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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200605datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date April 7, 1962dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=006050740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
April 7, 1962
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
April 7, 1962
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Full Text
_. '
I :

j'J .i 1

I i



1 1. t 0-CENT CAKE !


...... ..a.. ..... .. .. ... .


; 'fri: :


*D* i. 12-N0. 52 SATURDAY APRIL 7, 1962 15 CENTSL.YRNPIKE j

* $.* Officials' Move:

.. -

EATERIES Students Visit Cong. C.I: Bennett Could .t l Creates

., M. ...' n $ S y r.. HungerWave\: fit
\ 1A

i ; : BIRMINGHAM, Ala. A

) r 4 \>?.,.. retaliatory and county ofi mo '\ ve by cityficials in
'Ill/MUST .J"f.v
r DROP BIAS. t -, reprisal to a I Negro boycott -

/+ y ,",-""M"" .p of downtot'\ m stores

result in 1 lunger and
...: Jk. *. *'.- ale ye ..k.. ..r.. a... ..r.- ...... dp dpInterracial may i lusands of
hardship to the

',. Quick Court Ruling Eldi Love Triangle Hinted, Negroes on locI al relief
roles here. ...
> .4 L, .
Lunchrooms' ,
Segregated ServicesNEW
In Lake City Shooting p After the thi : -ee-mn

\ had
YORK---Turnpike restaurants on Florida's ?s city commissi on
LAKE CITYThe three months that have passed to
voted unanimou
Sunshine State Parkway were ordered to desegregatetheir
since the slaying of LeRoy Mays have not lessenedthe
hold out the I \
facilities by District judge David W. Dyer. Wf
suspicion in the minds of many people that $45,000 share \ 1 of the.
judge ... ..
Dyer's ruling, '
considered he was criminally shot to death by a white Lake $100,000 surplu .\+ s food
unusually leased restaurant facil-
City shopkeeper known as William Homewood. program, Mayor : I Arthur'We've
prompt and forth-right, ities and e I
restrooms M '
Responding to this ... *.. J. Hanes said '

became effective on drinking fountains." stubborn display of gree murder, has been got to do someth. \ tug to ,
March 22. He ruled that This was the first
the resentment and sus- out on bond since the nip this boycott 1, in ttg;
segregation policyof Turnpike restaurant case \
picion, the NAACP has day after the shooting. bud." =
the Hot Shoppes brought by Defense Fund been conducting No known date has been The original :motl \ :on--W:
a quiet
Inc., which are licensedby attorneys.G. .. 4. --
but determined investi- set for the trial.In the relief stoppag \ :'e wa&-,.
the Florida E. of \ -
Turnpike Graves Jr. ,
gation in an effort to the meanwhile, the made by City Commit : 'sionr
Authority, is viola- Miami Fla. Thomas J.
determine what the true Colombia County NAACP er Eugene (Bull) Co \ 'nnor, ,
tive of the equal pro- Reddick, Jr. of Ft.
motive was behind the has been trying to for many years 'an \\ arch
tection clause of the Lauderdale Fla. F. slaying. discourage Lake City HIGHLIGHT of the Duval Social Science students recent annual trip to foe of civil ri, \j B hts

Fourteenth Amendment." !Malcolm Cunningham and Negroes from patronizirj Washington was a visit with U.S. Representative Charles E. Bennett who movements. I
Mays was a 34-year-old
The action had been Holland Smith of West native of Jacksonville.He the Homewood store. N.-. ..1'a member of the Second Congressional District. Congi 'essman Bennett Connor was 'reporte td.toy

brought March I, by the Palm Beach Fla. and had been working ,in formal boycott has been informed the STAR that he was delighted to meet with the students an have said, "I'm' for

NAACP Legal Defense and Jack Greenberg DerrickA. Lake City as a tailor called by the Associa- enjoyed the question and answer period with them which w. as held in the cutting off the re*, lief

Educational Fund on behalf Bell, Jr. and Mi- tion. Houses' Armed Services Committee Room, one of the importt mt committeesin If
and wool-presser. At money right now.
of five Negro .citizens chae] Mel tsner of New which Cong. Bennett serves. Cong. Bennett stated tht above photo the lead ers) a
10:30: in the evening on Lost Endeavor they ( Negro
Leerue McDuffie York City, representedthe the 6th of January, he .-showing. _the students and their advisors was taken indo ors due to a come in and tell ..the

John E. King Walter Negro plaintiffs. was shot to death in the a :heavy rain which made an outdoor photograph impossible to take at that the mayor that it' '-' (a

Holmes Sr. Albert time. ..---- \-0; ,
grocery store of Home- .._ boycott) is not s

Myers and George Sims. Bullets Answer wood, who alleged that Ilet 1 StudentsWorkOn then I'm willing to
The case was argued in A Espe
t Mays"*hadJriedto steal .... ? .. _: ,, With,____ ,_ : .. I relpmtate the: money"| "', at'LV"It
the Federal- Court for .Sweetheart -""*:'P', y nA isxestimated th

the Southern Districtof a 10-cent cakeRedundant rumors. seem' '.A A Heart Behind A BadgeWell 1 VotingBATON 95 percent of the peo; '\I lIe .

Florida on March receiving relief a re
12. ; \
to indicate that a girl ROU ,
In his ruling Judge friend of Mays was over a year ago, up and here was a cop Student: C011E members Negroes in this cit \ :y

Dyer enjoined the Turnpike bounty Detective Robert blocking his way from Southern with an estimated pops 1-
romantically involvedwith expelled
Authority from Homewood, and that 3. Stringer conducted holding him at bay witha University for their latiin of some 340OC \ )O

"making or requiring in investigation that stubby shotgun. December's people. About one thin .d
may have precipitates role :in last
others to make any dis- both stunned and appal- Willie Williams might demonstration are said to be Negroes. \
shooting. The girl, peaceful
tinction based upon led him. It was the case : gation at The boycott movemen 1
whose name is said to against segre ,

color in regard to ser- be Delphine Moore, was if Patricia Ann Pinkens.; :;:. local lunch counters got underway on Marc.

vice to patrons at its the only other person 8-year-old girl who are remaining in town 23 when letters were se

lad been tortured to the merchants seekini
present in the store RAYMON JEROME LEE was h' Ir and working o. n voter to
Police Avert Drink of death of down
Rape; when Homewood shot Mays. caught attempting to by her registration. 1 'hey and desegregation

Delphine has since break into the rear of ]parents. other members of the town stores drinkioi,:

Wounds Last Wednesday night, r fountains, restrooms,? ;
SuspectThe dropped out of circula- the overseas Grocery at local CORE groiIP are -
j his String'erfaced employment prac
same and
tion, despite the fact 935 Davis Street, last doing housetohouse

intended rape of a JESSE JOLLY that she is a state's Saturday night. When an entirely dif- canvassing. tices.
ferent kind of situation 4
16-year-old girl was .Five-Shot Finale witness.It caught, by Lt. George : ;
averted --a certainty that Paret's Cart Of
Monday evening
was Delphine, how- Branch, Lee had wire-
when *the Doristeen Mallory is I tie was about to be shot I
ever, who reportedlytold cutters, hacksaw and a
rival of the police dead. She died last a Lake City relative screwdriver in his pos- to death by the armed Ends In Lonely DarknessBenny

caused the band of hood- Friday morning after I tiold-up man he had
of Mays that he session.
A search of TCid' Paret died Tuesday morning afte.a
lums that had attackedher absorbing five .38 I cornered with a jammed
-caliber bullets had not tried to steal Lee's room at the Rich- remaining imprisoneddays. coma for the previous ten

and her boyfriend to into her back by fired her the cake, but that Home- mond Hotel on Broad J shotgun 1 His brother, Antonio, and his manager.
The story is well-
jealous lover wood had impulsivelyshot Street, produced arti- have killed Stringer for Manuel Alfaro, were shad pith him when he died. Benu
The girl, whose name Mays as he cles well-circulated, had known
pickedup which
jolly. police suspect sure-if no way of knowin g this. The last thing t h'
Doristeen -
cannot be mentioned because was 1 well digested by now.
the cake to purchaseit. were taken recently about that shotgun; if conscious tRnile of was the angry fists Qj
22 old. is was probably
years jolly
Already it is losing J
of her youthfulness from Badger Confectionary .- ...-- he had known that the Griffith smashing I him into darkness.
was walking with 24 years old ... *.. .
Homewood who has located tight
been at 908 jammed
Sandra old gun was Griffith is reporter 'I ,
Kennedy can tell
her boyfriend in the 'but they wouldn'tgive
charged with first
Kings Road. Police that Stringer couldn'tpull saddened by the con- ,
you about it. She was
Springfield park it to him. And h<
stated that the method the trigger if .he spicuous part he playedin
near the intersection of spending the night with DriveBeing L never asked for it. Hi
used to break into Bad- wanted to. destruction.
4th and Jefferson Sts. the dead girl. They were Benny's was either too dumb 01
ger's was similiar to Anyhow, it's all over.
How then, does Alfaro
when the gang attackedand friends. She knew jolly Pushed too proud to ask fort
the method Lee demon- Willie McKinley Wil- feelas Benny's manager?
too. That' why she was it."
overpowered them. strated in forcing his liams is in city jail,
How does Ruby Goldsteinfeel
Although the vandals not hesitant to let him By NAACP What then about Rub
way into the Overseas 5 and Stringer is back on
? How, does the
scattered at the sudden' into the house, at 740 say G 'oldstein? Was he "tod
Grocery. the beat: and, maybe by
Street, when he JACKSONVILLE, Fla.A cold-faced Mormon knownas ,
arrival of police, one Orange umb or too proud' .ts .

of their members fell knocked' on the door at "crash voter regis- NAACP Drive Head now salvaged the'old from shotgun hisfather's he Gene Fullmer feel? top the fight? Toe

victim to a police bul- 7 in the morning. tration" campaign is Many observers are of di mb because he was,"
Named State garage, 20
let in the hip as he Jolly, who lives at being carried on by the opinion that Fullmer incapable of: realizing.
is fixed
years ago, so
tried to escape capture.The 757 W Church Street, NAACP branches in' four TAMPA-- -Rev. E. D. gave Paret a more the it Paret bad had if
epV that it won-'Jt jam in a than
wounded suspect has stood at the door of counties, it was revealed Lewis pastor of the jam next time. thorough battering Too proud, maybe, be _,

been identified as Doristeen's room and here this week. Holsey Temple C.ME. there's alwaysthe the subsequently fatal cat tse he had bee.,1,'
7 Yes, administered -
Samuel Shelby 17. He accused her of being The drive ends April 7. Church in Tampa and possibility of a one by "bl asted for years ,fo

has been charged with out all night 'l when registration closes. president of the linter Griffith on March 24. supi ?oosedly stopping _
Robert S. Stringer 'next time' when you'rea feel that Fullmerwas
assault to commit rape, know you were out all Haven Branch. NAACP has .. They them too quick" ?
dramatic :
\ much of its cop. the butcher that 'f
and is presently con- night, he said, according Rutledge Pearson of been named chairman of It i ioesn* t matter.

fined in the prison ward to Sandra's this city chairman of the statewide membership character in the lime- Paret's Death really set Paret up for Gal d I stein has bee* >
light of police routine; the ice-box. .
at Duval Medical Center.Lt. statement'because the Association's Fla. campaign for the NAACPin exoner ated; even as th

A.O. Johnson of the you were in the room Political Action Com- Fl,a ids. Rev. Lewis in the history of police Bias ChargeMIAMI And Manuel Alfaro, the boxing fans have bee.

city Homicide Division next to mine."" mittee, said his group will help to raise a service. manager? After all, indict ed jjy a French ,
these two dissimilar -
..stated grimly that every Doristeen, lying on
possible effort is being stomach in the bed. apparently seven thousand namesto thousand members in the situations lend investigating chargesof made him pretty well off Eskenazi ',_ "The Spectators

'.-'im'ade* to round up the didn't move. the voting'rolls. state for the year. themselves manner of to man describethe strin- discrimination a- if not downright wealth- have ?,,dug the grav!..<

jg ng.* 'A lot of these She merely denied her Carrying out the drive He is appealing to all is behind his badge. gainst stricken welter- yCouldn't he have seen of the r 'ing martyrs, .!...' .,

.;things that are happen- lover's accusations. are Leon Cox presidentof organizations, churchesand ger weight Benny Paretk that the Kid was. in Eskenazi blasted' frog r'

:;'?;tng;" have a.brutal pattern saying that it was not the St. Petersburg individuals to aid COlIPassiO ate on the the one when he took his familyto trouble there in the Paris. '--They want' ,T
-, '- intrepid on
,) d';, to them," he said. true, that she had been branch and chairman of in the drive. persons hand;" the a zoo four days before 12th round? Couldn't" he bloodthey.got bodies."'

"<: "' at home all night. She the pinellas County other outraged on he left for New have tossed in the ;
i'A gang.. beat-up a nurse interested in workingin hud steely Death is progressive
cool, ,
recently. And there's might have seen the gun, drive; Rev. N. G. stag- the statewide caa- oae calculating;, bluffinghis York City and his ill- towel--saved the boy? It doesnt t matter. Tl

one or two other thingsat she might not have. She gers of Orlando, Orange paign may contact him death on fated fight.Paret Alfaro attributed Kid from Cu ba is dead

seem to fit into must have heard Jollysay County; w. A. Fordham, by writing to 705 East way other.past died in a New Paret's death to "cir- It's Just too bad a .

." F "I'm going to ,kill; TaapaJ. and. Mr. Pearson the York hospital as a result cumstances." However, '
,. e sme pattern/. Harrison Street, Tampa, If he' had barked bout his 'wife.. Sh":,.

ksprtngtield Park you!" And he did. Jacksonville. Florida or calling the Willie Williams might of a merciless Leo Johnson, former says she, wt *nts,.to; j-, '

Attack o" cure around Jolly then left the Mr. Pearson; added that state office, Tampa shot him-killed beating received in defense sparring partner of the with him."' B ut"uhles

house ,and walked ale the NAACP Is & have of his welterweight Kid. openly stated that
831 Monday"evening* ** 'cO 1:1ctilg 229-8619 or contact him, perhaps. Willie is Alfaro and the boxing she takes pa; tters ,jniher

# e appearance of'pates Broad stopped Street patrol until car 42.ha voter registrationdrives your local branch ot 20 years old, and he hada crown. commissions were to owar haLn( is, she

H. Sdwanfe_ ad E Sgts. fu t. >Mattft*, in other parts of fice. "Oar goal "< 38 pistol_ in his "I can't go back to blame. "Benny neededa got to stay r lcht hef-
t ::11or areri4 whit the state but "i concentrating said "18 a she said,
Rev Lewis Miami
J. t- Jordan and Lt. 8. hand., and he was angry rest," Johnson said, among the inns an

gfct= have bHI a s>ass P Cbrley, conducted hElraSl hearilT in branch in every city ill and' scared because he "because Benny likedto in Charlotte, N. C. the guilty.I .

') I ties t, .. ,,-- --' .- take the boy." -' ..-. ,
.' -
osiered."i 'c! ;;
\ _,_i",:" -,-:" .'.,
-: -- : :t'{,-:."

-. .
-'- -
.. -_ --0--- -<_ _- _

J rat 2 f -i U n* Slfttt { I ''''j I Ic

.. : -.. __.., 4 __.__._ SATURDAY APRIL 7.1962 ,


.. -. .. ... r- J"! ;,t. :4: .. Too Late Blues ,.,,:,\ POLITICS AS USUAL
.. [MEWS : ,,', -- -

'.; ::.t-.,- ....
Publtehjd by The., I Florida Star-Publllhlng Co. ,;;';y" j'f3: : ? 11)

"MUltefc_ HJEiMoclated| "rigro':P....." ,,' Bl EBIC O. BIMPSOH
J its A i.M ,

ERIc O. SIMPSON...... .=............._....:.,Manoglns Ectitoi NEW YORK---Mrs. Constance Baker Motley, r

ALYSON* E. WISEV vi"(/.*.*,y*.........................M-W Editor NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund !

HILDA-. !MrMtnti..1 w.M .. ..'.."..-,""q.CJ rev I a tI on MonegtrMit Associate Counsel, hailed the U. S. Supreme

; : A I : Court ruling outlawing racial seg-
: :
r !
"MAI "N ,OffiCE, & PLANT: ,, t" regation in the Memphis airport terminal.

