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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200611datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date May 19, 1962dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=006110740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
May 19, 1962
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
May 19, 1962
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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i'.-):. '_ ', .. .' .. ';,:,-;""...,- .. ._-:".. '".. ,.-.--- =::", "" -_ :"" ";; .;;.- -.;,;' ". :, : i

!i:;- \ Negro Judge's: Wife Furnished Men Murder": Weapon State.: Claims .- u:



ENDS 290 TOaIAX. ';tr.

i ii:;' *





,8 r i 12-10. SATURDAY MAY 19, 1962 15 CENTS: 3,3 Shoofng Follows

M -

Fc!L SEE j P1ANOKEEP- -- I,(r ,I ::J ___ Juke Joint Knrfeg

3 :: "T'! that It is Horace quite probable Biggins

would have "been alive

today were it not for

t k the a deadly coincidence ingredientsof which
occured a few minutes

: past twelve last Sunday
-- -
Simpson Is Given Good Chance' Food PoisMiiig Called Worst morning.
1j r Biggins was struck

To Win State Committee PostWith twice in the chest by
In Dwal History; 4 Critical ; bullets fired from an
the successful defeat of one Negro candi- This city was stunned Wednesday when an attack* automobile that had
date accomplished Duval Democratic leaders were drawn up alongside his
of food poisoning made it necessary to rush 290 J
reported planning a new strategy--keep Negroes students and 12 faculty members of the Pine Forest i own obeying a stop-

from the polls---in order to defeat another Elementary School to Brewster Ho pital and Duval o light on the corner of

Negro candidate. .......tttttttt Medical Center for examination and Treatment. t! .f d'__ J Beaver and' Stockton
opinion among t t t t Streets. The element of
General to a minimum in the The food poisoning, tS
Negro and white politi- ,' color* J sections to caused by a school lunch cramps something awful:' "... coincidence in the

cal observers is that keep Negro voting at a served on Tuesday, subjected Perrie, who is 13, is ,i t L .Jf;" meeting of the two cars

Eric o. Simpson minimum. In addition the victims to in the 5th grade at the concluded an incidentof

Florida Star publisherhas school.Mr. violence that had
severe cramps nausea f'i
better than a two- "- -(. ''''. t ..i,: and vomiting. and Mrs. Louis i f tth had its beginning miles

to-one chance to win "The hospital is on a Coleman had mostly the 'rg away and many minutes

the race for State disaster planMr.. same report about their IF before.A .
Democratic Committeemanif police report reveals -
Michael J. Wood, direc- 9-year-qld son Curtis. t' .
-- Negro voters wouldgo Y t w v tor of the medical cen- 'My boy didn't like ,how ,}; tNV.d that Biggins and
out to the polls ter told a Star reporter the food looked at the Yi l four companions had

and vote on May 29 in Wednesday afternoon. school yesterday," Mr. Li gone out to a Juke

the second primaries.The J "All off-duty doctors, Coleman said. He gave Joint in Marietta knownas
possibility of nurses and attendants it to a friend of his 'Hell's Place" It
Simpson wjnning.is-- have':,been,.called' ..in .to",...._arldtt b..EL bo. l., got..mighty. is stated that a freeR -
based on the fact that +p! ass{s t in the emergency."'i sick. 'MY boy is sick Y.

the Negro candidateis e And we have created dis- too, and all lie did was t 0
opposed by 10 whites
drink the milk'According
aster areas to house
seeking the electionto them. to Dr. James

the top! Democraticpost Similar action had 0. Bond, state health

in Duval County. been taken at Brewster department epidemiologist oR, r c
Originally, there
Hospital to cope with a final report on k .
12 candidate, includ- Y
there is a campaign the emergency. the outbreak probably .
ing Simpson vieing for ,telling Negro votersit Most of the parents won't be ready for two Pt .

the post; but the with- is useless to go out questioned by reportersfrom or three days. Dr. Bond /: I,. : --"'
; 'I
drawal of John L. .1 <-
29 as did state, however
to vote on May this newspaper were $
Almond leaves total .
there are no importantraces bitterly certain that "The way it looks at '
of 11 in the race. f ..
at stake.Actually the Tuesday school lunch this point, it obviouslyis -a. .
Prejudiced forces in there are was the cause behind the an outbreak of food se
the local Democratic
several important offices -
sudden wave of sickness. poisoning caused by a
group were reported to be filled and Most stated that their turkey salad eaten at for-all developed when

plotting to defeat voted upon- May 29, most children had become sufficiently the school yesterday." someone slapped a girl
Simpson by Inducing vital of which is the ill early Dr. Bond's statement was identified as Patricia
several of the white Assessor which Coleman sister of
Tax post Wednesday morning to made late Wednesday
candidates to withdraw involves property tax- Willie Frank Coleman
cause them alarm; or, in night.By .
from the race to cut ation.
cases where the reactionwas Thursday morning Coleman reportedlytried
down the Negro candi- 1..
U S. slower, children, had 155 students had been to defend his
date's chances. On the Marshall
awakened in the morning treated at DMC. All were sister and was slashed
other hand, there is a
IHeads Force unable to attend school. but 20 were treated andre about the face by Big-
sinister movement to
Mrs. Rosina Porter, leas ed'. Of the 20 gins. Witness stated
discourage Negro voters however, who is cafe- ,hospitalized, three are d that Coleman escapedhis
from going out to the .
teria manager at the considered in critical assailant and hid
polls. .
school was very condition.Pine S Although separated by
For one thing, free t
definite in stating that Forest PrincipalEu 3 Y4"T V.m'k' minutes and miles, bya
transportation to the .
the "usual healthful lene J. Jones was twist of chance the
polls will be cut downS .
meal' was served on among the 12 faculty two cars drew alongsideeach

.. Tuesday. -, 'It was a well .members stricken by the other at Beaver

Segregated balanced meal of turkey poisoning. Mr. Jones HOSPITALS MET CHALLENGE -- Despite the extra heavy workload- of administering and Stockton Streets,

Moore salad, canned green said he became ill about to an estimated 300 pupils and teachers affected by the halted by a red light.

S Voting Hit WASHINGTONPresidentKennedy's limas cole slaw, grape- 9 p.m. Tuesday night. outbreak of food poisoning at Pine Forest Elementary School Wednes- The group in Biggins'
fruit sections, whole His son, Rene, a fourth- day, the staffs of Duval Medical Center and Brewster Memorial, 1950 Buick is allegedto

S InGa.CityMACON Asst U.appointmentof S, Attorney wheat bread, rolled grade student at the county and state health departments, arose to the occassion of administering have started cursingthe

wheat cookies and milk to the patients on around the clock Injured ,
Ga. A last Luke Moore to serve as school, became sill later : an basis St. Luke men once
ditch down the line the District of Co- she said. that night. Hospital assisted in sending beds and medicines to overcrowded DMC. they were recognized.

battle is predicted lumbia's u. s. Marshall 4 'It was slop! '''' one Due to the outbreak of Overworked local ambulance services and private vehicles were Both injured men, I

between the federal marks the 'second time 12-year-old girl stated, illness, all clinics at credited with carrying out the disaster plan in well coordinated Coleman and Conner--- I
but refused to her Duval order. described as bleeding
government and the Bibb in history that a Negro give Medical Center I
Other local hospitals reportedly had staffs order to be badly--entered an auto-
county Democratic Execu- has filled the post. name. were ordered closed by on standby
tive Committee over the The first such appointment By implication, at Michael J. Wood used if needed. Private physicians were said to have also treated mobile driven by Con-

use of segregated voting occured in least a number of hospital director. The many other affect. ner's brother Arthur, I

machines it was announced 1877 when famed civil parents seemed to agree clinics only handled sat.s............t..tt..ttt..ttt.tt.t- tt.t.ttttttJ's to be taken to Duval

here this week. rights leader and former with the outspoken emergency'cases.. Medical Center. The 1
Attorneys for the slave Frederick Douglass student. "My boy took Ish Brandt. superintendent Wife Plotted Theft State Says Biggins, party also left ,/

justice Department have held the post until 1881 sick about ,one o'clock of the county the juke joint, ap-

filed a complaint during Reconstruction. this morning, said public schools said that MIAMI---Mrs. Eugenia for the robberyslayingwhich them." (the guns). Willie Frank Coleman

against Bibb County officials Moore. 38, was named to Thomas Staples of 2102 the mass illness was the Thomas, wife of a former resulted in the The State continued reportedly told police
Duck Island. "Then a worst he had in death of that he warned Bigginsand
in U.S. District succeed J.aoes J. R. seen his municipal judge here, Mrs. Beatrice that on the morning
Court here seeking to Shane who, was promoted friend of mine calledand 20 years with the systemIlastVktkuli' now on trial with three (Tiny) Dunaway.In the robbery-slaying his party to "Go
enjoin the officialsfrom to told me that ambulances his opening chargeto away and leave us
chief of, the. na- I men for the alleged Henry and Millings
segregating voting tion' s marshalls. : were taking a lot robbery-slaying of a the jury Kogen picked up Simpson and alone." Coleman opted t

booths and continued The new marshall, who of kids that go to that Sf IKWS COMmKM local woman here last said that Mrs. Thomas 'cased' the bolita fire with a .38 cali-

,, ,separation of Negro and lives with his, wife and school to the hospitalfor A New Stanton October was describedas plotted the robbery house. Millings is reported ber pistol when someone
< white voting compila- son at 1303 TrinidadAve. food poisoning." young the mastermind of the with Simpson and Millings to have gone to threw open a door of
High School student became -
tions. N. E. ,, was born Mr. Staples 9yearoldson plot 'by the State here both of whom reportedly the house to buy a the Biggins car. Big-
the victim of his
It was disclosed that in Collinville ill. Re Thomas Louis, is a this"week.. worked for bolita ticket, follow- gins, fatally shot
r in'a total of 13 polling attended Le Wayne Col- 3rd-grader at the own experiment last State Atty. Gerald her using the porch of ing which Simpson 'and through the chest, died

:: areas here 10 are for ls ge In Memphis, Howard, ,school. Friday afternoon when he Kogen said the 37yearold her home as stakeout' Henry later pulled the a few moments after his

7 "whites, Negroes vote se University school of Perrie Lee Monts of was blinded and criti- Mrs. Thomas plannedthe and also furnished them holdup. arrival at Duval :
parately and three pre- Business Administration 1827 Callahan Street 'cally injured in an explosion bolita counting with the pistols used. Mrs. Dunaway, who Medical Center. \

cincts are Integrated. and secured his law took sick at three of chemicals he house incident with the in the holdup. (Her reportedly came into Coleman, 22, is being I
had mixed at the home home was in close the house during the charge of ,
A spokesman for the degree from Georgetown 9 clock Wednesday three defendants.Clarence held on a
Democratic Executive University.He morning, according to' of a friend. Simpson 23, proximity to the bolita robbery is said to have murder, pending a preliminary i

Committee said that had been a government her parents, Angus and According to police, Aubrey Henry 27, and house). struggled with one of bearing.
action by the federal prosecutor for Elizabeth Monts. "Per 200 glass fragments were John Milling Jr. 37. Kogen also stated Mrs. the men whose pistol Biggins who lived at
rie threw scattered over the body Thomas told the men fired, striking her in W. 13th Street
to 1095 ,
court would be resisted three years prior up everything
all of whom face first
: . .
,- :: : ; : .L : c.
<' ?, "
-'- ,-


---I -- ,- -,. -- --_?-
) ,

4 t \ :!
"1'" 4PMC


: ,
2" .,', '..' ,4C-, ," '._ '" ,_;,' : l

:' \. ', :" 't-; :' >:' : .. ',:
: t'. ; 1
,: J'
e .::;_ I AS USUAl
",f:; --.W..N-- ---- -.. wrwN '.
FLORIDA STAR : : : : }; t :. .' :

,.. I'q I ,; ? _'A\\ ; ;t ; ... I .
-. '. ;
NEWS --, .... .- ..- I
'.' ;. BY' ERIC O. SIMPSON f
'I..., ., .' <." }. -' ,, '; ,
< '
published by the Florida Star Publishing Co. "l :'. 1- u. #; r; :' The spirit of democracy as a working example {

Member of Associated Negro Press" .. ......., i .
.. of American teamwork
rather thanas
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-i., : :. ,
;, :,.. -..'..- V "'<.' "a pious promise for tomorrow, isa t

ERIC 0. SIMPSON._..........Mmta EMir !

AIYSOH E. WL..............Jlews Hbr1BIBA I ,_._-'L., this premise, Reginald A. Johnson,

; -l/ ; '; National urban League associate directorfor

WOOIEN Circulate Iag v ....... ;
-4c-r" ;u; q housing, geared an address .. arm

1:1 ;.i to the 12th Constitu-
: rf 2 sc tional Convention of the 4 .

