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16651964 F20090413_AAAQDS 00157.tif 5a47cc0e60640592a827f8d4710654d43c9cd75f762b7f8fa705a981f6c1fd7ef6dace6e
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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200608datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date April 28, 1962dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=006080740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
April 28, 1962
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
April 28, 1962
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Full Text
Ii .. .

t. -. ..- .. .-

7 I

):'...... c \
\ :, -itR r \ ,.

1j:;: i. < Report County Civil Service Board Denying Negroes Applications

;[: * *


;. : ,.'- t. .,


--- -- -

". .:}lac 30FORMER 1 lAX YOUTH TO DIE


r'T YIL 12-118. 3 SATURDAY APRIL 21.19&2 td C IITs : ... ... ...

-- -

1 Cwicsr Ciucs WOIbrs 01 Tksiorch .
<, ,'J. .
NEGRO COUNCILMAN : .,.,.', R e. 'r wr hY
: t
!FIRST ,,,.
r go" ... j.T .oJ, "

c. .4. ,
' '
: ;t ,. .. .. ;
. .' ;' ':' II '. .

. if f TO SPEAK AT JAX RALLY --. ,"'.$..\. ".t.."..-t....'..,f' ...j r'l .. 'r

i ,'S ,, '..\ 4t4 t4i....

... ... ... ** i\1IisIiop' \ ,\. .!; R.J

I Y.rdictiewedr Fkst Negro raw, t> C
Aired t-.. /. r ., Flo. CowcilMfii
.Vitallssus To Be ?: ; 1tol bt7

;;"-.::::::'". .., :, ,. As Compromise -.
At Jox Boll Pork Roly S

An emergency session of A.M.E. bishops met hereon ,;
Fireworks Between Candidates Expected : .: frii0 -:
>*:' Tuesday of this week to decide what measuresto
take in the case of Bishop Frederick D. 0
Refreshments Will Be Served Free A Kr I Iy
Jordan who had been enjoined by, a Mississippicivil
court and relieved of his assigment by the z. rA

When the FLORIDA STAR presents its Meet A.M.E. Church. The council's decision reassigned A -- 7

Your Candidates' Rally at the MyrtleAve. Bishop Jordan to an Episcopal District in West

Ball Park Monday night, April 30, Africa. .' 1

the featured guest speaker will be F. Bishop Jordan, who had was right. he said.
Malcolm Cunningham the first
Negro elec-
formerally supervised It* s unfortunate that
ted to a City Council post in Florida the
8th Episcopal Dis- his handling of the
since the Reconstruction
days. trict, was hailed into funds was somethat un
Cunningham, a Negro attorney was electedto the Chancellory Courtof wise." P. MALCOLM CUNNINGHAM

the Riveria Beach City Council (Just Jackson, Miss. in In a subdued post- ;; .
north of West Beach S RALLY SPEAKER Atty..F.
Palm ) last week when March of this q
year on .
he defeated his white opponent, J.A. Fla- the complaints of fourA. y, .z. Malcolm Cunningham,
tit first to be elected
herty by a margin of 54 votes. Negro -
M. E. ministers.The
to Riveria Beach.s JOINING the current 1962 Cancerama I
is the Los Doce
Elegantes Club which
The 'Meet Your Candidates' rally is I
complainants char-
Council since Reconstruction is working with the
City Independent
being sponsored by the FLORIDA STAR as a Business committee headed by Leon E.
ged Bishop Jordan with
will be Gonzalez. Seated from left
are: Mrs. Alfreda Gonzalez, Mrs.
Margaret Bass
citizens the
public service to give Negro disobedience
(1) to the
principal speaker at coodinator; and Mrs. Bernice
Jackson. Standing from left Miss
: Mary oli-
opportunity of hearing and seeing the order and
discipline of
the Rally scheduled for ver Mrs. Norma flynn Miss Dorothy Crawford and Mrs. Claudette Fields.
candidates in person. the AME Church (2)) improper Monday at 8 inHyjrtle

.. The decision to put on the rally came"following .', .,; :: conduct., (3t Avenue Ball p.m.park. 8 Safe
-' -t Negro-Families FHe Police
the poor turn out to recent 'mismanagement of the t .

political' meetings held in the Negro affairs of J.P. Camp- Ntgrois Report'RimARound' Against Pupil Placement Law ACCUSED

areas' bell College, and (4) RY TENANT
Eric 0. Simpson, publisher the STAR levying and collecting ORLANDO---Basing their pleas on a recent ruling
said it is hoped that Negro citizens will unauthorized asses- e by which the U. S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals Henry Lee Redfield of

turn out to the rally to show greater interest sments for personal Numerous v reports outlawed a pupil placement plan in Louisiana, 1211 W. Beaver Street

in the political issues which will gain. s reached the STAR this eight Negro families here recently filed suit in reported the loss of a

affect their lives. He added that there J.P. Campbell College, week that Negroes reQuesting U. S. District Court claiming the appeals court radio last Monday police -

are many important issues, "particularly a theological institu, examination decision in New Orleans made the Florida pupil reported. '

Homestead Exemption which Negro citizens tion in Jackson. Miss., L ___ applications from Du- placement law illegal.The Redfield said he left
themselves about. BISHOPS.D. JORDAN makes it unnecessaryfor home at 7 a.m.. to go to
should concern is owned and operated val''s Civil Service plaintiffs see-
indications that the rally Accused..Reassigned the plaintiffs to work and returned at.
There are by the AME Church. As Board ''were being subtly king to desegregate all
council statement, Bishop exhaust all remedies in and found his
with verbal firework 7:30 p.m.
will be a hot one, presiding bishop of the denied such services. of Orange County'spublic
Greene, Pre- the state courts, before radio chec-
John Matthews and Senator S.L. missing. On
expected when 8th District, Bishop Recently the civil schools were
Prelate, said seeking relief in around the house
their battle of words. siding king
Wayne Ripley Jordan is alleged to. service board published represented by Attorney
will be heard Bishop Frederick D. federal courts. he found the landlordhad
Heated verbal encounters have missused and mani- notices in the local Francisco Rodriquez of
who Jordan his own re- Last October' Rodri- taken it and. had
and Ralph Walters upon
between Frank Osborn pulated school funds; papers announcing that Tampa who claims the
fighting for the Tax Assessor s post with to have lied and deceived quest for the best examinations would be appeals court rulingKILLED guez filed a desegre- gone on a drinking
Homestead Exemption. interests of the gation suit in nearby spree, he said. -
different views on ; and to have held early next monthto
church" was relievedof 2 Brevard County on behalf Police said they later
Wordy blows will. be exchanged between ignored warnings to establish an "eli ,
of 27 fami-
the supervision of Negro arrested the suspect on
Warren and his correct his actions.
County Commissioner gible list" for the
opponents. The race for Constable in District These charges were the 8th Episcopal Dis- class of Deputy Traffic 6 INJNAPLm lies they claimed had a drunk charge on complaints -
exhausted all
trict and assigned to not made by his
interesting voiced the
by presiding
11 will produce some Officer and a Steno- their opportunities in
sidelights when the candidates for this elder of the 8th .District the 14th Episcopal grapherClerk.One state courts. The suit wife. .

coveted post meet face to face. Rev. T.S.J. District, embracing young colored lady is still in litigation.The Patrolmen George Henry,

Refreshments will be served free of Pendleton of Jackson, West Africa. reported that when she orange County suit and A.: Jones inve ti-
Bishop D.Hi Sims of gated.;' -1,
.:harg e. Mi Se."Bishop went to the office to named as defendants "
Philadelphia was assigned .. . Ii
Jordan had request an applicationblank 4 Earl Kipp schoolsuperintendent ;

.-- Eric 0. Stapsoi Rico For been warned to correct Mississippi to the 8th Louisiana EPiSCO- she was told to and HUSBAND.22-YEAR,.59..OLD BEATENBY MATE
his actions far back
file for a school sec- members of the school
State mocratk ComMHtttMM as three years ago," pal District. Bishop retary's position. (The board. Damon Nelson, 59, of
Sims was recalled from
said Rev. Pendleton,
school secretaries'examinations 422 Broad Street,
Eric 0. Simpson, publisher of the FLORIDA STAR when questioned by a Africa to fill the as- have already College Group No. 32 was the loser ina

announced this week that he has qualified for reporter from this signment.In been completed). battle with his: 22-

the post of State Democratic Committeeman. newspaper. "He was attendance at the A young man, seeking Admits Florida year-old wife, police

Simpson, who is county warned to cease mani- council were Bishops information on the deputy reported.Last .
democratic committeemanin pulating church and Sherman L. Greene of traffic officer's Monday in their

Precinct 42 does not school funds. He levied Atlanta R.R. Wright opening was directed to Negro Colleges living quarters of

face opposition in the w and collected large Jr.' of Philadelphia. the Sheriff's office i Nelson and his wife an

May 8 election, but his s BOBS of money from the Frank M. Reid ftf Washington Negro applicants are MIAMI BEACH Admittance argument between the

name will appear on the Sunday Schools, Missionary Geo. W. Baberof being told there are no of three Negro two was the cause of an

voting machines in the r Societies New York. Joseph provisions provided for colleges into the injury suffered by Nel-

M0.Y29 second primaries. Area Councils, Laymen Gomez of Chicago, them at present. hitherato 30 member all son. He said his wife

Simpson originally faced Organization. Alumni Isaiah H. Bonner of The final report white Florida Associa- hit him over thelleft

11 white candidates for Association and for his Birmingham. William R. reaching the STAR came tion of Colleges and eye with a water glass.He .

the post, but now faces Episcopal Residence. Wilkes of Atlanta Carey fro a local businessman Universities took place was treated by Dr.

'only 10 since one candidate He also is said to have A. Gibbs of Colum- who, as a result of Two members of here Wednesday duringthe E.H. Washington, in his

John L. Almand caused the conferencesto bia H. Thomas Prism of having been notified of the Flying Nesbitts' 29th annual sessionof office at 821 Kings

: ..got out the race. fix large and excessive Los Angeles, E. Clif- "the grieveances, called actrobactic team were the organization. Road, it was reported.

It was reported that assessments for ford Hatcher of Cleve- the civil service reported instantly Enrolled into membership Patrolmen G. Henry andA. .

the remaining ten can- Presiding Elder Upkeep.He land. E. Lawrence Hick- office for informationand killed and 6 others were Florida A. and Jones investigated.INTRUDERFAILS .
didates were working outa kept large SUBS of man of Detroit, William was asked whether were injured when a M. University, Tallahassee *

deal to get others to money for himself." F. Ball of Waco, he was colored or white rear whell of their 9- ; Bethune-Cookman TO ENTER HOUSE

quit the race to cut son holding the post According to Rev. O.L. Sherman of Little before he was told he lear old car tore loose College, Daytona Beach;

down Simpson chances will have something to Pendleton, spokesmanfor Rock, David H. Sims of could come down and se- from its axle, causingthe and Florida Normal and Police reported thatan
..to win which political say about appointmentsin attempt was made to
many the
complainants Philadelphia and John cure applicationblanks. car to crash into industrial Memorial COllege -
observers believe this county where Bishop Jordan misap- D. Bright of Bulawaya, two trees, and endingup of St. Augustine.All enter the home of Mr.

could result if the Negroes are constantly propriated approximate Rhodesia. ironically, the pub- in a canal. Reported three schools are and Mrs. J.H. smith'at
't. Negro candidate pulls passed over. dead accredited 2448 W. 15th Street
ly $11.500. He was lished notices pertaining are Cheryl Warren members of
!"the Negro vote. brought to court in aa Bishop George N. Cbl-' to the examinations 11, and Billy, age un- the Southern Associa- about 8:05 p.m. last
lira of Central Africa
In the 1959 race for IrotbrNiywl attempt to recover that failed to stipu- known. The troupe were tion of Colleges and Sunday.
:- and Francis H. Cow of said the wouldbe
Civil Salth
service Board.Simpson vo ney.Rev. late race, creed or re- enroute from Miami to Secondary Schools, Dr. i'
South Africa were not
polled more than St. for D. Doren intruder tried to
Emory G. Davis. Ii gion. Petersburg a Tharp. presi-
f 15,000 votes the largest ATLANTA A 20-year old Director of public Relations preset at the council baseball park engage- dent of the association enter by way of the
Jacksonville which was held at St. -. r
.number ever recorded for former for the AME ment. Widely known said. front door. But Mrs.

uC/;: a Negro in Florida. youth has been sen- Church, approached the Stephens AME Church. Meet He At The throughout the nation, An associate membership Smith said the attemptwas
j. { Simpson said the State tenced to the electric Bishop Jordan's African Rally unsuccessful
subject cautiously when the Nesbitts had recentlY was awarded to a
; DemocraticCOrmittee:: an chair for the Februar: assignment is being Moa. completed two- fourth nothing was reported
l;_ questioned. "I feel April 30, a Negro Institution -
.. post pays no salary but 15 robbery-slaying of that Bishop Jordan did widely regarded as a 8 p.m. night engagement at Gibbs junior missing.
1 '::5 J' it Is an important position an elderly local only what he thought coaproaise on tjie part Myrtle Avenue ball park College of St. Peters- patrolman R.C. West
r in that the per business woman. of the Bishops council here. burg. investigated.;

,. .. .-. '.. ., .' '
-- '
"'" -', '' .
-. .. ,
{ "- :: -; -T-- ;f/' :
". "_::'-

-- --


) _


lv-- '

Mp ": NEWS
:..:.'1.Published.- : "
,- f YR BY EHTO a
: by the Florida Star Publishing Co. :
..-,' :,.';',,- "Mesber of Associated Negro Press" JW > COURTS ST. LOUIS---The National Urban League has
:," ,1l.!,.+ -v .. ?; .. JIJVN CR O pp 1. received a $215,000 foundation grant from

'z 1 the Carnegie Corporation of New York to

'r-ERIC 0. SNFSHftlYSSN N.NN N ....MiUl II EIIittr j ; :! be used over the next five years for

-' strengthening the League's
youth incentives of
t program

: HILDA WODTEN.CircIilBl Maiafir I i \ 1 s educational motivation and
guidance for Negro youth.

t ..: MAIN OmGE & PUNT: The announcement was made

'MLSJz conference held
:, : .: : 2323 acne Road........Pfcw ELp 4-8712 bl in connection with the

> ,v i ; 1 spring meeting of the

'., Jfafeg Address: V League's Board of Trusteesat

; the Statler-Hilton Hotel
::,$. :: P.0. Box 561, Jaeksofflfle 1, Fbndav-,. .. E ti ao o here.
a :4 ;
< .." !T to tI j In commenting on the grant, Whitney M.
: .: ,t., ? .: LMc
1v'i$ Young, Jr. the League's national execu-
;:: SUBSCRIPTION RATES ;; ': *' ..
... ',
J4'! < : tf' !; tive director, described its farreaching -
=One Year,"\i6.00; Half Year ${.00 \1: /,,,'" I \ iJMS significance to the nation and termedit

I- ;, Mailed.,' to You Anywhere in the United States' ;' tr "of incalculable importance toward

; Subscription Payable in Advance dissolving ,the barriers of indifferenceand

;* ,- Send check or Money Order. to: ': discrimination stifling the aspira-

::'' *;*- -*. *, A d4-7 I 1)1) tion of a myriad of young Negroes in America -
Florida Star P. Box 561 '
i pi*:,* 0. Y today. "
: Jacksonville 1 Florida .
John Gardner.Carnegie president, pointedout

1 "- that the funds were given for the

CLOSING OF CITY PARKS MAY Urban League's new expanded program with
Q "-
= its emphasis on the organization's coming ,

.. BACKFIRE ON COMMISSION P to grips with the challenges posed by

today's changed ways of life. He noted

*' It: -has, been nearly a year now since the that the corporation has in the past

City Commission ordered the deactivationof supported a number of programs to assist

the city's playgrounds- the closing j-; dis-advantaged youth.
Your WeeklyHoroscope 'Such youngsters need help, he said.
rpf-, all, public swimming pools In a frantic ,
nt-< 'They need jobs. They need advice. They
effort to .,block the natural associationof
Guide need to be aided to think constructively v
Jacksonville children
about their own abilities and limita- J
Apparently fearful that the
would ,4.'
tions about job opportunities and about
'' ,
change its color at the sight of Negro "
%T:: their further learning and growth.
and white ) fers that white and Negro
go '
that peoplewho
=. : :!: WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR Mrs. Gardner stressed young
Jchildren>. 'erei, intermingling freely at go out into the world after high

fjlcity playgrounds, park. Commissioner .Dal- BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL school--and even more urgently those
i> {i.: and,:.Mayor Hayden Burns joined who drop out before its completionmustbe