2323'Moneri. f'Roacf7r...\1.......Phon Elgin 4-6782"'", >: Mrs. Motley, who argued the case before
___ .
---- -- ,. o. r.x : the high Court
,t' February 27, said the
'h" 'r
tailing Address decision
: "established
a precedent for

,,!.rH' '..O;BOX. .. (bbl, Jacksonville- 1, FloridaMailed ...., @ r r... St 1 ? ending segregation in other airports a-
round the "
=rrr -''. .. ..RIPTION RATES ,J : -. country. She
t .. One Yea $5.00; Half Year, $3.00 :, ; noted that similar airport ,

To Vi.jSUBSf Anywhere In The United State? po terminal suits are pending
0 ?'SubW 1' eriptlon Payable In Advance. : ,. ; t : : : '.Jt ; :.;.. in New Orleans La.Jackson,

'IK .., ,8c2J d Cheek 1 or Money Oraer To .+" Miss. Mobile, Ala. and Tampa
: *"x \? j
:J : : ;. '" y. : '... .1 p4 : t: 1' :;::5:; Florida.The .
r' k OftlDA'STAR-P. O.Box 561A'CKSONVILLE ':' !ff j' ;] Supreme Court

4" 'f fjVCo. 1rFLORIDA'11r't /" f;. ..>."., .':.' "Ll.I"' c'f It', ..'.......'.... '-,,'. reversed the action s ruling of a

I' ,, '
,t1 '' .. three-judge federal court in
,.;. : .,.
DIDN'T + .... Memphis which refused to
i MAKE IT? DON'TWORRY4 st ., <
:. rule on the merits of the case on January
,i: .
,YOU'RE YET .. .. 23, 1961.The .
YOUNG : : : lower court had held that Mr. Jesse

Welf......you : Jldn' make it, did you You : !!iI. -: lb-- ::- Turner the plaintiff who is a noted

let the regj istration books close and .. '; it H5v Memphis Negro businessman, should bring

thereby los your last chance to vote in an action in Tennessee ccurts for con-
this year's. elections. ::, : i struction of the state-wide regulation

t'd' bit.w,a| tsn'. t,;.entirely your fault. Of d: : J permitting segregation which was promulgated -

course it ; ';, i by the Tennessee Department of Hotel -
true that
s had three .
Wholemont you ... .-'-. .....,. .....r.:-...::tI.............I.!' ,. l\-t.; ,......'. '". ;* tll" and Restaurant Inspection.In .
s to get. wherever you had to ; .
go andreg .: slter to vote. It s true too, Sll r J t, ,' \&!S ruling, the Supreme Court held

thatTqtlierselJLaAfl: folks, quite as busy as your !.. .,. .''-. :' ) that it had settl-cd! beyond question that

,p arhaps even more busy, found f segregated transportation facilities are

the '-timerAftgriii1: o go' and affix their signa- ::.:=:::- unccnstitutional, as it did last monthin
'W 1I
tures:' o-: hose 'V2"ry' Important registra- the JacksonMiss. Freedom Rider case.

tior rWboo. k iXlt' maybe it wasn't en--- ,. The Dobbs Houses restaurant at the, Mem-
tireo Your pnis Airport refused service to Deputy
;: r fault.. : Weekly
Assistant Secretary of State Carl Rowanin
--I Saturday bad for
i s. a day -
same peo- fe. There' s a lot of running .,:: Horoscope Guide January causing a national incident.Mrs. .

around_ to ,:do. bills to pay groceries to \ Motley also hailed the March 23

buy, s'1'ike that. There's the bars ruling of'the Court cf Appeals for the
too :whf< .hstayed, open on this last day .,..._ \ BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL Sixth Circuit in the Memphis school desegregation -
of tYfftion but will be cl csed case.
regiselection .. on "".. .. I

*'d ay. r By PABLO, The ASTROLOGER .

So, nob jdy' s blaming you for anything.We What Is Your Opinion

simpl y. can't blame children for not ARIFS

.. being a le to do the job. of grown-ups. Born March 21st thru what selfconsciousabout this first quarter you tious period during Of The Trimester ?
.r.Voting... .. pressing your own should not waste your which you should pro-
sra-job for grown-ups; those o faresufficiently April 19th
cause 'do not fail to precious time with mote yourself and your
US who. adult in min d THE QUESTION: What Is Your OpinionOf
Although material ac- call on kindly and trivialities. Take advantage material Interest to
and def '". Inite in ideals; those of us whiojntified The Trimester System?
have id quistions undoubtedy sympathetic friends to of oppor- the best of your a-
freedom as the thing the
worldwillin.. contributed a great do so for you. There isa tunies to make a desired bility. Go along when
".. leeds m ,)st-next to love-and a re Dr. Scott, wh c is Supervisor of Duval
deal to personal com- cycle being initiated change if they chance offers you an
to legislate it into being wJithIB County Education had
Negro Department
the ho forts and happiness late on the 4th. which are called to your opening (1st thru 3rd). ,
that it's meaning will even' ,tu- this to say: 'The trimester idea is
they are as nothingwhen seems to be very pro- attention on the 1st. If your income benefits
allyt: :
ike rcot in the hearts of men and nothing new tc individuals who have attended -
thriveAfg compared to true pitious in so far as Your interest in romance from increased profitsor

there.. ; love and the. joy of your hopes and social the younger earnings do not the large universities that operate -
all, not all men go to war, / but ten and twelve weeks in the summ -
alfjnFreed living. The Arians who affiliations are con- generation and the arts ignore the desirabilityof
;n enjoy the prosperity of pe 'ace. er. How well it will take as a regularand
are responsive to the cerned. and sciences also become setting substantial
om is n c different. Not all men definite pattern in the public
take. higher forces should keener as your savings aside for the
art in the fight for freedom!!;, but 8-20-99-13-74-829
schools will in
a depend
measure, on
find themselves at- desire to make your unfathomable tomorrowsto
.a : r-h 4\.r linl en'qy_It. l !t.ha,sSoUneFSre ,. CANCER thc ability and willingness of the com-
been statn'1shed.-: harsh' enacree r1ght tl r ac t.e d ,t o unusual_Born f June *22ncL".thru mark mounts with, the come. Launch projects -
; ': ? persons and gobbles, to r re'.': see munity to provide a satisfactory atmosphere -
ers i s1i mply*'1 ookers; others aiers July 22nd. t temper You of. wide scope
a '
hop their edification and your endeavors rewarded with the backing of for study in the summer.
.. dreamers: ; still cthe rs are You
; delight (1st). Thoseof may expect con- "Many students will not welcome the
deli Derate shirkers, cringing it.l their siderable and your hopes influential individuals
you whose birthday assistancefrom fulfilled if that idea of attending school in ; )
hear you respond or organizations
: .ts. whenever they are faced dth ariiy
r fall between the 4th friends or hot, stuffy rooms, ten and
resp onsibility teycnd tte acquiring \ to the fortunate may be interested (5th)
: o.f those who
fo and 19th may find them- are highly aspects on the 5th. behind-the scenes ma- twelve weeks in the summer.
cl thing and shelter. T hen there placed to forward your
selves firmly in the If the rooms are air-con- '
neuvers be undertaken -
are those who are dcwnright ccwardly projects. Some of you may
saddle, when it comes 910661254916LIBRA should this ditionedthen the attendnace
and ,
i as such, traitorous to the cau ;e may be much closer to
of to their individualityand necessary. might be encouraged.How well
freedom your ambitious goals

St ill, those of you who did. not find emotuonal InterestsYou than you realize and Born Sept. 23rd thru the community can provide-
would feel all the this facility is another
the ..,time -to.'register on this 'day, April this should furnish Oct. 23rd. 1-10-33-18-95-138
more elated If you are question.
?do-not"t7iinkjhat: you ar 'e being lil- sufficient reason to CAPRICORN
aiding a worthy cause Take your blessings.'ashey "While some students dos
di ted becaus.e--ofYour fail' ure to find intensify your prepara- Born Dec. 22nd thrn
by raising funds or volunteering : come, but do not attend summer school now, it will be a
YO, irseH "ap'laclf In' the su n. You were tions and endeavors Jan. 19thAs
luestion their originsor
your ser- different problem when one-third
or one-
bu You had other things The eligible this to be
ly y. too; things ones may seems
1 vices (4th-5th). Con- composition. If they quarter of the school population is required
pe/ rhaps,. that had to d c with personal have to sacrifice a the most favorable quar
tinue to listen to pave the way for grea- to do so.
dt; :: t .instead, of freedom; things that certain amount of per- ter freedom of actionor ter of this frivolous
ha: ti:to" do with greens and rpork-chops j ant those who are older and sonal liberty when a chance to turn month you should "Another question is, what will be required

tl'jirig like that, instea d of freedom- wiser when you have they change over intoa dreams into promptly take all of the teachers? if the trimester
your re-
tl aings that had to do with i' another drinl worries or important marital status but alities there is measures deemed nece- idea is aimed at economy of space and
decisions to make. The
P erhaps..instead of free don. this may be largely need to ask for more. ssary to get your unrelated to economy of c cst of instruc-
are dependable.
Who -knows? Perhaps by t' ne time y another compensated by an increase The first startling and finances in apple-pie tion, as far as teacher-unit and teacher

E jlectlon year rclls ar cund, you will of material exciting phase of this order. A certain amountof salary are concerned, it may prove less

t lave' grown up.INCREASED. 540551645541TARUS holdings, comforts and favorable period may beat spadework or be- difficult to put into effect

.. '5CH'' OOL TERM security (7th-8th). hand right on the hind:the scenes manipulations "Still another point will be educating

Born April 20th thru Do not pay any heed to 1st. The essentialmoves would be in the American public tc full-time school .

'A. 'COMMUNITY CHALLENGEBy May 20th so-called friends who that may be required order on the 1st when program in the summer. The summer has always -

would like to keep you chance or other unpre- been regarded as 'vacation time. '
to consolidateyour
consequence of being $ parents, teach- There are different available for selfish dictable factors are "All in all the idea is worth trying.

e rs, students citizen s of this county standards by which suc- ends. snould gains be or position behind you. Full speed With proper education of the public and
e Lnd cess may be measured.The undertakenwhen
state we--each of !
us in our sepaI ahead for higher-minded
rate-waysare at leas ,t curious to know one by which you 130221886132LEO they stand less pursuits long-range adequate facilities, there is every reason '

I how the trimester sysf tem would functionin should go is that chance of being to feel that the trimester system can
planning, and the
relocation -
our schools, how j 4t would alter the favored by so many and Born July 23rd thru thwarted by individualsor of living become b cth popular and profitable. "
existing atmosphere It is calculated ob- Aug. _22nd circumstances (4th). Mr. Brooks is Principal of New Stanton
of ,our homes, how quarters (5th).
it would eventually' i effect our communal scurity. You can wield Your magnetic person- 2- 5-17-25-245. High School. In response to the Star query,

and social anatomy.:: more power by shunning ality 'extraordinaryachievements SCORPIO.. 2-50-33-17 81-253 he stated: "I doo' t understand it enough

:Would it work?:: We:#ar$ asking ourselves. public acclaim, and by and sin- Born Oct. 24th thru AQUARIUS yet to render any opinion that would sat-

Would it acc, !-e..r 3te.the J, .:rate cf learn- pulling the strings cere devotion to worthy Born Jan. 20th thru isfy me. The most serious question in my

ing: ? increaserthe: fxiciency' of teachers from behind the scenes. objectives are assets II you have come to Feb.18th mind, however, is, if this trimester goes

to benefit shich should not be realize that two can Even if into general effect in the school system
? broaden 'ths;l -i tel lectua 1 curiosity Do not fail it may not ,

of: students?...."som, = .discipline the from the willingness used sparingly. Enlist succeed where one always be entirely to what would the students do with themselves

the stupendousjHCcs:.- ao'f': education? and good offices of the sympathy and back- alone is more likely to your liking, the road during the montns they won'tbe

oy\st.it ,wpnk?" **I- officials friends or ing of educational fafl: you may considerthe to progress and sta- attending school?

Cautiously expl aimed, the trimester organizations that institutions official victory half won. bility will be paved 5' 'Under the present semester

system, were it Instituted, would open stand sqyarely behind bureaus or other The spirit of get- more quickly when you systemwhere student vacations
and enter- organizations that may togetherness is being yl coincide with the
the doors of you your allow others to guide : summer
our.., public: schools all year
round, entirely ; doing with the prises (1st. 4th, 5th and see some merit in stimulated by powerful you. If you are un- months, the schools are kept
away '
optional sumnfer vacation from studiesnow 7th).' Your true alms giving you and your planetary aspects, despite attached romance could JS open so as to aMcw studentsnot
should not be revealed ideas a fair chance to your occasional classesto
guaranteed .?b.Y''tbs: system. suddenly appear on a
The three-te if their is the a]1lh- demonstrate their worthBe tendency to be strictly white charger. have onewhere t a go where
,rp,. system :woUld mean an in- armed
with all the
est possibility that Individual in your out- there are supervised activi-
creased studettf 4-70-88-14-32-478
Xcad- increased demand
; n facts
they could meet with convincingtoo look. Far reaching decisions PISCES I ties.
for c /anfc"-teachers. ; an increased should be unusually -
need for envfg .Dnmantal. : 'facilities--nart'icularly criticism or active profitable from may be taken Born Feb. 19th thru tf course, were a trimester
resistance. jointly on the 1st. March 20th system to be brought into effect, the
alr-_ .ondltloners; an increased this date on, if you
: This would Insure extracting schools would be in constant use throughout -
cpmmunity consciousness and sense of re- 7-60-11-19-63-761 cao maaage to curb your 'It matters not whether

onsibility coper'.with, the out-of- GEMINI tendency to dictate the material and your partner or Intuition the year and vacationing students

sbhool stude nt 1 cad-whi.chin the interim Born May 21st thru terms' Exercise good financial advantages Is prompting would find themselves with three monthsof .

may r tot be as simple to absorb June 21stExcellent judgment, and establ- without which you may yon as.the message time--of b aedom, actually--creating a
find it hard to
as w mId app' ear in lerspective.Most planetary ish sound principlesthat shoulder that is intended for situation which could become problematical ,
your present bears the earmarkof to the community. '
of su jch out-of-sc&pol students aspects should enable will govern your you
burdens. Accept any rewards validity. Heed it on "On the whole Mr. Brooks, concluded "
would requJ AHJould
cbs. hose.
ire J require you to sail through to come to as
diY the 1st and rool up "I am personally not opposed to the trimester -
healthy lersion th dr
or subsequent this first exciting your due when fortune
380441621384VIRGO your sleeves thereafterwith system. It could very well be the
:r 'activities. gild well become a source of Quarter like a breeze.
: .. smiles on her favorite
r. the Intention of answer to the tremendous budgetary problems !
cDJWuinty ;Concern. _' Excellent understanding
; ; children .
Born Aug. 23rd thru (5th) proving your true of education.In any case, I fee that
Such cl
a .lange in the,.school year will affecting your friendships 4-70-22-13-28-472
Sept 22nd TOrth. The go signal is eventual acceptance of the trimester system ,
Certainly effect those'ofyou who have wishes, hobbiesand
sounded late on the 4th is inevitable. i
t- schcol-ag e children. But we are, None of emotional ties maybe
As you seem to have Nov. 23rd thru and you will be on your The proposed trimester system happens to '
'1 us, exensr ,t from the overall responsibility reached on the 1st. everything pretty much Dec. 21st own thereafter. be your businees, too.
of c onmunity 'Should feel
you soie-
your own w&* during This is fairly propi- 6-90-77-15-42-697 Do you have an opinion?

'-. -' &- '" ', o -, .

": ', t(1:::' ; } f{: L '.. .. ,: .. .... \\ ;t ; .. .I.-. : I t.. .' J '- -'- T' .':, _'.'". >' 'r;; ,.' 'i-Jr;;: t

""?"- "' -T7
.""L,..,"", ,

{ :: 1 1)) .
'I',:C ..f'_ ,-, : Jl \'C':. : : ":

; .. ., FLIMA STAR .., .. .. .' ; 4. p 'pwrs ;
; .
i .
r .

j : ,"rand Polemarch And Top Officials Attend Kappas Conclave Here April 1g=21 ,I

Top Kappa Officials Judge Winegeart -
Socially Speaking
To Attend Conclave Stork : .

Here April 19-21 Speaks SundayJuvenile rDOllVflCS :

# *
Atty. Mill spaugh is

from Opelous, La. and Court Judge
(:". ". BT :. Mr. Holloway residesin Y Tyy. Lamar Winegeart Jr. ...

