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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200615datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date June 16, 1962dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=006150740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
June 16, 1962
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
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All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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aleph - 000581378
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issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
June 16, 1962
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Full Text


I i: .AME Laymen Defy Jax Ministers]'11 f. Dade To Admit Negroes To 5 SchoolsFLAW r :



.. .. .. m ::r
w r am y
/ .... 'tol

COCA-COLA BOYCOTT IS STILL ON, ::1 f"'V l" : I .0 f.'V yM

;" b"t'
: 'f ..,


VOL 12-HO. 11 SATURDAY JUNE-16, 1982 15 CENTS
ti tiIN

Driver Salesmen Yovth CouncH Hits Theatre 'Jim Crow' ;

I Reported Hired ---i POlICE( ARREST 4 i < .

Not OfficialIt : .
k' _

was indicated last

Wednesday that the boy- JAX CHECK RING

cott started of Coca last Cola week which

following the firing of .............................

17 Negro workers has not 1 Statewide Measures Employed 15 Checks Cashed Since Early May

been lifted. I

the Several Florida persons Star to called inquire To Desegregate Entire State By Worthless Check RingPolice I

whether the boy-
1 The State Branches of the launched
cott, was still on, after have rounded up and blank checks were
being told by Negro t.A .,an all-out offensive this week to erase the remaining three' persons suspectedof found in Wilson's home.

Coca-Cola driver- \ ,:.."..1IitI':"! vestiges of racial segregation from with- being members of a Bennett reportedly

salesmen that the matter % I f; in the State of Florida worthless check ring anda

had been settled. in Jacksonville, dojm- of the Jacksonville fourth person has been

There are reports that : \.. town stores, a large Adult Branch and RobertW. arrested and charged

at least three Negro t manufacturing company Saunders, Tampa, with receiving stolen
deriving lucrative
NAACP Field property in connectionwith
driver-salesmen have SEGREGATED BARRIERS of the Jax theatres were targeted in a protest financial returns from Secretary,

been seen on Coca-Cola action by local members of the NAACP Youth Council this week. Two U.S. Government con- will head the day long the case.

routes in recent days. council members are shown attempting to purchase tickets but were re* tracts, and numerous conference on voter Held under charges of
registration. forgery are: Miss Daisy .
Rutledge Pearson. NAACP fused. The NAACP Branches and Youth Councils are, staging an all-out other companies will be .r
branch president, stated statewide war on discrimination this summer. targets of a "selec Mae Pozo 21, of 533ftff.

however that he had not tive buying'programwhich Crash Victim's State St. ; Lee Ben-

been such formally upgrading notifiedof of AME Laymen Turn To. Mt. Arrat To 5 Dade SchoolsTo stepped is up expected shortly.to be Final Rites nett. Ashley Jr. St., 27.; and of Nor-621W.

Negro workers and thatas man Chalmers 26 of

far as he was con- Hear Barred Alabama ClergymanLocal IntegrateIn already Theatre underway stand-ins are and Slated SaturdayFuneral 522 W. Union fit.

cerned, the "Selective September Cleveland ilson, 72
A.M.E. members turned to the Baptist Church the Jax NAACP Adult
of 627 r-. Eighth Ft. ,
Buying" movement (which this week after their pastors refused to permita Branch and Youth Council services for
he prefers to callboycott" MIAMI A Wednesday have George William Mack, has been charged with
well-known Alabama clergyman to speak at any Investigatingteams
'' announcement by Dade receiving stolen goods.
) was stillon. 24 who fatally in-
of the city's five major A.M.E. churches.An surveying job employment -
school officials has police said the three,
alleged 'conspiracy' bias in civil jured when his car
indicated that five charged with forgery DAISY MAE POZO
Pearson added that the, service and commercial swideswiped another
among A.M.E.ministers
the attitude the school--three/elf' them ,
"-- Jadmittedbavipg.cashed! .
organization is still fields. automobile"last week- "
to bar Rev.Sam tried to flee 'when officers -
local clergymen. 'Dr. senior high school-- checks
> 15 worthless
investigating reported Davis of In Cocoa, a short dis- will be held Saturdayat
Birminghamfrom to
Sam Davis is a personal will be integrated next(; since the middle of last attempted ar-
inequities in West
this city came to friend of fall. tance from Cape Cana- p.m. rest him despite warning
mine Mr. also -
May. It was reported
at the Coca-Cola veral, the arrest of Union Baptist Church.
last week. fired
light It was shots having been
MCIntosh quoted Bishop in a conference with that the checks
plant. He said that as Rev. A. F. Cummings
local youths for sit-in
stated then that the
the whole Greene as saying. "I Dr. joe Hall, school and adding machine were by police. Hawkins
soon as matteris local clergy was reluctant activities at two drug pastor, officiating. however caught Bennett
once presided over Dr. superintendent school stolen in a recent bur-
settled and it is
stores has resulted in Mr. Mack was born in
have '
to Rev. a after short chase.
determined that the Davis as bishop. He is board members express glarly at Parish Motor
Davis speak in this city local Branch decisionto
general--if informal-- Co. 921 Laura Street.
because it was antici- go "all out to bring ProgramsPrayer
approval of the pupil Detective fgts. J.R.
being employed
on a
J about an end to racial
pated that he had some
assignments.Dade Hawkins and R.CTaylor
permanent basis and "
discrimination. Week
outspoken criticisms County has already said the adding machine
announcement will be
Branch president Rev.
against disobedience of
made.In integrated nine schools, Divine spititual gui-
W.O. Wells, Informed the
church law. it also
a conference between was most of them however at dance will be sought by
Mayor and the city
stated that certain
the elementary level. the Jax Branch of the
Coca Cola and NAACP
government that the P
executive members of the
Last September Negroeswere NAACP when its enliststhe
representatives, R.H. f ,
wp NAACP would oppose any
clergy were guilty of admitted to five
support of the local
Dittmar, general managerof such disobedience.In acts or passage of any
more formally all-white
i churches during a week
the plant, said the ordinances which would
a formal statement schools.Of .
17 firings were not due bar peaceful picketing.Rev. long program of prayer
issued Wednesday p. J.
212 application for
here Sunday -
which begins
to bias but were brought Wells was supportedby
McIntosh Sr. president -
pupil assigment outsideof
and closes with a
about by an
economy two hundred
,of the East Florida
regular areas invol- meeting
public mass
move.'Voided' NAACP members and minis-
Conference Laymen Organization ving integration, it is sters.In GFDRGE WILLIAM MACK Sunday, June 24 at 3:30
of the A.M.F. expected that 187 will
Votes Church confirmed that be approved. Panama City, the Bay 39th Traffic Fatality p.m. in Ft. Paul AME
County Branch of NAACP Church. ,

Defeat the much-anticipated Historically, the first has called upon the West Jacksonville and REPORT SLATFD THURSDAY
NegroIn meeting will be held
hearing under
Mayor and City Commis- attended A. L. Lewis Thursday night, the
Ga. .on Monday evening at REV. SAM DAVIS Florida's pupil assign- sioners to end its School.He monthly Branch meeting
8 p.m. in the Annex welcome to my dis- ment was in 1958, when racial discrimination leaves to mourn: will be held in St.

Building of Mt. Ararat trict." Bishop, Greene four Negro children
policies in the letter Mrs. Eloise Mack, widow; NO RfdAN C'li.LII1' FMS Stephen AMF Church,
HINESVILLE Ga. Atty. Baptist Church Mt. who about asked to
was to sail Orchard
which time
during -
signed Branch William a progress
by President one son George
Gen. Kennedy has Arara :. is pastoredby for Europe, stated that Villa Elementary School, Rev. Timothy Mack jr.four daughters report and plans
asked the to
FBI alleged Rev. Dallas Graham. he could not investigatethe which was then all-white Youngblood. Dianne Carol Jjarvyne for future action will

irregularities in a recent "It was necessary for matter for the Their request were A protest was also sub- and Pamela Mack. Mrs. be discussed and givento

election here in us to temporarily step present due to lack granted for the follow- mitted to the Presi- Rosa Mack, mother; Jax members and n-

which a white candidate out of our denomina- of time. Bishop Greene ing year. The School dent's Committee on Willie t rested citizens.
Mack, father
defeated a Negro by 158 tional housing Mr. presides over Floridaand has since become Equal ;
predominantly Employment Oppor- two sisters On sunday, June 24, Dr.
votes for the post of Mrs.Mlnnle
McIntosh said. "our the Bahamas. Negro. tunity asking that it Lee Alexander and Mrs. J.D. Moss, PH,d., Direc-

county commissioner. pastors stubbornly refused Speaking on behalf of Three more schools integrated look into the policy of Jessie Will tor of Research for the
Newsmen were told by an to permit Rev. the Executive Board of
in maintaining
1960. They a strictly both of Jacksonville Southern Regional Coun-
official who
to Davis to speak at their the Conference Organization were Fulford Elementary, white force in the brother cil will be principal
remain one ; Henry Webb
churches Mr. MCIntosh said, Homestead Air Force Base Panama City Post Of- of Tampa; and Mrs. speaker during the public -
between and
200 300
According to Mr. MCIntosh "I wish to express my Elementary, and North fice. Georgianna Mack Grand- mass meeting
Negro votes were voidedin
a committee of deep appreciation to Miami Beach Junior High It was also disclosedthat mother, of Charleston. scheduled ,to begin at
the May 23 election the Executive Board of Graham and his fine
School. the local in
post of- S. C. and numerous 3:30 p.m. St. Paul
because they were made the Conference Laymen staff of officers for The schools msidered fice has never employeda relatives and friends. LEE bE'NNFT'1' JN. AME Church.

out improperly. The Organization made request opening their doors to for Integration next Negro in any capacity.A .
Interment will be in
official added, that such
to the pastors of God's richest
us. May September are Miami compla ht signed by a
Mt. Olive Memorial
voiding of ballots are Complete Plans For Confab
St. Stephens St. Paul benediction be upon Jacks ei. Miami Beach and former serviceman revealed -
not unusual, whether Grant Cemetery. D. C. Graham
New them.
Miami Cent $1 Senior that he had been
white or Negro votersare St. James and Mt. Zion MCIntosh is also Funeral Home in charge.
Mr. Highs; Miami Edison and denied an application to

involved.Two Churches to permit executive vicepresident Robert E. Lee junior take a civil service Pardon Board

FBI men from the Rev. Davis to make of the state Con- Highs. examination.in 3

Savannah District Office his address, but the ference Laymen Or- Tallahassee a fund- Condemns Six f

made the inquiryin committee met with ganization. Mixed CoMmiHtePleads raising drive is planned TALLAHASSEE: The final 4

which Hoke Youmans overall refusal. for Saturday June 23 clemency pleas to save

defeated the Negro incumbent 'The executive board Mixri Pkk.ts Per Lives when .... Law presidentof the lives of three Negroes x

Early Baggs, then decided to send a FRANKFORT KJ. Ken- the Georgia State now awaiting death:

1,908 to 1750. committee, to Rev. Jafcd In Miss. tucky's highest court NAACP Conference and the in State Prison at Rai-

The reportedly voided Graham Mr. MCIntosh JACKSON. Miss. Four has ordered a net trial Savannah NAACP Branch. ford were denied by the ii'iiiiiiiCONVENTION

ballots would have explained. 'We regretted young men, three Negro for one of two ,men who will be speaker at the State pardon Board this

clearly given Baggs the very much havingto and one whiter are in had been scheduled to Annual Pce-Convention week.

victory over his white do so, but we were jail here for engagingin die ,in the electric dinner to be given in Two of the three con- .

opponent. Baggs Is a determined not to be a peaceful civil chair for armed robbery. St. Michael's Episcopal demned men must die for HOSTr---Dr. 1', *. schell Jr. Jax

local insurance agent defeated in this' effort ,- rights demonstration on This raised hopes that Parish House. the alleged 1960 rape ofa chapter president, and Dr. H. H. Sattfrwhite Sr.,

The FBI agent declinedto ." the steps of the local the other can be saved Fr. David H. Brooks is 56-year-old woman. The entertainment chairman, completed plans this

discuss their The organization's Federal Building. from electrocution.' chairman of the fundraising Pardon Board said it week for the ttre -daY8 66th annual convention

findings pending a full president said he con- Those in Jail are The committee also drive. Rev. C.K. could find no reason to .f the State Medical Dental and Pharmaceutical

report to the attorney tacted Bishop ShermanL. Charles Ray McLaurln, pointed out that the Steele Is president of upset the death penalty Association slated for Jax June 19 through the

general in Washington. Greene in Atlanta 21: Robert Talbert 19; condemed men had lived the host branch. Rut- meted out to Jerry Chat- 21st .

last Sunday, explaining Willie T Allen 30; and "deprived lives" from ledge Pearson, president Ban and Robert Shuler (Royal Art Studio Photo)
Peter Stoner, 22.
their earliest years. for the rape.

I l/ .) f t ttf \ _

.- __ .-!: -.:' '"' ,< ::, 1". ',":' ,
;;; <
,'.}; f\ ""'t.
: .

f"l- ___ J


Published"Mmber by the of Associated Florid NEWS Sttff Negro Jpabllshing Press"QIC 'Co ? ,. ) :.1 : IccI er&iR ; :& BY-'ERIC o. I IPI.QJI

.,... Sargent Shriver. Director of the Peace.
w Corps, announced the promotion of FranklinH.

