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2097115 F20090413_AAARUS 00197.jp2 6fac36df54b4bb2cbdbe109ec4d1015239c0190385b9975b288e3a658e4c29571eb5d4a6
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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200612datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date May 26, 1962dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=006120740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
May 26, 1962
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
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All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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aleph - 000581378
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lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
May 26, 1962
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Full Text
, 'f". -. ------ -. ', .- -- -- .- __ .__

t J

t' }

=; : Whites Say Among
\\S :; :; Disunity Negroes Defeats Negro Candidates .. : .

v -
-- "



.- ., .. ... .
--; .Io .

..... *** .'

: ; Pir, : :': 'ii1J : ':'\> 2 JAX GOLF COURSES DESEGREGATED


'J ii! NSANITARY AREA Germ-Breeding wwwww '- ;j Area Surrounds V wwwww School Appeals Court .

: --- Reverses

if USED POISONING w Pp Fa.! Court i f


inclusion of a rever-
*********** ; sionary clause in the

;! 01 mpson Confident Of Wmi'ng Health Of Pine Forest Students Ri deeds covering the two

J Negro Voters Support Him Threatened By Unsanitary Area F. i: Jacksonville courses which were golf sold

Although contaminated turkey salad has been officially to private buyers in
Disunity arrong Negroes in Duval county is t
listed the of food poisoning 1960 to elude a desegre-
as c use P
seen as the main factor responsible for
whiten struck 374 rersons here last week, i sub- gation practice at the
the defeat of Negro candidates which results .,
Fmucnt State Hoard of health investigation has two courses lifted
in keeping the Negro segment of the L. : last week.
brought into focus the severely insanitary! : conditions $
corrrunity from having any typai of representation The U.S. 5th Circuit
existing in the iwperUate Tress: surrounding .
whatever in city and county Court of Appeals last
the Fine Forest Elementary School where them
government. ; e Thursday ordered the U.
$::; illness began.
White citizens who cast .- s 2 Kbf S. District Court for

their votes .for<< Earl cians will work against The school, located on I ain't got no money to t T ; the Southern District of

a Grant Street clearing put in city water, the
Johnson in the County the Negro candidate. on the city's sputhside. Florida to reverse a

Commission race last When asked about it 74-year-old man stated. R ruling which refused to
is *
fringed by a moun- '
May 8, expressed great Simpson shrugged his 'The health man told ;'u =,u.1r issue the injunction requested -

disappointment that the shoulders and said: tainous trash-dump us to box-in the privies by local Negro

insect-breeding weeds, with stones rocks "
or ,
Negro citizens themselves "AnY man who does not I complainants against
septic tanks, privies,
continued. "He
did not swell being denied use of the
4 and an uncovered incinerator said the seats needs
Johnson voted to over two courses.

t it M located less lids over the holes, too
13,555.In .. The city of Jackson-
than 50 yards from a And he told us when the *'fA4' y'NaP Y
addition, there has ville sold the Hyde Park
screened extention of holes get full to slid
been open condemnation Golf course to 'Fred A.

of the self-styled the school's kitchen.X the body over and dig Ghioto, and the Brent-

The environment of another hole. Them holes
leaders rather than wood course to Ronald
poverty, misery and potential last for about five
Johnson. One white voter Hurley in February 1960.
disease in which though, he add-
put it this way: "I f years This was done in defiance -
the school is situatedis
you colored people don't ed.The of a federal
a shocking reality, Florida State Board
support your own, how do order which enjoined the
regardless from whichpe of Health states that
ypu,9xplyjt ,iis ,white city from denying Negroes -
rspectiveit is its laboratories have
people to support : ; the use of the

them. v,,i.ewe d.. positively identifiedthe
courses, which were then
The majority of homes dysentery germ from
Kric 0. Simpson, candidate public facilities. The
surrounding the school specimens taken from
for the no- Photos above order issued April 7,
describe the
unattractive and
have no running water; various patients duringthe equally unsanitary conditions
salaried State Democra- 1959 did not become
surrounding the Pine Forest Elementary School located the
on city'ssouthside
SIMPSON. many have no kitchen emergency last week.
tic Committee in effective until
February C
The health board In top photo arrows and circles indicate hog-pen privie
love his brother but sinks. inside bathrooms report -
the May 29 elections was 1960. The sold the
and located within
trash-dump few hundred of school.
a yards
professes to love are for the most part stated: The pre-
earlier better
given ,
to Ghioto and
Christ whom he has never unheard of. sent evidence indicates photo shows immediate I proximity of privy and school building. In bottom courses
than two-to-one chanceto
a seen is untrue to Mrs. Mary Liggette who that the turkey salad photo, north wing of school can be plainly seen behind one of numerousprivies Hurley the day before ;
win. But the 'conser- the
effective date of
became in the area. The school was the scene of a vicious outbreak of
God. contaminated with
He added, "I lives across Grant St.
vative' bloc which has the court order.In .
think I have the supportof from the school, told a the dysentery bacteria food poisoning last Wednesday when 374 persons were stricken with what
been plotting to defeat making their deci-
the churches and the reporter from this news- (called Shigella bac- has been identified as Shigella bacteria a dysentery germ.
Simpson feels that the sion of last week, two
that the "health teria) during ( Florida Star Photos )
failure of Negro votersto ordinary working people paper prepara- of the three judges

who have great race man" had been out to tion. The. report added
go back to the polls Crime ruled that "the inclu-
that the exact Attempt Is ShortlivedAsst. White Man Reguesfs .
will play a great part pride. Those who seek inspect her property in although sion of the reversionary

in to defeat me will only the wake of last week's source of contaminationhad clause. .. constituted the
reducing Simpson'stotals. County Solicitor One Way Ride

I prove themselves trai- outbreak. \;The. health not been located, it Donald G. Nichols, revealed purchasers of the two

The first plot to tors. v man said we need to geta was found that "all that on March To Northern Town golf courses (as) state

block Simpson was to Simpson finished his re \ sink, she went on. three of the cafeteria 9 at approximately agents, within the pur-

get some of the 10 other marks by saying: "The "But I'd just like to workers harbored the 10:30 a.m. Harold LITTLE ROCK Ark. A view of the 14th Amend-

white candidates to Negro people of Jack- know where the money's germs. bumped Steely T. Comptonof segregationist gimmick ment. The reversionary

withdraw from the race sonv.illC-26,907 voters- going to come from. City, county and state 7829 E. Tory Place backfired on its spon- clanse hinged on a

must realize now thatwe The Liggette's draw health departments are sors last week when a
but it was exposed in who had just left Barnet stipulation in the deeds
are on 'trial again. water from a communitypump. reportedly 'c. ciducting white man, out of work,
the May 12 issue of the National Bank and that the properties had
My defear will be their "intensive investiga- asked the Capital Citi-
Florida Star. snatched a paper sack to be operated as golf
defeat. My success will Abraham Gadis who liveson tions" to locate any 1t zens Council, a racist
The latest plan to containing $12,000 courses, and that the
be their success." Gadis Lane, border- carrier of the Shigella group, to send him to
keep the white vote intact Steely had withdrawn to properties would revert
ing the east boundary of organisms and get them Hyannis Mass as they
was revealed cash checks at his to the city if the
Mrs. Lola under treatment. had gone for three'
Wednesday. May 23wh n Gfcon the school explainedwhat grocery chain.As stipulation was not met.
the Jacksonville Journal he was told by the In the meanwhile, the Harold, who weighs Negro men.Robert Chief Judge Elbert Tut-

Chandler, 44, of
the trash-
reported that a Committee health inspector: septic tanks some 200 pounds, fled tle of Atlanta wrote the
Wife of FariMrGfeson Stamps. Ark. asked
to Elect a Demo- "Board of Health ain'tnever dump and the privies opinion with judge War-
scene on foot, the council president Amis
cratic Committee announced been out here before still exist within sight ren L. Jones of Jackson-
pursuit was taken up by Guthridge to providehim
stones-throw of the
it will he said. "But ville
give its concurring judge
Steely and
Dies .r _,.., several pas-
to mention a one-way
support to CliffSheparq he was out here Monday.He school--not erbys. Ar ,unidentified Walter P. Gewin of .
intimate WILLIAM LESLIE HAROLD ticket to the Cape Cod
a white candidate in the told me we need to the equally Ti'scallosa. Ala. dis-
.. $12,000 theft aborted passer-by knocked Harold resort community where .
of hog-pens,
water and fix presence
11-man race. MIAMI This city and get city off balance and Walter sented.

Other plans to stop a the Florida communitywere up the privies. I can chicken-coops and the Foyer of President Kennedy main- In a separate opinion,
5242 Astral
Simpson election include deeply shocked to fix up the privies, but overall atmosphere of Before passing sentenceon Ave. caught Harold tains a summer home. Jones said -he felt
a Jaxon with Chandler accused Guth-
discouraging Negroes learn of the sudden Seeks GOP despair.It held him until another factor about the

from going to the polls'and passing of Mrs. Lula seems odd indeed robbery last week arrived. police ridge of "passing the sale indicated state

State Post that the school board Criminal Court judge buck" when the council
cutting down free Loston Gibson, wife of Numerous members of action to maintainsegregation

transportation.The Father Theodore R. Gib- would have ever permitted William T. Harvey stated the Elks Cl where president told him to !

school to be builtin that in setting a light write a letter and he
word which a
was_ out early son, occurred Harold was employed, "Since the city believed -

this week that a handful Wednesday at Mt. Sinai such an area, even if sentencj., he hopedto according to Judge Har- would take it up with the golf courses

of paid Negro politi- Hospital.A it was planned for the deter others from vey, called him priorto the segregationistgroup's could not be operated
education of Negro same mistake. board of direc-
native of Kinston the trial attestingto without losses on a non-

, NAACP LaunchesMembership N.C. Mrs. Gibson, a youngsters. However, there were Harold's good charac- tors. segregated basis, and

registered nurse had other mitigating circumstances ter and trustworthiness.The 'I would have been nothing appears to indicate -

Drive been affiliated with Tampa, Hires which ruled trial also dis- happy to pay back the that the pur- '
heavily in favor of the
ilt. Sinai Hospital.The Citizen's Council as chasers could operate

Saturday Night i wellknown church- Meter ReaderFIRST defendant.position He of had trust helda heavily closed that in Harold debt was to as soon as I earned the otherwise, it follows

civic 'worker had been money" Chandler said. that the reverter clause 4
plans for a gigantic 1962 with a local fraternal several small loan
married to Father Gibson Claiming he was down was Intended to insure
membership drive will be organization for companies and that his '
for the past 25 year to his last $1.13 the operation of the
launched by the 14 unwise act was doomed
membership years, during which
and Chandler said he had .
is also survived bya golf courses for the
committee of the JAX J. EDWARD MUSSER TAMPA Another break- time he had handled as from the start, the
son, Theordore R, GIb- been made a victim of citizens of Jacksonvillewho
.. in the
Branch NAACP Saturday .Hat's in Ring through hiring of much as $30,000 monthly prosecutor disclosed.
son jr. prejudice because he are white to the
night at 8 p.m. in Mt. competent Negroes occurred bank deposits. The Unfortunately, Harold
Final, rites will .beheld VETERAN CAMPAIGNER J. here last week has three was not a staunch segre- exclusion of those who
Herman Recreation Center. accused- had no previous years to reflect -
Saturday, at 9 Edward Musser gationist. are colored."
a.m. 4.2.
{ when Henry Carley, 19, that wellknown
Mt Hernan and Fourth Sts criminal record.Sentenced the other
The panel, on
during a Requiem Communion an ex-officio memberof -I'D not for integra-
TearA captains and was hired as water to three axiom 'Crime doesn'tpay.
groups hand, unanimously affirmed -
service with the Republican state tion of marriage of the
wMl ;be organized to meter checker. years in county jail
Rev. (Fr. ) Austin A. Executive Committee--- white and colored, he a ruling by the
coyer all areas of the Carley, a former Wil- was William Leslie j
district court
Cooper of Rochester, 1957 until 1959--is a explained. same
county following\ which a berforce university Harold 47, of 1676 which held Jacksonville
N.Y. as celebrant in candidate for State -
; social interlude and recently passeda University
entertainment St. who
Christ Episcopal Church. Republican Committeeman For might legally discon-
program will stiff civil service pleaded guilty to grand Free Transportation To Polls .
tinue operation of -
Father Austin was a in Tuesday's, May board test. His startingoff
clitnax; the initial. ses- larceny.
former progidy of Father 29 primary electionshere. swimming pools
I\t ,- Gibson. salary was estimatedat Snatched $12,000The Call EL 46782'PO 4-9832 after the pools were

nearly $60 per week. case, prosecuted by ordered integrated.

..' .. .' ,. ,- ,. ,
.... -- -.-
: H .: _,
> ,."c
-' ".- :. \ El ','
,. ,.:;



i 'J ''t ; J ,

1 2 ;. ?, FIOR1H STAR SATIUAY MAY 28, 1982 4


:: THE: FLORIDA STAR .j!:.!,/ .;;# .+. ,; :;it;.., ; ?; !.::;:. t !;1f .' r.i 1 '+ ..I '. ...r,.r......r. tf.: 'L POLITICS AS USUAL

: : :. ...... .'.....;: :NEWSPublished -, ,;,.:.:,!iiI..: ... .,,'!.".!.'1'- ....':.. ..,--::>',..-'...k.".........,oJ.r'."..-,".'-4-. ,......'..,' -. .. ...".":"..-....................e..:-:.-(.\:....:..;..'....,:-\.1."'. d,l'; 1'i '\.. 1

< : ;
"b X the Florjila Star, Publishing Co.' ?' .:.. ....iIIfJ!.'< .Ji..... c <<:. '.,.. ...__:.. THAT* ... ,(':: }} ...;.-.
"HonBtfr Of 'Associated 'Negro Prestf ;: ; 'i folks over 65, and their fel-
,r. -:.:.(...;... :,.," : ..,<.c.it- $ ; ,"'THAT/ '. ..:': ... ''l"'iif ItJ low senior citizens all over the country,. r

: have an important stake in what Congress

:.:L .ERIC. 0. SIMPSON._..........Managing! Etu z dces at this session on the President's

/\t. :I proposal to provide health insurance for
; AIYSOH L WSL .. .....Jlews Ester f.
,. I NNN 1 flL18USTft( / .. L..I.t'I"IIP7 the aged under social security.
+ ...-..-- ..--. '#; .