023_Kacrigf! f Road..Pto Elgin 4-6782 EL 4-87B 7j,;:.,',-' '.""' .-.......J. ,' United America Furniture here on May Workers 15. of ,

'The challenge of human.
II Address: '
renewal must take precedence! .

t. 0. Box 561, Jactaile i 1 1f Florida over rejuvenation of time-

blightened areas of the Mere SIMPSON

physical structure of our

SUBSCRIPTION RATES ,..... cities if the latter is to have meaning -
/ said 1 1 r. Johnson.
Half $4.00
One year. $6.00; Year.
Mailed to You ,Anywhere in the United States "First of all, we must make sure that

Subscription Payable in Advance people of good will not be lulled into

Send check Order to' comfortable belief that 'the job is done'
or Money : ;
I' merely through enactment of laws, or by

Florida Star P. 0. Box 561 glittering generalities on preliminaryjob

Jacksonville 1, Florida and 'open housing' changes for Negro
:: :- "
-'.. citizens.
Johnson warned that there stillremain
''J' Mr.
,..: about as many as ever of the influences -
that caused the problems in

Of NEGRO NURSING SCHOOL '- the first place. "

On Sunday before last, the 6th of May, w t4.i1v t a S Q 4qiXt vS t.J He cited as an example the fact that

Florida launched her participation in an -- most decisive actions--undertaken by

annual celebration known (or little THE WKLI IS WATCHING THEIR DEFIANCE' OF, THE LAW MR. PRESIDENT public and voluntary service agencies
known! ) as National Hospital Week. How- committed to accomplishment of equal opportunity -

for all in housing youth incentives -
ever worthy and appropriate the week- .
job development and welfareare --
long celebration was, it was nonetheless ,

dimmed by a stain of irony.To still predicated tongue-in-cheek on

begin with, according to the find- 1Jii-if Weekly "phantom stereotypes" of racial situa-
tions that actually began "their agoniz-
ings of a survey conducted by the Cheme- .
medical ingly slow collapse at least a centuryago.
tron Corporation, a leading -

equipment producer, the state of Florida HoroscopeBy Guide .
'We still, however, conceive that the
needs 1,850 more registered nurses now.
-. .. PABLO The ASTROLOGER non-white labor force of America is inferior -
And within five years, the 6,800 Regis-

tered Nurses working in the state's 160 A_ ii: I ___ or incapable of attaining skilled i

hospitals must be upped 35 per cent. S EL WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR : or supervisory job qualification, Mr.

it is like Johnson declared. 'We measure facts of
With this in mind, adding

acid to irony to realize that the Countyof BUSINESS liVE TRAVEL life by yardsticks as warped as they

its are devoid of common sense.
Duval is passively permitting

budget commission to maneuver the Brew- "Now, well past the threshold of the
ARIFS ditional gains from your tree. This is a matter ing your arrow at the second half of the
20th still
ster-Duval School of Nursing out of ex- Century, we
Born March 21st vocational achievementsDo that requires much skies. Even if this keeps
istence. gauge commercial marketing of our housing >
thru April 19th not make social is short in pocket, it
any thought, as it neces- you
This school, which presently occupiestwo supply by standards set--either as recently -
engagements for Memorial to verify, first of should keep you long in
buildings in the Brewster Hospital You may be somewhat sary or as far back, as you willinthe
Day too far ahead of time all whether both partiesare love of living. The restrictions -

CH)1ex: J is the only tax-supported schoolin worried about your job as when the day dawns you compatible or not. that are imposed 1938 FHA under-writing Manual, which
well-being, as wellas urged racially restrictive covenants as
the entire state offering Negro nursing the maintenanceof
may not be in the right You like your freedomtoo by "
economic implications a device to protect property values.
candidates a full three-year diplomacourse. the mood. It seems as if you much to exchange your the symbols of statusare '
The UL movement Mr. Johnson told officers
should something -
: Yet--to add absurdity to acid may be in need of additional present position for one often too painful to
and iruny--the budget commission has go wrong. As long as you the indenpen and delegates of the UFWA, has
periods of rest, where you will play bear by more
living up to the s spearheaded for many years a community
decided that the school has
a a difficult thing to ob- second fiddle which is dent Sagittarians.
littleto approach designed to equate justly the
rules, have
liability. Therefore it must either
tain when others are exactly the risk you 4-70-99-16-25-479
problems of the and the white communities
fear (25th) .prob ems Negro -
oiu' 'rtitc on a token budget or not operate around. would take at present. CAPRICORN
of conflict also evoke of the nation, but he warned
at. ail.
2-10-55-14-34-215 6-40-66-17-66-646 Born Dec. 22nd thru
the solutions (19th). Jan. 19th that "this is not the moment in history

Of course. Senator Wayne F. Ripley, had Good judgment, and a CANCFR LIBRA when we can relax and dissipate diligencewith

more than a little to do with the full pocketbook. are Born June 22nd thru Born Sept. 23rd With Mercury slated to empty second-guessing as to how or

school's present plight. It was Mr. also valuable aids in any July 22nd thru Oct. 23rd start retrograding on the when the tortoise has or had not over-

Ripley who last year succeeded in spiriting contingency. With Memo- This is the season for There are many opinionsas 26th enabled you may to find slow yourself down- taken the hare. .

a hill through the legislature rial Day falling in the new and striking clothes,
to what really constitutes -
the tempo of productivity,
making it mandatory that the hospital middle of the week, you and there is no reason success rn a per- and devote more time to a AFL-CIO To Aid African

commission submit their yearly budget to may not find it particularly -' why you should not vie
son's life. To some, it much needed rest. You may Students Find
desirable with others in accentua- Employment .
the county budget commission. This typical to
means acquiting power, take pleasure in planning
bit of Ripley duplicity signed the wander too far from home ting your more attractive world-wide fame, or a for the future, with the The AFL-CIO again will assist African

death warrant for the Brewster-Duval (30th). A retrograde features. Besides, the large share of the pleasure in planning for students attending American colleges and

Nursing School; for rio sooner was the Mercury confirms that social season may be in globe's wealth. To the the future, with the encouragement universities in finding summer employmentthis

commission vested with such arbitrary there is no need for full swing and you are initiated, it may be of your clo- year it was announced today.

powers than it shrank the school's year- haste to earn, out any apt to be ,called upon to measured in terms of a sest ally and establishing Mrs. Maida Springer, representative of

ly budget-which had been over $100,000to of your projects. 'contribute to it more high moral character, the basis for a way the International Affairs Department of

one solitary dollar. 4-16-82-894 than anticipated. You the AFL-CIO and
meritorious deeds and of life that conforms more co-ordinator of the employment -

.Prior to Mr. Ripley' corruptive meddling TAURUS may have to be rather devotion to humanitarianor to your hopes and desires -program said she has received

the school had been regarded with a Born April 20th cagey about your financial religious causes. (25.tb). There be closeto five hundred applications and already -
tone of tolerance by the State Legislature thru ??ay 20th affairs as there are indications Should you find that the agreement in principle, has "a number of confirmed job

which prompted that body to approve The tempo of businessand that people you material path has not but the question of income placements. '

-at least for thjc most part-the school's prof it-taking, has its encounter may pry to a
led to exaltation or and outgo could become Appearing on LABOR NEiYS CONFFRF.NCF over
ups and downs, as has greater extent than, usual
budgetary needs. serenity of mind, you may the bone of conten- the Mutual Broadcasting network (WAVA in
everything else, in this
Now, wIth the paltry budget that the world. As the trend is (25th 29th). Romance may be disposed to make an tion (29th). Washington) Mrs. Springer said the pro-
have some attractions
commission is offering, it is doubtful about-face and try the gram will not operate in 'areas where
niw on the downward side, 8-80-22-17-48-621
but will have to
whether the school can survive another you you spiritual one. The Librans the trade union movement has a serious
you may find it sore to revise of
some your
year. who are attuned to the AQUARIUSBorn hardship employment r>roblem. '
your advantage to keep in and
It almost makes one suspect that a philosophies pecuniary higher forces may find Jan. 20th thru All AFL-CIO affiliated national and international -
step with it. The tendency
master ,plan is being subtlely put into practices if you fall themselves pondering over Feb. 18th unions have been asked to
to try and compel luck to
operation: a sort of massive reprisal, 'under its spell. You these questions on the AS your feelings tend to help find jobs for African students dur-
bend toyyour will or desires will have time for
let us say, against the Negroes in this reflection 25th, 29th, 31st. be torn hither or ing the summer months. President George

area because they are demanding-and-to a can only bring and should take 160111856168SCORPIO thither by your inability :,teany said that where necessary the AFL-

noticable de ree-getting-the'rights of additional losses on th. it to improve your status.330T71345371 to make up your mindas CIO will pay up to half the cost of sucheniploynent.
road to solvency (25th
full citizenship. Oct. 24th thru to which is the proper ____
Born .
29th). If you find that LEO ..... -
Indeed, too many negative occurrences Nov. 22nd course for you to follow,
you are having a hard Born July 23rd thru
are moving into focus to be regarded as it may be wiser to hold
time balancing income Aug., 22ndIt Life quickly teaches us
being simply coincidental. Currently, everything in obeyance
and outgo, the best solu- what weak
matters not who
that those are
Negroes cannot play golf; They cannot use until later next month.
tion may lie in reducing others say or do, for you soon fall by the wayside.
civil hardly apply
the beaches they acquire You can .
what may be too high a like most Leos, must seldom remiss -
Scorpios are
service jobs; they cannot clerk in the mature judgment to solve
standard of living. Discuss square each decision or in learning this
downtown stores. And now, despite a financial, emotional or .
your financial or deed with conscience and Xk
your basic philosophy,
serious shortage of Registered Nurses other important problems
marital problems with the first. This is excellent make
an that is why they
throughout the state and the nation, while you are being subjected -
one who can really do ,
policy from which formidable competitors.
Negro young women who desire to pursue to pretty upsetting t..
something about them you should not depart, You may have to call on vibrations f;
the Nursing profession CANNOT look for- planetary
(28th). if your duties do unless it be at the risk all yiur reserve strength, e
ward with any certainty to attending the not interfere (24th 29th).
Brewster-Duval School of Nursing*because, find you would of speeding many sleepless if you challenge a person 2-90-33-14-19-293
it restful and nights. Since you may. be who now occupies a seat
if the Duval Budget Commission has any- beneficial PISCES
thing to do with it, the school won'tbe Memorial to prolong the faced with a vexatious to which you aspire. Direct Born Feb. 1 th thru A"

around to attend. Day weekend. problem related to money attacks may fail, March 20th Y A.. :

750331596753TAURUS and your friendships you. in ifaich event you mould ;:
Thanks a lot Mr. Ripley! Heed the old saw that b.
will have to convince make use of influential .
honey catches more flies t

ElgIisIg Antfcor Finds "HMMT- yourself that you are contact to gain a foot- than vinegar. The chance j, .
GEMINI applying the proper solutions hold (25th, 29th). YOU ,
verify this for yourself -
Born May 21st thru (25th, 29th 31st). oust realize that success ta ?. wi
IH this is not
Slrprists Visit To Swrii quarter 1
June 21st A sacrifice may be demanded today may extract a rather
likely to be Dissension -
HEW YORK, N.; Y- --- The Prejudice Northerners The urge to express) yourself of you but you stiff price tomorrow, in is likely to grow

feel toward Southerners is roughly contrary to the should willingly make it the form of loneliness or heated but. on the latter

.. parallel to that felt by English people wishes of those who share when this means doing a exploitation by those to day you should try the

toward Americans." your hose life and gainful signal service for some whom may be indebted.Do recommended tactics of

Writing .in the May issue of Esquire activities, may only one in need or distress. not make changes in soft-speaking and sincere

Magazine, English author Jessica Mitford lead to a blowup. You cannot 4-20-22-12-67-421 your economy unless they persuasion (25th 29th). KEN KNIGHT

I expresses her views on the segregation force anyone to think VIRGO are demanded by exigencies If this does not work,

*desegregation situation in the southern sad operate as you 00, wd Born"Aug. 23rd tbru (31st). there seems to be little' Invites You To Listen To -

*.' f colonies." It is more a study of North- it would be a mistake to Sept. 22nd 5-50-88-19-75-589 else that will. A long

" <"<'.;ern and "white South" attitudes than try (25th 28th, 29th). Unattached Virgoans who SAGITTARIUSBorn holiday, from the 30th UK.NIGHT TRAIN"Starting

1 it is of the Negroes You can channel surplus are led to believe that Nov. 23rd thru thru the end of the week,

Kiss iiitford states that the Northern- energies, on these days, marriage would solve all Dec. 21st would give you time for At 7OO p.m. Nightly

., : .. If. baying things for the their problems, in one You seldom go wrong when rest, reading and sight-

,, .-.
,.' .-' .
-- .

.. 1.r' 1.




--"Owen's CrowninU-Highlights Program r Free Baby Clinic :;tl'

'o" :, .

6: : SOCIALLY I with SPEAKING "'" y.. Planned May 2H4 ... ; S 4; StorkDeliveries'. ,- \, ;. ';1i'

Sr':: c :.{
":+" LOUISE G. GUINYARB J" y All babies betweenthe ,
-t of six weeks
Jacksonville a urban League Guild's Second provided the beautiful setting for a receul meeting ages
and two old will
Annual Gold Cup Bridge and Whist Tournament was of Bella Donnas Bridge Club. years Mr. and Mrs. George
be given free examina
,everything that we anticipated in the way of Mrs. Edna M. Bell and Mrs. D. T., Howell were Burgess; 1103 W. Union
tions May 21st through .
r competition and enjoyment. guest players with the latter qualifying for. Street: Girl.