J .hands to close and finally sell the golf : .' helped 'to assure that the years
.. "cou rses. ... immediately ahead will be years of con-
: ".ARIES assets, friendships, loved sible as it is a recog- to be ,possessed by imagi-
overwhemlingly "
'Their proposal was approved Born March 21st thru ones and personal peace of nized rule that everythingin native or inventive ideas. tinued self-development.
by the City Commission.The April 19th mind this world must be Mr. Young explained that this financial

city fathers followed their action 760991778789LEO earned. 9-70-38-19-75-978 contribution and support of the Carnegie

by, closing the city pools when Negroes The pressures on your emotions Corporation and other foundations, civic,

attempted to use 'them and capital resourcesmay 2-30-33-16-36-236 CAPRICORNBorn organizations, corporations and trade

:;L 'J th1' the.:approach of another summer, one be doubled from now on. SCORPIO Dec. 22nd thru unions recognize the increasing strategicrole

%6bcerly ,wonders whether the decisnon of One way to avoid being im- Born July 23rd thru Born Oct. 24th thru Jan. 19th the Urban League will play in help-
of the people portuned by salesmen, or There again are indicationthat the barriers to moti-
the a City is representative Aug. Nov. 22nd ing to 'rip away
? .Who elected them to office. One wonders others who have designs on Resist the tendency of The Scorpios who are still someone you believeto vation that strangle the future of a

I ]: is'sucn a small knot of frightened! men you is to remain quietlyin taking all the credit for subject to parental or be devoted or friendlymay large segment of our youth. *
a place where it be false.
-has the right-legal or otherwise-to profitable accomplishmentin other authority find playing you In this latter regard Mr. Young cited
that recreation difficult to track you one of the best indicationsthat
the healthy pleasure which associates have it difficult to out the nationwide network of League -
sacrifice down It would be carry this is be when
like so
is to, children simply because participated, and of pas- their plans. instead of may ,in 62 key metropolitan centers of
themselves are burdened, by an unhealthY stirring up a hornet's nest sing the blame when results forcing a showdown resortto you are being constantlyasked the country as a unique vehicle for dis-
they to ,get yourself in a com- for favors gifts or
outlook. have not been satis- tactics to gain charging this role, and added:
racial stalling
promising situation, or to
children supposed to do factory. You can make im- money by those who are 'We deeply appreciate this expressionof
the time that be
Whn: are the wager your funds on a may plaYing on your emotions. Be
vacation the foundation5 faith in the League'saims
the school portant additions to yout
.. ,,, .lt\lj.h\ emselves. .when losing cause. When the necessary to reinforceyour especially discerning, for
tal to critical
to play in e income and dividends if and methods of approach
begins? Are they supposed course of love is' rough, cause. Grave deceptive Influences seem to
Are =they supposed you utilize your acumen and that arise between problems of t cmorrow. Still much more
..strerts 1" the alleys fulfillment is the more ences abound. Good judgment and
to ply.at all?' -' agreeable. important connections ad- associates cannot be swept your better sentiments are financial support is needed to undergridthe
would be
The_W'_' City__ _.. commission has made itself 4-50-22-18-S2-452 vantageously.farsighted to It make the away by emotional scenes much more likely to guide expanded program tc meet the chal-

generally unpopular in the minds of which tend to aggravate you to the proper analysesor lenges that confront us.

Jacksonville citizens. This unpopularity TAURUS necessary if wish arrangements to travel now rather than assuage. When conclusions on the 26th, We hope that this grant will encourage
you extensively -
is ('t' natural consequence of ,bitterness. Born April 20th thru or enroll in happiness prevails you Certain unpredictable factors other organizations, foundations and individuals -
Even-so-called segregationists have children May 20th may find it more desirable seem to be hard at to contribute also to the
new as as
courses soon you "
and few of those children, have pri- The co-operation and good and they are available.Give than the acquisition of work to present you with a League's expansion program.
material success or advan- As an urgent part of the problem, Mr.
vate pools; and playgrounds. will of your chiefs and cash whenever possibleas signal honor, cash prizeor
tages (30th). noted what he termed a "staggeringtrend
days ahead may enhanced prestigeThe
The hot July and August associates should not be pay-later plans and
Fathers made a No ideal is too high for upward in school drop-out rates,
well prove that the City lost because of inflexible credit cards can prove unexpected seems to
children of to consider it as being particularly among Negro youth. He said
the you
serious error'by denying attitudes on your part or costly. be on your side and you
facilities out of your reach. Shouldyou the Carnegie contribution will, among
recreational should do
city use of on account of financial 6-10-66-12-65-616 everything you
this for considerations which you feel that way let your- can to follow its guidance other advantages, give the Urban League
that their. parents paid the 'to and vital toolsto
go as you are being without means forge new
place first. Situations are hesitancy
future election prive some in-
teresting points too ; ( likely to be touchy to the VIRGO favored by superior if unfathomable Ideas may be likened to reverse this devastating upsurge.

point where it may be injurious Born Aug. 23rd thru forces flashed of genius, whether
to your popularity Sept. 22nd. Love and desire are great they emanate from the A MEMORANDUM

K Hypocrites In American i Society and peduniary interests.You Many Virgoans are prone to adjuncts when you are minds of your relatives or Political campaigns are seldom honorable.

; may rely on friends succumb to imaginary fears planning for the future or friends, or from your own Honor is too combersome to he practical at a

KKASR.: HYPOCRISIES' IN ,TRAINING land loved ones to stand by'you. and unjustified doubts regarding spiritual enlightenment.It mind. Arrive at your decisions time when ambitious men are vieing to acquireor

NUL OFFICIAL,TELLS TEACHER GROuP <'< nod to do all 'in their the motives of will be mainly your responsibility promptly, and do keep a public office.

power to protect your vital others. This is particularly to maintain not fail to act as quicklyas The current political campaign in no dif

Opposition by forces bo Branded as''four interests; should they be undesirable at present, your faith against self- the situation warrantsin ferent. However sedate it .might appear to the

'arias of hy1nocrisy"mss t.be erased before threatened.. (26th-27th). as you are the one who may doubt and outside pres- order to extract the public eyemen--and women--are determinedly.

'flip''educational. imperatives' of this nation 32CM41969324GEMINI: pay the price for the--- sures. fullest measure of good going about the business os politics.

as they apply to Negro citizens. can errors that may then be S40-55-13-25-545 fortune that seems to be Alliances are formed which could not existin
be fully achieved. Julius A. Thomas of New committed. You are more intended for you. any other clime. Pledges are made--and broken. -

York, National Urban League industrial Born May 21st thru likely to find frustrationat SAGITTARIUSBorn Compromise and cunning have become indistinguishable -,

relations consultant, said in an address June 21st the end of the linn if Nov. 23rd thru 360331856368AQUARIUS : strategy and manipulation
last week. This rs-likely to be the you think you can' shed your Dec. 21stIf essential. '

Mr. Thomas spoke at the convention of most difficult quarter of troubles or problems by you are troubled by In this inner world of the political campaign,

tlu Palmetto! Education Association at a the month, making it desirable flying off to an un. hown misgivings of any sort regarding a constant struggle for supremacy is waged. ';']-
Born 20th thru
session. attended by so too-: 1,000 .Negro fon.you to with- environment especially your well-being and Friendships are destroyed by distrust find ani- '.: r
Feb. 18th
teachers' and other educators.' draw from' the scene of during this quarter. Such close associations, do not mosity. : '
action for 7f M a breathing major changes require much lose yourself in a maze of Your progress is not
The 'ur of
( nN hypocrisy" scored by Ir.Thumn's .
smooth and Civil Service Examinations
and extensive you may even
as blockades to fuli! education 'opportunities spell. Your future pro- conjectures that may be
associations with planning before you can miles from the truth. Make wonder whether you will
for students jects
Negro were described
take the plunge. ever make it, because of A Blow Against ProgressThe
thus by the NUL job preparation in-laws and basic philoso- sure by consulting com-
(expert: phies may be in line for 850441445S54LIBRA petent experts who are the red tape incolved. it
would be a mistake to a- Duval County Civil Service Board furtheredthe
"The unscrupulous politician who substantial alterations, trained for specific purposes -
waves bandon cause of inhuman rights this week by refusing
your purpose, no
the American Flap and bleats about 'the and this cannot be accom- to enlighten you.
c (imtry that I love' -nnd then colludes plished without prolonged Born Sept. 23rd thru You have wonderful aspects matter how Impossible and Negroes tions. applications for two scheduled examina

with racists to deny other people their ana concentrated reflection Oct. 23rd. that indicate all should explosive the situation may
seem on the 25th. You The examinationsschedule'd for early next month,
opportunities is a hypocrite."The Some of your most deep- Should you have gone over- turn out for the best
should take all forms of are for the class of Deputy Traffic officer and
strive to hold
timid businessman .who contends rooted problems may be board in acquiring the you up your
that the employment of Negroes ill his enterprises eliminated with the aid of things that your heart desires end of the responsibilitiesthat opposition as challengesthat Stenographer-Clerk. It cannot be doubted that i
must be taken and met there are many Negroes in Ouval County who can
exc'pt.8 janitors, will de- those who occupy high you can expect an life thrusts upon each

strty his business is a hypocrite., places, or who have contact accounting of rather formidable and everyone of us. squarely as this may be readily qualify for these positions. Still, tfiey

'The placid minister who says he must with individuals who dimensions. it say Closer co-operation with the only way that you can are being denied the opportunity to participatein

abide by the wishes of hfs parishioners can take action in your be harder than ever to your life or business display your mettle.If the civil service activities of this county

behalf. please your loved ones, be rendered because the Board arbitrarily discriminates a-
even though he doesn agree with them isr partner may you adopt too secretive -

., a hypocrite. 1-30-77-15-32-871 and the cost of your own necessary by a shaky an attitude, it gainst them.

'The Negro leader who says v he cannot! CANCER i upkeep and necessities is economy. Be the one who is cay be misinterpreted by So long as such a "for white only" policy is

; risk the loss of his prestigeor his job, Born June 22nd thru apt to go spiraling. A solution willing to sake the sacrifices those who have to share tolerated improved race relations can never become .
may be the acquisition if there is no environment a reality.
orchis meager belongings by standing firm July 22ndDon't your dailey
onrthis basic ,issue is a hypocrite. of a better- doubt that a good part of Make no financial arrange- It remains, then, for Justifiably indignant

Mr. Thomas voiced the belief that the abandon your vigilance paying job. Your endeavors any bIBle that may be cast ments without the full Negroes to demand a formal hearing as to why they I

i United States is facing an economic cri- attempts for a to moment get as the to in this connection is yours. knowledge of your life or are being refused an opportunity to take the
sis whichif permitted to run its course, fruitless could encounter a measureof Quite a few of the opportunities business partner, in civil service examinations.
cos&it -
yourself a condemned ,
world over have -
success. Of course this order to eliminate the progressive people the
i will relegate thousands of Negroes to a that are \
costly course are
what it is -a criminal
will the for
depend greatly on discrimination
billed to possibility of confusionand racial
(status of 'permanently unemployed. one appear this -f
more apt to be stepped up and extent of can c cue, because it \
type your month are complications at a practice of which no good
key successful attack on this grim tather than otherwise. As concentrated in
; prospect, he said, is to provide the onrushing long as you are fore- abilitfes. this third quarter. Revive later date. Also check on festers hate rather than foster brotherhood.The .
of the Civil Service
". :., ;" generation of young Negroes a warned you can take all I t is natural to expect a love that seemed to travel and study projectsthen. segregationist policy to racial

i tfair."chance for "education of the high- the necessary measures that that you have previously be fading away, take a new Board has made a generous contribution ,
A fine bit of-public relations
: .estc uality, because with anything short deem necessary for chalked up 'the achievement: interest in sports or injustice in this area.
you may Gateway Citylt; 1
;(l : of that"many will never be able to reach the protection of your that would make this pos hobbies, aDd allow yourself ,8-40--65-17-87-845 .. for growth-hungry -

4' \:
--, '- ,- --. .... -'--' .- >- -- ,' -,--.. ... '.e


j I SATBRIM APRIL 28, 1962 >, .. FLMII1 STAR }PAGE. 3


; ; ;'". Socially Speaking list SCIMIM ExUbit AwwfctWINNER Mother Midway Mrs. Gussie Gray Emanuel Sets

? Celebrates 26th
M uL Schedules froth Day Stmdsy

Anniversary Sunday
Rev. John H. Perry will

1 ; >. -:I. Rites SundayThe Mrs. Gussie Mae paige be in chasge of services

>.;-:.. : By' Missionary Society, Gray contralto will observe during the daylong

j ...., LOUISE G. GUINYARD led by Mrs. Annie Fra- her 26th anni- series of event fea-
.J,'* ',. ***'' zier president, and Mrs versary as a gospel turing Youth Day

Socially speaking. local and visiting Kappas L.G. Jones, supervisor singer Aprul 29 at 8 p.m. Sunday at Emanuel Bap-

were treated to a rare walk on enchanted ground have selected some of in the auditorium of Mt. tist church.

over the past week-end. From 8:00 p.m. Thursday* the city's prominent Calvary ,Baptist ,church.Mrs. The children's Choir

until 3:00 a.m. Sunday, Jacksonville society clergymen and lay Gray started her will rehearse Saturdayat

., .witnessed:. a round of social events that have 1 leaders to participatein career as a soloist 2e .4 p.m. Usher Board 4

-never been surpassed In magnitude and enjoyment. their MissionaryRites years ago giving her meets at 4:30 p.m. The

:, "In short the Twelfth Annual Southern Provincial program scheduledfor Initial recital at lit. Make Chorus meets at

Conclave' was an outstanding success. Sunday at 11 a.m. in Calvary with Mrs. Ethel 7:39 P.m. for rehearsal.

The.,Edward Waters College campus served as the. I9 the church auditorium Davenport Bannister ser- District 6 will serve

focal point for the conclave activities begin Rev. J.W. Jones, pastor, ving as her accompanist.! dinners Sunday in the

ning with the arrival and registration of delegates 2.b S Wt announced.H.J. Her talent was recognizedby dining room.

Thursday afternoon.At Hart, a graduateof L.R. Burns directorof
Men Day GroupsAre
8 o' clock Thursday Jacksonville Silhouettes Florida A&M uni- the junior choir and s

sponsored a "Meet your Date" party for visiting versity and Teacher's he invited her to Join OrganizedThe

Kappas that was equally enjoyable to hostessesand College Columbia Uni- the choir.

guests. A bevy of attract/.ve coeds from Edward ---Lee Miller Brown of Mays High School Goulds gets congratulations versity, will be princi- she is now a member of men of Greater

Waters College along with other charming from Dr. Carriemae Marguess professor of home economics, Florida pal 'speaker during the choir 2 and serves as Payne AME Church along

young ladies of the city were on hand to greet A. and M. Brown's 'Do Nerve Cell Multiply?" exhibit won the 'best event. its president, a positionshe with their pastor. Rev.R. .

I the delegates and add to the enchantment of the exhibit" award at the Florida junior-Senior High School Science Fair Program principals. will has held for more A. King have organized -

devning. Delegates and their prospective dates sponsored by the Florida A. and M. University biology department. Look Include Rev. Jones Rev. than 10 years., She has for the annual

became acquainted as they danced and partook of ing on are E. E. Ware (left), acting head, biology department. FAMU. Wilkerson Rev. J.L. also served as presidentof men's day which will

the delectable refreshments provided by the host- and Willie Mitchell, pre-medicine major from Miami. Sanders, ,Rev. Willie the BYPU and was or- be held April 29.

esses. Local Kappas and visiting Silhouetteswere Emith, Rev. H.Y. Brown, ganizer of the Junior Officers are: WillieDe

also present at the affair which was held Classic Lassies Ford Sdtool StorkDelivories Rev. J. Allen Deacon A. Women Mission Sunday Sue chairman andJ.

I at the Consolidated Garden Club on West Seven- Wilson, Willie Cox. Dr. School teachers. She j. Benekin. co-
teenth Street. Plan Spring Fete PreseitedFashion chairman. All captains
J.H. Lewis Dr. G.F. serves Mt. Calvary as
Later in the evening, the group 'hit the spots' The Classie Lassie Waters, A. .Thomas H. clerk of the church. have been asked to con-

with a visit to Continental Bowling Lanes, where Bridge Club met recent- ShowThe Henderson. She has been active with tact the numbers, of

members bowled and were entertained with music ly in the home of Mrs. Mother Midway Choir the district, state and their group. .
Primary Depart-
and refreshments in the clubroom; a visit to the Joan Spaulding at which Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Friendly Baptist Male national Conventions and
ment of the
John E.
Edgewood Lounge; and finally to the Lincoln Golf time a brief business Ford School Graham; 4420 Trenton Chorus, H.J. Hart C. served for two years as FloristOpen

and Country Club, where the evening ended with meeting was held to com- Elementary Drive. ; Boy. Parham Johnson, Robert national field worker. Daily

dinning and dancing. plete plan for the presented a Fashion Mr. and Mrs. Willie Hay; Freeman, Walter Jackson, Mrs. Gray is well known 8 a.m. 5 p.o.
I Show. Monday evening
While Kappas met in business sessions Friday annual Spring .Activity. April 23rd at 80' clock. -4358 Madison Street; C.E. Clark. R.H. Cooks, fraternally. She is a 1) 5-2400 El 3147PLISTEN

morning Silhouettes were entertained at a coffee On behalf of the club Easter Boy. Earl West and others. i member of Lillie E.
finery was
sip given by the Alpha Wives and held in the the president, Mrs. modeled and an interesting b1 r. and Mrs. Lovett Friends and the general ;Powell Chapter 50 and is

lovely Jefferson Street home of Mr. and Mrs. Alveta S. Allen thanked Stewart; 5632 Silverdale; public are cordially in- grand chorister of
Nathaniel Davis. Mrs. Helen Toney for the highlighted pro-the Avenue; Boy. vi ted. Bethlehem Grand Chapter,
Enjoying coffee and other refreshments with the beautiful Classie Lassie Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Boyn- Order of Eastern Star.

