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Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
June 9, 1962
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
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All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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aleph - 000581378
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issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
June 9, 1962
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Full Text
",' ,,,, ..,, "" "

,t' 1 -i j iI

I AME Laymen Say Move Afoot To Block Rev. Sam Davis Speaking In Jax !;

I : . .



,..." ...,.A..oA ....,., .
k** '**i'




I F. I It
It 10.- 15 CENTS "
'.yLlZ- p SAWWAY m 9, 1962 ,
# # *

NAACP, Coca Cola Agency, Discuss Discharges Mystery Patfent

t ii 1 BOYCOTTING COKES Was Picked Up

., E;. AY In Lake CityThey

: .I'!!c OVER FIRING OF 17Local ry c 4, him his they Willie real don't have name.actually been Wilburn calling Nor know but do

they know his age, placeof
I wwwwwwwwwww........................................"" birth, next-of-kin or

., Finns Foe PkkttinfIn lias DtHfel IN Firing Off 17.. ',# '4a .. any of the other infor-
mation so vital for

; :' ,Fight For ,Jobs Cuuip. Cok. Dridktfs Start Boycott: hospital records. The

_. only thing they do know
A bomb of united' indignation exploded in''this w #
The Jacksonville branch of the NAACP readied is that he has been
city this week in the form of unscheduled
an but
there--at Brewster
itself this week to launch, full-scale organized .
offensive nonetheless effective boycott of Coca-Cola due ; Hospital--since May 11,
against. job discrimination in this city
t which will include consumer education among to the dismissal from their.Jobs of 17 negroes ; .. i iF ir and that he has remainedin
who had worked for the Jacksonville plant. critical
Negroes, selective buying, picketing, ,and the ". condition.
In Negro communities *
filing of complaints, with .the, president's Com- According to information

mittee' on Government ,Contracts throughout the city, practiced at the plant, s : : s E1 gathered by this
the company's white newspaper the
!ears from months of 0 although he admitted

futile negotiation WIth: from this city., it .iseveryone's themselves driver-salesmen faced found with that Negroes held no U terious "Wilburn" was

a number ,of Jacksonvtlle's job. And when the' same problem: "Negro skilled jobs there. :1 kiiowTkIs Mal?

major firms it is over, it will be lathe meanwhile,
merchants and white
branch president Rut- to everyone's benefit." bitterness among Negroes
merchants in Negroneighborhoods
ledge Pearson made the pearson said, a com- refusedto against the local Coca-

following announcement plaint ,is being ,filed Cola Company seems to be
'accept any new ordersof r ,
Wednesday night after this week with the President widespread. Teenagersare ?
cokes, and in
the close of a strategy s Committee on particularly vehe- r
cases requested that .!
meeting ment in \
: Government contracts expressing their
cokes on hand be re-
"It can never be sale against a major paper moved.As feelings because of

that the JacksonvilleNAACP company in this area. be tag excluded from the i
the boycott swept
did not exhaust The complaint charged televised 'record party' "
the city seriously ef-

every? SAB possible, r .,>meansof> *? > the company .withdisr #'f.,e js"t.i-o cjt.t.b,e s iJ..es sponsored weekly':J by,,..the .
negotiating with the aiimtnatory ,practices volume of the company,' omp' .ny.'':A'l.argf'S gaeot* {. : .

,stores and, companies in against its ,Negro em- R. H. Dittmar, general of. the community sees Rutledge Pearson, branch president of the Jacksonville NAACP is 1

this city who. are guilt ployees. manager of the Market the local Coca Cola COm- shown in top photo (center) gesturing as he argues a point against
of job discrimination, Companies under government pany as one that t the victim of an acci-
Street plant, arrangeda reaps job discrimination during the conference that took place at the
t against Negroes. contract are forbidden Wednesday afternoon large profits out of the Coca-Cola plant, Wednesday afternoon. The conference was called in dent in Lake City some-

Pearson made it .known to practice conference with Negro community but con- the wake of an effective boycott against Coca-Cola as a result of time during the nightof

that the group has con racial discrimination, of NAACP tributes nothing or very May 10. The Florida
branch president Rut- the company's firing of 17 Negro employes. The company was repre-
ferred with Kress. of any sort. little promotionally or that Highway Patrol reportedthat
ledge Pearson. The con- sented by plant general manager R. H. Dittmar who explained
Penny's. MaY-Cohen hese not times he had fallen from
are otherwise to the welfareof
ference lasted two hours it was for economy reasons that the 17 men were discharged. others
Furchgott's and Coca- for a nation to ostracize the community. the back of a truck on
was also attended byJ. attending the 2-hour session were (top) J. P. Olds on Pearson'sleft
Cola, to name a few. and any part of its .P. olds Gardner However, the bulk of and Florida Star editorial writer R. Charles. Dittmar is seen which he had been
have conferences setup population or its ; resentment centers riding. A report from a
(Nip) Sams; Julius a- in bottom photo (left) as he ponders the many problems brought up
with Southern Bell Telephone people., Pearson said. round the fact that although Dr. Adell a Lake City
Bowman, director of the at the meeting. To the right is seen (1. to r.) J. A. Bowman, director -
"The thing applies
the local banks same physician corroboratedthis.
Negroes are a
Atty. Leander J. Shaw,
Jacksonville Urban of the Jacksonville Urban League;
and the Suns baseball more immediately to a major consumer of the Adell further
team. city or a ,community or a League; R. (Chuck) product in this city and J. G. Sams. stated that "Wilburn"

.,.The, recently elected neighborhood. The human Charles, Florida star the company. does not Bios Is Cited Local AME Clergy 'Nervous' might have gotten struckby
editorial writer; Atty.
NAACP president family, regardless employ single Negro a car following the

said; "We have gone ,to its so-called dif- Leander Frank P. Shaw. and salesman. charging DAYTONA "unrealisticrestrictions"- Protests Seek To Bar Rev. Sam Davis truck.

these .meetings in good ferences, ,must soon findan Hampton.It "Everything possibleis "ifilburn" was brought
f : against
\ faith, anxious to correct 'equitable system for was pointed out that done to improve relations and According to persistent rumors circulating this from Lake City to Duval
reQuests -
a situation which its existence. It must Gardener (Nip) Sams and between this Negro patrolmen past week, local AME ministers are conducting a Medical Center and from
( for adoption
has become criminal because Jo so for its own moral Frank Hampton had no company and the Negro quiet but determined campaign to bar Rev. Sam L. there transferee to
:' so many black survival.. connection with the consumer, Dittmar here Davis of Birmingham. Ala. from speaking to AME Brewster Hospital. He
,people are being denied NAACP group; they appeared said, as the conference laymen on the 18th of Jun e. was admitted at 12:25
sought by a'Negro com-
Acctftitilly *
their rightful portionin at the meeting ended. 'The discharge Inquity into the matter Mississippi, to a remote a.m. May 11.
mittee meeting with the
a day of. plenty. Shoots Niece; independently. of those 17 colored fel City Commission here by a staff reporter of post in West Africa. The face and body of
When questioned as to this newspaper revealedone Could ,another such the
'It' remains now for us lows--and the five white ; upheaval mystery patient I.
to demonstrate our determination Draws 90 Days why the 17 Negro driver- ones--was a regrettablebut 'Wednesday.The group said Negro thing which in itself be brewing? It shows signs of violent
helpers were dismissed might explain the would that some-
to end job necessary move. I forbiddento appear injury. Somewhere in the
patrolmen were
discrimination in this An accident which occurred Dittmar stated that it want to stress that it arrest white offenderand strange anxiety of the thing of the sort is in hospital's sketchy record -

city and to attract last Friday was for reasons of had nothing to dc with had to have special local AME clergy Although the making. For it has on him is A terse

'nation-and worldwide- evening, sending a 4- economy. "There are race. It was an economy permission to appear, preferring to remain been strongly implied by notation that his face

attention to our effortsif year-old ;Irl to the also rumors that they .move." downtown in uniform. anonymous, an impressive certain knowing membersof had been crushed.

need fere." hospital in critical are being replaced by Asked if the boycottwas L.B. Moseley. number of AWE the AWE laity that ".11 burn' in the

The NAACP has voted to condition, this week white and Cuban workers. being felt by the Mrs. for the Coun- laymen, when questioned, the message Rev. Davis meanwhile cannot tell
start mass picketing of caused her uncle to be This is not at all true. company, Dittmar replied cil of Human Relations stated that Rev. Davis will bring on June 18 anyone who he is. His

local firms that re- .I sent to the city prison Those 17 men along 'with honestly "Yes, supported the Social is .a sincere and outspoken will have to do with mind appears to be dis-

fuse to remedy to the farm. five white workers, were I wish it would be man concerning disobedience of the laws ordered. For his own :
Engineers, Inc. repre-
job discrimination pic- It was about 8 o'clock discharged because we lifted. After all we sentatives stand that matters of the church. of thechurch by certain safety he is kept in re- i 1

ture. The picketing will list Friday evening, have initiated a program want to sell as ,many all discriminatory signs And it is generally pre- members.of: the local straints.

be augmented by appeals while Morris L. Mack of economizing here. cokes as we can." should be removed from dicted that the Birmingham AWE clergy. While the Identity of

to Negro citizens to was waiting. to be served Steadily increasing the station. 'mini ter is going: to It remains now, a matterof Willie Wilburn remains a

"Stay out" of stores his dinner, that he costs made such a move police be quite out-spoken when waiting and see. Of mystery, it remains
where they cannot secure decided to show his wife necessary." Joxoiis Hrid Ctshfif FOTgIdGUIC he discusses the explosive course, it has to be equally mysterious why

'equal job opportunities. Lola, a .22 caliber Dittmar explained'that issue of dis- considered ,that the Invisible the authorities have not

The June 1 date formerly pistol he had Just 138 whites and 63 Negroes Although reports regarding obedience of the lasw of wall being constructed fingerprinted him as a

designated by the bought. now work at the the incidentare the AME church.! by local minis- \ possible approach to uncovering -

i branch as "Do-Day" "He put some bullets plant. "I feel that conflicting, two Only recently, disobedience ters to bar Rev. Davis who he reallyis.

T when the citywide campaign in the gun and was showing things are pretty well local men, who con- of church law Bay prove effective. But .

against job discrimination me how to close! .it, leveled off now" he fessed to forging and was the prime issue behind If that militant churchman ANYONE knowing the Ban

was to be and all of a sudden it said. "I am certain cashing checks of the an emergency ses- succeeds in breaking shown above is requestedto

launched, was moved up went off" Mrs. Mack that there will be no Jacksonville Cash Regis sion of AWE bishops, the through the barrier, It Immediately contact

because the branch hada explained.The further need to 'd 1smiss ter Co. are being held result of which was the is certain his coming the Florida STAR.

number of conferences effects of, the gun anyone." in jail pending furtherMORRIS transfer of Bishop F.D. will prove quite revealing ,

scheduled with many accidentally firing Asked by pears: If he J' Jordan from the 8th ., to say the

businesses. "Those con- sight have been negligible did not think it was Episcopal District in least. three checks imprintedwith
were it not for the time for the company to r: the name of Jacksonville -
ferences proved entirely a.m., a check book from and ran from the prem- Cash RegisterCo.
fact that at the same hire driver-
ineffective in many, the Jacksonville Cash 'l-ees. in
on May'17 an
moment the weapon discharged salesmen Dittmar replied !
he said. "We RAYMOND _ROGERS JR.
cases Co. was reported -
Deputy William saellaan Ashley St. Apartment.
the Hack's4yearold that
consider them : "We ...Found Stolen Checks? '
have to stolen from
niece, Linda under consideration.We rf a ordered him to halt, Fisher, admitted to
delaying actions, or. at Jean walked Into the already have colored investigation.in car parked near the Bay- which he did. Fisherwas police that he teamed
best postponing actions custody of policeare Bar Building.
arrested by local with Rogers in cashingthe
path of the bullet as drivers who transport
The time has now come Morris Fisher. 36. Nabbed in sundry Store police. Borne hours forged checks.
she approached the bottled cotes to Fer-
for 'positive action, and kitchen table. struckin nandina and St. Augustine of 1210 Spearing St. The following May 31, later, Rogers was also Although neither of

we are entirely pre- 4 and Raymond (Paulkie) Morris Fisher was ques- .
the stomach, the plants, and to our picked up.Checks the accused men's sto-
pared' to go the limit. little girl was rushedto srnthside warehouse." Rogers jr., 37 of Apt. tioned by a local sundry in Wallet ries jibe, they have

We must erase the stigma Duval Medical renter. Dittmar insisted that 23 1324 Prince St eaploye concerning a Rogers, in his con- signed statements admitting -
of racial oppression and FISHSlPropositioned Stolen From Car check he was attempting fession to police said their alleged

economic intimidation Continued on Page tf discrimination was not "S ? On May 16, at 10:45 to cash. Fisher broke ,he found a wallet with misdemeanors.


? -

t.. t 1.'

.. ..' ', -_ ., ,
> ;
"'L <
; ,, .
;; : .
---- "tY :; { : "T.:7-7" --1/1." -:, ;a.. i --y.- t9- .c. "'-: ::-'. ;'1< '


MK2 n.- SHI UTHUY WE 8,156 1



NEWSlorids ..,'Ft.. ....

published by theP SMf "'bliShi, CO. J ... 'L ta1'
"Member of Associated Negro pre s' A ESJC 0. .. LI r Ie '

1 A .

ERIC 0. SIMPSOHHYSON _........_. 'II E *fCffttUtitt Democratic National Chairman John M. -
Bailey has accused New York's Republican ;
rr. '
E. WlSL.News EMIr ; Governor Nelson Rockefeller and GOP Senator .
Jacob Javits of performing a new version -

HILDA WOOTEN....._..... Maaftf L Lt .. % 1.1 of 'the twist' on (political issues. '-
? -
The object, he said
was to see how fast<<
MAIN. OFFICE PUNT: : \C$ .,-#-. .7. T. i\ one can change stands on an issue. .

2323 torief Road......N Phone ELga 4-87B2 EL 4-J7S3 .J cratic Bailey leader spoke at a dinner honoring Demo-
J. Raymond Jones in the
Grand Ballroom of New York's
MaiB 2 Address: I
Waldcrf-Astoria Hotel. Now
P0.Boz 561, Ittksofnrle 1, FMIa York Mayor Robert Wagner appeared -
on the same podium.
. I l il1 D' __ 4I The Democratic Chairman
Act' ..
SUBSCRIPTION RATES : f. ::' praised Jones for three decades ,; .

One Year..,$6.00.; Half year: $4.00 of Party leadership and J
Mailed to you Anywhere in the United States service in the fields of
f*.*: Subscription Payable in Advance 1S.i government and human rela-
:" Order to tions and for his continuing
Jy. Send check or Money :
contributions to the Kennedy Administration -

.., Florida Star P. 0. Box 561 \: grogram of "moving all Americans
: Jacksonville I, Florida "i:: : ." .. %: forward. "
Bailey noted that Republicans today are
.. attacking Democrats and Democratic
; pro-
Power Streggb Anon* N.po.sSnOfpoIkdM1i ...r ... grams on a host of fronts.

