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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200622datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date August 4, 1962dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=006220740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
August 4, 1962
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
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All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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aleph - 000581378
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lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
August 4, 1962
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Full Text
I If

a. v

:; ,' Negro Teachers Told To Increase Competency During Miami Meeting

* .-* *'*



fs..a.aa. RtittiR

'- -- '. o ".. 0i1
-- ,

5 Youths Charged With Attempted Rape FlORllJl.TIIR- ; *- .

Are Sentenced To 'One-Year Terms $0 H

VOl 12 NOS !8." .SATURDAY AUGUST 4. 1962. 15. CENTS. : ;1

*** * .. *

Slntglnntd By IMowvn Wk'rtts- In Unprovoked Eosfsid Attack NAB NEGROES 1 WHIT ij>.

i- a IN $40,000 THEF4

: *- *. *.

s Confessions'Reveal Ring Operated Educators Fire Slayer Escc, I

In Thefts And Low Bid Jobs Critical Barrage Electric Chair;

1 *Eight.'nenr three charged with grand larceny, and At Negro TeachersMIAMI
-four others with receiving stolen Property, have

j been ,arrested for thefts amounting up to $40.000 Negro teachers SPRINGFIELD, Ill. --

in plumbing supplies from the Peninsular supply received a double- With less than 35 hours

Co., 1625 Jessie St. and the Gorman Company 1201 barreled blast from two left before he was to

West Bay Street, police reported. prominent educators last die in the electric
.. -.. .. .
According to investigating Thursday when they were chair. condemned slayer
longing to Peninsularwas ,
I officers, Det. told to raise their standards -
H :; found Tuesday in I J,1i
Sgts. R.E. Miller and "in order to pre-
Fred Nazworth, the Albertson's home, police pare Negro youth for i

a thefts were reported to reported. I
competition in a more
a., have been taken place OPERATION EXPIAIfED: fully Integrated so-

for the past seven Sgt. Nazworth said the ciety." I

T months. accused operation under The two educators-one

Charged with grand larceny the following technique: Negro and one white-- i.r

.r are: Isaac (Ike) The plumbers would go aired their remarks ata

.. 15-year-old Tommy Belver, JAm S. Kdland, 16, and (Ullage Lovett, 17, comprise three of the four Jones, 48, of 1358 W. to a supply house and convention of the

r, youths wounded lft Thursday night when they were fired upon with a shot gun by a carload of 19th St.; Richard Holmes order inexpensive items. American Negro Teachers

.R-" Lovett, (right> | ?Olt seriously wounded of the four, shows the multiple wounds he sustained i n :50, of 819 W. BeaverSt. While it was being Association held here

the shooting fai | occurred in the area of Pho nix Avenue and Eighth Street. Herman Hickson (photo and Joe Singleton looked up, Jones, or during last week.

:: not shown) st.i 1 l.led, besides arm and leg wounds, a shotgun pellet in his left eye. Edward Trip. 62, of 1833 Hardee St. one of the other accused Dr. Kennety B. Clark,

(shown belooccurred k wounded in the shooting but injured his ankle in escaping., The shooting Facing receiving of men would start psychology professor at

: aft /" f Whites verbally abused the five youths.. police investigation is underway. stolen goods charges loading the plumber's the City College of New Paul Crump had his death

..': ;1. are: Paul Florence. 31. truck with more expensive Yo rk said sentence commuted to
I Negro
.. .. 0.r (Florida Star photos}
....- '- *-*- ...- '-. of ..3124,?,Phone# ._jprive: :; supplies. teaching has been infer -, life imprisonment on
yKs'W.ri w. From Leonard Gibson, 48, of In 'thfis manner,"' the' 1 0 r'and' Negro' Wednesday ,by Illinois 1GoY.
CompaiifoN able to Otto Werner bring-
Route 3; Albert E. plumbers were teachers must recognize

.When Brutal Albertson 34 of 758 under-bid other com- that fact "without Ii n I to an end for

Rapt Try Old Kings Road; Joseph petitors. Jones would emotion or excuse, and Crump a nearly 10-year

Eastside Negro residents Hall. 35. 9998 Sibbald then be given a split running battle with
A. **....*.** set out to boost acade-
shot-gunning of four Johnnie B. Taylor, 18,' Road, and Roy E. Ald- and he would in turn mic motivation and death.

night by a carload of of 1748 Spires St. redge of 442 Briggs St. hand over shares to the achievement among their Crump was condemned to

'_ first subjected the boys ; Asst. County Prosecutor Jones apart-time, other men.Police students." death in 1953 after

then opened fire with a old Major B. Harding pro- worker with. Gorman's is further reported Addressing over 600 being convicted of
of them. said to have been ring that Gorman Company teachers killing an unarmed guard
in duced testimony which from 21 states,
t Most seriously wounded revealed that the young leader of the group. officials estimate that Clark said: "It is the during a $20, 000 robbery

was Millage Lovett of Singleton and Holmes between $3,000 an of a Chicago food processing -
responsibility the
lady, and a boy friend
1211 E. 3rd Street, who were walking home from a were full time 'employes. $5,000 worth of supplies Negro teacher to prepare plant. The robbeJ7murder -

was struck in the head ed Singleton had been in have been taken monthly v the of o ecu red in
school rally when accosted masses Negro
back, right arm and by the defendants Gorman employ for some from their warehouse students for the worldo March of that year.

right thigh and leg. Further disclosures re 22 years. Florence, since last Jan. 1. tomorrow. This cannot In Issuing his coEsuta-

Wounded in the arms and to Albertson Aldredge and In admitting his be done accepting racial tion order, GOT. Kerner
vealed that the girl was
Hall are independent activities with the said he was convinced
16. taken away while her excused for inferior
; companion held. plumbers. ring, Jones said he had 1 performance."A after a long study of
Officers found more no idea as to how much the record, that "the
child who
of Negro is
Harding further stated
than $4, 000 at Jones' he had stolen nor the embittered, distorted
; equipped to enter a
:; that the boy broke away
home Tuesday afternoon. amount of money he had' man who committed a
s and called police before non-segregated college-
About $1.200 worth of profited from the Illegal does not become capable vicious murder no longer
the attack.was accom
end plished. plumbing supplies be- venture. of ddng the work..because exists.",
At one point in 1953.

MMcrief & 45th Market Opening| of he the has injusticesof been a victim Crump admitted killingthe

Corps plant guard during
a segregated educa-
Slash In Food Prices tion." during the holdup. He
Natures later denied the shooting

EDWARD TRIP !axon Joins Jacksonville residents will see one of the biggest children Clark said Negro insisting a confession
moneysaving sales on food over the week-end when, capableof had been beaten
': legs by the shot
gun the
: pellets was James Roland ..*-.-..*.-......... the Moncrief Drive-In Market at 45th St. and Yon same range of out of him by the po-
academic achievementfound
a crief Road stages its grand opening celebration. lice. His first conviction -
16 of 1067 Florida Ave. in other
ana was administrativeJAILED any group reversed the
'T Operated by 'Big' was .
r Toncy: : Bevel, 15 of 1064 : and aide to the chairman of Willie Motley a genial Sunday, 24 d'hours a oay.; of human beings. And if Illinois Supreme Court.A .

,4J.,; .year-old Groyan Street, and 19- the human: rights move- and progressive busi- Housewives will find they underachieve it second trial, however
Herman Hickson the Grand opening food is because they are not
of meat which was comprised nessaan, the lloncrief resulted in a death
1108 Cohen Court. sale an excellent being taught effectIve-
of Atlanta University '-- '. oppor sentence. Fourteen times
A fifth boy with f "
the students. ; : tunity to garner some of ly. in the past nine years
; .. ,
group. Edward Trip. ; ;/ ,
of 17. S. FOR ACTIVITIESAt the best Quality foods Dr. Clark a Negro, he was granted stays of
1323 Florida Ave. 25. ranging from meats to urged teacher promotion execution as the legal
: escaped direct injury the outset of the the basis of student
crt cookies at bargian on battle for his life went
.. from Atlanta
the shot attack Movement agafast
prices. performance and said
Mr. on. His 15th and last
but racial
; seriously sprained segregation Mr.
Cheerful 'Big" Willie Negro teachers should appeal won him executive

his ankle in escaping Re- Washington was Jailed Motley anno meed that he seek more in-service cleaency. In the placeof
the with
a number of other
gun blast.
will give away two training and do more death, he was given
In a students and served
l. recorded statement a .r
loaves of Merits Bread graduate work at 199 years in prison
10.made.. three-weeks '
before a Florida In
free with every pur- universities. without t parole.
Star reporter and Rut- Fulton county jag L chase.. there's no limit Dr. Eli Glnzberz, /
'ii ledge While in Jail, he
Pearson composed -
president Columbia La. Schoolmen
on how much you have to University
of the local a phsychological
NAACP. Mil- ....Just Cone.: buy. in addition to the economics'protessor, was
analysis entitled I
'\ f' lace Lovett descrioed 111 Drive-In Market Armour Meat Co. batcher of much the same opinionas Face ChargesWASHINGTON
.... Brief period (incarceration will
the Dr. Clark.
unprovoked attack offer gone of the best who will be on hand to Glnzberg,
Z. upon himself. and his as ) In Cell I-E2" food items at amazingly cut select Beats for who was unable to attend Attorney

friends as follows: the explaining the effects low prices. Motley describes customers there will be the convention, had bi s General Robert F. Kennedy -
tIle of convinction of himself free Pepsi-Cola drinks speech delivered by Mrs. said Monday that
were walking how the
pa- prices of
Phoeniz and companions. The for visitors. Jane Lee Eddy. the justice Department
Ave. near the goods
during three-
1 1 paper was Inter presented "A disturbingly large is seeking contempt
expressway. A car ,came won day toe of the most enterprising
by Dr. celebration Friday of all
Margaret percentage Negro charges against 13
off siness-
fcdown the express- the Negro -
1! : Riley ,of Morris BrownCollege Saturday and Sunday teachers in the Louisiana school officials
;"way and
;; almost hit as. as "give-awty prices." wen. seeling local support -
at Boston Oai- South
: We are so poorly for ignoring
and told The while offering
r:: them t'to be yen I t1' 8 Human ,Relations Moncrief Drive-In trained that they: cannot federal court orders to
careful tc Market is quality and prices com
composed of
: "
> Institute. teach effectively, Dr.. desegregate states -
.... watch 'what they were ......... two departments, a pared to the best in Glnzberg wrote. "It i operated trade schools.
i. doing. They began carl in general food store at town Motley says"seeing their
responsibility to Named as defendants
f1.OU) STAll
L sing as out and talking ra k the is believing
corner of 45th ant
do whatever they can to according to the attorney -
about our parents. Then and Ioscr! Just come."
ef. and
a -
increase their 'competence general, are the
l they drove down about IN EVIBV
a or walk-in
I.f. open --by self-study, 11-man Louisiana State
block and case back a&dsbot'at vegetable and fruit *** by in-service training Board of Education and
QS. we as market
rHOII&: on the spacious .. by summer study.: two state school board

:" '.ed Tfiegr and turned started around run, seaimy ." opes adjoining Monday lot. through They are * .:..... 1 officials.I ...

.., -..
4 .- .
i- -
,-: --

J f r T



- THE FLORIDA : ; +? ; + .. ". POLITICS AS USUAL j jt

". NEWS .
: f:
-.. y
Published:by the Florida Sts*

':Member- .of Associated Negro x-' : -. < (
.u', =.:-.:: ._ .. : : :.: s CK IUGIO.
:::::"... .. J : :,
:5[. ,.'"-,,. q-.. .",.-,' ", ':! -; .::
:w i UL Decries Builders' Stand i
1 JIl Y P.sON.NNN..NN., ; '! .

I, .:,' MSOl' '" ''"fc. 6::._:JliB E r O. Presldeltlal OrderNEW

HILDA .WOOTEN...........-Circuit 0 YORK---The National Urban League ;

ESQ. voiced to president Kennedy its disagree- '
HUN, OFFICE E & PLANT: ment with some of the conclusions pre-

2323 -.Hoficriet Road........Pbaw:Elgin -& sented to the Administration a few days
: by the National Association of Home

:/:.; ; "' M ii Wires* -. Builders in opposition to issuance of 'an

or ]1;..._ Executive order 3arring racial discrimi-

.. iP2.... : .0.Box 561, JacksomrUe I I 1 nation in federally-aided housing.In .
-, -'- / I a letter to Mr. Kennedy, Henry Stee-
_. A' t T'. ? ;f NUL president
ger pointed out that objective -
; :E i 1 i{
SUBSCRIPTION RATES l :' analysis of the housing market,

One Year.. $6.00: Half Year." $ \\4; ., conducted by the urban League over a

Mailed to.You Anywhere in the ; period of immediately recent years, pro-
Subscription n Payable in J duced findings that do not coincide with

Send check or Money Order .... some of the predictions and conclusionsset
"!- forth by the National Associationof

.,:;;.. Florida. Star P.O., Box Home Builders. !
.. Jacksonville 1, it115J1 The Urban League, Mr. Steeger said,
particularly takes issue with a state-

JFK Creates New tea ment by the NAHB that issuance of the

a Executive Order would

Negro ,Through 50 percent or greater cutback j ,
in home construction.

President, John F. Kennedy has Instead he declared, the .
to create a new image of League believes that any con-

the minds of American WORLD IMAGE. GOVERNMENT LEADERSHIP struction decline would ariseif ]

other uresident in history, it did--from other

a special report in a national l causes.In .

zine f. an accompanying presen-

The July issue of Sepia tation of what the Urban

that the illusion of minority YourHoroscope W..kly ;S : 'League has found to be key aspects in the

is being destroyed by the J' national housing situation, Mr. Steeger

1 tration through the Guide noted that:

fiedNegroes to other than : "The National Urban League recognizesthere

sitions. PABLO The ASTROLOGER. are factors in the housing field,

Although the article credits and the economy generally, which tend
Roosevelt and President Truman WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR .... to produce a sluggish market, in the absence -
ing Negroes into top level of an Executive Order."

the Federal Government, it BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL He pointed up several of these which he

President Kennedy has gone said the League's analysis have shownto

scope of previous be some of the principal factors for

ing appointees decision-making CANCER 6-40-66-17-96-641 When you beginning this sluggishness. Among them were:

tive functions. Born June 22nd thru LIBRA to doubt whether your "1. Rapid change from a seller's mar-

The Sepia article, titled July 22nd Born Sept. 23rd thru procedures are the right ket to a buyer s market. The industry has

the Decision Makers, notes The farther you are Oct. 23rd ones, you may be tempted failed to adjust to this change.

dent Kennedy is the first away from the scene .!of You may find yoursell to pay more heed to the "2. The market is flooded with poorly

American history to name a temptation, ,the bettei wearying of the worldly advice of persons who located, badly constructed and over-

a department of the Federal it will be for you, youi life, and inspired to are dreamers rather than priced homes.

