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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200603datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date March 24, 1962dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=006030740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
March 24, 1962
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
March 24, 1962
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Full Text
.. .. < "," .. -- .q '

f; I -

# >: } I. ;

\ : -- ; "'. ; ;<',(; --< y:.
I ". i. .

: f' High School -Paper Staffers Briefed On Nat. Negro: Newspaper Week' ,

J':; ; : !.,..iI..


: I $ : ATTACK4r Y SEX FIE R P Qc:3.: ..-

H ""'a
.it Y .. + + 4 3: < y

;, Negro TB Executive Loses lob; <.J f-I(tAetAeI toco-)' _.:


Welfare Dept. To Absorb Duties .- ;,: .o... 0"-fItj -b.

___. 'u_ .___ u ______ __ _. Wit 12-M. SO SATURDAY MARCH 24 1962 15 CENT flAX

Group Slates

:Protest Meeting 'k tl.4 w GOLF CASE HEARING SCHEDUL' ;

Why was Mrs. Mable .. 'b .
King fired from her

Job;An ?effort was made to : ; rt FOR MAR. 27. IN ATLANTA SESSlun -

answer, this question at y
a meeting held Wednesday 9 .4 .

Hospital.night The at Brewster meeting, I I : .' Robbery An AftermafhOf NAACP's Legal DefenseTo

,conducted by the Negro Of Myrtle AssaultAn
_, .
Committee of the Duval d,4Li1 Contend Court's Ruling//

County Tuberculosis A : unknown attacker. ::, subjected a local 17-year.f. -
Association, was attended ut 1
-old girl to violence and brutality last, Sunday NEW YORK---Jack Greenberg is scheduled to argueon
by Mrs. j.
night when he both raped and rpbbedher as March 27, an NAACP Legal Defense Fund appeal
Estes the Executive
_x ; she returned home after having visited a 'near from a Florida District court ruling tiich upholds
Secretary of the county, s
program. Mrs. King was iM i by friend. golf racial segregation of two Jacksonville Fla.

employed by the DuvalTB S r The girl--whose name a pair of errings, a courses.

Assn. She was the is being withheld "to .,.comb and a cigarbuttat Argument will be heard 'Wolf
only Negro to hold sucha spare her further the scene. A ring by the U.S. Court of

cost anguish--told police worn on the left hand, Appeals for the Fifth
A meeting of the Negro officers that she was of the victim was alleged Circuit in Atlanta !
Committee of the Tuber- overpowered by a man to have been Georgia Lone
culosis Assn. of Duval --w ; & who had crept up behind taken by the unknown The golf courses. Woman >

County took place last her. She said she rapist before he fled Brentwood and Hyde Park A group of hoodlums,

Wednesday evening at Z was picked up bodily the scene. had been owned and operated operating in what is

Brewster Hospital. The and carried behind a Officers G. L. Brad- by the City of known as a 'wolf pack'

meeting ..was a normal r bx a. hedge bordering the ley and P. George, Jacksonville for over set* upon and severelybeat
consequence of the program ,-Y Yf sidewalk, and there called by the victim's twenty years. The City a lone woman between -

growth. But during raped. aunt were quickly was ordered to dese- the 700 and 800
the course of business The incident took joined by Pgts. K.O. gregate the courses by blocks on west 11th
the committee, wanted to place in the 1POO-- Halsebeck and L. A.: Federal judge Brian Street last Monday

know why $rs. liable block on Myrtle Avenue. Hamway of the City Simpson on April 7. night.

King,, had been fired in describing the at- Homicide Divis'bn.y'Cti 1959. On April 6, the The victim 29-year. :. .
from' *her-;Tjob. ., i.i ,'"t.ack ..o..p..olJ.. e the.... girl', l1t o t h "day b.e for .tJ\9 A.j..O-: oldw sitile uth)C itb: ,
An observer from the iirl stated that she home of her aunt after tam was to take effect was attacked as *she : -

Florida Star was also .i fought her attacker the attack which took the City closed both walked toward her home

present.The and screamed hopingto place between 7:30 and r nurses. after leaving Duval

meeting includedin IF'S attract help. She 8 o'clock Sunday eve- In February 1960. the Medical Center according -

its agenda a dis- 4 4w said the man then ning. courses were sold to to a statementshe

cussion as to why Mrs. Ti s slapped her arid'oboted' The rapist continuesto Fred A. Ghioto and gave tpolice.

liable King had been her, into silence. elude an intensIveinvestigation Ronald Hurley under Miss Smith, who livesat
fired from her job as leaving marks of violence by condition whey woulduse 2121 Mars-Venus

program worker. Mrs. on her neck. police. the land only for Court told police

King was the only Police officers found Florida Star golf courses. These men, that a band of 8 or 10

Negro employed by the Student Writers who paid only small men approached her demanding -

the county TB Assn WRITERS TOUR STAR---National Negro Newspaper History Week was observed Fashion Parade, down payments had beenon to know if her,

,Her duties included here this week with staff writers of Douglas Anderson Stan ton, North- Hosted By STARIn municipal salaries name was 'Mary. "
fund-raising assi- western and Matthew W. Gilbert High School's publications and their fac- Plans ScrappedIt | when the courses were She alleges she was
stance in mobile-unit ulty advisors were guests of the STAR Tuesday. Northwestern's members observance of sold to them they re- then beaten by the

activity community shown in top. photo from left are: Irma Pearson Betty Curry Leonard National Negro News- was announced this s opened facilities: for gang. She said she hid
education in the Hill Acosta Kitties Gloria Daniels and Gloria Barney. Douglas Anderson paper week, the STAR week that plans for a whites only. in a ditch after escaping -

various aspects of the staff are shown in bottom pix; its members are: Ethel Anderson Billie Tuesday played host to 'Parade of Fashions' Legal Defense Fund her assailants,

TB program and a myraid B. Toombs Alfredia Thompson Lucille Shepard Clarence Russell Phelts. bers the student staff mem- which was to be heldat i Attorneys then went remaining there until.
of other tasks Her and Mrs. H.M. Williams advisor are shown with Florida Star Editorialist, and faculty advisors the Duval Armory back to court to make they left the area.

Job was technical. R. S. Charles (see Pictures on Page 6) of Stanton April 1, in connection 1 Ghioto and Hurley par- Miss Smith, who con-

During the meeting, w s .. \I Douglas Anderson with the observance tie J to the desegregation tinued home unassistedwas
committee members sal and that vacuum ',," >; Northwestern and of the Florida Star's: suit. The Negro later found in a

voiced concern as to should be filled'progressively. POLICE. REPORTSBOY Matthew W. Gilbert 12th anniversary will]l attorneys charged that semi-conscious coi-

what was going to become Senior High School'snews be abandoned. the sale "is an act of dition in her apart-

of the 'area' of AJexander i Heard, Mrs. FRIEND- INJURES her head and took her staff. Eric 0. Simpson publisher subterfuge on the part ment by a neighbor who

the program formerly Eleanor Davis Solomon GIRL FRIENDA money, police re- Meeting at the STAR of the 'Star'' of the City of Jack- had been summoned by

handled by Mrs. King. Jones and J.J. Nixon ported.It plant and .offices at said the decision tc) sonville in an efforte the victim's son.A .
Mrs. Estes explained comprise the special 22-year-oid woman was also stated 10:30 a.m., the groups scrap the show to abridge the rights medical examination

that Mrs. King's former committee that will was injured in a fight 'that Miss Mouzon said were -taken on conducted after the developmentof of the petitioners. established that the

duties withtthe Association eventually discuss the that took place at Iota they took $41 from inside tours to the various unforseen circumstances on June 22, 1961 ;Jge victim had not been

would be absorbedby problem with the exe- W. Monroe St. last Sunday her dress where department consistingof Simpson dismissed the sexually attacked.

other social agen qutive board of the police reported. she had it pinned up the editorial, compos Police ReportsThe petition of the Negro Homicide Sgts. L.A.

ties, such as the Welfare program. Miss Janice McLoyd in a white handerchiefWhen ing advertising, plaintiffs. Defense Hamwey and K.O.
Department.When Mr. Heard is chairman, of 105 W.. Duval St. the suspects layout and art, and to Stanton Vocationa- 1 fund attorneys immediately Halsabeck 'investigatedthe
asked if there -. and Mrs. Davis is Secretary said she and her boyfriend turned their victim a final informal get School 521 W. Ashle;7 appealed to complaint. '

were any racial reasons of the Negro TB Willie 22, loose, one threatened together with Eric 0. St. was broken intc) the U.S. Court of Ap-
behind Mrs. King's dis- Committee in thiscounty. who also lives at the her with a knife, police Simpson STAR publisher last Monday betweei 1 peals. *,
missal. Mrs. Fates responded I same address got intoan said. They said editor 10 p.m. and 7 a.m.

;with an emphatic argument which turn- Miss Mouzon knew suspects In each department.the Tuesday

I '1 iO"<< Asked if Prison Term ed into a fight and only by sight. students were given Daylight Gives T Big Boost
the absence of a Negroon during the incident Police said they did adescription of its

the program payroll Given JaxonMACCLENNY she was struck on the not find any money or dally functions which i.__ ___ ..Yu ,.'....
I did not create a segregated head and in the face. suspects in the room was followed by a brief I ,'2, I .
atmosphere the ---A wellknown She was taken to Duval where they were question and answer .

Executive Secretary Jacksonville Negro received Medical Center by cab. drinking period.At I T L r...
again 'replied in the noontime, the >
a six months to She was treated and released police said they arrested I
negative. Robert guests were taken to .
A eight years state prison police said. James
.Committee, < members.. then ,- term for his part No arrest was reported. Sullivan 27, of 654 Continental Bowling
requested a meeting Geraldine Lanes' ContinentalRoom
In the break-in and patrolmen A. Grissom Florida Avenue:
with the (eJecutive safe-cracking which and G. L. Bradley' invest s Thomas, 19, ,of for the luncheon
.. branch of the program; took Place in' Baker i te& Florida Avenue' and where ideas were dis-

Somewhat reluctantly, County Courthouse here Annette Patricia Jones cussed to continue J
Mrs. Estes promised to last Easter. ROBBED '. ."24. of same addressas similar projects on a
l such a meetin, .. Police citywide basis in the } 3
\ arrange ., ''tElbert- PARTY VA suspects. Y ,
'; stating that ,she had no' Koelman, a : c v' also said they have near future.
) 26-year-old -
opinion as to what it wellknown figure in > suspected them of rol- Thanks to the
woman was robbed
} would accomplish ., 0 Jacksonville political last ling drunks around generosity of theY
Sunday, police
The committee, on the ? : : circles was sentenced' Oakley and Florida Pepsi-Oola Bottling Co.
I reported.
following his
., other band, insisted plea Miss a Avenue. of Jacksonville the
Rosa Lee
:" : ;that such a meeting wasizperaeive before Y Circuit- JudgeGeoTge' ; if guests were introducedt
of 1059 palaetto St.
in order. io fatten the company'spopular
\ Place
; and a companion was invited by two Corps,Exams
Koeliaan new soft drink-
; establish with the executive -
.' Al JallkwM women and a Mn, who
.branch_ the need lawyer) H ogee.. 'wt.red live x at 651 Florida tests seeking tbew'sands --- --
-: to create- closer the courthouse 'mail_ Avenue;- to oee in and -. of additional Raster Now: GENEROUS GESTURE---I.. H. Burney. II, Board of Management Chairman of
.""I.Jleatlon between drink with U*., and is shown receiving a 500.00 check
blew open stftr. Peace Corps volunt*.r the James Weldon Johnson Branch YMCA
; tit groups. Committee t when she entered the So You Can of the Daylight Chain. The con
two teen were apprehended will be held April 21 from I. H. Edwards and L. E.
members feel that a shortly' ttxte kLurin4h roan where the party at 8:30 a.m. in numerous" i tribution will go toward the down-payment of the property for a new YMCA

''._': ftCUu, a'. had" bed created # trialTTT1. was taking placer, sate.. areas of the state, the Vote Shown also is Thomas B. Hargrave, Jr.. Executive Secretary of the Johnson
'-" .' "., "" ,,'. :-.'5:.=-::".. :' :, .. ,-- .', ,.' -. .-. :,; ___ ., .. ,__ ,. ,. ._ ._ ._ _, ,_ __ .r
'. '. ,
i1t > :
] ; : -. '.-'._. >' "- -

f It n. STAB f I SATURDAY MARCH 24,1962 \
fi1',1 -

';:: .:i-'. :;::H4I FLORIDA STAR I i POLITICS AS USUAL ,: 1.s

:..- HEWS.
'- .
:.:.. '... 'r "i ,
:- :psbltshed by The Florida Star Publishing Co.. :>, ',.'0,
.. it.: rN' ? ,BT'EBIC O. SIMPSON :, :
"tfttmbt of Associated Negro Puss"WeL t w ftii, : : ,,'f.' 1.-; .- ,

... After almost a year's deliberation the .f
--=(9.( SIMPSON....................... ........A\eft....'" ;4v.' I r, ..t Ways and Mean Committee of the 'House" f _

MY0N B. ....................... ...............Hews Idtit.-. MAKING Representatives has reported out a tax -

H WOOmf......................... ..Grotlettot .....11 .., ti PflOOffESS bill. While this bill does contain some
-- good tax features it does not meet the
r. test of a balanced tax bill. However, the
S323' Mancritf Rood................. hon atfn 4-47S2. .- improvements made in the bill in the past

.11r two weeks navai encouraged the
Mailing! Address: .' "{-
AFL-CIO to believe that ;
: "P. O. Box Sl, Jacksonville 1, FlerWaZ ?,-,:,- -'' ,. ;;- further improvements in the :

...,-:, aUBSCIIIPTION,RATES 0"' bill are still possible. .
; *! .&:, 'On Year, $ .00; Half! Year, $3.00 ] The AFL-CIO has never sup-

Mailed.To You Anywhere in Th* United States". ... ... ;.- ported the investment credit
ftubtoriptlon Payable In Advance. :,,; ..... :..:... proposal. We opposed the .t
Send Check or Money Order To: President's original pro-

STAR-P. O.Box S*< S 1411 ,)( .4 posal to provide a tax credit t
FLORIDA for those corporations which
_2: :
? JACKSONVILLE FLORIDA : increase their investment above levels in
1 '\ ,
% previous years. But that proposal, made -

Fti 1ncling Of Negro Press 1 q / '- ,, .i last year, was far better than the pres- 1
ent It'!
r provision, which extends the invest-
: An Investment In Freedom .bUN ment credit across the board, to all
1 v wrQfr ;= .. companies investing in new equipment. In

March! 16 of each year marks the anniversary our view, the investment tax credit proposal .

of the publishing of the first would do little to achieve its t.i
Negro newspaper in the United States by V : : ',- stated jurpose. It would create only new;, _

John B. Russwurm and one Rev. Samuel E.COrnish. '- and unwarranted tax windfalls for busi-..

Russwurm was a Negro, and the t it .. ness.
first of his race to graduate from a ,.. 'f 4 The House Ways and Means Committee bill ..

college in this country. The year was .. : 4 ; supports several of the President's ,pro- .

1827 and- the newspaper, published at 1 4, a posals. closes some loopholes, partially t. ,

New Vofk City, was called FJiaednm..s improves some and completely ignores :.
"wn t1t BY LETTING MISSISSIPPI DEFY THE SUPREME COURT? MR. PRESIDENT still others. At the same time, the' Committee ,

Ipeople is both startling and tragic that a has reehaped the investment tax(

who have been so criminally ex- credit scheme so that it is now even

pleited and degraded by slavery should more costly than the original proposal

yet have among ttedr ranks such a high -_ Moreover, if the Committee bill is enacted -
percentage of individuals whose cbdication Your ttfoekly the Treasury will actually windup '' \

to ignorance and .indifference with a net revenue loss of almost. .:
stands out in conspicuous opposition to Horoscope Guide $750 million. -- :

the progress--however much or littlethat -- Actions by the House Ways and Means*" '',.:-:''>

the race has made as a whole. WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR Committee in the past week or so in improving .., .

