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115425 F20090413_AAARBO 00170.QC.jpg 9f6ed20fce7f63bb9cab2a9a08b438717076e966edf13e5f2b6d633cd08ee2df6a57df90
17170097 F20090413_AAARBP 00170.tif 27eead85c65ef098e0590de5db57e63ff2be5b598b903242129e3f1c55bef6207f043ccb
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2074231 F20090413_AAARBS 00171.jp2 a57cf6caefdbae5aa86d3071bec01ff4f18d7597e3841f47dd6ee64d0d8b11b05039e3bb
1012503 F20090413_AAARBT 00171.jpg 5c697440c30cac43543f2908f611818d4e2b5882ca72c13724f71b21fe684341bf64e8c2
115776 F20090413_AAARBU 00171.QC.jpg 901d3c54e5c2ca98343be09206e1e1085173af678dbe3cff8226169c1fc8a0308fa1b14b
16583585 F20090413_AAARBV 00171.tif 278fdab2a54cc661633b6405f6192b0bb27d762d33352c658f323fca9e07fd0b66982ac9

xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200609datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date May 5, 1962dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=006090740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
May 5, 1962
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
May 5, 1962
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Full Text
; -
\ ':' I 1
'- 'I

:; I


jNegro; ouncilman Blasts 'Money-Grabbers At Stars Big est Rally'


nti EcfC
l Kw ;




1 I

: 9Gtt-f

r p .,-: : g aiti
g ,.. y! ,' a \
x' .y nus! ky?sv %? +iFe. ..tlA'b'r'a : 0 23

tk IT ". :" 1 f/ Ei tJ .fi q

} at c n .
k ; ;4. .
,. .. 'r S" :ur -. :, .. '4 I ,'0 t' .....,_ 0 ",'\: o *
k ___ ___ I o

BIGGEST RALLY -- These: scenes depict last Monday night's "Meet Following the crowd scene, Atty. F. .* *.v*>li 'UiudiuBiiBd. the only MV VV--.VIVY Y V RV.YM V VMV I t
Your candidates" rally sponsored by the Florida Star in the Negro Councilman in Florida who was elected to the Riviera Beach Councilman Cunningham issued a timely blast at the 'political / il.;

Myrtle Ave. Ball Park. The Florida Times Union (we don't mind City Council two weeks ago is seem' addressing the audience. The Shylocks' saying, "instead of looking for money from a candidate / eo 0

calling their name) reported it was, "one of the largest crowds third scene shows the line for ing up for refreshments an take your own money and, support your candidate and help' / :t

if the. rally- season sponsored by., Negro weekly newspaper "- finally Senator Wayne, candidate! for re-election, who spicedthe put him in. office." ., i'

published l ere." ; rally with his blasts at opponent John E. Mathews is seen as (FLORIDA STAR Staff Photos By Billy Bro

qfr T *T q..' *.... *..... *-r # /


I, ,.


I, Ylt 12-.1. 4 SATURDAY MAY '5, 1962. 15 CENTS 1kb



New Masonic Grand Master / Atlanta, / Gives* Full Powers* :-.

1. : AT MX NIlE SPOT' : I

,, .
Rivals Claim Is Too Old 'To Its Negro Police Force ,

election held here last .Ir .b W ... J. J. '
Masonic was .
A major ATLANTA---By its latest far-reaching move, Atlanta .

week in a climate of anger, animosity and dis- become the first city in the South now
sention, creating a, strong possibility that the Police Seeking Murder Weapon; '
able to 'utilize the full effects of its law enforcement Interest Stirred
battle for superiority among rjval factions may ; :

agencies. . 2 Held I
be carried into the courts. ***-*-******- **' **** Pending Investigation
lice Chief Herbert
The purpose of the It has been learned In Elections :
Jenkins announced Tues- Board Jt has yet to be established whether James
to decideon Complaintwas Sarasota
election was that a Bill of day that a new order has Williams was deliberately or accidentally shot
Grand Master of week in
a filed last gone into effect giving to death last Saturday night at Weaver's pine Interest in the cooingMay dates.

the Most Worshipful Circuit Court. The defendant Negro policemen authority Denies School Inn after, he hAd demanded that a rowdy patron 8 primaries was The Constable fight has

Union Grand Lodge ofFlorida by law has to arrest white surrender. his pistol. generated when one of extended itself to a
Masons. twenty days in which violators instead of Bias ExistsTAMPA iittittitttt the largest crowds of verbal battle between
Fairly well known in
Rudolph Bradley of to respond from the date
the the supporters of
holding them until a rally season turned
Miami was finally elected of filing. white officer arrived.' The Sarasota this city as a former out Monday night to the several candidates, with

.to ,the high office deputy constable, Williams -
School Board "Meet Your Candidates one group charging that
Freed .police officers County
Teenager had been working
after a stormy 12 hours ;.. ., Rally" sponsored by the Hutchins sought the ad-
: may also' patrol a beaU*'bi n.t3.4el\i t ." this.i ii.1f aver:.s"asra; bouncer .
of -F ri.d st ir- 'vice "ofpenpl' talde* ,
the week that compulsory .IY'-
Shot Father in any section of at the time of his
throughout -
were broadcast the district before selecting -
exists in Highlight of the event
city instead of havingto segregation
death. One of two men -
the Masonic his deputy
( schools. The denial was the appearance of Negro
work in predominantlyNegro county
To Save Mother arrested shortly after
by loudspeakers. Chief was made in answer Atty. Malcolm Cun- constable. In addition
I 123 of thr areas the slaying was held on who
Bradley won
,,, Florida's only Frank Hampton
"' last ningham
!fo( to suit file
continued. a
cast. Free t I a charge of murder.On .
298 figured in the golf
Negroes joined the local October in U.S. District Negro
Alexander of Gainesville ";, < : a tip from witnesses and the
< suit
; course
; behalf of seven who was elected to office -
t.- police force in Court on
received 103 J police officers has
two weeks ago in swimming pool
it was learned. Sarasota County Negro
1947, arrested
votes. Dr. I. R. Williams Raymond Grif-
,;t been named as one ofHutchins'
.. students.. Reviera Beach.CUnningham .
the reigning j j '," ,, Since that time, they.have fin, 28, of 5712 Mon-
that called for supporters.
The suit alleges
Grand Master, culled a l; ': also had memberson crief Road, and Willie 'BIG JIM' WILLIAMS
7 Hutchins' supporters
t' faculty members as wellas better Negro leadership
the investigatorsstaff
bare 72 Votes. Dr. Lee Brown 26. of 1226W. J
) students are segrega- nity among Negroes and declare that they are
0 ; working as plain
Williams had succeededthe 18th Street.
:' f 'clo ted and that Negro students irged members of the supporting the Farris
: } nesmen
late Charles H. : :' ,": Griffin's account of
must travel long race to stop looking for Bryant appointee because
who is
Chief Jenkins,
to that office. the slaying given to ;( .
Henry ; 7':1:: have found him to
\\o( recognized nationally as distances to attend honey f/om the candia they
Dr.illiams' unpopularity r police states that he ;;;
: :' a top authority ,.in police -' school although they I, >" .. dates but instead be. fair and honest. .
based 1 had asked Brown for y
on "
was \. ." work earlier live in neighborhoodswhere : : "take money from pocketand Flcee R. Lucas a sup-
of Tal- t some to buy some .
his appointment money ;
\ visualizing the problemshis there are schools support your candi- porter of Joe Elrod for
whiskey. Griffin alleged I,
lahasseean Rlbert Jonesto
would have wtifen attended exclusively by date and help put him Constable declared that _
that then
the office of Deputy Brown :
the candidate will bring
the public school integration whites. in office.
.Exonerated. .
Grand Mason. Jones was drew a .22 caliber revolver i
problem reached In the precedentmakingruling ..' Another highlight of dignity and job oppor
from his pocket.
later disqualified on
Atlanta, had a team last october .: : the rally came with the tunities to the dis
Carol Minton did not "
the grounds of a near- Griffin claimed that he r
ly-forgotten Masonic know that she had killed of men on hand to study Federal Judge Willian took the 'weapon from >- s R clash between Senator trict.A .

constitution adopted in her father last Sunday the Little Rock, Ark. McRae, Jr. upheld the Brown and fired it once Wayne Ripley and JohnE. group of citizens '

1916. Further grudges when she shoot him witha situation in 1957.TttHogers contention of Negro into the ground. Mathews. Ripley who have indicated that they

.22 caliber rifle. parents that desegregar has declared that Mathews are supporting Clyde w

against the former All she Held tion of teacher assign- The sound of the shot WILLIE LKE Kuwn is doing the Saucer on the grounds I
Grand Master was his know was .Held For Murder ..
must have drawn Williams
that the that she had to save ments is just as vitalas twist' on the Home that. he proved himselfto I

insistence desegregation of to the back porchof .. Exemption issue said be efficient law
Jacksonville Lodges pay her mother; from the II Fatal Stabbing ;f\ :ifI':
the building where : '
rent for use of the butcher knife that her pupils in the Sarasota 'w'r, that.Mathews has 'been enforcement officer who

father had in County Schools.The the fatal incident '., ,. ;- after me since I defeated has treated citizensin
angry his
Temple. Some of Wil "" fo
liams1 opponents claimed hand. She grabbed the Two teenage brothersare suit further charges took place. However, : his father in this area with the

rifle and fired.On being held pending that the Sarasota according to Griffin, 1958 utmost consideration
he was too old to .
head the order. Wednesday, a six- investigation into the School Board is using Williams appeared and In the 1950 election. during his years as a

Williams' supporters, man jury exonerated the Tuesday Night ,stabbingof Florida's pupil assign- warned him and Brown J "s;;-.,.. the senior Mathews was deputy sheriff under

17-year-old girl, cal- Angus Lee Albright, ment law to maintain the against any further S reported to have declared former Rex Sweat. Saucer .
on the other hand,
loudly trumpeted ,the ling the shooting of her 18, of 271 Watts St., segregation policy disturbance. "You fel- that he did not supporters aver that the

fact that 3000 news father, Leroy E. Minton, police reported. thereby violating the lows will have to check need the Negro vote. candidate has lived in

Justifiable homicide. Held in city jail are rights of the Negro your gun, Williams Mathews said if elec- the district for 8 years
members had been added, 1
three new lodges organized According to the girl's Joseph Lee Brown, 18, students under the 14th said, .according to t ted he wOuld buy Ripleya and has pledged to em ,

and two lodges testimony, she fired at and jerry Lee Brown. Amendment.The Griffin's statement. I t._ chair to sit in since ploy additional Negro .

reinstated during Wil-, her father with the 17, of 720 Lei a St. school board has Griffin insists that he RAYMOND GRIFFIN he tried, to .serve the deputy if it is found

twice been denied motions handed the gun back to people without leavinghis that fifty percent of
rifle when he attackedher
liams' incumbency
Vagrancy ChargefSegp'
to have the case Brown before the fatal chair to study Du- the cases involves Negro
mother. Ertha Min-
less than a year.
dismissed.fatal bullet was fired into val's problems. citizens
in the wake of Bradley' ton. with a butcher Offered ;
*********** the chest of James Wil- Frank osborn tax assessor -
during domestic
election, a Stores
s opposing Boycott .
liams. ripped into
factions appearto argument.The incident occurred Free Trips To I'
following an argument Ralph walter City Councilman -
Jury ruled that _
be readying court Ends In Peace
Carol fired the fatal between two teenage Willie Lee Brown on SoUth AfrkaCHICAGODiehard. seeking the tax
action. It is claimed y ,
the other hand, statedto
post and reminded that
shot in defense of her groups.
that- Bradley paid After S
Griffin Tragedy
police that Walter
neither due nor mother. Police Sgt. H. Hodges was responsiblefor

and patrolman Edward got possession of thepistolby Southern segregationistswho the bus fare increase -
burial to the Grand Ga. Negroes
Jax Branch AUGUSTA,
snatching it
Boyer and WJ. Brantley are disatisfiedwith and also of being-
Lodge for sixteen f, called off a boycott
stated that from his (Brown's) poc- racial conditionsin on four comrittees. which '
at approxi-
months, and that he NAACP Slates last Saturday of two *
ket. Brown Insisted Dixie can now get saddled the "working '
JOSEPH LEE BROWN mately 10:25 p.m. one
reinstated April 17 stores owned by B. Daw-
'' of the Browns left the that the pistol was in away from it all-- ;an" with the 10 per- '
: .
when the deadline bylaw Citywide Confabs .son Hanmack. The move
Griffin's possessionwhen Richard L. Feigen a cent tax on gas, light
Shack at 84 Park St.
'. is April 15 Further "" was supported by a
it fired. Chicago art dealer has telephone' and water ,
it is claimed During a special meet- in the company of four pledge to refrain from
Williams, who livedat offered to the bills.
-that Bradley, who is ing of its executive. girls. pay picketing and other
I 1445 Cleveland Road, racists one way pas- Ralph Walter who arrived I
'59, is four years older committee Monday night, Police further stated demonstrations against
was pronounced dead on sage to the Union of Just before the l
: that Brown was followed
rthan Masonic law per- the Jacksonville Branchof the establishments.
arrival at Duval Medi- South Africa,, it was meeting closed stated
"_s wits to reinstate or the NAACP announcedits down the street 'by Albright Unfortunately, the
cal Center. that he concerned '
reported Wednesday. was
ir j'Oln., current program to and a group. of agreement, though it
? Willie Lee Brown is
Feigen. who reportedlymade about increased taxationand
Attorney D.w. Perkins combat racial bias in other boys. accomplished its pur-
: ,. being held in the
his offer in a pledged to protectcitizen's
.is. presently representing -. numerous public and private An argument between pose, is somewhat anti- I ,
j Jail on a chageof
county ,
".y ; letter to George Single- Homestead
the palintiffs. agencies.The .;z-l', the two groups is believed climatic, in that the f

:I' the defendant, Bradley JERRY LEE BROWN to have ensued murder. His companion mann. executive secre- Exemption.The dispute that it settled I
: NAACP spokesman Griffin, was
tary of the New Orleans fight for the post

: ..._-," is' being represented salt that stores which the "port'added.. with one of the charged with vagrancy White Citizens,, stated of Constable in District led to a slaying and I >
having .
attorneys Ernest D. brothers given four days of inter-
bj fail to conduct their Police
According and his bond 'set at that he didn't expect 11 brought a multitudeof
Jackson and Releford the death weapon to racial violence early I =
respective businesses Egts. and
L.A. Hamway 1000. anyone to accept his verbal exchanges between -
UcGriff free from racial bias K.O. :Helsaback. the the other. *** offer. the various candi- this month. "

.. .
u.- -. --- __ ___' _'. .
\ __ --'.i.I .- -

1, s t tj 11 t t : J




P1-AYB0Y 'CLfJB 'Sur THe oL. '. .
,;" .. .. NEWS : : .: BY ERIC O. SIMPSON
itjj -.. ;." '.'';'S:. ',- :.:- : a. ...__...." :," oWVIJ. ,.** : .'- :.
1 .. ,; : ..'; .? r'_.. AOv v ....E COUl-D U >' ', ,
: .
; 'b '
i frabTrsHedrbyrthe Florida Star Publishing Co.,A .". r.',''.'",-'-.. '''": :...,.- ", t.,"f-#.- ...:',,....-...,.,-..,-I.. .-- ." -'...",f-,.&:(..;'.,.Y: -. ''f-:. '
Press" '.* .. : 'J3 'iS.r -: ---: : ; ( JOI.DJSOIJ. :, .? < : : '
jfe Associated :
;,-v *"Member of Negro :: '_. ..: : ;;.>-: CHICAGO. 11.1.Ccnsiderabl progress
.. .. '1t, t. .
l ,-. '.: ., .-_. : "'"::a'''- 7.:_. .... t ) has been made toward increasing training, '

f A5.} '}ERIC 0. SIMPSON"..."...._..Hanagiuf EiittrAIYSOH > and employment opportunities for minority''
since the establishment of the
:', :.'.: E. WISL..............Hews Eftar, : :it :' 1 :'; i 8r President' Committee on Equal Employmenta

1 U.S. Department of Labor official said

HILDA WOOTEN...............Circulate Manager, <. ,, : .. cy: here. .. -
'- .f :: :',:.::::;; :. -.-- ,
: : :. ... Addressing a meeting of State employment
: '
: MAIN OFHCE & PLANT: .:, : :
..', service counseling supervisors, ArthurA.

