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118395 F20090413_AAAPVT 00149.QC.jpg bd4a22d1805fea570f979a6303d0cf597c475aa7198a8b0841ad9a0efda5cd70a56717a5
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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200607datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date April 21, 1962dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=006070740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
April 21, 1962
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
April 21, 1962
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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\ \ .

{ y -:!: l v 6 J 1 :


l Are Duval Negro leaders' ;> Real Or Phoney? Has Earl Johnson A Chance =

: ., ,

'.f"' ijt"t', : : (See'Po I.Itles As Usua I',b. O. Simpson' ),':"":, ,': ,i"":

," +f '* ff ." .

"- .'<,1...""' .:'

':.": :. .

NEGRO AHY WINSFIRST. SEAT "\',--: :.,'1''.: .



-- ** ... ...... ..... .....
-- -- .



] .: 12-KI. 2 SATURMY AW* 21, .12 15 CENTS .... .

...... ... .. .. .. ..... .. .....
1 J'Plpip

. ii ;JAXON IS SLAIN ,.,"..)' .,:; ;, 'r;""",'.: '""-',i.it't A ':.k, n.:'J..-, t'ti Judges SegregationMIAMI Cost Cites Of

w G V i Mb O MIAMI Citing the high

.. 1By RIVAL LOVER : ii: costs some quarters is of being segregationwhich Juvenile felt in

.6666666.. . Judge Ben Sheppard saidon

Veteran White Politician' TV Watching Visitor Wednesday, April 11
:: that he would propose

Unseated By 54 Votes "- 1 ,Sliys 'Other' Friend u desegregation of Youth

Hall and the Children'sHome

RIVIERA BEACH---In what is believed to be the The jealous indignation of 46-year-old 'man in Kendall.

first time in modern history 35-year old Attorney contributed to his own distinction, last'Saturday Judge Sheppard revealed -

F. Malcolm Cunningham became the first afternoon, when he was clubbed to death witha he would offer

Negro to win a city council post here when he two-by-four wield by a man he had suspectedof his plan to the Dade

unseated veteran politician John A. Flaherty who undermining his affections for a woman. Board of Visitors which

had held the office since 1949, by 54-votep tues- O'Neal Parsons Of '1075 : controls and manages the

day. ............ Jefferson Street, arrived Dr. L. Martin pro- administration of deten-

Cunningham's total Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity dead at Duval' nounced Parsons dead when tion homes.

vote of 1,465 showed and engagesin Medical Center after he arrived at .the It was further dis-
... #
1.166 votes from Negro other public ser- having been struck twiceon ;- ..,. closed that the homes

precincts and 299 from vice activities. the head by Junior' ) .d' were overcrowded; thaton

'white precincts.Flab ertr Mrs. Cunningham is the Robinson. many occasions, Youth '

drew 1,343 votes from former Nealia Brookinsof Robinson, it appears William W. Warner Area Program Coordinator for Latin America, discussesthe Hall s white section was

white precincts and 68 Riviera Beach. The was visiting the home ot .1', movement, with students of Gibbs Junior College, St. Petersburg PI a., overcrowded while the

from Negro areas Cunningham s have fours Lucy Dunbar and was Students of the College shown with him from left are: Tommy Davis, Tampa; Negro section was

Second CandidacyIn children ages ten, watching a televised Barbara Hughes, Eutaw Alabama; Carmen Grinan and Joyce Stokes both of 'almost' empty.

an exclusive interview five, three and two. baseball game, when Par- Tampa. Warner visited the College this week to secure personnel for Corps Although board chairman

with the FLORIDA sonscharged into the 933 work in aight countries. Robert A.J. Uontanari

STAR, Atty. Cunninghamsaid Jefferson street house I rGJC staff photo by Ballard) said he did not think

he had sought the Sigr.gutk.istsExcommuuk.t.d demanding to know who he -rr. "the community" was

city post in the 1956 was. I Civil Service Service Exams Job Opportunity ready for such a move

primaries, and had Police said amid cur- although he might "per

,placed4first by an,,89 sing and threats, the Conference sonally agree" with
t. .
;8 .ArcWtil : ,UN I 0 R ,ROBINSQ Slate No Racial
kqYarrernoved..to! the Distinction '
vote margin over the .outside.:' According 'to :Paces 'Homicide Cnarge'rt '- .... --... -.-- .' Slated For Mqy Judge Sheppard.. Sheppard I
countered <<h' b1 8'f.. I
other candidates in the medical 3Jro .Duval. County Civil Service examinations are
center. WASHINGTON D.C. Vice
NEW ORLFANS, La. Three police investigators '
runoff the racial issue theory by saying 'BY
During a preliminary,' slated, for early next month. The examination will President Lyndon B. John-
unyielding segregation is alleged to
was injected, and he parsons hearing held Thursday be \given to' establish an "eligible list" ,for son has summoned'national ending segregation, we ,
leaders a
were excommuni- have threatened to cut
could also end the expensive -
lost the race by some morning in justice of the class of Deputy Traffic Officer and of conference of
cated from
participatingin and kill Junior Robinson. duplication of
200 votes. Cunninghan Peace Dorcas Drake'scourt StenographerClerk.The .
one of the vital Robinson reacted by test for Deputy educators and community services which would
said.Plant rites of the Parsons was. leaders to the nation's. l
Catholic the two-by- "
City Native picking up Traffic Officer will be expense allowance.All save the county money. ri
bound over to criminal
religion capital to participate in
Monday four and applying it
applications must bon e
Atty. Cunningham is a held on Thursday May 3,
court on a charge of .
climaxing a long verbal twice to Parsons' skull. file workshops in which parti-
in the officeof
native of Plant City murder. 1962 at 9:00 A.M. BiasCondemned
cular of the Voting
dissention between them- the phases equal
Civil Service
and educated in the Minimum requirements
was :
s local schools. He later selves and the arch- NAACP Yovth Career Confab Graduate from an accredited -, Board 411 Duval County job opportunity problems
bishop of New Orleans. will be studied.
attended Florida and A.graduatedfrom and M.'s The excommunication Takes Form; Many. To Attend high school or, than Thursday, ,not April later 26, Objective of the con- By Atty. Gen.

order issued by Roman TAMPA The Annual Career Conference for Youth equivalent. Resident of 1962 at 5:00 P.M. Appli- ference will be to help t
Demonstration High Duval County for a mini- WASHINGTON, D.C. In
Catholic Archbishop and Young Adults to be held at the Greek House, cations postmarked not develop plans for full
School.He ,mum of two years physical addressing the Senate
Joseph Francis Rummel, Incorporated, in Tampa, is expected to be the' later than midnight on implementation of equal
later attended Howard requirements: Height- recently. Attorney
expelled former Louisiana largest and best conference" in the history of the closing date will be employment opportunity
University School 5 ft. 11 in., Weight-165 I General Robert Kennedy
political boss NAACP youth work in Florida" said James Harts- accept'd. throughout the country.The
and graduated minimum. must, pressed the fight for
of Law Applicants
Leander H. Perez, Sr. ; Vice president, who
field, president of the Tampa NAACP Youth Council, The Stenographer-Clerk
with his law degree be able to pass rigid full voting rights for
Jackson G. Ricau, a for and chairman of the Host Committee.The examination will be heldon is Chairman of the pre-
physical examination. Negroes.
in. 1953. real estate operatorand sident's Committee
mer Career conference on
Friday 4, 1962 at
Since that time, he has Age--25 to 35 years. May Said Kennedy, "in
Mrs. B.J. Gaillot, will take place on May 4 Counsellor. Office of 2:00 P.M.Minimud. Equal Employment Opportunity -
law Salary-$181.25 to these times we need the
been practicing $206.
the mother of two and continue until May 6 the Assistant Secretaryof reguirements stated that the
here and is constantly 25 bi-weekly (completion{I' : vigor and faith of everyAmer.ican
children. when it ill end with a Defense. Completion of a high Committee wants to
active in religious, of two years' service). as we seek to
The three expelled "stimulate interest and
mammoth youth rally. school education, includ-
advance the
civic and religious Plus $25.00 per month cause of
Catholics all out- "We have invited Archie ing or supplemented by a focus attention upon pre-
affairs.He in a period of
spoken segregationists-- Moore and other widely course in shorthand and paration for new job op-
is a member of the 2 Companies Under Scrutiny perilous cold war. To
clashed with Archbishop known persons to attend typing or equivalent portunities. I
of Tabernacle thwart thousands of I
Trustee our
Rummel over his order to the "It is becoming apparent -
Sunday rally of experienceand
Baptist Church For D'BcriMMtoiY Practices combination fellow Americans from 1..
desegregate parochial Hartsfield said. Moore, training sufficient that meaningful if

the Masons, Vanguard schools next fall. Mrs. born in Mississippi is to indicate ability to do participation in our participating fully in
WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The President's Committee on the processes of govern-
- Galliot whose two the work. Bona Fide resi- national life will Increasingly -
supporter youth I
Equal Employment Opporti unity announced today the ment is to weaken that
children attend Catholic dent of Duval County and require
Nigro ERgiftMr program. names of two companies \which have been notifiedto vigor and dilute that
schools, picketed the Representatives from shall not exceed the age augmented emphasis upon
that they are subject 1 special compliance re faith. We cannot af- f
Skews Devkt. archbishop's residencethe the various departmentsbf additional of 41 years. self-development, John- "
views before receiving government con- fort it. .
day the desegregation Government and tracts. Salary Range; $110.00- son declared.
WASHINGTON D. C.--- The Attorney General
order became pu- organizations who will S $160.00 bi-weekly (To be tf particular interest
The companies are Danly made his
Harold A. Tate. a 42- appearance before -
blic. take part are: governed by departmentto will be sugge tions as to
Machine Specialists. creed, color or the
year-old Negro with the to race, SubCommitteeon
The 71-year-old Perez Herrick Z. McConnell, which assigned. ) the kinds of cooperative
Army Signal Corps Inc. of Cicero Ill. national origin.The Constitutional Rightsof
regarded the excommuni- Regional Recruit Officer All applications must action that may be undertaken -
and Comet Rice Mills of againstthe
recently demonstrated a complaint the Senate Judiciary
cation action as "a for the Fifth United be on file in the officeof to improve voca-
small radar device being Houston and Beaumont two companied were Committee in support of .
move to frighten or States Civil Services the Civil service tional and other typesof
developed by the Tex.. Stuttgart Ark. taken as the result of the literacy test bill.
terrorize the parents of Region Atlanta Georgia. Board, 411 Courthouse training for membersof .
Army. and New Orleans, La. complaints of discrimination This measure provides
parochial schoolchildren Mrs. Julie Wright Youth 330 East Bay Street not minority groups.'NAACP
The device can be These are the first in employment that a sixth grade education -
which will not Field Secretary for later than Friday. April
held like a machine for- such actions taken by filed with the Com- Youth should be accepted -
work. Perez is a NAACP. Atlanta Georgia 27. 1962 at 5:00 P.M.
gun and aimed to spot the President's Commit- mittee. as proof of'
mer district attorneyfor Herbert L. Wright, for- Since no stipulation as Wins Augusta
moving targets a mile Louisiana tee, according to Assistant Similar actions are literacy by registrars.
two mer Youth Secretary for to rice, creed or religion -
away. Secretary of pending with regard to Integration Try The' Kennedy Administration -
counties. NAACP and presently a has been mentioned I
Tate. project engineerof Labor Jerry R. Holleman, several other companies is leading the
Ricau who is now exe- staff member of a well in these notices Negro AUGUSTA Ga. The
the team which executive vice chairmanof Holleman said. fight against the poll
cutive secretary of the known foundation. Dr. Mr. aspirants are encouragedto determination of theNAACP'
created the device, the Committee, who tax and the rigged '
youth council
segregationist s
George 0. Butler Direc- apply.
has been with the Army signed the order for the .-....66666._....... literacy test system
presence ,
of South Louisiana tor of Community Ser- ', and the of
Signal Corps for 20 compliance reviews. The : Sets Pr idlit through Congressionalaction.
stated that the vices, The president's : thousands of yisltors
'years He was graduated archbishop exceeded his orders do not constitute the Masters .
from North Carolina authority by threatening Committee opportunity on Equal Employment debarment or cancel- COMPTON, Calif.johnT. ship. Ninty-percent of Golf Tournament whichwas ...................

lation of contracts but Local 208's membersare golf tournament.The .
Agriculture and Technical excommunication of those Washington D.C. Miss Willlaas, a 41-year- held here resultedin
,' require the special .old whites hailing youth group, led
"- College in 1942 re- native of this
lunch inte-
,;: who interfere with the Janice Porter Associate counter
.. -. bachelor's degree views to determine city created a from Arkansas Oklahoma by James Williams thel
with a prece-
order to desegregate Director, National gration at three major
''; in electrical whether the companiesare dent recently by becoming and Texas. president and Miss I
;_-: parochial schools next Scholarship Service and stores last week. .
in compliance with the first Williams is said to be Theodosia LaValle, their
; engineering.; fall. Fund for Negro Students Negro Merchants.involvedchose
':Tate is a native of Archbishop Rummel New York. Robert W. Hell Executive order 10925. officer at Teamster's in the running forsecretarytreasurer to Integrate the advisor were turned

o 1dsboro, N. C. He stated that the three Assistant Secretary The Executive order requires -' Freight Drivers Local of lunch counters rather away at one drug store..
the Local which is the
,1s now stationed at had shown 'flagrant U.S. Department of Labor government contractors 208. than risk having the

"the Army Signal Corps disregard of his fatherly Bureau of Employment to provide Williams was elected largest in Southern Association youth VOTE

in Port equal, employment opportunity business representativeby California with headquarters e
Laboratory counsel. Security, Washington, D. council picket thenationallypublicized
in Los Angeles.
MOnmouth. N. J* without regard the 5000-oan member- 8th
*r,.1 C. James C. Evans Williams May

y ...............................A**...........................I. . . .- .666666_._______._______"------- -. ..-studied- -- law- ._ ._ _. 6
TTTTT ww wwwww wwwv F.v'

1 Whtt Are The tews II tile Tax- Assessor's Race? Reid: "Hemestecd Exwtik Or A Hew Sates Tax"oi Page 2'i J'J'L '

k _
-- --- --- l,:

-?---.-'- -- .--- .- ".-<,'.. .. --- _. -.' -' --.- .- -. /

jl {2 ,::" .:.- .,:':' I :'t; I t STAR .. u SATURDAY APRIL 21.1962.; ,(. .

11. ., ... .e : i
( : : ...:- .r ,rte '.rv k
I .<*.a*.-mipjr* ,,J .-h. f 5 4 ,r} T- .
y NEWS f ; '._; .

,,, J
Published: by the. Florida Star Publishing Co., ".;. '"<,..- w>S ._..

,. 'Member of Associated Negro press"
Despite the fact that :
.... tne political fever
M.mss' : ...'1' has
y. '! r slow in risingthe final analysisof

ERIC 0. SIMPSOH __._.._Maagifif! Eftsr i'i. L., .: .. the coming elections will to a great

ALISON L WISE........__.News EftirK1LDA H.g ",' J extent separate the men from the boys.
; For one thing we are going to see j ust-. '
WOOTEN H...........Circulation Maier ..:, how much influence some of these boys ,who .'
have been telling the folks downtown they.

MAIN OFHCE & PLANT: are the. 'leaders' really have., 11- ",.

f1: ')f. ; \ In the first place, quite a few of, the ,

2323 ",MMcrief Road..Plwne Elp 4-6782/ .:. '... "-. ." r.::-.\:-',... ,;,,:-: office seekers are getting *hep'' to, some "
\ ;
'..:.:. tto of the 'leaders' who ,have been taking ,

f'; Haffing Address: t4 .;1 ,- ?r.r : ; .. :;: ,< their money and failing to produce.. And '_;'

{ ":; ., ....,, in the second place, Mr. and .
"P!O. Box 561t lackoimle 1, Florida : \; ..... -, <> Mrs. John Q. Citizen is get- N

.. "" ting tired of the neighborhood I

;, .::-',SUBSCRIPTION RATES ._ -. ,:-iff F 1 I <> : 2' pointed politician'leaders'and, self-ap-who are

\'0ne:::Year, $5.00; Half Year. $3.00italled" ,. \; F 1 i ? y n taking upon themselves to'
in the United States ,' '; :-
to YOU Anywhere t k:
.. .r..v. .. j.iJi' represent us and then sellingus
Subscription Payable in Advance .. .;w -
.. down the river.
Order to rS h wt r. ,,, / ... "t,' ti', "
I:Send check or Money : ",' '". "' -' ... It's going to be interestingto .

watch how some of our '
Florida Star P. 0. Box' 561 y, I
._J. _. 'leaders' will come out supS1 So[
Jacksonville 1, Florida certain candidates' orders from* "'
.Q porting on (

-- the big chiefs. It is indeed regretable' |

HOMESTEAD I 4pJi that many of our so-called leaders are '

EXEMPTION ..t/..:';.. .' : only carrying out the bidding of the. political .. .