The 16th day of March each year is not -- BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL the foreign income tax provisions '

a holiday. It is, rather, a pause of of the bill encourage us to be ., : '

acknowledgement in the otherwmse un- ly PABLO, The ASTROLOGER lieve that similar improvements in other {.....

pausing passage of time. The day could, aspects of the bill will be made by the f ;t.

unnoticed it not for Senate.
probably were
pass AR1KS solar Ascendant, an aggressive recognize an opportunity :.
concentrated attentionto
the universal longing in man's heart to Born March 21 thru On the House side, the bill can no '
attitude on in business that shouldbe
be free and to be dignified and productive April 1 19 them. Complicated longer be changed because it will come :
could stir
your part up advantageous. There is
business matters need
to the floor with a closed rule. How-
in that freedom. The day would
Be consistent in
your Even those
a good opportunity to
not bother since
you ever, we are ccnvinced that the liberal.,
unnoticed it not for ,
certainly pass thinking, and adhere to who esteem
you take care of Important ,
quick thinking can help j
forces in the Senate will succeed in
the unending battle man must wage against the principles of inte- be unwilling to concedeto .
matters, since the out- you find the solutionto
further improving the bill. Therefore,
enslavement of his body mind and
grity by which you have viewpoints.Under .
your of endeavorsare
come your intricate .
problems.What '
the hateful ambitions of we urge the members of thai House of Representatives .
spirit bee in the the circumstancescalm
guided past.
likely to turn out you want to do and to support the bill on the "
his fellows.
This self-reliance ,can self-control and better than usual and what do be -
you may :
contribution to human freedom, in floor and to reject any efforts of the
The be a source of strength tact can serve you best.
new impetus you put into two different things,
to recommit the bill.
America by Russwurm and Cornish, those Republican minority I"
recurrent contra-
during your business or marriage since it is to '
135 years ago,stands today as one of the However, our request for support on
; dictions inasmuch as the 2-77-10-19-43-271 should help create
a give full cognizance to }
the side does not in '
House waY'imp1Y
noat essential and continuing manifestations any ,
Lunation is active in brighter outlook for the
all limitations. Even
of man's war against enslave- CANCER that we are satisfied with the bill. The
1I1ent Ignorance the Press. ..' ., Twelfth House, which' BORN JUNE '20 THRU future. Despite your desire though you may, not reach .APL-CIO will continue to seek an improved -
find -. Negro .
? .'.rules, aeU"-undoing... ,.Rvea- ,.',>: 'JULY 22 -- .' **' i ;splurge,' keep the, zenith of success
; federal tax
":YoWare'4noti"betng:, .thsire'Lore structure. Passage of
: though'you believe that ,money .activities hewedto
whenever. you pUrchase your favorite Negro some points have been The Lunation activates existing schedulesand right now. Have no fear. the bill by the House does not determineits
The edicts of
newspaper. You are indeed being practical settled and fully approved favoralbe influences in plans. in favor.Destinyare final content. During the course of '

farseeing, alert. You are cer- a sudden argu- your Ninth House which your the Senate committee hearings and before ....

tainly investing in your own future; a ment nay occur which has jurisdiction over 6-33-7 -16-75-637 3-88-40-19-23-384 the final vote by the Senate, we will :,
future of employment without discrimination makes it necessary to go wisdom and far-off seek to insure that the unfavorable. .
unlimited educational opportunities through the whole dis- places. During. the next LIBRA CAPRICORN balance in the bull is reversed. .. -
four weeks the BORN SEPT. 23 THRU BORN DEC. 22 THRU '
unlimited cultural expression. You New Moon
democratic tomorrow pute from an entirely is in favorable trine OCT. 23 JAN. 19
are investing in a new angle. Calm thinking Tan !bpicsr :
when you shall be preportionately rePresented and detailed planningare aspect with yout Sun The opportunity you The power of your per- ..;

in the government of this na important to offset Sign. Any knowledge or have been waiting for to sonality ,and clear

tion. the confusion. Try to experience that you acquire get started on importantjob thoughts could produce

Your Negro newspapers are written and remain congenial, but at this time can plans may occur fine results in getting

published by men and women who under- refrain from becoming endure. Accumulate important during this Lunation others to share your

stand your problems and aspirations as obligated to sooeone. information that cycle which activatesyour viewpoints. Because of ;

black Americans. They are Negroes them can be useful for the Sixth House. With. this, a position of ,
selves. -. 1-22-40-13-39-124 future. Facts concerning well-planned and carefully leadership among associates '. 1
distant places can be timed action you may be offered

A Period Of Promises TAURUS important from an industrial may create the' impetus to you. Waste little

_. BORN APRIL 19 THRU and commercial that can eventuallycarry time in grasping hold of .

A Need For Thought MAY 20 point of view. Your in- you through time any chance to Increase
; for enthusiasm and application your position. what
With only a slight herent wisdom and acquired you
"The time has to talk of other
dedicated do
of now should far in
stretch of the imagination 'training can go
things..of ships and sails and cabbagesand effort :Gear yourselfto paving the for
it should be easy make you an expert in a way
kings. to see yourself at the specialized work and a fast pace. Senti- future rewards. At times
I This fragment from the nursery rhymes peak of fame. There can substantiate what you' mental attachment and you might feel aggres-

readily lends itself to, describe the be great happiness in achieved in the past. inertia may cause you to sive, causing you to go '.,

urgent necessity for Negroes to acquaint the thought of your high The action of these ra- cling to outmoded pos- after what you want. J
themselves with the realities which con- attainments since the diations has a consolidating sessions. Keeping up 5-66-50-13-45-563 1'!! ( X { x ,"1j.

trol their lives. Lunation is active in effect so plan with progress may prove l
There are men in their 30' s, 40 s, 50' s, your Eleventh House, for definite advancement. difficult, but necessary, AQUARIUS CAN'rSEEYOU NEXT SATURDAY Y I'M ,,-. c

60's who greatly desire to become your which rules realized BORN JAN. 20 THRU EXPECTING A TERRIBLE HEADACHE 'J
in the government of this 6-80-14-92-868 8-44-30-15-55-843
representative ambitions. Some of the FEE. 18 .
area; they want, in other words, to shape distinction bestowed on LEO SCORPIO You may be given a 4Lf Z""At!' __ 'It

the future of your children. you may come unexpectedly BORN JULY 23 THRU BORN OCT. 24 THRU pleasant reward for work

The majority of these' men are white: because of the AUG. 23 NOV. 22 you have completed suc-

persons. That is'a condition we have to fine impression you makeon Your enthusiasm to makea The allure of parties cessfully. There can bea

face to live with, to acknowledge. We someone in authority.Also good record for your and other forms of great deal of satis-

look.forward to the day when black.. people there is the possi- self might arouse open gaiety can act as a faction for you in db .

shall be preportionately represented in bility of being awarded antagonism troD others magnet to draw you away demonstrating to others F

the government of this area and this na- a special citation for since the Lunation from routine. othersare the competence with

tion. meritorious civic duties. activates your Eighth likely to Join you. which you can carry out .a

These men, however, career of aspiring You are entitled to feel House Therefore: a*certain Put them ,in a festive Important responsibilities 3.

politicians, each one of thjcm, cannot proud of your ac- amount of caution frame of mind with assigned to you.

succeed in their desires without your complishments. Though is necessary regardless amusing stories. Pro- Much can be gained from

rote they are now freely making pro- there can be a lot of of how smoothly things moting happiness can tackling things on your

mises. Some of these promises are fantaStic praise and, applause, you may be running for you. make 'you the cynosure own Initiative. To be tj

; some are indeed possible; all of also might encounter. a The degree of success of all eyes. Nevertheless Independent in your l

them are questionable.This bit of envy. you attain can also ,, impulsive de- thinking and.. actions ;n

t newspaper, therefore, is making' a attract ill will as cislGBs, to- gratify some could be a vital factor :'

, pointed appeal to you to develope political .- 4-55-90-15-54-459 well as admiration. Try of your whims may prove \n attaining a greater IT

.y consciousness. What is 'political GEMINI to preserve harmony, but upsetting- to those income. '

consciousness is the ability to an- BORN MAY 21 TWO do mot place yourself at around you. Give full 2-11-20-16-29-216 .:,

t 1ze.tbe issuee which create political turn 19 disadvantage to do so. consideration to the PISCFS

,I campaign, and the men--white or black-- Quietly, slowly and desires of others so BORN FEB. 19 THRU t
for desired Yea might have reasoa without warning a number that need not neglect r
who compete! often viciously, you MARCH 20
to feel impatient at the
\ political positions. Above all, 'po- of restrictive duties yourself to need- There is no reason for
remarks actions of
. litical consciousness' is an awareness may be imposed on you. less criticism. Polish lamenting about the
of your= importance in the community! of Hlf-f1aiouted people. Co openly Ignore such year personality. Take things you could have
Bo met feel disturbed at
Jacksonville, and the nation. obligations would be apotential special instruction to done. Your capacity for .

Thin newspaper shall print all the pros beifig Contradicted.teviac irritation could scarce of roafid oat jour talents. fulfilling ambitions KENKNIGHT ,
sn'tf'cons of the political struggle. weIr treable. endeavor is greater than "
lead to discord due to 722W1736726SAGITTARIUS
present l the facts as we know th.Jriiiitb' ..-- the lifluence of the 1-11-31-18-63-912 ever since the Lunation Invites You To Listen To ...

., objectively.background Study ycur and Florida abili- .LmMtio la your Ttmtm VTWO lOIN' NO v. 28 THRUDespite is There born can in be your steady Sun sign pro- nKNIGHT TRAIN'5t.rtlng

.aa""t the nazes Newt which rules peraomal BORN AW. 24 THROSEPT. Die. 21 in the next week
Florida r
ti Jlap the candidates. Study your prestige.iaoe 22 ,, myriad of but will have At 7:00 '
issue at hand. Study t l.HilJlpr a cone you to p.m. Nightly *
#tar for the this some of your Your keen perception i
too. fusl.l-detail. in your keep aware of your +.
for the praises, oroseepe is adverse analyzing the value' of business, it should be ultimate aims. 1400 WRHC1400 r

,fi.-to-.-, ..v.. 4 .'.". .ruare aaotct with your things may enable you tc easy for you to give 4-99-10-14-33-491 I

.", ,_ ,., y
:r" .__ ; ,'- "- ,' -, --- '--- = .- '. .. '
"'- : -


i l. : ...
.... 44tt1'I;.. .. pII
t. --

c ,.., .' f' "....,,, ,d" -.y. ,,,-r .' ,, .. ... I. .'. ... '._: ,, .. t. '; t
t i"
-: : J '.-' ': !"'..; :. r.,:;'t'.
i J
; t
: ;

"ttMrjUIH; 24! 1982! g I t .: J L y :.: : ': '" ,:' v ..-n''. ,FLMIUSTAI., : .,' J' .. : ., i-.' ,, :-,.. ; ,. : :,;1II :: /: PAGES

-< Socially peakingBy Northwester -.Gilbert's i Symphony Miss:':'Thelma' ,N.; Martin: :Pledges AKA's Baltimore/ / Confab

Thespians WorkingOn ',: Orchestra flans'" *"'-Troth 'To.. :; PvtNtrtharv: \ Walker

Throe Plays ,, Cancelled Over SegregationWASHINGTON
Mar. 30th Concert '-'b .
.. 1aft
.. ', 'v
., ... .
Louis Rainge presi- ;.I '
The Student Co.uncil.N ,., ;j' : ,:,L "- Cancellation of thq Re:?o i

?i-:">v: ':, : ."" Class dent of of NorthwesternHigh the junior of Matthew. .Gilbertjv. j. .t".,"hrt'.''.'' J:' -...,. .. ,- :EI meeting of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity &r the

., .ti.t' "'LOUISE G. GUINYARD High, School will present ;:: I host chapter, Baltimore ..came as a protest
announced .. '
.. School, ..:
-'? against segregation in 'city.
't. : the Gilbert Sym that 'pI'A..1** ..
:' otfirs. that plans are-being ,: -
::"" 1 phonic Band, under the wf The meeting will be
1= made for a benefit
[ Betty Graham and Mrs. Josephine Cleveland "Big Broadcastto". direction ofGeorge: H.Hi'll held April 6and, 7 Stork

re guests when Les Elites Bridge Club met at the be held at the school, 'band conductor," at the Astor Hotel, in : ., "

wford Street residence of Miss Annie Bell Minatee early in April. at 815 p.m. 'March 30. New York City for ,

idlY evening. Rainge is, appealingto in the school ,audi representatives of the liveries

[rs. Maxine! Jacksn; Mrs. Alvenia Scriven and all schools and torium. eastern state including :
VIrginia Maryland Mr. and Mrs Clifton
The band will render
for the evening. ,
| Ann"Mcintosh were high scorers interested persons ,
Is Minatee'presented her guests with individualg throughout:the county a variety program:; :with District of Columbia Robinson 1837 Brewster
;. :
classics, semi-classics DTelaware.Pennsylvania. Rd:, Boy.
s. who would like to fr-
and popular selections. New Mr. ;and Mrs. Charles
5. Vermal McCone, Mrs. Elizabeth Simmons. Mrs. participate on "The 1_
: The band has been York Massachusetts, Wright, 1991 W. 20th
Mike McClain, Mrs. Lois Abery. Mrs. Virginia Big Broadcast, ,to AK !)
under the direction of New jersey, Connecticutand Girl.
Git,'. Mrs. Johnnie M. Mitchell, and Mrs. Bernice contact him or any T- Mr... and
Hill i Island and
Mr, for the past Rhode
He erson others present at the bi- member of the I : '- :
among ns'On'J thfoJ
ten years and,during JhatSrai Ol.rc ina l a'; .. .\ l.t-
Class. First -
monily ,meeting. St. GirirAlexander

e. : ., Monday auditions evening.Were March held been awarded supe.'joT, ... ;. b-e. cut t'o.two days/. ',, ,. M'....l s n4. ', Mt t"r\ d e...

'. f ratings on several dc- Money! ''that''would. have ; 179 to
19, at 7:30 p.m. in .
Th West Fifth Street residence: Mr. and Mrs. the school's cafetorium. casions at District and been' spent for expensesof St. Gfrl. .i :

Pau ennett, Sr. was the scene of a recent meetingof State Band Festivals.The the final day will Mr. and Mrs 'Be rnat dHerring'

inettes Bridge Club. program is being be contributed to the' de
The, exact date will be fc
Mr Bennett presented awards to Mrs. Dorothy announced later.As presented to, help defray Y. I7'N Civil Rights cause at Island Dr. ,' 'Boy: ? !

Oliv Mrs. Barbara Harper and Mrs. Essie Me Cray, usual one of the the cost of replacing the banquet' Saturday Mr. and Mrs;-; i Harold .

for tstanding performance during the bridge city's outstanding band uniforms. .5 H n'ight. Keys Rti" 7.., BOX. .=: 72'.,
Tickets be secured Members of the ,fraternity B oy. '" ? **::*
sesslh. Miss Daisy Gilliard qualified for the personalities will may ;
1 from member of the had been' assured 'Mr. and ,Mrs. Moses
cons. tion prize. M.C. the festivities. 'During an impressively colorful ceremony held .
Mrs.:krah Pauline Davis, Mrs. Emma band, student Council, that there would be no Kohn, 7045 Marks St: :
Lovett, Mrs.
r Group Organizes Saturday, morning in St., Pius Catholic". Church. Miss "
band parents and' < discrimination in the Girl. ,.; ,il\V
L. Gee and Mrs Ann Monroe were. also in attendance Thelma N. Martin, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
students at the school. Hotel Stafford which Mr., and Mrs. .splj) on'
.. the meeting. .. ,SocialSavings CluB Earl Martin, became the bride of Pvt. Nathan Wen"dell -
: would be headquartersfor M cClen dOPe 14,63: '.W..
Brewster Volunteers Walker, the son 'of' Mrs.'Ruth'Walk'er-ahd the
-' >
# -' The Silhouettes the Baltimore meet- 5th St.* Boy. t-.,: -\t. Y'I
la James, C. Walker in a nuptial mass officiated
Social and Savings Clut 105 MembersMrs. ing,, but were shocked Mr. and Mrs..Randolph
The Mb street residence of Mr. and Mrs. David byx ev. '(fat er.7 Meldon El wood SSJ; pastor. r
recently organizedin : McKeiver, 1736,1W.4-l '
Mathis was C. ,D.: u'ngl '" ,* *. ,. when they learned that .
as the meeting place of Classic Lassies the home of Mr. and The bride in nearby restaurants were St. Boy ,t i'J -
Bridge lub director ,of Voluhteens, ,f .. ,! ., .given. points over her wrists '
last \o.o.-
Ml Friday evening. Mrs. Mathis invited Mrs. Purnett Brown at Brewst'er Metho'dist 'f atari;;.iageil:; .,r.her. ?father' and -were' fastened by still following poli- .lr. and Mrs. .'f4onel] .

Grayland Lesesne as guest player.Mrs. .' 1150 R. 9th -Moore.{ 311 W, is.tjh
Street Hospital stated that was, a attended by her rows. covered but- cies of racial ex- t
slab Wright and Mrs. Dorothy Oliver were ; St..Girl. :. ;; :
with Mrs. Maggie Brown i clusion. : t
winners V there are 105 young. women ** sister, Mrs. EralinejKOhn tons. The voluminous ? {J.-

club prizes with Mrs. Lesesne the recipient and Mrs. Elizabeth representing the '- --matron:of honor skirt of' peau de sole Or..A. C. Fentress, Mr, and .Mrs, larepceBowen ,

the guest award. Mobley serving as hos- high schools on roll.. Miss Betty Walker, had floral lace embroidered Eastern Regional Vice ,. Greeni.Springs Cvp

Mrs. Joa_ paulding, Mrs. Juanita Williams.Mrs.. tesses. Out of the 105. 'da-' "jsis'ter-- of: :the 'groom, appliqued in President', 'Norfolk ,- Gir.l.J:,.,. ;,t : .

Carolyn shington. ,Mrs. Minnie Gadling Mrs. The new .officers ,are ,.. roll. Mrs. Mungin said Miss Ovelene Jacksonr-;"fYflnffciTd ':back. and Virginia, will not. 'Mr. .and, Mrs.j4res
Alveta Men, Mrs. Helen Toney and Mrs. Grace .
Mrs. Elizabeth Merritt there are 79 active Mrs. Yvonne Bailey and had pleatad : folds spend our money in's White445; Wadg. "lDr..)
Sykes wer. also present at the meeting. president; Mrs. Jose- where Girl., .'. .t'.t't.: ..,
community respectable
members and 26 in- Mrs., Lar iq e' Howard ,., thatterminated! in .n .. '

phine tiley, vice pre- active. These. ,young bridesmaids. ;, chapel train. colored, ..Mr.. and 'Mr.s J Wi Lii -

Y sident; urs. Elizabeth women come into the Debra. ,C. Kohn neice, ; citizens are humiliated, br ic', 20Q3> .cQuade t..

Mobley secretary; Mrs hospital. and give of ,the bride, Janice. chape length train.: ; : and arrested just because Girl ... .: IhiJ.ii;,.
Bella DonA Bridge Club met in the home of Mr. Clara Rentz, assistant Her butterfly veil'6Fsheerest Mr, "aqd ll\1LEt\ !
volunteer service, 7' Howard and Janice. : : they try to buy a. \ .Mrser, :
and Mrs. Afyn Adams with Mrs'. Lillie Culbert as secretary; Mrs. WillieM. illusion was steak dinner ham Haywar.d. 1.'f17;,D.1:
days a week. During the Hightower, niece of the or a :p'
guest play Curtis treasurer; past 3 months they have, groom',were flower: girls. secured to 'a 'rega} sandwich for lunch / St.v Girl 7.. '. : (, i" : ,
Mrs. Kathr owell, Mrs. Marilyn Macon, Mrs. Iva crown f"l st'tea'rdrops. ..

grant, Mrs. Hrey Kelly, Mrs. Margaret Mathis .and. Mrs.reporter Dorothy;' Miss Gordon Mar-, given 1900 hours a total of.over. They dr .ssed'in were: white similarly. silk 'She carried aBible ;; Brewster Mothers I Have Busy ,S"I", '. at e;" 'i .r .