Alpha Wives were Mrs. Betty Howard, Mrs. jsoleen Bridge Club handbooks clothes program. play'Dress wear up" ton; 1360 Madison street; Districts i Program Appearing on the pro- to everything but rememberthis

Webb, Mrs. worma White. Mrs. Margaret Starkes. designed by her and pre- lounging clothes and Boy. Observance Sunday gram will be Mrs. Laura : No other brand of head
Mrs. Norma Bland. Mrs. Hadassah Bullard. Mrs. sented to each member. Mr. and Mrs. Alto' Bell; Jackson The Cavaliers ache powders is better thanGoody's.
sports wear were fea-
Mary Floyd Mrs. jeanette Shirley. Mrs. Delores During the several tured. 850 W. 31st Street; Girl. District 1 through 12 i Gospel Singers The Ver- So why pay more?

Mitchell and Mrs. Etta L. Brooks who was a rounds of bridge the Special guests included Mr. and Mrs. James John- of Second Baptist Church i siteers Sons of Jubilee,

special guest. Easter Bunny, Mrs. the following son; 5527 Dakota Drive; will observe a Joint j Sons of Prayer, Mrs. Myr- .

Alpha Wives present included Mrs. Vera Davis. Spaulding, hopped a- Alva Barnett. "Ballet: Girl. anniversary April 29 at tis Cole Mrs. JohnnieR. F

Mrs. Corinth .Barnett, president of the organiza round with many sur- Mr. and Mrs. Thomas 3 p.m. in the auditoriumof 1 Fedd and others. Mrs.
from Exodus"
tion. Mrs. Charlotte Stewart Mrs. Lorice Howard prises. One such prizewas Gamble Instrumentalsolo ; Lunit Gainey; 948 W. Ashley the church. ]Bannister will present

Mrs. Erma Ward Mrs. Miriam Buggs Mrs. Thelma a cleverly designed Street; Girl. The annual message will 1 the honoree.

Lewis, Mrs. Lucille Harper Mrs. Alice Girardeau favor in the shape of an ; Gary Simmons. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth be delivered by Rev.
Clarinet solo; Janice t 1 /
Mrs. Bernita Sherrard Mrs. Frances Richardson egg which contained an peele; '1D*Q W. Virginia Richard L. Wilson, pas- HOUGABQOK AUTO
Vocal solo
Mrs. Bernice Jackson. Mrs. Helen Toney. and Mrs. initialed key chain for Wesley ; Aventer* 6oyV / tor of West Friendshio SERVICE
Esther Ramsey.Jacksonville. each member. Joycelyn Nicks Instrumental Mr. and 'rs. wilbert Baptist Church.

Silhouettes entertained visiting Bridge prizes were a- solo; Jackie Walton; 3521 Ardisia Officers for the observance GENERAL AUTO REPAIR)

Silhouettes with a bridge party held at the Con- warded to Mrs. Margaret Madry.solo Instrumental Road; Boy. are: Mrs. Agnes
; Bunny Hop. First
solidated Garden Club. Mathis first Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Odell Jackson, general chair- |J W. HOUGABOOK, Median!
; Beverly MC-
Bridge party participants included Mrs. jeanette Margaret Starkes second, Intosh. Ballet from Garner; 813 Palmetto man; Mrs. Margie Ferrell ( i 1361 Kings Road EL 4-3659 2 POWDERS 5c
Shirley Fort Lauderdale; Mrs. Blanche Mrs. Juanita Williams Street; Boy. co-chairman; Willie tuc- 12 POWDERS 25
Gevin "
third.A. 'Allen and Ca- "The King and I.
.Tallahassee; Mrs. Rosebud Bruton Tallahassee Mr. and Mrs. Walter ker, chairman of program ----
; rolyn Washington, wel An extra added feature
Jamison 1170 W. 22nd committee.
Mts. Margaret Starkes Mrs. ;
Norma White Mrs. fare. were two members by intern -
Hadassah Bullard, Mrs. Almira Street; Boy. Plan '
Wilson and Sunday
Gloria Mrs. Club members presentwere teachers ; a solo ,,... fJj
Parsons Jacksonville.Mrs. .
: Mrs. Minnie Gad- by Miss Peggy snellings Mt. Ararat's Afternoon Program
Bruton Mrs.
Shirley, and Mrs. Givens
ling, Mrs. Geneva Hen- and a creative dance by
qualified for prizes. The Methodist Youth
derson, Mrs. Margaret Miss Eleanor Chisholom. Choir 2 Plans
From 8:00 to. 10:00 p.m. Friday, Kappas attendeda Fellowship of Simpson j
Mathis, Mrs. Dorothy
formal banquet held at the Brewster Cafeteriaon Music FestivalA Methodist Church, under
Oliver. Mrs. Margaret WoodlawnPresbyterian
Jefferson Street. the leadership of Mrs. E.
st rkes. Mrs. Grace music festival fea- _
Foil, wing the banquet, Kappas and their dates P. Dowdell, will present
Sykes Mrs. Helen Toney turing Mt. Ararat's
invaded Buster Ford's on West union Street for its second annual pro-
Mrs. Carolyn Washington, Choir 2 and other well-
the Kappa Sweetheart party given by local Sil- Church Notes gram April 29 at 4 p.m. _
Mrs. Juanita Williams, known city church choirs
houettes. in the auditorium of the
.Mrs. Sarah Wright, Mrs. By L.N. Pearson Sr. will be held Sunday
The party proved to be by far the liveliest of church.
Alveta S. Allen and Mrs. May 27. at 8 p.m. in
the week-end with, all Kappa notables present. Joan Spaulding. Sunday, April 29th. the education building Appearing on the pro- .:..-".
Music was furninhed by the Teddy ''Washington Rev. Franklin D. Wilson gram will be Sherman
Mrs. Johnnie Mae Miller,
Ccnbo. AuxiliaryTo pastor, and the United announced. Mitchell, Deloris Lane
During intermission Kappas serenaded their Presbyterian Church sponsor Cherry Byrd, Elwanda Mc- ,LI('
Sponsor Tea participants
sweethearts and several of the undergraduate Program
Kinnon, Yvonne McMillian,
chapters provided amusing entertainment. The, Ladies Auxiliary Choir worship, will service conduct over TV a will include the male Irene Jones, Samuel jack- Her mother or her sister?

Saturday morning found the Kappas again in busi- 123 to the National Channel 12 from 9 until choruses of West son, Brenda preston, BOTH ENJOY YOUTHFUL- NATURAL-LOOKING HAIR COLOR

ness session at Edward Waters College where they Association of Letter 9:30 a.m. Rutledge H. Friendship Mt. Ararat. Matthew Gilbert Percus-
remained until Carriers will sponsorA Eastside. Mt. Vernon. Whether want the
3:00 p.m. Pearson Sr. will direct sion Ensemble. Miss you excitement of a il'flcrent
During this time, the following provincial officers SING YOUR FAVORITE the choir. Emanuel. St. Thomas. Gloria Dixon and Miss hair shade, or want to give new life to dull or
gray hair. insist on the long-lastinji.jMicolor '
Southside Baptist
were elected and awards were presented: SONG TEA on April 29th Church school will begin Faye Harris. in the famous r>*. package .jodefroy'B
Provincial Polenarch Dr. o. S. Gumbs Mobile at the Youth Center on in the Westminster Churches, respectively The crowning of ''''MissMYP' Larieuse. It's easy to apply, .- 1 complete in

Alabama: Provincial Sr. vice polemarch Mr., 28th and Chase Sts. Hut at 9 a.m. and in the aloig with other groupsto will be a highlight one package there's nothing else to buy. '
be contacted in the
Hampton, Tampa; Jr. vice polemarch J. White, Sanctuary at State and of the program. Contestants s

Tallahassee; Provincial Strategus E. White Sunny Says: Laura Sts. at 9:45 a.m. Miller very near said.future. Mrs. are Misses Loretta gO<:f/ I7.Zf.lBLovav:.z COLORS 1: 5'

Tallahassee; provincial Lt. Strategus C. Barnes with T.V. Huger. superintendent Cowser. Paula Mack and LARICUSlf .5,

Daytona Reach: and Provincial Keener of Records I Taste the in charge. ... Dallastine. I Godefroyl.tfQ.Comp.ny.3St00/IV.St..St.Leula.Mo./ "?

E. 'Pruitt Birmingham Ala. Rev. Wilson will deliver ..
William DeVaughn Sweet of the JacksonvilleAlumni sunnymorning the sermon at the

Chapter received the outstanding graduate
11 a.m. service support- BellsUlysees
Member Achievement Award and H. Latimer of ted by the United Church S

Alpha Xi Chapter, Florida A. and M. University Choir with C.E. SimmonsJr. now itS Pegs; gi

received the outstanding Undergraduate Achieve- flavor of. at the organ. Sutton. 1538 E.

ment Award. All members and friendsare 25th St. 21 and DeloresM. for those who think
At the close of the. business session the entire urged to attend the Goggins 1539 ,E. 28th young '
delegation motored to New Berlin where they livedon Schenleq first Mid-week Worship St. 20.Walter.

seafood at Christopher's Pier and were entertained Bible Study to be heldon D. Lundy. 1770 m.'i .-. '.

by members of the St. John's Boat Club. the new church site Star St. 32 and Hortense "* ,5 :4.F ;<

The' affair was sponsored by Alpha phi Alpha in the Westminster Hut Gardener. 2026 W. 12th
Omega Psi Phi. Delta Sigma Theta. phi Beta Sigma Wednesday May 2 at 7:30 St. 26.Allen '
; Y
and Zeta Phi Beta. p.m. wilson. 1080 Pen-
Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority's cocktail party was The United Presbyterian ton St. 22 and Josephine

held at the Edgewood Lounge from 7:00 to 9:00 Youth in cooperationwith Kelly 845 Baker Ave. 20

p.m. and proved to be another highly delightful the Church School Oscar L. Hartley 716

affair. .The entire lounge was reserved. during celebrated their annual Clay St. 31 and Blossie s.i .

this period' for AKAs and their guests. Music was Easter program last SUn- Bradley 716 Clay St. .

.- furnished by the Teddy Washington Combo. S day at 5 p.m. with Hiss :30.

The Jacksonville Alumni and Delta psi Chapters' Now every Sandra Crumbo presiding Bennie Griffin 1924 W.

'. formal Black and White Ball climazed the week.. drop of The program was .2nd St. 23 and Joyce E.Nilcs _

end. As usual the Duval County Armory providedthe straightwhisky very unique and efficiently ,5745 Carnation _

setting for this lovely affair. Music was inSchenley is conducted by Road' 19. _
: furnished br -the jimmy Geiger Band. { aged over 8 -miss _

Kappas made the entire downstairs seating .area yetra andblended

:" available, to their invited guests while they with _

'.:. reserved d tables in the balcony. neutral choice grain w \' _

",' Hosts to the conclave were- the Jacksonville pregnant _

-r Alumni and Delta psi Chapters of Kappa Alpha spirits.- V ,Jf i..
psi Fraternity Inc. cnIy ,
..,. $4 .
,-" Mrs. Alma John R.N. Director ofWomen's activities -,; FIFTH ..J {..f >.....,..tight MOnIIU..1n lit tkit silt n .i as.rood i Radio Station WWRL in New York and Consultant .N troet....skis ItttM* trot pMACrtM B All over America there a great new feeling-people are putting more
t to personal products Corporation Mill- ,tip. C9Bt3' 5 n.at| use ut'.HM n.I esMd4M flit.,ly.s..,...\VTTHA B into their leisure getting more out of their 1 lives. Ifs a new outlook
] alit c..,..,.... U rtlltl tM ..ac... called thinking oung. This is the life for Pepsi-light II
'-) town, New Jersey and her associate Dr. Glad $3.tCODE ilia lort .f rash out alretckek.ia iu< I i M yM* MOThERS bracing clean-tasting Pepsi. So go ahead-think oung In stores.
t p.Or abac', psychologist-Journalist also'of New Y MU.|t (M M ........HonuMnuu| IMtWI buy an extra carton.At fountains say "Pepsi please1! !

York," thoroughly impressed with the hospitality 1044-I- J! to*. a..a.t.Tk <.*t 111.( ,urn...,lack|*, ,r.et FRIEND _" ,', lrPep.. .
beauty and progress of Jacksonville where Schenley Reserve- Blended ( r"v M.*r Moniuu Ietnt.1.won At dot\i."rrSy/<;. MASSAGE onus n iwou same BUM*?or$asant.t wou vwmwwt IK*Kfswu cawm M* QM*. ,
Whisky.Proof.M Grain Neutral f stu's. -".....'..
they helve received numerous courtesies since! Spirits. I"..c,e1 I L$.eo A-rJunTA

t&eir arrival via Northeast jet from N. Y.f

'- -, --'" "
: .
'- -
\ -


4_L< __ .1 1 FIOMM STM. ) SATURDAY Am 28, 1962 t t

j" -'Jax! FimCfcd iy U. s. Cowl '" lls And DwsMers Were Hosted By Dr. Leroy Wilson Jax Stuaents Are Feablred .:_, 1I.

I /'For Safety Cofcs VwltHots '.,.' : I. FAMU Easter Miskale

!'.II.".. '::0''<', ,. >J--Sf: TALlAHASSEE---The Florida A. and II. University:
WASHINGTON D. C.--Secretary of Labor Arthur .-*, "
''' "
: music department presented"The Way of Calvery
J.. Goldberg announced that the Federal district
i ;t an Easter musicale written and directed by Mrs.
ort at Jacksonville. Fla., has enjoined Gibbs Rebecca W. Steele, university choir director.The .

Corporation,, a ship repair concern of Jacksonville .
from violating the maritime safety codes N LV musicale was pre-
p\ kA sented in Lee Hall Audi-
M Z r
under.,. the Longshoremen and Harbor Workers' Com-
: torium. The program was
pensation Act as amendedIn (Public Law 85-742).
divided into nine short
commenting on the of Labor Standards had
scenes. Some of the mem-
case, Secretary Goldberg made numerous inspectionsof
bers of the FAMU aching
stated that it was the the Gibbs Corporation's -
staff were members of .
first contested action facility during .
under that law in whichan which "a total of 96 W: i the cast. They were: Han-
sel Tookes, who played
violations' .
injunction had been separate safety < -
The Lord Jesus Christ; ;
entered. Another recent sere found.FAMUArt6rop -j
-. Costa Kitties who played
case involving the mari-
Judas; Robert T. Mungen
time codes settledby
was ): ,, who played peter; and
consent. Ernest Fears Jr. who
The injunction
was played Pontius Pilate.
granted April 10 by Judge Co Chairs Festival : 4 Musical selections were

William A. McRae, Jr. "DIDdHY rendered by a combinedgroup
who noted that safety TALLAHASSEEHowardLewis
consultants of the Bureau acting head of : r; tae bers of the UniversityChoir TEA

6 Famed AmericiansSupport the Florida A. and M. and the choirs of
Final plans are com-
University art department Bethel AME Church Bethel
pleted for the
UUCP FundNEW was selected _t 0'H Baptist Church St. Hat-Seasonal Tea Pretty-being
co-chairman of the h Eugenia's Catholic
YORK Six famed Tallahassee Art Festi- _______ Church, Trinity presby- presented by the Band
Americans will ask sup- parents and faculty of .
val Committee. Leon terian Church and St.
port of radio audiencesfor Head art teacher at ENTERTAINS DELEGATES---Elks and Daughters frcm Florida and other sections of the country were Michael and All Angels Stanton Vocational

the 1962 appeal of Florida State University entertained during their recent convention stay here by Dr. Leroy Wilson who presented the affair Episcopal Church. High Shoool Sunday

the United Negro College was named chairman. in honor of his unit Bay City Lodge 268 of Tampa at his 5445 Bunche Drive residence. Dinnerwas Soloists were Miss Marva April 29 from 4 to 6 .
p. m. in the school
Fund. served at 7:30 p.m. Standing from left are: Miss Eddis Brown of Jacksonvilleand Ben Wilson, Wyche of Tallahassee

Robert C. Weaver, head A. R. Berry of theA. of Tampa. In center with hand extended is Dr. Wilson, host, with arms around Marion Evans of soprano, and Richard auditorium.Mrs. .