ORANEWSALESTAXAlthough 1 t 'j,,' ;/ ," :, ...IJ MGnllllll L! KIV, lr., !YaJ s.6 ... Citizens will do well to watch put for. 6

the door-knockers who come around inducing
<:, IS THIS THE THREAT THAT HOLDS BACK THE EXECUTIVE ORDER ? you to vote for this or that candidate. :
forthcoming May primaries money- 'What ,.
election Invariably he has gotten some .
is what. is >
commonly called an .' is sold vote before
he has actually done your ,
"off year election". it is .
nevertheless, you' ve cast it. Of course, there will

an important one. There are some very im- ::::: Weekly be those who will stick some cards in your .
qprtant offices to be "
filled and the outcome mailbox on the night before the election/

of some of these elections will and many of them will pass out some- tick : :

seriously affect many of us. :. Horoscope! Guide ets' which will carry the name of 'the

One of th.e most important offices that ..... Negro candidate along with several white

gill be voted jipon will be that of the :1--- By PABLO The ASTROLOGER candidates. '. '.'

County Tax Assessor, the results of which .' ." fL That last trick is known as tieing' ".-)

will be felt by every home owner in Duval > WHICH ARE YOUR 1 LUCKY DAYS FOR candidates to the Negro candidate. It 'is ; "

County.On : a device to play on your racial pride. The .' r f'
one hand there is a candidate cam- peddlers of the 'tie tickets' are gambling >

paigning on the platform of "protect your i. that you will vote for the Negro candidate :

homestead exemption' while another is ,' and also vote for the other candidates

pleading for equalization and re-assess- ARIES being keenly stimulated. SAGITTARIUS. it is calculated ob- whose names appear on the ticket. Ittiat1 s -

ment. .Born March 21st thru Born Nov. 23rd thru scurity. You can wield the pay-off? Anywhere from $50 'to' '$300 per-

The cry of 'protect ,your homestead exemp April 19th 8-3>-881934821LEO Dec. 21st more power by shunning name.SUcker! s( .. .
publip acclaim and by sesiss ****** ****** ******, -.
tion" appears to be just a slogan designed
There is the that
only to scare homeowners. Quite a few of the op- Born July 23rd thru danger ; pulling the stringsfrom If I've heard it once, I've heard it a ,

It is time that we face up to it. In a portunities that are Aug. 22nd inhibitions, contrary. behind the scenes. hundred times--from white people, that is. : '

county the size of Duval which is growing billed to appear this The unexpected could counsels or subversive in- Do not fail to benefit 'Johnson is by far the best qualifiedman '

rapidly and in need of taxes to supportthe month are concentrated in Play the main part in re, withdraw fluences may induce you to*>> from. the willingness in the County Commission race..BUT ;

vealing your consent or and good offices of That but is But he is a Negro. The
this third Quarter. Revive a bright new vistato :
that all
many we are support from contemplatedenterprises 1
a love that seemed to your bedazzled eyes officials friends or luestion foremost in many minds is whether.
shouting for have to have taxesof
we got
(9th thru 13th)*I '*
be fading away, take a new (16th). Seize opportunitieseven organizations that Earl Johnson candidate for County Com"mission -
some sort. One example of the need f cr
Examine the motives of '
interest in sports or if you have not the stand sqyarely behind District 2, has a chance of get-
money is seen in the fact that funds are those who be trying to '
may 1 I and ; *
you enterprises -
time your
hobbies and allow yourselfto to analyze them and ting elected.. :
short for the of schools. ,
support our
influence you against your 5th and "*. .r
trust to (1st 4th '
be possessed by imagi- your luck, from
The supporters of the 'protect your native or inventive ideas. there onward. Changes, as better judgement for signs 1 7th). Your true aims Johnson' has a chance of getting) elected-rr

.: :homestead exempjtion t.,', ."platform; : have-not, ",* Closer co-operation with radical' as they may seem at iof. selfishness or trickery.Do should not. be revealed, only if you. are: able to pull 'a heavy white. 1

mentioned the' need for money to meet our your life or business first sight, should leave not invest your savingson 1 if their 'is the 9 lgh-' vote along with a solid Negro vote.County-.
expansion needs nor have they outlined any the strength of glowing outnumbered three to
partner may be rendered you happier, wealthier, est possibility that widejNegroes are' one : .

plan for_ raising these funds which they necessary by a shaky and occupying a more important promises that cannot be they could meet with by whites, consequently, the Negro vote*?

know are direly needed. It is barely possible -. 'economy.! Be the one who is niche in the upper substantiated to your criticism or active alone cannot turn the tide or even ripple-,*

that the "homestead gang1' is plan- willing to make the sacri- strata of society. satisfaction. resistance.

ning to introduce a new sales tax which fices if there is no 3-60-44-12-56-364 Although material ac- -11195589 it.There are many whites who will tell you

will be passed on to the consumer and end doubt that a good part of VIRGO quistions nndoubtedy they realize Johnson is by far the best

up costing the average citizen many more. any blame that may be cast Born Aug. 23rd thru contributed a great AQUARIUSBorn qualified man for the post, but regre: f!-',;

dollars at the ,end of the year. is yours. Sept. 22nd leal to personal comforts Jan. 20th thru bly, only a limited number of them. are *,'

jt j welXjto consider that under thepteSfintTassessrieat 1-40-22-15-65-142 .If you adopt too secretive and happiness, Feb. 18th democratic enough to put aside. .race, prejudice -,

,.: ystem there are propertyowners an attitude it they are as nothing You should find yourselfon and vote for him. and I hope. l'm-I",

.thrctig_ h' ut the county who TAURUS may be misinterpreted by when compared to true the winning side again wrong about that. ,

have parcels of rental and business property Born April 20th thru those who have to share love and the Joy of (16th). The gains in cashor In view of what appears to be Johnson'

scattered all over but have suc- May 20thEverything your dailey environmentMake living. The Arians who property that come to .chances of winning, the next question

ceeded in getting away with paying paltry sho.lid fall no financial arrange- are responsive to the those whose circumstancesmake poor be throwing away their,
of theproperty. in place, in the most unexpected higher forces should is- Would Negroes
to the valuation ments without
sums compared the full this possible shouldbe votes it for Johnson. He's the
It has been found that propertiesthat of ways on the16th. knowledge of your life or find themselves attracted substantial and start- by
sold for high as $40,000 Even i-f only your business ', to unusual best man isn't he?
have been as partner, in ling as to their source.

have been paying taxes on a valuation of Intimates share your order to eliminate the persons and gobbles. Fall back on your innate

something like $10,000.On knowledge that you have possibility of confusionand Excellent planetary wisdom when you decide to FREEDOM &

the basis of the fact that the big achieved a success of'sorts, complications at a aspects should enable reshape the plans you previously S

'getting away with murder'by you may realize that it is later date. Also check on you to sail through drew for
money boys are up Jour i
vast much more satisfactory and travel and study projectsthen. this first exciting lOW.
paying just a few pennies on their future mode if existence.The .
comfortable that way. Ex- like breeze. 9 .
quarter a
the small property owner
properties while, 19th should see the
pays his full share, it seems to us that pectional opportunities for 7-30-77-14-84-731 Excellent understanding termination of a very im-
the need gain should be siezed and LIBRA affecting your friendships ;. Y
consideration should be given portant phase, and the s
his exploited to the extent of Born Sept. 23rd thru wishes, hobbiesand
for revaluation so that every man pays beginning of another.
your abilities (20th-21st). Oct. 23rd emotional ties maybe
taxation. The ,1.'f
fair share of property eligible ones may

It would be well for all of us to weigh 9-10-99-13-35-019 You always have an eye reached on the 1st. have to sacrifice a : /}. ',.' : ..:

the issues in election of a new Tax Asses- GEMINI for attractive things, +00-44-17-76-494 certain amount of per- .

sor and not allow ourselves to be carried Born May 21st thru whether it be in wearing sonal liberty, when

with empty slogans and scare plat- June 21st apparel or objects of art. CAPRICORN they change over intoa ,
away Born Dec. 22nd thru .
You can indulge good '
forms. The unexpected seems to your marital status, but j.r:: ,
taste, within the means Jan. 19thNo r
'be on your side, and you this may be largely '
established by budget "We'are .
your Americans and
should do everything you compensated by an increase ,-:
Commissioner Land' in order to please your ideal is too high for In American
Says can to follow its guidance of material .
with Americanweapons p. .
mate and friends, as wellas you to consider it as being way, f.
without hesitancy (16th). holdings, comforts and ,and with '
Is yourself. Find ut-of- out of your reach. Should
For All People d Ideas may be likened to security (7th-8th). American determination' .
flashed of genius, whether the-way places or hard-to- you feel that way let your- Do not pay any heed to Lobe free we intend to slug it

WASHINGTON---ln an further participationin find items, by asking go, as you are being so-called friends who out,to fight right here on this.
they emanate from the ;
action designed to reduce urban renewal. others to let you in on favored by superior if unfathomable would like to home front until victory is ours." 1. ;1
Binds of your' relatives or keep you q :: ,>(
further any restrictions According to a policy their little secrets in forces (16th). available for selfish ROY WILKINS t J
friends, from
or your own
on use or letter from Oommissione: this regard (16th) Love and desire are great ends. N.A..A..c.l.EtCUllYSteTtt,1'1
mind. Arrive at your decisions -
occupancy of urban renewal Slayton made public today 4-70-55-16-48-475 adjuncts when you are 8-60-33-13-48-853 I

project land "Every: contract ol promptly and do planning for the future or
not fail to act.ac quickly PJ
sale deed THROUGH N.A.A.C t
Urban Renewal Com- of conveyance as the situation warrantsin SCORPIO) spiritual enlightenment. PISCES
missioner William L. lease or other instrument It will be mainly responsibility -
order to extract the Born Oct. 24th thru Born Feb. 19th thru
Slay ton has notified the for the disposal to maintain :
fullest measure of good Nov. 22ndA I March 20thNo LIFE MEMBERSHlp
of Title
539 local agencies involved I projectreal your faith against self-
fortune that seems to be i
in'the federally- property for residential -
doubt and outside pressures .
assisted program of or nonresi- intended for you. sudden or unpredictable matter how serious Show the whole world that you're in the fight for keeps.As long as you/. \

dential event the for personal differences nay live,you want to be counted and you don't want to.;drop out-every.
urban renewal that all use .shall 260331773253CANCER pave way You would feel all the,
contracts'with developers contain the following a'rise in status, impor- have become, they could be As a Life Member: 'f r. '. ,l'.
tance and official sore elated If you are brought to naught if both Your name will be inscribed in bronze in the National Office. ,:' -.
for provision verbatim: Bon June 22nd thru recog- t
aiding a worthy cause You will receive a handsome wall plaque- '/ 7: \
land oust require compliance The redeveloper will July 22nd nition. Do not be found by raising funds or volunteering parties to their AcontinuinaubscriptiontotheCRISI5- 'r** :: \

) with'-state and comply with all state Certain unpredictable fac- wanting if there is an your services come Plusa gold UpeTpra and laminated wallet-size card. .. '- Y';'; ,
the 16th. -
senses on
11 :: nondiscrlminatlonIws and local laws, in tors seem to be hard at urgent need for your authority (4th-5th). Con- for accords mall A Life Membership costs $500. This can be paid in one full'payment;i,or ,,s'.j "

, '.-. effect from time to work to present you with a or services on the tinue to listen to suBmeots of$100.for S yean; or$50.for 10 year ..- ?, v rNAA.GP. > ;;;.:-
points are numerous, -------- .
? .: Heretofore focal public tine prohibiting discrimination signal honor cash prizeor 16th. New talents may be those who are older and > ';. .
r and should not be allowedto ,20 West 40th Sweet New York 1s.N.Y< ')
required, should
have"beea' or segregartlon enhanced prestige (16th) enable '
agencies wiser when have f t
you vanish Into thin air I wish to invest in democracy by becoming a Ll/e Member of.the.,NAACP : '
quired to inform de by reason of race, It is natural to expect you to discover those worries or important .
because pride or a negative
i velopers of the! existence religion, color, or that' you have previously that may have been lyung decisions to make. The attitude cannot be reared 01 enclose check- for$500 fa, full payment. 'iO .; 1-- i 1- s

,,. of.such.,laws, and national origin In the chalked up the achievements dormant in the past. 7th-8th are dependable. (17th) It is excellent for I enclosed. a.check- for S..........._."_as first payment. !r .<.i l

";developers"' .have been sale. ., 'lease, or: occupancy that; would make this pos- Don't ,allow your inner There are different the Aquarians who have D Please credit this membership to my local branch. y yr .

;warned that Violators ,of. the proper,. sible, as It is a recog- fears to dominate, or standards by which success property deals the ,
on K1ME-
Will ty.". nized rule that everythingin to convince you that you may be measured.The I \.,
be prohibitedfrom fire ....
(20th, 21st). .
-.-: 'fi--.-.,. -".-r.'..."." .,-... '...... .. this world must be are completely lacking in one by which yon ,., .,' ....,.'..: ,J ; ? 4crrY

}:" .. ; .. earned. In any event, your them.6-40-66-18-26-641 should go is that and 2-70-88-16-23-278 .ION I,.nn ... .,.,_ 1 J,;. ..-......' ;. .r......,....-'.1J ... ".
mental capabilities are favored by so many --- !,""""__-__, _- .v- 1 L'-"

.; -

,-- -

,_ ._ 9' 'J .. .,,,' .. _._.. _, .. ... _, ----I---. ,.h -. ", .- -. !!. -- -.- .. .- '... ,

'!'lACr FtORfflA STAR j : : SATURDAY APRIL Tip 192

,_ ; .

',. CM rIlH. Siith.Anniversary i W* EfetiM Of New Officers Religious Civic Social Events ,..

.. ,. ,
SbClally 1 Speaking.- ; :> ." .' '! 'H r .' .- ?.> "". '. '.. : V

Marks Varied 3-Day ProgramLed

.. by H.H. Holloway of Philadelphia executive
i ;-'!
," secretary and Dr. Oliver S. Combs Southern -t

;.z'.i;. <. BT ..... ,' Provincial Polemarch, hundreds of delegates to .

:i '!. ;fNLOt1ISE G. GUINYARD, Alpha Kappa Psi's Southern Provincial Conclave '. ...' f

'g day event which lasts thr nigh Sunday. ,; ,....,
rt ,
.., iJt
Registration began '
THIS-IS IT -- KAPPA ALPHA PSTS BIG, ffEBC! As.:you Friday at 1 and closedat Conference. :: ;
read this, the Delegates heard an interesting "
Twelfth Annual Southern Provincial 5 p.m. at the Edward
Conclave is talk by Dr. *
in progress in our city; with Waters College conclave
business sessions Ralph J. Bruson of the 1 s
being held
on Edward Waters headquarters.The three-
College campus Grand Chapter Nominating -'
day is
program being
Committee at lla.m.
A "Bait-a-date" party was held Thursday night co-hosted by EWC'sDelta
at the 61,11 X An Undergraduate ,-
Garden Club
on West Seventeenth Psi Chapter.
t. luncheon was sponsoredby
Street, sponsored by the Silhouettes V VV V
of Jacksonville L Friday night the
VV 5 EWC' Delta Psi
S5 V : Kappa Silhouettes pre- Chapter at 1 p.m. with

On Friday a mammoth card party was held at the sented a "Meet Your George Howardpolemarch

Garden Club for visiting silhovettes. '
Date party at the acting as host. The
Tonight, after a formal banquet in
the new THE ANNUAL ELECTION of officers highlighted the sixth anniversary observance of the Blue Light Consolidated Garden afternoon session was
Brewster Cafeteria, the Kappas will Club house. Roll
attend a call
Social and Savings Club held recently Brooks prayer House. Heading the new officer's slate highlighted with the

"Sweetheart" party at Buster Ford's. The partyis are: Mrs. Bertha Walker, president; Mrs. Lucy Hightower, vice president; Mrs. Dessie Dent, recording was made by ever handy Introduction of EWC' s
sponsored by the Silhovettes of Pruitt
Jacksonville Provincial
secretary; Mrs.. Elizabeth Hayes finance secretary; Mrs. Mrs. Zeigler assistant trea- president William A.
for Kappas and their guests. Keeper of the Records.
surer; Mrs. Isabell Bailey, treasurer; Mrs. Vernita Williams, sinking fund chairman; Mrs. Stewart and city of- *.
Saturday night from 8:00 to 10:00 The welcome addresswas
p.DI., Kappas
Frances Robinson, program chairman; Mrs. Hattie Stuart, sick Committee chairman; Mrs. Nora G. ficials.
and their guests will ''attend given host
an cock- by
Anderson, chaplain; Mrs. N.R. Lowe business manager and reporter. Members are: Mrs. Lucy High- The new Brewster HOS-
tail party at the Edgewood Avenue Lounge, spon- lemarch Robert
tower. Mrs. Martha Roberts, and Mrs. Davis. pital cafeteria was
sored by Gamma Rho Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Mitchell. the scene of a formal