:.' HILDA, WOO EN..............Circolaticfl Manager "...\..._..." -.-.-._ SOUTHLAND\ b ::!t-.. Florida is one of the 24 states that
; \ J :/ does not even have a program of medical

.-. ,MAIN OFFICE' & PLANT: ;\ :.1s Y. .;,. assistance for the aged under the 1960

./ Kerr-Mills i law authorizing V

2323 Honcriel!i i oaLJIJeH. Elgi 4-6782 EL 4-6783 ; .:e/ \\ r :!+ health care on a charity

.u .-'" ., -:. : ftA' basis for old folks not on
'. ", ,: '
Haftg Address: .. public
: assistance.
;; ; ='Ii. 7
: .- 5. \\ ,' f
:. } .., ; ;t: : President Kennedy feels

.*" .5 P.O.,Box 561, JacfeonvBe 1, Florida : ";,,!:",.. \ "'l'"" \. .T"" I,:' the problem of meetin the
J.yt, \ }
\ I .... .i's '.. greater need of health care

,r :.. r t\\':..''' ............'......... for the elderly should be
.. \x\. : ..
'.. .. ..' J .. solved through social
.. 'i se-
b ...
One; Year,.,$6.001: Half Year, $4.00 I -i y \ curity. He proposes that this SIMPSON

).}a.J.ff"t,) you Anywhere in the United States .'-. :, l J' \ : )J .' system be used to provide paid-up health
f '. ...: .:
": n. ..Subscription Payable in Advance I ,..' '..;>.':- : 1 \l iilfu'a':-'' .,rW' ,,,' insurance for all persons 65 or older

... .Send check or Money Order to: .lA.... .:. .01... -; .'i who
:.+ ,: .. :1 r. .. I". ,,, ...f are eligible for social security.

1"#".,,."i' '- t t r <'." ;:.t... ._ .,ir\\,, .\. .fo... ;.. '. ,:, Under this plan, the costs of hospitalization r)

: .F'1' richlate P. 0. Box 501Jack. ,I I'I. .. ,.'...... '. nursing hOMe care, and certain ,

'.- ionvillc 1, .Florida .\ '' \ ,T 'Y -.1. .'" ,,r"--l..:.. other services could he met by adding '

.-. -,. .'. \. ". .. \ ;.19,:".f'.. -"" .., ,..' about a dollar a monthto the social security -

FLORIDA DEMOCRATS HAIL > .!{..Jf '/ "!.. contributions to the average
.t .
"' .
: yv : worker and his enployer.

:" The advantages social security health
insurance--as against charity--to help
"' ..
M rr r -......._ ._-N.A.M'__",M__"" \" .. older people pay major health care costs
Attorney K. Malcolm Cunningham, recently ,
.r will be the main emphasis of an unpre-
elected to the City Council of Riviera
DID IT AGAIN AND OUR WORLD "IMAGE" PERSIST cedented series of Mass: rallies to beheld ,
Reach, Florida, became the second Negroto :<.
I in major cities across the country
win such a post in the state in this
starting May 20.
century. From 1901-1907 Mr. George I E.
President Kennedy addressed a capacity
Ross: of Jacksonville served. on the City
Council. attended rally in New York's Madison
Your Square Garden, and his speech was tele- =r
The is hauled the
victory being by Negro
vised to the other rallies find to the
Democrats of Florida as the beginning of
Horoscope GuidePABLO public. In Miami Beach auditoriuma rallywas
tin upsurge) of Political power which is
addressed by Labor Secretary Arthur
being stit1'mlated.by intensive registration -
campaigns.! -. By The ASTROLOGER Goldberg.Another rally was held in Or

Democratic leaderin :_ __ lando.
Henry Arrington, Party :
Miami, has stated that 'Negro'Democrats :i :i: WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR The rallies, a joint effort of the Na-

tional Council of Senior Citizens for
are winning public offices in North : '
I- BUSINESS lOYE IRA YEL -- Health Care through Social Security and .
Carolina, Georgia, Alabama and Tennessee, d
local throughout the Nation, are
but Florida will set the pace for all the -
being staged to mobilize public opinion
South before long. Your mind must be
r t. ''. I ?: S 1-20-55-13-43-125 cause you to be your kept behind the Kennedy program.
The victory of Cunningham--who defeatedhis near duty. Unless
Born :'Iarch; 21st' CANCER own worst enemy. you dime J. Forand, Chairman of the National
white opponent by a margin of fifty- have a friend of the
thru April 19th Born June 22nd 6-40-66-17-96-641 Council 'Health care under social
four votes--is to opposite who
expected inspire greater sex under-
t.hru July 22nd. LIBRA security is the only the problem of
registration. voter effort in many Whether in love or stands your problemsyou

areaswhere Negroes have new opportunities career refuse to be Behind-scenes activities will be inclinedto meeting older people's medical costs can

to win political recognition and fuz -minde-1. Get your may go on the Born Sept. 23rd minimize things D3. solved efficiently, effectively, and
Do settle '
power. intentions on paper in rampage. thru Oct. 23rd 8-40-55-13-73-845 economically.
things that others may The American Medical Association, chief
such that
Negro Democrats are in the forefront on
not understand. Secret Your mind is on green of this plan say it's socialized -
the South-wide effort to increase regis- others do not mis AQUARIUS opponents ,
anxieties have been pastures. What lies across medicine political medicine,
tration and stimulate greater political understand. This isa Born Jan. 20th ,
troubling you. Deal the horizon seems medicine and not needed to
activity. Their efforts have been time when effort to thru Feb. mi.! political ,
dearest to
with life you. You
private posi-
provide health care for their needy aged.
see the other fellow'spoint
strengthened by such victories as the imagine all sorts of Love smiles this
tively. Accept help
As to the socialized medicine charge, ,
i election jJfcsseJTuorer! in Memphis, of.' view _will things. Distorted. month. You ,are
-- .
: :where:Jyjbu absolutely
., ad : '" Forand suggests the AMA "read the King-
= ..;,.pay.off..Evenw ne.s-- vision iay'laterh'a.v. fayored and lucky
Tennessee to:-the ISlrelby County Democra-
cannot solve a personal "
to be to Anderson bill.
holds possibilitiesof readjusted
tic Executive Committee.It with the opposite sex.
future for intimate pro- reality. So do read up The former Rhode Island Congressman
You can get with
is therefore understandable that away
blenrT Go to a doctor on anything having to d
would find that all
the better. This must things. Y u could have continues "They
there is a state-wide interest in Duval s with foreign or far-
counselor or objective that is proposed is to help older
be lived to a way
second elections next through trouble with a mateor
primary Tuesday, away places.-Don't take
and ask this
in which Florida Star publisher, Eric 0. comprehend fully. A person things at face valueor partner, if you forget people pay the overwhelming hospital and

Simpson, is running for State Democratic block from Saturn may kind of realistic ad- merely because some- to use *hese rules nursing home bills that they might he
vice. Any dealings you one tells you about it. faced with and provide payment for some
lucky for ,
Committeeman. prove you A favor may be given or of coquetry and charm. '
may have with institutions -
(even though someone ; a confidence entrustedto Even for men the same health services and diagnostic ser-

Your VOTE WI ELECT SIMPSON ...else may, suffer. ). Thus ,. 'whether' they be you. See that you applies. Woo your wif vices. "
.e schools, hospitals or are worthy and that you course' Forand continued 'an
'Of ,
a person around you do not disclose it. and you will get your
might be fired or places of learningwill 5-60-11-18-56-561 own way. Don't tie AMA charge of socialism is not news. '

Our belief in Eric 0. Simpson as a can- sc lded.. Later you be exceptionally yourself, up. Leave 'They have been finding tints of Socialism -

didate for the post of State Democratic could benefit even lucky. You will be SCORPIOBorn your time partially unscheduled under the national bed for the

Committeeman is one thing. Our vote for. though you had not able to influence Nov.Oct. 22nd 24th thru at end of past 40 years--every time something new

him, come next Tuesday, is quite another.Our intended it to happen people. month. Otherwise you in the way of social improvement is proposed -

belief in him is an inspiring force: this way. 3-30-77-14-54-371 Partners and other will later"regret in. "

It sponsored his candidacy. But only our 7-80-33-15-81-783 LEO people will exepct more volvement. There are. While practically everybody else is
Born July 23rd thru of you than is fair. many surprises ahead.
vote can elect him. talking about the social security approach -

Progress is not a hand-out. It is an in- TAURUS Aug. 22nd know imposed when upon--say you are being But you won't be able the people who must make the
Born 20th no.
to them if
vestment. And the only way that we can Friendship was. never You cannot expect' some- accept you first move--the House Ways and Means Com-
thru May 20th are too bound down by
invest in progress is to participate in more important. This one else to do your mittee--is relatively quiet on the sub-
Many actions around can mean various thingsto thinking for you. You schedules and promised
progressive events. Although thought and j ect.
will be
respected and
reflect actions
you upon your or activity.
action are the primary forces of progressone pocketbook. Money mat- each of you. It emphasizes loved just as much if The same applies to The committee has pledged that it will

without the other is profitless. We ters come to the front.. the fact that you do not take burdens.on unnecessary people. The new can't resum hearings sometime this spring on

may THINK progressively, but unless we you can mix business reach you if the old the King-Anderson bill. What will then
Whether you gain or Make sure that
with pleasure. It will you
act progressively, our circumstances remain lose you will be concerned not secretly enjoying intrudes! happen, no one knows.
bring contacts and
stagnant. with economics.A being imposed upon in The AMA would like to see it stop there,
special deals to many spite of i'otest. You 2-90-44-17-73-294
Hence, it .,uld be investing in our own member of your family might meet a romantic, with the bill never going beyond the

stagnation as a people if we do not exe- could want to borrow businessmen sign through of pleasant your exciting stranger.SAGITTARIUS. PISCES committee. And they say they are confi-

cute the ,full force of our vate next something. Hang on to social relationships.It Born Feb. 19th thru dent they can get a majority of the com-

Tuesday and elect Eric Simpson to the your common sense and March 20th mittee to go along with them. .
enrich social
State Democratic Committee post for which can Born Nov. 23rd thru The Administration, on the other hand,
don't impulsive
give way to Nerves
life for the femalesand are your betnoire
he is running. Dec. 21st feels that health insurance under social
gestures of provide .introduc- Especially this
Political equity can only come through generosity. This is the tions. Private life Think twice and think month you will feel security has such popularity with the

proportionate representation at the executive right time for you to co-operatively Someone like crashing out of voters, it will be over-whelmingly passedif
might have to be soft-
levels of our government. This think of making a contact may come to you your private prisonand the full house gets to vote on the

county{ n has: ,.recent: history of having with special peddled. Otherwise ce-- with an idea or propo- letting people know proposition.The .
had a ,Negro: 'the state committee of the tain explosions COUla sition. Many overtures how confining it is. coming rallies should help those
person,who can be help- arrive this month. It
Democratic Party, yet better than 85 per ful to you. take place These may is the right time to But you are advised to House Ways and Means Committee Membersnow

cent of registered.,Negro voters in See important people. be completely unex- consider one of them. continue with your on the fence decide which way to '

Duval ai-J: Democrats,. Put yourself in the pected. You have been But sort out your affairs usual diplomacy. Hold lean. Three generations of Americans are

We must not allow this election to pass spotlight, if you are dealing with a very in such a way onto your calm cover-up waiting to see. The old, who, need

without having made a maximum effort to not already there. touchy or difficult that you know where you facade. The time is care they can't arrora; xne niuuie-agea,
not yet ripe. At end of
elect Eric Simpson- to this very important 8-60-44-16-97-864 problem ford long are going.. Don't, do to whom aged parents must look for help,

post Once ion the ,committee,' Mr. Simpson GEMINI time. Now it is likelyto anything on the spur of month you will feel and who will also be old some day; and

will be in:';ar position to. see. for us. hear Born May 21st thru come to a head and pressure. Mars at a creative greater freedom and a the young who don't want to sacrifice an

for .us, .AncT::V6ice'-our nerds in a way that June 21st catch you by surprise. romantic angle certain release from education so the cost of grandpa's medi-

is impossible 'now':because we are not re- Follow your heart, This would especiallybe gives you a hard these tensions. You cal care can be met.

: not your head. Your true if it in any choice. Your love life will now cash in upon

presented. instincts will be way involves the pri- and imaginative pro- whatever it has meantin Miss.SoIoFaIsToBIock

aai oii n l be. ,,-a".major investment, in right. But don t mis- vate or intimate life : motional opportunitiesare that the travel past.means Remember dif-

progress-"""' .. '. take pride for one of of another person.You both stimulated.You ferent things in dif- CitizelS (011(15' Fviids

,lost his bid them. The to might need to have an could be led into
Earl Johnsoa tendency
Attorney #i : ferent lives. Hole life JACKSON Hiss. --Bucing an avalanche of disap-
avseat the commission. His let vanity obscurethe ending before you cant speculative channels
for on may be fraught with proval, a member of the Mississippi House of

defeat has been attributed tc everything voice of intuitionis truly accept a begin- without realizing it. emotions and others whc Representatives tried in vain last week to amend

fr ._!machine politics' to Negro treachery fatal to genuine ning.
9-20-22-14-86-521 try to twist and pull a bill which gives the Citizens Councils access

; "Whatever the cause or causes behind spiritual or moral 2-10-11-18-76-218 you into a thousan to state tax money.

Tt1 Atty. Johnson's loss was our leadership. You will VIRGO CAPRICORNBorn propriates $250.000 to
pieces. Just be firm Although not the lone the State
need on the feel the prcnptings of Born Aug. 23rd thru 22nd thru Sovereignty
lo$idesperatelY a Negro Dec. and remember that a dissenter Rep. Joe Commission. This
inner voice whetherin Sept. 22nd Jan. 19th a-
countycommission. an certain amount of selfishness Wroten was perhaps the has

,N5w"Tn; Eric Simpson, we have another love, human rela- Powerful influencesare Love life and employ- is commons most outspoken in pro"on gency contributed

Nefro competing for a very important. : tions or in your approach working to help ment area clash. Don't tecting the bill. .7 to the Citizens
Council forum
Yet and try to mix business since
you. nerves and
posji.. : toward a prin- 1-30-11-16-48-136 Approving the bill ap
.........r.' .. ciple in business. small. annoyances. could pleasure, just now. aarly 1960.

!:: '. ., .' 4. '
"" "
a ,



.. ..

V. V

!.. ', .' t. '' ;:::;. ," : r"fJri
.. ', -:: : '* .::: ;
I 1s4 DAwAy1:26: 1962 .ft. FLIIIIA ST 11. 3

.."" #, .

lassie Lassies IrUga CM Holds Towny SOCIALLLSPEAKINI. .

: I

m' :
y. H 7 Mrs. William R. Toney spent Mothers Dayf Officers for the coming fiscal year were e- T
1 V A m 'mot rI week-end in Washington D. C. visiting daughter lected at a recent meeting of 'The JacksonvilleAlumni

1 Y Tanya, a Howard university freshman. Mrs. Toney Chapter of Kappa Alpha psi, Fraternity.'

attended the 'Mother-Daughter Banquet an Included among new officers are Robert L.

I annual affair 'sponsored by the Howard Mothers' Mitchell,. polemarch; George Starkest .nn: Vice ,
9 r A Club.. polemarch Lawrence Jones Keeper of Records

z f'.,j x .,..xAa. Highly elated over events connected with the William A. Johnson, ''Keeper of Exchequer; John ,

trip and on seeing Tanya perform with the Howard GreSsett Chaplain; William H. Mathis, parlia... .......... ,
oance group Mrs. Toney explained that the major mentarian; Kiptus -Green, Dean Pledge'sohn'', v

function of the "Howard Mothers' Club'is to T. Floyd financial secretary. ; Julius Guinyard,

cover financial emergencies. After talking with reporter; Hillie Howard, strategus.

