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Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
June 23, 1962
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
June 23, 1962
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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t ) !' ....: ".tt.' '


Rev. Martin L. King Linked To Finagling For Miami Loan Assn. Charier : -. ,

.... ... ... .



** *

FLORIDA STAR ; schI Funds Aid Whftes' Swin Program


,' 12-HO. 12 SATURDAY TUNE 23. 1962 15 CENTS While Thousands Of Negroes Go I.ackiPl

},; -

: *

I. j li Racial Segregation Dominates Duval Medical Center

ri ,': ... -
-.... '.
.. .
i ..-; "" .. '
,<,, -<< tT
; NDER !v'" ,
FIRE f. }.", '' >

/', .;> i '"" ;' _
.fi '..y ".-X, t- +
I ...**..*.*..*..***.. p8 ... r" "
J ,ping Desegregation Order Jim Crow Signs At Medical Center

IV .".fed Company's 112 Plants CbalMged By NAACP Youth GroupWhile e er

An official of the JacKsonville area St. Regis
compelled to, administer to the ,Injured and
stated this week that the company intends -
plant .
paper .
the diseased, while compelled to deliver the new-
to voluntarily comply" with President
born and minister to the aged, while compelled to !
executive order to banish all practicesof
medically serve the county-at-large, the peopleat __ y ,
discrimination against any race, color or creedin
Duval Medical Center are maintaining that Institution -
the operation of any industry under government
fortress of indignity, because
as a
contract. .....- 1 y
within its walls, segregation is practiced as .t,,
Racial discriminationat ,
equally as medicine, and discrimination ranks ,
the plant, located in the compliance order was above human suffering. '., '71-1; a

Eastport, has been tI
open- :
signed. S S
On a tour of the hospi- r tT
ly practiced ever siice According to Smith, tals, one sees bold and been a lot of talk aboutit. 4 l

the Industry was put Into seven Negroes were given frequent "white" and It's been discussed. Jre _v''--rr- _

operation in 1954. tests last Thursday to Vrolored" signs direc- I suppose. But nothing w

Segregated unions, wash- determine that qualifi- ting visitors and formal, he stated.

rooms, drinking fountains cations for upgrading. patients to racially The board chairman said

'and overall work- Only two of the seven segregated areas. Even that many areas in the ?a"I

ing conditions combinedto reportedly passed the at the Admitting and hospital are "closely I Ii $rt

formed a grievious examination.In Information booths integrated" adding,

atmosphere under which a statement, received (where a little subtlety 'in- other areas, of :.

Negro employees had to Just before press would seem to be in course, the doctors have

work. An abundance of time Smith said that order) the offensive the final say-so about The atmosphere of racial segregation maintained at Duval Medical Center is plainly described by

Jim crow signs through one of the two Negroes signs announcing the policy. New boras, for the above photos showing a few of the many "white" and "colored" signs which can be found

out the'plant added insult who.had passed the test institution's racial instance, he went on, scattered throughout the hospital. A Negro ambulance drivel is seen leaving the "colored

to injury. had been favorably policy are conveniently "I don't know whether side of the hospital's Coffee Shop as a white patron enters the door prescribed for his race

Negro workers com.- checked-out" -and.tha't placed for all to see. colored people would Remaining photos show "white" and "colored" Waiting Rooms and "white" Registration area.Negroes' .

plained of having no the company s This is the same in cer- like that area mlYeJTor -\. s ( Photo"By Billy BrownMIAMI > -11II

advancement opportunity satisfied with his not. And then, of course
tain ward areas, in the
r- from the 'Yards"' where background and credit Coffee shop on rest there ,are the white Tax GROUPS FIGHTING 1 NAACP To Give'Rights'

the heaviest work in references.' doors.Is people to consider. When Plans
the plant is carried on. "He's being given a the Medical Center you're dealing with Dollars Aid OVER LOAN ASSOCIATIONMIAMI

Their union--the Pulp final interview this getting governmentmoney sick people, you have an Swim ProgramAn During MeetingDr.
any Martin In
The Rev. latter, well known
Wood Workers Union-- different kind
morning, Smith said. which weald at entirely
with its harsh segrega- "I see no reason why once make such segrega- of situation." American Red Cross Luther King, normally Miami circles, are James A. Moss,

tion' policy, offered he shouldn't be put on tion practices unconsti- When questioned about official admitted last associated with civil Garth Reeves "Dr. internationally renowned -
week that swim- rights activity, appeared Elmer Ward and Mrs. sociologist and
them little representation. of summer ,
his new job immediately tutional? "No, says the possibility removing -
While in a plant !" The personnel the signs Mr. ming courses are being in an entirely dif- Dana Dorsey Chapman. director of research,
Clarence King, chairmanof
which sprawls for offered to white ferent role this week The Roosevelt group sou them Regional
acres manager described the said "The youth
hospital King
the county :
Negroes have only three children and adultsat when he was accused bya this month filed a Council, will give the
new position as a madea
board. "The Medical group of the NAACP
washrooms at their dis- private pools in cer- mixed Miami group of motion accusing the main address during the
'salary job in theoffice" recent of the '
Center did get some survey '
posal. tain areas of the city, aiding in maneuveringthem board of improper con- NAACP's public mass
He declinedto dis-
assistancesome hospital. They
The Presidential order government and that these courses out of a charterto duct and asking that meeting Sunday .at 5:30

automatically outlaw give the Negro'sname years ago through cussed their findingswith are being offered under start a savings and the charter grant to p.m. in St. Paul AME
or any further in- Act for Wood, mention-
the Hill-Burton Mr.
such discriminatory the joint auspices of loan association to Franklin be revoked.It Church.Dr. .
formation. "An official the installation of a ing the signs. But it
practices.The the Red Cross and the serve primarily the is also charged that Moss received his
press release will be new operating suite. was nothing formal. It
personnel manager, Duval public school Negro community.A the Franklin group early education in Newark -
issued stating our position That was about 1955. It seems that the most
H.J. Smith, who revealed .system. group allegedly ".. .through secret, N.J. In 1948, he
following the has gotten no such money responsible group isthe
the company' iR.B. Bracewell, local favored by King was ex parte representation was awarded his B.A.
signing of the com- since." NAACP. I think a formal
intention of complyingwith Red Cross director of awarded the directly to the boardin degree in Social Re- ,
pliance order on Fri- The Hill-Burton Act request--when it comes- charter in .
the Kennedy order, safety services made his Washington" added search from Fordham University -
day, he said. allows government money should come from them. of !
said: "The St. Regis statement in answer to February four Negro members to and his Masters
When asked if the man to be matched for local The "Mr. Wood" mention this by
Paper Company does not questions asked him year its original group. degree in related study
was being upgraded with hospitals and medical by Kings is the Federal
intend to put itself in about the rumored pro. Dr. King admitted from Columbia university
any restrictions Smith facilities. A certain Michael J. Wood, direc-
economic jeopardy by gram. He do have sucha Home Loan that he had talked to in 1949. in 1957 he
any answered, emphaticall 3 provision in the bill, torof the medical Bank Boardin
defying the complianceorder. program going, he the board chairman on earned his Doctorate in
"absolutely none. He center.
The government is allowing segregation said. "But the pools-- Washing behalf of the Franklin Sociology, Anthropology
can go as high as he has been attacked fre- When asked if he felt ton. King is
after all our best located in the Cedar groip. King said he frail Columbia.DR. .
wants. He might even be quently by the NAACP as that the doctors are alleged to
customer. Our company Hills, souths ide- called McMurray on
president of the company unconstitutional. responsible for the KINO
being have made at
president, Mr. Adams Arllngton and Beach behalf of six membersof
one dar for all I According to Mr. King, segregation practices at
will sign the order on areas--are all privately least one secret tele- the Franklin group
know. the medical center has the hospital Mr" King
Friday. June 22." owned. phone call to JosephP. who had visited him in
The Friday signing of of such "I would say
received no more replied:
The director said that Board said he
Smith stated that for MCMurray Atlanta. He
the compliance order money because of 'insufficient that the doctors at the
the past month or so he it was "unfortunate"that Chairman of the FHLBBin told McMurray the
will automatically ef- priority. medical center are
had been meeting with there were no an effort to get the Franklin group was
fect the over 100 Regarding the segregated following a traditional pools available reliable" nd
members of the company'sfour private charter for his friendsin very
operations of the St. policy of the pattern." He said that
unions in an effortto where a similar pro- Miami. His 'friends'in should get the char-

get them "adjusted"to Regis Paper Company hospital. King said no'formal" up to this point the gram could be Initiatedfor the Franklin Savings ter.
which ranks as one of request' had board has never
children. the
the new policy: that Negro He and Loan Association, McMurray only
would go into effect once the nation largest. been made for a changein "discussed' removing called the closed city include the Rev. Edward board member appointedby

policy. There's the Jim crown signs. pools "a tragic waste" Graham. longtime Miami Kennedy, refused to

. Trio Sentenced For $90,000 Ciiirtttt Tbttt adding: "We desire to civil rights fighter.The confirm or deny that

teach children--and charges against he had discussed the JAMES A. MOSS
Criminal Court Judge : ., } St.; and Robert Lads en, No Word
adults--how to swim. King stem from newspapers case ;with King. .Speaks Here Sunday
William T. Harvey sen- ,." .:1"... I Iy 31, of 2390 Lantana Ave.
It's not matter of the meanwhile
: 4 Received o.'Coke' a stories which In
tenced three Jaxons to =:vF Investigators said
race with us, they related how the Franklin -
Dr. Moss is the well-
three State prison
years w loycott should know how to -
Just had supposedly -
group known author and co
terms each f cr theftof '
more than' $90,000 in 7T : swim.; added more names to S 'j author of numerous white

cigarettes from a whole- Despite a daily ava- As it now stands thereis their roster secretlyto papers and books dealing

sale tobacco firm. lanche of calls seeking no comparable pro- obtain more repre- r with today's numerous

Information, neitherthe gram for the Negro sentation.The .
sociological problems
On June 15, a jury .
y local NAACP office children of this city; original 9-oember VHENRY
found the guilty
men nor the STAR has received nor has there been any Franklin group, included OTHER EVENTS

r the local boy- .that such a program, Nathaniel Colston. Negroes public meeting: will also

.k = __ cott against the Jax could be put into ef- added to the- acquaint Jax citizens

JOHN DAVIS, JR. ROBERT LADEN Coca Cola Co.Rutledge fect. ''Ie would be more: group were Walter: C. '!, with the current NAACP

the trio had been employees Pearson than glad to supply the Cogdell, Otis B. James ARRINGTOH program involving employment -

on a specific charge of of the tobacco NAACP president, said necessary instructorsif the Rev. Edward T. opportunitiesand

grand larcency of $280 firm for several years the matter will be discussed a pool or pools couldbe Graham and attorney surprised attorneys for bias selective buying -

worth of cigarettes from and in statements, dis- and action relative found for the Negro Henry Ar ington. the Roosevelt group, voter registration,

the Fred Brooks Cigar closed the cigaretteswere to the situation children Bracewellsaid. The denied applicants, 'who just learned of housing, and all areas

Co. Oct. 18, 1960. sold to local grocery will be taken duringthe "'e had five to known as the Roosevelt King.' s action, said involving Negroes econo-

Sentenced were: Cleveland store operators. NAACP s public mass six instructors at the Savings and Loan Association the clergyman Interference mic and social welfare.

Sease, 34, of 117W. Police said they could meeting Sunday at Jefferson Street pool are comprised w uld Invalidate Interesting supporting

20th St.; John Deris find no evidence to 3:30 p.m. in St. Paul when it was opened." of six whitesand the whole pro- features will round out

CLEVELAND SEAS Jr., 27, of 1851 W. 23rd support the claim. AME Church. three Negroes. The ceeding. the afternoon's program.


_I : : T (

2 ,FLIMi STAB UTIIBfUY_"._nu. .IHMP..._ _91, 1.._, t J


- NEWS' :w -L
Published. by the Florida Stir fibllshinf 'Co. ) '. ,
'MeDb r of Associated Metro Press" -
BY ERIC a smpson
'f; Jackie'Robinson has warned that the
ERIC 0. SIMPSON.Jatal II EMIr 1, NAACP is not doing a proper Job. He urges

them to adopt a more militant attitude
I 1 .
ttYSOM I WlSL..JItws Eitr.I r :y Sj +
before it is too late.
WlA lOOTEN.CicIlltil acv L Mr. Robinson is quoted in a new book by
Louis Lomax "The Negro Revolt, was

Mill OFFICE & PUNT: tin wh published on June 20 by Harper & Row,
2323 lI.crier RoatL.P.. Qgii 4-6782 EL 46783th&i The former* Brocklyn Dodger and NAACP

::: board member is reported by Mr. Lomax as
Address: saying, "\\\e are not meetingthe

needs of the .
P. 0. SOl 581 Ixfattle 1 Fhrfe masses. We -
don't know the people the
,,2C people don't knot us. I have -

I been asked by many people to
form another civil rights
One year $6.00: Half year $4:00 I Its r, .- organization that would be
Mailed. to You Anywhere in the United States : ':ri:r closer to the masses. I'm all

I Subscription Payable in Advance for a new organization if we
Send check or Money e-der to: can do it without interferingwith

j .. what the NAACP is doing. We must do
Florida Star P. 0. Box 501 something; we can't go on as we are now."
Jacksonville 1, Florida J In "The Negro Revolt" Mr. Lomax reports -

on the Negroes" mood of militancyand
1 the reasons for it. He explains that
SINCoIIc.ssouhtItsFiI1di the current unrest is directed not only

against the white world but also against
Offend To Pnpttwrtt S.p.uiIoi ; tHe entrenched leadership of the old-

_ Let us stop pretending that we do not ; guard Negro organizations.
know the difference between The rapid changes demanded by the current -

_ij concession. Iet'us. !' above all progress arise and HOW LONG MUST THIS BE OUR WORLD "IMAGE" mood of the Negro oeop.le cannot be
nit"u...." PIuIbYa1JI"iiie"...1 L ,__ ...._.-j----.___. in A acceptance. ann accomplished if the Negro leadership organizations -

admit that wo uro being treated not with do not change their basic ap-

justice but with patronage. Let us get a nrnach to segregation, according to Mr.