Alpha Sorority. Naturally, this follows the grand"Boat0Cruise" Jvdge WmegMrt College Prexies Sparked Confab This was followed by banquet followed by the

by Kappas and other fraternitiesin the Southern Provincial Sweetheart
Kappa partyat
the city; and members of the St. John's Boa Report the Board of :
Speaks Swday Buster Ford's under
Club. The cruise began in New Berlin. Directors report and
sponsorship of the
The climax of social events is of course the Juvenile Court Judge the Appointment Com- Silhouettes. .
formal Black and White Ball sponsored by The Lamar Winegeart Jr. mittees. and Leadership :

Jacksonville Alumni Chapter and The Delta Psi will be the principal ; c M. G. McCoy Sets

Undergraduate Chapter.The speaker during the Choir Presents ,' '

Black and White Ball, sponsored annually by 11 a.m. morning worship Anniversary Date

local Kappas is, of course, strictly formal. service when the -t2- 1Tc Jfr Cantata SundayThe Matthew G. McCoy,

Activities for Sunday include wttendance at sun- Stewardess Board of Mt. organist and directorof

rise and morning worship services. Zion AME Church observes Celestial Choirof
the Mt. Ararat BaP-
its annual Central CME Church
tist Church Male Chorus
Parent's Day will present the can- f
will celebrate his
Sunday, April 29. tata "Calvary" by
Mrs. Emma H. Morgan was guest player when ,The 26th anniversary as a
Parents and citizens Henry Wessel Sundayat
Charming Ladies Bridge Club met Friday evening in musician and gospel J
throughout the city who 7 p.m. in the church
The West Twenty-sixth Street home of Mrs. auditorium.The singer April 23, at
are Interested in
present 8 in the main
Brewington. p.m.
day children'spioblem's choir, under the
Mrs. Sophie White, Mrs. Hortense Brown, and Mrs. are cordially direction of Ernest auditorium of the

Margaret Day were high scorers in the three church.
invited to hear Wyatt, director of the
round of bridge that followed the business Some parts of the program .
James Weldon Johnson
Jucge Winegeart's
to be featuredwill
message. School band, has been
present, in addition to the aforementionedpersons PRESIDENTS WITH SOMETHING IN COMMON These presidents of state institu- be Rev E. Murray ,-
Mrs. Rosa L. Wooten is working hard to make
were: Mrs. Delphinia M. Greene Urs. program chairman and tions of higher learning join hands to exemplify something in common-- the annual Easter Sun- and Rev. S. Badger,.:5*

Coretha 'Wilson. Mrs. Dorothy Dunlap Mrs. Vernell Rev. W. F. Foster is during the national convention of the Alpha Kappa Mu National Honor SOciety day presentation the as speaker. -

Glover Miss Clevel Cromartie Mrs. Lillian at ,Florida A&M University recently. They were Dr. George W. Gore, Guest soloist will be, ,.h >
the pastor. most successful in the
stukes Mrs. Josephine Cleveland, and Mrs. Jr. (R-L). president of FAMU, founder and now national secretary trea- sponsoring group'shistory. Mrs. Ethel Davenport ...,,',

Earnestine Poole. Jox Chapter surer, AKM; Dr. John S. Allen president. University of South Florida Bannister Mrs. Essie' ;:. *

scholarship convocation speaker; and Dr. Walter N. Ridley, president Mae Thomas and Maxie
Some of the soloistsand

,i, ;; Will Play Host Elizabeth City State Teachers College and former president of AKM. others having Williams. .. "

Crawford hostess-to a very 'recent featured roles areMrs. 1
Mrs. Gertrude was Bethel Baptist
Saturday's session began V Wedding Alphas Scholarship
meeting of Poinsetta Bridge Club. Juanita Wyatt Mrs. :

Mrs. Lydia sweet Mrs. Eva Rosier Mrs. Annette H. Holloway at 9 aim executive,, with H. Bells Deadline May 15th Will i Present Rachel Malloy, Mrs. TRUE .

recipients of awards given during the evening.The Frankie Handy, Mrs.
secretary Easter CantataThe
: Alpha WASHINGTON Alpha Phi Vetrice
session ,
first three qualified in the bridge
: Kappa Psi Fraternity Edrecker Alpha Fraternity announces combined adult Alfred Walker I
and Mrs. Thelma Argreet was the door prize. L. Daniely. Richard
in the meeting included Mrs. Inc. featuring 'the! 1161 Community Ct. ," 21 this year's'total choirs of Bethel Bap- Hadley. Miss Eunice you can't buy better headache. .::;
Other participants program as principal scholarship awardsof powders at double ......
Coker, and even theGoodii's
Alberta Johnson. Mrs. Sula Wells Mrs. Susie and ,Joyce Travis, 2411 E. tist InstitutionalChurch Rev. D. W.
speaker.A rice. I '
Mrs. B. Johnson, Mrs. Jessie Feacher. Lincoln Ct. 17. $12,000, with $500 will present Bass, pastor.

Thompson Boad-O-Cruise high- Isiah S. Marshall, 635K minimum to the selected 'The Seven Last Words The cantata will be "'!
and Mrs. Evelyn Jasmin. rt-: ; :
lighted after-
Saturday W. Ashley St. ,. 30 and high school college ant of Christ a sacred narrated by Mrs. EttaL. : <;
noon activities beginning Edith M. Holloway 635% post-graduate students. cantata by Theodore Brooks and Mrs. D.W. r-' 1IJJ:2.

at 3 p.m. This W. Ashley St. 21. Requests for applica- Dubois, Easter Sundayat Bass will be organist- .J\d'
Street home of Mrs. Demethal Rhue event i
The Scriven was sponsoredby tion forms should be
James F. Elliott, Gen. 7 p.m. in the church accompanist. Mrs. j. II
provided the lovely setting for a meeting the St. John's mailed
Wester Boat to Dr. Clifton R.
Del. Bayard, Fla. 22 sanctuary, at Hogan D. Wyatt is presidentof V
Galaxle Ladies Bridge Club. Club of New Berlin. Jones, Director of Edu-
and Gloria J. Adams, Box and Caroline Streets. the sponsoring
Brinson Greene was the lone Brother Ben DurhamJr.
Delphinia cational
Mrs. Activities, Featured soloists will
13, Bayard, Fla. 15. group.
guest player and recipient of a lovely gift from organized a thrill- Alpha Phi Alpha Frater-
Albert H. Wilson, 1173W. be Mrs. Clair S. Will- TMBV APImADftCHlj 0000-
the hostess.Mrs. ing and entertainingwater nity, Morgan State Col-
Beaver St. 23 and iams Mrs. George G. POWDERS
Eloise A Fletcher Mrs. Mozelle Roux, Mrs. skiing show at lege, Baltimore, Mary- Lewis
Mrs. Inez Jones,
914 W.
Boswell Elor's Murray, 2 POWDERS 5*
Marjorie Holloway and Mrs. Delores 5 p.m. which was followed land, without delay. .
Beaver St. 18.mt. s, ipranos ; John L. 12 POWDERS 25

qualified for club prizes. by a Greek Letter ... College and post- Wright, tenor; RudolphW.
members present included Mrs. Betty H. get-together presentby Ararat's graduates awarded -
Other are on McKissick, HerbertW. :
Thelma E. Johnson and Mrs. Thelma local fraternitiesand ROYAL ART STUDIO
Graham Mrs. the basis of grades and Putman. William H. ..
Choir 2 Plans
W. Johnson. sororities.The extra-curricular activities -
Streets, baritones.
.* AKA's hosted a This cantata is under ,
Music Festival ..
Coach Jonathan Staggers of Claflin Colle"" cocktail party Saturday High School winners are the direction of Mrs. : PROPRiEtOR .

Orangeburg, South Carolina was our guest during night beginning at 8 A music festival fea- considered on scholarship, Lillian T. Robinson, h .<*:* .- .,..,

and it wonderful hearing p.m. in Edgewood Lounge turing Mt. Ararat's along with not "
the past week, was news an essay organist. Rev. R. H. m.l

of our alma mater and former residence. V which was followed by Choir 2 and other well- to exceed 200 words on Wilson is pastor of the : We'll be open from 9 a. until :.

Coach Staggers came to Jacksonville directly the annual Black and known city church choirs the subject "My Life's church. !; *

from Points in South Florida where he had been White formal in Duval will be held Sunday Goal and Why I need iI.on, EASTER SUNDAY ">"'-...

visiting the past week. He left the city Tuesdayfor County Armory. May 27, at 8 p.m. in Assistance. Stork -I ,} .

his return trip to South Carolina. Sunday morning's Sun- the education building The national president

rise, Service begins at Mrs. Johnnie Mae Miller, Dr. William M. Hale Come Early and Avoid the Rush !

11 a.DIe sponsor, announced. Langston, Oklahoma says DeliveriesMr. -.,

The polemarch of the Program participants that last year set a record -

local chapter wishesto will include the male for applicants and and Mrs. James Bran- Commerical Weddings Portraits

express his appreciation choruses of West with the Hay 15th deadline ': i

What could to all local Friendship Mt. Ararat, a larger numberare non Boy.; 1967 W. 17th St. ; 515 DAVIS ST. EL 4.1894r ; '

fraternities and so- Eastside Mt. Vernon, expected to apply due Mr. and Mrs. James 1

ItheEnglish rorities and others for Emanuel, St. Thomas, to the hoped for educational Priester; 1319 Odessa

assisting in the entertainment Southside Baptist upsurge of Street; Boy.

possibly mean by of the Churches, respectively, colored youth. It is an Mr. and Mrs. Marshall

delegates. almg with other groupsto established fact that now Williams; 727 W. MonroeSt.

IJ "Gordon'sand -Julius Guinyard- be contacted in the with training we are no ; Girl. _____ # ___

very near future Mrs. longer denied employmentthat Mr. and Mrs. Curtis ,

?" Carriers Auxiliary Miller said. was once refusedus. Hayes; 714 Venus-Mars Ct. r ;

splash To Sponsor' Tea Deacon Spikes will give Girl. :1I

the welcome address and Winners of Awards will ,Mr. and _
The Ladies Auxiliary Mrs. Robert
Macedonia Baptist'sChoir be notified and publishedby
Swain; 6156 Spirea St.
123 to the National ;
the English way of saying"soda, 3 will serve. June 15 1962. Alpha Girl. ,,4 .
Association ,
.splas-Is of Letter "
Mixing it with Cordon's Gin is Fraternity first made $
Carriers will Mr. Mrs. Grady Wil- J <;
the other side of the sponsorA Easter SundayProffam in '
a popular pastime on SING YOUR FAVORITE scholarships available liams; 1106 W. 5th St.; $M"d"4

Atlantic. Most Americans prefer"tonic and 1928, and each Increasingyear Girl. :.. S
SONG TEA on April 29th ToldLAKE ',j; Vf
IceIS i mixer. But on the has proven to have Mr. and Mrs. x
at the Youth Center on Langston
choice of gin-complete ac 2 28th and Chase Sts. An WALES, Fla. Over met a dire need because Austin; 2027 Mars St. ; '. _
") \
cord. Cordon's.Its distinctive 70 male voices will be Cf the low economic Girl. .
Invitation is extended ,
dryness and flavour lifted in songs of status of parentsand
to all clubs and some Mr. and Mrs. Roosevelt <
seem to tip the balance. praise to the Risen guardians.
friends. A well planned Deshazo; 947 Florida
You'll find these qualities 15 Christ 3:00 P.m. Easter: Avenue; Girl.
musical will
7 wherever you call for be ,featured.program Sunday, April 22, at fill Owns To Sing Mr. and Mrs. Thomas

Gordon's by name; for The Great Masterpiecenear Mitchell; 3042 BethelCt. I

every bottle is still basedonAJexanderGordon'sorig r Your EAR here. At Baptist ConfabST. ; Girl.

Climax of the Annual
p can be lilT AUGUSTINE The Mr. and Mrs. Quento
inal 1769 formula. Gould! IfiMoKfedthis Easter Pilgrimage to
with toothpicks or College Choir of Florida Giles 3216 Moncrief Rd.
; ;
be why Gordon's is the If! GIN .. the Great Masterpiecewill
: x cotton tipped sticksDon't Normal and Industrial Girl.
biggest*sellin gta in Enlist be Barber Shop
' ." risk damage. 1 Memorial College will Mr. and Mrs. Ronal KEN KNIGHT
America the world Quartets from over the
.' : Soften up hard to reach appear and perform at the Johnson; 1155 W. 29th
state and a chorus of Invites You To Listen To
- wax with safe effective State Women's Missionary Street, Girl -

f Jill eardrops 60 voices presenting an Union of the Florida Mr. and Mrs. Willie J.
hour-long program of "KNIGHT TRAIN1Starting .
Wash out .clogged wax Baptist Convention Reed; 915 Iona Street; '
TEtasuesaNrta, + cxrtsunmTesstatteUOMscansoPNV sacred music on the
that mejf irritate. April 25, which will beheld Boy.
MUM W 69(&ULUI9QU JlKOSKTOr lit rostrum before the
affect your ,hearing.Ask in Orlando Florida Mr. and Mrs. Joseph At 7OO p.m. Nightly1400WRHC1400- .
\ mosaic of Leonardo daVinci'
trall druggists at the First Baptist teid; 2039 W. 18th St. '
immortal Master
for Alii Church. Boy.

_. '. .- p iece*

,' .
$ .
'.- : ,. '
,, ''
.' .

1lR 4 "r HIPIISNI \ SATVRBAY AFRU 21 1912 It>
_____ _'J

infant Stvdtits Dr. Gomhgiis WoHllWI Methodist Tort An bfapd In A Spirited Contest long Fete Ends: a JDisricts Pia" J;'

2 rotlst lias IStii YMT At PrtsbyftriM A q .,Sz lake Wales Month / SeSiol Y i. irioixt


IR Cafeteria Fla. AftMU.TAILAKASSEEDr.George. Church Mitts ,. .F Masterpiece, one otPlorida's 12 Districts of Second 1 Baptist through .,

By L. N. Pearson Sr. ',,,, leading attractions Church will observe a '
NEW ORLEANS La. Two ,f' is celebra- F .
Joint anniversary April 4
cafeteria sit-ins have W. Gore Jr., president ,All members of the t ting its 10th anniver- ,
29 at 3 p.m. in the : h
been conducted by a of Florida A. and M. United Church Choir are sary this aonth. :-
auditorium of the
group of Tulane Uni- University, began his urged to attend choi Featuring the 300,000 church. ;

versity students to pro- 13th year as president rehearsal Friday night piece Mosaic of Leonardoda
The annual
ti: t the "indefinitesuspension" of PAW en April 1. Dr. at 8 o'clock for final Vinci's immortal message
will be delivered
of their Gore came to the uni- rehearsal of our fester ,"', b; 'Last Supper" ,the ,
Rev. Richard L. Wilson
fellow-student. Edwin versity on March 31, program to be held t Great Masterpiece has
i -h pastor of West Friendship -
I a
Clark who Is vice- 1950 from Nashville Sunday at 9 a.m. in dedicated its grounds to Baptist Church.

chairman of the New Tenn. where he had the Sanctuary. All .7 # Da Vinci whose 510th Officers for the observance -

Orleans CORE group. The served as dean of persons who plan to birth date is this month
; are: Mrs. Agues
cafeteria is located in Tennessee A. and I. take part in the pro 3 4}. also. Jackson general chair-

the University Center. University for nearly gram are required to The Da Vinci Gallery, man; Willie Tucker, J

The "crime" for which 25 years. attend this rehearsal. on the luxuriously land- chairman of
Clark was ousted was Florida A. and M. is Sunday April 22, an scaped grounds contains
bringing Negro guests to and Mrs.
observing its Diamond Easter program will a. many working models of
,. Margie Ferrell .
eat there. In a joint : co-
statement Anniversary during 1962 be presented in the Da Vinci s inventions.The chairman.The ,
and has invited month long 10th
several Sanctuary of the churchat
Clark. 26 other students national organizations, State and Laura FRIENDLY COMPETITORS---The youth of Simpson Methodist Church are engagedin anniversary observancewill pastor Rev. J. C.,

asserted that they too the nation and the Streets at 5 p.m. This their annual Junior Miss MYF contest which climaxes with the selec- be climaxed Easte- Sams closing will remarks.give the

had invited Negroes to world to help it cele- program is a joint tion of the winner during a program scheduled for Sunday, April 29 at Sunday April 22, witha :'!

the cafeteria.In 4 p.m. in the church's Sanctuary. Contestants for the current project
brate 75 years of ser- project of the church pilgrimage from over
questioning Clark. vice to the citizens of school and the United are the Misses Paula Mack Dallastine Smith and Loretta Cowser. Members the state to The Great Sunny Says:

John Stibbs. the dean of Florida by having their Presbyterian youth.T. seated from left are: Beverly Cowser Madlean Bullard, Borothy Lewis, Masterpiece.At .