'Arriving at Wilder Park Recreation Center at the guest prize. .-. *. May 24, at the Home Mr. and Mrs. WillieErvin,814.Market
Office of the Afro-
approximately 7:30 p.m. last Friday, we found At a previous meeting of the club held at the # tM St. ;
American Life' Insurance .
many bridge and whist players waiting anxiously Lincoln Golf and Country Club, Mrs. E. L. Thompsonwas Boy. '

: for the tournament to begin. However, actual play hostess and Mrs. J. Hazzard,' and Mrs. D. J. Company located at 101E. Mn and :Mrs; Wesley
'. participants 'JIJ. t Union St. Clinic Corley; 1747'' Brewster
did not get under way immediately as Parsons were guest players.The ,

were continously arriving and there was the Bella Donna membership r cter .is comprised 'rt hours for examinationswill Road;; 'Boy .* : : '

usual hustle and bustle of players getting with of Mrs. Geneva Adams Mrs. I. Washington. Mrs I,' ,,,, sf be from 9:00 a.m.. Mr. and Mrs MatthewRay .

their partners. Finally with some forty-four Grant Mrs. M. Macon,_ Mrs, ,G. Lesesne, Mrs.. M. a ,. to 11:00 a.m.Examinations. : 1772 Hiram St. ;

bridge and twenty-eight whist contestants regis- Mathis. Mrs. V. Thayer Mrs. ,H. Bullard Mrs.' A. will be, Boy." .'i C '

tered tournament play began. Kelly' and Mrs. K._ How li:., I % : "' ., conducted' by the following ; Mr. Mind Mrs. Walla*

Play consisted of six-25-minute sessions* in both $ C f, : Dr. W. W. Woody; 1634 Dot Street;

divisions, with intermission for refreshments .t. iii., ....: iiii .iii .'.' .-,. S nr Schell, Jr. medical Boy. :

t director; Dr. C. B. Mr. and Mrs. Rufua
.between the third and fourth rounds. ,, 4 : t '

Winner of the gold cup given for first place, in Mrs. J. Cleveland;/':Mrs., 'M...;,::Thomas,.:. and Mrs." C. .. McIntosh Dr. D. L. ,4 Butler; 533"Bunche'
Lauray and Dr. A. T. '
the individual, bridge division was, Mrs Ida Jackson were guest players'when Les Elites Bridge c.ONGRA ULATION.SJ!---Mrs. Wilma McWhite. (left) won Frazier. prizes will Drive; Boy.

Walker with Mrs. Elizabeth Simmons and Mrs. M. Club met last Saturday evening in the, W.. 8th the vaunted Queen's Contest sponsored by the Mr.' and Mrs. Columbus
be given to the healthiest -
L. Harris tieing for second place. The run-off St. home of At ty. and Mrs. Robert W. Gr 'y."Mr's., Trichology; Beauticians League No. .38 of the Orange babies. SouvenirsThe Davis; 4315 Detaille

resulted in Mrs. Harris receiving the second Cleveland was recipient of the guest prize.*.: Blossoms State:Beauticians Association during Drive; Girl.

place award and Mrs. Simmons third. Mrs. Vermal Mccone and Mrs. E. Simmons were. high a:,spirited' 'contest among the unit's, members. results of will'be the examination Mr. and Mrs. Willie G.

Feninae Gravitiae awarded the club members. Washington; 1455 W. 5th
was floating trophyfor scorers among
Her majesty is ',shown being crowned by Mrs. Lila Judged by the City
the highest score in the'club division. other Other members present included Mrs. Maxine Jackson Street; Boy.
Anthony (runnerup) while the organization's president Board of Health to

clubs registered included Les Flites Bridge Club Mrs. Lois Avery, Mrs Marie McClain--'Irs. Ann .. Mrs. 'Gallic Jackson looks on. Mrs. ,McPhite determine the healthiest Mr. and Mrs. Sanmie
Powell 4103 L'ockhart
Kevinettes Bridge Club and Zenith Ladies Bridge McIntosh Mrs. A.. Scriven and Mrs Johnnie M. will Vie,for the state Queen's contest toe held babies. Souvenirswill ; '
Club. Drive; Boy.
Mitchell. ,
during the state convention May 20-24 in Sarasota. -
r be given to moth- '
Mr. and Mrs. Lee' L'ewls; ;
First place in the whist division "I'
was won by Mr. .
', The contestants were presented with corsages '
T, Robinson who ,received the gold cup with i... .. i... :.... .i.. .. .. ers and babies from 1595 W. 32nti,Street' ;
., \, J from the. president. the Afro-American Life 'Gi'rI'I" *"'
Mrs. A. Haynes and Mr. Sam Haynes placing second '

and third respectively. Both were recipientsof (Photo By Baker) Insurance ,company and' ,, .Mr. and MJs.) Richard..
Bells the Gerber' Baby Food:. 'Dixon; 1650''Syle r 'St. ;
awards reserved for their respective cate- Wedding .
Girl. '
gories. Company. :

APPLICATION FOR yn Prizes will be awarded Mr. and Mrs. .:Jessie
Door prizes, donated to the guild by, various .N
MARRIAGE LICENSES Friday May 25th, at Lee' Bro n; 1599 ,W.25th
in the
companies city were*::*oa by Mrs. M. Boddie.

Mrs. B. Addison. G. Gaffney: 'R. Wynn. T. MillerL. 4 p.m. in the AssemblyRoom Street; Boy ,

McIntosh W. Odol. Mrs. Willie M. Smart, Mrs. Geo. McCloud. 417 of A fro-Amer ican Mr. and Mrs. Duncan
Bloxham St."; 32, and Life insurance Company. Jackson; 1470 E. 25th

Tossie and R. Gaffnpy. I Leola Rogers. 417 This Clinic is held Street; Boy.' ;

Capers Bradham tournament' director was assisted Bloxham St. 34. annually in conjunctionwith Mr. and Mrs. Houston

by George Nairn, Mrs. D. Oliver, Mrs. M. Jacob Stokes, 1051 W. s Wnl Afro-American Life Keil; 1906 W. 30th St;

Kelly and Junius Bowman Mrs. R. McCr ay,' Guild 26th St. 26 and Matilda Insurance Company RQV..
president and members of the Guild E.
were responsible Harris 1051 W. ,
for refreshments and the over-all ,suc- 26th St. 26. Crucifixion Church SERVICE

cess of the affair.
Everyone attending the tournament was given. a IsSktedAtMt. Schedules Children s :: GENERAL AUTO REPAIR

souvenir kit, donated by one of our large Negro T'< Bazaar June 3rd J. W. HOUGABOOK Mechanic
Tabor Church 6a
firms. s 1361 Kings Road EL 4-3659
._....cat..w..e y.-: _ar

... .i .... .*. ..* ...i t... A citJ-wide musical Plenty of fun, games
will be presented May J. 1 and food are promisedat Sunny Says:

20 at the Mt. Tabor < the Children's Bazaar -
Les Uncs Charmantes Bridge Club met last Saturday k 9k Taste the
Baptist Church. Fifth and Fashion Revue

evening in the Alara Road home of Mr. and Mrs. and Mt. Herman Streets, which will be held Sun- !

Edwin Lawson. All members were present.Mrs. beginning at 8 p.m. in HAPPY BIRTHDAY---Mrs.! Janie Gilbert of the Florida STAR administrativestaff day afternoon. June 3 sunnymorning

Norma White and Mrs. Alma Daniels were high the church auditorium. was the recipient of a festive birthday party last Saturday on the grounds of p

scorers for the evening. / Choirs of the church night at her 1033 Brady St. residence. The honoree was the recipient of Crucifixion Catholic
Others participating in the meeting included will be featured supported many lovely and'useful gifts, and a buffet luncheon was served. Among Church at Fdgewood and .

Mrs. Betty Sessions Mrs. Helen Gregory. Mrs. by Male Choruses those present were, seated from left: Mesdames Mable Daniel. Jessie Bagley Roads. Nathaniel
flavor of.
Charlotte Bostick. Mrs. Priscilla Brown and of the cityDirecting Jones Bernice Howard, Janie Gilbert (honoree) and Bertha Gilbert. Brecker general chairman ..

Mrs. -Lydia Wooden. : 'j:' : ; the program Standing from left: Mrs. Missouri Coleman Fred Colennn Sherwood announced.

.. .-. '. .,.-. .. will be E Clifford ., ,"'.D, l\iel. .Jloward'oods.: H. Villiam! !.Jones, Zebedee Gilbert, Tommy Perkins '. Family groups, friends .schenleq
.. ,
Davis of the National and alter Gilbert. Other guests not shown: Clinton Moon, fil Crawford,, .. and :the general publicare

.i. .. .I... .. ii. Baptist Convention, Billy Brown and Miss Richardean Fllis' invited Mr. Brec-

Inc. Selected readingswill (Billy Brown Photo) ker said.

also be featuredThe ---- A

The Roth Drive home of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Thayer public is invited. ]
-- .... '--. ----- ., ---

WASHINGTON HEIGHTS IS GROWING 1 ABOUT Of interest PEOPLE to local ObservanceSlated ML Sinai

friends and associates T,7' ePh'

Homes Going Fast. / were the reports STAR this receivedby week May 20th Vi1NOY
; that several persons The 54th anniversary Leavtffiits Mark Now every

who have been either af Mt. Sinai Baptist w of
) Church will be observed s. drop
hospitalized or were straightwhisky
May 20 in a one : Keep your ti&h /dry skin smooth inSchenley
receiving medical attention -
ftnd SOft With MOTHIRS nuiXD.
r were on the, day celebration with Neglect of body skin tissues is
Rev. J.L. Saunders of during pregnancy may show up r aged over B
road to recovery.Mrs. for the rest of yoilr )life. This fa. andbJended
Rosa L. Wootenof Mt. Moriah Baptist moue skin conditioner is especi. years
Church delivering the ally compounded to relievf the with
2211 Myrtle Avenue discomfort of that stretched feet choice grain
was released from sermon at 11 a.m. Ing in your JI skjn< You'll find a J ncutralspirit's.

1 ,_ Rev. A. Murray, associate MomxA;ntnun massage cmbi .
M Brewster Hospital this soothing for that numbing
minister at Mt. In 'legs and back, too.. Take
week and is resting care'c body skin with t'
your A90
ch nIe $
Ararat Baptist Church
comfortably at the MonciM : will never 't
will have charge pf the regret it; FIFTH

residence. service at 3 p.m. AlDngA 'rmn. CODE !*
Rutledge N. PearsonSr. Scores o 12'i
Rev. J.L. Clayton of *'.4-l
'" .
of 1478 McConihe Nr .3
: .: who First New Zion Baptist ,; PINT
Street, was slightly :
Church choir and congregation MOTHE'BSFRIEND. CODe
injured in an auto-
1 will have 1044 '
mobile accident two
GLENN ATLAS KING CONGRESS BELMONT charge of the Schenley Reserve Blended
weeks ago is still receiving closing Whisky.80 Proof. C5*; Grain Neutral
service which begins at r.i.ii M lit COM"AUIII' '+J,u Spirits. ,
medical attention .
7 n.m.
but is said to be '

Ittt qtugtnu irig1.1uWATERFRONT out of danger.Mrs. At home,at fountains, everywhere- ':

Annie K. Robertsof '. ...
1326 Tyler Streetis '. J '

said to be resting j! ,

COMMUNITY LUXURY TOWNHOUSESWashington comfortably at Brewster ,t
," -. .; .-

Heights is located amidst a lovely, tree-shaded section of the Ri- Hospital.Trkhologists Will (l !?s1, ', ;

bault River at Moncrief and Cleveland. You'll be proud to rear your family in "
I it's "
now Pepsi '
this delightful atmosphere. Everything for comfort and pleasure assures you Attend ConfabHeaded

a new way of life in beautiful Washington Heights. Six beautiful model homesof by Mrs. .Callie for those who think young Today we've stepped up the ,

two, three and four bedrooms to choose from. Jackson, president tempo. More activities-more time to enjoy them. This is the life for Pepsi ;

-- -- -- _.& .-.- the Trichology.Beauti- -light bracing clean-tasting Pepsi. In stores, it fountains, say "Pepsi, please!" > .
urive, uui TodaY and ow
cians Association No. ', ,-,
I the New Swimming Pool.. s11iugtou 1qrig11ts 38 will send a delega < ::' r,' 'J>;

Ready forSummertime tion and unit membersto r; : ; "'': .
the state conventionof : ;' '
r S11
:.. Fun ':T .. .t
the orange Blossoms -1' "".rs :> a .