0. S1MPSOLi.rn.s..i3jC EMir( Williams to chief of the Division of
:r;kf f Private organization's.

,,.'mss x A1YSON I WSL........ JKWS EMIT The naming of Mr. Williams to Chief of

: : DPO was described by Mr. Shriver as an
HILDA WOOTEH........-.....CicIII Mater
effort to meet the expanding needs of the

MAIN OFFICE & PUNT: fast growing new government agency. ,
,1i Wi1 Mr. Shriver said: 'Mr. Williams has

2323. Hoecritl Rod-....PJaa EUI 4I7M EL 4:6783 demonstrated a remarkable ability for
--' negotiation at the highest level. We con-

,.aIit AMress: sider our relations with

private organizations as one
P. 0. Bu 561, JacisMtfc 1, Flrta of the most important and

sensitive areas of our ac-
tivity. I am confident that '
( Mr. Williams will meet the

One yrar",6.00: Half Year $4.00 challenges of this new post;'
Mailed to you Anyrhere in the United States ., r Prior to coming to the peace
Subscription Payable in Advance +4 4y'- Corps in April 1961 Mr.

Send check'' or Money Order to: h Williams was Assistant Attorney -
s .
General of California.For .
Florida Star P. 0. Box 561 i many years he served the NAACP in Various -

Jacksonville, 1, Florida positionsthe last one as West Coast
- ._ I -
Regional Director.
Poor EdscotiM For NItro Yow* Born Flushing, N. Y. Mr. Williamswas
educated at Lincoln University in

I ASVbtIeBtThOrO.DIStIOTIrThe LCOULD Pennsylvania where he was slautorian of
his graduating cass. He went on to earn
June issue of Sepia Magazine reveals his law degree at Fordham University in

that the undereducation of Negro childrenin New York. He is a veteran of World War 11
the South makes it difficult for Neg- MAKE HER and is a former director on the boardsof

roes who migrate North to continue their the American Veterans Committee, the
< .
I education or to find employment.The American Civil Liberties Union and the

article, titled "The Negro Exodus American Association for the United Na-

from the South, states that many of the '-t- Your WeeklyHoroscope tions.In .

1,457,000 Negroes who left the south between .1 1946 Mademoiselle Magazine selected
1950 and 1960 are now on relief r Williams as the "nation's future leaderin

because of a 'huge reservoir" jobless ._ Guide ,: the field of race relations" and in

Negroes who have had inferior educa- ASTROLOGER February 1959 was voted by Pageant
tion in segregated schools. "By far the --- By PABLO The Magazine as one of the 'ten Americans

largest number of relief recipients do whose creative energies are destined to
not have a high school education," states i- :iii WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR leave their mark on America."

the article.The Mr. Williams has been serving as Special
Mississippi Department of Education's' .. BUSINESS lOYE TRAVEL Assistant to the Director of the Peace
report, cited by Sepia, gives comparisonsof Corps in charge of UN and International

monetary spending per each school 9-20-44-16-52-924 ing the' weak links 'in undertaken (18th). You Agency programs. He will now assume the
child. Specific counties mentioned were ARIES important responsibility of getting joint '
'your methods and makeup can promote better relations -
Yazoo County, which spent $245.55 for Born March 21st thru CANCER (18th) in your family cooperative effort in the administrationof
each white pupil and $2.92 for each Negro April 19th Born June 22nd thru and public circles an the Peace Corps projects overseas.

pupil; Holly Bluff which spent $191.17 for Pay homage to elders July 22ndModeration 6-30-66-13-28-636 reach an accord with the Twelve such projects are either in opera-

each white, and $1.26 for each Negro; and and establish the basis should be LIBRA one you may deem neces- tion or under contract.

Jefferson County, which spent $96.26 for for closer affectionateties made the keystone of Born Sept. 23rd thru sary to your future wel-
each white pupil, and $2.60 for each Neg- (17th). Fhould you programs that are dedi- Oct. 23rd fare. LETTERS TO THE EDITOR

ro. North Tippah County, in the north- count on doing any dri- cated to good health and Although ;you should have
west part of the state, spent $35.14 for ving then, take the roads peace and mind. with th little to complain about 3-90-99-15-46-391 1517 West 11th Street

each white, and nothing for Negroes. that are not to congestedand warm days already here regarding your vocational CAPRICORNBorn ? Jacksonville 9, Florida
Although not quite as statistical as the adhere closely to or just around the ind professional affairs Hec. 22nd thru May 15, 1962
_ Mississippi report, a recent test givento traffic regulations. You
corner, diet indiscre- and the compensation they Jan. 19th
graduating high school seniors of both may count on your luck tionx are not likely to bring you you may have What has worked well
races in the state of Florida lends its to forward your hopes make you feel cooler .or deemed the going rather work
self to describe the poor curriculum and desires (18th). Opportunities more comfortable. Be rugged in other respects.For for you better from may now on. The Florida Star
given Negro students in segregated schools to add new especially restrainedon the Librans who have even of what others Mr. Eric 0. Simpson. Editor

throughout the state. To use Duval Countyas friends to your roster the 17th and 23rd found it possible to uphold regardless think. Each one has a 2323 MOncrief Road
a more intimate scale of measure, out should not be passed up. when you may be most their belief in the may which Jacksonville 9, Florida
basic pattern
of approximately 800 Negro graduating especially if you are unwed tempted to indulge. It ultimate good of every- changes in essence
seniors who took the test, none achieved and not opposed to is ideal to seek out opportunities thing that transpires even rarely if it does so in Dear Sir:
a passing grade, and only four Negro the idea of changing this that are there is a cheering noteon
Be guided your
students in the entire state passed the situation. A problem that hiding just waiting for the 18th. optimism form.instinct, and financial This may not seem very important to you but to

test. annoyed you previously. those who have the desire ideals and faith receivea interests. me it is very important when one of our so called
It might be added that white students and which you believedyou and ingenuity to terrific boost through Negro Leaders mailed me a letter from himselfand
j who took the same test reportedly did could sweep under smoke them out. Your circumstances that 1-30-77-14-63-137 his wife-asking for my Vote for a white man

"very well. Why shouldn't they, when the rug. interest would be better are sudden and unex- A OU RIUS who was running for the same office as our Negro
they are taught 'very well?" 7-60-33-17-29-763 served when you have pected. Friendship should Born Jan. 20th thru candidate, namely Mr. Earl Johnson.. This was
Negro parents, wake up! A terrible crimeis confidential connectionsthat also take on a deeper Feb. 18th an insult to me and in my opinion the public

happening right under your noses! T/U PUfi can put you on the meaning, and pave the way Even though you believe should know what and who our Negro Leaders stand
Born April 20th thru trail of monetary gains. for the fulfillment of for and just what kind of leadership we have in
i that your world has come
Coco-Cola Boycott Shows Dttactly May 20th 280881335283LEO hopes. v our so called Negro Leaders.
your to an end. you may dis-
conclude deals, should 3-10-66-18-82-316 cover that it is the beginning %
Dwd Ntgrois Of 'Itak &0.0.,' this be possible, that Born July 23rd thru of a new and I am herewith enclosing a letter sent to me by
fill put you in pOsses- SCORPIOBorn exciting relationship one of our great Negro leaders and his wife andI
Aug. 22nd'
-h The effectiveness of last week's* bush- sion of cash or valuable the sort of Oct. 24th thru (18th). if you are unfettered am asking that you do me the kindness to pUb-
fire boycott of Coca-Colas should have holdings. The indication pas-the Nov. 22nd by ties of any lish the full contents of this letter, but by

left no doubt in anyone's mind that the point to unexpected occasions time that strain imposes and Once you have taken sort, you may allow all means save the letter and envelope with the
attitude of the Negro consumer market in to arrive at least on you if stock and know exactly yourself to be taken in return address on it, so that If there is ever

_ this city can no longer be taken for your appointed goals before your feel pocketbook.that this is the you what you have left to re by-a glamorous or exotic anything said about it, I will have the proofin
granted. the close of the shape your present and companionship, perhaps black and white.
r best policy for you to
Justified indignation coupled with an 18th. As this IS the follow at the present future objectives you leading to the altar in ..
enlightened outlook toward the productshas only day during this time, .Reading walkingand may well consider your- due course. Make certain I an about as HOT about this thing as I can BE.

alerted the Negro buyer to the flagrant quarter when you may inspiring companionship self on the road to a that economic problemsare
injustices being committed againsthim consider yourself may have as much to brighter future (17th). not being created as Let me hear from you as to just how you feel about
in the area of 'employment favored you should put methods to this thing.
c by Jacksonville offer as the more stren- Devise new a consequence, for your s
businesses.The all your intellectualand uous activities. A extract the maximum future happiness would
swift reprisal taken against the physical resources friend and you may sud- benefit from modern business then hang in the balance Very truly yours

Coca-Cola Company for the dismissal of 17 behind whatever you are denly discover that you 'procedures or (21st). A renewed attempt ,
of its Negro employees is strong indica trying to accomplish. have much in common and financial operations to extract some- -

tion that the Negro citizens of Duval no Someone may be playingon that your hopes run in (18th). When you are ata thing from you may be Bellals.1.
_ longer intend to remain passive in the your emotions in parallel directions. a loss for ideas con- made, but there is no '

face of job discrimination. Coca- order to extract benefits union may be consideredif sult the past for pre- earthly reason why you ... .., .',4'>."'.7... ,.
Cola boycott should serve as an index to at your expense.The are both free of cedents which you can should assent now when -"" ',.' 1..LLT idth StTMtJacksonville
". .of
other major business firms in this city. person who failed to previous ties. If not, utilize instead. You may you refused earlier. '-',-:", April 22, 1962, Florida
Economic intimidation through job dis- reach you before may try you cannot depend too also obtain guidancefrom 4-10-44-17-97-414
crimination was worked very effectively again with better results much on the generosityof those whose years tear Mend

against the Negro thus farsubjecting him this time. the other parties involved and experience qualify PISCESThere the tine 1* drmlcf Mar for 700 to cake a Mat Important deci-
to the hardships and 5-20-55-19-31-525 is nb use looking alan.- declaim that vUl affect yoa vitally economically, as
privations of restricted to set you free. them as capable Mil aa yow rl hte a* a citiaea tor the MX* rear yeara.He .
'black backward to find out what
economy. This black e- selors.
1-70-55-19-23-175 woaU lib tor to red the eneloeed folder tor the background -
conomy, designed to undermine his social, GEMINI 7-40-22-17-51-742 you have left behind, as of Mr. V&I'nQI11t.1Der and pnWI7OV kind eonaldertioa *-
educational and economic growth, has replaced Born May 21st thru VIRGO SAGITTARIUSBorn those who have places togo for the office to ....a.We .

the terrorist policy of past years June 21st Born Aug. 23rd thru Nov. 23rd thru are only interestedin would net oak Uila of you U we did not know hill to be all
tia for the pat
boalnaaa vitti
V has
to ia.
t.b&be *
_ where lynchings drownings floggings, Few can match you when Sept. 22nda Dec. 21st what lies ahead. This fifteen yean aaya and know that. to baa rendered inraloabla ...me.to .
shootings, castrations and the like were it comes to saying the There does not seem to You are not one to take should be your attitudenow to aa-toer oar people.of ear Be people.toe given 3e work la a whenever MO wbo it we ae know ia can his be power....acbeel -

devices used to keep the Negro "in his right wad and doing the be much you can do to 4 a back seat when there for it of seems certain to called at any. an.tour He of la the a dq ood-f.or alibi rtng aan to fire who .help."..or the aeries public when with
place.: proper thing to make advance your ambitionsat are vital topics to discuss mark the end a boneaty 8Dd iaUfrtty. Be sera all the people with the aaae
The Negro has become weary of being vic- others feel that they this stage giving or comeone is phase in your existence. iatereat and seal, vita malice toward none.He .

timized by this black economy. He has become have a place in your you ample opportunity to asked to volunteer to Hitch your wagon wanders to somd bailer......*rote at. for Mr. Warren tfcitener. trill to a vote for rood#
weary of not being able to get suf- heart and mind. Your review your over-all blaze new trails. Should whichever star ,
1 ficient ,credit to properly exist; and to financial position plans and to revise them such an opportunityarise your way, and you are Sincerely.lobert
be hounded into shame and often into ruin stands to benefit when along more progressive you should render apt to have the ride of L. S1D&1.\Ia
a'' whenever he is fortunate unfortunate-- you concentrate on lines. An open mind and a good account of your your life in regions'you Once Lewfaone SfMIltaa

enough to be extended some concession of business tad vocational faith in your destiny qualifications for the never knew existed. -'? .

'c credit.. interests. should aid you in find mission that has tr M 2-40-22-12-74.247 mclorar* : r .

O } ,

\, '!;i2 ''''.:..,; ;'.

: "''''t\-
.\ .

...a- ..