': :- (,' 7323 Moncrief Road........Phone Elgin ,4-6782 Chapin said that since
t the establishment of they <'"
Hailing Address:. S Committee 15 months ago, its,
I -
l t had brought/about corrective
:. P. 0. Box 561, ladisonvile 1, Florida "- { -' Vr -i-\\" I ..:Af zS action in 30 percent of all .<.
? I'S. ; I '" ; ,
presented to it.
cases Mr.
:. ':fv :' .,: .' 'cj \ S-I 11 is assistant Assistant
:: I g Chapin to
is _
Secretary A.
: : y Jerry
.' r ,,'*": One Year$6.00: Half Year $4.00 ';- 1 a yt1 Holleman, executive vice

t .Mailed to You Anywhere in the United' States : ... president of the President's

:_' "- ; < Subscription Payable in Advance ",: ', 1 Committee on EqualEmployment Opportunity. -
,;! ': Send check or Money Order to: <,, -:.',. / IL I '

I .;.,.: .: '. .',., \ "The program is one of affirmative action -
\ \. Florida Star P. 0. Box 561 4 vl by the Department of Labor and other

: ,.* "'A:" Jacksonville 1, d' Federal Agencies aimed at equalizing job

Florida'y opportunities both in government and in

.. r. I !rs industry, he said.
Duvals Negro
: : Mr. Chapin declared that although there
has been a reduction. in barriers in recent -

Should look To 'Uganda. ( C 1bKb bYZ, years, "the important problem of

.... .- discrimination still remains.
They held general 'elections in Kampala "Many nonwhite families are trapped ina

last week. Kampala is in Uganda, and U- vicious circle. job discrimination and

ganda happens to he in Africa, and that s I lack of education limit their employment

what makes it interesting. Primitive pyg- ,-" opportunities that result in lowunstable

mies came dcwn out of the mountains and Weekly incomes. Low incomes, combined with direct

laid aside their weapons to vote. Low- .." Your discrimination, reduce attainable levels

land natives traveled many miles by foot, "" of health and skill, and thus limit occupational -

bicycle, bus, even taxi. to vote. River Horoscope Guide choice and income.

natives put aside their crude nets and "We must never forget that the nonwhite

fishing spears to journey any miles by :" 0; _I By PABLO. The ASTROLOGER family had a median income of $3,233 in

canoe. ,. to vote.Fortunately 1960, and although this represents a remarkable -

Negro voters in Duval County ':-:. Y" WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR. advance over the figure of

will not have tc endure such hardships to '\;; '" $2,099 in 1947, in 1960 pricestue magnitude -
: BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL of the problem still remaining is
get to the polls, come Tuesday, Hay 8.
The question is whether they will respond indicated by the fact that in 1960 the
median income for white families
to the county's first primary election as the was
solid footing through
Ar.Ir move with intensity before come. The friends who are $5,835.
their black brothers dip in far-off Africa -
black Porn March 21st thru it is, made, is bound more mature, in additionto acquisition of property or "In 1960, Ilpercent of white but 32
? The question, too, is
other sound holdings (10th)
inimitable April 19th to hold the advantage. your closest associates percent of nonwhite families had money
Duval Countians have the same
The tutorship of older should be asked to express 7-40-77-14-36-741 incomes of less than $2,000, while 37
spirit as those distant folk; the spirit There is little doubt experts who have learned their views and SAGITTARIUS percent of white but only 14 percent of

that has defined to them--despite the that you should have about all there is to opinions, even if this Born Nov. 23rd 'thru nonwhite families had money incomes of

differences existing in their many dia- abundant energy during know through personal experience goes,against the grain Dec. 21st $7,000 and over. "

lects--that people must invest in their'own this fairly stable Quar- is also a. (10th). You may have to Once you have made up .,

freedom by choosing government rather ter. Go to parties, or priceless source of know- put your ambitious objectives your minf, because you are

than by accepting one? anywhere else, where interesting ledge. Benefit from any aside, for the convinced that right is on Negro Workers Victims Of
Six million black Africans voted in the side, you are.not
individuals openings to extract your time being, and start on a your
Kampala elections last week. A bit over gather and discuss things share should they appearon new campaign of advanced likely to brook any inter-
qualified to vote in ference. Sound is 'Discrimnation With Union Label'America's
25,000 Negroes are that should elevate your the 9th. Some deep- planning and pre- judgment
Duval's first primary on May 8. The mind more likely to prevail.
(10th) Even if IOU rooted dear, the natureof paration for renewed attacks -

..._-tv ..figure t& cannqttobecompared. ; but the*:'.. are anxious to get*o t:1n which may elude you when circumstancesare among ,your trusted associates .
issue of freedom through government is the and the Negro worker is getting a raw
great outdoors, it is likely to cause you more ,favorable (11th, you, on deal.
no-less significant in Duval. than it is may not be the best time uncomfortable moment 10th. Decisions would then
12th) You are incom-
He's being excluded from
in Kampala. to choose for have far-reaching many kinds of
your vocation cJn the 11th and, later in
parable when it comes to skilled
jobs held down in other
Here--like there--black eople are being you are apt to encounter the month. If there is quences of a favorable kinds--

subjected to the many-sided indignities adverse travel or to obtain enlightenment remembering those you nature, in so far as your and by the very unions that should be
any way cherish aand dispensing
of tradition-operated government. Here, weather conditions which, you should distant interest are con, doing the most to help him. Industriesand
appropriate gifts.
like there, black people have become weary could spoil your plea< not hesitate to swing 3-99-30-15-45-391 cerned. government. agencies too have joined

of accepting the leftovers in an otherwise sure. You may give tokensof into action without fur- VIRGO 8-10-66-15-45-816 what amounts to a three-way conspiracyto

bountiful world. your affection to the ther procrastination(12th Born Aug. 23rd thru ..cAPRICORNBorn keep Negroes in the lowest jobs at

The natives of Uganda are symbolic of the dear ones who are closetto ). You can obtain Fept. 22nd Dec. 22nd thru the poorest pay with the least chance
spirit of freedom all men must have in heart Jan. 19thCaptricornians of pr O1otion.
your (12th, 13th) great comfort and the impetus Cast procrastination and

order to be free. / It may be just the right ,you need, by get- delaying tactics aside, if as a whole These charges are made in the May Reader's -

The 'natives' of Duval County would bene- time to talk about marriage ting together with an are very fortunate in one Digest by veteran labor reporter

fit greatly by looking to Uganda sometime ,. if you are available energetic and plain- you are offered a position important respect. When Lester Velie, who cites a long list of
of greater responsi-
before next Tuesday. and believe that the speaking friend (12th they are the victims of unions that automatically exclude Neg-
bility (10th). You. as a
roes from membership.
time is ripe. There are 13th). It is uplifting to frustrations, or emo- Says Velie:
Virgoan, are likely to you'd look far and wide
those vho may he opposedto give into sentiment now tionally upset, they gen- before findinga

Citizens Becoming Intolerant the whole idea but and.then.. posses the mental quali- erally find solace in work. Negro electrician or sheet-metal worker -
ties and inherent skills
stone cutter or steamfitter brick-
this may stem from jealousy R-55-40-14-E4-F54 It is their innate abilityto ,
Of Jax Beach DiscriminationThe or self-seeking CANCER that would enable you to get things done, while layer or printer. Negroes are equallyrare

motives. You have your Born June 22nd thru -excel in many ways. Your others bicker and procrastinate in dozens of other skilled crafts,

own life to lead, and July 22nd cmain danger could be the that marks them off where hiring is done through the unions
is indiscriminate. It would impartially
sea should be the sole arbiterof : The tendency to put, off lack of self-assurance, as the people who seldom, and where the unions don't admit Negroes.
delight or destroy any.of US,
.your destiny sith decisions until you haveno or an innate distrust that if ever, come to want.. Exclusion from unions is a double-
it who
does matter
of race.Nor
other alternative has been built up by your 24ACUARIUS barrelled against the Negro.It
this in mind, you can may 9-20-fi J weapon
sprawls or frolics on the sand. Nor
make your decisnons. often cause you to lose unhapniest experiencesthroughout affects him now because it slams doors
it matter what color the children are who the years Born Jan 20th thru
2-11-10-18-54-218 out on a good thing. leading to better jobs. It affects him
build castles on the sand. The sea and (11th). If you feel you Feb. 18t'h'Ihe
Others will not always urge for self-preser for the future because he can't get into
the sand--like the sky--are unprejudiced.The TAURUS need more time for recon-
wait patiently and chanceis vation may seem selfish to many of the 7800 registered apprentice'
truth is being soberly acknowledged Born 20th'thru sideration, benefit from
JacksonvilleBeach April apt to withdraw its some, but as it is one of programs, which act as training groundsfor
by. .an increasing number of 20th lull, that the weekend
favors at the drop of a the most powerful natural tomorrow's craftsmen. In a hangoverfrom
citizens of both r ces. provides, to arrive at.a
There is no need to give hat. Face all issues instincts given to man and medieval. days apprenticeships are
in the overall sense, the practice of
up if you failed in achi- squarely on the 10th, and positive conclusion (12th. j all living things, this handed down by sponsors, often from father '
racial discrimination the public
at eving your goals during do not let the day slip 13th). view can be vigorously dis to son to grandson. Unsponsored
beaches of Jacksonville has become 'a 6-5O- -13-Zl-658
previous Quarter. Excel- by without having said }puted. Consequently, if outsiders are not permitted. Because
All of
glaring liability to all of us.
lent opportunities to the final word that will LIBRABorn some of you Aquarians who there are so few Negroes in skilled '
however not admit it. But it
us, may
present your case may Insure peace of mind -Sept. 23rd thru are unwed have cone to rea- craft unions, there are obviously no-
still remains
the a : barring Negroes arise, directly and indirectly and monetary stability. Oct. 23rd lize that it would bring sponsors for Negro would-be apprentices. ,.
from unrestricted use of Jacksonville' -
on the 10th and Others could try to make The hostile forces against safety and security to. Investigations have shown not one Negroin
s public beaches is as unnatural change this status, yo '
12th. You may still find you see things in a less which you had to contend apprentice programs in Fort Wayne
to establish racial undaries
as trying take definite ste :
that behind-the-scenes favorable light, on the during this period. This nay Milwaukee,Minneapolis, Washington, Balti,
in t
the 10th.
space. this direction on
following day and there would give a breathing and Atlanta other cities. In
activities are more efficacious you more among
Besides, it's going to be more <*ontowns should not be invited -
difficult for our die-hard City Fathersto than those con- is the risk that per- spell which you can use to (11th) Newark, N. J. only two of 3500 appren-

drain Jacksonville's oceanfront than ducted in the open. The suasive arguments may excellent advantage esta- 2-30-44-19-63-234: tices were Negroes. Detroit has not one

it was for them to close all of the city lure of profits providesone convince ,you contrary to blishing a much stronger Negro among 370 in an apprentice prcgram
usual good Judgment. defense against recurring PISCES the Automotive Tool 1
s 'swimming pools. of your strongest incentives your conducted jointly by ,
to make the most Many people will call or attacks. This may mean enlisting Born Feb. 19th thru and Die Manufacturers Association and the

S A Tribute For LifliRt judicious use of your you may be obliged to doa the aid of legal March 20thAs United Auto W crkers Union.

skills and valuable con- lot of running around counsel or trustworthy and Federal and state agencies help to

Newsboys, like News reporters, are essentialto flections. Despite the fact (12th 13th). lake into ,energetic associates who promised a welcome this quarter respite, is promulgate the discrimination. financial -

the newspaper. We here at the Florida Star that you tend to be all account the possibilitythat can cope with most any situation could do'a lot behind the you support of vocational training

value our newsboys highly. We value their enthusiasm business thesedaps, you. highways and public as it arises (lOth, scenes to plug the programs, now totaling more than 200 ,
their determination, their loyalty. We would find it agreeableto places are likely to be 12th, 13th) chinks in your armor or the million dollars. .

value, too, their honesty,courtesy and sense of take a little tine off crowded and teepers: could 6-20-11-17-81-621 :. breeches in your defenses. Federal officials estimate some five

,decency in dealing with the public. for fun and sentiment run short. million craftsman will be needed by 1970,
SCORPIO Draw freely on your experience -
In the twelve years that the Florida Starhas. (12th. 13th). continue to 8-77-60-13-65-876 Born Oct. 24th thru and that of your says Velie. By barring Negroes from their

been in existence, the names of over OOO newsboys steer clear of pursuitsor LEO- Nov. 22nd older friends, to make them fair share of these jobs, we are not only'practicing

have accumulated in our files. Many of oUr attachments that could Born July 23rd thru all the stronger than they rank discrimination, but are

;' former boys are now young men in the armed services alienate, to your lasting Aug. 22nd This is not the time to may be otherwise. It is depriving the nation of a valuable potential -

., )5.i." .- ; may of them are attending college; still regret, the respect or You should have sane: respite stop if you are aware that excellent for gain from source of skilled manpower.
others have become affection of one who is for the pressuresthat you are making satisfactory
husbands and fathers .
joint ventures having to do Federal action to cut off funds from
1 ,>'i We feel that closely bound to TOIL have been pressingyou headway: toward your maingoals'
hardly enough tribute can be paid with goods or property defense contractors who discriminate,
t : ,.'to this little army of youngsters who week after 433201692432'GEMINI against a financial *lth the exceptionof
: (12th, 13th). Your inclina- and enforcement of anti-closed shop pro-
the 11th when
: wall, but this does not coopeti-
; ,
J"." week,' bring your Florida Star 'to you. We are orlack of tion may be to spend more visions of the Labor management! Act can .;:;.
mean that shouod lift tipn co-opera-
proud of them each one'' you for avoid this situation and to '
Born May 21st thru all self-restraint. Use tion may make itself felt, freely personal or help to pro-
We are proud--and grateful, too-to the parents June 21st business reasons, whereas vide equal opportunities to which Negroes }
to most
you seem possess
.. your precious moments "
of our newsboys whose faithinterest and support, your associates could be are entitled.
Life Is often like a position of the advantage!. Make
strepgthening your
f. baa played a major part in this newspaper chess game, or vice versa. to. withstand the ,hay or be ready to decideto opposed to the mole idea. His article is Label.1'f

\ growth. The one who studies each crimination With a Union
blows that are still to place your economy on a 4-10-33-18-72-413
;:t: :J ..
>r ..' --..'. ', .,'_, .- ,.' _- ," ,,_ ... i'

-- -
------ -
-- -- -- -
-- -

J l .


." ,. .'
r A Coterie Of 'SMI 40 Odd :ANracfive Junior Ms And Escorts Were Presented During Cotillion .



'' ?

f -. 4 1pI! : ar {

7 a ,

a 4'h

.: '..". '>
;,: ? '
: ';' /, ,,;+' ..
J .
: .... .t,4
.. '. ;(''Y\: ,
4\: ':
: f; r. t 1,
; 4 .., ,

1' ......,. .. fr 4
Z. .h 1
i : ?' r

.a T
: ;
I ,
+ -

n. '. F ;
r: } r r
{ '9s P a
';. 4 .
:. : ,..-:,}:.t' f
Fr nr ,
< ae 7.
? a ". :
.. ; '.' ,.
: ir a 7.. c a .r'i
.f'i' '
< t

; t \\>.'. L4 4 4 _
\ 'l- .,

.. ..1" \ -

i':: ., L : 1 t. we' <;j..",.(, ..'1' .r3 \ '
,1;;..:. 'fo w
fb1; ;< d. .

CCENT ON YCXTrH---'Ibe spring-summer social season was officially ushered in for the Younger-Set Friday ,-Severley Robinson Annie Alfcertie.

night, April 27 in Duval County Armory. when a near total of. fifty attractively gowned, gracefully Grace G. Brown Shirley J. Brown Willie Joyce D.Baker Rose M. Benjamin, Rose Lee Boles Yvonne A. Brant,
Karolyn E. Council Dempsey
and escorts made their initial in local circles Joyce M. Vinifred
poised junior-Debutantes bow society during the Ragland Tyrone o. pones Louise B. P o lke, Timmie L. Eason Geraldine Ellis
' 1962 junior Debs Cotillion. The brilliant event was presented by Beta Alpha Deta chapter of Zeta Phi queline Fort, Cheryl A. Gilbert Patricia Giles Cathron jonquill Flowers, Jac-

Beta Sorority. The climaxing event for the several weeks round of parties. and socials presented: inY Yvonne L. Holden, Lois A. Horne Gloria M. Pinkney Vivienne Hardaway LaVerne Hayes Mary L. Henderson,

hmor of the respective honorees will be held Friday night in Elm 'st. Recreatltort: :Center, Fernandina James Cleonie Johnson Mary L. Owens Cassandra B. L. Peppers' Carolyn' L. Parker, Naomi' o.*.
Neal Grenda
Beach. junior Debs presented during the Cotillion were Sandr ':M;.; Williams'liinda'.Jfilliams, Deanna Moore Sandra C. Montgomery, paulette j. MYers Mungenia D. Mungin Edwina
staleness Sandra o; Milton
Watson, Lavern Swain Ola M. Singletary, Sara y. Simmons Joan E. Saunders, Yvonne Le Vance Rogers, Lillian King Joyce E. Kee. Joyce McQueen Mary L. Lee,,
By Baker)+

I ..: SOCIALLYthSP1A.KING.I ;. : :: : Stark Shaw Airs Health Emphasis.Needs .For Youth Training

.' '
',-: .,: i,." '. ... ...- ::. ;' ; .Deliveries ._.. ", .

in my haste to make last week s deadline, I Walker. Mrs /CorneUa-preci.jBrlrs.. .Faye' H. Helms, itj. : .
JuaniUw1: it f 1 ; 4 ,
overlooked an important item in my account of the Mrs. and: lrsDoris! 'Scott.. : '

recent Kappa Conclave--the fact that Kappa's National .. ,.... -. :. : ; : Mr. and Mrs. William E. :>:; :/: '.;-: .?:., ".\.. .. .
Executive Director, Herbert H. Hollowayof .* **. il'.- .. .e.-. ....;.f,*.. ** ... sees Campbdll: 1030 W. 25th "4..

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, was in our city, ..;, ,,: <. 'J. Street; Boy. :. :; :

and was very active in business and social eventsin Fashions K farthe vel'1'' ,,.'very. young, were displayed Mr. and Mrs. John John-
connection with the conclave. when theKiddie Rorner Kindergarten present }"-J.'ts son; 3908 Brick Road;

Also, 'on the local front, Mr. and Mrs. GeorgeA. fashion revue last, Sunday afternoon in th/ Auditorium Girl. A. .A

Williams were on the scene. Mrs. Williams -Walker vocational College? f Mr. and'Mrs. Robert

makes a '.very attractive "lady in waiting." Mrs. Mary Spicer, director of' the kind/ a rten, Fletcher; 1474 W. Union _) g rJ
Street Girl. ___ _
; -
is assisted by her"daUght' r, Miss Clflesetta :.
..'ss .s.e .ss s s. .. .. .s Spicer. .* Mr. and Mrs. AnthonyWay
.. ; 1485 W. 24th Street;

*..* .*..* .... : ... .. ... .. Boys
I now attempt to catch on happeningsin .
up \
.* .
.. '
and Nathaniel
the bridge world. \ ** V";.. -;-r. >\
Les Elites Bridge Club finally made the much- Several morning bridge e-sessions were held duringthe Tremble; 1983 w. 6th s # .

past week-end, much tqthe* delight of Street; Girl. P
looked-forward-to visit to the home of Dr. and bridge
enthusiasts .; Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel
Mrs. Charles B. McIntosh 1009 Jessie Street. A
One sessIon's held in- Murray\ ; 319 Nixon Street;
the 'home of Mrs. Mozelle .
Mrs. Edna M. Bell Mrs. Iva Grant, and Mrs. s
Margaret Starkes were guest players.Mrs. Roux, with Mrs. Dorothea Brooks Mrs. Betty Girl.

Mcintosh's guests enjoyed all of the pala- Graham Mrs... :Marjorie Holloway., Mrs.-.. DemetraWestonMrs..Elouise Mr. and Mrs. Pernell n rKu 3r 4F'

table refreshments that have so greatly enhancedher : Fletcher, Mrs. Vernal McC one, Crane; 4658 Flynn Ct. ;

reputation as a charming hostess. Mrs. Leona Bennett1 Mrs. Dorothy Dunlap. and Mrs. Boy.

