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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200610datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date May 12, 1962dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=006100740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
May 12, 1962
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
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All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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aleph - 000581378
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issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
May 12, 1962
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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,t> ,

. .

,>. Earl Johnson's. Defeat Blamed On Machine = Controlled' Negro Leaders.L .r. ;

9.Some,. people are calling 13,553 votes in an unofficial 'propaganda, 'John- Lucas replied without the ,election against Lucas made his stateopinion.. I don't pay gas station operator. J
'I t. 'The count, lost
Crucifixion son's loss in the e- hesitation. 'Frank Johnson. The elections, ment. Asked whether or statements like that When Mrs. Green was

others are referring decisively to Lynwood lection had a* lot to do not he was instrumental any attention." asked '
': Hasten is one of ; were conducted fairly if she is a machinecontrolled -
to it Arnold andT.
as "The Bar- (19,731) with the propaganda of he said. Hattie Dix he said.f but the showin Johnson's defeat. When asked if he had influence
becue.. K. stokes Jr.
whatever name
machinecontrolledNegro Green and Joe James are ing at the polls was Hampton stated, by distributed any anti- in Johnson'sin
it- goes by in the minds (19.638). Arnold and '
politicians., another two. There are no j way, as, impressive phone "I don't answer Johnson literature defeat, her reply was,
of Jacksonville Negro Stokes now face a run '
Lucas said. "These others, but these are as the registration things like that. I Hampton snapped .You Earl Johnson lost because -
citizens Earl M. John- off battle in the May "
Negro politicians brainwashed the most prominent figure." have no statement to can Just say I had no he didn't appeal
son's bid for the Dis- 29 second primary. e "' '
people :into believing ones. ..." ,,Frank Hampton' one of. make.* comment to make." more to the women campaign -
trict 2 Elcee R. Lucas Johnson's
County Com- hat Johnson Lucas also mentionedthat the persons- accused by When told of the stateWhen contacted at her workers. He didn'tucaspf'ProDagandizing'
missioners endedin Campaign Manager,
post could not win.-" shortage of cam- l ment Lucas had 'made home Mrs. Hattie Dix select women who were
failure at the close told this STAR reporter,
of the first primary during a Wednesday interview Asking who these. > 'ma- paign funds and a very .Johnson out of the race, : Hampton replied, ," 'I Green was a little more really in touch with the

", ,elections 1 on Tuesday. that Johnsonwas chine-controlled Negro evident voter apathydid A*-was' contacted ,by this don t care what Lucas cooperative than Hampton (Continued on page 8)

politicians" were a lot to influences .or: newspaper shortly after sa d. That's his own ,who is a Myrtle Ave.
Johnson, who culled a victim of Negro 1"

ip ,', .J'"t ***

, --

i : Eric O. Simpson Running On May 29

For State Democratic Committeeman

1. 5 SATURDAY MAY 12, 1962 15 CENTS I .v..v..wwv____.*.vvV9V**_
The Last Supper? Whites I PlotFor


tba'' "b' W Of earl SimpsonWith Johnson's defeat -


( A I r me'Kii4 lamented still in many being sections -

fit .) CKS JAX SOCIETY ,0.publisher.Simpson of the Florida city.who Eric Star is

g .

.,er's Wife Charges Desertion Negro Home Developers Sued Democratic candidate Committeeman for State

XTTyT Jackson Names 4 Jax Men By Teacher Over Land Deal : fvW. pleading issued a with statement Negro

-hatarteci.out,,asa routine divorce ,suit, ins*' .. _...Ip an amended, complaint filed the 10th of janu-.,.. \ couraged voters not and to urged be dis-them

volvinK a socially prominent Jacksonville ary this year, a local Jacksonville man is makinga
to return to the pollson
attorney and wife has exploded into a Holly- list-ditch attempt to, legally acquire a piece r
May 29 to complete
wood-type marital rift that bids for ,a place of land which he claims to have paid ,for but has t
their "unfinishedbusiness.
alongside such epics as the perils of Liz received no deed to prove ownership.The '.1 )1 '

Taylor and Eddie Fisher 'or' the love life of man,Rodell Robertsof ..*.**.*0.00*.* \ ,......0,,.&_, \ .. Simspon .said he is

Inured Bergman and her mates.On 1159 W. 9th Street
j jc seeking election to the
April il. Mrs. Ida 0 launched a suit against the STAR by telephonethat post of State Democratic

Jackson: wife of attorney filing "that he has Anthony and Henrietta, the whole thing t 7ommitteeman althoughthe

Ernest n. accused the plaintiffof Kinnon in November boiled down to an attempt -
post pays no salary
Jackson filed a suit infidelity and fur- Rodell
1961 charging that by Robertsto NAACP Plans because he feels that if

for divorce charginghim ther alleges that said they had not lived up 'speculate on .a (Sing to the tune ot'Sing A Song of Six Pence" ) elected to the position

with desertion and accusations were based to a contract of sale piece of property he Sing a song of payoffsA Hew Drive he'd be placed in a

naming one Eugenia upon the actual conductof entered into by the didn't own." pocketful of dough. political slot wherehe

Car wcll. an employee plaintiff involvingher three "We don't sell land On Jax's StoresAfter
of them in 1959. That's the way the deal went: w uld be able to render -

at the Ribault Club many affairs with Roberts charged that outright Kinnon. Johnson ',--H"
HAD to go. : having made a service to Negroesas

with which Jackson was different men, to wit: for the sum of $3,000 told the interviewer. When the polls were open aumerous but failing well as whites.

associated as the woman Eddie Sowell Jr. the Kinnons were 'Roberts knew this The birds .
sup- ( '
began to sing. ) : ,_ attempts to reach some There are 10 other
who threatened her Edward Durham Jr. posed to deliver a when he went into the Wasn't Earl a dainty dish, :" equitable agreementwith (white) candidates in

while expecting to give Jimmy Marshall: and deed to him for a' par- deal. He was purchasing To set before the King? ,1 downtown Jackson- the race and there are

birth.In Eugene Osborqe. cel of land located on the land on the con- The
King is at the table ville merchants, the reports of a conspiracyto
a serijes of answers the dition that he buildon
Kinnon EdgewoodAve.
Passing out the money; Jacksonville ,Branch of get most of the white
claims and counterclaims property, knownas it within two years. .
The queens are at the table candidates to withdraw
< too the NAACP has announced
Jackson. averred Kin ard's Instead of building, .
subdi- "
'Fating 'oil' and honey.Certainly's that It is declaringJune from the race in orderto
"tfiat-he. >!paid his wifePa sX *-avision'Ac cording w to""-.be:,remedied.his' :9th .. "' ,' .. ......'-. '
a dirty shame' 1. 1962 "Do Dal'in cut down Simpson'schances
reasonable ,salary for VOTE! Roberts Street home while
_that Johnson had to lose. \ an effort to bring of winning the
her duties as secretaryin failed to live begging us for payment
up to about Democratic post in
Negro leaders are to blame sme decisive improvement top
his office and the terms of the extensions on the lot .
contract But money's what they choose. in the unfair Duval which observers
denied that she assisted -' he supposed to be
although he com- was ............. ............. hiring practices now say Simpson has a good
him in'school. Instead pleted buying from us.
paying the
existant chance of iming.To .
in Jacksonville "
he said' she demanded Negro Indicted purchase price by July "I' offered to give President Picks Court Upholds stores. date, only one man,

that he furnish 1961. in the suit him' his $2,700 back" Rutledge Pearson, John Almand, has with

her with an expensive For Slaying Roberts sought damagesin Kinnon contended. but Negro Marshall Facility Bias president of the local drawn from the race.

apartment, elaborate the amount of $5,000, he refused to accept.He Nevertheless Simpson
NAACP branch
clothing and a vacationto White Woman. plus interest and sued' us for twice For D. C. PostThe RICHMOND. Va. A court this newspaper during a said: 'Only fear of

Florida or Ohio each costs. the purchase price, second Negro ever ruling here contended personal interview that facing the voters or

year, while he attended STUART. A 22-year- .in the December 1961 hoping to gain the landso to serve as a u. S. that enforced racial every effort by the some sort of pay-off

school in a work uni- old GQmez Negro was hearing of the case, he could sell it ata Marshall in the his segregation at a local local branch to negoti- could be attributed to
with first degree -
form. charged Roberts met with disap- profit." tory of this countrywas civic auditorium and ate with the downtown candidates getting out

Mrs. Jackson who livesat murder last week pointment. Circuit ) As it stands of the race.Running .
now appointed by President baseball field was con- merchants has been
1905 West 22nd St. in an indictment returned Judge William Roberts' have for the
H. Maness attorneys Kennedy this week. stitutional. "cleverly frustratedor Civil

charged that the young by a Martin ruled that he amend an appeal filed in Cir- The President's Selection -' Judge M. Rav Doubles deliberatelYignored. Service Board in 1959

lawyer who has figuredin County grand jury. his complaint to read cuit Court hoping to was Luke Charles defended his rulingby Simpson polled more than
several integrationcases Williams was
Edward that the purchase price revive the allbutdeadsuit Moore who is presentlyan noting that the ball "Our aim is to get 15,000 votes, the Jar-

and politicalraces charged with stranglingto had been $2,700 rather against the Kin- assistant U. S. attorney park and auditoriumwere these stores, where gest number recorded fora

deserted her in death Lucy Ann than $3,000.Anthony nons. in the Districtof privately operated.He Negroes collectivelyspend Negro candidate in
( 1960. Th'yWrl' marriedin Wethington last
i April Kinnon told Florida.
1945. nncl have four 19. Miss ....-.------------------_._.._................. Columbia. The 38- said that "insofaras millions of
Wethington. a v VVVVVWVVVVV VVV "
children.In white year-old Moore, who isa they are applicableto dollars annually, to The candidate for
the course of the ,26-year-oJd was allegedly secretary Augusta Negroes Rally native, of Collins- the fact in the cease in their discriminatory State Democratic Commit-

steadily growing stormy, ville, ill. will become case' segrlgation.pro-, attitude teeman urged Negro

battle Jackson& was overpowered in ,the office by Williams of the 14 Held For Slaying White Boy marshall for the visions did not violate toward biting Negroes."We citizens not to. be
'one-time voters' He
ordered to ray: his wife landscape for district, succeeding constitutional rights.An have consistently

company James p. McShane who is appeal will be tried to reason with pointed out that there
$75 each Friday which she worked, AUGUSTA GA.---The local branch of the NAACP
being promoted to head filed, according to the the managers and ownersof are several importantraces
through the Domestic Relations forced into a back room, and the Negro community here, generally, began settled
irfio to be ,
the executive offices attorney representedthe these stores, tryingto
Depository and their strangled.The preparations last week for the defense of 14 .
for U. S. Marshalls. Negro complainants. show them the injustice adding that unless
and to keep up the slain woman was Negroes, 13 of whom are under 22 years old, arrested -

mortgage& and insurance the' daughter of Jupiter in connection with the slaying of a 16- It was 85 years ago ........................ and liabilityof voters get back 29 for to the the
deliberately on May
payments on the home. Island Patrolman TomWethington year-old white boy here-on April 19. that another Negro was Rem_ to Vote fining Negro employesto final vote, their efforts -
appointed to
pay the light, grit and she ... serve as
was to ** *** ** 8 will have
Nine of the '14, including a marshall in this menial taks while on May
telephone Mils ( excepting have
married this that he would ask the
On May 29th denying them sales and been in vain.
long distance month. six teenagers, for those country. His name was
death penalty
have been indicted for .. Frederick Douglas, clerical opportunities. There will be runoffsin
calls) and ray thplaintiff's
Williams who eluded a murder by the Richmond indicted for murder. ....................................r.............. the following races:
attorney'sfees sheriff's posse for a Additional indictmentsof Railroad and Public

of $150.Another short while after the County grand jury. Five assault with intentto T3 Utilities Commissionerroup

filing. revealed other teenagers were 1
slaying returned
was reportedto murder were 2, between Jim
that Jackson have confessed 'indicted for riot in of the
to the against eight Blanton and Jerry W.
denied that his wife connection with their
crime, after his capture. nine. Carter.

,. at any time caught Formally charged with alleged action on the The slaying of the House of Representatives -
of the slaying.
fhtf defendant riding night
murder Williams was white boy Leslie Lee Group I, Between
with one Eugenia Cars- ordered held without Murder indictments were Luttes climaxed four IN! rrin Joseph Kenelly and Bill

well. day or night, except bond for arraignmentMay returned against Paul days of racial strife Basford Tom Slade
: in connection with W. C. Reeves 18, JamesE. < trt/f rt i
28 by Circuit Judge white youtns made lorays on the out-
his work" C. P.' Ging Jr. 21. AlfredL tR"
Trowbridge. ,
into the neighborhood count
Negro comeof final
Jackson also denied he Carter. 19, Frank a

was present when the Announcement Dumas Jr. 20, Henry G. hurling rocks at of the votes .
windows and passersbyA t # tr/ ,
plaintiff was supposedly Dunn, 57, and three 15- Tax Assessor, between
bag of. rocks and aDair
accosted by Fugenia The Riverview Lake year-olds and one 14- Frank Osborn and Ralpl
rifle were found in r Y '
'Cars elt. He said Forest Volunteer Fire year-old boy.Solicitor r 4 Walter.
the car in which Luttes ,err
that nis wife went totheRibadlt Department wishes to General and two companions were County Commissioner

announce that it will tteorge C. Mains stated < L District 2, between T.K
:\ Miss. ...................... driving through the. ;; -we+ '
hold a fund-raising Stokes and Lynwood Arnol
jjarswell was'working :r .,.
be Negro district at the --
achieved however aF.
road block on Saturday School 'Board between,
and 'assaulted the '' ; :
without the time of the fatal \l -' ;
t'said Eugenia Ca'rswell May 12, at the cornersof cooperationof ; ,.. .'\..': I Charles W. Johnson and
the 'community. Last shooting.The J J" 'U..
: (With the'.said broom 45th Street and Mon- Florence Davis.
crief Road. year, after all the Reverend C.5. Malcolm Cunningham, recently elected to the City Council in Riviera Civil Service Board
ai '
andle..striking her
fire reports had been Hamilton, who is presi- Beach. Florida, is shown in the midst of an admiring group of ladies
; several times in and'about The for the between Marshall Heeth
purpose tabulated, it was found dent of the AugustaNAACP in the myrtle Ave. Ball Park shortly after the Florida Star sponsored ,
and Warren E. Thomas.
her .until road block is to col-
body that a, fire call (false is heading a political rally on April 30. From left is Mrs. Etta Williams: Mrs.
,'J stopped by another eaJn lect funds to help for constable District 11
.,, '- a alarm or actual fire) fund-raising drive Hazel. M. Ross; Mrs. Jessie Mae Eutsay; Mrs. Hattie Dix Green; cunningham -
between Douglas Hutchins
,,.t ployee. maintain the fire the 14
: ? ;. cost the Fire Department the defense of ; Mrs. G. Beatrice Glover; Mrs. Carter Lewis; Mrs. Bonnie Frazier
.:.. a .surprising revelation. trucks and station Nearly and Wade Thomas.
$22.00 a run. Indicted Negroes. )and. Mrs. Marion L. Sneed. The ladies are members of the Democratic

attorney' .-Jackson equipment..,. ., ?" ., So when you see the $4. OOO has been ., Committee. Women of Duval. They were kept busy serving refreshments. at, .missionert Inland Navigation' Com
stated in one This endeavor'cannot { .; .';
far. ,
.. trucks on Saturday, puta raised so the rally. < .
...' -; ,
: '" .. good donation -



t s.Y
,. "

,. ------- -
.. I

2 .. .
.. 1 __. .. __..