I.-U : .-t, -- : )


.. < .... '" > .' .. "


.. :.. -,- -----. PAGE 3li1Ii

:. T. *t : Family, Friends Sponsor Surprise Fete.. large Gathering Attends Brewster ;1

"0" )"" '.'
: :f'! :' "
: :::k >:' ; 11[ Mother's Proaram
5--- wganized- ----
=<: -:- 'ii I Ii P One of the largest the Brewster \

gatherings ever assembled Mothers in 1954 made
with r witnessed
an remarks.A .
anniversary program beautiful purse anda

Socially speaking, we are experiencing a lull z w yW 1 given by the Brewster cash gift was pre-

in events that is customary during the school Mothers' Club wws present sented to Mrs. Davis. A
closing season, with all attention ,. *
being focusedon Sunday in the very timely and inte-

commencement activities. However, two of our dining room of Brewster resting program was
local fraternities were in the k+ '
limelight, Presenting VpK 1 Methodist Hospital to rendered, featuringthe

awards to graduates. Ilk share in the anniversary :address given by

Leroy polite, graduating from New Stanton Senior celebration of the Mrs. Helen T. Hawkins.

High School, received a $500.00 scholarship from '" Ea Mothers' Auxiliary.The Remarks were given by

Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity (The Jacksonville dining room was a the president. Mrs. J.E.
Alumni and Delta Psi chapters) to the schoolof beautiful scene and the Davis and administrator

his choice. Qualifications for the award included hostesses who were jack H. Whittington.

among other things, the student's scoreon beautifully gowned added ,Refreshments' were

the state-wide test administered to' all to the scenery. They served following the

twelfth grade students. A similar scholarshipwill J ;* were Miss Sandra Jones. program.
ht F A
be awarded annually by the Kappas. Miss Carol Freeman Miss

life honoree is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Leroy i' Barbara A. Wilson. Miss StorkDf'liveries

Polite,. Sr. of 1912 Pullman Court. jj; Vanorian Freeman Miss
) J.(
Diann Freeman and MissM.

.. .. .... ... .... .... ... Catherine Williams.

'. .. ". h'l'J "t'.. :r' Mr. and Mrs. Jesse
-. ) .' :' ,.f..\.< J 3 I Another striking pic-
: ;
., J V"' 0 ; Y' "t.r'I" Campbell; 4018 Leonard
Upsilon Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha pa- .: r'',., ,:- '. : ;, ", -:I.' p- > at ture were the membersof Circle; Boy.

ternity was extremely busy during recent com- -r. 'I' ,1.... u ...,' the Century Saving
"' 1t' I \
__ : !'J- :'. f /, ; 'f Mr. and Mrs. Frank
mencement activities as they appeared on the w ) J' ..1ift,'Y' \. 1"", t4J ,.' \ ", : Club. Members presentwere Breaker; 2657 Phlox

program of several high schools and colleges.In MRS. FRANCS BROWN (fourth from left, foreground) was the joyful recipient of a surprise birthday mrs. Maebelle Bree.- Street Gtrj.
; : *
connection with the fraternity's 'seven. party attended by a large group of family members and friends Sunday afternoon at her residence, den. Mrs. Mary Woods:' M"rand' Mrs. Ernest

Jewels Awards," Kelly Brown of Edward Waters received useful and attractive and Mrs. Betty Johnson ,
1550 west Jefferson St. Mrs. Brown numerous gifts, a sumptuous Mrs. Kendrick ., -32nd
;.. -W.
College was the recipient the Robert H. Ogle buffet luncheon was served. Among the attendees were1 those from left : Robert Brown Mrs. Vera Mildred Francis. Mrs. Street; Boy.

Award; Alfred Browns a graduate of Stanton Voca- Brown, Willie Lumpkins. Ernest Brown Miss Doretha :Turner. Miss Thelma Lumpkins. Felton Brown Sr. Bernice Burnett. Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Theodore

tional School, received the Henry A. Callis (the honoree's husband), Mrs. Frances Brown (the Honoree) James Brown Miss Rudyne Brown Miss Rosa Durham Mrs. Martha Martin; 1756 W. 25th

Award; Larry Gatlin, finishing Northwestern Catherine Collins, and Mrs. Ernestine Brown. Thomas Mrs. Louise Jile Street; Girl.

Junior-Senior High School was presented the (Billy Brown Photo) Mrs. Carrie Rodgers and and
Mr. Mrs. Amos Lee;
Nathaniel Murray Award; Eddie Rice of Douglas Mrs. Barbara Ann God-

Anderson High School received the George Kelly Brewster Men College Park Kindergarten's Royalty, The Leroy Hunter's bolt. Girl.1592 W. 28th Street:

Award; and, Cleophus Stephens of Matthew W. Mrs. Jennie V. Crockettand Mr.
Hold and Mrs. James
Gilbert High School qualified for the Charles H. Elections Touring BWI Mrs. Anna D. Wells. Carter; 3314 Bridier

Chapman Award. tied in the
contest for
Annual election of Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Street; Girl.
Present during the presentations were Mr. Raiford 'IHrs. Brewster Mother. '
officers featured the Hunter of 2014 Durkee Mr. and Mrs. Willie
Brown Jr.; Rev. F. D. Wilson; and Dr. H.- James ( A beautiful punch bowl
regular meeting of the f \ Drive left recently on Middleton; 1011 Powhat-
Greene, president of the local chapter. set was won by the con-
Brewster Men's Club their annual vacation ten Street; Girl.

... .. Sunday in the hospital's tour which will include, testants. The Century Mr. and Mrs. Alvit
i .* : ?*. *.* ? ,1. ., .,". ..*,t Saving Club presented a
dining room. Tallahassee Miami plusa white: 629 Ct. E. ; Boy.
check for $15 to the
With Jack Whittington, seven day cruise on Mr. and Mrs. Jerome
Mrs. Alvira Muse of 2845 Jupiter Avenue is convalescing contest in behalf of
administrator servingas the S. S. Evangeline.Their Lockhart; 1481 W. 21st
at home after being confined to Brewster Mrs. Jennie V. Crockett.Mrs. .
installator, the itinerary will Street; Boy.
Hospital. We are happy to report that she is Maebelle Breeden,
following were reel t include Jamaica, Haiti Mr. and Mrs. Issac Odum
making satisfactory progress. .I is president Mrs. An
ected: Kingston and Nassau of 5580 Redpole Avenue;
na Bell is
.. .. .... ... t. .. .... .... J. Earl Morse, president the Brittish West Indies Houston and Girl.
; j.j. Nixon, vice : They expect to secretary Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Leon
Lillie McPherson is
president; William return to the city by .Walker; 743 NorthSt.
Many of our bridge clubs have been busy during treasurer of the club.
Searcy, secretary; C. A. June 2Qth. (Ct. ); Boy.
the past few weeks with final meetings or partiesto The anniversary whichwas
Willis, treasurer; Eugene Mr. Hunter was the Mr. and Mrs. Willie
close events for the fiscal year. one such ; given on the birth-
H. Brown, chaplainand j j:: former owneroperatorof Pete; 926 Hogan St. .
group was Classie Lassies Bridge Club. Members Hillie day of Mrs. Fannie Jones
Howard. Sgt.- the Savoy, locatedon North; Girl.
entertained guests at enjoyable party held 4 one of the Brewster
at-arras, and Ellis outer Moncrief Road. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer
at the Colsolidated Women''s Garden.Club on West Morse, asst. seq;e.tjary. Mothers made her the
Dawson; .4317 : Trenton-
Seventeenth Street. J.J. Nixon recipient of a large and
Drive; South Ja'x. ;
Enjoying the fete were Mrs. Alvenia S rlven, his guest County com- Wedding Bells beautiful birthday cake. in-Glrls.

Mr. and Mrs. James Lewis, Mr. and Mrs. Bernadrid missioner Bob Harris, Several months ago the

Gadling, Mr. and Mrs. Killis B. Bonner, Atty. who gave a short talk. APPLICATION FOR Brewster Mothers took a

and Mrs. Earl Johnson, Mr. Norman Williams, Mr. V f MARRIAGE LICENSES room as their projectand

William Wright, Dr. James Henderson, Mr. Adrian V-lSited] Birthplace as a result of their THISis
Bobby Rivers, 723 CourtI.
THEIR MAJESTIES who were crowned king and
Oliver Dr. William and Anniversary
Toney, Mr. George Starkes. Tea they
Blodgett Homes, and
Among members of the Classie Lassies Club are Mobile Alabama during College park Kindergarten's closing exer- Cecelia were able to turnoverto
cises in Walker College auditorium were Y. Marrs, 2360
Mrs. Margaret Starkes, Mrs. Dorothy Oliver Mrs. May 31 jack H. Whittington, the one brand of headache
.". "... '.. and Brenda Ann Williams. Lantana Avenue, 17.
"' Master Wesley powders offering 30 of
Joan Spaulding, Mrs. Helen Toney Mrs. Carolyn "-" ...-;:: J Brewster Administratora years
Henry McKinnon, 221 E.
Both their majesties played principal rolesin Quality yet sells for
Washington, Mrs. Minnie Gadling, Mrs. Geneva Union St. 24 and MaryL. check for $100. Mrs. less. Ask for Goody's!
the school's playlet, "Summer is Calling.
Henderson. Mrs. Grace Sykes, Mrs. Alveta Allen, Sams, 221 E. UnionSt. J.E. Davis, the club
and Mrs. Juanita Williams. ...... i Wesley is the son of Mrs. panda Mitchell and president said she felt
.. ..... -> Brenda Ann's parents are Mr. and Mrs. Latimer assured that within a ri
LJ Johnson, 2103
.... .... .... .... .. .. .... j.I j.- Williams, 1667 University Street. West Plticeda St. 19 and short time the mothers s

I (Royal Art Studio Photo) would pay the balance on
Irma D. McCray 1030

Mrs. Mildred Pauline, Mrs. Marjorie Gilmore, Almcda St. 16. their room.
Hotter Graduate
Mrs. Elizabeth Jasmin Mrs. Cora Ross, and Mrs. ., Daughter Among Leon W. Hickson, Jr. Mrs. Jennie V. Crockettand i
Sophie White were guests when Les Trieve Amies --- 1286 W. 20th St. 31 and Mrs. Anna D. Wells

Bridge Club held a recent meeting in the Durkee .. 1960 to fulfill their Mary L. Oliver 1751 the winners of the "Mrs

Drive hone of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Miller. desire in becoming exe- Tyler St. 22. Brewster Mother. was

Miss Gwendolyn Schell was top scorer in the cutive secretaries and crowned by Miss Margaret
Lawrence C. Mills, 340
club division.Mrs. typists. Field. R.N. Director of
Nixon St. 21 and GussieM.
Doris Jones, Miss Coatsie Jones, Mrs. This past May 23th. Patient Care at Brew-
Mims. 320 Nixon St. ,
Vanorian Schell, Mrs. Vivian Satterwhite, Mrs. r their dreams had been 18. ster. mrs. Mattye Mont- 12 POWDERS 250

Lillian Singleton Mrs. Florence Wilson, Mrs. realized, since both gomery, R.N. who or

Margaret Sutton, Mrs. Ruth Bonner, Mrs. Winona MISS DOROTHY L. RENSHIRA mother and daughter had -

Britt, and Miss Ruth Broome are members of Les recent visit to her maintained "A" and At home it fountains, everywhere- .

1 Trieze Amies. birthplace, Mobile, Ala., "B" averages while attending ,
Walker. ," .
where.she was a guest of _. _
.. .. .. .. .... ... ... .... relatives and friendswas Miss Harris expects to i : .s. '
become ;
a secretary in
enjoyed by Mrs. Lena ..
Mrs. Doris Holden of 1349 West Twelfth Street Sims of 3702 Brick St. Governor's office ,- .. .
,. .. .
while her mother planson _. -.Ji "j- .i;, ; '
and Mrs. Pecola Hopkins of 1524 Powhattan Street Mrs. Sims stayed with '
being G ::PeP ,.:- .' .:. .
will combine business with pleasure when they her daughter, >Mrs. E.D. assigned to --....r" -- .

motor to Miajni this week-end to attend a two McNeal of 659 South civil service work in '' ;. ,
it's -
their now Pepsi
weeks workshop in one of the leading Miami beauty Hamilton St. and also Undoubtedly among the community.

schools. The workshop will be held from June 17 her grand daughter proudest of the Walker for those who think
29. Business College students TabenKKle's young M, people of all ages **.

through who graduated all out lor hi. W, lire lit modern active lilt, nil It lie lilt for P'pliif" ={

.... .. .. .t.. .... .... .... 28 are Mrs. Helena May choi'2Pkms -/ ', bracing, thin-mult Pepsi. la stores, it fountains, say "Ptpil, pltitic !" .

Harris and daughter JVM 17th Recital .