: clear understanding in our minds of the -- Your Weekly) l.o"'iax.
1 difference botween conipronjisei!' ? ana correc- Mr. Lorrax believes that even if school
tion. integration had proceeded smoothly it
Actually, wo are being spoon-fed: a diet Horoscope Guide would have affected the lives of the
_ of hushfiiouth concessions cleverly flavored Negro masses very little.Mr. .
to quiet our demands for justice. In the -- By PABLO, The ASTROLOGER Lomax states: "A generaticn and a,

meanwhile, segregation: i continued to make half of today's Negroes are doomed to
I a mockery. flour efforts to become a free WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR live out their lives under exactly the

people in n free st 'frty. same conditions they have always sufferedand
'' To quiet protest against discriminatory .- BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL would be so doomed even if the 1954

__ practice, unr or two Negro bus drivers. school desegregation decision had been.

are niron. The civil service board, in You are not apt to get the wisdom and experienceare implemented..The desegregation decision
F the meanwhile, continues to turn their ARIES very far if you do not the coveted rewards. Feb. 18th said nothing about the right of a Negro
backs cm nil requests Born March 21st thru It is somewhat risky to laborer to become plant foreman if he
by Negroes to take enjoy the trust or good Should you run into a
examinations for available jobs. In order April 19th will of your marital or keen disappointment, it get yourself emotionally had the ability to do so."
to quiet protest, a solitary Negro salesperson The harder life Is, and business partner. The would lessen the impact involved at this The attitude of the Negro masses must

is hired in one of the downtown th e more e empty the question of economics is if you keep the foregoing stage as you are apt change if they are- to realize their goals
stores. In the meanwhile, the overall pocketbook, the surer it also a potential trouble in mind. You will to take rebuffs or dis- believes Mr. Lomax. He states that thereis

_.I picture of discririnatory practices in is to acquire wisdom. maker when there is no have to make sure you ?appointments rather a widespread lack of responsibility,
employment in Should you find yourselfin hard. Due to yout pride and general lack of initiativeamong
: Jacksonville businesses isa accord as to how it have your emotions and apathy
flagrant abuse against Negro dignity. a comparable situation should be handled. It extravagant whims strict- you may not show how you the American Negro today.

One of the favorite excuses of the per- take it all will not help your cause ly under coLtrol. feel, but it is likel
_ philosophically and adjust to rankle Congressman Dfggs Offers SolutionTo
deep inside.
_ petuntors of segregation in this city is one bit to become emo- 8-10-77-18-86-817
that the white yourself to circum- Try not to be too demi-
people tional when
are not ready for you find SCORPIOBorn
stances as best you can. eering when dealing White Citizens Councils
intoeregationJftiat they are actually saying that results are blocked Oct. 24th thru
is that we, the Negro, are not equipped Financial stress ant (29th). The surest and Nov. 22nd with your intimate associates -
for "p (' rer.ation. They would like to disappointing develop- perhaps only way to gaina If an impasse has been as they may be Congressman Charles C. Diggs. Jr. (D-
believe this: They would like to believe ments come hand and hand freer hand or more reached, and all efforts excessively sensitive to Michigan) sent the following letter -to The-

thnt their master-plan to make us second- Your s ccial and. emo- willing co-operation may at reconciliations have any slight or criticism.Get Honorable W.C. Naude. Ambassador of South

rate citizens has been successful; they tional interests also be to put your cards on come to naught, the final your budget and recreational Africa:
would like to believe that we have been come under depressing the table and ask the leave-taking is likely projects 'Honorable W. C. Naudb
influences. moving forward, if Ambassador of South Africa
If this Impels they
umioreducated. underhoused underfed and other person to do like- to occur on the 25th.
you to show the have been a't a stand- 3101 Massachusetts Avenue N.W.
overworked is
for so long that we lack the wise. a possibility,
stamina to lift ourselves to the responsibilities world that you can rise 220661345261LEO for some of you that still of late (27th). Washington, D. C.
above all obstacles and 4-60-88-19-25-468 Dear Mr. Ambassador:
of freemen.In yiur hands may be hence-
succeed the I have found most the
apparent interesting recent
reality the forth freed to undertakethe
pressures! of racial Born July 23rd thru
social unfavorable pattern may PISCES reports in the American press about South
educational and economic restriction projects you have
finally Aug. 22ndDon't Born Feb. 19th thru Africa's current "Drive for White Settl-
we have been compelled to exist serve as a means nursed in the depths of
has given vitality to our determination under to an end. bank too' much on your mind for a long March 20th ers" and, in connection therewith, its
6-70-22-14-91-672 obtaining cooperation time. uld Some sorrow or dis- establishment of recruiting centers in
to correct these It w do no good
wrongs, to
an includ-
end to the criminal TAURUS to adopt the negative 'appointment is to be "Northern Europe'countries to ferret
periority.However myth of white su- Born April 20th ing your spouse or other view that all is over :found in everyone'slife. out "select" immigrants who will make a
thru 20th allies. You may discover "full adaptation in the white communityand
May for you, as it could be Fortunately, in
on our part is becoming that the ties formedin
increasingly There seems to be little you the starting point of the case of highly its customs" (South Africa's). The
permit: ourselves necessary.to bo lulled We must not doubt that you have been the past are unbreakable ,novel and more exciting developed types this reports indicate the Verwoerd Governmentis t

state of complacency into a aiming high. But if you no matter experiences in the days adds to maturity and extensively planning an annual invest -
by small
concessions. have what arguments you advance the ment of four million dollars to
Segregation been willing to to come. acquisition of wis- over bring
and all of its destructive
to the .
.by-products sacrifice human and contrary.You 3-40-55-13-76-345 dom. Take this view to into South Africa forty to fifty thousand
is an evil we must
fight until will have to bide
it is done spiritual values in the SAGITTARIUSBorn provide comfort If.70Ufind whites per year. The proposal anticipatesthat
away with. We must free
our children by freeing ourselves. attempt to succeed you your as you are not Nov. 23rd thru that this appliesto by the year of 2000, the Governmentcan
must expect some part of likely to get very far Dec. 21st you on the 24th raise its white population from three

the unhappines and dis- through legal action a You are at a period in 25th. Health and employ- to ten million persons to get a suffi-
IF EmHy Obtrectlif Otr Props appointments created to other means (29th). Your y ur life when yob may ment problems may also ciently large white indoctrinated popula-

rub off.on you. This may financial prospects seem take slights and offense- have to be faced, in tion to nearly match the 12,773,000

_: Uf's Givi trafbriMMl A Try become abundantly clearto somewhat improved somewhat too seriously.If which event you will be Africans Asians, and "mixed coloreds. "
you in ways that maybe especially if you can you harbor a grudge well advised to obtain It is hoped thus to counter the determina
Somewhere in our struggle for dignity we termed harsh and un- make certain confidential and refuse to relent the counsels of quali- tion of these masses for independence and
L I must learn love. It is even possible that mistakable.. Home and pro- connections or arrange- and loving friendship.And fied experts. If you freedom from colonialism. This the Ver-
learning love we would have gained dignity fessional relationshipsmay ments. the idea thata show the proper Initia- woerd Government believes will assure the
: for love expressed by a people is 1-90-11-17-67-197 1 tive and remain confident -
also be the sources better job is waiting continuation of white supremacy and the
brotherhood, and brotherhood fosters jus- of worry, sorrow and VIRGO for you somewhere else ( of your lucK apartheid system of racial segregation and I
tice, and justice commands dignity.The difficulties. You may Born Aug. 23rd thru in the unknown may not 'holding out, the obstacles political and economic discrimination

lack of brotherhood among us as a have to alter your plans Sept. 22ndIt be justified by the will not deter against the majority non-white peoples of
people is tragic. Strife and envy are for the future to make is difficult to have actual conditions ex- you for long.If this nation.I .
doing a thorough job of slowing our progress them more realistic and fun when you maintaintoo isting there. It world differences between respectfully suggest to the Verwoerd

by keeping us scattered in partisan workable. tight a grip on the be rather risky to takea you and your mate or Government that, whatever doubtful possi-
camps of narrow-minded opinion. Lack of 7-50-33-15-79-753 purse strings. Should chance to find this other intimates exist bilities it might have for the end
faith in our own leadership is destroying GEMINI this be dictated by out for yourself. make it your first achievement of its plans, it would be to

that leadership. Our power as a people is Born May 21st thru necessity there is 9-90-44-17-73-294 order of business to their advantage to set up some of those
dissipated by our refusal to be little you can do aboutIt liquidate them before
racially June 21st CAPRICORNBorn recruiting centers in such areas of the
harmonious. Religious differences other than lookingfor Dec. 22nd thru they deepen. United States as New Orleans and any
We must realize that our unbrotherly class distinction or the more remunerative Jan. 19th 2-80-22-14-62-282 number' of other places in the South

attitude toward one another is a major outright interference of employment. But if You could be tempted to where there is a goodly quantity .of people
obstruction in the achievement of our others can throw cold frugality is your moti- overplay your hand If -...FOR LIFE, who apparently believe in South Africa's
goal. We must not only live and work together water the vating reason, you may HEALTH
on most pro- you have made retrench- apartheid way of life. You have probably
but we must above all, think together mising of romances. If find that others are ment and frugality the AND ..- read in our newspapers that in some of
if we are to put our own maximum any prejudices exist likely to take a very .
on keystones of your new HUMANITY"H; these areas certain white citizen groups
potential as a people into play. We must, your side, you had bet- diD view of the whole economic policy. This .* ...... 1t have undertaken drives with little suc-
too develop leadership in our own ranks ter do away with them affair. Consider the would not enhance your t' cess, to send Negro citizens on similar
and perpetuate that leadership through our before they create a. causes that may be underlying popularity with those free ride-subsidy plans as South Africa

solid support. rift that can never be your disappointments whose love means everything ; rw has instituted. The aim is to send Negro
Politically; we lost ground in the recent closed, now or later. or the ,attitudesof to you. Pass impartial |:;L{!'b: ;* .. citizens to other areas of the country

election. One or both of our Negro candi- Neither travel nor your loved ones if judgment on 2 IU.; .,;. ..' .,.,... where they feel their desires for integration -
dates could have won. They both lost. Our speculation are favored they are particularly yourself and make It as -- ... .I' --'./Ill'.... into a democratic way of life will
unbrotherly attitude wreaked havoc with during this rather potent on the 25th. fair and 'i. ... q
29th. Impartial as if ,.. : iI( !I be better accommodated.
their chances. We refused to think to- sobering period. Solicit someone else were In- lf/>: ', y So for these white Americans who would
5-30-55-16-94-531 ... ?:; ; .
gether. the company of peoplewho volved. The maintenanceof :.?: .'' :" certainly appear to be ready for the
This is not to suggest that we must compromise are wise in the ways LIBRA secrecy regardinf i 0.. ."..z.l:. : t "full adaptation in the white community
Born Sept. 23rd thru < ON
our individuality and self estimation of the world and who Oct. 23rd your personal and pecuniary .;'. ;,,'; and its customs" the South African plan

in order to conform to some one way can help you to adopt Those affairs is as specifies, a Freedom Ride to South Africa-
of thinking. It is to suggest however, the philosophical point suffer most vital as ever in orderto -say Johannesburg--would be the answer to
that we begin to channel our energies of view that Bakes exis- in life are luckier in forestall the pos- Ill>> their already defeated desires and a profound -
along similar lines of tence some ways than those reactions of those
objectiveness and more bearable. sible blessing for this nation. ,
not permit social enmitie prudishness, 4-10-44-12-34-414 who go through it like who are envious. Sincerely

sulking indifference and downright backbiting CANCER .a that breeze.human It developmentis simply means 1-30-11-16-48-136 CHARLES C. DIGGS, JR. .

to continue to alienate us from one Born June 22nd thru engendered by trial AQUARIUSBorn Member of Congress
another. United States of America
July 22nd and ordeals, and that Jan. 20th thru

-- --- -----------



-I, ....

.4ec Coed Weds NinriM In Impressive, Event : Gama Rho Omega Youth Day SundayAt Woodlawn Presbyteriea?

