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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200597datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date February 10, 1962dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=005970740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
February 10, 1962
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
February 10, 1962
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Full Text
I ,

o'J .
..... .
iT-, *&?'*' <** 't'f" '.
::.. : <" -" : :' r' : 'r ; ,, : "" ,
\ ; \ :
,. ; ..... ,' ,
.' J ,' :. .. ... .o. '

H State Claims New Evidence "In' Tiny' Dunaway Murder: Case 'I .' ., '

+ ,* .

,',", ,41 til_ t:. 3 THEFT FROM CHURCH


rr- --, __. -- ---- -- -- ..




.... -,' 0 -
Florida ,
I -vrplty or A: '
'VOL : ( 3UARY 10, Hi 15 CENTS1T
'&01":11110. Flor1 ... Adore Arrests
I ., .. IncreaseIs Expected

I <' ,
/ Debated

; 'ns' UnanimouslyCamp

'To be, qr not to be, '

,. .,, ;. was seemingly the theme 1. .
when the pros and cons of I.'

; whether the city, should : :'
-Back ; -
: "'- :
Weed -
issue additional
: Integration non- ,:
t :; metered cab permits to '

three firms was aired last

) NAACP Seeks ProbeOf week during a public f
I' Members Conference
Center OpensTo hearing before the City .0
Orlando \
A 'Beatings' Council's public service

I I Complaints All Regardless Of RaceMeeting branch ORLANDO'local said it was forward-NAACP mittee.and transportation. com-

Caused here in its 119th annual council recently, the ing afidavits to the U. S. The applicants were W.

ArrestA Episcopal Diocese of Florida-unanimously approved a report Department of Justice and Bernard Langley, Negro
Gov. Farris owner of Ebony Cabs who ARTHUR JONES (left) and Wilbur Dewey Montgomery of this
Bryant charging
recommending that Camp Weed, a diocese camp and
church secretary, local police with beating sought 20 permits for the city, were apprehended by police this weak and charged
conference center be opened to persons from all churches'

charged with the embezzlement I representing! the diocese. ..________________ I and kicking four Negroes House of Langley; R. R. with passing over $2,000 worth of forged checks. It is
of $7.033 from Whitmore, 50 permits, and rumored that others are implicated in the ring.
The report
his church, is being held was first approved Grand Jury May Hear Case Wildress, 10 cabs. J --
in during a business, sessionof Police Arrest Negro Commands
city jail
on grand' Langley, speaking in behalf -
the .
larceny by forgery court. presided' over Involving Ex-Judges Wife of his applications, U.S.
by the bishop of the diocese Worthless Destroyer
Detective Sgt. R. C. Tay- had several witnesses and Checks
Rt. Rev. Hamilton )West MIAMI It has been ann .ed by State Attorney' RICHMOND. Va.---Naval
many supporters the
I and was then submitted to the -Richard Gerstein that new evidence in therobbery- audience who complained among of Passers HereJacksonville history was made at Pearl
council's committee on the Murder of local socialite Beatrice (Tiny) Dunawaymas long waiting for cab Harbor Jan. 31, when Lt.
ser- police
state of the church where it .involving Mrs. Eugenia ThoThomas wife of ex-Judge L. F. vices Comdr. Samuel L. GravelY
county captured two men who were
x- Kt was again resolved 'withoutt may be presented to the Grand Jury. Jr.--a Negro--took over
.'' residential areas which charged with cashing
dissent. Mrs. Thomas was 'accusedfconspiringwithrAubrey
command of the seventeen.hu.ndredton -

I t I Step Was.Loglcal ...*. -- court.-_.r.uledagainst ... vide s !l.c ,, "
; Following the conference, Henry Jr. and Clarence her was,hearsay escort USS Falgout during
I to suspend
operations Wilbur
as Dewey Montgomery
(1 I spokesman for the bishop said Sicipson--both bound over and inadmissible: ceremonies from Lt. Comdr.
K I the result of a suit 27, of 1935 Everson St. .
1 I the action was a logical for the slaying of Mrs. The State Attorney's Robert Friedman.
":,.. brought by Lincoln and and Arthur Jones, 30, of
0\\ step since Camp Weed is sup Dunnaway--in the stick-up office however continued Commander Gravely, the
New Deal .
I Cabs.M. 723 W. Church St. were
ported by Negroes as well as robfrery of an alleged, obtaining new evidence and first Negro to command'u.s. a
F Marvin, who stated lodged in the city jail for
other members of the dio- bolita counting house has been studying the that destroyer in naval
his cab company forgery, investigating
cese' parishes. which resulted in the transcript.of the justiceof history, has accomplisheda
handles some 20,000 Negro :officers reported.
Camp weed a camp and fatal shooting of Mrs. Peace hea'ring.Furs number of 'firsts'
passengers daily, said Detective Sgt. W. B.
conference center, is located Duna ay. throughout his 39-year
the earnings of 400-odd Jones of the city police
near Carrabelle and is Although City HomicideDet. history.
drivers would be seriously bad check squad said the ,
owned and operated by the Robert Utes who has He was the first Negro to
h affected if more cab permits two men cashed approximately -
parishes of the Episcopal been handling the case jiad enter and graduate as a
were issued. $2,000 worth of the
"Diocese of Florida (North no comment to make other midshipman from Columbia
Adrian (Ken) Knight, checks during the last
WALTER LEE RHODES and West Florida). than the evidence has University and later became
television three months. He said the
Separate MeetingsFor been turned over to Atty. the first Negro executivewhen
personality supported checks ranged from $35
lor of the city police many years, Negro and Gerstein's office, Mrs. 1 tf.'y, Lincoln Cabs and the Jax to $100. he was assigned to the