... .. ,
if local mothersof '
her it would not surprise me ...
v Howard University students would become .... .... .... .... iS.* ....-.

u organized., '
The Durkee Drive home of Mr. and Mrs. W. John-

... .... ..,. ... .... ...1 son was the setting for. a recent meeting of

Entre NOUS Bridge Club. .

Jacksonville society notes with interest the Miss Theora Leggins and Mrs. Doris Bennett '

announcement of the carriage of Miss Norma June were high scorers in the bridge session, with i

Wilson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Maxie Wilson, Mrs. Ruth Myers receiving the consolation award.

fJl ,to Mr. Leodis Davis. The ceremony was performed othe; members of Entre NOUS include Miss Ruth *.
'.' ,t'r. n ; April 27, 1962, in St. Vincent de Paul Churchin Broome Mrs. Camilla Thompson M.rs. Charlotte
< ,
< '
,''' ''
u .
,,0":. :,) ''H'v" .' "iil' A'v;!; .. : Nashville, Tennessee.A Stewart Miss Lauretta Jenkins Mrs. Elizabeth 4
':1/47; "''''"
: honoring the young couple will be Simmons Mrs. Helen Hart Mrs. Lillie B. Black-
; ,; rec dption
n ::1 ;: :
:; o. i t held in the home of the bride's parents Thursday shear and Miss Mozelle Bniton.
/ ,f" ': ';;" : a evening. May 31, 1962. .... .... .. .. .... .... ....
installation of new officers headed thee agenda

4 af ... .... .. I ... .. ... at a recent meeting of Les Elites Bridge'Club

held at The Lincoln Golf and Country Club.

'14';+p'yp t' Fsa" Upsilon Lambda Chapter of Alpha phi Alpha Fra- Mrs.Alvenia Scriven,hostess, invited Mrs.' Marian,

: ternity has come up with a unique plan for inspiring S. Walker and Mrs. Vanette Thayer as guest,

and honoring promising young men, while players.

V honoring the one living founder of Alpha and the W. Edward Hen erson, Dean of Boys at Matthew ,

may. memory of the six deceased founders.The W. Gilbert High School, officially placed the .

"Seven. Jewel Awards" will be presented to following persons into office: ,

'Z p }.. .t s ;' outstanding-. graduates of the 1962 classes of Mrs. Ann MCIntosh president; Mrs. Johnnie, k'

? Edwarc Waters College Florida Normal and industrial Mitchell, vice president; Mrs. Elizabeth Simmons, .s

College New Stanton High School, secretary; yours truly, assistant secretary; and

Matthew W. Gilbert High School, Douglas Anderson Miss Lois Avery treasurer. '. :,' t.

High School Northwestern junior-Senior High .... .. .. .... .... .... .... t'
School, and Stanton Vocational School.
The jeweled awards will be presented as follows:
The Begonia Road home of Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel 1
The Robert H. Ogle Award, Edward Waters College;
Washington, Sr. was the scene of the most recent s
5 Award Florida N. and I. ;
The James H. Morton
meeting of Bella Donnas Bridge Club. x
College The Vertner W. Tandy Award, New Stanton
Mrs. Graylan Lesesne, Mrs. Vanette Thayer,
High School; The Charles H. Chapman Award, Mrs Hadassah Bullard were recipients of io7ely
Y +P d Mew'' 7 'r Matthew W. Gilbert High School; The George Kelly V ,
AwardDouglas Anderson'High School; The Nathaniel prizes.
Audrey Kelly Mrs. Geneva Adams, Mrs.
y; Award, Northwestern; and The Henry A.
::- Murray Marilyn Macon, Mrs. Eva Grant, and Mrs. Edythe.
Callis Award, honoring the living founder of ; .
;t tif other members present. -
J Thompson were among --r
; ... the order Stanton Vocational School. a

., .", Held Annual ,Officers' Iisialiallol P.
'\ .. ', ... \ .
,, '
:, : :; } 'H Mr'
A *

r [t .,' \ Ys 1I If: 7>.:I AYF. MA ft 3

t L3 a



SPIRITED COMPETITION---competition was keen and friendships were momentarily forgotten as membersof 1 t x .,.f.4":. .

the Classic: Lassies Bridge Club paired off into teams for their regular monthly bridge tourney s a :..,6 .

held Friday night.: May' 18in .Lincoln Golf' and Country Club. Serving of a buffet luncheon and asocial .9! 9 fQQQ .. .';"
interlude' followed the tourney. Shown in top photo seated fran left are: Mesdames Helen To- .'..-"-.- .,...

,.ney, Geneva Henderson, Miss Charles Etta! Spicer, and Mrs. Margaret Mathis. Standing from left: Mrs. r r

.Grace Sykes and' Mrs.Alveta! Allen. Bottom photo seated from left, : Mesdames Henrietta Howard Minnie ,

Gadlinp, Mirgaret Stark and Sarah Wright. Standing from left: Mesdames Bonnie Wilson and Carolyn 1 V"". .
Washington. s <'t ;'
(Billy Brown photos) ',"

I "'., Social Clubs To Stage Coronation BallThe y fir' ay

Stork v
Adorable Ladies and cial-civic clubs not yet public may secure

other .' local, social contacted are urged to tickets from members of
savings clubs will cooperate with The A- the sponsoring organization '
stage a President's dorable Ladies in the 1 }

Coronation Ball Friday selection and crowningof Names of. clubs' spon- and Mrs. James W. V : : : Vq
Sutton; 722 North St. ; '; .. ,
night. May 25 from 8 0' a new king and queen. soring the ball will be J.

clock until in Elks Clubs wishing admission released in the next Boy.
and Lewis Williams -
Auditorium tickets and also mem- issue of the STAR. Mr. Mrs.
Members of other so- bers of the general ; 2184 Kingston

--- Street Boy. INSTALLATION CEREMONY---Members of the Les Elites Bridge Club held their annual installation of

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Golf and Club with W. Edward serving as
officers Friday night May 18 at Lincoln Country Henderson
I Armstrong; 1650 W. 2nd installator. Officers seated from left are; Mesdames Lois Avery, treasurer; Elizabeth Simmons,

nowitEPepsiiI l Street; Boy. secretary; Johnnie M. Mitchell, vice president, and Anne Mcintosh, president. Standing from left:

Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Mrs. Louise Guinyard, assistant secretary; Miss Annie B. Minatee Mesdames Vernell McCone.' Alvenia .,; "

far those who think R Foster; 503 W. BeaverSt. Scriven (Hostess), Bernice Henderson Maxine Jackson and Marie McClain. A bridge tourney-luncheon' ''
young '
V ; followed the ceremony. (Billy Brown photo)
t V Mr. and Mrs.
U 2 : r hst 4
i :)$ Griffin; 5529 Bergman
-d"' Hiss ROTC Is Crowned
(. :' St. ; Girl.

a 4k Mr. and Mrs. Johnny / if

?'Yey M Roberts; 2131 Kingston TE1i 4

', Street; Girl.
t Mr. and Mrs. Edmond

(1 '. Campbell; Rt. 7 Box 63;!:' w
.',. Boy. Y a.N .
Mr. and Mrs. Elezer

1Fe"t k Carlton; 963 Albert t

\. Street; Girl.Mr. .
and Mrs. Willie M. t
.. Hines; 2155 W. 5th St. ;;:

; Boy. j 1Lr'

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Pat- _

a i.,. ,.
," terson; 1021 Albert ,' J
e ,. .
Street; Boy. k : ": : ___ i I
Vx Mr. and Mrs. Ralph i r. -'- -,.. .

f s Smith Girl. ; 1902 Mars St. ; r Her mother or her- sister> ?. .

Ervin; 814 Market St. ; < differenthair
", Whether you want the excitement of a
Boy. \ tti., .: #, shade, or want to give new life to,dull or .,
and Wesley I, '.f' ..""" the long-lasting haircolor .
Mr. Mrs. gray hair. .. insist on
Corley; 1747 Brewster -- \ :, .'". I in the famous red package:-Godefroy'aLarieuae. V ..'
"" "," '. '- to apply, and complete
Road Boy. easy ; ,. .
; The attractive; Miss Elaine Crawley. South Boston one package-there's nothing else to buy. I 1
Thinking young is* state of mind It's the big change that's taking place Mr. and Mrs MatthewRay
Va. a Junior at A. and T. College, was last 'j
everywhere,and it reaches all ages. You see it in people having more 1772 Hiram St. ; .t,1jJ21.IBLOV LV
fun,doing more things.This is the fife for Pepsi light, ; week crowned 'Miss ROTC the reigning Queen $. !
clean tasting Pepsi Go ahead.Think young. In stores. Boy. YPafJa.z
bracing, -
** of the Joint Army and Air Force ROTC unit at the !
buy an extra carton.At fountains,say"Pepsi,please! Mr. and Mrs. Wallace LARIEUSE .
,College. She is crowned by Claude Scales Stone-
331OOIIv St.*8t.LouH.Mo.
'Woody; 1634 Dot Street; flans Troy Mf g.Company .
IQ ftp."KPKCU wnuM car***tt MCUO IIf UI wou*wcw 1If ntm*v GA carve lIP,w..... ville N. C. newly appointed corps commander. ; ,,
4 ,. .: '-I sa"" 4 ". '



-' ,- .- -. -.. '-;.- ,- ,- .



--_ ----
': ., -
1 ,

J < .... .
I ;
; ,' j .

: MAY 2& 1m.:'
4 T FUMUSTM .. .
-. 11

iff -AdlltsGradu ..y, Societies Plan c_,. C- PIlls For Swdty Progrw Woodlawn Presbyterian !1 Gospel Progran Sussy .

i. e',F.a7r. .9

29fh Event Church Notes '
May : :
May 30tkwentyfive o. ... .., ;
:: By L. N. Pearson sr. :
The Fellowship Chris- x .
adult '''Pi i<. ba 4 A' MA'S
tian Aid Societies Hour I d "
?niors.robed in gowns of Societies 567. and The Woodlawn United ,...: -;-'/. ,
2 ,1'PNI 01 .
;) -
I Presbyterian Church has : / ..
white and in J \tj _
::1! gray 9 is scheduled for May f ', k,,ra .
Lspjay. of their class 1 ,Ti moved its worship ser- '\ .", : ''.....-i..' .
29 at 7:45 p.m. in the '- : t "' r.$ .., "o!
lnzs: ,., will, graduate main auditorium of Mt. I vice into the audi- '.,:'. '\. : ji. ;"
torium of the George '; t
,y,30th at. ,8 p.m. 'Sinai Baptist Church. A p G T + : :} : .:'I
4 t Washington Carver Ele- ,
ring ceremonies at program has been arranged ..' .
mentary School at 2854W. ',.-, .
tttnew W, Gilbert High featuring local : rjj1"
45th St. at Vernon
hool auditorium.
talented personalities. _
>r.. J.I.E., Scott of the Following the program, cZtiipaa
The church is now in
val ,County Board of refreshments will be position to give full ," .

iblic ,Instruction will served. The public is ,
service to Floradale
the .principal spea- invited. / ;
Magnolia Gardens Ri- f
r. William ,E. Hender- Choirs and ushers on t.
bault and all .
n,.. adult, school parade will be presentedat t .. .., ,;I:!:
sections surroundingour
incipal will award If r .
Mt. Vernon Baptist ; '3 new church site at y" ; .

e diplomas, ,and W. F. Church May 27 at 8 p.m. Cleveland Rd. and Wood- ... ..: ,

ley. ,class ,advisor, in' the auditorium of the ., ',' .
lawn rd. our church 5 ,
'.11 present awards. church. Music will be ANNUAL PROGRAM---Rev. W. H. Calhoun, pastor of St. John Baptist Churchof stresses prayer. Some \,' .

he Adult Class Glee furnished by Choir 3 of Tampa, will be principal speaker Sunday beginning at 3:00 p.m. duringthe folks think of prayer }

ub will furnish music annual Laymen's Day: observance at Mt. Ararat Baptist Church. A ..
Zion and Choir 4 of -
Hope --- i
only when they are in -- *
der the direction of Mt. Vernon. program feature will be the burning of the mortgage. The Steering Com- \
trouble, but our church '>
Lss Edith Witherspoon, Others to appear are: mittee chairmen which have completed final arrangements are, from uses prayer to get

sic director. Mis Deacons Ollie Hudson left: Mrs. Ruth Valdez, entertainment; Mrs. Helen McRoy, advertisingand
guidance and directionfor '
omaseha Wilson, class Wilson James G.L. sponsors; Mrs. Irene Williams, souvenirs; Deacon W. R. Davis, step in our .a 1R
esident, will be in- Pl noid. Fred Gary, Ben general chairman; Mrs. Corine Williams, co chairman; and Mrs. Emma daily life.

uded among the soloist McCall William Cyler, Stukes, advertising and sponsors. An allied feature during the after- d +
Our church school begins -
he graduates theme Hubert Engram Fred noon will be a Fellowship Tea with Mrs. Corine Williams serving as at 1000! a.m. each ANDREW MCCALL and his wellknown McCall! Singers

['Preparing For Better Washington and Mrs. chairman. It will be held from 3 until 6 p.m. in the Education Building. will celebrate their 14th anniversary Sunday
Sunday with T. V.
ings, will be em- Jessie B. Footman. All (Royal Art Studio Photo) night when top singing groups in the city will
asized during the choirs are invited.The Brewsttr Men Huger join them in a program of songs at Triumph
charge. Morning wor-
.>remony.he Communion Stewards Men's Day Honors Slated Holiness Church, Third and Franklin Sts. The '
general public is Meet Sunday ship service beginsat
Board 3 of Simpson general public and friends are invited. Elder

vited.KNOW. Methodist Church will The Brewster Men's Club At CNtraIJute For Mrs Houston 11 a.m. with Rev.F. Hall is host pastor. ,
D. Wilson, pastor,
sponsor a favorite song will hold its regular
Mrs. A.B. Houston, gringing the message, Walker College's Commencement Slate
tea May 27, from 4 to meeting at 7:45 a.m. 24th M
home of president of new Century supported by the united
in the
6 Sunday in the
p.m. dining
Walker Col-
Choir. Mid-Week-Bible The graduates, faculty and staff of y
and Oliver Gibson of School, mil be honored
Mr. Mrs. ro om Brewster'
lege at 1832 North Myrtle Avenue, wish to make
2546 Spires Street. Methodist Hospital, withJ. The men of Central Baptist with an appreciation pro Study Wednesday, 7:30 .