':'i;: :Y State Beauticians ..As-' '; : ':" )
; '
.': .. ... ociation-sriheduled.'" c .
; : v. ,
\ ,
'_ ....
: ow. for, May 20- 24 in ..,
: i.. .:, : ;:
1 Sarasota, it was announced 1,:
t "L
,y., ?........0--.1. .. this week. '-{: -,F., '. ,i .
; I t
Local delegates from :
ii', : ; .; Jai in addition :- ,
to "
? : ::: '
i \d. 4iI r
.. j 4, : Mrs. Jackson are: Mrs .: j..
'I .. -_'
'/.t&. J! '" Edna' Lewis. Mrs. Minnie
r. ,
t. .;.. ': / .1"l
I .. ,4_ a----._ -:. p .., :
r..JoJ. ." .Jj1" .
.-- V --- 1'> Lee :Alexander. Mrs.
> : 111111 1
', ,. 4 t .
: :\/' ',."_, "' AAU s-.......inr,... t..nc ran, '-,', '. DIRECTIONS tIDI JACKSONVIUI COACH NO.Ml TO THI MONT DOOR Of. Lelia Brookins and Mrs: ..
A0' Wilma McWhite. Members
{< ;- DOWN

100.00 CLOSING COSTS 4415 MoncrUf Rd.W.,+ Anthony.event 'are Mrs.: Mrs., Myrtle Lila % LK ....

Brown lirs. Burcherene .
Mrs Damon Col-
Snappy ..yr
, 5 614 HOlD STREET, JACKSONVILLE,.FLA. Her, Mrs. Marcella .
$6350 $14 --
MONTH PER WEEK ;;w w ... rw. a.', 'r
.INCWDIHO'UU Til.pl"OME in 4-5425 Nelson and Miss Rose
-- i '_ J, .... '. _< '_ ', ,', -

1 rf



_. .
------ -
-- ----
r -

Brewster Men FNI Chaplain 33rd Aimivtsny Mt. Tabor Ckoir To Present Mieskab Holy Triumph's =t

Held Annual Speaks Sunday Program Sunday Musicale Program L

Mother's Brewster Day Men'sClub FeteThe At Abyssinia TAt St.: Job's t M Scheduled SundayA 5 r

Rev. Ottie L. West, 33rd annual'Men'
held its annualMother's chaplain of Florida spring musical pro-
s Day'ob- t
will be presentedin .
Day program at gram
Normal Memorial (Co1- servance will be held
7:45, May 13, in the the Holy Triumph
lege will deliver the May 20'at St. John
dining room of Brewster Holiness Church May
message at 11 a.m. in Baptist Church '
Methodist Hospital with (The 20 beginning at 9 p.m.

Abyssinia Baptist Old Gospel Ark), be- d
President J. Earl with local musical
Church for the annual
ginning with the Sun-
Morse. presiding. groups appearing.
observance 'Men'sDay. day School at 8:30 '
C. :\. Villis. made a a.m. Some of the participants i
Deacon Nelson Grant ., i
the z are: Deacon
report on progressand
Rev. West is a very will serve as guest 11,,
contribution in the Solomon Timmons, Miss
fluent speaker and is superintendent. Rev.
point of service Rosa Lee Hall Sons of
possessed with a vast Ralph Hatchcock will
the of Prayer Heavenly
rendered by men
storehouse of.know-
lead the
the club. He reportedthe Echoes, Lattimore, MRS. WILLIAMSMRS.
ledge gained through service. The lesson
amount of money Mrs. .Thelma Edwards,
the years from his will be reviewed by
raised in the con- Sunbeam Gospel Singers GLADYS WILLIAMS, a
extensive travels his John Bradford.
tainers by the men in Guest Mrs. Quinell Frazier, wellknown church worker

the cancer crusade. He meeting with influen- secretaries will, be Mrs. Essie Mae Thomas and member of Ebeneezer
tial people his joy Ezekiel
Bryant and
also reported on the Mrs. Ruth Valdez Choir Methodist Church and
of reading and his con- Nathaniel Davis.
Road Block for Cancerat 4 of Mt. Ararat Baptist also of St. John Chap-
stant contact with Teachers for the Sun-
45th street and Mon- Church, Mrs. Laura M. ter No. 154 of the
students from allover day School will be '
4< y m
crief. ; p Jackson, Sunrise Female Order of Eastern Star
the nation and Julius Mack Deacon
Taking part in the I '& Dixie Jubilee will be one of the pro-
Maxie 6 _
foreign countries He Major Bryant. _
Poad Block were Lucius Singers Samuel Hen- gram participantsduring
is fully capable of Coleman, Harold Johnson -
Clark, Wiley Wiggins, derson Andrew McCall the Women's Day
the kind of
bringing Sim Bellamy
C.A. : and the McCall Singers Sunday at Mt.
William that will be of Henry Matthews, James
message :
Willis, Ellis Morse and interest to everyone Small Deacon Morris ; j jSUNDAY Heavenly Fire Gospel Pleasant AME Church

George Lawson. Mr. present.A., Mann Deacon James ....... Singers.The Jasper. Rev. R. Wallaceis
Willis expressed his choir of New Mt. host pastor.
Albert BrinkleyIra
Parham Johnson Bryant, 'fl
appreciation for the w Zion of .Palatka, Ver-
masterof Carswell James
will serve as
help given in the Can- ceremonies 'for the Weaver, Jonas Lawrenceand sitters Gospel Singers, Woodlawn Presbyterian

cer Drive and said afternoon be- J.W. Anderson.Ish Gospel Echoes, Heavenly

there is yet much to program Stars, Union SingersSons
g inning at 3 p.m. The Brant, superintendent Church Notes
be of jubilee Singers
done, since the
Male Chorus of Mt. of public inetruc

overall quoto was so Sinai Baptist Church tion will be the speaker Sunny Rose, Gospel By L. N. Pearson, Sr.

Trotters, Bivins
far down.
will be the serving at the 11 a.m. wor-

The Administrator of ship hour. Specials, Deacon A. The recent Woodlawn
choir. The Gospel
Hall, Deacon Leroy Mal-
Brewster presented Mr. Church
Crusaders will be fea- Rev. Thomas C. Wright, Presbyterian
and Mrs. Robert Meeks.Mr. lory. Deacon A. Wil-
services held in the
tured in several selec- pastor of St. Mary's 'II .
----- -- -- -
Meeks is now the l iams.
tions. Appearing also Baptist Church St. NIGHT SffiCIAL---Choir 1 of Mt. Tabor Baptist Church is reachingthe George Washington
consulting engineer at Matthew G. McCoy will School
will be Eddie. Jones. Augustine will give the"j final preparatory stage for its musicale which will be held Sunday ver Elementary
Brewster. lie led in serve as master of
Thomas Gardner and closing message at night beginning at 8 o'clock in the church auditorium Fifth and Mt. auditorium have been
singing 'When The ceremonies for the under
others. 7 p. m. 'Herman Sts. Mrs. M. K. Williams, president, heads the various committees well conducted
Roll Is Called program. All singersare
During the evening James Watson is ; Mrs. E. M. Singleton will be organist-accompanist and Miss invited. the leadership of

.Yonder hour of worship at general Rev. A.J. Marguerite Dennis pianist. The program will be supplemented by other Rev. Franklin D. Wil-

The crowning point of 6:45 the male chorusof Hughes is pastor. musical groups with E. Clifford Dennis, of Chicago, (top photo left), Central Baptist's son, who has proven to
the entire program was
Mt. Ararat Baptist musical director with both the National Baptist Convention and General be a progressive man

the speech delivered by Church will lead the Usher BoardTo State Convention of Florida in a supervisory capacity. Miss I. M. Sunday School and an able leader. Cooperation -

Mrs. Vera Davis, who the church
processional. The clo- Celebrate Fleming is secretary of music. In bottom photo Rev. H. T. overstreet, by
was presented to the choir and
sing sermon will be pastor '(second from left) is flanked by the Revs. George Cherry, Sets ObservanceThe officers, ,
group by Mrs. Mable '
preached by Rev. S. !,. j 40th AnniversaryUsher George Tilly and Hughsie Owens. School congregation also are

Morse wife of the In.... .... n___ ...\.6.__'" Sunday Department in evidence.
Badger pastor of \DJ.J.J.y Dl-UWU rUU"Ub}
club's president. Mrs. Board 1 of impson of Central The Woodlawn united

Morse was called upon Rnanuel Deacon Baptist Emanuel Church.Jack- Methodist church Ebenezer Trio Brewster Hosts Employer- Baptist Church will Presbyterian Church

celebrate its
by program chairman, has worked will celebrate its ,40th 71st wishes to thank all

Solomon Jones. Mrs. son very 'anniversary and also the To Perform Soon anniversary Sunday beginning Floradale, Magnolia
hard to produce a pro- Employees DCT's Also FetedThe
Davis was accompaniedto anniversary of the pre- ; at 9:30 a.m. GardenRibault Heights,

gram that will be a sident Booker T. Patterson Every season of the and continuing through
the meeting by her ,
Brewster Methodist of the C. E. Club. and others living in
credit to Abyssinia rdndthe at 3:30 brings something of the 11 a.m. worship
husband Nathaniel May 20 year
Hospital dining room Training agencies employing those surrounding areas
Christian family
in the main audi- interest to the publicand service. .
Davis, an instructorat throughout the city. p.m. was the setting for the the studentsare for attending our ser-
of the church. a particular eventto Tom Nelson of Central
Matthew. Gilbert torium
with him for annual employer-em- Ambassadors Hotel vices while in our beginning -
a CUE Church will
of the be presented beguest8uper.intendent
Chairman program
High School. great day is his co- ployee banquet, Cooperative A.L. Lewis YWCA Bap- in this new
The award, went to Mrs. committee is Mrs. Irene season will be the Education
church site. We
tist Memorial are
chairman Deacon W.R. Hospital, and Mrs. Alice Jonesof
Julia Macon the oldest McNeil. Rev. B.L. Wynn Tyler she will be assisted Fbenezer Male, Trio Department of New Stan- ,Brewster Methodist looking forward and also -
Gib- scheduled for May 27, at Day Spring Baptist
by Mrs. Mary
mother present a ton High School which
is pastor. Hospital Daylight planning to build a
Church will review the
double award madeto son, vice president of Ebenezer Methodist
was was held recently.
Grocery Co. Debbie's lesson. The subject of great Presbyterian
the Church.
Mrs. Vera Davis and group. Principal of New Stan- Record Shop, Dr. J.C. Church on the new
Pew the lesson is 'TheComing
Rally Guest boards will be Since its organizationthe ,
H.'ihlttln -
Mrs. Jack ton, Charles D. Brooks, Downing, Duval County church site at Cleve-
the Usher Board 2 of the trio has appeared on Day of the
ton as youngest served as toastmaster. School Cafeteria Dept. land Rd. and Woodlawn
Church, and Usher Board various throughout Lord. "
mothers. The mother 20th
May Appearing onrthe pro-
Puval Medical Center Rd. in the very near
with the most children 2 qf St. Thomas Baptist. the city and has Among, the visi-ting-
gram were Pev. CharlesJ. Fairway We asking
Grocery Co. future. are
Ushers from Friendly been acclaimed by teachers will be,
many /
award also by
was won Crosby. Alfred Mc- .
Furchgotts the continued coopera-
Mrs. Julia Macon. St. Baptist Church will as one of the most Dept. Samuel 0. Pearson and
Gee, Dr. J.I.E. Scott,
Store, Dr. Benjamin : tion of the people
serve. talented group of Mrs. Johnnie McOuire.
Members of the club
Rex C. Toothman ,
Johnson New living in the surround-
presented by the invitations have been singers to appear in Special visitors will
were lirs. Alveta S. Allen Everett Groover, Miss High school. Norris ing areas and the
The men in extended to the various this city. include the Long Branch
president. will be the Leila Floyd Miss Wini-
speakerfor and Son st.Luke's congregation.
boards the Bakery Elementary School
turn presented theirgur of city and They performed for the
the pew rally May fred Riley, Ish Brant Hospital, St. Church school begins
ts. auxiliaries of the State NAACP Conventionand Choral group, under
at 11 a.m. in St. Dr. Jean C. Downing 20 in the
Paul Sunday,
,20 Nursery School
church. The board with for the Florida the direction of Mrs.