.en, stressed the issueof national conferences V. Huger superintendent Amzeletta Bui lard, and Beverly McNair, secretary. Standing from left: 3 p.m. Easter Sunday'afternoon Taste the

membership in CORE. and conventions her\ and the church Stephanie Harper Bettie Williams Loretta Cowser, treasurer; Sharman Barber Shop

Tulane University is on campus. school staff are soliciting Mitchell chaplain; Mrs. Edith Dowdell counselor; Brenda Preston. Quartets in conjunc- sunnymorning

presently appealing a your coopera- Patricia Preston, and Emerelle McNair, president. Other members are tion with the Orange

decismon of the U.S. Walker's FloristOpen tion in seeing that Gwendolyn Cowart.Lewis Carter Jr., Amos Hill jr.. William Cooper. Tyrone Blossom Chorus of Orlando ,

district court callingfor Daily- eggs are donated for Williams, district president; Cornelius Hills, Irene Jones Flossie will present a

admission of Negro 8 a.m. 5 p.m. the annual church school Cooper. Joan Cooper. Karen Moore. Hazel Moore Gwendolyn Almon, Maryin one-hour long program of flavor of.

students next fall. ,la,5-24oc, El 3-14,9. Easter Egg Hunt, to be Hills. Cheryl Green. Beverly Butler, Anna D. Grien. and Patricia Hill. Sacred Music on the ros- .. .
-- --
given at the new church trum in front of the

Elect A Leader For The People site '3066 Woodlawn Silhouettes Announce Walker Ensemble Recital Planned Mosaic. .schenleq

Road Monday April Featured will be. The

23 at 5 p.m. Conclave Slate To Give Cantata Monday Night i Components. Sarasota;

Church School begins The Ringmasters St.

JOHN E.MATHEWS. Sunday April 22 at The Silhouettes CluB:;: Here April i 26th By Zion Hope Grp. Petersburg ; The

< 9 a.m. in the West- which consists of islanders, 'Fort Lauder-
Walker's Vocational and The wellknown Female
iminster Hut Mrs. Ruth wives of members dale; and Billy Moore.
of Commercial College, will Chorus of Zion Hope Bap-
Jr. In charge, and Kappa Alpha psi Fraternity Soloist Florida
its Choral tist Church will
present Ensemble presenta
in the Sanctuary at announces the Southern College student
in a Cantata fea- recital featuring out-
State and Laura Sts. following activities Lakeland.
turing the 'TCazarene,"
standing singing
at 9:30 a.m. with T. V. taking place during the groups Located 4 miles north- 1
YOUR STATE SENATORHIS which promises to be Monday night at 8
Huger, superintendentin east of Lake Wales. The
conclave here
Kappa outstanding in clock.
charge. every Great Masterpiece has a Now
this week: This Post-Easter is
way. The program being
Wednesday evening at setting of 25 acres of of
Thursday April 19BaitADate Musical Feature, will presented in behald of straightwhisky .
7:30 p.m. Midweek luxurious tropical
8 p.m. be held in the Scnool' the Pall Bearers SocietyNo. inSchenley
Worship and flowers plants and
Study Hour
RECORD IS HIS RECOMMENDATION Garden Center Auditorum, at 1832 North 18 in Mt. Olive is ,
will shrubs. The gardens
be held in the are r
r Friday April 20 Myrtle Avenue at 8 p.m. Primitive Baptist Church aged over 8
Sanctuary. Choir rehearsal recognized as being andblended
Coffee-Brunch. 1012a.m. Thursday April 26, as Myrtle Avenue and FourthSt. years
will the most beautiful with
be held among
home of Mr. and one of the features for Mrs. Florence Nelson '
Friday night at 8 o'- Jn the entire southland. choice grain \.
Mrs. Nathaniel Davis. this year. president, announced. neutralspirits.

clock. Sponsored by the Alpha Other Founder's Day The public is cordially : j :Fen
Rev. Franklin D.'Wil-
Wives. Bridge Party Activities ,will be announced invited to attend the VOTE!
son and the United $ '
2-5 p.m.Garden Center. later. presi- program.
Presbyterian Choir will .. fiFTH ,.'
Sweetheart party 11 dent Julia Walker Brown
render a 30-program on FREE FISH FRY for Boat OwnersAll r CO '
p.m., Buster Ford's.Saturday extends a hearty welcometo a.
Channel 12 i
April 21 all theCCitizens of boat owners and their families are invited $3
Sunday April 29 from
9 until 9:30 a.m. Rev. Tour of City during the jackscnvilie to attend. to attend a free fish fry at 2100 p.m.. Sunday, PINTCODEt ... ..-,

morning Crab Boil The Choral Group is April 25. at Christopher's Pier .New.. Berlin. :
Wilson will preach the 3-7 Berlin 1044
p.m. New under the direction of
DISCOUNT STORE Sermonette and the This activity is being sponsored by the New Berlin Sehenley Reserve-Blended
(sponsored by local I.A. Christian, vice Club. Whisky Proof.63*Grain Neutral .
Outboard Motor
1824 W. BEAVER STREET choir will be directed local Greeks.) president r Spirits.

830-31 CASSAT AVE. I by Rutledge Pearson Sr. Cocktail party, 7 p.m., ,

New Edgewood Lounge 1r

, )r. W. W. Scbell (sponsored by Alpha -..'.Mlirs'd J

WATCH FOR YOURHigh Kappa Alpha Sorority). S<.J.; : .t .:. : *, f'

iSets Up New UL Black and White Ball, '_ .j : :. ,

11 p.m.. Duval County ."

School Glee Club On Oar Drive was announced ProgramIt this Armory.Current Silhouettes'officers :"'J. "

week by Dr. W. W. Schell. are: '
Ken Knight Jr. Chairman of the Mrs. Alvin S. White. .f ,.t.. 4- ; tyr

Jacksonville Urban presidentMrs.; Louginue Ai.' F (

League's Board of Direc- Parson, vice presi- J' t. 4

TV Show tors, that the Jackson- dent ; Mrs. Hillie :
Howard, secretary; Mrs. J 'J
;, ville urban Tieague will .
Every Sunday conduct a new spring Julius Guinyard, corresponding '

drive this year, to fi- secretary; '. '

9:30 a. m. to 10 a. m. ance the Urban League's Mrs. William D. Sweet : .t+ ..:.

operation for the balance financial secretary; 4 '.. (
WJXT on Channel 4 t this year and the year Mrs. Charles parson, : ....;.1- ... -. 1

af 63. treasurer; Mrs. Robert w ,,.P"."

The chairman Dr. W. W.Schell. Mitchell, business y A! '.., '

Sponsored By PREMIERWatch jr. has invited mamger and chaplain. ; t : t",

board members and volun- Chairmen of the Bait-

For Our Anniversary teer workers that are A-Date Mrs. Louise

Coming Soon interested in Urban Guinyard and Mrs. Ann : fEotrnLy

League's activities to MCIntosh; Bridge party Y

FLA. GRADE "A" SMALL support this financial chairman Mrs. James "

ffort. The League's program Joyner.
3 LIMIT 4_ ,.>
EGGS 6 8ge during the past year
; i
DOZ has been varied and is ,
eking many contribution Jox NAACPReorganizes :.. ..- 111111 I'.at }';. .r .i __ytZi.: ;" f"

FLA GRADE "A" URGE toward general improve ...... ,. : -

nents in many areas. .J .. -;"..#' .-. .. ... '. .
EGGS DOZ.DOZ.. 39 For the past few years For '62 'Push' ,
attention has been fozused "' ,, c'; 'c.'<; ,{; ,, '' :., _........
." ;-': ,x ; .'_ J -(- t -(. .q'
'. "i-.r" : .
to areas of housing With A new slate of ; ;

HICKORY SMOKEDHAMS ocational guidance and officers elected and a "!II. ... ". .Ft '._,. I
'.{ .!.: i' /.i-,. ,.'
?mployment opportunities similar plan being -- '
LB.39c -' .
industrial relations initiated for its execu- .

it u .k u. better race relations tive board committee This Easter Sunday, families all \over the world gather \ R .

and general community persons to attend its together in their homes and churches to celebrate a most '
services.The important monthly branch ; .Aft

League is in the meeting slated for joyous event. The developers of Washington Heights are ,{ .;: 1 ..

LB. 45 idst of Intensive plans Thursday night. April proud of the fact that
< Jir the
12 LK ;'....,,";;o.--n, 0 many Jacksonville' citizens who ': ..: -i}
for establishing program 26 at 8 p.m. in St. Paul : "
': will be a part of this '
tivities for youth incentive AME Church. 3 ,yv !- .' community are a God-loving i
FLA.GRADE"A" LARGE BAKINGHENS and general upgrading New officers elected to : people who seek the better way of life for their children. ,; (it

AVG. WEIGHT in employment serve for the remainder and families. These .
39c are the people who build churches f
opportunities that are of the present term are. .! -: iJ'
6LBS. ding made Rutledge Pearson president *, and these are the people who make the developers of f ,\

being made available toneabers Alyson E. Wise ': i J Washington ; A r6
; Heights
proud that "
a ISLAND SUN they are contributing to .
r of our community.The vice president; J.E. olds 1 -!; r it"f:.. OR '
00 ; i a more wholesome and enjoyable living community '' t
by .
drive that ;
! PPLE'i i treasurer, and Mrs. Elsie ; t

i cheduled is the sixthndependent Frances, secretary. providing them with the homes that will help them attain; :, .., a;. !

fund raising Political ," '
that '
of life
way / : : .
tffort that has been .
bias in
--, .. ', .
HYGRADE FRESH OR acted by the Jackson- :. ;-
employment selective : } ;
:: ille urban League. The : y '-! ., : i
buying. Duval County ,
PICNICS LI.29c die for the fund drive
operated public facili- ;
, is scheduled from \
April "
ties still maintaining
5ththroejh.June 15thTOOTHACHE segregated services in Ulauhitt&ttuu 1. r1i1a %
'; i( : \
defiance of Federal
I b .....0'., ..
DMf sifter Mctottfr. Cet.'ipt r M* I court order are but a '
5c lid fr..s throw" ** wm .f'tferttJiiMwrtft ,,-
few of the issues the "
last ctmi M&Jtl Pus '
!. moods. CvatMttt f:
EGGDYEpuaAS goes
Jax NAACP will discuss
p or m e fty Ail tm stern. ;;
'; -:; ems, ':
.- ._,,,,... tTES .
for of actionin
I.r. ""--< n l *OM -type .
j"? S
= < the very near future. v _

h<.'<--, ., .. ,' i,4 1.i;;
-- ,
., ; : ;; --.'=-''''.'-.- .. ," ._ '. .' _1" r
( ; -J ::: : _

.. ::/_, _, <;---'i-.'- -' ._; :::. -: : :'_

;: t:
'APRIL 21 1; 1 Y Y FlMttA STAR PAGf y:.

D 'tdioIIby REV. J. REDDKK John E. Ford Stofals Ushers hi Holiday Season With i Easter Drama DEADLINE-Minus One --t..w"

s,by R. (CHUCK) Cherried

: Pastor
___ *
-- '--uw The
-- ---- man sitting across the table from P.llcNas;

i. looked like nobody-in-particular. But his eyes
\ _
S'npsofl Methodist t' Ctorcli
were his own as he stared at Our Friend--genuine-;:

f ;...,t..,, .o- ly blood-shot, intensely earnest. They were .

} ,\ : J ,' sitting in a booth in Mary Ford' s cafe. And '
No "Short cuts'1read :, .
f MC Nasty, having Just ordered a second helping :'

I once a story of a man who fount r five of sausage and eggs, began to nod his head decisively -

dollars inside of a street bus on which he was t Yw. :

ridipgito work. Instead of continuing to his "You're right," he said, to Blood-Shot Eyes.
WOrk.he 'decided' to ride buses that.day with the "Your calculations are absolutely correct.

hope that he would find other five dollars to gjj44/. Christ has been dead exactly one thousand, nine

*match the one thad he had already found. When his : hundred and sixty-two years--less a day or so."
five j "Then--why is there still so much ?"
dollars was used up, he returned home only j p
with' the,experience .L # r S Blood-Shot Eyes wanted to know. "Why is every-

Many of us today insist on "short cut" methodsin t body so unlovable to each other? Why are the
e '
the whole business 4, : 'broads and the rent-man and the insurancemanand
of life. They are not reliable i
rollers so hard on a man? And where are the
even if they off
pay temporarily at times;
) LMi1 sure-enough children in the world? Where's LOVE--
in the '
long run, they are not helpful. To use
that's what I want to know?"
them, at all is to misuse values and encourage ?
"Hush, now," McNasty soothed. "You'11 havea
others to do the same. They will, sooner or stroke."
later, :yield their harmful results.
"Christ died for nothing that's what!' Blood-
We should expect to pay our way or, do what is
: Shot Eyes concluded, bitterly.
necessary to make a success. That which we receive .
.J'i : ; 1 "Christ died because he had good sense," Mc-
without a corresponding responsibility : !" x ':' ....... ': Nasty contended. "You would have died
should give to us, as recipients, a sense of '. ., _, .... -"' "- _. .-"-" '1'!';; too, ,if
Ginsberg & Co. had Jammed you up like that. ."
humility. i. d'a', sense of, obligation. Many timesour 'IUCK OF BARNEY BOO" a drama with a cast of Fourth Graders, highlighted the Easter Holiday seasonat "I believe in GodBloodShot Eyes -
to in the "receiving line" attendance of its parents, faculty .
overeagemess get John E. Ford School Tuesday night before a large PTA sponsors
desperately. "i believe in salvation and eternal
blinds us to our, many obligations.. Our "re and the general public. Directed by Mrs. M. W. Simpson, a member of the faculty, and Miss M. B. life-"

I ceiving' line1 philosophy and its results are Griggs, an intern from Florida Normal and Industrial College, principals of the cast included Rufus "I believe you're hungryMcNasty observed.

indicated 1i { of We remind the Brenda Mother Brown Gloria Shelton as Janie Brown; Sylvester Simonas
f? ( many our prayers Jones as Farmer Brown; Boyd as ; 'I ami! I'm starved, I'm ravenous! But it's all
Lord that Me is the mother for the motherless anda Tommy Brown; June Denson, Susie Q, and Ronald Collins as Barney Boo. Other students enacted the spiritually. I don't need anything in my gut.

father for the fatherless. We remind Him to dancing bunnies and supporting cast. Rev. E. J. Rivers, pastor of Ebeneezer Methodist Church gave It's in
my soul I need it, man. I'm seeking butI
help the poor and the needy. We remind Him to the Easter message and A. C. Madry, principal offered the welcoming address. can't find anything! Blood-Shot's
care for the sick and helpless. We use many (Royal Art Studio Photo) draw water.

erssuch as :indicated above to urge the Lord --
pr ;
"They tricky broads back in Christ's time
'that which we should have already done. It, Recent Confab
tOf1o an League McNasty said, sympathetically. "And the rentmanand
seems to me., that we tell the Lord to do it and
the insurance-man and the rollers were Justas
that is all our share of the responsibility in New Broke Rerord
hard on a man back then as they are now. And
getting it-florie. ST. Program BELLE GLADE The Pro- people were seeking and wondering about love and
We are toidfthat one half of the population gressive Baptist State
Columbia worrying about children
Just like '
you are,
the world, go1 to bed hungry every night.. It is not Urban Convention of Florida buddy.

because .that there is a food shortage in the executive di- closed a record breaking '
'And I' 11
college say, too, that if Christ died for
world. As'atmatter fact, there is more food in Junius A. Bow- session in the light of nothing, then
was on nothing is Just another name for
the world tbday than ever. Every one should be Gibbs that the objectives and hospital- heart. Life has nothing to offer a man without
challenged face of this real problem in the committee of
in last ty at the First Baptist heart. Women scorn him, money ducks him, children
world, along with others. There, is no 'short Guidance and Church, Belle Glade re- distrust
Michael him Other men use him, A man without
to. the answer. s Science and cently.
heart is
director a man without life. Christ knew this.
Community groups and Under the leadership of That's all he preached. That's all he died to
CONSULT Consultation Relations the host pastor, the
fl DR SMITH FREE Examination lege prove.