Miss Lois Avery Mrs. Marie McClain Mrs. Maxine Eva C. Rosier making up the' guest list. Mr. and Mrs. Daniel ,.: .
Mesdames Rosie'iOu'nlap Cooper; 1100 Dora Street; ---- ---- -
Jackson, and Mrs. Virginia Gray were winners of Bennett were recipients -
of prizes., Girl.
club prizes. Each guest player received an attractive .
Mrs. Sweet Mr. and Mrs. joe L. Mc-
momento from the hostess. Lydia held. the unique position of
hostess-in -absentia, last week-end when Gems Dowell; 5584 Fleers Ct. ;
Other persons participating in the meeting included -
Mrs. Elizabeth Simmons.Mrs. Vernal McCone, Bridge Club met in the West Eight Street home of Girl, .
Mr. and Mrs. L. Carlyle Davis Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Charles
Sweet, incidentally -
Mrs.Alvenia Scrivenand Mrs. Johnnie M. Mitchell.
Rd. Dr. Gladys p. Graham, t
Sledge; 2649 Begonia ; journalist-psychologist, of New York City Broad-
,was attending the Florida
Election of officers for the coming fiscal year State Teachers -
caster, Registered Alma
Nurse John consultant
Association Girl. to Personal Products.
was an Important phase of the business session.The Meeting in Miami. .
Corporation Milltown. N. J. Johnny Shaw director .
Mrs. Loretta program for WOOS
slate of officers will be revealed at the Argrett was the lone guest player.
new Brewster Mothers Jacksonville, and r
High scorers in the bridge session included Mrs. Mary Alyce Shirley, health educator Florida State r '.:
time of the installation.
Mrs. Myrtis Thomas Board of HealthJacksonville, are seen in close harmony during a broadr'' .
Mrs. Marie McClain. and--Miss
Zelma Johnson Meet May 7thThe cast on the importance of training youth for careers in health education ;\ :
.... .. .. see. .. se ses. .ee.
Other members of the club; p participating in the and science during interview at Station VIO B S.Mrs. John, who was t
meeting included Mrs. Brewster bothers'Club guest of the Florida State Board of Health as consultant, spoke at Du- '
persons who missed the Jacksonville Urban JoyceLawson, Mrs. Alvenia will hold its regu-
Scri ven, Mrs, Catherine Jackson val Vocational and New Stanton High Schools, the School for the Deaf ':.
League bridge tournament last year had reason Mrs. Marian lar monthly meeting May .
and ,
Blind in St.
Walker Augustine, Brewster Hospital and the Baldwin YWCA. She
Mrs. Lillian
to regret it when they learned of the enjoyable Davis, Miss Lois Avery and 7 at 7:30 p.m. at the will ..
Mrs. Susie Thompson. fly to Detroit for a meeting of the American Nurses Association. Y.
session and the relaxed atmosphere in which it .'. ; hospital Mrs. J.E. Davis, Cleveland -:;-....,\. .
sees ... ." see. sees sees .se for the Market Developers convention and other points prior. .-

was conducted. "". .....:.. :''! .:... !,":. .,',..' president: announced.Mrs. to returning to New York City.
Guild members are again selling tickets for its J L,..'.'' : Mae B. Allen, club .',y.... .

annual tournament, and bridge players are requested 15 Cowsts': >:'. Wedding reporter, will make a report -

to participate in the event. In additionto : on the recent Bap- }

trophies, many door prizes will be available Slated ForSwMMr ." ,,: : ." .. '. Bells tist Convention meeting .

tournament guests.Mrs. :'." .- -which was held in Tampfa. nowitPepsiJ'for
Essie McCray is president of the Guild. ,School i '.. '.APPLICATION FOB All members are urged to

... ..s. se.. t... .. ,.. .. TALUHASSEE---Fifteen." ; .. ".f.")(.70ARBIAGE. ...' LICENSES,' be present, those who think lDUD' ; .M
short courses, have, .
o James .B. Tutson, Jr. ,
been schedule tor t': .. RAPID1HR.
.; Les Fleurs Whist Club has its regular meeting 1962 summer session at*-:; 1462 !.' 9th St. ," 26'and..

in the home of Miss Myrtle--Turner, 1403 West Florida A. 'and -M. University Mary L. Williams, 2503 TV SERVICEDAY -.f

: Ninth Street. announcedDr. Lewis 'St. 22. AND NICHTCALLS

Guest players included Mrs. Benita B. Sherard, H. Manning Efferson Homer. A. Brown, 501 $200

Mrs. Mary H. Taylor, and Miss Hazel Jones. dean of the uni Dewdrop St. 18 and CNAMCIELAN/NB

Members present at the meeting included Mrs. versity and :directorof jewel A. Rose 442 W. EL 5-5770
Helen Grimes Mrs. Dorothy Dunlap, Mrs. Betty the suoaer session. ':1st fit.. 15.cbarijle RADIO DISPATCHED

Belton Mrs. irma j. Villarin Mrs. Barbara The summer sessian,-will Wheeler, 1737

be held from.'June15to .W., 10th r '-St. 21 and x t Sb

August 10. '. Effie Jenkins, 1737 W. TELLeveryone

EWAR'SWhite Special features ,in.. .10th St.', 18.

the forms of rkshlps, 'Chas. E. Marshall

conferences' and institutes 3300'1'. .Moncrief Rd., you meet that it's
Mont- true. Goody's is the best head
beneficial 20 and
Label are : ache powder you can buy-yet
to individuals'.eD ge ., E0ery.. 1263 W. 22nd Goody's cost you less. { r ,
in educational, bus:. "f.\t,1.' 19. .. t
ness, professional'andci Leon S,. Broadnax '1902 ?c11 r J7I ''

vie work in the* Davis. /"St.. 19 and Mer- Ii __ __ 4 4

, state Dr. Efferson. cede;S slater 320 Good :

GjtpJ(1l J. / stated. win St. 19. r
Thaddies Dix 1717 W. t -L
a. 't raiftJ I t l
; ntfI '25th St. 49 and Rubyx ,

, HM Liwft Fifty Butler 46. i i t ...:: (1aM A- L':;

Members of St. Joseph: chas. H. Moore. 327 Today panics are more informal, more fun They reflect the big changeto
Spirited Temple are Magnolia St. 23 and a youthful new outlook. It's a modem state of mind and all ages
'WMtc '.ua planning a lawn partyto Mary G. Anderson 1482 arc involved. Call it thinking young. And what a life for Pepsi-light) ,
.....: ..... be held at 58 W. 18th St. 21. bracing clean-tasting Pepsi. So think young. In stores, buy an
: .. In ...#af.isto extra carton At fountains say "Pepsi please!"
.. 1427 Morgan
:,.: ... \ man, corner of Bennedlct Will Baker
",. -.- -. -' -
WI Friday evening. May. 3. St. 21 and Fannie '
:} ; ". The public is invited. M. womack, 940 pearl 2 POWDERS 5' OTTUI ti ttrs csu tOTim: .run a wcwown t/11IO(i wfowww 111III nnt-ou eo* AY nm WK.fcJ

,'-. .. n.' PROOF tUKOeO SCOTCH WKisKY C SCMttlM IMPORT CO.. Mew Tome M. T, Admission is free. St. 22. I. 12 POWDERS- -25

--. .- .
:. .. .. .
-: ::: ;: .. --- '- .' .... 0. "
'" .
'. ,. -
..A'; -,. :.. -' '. -- ::":..-

MK4-- 4' .r'' FIOMM SUI'__ SATURDAY HAY 5. 1962" J

WoodlawnMoves Second Baptists Hirst's Aid Class Atttnk Ci.rch Services

, Ministry Holy Communion

CHURCH NEWS Scheduled SundayHoly

t) Communion ser-

vices will be held 'in

J" :Rev. A. p. Cummings pastor, and officers, have rti. x Second Baptist Church,

_a announced that annual Family Day will be observed t : Sunday at 1:45 p.m.
," Sunday at West union. Baptist Church with The pastor' Rev. j. c. f'"'Sriy y's wx3

'ieJrdaylong series of events scheduled. The public Sams assisted by as- i {
+ 1 1tc
Is<';, invited. sociate ministers and

f officials will conductthe

According to' Rev. D.I B.' Barnes, pastor, annual rites.

geyival services at Sweetfield Baptist Church The Right Hand of

begins Monday at 8:15 o'clock with Rev. C.S. Fellowship will be < 4

Hartsfield of Mt. Gilbo Baptist Church Bartow given at 2:15 p.m.

in ,charge. Mrs. Jessie If. polke, wellknown Regular services begin -

gospel singer, will assist in the services. at 9:30 a.m. Sun-

day, with the Sunday tt 9a

School. C.M. Vaught and ,

,Holy church of the Living God, 14th and Grnnthal REV. F. D. WILSON L.C. Chester will be %

Streets, will be the scene of a talent program Because of the shiftof charge of the joint 4

Friday night with Mrs. Lucille Baker in charge. population tfoodlawn assembly. The pastor

The public is cordially invited. United Presbyterian will review the lesson I ..

Church (formerly Laura Christians in A Pagan v $

Street) has moved it's City" and will deliver 4r
Officers and members of Usher Board 1 of Sim-
ministry to a new com- the sermons for -
pson Methodist, Kings Road and Cleveland Sts.. ,
munity. property has the major services of
have completed plans for its 13th anniversary
been purchased on the the day.
observance scheduled for May 20. Heading pro- c'fX
corner of Cleveland ,and Consecration servicesfor
gram activities ard: Mrs. Annie R. Williams, 4 .-, '
ffoodlawn Roads. The deacons, deacones 7 ? :
chairman; Mrs. Irene Johnson, co chairman; Mrs.
future church will pro- ses, ushers and choirs ,: ,.
Bernice Wilson S.
progrkm; Mrs. Lucille Mitchell,
vide a parish that will be held at 10:45
publicity; Mrs. Nazarene simmons, and co chairman ,.
will a.m. :
serve Cleveland
; Booker T. Patterson, decorations; Mrs. .
Heights Floridale, Morning worship at
Edith Dowdell, refreshments; Mrs. Mary Gibson
and Mrs. Carrie Smith, finance. Washington Heights, 11 a. m. NURSES AIDE Classes of the Bolden School of Nursing attended services Sunday at Dayspring Baptist

incoln Heights BTU begins at 5:45 p.m. Church along with their director Mrs. Rebecca Y. Thompson RN. According to Nurse Thompson, gradu-

Richardson Heights, and with Mrs. P.H. Morris- atio4n exercises for the nursing group will be held Friday night May 18, at 8 o'clock in Friendly
Pibault Heights.It sette and Alexander .
Mt. Carmel Baptist Church will celebrate its Baptist Church. The class banquet will be held Friday night May 4, at Buster Fords. Standing from, -
is the aim of f/ood-/ Heard in charge.
annual Women's Day Sunday, May 20 throughoutthe left are: j. Bolden, Mrs. Angerie Robinson, Mrs. Evelyn Spann, Miss Mary A. Jenkins Mrs. Vivian ,
lawn parish to becomea Evening worship beginsat
day. officers are: Mrs. Ruby Williams, Banks Mrs. Elizabeth Gordon, Mrs. Margaret Major, Mrs. Eula Wilson Mrs. Sadie Nelson, Mrs. M die
center for community 7 p.m.
chairman; Mrs. Alberta Duncans, co chairman; Brown Mrs. Ethel Thompkins Anderson, Miss D. Royland, Mrs. V. Benson, Mrs. R. Rhodes, Mrs. W. L.
service. The proposed The combined choirs
Mrs. Pose Cleveland, secretary; Mrs. Gussie Lee Taylor Mrs. R. Y. IhoaiDson, RN, director and instructor. Seated from left: Mrs. Lillie Jean Stone,
program will provide: will serve for the '
Gordon, treasurer; Mrs M. Hartsfield music Mrs. Barbara Ruffins, Mrs. Ruby Bates, Mrs. Mildred Martin Miss Rosalind Wagner Miss Betty Ann
church Fchool, Morning morning and afternoon
chairman: Mrs. M. Daniels, correspondent; Mrs. Rhodes, Mrs. Dora Washington and Mrs. Evangeline Harris.
Worship, Mid-week or- services. Frank Brown
(Photo By Billy Brown)
Dora Washington, ushers chairman; and Mrs.
ship and Ftudy; Recrea Choir 1 wall sing for
Mae Tasby, decorations chairman. J -
tional. Educational the evening service. Holy Communion
Self Development and Usher Board 1 under the :
Holy Communion will ;j ; In
administered_ at 3 p.m. Community Interest pro- direction of Mrs. MaryK. PresbyterianChurch a etsrr + Sunday
"ao.A1a .
Sunday in Bethlehem Baptist Church, Rev. A. grams for Children. Heard will serve way Mother MidwayHoly
Anderson, pastor. Sunday services
will start at Youth, Young Adults, throughout the day. Sun Notes Communion will

9:30 a.m. with Deacon R.: Sawyer in charge. Adults and Senior day, and for the prayerof tank k ott U:5: ... ,,

Morning worship begins at 11 a.m. ; BTU 5:30 p. Citizens. Faith Hour, Tuesday BY L.N. PEARSON SR. : tar tto be administered Sundayin

m. All choirs and ushers Will serve throughoutthe Mother Midway AME
Beginning May night. V A
day.Annual The Woodlawn United E: .7a Church at the morningand
Church School will be The annual observance .. .r
Presbyterian Church will ,. = evening services.
held at 10:00 a.m. and of "Christian HomeWeek' h a "
move into its new Sunday School will begin -
Morning rorship will be- '
will be held
Men's Day at Mt. Tabor Baptist Church, church s ite area Sunday, at 9:30 a.m. with
gin promptly at 11:00 May 7-13. A presenta-
Rev. H.T. Overstreet pastor, will be held Sunday May 6 and wall hold its Superintendant S.C.
a.m. The Subject for tion centered around
May 27 during an daylong observance. joe church school and ns Hart in charge. Morning
the Message is 'THF the theme will be s :n tt 4t
Horne pre- Ast
is chairman and, Chris Knight is co chair- morning worship servicein worship will begin at

man. Members of Choirs 1,2 and 3 met Wednesdayand REVOLUTIONARY" DISTUR-School sented nightly. the auditorium of i cant r 11:00 o'clock with the
Thursday'nigh ts of this week to complete BANCE. First Rev. J.W.
and worship will Baptist George Washington pastor, Jones ,
plans for the Citywide Musicale slated for May School 2854 Dr. Michael Brick, second from left, enjoys a delivering the sermon.
Forty t
20th in the be held in the cafe- Announces Activities t
church. fifth conversation on the 'lighter side' with Gibbs sick
Washington St. at Vernon 3:30 p.m. ,
torium of George Road. Junior College personnel: From left PresidentJohn members will be com 4
Carver BY
Group 1 of the J Men's,J>ayjunitkpf Mt. Zion Baptist located on 45th Street Church school begins W. Rembert Dean C. B. Keene and business muned by the pastor

Church' 'will:- se11barb eque all day Saturdayon near Cleveland Poad. Regularly scheduled promptly at 10 a.m. with manager Richard Smith.Dr. Brick was on the campusto and at F:30 evening

the church grounds. The project is being services will prevail T.V. Huger superintendent inspect the facilities of the college which worship will begin.

sponsored in behalf of the annual Men's Day Mt. Ararat's Sunday with Sunday in charge. impressed him very much. The pastor will preachj'1
(GJC staff photo by Horace Jones, Jr.)
program. School beginning at Morning worship ser- the sacremental ser-

Choir 2 Plans 9:20 a.m. with Deacon vice begins at 11 a.m. -- mons. He is asking all

G.W. Scott, superintendent with Rev. Franklin D. officers of the churchto

Holy Communion_ will be administered Sunday, at Music FestivalA in charge. Wilson, pastor, bring- FAMU Thespians Rowan Heads be present. Visitorsare

4 p.m. in Abyssinia Baptist Church. Rev. B.L. music festival fea- The pastor will review ing the message. The invited to worship I

Wynn, pastor, will deliver the sermon.. The men Ararat's service Played HostTALLAHASSEE Hampton Fete
turing Mt. th e lesson topic.'Christians will be sup- at each service with ,
will sell barbeQu'all day Saturday from the Choir 2 and other well- ,
in a pagan ported by the United the members of Mother i

church basement. known city church choirs Society." Church choir with C. E. The HAMPTON Va.CarlT. Midway. :

will be held Sunday Morning worship will Simmons Jr. organist- Florida A&M University Rowan, State Department The annual Men's Day t
speech department and !
May 27, at 8 p.m. in begin at 11 clock accompanist. dputy assis- is scheduled for June : J

An appreciation Service for Deacon Walter Brown the education building with the Senior Choir Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. the FAMU playmakerswill tant secretary for 24. Everhart Williams -" !

will be held Sunday at 8:30 p.m. in Howard Memorial Mrs. Johnnie Mae Miller, and ushers serving Mid-Week prayer and play hosts on May public affairs, will is serving as general r
2-4 to the 26th annual deliver the main
First Born Church 1459 Union St. Program sponsor, announced. throughout the day. The Bible Study will be held chairman. !
conference and play during the 92nd .. r
Program participantswill will deliver in the --- .
features will be furnished by the Trumpe- pastor Westminster Hut.
festival of the National annual f
teer Gospel Singers with the Starlight Gospel include the male both major sermons.At at 306P Foodlawn Road at commencement
Association of exercises
Singers as special guests. others to appear will choruses of West 5 p.m. the Lord's 8 p.m. at Hampton

Friendship, Mt. Ararat Supper will be adminis- Floradale Dramatic and Speech Institute Monday June LADIES f
be C. Smith A. McCall Soul Revivers Voices of Magnolia !
Jerusalem Dixie jubilee Singers the Sunbeams Eastside, Mt. Vernon, tered by the pastor Garden and Ribault area Arts. Scores of speech 4, at 10:30 a.m. in I
students dramatistsand
Ogden Hall.
Emanuel, St. Thomas assisted by other mini residents
Morning stars Drozell Singers Rev. W.C. Harris cordially r
players from many Other highlights of Its true that no other headache
and Rev. Mose Davis. Other Southside Baptist sters of the church. to our
singing groups are colleges and universi- powder is better faster
the than
commencement week- or
also invited. Churches, respectively, The youth of the services each Sunday
ties will meet to hear Goody's- Goody's cost .
end will include the you I
al mg with other groupsto church meets in the Annex along with our members 'less!
lectures on speech and baccalaureate
be contacted in the Monday at 6:45 p.m. service

Dinners will be served following the morning very near future, Mrs. The Brotherhood Chorus St. Joseph Plans theatre, to present Sunday June 3. at : :;
plays, give readingsand ,
service Sunday at Tabernacle Baptist Church in Miller said. will rehearse at 8 p.m. 10:30 a.m. Dr. DanielG. _
Pew Rally May 20th orations, and Hill
dean of the
Regular weekly
the dining room with Mrs. Carrie Brown, captainof Prayer
the Women's Day program in charge. Mrs. Bethel s Men Plan services will begin The, members of Saint study speech correc- School of Religion at