, NEWS '. c/ j.. 1%; N BY ERIC O. SIMPSON

published by the Florida Star Publishing Co /4. Housing Administrator Robert C. Weaver

'Member of Associated Negro Press" j'. has issued a warning expecting too rapid

'i acceptance of middle class values by min-

l ority group migrants to American cities.
._ 'ERIC. 0. SIMPSON.-............Managing Editor ': Middle class people always want to,

.'-. AIYSON E. WISE-...............Hews Eftsr create others in their own image, Dr.

Weaver said. "But unless ,

HILDA WOOTEN...............Circulation i Manager V it ; .. society is prepared to offer
rewards commensurate with

MAIN OFFICE & PLANT: j +..... r the sacrifices necessary to =

Y .' t'I achieve middle class statusit :
2323 Moncrief' Road........Phone Elgin 4-6782* EL 4-6783 ,\- L f;;.' ?':' is useless to encourage

.. [ .... minority groups to strive for ;,
Hailsig Address: j.
-; ,. .; status.
for that
..-. .', 'j .. -
\ ; ;
-' :toJ\ ..,j< .. # t \. Weaver made his remarksin
: Dr.
rttn': :
.. : j .: :.j
f < of the Washington Urban
__._, ... .0;:." : ::('" dinner meeting

::,:.:. ,- SUBSCRIPTION RATES -. .. J s. League at the National Press Club 'in

._r_": ,"; One Year, $6.00: Half Year, $4.00 ;-o J Washington, D. C. influx of non-white migrants.
ax r The -day
<.Mailed to YOU Anywhere in the United Stat'esijs. ;*j* : ( / presen Weaver pointed out. The white .
:V.:%Subscription payable in Advance ;::; ';f j }::. : .r immigrants, rapidly adopted middle class

.: : Send checl or Money Order to: identity in middle
.... .- values and lost their
.'''.'- class society; the non-white migrants,
Florida Star P. 0. Box 561
color badge
however, wear their as a
Jacksonville Florida inferiority even after accepting middle

class values.
1 of today newcomers do not
= Thus many
'fogeyism' Fertilizes FatalismThe have the motivation for social and eco-

___ Dr. Weaver said
faculty at Gibbs Junior College in WHEN Will THE KBRLD BE ASSURED WASHINGTON IS THE SEAT OF THE BfiVfRHMfNT "nomic'for upward this is mobility a function, of social and

St. Petersburg is evidentally made up .of-- 1 economic opportunity."The .

an unusual group of people. in a few Urban League has long recognizedthis

short years, these people have succeeded and has been a pioneering agency in

in shaping an institution which has become Your Weekly upgrading the colored migrant. It has

a symposium of dynamic thought and recognized that it is necessary both to

purposeful action in the cosmos of edu- Horoscope Guide break down the barriers to equality, and

cation. facilitate a people's ability to functionin

Perhaps what gives this school such a t. By PABLO, The ASTROLOGER an urban environment. "

continuing vitality and growth is the Dr. Weaver called for less class chau-

fact that its faculty recognizes and ii WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR vinism in urban scciety, and a greater

shuns the dangers of 'old, fogeyism' in willingness to accept those who have not

education. They do not discourage their BUSINESS lOVE TRAVEL accepted middle class values.

students from becoming lawyers or mini- "We need to learn how to live with those

sters or doctors; but they remind them whose values may differ from ours, work

that there are other careers as equally with them, appreciate their values, and

vital to mankind. Nor are students lured Born AKlfcb March 21st to make an outright tional person, you locale, beliefs or develop their more effective functioningin

away from careers of gift rather than to would be better off philosophies be isa
nursing, teaching, thru April 19th may society, Dr. Weaver said. "This
music or any of the other arts. But they lend money. This obviates staying by yourself required to got your- two-way street: More middle class, and
are warned The two most difficult the danger of (17th-19th). You would
against falling into the tra- self on the path more effective non-middle class.'Chief
ditional ruts which have limited col- days, in connectionwith enmities arising be the main loser if established by your

lege-trained Negroes to but a small area yout finances and eventually, when accounts you cannot say nb to basic pattern. The

in human enterprise.All emotional interests have to be set- those who want Adoption of new inte- NUL Program Calls For

students whether superior, average may be th -.17th, 18th. tled. If you must spe- other commitments money from or rests within your home .. .

or poor--are important at Gibbs Junior The impulses that drive culate, do not risk you. Specualtion is should alos be considered 'Basic Remedies' In Education
into reck- sums that are larger
College. Favoritism, after all, is a you more likely to make serious (21st).
form of discrimination less risks should be than the amount you can
which, itself, is inroads in 8-90-99-12-51-891
injustice. Favoritism does totally suppressed before raise from your own your Until certain basic remedies are woven
not exist at resources than to add CAPRICORNBorn
this school. they get you in resources. It is not into the fabric of our public education,
anything to them. Romance Dec. 22nd thru
The Gibbs people'are hot water. Solutions propitious for testing it cannot fulfill the rcle it must play
con- is not favored The hazards inherentin
cerned with the intellectual enlightenment that could not be dug your luck or your in advancement of the American way of
either unless
you speculative ven-
out, despite strenuous friendships (17th-19th)
of the young people who attend the willing to take the tures have been emphasized -
efforts to do so. may Keep a sharp eye on Fundamenta) among the remedies required.
college They knowtoo, that a socalled'creamofthecrop' risk of a broken heart: fairly oftenof
come suddenly and unexpectedly your belongings where is that no community shall be allowed to'
student doesn'tnecessarily in addition to a depleted late. They seem to
on the 19th ever you go. and see to close its public schools in an effort
guarantee a 'creamofthecrop' Rise far be
purse. particularly potent,
20th. it that valu-
Just give precious desegregating
your court decision -
citizen, or, conversely, that a above earthly things, as wild fluctuationscould to evade the supreme
mind enough time to ables are tucked
re- away education.
poor stiidaint will have nothing more to for this should enable bring unexpected public
lax, and to invite in a very safe place.
look forward to than life of These declarations were voiced last
penury. you to board a much gains to others, but
Also avoid
This is an age of staggering chal- Higher Powers that are displaying more spiritual level serious losses to you \\'eelby Nelson C. Jackson, National Urban
the large rools of
source of all know- bills
lenges, reaching from our everyday exis- where true happiness (17th). Keep this in League assciate executive director for
ledge, to provide the if you are making pur-
tence to the surface of the moon. The and chases. An unexpectedgift exists (late 19th, mind (18th, 19th) when program, at roundtable discussions conducted -
answers circum-
importance of individual qualification 20th). The willingnessto misguided friends by the National Organization for '
stances that benefit may come your way
increases daily. So does the importanceof your cause on the 19th. make. personal sacri- could try to induce Better Schools, at Arden House, Harri-,

recognizing one's qualification in 2-5088.1736,258 fices provides another you to flirt with man, N. Y.

relation to humanity needs. 5-10-22-15-75-512 LFO key that. will open the chance. On the other Mr. Jackson pointed to the responsibility -

The students at Gibbs are being taughtto TAURUS Born July 23rd thru doors to a more prom- hand, opportunitiesthat of school authorities to assure democratic -

recognize their qualifications as Born April 20th thru Aug. 22nd. ising future. pave the way to educational opportunity for all

well as to recognize humanity s needs Should May 20th you have failedto The urge to kick over 7-40-55-14-26-745 gainful endeavors, may and urged they carefully assess conditions -

They are being taught, too, to recognize curb the traces may be have your address on and facilities of their communi-
your own emotional + SCORPIO
fogeyism in education, and to know fits especially strong (17th the 19th-20th. ties regarding in particular the qualityand
impulses, or to Born Oct. 24th thru
19th) This would not
restrictive dangers in an age when 5-20-22-16-45-521 availability of counselling ser-

the, sky is truly the limit. W guard yourself against be the wisest way to The first impulse may AQUARIUSBorn vices, the resources for transition from
unwanted disclosures, handle people and be the one that does of school
to job and strenphteninp
Jan. 20th thruIt school
you may find that a situations, .as you are the most damage. Con- designed to -
is axiomatic that pupilparent programs
penalty has to be paid -
the one who could come sequently, you may have to
Mother's ., These everything has its proper motivation! for youth pre-
Day CckbratK (17th-19th) can
out the worse for wear to train yourself to
be price. The severance of for productive careers.
very upsetting days pare
and tear. The opportu- hold yourself in check chief also discussed
when the that family or partnershipties The NUL program
A Remiitder problems nity to induce a until you have had suf- job opportunity,
Off housing
Creation arise may be considered could be the price the impacts of ,
friendly intermediary ficient time to examine components of the
you may have to pay for health and welfareas
as being of your own
to intercede all the facets
in. your of potential the nlanninp
The advent of Mother's Day each sear making. In any event, behalf would be much or existingmisunderstandings the formation of a over-all League of t1 I'e community, if

gives to most of us a feeling of there is no ill wind effective newer and more exciting by all segments
good more in securing (17th effort is to be successful.
one (17th-18th). remedial
fortune and a deep sense of gratitude because that does not blow some the peace and in thru 19th). You may get said Mr. Jackson, there
Before you take the "Above r.ll,
our mothers are yet with us to good. An unexpected opportunity materializing your hope some help from friends recognize tl-e worth end rtipni
final step, from which is need to
share in a celebration specifically theirown. may also be and the one who is and cherished ones, personality in the pro-
there can be no turn- of the hunan
presented to you to replace closest to you could when you are confusedand ty

There are others of us, however, to whom a mansion with a resent having to take unable to see the ing, apply the full

the coming of Mother's Day means only castle (19th. 26th). second place in favor forest for the trees. force of your intellectto cess.'F
determine, if pos-
sadness; a punctuating of the memory and 1-20-99-19-57-129 of your more wordly Let chance furnish the sible, whether this ,j-y y,yAs ,, Ys'9

the great sense of loss which we carry GEMINI pursuits (19th-20th). cue that may bring a
will be conducive to
21st thru
with us each day throughout the year. Born May 980441661984VIRGO fortunate conclusionthat future and

Mothers are not immortal.But June 21st' .will add to your happiness
can we deny Ftep lightly, rein in stability. Once you are I7i
that motherhood fs? The Born prestige or gains (19th
race of man and your ideas and look Aug. 23rd thruIf convinced, go boldly 4 ,
the umbilical of 20th). There is no harm Af
are inseparable where you're going, for you ar) advised to forward and trust in

; because wherever we stray we an' agitated frame< oi take a rest to assuage in adopting new tech- your destiny to see you
often look homeward and think of frayed orother niques that will make
the woman mind may cause you to nerves, "through safety (19th

who had borne us. We do this whetheror become careless (17th- undesirable conditions, your work more inte- .20th).

not Time has taken her from this life. 19th). It also is very do it without further resting (21st). 4-40-44-17-67-417 ..9A

Mother's Day then, belongs to all of important to take gopd objection (17th thru 6-60- 6-13-23-613 PISCES

us. If we are fortunate, come Sunday, we c ire of your health in 19th). The signs reveal SAGITTARIUSBorn Born Feb. 19th thru

can worship, aralk, eat, drink, laugh with anyway that is indi- that anyone who may be The Nov.disputes 23rd-that thru March 20th

our mothers. if we are less fortunate, cated. Jobs shot/Id not recommending such a This is a period
could be provoked
that distance is the only separation be dropped on the spur step is likely to know may fraught with revolu-
lead to explosive situations -
can still in some way get in touch with of the moment, but only what he or she is that have a tionary possibilities,

her, hear her voice.To after considerable talking about. You will it would be good judg-
chain reation (17th)
those of us who look forward to Sun- thought and research. also have to root out : ment to let well enough Y
Therefore it seems
day with sadness and a quickening of regret Your better instincts certain conceptionsfrom better to apply all alone (17th-19th. Take

it should be remembered, again, should regain the upper your present your earnestness and no chances where you ra Is2

that mothers 'are not immortal, only moth- hand, and aid you in worries or discomfortslate work, on the highways ;
persuasion to keep or in conveyances tnabmay
erhood is. finding the proper per- ( 19th.20th). Draw _
them from getting a be termed dan-
We, all of us, therefore, have reasonto spectives (19th-20th). closer to the one who head start. You would, gerous. Your diet w
give thanks If differences between shares your financialups
come Mother s Day. The
-. perhaps, find yourself should be a modest and
degree of thanks given will vary according- you and your mate or and downs, as mutual -
unable to cope with sensible one, as shouldbe
'{ing to circumstance other intimates exist, security depends
: some may laugh, some
the many problems that your living -habits
'-Vjnay ponder, others, indeed, make it your first greatly on wholehearted KEN KNIGHT
may weep. depress you which as a whole. You are not
.. But let order of business to co-operation (21st).
us remember--the fortunate the
makes for sleepless likely to make as many Invites You To Listen To -
reflective, the alone--that whether liquidate them before Outings and pleasurable
or nights, until recognize -
you mistakes
;:,'knot Time has stripped us of that One Wo- they deepen. doings go far to lift your own inadequacies when when you listen mistakes "KNIGHT TRAIN"Starting :
-18-63-473 you
man in our life, we shall never be separated CANCER and allow to the words of those .

h from the cord of motherhood. Born June 22nd thru 8-30-77-15-82-837 others to prescribethe who are well informedand At 7:00 p.m. Nightly....

not so long as children are born, and July 22nd LIBRA remedial measures interested in

children's children are born after them. Very often it is almost Born Sept. 23rd thru (19th). There is little welfare. your 1400 WRHC -1400

a stroke of genius Jf you are an emo- doubt that a change of 3-70-77-18-84-371


'. ,. ,
> -


: 1j .
j:1 N '
il4... A. W.r1 .I..Ir 11 ..ir1iINA 1I 11111 t GU
.,. _

7 <"A Jax Coeds Were Among Finalists Musical i ProgramNorthwestern tin The Spring .