Dr. Robert Weaver, pocketbook and your take up causes that by realists. This woul "3. The dual market system under which

Housing and Finance Agency. future prospects. A pro- Utopian or philanthropicBe have the effect of retarding the housing industry functions negatesthe

Other ,Kennedy appointments position made by a co- guided by y cur your progress to possibility of a total demand being

the article are Carl Rowan, worker may open grand feelings, as well as by an unwarranted degree.If served by an existing supply. "

sistant Secretary of State vistas of wealth pouringin the circumstances in you have lived ip to The presentation also stresses that

Affairs; John B. Duncan, but as it may be* your personal sphere, the highest potential] 'there is no common market for housing: '

the District of Columbia; based more on illusion and you will eventually of your sign, you should causing decline in re-use or resalein
Natcher Associate White House than concrete facts. it find yourself well on
have no reason to reproach vacated or foreclosed dwelling units
tary.- 1400'I seems advisable that you yourself. A keen the way toward the goals that increases the vacancy rate. Also,

President Kennedy is making should play for time in disappointment, in loveor you have assigned for the presentation states, "the. practices

'progress "in his determined order to .examine it from in your friendships, yourself now and in the of the housing industry are still dominated

cl se the gap between what we all angles before you may prove to be the cri- future. Root out the by a stereotyped concept of race."

what we practice in our commit yourself irrevocably tical factor behind the shortcomings that may "Whereas part of the vacancy rate is

cy," the article states. (4th-6th). you changes that are pending have kept you shackledto due to deterioration, a large part is

may find yourself (4th). Ventures that are out-worn customs nd the result of a dual market supply

A JOB WELL floating on a cloud if purely dependent on conventions (6th). system, one for Negroes and one for

EDITORIALThis you are starting a change may go into reverse 8-40-55-13-73-845 white, which continues to serve as the

month, National Guard units from all voyage. and leave your criteria for housing distribution. '
will be returning to their home AQUARIUSBorn
330771454371LEO pocketbook slimmer than said.
Mr. Steeger
months of active duty. We believe they Jan. 20th thru
"well done" from all of us. it was at the start. "On the basis of sound economics, no
They were called, in the words of Feb. IStlf ,
Industry survive dual distribution
can a
5-60-11-18-56-561 ,
prevent a war, not to fight a war." The Born July 23rd thru If you think you needa
Khrushchev's'"deadline" over Berlin came and which includes restrictive practices and
Aug. 22ndIt SCORPIO rest from yoir career
major incident is
testimony not only to our at the same time, automatically excludesone
strength but to the effectiveness of these often has been Born Oct. 24th thru or business obligations,
In fact, Chancellor Adenauer has said that, in 22nd tenth of thepopulation."A .
prime factor influencing the Soviet slowdown out that first Nov. just go right ahead and
common market is just as
swift, decisive buildup of American forces.It generally YOU may be seeing your remain unconcerned about necessaryfor
is difficult to recapture the emotions what partners or a healthy economy in the housing
projected goal through your
the correct ,ones. If
last fall, when the threat of war was a industry market is
as a common necessaryfor
seems clear, however, that we were confronted recognize certain rose-colored glasses, others have to say. Of
crisis since Korea.It or shortcomings, making you believe that course, it may be better a healthy international economy.
is also difficult to put ourselves in the "From our observation, we conclude thatan
Army and Air Guardsmen who were suddenly yourself as well as they are the true ones. policy to be very diplomatic -
experienced some form of personal hardship, others; consider them Instead of going along in the way you go opportunity for Negro citizens to bid
them it was the second or thin callup since into a free housing market can only be
about this. It be
to sell their cars and homes or erlou s enough to take with this illusion, get may
leave their families behind. Some had to account hereafter. others to take an objective exciting for those who realistically achieved by issuance of an
There are no small sacrifices when you are have romance in their Executive order barring racial discrimi-
There were some complaint, to be sure. erve time f tr so- look at them and nation in federally-aided "
from a small, vocal minority and in no way and the en- to tell you candidly hearts or who have decided housing.
which as a whole. mobilized The fact is that the Army that yen derive ,whether you are en the to establish the Mr. Steeger assured the President that
were brought
percent wedding date (4th). Th the Urban League agrees with the NAHB
strength on active duty and the Air National playful as well as right track or not. Take
In each case, this represented a sharp increase pursuits. constructive steps or whoLc month iss fraught to the extent that "both the Federal
mobilization. Thus the vast majority of
asked to be released nor complained after they r emotions could reinforce your economy with opportunities of Government and private industry should
For ten months these Guardsmen ck you into be- and to acquire equipmentthat this sort, and it look assume responsibility for an intensive
strength in being. for both the Army and Air
that you were will save you time, as if some of you will educational program designed to lessen
I error several days labor and energy. The also benefit sub- tention and misunderstanding in connec-

when you were intuitive urgings that stantially thr nigh a tion with housing discrimination.However,

i to achieve per- impel you to make better union. This should be he added, the League feels that this

.i : al and residential use of your budding o quite evident but it is should be "an implement to rather than '

(6th). established talents possible that love may. a substitute for an Executive Order." ,

2-10-11-18-76-218 should be given the attention not figure in agreements He pointed out that the NUL has partici-
Y they merit. that are reached pated in many educational campaigns in

VIRGO (6th) the past, and stands ready to assist in
Born Aug. 23rd thru 2-70-14-44-65-274 2-90-44-17-73-294 constructive new ones, but he cautioned

? Sept. 22nd SAGITTARIUSBorn that 'in the absence of enforcement

There are: some tracesof Nov. 23rd thru PISCES provisions, those in the past were found
Born Feb. 19th thru
worry over year well- Dec. 21st not too successful."
being or employment; but The saglttarlans who March 20th The NAHB conclusions with which the

: should not attach have a bit of mileage Should yon be suffering Urban League takes issue were drawn froma

much importance to behind them, and who from a letdown, don't study made by that organization. The
take it for granted that
them when you think have known how to benefit -
findings were set forth in a presenta-
it is the end
a.4- of
things from life's vicissitudes everything -
over, you may
for you. it wouldbe tion to the Administration earlier this
recognize that you are are less likely
the moment of the daj month.in .
doing yourself a dis- to suffer frog poor judgment -
f when it Is darkest before his letter to president Kennedy Mr.
when you allow when they run up
the dawn. Aid when Steeger said the urban League's positionwas
fears, doubts and against baffling problea
the sun rises, later in being presented for consideration
inhibitions to take If own experiences
pre- your
the month you can expect "because stability of the economy is of
v< over your more do not encompass the "
to see a resplen- paramount concern to all of us.
positive traits. The reactions situation you run up
dent sky full of proalse.
that lapel ;you against, obtain enlightenment ,
to take the bull by the from the experts Additional evidence that j js FROM THE PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE TO THE PEOPLE:
rna, and to prove rather than trying the great change,
also affect Iv
associations uI-i
mettle in the face hit-and-miss method that
KIM: : in general
: of problems turn could "1
may get yon. deeper Ina am planning to order into
s t to be the correct morass of contradic- will transpire is offered active duty a number of air transportsquadron
Invites You To Listen by Uranus. The and Air National Guard
ones (4th). Should you tions. Enlist the views tactical air squadron to give us
have any reason to dis- or active support of the person who can bolster the airlift capacity and protection :
and provide we. may .
KNIGHT your ego
trust your staying one person who can get JOHN F. KENNEDY f' ",, gf
.- powers, seek the moral yon straightened out. the essential quality President of the United States ..?
Starting At 7:00 pm. and active support of 920221486921CAPRICORN which yon lack to get July 25, 1961.> G "
. someone who is sharing ahead, nay suddenly ap- >
. r pear m the scene trader r"t
1400 WftHC your intimacy of pursuits Born Dec. 22nd thru unusual -., ..i:,
ci recast an ces. .ei.-" '
1-2 a55-1 :3rl25 (6th). Jan. 19th 1-30-11-16-48-138 '


? h.: ; \* I f\ kt ktPA&E f

I -

a a

rE },,
4} :

3 e es

,. t.C.w .

K. .Lt ::

; it x F I

< sjscr Y3bt s

q v. ,

; 4 2 t :3

I : 9 'd4 sbY ___

.""",.. I.JZf'. .'""',.....'.. "' .. .. Y, .. .. .. ... ._ '. .. ._,_ _.,_ __ -- v _
u l-'i............if...}.. '"M". -. ''- ?- "' ''''''' ..._.-, _.t. "
host is surrounded coterie of friends during his early evening party.
second photo, the young a
A t/ulILY EVENT---When the month of July looms annually, it Is a period of Additional-intermittent
Carol, (center) whose 13th annual party took place later in the evening, is sur-
In pix (right
rejoicing for members of the Isadore Singleton family at their palatial residence 1353 W. 33rd St.

Mr. Isadore Singleton's birthday falls on July 16; Isadore junior's is July 23 and daughter Carol's rounded by her guests on the spacious patio. (Royal Art Studio Photos)

is July 28. ''In photo (right), Isadore Junior poses happily before his six-candled cake while in the
,., .____ -- _..____ ,_ 0----
-- -
-' -

Hir R fgi BifiRS This Fillr J ax LadyIs ---

0.--,.... __ -- --=- =-=- : -fIte
'. ... : .
N. mBlI
Top Golfer = .
: -- =-- ; ... -
t. : -
While Jacksonville'smales --- ---- -

'r. : ;i' enjoy a world

i wide reputation among with
top sports enthusiasts. LOUIS G. GUINYARD e

H ,::;j It must not be forgotten *****
s that one of their female, Vacationing bridge lovers are bidding away and
counterparts rates among have been all summer. Currently they are meeting
the top bracket of the weekly in informal sessions held in various,

nation's female golfers. homes which, which makes it difficult to pin-point
t l .' The local representathe their activities. Some groups met as many as Mr. and Mrs. Billy Mervin; 1544 W. 20th

is an unassuminglady three times per week. a Covington; 2002 Holofox Street; Boy.

bearing the name One of the regular summer bridge groups which Street; Girl. Mr. and Mrs. Lester

Mrs. Maxine Mearers of has no name and which meets at the discretion of Mrs. Mary porter will be Mr. and Mrs. John Demps; Brooks; 551 W. 16th

1734 Campus St. the volunteer hostess, had a six-table session narrator for the Carna- 666) Millcove Road; Street; Boy.

Equally at home on last Tuesday morning. The home of Mr. and Mrs. tion Ball sponsored by Boy. Mr. and Mrs. Bennie

ba whatever course she Dewey E. Wells, 5914 Lusaid Drive, provided the the La Sabre social Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Clark ; 2064 W. 19th

happens to be playing on setting. This group had added one male enthusiastto Savings Club, Friday Johnson; 2165 W. 2nd Street; Girl.Mr. .

has resulted in an ever- its weekly sessions, namely Mr. Boisie Fbrd. night, July 6 at 8 p.m., Street; Boy. and Mrs. William

increasing number of participants included Mrs. Rose peppers, Mrs. at the Elks Auditorium. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Royster; 1409 W. 22nd

r trophies adorning the Vermal McCone, Mrs. Lenora Bennett, Mrs. Dorothy Sutton; 1188 W. 32nd St.; Street; Boy.

earers' residence as pinkney, Mrs. juanita Wynn Mrs. Sara Wright Mrs. Jaxons InitiatedInto Boy. Mr. and Mrs. Floyd

the result of her links Eva RosierMrs. Frances Walden,.'rs. Mary Mitchell, Honor Group Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Thompkins; 5704 Bela-

prowess.A Mrs. Johnnie Fisher, Mrs. Minnie Gadling, Mrs. Williams; 4342 Trenton fon te Drive; Boy.

1aa regular player at the Meltonia McGriff, Mrs. Gladys Bryant, Mrs. Eva T:rek- U -A reception Drive N. ; Boy. Mr. and Mrs. James

The attractive Miss Rosebud Margaret Richardson, local Lincoln Golf and Satterwhite, Mrs. Marion Flowers, Miss Aretha hVhox .i the 17 Mr. and Mrs. Isiah Jon es; 2832 Lippia

Wilmington, N. C. will reign, beginning this Country Club Course, Johnson, Mrs. Winona Britt and Mrs. Lillian Davis. neophytK X *Vta Iota Thomas; 5592 Rummax Road; Boy.
fall, as "Miss A. and T." A rising senior in Mrs. M eare rs-- every Chapter ?t K. ibDelta:. Street; Boy. Mr. and Mrs. Charles
once in awhile--gets the .... .. .. .... .... .... .... Pi was held \ tne Mr. and Mrs. Adolphus Washington; 1687 Mon-
applied sociology, she is an honor roll student .
urge for tournament playa faculty lounge of 'l' cater Frazier; 1459 W. 9th crief Village; Girl.
and holds
memberships in the Alpha Kappa Alpha
nd the results have at Florida A. and Street Girl. and Willie
Another interesting bridge luncheon was that Mr.
Sorority, the Fellowship Council and the A. and
T. College Student Adjustment Committee. been rewarding.A held recently on the lawn of Mrs. Fleet H. Alexan- M. university re- Mr. and Mrs. johnny Williams; 1504 Madison
brief capsule of her der, 1567 West Eleventh Street. cently. Brown; 2010 More house Street; Girl.