Mrs. Vanet heyer were among members present.Mrs. garette Allen, reporter They render their services organdy dresses.- .to pe'd with'miniature The Brewster: Mother'sClub possible in 9rcjer.tosucceed

Ira ia ngton, Mrs. Thayer, and Mrs. Kelly ', white caf- '
Mrs. Jessie in various area The bride chose a \' '. which meets on the in 'their., goals.!
were prize w\oers in the bridge session. nations. chairman
Parker, business first Monday of Mrs. MUldren
of the hospital.. They lovely gown. of, silk-
manager; Mrs. Betty J., work in the Dietary,. faced peau de sole The matrons of honor month, reports a most of the candy ;rpo -

1 u' Reed, chairman. of),..sipk.' :Patient Care Admitting *.,and 'imported f ch&ntrill T ., ; '
... committee ; rfJ 1 f.r..pq, ,,.held'recent1t' *'' C fto"tttfi! ? ilr"ttb t\ i .n'
; Mrs. BettyL. Office Central. Thei"ls "lace in a moulded design ,
As the date ,fV the Kappa Regional Conclave ap- panel "ith.v.er'. skirt. The recent meeting was port' as::spbn.asb tt
Reed and Mrs. Maggie 'Her'medallion
proches we ii many plans. being made in con critics. conduct story Her bouquet was of pink highlighted with 'the sible. ';':':f1' :', .-/A'' '
Brown, telling sessions 'for Dior bodice of lace
nection with tn
event. carnations... The brides were''urgedYto'
presence of two guests Members
'Members Mrs. J. ,
The Jacksonvil Alumni in connectionwith are the patients on,the Pe- was enhanced by a becoming '
maids identical call oh '
wore andytend
Hillery and Mrs.
Mrs. ,
Pollard, Mrs. C. Nea diatric Ward. From the sweetheartneckline.
the Silhoue 5, are planning. a 'date party"for Mrs. M. Lewis, Mrs. them pink dresses. They 'Stells. Mrs. HUlery, cards, to rrfr s.,:,!MtfIf
deVgates. response given by :with ap-
visiting '
Anita Holman, Mrs. carr'ie.d' bouquets of. speaking briefly to the drew who is ill ahar ,
'the children, the pliqqed floral lace
Omega Psi Phi Alpha Phi Alpha fraternitiesare
tions. <
pink c rn encouraged, the home. i'l
Maude Henderson. Mrs. welcomedand group
joining the dpas. in entertaining visiting i Volunteens are sprays embroidered with The bride* s. mother forth as Mrs. J. E. box tis '
i members to put
Mary Countryman, Mrs. children look
delegates. The loll have ski- the tulle. president Mrs'. An-na.
groups planned a chose a dress of biege ; ,
hours as '
working "
party that is expo&ed to compare favorably with- Mary McCrary Miss forward to their coming The. long: .s 1 e eve stapere'd chiffon with biege. as-, many We 1 Is f viee prefli'dqn'tTfbr
Barbara Thomas. ,
Mrs. Mungin says to calla lilly
any entertannment t t may be provided during ,the secories. They both
The next meeting will Volunteens can easilybe

conclave. '1, : be held 'March 24. distinguished by 'New York TenorIn wore white carna Y
;,. l. tions. O

t. I' Program ChairmanMRS. their uniforms candy, and striped their, ,5 t'. Paul I The reception 'was"held '. 1iinowith

Still with our Gre Letter organizations, Dr., H Recital I in the home of the '
charming personalities. Easter
James Greene presid? of Upsilon Lambda Chapterof groom's mother.. The PepsI4 I
J__ .
Alpha Phi Alpha Fr 'mity stated that the groupis WeddingBells George Ford, a tenor bride's table was I

planning a tour of.turners Art Museum on Sunday, i singer from New York. overlaid; h a .white,
April 1. .\ 4 City" will be ,,presented lace' cloth, centered by those who .... d ,.

in a song rer a three-tiered wedding think C t..
i' -. *(cltal at St. Paul AME cake topped with-a ..f'"f-''':
,r ,' MARRIAGE LICENSES Church. '-, at 5 p.m. EasterSunday miniature brides L '

All members were prese' when Les Unes'_Charmantes" ...' in the auditorium ,bouquet. .. 1, ," .

met.Saturday evening in he spacious 'Ribault 'Road SALOME SUMMERS Jerry L. McQueen, 1734. of the church. The bride's book was;

home of Mr. and, Mrs. C rence Bostick. will kerve as chairmar k W. 43rd St. 22 and fi. Mr. Ford has 'appeared kept by Mrs. Frances ,

Mrs. 'Norma R. White ar ltrs. Helen Gregory .were' when the Connoisseurs Georgia Martin 5242': in recitals throughoutthe Walkers Mrs., Carletta

victors in the bridge \on.i of Cosmetology Beau- Dodge Rd. 20. ,country and has, received Walker introduced the ,

Mrs. Betty Sessions, Mrs.i 9yce Lawson, Mrs. Lydia ticians' Unit NO. 60 Thos. L. Roberts' notable recogni- guests to the receivingline r ? )

Wooden Mrs. priscilla Vown and Mrs. Arnetta present their 8th anniversary 1040. Lyons St.". 16 anc 1 tion from,leading'news-' and Miss Arrethia, ', .
'other Ambers vieing for the Thelma Foster 2026 cake and .
Walker were among Sun. papers.' M angram' served .
program .
lovely prizes. '. : day, Mar. 25 from 4 Woodside St. 14. Some of the numbers he punch.- 'Miss Carolyn I Of all the\' .' i_ 1

The"St.; Pfftrick' Day 4tif was used in the -6 p.m. in Mt. Ararat. Thos. L. Roberts 1040 will feature will be, Johnson recorded the ,,

decorations.. Baptist Ch rchis edu: Lyons St. 16 and 'Sheep May Safely gifts. :

i Thelma Foster 2026 Graze Bach "Have Mrs. Walker is a grad- Englishmengrn..1o' '
'si i cation building. Th<(<:.:10. by ; ,
SpriD'/.ad > i A is invited. Woodside St. 14. You Seen But A White uate of Bethune-CoOk-, .
a b Jy-Tuesday _
aDltt.Ul much to "
; Lillie Grow," i'Dawn," man College and is who cdlnlDlk
everyone' : 'Pashion-ionsciouswomen can
"In Your Mystic Beauty presently employed in
now come forth with the assorfte\rt. \ of bright
gay ;" by Tosti; "That the Duval'County School how \.::
colors usually reserved for this season. Also, we "" many ,
Suits 'Me, by Hall system J
can expectvto hear,of m any.r tshion revues and .' ,
Johnson; "Ride On,King The gro'om is presently :,
fashton drink ,
teasl which are. of tiepropriaCe"placesto >>fm'i4.
wearsuch.. finery. '' '.:. '.. ""? ,.: -':" Jesue," by 'Dett; "Che assl'gned at Port ... \
: -
*:.-1.- i ': 7 :::;;v. UV '' T: r x Gelida Manina, and Gordon. Georgia.MEN'. .. '
t\l\ : *.
rnr > '; p -
.;.f -?:;, :. ) : :- 4 si many others.

: i ./ :"A 7-v haf The public is asked"to of them.And it's been that way for. i
> take advantage 'of hear- Mast
Bridge. J:,.ur' 11'-seaso jiiversiom ;;continue to be .To be blunt about itGordon's: !'. ,
A. :1\' t ing this singer, who
a favorite p&t-tiae, :among localWoBen, providing recommendedby Is England's biggest selling gin-as it is ,. ,:
.. comee, well
':: them jritjti maav, '.exj&ses to display. as ltul ward- America's and the world's. s '
music lovers and
: robes; :;* ,' j n, \\l\ \ Why?Probably because wehave ;
:'1:":; ,* :' critics.: why pay more_ when no
'l'beDaifs Str e t.-)toie, of Mr. and" iirsi %,.R. Barns Lrrjt other headache powder can always refused to

.: 'provide, !"the '< setting, for a r guI meeting of Honors Scheduled give you betters faster relief. ,tamper with good thing.
'h'Zenith Sadie Bridtgy Club. Mrs. i\b\s\I ?Avery was Ask for Qpbdy's! Gordon's still harks back to

'''among gueEt5res i i1 '1 \ V9th Alexander Gordon original w, m

'2t )Mrs>Willie '.*.. VJBKriflit ._ Mary L. | re'4er; I tes. ----- April .fit:' J, ... formula-conceived in

;\Hazel:,Lillientb 4\ and..MrsrJWry: Duais\were\ :wong Her mother or her sister Rev: "and*' Mrs. S. L. ;: :X' London 193 years ago-so ; ---,;

.' winner/ .. jlrs. Claudia: rris .* ;for : S 1 ,distinctive dryness and '
:; prize; '< QU'lJfled BOTH ENJOY YOUTHFUL NATU'RAL-LOOKING HAIR COLO' Badger-will be honored ;Y-t: I its r 1: '
,,the raffle. Guests eceived'\9Wt.I, t from ,the with appreciation ; Savour remain unchanged piss

.hostess, | .-, 1},1. t,> \ v f1-' \ '- Whether you want the excitement-of a different program'April an 9th in' .Y and unchallenged to this LOXDOHDRY GIN .

e +r_ Mrs Ruth Parrott, Miss Elizabeth Jones, Mrs l hair shade, or want to give new life, to dull or the auditorium of 4 day. Ask for Gordon by y 1N. .

[Evelyn Jasmin Miss Mary Prime, an !Mrs. Corine gray hair .insist on the long-lasting haircolor Manuel Baptist'd1urclLMinisters ? name at your favourite rwrwn { ,
in the famous red packageGodeCroY'8Larieuse.
Kennedy were" among others participating'' in the It's easy'to apply, and complete in representingthe i tavern and package shore.oututtotaensncooxrtuisrmtaerstarroac.

peeting 'f \ !i.p i. one package there's nothing else to buy. various denominations -

; ._. .... .. ,+ : ,
L .r ;
., :; j !' '
.. of the will
-,,, ,; .".-.. .t ....",.'-'tor ;'. 18 LOVELY city ,+t r ,,
'. i t", J<
-: : :: '. .-.Jt : ;
'l'" COLORS ..on the
gaqqtr appear program
; caouct as.k '
;7.'J 1 '., ; COI 1In ca.lJLlJI r,[,,. ., .
>9: Mrs.: Azzle L.;, KcFarlahd is back from her Miamivacation. LARJEIISMoIJ which will be highlighted w".::
'/ :'looking wonderful and still... excited Oodtfroy Mf8.Compmny.3S1O Olv* .St..St.UpuU.Mo. st>y outstandinglocal POWDERS So ,
. ':over the delightful events occurring t(ere. personalities. 12 ,POWDERS 25 r L
.- ti 1t ; .', ". -
( j


j V'p t'
-SASI4 hWilC e.t: r iiilibAi e/lw II i4 _I,
dtfm ,
-. ,

1J 1couple Receives Golden Anniversary Greetings From President And Mrs. Kennedy I j I

. .. ,..... _
.. .:.",. :<-'
,...... \. ".... ..- :._ ," :..:- .. ,.
'. .
} '".; Wl': I "./" ,' I
; 1
\ .
,,' :;; \ j,
-''-"-.fJ"-: : ; j''

,.,..> "
.",.. /

i7'r7 ( :


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'. ,.:..

., ',::, .... ",., ,. ,,,,..... :"" ':.. .:f.;.;;. '','' .....: ..
L'tII.Ir- .. .Wl._ "tEJ1 .BiIIJII. ,k : ;, M: ;><
Dauthula Jackson, Jamaica.-N.Y.; and Mrs. pearl Ma key, city. Standing from
FOUR GENERATIONS PAY HOMAGE -- Their entire family of eleven children and sane 150-guests Burgess, city; Mrs.

gathered recently in the home of Mr. and Mrs. George Kelly Sr. 5936 Moncrief Road to honor the left: Hubert, George, Lehman Herbert and Prince Kelly, all of New York City and Quenthon Kelly, t' ,

of useful second pix, Mrs. and Mr. Kelly are shown receiving a transatlantic phone call from
couple on their 60th wedding anniversary. The honorees were the recipients numerous city. In

gifts and among the many telegrams wishing them many happy returns was a message from Presidentand their grandaughter Miss Francina Blakeley who is serving with the Women's Army Corps in Munich

Mrs. John F. Kennedy. In first photo left are the eleven Kelly children, all of horn were on Germany, while Mrs. Pearl Mackey awaits turn. Third scene shows the Kelly's centered among four

hand to celebrate their parent's golden anniversary ten years ago. They are seated fron left: generations of the family and friends.

Mrs. Ora Lee Norton, New York City;. Mrs. Margaret Reynolds, Miami; the honorees: Mrs. Decynthia ( Photos, K By Baker ) i

: Goodwill Circle Bishop FrazierTo Anniversary Sets Wood/awl Sweetfield's Washington: Heights i Homes' Showing Is Slated! Sund$

: //or

Plans Anniversary Conduct P&yt.ri Choir 3 Plans f'. f..:,'.., g t,M ,.- t ; ,

Services SundayBishop Mar. 26 Prograir ,
Program MondayWith ,Church Not.* Sweetfield Baptist i

M. H. Frazier = 1-- l
varied will conduct a cnadle- BY L. N. PEARSON SR. Church's Choir 3 will rt- '
a pro- ;
present a program ,
gram already com- light drill Sunday at The United Presby- "
Monday night Mar. 26 t
pleted the Goodwill St. Joseph Spiritual terian Choir will hold .
at 8 p.m. in the ..
Sewing and Savings Temple, 2039 Brooklyn rehearsals Friday church auditorium on ,

will observeits Road, beginning at j
Circle at
night 8 o'clock and behalf of the George

14th anniversary 8:30 p.m.Starting. Sunday at 6 p.m. On 0. Summer ScholarshipFund ..Fr
observance Monday point of the Sunday, April 29, a Rev. D.B. Barnes ro

night March 26 at drill w>ll be at Xavier worship service will pastor, announced.The r ,,

8 p.n. in Mt. Olive and Brooklyn Road to be televised under the program is a
the church. The public t
primitive Baptist s direction of our pastor project of the FundaySchool b : 'I _
is invited. Bishop P. _
Church. 1319 North Rev. Franklin D. and BTU Con- -

Myrtle Aventfe. Y. Zachary is host Wilson, featuring the gress of the State of ,i..t'"

Mrs. T. V. Randall pastor. Choir of WoodlawnPresbyterian.Church Florida.Mrs. .

will give the princi- Baby Contest D.B. Barnes, coordinator -

pal address and will beginning at 9:30 a.m. and sponsor
Planned SundayAt
be introduced by Mrs. I and lasting until and members of the

Ethel Holyndolph. Mt. Zion I 10 a.m.The choir, will be program .j

Other program features I United Presbyterian principals during the
Choir 1 of Mt. Zion
'will be given by Mrs. Youth meets Monday night program. _
AME Church will presenta
Viola Frazier Mrs. I Saturday at 4 p.m. in Wellknown city church
Baby contest Sunday
Irma Green Mrs. Rosa the Westminster Hut. choirs will share in

Lee Shannon, Mrs. Ver- beginning at 4 p.m. Miss Essie Mae Scott, We are seeking the co Monday night's musical
The will be
meil Glover Miss gospel singer, will operations of all pa- extravangza. r ;

Aleather Kirby Mrs. interspersed with a observe her 10th anni- rents for a full at- Members of Sweet- .'.::.,: : < :.'. .,r,. :: *.-,.-,.'"", r ;
musicale and the ; '>>"" "" tt' flIk
Vera Evans and Miss versary as a singer, tendence of members. field's choir are: ..,. .: \; :,,:: ': ;" '' $ '
general public is in- ; .:.. __ ,II..
Betty Scott.. March 26 in the audi- The week of March 25 Miss Gloria singleton,

Also Tyrone Williams, vi ted. Chester B torium of Zion Hope has a heavy schedule. Mrs. Vera Robinson, FIRST PURCHASER Of outstanding :
Morse is interest to Jaxons
Mrs. Theressa B. Hall president.: Baptist Church.
Canvassers are required Miss Barbara Tyson, been the new and beautiful waterfront community, Fashington ntts

Mrs. Elnora McBride, L. J. Roberts Jr. Miss Scott has ap- to attend,three fyrs. Dorothea Gardner, at Moncrief and Cleveland Avenue. Coinciding with the grand oing

Mrs Irene Johnson, peered in, yarious pro ,_, ..training session which Miss Binesa Singleton,
-lJ.&rT --roe ...iTo.n,....Compose "P grams_ *tn*'the.citY.and'.* Mrs. Zarra which takes place Sunday, March 25, is the initial pure es
are to be held at Wright Mrs of one of these
Mrs. Beatrice Haugby, For St. Paul Choir surrounding areas and 8 p.m. on Tuesday, Aletha Dickinson, Brown, shown here lovely new town houses by Mr. Jake BrFn Mr.
the sales
Mrs. Gertrude contract with der
Moore is well L.I.
known for her c,
Wednesday and Fridayin Mosely, Alonzo
Miss Mollie Grant Leonard j. RobertsJr. style of gospel renditions Dickerson registered real estate broker, is a teacher in the AYE' ,,
the Julius
Sanctuary. We
baritone tion Department of Matthew w. Gilbert '
Mrs. Ethel Owens singer she is a memberof High School. He
will need time Anderson, Nathaniel
your and has four
Mrs. Katie Albritton with St. Paul AMEChurch's the children. .j!
host church.
from 12:30 until 6 p.m Stephens, and Lucius
Miss Karen Moore Mist recently organized Appearing on the pro- Richardson.The Washington Height's grand opening will display six models*, homes 1
Sunday, April 1.
Hazel Moore Miss Senior Choir 1, gram will be the Golden The church is sponsoring public is invited. with two, three and four bedrooms. plus many benefit, ,or comfortable I

Barbara Bryant. has completed composi- Jubilee singers, Sons living. Monthly payments start \Jt $64 per month. ,
movie at the
Host for the event tion is being arrangedfor of Prayer, Singing Won- Strand Theatre duringthe. Mt. Ararat'sChoir Free Pepsi-Cola and sandwiches will be served during the '_

will be the Semic the Senior Choir

Civic Social Savings and will be featuredin Chorus ders ,Zion Gospel Hope, Echoes Male, through. week the of 14th.April Each 8th 2 Plans Midnight ServicesSet _Services! Slated At Pilgr( Baptist .