__= --.I- Chapter Elects Mother Midway Church Notes

The Youth Department of
I--w M IIIIIIEdyr Hew Officers. Slate
: Mother Midway AME Church By L. N. Pearson, Sr.
with Gamma Rho Omega Chap- under the supervision of In the George Washington -

LOUISE G, GUINYARDThe ter of Alpha Kappa Mrs. A.D. Wells and the Carver Elementary

Alpha Sorority Inc. pastor Rev. J.W. Jones School, on last Sunday' -

conclude its sororityyear will observe its annual '
Rev. F. D. Wilson
State's Medical. Dental and Pharmaceutical
+ r 1y x with ttec installation Youth with
Day Sunday
Association came to town for its Sixty-sixth Minister, in his mes-
of officers by special program set for sage to the cOngrega-
Annual Meeting. Many interesting and important.
"s'eminars. clinics and lectures were held for its :, Soror Thelma H. Jones, 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. Some tion, brought out some
"-.. former chapter basilous.The of the city's out- interesting facts
members. The public was invited to a public P very ?
elected officers standing talent will be
rP.C newly the qualities of
meeting held Tuesday'night at St. Stephens AME on
fol- featured during the two
are as love.
Church. Dr. L.C. Ervin was chairman of the program 9 eex

committee and Rev. C.B. Dailey. pastor of. :: .4P r. lows: services.Rev. We are asking the whole'Ji
RuthC. Fred will be 1
First Baptist church was principal speaker.Dr. Basileus---Soror Moss church to support our

: R.R. Williams of Tampa was prexy of the Solon en ; Anti- the 11 a.m. speaker. pastor in his strenuous

state'group' last year. Next week I hope to bring Basileus---Soror Frances Come and see your efforts to build a great

.the 'new slate of state officers. Local officers R Johnson; Grammateus-- children in action church in a growing

include Dr. W.W. Schell president: Dn G.F.E Soror Sara T.Bellinger; spiritually during both community. Everyone' %
'COLORFUL EVENT -- A social event of note was solemnized here recently services under
E Waters vice president; Dr. J.C. Downing, secretary Anti-Grammateus-r-Soror sponsor- needs a strong supportand
a when Miss Beverly Yvonne Anderson became the bride of Jacob U. Gordanof
of the
; and Dr. E.H. Washington, treasurer. Nigeria, with the ceremony taking place in St. Stephen AME Church, Alma C. Daniels; Epis- ship At young the regular people a safe refuge, especially -
6 p.m. in time of
The meeting was highlighted by a dance Thursday Rev. J.S. Johnson, pastor, assisted by Rev. (Fr. ) T. Vincent Harris toleus---Soror Iris services for the Trus-

evening. Details of that grand affair next week. Rector of St. Phillips Episcopal Church, officiating. Knox; TamiouchusSoror --- adversity, when earthly
tees will prevail. The
( Baker Photo Mabel B. Wright; props give way.
sermon will be deliveredby
Financial Secretary--- Placing your faith in
Anderson the pastor. Choir 3 temporal things, suchas
Mrs. Myrtice P..King is vacationing in New York. Gordon Wedding Wedding BeltsAPPLICATION Soror Aldonia Seabrook; and Usher Board 2 will wealth, fair-weather
Hodgeus---Soror Luella
Mrs. Susie Thompson of 1458 W. Second Street is Had International Theme FOR McBride; Philackter--- serve. All officers and friends and economic

i off to Ronoake. Virginia for one week. She is MARRIAGE LICENSESLa Soror Lorice Howard; members are asked to success, does not give J
A matrimonial event which carried an intern discharge their dutiesto
Sigma Chapter's delegate to Chi Eta Phi Sorority's tional theme was celebrated here recently when Vert W. Jones, 2514 ParliamantarianSororBarbara the trustees Sundav. you the kind of security

National Meeting. Miss Beverly Yvonne Anderson, the daughter of Hiland' St. 22 and ErmaE. Robinson; Busi- necessary to meet
.. emergencies nor will,
S Mrs. and Cobb 232 Clal de St. ness ManagerSororVivian
Edythe H. of the late Clifford H. Anderson Feast Tuesday at
I ,, it help you reach eternal
became the bride of Jacob U. Gordon, the 'son 20.James C. Ingram; Reporter 8 p.m. All officers and
Seemingly is the at this time. life. Put your
everyone on go to Ivy Leaf--
DeVaughm, 1189 W.
of Mrs. Atiomatse Forgan of Midwest State, Ni- members are requested to
Mrs., Catherine T. Jackson of 4334 Jerome Road is geria. State St. 65 and WillieM. Soror Norma Ruth White; faith in the everlasting -
be present and to
spending the summer in Bloomington. Indiana. She -, Kight 1189 W. State CUstodian---Soror Batty all-powerful and
The ceremony took place at
is'studying at Indiana University. lace styled along Street. 47. Howard. part. Wednesday loving merciful God, and
May 31st. during of the
Princess empire sheath Soror Estelle T. 8 p.m., ministers you will be protected
colorful early evening John Groover 1259 W. Annual Conference -
lines with short sleevesand Williams East Florida against the storms of
nuptials in St. Stephen 22nd St. 25 and Levone will render ser-
Mrs. Carrie Kincade of 1545 West Fifth Street is scooped necklines.The Basileus made encouraging adversity. t
AME Church the Rev.J. Britt 1060 Lewis Court Midway
in Mother
wedding reception, vices Church School begins
leaving Monday for Kalamozoo Michigan. She will remarks to
S. Johnson, pastor,
the interest -
attend Kalamozoo College.' attended by immediate 19.Chas. the AME Church at 10 a.m. with Supers
newly elected of
assisted by Rev. (Fr. ) S. Sullivan 5637 of the annualMen's
members of the family, intendent T. V. Hugerin
ficers. She has served
T. V. Harris, Rector of Benedict Rd. 26 and which will .
friends and guests was Day charge. Rev. F. D. ,
the chapter for the-
St. Phillips Episcopal June E. Moore, 5637 the second
held in the receptionroom terminate on Wilson, minister wiltbe
Les Gravotte Club spent last >weekend at American Church officiating Benedict Rd. 30. past four years. July 8th. The
of the A. L. Sunday. in charge of 11 a.m.,
Gamma Rho
Omega has
Beach. during the double ring Ernest J. Martin, 1108E. following ministers

r Members attending the fihal affair for the cur ceremony. Lewis YWCA. Grant St, 18 and already begun work for with their choirs, Worship Service, supported -'
Mrs. Gordon graduated the United'
rent season included Mrs. Sarah Logan. Mrs. The bride was given in Betty J. Johnson 930 W. the coming year with ushers and congregationswill by

i Vcrma Glover president; Mrs. Mildred Jackson; marriage by Atty. Alfred from stanton High 25th Street. 20. plans for presenting be present for this Choir with Mrs. Rudyne
School and has been Watson at the '
"Ebony Fashinion Fair"in organ.
Mrs. Hortense Rrcwington; Mrs. Johnny Mitchell; R. Taylor. Her Rudolph Canady. 1214 service:

l Mrs. Lillian stokes; Mrs. Carrie Kincade and Miss maid of honor was Miss attending Bethune- Jesse St. 20 and BerthaM. the early fall. Thomas De sure Wednesday 7:30 p.m. ,;
Cookman College. She Rev. Mid-week Service. '
Soror Pearl Miller
Theora Leggins. .
Barbara Jean Bonner. Jackson 1524 Florida Gordon
plans to attend Howard pastor Henry choirs
will Friday 8 p.m. ,
The bridesmaids were Avenue. 19. serve as general S.E.
University this fall rehearsal.
chairman of the affair.
Wm. D. Austin 752
the Misses Gayle and of Bethel
Les Elites Bridge Club ended the season with a along with her husband'who Soror Norma S. White Felder, pastor '
LaVerne Hill her Riverside*Ave. 32 and Callahan; Mt. Ararat'sGirl
t meeting held in the Venus Street home of Mrs. B.L. is studying for his 6042 Ribault Road AME Church;
1 cousins. Sylvia Durden Diane E. Christ 7823
Goines. Mrs. Elizabeth Simmons was hostess and MrsM. Master's degree. Mr. Jacksonville Fla. Rev. F.W. Jones, pastorof
and Debra Jackson were Hare Avenue 21. Chapel AME Scouts
Porter and Mrs. Catherine Jackson were among Gordon is a Bethune Fountain ,
the flower girls and Robt. L. Basine. 535 E.
guest players. graduate.Mr. Church; Rev. R.A. Plan
Vincent Edwards was Church St. 23 and De- A & T GraduatesAnnounce Payne
Miss Annie B. Minatee and Mrs. Lois Avery were Gordon is presently pastor of Greater
ring bearer. loris Daniels. 1333 Mt. Ararat's Gill
victors in the clubs division.Mrs. employed 'with the Ensuing Chapel AME Church; Rev.J.
The groom was attendedby Herman St. 22. pastor of Scout Troop 249 and
S. Johnson
Catherine Jackson was winner of the guest Diplomatic Service
,and the door prize Assefa Fre Huiet of Bureau of the Nigerian Wm. H. Stokes 1120 Wedding PlansThe St. Stephen AME Church; Brownies Troop 318 will

Ethiopa bestman; EricM. Embassy in Washington. Grothe St. 33 an. Friends and the general be given an outing to

Barbara and Harry Simmons children of Mr. and Ofuya of Nigeria and Lessie M. Young, 818 public are cordially Little Talbot Island

Mrs. Harry-Simmons'this' city have successfully Fred Thomas of Mis- Sepia Ladies Caroline Street. 24. invited to participatewith Wednesday June 27. Mrs.

completed an ether year of college. sissippi. Richard Dix 1256 Hart F : eLM us in this great J.C. Davis, scouting

Barbara, a graduate of Boylan Haven School com- Ushers were James Olu Will Sponsor St. 21 and Symanthia .f Yf July 8th program. executive, announced. ,

pleted her junior year at Bethune Cookman College, lAwson, David M. Kamans Hicks 2950 ,Redmond 4 The bus leaves the

where she recently was elected vice president of Mohammed Lawal SamuelL. Bermuda PartyFriends Avenue. 18. 5 x Fish Fry, Saturday church at 9 a.m.

f' Cavalier-Cavalcttle club, dean of pledges Zeta Williams Jr. and Willie F. Carter 2245 The Lake Forest Hawks Sunday ObservanceThe

Phi Beta Sorority and 4Club leader of Duval Richardson Kedison. and general Calvin St. 19 and AnnieM. Softball team are spon-

County. she is majoring in chemistry. The bride wore a gown public are invited to a Green 5618 PoitierDr. soring a fish fry Satur- Orange Blossoms

Harry a graduate of Northwestern High School of original design made Bermuda party under 17. day afternoon at the will observe their

completed his freshman year at Howard University. entirely of imported sponsorship of the Otis Wright Jr. 2021 home of Coach Bob Randall Foi>rth Anniversary

I He recently received the freshman award in archi- Chantilly lace in rose Sepia Ladies which will Wilson St. 20 and engagement of Miss 1776 Lowe Avenue. Monday night June 25

tectural designing and a trophy for having the point design with be held Saturday night Carolyn Johnson 1545 Betty J. Witherspoon. Proceeds will be used to at 8 p.m. in Trinity

highest average of any student participating in scalloped floral border beginning at 8 o'clockat Madison St. 19. Charlotte N. C. to purchase team equipment. Baptist Church

athletics during the semester. styled along simple the residence of Robt. L. Fields, 5740 Richard E. Barber. Families and friends of

_- He is spending the summer in Washington. D.C. lines with Princess Mrs. Frances Pierce, Vernon Rd. 23 and EdnaD. Trenton. N. C. was the boys are urged to

where he is employed as brickmason. He'll returnto basque bodice long 3012 W. Moncrief Rd. Hicks 2017 CaljonRd. announced this week. cooperate with the
Sunday at 5 p.m. officers .
the city Aug. 1st to visit his family and tapering sleeves and a Miss Witherspo m, a project.

friends before re-entering school. His major is shallow bateau neck- and members of Johnson 7903 1961 graduate of A. andT. Brewster Men's SUREIt

Architectural Engineering.They line. the Sepia Ladies will Thorpe Circle 20 and College in nursing,

are the grandchildren of Mrs. R.A. Hankerson, Her mother chose a meet in a special call Mary Gibson, 2030 is a nurse at tha Fort Club Meets
_ meeting in the home of Benedict Rd. 18. is true that no other head
3 this city. gown of sorie green re- Howard Veterans' Administration -
Mrs. Theora Hart 1412W. Sunday MorningThe ache powder is better or faster
embroidered alencon James C. Peoples 1037W. Hospital than Goody's
yet Goody'sactually
24th St. A full attendance Monroe St. 33 and
Mrs. Alvin Muse! of 2845 Jupiter Avenue is convalescing Girl Scouts Baltimore Md. Brewster Men's cost less.
of members is Connie M. Brown ..1027W.
nt homo after being confined to Brewster Barber is a graduating Club will meet Sunday at

Hospital. Wo arc haply to report that she is May Register NowForDuyCmupGirls requested. Union St.. 21. senior in .hysics at 7:45 a.m. in the cafe-

caking satisfactory progress. Chas. Haynes, 1317 E. A. and T. College, and teria of Brewster

23rd St. 24 and Ola M. upon hms graduation on Methodist Hospital.