Philadelphia, Pa. will be the principal Mr. and urs. Charles
3 Robinson 3225 Phoenij '
speaker ; ..;
during the -
In its 50-year span, E-
11 a.m. morning worshIp Avenue; Boy. -
Alpha Psi
Kappa frater-
+ Mr. and Mrs. Alfonso
nity has from service when the
grown one
Thompson 1708 ;*
Fashions for spring and summer are constantly lone chapter into a Stewardess Board of Mt. -- .-

being displayed and we find many designers and brotherhood of 104 Zion AME Church observes -' Street : Boy.
Mr.' and Mrs:?Clay
1 manufacturers emphasizing the Egyptian Look. The undergraduate and 134 T-I/ its annuaParent's ,
style is enhanced Burns;: 3314 Myrtle
greatly by the Cleopatra hair alumni chapters. Day program
-4.r1. Girl.
style and make-up. If it can be worn, you can $25 ,000 FRATERNIGHTHOUSE I Sunday April 29. Avenue-; .
find7it styled with the Egyptian touch; if it 1 Parents and citizens Mr. andsMrs.

enhances,,.beauty, it is Egypt-inspired. fromfingertips Last summer, as a viL throughout the city who Parker; 1677 McCOhnie

Street Girl.
: "to eyelids. Be prepared. for a moremyaterious highlight of its L6'Yflf are interested in pre- ;
""} ''' and Mrs. Joseph
s sent Mr.
air surrounding women. golden day children'sproblem's
anniversarycelebration h'. Scott; 920 W. 15th
are cordially -
w. invited to hear Street. ; $Oy,t SRS...ft
fraternity dedicated a '<\"',.- and Rudolph
> .< Mr. tfjrs
Judge Winegeart'smessage.
beautiful $250.000 I l! (; ,, ;
Smith 1836 Calhoun..
We expect to hear wonderful results from Omega house at ; -.4w1 .11r
fraternity I .- Street Bc> .1I 1.** .*
J Mrs. Rosa L. Woo ten is ;
Psi Phi : :
Fraternity's talent hunt, scheduled to Indiana University in ,_ i4l-1i' .a;
be > Y.' < program chairman, and Mr. and Mrs. Moses
held Friday night April 6. in New stanton's Bloomington Ind. ,' "'
Rev. W. F. Foster is Davis; 187J W. 14th
Auditorium. Some lucky youngster will make the the exercises being in
the pastor. Street; Boy. .
regional in Savannah, Georgia and we hope the honor of the fraternity L. C. Dowdy, left, acting preeident of A. and T. College, presents lug-

national. contest. that will be held in New York s founder ElderW. gage gifts from A. a dT. administrative officials, to Dr. Samuel D.
City. Famed Entertains :1
/" Diggs. Proctor, president of the College, and Mrs. Proctor, prior to their departure Group FAMUans

The coming years will for Africa. Dr. Proctor has been granted a leave of 18-months to

-r demand new techniquesand head the U. S. Peace Corps program in Nigeria. The presentations were
ideas if Kappa is made at a luncheon honoring the Africa bound Proctors.

With Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity's Twelfth Regional to continue t, grow on

Conclave less than two weeks away, plans the map of leading 22 FAMU ROTC Brewster Addition New York TenorIn

have gone 'into the final stage, for entertaining greek letter organization. | Dedication
visiting delegates.in Officers' Assigned April 15th t St.: Paul

a recent meeting of The Silhouettees Club, The Conclave serves TALLAHASSEE The Reserve % The new Service Center Easter RecitalGeorge

the group made plans for a "Bait-a-Date" partyto many functions: Officers' Building at Brewster

be held Thursday evening April 19; a bridge Methodist Hospital will Ford, a tenor
It is a means of Training Corps of be dedicated '
party Friday afternoon, April 20 at the Consolidated Florida A&M for service singer from New York
translating the Fra- University
Garden Club; and a "Kappa Sweetheart announced April 15 at'2:30: City, will be pre-
22 senior
party" Friday night April 21. ternity's purpose froma p.m. with formal sented in a s oig reci-
ROTC cadets have
motto into received -
program., tal at St. Paul AME f
Mesdames Betty Howard, Queen Bruton, and Jose- e
phine Jefferson were hostesses for the meeting of providing for uni- army Open house will be Church at 5 p.m.Easter
assignments.These .
which was held at 1304 Tyler Street. form interpretation of held from 1 p.m. to Sunday in the auditorium -
laws and senior have
Top prize in the whist session was won by Mrs., traditions; of been instrumental in 6 p.m. with tours of of the church.Mr. FAMUANS AND CHORALE LEADER---David Helperleft), :

Sweet while Mrs. Margaret Starkes receivedtop developing the leader- the building. The Ford has appearedin .
Lydia the effective func- Mulberry, and Chrisita J. Davis Ft. Pierce
ship of
Auxiliary members will recitals throughout -
honors in the bridge 1 L-
with Edmond Kurlsurd
undergraduate members tioning of the Cadet enjoying a bit of laughter
Mrs. Ann McIntosh, Mrs. Geneva Henderson Mrs. Battle Group at FAMU. serve'as hostesses. for the country and after the Kurlsurd Chorale concert in ''the' r f
and justifying the event.. notable .
Dorothy Sweet, Mrs. Norma White, Mrs. Virginia the has received '
existence of The commander of the Charles Winter Wood Theatre at Florida A.'andM. : ::
Kappa Alpha -
Mathis, Mrs. Carrie Parson, Mrs. Gloria Parson Psi. group is Cadet Col. Miss Emma' Burris recognition 'from lead- University recentlm. The concert. was'-an. :,.

Mrs. Alma Johnson, Mrs. Hannah Jones and Mrs. Registration will begin Roland Carey of Miami. executive secretary, ing newspapers. Artists and Lyceum presentation. *: '. ..

Beulah Joyner were among Silhouettes participating Social Welfare and Me- Some of the numbershe (FAMU staff photo ."
The deputy commander is -
April 19 from 1
t dical Work of the will feature will :
:in the meeting. 5y t t1'.
., ", until 5 p.m. Robert L. Cadet Lt. Col. EddieL. e t ,
Methodist Church will be, "Sheep May Safely It.., ,
Mitchell is polemarcho Thomas of Tampa, and
be present at the dedi- Graze by Bach; 't...
? the Jax Chapter and the executive officeris
cation. A group of "Have You Seen But A
Milliam Mathis is vice Cadet Lt. Col.
Les Gavottes Club held their most recent meetingin Doctors members of White Lillie Grow t
polemarch. George Howard Glover O'Hara L. John- ,
the West Twenty-sixth Street home of Mrs. the board of directorsand 'D wn, 'In Your
of Fustis.
is polemarch of son
Hortense Brewington with Mrs. Ann McIntosh as administrative Mystic Beauty' by
Cadets who received
Delta Psi Chapter at
guest. personnel will have Tosti; "That Suits
Edward waters College. branch assignmentswere
Members present at the meeting included Mrs. Roland dinner with her Satur- Me" by Hall Johnson;
: Carey,
Mrs. Lillian Stokes; .day April..14. .*.-:.. '-i':;::: "Ride' -an- King Jesns"by
Vernell Glover president; Blocker, Band artillery' Miami; Jac- : GeTida
Poole Miss The program wiil'a- Dettr "Che 3 r
Mrs. Carrie Kincade; Mrs. Earnestine ; kie L. Caynon, ordnanceFt. m N
Manin and many'othe
Theora Leggins; Mrs. Sarah Logan; Mrs. Mildred Rated SuperiorA Pierce; Glover 0. ture many outstanding

Jackson; and Mrs. Julia Wallace. Johnson, medical ser- people. Those appearingwill rs. _
askedto r
be Mrs. Samuel D. The public is
superior rating vice corps, Fustis:
S take advantage of
Bankston, conference
.. ( First Division) was Eddie L. Thomas president Woman's hearing this singer,

given the Isaiah Bloc- ordnance Tampa; DISCUSS JOB OPPORTUNITIES .
well ---Howard
who comes recommended Hoods (left),
and mrs. Liston Society of Christian -
Street home Mr.
The Davis
ker Junior High School Wilbert Bryant infantry member of the President's Committee '. .
Service the Methodist by music on Equal ,
the week- ,
Burns, Sr. was filled with cheer over
band under the direct.Ja Trenton, N.J. ; lovers and critics. Job Opportunity with C. C. Cunningham and Mrs. I -
Church, central Juris-
end as The Burnses, Sr. entertained The Burnses of its conductor, Fmory C. Collier, in- Alice Dunnigan, education consultant "

jr. who were visiting from Tuskegee. Alabama, Mrs. N.S. White during fantrj, perrine BookerT. diction Florida Con- President's Committee on Equal Job for'tbe Q.,

five-mmth-old Renee Pamela. ference; Dr. FrederickH. Rev. & Mrs. Badger'sHonors Opportunity.
accompanied by the District Band Daniels, infantry, Woods and Mrs. Dunnigan consulted
Members of Feminae Gravitae Bridge Club were Festival held last week Waycross. Ga. ; Theo- Bowen, chief of Surgery Set April 9th t on applications from Florida A* and'M'.Cumigham.' Uni 1

invited to a tea on Sunday afternoon honoringMr. end core Johnson, infantry, Brewster Metho-
in St. Augustine.The
versity graduates .
dist Hospital AuthaW. Rev. and Mrs.. S. L. during: a. recent, visit' too the
and Mrs. Liston Burns Jr. and were into- local group received Orlando, Malachi Jones, ; FAMU campus. '
Badger of Emanuel Bap- ,1
duced to Little Renee for whom the ladies recently the awards in medical service corps, Forehand, manager, c'
construction tist Church will be FAMU staff photo I .
gave a baby shower.Mr. Sight reading. Concertand Jacksonville, Earl A. hospital
honored with
,and Mrs. Hubert Alexander of Williamsburg, Marching. Jones, artillery department, Florida hour an in appreciation the- Spring Concert Slated April 13th : .

Virginia, daughter and son-in-law of The Burnses, Gainesville; Clarence Development Commission;
Rated superior during church auditorium April The New Stanton High The band, acclaimed
spent the past week in the city. McKinney military police The Reverend James W. ,
their participation'lnsolos 9th beginning at 8 p.m. School Symphonic Band one of the most ,out-
Henley, Resident Bishop
and ensembleswere corps Thomaston,
the Methodist Church An entertaining program under the direction of standing in the na.- .
Ga. Reuben Padgett III
Mrs. Nell Hicks, recent bride of GM-1 Woodrow the following: Cuba has been arranged and K. D. M c Far I in is t ion has won, su-.
Jacksonville Area,
infantry Jacksonville,
Coleman of Shelby North Carolina has Just returned students: Conference, Florida 'all choirs and auxili- preparing for the anperior ratings in; ,
Hezekiah M. Richardson,
.to the city after spending the week-end L oiis Carter, Horn; Conference.Dr. aries are requested to nual spring concert. local, and state, ban, ,, ,
ordnance Orlando; Raymond -
with the groom's parents. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Aurora Dow flute; be in uniform. The public The musical attraction festivals and, gave an ..
P. Ross III infantry W.J. Knauer Jr.. .
Washington Hardman "
Coleman of Shelby. chief of optholmology. is invited. Refreshments has been scheduled outstanding performance
Mrs. Coleman is a clerk in the Duval County baritone; Fay Harris, Brewster Methodist will be ser for April 13, at 8:15 at the; annual' "Gator..
Eugene F. Scott '-
public School System. clarinet; Leroy James, ved following the pro- p.m. in the school 'Growl" 'at. thr university -
armor. Miami: CharlieC. Hospital ; Dr.
trumpet; Joseph McRoy, auditorium. of Florida'in '*
Spellers, infantry, Long, chief of Pedi- -
cornet; Gloria Pollard Gainesville .'.-?
Orlando; David M. White atric Service, Brewster
clarinet; Peter Roulhac -- ---- r ., .

cornet and Jacqueline infantry Bartow; Methodist Hospital; ; w '. "N"t

Clarence Williams, infantry Charles H. McCauley, ,

T What could following students Arcadia; Robert consultant, architect, ; ,. ..

1 were rated excellent: Woolfork infantry, for ,the New Central 1-1. ... .r;fJt r

Hunter satterwhite West Palm Beach; Walter Service Building; Mrs. :A. .n ...._ '

I the Englishpossibly clarinet; Betty Wil- Markham infantry Ralph E. Perkins, board 1 \\ .. ..... 1-!
limas and Elaine Har- Miami; Issac Moore, member District Pre- Li .1.Y. W1

mean by rison, majorettes.Superior artillery Madison; and sident, Jacksonville ,.. J., .-...,. r.

rating for Horace McCaskill Jr. D i stri ct Woman's ., .....,. -f1 r

"Gordon'sand ensembles were awarded infantry. Tallahassee. Society of Christian .-.. .,-. -- -,-: .
The Methodist.
the foIl ewing. Service 1 tlr.r.. .w ..

splash 1".Splash" Clarinet trio Fay Commencement Speaker, ChurchSoutheastern .. ......:...:. .....-; "" "4

Harris Gloria Pol- jurisdiction Florida :. I '".. ryr h1.1M

lard and Hunter Satter- TALLAHASSEE Doctor *. ...-., **". -

/ white; flute duet Whitney M. Young Jr. Saxelby. Harry C. *\ 'f .n .._...... :.
Is the of soda Powell and Joseph B. Py,
English way saying Aurora Dow and Lavern executive director of i / .. ..i J
(i ." Mixing it with Gordon's Gin is Harms Saxelby and
Hill brass Joseph the
; National Urban .... = "r "! '!r ,
the other side of the Powell Architects.Dr. : -
a popular pastime on McRoy Peter: Roulhac. eague will deliver ..

Atlantic Most Americans prefer "tonic and Levy James Louis Carter the commencement address Charles R. smathers ii 11. a.r .Nw V

ice*as a mixer. But on the Washington"Hard- on Saturday June member of the Medical u..., .. .

choice of complete: ac mon, Michael Stewartand 2, in Lee Hall Audi- Staff, Brewster Metho- .. ,
torium. dist Hospital; Mrs. .. -
cord. Gordon's. Its distinc Kennebrew. .
'' .-......
tive dryness and flavour David L. Thurman : ... .
.. '. .. ,
seem to tip the balance. ROYAL ART STUDIO president Woman's
S I tfct Ii >
You'll find these qualities Society of Christian tcuut"SIZE IOTTUJ CFTIUUI sitcui nuou.,. ?

wherever call forCordon's CLARENCE J. SIMON Service the Methodist .,,_'
you '
: .. :. .z::
*, W.
Church, Southerner-
by name; for HIPMETiR %. Jurisdiction .f.';,, '" .... -....' r" I */
bottle is still basedonAIexanderGordon'sorig .
M .
every .
r The I "- '_.M.. .'.r._ MM' 111/ /
Florida Conference;
.. .
10i Rev. >Robert H. Wilson I .1.'I _-e- .. .. .
anal formula. Could DONDRTGiR
o '" '"
.. 11 .. 44 .. .. .. -..
this be why Gordon is the ,.Alf., .. /J 2-5"Ts, l-Cr,i.Hack/ & White S6.5 1 Bethel Baptist Church,Institutional < "The- t ,'" '. O. .. 1,1171 a.. r

biggest-selling gin in England of' i, __ r.......... '/f'r./.2/N t1

America the world? T I-HI HttHM & 3-3,5's 95 Mother Church
55. 4',ri 1 '2&&T 9r*"*" pT
J I Florida. era mm a nan. SOfTAik -DCAfIS
Mrs. M. Anita Irving, Nfr11.1 c/; kt Jft 1M
t i i t 4k l>.4tti
director of Nursing
Tops Inii ,
?? .. v -*> fcfloiums i ,

I toiiuii w *.xx%worm SMUTS oijTimo f ion WAUL M rtoor.cctooriBncmcoiT8UttauArwwcTOFB.li. Service, Brewster ...
S Commerical-Wtddinos-Protraits Methodist Hospital and -f"l"PEPSI-ClU( cmnxr IF UCiSlUILUI ... "" ::;. -

; Dr. Joseph Fa rin ton, .Vr

: .. .
515 IAYIS ST. EL 4-1894 chairman.