of The Federal Housingand and II. faculty and Brooksville and M. Larkin of Clearwater. Both men are morticians in their respective cities. Sparks of Ocala, bari- Jake Bryant, Band
Home Finance Agency, Parent s president, is
Hodges Glennart teacher Standing also is Miss Joyce Marie Daniels and her brother William Daniels of Jacksonville on tone. Roosevelt HoJJo-
recorded one-minute also Chairman of Group
a at Lincoln High, extreme right. Seated from left are: Charles Darrell city; Ruben Padgett. Tampa; Mrs. Daisy man of Winter park played

announcement emphasizingthe were members of the Gillard, city; Mrs. Daisy Banks ( a member of the Ink Spots) New York City; Willie Littles, the role of the minister. Five. .
Immediate importanceof Tables will be arranged :- .,
Organizing Committee.The Orlando, Mrs. Laura Stafford, owner of Stafford's Hotel, Tampa; oscar McCollum, Clearwater;
support for the College in keeping with
week-long Art Mesdames Stafford, Matthews and Miss Daniels served as hostesses. r.
Fund. [ VOTE the seasons of the
Festival to be held (Fla. STAR Photo)
Throughout my years of .May 6-13 in The Columnson year. Awards will be

public service, he Park Avenue will be given for the prettiest

states "I have become an exhibition of art Rights ActioiGroups' Kfeg AId Family Visit Bahamas Proxies' Hold ConsultationWHITE hats. Music will be

increasingly aware of the furnished by the Band
work done by ama-
necessity of educatingall Goal : and Glee Club under the
teur and professional .
our young people if artists. I direction of C.T. Max-

we are to meet the needsof In Congress ., well.
A noncompetitiveshow
our nation and our ACTION ,?;,' t Proceeds from the Tea
'. the only requirements CONGRESSIONAL "" ,.
society. I"... will be used to purchase -
for entryare GOAL OF RIGHTS RALLY ::,'
entertainerDick band uniforms.
that the work be '
Gregory notes the original and the artists WASHINGTONCongress [ Plan now to attend.

wide demand for higher live in Leon County.Only was urged this week to Your --fAR
in the South.
cf work
two pieces enact civil rights
Eleanor Roosevelt, Jac- can be HURT
in a medium will be legislation by delegatesfrom
kie Gleason Odetta and ''with toothpicks or
accepted from any one 25 states repre-
Milton Cross add their ) cotton
tipped sticks.
person. Entries will senting 24 national organizations I ... :
support to the Fund's w- : Don't risk damage.
be accepted at The in attendance : > r .
19th annual appeal for r ja S Soften up hard to reach
Columns from 10:00 a.m. at a three-day
its 32 independent accredited HOUSE CONFAB---It is felt that another important wax with safe effective
to 6:00 p.m. April national civil rights
colleges and milestone in the Urban League's nation- AURO eardrops.Wash .
28-May 1. rally which closed here
universities. qNy: wide program was reached recently following the out clogged wax
Friday April 13). The
I \ conference in Washington between President JohnF. that mfY irritate,
"Fairtreahucut for all under the law!"' delegates visited their vii Kennedy and UL President Whitney Young. The affect your hearing.Ask .
Representatives and
te Jax UL is presently engaged in its annual 196263' at all druggists. "
Senators seeking supportfor .
membership drive.
> for AURO
KEEPDOUGLAS pending legislation.The L

rally, sponsored by x- .
the Leadership Con- *
L.lLHUTCff ference on Civil Rights, : .w {.., Mr. RALPH WALTER

opened Wednesday

l11FF.T $ night was dress with by NAACP a keynote Executive ad- Laf What Happenedto

MR AT THE RA&Y Secretary Roy Wilkinswho

';: YOUR is als c chairman of
A the
the Leadership Con-
ference. Mr. Wilkins

1 called for an end to w

i 11, appeasement on the civil
DUVAL COUNTY rights action on front pending and prompt bills *

Talk with fty&se who has had dealings with ray dealing with the rightto .

vote, school de- NASSAU Bahamas---The Nat "King' Coles were YOU Mr. Councilman Candidate introduced the t":
office and will ,
they that
you they segregation. FEPC and the center of attraction here recently when the
bill to increase bus fares! (Times-Union July 13 1960)), ,
authorization of justice his wife, visitedthe ,
famous singer accompanied by !
treated fairly and with dignity .that ny
Department interventionin
island to give a benefit performance for WERE YOU REPRESENTING TRE POOR? ::
office is operated efficiently and courteously. civil rights cases. charities at the Cat and Fiddle night club. I''.
You ,
Councilman Candidate held the of "
Tribute was paid to Nat is shown above as he.was greeted by Frederick power
(Paid Political Adv. ) Sen. Paul Douglas at Stubbs in charge of the Ranfurly Homes for President of the City Council at the time of bus fare ::";

the Thursday night session Children in Nassau. Mrs/Cole, inssrt, accepts a increases! (Times-Union, July 13, 1960)) i

The Illinois gift of flowers from a little admirer as Mr.
Senator was honored on Cole smiles approval. :8

0 his 70th birthday with (Bahamas News Bureau photo by William Roberts) YOU Mr. Councilman Candidate- failed to honor the ;f/i

the presentation of a ,-- requests of the Downtown Council, the Chamber of Corn5

scroll citing 'his merce and other groups to review the facts before any .

dedicated championshipof and uncompromising WILSON T. V. SERVICE bus increase was granted! (Times-Union, July 20, 1960)) t f,1

human rights. The When you have Radio T. V. troubles WERE YOU LOOKING OUT FOR THE WORKING 1 <
hailed him as
'statesman, scholar CALL 354-5136 1349 DAVIS ST. "
soldier and friend." YOU Mr. Councilman Candidate, were on 3 of the .:

4 committees in City Council for '
DISCOUNT STORE i responsible .saddling 'p
1824 W. BEAVER STREET the 10% tax on gas, telephone, water and electricity bills ;.

1-- = -- ---- paid by the working man, the widowed and the poor. ;:
830-31 CASSAT
(City Ordinance DD-29)) tl4GE

PRICES GOOD Fri. Sat. Sun. t Elect A Ltecitr For The People WILL THE RICH MAN PAY THESE; TAXES; ? I.;.1

t NOW Mr. Councilman Candidate, you cry for the :.

HECK I poor, the widows and the working man to let you protect

", their Homestead Exemption when your record proves

BONES Ib.10C you are a puppet of the entrenched political machine : .

5* I a record of tax-and-spend! fj

JOHN E. < ""r**= :, : VOTERS
FEET I'10Ib. .1 '., -

-- -J '-- Use your ballot wisely to protect
MATHEWS Jr.* your children's future! Vote for a

MAws .1DC I man of proven honesty and integrity... -

I A Vote for Fair Equalization. -

t'A; Don't Miss The Rally

i t MOnday Night 8 p.m. VOTE FOR .

TRIPE .Ib.l0e I ,9U';. fliATE SENATOR txw :l,. i Myrtle Ave Ball ParkFRANK -

FRESHMULLET ., .' Don't Miss The Rally 1

w.1 1 fila t Monday Night p.m. '

:' Myrtle Ave Ball Park |

Pd. Pol. Adv. I (Paid Mlt/r.l AdmUm)

"_ -t- I

''- : '-' ". .. .....
:"q ::"o:.__J::>,:, '-'$'< .'" .htit! ., :"It\:,; ) i j-jt:';:"!'-; :, ,' :; ;. >, =::<_ao,:;_,'-_-':- "_J] "r .{ '.' "' -- -- "--. ,--,---: --e.e."t' : : /!:_:! J



S t. DEADLWE-MiMS:' Charles: (

by R. (CHUCK) Lee Coffie '-

t : TALLAHASSEE---Whitney M. Young Jr. executive
District Fellowship director of the National urban League, has been -
: "Somebody's got to do the hustling and the' "Hour will be conducted .ti f lt if .x. named the Diamond Anniversary commencement speaker -

.: !scrounging and the' contactation" little Hunk Sunday at 3:30 p.m. in a' ,t at Florida A. and M. University, announced
'. was saying the education building.All President George W. Gore jr. The exercises will -,
"--And the knifing and the black-jacking and districts will assemble be held in the recently renovatedair conditionedLee
the lying-" P. MCNasty added while pickinghis together for the Hall Auditorium on Saturday June 2at 9 a.m.

teeth. fellowship. Theme: "A The speaker was dean of and Creighton University
"Seems like you ain't got no enthusiasm about
this-here campaigning program/ little Hunk Dedicated people For A Atlanta school of social of Omaha.He .
"You Dedicated church. work from 1954 to. 1961. was a member of the
said, eyeing Our Friend suspiciously. '
(Ram ans, 12 Ch. l Ysi); Board of Directors of the
ain't been,brain-washed or nothing, .have you?" Now in his fortieth year,
Rev. R.H. Wilson, pastor Council Social Work
"By which?" HcNasty inquired, indifferently."By a Mr. Young is a product of on
of Bethel Baptist Education, member of
little Kentucky, Minnesota, Nebraska a
them peace' corporations, maybe,
Institutional Church .. and the Urban the National planning
; Hunk' surmissed, his glass eye glinting wickedlyin will be the speaker, isk Committee of the '60
th"e'afternoon sunlight. "Or maybe you done the Youth Choir wills League. During the
White House Conference on
took in by all them sit-ins and fall-ins ands academic year 1960-61, he
e rv e
Children and Youth.
u&t-downs. .." Little Hunk's laugh had a malicious Sunday services begin was a visiting scholarat

,:-ring to it."Irhaven't with Sunday School at Harvard University Clark Inaugrates
been took in by nothing but wake- 'with Deacon ;: ;:: #: under-.-a special Rockefeller -
9:20 a.m.
: "41 .
upism," MCNaSty said, eyeing him balefully. "I G.W. Scott, superintendent 'c_, iA1L eFmAL. r- & grant. Student Aid Plan

don t like vote peddlers. They remind me of dope in charge. The PHASE for planning of Duval Vocational High School's annual Pret- For three years he was ATLANTA In a new and
peddlers. They both sell junk. They both got pastor Rev. Charles B. ty Hat Tea under the combined sponsorship of the institution's teach- industrial relations unique method of helping
resin in their palms, larceny in their hearts. Dailey will review the ersband parents and students, ire climaxed during a recent session. secretary of the st.; Paul students travel and studyin

They both play the shadows; they"both have the lesson from the topic Committee members are: Mrs. D. p. King, science instructor,' (inset); Urban been on League.the faculty He has also at foreign countries

same shaving lotion over B.O. "A Disciplined Faith." Mrs. W. H. Vaughn, (left) and Mrs. Coland Dollarson, band parent's St. Catherine's College Clark College has inau
"YOU done lost your poor unfortunate way.. ." Morning worship ser- committee and johnny L. Dollarson, student leader. The affair will be in St. Paul, the schoolof gurated a plan under
Little Munk observed with great emotion. "My. vice at 11 a.m. The held Sunday from 4-6 p.m. in the school auditorium. ;.; social work of the which a student may be
my...my!: .." deacons of the church (Photo by Washington) University of Nebraska provided funds for study
"I done lost whole lot of good time," Mc= will lead in the devo- -- --, during the summer and return -
Nasty told him. "I done lost years of precious tions. The pastor will Ritz Presents in the fall to repay
time messing around with two-timing, back-biting
deliver the sermon. the funds by serving as
rascals who done learned Just enough back-alley Choirs and Usher Boards Stowing Of a clerk in the departmentin

politics to' be downright dangerous to all future will serve throughoutthe .r.... ". ,! which they are

generations. day. LIf.OfChiIStDramatic J.,, .;: t majoring
"You cracking on me?" Little Munk asked, nar- at 5:45 ,' Bobbie Kennedy will be
rowly. BTU begins p.m and inspira 4... %<'*
with Deacon W.F. Till- ticnal motion picture, the first student to
"Naw," MCNasty told him.. "I ain't cracking' man, president, in 'Day of Triumph,' tL f> study under the new pro-
on you. I pity you. I pity any man who thinks he charge. The pastor will depicting the Life of :gram. She will study at
is part of something that he ain't. i pity',all continue the discussionon Christ, is scheduledfor the University Laval at

you vote peddlers. And I pity all the suckers the church. showing at the Ritz Quebec Canada. A nativeof

you're fooling, tod Hy..my..my..." Evening worship startsat Theatre beginning Sun- Greenville, S.C. Miss
"I Just asked you to Q nsider my party s' tick- 7 p.m. The pastor day, the management Kennedy is a French
et, that's all," little Hunk reminded him, in- will have charge of announced. major

dignantly. "That's all," little Munk reminded services.The A special showing is ji.-: Three other French majors
him indignantly. "That don't call for no first- Youth will meet slated for Friday morn- from Clark will be

degree murder indictmentl"! Monday night at 6:45 ing at 10 0' clock' for studying at the Canadian
MCNasty laughed. 'You ain't got no party, boy. p.m. in the education local members of the x> r University this summer--

YOU got a hustle, that's all. And I hope you make building. At 8 p.m. clergy and church : '..:;'i one of them on a scholar-
enough before it's over to buy some shoes.. You' 11 the Brotherhood Chorus teachers.The ship granted by the Uni-
need 'em by then." He couldn't. stop laughing. meets for rehearsal. vehicle stars LeeJ. versity. Recipient of the

Little MUnk stalked angrily across Ashley Street the regular Tuesday Cobb, Joanne Dru, University's scholarshipis
and disappeared into Lenape' s to do ,some political -' night prayer Service Robert Wilson James Charleszetta Parland

slumping.. MCNasty waited' until he was out begins at 7 p.m. The Griffith, and a strong I from Brunswick Ga. other
of sight and then stepped slyly into the shoe- pastor will ,have chargeof supporting cast. The .. Clark students going to

shine parlor. "I want you fellows to considermy services. All mem- picture is in color the University are Rus "

man on May 8th," he said, with an expensive bers are urged to at- the management added. sell Willingham, of Atlanta -
smile.He tend. and Shirley Ann
promptly began to distribute cardsbrochures, Wedneeday night's Bible Mt. Lilla Baptist 41i4(1 Oden, of East Point, Ga.

throw-aways and minatures, of bourbon... study which beginsat Slates Appreciation They will study French
7 o'clock, will be literature and languageand
Program Sunday
In An Age of Atomic Pow.r and Space Exploration conducted tor the pas- will leave for Cana-
Why Stttlt for Horst and tor. Scoutmaster Jona- An Appreciation Pro- da on June 15 .
*j* Buggy Rcprtstntatlon? gram is being sponsoredin
than Forshee is asking Arrangements ',for ,the :
-... *' Get Dynamic "_.r parent's cooperationin behalf of Mrs. L.B. \ students' summer study
L gisllll ire Leadership ,, ra., seeing that all Jenkins, church pianist. were -oade by Dr. GeorgeA.
Ella d scouts attend the 6:30 Sunday at 3 p.m. in Mt. in Miami, Florida to complete preparations for their Tenth Annual Convention Reynolds, chairman of
p.m. meeting Thursdayin Lilla Baptist church. July 8th to 11th in Miami.Shown here in top photo from left, the Clark Department of
JOHN G. JOCA the Educationbu The program committeeis William E. Glover, Tampa, Florida; Mr. and Mrs. Willie Wynn, Saqford Modern Languages.

il din g. headed by Mrs. E. FloridaJohn Cloud, Cleveland, Ohio; W. o. Perry Association resi\" s French major Anastatia

i, ToThtFlorida House of r' ,: 1 Dorsey chairman, and dent Miami; J. Wesley Lee, executive. secretary, Pittsburgh, Pad: Mrs. Phillips, of Bal amore

'.""' 'R.pra.ntatlva from rrt TOOTHACHE, Mrs. Irene Lee, co Audrey Singeeton, Orlando, Fla. ; Mrs. N. K. Dunn, Weldon, N. C.,; and Maryland, will spend the
Duval County _t .Y III Don't from suffer throbbing nctditstly.pain Get of',u toothache idy n. 'f chairman. Rev. Grant Mrs. Rosiland Talley, Tampa. In bottom photo the group is shown in one summer enrolled at the :

Group 3 with dos fist in sicondt.ictint ORA Guarantied-JtL. Pain cr I'I-.. Lee is host pastor.Organizations of their sessions. Not in picture is Clinton C. Reeves, Shreveport, University' of Grenoble. ,.
or back.All
.. monty drUlltO/'Ii. and the be the site of the July convention*.
Civic Leader : Educator : Combat Vete."A." MA.. N1f'T _TA. J- mpton Housewill

rIu .1.- : 'jl general public are invited j ji I St. Johns Honors Mrs. Ella Jones
.. ri .. I

i For Christian Work

An Acknowledgement of Nixon, Joseph Nixon, :
Services Rendered Pro- Mrs. Cora Ross. Miss

2 GREAT .n.. .. :-;"" ''':'- gram will take placeat Rossie C. French, Mes-
3 o'clock Sunday dames Mary B. Cook,

afternoon April 29, Mae Belle Oliphant, L
ON at St. John Baptist Marian Aveilhe. Mary

: : Church.The Washington Susie Shel-I
I following persons ton, Myra Camper C.C. MEET ME AT THE RALLY
will participate in the King and Katie Tutson-" SUDE'S The ManWUAPosithefian
Free : PAYMENTDOWN program: Mrs. Pauline J.C. Butler, Joseph ", -!
Smith, Rev. R.T. Wil- Johnson, Alexander ,

Delivery lams, Mrs. Kelly Brown Heard and E.W. Patter- Pd. Pol. Adv..i
with exchange Mrs. Vera Wilson L.M. son-and the Rev. .A... J., -
Argrett. Mrs. L.G. Hughes, minister.
Coleman Mrs. Florence Friends of Mrs. Jones

Dixon, Milton Blake, are Invited to come and
Mrs. Fannie Bradford share this program withus.