.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .... ... Welch 1025 W. 26th St., June 2, will be com President J. Earl Morseis

22. missioned as second expecting large at-
.....,,:...,.r....',"..l',. ..':-.1.-.1.'.. .. -....- .. ...,'-J..".'.........-..:,"" '.''/ 1,, planning on attending Samuel S. White. 1420 lieutenant in the U.S. tendance. Membershipcards

: ... T.- f't ) the annual Girl Mt. Herman St. 19 and Army. He will report will be given to

( 1 t Scout Day Camp at Camp Bobbie L. Smith, 142E. for active duty at the members. He said in }

_ c'C )1! Coacoochee July 16 State St. 16. Aberdeen Proving Gr cunds the last meeting that I

: ; j celf :r-I through July 20 should St. Paul's Girl in Maryland in July. the cards would be givento

!' begin registering immediately The wedding has been the deserving mem-

..1.11"Tf'l 11 0 il Mrs. Irene Scouts Plan OutingGirl tentatively set for late bers. He explained what
LlJ1D: : 1 !
q .t1gjBJll .. A. Baggs camp director Scouts and September.; is meant by deserving 2 POWDERS 5C

,, ; announced this week. Mrs Brownies Troops 261 and members. 12 POWDERS 25JL' <

{,, keep so cool i J. E. Davis is assistant 293 respectively of ..
; director. St. Paul AME Church
a Stork I
i The annual Girl Scout will climax their weekly -1_ rs ;, It'4

(MIX I OJ'loII'sil in a tall *: with DeliveriesMr. _
j jt : : program is again being MAYME F. RILEY meetings an outing ,

sponsored by the Gateway Wednesday. June 27 to
,, .iCt,1 ,/rill -am/yoti av7/ /00/) ]:.I Miss Mayme Frances
'tt Girl Scout Council Little Talbot Island.
( .,. Riley daughter of Mrs. and Mrs. William
j ;\
: Inc. All girls will meet
( ,, IIIC... .. Mildred B. Riley was Gamble; 711 W. Duval
"" Eligible for attendance 8:30 at St. Paul.
I" r if i J he English! are not easily ( :.: : winner of the 'Miss'Central" a.m. Street; Boy.
:J will be girls ranging The bus leaves at 9:00
even by summer Tututional fI. contest which Mr. and Mrs. William
5A talent ua given a cheerful 1t--- in ages from seven to a.m.
I was a project to benefitthe
Young; 1757 E. 27th St.;
3 accompaniment in 17(>!>>. when t... i i' 17. A registration fee Men's Day effort,at Non-Scouts, friends and f'.

4.\J Alexander Gordon introduced ; of $2.50w111 be charged parents are invited to Boy.Mr. J :
''"" l Baptist Church. .
and .
Mrs. Louis "
his remarkable pin. The j 1 Girl Scouts and BrowniesThe go on the outing. Girl (, .
I She is an honor graduateof Mims; 4918 Rhode IslandDr.
J Cordon drink ( .
"' you \ fee for non-scouts Scouts and Brownies:: may
Isaiah Blocker junior
,harks; back to his original | .: ; Girl. t'1
free. A small
will be go fee
\] (jOtDOtt'r ,' Transportation. >
of .
High School, class
formula because does I Mr. and Mrs. Troy Lee
t one ..:..:._ ; ,', Bilk and cookouts will be charged non- '
l: not tamper with gin of ( .(' : 1"1 t.I 1962 and a member of Canady; 743 C(. /
t : will be included. Scouts and parents.
.C \ such distinctive t"t Central Baptist Church. B.I. rq- .
ig ( drynessand s. 1 .. 1 Activities will Include Those planning on Boy. :";-M, *- -
flax' it She will be 4 _
\"" our. Try soon fr .)): presentedto Mr. and Mrs.
in Gin e f swimming hiking, taking the trip are requested -
LIt a tangy & Tonic f c the church at the Moore: 1697 Hiram St. ;

t or Tom Collins. You'llsec GIN I .. ... It 1 lashing, nature study, Men's Day program on to bring nose Boy. Her mother or her sister?

1 t why and t ': trail blazing nd bag lunches. punch will
summer '." i sing-
Sunday morning. June
K, winter, Cordon Ginis :-:_Y m.ww. p : ing. Trained personnel be served free to all. N!. and Mrs. James BOTH ENJOY YOUTHFUL. NATURAL-LOOKING HAIR COLOR
.-, .. 24th. and will be spon- Moore; 2115 Mars Ct.
'1 the biggest seller in -: j. ; will supervise all --Mrs. Irene A. Baggs.
'' sored by Districts 1 and Apt. A. : Boy. Whether you want the excitement of a diflVrent
:: land America and
: activities. 2 of Central Baptist Leader-- hair shade, or want to give hew life to dull or '
",. indeed the world! r. : Since the bus has a Church.Mrs. Men's DayThe Mr. and Mrs.' James gray hair. ..Inuit on the lon -Listing hnircnlor
I Singleton; 1318 Mote
c. in the famous reel package '(iodcfmy's
capacity for
persons Riley and the mem- men of Central Baptist St. ; Boy. Larieuae. It's eu.y to apply, and complete in

:.r'J( only Mrs. Baggs has bers of.Districts 1 and have announced Mr. and Mrs. David Arm one package--tltere's nothing elite to buy. ,

;fJ.. D'JtmtO' tOs0010u CflWOX. UBIIU. Jltlil D4tatt3IIOu Cltit M f lOOf. j urged all prospective 2 wish to thank their several activities have strong; 1469 Florida
f COtOOUDMCmWtlfl.llttM.lJ.MWeCIOfB.il. campers to register Immediately tf'tyr. 18tovetYCOLORS
: friends for the
i' 5' many been planned for the annual Avenue; Girl.
..: ..A. ..A. 1. 1 with Mrs. excellent cooperation
.. Men's Day obser- Mr. and Mrs. Bennie .
.. :
c\ "" : tARSEUSk '
.. Davis
at the office
../ ) ,. .. ff '1f which made this affair a vancebich is Weston McMillian .
: : ;. \J scheduledfor ; 3619 Ood froy Mfg.Company 3O1O Olive St. 51.Louis,Mo.
or with Mrs. Baggs.
su cc e ss. June 24. Avenue; Girl. --w....c



}11 Vocational School's Top Graduates Were Cited During Recent Program

''I' '' If-" Tuny--

r V : ", *

'. ...

; "


-..' .
", '-;.

: .

r : 7

n F Aw, 9


s _____ ________n____.._______"_ m___+w___ a.____ __ __ _____ ___._ wwa_ -- ---- --- ____nnn

FOR GOOD WORK WELL DONE, outstanding June graduates of Duval Vocational School were presented with Brown (right) receives $25.00 War Bond from Edward J- Norman. Brown was honored for' his leadership

I scholarships, cash awards and gifts during recent commencement exercises. Among those honored were, ability and attendance. Photo right, Commissioner Louis Ritter (left) presents* $50 War Bond to top I

photo (left): Miss Claudett Clark, honor spud ent, receives a $50,00 cash award from Joshua Hillman student Anthony seymour. Seymour also received a pen and pencil set from the school. Otis Speightswas

president of the Florida Educational Benefit and Charitable Association. In center pix Melvin T. chairman of the awards committee and introduced the guests.


Women's Day Gospel Echoes Bethlehem Fort Pierce Mother Is HonoredFAMU

_I Sunday AtSweetfield To Stage Is Conducting

FeteThe T 6r y $ ACHURCHNEWS
Anniversary I
I lible School

Daily Vacation Bible
Urs. Juanita Alexander
School began Mondayat
1 is chairman and Mrs. Observance of the Gos- Baptist
Jessie Spencer, co- pel Echoes will be The male chorus of Emanuel Baptist Church will
x Church and will continue
_ chairman, of the annual held Sunday night beginning through June 29 with observe its 13th anniversary June 25 at 8 p.m.

Ioaens Day Observance at 8 p.m. in Mt. Mrs. Eula Nelson in in the auditorium of the church. _

which will be featured Ararat Baptist Church's charge. No shorts will \ Various male choruses of the city will serve,

Sunday throughout the Education Building Mrs. be worn by students including Mt. Ararat Tabernacle Mt. Sinai Lit-

day in Sweetfield Bap- .. Rock, St. Thomas, and Abyssinia.
Ti ':- r Iv rl'R Fl C: c'! attending the classes. W'5
tist Church. announced. S Matthew McCoy will also wear on the program.
The Matrons meet Friday 'rF
Other officers are: Mrs will
Special guests
Virgiree Holsey pro- include the Hightower night with Miss Georgia .... .... .... .... .... ....
Floyd 322 W. First St.
gram chairman; Mrs. Rosa Brothers of Newark
Mrs. V.
Grant, finance chairman; N. J.; Pilgrim Jubilee at 8:30 will p.m. sell ice Districts 8 and 15 of Zion Hope Baptist Church

and Miss Ruth Bronson, Singers of Chicago, Wilson and will sponsor a Summer Tea in the home of Mr. and
hot dogs
financial secretary. Ill. and the Drexel cream Saturday.The Mrs. Thomas Worth, 6946 W. Virginia Ave. from

Committee leaders are: Singers of Patterson, hamburgers Adult Choir 3:30 to 5:30 p.m. Appearing on program will be

Mrs. Accy Perrell, tag; N. Y. Young Mrs. T. B. McCall. Mrs. Carolyn Limbric, Mrs.
sell dinners
Mrs. Vera Robinson, Adrian (Ken) Knight will of Gloria Thompson Mrs. C. F. Ross Mrs. Etta Lee

guests: Mrs. Pauline will serve as master of day in the basement Harris Mrs. John Cherry Mrs. Ella Mae Norton

Sibley BTU! Mrs. Novell ceremonies and Andrew the church. District 4 HONORS MOTHERS---Mrs. Hattie Byrd (third from left ), Ft. Pierce, and others.
will meet at 8 p.m. with was honored as the "Mother of the Year" by the Women's Congress and
Williams, junior;
and Mrs.
Mrs. Minnie Brown, Edwards will be in MrS. Mary Williams 1412 the Men's Senate of Florida A. and M. University recently. Shown here .. .. .... .... .... .... ....
Madison St. with Mrs. Byrd are her daughter Miss Lea Fsther Byrd, who is resident

decoration. charge of the hostesses. Sunday's order of ser- of the Women's Congress; Mrs. N. S. McGuinn, retired! FAMU lean! of wo-
Mrs. Minnie Lowe and will be Usher Board 1 of New Bethel ALE Church will spon
Arrangements with menMrs.: I. I. Lang, university-wide mother Miss
vices will begin ; Hattie Byrd daughterof
Mrs. Junaita Alexander conducted Deacon sor a Tri-Color Tea at 3:30 p.m. in the basementof
by Sunday School at 9:30 the honoree; and "Miss! Fdna Calhoun dean of women.
will be in charge of the church.
the group's
music; Mrs. D.B. Barnes, business James Byrd manager., a.m. with Deacon Eugene (FAMU staff tfioto) .. .. **..* .... ..** ... .. *.

the Sawyer in charge. The Freewill Prayer Band 7 will sponsor an
I acting pastor The organization was Bethel's
day and Mrs. Mary Mc- originated in, 1948 in Morning worship startsat Election Held Gibbs Faculty Men's Appreciation Tea from 4 to 6 p.m. in the home

Crary publicity chat : Myrtle Avenue Ball 11 a.m. Deaconess At Mt. Vernon Members Day Program of Mrs. V. Gibbs 1029 W. 31st Street. Mrs. B.
_n. Park under the directionof Board 1 will serve din- Hunter and M. Nesmyth will be speakers.

Rev. D. B. Barnes is Urs. Rosetta Tharpe ners Saturday in the Annual election of Into AAUW Slated SundayCALLAHANBethel **** ... .... ...* .... ...
the church's pastor.MEN. and Mrs. Marie Knight basement of the church. officers of Mt. Vernon The Women's Auxiliary of Mt. Sinai Baptist Church

and were presented by District 4 will meet at Baptist Church's Educa- ALE will sponsor a Summer Tea at 4 p.m. in the base-

held I TERSBURG---Two ment of the church.
the late Otis Jackson. 4 p.m.BTU tion Board was Church celebrates- -
meets at 6 p.m. recently with the following charter members of S
1 Since that time, they annual Men's Day pro-
No evening service is officers seated: the Gibbs Junior Col-
have appeared with some gram Sunday Rev. S. aar. Jalmer
scheduled. Junior Ushers Willie C. White, presi- lege staff have gained
of the nation' out- Emory Felder, pastor, :
standing gospel groups. and Choir will serve dent; William S. Hunter, membership status in announced. ill

throughout the day with vice president; Mrs. the world's oldest organization Psychic i Reader
+ Program participants
Mrs. Gladys Carroll in Christian Dawson, recording of collegeand
i why pay more when no for the day long eventbe 1
other headache powder can Choir Observance charge of music. Rev.A. secretary; Miss universitytrainedwomen. : Rev. C.E. Jenkins, and AdviserWill

better or faster relief Anderson.pastor, will Willie Mae -Walthout I
give you the Emanuel
Set For speaker;
Ask for Goody's! July 5fh t deliver the sermon. and Miss Betty Jean Mrs.Johnnie R. Clarke Baptist Chorus and JohnH. Reel Your Entire Life without asking any

,-""') ..--- I Scott, financial secre- Dean of Instructions, questions, tells you any and everything you wish
A is Gripper during the
program being pre-
) West UlioM'sSchool and Miss Lois Howard, _to know.
taries Moses Thompson, '
.. W pared for Choir 2 of : 11 a.m. services.
r;; treasurer; Cleveland Chief Librarian, two If you need help of any kind, see her at once.
First Corinth BaptistChurch's The afternoon program
lible Black, chaplain: Mrs. staffers who have beenat Fhe can and will help you. She does what others
I I anniversarywhich will feature the Taber-
chair Gibbs since its claim to do. All Readings Confidential -
water, satisfaction
Eliza R. At -
will be presented nacle Male Chorus and
Now OpenWest inception, recently became guaranteed.
and Lucky days Lucky Numbers.
man program
July 5 at 8 p.m. in the Andrew Holloway. Sumner
official membersof Hours: 9 a.m. til 9
I publicity. p.m. Sunday 12 Noon
-- church auditorium. Union Baptist Wiles will serve as

fr District 3 will hold Church's Daily Vacation year-old the eighty American(80)Association guest superintendent.The 5535 NEW KINGS ROAD