.. "They are criticizing the president's

'. :''fti ; ;j; \ ibI ii h .,,:.:':, :::. ;.:..' ::. :,' steel effort"to he hold said.the"They price are line fightingthe in big ,

Kven with determined effort, it would i.A1(..;.: :!' ::.!;.a..ar" ..i!,.,..lr 'rt:! '\ .t.! \;1'f;".,. "0 ".' ,. ...'!(,.....-.......e.... President's plan for medical care for

ho impossible for anyone to deny that the aged, claiming that we are trying to
Nogrn power politics in this city has LOOKING FOR A SPONSOR MR. PRESIDENT socialize medicine. They are attackingthe

become a force to be reckoned with. ..... Administration on the civil rights
It would be equally futile for anyone issue, despite the fact that they helped

to deny the fact that however bitterly sabotage every effort made by this Administration -

fought the recent campaigns were, there was. toward solving problems that
a more bitter battle waged among Negro Your Weekly confront us. He added:

loaders to gain or keep political controlin "No one in this Administration pretends

their areas and to demonstrate their Horoscope Guide that we are going as fast as we would

possession and skillful use of that e- like to in civil rights or other impor-

lusive hut nonetheless tangible quantity By PABLO The ASTROLOGER tant fields. But I challenge any of the

known as 'political pull.' opposition to come up with some facts

Indeed, there were times during the recent WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR that match" the Kennedy record on civil
campaigns that the rivalry among rights.
dissenting Negro factions overshadowed BUSINESS lIVE -' TRAVEL The Democratic leader ticked off major

that of the competing candidates and in- actions of the Kennedy Administration in

cumbents.Accusations of 'machine control promoting civil and voting rights and in r

money-grabbing, poor management, betrayal, ARIES that you have the sup- VIRGO 9-60-66-17-75-961 calling on the talents and services of
political ignorance, created a savage Born March 21st thru port of those who reci- Born Aug. 23rd thru SAGITTARIUSBorn qualified Americans in all walks of pub-

cross-fire that had many white candidates April 19thAs procate your affections. Sept. 22nd Nov. 23rd thru lic life, regardless of race, creed or

and incumbents ducking for their political a rule it is considered This takes the sting out This second quarter may Dec. 21st color.

lives. It. was a matter of joining one side most creditablefor of disagreeable events. be considered criticalin Many things could con- "And I have news for our Republican
or the other, or be destroyed. There was a person to wish to Place no reliance on spire to place the bleeding hearts," he said. "This is only s

no middle ground.It be self-employed or to fads or nosturms. Con- several respects. It worst possible inter- the beginning, and you haven't seen
should not be thought that this in- head a flourishing individual sult only with the would not be a good time pretation of whatever anything yet. This Administration intends -

trn-racial hostility among Negroes thatso enterprise.This highest authorities who to change your job. permanent transpires. Try not to no Ijit-up, because President Ken-
thoroughly devastated the political is becoming more are qualified to deal residence or be goaded into jumpingat nedy has said that wherever we can find
chances of their two candidates and a difficult and hazardous with the problems that Ingrained beliefs no the conclusionsthat qualified personnel, whatever their race,

number of white ones was merely a demon- these days, due to ever are besetting you. matter how promising the will very Justify creed or color, they will be hired on

stration of good clean American competition growing competition and bait seems tb you on the inner fears instead your of their merits. This country can no longer
surface. Heed
the only the
fabulous sums that
or an assertion of voter individu- dissipating them. If you afford a waste of manpower."
of medical
ality. are required for nutritional authoritieswho or have a good job or Looking at the other side of the coin

Last month's brawling and often un- operating capitalization expenses.and Born June 22nd thru enjoy the best of business do not throwit in New York State, Bailey said, "you
have a Governor and a Senator who don'tseem
crupulous struggle July 22nd over for somethingthat
power among Negro lead- Should you be one of reputations and pro-
to know what side of the issue to
ers and their factions manifestationof could is purely a figment
was a the Arians who has sucha You easily be fessional standing
political maturin, even as a diet of project in mind go thrown off the track by should you have any of your imagination. take. In fact, they're giving us a new
version of 'the twist. The aim is to
crumbs develops a hunger for bread, and in to the matter your misplaced love or problems which they are 6-30-22-14-39-632
twist fast that nobody knows where
that in turn a demand for cake. thoroughly before you ambitions. If problemsor competent to handle. so
stand from one moment to the next.
Still, dissentions and enmities aside are irrevocably com- circumstances force Also listen to your CAPRICORN: "
he continued "our friend
perhaps Duval Negroes have much to be mitted. It may be wiserto your band act with pru- Inner voice In connec- Born Dec.22nd thru 'In fact ,
proud of, having reached that stage of leave your own re- dence and also with the tion with travel Jan. 19th Jake javits has come up with no less than.
five different proposals on medical care
political sophistication when they where determination to be done strangers The winds of
can sources they are and your adversitymay
for the aged--all of which raise more
point at a black brother in reproach, accusation fully protected and to with the people or con- monetary interests. blow harder than
problems than they solve. He is des-
or condemnation and be able to find outside interests ditions that keep you in 570551342575L usual especially for
perately searching for a way to please
politically assess the reason for their that may help with"the dread or tur- the Capricornians who
moil. But do not try to both the AMA (American Medical Associa-
actions. it would seem to indicate thatwe required financing. have abandoned their
bend circumstances IBRA tion) and the Republican party--and my
at last have clear yourway
a objective in view customary prudent and
670111480672TAURUS Born Sept. 23rd thrt friends the only to do that is to
and in the fields of romance way
are determining the surest and quick- Oct. 23rd. thoughtful ways. This "
est to and finance as have no legislation at all.
way get there.HHOOPBKGrt could take a significanttoll
Born April 20th thru As for Governor Rockefeller, Bailey
you can only Invite additional Pressures to breakdown in the list of
Swvto Exeats At*; May 20th complicationsor your sales resis- pocketbook. The storm commented: "He faces south while he

Start getting yourselfin heartbreaks. You may tance should be withstood signals are and goes north. The Democratic leader
Good Luck, Negro High School Gra* hand as quickly as you find that you cannot whether they are would be wise to take you pointed out that while Rockefeller recently -
can before the friction hold criticized the King-Anderson Bill
your partners if applied by a close associate .them seriously.
The Duval County Civil Service Board has that is being generatedfans you place your worldly or total strangers 7-60-44-18-48-74 for health care for the aged through

announced its desire to establish an eli- the flames of dis- Interests ahead of them. up to. and includ-. Social Security, 60 per cent of the na-

gible list for the class of Inventory cord to the point where 320991984329LEO ing the 12th. This also AQUAPIUS tion's expenditure for medical aid foi

Clerk. in order to establish such a list they rage beyond control is not a well-chosen Born Jan. 20th thru the aged is spent for residents of Ne.
the board will hold Since your behavior maybe moment to create maritalor Feb. 18th York State. New York recipients number
examinations come Born July 23rd thru
Friday. June 22. the yardstick used by partnership rifts 70,000 Bailey said, and received bene-
Tills is the whet
Aug. 22ndIf quarter
The board others to pattern their over the management ofjoint fits of $80 million in 1961 alone. ,
explains in its announcement the admonitions of the harm may be done if
own. take care. Any accounts and in- Bailey accused Rockefeller of reversing
that anpletion of have
a high school educa- the previous quarter you not seen fit to
tion its troublemaking tendenciesthat vestments. Enthusiasm ,former favorable stand toward a Department -
or equivalent is a prime requirement faaled to register 1 ward off the storm
for all develop could be yon may also be damped by of Urban Affairs after president
applicants. Are there may find yourself with clouds that have been
any Negro high school graduates 'in this brought to a halt by more trouble on your broken romances, failing hovering over your Kennedy announced the head of the proposed

county? your watchfulness and hands than you bargainedfor. 1 talents and difficulties worldly interests A new Cabinet department would be RobertC.

The board also explains that applicantsmust self-restraint. The sud- Misunderstandingsand experienced by serious situation could Weaver,* a Negro whom president Kennedy i.
indicate den reverses suffered by those you love best. already had appointed head of the Housing
an ability to take actual resentments that have arise on the 12th affecting -
physical inventories of personal property you on this date may be been seething under the You may have to call on you your home and Home Finance Agency.

in the public school, administrative and more than amply compen- surface could burst forthIn the higher forces to business or community Bailey quoted two public statements in
maintenance sated by the happy breaksor give you the strengthto which Rockefeller had previously urged
areas. Are there any Negro all their fury on the standing. It would be
high school graduates in this county who excellent opportunities 12th. showdowns of major rise above your wise to hold trips and creation of the cabinet-rank Urban Affairsin

can count p dncils, basketballs, bathroom that point the proportions could affect troubles. This should decisions in abeyance 1957 and as late as 1961 but changedhis
finger at you. be forthcoming if mind when President Kennedy proposed
tissue, cafeteria spoons, school bus hubcaps your repute domestic your and not to transact any
door knobs, blackboard erasers, and 1-1033-16-56-136 stability professional Intentions and endeavors important financial naming'a. Negro, even with all the superb
the infinity of other items without whicha standing public and are matched by your deals while these aspects qualifications of Bob Weaver for the Job.

school day would be impossible? GEMINI marital relations. if sincerity. are operative. Don't look now, Governor, but your pre-
It be Born Hay 21st thru 8-40-77-15-01-647 judice is showing.
might added that the board's announcement your prejudices and 2-00-33-16-55-293
mentions "experience in deal- June 21st worldly ambitions are PISCES "There is a big job ahead of lIS, he

ing with the public and ability to get Conditions seem to be at the source of your SCORPIOBorn Born Feb. 19th thru added, "and that is to get Governors

along well with people" as one of the particularly precarious difficulties shackle Oct. 24th thru March 20th and Senators and Congressmen who can

requirements for the job. Are there any during this Quarter. Redouble them before they do anymore Nov. 22nd Be rather. wary of trying stand up for" principle and not retreat-._#

Negro high school graduates in this coun- your guard remain harm. You would be It may be in your to get along in under fire.

ty who 'can grin when they're hurting tight-lipped and among the first to suffer pattern or it could also alien parts when your

smile when they re outraged, remain calm adopt a code of conduct from estrangements and be due to mistaken JUdge- cash and other material LwEgY.
in the face of indignity remain stead- that can be termed absolutely separations even if
on your part if resources are dangerously -
fast and determined in the presence' of exemplary by your pride will not permit your world comes crashing low. You would basking e YM rn )]3rnf.
injustice? one and all. The crisis you to show it. There around you on the for trouble in t

The Job pays $137.50 to $147.50 every. you may have been dreadIng seems to be an opening 12th. Do not willingly abundance if yon act '
two weeks. could occur on the for reconciliations and provoke anyone into contrary to this Sensible MWAF'; '
12th. Hake certain that settlements that are taking extreme measures procedure on the
Good luck Negro high school graduates of ingenuity is being utilized mutually satisfactory. from which you may be 1?th. Dotfi U a tottrtq Drop every Uctr bit. to. the neara*

Duval CountY--from 18 .to 41. YI. to the ntanat and 2-50-44-12-36-254 the principal sufferer. 5-10-55-17-28-517 trash conuber or your or Basrbag.I .



-...-- ....- .. .... -iI"4.. ,, F'
.- -- -, .' ..-.".


t I. ,fi
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), t\ ,


.. .

;: Piblic Siiritti Jax Vvkiitftr Workers "ers d James Weldol Johisoi Y's alIdlla Proaral -

_. .a.;
.. < :. ..
w '
.... dj"" "
'r. .. .'-f!.It."'. .. -, -(:" .. j ....' FW!
)1V: .i."l .. ; .
,. .
..... -"""' '.4'"# i. '. : .
} .r ,.. r -.
; :.i.d.. .

.;;,,,' .:.,...
.:" #

p i H ,

",,' __
t \ 7g
I I L :

'--..... ,

kt Lk r ttc A _

kr _j : k'
i" __ _
rr4 ; ; IXtT \ I' .I j ; Y>v E9F.w

t ;rt' % ,,. f E

iRIL t : r I ,14

: ; Jfr '

l PROGRAM PROGRESSES---The long sought after land which has been acquired with the "purchise. of three acres persons who attended the annual dinner attending the prayer services held on the ewly acquired property.

*V of land located at Cleveland and Edgrwood Roads. Workmen remodel temporary structure as T board members In third pix, Miss Dorothy Lang (center) winner of the Miss YMCA for 1962 contest flanked by runnerup

II Dr. .E.. W. Thompson, Rev. Samuel T. Nesbitt' Anthony McKinnon, contractor and Dr. L. B. Childs. chairman Miss Cleve Cromrtie (left) and Mrs. Bettye Blaylock. Mrs. Theresa Wright was also a contestant

,of the advance stage membership drive look 'on. Center photo shows some of members of the better, than 100 _

-tJu- Cbb sues Its Ninth Anniversary Sunday Registration For Girl Scouts Opens Tots9 Feature r

i : .. ,'..-if' ; ..:... ."''",..r..,. ,' : July EncampmentGirls School ProgramLittle

.......,- .;.".: ';.l., JIIIIIt,.,... planning on attending Brenda Ann Wil-
:,\ : ,',. I"..',
i.t:t. ',- the annual Day liams was crowned queen

a i ,.,, :t 4 Camp at Camp Coacoochee and Master Wesley Mitchell -

Q s Ij, .. :,: ..:.... '. >' &: ,. ;- I Ii. Monday July 16 through gave the welcome }
r., .... Friday. July 20 should address to feature the ;

t't., t:<'". begin registering immediately closing exercised program -
I rk Mrs. Irene X. of College Park

------ -- -- Baggs camp Kindergarten Wednesday
Mr..' and Mrs. Theodroe vaughn; 1516 pearce St. ; announced this week. night. May 31 at Wader

Brown; 1199' Romney, St. ; Girl.Mr. 4 sistant camp director.The College auditorium.

Boy and Mrs. William : annual Girl Scout Brenda played the role

I Mr. and Mrs. Willie F. Jordan; 6172 Spirea St. ; r. np program is again being of a teacher in the

I Thornton; 1616 Payne Boy. ,, spons cred by the Gate- playlet titled "summer

St. ; Boy. Mr. and Mrs. Julius way Girl Scout Council, Is Calling. Wesley

Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Mathis; 1737 E. 26th Inc. Mitchell also played a
Pluitt; 221 MagnoliaSt. P up 6d Eligible to the
St. ; Boy. attend will principal role in I

Boy. Mr. and Mrs. Herman be girls of ages ranging Play.

Mr. and Mrs. Lawyer Wynn; 1510 Madison St. ; from 7 through 17 years. Brenda is the daughterof

Frank:: 802 E. 57th'St. ; Boy. Registration fees will Mr. and Mrs. Latimer

Boy. Mr. and Mrs.' Willie be $2.50 for Girl Scouts williams. 1667 Uni-

Mr. and Mrs. George Fluitt; 123 MagnoliaSt. and Brownies and $3.50 versity St. and Wes

Mack; '3225 w'. Stuart ; Boy., for non scouts.Transportation ley's parent is Mrs.

St.i: Girl.Mr Mr. and Mrs. Julius &;? and cook- Wanda Mitchell.