The lovely Vernon Road home of Mr. and Mrs. Chedick who completed
Tabernacle Ba tistChurch's i ,rPi
Kerna McFarlin provided the setting for a recent their prescribed coursesin

meeting of the Kardettes Bridge Club. Mrs. Mcfar- secretarial and clerk choir 2 will ..YH.: )
present a recital
lin had Mrs. Juanita Wyatt as gust t player.Mrs. typist study. i1AS "
Sunday. June 17 at .
Haiti Stewart headed the scoring 'list in Mrs. Harris and her S
7:30 p.m. The program .,
the club division. daughter are natives of
will feature the Misses
Mrs. Sarah Montgomery Mrs. Gwendolyn Stewart, Trinidad, British West Dianne .. '..
Mrs. Mable Jones Mrs. Sybil Butler, Miss Lou- indies. They came to Earlie and

i vlnia Solomon and Mrs. Mary Coleman were among MRS. LENA SIMS this country in August Maxine L. Williams. I iit'

members present. : 'i
Mrs. Dorothy L. Colemanof :

.... .... .... .... .... .... 10 Furr Street. 'i- .
She also had the pleasure fregnant -.:1. : :'
Friends of Mrs. Marie McKeever 1444 West Tenth of meeting with her r-
# ,
Street, will be happy tc learn that she is recovering sister Ethel who flew

in from Cleveland. Ohio .H, .., Ua, slio s.ltoransrunv IA' .. '." .>
rapidly from her 'recent illness.Mrs. T try RELAX ;
...... ..III Strict .'
and also attended the
McKeever is a member of the Deluxe Circle Of tott fli* fcUiMS hrlll f prtMDC7mtf I' .
graduation exercises of ** .. ... H* nit tt pAw M. WITH A
Bridge Club. has temOM tkia contfitMMf it ttm ": .
her great grand daughter, Mfy co.Oowdd to rbt>t Ow tiKMt-
tort t4 "" t ttrttcftrt thus
Itttmt M
.... .... .... .... .... ...1 Miss Dorothy Lee Rensher I...*. T...'ll fita IICWaIU nun w

The, dates for the Florida State Medical, Dental one of the 415 seniors too.NlII"....T....U..eM..crt g r H Ott 0 s..tlh.g' yS'AASAC...for"'. f ti FRIEND" ;I '., f.

and Pharmaceutical Association meeting in Jack- participating in Central tM ...,. MOTHUW nuuBp ,wr.N' t I i
8 Y.N TI MWT" .t it At bra MASSAGE; .. .
sonville are June 19 through 21. We hope to have High School's commence- f UOfM t*try-Mr .frtftict Of S S J.COMrMY4TUMTA ,'.. < f. ..- .. ... -- .._..... -

complete details of social activities next week. ment exercises on May 29. ..' '

,.': ... ... ,


\ __ .

I 3 : :

I. : :

-{ : .... 1.
: -J./;



!. ... "____.. ,
-- -- --
--- -- --

Fat .r's DaJ EbCMtztr's .' AttMitd,. liptist,. Confab II .1.11._ Glade--< IT AME Laymen To Present 1 ;

; !:
Program Slated IWeStfcoolJfM6 '$ ''; .

At Mother MidwayFather's o.s loth % f Dr. Sam Davis June 18th

-- --
Mrs. Lillie Bell Spell Dr. Sam Davis, pastorof man will highlight the Bishop Sherman L. Greene ;
Day, which had
extension director of St. Paul AME Church, program scheduled for has endorsed the lay-
its beginning in June,
Religious Education for Birmingham. Ala. and Mt. Ararat Baptist men's program but will
1910 in Spokane, Wash-
the Jacksonville Dis- H ; rf president of the Brother Church's education not be able to attend, !
ington, will observed. '
trict will supervise the : hood Organization, will building.Dr. since he and Mrs. Greene
in Mother Midway AME
Daily Vacation Bible be principal speaker Davis will be introduced will be traveling abroad
Church Sunday throughoutthe
School at Ebenezer axY when the Lay organization by Rev. R. Mrs. P.J. McIntosh
day. f
Methodist Church June of the East FloridaAME Elwin Lamb, presiding conference organist, is ;
"Let us all give to
18-29. Church presents him elder of the North Jack- inviting all persons interested -
him who toils in the
Miss spell is a gradu- here June 18 at 8 p.m. sonville District AME in serving on :
Sun, rain and cold
ate of Bethune-Cookman 1. The.widely known clergy Church. The program will the choir for the June '.r
under all types of adverse -
College also of Gammon be further enhanced by 18 program meet at her }'
conditions, gifts
and honor on his day. Theological Seminary of Woodlawn Presbyterian there wellknown program home 1568 W. 16th St. I

Who ? Father" the Interdenominational a r participants.P.J. Friday June 15 at 8 p.=

Theological Center MCIntosh Sr. for rehearsal.
The pastor Rev. J.W. Church Holes
Atlanta Georgia. president, stated that
Jones, will preach a ,
Courses to be offeredare By L. N. Pearson Sr. Father's Day
special sermon to all ,
fathers, mothers and Bible Study, story ENTERTAINED DELEGATES---Among the many lovely affairs given delegates to On last Sunday beforean Bethelehem'sBible Rites ;

children, therefore, telling, recreation the recent annual session of the Progressive Baptist State Convention in appreciative audienceRev. Sunday

your presence is re- activities, arts and Belle Glade, was the function presented by Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Taylor, F.D. Wilson broughtout School At 2nd BaptistBy

quested.The crafts, music appreciation prominent citizens of the city. Some of the guests shown from left were: very vividly in his

junior Choir and hymn study. Deacon Lonnie Dean of Sebring former president of the Laymen Brother- sermon the "Excellenceof Begins MondayDaily Alberta J. Williams ,

Ushers will serve at the The classes will be hood; Mrs. Alberta J. Williams Jacksonville, Director and Secretary of Love. He gave to Vacation Bible i
11 a.m. service. The held from 9 a.m. to noon Public Relations for the General Convention; Mrs. Ruby L. Herndon, Jack- each Individual under School begins Monday at The annual Father'sDay

Senior Choir and Ushers Lunch will be served to sonvilleFinancial Secretary of the Junior Women's Convention; Mrs. AgnesL. his voice "spiritualfood 9 a.m. in Bethlehem Bap- program will be ob-

will serve during the all pupils daily under Dean, President of the junior Women and wife of Deacon Dean; and Mrs.L. for thought. tist Church with Mrs. served throughout the

6 p.m. service. the direction of Mrs. White, Belle Glade, an outstanding church woman and school instructor. Everything in creation Eula Nelson superintendent day at Second Baptist

Order of Services Maxine Fisher and Mrs. Others in attendance were: Mrs. M. K. Gibson, Jacksonville; Rev. W. S. obeys the law of love. in charge. Church beginning with

9:30 a.m. --Sunday School Frances Johns m. Hartsfield, Bartow; and Rev. Dr. C. W. Black, San Antonio, Texas, the There is no tree that The Young Adult Choir Sunday School at 9:30

Among the volunteer instructors convention s national guest. with C.M. Vaught
Bro. S.C. Hart, superin- .. bears fruit for its own will sponsor the sale a.m.
are Mrs. E.J. and L.C. Chester in
dent. use; the sun does not of hot dogs and ham-
Rivers Mrs. Annie R. Mrs. M.H. 'oMother Midway charge. Rev. J.L. Hall,
11:00 a.m.--Morning Wor- Jacobs, LC. Hal Honors .t shine for Itself. it is burgers on the church
ship, sermon by pastor. jjrs. only man and the devil grounds Saturday. assistant pastor will ;

4:00 p.m.--Stewards and Alford,, Mrs.urs. Ethel Bertis La Anderson Fe- Slated For Sunday Rite Were Held To ObserveC.L. who in everything seek Sunday's services will review, "The the lesson Praise subject of-

Stewardessed monthly their
begin with Schoolat
Mrs. Percy Mae Tolbert, Hall chairman the Redeemed. and will t
meeting. Sunday June 'the
KM In George Washington -
I 9:30 a.m. with Deacon
6:00 p.m.--Evening Ser- Mrs. Marion Marshall, the board of Stewards Annual Men'sRev. Day Carver Elementary Eugene Sawyer in charge. also deliver the major
Mrs. Beatrice Emanuel,
will be honored with
vice. a School at 2854 W. 45th All fathers will be sermons.
Miss Leona G. StYles testimonial Sunday at Consecration servicesfor
8:00 p.m.--After service and J.W. Jones, pas- Street on next Sunday honored during this
Miss Johnetta
Shep- 3:30 in the audi- Deaconesses
rendered by Fountain p.m. tor, announced this Church School begins at service.The Deacons.
pard. torium of Holsey Chapel ushers and choir members
Chapel AME Church. Rev. .
Registrats are Mrs. week that committeesfor 10:00 a.m. with T.V. American Legion

F.W. Jones, pastor, will Fleet Alexander and Mrs. CME Church. the annual Men'sDay Huger, superintendent in will worship at the will be held a.t 10:45

be accompanied by his Mrs. Myrtis Bradle a.a. Morning worship
Martha Washington. observance to be 11 a.m. service which is
Shootes, who is servingas services will start at
choirs, ushers and con- Advance regustrationwill held at Mother Midway The 11 a.m. Worship being sponsored behalf --,. ..'.
chairman of the iVa.m.
gregation. begin Friday and AME Church Sunday Service will begin of the Sunday

Brother Everhart Williams Saturday at 8:30 p.m. testimonial has announced Ju ly 8 have been promptly at that hour, School.The BTU members will meet

the General that a very fine w at 5:45 p.m. with Mrs.
selected. with Rev. Wilson bring-
The bus will pick up pastor will be accompanied -
has :," (
program been arranged R.H. Morrissette in
Chairman of Men's Day each morning at Everhart Williams ing the message based on to Emanuel

and aptain of GroupNo. pupils Miss Juli for the event. president of Usher the theme of love. Read Baptist Church Sundayat charge assisted by
will be host of p.m. Appearing on the pro- Alexander Heard. Evening
1. Robinson, director, has & Board 2 and leader of Corinthians 12:34:13: and 3 p.m. by Usher
gram will be Miss Joyce worship at 7
this service and is asked all instructors to Class 11, has been pray for unity of spirit Boards L and 3 and Choir p.m.
Kee, Mrs. Corrine Waters Weekly activities will
asking the entire churchto with Miss Lillie named general chair- The United Choir will 1 and the Male Chorus.
Mrs. Elizabeth Williams, start with the Prayer of
support this and Bell Spell at the church man. support the rites with ..TU will be held at
Choir 1 of Simpson Faith Hour Tuesday at
every effort foMen's Sunday at 5 p.m. for a MRS. MARY HOOKS BUNTON Other officers heading Mr. C.E. Simmons, Jr. at 5:30 p.m. Evening wor-
Methodist Church Mrs. 7 p.m. Deacon R.W. Jackson -
Day. fellowship and instruc- various committees are: the piano. The United ship, 7 p.m. choir 1.
Mary Nealey Mrs. The- assisted by others
Tuesday June 19 will tional meeting prior to DUNEDIN Funeral ser- steering committee; Choir will rehearse Usher Boards 1 and 3 and
resa Hall William will have charge of the
feature a Twin-Service the opening of school vices for Mrs. Mary Allen Thomas, program Friday, 8:00 p.m. in the the Male Chorus_. ,ilJt
.. prince Smith. Miss Inez devotions. Rev. Hall
rendered by Rev.-H.N. *" .
"on Monday' ,H&oksf Bunton. whored committee; S.C. Hart, Sanctuary.Let serve throughouttheday.
of Johns. Master Clifford willr give the inspira-
Carson pastor
suddenly Tuesday, June Sunday School; Joseph us encourage youth. Mrs. L. Huntingtonwill
McCormick, Rev. Mrs. cional talk.Thursday .
Varick Memorial AME
Miiskale Set 5 in a Green Cove Conyers, music, andw. Youth are the trusteesof serve as directorof
Zion Church and Rev. N. Evelyn Dunn George at C p.m. the
Springs Hospital, were P. Cox, ways and the future.Yes music.Sunday.
McCray, pastor of Mt. Sweet Deacon A. Scott, combined choirs will
Sunday Nite held here Sunday June means, committees, re-
Zion AME Church, South- Mrs. janie Mae Jenkins 10, in her home, Bethel spectively.The WeAITa& Afternoon present their annual

side. Tow of the Men's Mrs. O.A. Burns Rev. W. musicale under the direction -
At Macedonia AME Church Rev. Jesse team captains'staff A Textbook
Day captains will be M. Bleshor Mrs. May- M. Hammons, deliveringthe includes: By Marcus H. Boulware Recital Sunday of Mrs. G. C.

hosts to this service. Choirs 2, 3 and 4 .of belle Taylor Mrs. c.C. eulogy. Rev. J.W. Jones Vaught and Charles T.

