and about and
Sengstacke his Job 2 a.m. was broken up and Willie
closed since 1959, as Hampton Agency
publisher. went by a Davis Street
hit him on the head Inflicting -
soon as practical and 13 N. Station Plaza
Burns will assume his cafe for a sandwich.! lacerations onside
new post with the Defender "without regard to r'., '''; Being a little late of his head., Great Neck N. Y.
race or '
on August 1. He' coming home. Mrs. Eliza
NAACP Executive Sec-
previously served as in bed.
Green was asleep
retary Roy Wilkins Large Choice loodedLots59' ServicesSound
national editor of the He said he ,as let in
X 100'-On Per-
called judge Lewis'opinion -
Defender and was formerly "the bouse by his sister- nandlna Beach-$350 CashAPARTMENTS Service for Ad
handed down on
executive editor of Miss Eliza Sams.
in-law. EV 4-6711 vertisingDances, ,Ball
four magazines in the July 26a great'.ictOI'1 Y After he entered the' FOR RENT Games, etc. Also: LoudSpeaker
for the. Negro
Johnson publishing chain house Mrs.. Green started Service for Ban-

Ebony, Jet, Negro Digest parents and children of *'an argument which Small-Would Like Nice quets, Concerts, Record

and Tan. prince Edward County"and TO PEACE CORPS---Leroy Washington (center), executive board member of brought on the fight, Couple-on West Side Hops etc.Phone El 3-5903
said it 'rescues EL 6-2005
The new editorinchiefof the JAX NAACP Youth Council stopped by to bid 'farewell to his associ- he said. 4-3720 : __SOUND SERVICE
both white and
the 58-year-old news Negro ates, Jax Branch NAACP president and Youth Council advisor Rutledge This is the third time UNFURNISHED APARTMENT -
children, the former
paper has resigned as Pearson (right) and Quilla Jones,youth Council president. Mr. Washington :in the last two years I Instruction

executive vice-president from catch-as-catch-can .has Joined the Peace Corps and will teach English and Education, in the ,that Green has been 433 WEST 18th ST.
unsatisfactory private I 0.8 Civil Service Tests
of the public' relations education and the latter Dominican Republic. stabbed by the 'wan,' Mm 2-bed rooms full,

firm of Cooper, Burns .. .. ._ ._ ._._/Billy Rrofl 1hata-- police said.Patrolmen hot Men-women, 18-52-Start
fro no education atall' :: :--'Z. bath kitchen eppped -
& Colin to assume edi- I Mesdames FOil Wagner Robert George high as $102.00 a week--
torial direction of the Brewster Me.M.ets Active Centurian and Walter Solomon in- water heater space heater
Preparatory training
Defender.A Robert L. Carter, theAssociation's To Preside At ,' '.....'y...."",- .""."," -... _, vestigated. APPLY-1E43 MAIN''STREET until appointed. Thou-
general .' .
Sunday 1 "'t
graduate of North-
.I >"YJ sands of
Jobs Experience
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western University's'Medill counsel, who first argued I tall Womens s Confab 'It -'

this school desegregation CARD GAME usually un-
The Brewster Men'sClub Johnnie's Hotel
school of NEW YORK---Mrs.Franklin .. FREE ,(
ENDS necessary. n-
I case in 1952 IN FIGHT '
Journalism, Burns has Delano Roosevelt, the will meet Sunday at ; "TV in every room.

written articles which -viewed the Court's latest first lady of the world, '7:45 a.m. in the cafe- ,\. Jimmy Brown, 35, 712 For Reservations, Call salaries formation on Jobs,.
have appeared in ruling -wi th' con- and Mrs. Robert F. teria of Brewster Metho- tout A, Blodgett Homeswas EL 5-4025

Reader's Digest. The siderable satisfaction, Wagner, the number one dist Hospital. injured last Satur- 74172, W. ASHLEYJacksonville. no.Lincoln TODAY giving Service.Box phone.

especially since it President J. Earl Morseis day during a fight, po- "
Reporter Catholic Digest lad of New York City, ;
8592 Jax, 11 Fla.
vindicates the positionwe urging all members to 1 Plorl
and Crisis. He was will both preside over-
the first editor of have held and pressed the'1962IDternationalCotillion be present. The meeting ." f/ .

since the public schools is called for the' ..
Ebony and Negro Digest at the Wal a pur- f. :!:;" '': :.