I its business meeting Bible School opened Mother public is cordially -
MidwayTo of UniversityWomen.
Sunday at 3:30 p.m. inl Monday and will close Invited to attend the
I Jacksonville Fla.
the Annex. Friday it was announced services. ,
Observe They are well knownin

PATRONIZE this week. local educational, .!
l District 6 meets Sun-

1'- 1 2 POWDERS 5C day at 3:30 p.m. in the Awwal Men's DayRev. civic and social At home,at fountains,erywbere-, .
12 POWDERS 256 Star Advertisers circles.Miss Howard '.'
home of Mrs. Daisy 1 '
received her under- .
1 -i Lamb 958 W. 10th St. '.. : >
__ J.W. Jones, pas- graduate training from ii l.- ,- r \ -.5 .r. \ ;
District 4 meets at 3 ;"
tor, announced this North Carolina A. andT. ,
p.m. in the home of Mrs.
week that committeesfor College and was the-
r Ceola Handy, 322 stock-
the annual Men's recipient of Master's "
ton St. The State Rally
Day observance to be degrees from Columbia'sTeachers
will end during the ses-
held at Mother Midway College, and
sion. District 14 meets now it's Pepsi
AME Church Sunday the University of

Sunday at 3:30 p.m. in July 8 have been Michigan. for those who think .
the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Clarke was edu- young Tw, ?? stepped v the *.:,
Urs. James Clark, 3510 tempo. Mote activities-more time to enjoy them. This is the life for Pepsi '
cated at PAUU. Fisk, ifi
eg yy' I Japonica Rd.District Ever art williams -light, bracing, ele .-' stillt Pepsi la stores, at foaataies, say "Pepsi, please!" )
K yxK a.G
y president of Usher Ohio State University, .
; 1 will :. ;: ;
{,' | spon- Board 2 and leader of and the University of i1 .r..ok.t' -' '.- '-

q t.JI sor a Pretty Hat Tea Class 11. has been Chicago. She Is the r '

I Sunday from 4 until named general chair- < first and only Negro to

1.ra 1 6 p.m. in the Education man. .': serve". on the 'Great tJ"1' __S\
I Building. Other. officers heading Books" Council. She :: '.. ". .. -
The Young Matron's .. ., \1i4A A-
; :
various committees are: and Miss Howard are : >.
Auxiliary meets Sunday + 7
steering committee; members of the Alpha ; '
at 4 p.m. in the home of -.i. : *-
i Allen Kappa Alp! -L7--- -
Thomas program .a Sorority. i
Mrs. Mary Jane Jackson
i 16'14.. 4th St. committee; S.C. Hart. Rev. W. W. Whitehead _
i I Sunday School; .Joseph

T I conyers, music andw. Will i Conduct t

I>I Bihlt School p. Cox ways and .. f fr
1st Timothy Revival i .: t.
I I means, committees, re-
i I !II Session AtSwtftfitld spectively.The Rev. W.W. Ihitehead.

pastor of Connors Temple
t t team captains' r. .

staff includes: Baptist Church, Savannah : .. ., .

i KEN KNIGHT Rev. j.w. Jones Ga. will conduct the ...:.;.;
10-nights revival ser- "' '
Dally Bible school is Everhart Williams F.
Invites You To Listen To
now in session at Sweet- 0. Henry Esau White vices which begin Monday "

field Baptist Church Charlie Robinson, Allen night. June 25 at

"KNIGHT TRAIN"7Startlng under the supervisionof Thomas James Frazier. First Timothy Baptist
Church. 1351'Hart St. 1
MrS. Mary Lee Brooks Neo Blackshear E. C. 4i

At 7:00 p.m. NigbUy1400WRHC1400- and Miss Gloria single clark Curtis Williams, The public is Invitedto

Walter Daniels V.J. attend each night's =- irrrww=0LSE4 ,-,"'..="i
ton from 10 a.n. until
services. The revival
1 p.m. jones and Joseph Con- ,
yers ends July 6. .

-- -- -- -

: F----- \ I
J I -,


._- -- FUMM- STAR--- PAGE 5 r '_ 1

II :. .. NAACP News Nationwide . EZi

DETROIT Mich. With;.. ,other NAACP branches in Waco-McLennan County Weaver. Administratorof Mr. Weaver holds the at an outdoor Fourth of
one-third of their membership -memberships this year NAACP branch and youth the Housing and Home highest appointive July rally in Atlanta

drive achieved: It has held the record council according to Finance Agency has been federal office ever held during the 53rd annual

NAACP campaign workers for the past eight Clarence A. Laws NAACP named winner of the by an American Negro. He convention of the NAACP.

have stepped up their years. Southwest regional sec- coveted Spingarn Medal was formerly New York Born and reated in

efforts to reach their . retary. awarded annually to a State Rent Administrator Atlanta Dr. Nabrit isa ltjll S

goal of 25.000 members. WACO. Tex. A week- Many prominent citizens Negro American for dis- and later, a member of brilliant lawyer as
General Counsel RobertL. long NAACP selective have taken their turnon tinguished achievement.The New York city's three- well as educator. He was
Carter addressed a buying drive against the the picket lines Including medal will be pre- man Housing and Redevelopment among the group of By. Russell Chuck) Charles

branch meeting last week Seven-Eleven Food Store Dr. and Mrs. sent to the 54-year-old Board. attorneys who argued the Gatemouth's face looked like it was going to

at which plans were made here has been declared John H. Adams. Dr. Adamsis federal official at the . school segregation cases split in half he was laughing so hard. The last
for a climactic finish 95 per cent effective.The president of Paul closing session. July 8. before the U.S. Supreme time he had had a fit like that was back in '47

to the drive on June 15. Association seeks Quinn College. of the Association's NEW YORK Dr. James M. Court in 1952 and 1953. when he learned that his mother-in law had un-

Annual Awards Night. jobs for Negroes.The . week-long 53rd annual Nabrit president of He is a member of the hinged her Jaw trying to chew pig feet bones to

Detroit is again attempting demonstration is convention in Atlanta.As Howard University will Association's National powder.

to lead all being coordinated by the NEW YORK Robert C. HHFA Administrator. be the principal speaker Legal Committee. Itootsie wanted to know what he was laughing at.

Her narrow, undernourished little face was full
t A.
of suspicion as she eyed him. "What so funny
about that?" she demanded. "Them

: VISIT erunc eaeh4 white folks I work for DID say that

the sells thai
\ more newspapers
.. <_ ., ... t ". .' r "
;-; ; :< : .; ? ,
'-"' r. ; < : ,: FERNANDINA :.. 'anybody else!
: '.', "1/:) ....".3t;.:.t::ft.r" y.,."" .. ':f'h.x':-1>\,i"t- .;;._, .. : ". BEACH r Gatemouth was helpless. Rocking
p1 : : :.,-:::ff';'. -, : ;< t t". .... 1
c :i ;1 t: ,, \: back and forth on a soda crate in
.. ,, '
., "' .. .": ..<.. : ./ .. f" front of the poolroom, he looked
; t
: 'lij : :
: ..
; ? ) w. ; )ht to laugh himself
.. : :; y like he was going
c2 .4 .
.' I., to fth--Lawd--" he choked,
; Jr-m ; +w ;:. "help me. Sub---! He hadn't
r" t. .. ... 1 NORTH FLORIDA'S
.F :' ) laughed like that since '47.

., AF ,:j FAVORITE "You reckon he done gone crazy or something?"
.. ., .. '
Mootsie asked, turning worriedly to McNasty. edon'

*> of i 'i I SUMMER ; z even look like hisself!
'A man can only do one thing at a time.
!i" 1 ;" PLAYGROUND .. Mootsie." McNasty told her. "If he's laughing,

:aa'.f.t it ain't no way in the world he can look like him

self. And if he looks like himself he sure ain't


4 ,gi ,"Well I sure don' see nothing funny about whatI

t .W Vacation-Fun ParadiseFor told im!" Mootsie said acidly. "Them peopleI

work for sure ain' wrong. The clown is what
The Whole Family
sell mos'a them papers. "
"Yeah--Clowns like you!" Gatemouth told her

/ recovering from his fit of laughter. 'You the
f .. type that make good news--you clowning heifer!
BY THE BEACHCOMBERYou Bringing that jive story from them white folks

r w4 Seaside don't have to be a bout the clown sells the mos' papers. You 'bout

seafarer to feel the the biggest clown I know."

magic of the sea. YOU "And you 'bout the ugliest I know!I" Mootsie
'. .: :- shot back.
don't have to understand
.. '-. ."'....< Parking Lot tides or currents or "Clowns always make news McNasty told them.
navigation to know that "Especially when they stop clowning and start

the sea is probably the acting the way they really feel. Clowns and suf

': ..,. _NN: .: .' American Beach oldest and the most ferers are the same kind of people but they
each other until of them stops
don't recognize one
fascinating element on
rJZ .Lf_ --"
this earth. YOU don* t laughing or groaning. You and Gatemouth Just
recognized each other. They're whole races of
need scientific
For any
your convenienceand knowledge of the life- people around the world doing the same thing.. ."
Gatemouth and Mootsie were eyeing each other
forms of the sea, or of
hostilely across the few feet of sidewalk that
its depth or danger.
pleasure All you need is to be separated them. "You Just trying to make somebody
think know how to read" she said, spitefully.
THE A. L. LEWIS MOTEL with someone you love on y>u
'You ain' nothing but a natural Clown reader."
the vast expanse of a
... At American Beach on the Atlantic Ocean Park all Day beach and to listen-- "And you a natural clown if you believe that!"
Gatemouth fired back. "I buy the page r to read
the both of you--to the
,w q FERNANDINA BEACH, FLORIDA thunderous laughter of the news. I want to keep up with the news. I ain'

: .:" ; ,::-21Units Completely Equipped in Beautiful Decor ..;. the sea as it hurls itself got no good white folks like you got to tell me
collapsed into laughter
SOC against the sand what's happening! He
All his knees with his hands.
Electric Kitchens or to its almost apolo- again whacking
.,, Title. Baths getic murmur as it with- "You wide-mouth silly-willy fool!" Mootsie

.,' \:, :< :: .. Accomodates Four Persons _. ourfeous Attendantsand draws at ebbtide... blasted as she walked away. "You ain' got sense
Fishing Swimming, Sun Bathing It is the easiest enough to understan' the news!"
,Nearby Tourist Attractions I thing in the world to "I know a clown when I see one. betcha that!"

OPEN YEAR ROUND ServiceWhen realize there at the he hollered after her.
beach how lucky we "Clowns always recognize each other" McNasty

to be ali/e. .and said to nobody in particular. "Guess that's why
t t ,}'r"C'J: : ; FOR INFORMATION AND RATES \WRITE TO = /: "., At "
< : smaller.
;; : have each other... the world is getting
( t:"" 1" 'r. Gatemouth couldn't seem to stop laughing. He
.1. j' ': Afro-American Pension Bureau AMERICAN BEACH hadn't laughed like that since '47.
Post Office Box (60 VISIT 1 .

:: Jacksonville, Florida GUS LOGAN'S Discrimination In Housing Prime

,;( .. "y ,. ;: ROOMSDay 9 istlt Federal Target For '62

.. _
REYNOLDS SNACK BAR Weekly Rates WASHINGTON---Discrimination against minority

WALTER REYNOLDS PROP. Patio & Refreshments ''I"r sas asAR groups in housing has become a prime: target area
for federal big guns but the telling effect if
Julia I i &
.i RESERVATIONS-261-5856 the anti-discrimination bombardment may not be
t ra ak this when a presidential"xecutive
Fernandina I felt until later year
PHONE 8O29 FERNINDINA. order is put into effect.

r- A Cool better housing for poor
r ZR 3' Place According to Milton P.
Semer. general counselof people and members of

f To Eat the Housing and Home minority groups.
Finance Agency the "They are often one
ANT'I LiguorsWines and the same thing'Seiner
federal is
I :=:: :::: 11 trying to government widen freedomof said during the

choice by increasingthe Rock Island speech.

Beer supply of housing at "Inadequate income is

For Reservations low and moderate prices. still a stubborn. Key
x standing
J' Phone or Write 'Without steps to obstacle
: SEE THE BEACH IN ALL ITS SPLENDOR t, W. B. Evans, Prop. broaden the housing between a large propor-
r FROM THE AIRAIRCRAFT Fernandina t ion of our Negro!
CHICKEN STEA Beach market open to low-in-
*% ,
families and decent
FloridaacOllHTlOllD come persons, a direc- '
-- tive to end discrimination housing.,
AIRPLANE RIDES.$1.00 PER PERSONa .j. in federally aided ,ewer, who is chief

;.:_'.' ;%-'. e;.' .{ housing would be far lawyer of the agency
el noted that according to
Siesta e less than half a loaf"
i STOP AT : -- I Ir Sewer said, in a recent the 1960 census the
... g----: : typical ,white family
''' : r, speech to a "freedom of
II SWINTS --Y.. ." .. 1 residence" conferenceat had an income of $5.835
i L, :ti'.w e r
EL PATIORESTAURANT iii ..- 4>:..... Rock Island Ill. while the typical non-
The directive Semer white family's was

AMERICAN BEACH IN FERNANDINA alluded to is a presi- 3233.
PHONE 2619989 dential executive order. In 1961. Semer said,

ALSO President Kennedy, who the typical new one-
SWINTS RESTAURANT AND POOL ROOM ; family house financedwith
I 37f as a candidate in 1960
+ AO 29816 SAVANNAH GA. 1. promised to issue it, a government-issued
__ said last winter he mortgage cost 14900.
would do so when i The price of an existing
I FILLMORTS COTTAGESCottages would be most In the home was $13,600."Obviously. .

rI public interest. It is ." he con-

widely believed he will cluded, "the typical
by Day Week or Morih .
I sign the order later non white families earn-
r t: this year but perhapsnot ing about $3.200 or
Hot & Cold- RockweH Water until after the S3.300 cannot afford to

November Congressional buy homes even in this
Private Apts. With Cooking Pacifies Low Riles ROOMS ROOM SERVICE DINNER elections. modest price class unless -

FOR RESERVATIONS Meals Sandwiches Seafood Semer said his boss they do so at the
Short Orders housing agency head expense of an adequate

Call : ,26I-H508 Fernandina' i BEER and COLD DRINKS BAR LOUNGE AND PACKAGE STORE Robert C. leaver, believe budget for" food and

EL U-6697 Jacksonville :' .- : :: Mildred. Jenkins Louis Jackson .. :. FOR YOUR COMFORT a frontal attackon clothing.
Manager Proprietor ; discrimination is not 'Th,' minority group
'v member .ho sell afford
enough to secure vic ran
Write: Rt. 2, Box I6U :. .. "., .. .
v .. '0> \ -: Amelia Road tory. Both think that a n good housein n
;; .
", FernandinaLois I t" -' '. For Reservations Call or write: ,
: much greater: supply of good neighborhood is
Route 2. American Beach < I
->. Fernandina Beach good housing may bp the frequently barred by
Stewart, Mgr. Fernandina Beach. Florida I

--- -
-- --- --

--- --- -'
-- _________________ ,
-- -- -
: -- -- ----
-----v- -
: T=zV :- : -:!---

I { : .