--SociaIIy Speaking .. T '- Offered At


,;,- .:>r : +rf .
A program commenorating D <,
.fW National Music Week was 1 sJ
!, presented at North-
; western_ JuniorSeniorHigh
1 r1
Of great interest to Jacksonville Society is the ; Yo School last Wednes-
engagement of Miss Estelle Williams and Mr. Rudolph day.The
McKisslck. both popular residents of the Symphonic Band, 4r

city. tinder the direction of
Friends of. Miss Williams have described her Mr. Loniel Moore, and

ring as 'a gorgeous sparkler and predict :, the Northwestern Chorus

many pre-nupital.showe s in her honor, bwteren. ,.j.'!',.r: under the leadership of

." it Mr. Richard Hadley ,
now and August II, 1962 the date set .for' the f' 4
:' .offered several classical .
wedding. ; .: :& "'. '" t'; ', :-
,'. ; pieces composed by '$
',-,} ..;{; the masters. .'- < .
',' ......... '. \;: ,. \
.J \ ... .,' : .. .
,. ., '
: -.. :"" In a brief lecture, ,
-;,? '" -
Mrs .Ruth N. Myers of
The Jacksonville
Urgan League Guild's Second 1
Annual Golden Cup Bridge and Whist Tournamentis t :x-;. the_ music department : :
the ..fd. explained the origin and
major social event of this week-end .

The event will be held Friday evening, at 7:30 perpetuation of National -p I Ii

in the Wilder Park Recreation Center. BEAUTY AND TALENT ON PARADE---These beautiful and talented lassies Music Week.Dorothy _
were the finalists in the Florida A. and '
M. University pan-Hellenic Hall, a sophomore -
Mrs. Fssie D. McCray Guild president, is urging
Council Beauty-Talent Extravaganza benefit program at Florida A. and and Rufus Williams
bridge and whist
players to participate in the
meet. M. University recently. They are: Joyce Monroe (left), Delray Beach; pianopupils of Mrs.
Naturally, participants may register as
Faye Amanda Boyd, Pensacola; Doretha Loretta Youngblood, Deiraj Beach; Hadley, rendered 'Rondo
representatives for bridge or whist club with
which Ethel Monroe, St. Petersburg; Barbara Renee Williams, Jacksonville; Capticcioso'' by Men-
they are affiliated. In addition to the -
Delor.es Yvonne Mitchell, Tallahassee; and joyce Elaine Boddie, Jack- delssohn and "Flight : _
trophies that may be won, names will be
sonville. Seated is Conchita Clarke Lakeland, who won first place. of the Bumble Bee" by 1 1-
for the many lovely and useful door prizes
that will be given away. -- -- (FAUU staff photo) RimskYKorsako'vChoir Pretty dogwood blossoms for which North Carolinais

Judging from last year's tournament, spectatorsalso Northwestern noted, form an interesting backdrop for attractive -

round the affair enjoyable, as they were PLANS FUND RAISING CAMPAIGN Lelia Graves, Brown Summit, N. C.,, a T., ...

able to participate in the drawings for prizesand Plays HostThe freshman at A. and T. College.

enjoy the delicious refreshments that were

available. Language Arts Department tiM fw4 15 Courses Walker's Florist;; ,

Tickets may be secured from members of the of North- ; -Open Daily- .

Jacksonville Urban League Guild, and from Junius western JuniorSeniorHigh Slated For 8 a.m. 5 p.m. "

Bo. an, Executive Director of the JacksonvilleUrban School played host- : wn 5-?ann El'i 3. J,4.i.f P

League.! ,. .. ', .' to the Duval bunty Summer SchoolTALLAHASSEEFifteen '0 J
Council of Teachers of
: .' "
"y" ; f "
> ;- English at their monthly
short courses have
professional meeting been scheduled for the

The home of Miss Lauretta Jenkins provided the held Tuesday evening, t---- y Js! \ r 1962 summer session at

setting for a recent meeting of Entre Nous May 8th at 7:00 p.m. F'r __ Florida A. and M. University -

Bridge Club. at James Weldon Johnson R .J announcedDr. you buy better headache po'wders
than Goody's. The answeris
Mrs. Emma Morgan, Mrs. Thelma Seiger and Mrs. junior High School."Tn'e" H\ H. Manning Efferson NO. So why pay more? .

Aldonia Seabrooks were guest players.Mrs. theme of tne meetingwas Y y '- 1 I dean of the uni- Insist on Goody's.

Elizabeth Simmons and Mrs. Francis Johnson "the Uses of Read- versity and directorof

received awards for outstanding performances in ing in The Classroom. the summer session.The .

the bridge sessions, while Miss- Theora Lessins A unique 'program was : summer session will

qualified for consolation award. offered which included De held from June 15

The Entre Nous membership roster included the impressive scenes from to August 10.
names of Mrs. Camilla Thompson, Mrs. Doris Bennett 'Macbeth" enacted by ? Special features in )4 '

Mrs. Charlotte Stewart,, Mrs. Ruth Myers, Mrs. students from the the forms of workships

Helen Hart, Miss Ruth Myers. Miss Mozelle Bruton, Speech land' Dramatics IL_.. .;..PJ.t! conferences and institutes -

Mrs. Lillie B. Blackshear, Miss Lauretta Jenkins: Class and other associ- ;': Q are beneficialto ,

Mrs. Elizabeth Simmons, Mrs. Frances Johnson, and ated English classesof individuals engagedin
Dr. w. w. Schell, Jr. Chairman of the Jacksonville urban League's
Miss Theora Leggins. Northwestern under educational, busi-
Board, announced today that Urban League's New Spring Drive will have
direction of
Mrs. professional and
assistedby its official opening at Day Spring Baptist Church, Rev. C. A. Weaver, ness, I
Norma H. Bland, civic work in the
pastor. May 16, Ig62 at 8:00 p.m. Shown making plans from left to
Helen Albert
Miss state Dr. Efferson
right are: Mr. clarence D. Coleman, Representative of National Urban 2 POWDERS 5c
The next major social events scheduled for Intern Florida A&M stated.
Jacksonville will be those held in connectionwith University.Mrs. League, Mr. John Edward Bradford, urban League Board Member, Rev. D. B. 12 POWDERS 2SCI

Barnes, pastor of Sweet Field Baptist Church, Mrs. Essie McCray, Guild
the State, Meeting of the Medical, .Denial Sarah Wright,,, ". .u"
and Pharmacentical Association.The hairman of the English pr :H' 'enl', Marion Johnson, ,volunteer worker for Urban Leaguer. -\JAmes I ISteeley. I &

urban League Board Member. Standing from left to right are: : ; et\
meeting will be held during the month of Department of North- ,
Herman Sweat, associate director of Southern Field Division Dr. W. W. ,
to by the past meetingof western JuniorSeniorHigh .. "
June, and if we are '>:::.:.:".
Schell Jri president of Urban League's Board, and.junius A. Bowman, : : "
the in Jacksonville School
group we can expect many reported '
enjoyable affairs. that the affair was Executive Secretary of Jacksonville Urban League. :: .::
well attended particularly -
f .
by English 2 Plans z.k

teachers and senior
Les Fleurs Whist Club held an interesting and high school students. Music FestivalA

unique meeting last week-end in the home of orrM Yn dG .S J.
music festival fea-
'" I .
their president, Mrs. Faye H. Helms. H turing Mt. Ararat's

Although it was a regular meeting night, a single Choir 2 and other well- h

hostess did not hold the spotlight as all members StorkDeliveries known city church choirs
shared in the responsibility for the meeting. will be held Sunday

Members enjoyed an unusually gay evening as f ) May 27. at 8 p.m. in \

they were excited and elated over the recent announcement r I the education building, ..

of Miss Estelle ." .. ...
of the engagement Mrs. Johnnie Mae Miller, :-- -

Williams to Mr. Rudolph McKissick. Mr. and Mrs. Frank sponsor, announced. Her mother or her sister?

Participating in the meeting were: Mrs. Barbara Robinson; 1285. W. 26th Program participantswill

Belton Mrs. Irma Villarin Mrs. Cornelia Oree Street; Boy. include the male BOTH ENJOY YOUTHFUL, NATURAL-LOOKING HAIR COLOR
and Mrs. Roland 1
Miss Myrtle Turner Miss choruses of West
Estelle.Williams. Mrs.
Whether want the excitement of a different
1630. Davis St. you
Doris Scott, and Mrs. Fay Helms. Friendship, Mt. Ararat, hair shade, or want to give new life to dull or i

Girl. Eastside, Mt. Vernon, gray.hair. .insist on the long.l 'haircolbr '

.. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Emanuel, St. Thomas, in the famous red package-Godefroy's
Smith, Jr. ; 2913 Willow r Larieuse. It's easy to apply, and complete iiv
Street; Boy. Southside Baptist one package-there's nothing else to buy.
I find it necessary this week to ologize to a Shown above during an informal chat are former Churches, respectively, "
Mr. and Mrs. Isarel f
lovely group of ladies who rendered a very medical schoo chums, Dr. Oliver S, Gumbs, MObile al mg with other groupsto g /'o/Ir 18 LOVELY
Stallings; 812 Pippin COLORS
! valuable service during the recent Kappa Conclave Girl. Alaoama and Dr. Warren W. Schell Jr. of be contacted in the
Street; LARICUSlf
i --the Jacksonville Chapter of Zeta Phi Beta Jacksonville. Dr. Gumbs is Southern provincial very near future, Mrs.
i j Mr. and Mrs. LC. Qod.froy Mfg.Company_3510 Olive Bt.St.Louis.Mo.
! Sorority, Inc. polemarch of Kappa Alpha psi Fraternity. The Miller _said.
Holmes; 721 Ct. B. ; Girl
I Zetas on duty in the lobby of Lee Building' on Mrs. and Mrs. Joe occasion was the annual Kappa Black and White At home,at fountains, everywhere'j ....A'

Edward Waters College campus. included Miss Rossie Irvin; 1429 Morgan St. ; Formal which climaxed the Southern Regional Con- ..: :' _"

French Mrs. Eleanor C. Davis, Mrs. Kate Graves, Girl. clave held here recently. The 1963 Regional Con- .

and Miss Fannie Blue. clave will be held in Alabama.
Mr. and Mrs. Julius ..... .
inasmuch as we have returned to events surrounding -
Clark; 1171 W. 25th St.-; r"- :' '

the Kappas I am happy to mention also, that Girl. Fashion Drama Set ...-,. .....--.. .- '.. ,
friends of Guettes served coffee to Omega Gladiola Ladies j'J, ,.", .
Mr. and Mrs. Charlie :,:J '. '._. _' .. -t. .
: ; .
Phi .
\ psi Saturday'. morning. Harris; 607 Florida To Benefit YMCAA Celebrate 30thAnniversary :" "-" ." : :W,:- : -1 ,r ... -. !" r '" ... c.. .:'.. ;.,_"

I Avenue Boy. ..
i. ... and; Calvin- Musical Fashion- now it's Pepsi : :
Mr. Mrs.
Gibbs; 2636 Bethel Rd. ; Arama will be pre- The Gladiola Ladies for those who think young .
sented in of all
the Today
I Mrs. S. Eloise Brooks is "up and around" a- New Stan- Club celebrated its ages to
Boy. ton High School auditorium witha all out for Inn. We live the modern active lite. This ,. the tile for Pepdlibt .
30th anniversary
gain much to the joy of her many fri nds. rs.
/ Mr. and Mrs. Alex Holt;
Bracing c/ea..tasfin ftpti.lt stores it fountains "Pepsi pleitel"j:1 !
' at 8, p.m. tea- at the Wilder say ,
Brooks was confined to her home forth ee weeks,
1463 E. 23rd St. ; Boy.
t .
May J8. for the benefitof :
Recreation Center on
recently.-because of Illness. '
Mr. and Charles
\ : Mrs. the
James Weldon afternoon of April 28.
Lawson; 1613 W. 33rd \ :
1 Street; Girl. Johnson Branch YMCA's The speaker for the );", :

building. fund drive. occasion was Mrs. C.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas
, Door prizes will \ .
In confessing to other negligence I have not Mundy; 1350 W. 25th be Nelson Daniels, Grand '

i given accounts of meetings of many of our popular Street; Girl. awarded through the Worthy Matron of Beth- '' ; i ..
!I clubs and am hereby soliciting their cooperation Mr and Mrs. Samuel courtesy of the Diana lehem Grand Chapter o. w .

t. in this respect: Kardettes Bridge Club The Smart Watts; 1711 W. 13th Shops. All clubs of the E.S. Mrs. Daniels donated '0 "

Set Bridge Club, Cotillion whist Club, just to Street: Boy. city- are invited. A her serVice to tht : ;ir ,',

ention a few. \ Mr. and Mrs. Robert special feature will be club. The tea was enjoyed ..i:

Ladies,' I will contact you Fletcher; 1474W. Union the presentation of an by a record breaking .

i r -- Street: Girl. award for the largest attendance. More than

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony club attending.The 200 persons were pres- 5!

I CONSULT DR. SMITH FREE = Way; 1485 W. 24th Street; Musical Fashion- ent. r M 1WA

Yw Will I. Tdbl Plaia Wwa Whit .... T,..61. I.. What I.I.Caalq Boy. Arama will be presentedby Mrs. Cora H. Lewis. who
It ad Whit Mat i. D.M Ie Cernct It. If Yw slfIm .
I MUDACMtStLOOD Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel the Downtown Diana has been president of

ARTHRITIS fRUSVRtHIART THROAT SINUS INflCTIONSMIKVOUS D1WIOUS Tremble; 1983 ,. 6th Shops and tickets may be the club for years, received -
\ '

NtuRtm OISIAUSKIDMtT i SiADDIRUVIR TVOVtllINTISTtMAl DISOKOIRSCHRONIC Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel' Ethel Davenport Ban- many years of 'leader ...