1 ..inKf-- 'f nA ,.atiK j SATURDAY APRIL 7, 9G2

: Stouten ConmHtM Plus Protect Stud Baptist's Woodlawn Held Annual DinnerDanceFESTIVE

RrH- Suu Iy PrognmDistrict PrtskyttrianCtorch f C Al

Day will be Notes

observed in Second Bap- t ti
tist Church Sunday with BY .t a ad

t'!*6 business sessions
Church School will
of being held in the various -
homes beginningat begin Sunday at 9 a.m.

in the Westminster Hut
4 p.m.Services
A yE J Ie in Second .' with Rev. Franklin D.

Bapri Wilson, minister, in 4' Vw

charge and at 9:30 a.m.
Baptist begin with the
in the Sanctuary at
Sunday school at 9:30
,, State and Laura with 1
a.m. with C.U. Vaught

and Lucioucs Chesterin T.V. Huger, superintendent -

7 charge. Rev. J.C. in charge. sy 1

r Sams, the pastor will Rev. Wilson will bring a. V

= : review the lesson the messag d during the z k.

itli 11 a.m. service at t
{ "Toward A Mature Faith
10:55 The United
.r a.m.
and will deliver the
SET FINAL STAGE Stanton Vocational -High School's Band parents and PTA Choir will support the
for the major
members have set the final stage for their pretty Hat Tea slated for sermons service with Mrs. Ru-

Sunday. April 29th from, 4-6 p.m. in the school auditorium. Proceeds from services.
dyne Watson at the EVENT The Charmetts Exclusive Social Savings Club hosted a
Consecration service
the project will be utilized toward purchase of new uniforms for the organ. large attendance of guests Friday night March 30th when they presented
at 10 and
"'Engineers' Marching Band. Committee members shown from left are: Mrs. begins a.m. Midweek worship-Bible their annual dinner-dance in Mt. Herman Recreation Center. The colorful
worship at 11
Claretha Norris, PTA secretary; L.B. Jackson, school principal; Mrs. morning' clock. study will be held Intermission time ceremony was highlighted with the introduction of.

Lydia Minty. Band parents member; Mrs. Jake Bryant. Band parents' presi- o Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. officers and members and was followed by the grand march participated in
Training union will be
dent; Mrs. M.L. Harper project chairman; and Mrs. Janice Jenkins, PTA The United Church Choir by the sponsors. A sumptuous dinner was served. officers and members
held at 5:45 p.m. with
president., R.H. Morrissette rehearses Friday at shown seated from left are: Mrs. Daisy FOster, president; Mrs. Mary L.

( Photo By Washington ) lirs.Alexander Heard in 8 p.m. Hartley vice president; Mrs. Mamie Smith secretary; Mrs. Willie H.

charge.The Rev. Wilson and the Evans assistant secretary; Mrs. Mattie L. Lucas financial secretary;

United PresbyterianChoir and Mrs. Gladys Henderson treasurer. Standing from left: Mrs. Willie M.
evening service
will conduct Pease business manager; Mrs. Charlotte Wils m. critic; Mrs. Beatrice
begins at 7 p.m. Annual
televised worship ser- Williams reporter; Mrs. Nancy Travis chaplain; Mrs. Willie Mae Smith
Youth Week will be
.x vices Sunday, April 29 finance chairman; Mrs. Harriett Butler sick committee chairman, and
launched with the pas-
+.S beginning at 9 a.m. Mrs. Lillie Allen, member.
tor presenting the key
over Channel 12. ( Royal Art Studio Photo )
to the observing group.
The Church will spon- .
Senior Choir and usher
sor a movie at the First Born Temple
Board 2 will serve Bishop Wright Announce AnniversaryCentral
Strand Theatre entitled -
the Announces
throughout day. Schedule CME Church'sChoir
'Francis Of
L Weekly activities will Assissi"'.11> during the Confused With'Commy' 2 celebrates its
Include nightly pro- Sunday School beginsat
14th anniversary observance -
week of April
grams by the Church 10 a.m. Missionary
Suspect Monday night.
{ through the 14th.
Youth will head faith Odessa Colson will
The campaign drive April 16 at 8 o'clock
hour Tuesday at 7 p.m. preach during the
the church auditorium.
just closed, one of the t.
11:15 service.
Sunday School officersand
Choirs representingcity
most successful in the
Teachers Council Platform preachingwill
churches have been
history of the church.
session will be held start at 2 p.m. invited to take part in

Friday at.7 p.m.L. with Elders Herbert the program and the
.C. Chester will open Zion Cohen,First Born Temple public is invited.

r the meeting C. II. ; James Campbell,
j The has been
: -i' : To Host program
y : First Born No.2
: Vaught will preside ; supervised by Mrs. Mary

during business period Confab DayNew S. V. Cohen, First r1I'ITi Dennis, president, and

:: r.Frnest"3l1'yau and Rev. 'U1Sam's will Born; Rev. C. M. Shaw Mrs. Claree Baker, cor-
-- Church
Zion Baptist
I. -- conduct the Bible featuring the ser- responding secretary.
t. Study. 7th and Davis Streets, vice. Bishop M. Baker

.... .' .. third from left, was honored recently in Tampa, by hosts the 31st Annual will be master of Pallbearers ProgramRev.

the 'West. Coast Game Officials Association for his contribution toward Mt. ZioH WOMMOrgaihe .Conference Day Thursday ceremonies.The .

the Association number one project, the East-West Senior Bowl game. April 12th, Rev. L.J. meeting is being ,1 C.H. Ross the

F111 au., an associate member of the officials For announcedMrs.
Association was honored Davis pastor, sponsored in behalfof Grand President of the

b f leaving. for. AAMU where he will become the University's staffzt' il.L. Johnson, the church drive No. 1 Pallbearers'Association

__ tt It grapher.. Others shown from left: Joseph A. Johnson, Jim Williams,. Aimal FeteThe district president, and and is under the direction BISHOP R. R. WRIGHT of America

Prank Pierce, William Weft, and E. H. McLin. Rev. William Hill is calling all presi-
." women of ute Zion of Sisters DOMINGOWhenBishop
t// ;.. (GJC staff photo) moderator, will lead the SAN
.. .: < ,>.; Church have Johnnie B. Jordanand dents along with their
'L "' <'h.' Baptist R. Wright
....... R.
"H...>..f*_-_......_.L. elected committee slate of officers and Sister Lee. The members of SocietiesNo.
".=F ..... memberswho jr. ,of Philadelphia. ,
11, 14. and 20 to
<"'-.t"i ..: Il- Ifl .Ul1 U'Jl 1 ,.chai, rman for their. public is invited. presiding prelate of the
I i- I'&If !.'I s..Da1 .tlltH' :' annual/Tlomen' s Day. --. ,5 __ )willJjjfeaturethedaylong "' meet with ,No. --18- Sunday

= ..... .. W ) n.d y-'MUSICa : : Features Rev. Fair program which will be program. Group Director African Methodist Episcopal at 1 p.m. in Mt. Olive
Church's 16th
expected to
Jt. y observed June 24. Mrs. Officers Primitive Baptist

ChOJrc2.: 'of' Central CME sident: Mrs. Claree As Main SpeakerRev. Catherine T. Reed. attend are: Mrs. M.L. Visits BrewsterMiss District tried to disem- Church. 4th and :N.
Church:will present a Johnson president; Mrs. bark here from a plane
Baker, secretary, and publicity chairman Myrtle Avenue. All mem-
mudi ale Sunday night Roger p. Fair first vice here recently he was
e Mrs. Mary Black pianist announced. Lena George, Gene Cleveland, bers are urged to be
at<7 p.m. in the church will deliver the president; Mrs. Susie detained by local immi-
head the program com- Heading the various Professor of group present.
auclitqriiim.Mrs annual message during Sandlin, second vice gration authorities who |
committees will be work at Scarritt Col-
mittee. The public is :
":;,: ary Dennis pre- the 11 a.m. service president; Mrs. Annie mistook him for a com- Walker's FloristOpen
Nashville Tenn. ,
I .. invited. Mrs. Margaret Bacon lege,
featuring the annual munist. Daily-
Mell Smith third vice
..--..... Men1 Day observance, and Mrs. Marian Jackson president; Mrs. Bessie visited Brewster Bishop Wright was told 8 a.m. 5 p.m. .
----- chairman and co chairman Methodist Hospital
y--- -"""You.Dofft.Hew to"Go to Town t.Get Sunday April 8 in lit. Hill, recording secre- to go back to the plane PO 5-2400 El 3'1479SURE
respectively; Mrs. March 29.
Zion AYE Church. Monsa- Lolita T. Coleman recording tary; Mrs. MarY Washington She is an expert in since his entry was

LOW Ny ::PRICES lee Davis, program 'undesireable.When .
corresponding sec-
secretary; Mrs. the Community Center :
chairman announced the Bishop further
"" -- Mildred uurrell. finan- retary; Mrs. Rixie Cook, work and was here
'-" ..' Eulene J. Jones is questioned the offi-
,. editorial
cial secretary; Mrs. secretary; chiefly in interest of
_._ :- Oa Year general chairman of Mrs. Rosa Mozell. trea- cials' reluctance toward
Hattie Bryant, treasurer the Methodist Centerin
this year's event surer: ; Mrs. Esther Boat Gardens. allowing him to enter
; Mrs. Cynthia B. Magnolia
DRUG which is expected to be the country, he learned
STORE NEEDS wright. dean and E.
both King chairman Mrs. Mrs. Miss Cleveland held a it is true that no other head
an inspitationaland that he had been
S Ruth M. Wright and Mrs. M. Singleton, pianist. meeting in the cafe- mis- ache powder is better or faster

financial success.Dr. Elizabeth Bryant beautification Sessions begin at 9:30 teria with volunteersand taken for the late than Goody's yet Goody's
Trafe With Your Ntfekboritood Dntfl Storetn
WILL MEET ANY PRICES ADVERTISED IN YOUR LOCAL PAPERS Fair is wellknown committee.Mrs. a.m. 2:30 p.m. 5 p.m. employees of Brew- Richard Wright, the actually cost less.

W.Driver.. -W.AIM Fill All Doctors' Prescriptions I in local church circles Dorothy T. Wright and, 7:30 p.m. ster. She spoke on the famed author who died
and a capacity turnout in Paris, France nearly .
program chairman, will subj ect.rhe Purpose,
I of members and friends Elder James Brown two
years ago. Wright
be assisted by Mrs.' Motivation. Duties and .
Dixie Pharmacy I is expected. The it was learned was
Beulah Alston and Mrs. > Responsibilities of I.e
general public is in- Hellon Brown. Mrs.M. Mt. Sinai Speaker Volunteers. Follow- believed to have had 4
vited. Rev. W.F. Fosteris
communistic leanings.
Taylor will serve as ing the message she
;: 1Jq2 KINGS ROAD at MYRTLE AVENUE host pastor. Elder James Brown of Bishop Wright was then
pastor for the day. conducted a questionand i
PHONES EL 3-3397.99 Ultra M Rev. Eddie Taylor is. Richmond. Virginia answer period. given authority to enter
o erA s will
be heard each the country by appola-
the pastor. Approximately 40 per-
PAY YOUR LIGHT, WATER AND TELEPHONE Hold AnniversaryFete night in a series of in attend- getic redfaced immi-
.. Sings AI! Alma MaterBoggs sermons at the Mt. sons were gration officials.
SundayJ.C. Sinai Holy Church from
Heads Recital Refreshments were
April 11 through April
Harold Boggs the served and the group ,
J.C. Saas will be 13.
--i the blind pianist, along Elder Brown, one of spent an enjoyable as iRoyal Crcwr* 2 POWDERS 50
principal speaker Cola
benedicial evening. 12 POWDERS
a 250u.
with the
when the Ultra Modern Boggs spe- the youngest ordained _

Savings and Sewing Cir- cials and other gos- ministers in the nationis f

cle observes its 17th pel groups will pre- president of Youth

F sent a concert Tuesday Department of the Mt.
anniversary; prograa Sunday *
from 4 until 6 p.m. night at 8 oclock" Sinai Holy church of

in First Born Temple,
YY + a\ Y in Mt.! Herman Recreation America, Inc.

Center. 825 Monroe St. ElderA. All of the youth in

kill is host pas- the 'city and throughout
The speaker Will be introduced BKBB w.r mi

by Urs. Bedie tor. Duval County are invited SUPERMARKET

Singleton who will also On Wednesday night, to hear this

: give the welcome ad- the group appears at strong dynamic and c--u I-

iTic. dress. Mrs. Verdie Brad- Howard's Memorial, youthful leader. Mt.

ley will introduce the 1459 W. union St. at Sinai Holy Church is s. st 10 Ib bag CtftlER CUT

.mistress of ceremonies, 8 clock, Elder_ Flax located at 21st and .
Miss Aery E. Chrispio. Howard, pastor. Abbott Streets. Elder POTATOES

tTiJ- and the, response will The programs are being L.M. Sparks is builderand 9C + S49 Ib1

be sponsored by Mrs. .
given by Mrs. ElnoraK. ,pastor.
Snail. Irma Kelly. xi jh Mini food oru er { I7
Other prograa partici-
Small @ar.B.Q Size
pants will Include Mrs. ELECT- -Rising

Amanda Collins, Miss '

Carnen Adams Mrs. Maggie Clyde M.Saucersr.. y. FLOUR SPARE

Aaron, Mrs. Leola 29

k mar Mrs. Inez Job 5 lb. PCB. C 41
R BS .
I ,lb. \'

'- '"z.... KEN KNIGHT Marian Miss Ida Burns Logan Mrs.the I :. 0 or fiisre toed order

a C Invites You To Listtfi t To Willing Workers Spiritual CONSTABLE Maxwell House McKellla .

KNIGHT TRAIN"Starting Harris stn presitet ern. Mrs., L.M.will \- DktricfllThcre Is Xo Substitute COFFEE I 5 C-g

give remarks. 49C uttOkBeans:
: .
y* B
't"" For ExperienceYwr | ,
7OO p.m. Nightly The Cattlye Mas**** .

Ladies .. Erik $5.00 fwd rAet 1 lb. I Blackeye
I Club will rv Mb Mt Siprt Apiciated can Peas

PIOO.. WR H C- 1400 as'to8t9 es. The ptttie Paid Political Air.

is invited ,

'" '. -- ". .


'' ." .. .' r .: .. -. .- '.' -.- .. -. ..-.. ..__.. 0' ,_ .,'..0 .. ..'. ._. _...... c--c-;;..-:;

ji ".'.t.t"'...i'..<., ..... l ,, .J td.
F .. .
t ".(c..:"' -: ) _T...... ,..'
jF' ; ,(
: ::
';: f- ;
.1', ;o-<"'.-i:' '' "f. ',:':.! :
,,, .
> > : ; 'it ', ,
J. .
J 'AilP 5'i ,:" _., 'STAr ,:;It".1
ti G.,.(. "' ; :'., .FLORIDA to .... .. ;; ( 1 .{. .,I;..,', ".,_ i ..JSATtJRDAYAPRItE 1962
t ;! : lIf
; 4 > .. ,._ :: =:::: .=: < i
;; .
.o.s .... ... .
.F.,? ::..." ,.-tI",:4J'-t.' .. ''' 1. -. 3';;f'"i f.t'O. a- '" ::.: ..- r f 'i.-.. of. ; ". ..,.s.._.-.:. -.<\t __ )I
,i;".' ',.,:'if(<::-, i' ..' '.. ', '''0)) ..'!:;{.... .' ." 6'1'a' ., '. "....-...... ...... ....', :-.. .' _' *.... "H. :'; ...\.... :1.-,"<-T58tegg: ::.'.:..'. '' ... ..:..-.j _..-::i; :.1.-" f. II. .oJ:
.. < *- 6 -
.-.,..>.. ....-r.t.....f. .;. .."' ." >. <' ./ -.Y"" >.: .- ''".'.. .r. : -1" 'filii.. ....... ., ..... ...........'
; ? ,
';. .i1; }. ,. 3- "- ;;; ... 7'7 ot1 ..
: : \ ; .. .. ..
,i., ','. -V. $,' r'- ,-. ". .'* -* .., .. "";':..:"/1.'';.;""""''"'">-
,:';:"" ., J\ \..... ,\,,i; i. .- '.;- .: ;- :\ : :#,:, I ,

,. _NO Go..so. f11.i.11trrl1..} i.' :;. :

WASHINGTON HEIGHTS bears a commendationthis 1 tu1 :IItEY. ..I't\ -ie'2'

week of which it is : ,
justly proud. ; MIN ,' ytstNtWI44 K t
:. .N'e e 4: R.
VN CMMM. W .B __ "
[ / ::1J. ; tf5JF
962, :
\Ca," !t }iarch291 .:'ft" ':"' f4ll35.... ?
OF r "'"
JACKSONVILLE the best interestof *
always looking 1 to I .
.I T I 1 *
.t : : { t I :
: ; : ;
its citizens has made special note of the ViCe 't of Ji,; ?c" '. : ;, i *i* j : .HoJ :
L. > ':'" > .!'; _' ""'=7. "" tt ;> 'a A 1 i*..H 1'1II
contribution the new waterfront community, On: nOUSE" '.- s, :, -" C'T r:

Washington Heights' has made to better A 1101\E IGI1T5 ROUSING r Y o siSlTssir *&
n1UG Tpp LIE as lont as.s : : *.. .,
+' VAS : '

environment and civic pride. On this page you will'seea to You, 11"0'and to f t-iSss1 :: V!! :,;- ;; c

reproduction of a letter written. by officersof t exceed theity 1" ; ;

the Alliance. Washington Heights is grateful- for these sense\ :

belO nC1nc. .. -ole 4urroun : ,10
words-a goal is being accomplished. See U,' or 'be re ot vir on1\ont+ a pOti P e and better b
place en n _
.. i5 a i nfluenc :. .
Washington Heights today for what it has .. ,. ,., L siST3; a com munity cul1.ar tol\keS better > ..!