.. ; : JUNE 23 1 1S2. ;

SPORTING UP For 3 Decades Of Pvbfe" Service -Talioferro Gets I. H.:- Buraey Elected Vice Chdrmai I

!: : :: ", t + T' < .... ,< Of Florida Civil Rights Group I

BY, C. PARHAM JOHNSON I : :{ 't-:, ". Howard DegreeNEW -
': TALLAHASSEE At the Caxton Doggett, Winter

YORK Former recent organization Park and Miami City ;
judge Carlos Fernandez
Indiana U. AllAmericaback meeting of the Florida. '
definite reason why the SUNS have been seeing
in of unfair
Taliaferro. Advisory Committee to em-
uch time getting the side of
a rough on winning
36, also remembered as the U.S. Civil Rights ployment practices by
the ledger since Ruben (8-0) Gomez left. Gomez firms holding federal
a daring offensive-de- Commission at Miami
checked out for Cleveland Friday June 16 and the government contracts.
fensive back for the Beach, I.H. Burney. vice ,
Suns lost Friday night, split a double header Baltimore Colts in 1953 president of the Afro- Atty. Simon, Prof. Hal

Saturday and lost again Sunday. Yes, it is possible awardeda American Life insurance Lewis of the universityof -
that the team has hit that long awaited 54. was Company was named vice Florida and Rev. E.C.
Master' Degree
slump but it is also possible that the loss of a Tilloan
chairman. of
last week at Daytona Beachin
Gomez took some of the fire away from the team. Social Work
Others named to officer the area of employ'
Vic Davalillo seems to have lost some of his Howard University.in
posts were: Tallahassee ment practices by
punch, the pitchers >ont! seem to be as effective. 1955. Taliaferrogave
banker George Lewis II, federal state and
Martinez' hasn't been up to jar Morejon doesn't up pro
chairman Miami local and
; Attorney government
show: his usual rower at the plate.: Fvery baseball with the Philadelphia
Tobias Simon secretary; agencies.
player and fan can realize what it means to take Eagles to enter the
field he loved most-- Mrs. Mamie Williams. Other committee membersare
one of the star performers away right in the
Miami, assistant secre- C.B. Anders. Tampa;
juvenile delinquency.
midst of a winning streak.
tary. Stanley
Milledg-e. Stet-
is worker
SURE EVERYONE IS WISHING THE BEST for Gomezbutto now a case
FLORIDA PRESIDENTS HONOR EDUCATOR---Members of the Florida Councilfor with the prisoner's Aid Chairman Lewis stated son University law pro-
say everyone is hapy to see him go is stretch- fessor
that the committee will and former
Jacksonville Higher Education presented Dr. D. E. Williams (second from left) Association of Maryland. Dade
ing the truth a little too far. hasbeen
rejoicing all-over because of the winning a plaque for 30 years of dedicated service to Negro education in Florida Taliaferro. who holdsa investigate unfair employment County circuit Judge; ,
and Rt. Rev.
recently. Viewing the plaque with Dr. Williams were president BS. degree from practices HenrJ
but hen 8-0 pitcher leaves it causes
team, an Loutitt
illegal Bishop of
W. Gore left Florida and President Indiana university said voting proce- South
somewhere. Fvery fan in Jacksonville George Jr. ( ), A. M. University;
some reiorse
dures and Florida and Mabel
Richard V. Moore. Bethune-Cookman College; and President William he quit pro football because jury ; Mrs.
would like to see Gomez repeat in Cleveland what Reese
Stewart; Edward Waters College. Dr. Williams general consultant he wanted to walk on local, county, Chesley.r Daytona
he has done in Jacksonville. They would like to -. ....r.
sec some of the others' *et tlie chpnoe they .so in instruction in the State Department of Education.; away from it--not as a state, municipal and INVEST IN YOUR OWN

rightfully deserve but don't get the idea that (FAMU staff photo) 'corpse.. federal levels. PROGRESS
Appointed to handle
should certain others leave now that it would SUPPORT YOUR
8 Game Slate employment investiga-
not cause some deep concern. what member of the South Africa May URBAN LEAGUE
tions were: Bumey, Rev.
team right now could the Suns afford to lose? .- SUPPORT_ _YOUR NAACI

WHO WOULD LIKE TO SIT Vic Davalillo, Tony Mar: CompletedVirginia By Face Olympic Ban ROYAL ART STUDIO-

tinezValmy Thomas, pitchers, Abernathy. Art Kay c

Schaffernoth, first baseman Barker of any of the State MOSCOW Unless the CLARENCE J. SIMON

other players who have helped to put the Suns on country's racial segre- -J. .
top of the league leave right now? Everyone of State College will gation policy is changed : tL

these players would have the best wishes of the open its eight-game with the year South YJ SPECIALS :I"

fans if they should he called to the rnjors, but football season against Africa's track and II I

who would be hal>O'. Now, will sonrone>! please Howard University in field teams will be } I I 2- 57', 1-CoIor, .

answer the questions, whether or not the Suns abanned from the next I '
Washington Sept. 29. I 1 1-Black & White S6.95 ,
have gone into a slump or whether or not the Athletic Director JamesA. Olympic Games the i

leaving of Ruben Gomez with his:: fl-0 record took Moore announced.The international Olympic i 1- 8x10 Opattone

some of the heat out of the Suns. Committee decided here '
Schedule & 3Stfs: $.5.95
WFLL. WHATEVER THE CASE may be, the fans are June 6. !

Halting until the change comes and! is certain it Sept. 29--Howard U. at The quadriennial pre- Tops InCommerieahfteddir

will cone. The team will bounce back and put on Washington.Oct. sented games have been : 'Portraits

the winning splurge again. There is one consola- 6--Shaw Universityat set for Oct. 10, 1964 in

tion however, the team is still on top and just Shaw. Tokyo, Japan.
515 1 DAVIS ST. EL 4-1894
think how long it has been there without losingit Oct. 13--N.C. Collegeat An amendent introducedby ) I

the first time. The team certainly has hren Home. Finland was adoptedby ry I r -- -

strengthened with the coming of De La Hoz. The Oct. 20--Hampton inst. an overwelming
young follow played some mighty fine baseball for (Homecoming). majority after the WHEN YOU ARE ILL

the Cleveland! Indiins. With the addition of players Oct. 27--Virginia Union Soviet Union proposed to You seek The Best Doctor

coming down from other clubs, the big Ques- There. suspend South Africa When Your Doctor PrescribesGet

tion is, who will he the next in line to pack Nov. 3--J.C. Smith U. immediately. Experienced Pharmacists '_

his grip after taking the last view of the old There. Although the committee .According to Your Doctor's?!

Jacksonville ball park. Nv. 10--A&T College, refused to identifythem Orders. We Use Only
HARRY CHITTI WHO MS SOT HERE from the New york There. five nations re The Best Duality DrugsDr.

Vets is quite an addition to the Suns. Those who Nov. 22--Morgan State, portedly voted again C. E. BlackProprietor

remember Harry as a big leaguer know he has done (Thanksgiving Classic) the motion. JACKSONVILLE AREA GRADUATE---JacQueline Kennedyof *&

a gocfd job behind the plate for some of the major There. Dillard Lists Fernandina Beach receives the AA degree from 3 REGISTERED ffiARMACISTS TO SERVE YOUA

league club*. One thing is sure, and that is by Hot Comer Guardian Pinellas School Board chairman James nendry as Dr.

.Ivinc with the Suns instead: of the Mets, he .will Six GamesNEW John W. Rembert looks on. The conferring of the COMPLETE"LINE,OF, ,

'>t' with a top team and he will be with a team degree took place last week during fourth com- Cosmetics Rubber Goods CandYes Sundries

that will win more than one paroe out of 12 or 14.He ORLEANS The Dil- mencement exercises held at Gibbs Junior Collegein PRESCRIPTIONS CALLED FOR AND DELIVERED

realiro that being with the Suns he will not lard university Blue St. Petersburg Fla. Jacqueline's brother .

?e in the major leagues, but he will be right Devils have announced a Howard, also received his degree. He may become Lilly' Drug Store

next iloor! and from the way it looks from here, six-game pigskin sche- the first full-time Negro to attend all-white

tho! Sun could very well he the major league : duled for this fall Florida Presbyterian College in St. Petersburg.GJC .

team and Vets the Double A. Chitti will be quite with three open dates ( staff photo by Horace Jones, jr.) 1907 KttifiS ROAD ED 3.8276EARNING

nn asset to the Suns an1 quite a bit of assistance s unfilled on its calen-

:ro Vnlrj Tt.'as.RU dar. ----- -, --,

RALL. FCOTRALL. WRESTLING BOXING ice Skating The schedule follows:

r-oalinc and other sports are scheduled for Sept. 22PhilanderSmith and LEARNING

sports lover in an around Jacksonville. If there at Little'Rock.SEPT. .

should be any among: you who don't like this or 28--Alabama State t;

that can Just about piru whatever he likes in the ilMLN (ED) CHARLES at Montgomery.

line of sports. it certainly is peculiar andsounds ..Bi? Bat's Boosing OCT. 6--Southern at i

weird 3n.} strange to hear a person Home. g
say ,
he or she doesn't like sports. Of course there JAX ED CHARLES in his OCT. 13 -- Open. ; Gills Galore For Boys &Girls \]

are so many: *ho io until the few who don't are first year with a OCT. 20--Texas College H.

Mr.1!!} noticeable. rajor league club-- at Tyler.

!Kansas City Athletics-- OCT. 27--Bishop (Home- \ Star NewsboysAre

Woods Leaves Colorado Univ. with his great defensive coming) Here. :

clay has arI'arcnth' NOV. 3 -- Open :I

DENVER Teddy Woods it was reported. 'nailed down NOV. 22--Open (Thanksgiving i j EARNING from $1. to $10.00 Weekly s, -

,rack and football star Woods was a member of the teir's third base Classic). ;? 4

ho was a senior at the the 1960 Olympic Team srot.Charles' batting Murchison TiesOMOrk5 And LEARNING to do business.

University of Colorado and won the 400 metre has also helped in : YOUNGSTERS ..
are smart and '
las Quit the school on title that year. racing a recent Ath'- you

account of poor grades letics win streak. : "
want to
-- earn your own money _
-. -. -- ''' In Chicago Meet : this the
: :" ,,..'" .1. "' I is way to do it.

sprinter Ira Murchison PARENTS! Your child may not -

BUSINESS DIRECTORY won individual honors by

copping the 100 and 220 'need money, but the training gained

Are Recommended yard dashes--tieing his : .
Establishment Reputable. own record in both as a newsboy will help him to be -
Specializing Services
and Products
events- -during the

IMPERIAL-SUNRD IES : second annual University successful in later life. Many of the \ .

t of Chicago Relays held : ..
Patent Medicines Countries t recently in Stagg Field. most successful men were Newsboys ..
All Leading Hair Preparations .' Murchison ran a 09.6 i "
KEROSENE HOME DELIVERY century and a 21.3 220{! You Can Wino -
Cor. Broad & Ashley ElM19 '
Mechanic On Duty tieing the marks he set

-LiLl Y'S DRUGSTORE"A last year. The former
Western. university star Valuable Prizes
IKE JOSEPH, Proorietor
Complete line of COSMETICS : State and Jefferson Sts. EL 69432'RUBBER University associated of with Chicago the \\' \ t1 -

GOODS CANDIES ; '__. _-___ ._. -.,. _, Track'Another Club.meet winner was I Starring in June each Florida Star Newsbo N ='

SUNDRIES DEBBIE'S Charles (Deacon) Jones Will Be Given Points For Every 25 Papers
formerly of the Uni-
Prescriptions Caned for and. De&rered
Record & Appliance Center versity of Iowa who Sold...Extra Points For Good Records. / '" -
won 3,000 metre
1907 Rd. EL
Kings 5-8276
stepplechase in 9033.