I SCIATICA WUTAGOLADDIA 4> ALL DIWRDIR1' WIN WBMINr D4SIAW 01 Hurray; 319 Nixon Street;' nister 1576 W. 10th ship.

'... ......... ......... .......... ...... .RM r fb ... M Girl. .st. El 6-4003; Mrs. Out of town guests included -
...... WH'" a....... .. ,........ .M .........."UIX.'WINATtONIT ..........
Y-D ,... wow MuctIs.M 1
pon.TMINT Mr. and Mrs. pernell Theresa Bernice Wright Mrs. Clara
MOUU- 0 1./JO/ I.
I DR.: REX SMiTHI" Crane; 4658 Flynn Ct.; 1981 W. 22rid St. Po 'Ranger of Hollywood
Boy 6-5615; YMCA, ThomasB. Florida, and Mrs.
I. Fs r.r' ........* Of. No L,.....-O..tI..its ftNtre, Mr. and Mrs Daniel Hargrove Executive Cornelia j. Grady of

Cooper; 1100 Dora Street; Secretary po 8-4493. palatka, Fla.





:i 'J.. .-' -----' ---, .-- -- ------- -. '-, -'- -- '-, .. .- q ,, --- ..' -. -- ---. -- -- -,- -"
i ri

j' : : t. _
,1 1 l a

: FA6E4 .
-- -

Woodlawn Presbyterian Popular 4 H Delegate Men's Day At Abyssinia .


CHURCH NEWS The Church Wood lawn Notes United To Be Insphfeg ProgramThe

Presbyterian Church : :! men of Abyssinia Baptist will observe their 1
ministryto .
moved its Annual Hen s Day May 20, beginning with the Sun-

13 is I its New Church :. day School at 9:30 a.m. with guest teachers and
Sunday. marked the
May as day the Ladies May F,
vicinity on s'o' sUDer intendant.
Auxiliary 36 \LA will observe their 6th a anni -
Washington d< la
to the George lttt
versary. A program. has been planned for the occasion Elementary 2 'y% e a Deacon Emanuel Jackson, Florida Normal and Industrial -
which will take place at the hall at 938 School audi- general chairman and Memorial College

JuliaStreet." from 4 to 6 p.m. On Monday May torium 2854 Forty- Deacon w.R. McNeil co- St. Augustine, Florida. .

14.;.:a business meeting will be held at 7:45 p.m.. Fifth St. and Ver- chairman have announced He is also a member of
that Rev. Ottie L. West, the American Associationof

.... .... .... .... .... .... non Road. 1 hI k chaplain of Florida University Professors:
The church schooland Normal and Industrial the Society of Biblical ;

dramatic, : play will ,be presented at the Abyssinia morning worship \ ;tA Memorial College will Literature and Exegesisthe
Baptist Church May 14 at 8 p.m. The drama services were deliver the message at National Education

will be sponsored by the Red Circle Of the union attended. All indications fiA morning service which Association, the Florida

Progressive Baptist Association. An appreciation point optimistically begins at 11 o'clock.In State Teachers Associa- ;

.dinner... ...... will be. served- -following' the play. to the i T cr selecting the tion and the Alpha Phi
.. ; building of a great
morning speaker, the men Alpha Fraternity, Inc.
a.,...... .... ... ...- .... ... .... Presbyterian Church on L4 7 : 2 s. of Abyssinia selected a Mt. Sinai Male Chorus
the new church site at
..... < > speaker fully able and will serve.
3066 Woodlawn Road by a
.The official staff',of. Midway AME Church will capable of doing the The afternoon program .
the pastor. Rev. F. D. (
present -"The Five-Generations" at 3 p.m. Sun-. job. He is a native of will begin at 3 o'clock.
Wilson and the con
Tdayjtfay 13, in the main auditorium of the church. Willard. North CarolinaHe Appearing on the program
gregation.The POPULAR 4-H DELEGATE---One of the most popular delegates at the National
iJhe Re.v. J. W: Jones is/pastor and Allen.Thomas, received his A.B. degree will be the Gospel Crusaders .
:sponsor'. ,., .. ... '- church school begins 4-H Conference in Washington last week was jestine Pinder 2nd from from Shaw Univer- and other groups. :
,. .. .. .- ... Sunday in the !
:: .x '-' ::-' right, of Vienna Md. first :egro 4-Her to attend the Conference. She C. Parham Johnson will
sity, Raleigh, North
....:. ::.,... ...." .. .:.... .... ... George Washington Car- and four other delegates are studying career opportunities displayed in Carolina B.D. degree serve as master of cere
.. .
M-. .-'- .. ver School auditoriumat the exhibit. The others, left to right, are: Richard Haist Chelsea. from Colgate Rochester monies.

10 a.m. The morning Mich. : Kenneth H. Wilson Newark, Del.; Portia Stevens Mount Pleasant ,
Rev. S.L. Badger of
The all Faith Union will meet May 13, at 3 p.m Divinity School Rochester -
worship begins at 11a.m. Utah; and Eileen Doherty, Trinchera, Colo Destine, a 19yearold'sophomore -
Elder Emanuel Baptist Church
jtt'4759.Moncrief Road, R. Longhorn is past N.Y. he completedhis
; or. The Willing Workers.Club will meet Sunday Rev. Wilson will at Morgan State College. Baltimore Md. lives on a 312-acre farm work for his Masterof will be the speaker for
deliver the message. and has been club member for nine
: a 4-H years. the evening worship. The
Slight at the Holy Tabernacle. Ninth and Pearce The Arts degree in theo-
service will be
Streets president Branford Goldsmith is re- "'---- Male Chorus of Mt. Ararat
.. .,. logy Vanderbilt Uni-
supported by the United!
Retired A"Boy Faith..A Youth Determination
Recently s s be
Church will
3iuestingall_ members.:.to be present. choirs with Mrs. Rudine versity Graduate School, Baptist
.U. ..*....d* **"" Nashville Tenn. the serving choir.
:: Watson at the ,.
Z.... ..... ......" .. .... .. ..iM console. .., Twelve years ago when the Star was only a few
.,. Mid-week prayer and < Rev. West is presently Brewster Men Club
o .S-1 'editions old a little boy appeared at the edi-
.. Bible Study hour will director of ReligiousLife
ITEe" 'Pu'1pit'Aid; Board of New Bethel AME Church be held Wednesday at ., .", '.: ;itr torial offices, then located on Broad Street and. and, assistant pro- To Honor MothersThe

M.will : k.ent-its, annual Mother's Day Tea May 13, 7:30 p.m. in the West- ', asked for a job delivering papers.He fessor of Religion at Brewster Men's Club

the .church:.from 4 to 6. .Some of the ci ty' s a will hold its regular
;1. ,.. .. ..... ...p.m......".. minster Hut at 3066 was not taken seriously crushed him.
,.. and it
*? 3T Ebenezer meeting Sunday
1"' ... .. Woodlawn Road. Choir at first, pro- Wayne is 20 now. Still Trio
at the Thurch ,from 4 to 6 p.m. Some of the city's bably because he will feature the annual
rehearsal will be held l was a somewhat slightly-built,
.!Dost .talented personalities will appear on pro- J Mother's Day activities
*.. Friday nigfit at.8 o' slightly-built lad and but of medium height. To Perform SoonEvery with the regular
gram._ ? clock in the sanctuary would have been at an Wayne is still with us.
t .
season of the Mother's Day program.
at state obvious disadvantage too. Still deliveringthe
.... ... .. .**. .*.. .. .. .*.* and Laura Sts. year brings something of President J. Earl Morse
trying to lug an arm- Florida Star every
,- ir Usher Board Mr. Mitchell (Mitch) interest to the public has asked the men of
load of newspapers for week, just as he has
The annual Calendar Carnation Tea will be held Evans of 1908 VenusSt. the million and a particular eventto the club to invite their
steps a been doing for the past
May 13 at Shiloh Baptist Church. Tea will be To Celebrate ended his careeras newsboy must travel on twelve years.A be presented this wives, mothers and

served in the cafetorium of the church. Mrs. a Mail Handler at his route. Stanton season will be the sweethearts to attend
40th Anniversary student at New -
'Del or,Is. Hatten the Carnation Queen of last year, West Bay St. Post Office The boy's name was High School, Wayne Ebenezer Male Trio the meeting Sunday. It

is working hard to keep her drown. Mrs. Doretha Usher Board 1 of Simpson Terminal Section Wayne Hendrick. And scheduled for May 27, at is an established custom
he is determinedto
Mack and Mrs. Juliette Clark are also running for Methodist church Monday April 30, 1962at when asked his age, he says Ebenezer Methodist 'of the club to presenta

the crown.' The person reporting the largest a- will celebrate its 40th 11:30 p. m,. He retired asked his age, he said go he to wants college.to study He Church. prize to the oldest

mount of money will be crowned the Carnation anniversary and also the with exceptionalhigh "I'm eight years old. says Since its organizationthe mother present and to
communications. We believe -
Queen. anniversary of the pre- honors after a And my folks say it's trio has appeared on the youngest mother.
he'll make it.
sident, Booker T. Patterson little more than thirty various programs throughout Chairman Solomon Jones

.. ... ... ... .... ..... May 20 at 3:30 -seven years of faith- He's that kind of guy. the city and has has arranged a program

p.m. in the main audi- service.A We're proud to have been acclaimed by manyas that will be in keeping

The Pallbearers Society 20 will sponsor a Moth- torium of the,church. brief ceremony was LIEall Wayne as a living sym- one of the most with tve spirit of the
bol of our Twelfth member of the
day. Every
er's Day Tea May 13, at 4 p.m.. in the home of Chairman of the program held in the Terminal at talented group of
Anniversary. We're club is expected to be
Mrs. Mary K. Smith, 1410 W. 11th Street.Choir committee is Mrs. Irene 3:00 p.m. with Mr. D.D. singers to appear in
.___. ."v.- -. _..._...__ especially proud of him this city. present to meet and
Tyler she will be ,assisted Sikes. General Foremanof
.... .... .... ... ... .... by Mrs. Mary Gib- Mail, presiding. because he never lost They performed for' "the greet' the visitors and

son, vice president of After stating the oc- his grip on faith-even State NAACP Conventionand to help make the meetingan
though he was born with-
enjoyable event.
2 of Mt. Vernon Baptist Church will sponsor the group. casion. Mr. Sikes pre- out hands. for the Florida ,
a Mother's Day Tea May 13, at 4 p.m. in the Guest boards will be sented Acting Post- State Convention of THOUGABODK i --

auditorium of the church. A program will be pre- Usher Board 2 of the Master J.E. Workman, Elks. The dignitariesfrom AUTO
sented. Church, and Usher Board Jr. who commended the right for me to deliver Wedding BellsAPPLICATION various sectionsof SERVICE

2 of St. Thomas Baptist. hornoree highly for a papers so longas the country who attend -

.... .... ... ... ... ... Ushers from Friendly job well done and pre- I don* t have to go FOR the two state GENERAL AUTO REPAIRJ
too far. MARRIAGE
Baptist church will sented .him a Citation LICENSES meetings agreed that it
He got hired, probablyon W. ,HOUGABOOK, Mechanic
serve. from the was one of the"most
Auxiliary Board 3 of Mt. Zion AME Church will Post office
Invitations have been the strength of his Bobby Way 1485 w. talented of 1361 Kings Road EL 4-3659
sponsor its annual 'Sew it and Show It' fashion Department signed by group
extended to the various personality. Or maybeit 26th St. 19 and singers they have heard.
Honorable J. Edward ;
revue May 13 from 4 to 6 p.m. in the lower audi-
torium of the church. A program will be pre- boards of the city and Day the Post Master was because despitethe Edwina.L. Williams, One of the national Agony Out of

sented. auxiliaries of the General. He then pre- great disadvantagehe 1030 W. 23rd St. 18. leaders of the Elks

church. The board with sented him a check for had against him, he Frank Walker 1646 went far enough to say, Rheumatic Pains

.... .... .*. .... ... ..* the largest attendancewill fifty dollars from the wasn't asking for anything Dot St. 29 and BessieL. "That group is worth Thousands have found the
: more than a Burnett. 1219 Pow- and if most soothing relief
\ receive a prize. Employees, Welfare Fund. money they were
The program will be chance to make his own hatton St. 17. where their talent could they have ever known
an The Assistant
Annual,. Men's..Day at Mt. Tabor Baptist Church
in a world that
nounced. Charlie C. Kemp 2003 be appreciated, they from the minor pains
Rev.', H.T.Overstreet : master, Mr. Floyd
pastor, will be held Sun- could
so easily have Woodside Ave. 20 and would be in the symptomatic of Rheumatism -
Brooker was then money.
day, May 27 during an daylong observance. Joe pre-
Philadelphia Choir Bobble J. Cox. 2007 W. The group was organizedby and Arthritis,
sented who also extended -
Horne is chairman and Chris Knight is co chair-
Hampton Coed
man. .Membersqf-Choirs 1. 2 .und 3 met Wednesday. hearty congratu- 18th St. 17. Mrs. Eleanor Hurleywho Fight Misery now with

and Thursday'nights'of this week to complete Plans AnniversaryChoir lations to the honoree. Wins Raymond S. Logan serves as direc- F.E.S. CAPSULFSRHEUMANON

plans for the citywide Musicale slated for May Other Post Office PaperCo. 1922 College Circle toress and pianist.The .