Mrs. Irene Tyler is pro- Earl Morse, president have announced gram May 28 at 8 p.m. p.m. in the Westminister. the following announcement.May

his! fact. You can't buy betr gram chairman and Mrs. presiding.The several activities have in St. Stephen AME Choir rehearsal, Friday 24 1962 Class Night, 8:00 p.m.
' headache powders thanoody's. School AuditoriumMay
been planned for the annual Church. night 8 p.m.Memork1.
Oliver Gibson is president is stressing
Why marc? co-
pay Senior 9:00
26, 1962 Prom, : p.m. s
hsist on Good Y's! chairman. the importance of a Men's Day obser- Officials for the Services School Auditorium *'

Members of District 6 large attendance of mem- vance which is scheduledfor event are Mrs. JennieVee
May 27, 1962 Baccalaureate, 11:00 a.m. ,.
of Mt. Vernon Baptist bers to meet and greet June 24. Crockett, cha m man; Set For May 30th St. Stephens Church

Church will sponsor the guests who will be St. ,Luke Baptist and Mrs. Inez Bivins, co-
Annual Memorial Ser- May 27, 1962 At Home with the President
their annual spring tea present. Several visi- Mt. Olive Primitive Bap chairman; Joseph Johnson
vices for U.S. Soldierswho 2804 Edgewood Ave.47 p.m.
May 27. in the home of tors have been invitedto tist churches wills con- F.J. Townsend, Mrs. Mae-
gave their lives for May 28, 1962 Commencement, 7:30: p.m.
Mrs. Willie Mae Walt- be present.The duct services at Central belle Breeden Mrs.
their country in all School Auditorium
hour 311 W. Orange activities of the May 28. A wiener roast Mamie Robinson Mrs.
wars will be observe will be greatly appreciated.
Your presence
Street. meeting will be practi- will be sponsored in the Irving Ferguson and
-Wednesday, May 30th at
District 11 of Day cally turned over to the home of Mrs. Bertha others. Dr. Mays Moorehouse President
4 p.m. in the Old Ceme- ,
Spring Ba Mist Churc visitors. The club mem- Richardson, 1304 Whitner Participating on the ,

will sponsor its pine- bers will have breakfast Street June 10, Mrs. program will be the tery on East Union St. Gives Address On Leadership
rr:1TU The annual observanceis
.. apple sip May 27, from with the guest and the Thomasina Wilson will Gospel Echoes Mrs.
being held under the
4 to 6 p.m. in the home president will welcome be presented in a recital Inez Bivins, Miss Jac- TUSK:GEE INSTITUTE, Ala.---Morehouse College
auspices of the Lincoln-
of Mr. and Mrs. Willie them to a Brewster Men's and on June 18, quelyn Fort, Joseph (Atlanta) President Dr. Benjamin E. Mays, a lead-
2 POWDERS se Douglass Memorial Association
Collins 557 W. 16th meeting and then present the 'Mrs., .Central" Johnson, The Green Pas- ing pulpiteer was recently the guest speaker at
2 POWDERS 25C Miss Eartha
Street.- the guest to the body. contest will be held.WASHINGTON tured Guild, Rev. A.Z. chapel services held in Logan Hall. Dr. Mays'
White, president,
Russ, pastor of Union theme was on leadership in which he emphasized
Community AME Church; and Post 197 of the individual preparedness. *

HEIGHTS IS GROWING choirs of Union Com- American Legion Willard
his basic
Morris, commander. He developed call the multitude when
munity; St. Stephen AME
D.W. Perkins will idea from an Exodus pasthere is a specific
Church choir 1; Columbus sage on God's command to task to be performed,"

Homes Going Fast. /JNII4IJ / Smith; Mrs. Eartha Mc- serve ceremonies as master for the of Moses to deliver the Dr. Mays said, "he
Gowan; Mrs. Almeter
interesting and prepared children of isreal from calls the person.
Wheeler. Mrs. Minnie 'God does not
gypt. ;
The general
Cook, W. Prince Smith, program. .
public is cordially in- rJ
Rev. J.S. Johns o and FOR HELP &: ADVICE CONSULT

Rev. T. Shehee. vited. Mrs. KING

All former students of Choir 2 Plans

New Century have been Gifted American Healer & AdvisorAre

invited to be special Music FestivalA you worried, troubled or e'a

guests. music festival fea- unhappy? Mrs. King can and
will help you. She advises on
WOIIIeII'S. turing Mt. Ararat's
Day Love Affairs Bad Luck, .Ill
Choir 2 and other well-
: Health, Marriage Problems,
r J r. SwdayAt known city church choirs Evil Spells Business or
I- will be held Sunday
Family Problems and anythingyou

Mt. Cataiy May 27, at 8 p.m. in wish to know. Satisfaction -

the education building, Guaranteed. Look for o
Annual Women's Day wil t
Mrs. Johnnie Mae Miller, I Hand sign and Name. Take
be observed May 21
sponsor, announced. Bus 21 from downtown Jackson-
throughout the day in Mt
Program participantswill ville. Hours 9 a.m.8 p.m. Closed Wednesday
include the male afternoon. Sun. 12 p.m. 8 p.m.Your Lucky

beginning with the Sun; choruses of West days and Numbers. All Wei come.U.S.HYWAY Go East.

day School at 9:30 a.m. .. No One in Trouble Turned Away
Friendship Mt. Ararat,
Officers are: Mrs. ErmaR. Licensed By State &County.
&tLI1ingtPfl i1ii&i1n.WATERFRONT Eastside, Mt. Vernon,
Muldrew chairman and Emanuel, St. Thomas, 5505 BEACH B OUIEVA RO-1ACKSOHYIII FLORIDA

Mrs.cocaptain.The Sophornia. McGarrah, Southside Baptist

Churches respectively
address at the .
COMMUNITY LUXURY TOWNHOUSES along with other groupsto
11 a.m. worship hour wit
be contacted in the
be delivered by Mrs.

Washington Heights is located amidst a lovely, tree-shaded section of the RI- Gloria Crumpler, a mem- very near future, Mrs.
Miller said.Ebenezer.
bault River at Moncrief and Cleveland. You'll be proud to rear your family in ber of Ephesus SeventhDay \

this delightful atmosphere. Everything for comfort and pleasure assures youa Adventist Church. Trio
The young people will H I /
new way of life in beautiful Washington Heights. Six beautiful model homesof have charge of the To Perform Soon w

two, three and four bedrooms to choose from. afternoon program which Every season of the -
', ,
will begin at 3 p.m. year brings something of :) -" "

Drive Out Today and Seethe Miss Detra Belcher will interest to the publicand 4 .. x !

New Swimming Fool, be the speaker.Mrs. a particular eventto .o'N

mun4iugtnu IjrigljtsMOtSOtfYlUFS Connie Witherspoonwill be presented this 'I V.

f. ....-dy for NEWEST WATERFRONT COMMUNITY give the closing season will be the '' '':;' .
Summertime Fun! address at the evening Ebenezer Male Trio i;

w hour of worship.Mrs. scheduled for May 27, at I;>, ,

Willie D. Lucas Ebenezer MethodistChurch.

2:.. .L will serve as guestsuperintendent. Ii'.'

.. .. .1. .. The ii'r,. -1
..- fL. .t.. 1
.. .
... JI'.. Agony Out of M
t\: :.;. :. lesson will be reviewedby .Y y
Mrs. Victoria Ter- Rheumatic Pains

rell. Thousands have found the F---!

.,,' \ Guest solos t. are: Mrs. most soothing relief _
';- :..r. Mary Nealey Miss May they have ever known

...,,.- Allen Blount and Mrs. from the minor pains -

.... ..u'_':.'.+ +._....-. ...... ) D&fCTIONSi UMJAdUONVaUCOACMNa.M.TOnCirtONf, .OOtOYOWMWHOMIMWASMNOTONNMNI Elnora Clipper. symptomatic and Arthritis of Rheumatism ,- KEN KNIGHT f

... *
""' ""

T ....?VNOTHING DOWN SALES OFFICE: eon Your 6*EAR HURT I fight Misery. CAPSULESRHEUMANON now withF.E.S. Invites You To Listen To t

*00.00 CLOSING COSTS 1 4415 Moncrteff Rd.,Ws. with UlLpirL or eouoa
tipped slicks. Dolt risk "TRAIN" ;
diaugc.Soften up hard t*
L. I. ALEXANDER rash was will tale effee On Sale
M Wash ..t clogged was at Local Drugs Stores -Starting At 7:00 p.m.
that icriute.
nay 1907 KINGS ROADLilly's
$ 50 I $ 65 you 1aeUba,. A k at altdrvicUU t

AND mOUMNOTAXCS INSUIANCI T.VJ." I..e: Elfin 4-5425 ... 1 1 ,



. 0 _, .


-.-.... ..

'j..,,., --II> \' -(,

; -
n : -- t- '- I i


.. .. ."_ r

Session 54th AnmvMswy By Russell (Chuck) Charles Stanton "tghSymphony "s'-- ._ -- .V

4 A -V..'*...*.,*,.-, 1
Gains Statewide
Planned Sunday L2 Concol

Appeal At GibbsST. By DeaconessDeaconess !"E." r 8+ 4e- .. -... to.."

Set For May
coming summer session at Board 1 of

Gibbs Junior College is. Greater Macedonia Baptist '
1111Lti The Symphony orchestra1and -
gaining state-wide Church celebrates its 1 :f tw I
M, the Organ Class 'of'stanton
'appeal a College official 54th anniversary Monday y L : v High School will

reports.C.B. night, May 28th at 8 p.m. in recital o'i, y
There was no question about it. Teet was a appear a
Keene. Dean of in the.church auditorium
good-looking girl even if her lips did wander Monday May 28 beginning
[Admissions at- the College 24th and Franklin Sts. '
at 8 in the-
around a bit when she smiled. She wasn t smilingnow rt p.m.
statesthat 'al- Mrs. Florence Brown ""
; though. She was huffing. She looked better school's auditorium
will introduce the mistress '
most nook
every that way anyh ar. "I don't care what you talking The orchestra will perform
"cranny" of the of ceremonies Mrs. ,
state about McNasty, she huffed. "Any man I got x under Edgar Graham.'
[has had in-service Cora Lee Franklin of gonna bring it!" Jr. who was added to
teachers to the the Church of God in
"Bring what?" Friend asked. the music 'departm ntf'personnel'
' College for added Christ and the welcome '
[ information
"What he got. What he can get his hands onta-- at New Stan-
on the summer address will be given by since,you playing crazy!" ton at the b ginnirit' f '
[session which, begins Mrs. Mary Small. Mrs. the 1961-62 school '
McNasty gazed soberly into her face wondering !, year.
June 15 and :terminates Ruth Chatmon will offer
The New Stanton Symphony
where she got her complexion from.and her frec- I
[July 27. v the response.The I Orchestra was the *..
kles; wondering where she got herself from. Deciding v
The inquires are not principal speaker. before he spoke that it must have been first such musicalorganization y
| being received by accident Rev. J.J. Jones pastorof fran her mother..maybe. of its ,

however. The ingenuity Antioch Baptist "Yd'u''re that breed of broad known as a 'spoil- (5 r kind to participate in-

.of the Collegein Church will be intro- "You'd curdle ".. U. the Florida
er' he told her quietly. "-. .,'-. Music Festi-
blanketing the state duced by Rev. J.C. buttermilk..sour lemons..rust iron.. ." ;;:'t ,
with printed materials Rogers pastor. They were sitting in a booth in Lenape' And ';,. comments were extended

informing the thousandsof Other program features Teet looked better huffing than smiling. "Talk i to this group of thirty- '

| school teachers or will be highlightedby off the wall all you want, buddy she huffed. / six high school musi-

its summer school offering the prayer bands "But I still say I won't have no husband of cians for their role in

is reaping big Mrs. Rosa Henderson of mind shooting' for no job that don'.t pay no mon this history making organization -

[dividends. Shiloh Baptist Church ey." She took a long pull from her mug 'draff' 3 ; and in the

what has appealed to reading; selections bythe of beer and stared in big-eyed defiance across A ;. yr ..' interest of music educa-
[new applicants is the Antioch Baptist the table at him. C :- I tion.

fact that they will be choir. Mrs. Doris Hobbs McNasty shrugged. "Good thing Simpson ain't : '<. -.' When asked about the 'F
ij' ,
[able to gain as much and Mrs. Delia Clair married to you he said dryly. 'Matter of -. -'' ," work and progress of

IcreditvVoteReDectVote offering and Mrs. fact it's a good thing you ain't married to the school's symphonic '.!
Dixie Cook appreciation
nobody. you're a hard,-down, bona-fide confirmed I orchestra at New Stan-
Florence Brown will
Mrs. spoiler Teet. You ain' t got no comeback." ton Graham stated that

climax the program with "Look McNasty--you can just go--I"! Principal Charles D.

k remarks.Recuperating. "Whoa!I" he ordered holding up his palm ju- MAJESTIC rOMP highlighted the innual presentation! of the Old Taylor Brooks and the members .

dicially. "Cussin ain't no cure. understandingis. Ball held recently in Duval County Armory before a capacity attendance of the music department .

.t YOU got to understand certain things Teet., .: of members and guests. The festive, event was reigned over by their of which K.D. McFarliaT..

Mrs. pearl Baker You might just fall in love one day. majesties, *'King' Lewis Studmire (left) and 'Queen' Emma M. Wyatt. The is chaa ban arc credited- r

Matthews of 1416 West "You got to understand thatnot all jobs profita royalty are employed by Braren's and Manuel's Tap rooms, respectively.Royal with nurturing such. '

\ ; Sixth Street has returned man in his wallet. Not all jobs can buy fancy ( Art Studio photo) well rounded music edu-

home from Brew- homes and boss shorts or gold beds or social cation program.As .

ster Hospital where she standing or a main pew in the church. Some jobs an added feature on + ,

I was confined for five just don't buy anything--unless you want to call Brown School'sActivities Brewster's Mothers Plans MeetingPlans the' program, the organ

weeks. human dignity a kind of merchandiseor social Slate for coming events quested to Join worship taught by Mrs Lillian will-

Mrs. Matthews is well progress a part of the national product. .." were discussed when the services Sunday at T. Robinson

enough to have visitorsat "I understand that 'I need another bee ?.' Teet Is AnnouncedR.L. Brewster Mothers Club 11 a.m. in St. Thomas be heard compositions.in a varietyof The c
her home she is
James S. now. huffed. Brown Elementary held its regular meeting Baptist church guests of class, one-of-the.
active member of organ .
an "
McNasty Ignored her.'If a woman loves a man, ''
School begins its end- Mrs. C. Hariston.
recently in the AssemblyRoom thV-state '
first in ;, has. t
GENWRIGHTKMOCRATIC Johns Baptist Church. he said "she's got to understand him, and appreciate of the year activities at the Hospital.Top Members are requestedto produced organists who, ,

JoinsTALLAHASSEEMiss Army Program his values, and adjust to his feelings slate with several pro- agenda topic was be present in uniformat are now serving throughout "i .

COMMITTEEMAN I about life and humanity, or else she'll spoil grams slated over this the Anniversary Tea 4:30 p.m. for pic- the community and in .1

him. There's more spoiled men walking aroun' weekend. which is to be held June tured to be made at the other areas. t t
: Echols foods than other kind of tainted meat in the world .
Emily a any the Sixth tea.
3-B On Friday 10 from 4 6 p.m. at the., '
and nutrition major Teet narrowed her eyes for a change. "You tryin'to Graders assume the rolesof hospital.