You Will e. Told .In Plain Words What the Trouble Is, What l I. Columbia are formula- Rev. J.B. Adams, the "Yes, sir," McNasty concluded, reflectively. .. ,
Causing. and' .What May B. Don to Correct It, If You Suffer Teacher's for a new congregation accordedthe ''He had a lotta heart Christ'did.. .." "
With program emphasi- .
ARTHRITIS HEADACHES BLOOD PRESSURE THROAT DISORDERS Friday at delegation every He sat back in the boo'th-and"smiled, as. a. waitress ':cr'
ASTHMA HURT DISUSE SINUS INFECTIONS program courtsey, and 'the churchwas slid
interest a fairish platterful -
of and ... .
INFLUENZA BLOOD AND SKIN PELVIS DISEASES versity' area an ideal setting for him. .
and civil
LUMBAGO BLADDER DISORDERS MEN fr WOMEN Dr. per- annual meeting got
I .,...t'c.'itio". c..I c.mU.r 4 surgical wKhwit the MM .* a asked to con- under way with the wel- r-----
knife. Modern nuthetfi of diagnosis and trtotmtitt. FREE EXAMINATION tunity to I
BY. APPOINTMENT ONLY-21 years lucctufyt practice fci J.ckIH'il1e.| Urban League's come presentation tues-
HOURS-10 A.M. tt ,:JO P.... PHONE EL 4.1117 for further in-
day March 18 at 7
.:DR. REX ,SMITH faculty rooms, 109 East with outstanding per- s

'00 WEST STATE ST. Offlc* je rm.rl,* 0,.,Ht Riff Theatre) members..In .

r .. ELgin 6-4292-3. honor Clde parris, mayor
I faculty office has of Belle Glade, ,and ; F a

"Fair alll'fllllor all under the law /" BricJ a $215,000.00, Charles- D. Goodlett, V Y l +' A

gram f 0' grant from chief of Police, appearing -

Junior Corporation on the program.The .
York to be used
strators Convention proper
next five
__ at years was opened by the Rev.

r L. eligible the Dr. J. C. Sams, general
s youth incentive
receive of educational president, with a Joint GETS BAND PLAQUE---Cadet Lt. Ronald Ross (left)

study for session Wednesday. of Jacksonville presenting an "appreciation

HUTCHINSYOUR The and guidance There after the various plaque" from the National Association of '
of auxiliaries met in their ROTC Bands to Leonard Bowie, assistant director
stated by Whitney
leges varied sessions at sister of bands at Fl.rida 4* and 41* University;
Jr. the ,_
Brick co-host churches.The -

CONSTABLEDISTRICT National, described Execu-, parent meetings body and of other the Loses Billfold, Knife, EXCLUSIVE' OFFER

program. signi. bodies were excellently 5th Of Wine To
to the nation Bathrooms
were 167 it "of in- attended. Sfrongarm Men J\\
but by Highlights of the sessions -
DUVAL COUNTY will be importance were the Civic James Darnell Williams
=- -
t or
dissolving the
Talk with anyone who has had dealings with my graduates of indifference hour at which time the apparently was minding.. =--
training Rev. Dr. C. W. Black of his own business early Fences Painting

office and they will assure you that they have keen Dr. SHANK'r stif- San Antonoi. Tex. was Wednesday morning when 0 Screen
aspirations of Enclosures
to the heard, and the generaland he was robbed of his

treated fairly and with dignity i that my students of young today.Negroes" direct presidents billfold, a switchblade 0 Garages '._

office is operated efficiently and courteously.Paid that Carnegie hours. The workshops, knife and somewhat 0 Alnrainnm Siding ",..
instit the Orthodoxy hour and depleted fifth of wine.
( political Adv. )) their noted that Joint Education Rallywas Williams told police U p to 10 Years

edu supported has in a also interesting. officers that while he No Money Down ,-'

Financial reports were was in the vicinity of
of programs to Al Work Guaranteed
gratifying and credi- Church and Lee Streetshe '' "

disadvantaged table sums were con- was approached by Conscffdate All Yous Bills 1.
tributed to Mission and
three men who demandedhis Pay '
youngsters need ducation. Williams Only One Hate
he. said. "They With the exception of a ingeniously dropped $17 Free Estimation ,
They need ad-
few officers
in bills on the sidewalkand Associated Construction
They need to be all key officers, chair-
planted his foot on
men and committeemen and Company

"Where You Get 1C ez. To think construc- women were re-elected them.tained His a remaining billfold$18.con- 1423 DAYIS ST. E159594t ,-
about their
own --
and limitation I

+ IN +- THE opportunities
their further

and growth.


Prepare F1- U


RS23 Annual GABLES---Junior Program U P E R MARKEjS

law stu- u. S. # 1 FLA. GRADE 'A' SMALL

of Florida A.

FLA. GRADE "A" ,SMALL FLA.; University extensive pre-are POTATOES EGGS 31 1 CAZH
to partici- 10 !b bag / 5C. D OZ. In carton

in the annual foaA order

3 C Court Competi-

99 by the FRESH fl.ORIDA
DOZ. Bar Section of

FOR University of Small Size Whole 451' 2 9 c


.'':-.1 __. '. .-.- '---., ... prpblem in essence, is or ,In Portions ,Ib. .
or not the
'FRESH DELIGtT"C should adopt Large Package WESSON

D U C KS provides of parties practice for in FA B 15'.". 01 L largebottle24 '1.-\ ;

With $5.00
fees to pay of the the $ or more foot! order With $5.00.. mote feed dorier' :':__


,., -- ,'-, .
,, .
,- ,- ., ,
", '


"" \' "I STAR \, SATURDAY A'pRiL962;
1 .. .. ... ..._. _I ._-- 'I:

1 %.'';' 'Pictorial 1 Hiklihts Of Irtwsttr ....rlll lUspitil's New Wing's Dedication Ceremonies J ; I

Y :
I 4
:t-b.: j-7.

wlt. cli k + 4* I

>F > it11

_l&'L A :
{k, y
} p


r' s


tJ\ ;- wi; G (, \ : $ .

t2 I ,. .
A{ >

: t

: rTiw .i'5 5 1a 9 ; 5!

i1L I 9 '/'r': ; I

-- -, .......-..-..4-- i I
4t _

5 a.p r t M c :

,. .a R yrF ,: .o v

R ,.e I'' f
i if
s r ?'3ca +: ;;, ? t

t -t +th., % siiz -

.. '

1L1r ? .PY

i '"

: .,.' ...
>h i.
Y + .ems.

7'i; Z&. x.a

... %
v _' ',' _::}: 'J'f f :_' -..-., ......, r :> ';tf %- f f T ;w "' ::'-"'" i

$1 MILLION WING IS OPENED: In keeping with Jacksonville's metropolitan area's population explosionand pix shows group of volunteers and guests inspecting cafeteria. Bottom picture (left) shows well-

industrial expansion,Brewster Methodist Memorial Hospital dedicated its ultramodern new $1 Mil- stocked pharmacy staff, and interested spectators. Brewster' teenage volunteers perform duties

lion wing for public viewing and service Sunday at 3 p.m. Hundreds of interested persons representing which would be additional tasks to regular staff members. The net result is that the regular staff ,

a cross section of local citizenry and Methodist lay officials participated the dedicatory members are able to, in turn, render additional services to the patients. Administrator Jack Whit-

ceremonies following the invocation by the Reverend Bishop Marquis L. Harrisprelate of the Atlantic tington and his son. Matthew R.are flanked from the left by the Misses M. L. Jenkins Naomi Downer,

Coast 'Area, the Methodist Church. First photo (left) shows portion of crowd making inspection tour Melinda Carter and Barbara J. Horne. Standing. from left: Mrs. Clauthe*. D. Mungin Director of Volunteers '

of the new wing. In second photo (from left) are: Jack H. Whittington, Brewster administrator; ; Misses Martha Bums Janice Robinson 'Gloria J. Thompson and Catherine Lane. OFFICIAL FAMILY J I

president of the Board S. Gordon and Mrs. Blalock; Miss Emma Burris, Executive Secretary, social and. from left are: Miss Barbara Burris Executive Medical Secretary, Social and Medical Work Women's

Medical Work Women's Division of the Methodist Church; Dr. J. M. MCLeod, District Superintendent, Division, the Methodist Church; Matthew R. Whittington; Mrs. Jack (Etoile) Whittington; Jack Whit

the Methodist Church, Jacksonville District; Mrs. J. Fount Tillman, President Women's Division of tington Mrs. J. Fount Tillman, president, Women's Division of Christian Services, the Methodist

Christian Service, the Methodist Church; Mrs. Charles Copher of Atlanta, member of the Board of Church and Mrs. Charles Copher, Board Member, Women's Division: Board of Missions Atlanta. Georgia.: >

Directors. .Women's Division of Christian Service; J. Hillman member of Brewster Men's Club.. Third Royal Art studio phonos) '
;'.-.. '-- ..
-- :::: ;"'--

+ ? (: < .: ;{ ACKNOWLEDGEMENT : BY BREWSTER METHODIST HOSPITAL Fd Present n List wm Be Completed ln t .'Follofin :


: >-
\ to.,
Bennett.? Helen': S. Jordan Alma Wright, Catherine E. FLORIDA CONFERENCE -Baptist- -- --Church--- FAIRPIELDGLYNLEA : Officials Large Gathering : !'
.Bevel Alber.tha Kitchen Mildred Wy nn Betty Florida Conference Bethel Baptist inst. FCRESTVI 'I

Bozeman. Daisy Lamb Anna E. JacksonLa Ya tea Cora Florida Conference- Riverside Baptist -: Attends Brewster Dedication .1.t i,

near To mi a
Blunt George Cnt. Jurisdiction.Jax HENDRICKS MEMORIAL' An audience estimated to be about 400 people as-
Lang Marjorie L. Butch, Gordon P. Methodist ChurchJacksonville
Blue Lillie Ruth District WSCS sembled in cafeteria last Sunday to witness the i1:"
Lewis WillieLi c. P. A.
Boyd Ruth 'H. Ja x Fir s't Met h DistrictBd. HIGHLANDS program. ; dedicating the net r Service Center wing. at'* ; _
Jeanita Blow John N. .j }
Brown ion as ,Anderson Methodist-;,., I-ot. Miss ions' -: :. HUTTO C'HAPEL.LIVINGSTm Brewster 'Methodist 'Hospif il.
Brown renz.o..A---':'", MacDonald MarthaMackey. Bluee.. ;, Charj'esHi: 'S [IF ., ,''"T 511Hotz t
'Mr s.. K.. J. AndrsonMemorial Meth. Many of those present also gave remarks.
Bo lte Arthur H. '
Bro w n. Ma'r.? L. Theresa MEMCRIAL :
WillisMr.and Mrs.F.A. Honorable Haydon Burns
Hix.'Root the
Circle took a tour through
Bryant: Gladys Macon MarionMarshall Boykin, M rs. S. F.
AnnieMa Breedlove Eugene G. Rains Mrs. R. V. MAIN STREET building before the Mayor-Commissioner. ,

Burns Mary G. 'Jr. Stafford, Mrs. W. E. Arlington Methodist MURRAY HILLchurchwell general assembly for the Jacksonville Florida
Bryan J.
Burton Waver, C. yes Rosa B. ----
Glynlea Methodist WSCS Arlington FriendshipClass ,_Kev. anc program. Open House began also gave remarks. The.
Alma McCain Eloise Bunch, Franklin S.
Clark Murray Hill MethodistWSCS Mrs. W. j. at 1 p.m. and continued New Stanton orchestra'
Cl ark Burnell McCormick, Gertrude Burns, Mayor Haydon
Burke i. Ansco, Mrs. W. S. through 6 p.m.The rendered
McGruder Frances J.
Clark Hattie M.
Northshore MethodistWSCS N MANDy'BOUlEVARDNORTffiHmE Introduction and remarks
Burt Maude T. Densmore David program got underway
Clark, Horace M. McNair Marjorie Mrs. \the
made by Medical
Miller, Mr. and Mrs. MBTH.Duffin. at 2:30 p.m. with Atty. were
Cleveland, Rosella Mc Ni sh Myzele Buttrey, Mr. and Mrs.D. .
Mercer Lucille R.Chllds. DENTISTS George R., Jr. S Gardon Blalock,. chairman Staff. Dr. Clyde t k 'Collins
Cohen Sidney X Mrs. J. T. president; fi r. FrederickH.
Board of Directors
.. Me ,rr itt Eula Mrs. KarleneCommanderCharles 4 0' Br i en Paul
Coleman B.ea trice'_ /
Chief of Sur-
Allen, Dr. F. C. of Brewster serving as
Combs', Azalea B.. Moody Margaret E. Jr.
Con'ol'y., .Lou ise Montgomery, Mattie Cranska, Miss Evelyn C. Allen, Dr. It.s... "" Avondale Methodist, ORTEGA master of ceremonies. The gery; Dr. I.E. Williams '
Medicine Drl C A. Mead;
Bliss, Dr. H. A. audience joined in sing- ;
Coo k *:.,Sam u,e 1 L. Morrell Mary J. DanielAtty Jaquelin J. Flowers, Mr. and Mrs.V. Hall Mr. and Mrs. Orthopedics; Dr. CharlesR.
Bliss Dr. Rupert ing the Star Spangled
Daniel Atty Richard P.
Morse M.
Crawford Inez V.Moyer. Wm. .
Bunch .Dr. W. Burnie H.FEELIR Banner, followed by invocation Smathers, Otolaryngology I
Douglas Mrs. J. T.
Mo rse Marion
Cruse Beverly Ann Mr.and Mrs. C.Z. MEMORIAL '
Frank Ob-
Conners pr. James J. by Dr. Robert Dr. 'Long :
Claretha D. Dupont.Mrs. Jessie Ball
Mungin, -
Tommi '
Curry e C.
Glickstein, Dr. Felix Brimer, Mr. and Mrs. Blackburn of the First stetrics and Gynecology; j
Ne lson MozelleOd Edwards Mrs. Eva
Del Rio Garcia S. Ebenezer Methodist Pediatrics '
I Good, Dr. Harry C'. Aubrey Church.The Dr. C.B. MCIntosh. -
Detrez. Elizabeth um Juanita Forte Mrs. Harold M. uethodist W.j.
Harvey Dr. Frank N. Carlson, Mr. and Mrs.C. keys to the buildingwere ; Dr. : KnauerJr.
Dorn Stephen E. Payne Ida McHenry Gookin Mrs. Lily Ebenezer Methodist
A. Opthalmology; Dr.
Henderson, Dr. J. R. presented by W.E.
Dowdell Irene P. Fender, Perry L. Gutman, Atty Arthur J. Fennema Miss Helen
Hester Dr. Charles j. Fpltz. Mr. and Mrs.H. Arnold Jr. Contractor, Joseph Farringion'Dermatology ; I
Darby H a r ryE. Phillips Maria D. Hall, Mr. and Mrs. j. Perkins Benjamin
A.Fullertcn. Dr. Tho as Taylor
Masters Dr. C. J. to Harold Saxelby of ; \
Denefield, Beatrice. Price Orenza Q. Hall & Children Smee Miss Nola '
McDonald, Dr.Charles W. Mr. and Mrs.C. Saxelby and powell and Mrs. Anita Irving.
Samuel Hibbard Mrs.
E ley, Mary Ann Sharp '
FriallGwendolyn Redding. Gloria E. Henry, Mrs. John B. Uende Is ohn Dr. Max Fairfield Architects, who in turn director of Nursing Sergi,
Nagel. Dr. L. B. Harper Mr. and Mrs. them to Miss I'
Fe gins Gunner Reed Barbara Hirschberg. Morton R. presented vice.YWCA 4 I!,.... .. '. .
Field Margaret M. Reed Willie Mae Howe Joseph R. parks Dr. James M.Jr. John Emma Burris, Woman's Division Official[ -
: First Methodist Mr. n '
Rampton, Dr. F. Robert Hogan of Christian Service '
Frazier. ..Jr. J. H. Register Nancy B. In a, Jack
; Tours
Roth Dr. who presented them
N.M. ,
W. D. Pi rst Methodist
Frazier Mamie T. Re yn olds Judy Jobe Atty .
Bloat Dr. Roy J. Hogan Mr. and Mrs.T. J. Fount Tillman,
Rivers Inez Johnson, Mrs.Charles F. Adams Mrs. T. E. Mrs.
Gaines Elsie N. PETERSBURG A former -
and Wats on,Dr.Walter J.,Jr.' Anderson Mrs. j. R. C.Pepper. President'of. W. S. C. S. ; ST.
Gadsden TheodosiaMamie Ru sh ShirleySampson Mr. Mrs. Fullbright scholar
Mr. and Mrs. M.
Wilcox. Dr. Hugh B. Board Chairman S. Gordon
John S. Anderson Luke
Gads 0 n, I. Yvonne Smith Mr. and Mrs.A. now serving as chief of ,
Ella BREWSTER EMPLOYEES Armstrong, Mrs. A. 0. Blalock jack H. Whit-
George, Mr. & Mrs. W. Sa nd ers HarveySegerstrom Jones Mrs. L. E. student YWCA gr ups in 10.

Gi Ib ert,.. Joyce Leah W. Jones Glover Adams Laura B. Boland Mr. and Mrs.H. tington; Brewster states urged ,co-eds: at '.:

Golden Katie T. Si las Francine Kelley. Mrs. jack C. Adkihs Verdelle R. Riverside Park Methodist Hospital Administrator Gibbs Junior College to ..

Greene Jessie M. Si la s Fred Kirby T. Malcom ConnerMr.and Mrs.j.W. for accep- master "the spoken and,

Gresham Jennie 0. Sims YvetteSingleton Knight, Atty Rammond D. Adams Laura B. Conner Miss Martha V. Mills Paul C-. tance. written words** t,,>. .