Wins Honor In Sfttt Tome fairways successes Mrs. Sara Wright was top scorer and prize winnerof The charge to the new Road; Boy. Mr. and Mrs. Earnest
follow: Wins in Tampa in the event. members was made by Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Andrews Vickers; 714 Ct. D; Girl.

; {,...:, r 1960 and 1961; won Scot Other guests included Mrs. 'Flossie Weaver, Mrs. Irene DeCoursey, and ; 1967 Leonard Ct. Mr. and Mrs. Gerald
1-4'...l Foursome with Dave Bondu Jessie Meuse, Mrs. Earlene Alback, Mrs. Minnie they were welcomed intc S. ; Boy. Rollaway; 1218 W. Church ..

f 1 u, during Miami' annual Gadling, Mrs. Johnnie Fisher, Mrs. Betty Graham, the society by Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Street; Girl.
: '; : Ray Mitchell North-South Mrs. Lillian Davis, Mrs. Margaret Mitchell, Mrs. Mildred Cooper. Dr. Christian; 2669 Debro Mr. and Mrs. James

tourney in 1961; third Mattie Montgomery, Mrs. Frances Walden, Mrs. Nelson Harris, acting 'Drive; Girl. Hinson; 171. Helena
place in the annual Chi- president of Shaw Uni- Mr. and Mrs. Robert Street; Boy.
Evelyn Galvin, Mrs. Eva Rosier, Mrs. Sula Wells,
cago National in 1960; Mrs.Juanita Wynn, Mrs. Leona Bennett, Mrs. Dorothy versity, spoke during
first place, Second pinkney and Mrs. Vermal McCone. the reception. He was Applications For Marriage Licenses I

,ya' : plight 3-Ring Ballen- introduced by Mrs. -

tine tournament in As- .... .... .... .... .... .... iertrude Simmons.
,. { bury Park, N.J. : and Willie Murray, 5645 Madglene McNear 2071
Benedict Rd. 51 and W. 13th St. 39.
I several other local Mrs. Grace Young, accompanied by her son, is Miss Elaine Rose .
f Hallman, 1536 W. Willie James Williams
tournament played here. tailing a brief respite from what has been a busy Maggie
3rd St. 49.Roosevelt 1267 Grothe St. 18 and
summer. A stop in San Antonio, Texas is includedin
v To Pledge Troth Jordan, 223 Geraldine Bryant, 926 N.
,0.'t Dr. A.R. Goylcs the plans of her two-week trip. .
Elm St. 28 and Annie L. Myrtle Avenue 19.

Is Consultant .... .... .... .... .... .... To H. C. MorelandMr. Henderson 223 Elm St. John Wilbur Davis, 918
20. Oak 1 ey St. 43 and

1. At Oregon State and Mrs. J. a Smith Wm. Frederick Hill Jr., Dorothy L. Ferguson, 611
: The home of Mr. and Mrs. Thaddeus Pinkney, 1336
i ; of 728 Cleveland St 1115 W6th St. 20 and Washington St. 38.
Steele Street the for
provided background a recent -
t CORVALLIS, Ore. Dr. announce the engagement Mamie Valra, Miller Christopher E. Kelley,
: 1. bridge session that was enjoyed by Mrs. Lois
fSI ... ____ Ann. R. Gayles, pro- juanita of Miss Elzine S. Rose, 2608 Wolf St., 18. 1821 Pullman St., 29 and
iszard, Mrs. Fleet Alexander, Mrs. Wynn,
TOP GOLFER, lira. Max lie eares a 1 3 Capus St. fessor of education at daughter of the late Mr. Thos. Duncan Robbins, Shirley A. Butler 1027
Vermal McCone, Eva Rosier, and
Mrs. Mrs. Mrs.
one of the nation's outstanding golfers, added to Florida AU.( University, and Mrs. James R. Rose 1531 Kings Road, 66 and Call en St. 21.
her ever-growing collection of trophies last week is serving: as one of Leona Harold C. Moreland, the Frances E. Jackson, 1531 Donald S. McLaughlin

when she won the first flight of the Ladies Championship three consultants for .... .. .. .. .. .... .... .... son of Mrs. Mabel More- Kings Road 64. 1354 W. 23rd St. 21 and
last week during the Par and Birdie StateWide the, annual College and land of Daytona Beach. Harold Clifton Evans Vivian D. Everett 1158

open Golf Tournament in Miami. Trophies and University Teaching Mr. Moreland is the oakland Calif. 25 and pacetti street 20: I
Ruth Marshall left her West TwentyfirstStreet
awards were donated by the Hampton House. Mrs. Workshop here at Oregon grandson of Mr. and Mrs Maxine Booker. Oakland. Cleveland S. Raymond,
home last week for two-weeks vacation in
Mamie Bondu and Mrs. Grace Maxwell, both of Miami, State University.Dr. a Cleveland Albertee.A Calif. 22. Jr.. Berkley, Calif. 24
the State of york.She will visit her daughter
won the championship and second flights, respec- -Gayles is directorof New September wedding is James David Groover and Blanche Barfield
in and other relatives in
Priscilla Brooklyn
tively in the women's division. the FAMU internship planned. Plainfield N.J. 42 and 816 Houston St. 28.
White Plains and Scarsdale. '
_ teaching program. She 0 11
J LILLY'S DRUG STORE has written several
.t.. .... .... .... .... ....
articles on student b

.'. A Conptete tins of COSMETICS teaching. Mrs. Vera W. Davis, teen-age director of the A.

RUBBER GOODS COlliES SHWBPrescriptfofis L.Erie Lewis College Branch at YWCA Painesville, returned, Ohio recently where from she par-Lake now its Pepsi -

Cad for aid Mtaad1SOT 0 professional ticipated in the school YWCA for seminar YWCA for staff two ran weeks.concur-The for those who think young.

K'figs Ri El 3-82JS rently with the seminar. "

r 0 i-Tj ,r<'.

SEE THE 'NEW ", Mrs. C.E.M. JonesVacationed ; : : r
: '' f
: .t BRICK : : :
HOMES '; oC.d <' ,' In South Fla.Mrs. r't'.W' .,

's ; : Camilla Edge '."
: -
: Mitchell Jones of 1561

Louisiana St., has returned 7

'It from a recent

: LORADALfc!cI vacation she relatives.visited in friends Tampa where and

bjey Ik Uxwy OfHMTIIY Highlights of her visit

__ consisted of a trip to i

M A 0 1. Petersburg famed Webb via City the in Sky-St. R
NTANC i. BRICK line enjoyable Bridge. She stay.reportedan

iv TOTAL CASH Mrs. jones Is assistant

'AtlEIITS. T8 HIVE IIS59 manager of Edgewood's

_ B IN A* Bottca. Dollar. Store.RAPID.

$300I. .
; ?" Thinking young is a state of mind.It's the big change that's taking place
,>' SOME WITH CARPORTS' : everywhere and it reaches all ages.You see it in people having more
\. fife
:" < t. fun doing more things.This is the for Pepsilight,
:\ ; '"< > W-HR. TV SERVICE bracing,dean-tasting Pepsi.Go ahead.Think young. In stores
: ..: -4.-: ;: :; 4>- .. .'"'... -l DAY AND NICHT buy an extra carton.At fountains say Pepsi please!
.. ..,.. f .'- <':' : .
Sal. OfficOp.n Daily: WEST 45th & VERNON RD. CALLS $ 00 .. __ r v
\ CMAtei/Ant dd IOIM II. awlCIRN .M MG fOMIl.LO. Mlalllldf l.. nam HPW'= U MVMI. *!"w. *at. I


" .I .____ _.: _. -. ---.- ---. .-- __ __ _I__' __ -- -
-- -
'- -
----- -
. .
: .

.. \ '


F-" I
i f

,- t / i ,


--- -

Tatefiicle Baptist To Host Muskate ExlriviganzaITOSICALE Mt. Zion Slates AMI'S Tri Slot listitvta

Joint AnniversariesPALATKA Conies Awg. 6-10 At EWe

CHURCH NEWS Edward Waters College will be the scene of the

Mt. Zion State Tri-lnstitute of the 11th Episcopal District

Baptist Church will AME Church, Aug. 6-10.

celebrate its 68th anniversary -
President W.B. Stewart Orleans. La. Consecration -

The interdenominational National Prayer Band of and the eighthof and A. Barnett, business service Aug. 6 at

America, Inc., will conduct its 23rd annual con- Rev. N.B. Williams manager of the college 6 P....; Dr. It. A. Hilde-

vention Aug. 13-17 in Payne Chapel AME Church, 1 f $, 15 at 8:30 with
West Palm Beach, Rev. T. Carter, host president p.m. led by Rcv. A.R. AME Church New York.

and prayer Band 1, host group. president Julia 'r Rev. James Chambliss. Richardson formed a .lte"DOteeuer.: Aug. 7.

Bryant will give any information necessary. pasts of Morning ,star team that has worked 12 clock; Dr. R.V.

Ba tist; Church choirs, hard to arrange for the Webster. Chaplain EWC.

..:. .... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. : .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..:: :'.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. i ushers and members meeting. Word from the Youth Hour. Aug. 8. 12
East Palatka in charge.
group is that all necessary o'clock; Dr. L. A. Hais-

The Church of .God Steele and Blue Streets will August 16. 8:3D, p.m., arrangements and ley, pastor. St. Paul

hold its Vacation Bible School July 30-Aug. .10, Rev. J.B. Wallace of provisions for the Tampa commitment ser-

from 9 to 11 arm daily. Registration for those Bethlehem Baptist and sessions will be in vice. Aug. 10. Mrs. C.C.

desiring to attend was held last Sunday.Personnelof members will conduct perfect order.Director Green will be Missionary

the school will be Mrs. Ruth Yates, superin- the service.- Aug. 17, R. Elwin hour speaker, Aug. 9 at

8:30 0.11Rev.. Leory Lamb Dean A.J. Red-
12 o'clock.
tendent; Miss E. Witherspoon music instructor;
PROGRAM PRINCIPANTS---lellknown city church choruses, male Clayton and members of dick. Rev. W. S. White Registration will begin
UTS. E. lilliams Miss T. Harris and Miss D. porter -
choruses, and song groups will appear in the Calvacade of Songs Sunday. first New Zion Baptist Mrs. E.L. Richardson. Aug. 6 at 8 a.m. in

teachers. Aug. 12 at 8 p.m. in Tabernacle Baptist Church, Rev. W. E. Young, host Church, jacks oville. Mrs. L.G. Genwright. and the college business

pastor. Rev. E. Clifford Davis, director of music for the National Baptist and Rev. W.L. Davis and A.W. Cottrell state office and classes will
::::::.:::::: :: ::::::::::: :: :::::::::: ::: ::::::::
Convention, inc. who has headed the convention's 1,000-voice choir members of Mt. Olive officers, under the begin Aug. 7 at 8 a.m.

a for 35 years is the calvacade's director. Homer Seldon, trustee at Baptist Church Spuds leadership of Bishop So I.. Pees for the institutewill
of Christi, Texas
T. Branch Curpus
Harold Tabernacle, is the program's sponsor. Shown (foreground from left): Rev. and Rev. R.S. Holts of Green and the Episcopal be the same as last
is conducting a youth revival at First Bap-
will continue through W E. Young, pastor; Rev. William A. Epps, ,jr. pastor of St. Phillips Emanuel Methodist Church supervisor Mrs. Callie year.
tist Church. The meeting
each Baptist Church, Staten Island, N. Y. (standing at pulpit). Rev. Epps is in charge. C. Greene, have assembled -
Aug. 5. Rev. Branch, who will preach Mrs.C. Clifford Davis' brother-in-law; Rev. Levy Moore, Savannah, pastorof August 19 at 3 P.m., L. the instructorsfor Woodlawn Presbyterian
pastor of St. John Baptist Church, Corpus
Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church, Athens, Ga. and also Mother Baptist M. Jones of First Afri- the various coures
Christi. He formerly pastored the Fourth Missionary Church NotesBY
Baptist Church, and Bethlehem Baptist Church, Darien, Ga.; Prof. Davis, and Miss Evelyn Johnson, pianist, and can Baptist Church Green being offered.

Cove Springs will conduct Other than the state
head of Tabernacle's music department. -
Churches of Massachusetts and the 19th Street PEARSON SR
(Royal Art Studio photo) the closing ser- members the faculty includes L.N.
Baptist Church of Austin, Texas. Service will vice.

each night at 7:40 p.m. \ Dr. Andrew White.secretarytreasurer Rev. S.E. Pelder.. pas-

begin NAACP's "Motkir Off The Yor" of. tor of Bethel A.M.E.

.... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .... .. .... .. .. .. .. .. .. .... .. .. .... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. )- ..,., <. ABOUT PEOPLE Department of Christian Church. Callahan.
:"' > > ?;: J. Education. General Super- Florida will bring the

r, .- ***** vii IJOn; Dr. Mcooy Ransom, message for the 11 a.m.
:_The Youth and Sunday School Convention will
associate editor. AME Re- Service Sunday.
meet Aug. 8-12 at the Pentecostal Church 2, 1631 ?! ;, Anton A. Walsh left the city last Monday week Worship'
corder. Old Testament; in the George
W. 23rd St., Bishop E. D. White, pastor, with f'i' for Kingston, Jamaica to visit his grandmother August
Dr. G.H.J. Thibodeaux. Carver Elementary -
the president, Elder Marian White presiding.The Mrs. Edna Walsh. He will remain there until the Washington
director of Evangelism, School at 2854
meeting. opens at 10 a.m. with discussionsof latter part of August. The young man is the son
Community and Christian 45 Street at Vernon
the topic, "The Suffering Messiah." At 8 p.m. of Mr. and Mrs. Balford of Miami and the grandson W.
Ideals; Dr. George A. Road. Rev. Felder is
devotion and testimony, Mrs. Beatrice Simpsonand of Mrs. j. M. McClellan of 1700 Hiram St. ,
Singleton, editor, AYE known to our congrega-
Mrs. Ruth Hills. Aug.. 9, 10 a.m. topic City. He is a member of Mt. Vernon Baptist Church
Review AME Church History tion as a conscientiousand
discussion. and attends James Weldon Johnson junior High
and Discipline; Dr. influential speaker.He .
: School.