Mrs. Sadie Alesander .
J.A. Bowman, G.W. Scott
Nelson Grant, Miss Bar- ..
PRICE bara Jean Mervin, Mrs.

Willie Maye Hankins 1 t
Mrs. M.L. Butler, Mrs. I/
Elizabeth L. Carnes
Calvin Forehand Samuel

49K1 Caswell, W.E. Williams, Where You Get 10 Ox.to the Pound
Curtis Adams Mrs. Mil
dred Forehand, Mrs.

Carr Clarice Hughes Mrs. + IN The FARMER'S MARKETHICKORY
Ethel Louise
CYatnPhoee Hall Mrs.
Walker Miss Alice
SMOKED 'Hormel Lean Western

''q EI M 44029
..'. For Delivery .
S" (

',;-_,.FREE" CHENILLE SPREAD ., i WHOLE OR SHANK HALF LB. 3'tinit Lhs.; Lb 28cl

,{;- _
,'\ot't- .-

;:;' WhtR y. Icy On Itiitifvl FLA.HEAVY GRADE BAKING"A" ,

Meelfime llltt.



1 j 1M .
) j;



,- '. '. ,' -- ,- -,'- '." --.' '"".


; n-.
EI ... ....

-I sue., j AIM I PlNvvldP AItIIIIed CoufC SecGnd Biptist Jvdgt Wfnegeart misters, wscons

li.CHURCH !+ttt.r, xMaS _n Schedules Course Union in Session

: II Speaks Sunday
Churches the
.jy4. fVC Mi: throughout
NEWSSt. v... Featured by pre-opening
4.t 1 city have been invitedto Juvenile Court Judge session held Wednesday
attend a teaching and Lamar Winegeart
the Wesconnettand
training course now will be the principal
Sweetwater Ministersand
being held through April speaker
during the
Paul AlE Church is observing its anniversary Deacons Union and
at Second
27 Baptist 11 a.m.
celebration which began last Monday night and will Church.The corning worship Auxiliary convened in I
3 eta service
end with a special service Sunday during the 11 the Greater Zion Grove Bap- I
meetings begin at
a.m. morning worship. The Friday night service ; Board of Mt. tist Church with the I
will be supervised by the usher boards, and 7:30 p.m. nightly and Zion AYE Church observes five-day convention's !
; T the lesson topics are its
Homecoming day Sunday, will be a day-long event. a annual closing scheduled for
being taught from HightC. Parent's
During the evening service, the Male Chorus will L1r Day program Sunday at 2:30 p.m.
Moore's textbook, Sunday
be featured. Rev. R. J. Blaine is host pastor. April 29. During the Wednesday
"The Boots of the !
% Parents and citizens i
r night services, with (!
.... ..e. .... ... .... .... 8rt. Bible. throughout the city who
Mrs. J. Jackson in
Special features '
i are interested in present I
.- 'Quiet Music, and day children's charge, devotions were
Choir 3 of Mt. Calvery Baptist Church will
.. spon- 'The Prayer of Faith," problem's are cordially conducted by William i
sor a Pretty Hat Tea'Sunday from 4-6 p.m., in the f 4: are being combined with invited to hear Kohn and Walter Jones. I

'home of Mrs. Dannie Mae Menter, 623 Court G. Mrs.A. each study period.Mrs. Judge Iinegeart Mrs. Doris Daniel gave

N. Session will be the speaker. Mrs. Hannah Irene G. Neal is message.Mrs. the welcome address.The .

Holnan will serve as mistress of ceremonies. xy chairman and C.M. Vaught Rosa L. Wooten is response was by Mrs.

Chester, and Alexendar program chairman, and R. Rolach.
... .... .e.. ..e. .ee. .eee The talent
Heard are the advisors. Rev. W. F. Foster is night pro-

Committee members include the pastor. gray held Thursday ; f

The fifth Sunday meeting of the Union of Primi- Mrs. Elizabeth night in community Bap-

tive Baptists of Jacksonville will be held at Mt. Chester John Payne and Bethel s Men Plan tist Church featured the

Sinai primitive Baptist Church 1824 W. 27th r Mrs. R.H. Morrissette.Mrs. host church's choir 3,
Street. Rev. B. Sheffield, host pastor. Rev. H. Np ; sA f G.C. Vaught and For Men s Day Greater Zion's Trio; De-

Roginson, president, is requesting all junior 1f' Charles Maxwell are in land Baptist's choir; I

choirs to serve Sunday at 2:30 p.m. charge of the music. The The men of Bethel Bap- and the choirs of First
tist Church southside
sunmary is given by Rev. Samuel, Mt. Olive, Second -
.. ... ... ..'.. .... .e.. AT .}t.E. CONFERENCE---The annual three-day Bishops' and Connectional met recently to organize Bethel
J.C. Sams, pastor, fol- New St. I
\ Council of the African Methodist Episcopal Church was held in Washington lowing each' lesson. and formulate Mark, and Bethel Baptist .

Members of Bethlehem Baptist Church will sell D.C., recently at Metropolitan A.M.E. Church, attracting clergy plans for their annual Churches respectively.

dinners Saturday at the home of Deacon and Mrs. and laymen from throughout the nation. Shown taking a break are from ----- observance which will Friday night's serviceswere

William Buggs 1344 W. 20th St. for benefit of left, host pastor Dr. Dewey Robinson, Metropolitan A.M.E. Mrs. William terminate June 24th. highlighted with r

the annual Women's Day observance. Youth Day will Ricks and Mrs. I. R. Louden, Charleston, W. Va. and host Bishop Frank Officers are: Carlton Rev. S.L. Wilson preach-

be celebrated Sunday during series of day-long Madison Reid. Miss jeanette Newman, center, is hostess. Cherry, chairman; Freeman ing the sermon, and Rev.
Kellam, cochairman ,.
events. J.W. Jones serving ws
; Ernest Owens, sec-

..e. .... .... ..... .... ....'. ; ACKNOWLEDGEMENT BY BREWSTER METHODIST. HOSPITAL retary, Samuel Cherry, alternate.Garmon conducted Rev. O.C.the

'\< ,. treasurerEdward; Hayes, Bible lesson. .

Officers and members of the Junior Missionary T HE FOLLOWING DISTINGUISHED CITIZENS AND FIRMS HAVE CONTRIBUTED GIFTS program chairmanWillieGraham Sunday's services will ;

Youth Fellowship of Simpson Methodist Church finance chair- begin with Deacon A.

Kings Road and Cleveland St. will sponsor their WHICH HAVE BEEN RECEIVED BY THE HOSPITAL MANY OTHERS HAVE MADE PLEDGES man; Arthur Mc Cray, Phillip in charge of ,, "

annual "Miss M.Y.F. Contest Sunday beginningat R. FCOGNITION OF THEIR GIFTS WILL BE PUBLISHED IN A FORTHCOMING EDITION. public relations.The Sunday school. Teachers

4 p.m. in the church auditorium. Contestantsare men said they will be: Rev. S.M. Gat-

the Misses Loretta Cowser, Paula Mack and ARKANSAS -MASCQTTE- MISSISSIPPI LARGO are. starting in timein son, Deacon P. ,Kohn,

Dallastine Smith. A program has been arrangedand Pulaski Meth WSG- lIa sc otte Church Clearview Methodist order to have a well Mrs. H. Miles, Mrs. B.M.

the public is invited. .' Little Rock Thcrapso Mrs. W. G. prepared program. The Beesley S.M. Gatson and

time is. distant enoughto Mrs. V.M. Garmon.

.... .e.. e.ee eee ...e .... ILLINOISKane's IMRIE.TI'AMarietta NEW JERSEY CONFERENCE MARATHON give everyone time Rev. Fred Williams,

Meth. Church, Marathon Coonr. Meth. to work, they said. president, will preachthe
Meth. WSG-Kane Mandeville Mr. A. R.-
The Ministers and Deacons Union, and Auxiliaryof 11 a.m. sermon. Rev.
Riverton, N. J. St. Joseph Plans
the Middle Florida and Clay County Baptist MIAMI J.C. Finney vice presi-
Association, Rev. Robert Brooks, moderator, are dent, will be in chargeof
Bryan Memorial NEW YCRKBurris Pew Rally May 20th
meeting in a four-day session April 26-29 in St. Christ Methodist -- Beach Methodist the services, and

Joseph Baptist Church,El wood. Rev. F. D. Raggins, MAINE Holleman Park Meth. Miss Emma Deacons Roy Baker and

.host pastor. The sessions were called to order Miami Springs Meth. Church of St. Paul and AIBIRNDAIE The members of Saint I.eon Kohn will have

Thursday by Rev. K. T. Byrd, president. Wesley Mem.WSCSBath Mitchell, Miss F. G. St.. Andrews. First Methodist WSCS Joseph Methodist Church charge of the devotions.

Reverend James Banks Dinner will be servedat 1
.e.. .... ...e .... .... .t. MINNESOTA Rader. Paul MethodistS WOMEN'S SOCIETY OF SrtAEBNTOWN pastor, plan a Pew Rally 1:30 p.m. The 2:30

Erbes Mrs. D. L. uth Miami Meth. ,on May ,20 and are inviting p.m. devotions will be y

The deacons and deaconesses of Tabernacle Baptist St. Paul Trinity Methodist CHRISTIAN SERVICE First Methodist WSCS their many conducted, by Mrs. Bessie (

-! Church' will meet May 1 following the regular --.". ....- Sfethodist 'LAUDERDAIE'Aldersgate friends, to come and wor- Beesley.

prayer meeting. Sponsored by Mrs. Grace Scott, 'a NEWARK ...... ,>:i. : .: Wesley FT. BRISTOL ship with them duringthe -
White Temple ,
Talent of parade will be presented, May 13 in the Methodist morning service.Mrs. Agony Out of .

church auditorium in behalf of the annual Women's Newark Conference SWCS Christ Methodist Bristol Methodist WSCS Alberta Johnson is Rheumatic Pains

Day observance. program participants will includeMrs. MOIREFirst Oakland Methodist : general chairman of this Thousands have found the

Annie M. Townsend, Mitt- 'T. Rotha Leeks and NEW JERSEYN. ChurchNEW BROOKER activity and is being most soothing relief

Miss Eva Mae Givins. ... '' FT. PIERCE Worthington Methodist assisted by a lay leader they have ever known.
", .. J. Conference WSCS SMYRNA BEACH '
WSCS of the 'church Marion V.
.A' Lucie Meth. from the minor pains
S... ...e ** ... .... ee.e Port St.
*' r young. symptomatic of Rheuma-
X f ," L Fi rs-t Methodist White City Church
NEW YORK CEDAR KEYS The program committee tism and Arthritis,

Women s Day will. be observed Sunday in St. Luke .is working hard to have Fight Misery now with
Baptist Church starting with Sunday School at Ism Cedar Key Methodist some of the city's best F.E.S. CAPSULESRHEUMANON

9:30 a.m. with Mrs. Dora Brown as guest superin- Wesley Community Church WSCS.Demeritt Mrs. A. personalities to appearat
Middlesex Vine Valley NORTH CALLAHAN
tendent. Mrs. Victoria Farrell will review the this service. The
On Sale
lesson. Mrs. M. G. Wright will be speaker during Callahan MethodistOCALA Committees are by
Garden City Methodist Mrs. Harriet Dorsey and at Local Drugs Stores
the 11 o'clock morning worship service, Mrs. ftlKTH CAROLINANorth Chattahoochee Meth.WSCSCLEARWATER
Lucille Frazier, mistress oi eremonies Mrs. Mrs. Florence Riche. 1907( KINGS ROAD

Rosa L. Trowell, guest .soloist, and the Bethany Carolina Con. WSCS Druid Hills Methodist GREEN COVE SPRINGS Lilly's Drug$) Store.
King-Trinity Meth.WSCS .
Baptist Church Choir furnishing the music. --
Madison-.Tabor Meth. QJUS Penney Memorial Belmont Park M. WSCS

Mrs KING Yo rk Memorial HAINES CITY CIEWISTON Clyde M.Saucer
Meth. WSCS .
Gifted American 1 Healer & Advisor .OHIO ONECOOneco First Methodist Moore Haven : WSCS

Are you worried, troubled or .. ,
unhappy? Mrs. King can and k Meth. ChifrchOPAJLOCKA CRAWFORDVILLE
will She advises ,. -
help on
you. Hawthorne Methodist Crawfordville Meth.WSCS CONSTABLEDistrict11
Love Affairs, Bad Luck, 111 :
Health, Marriage problems, Monessen Meth. WSCS, HERNANDO
Evil Spells Business or Huntington Mrs. H. F. Carol City Methodist -- DAVENPORT There Substitllte-

Family Problems and anything TAMPA Spires Mrs. R. M. Jessie Andrews,Circle IsE.rNo crclIc
you wish to know.; Satisfaction teak MEET ME AT THE RALLY
Guaranteed. Look for ,Grove Meth.. WSCS Pi rst Church HIALEAH DAYTON BEACHCommunity, Your vote and Soprt AppreciatedPaid

Hand sign and Name. Take ReidT_ Miss R. M. Pine Castel Church North Hialeah Meth. Meth. WSCS Political Adr

Bus 21 from downtown Jackson
BUTILtA Palm Springs Meth..
ville. Hours 9 a.m.8 p.m. Closed Wednesday -. -- --- A PALM HARBOR DEBARY

afternoon. Sun. 12 p.m. 8 p.m.Your Lucky U cut 11 la Methodist WSCS Methodist WSCS
days and Numbers. All Welcome.U.S.HYWAY Go East. palm Harbor Methodist HOLLYWOOD i

No One in Trouble Turned Away WOODVILLE Temple Methodist DUNmIN1 .

Licensed' By State &Cbuaty. Woodville Meth. WSCS ,PEHRINE West Hollywood, Meth. Dunedin Meth.. WSCS

-5505_ BEACH BOULEVARD'HCKSOHVILU.. FLORIDA Perrine-peter Church SPANISH f4t,4 .in 12 Wtitfctfff
C. Mil. N. |.

KEEP AN EXPERIENCED PLNTA GORDATrinty Class, Mr. and Mrs. Englewood Meth." WSCS BEACH *

FIA. CONFERENCE WSQ MethodistMr. Compton Mr. W. H. WHITING u.39o OCEAN LB. 32C

Pasadena Coma. ChurchDr. STEAKS 55c
H. WillisST. tat Church-Young Ad.C. Cornelia Edge Circle u.
COUNTY JUDGE W. G. GraySAfiO'atD Redland Comm. Meth. Groveland Methodist RED LARGE FLIP FLOPFLOUNDER 450

PETERSBIKG Bass :BFU: L. 3ge u.
_' -V-:
A lawyer of integrity KEY WESTFirst H05FCRD
Christ Church Fellow- JUMBO DRESSED
and ability for 24 0' Steen, Rev.' T. C. $125 FULLY
**.*.1<'C ,ship Claju 'MIiI'- Methodist Hosford Meth. WSCS SHRIMP! Lb/ CATFISH 49' ,
year* before becoming ';... First Church-Loyalty Fleming St. ChurchMrs. .. 'r. aftc
,, 'your county SARASOTA ; Bible Class .. .,."_, R. Russell ,,ISIAu ADO ,. SHRIMP! Lb. Off liD fcMH Silt

judge. First Church Ley Memoria1, SNAPPERMEDIUM 59c
I Lebring ,. : -: Islaaorado Ueth. WSCS "-.