29 from Florida A. and M. tell me that Simpson's wife is going for this teachers and adminis- Selected to head the
Tuesday May no-paying gig he's shooting for?" she demanded. .t
University, has been trators during annual various committees were: NEDpf ..
,, selected for the .U..,S., "I am telling you that Mrs. Simpson\ understands. I ,.
J.S. Genwright, Ardent 'Student Government.. Day. ... Mrs. A-D.- Wells chair- : -'c -
Church, Civic,, Community Army Dietetic Internship the importance'of her husband is tryin' 'to" 'Saturday, May"26*, the"1 "man; Mrs. 'J:E.; J0avls; cochairman -=-- -
do. She understands that 'this State Democratic
program. will r
Worker.In Sixth "Graders ; and Mrs. Emma .
Committeeman job is important, even though it tl' 7 .Rr Ir R O
strumental in securingnow travel to the Stephen Emona Muldrew program
the early lightingof don't pay no money. I told you not all jobs can Foster Memorial site at chairman.Mrs. : y.
r.4 r
North-South Route ItQy.ilCrownCqJo buy bon-bons, Teet." Live Oak and on Sunday I. Jones, sponsorsMrs. c R C s

Ex 11"E'R R wny. "Buy me a beer McNasty. ." will worship at Triumph E. Baker refresh- I t %M. F

"--This committeeman job is a watch-dog job. Holiness Church. The ments; Mrs. Alice Woods, ,
be political roller--" q qtO ; rT r
Simpson'11 our
Rev. Joseph S. Hall is decorations; Mrs. Fannie F
"---I need aHe' ---"
pastor. Jones contact and Mrs. ti.

"--- 11 be"our county coon-hound. There's 'a :'t" .Tuesday May 29th, the +A. D/ Wells public. re-. baker'si
lot of political coons in this town that need Sixth Graders will be lations. '

sniffin' out and treein' ." PHOTO .mi alp ien a iim
guests of, Matthew V',":....:All members. are re-
*'-"" "'" .
Teet's bosom rose as she took a deep breath. Gilbert High School" t

"CAN I HAVE A BEER PLEASE?" she bellowed. the school'sannual

"You're spoiler, Teet' McNasty said becon- during Student Government FREE5000 S&H Green Stamps -- FREE

ing to a waitress. Day. The Sixth with every Job

r: Teet was smiling clear across her face. She was Graders will be from the

good-looking girl, all right but she looked will be
Eastside area
better huffing.
.. orientated in their new
.... .... I .
BEAVER ST. p. .A. surroundings May'-Slst, ,. .' We Do Your Work :- p
:: ....
which wall be; promotional :-=,-
830-31 CASSAT AVE. Jerry Carter Says: :l' .: day tar. .the__.j japproximately : :Monthi:; :
744u4 4f ,. : 150 ;:' :, :
o -' See Us About Wall To Wall
.upils. Carpeting On Easy Terms ..__
I want to thank .D the good citizens ,f
The promotional exercises -
CHUCK RIB of Norida.sp.ci.fyk.ladi.s and
their organizations, as well 'as the. will be held in FLORIDA SUN-CONSTRUCTION CO. ::
man and theirs and alto the memb
.rs of th. Junior Chamber of Commerce the Matthew W. Gilbert 4. ,
and Young Democrats for tKo magnificent auditorium at 10 a.m. EL 5-9777 7 W. 21st off Main EL 68219'V II :
support they gave mt in tho first primary.and .
solicit th.ir activity and veto in my A Gilbert senior will 1t
behalf, in th. coming rtn-eff primary." give the annual ,graduation -

In the first primary t A out of the Stata's address to the .
Jerry Carter LEAD in OU 67 : .."ti.d; 'I
elementary school'sgraduatingclass t 'ii
Counties each gave Jerry Cart.r jfjA
40 MORE VOTES than all oth.r opponents ;; 'of _

cIULB. Counties combined each placed Jerry Carter 1962. t

20 these FIRST with Counties.a big majority in.each of Richard H. Cook = 'LI.J iJ1.:ct. .'.:_: :.
principal, is inviting ;

JERRY CARTER has saved the parents friends of patrons the schoolto and t. SU P.ER MARKETS 't,:* T

t Florida Residents nearly r
LB. be present.
,. ,
I $200,000,000.ON t ROYAL LONG GRAIN YEGETOLE' -- l T.; w;

Send References.$55 with 1 RICE 59C ;;

PROVEN RECORD NOT PROMISES letter. Carfare' rushed. "J
TAUAXASSa AREA -Jerry Carter was dtfectfy responsible for refunds i Hampton'Agency- -' 56. Bag .
STEAK STEAK to the customers of Southeastern Telephone Company in North Central
and Northwest Florida of nearly$1 I miCon. 13 N. Station Plaza .

SOUTH FlOtlOA,- Four ((4)) separate rate reductions on Rorida Power Great Neck, N. Y.N. : .:'6 WINE SAP .
and UgM Co. were ordered by the commission m, 1957 reducingelectric is
light rates $4.725,000 ."" "aIIy. Another $200.000 in 60. another CENTER CUT ,
6ft miffion in 1960 and another for $2 rniCon. Total nearly $15 t

riNSACOU,,""!lion in this-vast Th.area'alone.Commission ordered rat. reductions of $257,501 Y, live-In J Maids t APPLES

AQC lOCHTRONE annually- went into effect January .1951.. (Gulf Power Co.) ?' You* need a friend
JAOCSOHVl.il Gas Co.IMADISON] Refunds in gas amounted to $105,727 (Jaclsonvffle N. Y. Let Mr. Harold .t 49C: it i-

Commissioner Carter brought before the commission thephone .oJE the Mallory Agencybe ,
company serving Madison into a pubic.hearing on rates and aninadequate friend. He "
and inefficient servic..Charges were cut ONE HALF Teataction your U PLAlE .
"' ,: '
UIJLIS lULl spurred other phone companies in the state to instal more GUARANTEES you alive, SMOKE PICNIC
L modem and efficient equipment' under the supervision and through t -t
the cooperation of your Commissioner Jerry Carter and the Commission. in job in a good home, .

..-. -.... : paying $30 to $50 a Salad
All FlOtttA Reduced for natural' have into effect al
gas gone
1; -- ever the state by order of the Commission.Jerry Carter's first act waste ,reek, free room meals, t AM 29C" t tt
urge investigation and H'resulted In the first statewide 10 percentreduction IV. He advances bus i
C of urban phone charges; and beCshed a 50c per month ,
charge for desk and hand phones. tickets and expenses to Dressing29.
: : -. ; .-,'.:".:' t

, Mr. Harold, The Mallory .. .. .. ..... .
titA- 1'I. ;
i : Agency, Dept. 140 I.
L ., .. ... "' f. .
', : 2 .. '
: :- '.-'- RAHMAD> ft NftK UTRITKS Great 576 ,Merrick Road :. ; : ,;t""IIt. [ -
LI ("ai Pilititaf,_tia..iu ';.-. A., k. ,... :
Lyibrook> N. Y. .
: .;" ; : ; a ? : ..- .-.. ...... j
., .
r f.' .-' .. .i-- ....... I.t

.- ..-


PAnE 6


, : -,:.Our Cause is Not Lostthe Negro Vote can Decide the Winners I in the

: :;'Bd Primary Election-Tuesday, May 29thGO to the Polls a.ndVote the following :' .

ticket. Recommended as the "PEOPLE'S

We Can't Beat 'Em, We'll Join 'Em
L n/J& Thomas Byron Shields Chairman.1208 Davis Street EL 4-3872PLYNW000 '

C, .!. .... _
Don't Be A One-Timer Voter

.. ARNOLD PERSONAL: Remember To Vote May 29 "

I -.I- :"' 0
if, .
:: II -:- ....,......,,. r A retire of Jacksonville '. lived ,h. district 2 fof 24 ;-I d.
G n '' eon. member All Saint- Episcopal. Church J Vote For
.. f :.:. : : : .:. .4.. "
..' .. -* ...- '" married two children served in U. S. Navy during ,
I V..Yi1 : .. ... .. World War II. .
.. .. perticipoting in the
_. ,. .
.. h"l.n r ERIC 0.
"" .r Pacific t -I .
<. tit "- :
.; 'f. \. .. ... '
......0".. !'fI ... .. J/tIP'. < ,, :r. '
,'" .
.J:,'. .-...... fI \
'. '. 1' ,,I < EXPERIENCE :
< .. :: 'IW'
'fVt.t.-\: -; .;. SIMPSONS
1'1'F'9.' I. 'j.'.' '.'':t- t'" ::1
:; b-j ,; '-.f' ;:::; t : i. ,, ;, :?'. The combined experience of a lifetime spent in Duval ,. ,P
; County and the operation of a successful' business
'. inJacksonville
; !? '( f: -" r t. .' :; for
.J. .
ys ,/ '., has imparted an ..n4 fs ding of the problems w 1
t'J: '4t:> peculiar. to OYM. | County and the businesslike i '

'ioTo'. ,J',; ..I ,. '. a .,i-Y,... approach to th.if problems. _S.I Slate Democratic :.
.II.,. \ .:
:; --
:. ). I ?- ConnHtetBuiDuval
....... Pl'w ) P-
:'1.f. A product of the Dura! County
public school system and :
: :: .
.'1 ; : ',' a graduate of Andrew Jeckson High School and John B.Stetson f County Wide
': :. ".I' .; : University with a Bachelor of Science degree in
Business Administration. sw
The post pays no salary
CIVIC ACTIVITIES tint we need to elect a

t :: : >. A Vote For Eric O. Simpson .. <* CII ail 1 rt ail Ntfrm

"\ Member, Chamber of Commerce: Sauthside Business

; Men's Club Too h"ostln Int" ..ti oral, the Masonic Is a vote for Progress b fetti State ad Federal ,jt j s"PEOPLE'S
Lodge the Elk ledge, Southside Liens Club, Gator Bowl .
iJ --
Association and the YMCA. Active in John B. Stetson
,'" alumni association (past president), loz-Duro) SafetyCouncil CHOICE"
Jax Football Officials Association (pest president \ ,
) '

,.: 1, ; <: Committee Recommends"f :

COUNTY COMMISSIONER DISTRICT 2 ,AT LARGE .. .. Lynwood Arnold' ., :;:, ;

For County Commissioner- District 2 AtLargeEric
be bent to the effort to provide a strong Volunteer Fire Department
>jfes *' Progress through, FULL TIME SERVICE in ell areas of the County. I

Your county commissioner cannot concientiausly give less then toward HIGHWAY SAFETY 0. SimpsonFor
M<. (', full time to the office. It is unfair to you, the people of Duval Progress
.. ..'__ :; : 'County, to pledge program against extravagance and a waste,, All roads in the county should be designed for utmost safety
::t ;A of tax dollars and then waste time that is worth money to you! Democratic
'. *.**."- v- .. in travelling.. Signs, signals and lighting are very important toreducing State Committeeman AtLargeJosh
.; >-<- the*,accidents in Duvel County The office of county .. .... ., _. .
l .. commissioner should lend full support to the enforcement .. \,:.'- ,, .'v .\ .'"..".. ', '
\.t:> ,_ Progress' toward SECONDARY officers! and the local safety council ,in ,their efforts to protect .

p'i::>" ROAD IMPROVEMENTS lives. ,- : Williams Precinct Committeeman 3B ;

';" Vitally needed secondary roads ill.the County must be improved Progress' for BOA TING ENTHUSIASTS
\ '. repaired and maintained strictly on the basis of prime
: ''.. need. There must be no sacrifice of quality of road buildingmaterials Since boating is one of the prime attractions of this area
t" used.Progress. every effort including adequate public launching facilities
.... __ should be made to develop the advantage and to promote
r ,
water safety as diligently as highway safety.
VOlg FOR .gJhfb ElEGT

The value of your property must never be sacrificed en the Progress through COOPERATION
.. .
; ;!f." ,_ altar of more business for Duval County. An adequate long accomplish the business RALPH N. WALTER /I
office of commissioner can
No a
!.:'aA s 4 *aage planning and zoning program open to the public is_,the v ,, ? oftha single counry. The. greatest progress inn. any direction .,
... ? Wrtre! : .
"._ & i "
,."" to this of --- *af other'; '''' .
<' .IIToQ.r stage progress. in-OuvaPCounty-wH come thro ;1t f ulC eooperottOB with}; 1 .... rm I ..
the w i ASSESSOR
elected servants as well as civic groups w.rki.g't..rd '

,:' Progress in SANITATION FACILITIES some goals.Progress. ...
-'r t >_. This tolls 'or. planned program of sewer improvements. Inadequate through NEW INDUSTRY' (Paid Political AdCTtla tment\
... .
;: sewage facilities could hinder the growth and develop* -r'T -
ment of Duval County as much as any other single thing. New industry means new payrollS and a boost for the economic.
Efficient, economical county governme ElectJoseph :
., well being of Duval County.
I: t will I be the greatest single attraction to new business
.;. Progress through PL A YGROUNDS and the resulting I new payrolls. 2 y G.

:'.: Well-planned well-equipped playgrounds! under adequate supervision I1-/
':':. : in each segment of the County is a progress ,goal in Progress' through' the COMPLETION
''' itself Achieved is also a step to further progress in the ?y;
.. lives.fight against juvenile delinquency the fight for useful OF THE JUVENILE SHELTER Kennelly, Jr.

We, as citizens, owe the coming generations something( more
._... "'... .:.1" '""' .. 'j Progress in FIRE PROTECTION than a legacy to our own flesh ,and blood. Certainly the Member State
Juvenile Shelter is needed to redeem every ounce of strength rte;

h f The full power of every county commissioners office should this coming genretion might possess. '?

.,..., -.. .%_ ..__._ 4. ._ .___ :.Y'' '' .__ .- _h_. .. _-- -- -- -- .-.- House of

a r w RepresentativesGroup '
: FOR EXPERIENCE I eelectMARSHALL Primary -c' 1
I. -K Mal 29th _

# :5: PLUS _

: INTEGRITY, D. HEETH Victory can be

: Walter
Ralph N.
go to the polls UV 29th and yOUTS-get OUt Joseph G.Kennedy Jii
"People's Choice" the vote Tuesday, May 29th J'\ ,

\tt i ti : : i "Mrs. Florence Davis is a consecrated Christian who ha dedicated '. :' :,:;
,"' .. _; .r herself for public service. I know her to be. worthy and qualified" Dr. .,- '
;; "' .: F LOR E NCE Jack Dalton Pastor Lake Forest. Baptist Church !. t :!'i\:
q ..
,. ,,t ) : ..;: "I most heartily recommend Mrs. Davis. She b capable and liei .: *:,w
,? pendable with a splendid .tt'background of service* .... Joe y
i J. Martin Pastor Lake Shore Church.