Club. ture.HOME the. very near fu- Zion Hope Femal Chorus, member is asked to be For Friday installation service Rev. ,&. Hilton and

Union Gospel Singers, responsible for $10 Music FestivalA Services will be held at Pil- .JL. Rivers will
Choir 1 cf Zion Hope, worth of tickets. grim Baptist Church the service.
music festival featuring concfajJ
12 o'clock midnight for Rev. Dave '
the Heavenly Fire, Please contact Mrs McKelvin '" will be
IMPROVEMENTS Mt. Ararat's Ser\ce con-
7 .
Friday will be held in pastor of Mt. Herman
.Singing Trumpets and McGruder for your Choir 2 and other well- the Temple of Faith, ducton March 28 by .

;i-' Ho! Money Down the Versiteers.The tickets. known city church choir: 907 Pearl St., ProphetM.E. Baptist Richardson Church Road 6716, Rev/R. L. Smith ofTimciy

: devotions will be Church school will will be held Baptist Church
r Bills Consolidated Sunday Hodges, pastor, March 26-30.
conducted by Deacons begin at 9 a.m. Sundayin May 27, at 8 p.m. in announced. Rev. amftev. E. Jackson.
H. Webbert
BILL DUFFLE low Bank Rates Willie Mitchell and the Westminster the education building, Services are held Mt. pleasant Baptist of On/arch 29, Rev.* A.Carious .

Raymond Tyler. Mrs. Hut 3066 Woodlawn Mrs. Johnnie Mae Miller will be inchfge
nightly throughout the Church and Rev. .
All Work S.
Sates Enpeer Guaranteed Ethel D. Bannister will Road with Rev. Wilson sponsor announced. and on March 30
week at the Temple of Steward will have
Free Estimates Call Me PO 56711 serve as mistress of and at 9:30 a.m. in Program participantswill M. Pitts will
Today Faith, and the mid- charge oi the service,
ceremonies. Miss Jacque the Sanctuary at Include the male 4[duct the service.
night services on March 26. March 27,
Rooms Added Garages line I. Fort will appear Laura and State with choruses '
Awnings .of West Friday are a weekly I I J .

.".:, Carports Drive Ways 'Roofs -etc.T. .* as guest soloist. T.V. Huger in charge.Rev. Friendship, Mt. Ararat, feature.
Appearing also will be Franklin 0. Wil- -

.T..if: f?!. Chain Link or Redwood Fence Mrs. Rosa Williams, irs son will conduct the Emanuel Eastside,, St.Mt. Thomas Vernon,, ALLIED DETECTIVE AGENCY ?

Ozzie B. Williams will vice
Churches, respectively, Agency now has a full, '
S{ We Finance Where Other Fail serve as guest organist 10:55 a.m. with the al eng with other groupsto staff of trained colored .
and accompanist for United : ., h., your tifkt. dry tfcia $ ffi .Q".t
t church choir detectives RELAX
ACME FENCE IMPROVEMENT CO; be contacted in the to Handle domestic \ smooth writ Honturuna. Sect
; Miss Scott. Mrs. Gussie supporting the rites investigations, of body ikM tisuts tfurinf ore CTi .I
; 1545 W. 26th Street very near future, Mrs. v i ouy titetr wp for! Ox rest of y,f''t.' WITH A .._,..
B. Gray will give the With C.E. Simmons Jr. Miller said. child custody, body guards, tills famous skim coonr rt tree '
ally ciwipo ftdctf to rtlim B kiemrfort
Within 75 Miles of Jacksonville occasion. at the organ. Visitorsare Deacon Spifces will give Biasing persons, patrol of Out' (U tcfM, f.il..Mf* four MOTHERS
tkii. Yoe U flat a tarx suutntoo
Serving as dean of always 'welcome the welcome and site security. MlUt CM DO soot w| iDlat -
Call PO 56711Center address and
Night aId Sunday hostesses will be Mrs. Midweek worship ser- Macedonia Baptist's Strictly:; Confidential. J MinoMi Taka cxtor*lots your ad tote FRIEND9MASSAGE
Phone EX 83111or skim win MOTUU :
Thelma Edwards. The vices and study hour Choir 3 will serve. Vo.V mint ffjrt it*l,,
public is invited to will be held Wednesday stores t trjr fctrt. :; a product Of S.1S.COt.IP MYAT&MTA :
PO 5-9844
-'attend the program. _at 7:30 p.m. I i
-"" --
Temple of Faith- ---I As

jand Adams. Phone fL 41468 17 Pearl St.Stfrices \
< I
ri : Mfhty 8 p. m I

Imported Shrimp, ; fro*> South GOURMET'SIELISHT PAYMENT
VIfl.HAM Fantail p lt4, Smes
....1...., undtr IS count. Sold CONCH MEAT F
-b.In*.5 Lb. BMM onl,. $6.2 : [Every Frill Static at Midrjbt I STANDARD CHAIR AND SOFA ; ,
All f-
meat, Cello Wrapped I.
told in handy 6 Ib. take ham Trtamts lad Office IFREEI 1
L6$125 out package. $ A : /
: per S49D 2 throw pillows
8ge Pkg. % 11:30: a. m. 9 p. II. El x-5440A .liiclurfts
1.&&., t watlttepch{ 2pc.
'- LB. 49c and

I 1 I MaftriflALL ; .St


CfcotetoraT CMN* .0002IUIAL '
........ ackH 1 U. Ute WHITING now O ALL WORK GUARANTEED ', .. ;

.jf Fresh Water I I -FIRST PAYMENT IN APRI.G..,-4. :' 'f''=Call for'Even.ng, ., ,1

J ;TURTLE Stew Meat, u. 490 LB. 3 2'C t 1. i lr IM1r sIt.tIH SMALL MONTHLY PAYMENTS :. AppointmentsNYIuss

rue, SIB*t** *i a u 31. /i TapHlril1 \;
IlK (cat**. '
%.- -> F .. tItInk""",
Special SArlmlJ.and Crabmeat Creoleoz Nauiihydt Plntl* i i

|: pkg. cooked in original aluminum __ D
: 49c' 0
.' pjwrofe. Heat and serve per each : 1 1
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-::- -" ,-

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: .
-SiS-i l.ef. #I'T1 1.4'fI!! fjl 'tQt!
l' 1.a k h
1'1. .tllK j OR tiiA{ T 8IJIn1t n e JVK'or
-- --

1'> Couple Receives Golden Anniversary Greetings From President And Mrs. Kennedy. f.t

-- .

,,... .',,.' .'.. '}><'"':, ,. ..:'. (,
"' ,,, "" J f, j' : ; $
> -a. :
:.:':, : ...t. ntI /U .". 'i .{..: 'fr:. : r I !,;:

; :. .. : y1p. ". : !."1. ___ --= /'
:G4 a p7, r /

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k f

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F : .
....., A 'o sy..

rw fr\ ;-'. t;;:: '" .'
'I :
; :': .: : .-
: ;
.'...",;; ;.:. ::;r; .:< :'. .. .... .. .. ., '<' .... ___,
.. _. _. ... ""- '4>' '". <', .. ,.._ _, ..-". v r1il ,
J. "" ---=- --- *-- -< -- '- '
Dauthula Jackson Jamaica, -N.Y.; and Mrs. pearl Mackey, city. Standing from
POUR GENERATIONS PAY HOMAGE -- Their entire family of eleven children and sane 150-guests Burgess city; Mrs.

gathered recently in the home of Mr. and Mrs. George Kelly Sr. 5936 Moncrief Road to honor the left Hubert George Lehman Herbert and prince Kelly, all of New York. City and Quenthon. Kelly, ,;

couple on their 60th wedding anniversary. The honorees were the recipients of numerous useful city. In second pix, Mrs. and Mr. Kelly are shown receiving a transatlantic phone call from ,

gifts and among the- many telegrams wishing them many happy returns was a message from presidentand their g randau ter, Miss Francina Blakeley who is serving with the women' Army Corps in Munich ,

Mrs. John F. Kennedy. In first photo left are the eleven Kelly children all of tom were on Germany, while Mrs. pearl Mackey awaits turn. Third scene shows the Kelly's centered among four ,

hand to celebrate their parent's golden anniversary ten years ago. They are seated fron left: generations of the family and friends. _

r yrs. Ora Lee Norton New York City; Mrs. Margaret Reynolds Miami; the honorees: Mrs. Decynthia ( ,Photos D( By Baker )

Goodwill Circle Bishop Frazier Anniversary Set Wood/awkt Sweetfield's Washington Heights Homes' Showing Is Slated For Sundtjp

: Plans Anniversary To Conduct Pnskytwhn Choir 3 Plans ..' ;L.<1". '.< :,\.,... .'/,.":'t.,."...;."""", ,.. ... ,.C.. ',;,):.....,"'.;..,......,:! <''"'..'..>';-:'.." ,'; ,,'<' %"' ,'<'.,,:,'.."/..'. ..:, 'i"i't' ,i

Services SundayBishop Mar.' 26 Progranr -,. .
Program'Monday Church Notes -J
Sweetfield Baptist _
M. H. Frazier

varied will conduct a cnadle- BY L. N. PEARSON SR. Church's choir 3 will !
With a pro-
present a
gram already com- light drill Sunday at The United Presby- Monday night.program Mar. 26 \

pleted the Goodwill St. Joseph Spiritual terian Choir will hold
at 8 p.m. in the
r a' 9
Temple. 2039 Brooklyn
Sewing and Savings rehearsals Friday church auditorium on .

Circle will observeits Road beginning at night at 8 clock and behalf of the George I

14th anniversary 8:30 p.m.Starting. Sunday at 6 p.m. On 0. Summer Scholarship u. :

observance Monday point of the Sunday April 29. a Fund. Rev. D.B. Barnes ,

night March 26 at drill w.ill be at Xavier worship service will pastor, announced.The It

8 p.m. in Mt. Olive and Brooklyn Road to be televised under the program is a

Primitive Baptist the church. The publicis direction of our pastor / project of the Sunday $"' ez

Church 1319 North invited. Bishop P. Rev. Franklin D. School and BTU Con-

Myrtle Aventfe. y. Zachary is host Wilson featuring the gress of the State of

Mrs. T.V. Randall pastor. Choir of Woodlawn Florida.Mrs. .

will give the princi- Baby Contest Presbyterian ,church D.B. Barnes, coordinator -

pal address and will beginning at 9:30 a.m. and sponsor
Planned SundayAt
be Introduced by Mrs. and lasting until and members of the

Ethel Holyndolph.Other Mt. Zion 10 a.m.The choir, will be program ... 4Fr

program features united presby- principals during the
Choir 1 of Mt. Zion _
will be given by Mrs. terian Youth meets Monday night program. r
AME Church will presenta
Viola Frazier Mrs. Saturday at 4 p.m. in Wellknown city church y t
Baby contest Sunday -"p
Inn Green Mrs. Rosa the Westminster Hut., choirs will share in

Lee Shannon Mrs. Vermeil beginning at 4 p.m. Miss Essie Mae Scott We are seeking the co- Monday night's musical
The program will be R
Glover Miss gospel sitiger, will operations of all pa- extravangza.

leather Kirby. Mrs. interspersed with a observe her 10th anni- rents for a full at- Members of Sweetfield' 'd _
Vera Evans and Miss musicale and the ;;; 4: : ;,; II
versary as a s inger, tendence of members. s choir are: i
general public is in- __ ___
Betty Scott March 26 in the audi- The week of March 25 Miss Gloria singleton,

Also Tyrone Williams. vi ted. Chester B torium of Zion Hope has a heavy schedule. Mrs. Vera Robinson,
Morse is FIRST PURCHASER '- Of outstanding interest to Jaxons recentl as
Mrs. flieressa B. Hall, president.: Baptist Church. .
Miss Barbara
are required been the new and beautiful waterfront community Washington Mights
Mrs. Elnora McBride. Miss Scott has appeared to attend ithree tyrs. Dorothea Gardner,
L. J. Roberts Jr. at Moncrief and Cleveland Avenue. Coinciding with the grand Obing
Mrs, Irene Johnson, in_various. training session which Miss Binesa Singleton, which takes
li1 [Yrs 'thereaa one of these
lovely new town houses
by Mr. Jake Mr.
Mrs. Beatrice Haugby. For St. Paul Choir surrounding areas and 8 Tuesday. Aletha Dickinson I
p.m. on Brown, shown here discussing the sales
Mrs. Gertrude Moore, is well known for her contract with L. I. ijander,
and Mosely, Alonzo
Miss' Mollie Grant Leonard j. RobertsJr. style of gospel rendi- registered real estate broker, is a teacher in the physicajduca- .
Dickerson Julius
the We
baritone tion Department of Matthew W. Gilbert
Mrs. Ethel Owens singer tions. She is a memberof High School. He ijfarried
will need time Anderson Nathaniel
your and has four children.
with St. j"
Mrs. Katie Albritton Paul AMEChurch's the r
host church.
from 12:30 until 6 Stephens and Lucius
Hiss Karen Moore, Miss recently organized Appearing on the pro- p.m Richardson.The Washington Height's grand opening will display six models/ homes .

Hazel Moore. Miss Senior Choir 1, gram will be the Golden Sunday.The church April is 1. public. is invited. with two three and four bedrooms. plus many benefit| or com Y;,
fortable .
Barbara Bryant. has completed composi- Jubilee singers. Sons living. Monthly payments start ht $64 per month.
tion is being .a movie at the Free Pepsi-Cola and sandwiches will be served .
Host for the event arrangedfor of during the .
Prayer, singing Wonders Strand Theatre duringthe. Mt. Ararat's .t
will be the Semic the Senior Choir Zion Hope Male week of .
April 8th Midnight ServicesSet Services Slated .
and will be featuredin At Pilgr Baptist
Civic Social Savings
Chorus. Gospel Echoes, through the 14th. Each Choir 2 Plans -

Club. the very near fu- Zion Hope Femal Chorus. member is asked to be For Friday Installation service Rev. &. Milton and ;:
ture.HOME will be held at Pil-
Union Gospel Singers responsible for $10 FestivalA Services Rev.(JL. Rivers will
beginningat grim Baptist Church
Choir 1 cf Zion Hope, worth of tickets. musfc festival featuring condU// the service.
12 o'clock midnight for Rev. Dave McKelvin
v the Heavenly Fire, Please contact Mrs Mt. Ararat's e'\'Fe will be cons -
,1 IMPROVEMENTS Friday will be held in pastor of Mt. Herman
.Singing Trumpets and McGruder for your Choir 2 and other well- the Temple of Faith, Baptist duct! on March 28 by
Church 6716
No the Versiteers.The tickets. /R.L. Smith of
Money Down known city church choirs: 907 pearl St. ProphetM.E. Richardson Road Rev '1
devotions will be Church school will Baptist church ;
will be held Sunday Tim y
Bills Consolidated Hodges pastor, March 26-30.
conducted by Deacons begin at 9 a.m. Sundayin May 27. at 8 p.m. in announced. Rev. H. Webbert of an pev. E.: Jackson. .
BILL DUFFEE low Bank Rates Willie Mitchell and the WestminsterHut the education building, Services are held Mt. Pleasant Baptist On//arch 29, Rev. A.

Raymond Tyler. Mrs. 3066 Woodlawn Mrs. Johnnie Mae Miller, GeJious. will be in
nightly thrpughout the
Church and
S. 't'j
Sates Enpser All Work Guaranteed Ethel D. Bannister will Road with Rev. Wilson sponsor, announced. cf ge and on March 30 '
week at the Temple of Steward will have
Free Estimates Call Me Today PO 56111 serve as mistress of and at 9:30 a.m. in Program participantswill Faith, and the mid- charge oi the service M. Pitts will .
-, ceremonies. Miss Jacque the Sanctuary at include the male [duct the service.
night services on March 26. March 27,
Added line I. Fort will appear Laura and State withT. choruses
Rooms .
Garages Awnings of West Friday are a weekly i -, .j'.

Carports Drive Ways 'Roofsetci as guest soloist. .v. Huger in charge. Friendship, Mt. Ararat, feature. _________
':>> Appearing also will be Rev Franklin D. Wil- Eastside, Mt. l I
** Vernon
: Chain Link or Redwood Fence Mrs. Rosa Williams Mrs son will conduct the Emanuel, St. Thomas |r AWED DETECTIVE AGENCY Dren n.t ? ::

.: .; 1 1 1st and 2nd Mortgages Lillie Mae Wright Mrs. morning worship ser- Southside Baptist Jacksonville" leading 4
Ozzie B. Williams will vice beginning at j
agency has
now U
respectively, a foil
,<: We Finance Where Other Fail _, serve as guest organistand 10:55 a.m. with the al eng with other groupsto staff of trained colored ,.!4:;-:.''" ,i ,.