20th in the church.WILSON. 1 of the Phila- .Officials present were: 22 and Geraldine group is expectingfull
.,..... ...,' delphia Baptist Church .Messers. Ray F. Sande- ScholarshipSix Strain 1922 College cooperation from On Sale

will celebrate its anni- fur, Field Service Circle 20. the public when they at Local Drugs Stores

:.. T..V. SERVICE versary at 8 p.m. May Officer L. \!. Peyton sophomore students make their May 27th 1907( KINGS ROAD

16 in the auditorium of General Superintendent from leading Negro colleges appearance iiiysDrug StoreSUPE11B
When have Radio T. V. troubles the -- -
you church. of Mails. T.H. DeVaugh and universities

The Church of God State Asst. Gen. Supt. of have been named Scott

CALL :354-5136 1349 DAVIS ST. Temple Choir will be Mails, ,Louis Dam'ato, Scholars for 1962- '63 in

the serving ,choir and Tour Supt. J.C. Schiebe
Mt. Calvary Baptist Foreman of Mails, ship elimination for '

Church Choir will be J.H. Humphries Gen. Home Economics majors

the guest choir. Many Foreman of Mails Ray sponsored by the Scott

choirs of the city will mond Jones Foreman of Paper Foundation Edu-

appear on the program. Mails, 'Oliver Nobbs cational arm of Scott Where You Get J6-Oz. to the Pound

The anniversary sermon Foreman of Mails, C.M. Paper company. The WEST BEAVER ST. VIADUCT

LARGE SHRIMP 1.15 Med. SHRIMP 89c will be preached by Rev Ramsdell, Foreman of elimination was. held on -4 IN +- The FARMER'S MARKETFRESH

FULLY DRESSED -' the campus of Spelman
Joe Calhoun. Mrs. Leona Mails and J.C. Rowan.
'' '
CATFISH :: : 49 Paniols will serve as Foreman of Mails. One College Atlanta, and

LB. C mistress of ceremonies.The hundred or more employees marked the third such FLA. GRADE "A1 BORDEN'S BUTTERMILK OR SWEET MILK
competition for Home
public is invited. were assembledfor
SNAPPER :. 59c the occasion. Economics scholarships
KING MACKEREL 4* *-** Ship Following the introduction since 1958.Vernice .

of Postal Of- Boone Guy,

STEAKS L13, 55c Nefroes North ficials by Mr. Sikes. 20 of Hampton Insti- _

RED BASS FOR 39cf""rit. he then presented Mr tute, who was named top
Claims J. Earl Morse who recited ranking student in the S

A Rttumt t. These W ters BATON ROUGE La Apparently an original poem two-day testing program, B. CAN22c

S BLACK SEA BASS 'u. 32c seeking endorsement entitled. "Good-bye To will receive a full

SPANISHMACKEREL for the "free- Mitch" Mr* Preston scholarship covering the LIMIT 2 :; LIMIT 1

dom bus' program Peterson, who is known total cost of her educa- _

L. 35c Louisiana segregationistGeorge at the Terminal as tion for her junior and *WESTERN-TASTY HORMEL'S WESTERNCHUCK

MANGROVE SNAPPER U. 490 A. Singlemann announced "Pete the Poet" also Senior years. The five

last week thata gave an original poem. runners-up all of whom
racist- group in Little In closing the cere- will receive grants assuring -

All MEATSnapper TRAILER Rock. Arkansas, plansto mony. Mr/ Sikes paid p. their tuitionsfor
Throats 49e TRUCKLOAD ship two tribute the next two
;.r" u. f Negro glowing toHitch" years ROAST RIBS38L
IIUH e families to Boston and before makingthe were Bettye Jean Boone .

::1 Turtle Meat ,. 49c had telegraphed Presi- final presentation.He Virginia State College
dent Kennedy's brother, pointed "Mitch" Petersburg; Cora Eliza-

' '. V 19C I Ted, to meet the ousted out as a model employeewho beth Bowie. Howard University -
; tt ik ShWHITINGu., .., ..t LB,
Smn1! Cberpr r ? families. will be hard to re- ; Doris D. Kennedy 28c

29e 7 A r ats. Singlemann is a memberof place. He mentioned the Maryland State B. uLB.

the Greater New Orleans Superior AccomplishmentAward 'Co nege, Princess Anne;

BLUE FISH 35c Wbite'Citizens which "Mitch" Shirley Margaret Lovett;
mil SPECKLED I Council and originator received in 1961 for Tuskegee Institute and > OPEN SUNDAY ALL DAY B--' '

STEAK FISH u. 59c TROUT 'LI.59c of the 'Freedom Bus Outstanding Service. Ernestine Holliday, OPEN EACH NIGHT TILL 9 P.M.i .

pp,4t i North" project. ** *' ,Clark College Atlanta.
--- ----- -
--------- -
\ '
,- .

r I
I 1 .,
S3CtTIIDDlv t \

MAY 12,1961' "! "T\'''. ('T'. ;. '.'
._- -" --- -,_ ,, _'-_.-_;., -- _0 '\

DEADLINE-Minus One 2 Farm Laborers HoMtmaktrs Hold Elections Ohio Store Bows <:,. FOR HELP & ADVICE CONSULT -

by R. (CHUCK) Charlesear Dilil (rail '.:'j .H ", To Core's Demands, Mrs. KING( I
: Gifted American Healer & Advisor
GAINESVILLE A bus : : : .! -i 'J < Hires Negroes
; Are
worried, troubled
( No. 775-894 State prison: used for transporting Ii.1'.0: "- ;N;t,:'- you or
( despair. I'm that : unhappy? Urs. King can and
peace of mind-- :
migrant farm laborershad
jDon't COLUMBUS. Ohio The will help you. She advises on
--- to be learned. .
I am also r
a blowout near here """r i Union Company quality Love Affairs, Bad Luck, 111
'a Because it, like is arithmetic, it cannot be taught last Thursday causingthe ...... department store chain Health, Marriage problems.
cause effect.It is
atM vehicle to careen -fiff,1 Evil ,
r; -' has hired three full- Spells Business or
once ignorance and enlightenment;] off the road and smash ,, time Negro sales people Family Problems and anything
High and low ,{
; strength and _
weakNess ''1 into a pine tree kil- .,' .., .p. ana plans to hire three you wish to know. Satisfaction -
; weakness because of! ,
i ling a Negro man and h.-1);. -..' more in the immediate Guaranteed. Look for
strength. Peace of mind. I would 'r woman. future. Hand sign and Name. Take

kay, would be the depository Of x .. Mrs. Fanni Parker.of The company's actionwas Bus 21 from downtown Jackson
''ife' s experiences; ones intimate,! ;z 1 Jacksonville was ville. Hours 9 a.m.8 p.m. Closed Wednesday
t. the result of
I a
1.1 t le, in other words, put into :#; Identified as one of afternoon. Sun. 12 p.m. 8 p.m.Your Lucky
vigorous campaign by the
some sort of workable fr:, das and Numbers. All
order. the .. Welcome.U.S.HYIAY Go East.
dead. Mrs. Parkerwas ", Congress of Racial
-- ------ "
jnrou say in your letter that you] .tZ M.t No One in Trouble Turned Away
F the wife of the bus Fquality (CORE), begun
are Licensed By State fcCbuaty.
reading history, trying to CHUCK owner Joe Parker. Par- These. are the new officers installed
find recently at last November to inte- 5505 BEACH BOULEVARD-JACKSONVILLE.
a key to peace of mind. I must warn you ker was not operatingthe the annual convention of the North Carolina Association grate the Union's sales FLORIDA

that historians have been deceitful. They have bus at the time of of New Homemakers of America held at force.

given us kings, debauchers militant saints, the accident. the Greensboro (N.C.) Memorial Coliseum. They are 'In a statement issued

spiritual magicians, slobs and queers. They Police were unable to from left to rightPatricia WalkerDurham, N. C., last week, CORF ChairmanBen o s s
have described to us kingdoms and hovels. They identify the man killedin song leader; Grenda MCCoy High Point N. C. Sheerer said: 'Ne

war have told of blood-letting and tenderness; love, the mishap.The historian; Treater Chavis. Southern pines, N. C. gotiations with the Union

deparavity pestilence, terror, hope, even bus carrying 10 parliamentarian; Betty Bennett, Wadesboro N. C., Company have reached a
mind.everlasting life. But never a key to peace of migrant workers, was reporter; Alice Lemon, Bayboro N N. C. ..president; satisfactory conclusion:

operated by Brady Lee Arnetta Dula. Lexington N. C., treasurer; Helen providing the Union store
By some unknown quirk, we are the custodians of jurgens of Jackson- Smith Marion N. C. secretary, and Veronica continues its current
two worlds: that of the body, and
that of the
1 ville. DeLoatche Scotland
Jurgens was Neck N. C. vice president. progressive employment
mind.but The body .seeks rest, always, in many ways, listed in poor condi- policies all differences
eternally. The mind--anxious, hungry, in- tion.
quiring--seeks, above all things, an audience Others injured in the NAACP .Readies Fund Campaign Union between may COPE be considered and the DISCOUNT STORE

with God. in short, we are in trouble.In accident were identi- permanently resolved. 1824 W. BEAVER STREET

our search for peace of mind,mos t ,of us go fied as English Hallo-
to extremes which are either comic or tragic. Lehman TAMPA. Pla. ---The Florida State Conference of 830 31 CASSAT AVE.FLA. .
way Lovett NAACP branches has announced that all units of Starts Sunday
Perhaps they are all tragic. I don't kpow. But Robert Mallory "Willie GRADE "A"
the NAACP in Florida will be
seeking contributions
the stubborn element of futility in our enter- Rady and Willie Abney LARGE 2
and placing "Freedom Tags" in the handsof C
prise makes me suspect that our best efforts to all of Jacksonville.Their At The Ritz 7 9
contributors on Sunday. May; 13.
find peace of mind are (at best) tragicomical.It conditions were EGGS DOZ.BACON .
is the body that seeks peace, not the mind. listed from poor to Rev. A. Leon L/owry/ funds to aid several :VV f

YOU must understand this. peace is too static critical. NAACP State President cases in the State. He .
for the mind; too permanent. There is even a Health Official said that the Florida told of the arrest and 1.:

possibility that the' mind despises the body NAACP is in need of conviction of two Melbourne 9gepiR

simply because they are somehow consciously Warns Against Youths for sit- f ; B X

connected. The mind, let us say, condemns the Justice Dept. i n.: activities; eleven
Body for its sluggishness, its costly appetites Mosquito ProblemA Youths arrested in Or-

its dedication to suffering, its acceptance State Board of Health Supports Negro lando. ten in St.
of death. .. NICS
official today said a Petersburg and the LB.25e
Let me conclude by saying that you are not unusual solution to Florida's Hospital Suit number of other cases

in seeking peace of mind. All men are growing mosquito control including persons including -
secretly seeking the same thing, although their problems is urgent to WASHINGTON- -The persons arrestedin FRESH CAUGHT

methods,, so vastly different, bridge the wide avoid "great economic federal court at Frost Proof and Lake-

gaps between spirituality, material wealth, and loss to the state' Greensboro N. C. was wales recently."We MULLET LB. -1 De
the damnation of drugs, drink or carnality. John Mulrennan, direc- asked this week to hope that every

I must, finally, mention one other suspicion: tor of the boards declare the separate- who is approachedwill

f'suspect that if peace of mind were a shoe, it Bureau of Entomology anc' but-.equal provision of contribute freelyso i FIRST CUT PORK
would fit no foot in the world--not even Cin- one of Florida's leading the Hill-Burton Act that the work of the 00

derella's. experts on insect con- unconstitutional. The Association may continue Jeffrey Hunter in his $1'
Sorry I couldn't have been more encouraging.Best trol, said "it may be law provides federal without fail. he said. portrayal as Jesus inMetroGol.dwynMayer' CHOPSARMOUR 3 LBS.

Regards. many years before the funds for hospital construction The NAACP is also s
F. McNasty last chapter can be asking ministers .to take presentation of 'King
Hour Friend sealed the letter and left the written as far as The request made by after collections to aid of Kings. The SapneJ CAPITOL

Phone booth where he had written it to walk to mosquito-borne diseases the-Justice Department, in the fund raising pro Bron'ston production, 12 oz.PACK. 29cMORE

the>. .. corner.. mail-box.oJ I' -,.-. He then walked across affecting the state are was supported 6y Atty. gram. unfolding a story'ofthe FRANKS :

.Ashley l Street.. and entered Manuel Co. '' concerned. ._. ::.:.Gen.* Robert.F. Kennedy, y* -: *' life' .and.. .. times of
'. He.-needed. some peace of mind himself. He made his statement who stated that the department Christ.
---- -
just prior to a seminarto also asked the
l' Johnnie's Hotel be held tomorrow in court to rule that two
: St. Petersburg to dis- Greensboro hospitals,

1 741V4 W. ABMICV ST. PM. EL 5-4O25 cuss an outbreak of which have receivedmore AND MORE HOMES ARE BEING BUILT.
ROOMING Mouse than $2.8 .
627 W. ABHUCY ST. PM. EL H-59BSI Bleeping sicknessencephalitis millionin
ROOMING House 710 W. ASMI.CV ST. PM. EL 6-7596 ( ) in' the Hill-Burtqn aid
HOOM BY DAY ON WCCK Tampa Bay area; and have violated the 14th AND MORE HOMES ARE BEING SOLD!

following revelation "'by'j Amendment to the Constitution .
"-rJWKSOHVIUE J 2, FLORIDA Dr. Aioert V. Hardy by discriminating -

-...-- .-- .- -- ..--- -... acting State Health against Negroes.The .
---. ------- -- Number of Homes Available Limited. Choose
Officer, that the out- justice Department yours now.
break last year in request stemmed from a
Plnellas Sarasota and private suit filed by-

5 9 F AP Manatee counties struck 11 Negroes against the

R 25 persons seven of Moses H. Cone Memorial
5 Sy whom died. There was Hospital and the Wesley ;

another outbreak in Bre Long Community HOs- uazittgiinWATERFRONT

P vard County but no humans pital. irig1th
were affectedth The suit is the firstto

.,. G 0 ere. challenge the se-
Dr.'Hardy also
called parate-but-equal pro-
for stepped-up control.He vision of the Hill- COMMUNITY LUXURY TOWNHOUSES
Our Shoes Are S.l.ctd for Your Comfort and Health said that the $5.000, Burton Act. The suit

By One of Jacksonville's foremost Shoemakers' 000 the state and coun- charged the hospitals Washington Heights is located amidst cr lovely, tree-shaded section ,of the Ri-

ties spend each year in with discrimination. It -. bault River at Moncrlef and
M & M SHOE COMPANY mosquito control is not was brought by nine this Cleveland. You'll be proud to rear your family in

(. 426 DAVIS ST. JAX. 2, FLORIDA nearly enough to cope doctors and dentistsand delightful atmosphere. Everything for comfort and pleasure assures, youa
with the situation whose two patients.The new way of life in beautiful Washington Heights. Six beautiful model homesof

I New Shoes By Endicott Johnson dangers stantly.increase con- Hill-Burton law two, three and four bedrooms to choose from. n