... .. .,.... be't .. pro s.jgtga&ss '-i
to offer you and your family. <.' 1 ;c s. IIOU SLUG pno; T I\is nd Du vat .C:untY b&es I\re'.t

REIGlrIS Jack on"1. t. 1 ism an Y ccond I .F.thON e :; .__>.,,A**+
y WAS IIIUGT peopl in lo..est cos C0 sts; ten t' L' ,..A.a..
; .
The sinC
ur for
lw ; to at th c Cio ants r a ...
d t he t Y
r j.-1fj ..., ;. offers 1.n tbO South \ nt, onlY m onthlY paym he co mmuni our h011\e i .". ::

',."'.'T-. '...\: ,t 1 0 000 PERSONS HAVE VISITED I I r : notity d f p in ark in din?"," .=..:...d......

.. ,
-. r .
; -.' r b wilt f or u tn ionai unit.i wnl.tjlSifi es+ ha tan ve d : w..,
WASHINGTON HEIGHTS DURING :: :rdenom COms? ro3ec :;

.,r Fi-,:, ';. '. :'t E}'{' ii a andusiwilar ad aco and P stu rod acts ied and th advise Purchaur se Pe a'lej' ?.N.w=.. [

y t Y .
'., ..... ., they t opportun .::
....,. 4*.'...:.".v *r a >> th15 I grea .._ 'C. .
( THE PAST TWO WEEK: a .... : : '
;-:. tWTfesSSS.0818- "".i *.".,.10..
: ,;. .>.ttoo) .''<<4II.......
home treasurer of CiVIC Co .<, : .: ::::
1). B. Barnes. Cbal.raan ".'...Ii...._.... ILA
.. ne. -
d) Blal. .
) J. seeretarY >A"-,""' '''' '''
jJ / ,RS. e..e paido r. pre sidant 1 '..:w' .' ::
John s -
J. S, : .. .
: :
/ 1 :::; ::; ::: :: :: :: :::; :..:. :;:
4'v.I (J


$ -- .

.. .>>. .
+:{ ::
: : : : ; } : h

,Fa- t MHi r

:i TiiM1 *. 1 1K .'

{{ / :
; '- ; '.'.. ...raw, .--P.a0.9..

J!$ .

ti [ [U ), i7.y

A.r.Yr6hvMV }

j.j) ,r .ia}

,; .... q{,:L.v:.. YAFbOiYJlGLV...


x ....... I .... I .. .. .....-.......-
"."' .......... ..

1 ti .,

.- flaziug1unF. //i Washington Heights you.u'ill hate a choice of tu o, three j1i')
M?: and four bedrooms in one of these tu'o-sory model.hol. e3, _t 10 ,



'i.iL ..,.-.L.-Jt., }.;.. -" .... DIRECTIONS .,;-.., ., .'\:'"'" '.>.:. '_.-' .j- '......,,. _' ,. .. ..:- L .;/ l' L .. J
:.'. '..'. RIDE JACKSONVILLE COACH NO. 36B '''Y.' ': ':; 'Aw .lf'' '. .. h. Y -
':.:.,. 'J:. "1::< TO THE FRONT DOOR OF YOUR ....,. .' ..:.,. J .... ..
,'; :,' ='i w:. g. ,, ." .: NEW HOME IN WASHINGTON HEIGHTS .- ; J 1'; Y
)<.'1-;.. .: '. .,-.. ,
r. : [ : ', ''<;' ;V :; ::_ llltuIlliIMjtuu iLjrigtthr OAK FLOORS ON THE. SECOND.FLOOR,'. '. ".H--:.,
# ,

: :..!'.IF..",!' .: A'<.. ',."..-.. ;: .. -t I '.. BUILT-IN ELECTRIC RANGE AND OVENThgCOLOR: .;

': ., :.;.;f-.. ,: ,
..,.. ;h't',."."., .. -=- -. .'a'.... .. BATHROOM FIXTURES IN COLORS .. -=.
.P,1. ...<.r -.. ,,'".. ,\ ... ** '
':. :--1 ., :." '..., u.... tL cE.t ... ... OF YOUR CHOICE .: -m".11I.......tu.if 1I.J.
: 'I i t.< ) \ '"*
: ": L .
+ .
:'. < :''. Baseball Diamond Barbecue Fadlities ,_ r- : YOUR CHOICE -. > -...-,.... 'w+

.Ir :; ',. FORMICA BATHROOM VANITIES *::...." \f....
.lr:! ;:
1 ,....,.. 6 -. ...:,. .. \, '. YOUR CHOICE -,. -4."-"+'OJ:--W--,............'

fr; :.:.-":.. ::\' i, ."'" ':'--_.. .I.1 L ." ..A.. .-..;'. / ..'. a ALUMINUM BAKED ENAMEL_ .,.'EAVE.., ."."...COV2RINGSNO .. ...... ........-.....
U I ( ) .. .
"-- r \ '::::=- _
;f. : _. t' 7- .. LARGE STORAGE ROOMS. AND CLOSF :SPdGE :.
-- '-_ .. -- ':"). F -.'w ; ... .'. .- ,._ ., F"1' r
: '" .. ) .. FLOAT-A-WAY CLOSET. DOORS,'. ;.::.....=.::::..==
J l .1 I
,i i' ',: AAU Swimming Pool Launching Ramp SALES OFFICE: .' FULL INSULATION AND WlATHERSTSIPPJNG.. ... r:..
'- .
.,!-\toif.<.,:, :< w- _" "1>>'.' 4415 Moncrief Rd., Welt it 12. CUBIC FT. REFRIGERATOR. :IN.COLS......:--.,..t 'i ..
.t-- .,,";' : ."': ". OPTIONAL r-z .,rrrrs "'' ; : ,.,' 'i\ ( ) -.':' 'If. l 1 .",.
..ff ---1' I.'V IU r 11'I
.t. "
; : .. : \ ,;. SOLID CONCRETE DRIVrAND........ ,, ..':5IDEW \tKS .
R' ; "i ,.. --.... ...., *11 :t
f iti *. '
; .. .
; .
..... COMMUNITY SWIMMING QOC : ; ; .... :

yt COMMUNITY PLAYGROUND. .. ".... -..=. ::.: : ..
:. .- ;; ..
?f -t: .. 414 MOAD SHUT, JACKSONVILLE, FLA.' '" '" -
$ ..
T........t: ELjIsi-5425 IN ALL HOUSES .'. wo.." .... .a.-:'.1t..... _W'# ..OJ:1/1< .:.J..

t, 63 PER MONTH I ONLY 14 PER INCLUDING WEEK TAXES '.,. ..'f \.,.,.. > -: FULLY LANDSCAPED : -<,a.'. "+,*..*. .*...r.:".'d 5""c -...G. -

; AND INSURANCE ..' -.. ,. ", ,
;" :_ l
?: : Jf. 'vv

-, '. -- .. -'- ... .. '" .. __ 0 --... ,.. -,,
-. .
;:- :': : .' ti3 .: ._,_ .'-- : i .

-- -- --- -
-- -

::,1< "" l .III!' '

,... ,.i:...',' "l, ,
'. '" (,] 1 i
:; t"
.y ,.. .', .f. jnAG ?v '.(
;tttEU" ;.*L : -
4 ? n H '
j i HJ.-Jh S .+ti I Dragons Lose Pftchlig Ace : .

S IoII's GiUN .
; Agc;>>'n Qut of I.j d ; Although the team is had a no-hitter ands

.j 'p":!" flheunt:)t lC, ans.'IhousanJ SI.teS Mtskale t ; : 'now minus of the service' two-hitter included in
--The Health'and welfare Its pitching sensation -
the three mound ses-
: e d' the" ;Jc:1
most setting a1leC .-Guild... of Shiloh Metropolitan John (Bow Legs) sions.
Church the team eked
i vvfam >* '* Baptist
\ ,they havlTever Known i' When he .asn't pitching,
:will,present an after- zat out a 7-6 win over Gilbert Walker be .
:'from the min9.i j>a'ins might seen
,,. noon.of .Music April 15 s panthers to end uncanny
demonstrating his -
symptomatic of> iRheilmat'ism -
afui'Ar= hrJLtis, from 3:30 until 6 p.m. :. \t the first phase of the talents at short-
'J' in: the church audi- county baseball compati- '
Fight. Mfsery.... for with"P. stop.
r? t torium. tion with a 3-1 recordto
4. .. ..s. CAPSULES Other members of the
? Selection by the Hagan z place Coach James Dragons' diamondeers

RHEUJVIANON,,itM.rac. i 1Otr Family chorus, greeting Fowler's inexperienced are: John Walker C; Her-

/ sal by Mrs. C. Hammond fo a A Southslde nine in first bert Graham. CF; Charles
at L i .. : stor19t1l1XIl the LP Nurses,. and contention. Caldwell. IB; James

LII IY'p.r .tStor tired nurse will rw this first varsity game 2B; Purnell Brown 3B;
'l follow. n t allowed 7-hits in win- Everett Robinson CF;

ning the contest. His Henry Harriel. RF;

.. receiver was James (Pops Edward Jones. SS; Henry

r Walker. Ityers. 2B; Phil Allen;

"Bow Legs. who has LP;. Roger Hayes. CF;

already become a legen- Ronald Brazer IB; John

dary figure with the Walker RF; Beecher

11, r Dragons during the past Ellis P; Homer Brannon.

several years is renowned P; Leroy Graham RF;

e throughout state Johnny Bryant. P; John

t ,c hi gh school play.In Walker P; Maurice Jones
M,' compiling an amazing
9 statician; Roland Baker.

record he has to his and John Price managers

DISCOUNT. STORE credit several no-hit-
.3 ters included among
1,8.W. BEAVER STREET which are also several INCOMF TAX SERVJCE

:,;.830=31 CASSAT AVE.wAcH .major league scouts BOOKKEEPING SERVICE

The Kentucky Commission on Human Rights recently submitted first annual report to Governor among which were repre- NOTARY PUBLICLETIER

Bert T. Combs who sponsored the enabling legislation in 1960. Seated (1-r) are Canon Robert W. sentatives of theCleveland WRITING

FOR YOUR Estill chalrnnn; Governor Combs; and Mrs. Dann C. Byck Commission member. Standing are Clayton Indians.A I ISAAC H. CAFFEY
Executive phenominal switch- Office Phone El 6-8282
Jones Assistant Director; Frank L. Stanley Sri" Vice-Chairman; and Galen Martin.

t .' Director. The Commission is the only one of its. kind% created by a southern state legislature. hitter Walker caressed, Res. El 3-1541
.* ":. the horsehide 3323 Myrtle AvenueJacksonville
High School Glee Club On Our average this for year a .444 and Fla.

Johnson's Entry First NegrG Journalism.jf.t' Winning Essayist with a 2-1 won loss mark

Ken Knight Sets Precedent Manual ReleasedWhat ..... .... .... -""'...-..."-'" > ," '. .,1'..... "''..:y. 1

: is believed to be 'IIx :
,.< i il
; Show "
the first practical man-
; ,. i'M'.t : :,
ual ever written on a $
hIj 'f griff Adfcmsr PHond EL 4 1468DRCSStD
phase of journalism
Every Sunday y ,
: J' f
j:r'' from the viewpoint of :; ,':. PANTROUT '''''.'.'.4 at Cut Etpu.. I,...
; 9:30 to 10 / k,. :jt Ta". Spring!
a. m. a. m.Rooiq4 ';kF .. Negro press has just lt. 39c Ssltless IB 6 Ib. lazes

,}ri..r been published by the .' South Viet Kim Shrimp-T n.count. $90 Per
$ i PREMIEROur.Anniversary ,. Russwurm Press of -- tall, peeled, In.'Md' veder 15 Box
Br '
: ., /'.u .l .:- yEARL y Columbus, Ohio. It is SoIl In J.U. Box,, LB. 49e

..... M, JOHNSON also believed to be-the. :",; aU- riI'K Only. $6.25 Bex.

tchior:: .. .Hat's In Rinp first manual of its.-. .} ", JUMBO CONCH MEAT

=?: Comln9: nVifNERS In announcing his type '.authored by a Negro K SHRIMP L b.$125 ALL 6 MEAT LB. TAKf CIUO OUT WRAPPED PKC.

candidacy for the Dis- journalist.
trict 2 Post on the The new manual titled .. ._ Lb. 8ge $290 Per Pkg.

J \ 3 12OZ.PKG. ag C Board of County Com- "writing" For The Week- WINS OMEGA ESSAY' CONTEST---Monty Greene, seniorat ,..... LB. 69c
missioners, AttorneyEarl lies, is a condensed
Florida A. and M. University High, is the FLORIDA LOBSTER
M. Johnson bringsto self-help course in "SpecU"" ..,..,. u. 7Sc
winner of the Omega psi Phi Fraternity Inc.,
the voter an impressive weekly newspaper correspondence SPECKLED TROUT ctKt. :'
x national essay award of $500. The young scholar ruuv DIISSIDCATFISH s<. L' 59c
BEEP record. of special developed the twilight zone from the national ..., wit. ...... .... Claw
Johnson enlisted in interest to persons witha '"'lit wrrNti ic.. it.. 1.1. 49 '.
theme, "New Dimension for Democracy." He
3 ageUlD the military serviceat yen for writing who flAlH FROZIM GREEN
LIVER wrote his essay with the assistance of Chi
... :s-: the young age of would like to earn extra FRESH
_. 1 -..;.. .. 17j four.'daysfcafter''&'-money-... in_their ..spare- Omega Chapter of Tallahassee. TIME MEWC LL ,'J15 .
DUBaJ1E'WR11) E'' -'he"'had graduated with time writing news releases LOW ..*, .0001 J SHRIMPBOATWHITING" : I '
Senators' Plan IDEAL FOB .ROAST *r mAleS
** rj"3 honors from Douglas of their com- Remember- i..luputtywiLt. &...
ageTHRIFTY High School in.his native munity activities for
IBS. ( j
city of Huntington Negro newspapers. only YOU canPREVENT LARGE BEACH
W. V. He served showing them just how to WHITINGu.39c C
honorably for 3 years, properly gather and Philip A. Hart with h6 3 2 x
principally as a military write such news releasesand
SLICED Senators, Keating Clark BLUE FISH 39
LI. :
policeman in where to apply for jPromxlre, Javits, Neu- f.dcr Fr.s..