Agony Out of Joseph Methodist the largest attendancewill State Convention of Miss Roberta Bacon, and St. Stepehsn Church, Ada V. Norton, music George Washington

Chu xh.: She is Atty. S. Gordon Blalock
a Sowell Funeral Carver Elementary
receive Flks. The dignitariesfrom Instructor and organistfor
Rheumatic Pains a prize.
of the Boardof
teacher in the public president R.F. Wilkerson Co. and School, 2854 W. 45thSt.
Thousands have found the The program will be an various sectionsof choir 1 of said
Directors at Brew-
school system and a at 10:00 a.m. withT.
May-Cohens Dept. Store.
nounced. the country who attend church. Greetings will
most soothing relief member of the' host ster, who was the V. Huger superintendent -
Students employed are:
the two state be brought by a memberof
they have known
church. speaker for the oc- in
charge.The .
from the minor pains Officers for the Choir 2 Plans meetings agreed that it casion. Thte closing Henry Edwards Mae the group. 11
pro- a.m. Worship
Dean Jones, Alfred Mc-
of the most announced
of Pheuma- was one As by urs.
symptomatic: I gram are: Mrs. Alberta remarks were made by begins in the same.
Gee Blocker
tism and Arthritis I Johnson chairman, Music FestivalA talented group of James Bolton. ,presidentWomei's Ola M. Caesar chair- ... ... -

Vight singers they have .heard. Betty Bryant, Veronica man of the celebration,
Misery now with '
Marion V. Young, cochairman music festival fea-
I. Falana Rufus
One of the national Harmon Fannie Bradfordof
; Mrs. Harriett turing Mt. Ararat's
leaders of the Elks Day Betty Hill Henry Mc- Bethel Baptist .5
Dorsey and Mrs. Florence Choir 2 and other well-
went far enough to say, Cray, Shirley Scott Church will be the TIMEto
Richo, program known city church choirs
On Saleat "That group is worth Sunday At Gloria smith Winifred speaker for the cele-
chairman.Rev. will be held SundayMay
Local Drugs Stores money, and if they were Riley, William Farmer bration. She will be
James Banks, 27, at 8 p.m. in
1907 KINGS ROADLilly's where their talent couldbe St. Thomas Willie Floyd Leon introduced by Mrs. ask for Goody's and save
I pastor will have the education build jng, Here is the best can
David money
Grant Hughes,
1 appreciated, they Ethel McKinney Seldon.
Drug 'Store t charge of the pulpit Mrs. Johnnie Mae Miller, The women of St. and William J. Wilson. buy-yet Goody's cost less
would be in the money. Mrs. Magdaline Petersof
than other brands.
__ I services. sponsor, announced. Thomas BAptist Also Tyrone Roller,
The group was organizedby Bethel will serve as
Program participantswill Church will observe Beverly Townsend,
Mrs. Eleanor Hurleywho mistress of ceremonies.
include the male their annual "Women's Thomas Butts WillieMae
serves as direc- Other outstanding
choruses of West toress and pianist.The Day" May 20 with Mrs. Bradswell. Deloris participants will appear ., ,

Friendship; Mt. Ararat, group is expectingfull Dorothy Carver servingas Rodgers, Kensy Oliver, on the program.

ftfe Aye, and Adorns Phoner EL 4-1463 Eastside Mt. Vernon, cooperation from chairman and Mrs. James Bolton, Geraldine Music will be fur-

Emanuel, St. Thomas, the public when they Thelma Gipp cochairman. Ellis, George Adams nished by choir 1 under

STEAKS LB. 55C Me d. SHRIMP. 89c Southside Baptist make their May 27th Willie Brooks, Adam Dubois the direction of Mrs. I

Churches, respectively, Other officers are: James Jiles, I
FOR BAKING ruUY DRESSED appearance Norton, and. the history
CATFISH along with other groups Mrs. Eleanor Jackson J ames Singleton, will be read by Miss

RED BASS ,, 32c lB. I to be contacted in the Mrs. Barbara Jackson, Richard Wilson, Freddie Shirley Benefield.The l

CONCH MEAT very near future, Mrs. I program chairmen; Mrs. Brown Theodosia Ross. church School was

DRUMFISH lb. 2Oc- lb.49c Miller said. W.C. Neal, pastor for Flora McCray, Margaret organized In 1891 by f

-"" <
the day: Gloria Henderson Shepherd. Mary Bethea the founder and first ,-
,.. '. .- 'O'lul. -- -- -----
"Y e. t l rt 11- >lit 6 Ib. late Out foft S2. *
Youth chairman; Carolyn Conway, Joyce pastor, the late I. 2 POWDERS 5
A /a.erita R.t""* t* Tfc.,. watt
Wulla Bell Williams, Gray.- George- Feaein.. Gardner Ross. 12 ,POWDERS 250FOa

BLACK SEA BASS -. u. 32e R youth program chairman, Allan Lane and Curtis

SPANISH 5 Fp .y Mrs. Annie Huff will Sanders. HELP & ADVICE CONSULT

MACKEREL 'LI. 32c 5 P R Sti serve as guest superin- The teachercoordinators Mrs. KING

tendent.Mrs. for the Coopera-

MANGROVE SNAPPER LI. 49e Eliza Rich Perry tive Training programat Gifted American Healer & Advisor.Are .

P wy-1 be the speakerat New Stanton are: you worried, troubled or
YELLOW TAIL SNAPPER 49c 0 F Q I unhappy? Mrs. King can and
11 Alma Danielsand
0 a.m. A program Mrs. C.
G will help you. She advises on
will be presented by Rodell Roberts.
ANOTHER Love Affairs, Bad Luck, ill
All Ml ATSnapper
youth departmentin
TRAILER LOAD Health Marriage problems

Throats u. 49c BLUE OCEAN the afternoon.The Business
Health Evil Spells or
Our Shots Are Selected for Your Comfort and Health Official
theme for the observance -
HUM All NEAT BREAM By One of Jacksonville's foremost Shoemakers Family Problems and anything

Turtle Meat u. 65cWHITINGlfc. is, "Victory Warns Against you wish to know. Satisfaction -

Through Christ." Look for

L 29 C I M & M SHOE COMPANY Mosquito ProbJMJ Hand sign and Name. Take

,,.. _--r I...L..... (I Ia l.H N 10 lit .. .
32c 1ar. 1,.<
! '. ville. Hours 9 a.a.8 p.n Closed Wednesday
!)l'JI v
a. official today said a
New Shoes Endicott Johnson
By Amazing ,x afternoon. Sun. 12 p.m. 8 p.m.Your Lucky
run TRIAL ".. v, solution to Florida'sgrowing Go East.
29C-- and Numbers. All Welcome.U.S.HYWAY
BlUE FISH days
.,.... SPECKLED relieved Bunion Pain '- mosquito No One in Trouble Turned Away
Gives comfort to Bunions. Easy to
STEAK FISH 59c TROUT u.59C Phone 355-1532 apply.You may wear the smart shoes you lilt problems is urgent to Licensed By State &County.
tt FalrYfoot gives last relief. Send)tie toda avoid "great economic
1223 S.Wabash Are..Dept.68 Chicago J.ID, loss to the state" '

'it: ,

.", \ -.- I ",
f ';-. j ,
., !

\ ,
.I 1

4 --
H factoRwefves M Norritwestcn's Trfcsnpta Return Home DeltaS Award Students;

Fnrfy Obsems Hear Judge J. K. Stout

Citation TALLAHASSEE---Two high school students and two

,:' s- 2. Mother's Day students from Florida A. and M. University received -
1 Hamp IA ton Institute's Students .and teachers cash awards totaling $275 from the local

president V Dr. JeromeH. alike have been cele- > x; x chapters of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. Inc. .

Holland announced brating "Mother's k 1f55 -_ here last week. high school seniors
The awards went to
that the faculty named Week" at Northwestern x. \ awards were for having
tHigh Misses Lonnie Jean
two colleagues Miss School in commera- attained the highest
Bernice A. Briant and tion of Mother's Day Davis of Lincoln High average in the senior
School. Barbara Jean
Dr. Edward C. Kollmannto which was celebrated clenses of their respective -
Carr of FAMU High
receive the Annual schools. Miss'
A' program was pre- School and Rubye Thomp-
Achievement Award lastpeek. Brown had the highest
The award consists .4 sented Friday last week j r : son and Anti nette average among junior
{ Brown of FAMU. The
in the school's cafe-
of a Citation and members of Delta*
S500.00 cash for each .P b .< torium with the D.C.T. { \ S .SA I --

recipient.Miss' Co-ordinator, J.S. Gen- I' ; JS THANK YOU CITIZENS
in charge of
O' Briant came to wright
the Institute\ 34 years arrangements. D.C.-Ter "' -5-
ago and initiated a Hannah Russell super- KEEP

program for the development vised the devotional DUKE IN DCEE---The "Duke" of them all. Fdward -

of secondary exercise. Patricia HOward Kennedy Ellington, returned home to Washington, DOUGLAS L.

level teachers. She recalls extended a cordial recently, to play a week-long engagement at the
having just welcome to mothers of famous Howard Theatre. During his visit the j
seven students back in students in attendance. celebrated native son took time from his busy HUTCHINSYOUR

1928. Now.there are Speaker for the event schedule to visit with -some friends, "old and

78. The Erlucation'de- > .. was Mrs. M.E. Johnson, new." In photo, Ellington poses with the singing

partment notably dedicated k a member of the Social Simmons Sisters (Joya 15. Dawn, 14 and Cheryl,

teacher by .: Studies Department of 16), who got surprise vacation appearance with CONSTABLEDISTRICT
students and teachers ,, r ( : c. ? the school. Mrs. John- "the man we love madly."'
ga '
informedthe stu-
son ----
past and present served .
on comraitteee for ,.7 ,.. .t '. dent body on how fort- By Russell (Chuck) Charles 11,
.; : I unate one is to have a 11 E2
planning the George; r. t ..1.'" : ,, ./.i- S, A : mother and how important hat DUYAl COUNTY
Fhcnix School in 1931.
.... A NOTABLE ACHIEVEMENT---Miss Frances Elizabeth a mother is in k Talk with anyone who has had dealings with my

......".. .....&. Taylor a 1961 graduate of Matthew; W. Gilbert the life of a child.Northwestern' .
a 1'our EAR I High School shown here... was recently employedby s motherof office and they will assure you that they have been
br HURT the internal Revenue the year earned the
ran : Department as a clerk
;; with ....., ."itLt. ur full-Hi during the income tax rush. honor as a result of treated fairly and with dignity .that my
8i tipped .litk' Han't ri,kdintiige. ; Her scholastic attainment -
.Soflrn up lur-l to : and high marks in the Civil Service her daughter partici- .
office is efficiently and courteously."Fair .
: operated
trash H ax with safe rffeo in and winning
II.. Examination made her .
live eardrop an early choice for the Gravy Fotts was sitting on the curb of the
a Wash oat cIor c'd wax ; position clerk. the recently conducted all under the law!"
as She holds the
lust may irritate, .offrrt .. distinction of ,isitowlk' ) right in front of \he cleaners holding treatment for
S. )..ur lirarloj AiV at all being the only Negro clerk pn her floor. Miss essay on the Subject; w his head in his hands in an attitude weighted (Paid PolLtical Adv. )
IruKsU for AURO... ;; Taylor was one of the youngest clerks to be em- "that\ my mother means grief. --
CI".I.I .J o.'<'11:11.: ....-4::.... to me. Mrs. Annie
ployed by the Internal Revenue Department.
Yhat's buggin'
you. Gravy"McNasty inquired _
Williams, mother of .
easing up alongside of him.
senior student Shirley Tn shook.mS the AnnouncingNEW
dejected reply.
r----- ---t tt Williams, received this
'You'.} 1 be took if you don't get up from
coveted honor. Both there,' McNasty warned. "The boss roller is LOCATIONS OF

mother and daughter on the scene.. ."
t 1 t''I i4s t tt showed blissful emotionas "1' m suffering from lack-of- Bar BCueBar.B.O
Quality -
: iA ,_:- they were presentedto loot-itis Gravy lamented.
MARKETS the audience. Music "That's near-bout as sick as a
t & PER # 1
s. .. contributions were live man can be, McNasty. Her
.. .. : made by Vernon Smith ',5. drug himself up from the curb, 1791 Kings Road '. W1STIN'Bar

and Tyrone Williams. s;:.... shaking his head sadly from side KEEPS ME
B Q # 2
: CHUCK ElectedTo 1513 W. Beaver
ROAST j'-. 'Shucks,' McNasty: told him TO BECOME
|tt :: S
1 Top Posts ,. :. "being broke ain't -nodical--it's Open 11 a.m. Daily JENKINSMelton
HEN NASHVILLE. Tenn. mental. You just '1 in' t been using
19C 'CHUCK Closed on Sundays BAR8QU
t I Two members of the I your head, Gravy, especially with all this e-
j: 3SCLB. II Florida A&Afl 1 university lection action going on.' '

Baptist Student Union Gravy' sad expression sharpened into a look of Jenkins. Jr., Prop.

t TOMATOES -I I were elected to national slyness. "You.J got something to say?" he asked
duringthe quietly.
SCOTT BATHROOMTISSUE spring: retreat of McNasty glanced up and down Ashley St. ''Listen,
II I Ilimit
t # 303 CANS 5" 5" the National Baptist Gravy,' he said in his best cloak-and-riigger? o a sDISCOUNT

Student Union here r'e- voice, '*e are going to inform: then poor jerks
2 will $5.00 order .
t II I cently. still running for office that we have 100 willing -
M 2 will $5.00 order
-- Miss Ruby Jones a workers who will knock on doors, ring bells,
FARM HOUSE FROZEN U': S. n 1 MARIE freshman nursing major jam citizens and take any other steps necessaryto e

o I frcra Miami was electedto force a yes vote out them.

FRUIT PIES POTATOES the Executive National 'We' 11 tell them that our people will comb. the

I I Council as area bushes the alleys and the byways for a whole : !'.UIJI.'!" !;4j ; ...: !L'' '-1 ,"t '__.'
PEACH representative for the week before the election.Seven glorious days

states of Georgia an our folks will toil fro sun-up 'til sun- own.ex- STORE
t t Florida. Rev. Eugene G. pounding and singing praises to our hero can 1824 W. BEAVER STREET

CHERRY SJierman. associate pro- didate. .."
l fessor of sociology, "Great day"Gravy! breathes, his eyes feverish 830-31 CASSAT AVE.
__ was elected to the with excitement. "Ma-a-a-n, that's a boss pro-

National., Executive gram!" BACON AND EGG SALEDUE
.n yo" '
"Wait now, Our Friend toll him 'uere'show
we climax the action: We' 11 call Ejection Day TO POPULAR DEMAND WE ARE

'E-Day' you dig? And we'll produce 10 sound REPEATING THIS SALE FOR

DR. JAMES WILSON, D. D. S.DENTIST trucks which' 11 blast the latest sounds from the
"Tail of Two Twists" to 'Moon' Liver." ONE FULL WEEKTHRIFTY

We' 11 make them voters follow us like we was

Pied Pipers--right dead to the polls to vote OR TAIL HICKORYSliced
for our man." 00

aces The Reneta. ui t.. His Office 'WOW!* Gravy Potts exclaimed. 'Whoopee!' hesmacked BACON 3 tBS. $1
his lips in anticipation. Suddenly his

Toi face panicked. "Oh, Lord" he groaned. "I
knew there was a jam somewhere."
"What's wrong with you?" McNasty' demanded.
3116 MOKCRKF' ROAD '. ,- "Loot* he replied, "The same thing that 2 69c
S ails me. Where do we get the loot!" large EGGS

1W -w / McNasty laughed. "Gravy dear boy he said

JACKSONVILLE, FlOfHAI ._ .we are going to use what is known as 'ap-
' plied politics.' We will not have 100 workers GRADE "A"Stewing

I -i- I Office HI1III'S. we'll have one worker. And instead of paying our 19C
Telephone workers 10-bucks a day like we' 11 tell our hero HENS LB.