Amanda Sheffield and Mrs. A. Burman will sponsor For Men s DayThe Tuesday at 7 p.m. Mem- Joseph Methodist Church. tion. Howard University, j.;
Aiding the young spea- will deliver
bers and friends are the ser-
a Iother'say Tea beginning at 3 p.m. Reverend James Banks

Guest speaker will be Mrs. W.F.. Young. men of Bethel Bap- urged to attend.Wednesday pastor, plan a Pew Rallyon kers and thespians will mon. .
be some of the out- .,
tist Church southside night'sBible ,
May 20 and are in-
I met recently to 'or- study starting at standing authorities in Walker's FloristOpen -TNSVAA5 0000' +:
viting their many
e : -l'CC" thte the are of speech, Daily- HEADACHE 't 1 '
ganize and formulate 7 o'clock will be con- friends to come and wor-
( literature 8 a.m. 5
plans for their annual ducted by the pastor. ship with them during and theatre. to 5-400 p.a. 2 POWDERS 5* }

observance which will The Boy Scouts meet the morning service. Among these are Pro- El 3-J478 12 POWDERS 25 jtft

M--itl : Aye. and Adams Phone EL 4-1468 terminate June 24th. Thursday night at 6:30 Mrs. Alberta Johnson is fessor Hubert Heffner 1

Officers are: Carlton o'clock in the Annex. chairman of this author and distinguished n
URGE SHRIMP $1.15 Med. SHRIMP 89c Cherry, chairman; Free- The Senior Choir rehearses activity and is being service professor of KEEP AN EXPERIENCED '.
FULLY DRESSEDCATFISH man Kellam, cochairman at 8 o'clock. assisted by a lay leader and theatre at

u. 49c ; Ernest Owens, sec- The Youth Chours will of the church, Marion V. Indiana H. W, wells University; Dr. QUALIFIED AND PROVEN

RED SMALL SIZE retary, Samuel Cherry, meet in rehearsal Fri- author of

SNAPPERKING LI. 59c treasurerEdward Hayes, day night at 8 o'clock. young.The program committee 12 books on drama, literature COUNTY JUDGE
MACKEREL program chairmanWillieGraham ; The Missionaries meet is working hard to have criticismand _
curator of the t
STEAKS ? 55c finance chair- Sunday, May 13 at 4 p.m. some of the city's best ..
in the church audi- Brander Mathews Museumat A lawyrr of integrity
M man; Arthur McCray, personalities to appearat ( -
BAKING LB. public relations.The torium. Mrs. Arabella Columbia University; ; and abilityor 24
Produced in 32:* Weather off Cap May, N. I. this service. John Akar. Poet.
BLUE OCEAN BREAM 29c men said they Calendar, president, is year before hrrom- ,

SPANISH u. are starting in timein requesting the atten- rng, your countyjudge. .

order to have awell dance of all officersand F. ., .
MACKEREL LI. 35c prepared program. members. Jnrs. 'ulmer -

lEACH ---- -- "m m
WHITING LI. 39c ELECT. :-- Psychic Reader and Adviser ti No '| rrial )promise*

.. .... to anyone hut fair,
rill .M Ctv .Jrl..11.H.i.s.1U1.
i *eM mi..Nlw./.s&Ly..j'4 t *
..... .. .
M.Saucer s.ck. U rt C..rtsl itt tUdA a.s1..ss t..s.H V*
f HASH rtOZIN GREEN Clyde :; )'M -a .... ... y.. -.... .t aaa spdy ..41.My .."....a. .... .... w7.. eourtfouft, and considerate
Ferls) .... cHat"'? SH c...n lee wJ.y -iL..Jds.s. M ....*..rt. mi!....etWn.sa. .
:4.TURRE MEAT 11.25 F .... .... '
: U. Fr..h Q'at K .c. .II laf1.-ee.eM""J lck treatment
ft- If V w*fri". tra.U.4 ..In AMM ... Ur* 4.y .1M e...U will klfy
.sh.d..s wht.Hi.rt C....to4.lALL promised to all riti
tiLOW. CA.taM'.I c."t .0002, WHITE sr.CONSTABLE GI... IMq Hr...4 I.cky ..\we .,L.u... I... w ......ertle"..4
IDEAL rot ROAST .* STEAKS i 1144... .w.... zr.na.

/rail / .. Haws:9 A.M..to a p.JL-Sunday 120 Noe.-CIo..J Wedttesht AImrtoott Vote for and ContinuePAGEHADDOCK

/ I ItPFIM 29c u.39c District 11 P..aentl' Located in Private HOB.

Th..9r.Is Xo Substitute 5535 NEW KINGS ROAD

For ExperienceMEET
: _u.. 35c SPECKLED ME AT THE RALLfc I.S. 1 Nirth JacksiiviHe. Fla.

.*y.'' STEAK fri+ft flSH : 65c TROUT LI. 59 Your vote art SuflMrt Appreciated 0..KUck tUrrii 4fc St.0.Haw It.....ReU(u.s.1-MtftII) : AS YOUR COUNTY JUDGE

4 L Paid Political Adv. Look For MoM SIp Ucnst4 By Slott & Com* IIM, TV I. Ad9.


t l .

"'- _, J_ "_ .' -. -' < .. .- -, -" ---. ;
-: ..-.. .-
-. .

j t i .


"'r : ( S lax Stidents Fraternal .
A- _: Among % .
{ -
e S. -
OFFER rj r IticitesAtFIa.A.AndM.TALLAHASSEE s rd. +
# kr

laUu.-. -Thirty-seven Florida A. and y d -r '

J\\ University students were initiated into M.I -s

i fraternities and four sororities recently.
:. Alpha Eta Chapter of ter (2. 73 average )

Fenced' Painting Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Gary Collins, Detroit,
had the highest Mich.; Willie DeWalt, R
Screen Enclosures V average, 3.015, among Daytona Beach; Gary

0 Garages all the Greek-letter Holmes and Abraham

organizations. Isham, Jacksonville;
0 4L -, Beta
Aluminum Siding Alpha Chapter of Delta and Marion Kent' Ft.
KG Money Down Sigma Theta Sororitywas Waldon Beach.

Up. to 10 Years next in line witha
3.014. Yes NFW PH. D's ADDED to the faculty of Gibbs

All_ Work Guaranteed ": Students' -initiated Junior College in St. Petersburg Fla. the
-- Ve All Talk first public supported institution in Florida to
Consolidate All 'into various fraterni-
Your Bills
1 t I i I ties and sororitieswere desegregate both its faculty and student body,
Par Only One Note follows QUESTION: My three- included the College's second white instructor, .

Free. Estimation it MATHEMATICS STUDENTS' ---at Gibbs Junior College in St. Petersburg, learned 'Phi as Beta Sigma: : James year difficulty old daughter with theR has Dr. James Oliver Black (right) who will teach in,

Associated Construction t of added developments in their field from Dr. Robert Meacham, pro- .L. Milton Quincy; and ( ) (S) and (L) native the Department of Arkansas of Communications., earned his Dr. Black, a
fessor of St. Petersburg's Florida Presbyterian College. Shown in a John ORens,Gainesville. sounds.Is this serious? Bachelor'sMasters
:: ; Company gathering "fol losing his speech this week are: From left-George Wilds, Delta Sigma Theta: A NSWER : From the and Doctorate degrees from the Uni-

1423 'DAVIS ST. E15-9594 I nlvin Edwards, L.I. Edwards. ath department head; Meacham: Tim Herring Gloria Dawson, Tampa; viewpoint of the versity of Arkansas. Also shown is Dr. WilliamF.
Smith, (left) a native of Boston, Mass. who.
Alphonso Smith, and instructor ,
L. 0. Harper. Gloria Gibson, Miami; speech correctionist
l received his Ph. D. Degree from Michigan Stat
(GJC Staff photo.bv
.. Horace Jones) Shirley Johnson, Jacksonville this would not be con-
University and will serve, as professor o
;Dorothy Nixon sidered as a speech
Bus Boycott Psychology at Gibbs JC. Shown with the two mid-
Jacksonville; Evelyn at the
problem age
1 1 1 year additions is Dr.. John W. Rembert, (center )
Price Tampa; Lu Ber- three years. For example -
Launched In President of the College.
tha Royster Tampa; and 90 per cent of .

MississippiJACKSON. Maggie Simon Macon.Ga. all children do not Let's Elect The Peoples'Candidate
Alpha Hii Alpha Fra- make the (R) sound until -
I H7icrc You Get .1(; O:. lo the round
Miss. A ternityBeta NU Chapter they are four ,
-- _
WEST BEAVER ST. VIADUCT bus boycott WAS launched (2.83 average) : Ken- years- of age, (S ) Pd. -- ; -,-

.. IN The FARMER'S MARKETARMOUR'S early this week by neth E. Belcher Jack- sound until they are Pol. Adv. ,

: the Jackson Non-Violent sonville; Robert Griffin four year and six .

BANNER HICKORY SMOKED movement after having Titusville; Napoleon months and the (L) : r..
failed to negotiatewith C. Johnson sound until they are .
the bus lines on Raleigh N. ,C.; Mervin six years old. z

WIENERS PICNICS racial discrimination .' A. jones, Gainesville; As your daughter be-

policies. Dennis Sherman West cores older, she willno .. .
According to special Palm Beach; and Elliot doubt acquire a : ..
LIMIT press release, the nonviolent Winkler jr. Jackson- of the
mastery soundsin
... ,.
PACKAGE 29 1 LB. 25c i group asked ville. question. If she I; ;
PLEASE city bus officials to
LIMIT, 3 LBS. Alpha 'Kappa Alpha does not by that time
discontinue all dis- Sorority, Beta Alpha it may be advisablefor
FRESH FLA. GRADE "A" COPELAND'S PURE PORK criminatory policiesand Chapter, (2. 77 average) : you to. have her

$ practices per- Joyce Goldsmith, Jack- speech evaluated by a

F'RYERS. Sausage u"b.. JL taining to seating arrangements sonville. ;. Altermease speech and hearing JOE ELROD

; hiring of Hooker take City; and clinic.

drivers and other per- Lorraine Mizelle Ft. The average child is
sonnel; courtesies to
seven or eight years
LIMIT 33C all passengers regardless Sigma Gamma Rho Soror- old before he has "

PLEASE LB.23C PIG' Lb. ., of race; and, removal ity, Gamma Alpha Chapter .learned to make con- .

WE CUT YOU WRAP of signs designating ((2.71) average) : sistently alb of the CONSTABLE ,. ;J.
separation according Ruth y. Barrington -"
FLA. GRAD "A" SMALL consonant sounds. The :ir '
STEAKS wholesale to race. Tallahassee; Mamie vowels do not give most 7

EGG 5 All Jackson ,Negroeswere Brown. Barbara jeffer- children as 'much troubleas District 11 for .._ ,\
requested to boy- Doris .
SWIFT'S PREMIUM ann J. Sneed the consonants. .!: ..._
cott the bus lines beginning .
Ka and
thyn Sneed
READERS: For my par- ,; ;
DEL MONICO $95 $1 00 Monday of this Hannah M. Walker all liamentary chart of FAIREMPLOYMENT .i' '

OR 4'. week.. :_..._ of Tallahassee; and motions send forty .rt" .
Delores Y. Mitchell. \
10 cents to Dr. Marcus H. AND IMPARTIAL
LIMIT 3 BOXES I LIMIT DOZEN Royal M Crown Tallahassee. Boulward Florida A. .

= Cola Kappa Alpha psi Fraternity and M. University B6x
Alpha Xi Chap- 310-A Tallahassee,Fla.

-, -


e .



: : = = = = = = = = = = = __ --- .f = = = = =
.- t'-:- - --.J : ::: :: ___ _

.' .

... .
-- .
I ": L -Iu <

:":. '\ 40 NEW UNITS!


t.: UNDER CONSTRUCTION -- --'w'', v _

; :;. c r'y

-. \, :(.K .. Limited,. number ofl omes available, :
f '
:' and fast. X ;
f they're going Y
'- '**.' :..- -

... .. ; Choose yours now .. .'-. '...: .
I '.' '. ..: r.
:; i'l'..: '''. '(. '' .
""- --" -''' ."
t:: : 1 t-; -- .
....... \ : 5... f .
'\ '. .r r ". '. .'
..' .1 \ .."::"; ,;., t-u'<....>"- "' .. h."*"" 't,,'t: ..,.:'J\?

?j f? ;;;**,'...:'New 'Swimming Pool also under* construction: .for, :, HILTON. GLENN ATLAS KING CONGRESS BELMONT

: ... J:'., for summertime fun. :
.t-.... -; :)'. ,. Washington Heights is located amidst a lovely, tree-shaded section of the Ri-

..,. :.... .' bault River Moncrief and Cleveland. You'll be in
!" 1\1 at proud to rear your family
.f \1 'j,. :;,- : .
: .
J A >''.'". '" this delightful atmosphere. Everything for comfort and pleasure assures you
i' : i i .- :.. a=JL 11i r a new' way of life in beautiful Washington Heights. Six beautiful model homes..

t\ r of two, three and four bedrooms to choose from. ,

.t'1 z::.. Jl.u- ... .- ,,, ... .
J r. 1i"f' '
,. ?. "'.__ ;: ....,tS > ,
(;1 : .
-. ...... ,. _. .. .. ..
; .
> t 8asebalfa." nd Barbecue Faciiihes ,.: #...'f,' -'..-;:,f.JIK.J "'i.

} "\,.. ',''0., './'' .'". -' t... ..:) --. : aBJjutrjtatt 1I| rtl4t SALES OFFICE. : ,:>

... '. '
i., i ;. ,. ..,.
,--; : '"'
.. f \ '
t -" _: ). .
; .. .f" ''. ?\; <"
-- .,. '" .
;" -- : ..... \:: -,
".t-.... ._,_.f- ". ..4-n.,-' + ."'It.f-, +,. .. l.. e \ 4
0 .
t.: '.; AAU Swimming Pool. launchIng Ramp .., : 1" ,
; ,, .
r. c ::.. : :... .. -
f.i'' I '
f"..' :.. -
:' :' { : NOTHING DOWN
.j t .

i r;. ). -f".' ",.., '.,';" $.1 00.00 CLOSING COSTS (" :' L.I.- ALEXANDER
It. "
'I. .
I -
t :
,1 :.: 7' Nx ." '
I ,4 '

: ; t: \ t s 614'BROAD STREET, JACKSONVILLE !'A.. .l" ,'
50 $1165 .
; $ .- t'" "." Telephone: Elgin 4.5425 ".
: ,. ., ,
: .. INCLUDING TAXES -'7 'ri fi. "" .'- :. >'ttj -

,. '- .
__ __
-----5-- -
::i.Rl----------: '" '.- .- .'. -
; ', ;
:: ;_ 1:<: : :':" ii" iiii-: ;::,.--:;":;;-.

f '
.J ,
..-u__ ..
;; IMAM SfvdMfe PrOtutTo' Fla. Educator Anw g Group Meeting With Agricufora Stattaiy'lEET Integration Ordered For .

> Stifi And U. S. .Offfckefe .f Reserve Units
---- -- -
; ATLANTA A suit was biracial school system
,. TALWDEGA, Ala. The Social Action Coaalttee
filed Monday in federal into a unitary non-
of Talladega, College has asked citizens through- .
court here 10 racial
by parents system.
out the -
United States to protest the beating ;
of Negroi children The also
parents are
4 > a
and students 1 i
; gassing of numerous by police ;
April 2526. 4i: 1d' 4. f > seeking a. speedup in seeking a court order :.
this city's school desegregation seeking to allow Negro ,
r The student organization urged wires and
'. r c plan. pupils to transfer to ;
letters to the Department of justice in Washington '. .
1 The plaintiffs charge schools of their choice
D.C., and to the Alabama Safety Commission' 1
city officials with not without having to take
Montgomery, Ala. .
having taken steps to tests present requiredand
A mass beating by state and city police took
the city's
\ reorganize have also asked
place pril 26 when 200 students began a march t: : s=iaB amiirmmrTtiii 5SSS -
downtown to protest the gassing, beating and
jailing of several others the night before. t, a (/:

Civilians had beaten one student severely and
thrown mustard gas on two others. A hoodlum S

slashed the tires on the automobile of a sympathizer fQ
while a policeman looked on..' Four women
students were overcome by tear gas while picketing : L

a drugstore.One ,. t ....-
student who was injured said the police
made every effort to strike y, ung men in the '\\'ORLD"S.- LOW. iT .\..IFAY.PRIt- :, ,-i' -
-- ---- -- -
groin with their clubs. The students sang

-.throughout. and did not strike back. DISCOUNT STORE
Elect A Leader For The? People. .
830-31 CASSAT AVE.
Pd. Pol. Adv. t

".:.;".; .. ? ....,. ... .... '.. A:.. ..'' Ltt "' t BIG 51 $ALE
.,::._'T JOHN" : E. ," < :

MATHEWS Jr. : AG SECRETARY-:-During their interregional conference in Washington recently State supervisors EGGS 2 79'' "

;< and teacher trainers in agricultural education met Secretary of Agriculture Orville L. Free-

man who addressed the group part of the group, left to right, are: W. T. Johnson, A. and T. Col THRIFTY

::' YOUR STATE SENATOR lege; G. W. Conoly, Florida A. and M.; A. G. Gordon, Alcorn, Miss., A. and'M. ; B. S. Anderson, BRAND STEWING MINIMUM

Fort Valley, Ga. State; Dr. David Hamilton, Tennessee A. and I.; Secretary Freeman; Dr. E. M. H 3 .1& 1 S WEIGHT S : 2 FOR $1 1
Norris Prairie:: View, Texas, A. and M. ; Walter Flowers Tennessee A. and I. ; J. 0. Williams, Fort -

J<. Valley; S. E. palmer, Texas College; W. F. Hickson, South Carolina State; josiah Phelps, Fort FIRST CUT

V ., Valley; Arthur Floyd, Tuskegee; and A. p. Bell, A. and T. College. 3 $1


tA' DkectkMi by REV. J. REDDICK .:$!, :',:.- t I\ 0,.2.r:!.'"'""' eV 'sBACON 3 LBS. $1 1

i' + Y'LF \
v .
y 9
: ASR.Y %. Pastor, ," .,. ,


: Sifflpsofl I Methodist Church a ;
It t: Y
i .

Stop Sweatening -p -, f:>,0.I :. f". tflF'lIP!' PORK LIVER 3 IBS. $1 I IIBS.