and served in a top were closed in Prince dorf Astoria, October pose of transacting .,{; .'il'
Edward County in Septem- importance. _
; business of vital '
editorial capacity with 12, 1962 as Honorary >' _,:0-f::
:t :{ :
Johnson Publishing Com ber, 1959. Chairman and Co-Chairman ", ..'.'-..-.<,.,.(".-.". '
pany for 12 years.REMODEL Girardeaift i. respectively., Among the tbirfgs to be 'f." O
discussed will be the

.... Return FromExtensive Presented Council by of the Negro' National pro football game .between -

the Champion Green
Women for the benefitof
YOUR HOME TripMr. Bay packers and the St.
the Mary hCLeod STILL'; FIGHTING Rgber
andConsolidate and Mrs. English Louis 'cardinals 'which
Bethune Memorial Educa- Davis, 106-year-old member
Girardeau Sr. of 1223 will be played in the
Your Bill i tional Fund, the Co- of, the Wichita, Moncrief Drive-In MarketOpen
W. 13th St. have returned tillion's distinguished Gator Bowl, SaturdayAug. Kansas NAACP is one of
NOIi. from an extensive at -
18, 8 p.m. -- ---
list of co-chairmen will the oldest members inthe
vacation. Another sibjsct to be 24
also Include the Honora- entire Association, Hours !
MoneyDown They stopped over in dealth with, will be th *5fn c*. & For Free DelireryService
ble Bessie Buchanan, which is currently con Monday to 'Sunday
Washington D. C. to at- annual Fun Festival. I Phone
Bunche ducting a national membership
Mrs. Ralph J.
tend the commencement Other items to be dis- |
exercises at Howard University and Mrs. Oscar Rueb- campaign. Mr. Plenty Parting Space Moncrief Rood PO 59287Pfl 8.6011NEASAEI
1 cussed will also require -
hausen. Davis is an alert member
s College of the members to do WiSie Motley Says: THANKS EVERYBODY!
f his local NAACP
to Miss o
PaymentUti Dentistry to witness it. I wish to thank the people of Jacksonville for
Height, National branch and easily re- '
their son Arnett E. Gi- their support of our grand op ning sale. I

A Room 'Carports r ardeau' s graduation, president, noth- members when the Association especially wish to thank Johnny Shaw ,of station

later visiting their Jpg fta been pyerjpoked Civic League H* ***-4MM was 4AW U founded**-!*M M WOBS and the FLORIDA STAR for liIakfdg' tHat success' '

Painting 'Rooting 'SidingFb. son Emmett Jay in Mil- that would add to the back in 1909. possible through their advertising. 'STAR has
of these L.K. Hughes
waukee, Wis., and daugh- Meets Monday done a terrific job for us. The success of our open
debutantes from man Photo
Rooms ter Mrs. Marguerite Exum ing was my greatest experience.

Raleigh. N. C. the Gi countries with many cul Two Are lidkfed I warft everybody to know that we will continue to
Their partici-
Expert rardeau s 0 f Jamaica, tures. The City-Wide Civic give the pub lie* the best quality foods at prices as

N. Y. and Mrs. Sadie pation will give the League will meet -Honda For Rcfebwy Sfayfeg low as any in town .. .. and remember, every dollar.
WDrkma sb Cotillion truly 'international -
l a
at 8 p.m. at the ,Community -
Pardin and family at E.Edinhurst spent as Motley's "Moncrief Drive-In is an invest -

and material: N. Y. Flavor. Young House on Church TAMPA A grand jury I sent in progress and jobs for your people. .
:. Visited also were people from all over the Street. Tuesday' returned a true i

cal friends in New York City world will be seen as All members are urgedto bill charging two 20- !

and former Jaxons, Joe debutantes and sub-debs be present and a year old Negroes, Harry y su ar '

ALFRED HARRELl Burns of Roselle N.J.. along with their youth- special. invitation, ,is Witherspoon and Al- GRADE 'A' STEWING GGA

I Mr. and Mrs. Wilbert ful escorts.. being extended, to all phonso Brown' with theJUb' :SUGAR aJ 91a

RelRSentatiJe Allen, Mt. Vernon; N.Y Purposely sponsored residents on Cleveland, 20 robberyslayingof HENS 2 for VSBSSSiSSwith

and Rev. A.C.L. Arboin during the opening week Ellis, Logan, Union, De- Sidney Selzer, owner yi.OQ. food or0ere39

PL 9-2006 or PO 4-6364 of E. Edinhurst. 'of the General Assemblyof Witt and Minnie Streets. ,ofJ the Trading Post hero: I GRADE 'A' 'AAFRYERS ,. -r .... ---
: -
the united Nations, John Hicks is president Willie Frank Smith Jr., ,......* 1" )