The public is cordially Macedonia Baptist Church Copeland, C. Parham QUESTION: Our club is Maxwell.The .
Mrs. Bunton is sur- Everhart Williams F. At
Johnson and Mrs. Frances thinking of usingRoberts' AbyssiniaMrs.
invited. will present Mrs. Do- Sunday School of-
vived by her husband 0. Henry, Esau White,
Other activities will rethea smith Mrs. Ber- Scriven.An Eddie Bunton; Three Charlie Robinson, Allen Rules of Orderas Irma Jean Smith ficers and Teachers

later including nice and Clarence invitation has been its manual of Council will meet Satur-
be announced Bryant daughters Mrs. Leroy Thomas, James Frazier, Odum and Columbus Smith

the speakersfor Jarrell in a musical extended to the publicto Murray. Mrs. Debra Jean Neo Blackshear E.C. authority. would you will be presented in day at 7 p.m. with L.C.

the Men's Day oc- recital Sunday at 8:30 join in to help make Howell. and Miss Lona clark Curtis Williams consider this a good songs and hymn time. Chester and C.M. Vaught

casion. p.m. in the auditorium it a glorio akday for Bunton. Two sisters, Walter Daniels, V.J. choice? --V.L.M- June 17 at 2:30 p.m. in presiding during the

All of these ministers of the church. the honoree. Mrs. Beatrice H. Murphy. jones and Joseph Con- ANSWER: This manual is the auditorium of Abys- business session. Rev. J

being presented in District 2 will meet Dunedin; and ,Mrs. Inez yers. considered the last word sinia Baptist Church. C. Sams pastor, will

Mother Midway are well- Sunday at 3:30 p.m. with St. Paul Hooks Mosley RN. Bronx. on parliamentary law, They will be accom- conduct the Bible study.
Rev. W. W. Whitehead but it is too advancedfor
known in the and
Annual Mr. Mrs. Isiah Gour- N. Y.Five. panied by the junior

Conference and the com- dine. District 3 will To Observe brothers, Rev. H. Will the average club choir of Zion Hope Baptist First Born's
Conduct1st member.
munity in which they are meet at the home of Hollis Hooks. Edward It is designedfor Church. The pew

outstanding gospel Deacon and Mrs. Thomas Waters college. Jackson- those persons who rally will also termi- Sunday SlateServices

preachers and need Campbell. District 6 Father's Timothy RevivalRev. are well versed on
no DaySt. ville; Daniel D. Hooks nate. All women have
further introduction to will meet in the home of parliamentary procedure.
Dunedin; prof. Leroy w.W. Whitehead, ,been asked to bring a Of
Hence, national
our church members and Mrs. Irene Williams. Paul AME many will
Church Hooks, Clearwater; pastor of Connors Temple guest. A prize be

I/ -friends.---- 23rd Street Circles. Rev. R.J. Elaine, pastor Joseph J. Hooks, Newark, Baptist Church, Savannah organizations fit from its use.can pro- awarded to women with Sunday's order of ser

will observe Father's N.J. ; Julius Hooks, Ga. will conduct the For the average small the largest amount of vices at First Born were

I Day with activities Dunedin and numerous 10-nights revival ser- club, I recommend a sim guests. announced this week by
planned throughout the other relatives and vices'which begin Mon- pler book. For example, The event is being Elder A. Hill pastor.

day Sunday. friends. day night June 25 at Textbook on Parliamentary sponsored in the interest They are as follows:

The usual order of ser- interment in the family First Timothy Baptist of the women's Sunday School 10 a.m.
vices will prevail with plot of Pinellas Memorial Church, 1357 Hart St. Law published by Day observance. Morning Worship, 11:15 ,
Sunday School the MacMillan Company I
beginningat Park Dunedin.Wedding The public is invited a.m. .
9:30 with with offices in New York Slates OutingUsher {
a.m. w.D. BellsAlbert to attend each night'sservices. Father's Day program
Sweet 5 City Atlanta, and \
a superintendent, The revival Board 4 of Mt. 5:30 p.m.Evening.
Yya. in Dallas. This book assumes -
w charge. J. Jackson, 7176 Math. ends July 6. Ararat Baptist Church Worship 7:30
I Morning service will jws St, 19 and Geneva Hinson, that the student will ,
Ii '732 W. Church St., 22. knows nothing about sponsor an outingto p.m.
begin promptly at Plans
i 11a..m. toting parliamentary American Beach Special sermon by the
All fathers are dure, and therefore dis- Saturday. June 16. The pastor. The general !
The Seminole Culture
invited to be present bus leaves the churchat public is cordially
Club will its cusses the fundamental 1
to hear a sermon pre- Baby Contestants sponsor 9 The invited.
a.m. public is
principles, giving the
pared for the fathers. annual outing to Little .. Invited.
I The Male Chorus is All contestants taking Talbot Beach Saturday. reasons behind the pur-

part in the Baby Contestin poses of the various
sponsoring a Father's June 23. Buses will
I behalf of sister motions. #Rrs. 'almer I
Ii i Day Tea in the basement leave 13th and Myrtle. ;
Rosetta Cohen's anni-
of the church from at 9 a.m. ; 8th and

4 until 6 p.m. The versary, are requestedto Myrtle at 9:20; Arch and Agony Out of Psychic Reader .II
present Sunday at
Gospel Choir is spon- Davis 9:30 and Florida .

soring a tea at the home Sister and Deacon S.V. Ave. and Jessie St. at Rheumatic Pains 1
and Adviser
Cohen's home on 835 W. Thousands have found the
of the president Bro. 10 a.m. Tickets may be i

I ![ Monroe St. at 3 p.m.A obtained from the most soothing relief
J.A. Watson on TylerSt. mem- Will ReB'l Your Fntire Life without asking nny. I i

at 5:15 p.m. program has already bers at the bus stops. they have ever known questions tells you any and everything you wishto

To all of .these and been arranged and the Friends are invited.RAPID. from the minor pains know. j

other services, you are general public is symptomatic of Rheumatism If you need help of any kind see her at once

1 KEN KNIGHT invited.The cordially invited.M.R'sDay. and Arthritis', 'he can and will help you. She does what others I
Invites You To Listen, To Girl Scouts meet P F..::;. CI.PR1LfSRHEUMANOfa now with claim to do. All Readings Confidential pa, iM-

every Wednesday from faction guaranteed. Lucky days Lucky
I The men of Central BaptIst 1-HR. TV SERVICE
"KNIGHT TRAIN"Starting 4:30 until 6:30. Brow- have announced DAY AND NICHT Hours: 9 a.m. til 9 p.m. Sunday.i2 Noon

nies weekly meetings are several activities have CALLS On Sale 5535 NEW
held from 4:30 until $200cta ROAD
At 7:00 p.m. NWWly! 6:30 been planned for the annual at Local Drugs Stores
on Thursdays.

t "P- ':-WRHC" -: : : : 1400I Mrs.Reporter Irene BaggS June Men's which 24.is Day scheduledfor observance "Dle 81PAT EL 5-5770 U Lilly's 1907 Drug KINGS ROAD Store 'Jacksonville Fla.i ;$


.. .
.:: -:-
t '

: ,



VII __ __ J -

i I I 7 \ --


,_ ._
c '''- >

SATURDAY JUKE 1 16,12 __ ___ now STAR PAGES

i Daylight Entertains 125 Employees And Their Guests With Gala SUDDer-Party

-. .,
: :
-. "

: -

__ I J'

I -
: yr _
Mt g6 d aFl a _

q r

I _


I r

\ .


Twist Contest winners and door prize I winners are seen receiving prizes. Details below.

ITh ; -
1, T.

6 -a.i, t,
;; ,

?: 1 .
'. ,
"- "
\. ,..
4 : _.,.4'c. ....
: :; ; .'.- ", '- 'tt!"
,a. 13 : .

# t 'Tv; U k / I I ICa4 }t

3 "(,si 1 x't
'* _

: a lUf. t ': aP

: ;:

l v # 9i ,

U 1.'c. 14

= -I

M .>

e r a +c
I Y Y j

.. .. ... ,.. .,...
L:: aLi v .r.n >>. L r J8! ;1-"",,_ X -t .' ;; ....'

FESTIVE EVENT---The pictures above being congratulated by vicepresident prize Twist winners, Roland Jackscnand fourth scene shows Cohen presentingdoor
depict scenes of the Supper Dance and personnel director Nat F. Queenie McKnight are presenteda prizes to Lillian I I Wilson and
tendered by Daylight to its emPloYees Cohen after presenting them with a prize by Cohenwhile in the third an unidentified guest. Below is a

t last Sunday night in the pair i of watches as first prize photo Charles and wife third composite picture of the many
Duval Armory. In the top row of winners in the Twist Contest. Ken place Twisters get the glad hand guests who attended and enjoyedthe
picturesstarting from I eft ,Charles Knight who M. Ceed beams. Second from Ken as Cohen really beams. The memorable affair.
Jones and Yolanda Hutchingson are

Daylight Employees Assvred Luke C. Moore Atbmfic Beach To Be Setting For 59th Annual BTU ConfabBy .

Alberta Williams ties will appear on the ushers of Little Rock discuss the theme, and p.m. Rev. W. C. Neal
Greater Benefits At PartyThe ATLANTIC BEACH---This five-day program. will be on duty. Rev.Hill will present will deliver the ser-

management of Daylight little resort city, The meeting will open At 2 p.m. Rev. J. C. Mr" Heard tb preside.Rev. mon and Rev. C. C.
Markets one of the
pioneers in the employment of will be the setting for Wednesday night with a Rogers wull conduct the J. C. Sams will Daniels will serve as
Negro super market .
cashiers feted the 59th annual ses- welcome presentationby Bible Hour and Mrs. give the Bible lessonat alternate.Rev.
some 125 workers assigned to the Daniel Johnson
stores in the sion of the District the host group. Miss Ella L. Jones will be 10 a.m.
Negro area with a gala supper dance will conduct the rally.
last Sunday night. Sunday School and BTU Sylvia young will give in charge of the Sunday Mr. Heard will conductthe will
Rev. L. H.
Held in the Duval transistor and cash by Convention, June 20- the response. School Workshop.Rev.Daniel workshop.L. deliver the sermon for
Armory the affair Nat F. Cohen vice- 24. The organizationis The Convention proper Johnson N. Argrett and Rev. Saturday morning and
featured a sumptuousmenu president and personnel an auxiliary to the will open Thursday at will deliver the ser- Sams will be the dis- Rev. E. R. Simpson will
of delicious bar- director who supervisedthe East Florida and Bethany 9:30 a.m. Rev. R. H. mon for the evening cussants.A serve as the alternate.
becued chicken with entire affair. Baptist Association of Wilson will discuss the session and Rev. A. Visual Aid Workshopwith Committees and officers

vegetables and refreshing During the eveninga ft which Rev. W. N. Hillis theme, "Saved to Serve, J. Hughes will serveas Mrs. R. H. Morris- will give their annual
brief message was moderator.W. Serving to Save. alternate.The .
sot drinks. sette in charge will
and the
I Later in the night delivered to the Day- W. G. Patterson is ,Rev. W. M. Hill, will services begins at be th e highlight of reports lection will also e-be
guests feasted on lus- light family by L. E.Christnan president of the Sunday present Mr. Patterson 7:30 p.MeFriday. the afternoon session. held.
cious cold cuts and general KEEPING PACE The Ken- School Department and to preside over the at 9:30 a.m. The Education Rally
canapes served buffet manager representingI. nedy administration's Alexander Heard, is business period.At Rev. C. B. Dailey will will be held at. 7:30 *.* *
style. H. Edwards presi- promise to place quali- president of the BTU 11 clock Rev. W. I
dent fied personnel C. Mitchell of Little -- ---
f The workers and their of the chain who Negro Division. -
guests--a total of some was unable to attend wherever needed was Friendship Baptist Rock Baptist Church ---t tt
350 persons--were entertained due to illness. demonstrated again recently Church of which the will deliver the Introductory -
by Frank Christman commendedthe with Asst. U.S. Rev. George Curry, is sermon. Rev.B. .
I LeGree. his band and a employees for their Atty. Luke C. Moore was pastor, will be the H. Hartley will t : 'L 1& s I
faithful named United States --=-=- V ;;)
troupe of talented en- and host. serve as the alternateand : _
I tertainers.One made it known that the Marshall for the Dis- Outstanding personali the choirs and
of the high lightsof supper party was just trict of Columbia. t SUPER

the gala event was one manifestation of the dent to announce that itt ''lie 1 Cente/; r

the Twist Contest which firm's appreciation for plans are afoot to proVide t
provided many enjoyable its employees. He added them with greater ,

moments and yielded the that consideration is fringe benefits in the Mvrfle Avc. and!'dams, Phone} EL 4 1468
most adept executors of being given to improvingand near future.A t t

the new dance craze extending the firm's special guest at the CONCH MEAT u. 49c HERSHEY SUGAR 5 lb. Package 39C
several valuable prizes. welfare program for all affair was Miss EarthaM.
!. I Ifc.tike tilt HZ$L90 ki. t
The winners were pre- Daylight workers stat- White Founder of the "TIlt the"SHEEPNOSE t With $5.00 food order
sented with gifts which ing that he had been Clara White Mission.Ken 35c
included authorized by the presi- u. FLORIDA GRADE A STEWING
watches a Knight wellknownradio t tt
disc-jockey served BLACK SEA BASS %.e. 32e t F AB
I as master of cere- .19C Sc
*** LI.45c UU! OCEAN '

BLUE PUTS With $5.00 food i order
: FACTORY FRESH Rushed from Portsmouth BREAM I It I fI.

SAVE or TO 25% 2

'f ELgin 4-4508 CHAIN LINK FENCEr WHITING.ftnM ihr.l Nr .. 32c LIt.c;I it 29!" t I.Mayonaise %C BLEACH I It


r:.. 410 flUH BEANS Y2\J 4 GaL '10

SAMt ft NC tOWt* FtlCtCOMPAtt t "t I

FOOT OF WEST ADAMS ECONOMY FENCE CO I SPECKLED TROUT LI. 590 c Package With $5.00 food f I orderI'

PHONE EL 6 4716 i.:
i ,-,>,....,.,. oi_ or e-.
., ', : ,)< -
.,'-. ,-, .:''''::::"'' + -, -

'. .