: No f r ial promitei Webster Church LIVE OAK 55c a114b.
T ; j ;: # $f IS P,r eIle STEAKS. ",:<
;. ;- :_-_ ._ to anyone but fair, First Methodist Church ....' Lake.Butler Methodis1UELAND t First Methodist WSCS G I.p Bf Ifc, 19 ... ::-
and WffiT PALM MACH 'Muds ee" ".11II.. 'Ie ..H '.1
courteous con '
NCk leq tlnt.'ftent 14.N .t
411A tiderate treatment STARKE First Methodist Church mCCIENNY .f at A.l..e. t t'

Northwood MethodistEAU tND Q LENT :
t promised to all citizens First Methodist Church Fi rat He thod is t MacClenny Ueth-WSCS fLASH HOZIH C1HM perttl

Starke Methodist' Church Foster Memorial Meth,, Fmh Water .:
E. Brown
Mrs. MEAT 9.25
: U!
Qillett Howell]l
,- Vote for and Continue TAWA St.Paul Methodist H&rgotte Methodist, LOW Ct eIett.... C*...t .0001
'-, Va._ 11-.* Hemor ia 1 Orange Heights Churc h] ..... M First Methodist Church Orange park Churc I i Lee Methodlit.. IsesBaptist .000 J -
:; :PAGE HADDOCK Ik'. Melton Ware mil Church.- ,,x t*, mil Sirl.eel.et '-'
,, --., ,
; ., -- -- '. l1
.- Matte 'Methodist Church _:LAS: WORM : ,. Bethel Baptist lost. WHITING( *,32c .
,'" ;
mnaeo t K ,,' '
i: AS YOUR COUNTY JUDGE'.rd. Mr MM&BY 3;' Riverside Baptist. ..
1 t
Methodi J ,
St. Lake's : W
K .. mI. \49.i Roseland Church .l. .thodist Church,


." -, ----------- --

Es-UETiI:: : : : f" ; : : I---: i' ...,t .1 '''' k'l

IIAY' IFMt 21. 19&2 FLIMM STAR .

P1CF. ...... 7.

{I Johnnie's Hotel ,NAACP SeeksFreeeew Brewster Mriiws Prtsttt Gift I For .;. Johnnie's Hotel ,.
j ,: 4, Fir ...
"' *
i ;i 74IV4 W.ABMicr ST. PM. EL S-4O35" .) S55.oo wkiy- All-Modern Conveniences
4: 1 ROOMING Houar 627 W. As ,. -->'- Send References Hith
MIX Y 8PHw EL 4S98aROOMM CNYkd Jews -" S" .". Roc&s By Day. Nite or
11 House 7IQ W. AIHLKV' ST. PM. EL ...;a.a .,,,:!' etter. Carfare rushed. Week. Call EL 6-7o96, .
: ROOM BY" DAY en WICK lEI YORK--The National : Hampton Agency 741K W. Ashley Street.

: Association for the Advancement ,.. i i. 13 N. Station Plaza .
J! :: JACKSONVILLE 2, FIOWM of Colored Great Neck N. Y. WANTEDBeauty !

people appealed to the iI i
11 Soviet Union for clemency Apts. For Rent Operators & ,
Barbers are wanted to
in the cases of LOVELY Apt. 4 rms and
:e s Hollywood Beauty Lounge
15 soviet citizens at : bathReasonable..
THE 1r 622 W. Ashley St. '
; ,
least 12 of then Jews, 666 W. 10th St. !
I. S. Anderson
convicted and "s en- EL 4-5119 I : f
-E13-3245- .. I
tenced to death by r. : '

shooting for. various ". ELECT ELECT ELECT ;' :f; B

alleged economic offenses _

-,"" ,1
: In a letter to Anatoli -..;;
P. Dobrynin. Soviet Am Jacksonville, Florida'in

bassador to the United ,1 1921.

States, Bishop Stephen COUNTY Attended: Local Public .'.

Gill Spottswood, chair- CIVIL SERVICE BOAR D' Schools. '
Graduate University of' ..'
man of the NAACP Boardof
... Directors cited District 5ft Florida 1948 -B. S. B.A. .:.
Past Treasurer of the '
the predominance of FOR THE SECOND CONSECUTIVE YEAR The Brewster Mothers' Club ha t :, Jacksonville
Board of
.MATHEWS'STYLEtr'I' Jews among the con- the hospital with a beautiful three-piece suite of furniture, w Y\ Realtors.Past ,".

... victed men as an indi- gift this year, enhancing the Ladies Lounge in the wing of Third B &"' a Director of Home BUilders .',.
cation that the Soviet comemoration of'National Hospital Week. The '
fifty-member volunteer \. Association of Jackson- .
I \Who '" Union "utilizes and auxiliary is headed by Mrs. J. E. Davis, president. Some of the vi lie. ?;
t v e r thought the :
weapon of group bers seated from left are: Mesdames Emma Watkins, Madgeline Perry El) Married to former Nancy Jean \'

when this race for the \_", persecution I and dis- beth. Lawton, Nadine Brown, Orzola Burgess, Doris Anderson and EV \ 'Y KennedY3.children now in .,:"

Senate started it ." crimination in its Mannings.Standing from left: Matthew Whittingtonson of jack H. Whitt ;. public schools.

would ever involve f fAmerica's J' attempts to secure" and ton, Brewster administrator; Jack H. Whittington,Mesdames J. E. Davi ", Wife School Teacher in Public
f power. Gladys Hunt, Clara Carter, Cassie Hamilton, Fannie Jones, C. Baker an) School System. ,
newest ; The letter, dated Anna Wells.
World War 11 Served Naval '
dance craze? It has j- April 6 and made public (Royal Art Studio Photo) Air Corps. U.S. Merchant
appeals "for
though for Ma- f Marine
clemency and commutation Me At The .i
I hews is doing the for the fifteen V Myrtle Ave. Operates own Real Rstate $ '
sente Iced to death." <
twist Homestead
over tarn
M Bounty Wide Election
Exemption! Democratic Women ru |H

Plan May 4* RallyThe w { P' '.. Cf kX 'kL r z. 9

HERE'S WHAT HIS "The decision is yours. I pledge myself
Committee .., r
i to work for the equalization of
\ taxes on
BROCHURE SAYS Women of Duval today's valuation of property without

County is sponsoringan 1:._T re-assessment. 'There will be no J killingof

A !rtSra4 St. JoUHt *!? official rally Fri- the Homestead Exemption by the
3. HOMESTEAD EXEMPTION. Is fuanntwd day night, May 4 at 8 r1I1f backdoor method of revaluation of property .
by the Florida Constitution and is beyond the ..
on today's market value. With nine
o'clock in Elks Audi- .E tII
grasping hands of unscrupulous politicians who
might try to change this amendment. As your torium to acquaint interested yean experience in the County Tax .
senator Jack Mathews will jealously guard this Assessor's Office, I sincerely feel that I
constitutions right extended to all home owners. citizens and can do the kind of job you want and .
ANN A710N. thlth ,
organizations on methods deserve.
to solve many 0 ftoday' ; WILLIAM ELBERT
Owner's Candidate

WHICH SAYS tional and'employment Elect

f problems.In addition. to in- j _. _________ Willia hart :
ANNUA! PRESENTATION---Officers, members and guests of the wellknown Thompson
In arriving et a just valuation, the county dividuals civic clubsPTA'
s. Violet Williams Missionary Society of St. Paul AME Church overflowed its your :
Mfteer of taxis of tA..w.ral eountiee all
auditorium last Sunday afternoon during presentation of the organization'sannual COU
a iMa all property et Ite full essh value. tall A varied and interesting program was rendered and refresh-
N. Y. Ihe-lfl I Maids
ra.h value ie defined ee the price at vhich You need a friend in ments were served. Shown seated from left are: Mrs. Estelle Blaine super- "Qualified b. ;
visor; Mrs. Major Miles president of the Seniors; and Mrs. Lucile p. \ience yained through NINEpeople
property vould eell if voluntarily offered for N. Y. Let Mr. Haroldof YEARS of sen-i
the Mallory Agencybe Jones, youth supervisor. Rev. R. J. Blaine. pastor, is shown at the ex c of Duval County
sale by the evner, upon eueh terme ee property treme right. as an emplovce in th
your friend. He UTY TAX ASSESSOR'S
ie.ueuftlly cold. 1 GUARANTEES you a live- .. (Royal Art Studio Photo) OFFICE." ..
..... .2.
\ in Job in a good home, r > --


week, free room, meals,

SAYS TV. He advances bus1
tickets and expenses tc
e Ti ... .
-.'Whet he is trymp troaue.l is--the- fact- that- -re- voted- N. Y. SEND REFERENCES VOTE
ogoil'\St'the iutt voluotkyi bill which would hove repealed the 1 to Mr. Harold The Mal- MAY 8th
tltt\ef'\t' low reauirlng 100% full cash value end Joined I with' TS <
lory Agency, Dept. 140, SUPER. MAR
576 Her rick Road .
Truly he is the world's champion Lynbrook, N. Y. .

.political. twister! First he says he will U. S. # 1 Nine

protect Homestead Exemption RRY W. CARTER 5 R AP POTATOES FRY'S 27C "

Then he twists around to vote for MEET ME AT THE RALLY. 5 R Ss

:"Just"* Valuation requiring assess- F tu lb. bag 29C dressed drawn Ib. .

ment at full cash value. .. and twists, R'I ti o e P a
: FOur
back to say in his ad that the "Just" j : G Small Western Bar-B-Q size McKenzie fr Greens

Valuation Bill would have repealed EN SPARE

!the present law requiring 100"/ full 'I. D Shoes Are Selected for Your Comfort and Health 39C COLLARSTUB 10t.
By One of Jacksonville's Foremost Shoemakers \
cash value. I to all RI S lb. .
MUST Pkg. ,
s \
Really Mr. Mathews what ; ,
are we,; FLORIDA I;
426 DAVIS ST. JAX. 2, FLORIDA Jim Datllly i
to believe? You're twisting the truthso Yegetole i:
CITIZENS New Shoes By Endicott Johnson 1 0 .
fast and furious we don't knowif GRITS SIn SHORTE G .39C : ;
3 lb.
you're for Homestead Exemptionin bag I
Carter has given generously ;
its present form or full cash value. of his time Phone 355-1532 With $5.00 or more food order With SS.OO more food order \ \

and influence, as an '. .. f
You speak for one and vote for the elected public officialof ,

: other. Your version of the political the State of Floridato

twist is magnificent but don't you peopl benefit all the Voting Machine Sample Ballot M. Me At The'Rally \l lA lr

ie Ball Park
M Ave.
'think it'll.destroy Homestead Upon the request of At ,April 30, 8 p.m.
First Primary lIed/., Dnal County, florid, Tuesday May 8, 1962
the late
Mary Bethune,

and others, he planned ..........tine ........ttlie rtllltilt .. +' >fe.wr St.4 H.w -.r....,c..t,
StW Sr.lw
I ll..r.r Sts.HMr.r L n..d.
and counselled with C.IM9t.lr Sn.Mr Vtat3M C------' A ""' f O
Fortunately for the people, Ripleydid State Legislators and ( ', .=::. G..W---cn.I e..11.1 al S..t.rYl Putrid (r-1 r.Or K. ) 1..-t..-.. rv_w O J (V..I.' 1 DMffcttol cy0... i Ilwwa _

understand that "Just" Valuation Officials of A&M Col- ; S ; E ';t

lege (now A&M Uni- RADdIt..L
meant re-assessing your home 11.1 rYbrt 7. grd.t 7.f s.h. s J..C_ .q rtb..L $ .qL J..dC ti..a l.hG r.tr.. .... EMI" MdUly ,
?! M u--
versity) in establishing Or* SMttan Ktef BhMM Cwtar Cwtar -* 4Jr .Mw C.M H..d La..ILJr Jw 1J t I 0.1.r. A.
at full cash value and ruining the a School of NursingHe :
---- --------

intent of Homestead Exemption. He planned and coun- ......... ....... .. ....., .. ...,. ..
selled with = Joa c-P mow L L T r tti-.vdd IE. ti L Go.wo lit .. Lt'... hLInJR ..::,
A&M University f.M1r.CONTMUOUS. r. o.a iiy ..... .... Vsft..Jr. ..... .'WMer7 Jr, .... "
and his colleagues in the Senate Officials also

killed "Just" Valuation and saved many tate and Federal LINE OH VOTING MACHINE .
Officials, in providingthe 4
the people a dollar a day the Ripley
modern new A&H ..........., .. ,... .
.. .
... fl
o.rR 1 +.f r r4. III ,..,. ... J1 l.r O>fl8rrti x.0.5
Ill. cw. ................. ... .. C.t 'c
way! University Hospital. -.17...c------T-.. t..lr..u. ::::: J.- G... S..J BwtfmtV G..r.i..w" .. Diane 0. C. iX.rr. ,
J Dl.lea as 1 .... as Drale 1Iia.1 i .rr.- 0. 1 /
MEET MB AT THE RALLY'VOTE where training and ser- 1"0I0t c'".I..0I0t r--.. -too 0. CT-ra. cy !.o., ,r r k4lI

vice will benefit many _

FOR for years to cose. _
r..raw. tied*! Jt..w o.e..tr. P. al.r. tt.c tr..r. J..a JMS. n.c JIr*!!HCm J.rW wl IlHjrtW ECBrrwt Jdw[ iPn..1.Jr. DwibW
a r nr Dvl* J.h.. J, H.M. MM a.10... as GiYur HNl.w HMCh JJ.k, D..bJMI D..r..er r.r Rb4*

VOTEJERRY ---- ..." ..

..... ,, .... ._ c. .. .... S
RIPLEYSTATE tt.a.dU. LJ.11..J $"-P. a- c..o\ "E E. ct..a. .a-Do nrtL. IT_ WC. 5 I"'-''
.. ,. ...... .
L d Wsn IagJ.Y J.r WY.1..t DIll Dmtm.it. LNrt n- LM Wdx Jr. "tdII 5..nr.IW.J.
-1' W. f I




r SENATOR UtiRtits

(Fill pelltietl Ad) COMMISSIONGp2 VolAltJA/ JOHN PAUL HOWARD \ H

.. .

",-,'- ':"" """ '

g -.7--. i 1 SATURDAY APRIL 28.$1912

FlIIfIA SUR fl' __,

PAGE...-. 8 --- .. CIAA Are Honored Moore Wants One Man Track Team

: SPORTING IT. UP .1' : Another Shot

.. :. 1 1t
,4Yyri G. i At World's Title

: l Y LOS ANGELESfreshfrom

., IT. IS A LITTLE:: TOO EARLY to pick any particular k administering a
.4z severe 10-round lambasting -
spot for
the Jacksonville Suns of the Triple A : .
International League Club but if the spring exhibition over

games mean anything the team will not be : at
had to be carried out I
holding up the rest of the league at the end of I

the season. Manager Ben Geraghty of the Funs have on a stretcherveteranArchie I
been getting the Moore stated he
pitching, the hitting and the
fielding. The double play combination of Martinez could knock oat either

,to Brown to Barker has been clicking like a Floyd Patterson or
clock. Sonny Liston should any

BASEBALL IS A STRANGER GAME with many angles to ;promoter be interestedin I
be considered. A pitcher stroll arranging a match. iIa t
may out to the :
mound today and pitch a shutout and the cheers of Moore confidently Iy : = r'

the crowds sound like music to his ears. He if claimed he didn t care

,,...,'. classed among the great pitchers of all time, but to meet Gene Fullmer
.' ;",suppose he strolls since he thought a
.out to the mound a few days

1 later and everything he throws seem like a, gopher Patterson or Listen i
bout would receive more ': .
ball? A triple double, or single occurs and he 'af interest
from the
then.becomes a lousy pitcher. A batter may hit 4 aS sports public.Negroes .

for 4 today and come, back in the second game of a (

double header and not be able to hit a meat Dominate

house with a sack of flour. However, the Suns appear
to be a well balanced ball club. f NBA All-Stars WILLIAM F. LYTLK
WILLIAM F. (Bill) LYTLF of Boston
IT WILL PAY THE FANS TO KEEP an eye on Tony hEW YORK Negro play- is considered ,
I the one man track team at Northeastern
F ', Curry Duke Carmel Vic Davalillo Buddy Barker ers' dominated all-star University.
.y As a freshman, he set
Dan Morejon and Larry Brown. This group is ca- elections, on the a 45yard. 57-second record
: in the low hurdles and later 1
:', pable of breaking .up any ball game. There another i National Basketball, Asso- during the same
season, scored an individual scoring
: Suns who should be able to come throu ciation's top squad selected single meet

_when needed. Take "a look at previous. home r// by sportscastersand record of 23 points against Phillips Exeter
Academy. Lytle holds three
hitters. In 1927 Babe Ruth was at bat 540 ti sports writers in university records

and 0 hit___ 60.0 home 0 runs.o. __ In_ 1938____Hank_0 Greenberg, the league cities. Walter and two New Fngland_collegiate records _
bat 550 times, hit 58. in 1932 jimmy -- -.' Bellamy of Chicago Veterans* Korner Griffith Gets

bat 580 times and hit 54. In 1949 srl' .TS FRONT 100%---The Central intercollegiate Athletic Association, Packers' center who Thousands of veteransare

'hit 54 home runs. in 1930 Hack FOXXf.J ; now observing its 50th year, and the Rattlers of Florida A. and M. University failed to make either the neglecting to keepup Fighter Of The

In 1959 Harmon Killebrew, at bat 540 Tallahassee, have been recent recipients of honors from the first or second team was to date their list-

42. In 1960 he made 31 homers. Keep up 100% Wrong Club, Atlanta, Ga. In bottom photo Dr. Leroy T. Walker, named rookie of the year. ing of a beneficiaryfor Month Award -