My past experiences have led me to the conclusion : .;T'
that a person's mind is the most important

factor in determining the toughness of a task ox : I"1* .
1 .. pt.i.y BEEF 3 $1
the psibillties of achievements. I heard someone % 1i w. .:;: 4at& ::?" LIVER I
tell of woodcutters who. went to their Job one
morning, which was clearing a forest. It happenedthat : .1.

the first tree that they had to cut down i
c NECK BONES 10 1 $1
1= I
9V that morning was the largest one in the forest.It s LBS.

stood in a position that caused it to limit __

their progress in clearing the forest. At the _

sight of this big tree, they all began to sweat. piG 1 1VERY 10 $1
The very thought of their task forced them to FEET LBS.

sit down, cool off and rest before they could
even begin to work. In many instances, this principle MEATY TURKEYNECKS

L is practiced by most of us, consciously or 7 .LBS. $1
unconsciously. if we could bring this matter to .
our conscious minds it would exert untold positive -
values to those of us how face responsibility -
where efforts are needed to. make achievements. SPARE 3 $1
:" ':, Why sit and sweat when a task seems too big for NEW SCIENCE EQUIPMENT: at Gibbs junior College
for us rather than make bigger preparations? includes several
The Twist microscopes among the thousands
....I, Reality of the magnitude of a task should be of dollars worth of instruments the college has
faced, but effort should not be wasted sweatening received GROUND BEEF 3 $1
JL The Latest Men's Hair Styles at the expense of preparation. Smith tries one out before Here Alabama using it co-ed for her Gloria rre- LBS.

: .There .are "big trees" in the field of every nursing studies. t
\ Being aught Af The institution in our community and in our world today -

V our freedom and life is jepordized as longas HOUGABOOK AUTO

JacksonvilleBarber the task of clearing them away goes undone. SERVICE ,
1 In the face of the tasks in churches, schools,

politics, economic and social Institutions, many GENERAL AUTO REPAIRJ.
of us place accent on the "big tree and only

College Inc. ,"sweat while we observe the task preparationand W. HOUGABOOK, Mechanic / .

action are the answers. j. 1361 Kings Road EL 4-3659 Here's my "Appointed" Opponent t town

G. I. Approved 100 percent Air Con d. ,
TOOTHACHE J : scheme to DESTROY Your _
Dona suffer ""dlusl, Get .SMedy rt* j
lief from throbbing pain of toothache" '
630 DAVIS ST. at Beaver
.. with fast acting ORA-JEL Pam I r
...j. ';''.... foes .in seconds. Guaranteed ;if'oS, ( SAnd
;'. Homestead
f \ or money back t Exemption .
: ;
IdA Put the Tax Bite on Your Home I :'\

: BUY AL COUNTY ARMORY ys 3. ,'1-.:' i

I Wo U

', \?-7 '-,. _
4 9to1

I u. A*. SXOO. door 2.50 ....... Tktots ToM ttMrvatiom: Ebony bco**. 72S W. Arfiby 'F e. I Tax Bite .g: ':

e ssot i1 '"
i -,
at CO un 2" ova c
\ SPRING BONANZA OF STARS osa1 th a load .
V teapptasai than is no'll ..tjV' -:
.: AWARD---John W. Arterberry assistant pro- 'the ettY i.
fessor of art, Florida A. and M. University, won nan k K.aside os'oOf: hotne val! of 'P\a bUXdcn.
Jt the John Hope Award for the !note Y untY s.d u'" To'
Exciting best landscape in the t.\\e Co 1)\1'1\ 'slll i i'I
j .?r .t. 1 :#: .\ 21st annual exhibition of paintings and prints by !bs.rl ot ri tht g ueu\7 !t3A S ietel W\nI' ViUof.e tot cou.6 19::'her>rt 1 s r'Y,e '..

! : ETTA ,' i* :HiP Negro artists. The exhibition is held in the 4 SSA( ) It' 1tC fU &\Ial \1 bv .' "

. '."$i. Trevor Arnett Library, Atlanta University. X5,000 1\11.1 uttn"" ..1'0, tt' uWe d 7 1tnpt.C\er b01li1 won\ u-.e be btee ; .:' ,; .. .

i ALL THESE FAMOUS tufA.wa Tel v t >i\ r'o'w'1 a \as t.n4 fl\t rrJl\I \0 tt 9e,r ss stoW"et1 \I.Ie -
---- s ec "
is '
; .i A OIb< tSi m\U
.tm A ilUIot'e
; RECORD STARNEAMJIffRS tube ct tt>xtb u ,ot 4S' ,\.fJ/J c t
+* 4&per
I b1f. ) n S45. tsP

!. .i i1A4 5P : "appointed"
V. :
j jI SOMtTHtNCS COT A : 'a pet 40 .
: \ 0sbDS 'is
opponent ot
I .' UOD no" bOU4
HOLD ON MEI'V. ap> ,
j :-. : '" also projected r ilue: 0' -
5S' .fJ/J 5u
,,,, rte an increase I" UtIX per cet\t) L $I;s Aes+t ptW I
t le
I V ARTIIJR ALEXANDER ,- ti 0 Q P a I. ? assessment to be \b8 ot\. \be tttsb
F ? ts' \1'1I rslu $\0,<<.0. f
Ii II i I L.S G 7501. tt,slUt rr ,tld

! THE ,
CjlR1.AIRS.- '
Our Shoes Are Stfoctaf for Your Comfort and Health L-
VR i By One of JacksonvJ/r Foremost Shoemaker


426 DAVIS ST. __

i! CURLYMAYS4JcDAy ,_ Nw Shoes By Ench'cott Johnson 4 RALPH N, WALTERAdvtrtlMatnt


1 'EMMETT DAVIS Phone 355.1 $32.

M. C VOCAL STAI .,w (tfad Po lueei )

.o .. -
.' -, ,
-, ,
: \ "

I '"
:f '.
--- .',-
-' ::::-

t t. 1 J /
I SATURDAY. MAY .5. 1962 r
-" ..,. 1 PAct
I' Washington' -'Heights- JM. UMMN* WByMTf B MMH 5.ak.r UL's W. M. Yorag Named SpeakerFor .5 THE S'

Adds Swimming Pool FAMU's Diamond Program COUNCILMAN CANDIDATE TAXED

.Along with tie additional zwp

plans for con- TALLAHASSEE---Whitney M. Young Jr., executive
struction of 40-new V director of'the National Urban League, has been
units, operators of the rM named the Diamond Anniversary commencement speaker I

'i" swank Washington at Florida A. and ,M. University, announced f

Heights Waterfront Com- President George W. Gore jr. The exercises will
'. Luxury Townhouse be held in the recently renovatedair conditionedLee

also announced Hall Auditorium on Saturday, June 2at 9 a.m.

immediate plans for the 1 The speaker was dean off Board: of Directors of the ,

building of a plush 1 f Atlanta school of social Council on Social Work 1 F

swimming pool.Wholehearted. :'!;' I work from 1954 to 1961. Education, a member of

public ''Now,.,in his fortieth year the National Planning .

acceptance of Washington Mr. Young is a product of Committee of the '60 ,

Heights new concepthone ; Kentucky, Minnesota. 'Nebraska White Ho se Conference on

building resulted and the Urban children' and Youth.
in the first units
League. During the
being soldout in such .
Academic year 19 O.61. he Clark
spectacular fashion Inaugrafes .
was a visiting scholarat

work--by that 'the. public immediate, demand- is Harvard University Student t Aid Plan ,
under a special Rockefeller -
has been started on the ATLANTA In a new and ,
new units. "' unique method of helping
For three years he was ,
Although thousands of students travel and studyin .
industrial relations NOW he bleeds for the working
interested persons have foreign countries, poor
secretary of the St. Paul man the widowed with the
thronged to the outer Clark College has inau- *
Urban League. He has also '
impassioned plea--- Protect
gurated a plan under your
Moncrief Road area to been on the faculty at "
inspect the popular St. Catherine's College which a student may be Homestead Exemption. ", Could you
provided funds for study trust this man.who taxed even the
redical departure from PROGRAM HIGHLIGHT---juvenile .in"StPaul
Court Judge Lamar Wingeart jr. featured the the schoolof water drink .
the usual .run-of-the- program during the morning worship service last Sunday when the Stewardess. social work of the during the summer and return you >-,

mill housing sub divisions Board of Mt. Zion AME Church observed the annual Parent's Day program. University of Nebraska- in the fall to repay ,. >

the Washington Committee members termed the event highly successful. and Creighton Universityof the funds by serving as ;
Heights invites a clerk in the departmentin DON'T ;
management (,_Baker__ Photo\, Omaha.
n -----
inspection of the He was a member of the which they are .

homes by the general Dr. Gore Begins, majoring. .
public. dispite the Sememe* Honor USO Founder During Open House Party Bobbie Kennedy will be "
fact that all of thepresent 13th Year At the first student to 'BE .

units have been study under the new pro- S :

sold.. Fla. AIM U.TALLAHASSEEDr.George. gram. She will study at .
the at
university Laval .
6 Famed AmericiansSupport Quebec, Canada. A nativeof .

Greenville, S.C., Miss 1
W. Gore Jr., presidentof ? t r t -
UNCF FundNEW Florida A. and M. 4 Kennedy is a French

University, began his major.
YORK Six famed Three other French majors
13th year as presidentof .
Americans will
sup- from Clark will be
VOTE FOR a man of
FAMIT on April 1. Dr. rr proven ability -
port of radio F
studying at the Canadi
Gore came to the uni- proven integrity proven experience -
the 1962 appeal of University this summer- .
: Prank Osborn.
versity on March 31,
the United Negro College of them scholar ....
one on a No one can take
1950 from Nashville away your Homestead
Fund. Tenn ship granted by the Uni- Exemption but an unfair tax struc-
--- versity. Recipient of the
ture can rob your children of their

ELECT BILL university's Charleszetta scholarshipis Parland, educational future! ,
Fair Equalization will attract new
from Brunswick Ga. Other
BASFORD Clark students going to .industries now' by-passing Duval ..
r :: County because of unequal tax struc-
-I.-- the University are Rus -
I ) I tures."t. ,.
sell Willingham, of Atlanta '"
'; Protect your job---protect, your .'.
,. :. LEGISLATURE.-GROUP 1fi4t and Shirley Ann "
children's future---
-- Oden, of East Point .
./ -' r.' ; Ga. '.
: They will study French

: .-:J :: 1 OPEN HOUSE PARTY---probably the most surprised person who attended the literature and languageand

',r' .... Arcade USD's recent 'tpen) House" party recently was its founderoperator. will leave for Cana- ; S VOTE
:-'/ ',.9: ''t Dr. Eartha M. M. White. The city 'First Lady' was presented with a da on June 15.Arrangements.

(. ., lovely orchid from ADR-2 McCarthy price who is stationed at the Naval Air for the r
c -' -. j ji .'.''.<....:'..:,,,. r. Station here. Principal speaker on the program' Jittorney, Earl M. John- students' summer study T FOR :'
'", son who is a candidate for Duval County Commission C. Parham Johnsonwas were by Dr. George .i"

',' ,. master of ceremonies, and Mrs. Stazzie ,M. Hudson program director. A. Reynolds chairman of;
..-,1o;"" >" The party was attended by servicemen, senior and Junior volunteer the Clark Department of

<;!: .' hostesses. Modern Languages.

} ;"'. (Royal Art Studio photo) French major Anastatla FRANK OSBORN

fillips of Baltimore,
:n;' i,I: ?t.''*: I Dr. W. W. Schell Seas Up New UL Drive ProgramIt Maryland, will spend the

..,; .. : summer enrolled at the AssessorVOTE
/' was announced this The chairman, Dr. W. W.
\." For the past few years University of Grenoble
\ ,''. week by Dr. W.W. Schell, Schell, Jr... has invited Pd. Pol. Adv.
Native of Duval County, Age 31 been focused -- _
Married 2 Children Episcopalian f, Jr. Chairman of the board members and volun- to areas of housing Pd. Pol. Adv. 1

.. .University of Florida ,,;>.-'"> '-. Jacksonville Urban teer workers that'are vocational guidance and
Law Degree, 1958 : ; :yr
Business Administration, 1955 :' League's Board of Direc- interested in Urban employment opportunities, :.y
President Florida Blue Key tors, that the Jackson- ,League's activities to industrial relations, I ,
Treasurer of Student
Secretary- Body
Hall of:Fame ville Urban league will support this financial better race relations, I
.. Navy V.t.ran. Korean Conflict : conduct a new spring 3ffort. TheLeague's program and general community
Twin Hills Liitl League President. Jaycees Gator ,Bowl drive this to
yearr -
Ast'n. Mason American Legion Florida Alumni ,Ais'n during the past year services.
YMCA Quarterback Club Practicing Attorney the Urban League's nas been varied and is The League is in the

A REALISTIC FORWARD. PROGRAM operation for the balance raking many contribution midst of intensive plans I i t: ci \

Pd. Pol. Adv. of this year and the year toward general improve for establishing program .

--- of 63. ments in many areas. activities for youth

r r r


. flGNDOPENffi' S S _

5- S 1
; .....'t
,,: ANEW s '
(Cor. Myrtle &
Grothel':. : _
ySPECIAL 'I .. S ; : I'


., ILt:
,5. 6 > .



KING &, For


/ 91023c


9/i CPA ,

': ,4':os FREE GAS with, STAR STAMPS 1 JULIAN '



e ;;: ": (Cor. Myrtle- & Grothtf ) > SS

: ; 1469 Myrtle Ave. North 24 HOUR SERVICE. Jacksonville FLORIDA ,.-. --:', :' '


"'-. _b .' ,

:-:--::-- .r +'" v, 1- ._. '.
.... .. -.. ., ..-- trwav + .+fIra.. ip_ -

l,. \
J .
.'\. ". "' I \
a ,

Ii\a PAit : FURM STAR ,_ SATURDAY HAT S, 1961r'l'l L
,"""' ". "', v -

< :"Top' CoQdMS WHI Ftatvrt \ OLD TAYLOR SOCIALITES ;." '.' Missouri School Loses Aid Brew @r JoinsHospitals 1 ::.;r

,' .
'f ,., r < 1.,c..
t I I In 1 '
: j
FAMU tacking CIMcTAUAHASSEE ," Due To Segregated ProgramThe ;

National Observance
and Training, whichis .
... Bureau of Apprenticeship
jack Curtice head coach of the. Brewster Methodist
rr a branch of the United States Department of .
Stanford University Indians, will head a 19- Hospital will join .

oan.staff of top; coaches for the annual Florida Labor. last week took action against a Missouri hospitals, throughout,I'
g if: applied here may well alter .
.. school lch.
A.. and, M.( University Coaching Clinic, June 11- r the nation-in the observance -

15,:,'Announced ,Coach Jake Gaither. % .the existing apprenticeship. program in the state of National IDin1"

The FAMU coaching staff William D. Murray. Duke a of: Florida.The .gram. Hospital Week which ,

... will make.its second appearance university; Ben S. Martin, Rureau withdrer: ':. :Admitting:; that there begins May: 6 and con-

as a.nart of the Air fOrce Academy; Ray 2 .: the registration of the '. is vast room for improvement tinues through May 12. '01

coaching clinic staff this Graves and Pepper Rodgers 5 "tvid Panken, Jr. E=chooe'or'ltechanical in sapprenticeship jack H. Whittington Iff:

year. Coach Gaither has University of Florida; r Trades program Brewster administrator, ..':

been lecturing at ooa.chingcllnic's'throughout Charles McClendon, Louisiana A : from the apprenticeship Bernard said 'We do announces that the emphasis -

the State University; Bill because of the -
[ .. h.i rrogrcn not make*,any deliberate would be on hos-:
country. all year.. He has Peterson and Donald: Fouls Q' -.5 police of discrimination to
attempt segregate or
: ; pitals' many contribu ,
haciga, ':large umber of requests Florida State university; shown to Negro appli ; .discriminate within the tions to their com-

to use ,his own Tonto Coleman and Charles cants. Withdrawal of c'i
system. We don't
munities. There is always ,
coaches<'Jt.., '.as- ciint. '!arts.- '*...' ., lane, Georgia Tech; Pat : registration means that' .-.list an apprentice's a place on the

EfcecIaL'attentionjwiH;be James university of Ala- apprentices now study- -I! .
; yace Qr'color on'his hospitals' programs to

given\umne. J"" organization. ,,. bama; George Terry U.S. ing at the school will file card. And in all emphasize the role all Be

practicestedules. ., ,tratningj.teaphijig Military Academy; and be disqualified from 'C t
,- ,:T" cases we do-out best to must play in the e
pobert P. Griffin. Hansel drfi.li
} techniques; working on construction
place our students with- vent of community
and'drills. _'pecessary for. Tookes. Robert Mungen. : projects for which the q
..'J;, out regard for race 'or disasters, Mr. Whit '. ,
the development of 'desirabiY Costa Kittles, and Edward k' .. ..'" Secretary of Labor pre-; ,, color. tington said-

.. sfo'lls... The. staffofjsu'ccessful Oglesby of the FAMU determines prevailing '(.""
H.,, ",..,,.-,,, 'But there is an area In further discussions
coaches will oopcbing, staff. ,
F5i. "'
/ages. -of 'natural animosity'that said
: he "The American
discuss in detail offen (< ; ; .
Hampton.ShowsDespite Edward E. Goshen, Director has to be met Hospital has an outstanding -

siye and defensive funda- of the Bureau of .' :with. he added. record of ".?