..- ..- ..- ..- ..- ..- ..- .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. -. ..- .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. E.M. Johnsn, associate of is also knew for his
.... .... .... .... .... .... director Department very fine articulation.He .
Minimum Salary, Planningfor is very easy and

G. W. Scott, Second Baptist s Young pe cple in the spiritually comfortableto
Eighteen nembers of the Brewster Hospital Staff
Church and Dr. H. Ralph the ears. Woodlawn
Riv. LT. Feenai Districts Program r.> attended the annual meeting of the Northeast
Jackson, director. Mini- Church is very fortunateto
Florida Hospital Council recently at the Atlantic
Was Successful mum Salary Department, get Rev. Pelder at
Ar. RcilectidBY Beach Hotel. A Buffet supper was served and entertainment -
chief consultant. this time. He pill be

Rev. F.D. Davis delivered was provided by the Florida Keys, a Speakers for the vari- supported by the United '

ALBERTA J. WILLIAMS the sermon for barbershop quartet. ous workshop services Presbyterian Choir with
the joint anniversary will include Dr. L.G.Long .
G. W. Scott .... .... .... .... .... .... Mr. C.E. Simmons jr. at
city was observance of District Union
pastor the piano. Rev. Pelder

re-elected president of 13-24 of Second Baptist Bethel AME Church New will preach in the absence -

the Sunday School Department Church, Sunday July 28. D. C. Collington, sports information directorof
of our regular
of the Pro- at 3 p.m. Rev. Davis, who Florida A. and M. University, attended the Mother Midway pastor Rev. P.O. Wilson

gressive Baptist State annual convention of the College Sports Informa-
is the pastor of First
Williams center Plans RevivalOn who is now serving as
Convention of Florida Baptist Church of College tion Directors of America at the Bismark Hotel in
church-civic and social worker was cited Director of junior
and Rev. Leon T. Feeman Park gave an excellent prominent Chicago, ill. While in Chicago, he attended the Aug. 12th
as "Mother of the Year" following her selection Camp NO. 4 at the Pres-
of Bartow was reseated sermon. annual meeting of the Football Writers Associa-
from a wellknown group of contestants recently byterian Conference Cen-
as pres ident of the The program for the occasion among tion of America, united States Basketball Writers
by the Jax Branch of the NAACP. Mrs. Williams at ter, Lake placid,
BYPU Division during the was: selection Association, the All-Star baseball game, and the
is shown receiving her citation from Rutledge Florida He will be the
47th annual session at Belle Waters Young All-star football game. Collington is a memberof
(left) local branch president and Youth first Negro to serve as
Sanford recently.Mr. Adults Choir; Scripture. the Press Relations Committee of COSIDA
Scott Council advisor while Victor Burke, a member of director of an integrated -
was seated
Thomas Daniels; prayer
for his 15th term and James DaTis.selection the Youth Council's executive committee looks on. .... .... .... .... .... .... s enterprise in the
(Royal Art Studio Photo) Synod of Florida. Miss
Rev. Freeman to his 6th
choir; occasion Retba Houston and Mrs.

_ term. Mrs. Naomi Mrs. Robert Meeks, wife of the maintenance engineer Lorraine Wilson will

Others re-elrcted to Grimes; reading Mrs. Mt. Olive PrimitiveTo Grant Mtmorial I and Mrs.John Waters, wife of the accountantwon serve on the staff with

&. long terms were: Mrs. Aliese Wallace; solos, two door prizes that was given at the annual Rev. Wilson..
L.B.C. Thomas of Bartow Amos Ealy. Observe Is Playing HostMwiy meeting of the Northeast Florida Hospital Council Church school will j begin -

financial secretary;; Mrs introduction of speaker Hens Day Aug. '12 held in Atlantic Beach Hotel. at 10:00 a.m. with

Agnes L. Dean of Sebring Rev. j.c. Sams; Following
Mr. T. V. in
corresponding secretary the sermon the Phillip Alback general ToBY E.L. RICHARDSONWomen's ftp. .... .... .... .... .... .... charge superintendent.Huger

find Mrs. E.L. Jenkins, choir rendered a selec- chairman and David Hallas
Missionary Con- Wednesday 7:30 p.m. ,
treasurer Sunday School tion and the memorial secretary, are in vention is convening at The following employees of Brewster Methodist ALLEN THOMAS Mld-Week worship t

and Rev. I.C. Mitchell period was held. the various committeesnow Grant Memorial AYE Hospital have been hospitalized; Alma Clark, .. .Trustee ChairmanRev. service in WestminsterHut.

Tampa, vice president. Aaron C. Jackson was compelting the annual August 2. 3.4. The con- Therilus Copeland, Margis McNair, Grace Brown and. H.L. Herod will Friday 8:00 p.m.

Rev..W.R. Lovelace of heard in a solo and Men's- Day obser- vention is a part of the jannelle Wilson. United Choir will rehearse -
be the
principal speaker
Bartow, Second vice presentations were made, vance which will be held Tri-Institute and is in the Hut.

president and Miss Betty followed by expressionsfrom throughout the day Sun- expected to draw .... .... .... .... .... .... during the Sunday. Aug. Sunday, August 12 at
12 Revival at Mother
Harris of Dunedin recording Mrs. Lucy Tremble day Aug. 12 in Mt. Olive missionary l3 Midway AME Church Rev.
secretary, were primitive Baptist Church from the Florida and adjoining 4 Mrs. Marion Johnson, formerly of this city, now Fred Davis will render a
AnniversaryProgram J.W. Jones pastor
seated to their second Rev. J.M. Dixon. pastor states. Many residing in Bronx N. Y. is visiting here as musical program in the
anno unced.
ttfrms. Sunday announced.The fine opportunities will guest of her sister, Mrs. Arnetta Griffin, 1263W. Laura Street Auditoriumat
Johnny SLaw intro-
BYPU Department: Rev. program will fea- be in the grasp of alert 28th Street. Mrs. Johnson will visit lest palm State and Laura sts.
Rev. duce the and
G.G. Webb pastorof speaker
O.D. Williams of Belle
ture numerous wellknown leaders 0 f women and Beach and other points in Florida before returning featuring cutstandtog
Redeemer also Albert
Glade vice president; Baptist city talent. The general young adults. Some of home. She is being highly entertained by Deacon Taylor local talent, all
Rev. M.J. Williams of Church will deliver the chairman of Class
public and friends are the best prepared leaderin relatives and friends. finance to go to the
p sermon as the program 2 of Timothy Baptist
Tam Da,' 2nd vice president cordially invited to
education board of trustees.
feature of District 2 share in the events. Christian .... .... .... .0.. .... .... Church. Other wellknoro the
will radiate thr mgh We are asking cooperation -
Mrs. Lula Campbell recording of New Mt. Oliver Bap- Alonza Thomas of 1429 Madison Street, has returned persons will round out
workshops and panel of the whole
secretary: Mrs._ tist Church's Anniversary I Gospel Crasodtrs to ttei city from Miami where he spent a the program Rev. Jones
discussions.It church and populace to
Bstella Dickaon. Avon observance Sunday few days with his mother. Mr. Thomas reported avery stated.

Park, financial secretary at 3 p.m. The program h Aug. 12 Recital is anticipated thata pleasant trip and an enjoyable stay with Allen Thomas Chairman make this program a
staggering number of success.
and Mrs. Arlene fill be held in the his mother. of the host church'sTrustee
will avail them- Is not a last
women Prayer
Crowell of Winter Haven, church auditorium.A Board heads the

corresponding secretary.Rev. well prepared program At First Timothy selves in the cultural .... .... .... .... .... .... various supervisory com extremity, but a first
trends of world necessity.
expansion -
R.H. Wilson city featuing out- The wellknown Gospel mittees.
and population
DeaD of workshop; Rev. standing city personalities Crusaders will presentan Miss jean Scott completed an orientation and RED GENUINE WHOLE
explosion. ,n1 Jtrihw e? for _
J.L. Stephens, 6f Arcadi has been arranged. after-service Calva- training course for'new volunteens last week. A P&tvi.ha.1t.
Registration of dele- /L.M CKtIN
assistant, dean. Alexander Friends and the general cade of Songs featuring special program and demonstration for the mothers SNAPPER IB. 55cTORRE
Thursday MEAT
gates began ,
Heard, state director -, public are cordially 10- outstanding gospel group of the girls. Members of the class demonstrated,

of Methods.Mrs. vited. of the Florida August 2 at 8 a... .= -=-' Mtit .0002. Conch MeatLk.49c
BTPD Commnity feeding a patient, changing a baby and making an / ., tnk*. CCU.
through .nw III ,..c Utat
Noon. Keynote "
uaudie M. Jones: of Sunday, Aug. 12 at 8 p.m :14.
llllrllce I* 6 U. Tiki Ou Bra
bed. Refreshments served
Ml W service began following unoccupied were at the LI.$1.2S
Tupa. succeeded the in First Timothy Baptist
BELLINGHAM, Wash. --- registration. end of the program. N... c.... M N.5..... $2.90 *
late R.ev. F.D. Huffman Church's auditorium Pt... i 4-is. r... Iw ,..'
James L. Bruton, assistant Bishop S.L. Greene delivered -
as treasurer of the BYPU professor of Rev. R.L. Jones host the keynote .... .... .... .... .... .... 69 C p.r WCO. LEADER IN THE
Departs en t. pastor.
Several. aei printing at Florida "* message other distinguished KINO mx "SWIM STAKES"STEAlS
factors of Gospel groups which
A. and M. University, pastors from Miss Loretta Bowman of 2302 San' Diego Road 11. 55' OCEANVIEWSPOTS
progresswas projectedinto have not already been
is attending the International across the state were Southside, has returned home after fisiting rela- TWIN_ SUM .SPECIAL. .
the standard pro- invited and which would y ....... 1
Graphic associated with the tives and friends in Hallendale and Miami. While
craa including a Basic like to appear on the SNAPPER l(. 43
staff. Arts Edacfttion Associa- urged to bishop on the opening ; away she was extended many courtesies. I** 4f ... .... m\f\ )+r |hwMyt -
program ..
tion aaBaal convention.. program. All departments C
contact the Gospel .... .... .... .... .... .... rttSMSTEAKTISH LB. 39
presented workshopsMrs.
'I GMS YOU,LUCKY OAYS-YOUR Lucky NUMMRSMRS. Crusaders immediately. Ruby Sanders popular LL 53 .
nrw R--
1 A SfANtSMfilACEEBEL ..... .... ...
HITII First TitMffey's organist, of the St. Rev. Frank Jones, pastor of New Bethel AlE Church + LL 32 'em.

.flf F..TJ. ...... Mark AME Church, servedas is improving at home after having had major surgery OAT
......w aA..It..Yw.........b...... cImNIN lites '
1 .....W Y w......... JC.w....M H.,.ldpt astaaster. Alberta at Brewster Methodist Hospital. WHITING u. 32C msiiD4S'

PALMERCtfTtD SIuNdF.r1 Iffli Zanders. Vivian Isabella Williams.Johnson ..*. .... .... .... .... .... BLUE PISI LL 29' raUD ,

... rAiXSST AND ADVBOt Amanda Anderson and .-r1OlrU'I...... P......MOST acwM s.LmhLIMITED flU. 1& AWOUNT LLI 5S*
: I+ .1 T K ..?"'".{,t'.1 r.....'hilt 7w s.
1 .... ....'tw wYk ..k..OM. ...'..,,..... A wmtM W Communion rites will '
L.B. Thompson
... Evange- R.'N. has returned to
.. ..
.. ....... ..... .... ... .... .. Mrs. Mattye Montgomery .
-- -
1...............-... -.....-..-.. .. .. be observed Sundry, Aug. lists '
--r program work after spending enjoyable vacation.
.. r-.....- ____........,...... .IM 1f l A ImTiti
'-.,.........1 r.--...-...........r..-- 19 at 3 D.s. In First s wpenl mrs. Showcase reports Mrs. Alma Jordan L. P. N. is also back after

y: .N Timothy Baptist Church, on Blue Ridge spending a very pleasant vacation in California.Both .

.-553511 _.HmP Rev. R.L. Jones, pastor, Mountain,. Youth congress nurses are employed at Brewster Methodist T 1

Bthounc ed. were given. Hosoltal. 111 .

; '
\ AOSUST 4. 1Si2 FLMIU STAR I + nst t

( ) irectitily Spearhead Sales Of Commemoration Stamp Adventists' Tap Jax Coed Is Class OHiclr"' :1

Negro For '-,, -
IfI' Top PostSAN : ;'
,, : i t O.
e < 0 0N FRANCISCO Meeting '> i' if'
i J. IItWkk ,..i,1.:4 ';
here in its 40th world -,:::' .,' :': j.0 .
conference, the Seventh- '.:':-'rS./:. ....,
VACATION HINTSI Day Adventist Church # .r.Ja6

elected a Negro as ne

of its four general vice
new a very interesting old gentleaan who lived
in ay home community when I was 'a boy. He meant s rga.
Frank L. Peterson 69
well but his vision was not the best. He took part -. .
x of Washington, D.C. was
of his vacation one year attending a convention
elected vice president,
sponsored by a religious organization which was not due to a Negro t Iz Y
held the When he returned the
during summer. riyS. group s protest, but because -
coraunity he became the subject of interest on the of Peterson's

church ground after service in this heavily popu : church service, an of- ....

lated community. He called his friends around ,, 1t 4 ficial spokesman said. i iR
him to tell of his vacation trip to the con- his lay r
peters began :
vention. As a boy I would listen to him with much duties as a teacher- in

eagerness. His theme was, "What good food I ate." Louisville Ky. the .