ACME FENCE IMPROVEMENT CO accompanist for United Church Choir be contacted in the detectives to Handle domestic 1t..\". snoot KILO |0 with er omnsnuira/hErr ikio Mil4. ffltct, RELAX ::' :',
Miss Scott. Mrs. Gussie of body Hun fatuxs oWif pt.1IftJ !
the AU
supporting rites investigations ,
very near future Mrs. may the v' for tilt ml of jr.}|rf* WITH ;
1545 W. 26th Street B. Gray will give the With C.E. Simmons Jr. Miller said. child custody, body guards r This fanout (km CMdit>OA.r tt*Pc....
ally' conpnwidid to rtinvt via|KOI
Within 75 Miles occasion. at the Visitorsare issing personspatrol fort of Oat (Vitcftt fttluiff your MOTHERS
of Jacksonville organ. Deacon Splices will give sin ,..'.. lied a |Mnitim
Serving as dean of and nite security. tassatt e*. bo MoUuif for ,
always welcome the welcome
address and .
Night and Sunday Strictly Confidential. that llUlll ill M itfs ad back 4p
hostesses will be Mrs. Midweek worship ser- Macedonia Baptist's J toe Taw caro of your bodr/saegn -
Phone EX 83111or with Monuu nun.Ton1l :\.cir..... .
Thelma Edwards. The vices and study hour Choir 3 will serve. M, tr nlr.ttu ..it At tn' '-;
public is invited to will be held Wednesdayat Lion we"""* ;\. a product Of I.S.I COMPANY-ATLANTA
t'O 5-9844

iqtjy ..'attend-. '. --the program... -- 7:30 p.m. _____|
Temple of Faith .

ond Adorns Phone EL 41468Imported ._ 917 Pearl St.Smices .. N.ODO
I rt''
NfeHr 8 p. .. -
Shrimp front, South GOURMET'S DELIGHT ENr'
VIET-NAM Fantail pitiedfwdned Stfrices rP.AYf .
under 15 count. Sold CONCH MEAT CHAIR
.In...5 Lb. Boxes .nl!>. $6.25 Every FrUay StartMg! at Htfegkt I STANDARD* AND SOfA
All meat, Cello Wrapped '
.I sold in Fray* Treats !3y Office %'
u.l25MEDIUM out package.handy 6 lb. take :' r $ ,I/ FREE

IMps 152 W. ASHLEY ST. .
:> per 2 throw pillows
8ge Pkg. 5290 11:30: a. m. 9 p. m. El i5440now I.efui..
'::1!SHRIMP Lb. 1..01 with"
.: LB. 49c ..4
k ." -__ __ 3@ti .
4 Material. : \ I..
... .
r j." LOW CfcoJotrr Com ..0002IDIAl ., RUBBER OR NEW UNITS ADDED
"' .t. *., Mcfcttf ta 2 IB. .....
;,Fresh Water -FIRST PAYMENT IN APRI .t r Call for EveningAppointments

: Stew Meat, LB. 490 LB. 32C' e. SMALL MONTHLY PAYMENTS "

IV1r1y.E _
sr"l lfLUI
"I' *** .' .*.."- Nyltiis TapsslrissPlisfle
; !!" SPIN/ "Il'U".4 U.Special .39C who think yomt I I I 1 '

c. Shrimp and Crabmeat Creole III11-hyde a it a

I S--o%. pkg. cooked in original aluminum 49c __ --j 0 0

casserole Heat and serve per each -
J 'i i

.< .;. .. ::: ..--.-,- _. -- .'- '. _'_.' .._ _"__...., '; : .- O --
<. T '.\ < o' _-, :. -I Yry / ; .' \i'f 2:? ....; J! r:: f-$:'-""-' ;
<- : ',: ?it.. : :, ; : ?: -f rt ,:, !" -_;? : : -

---- -- -- --- -- -
'0r. ---
,._ .--.... _. .. .. '.r" .. -,--... -
'"' '" .: 1

ItLt ..'. .. .. .. .. ... ,..
":'\>:" : ;, 1"" ''f f'J"o L(' .".,.a. ":1.i: ; ;"; I', .t- f .

I 1: ;':.. .. \fr\i' :' t.t 1' 1 .. 4.sI ;

... ,.. .;, : 0,. : ,; .' .. .. ..
/ .. .
: \ { 'i \o. .. ,. .. ... .
LI: 'I S' M : ( '..; "- : : :-1' : .trt"' .-, ; f...r. \t't'...-'. .:.";!..4' ;J : .h', > ..,'
( ? ;; 4"w' : 'r"
: ;:' i .,,,i 2"r j-. :
I .!.$ IpAARcw:24i62. :: ." .,. i.i .L,.. :; .. '," '. .. : '.....ii.';: .. .' .- t TAI :: H J" __ L .. PAGES'm
... ..
..'t .""., .''; :' '; :. -;.. ....;.';::.::\...!:' --- ,0. ., ',_. Ji. ;., :i. -, ;. "';: ." -'.:.;,.

,. .
; !q a.Iy
; i' '
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.. l ly J
>' JnG
.... n r M

A: .
;p.a mJ' W'v '
+ ..:, J
,i i ++x
.: i. yl3n
+ .' ;
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; '"
i 'i: a Jx;'. Ye
t JrYu
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; .rro y ::a y;

4 f* (f ..Y4Y+., .......Y.....+...Y.Y.v.Yra.Y'r

: : I !f 41 Ii1 rr i .

4 : FrMn4A4xfi
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a :

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.- a.
;.-< h

;.:JJ.. !

S}:.'f q ,..
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-. ..,; .i' eL ,-\.'.'

-:':-..:;' < ,

't "t,- ;:: o oI orig1i 5..-:'


::J t "

'. : ,yt ." ..... .} ., '
[t. : \*t 1i; \, .
t 4r .
; '>, ,', li!.'. "3 .f7 ; '

....'.,.-:''..::,T- '- :..;. .. .-. Y'i'l co. .4-:.. .. "' : '- :,..:+.."' .. V ,- .:,.t 6S .-I''". 'rri

'it) : "'Her a totally new concept in home building. There are six beautiful II- '

= :" :, J:_ mod ames to choose from in this new community. Washington Heights .

:'. Is 10 d amidst a lovely, tree-shaded section of the Ribault River at ...:

.+- ; .1" Mon f and Cleveland. You'll be proud to bring up your children in '. 'M\t IS 1
l J-;: ti this Ightful atmosphere. Everything for comfort and pleasure -,, S1ANDS.
assur rou a new way of life in beautiful Washington Heights. '. p,' 1 1t

'j'J r :tt .
.\"" i ..
I i '.; ., .. ....
+ _.
-- ..' -- -..- .,- .
{ L'--""*, -L.-1 {t -

1r ."', In Washington Heights you will have a choice of two, three i
and four bedrooms in one of these two-story model homes. :.
0" '
AT. .

-,, ..\
r a Diamond_ ,p Barbecue Facilities / >;

%ii4iA! '- .; :

-> >*';|;4* y '. i

+, r.
L. 3
ti 4

wimam Pool Launching Ramp }
,:\: :' : : WITH ALL HOMES '
t! j-. . \" : '1 "I" ''0 --.e 't .
L4 k .J
OF YOUR CHOICE '-,'d.&: ."' ..1. .;



1 "
a-T'* J.1. .

.lt _



t : -I!..:. ....... .... '
;; '
i \+. ;'i' :
.... .:)\tyi' \ : ',t-' _ SOLID CONCRETE DRIVE AND SIDEWALKS

.* FENCED REAR YARDS .... ,_. ..
.-- ;
I > '.t.. I.I ALEXANDER \ .... II COMMUNITY SWIMMING POOL \: f: ;. ; :


..,c' )1' I......... : .... 4"25 IN ALL HOUSES .

;: ;. :.:.:: c ; ,t\ FULLY LANDSCAPED.w

1 {"
J ,.

r Vv

: # .
.1 'c: tI.
1--' I -- --.- _.

.I.,;,;. 'i; .* re.eclom.; '' '. Rider, Jailed In Miss.. Student( Journalists See Florida Star In Op ration: :J .

: :. .., 1 Y,. '. R
; 0 Speak At St. Paul Thursday. ',. y"; <" ": '.

: ,
SPOUD tg&8I.zIItf

-. ,'.A 32-year-old Freedom Rider from .
Cleveland r-
: --5 : .
Ohio, arrived in this city on Tuesday to, speak = :

" ;|'at,, 'a cass meeting to be sponsored by the jack- 't
,.. ';. ;/.e. ||9nville Branch and the Youth Council of the t

-j.' 'NAACP.. r= !

fc'. The -Freedom Rider Jackson arrest some- I:

/ v Rev. Leon'F. Snith. Jr what Wt'1ly.rIle1 put t ,'r45Y q w C, .if F
'vis the assistant pastor four of us in a 10-by- .ti t }
of the Sacred 8-foot cell, he re-' 17t' .

Cross Baptist Church counted. "The cells ((1 ij. .':
.. in Cleveland. were crowded and fil- .; ::: ,

i" Interviewed at the thy. We had to use our !
.' :' :
.=.. Florida Star offices undershirts to wash ;: t
concerning his fight our face. There were J

against segregation, no beds. We slept on
%'Rev. Smith admitted the floor. ." He said

that there were hazards he lost about 10 a Y r 1, n Rt kn.fy, ,
Involved. 'SOme- pounds in the 17 days y. -"

body has to do this, he remained in custodyRev.

this way; Smith adv Smith will be y a4 Y .
"\:!. .ded. "It is the only the principle speaker > zw

'-\: ,way, to deal with 'at a mass meeting to ,iI '
be held at St. Para y ow J. ;
: .people who feel they ... : 1
Church at 8 ::
: are superior to you. AME p.m. \'
'Make them know that March 29th. The churchis r :,

located at Myrtle .h
you love them, regardless i F Fr I :
of their actions, and 13th street. i .r

and you'll finally win Bethel's District 5 .{1:
them J
Honors Own .;
Rev. Smiththe'firstFreedom v.'

Rider to leave Deacon McKissickThe : t i

,Cleveland for the Reiman Street "
South-was 322 of *fSw > T ,
among -
residence of the Rev. A r't r
non-violence demon-
and Mrs. Rupert G. W.
strators imprisoned 'i
McLendon was the scene "..
at Jackson, Missis- .
of an enjoyable affair !
sippi, last June. The recently when District :

victims of the mass .
Five of Bethel Baptist 1

arrest were given Institutional church a % :}r I'
fines of $200 each and
surprised Deacon L.G.
'four-month jail sen- McKissick with a .

tences. Smith is no- testimonial luncheon. '

... .;,..>..free on a $1,500 appeal The honor fete 'was t t i : ,,
I. ,
bond. preceded by the usual -s !J
'" '., The young minister monthly meeting of the .; I

',;'.' looks back on the district presidedover 5 .
; '"
: Johnny Mathis' by Deacon, L.M. ,

Returns 1o Work Argrett. Warm expres- .
sions of praise and
Singer Johnny Mathis, .."
appreciation were
of whom it was reported
tendered Deacon Mc-
by his manager, Mrs.
Kissick by several. of
Helen Noga, only last.
the district members b y : F..
Tuexday that he would r? ix
and invited guests.
not return to work until -
Most Impressive was a AF
April 9, instead.On .
paper prepared by the :, :
that date he will #
Rev. Willie Mack, depicting T,4
sing on the Acadeby '
various acts .
Awards show on ABC..TV.
of kindness and seratnTriB'by "
haabeen ,.in- I
.;. ;,v ice rende ed ito.a, d"l r :
{!' 1'n c 1. at
Deacon I ,
December 24 due to a 6
Kissick down throughthe
) IJ.
back ailment. few : w
years. The honoreewas J.
days ago, in announcing .r
the recipient of a v'n
Mathis- scheduled return
Bible with his name
to activity on
engraved on the cover.
April 30 in a nightclub y. r R.. y

engagement at Blin- Blue Liqht Club Y" ,
J 'rub's, Boston Mrs. Stages Anniversary .. "-'Ma.y ..... 0 fr ., qyy.K y' ,.r+ ": ..

.Noga said, 'Johnny The Franklin Singers

now looks and feels and other popular gospel > t
wonderful..Although singing groups will : "' .
'e.... .: q .
he could probably go furnish program features ? ,, -,:":'v.:. '..,',:';!:" t ;
back to work this when '
the Blue Light
minute and suffer no Social club observes its STUDENT WRITERS HOSTED: In commemoration of National Negro Christopher taking a TEEM break. Pix 4, pp ereditor Eric ). ;.

serious consequences, fifth anniversary from Newspaper Week, student staff writer of the four local high 0. Simpson (center) chats with Angela Ki/ (left) Vasciel

I have asked him twrest 0 4-6 p.m. in Brooks school publications and their faculty advisors were guests of Christopher Irma Pierce and faculty adviso glish Girardeau
and relax until the STAR at its 2323 Moncrief Road offices. Tours lef STAR public relations .,
House of Prayer. were conducted of Northwestern. Pix 5, Clinton Moon, (

the end of April.' The public is invited. in each department where its function* were explained director ana art department supe/sor, Al Crawfordof .

followed by a question and answer period. In pix 1 and 2, the the advertising Dept. and Mr. Girardeau/scuss promotions. 4.. ";

Matthew .W. Gilbert group with faculty advisors, Mrs. I. Warren P.hoto 6, Mrs. Janie Gilbert Vari-type ator explains .,' I ;

EASTER CLOTHES and Mr. W. E. Henderson receive.1- news channeling proceduresfrom operation of machine. Shown at luncheon : tyrna Marshall' ., .' I

Alyson E. Wise, news editor (left), C. Parham jonnson, Mrs. K. H. Blanchard Stanton Advisor Rodell Roberts \\

BOYS AND GIRLS courthouse reporter. and Thomas Byron"Shields, advertising de Stanton OCT director; Misses Chr is tophci Mar1orie Aldridge, i I

I r BII, Vlt..i6GY5 I SUITS SIZES 1 TO 201"---- partment. Photo 3, shows Angela King James Gloster, and Vasciel Angela King and Winifred Riley. / ,1 /' \

SELECTION NAVY AND OTHER COLORS A INCOME TAX SERVICE Registration Open Sites Of Interest Friends Of Scouting I t

INLAYAWAY. CHARGE NOTARY PUBLIC Tours Slated For Meet Friday NightThe I IJ


WHITES AND PASTEL SHADES ISAAC H. CAFFEY Adult Travel Pro- first financial

Office Phone El 6-8282 gram Club will sponsoran Students at Edward drive reports meetingof
Res. El 3-1541 educational tour Waters College, especially the Friends of

119 BROAD ST EL 4-6018 3323 Myrtle AvenueJacksonville. of the Par West and those enrolledin Scoutings current

Fla Old Mexico. science courses, financial'drive will
Associated Cepctisa Company making this spec!
Last year over 80 will again be affordedan be held Friday nightIn

noire Capitol Stock teachers from all visit opportunity to Stanton Vocational 10% off fo this Month M, Improvement offer
> hTi ciw parts of Georgia and areas High School's auditorium -

Stnfion Florida took the tour of scientific interest, W. D. Sweet, Addition Room Siding Concrete Work
Peggy0 lee Mousral Ren$3.98 MI and earned credits toward college officials announced general chairman,

Stereo the extension of reported. Electric /Work Fences oofina Porche
Jonah ** .
Jones &, $4.$Q NOW $3.88 their certificates.The Field trips It was The staff of team ;

A MUSICAL states of Georgia pointed out, are a captains and theirco Ho mnilm a e ow

FRIENDSHIP and Florida recognizethe part of a general workers will be expected to N 4e
p to 10 ps ay Onlj One
importance of science enrichment to attend the

"NAT KING COLE SINGS/GEORGE SHEARING PLAYS" travel in the makingof program under the meeting, according to PayABWrk Goararteed Free Est1natiee

Here Is a musical a well rounded general sponsorship oft Mr. Sweet, includes: Y i nEE
partnership Is
to present! 1b& piano of teacher. ,Division of Natural .- Dr. J.I.E. Scott ] 515 94 H23iA SST ? tc
mastery George
big gifts Atty. EarlM.
.. The tours are not Sciences and Mathema ;
coupled with the vocal brilliance of Nat"King"Cole. .
necessarily limitedto tics. The program has | Johnson lawyers;
The music that comes from the meeting of these those who representthe bfcen in effect since 'Mayor Bryant, morti- ,

giant talents Is nothing but tremendous. Listen to teaching pro- the fall of 1959. cians; Otis Speights, > ..:

'numbers like "September Song Lei, There Be tailors and
Love; fession. Other Interested Trips scheduled this dry

end other great standards. vocationists semester include Ma- cleaners; A.W. King, 1

FREE BONUS ALBUM! may take advantage* of rineland Studios on brick-layers; Dr. C.B. p A'9S 1!