9 m to 6 pi. Daily candidate we're going to do, we' 11 pay some

355-1821 sucker 5-bucks a day. As far as them hundred

9. ajn. to 3 p. n. Sstanlay sound trucks is concerned he went on, interpreting VOLVO CANNED 11 00
the still-worried look on Gravy'sface
T 'we'll the radio in that old 303CANS $1
Ode Itese Smut May 26tk 4 to6 .
F p.m. p m. Cadillac of yours and drive slowly through the c.tr"...
-U-TI-I-- i streets of course.' he added emphatically

'we'l. collect in advance from our candidate." SENECA PUREGrape

GENERAL CONTRACTOR I Gravy's conscience was obviously roughing him -.JIM

5 S ?;; ,;. up. "Ain't that scheme a little on the swindle JUICE 4
>-, side!I' he asked worriedly. Bonus

FERRYMAN "That's exactly what it's intended to be,' '
CO. Inc.Fhtae. MCNasty replied complacently. "It's what is FRESH CAUGHTMULLET
known as .Poli Jacksonville Style.' or
, 'How to Make a Good Living Once Every Four iII1C
1858 Evergreen Ave Years' ." YOU M :
tt 5-2933
Gravy's strained expression slowly relented.
"Great. day!" he said and burst out laughing.

oeagner : '.. ". 5 McNasty was laughing too. He had never topped. DUKE'SMAYONNAISE
iF. .

GneralIraftiIt', Phwe n 5-438S / 5403-05 CERTIFIED ARMOUR STAR

., .:,' ..: ; T.- PHoNe,PO. 5-14B6 JACKSONVILLE, 9. rLA.Johrniie's ,' fit IE ENTEtYYO fS
HAM 3'9C 69C

: ..;.. '. Hotel LB.
RaOMiNd House 627 W. ASHLEY ST. PH. EL 4-5982
ROOMING House 710*W.ASMLCV ST. PM. EL 6.7596
J 17l1lAJ1l1Oft AYE. Phm FL 91616

-. .- .-- JACKSONVILLE 2, FLORIDA .. .

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-,- .. -; "..," "

.PAGE.6 FLORIDA, ST R- i ': SATURDAY MAY '19, '1962

_____ -- -- .

I "Rise Up Where You Are Strong" 'Miss Paradise Pork' 1962 Pyrkkis Meet Bora' Section Sparks Concert

North Carolina Negro PTA Told May 20-23

I GREENSBORO N. C.---A Greensboro attorney last II Pensacola

week urged a group of Negro parents studentsand I

teachers to actively support Gov. Sanford's PENSACOLA Grand 4
W 1I
quality education program. Chancellor R.A. Dries- :

bach of Port stt Joe
"Rise up where you the quality education
will preside and Supreme -
are strong--at the bal- program; be informed
lot box .and" tell all and inform 'all' around I Chancellor R.
: A. Hester of Dallas 1
: '
who will ;hearWill- you and with whom you' .1..", ." i
--- Texas, has accepted an
iam D. said.
Caffey come in contact. .
.the 12th. ; idea : invitation to be pre- ,
He spoke at Caffrey. said' his $:
annual PTA Leadership of quality e education I "I "\ sent during the three-
day session of the
School of the Seventh 'is to provide the .ii'
District of the North most functional Vhysi-.I I ,r : If Knights- "of. Pythias I
Jurisdiction .of FloridaMay
Carolina of
congress cal surroundings con-
t 20-23 in Pensacola.The .
Col parents
red and
sistent with our means

Teachers. The leader- with in which the most three-day meetingis

ship school, which highly trained and : expected todraw a R.
record delegation representing W
stressed "The Role of dedicated teachers and
the Parent and the d. all areas
personnel we can entice "
'; of' the state to this
Student in Qaulity Education and retain can offer, to

.. '.".' was, held. .'af our children the opportunity / west coast city. ."
; ( The Trombone section, of the 90-piece A. and T. College Symphony Band,
A. and T. College on to reach the .
: 15 Courses was one of the standout groups as the Band gave its annual spring
Saturday, ,. April 28. upper and other limitsof j:1'c s
"Without concert last week. The section was composed of, from left to right:
apology.1Caffrey their capabilities.' Slated For
told the 275 Mary Baldwin Burlington N. .C. ; Ralph Holt, Creedmoor 'N. C. ; Edgar

persons attending.the Sox PrepPizarro .Y 7 Summer School Thomas, Greensboro N. C.; Charles Hightower Fayetteville N. C. ;

leadership school' "I S f s Glenn Gore Southport, N. C.. and Clyde Taylor. Rocky Mount, N. C.

urge upon you as an TALLAHASSEE---Fiftee .- -- ..--...'- --- .... ---- .. .... .
For ,.. short courses have
all-out, full effort 1 F
t' been scheduled for the ;.,
obligation, the necessity ') 4e 1962 summer session at Jaxon Elected State Youth Prexy

of 'supportingthose 20 WinsCHICAGO ..... "', ,, ,
Florida A..and M. Uni- 1. '" --'",""'
who have had the '- ;
iC f .. .' >
versity, announcedDr. ; .
High on the > ,
political and ""
courage Chicago white Sox '62 H. Manning Efferson 1:, '...... ,'
otherwise 'to for-
dean of the uni-
pennant plans is lefty ,
ward' with the quality .t,,' ."
Juan Pizarro, who if versity and directorof .' }\
education program." he continues his highly the summer session. ,

4 Do not be misled by improved control of a.wa The summer session will

glib labels, by emo- last season, will be be held from June 15 .e'c

tional appeals not expected to hit his to August Irj. A

based on facts, by the first 20-wins season. Special features in
x ,
tourturing of statis- Pizarro, who accordingto I ",y k the forms of workships,

tics. Ascertain the manager Al Lopez, ,. x ;, conferences and institutes .r YidPa

factsmake; : known. your has all of the factors ; are beneficialto -

interest to those running necessary for a 20-game individuals engagedin ..o, w ( rc

:for"public office, winner, looked good on educational, busi-

espec legisla- opening day when his .. ness, professional and
ture..' insist on unequivocal consistency on hitting ; R !r1.ma w y civic work in the
statements of the outside corner was .r state Dr. Efferson

position in support of almost perfect.In I ('"';...u .l.... '/ ', stated. HEADS SLATE Officials of the NAACP's Youth Council are students of
ey.bys. 1
j <<0''''' Petersburg Fla.-President Lev McIntor'of
the game againstthe 'S Gibbs junior College. St.
Miami Eateries Angels Pizarrowas LONG LIVE THE QUEEN-! --Miss Evqlina Smith, an Clay Daniels. Jacksonville, secona from left; Howard Kennedy of Fernandina Beach,

Barriers as swift as ever attractive and talented student at Duval Vocational vice president, second from right; and treasurer Beatrice Moore of
Drop Meet
and altho he had a low School, was recently crowned 'Miss Paradise May 19ih Winter Haven They are shown mapping plans for the coming year with

MIAMI, 14 Howard of only six strikeouts, Park' of 1962. She plans on pursuing her present NEW YOPK Unbeaten Leon Cox St. Petersburg Branch NAACP president. Cox an instructor '

Johnson's 'restaurants the Sox infield had 22 courses which should ultimately lead to her entering professional and former at Gibbs Junior College, has been honored twice this school year for

in the Miami area are putouts. Pizarro, alsoan the beauticians' profession. As an interesting Golden. Gloves and world his efforts, in improving racial conditions in St. Petersburg. The

now open to everyoneas excellent fielder, sidelight Miss Smith has 'won additional Olympic champion Cas- State NAACP honored him in Jacksonville in November, and last month

the result of the had' 4 assists. He-com acclaim in her role as vocalist with a popular sius Clay will put his the FSTA honored him: in Miami.

first phase of CORF' s pleted the day with 2hitssinglesalong local combo.Catholic. unblemished record on/ (GJC staff photo by Horace Jones, jr. )

'Freedom IIi ghway s' _.-"_._-'"..".. "'< r. -, ......_".......,4" "'" '...... .
: t ," .
;Y '" "
prof ects. with Sherm Lollar's 4 Bishop '
& elU
; ') .,."
> t ..
A. n.. Moore CORE which accounted for 6 {" :t'f' ,
Praises StandAt : ., $ ?l br '
; 'lj"
national treasurer and of the Sox 10 bingles. : '" :

chairman of the local New Orleans t. :.;ftr _
croup, reported that t= I,;:1
The *
ROME Catholic -
the Howard Johnson area ti
world paid tribute f.tf t
supervisor had agreedto
Sunday to Martin de r'
open all 14 Dade ; -
restaurants Porres, the illegiti- .,.... Y f
County on r T
mate son of a Spanish x k.S
May 2 after a series of
knight and ,
a Negro y
tests by members of
a slave girl, as he was Q ?. 9 .i
Miami CORF.

CORK, has taken on k canonized by Pope John
fiw XXIII at St. Peter's
"Freedom Highways" as A N -rTi":
Bascilica. / '! Yd' f 1f
a major national pro- '
.' Saint Porres, who became -
j ect. The aim is to _
the Catholic
op c nth c chain'srestnurnnts'on LEN MATTHEWS r 4 When the Sixth District omegas of North Carolina
Church's first mulatto .
.>-. all LEN MATTHEWS, popular held their annual meeting last week at Fayette-
saint, was born in
major highways in the lightweight from Ger-. ville, N. F. John A. Moore, right, Charlotte
Lima, Peru, December 9,
south, Local CORE mantown, Pa. has re- accountant, was cited for his outstanding ser-
1579 and died :j
groups: throughout the entered ring circlesand \14 vice to the district. J. B. Blayton, left, Atlanta -
November 3, 1639.
youth arc testing the has set his sights the A. L. Lewis Ga. banker and national grand Beeper of
Ruth Ray (
policies .tb' Jacksonville
:of chainrestaurants on the world's crown 'UNKNO'NAbout School Jacksonville, and her intern teacher Miss Mariah finance for the Fraternity, presents a plaqueto
in their now held by Carlos Elementary

nrons. Ortiz of New York. 20,000 people, Childs of Gainesville Edward Waters College co-ed, review the latest .. --'--. ---, -- .-- -. -...-
many of them from South event of Miss Childs' junior college Alma mater Gihbs JC locatedin Moore.ROYAL

America, attended the St. Petersburg, 'Fla. Miss Childs is one of 10 JC graduates at ART STUDIO

POSHEDCCfolAlM canonization. when Edward Waters College. ,

Saint Porres was bornas (GJC staff photo by Horace Jones, jr. ) ._.; CLARENCE J. SIMON .