He could remember in elaborate details what was spokesman said. y ,

served to him for breakfast dinner and supper as

well what served between meals. This summed Gets ScholarshipEAST
as was
; PUBLIC SERVICE---Girl Scout Troop 318 and Brownie Troop 249 of Mt.
us his story.I .
Ararat Baptist Church Mrs. J. E. Davis, Troop Leader took it upon LANSING MichiganS. f'r
wondered from those days could not
\ even more themselves to spearhead sales of the commemoration stamp saluting the -- L. Beasley assistant -
valuable experiences been provided at the conven-
50th anniversary of scouting last week. Shown purchasing stamps from professor of
tion. I could well 'agree with him that he had a
Postal Clerk Calvin F. Cole at Carver Sub-Post office on Myrtle Avenueare automotive technologyand
wonderful time eating, but was it the end of SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS---Officers for the summer
from left: Diana Sipling, patsy Brinson, Demetria Norman, Marion safety training at
his vacation? SchenkSandra Schenk, Lauretta Webb, Clara ,Times, Luvenia Broom, Barbara Florida A. and M. Uni- graduating class at Florida A. and M. Universitypause
We who do anything at all need a vacation. Most
here from their studies and duties to pose
Times,and Mrs. .J.E. Davis. The Girl Scouts ,along with ,Carver Supt. Henry versity,has been grantedan
of us have so many responsibilities necessary or for the photographer. They are: secretary AnnetteH.
Smart are urging the general public and business concerns to purchase the Allstate Foundation
un-necessary until we are run-down and divided Taylor (left), Jacksonville: vice presidentEarl
commemoration stamps in appreciation to the Postal Department's generous scholarship.He .
before the end of the year. Not only is our person gesture. will attend the F. Glenn, Miami; and President Kenneth V.
divided but we slip away from our friends, rela-
Rogers, Winter Haven.
(Royal Art Studio Photo) 'Workshop for College
tives and associates. We are so busy doing the .
------- -- ------ Teachers of Traffic -
routine until we move toward becoming human ma-
Yes, We All Talk Safety Education," here AMEZ Pastor Leads Evangelist Shaw
chines, rather than persons. our pass experienceshave E2
1loos at Michigan State University -

conscious deposited minds untold become values too in far our apart.subconsciousand Thoseof YOUR Marcus CHUtf H. BoulwareAll SPEECHBy August 13-24. New OrleansCivil And Gospel Groups

us who have an opportunity for vacation have a Negro ScientistIs Right FightNEW Here Hex! Week
wonderful chance to bring ourselves together. Together parents should geta
means strength to do a better job with less copy of Charles Van ORLEANS, La. This Evangelist Rosa Shaw,
I stress and strain.We Riper's XourChUds Panelist city has had its inte- her pianist, and gospel

have a chance to become thoroughly acquainted Speech Problems, published gration troubles, but singers will present a
With Space Group The Rev. A.W. Ricks, series of nightly
with ourselves, others and our God. When *e think by Harper and appearance -

we will agree that all have been neglected. We can Brothers, 49 East 33rd By Russell buck Charles ;:;-.- -- pastor of Petty's Chapel with local
bring them together and unite them with'those not Street New York City ; A.M.E. Zion Church, has gospel groups in the

neglected--This increases worth. 1961 priced at $3. ****** : remained undaunted and City next week.On .

The book tells parents x has kept in the thick of Tuesday night at

Adventist OfficialFRANK UL Official about the speech defectsof The skin game was over. The rollers had come and [ the fight for first 8 p.m., the singers will

their children, and gone, and it was a boss bust. The way it went, r class citizenship and present a recital in the
\ the nabs got such improbables as Pomade Sam,
it provides the essential No- better racial under- Tent of the church of
OR Mission information they Bust Charlie, Gospel Singer Sister Christian, a ,( standing.He God In Christ at 1965

need in understandingthe former politician gone to seed, a white sailor, is chairman of the 45th St., Elder A Hines

For State Dipt. nature and causes of a black sailor a red soldier, two good-looking I Advisory Council of the host pastor. 'The prograa

speech problems.It hustlers, a Chinaman name 0 No, and a jack-leg II Urban League and an ar- is being sponsored by

NEW YORK Nelson C. covers home treat- preacher loosely referred to as Hallelujah Jones.. I dent member of the the church's Live Wire

Jackson National Urban ment of children with The skin joint was as barren as the Sahara NAACP. He is the chap- Spiritual Singers and

-a League Associate execu- defective consonant Desert. lain of the Interdenomi- the Traveling stars will

tive director for pro- sounds, stuttering, McNasty had seen the bust from the corner. He national Ministerial be the host singing
gram, is enr rote to the and 'Fence' Stoner had been
cleft palate speech, standing with their L1k1L Alliance. Rev. Ricks has group.
Caribbean on a special voice disorders, and backs against the Strand Building talking in low : served as president of New Bethel Baptist

mission for which he was language difficultiesof tones about security and peace of mind and money the New Orleans Council Church Blue and Fifth

chosen by the U.S. State all s rts. and things like that. Then the rollers came with HOUSTON TEXAS Hea of Methodists and is Sts., will be the scene

Department.Mr. their big' broom and made their transfer, the subject
This book calls attention sweep. its treasurer.The of the concert Wednesday
\ Jackson will, in to the mistakes "There Just ain' no security, if you ass me," that kept Astronaut energetic pastoris night at 8 p.m. thurs-

L. PETERSON coming weeks, conducta that parents are makingand Fence said, with a dreary look on his face. "A Scott Carps
..Top.A Top Post serfes of consultations shows ways they 'can man try to 'fix ,his life in _such a way therein he winning his college degree that the council made Howard and the ,congregation -

DURING: its 46th annual discussions and help their children. can feel half-way safe, but it just ain' no good. will receive the in caring for the 800 of First Born
addresses among variousgroups Seem like there's weak attention of a large No. 2 on Union St.
world conference Held '-'''.< always a spot somewhere. in families that were

in San( Francisco recently and organizations ,- ",',.,'$; the bottom to fall .out..." group of scientists and dropped from the relief plays host to the
} ,' the Seventh-Day in British Guiana, u .'. <";"j "I think the weak spot is in the way a man engineers from educa- rolls. It was under si ngers.

Adventist Church ele- Trinidad Barbados and y. thinks about life" MCNasty said. 'Shrewd men tional Institutions and his leadership that Friday night at 8 P.B.,

Peterson, Grenada. weak, cunning weak. weak because industry at a forth- the cavalcade sings at
vated:.Frank L. ,, are men are They're these family were cared
69 Washington, D.C.as These meetings, arranged ;; they're smart. And they're smart because coning four-day con- for. His work with CORE Southside's Church of

I ''one. of its four and sponsored_ by they got it fixed in their mind that money can ference in Houston, has been outstanding.He God In Christ on the Old

gm ia1-vice presidents. the American specialists buy dignity. Texas. Shown here is personally looks St. Augustine Rd. Elder
of the State Durward Archer of Williams is host
Branch Jesse
"A man ain' weak 'cause he likes money Fence after the church

'SIatesAnniversary Department, are part of argued. "it's when a man ain' got no money thathe' Humble Oil & Refining building and the groundsand pastor.
Association this cuntry's mutual selected The city's
Company as a stinging
s weak, 'cause he can catch everything from says this is an in-
education and cultural member of of friends and the
panel ,
a experts groups
In hunger-cramps to hell. An' about that dignity piraticn to those who
exchange with these to discuss one of general public are, invited -
business," he went on, 'maybe money can't buy live in the communityand
nations. His assignmentin the conference topics. to participate
Second BaptistThe it. But when ya ain' got no money, you sure ain'got those who pass by to
each of these key the series of programs
no dignity either. I'm gonna always try to help carry out the pro-
District ushers areas of the West Indies here next week.
keep me some money--betcha that!" little Rock ChorusIs gram of the Improvement
Union and Auxiliary to will be under the plan- Palm
Royal ChurchMrs.
McNasty chuckled to himself. "You're a weak man, League to keep home and
the East Florida and ning and responsibility Planning Sept. surroundings clean. Mary Dixion,
Fence he said. 'you' re weak because you're pre-
Bethany Baptist Associa- of the public and cul-
smart. People don't like smart people. They don't Completes Courses sident, and member of
tion, will observe its tural affairs officersof Choruses ParadeMrs.
trust them. They definitely envy them. And when TALLAHASSEEFiftyseven Royal Palm Christian

I anniversary Church in Wednesday Second, the U. s. State Department COMMENCE 1F? T SPEAKER .- people don't like you, they're always schemingup Mary Goodwin, ..ellkno.n school lunchroom Church, are planning an
Baptist in each Edward W. Brice will
some program to get you jammed busted or soloist of Mt. workers completed a Aug. 18 trip to Little
t Aug. 8 at 8 p.m. 1o cali ty.FUMORTS deliver the summer three-week school lunchroom Talbot
jammed busted or washed away.That's how come smart Ararat Baptist Church, Island. Adults
I commencement address at will be the artist training program and children will be
men are weak;they don't have no protection against guest
COTTAGES Florida A&M University their own rep. when thd Male Chorus of here at Florida A. andM. charged a nominal fee

Friday August 10, at Fence was staring across the street but there Little Rock Baptist university recently.The for the round trip bus

Collages by Day Week or Month 6 p.m. Dr. Brice is was nothing to see; not where he was looking.The Church presents the program was spon- service.

acting director, Adult skin game was over... 'Male Choruses on sored by Florida A. and The bus will leave
I Education Branch, United M. in cooperation with Fifth and Lee Sts. at
Hot Fence was staring across the street but there parade Monday, Sept.
& Cold Rockwel Wafer States Department of the school 9
lunchroom a.m. Tickets
t was nothing to see; not where he was looking. The 10 at 8 p.m. in the may be
Health Education and .. church au di tori um. ection of, the State secured there from the
skin was over.
4 Private !pis. With Cooking FatiifesLow Rates Welfare, Washington, D.C. game _uepartment of Education. members.
"All I want is a little security out of life, ..
The exercises will beheld
FOR RESERVATIONSCall he said. "I wanta be able to take it easy some
in Bragg stadium. --IL
day, you know what I mean, Mac? I want to be able r------- ,

: 26I-U508 Fernandlna i to relax and not have to worry about the rent man

< EL U-6697 Jacksonville Support Yow or the car note or the house note or the insurance -
t tt
manOr --
Write. : Rt. 2, Box I6UFernandlna ,':' NAACP And "-- the ro hers?" McNasty interrupted. : -

; '::-.**:?:-::,** *, Fence's face closed like a door. "All I need -

is enough money." he said grimly. "Then I t SUPER MARKSS t tI
UliHM b.NWhere
Lois Stewart, Mgr. won't have to worry about the filers or the _

people who don t like me because maybe I'm smarter --
I f fI
than them." Fancy Grade 'A' Sliced

Everybody who don' like you is a roller," I I It

SUPERIOR MEATS McNasty when you're told smart.him. ."That's." what makes it so tough I BACON .III. .' 49.C 1 1I

Fence grunted, still staring across the street. .
But the skin came was over. The rollers had come t GnRGIA RED t tt
You Get ...
18 Oz. t. tile PetnltI and .
WEST lEAVER ST. VIADUCT I" Tomatoes : -#YI 303 '-5'; tt t


Alien: Chapel Worn Rev. *. B. Coleman Lint 2 .ith$5.OOros9! order ....:..: .
t tt t

W V W W W To Participate
28 WIENERS Schedule total Fete lf t V V OLEO.5" r rt

BEEF LIVER In a. SeminarThe Potatoes 29C _

annual Woo en' s day Rev. A.B. Coleman, pas- .' :IJti..s Qid. ..... ,

LIMIT 1 LB. RED HOTSSPARE observance will be held tor of Shiloh Metropolitan t 10 II. Bag Unit 2 with 55.00 nd( :order 1I

at Allen Chapel AME Baptist Church has

HORMEL'S LEAN WESTERN LI. RIIS Church Sept. 30. accepted an invitation t iuaea Sugar Cared PUFFIN or BETH CROCKFB( --' t tt
\ All captains have been to participate In the .

: MOT asked to make the first annual Susaer seminar of HAMSLWMa 14 BISCIJJT". 4
e t.L t.
Ribs 9QC' reports. Chain of the "The Minister and the t -- -
i iI

':=:?Spare! 3 Lit S1 yang are Mrs.People Shirley a Department Ann Christian scheduled July Church 30-Aug., "7. or SkMk half lint' 2 wits. $5..W J.fwi".order. -I

Williams and Mrs. Mae B. at Virginia union University ___ ... .
Washington. Richmond.

f" ,

.. f ,


1. ; Ctarte SiM Wins Runner Up Spot In I PGA Canadian Open Golf Tourney ,,1


SPORTING IT UP CoMttgtoii At lisptct New Gyms Plans Hornsby Howell Negro Golfer

,rn:: :if- c. NBU mm Sports Confab Places SecondIn

..,..,. .,' Returns ToCollege
". a* Top Field

often referred to as Negro players and with small Collington sports information +sA A a T MONTREAL Ted Kroll of
salaries and all kinds! of hardships to meet a director at Fort Lauderdale--after a

scheduled game they were taken merely as a group Florida AIM university, GREENSBORO N.c. The lapse of. six yearswon.the .

of entertainers playing Just for the love of the is attending the annual former athletic trainerat Canadian Open PGA

game. They traveled in rickety buses across convention of the Col- A&T College was reemp'loy golf tournament, but the

rough roads, very often missing good, warm and lege Sports Information d at the College big surprise among the

wholesome meats and the required amount of sleep Directors: of America 4 last week. crack field of inter
(COSIDA) here at the Hornsby Howell who
in order to be in a town the next day for a game. national touring golferswas
Bismarck Hotel. The "a.1. YS. AaJ served the
con- post from
Despite the fact that there were such stars as + a Charlie Sifford a
vention is being held ?e + 1953 through JUDe 1961 Negro from Los Angeleswho
Josh Gibson, Stachel Paige, Oscan Charleston
from July 30 to August and resigned to take
finished stroke
Dick Lundy, Henry Lloyd Dizzy Dismukes, Louis two
Santop, "Bullet"Joe Williams and a host of others 4. M similar position at behind Kroll's 278 to
While in Chicago, the Southern University.
their stock didn't rise to the height their per
Rattlers' publicist will s Baton
-w Rouge La. is
formances demanded.TODAY' 4 a i_
attend the annual back wit the A& T
meetings of the Football College Aggies. He
merely as Negro ball players, but as Baseball
Writers Association of : started to work here on
players. When they reached the point where $$$$ l \ + _L
America. United States -- Monday, July 16.
talked, they won the profound respect, attentionand
Basketball Writers As- Howell, one of the all-
plaudits of big, team owners, managers, play- JAPANESE VIEWS FAMU'S GYM---Hansel Tookes (left), associate professor of time great centers
sociation, the All-Star at
ers, fans and umpires. In 1955 the unheard of baseball game and the physical education at Florida A. and M. ; Yoshiyuki Naguschi, professor of A&T graduated from the r a

happened when Jackie Robinson was paid 42500. Ail-Star Football game. physical education of Kagoshima University, Kagoshima-Shi, Japan; A.A. College in 1950. He has