; SAG. D SN3. IBS. age Yokohama Entering ,Howard Japan.University manual such employment also points, the out Humphrey berger, McNamara announcedthat and FOREST STEAK FISH L1. 59c STRIPED BASS-IB. 49c.

the steps by which more
._... in Washington ambitious correspondentscan they will today |I\tgiiiiuiimniiiimniuiMiiiiiiimiiiiiiimniiiiiiinmnnniniuiini!! umiiiiim I I .
: : D.C. in 1949, Johnson -
,. C began his legal push themselves to introduce a bill com- ; during April showers |
L prehensively revisingthe .
BGo:3: ag education. His studieswere higher position in the =rr
: : LBS. immigration quota :: ,' =
cut short, however field of journalism. dry clothes I inside electrically ?7'P.1
system.The = ..;i;!:. r
: ...
Author of the new man- J
1 ... .. when he was recalled =_ ';; : '"" rr -
bill departs from i\
to military ual is O'Wendell Shaw rr w'I
PAN SAUSAGE or service in Korea as an whose novel of Negro the present national ; -,
"Greater origins quota systemand rr
college life. r
3 age Infantry 2nd Lieu- -
LBS. Need Below, elicited sets up a two-part --
Smoked SAUSAGE tenant. He was not formula based on popu- =- =-
nation-wide comment when _
able to resume his law J
lation ratios and the = -
training until! it was published in 1936 : =
FRIGID' 'DOUGHMEAT Shaw has been a working pattern of immigrationover r ::
honorable dischargedfrom the last rr -
years.A -
BEEF F Journalist in capaci- -
Korean military of' :: =
major objective
TURKEY ties ranging from reporter -
6 0 age service in 1954. w wr
r (
OR and columnist to thejbill is to eliminate wr
PIE.S': After earning his "'
CHICKEN R[ various editorial brackets .' nationao and rr wr
y Bachelor o! Laws Degree 1 rr
for more than 30 racial discriminationfrom -
'l'I in 1957 Johnsoncame --
SMOKED: and until recentlywas our general immigration -
to live permanantly rr
:. ." member of theditoriai statutes. The r- -rr
in Jacksonville. He a f -
5 age new quotas are closely rr
staff of
BACON AND was by then married to a = =
BOX related to actual immigration -
PIECES the former Janet Negro newspaperin = =
experience of :: ( -
Rutherford daughterof the Midwest. ? w
recent years. : 2
'Writing For The rr ::
GREEN ( F T.R. Rutherford Senator Hart stated = rr
Weekles is not an -.. -
8 0 agepORi Vice President of the offering of the academic that the many special r r I r r
303 Afro-American Insurance = =
B6. N S .
textbook variety. Ratherit acts of Congress for r wr wr
(3 CAN R Company. non-quota admissions 0 rr rr
Admitted to the Fla. is a highly practicaLinformallywritten -rr
drastically r
manual .
Bar 1958, Attorney =
that, gets its changed our immigration r- I / -
Johnson has served as r
and IflF and that the = =
associate council for valuable instructions patterns r r rr

'303 0 ageBEAlS" the Afro Insurance To persons, from 16 to quota system of the .:-. .. rr =

CAN ... R Company. He now main?: 70, who are interestedin Immigration and Natura- -5 Mfl ==

... tains a private law entering the fieldof lization act of 1952 no = =
and longer reflects actual E When you own a wonder-working electric clothes dryer, you can ::

F ractice. Journalism immigration policy. i:: dry clothes during April showers. .on windy, messy days. .at ::
Johnson is memberof earning extra money from
a .
:: night--anytime at all, in fact. =
CORN.6 0 age the Omega Psi Phi the very beginning this
TAX E You just set the dial on your automatic electric clothes dryer, s:
Fraternity the FlaJax new manual is a boon. FORMS PREPARE! -
E in the comfort of your own home. And low cost electricity does E
Club. Inc. The Elks "Writing For The Weeklies" For
C&YenieaceI the clothes drying job--better than sunshine-dry, ing. Clothes ::
r ; Masons Boy Scouts and is obtainable in Er -
WHOLE XE&EL : F YMCA. durable soft cover at I lie" Tax Forms =- come out soft and fluffy...dried in the clean safe heat of your .r=

t6 He also enjoys the $2.25 per copy directly Prepared 5 Specialist rr electric dryer. =
0 age
from The Russwurm Press :: See your dealer about an electric clothes dryer--another way ::
CQRN distinction
of the
',. R first Negro in Duval P. 0. Box 14502. M Sit<< Star liprs5K8 ::
County to qualify fora Columbus 3, Ohio. AVENUE B CITY COMMISSION _, i

SWEET ; pbst on the Board ,. .
--- '
P bS 1 O i age sioners. EASTER: CLOTHES =

]AN Except for a stint as 55 Haydon rns 'V: J -' '-. :' Dallas L. ThomasMayorCommissioner

'. i ... -, a member! of the 'Executive BOYS F GIRLS =_ '., 't.< ."'.; "Conalssionerf _=
t; ; 2 ;- .:' .'\ .;uFinance. f: Parks & Zoo -
': Committee of the

$: .: National Students for PIT YOURSELECTION BOYS SUITS SIZES TO 20 -= "*-r *-* tA"t -;., ....,-'" ." -,-' =-
: "
\ :: >} ; a -J'' enn, u., "" =
BpLACEK l' 0
age Stevenson organization F NAVY AND OTHER COLORS -
s: SAN R A ". ', ... i.-. Utilities, t.Commissioner! __ .
R : Johnson has had GIRLS PRESSES ; -<." 'r..::..r;::> ,..- -.. ',!.f"" ; : 't. .- :';- asE

'. :: no previous political IN CHARGElAY 1, "" ;- is
i '.. "" g Louis { Ritter' Claude Smith
experience. -AWAY ACCOUNT S Commissioner' CommieaioaerHiwayst Ii

.. ;.IrBBUTTElER .IS'' !1. 1. ,o 0 age with his wife and 4- DEPT. STORECPU Sf Airport f 'Sewers HeAlth-s nit ion+ SSOECTIKITY

'CH". I. Robin year-old, at 6159 daughter Bagley 119 IROAD, ST. EL 4-6018 r Jel tof ,fw kttlir fiiiII 'iIIII11IJlllllilJl1llllllllllllll1l1llllllSJlllllIIIlIIlllI

Rd. in Duval: County. I

.-' ; v

I '


-- -- -- .. -- ,
-- --
F : "

., --- I Diet nUIa t, \

R. [CHOCK] CHARLES : CottroHo Morion Anderson Captivates D.Cs Official Family Audience -Boys WiUded'-' 2323 Mencri.f, :' :

DEADLINE 13th Street."White .
at =: .

, :..w:i : :
Minus One .

EWA' Bs.a-.,

i.'.have. -z long been of the opinion that a highpercentage 11 .
of the astute minds in the world .
are not involved in atomic physics or law, or '- : Label -..".ru
in religion or the humanities, underworld ..
tivities, economics or any of the other honor- : : !SCOTCH WHISKY :
able '
or dishonorable
pursuits which seem to i : '.
attract the best of the universal mental product s? r i:: S! ,
Y "
x '-U1waM.
V .. /
My suspicion is that many of these above- ." '1'atitJ
average minus are being absorbed into the tltt i
,field of packaging. : 'itip' Lt4 :r..

From cupcakes to caskets, rind
the insatiable we evidenceof ....... ...
creativeness of these. superior '-

minds. Almost daily we are introduced to ome Vl c Io bcr 0:0'ewt} .,'
:('. .... .;_ '
unique innovation in .r.::: "psI. "
a container, \ '
a wrapper, a ,
carton, a cannister. indeed, our products come "i{ -. I":.. b +ien:: !:'f.t..!!_.'
to : ::
us now more personalized than ever before; ..:.... .r. .r. .. ,.,
ready to ': : /. '
pop-up or slide opt or dole ""' ., .
fold out or -:., :: :: IM PROOF BLENDED SCOTCH WHISKY O SCHEUIET IMPORT CO., HEW YORE up or fade unobtrusively into the color ':(' '
scheme of our homes. .-
Packaging has become the thing. First
a product and then as boldly acquitting that % :r '3kA j Having Trouble .'... ::
product of its
Inadequacies by charming the
public with color and gimmick. How, then,
the world of politics exist can With Your RefrigeratorCALL i
separately to the
decietful utility of packaging .
Of course, 'packaging' in politics--as in show i::'.." '.t: (
business or any business, foul or fairis'known

as 'public relations.1 Hence, a well-. 4 I SOL BERNSTEIN'SREFRIGERATION
packaged politician would simply be a thoroughly '

publicly-related one. Hereagain, the mental SERVICEEL
mahatmas of the 'visual sell' come into play. As; A i

This or that politician, we are told, is a 4-1183 TERMS EX 8-7943

clean-cut the people all-American and mitigating boy,their dedicated problems.to.serving With- ',.i"'t.: : l>!">!:,;':'tj.";: '''::":';'.."ii,":;::;";;"'",.::..'>.:.. ..:...:,...,....:.i.....$.>:..:..,..<.:...'..,'....... ..: 1 REPAIRS ON ALL MAKES f S '
: ; iff.
out packaging, however, we discover that this WORLD FAMED CONTRALTO: : All Work Done In Your Home i
fellow is actually a cold-cut un-American lush, Anderson, made a triumphant to Washington where she
gifts with exchanged
dedicated to himself Kennedy in a warm White House meeting and ,
serving and his buddies later thrilled more than
and, if anything creating problems for the the government officials and .diplomats in the third of a series of special "Cabinet Concerts" for ; .
people by keeping his hand in the treasury and other high ranking diplomats. Miss Anderson presented '
president with aa album and the ''t
cookie Jar. received from him a reproduction of the inaugration emblem. f .. ,
compied by Mrs, Robert Ac-
Kennedy, the
In short, we have to begin president's sister-in-law Miss
tempering our fascination -. Anderson later lunched
r with wives of the cabinet
members. she :
with packaging with a reasonable esti- is shown being warmly congratulated by U.S. Attorney :
mation Kennedy following her concert which was climaxed ._ ,
of product. Simply because a thing pops tion from her distinguished listeners with a tremendous standing ova ,
open at our touch, or .deflates automatically, REPAIRS ON REFIGERATORS DEEP FREEZERS
or tilts conveniently or plays jingles while Night Visit Jax NAACP's Candidates InvitedTo Precinct 4
6 -
we bathe doesn't necessarily mean that what Paid SchoolSomeone 24 Hour Service EST. :SINCE 194? -
it contains is worth a hoot. Top Committee Meet WithCommunity i Meets MondayOfficers r
The political packaging boys are busy ,now, relieved the WlllunnllllnllfllwlmIlIHlruuumu.It
with this being an election year. They want Isaiah Blocker elemen- Meets MondayA Group and members of

their boy to win. They're packaging him to win. tary school of a high- Candidates running for Precinct 4-G are urgedto = --COUPON --
To pop-up or whistle or tilt or fade unob- fidelity record player meetingfor city and county offices attend an important --
trusively into the decor of his new office-- during last weekend. all executive board will be invited to attend meeting scheduled for
opce he s in.Politicians. The theft, discovered members Branch of .the Jax a screening meeting Monday night at 8 p.m. I | SERVICE CHARGE |
are simply that way. They' naturals Monday morning also revealed sponsored by the Com- at Buster Ford's 938 E.
for the mysterious Monday night, April munity Relations '
packaging. Com- Union Street.
9 at 7:30 o'clock in the | $2.50 .
District Meeting disappearance of a organization's mittee Monday, April Final reports on the o
trenchcoat and 184 cups Suite 16th in Brooks Prayer clean-up drive and other -- ..
RAPID District il of .Second 'of ice cream, a numberof 312. Masonic Temple House, it was I
announced important matters will With This
Baptist Church meets pints of milk had Building, Rev. J.B.F. this week. be A D t
1-HR discussed.
TV SERVICE Sunday at Williams, president, a!Jnmmmnlllllt lIIUmnunm1.rmtlut i
DAY AND NICHT 4. P.121 inj; S'als vanished into thin The sponsors are urging .- .
.the-Jiopie of Mr. and a rJThe announced. all poll workers SOL 6ERNSTEIN '
CALLS $00 in the .p Work Guaranteed _
Mrs. Ed Boatwright. "prowler1 Matters of utmost importance -
'NICNAICI intinerary and county and
1163 E. 23rd St. A included the will be dis- civic-minded Royal Crown
physical citizens to 3518 ANDREWS
5-5770 full cussed and initiated, "Cola;
membership attendance education attend \
RADIO DIS''TCHfD room and the this important
is r e q u e s te d. cafeteria. Pev. Williams stated. meeting,

-- --

I ''TfifHND j- .,4.

_._, rr'.;

'. :-.1-4; ::,




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i 1\. -.:;Jo. ":


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k 4 2..

l f
( I


: SJ ORTING IT UP -Whoops He Made It, Bill' 1960's Will Determine Quality

S Of Education, Educators Told

( LES Ns'are gradually getting into uni-
TALLAHASSEE---The quality of the faculty
.x s*+e
'S Vifjt h snaip a jredBen Geraghty watching versities are able to maintain during the1960's

e. move. Some of the players have shown con- 41 -k -- will be a primary determinant of the
5%< z 't -rs a ? %
si rable;oJ ability. Geraghty said but there are quality of college education Dr. Gordon W.

si+ e 4-1 many of thefundamentals that old prose map. x NA J C q Blackwell. president of Florida State Uni-

to4brusb up on. :.: -the' man expected to pitch a versity, told the record 116 delegates in attendance -

_th pe ti eason is.Ruben. Gomez the one time at the 36th annual meeting of the

st.o. the., : New York-Giants. Opening date is National Association of Collegiate Deans and

,A p&acslpgtfas.tJ: and Gomez has not shown up in Registrars. The meeting was held on the FloridaA.
p. Ho>ev r. Manager Geraghty, is not sitting and II. University campus.

;, owns: Jtin.g.lor him.ITlWOtJDDJSOUNDuVERY. The Honorable Governor said.

: : VERY GOOD to hear the anW1Cep. Farris Bryant of Fla. It is estimated that

':;:' ..:' attery, for today game will be 4.'i in his greetings to the 30.000 new faculty
: ez' Pit bll g, Thomas catching. There are group told of the expanding members are needed

pitc .ers,:'":',in camp who would do a swell job horizons in annually in institutionof

.1 ing the opening game. There is a possibility education in the state higher education in

one of the, pitchers already in camp could and the development of his country while only
K *
rnp *
door,'would do, ,a"::better. job, but there is just an the institute for Con- 5.000 to 6,000 actually

old!t 'ar' sound Gomez pitching, Thomas catchlngiltvls Af % t -, tinuing University accept academic

; understood that before the Suns trot __ Studies. He expressed positions each year.

out;on the field for the opening day's game ; a satisfaction in the Anchor Man
will the of
Geraghty know capabilities every leadership stemmingfrom S
I'A .
player, oI. the team. Florida A&M that
JACKSONVILLE? ...... BASEBALL.' FANS will not get an op- has resulted in
pprtunityj'to- see the Suns in action until they Florida's ability to

,come home...; for the opening of the season. It might + solve its own< problems. k

-,not be &Jbad idea. Anxiety may be the cause fore r President Blackwellsaid

PICKOFF FAILED---George Thomas of the Detroit Tigers made it safely back to first on an attempted a
have.. :.aft,opportunity to point out any of theweak study of salary increases -
pick off play during the Tigers'St.. Louis Cardinals' exhibition setto at the Cards' Al Lang i
pointsh9ryto. stress any; of the strong points. it revealed that
spring training camp' field in St. Fetersburg.Attempting to make the tag on Thomas is Cards' first
w i 1 1,hp a.:case of .' 'Meet me out to the ball, game faculty salaries increased -
Bill White.
ofyopening day. It is certain that Bobby Maduro, basemen, only 12 percent

SamJolfson, and the entire staff will go all out Had Big Winter Season while income for law-
to_ bring.to ,Jacksonville a winning team. BethvieCookmanFrom To yers went up 29 percentfor

MANY STAR ATHLETES FAILED to show up at the industrial workers OVERTON WILLIAMS. Texas
Beauticians Annual MeetHOT ,. .
Nikabob Restaurant in Los Angeles last week, to 64 per cent and for Southern U's ace sprin-

an -affair',given bythe NAACP. honoring Hall of SPRINGS, Ark. ---This famed rest-cure center physicians 96 per cent. ter, is caught leavingthe

Fame$;$, !cklc!. tto'bfifs n. It was very much noticable will play host to the 17th Annual Conventionof "We are not going to starting blocks to

that such.well known characters as Ollie Matson, the United Beauty School Owners and Teachers n#; ... be able to attract and anchor TSU's 440-yard

whBSatKifie' ; time called the greatest football Association and the Alpha Chi Pi Omega Sororityand "w a ao keep the most competent relay team to a new

playfer'of the present era, Kenny Washington, the Fraternity, April 27-May 1. :: professors until their Border Olympic record

manCwho-put UCLA high among the football powers The indefatigable Mrs. work-pleasure trips ";.i Y salary levels are con- (20.2) and to tie the

ofl"tJ1e nation. Kenny Washington "The immortal" Marjorie Stewart Joy- abroad to such fabulous 9. O t siderably raised he national mark.