: and Mrs. 'John Mack; Stokes; 3127 BrasqueDr. outs will be included I ,

1628 windle St. ; Boy. in the fee.Activities. .
; Girl
.. .
Mr. and |tdr't.| Roland Mr. and Mrs. Arthur "" will include +

slmms; 14G1 W. 24th st ; } (\ t : .: swimming, hiking
'. Cummings; 6121 Japonica ,: *... : ;, '
Girl.. .t : trail blazing and sings -
Road; Girl. : SUREit
Mr. and Mrs. Willie Mr. and Mrs. Hubert '. ?::4 :. ..." r- :.r:.:" ;; s .

Hires: 1324 Van .Buren Nixon; 1840 W. 5th ,. .t: .< \ .. Since the bus has
r } i' capacity for only 66
St.; Girl. Street; 'Girl.SIQtIS : is true that no other head
Mr.'and Mrs." Benjamin girls Mrs. Baggs is ache powder is better or faster
Haywood; 1029 Brady St.; Ovt'mg BREWSTER MOTHERS' AUXILIARY of Brewster Methodist Memorial Hospital will observe its Ninth Anni- urging all prospective than Goody's yet Goody's

Boy,". I versary Tea program Sunday from 4-6 p.m. in the hospital's, cafeteria. Members shown from left are: attendees to rscgistef actually cost less

Usher Board 4 of Mt. Mesdames Louise Hargrove, Edna Symonette, Elizabeth Lawton, Dollie Mae Dowdell, Gladys Hunt, Doris
m\ and\ Mrs. Freddie attendees to register
Ararat Baptist Church Anderson, Anna D. Wells. Magdelene Perry Clara Carter Fannie Jones Virginia Robinson Gloria .
i Horn: 30.64' Brasque Dr.; immediately with Mrs.
i'R' will sponsor an outingto Wells Nora Ruth' Holden. Standing in center (background), Mrs. J. E. Davis, president. A program ,
Boy.: Baggs, Mrs. Davis or
American'Beach featuring talented individuals has been arranged by the program committee. Friends and the general
Mr. and Mrs.. warren the office.
Saturday. June 16. The public are invited. I r
Kohn; Rt. 4 Box 433-BB;
1 Boy. bus leaves the churchat (Royal Art Studio Photo) 1
+ 9 a.m. The public is .
i Mr. and Mrs. James De- invited. your EAR
'f. Emanuel BellsAPPLICATION eon be HURT
Holding CONSULTANT Wedding with toothpicks or eott n
TAKE THE FAMILYBOWLING West LJIIiOR tipped ttidu. Don't risk
a FOR dxnuf Soften vp bard!e
Revival ServicesMrs. LICENSESJames reach wax with safe effective
GToDeaconess AURO atar.paS ix
Wash ..t clogged wax '
juanita AlexanderMrs. L. Crawford,
that may irritate affect
V. Holsey and Mrs. 1470 E. 30th St. 25 7.ar heariac. Ask at all I I&p.a
Sponsor Owftig Jessie Spencer. Officers and Willie M. Taylor, for AURO 2 POWDERS 5<

I of Sweetfield 1757 E. 22nd St. 20. .. 12 POWDERS 25
$ Board 5 of .
4 40 GAMES .4 Baptist Church's Women J.W. Williams, 823
West Union Baptist :
: ONLY Church plan an outingto Day observance programare Houston St. 21 and i1 rtL
requesting all pro- A ; tQ Azalee E. Butler. 1011
Little Talbot island
FAMILY BOWLING PASS June 9. gram conmittee person Hogan St.. 17., '

The bus leaves the nel to complete their Willie M. ousley L I

assignments this week. 1736 Brewster Rd. 21,
church at 9:30 a.m. .
Bowling is fun for everyone of allages..Vit's First and FairfaxSts. The annual observance and Lillias N. Connolly IBo1JvR BIT }l1atbs l

: : ,one, ,of America's' ,favorite ,at '9:45 and Third scheduled for Sunday. 5001' Camp en el la ,

family sports. *This is our on --ayearadvertising and preliou Sts. at June 24 will also com- Dr.. 18.Willie. al1lrllGI r

campaign introduce bowling 10 a.m. plete the financial J. Swain .1045 .4ft

to:hew bowlers and say 'Thank-You' to drive. CONFEREE---Dr. Anne W. 23rd St. 20 and Ro-
:- J I Richardson Gayles. pro- ( ;:Q>>JrcdlrO> ( >JJGin 4
our regular bowlers. ,.', _... zell S. Williams. 5628 o 0i
: .4 :!>r k ': ':l'i : R .Wy. ra c
For one week only, we offer 40 games of ,,'t ( fessor of educationat Ethatha Dr. 19. linked
Florida A. and M. Elmore Bing Jr., 1358 how(
bowling ,for only $4 in the form of a f .wreo'llie .
:; Family Bowling pass. More than $20.00 of University has been Van Buren St. 18 and i .

bowling fun for just $4.00! Use your 40 selected as one of Rugy C. Webster. 1538E. ': cm: Eugllah history: ; ? :

'games anytime in the next 4 months. Your three consultants to 28th St. 18. *c k

bowling pass (wallet size) can be used by attend the annual Wallace Brown 1673 W.
zg College and university 2nd St. 25 and Ada M. -
all the members of your family, for t j .
Teaching Workshop at Harden, 1673 W. 2nd St.,
family fun or practice. that
; Both arc native inventions Englishmenr
.. ). Oregon University. 26. ,
., < July 30-August 10. Charlie C. Matthew. t still hold dear. Surprisingly though, the ..
Bowler did not make its appearance on
k -d4, 5505 Ramona Blvd. 7
4 'f1 Xavier full8GYearsaIIcrAlexandcrGordon
? Tops London streets until 1855a
F Sorry, this is not a standing t p and Sallie M. Hurst.

I offer and will not be Jax ;
Coed 3312 Brentwood Ave. 42. remarkable
[ t introduced his gin.
repeated. To receive your 40 Jacob U. Gordon, Sapele

't''I'I games for $4 bring in this I i For HonorsNEW Midwest State Nigergia, The today Gordon's harks you back drink to r 7},

ad before 10 p.m. Thursday ORLEANS. La.--- 23 and Beverly Y. Anderson. i
Mr. Cordons
June 14. 1962. Limited to'one t I.: .1. Deborah N. Jenkins 18.Lawrence. We've

'. pass per person ,and cne game Her mother or her sister? daughter of Mr. and C. Mills, 340 J'' 1769 formula.found reason to GORDON +

I : each day for any family members Nixon St.. 21 and Gussie never '
Mrs. George C. Jenkins.
r" bowling together. 1236 West: 20th Street, M. Mims 320 Nixon St.. dryness and delicate
Whether you want the excitement of a different was awarded the Student 18. flavour.Why would we?
.t.----- hair shade or want to give new life to dull or Council Bronze Key for Hosie McGruder, .Jr. Gordon is the biggest LONDON GIN
gray hi ir...insist on the long-lasting haircolor 818 Lincoln 21
service at the annual Court
v selling gin in England,
'4 Continental in the famous red package-Godefroy's ,
and Carrie M. Ellis
Larieuse It's easy to apply, and complete in Zavier University Hon- e America and the world.
819 C 4th Ave. S. Jax.
one package-there' nothing else to buy. ors Convocation Tuesday r
V Bch.. Fla.. 22.

Bowling Lanes I ale//r 18LOVILYCOLORS Miss, May Jenkins.a 29. liberal Albert J. Jackson. MOOUCT U.IJL SIIU(9 IOMOH OitfltiKoxrttuulnnts! ,
L' OiSiailJ fKit tU I.90 MOOT COSOTS teat Cil CO.Lit taw)14. \ '
Jt'_7' 1AintUS. arts junior at Xavier 7176 Mathews St. 19
is a graduate of. the and Geneva Hinson
St Leul T Me.
Oo .froyMfo.Company.361000v 8t *
3111 EKEWNi. AYL J MQWUE '133 '" ..'\ Stanton Senior .High 732, W. Church St.. 22. .

y .
... .. ..
< .' t ':' .., ., "',. '.. .. .. "" ... _.'" ._ .._.o. ._ ,'-. ,; f '. ,", _' r



".....,},. It. 1 wiI I

.. I
-. -. '

PAGP'4 n. SIll!! SAiUR3A1 lIKE 9. 112. : ,

Rev. J. C. Sams, Distinguished- Delegation Will Attend, Nat'l Baptist Congress ...:" l.1!

Jax, Florida Ltidtrs L.IY.IJtre Trio Profrass WHri Rrafol Swday a.nIIes 0isIm SdaySEooITiiCoupsss I

Monday For HtvstM Tex

Uth.uyS.d a SdmMtd JIM 13-17 Km '

By Alberta Williams Tillman: Mrs. H. L. ., .,.

Alexander Orlando J ,, Jwt 10 Bethany Baptist Church Rev. E. L. Wilcox pastor

Rev. J.C. Sans pastorof chairman of the Statetouth'Department will host the Sunday School and BTU Con- :
; r fU Rev. J. S. Johnson. gross June 13-17 at
Second Baptist the host institution's address -
Church vice presidentof Harold Whitehurst r General Financial Drive 1759 McQuade Street. J

Sandord, and Mrs. W. Chairman of the Jack-
the National Baptist The organizations are deem Sister Beatrice

Convention of America M. Warren of Bowling .. sonville urban League'sNew auxiliaries to the Russ Booster; Class 2, .
Spring Drive announced ,
and president of the that special Emanuel Progressive Bap- Mt. Bethel Rev. Eugene ;

Progressive Baptist Green.Mini's plans are completed to tist Association. Rev.J. Henderson Sister

Convention State of DiyAtMNwuy initiate "Urban League .W. Johns, n, moderator. Catherine Dallas. Boos-

Florida will head a Sunday" Sunday. June Theme for the sessionis ter; Class 3, Bethany
distinguished group of n ll SIllIIy 10th. "Christ for the Deacon C.B. Hollmon.

clergymen and lay lead- The chairman is asking Crisis in the Races." Sister Mary E. Parker

ers to the 58th annual all churches to parti- Deacon C.H. Smith is Booster; class 4, Philadelphia

session of the National Rev. J.W. Jones, pastor president and Miss De Deacon G. Har
cipate in this projectfor
Baptist Congress slatedto of Mother Midway AME Urban League. It is lores Johnson secre- per. Deacon Frank Matthew t

be held in Houston. Church announced that .a hoped that all churches tary.On Booster; Class 5, ..

Texas next week. The annual Children's Day will give their full Wednesday. June 13 Su&merville. Sister T.R.

Florida delegation observance will be heldin in a pre-opening program Stephens Sister Geral-
assistance helping
leaves here June 11. the church Sunday be- entertaining the School dine Ellis. Booster;
Urban League meet its
Rev. Sams is also ginning with Sunday $15,000 goal. and Training Union will Class 6. Mt. Zion,

scheduled to deliverthe School at 9:30 a.m. The chairman of the be held beginning at Brother O.H. Payne Sinter -

sermon during the Superintendent S.C. 7:30 p.m.Thursday's. Naomi joiner.
Church Division is as
gigantic mass meeting Hart, in charge.At events will Booster.
tollows: Rev. C. A.
scheduled to be held 10:55 a.m. morning THE EBENEEZER TRIO one of the outstanding vocal attractions which has feature the opening ses- Class 7, West Friendship
Weaver chairman co-
during the convention. worship services will won acclaim for their timing harmony and rhythm in rendering classics chairmen; Rev. Robert sion and consecration Deacon Charlie

Prominent national begin with the proces- semi-classics and spirituals in tjcal and state appearances will appearin Wilson Rev. H. H. service with the president Faulk, Sister Ellen Williams -

state and local officials sional led by Choir 2. their first Recital Sunday at 7:30 p.m. in Ebeneezer Methodist and staff on hand. Booster; Class 8, '
Robinson Rev. I. F.
who will accompany The pam or will deliverthe Church Clay and Ashley Sts. Shown from left are: Mrs. Eleanor Hurley Foster and Rev. R. Representatives from New Hope Rev. D.J. i

Rev. Sams to special message of pianist-accompanist; Walter Blackmail tenor; John James tenor and L. Jones. Redeem, Mt. Bethel and /Jones, Booster; Class

Houston includes: Rev.R. the day. baritone; and Powell Stukes bass. West Friendship Baptist 10 Mt. Salem Rev. ..A.
The urban League's
H. Wilson pastorof All parents are urgedto r- Churches will highlightthe Rogers Sister Rosa Lee 'f
Drive has' gone into
Bethel Baptist in attend and are invi- program during the Nelson Booster; Class "
its second week and the .
Woodlawn Presbyterian
stitutional Church, ted to bring their dwrdi Of GodINCkrist St. Paul Board morning session. 11. Community. Sister .-
reports are as follows:
who is corresponding children in that their Conducting the program Geraldine Swann, Sister

secretary and also instructor day may be rememberedand Church Notes Sponsors Program I 1 Businesses 1. Special, and Gifts Professions during the afternoon and Helen McNeil. Booster;

in the Minis- that they may enjoyit evening events will be Class 12, United Baptist a
By Sister Maggie Hines By L. N. Pearson Sr. Afternoon Mrs. CharlesW. :
terial Department Na s iritually.At Sunday McGehee chairman. Philadelphia Baptist Sister Mary, Devoe,

3 p.m., the Trustee The George Washington C hurch' members. Sister Rosemary Sapp,
tional Baptist Convention Stewardess Board No. 2 s ;
The Church of God in Carver reported $227.00; Negro
and president of Board will present a Christ. 45th St. and will ElementarySchool house the of St. Paul AME Church Businesses,Mrs. Claudia Friday's devotions beginning Booster; Class 13 good-

the Sunday School Department program featuring some will sponsor an at 10 a.m. will will. Rev. W.o. Rogers
appreciation -
Moncrief Rd., is in the congregation of Wood- Burris, chairman. No
of the city's out-
be continued Sister Olivia King.
of the State hour and SUm- s
midst of a gigantic lawn United Presby- report expecting one, .
standing youth
Progressive Baptist mer tea Sunday at 4 the afternoon. Evening Booster.
church revival whichis terian p.m.in soon; ,professions Mrs.
Convention; Rev. C. B. Rev. E. Murray as- Sunday the basement of the services will begin with Reports of the Classes
being held nightly Vanorian Schell chairman -
Dailey. pastor of First sociade minister of Mt. June 10 beginningwith church. devotionals conducted b will be reviewed by Rev.
starting at 8 no report-ex
p.m. the church schoolat
'Baptist Church; Rev.E. Ararat Baptist Church The Summerville Baptist A. 0. Williams.
will the Elder A. Hines pastor 10 a.m. .... V. Huger.superintendent pecting one soon;
L. Armester chairman message. will be honoringMrs. Church's messengers. The The 11 a.m. services
is conducting the nightly in Nurses; Mrs. Paradene
State MissioD The public is invitedto services and is being charge. M.B. Hicks, who is Smith chairman no sermon will be given by will be highlighted with