Suns and watch them go. dONE center CIAA president, North Carolina College at Durham, displays 100% Wilt Chamberlain was the their GI insurance

OF THE GREATEST HEADACHES a manage/the 'Pioneer Citation" presented in behalf of the club by Moss H. Ken- choice over the Boston NEW YORK Although the
policy proceeds, B. j.
Ben Gerftghty will be no exception is der drix, left, Washington, D. C. public relations. man. CIAA honorees were Celtics' Bill Russell, Gannon officer in honor carries a holjow

time comes to cut the squad. He has(e to Charles H. Williams, second from left, Hampton institute, and CharlesR. but in several other chargeVA office, Jack- note, welterweight cham-

sometimes Just what will be the b /it is Fraser, second from right Shaw University, two of the nine foundersof pills, the Celtics' star sonville said this pion Fraile Griffith was

take. He has so many fine looking pro/rs' to the conference, while Dr. Samuel E. Barnes, director of athletics defenseman was the choice week. named "fighter of the ''F (

hard s times to figure out which ing to Howard University and CIAA vice president, stands at right. A third Over Chamberlain. Because of this fail- Month" hy Ring Magazine! tan :

keep and which to let go. No one is/ ever is living CIAA founder, J.f.. Barco, Virginia Union University, 'Richmond, Others named to the ure to keep the VA informed honor which is coveted'

prove the Suns will be invincivl gr teams Va., was unable to be present. CIAA saluted its founders with 50th first team was Los Angeles of changes by all boxers.

kept, it must be remembered that L getting anniversary plaques being held by the two present founders. in top Lakers' Elgin Bay- necessary to reflectthe Since the honor came

will also have nine men on th Jng said is photo, at Tallahassee, A. S. "Jake" Gaither, center, venerable FAMU lor who saw little action births, marriages, shortly after the death

payed to do the same thing. what/he tail end football mentor, beams satisfaction on receiving 100% Wrong Club, W. A. during the second halfs deaths or divorcrs Df: former champion Benny

that the team is not expectedof Scott, II, Memorial Trophy at a special university convocation. Presen- play due to being in the that occur over the (Kid) Paret who died as t

t the league. Axing. Pender tation was made by Lt. Moss H. Kendrix, Jr., second from. left, Edwards Army and Cincinnati's years, their insurance the result.of a severe r 1

WITH ALL THE TALK GOING on ant Ortez and Air Force Base, California. Dr. George Gore, jr. FAMU presidentright great performer Oscar proceeds may not be beating administered by ; \

and Fullmer, Patterson andjing, bouts. In show his approval as do Earl Lambert, left, and Wilson Carraway, Jr. Robertson. paid to the individualnor Griffith in their March I 1
for th7 second from The late Scott of The I I 4 title bout Griffith, i'1
Brown are preparing a person would right. Mr. II, founder-publisher in the manner the
listening to different discs the only one Atlanta Daily World, has recently had Atlanta housing project namedin VOTE! veteran would wish. is reported to be still ;
'shaken up' over the '
his .
think the Griffith-Paret e are saying cut y memory.Patterson's The VA must pay the fatality.It I i
that has had a fatal endy
out prize fights altoge 1 Of that started Youth Better Luck Next Time Jake policy to the has that also Griffith been reported is- k
bo ,
cut out televising Griffith and Paret.
Work beneficiary designatedby
Is Cited
still undecided
/ concerning -
since the fatal fight b and all fight fans 1, the veteran himself.

Yes, it was a tragic /f such a game little NEW YORK The story of Changes in family his ring future.RAPED .

shared in mourning the/other who came to a how heavyweight champion' status cause designa "-
Floyd Patterson became
tragic end in the s $arena? tions made years ago '
.. : the chief of a
attention to the
THE WORLD PAID VER LF to be out of harmony

others. Their lives fseem to matter too correctional home he once with the veteran'spresent t I 1-HR. TV SERVICEDAY

I .- :much. Their loved onJe not considered. All attended is being'relatedin wishes. AND NICHT 1
"of thj being raise now was the May issue of"Sepia 1
the commotion But Gannon pointedout CALLS \'
silent about the othfhy hasn't someone suggested Magazine.The { the VA has no alternative FNB
mobile racing, horse article titled tNIAAACtrN
cutting ou but to pay EL 5-5770 _"\
racing, football, f E. baseball? In all of "The One Thing Floyd the insurance proceedsto RADIO DISPATCHED

:: these sports, somcbcf died. In all of these Patterson Never Forgot," t j the beneficiary of s 1

sports there were hJs. fathers, sweethearts states today that Patterson record in the VA files. ... 1j j
''y has suggested cutting swears by the school II
and'sons to die, bu i
television. and claims that if he had
them off Ij
than out or even t j
and as long not been "straightenedout" \
ere will be a referee. there, he might 1
us they have boxir th"i.E! II I
There has always critics and there will never had won the world 4 S i\

always be critics. unfortunate it happened, title. ; :< ." i
The school is the VVillo-
but it wasn't the fLowtHFi ,
c: w atC t!+! a i
wyck school for emotion- : -ii i 1

,. ally disturbed boys in 1
New York City. :: : I IL r

) CES Because the school meantso 1:. ." : .. MAKEjrf SKIN BLEACHES ,j .
much to him Pattersonhas \

' / used his earningsto ; .4. ,. .. "OLD FASHIONED" )j
r ...' < .. ,.' .
,\\r. .
open up the Floyd pat- ,.. ': t:' '::0.--, .' ....;.; '
,. "
Your ,,:' : ,:, .. i;. I
< J
part of .",.....', "" :#e I- ,. .. ... ;rt. 0Ij:_ {
as .
terson House .
; "\., .' '-
: "T. I
.R, .11-.. '""':.."..,.". ",.t ..',,..:" .' ";;. .....-.c'.' ;'- .... ,.'"..'"..>. ..:A!',...', .j.jit. I !
the Willowyck program.At .
/DRUG S ))RE NEEDS .._............ :.; .{'" ",' ."'-' ..:....-.:.:':::-.-:(,:&. ...." to. .. _< _" .' "- -' ,J

its grand opening .\1.-L.. ....:.."......:,.: : ..-v".,';.",_':,,.A .'....-.--. ""..\ .f""a-"."""... --:. tt! '"'!"......."'-_. .-...l..W"J,.. 'tt.... ._....,_.,,__:_ lightens darks I
last January Mrs. !
J'Tra" NIPPED IN THE BUD---Jake! Wood, jet-propelled infielder with the Detroit I wfecf powderMinufocturtrs I\
With Yetyi ghbothood Drug Store Eleanor Roosevelt was one case O j
WILL MEET ANY PRICES ERTISED IN YOUR LOCAL PAPERSW. of the distinguishedgroup Tigers, hopes to do better with his vaunted base stealing tactics this

I .D.tiver-W.Ail All Doctors' Prescriptions of guests in atten- season than the miss-out shown when he was tagged out by White Sox catcher 1 1I

I dance._ Camilo Carreon during a recent spring training exhibition game in I I

, f// Dixie Patterson relates that Sarasota Florida. of Potntr'* Ber mot,"The Jit with the Star" \

hiarmacy when he was 10 years* old Walker Midwestern f 'Whiz'Kid iL
he was among a group of College (
,,,.. (1ji
the homes inmates
1302 KINGS ROat MYRTLE AVENUE Receives Veterans .
attended a party at Hyde ji
PHONE 3-3397-98 jitr
park when Mrs., Roosevelt N
Program Approval I'
was America's First Lady. I
for the 'fJ !
BILLS A )UR STORE training of veteransand t

foreign studentshas r rJ
I -- .. 9y
r s & been granted to v
: I J
Walker Vocational and
DiitffHclow Commercial College, it ,
BiJSiS ,
was announced this week !
by Dr. julia Walker ; j Jj

7f'irms IJstA Are Recommended As Reputable- Brown, president of the Y

forty six (46) year w ,t
Kttablishmei* Specializing Services and ProductsINDEPENDENT old institution. favor-

-. .,. .it .. able cognizance of the t

OIL CO. business college pro-
/ DES gram came after several 4i I

Potent Medicines -' cimeKci: .'. KEROSENE HOME DELIVERY., inspections. by the I
il. Mechanic On approving \
: leading Hair PrepcAh'ons Duty agency. 9
.' fCOR.' JAMES FAULKNER, Mechanic This official recogni- f I Is IJ I Ii i

tion of Walker's quality Ipt J
; -.':BROAD & ASHLEY/El 4-2159 4?: c' IKE JOSEPH Proprietor ,_
*? training comes at a
4 % Stele and Jefferson Sts. EL 6-9432
.DiLLY'S I DRUG/STORE/ ---- time that the Voca- \
'. tional College is enjoying i
""* of its best .
', one <
A CwifWe line at{ tOSMETlCSWHtt -
SPIRITUAL ADVISOR years. The enrollmenthas KEN KNIGHT

,.- '. .. fiOODS Service Every Thursday-8 ,..... Increased and the !'
Invites You To Listen To
I 4s: W. UNION ST. El 4-0269 faculty has been
; _
,y SUNDRIES n strengthened.
.' : : _
:'Jrescripte _Cal d for aid Dtherri JOHNNIE'S ROOMING HOUSEALL Veterans can enroll "KNIGHT TRAIN"StartIng

immediately in accounting -
,. ,{ MODERN CONVENIENCES with Arizona At 7:00 Nightly1400WRHCl40f.
radio, television LARRY ARMSTRONG, leading scorer p.m. -- ;_
.19BI 1 iIstRd( ::; El '.5-8276 ,.' Rooms by Day, Night or Week' \ and tailoring, State, was one of the reasons why the collegian "'-

.1-..- 527 Wool Ashley St. & 5-4025 night and day classes. were one of the better-than-average cage
: *"
i.. : .
galaxies in the nation this past season. ::J

-. ., .- ,-, -- '. .. ,- '', ,' '
-- -
!: -
r-: ,
\ ,-'

THlAY km.i 21. 1112. PAGE 9
\ J Fl1ANA STAR I -_ _

II' TT' : Texas "Southen1ufIrSt... Team To Win Six Kansas Relay Events '. .. .. I

Ttxws' took SivllRh We A&T ColUft Ploys Host Ilinptoa Eyes Belhune Releases Revisits Alma Hater

Wills HiWwR TilleSAVANNAH DiI.ad Title 1962 Grid Slate e ,1..

r. Few Rtcoris

V LAWRENCE Kan. Con- Savannah state Tigers main strength based on cording tc jack "Cy"

tinuing on their winning were named the NO. 1 holdovers from last sea- UcClairen, athletic

ways rich' began with the scoring machine among the son's team, Coach Ben director at Bethune- r

recent Texas Relays where nation's small colleges Whaley of Hampton Insti- Cookman College, their

-.... hey won all five of basketball teams, the vya ,, tute' pirates' in shoot- 1962 Tentative Foot-
their events in recording National Association of v1'k4 Ing for nothing better ball Schedule will be

'breaking time Texas Intercollegiate College than the. tA'spot in this as'follows: '

Southern's thinclads madea Athletics announced last year1 s *'
clean sweep of the week. race, or, at least a Carolina State; Sept. c

I [Kansas Relays by winning Coach Ted wright's small second place.Sparkplu- 29, Albany- State; Oct. __

six events, four of them but capable fastbreaking s in Whale y's 20 Florida. A. and _
or new records. quintet hit the bucket 14r holdovers, are center- M. ; Oct.. 27, open:
In dominating the 37th for a 97-point per game J ? fielder Lionel Stephenswho Nov. lO. ;Claflin (Ten- _

[running of the relays average, according to the led the Pirates witha tative Homecoming.)

Texas Southern outran a Association's statisticalre .346 batting average; Games Away:

determined foe in the ports third baseman Garrel Oct. 6, Morris Brown
college mile representedby The Tigers' deadeye for- Hartman who led the club Atlanta, Georgia; Oct.

McMurry (Tex) in a re- ward Redell Walton was in homers; shortstop 13, Benedict in Jack-
named to the Associa- this sonville, Fla.Nov. 3,
cord-breaking withering Tracy Newman, year'scaptain
3:11.0 pace.Southern's tion's All-American second and Joe Taylor Fort Valley Fort Val- *

Ray Saddler, team. Walton was another leading batter. ley, Georgia; NOV. 17,

whopaced, the Texans' record ninth among the .nati stop L. C. Dowdy, left, acting president of A. and T. The pitching staff includes Lane College Jackson,

'J. breaking college scorers with a bril- College, presents the 4-A championship trophy to Herby Williams and Tennessee and Nov. 24, aF

." sprint medley Friday, liant 29 points per game Harold Cave, captain of the team representing Sam Powell. Freshman Allen University,
broke away from MCl'Urry's average', a mere 3.8 Stephens-Lee High School, Asheville, N. C., win- Clarence Pearson is expected Columbia, S. C. ,

Bill Blythe on the third 'points off Roger strick- ners last week in the annual North Carolina High to fill in the gap Gannon said that a 1

( leg.' of the mile. relay, land of Jacksonville Uni- School Athletic Conference Basketball Tournamentheld left by Elwood Thorntonat recent sampling'_' in
*placed the Tigers. in versity's blistering at the College. Teammate Willie Maples first base. which 'the VA asked a

a front with Lester Milburn 32.8 pace-setting mark. center, holds the 4-A leg trophy, while Albert FnflmtrPenderOkay group of veterans 'if

-easing home to an easy Hawks' Conner, captain of the Atkins High School team', they wished to change Al Attles backcourt standout with the Philadel-
Victory on the final leg. Sign Winston-Salem, N. C., holds the runner-up trophy. Bout beneficiary or payment phia Warriors of the National Basketball Associa-

In winning the event. GraUlilg Cagtr -- BOZEMAN Mont. The method brought six tion and former star with the A. and T. College

Southern broke its own Dodgers Open New Park world's middleweight out of ten affirmative Aggies, returned to his Alma Mater last week to

record of 311.6 in ST. LOUIS, Mo. The boxing title muddle replies from those returning play in a basketball benefit sponsored by theA.

Saturday* s preliminaries. St. Louis Hawks of the should .be settled once the question- and T. College Alumni Association. On hand to
L i4f'f
The old record of 312.2 National Basketball rk"x > and for all.when NBA naire.He greet him were: Mrs. Grace Bruce, "Miss f A. andT

had been set by Emporiastate League have signed Gram- +itr, i 6aa champion Gene Fullmerand strongly urged all : Alumni," and Marvin B. Graeber, A. and T.