WElT urAits AND OITHOKDIC COWCT1ONS provides federal aid -
I Mulrennan said that for hospital construc- -.
while "
Phone the
355-1532 disease has tion, channeled through J --
P been in Florida N
for state agencies. The. .--t
S years. -
act bans use of fed- ..
--..... .-.. -- I
-- eral funds in facili- 3M

t -: --t tt ties others--unless which bar Negroesor j..

separate facilities"of

t > t tt like quality" are .
JJJJlJJ$ provided for them. -

It was this,, clause

t SUPER iNARKE T S t tt challenged that the 11 and Negroes the T M !

t U.S. No 1 Maine t tt Justice should Departmentsaid be declared .. HILTON GLENN ATLAS KING CONGRESS BELMONT

POTATOES 35 C unconstitutional. .
t I
10 h. Swimming Pool also under construction-for
bag >F. for summertime m 7G. I
fun.NOTHING t 1
Hoyal Crown ... a.a1r tug Ul1 t.1.Pt 11AtkSONVILIE'S 1 t 5
Blue Plate C qJif
-..'. .. ... ....,.!... "
o ..
i MAYONAISE s -gt.. ':&S'
290 t'It ISmarr -
pt. RAPID1HR. "..- it---........... l (.. -J. -

........iCL D--...,. .. ".'t .
Bar-B-Q _Size CIT t TV SERVICE ,', .' 'off'.,

"1 SPARE -390CENIEI. IRA t CALLS CNAICI $ ba 00FNi -.:---f.l ... '". .'....:.,-...... .'" : ,.,.-t :

J PLAN EL 5-5770 .w- __

,;1 RIBS Hi. lb. # t I I. RADIO DISPATCNtB .... .... -


toothpick be HURTwith or cotton 100.00 CLOSING COSTS SALES OFFICE
; FAB49I tipped sticks. Don't risk 441 S Moncrtof Rd.,W e.t'
OLEO 50 damage.Soften up hard te
: reach AURO wax with eardrops.sale effective EVERYONE ELIGIBLE. NO V.A. OR FHA QUALIFYING L. I. ALEXANDER

,. A Liiit i 2 with $5.00 order LM 1 witk+ $S.M M en* I that Wash. may oat irritate elected, effect wax $ 50 REGISTERED REAL ESTATE BROKER
iesea your hearing. Ask at all 63
PER $1465
:s .f = = = + draifUts for AURO MONTH WEEK rAxa 614 BOA STRUT, JACKSOHVIUf,.FLA

ANa ,

I 12tJ r I


CAMPANELU STIll A CHAMP Negroes AcceptSegregationist Forty Given International Tfeema


'I Kt



people have been saying to be the truth. It it 'freedom ride pro- I,

true that people don't mind paying for somethingwhen gram started by the f .

they get what they pay for. They pay to seea K white Citizens Council t

baseball game and attendance so far has far of Greater 'New orleansIs j

surpassed last year's attendance. There is a F .YM1M1 apparently catchingon

particular reason for it. The main reason is the in this city to the

fans are getting the type of baseball they are extent that seven Negroes S r $ I
paying to see. The Flying "Jets" just flew tc are scheduled to ;

fast t.o have actually landed, but the Suns have a ., leave on so-called
shone all over the ,park to the delight of the { F$ 'freedom. rides' ; S-

many fans. t .
t. sponsored by segrega-
WELL THE SLACK LIST CONTINUES' TO GROW. In the 1'" "6 Vh tionist. r __

hitting department, it has been Valmy Thomas, j.
to reports,
Woods, Duke Carmel and Tony Curry who won a pail ?"" th e Negroes are 1

of slacks due to their hone runs. On the pitching l scheduled to leave for

side, it has been Ruben Gomez Steve Hamilton anc
St. Louis and Chicago,
Frank Smith. Hamilton has gone from the Suns but + fed
+ having become up
not before he could carry with him a pair of t

Jacksonville slacks. For every home .run that is :::44T .LT Ii policy with the of the segregation state. I'S ;

hit the Young Men's Shop presents 'a pair of The group will be the

slacks. Getting in on the home run slacks also '.,. >- : first to respond the Girardeau Alexander, seated left, just recently returned from a tour _
are R. Barker. Y. Alvarez and V. Davalillo. > Louisiana Citizens of Europe and the Middle East, was last week the guest of honor at an

JACKSONVILLE Party given by his parents Dr. and Mrs. Girardeau Alex-
TIE IRON MEN OF THE SUNS, that is Council offer in this International
those who have appeared in all of the 10 games area. Like their New ander, of Greensboro, N. C. His guests stand under outline maps of the ,

are Valmy Thomas, catching Duke Carmel center- Orleans counterpart, various countries he visited, accompanied by his mother Attorney ,/

field, A. Martinez, shortstop, and B. Barker. the local Elreta Alexander.
segrega- J
The team as a whole has been on the ball the tionist have advertisedthat 1

hitting has been the weak point, but it has been they will pay the Merchants Yield Justice Department Halts

very successful in doing enough of it to stay M1
ead of the other fellow. The record compiledby Charles expenses for any Negro Vote Ban In Tenn. S
WINNING SMILESRoy Campanella and Mrs. who wished to leave To Charleston Negro _
the Suns up to now has been a delightfulthing received top honors at the liquor
A. (MOlly) Berns Louisiana and go to any
to the fans. it is impossible to win every- industry's annual 'Edgar' Awards ceremonies city in the North.To Boycott PressureCHARLESTON MEMPHIS TENN.---Over a year of legal sparringwas
one of the games, because the other teams have the Waldorf-Astoria. The former brought to an end last week when the Federal
last month at date, only one
nine men also and they are out there to do the Brooklyn Dodger catching great was named the na- Negro family has responded S.C. A Court dropped charges against 70 Haywood County

same thing to the Suns that the .Suns are doingto tion's outstanding liquor store "Retailer of the to the "Free selective buying cam- landowners who had been accused of preasuring

them. Year. Mrs. Berns the industry's "Woman of dom Bus" project of paign against King Negroes who had joined a voter registrationdrive

THE FRONT OFFICE IS HAPPY over two things. One the year" is the wife of the chairman of "21" the New Orleans racist Street merchants stimu- in that area.

of the thipgs that is causing so much happinessis Brands, importers of Ballantine's Scotch. Roy group whose aim is to lated by the NAACP, has The settlement between

the caliber of ball the team is playing and has been a liquor retailer for the past nine ship 1,000 Negroes at a resulted in the employment the justice Departmentand Federal

the other thing is the attendance. One of the years. His store is in Harlem at 198 W. 134th St. time to Northern of four Negroes the landowners came Judge '..
things that has met the eye of the fans and thatis cities. to date. Two about after the Haywood

it has been some straight forward baseball.The supermarkets have hired landowners agreed to Stymies OrderTo

games have not been marred with a lot of Talent Hunt Negro cashiers, and two discontinue taking
Omegas Winners clothing stores have
rhubarba. The umpires have called them as they economic reprisals Mix SchoolsNEW
hired sales
saw it The batters have not had a 'squawk, the Negro against Negroes who t
clerks. Also the South
pitchers have had nothing to beef about, the seek to register and ORL:AS, La. A
Carolina Gas and Electric -
base runners have had no rag to chew and the infielders S vote. school desegregation
nor outfielders have taken everythingin "x r Company The dispute actually order issued by a for-
the local bus
stride. p operates began in 1960 when the mer district judge was'
has hired twb
WELL AS USUAL, the most perfect baseball game to lines, government accused the set aside last Wednes-

be played anywhere, at anytime is in the grand- 1 ; Negro drivers. landowners of termina- day by a U. S. Court of1
has also
stand. There is always somebody there who could Y t 7 anHM1 ting tenant leases bar- Appeals after a second
asked the King Street
have caught that ball and who never strikes rot, ring some Negroes from district judge had
merchants to offer
or didn't when he was playiijg ball. There is jobs, refusing to sell ordered the decree
integrated lunch coun-
always someone who can beat Ben Geraghty runningthe them provisions and stayed. '
service and to address -
team. They know when to pull a pitcher, whento \ r % r ter cutting off sources of Former District Judge'
4 $4 Negro customerswith
put in a pinch hitter and when to put in a credit. Wide attentionwas J. Skelly Wright had
; courtesy.Some .
substitute fielder. At that point he will start drawn to the Hay- ordered the school
merchants have
talking about then he played ball. When you wood situation when 15 board to desegregate'the
.r admitted that their
listen to him it makes you weep, when you realizehow : L7rUf.s. 1x businesses are off at evicted Negro familiesset first six grades of ,

dreadfully he has been neglected and bypassed due a tent city becauseof public elementary'
least 25 per cent,
for the Hall of Fame. buying having no where else schools by next Sep .
to the selective
lIE WAS TiE STAR OF THE TEAM back in the days to go. tember. ,
campaign. Negro
when the first bounce was out, under the gouse certain Similar charges are U.S. District Judge1
however, are
over the fence in the neighbor's yard, out. in M1. of still pending againstan Frank Ellis granted a
th at the loss
the street was out. He was star in the days when is additional 80 land- stay of the order how- :
business percentage
he was the ace of the pitching staff, when he much higher than the owners and a bank in ever, and was upheldby

would take his ball and go home and break up the These high school girls were among 10-contestants who participated last merchants admit. Fayette County Tenn. Chief Judge Elvert

game if he didn't pitch. He was the ace of tne week in the Talent hunt Program held in connection with the annual It is reported however, Tuttle of U.S. Court of

club. To sit and listen to him direct the team Sixth District Meeting of the omega Psi Phi Fraternity held at Fayetteville Alanta MovesTo that negotiations are Appeals. '

in the grandstand to his seat mate or rather the N. C. Yvonne Cheek, right Henderson. 'N. C. winner in the under way to arrive ata In upholding the stay '

one sitting next to him. it makes one wonder how finals, plays the piano, while others look on'from left to right: Straighten settlement.The order, Tuttle contended

could such a star in his day miss the Hall of Myrtle Hall Greenville, s. C.Jacqueline Mitchell Raleigh N. C. Department of that the rights of Ne-

Fame. .. and Margaret Payne, Tryoa, N. C. Racial Matter justice action is basedon gro complainants were
CONGRATULATIONS TO THE FANS, the owners, the -"' the 1957 Civil not in serious jeopardy

managers, the officials, the players, the bat ROTC Inspection At FAMU NAACP Protest Rights Act. pending a hearing.MlovIadurer. .

boys and everyone who is helping to make this ATLANTA Ga. Quick, .

the greatest year in baseball in the. history I Tj' S Police SlayingOf and corrective response

of Jacksonville. .:. T'a followed a protest of

TIE ONE BIG MYSTERY OF THE SUNS is what actually s isr racial discriminationin
I i4 L. A. Muslim
happened to .Tony Curry. Everyone knows about that Sl this city recentlywhen

big bat that is swung by Curry and how he was W NFW YORK The NAACP a Negro attendinga

hitting the ball throughout the spring training National Office threw its class at a public

period, he was hitting that ball all over the full support behind the hospital was denied use

fence. Against the Syracuse Chiefs the big vigorous protest of its of the institution's

slugger hit. .000. When the Rochester Red Wings: Los Angeles branch over eating facilities.
moved in, the big left fielder was hitting a I the brutal police killingof Shortly following the

solid .000. There is no doubt about Curry, however I Ronald Ftokes. a protest, nonsegregateddining MAKES/055 SKIN BLEACHES

because the fans along with the management g"r Muslin leader facilities were

still believe he will cut loose shortly'; krt poy wilkins the Assoeiation's provided for members ofa OLD FASHIONED .
executive secre- special class at the

ROYAL ART STUDIO : tary, said "police county health center. Sk%nf0na'
brutality against any Kirby E. Williams of J v

CLARENCE J SIMON s segment of the.population New York, a 24yearoldNegro lighltru dark spots

PROPRIETOR demands vigorous was the offended wftct powder w.

actions by all elementsin party in the matter. I apse S n Ot1.
1 1R "
SPECIALS the city. Williams is attendingthe

There is an incredible health center classon

2- 57's, '1-Color, report circulating here." venereal diseaseinvestigation.

1-Black & White $6.95 wilkins continued "that of Posntr's BergAmot/TKe Ju with the Star"

sections of the Los

1810 Opaltone some Negro communityare ......... I........ _

& 3- 35'! $5.95 x y ,r 'ti'f Angeles remaining silent be- 'i( [ '"' :"

TOpiln cause the Stokes L slim was movement.a leaderin "

Commerical-Weddings- 4 wilkins urged the Los SiNESS DIRECTORY i:

Angeles NAACP unit to ,
515 DAVIS ST. El 41834Y 3 rn press all possible ways The firms Listed Below Are Recommended As Reputable j..

4- ii to being to account the guilty and police to Establishments Specializing Services and Products .,}'

Dea't Heft t.Go to 1 m t.GetS rally other groups to do

LOW PRICES assistant professor of military science at .f TCever in its history SUNDRIES \ ,
Florida State University, conducts an inspection has the-NAACP withheld D_,.n t Medicines Cosmetics .
in ranks of the Florida A. and M. University Re- fr condemnation of and action All Leading Hair Preparations On Duty "

0.Year serve Officers' Training Corps during the annual against police bru- JAMES FAULKNER, Mechanic I

' formal inspection at A. and M. Recently. Shown tality because of race
COR. BROAD & ASHLEY EL 4-2159 IKE JOSEPH, Proprietor
DRUG STORE NEEDS with Capt. Sutton is'Walter L. Mills of Miami. or religion .-n-1 U will State and Jefferson 5f.. EL 6-9432 _: .
not do' so now Wilkins J
concluded. jONES
Ti.4JeWiAYe.fNelfkboAoo PAPERS
Will.MOT ANY PRICES. others wounded when A Complete Line of COSMETICS SPIRITUAL ADVISOR. 1'
",dONDixie 15 :
We DeHref-We Alee BO All Doctors' ""
Exchange Pact police decended on a Service Every thursday-8 pjn. ,
Muslim Mosque followingan RUBBER GOODS CANDIES UNION '
ACCRA An agreementhas 432 W. ST. 'EL 4-0269

Pharmacy been reached between fessors scholars altercation between SUNDRIES .
the United States teacher students and police and Muslims on the J 'HNNIE'S ROOMING HOUSE.Prescriptions ...
street. CaBed for aid Delivered *
and Ghana to establisha trainees in all educa- All MODERN CONVENIENCES
1102 KINGS ROAD.MYRTU AVENUE commission tional fields.
11 PHOND EL 1.3597-98 exchange for educational Francis H. Russell 1907. .Kings Rd. EL 5-8276 Rooms by Day, Night.t. or Weok ,

The agreement provides signed the agreementfor VOTE S27 West Ashley St. EL 54025I

FAY YOUR UCHT, WATER AND TELEPHONE for the exchange of pro- the United States.. .



j I I i' ( 1IURUAI


J ::: Sports' World Mourns Passing Of Southern's, La., Coach Arnett W. Mumford ., i

..' Brilliant Sports Strategists Ft. Valley Wins Schoolboy Has Impressive RecordVw&pr White Dixie Trackmen DeploreLa's AWardeer .