Board; and Rev. H. H. come and hear this going out of office Rev. J.W. Johns m of the sermon by Rev. G.L.
ably assisted by guest report-expecting one.
Rev. P. D. Wilson will
Robinson chairmanof outstanding 17 year. old after of Philadelphia Baptist Boyd. Rev. Clarence
many years ser-
pastors from the Jacksonville bring the message at soon. Lawyers Atty.
the State Evangelist minister. vice as president of the with Rev. G.G. Webb of Frank alternate. ,
area.Members the 11 a.m. service. Leander Shaw chairman
Evening worship will
ical Board. board. Mrs. Hicks con- Redeem Baptist as alter-
of sister supported by the United no reportexpectingone Me&sDay
begin at 6 p.m. with the tinued service has been nate.
Other delegates will churches and the gene- Choir with Mrs. Rudyne soon.
pastor or an appointee spent under various The four day event The men of Central Bap-
include Mrs. G. C. preaching the An ral public are cordially Watson at the piano. Total of cash and
sermon. pastors and now afte winds up on Sunday with tist have announced
Vaught". instructor of after service invited to attend the All surrounding areas, pledges: $1.270.90TIst.OIIiaI
supper years of such faithfuland the Sunday School beginning several activities have
the Adult Department'State will start at visitors and friendsare
p.m. meritorious To at 10 been planned for
service a.m. the annual -
Convention Dea- services.TabenIade's
; with Rev. R.L. Rogers invited to worship
con G. w. Scott presi- she is retiring, not as The following classes Men's Day obser-
pastor of Water Memorial with us Sunday morning.
dent of the State Sun- AME Church conductingthe Go2PIas Wednesday 730pm. a worker but from the HottorCLHolAf will participate during vance which is scheduled
duties and responsibilities services Class Re- for June
day School Department; : 1. ?4.
service.Rev. Prayer Service-Bible HobeyS&tdgy ..
Mrs. H.B. Miller pres- Waters will be accompanied Jmt 17th Rtcrtal Study will be held in that rest upon the

ident of the State by his choir Tabernacle Baptist the Westminster Hut. shoulders of a presi- A testimonial honoringC.L. aa

Senior Women's, Depart- ushers, congregation Church's choir 2 will Come out anjj enjoy an dent. Hall will be given rs. 'ulmer

ment : Deacon W. P. ..... and friends.Bro. evening of spiritual Many talented per- Sunday at 3:30 p.m. at
a recital
sonalitied will appearon Holsey Chapel CUE Church Reader II .
E.C. Clark is Sunday, June 17 at worship and bible the program. Those Psychic
captain of the Group 9 Study. For many years Mr. Hall
' 7:30 The
p.m. program appearing will be Mrs.
FLORIDA STARIN of the annual Men s Day will feature the Misses Thursday 8 p.m., choir J.W. Bolden, Henry, Shep- has chairman served of the the church Steward as and AdviserWill

planning groups for Dianne Earlie and rehearsal in the Sanctuary -
the church. herd, Mrs. Myra D. King Board. He has also givenhis Read Your Entire Life without asking any '
Maxine L. Williams it at State and k
EVERY Mother Midway AME Laura Mrs. Bookie Range Mrs. service to other questions, tells you any and everything you wish '
was announced by Mrs. Streets. We are
Senie Wright, Mrs. Katie
churches and the chair- to know.
Church needs each member .
Magnolia Ear 1 i asking all choir mem-
e. Strickler, Mrs. Mosie
COLORED HOME to stand up and be bers to be present. it man of arrangements. If you need help of any kind, see her at once.

counted. sponsrr. _is better Walden, St. Paul Male Mrs. Myrtis Bradley She can and will help you. She does what others
to do
a good
Iob Chorus, Ada Bracey Shootes has announced a claim to do. All Readings Confidential satis-
well than to ex- Chorus
Mrs. Mary program featuring many faction guaranteed. Lucky days Lucky Numbers.

come plain why you did not.Writer's Singleton, Mrs. WillieM. well known personalitiesof Hours: 9 a.m. til 9 p.m. Sunday 12 Noon

A dream of living true -\ Programs Port Mrs. Densie the city.Appearing .

Coppock and the Young
on program to If you are overcome with conditions that are

Sunller SIssiOIIs People's group under make their contributionto not normal, consult this gifted reader at once.

Having concluded its the direction of Mrs. a deserving characterwill She tells you any and everything you wish to know

wgimt 1frigq n spring session, the ad- Mable Morse. be: Miss Joyce Kee, without asking any questions.
ministration facultyat Also appearing will be Mrs. Corrine Waters C '

Mrs. Iola Vickers Mrs.E. Mrs. Elizabeth
Walker's Vocational! 5535 NEW KINGS ROAD
Edmonds Little Miss .
Choir 1 of Simpson
Larose Jones, Clarence
are making plans for a Church. Mrs. Jacksonville Fla'
vital summer session.In Pelder. Mrs. Estell Mary Nealy Mrs. Theresa ,
Blaine. The mistress of Hall
addition to the william prince .-
ceremonies will be Introduced Smith, Miss Inez John- .
regular '
offerings of
by Mrs. Tiny son. Master Clifford McCormick -

business secretarial administration accounting,, Thomas. Serving as mis- Rev. Mrs. :: 'elt y.Q tftte r.

tress of
ceremonies. Evelyn Dunn George '
radio-television, dress- '
Mrs. Minnie Brown. Sweet. Deacon A. Scott

making and tailoring The speaker for the occasion and Mrs. janie Mae Jen- M ;tIc A C'" .ond--Ado'ms: 'Pch"C 'ELft::fl68 ,
courses, will
training will be Andrew kins.
be given to elementary, PULPO OCTOPUS 11.6.11. Mes 49c f
Boson and he will be Other appearing will $2o P., Ru) ?

junior and senior high introduced by Mrs. be,Mrs. o.A. Burns. Rev. KING FISH JUMBOSTE.KS

students in personal Lillian Gish Davis.Observations W.M. Blashor. Mrs. Mae- SHRIMP

typlpg. abamatics remedial will be belle Taylor Mrs. C.C. L. 55c $1.15FOR

english and given by the pastorRev. Copeland and Miss Medium Shrimp iJ9e
MILTON GLENN ATLAS IONO CONOtlSS ElMONT reading. R.L. Blaine and Frances Scriven. Mrs. BAKING

Drive Out Today and *.. tion Abamatics.of the Modern the opera-Aba- expressions will be of given"THANKYOU" by to Shootes make the is endeavoring testimonial RED BASS n. 29c CATFISHLI. 49c j

the New Swimming Pool. [ iigtPtIrigijt5 cus; will be taught bya
Mrs. B.L. Baucom. one>> of the major events
Ready for uosomin KWEST wAianan COMIMIITYSummertime chartered english Ac- CONCH MEAT u,. 49c

Pun coun ant. This the old- Baby ContestWinners Winners NamedMrs. U< Th.UU Mt W& $%.'0 ktu. r

est method of SPANISH
} ':. Cti handling of the Baby Susie Black Mrs.

.'.'.\, '...., mathematical computa- Contest sponsored by Fannie Williams Mrs. MACKEREL 32c
(. z ."'..:o..: tions.
Choir 1
of Mt. Zion Callie Dowllng Mrs.

.".....ot:.. ............... Clerks, stenographers, AVE Church which ended Wilhelminia Skinner and ILACK SEA BASS u. 32e
and secretaries
who *
May 26thwere announced Mrs. Rosa Woo ten. BEACH mm L'39:
wish to improve their this week
I ...1"...to -&. ,! .. skills will: find the B. Morse president. IisRt lilts S. ALL MAT BLuE OCEAN

?- 4 ...,. .... refresher course to be First honors went to I Ssigir Threats u. 4SsrUSN BREAM
MIl-L-i.... %------.4n. ;:: -.cftOIiIII -,...10..:. --- a of great value. However Lorenzo Hart Jr.. spon- District 21 of Second ALL MtAT

NOTHING DOWN SALES OFFICE it will be possible for sored by Mrs. Flossie Baptist Church will meet TIItfe Mat u. Lie LIt. 32 c

e 100.00 CLOSIN COSTS ..11--.......... any person to take a Jones. Sunday at 4 p... WI Jth ...... .Mdt ta i 11. i
special course of Others who were citedin Mrs. Pauline Bradley.
WHITING 32c -'in lCI .
rvuvoia$1 m.......EEe we&.oa IlIA euwmlte business. subsequent order 1016 W. Doval St.
UCl$1'EUlIaDL ESTATE BROKER 'Beginning the first were: Surretra Car tha. Deacon Curtis Smith 8 YIUOWTA1LSNAPPER

S SO 65 ,114"'IIIIRMCIJIIYIWfU. week in July the insti- Pugh Gerald Jackson president will preside 4h

I 63 ra MONnI oJ,14 -- t.iMba. es...a 4-SCH tution will spons or a Vernon K.. Warren, Hope during the business session LL nlSH"OIc1M

six-weeks' work shop Hubbard and Juwano and Mrs. Esther AUt 0..1MSTEAKFISH LL 5tfi

I for managers and owners Sandra Smith. Boatwrlcht will be a 0 SPECKLED TROUT 6k ,.

.1 of small businesses. Their program participant. u
sponsors .were:




f ,


:. 'tij 111NE'9.1 Z" __ n.- STAR PA8E5G&fe .

ll Celtf*' Swtynil Mrs. MaryBunton __--'MiiIIIr;--- Cfta Negro Elected SPEAKER I

'r--- _
... ...--'It.. ..... .. .... ,-.'"-'. .. -_:;;';,;, >,;;', '. wh
:::::: ;::: :r.:;::::: :'::: :: : 1I::1. Passed Tuesday ', c" '" To Top Post ,,'


The Florida communityis
mourning the death .0.x
.. The United Automobile
? of. Mrs. .Mary Hooks

Bunton which occurred : .1 Workers elected to last its inter-week \,
Tuesday, at,? p.m. in a S.M1 y
-q national Executive
local hospital. !
M.OVa S 1 1I
Board 45-year-old Nel-
Mrs. Bunton, who resided -
son Jack Edwards, a
:::::":' at 1133 Douglas
.'.... ti Negro who was born near
.. Avenue Dunedinwas the c
Montgomery. Ala.
99S youngest sister of Rev.
: Edwards, who was an
H. Hollis Hooks, a mem-
international represen-
ber of Edward Waters
k ."' tative .for the UAW was KEYNOTER Dr. Donald P.
College's Administrative -
elected by acclamationat Kent, special assistantto
fl:... staff and pastorof the convention held the secretary on
Mt. Zion AlE Church
here after. three aging U.S. Departmentof
opposing nominees for Health Education, and
Funeral serviceswill .Ii- .
boardmembershipatlarge Melfare. Washington D.C.
be announced. "
bad declined to will be the keynote
3 run. speaker for the workshopfor

.I r-- Honors Slated a ',x "wr nS Although the UAW hasa personnel of nursing

'E i 9! p7 r t M 'ytII long record for supporting homes and homes for the
i.v the civil ages at Florida' AtM Uni-

.. i rights of Negroes. versity on June 25. The
Edwards' election has Ion
f five-day workshop end
been attributed to the
\ June 29.
MASS PROTESTSof ,segregation reasons and affect increased pressure

., is explained by Jacqueline Kennedy of Gibbs which had been broughtto YMCAs Day Camps

Junior College in St. Petersburg Fla. Interviewing bear to have a Negroon

Fernandina Beach sophomore is New York the executive board. Regi&aiofl Opens

radio announcer Lo jelks who. is touring 16 colleges After leaving Alabama

seeking student views on mass protests to ,drMRS Edwards came North and Monday, June 11
be used in an hour long documentary prepared for t worked for both the

releasal in the fall. Chrysler Corporationand Two day camps will

(GJC staff 'photo by Horace Jones, jr.) the Ford Motor highlight the YMCA's i

., Company when the UAW summer program for boys IfJ

was organizing the industry and girls this year. :

ReeseCited USO Seeking IN NATIONAL EXTEEM---Rev Fred L. Shutt esworth, left, formerly of Boys between the ages

Birmingham Ala., receives the fifth annual NAACP Freedom Fund Dinner of 8 to 14 will attend

For TRKTOW' Volunteer M.B. HICKS award from Bishop Stephen Gill Sppttswood. chairman of the Association'sBoard Miallian CitedFAMU the regular day camp at

..Program Honoree of Directors. Rev. Shuttlesworth was honored for his consistently New Berlin and boys and .J

l Bowling Aley HostessesFiles FOR her many years of courageous leadership in the fight for first-class citizenship. Nearly girls 4-7 years of age

I LOUISVILLE. Ky. Bishop at the U.S.o.- devoted duty while ser- 1.000 persons attended the gala $100per-couple dinner in the Grand will attend the YMCA Coed -

;\ C. Ewbank Tucker.thairman Arcade at 743 West ving as president of Ballroom of New york City's Waldorf-Astoria Hotel here recently. camp which will be

,; of the Louisville Ashley'Street are now Stewardess Board 2 of (Layne photo) held at the Branch's

chapter of the open for registrationof St. Paul AME Church. t new location, 5700
of Racial Cleveland Road.
congress Mrs. M.B. Hicks will be
,Junior hostesses.
,quality CORE) has Young ladies betweenthe honored during 'a tea and Eittml Rtceit Novice Trials The two camps will .
asked that the city's be open on June llth
ages of 17 and 27 appreciation program
Human Relations Commis- A with registration
years who wish to become Sunday at 4 p.m. in St. J
? J qn to remove former hostesses are Paul's auditorium. Although all week and run until
eague baseball star i July 27th. Parents Interested -
jj asked to go to the club she will retire ,
Harold. (Pee Wee) Reese from in enrolling
Saturday, june 9 "or office Mrs. Hicks
j'.pr operating; a segre will still continue children in the program
Monday'June II between -
I ga bowling alley should intact the John-
working with the board.
I 7:30 and 9:30 p.m.-
here. son Branch YMCA. Experience -

I i .ptlnhy*"Says' : registration.The for interviews. and Sister CotaIN r & FINK STUDENT GOLD WINS MEDAL LEHN A- be in charge counselors of will the

first formal dance AWARD -- Miss Geraldine
; camp this year. The
Taste the for the summer will Rolle. of Miami gradua-
Mvsical older boy's camp will be
be given on Wednesday ting senior at the
I highlighted by classes
: June 13 from 'S' until-. ( '2r '"< .;+ 1::.. x. ,. Florida A&M University in arts and crafts anda
gunny 11" P.m. special i invitation ::- ATLANTIC BEACH Sister { school of pharmacy has variety of sports

is' extendedto Rosetta Cohen in requesting won the 1962 Lehn & Fink activities which will

morning college girls home ., all. singing Gold Medal Award for include boating and

\"acatio'n and high .: groups to join her Sun- the highest scholastic swimming.Boys .

flavor of.. ,school graduates. day night in a musicale average during her ten- will be picked up

!I Hostesses and' invited starting at 8 o'clock in ure in the school of at the following pointsand

u guests are asked to Roberts Temple. 75 pharmacy.FAMU. returned each even-

Schenleq come in and get their Lewis St. Elder Herbert ing for the New Berlin

special badges from Cohen is host pastor. : ( staff photo Camp: 5700 Cleveland

.::1 until 8 p.m. on the The program is being Road. 45th Street and

: night of "the dance. presented in behalf of Moncrief Road; 26th St.
AT CAROLINA DOG SHOW---B. F. Kersey left, Richmond Va. recently Nursing Homes
'be Women's
y. Music wUl furnished the annual Day and Myrtle Avenue;
entered his poodle, Marnik Golden Gay Guy. at the 10th Obedience Trialsof
by the U.S.S. Shan- program. Phoenix Avenue at the
the Carolina Dog Training club at Greensboro, N. C. an American Personnel Course
Sister Cohen, well-
,gri-la Band and refreshments 21st Street ExpresswayExit
I Kennel Club sponsored event. The poodle, conducted through the
known for her
from the many Set June 25-29 ; Franklin Streetat
by Mrs. Kersey, now holds two-legs on its novice degree. At right is
in singing
I U.S.S. Yellowstone and appearances ( Matthew W. Gilbert
engagements throughoutthe Richard S. Ross, Philadelphia, an American Kennel Club judge at the
I U.S.O. School); Boys Home and
is member show. TALLAHASSEE---The Fla.A. .
I Adults are also neededto state a Oakland School; Jessie

serve as senior 'of First .Born Temple and M. University Street and Florida

Now Jacksonville Elder A. school of nursing announces .
volunteers and chape DON'TBE Avenue; Broad and State I
,drop of Hill pastor. The publicis its third annual Streets Road
M rons. Have you done your ; Kings an
h inSchenley civic duty? invited. ALITTERBUG workshop for Tyler Street; Davis

is Personnel of nursing Street (Police precinct)

r1 aged years.over and 8 ,I Clay Mists lovoranii Jvfy 20th homes Davis and Arch Streets.- _.-
t --" ------ ---
blended with LOS .ANGELES Youthfuland medal in 1960.Lavorante -
j '' choice"grafrv: '
neutralspirits. promising Cassius a towering

j : Clay meets his toughest 25-year old puncher, was
test here July 20 when critically injured and its
; ;
now Peps
Schenl 4 90 he meets Alejandro La- hospitalized in his last .