IB last year. bling College's 6-8, 225 Paul pender holderof veterans holding GI director of Buildings and Grounds and chairmanof

i'';.'f In its winning grand pounder Charles Hardnett I the New YorkEuropeanMassachusetts policies to make cer- arrangements.
'irlam, Southern broke four forward, who signed fora meet in a tain that up-to-date

_e. relay victories formerly "substantial"' ,bonus.A championship session beneficiary designa- Robinson Signs Floridian On

''neld Jointly by pittsburg four year varsity during the second week tions and payment w
(Kan. ) state (1932) player, Hardnett scored of June here in the Mon- methods are on file For Paris Bout Runnerup Team

ru Indiana (L936) and Kansas 418-points as a fresh tana State College with the VA.Necessary. PARIS France Despite

(1959) man, 450 as a sophomore, eldhouse. forms for recent losses Sugar Ray (-

t 'I n GrGmblteg 9 805 as a junior and 618 Information concerningthe these changes may be Robinson's ring retire- '.
in his final year when bout came via telephone obtained from any VA ment seems to be the far- a
: Lead SWAC he averaged 23.8 points.As ( S when co-promoters. Office in person or by thest thing from his

I.' GRAMBLING, La. Gram- a better than average s Norman Rothschild of writing directly to mind, now that he is reported -
1S s the VA insurance office to have signed fora
'.' "bling's Tigers, once rebounder he snatched Syracuse N.Y. and Sam. .
1 noted for their awesome 511 rebounds as a senior ,F $ Silverman of Boston indicated where the veteran's. June 6 10-round bout a 47

1 1 ; 'diamond power, were back for a 19.5 per game a- they had come to insurance policy with Hippolyte Annex,
verage. His field goal an agreement. records are kept. a 29-year old little
:1J to their winning ways L1jii; .1
average last season hit \ known middleweight here.
last weekend with an unbeaten -
the .596 mark and he a- Sp -- .
record of 14- -
<-i' straight and leaders in year veraged average.Hardnett.543.for a four Paces Braves Opening Win

the FWAC with an 8-0
scored 2,289-

:'mark. points during his four __ _
-' .fx
Recent victims of the I
years of play. '.: _
>. TiH
;" Arkaasns,Golden ',ioIUL .. '>
WHEN YOU ARE ILL i.. '.1-:'. 't. 'V 1 FT. MYER, Va. Airman

i You Seek The Best Doctor .,..; First Class Otis Cauleyof
When Your Doctor prescribes CATCHER JOHN ROSEBORO of the Los Angeles Dodgers Lakeland, Fla. dis-

'? Get Experienced Pharmacists leads his teammates onto the playing field of the b plays the team and individual -

According to Your Dootor's club's new park for the first time during their trophies pre-

Orders. We Use Only season* s opener against Cincinnati. The lush new sented him as a member of

i The Best Quality Drugs plant is known as Chavez Ravine. the runner-up team in
,. ... the Ft. Myer basketball
.. Dr. C. E. BlackProprietor .. : (Howard Bingham Photo 'L. y -S S._
sy. tournament. Airman Cau-
: .-" v'13s- 4:;3i S; Fovorkrtt Jot ITOWH ; 'r.r r A At' __ S ley, a United States Air

.1 Title To Yowg Corios Ortiz supply specialist assigned -
to the 1121st Sup-
Cosmetics Rubber Goods fondles Sundries LAS VEGAS--Time--old age that is--finally caught
1 port Squadron here, is
J PRESCRIPTIONS:: CALLED FOR AM IVLilly's .I.. VFRF'D: I up with old Bones" here Saturday night, anda
the son of Mr. and Mrs.
brash young 25-year old New York Puerto Rican
Pearl D. Cauley of 828
Store named Carlos Ortiz now sports the world's light-
Walnut St. Lakeland. A
weight crown over his beetle brows.
HANK AARONperennial star of the Milwaukee Braves, slides safely across graduate of Rochelle
Joe Brown of Houston, thriller. home plate before Dodger's Hlgfc; School, he is mar-
Norman Sherry can apply tag. Hank scored
1907 KIN6S ROAD El 3-8276. Texas, who had held the'former :
the Brown--for once--was three runs, batted in two, to pace the Braves' 6-2 opening day win ried Sophia
.lightweight crown and had unable to uncork his over their rivals. Wright of washington

defended it more times lethal left or right hand I I D. C. They have two

than any other champion' smashed with Ortiz sco- PATRONIZE I children Otis and Ruth.
in history--12 timeswasan f Wins-
ring consistently with a <
Star Advertisers VOTE!
P 8 to 5 favorite to pooping left jab which FAMU

outclass his rough and had Brown bleeding from Royal Crown
Von Clay S. C. Relays Cola
ready challenger here" the corner of his left I

Saturday night. But the eye at the bout's end. Is Kayoed ORANGEBURG. S.C. Minus -
'mills of the Gods" Referee Frankie Van of the services of Ro- ROYAL ART STUDIO

i_: ground slowly, and with Los Angeles scored it LIMA Peru U.S. light bert Hayes co-holder of CLARENCE J. SIMON '

it went Brown's most be- 74-60; Judge Dave Zenoffof heavyweight Von Clay's the world's 100-metre ",. .. "
loved possession, the Las Vegas 74-66, and dash record along with I PROPRIETOR "
title aspirations hit
champs' crown. Judge Ben Traynor: of Reno rock bottom here recent- Frank Budd of Villanov 4 4I
: Ortiz, who had fore- called it 74-58 forthenew U., FAMU' thinclads ran ___ SPECIALS
F ly when he suffered a I -
icasted that Brown would champion. sixth round kayo admini- away with the Sixth ____ 257's 1-Colar _
Ibe facing two men-himself Annual South Carolina] '
land the old man with the stered by South American State College Relays, 1 1-Black & White .$6.95 -..h:.hf .
(the--carried out his light heavyweight totaling 86.5 points to! '
links' Mtsts :: :
Mauro Mina in a 8)(10.Opaftone -
pre-fight plan by stayingin runnerup forth Carolina]
__ scheduled.10-round bout.
close 'on the former College of Durham's 40- 8 3-35's 5.95,, ,
Mina who weighed 176 toClay's :
and counter 300th Homtr
champ points. Tops InCommericalWe'ddingsPortraits. <
180. had the
punching his opponent The large turnout of

bi about the head and mid- CHICAGO Ernie Banks, Philadelphian. in trouble fans who had attendedthe
section throughout the Chicago Cubs' sluggerwho -as early as the third relays especially to

holds the major round. He continued see Hayes' run, were 515 DAVIS ST. 1 EL 4.1894
blasting Clay with solid
league homerun record visibly and audibly dis- I.-
Rty Rofcfcswi rights and lefts through
for shortstops and the appointed when Hayes
the fourth and fifth
modern National League pulled a muscle and had
F- .. -.,,: Milt DOWMS record for the most runs rounds and in the sixth, to be sidelined following EWAR'S
h .__ floored Clay for the
L.o. batted.In for one season a false ".start
;;: luLuteiuu. full count'w fth a right from the blocks in the
his first
The Twist; --143--capped
,, j :'.v ,. Wrigley Field appearance .,hand saash to the head. r 100-yard finals. Robert g White Label

The last week by blasting Wh Paramore took the eventin
; Latest Men's Hair Styles NEW YORK Although Ray This Clown21J72188 'SCOTCH WHISKY |5
Robinson missed a middleweight his 300th major league na unimpressive 9.8.

l Being; Taught At The his 42nd title birthday; bout with soon, homer.Banks, who had tripled 14 -. N v 43 No hash,. : p '

due the former welter- across the Cubs' first 5 .1 Colts' hi Park JJ /
run in the first inning, 'tJtiIJ
tiJacksonville five-times 1.
middleweight champion has hocered in the 10th to 3 7I HOUSTON TEX. Inte- "
grated seating along .r

ii' Barber College Inc. agreed piece-meal to meet champion former defeat 3-2. the Houston Colts 411 I 141 4 ball with entered major league this up base-and ...t. i.. ,.*:t$'

Terry Downes in London I''L4qj14a,1
1 during last June. Banks is now tied with 12-22-74 coming Texas community 'Wbuc labd'cDewn..,..1
I1.-j'b-_ -.....1.N_ 1 '
"G. I. 100 last week when the )
Chuch the
Approved Klein of
,_ percent Air Cond. Downes lost his Furope- s......... M's lilt It l. ;;f .
Houston ......
ti Massachusetts version of Phillies and Cubs in the 5.11\.11... pH's d.wa Colts opened ---1.- ...-..,.<.'.....
iIt.- "" "
H. ... wtovctsH their campaign
as one of
all-time list of
630 DAVIS ST. at BeaverJACKSONVILLR the crown to Boston's National ..... H .H ...... the league's two ..
Paul Pender in a recent League homerun entries. I 81.1 PROOF BLENDED SCOTCH WHISKY O SCMWUY IMPORT CO., NEW TURK, N, Y.
hitters. SI-3I- I
FLORIDA match in Boston Garden.

: __ _
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -
-- --

j f;: PAtE 10 ))), FLINIA STAB i SATURDAY} APRIL 28, ll2 f

.,I '">..:'b:":q' RITZit1sSay y t.DRAMATIC.See The Scspel Stiry C.-Nit By May Jay* CHIPS OF THE BLOCK By jay* 1 MYRTLE AYE. SNACK BAR EXCLUSIVE OFF0R:.

MOTION PICTURE Many authors have made remarks concerning politics tal. Styles will come from the East. J\\ .
__ OF CHRIST... which are of times fashion sonvi11e's
accepted as maxims and becoae a On the subject of showsJa
i part of American folklore. Some are 'If you do first lady of style Mrs. Ethel Spears, presented SMS WenatiMal league -
not know how to lie cheat and steal turn your another of her smashing shows at the YWCA. She 1SS2 Rene Banes ":
.'.. attention to politics and learn" and *'Practical and her favorite narrator Mrs. Beaulah McClellantops peace
politics consists of ignoring facts." Hebry Adams as a fashion team. Open This Week Screen Enclonns
riumphk and H.W. Shaw gave us, those two gems. They were If you can't prove it, better not say it. A 0
: ;' ; 151 ROBOT JAMES both illustrated during the recent bond voting and certain principal in a secondary school is alleged Admission Prices Carafes t.alaMiana .
will be exemplified again before the Hwr Primaries to have called a member of his staff a
Many of our "so-called leaders" are deliberatelylying 'disciple of Sappho.' She challenged him to prove Boiseats $2.00
:: Dp to 10 Years
s Il II L 11. a Yq Y 44rji and passing on untruths just to prove 0 it and 'De say' is threatening to sue. That's Reserved Seats $1.60
IwY.IM1W1 t.rMNCMJOMIt M.Yb NY11016ri
TtoMT MT HOMM point. A few years ago the issue .a$ segregation.Every the. hard pill we have.\0 swallow. Our teaching No MfiBej Down
Q'NtOt pnMv Rq Mg0Yt1C t.I tilAftW.Me..d MHttWstyLORIOUS
[ COLOR-WIDE SCREEN candidate pledged to stop integration regardless profession is full .of Immigrants from Sodom aDd Grad Stand $1.25 Al Work Guaranteed
of what he was running for. This year Gomorrah and worshippers at the' altar on the -W5
.c "" t 'THE ftRSVAIER" even the candidate for dog catcher issaying: "A isle of Lesbos. What can you do? The bad part is Keacters Coiiso date Al Your Bills
vote for me will save your homestead-exempt that they don't try to hide a thing: just say Children =- $.50 I Pay Onl) One Note

Deliberate tales are being tol4. and a big smoke "prove It." Tickets en Sale Here at
:Re-elect screen is in the process of beipg raised. Behind BROTHER BEWARE: All of you dance-happy folk who Free Estimation
: this screen stand the big bosses ,in Duval County have been making a trip to 'Bop City" Just Myrtle Are. Snack Bar Associated Constructs

r JOHNSON Jr. politics. A vote for these candidates (most of across the border in St. Johns County on Sunday 2212 Myrtle Are. EL 5.9192 Company
them are sponsored ,by the black machine) is a vote afternoons had better watch It. The local speed
for the bis company ,big moguls and other strong boys are taking a lesson from Nassau County and r. Hetty Roberts, Manager 1423 1 DAVIS ST EL5.9594 \ \
men. Theannointed, few who have been the reci- putting the bee on almost everything with a Du- E; -TIE- ::: j
pients of/many special favors from the powers that val County tag on the rear. They usually operatethe
SCHOOL ; BOARD ,be arebusy at work trying to paint their candi- gimmick during the night and on Sundays.
dates ,white and give them a cross of gold. In Al joyner is no longer connected with the oncrief Drive.ln
reality they are sacrificing the welfare of the kitchen and dinning room at Bop City. Seems as
(Board of Public Instruction *t
: ) race thanks before an altar of selfishness. If youth should have the pie. .
District 4-At Large jfck that I am telling an untruth, look at the Last week-end the Kappas danced the night away. Fruit Market
prbgress the annointed have made using their ill- Many are stating that they are not ready for the

":; -1" "Let's Ketp CbarliV gb ten 'pieces of silver". Any fool can plainly ofay bands. The folk want soul music" when 45th & Moncrlef
see that sweat and work did not account for all the oil starts to move through their veins and
A Proven FriendPd. 'of the goodies. the ofay bands just don't have soul. Willie MotleyProp.;
Pol. Adv. Jack-pot bowling has come to Jacksonville, Each Loraine Thomas is visiting here from the Big
Tuesday the good bowlers get together and ,chunk at City. Loraine is a business woman from: Brooklyn For Free Delivery. Open Daily
the pins for a pot. Next year we ,hope to see some .. .Richard Wynn is back in these parts. He makes
LYNWDDD ARNOLDMEET of the boys in the city tournament. Joe Hopkins Washington his home since his marriage to a Call PO 5-128 7 a.m. to 12 pm:

tells us that they are still offering instructionsin Washington gal.
"learners' alley" for you novices. The honeymoon is over for Bill Terry. He and STEWING
ME AT THE RALLY Thelma McDonald Johnson is back in towntafter, a his loved one reached a parting of the ways. HENS 129e
'*' '
stay in the City. .t" Fret not fear Billy-boy, money causes familiesand 2 for '
i Edward J. "Lordy Norman has arrived in Elk- the best of friends to fall out.The torrid
dome He entertained 'the Grand at his 20th affair reached an ending two weeks and three
rtS Street home during the state convention. Also on days from the sorting point. WEINERS
; -' the subject of the Elks the street parade was The Brothers cf Kappa Alpha Psi left town sing- 99C '"
<, ( one of the most col crful ever staged by Negroesin ing the praises of Jacksonville.They were wined 3 Ibs.
'' Jacksonville. Much credit must go to parade dined and toasted during their stay here. Among
:: t.
marshall Jim Brooks. Our friend Norman Jones of the top affairs given for the visiting fraters
; Tampa and his madam were on the set. Norman is were the AKA cocktail party and big seafood SAUSAGES
A state P.R. man for the Elks. Bert Bethune a feast given by the pan-Hellenic Council at New 3 (Ibs.
:, :. familiar figure in Elkdom was in town also. Berlin. BMFRESH
,', Shirley is back at the Bus Station Bar after a Home-boy W. D. ''Doc Sweet won the award for
>f trip arpund the town. Hugh Wilson is back at the outstanding man of the region. This is the first
,I.- Tropicanna and J. D. Brooks is at the Lounge. time the honor has been bestowed upon a local LARD BEEF
Sylvia is at the Enquire and Hazel is at the man. 39C 99
Tropicanna. I am passing these along for the Sorors of Alpha Kappa Alpha have their chests 3 Ib. jar 3 Ibs.
'regulars' who look for special people. stuck out. They have won the chapter achieve- BBTender
Teddy Washington and his combo provided the ment award for an unprecedented third straight Beef LONG GRAIN
music during a special show at May-Cohen recently. time. Orchids to the gals. Their mark and recordis
The Washington Group won many plaudits. something for other Greeks In this town to LIVER gg RICE

Members of the Vocational School Family are busy shoot at.Lit's. 3 Ibs.
making plans for a band pr eject. A pretty hat
Elect The
tea will be sponsored on Sunday, April 29th. Peoples'Candidate LEAN
Members of the STAR staff entertained su'per-
COUNTY COMMISSIONERDISTRICT huckster Jessie Lewis of Birmingham recently. ----- ----- EGGS BACON 00

Jessie has landed several nice accounts. 9Q

2 AT LARGE in October members of Alpha Kappa Alpha will 3 Ibs.
':' ,; Pd. Pol. Adv. present 'Fashions With An Oriental Flair.' The
motif of the famous fashion fair will be orien- ENDER T-60NE RO

-- 6 ..weepJULIAN-



Limit one a can


'- Meet Me At The CAMPAIGN OFFICE 25
Myrtle Ave 431 EAST ADAMS. ST. zlbs.
AND DEPENDABILITY" Mon. Apr. 30, ELgin 3.9309 Me At The Rally
Pol. Myrtle Ave Ball Park Amour STAR
pd. Adv.
:; Mon. Apr. 30, 8 p.rn.
1. '. ; BALOGNAb. 4
Moncrief j
.. .
I rfaW'dAP"i { 'a \, t: ,
.i' ; : \ Hickory SMOKED
: -t fihiw .
Drive-in ;
'A'h... &H or, 5 11 for SAUSAGES
f 99

they're D licillsYou'll FRESH


4 I 45th & MMicrief ENFORCEMENTPd. 1 lb. roll

Pol. Adv.
STRAND Smear ewes &ti'iT s Ir.J JJIIT


MlTRO-GOlavrN-M4YEFl _..... FISH MARKET1832.EAST28tfi

I.1lliI 1 %he! i Street _' Monday Might, Apr. 30, 8 p.m. f'
Piazza r'
C.NEMASCOPf f! M' 'f' R- II kiris of Sea Feed, Myrtle Ave, Ball ParkFlorida's

III y site At nl 3M 2nd Ckantf wide yw wait
Iii W!
Sift kMs Of Al idHear F. Malcolm Cunningham

Uds Frill 8 p.1I. tz tii"f} PROTECT YOUR First


.J 'Negro. Councilman
Aaytm 9 aaA WUFIlIESElYATIIIS MBSEYRTffomttesvtforof'Ws, n ,
T '-
Elected To Office


Last Week In
PI 4.S1i1IK
Riviera Fla.
.,sss at 5 ,... t .

Cp Vp.T

; -.. 'il1 a... .ii,, 4Q R i Bli yl I" Sell i"TNE i ELEtT

WNn MTER" Ces cill1ai CrnimgMami ,

Se i lie
SMI tin Tns Hear the Homestead Exemption' Issue i.f i.-
S '
"HAXTET A- Hear tie Battle Between Riley aid Matthews

i r i,,; ;.Y ESi EIiERMI A EIIrE AT 1E LANI Roils' ari Spinet Bcon: Nt ET Mw ji _5 Md.Y Near the fuss between Qstatf; and Walter !
., IK KU .
< : f i 5520$ cask Ita. rib, :' FREE REFRESHMENTS- SOFT DRIN -

'-'' '- ..--.:t-- -:_,,_:_,-- .. .. '
: -

',> A-c --.c: :_ ;. ;_ :, ., .. ," < .;'f = -'tr.i:; :t. -.'--i-""'" ,." ;:._ J l;. .. .. : ;' .. -', -: ;-__;._:_-'i-i. __-f-'r