Today, with 85 Negro stars in the game, at least Bellassistant superintendentBear Construction Company, and Jake Gaither, since continued his
Collington is a memberof
10 of them have hit a combined salary of more than the Press Relations professor of physical education at Florida A. and M. are shown lookingover training at the ChicagoCol

$500,00 per year. You do not see them now riding Committee of COSIDA. the plans for FAMU's new gym. The $1,000,000 plant is scheduled to be lege of SwedishMa r%k) 'r

along the old dusty, mud laden highways in old completed in July, 1963. ssage. .> w

rickety buses to play a game that afternoon. -

IT.IT A FACT THAT THERE ARE no eyeglass lens -

strong enough to make sone people see that it is Sugar Ray's Son AppearingIN Wiley's Coach Fred Long CHARLIE SIFFORD

not an act of love or favoritism that has brought take the tourney runnerup

$90,OOOa year to a dark skinned Negro from Ala- Roller Derby At Coliseum spot.

bama. That is a long long jump from the $8,000 Suffers Heart AttackMARSHALL Sifford. five time Negro

Willie Mays of the San Francisco Giants signed Roller Derby events ,and still come on to national champion
the sport which has been .
for in 1951. Did you know that six years ago theGiants' score valuable points from Los Angeles, had
owner was offered $1,000,000 for Mays, and attracting thmsands of ,,men his team needed Texas -- concerning the length of SWAC football than any led the field most of

the Giants' owner, Horace Stoneham said there d-in-wool fans 1 them. Friends throughout the time the 'Elder states- other mentor.! His grid the way aD diD the

isn't enough money to buy Hays' contract. just throughout the nation, He has ranked with the nation are deeply con- man' will be hospitalizedand exploits are legendary.His final round with Kroll

makes its official bow top half dozen scorersIn cerned over the heart rival coaches are won-loss record includes -
last summer, $650,000 was again turned down with faltered on the.14th.
the understanding that Willie Mays is not for in Jacksonville Friday :j the NRDL in his three attack sustained three carefully avoiding discussing 217 victories hole to finish with a
sale. night at 8 o'clock in :.seasons and promises to weeks ago by Coach Fred his condition or 127 defeats and 30 ties
the Coliseum, and among I]be a big point getter as (Pops) Long of Wiley possibility that in 374 game par
NOW LET US TAKE THE CASE of the Chicago Cubs The North Carolina rom
the galaxy of stars will i,a jammer with the new College. Wiley might hire an interim As Coach Eddie Robinson
Star Ernie Banks, who was baseball's top home Negro is the first member
be 21-year old Ronnie J j Dixie[ Devils, nOl playinga Rated for years as theastermind' coach. of Grambling concluded
all of his to break
run hitting shortstop of time. Banks with race
Robinson, son of five- i, five-city skate cir- of Southwest Pop" Long, who has "iVs hard to imaginea Golfers
his $65,000 contract well tucked away is counted the professional

among the top, money drawers in ,the big show. times world middleweight I champion Sugar Ray RObin- '"' .'':Jl."t" football fans for him. "
.. some
Banks was switched 'from shortstop to first base* 'i1..; ..I sifford's feat placedhim
son, and sandy Morse Eyes MVP t 40-years. has been a
With and per- ahead of such pre-
Negro players equalling breaking records :
19-year old daughter of ; t. 1 suading guide to hundredsof Gaither Is
jJ :i
and drawing top salaries, he is no longer con- sent day golfing greatsas
one of the original Title '#' .... .1it !. young men who learned
sidered just a performer playing for the satisfac- Art Wall Jr. Bruce
Mills Brothers.The ;: : : Clinician At
.t his dynamic style of
tion of playing just for the love of entertainingthe _'., __ ;; Crampton of Australia;
team, known as the c t play his
fans. He is now considered a smart businessman J x t? :.v' Madison U.S. Open champion Jack
Dixie Devils, of which Wise
career at Paul
who deals in the upper bracket of incometax -: >11:1 Quinn, Nicklaus, Bob Shave Jr.,
Ronnie and Sandy are :\ : Prarie View and Wiley
payers. 4\. MADISON, Wis. Coach George Bayer Jim Fer-
members, will represent .9x3 W _\,,.,.. Colleges.
BASEBALL PANS EVERYWHERE know Henry "Hank"Aaron } :,- .Y M. :th 1 Jake Gaither, head coach rier., Al Geiberger, Doug
jacks, nvi 11)c here for ) .
!: : According to veteran
: >
the outfield roving fellow from Mobile, : of the Florida Am University Ford, jacky cupit last
18-weeks 0 f play every i.Q 1 : .... is observers, coach Long is
Ala. Aaron hits the top money bracket at around Rattlers, is year's winner, and Ken
Friday night at the :; :;: : 1 credited with doing more
the 465,000 mark. The Mobile, Alabama star owns a ." .. serving as a clinicianfor yen to ri.
coliseum against, other 'M \: .: yt to raise the standards of
;' f< "" ,
lifetime batting average of .319. He has won the ,. '. the Wisconsin High Kroll' share of the
members. .. ".::."... .',. ,...::
league .1i :;;,:. ;"",..v.: : : '
Most Valuable Player Award and the Runs Batted in p. .'v .Ea" .>' Puzzling Figure, School Coaches Association $30.000 prize money was
The Dixie Devils' Friday ,,# lkS: .,",, ';', .... live may affect
championship twice. His value to the Milwaukee night opponents will beth '0:': > rr.ff 7. v *v :: Where health.you A recent Public which began Monday, $4.300 and Sifford's was

Braves has been expressed many times by the front York Chiefs. i FRED (Pops) LONG Health your Service survey, for example July 30. He was 3000. __
e New
shows' that lung cancer scheduled to
< lecture
office of the club. .
Now celebrating its .. xti .J football, Coach Long isa death rates vary sharply between
> the Split
t- Monday on F4MU
FRANK ROBINSON. CINCINNATI'S one time South Atlantic cities. For white men.
League's star was the National Leaguers silver anniversary, ;.: ''''' Roller Derby events has ;:' 'hospital in Houston. above the national average;
Most Valuable Player is $50.000 a year man who is Lima. Ohio is 60% below. three other lectures on
at last into its
come Doctors .
\\1 are non commital the FAMU system whilein
rated very highly all over the National League. own as one of America's

ROBERTO CLEMNTE( OF PITTSBURGH. $50,000 most rapidly growing Liston Madison. v,
-} Charges
Patterson With
) '
a year man who is a long way from the $100, $200, spo rts. ''' < L

'$300, or even $400 month, days. He was the batting Over 400,000 fans attended ',:'.'."y'>w
champ of the National League in 1961 with an 124 night gamesin >>, K... .

average of .351. He played a very prominent partin San Francisco in :'oVJJ\" CHICAGO -- Heavyweight have credit referencesto Slate As FAMUCommencement

the 1961 series when the Pirates won. 1961; 200,000 witnessed :',.:>\ contender Sonny Liston fight for the cham-
t .
ORLANDO CEPEDA OF THE SAN FRANCISCO Giants is 18 events in Cleveland; contends that Floyd Pat- pionship, like you were Speaker

one of the. most powerful batters in the major 70.000 were on hand for terson has drawn the running for president 01

leagues.,.In 1961 he led National League in RBI's 5 games in Madison Square color line, agatinst something," Liston says. TALLAHASSEE---Dr. Edward

with 142. At 24, he is now drawing a salary of Garden, and over 10,000 Mi. fighters of his own race AFTER KAYOES Warner Brice will serveas APPOINTED -- It. Nathaniel

$46,000. fans are expected to -i. 1 while heavyweight champion The magazine article commencement speakerfor Niles has been appointed

NOW WE WILL _TAKE A LOOK IN at Minnie Minoso of view the Friday night ..' in the w crl d. reports that Liston regards the summer exercisesat athletic business managerat

the St. Louis Cardinals and formerly of the opener here at the ROBERTO CLEMENTE The accusation is made white opponentswith Florida A. and M. Florida A&M: University. -

Chicago White Sox is a $45,000 a year man. Elston Col iseuin. FACING his eighth campaign in an article in Ebony particular antagonism University here Aug. Mr. Niles is a

Howard of tbJ(New York Yankees signed for $42,000; Following in the foot- with the Pitts- magazine, which quotes and quotes him 10 at 6 p.m. in Bragg native of Salisbury, N. Co

Al smith of the Chicago White Sox, $35,000 and. steps of a sports hero burgh Pirates, star out- Liston as claiming: as saying: "I alwayssay Stadium, it was announcedby and a graduate of North

Billy Bruton of the-Jtetroit Tigers, 35000. father is especially fielder and top-team "Patterson draws the kill him when I'm Dr.George W. Gore, Carolina College. He

I DEMANDING RESPECT WITH DOLLARS and the abilityto difficult if the son batter according to informants color line against. his in the ring with a white Jr. president. Joined the FAMU staff as

draw it has moved the colored players out on chooses the same ath- reported that own race. He hasn' boy. You got to knock .. an accountant inS9..

a level .with others in the same game. letic field. he has set his eyes on fought any colored boys 'em out to win. You

Read The But the going gets the Most Valuable Player since becoming cham- won't get the decision. ROYAL ART STUDIO

rougher when the offspring award in the National pion.' "In this world if you

.___ FLORIDA STAR Weekly tries another League this year. The Actually in his ten defenses are colored anything you
6. TTT
5F- 15 DAVIS STREETQuality
sports such is the case hard-hitting Puerto a hce winning the do has to be twice as

; with young Ronnie Robin- Ricanalso hopes to pace heavyweight championshipfrom better as the white

'MORE POWER TO 'YOu.rFACTORY I son. his club to 'another Jersey Joe Wolcott, man" Liston contends. PhotographsAny

[ Ronnie was never as* senior League pennant. one colored opponent GIVES OWN THEORYLi _

a ; solidly muscular as his Hurricane Jackson, has stan has his &own r Kind..AnylimeDaytime

FRESH I prize-fighting old man. NewAppoiut... been faced by Patterson. theory on why Negroes EL4 1894

ELgin 4-4508 Yet he: had all the Listen' in the Ebony predominate in boxing, Al': ,
athletic declares his
natural instincts article _
reports Ebony. "Most Time EL 5 8022
-- and like to "dislike" for Patterson r Nile ,
colored boys who into
AUTOMOTIVE. .MARINE DIESEL skate, too. because he has refused boxing are poor. and Ask

With this background, to battle colored boxing offers them a AboutOur
SOUTHWAYBATTERY 145 contenders. "We have a Summer
the 5-10 pound chance to make coney, to Specials

Ronnie found it wasn't hard enough time as it get somewhere" Liston
MFG. CORP. hard to get a tryout is in this white man's states.On .

FOOT ,OF WEST ADAMS with the National Roller world" says Liston. the outcome of his

Derby League just after SOCIETY S ENEMY coming battle with Patterson -
.. ,- his 18th birthday back The Ebony article recounts the challenger

in 1960. Liston'. recordof predicts: 'This fight

WHEN YOU ARE ILL When Ronnie was signedto law violations and will be short. one of us

: You Seek The Best DoctorWhen skate with the New traces most of his is going early and I

Your-Doctor PrescribesGet York Chiefs that season, trouble to his slum upbringing believe, .it will be 5-

Experienced Pharmacists he had made it not on and racial dis Patterson. I IMAKESg2zSKIN
his name alone but on crimination "Long before ? looted .
.According to Your Doctor's i JMCTOW
his ability to speed he began fighting
.-.Orders. We Use Only COORDINATOR S.J. Shaw
.,1he'BestQuality" Drugs ,7r skate with the best of was appointed coordinator professionally, he wasa Race Track BLEACHES
them. Stating that
'. fighter and society CHICAGO
Dr. C. E. BlackProprietor */ *, of the new ,
feel that "OLD FASHIONED'SkintOfla
Many Derby skaters were wa's his enemy, observes We sincerely
a i not impressed with Ron- Freshman Studies Pro- Ebony editor Allan the best interests of \

PHARMACISTS TO SERVE YOU ni e' s background, however gram to be inaugurated Morrison. thoroughbred racing can-
at MT College. beginningwith ,
and figured he Listen is quoted by not be served by permitting ,
.;* % the fall term. 1
such practices,
5 Bight be easy prey for Morrison as defendinghis
Cosmetics Rubber Goods Candies Sundries their rugged blocking. The new program will status as a heavyweight Mrs. Marjorie Llndheiner Gp/dau/ dark iii _

;., .PRESCRIPTIONS" CALLSD FOR AND DELIVERED) But the kid showed '., expose entering students contender despite Everett, chief officer ol pedsa pewd..

.. and showed 'em food. Re to a broad general his tangles with the law. Arlington has ordered

-i Lilly's Drag Store nay not be the boxer his education in preparation "!hen I started in this immediate removal ofcolored"
for selection of fields white"
daddy is, but Ronnie game I thought boxingwas
> proved to the bruiser of major emphases beginning .- sp&rt that the best signs posted at reatroOIfacl11'tlea

1907 KINGS 1 MAI in the sopho- should w. Then I in stable
of Ban
ft 3-I27S Roller Derby that he Manr&cturars Powfn.. &r with theSAGE S .f
can roll with the .punches found out yon hrfd to areas at the park.


-- -- -
-- -
-- -- -

Nfl ; f fJ.