:,....R 1"1t'IH i vorante of Argentina ina bout with Archie Moore k

.*' 4 Code # 1243 10-round .match. when he suffered a 10th for those who think young' .

r ,. 10 The :21-year old Clay round tko. He has won
{ t : who hails from Louisville 19 and lost three. ;; C--- ,-'"
i :
:CODE. tf- ,' KY is -undefeated Clay has stopped 10 of i

I 1044 in 14 pro fights. his 14 opponents. La- i
stil1 NUt KSM-RDIKI WHOTY.K mar He won the Olympic Games vorante has administered i
I QXCI HniTuisnitns scKtxinwi..Ut. light heavyweight gold
15 kayoesSUPERIOR Miss Rosetta Gardner, executive secretary for the

National Student YWCA scans snap reports of + '- k I

Gibbs jc s YWCA activities with students Evange- 5 {

line Richardson of Tampa, left, and Evelyn Jack-
son of Fort Myers. Shown standing in the rear is

Miss Mary Perrin. faculty sponsor of the St.

Petersburg group. Miss Rosetta Gardner stopped :
Where Yen Get IS Oz. to the Pound off at Gibbs while touring senior colleges in To

WEST BEAVER ST. VIADUCT Florida in the interest of national affiliation.GJC 1

( photo by Horace Jones, Jr.) t 1 r 1fi i

"" I

FLA. GRADE FR" "A"A J: MaryIaH Plays SveN Gomes I

1 : PRINCESS ANNE. Md. mark: T .y ,

OLE Perennial grid power The schedule:
Maryland State College sept. 15-Livingstone-Hoa t }
; : of the Central Inter- Oct. 6--Morgan College

collegiate Athletic "Home. -

; : C Association has been Oct. 13--A&T College- i- : .;

.. C I' able to only contract Homecoming.Oct. Today parties are more informal, more fun. They reflect the big i change
20--N.C. College-- to a youthful new outlook. It's
seven games for the a modem state of mind and aU ages
/i LB. current fall season. Durham N. C. are involved. Call it thinking young And what a life for Pepsi-IigH,
LI. bracing clean.tasting Pepsi So think young. In stores, buy an
PATTIELIMIT Nor. 3--Va. State-Nor-
} ,. Last year the team extra canon. At fountains say: Pepsi, please!"

f' 2 coached by Coach (Skip) folk. Va.
LIMIT Z. .j. PeI'
? 17--Shaw .
Nov. u.-Raleigh "
McCain recorded a 4-2-1 ... _
Pe Oi4.irl d{cow Of YWgjttH ...
IIOtt AN7tB4tl HOItIPlia pINMi.
.'h':' (, : .N C. "' -.', .- 10ft.t r
: .l'!"
4 ty .
, : All Sunday : : .ji ; ; ., u
Open Day : .
,, .... .....' ., ... :- :. .: <* ': xy 4<'"-.-.*-""> ":#* .,

A 6 h T




I ., ...: MI. hIW Bisk* GrINS Tukss A Bride fAMU Alumnus Joins Top AwonJw ii

H. L Chemical Firm ____

....CIS BOSTON Mass.GeorgeE.

Sifvkf SMI 3 s i Daniels of this city

Sunday's services at has Joined the Dewey and i

Almy Chemical Division,
Mt. Bethel Baptist
i"r' _., W. R. Grace and Company
Church begins with Sun- --
> tIS Cambridge. K ass. ,
day School at 10 a. .. sup-
plier of container seal-
with Rev. Eugene Henderson. -

superintendent in :, ing compounds, as a Y
By Russell (Chuck) Charles <
, charge. i chemist in the Special
if a.
They weren't exactly arguing. But McNasty wasn't Morning worship ser- Projects Laboratory of

; going to let the Chinaman push his thinking a- vices will start at 11 1 the Container and P

round. It was easy to see that Yoo Too had the a.lI.wi th He v. Howard :\ Chemical Specialties

same thing in mind as they sat in a greasy boothin Rosier in charge assisted 'fli '. Division.He .

the chop suey joint across from Wineberg notorious by Rev. B.W. Wil .f was formerly with I
'.f 1
saloon. liams. Services will be .#,t New England Nuclear

"Licky not good," Yoo Too insisted, burning supported by the choir. .,...,\ Corporation and has
..... CITED---Mrs. Ida Simmons Donald a June business
been a research assistant -
.. "
small brown-stained oriental .
his ,
MCNnst w The 3 p.m. message will 't ... .f.;, graduate of
at Florida A. Florida M. University, received -
eyes. "Cover ment should throw be delivered by Rev. ; ..y the United Business Education
"if.! and Association
alia licky in ocean. This whole Rosier accompanied by ::.td M. University. He Award of
received his B.S. Outstanding Achievement in
: place fulla crazy people" he the Mt. Bethel Chorus. "I, .. Business Education
'f t. at the annual Awards Day Con-
from Fla.
wnet on, waving his hand con- Bible study and prayer .J.b; ... chemistry
vocation on the A. and M. campus recently. Mrs.
A. and
"' ,.,. i Apr demingly. "Drink licky! alia time. service will be held BISHOP S.L. GREENE SR. and prominent socialite M. in 1959 Simmons is from Gainesville.

' ') .R ,. Cuss aHa time. Cut,. fight, go to Tuesday evening, regular Mrs. Callie C. Logan of Winter Park, were unitedin Daniels is a native of
< '. jail alia time. Licky no damn time. holy matrimony May 28th in Ward Chapel AME Orlando. Pla.

\x '. ,'j lexxU"Oil The Young People's Church winter Park. Bishop G.W. Baber presiding Closing i. Exercises Program Principals I
f ___ _
1 "What about Junk?' McNasty Bible Class meets prelate of the First Episcopal District AME

canted to know Jamming the little Wednesday evening. Choir Church. Philadelphia officiating. Dr. S.L. Greene.
yellow man with his own stare. "What about boss 1 will rehearse Thurs Jr.. served as his father's bestman. I

and pot and coke? I'd rather drink than sniff or day evening. The senior bishop of the AME church was accom-
snort or grunt. I'd rather die drunk than die Mrs. IwtM'sSwrkts panied by Bishops' R.R. Wright I.H. Bonner, P.D.

drugged. There's a kinda cleanness about liquor Jordan and D.H. Sims during the colorfully in- I

that I like. it's got its own kinda dignity. h..nil pressive ceremony.

The Chinaman laughed contemptuously. "you ( Baker,Photo ) ; M

crate 'Nasty" he said, digging at something in 1aL

one corner' of his nose. "All people drink licky SIIHy/ 2 ,I. BH kxoti Vii Metiur, Ralofim r

crl\73. DUNEDIN Final rites ..... '.'" ; : 1 !
"You remind me of a lot of folks I know," \ 3 '
for Mrs. Mary Hooks j' T T
McNasty shot back, a little real anger moving Bunton, who died Tuesdayin \\, \\\\ 't I

around in him now. "I think I know some"of the JII lh..CQ> .' W "
a Green Cove Springs .M
boss phonies in the world, and a lot ,of them are f.'", ... :r: -):' ",1;
will be held here Sun-
right here in this town. And they're just like day beginning at 2 p.m.

you, Yoo Too--got a mouthful of condemnationfor ___
Mrs. Bunton is the L
afraid to do in the I
anything they're open. younger sister of Rev.H. .

Yoo Too shrugged indifferently. 'you crazy," Hollis Hooks a mem- _

' he said. ber of the Edward Waters

"Sure, I'm crazy!" McNasty agreed, heatedly. College administrativestaff

"I'm crazy about good barbecue and sensible dogs
and pastor of Mt. FEATURED -- With Master Wesley Mitchell and Little Brenda Ann Mit- i
and little children before the world makes them '
Zion AME Church Green chell playing the roles of king and queen, respectively, the Tots
dirty. And I'm crazy about the ocean, too, and
Cove Springs. School thrilled a large turnout of
of College Park Kindergarten
100-proof bourbon, and a bit of Justice with my
and friends with their character portrayals in the playlet,
daily diet. But what I'm crazy about most, YOO
Stiffens Signs "Summer Is Calling." The program marked the school's closing
what ?
Too is real people--you'know I mean
exercises and was held Thursday night May 31 in Walker College
People who are unphoney unfettered, unboughtand For Jill 29th
unafraid."I .
I ( Royal Art Studio Photo ) !
know a lot of folks just like you," McNasty BUFFALO N.Y. Minne- x

went on, with less fire in his voice. "Theymay so ta s great All-
not use the same kinda Junk you use, but it American quarterback
Sandy Stephens has VISITING her mother, Mrs. E.J. Jefferson, 601 'is OUR SPECIALTY ,
reacts on them the same way.
Pearl St. Waco Tex. relatives and friends in
accepted a bid to play
"You may lay with boss. They lay with
the southwest and West Coast is Franklin Bell .
with the ;
West squad in
bible. YOU may lay with pot. They git in sweaty, Large Millets Rue
the All-America Bowl of 6130 Spirea St. Mrs. Bell, shown with her husband -290 Trouts so
exclusive groups and make scandalizing people a
football game here on traveled by Jet Liner from Imeson Airport.
with coke They
business.You may lay or grass.
29th. ( Baker Photo ) FRESH FISH
co about -committing nuisance by trying to cram
> Maagroye Snapper Croakers Li live '
aorallty: -' 'everybody'ssecret' '"*"" ....y, Prsi ,. ..S ,;-x PATRONIZES Fryers Hens .
; "*- For .
diet is hypocracy.: RtgfeMl .Cofffc .
Yoo Too's gimpy little brown eyes had gone Star Advertisers! 1432 EA YER SON STREET a 6.3553E'ARNrNG

blank. didn't to be listening. "Lickyno -
He appear --- ----

+ good," he said, vacantly. 'No damn good." 6.w. .

McNasty stood up. "There's a cup in all of us, y and LEARNINGGifts

Yoo Too," he said, soberly. "What do you fill
yours with?" ,

The Chinaman stared up at our Friend for a long Fa4at. .. ...ti ...

moment. "I smoke pipe" he said, finally.

"Does it fill your cup?"

I "What cup?" yoo Too asked, impatiently. *"I Galore For Boys & Girls
, smoke pipe, I feel good..." I

"That's how it goes," McNasty said. "Some ir

people 'smoke pipe,' some people gossip, some Y Hundreds of Florida Star NewsboysAre

people go to church, some folks sleep with cats,

some folks drink.. ." r :
from $1.
to $10.00 Weekly."k. <
He walked out into the confusion of Ashley St. .,

Women Wanted And LEARNING to do business. $Q :

Earn Extra Money -.S-.'./{.-SNNCoitecty '
Store Operators you are smart and r

Stay At t Home Or In Year Stare Aid DetriMe Hewaaiers want to earn your own money

To Florida! Star NJW&JSFor this is the way to do it. ..

hfonnati*! Cal EL 4-6782 .... .'

PARENTS! Your child may not ti t
: ; .
s ., \ need but
'MORE POWER JO YOUI'FACTORY ,' '. money, training gained ;'
: .U"fij< .Ik' ..1" 11.4
;' y}? ; ;" ,.
YWCA DELEGATES Looking over the proposed a gen a a as a newsboy will help him to be

FRESH for the June meeting of the Southern
Region -
of College and University YMCA's. Y\"CA's.and I successful in later life. Many of the ui&N

ELgin 4-4508 SCA's are Gibbs junior College co-eds Evange- .- '

line Richardson, seated, and Mozella Gaye. stand- most! successful men were Newsboys. {

AUTOMOTIVE MARINE DIESELBSOUTHWAy ing. The two will represent the St. Petersburg. -.' .

Pla. institution when delegates attend the You Cart Wlnr ,i

meeting June 5-10 at the Blue Ridge Assembly

Grounds Black Mountain North Carolina.

I '\1\ S
Gen Grtfer ,
E scn Pwtsmcfc d'. .

111M Meet Starting in June each Florida Star Newsbo s. ss.

TODAY c. ,

I President George W. institution even betterin Will Be Given Points For Every 25 Papers \ r' .

Personal Typing Mathematics Gore jr. and Coach Jake
Remedial the future.
Reading, Sold..Extra :
Points ;
and Remedial English-Elementary. Junior, and Gaither of Florida A. Coach Gaither spoke on Good Records. J cI

Senior High School Students. and M. university were the spirit of excel- -

Refresher COurses----Clerks, Stenographers, and featured speakers dur- lence. He narrated a FILL OUT THIS coUPON TODAY.--I %' .
Secretaries. ing the first annual I
highlight film of the '
2323 Moncrief Rd. cor. 13th St. I II
4 Business Management Workshop--Managers, and banquet of the pensacola Rattlers' 1961
want to start selling the Florida Star so I can ."
owners of Small Businesses. Chapter of the PAHD
after his message. Attorney II
earn learn and win prizes. :
Secretarial Accounting Business Administration General Alumni Association Charles P. lil- I

Radio-Television Tailoring and Dressmaking here re- lion, president of the I
E Courses. cently. FAIR General Aluiml Association.introduced AGElI I

Presorted by Dr. H. D. .
(bode, past president of the A. and u. coach.G. I I i
Oil ,. NfeM Ctos SM fee 4 the PAW General Alumni T. Conoly execu- ll, want
rI my son-daughter to become a Florida star
Association, Dr. Gore tive secretary, PAMD I y
: Wat* Vtcatai & news agent. ,
I ;; : tood the graduates of General Alumni Association -

-t the progress Bade asked th I ,
1132 r lid Kjrtfe AMK ktafc n..a., : r : SIGNATURE. OF PARENT!(
r_ by the university and for more contributions
.. I
solicited their cooperation for the National Defense .
,. II .
.ai H425 .. 0 "
in making the Loan Fund. : I ,- -
,;' 0;." .. _' '. .