--- ------ -

'- -

J ,r .

:-' ', : ,, ,_ "", ',' .!"I>'..r:' ;'.' '. .. -

;.: .. ",.< : '
.'. '" ,. .
.. ,:
'. ..
'.: BowIiig Siarks Jax Recreation Proaram

I .


t r"nir Y "
IT IS FAR TOO EARLY to know the pennant winnerin baseball fans who,think Gomez can go an entire

the International League, but it isn't too season without defeat? The Suns have won so

early for predictions. Anyone can predict and be many games and have played the type of baseball

within his rights to his own opinion. It is'true Jacksonville fans have been hungry for, .it Just

that the Jacksonville Suns have been steadily breaks their hearts for the team to lose. The six

winning, games because of good pitching, good innings Gomez pitched against Toronto, he gave up

fielding and good hitting. They have been running 4 hits 0 runs and 4 base on balls. Win or lose, "

the bases well too. It is also true that Ben Gomez! is still a great pitcher. 'i

Geraghty is a smart manager, but one must not THAT GREAT LITTLE MAN, OP THE SUNS, Vic Da- -' L. :

forget that every team has nine men also and valillo is a' mountain of heart an
nothing can be taken for granted. _
everything a manager could wish for. He has done

BASEBALL IS A STRANGE GAVE and it has many turnsin everything he has been asked to do. He has been a k I I
the road. A batter hit four for today 1tI. '
may four
roving outfielder. He has been poison against .
and the next four or five games, he may go 0 for 3r
opposing pitchers. He has even gone in the box to
4. A pitcher may walk out to the mound today and
pitch when called upon. At present he is leadingthe :
pitch a 1. 2 or 3 hitter and he may go out to
league in batting. He is leading the ,leaguein _
the mound his next time ftut and everything he 1
stolen bases. He has an average of 352 in
throws Just might bean base hit. He not be .
may ..
batting 12'stolen bases, 8 three base hits and -.
able to get anybody out. An infielder or an outfielder '.
.. _. :
he is second in the ,league in the ,total number of r-c. '
may play a dozen or more games withoutan .: \ .., .
hits with 57. On the road, little Vic was a demonof ., --- ,,.., -
error and then at a crucial point he which is helping to spark keen competition
may destruction to opposing teams. He hit a cool ONE OP THE TOP bowling teams among Continental Bowling

juggle an easy out overthrow a base, but .393, with 39 safetues ub 89 trips to the plate.On Lanes league teams is the Royal Art Studio Keglers which competes under the administrative super-

there is nothing in the rule book that says a the base paths, it is there he is and therehe vision of Mrs. Bettye Davis, (foreground).

baseball player is infallible. He is human anda

human being is sure to err. WELL goes., THE sum WERE SHUT OUT last Sunday nighton Ball Teams Aid YouthBaseball State Commission Closes Critical ;

SURE, SURF. SURE RUBEN GOMEZ is now sailing 'I
a fine hit performance of john Gabler. There is

along with an 8-0 record. yes, he has won 8 no discredit to the Suns, it was just a fine in Jacksonvilleand Desirous respect of of fans keeping who the are Everglades Areas ;;

games and lost none. He has beaten every three the surrounding sec-
pitched ball game. The Suns managed only alive.
team in the league except Toronto and even then tions are being kept a- game TALLAHASSEEBecauseof fire, according to Dr.
hits, but there have been times when the Suns who startedout
he didn't give up a run, but who is it among pitchers have give.n up few hits. That is base-' live for the young Negro G.H. Horne play- critical wild-fire 0. E. Frye, assistant
to organize a
ball players who conditions in the
ball. The loss did: not knock the Suns off the top are which director.
ROYAL ART STUDIO spot, they are still the Kings of the interna interested in the game ground successful.group The Everglades, the Game
and have an ambition to very and Fresh Water Fish Hayes' Loses
tional League. If there should be any fans witha he
reach higher goals in little group Commission has closed asa
CLARENCE J. gripe about the Suns losing that game or any to untilit
the game, by the 600 Jets grow wildlife refugeall Disputed RaceMODrFTO
c: PROPRIETOR other game Just stop awhile and compare their developed into a win-
under the guidance of Collier
of County,
: victories against their lasses to the other teams.

; -t,'L SPECIALS If the team didn't lose sometime, the interest in "Trickshot" Washingtonand ning baseball and club.challenging Several and the major portionsof ; Calif -

Y the team would be lost it would be taken as Justa the Jacksonville have Dade, Broward and Robert Hayes of Jacksonville -
2- 57's 1 1-Color 'Bucks' under the players oa the team Monr e< Counties. running for
matter-gf fact and the fans would start staying of developing -
White S6.95 supervision of G.H. shown signs No wild animls,birds. lis alma mater FAf.'U in
1-Black & home and just take their victories for granted. into stars of the
Horne. reptiles or amphi- the California Relays,
WHEN ONE READS THE ATTENDANCE record of the gamesin
F 'L. : 1 1- 810 Opaltone the other International League cities and then The 600 Jets are game. several bians may be taken or lost his first race of

record at the at covering much territory, The, team has won molested in the closed the year when officials
& 3- 3x 5's J5.95 follow the attendance games hone games. The team has also
has meeting strong teams area, under the emergency 'awarded Oregon's Harry
it only serves to prove that Jacksonville
maintained busy
Tops In been waiting for a winner a long long time. According from different sectionsof schedule. Before a very the sea- order. Jerome first place in
the state and out of No firearms, bows and the 100-yard dash.
and his ad-
CommericahfteddirPortraits: to Owner-General Manager is ended the fans
ministrative assistant Roberto Maduro Sr. and the state. 'Trickshot' will hear about the arrows, or guns of any Al' hough most observers -

Washington is known every type may be carried in the press
ST. EL 4-1894 junior, Jacksonville has outdrawn Newark N. J. "Bucks.
where baseball is playedIn
into the refuge area section had Hayes the
altogether. One of the things that has made the Both Washington and
this section. He that has been declaredto winner by a narrow
Suns such a drawing attraction is the team work Horne are to be congratulated -
played on several teamsin be in a state of margin, the officials
of the Maduros and the club president, Sam Wolf- for their effortsto
WHEN YOU ARE ILL the city and the name"Trickshot" the
emergency.The announced Jerome
son, who is strictly a baseball man himself.
You Seek The Best Doctor with keep the game goingso
goes Commission also winner at 9.3. Hayes
Doctor PrescribesGet the young players will
When Your
baseball. stated that it was or- second in 9.4 and

Experienced Pharmacists Demand Homers TwkeFLSTON Washington has put have an opportunity to dering additional Wild- Dennis Johnson of San

A .According to Your Doctor's Heavy everything he has into use their talent. since life officers into the Jose third place winner.
Orders. We Use OnlyThe.Beat"Ouality"Drugs all of them can not play
building the 600 Jets ,
critical areas to pro- Although Jerome was
'! with the Suns they can
orDu&ccrts into a winning club. The tect the wildlife which given the nod by two
Dr. T. E. BlackPropr1etor team has responded in a prepare themselves for a has forced into isolated of the officials, one
chance to play with some
manner that has won the concentrations by member had the Jaxon,
CHICAGO Although club, and who kno. .


.' terson-Liston heavy EARNING and LEARNING
'\ COK-PL TF LINF OF weight title fight

Cosmetics Puhber roods Indies SundriesPPKSTRIPTIO" slated Sept. 25 won'tgo

r'r '..;, hr.
; 'Iirf )r n.J ( RrLilly's on sale until after .

July, orders for advance -
Store .
Drug a
tickets sales have

already reached the Gifts Galore For Boys & Girls
$100,000 mark, reports .
1901 KINGS ROAD EL 3-8216 revealed Monday.DIRECTORY .

-- HOWARD Hundreds of Florida Star NewsboysAre

. .His Big Bat Boons

CATCHER Piston Howard's EARNING from $1. to $10.00 Weekly

I BUSINESS brace of homers for 4 s44

runs In the first game And LEARNING to do business.

The Firms Listed Below Are Recommended As Reputable of last Sunday's double
header with the L.A. YOUNGSTERS! you are smart and

Establishments Specializing Services and Products Angels, netted the N.Y.

Yankees a 6-3 win over want to earn your own money

IMPERIAL SUNDRIES INDEPENDENT OIL CO. their opponents. this is the way to do it. -+ +

I Potent Medicine CosmeticsAll PARENTSI! Your child may not '

Leading Hair PreparationsCOR. Mechanic On Duty Mental Checkup

JAMES FAULKNER, MechanicIKE need money, but the training gained .
ranking middleweightGil as a newsboy will him be ', '
State and Jefferson Sts. EL 6-9432 help to .;
-- .- ....;.,. Turner, who was recently -

DRUG STORE MOTHER E. M. JONES arrested in a successful in later life. Many of the

A Complete line of COSMETICS SPIRITUAL ADVISOR ordered gambling to raid submit to was a most successful men were Newsboys, ;

Service Every Thursday-8 mental test after''
32 W. UNION ST. E'. 4069'JOHNNIE'S policeman charged the You Can Win '

SUNDRIES boxer "socked" him "
ROOMING HOUSE while they were in a
Prescriptions Called for and Delivered '..
City Hall

1901 Kings Rd. EL 5-8276 I by Day, Night or Week Magistrate Thomas Con- \\ ,

'627 West Ashley St. EL 5-4025
ner ordered Turner to
L I return for another Starting in June each Florida Star Newsbo N =

DEBBIE'S bearing after doctors at Will Be Given Points For Every 25 PapersSold..Extra
I Philadelphia General
S Kcccra Hospital report their
Points For Good Records. ,
MUSIC FOR ALL OCCASIONS findings of a test ofTurner's ;\
mental condi-
J. B. ROGERS 2307 N. MYRTLE AVE. PMOMC 356-811Q'_ I
tion. TODAY : "

THE LADY D' MOTELRooms The Jurist said1 final 2??? Noncrief:: Rd. cor. nth ft. J' ar '.. .'

Day. Mite reek Bisk-Win Bar-B-Q disposition would be I wart to start selling the Florida star so I cnn 3 f <,g

THE PIO TRAIL ENN made on the case based learn end win prizes. }' -, t;
Telephone in Each Room earn, i { .JI :
BISHOP AND WINNIE OONALSON P upon their reports.KogmSipis.
TV Or Radio Hot & Cold Water OMILT011. I t :
2650 Rd.
I t.
PNCNC PO. S--.B6 .t .> ',, .
,t,wee"water, Ha. JACKSONVILLE 9, FLAJohnnie's .
:: ,, r
< .
_ Hottl one of the most soufht I ,
< after college stars and want my son-dauphter to,, become a Florida Star ,.
'. KM*** Br DAY CIa WICK u-
I... winner of several post- news agent. j jSJGN'ATl'RF ; -

741ft W. AtMicr Sr. P... EL S-4C2S season honors has signeda I' .

ROVMINO Hou.C 3 W. ....La., B.,. RDD...... H< u.c62'.' W., A,_.,.....(., lIT contract with the New .. .'.- '" ,. : OF PARI-NTi "/ >\ .-N.,-,'' ,a.-
v ')- 'oJ >
PM EL.6>7S96 '.:'/CL4-39B2< ; York Knickerbockers of I '. ''' : :: :' :
JACKSONVILLE 2, FLORIDA 1 : the National Basketball' } ''f'.. .} .

._ .. Association. 1- ... -- ., ___ ._ ... _______._ ___ __ _
------ ---
; '.. .
.. .
f. i..
o .. : .. 7" : ; '. ; : \. ;iffJ :. ."'" .


U V-

y t ,

'- .
'J" ,": 'Ii. ; .