1 ; "In my association with Mrs. Davis she bps .displayed rare qualities }i" '
S .r of faithfulness and dependability which would fit her to rt .. '
--- .d efficiency: serve _;,>| *.t.
p : well in any elective position where these are of paramount importance" .
.2 Dr. R. Grady Saow eD. Pastor Arlington Baptist Church. : : ?
>> tWi4 ... ./ I. f. .'.. ,. I
;( '.. ,: ppie-s Mrs Harold f G Davis ..
:: .... .- ( ; AND IS A WIFE AND MOTHER. ];-';u ,

I, T wit 4 i'h Your 4th District SCHOOL BOARD MEMBER ttpeoPletsGhoicett', ,.:; .

: .. '

j :, .,., "--NS'C1'ft\G_ MACHINE SAMPLE I BALLOT Second Democratic Primary Election Tuesday, May 29, 1962 } .

: -Railroad :and! ubluletnbcr.'tatc; House Member Board of CountyCommissioner Member Board of Public Judge of Small Claim: Member aril errueofTarsi ComiaHJunarr Florida ConstableDistrict: State Democratic .
Utilitieslommi*ionerI'VN" of Representativesf As4>r InstructionDistrict Court Board Inland NavtcatimiDistrict > ;
No. 11
i : (%,ICe cur>Vit) District No.2 \a iYocc District Via. Duval County Committeeman
: r. X.K 1.x |V ye 'f''nc. L |\. (Vote for One)
t....... ...... ...$.,-..'.-. .- ... ,-,- .'
j ;., .
'. .......'I ., '
., ,..,. .. .. v.; -.
., r J m t1 T. "r.a.::.b ; T K stw r. Chu!rs W. Hirrr E. Gorton A.Belflower wr a t) :.siren E. Bill!L.Bryant. 1,11>sa F.Fant tJoulrL-u \\*!.-SiHatrbins E ric 0 fn e : ;
f llhntua t"carter adc thbom Few: :-tules Jr. Juhrtson.Jr. Duncan. Hetth W Thomas Thoma > 'I,
.. G. ....' IkenndUv4 1 altcrct DAVIS Simpson ..
-. ... .U.\

/f. 5; ,:;.N'otice. to follow our suggestions, pull down the marked levers. In Eric 0. Simpson's case; you must find the corresponding lever as the illustration

,'% ; ; shown does not run true to form. .

ADIIfl1 fl "


.._ Paid Political Advertisement Duval CountyWide
.' ..

... H .


-- _
tT---T------ ,. .

..r'I. ,.; .. /II -,, ...... _
-' '
-... ., .- .'-L., n',,,. '" ,', i.- .... t'\. ,
E ,, ., ""' .
-- <
=- ,
JI' f '
''' '' '
:- ''r- -"It. ... !'
;. : ; 'f '. ii" : I
I--- it
.' : .:, ,.., '-.>- .' .- .,' ..... "" -- .,
: ., : PAGE 7 ,-
TURDAY MAY.2&, 112 a-.m*. y wr, -., FliMA I STAI. "

IIY M tan[ I mOIl The Truth Abort My DWssd .""'?. campaign. I am not even particular about meeting moonshine operators +and other types of illegal -S
..... them or knowing them. I 'am going to depend solelyon 'characters. As a matter of fact in his despera-
I am aware that for the past several months and repeatedly stated how Constable Hutchins had good church people. I tion to be re-elected.-Hutchins; is permlttingr;.
since my release from the Constable's Office inticed him. by offering him a Job to dig up some Yet it has been repeatedly noticed throughoutthe his staff to openly associate withthesesamecharacters.
there has been wide speculation as to the circumstances incriminating facts on me in order that he could city that Hutchins and his immediate staffis .

behind my 'firing dismiss me. Jim told this to many people beforehe closely connected with gamblers, racketeers. (Advertisement, .. ...
Let me add a point here that somewhat saddens met with his recent untimely death. .__. '. ..r.._ u .. ": _
: .. :: ; : .
l.e. it has to do with Jim Williams a former If anyone were to question my ,former boss. Con- :

[deputy constable who in his lifetime had been stable Douglas Kutchinswho was a Farris Bryant r:.. ''. .: ,.,, N : ;;_ ... .' ,. .... 11 :i
[known affectionately. as "Big Jim." appointee and a politIcal ;,.'.. .,:"":;:',....".:. ".".. ',,> ...':..''....'.. .tiait,.. a ...---.
ix7 ,
unknown before : :i : .
ministers p. ..
It is generally known among leading Negro .: .
.' .
the death of the former Tb
in this town that Jim Williams had openly ,' / .". e
4 constable) he would ., -- '

Y ., I l. RecoMMtiidl 1 I { ." no reasons doubt for create my dismis-several tttW FAR MER S

sal. The ones he seems .
MARSHAll r to like best, however,

i { are my on-duty and off- .
.1.1HEnHI duty social associations jAi.R
.... '$' T M.1 h'r. and something which he \

i describes as "conduct at
gpy7.Z e
<- 4J unbecoming an officer.
:, .. Despite Mr. Hu tchin s'propaganda t __ ..
it is knownto
CHARLES For tile COIIItJ CiYiI Service Board"KILPATRICK !!
many people that my dismissal was a matterof
political expediency rather than my personal
I have known Marshall Heeth for nine
behavior law officer. My was hand-
as a successor
years and I do not hesitate to recomend
picked by members of the Negro 'block' in this
him PUBLICLY. DQ not h g FOOLED by last
minute desperation .city.I 1ERIOHTMEATS -2_: I z iG
charts by his
op- have till now maintained silence about cue
ponent. The ONLY organization Marshall _
matter of my dismissal as a Deputy constable. + G
Heeth belongs to is the Baptist 'Church.
However because of the intense interest being <
Vote for MARSHALL HEETH County Civil Ser-
vice Board. generated by this 11th District Constable race
and above all because of the attacks the incumbent -
Signed -
:', \' Hutchins has been making on my reputa-
Patrick Charles w. 'KiiVote for MARSHALL HEETH tion. I now feel compelled to issue a statement S 4 :: ; SSS.IUr

which I know will clear up this murky situation.
Political Leader County CM! Service Board \When Hutchins was dismissing me. he said: "Dick ,'J",'
W al ton Voting fr the time has come when I am not going to dependon
pd- Pol. Adv. Y
Po. any gamblers or racketeers for support in my .

.. ,.,
f : ,". '. :':' :'.' : ':... ; ,..
b RLT 1J 1h 1
,Yr' T .

-. .- ,p. kt4Ys

t 1 v- S_esq...
A S .t y

F OSBORN .aE" Md ..
kr "
.,... .. '..
q .1914tm ; .r': 'irL \ I?

: .
c. .
d"':-;\ L;

,;.CatX. '...: : .', .; ;;C. -'. : ..if' / : AtIF. FREE PARKING AREA EVERYTHING
r ;
,_ _.. .; $ -,...
t. ': 4. ) ,:


A r


i 25'' ? n Farmer Martet FISH CO. Fresh'Daily

1. BUS FARES TO Beaver Street Vidauct Caught

1780 W. BEAVER ST. 'em Yourself"
.Fresh FRUITS and
... ,','
"TOU Mr. Councilman Candidate, introduced the bill I:: (In the Produce Mkt.)

toincrease: bus fares! (Times-Union, July 13 1 1 1960)) ,. WHOLESALE RETAIL i i
Open To Serve The Public 365 Days Of The Year FULLY DRESSIDCATFISH
You 'Mr. Councilman Candidate, held the power of U. 49c
President of the City Council at the time of bus fare increases TATTERSALL PRODUCE HOUSERetail SNAPPER RED SMALL SIZE

(Times-Union, July 13, 1 1960)) KING MACKEREL LI. 59c


; QV'Mr.. Councilman Candidate, failed to honor thefsr6qOests RED BASS BAKING rot LI. 39c
p ij Bargain.House of the Market Fresh Produced in 32' Weather ..1GN Mjy N. I.
of the Downtown Council, the Chamber of Com- From the Farm BLUE OCEAN BREAM '29c

cf. b. .i-"?fnerce and other groups to review the facts before any Strawberries Bananas SPANISH u. '
Vegetables Eggs
bus increase was granted!. (Times-Union, July 20, 1960)) MACKEREL LI. 35e

r'' WERE YOU LOOKING OUT FOR THE WORKING Yen) .Name It We'll Get It Below Average In Price WHITING BEACH 39c
MAN? : Lt.
Thank You -God Bless You .
YOU Mr. Councilman Candidate, were on 3 of the 4 JUMBO SHRIMP ........ ,,,.Y.. SHRIMP ............... '_
committees in Council responsible for saddling the ; Open 7 Days a Week 6 a.m. Until! ::;?, LARGE RED BASS ROE SHAD -.., .,,,. Wtt -

City Small RED BASS .....,...... LOBSTER TAILS ..... ..
1 10% tax on gas, telephone, water and electricity bills Unit 1 Speckled TROUT. .."......,. YELLOW MULLET ROE"

paid by the working man, the widowed and the poor. (City Location in Fanner_ Msfcet FRESH c....< .....:........... Yellow PIKE ROE.lfc ,..?
Ordinance DD-29)) I .

NOW Mr. Councilman Candidate, you cry for the poor, PRODUCE CO.

tf the widows and the working man to let you protect their SUPERIOR MEATS

Homestead Exemption when your record proves you Lecatin in Fan Market
are a puppet of the entrench political machine. a rec-

ord of tax-and-spend! % Mate POTATOES 50 to. BS( WI.t-rp Von (iel 16.()::. to the Pound


I VOTERS ;; 'v x

F' Use your ballot wisely to protect your children's future. fi BANANAS ft. 1 IOC

L .-Vote for a man of proven honesty and integrity ..' WESTERN X-TRA LEANSMOKED
Vote for Fair Equalization OKRA ft. 3308fM

It will increase job opportunities. x--- t') <**><' Ti 9 ,... FriSat

e. It, may reduce your taxes...''- ,; PORK 7C
;7.. It will reduce the millage I rate. : -K ,, \.:ir: : R. THOMAS .
{ ,,
/ It will improve schools. p K:
... ;It will eliminate double sessions. 1.. -: ; PRODUCELIC

;- "- -: M Farms Market

.. VOTE FOR Fresh Vegetable Fruit Daiy LIMIT 3 LB.'p. 1,



i sa..tolop.m.BANANA '

Ucate it fIR fcrtet LIMIT POUNDS
I (P&14 Politic*! dvutlOmant)
i I Fresh Vigitahte laiy WE FINANCE BEEF FOR FREEZERS r .

j I fNyiseiM Stall 2
4i i



---- -
.. ra

r I


/' ,
11M6E8, ; \ v.Fs. "" .,.", '.

'" :. :/, ;.: ,SATURDAY MAY 28. '1S62

.,- .
Heavyweight Clark uMNBWfci A mm Sets New OAA Mark GK Debaters r T Distaplsfced ,Edrator Visits Gib

FowlfcSIACTMe rr rp IJi4 Defeat SuwamN


spirited rebuttal by ---E----- -

ATLANTA Clark Col- the Gibbs Junior Col- _: L:

lege's amazing Golf { C r lege debaters carried !: r !

Team won its fourth them to victory over U

ar consecutive Southern *Firy the Suwannee River

intercollegiate Athletic "" junior College Debaters .:
..' -- '
Yw Association championship y and this week. '..-

Saturday, and Appearing on the Madi- T ,-.. < t

i while the Clark golfers r son campus for the two :: ..I

were winning on : '' school's second verbal
the theirschoolmates
green encounter this year, o +

were R4r 4 Gibbs expertly proved

taking second place at of exis-
the adequacy
the conference's annual !:4 ? T ting laws in takingthe iJiI

Track and Field _
negative side of"Resolved
'14'! : ,
Meet---also for the A_ ry: the issue :

fourth consecutiveyear. r. 4v That Organized Laborbe

Placed under the
: : h .,.::' : Led by Carl Seldon--
<" ., .. g,",."' #/:'. u k '.rh :. jurisdiction of legis- ;
.l.-. '"
-' :r
ference individual n Levi McIntosh of jack

FOLLOWING his recent champion for four sonville and Ted Lock- x .

release from a mental years--the Clarkitesled hart of St. Petersburgwere I :: -

hospital, former wel- the field by 62 4 the Gibbs JC adversaries -

terweight champion1 strokes at the Lincoln that Suwan-
Johnny Bratton has country Club course,. nee's Julia Thompkins

been returned to his Seldon scored 62-67 to f ly fa% and Phillip Josephmet.

mother's home in Chi- emerge low medalist. s 4
Bratton who Jimmy Porter of Clark
cago. RECORD HOLDER Maryland State's Ron Santo set a participation was a

entered' the institu- was runner-up with a CIAA 'record when he hurled the 16-pound shot, surprise move made by

tion as a welter- 73-69 and Thomas 50-101/4 feet recently during a conference Suwannee that added to

ghtH7now Merritt and Willie track and field meet.SPORTING. preliminary argumentsof COMMENCEMENT SPEAKER---at Gibbs Junior College in St. Petersburg. Fla.

j lei ghs some 200 Montgomery were fourth the debate, local for this year is Dr. Edmund Clearer. Jr., left Executive Director of the

pou nd s.MICKEY. and sixth for Clark. IT UPBY debaters acknowledged. American Association of junior Colleges Washington D. C. He is show

Florida A&M was second Suwannee used Mamie here with president john W. Rembert viewing the Freedom Shrine at the ,

place winner. C. PARHAM JOHNSONALL Fea her and Bobby Bel college on a previous trip. Commencement exercises for 140 prospective

The Clark team will lamy to battle Gibbs tQa graduates will be held June 6 at 7 p.m. in the air-conditioned Gibbs
BEARS ARE ENDED and everything is calm and
compete in the draw in St. Peters- Auditorium.
peaceful in the grandstand at the Jacksonville
national collegiate (Photo By Horace Jones jr. )
Baseball Park. Fear.ls gripped both white and burg month.