THE LADY D' MOTEL Oscar Robeiisouj) I! 22? ? :Morcrief; Hd. cnn nth ct. j! '

Booms Day flite seek i Bar.B.QTe1ephonp ,- Wayne Embry | I wart to .start selling the Florida star so I cnn '

in Each Room THE PIO TRAIL ENN earn, learn end Fin prizes.

TV Or' Radio Hot & Cold Water BISHOP AND WINNIE OONALSON. P-O_'siss. I Inks Contracts I i

2650 rte Rd. StMtwftr, Fli. P"0..II PO. 3-1486 JACKONVILLE_9. TLA.Johnnie's (dig 0. ) Robertson and
Wayne Embry were amon TFLEPHONF
I II '
I the Cincinnati Royals I 1
Rooming : starters Including Jac want ir.y: son-daughter to become a Florida Star t

R.i..r. Br DAY ss WICK Twyman and Arlen Bock- news agent. | | vIG.N7TITF

'.- 74I1ti W.AiMitvBr. P .. .', horn who signed their I .
EL .
-4C3 1882- I ',' y :: OF PARENT! ..
ROOMING Houtc >io W. A..u" By. 83 contracts last :
,,,. '
RooM Hess 62?W. AIMWCT ST. week. #
PH. EL 6.79.. .... ,- :, I 7
CL4: >S9B2 Robertson former
u. All-Aaerican. -

-- --------- -
----- --
-,------- -
--i------ ; --- -
_: ------J- 11 I-I-------w- -I-u-r


I b
m 23 112. 1.
--- --

I New Berlin Making Preparations For Annual July 4th Boat Race Cootests

.. Texas Southern Posts Is Top LLT Athlete ra..w __ Boat Races Sports Program .


2nd Straight NAIA Title ScheduledNE At Christopher's

BERLIN---Interest is already amounting toa

frt fever pitch this week as five s prtsman rated
SIOUX CITY. S.D. For heels to the opposition high jump and copped
among the top bracket of area boatmen have registered -
the second straight year if the mile relay in fourth and fifth in the :
for the annual boat races and regetta
Coach Stanley Iright'sTelas 3:19.9 and the 440 yards 800 yard run. :
scheduled for Christopher's Landing here on
Southern thincladsran relay in 41.2. breaking Forty one institutions
rough-shod over their own mark of 41.3i participated in the two- S ___

nationwide opposition to n 1961. day meet. Maryland State 'i : qualified as to do so, y merely

wip the 11th annual The Texans also placed finished second due to : entrants are George filling in an entry
Track and Field Championships Christopher, Bob Watkins -
first in the 220 yard the triple-victory of blank carried in the
Israel Stallings,
of the
dash first second and Russell Brown. Florida Florida Star and for-

r National Association of fourth in the 400 yards, A&U finished in a tenth Ray Demerey and Albert warding same to the
Parrish. Harry White
IntercollegiateAthletics.; second in the 120 yards place tie with 16 points Annual Boat Races
popular hotel man and
high hurdles: third in Assn. POBox 561.
The Houston. Texas.'swifties' Co..issiol1551.S boatsman has predicted:
the 100 yard dash tied Jacksonville I, Fla.,
that he will win the
showed their
,with four others in the and or carrying entry per-
New maneuverability
sonally to the Florida
Louis Advises John Mclendon _... best kept boat prizes.
Star, 2323 MoncriefRd.
Fishing liceisesTALLAHASSEE ClassificationsAnnounced
legislators! Trains TAKE TCP AGGIE OPHIES---These athletic heroes took top athletic awards or with George

Malayans New Fla. for performance during the year. They are from left to right: Cash prizes will be Christopher or staff,

LQS ANGELES Speaking KUALU LUMPUR. Malaya fresh-water fishing Bernard White Greensboro!'.C. swim star and A. and T. Alumni Scholar awarded to winners in Christopher's Landing,

from a witness stand before licenses officially wenton vto von the Guilford Dairy Academic Award:! for maintaining the highest New Berlin.
johnny McLenion, former three categories namely -
a Claifornia assem- Tenn. A&I coach first sale Friday June 15. actolastic' average kf any varsity cot etltor; Eugene Cambridge, Miami, All Day ProgramAs

bly committee investigational Negro pro basketball at offices of all County Fla. .-ho received the Jack Gibson Memorial! Trophy for outstanding per- 1. Class A. Races for in the past, the

professional coach of the Cleveland Judges and their forrasce in football and Siz Bowden Sanford, N. C. the Philadelphia 45 H.P. Outboard Motor area of Christopher's

boxing former heavy- Pipers and their vice authorized sub-agents A::-:1 Award for best all round athlete. The awards were presented Boats. Landing will be given

weight champion Joe president arrived hereon throughout the state. recently at the A. and T. All-Sports Banquet. 2. Class B. Outboard over to picnicers

Louis had several recom- Although the new licenses embracing entire fami-
a U.S. State Depart- Motor Boats.
mendations to make con- ment sponsored tour are actually effective All for lies. Barbeque, sea- '
And 3. Free For
cerning new legislation which will include ten July 1. both Mays Five Others for boats of all types food dinners soft

to help boxing.. Asian Nations. the 1961-62 licenses, and with odds given under drinks and confec-

Louis recommended that McLendon's job will be the new 1962-63 licenses tioneries will be on
certain qualifications.
withholding taxes shouldbe to teach basketball and will be honored by all Head 1962 Games Race Trophies will be a- sale throughout the

taken out of boxers physical education in Wildlife Officers during warded for boatsman- day.The

purses so that they all ten countries including the period from June 15 With the games great- Angeles Dodgers topped ing the NL batters. ship maneuverability new committee

would pay income taxesat before returningto to July 1. according to est all- 'rou=d player, the runs-batted-in! Other National League demonstrations under sponsoring this year's

,the end of each year. the states this fall. A.D. Aldrich. director San Francisco Giants' column with &4. with tatters possessing a standard safety codes Independence Day pro-

He also suggested that The famed American Game and Fresh later Willie Ways setting Cepeda garnering 59 .300 or better nark; and mooring. gram promises that it

each promoter donate coach has been invited Fish Commission. Begin- torrid pace Negro and Mays third with 54. Billy filliaas. Cuts, Also the best kept will be the biggest in

part of each fight' by India to become an nning July 1, only the sluggers have made a Bill White of tae' St. .340; George Altna:. boat to be determinedby the event's history.

revenues to go into a instructor in the new new 1962-63 licenses will runaway of the first Louis Cards had 4? and russ, ?2f; Toury =-avis.
age, general condi-
welfare and pension fund sports Institute in New be honored. 62 gases in the National the Giants' Felipe Dodgers.. 326: Willie tion and safety fea- Champ Patterson

for boxers. Recommendations Delhi but has not said Licenses are not required League's current Alou had produced! 43. Davis :0:r e r s. .326: tures. Picks Wisconsin

for creation of a hether he would accept. of residents who cairaign. statistics In the American and Ceeda.Giacts, .31S. Persons wishing to

national commission to While at Tennessee Mc- have attained their 65th recently released Leagup,thp L.A. Angels' Anericas !.P.a.Je hitters enter their boats in the Training Camp

regulate boxing was also Lendon piloted the birthday nor of children revealed.! Leon lagner was the are: Robinson. White races have ample time

advised by Louis and co- Tigers to several cham- under 15 years of age. In the homerun race, best runs-producer with Sox .323 : Battey BURLINGTON Wis. A

promoter Aileen Eaton of pionships and an NAIA Servicemen stationed in Kays was well in the 45 followed closely by Kinesota. .326; and Al Sugar Ray resort manager announced

the Olympic Auditorium.TOOTHACHF. crown before going to 'Florida are considered lead wit* :1 foar- the Chicago White Sox Smith White Sox, .317. heavyweight boxing

the Cleveland Piper residents insofar as nasters followed b5 Floyd Robinson with Leading other National May Fight champion Floyd Patterson

where be made further licenses to fish and tis tean ate Orlando 44. League Departments will train at Brown's

Don't trim ikttrr tti'ob&iftf nrctituiy.duo Get of imflr lootfucheith relief sports history. hunt are concerned. Ce.peda with 17; Roman Negroes topped both to date are: Terry Downes Lake Resort here for his

.ton tut Ir trronm Klirif 0**dui.Jil.,niwa Pim ,_ Licenses are also not Vejias of the Houston Leagues in the batting Lennis Green, innesota, September 25 title defense -

or"mon>Die.All 0ru|ctau PATRONIZE required of residents Celts had 16, ::icag average spots with runs scored! (48) ; LONDON England Ex- against Charles

non-commercially with no Cubs Ernie Banksowned fanny Jiminex of the Robinson ibite Sox five time middleweightchamp (Sonny) Liston of

Star Advertisers more than three poles in 15 and! the Cincinnati Athletics holding an doubles (21) and Sugar Ray Robinsonand Philadelphia.The .

-,I the county of their legal reds Veda Pinion was impressive .350 in tae trIples (6); and Jake England's Terry resort spokesmansaid

You Don't Have to Go to Town to Get residence. A license is tied with Frank Thoaas junior league race and Woods :etr3it Tigers, Downes. will meet in a arrangements for

required of residents of the New York Wets the Giants' Felipe stolen bases. (16) 10-round match here the champion to train

LOW PRICES fishing outside their with 13, each. Alou's .346 outs had: ov- Tuesday. June 26. it was here were made through

home county no matter Tommy Davis of the Los Returns To Cards announced here. one of its Chicago offices -
what method of fishing is Pee Wee Reese Robinson said to be ---only 60 miles

On Your used. Licenses are required Majors First Coach washed up' by many ring from here.Details .

of all nonresidents experts also held the as to Patter-

DRUG STORE NEEDSTrade I, except children Charged With world's welterweighttitle son's time of arrivalare

; under 15 years of age. preceding the still being worked
With Your Neighborhood Drug Store Racial Bias .
multi-possessed middle-
License fees are: Resident out he said.
statewide annual LOUISVILLE. Ky. Pro- The new York Yankees
$2.00. Non-resident tests by integration Black Barons used the resort when
We Deliver-We Also Fill All Doctors'Prescriptions
statewide annual $8.00. leaders forced the they played the Mil-

Dixie Non-resident statewide resignation of two mem- Make Bid For waukee Braves during the

Pharmacy 14-day continuous fishing bers of th-e Louisville 1957 and 1958 World
$3.25. Non-resident Human Relations Commission GameCHICAGO Series. The Chicago

statewide five-day con- \! just appointedby Packers used the resort

:I 1302 Kits Road at Mptie Anne tinuous fishing. $2.25. ... s. .t J. Mayor William 0. Cow- S The Birnirftaa.( ; -ciai---Black for training last sea-

All non-commercial ger. son and plan to do like-
Plies El 5- 91-98 Barns bid! tc noli tu
fishing licenses are r' One of those who quit MINNIE MINOSO. veteranS. wise this year.

sold by the respective !. under fire was Harold Louis Car dnals outfielder l6: Neprr Ant-ricsi.

PAY YOUR UGHT WATER AND TELEPMNE, .. who was injuredand Pr cf f 55 ioi.a 1 Essfttll
67 County Judges of t 'Pee Wee' Reese DodgerBmg Stadium
1'--:J League or:_-ot:.. A::
Florida and their former major-league hospitalized when be '
BUS AT OUR STORErj Star fame in Rictrooi
authorized agents. Commercial baseball star. Reese crashed into a wall
Field. Blrn"Cbaa. has Integrated
I' fishing licenses JOHN (BUCK) O'NEIL operates a bowling chasing a fly ball
net witL success.
are obtained from the POFMER SARASOTAN John alley that does not admit during a Cards--L.A.
Genera: : liana Earl f.
per In
I Game and Fresh later Fish (Buck) O'Neil. former Negroes.The Dodgers game has been EmploymentLOS
illft saii teat tie
Commission at Tallahassee Floridian. and ex-all other who resignedwas released from the has .
le-apne's directors bad
I time Negro leagues base- Albert J. Grisanti. pital but is still on
etatitt'Ous'iT agreed to ANGELES Many
lies bprkn ball great made another proprietor of a swank the inactive list.
j award tie gage to belayed Negro 'Rights' organi-
sports 'first' when he restaurant which serves
: Savannah Baseball ; it Blr 1trbal' zations are lauding the
Ricord Dwbtftl was signed as a coach only white people. Gri- s
Srtatiert 6ssvclat'n Los Angeles Dodgers for
with the Chicago Cubs. santi is of
a son I-
Boycott Effective ;!rt ot StttJa.T. Anf. 5. approaching full and
One of 0Neil's Initial talian immigrants to
A st-ccrc V.P5L all-star complete integration in
FINDLAY. Ohio The absence
SAVANNAH. Ga. The recently -
assignments will be to this country.
of a wind meter cotter: vii: be held in its hiring policies at
mold Ernie Banks into a Protests against Reese established boy-
may cause a 19-year old either Tcaistey Part its plush new Chavez
first baseman. and Grisanti were star- cott against the Savannah .
Findlay College Chicago :r ic tenses Ravine stadium.
ted by Bishop C. Ewban White Sox Sally
sophomore to officiallylose FiRmer Signs City's ruaicijal Ftadiur Negroes are now working
League team for dis-
Tucker of the AME Churcha
the tieing of theworld's To at a later :sat?. behind the refreshment
Defend criminatory practices
member of the board of
stands as salesmen and
220-yard dash the Southern Conference against Negro fans and This Is no secret to those
mark here. Agoiist Fender who troll, often or occasion ladies; two of the eight
players was said to be
Educational and
Fund the lure
ally. They hang
usherettes are Negroes;
h L_ & Five timers caught SYRACUSE. N.Y.- Middle- chairman of the Louis- 95% effective at the over the transom throttle
Odell Barry from Toledoat their Mercury motor down and the ABC concessions
weights cochampionsGene ville close of the first week
CORE. to a purr and present the which handles the sale
20-seconds in the Fullmer and Paul Bishop Tucker sent a 1.1. Law. president of lore to more fish In leu

Mid-Ohio League Cham- Pender have signed for a telegram to Mayor Cowger the Georgia State and time than in any other way. of all items at the
pionships. Barry's feat But for an an&1er1ao ha stadium has a young
title-clearing fight Savannah NAACP Branches.
the day after the latter pent any time attempting -
Negro lady working in
matched a similar one August 28 in Bozeman. appointed 10 members to According to Mr. Law. : to capture one that 11
earlier this by not of primary importance. the main office.6JK9tfesaournranco.Kwion.it .
year Mont.. Norman Rothschildof the commission. The the normal attendance
I Villanova U's Frank Budd .
: Syracuse announced. bishop said he could note figures at the games e

and the present recordset Uothschild said he has how two men who enforce prior to the boycott

by Duke University'sDave both ,men signatures on segregation in totaled between 1500 to I
Sine. Budd's
signed contracts and their own business could 600 paid admissions.