6 telection's by Nat King Cole plus P the tours. April 13, and Silver MCIntosh, Eastside };

6 selection by George Shearing- Tours to the Far West Springs on Hay 4. area; George Warren, y t
yours free when you buy Capitol's: Nat 1"
Kl0g Cole Sings/George Shearing and Old Mexico will Other trips plannedare ; Russell

P/itll (S) W'1675 ocAmw.McoiM.ow., originate In Jackson- a tour of the St. Bryant Post Office

ville, leaving between Regis paper! Company.In employes; B. Kirkland

= June 19 and July 10. addition to per- railway employes; Israel -
The Record
/ Shop Teachers will spend sons enrolled in Berry, postal pgt5JU Ai. S.l.A.d for Your Comforttaa .aUk-

; .. ;> four weeks visiting science courses a truck drivers; Father Qa9fofJatksottltU' Foremost SSWb Hl

7610 Lem Turner 18 cities and placesof large number of stu- Mac Adoo. churches; '

S'f This Weekend interest including dents in some of the Theodore Montgomery & M SHOE COfttfMY
Corner of .Atlanta Ga. school teachers and
Rowe elementary
\ & LeM Turner method 24
Sale The tour will be made employes.Also { DAVIS ST. JAX.2notfANfWShoM > ..
courses will
': Price also
: ". / PO 8.3825 in air conditioned participate in the Sgt. Beeman : By Endicclt John{ ::_, :'
H $4.98 11ft $3.88 scenic cruiser buses, field trips. Kendall, police officers ; '
toenr fcfi Al 5 AND OSTKOTSHC C : :
with rest rooms and I ; Sgt. Solomon "

=_ 2 1 running water. There Weston, service stations -
i For Bargain $5.98 Mew 355.1532"
Rey $4.88 will be no night ,;" A., Willis, :.. s _

f I f ri

A IIIAf mm;; it.fejaaiassee. 1eI J1. :r ; .. 'I-
i '- 1 :--- -- --- 'w: .411' ; It.

l // / Day Set Fort Popular Quartet Launches "Miss YMCA" Contest V U. Of South Fla. Prexy V : : >

t : May.' 16th/ At FAMU rAHASSFE -' 1 Fi f S Sk f c To Address FAMU GroupTALLAHASSEE

[* The University Advisory Council of
Dr. John S. Allen president of
comaunity Leaders will hold its 1962 observanceTallahassee
.of the University of South Florida will addressthe
Day on the Florida MM. University JI
I 24th annual Alpha Kappa Mu National Honor
? tus.: Wednesday afternoon. May 16,
': Society national convention here at Florida Mil .
A big feature of the the campus: an assembly University during convocation in Lee Hall Auditorium :

celebration will be the program ,in Lee Hall Friday (March 23) at 10 a.m. The confab,. .
frowning of 'Mrs.Tallahassee' Auditorium, and a periodof i if 'opens Thursday and ends Saturday.
(or'jjfsenior recreation and refreshments -
Miss Talla- in the Stu- d Florida A&M is saluting -
L. J. MacGregorNow
hassee" ) and "Mr.., dent Union Annex. the scholastic
Tallahassee," for the i F'f 4 honor societies during Heads
GjC Mus-c Group.Had '
churches. "Miss Tall 4 the month of March in

hassee" (or 'Junior Busy ScheduleST. ; I1 observing its 75th UNCF FundNEW

Miss Tallahassee" ) anniversary. The theme YORK---Appointment
and "Mr., Tallahassee, is the best way to for the month is "Fo- of Lawrence J.MacGregorof
Jr. ," will be crownedfor describe the music r. f. cusing Attention on Chatham, N. J. as
the public schools. department. Personnelof Scholarship. national chairman of
Churches have been invited the department V Honor societies on the 1962 United Negro '
to enter two can- participated in six the FAMU campus in ad- College Fund Campaignwas

idates in the contest events by week's end. s +s dition to the AKM are announced here
that will be conductedto The events ranged i Beta Kappa chi. today by John D.

select the two a- from group and individual x national honorary Rockefeller 3rd, who
dults to be crowned. recitals to 4 scientific society; heads the UNCF National

.They will be selectedas attendance at a and Kappa Delta Pi. Council. The

follows: (1) a Church national meeting. b. national education College Fund has con- .
will nominate one woman Monday the forty society. The white and 'ducted an annual, nationwide -
and one man to be entered voice group returned V CONTESTANTS The Board of Management of the James Weldon Johnson Branch YMCA is sponsoring Gold Honor Society isa appeal on V
in the contest; to Christ Methodist the first MISS YMCA contest as a benefit for the YMCA building fund. The four local organizationfor behalf of its independent -
(2), the minister will Church for the second contestants for 1962 are from left: Mrs. Betty Blaylock Mrs. CLevel D. Cromartie, outstanding senior member colleges
mail the names of the! time -for th .Miss Dorothy Lang, and Mrs. Theresa Bernice Wright. women students. It since 1944. The 1962
two nominees and a time The contest will close on May 15th with a special building fund banquet at which time will seek national campaign, with a goal
this year. The
five-dollar ( $5.00) the Queen will be crowned and awarded her prize which will be a four day cruise to Nassau. R. affiliation after five of $3 million, opens
spiritual-filled recital -
registration fee to Dr. V. Daniels, chairman of the program committee stated this will be an annual affair. y ears. April 1.NAACP.
H. Msnning Efferson, was warmly received The Johnson Branch YMCA is presently negoriating to purchase a tract of land on whicha Alpha Kappa Mu was Plans
-- -
Chairman, Tallahassee modern YMCA will be built.Gainesville. founded by Dr. Georgew.
listeners and FOP Youths
Day Committee, by April Gore jr.. presidentof
helped to NewsLincoln OES Edward Waters Sets
17; (3)' each church sustain the Sets Florida ARM, while Career Day
annual invitation extended 3 Day ConfabThe Vocational he was dean at Tenn. TAMPA---The
will then be sent three the college to High School students and faculty wit- ProgramA NAACP
A&I State University will hold
hundred (300) ticketsto sing in the large and nessed the birth of the Dukes-Rawls Honor So- Royal Grand Chap- two-day Vocational a statewide
be given to personsto beautiful down-town ciety.John Middleton, Beverly Anderson, Gladys ter Order of Eastern Emphasis Observanceis Nashville in 1937. Youth Career Conference
in for the Dr. Gore is national here. May 4, 5 and 6'( .
use voting church. Spence, Thelma Brown Susie Spence, Ethel Jones, Star,* working under planned at Edwards
nominees; (4) the nomi- The music of Al jerolene Brown, Quinnon Protection of the Most Waters College April president of the at Greek House, according -
of College
nees will be given wide Downing (Jacksonville) Sinclair, Omera Benson, Worshipful Prince Hall 2 and 3. Charles Association to James Harts-
publicity by the Talla- was heard by wealthy Wilma McKnight Amos Grand Lodge Ancient Walker, dean of Honor Societies. field local chairmanof

hassee Day Committee; Snell island socialites Smith, Blonise Jones Free and Accepted Masons students announced.The .. the conference

(5) on May 16, the voters when Eton Music }, Phyllis Spence, Betty i .. of Florida will special program -

will bring their company sponsored the Cobb, James Hayes, Emma t{ hold 'its fifty-first as conceived by Dean
+ votes and cast them between illustrious musicianin Cooper, Yvonne Higgins, /, t; ? session in Orlando.The Walker, will providefor
4:30 and 5:00 p.m. recital. ;. Grand Chapter will B
an organ Tureatha Walker, and +; the complete exposure -
(6), selected tellers Wednesday, the entire hold its pre-opening
Marvanell Welcome are ,. of all studentsto
will count the votes music departmentwas 'the proud chapter members t.'( .s program Monday night, some aspects of
and announce the win- heard in a recital with John Middle- April 17, with an edu- practically every

ners. (7) the winners given for high school tbn serving as pres i- .. cational setting. The vocational interest.The L
will then be crowned and students. The band, dent. MR. RA1RLR featured part of the entire facultyand

given other appropriate choir, and individuals The students made the decision to honor their program will be the student body will

reccg it ion. gave selections. sponsors John Dukes, Jr. and J. C. Rawls by oratorical contest be involved in the
: The program for the Saturday the choir naming the organization for them. The National which will be under the observance.Mr. .

observance will includea will be in FOrt pierceas ','o, r', Charter has been applied supervision of M. W. walker stated
mass band concert. on guest artists t for from the National Saxon, Supervisor 'of that the Monday ses-

I .- -- ---. : Association of Volusia County Schools sion whould be divide

., Secondary Schools-Prin- and Deputy Grand Master into four sections FLA. GRADE "A" LARGE

Having Trouble ? '"' Cipals. An assembly, ; DavisJackso.* ** *fjF ? an, instructor -*.., corresponding to the
: program was presentedin in the highschool four instructional EGGS o2. 85e

.. Lincoln s Auditorium of Apopka. divisions of the
With Your RefrigeratorCALL I'.a r :V V with Mr. J. C. The official Grant collegeNaturalSciences

Rawls delivering the Chapter Roster who and Math- ROOSTERS L8.1 9DUKE'S 1C
z address. will handle the deliberations matics Fducation and

w'V t' These scholarly stu- of the Psychology Social
SOL BERNSTEIN'SREFRIGERATION dents culminated their session are: Lady Han- Studies, and Humani- 2 FULL QUARTS

activity by sponsoringtheir nah B. Miller, Royal ties. The divisionof
SERVICE first Annual BanQuet Grand Matron; J. H. chairmen will coordinate OIL 9ge
1'it in Lincoln's Cafeteria Hunter, Royal Grand the voca-
They chose Mr. Patron; Lady Pearl Hud- tional orientation in
EL 41183TERMS EX 8-7943 George Allenlaw studentMR. son, First Vice Royal their respectiveareas. BUTTERFISH4Lbs.99c

REPAIRS ON ALL MAKES DUKES at the University of Grand Matron; Lady A. Division chair-
Florida to deliver their banquet address. He Hudson, Second Vice men are D. J. Milton
All Work Done In Your Home climaxed this very intellectual address witha Royal Grand Matron; Smith, FocialSStudies; .

challenge the students to continue to achievein Lady Mary J. Day, Third Theodore Dansby, Education _
order thit they might live successfully. Vice Royal Grand Matron; and Psychology;
SrCfcfjfj r'' Lady Lois Higgins, John Eaves Humanities WHITE ,

-F1il Educators Visit FAMU Grand Secretary; Lady Joseph C. Paige,
,Martha'A. Board, Grand BACON9W
,l :' .*;T- ) v Natural Sciences and
lIJ'i ;L : ; :; rt ''': Financial
J. ,"" : Mathmatics.
,.Fk' i V< 'i11Lady _
y- -I"r. Jif '", Rosa Mo elia. Specialists in the
Y ,, Grand Treasurer; Lady various disciplines GROUND
''i REPAIRS ON REFIGERATORS DEEP FREEZERS .. -'"" Mamie Maxey, Grand trill be used as consultants -, 3
r lI Organist; Lady Mary L. in additionto BEEF
24 Hour Service EST. ,SINCE 1942 tt,' .4z. Johnson, Asst. Grand the instructor personnel IBS.

,5S' wlunlllnliianulUlmn lHD lmmlEa Organist; Lady Alice in the four
r Williams, Grand Con-
A instructional divi-
\ --COUPON ductress; Lady Sophro- sions.
= -- nia, Grand Marshall; While confirmationhas PERCH 3 LBS. 9ge

Lady Susie Stokes not yet been re- PAN Ready

|{'SERVICE CHARGE | Secretary to Royal ceived Mr. Walker .
Grand Matron; Sir stated that consul- CORN KING FRYER -
Knight W. j. McKenzie, tants from the Depart-
j .! $2.50 I DR. CONANT VISITS FAMU Dr. H. Manning Efferson Grand Chaplain. ment of Labor and the GIZZARDSLos.9gePORTER
.. (left), dean of the university, discussing teacher Lady Hannah B. Milleris Department: of Commerce

I \ A. 2elllf1mllllllltllllIB11I1HIIUrnl1tlltilli education at Florida A&M University with Dr. president of the will probably partici- .
With This D James B. Conant and Dr. William H. Cartwright E.S.B.A. Departmentand pate in the program.The .

) Florida A&M is one of several teacher-training Lady Angeline divisional set-up 4

institutions being visited by a team doing a studyon Wooten is secretary. will be on a rotating BACON 9ge
| AH Work Guaranteed
Juvenile and Rainbow
American teacher education. Dr. Conantis system, in which LBS.
chairman. Dr. Cartwright, professor and chairmanof Department will be students will change
the department of education Duke University under the supervisionof groups every 55 HORMEL LEAN, MEATY
.' is on the committee. Lady Rosa B. Adams minutes Consultantswill .
-. ..' '. .. SPARE
and Lady Malissa Big- be available for 3

gins.. individual conferencesin RIBS 99TENDER

AS LOW AS Rainbow Department, the aft rnoon. V .
Lady Mary Davis; Matrons An open meeting is
Council, Lady planned for 7:30 p.m. TENDER
$ 50St.
UPHOLSTERING Sallie Arnstead. pres- on April 2. BEEF
ident. Lady Aldora A special program of 3
...." Miller, vice presi- interest to women is 9geKINGAN
-chIII' dent Lady Amelia planned for 11 a.m. LIVER LBS.
.:: ;; 1 .'. Also, you'll love this new Houston, secretary.. April 3.
Each Ja UUr IB*Mu.ru6 79 fabric at a low low price -

2 Throw 'r l' FM! tan '''11. v. n Ib totter, New Exclusive Offer I PORK 3
OWl't 99C
'REE *i hit' *r chfe, v r r f, .
with *M' Now you can order your barbecue by ph ne. SAUSAGE LBS.

I":::: ; 7 Patterns Hose"Will Cooked Deliver Meals To Served Your Home"Da sly. Short Orders and


r I No> DOWN PAYMENT-EASY TERMS Colors I Short Orders"Will and Deliver Home Cooked To Meals Served:Daily FRANKS 3 9ge
your Home" ox.
ft e WORK GUARANTEED FIRST PAYMENT IN MAY -.;;-. .;- Two Locations To Serve You. PKGS.


1226 Logan Street 14V8 Kings Road -
12 WEST 42ftcl STREET .... ... Mrs. Lillian p. Jenkins, Prop. Mrs. R. u. Ward BOLO LBS. 9ge

Manager. Telephone 355-3829

:- :i

-- 'V- -. ", .-
-- -
I .

: iii iii- S

., ., ---- y- -- -- -- -- __ _v_ -_ --
'rl' --- -- --- -- -


; YI ,
A 4 J

SATURDAY MARCH 24 1962 FLMNt STAR .. r ,. .' ._ PAGE II
-- -
J't; ; ,
I NAACP Threatens John Thomas i L Schoolboy Nets Expects PennantAL

Boycott Of PhilliesPHILADELPHIA ChampionshipSZ 102 In Tourney

The GRANBLING. La.--- While

Philadelphia Branch of < college scouts lookedon

the NAACP Rtated the S f Leslie, Scott, a

Phillies ball club junior from MCKinley
would be picketed from __N'S 55s s junior, scored his team ".

its April 13 openingday to the "AAA" basket-

k t until the season's ; S. ball cown with 102

cloafcg in October unless points tallied in three

it takes immediate a ;:_ games. 3r4a

/,r4 /3A< v steps to desegregates st Scott had scoring
s [ :
housing for its Negro r+ sprees of *48 21, and 33

ball players in its points, respectively,

Clearwater Fla. spring which earned him the E
training camp, it was tourney's most valu-

HAROLD JOHNSON announced last week. ;, : S able player" award.

Attorney A. Leon i r r-S'S I I SMITH, veteran out-

When Archie Moore was Higginbotham Jr. pre- FAMU Slate fielder with the Chicago
: White Fox. feels that
stripped of his portion sident, and Thomas H. i :' : x
., executive : his team has the necessary
Burgess III
v of the world's light 24 Contests
Sr95 balance this
secretary delivered '
heavyweight crown by all ..$ b.
to bring them the American
their demands to Bob -
commissions save California < The Florida A. and M.
X y b! hY iS League pennant.
either A Carpenter, presidentof University baseball nine
; Smith the Fox has
the Phillies ball says
175-pound Harold Johnsot will play a conference
club and club attorney the all- 'round depth
of Philadelphia or Doug A : ck I slate of 24 games, 13
of York City Carson Dittman Jr. ryS Vk. we this year similar to
Jones New at home and 11 away
The officialssaid the '59 club whichwon
j S' will be undisputed this spring. .
their that the Philliesare the AL race. .
champion following
12tnbout among the last fou > -,. ,, Ao a +>'C1: ?oC y t< Gy May for the
title. The match, si a tec ball clubs which pro-

to be held in Philly. vide segregated quar-
.. xt Aq3' '. ,.
will be nationally tele- ters for Negro players. 49ab <
} vised and blacked out "It is quite obvious :

in the local area. the NAACP _
officials said, "that p
-- -
:;: the Phillies could obtain -
desegregated hou- THIRD STRAIGHT TITLE---Boston University's John Thomas cleared the bar at 6-11 at the recent

annual 1C4-A indoor meet in Madison Square Garden to win the national championship for the third
sing facilities*for its
straight year.Floridians' .
Negro ball players if

they fight are for willing them just to Dogs Top Men With Mets Waters' Cagers

the : ::.;.'::''>: : Place ThirdIn
M Hf as other ball clubs Runners ::<:.i; :'i.
Among Top .....
SEAC MeetThe
'We do not wish to y
PHEONIX, Ariz. With Edward Waters
wreck the Phillies
two of the three Quali- College basketballteam
but "on the civil 1A1 #
ti&t fying rounds for the trying hard tq,
rights front, Mr.. Car- rw
live to the
f $50,000 Phoenix up unprecedented Yt '
it penter is up at bat and
record set
Futurity run off, it
there is need for
appears that Florida by the EWC football

r him to strike out on will be well repre- team, last season's

this issue. sented in the eight-dog :2 4 celebrated Southeastern ? :
GEORGE BRATCHER star Letters of protest :
grand finale set for Athletic ConferenceSEAC
end with Delaware have been sent to the
the night of March 17 ( ) champions 4yy
State, signed a con- presidents of the nine : .
at Greyhound park. 'Y 1rW. racked up a 2-1 recordat
last week withSaskatchewan's
tract other clubs in the
J.M. Edwards who the recent SEAC
Rough- : r
National '
League.A calls Starke, Fla. Basketball Tourna-
riders' Football Club. IAq.
home but who's been ment, held at Albany
Bratcher also plays FLORIDA .
.k State and thus 1.
basketball and is an racing his greyhound > College,

EVERY this winter at Phoenixand earned third place in r.
elementary "
education V x XgJv ,
Tucson, conceivably the Annual 'Regional b A 5/
major from West Chester. ::...} S
COLORED HOME could have a half dozen Athletic event. ,. .
Pa. d F,,, >
-., of the eight startersin VETS' Faux Mantilla at short and Charlie Nealat They presented their

ROYAL ART STUDIOCLARENCE the rich championhip secondbase are expected to give Casey Sten- trophy to EWC PresidentW.B. ',,-\ a

.... .: '. :' SIMON' entered a offensive strength in the new National League last week's regular fast-breaking, high scoring A. and T. Aggies,

PROPRIETOR total of 12 of the full clubs infield. __ Chapel Assembly.The winners of the recent 17th annual CIAA cage

field of 69 that Predict 'S gar" Tigers entered the tourney, was lected to this year's all-star t

: SPECIALS, started off the Quali- Displaces CousyCSCAR Will End UD Tournament with a 7-5 quintet. The Aggies walloped Winston-Salem

2.5x1's, l 1-Cflter, fying competitionMarch I Being Carried, OutNEW conference record. They Teachers 88-66 to gain the title. A. and T.