---- "



< > -, I _


kx Pros Expected Aorois Display Oie Two PUllch Jaguars Slate 10 With The East


I- To It 'Tops' r 7 < G@n@s This Fal {

TO SWIMBy 1)-) C. Parham By Johnson. r southern BATON ROUGE.U's Jaguars La. *

will be out for revenge

During this in t w
baseball season z year a 10-game a
many many people who dc grid schedule which will

By Gviiyard 'not attend the games always feature only 4 home I'"Y.A. .
answer by saying games. "

i rt they are football fans The schedule follows; f-4 .Ii

The fifth well those excuses will -jV' Sept. 22--Texas Southernat
and "
final '
phase in this series "
1 on l"t. d
',:f I .
be broken when "_" : Galveston. 4" o -'
"Learning How to Swim" will be the Dog Paddle up the ; .. \i.. r4W
Jacksonville Bears take : Sept. 29--Grambling.
or Beginners Stroke. Remember, these skills .
the field ,against the :: Fl Baton Rouge. : '
should be developed in waist deep water. #1 -
Miami Bombers in the ,: Oct. 6--Dillard U. ,. .". :.
The Dog paddle its X < .:' -- ..
got origin from the exact "
"' : ,
Gator Bowl Saturday night .; ,; ': ,", New Orleans.Oct. ...<...,iIf..l.' .asr'i'.
way that dogs usually swim. ( f W .. ., "I ;., ...
I hope you have .... 1o.'J ?...
.t .....
Sept. 8. to begin a seven : \ 13--Arkansas A&M. i3'i r'1raR:3BUFFALO :
developed the skills from our previous lessons, ,
game schedule. I Pine Bluff. N.Y. SyracuseU's
because now is the time you will put them all t
Head Coach Al Bassett Oct. 20--Jackson (Home- great AllAmericaback
to practice. ) <
and Line Coach Bob Wil- coming) Here. Ernie DaviSWill be
Now let's begin our test. We will start withthe t .
liams are putting the Oct. 27--Alcorn Lorman in the backfield for

prone glide. I'm sure you remember this skill. As hopefuls through a LATEST TO JOIN the major leagues brothers-act is Tommy Aaron, (left) Miss. the East when, they takeon

you begin to glide, the legs begin their up and infielder, who was brought up this year to the Milwaukee Braves where
strenuous building program Nov. 3--Tenn. A&I the West in the annual -
down alternate thrash and the arms begin to dog in order to be his oltfielder brother Hank holds forth as one of the games perenniallytop Nashville.NOV. All-America Bowl

paddle with the breathing fitted into the cycleof physically fit and men- slugger. Tommy, much to the keen disappointment of Jacksonvillefans 10--Wiley College. Game June 29. Davis has
the stroke. I
tally fit to meet the was shipped away from here during time Billy Terry was the'local Here. signed with the Cleveland -

This is a two-heat stroke; i.e. two beats of Bombers. chief Scout club's president. However, Tommy's great hitting and defensive play Nov. 17--Florida A&M Browns pro team.

the legs are delivered in the cycle of a strokeof Jimmy Thompson in work- continued at a steady clip winning him his present position as Braves' Here. "

the arms. Your arms should not come above the Robinson'sSlump
first sacker. View.
ing very closely with NOV. 24--Prarie
surface. All of your strokes should be below the

surface. The arms should extend about two-thirds, General Manager Bill / ':: Houston. Is Over
Hood have Player-Roster
signed some Major Leagues :1
then press downward. (palms down and fingers
Netters With the
might fine looking pro- Negro CINCINNATI -
closed) When your arm reaches a vertical position spects. YANKEES Elston Howard Aaron outfielder; Tommy Dodgers and Giants

you may recover and repeat the process. Those fans who are con catcher; Hector Lopez Aaron infielder; Mack Play In TampaTAMPA battling for the senior

The breathing may be entirely above surface or stantly claiming their outfielder; Marshall Jones outfielder; Lee loop's top spot, the

alternately inhaling above and exhaling below. Nridges. pitcher. Maye, outfielder. Top ranked Cincinnati Reds were
love for football will
Don* t worry too much about your breathing because have an opportunity to MINNESOTA Lennie Green CHICAGO CUBS Ernie among Negro tennis also moving upward now

you will get it as you begin to practicemore. see some of the finest outfielder; Earl Batey Banks. infielder;' George players. Kelly Best and that Frank Robinson is

football players in col- catcher; Vic Powdr first Altraan outfielder; Billy Chester Miles former dropping his batting

The best method of practicing the Dog paddle is baseman; Zoro Versailles, Williams outfielder; FAMU star were the slump.
legiate circles. Many of
first to take a glide, second to pick up a slow the faces to be seen on out.fielder. Andre Rogers infielder; first members of their Robby banged out two

even thrash of the legs, and third to bring the the team will be quite CLEVELAND Jim Grantin Lou Brock outfielder. race ever to compete ina hits in the Reds final

arms into operation. ( service), pitcher; HOUSTON COLTS Jim e. tournament here at the three game series with
familiar to those who
First attempts should be made with the -face in have been attending foot- Willie Kirkland out- Pendleton. outfielder; exclusive all-white the Braves collecting

the water, to concentrate on coordinating arm.and ball games in the past. fielder; Willie Tasby Roman Majias, outfielder. ",... Davis Island courts. 14 hits out of his last

leg strokes. The fans are acquaintedwith outfielder; Walt Bond CINCINNATI REDS Frank Best won his first 28 plate appearances and

After you begin to coordinate your .strokes Willie Bussey. who (in service), outfielder; Robinson outfielder ; a '" round singles match with brought his average from

face to the side and inhaling, then continuingin won gridiron fame in Hector Cardenas, out- Vada Pinson. outfielder; 1t ease but was pushed in 200 to .289 last week.

the face down position for exhalation.If fielder. Jesse Gonder catcher; ....... '..... ..t. the second round's play
school circles '
high .
this seems tiring, you may raise the head. while attending Mattheww. BOSTON RED SOX Pumpsie Leo Cardenas infielder; :. :", ..: by Jim Woods. 6-2. 6-2. Teddy Wright.

forward, bringing the nose and mouth above the Green outfielder; Earl Joe Gaines outfielder. Best then teamed with
Gilbert High School Ernie Banks Moves
water so that all breathing is continuously over Wilson, pitcher. Miles a teacher at Up .
there ERNIE chicagoCubs
and then from to BANKS.
the surface. Swim about ten yards then stop and : KANSAS CITY Norm Bass Mats, Banks slugging star has Blake high here and won
the Florida A&M: Rattlers
rest. Remember you don't want to go to fast pitcher; Ed Charles infielder recovered from recent their first doubles
Jake Brown who starredat a
ablemate of
now. you are just a beginner. Practice practice r.. : tackle for Bethune- ; Johnny wyatt Face Suit baseball beaning and his match, 6-2. 6-2. However ex-
champion Sugar Ray
and practice and you will surely develope, tfito a pitcher. rapping homers at his they were later
.. Cookman. Benny Stokes
CHICAGO San Francisco Robinson middleweightTeddy
good inner. 0 CHICAGO WHITE SOX Juan normal beaten 6-3 6-2 by the .
another hometown who paceNegroeS
boy Giants' Willie and
; Mays Wrg
r I would like to in closing out this eoa" Pizarro pitcher; Al top-seeded team of Steve
say ser carried the pigskin for Ernie Banks of the Entered Teddy Wright who gaineda
infielder-out- and
Smith Colson Henry Wagner.
"Learning How to Swim" that it was indrd a the Rattlers.It Chicago Cubs have been unanimous decisionover
pleasure to write this article for the STA 4'.y. 'U' fielder; Floyd Robinson Colson won the singles
has been reported
named in breach-of-
outfielder. a Atlanta Tourney title. Phil Moyer in Port-
hope the readers will get some insight on the that Theodore "Ted"- contract 'suit involving land, ore. recently
skills of swim ing. VJL a. Richardson. 5 ft. 10 in. DETROIT Bruton outfielder TIGERS Sam several other baseball ATLANTA Entering the Bud Olsen may be matched with a
All ways swim in supervised areas and .never 195 pound quarterback for players it was learned.The tournament for the first top notch challenger.
**, "" Jones, pitcher; Jake /
swim alone.Don't the "Blood Unit" of the record firm: Sports 'time. Miss Bessie Stod- Garden matchmaker Terry
Wood, infielder; Chico 6-8 Louisville U. star
.' I Florida A&U Rattlers has lard became the first
TOOTHACHE f i *. Fernandez infielder. Champions Inc. is signed a contract with Brenner last week offered -
:" :* joined the Bears squad. seeking an injunction Negro to play in the Wright a bout with
tutor nrctfieuty Get wt'dy relief PATRONIZE ::: WASHINGTON Benny the Cincinnati Royals of
from Ihcobtunc pun of tOothKht Many familiar faces will Atlanta City Tennis
with fjst *tti". OR*I't P,..i Daniels pitcher; Chuck preventing Sonic Arts the National Basketball Jorge Fernandez on
dot si Ut Duds GwilaleedC S be in the Bears lineup.It Tournament last week at
'---a inc. a record manufac- Argentine on July 14.The .
(IIIDftfIr x. All dial'lion Star Advertisers Hinton infielder; R.C. Association.
N MTti has also been reported the Grant Tennis
i ._ Stevens outfielder.LOS turer; Mars Inc. a
that if by any chance candy manufacturer; and Club here.
Curtis Miranda is cut the players from Miss Stoddard Advancedto
Wagner, outfielder; Felix pro-
loose from another pro- the quarter finals -
ducing phonograph records -
P0SMEJKQH1AIM Torres infielder.BALTIMORE .
fessional football team ORIOLES Earl and offering them after winning two gruel- p

he will be coming back Robinson, outfielder. to the public.The ling singles matches.

to join the Bears. Miranda recording How to Last summer Miss Stod-

O is the 6 ft. 3 in. NATIONAL LEAGUE Play Baseball was dard was runner-up in

. O 239 Center of the Blood NEW YORK METS Charlie produced and distributedby the American Tennis As-
F { AMA/fNC HrOfOQumOHf Unit" of the Rattlers.The Neal, infielder; Al Jack- Sports Champions, sociation'. national

tightens IMAKES12kSKIH fans will be able to son pitcher; Eli Chacon/ Inc. who alleges it had .tournament reaching the

see a real pro team inaction infielder; Felix Mantilla gained exclusive con- quarter-finals after out

Julius Guinyard infielder.SAN tracts with major league duelling Miss Eloise

E BLEACHES the Bears trainer said. FRANCISCO GIANTS players mentioned until Howel 6-5 6-4 beforea tirt ; ,

"OLD FASHIONED" He is joined by General Willie Mays outfielder; Dec. 31, 1962. large gallery ,
Bill Hood.Gottlieb f
Manager outfielder ,
Felipe Alou. ;
To Matty Alou. outfielder; Woods Leaves Colorado Univ. I

l Orlando Cepeda infielder
DENVER -_ Teddy Woods, and won the 400 metre
Rm Quintet Willie McCovey. infielder
track and football star title that year. He was
Ight.ns dirk SpoorS Juan Marichal. pitcher; _
who was a senior at the considered a strong I
p.rlect powder SAN FRANCISCO Eddie Jose Pagon infielder; -a-
University of Colorado, threat to capture third
r' Gottlieb owner operatorof Manuel Mota. outfielder.LOS .
? the Philadelphia has quit the school on place in the event this
account of grades
poor year.
Warriors before he sold John Roseboro catcher;
i t was reported.
College officials said
them to San Francisco junior Gilliam. Infielder -

Manufacturtn" of Potnir's fttrgtmoC'Tht Jar w .;Star", business interests for ; Maury wills, infielder Woods was a member of Woods would not be
the 1960 Olympic Team eligible for readmission P.
.*-'. : $850,000 will become ; Tommy Davis, .

w t.G* \ general manager of the outfielder; Willie Davis. f .. : -"
< : : I .
team under '
LowtHPR E a one-year outfielder.ST. .

contract, the new owners LOUIS CARDINALS -

announced. Bob Gibson, pitcher; Bill DEWAR

Gottlieb's salary was White, infielder; Curt Twist

oa Tier not given. Flood outfielder; Miami ,

Watch This Clown Minoso. outfielder. White Label The Latest Men's Hair Styles

42-27-5-724 Roberto Clemente out- SCOTCH WHISKY
At The
33-8-115 fielder: Earl Francis Being
Tra4 With Tier N.'.hb.tt o4 Dreg Star 414iV1ilL1/
Al ail
pitcher McBean
W/DGTW-W.Ab. Fill Al Docton P..*cil|*.. S cher; Bob Veal pitcher; JacksonvilleBarber

_ S ((4 3 Diomedes Olivio pitcher; ""

9 Don Clendenning. in-

Dixie Pharmacy fielder. Inc.
) 13-38-5S PHILADELPHIA PHILLIF.S .= lkhit College

77-12-48 Wes Covington. outfielder -

1302 KINGS ROAD MYRTLE AYBWt Soeet2ipshe's np ; Ted Savage, out- G. I. Approved 100 percent Air Cond.
1 ties be's den fielder; Tony Gonzalez .
Re adds subtract, Infielder; Tony Taylor 630 DAVIS ST. at Beaver

YOUR LIGHT WATER AND TELEPHONE He work outfielder; Reuben
PAY it all
around it t rax* Utt o SCOTCH WWSXY o scam wear co.. r. ., r. v.

1 ;" BILLS AT OUR STORE 141-33-354 ;'. maro, Infielder. JACKSONVILLF. FLORIDAt
4 r



---- ----------------- -------

-- -- --- -- ----- ---- ---I------ -
: -- -.
t---- --I T a

1 ., u0 "


I 1.--

GirlScovfs Top Students Receive Alpha Awards For Sale

Chips Off The Block .
To resell' 1961 ZIG-ZAG SEWING MACHINE. Makes Button Hofes,

Monograms, Sews :n Buttons And Makes Many Designs.
f la ProgramGirl
By lay *
I GUARA tEED. Take Up 5-Papents Of $7.63.

The election is over and it's all over but the Scout Troops 249 Phone EL 31232. WS
and 318 of Mt.AraratBaptistChurch a Pd
shouting. The morning after the election Mr.