Griffin Willie C. Wilhelmina Lipsxombe, R. Boone Ad kins Verdelle Cooke Rev. Don A. Moore, Miss Martha R. Music was. rendered by Miss RosettaJGardner, "

Gundy Willie Lee Sledge Betty Martin, Mr. and Mrs. Akins Rosa DavisRev.and Mrs.J.A. Rasmussen, Rev. C. H. the New Stanton High who. studies at fehgland* s

Fred Ralph R.Hello Alexander Verdell Dawkins D.C. Sr. School Orchestra under "
Ha ff pearl Smith L. Oxford University and now :
Captain Wm. Allen Gloria Duran Mr. and Mrs. A. the direction of E. ,
Hall Hansome ith Myrtle RUDY MEMORIAL made Executive secretary of
Mitchell Mr. and Mrs. Anderso Charles L. Duttera, Mr. and Mrs.W. Graham. Remarks were
Ha 11 Thelma Smith Willie L. SNYDER MEMORIAL McCayley. the National student, YWCA

Harpe Dorothy W. Sn ead Vivian' Sollie Anderson, Charles L. Pligh, Mrs. nose E. by Charles H.Architect; organization., for. the.If'

Ha rre 11 Eva M. Sum ter. RaymondSy Moultrie John" W. and Ar ti e. Bert ie Hall Mrs. Mary A. SPRING GlEN Autha Consultant Forehand, Florida Southern Region ..rnade

Harvey Lizzie M. ke s. Marie George R. Ranks ElizabethMIAMI Heath Miss Maybird SPRINGFIELDSOUTHSIDS .' Development Commission. the point to students at,
-- -- ----
Hayes Bert ha Thomas Ann II. Nash Mr. and Mrs. Lockwood, Mr. and Mrs. the college in .apprising '
chairman -
D.C. Dawkins Sr. ,
.'Thomas Raymond B. Ma leo IIIO'Reilly ESTATES in "'.
Haynes .'Bertha ti Robert Expansion Fund COm- them of the. "World ';
Ha wk Eva Thomas Willie Mae James H. Luke Mr. and Mrs. Guy Revolution. S
Floral park Meth. WSCS SOUTHSIDE mittee; Mrs. Ralph per- Ii
He nd en Ruby Thompson, Carol 0 Nea Payne Mrs. Seleta j. Sellers Memorial WSCS McLeod Rev. J. M. kins president Jackson- She supported her concept -. -
rhom son Juanita Pitt man H. R. Swaim Memorial, E. ; .4" '
Maud Morris ,
Higdon, Tarboux Methodist WSCS Moorman, Mr. and Mrs. ville District. Woman's of changing world
Thorpe Annie Phillips. T. T. jr. ':'
llie. Louise =
Ho C. E. Trinity actions by s
of Christian Service s8l1r.1tIan'
Th Polite Mr. and Mrs. A.
urman Mary
Hosendorf. Shirley NSW SMYRNA BEACH ---Per r e 11 .,,G. E. WESLEY MEMORIAL >. with a membership of desire for freedom can beir
Tlmoons juanita Po s tell A. P.
Hudson Evelyn and Asia
Pond Mr. Mrs. H. 4600. discerned in Africa.
Reid Miss Dorothea H. .
Jackson. Deloris Tunsill Nellie E., nd7'Mrs.GU Coronado Community WSCS Schupert,. Mr. and Mrs.. WOCDSTCCK PARK Remarks were also made the Unites, state-s, ,and
Roberts Mr. .
Jenkins. Albert W. Walthour, Arnetta First Methodist"ISCS Shute Mr. W. S. CHURCHES by Mrs. Charles Copher. other countries." "then ';

Jenkins Jean Marie Warren Alma ) f Sinn, Miss Eva May FLORIDA Departmentof work in such freedom comes.you4-

Jenkins Lenora C. Washington, Frances Rose. M. 'N. ORLANDO Slaughter Mrs. Agnes Home Fields they may not bei Atty Leander J. METHODIST
Mercedes ,
Jenkins, Watkins Richard Christ Methodist WSCS Tucker, Lawrence H. tbodist Church; Mrs. them" She emphasized -

Jennings., Lillie II. White Charlie B. Simmons, Mrs. C., Sr. First Methodist WSCS Williams, Mr. and Mrs. Caswell Mrs. V. R. David R. Thurman. president thai students: must

Johns ,:LU; 'e 1,1 a M.' ,Watts Ernestine V. Smith, Mrs.! E. A. Pine Castle Meth. WSCS Tyrie :BMflITY METH. w.S.C.S. Central often work,,hard to catchup
Stark William D. Jr.
'Johnson,. .AlaetTa.... White Dock JACKSONVILlE Florida and much can be done
; Th BiM..' >: Haynes Mrs. P. M. Jurisdiction
johnsonlT Ernestine-s. "blttin eus ? to mast.erthe
ton jack ST. PETERSBURG M"rs. Alverta by. 'learning
Edward K. ." Thorns G. Treas. DIN3MCRBVoss. Conference;
Walker. Mrs. ,
,ky e Wi and
J o hn so n fTPran lliams. Ervin Woman written spoken
;Ch'a*rl'ie Willis, Mr. and Mrs. Murray Hill Meth. WSG Cook for president -
Williams word.
Jones Ethel
L. Rev. 'C. H. Society of Chris-
r.nehthe Frank A. Northshore Meth. SIG s
j ohnson t : Williams Lelia M. Drs. Inlet Meth. Central With group president. .
ST. PETERSBIRG tian ,Service, :0 "
pr&n'i'1e Wood ley. M. M. South lde Meth. MSG '
jo hn sonJones ,.3s. Williams: yaml Ryan Thomas D. Florida liozclln Gays in charge.
"::Cha rrl'i'e Williams Melvin Toffee B.' B. Grace Methodist WSCS jurisdiction, Miss Gardner was treated '
Jo = Dorothy Williams Mildred Lakewood Methodist WSCS CHATTACHOCCIEEPi Conference; Mel
-"fik ne s.. H. to 'snap' report on the
;;:2:" Jones ,L U 1 aM. Williams NathanielWi Southern Bell Telephone Trinity Meth. WSCS Memorial Methodist t Methodist Bill Hubbard, Robert Nor- campus group's service. _
rs K.
and Telegraph Co. Powell
_, ,.1' ton- is ,I. dham and Harry _

,- --- -'- <_ ,- -. .. '. .., -' '- ...,,:-,

( ., .- :' : 'j''j''JJ.'JJ.? 'j\: } \ .--,::'-,;-'.
: '. 7-, _: -, ;:.r--

4. I TI
__ __ u__ 3 r PAGE .I.. ,J.
,J'":? 1! IncludedIn Gibbs Ufti Senior Wins Misoas Annual Oratorical Contest, Here NYU. Professor Appearing In Scholarship Benefit

.Ars John's Adresses .

.Flolida" Tour' The young ladies s z, YN *",: Educators
: ''
,> 4NALMA' with Miss wary R. {
/ ST. PETERSBURG A'topflight } 1
their sponsor,
5 professor of
several churches
out the Bay Area social studies was r

the school year principal speaker forth

- Next project Pinellas County
is the YMCA* s _S : Council of social .C&
Potato Chip Sale. .rf u. Studies Teachers when
the Council met the.
\ raised from this :* 1 caucus of Gibbs on Junior
will go into the .
coffers to : College this week.
> P Dr. S.81 McCUtcheon
11 JOHN -_ t author of numerous
"Operation .
ylNFW Visitation" will textbooks, head of the
YOU- Alma ,Ves- *New York University
the launching pad
sells John R. N. Consultant Department of Social
this project will
toiPersonal Studies spoke to more
such things as
Products Corporation than 30 instructors
county -
flowers to the
III ltown, jis J. Director 1 who had gatheredon
I- providing fruit
of Wom i's Acti- the
thing for junior College
vities Radi Station for of the
; entertaining campus one .
WIRL aniLHcae a'
Specialist tl* Tintex musical programs.Hospitals a group's regular
will visit the' UDshlne in .J 4
In addressing the in-
State after/s, short this red carpet K
in the near future 4 structors Dr. Mc-
absence. Mrsj John was .
in attendanc 1in Miami the St. Petersburg Cutcheon gave the CATHERINE P. GRANT talented 9-year old danseusadaughter

recently whin' the A- tals. Tampa 'Seven Hallmarks of of Mrs. Pauline Washington 1104 DavisSt.

t : pcheduled to get the Teaching Profession will be one of the top-billed performers- '
tion met. \\! treatment.To asi Social Justification, appearing with FAMU's J.R.E. Lee Gretel, and Gertie: ".,.
During her visit, she round out a Discipline Ethic. Content School of Dance group appearing here Monday night ,

will' be gues of the year, the co-eds skill Humility, at 8 p.m. in the Isaiah Blocker School's audi ,'

Florida State artment the Red cross in a and Self-Respect." torium. The presentation is being given in behalf / s

of Health in Jackson 4. its projects and In conclusion, he of the annual Scholarship Fund Drive. The public
sonsor a urged the Instructorsto
v ille. Flori where is invited.
educator Tea. The event : "Take people as -- T
llarr .Alyce
t' a May date in they are, not as they
Shirley..is on tie staff.
Mrs., John, a mtive of be utilized to SIMS of Miami ( front row center) was adjudged winner of the ought to be; Be pre-

Philadelphia pi. is a parents with the Arch Masons of Florida annual State Oratorical Contest for high pared to like people:
graduate of Harlem" Hospital tives of the noble seniors which was held Monday night in the Masonic Temple audi- and Have an enthusiasmfor

School ofi.Nursing Officers of the here. Second place winner was Ruth Y. Brown of Ocala. (front row your work. "

and New, York University YMCA are: left) and Emma L. Cooper of Gainesville (front row extreme Anti-Bias i w
and has traveled' I extensively president; Phykkus ) was runnerup. Other contestants back row from left were: Juliene

throughout t vice president; Winter Haven; Robert McElroy, Marianna; Harry Woods, St. Augus- Program w yt 1 al

continental{ u. .A. and Jones, secretary; ; and Barbara George, Jacksonville. Front row from left: Ruth Y.

the, Caribbean ii pursuithealth rion Johnson, Catherine Joyce Ford Live Oak; Willie Sims, Alfreda Ravenell, Under AttackNEW r '!I .
of new opportu ties in Other members are: ; and Emma L. Cooper. Bottom photo shows Masonic family officials

the field of Williams Mersell listening to famed Bethune-Cookman Choir under the direc- YORK The Govern-

education. She \s bring- Harriett Jones of Thomas D. Demps which were guest artists for the event. ment's widely publicized y 3 .4 .
ing WIt: 'her the film Williams, Lillie (Royal Art Studio Photos) 'Plans for Progress *

Helen li ,." Lily Hamilton, program devised to expand -
Paris made w.- ..._.... .
under the\\ direction' of Tucker, !I ,' ,. ,;' Y"I ,;' ;" 'j: Negro industrial yN

Personal Pr cdutts Cor- Mercedes Milligan j :7. employment, was attacked l t :, r
poration fa which she ter), Mae Hattie I ,; t! this week as 'ineffectual" 4
co-stars with Ophelia and diversionaryby
DeVore who\heads her Bessie Jones a leading civil

own charm sclool' in New and Arleaser rights spikesman.

York and Heidi" Williams Muslims Herbert Hill, labor
fasous Ebony oo\\'el' : x secretary of the National -

The visit9r Wo will Association for
be in resident at Fiesta Program .'. the Advancement of

Motel, is ] member of All persons Colored people, made

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority concerned the charge in an appraisal .'".(
'CM'Eta.' 'phi freedom, of the first

Daughter Elks, CRT equality for 51'M year operations of
and Americ Women in called' Negro the President's COmmit-

Television Vnd Radio, merica are tee on Equal Employment

the first ol, her race Muhammad Mosque, .ry.; Opportunity which was
to win the coveted 24 W. union St. "rp established last April 7.

McCall UikeVcr. her, Under guidance of Robert -
for the pl gram ;
B. Troutman jr. ,
outstanding'rogram L
I I begins at 2 .
Radio of Atlanta a member of ;'i
over Station WWRL dore X, Mr. : '
'Where she is, Director' minister of the President's Commit 4-H WEEK OBSERVERS---Among the top 4-H youths ; "

of Women's Activities) ville Hasting tee the "Plans for who are observing National 4-H Club Week, March' :" C

WHAT'S RIGHT WITB TEEN Tampa announced.HOUGABOOK. progress' program has 3-10 are James Otis Toles top center, of '
AGERS. ,I not produced large- Grady, Ala., and two of his sisters Ethel '
An electrifying' and = '. 5: scale opportunities fro Louise and Melvinor,at bottom. James is getting i

dynamic speake] Alma [ Negroes workers" and pointers on culling out poor layers from Assistant .

John is expected to set SERVICE aa': as AM.S has been used mainly to County Extension Agent Addre Bryant "' ltf...

something of. 'record' 4 'A .1 Mivert attention and right. His father Otis Toles is looking on..:. :.:.J;-:;
in her c attributions to GENERAL AUTO energy from the syste- They are in the youth s new laying house sur- '
matic, acrosstheboardjob 350 that 140 dozens
community campus and J. W. HOUGABOOK, rounded by layers produce
educational, facilities. 1361 Kings Road EL which it is Government eggs a week. Ethel Louise and Melvinor are '

(Sparta Photo) ,, o: 4 % s responsibilityto shown last summer .stack-ing away Jars of fruits

'!!WI carry out," Mr. Hill and vegetablee for winter eating by their large ..,."_

ELEC DEVELOPERS' PLANNERS The ten guys and a gal above were charged. family. There are 12 sisters and brothers.; fv
principal planners for the 9th annual marketing clinic and con- Mr. Troutman, the NAACP These two girls canned 995 quarts of food daring V

Clyde Nt\ of the National Association of Market Developers to be held spokesman asserted, has the year. Their storehouse is in their "
: Cleveland May 17-29. National board members of the professional- 'served the national backyard. :
G group met recently with leaders of its host chapter at Pick- purpose in his usual :.

Saooersr.CONSTABLE. ; Hotel sessions in the Ohio City. Standing left to right are fashion"-by serving his WILSON T. V. SERVICE .5
Blunt Cleveland Call-Post Karl Matthews Standard Pressed friends, Senators

11a Philadelphia NAMD founder Moss H. Kendrix. director. The Richard Russell and Her- When you have Radio T. V. troubles

District'11 H. Kendrix Organization (Carnation Milk), WashIngton. D.C. MHKO man Talmadge of Georgia, r
for Carnation James "Bud" Ward NAMD executive director and racial segregation. CALL 354-5136 1349 DAVIS SI
Tzt'r.s Xo tiih illIl.Pw .-
: Avery New York City and Dan Keane. Gulf oil, pittsburg. r ,

i 7Y/vriV//fi* left to right, are NAMD president William G. Porter St.

t .. Your vote, and Support Appreciate and Chapter prexy Jim Hewitt. Inserted left to right, are 1
chairman Leroy Jeffeies, Johnson Publishing Company Chicago.

Paid Political Adv. treasurer Joe Williams Cleveland, and Convention chairman nowitPepsir

J. Burns Burns Associates Cbveland. A dozen or more other
E were in Cleveland for planning session.
: i/ ll/ l for those who think loung

1" .;,/.,, ,.""":t, ...' ,

and Adams Miorte EL 4 PRIMARY ';
ELECTION VOTE!' t" .. : -:. :
1962 MULLET LINE MAY 8thJolmiit's de <'F' ,'# .";" ,:M-::
Still Holding at Lb. '
.J,: .
MEDIUM MULLET . .Lb. I Dn'p., 7 : ', :r-:

Hotel f a Fx
FL UNDER u. 45C PPEi u. To $d5.00 Wkly. t <
741% W. ABNICT ST. PH. EL 5.4025 Send References With
ST. PM. EL 4-5982* 'Letter. Carfare rushed .
\ BREAM 32 ',. House 710 W. A.HLCY' ST. PM. EL, 6-7596 .qf
Ui : STEAKS.... ROOM 8v OAT 0. WeCKJACKSIMYIlE i, Haapton' Agency
13 N. Station plaza


1.U. $115 Per f ",
79c u. AgonyJut of *-swryst $ ..
Cello Ban Bag' U. _
"'H'" .Of H,.... style M.y FULLY DRESSED Rheumatic Pains _

CMd ay : :-.a.-: ,NYC Hed CATFISH u. TAX HFUKI Thousands. have found the. a
most soothing relief
fLASH f10ZIN allN SPECIAL F08 TIE $"" they have ever known _

I :,':i lJR .E MEAT LL'I.25 tasted frail fit Nit Yeu ca stil.Jie f ; .rtf.d from the minor pains _____ _
i Flow symptomatic of Rheumatism __
:. ( ClMlMlmt FBI ROAST C.*.r..STtAKSpwlt4 ..000218UL WHITE FISH and Arthritis _

i1!....-- ta 1 .-. Lisa YELLOW PIKE SILVER STAR TAX SERYICEMI Cight Misery now with ---,-_------ -_ _. -_ _-----..-____

F.E.S. CAPSULESRHEUMANON Thinking young is a state of mind. It's the big change that's taking place
fr cif S>ttiw
;: G SUMMER CAW everywhere and'it reaches all ages.You see it in people having more
\ H T 32c ( Cask Needed) fun doing more things.This is the fife for Pepsi light, "" .
On Sale bracing dean-tasting Pepsi. Co ahead.Think young. In stores, ...
,! F Tns I Ifm aJ WINTER CAlf L$. SILVER STAR LIQUORS at Local Drugs Stores Jr.y;., buy an extra carton.At fountains,say"Pepsi, please! '

JUMEO SficxuaSfc :.
1907 KINGS ROAD' .
311I AVMIE.I J tonUJ-nro-coji ttmm CONFUT v MCUUMU won mxtua nan rp iucoMrurr.iar OMR.v. '
TROUT Lilly's Druq; Store]
IL ;trt. .