mentals of football and and:" ,
Record Apprenticeship
'Certain contractors
pitching in to help
basketball.The Training, stated that r.
'simply won't hire its in
Va. The Hamp- any
football section wilL Negroes are banned from colored apprentices no 11

be held from Mondaythr ton Institute netters 4 attending ,the school matter how highly qualified emergency. hospitals { ,,
have always put great
their fourth
ugh Thursday morning. under conditions set they might be. to
The /basketball section match of the season, a stress on being pre-
down by the founder. .
As it stands now.Negro'apprentices '
pared for service.
will be held Thursday 5-4 loss, to North caro- David Ranken. Jr. in ,1
lina College bringing Their preparation toj .
afternoon and Friday r
: Mr. Goshen said that this state cannot seem t
their CIAA record to 3-4. meet floods.explosions, .
morning Vanatta '
the same withdrawal of
to get beyond the boundsof "
tornadoes, fires and
formerly of Memphis .Stateand The pirates have thus
registration will applyto the building trades. I.
other natural disasters
now far had their overallefforts
of the
universityof apprenticeship -
programs Brick in
masonry parti-
is both
valuable in
shaded by losses .
Missouri, 'will handl '. using segregated ,
t. cular to be the
!: seems
basketball.Also : .: : dealt men at the' lower '. ;<; t,lIf:",,,,' ""'l'.r itself and in case, of
schools in other ,' ,
; :. partsof area that absorbs most
helping to prevent
half of the team ladder.
appearing will be the country. "When of them. Carpentry is ,J.'
the spread of dreadful
Hampton lost two of last t
Reserve Units : "'- trained manpower is so the next in prominence. diseases. .
years topflight per- f. ... .
ANNUAL CELEBRATION Jaxons thronged Duval County Armory last Sunday necessary to our econo- Asked who so few programs.tours through
formers, Eugene Donan anc
Told To Mix"r, James Stroud. They never- night .to festively celebrate the old Taylor Annual Ball' which has oecome my." the Director said Negroes seemto pene- the hospitals, visual j

one of the social highlights of the "we cannot afford to trate into the area of "
Spring season. The Star's camera aid programs, forums,
WA. HINr.TON.D.C.. Deputy theless loomed as a perennial .
Secretary of Defense power with poten- pictorially captured some of the wellknown local personages who attended withhold training opportunities electronics as far as drills and demonstrations -

the affair. S from any the apprentice programis ().:
Poswell L. Gilpa- tial sterling perfor- are some of the

tric .made, ., public a mances in ATA ranked. (Photo By Billy Brown segment of our popula- concerned, Bernard methods used to stress
..... tion. Minortty groups said. "Here again it' snot ....
the value of the hos-
= Dr. R. D. To
Defense Department. Billy Neilson freshman Abernathy SpeakAt ::: '1;;"
be the advantage
: given 'a
directive which calls standouts Douglas Smith :;: ::.::: :.. matter of pital to the community l"m
p of education and
for an end to racial and Leon Hall. EdwardThorp S Pensacola Mass MeetingCivil criminating against the administrator said.
training, not only to
Negro applicants. Elec- Beginning in 1921 National It
segregation. reserve_ a football captain Rights Leader ,
t. raise their income
,1' troniwd is
units "as rapidly is a profession, Hospital Day was
as elect has also been cre- ;
s levels, but to demonstrate not a trade. Most of it dj
celebrated May 12,
consistent;with .military. dited with one of his on
effectiveness. better seasons. PENSACOLA---Dr. Ralph D. Abernathy, former't our belief in is being taught by pro- the birthday of Florence 'i

: leader of the famed Montgomery. Ala. bus protest f ; equal opportunity to ducer companies. Nightingale,
The order.,. ,;.addressed to According to assistant '
L all nations:: -
movement, renowned civil leader
rights and former Sr'I
the Army end Al.r' /
:" ',' coach Robert Screen Hamp- ...... ....... .... ,..... Andy Bernard,' State tiu
Force,'" J$ supposed to- ton's top four men appearto pastor of First Baptist Church Montgomery, will ,. .'.:.. / ,r ".::." : ':. .:. ::."

further compliance. with- be at full 'strength keynote a citywide public mass meeting, Thursday ; t'i;: \iI Representative for the 1 tp l
: Florida Dept. of Apprenticeship -
a 1948 executlveorderissued : night, May 3 in Mt. Olive Baptist Church here. \ I
with better results expected I : .'.. -. .
by Harry S. Tru- from Leon Hall. The meeting is another in a long series being :n was con- iG' II
: tacted by reporter
man while he..was. ,Presi-. "Hall has not come a- sponsored by the Pensacola'Council of Ministers.Dr. : : 0'
," from this newspaper.Mr.
dent. round to his full poten- Abernathy is sec- citizenship for Negroes A juiIiI Bernard was asked r J:

Following Gilpatric' tial, but is expected to retary-treasurer of the and other minority race n.a 4)11M
how the Labor Department
order Pentagon spokesmen be ready by tournament Southern Christian members.
> ruling w: uld eventually
noted that although time Leadership Conference The renowned Alabama
I effect the crviously
segregation has been As a 3-4. record is less which is headed by Dr. clergyman has just returned i HUBBY: segregated and discriminated F 1

ended in'the regular appealing. .
units of the armed son and Screen have rea- of Atlanta.As where at the invita
big Twist hit at the s program. 11lSS
'forces, 'it still existsin son to be cocky as their a result of his tion of its president Ritz-Bigger and Better "in the first place, T

some reserve units f offer militant civil rights Nkrumah he addressed
top ur players Kwame than 'Twist AroundThe Bernard stated, 'it Y
and in the National activities following the
more than optimism for the Conference" Clock. should be understoodthat
Guard of 10 states. successful integrationof for a ,
tournament play. Neilson. on Positive Action most of the
TJb? states with segregated Smith Hall and Thorpe Montgomery's buses the Peace and Securityof Cnarley Neal that keep apprenticeship

cuard units areArkansas will represent hampton in Dr. Abernathy's home was Africa. Honored Recently schools going in this
1h,>"n. ,
1 the championship. These bombed and severely
state does not from
t'tort, Georgia, Louisi come Claude Scales, left, Stoneville, N. C. cadet
men are squad ranked 1-4 damaged, but this failedto LONGVIEW Tex. Long- state or federal funds

APR. North Carolina, respectively and carriedthe stem his constant VOTE r! view's most famous sports but from labor unions. commander of the A. and T. College Army ROTC
Carolina Tennes- Drill Team, and Cecil
sOPtb Brown Trenton, N. C. com-
bulk of the scoringin efforts to aid in the citizen, baseball player The unions were
Jjft, Wfciaia and Missi- mander of the A. and T. College Air Force ROTC.
visitation matches. securing of first class Charley Neal will be soring apprenticeship :to
.. $.tDPt- Drill Team, compare trophies which their
honored during a $5 aplate
: '. -- ... training program even won in the recent National Cherry Blossom
Freedom Fund
before state federal '
.... ,, -'- ,- .. val ROTC Drill Team Competitions. S albs' unit&1!
\r... -- oC'.J( I dinner sponsored by the
--. agencies any in '
.' .
: eep' NAACP here May 4 at them. interest-* 'took fourth place honors in the/event

8' p. m. in the Gregg Bernard explained that eatured teams from 54-colleges and universitiesin

County Community Center. the nation. Brown holds the second place\n
although there is a
tJULIAN WARREN, The former Dodger star federal apprenticeship trophy for the whole event and the first place *

who now plays with the trophy in competition among those instl1utionswhich !
in this he
f agency city, .
had Air Force ROTC drill teams which his
New York Mets while his -
himself receives his
,.,.. r
unit in the ,yt
won big meet.
family watched their
new I
,;J cOUNTYCOMMISSIONER DIST 4 order- from the state i .

home go up here, will agency in Tallahassee."As 1 .

CAMPAIGN OFFICE share honors with noted such, he stated, '

f f, "FOR EXPERIENCE 431 EAST ADAMS ST. Texas Soutnern University "such Labor Department SPRING CLEANING SALE

AND DEPENDABILITY ELgin 39309Pd. educator Dr. T.F. Free decis ions as effected
man. who was be the guest the. Rankin School so
Pol. Adv. ,
speaker. far has had \ .
no impacton .
..1.. : !'

--S. / J this state's pro- ,. I .....

; -' Voting Machine Sample Ballot < .. -

< r: ;< I Elect Pd. Pol. Adv.BENEDICT I "

'; i: .- '
; Odds &
'.. :
t t
First Primary Election Dtnal County, Florida, Tuesday, Mar d. 1962 ,

4 A Dirty ,, '

Ruirr" JJr..wk R.ir........... t"iIb+.. -... 3k b.v sue Ha... ___......,c.w r ,
rMd fur f.r.IN' t"1iII1...t'ri.uw r_........ y.s..n tt1leuut Elclltc' JM.I.c Scast c Rep.arN tfw .f Rgrw.uti.n AM r r.t f... f..wi..erIt.
.....t..l li.-.'- 1 c.--i d Drlrkt :-- 1i ,y tV.o..t Dl.lrkl!tr Z(1w..O1 ,
IY w 41 -" t ,.. .. Shopworn
<< p M tbl __, .0..1 t".o. .
i /+
.... r t'" ; .- -' J
/, ,
,. ,.. ae .. '
_I. 'a-r A Li w;1ow i la (1.r'w L J.y r' L .t J+! [ lk J t.ia. L I..q Y J.1,14. Jw.iLC f.r. X dm G Jh.r r L [r..t Ji ,1 LM Y. t AD.qDatY
MdItft J.rw kg B..... Cut. Cuts C WtM.LJI 1 4 l..r C.N H ..M twret h Jotaw. 1Jra, abs' Tl.at+w An.4 J.M.w 11.4y CV : -

-- ... ........ ....--- --.... s h t

:::::. ..--..... ). .:- ._E. Lk-.L 'r. Ede-E. r.t Hwl .;...,.. ....R{ tIJt .......,. 'r,1t .'_ { I
\....... .- Fail 0Mtt ,_ RkA7 R... fW. 1tdlw.Jr.. "... t.Wrrl *.C.r.Jq. 1IaIIH I'\tM N 4uJr. WhM.w. .


J.1r It..1 f 11..Mr H..d f.'v .k Jude..t ..., ,,... Ji..trr(1.1 ....tre M.wbc.(7U(yr.k.c "
_, -c .. I tI.eI .. ., ...... ....__ ..
t'.i.i+rr .Iwrrtrs J .a.t B. + 8+.r1 --- il eih ,, \.. Di.uih 0. C.tJa.1d DMTkt.II Small ,Sizes
\6 1 hrat A.1 I'.ut o..n Duct! D itvirt ..S i U-I : ,
.,_I.0.P Ii. .I tit! "" w ...... t t1 1._......' A_..t1t l W MGta.| ? -
S -- ; .
.. NAv, W.f L t..w... J+M D JI.Y rr c.f Y+,.n.L D J.r,r U1 A.r c r t Jv.r[ *. IWVnt N.R Rkp..LJr. SALE STARTS
Brn sd P i J.hi..J, ri+M.l4 WWf B.N.ar Ia.. Gray. Rucbo, C .,.. R..11 AI.u Jv. Brew a k o..r- Fw Raeltw I
(BEN) $1 00'
--- m Sat. MorningPer

,. .. runs r'_E. L.: ...t '-D e....A. : .. '. I R. H. r.a a. t
r h.a E J r..p r tr 1vd C. .A. k
r r: r/.s .. ... .... .... ...
-: :;, ...... Munn .. .. Jw .. DNa 0.-1.- C n f 11 .a rkra 1ht.atJr .MIa f.uw.w. 'i1..aJr. KOTECKI
,.'' 9:00 to 12:00
'::: y 1-- Pair :



;; MAIN &
BAY : ,

., 'l s.' ,Void: Jo/J JOHN: PAUL HOWARD i Track, Off Wagering I (Same.' corner 21 years t ) :" l la.r. .

State Lotter

t. pr,_ '. .dv of." 5--." .- -- .. .'.,--------S---- '., ) }
; !



''f. ..- .. .. .. ,- -
j Y

j Jtl.Y.. m 5.. 112 )) FIONA STAI. ... 'AC .. '
-- -- -

," DEADLINE-Mius Out IIIIn INth .. !! MIlts .. FriIIIIs Here Senators Asked To Speed Passage Apprtdalioi ..' ::1

!Y R. : (CHUCK) Charles Of ARthDhcriMMatioii BIOS .

: WASHINGTON, D. C.---R01 Wilkins, Executive Sec- For his wholehearted cooperation '
''What Ashley Street needs more than rollers is
: of the NAACP warned a Senate Judiciary in assisting the
a "
playboy Club poot remarked, now. that thediscussion
subcommittee earlier this month that the time Westside Ushers Union to
had hit its pace. present a scholarship to a '
.i "to exercise all of its
has come for Congress
'You mean cose-come-come-complete wit them b-b-
j deserving: student Princi-
I to vindicate the Fifteenth Amendment. .
bunny gals an' alia that?"But-But asked, squirming ; powers pal C.L. James of MatthewW.
'in his oversized trousers. :Rw without hesitation or vacillation. Gilbert High School has .
In employment. The penaltyfor
"What else?" Foot returned, slightly resembl- testifying beforethe been cited by the organization -
such discrimination,
ing a' hungry hound. 'IVouldn be worth troubling subcommittee Wilkins Philip Alback -
he out, if
urged enactment pointed reflected
the trowel trade if it wasn' t gonna be no bunny of president announced
in the high unemployment -
the voter registrationbill
"Uhm! uhm! uhm!" But-But said.) as well as measures rate among
glassy with speculation. "You] -i: \ designed to accelerate Negroes- ---*-- -
sh-sh-sho! rightpoot. I declare!" .. ,..: public school desegregation -
"Why, this fella Hefner--" ,' '''' : to ban discrimination -

poot began, knowingly. fl in employment, and
to authorize the Attorney -
HefnerMcNasty' \j
snapped, haying just finished his! t, General to intervene -

bag of peanuts. "It's that fella s i on his own initia- $ 'O

Johnson you ought to be thinking]_ ',. \ tive. in any civil
about." rights case. 0. .r

Poot's expression became sly. CHUCK Wilkins. who is chair-

"Who's Johnson?" he asked appearing to be man of the Leadership

puzzled. "Is he a local playboy Club manufactureror Conference on Civil
Rights, emphasized the
fact that the Senators
"A b-b-bunny gal getterButBut hoped, .I
secretly wriggling his toes. have been persistent and A group of nine students and their professor,
unrestrained in demanding from Cornell University, last week concluded a
"Johnson is running for office McNasty replied -
tolerantly. 'He's the only Negro candidatein "free electionsfor nine-day visit at A. and T. College. Two of the

the County 'Commissioner's race. If the Duval t :- peoples in other visitors, at left Eric Wheater, Lyons Falls,

County Commission got anything to do with Playboy countries across the N. Y.. and Mrs. Jill Kennard. Sidney, Australia,

Clubs and bunny gals I am' t heard nothing aboutit. seas and in our own" chat with A. and T. student loaders: Shirley

.' southern hemisphere. Dean Philadelphia, pa. Jack bzell, Ruseboro

poot was laughing. "But-But, you ought to know ru "In deprecating the N. C., president of the A. and T. Student Government -

Earl Johnson first-rate. He got you back on the : sin of" disfranchisement and Claude Airall, Kingston, B. W. I. .
he asked "why .,
brick twice last year after the rollers cagedyou ( ,
must our Government'starget t
'for digesting too ouch oil." % p Y ;,; ..
be always the Farr treatment for all under the aw V -
"Sh-sh-sho thing! sho-thing!" But-But admitted .;l>
Babylons overseas in a
"I didn't know 'Nasty was referating. Lawyer ,
far land? Why do we not
' Johnson. That's a right good man for the job. I KEEPOOUGLAS ;:
bring our moral outrage i'
declare he is." 'F our love of democracyand 4-

"You're being sentimental" McNasty told him. : j the majesty and L. ,;<
"You've got to believe that Johnson is a good .H wr power of our undoubted
man for the job for more reasons than his shaking constitutional authorityto !

you loose from the jailhouse. bear upon the sin t ; HUTCHINSYOUR

"In the first place, he's good for us because ; spots within our own

he's a Negro. In the second place, he's a good I borders? Is Albania'ssoul M

man for the county because he's got college- more precious than
sense and common-sense combined. in the third i y + ,c ?IIa.y srs that of Alabama?" he 1

place, he's a good man for everybody because \; \ '. m buli p .W't r w M9 asked. "if not. if CONSTABLE .; ,

he'll break up this taxation without representation ,". '">'j., .aw: x i.. -.. a- 4 ,- Louisiana is as important 1 ,.

kick we got going in this county." RF.UNION---Attorney F. Malcolm! Cunningham (Top photo center) first Negro as Lithuania DISTRICT II, '

"I still think we could use a playboy Club on elected to the Riviera Beach City council since reconstruction is being then the Congress should ;
this 8 treet," poot said, mischievously.. 'It'd c' greeted by fellov graduates of Howard University's Law school. Atty. act favorably and >.

be a mighty powerful morale-builder.' Earl ll. Johnson candidate for the Duval County Commission. Cunninghamwas speedily upon the pending Talk with anyone who has had dealings with my
"So would a Negro County Commissioner" MC- here Monday night to address the "Meet The Candidates" Rally spon- bills. ." r
Nasty observed.An' some' a them fine b-b- sored by the Florida Star in Myrtle Avenue Ball Park. In bottom pix. Atty. Mr. Wilkins also called office and they will assure you that they have been

bunny gals...' ',,But-But. added.Johnnie's _. Cunningham (fourth from left), converses with Rev. J. V-:. Jones (left) fur enactment of "an
---- 1 pastor of Mother Midway! AMR Church: Fric 0. Mmrson. Ftar publisher; FFPC bill with strong treated fairly and with dignity that ray

I Hotel NEAR FOR SALE lcee Lucas Johnson's campaign manager; Alyson F. "ise.. Star News editor: enforcement powers" as "tfice! is operated efficiently and courteously. .-
All-Modern Conveniences MONCRIEF & EDGE- Atty. Cunningham; Atty. Jackson; and Clinton Moon tar public relations a bulwark against wide-

Root By Day. ; Nite or WOOD LOTS FOR HOMES director and associate of the interstate public Relations Agency. spread discrimination in paid Poli-tlcsi Adv. ) ..'.: .
523% BY 105 FT $200 DWN : !
Week. Call L 6-7596. '
t .
741& W. Ashley Street. $30 MO SUN RFALTYEl Defies Federal TiwrgoU Marshall!! ;"
1 3-7203 J / I IL Irc
Order Hearing Postponed

Barb rs Operators are wanted& to Send Ib References$55.00 Wkly. With I MACON Ga.- The Bibb WASHINGTON Thurgold '

Hollywood ,Beauty Lounge Letter. Carfare rushed. County Democratic Execu- Marshall President E lee : I

622 'ff, Ashley St. CallI. Hampton Agency tive Committee last week Kennedy's appointee to e 5 .
defied .
S. Anderson 13 N. Station Plaza a federal reminder the U.S. Second Circuit

.. EL\...3. -3245 :- _Great! Neck N. f. I that segregated Court of Appeals Senate -.!?
voting practices are JudiciarY.subcommittee's :. .. }' f
.- <
The decision is yours. I pledge myself outlawed in the state's hearing have .been .:. >*:.
to work for the of .> .
equalization taxes .
1 ontoday's Sept. 12 primary elec- postponed it has been "
valuation of <
property without I tions. announced.The .- ....f .
) re.assessrnent.There will be no killing ;
of the Homestead. Exemption by the Committee Chairman Law- hearing when an- '
..., backdoor method of revaluation of property ton Miller instructedhis nounced will be pre- > ;;::;
t t 1 on today's market value. With nine primary subcommitteeto sided over by Senator : ;: ,

yean experience in the County Tax proceed with prepara- Olin D. Johnson an :.: ..V&v; ""-r." ... .
Assessor's Office, I sincerely feel that I ".: j I
ardent South Carolina "' .' : 'f
tions to set up separate .r
oCSCrve.can do"the kind of job you want and polling places voter racist. Also serving on .,'._':/i.; ;_*',.f. .,:...>;o-i"..."'" ":-i .....;''' x. '

WILLIAM ELBERT THOMPSON registration lists and the sub-committee will }f) :gt:;.: ; ::

a I other election practiceson be Sens. John McClellanof : ,
Home Owner's Candidate :.. .
n segregated basis.in Arkansas and Roman y't f. -t
Elect '4"
dodging the federal Hruska of Nebraska. -.J: .
: :
:; C .
William Elbert Thompson. order.Miller requested a Although many civil ,k -

study of "complexities"of righters have expressed i .."tr.'.'
a desegregated pri- concern over sconfirmation I X :
your t ,7 L a
COUNTY TAX ASSESSOR mary. He said that addi- due to -

tional polling places, consistent delays administration -

realigned voting dis- forces said
**()mi///iVi/ 1\.' 1'.rt'rit'IIryalIt'd through NINE tricts and the mergingof that Attorney General

}'/:..,RS of sen-ice to the people of Dual Comity voter registrationlists Robert Kennedy would be ': 1r.:'" < '
I would be necessaryto among those arguing Mar- -. .f-.;
as an employee in the CO.YTJ- TAX ASSESSOR'S I
conform with the shall's confirmation.A .
OFFICE" Pd. Pol. Adv order. high source said that \'
Earl M. Johnson
J t
while the administration Atty. t 1l
7 7t : ?(
expects much Southern :

r-----7- ---t tt "steam blowing." they .. ,. ,., ': ,:'.,-:.'.,:. ,
are confident that they .
f 'r.: : : .

have enough votes for J,.: t-y .l, 3&tA .,.. .. : CANDIDATE. COUNTY 'COMMISSION "" ; < '
t -- 'I wlJJI t tt. Judge firmation Marshall's following con- e ::: -:; 4Jr:.: L .