4, tournament at Daven- colored when the bars were let down and Ne- Gibbs stressed three
port, Iowa, on June Undefeated
points in its Students Headed
groes were permitted to sit in the grandstand.It pre- FacesCharges
5-8 representing the
wasn't fear from violence and it wasn't liminary arguments. R,.xa _

I Southern Intercol- fear of insults, it was really that of improper They were: 'Anti- Northwestern FridayThis 1 I

legiate Athletic As- conduct. Everyone was wondering how would the trust laws were never _-1 _
soci ati on.
meant for Unions
Negro respond to the situation. ; year marks the w rx

Closing out a success- WELL, LET ME TELL YOU something all of those These laws hav not third year that Student
ful year in athletics been effective in
fears have been erased. it has been proved beyond con- .r Government Day will be !
with the golf championship trolling
a reasonable shadow of doubt that the preven- observed at North- ;
Clark teams ting monopolistic ten- 'I
Negro can conduct himself just as decently western juniorSeniorHigh a
brought home a third dencies of big businessand
Just as respectable and Just as refined as School. On this 4i
place in the conference's anybody anywhere. Up in the grandstands where there is sufficient day all senior students

basketball the whites and colored are all mixed in, nobody regulation of have the privilege of
MANTLE tournament the Atlanta labor in existing laws-
has had an opportunity to raise any pro- occupying the positionof
city championshipin the
VERSATILE Mickey Man- test about anybody's conduct. The conduct has Taft-Hartley Act the principal other

, tle's groin injury basketball competi- been the same as it would be in'a college of 1947 plus existing administrative person

Friday night week, has tion with Morehouseand chapel service. laws of a general nel and that of the
Morris Brown, the nature
designed to
hospitalized the New WHENEVER THE VENDERS COME BY with whatever the teachers of their
Atlanta City Track minimize racketeering. GI L TURNER
Yorker Yankee star for fans want they buy it, pay the vender and con- choice.
championship, first Suwannee ...Former Topnotcher
at least three week, tinue to watch the game. When the white boy contended Some,of the students.pairticipated ,
place at the Foorida -
."" that? 'Labor endangersthe
the team' front office comes 'by. selling peanuts, popconfj; *lce cream or 't PHILADELPHIA Chargesof in
A&M- Relays Golf welfare of Society DICK TURNER seventh-
announced.: drinks, the fcegroes buy and whenever the Ne- operating a gambling activities on Friday
Tournament and second Labor is ranked among NBA wel-
Whips RivalSETS gro boy comes by selling the same thing, the more dstablishment were levied May 18th were: Larry
place in
SIAC threatening and terweights and unde-
white fans buy and the vender keeps on his way. pow- against former Gadling Tyrone wil-
ANOTHER RECORD Track and Field Meet. erful than business feated in 13-pro fights
The white venders and the Negro venders -give top-ranking welter- liam, Hannah Russell
--PAMU's quadruple- ashy Bolsters'Cleveland monopolies; States places his unblemished
the fans courteous service and the purchasers weight Gil Turner and Shirley Williams,
threat sprinter can't regulate labor record on the line
return the courtesy.ONE five other men by Reginald Patterson.
Robert Hayes of Jack- (lib adequately; and the against hard-hitting
NIGHT AT A CRUCIAL POINT of the game a local police followinga Yvonne Furlow and Lowee
sonville, set a meet CLEVELAND In a move Federal Government is Willie Davis Monday _
white vender came by with his soft drinks in raid at Turner's Waters. Jacquelyn De-
record of 10.2 in the to bolster their de- the only unit to regulate May 28th in philadel-
the cups and-his container tilted over and all Police said mery has been selectedto
100-metre dash during, ,fenses;; the Cleveland : -.***** L1V*.._* t fS the power of labor apartment. phia's Convention Hall
of his drinks were waster. Some of the contents they received a complaint serve in the capacity -
the 22nd annual Memorial Indians acquired speedy unions." Both fighters are
fell on a white dress a Negro woman was and during the of the principal.
Coliseum Relaysat outfielder Willie Tasby Gibbs surged ahead Philadelphians.
earing. The young white vender graciously raid picked up $18 y
Los Angeles May 29, from Washington in with its rebuttal.
apologized and the woman most graciously accepted from the living room
19th. Hayes outran exchange for southpaw Gibbs JC debatingcoach ROYAL ART STUDIO
the apology. Oh, there were some in the floor but left a pair ,
Frank Budd of Villanova pitchers Don Rudolphand is the Rev. W. A. .
grandstand who wwited to hear the lady or her of dice. CLARENCE J. SIMON
,. co-holder with Steve Hamilton. S ith. Suwannee's debating -
male companion blow off at the mouth but instead -
Hayes of the world's Tasby is a defensive coach is M. C. Yes We Al Toll PROPRIETOR
of worrying about the dress, they were ,
(9.2) 100 yard dash specialist whose Horton.
wondering how would it be between the man
record who placed specialty is snaring By _
second. line drivers.MAKESI21fSKIN his employer. Instead of worrying. about a dress To HfeemoteSatchmo QUESTION: what is '
they were concerned about a young man and his / 25x1's 1-Color
meant by "point on ',
Job. When one thinks about respect, decency and 1-Black & White
the speaker"Mrs.H. $$6.95
culture, what more could anyone expect ?
THE BIGGEST J <10 Opaltone
g : The proper
park was watching the game themselves. They
name for this motionis & 335 $5.95
have never been called to silence a drunk or r.
"rise to a point of
to curb profanity.-or to stop a Negro from Tops inCommericalWeddingsPortraits
order. This is an
molesting a white woman or a white man from molesting H A rt
incidental motion and
a Negro woman. Everybody has accpeted .
is designed to correct
the other felloe as a fan who wants to see a
errors or prevent their 515 DAVIS ST. El 4.1894
ball game. All Negroes in the grandstand are being made.

BLEACHES not college graduates and not are all the f
OLD FASHIONED whites, but it is true that all of them are r
: r', '
human beings and all know how to act.


na..t with President Sam Wolfson of the JacksonvilleSuns / BUSINESS DIRECTORY

Baseball Club. Back in 1955 It was the
lighltns dark spotspowder
perfect same SamWolfson' who said "If you want a Declaring that 'you The firms Listed Below Are Recommended As Reputable
ease baseball team I'll see that you have one." can't take it with

Friends, you are a witness that Jacksonvilledid you" Louis (Satchmo) Establishments Specializing Services and Products

have a team. He went out and brought in Armstrong has announced .,'.

Hank Aaron, Horace Garner and Felix Mantilla that he plansto OIL CO.' .f<
and he did take a year off IMPERIAL SUNDRIES -
Manufacturers of Power's Borgamet/'The Jar with the StarNVM and all the, others. He promised it,

it. Before the 1962 season opened in Jackson- from trumpet blowing. Patent Medicines Cosmetics KEROSENE HOME DELIVERY

DWt Heft t.Go to Town to O.tPRICES ; ville with Triple A baseball Wolfson promisedbus Sat hmo, who is now Mechanic On Duty
winding up a 19-day All Leading Hair Preparations
transportation for the fans to the games

LOW and it is being done. He said he would do it British tour, said, JAMES FAULKNER, Mechanic

and he did. I'm going to take a COR. BROAD & ASHLEY EL 4-2159 IKE JOSEPH, Proprietor ;.

... rest. I'm goingto State and Jefferson Sts. EL 6.9432LILLY'S
-- IT IS FAR TOO EARLY TO. attempt to pick a pen- long _
nant winner in the International League, but take a year out so DRUG STORE
OR Y..r
right now, who is really worried about a pen- I can get down some MOTHER E. M. JONES

STORE NEEDS nant? Nobody is thinking about a pennant or a reading writing and A Complete Line of COSMETICS SPIRITUAL ADVISOR

DRUG play-off. The thing that concerns the fans at arranging tape re-

this point is game by gaze. The fans know what cordings." He also RUBBER dODOS CANDIES ii Service Every Thursday-8 pjn.
Trade WJHi'Year N. 8lbortK>4'DivfWore it takes to'win a pennant. What ,the fans really said that he plans to 1432 W.. UNION ST. EL 40269JOHNNIE'S

WI WILL MEET ANY PRICES ADVERTISED IK YOUR LOCAL PAMRS wanted was a winning team and that is what they spend six months-of SUNDRIES ROOMING HOUSE .

'. 'We.:.Defirer.. -We Abe FJU An Doctor Pretcrfetiomixie have. The fans are not worrying their minds the year sleeping. Prescripftts CAd for ad Oeimeil

about what would happen if the Cleveland Indians 'You've got to take* All MODERN CONVENIENCES

; ;- should call up a player, it will be time a break sometime 1901 Kings Rd. EL 5-8276 11 Day, Nigh't or Week

_Pharmacy to worry about that when it happens. The Suns he observed. The veteran 627 tRoomsi.y Sh. a saossDEBBIE'S

is. what the fans want. king who
are winning now and that jazz -
'\ << 'I S xjZZjSgftIOZ'KINCS -
did not get last stricken with
what they
are getting now
;; ,..... .. 'tt9la EL 8- 397-98 year, why spoil it with what could happen in pneumonia in 1959 I a .
... hasn11 happened yet so why will be 62'.on July 4. ..
the future. It Center '
y '" Fo-- rill..* Record & Appliance .

PAY YOUR LIGHT WATER AND TELEPHONE worry about it ? Ants are the natural MUilC FOR ALL CCCAalDNaE"NI8T
I '- THE SUNS ARE' SHINING TOO ,BRILLIANTLY NOW TO enemies of young eric- L. WlLlDNJ:'. ....... :- .ALL MAJOR APPLIANCES ;,:,'.., '-i'f''. ...D..a,3S6.- ,.;': >';Dne-in .
'. BILLS AT OUR STORE .'" J. B. RaacRi -.'. ", : '.".=;"" "t a3D7N.MYHTI.CAVCI" / '"


-, h t .1& J

,. .

... '- ... '..
...-...-_. ........,"'-'.......,

.. .,..- "
:"... ... "
,' 1 *
...., 't
IS1R '..... --r .""" -:-
to. "h ,
: : : ..
-x' ..'-" ..,.. ? .
: :
,, ;
.. ',.,..

LEARNING HOW Rotifers' Drab RIkIys Top 440 TMM I LovbSoga Pepsi-Cola Connection Affords

< : :

,:.:. ;, .....;."."
", .
.: I" I. Esquire Careers In Business For Stars
TO SWIM! : : ;:: ";; : ; .

I Iw' NEW YORK N. Y. NEW YORK Perhapsone cation development, All-American fullback "

'"Tel e vis ion and of the most interesting planning and executionof and was named Long

By Julius Guinyard r 11dv gp lf..that's joeV**. phenomena of various general mer- Island's outstandinghigh _
Second in Series li. f\ Louis today" in modern-day sports has chandising programs, school athlete.

'JIll L4 ....../>":..1, .. .-t ,1. "
Buoyancy: < :.:6+f<' :.j sent wife Martha. the mature relations work that
....,.. intelligent a been the mptching impression -
The second phase of learning is concerned primarily >: The current issue of athlete, farsighted star athlete is called he has,made as

with proving. to you that the average body 4 R ,rti.,' Esquire Magazine pro- enough to look ahead upon for in his a solid, conscientious
has some: buoyancc. 'A k files the ex-champ in to a career as a travels about the coun- member of both tbe--

Ruoynnce is the ability to remain "afloat" dt' y an article it calls businessman, even at try. In the latter he business and sports

with the least amount of assistance. Sane peoplecan '.'The King as A the height of his has become a strong community, in his

remain afloat without any assistance at all, : '; : Middle-Aged Man.' athlete prowess, a- spokesman for physical travels across the

while others must use. their hands or feet to Louis is now as devoted gainst the day whqp his fitness in keeping nation.

assist them. to the golf athletic glory will be with president Brown now makes his

It depends upon the physical structure of the links as he once was behind him. Kennedy's National home in Cleveland with

body. More wancn nre cajnble. of remaining afloat to boxing, playing at This is the athlete, Physical Fitness pro- his wife and three

than men. ?Fr least 18, and usually taking fullest advan- gram. children, twins Kim and

Try this trick----in shallow water, place your 1 36 holes a day. tage of the education in addition, Brown Kevin and Jim. Jr.

hands on the bottom while on your back, then extend His off-hours are and training that I 'his currently has his own

your legs to the surface. you-will notice "Fr.t4 occupied in a varietyof college degree symbolizes syndicated radio pro- Ex-Stock Car

that if a floater, will graduallylose K business ,
you are you interests himselfon five-minute
', :. to put gram, a
weight, your arms will come to the surface .Z. d r q .ti.Y the chief one being the right road toward recorded sports show, Racer Dies

and you will remain afloat without any assistance.But his vico-presidential equaling his sponsored on an exclu-

if you are a non-floater or sinker, you position at Louis- sive basis by Pepsi- TOLEDO, 0. Edward

will sink below the surfa s. Not being able to .. ,,, ; o Mktf Howe, a Negro public athletic success business.in the Cola bottlers across McCullough 56 a
world of
float does not mean that you cannot learn to relations firm in New the nation. The program well-known competitorin
Such athlete
swim well. : ) $ York. an covers the entire gamutof stock car races ofa
Jim Brown, All Pro-
2. Body position) : ,. The third and currentMrs. the sports scene. decade ago died

This is important because, to swim efficientlyyou Louis is a highly fessional fullback of Brown has been a star last week in a local

must have your body in a position to avoidas successful trial the National Football athlete since his early hospital. -

much friction as possible. To accomplish this, lawyer in California, League's Cleveland teens in Manhasset McCUllough who also

you should have your body paralell to the water and despite their Browns. Long Island New York claimed himself as

end be as relaxed as possible. varied backgrounds, Brown is currentlyin home. As a high school champion of Negro
SET SIAC RECORD -- FAMU's crack 440-yard relay his fourth year as
3. Rhythmic breathing: has learned to live athlete he won thirteen stock car racers, com-
team, fresh from a record-breaking win at the recent member of the Mar-
Rhythmic breathing is inhaling through the with the boxer'sidiosyncrasies. a varsity letters, was peted widely in mixed

mouth above the surface, then submerging and Drake Relays, set another new record during She keting Department of rated a high school competition.

exhaling through the nose or' nose and mouth. annual Southeastern Intercollegiate Athletic had never known a Pepsi-Cola Company, .
---- -- --- -
One should not hold their breath while swimming, Conference relays in Atlanta. The jetlike Rat- prize fighter before developing a firm foun- .

this is one thing that exhausts the swimmer. You tler quartet from left are: Robert Hayes (9.2), she met Joe, and aftera dation of knowledgeand WHEN YOU ARE ILL

should always Inhale above the surface and es- Alfred Austin (9.8), Robert Paremore (J .4) and divorce from her experience in the You Seek The Best Doctor

hale below the surface. This skill can be prac- Robert Harris (9.6). first lawyer-husband, soft drink business. When Your Doctor PrescribesGet

ticed at home in your bath-tub or a dish pan of she vowed she wanted a During the National Experienced pharmacists
Bottles Manger h Court June 6 According to Dootor'sJ
water. man "exposed to life, Football League Cham- Your

4.' Relaxation: ,. not to books." pionship schedule ,. .... ,; '-- Orders. We use Only %

This is one of the most important skills in Esquire notes that Jim's off-grid hoursare *;;.':, J{ 9 The Best Quality DrugsDr.
learning how to swim in other words, try to / Louis' second wife, spent working with C. E. BlackProprietor

keep the muscles loose while swimming. Try to,, Nf.a Rose, was less tole- Pepsi-Cola bottlers in

abold exhaustion. rant of his wordly N.F.L. cities on a
being tense, this only brings on 1 W
Next week/we will take up the third phase: __ ways. She wws especially variety of marketing
disenchanted with projects. During the
"Propulsive Movement Front and Back.
.. .. -.. him when he began off-season, he devotes Cosmetics Rubber Goods Candies Sundries
"4K c.yy F t touring as a wrestler."To his full-time ictivi-
Moore Pastrano PRESCRIPTIONS AILH FOR AM* orJ'(' FDLilly's
Watch This Clown: me, joe Louis-was-'" 'tles 1to'pepsl-COla. '