Jf ,
'f I .


I \
--o' '
-,." I'



,1 NAACP fiIIdS -......... I Esanbii Sdwob c Hfl Of FOOT* Plots Atlanta Policemen' Elevated- ----I I

TolrnIisIi NAACP ..': :,<. 't' !
ly Ask.dToEidki y : .1. I I


Vo. School EMC. Stottary System D '. :

.. d. @t.r"Ooc ,
'. <'
NEW ORLEANS A dese- .. : ; .
listening to three Wilkins NAACP execu- .

hours of argument u.s. tive secretary last gregation to be request the first believed ,' I't r- ,.<. .:j 4: : r P1. .

District Court week thanked the White : .
Judge ; : :
of its kind to before
come -
4P" .
,. ,-
3 << _
Citizens Councils for pa
Oren R. Lewis reserved -
a federal appeals 1 >' .
decision substantiating "whatwe r -., : :a.i
on an NAACP taken under ; 'I ,
court was .:1 & .. ""
motion to have said about the
enjoin the ,
advisement this week by ,
Board of Supercisors of South's treatment of w "> .\.. "
the 5th U.S. Court of JLr ,.' tit ., -' >' --
Prince Edwards County. its Negro Citizens." ti ...: ,,," ,- ;,!
Appeals here. ,
-""" )
Virginia, from refusingto They have documented r ,'..-y/ /. ,, .<..
: -
Atty. Constance Motleyof .' '
appropriate funds "the extent of the \ ... .
New York, counsel for .J > .....
for the maintainanceand racial depribation involved Fi :
12 Negro students whose tor ;
operation of public in the Southernway parents brought the : -: :.,,-, ,

schools. of life. he tolda .
original suit on behalf
Arguing the case for rally here markingthe 4
of all Negroes in r yYQ i _
the 1700 school-less eighth anniversaryof
Escambia County. Pla. .
Negro children of the the Supreme Court
requested of the court
county here on May 18 school integration 'a
9C :2RShown
complete desegregationof
were, NAACP General ruling.
the county's school
Counsel Robert L. Carter 'The shipping of
of New York City Negro individuals and ,
Miss Motley argued that
and Virginia State family heads to nor- .
the U.S. Supreme Court's : : ;
NAACP Counsel W.W. Tucker thern cities has revealed b ,_
desegregation ruling reQuires _
of Richmond and to Northernersmore
elimination of
Emporia. clearly than
all racial distinctions
They also asked the NAACP treatise the Y
before any pupil place-
judge to enjoin the ends to which Southern
ment plan is applied.She .
State of Virgina from mentality will go. standing at a crisp 'Parade rest' are Howard
asked the court to
refusing to provide Wilkins credited the Baugh and C. J. perry The two veteran members of
throw out use of the
c sufficient funds for Little Rock. Ark. the Atlanta Police Department received promotionswhich
Florida pupil assignmentlaw
the operation of the Citizens Council with became effective May 1. Howard Baugh (1)
by the Escambia :
free public school throwing a "homerun was raised from sergeant to lieutenant. C. J.
County School Board.
system in prince Edward ball to the Kennedy Perry was raised from homicide detective to the
U.S< District Judge
County and to make family in shipping an rank of sergeant replacing Baugh who has been

permanent his temporary unemployed Negro cook Harrold Carswell approved MAN WITH A MESSAGE---Jackie Robinson, a member of the NAACP's National with the force nine years. Perry is an 11-year

injunction of Nov. 16 to Hyannis Port Mass." the board's use Board of Directors displays the Association's '62 Subway Membership man.

1961* forbidding the This gave the Presi- of the plan last septem- Poster. It is being utilized to help secure the 500,000 new NAACP mem- -

use of public funds for dent's younger brother. ber.The school board bers needed this year. Nearly 1,000-' went up last week in New York City ADIeBcB I IIt

the support of segre- Ted, "an opportunityto Negro Major
special counsel. Bert r-
gated 'pri vate' point out that
of Pensacola

education of white Massachusetts since argued that the board's Models Awarded Prizes Yes We Al Jolt League UMP
children in the County. the days of the Pilgrims assignment of Negroes ,
Attorneys for the has always V ; By Marcus H. BoulwareThe 4
pro- { Reality ? 4x.
to eight white schools
r County and State main- vided a haven for the
shows it good faith. He -
tained that these issues refugees from dis- 'II use of the illus- LOS ANGELES A trio of
insisted that the
should be settledin crimination and persecution tration is very effec- West Coast sportt..ien are

state courts rather ." he said.DEWAR'S. free plan choice provides and treats for : 4! tive in public speakingfor campaigning strenouslyto T .J

than in federal courts. the human mind can have Emmett Ashford--
Negro students in
f follow concrete a Negro--become a major ; ;
Escambia County as in-
,' examples more easily league umpire.

:<:::.:. : ;iJl \ 1 j,;:;:.2ti: ii::;: W dividuals.Lane said that the use i ,1, a> than abstractions. In Seeking help from base-

public speaking it is ball fans and all others
of the pupil placementplan '
advisable as did interested are L.L. .' ;
was merely a start .\*::1J
1a Jesus Christ on many Brockenbury and Brad ""- ''
toward eventual complete ___ of the TO AIL MY FRIENDS
! occasions, to present Pye Jr. Los
desegregation of the
illustrations. Angeles Sentinel and
"White Label" Escambia school system. I, Rufus Brown wish
Explain what you mean Atty. Jim Gordon who is
Atty. Motley reminded F to make the following .i
by giving an example.Use asking fans to send in
'SCOTCH WHISKY the court that the stories and retell postcards to the Ashford correction:

I original desegregationsuit real incidents. cite Committee. 2806 SouthWestern I am not engaged to 1

7fI/ called for elimina- newspaper and magazine Ave. Los fiss Anne Brown of ,

tion of the biracial reports. In this way. Angeles 18, Calif. Jacksonville, which was ,.

r' school system includ- so stated in last week's
y you will find that you
ing assignment of A' edition of the Florida :
can interest the most

teachers principals and apathetic audience with i. STAR. .

other employes as wellas of
students. the presentation (Advertiseaent) I

'R rlobal' MOUi osa"yam. even one strong illustration -
The court gave 10 days
vividly ,
for the board to file
Look at Hearers: The Mrs. KING
specific information
on speaker should have

the handling of appli- and Gifted American Healer & AdvisorAre
visual directness
cation of Negro students worried troubled or
the majors in clothing at A. and T. College last this means you
who had applied for unhappy Mrs. King can and
talk to one
week modeled the more
garments which
they produced
transfer. will help you. She advises on
this spring. The person among the
girls are Mary Caldwell Greens- Love Affairs. Bad Luck. 111

boro N. C. ; Brenda Moore. Florence. N. J. and listeners. Talk to all Health. Marriage Problems.

CORE Asks Aid Patricia Farr. union, S. C. Miss Caldwell won of the audience but Evil Spells. Business or

prizes in two competitions out of three and do not be afraid to Family Problem and anythingyou

For Negroes ,the third went to Miss Farr., pause frequently and wish to know. Satisfaction -

look at some one person Guaranteed. Look for s

Gibbs Athletes directly in the eye. Hand sign and Name. Take
1 Slipped Norn Williams Tests
You will thus get some Bus 21 from downtown Jackson-

Given Ctaleiige idea as to how your ville. Hours 9 a.m.8 p.m. Closed Wednesday
Eddie Machen N
LOS ANGELES E.L. listeners are respon- afternoon. Sun. 12 p.m. 8 p.m.Your Luck

Walter chairman of the ST. PETERSBURG A Saturday Nile ding to what you have days and Numbers. All Welcome.U.S.HYrAY Go East. f

DISCOUNT STORE Los Angeles CORE last Challenge to Gibbs .. to say. it also makes No one in Trouble Turned Away '

NEW YORK Sixth cnd Licensed By State Qumt,.
Junior College'sathletes for audience -
week announced that his eyecontact.
. 1824 W. BEAVER STREET ,organization deploresthe to think three- eighth ranked--by NBA 5505 BEACH BOULEVARD JACKSONVILLE. FLORIDA

dimensionally was issued and Ring Magazine re-
830-31 CASSAT AVE. shipping of Negro
by C.B. Keene COl- spectivelYClevelandWilliams r ---- --
citizens from New
lege Dean of Admissionslast meets No. 2 ,
Orl ans to the North, t
STEAKSWHOLESALETBONE week. heavyweight contender h
although it (CORE) :
Dean Keene. appearingas Eddie Machen in a .

79c f ROUND ..... 79c wants to see Negroes in principal speaker nationally televisedbout c 'L !
all sections of the t V IJi! __ _- __
==' --===
Saturday night in
SIRLOIN 79c I CHUCK 49cU.S. nation fight for rights fo r the College's '-_- 7-=- -:=- .3 ;
LI. u. athletic banquet, told Madison Square Garden. "
where they are.
GOOD HEAVY WESTERN Walter said. "Negro the budding collegians Machen. 29, from Portland t SUPER. MARKE75O 'I

"every young man needsto Ore. has won .
WILSON CERTIFIED' OR AZAR citizens throughout the '
have the three-D effect three of his last five

HALF OR WHOLl entire South should demand in college to fights by knockouts and
39 first class Chuck Roast'OLEO :
HAMS NO SLICES CENTER LB. citizenship in jobs. achieve a degree of has been stopped once-- O 1

success, a one round kayo by In- 5
REMOVED_ ,housing voting and all
He developed this central gemar Johansson in 1958 '
other privileges gran- 1 Ib. Soil "
LYKES OR FROSTY MORN idea by describing when Ingo was enroute to
f HBPICNICS ted to other citizens.
For those Negro Devotion. Duty and Deityas the world's title. I ; ... 43" 2 lib $5X0 crier !

components of the Machen's record is
citizens who have been t. T AA6010NAI0
Three-D concept. 42-4-1. I' 6.
t tt
persuaded to leave.
Devotion is an item I, 1 '
CORE revealed it is 1
he declaredin Agony Out of
FLA. GRADE appealing to the U.S. noRl URADE'l'
$100 beginning his chal- MilIUM CATSUP t
EGGS A SMALL Department of Health. Rheumatic Pains t
lenging He
Education and Welfareto message. Thousands have found the

4 DOZ.PRODUCE 1 accord them "the that acknowledged where devotion however does most soothing relief 6 EGGS 2JIt ,14 Oz. Bottle 5" t

same federal assistance they have ever known

FLA. GRADE 2 69c which is presently exist among people it from the minor pains D z. 18 Cm IM -J 1 rib! J5J3 onto
"A" LARGE DOZ. is readily discerned by
being afforded Cuban Rheumatism --- t
symptomatic of t
the pride that people :
refugees to this and Arthritis MR. 6ROIDI GEORGIA am
reflect. Pride their

country. institutions organi- Fight F.Misery E.1.;. CAPSULHflHEUMANONi now with= t French Fries J TOMATOES

zations, and jobs, are I

I BLACK PEAS TOOTHACHE. often reflected by truly j i

lED OWt s tttr M .Cit" vprty nl > devoted people. Keene I
10 Sale
LB. .f l till. D.MeM'sM' .tt aGIdIe On 9 Oz. 101
Witt KtiM OKA-HL.nt explained.The .
?s M MC.M*. CMTMIM4r at Local, Drugs Stores tilu I
BUTTER BEANS MOMy Met All. t" rtt third dimension was 1907 KINGS ROADLilly's :

1 given as Deity"re ILL
verence to the AlmightyGod.


.' ". ." :' 0PL6f -. .-. ', .


.. .._ ,-,

f r "

1 ,

: I I II

I I I., .

PRE 8 FLOW, STAR -MTIIfiniY-..-.-.... .I1IHF.... oI 1

t Jox Kitties' FAMU Diomondeers Coftthws WM Streak Negroes Wage Earners Top SPORTING IT UP


I Championship In 4 Sports

TALLAHASSEE -- The led the Rattler batters producer with 40 RBI's. When the Cleveland ONE OF THE WORSE THINGS TO DO is try to play a
Florida A&M University with a .500 clip, col- Malcolm was tied with Browns' record compiling fellow cheap with the very thing he works with.

baseball nine has an- lecting 37 hits and outfielder Albert Cherry fullback Jim Brown When the season opened in Jacksonville for the

flexed its second 65 total bases. He had Lake Wales in 'home runs .'/0. signed a recent salary first appearance of P Triple A baseball club,
straight Southern Inter- with four each. Champion 1( was singing the praise of
20 RBI's. The.team.hit \\i! pact calling for $42 everyone Tony Curry.
r collegiate Athletic' Con .331. while their opponents stole 23 bases to lead 000 season Negro Game after game Curry came to the bat and wasa
M1'r per
ference championship hit only .208. in that department and athletes assumed the complete flop and then the howling started about

'J;" with a loop record of Other 300 hitters were took top place in I f r : helm of play-for-pay taking him out and putting somebody in there

19.3. The season's record pitcher-infielder Joe fielding with .977., 'J".JJ'I" activities in four who could hit, but Ben Geraghty knew lie was draw-

was 214. Roberts Hialeah. .391: Moses ,McCray, a frosh \ \ .. '. -,. sports last week. ing the dough to run the club and not those grand-
The Rattler nine's right-hander, the Ih'> stand and
pitcher-outfielder Gene was % Heading the money- managers so he stuck with Curry.

three losses in league Champion, Gary. Ind. leading pitcher with a I .J. makers in pro sports is CURRY CONTINUED HIS SLUMP for a period of time

play were to Allen Uni- .371; shortstopper James 5-0 record and 3.13 1. world's heavyweight and Geraghty stuck by his .convictions while the

versity, and two to Jackson.; Montgomery earned run average. Mc- -vr ,,17.1 .- champion Floyd Patterson. grandstand prognosticators raved. Geraghty knew

Alabama State College. Ala. .356; and catcher Cray is from, Lake Worth. who in a one night the power the fellow possessed and he kept him
One of the Alabama Marin Patterson of Miami : '. : in there. Tony Curry is now a member
of the
Harvey Cooper, Perrine. : :: action, can pick up a top
losses was by forfeit. .351. i was the ace relief hurler ; $1 million. ten batters in the International League, with an

B.T. Harvey, SIAC com- with an ERA of 1.5. average of .313. With
Cooper was the top run It'is estimated that consistency, he has hit
;s missioner and chairman the pattersonListontitle home runs, triples, doubles and singles. NOw

District 6-A. National Japanese Chb RtcoYtred .t. _. bout Sept. 25 in the prognosticators instead of booing when Curry

Association of Inter- 'Htwk' .c' Chicago may gross $5 canes to bat the cheers would mke a green horn
collegiate Athletics 4f \ million. should that be think it was the 7th inning with the Suns leading.
said the nine has
qualified for the $20,000 Sc
regional -
ry : -_ grandstand managers, because when they entered
play-offs. A date ... ,
NEWARK, N.J.. Former! the Hall of Fame as managers it was when one
and site will be named ,",
.', Dodger pitcher Don New- could take his ball, go home and break up the

I later. combe says he is "very ARTHUR ASHE whom tennis authorities predict game. That was in the days when a man standing on