.STAR ftJ iohiMuft.de A l a Which Pad omae To Master-Manager; Ben Geraghty I It

HlII1nl. rl.._. II rIDWIII-- Dmy HwortDiftwb ixMMMH 2 N.wco.rsCeitral's

As Gesiere Of Appndtttai Title C.., Dies OB

Parhaa JohnsonThe
By C.
LOS ANGELES -- Former _
Florida Star, "be people's Paper' .joined IN August world bantamweight champion Football SlateIILBERFORCE.

the multitude in paying homage to Ben Geraghty, who
Harold Dade Ohio -
HELSINKI Finland -- _
manager of the Jacksonville Suns, Saturday night,
World featherweight possession of the title Prairie View and Hillsdale -

July _21", which was designated as "Ben Geraghty champion Dave Moore has was held briefly in 1947. colleges, respectively -
Night- died h-ere recently fol- will be newcomers
received a 530 000 offerto
very small place in the ,
Star presented a
lowing an asthsa attack. rn facing Central state
defend his' title
the mastersof
plaque which was described grandstand,
Dade, a former Golden College this year when
against Olli Uaeka of
ceremonies carried
as being "beautiful" Gloves champion, wrestedthe its 8-game football
Finland In Finland
without flaw.
by those who saw a
title from Manuel slate gets underwaycome
it. With the thousandsof It was a night to be Olympic stadium here
Ortiz in an upset 15th- 4't September. Kentucky
Aug. 17, Swedish businessmanpromoter -
long remembered by the
Negro baseball fans in rounder via a decisionin State will bo Central's
the city of Jacksonvillewho fans and the honoree. re- lost
Jan. 1947 but homecoming foe on Oct.
Despite the rain and
attend the games promoter has agreedto his crown two months }
regularly and occasionally rained soaked playing pay 'plane traveling later to Ortiz in a 13.The schedule:

the Star publisher, field, everyone was expenses for Moore his close match. Sept. 22 St. Joseph

Eric 0. Simpson and staff happy. manager Willie Fried- His retirement from the Away.

felt that they could not. All Star CMlMder land and trainer Teddy ring took place-nearly Sei/v. *--Hl1lsdale.Ho.eOCt.

sit supinely by and seethe Bentham from Los Angelesto three years ago. la Kentucky State--

many gifts of ex- Helsinki and return. Home.

pressions and plaques The cmtract stipulates Dca loHkbtod Oct. 20--Tennessee A&I--

given, without expres- that Moore gets the Away.
Pitches I InMaxkoN
sion of appreciationof chance of a return bout Oct. 27--Lincoln (110.)--

the service renderedby within 90-days if Uaeka Ltogiw Away.

Ben Geraghty from Up':ets the champ, and Nov. 3--Grand Rapids--

the Negro fans. that Moore should he MEXICO air Mecico -- Away.

In presenting the accept, is required to Used mostly in relief Nov. 10--W.Va. state-

plaque, C. Parham John- be in Helsinki no later this season, former t"-o.. Away.

son, a member of the than two weeks before Brooklyn Dodger pitcherDan Dec. l--Prarie View--

Florida Star Staff and the 'flghtCPredicts Bankhead drew a s.rfY 1 Away.

also. a member of the starting relief and
saTED 5 Club Race
committee on the Ben chalked up a 5-0 shutoutfor Tommy Davis

Geraghty night program, f '"it'fJI the poza Rica Oilers

attempted to impress upon SAVAGE "'.' of the Mexican League.
those present and those AMONG the 36-Negro major The former Dodger allowed WL j First

who listened to the league yearlings elegiblefor only 5 hits.
Tribute Is Paid To A
radio broadcast, that all Topps Rookie All- v Great LeaderBEN 100 RBI'sCHICAGO
star team 'this year is
who like baseball and GERAGHTY NIGHT, held at the Jax Suns Baseball Park on Saturday night, -- In a recent
Ted Savage hard-hitting NINE SETTINGSFor !
carry on are not for- outfielder of the Philadelphia pop it runs from an ad- July 21, was the local city officials, merchants, and fans way of saying game against the Chicago

gotten. Phillies. justable safety razor with nine 'thank you' in paying tribute to the famed manager. The highly popularMgr. Cubs, outfielder Tommy
9 .. ar. different settings of blade
When the scheduled and that be angle Geraghty and Mrs. Geraghty were literaly showered with gifts from Davis of the Los Angeles
exposure can regulated -
ceremonies were trans- ,Watch This Clown to suit any condition of grateful admirers program principals shown from left are: Dick Stratton, Dodgers became the first

ferred from the ground to) 17-23-86 skin that and encase beard the to stretch majority socks of sports director of WJXT Tee Vee Channel 4, co-chairman; C. Parhaa Johnson major leaguer to bat-in

the grandstand, the co- 1 T 5 20 354 v .yr American male feet to say (holding Florida Star plaque), Florida Star staffer and a member of the 100 runs this season.
masters of ceremonies, feminine nothing of legs.stretch nylons on program committee; Mgr. Ben Geraghty, 'honoree) and MayorCommissionerHaydon Davis drove in his runs
Dick Stratton and Mayor- s
_.2 +t _1 _, ,. Burns co-chairman. on singles.
Cocaissioner Haydon Burns

did a masterful 4ob in _4 t _7 ALVIN DARK Al Sdnct Found lostbaH Clown

conducting the program. 4 --7 : ,000ysta1"Gazing 6 Former FAMU Stars

The 4,000 fans who braved SAN FRANCISCO Giants To Apper Aug. 10 IN Jax Park I
,the rain to be there on 14-58-39 i manager Alvin Dark pre-

that rainy night were Sometimes 458-40-913 he's up dicted last week that Al Schacht, the greatest of all Baseball Clownsif To Tryout For lax Bears
thrilled as gifts Sometimes he's dam the current National making one of his rare appearances here at

were called. and presenteq fie adds subtracts. League pennant race the Jacksonville Baseball Park on Friday, August EX-JAX HIm HQQLEBS last three years as of- at Gilbert High, end at

to Manager and Mrs. He works it all around would be a 'down-the- 10th. Al will put on his tremendous show between Six former Florida fensive center and A&M 1959-60 when Rattler

Geraghty. Although everything 478-50-130 stretch' affair betweenthe the games of the double header scheduled to A&M football players who lin e backer. won all games. All con
was crammed in a "Giants. Dodgers STOCES: age 24. six one. ference in high school.
start at 6 p.m.Al Schacht, who has a highly are candidates for the
Pirates Cincinnati and popular restaurant in New York City, only makes Jacksonville Bears' 190 pounds. Halfback on Kicked Off at A&M. Candidate -

You Don't Have to Go to Town to Get St. Louis furnishingthe two appearances a year..and as a personal first professional ros- offense and defense at for field goal

fireworks.In .-.. .' favor to Sam Wolfson and Bob Maduro he included ter this fall have Stanton High and four kicker with Bears.
LOW PRICESOn Jacksonville as his _second stop for the several things in common. years (1956-59) at A&M. BUSSEY: age 23, five
Select Circle 1962 season. Not the least of theseis Has run 100 yards in feet ten, 200 pounds.

Schacht is known as' the County Midget Leagues they are unaccustomedto 9.7. Also kicks and Halfback at Gilbert High.
iTfr. AII-. tate at Played one year at A&M
Your ; : "ORIGINAL CLOWN PRINCE and all others. losing ball games. passes.
and two years at Edward
OF BASEBALL" and the August 9 vs Syracuse- Stanton and allArmywith
Although the six playerare
I) DRUG STORE NEEDSTrade World Series Comedian.He CIVITAN CLUB NIGHT-which all Jacksonvillehigh Fort Sill Okla. Waters College where he
most valuable playerin
has appeared in 27 will:honor the Boy Scouts school products.. A&M lost only one game was 1958.

c With Your Neighborhood Drug Store World Series and in of the North Florida and 'they did not all last three years on FLORIDA STARIN

WE WILL..MEET ANY PRICES ADVERTISED IN YOUR all 13 All-Star games .as Area. All gate proceeds play at the same tine squ ad. EVERY

LOCAL PAPERS a special added attrac- will go to the North under Coach Jake Gaitherat DIXON: Age 20, 6 feet

We Deliver-We, Also Fill All Doctors'Prescript ions tion I He is world famous Florida Area Boy Scouts the Tallahassee Negro four. 212 pounds. Tackle -COLORED: -HOME- -

having traveled to enter Council. state university, each, "
Dixie Pharmacy tain a's in New Guinea. SPECIAL saw action on seldom-
TO '
The Philippines, Korea THE WAVES CORPS WHO beaten Rattler elevens. ( ; "
and Japan.
THEIR 20th The group all but one
1302 He will make his app of whom took
Kings Road at Mjrtie Aware ANNIVERSARY ON JULY 28th. spring ,

Pteaes EL 5-S97-98 ERNIE BANKS ) arance the double between header gamesof THE :SUNS WILL ACT AS training with the newly-
formed Bears in the ;
scheduled between the
man Ernie Banks ifco holds ABOUT 35 WAVES FROM THE Florida Football League
BILLS AT OUR STIflE homeron record for short- Friday Rochester, August 10th.CHIEFS Game CECIL FIELD AND HE Richardson, quarterback;
Donald Dixon. end; Beany
stops--his former position JACKSONVILLE NAVAL AIR
time 6
: p.m.
--is a member of the Stokes halfback; Willie
August 7 vs Syracuse at STATION
select major, Legue slug THEIR COMMANDING OFFICERSAND BUssey; halfback; Melvin S
gers who have hits 300 THE NAVAL AIR STATION Crawford, center and -
NIGHT-On that night, Tttai/
or more homeruns. A nine BAN WHICH WILL PLAY THE Ernest Slstrunk full-
a pony, bicycles, auto-
rear veteran, Banks pair "STAR STRANGLED BANNER"AND back. :
balls and P1DL
of boners against the graphed "ANCHORS AiEl Glt' The lightest of these is )
how to
Phi 111 es last week ran hit will be given away to 4* lotting Title Stokes who weighs 190.
his present total to 324. holders of the winning Thumbnail biographical
data on the sextet reveals -
tickets. Tickets for VERACRUZ Mexico Well-

that night cure being s dd knowi to Jax sports fans .some Interestingfacts.

by Little Boys Leaguesof Al Pink ston, veteran
RICHARDSON: age 24. 5'
WELCOME HOME Jacksonville and _the outfielder, now playing
feet ten, 205 pounds.
surrounding area such as with Veraceuz of the ROLLER DERBY
played four years at
NATIONAL Twin Hills Forest Hills Mexican League was Adds 195761. Got his
Duval County Recreation batting 382 as of mid-
diploma in 62. Was

GUARDSMEN Highland Department Little junior League Leagues, July fourth in straight seeking league his honorable mention all- In the l la Tbt COLISEUM

SIAC. Played on National
Arlington Little_ League, batting title.
--- championship teams of Friday p.a.
1957 and 1959. In two
IIIbs ChNs low crucial games in '59 he GENERAL ADMISSION BOX and TRACKS IDE

threw two touchdown

passes in each and Children Children

against a third foe recovered -
an opponents' Students $.50 Students $1.00

fumble as sideback to S to S to i"

break up a drive. Complete -

.If S first five passes Adults $1.00 Adults $2.00

thrown in one game. 1'

.- quarterback four yearsat Don't t miss Ills East exciiiif spots:wit-
TkTwIst, and Matthew fur core Gilbert at A&M.High fIery Friday night fir Us ssit t 18 ,inks.

r :.The Latest Men's Hair Styles SISTROKK: age 23. five Featuring 28 of the world's speediest and roughest

s nine 210 pounds. All skaters 14 WOMEN and 14 KEN. See the COLORED MAN

:;::' Illig Tiifht At Tfo Conference back three AND WOMAN TEAM composed of SUGAR RAY ROBINSON'S EON

years at Gilbert High. RONNIE and ONE of the ORIGINAL MILLS BROTHERS
; ( Cat grid career start to SAND HORSE.TICKETS .
: Jackso.villeBarber baseball pact
and kicks field goals.
eyrROllh eet me, 215 pounds. FRIDAY NIGHT.NO .
CO-captain of Stanton

6. I. Apprri 1(1% Mr Cut1. High and AIM elevens.
doubt yon have seen it on TV every Saturday
E ROBINSON (left) of the Jai Dixie Devils, is being propelled into AOt lost only three game* NOW COM2 AND SES THEM+ IN PERSON!

630 DAVIS ST. at Beaver the "Whip" by teammate Bert Wall in a thrilling Roller Derby League the four years he played

.. .' contest. Jax Dixie Devils and the New York Chiefs will launch 18-weeks of 1958596061. National, ROLLER DERBY
champs 58 and '60.
JACKSIfIYNlL Rim Friday league play here at the Coliseum Friday night Aug. 3 at 8 0'clock. '
Played in every ASH I.