.-. -- ,, ,, '- ', ". ., ., -- ,' ".' ,
: -
-- ,:
-. '. -'
: ''':
-;; -


j 1 piUT'I nlllA SIAl r SATURDAY /A : t d f r!i f

I f th rSoi -Training Team SPORTING IT UP I- Mirykmd Ace Inks Denver Pact Texas Sorilf.wi

-- Sets 5 Rscos
!-r! : ( ,

IY c. PMHIMI wmm '
AUSTIN, Tex. Po rful
4- Texas Southern's In-
--- clads, last year' HAIA
I familiar sounds of a city will be heard in Jack-
4g' national champio be-
I _i r soaville, and that is "Play Ball." one of the c Fnx t+h .''i dY t .e f.'
coming the firs al1-
major points about the Triple A Suns is that the
Negro college center
fans are looking forward to seeing one of the
the Texas Relays ecent-
finer sportsmen in the game perform in the. city.It I all-hlih
ly, set an team
is gratifying to know pitcher Don Bessent of
record when they mm all
Jacksonville stands a mighty fine chance to make t i: five events in wh/ch/ they
Li.rti the grade with the Suns. -
: were enteredosting
JACKSONVILLE'S OWN DON BESSENT is a pride and I records in each pent.

joy to the many fans who have watched the pro- Highlight 0 /Texas

gress of the many young athletes who were stars Southern s performance

of the game in the city schools. He pitched his ; was their 3.09 fie relay

way through junior and senior high schools and s. r the fastest in //he nation

went on through college and then into minor this year.. Ttii; Tigers

league baseball. Don was too good to stay in also: ran the fcrint I medley -

TOP TEAM---"Skinny" Davison (left) and his son minor league baseball, so. he went on to the in 3.21. &; the two-

Clint, are the famed father and son team of Brooklyn Dodgers. He was no slouch, no novice and mile in 7:30./i(/t the 440-
National League batters. He yard in 40.5 fjid the
trainers who are prepping NBA lightheavyweight not good thing for 880-

champion Harold Johnson of Philly for his title was not Just an unforgotten "Bull Pen" pitcher -T--- I yard in 1.23. ,

defense against Doug Jones of New York in the used only for batting practice.WAS Never befor ',had such a .
Quaker City May 12. JUST BEING A HOME TOWN PITCHER enough to COACH (Skip) McCAIN (left) and Irate Taylor (right) witness the signing as feat been -witnessed in

justify the confidence of the fans-in his Maryland State star-fullback Charlie Holmes inks a contract with the the Relays' s tt17'

ability? No. The records clearly state that all Denver Bronchos of the American Football League. The youthful battering- t

America Candidate through his Junior-Senior-College days, he was jam stands 6-3 and tips the scales at 225-Ibs. *

-r5 one of of the the cleanest country. athletes Nowhere in to the leave record this does section The -Calm Before The Storm Music Instructor Serving Oysrssas IGlBBSMEN

it show where he, was an individualist. He realized QR__ play with, Special c

S. that there ,were eight other men on the team ST. PETERSBURG Fla. Service Band of the army
A of
the success
and that
and be was the ninth man Pursuing an active musi- installation This latter
;IiIzwiJ on the team depended on the team work venture ensiles him to
every man and + cal career while servingas ,
saying go on
of the other eight., The fans are a military police with t ravel extensively,
Don we are with you. f the throughout 'roPe.
Ditch y. /1llI U. S. Army is St.
WHEN THE KANSAS CITY ATHLETICS played the Petersburg's own Christo- Styles. is lone I of St.

Minnesota Twins in Jacksonville last week, the pher Styles. petersburg' t.own homegrown -

Athletics was the favorite team. You don't know Pf Styles music instructorat musi ians. He

why? Well, it is our opinion that it was becauseof 4:. :( f.a GibbS; junior Collegeis stood out if a budding

a young man on the team by the name of Dick ; now on military leave musician in Igh school.

Howser. The shortstop and lead off man for the is stationed in Heil- Following duation

Athletics is Jacksonville's Mitoi Howser. Howser bronn. Germany where he from high so ,01 he went

has done a mighty fine job both as the lead off is attached to the mili- to Florida University -

batter and as a shortsto He has really been an tary police Town Patrol.He where be las a member

unsung hero for the team since becoming a regula is also on "both of the Un versity's

f;.<: Nobody has written a volumn stories about his sides of the Fence' marching an symphonic

;. '; ,, performances and neither has he asked for them. educationally. The fine bands.

JACKSONVILLE IS PROUD OF THE Lucas Brothers who instrumentalist (he doesa After his llustrious

-..." ." are making their way to the top of the ladder. masterful job with the college care r he joined

.ir.; Tyrone the younger and the last to go into pro- :? +.+. Yr,(. trumpet), is an instructor the facult of Gibbs.

N J a fessional baseball follows his brother Joe (Billas NBA's WORLD'S Lightheavyweight champion Harold! at the Army Education Junior Co 'lege Sand
shakes hands with Doug Jones of Center in Heilbronn and established one o.t the "
he is affectionately known to his many friends Johnson (right)
and acquaintances in his home town. The two New York City following a luncheon in Philadelphia is studying privatelywith state's thre collegiate
FRANKLIN JONES of Los Angeles a candidate for hometown--following the announcement of Germany's percussion ro rs. The .i
brothers have established themselves as ball --Johnson's one ,.,,
Mr. America and Mr. California is shown going players and both have exhibited what it takes to of their May 12 title bout in Philly.In noted university pro- percussion nserble; at +
his, daily training routine in a local Gibbs junior College
through Commissioner Alfred Klein .
make good in the big time. The city of Jackson- on the act are
health studio. ville is well pleased with its representatives in (second from left) and Herman Taylor, the bout's accomplished musi- developed A big/audience/!

promoter. cian also finds time to along the Sun oats .
athletics.. Whenever Dick Howser Don Bessent and J;
the Lucas brothers trot out on the field the ( I' -.1' -.

Jacksonville banner is waving in the breeze.A ,: 'Y.-. .,
.' : .
;; : ,. ,,
I baseball coming to Jacksonville. It has been f ;
4. ..
the that in city can a
known through years no '# ,
more loyal group of fans be found than right herein j'

-- the gateway city. Bobby Maduro, who moved his .rT .

I I I baseball franchise from Newark, N.J. to Jackson-
ville, has been quoted as saying this is the best ', t.
ball club he ever owned. With the type of team he .,! 1!

MAKESe2/SKIN BLEACHES is bringing to here it won't be long before he !
1MOOrn1@W( :
OLD FASHIONED" will be saying this is the most loyal group of :

fans I have dealt with.
THE FANS IN JACKSONVILLE don't mind paying to '
0I see a baseball game but they certainly want to rnrrn 1M rID\1: : I

see what they pay for. on opening night, which is i
I lightens dark spots Wednesday night April 25 at.7:30 p.m. the fans '

Dose Krfed powder A "' will no doubt turn out large numbers to see what [?@ OO.j': I I4

the team has offer. If it shows up well, they

will go back for the second night and._on?and on ..' .. \.,,,.- I
it goes. It doesn't mean the fans expect the team, '. .:.-'.'.,;.i:.! ;,' I '1 \

Manufacturers of! Posner'j Bergamot/'The Jar with the Star" to win but they certainly don't expect the team : q'r \'
\ '
to lose every game. All the fans ask is that..' ':';' II !
won't be r I .
should the other team win, the victory : ( .
You Den'l How to Go to Town to Get '; -
given to them on a silver platter. '. ....'
t MAN AND .: ':.,

On Your 'Jin Crow's Ommovs Shadow: .: ,: .i.'i"

.,,:..'.,".-.......' .ti...';.

DRUG STORE NEEDS Still Dominates Camplife'I ".'.f.j'ii'-- 'Ji: .''..

Philly Writer's Report_ TH1
". .::-.
With Your Neighborhood DNI Store "
under eight column
W.Dttiver-We AIM Fill All Doctors' Prescriptions streamer Captioned "The Big Lie" Claude E. .,::{ MYITEIIYSHfltfER
Harrison Jr. sports columnist for the philadel- : ,;-

phia Tribune blasted the rosy picture ,of the de- '
Dixie Pharmacy segregation issue at Florida's spring training ','

baseball camps in the April 10 issue.In .;. '" .

t his hard-hitting Phillies, which having 'l; '
1302 KINGS ROAD at MYRTLE AVENUE no-holds-barred--article. } ,
recently moved all of .
PHONES CL 3.359798PAY 0
Harrison reveals many intheir players under one i
dignities still suffered roof--from NAACP pres- ':o- ;

YOUR LIGHT, WATER AND TELEPHONE by Negro baseball players sure--did, before camp AT YOUR :
BILLS AT OUR STORE: such as the case of the broke up have their non- o ,
J ;
whites eating in theirown : 1

,, '" I "'"" roons. !
= Another humilating problem Have' Carnation :

BUSINESS DIRECTORYThe alluded cited to teams by Harrison trave- MilkV/ :'

ling during exhibitIongames. ;, in your shopping bag! Mysteryo'

: Firms Listed Below Are Recommended As Reputable -

;':'Establishments Specialising! Services and Products CARDINALS In order SOLVE to get SITUATION around o shopper pays for a//your groceresif <' 1 '

..,. this ,, .
t particular problem -""
> .
.. !-
.' OIL CO. the St. Louis Cardinal
IMPERIAL{ SUNDRIES keep their team's, spirits ;., you qualify! ,
!' on a high level by having .
Patent Medicines Cosmetics ,. .
Mechanic i On DulyJAMES box lunches brought to 'f! If the: mystery shopper stops you, he will ask you a
All LeadingHair Preparations FAULKNER Mechanic the busses with all players question. You must answer his question correctly. If
eating the sue' '. you have bought Carnation Evaporated Milk, and if o
El 4.2159 IKE JOSEPH, Proprietor ._' the Carnation will .
COR. BROAD i ASHLEY thing, Harrison con- {:; you answer question correctly pay
_. State end Jefferson Srs. EL 6-9432 1.I tinued. ," .' for all the groceries you purchased on that shopping t
?rl tllLYjS:! } DRUG STORE MOTHER E. M. JONES He concluded that although '.> '.' trip! :,J-'?.'
many things hav Who knows where the mystery shopper will be next .,-
A-Cwjiete line of COSMETICS SPIRITUAL ADVISORService been improved since '..-::'- Who knows when he will select you-at your store! i : +

v <.,- -- Jackie Robinson s flay, There's a Carnation mystery shopper in your city-
Every Thurtrfay .'
pjn. =
0' .
: your neighborhood-right now f
{ RUDER GOODS CANDIES 43) W UNION ST. Et 4.Q26? there are still many : .f
,1 other things to be desired ,.; Have Carnation in your shopping bag-the healthy I 11

,, ," ,, SOWSfmcriftiMs JOHNNIE'S ROOMING HOUSE along with the .- family"milk! The milk with extra Vitamin D to help a O .
Cafe far ami Delivered i death of the once power- ':; your children build sound teeth and bones.The richer-./,.-
ifi-\i-i lf "? evaporated milk, by far! 'from Contented Cows"
Day, Night or Week baseball league whose world's favorite
.;:.... Biir! Kilgs Rd. EL 58276 Rooms by
IL 5-402 teas owners' refused tohalte
027 Wt.! Atttty. St.
Negro players.
.- .- '-. .
.. .- -.. -- ;i
". :. I -

!I -


$ _I.nlK ARK M,79L/r'! t I FIWIUUI. t D *' mt_"

"Suns Opens Baseball Season Wednesday, April 25 Against' SyJa uce.efe ,

( Af&t:( .,_-':-
i : : "
: ';: '

{ i
; Jf
:, :
> '
, f i
; : :'. ; ,: ; jf "c.... ;
; fl,!: .
.,w. ... .. ; !. ,, .., .. .... .ter '. ,";

;" : i '" .{:' Fl./ i'C;: '- : ;ir.:: >- r' ?

U. .' c. .;
: '
-" '.t 'JJ.: .. tt. ,,; .;
"'h '

..:: t / 'l : :-,:." .

J1.t n.
'''-}' ?"
... t ;'
;' ,
:'- .:. ; :)t,4 ri
,.., (. '_.,. A
.,' ; > : r'
r :!;1




ii :i ;
r t4L
.. ;;i.

.,' ,
,- .
J .':
4 ,)
.' ". ,, "
{\ : : :
:\' ....\.
4 "r ,, 9 \'.

,. .",
', 1 1. : ::;
it .1 }
111IF .
l' l'r _
\ :, "
:. '
Yk xY
.',. ;;::
.. -:<
\ T 1I ,

..'E .:'.'iiL:
.:..; ',t

'1':!: ''" ;., Texas Southern Makes Track History ., ;.. frI -

PIVE..POR,FIVE! ---Texas Southern university's track last small -
: team year's NAIA ( colleges) 'national
following acceptance of the outstanding team trophy. ,The Tigers' spectacular display included a 3.09
champions, which;, became the first all-Negro entry into the historic Texas Relays made it a grand-
relay--the fastest in
the nation this year--; a 3.21.5 sprint medley; the two mile relay in
I r slam when they participated in five events all of them and I
won set a similar number of records.
7:30.6 '
; a 440-yard relay in 40.5 and the 880-yard run in 1.23.7. The little known, college--on a
Coach. Stan Wright, surrounded,..--....."" by 10 of his 11-team members is shown being congratulated by a fan national basis--is 14-years old. ,

. Dominion :Golf TourlleYApril: 21-22 McGiil Captirts .. n ---- .u.

Big Year For League Joe Brown Suns Expected To Shine
NORFOLK The first
in Norfolk on April 21-22 College Scoring a Meets OrtizSaturday
annual Old Dominion Golf
Tournament sponsored by This will be a 36-hole Record Crowd Is Exptcted .
medal play tourney. Plans the fifth : I -.
CHICAGO For .. Sw2 NightLAS *' '
r .o.3n.r. a
tJomfnibn Golf +fJdr; 'n 4t. q ; i
the Old include a pro division. consecutive year the By C. P. Johnson *,;
Club will be played at men"s amateur division national scoring championij VEGAS Champion JoeBrown ":: ';,

Stumpy Lake Golf Course ,:among major basketball f .s master of all he The opening date for the Jax Suns is Wednesday:

teams has been a Negro. t .p surveys in the light April 25, at 7:45 .p.-m. against",.the Syracuse ;.
"'mm-tou)RE"L -- All-American-Bill '(,The .vw.. &K. Y 3r weight division, is expected Chiefs, one of the! strongest competitors in thh
I $0 > .
You Seek The Best Doctor Hill) 'McGlll, a standout 1 it A--. :: g to be at the crossroads National League. -..' .-'---'-- "

When Your Doctor PrescribesGet with the University of : I '4_ F FI C of this impressivecareer The opening game will are no longer a novelty

Experienced pharmacists Utah's quintet in the j 1 : : when he places his mark the beginning of the It has not been announced : '" ,

According, to Your Dooto'r's Skyline Conference joined I;;. i', title on the line Satur International League: sea- upto this point

orders. We Use Only Frank Burgess of Gonzaga day night against Carlos son in Jacksonville. It who the battery will be

:The Best Quality Drugs ( last season) and Oscar Ortiz here. is the beginning of the on opening night, but .