;>\ Coach Costa Kitties, seriously" consideringan will become one of the country ranking players C the sideline could take the batter's last strike,
Jacksonville in his
., offer of $20.000 to took the men's finals at Ojai. Calif. this that was in the days when there was only one glovein

second year as head play for the Chunichi t spring by defeating Charlie Pasarell, and Reed. the game and that one belonged to the manager

mentor, has a two-year Dragons of the Central Ashe is a freshman at UCLA. and he could name the player he wanted to use it.
record 41 wins and
t of
Baseball League in Japan sI Fans, baseball had some great managers in those
five losses. He has twc
this summer. t days. To get a good impression of how great they
circuit titles in as Ha. A&M Student Body Cites
Newcombe, 35. said he ; yERNIE were, just listen to them yelling from the grand-

many years.OUtfielder. is scheduled to meet stand to tell Ben Geraghty how to manage the club.
Phillip Mal- Robert Hayes Other Thinclads
with team officialssoon. ANOTHER THING THAT IS QUITE PATHETIC is to see
'I i coin Panama Canal Zone.
I TALLAHASSEE---The Florida A. and M. University people who have been going to ball games for many
-- years and still don't know the players are not
Student Government honored Robert Hayes, sprint
BANKS supposed to fraternize with the fans. Some of
star, and his teammates during a special assembly -
BANKS Chicago here'in Lee Hall. FLOYD PATTERSON them can tell you how the mighty Babe Ruth would
ERNIE stop and talk to the fans, not knowing of the
Cubs slugging first The 19-year old Jack- share could be $2
Hayes. million. many changes in the rule book since the days of
baseman has returned to sonville sophomore
Salutes to the vic- Ball Babe Ruth. it is not enough for a player to wave
action after having been triumphed over Frank Tops Playersin
torious team_ came fro his hand in greeting in recognition of the fans
sidelined and hospi- Budd of Villanova in major league base-
of his Baseball must be
the student body by acknowledgement presence.
talized by a "bean" the battle of the dash ball Willie Mays of the
,, vR Willie Carl Rogers. Tal- kept on a high standard. It must! be maintained with
f 3 in the Coliseum .
ball. Relays. San Francisco Giants
tahassee.; from the thrills and dignity. As long as the fans do the
defeated Budd in
heads the top-salaried
2 Moms Brown the faculty by Coach Hansel watching and cheering and the players do the
100-meter run with players with a $90.000
Tookes: from 'Miss playing and the fraternizing while a game is in
relay record time of annual income.Other .
Gridsters Ink FAMU' by Faye Gary, progress, baseball will be kept at its present
10.2. Budd was second at major leaguers
Ocala; .fron the adminis- high plane.
10.3. They share the
.tration by Dr. B.L. a CONGRATULATIONS AT THIS TIME are in order for an
Pro as
COIItracts world record of 9.2 foi ,
Perry; and from the old pro Buck O'Neal who was recently made a
the 100-yard dash.
ATLANTA Leonard press by D.C. Colling- coach with the Chicago Cubs. Just how far his
{ The FAMU 880-yard relay
;r. (Bull) Anderson, 6-3 ton. A special messagewas authority will reach has not been revealed yet,
team of Robert Harris .
193-pounder Purple sent by President but it is a step forward. Buck was one of the
Lakeland, James Jenkins
Wolverines from Jackson. George W. Gore Jr. who greatest stars ever produced in the Negro base-
Montgomery Ala. and
Term., has signed a. pac.t Paul Denson, Jacksonville was in Washington. D. C. ball league. He has remained active in some capacity -
with the San Diego Char- anchored by attending a meeting of since his "playing days, as manager of the
gers and Charles Bolden The President's Commit-
; Hayes, sped to a meet Kansas City Monarchs. He has served as a scout

:, 6-3 end and fullbackwho record of 1.23.4. tee on Equal Job Op- for the Cubs for many years and he has come up
formerly played with portunity. .
Slowed down con- with some first class players, as a scout he
Hamilton High School in zSi
siderably by Harris' Florida .A&M speedsterswon came up with surh stars as Ernie Banks Billy
Memphis. Tenn. and a the 440 and 880 relays -
spiked foot the quarter Williams and George Altman.
KEN KNIGHT 19 60 Morris Brown at the Drake Relays
mile relay team ran Si THE OLD IRO HAS DOLE SUCH a fine job for the Cubsas
varistyman. has signed
Invites You To Listen To second to Texas Southern several weeksago. a scout, the front office decided to take him
with the Buffalo Bills tied the meet Y1 >
Hayes record -
University in 40.5. TSU on as a coach. What the baseball world is wonder- i

"KNIGHT TRAIN"Starting it was announced from was clocked at 40.3. of 9.4 in winningthe WILLIE BUYS Ing about is how will he be included in the Cubs f,
Morris Brown College
A&M's 440-yard relay hundred and was pro- earning $25.000 or setup. Will he interchange with other coaches in I!
last .
week.Anderson .
team claimed the "most out- the team. As far as the ability is con-
At 7OO was composed of better a season are running
a p.m. Nightly1400WRHC1400- was the Purple
standing performer
Alfred Austin. Jacksonville Hank Aaron. Milwaukee; cerned, Buck O'Neal will measure shoulder to

i: Wolverines top ground Robert paremore, the 53rd Drake Relays"by Ernie Banks. Chicago shoulder with any of the old pros as a manager,

gainer and pass receiver Tallahassee, Harris and the waking press. Cubs; Frank Robinson, scout or coach. if Buck fails to make the grade
last season.
!l Cincinnati; Orlando then the question will be as it has always been.

-.. Another Award For JackieJACKIE Cepeda. Giants; Elston Did Buck O'Neal fail as coach because of his lack ;
\, \
I Howard Yankees; Robert of knowledge of the game or the. color of his skin?

Clemente. Pittsburgh; Al DAY IS BREAKING ALL OVER the land now. Negro

BUSINESS DIRECTORYThe r4.f Smith, Chicago white Sox; players will be performing for the Washington (I

a wK and Minnie Minoso. St. Redskins and that means Old Glory can wave in its

firms louis Cardinals.Wilt truest form without spot or blemish over the
Listed Below Are Recommended
As Reputable Leads Courtmen playing field of the Washington Redskins For a

,I Establishments Specializing Services and Products rw Towering Wilt chamberin number of years, the Detroit Tigers and the BOstm

1 u (7.1) of the former Red Sox tried to buck the trend of the times and

I finally had to give in.-

Patent Medicines Cosmetics KEROSENE HOME DELIVERY t / ROYAL ART STUDIO : '

All Leading Hair Preparations Mechanic On Duty a c CLARENCE J. SIMON i


.State and Jefferson Sts. EL 6-9432 1 T tt SPECIALS I <", "

DRUG STORE -A > /4;. f ')
MOTHER E. M. JONES 1 2AC*l'*, 1 1-Color, .-,. :t .

A Line t. 1 1-BIack & White :" :
Complete of COSMETICS SPIRITUAL ADVISOR 1 $6.95- : <:I i

RUBBER GOODS CANDIES Service Every Thursday p.m. 1- 8x10 Opattone>t

SUNDRIESPrescriptions 32 VV. UNION ST. El 4.0269 WILT CHAMBERLAIN & 3- 37s S5.95 I

Cased t for and Delivered Philadelphia Warriors

.- ALL MODERN CONVENIENCES who recently moved to CommerieaMeddincPortrails /.<*. ':-

1907 Kings Rd. EL 5-8276 Rooms by Day, Night or Week San Francisco, outdrawsall I :'v;i .

27 West Ashley St. EL 5-4025 other pro basketball 515 DAVIS ST. El 4-1894 *

aDEBBIE'S stars with a $60.000-

I plus per annum wage.JIMMY 3i 3 i

.. teA v .. WHEN YOU ARE ILL
I Record & Appliance Center .... You Seek The Best Doctor .

MUSIC FOR ALL OCCASIONS ROBINSON, one of the nation's most cited R When Your Doctor PrescribesGet t
J. B. ROGERS former athletes accepts UCLA's "Alumnus of the Experienced Pharmacists
3307 N. MYRTLE AVE" PNO''': 356-BI1O Year" award from Robert E. Ashuler president .According to Your Dootor's

1111 LADY D' MOTEL of the alumni association during a recent black >y Orders. We Use Only
Bisli-Win tie dinner at the The Best Quality Drugs I'II
Rooms Day Nite Week Bar-B-Q university. Jackie. UCLA's x

Telephone in Each Room THE PIG TRAIL ENN greatest athlete, was cited for his pumerous I" Dr. C. E. BlackProprietor

TV Or Radio Hot & Cold Water BISHOP' AND WINNIE OONALSON. P/owlltTO// successes: in professional sports.

Call 771-7342 2650 Firestone Rd. 54Q3-OS AVENUE B' r 3 REGISTERED) : : (
Sweetwater Fla. PHDN& PD. 5'1486 rJACKSONVILLE i'' I
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t'.,"....,"',"; -j. l.Johnnie's HotelRooMIM.4Houac ._- to -:->-. ',- : quartet of Louisiana'sto BROW Rubber Goods Candles Sundries I t

.-,f. i schoolboy prep stars by signing McKinley Among the top boxers, PRESCRIPTIONS CALLFD FOR AM NZI1'FJtFD '! M

RJ-./ Br DAY on WICK. '*, signed letters of Intentto High's George Andersonand Harold Johns. 0, Archie '

'.: 741V4 W. AjiNtir af, PH. EL S4C2SROQMINB .- attend southern uni- Xavier High of New Moore Ray Robins. a, LiI ore

/ID W. ABMIC ef ,i ,' versity here,last week. Orleans' Douglas Ealy. Sonny Liston and Joe
HOUII 617: W.A/Mlty .f. Southern' Coach Horace co-holders of the ugn I
:' "NIIL': 7a. -x" Brown demand fly
!JACKSIMYtUE 2,-FLORID JI'Me EL-4 :s.a_ ,,:" .... Moody evidently outsmarted state's 100 yard dash figures for their ser- 1907 KWtS ROAD 3-82J6
the opposition record (9.6)
vices. .
i "


I f fI

r -- -

; rU
-- -
------- -- -
-- -- -
-- -
I------i L '. : .' : ;4iP' _

r ,i T Tt
) .' '

'" .._ ...._. ..
., '" : .; ; -.r:": ..: a "'.:.,,: ;': : ? i y.." ,,, ".,: '; ....: : : ." -


SHMMY JUlIE 9, '1962--. FUMUTAt FASE9 .

1961-62 Pnp Sports SNSM CteW Wn DA's "Rffctiiij Dragons" Prossessors 0! Dwal's! Sports Laurels

k ..t :at. 7. $



: ; I\ :r rit & ;


r 3 b i'S.: rE 1ta

1Jr hA p; au.- aTw- : ;,

1'.i I/ &. ,


; k

w ri r '* v :


___H__ __H_.__ .'

BEST IN DA HISTOKt---uouglas Andersen High School's Athletic Director Nathaniel Washington team for a 14-5 record and another county diadem. Coach Howard 0. Hair's courtmen placed
conservatively summed up the Flying Dragons" year's exploits by acclaiming the seasonalI' third in Duval ratings and saw action in the state tournament at pOmpano Beach jn supportof

athletic teams as having produced the best overall record in the school's history. And the DA's year long athletic superiority, the Baby Dragons had an undefeated season in countyand

record more than statistically supports him. The Dragons started things off by copping the tournament competition under Coach Lee. In third photo (right) John (Bowlegs) Walker.

Northeast Conference football crown. Coach Ida Logan piloted, the DA Girls Basketball team to Florida schoolboy pitching sensation now being sought by 7 major league teams, is shown

its second consecutive county title. Coaches James M. Fowler and his assistant C. Lenwood flaked by Coach Lee and Athletic Director Washington. (More DA sports coming. )

Lee--Driver's Ed. and English teachers respectively--took over the reins of the RAhR11 (Photos By Royal Art Studio)

Hvris No Hitter Title Fight S LEARNING -HOW- Champ, Manager Settle FeudCONTRACTUAL

"' ".f.f*.(." ; ;,.,.' 'tr.- Yl;>' ..
.. ; .: .", ,,' ,: .' '! :,,,,< Slated For f '; '" .

,: \q ; Sunny Says:

Chicago Park TO SWIM ] Ll A' ,.
4 ';'.,f. S -; Taste the
CHICAGO Floyd Pat- '

K world terson heavyweight will defend cham-his By Julius Guinyord ,. I I sunnymorning

pionship Sept. 25 in $ :.q S a ys.
Comiskey Park home site P 1I I

of the Chicago White 7r I
The Fourth phase of learning how to swim is
Sox against challenger flavor of. '
I V dj t(, : Charles concerned wholly with combining the leg and arm I .
(Sonny) Listen
strokes and integrating rhythmic breathing to >
it was announced here.
provide for sustained propulsion.
Championship Sports. JchenIeqr
.___ "'" ........ 1. The beginner's stroke on the front is com- .
Inc. has been approvedby __
AL DOWNING youthful posed of the up and down alternate thrash of the
the Illinois State
lefthander of the Rich- legs and the dog paddle of the arms with the
Boxing Commission to
mond club of the inter- breathing fitted into the cycle of the stroke.
handle the bout. P'l
national League hurled Let's begin with the legs.If you are in a pool 6 JIXp 6
The bout's admission
his first no-hit no- you may brace your self against the side with
prices will range from
run game recently against your arms extended and body in a prone position
$10 tp $100 and the :
the Syracuse with face in water, begin the up and down thrashof
seating capacity will be
Chiefs. A native of about the legs.Bend your knees only slightly kick-
57.000. 46,500
Trenton. N.J. Downing is ing from the hips. To perform this skill efficiently -
permanent and 10,500 G
r.K ,
the property of that New you must be relaxed. The toes should r
temporary.In differences between NBA's world's light heavyweight champion
York Yankees and is on point away from the body. you may thrash your Now
the case of rain Harold Johnson (third from left), -xnd his manager pat oliveri (second every
24-hours recall. He feet below the surface or you may let them just drop of
the bout will held the from left), were settled last week in Philadelphia. State boxing Com- straightwhisky
games break the surface. -
night following under missioner Alfred Klein ( left), exi-lained the terms! to Philadelphia inSchenley
last year with the Yanks Now after you have accomplished this skill let'sput
satisfactory weather. Tribune Sports Editor to Claude E. Harrison. Jr. (right). is
but was sent down this Should the White Sox. it into practice. Do you remember in our pre- dill S aged over 8

year for more seasoning. vious lesson we worked on the prone glide? Well, years andblended

who season end on their Sept. regular 23. win now we will do the same thing over again and Jox Pro Gridsters Predkted Minnie Minoso -w: with

Royals Get bring in our leg kick. choice grain

lid Olsen th the ere World's would Series be no As soon as you begin your prone glide, start Ortfit To Beat Next Fall Leaves Hospital 'I neutralspirits..