In like the President of These activities in- Store
12-43-01 = 231 TroiMifl Drug
the United States, clude actual product
ti she says. "How would selling, automatic
Pastrano's guest for
a A you like to see the vending machine loca-
3 6 t 1907 KINGS ROAD EL 3-8276
bout with Archie Moore 'V ,' <; i' President of the. -
ry Si
5 9 has come to pass afteran r
United States washing I
8' 4 11 year campaign by S fi
7 kx.
M dishes? That's how I
the Miamiam. The two S 5 5

68 18-30-83. 44 191 light heavyweights __ fe wrestling.It about' Joe The : :. Taste the sunny morning :flavor of.. .J *!"< ..

meet Monday, May 28th "King," neverthelessis ..., :
Hometiines fee's a\ here at the Sports S with
>"3 He. add. subtracts; Arena. both of his ex-wives* S '
lie work It all around Moore holder of the often visiting them

Coming Attractions sparse California version when in town. Jchcnleti

28-02-62. of the world' As for Negro public F

title._ .. I BIGGEST BOUT COMING UP I -- World's lightheavy- relations, the firm :

weight champion, Harold Johnson, recognized as with which he is associated -
cruiserweignt title holder every place but is currently 'HI, I'm Sunny the Jfchenley rooster

Archie Moore's State of California, faces his promoting Negro- Visit local tavern, where
". your
biggest test on June 6 when he goes .to court .to oriented advertising. always/ ,.
iron out a managerial wrangle with his estranged "Negroes would spend friendship is .t:: .,

manager Pat Oliveri. Meanwhile Johnson's, $$50000- much more, Louis and .

purse earned while winning the recent title bout > Rowe argue, if big r -. ,i-
from Doug Jones of New York is being heldup pend- business would increase '. '::1 .. {!: .' .-. :

ing the coming court case. it advertising '. :
.[ budget for the Negro f'j'
..JMiclcleweiJld "
300 Club MMnbr Liston Adds market and would make 'j'i..

its advertising cam- ... ,
\ 9rx
paigns more specia- ,
: o' 1o.;< u y 'a
lized.' <.j.
wa Spar Mates '
Anotittr Record .
PHILADELPHIA Heavyweight > ,. nrr
contender' v.
rr ,, 11
t Charles (Sonny) Liston Jp

journeyed from his upstate -

New York train 4t. Fd r I
ing camp here to pickup '

heavyweight Orrie LtJ \! f 3.Y .

Pasquall as a new 4N

sparring mate and said

middleweight Jesse .
b hN
... \ Smith will join his I bnr

ERNIE BANKS training corps in M

WHEN Chicago Cubs June. ..'!.... .- ': '

firstbaseman, Ernie Willie Reddish, Lis- .._' I J S;.... .f i ,.- 4.o

-'.? ." '( -!-H':; "The Twist ;:* : Banks' hit his 300th ton's head trainer i ,. j:5::
homer recently, said "We aren'tdoing -
The Latest Men's Hair ,.Styles joined the National much trainingnow
League's exclusive since the fightis

circle of all time scheduled for Sep-" 1 STAN IIJS IAL .__ .," ,...: 'JI ''' 1e" .._....,...,_. NOW AT YOUR FINGERTIPS
Being aught At The four-bagger hitters. tember. If he (Sonny) .An All-Time Mark ; "" ".:r.1ill8pt1f"'I NEW fiDIAL'A

Banks has slipped past starts boxing now, -
Church Klein (300) and he'll be over condi- .,VETERAN' Stan Musial of \ *

JacksonvilleCollege I Roger Hornsby (302) tioned. ". the St. Louis Cards Visit your friendly tavern during Hay National TavDRINK

and is drawing even Reddish added that single to right againstthe ern Month,and taste SchenJe"s sunny morning flavor Year-round

with Al Simmons at all he wanted to do at Dodgers May 18 for Sche 1e,' better because Its easygoing flavor is in its all-occasion

Barber Inc. (307). present was to get his 3,431 st bit thus 8 year old whiskies-blended in the most amiable way gift bottle.

.Sonny in 'a good frame achieve ing. the highest with choice grain neutral spirits.Try Schenley today 4drinkr Label lroUU cipoCaplsJIggtr s to '

G. I I. Approved 100 percent Air Cond. TOOTHACHE of mind and also away total of any player in .. O10 5/190 .. schM t S
Dot suffer Mcdiiwly. COt;*,idi itlitf from people National League his -.S Same r
from throbOtnc pain of tootlucht quality inside
with fast act'! OJU-JtL. Pain S tory. Popular Stan's No extra cost
630. DAVIS ST. at Beaver lot momti ta pt W drug rtofit. -:: Florida, the minnow PINT FIFTH
.......=: In hit pulled him out of -
; .: .. ,', / easily propagatedfor { SPIRITS.SCHtNUY DiSTllieRS Co.,N.Y.C
; '" -i most a tie.with famed Honus SCKtNUY RtSeRVt-BUM&tD WN SKYM,PROOf *GRAIN NEUTRAL
:> : : JACKSONVILLE. FLORIDA t fishing bait '.
,,r"I. -".. use as Waener. -! '" i. ..... } :'. .', '-
.'''','' : ..
Y .. _r t .f S _, .M..




I ,, ,
." .- .- :::
-". : i l > J :-- -' ,


-" ", ., .- -- .- -.

i I I. t 1 .S\\ ,
1 I

: : .
.. .. ..> ,;I-'''' ,# .
PAGE 10 ; ,k '. ',.:,, ._., ..:., FLMM STAR SATURDAY MAY 26' 12S

:, ,J: Readers S '>7 THE LADY D' MOTEL
Gfcbs' StvdMris Avid STAR
: By"THE BIG LIE : ., <:h Rooms Day Nite Week

!f.r'L-) ,-"'&,.**-' ..... .Ji.. Telephone In Each Room
S THE BIG LIE'' ..:... TV Or Radio Hot & Cold Water
: HOMEOWNERS :_'::; QuietPrivateCall 771:7342 -. 2650 Firestone St.
:::,:. 1)F) : .: ..
.........-...... :'
THE TRUTH YOU MAY REGRET :l.: t ; :iaa \aaAl Moncrief f 'Drive.ln

J.d.", __lre+ ..1f .. ...'

'.. ....--. '* 4 ': .
.... Fruit ,.
-t... The taxes you, pay will increase and millage'rates wily; Market
go up. /: until we have Fair Equalization. .your' gua-' .
;; rantee that taxes are fairly proportioned to owners"of 45th & Moncrief

;: real property. Broadening the tax base_ assures you of a-,
lower millage 'rate which could mean that you would pay F NE 0 f to c r Willie Motley.Prop.

; moO. fewer- -r--.......dollars. in taxes. i\; -7i A For Free Delivery Open Daily
.. .
; '
J. .' ",.., ;' 1 ,,, R< Call PO .5-9287 I' 7 a.m.. to 1 12 ..m.r'
5 :
; J / S. ft ,.,.; pj-

2' ,.,
1 .. -- "- --
Maxwell House Instant'

.COFfEE 6 49C

.y SCANNING THE NEWS---Among the many school campuses throughout the nation With 5.00 fobd order jar?

where the Florida STAR is 'eagerly awaited each week, is that of LI BBB -_

This home is located in Northwest Jacksonville and, istypicalof Gibbs junior College of St. Petersburg, one of the paper's constantnews MARTHA WHITE
J; most homes in this section. and pictorial contributors.Students persuing the STAR'S recent FLOUR 25 2 49
::Ji'r.'o1. ,',H I ( contents from left, are: Miss Jacqueline Kennedy Fernandina Beach; Ibs. !
}; 0. 000 OWNERS\ OF HOMES" LIKE THIS HAVE NEVER PAID REAL :vFSTATF Levi MCIntosh Jacksonville, and Miss Patricia Smith, Fernandina Beach.NAACP .

,::.:i/: 'EQUALIZATION. S'S : Moms Nursing Homes
'. Louis LartwrWASHINGTON Hp NECK 25 FRYERS 29
.>. ; 'These homes cost an average of 9000. Their taxable '
: value at a 60% evaluation is still below the constitu- -. Louis Personnel Course BONES lb.

tional homestead exemption. This is proof that the program Lautier "was among the Set June 25-29

of FRANK K. OSBORN WILL NOT. CANNOT ENDANGER' best informed persons in Sel"ct $MALI(
'ai.: HOMESTFAD EXEMPTION. ,_ .. America on the race relations TALLAHASSEE--The Fla.
; situation! '/ A. and M. University BEEF SPARE 4 9
its third an-
Secretary Roy Wilkins ina
message of condolenceto nual workshop for

LARGE PROPERTY OWNERS whose properties often change Mrs. Constance Lau- personnel of nursing TENDER TREAK-0-LEAN
tier widow of the 'de- S hones.
hands for large' sums of while '
money they remain on the ceased.Mr. RIBS
tax ,rolls at a ridiculously small assessment. Lautier, consideredby STRAND Sunday > 69" N29
many to be the dean thru Sat. .
KFEP FRANK K. TAX ASSESSOR of Negro journalists, .

-1 Johnnie's Hotel" Wedding Bells- Washington served many Bureau years Chief as Jy Y k SiNATRA iiR1lN ( : BA o SM019 FRESH BEEFS39 GROUND
Elmer h. Purnell, Si. of the National Negro MHSJAWHKID $
74IV4.. W. AMHLCV ST. PM. EL S4C25ROOMING 1031 W. 27th St. 35 and Press Association. He MRS. M.J. EDMONDS
". House 627 W. ASMLCV ST. PM. EL 45983 Willierean H. Pryor, was 65 when he passed .New PresidentA BISHOP
ROOMING House 710 W. ASHLEY ST. PM. EL 67596Kow 1031 W. 27th St. 35. here last week. GRAGE 'A'
.a By DAY on WeeK Bobby G. At the time of his '
Byrd 2032 program themed, sEIGfrEAliiiS
Lewis St. 22 and Martha death, Lautier was ser- "From Cradel to Col- STEWING I. HNS.'

JACKSONVILLE 2, FLORIDA Hagan, 2032 Lewis St. ving as special assis- lege, willl. be pre- : thOceola _
.. w ." .. =- ._ .. _
17. tant to sented
Republican Sunday beginningat -.-.
U1111IDm "'"
National Committee 3:30 p.m. by The
t1lIIn;.. 'nlm Chairman He covered innumerable Kindergarten Parents and o RICE $1. 39

RAPID NAACP conven- Teachers Council at Home plus Co-Hit ... 10 lb. .bag. .
tions and the major Mission Kindergartdn at '. ", ._ '
Reader 1 HR. TV SERVICEDAY JiJI@m' r .." .. _
Psychic gatherings of most of 927 W. 11th St. Mrs. ,Lt f|f RED ,
AND NIGHT rtMiPiin l 2in....
.... --
the important organiza- Mable Jean Edmonds, 1 WARNER BROS.ROOSEVELT -: HOSAUSAGES
and Adviser CALLS rug SflOO tions in the nations newly elected president, Sunday 99

will Rot-J) your Fntire Life without asking any CM L'AN RCIr : EL 5.5770 FOR SALE announced.Mrs.. E.. C: Jackson, I thru Tues. .. -.'. -- 3tb.bag-. -. --. .- _< ." _
questions, tells you any and everything you wishto 1A-MO ISISP4TCHIJohnnie'
Top Soil Dirt operator and Mrs. Bertha 3 Big Features
know. Oyster Shell & Sand I A. Jackson, supervisor SUGAR
If you need help of any kind, see her at once. Hotel 89
Day or NightPO
.i are co hostesses of the e1sdoII"i 15 16s. C
She can and will help you. She does what others
.All-Modern Conveniences 8-6409 program. All persons --( ,, v. With SS.OO.pr more food orde
claim to do. All Readings Confidential satisfaction \
Root By Day, Nite or affiliated with kinder- __ 44 '#. _
guaranteed. Lucky days Lucky Numbers. Week. Call EL 6-7596 I MoncriefDriveIn garten work, friends and ':; d f < 12 INCH ';
Hours: 9 a.m. til 9.p.m. Sunday 12 Noon ; -
general 'p ;
741% W, Ashley Street. public are in- f1IIO
II vited. '. WEINERS 39
If you are overcome with conditions that are m uw swat* CORK 5 9
not normal, consult this gifted reader at once. BARBQUEthey're m mm run lb. lb.

She tells you any and everything you wish to know Operators & p iiiSHERJI SECRETOFDEEP )i"
Barbers 0 licious SMOKE '
without asking any questions. are wanted to : LARGE ROE
Two illustrated brochures reveal how we
Hollywood Beauty Lounge You'll like 'em45th can publish promote and sell your book; HARBOR .a..e.u.nsp+nc n
622 W. .tips. to writers; fans and figures on howe / SAUSAGES
5535 NEW KINGS ROAD Ashley St. CallI. published over 3,000 authors. All 39C ULlr 25
S. Anderson t & Moncrief types of books wanted Write pc. J'Exposition 3rd Big Hit"ROCK -
Press,386 Park Ave. S. N.Y. 1 IS .
Jacksonville Fla. El 3-3245 AROOHDTheWORLDSKYVIEW "

I Bisk-Win BarBQTHE Chicken of the Sea.
Sun nit e
BISHOP AND WINNIE DONALSON PeoMiciOtt.r thru. Tues.'WALK limit 2 TUNA. 2. cans t

PHONE PO. 5-I4B6 JACKSONVILLE 9, TLA. And"TERROR .I spe.Cials- at Store"1'1 1f SHE 'YER'S'E"HA ST.1 .

OF THE TONES"Win .1 PO 49200Don't

$&80 Cash Mon_ nite ill!J I J, -- ...'.'- "-- ". -- 1

: Be A One-Timer Voter I

Starting Tuesday, May 29 "11 N PULPO OCTOPUS LB. 49c Remember To Vote May 29thVote


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ik LB. Med. SHRIMP 89e For 4. S. S
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CONCH MEAT Lb. 49c _

SPANISH I. 6 Ib.tab tut HS $2.90 b:. SIMPSONfor :.


E -. RED SNAPPER .u. S9c

'S YELLOW TAIL SNAPPER L I. '49e State DemocratkCofRffiHtemtan


Snapper Throats 4Sc BLUE OCEAN
? I u.
The post na salary
S 'S APPEARING Turtle Meat 1. E5c pays
"' NIGHTLY Lb. 29cf but we need to elect a
..... ,.. -
lO Left et 10 e/
"" AMet> Urt SccW u.
LAST WEEKEND TO F I rx t. tao A.M. WH I TIN G L" 32c -'lit Ibe/ease Mal'r- man who ail aid Negroes


FfMh SPECKLED f.., .T, '.
STEAK fiSH! IB. 55c ,TROUT u. 59' A Vote For Eric O. Simpson Is a Vote for Progress

\ .