I Brought Renown To JaguarsSOUTHERN Regional Judging Non-Interracial 1 Policy : "- ',' ., --.-: .

UNIVERSITY BATON ROUGE LOUISIANA- NASHVILLE With 1641 i i LAFAYETTE; La. --A stinging rebuke against Northeast ,.\
umford, a native of Buckhannon West Virginia. points Georgia's Fort ,Louisiana College's no-interracial-meet .

||as a 1925 graduate of Wilberforce 'University, Valley State College 7M policy' was recently claimed senseless and hurt- t'.ti "

Ohio (Bachelor of Arts Degree)He received captured top honors in ful to them personally by two of the school'swbite F

ijmia .of Arts Degree from the University Ninth Regional Live- nationally famous hurdling twins Don and. :- .

California in 1946. stock Judging Society Yh Dave Styron. f j

...... Conference competitionat w
The coaching career of The twins, reportedlyborn has retarded their own
Tennessee State Uni- S ','" f cs csaw
Mumford stretches for : ? in Los Angeles, personal development and
versity last week. yj :
thirty-seven (37) years -- : stated that the State's other whites in general.Don rt
Fort Valley's team of
and four institutions. L : fK a segregation law which saying he wanted
livestock judges '
1925 he first y was ; forbids them from competing to run against the best,
7-71 1 .. '1'
: ;
one of nind teams par- : :' ;
ached at Jarvis Chrisan : against explamned f
Negro : 'I you're
;' i. _
ticipating in the two- '!>\ -K:'.. It4Thi
COllege Hawkins, "': ; r ,: ,f: athletes, many of whom going to be the best, WOODY MARCUS
; ,
day meet with I :
top individual f .College Boxer
ghcas. where he remained < ;/t' are the nation's
best u'
: ', yo got to
:--'t: ) i. ;! :.: :: : vey run
otil scoring honors if.i. .'. ,{.,'.,-t .' .>':;r.,.. .: '.t..iAti:,.,; k'4p... I )
1927. From "
1928 {.t.t.'y.. :.....(.(.' ,. Af ': .' 1f44 against the best.
0 1 no, Mumford coached also going to Fort ;j.\c.. "" >'.: ''.t.f.-.. ; i :.,,''t1 7 ,
otball baseball and H Valley students Thurman of. ."t"1.v'. ..;<',..t 'J 1. : '".f.-' }::V(' .."...',"A"f':" :' { ,."""."...;-.. ..', Rattlers' EndTSU's boxer woody Marcus of
:;( :"" ..
asketball at Bishop Sanders and Hoise ';:;f : :...t"; ::.n' !-ASJ o\: -',<.'t\',' L ".......--d.,, ,' ;" Pact Philadelphia was named
Wa ters. Jl'' "at.w >t .J. \* Streak
College, Marshall Texas : {- .! A winner of cullinane
.i149c; ;: :; ':: \ :. \ ftJ.i
then from Included among the : ..r ':">::' 11 f .: J M Award in honor of Radio
Bishop to --''ar+ty rk,! ).'.<' .4} :V" ;,'*,,t. ,,! rwi'L .. : DES MOINES Iowa -
: *
students "> # ; >
judges were :\;
1i : Joe
Texas College f "" 't, / : KVIK sportscaster
Tyler, teams from the host :\ ;' ;: : \;z,+! :.1r K 't" Robert Hayes, the fleetfooted -
until 1936 where, in "I 4.t.J 1,:.. 6lj' :;'i Cullinane who is now in
"' ;-.ij Florida
A&M Uni-
school, Tennessee state Y:' ). :t. i 1 f\) : :t k
1934 and 1935 his teams t .t->. ;. fir/.Ft ;. Rochester N.Y. Marcus
;t-l. aC versity
0; !' t sprin-
which captured first .. <.",... 4"..<>J'"> ,f.,',. the United
won conference champion- American players at : t. ; 4u$ represented
ter from
place in swine judging; *- >' f,,,4. .a ir\t t"'f! {"';. Jacksonville,
States twice on State
/ National ships and in 1935 the Southern the university and Alabama A&M College ,7y ft?\*" y..\,4t> .,.;,;.,:x.' ;:In.i"'y i- .'. *; < V'H.vV was the unanimous choiceof Department tours which
Football Cham- majority of the 'r' the sports writers
Normal Alabama
; Alcorn
pionship. He came to high school coached of A&M Coolege, Alcorn DEL BENJAMINbrilliant La Salle (New York) High covering the 53rd annual included Ghana, Nigeria,

Southern in 1936. Louisiana.For. School sophomore Leopoldville, Serra
Mississippi-Florida high Jumper, was awarded the Drake Relays as the '
In twenty-six (26) seven years Mum- Michael Doriza Trophy as the outstanding school- 'most outstanding 'jeone, Liberia
A&M University Tallahassee per- also
years at Southern. Mum- ford coached basketball boy star during the recent running of 'the annual former" of the Drake Abidjan. He
Florida Gram- .
; t- and
''boxed in England
ford had established an baseball, and track and Pen Relays. Leaping 6-7 to a new Relay schoolboy relays.A .
bling College Gram-
imposing record of 176 field at Southern bl ing Louisiana; record, Benjamin is the first sophomore to be capacity crowd of Ireland States.for He the has United won

wins 60 losses and 14 honored Running also for his school on the
Southern University 18,000 spectators
Mr. Basketball's'With several championships,
ties. His lifetime record Baton opening leg of the one mile relay Benjamin watched the under-rated
Rouge Louisiana;
the philadel-
i luding
now stands at 230 A&T College, Greensboro, turned an impressive 57-second: time and handed BOBBY MITCHELL Rattler sprinters shove championship -

wins 24 ties., 84 losses, and _Pepsi -Cola North Carolina; and his third.teammate a two-yard lead. La Salle finished .And Four OthersWASHINGTON highly favored Texas phia lightweight in 1959 and

Mumford has produced CINCINNATI Oscar South Carolina State Southern Universityinto the National AAU cham-
College of And it a back seat in
mo re than 50 Al- Robertson All Pro orangeburg, f pionship in 1961.
guard of the Cincinnati South .Carolina. Alabama Flo. Commission Sets came to pass that after winning two of the three
Royals, begins an off- A&M and Alcorn place 25-years the ;Washington relays entered. Detroit TigersTo

Gibbs JC Fencers season job with the second* and third in the Redskins Foot- Hayes won the 100-yard
TALLAHASSEE---A series of 19 public meetingswill
contest. ball team will dash in 9.5 and sparkedthe
Show ImprovementA Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co. be sponsored throughout the state by the FAMU Integrate
of Cincinnati today. Climaxing activitiesof former Cleveland star 440-yard relay
A Game and'Presh. Water Fish Commission from May 7
team to a 41.5 mark and
PFTFRFBURG:: The St" James B. Somerall the Conference was to June 15 to gather information for setting of back Bobby Mitchelland the Florida Camp
the awards four'other 880-yard relay to a .
Vice and banquet with Negro
Petersburg YMCA Fencers, President Florida's 19C:?-63 fishing and hunting regulations.
time .
winning of
General of the Tennessee State' pro football stars in 1:25.3.He
utilizing their artful Manager president ******** DETROIT According to

experience to overcome firm, announced today Dr. w.S. Davis as The Commission's director a set of regulations their lineup come play- anchored both squads. owner-president John F.

the zeal of the youthful that Robertson will banquet speaker. Dr. A. D. Aldrich satisfactory to the for-pay this fall ,.;, The quarter was a Fetzer, the DetroitTigers'

Gijbbs Junior College undergo .a complete, Roland Norman, professor stated. that the purpose majority of the people George Preston Marhall, terrific duel as Hayes baseball team's

Facers scored an 11-5 training prggram in and head of Tennessee waS, determine public end consistent with the the team's controversial edged Milburn by a lunge training quarters at

team victory in a recent. preparation for a pos- State's Department reactions and suggestions greatest benefits to president an- but the Texas Southern Lakeland Fla. will be

interracial match heldin. sible full time posi- of Animal Husbandry so as to formulate the fish and wildlife. unced. team was disqualifiedfor completely integratednext

the Gibbs JC gym. tion when the "Big 0" served as coordinatorand passing a baton in spring.

Respite bunking the eventually retires from chairman for the Ortiz Wins Relays Steeplechase the wrong lane. Fetzer said that
In the half-mile
odds and tackling one of professional basketball- accasj on. negotiations with officials -
Florida finished
the city's best fencing Robertson said that he A&M of the Chamberof
First Brown easily ahead of second
units the Cobras suf- had been influenced by Woman Champ Bypass Commerce and owners
place winner
fe.F.E ed,,only. the.ir ,sound, S the success. stories of Northeast of Holiday Inn Motel
1.L.5 1.a 1.s 1. LAS VEGAS Basking in Missouri while had
and, : TSU
team loss in three sea- eight active retired where the players will
the glory of his recent to settle for third
sons of competition. athletes now stay have been com-

Dr. John Fhinner: of theM working for PepsiCola.Last 15-round victory over place. pleted.
dethroned champion, Joe Y The FAMU quartermilerelay
%und Park Hospital year Robertson Fetzer concluded

set "assist" Brown, new lightweight quartet of Robert "This is the final
staff and each of the an record K ,
rug champion Carlos Ortiz Harris Lakeland, Robert
Cojlege' fencing team, in the National step in our efforts to
saw each member of the Basketball Association, gave indications that d d Paremore, Tallahassee, enti all racial barriersfor

freshman-studded team go and this year he broke he may fight either br Alfred Austin, Jacksonville the Tigers. "

featherweight ruler and Hayes set
into action for the his own record. "Oscaris + a Y4 a
Pavey .Moore or. welterweight 7- Drake Relay mark of Stephens Signs
fi rst ,time in the ir- a team .player, said
titlist Emile 40.8 in the trials.
careers and win at Mr. Somerall "and we
least one match. George believe he wifll work 9S Griffith in his next Hayes matched the meet For June 29th

bout. record for the
Robinson Randolph Bel- smoothly in any position century BUFFALO N.Y. Minne-

lamy, and Captain Joe with our local or w Should he. do so, Ortiz r.; with a trials timing of sota's great All-

national will avoit the tradi- 9.4 on a rain-soaked
Dasher each
won a match. company. American quarterback
tional return match track. He shares the
Pfilmer Blackshear Concerning his new
the Sandy Stephens, has
fourth member of the job, Robertson commented usually given former world record for the accepted a bid to play

team won two matches to 'It is only natural champions. hundred with Frank Budd with the West squad in
5'S Indications show Moore, of Villanova at 9.2.
lead the vanquiched. for a professional r the All-America Bowl

The Downtown YMCA Fen- athlete to look to the i tk. who is very popular ''O>. :; The relays were heldin football game here on

cing unit exploited the future, when his play. n with the fans, would sub 50 degree weather. June 29th.

., .. ., .
parry and thrust skillsto ing days will be over : !?" gladly step into the ---- -- ---

near-perfection to and he turns his energyto lightweight ranks anda

permit each team memberat something d se. I am big money title bout

least two victorieseach. interested in business, LtS3 with Ortiz. Moore has

Jim Vaughn and Bob and of course I want to .., i".t. eliminated all serious

Mihott were the stars be with a company where featherweight conten- VILLANOVA If' s Deacon Jones (right), is being congratulated -

of the evening. Vaughnwon there is real oppor ,Y by the institution's famed track and'

all four of his tunity. I am, very happyto ders.Bobo field Coach
Jim Elliott, after winning the Olym-
be going to work for Olson
matched and Mihott grab- pic Development 3000-metre steeplechase duringthe

bed 3 of'4 to account Pepsi-Cola during the l2,. xNi annual pen Relays Carnival recently. 1-
for '7 of the 11 eventswon off season. + LightHeavyweights ...... .__. --' 4z;

by St. Petersburg. Clay Daniels. MISS WILLIE WHITE, Johnson Defends

pelman Blackshear put former Tenn. A&I Tiger- Frank's Slump ,. '

Gibbs the out first front by winning Meet May 19th belle, became the recent SAN FRANCISCO sta- Title i Saturday to .1 f, 5:5
event of wr
Penn Relays first
ting he is a better Stalls RedsFRANK
the evening. He defeated woman champion when she PHILADELPHIA Un-
fighter then he was
NFg YOPK Unbeaten .
YMCA team captain won the 100-yard dash when he held the beaten Harold Johnson, Y 6w ..Ii
professional and former
Ralph Brooks in one of Golden Gloves and world in a special AAU event. middleweight title a local product, defends <

the evening's closest Miss White, who also years Bobo his National
Olympic champion Cas- ago
event. holds the nation's Boxing Association ..rte,
sius lay will put his. Olson, now 32 says he
The JC lead wws short- Broad jump record for $_. world's light heavy-
unblemished hopes to confine his y.v ,{ .
record on _
lived however
as Jim .. -
is theworld'snumber weight title
women againstNew
activities to the light
Law defeated Gibbs' the line when he meets ,
two record holder Yorker Doug Jonesan --
heavyweight class. l 1
Billy Daniels of Brook- db
Robinson ;
George and then x
r '
she now representsa in and .outer- here ;
Bobo. the father .of
fit. Petersburg pulled lyn in a May 19th 10- m
Chicago club. The Saturday night.
steadily out front to.stay. round St. Nicholas says
champ is being con- The 15-rounder will be
he has S.
given night
Aiena televised bout. up <
A -_ gratulated by Debbie nationally televised.
life, and is keeping
,. .
I F.
Thompson (right). 0S r
his nose to the grind-

mm YOU ARE ILL stone. He works out -.ff:. if,' :' .' -': j ;.i -'