Charlie and his opponents of the evening before will ATLAS SEWING CENTERS

had breakfast together while Sam and dem who present a "Friendship" 612 LARUA STREET
program Sunday June 17
happened to be supporting different groups of

white candidates had their mouths poked out and at 5 p.m. the B.T.U. Mrs. KING
hour. \
were still at war. Mr. Charlie and his boys sat a's Gifted
Troops and leaders of American Life ReaderNew
down to figure new and better ways to keep us a-
Ft. Paul AMB. St. ste-
part and at each other's throats while we were in this area. differentfrom

blind with success, those who had 'winners. phen AME Friendship IiI others! Advice on all
Baptist Second Baptist. -
and were claiming our places in the sun. The affairs, help if you need
Moncrief Baptist and
sooner we get together atd place the plight of it. Lucky Day & Numbers.Do .
Asbury M.E. Churches.The .
Jacksonville Negro community above elf and Not Mistake Atitf 1SS
parents and friendsof .
above the whims of "our" white folk, the better a \\ BOULEVARD\
scouting are also in- 5505 BEACH
off we will be. We demonstrate a complete lack

of race pride when the dollar comes around or vited. I

when it behooves us to support those folk we Refreshments will be JACKSONVILLE FLORIDA

"feel obligated to.' This has been demonstrated served.

forcibly several times recently. First, a groupof Mrs. Bertie Arter
Permanently Located at Jacksonville Uorida

school school trustee.folk supported Shaw's 300 white odd vote candidates loss can for be 'To Leave City 'I -r *r4 SATISFACTION GtWRANTKCO!

laid' directly at the foot of this groupa: married Mrs. Bertie Artie NO ONE IN TROUBLE TURNED AlAi

couple in the 8th Street section sent out letters who for the past three .. \.

endorsing a white candidate in the same race as years has served on the 'GRAY'S SUPER MARKET

Earl Johnson and one of the main political wheelsdid Brewster Methodist Hospital -

not endorse or carry on his ticket Earl Johnson staff as medical
455 PHELPS STREET Phone EL 6-5779
or Eric Simpson. The pathetic thing is that secretary has resignedher 9 I

the married couple and the political ,wheel are position at the JACKSONVILLE, FLA.

both in business and depend on Negroes to sup- hospital. She will leave -

port them. for Washington. D. C. A FLORIDA GRADE 'A'

The answer is in the hands of John Q. Public.The to join her husband who

books are open now. Let's everyone try and is in the service. I EGGS Doz. 19

carry some unregistered soul to the office and -_._

get him signed up. let the professional politicians FOUNDER'S AWARD HONOREES---Outstanding Jax graduates were the recipients FRYERS 5 lb. Box 9SC

sleep until 1963. Royal Crown of Alpha phi Alpha Fraternity's''Seven jewels Awards" honoring -- ._ .. .- ._ -
As we predicted, live entertainment is gone Cola the organization's founder recently. Those cited by Jax Upsilon Lambda 'cnscoShortening

from the Edgewood Lounge. I do not blame the Chapter of the fraternity here were, top p Dto from left: Kelley Brown I

management one bit. As long as we crowd into every I Edward Waters College; Alfred Brown Duval Vocational School; Larry t! 3 ib. can 69$

spot that selle whiskey and patronize the places, j STRANDSuvarTlw Gatlin Northwestern High School; Eddie Rice Douglas Anderson High I __ '.'_ __ _____ .. .. ______ .

there is no need for management to provide en- Sat. School; and Cleophus Stephens Matthew W. Gilbert High School in bot- FAB Soap Bargain LARGE BOX 25$

tertainment. After all they have to save money \ tom photoCleophus Stephens (second from left) receives award from
No Phone Orders Pleaser
because in the white market competition forces 1t I I James Greene, president of Upsilon Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity -

them to offer something for the dollar. We are I I I while fellow awardee Raiford Brown Jr. (left) and Rev. Franklin D. -:--

so hungry that all we want is a place to buy a Wilson (right) looks on.

bottle. If you don't believe me, drive out Kings

Road and look at the sights around two of the Tabernacle Anniversary Planned Gets 12Years 1 I Moncrief Drive.ln

spots any afternoon.Our I

Savoy, the Moncrief Road landmark has changed I Royal Tabernacle Bap- C. Graham of Mt. Ararat For Stick Up ;

hands. An independent group bought the place 1 tist Church is observing Baptist Rev. ThomasB. A 20-year-old stick-ur i Fruit Market'45th

from Leroy 'Tallahassee Hunter. Theodore the 12th anniversary Desue of Henry
And I man was sentenced to 12 ':
Harper is the manager. Ted is a former navy man 0 fits pastor Gordon AMP and RFv. .
in prison this ,
who was stationed with the shore patrol here. He Th I Rev. Lee Mcoueen King of st. Paul Baptist years I & Moncrief ,
week by Criminal CTurt j
also worked at the defunct Ribault Supper Club for and the 16th anniversaryof churches respectively I #:
Judge William T. Harvey. J Willie Motley.Prop.
a while. Tis a pity but in a town with one hundred the church. deliveredthe
Services started \villian McKinley Williams !
thousand plus Negroes, we have just ONE Monday sermons. :
package store license and ONE bar license owned night June 11 with Monday June 18's ser- 20 was captured For Free Delivery. Open Daily
Fast street last
on Bay
THREE club li- "Salad Fev. Crosby of Trinity vices will be con- 1, to 12
other than private
by Negroes March 28 by Deputy Call PO 5-9287 a.m. p.m.
Baptist Church and Rev.R. ducted .
when entertainment by Rev. H. T.
understand it is that -- -
don't why
censes. We I Sheriff Robert -- B -.
stringer -- -- -- -
L. Smith of First Overstreet of Mt. Tabor
Negroes decide to sell, they always seek white e
Wi"stcnI after the robbery of a ICE COLD
I Trinity Baptist
I i I rPo: Church. and Rev. w. M. Lavantof
bidders. I Bay Street Liquor store.
I St. Mark Baptist
Friday night at the Edgewood Lounge a group of Williams fired several WATERMELONMaxwell
ROOSEVELT Sunday Tuesday. June 12th. Churches. Rev. w. A.
fellows from the Carrier Saratoga are planning a shots at the deputy .
services were supervised Mack of Greater New __ -- .
big'farewell bal1.'I'he group'calls themselves i 3 Big Features sheriff during the brief n
by Rev. Grant Lee Jerusalem
I Baptist
"The Knights of the Round Table. They will House Instant
chase before he
of Mt. Lilla Baptist Church will be heard was
have all of the trimmings. The Saratoga is aboutto captured., The 79"
: : Church. P e v. w. F. Tuesday night, June 19. capture COFFEE 6 oz.
tour duty.
shove off for a sea
"BLOOD ON THE MOON" j Foster, pastor of the Fach night the itself was given 8
pastors -
Bell is all smiles. hubby has I
Ora Harding Her dramatic highlight whenit .
Church of God ,and Rev. were being assistedby -- -- .
returned to town. Harding has made his twenty'i "TALL MEN was later discoveredthat --
R. Scott of Moncrief their church choirs i.
years and is shorebound for a spell now. He. plansto Stringer bluffed
fiEND WHO WALKED Baptist Church headed ushers and congrega- CHITTERLIMG )1.89
loaf, golf and loaf some more. 1 the armed William into
the services. 10lbs.
THE WEST"SKYVIEW tions. The public is invited .
Brenda Johnson came in from Fisk over the week- ; surrendering with a
i Rev. Orin Johnson of to attend the
end. She had house guests from school. Brenda jammed shotgun.
J Everson Baptist Church remaining services. f MEATY GRADE 'A'
and her mother Thelma McDonald Johnson showedthe
Rev. Baker of- Mt. Bethel "' '' __ '':.; !'!
visitors the spots. Sun. rite thru Tues Men And Womenant / rU
Baptist and Rev. R. i Your EAR ;ittCKBONES ii' FRYERS
Jacksonville's I, ss is Washington's gain. Lo- Jerry Lewis I In1HE 1 Smith of Friendship I i ed can b, HURT = m.1O 1 29

raine Henderson, has moved to DEE Cee. Her hubbyis t: I with othpirL& *r cotton )s lb.
tipped ttirLi! Oon'l ri4. ,
stationed in that area. Bertie Arter of the ERRAND BOY" respectively! In Every City And Town In ii I:' damage.Ntften up hard!.

Brewster staff is leaving next week for Washington And Mantan in 1 the Thursday night FLORIDATo Ii live reach AlRO wax with eardrops.Waih safe rS.tr-, "M Select

naval complex. The Arters plan to call Wash- cut t\off.rA *as <; .
"UP JUMPED THE DEVIL"Win messages. Act as Agents For The I that may irrilat affect BEEF BACON
ington home for a spell. Friday : beano .Ak& all is 15
night. Rev. D. I I Tour at 29C
Ken Knight just got back from the big city. The $110 cash Mon. rate! II I Florida Star : dra.giata for AURO Yi
..... ... LIVER lb.
.. .. lb
"Round one'went up on .1 business trip. His Write To Florida Star P. 0 ;
2 Shows ,.
I _
television show is still going strong after over
ROOSEVELT Box 561. 1 a ckson rile. Fia.
five months on the air. Daly Monday & Tuesday f MoncriefriveIn or

Captain Broadus Hartley passed through town. He !

took in the show at the Edgewood Lounge. Rickie i, SEEawwouun APARTMENT FOR RENT HAMS 35C STEW 29

Thomas; bassist for the Four Knights is hisbrotherin 4 Rm. Downstairs-Fresh-
-law. .QUEthey're 16. .
ly painted.$11.00 Wkly.

Melton "Junior" Jenkins has opened a new bar- Po 8-4760
,, SIN a.r DEAD BoDvl D licious I FRESH GROUND
b-que" on Kings Road. where the custard house THIS t New kind of ..,. M I ROOMS FOR RENT : n
p IS THE r. arsea.r You'll like 'em BEEF
formerly operated. TUNA 69C 9
gg HORROR .: Furnished on Bus j j j
1 -jiCIN{ lb.
prnrwwe..o Lines-475 W. 19th St. 1 II WttjMtacrief"I I
BOAT RACES: A new committee has been named to -- -
Kl 5-7176 --
promote the .Annual July 4th Boat Rncr at Now UNLIKE ANYTHING
Johnnie's Hoteli
Berlin. Thr committee: is planning big things to YOU HAVE EVER SEEN!

revive the event. One plan is to offer prizes 1001 thrills! For Sale i All-Modern Conveniences with $5.00order MILK 89

totaling $300 winners in Action takes place .lu w.q 3 BrtRra Home. Tile Bath t[ Root Bv Day. Nite or
to Class A, Class B and In the audience! ***MM sow* t Till Can 8 for
Free For All. There'll be trophies for things Carport-Sale by Owner i Week. Cali EL 6-759tj. 1 1i ,,-
like the Best Bcntman. ,Best Kept, Boat.etc. If you I Magnolia Gardens-owner I j 741& W. Ashley street.; -

want to enter contact the Florida Star Fl 4-6782 Would like EquityLow ,;I PIG FEET JO 1 "
Monthly NotesPo
or fill in this blank and mail it to Annual Boat WANTED
8-3933 HOG MAWS \ .

Races Assn. P.O. Box 5G1. Jacksonville. .Florida ; ; I Beauty Operators & ,, _,
-- -- --- -
FOR SALE Barbers are wanted to -

r would like to enter my boat for the ,. Hollywood Beauty Lounge RED HOT
I Top Soil Fill Dirt
following events: Oyster Shell & Sand 622 W. Ashley St. CallI. SAUSAGES 99j
Class A Race45 -Prizes ,
$75-$40-$25 S. Anderson
Call Day or NightPO 3 lb. bag
Class B Race -35 HP ----Prizes $50-$35-$15 86409SUPERIOR El 3-3 245

Free For All-Air BoatsPrizes $25-$15-$10 PLUS HORRIFIC MOVIE I ..
-- Regular Grind
Best Kept Boat -------------- Trophy
Best Boatman -------------- Trophy $55 Itl,.. CHASE And SANBORN Or( COFFEE 59C

__ _
NAME -------------------------- -
ADDRESS Send References with MAXWELL HOUSE limit Ow 16. Can
MEATSWEST letter. Carfare rushed.
--------- --- -
Hampton Agency DIAL CAMAY

Coming! RITZ starts \m\ 24 13 N. Station Plaza

BEAVER ST. VIADUCT --Great Neck N. Y. [ ni SOAPS" L nit SOAP 19"

"BIG AS 'BEN H R'-IF NOT BIGGER!" I i FRESH TLA. GRADE "A" Nyou. Y. lhe-ln Maids 3 3 3 faSTARKISi

1"Mpekr r..... FLA. GRADE "A" SMALL need a friend In

N. Y. Let Mr. Harold FUT

r SO'PHIAHESTON FRYERSLI. EGGSIAc of the your Uallory friend.Agencybe He '=' 7UNA49 ARDINES19BACON

a LOREN GUARANTEES you a live- .

in Job in a good home.

paying $30 to $50 a,

OOc week, free room, meals, ENDS $119
rv. He advances bus
5 Ibs.
4 DOZ tickets and expenses tc ..
: -- -
v UUITi. 0 N. Mr.Y. SEND Harold REFERENCESto The lial- Same specials at Store 9 1, 5116 VERBENA- STI' .

tory Agency Dept. 140
sUPU ne mlMA .. PO 4.9200
ntllOCQlOl> .,..,_ ,,.:-.tart ,<, 576 Derrick RoadLj&brook. .
All -
M .':.:A..waru _-if1 :'0-" Open Day Sunday N. Y. -- -.- - -


<. -
c- I'. :: -

.. -