the and down thrash of legs. While
up your you By C" Parham Johnson
problem in dates follow-
CINCINNATI Bud Olsen are doing this your face should be in the waterin -pro Football ST. LOUIS, Mo. Although &nk $ A90
ing Sept. 25. q
6-8 Louisville U. star a face-down position. You will notice that the he was dischargedfrom FIFTH
Al Bolan of Champion- When the Jacksonville Bears meet the Miami Bomb ? .
signed a contract with thrash of legs will move along smoothlyon Jewish Hospitallast # CODe 4f
ship Sports said the your you ers in the Gator Bowl on the night of Sept. 8. -.J
the Cincinnati Royals of MinoseSt.
water.To Minnie
promoters would pay it will mark the beginning of professional foot- 1$310
the National Basketball down with Cardinals outfielder -
regain footing, remember press Louis
$40.000 rent for the your ball in Jacksonville for a hometown team. .. .
Association. The 225- and draw knees to will be on the -
both simultaneously
park and would also arms your up History will be made CODe #
pay 260 pounder
pounder inked the Lee
pact for additional, your abdomen which should bring you to a standing for the Bears will be inactive list for an

accompanied by his expensesof also develope this leg kick High School: Bid Ed indefinite period, an SCOUT Cam-BUNKO NHKXT,K t PINf.EStUKEUIUlSflCIS .
position. You may facing a seven game
fiance. Miss Donna Wil- seats and lights installations culpepper. 275. a former announcement stated. .SCKt! HUT KI.Cfl.H.TC>
while gliding on your back. schedule with some real
and also
ham of Louisville. They Minnesota Viking; Bubba
2. Kick glide on back: tough competition.
there removal after theBLEACHES
will be married June 15. Lawrence. 250 ex-
tight If in a poolface the side of the pool graspingthe General Manager Bill

side with both hands. Draw your body up and Hood has promised Jack- University of Georgia .',. ,.
tackle. :; ,
II place both feet on the side with only your knees sonville fans a real ,
II Other players who seem
breaking the surface. NOW straighten your legs team and the caliber of _
headed for pay dirt are: .;tI
giving a slight push lay straight on your back men he is bringing into 5
Carter Ramsey 245 also 5
j with-your eyes on the sky. As you begin to glideon the fold gives proof 1 \
former Georgia gridder. : .I
your back, start your up-and-down thrash of that he is endeavoringto
Some of the best news
your legs, remember, toes pointing away fromtthe do just that. ;_
to be
heard in camp was ,
Z : body and try to be as relaxed as possible. Trainer Julius Guinyardsays released recently by I I

I I Next week we will begin the "dog paddle" the men are round- General Manager Hood

ing into shape under the

Hayes Nipped Wiaa Rests careful tutelage of head who said. Chuck coleman
who started out with the
MAKESj2tSKIN coach Al Bassett. Guin
Bears as a coach has
In Century From Ihiss yard thinks the Bears
"OLD FASHIONED" decided that he wantedto
will be able to match
NASHVILLE. Tenn. Ed become an active
((1 eL.S SIOUX FALLS. N.D. -- the other teams in the
Temple. Tenn. A&I track player. Former Coach
FAMU's Robert Rayes was circuit pound for pound
mentor and coach of Coleman. who starredat
upset for the
second He also believes the
world's champion Wilma Tampa under Coach
time this season when he Bears will be in s und
Rudolph Ward stated he Marcelino Huerta is desirous -
was nosed out at the
valor oe.d.r
condition and ready to
bus tape by Omaha U's Roger doubted the Olympic of getting back
SkintonA4nubdvrn do battle with the
Sayers in star's chances of competing into "togs" again because -
a 9.5 100-yard M
other teams.
the spirit of the
in big track 'F
Saturday in the
Up to this point no
meets this summer. fellows appeals to him.
NAIA track and field made
cuts have been and
Wide praise was also
"She is a long way
of Point,'. NrgtmoC'Tht Jar with thr Star" meet here. from getting ready every man out for the expressed for Norman

Homer Jones of Texas team will be given
an White. 205. from Tampa
Y_0....tine Ie...Towa..Get Southern was third. John Temple stated in referring equal chance to make the
to the world's Fred Farah. 225 from
Lewis of
McMurray fastest woman star. grade. Coach Bassett Georgia; Hershell
LOW PRICES College. Fourth and .
virus got her down says. Already some of Hemingway 190 from the : ." .
Stone Johns n of Graab'-!)
in January and various the men have caught the Coast Guard. Hood made .
ling College
placed The Twist
of Coach Bassett and
fifth. ailments have plaguedher special comment about ,

0 Ywr ... ever since. Now she until s oeone comes Tommy Scott a 250,
1 The Latest Men's Hair Styles
along that show
is can more pounder from Paxon. I
15 to 20 pounds over-
DRUG STORE NEEDS Watch This Clown weight." than those in camp they Line Coach Bob Williamsis

15 68 09 823 Temple further stated have a good. chance of all smiles over the Being Taught At The-

T....WZHi Y.w N. kb A od Dn*SwU 640-A3-295 that there was a mere sticking.Head potentials of his line

WILL MIlT ANY PRICES ADVERTISED IN YOUR LOCAL PAPBS chance that she would Scout Jimmy Thompson big strong fast and

W.Del,.-W.Abe Fin Al Docton' Pr.crfi... 2 1 compete in the Women's is well pleased with powerful. By the time JacksonvilleBarber I

6. the showing some of the
8 AAU meet at Los AngelesRAPID the season comes in.

4 5 1 men are making and Coach Williams hopes to

Dixie Pharmacy 2R-07-11 Jimmy"! is no noviceat have his line developedinto College Inc.

judging football ta- powerful machine.

88 22 101 lent. Thompson says
MYRTU AVBWIPHONO 1-HR. TV SERVICEDAY G. (!I. Approved 100 percent Air Cond.
U92 KINGS Sr..etIIDa be'c <*] AND NICHT when you look at such PERSONA HOROSCOPE

H.SJlf7.ft MOit19tflrlell.h0' dos men as Wayne Breese. 230
Ha ft&U.
obtnut $2 .
Re w rfc* It mO roond from Auburn, Jake Brown DISK. "A $.. Ikui .." N. stamped 630 DAVIS ST. at Beaver
TELEPHONE AH ........ reere4. Std 1.00 eM VMM
WATER AND 250 pound two time All-
PAY:YOUR U6HT CHAKCI e.PT ft irtltHfe te: '
Coming Attractions
EL ,
American from Bethune-
BILLS AT OUR STORE 12-90-54 RADIO DISPATCHED I.. 152,,..ILI.. *......N.Y. '.," 'S :'b;" '(< ; :
l Cookman, Dalton Bray.



1 ,

:.-:.., ,..-':':,,.' ..:. '1", .: :" ""I''' -%.'''%:, j".:_ ;:;;f: ,r.." ;-'i\:":. .'. "- > ,,. ._ <. :. I :.-- : r :."; ;". ,'.' n.'i, <'; : ;. '.-, i--. .,'


-Johnnie's Hotel' WtMuowN Group To Program Mustale Continued from Page 1 Wanted. By FBI Police ReportsWIFE

All-Uodern Conveniences Accidently BEATENBY

fiooo. By Day Nite or 4FOOTCATIS HUSBANDMrs.

Week. Call EL 6-7596 t4:, Shoots Niece Alzeola Mixon, 25.
741K W. Ashley Street. iiI41h1I of 726 Court C. was injured -
9.0 last
Tuesday police

WANTED AND On Tuesday of this reported. S

Beauty Operators & TERMINALSEXTRA week Mack was sentenced r x She statea that her

Barbers are wanted to b.y Municipal Court husband. William D.
NO ONI UNDCMIDI US Judge John E. Santorato Mixon, 21. came hone

Hollywood 622 W. Ashley Beauty St.Lounge CallI. ECONOMY I ,fHCE COf I 1 1 "p t '. w7 z serve 90 days at the Tuesday night startedan

HONE EU ((5471 fr city prison farm. argument and then
S. Andersen
- i:1: &'It was an accident," beat her. During the
El 3-3245 -
.v I tii aE v r Mrs. Mack explained bearing, she receivedtwo
4 'I ; tearfully. "Me and my black ,
'UYE DENNIS eyes a swol-
-Ill MAIDSTo For Sale
sister, Annie Bee,
$55 Wkly. ,l ..May be in this area len lip and was takento
3 BdRa Home, Tile Bath married two brothers. Dr. Washington'soffice

Send References with Carport-Sale by Owner' I--<4 AL-& I Both my sister and my for treatment.
letter. Carfare rushed. s Charles William Dennis
Magnolia Gardens-Owner brother-in-las under- Police said Mrs. Mixon
Hampton Agency I 28. who escaped from a
t .a
Would like EquityLow ; eb' stand that it was an would sign a warrant for
13 N. Station Plaza California hospital for
Monthly NotesPo accident. Linda jean his arrest.
Great Neck N. y. the criminally insane
.. 8-3933. ,. came into the kitchen Patrolmen J.J. Doe andM.
-- --. -- -- nearly two ,
L years ago
N. Y. live-In MaidsYou just as the gun went Newsom investigated.
need friend in FOR SALE off. I don't see why and who is described as . .
a Top Soil Pill Dirt ANNIVERSARY---The Heavenly Fire Gospel Singers, who are heard over a local sent husband to highly dangerous, is believed -
they my
N. Y. Let Mr. Harold Oyster shell & Sand radio station each Sunday, and who have appeared in recitals in Georgia, to be in this ITEMS VALUED AT

of the Mallory Agencybe Call Day or NightPO Florida and Alabama, will observe their Ninth Anniversary Sunday at 8 p.m. jail. vicinity according to $240 STOLEN FROM.CARAn
Mack, 29, is a foundry
your friend. He 8-6409 in the Holy Triumph Church at Third and Franklin streets. Several out- worker who was employed D.K. Brown special automobile was

GUARANTEES you a live- standing soloists will appear on the program as well as many singing agent in charge of the broken into and several
r in job in a good home, groups will Join in helping to make their ninth anniversary successful.The atthe; St. Johns island Federal Bureau of Investigation items were stolen while f.
MOlKriefDriv.I. Foundry at $65.00 per
paying' $30 to $50 a singers are soliciting the support of the public as they have done district the car was parked on
week. don't know
week, free room, meals, in former years. 'I office here. the campus of James Weldon -
how I'm going to make
TV. He advances bus (Royal Art Studio Photo) Dennis escaped from Johns n School last
Mack said
out, Mrs.
tickets and expenses IAR-B-QUE Tuesday, investigating
looking ahead worriedlyto Patton State Hospitalfor
N. Y. SEND REFERENCESto Mrs. Susie J. Black officers reported.
Mr. Harold, The Mal- Pressing Fight For FreedomDr. the next 90 days that the insane on Sept.
they're D licious 26 1960. Samuel William, said
her husband will be in
.lory Agency Merrick, Dept.RoadLynbrook You'll like 'em45th Retired Teacher, prison. "if I wasn'ta He had been admitted to he parked his car on the
_1t the hospital after he side of the woodwork
N. Y. Died June 5* sick woman, I'd try to
t & Moncrief
find some work but I went berserk when arrested shop at the school. He

Mrs. Susie J. Black, haven't been well fora on a charge of went. to work; and when M,

affectionally known to long time." rape and of shooting a' he returned to* the car

Moncrief her many friends and The Macks, who have passing motorist who had in the afternoon he

Drive-In acquaintances as ''a e' been married for 7 stopped his car and attempted found the vent to the

died Tuesday June 5 at? years live at 818 W. to aid the rape right front door open,
Brewster Methodist c victim. Williams said.

Fruit Market : 1Maxell Hospital following a ___# : / lv Church Street. Agent Brown states that Items amounting to $240

lingering Illness. Dennis is also suspectedof were taken hd reported. i

She was for many yearsa 1 another kidnap rob Patrolmen W.H. Harris

45th & Moncrief teacher in the Duval Racial Bars bery and rape in Las and S. Gaines conductedthe

County School system. At Vegas. Nev. Dennis may investigation.
Willie Motley.Prop. DroppedDuke be the . I
After her retirement, using name Leroy

she became an active Univ. Walton. It is further HUSBAND HIT ;
For Free Delivery Open Daily
member of the Duval suspected that he may WITH BOTTLE

Call PO 5-9287 7 a.m. to 12 p.m. County Retired Teachers DURHAM N.C. Desegre- be traveling wnth a Robert Martin, 50, of
Association. She also group of gospel singers 1764 Grunthal Streetwas
gation reached Duke Uni-
held affiliation with in North Florida.
ICE COLD versity last injured during an
civic, social and religious Saturdaywhen Dennis who has a fine altercation with his
the Methodist
organizationsand uni- singing voice is also wife last ,
Sunday -
WA'I RMELON versity's board of trustees police
was a faithful member reported to be a con- reports indica -
voted to
of Mt. Zion AME change the vincing talker. He is ted. .
7 House Church. admittlons policy so as 5-feet 9-inches tall
to "admit Fgt. Beamon W. Kendall
InstantCORK 49' Mrs. Black lived at qualified applicants weighs 155 pounds and
6 oz; 726 W. 8th St. She to degree prp- Is of slender build with conducted the investi-

y leaves a host of friendsto grams in the under- black hair brown eyes, -'-gation.

join her loved ones graduate colleges with- and dark brown skin. He I,

in their grief. out regard to race has two scars on his P BiisHERI

'r 11 10 Ibs.CHlnERlING 1.89 Whit StodtDts Martin Luther King Jr. president of the creed" or national ori right elbow. He sometimes -

Southern Christian Leadership Conference, and gin. wears a suall Tw., free b,.Ud. tell ti.w *. en publiik -
By so doing. Dike became prtmot and sill >'yf b..k; psb-
Defy 'Unwritten'Infant his assistants, have been busy ringing door bells, goatee. He is a nativeof Inking contract explained; writing tlpi
the third major 3000 Mtnm published vidir .ur slap-!
MEATY GRADE 'A' talking with people in schools, churches and the Eatonton Ga. All subject wanted. Writ. Dept AP-
North Carolina Collegeto I Exposition; ; Pr.*..386 Park An. S. N.Y, U
U. Law store. Freedom
corner They are recruiting a Corpsto
IEtK wipe out all r -
1 0 RYERS 29 NEW ORLEANS, La. A promote voter registration and a nonviolentarmy barriers in less than a Golden Brown Fried Chicken

BONES h lb. determined group of to speed integration. Dr. King is seen at top month.
white students recently talking with children deprived of schools in by the Bucket
Wake Forest College, a
Prince Edward County Va. Below Dr. King talks
suspension from
Select Baptist institution, and Fred of
college to take their with a 9-year-old white boy Chuck Moran, who fretftg oyer a Hot Store,
Davidson College, Pres-
BEEF BACON stand for integrationwithin volunteered for Freedom Corps at Lynchburg, Va.
15 byterian, ordered an end
29 their own school, Such grassroots SCLc tours have been conductedin to segregation last Call Madeline's Coffee Shop .
liVER ,
II. Tulane University.They Virginia. Mississippi. and South Carolina. month.

have apparentlywon Men And WomenWanted Duke had opened its order by the Bucket.. Pieces 6 Pieces Golden Brown
PICNIC TREAK.O.LEAN their immediate ob-
Jective--the right to Mother Midway graduate and professiona Fried Chicken Special $1.50
schools to
A Negroes 15'
HAMS BACON take Negro guests into

16. 35c lb. 2 the university cafeteriabut To Observe In Every City And Town In .months Forest. ago Negroes, as had now Wake will Or..A Complete Dinner Consisting /2] Fried Chicken '

there has been
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