I the son of Bon Juan ....... J PROPRIETOR -'!f

de Porres, a knight of "
the old Order of Cula- Angels Chairman Greets Angels SPECIALS ?-
Stephens Signs
trava. and Ana Valas-
; A/HAZING HTP6OUNbMrKg 257's 1-Color .,
quez a Panamanian ,

Bnslfj nsskfn Negro descended from ,. For June 29th & White $$6.95: -

Abyssinian slaves. the BUFFALO N.Y. Minne- '
? priest who baptized him : so ta' s great All- 1- 810 Opaltone ,-;:
11 3* wrote, 'father un- American quarterback, & 3- 3x5'd;

OLD FASHIONED"Wpria'i known" on his baptis- Sandy Stephens has In
Tops \
,** l \ '( mal certificate.The accepted a bid to play :

*"_"Vtr-wp" t IS.V- / proud Spanish with the West squad in CommericahWeddings-Portraits :-:;
? &&*+ nobleman never fully the All-America Bowl

lightens, dark spas accepted his son, who football game here on 515 DAVIS ST. EL 41894Ihv
had inherited the color e ax June 29th.
red ""
powder ,
n -- '- -
taeManufacturers } and features of his

mother.In l ," ,,,

*( &SrS* 8* '* New York Sunday, 411FILDOM' _

.V'. ir ;://?. .. ... where Catholic churches
of Posner's Bergamol/The Jar with the Star"You also paid tribute to

f the new saint, the very

Dent Hart to Go to Town to Get Reverend James A. .McCabe Firms .listed Below Are Recommended As Reputable '

of providence, ...,. _
""LOW PRICES Rhode island, said: Establishments Specializing Services and Products


,:, 'Not only did he see IMPERIAL SUNDRIES INDEPENDENT OIL CO.-. ,
On Your 1 *:
Christ in every man, KEROSENE HOME DELIVERY :
rctent Medicines Cosmetics y

-" DRUG STORE NEEDS;:: looked free or slave beneath but the he S FAMED GENE AUTRY, (second from left) who 'All Leading Hair Preparation Mechanic On Duty ,

skin and there saw is chairman of the board of the Los Angeles JAMES FAULKNER, Mechanic} |i I

Trod With Your Neighborhood Druf Store soul of white Spaniard, Angels baseball organization receives bases ,from COR. BROAD & ASHLEY fL 4.2159 IKE JOSEPH, Proprietor -1

WE WILL MEET ANY PRICES ADVERTISED IN YOUR LOCAL PAPERS the red Indian, the three lovelies during ceremonies at the new State and Jefferson Sis. EL 6-9432

W.Deliver-Wo Alto Fill All Doctors' Prescriptions black Negro. To Martin, Chavez Ravine baseball stadium. From left are: "LILLY'S DRUG STORE"A .A

every man possessed an Carol. Yates, Autry, Yvonne Henry. and .Joyce. So-' MOTHER E. M. JONES
immortal soul dear to gabe. Complete Line of COSMETICS .
Pharmacy "" ,:.. : .. SPIRITUAL ADVISOR
Pixie direct '\ RUBBER Service Every Thursday-8 p.m.
In a referenceto V GOODS CANDIES 492 W.
J excommunicated UNION ST. El 4/0269
the ,
Y. -
1302 KINGS ROAD at MYRTLE Catholics in New ,
,, '
PHONES EL 5-!591.98' Orleans Father McCabe I When you have, Radio' T. 'v. troubles -I-f. .Prescriptions Caked for and DeG eted. JOHNNIE'S ROOMING .HOUSE

said, the sainthood of 1 AU MODERN CONVENIENCESRooms

J AY'YOUR LIGHT, WATER AND TEl. .;ti9.tE the !Negro might bring. CALL 3'54-)136 1349 DAVIS ST. .1907 Kings Rd. El 5.816iiii" by Day, Night or Week 'i F '

,- BILLS, ,. AT, ._OUR,. STORE" : "s dness' pr.. ,, God. for-. ". -- ..- ,. 627 West Ashle Sk EL e

I ;. .

L -- --- -- -- -w
__ _
-- i
y ..
.. I
i/ .



j" SATURSAY, MAY 19,' 1962 fllMM STAB PAGE 7

o '"T.,,
.;. .
; "

':.'..-.'It,,'''';;;;'jf; ,.f': .

:; ,:
IJ .

... :.... '0 ,'- "
t. ,. ;; iP" -

--- ---

Jax' Walter Wears Heads t Johnson Clean Title Obstacle Hayes' Burns Up Cinders

A&T College's Mermen r f ;,! Two-Day Onslaught

GREENSBORO N.C. Two boro. .
duringthe -- ---- -
feat compiled
ATLANTA Jacksonville's string by burning the
brothers, former mem- recent season; com- Another Jefferson Pool Robert r
Hayes, cinders to a 9.2 pace

bers of Coach Julius peted in seven dual Guinyardcoachedalumnus sparked the annualSoutheastern in the 100 yard dabs to

Guinyard's JeffersonPool meets, winning 13-first who will be Con-
1 place his name along
swimming teams places. 4 second's and watched with interestin / A >>1g 1_ .. ference's annual track side that of Frank Budd

have been raising a one third. In dual future swimming and field meet by of Villanova as co-

ruckus in CIAA and meets he had the second events will be Julian ;" ; turning in three 9.3 -.' holder of the world's

other competitive fastest time in the ( Bill) falters, a : r 100 yard winning runs record.
swimming and diving 220-yard individual relay senior at Northwesternhigh in two days. 4 4

circles during the and 440-yard free- School, who wil The former Matthew W. Budd TIeS World's

style. enter\ennessee State Gilbert
High School of

Walter won a third A&I University' this Jacksonville's triple 220 Yard Mark

place award in the CIAA fall on a football feat aided FAMU' s ram- r VILLANOVA Pa. Frank

Swimming and DivingChampionships scholarship. However. paging thinclads to Budd of Villanova U. ,

--in the Bill is also expectedto s w ..- 1:: 1 sew up the annual track y holder of the world's

1500 metre and 220-yard add lustre to his t / and field games in a 100-yard dash record

Freestyle respectively first love which is ,
runaway victory. r (9.2) until it was
and in secondin competitive swimming. he amazed the sports
came Although the sophomore tied by FAMU's Robert

the 440-yard Pro speedsters' first love world during the AAU Hayes (Jacksonville)

style. He broke all of Games at Miami U. this
Gfcbs Fenditrs 11 is said to be football this spring ran a 20-

his own records of the
seconds 220 yard dash

previous year and last Reap Revenge here May 13 to tie the

.year's CIAA Conference _
LEARNING HOW world mark establishedby
t championship records. ST. PETERSBURG Dr. .Y
Dave Sime of Duke in
Ronald Mears placed John Shinners youthful
MEARES (A. & T.) second in the annual Gibbs Junior College,
TO SWIM Budd also ran a 9.3E
present season. Morehouse College 100- Fencing Society turned 100-yard dash prior to
Freestyle and also HAROLD JOHNSON (right), NBA's nominee for theworld's Jtt1
yard the tables their
The two are Walter on the 220 yard run during
light-heavyweight crown, eliminated his
Mears. former life- second in the 100-yard worst tormentors, the
the dual meet with the
last obstacle to the title when he defeated
guard and American Red Freestyle event at St. Petersburg Fencing By Julius Guinyard Quantico Marines.
young Doug Jones of New York in a unanimous 15-
Cross Tuskegee institute. Club of the YWCA and WOE
water safety instructor round decision May 13 in his hometown Philadelphia' Injured Hfooso
at Jefferson According to Guinyard. a hard-fought victory ,,
s Arena. Johnson is shown making pre- First Of A Series
Pool captain of the Walter is a sophomoreat Thursday to avenge the
fight June title defense plans with a repre- Also Suffers
A&T College swimmingteam A&T and Ronald is in season's lone defeat It is possible, of course, to learn how to
sentative from Germany (left) and acting manager
and his brother., high school. The suffered two weeks ago. swim without instruction.As Broken Wrist
George Gainsford, (standing)
Ronald who competed brothers reside with The Mound park Hospi- a rule, self-taught swimmers swim very poor- .

their mother. Mrs. Jose ST. LOUIS, Mo. Vete-
unattached for the tal physician who has ly indeed.

Greensboro YMCA. phine Mears at 1803 guided the young col- Without an understanding of basic fundamentalsand ran Card outfielder.

Here's Walter's record Curry St. in Greens- lege into the portalsof SPORTING IT UP being concerned primarily with the avoidanceof Minnie Minoro who
suffered skull frac-
history with this drowning it is the customary thing for them a
Big 0' And PEPSI ture when he crashed
rare sport saw his to set up patterns of swimming movements which

MergeI homestanding chargers BY C. PARHAM 1 JOHNSON are crude, exhausting, and far from efficient.It against a wall chasinga

liner here
r match the older and is estimated that approximately 90,000,000 May 12
was found to have also
,,.; more experienced foilers persons use boating and swimming facilities
JACKSONVILLE BASEBALL FANS are really living it suffered a bone breakin
,1 I individual victory for annually.Of .
up these days, and why not? With a baseball team his right wrist.Dr. .
individual victory. this number, less than 10 per cent can be
that is riding high wide and handsome at the top Stan London sur-
What turned the tide classed as expert swimmers, while more than 40
of the heap, they have something to feel proudof. geon at Jewish Hospital
was fewer penalty points per cent are non-swimmers very poor swimmers.
The only ones who can't see the sun shiningare where Minoso was, taken
for the junior College The primary objective >f this series is *o give
the prognosticators who are condemning the following the accident
crews, The statisticsthus the reader some basic principles of learninghow
Suns can stay on top,. ,tied for the top or stayin reported the skull
showed to.swim.
8 individual -
the first division without hitting, shame on fracture as being more
victories for First Phase of Learning
the other clubs. serious than the wrist
each team and 57 Waist Deep Water
THE FAULT FINDERS are the famous (?) grandstand injury. He did add
penalty points scored 1. Physical and mental adjustment to the water: S.
managers who would like to impress some thought- however that Minnie
against Gibbs while the the first phase of instruction is concerned
less souls with their superior baseball knowledge.How was taking liquids and
0 YWCA crew had 64 char- wholly with adjustment to the new element. The
,. could a team stay on top or battle for the was appearing to be
ged against it. effect of cool water on the body effects people
<.<... ,.-.. top if they did not hit enough to make some more alert.Sunny .
This was a far cry differently. It depends upon the age, physicaland
scores. What they seem to forget is that there
from the lop-sided 11-5 mental condition of the individual. One
are seven other teams in the league with nine
tally of individual should enter the water gradually, as you take Says:
men on the field battling to do the same thing to
victories that the your hand and sprinkle water on the various
the Suns that the Suns are trying to do .to them.
Downtown crew garnered parts of the bOdy. then submerge to the chin until Taste the
They seem *.o forget that the players on the other
against JC in a previou you are wet all over.
team aren't sandlotters.
Oscar Robertson, All-Pro Guard of the Cincinnati battle two weeks ago. Note---The preceding step is designed to ,get
THOSE WHO ARE ACQUAINTED with Manager Ben Ger- sunnymorning
Royals of the National Basketball Association Captain Joe Dasher of you used to the lower temperature of water, to
aghty's method of doing things can understandwhy
Tampa was the super adjust your breathing to the pressure of the
has joined the pepsi-Cola Marketing teamlRobert-
he jumps down a player's collar when it seems
Somerail vice star of this match for water on the chestand to experience the gradual
son, shown here with James B. like the player, is loafing. Geraghty s forever
president and general manager of Pepsi-Cola Gibbs. He won three of loss of weight as the effect of buoyancy becomes
striving for perfection. When he sets his eyes on flavor of.
four events while his apparent with the increasing depth of the water.
Bottling Company of Cincinnati, has begun an a pitcher and labels him as being good, he wants ..
with the and teammates pelman 2. Now submerge your face below the surface and
off-seasort job pepsi organization,
him to be the best in the league and he wants
in Blackshear and Randolp hold your breath for about three (3) seconds.
has started a training program preparation
every other pitcher to be better than he is. He .schenleq
for a possible full time position when the "Big Bellamy each won two Your face should be in a positi01, if you should
wants his outfielders to be able to roam the
0" eventually retires from professional basket- matches and George open your eyes, you would look straight at the
outer garden with the speed of deers. One never
hall. Roberson, one. bottom. You should get accustomed to this phase:
gets so good that improvement is impossible. He
Jim Law matched Das- because while swimming, your face will be in
wants his batters to wade in on the inside out-
her's performance with the water most of the time.
side, high, low and wide curves. He wants them to .
three victories while Next week, we will take up the second phaseof
hit the fast ball, the slow ball, the sinker, the ,
Joe Walker and CaptainBob learning how to swim. "Buoyancy, Body position -
slider, oh; anything, just get on up there and
Millott garneredtwo Rhythmic breathing and relaxation.
hit, but be sure he hits.
individual wins and
HE WANTS HIS BASE RUNNERS to start sliding when
Buck Winchell one.
he leaves first base and skid,on into second base. BigNamsslftGcffToPaceTovriiey ,
.A y Walker got things l\ t
\ He wants every gap closed in the infield, not a
rolling for the YWCA
.a crew by defeatingBlackshear ball shall get through. There shall be no hits At Chkago Course Now every

through the infield. He wants his catchers to be drop of

in the able to throw all runners out at second base. CHICAGO, Ill.---This one should be great--a straightwhisky

initial match of the golf match involving joe Louis and Althea Gib- inSchenley
"There shall be no stealing on this or that
The victorywas is
catcher."* if the pitcher cocks his arm and son vs. Jackie'Robinson and Ann Gregor/--if aged 8
A Y decided on one pen throws the ball across the grandstand, by all that is the line up--at Pipe-O-Peace Golf Course, years andblended

alty point which reflected .Chicago, Sunday afternoon, July 1.
means the catcher should have been able to get with
the close
that ball. "There shall be no passed balls." Which of these wonder- choice grain
petition that prevailed neutralspirits.
: throughout.Law THIS CORNER HAS NO CONDEMNATION of Manager Ben ful golfers and inter- won an outstandingchain .

got the first of Geraghty being a perfectionist. He knows, the nationally known sports- of UGA titles.

this three individual players, the front office and the fans know that figures will be teamed There will be five t>1l 4

.: victories in the next if you give in the least bit, human beings have a together and pitted flights for men and FIFTH

event by subduing tendency to be sloven, lazy, careless and out of against the other is four flights for women Code 11243N

Roberson. shape. A baseball player like everyone else must not yet known. It is who will pay (

Bellamy then got stay in top notch condition if the team is to going to be a wheeler- registration fees of -=, 312r

Gibbs in the win Column get anywhere. Yes, it is the opinion of many that dealer nevertheless.The $10.00 and $8.00respectively. CODE

with a victory 'Ben is right. It is a case of keeping up the old Choi-sette Women'sGolf 1044

-_ spirit, staying in the game until the last can is Club of Chicago sour i ISIY-1tIIO lain..i wor.BxttKITltt .