The Kopy Kat. Beauticians the committee is using and Porcher Taylor* is 26. a third member of I lb. LJ p !"v "-

the Who's Who" list vice president. the alleged robbery
Specializing in Tinting,Scalp Treatments, Manicur-
of diplomatic circles trio, was fatally wounded =
ing, Facials and Hair Weaving. Operators are: FRESH CUTPORK
which to draw distinguished
from by Selzer before he
Mesdames Willie CrutcherGloria Morgan, Wilbemenia Willie Mays Victim ,
' Rousseau and Miss Ethel L. McClendon. guests. died resisting the attempted BEEF 35C CHOPS 'bele er HaUt
Cotillionwas (
Last year's Of Clothes Theft robbery. HEft '
759 W. Beaver Street Phone EL 6-9685 reputed to be a t FRESH

highlight of New York's Willie Mays--not the Pre Registration Set SEALTEST Arttcral Ib.' I -
San Francisco

STRAND Spa t tin Sltnay attracted fall season, participantsand in that it star--but a resident. off( At J. Weldon Johnson ICE CREAM 5C I _i BEEF 2 ISs. "

i THEY i i FOUGHT FACE N TOoFA/, E..or HIDE BY SIDE! \ patrons from as far 831 victim W. Beaver of clothingtheft St.wasthe Pre-registration will, piIt.I ', CHICKEN NECKS TRIPE "

M G-M... away as Hong Kong and as be held at James Weldon SEALTEST AltDCraft
RANDOLPH JOEL police reported.
close to home as 42nd
,Johnson junior High
'4 Street. Mays rep cried that he School on the following ICE CREM 2 to. 15. 6 pack
saw a man his
the carrying
T14 frog
All proceeds
; dates: :{
overcoat downstairsfrom
C/ll.lo...M IIETROCOLOad Ball, the drawing and Wednesday, Aug. 15- w I cartlD/
will his room and that 11'/.7 5 SELECTED BEEF I
pits .2 II CIIIr lit! contributions go 7th GradeThursday 'G : 39
to further, the aim of he followed the suspectto Aug. 16- !I LIVER I 0 PIDS
Madison and Beaver
BROADWAY'S, JOYOUS MUSICAL LOVE STORYI the NCNW to build an 8th Grade ,ro.saouNa : Depesit

,.aK.ROSS+.. .a.cW HUNTER 1 HAHaKwAH Educational erect the first Center monument and whereupon police. he calledthe Friday 9th, Grade Aug. 17- ; } air

JOSm\\ fiElDS JAMES SHIGETA to American Negro When the police responded Hours for Registration: mm SJARFRANKS 49c f sF 33C

to the call,
RODGERS ft McLeod Bethune) in
JU.WrA+ IIAt1IlAMMEP.mN'S' (Mary 10 a... to 12 a.m.
Washington, D. C.ReM the suspect could not s.12feb .
\ 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. _
Students are asked to fr nksr.r.aa
The Mays reported that the COLLARD
A I Y On. e l Mue ,4 bring their credentials -
suspect lives in a nm i SAUSAGES
la order to be 59C
ROOSEVELT siMay 1m Sltlmay FLORIDA) STAR adjacent to his Oh_ classified. properly GREENS baEb U.

room. / ,,- + _




rOKN I GAVIN ..'.\. .

'ON* CURTIS .< ..

SKYVIEW SM. lie tin r... f k_'? J l. r 9 '\ OLEO \ J9C 1 lOiTER CREAKY 6.131a r .

Iii 1230 cask KM. iM! d ,
--TIE. Gr..t GrIsbi =: '

Elm 'Presley ii "FILLIff TilT MEAN" IUITT 'A' SNAIL 5C

: 'a- t Jhs lit Stock KK 1l E RM slll .Ie... : IJ r JFIEFRVTi 1 1 deL

+.-.. ........ ..

ROOSEVELT rNir' Svfcjlif I i

t ) m Hfcr 14 .Cip ft*' ,Al Hi .ntto t.I t. .. IITA'IIII.Y' f.: .\ 40' 1 to. / ,

I ft SKI** Mm"2 pA'to' J MI"TIE ', ; P.18DUCE ;
1r.1fIII ..5 ... .. "" 111 u. : GRADE 'A' URGEr 49"
\ .J :
1 dlzA6E

... .4. .-. .... ..... ---- ill A ENIf 11 M.. i ".