; .. .r ..,:. -
-. ;
President Kennedy DISTRICT 2fATIARGF "', ,
: .

t t.. SUPER. MARKETSCENTER t tt nonlnatlon.Moftcrief. i -; "; ., _. .:x: -"" :'"

i .. .
-- .
t 10 '
t .. ts'' "n.. .' t
CUTPORK Drive-InIARBQUE if.0-:.; ** < .1

1 : CHOPS 49jA I __. :<--, For Honesty, I Integrity and Dignity:::,r i.l': ::' ..'

: they're I D licious ;;
' IEISKY In the Affairs of County Government, -
I Till like ea' ... .. ...- v: ,. c' .
: : $1.00 45ft & McncriefAgonv ) :' ,.' '. and further for: ," ':

f SUGAR 151ti. :;y.t j .: -' 4, :.$,,

Out of ._ : A program of zoning more purposeful 1 and rehen- : .
r. .; comp .
liIII)5) k 1M $7.11 11II :... t
... .. '
i Rheumatic PainsTuousands ,: ; "'''' save of the needs of our rapidly growing community.
IflNM jMi'; ;
GUIE T Sial have found thr :; ; -
'"' ::7f. :.t: .: :':- -' A sincere effort to eliminate waste and in
JkMUASMKEl most soothing relief r duplication ,.. .
.t'EGGS. lit 450 t they have ever known ard to accelerate, our secondary road building pro .' .

the minor pains ,
HAM from ."
u. .ems' .
; gram.
.. ;C' '.. .
D .. -
.z. M carton I. symptomatic of Rheumatism : t.t.; : t.

:..' Lwt 1 wtt l $5.11 afar WIlle tf Start Hi* f and Arthritis, :5 { I Lighted county streets. ..

Tight Misery now with --j_,. i:i;; A commissioner who !is dedicated to promoting the welV .'.

t- (TUB I 11N133 RHEUMAMON: F.E.S. CAPSULES ....-:' prf.w' ": .' fare of youth through regular study and improvement"o.: s.::.t..v...""!
j r 150I BLEACH rehabilitation- .
On Saleat .
CUT OKRA 1 > -
I l Pfcg. qt. Local Drugs Stores .

t CUT CORN LM+ 1 M $5.. M .. 1907 KINGS ROADLilly's '- n. HWER YOB' LIVE '
:':.-,-.-.-,' .sw 4II =:__ ____ Drug 5>tore :

'. ''-''-'''''.-"., ,;, ; '- ,, .- ,. .\ --- --- -- -. ...- --. ...... -. ._
: : ._"",; :;::_"""::": ::. i : .. i: : :: 'p'- ; .':;j--_'?;:' ''.: :.. ._ :> Z'o;

i iN

: =;PAGEI I FLHWA STAI'.. ____ Saturday May 5, 1962 '

i ;:' i, SPORTING IT UP -j. ... S. Ltroy! Green Has ProMisim Record -' S 'Secretaries,' ;i.> Programing Is r Regisfrafiftfi-'

Program HeU Subject TopicST. Shows Increase

: ., : Among
i ..z I '. Gibbs Negroes
.'- >- S r v., M !N x ST. PETERSBURG of discussions on
'THE, JACKSONVILLE SUNS opened the season with a junior College climaxedits programed Instructionsare TALLAHASSEE Negro
bang. Ruben Gomez was breezing along in fine observance of being made availa- registration in the
fashion until Dutch Dotterer the big catcher of 1y 'National Secretaries ble to Gibbs Junior state of Florida are

the Syracuse Chiefs hit that home run and brought'in week" with a chapel College personnel.The showing considerablegains
two scores. He was pulled shortly thereafterwhen s ; ;. '. program entitled discussions were in the cities of

he walked two men. He wasn't knocked out, Brighter Secretarial held at the Miami Beach Tampa Jacksonville
he was yanked and replaced by Artie Kay who Horizons. meeting of the Florida Miami Orlando and West
Sophomore business Psychology Associationand Palm Beach. Pinellasand
Just couldn find the plate. Since then however a
Kay has pitched some mighty fine baseball him- student Barbara Wright the Florida Association Lee counties also
self. addressed several hun- of School show considerable gains.
j. dred students, faculty Psychologists, attended According to figures
theo l, .500 batter on the team. Well, there is L members and visitors on .by Gibbs' psychology released by Florida's
the theme chosen to professor, Dr. William Secretary of State
one thing sure and certain, the batting averagesof
Stan "The Man" Musial, Willie Mays, Ernie spotlight 20 million Smith. 182. 456 Negroes are re-'
Banks, Hank Aaron and the rest of the big slug- women employed in the Principles of pro- gistered to vote in
gers,including Maris and Mantle stand in jeopardy labor markets today. graming for teaching this state. This is an
:", .. Miss Wright said of machines increase of 19,329
and over
with such slugging as Mr. Kay is doing--- .":": programed
is likely to reach .1000. Do you know the old < the 80 year-old pro- textbooks have become the I960 totals.In .

slugger ,has been at bat 2 times and has one hit. fession "It has comea important issues in the same area of
Man just wait until the old slugger gets hit No. long way since it modern education and time, Jacksonville registration -

2. Go on Artie, Mr. .500, show the other fellowshow first gained recogni- Gibbs Junior College moved up
to hit. tion through the efforts faculty members hope to from 23,513 to 26874.

THE OPENING CEREMONIES for the first game of the ". ,., y."> J of the YWCA to implement programming Statewide. Negro
season was quite an impressive affair. The introduction .t1 :"' help young women learn techniques in the College voters now amount to
of the celebrities which included ':t.'' and earn profitable s methods of instructions more than 10 per cent

Mayor Commissioner Haydon Burns, Gabe Paul, gen- employment. These young of all Florida voters.
eral manager of the Cleveland Indians Tommy OUCH!----Boasting a 33-9 won-loss record Leroy Green, who recently typewriters' as secre- Airman RoweIs Of the 182.456 Negro
graduated from the middleweight ranks in and around taries then calledare
Richardsonpresident of the international League Kansas City, Mo. were voters 14,664 are registered -
Sam Wolfson, president of the Jacksonville Suns is now fighting out of Bill Swift's camp Pheonix, Ariz and journey to a far cry from the ReassignedLACKLAND as P publican .
Robert Maduro, owner and general manager of the London England to take on Chick Calderwood ranking Brittish light versatile, professional There is a total of
Suns Ben Geraghty manager of the Suns and all heavyweight. Green (left) Is shown pntting the whammy on Boyd during a secretary of today with AFB. Tex. 1.458.618 white voterE

of the players, Frank Verdi, manager of the ... recent win. her sound business Airman Basic James A. throughout the state,
Syracuse Chiefs and his team. knowledge and her Rowe, son of Mrs. RuthD. including 329,077 Pe-

THE D/NCING WATERS which made a very beautiful Corps' Aimval Inspection skills in human rela- Powe Pomona Park, publicans.Your.

picture, the raising of Old Glory as it waved too tionship as well as in Fla. is being assigned I EAR
taking and transcribing to the United States Air ,
and fro in the breeze as if to say you are wel- dictation. HURT
Force technical training : can be
come to the opening of Triple A baseball gamesin Automation.poses no
course for radar opera- t with toothpicks or
Jacksonville, and to see that crowd that made problem for secretariesfor tors here. cotton tipped sticks.
such a magnificent picture It was certainly arousing 'machines can .
Airman Powe, who has com Don't risk damage.
welcome for a triple A club. The beautyof never replace satis- pleted his basic military .' Soften up hard to reach
that massive crown joining in to sing Spangled factorily the talents
trailing here was selected wax with safe effective
Banner the beautiful water display and the rais- ;. r< and abilities of the for the advanced AURO eardrops.

ing of the flag by the Color Guard, the ball game secretary who is, in course on the basis: of hi Wash out clogged wax
was on. When the team trotted on the field to ,y effect, a member of interests and aptitudes.A that me? irritate
take their positions it was Martinez, shortstop; 4r her boss's administrative 1958 graduate of affect your hearing.Ask .
Wise, second base; Curry, left field, MoreJon. T7 team" Miss Wright Middleton High SChool at'-all druggistsfor
third base; Alvarez, right field; Barker first \ added. Crescent City Fla. AURO
base; Carmel, center field; Thomas, catcher and 'A look into the
Gomez, pitcher. This is the batting order also. crystal ball indicates ,
RUBEN GOMEZ DID A MASTERFUL JOB on the mound that secretaries are tiI
despite the fact that he was tagged for a home here to stay--that they

run by Dutch Dotterer, Syracuse catcher. The home t are an integral pare of I ; *
'run was good for two scores which put the Chiefs management--that they 4

ahead 2-0. Shortly after that he threw some balls can progress up the
and walked two men and he was pulled and replacedby L r ladder in companiedthat -- 1 .

Artie Kay who couldn't find the plate and he 5 ; 4 they will performmore 71fl
was pulled and replaced by Donnelly who went on managerial duties I _
to save the win. Through the games played already and fewer routine or 1-

it has been clearly seen that Jacksonvillehas skill duties.'Cb-feature //SKIN BLEACHES
at last a team to take the field. it can of the pro- tt
hold its own against anything in the International gram was an appearanceby OLD FASHIONED"lightens
League. concert artist.MIss .5

TIE ONE BIG MYSTERY CP THE SUNS is what actuallfc Ruth Lash, noted SkTht0.
., .,. rS
happened to Tony Curry. Everyone knows about that J :y.t.: violinist who thrilledan

big bat that is swung by Curry and how he was appreciative audi- dark spots
hitting the ball throughout the spring training HALL OF FA1'ERS-' --They 'were among the 15 persons whose .names will be inscribed enec with selections I erf.ct powder *

period, he was hitting that ball all over the on the Florida A. and M. University Hall of Fame plaque. The from Martin and Handel. j: oastManufacturers A
fence. Against the Syracuse Chiefs the big plaque was unveiled during the Hall of Fame Series convocation in connection Adding to the musical|
slugger hit .000. When the Rochester Red Wings with the Diamond Anniversary of FAMU. The honorees were pre- flavor of the program
moved in, the big left fielder was hitting a seated by Attorney Charles p. wilson, president of the 'FAMU General were selections: givenby
solid. .000. There is no doubt about Curry, how- Alumni Association,, and certificates were awarded by Dr. George. the College Choir of Posner'i Bergamof/Th with the Star"
ever, because the fans' along with the management Gore Jr. president of A. and M. Present for the program were: Dr. W.. W. and the College Band.VOTE .
still believe he will cut loose shortly and Weatherspool (left), Atlanta Ga.; Dr. Jaclv E. White Washington D. C. ; You Dov/t Now to Go to Tew* to Get

start blasting that old apple all over the park Dr.Edward A. Welters Chicago, Ill.; Samuel M. Jenkins, Hartford, Conn.; !
and out of the rark. He has what it takes. His Dr. L.H.B. Foote Tallahassee; and Noah Harold Bennett Durham, N. C. LOW PRICES
slurt'p' will soon fade away -
A PICTURE TO BE RE\EMBERED was when Valmy Thomas AWMaR Burnett
the Suns catcher, stood beside Herrera the' big 0.Your
Is To
catcher for the Rochester Red wings. Herren was Assigned
by far the most gigantic but the fans: seriously t DRUG STORE NEEDS
Ttdmkd School -
doubt that any other team in the league can bring !:
a catcher -vho can do more stuff behind the plate
LACKLAND Tracie With Your Neighborhood Dro**orW2
than the little fellow who has been taking AFB. Tex. t
of the .catching chores than for the Jax Suns. Basic David L w.Drfhrtr-We AUo Fill AM Doctors' Prescriptions
-- -- Burnett 17, son of Mrs.

ROYAL ART STUDIO Lena L. Burnett of 1219 r
Powhattan St., Jacksonville Dixie
Fla., is being assigned -

.1 PROPRIETOR to the United
:. States Air Force technical na 1302 KINGS ROAD et MYRTLE AVENUE
_J,1 SPECIALS training course for radar x PHONES EL 5.5597.98 r'

." operators at Keesler AFB. 1
I, I 1-Black & Wkite $JS.95 Airman Burnett who has BILLS AT OUR STORE
1 completed his basic mili-
1810 Opattone "'. tary tra:ring here, was -

& 33><5'sTops $5.95 selected for the advanced
course on the basis of his
InCommericalWeddings 1
interests and aptitudes.The W x
-Portraits airman is a former :
student at New Stanton T 1:5 _

515 DAVIS ST. El 4.1B! High School.
Lovely Songbirds of the Gibbs Junior College Choir include Miss Evan-

-- ---,tgeline Richardson, left, a Florida co-ed and Miss Barbara Hughes, an "
"" "i 1 1 t Alabama co-ed. They are two of more than 40 persons in the St. Petersi i t
I burg institution's choir that added a recent "live' television pro- i
iUiL DIECTORY gram to its accomplishments. Four stations in the state beam their I t, o $

.. "Music for Understanding Hearts" each Sunday. ,
: (GJC photo by Horace Jones, jr. ) ; *r
The firms Listed Below Are Recommended i
As Reputable .-- I
Establishments Specializing Services and Products SHkill New Worlds To Conquer : J'yS i


.' s : ILIr
: ,
Patent M dirines : \ KfROSENE HOME DELIVERY ,
,. : ..f. '::- .
--t. '
.f* :' "
". All' Leading Hair Preparations Mechanic On Duty ., .. yJ
! .5 : JAMES .
;. FAULKNER MechanicIKE d YID 3' t
-" c":: COR. BROAD & ASHLEY EL 4.2159 JOSEPH, Proprietor .
: f
Stete end Jefferson Sts. EL 6-9432 & _/I h
-' ::' ";:: 11L Y'S DRUG STORE f


.:I_;} NNER fiWI CANINES 02 Swvk w:*UNION Svory ST nwrarfey El-g p.m. J Invites You To Listen To -
:: i
:. SDNMtfESrmciftiiK !

u {- i'jW I fir art Ilithi. JOHNNIE'S ROOMING HOUSE SET INDOCR RECORD---Shown with,his three' challl ion sprinters, JiBiy John- "KNIGHT TRAIN"Y

ALL MODfftN CONVBWNCISteems .son (left) Bill Me bane 'and George Smartt Virginia State track coach -Starting At : -
1N7 KillS M. EL 5-827 I It fey Day, Night or Week I' William (Pete) Bennett (right) goes over strategy: for future meets.