Tin Twist up for present con- added the fight will be help bring about inte- During an important 'DEWAR'SA
fought in Montana State gration in Louisville series with the Macon

The Latest Men's Hair. Styles Watch ThIs Clown Bozeman.College Field House in the the coission.avowed purpose of 21 peaches Negroes recently were countedat only Wbtte LabetJSCOTCH

loll The fight will not be Protests soon followed the park. Half of the WHISKY

| Tiifkt At The 142 05 274 nationally televised to from the Rev. 1.J. Hodge 31 either had free

homes but will be sent president of the Louis- passes or were park employees %

JacksolvilleBarber 6 2 out on closed circuit. ville NAACP; the Jefferson the report ex ,

8 4 This part of the deal County Sunday School. plained.

7 3 will be announced later Association and the Jtf

College Inc. 61-44.21 52-09-77 he Rothschild said. further Clubs independent a group Improvement that supports I RAPID ltuctrxi

stated that the fight candidates '
G. L __ 111% It tat 6a.etlaea be** 49bes was originally plannedfor favoring integration. AND NIGHT
3caetiaea d_. June 9th but difficulty '

Re adds. nbtracts.Be .' in negotiating CALLS $200
630 ST. B tra
worts it all aroaid television arrangements ct1.Q .
EL 5-5770
forced its I.
( FINM 14-70-54 momentary AM* nPATeWp
cancellation. .


'; ,.


PAGE 8 mm STAR SATINAY_. JUNE 23, 1962.
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Filurs LissT.cImo1oy Ittftnii tap For My 4A RICISFRIENDLY Bill Hood DtscribriBy '

J efJ 1"1 Center m IWL _S -- Ma \M Fahit' 1

: ByC.
Stwtas ToldST. football Jacksonvillecan
Myrtle,Ave and AcUms Phone' EL 4-1468 Parham Johnson
PETERSBURG Obvious 5-__ __ field a team that
signs of the times, i General Manager Bill will be a credit to the
KING FISH JUMBOSTEAKS Indicate that science lovers of the game.
Hood the man who is
55c SHRIMP $1.15RED and technology are known as "The Man who There are many well
shaping tomottow's world ( r s known names on the list
Dared To Do' came into
Medium Shrimp tt.89e raorcso than any other tr the city with faith and of prospective players,
GENUINE facet of civilization.Such representing various
started a movement that
SNAPPER IB.55e is the thesis of schools of the nation. 1
49c is destined to prove
IB. Dr. Irving Foster, noted When the idea of a pro- J
what a man is willing to
physics lecturer, fessional team was born
CONCH MEAT Lb.49C I researcher risk for the thing he
and consultant. it understood that I
% In 6 ..t..lkt.yt box $2.90 r:. believes in, and that is was
Speaking to Gibbs it would take Brawn
FRESHWATER the case with the begin-
CARPSPOTS LB. 32c junior College studentsand ning of a professional Brains and Bucks to
special science football team in Jack- operate. It was under-
3S'cFRESH students from '16th and
U. sonville. stood that the only
Gibbs High School recently w Hood believes that means of success is the
town with the populationthat patronage of the fans.
Le. 45c SALTWATER I the discovery of nuclear the city has and General Manager Hood

energy th e number of star says "If the fans will .
Rushed from Portsmouth I athletes who have made give us the support, we

BREAMWHITINGu.32c II I SAVE ur TO 25% COMPETITORS---Bob Watkins (left) and George Christopher take good in collegiate football will give them the

time out to pose for the STAR photographer while getting their boats and and some in pro team. t
3"2C CHAIN LINK FENCE motors In shape for the 8th Annual Boat Races July 4th at Christopher's
Lb. fEtltit FT. Landing In New Berlin. A new sponsoring committee plans on making this
YELLOW TAIL SMALLSNAPPER GATES ANDTERMINALS year's event bigger and better than ever with more prizes and events. MoncriefDriveIo
J Ji
IB. 49c FRESH I Hundreds of holiday sports fans are expected to attend the daylong

'.Chitiu Mit Dn Su. STEAKFISH LB. SAME rtNcciowtR rticrCOMfAKt (FLORIDA
PHONE EL 6-4716 I IBt
BEATS 45th & Moncrlef(
MATE.WITH STICK while looking for it Makes First

a-i sassaIAi -- Mrs. Hurdle Mae Robinson. they started throwing. Official VisitGrand WI* Motley, Prop
33, of 1122 Florida

: Avenue was treated last him Matthew said a rock hand hit District De pityE. For Free Defreqr, Cd PO 5-9287 0,ea UaYi
Thursday for injuries on his right of the
J. Norman
4't received during a fight and injured it. He was First District of 7 IBL to !1J!._ l

; __. police reported.Mrs. .....taken to Duval Medical Florida made his first :

MARKETS, I Robinson stated Center treated and by ambulance released. official visit to GRADE 'A'
t SUPER that her husband. Johnny Maceo Ledge No. 8 Ib.
"" Robinson used a broom patrolmen George IBPOE of W to hold his FRYERSBEEF 2W1-1
+ and Solomon Invest
1 1FLOUR stick to beat her on her first election last
GOLD MEDAL GIANT legs and about her body gated. Thursday night.

5 during an argument.She The deputy was usheredin LIVER
1 49C TIDE 1 11bs. was taken to Duval SLUGGED BY by Past Exalted lb. ,
Medical center to be UNKNOWN PERSON Ruler Joe Stafford and
-. ._5 wati S5.M ted order checked and treated police led in the official pre-
t Leroy Broome 32
O FRESH GEORGIA. said. When police 121 North Street was sentation of the deputy 25C
arrived, johnny Robinsonhad to the lodge, and the 2'tts.:
struck by an unknown I BACON
PEACHES i ; left home, police gavel was: handed over!
party last Monday
b. said. She was also advised to him as the presiding -
between 11 and 11:30 p.
by police to secure officer by Exalted FRESH GREEN
in the 600 block of W.
S I a warrant, the po- Ruler Leon E. Gonzalez.
t Salad Dressing 19C r lice stated. Adams reported.Street, police Before going into PEAS lb. 25"

FU With $5.00 feed crierM' INJURED WHILE Broome said he and his election, the deputy
t -,___ .!. HELPING BOYS girl friend were havinga made a brief speechand
'A 41-year-old man was fledged his full i TREE RIPEPEACHES
drink in a beer tavernon .
t HERSHEY SUGAR 5 *Package 19"' t injured last Thursday the corner of Adams support to the lodge. I 3 fir ,ro. 25''
while assisting some and Jefferson Streets Going into the election,
With $5.00 feed onto V t boys hunt money, police when an Argument started a motion was made to _
reported. between them. waive the rules and HERSHEY
GOVERNMENT GRADED GOOD Robert Matthew, of 1105 elect all officers by 15 1 In
t Mt. Herman Street said a acclamation. All SUGAR = 99C j

t Chuck Roast Jl Ii, group quarter of in boys front lost of his a HOUSE FOR SALE officers respective were offices"returnedto : l With 15.00 tel Inter -

2561 LEWIS STREET-Near Elections have been
'house and he went out to 1 ,
Stockton Large six held in Gainesville, FRESH CUTPORK .
;[help them find It, and. 39
in good con-
rooms very
., .
-- ,
dition. May be used as CHOPS
ROOMS FOR RENT For Sale two 3-room apartmentsor and Deputy Jacksonville Norman. Bro.by )

Reasonably Priced-H & C 3 BriRm Home Tile Bath three bedroom home. Chris Smith asked per-,
Carport-Sale by owner $490 down to person with mission of the lodge .
'MORE POWER TO YOU! Water-Man or Woman-No 69C
lilli 2 Cas Fir
Children. El 4-3720 Magnolia Gardens-Owner good credit and balance to reinstate as a Past SALMON
Would like EquityLow financed by owner with Exalted Ruler. The
C FACTORY FRESH -ROOMS FOR RENT Monthly NotesPo payments to suit buyer. request was granted.your .

Elgin 4-4508 Furnished -'Hot & Cold --..- .8-3933- -- Contact owner at 528 .... j JI .-,..-. ,.-W GRADE 'A' SHALL QQ"
ffater-518 W. Ashley St. Chelsea St. EL 5-7180., EAR : '
FOR SALE I" EGGS 3 doz, via Y
Call 768-8188 eon b, HURT
AUTOMOTIVE MARINE DIESEL Top Soil Fill Dirt, FOLITE'S I DAY NURSERY with teetlpicl> *r cotton
Oyster shell & Sand tipped ttieki. Poet risk
SOUTHWAY Swivel CallDay or Night, Will be opened all dt age.Settee.pbirdt.re.eb was with care eec I,
1961 Vacuum
Top $1 89
PO 8-6409 Summer for working tir.lliRO: eardr.pa.War6 CHITTERLING
Cleaner-Like New-All mothers-Ages U Wks. .t rlourd was lOttB. .
that irrilaf. sheet
BATTERY MFG. CORP. Attachments-Balance $16- may
to 'U Yrs. year lteariD,. A.at allAURO
MOllcriefDriveIII I
1111 Deliver .. for
1336: W. 21st St. i Man
EL 3..1232wmEltw .4'\r ayoa
EL H-U86I I 10"

BAft-B-QUE Sunday .
Haircut 75C And Up I RITZ I
fee 24 !
Super Market( Now Move From Down- they're D liciousYou'll I PICNIC
town Main St. to 753W. 35C I
455 PHELPS STREET AShley St. to ..' ........,r...... iHAMS ft. J
serve you. I; 45th & Moncrief ..,
FLORIDA GRADE 'A'Eggs A. J. Whitehead, Prop. SAMUEL BROHSTGri K.hfIU I
RIB cr Bretet

DDZ.19 APARTMENTS FIR RENT All-Modern o nnie's Conveniences Hotel CHARLTON HESTON LOREN SOPHIA I STEW lb. 29"

(1) 4 Rms.-New-Venetian
Roots By Day- Nite or
Blinds-Elec. Cooking-
leek. Call EL 6-7596.
LARGE BOXFAB 333 Caroline St. (2) 4 FRESH GROUND
| 74144! -W._ Ashley_ Street.,, 39"
95 Ras.-Newly Decorated- 1 !
Fryers $
Z54 H & C Water-Elec. Cook- RANTEDBeauty BEEF lb.
ing-1730 W. 12th St.
Soap Bargain 5 fo. Box (1) 4 Rms.-Cold Water operators & 1

Flat-$9 per Wk. 408 Barbers are watated to I II HOG MAWS

No Phone Orders Please I. 1st Street. Call Mrs. I I Hollywood Beauty Lounge, i.. r.m nowtcotoa mntWU* -. .--I,- 10"PIG
622 W. Ashley St. Call a.
Quantity Rights Resetted Williams EL 54753SUPERIOR I. S. Anderson j j ad "THE HOUND DOG WHO THOUGHT HE WAS A RACOON"STRAND :

-E13-3245- RED HOT
Snday Thru Saturday 9ge

1, LIVE IN MAIDS 2 Big Features SAUSAGES 3 lb., bag .
MEATS To $55 Wkly.
YppA Distinguished Adult Entertainment
Send References with 1BC CROSBY lOB HOPE
letter. Carfare rushed. F.SCOTT ATZGERALD"S
Hampton Agency PANAMA/ 1ge
WEST BEAVER ST. VIADUCT 13 N. Station Plaza nwocs frr SOAP [ II.3 fir


t. lite* MisYOU I BKUIRCT nui FLAT

FRESH FLORIDA GRADE "A"FRYERS need a friend in ; ROOSEVELT Sandal thin Tuesday SARDINES 2 fir f 19C

N.- Y. Let Mr. Harold ,
24uLIMIT 01 the Mallory Agencybe -- "

GUARANTEES you a live- $P1boP Lap Ca 49C
2 in Job in a good hose TUNA 2f&
paying $30 to $50 a -IH"G1ASS

and expenses to

HENS 16 LI. N. Mr.T. SEND Harold.REFERENCESto The Mal- SXYVIEWArtie .4aj site tin Tuesday PIRty ITt CRABS BUYS

". lory Agency. Dept. 140: HORSES'S PRISON HOT Sptife A&nM t 1, .

Open All Day Sunday : 576 Lynbrook Mcrrick, N.'Road T- ",6 BUCK HOUSE of WOMEN 5116 nRNA ST. Pare F8 4-9289


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