10. And with two had a 2-4 record with averated 95.6 in three tourney contests including -

1 Black & White X9518x10 qualifying rounds over YORK---Jimmy Bres- non-conference games. a record shattering 130-points against

he and capable trainer lin in the March 17th The three tournamentgames Morgan in their opening game.
Opaltone & 3-3x5's Si issue of Saturday Eve-
leaves them witha
Leonard Pryse could be

., '! $5.95 proud of their record.In ning Post titled: "The season record of NAACP Asks Florida Mayor

Tops InCommericolWeddingsProtraits Ed's Fire chief and Last Days of Sugar 1110. .
the former five- To Guard Bias ,
Ed's Red Putty, Edwards Ray. The Tigers downed Against Race /
times world's middle-
Morris College Hornets
had two of the three
TAMPA The Florida NAACP branches
is has askedhe
weight champion
62-52 in a. hotly con-
dogs able to post two
515 DAVIS ST. El 4.1894Manulldut.rs wins in as starts. unchanged personality. tested game in the Mayor of Sebring Florida to cooperate
many with race officials of the Internationalspeed
Breslin quotes famed
third tournament playff. -
The third
; 4
was Largesse,
y r' trainer Whitey Bimstein_ Trials which will be ,held in that cityon
r ;:: 5- owned by Hack Herold, ) March 23-24, in protecting Negro Driver
: Taunton, Mass. With a as saying, "He is goingto Then, EWC, down by 5points Frank J
Mabry, jr. from racial discrimination
keep until
some in the first few .
total of 50 points each in the
punk kid gets in with City limits. every eff'rt be madein
earned in two races, minutes came from behind -
i and knocks his a to Mayor to him
all appeared a shoointo him and was never in the NAACP protect against
brains out." requested embarassment from those
trouble again. High for
gain the final
that the "City of Fe-
round The article further relates the Tigers was Jerry who might try to dis-
S ROBERTSON that Robinson has bring give to bin (Ma-' -!criminate against him
iiii13 Edwards also had four Bullard, pompano Beach, '
S bry) all of the pro- ?'
other entrants which made nearly $4 millionbut with 18 markers.The He has been assured

had won one race each, OSCAR (Big 0) ROBERTSON, has no real money Hornets were only the tections free of the law in j .: that, there will be no I
MAKES/20; SKIN BLEACHES S two of them earning .38 the Cincinnati Royals' left hot for a few minutes. facilities and that discrimination because

"OLD FASHIONED" points apiece in the great playermaker- State OverruledIn They lost the lead of his race.

1.S first two qualifyinground scorer replaced Boston's Riders Appeal early in the game to : ,

and the other stategist Bob OCALA Circuit Judge never recover it againas .
ntona ,+ two 28 each. Cousy this past season D.P. Smith overruledthe the Tigers gradually ( ,

f Ed's Mix Me, one of with 859 assists to state's motion to pulled away for good. I$p L' ?!

lightens dark spots those, flashed over the surpass (Cousy' previous dismiss an appeal by High man for the Hornetwas I I { -;4f

perfect powder w +w 677-yard park Course in high of 715. Big 0 a. so three convicted "Free Prentis Henegan. now :u.. Pens; f ps '
vast Oi1. ,Ii)
Sklll 39.10 in his second improved on his former dom Riders" here re- I _

round victory, fastest assist average of 9.3 cently. LOSE TO SAVANNAH rr ,

time to date in the ending the current for who
Free under $1,500 bond The EWC Tigers lost to .
Futurity competition.DIRECTORY. campaign with an 11 each in a move to testFlorida's !
the Savannah Tigers I
of Pouter's B.ryamof"Th.1u with the Star average. think j.I
AntiFreedomRider 110-72 in the fourth young /: :

Law are the Rev. game. 0'j

-... -. r- "''" DandridgeOn / Leslie Smith, 35, of Trouble started for {
--- -----
S ShowDorothy Albany. N.Y.; Herbert the EWC'Cagemen at the It

BUSINESS Callendar 27, of Rah- beginning and they to

Dandridge has way. N.J. and James were literally left .J;

been named to the cast O'Connor. 31-year old
trailing in streamer.
The Firms Listed Below Are Recommended As Reputable of the 34th Annual*F white professor at a ENROLL NOW 1"4, /

Awards how of ,the Barnard College N. Y.
'Establishments Specializing SeServices and ProductsINDEPENDENT DROP PNI LIONS
.. Academy of Motion Pic- The three 'Riders'along

ture Arts and Sciences, with seven other The sixth tournament REGISTRATION.:

OIL CO. Arthur Freed, producer t f clergymen, were arrested game, which gave the

of the Program an- during a bus restaurant Tigers a 54-51 edge STILL OPEN

IMPERIALSUNDRIES ._ KEROSENE HOME DELIVERY nounced. demonstration here over the Lions of .
-S x; Mechanic On Duty t Florida Normal and Industrial :.r. A Liaited Nsita Of Starts "fer r
Patent Medicines r
'-' Cosmetics JAMES FAULKNER, MechanicIKE WHHI YOU ARE ILL college, also BAY and RISIfT CJa er
; AU Leading Hair Preparations elevated them to the iiiit
JOSEPH, Proprietor You Seek The Best Doctor S ,
: EL 42159LILLYS State and Jefferson Sts. EL 69432MAKLME'S When Your Doctor prescribes third place' slot in the GIIIraI Secretarial BlS less Ad ilstra.C{ t
COR. BROAD-& ,- P Get Experienced Pharmacists SEAC Tournament. rvs'

:, Orders. We use Only
1". Complete Line of Specializing In Tasty Foods The Best Quality Drugs_ game The Lions remained fIR !. st."U R ,.IFESSIIMAL P RPgS i
rCOSMETICSRUBBER. GOODS 12 points behind t ,; :
Dr. C. E. BlackProprietor .
.,!.-EF.t! -. :. ::: CANDIES SUNDRIES fefttlir Meals Saved Drfy until the last ten
.::- for .j minutes of .the game. : :
Prescription Coiled/ and Delivered A .
1929 Kings Road EL 4-9962 3 REGISTERED PHARMACISTS TO SERVE YOU A- .determined effort' to L' JjJ1 ,

Kings Rd. EL 5-8276 upset the Tigers 4became -
1907 : ;. .
A COMPLETE LINE OF evident dnring'thefinal '

1 r' "- MOTHER E. M. JONES I JOHNNIE'S ROOMING HOUSE Cosmetics Rubber Goods Candies Sundries minutes. <. fcSTABLIEHFD 1916 --

FL 6-4P3 "
S.rvic. Every Thursdoy.-I p.m by Day, Night or Week 1832 Myrtle
_, *ve. Corner
... .._' ".. or Pth t.


a f $ I
... tLWWM SlftK PAGE
J _w., .I... *...MWM *t I"V. -- _. "

f World Famed Sebring. Sports Car Races Get Underway Friday--Mar. 23rd I

'. -- -

&rc'u's Hayes Fails/ .. .... 'Stirling Moss,-: '- :_. :' )?. i '- FAMU Cagcrs Drop 'Heartbreaker1VICTORY Howard. Top. Greatest Year

: '. .
1 Mark Bid .World RenownedDrivers ..';
jp Century i.r: ReturnSEBRINQPirat .' Yankee Catcher

i MtMiI--Plbrids A. and 11.' s great splinter xS

Robert Hayes (Jacksomrillewho tied the world s100irard to !A FORT LAUDERDALE Un-
arrive on the scene cqt
dash Bark here a month ago. 'failed tc assuming Elston Howard
ia preparation for the
. break the existing world mark of 9.2 but did has classed as good

I w 1a his race timed, at 9.4 last Saturday. internationally famous news the announcementthat
12-Hour En-
'Hayes outsped RobertPamtamore blasted to a withering he will replace -S

of PAMU who a 9.2 100 yard dash darance Race here Yogi Berra as the r.;

step' sand" one h'alf. to tie prank Budd of Saturday, Marco 24th Yankees' No. 1 catcher.
was a Ferrari sports 1' "
'That's good news,
Parasore was clocked In,
9.5'!f,1'.'{The sponsor' s-- w ;a5 car owned by George Howard said, breaking M

University of Miami Reed of Midlothian.:;.t into a big smile. "I

Athletic club's was Illinois. Co-driviBff want to be in the line-
.t with Reed will be Ed R S
breathing on Parasore's up catching from
yx r Hugus of burgh,
neck for third place / 4 opening day.
anct(Alfred Austin of Pennsylvania. Both "If possible, my
On v men have been tops In "WILT CHAMBERLAINWILT
A&il and Jim Hawthorneof : plan is to off to a
their driving ability fast start. I haven'tany
UUAC finished fourth CHAMBERLAIN, 7-2
here at
Sebring for
and fifth, respectively the plans for changing star center of the
past two years. anything did last
.:NO EXCUSES Philadelphia Warriors,
Driving an open Ferrari w year. I' ll still try

Hayes, who later told IFtiTI6 sports car here at to hit the ball throughthe produced a triple coupon
reporters, 'MY start Sebring' for the first middle and forget pro

was OK, I don't know time, will be England's SIIIIE he A&T College Aggies whoop it up following their victoryover about home runs." scoring records this

what happened. I felt own colorful mighty the Winston-Salem Teacher College Rams in the 17th Annual CIAA Howard did all right year with 4,009 points

good. I tried but it mouse; Stirling Moss Basketball Tournament held in Winston-Salem last week. in homeruns and batting score for the season,

Just wasn't there, specially fitted seats last year. He led the 100-markers tallied in

then walked away, Villanova world recordof and designed steering Henry "Hank" Marshall, at right, and Warren Davis, center holdingthe Yanks with a .348 bat- one game and netting

evidently wondering 9.2. facilities always have championship trophy, heroes in the tourney, were selected to the ting average and had 28 free throws out of

what had happened. FAMU track coach Pete to be installed in any ALL-Tourney team. Cal Irvin, head coach, in 'Civies'at right, was 21 home runs. 32 tries in a single

racing for this Basketball Coach of the contest.
TIED RECORDIt Griffin said Hayes car named CIAA year.Notional .
was at this same broke on top of his dynamic uncrowned road Defends Title Saturday NightKID

track that Hayes, who start well, but did racing world. champion of the At Meet Ex-Fla. State Star Stanford Has
stated that he out pick up his head early. plagued
was by mechanical troubles I Appearing With K.C. Negro Thinclad
said to
of shape at that time, (This is
the 'Buga-boo" in have made early retirements Here April 8th STANFORD, Calif.---
Negro Grid Star in past Se- t asa
H yes.getaway). Harry McCalla, national
Led by exFloridaState
conditions bring endurance racesa junior two-mile record
Wind were
Joins W. Va. star Dick Howser,
said to have been ideal holder from FullertonJC
HINTON W. Va.Dick during Saturday's Moss fans. Considered one iof last season s via San Francisco

Leftridge.acclaimed running. It was time second only to the outstanding rookies, High School became

West Virginia out- at 3.6, more than a legendary, now retired 41Cal the Kansas City Athle- Stanford's first Negro
backfield Fanglo, Moss at tics will stop off in
standing prep mile under minimum reQuirements varsity trackman in
star became the first allowed. the wheel of a specially Jacksonville April 8th history this year.

Negro football playerto I II I designed Ferrari on their way to their McCalla will represent PARET (left---World's champion welter-

be given a grant- Road racing sportscar regular season openerto Stanford's track team in weight, and Junior Gilliam, Los Angeles Dodger's

in-aid at W. Virginia I will again give do battle on the the mile, two-mile and star, got together recently at the beautiful
RAPID1HR. baseball diamond with
University. '* spectators the thrillof middle distance races. Hampton House Motel during the Ray Mitchell

Leftridge was also TV SERVICEDAY watching a master the Minnesota Twins in The versatile youthis North-South Golf Tournament, here. Paret defends -
AND NICHT Irvin, head basket- the only major league
at work the five-
under consideration at on also considered a his crown Saturday night against former

Purdue, Villanova, CALLS $200 point two' mile road ball coach of the A. andT. exhibition game of the fine prospect in the champ Emile Griffith in Madison Square Garden.
College Aggies, is 1962 season at the
Ohio State and several course here at Sebring. flat races and medleys.

other universities De- I CNARCIPLAN EL 5-5770 Phil Hill, Santa Monica one of 12-clinicians Jacksonville Baseball If

fore signing with W. I RADIO DI1JATCHIDYe California, world scheduled to appear at Park. Watch This Qnwn

Virginia State. champion driver, honors the annual convention KG manager Hank Bauer 15-49-01-607 #

..- won by points earned of the National Association is enthusiastic over 132-08-512 ... olqr y

.D. 't Hov to Go to Tew*to Get on the road racing cir- of Basketball the prospects of his 3
Coaches at Louisville, predominantly youthful .,
cuits of the world will .
LOW PRICES also be in a Ferrari Ky. March 22-24. Irvin aggregation and gets 2 5 .: .0

'. sports car with his will discuss basketball positively poetic about 1 4 now,1.Pepsi .s.
t offense at the session ''hls"infield which features t!M b .
co-driver yet o
OaYottr be assigned.Hill and his on Friday afternoon. lanky Howser at 19-37-90 a

last year's partner, Willie To Wear the shortstop position. 5&8462Sometimes y
DRUG STORE NEEDS Olivier Gendebien of With Norm Siebern at he's up urI

Belgium took home the Protective HelmetCASA first case, .jerry Lumpe Sometimes he's dam I fop those

famed Alitalia Cup in GRAND Ariz.---in at second, and Wayne He adds, subtracts who think
Tn"w+tl.V..,H..t.bothoocl DNa Store young
at third base
IN YOUR LOCAL PAMM the 1961 classic here order to protect their Causey He works it all around

WI WILL.VMF DtfiYt ANY*-PRICES W.AIM ADVERTISED FiU All Doctors' PrelalJIIIOM at Sebring after 12 $90,000 a year invest- the A's are truly a 185-77-115

hours of the most ment, Manager Al Dark young Infield with real ---- --

grueling battle of of the San Francisco depth and mobility.The .

' / Pharmacy machines versus men. Giants has ordered his Twins, boastingone

pixie Literally, stacks of famed Willie Mays to of the most at- Taste the sunny morning flavor ofHI .. ".J'

tires, safe enough to wear a protective helmetat tractive pitching

.;. 1302 KINGS ROAD at MYRTU AVENUE carry cars at better the plate. staffs in the majors, "i;

PHONES IL'S5S97.8'j than 180 miles an hour, In complying with the with such potentialstars ;;

order, Mays said, 'I' 11 as Don Lee, Bill ..
unlimited supply of
PAY YOUR LIGHT, WATER AND TELEPHONE., high octane fuel and wear it (the protective Pleis. Jack Kralick and : ch I :.;

BILLS AT OUR STORE the team help managers of ,harried mechanics helmet off." ) until it falls Jim standing Kaat plus veterans such out-as en eq

Camilo Pascual and
leers and corers Maya has never worn a ,

are needed to bring the helmet while at bat, Pedro' Ramos, bid fair ...

best car over the which has resulted in to ,plague the other .<
nine teams in the '
finish line at 10:00 opposing pitchers having "i.'/
p.m. long after darkness him as their target in league .during this new .
has fallen. frequent 'brushofff'pitches. season. w rM SUNNY !

I Past Sebring 12-Hour Twins Manager Sam : \ !&e THE CHENLEY ROOSTER

| Endurance Races have Mele solid baseballman % for sunny cheer In added measure

closed down with a Prairie View is well pleased ,. Just Qlve-or one-this whisky treasure

blaze Wins Title with the eager atti- ffi7& -
of glory that has Cage __ _
never been dimmed by tude of his charges but LE .,..'
'[ the tuned PRAIRIE VIEW Tex.- Top is loath to venture an :" : ;: :;!: -,
T many ranked Prairie View a / L .
opinion until the end :
racing cars that have Panthers of the _
1 fallen by; the way. Thisear' nation's small college of the spring training

s fantastic assembly season. '---- -
teams, won the South- k
of world famous The season's only exhibition w si
western Conference cage .
road racing cars and game will .
crown with ,-,-
Grambling's > .
: J
at 1:30 p. m. 1
drivers has not and Tigers finishing sec-
will not be duplicated ond. and promises some real .

anywhere else in the In wrapping up the fine pitching and hit- ;
ting other than the ,
United States, with only title Prairie View 4
slick whichis
one other race in slaughtered both jack-
the world, 'the 24 Hours son State and Southernin guaranteed with the ten

aforementioned players ,.
of Le Mans France of winging on to vic-
equal fame. For the tory. on the diamond. rS

;. road racing fans of the FINAL STANDINGS ,It all promises a full
day of fine baseballto
j. -4-- : Western Hemisphere TEAM I L Jacksonville fans rrr..
there are few remaining prairie View A&tf 10 2
who are eagerly a-
vantage spots Grabbling College 8 4
;:..' f' -... \ waiting opening day on
\.. Itv' -. ; ; left for viewing this Jackson State 7. 5
\ : April 25th when their
:-. race of Champions Somthern Uni. 7 5
th"e Twist;
;li ; < own. International
'" '., ti"1Tne Write or call tile _to- Arkansas A&M .66
.fr League entry the A
Latest Hair Styles wobile Racing Club of Texas Southern Uni. 4 8 ..
'Men's s
Jacksonville make
: ? : suns, !
: .
... Florida p. 0. Box filej College 012 .
>; ,. their initial start In .
; ;
:! :- 71, Sebring, Florida
The town against the
Being Taught At '
.for ticket informtioa.Cincinnati Tennessee Wins Syracuse chiefs. _

.. .' c- To TryRobinson
7: Tickets for April 8th

:_ Jacksonville At Third Mid-West Tourney will be put on sale Schenley is a better whisky because every drop of

i TAMPA It Cliff Cook within a few days at straight whisky in Schenley is aged over 8 years
and blended with choice grain neutral .This
the ball park Suns'
fails to make the IILBERFORCE. 0. ---
Barber College'iIip. makes wonderful whisky ..extra smooth,extra '
l downtown office Hotel
i grade Reds' maaager Favorite Central State mellow, extra fine in bouquet Taste Schenleys

Fred Hutchinson said was upset 95-92 in an Roosevelt and at the .sunny morning flavor...today. ,.