ash ietis' referred to around the campus of ner of Chicago, who places as paris Rome : P \
4 -- ---
UCLA, was UCLA was Jackie s room mate at UCLA and founded the joint Lucerne and Madrid. ? r'

thry both played on the same team at the same organizations with the This year her busy mind t '. ConsuhationII.

tirJt.. Of all. 'Kenny Washington stayedawaj. blessings of the late is at work on a trip to CONSULT SMITH FREE Eaminatlon
and Eu foi You Will Told In Trouble h, What I It
-; ..11 t,. : Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune, Africa rope Be Plain Words What the
It and What Correct It, If You Suffer
in Causing May Bo Done to
AMONG -THE, VFRY .FEW OUTSTANDING athletes who were is the National Super- the organizations with HEADACHES

present -were r Solly Drake, Woodley Lewis, Ziggy visor. The elaborate 1963. ARTHRITIS BLOOD PRESSURE THROAT DISORDERS
Marshall..and. Billy, 0'.. .Reeone.. of the nation's top program being plannedfor In keeping with the Yt11 COLDS INFLUENZA STOMACH BLOOD AND DISORDER SKIN PELVIS NERVOUS DISEASES DISEASES
top :tocftyialayefrs. .>*lt.was also noted that s c many the delegates and long tradition of sup- RHEUMATISM DISEASES PROSTATE TROUBLE
characters jvho ,$ere, veil known in other' fields guests reflects the port for BethuneCookman SCIATICA LIVER & GALL CHRONIC DISEASES OF
made eZiPve'sz VerjTconspicious by their ab vitality College and the T
enduring vigor 1 heat conditions commonly' co".lder.4! surgical without the Ilse N a
semre.'Despite the fact that so many who were expected and zeal with which Mary McLeod Bethune : : knife. Modern mtthedt of 4Ufn.si cud treatment. FREE EXAMINATION
BY APPOINTMENT ONLY-28 YUrt successful practice in |/ecksomrilla.
to be present stayed away, it was re- she operates and has Foundation in Daytona 55 HOURS-10 A.M. U ':30 ,..... PHONE EL 41117
TONY GONZALEZ of the Phillies, was one 'of the.
pdrted that it was one of the grandest entertainments endeared her to the Beach Florida the DR. REX SMITH
top-conditioned players reporting to the Philadelphia
that could be given in honor of an 5,000 members of the convention will turn
909 WEST STATIST. (UpsUirf
Phillies at their Clearwater spring
individual Their staying away did not mar the groups. over a handsome sum of Office Formerly Occupied by Dr. N. Lynch*-Oppwite Rift Theatre)

testimonial in any manner. Jackie Robinson was Over the years, Mrs. money to carry on the training camp.

still the great hero 'that he was when he was joyner has worked untiringly work of the College and

kjtl ttle.Brooklyn. Dodgers to make the the Foundation to the

:x\t\ THL_ TIC.WORLD WEFPS WITH SORROW over thevTtllR modern beautician more President. Dr. Richard .

1tCX) 1!belle Griffith'. '-Benny (Kid.)- 'aret.. At\han*:'J us t a.h ai r- ,(V. Moore who willi.a arrange .... ... : ( .
The $tV<'d\ \time 9t the fight has stirred the dresser but a skilled the educationalprogram. fl< --- = !' 1 .,:

fight: Korld;I/and everyone' can imagine the deep professional with active The beauti- ., : tf :

feeling.. some.o: 1n.' i>f remorse for anything can offer the trade but in than $100,000 to the .
: .1:
.sympatny< Griffith. Griffith has fought before the civic social and. school founded by Dr.
and why.. would' any sound, thinking man or woman, cultural life of the Bethune. and it is in "
feel tha't 'Griffith' went into the ring that fateful community. She had introduced her memory that this

night*t9 's slaughter- paret? Paret went into the them to effort is carried on. \ l OOrn W@M

ring Just as-be' ?' had done many times before paret political action and A late bulletin from

wente"n and Griffith went in to win. It is political education, Washington informs that i

certain thai. Griffith' could not. be happy over the most advanced the guest speaker at j oornl rnJW

the outcome; b'utit, is just as possible for it to methods in beauty cul- the Awards Banquet will

'k".lla.l ened 'Gr1"ftith''as it did to Paret. ture, brought before be Andrew Hatcher.
EVERY-FIGHT FAN THE W.RLD over is praying and them top ranking educa- Associate White House [f@OO

pulling for the recovery of the game little fighter. tors and taken them on press Secretary. ,

Every reasonable thinker is in sympathy for
Sews Up Job
the Paret family and many are shedding tears along Saturday Night .

with Mrs. Paret. 5. w
___ .___ .
Tee Vee BoutBahamaSalim o' yr ....

"" '<
i You Seek The Best Doctor 1 '.' .
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Experienced Pharmacists

.According t6 Your Doctor's NEW YORK Popular '

Orders. We Use Only middleweight contenderYama
.t .1:+" "The Best Quality Drugs Bahama from the Bahamas :' ::'i 'a" :
J '1 ; f ::
: "
'-, will try and make :'

Dr.Proprietor C. E. Black *..'r'(.; ;|it. .two straight over"Argentina's .,. ... : ...._, ;J
Farid Salim [j} \.r -.

31:REG ISTER@;. .:PHARMACISTS SERVE YOUr when they meet on a r Sl'f; : ; '

> nationally televisedbout .4",,.).., .. I
from St. Nicks'Arena
Cosmetics Rubber Goods Candies Sundries MYSTIIiy I.I.i
here Saturday ... ; .
PRESCRIPTION TALLT) FOR AND o. I'F.RFDlilly's night at 10 o'clock.The ". ,

clever Bahama beat :: t tt

Drug Store j I. the lanky Argentinan HAROLD JOHNSON NBA' wFr SHOPPER ; ,
i fK'
handily in their first world's lightheavyweightchampion > $

clash here last Nov. 25. who meets Doug ... ts
1907 KINGS ROAD EL 3-8276 .. \ 1,.<, ;. : "
Jones of New York for a "C' d -:;. ."'..';... .- ::[ ;
in ; k ': ."
ritle-go 1P
15-round _
: ''
________. I d. ., >
Philly May 12. is havinga \ ..., .- < : ..
t ... ''''' I finding -
hard time ..

I BUSINESS DIRECTORY I you sparring interested partners.? Are_ '.tJ'f'fJ.. ,;',. ; !=

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Establishments Specializing Services and Products

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\- i ;*.,:..i ; .! .'. JAMES FAULKNER, Mechanic .I' if you qualify! !
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COR. BROAD ASHLEY EL '4.2159LILLY'S' 'J ;' IKE JOSEPH, Proprietor r ,T 1
Ste\ e;and Jefferson Sts. EL 6-9432
If the
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DRUG STORES MADWMlE'S COFFEE SHOP you have bought Carnation Evaporated Milk, and if 4

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.:':\ -,'" *.>*.rVescripf; ;ions Coiled lot ond-... Delivered' only player on the team Who knows when he will select you-at your store! .: ::
j j .- 1929 Kings Road EL 4-9962 sure of his Job this There's a Carnation mystery shopper in your eily-

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; 627 West Ashl.y St. & 5-4025 second base nailed
;f' -432 W. UNION ST. EL 4-0269 down. '

.- .- ..- .. > ." .. .. '- _. ., -.
.., .... .'. .. : : i' .
: : ;: 'z' ; i: fc.r
:; : > .. __ __ ",

\ ,

-'" n' f- _. '. .. .,. .. >. .__ -.-- -, -.. .

tiftinniv APRIL 7 TOCO t f

/ HfiMBI. STAR J .
--- PAGE .9S..t.

1 1Tampa Suspends Pro Boxing After 40-Vears Until Sport Change ,' 'C'-',:-.w. 'I


:. 'R tfl.rs' Capture 20 Of 3 Events Fellows Pint's Named To AII-CIAA Team Negro Tennis 1 R ediirdsHoused Under One Roof

i .
f* **A f i> ***+ >nn"
fcJfc'jM *>> i --- -
!In Its Own Sports Carnival RteHl IIiIrJ .w Players Near |

---Florida A.
TAMPA Following the k
and M. University took two of the Top Ratings 4 e
sports recent injury to Benny .', .5_, J1t
honors in its own annual Spring Sports Carnival (Kid) Paret in his wel _} 6 aY
Va. Two
here last week. The Rattlers captured the FAMU H j
terweight championshipbout youthful Negro tennis '

*'relays in round robin baseball tourney, and came with Emile Griffithin r ;T ,f V, ., layers, Luis p. Glassof ag't
second in the golf tournament.Rob 4' Y
New York, profes- Jackson Heights, New .
rt Hayes, the sen- ...
sional boxing in
Tampawas A York and Lenward Simpson
sational Florida A&M defeated Fort Valley,
suspended here
until 47 VV VVV Jr. of Wilmington, N.C. ,
University sprint star 9-3. the face of the
oho integrated the A1
who tied Frank Budd' Track and field resultsare
sport changes, it was i1 "nited States Lawn Ten' -
record for the 100-yard listed in the orderin
announced last Saturday.The Jis Tournament at Chat-
dash, failed in two which the individuals _
116th Field Artil- tanooga, Tenn. last
attempts to break it placed; one-mile run, .r t f
lery Boxing Commission, "3' year, have received No.
last Saturday. time: 4:24.7, Frank Murray -
which has ,
been a co- C VI Doubles' Ratingunderthe
Hayes smashed the FAMU Joe Williams, and : Ri ; yv ..
sponsor of professional 13 division by the .1
relays record set by Charles Holmes of FAMU, _
boxing here for more USLTA.
himself last year witha and Stephen Monroe of _
40-years announced Carried to the tourneyby
9.3 and boarded a Tuskegee; 440-yard dash
that it
suspending Dr. Walter Johnson,
plane for Hollywood time 49.0, paul Denson
boxing at Fort Hesterly both players were elimi
(Fla. ) for the Optimist and James Jenkins of
Armory. 'rA nated in the third
Charity Invitationalmeet PAW Charles Whitfieldof Y,
Although no mention was round of the singles but
Saturday night Fort Valley, and ,
made of the Paret-Griffith = went to the quarter
where he ran a 9.4. His Robert Johnson of FAMU.
bout, Lt. Col. K.C. finals in the doubles.
teammate Robert Pare- Shot put, distance;
BUllard and Lt. Col. During the official
more, came in second at 44'1" Robert Barksdaleof
Eddie Chassee, commis- USLTA meeting in New
9.8. Robert
Harris ran Clark and Archie Williams -
sioner, and executive Orleans last January, ONE HAPPY PAMILY---Smiles light up the face of
at a 9.4. in the and Glemus Jordan
secretary, respectively, the age groups for these three St. Louis Cardinals' outfielders,
FAMU relays.The .
of I
FAMU; high jump, making their official r juniors were changed for Minnie Minoso (left) Stan Musial and Curt Flood
FAMU 440-yardrela1, height: 6'0" A. Walkerof
( t1.-eia
tem erased the,42.5. Morehouse, Johnson announcement, left no future competition. Now, following the Cards management s purchase of a

mark with a 41.6 run. doubt that the recent a. there will be an under motel with swimming pool facilities for the
i Williams of South Caro- .'
Members of the team were lina State. Sam Mil- welterweight title bout 12, under 14, under 16, players and their families at their St. Peters

Hayes, Robert Harris, ler of FAMU and James influenced their deci- +P r and under 18 age cate- burg spring training camp.

Robert Paremore and Spencer of South Caro- sion. JESSE WILLIAMS, 6-7 center on Maryland State's goried in national

Alfred Austin. The lina State; broad jump, The commission' reported court quintet, was named to the 1961-62 ALL-CIAA championships which will O'Ree Stars Shaw Slates

quartet set the best record distance: 23 6W' James that, 'Rece t congres- basketball. Williams, a former product of Ben allow a junior two yearsin

in the country last Jenkins of FA U, David sional investigationsreveal Franklin (Philadelphia) High School, is a senior.He each division. As Team LosesLOS 12 CIAA Games

that boxing is led Maryland to a 19-3 record. The under 12, and under
year a timing of Walker of Morehouse
infested ANGELES Although RALEIGH,N.C. Hampton
with undesir-
40 seconds flat. Junius Bird of Alabama 14 divisions will be
Willie O'Ree Institute will face Shaw
able characters. that
The host Florida A&M State, and Herman played in Chattanooga,
Ander- University
dreicton here to
most boxers gain almost Champ Wants and the Brunswick, open
soeedsters of Negroes under 16 and
took 15 of son FAMU. Dominate Canada, the first Negroto the hometowners baseball
the 19 events staged in Discus throw, distance nothing from the sport. under 18 tourneys will schedule
Joe Louis To play in the national April 5. .
the four-hour meet. The 125' 4" Robert Barks- All-Mid Play be played in Kalamazoo. Hockey League and a The Lions will be pacedby

Floridians shattered dale of Clark, A. Wil- Sugar Ray'sHoidligs Promote Fight Mich. this summer. member of the Los pitcher Leon Waddell,

their own record of liams of FAMU and L. ,. } kx a ,, TOLEDO, 0. Negro Glass and Simpson, at Angeles Blades pumped in a senior from Wilmington J:

total points with 11814 Crenshaw of SeizedNEW players dominated the present, rated the best
Tuskegee; I two goals, the Blades N.C. who hurled a no-'
The precious record held Javelin throw, distapce YORK A public AfAK All Mid-American Conference prospects to win the ATA blew the lead to hitter last season. .. .,
by FAMU of 109 168' i basketball team phase of the USLTA'
pointswas 6" Alfred Austinof auction of Sugar Ray cumbed the Vancouver r *

established in the FAMU Edward Mixonof Robinson' three Harlem = ;{ < i ,i .during all-star selections national championshipsthis Canucks 7-5 before 13, Lincoln Nine ;

initial relays in '51. Clark, and James Tul buildings to satisfy a$9FOOO '!Fly made recently. summer, have received 473 fans here recently. '

Clark College was second lis of FAMU. judgment obtained Unanimous first team special invita- In 18 Games ; ,

to FAMU in point- One-mile relay, time by hooking agent w=x Yt j selections were Larry tion to return this LINCOLN Pa. A 18-

getting with 22, More- 1 ,'. Jones, year; also USLTA certi- ParticipantsTALLAHASSEE
3:30.9, Florida (Denson, Joe Glaser who holds a ;j University of game schedule which beer

house had 16, Tuskegee Benson Johnson, and mortgage on the property e s Toledo, and Nate Thur- ficates with their Twenty gan with a March 31st .