NEE...- 8- ___ _

I Uwters CoaWr RSflllS FOR RENT N. Y. the-In Maids ......- -

Chips Off The Block With Labor Nicely Furnishcd-H & C Jobs Guaranteed \ M '

Wator-Couplo OnlyfL $30-$50 Wk. Fare Ad-

-' By "Jay, JQ" SICItary GclAerg 57275Johnnie's vanced. Mallory Agency,

C" Dept. F-2 576 Iferrick
-, .
} '': .
"Ain't, nobody's- business- if. ..T''I-''do." I listened ..I,.. ..wY NAACP staff mashers, led HotelTV Lynbrook, N. Y. -,
rto Jimmy whitcrspoon moan those classic lines and by Executive Secretary
in room.
Roy Wilkins met --
thoUAAt.abouf how well they express the sentiments 1-. For Reservations Call To $55 kJy.

of most of the folk around this town.' ch > ,. Arthur Gold- EL 54025 Send References with -

of us live in a world of our own Inhabited by J't.f1\': ; T/b berg labor and bureau Department chiefs of 741K 1! W. ASHLEYJacksonville. letter. Carfare riishod..

our selfish desires and aims. Our alter egos ._
Hampton Agency : xt
:1 here, last weekend fora Florida
force us to forget that the troubles of the world : : series 0 f discussionsof I 13 N. Station Playa V.
also rest our shoulders.Tls time
upon we stopped .. minority group employment Great Nock N. Y. .
playing' Jack Homer. By this I mean that many ofus :' ;-..:.<\ bJl problems. Fit. Sale
rest upon our laurels in our air conditioned WANTED w r
The NAACP group spentan =
homes or offices cruise through the streets in
t hour with Secretary Selling Price Reduced Colored Men Wanted. for
air-conditioned caddys and say to ourselves
Goldberg Assistant 2561 Lewis St. Largo Survey Work and to he -w a
"'Ob,"what a great boy am I." it is time we begin
Secretary George L-P six rooms. Good Condi trained for high calibre :
to think about togetherness as a race and
Weaver, and Arthur A tion. Owner financedwith positions. Good income
move forward. Jacksonville is the most backward
Chapin. $300 down. Monthly while, being trained.
city of its size in the South mainly because of
INSTRUCTIONS Payments like rent. See Car Necessary. Call ,
the many jack Homers in our midst who bask in NEW STATE 4TH COUNCIL MEMBERS elected during the annual short coursea
U. S. CIVIL SERVICE TESTS! Owner, 528 Chelsea St. 3592341 3616 Old St
the light of their personal accomplishments.Many Florida A. and u. University last week were: Sylvia Lewis president. FL 5-7180 .Augustine Road.

of these worldly goods were attained by Gadsden (left); Sylvia Forehand vice president Gadsden; Maria Scott SM2IM Men"Nil"a veek-n. IIM Prepirattrv*. Start MfA trainInf u-

Judas-like activities. secretary, Dade; Alberta Willlaas treasurer Putnam; Willie Sims chap- until appointed. Thotujmd o| STRAND Sunday thru Saturday

Meanwhile back at the ranch, things were humm lain,Leon; Joseph Gallaway, financial secretary, Volusia; Lessie Haynes, jobi nptn. Kxperlcnr usually un _

ing. prince Matt left his new son long enoughto reporter Dade; Patricia Thomas, historian, Marion; and Gloria Gibson nrreuar.I WM. alarf..TRtE*. requirtmenK information Wrtt on "
spend a day.on the, pier at Little Talbot. His parliamentarian Jackson Counties respectively. TODAY .citing phonr. Lincoln TENSE wiTH SUSPENSE!
catch included two drum. Sim Bellamy had the entire -- -
family fishing. I told a person that with Box 8592 Jax 11 Fla. ILR7DS1UGFR

'school teachers, fishing ain t sport this time J1 POLICEREPORTS S
ServicesSound ._ .
of year.- It's strictly- business. Crab goulash.. -wit u_____._ __ ___ -- -.- -MNBY1fN.1)UAMNX.).FINSERAIL ... .-. --
baked fish and fried fish can make several meals HOSPITALIZE BY Donnson. of Sneads, ported. Service for Ad-

and it beats buying pork chops. Ennis Ceasar HUSBAND FOLLOWING ROW Florida walked into her After questioning, vertisingDances, Ball and

and my brother can tell you about the one thatgot Mrs. Thelma Johnson house and at that time James Brown admitted to Games, etc. Also Loud '
away. You see I can verify my tales. 47. of 1057 Barber he started cursing her investigating officers Speaker Service for Banquets TIE SUIT HOST Of loft rwijTic AND AOVHTUIE umaimiu WI flHtO'!
Isadore Singleton loves to tell you the time of Street was hospitalizedlast and said he did not come that he took them and Concerts. Record

day. He is sporting a new pocket watch. When Sunday for injuries there. to see ber, he unlocked the store to Hops etc.Phone El 3-5902 aMeg9

you ask him the time, wish him happy birthday.Two received from a fight, came to see Lucille take a nap but the SOUND SERVICE .
alarm went off so he
fellows were standing on 8th and Davis police reported follow- Howard, her sister. _
locked the store and
discussing the proposed Katanga Lounge. Said ing an investigation. The two, sisters asked OLD RECORDSJANTEDI
went to complainant'shouse
one to the other, "Last Saddity I knew that we It was reported that the intruder to leave
and told her he will buy old __
we had returned to the native but now I know her husband. Eugene and Just as he started your (MOONIS OfTMI CONOO) '
why.," Replied the other, "This may be Katanga Johnson 42 startedat out he picked up a took the keys from Victrola Records from -

here but the rest of the Congolese are on 21st his wife and she ran bottle and hit Queen another man who was the 1920's. Blues & I ROOSEVELT Sunday thru Tuesday

and MYrtle. if you don't believe me, ask Hugh door where he Esther in the left tem- trying to enter the Jazz Records by such -..- ___

Wilson." Seems as tho Hugh tried to play, United Acaight her. Bringing her ple and in the left and store but the suspect artists as Bessie 'IRE FANTASTIC ADVENTURES OF THE
police said.
Nations Saturday night and a great big Congoleseboy out he flung her to the right sides police ran. Siiti.: Ma Ruiney King t WORLD'S MIGHTIEST MORTAL!
Conducting the investigation -
did not want to cooperate. After mediation sidewalk police said. said. She was advised to Oliver, Jelly Morton

failed Hugh called out his artillery but the Police said Mrs. John- secure a warrant for were police Fletcher Henderson and w_
officers G. It. Henry andR. others. Labels like
rebel had fled the scene. Hugh retired to lick son was conscious when Henry Donnson. police
_. wa.chington.IMPERIAL Paramount, Vor alion, .-.USTUSCIOI w.usrtomumtnand
his wounds and swore that next time he would they arrived, but sh said. -
jennett Champion
act first and mediate next.A couldn't talk. She was patrolmen A.W. Murray SUNDRIES Okep,Victors & Columbia. "MR. SMITH GOES GHOST" plus

new head coach has assumed the reins at EWC. taken to Duval Medical and D.L. Postal investi- .dlcln Cosmetics
Patent M s .._
I Call Me at 3544337Sat. .w-w o-GolctNYn"Acver
We really hated to lose George Bell. just as Center by ambulance. gated. j jCor ..
officers . All Leading Hair Preparations Nite from 6 to [HEUSEDLOVE PAUL NEWMAN
the Kings Road school hit the top In athletics Investigating
said Johns o, 'UNKNOWN' GIRLFRIEND 10 p.m. & Tell your USE MOVE ;
church and administrative red tape presentedties Eugene Bread & Astfcy q.j GERALDINE PAGE
that a good man would resent. Results Bell was arrested at the INJURES LOYAL

elsewhere and is the scene. SOOfllTHI'lA.' 1Ift .:,.!III.a.I'fTINNIUII .
gone jack Paul new mentor. EL 4.215945th OPENING SOON WSWlWa / uwPJIUOIlnSKYVIEW
Twill soon be cutting time at Durkee Field. Patrolmen -E. R Taylor 'U? NORM GIRL FRIEND>>

Many of the hopefuls trying out for the Bears. and H, Harley investi- INJURES LOCAL MAN Dorsey' Commercial
t Jacksonville's entry in the state pro loop will gated. Rogers Wright, 39, of STREET Driving School LocatedAt Sun. rite thru Tues.

face the moment of truth. Only the pure In . 1 477 W. State Streetwas DriveInBAR.I.QUE Magnolia Service Win SI 1 Win $215 Cash (Mon. rote I

heart will remain after cut time. The 'TUrk" HUSBAND IS INJURED treated at Duval Center 2309 W. Edgewooc

will make his appearance in a couple of weeks. ;>> BY WIPE Medical Center for injuries Avenue at. Avenue B -- I'KPIRJJENT INJERROITjnd JTHE HELLIONS'ROOSEVELT -

Eugene "Stink" White, the Archie Moore of Edward Jones 62 of received in a Driving Lessons Day or Saturday Aug.EC 4
Jacksonville athletes declares that he is going 1306 Davis Street was fight last Saturday. the 're D ficiousYou'll Night by appolntient-

-to make some of the other "young boys" hustleto treated in Duval Medical police said. like 'era Pree Transportation- and this ad mil admit 1 chid under 14-
Center for injuries received Wright told police he
beat him out. Reasonable Fee-For
News comes to us that Rodell Roberts was a- in a fight last and his girl friend got I 45th & Hcncfiel. further information before 2 p.m. Saturday to see "GUN'FiW"TERROR -

warded a favorable Judgement In his case against Sunday, police said. in an argument about Hear 45th Street Call 7659393. in a TEXAS TOWN" and "OAITOH GIRLS"

Anthony Kinnon a local builder. The Kinnon- Police said jones was some money and during I. Dormer Proprietor -- ..-.- ..--. ...
Roberts feud made headlines several months ago. hit on the head with an the argument eke struck I Package Store I
unknown object which him over the head with a
Carolyn Charles has returned to the city aftera
lacera- stick. Victim said he
stay in Kansas City with hubby Ed Charles of a large
head. It could not girl
the give
tion on
the Athletics. Ed Is
Kansas City having a fairly
his wife. Irene friend because he
was Mrs. s naae
good year at the base for the K. C. team. Who
Jones 41. who hit him, did not knori it, police i
knows, if he has a real food year, the Yankeesmay
police said.Patrolmen said.
buy him from their major league farm team.
E. R. Taylor police said victim was
Carolyn has nothing but praise for Kaycee but
and H. Harley investi intoxicated.
she is glad to be home.
Patrolmen F. Mack andj.
Rumors are persisting that bit changes are in gated.. 1INTRUDER. Doe investigated. 6RAN OP

the air around Continental Bowling Lanes. The .

lanes remind one of the weather everybody's INJURES

talking about it and nobody1 doing nothing about WOMAN RESIDENTMrs. SUSPECT ADMITS
It. When you have absentee managership,
everyone has problems.The Queen Esther Howard Mrs. Mae Thomas of Open 24 Hours For Free Delivery

Duval County School folk have seen fit to 33. of 509) Odessa 608 police Court that D., reportedto the keys Mcnday to Sunday N oner ief Drive-In Nfarke t Semite Phone

lift the ban on the persons who were involved In Street was injured by !

the credit scandal at Florida Normal several an uninvited guest who to the been C&G; taken Confectionaryhad cut of Plenty Parking Space 45th $t. & Moncrief Road PO 5-9287 PO 8-6011

years ago. The other 66 counties allowed the came into her home last ICE COlOCRABS --
her pocketbook and jeaes N PIENTY LIVE
folk to w crk three or four years ago. They have Monday, police said.
paid their debt so why make them suffer? Mrs. Howard said a man Brown was named as the BUY now 8t moneY saving' prices..FridaySaturdaySundayFREE ( |wATERMElO'H
suspect, police re-
Saturday the home of isadore Singleton _was identified- as Henry loam Merits Bread with each Purchase Armour Star Meats I U). S. Good & Choice BEEF
the setting of a Joint birthday party. Adult 2 !.

chaperones had as much fun watching the teenagers Plenty Tree Ripe FRUIT( PEPSI-OlA drinks to allSPICED Monel Bone Rol
carry on as the youngsters did carrying on. Chuck

A highlight of the evening was a display of .

home movies. The Singletons have pictorial proofof v N woll'derEnigllAth 49t LUN Roost
their fish tales. SALAMIt. CHEON .+ Ib.49C

Next year is city election. Both asporants for .
mayor the incumbent and the hopeful commissionerhave .

dirty houses to clean. The mayor as Police- BOLOGNA '

fire commissioner has a lot of spade work to do IAIQKG WHOLE OR
39C Whole or half 39C HILF49C'
in the fair employment department and also in i1 kcecp so cool HENS lb. HAMS H&MS

equalizing rights of his gendarmes. Mr. Highway lb. ... .. .. --. ----- .- -
Commissioner has a whole heap more to do in the

hiring and paving department. We don't mean the (mix Qordorfs Jill in a tall, SMOKE STEAK

sort ofpave* my buddy's atreet" program which is e SAUSAGE
going on now. ..vf iced drink-andyou will, too!), Boned

) Robert "Crow Hayes is In town for a' few days. \ <

He will leave for Sweden in a few days to compete f English are not easily fazed, : $1 Sirlaia age ?ri
} The
abroad. by summer heat. This i corta 3 lb. .T.BDBI lb.SraM .
hands. The
Local Negro theatres have changed A national talent was given a cheer-
management has begun work on the physical plant. ful accompaniment in J769.when Amur COILARD
of the movie-going public is asked > Alexander Cordon introducedhis OKRA ,
The patience 'A' Sial ClnerNouBUTTER 72C :101J 19C
until the face-lifting work is completed.) remarkable gin. The A 49C GREENS lb.

"Bil'lillle" Motley is having a big grand Cordon's you drink today Z. HL .
of folk will be on harks back to his original
_opening. Johnny Shaw and a heap ; FRESH

I hand to welcome you to his giant "two for Willie one 1 7i, ; not formula tamper,because with one gin does of F t ;. 'A' EREEN POTATOES GREEN 25
and giveaway." in addition to bargains. such distinctive dryness .Hil15t 29C

will have something for everybody. He' a located at and flavour. Try it soon 1. 21is. PEAS 3 IIJs.

45th and Moncrief. ha tansy Gin fc Tonic kYor
records and a wee bit of savvy are GIII GROUND BRISKET
Lads with good Tom Collins. You'llsee IEEF
urged to apply for and take the civil service why, summer and ; -- \ koie' 'A' Ltree L35 BEEF Ie:9 STEW 291t
exams. There are openings for tea or more police winter, Cordon's Gin ,. BOC HEARTS C

officers if they can qualify. Other Jobs are open. Is the biggest seller in J : I 2 fcz. 3 Ih.SNOtT .

England, America, and

Tfci I", Kit 111 rliil 4 indeed- the world IAA NECK BEEF IRAOXTAILS

.'.':/' :.Specializing,, ,Facials la and TintingScalp Hair letting Treatae&ts oerators Manicnring are-: ::L_ I.lOlIS i.10e TRIPE III. II 2 Us.35C ____

WUU8 lolls Kf MM8I*Wfl*IWJ Wt UI flM OHM.N NMT.
Kesd&aes; Willie CrutcherGloria Morgan, filheaeaia 12 MCIWEMERS ARMiiR STAR
'r Rousseau.and Miss Ethel I,. 1ICCl.....: SfUCTIHFin

_. ,."1:4.: .. SRI( .... U:1-iI: 99C ts99t ..49C ilr a.49C

; 1 J 1.: J 3fc 3 1

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