..' 627 Welt' ,AIhIer L. a 5-4025 Johnson placed first,Me bane. fourth, and Smartt, third In the 50-yard 1400 WRHC -1400

_:, '. .. ._ dash at the Philadelphia,:Enquirer Canes. I

L :-' .
-> -
-- '
.. \ -
; r" ":, ;; -- : ""
.. -:.
: ::
; :
:. --i.


ni ------ ._ ii '
-- -
-w- -t -" '- -

Ti u- } I f :\ -


I .i: :. : Weather Pins Robert Hayes. To Slow 9.5 Drake Relay' Century Win I


\ 't.: J x Flask Also Abhors FAMU Rtfaris To Here Are SoMe Of The Stars In Orbit Around The ,Suns Schlitz Awards

.. : To, Qwrttr-Mle Relay (tori NItro IIstHI Total $49,075TAt
.>, .: .;: .1ft, :
CHICAGO An oldtime .": f '.''; ., .>.'
> ,i-'y"' '7 ''So:
)' : 1: y. 0 Mid-Point
.favorite and ex-baseball ,1/, {, (
playing great Ted ; : --with the

.DES MOINES, Iowa-A 50-degree chilly temperature Double Duty" Radcliffe, Schlitz 1962 Florida
hampered FAMU's co-holder of the 'world's ;100 is returning to the Negro ; Fishing Derby almost at

metre dash record, Robert Hayes of Jackson teerican Baseball League t1 ; the midway point in its

ville from setting a new mark here last weekend as a manager. z 5 eight-month run, fish-

during the 53rd annual Drake Relays. Despite It was announced yester- ermen have pulled in

.some 18,000 fans being 'disappointed, Hayes won day, by Birmingham Black : ." iTW Schlitz-tagged fish
the schdduled final romp in a slow 9.5 seconds Barons General Manager 4 \ worth $49, 075. Payments -

and also anchored the Florida A. and M. quarter- 'Karl E. Wilken that Rad- totalled just

mile relay team to a collegiate record of 40.8. cliffe had signed to 1 i over $60,000.Zone .

and the 880-yard Relay team to duo victories. manage the team. ,- 2 (southeast

The FAMU sophomore, who lanova's world mark- of- Wilken said that Rad- Florida), where the
9.2. Hayes, at that time cliffe would arrive in the derby mill end in a,
first found that he pos-
sessed winged feet while.a was out of condition and Alabama metropolis about )., few days (April 30),

student at Jax Matthew had just started getting May 1 to take charge of 4 has accounted for

Gilbert High, had earlier into shape for the spring the famed traveling.club. $1 9, 950 in awards,

stunned the sports world Radcliffe 49, Chicago .t r rw which includes the
this s ring during an AAU has been recently servingas $l0.ooo fish in that

meet at the university of part-time scout for zone.Zone 3 (central

Miami at. Miami when he 1 the Cleveland Indians. Florida) where the

tied Frank Budd of Vil- Double Duty, as he was i1v7T: .. derby began April 1
known almost his entire x and continues through

20 'years as a player- June 30, has reported

M Million OfferedVILLIF. .Y manager in Negro baseball v T u-- : catches worth $13,500
leagues, at one time including the $10,000

managed the Black Barons. fish in that zone. Zone
righthanded pitcher Artie Kay (right), ace moundsman Ruben
Under his guidance the 1 (southwest Florida),
Gomez and backstop veteran Valmy Thomas, are but three of the all-star galaxy of veteran and
Barons nabbed 4 pennants where the derby has
promising youthful ball
players comprising Jacksonville's Suns international League team which
r in the 5 years he managed has closed, had a haul of
already made
an impressive early season showing under the masterful management of highly .
than in the 1930 s. $15,625.
popular Ben Geraghty. Kay a former Sally Leaguer, played in 70-odd relief roles last season.
Radcliffe Wilken said 'But there still
Gomez is a former member of the New york San Francisco Giants and Philadelphia' jhillies. Thomas
ROBERT HAYES will play a major role in has caught with the plenty of money fish
New York and later San Francisco Giants, Phillies and Cleveland 'Indians.
... the development of in the sea--and the
.Trophies, NO young The Suns, sparkling
Record through offensive and. defensive. play have appeared before a record-
track meets. players in the Black fresh waters--of Zones
breaking turnout of enthusiastic local fandbm end attendance marks are expected to be broken
F-v His team participants in Barons "farm system." before the season's climax. 2 and 3. it was
__. __.
the quarter-mile relay -,_._ pointed out by Neal

were Al Austin Bob Har- .. Kty Figures Ray Robinson Brilliant Future Predicted W. Kaye, manager of
ris and Bob paremore. the Dixie Division of

Running. with Hayes in the Meet the Jos. Schlitz Brew-
'880 were Paul Denson x x RfhA" xc ,erJAle lr {C Sn:"): .f::;. ;': ing Company at Tampa.In .
r ,. n ..
:: 'Se Zone
Harris and Jim Jenkins. 2 there are
NEW YOPK Although Hay
\ MAYS Powerful Texas Southern's ".; ,j 15 uncaught fish carry-
Pale t Pobinson pissed a middle .
No Quartet of Ray Saddler ( : Ing tags of $1,000 each.
weight title bout with
REFUSED; San FranciscoGiants' (440). Homer Jones (220), !.'. his 42nd birthday soon a Y An additional 106 fish
owner Horace Overton Williams (220) and FT I are worth $100 each,
: t } I due, the former welter-
revealed he had
: Stoneham Major Adams (880) con- j ; ?1.. and there are a vast
I 1 .... weight and five-times
recently refused a
I tinued on their record- number of $50 and $25
It 000 offer for Willie Mays k.".,..: middleweight champion has,
breaking ways by r. >: agreed to meet former t fish still at large in
the York Mets. 'f. N
from New
Kansas State of Bnporia : 19t that soontoclosederby
1 j piece-meal champion
\ 'Frank Lane medley ; :
3.21.9 college spring. ,.z zone.
offered the Giants' $1- Terry Downes in London "atriY
mark in 3.21.2. \ Zone 3 has eight
during last June.
million for Mays which /v
$1 .0 00 fish still
,as':also refused Stone- 1 Watch This Clown '
k \ swimming atiout. The
'jian said.the $90,000 per "VOTEMay I
$v iJ::i only $1. 000 Zone 3
fyearsalaried! outfielder : 16-29-3-185 .
I. ; ... ,. .... .:.." '.,'.. fish caught to date
sale at 8th ;- >:" $ : 15-06-55
1,J..wasn't price. for any : f...:' ", ,t Ltt:.:.;\ ; ;r:<:.r.>..' --- .. : "Y 54 was taken by Milo S.
I >;:: 'X" ;H"i1FL Bailey of Bassville
A'I r r I; / ; l fi -f 8 9 a. Park. Leesburg. His

I rum YOU ARE ILL.'I' :. ;Y J/t.,1 i! .. 2 .. 4 aS. y catch was ,a bass. There
You Se 3k The Best Doctorur 1 ,6 ;; S are also 64 uncaughtfish

When Yo'' Doctor prescribes CHARLEY HINTON WILLIE TASBY z with $100 tags ,

Get Exp erienced Pharmacists 438-7-931 and over 2,600 fish

.ACCOJOrc rding to Your Dootor's h 65-88-25 -that are worth either
,; .. .1 f Arthur Robert Ashe Jr. 18-year old UCLA fresh-
We Use Only
$25. or $50 at large in
Sonutimai h.'. upScmatlnm man from Fichnond., Vn. has a brilliant future
The Best Quality Drugs
Ia. down Zone 3.
H. add, eubtrsetsHe ahead of him, his renpwned tennis coach, J.D. 'V- __ .
Dr. C. E. Black t-I V: j works It all arM" Morgan forecasted. Morgan' added that Ashe has no
ProprietorREGISTERED apparanet weaknesses, and should become the '" ,
91-24-38 ,
I country's top ranked male player. .


Cosmetics Rubber Goods Candies Sundries E Taste the sunny morning flavor of. '


Lilly's Drug Store 7 fWVNVik :';

Jchen1eq I I

.. 190? KINGS ROAD EL 3-8276 ar.Y :
21: .

VOTE FOR AND ELECT MAJOR LEAGtERS---Already established as veterans ,
with their respective clubs as the major leagues t ; ,;' '

: weVe officially- opened for the 62 season this :.: : : : :<.

Clyde M. SaucerConstable week are Charlie Hinton, Willie Tasby, and Bennie ,'. .

Daniels, all members of the Washington .Senators. l\ ,, "HI, I'M SUNNY Rf_ T...fa." ._.

Earl Robinson is a mainstay with the, Baltimore THE-SCHENLCY ROOSTERI : :: i

District 11 Orioles. For sunny cheer In added measure .;' .' "'".' T
; wM Just glve-cr serve-thls whisky treasure"1:: ,., : .. .

Signs For Title DefenseNBA 'p.'S 1; 4I : ,

4..4AAhS. '
i1 .
: >. ..
.. : : '
: .:**-%X&: :
: 11 '>.&* ?$,'.'':'
t 1! : '

.,, < V : .
'- a. '
:: \; rpe
:.,, .::- ;:t: '
.: -,::-' :: :
,____ y. o r .
: ? : "!

j 1 ..' ; :;'}'/ '
,i. ', wi. -.. .

: L I JLM .
Li .
: $ r ". t,:. :
:'I,have not just moved in District S j- 5 .

..' :11; T
.',' ..., j,:'-have' lived in District 11 for -. rw "'r '
:*-<',. :::-.\the? past 11 y ears and have .been

):-: ', ,. resident: of Duval County all

':;{.'- .rfmy: > life. e.
i-"I' have worked and served the r .,R

'<: people under former Sheriff: Rex
:it? :. Sweat for 25 years. 9
; '
'.k 'fLr.will consult the citizens who
:. t ; D1LIYE .
' in the 11th District before _
..' 4.. Staking on an additional Negro s. Schenley is a better whisky because every drop of -

-'Y' ,. Deputy Constable, if it is found straight whisky in Schenley is aged over 8 years .
, : 'and blended with choice neutral -
grain spirits.Thlsmakes rt .
; to add another Deputy
= necessary
-f ':< N..,. wonderful whisky...exfra smooth extra
, < ; r to the staff.I mellow, extra fine in, bouquet. Taste Schenley's
= ... CHAMPION, Harold Johnson (seated right) of
: { ,1 TO sunny morning flavor..,toxt ..
} Philadelphia signs contract in New York for a N
='-That. the office of the. Constablewill '
at all times treat all citi- June middleweight title defense with Gustave _:"W $490 $3'0 fthcnlcq

zens with dignity, respect and Scholz in Berlin. Looking on are Peter Ossendorfleft :; Coded 1243 code f 1044 tkene wsslaeed.+sNe

r human consideration. ( ) official for Lufthansa German Airlines on .

.:, which Johnson will travel and his manager George Scdtnlty' ftestrvt-Bltnded! Whiskey Proof 691 Grain Neutral Spirits. Schenley Distiller Co.,N.Y.C. .

,- pd. Pol. Adv., Gainsford, in rear.
; .. .
"' -


.- ''.f
'f .' ,.j
.". "4,

I '..i-7'_:filet:" 12'n_ _. _-. CTIB .- ...ciTiiDniv....n..... yfiv...... .cLJERRYW. ., 1QR'v.9 I I .

,,"'h' .,CARTER. rCH.lPS': : OF THE BLOCKThey .: :: } Trio (,Olfesses. To Anned Robbery-SIIootiIg, '

,; j
4. .# ,
: '. F' ; had a rally In our town the other night.As from Riveria Beach. He met many of his old FAMU ;. -"
-. : R. rallies go many observers hailed it as the and Howard classmates.bh yes. the Attorney passed I pr* :
.. > : :'"." ,. .
,; ': 'I' best eventof a very dull season of rallies.Therewere on aoae gems when he spoke at the rally and also < : ..
E three kinds of people at that rally. First, when he chatted ,informally. W..
N the politicians came to talk. They left happy Mrs. Ella pinkney of the Eastside has her neice

D because they found people to talk to; then some Mrs. Elliott visiting from/Camden., New Jer-
i honest people came to hear the politicians talks sey. Also home for a spell is Barbara Cunnings.

I to all c that they could make up .their minds, they She is a local gal who, has been stopping in the a+ ,
left happy and had refreshments. The last grout big town for a few months.

FLORIDA came to laugh and see the STAR pull a boner; Evening school teachers finished one, two threein
they left disappointed. Behind those cat-tbat- the pretty hat tea held at Stanton. Vocational.

-: CITIZENS ate-the-canary-grins, there was pure unadult- School. Willa Dean Wells<' lirs Mildred Christopher V 4 .x IEx
erated chagrin. We are sorry that we could not and urs. Dorothy Williams. had on the pret- ,,- '
.Commissioner jerry ff. make' the boys happy. tiest top pieces according" to the Judges in the f1" ''. ,,: .
Carter has given generously There were more political pickpockets than you order listed. }\

of his time could shake a stick at scurrying around the place Pc / ; 1i't' Lo'.t. .
and influence, as an button-holing politicians. :Thr is an open plea I thought that I had arrived socially in the '

.elected" public official to all politicians. Keep you money in_your tarn until "Old Taylor" had their annual ball. APPREHENDED---Having signed statements admitting their participation
.of the State of Floridato pockets. NO ONE HAS CONTROL OP Inri NEGRO VOTE OR" Jock Henderson and company did not see fit to invite in the incident--according to police reports, Sylvester Roosevelt Hayes

benefit all the ANY PART OP IT. Stop feeding those leeches whom the working press. of course they may have (left), 32. of 312 Jefferson St. ; Seman Sam (Syracues Cherokee) Ramsey,

peop! e'. you distain and whom we' disown. If you want helpgo thought that an incident may have occured suchas 38, of 740} Church St. and Ulyses Brown, 23, (alias Ulyses Carter,933

Upon the request of to legitimate sources such as the Negro press last year and it would ,not be nice for the W. State .St., are being held in ,police custody for the recent alleged

the late Mary Bethune and radio stations that program for Negro audi press to be on hand. armed robbery and shooting of a customer at a Church St. Bar-B-Q estab-

and others, he plannedand cences and also hire your own workers ,and pay Two more breakthroughs have come about' on the .. lishment.

counselled'with. them for services. As Brook Benton sings' in a economic front. Solomon Weston is' the proprietorof For Rent I j
State Legislators and ballard of the day, "We Pity YOU Fools" who the Gulf Oil Station on Jefferson and State .' Reason Realty
I Officials of. A&M College pay the shysters. Streets. Sol is the first Negro to have this lo, 2 unfurnished Rms & '
cation. We have Ki tchen private JF YOU RENT YOU ARE PAYING FOR A HOME
(now A&M Uni- Note--If you don't know who to vote for in a a colored staff at the
in new Star Station on Grothe El 5-5329 WHY NOT OWN IT? .
versity) establishing race, check his friends out. Pbr example, arch- and Myrtle.
a School of NursingHe segregationist,Richard D. Barker, chairman of the John"B.B." pickens has remedied the Monterey.He For Sale t HOMES IN CLEVELAND HEIGHTS MAGNOLIA' GARDENS

planned and coun- local Demo exec group, came out strongly for one now has a circular bar in the middle of the NEAR MONCRIEF & EDG '- 7AYETTVILLE & LINCOLN ESTATES 3 BRMS, LRG LOTS
selled with AftM Uni- candidate in the Tax Assessor's race. His choice floor. "Snooks" is the ganial host. When Johnis WOOD LOTS FOR HOMES CARPORTS. LOW DOWN PAYMENTS AND LOW MONTHLY PAY-
versity Officials, also can' t be our friend. awake, he greets the guests also. 523% BY 105 FT $200 AlENTS.SUN .

many Ftate and Federal The Edgewood Lounge is Jumping. All of you FAMU to Speaking a "captive vote" stop and listen OWN-$30 MO SUN RLTY i.' REALITY 1811 BOULEVARD -.El 3-7203 _

Officials, in providingthe grads probably know the boys in the combo. The known some of the 'boys' tell why they are for El 37203DEADLY --- .. .. .. --- _. ... '" .. .."
modern, new A&M "Four Knights" are really versatile musicians. 'machine candidates." The deplorable I Sunday
University Hospital' I thought that they were just another rock and thing is that these boys have set themselves up STRAND thru sat.
where training and as leaders and go around telling people to
ser- roll singing group but instead I saw a of vote
group f
vice will benefit many finished musicians who play and sing. They sing for the machine* man because of various and He Used Love Like
..,--Ifor years to come. sundry personal favors that have been
calypso, folk songs, ballards and songs of the to them. granted jnen used money i
day plus classics. The show is worth seeing.The RAULIBERALDINENEWMANIRAGE I i
VOTEPd. boys are neat and have good stage decorum. We Jenkins has retired from the list of 1
Pol. eligible bachelors. Jim is not married but .. j
Adv.JERRY dug WomacK Howard Gene Gonzalez and Allen Jack-
they say that he is on the limb. ..... v.IlU 1
He is courting II' 7
son, Jr. taking in the sounds. Our boy Leroy steadu OMTHIPIMtiTtNNUM I
W mpw--a--days.
Henderson is back in town. Leroy cut a couple of J
Odell Doggett is back on_ the ....
sides with Gene Ammons and Richard Holmes. He is' scene. Dog has ClNaMAaOON' .oOOUWland
CARTERRailroad had a spell of sea duty. '
on his way back West after a gig in Buenos Aires. 2nd big hit

Word comes to us that Son Jones is doing well, .Pve.....end.-Ton.. ..6 in the...suburbs..... ......! 1 SLADE'S The Man
and with "The platters." They have finished their t
Clyde Saucer Will '
BOb lana
Public Utilities tour of the Continent and are now in the orient. Appoint Hope T'wneR, 3 With A Positive Plan
Son's wife is in school on the West Coast waitingfor >,no anMao r+.tj. ; Pd. Pol. Adv.oncrief.
COMMISSIOt4Grovp2 hubby to come back through the Golden Gate. Another Negro Constable
It was old home week for Attorney F. Malcolm ._JAMS PAIGE \c**.m..
(Interstate Press) A mid-week JIM HlJ1'TON WJlAPRENTlSS.ROOSEVELT/ .\. .. TOMSLADEHqiise
Cunningham, the recently elected city councilman survey showed
'- this week that Clyde Saucer, candidate ,for Sunday

1 i Jaxon Charged Constable in District 11 is gaining wide sup- ,21st Run Hits thru Tues. I of Rep teXfclitotixe* Grotp) j;
WILSON T. V. SERVICE port from Negro citizens in the area.
.5 Big
A spokesman for a civic :Days

When. you have Radio T. V. troubles IWHh j Gun Threats group in district 11 j into the area, he. ,
said residents of the Saucer has lived The
CALL 354-5136 1349 DAVIS ST. ;I A passenger and night area are, pledging their j trict 11 for 8 years.Dis- Year's f Drive.lnII
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the incident occurred. basis of his reputationas been a star outfielderwith sister acf I MOBS

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JOHNSON Jr. man using vulgar lan- during his years of ser- Yankees. DUO FLOUR ([
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Proven Friend $635 cash Hon. nite!
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KNOWN ARTISTS Top Soil, Fill Dirt. lb.
Oyster Shell & sand _. BONESfor
Call Day or NightPO MEATY

: Ricky Thomoi, Jot Watson, N. Y. Lhe-lfl I
Ch.tor Washington (Fla.A&M) and Archie .You need a friMiis U Duval CountyIs

"Pops" Taylor N.: Y. Let Mr. Haroldof 8 PORK CHOPS 99H.ERSHEY
iV (Cleveland Institute) the Mallory Agency

be your friend. Ho A Pledge.

GUARANTEES you a live- I
1 i in Job in a good hoe, vo' represent all the people of Duval... County aaaiast I SUGAR
: APPEARING pay'ng $30 to $50 a. the large private interests.prat.eand .

NIGHTLY week, free room, rain, Defend public Rights iff fishing 15 Ibs.89
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P.M. telOO A.M. tickets and expenses 'to, T render fair and impartial decisions' in ine -
: N. Y. SEND REFERENCf W. EDOIW060 AVI.t to we. Harold The ..1- ...< Matters : ''**' HENS '

: ___ CLEVELAND *D. Dept. 11), -'lYedoo:: [: to, ay office as your County Judo will PIi
-p- _____________ lay Agency 2 for
:: i 976 Merrick Road } mlitys be open to the people of Duval County. ,

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