Institute 14K. Edward Jenkins). Edward Waters, is expected in the a | wand Bowling Green national ranking. ,students participatedin setto against Delaware

Waters' 12, Fort Valley Tuskegee, and Morehouse; near future. State University. Manny the chess tournament State has been scheduledfor
State: had 100-yard dash, time 9. 3, Rail K. Fills, attorney AAA 4 U Newsome, Western Michi Gets Support held at Florida A&M Lincoln University'snine

State eight, and South Robert Hayes Robert for Glaser's Associated : .: gan, and LaVerne Benson, University recently. this season.for .
-- -- --
Carolina State and Ala- Harris, Robert Pare of, Rooking Corporation, Miami U. of Ohio, were PEP. RUBY GOLDSTEIN, who

bama State had six FAMU and Charles which had given Robinson both Crispus Attucks of was third man in the I

points each. Nevi-'it..tt....'...-of-.:f Clark"" : .;..:.a ..mortgage. when Jie, Indianapolis grads. ring during the recent
Carl Seldon was medalistin Two-mle relay, time handled Robinson's Jbhes, who appears welterweight title bout .
the golf tourney and 8:12.4, Florida (Better bookings, said the for- headed for an all-career between Benny (Kid) Pa- Es

paced Clark College to scoring record a"t TU, ret and
son, Murray.. Holmes, and mer champion had bor- Emile Griffith

the golf title with a Mason), Clark Morehouseand rowed the money, puttingup made the second team which ended with Paret'sbeing
LOS ANGELES Accordingto
72 and a team score of South Carolinas his properties as 1 reports emanatingfrom last year. Thurmond is hospitalized in those } .., t

315. FAMU was second ate, 220-yard dash collateral. one of the nation's top critical condition, has who '
; here last week from
with a team score of time : 20.9 Robert It is reported the rebounders. been exonerated of care- '

318. Tuskegee was third Robinson unimpeachable sources'champion Newsome Western Michi less handling think young .
Harris of FAMU. Bobby real estate Floyd Patterson of the { ,.,.
with a total of 363 Glenn of Fort Valley. firm, R.G.S. Realty 'g an's leading scorer, fight by the New York Vi !
wants former champ Joe
strokes. Alfred Bene- Ralph Johnson of FAMU. corporation defaulted in. was one of the two Boxing Commission and s 0
j Louis to stage the
field made the first and Gilmore of South its payments on the sophmores named. many ring authorities I z
j Patterson-Liston world'sheavyweight .. .
lole-in-one on the nine around the
Carolina State. mortgage by failing to country.
title fight,
hole Jake Gaither Park meet installments due on -.
here. -
layout on the 20-yard the July, 1959 -
payments.Mlllils' .
Louis ....
boxing club -
par three hole. f :. "i of
TOOTHACHE United World Enterprises ; : ) Taste the sunny morning flavor of .
FAMU captured the .. fi
Don't sutler needlessly. pet speedy folk ?" .:".,.' ;
round ) Irom throbftinc/ << P.m of toothacht which recently was "
robin baseball with last aclmj ORA-KL. Pan QuittiNg ,{
m teconds. Guaranteed +V! licensed in the State -; ,"
tourney with victories :r.01 *e'r
back All out StOfIS. -
*pAHMn.! of California, by the .
overNorth Carolina I N. Y. KHkks ? ,
MT Toro .. \.., '
9i4 and 3-2 and over je j California Boxing Commission ... ; ; >;:: .>.
NEW YORK The big ;.
consist of John Y'
: '
J. -:
Fort J'chen1eq
Valley 10-1.
A&T I _. .. question around pro -.< -" .
------ -- Horn a financial figure ::: (

basketball circles here here and Louis' wife, ,'; I,

-'-....- is whether Willie Martha, one of Califor-

Naulls, top scorer for nia's most brilliant women -. '! A V

the last place New York attorneys, head the VV : : V

Knicks will quit play- new firm. ;i rr. '
for-pay ranks to take Horn said, 'Staging 'f ;, .,0., .
: .
up a college coachingjob. the Patterson-Liston ,, .. "HI, I'M SUNNY ",; :f.,.
: : :- : :'-
fight here in Los ....-"",".. ,f THE $CHENL.EY ROOSTER',,' f.. '- ":";' ':,
Despite the Knicks' Angeles would open the ( ..: For sunny cheer In added measureJust0Ireorservethbwhlsfrytreuun' .
cellar position this \; -' '
way for the biggest .._
year, Naulls averaged closed-circuit TV show- "' : I
20-Points per game this ing in the history of: J., : : .:

year, he led the team in the television in the
'-,- ,. ''.:. "if:
scoring and rebounds. New York area. ; V ,' 'j > ff". '

''I have not made up> my "They could sell 250. .)0 VV : ; .
ma : V V ., V V
mind about anything. I 000 seats in the New V ___ : V

would like to teach andI York, Connecticut and ; .

ss would like to get a Philadelphia area t '(<]:;);:;" .

teaching certificate. I alone." : ';' ::J ;#;.,.
have already had few "" '
a >.. : ?

offers to coach college : ..... ':
; -kc ,
teams. : '.. : :
Watch This Qowij f ; .: c.!. :;: ,
"I love basketball and : I k : ;

it has been a wonderful 38-72-07-948 4 ,, 'l

experience playing for 435-09-256 11 .
the Knicks. If I were 3 .'::. :
traded, that might makeup .
my oind. t & 2 '- "flJt'Jtk, -,:: k\AIW'V-

'There are other VFt'
business !1 1 4I ,
opportunities '
.f-i e" ;& "

The Twist, >; out sidering.West which" I am con I 15-92-57 56-84-62 '. t

., The Latest Men's Hair Styles Naulls, a native of Los Sometimes he'a-. up .of-: .
Angeles, made .thesesaae Soaetiaes he's dam I \.':';.' ; .

predictions at this He adds, .*:" ..!-;;, .
subtracts. :t" .
: Being Taught At The time last year to sportswriters Re works It all around "f .\ :.':,h uv

in his hometown ,
:.i 181-33-279

:: Jacksonville : r 5 -V VV

:; tarl l Schenley is a better whisky because every drop of

--1 ,rBarber! College Inc. Somiwidi ShopWhere :: = straight whisky in Schenley] is aged over 8 yean : '

l \ you will find tasty home and blended with choice grain neutral spirits.This .,. ,
cooked meals '
served makes wonderful .
whisky..extra smooth
1) ,extra "
r ;'i G. I. Approved 100 daily -short orders, barbecue, fish, chicken, I 1P. :,: mellow, extra fine in bouquet Taste Scheele] 's ,

:, percent Air Cond. j shrimps sill make hose deliveries. 3553829. sunny morning flavor.todaxi ,

.' Miss Rosalind Ward Manager ? '
'' 630 DAVIS ST. at Beaver .' .Icbcnlcq
s t e... 1243 cats 1044
n.Mows II AIM MIMJtt

1 Sehtnlty ftmrvt-Bltnded WWiKey.W Proof.e 1 Grain Neutral, Spirits.Schtnlay Olstiilera eo.,N.Y.C.

-< .' ., ,--. ", o. --' .. ,- -.'" ." '- '- "'- -'- '. .-- '. .

", :._'.. t '<" i .-. .7-'

I-i I:
-_ --- -- --- -- -- __ _
-- -

,"-,... ". f ,- \

1 ;:;...... '. 1
....... .

WEE-10. 1 '}/.:., .' FLUNA STAR ,..' .Af'. SATURDAY APRIL 7, 19&2. ) _
-.. .

1 Service. la Our Business. IN EVERY can' be'; RlRT *" ... RADIO & T.V. SERVICE
______ By Jay Jay
:2 tl't' BCr66bggeteohoneh COLORED HOME with toothpicks or Furnished Room in lovely 1801 N. MYRTLE., Phone EL E9527
.9-127J._'.___. cotton tipped sticks. Ahhh sweet memories. but alas how short lived hoae-llke atmospherefor .<.
IMICB HOMESFOR; SALE Don't risk damage. memories are. A few years ago a late businessman Gentleman. Call "The Voice of Durkeeville"We
: ,7..-" : :; Soften up hard to reach was the embodiment of an exclusive men's after 6 p.m.Elgin. repair all makes of Radio' s, Televisions, and
: 76.Be'fart ,3:Bdrns:;: $8,750 wax with safe effective club. He did many favors for members of the _.. ...30912HOUGABOOK electrical* appliances and fixtures.
'2270-Belfort? 'BdrmsT' & Den $7,000 ADO club so that they >
2 eardrops. could remain true to the "If we can't fix it throw it
w.:'357-Belfort. 3 .Bdrms., ,: -Pence- $6.850. Wash out clogged wax standards- expected of a member of this club AUTO away"v
--- ;; ** .*::; "<.. that mey irritate in the community He was known as *,.r. Club- SERVICE Rupert )J. Thomas Leo Dorsey
oodiTeJ-js' ., *._.*..**."'';;'<.Small Down Payments affect your hearing.Ask man" when it came to this club. it is ironical GENERAL AUTO REPAIRJ.
.... Chief Tech. Asst. Tech.
*% that the same club has .
at all druggistsfor chosen to throw the almost W. HOUGAPOOK, Mechani!
"' t .
.Go Expressway.'So. ., '- Off on Stockton AUlD extinct clannish "blackball" at his son. 1361 Kings Road EL 4-3659. ,- -.' :. :--- ,- .. : .
(T' is funny how se rets get out).These brethrenare -
--Gordon H. Barber Johnnie's Hotel
: experts at chunking dark ovals but we won-
./:- f. ": .g: Real Estate Broker der what does one have to do in the club to get All-Modern Conveniences Moncrief Drive.ln
; : ; thrown out. Many of the
members are guilty of ROODS By Day. Nite or
-t : '.. : 1 1817.:-Main Street EL 4-6442 : MEN escapades which are Just short of clink-dom. Week. Call EL 6-7596,

'''. Oh but it is so nice to be on the Inside and 741ft W. Ashley Street. Fruit Market
.. .
...... ..
"Look at -
: Floradale Homes say all of those so and so's out =
why pay more when no
: there." Live long enough dear club brothersand WANTEDI
How Offers Thu4iid other headache powder can 45th & Moncrief \
give you better or faster relief. remember the parable of the sower.
Brick Homes Ask for Goody's! James "Bumpsy" Bradley celebrated his birth- Operators &
With Carports Monthly Payments Big Wife Motley Proprietor
day party at the Country Club last Friday night. Barbers are wanted to ,
Only $$60.00 With Only $250.00 Total Cash To Move In Food and drink abounded. Jessie Bouchee servedas Hollywood Beauty Lounge
622 W. Ashley St. CallI. For Free Delivery, Open Daily
gAII' ; units are served by regularC.ityJBus co-host. The guest included all of the
/ Service. ( oncrief Pd. to. Ss Edgewood Lounge family 'Sweet Williams' Bil S. Anderson Call PO 59287COONS 7 a.m. to 12 p.m.
rsf P: )i. Some units have Waterfront { Terry of the Bowling Lanes Charles Brown El 3-3245-- --:- I
) i j leges. Cur 'odels Shirley Johnson. Barbara Spears and others.
Privj offer (rake
;Flogs The girls at the Lounge informed me that I for- POSSUMS
Carports and creened-Poarch- $55.00 Wkly. &
es. Why/ keep got to mention that ,in addition, to Delia's
on paying rent whop youcan Send References With
:}own your own home for less than birthday it was also Billie's anniversary andHattie' etter. Carfare rushed. II
Pent. :? s anniversary. So sorry. HERSHEY
**': i ii Bill Terry is changing his luck with the Hampton Agency
OFFICE AT WEST 45th t St. &. VERNON RD. change in season. He is no longer burning coal. 13 N. Station Plaza
Great Neck. N. *.
-' PO 5-1685 Open Daily 10 A. M..to 7 P. H. If you know what I mean Just dig him as he SUGA'bS $1.00I
: makes the sets with his top back and lamp his H. Y. Live-In Maids
Built by a builder with 3C years 2 POWDERS .50 .
12 POWDERS 25 companion. You need a friend !n '
experience in Duval County. [
Mable Flager of Jacksonville, Orlando and New N. Y. Let Mr. Haroldof with $5.00 or more food order
York spent the week-end in Jacksonville. Things the Mallory Agencybe I
were wide open at the Country Club as Curtis your friend. He large
did the honors. Out Country Club way things are GUARANTEES you a live- WHITINGS 150 I[ .

6481 1 Flower Ave. 53500.00 5150.00 Down 540.00 per month buzzing now. plans are being made for the \ in job in a good home. ,
Kappa Alpha are throwing for visiting Kappa I paying $30 to $50 a I
2073 lewis Street 53500.00 M5G.OO Down 540.00 per month Brothers on the eve of the Black and White Ball I week,. free roan meals

1920 Moorehouse Rd. 55000.00 5250.00 Down 50.00 per month Local Kappamen will play host to the regional I TV. He advances bus i Plenty FRESH Greene
conclave. Details are not public but it will tickets and expenses to
1978 Talladega Road 55500.00 250.00 Down 55.00 per month) be the mostest ever seen in this town. N. Y. SEND REFERENCESto '

Did you all dig the crazy editorial cartoon on Mr. Harold The Mal- : ROE MULLETS 1 15C
1967 Tuskagee Road 4800.00 250.00 Down 50.00 mont
per the editorial page of last week's Star. Our lory Agency Dept. 140 lb.I .

CALL EL-gin 5.5569 After 6:00: p. m. EV 72W4LAST boy Clinton Moon did it. He also did the muralsin 576 Merrick Road ender
the Lounge. Lynbrook N. Y. I Beef __ ___ _

The regulars around 8th and Davis look like --STRAND Sunday. (
"little lost 'sheep" since the Enquite does LIVEth $1.00

EL 4-3812 not open til late afternoon. They all communeat "THE LAST OF THE thru Sai J, j
CALL- the Silver Star with Willie Quarterman or VIKINGS" (in color] Small '

go downtown. Raw! Rugged! Ruthless!
Happy Birthday to Adolph Bennett to Hattye I SpareRIBS 4OIb
INCOME TAX RETURNSShort Stewart and to all of you April- babes. -plus Co.HitrRanCIS- .
Rumors are flying about 'wot's I
wrong at the COtOH k.OC luxl "
[ Form FILLED' Long Forms" $4.00 I Bowling Lanes and the Edgewood Lounge." The WHITF STREAK O'LEANGROUND "
$2.00 turnstiles ain't clicking like they're supposed OfaSSISI2g.-I $1 00
to. the 1 BACON
Bossnen little term "Professional Pro-
1208 DAVIS ST. 9 a. m. fo 10 p. m. thru April moting and Public relations" could be the an- ROOSEVELTSunday 3lbs. .

iV._ 15th'I'I',. swer. Thru Tues BEEF

--_ .."THe' Following Firms& IndividualExtend wuutigB3S8vSvJ&etfct $1..00,

Best Wishes To Dr. James R. Henderson ;i R 31bs.
5 pP : '
On The Opening Of His 9ti ,.JOHftAGAR_..GRETA CHI OLIO
I 29C
I n [ Juicy '
: New Dental Clinic Locate At 1366 Kings' Rd. I plus Co.i Hit .
11 In' Quarters
.. ." 'J mm 0 Q P WATERMELONS 16
r > Best Wishes F 'die

Our Shoes Arm Selected for Your Comfort and Health I lDan 3 Ib.
-- ....-. ... .- -',,;.-. ......... By One of Jackonvlll Foremost Shoemaker ::tr : ,,..;{.:. jar. 39c: 6 oz jar


426 DAVIS ST. JAX. 2, FLORIDA thru Tues. EGGS RICE 39c
1392Kings Rd. EL 3-5597----8- 941 WOMEN FROM HELL"land .

.. --- i New Shoes By Endicott Johnson [ "FLESH and the FLAME"'gym I 3 doz. 9ge,3 IBS. I l

||:;;" ;f; "::,: LILLY'S DRUG STORE < 1' EXPERT REPAIRS Phone AND 355.1532 ORTHOPEDIC CORRECTIONS l $575 cash Mon. Nile I"I ..- -. -.., .. _---_.',

t\ '. Sat.
\I; nite April 7th at
1 07 Kings Rd. EL 38276ftlw

r. i:: .' .'<", '1 : 10 p. m. Until Tickets s200 Advance At Door $2M
,. ,. .:',. ...... ... : .
\ '
l t' : '. ;;-- .N ..'.; .." : ": .1f Tickets On Sale At Hollywood Music Store 605 W.
) / rh 'GIAT ,,. I\ .;..' ,':' ; : .l(. Ashley
,. 1. :
/ / /A JJJJ 9- ,.'., II'. .:; .. ..<< .N': .' ":.iI
; > '
1I -.tot ; 'i .. ".;.":..o.h".J-t". ".. """ ,;.; .,:<..;.....,,'1.. .!/
.Y' v ,x. '4
PRESENTS. ."F'Associated,.,:U'ft'.I,.?""lMEtfcA-&Rtt".N-'..; ,.,.*',"'' '' The JAMES BROWN SHOW

CcntrwtiM+ Cenfaqf is Mateg this special .

-f-l 10% off For This Month Km Improvement offer

: Additional Room Siding Concrete Work I

: --Jv.i> Electrical Work Fences Roofing Porches \

& -" No Loner Down CllSllWate AI Your BiDs A 1WNa

/i Up to 10 Years to pay Illy One Note :

/ Pay AU Work 6uxaeteei Free Estimation I

>/ Telephone EL 5.959-t 1423 lAY1S S1 I 4t *

.,. :
'Fair lrtahnant/orall under the law!" a
S iF'

*. 6 Pays From 8 p.m.. KEEP'DOUGLAS .

( I L. It ic R

axo C'a er Q wze0 !!-11 HUTCHIIiSYI.UR 0"u.u.f. \ w1\\ .


0 1 YI.UR *
Pfl 49167I ; I 4 *

** *
bars at 5 p.m. MSTMCT 11,


,..;,. ''N b Taft with awe will hK M fafefs wetk R)
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: .:,_ ?_ : p 'I, Mice aid they wl NHN:f pi-c: ,' IM;Jkey haTe ton i

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