You Seek The Best Doctor Honk SaysBridges .. ,. *,'. { .,
in Golden Royal Crown .
every day -,,:""': \' vj ._.".r
When Your Doctor prescribes Park and planson Cdf.it "
Gate -v The Twist
P Get Experienced Pharmacists To gym work soon. S ,

.According to Your Doo ,or's
'He'll fight any of The Latest Men's Hair Styles IiS
'I Orders. We Use Only Get More WorkNE the top light heavyweights Watch This Clown

t : The Best Quality Drugs his manager ROBINSOy 39.52-26 :

; Or. C. E. BlackProprJetor YORK Yankee said. .Off to slow start 145 02 411 .Being Taught At The'7'/

t manager Ralph Houk says Bobo and Sugar Ray 6NJfc 8 {.

newly acquired pitcher Robinson have been offered CINCINNATI Manager 7 3fi& 7' Jacksonville ,
Marshall Bridges is due an estimated $50 Freddie Hutchinson of
- 000 gate fight in Hono- the 6 8r
.L A COMPLETE ,LINE OPCosmetics for more work than he National League

. Goods received lulu by promoter Joe champion CincinnatiReds Inc.G.
. Rubber Candies. Sundries while on the Barber College
Louis. 42-77-16 .
believes when
521 60 386
( Bridges who has been : Frank Robinson's batting

S Drug Store used in relief chores, TOOTHACHE slump is over, Sometimes htft o] I. Approved. 100 percent Air Condo

tLilly's has registeres score- lief Do&'t from suffer Webbwc nwtfmty.pfc'c eftoosurttwife tMttdy: n* the Reds will again get &mettmee He Adds subtt bo's acts down :
bit acWl aRA-tEL f,*
less stints against ton to stcMtfs. Cillllaatn'. rolling. He works It aH mroond 630 DAVIS ST. at Beaver
cL AU' sw"
< the White-sox K "
: mi KWiS ROAD El 3-1271 ana According to 'Witch"as Coming Attractions __
: 'Cleveland ir his first
two games. I goes the Reds. 18-34-03-509

.- .. .' .
... '
,,' -' .
.' '.\1.,, :,_., ,'::' ,->.. :: or., ..' .


s ), f i t MIUKUM MAl Il".9tiZ.

._ _._.__0. __ j Jl".lJIIl. ---- .
-- -"-

Would ROOM like FOR quite RENT lady' Southside HOME FIR by SALE owner. EurIiokusou's Coast Airline Employs 'First' Poke! ReportsHUSBAND T BILL -i : I

to oversee-Small rent'd
2 B.R. Modern Con- Defeat llOMtd .
use of whole house. HIT .-
veniences-fenced back
yard-dead end street.FL -
E143720STRAND (Continued from page 1) :
I 95580.BUSINESS Robert Martin, 50.' of ,
1764 Grunthal Streetwas : .;,

Sunday Thru Sat FIR SALE 'voter. r.s vhf injured during an LEGISLATURE-GROUP 1

One Two-Story Frame "I would say Johnson .7 v altercation with his :-.' I

r, wait Bldg. One FrameS showed favoritism. rather wife last Sunday police :, u-n
ore 32 X 45 With than good sense when reports indica -

LIFT'EUIlS $5,000.00 Worth he made his selections 'w .' ted. g

Stock and EquipmentBeer during the initial meeting Investigating officers

I & Wine License at St. Paul last xJ aid Mrs. Martin told

imEUSLE1fFOLLOW Ij j Fire & Accidental month. He was misled by Yi them her husband came

Insurance- his supporters.. ." ; home just before day 'tk f 1f

TTM/1Y Located on cornerat Mr. joe James the r w CnfA .. : and started threateningher '

bus stop Will third person mentionedin i and cursing loud. **-.

COLOR Irnea1sn.. sell for $13,000.00 the Lucas statement y.. {/' '\ She was unable to get If
tifcu GMMSW
\ refused to .... him to quit and around f
$5 OOO.OO down. beyond
-Pay go ::
2nd Big. ffif saying that he ; 1 a.m. he struck her on P"X
Monthly Payment had "no 4.Y ".:;: !i' +..., the back of her head <**|*
comment to "'
$100.00. Call Po make when c"

8-3652 mornings before asked to affirm or deny 'i.., A, .. with something' and in ,I, ...
10 a.m.JohnmVs the accusation._ 't .. order to protect her- :

I'" All in all, Johnson'soss self, she picked up a .
.Hotel in the politicalrace soft drink bottle and ,:> .. SAYS'
struck him on the front -. -
.All-Modern Conveniences is being looked THANK YOU
of his head police
ROOSEVELT Sunday Thru Jtoon By Day, Nite or upon by many as being Rr said Mrs. Martin statedOn
Week. Call EL 6-7596 "unfortunate and un-
Tues-3 Features being advised to ,
Big 741J4 'W. Ashley Street. necessary" Others feel
take out a warrant for ; ;lets Go Back Tq The Polls On May 29
that he could have in J .
beat the .'" Robert Martin she left
t WANTEDBeauty no way so- And Vote For
immediately to do so,
called 'machine' ; while .
Operators & was ANGELES---Carol Ann McCalla is now an airline police said. A REALISTIC FORWARD PROGRAMPd.
others, still are
Barbers are wanted to stewardess. She recently graduated from Western Sgt. Beamon W. Kendall Po 1. Adv..
saying that the Negro ,
Hollywood Beauty Lounge Air Lines Stewardess School located at Interna- conducted the investi-
voter is waking up at
622 W. Ashley St. Call tional Airport, here. Miss McCalla received her gation.
last. They feel that he
I. S. Anderson might have been still in diploma and wings at San Francisco. She is the . .
El 3-3245 daughter of Mrs. odalie Sangry of this city. Moncrief Drive.ln
,.. the running if more
> Miss McCalla is the first Negro stewardess to WOMAN VICTIM OF
Negro voters had taken
LIVE IN MAIDSTo be employed by Western Air Lines. PURSE SNATCHER I
the time to go to the
$55 Wkly. Mrs. Eliza ,Benton ,

MURDER Send letter.References Carfare rushed.with polls.Earl Johnson s Campaign Negro. Candidate From Miss. Street 49. of was 1914 the\\victimof 9th Fruit Market.

rt SfAIS A Manager entirely agrees

i DfADIYSECREi 13 N.Hampton Station Agency Plaza with them.Another To Address NAACP Delegates apurse Friday while snatcherlast she 45th &, MoncriefWillie

aspect of the
Great- Neck N. Y. ........ election which created LAKELAND Fla.---Mississippi's first Negro Congressional was in the 1900 block Tdotley.Prop.

H. Y. Line-In Matt confusmon voterswas Candidate since the days of recon- of Berkley street
Skyview Sun Nile Thru struction For Free ,
You need a friend in the reissuance of an will address delegates to the NAACP* s police reported.Mrs. Delivery. Open Daily

Tues Win $650 Cash N. Y. Let Mr. Haroldof old Florida star head- 8th Annual Freedom Sunday Observance in Lakeland Brown said she Call PO 5-9287 7 a.m to 12 p.m.
Florida Sunday May 13 at 330 was on the corner of .
the Mallory Agencybe line which read: PIPLFY p.m., Rev. E. C.Tillrean -- -- -
Hon Kite Spires and -- '
Church Committee chairman Berkley Sts. -- -
your friend. He SAYS, 25. 000 NEGRO
today. when a young man walkedup MARTHA. WHITE
THE DEADLY iu job .in a good home, WPITE. Rev. Smith, a Baptist Pres. to her and spoke. FLOUR 2 49

paying $30 to $50 a Many political. observers minister in Jackson Kennedy'sComplaint After speaking to her. 25 Ibs.D .

COMPANIONTom week, free room, meals, have expressed Mississippi will speakat he snatched her purse -- -.-- -- -- -."" -: .- ..... -- -
Stops and ran. She said she
TV. He advances bus the opinion that the unauthorized the Bethel A.M.E.Church RED HOT
ran after him for about
tickets and expenses to reissuance of corner North SAUSAGE
Dakota and Fifth Street C. G. BiasWASHINGTON two blocks. The man got 99C
Ite author of Vofs Little Aqe N. Y. SEND REFERENCESto the 1959 headline con-
away with $3 she said.
Tillman said.In 3 Ibs.
Mr. Harold, The Mal- tributed to Ripley'sloss The U.S. '
(laudeff.Dfflis Patrolmen \1.M. Harris -.. -
naming who -- -
'Hbry Agency, Dept. 140 of the Negro vote. Coast Guard Academy at -- ---- ;

576 Merrick Road Eric 0. Simpson will appear on the pro- New London. Conn. has and S. Gaines investi-

/ H Lyribrook, N. Y. publisher of the Star, gram, the church com- offered appointments to gated.. . WEtHERS
reissuance of mittee chairman the 3 Ibs.
--- ---- termed the four Negroes provided
See It Freiu old headline "a Rev. Tillman will be in
Starts the they pass the rigid MAN IS HITWATCHING
RITZ charge. The Church Com- MAXWELL HOUSE SR DE 'A'
The Beg_ political maneuver and a physical examinations FIGHT
contemptible hoax. I mittee is responsiblefor A Coast Guard spokesman '
You Asked for it..How see it! the entire day's COFFEE 59" FRYERS
disavow any complicityin admitted that the Charles W. Jones. 32. 29
the act, Simpson offers were made in the of 1403 W. 23rd Streetwas Limit one lb.
The Lakeland, branch is ib
'said. wake of President Ken- injured last Tues-
: host to the meeting.Mrs. .
nedy's complaint that he day while
; FOR SALE L.M. Butler is Tender Beef FRESHLIVER
,1 saw no Negroes among the investigate a fight,
By Owner 2 BdRm. branch president Dr. academy cadets when the police reported. OX 3
Barrow is Freedom Fund 99 89"
Frame House Large marched in his 1961 Jones stated that he
Lot 6000.00 Cash Chairman and Mrs. Helen inaugural parade.The ,noticed a crowd of 3 Ibs. TAILS I Ibs.
Reed. Youth Council Ad-
6120 Bagley Rd. New London offer is people fighting in

Call Ev 7-2961 visor. part of a nationwide recruitment front of his house and BACON SLICED TAEAK.0.LEAN
The day is set asideas
driveWashington went across the street

WANTED observance Freedom of Sunday the Eight in Heights .to look and someone ENDS 99 .BACON 99

hit him on the head.
WANTED SALES AGENT Year since the decisionof 12 Box 3. Ibs.
Adds Swimming Pool The victim was takento
Male or Female to sell the U.S. Supreme
Duval Medical Center
Choir Gowns to Church Co.irt banning racialdiscrimination Along with the addi- SLAB SMOKED
by private car for
and School Choral in tional plans for con-

Jfflfe* Groups NO capital required public education. struction of 40-new treatment of a lacera- BACON 99sHcRouD99L
on the head -
Can be handledon Ministers and NAACP units, operators of the reported. police 3 \\bs.

part time basis. leaders from across the swank Washington
,rlm in SUPER TCCHNIIUUA ILvi.Mlui.UK& References required.For state will be on hand Heights Waterfront Com-
and C. T. McClendon in-
commission data and to take part in the munity Luxury 'Town
Matinee Adults .75 C Evemg 90( vestigated. RICE
full details, write services, the NAACP has house also announced . $1.39
Childem .300 Co-Hit "BLACK FURY" the .C. F. WARD COMPANYP said. immediate plans for the ,10 'Ibs.,

0 Box 85, New London. building of a plush -' '- -- -- --..- -
Sony no passes please this engagement Ohio. VOTE i swimming pool. POLICE RESCUES FRESH HOGCHITTERLINGS h

I ;--- INJURED MANA < 10
't. .Ib.$2 35
21-year-old man was
SPECIAL struck on the head and
-- -
left arm last Friday by -

BAKER'S STUDIO unknown parties police COUNTRY

reported.j James Smiley of 1030 SAUSAGES 3 Ibs. 99l

TiL THE WHOLE FAMILY!......$6.95 IV. Church Street was '. -. .- : -

: Dad! Bring Mom and the Kids to our studioon reported drunk by police HERSHEY

Saturday or Sunday for that wonderful when he was SUGAR

THE FAMILY PORTRAIT you've always wanted. in struck on the left side ,15 Ibs.89
addition to 2 beautiful of his face and on the
big 8x10, we will With S5.00 Dr more food orde
give you two 5x7s Free that Grandmotherswill .left arm.Police .
' : cherish. All prints mounted Free. said they found STEWING
; the injured man stand- HENS

:1J1 (On Etoari Waters CaMpus!! ] ing on the corner of
$1 1.2 5
Ashley and Jefferson 2 for
1674 KINGS ROAD Plme 35512124aarz. Streets with a deep

a t laceration of the face. L -w

.y 'ulmer{ He was taken to Duval 12 och s, ENTER CUT
Medical Center for

E NATIONALLY treatment by policecar. NOT 99 PORK 9

a KNOW ARTISTS' Psychic Reader officers. The investigating said the man HOPSIb.U

and was too drunk to
furnish them with any

Will Read your Entire Life without information. BUTTER 59
FEATURING: Ricky Thomas, Joe Watson, asking any HAM
questions tells Patrolmen
you any and everything wish M. Newsom f5
you Ib.
(Fla.A&M) and Archie .
Cheitor Washington to know. .$ and F. Mack investigate

"Pops" Taylor If you need help of any kind, With 5.00 food order H (K$ 16.t .
(Cleveland Institute) : see her at once. . .
the can and will'help you. she does what others
claim to do. All Readings Confidential satis- URGE ROE

faction guaranteed. Lucky days Lucky Numbers VOTE STEW QO MULLETS

llours: 9 a.m. til 9 p.m. Sunday 12 Noon ,,5


NIGHTLY If you are overcome with conditions that are Moncrief

not normal, consult this gifted reader at once. Driva-ln

P.M. t. :00 A.M, She tells you any and
everything you wish to know WHlTINGSlb
without asking BAR.B.QUE
any questions. s.
..- _
: -a, at CLEVELAND RD. 5535 NEW KINGS ROAD they're D licious -Same- -specials- 0 at Store 0 # 1, 5116 VERBENA ST.

Jacksonville Fla. You'll like 'em PO 49200PAGi

"- T : : 45th 1 fi Moncrief -- 0 -.-.. .-. _.. --- _- 0 _"_"