Dr. C. E. BlftkProprietor Robertson University of( Ortiz who has been upward trend in baseball there has been so much

Cincinnati (for three1' I chasing old man Brown-- which places Jacksonvilleon speculation that it is,

years previous year. ) : he's 36-years old--for a a par with Syracuse. almost a certainty that

3 REGI PHARMACISTS:. TO'SERVE YOU McGiil. who scored !. title-go for: the past Rochester Toronto, Buffalo Ruben Gomez will be pit-'

l 000-points in his two years says Brown Columbus, Richmond ching and .Valmy Thomascatching.
three year career for the will be fighting two and Atlanta. These two names;
Cosmetics Rubber Goods Candies Sundries Utes, tallied 1,009 this opponents, "myself, who The old master ,Ben aren't newin, *- baseball,.,'.
PRESCRIPTIONS CALLED FOR AND DSMVERETiLilly's : x. old and the believed
season giving him a 26- is 25-years Geraghty himself will It is also Buddy
of 38. ( old man with the scythe. be at the helm of the Barker will be at firs
Store game average j z
I Drug McGiil ended a career 'I know he can't beatus Suns and being a favoritein base. Larry Brown ate

which also saw him break pir both," Ortiz pointedout. Jacksonville among the second. Tony Martinez atshortstop.Speculation

conference record many baseball fans who
: 1907 KINGS ROAD ll 3-8276 : while ever leading the nationin The 15-round bout will followed his career as a has been a little puzzledover

scoring from the be- be nationally televised. manager and handler of the third base spot..

ginning until the sea ::1 players from the time he It is also believed that'
Wagner Predicts
son's end. '.vSA made his debut in Jack- the outfield is a cer '

4 -. 'fJI: "He is' the greatest I 35 HomerunsFor sonville until his returnas tainty. Barring injuries
: offensive player in col- manager. He made the Tony Curry will be i n

lege basketball said LA AngelsLOS Jax Braves tops and in left field, Duke Carmel

"\ Utah's Coach Jack Gard- ANGELES Leon turn, the team made him. centerfield and Dan More

ner. He certainly made E In watching the outcomeof jon, right field. This is
.. Wagoner slugging young
the spring training the lineup which has been
smart coach out of me andI L.A. Angels' outfielderwho
RARIN' TO GO Faith in the big league successof
have seen none to com- slammed out 28homeruns games, the fans have had given the exhibition opposition -
1961 Rookie of the Year Billy Williams (left) troubleOf
the most
pare with him in my to lead his team an opportunity to see
rrr finally paid off for three-times Chicago Cubsmanager who have
what the team looks likeon course those
coaching career. I have last year recently pre-
coached four All-Americar Charlie Grimm.It was Grimm's constant dicted that he will total paoer. They will havean picked the ,team already
c advice and encouragement which brought Williamsto not the
centers and he is the 35-four masters this sea- opportunity to see it mentioned are "
the fore as the league's outstanding year- in action opening final authprity. '
best shooter of them son. on :
all. ling.._- Wagoner one of the circuit night. They have threemen The fans .are satisfiedthat

w In comparing the relative s top young slugger on the team that,certainly whoever.is playing
ew-.z a .4? Olympic Team Prospect look good stepping it will be the right man
to abilities of Mc- believes that more con- *'
Gill and jerry Lucas centration on his field- up to that plate for the position. These

Gardner said this: ing and base running will with bats in his hand. supporters just naturally

r I "I think Lucas is great take the pressure off of Tony Curry. Buddy Barkerand believe in Ben Geraghtyas

but in the art of shooting his batting. another outfielder by a manager.It .
II. not even he has the name of Carmel are was promised that
Billy's accurate touch. Mi ;; Record Breaker really tearing the cover there would be some! '

Lucas had tremoendou 's. ,4 ELGIN -BAYLOR. Los Angeles off that old horsehide. Negro employees, both
: Lakers home triples male and female and this
wp surrounding help that captain-playmaker runs
keeps the pressure off and scoring sensation doubles and singles have is a surety. Be presenton

him most of the time. set a new pro-basketball been so plentiful they opening night
1 y
Billy carries a far scoring record for a

,. greater load. rrS world's championship

the Twist- MCgill has stepped up playoff series when he D EWAR'S"White

the ladder each seasonin -..x.t pumped in 6 -point$
his point against the Boston
output: he Celtics
The Latest Men's Hair Styles ? 1
4 : average 16 in his sopho- r: fl. rt in L.A. Label"SCOTCH
more year 28 as a juniorand 4- .

a : { Being/ aught At The 38.8 as a senior. In D a Watch This Clown WHISKY

,, : the Bridgham Young game 72-38-9-289

'l>{T Ja ksonville11Barber he in scoring reached 60 his points.RAPID pinnacle. 831-8-392 ,., f aJl I. ',::' -

1A" ry 5 & II ,,,

\ College Inc. xanrr 2 4f 3 '//'n:..., .'/CI' It'JfwP'. ", .. -' '

x"- p t >{
:.' 6. I. Approved' 100 percent Air Cond. 1-HR. TV SERVICE i, v: :.t -t ..... 17-21-48 c.
DAY AND NICHT MIKE TISOALE top sophomore star at UCLA is 145s..t. -V:#
: 5 Label
;11' soaring over the tall timbers in recordbreakingstyle. .....rr N
; $ }00 { -
.. 63O DAVIS ST. at BeaverJACKSONVILLE. CALLS The youthful hurdles phenom if he con- .... hei ., ... 'I ..
.. .. .
'NI S mitIaii fc.'. dswI _t.w .\!
J .. ,,
J CMAICI tinues at his present pace, .is-expected to be a :
H* 94*. sabtrccnH :
RADIO BJSPATCHfB promising candidate for the U.S.'s '64 Olympic w**. It cU .fo..4 _



--.. > --- -- .' .. .'. / ,- .........,
.: ,
; u" ;",, .

,T: ,
; .

;t'11 ,1 ; STAR '1. I,4
nfl" SiTUIIY
... '" AWL 21.. 112
-- x --
: : -4- 1
I i {'::4f:": Nkt! Rtptrts .'. -. : IrtwsIer's New Wing Ded'scafe* CerMMy Participants Clyde Saucer Seeks Post '' HOME MOVIE OtTTPTr

-ain ; .W. Bovoa tftfeon wocr. A
bl SOO-vta "
Bmtctdr tatiottnt fit
1''r *
r4yIi W.lena S rn.tree ton me.
otmi ROBS CHILDREN; XrcrTtbisf Deeded for caonlct*
.* PISTOL WHIPPED As Constable In District 11 home wiwvtai. Just wv iIT
GETS 15 CENTS D.l.aa4p.ant7] ult.n;p sof
.Ii weeBcwanw: d1aoc ih
BY BOYFRIEND |\ XV 1.276Zoo ilia.
:The amount _of 15 cents Mrs. Roberta Dugan 32 Clyde M. Saucer. sr. a well-known retired deputy smear.

was the. loot taken by an of R40 W, Monroe Streetwas sheriff is among those seeking election to the ,
,. : I- ear-Old bandit who Injured last Sunday post of Constable in District 11. in the May N. Y. lhe-ln M?.Ms
robbed You need a friend in
f,:>: a.- s-pocket during an altercatio: primaries. *
I..:,-: -,:book at gunpoint at 443 .with her boy friend at Saucer who lives at he has done his Job with N. Y. Let Mr. Harola-
:(,::. Copeland Street last 2025 Park St. served of the Mallory Agency
t..... 540 W. Monroe Street as efficiency and dignity.
.. ......, Tuesday. police reported. police said.Patrolmen A = a deputy for 25 years Saucer is seeking the be your friend. He
I. Allen said his small and retired in 1957. He post now held by DouglasCLYDE GUARANTEES you a live-
children were at home J. Seldon andG. had been a member of the ,in Job in a good home

: when a young boy with a Bradley investigated.DR. Duval County Patrol f r .. paying $30 to $50 a
-- -
:, ri fie went to the. DISCOVERS YOUTH under former Sheriff Rex week, free room, meals,

children and told them he ROBBING CAR .,. .' Sweat but spent most of* TV. He advances bus

wanted the money in the his service in the crime* tickets and expenses to

house he said he wpuld Dr. James H. Peoples, b- investigation department\ X. Y. SEND REFERENCES
shoot them if they tried of 1459 Cedar Bay Rd. of the sheriff s office. 1 to Mr. Harold. The Mallory -

':.'. toy stop him. an intern at Duval Saucer has made a Agency, Dept. 140.

: : "He went 'into the house Medical Center reported number of friends J576 Derrick Road

". and took .the change from finding a young teenager throughout the Negro Lynbrook, N. Y.

brown skinned, between
the children's mother'spocketbook. -
k f +.b areas because of his THOMPSON FOR ASSESSOR
The children 15-17-years-old. reputation as an officerwho
could give no description about 5 ft. 9 in. tall PROGRAM PARTICIPANTS---Serving along with other prominent Methodist reli- has treated
gious and lay leaders during the dedication of Brewster Memorial Hos- persons
and weighing about U. SAUCER Sr.
of the young bandit.. 140' whom he has in .
pounds going throughhis pital's new $1 million wing last Sunday were, seated from left: Mrs. D. C. come con-
RI.TZ'Starts Sunday car when he wentto Dawkins past president Jacksonville W.S.C.S.; Mrs. Charles Gopher, board tact with fairly and Hutchins who was appointed -

First Run move it last Tuesday. member of the Methodist Missions, Atlanta. Ga. ; Mrs. J. Fount Tillman with the utmost con- by Gov. Farris

mnlI 4 A MONSTER Dr. peoples said that National President Women's Division Board of Missions Methodist Church; sideration. Bryant following the

:ORTRESS when he went to work Standingffrom left: D. C. Dawkins, Finance Chairman Brewster Hospital; Negro groups rallyingto death of Constable

TWENTY he parked his car at Jack H. tihittington, Brewster Adminstrator; Earl Morse President Brewster the support of Clyde George Spears.

[ STORIES 11th and Calhoun Sts. Men's Club; Miss Emma Burris Executive Secretary, Social and Medical Saucer have declaredthat
Division Rodell Roberts, vice president Board of Directors and they are working in Moncrief }
ll TALL? When he went to move it ; Brewster ; electionon The decision is yours.I .
and park in the frontof Joshua Hillman member of Brewster Men's Club. behalf of
r V of the fact pledge myself to work
the basis
.' (Royal Art Studio Photo) DriveInBARliQUE
ck, t' the center he saw I for the equalization
that a deputy sheriff'WlIopper'
I \
: M-G-M the boy looting his
p IA car. of taxes on today's
harp --- -
ra He said be gave chase, valuation of
..... but the boy got away Wife Kayoes Mate Robbery VictimS Was Worth $10,000 without reassessment.There .
from him. He returned With One lUnch
ft to they're D liciousYou'll will be no killingof

the car to make a check ..s Only 'Her'An 11'.,_. .- like 'em!' the Homestead EXemption -
IOTLOSSUSOTHODE found his flashlightand Bernard Harding Cren- .: J by the backdoor
a few things miss- shaw 38, of 2240 College method of revaluationof

ing, he said. The Doctor Circle South lost early evening rob- ;1' ::: .." Rooms For Rent property on today's j

: said he would report the battle with his bery occured last f "I* Upstairs Man or Woman market value. With nine
M COLOR further if he found any- wife who knocked him Tuesday in the area of .} -reasonably priced near years experience in th3

.-".'. ki SupwtoWSaptudCASTMANCOLOt( thing else missing. out with one punch in Kings Road and Eaverson .,-.Ct bus line, hot & cold County Tax Assessor's
Patrolman B. M. Anders their home last Tuesday, Streets. b wateruse of whole house Office I sincerelyfeel
t investigated. Robert Walton, 59, of I
police reported. -West Side No Children that I can do the
Crenshaw said he was 1623 Steele Street, El 4-3720 or El 6-4903 kind of Job you want
states that he was set
with his
and deserve.' .
i Pd paL Adv
EASTER CLOTHES wife and she struck him upon by three teenagersas

on the bridge of his he walked west on t
: BOYS FOR GIRLS nose. Kings Road. Williams -r
said he was downed by __ 1 f S, 4,
The victim was takento
BOYS SUITS SIZES 1 TO 20 Moncrief Drive-In'
PUT Y00BIX WASH AND WEAR AND CABS un"t MhI Duval Medical Centerby a blow from behind and v' x

t SfLECTlOH'' NAVY AND OTHER COLORS A police car where he one of the attackers, i# 3F tI

GIRLS DRESSES was treated by Dr. wearing a headrag went Fruit 1

SIZES 1 TO .H SU8 TEENS Fussell and released.He through his pockets un- Ic's S Marfret1
LAYAWAY NYLONS AND DACRONS ACCWNTWHITES was later arrestedat til his wallet was
Kings Road and Semi- found. 4 45th &, Moncrief
BROADWAY DEPT. STOKEA nary Street and charged Williams said he .

with disorderly conduct grabbed for his wallet R Willie MotleyProp.
EL 4-60II
i 119 BROAD ST ,
and being drunk police and promptly got cut on .ff y- 4

reported. the side of his head, R 4- For Free Delivery, Open Daily
Patrolmen E. R. Taylor right through his hat. Lr. .
and J. Jackson inves- The attackers then Call PO 5-9287 7 a.m. to\ 12 p.m.
tigated. fled in different di- DAYTONA BEACH John Beamon, 63, of 557 Live Oak =
R F rections. St., hooked a twelve-ounce Drum recently from the Weekend Special'CRACKLING fl

.. P AS S Apts. For Rent According to Williams, Halifax River which looked like any other Drum-- IIb..

r 2 Room Apt. PrivateBath a girl was with the except that it had a 1962 Sclitz Florida Derby
hot and cold water robbers. He describedher $10,000 tag attached. This is the second within

S Pr a I 111 Davis Street.Johnni.'s 1 as being 5-feet less time than a month that a $10,000 Schlitz
.'.. Q tall, between 136 and fish has been caught in Fla. waters.S. HERSSYUGAR
.. G 0 Hotel
140 pounds, having a 8ge
,: ,
... Satterwhite Photo
; .All-Modern Conveniences good grade of hair ( A. )

:; Our Show Are Selected for Your Comfort and Health Jloc- By nay Nite or light brown skin and 151bs
Week, call EL 6-7596 dressed in green, Fight Bigotry With
B rOn! of JacksonYllle'sforemost- $ho maktr 1 741K} V. Ashley Street tight-fitting slacks. with $ .00 or more food order
1 t* r I Williams reportedlypaid

H &xx H SHOE COMPANYz "WANTEDBeauty little attentionto Says Miss issippi Rabbi Large 5Cbsledn
426# DAVIS ST. JAX. 2, FLORIDA the male membersof Attempts to inject States Senate in Ala-
operators &
Endicott Johnson the gang. anti-Semitism into the bama, to continue his
New Shoes By iarbers
are v ted to
t The victim claimed
race problem in the
;;. EXPERT mAIlS AND ORTHOPEDIC COUECTIONS Hollywood Beauty Lounge loss of $18 to patrolmen South have failed, 'according anti-Semitic, efforts.It PORK $1 1,00
is doubtful that he
C22 W. Ashley St. ( All
'. and
.. E. R. Taylor to Rabbi
; Phone 355.1532 I. S. Anderson will succeed the 10 for
J, Jackson. Mantinband
of Hatties-
El 3-3245 Jewish leader added.
.-- ,... ..._.--IS burg, Mississippi. Rabbi Mantinband observed MEATY
The Rabbi made these that, 'progressis NECK BONES Ib t

; observations at a cere- being made" to improve -

\ -ROOSEVELT jub Sat. mony during which he race relations ender'Beef
tJ t fW ErJGEwQopoGt4lg Pass was honored with an throughout the nation.Nevertheless '
A Free
award for Human Rights. ," the LIVER q
4 PRESENTS..- If You Can Take It! Happily, the sinister Rabbi concluded "thereis .OO

., I.I. forces of anti-Semisism, need for multiple 3 16s.

which have tried to insinuate approaches and emphases.Men malL

-p--- J4 }k 11J1- themselves into of good will, in all SpareRIBS
the race problem have areas of endeavor Jews ,
/eacyr failed," he said. and Christians together

The Rabbi stated that must coordinate their HOT COUNTRY

it remains for indi- efforts and marshall

viduals like Retired their resources in this SAUSAGE 5 g/t

Admiral Cromelin now a most delicate and dif- lb.
candidate for the united ficult situation."



'STRAND Sunday I> Tbn Sal Experience Pantry Man $175 to $200 per Wk. of the SEA OE
COMBO Baker Helper $450 to $600 for 2 Months

Experienced Baker 1500 for 2 Months TUNA 515
Hotel or Motel Maids, Porter. Janitors. 45 C
'A \ ENTERTAINMENT 1 1' 1 Nurses Aids. Experience Cooks. Domestic Maids 2 Cans for 'tb


tI &wcLt, \1 j 1832 North Myrtle Avenue ORKA 39 limit

flhI aiI.G: 7 .acj c,4iawte Floradale Homes lb. 1 Can

mm"MUSE Rill If Ie "-. Hw lifers Yen FRESH YARDEGGS OFFEE

FiR AIMIIIS AM SPEgAI PAtTIES CA1l: ef SllllIIrjII fes With Carp&rts Meattly Payments
1 1 M4 9161it 1 ElT i' It* '1N.H With 0y! $250.00 fetal! Cash To Move In 99C limit 1 16. C ClARGE

Swla tin 1m.mm All units are served by regular

IUt at 5 p.t a* fe .-IS City Bus Service. (Moncrief Rd. No.

A tan! fcftif YiIIIII se B) .. Some units have Waterfront
Privileges.( Cur odels offer Cak
i1 LL1NIp Urn fcaaa pfe ai
FlobrSjCarports_ a ScreenedPoarches. DOVE SOAP 29
__ Cnt lit
V R Pj Why keep on -.pay'ing rent when you 2 for
"UCKY 8WrSuite can own your own home for less than
:* d iwwRii SIno. SRAIE '
Y X14X An Tim KfKE AT WEST 45tt SL & YERNON RD.PI ] '

x.. "SISAM SIAK" V"TWENTY 51H5; e?eieay-1o A. M. to 7 P. M. fRYERS Q1 29

ET EIAEMl11 ASE At CLErEIANI,pA/' 'LISIi 'Built by a builder with 3C years' 2forPIi

K5 cash ,IlL -. experience in Duval County.

.' .-' .' .' .. -. > :