G:I 100 he'll try Prank Robinson overtime setto by Tenn. Tourist and Convention S42.L $300
; ApjHvtcl: percent tAm Gond.63O : .
; _: \ \ and several other A. and I. here last Bureau building in NTH IMT Fchenleq

prospects in the third week in the finale of Meaning park. c.. 1241 CNe' sa". TM MOM of Ao.d WhWUwSchenley

.,.' DAVIS ST. at Bearer base spot left vacant the Mid-Western Athletic '

by Gene Freese's in- Association basketball Reserve-Blended Whiskey 68 Proof,list Grain Neutral Spirits.Schenley Distiller.Co.,N.Y.C.f .
J my. to rat.

a vwe.r t :

--i I

___ _
-- --- --- -
-- -
-- -- -

r t

R .;., i'l ." ., FLiNiI STIl ; 4 '; SATURDAY MARCH 24, 1 192.ti .

I' ..:. ". -.jfl''P"' !ir.: O Is Is ,r.. E 'II I. .C) c K !; Engagement Announced MINISTER A LOSES $585 HOUGABOOK SERVICE AUTO,

+' 1' ; .... *". AND, CLOTHES.
..: '-' : lv Jay J Jay

-: ., ;; .::: FLASH" !Objects) reported passing cars onto federal and local civil service boards need Rev. G.w. Harvey, of W. ,HOUGABOOK, Mechanic
1361 Road
Kings EL 43839Johnni.
90 headed West at a high rate of speed." needling when you vote for members of the civil ; : 1111 Cleveland Streetwas
"' -t reports'' aused considerable worry until one service board, now is the time to exact promises.Tis the victim of a .'* Hotel'
0tnV tlmfst.*$ Qu.s. obi ects slowed down long enough deplorable but Negroes are as scarce as sneak thief last Sun-
':..." :lltentffied.xThey. were not politicians leav- hen's teeth in governmental building around here day, police reported.The 'All-Modern Conveniences

... .t' r:,towai ,backing the wrong horse but were unless it's doing clean-up hours. minister ,said ROODS leek. By Call Day, -Nite 6-7S98.or

=- ax ntiftoers men who were doing their own Ever hear the expression, "everybody's talking when he returned home
741K V. Ashley Street.
.ry .: ''f 1 ?|Te Hear that "13" was really un- about the weather and nobody is doing a thing about ;S from church he found rid'y

: ni'f't.kT, end' that'Sfla&'of! the little boys who were it?" Well, I am guilty of the same bit of his clothes missing, ,Walker's FloristOpen

: J trying 'to mjike their own book have left town. apathy in regard to my civic duty. I always. sat also Charles Hunter Daily8 -

.."..."... ?MYetal'poDular. .. figures uptown had to go '-'down- back and fussed about John Doe running down town 19, who was the only &.s. -5 p.m.

'I ;'toaJ' 'before!hey could pay off. and telling Mr. Charlie that he represents me. I one ,with a key to the to ..s-2doo El 3-147Q

Jlt- 5 J&jjporfed. sorta/on purpose however.. Her name is am running for precinct committeeman from 3-B subject room. '
l.4:-Ajetai and sh.wantsyou: to know her name. That's to the primary of May 29. I feel that,.ith.gU A check of the room ROOM FOR RENT
:' --" tst bta.8Si ,dispensing hard stuff at the Bus educational background, experience and knowledgeof was made rand his money
,.;-5-" lon Bar.. was also missing, the Neatly Furnished Jlocm
community problems plus the fact that I don't ;n For
i1:1 'e ,hear that one our men-about town really hit owe nobody nut tin will allow me to speak for ha. : minister said. Rev. Rent-On Bus Line-
Cold Water-
.... : '" tlre'ceiling: at the Country Club Seems as thoCurtls.hgd masses rather than play parrot and say what>?the r Harvey went to the Hot &

'1! J..' W to almost make like strait-jacket time. white man wants to hear or what I am told to say.I Greyhound Bus station El 5-7178
."J ',/i.,1fa ., and Della a = and was given ,a description I
birthday to Shirley Johnson am giving a warning now if I won I w ill declare .aa FOR RENT
\, ..- ':: bpe;Of, the. toul\ce. Hattye DeVeaux and crew of war on all of the back-room, corner planningand of Hunter i PurnishedPrivateHomeNice
"f.tM'.Lounge': : tendered Delia a nice little birthday plotting politicians who to the ticket agent '
represent on one but Phristian
A. ;celebration r after working hours Saturday night. themselves and who can't promise their vote be R who said the suspect I NeighborhoodGentlemanonlyAfter
1 Inc dentiy is in her element in the ywy purchased ticket to
Hattye a
{;, -cause they may not be able to read the ballot.We 7:00 p.m.
/capacity of hostess at the Couldn't of Newark, N. J.
'. i: Lounge. need new faces among the Negro politicians andI' t Before 9:30 a.m. daily.
,.e" 7:' "found a better person. don't mean new' faces who .j:'. :,4., Barbara Reed is beginning to win fame as a boiled old gang. MISS NORMA JUNE WILSON'S engagement to Dr. Leodis suspected of takingthe -
..:; ", 'specialist. She is assisted in the preparation Davis was announced here recently by her parents $585 which was reported Toon As 6
SOLDIER IS $200ROBBERY Mr. and Mrs. Maxie E. Wilson. The bride-elect Burton
of the wasa
; .t morsels. by Sam Golden, her man Friday. Negro'Sports Car missing by Rev. Service
', .' Her! "'brother:) Freddie e "the Friendly Salesman" is'working'his VICTIMA stanton High school honor graduate and was a, Harvey. la Our Business

,'. way South. He is expected in these Driver In Wreck soldier from Camp 1961 graduate of Spelman College, Atlanta. She Patrolmen 0. Bradley 2117 Ilshart Street

5',.parts soon. SEBRING Frank MabryJr. Le June, N.C. was the was very outstanding in student activities. Dr. and R. George Investi- Telephone PI 9-1271

,:,':: There is nothing idealistic and philosophicalabout 27 of New York victim of a strong Davis, the son of Mr.. and Mrs. Prentiss Davis of gated. :WANTEDBeauty

politics. It is a hard, dirty game which City, who would have armed robbery last Kansas City Mo. received his B.S. Degree from ...,.. .
:--.Is, played to win. There are no consolation prizes been the first Negroto Sunday, police said. I ansas City U. M.S. and Doctorate degrees from -'-- -' Operators &

'"'for the also rans. You either win or loose: Those drive in the famed Richard Allen Blake, the University of Iowa. He is currently servingas MARRIED MEN! /Barbers are wanted to
v'who back should 21, stated that he was assistant professor of chemistry at Tenn. A. If have intimate f
aspirants try to put their money sports car races here, you Hollywood Beauty
'. on "sure things" or those who have an even or took himself out of standing talking to a and I. university. Miss Wilson is engaged in problems send for 622 W. Ashley St. Call
better chance. Babes in the woods in politics contention when he man between 9:30and_ graduate work at Tenn. A and i. university. free medical brochure I. S. Anderson

also are due rude awakening when they find out wrecked his car en- 10 p.m. ,, when a second a.. -Comes in plain wrap- -

that oftimes they are the tools of nefarious ones route to the course man walked up and : J per. There is no obliga J,_... _
and that no matter how clean and starry-eyed their Tuesday. grabbed him from be- I' tITAX FORMS PREPARED tion. Clarke Drug Co. STRAND,

..r candidate. is:. he may unwittingly help "the bad State Highway Patrolman hind. _,,,, ,REPAIR SERVICE For Your Convenience :Box 2 AH, Deerfield, 5uaysOSSV
S ?Wjy ." maybe some of the "do-gooders" will H.A. Moore, inves- The man took ,money Will repair Venetian Illinois. DOIh
: from his billfold and Income. Tax Forms ,
:leata by juni.. tigating the incident blinds and guarantee STELLA STEVENS
'+ ". If aroii 'are.;a .free-holder, the public Library said, "He was running drove off in a 1959 upholstering done with Prepared By Specialist I INCOME TAXRETURNS # w. & -Dsf

> ? At Silver Star ;
I Liquors
}fpr'the. new 'library, Let the other issues go for and got airborne at the parking lot at Free estimates on work. fjQ81tl1mplus
*;4/,. fjthemselves. the crest of a hill." the train station. Call El 4-5841 5668 AVENUE B ''
.',,. Co Nit
.u .'Members of the Blake said he lost --' Short Form-$2.00
Vogue participated in a fancy Moore said the car ,
.. : h'alr' style and fashion show at the Elks Monday overturned, rolled $200. e '_ e '., -" ."

,' :hl8ht.. You should have seen some of the styles. twice, winding up 285 Patrolman J.C. Allen l Limited Time Only Long Form-$4.00 H.OU.SMI tuTI Ii..,
for A
-<.; ,Several'out-of-town, : lassies came over. Bernice feet down the road on investigated Open until 9:00 P.M. Daily GRANGER[ HAH[ ,
Snith, ,Yvonne Crawford, Hattie Wade and Junita its wheels. He said Enamel SECRETPARTNER.
( Acute Asthma Q House Paint TMa .
,{ ,:". ;; )Prince 'were among the participants jerry Thompson Mabry was driving his FLORIDA "

>rot, *FPas blon Men' Shop played host to a littler Austin Healy Sprite Attacks. '$1.49 Gal. 59C QI. SERVICE BUREAUS 1 ., .,, .
:., 'at f."PJ1rt1. "* '. about 80 miles an Now yteld Speeia11at.l"edU, Cougbint to dlscov.e7,chokIq by- t
..i...,!.. :'Mrs.Mary Betsch orthe Afro is making plans to go hour along a narrow IPb'aWI1',,'are ptni aDIIled r.ll"No.4.WODd.rtv11.trec-to waltlnr.fast fln No dnifl.tlmwere / DIXIE PAINT STORE 01 I Florida Ar gnu. ROOSEVELT

I;';" : } .ll'th: way to Africa and lend the stork a helping'band stretch of asphalt ,or tiw Tillable paWv11DJecUoDI in I *without pr frM.eTtvt1on.brMthUf Ask Now your 109 E. BAY ST. Phone 353-4674 Sunday Thru Tues.AULNEWMAN.
Daughter Johnetta is expecting her first- road with a fast series druriiit for Dr.Guild's GrMa- Mountain ..
Compound. _
aare\tea or "
,, e" -
':, ;. :M'J>o.sometim ; In May and Mama will be on hand towelcome of sharp dips. --- Agony Out of JOANN.WOODWARDIDNIYPOITIER
-', .:: ,,the first grand.W' Mabry was hospita- '. :. ) .
""""" "" i Bfc MBl Bl WANTED ,
eheumatic Pains
Orchids. to, Mary and Fernanda Jones_,Their Avenue lized with a possible
i o '1\ftta 't'r.asetiore. place,The lovely'jpa.rt':. ot d' ..shoulderfracture, a WANTED Sales Agent.I Thousands have found the '
':.tiiire placje is that a Negro contractor did head cut and various Moncrief Drive-In Male or Female to sell I most soothing relief fP

1 be:'work,' It is, something to see. bruises and scratches. Choir Gowns 'to Church they have ever known

"ig; ..rtt. 'the subject of homes, we took a gander at Moore said Mabry and School Choral from the minor pains 2nd Feature

.7' .new rowhouses: on Moncrief. The Washington would be chargedeTOOTHACHE_ Fruit Market45th Groups-no capital symptomatic of Rheuma- "WAR, of the COLOSSAL
I required-can be handledon tism and Arthritis,
) 'iglit leal
I. may catch, on. Similar developments BEAST"
lf7 xs seen in ;the,North. I Don't suffer needlessly., C etspeedy rt- & MoncriefBig part time basis. Fight Misery now with .

D'Osc&r. illman/ ,no longer a bachelor., "Cush" lief With from fist acting throbbing ORA-JEL pun Pain.of toothacht- Reference required. For F.E.S. CAPSULESRHEUMANON SKYVIEW Sun. Rita
J" that toes in seconds. Guaranteedor S commission data and full thru T Uli.I
nys .
(1'H'i h&t-canl"t look a chicken-pot pie or aface. money back All drug stOtti. mi'; ; Wlie MMIey Proprietor r
; / details write the C.E.
.dinner "t& .
He lived on those items I On Saleat "CURSE of the WEREWOlf""GUNS
',;yrt, il, his madam returned Hillman has WARD CONPANY-Manufactur- I
Mrs. just
,, For Free Delivery, Open Daily I
Local Drugs Stores
Box 85, New
,J JJi: shed Woramwschool of Mortuary Science in er-P.O. the
(;.. :.'I< %;: >g/ :<;.":**' SAMUEL'S NURSERY Call PO 5-9287 7 a.m. to 12 p.m. London, Ohio.' 1907( KINGS ROADLilly's of BLACK WITCI"s

1 4.Jf5WHend:: [*reonis: busy moving into his new & PLAY SCHOOLChildrenAll I I I Drug Store ; $545 Cash HOD. KB*
,. >i' it "Jariheus Baker LIVE-IN MAIDS .....
; ';' '1U . ... < .le. nae 1 4Pot ;*s Heriderson's former office Ages COONS & POSSUMSHERSHEY To $55.00 Wkly. EVANGELIST
; After School Care Send References With
", ., ndw ,wtiy the hush hush atmosphere but one
"' .r, +.'J.uJ 11e '!orlte ',has been appointed as a re't CALL : letter. Carfare rushed. MOTHER DEVINE/ ;i
355 3327 El 5-8158 Hampton Agency ,
#: ; h k.ot4he i &Diation{ held. Others who passedbeing ) '
',t1-" ?xe'".tmi dark. ''Another big Question is GEO. & Willie I Samuels 13 N. Station Plaza Indian ,

(f .... Great Neck, N. Y. Healer and AdvisorAre
; a' :-concerning the status of those who passed Supervisors -

':,,. ':,.. ;AA a Ueht meter reader's exam. Looks as. tho!. -_ TI SUGA'bS $1.00 N. Y. Live-In MaidsYou You Sick? Are You
4 need a friend inN
Suffering? Do you 'need
t .. with \5.00 w. gee f 1M wfer Y. Let Mr. Harold Help? MOTHER DIVINE has
of the Mallory Agencybe I
Hiw EDEwo'GWfr2YI(; ) Large your friend. He help the God by given Prayers.Powers The to ,

WHITINGS Clb. GUARANTEES you a live- .touch of'bar hand will
.,:k ., PRESENTS.... in job in a good home I heal you.
r' paying $30 to $50 a ,"
t Pork week, free room meals, I A

TV. He advances bus She'll tell your Past Present. Future, Love
tickets and expenses to Courtship Lucky Numbers. Lucky Days, MOTHER
1p d4
N. Y. SEND REFERENCESto DEVINE guarantees to Help! Look for the Palm Sign

Mr. Harold, The Mal- and NAME MOTHER DEVINE. Take Bus no. 37 to 4431.
1SC lory Agency Dept. Old St. Augustine Road. Jacksonville, Bring

1 ? 576 Merrick Road 1401 THIS ADV. AND RECEIVE READING FOR. $1.00. Open

ft 4 lender Beef Lynbrook, N. Y. 7 DaysALL DAY SWDAYS.VESETILE .

I -

LIVER $1.00,

: / Small Spare

p .I, RIBS 49C ib 'S

1 I SUP.ER e

6 Days. fr.8 p.m. '* BACONGROUND $1.00 CENTER CUTPORK


\ dJzM4k9 1cti4wei Iba $1.00 3LB. CAN 39t '

L .
fit IKSfiWMRS ANI SPECIAl 'AiTIS CAlL: ClMtnlM' HKMT -rift! 5.00 or aare 'fort order I 49k'

nMi GAlE "i"HENS

.. Irt .. at' 5 ,..ILI 5 I:, lb. 9 ge

I PIKE LINK /lb. 19C1b.
," 10 bag

fj 3 ,wKk S5.00 er lore feed orderUrGRlTS
;; ouoR 390 4.
6E jar ,

1"I ."i W 1 10C' -
.. Eccs 29C
,' : : RICE 3'9c' .
1W QQA : 5/b./ bag
3 lIS.
ir 3 fe 99V
"' -c h rift $5JI feed order had, KfpSt, can
-;"- ... ..
,;.!;.- -'. ,
.' 7 "
".,,-'. > : ; ( : :
-' : ; / /f't :/
,"" : H:4; : ,. : ; ,: : ; i