Watch This Gown: 1 out, battle the whole thing down to the last is the host and pro- r- S.saonm.CI..c.
18 34 -03 .S09 out. Ben is no novice at managing baseball teams.He moter of the matcb,

14502.411Bometftme bas won pennants before;: when, he wasn't winning being held at the end WHEN+ YOU ARE ILL

pennants he was some place ,near the' top. of their Pipe-o-peace Ton Seek The Best Doctor

'The Twist THOSE WHO KNOW SOME OF THE PLAYERS have been Open Golf Tournament in When Your Doctor prescribesGet

J 9 told by many that Ben is the type of manager Chicago June 30- P Experienced pharmacists .

.:,The Latest Men's Hair Styles ., that a player will give his last ounce of strengthfor. July 1.LookIng. According to Your Dootor's

They also know that he will go down to the at the greats- Orders. We Use Only

Taught At The 16 -50- 38 last wire for his men. Yes, the players are Ben's -there is joe Louis The Best Quality DrugsDr.
Being 39 52 26 one-time national
corner and he is in theirs. Out on that field, C. E. Black
amateur champion of
be'&. otonwthiie it is strictly a matter of business with him and
...'" down the United Golfers Proprietor
JacksonvilleJarber Be ad.. .ulaVadi in every game, it is now or never. So, the grand
Association. Althea
I fU Works It ai ar and stand managers and the grandstand Hall of Faaers 3 REGISTERED PHARMACISTS TO SERVE YOUA
Gibson, the tennis
cannot dampen the water anywhere in the stream.
Coming Attractions champ who recently COfcPLFTF LINF OF
!_ College Inc. NOW JUST A LITTLE SOUND ADVICE to the many fans,
: 814 22- 114 captured Ray Mitch;!!'swomen's Cosmetics Rubber Goods Candies Sundries
-why not get on out to Buster Ford's on Union St. '
.. ,} title Ray'sother AMi D2I''F.RFDLilly's
TOOTHACHE and Roberts Cafe on Myrtle Avenue just in front
L I. Approved 100 champion, Jackie
'f, percent Air Condo Dolt> 't suffer w dlctthr. CIa ,trvtr i.*. of St. Paul AME Church and secure tickets for Store
1 lit from Uiro66m MI* of lDotURifitA Robinson, baseball's Drug
> fast aetlAl OU.IL "ill the games beginning on the 24th. The places have
: fOIl to stcoMtor CwataatttG newly named Hall-of-
630 DAVIS ST. at Beaver snowy UU.All#ui stom been selected for the convenience of fans to help

.:- .',. '_0" .__1___._ II- 0" ; .. T ; re also. at Famer, and the queen of ,. .
S ---- '. -". _.,_ ,_
\ .j..<, '- -: : '' : : 'l!' t --;5'-O
: ; {
= : 0 : : f
., __
.- .-' ,' : '- ," .:.." .-' '

r: '

I ) l '

PAGE 8 '

FIORIIA STAR" .ITnRnIY........-... .LILY..... 1Q..., IBM I"":.

'May 29th VOTE May 291k Chips Off The Blocks THANK YOU I EVEN VED

By 'Jay Jay' D

I found a pretty good market for ny regular DUY AL CITIZENSr.ay

Moncrief Drive.lnFruit sale of "Get-a-way" kits. Sane. of the boys had ,
in reservations
for the kits but may not have to Q673A
use them until the 30th of the
were other fellows going around bragging that 8 Returns ,Show

Market T' they did not have a single loser on their 'tic- 24,517 Citizens 5-110
ket. '
Heck, that's,
easy. you have to do is
45th &, Moncrief( Pick the fair-haired boys of the; machine .'who? .Who Voted For Osborn tip

are anti-Negro in a nice sort of wa y In this Cant Be Fooled r FAB
Willie Molley.Prop. way. you will have all winners. By
John "B.B." The
pickens celebrated his birthday Homestead
For Free Deliveij Open Daily Party at the Monterey Club. John had plenty of willi JfoI f I nerII
Exemption HoaxKEEP
liquids and solids
on hand. you
Can PO 5-9287 7 a.m. io 12 p.m. have seen
--q .- him trving to look like an elf when he cut his
-- -. -- cake. His long time side-kick, Frank Courtney bs.29C
and his madam came out to help Pickents celebratehis

FLOUR IbZ 49 golden' natal day. pop Snyder Rose Fletcher rib $5.00 food ado

25 Betty Belton Pop Brown, jerry iszard and mem- FRANKOSBORN
-- -- -- bers of the STAR staff
were among those who .
helped pickens to celebrate.The .
SAUSAGE Four Knights are still at the Edgewood

ggl Lounge. This is a must for all of you music
lovers. We don't know how
3 Ibs. long the group willbe
) ... -- ,1." -" .." '''---- there. After all, seems like the policy in Try ru eats.They are tile finest at low prices

Jacksonville when it comes to places operatedfor A Total Of 37,824 Votes ,- ," -, .
WEINERS "us" is to try and find something for -<--'

31bs. nothing.. So--if you have not seen Rick and the Fish' Bait' Thompson Comma Soon RITZ "A RARE FEAT
r. boys dig them in a hurry. 13,307 IN MOVIE MAKING"let

MAXWELL HOUSECOFFEE GRADE 'A'I Watch closely for big news from the Continental Frank Osborn Magazine
I I I Bowling ''lAnes. A slew of big events are on tap. L

591RYERS 29 J', There' will be something for everyone.We 37 ,824

Limit oneTender hear through the grapevine that our mainman
fib ,
Clint Moon has been commissioned to decorate
iiM another nite spot. Moon is the person behind the Shows Duval Citizen

BeefLIVER ROAST real gone scenes on the walls at the Edgewood
Lounge. Prefer An Experience Man In

99 BEEF 271 Our boy Julius Bowman left the city for Dee The Office Of Tax AssessorIt's

3 Ibs. Cee this week. He is invited to a top level

confab along with other folk in the "rights" Up To You Voters NowWalker's .
'W .
.". '
field: Seems tho is planning something -- -.v. } :
TREAK.O-LEAN as JFK .. ,' ', \, .
-.0 ,
FloristOpen "," -
for OPPORTUNITY ., '' f'I "
new us.
BUTTER '>: ::1
.Ji s [
.59C BACON Doc Sweet and the folk at Stanton Vocationalare Daily- -, _"-,,. C' _i ,: ,__ _111, 'f.,_
99 8 Education through Research ,.. .
lb for commencement. a.m. -5 o.m. COLUMBIA PICTURES -
pulling a good one their
DevelopmentBuild -
to "'=-
5-2400 -
dp.r! 3 Ibs. They are bringing in a topflight person from El ?- J 479. a better future SmNEYPomER >'
-- -- :
"cross the water" as speaker. News will be for & children.For t. ?
you, your
SLAB SMOKED RESH GROUND released soon. appointment, call a raisin ithe i
BACON BEEF' Theresa Smith at the Trop has just returned 3 BdRm House. Tile Bath Po 8-2968 sun
99t 99 from Jamaica and places in the Antiles. She did Carport-Sale by Owner .11II t.f&. _

3 ,\\bs. 3 Ibs. not get hitched this time and said later for Magnolia Gardens-Owner FOR SALEBy CLAUDIAMcNEIb-RDBYDEE! ,i i'd _

the matrimony. would like EquityLow
2 BdRm.
Evelyn Crapes is another of the younger set in Monthly NotesPo Owner ...
town who are convinced that us local men justaim' 8-3933 Frame House Large
RICE $1.39 Lot, $6,000.00 Cash
t no good.rroJfiinent .
,10 'bs. 6120 Bagley Rd.
., Eastside business man sort of turned
,. .' Call Ev 7-2961
'--- -- -- -- -
out the beach last week. As they say, "there'snothing .

FRESH H06 like dame" to upset one is there? .thru......Wed.......... J.innEe's Hotel'

CHITTERLINGS 1OIb. Z !r C They say that the 16th and Myrtle "votegetter"has ROCK HUDSON

Pail .vta fallen from favor. Tis rumored that the DORIS DAY All-Modern Conveniences THANKS

'.. "-'-_-'h -. '_ .__.'_ .-.J wheels are turning in favor of the bus operatoron Tow RANDALLEOiEAO&USMQUlE. Root By Day, Kite or
Richardson Road. Tis also rumored that one of I Week. Call EL 6-7596,

COUNTRYSAUSAGES e the old guards in local politics has fallen from .741% W. Ashley str P.t..,. _,3:1 _
favor in regard to his merit system job. Quite plus Co-Hit '',
31bs.NEASNEI few civil service folk are pulling strings WANTEDBeauty I ." '' 1
a ,
-.'..-----." -.,- --. -' .- -. behind folk backs. SEVEN WAYS 1 _:

/ Memo to the 'Boys'--Show us one wee bit of FROM SUNDOWN Operators &
-. Barbers are wanted to To Everyone for
SUGAR IsZO evidence that the machine has done anything for f..:: f INTIATIONA&A wvesAL.. m Eastman, Hollywood Beauty Lounge
5 the Jacksonville Negro and you will get my .crwi[ COLO" 622 W. Ashley St. CallI. Your Generous SupportIn

With $5.00 or more food order I never-ending support. We don't own any taxicabs S. Anderson Helping Me LEAD the RACE .
t ; we have no whiskey licenses, we don't have Thur. thin Sat. El 3-3245 -

12 inch 3_ Ibs. CENTER CUT any city jobs nor county jobs and our educa- r.wuc I For County Commissioner!
tional system is a joke. What have they done iiiJia.
HOT "' DEWEN I LIVE IN Since you the voters helped tae to formulate my

9 CHOP ie.5VIEAN for us? .\'Tw&ae_ ___ To $55 Wkly. program and not a powerful clique naturally gave
Some time ago the principal of a high school 'r( n.-r- Send References with
JTIN me the largest vote in a race with a total of six
tampered with the band.A host of parents stormed letter. Carfare rushed.
candidates.T. .
the Board meeting. They screamed bloody murder.In dIA1 S A
RIB or BRISKET Hampton Agency K. STOKES will work to develop new businessand
this same school ONE senior made a passing 13 N. Station Plaza
2nd Feature industry by stimulating in the
STEW grade on the state 12th grade exam. At New _______ Great Neck activity Port
N. Y.
99 Authority. He will work to take it out of poli-
MUUETS15 Stanton it was just as bad. We wonder how many ROCK KIRK
tics and place it in the hands of honest, experienced -
Negro parents have been to Board meeting to HUDSON DOUGLAS
and dedicated businessmen.T. .
check on the quality of education their childrenget. ,
FRESH THE LAST SUNSgT RAPID1HR. K. STOK'T will work to continue the secondaryroad
Parents of June graduates, check with your
TV SERVICEDAY program on a year-round basis, not just 90
WHITINGS childs! principal his State 12th grade test -DOROTHY MALONE
AND NIGHT days before election.
Don t let them white-wash it. It is later
..... score. Sundaythru CALLS $00 T. K. STOKES will guard integrity and honestyin
"-,.-, ,- than youLV0 think. ROOSEVELT
awarding contracts for county business.T. .
Same specials at Store # 1, 5116 VERBENA ST. t Sat: MiC'r:1: EL 5-5770 K. STOKFo was born and raised in Duval County

Al Week I RADIO ftlSMTCHED resided in the Second District for 15 years, anda
PO 4-9200 Mo29tk VoteKNIGHTS OTTO PREMINGER PRESENTS successful business man.
''- ,'- -' -- 1
-- i DEREK Moncrief
N. Y. Live-In Maids DriveInBARBODE
You need a friend In I t'8 Go All the Way with T.K.! -,'

N. Y. Let Mr. Harold

# -_ of the Mallory Agencybe TE K. STOKES t -

Vfrf tp your friend. He axc US they're t 0 licious .

GUARANTEES you a live- You'll like 'em45th Your COUNTY COMMISSIONER '
in job in a good home, SKYVIEW Sun site DIST. 2
paying $30 to $50 a thru Tues. t & Moncrief a.-

week, free room, meals, Paid. Political Adv. .
CtaNqr Checker --7 l'
TV. He advances bus
THE ion'tBe A OMB Timer
tickets and expenses to H I : _

N. Mr.Y. SEND Harold REFERENCESto The Mal- "TWIST AROUND the CLOCK""MYSTERIOUS Remember To Vote 29th'Vote
lory Agency Dept. 140, aM

576 (derrick, Road ISLAND

Lynurook, N. Y. "I Wil $665 cash Moo n ; _
!! ,
I For I __
.r : .

d i -1 '. NATIONALLY t lrs. 'nlmer ERIC 0. sou : ;


and Adviser .

Will Read your Entire, Life without asking any .
,: Ricky Thomas, Joe Watson, questions tells you any and everything you wish for I 'i: : ;i
Chester Washington (Flo.A&M) and Archie"Pops" to know. ir
Taylor If you need help of any kind, see her at once. State Democratic '
(Cleveland Institute) She can and will help you.' she does what others :

claim to do. All Readings Confidential satis- COMmtttttHKM -
, faction guaranteed. Lucky days Lucky Numbers. ;.. ,: _

Yours: 9 a.m. til 9 p.m. Sunday 12 Noon ..

If you are overcome with conditions that are The post pays 19#! salary --
1H not normal, consult this gifted reader at once. _
__ ; Act
J but we need to a
w s .M. t. 1:00 AM. She tells you any and everything wish -
:- to know
without asking any questions. man who wil aid Napes N .
s BLAND ID.s in getting State and FederalI