said that_ Walter Lee white groups have been Thomas was accused of ,:. Coach U.S.S. Theodore Chandlerin
Company in their Off-duty patrolman Fred
Rhodes 39, of 1217 TylerSt. holding meetings, picnics, having let the alleged ];,, protest against issuanceof March, 1961.
Mack apprehended
was picked up for study periods and retreats robber-slayers use her : permits to Entering naval service in
Langley when clerks
questioning Tuesday there at separate porch to 'case' the .'.:./,'fi Whitmore and Wildress. 1942, he was the 13th Negroto
became suspicious as
following complaints from times. alleged counting house .' .f become an ensign.He .
Knight who
'f. also operates 'Montgomery attempted to
board of trustees membersof The recent action' by the located on NW 5th P1. '\ '\ _:,;( has seen service on the
Coverage Inc. said
"" that a cash a $67 cjieck at
; a
Zion Hope Baptist During a recent Bearing .. .
council means that 'both fg f:' 2 sub chaser PC 12-64,
1j survey of the
Sgt. Jones
Church. Negro and white groups will before Peace Justice 1:!i-t..A:' situation by his' organization :' the U.SS. Seminole the

ADMITS FORGERIES hold future meetings there at Ralph Ferguson Mrs. k' ,, l<':.. ; reveaked'no 'need said. Iowa, serving at various
tt .
'>>>>45.r. Sgt. J. H. Hawkins, also
Taylor said Rhodes admitted the same time. Thomas was freed when the r .L' M for the issuance of more times as radio officer and
I .. ,.. 'it of the check squad later
forging the names I 1. "<.. cab permits. communications officer. .
""" '
of two other board membersto I Peace Corps Tests Set Fek 77A Unclaimed from The matter is still under apprehended Jones. Commander Gravely 's .jo b
Jones said the checks
some 46 checks .. .
rangingin be Sold study by the city's is to command the Falgout
Storage to
made out to several firms
sums from $85 to $200 Peace Corps placement 18 and there is no maximum.- Here is the story of these furs. transportation committee. which is based at Pearl

since May 1959. tests will be given satur- Furriers from time to time get were stolen during Harbor and patrols our

Rhodes, the report stated, day Feb. 17 at 8:30 a.m. Peace.* corps.. workers* are* "stuck" with furs unclaimed or. 19 Take Exams burglaries. The men were pacific "Early Warning

was elected secretary of in room 315 at the Federal needed in the fields of uncalled for from storage. Spot cashing the checks on Barrier" from the Midway

Building. teaching, nursing, car-* rite Dry.Cleaners has been consigned stolen identification.Investigating .
the board in January Only 3 Pass Islands in the Pacific to
gentry home economics a large group of new and
1958. He was authorized to All persons interestedin used furs which will be almost the Aleutian Islands off
medicine, city planning, When questioned by the reported.
cash checks bearing his serving wath the corps. "given away" to the Jacksonvillearea. the coast of Alaska.

signature and .those .of. two -nay apply by taking the architechture. physical STAR Wednesday, a spokesmanfor -

other board members in test. The minimum age is education and geology. Imagine buying a Fur Stole for the Jacksonville Civil Gets Award From

covering church only $15X0 and up. Many of these Service Commission stated NAACP
expenses. furs are expensive furs and are '. -t: :' ,
that only three out of 19 .., .
Rhodes signed his :
own being solij for practically noth- 'f'
and These used furs really Negroes passed the ,written
name forged the lag
signatures of :the other jI::: look like new but must be labeled"secondhand phase of recent police 1"(:'E"

used." Fur' origin
examinations given here
members Taylor reported.
unknown:; If you want to buy a
\ It was also revealed. tdat real $15.00-and-uo (plus tax) recently.

I I the forgeries continued bargain In a fur. you'd .better Passing'the preliminary z

II I unchecked until the board come early. New fur products _phase-** *were James Chandler.

I became aware. of the incidents : labeled to show coustry of originof Clarence Sullivan and
I'1 imported furs. .Also] ,many
In Udaa t Puke
November 1961. r.
fine Quality for Coa4s&Jacketa.Scarfs .
AIR STATION.EMPLOYE and Stoles 'from regular] ,The spokesman noted that E-i

I Rhodes who is employed at ___ factory stock go at these ridiculous final results of the examinations -

l the Jacksonville Naval Air give-away prices.. AD sales,, will not be

Station as a tractor 4inaL A deposit will bold. your' known until the results of WELL DONE! Billy Mariner is shown receiving a $50
lay-away. *
driver, has'made,, restitution physical tests and other U.S. Savings Bond for having obtained the highest

in the amount. of SIGNS CONTRACT:. MaJ. Taft Cusainfs (center), manager of .These'' furs are on sale investigations are com- number of memberships for the Pensacola NAACP branch ,

$368, Taylor continued. : Continental Bowling Lanes, Inc., signs first coatractof at Spotrite Dry, Cleaners, \ pleted. from Dr. J. Monroe Spencer branch treasurer. Lookingon

i A preliminary hearing was s Allied Detective Agency's new hale protection service 760 Florid Ave. phone This should entail approximately from left are Rev. W. C. Dobbins State vice president -' ,

i held Friday-: '10 a.m. inJustice for residential areas. Looking-.co'are# DeWitt, Cooper. ELgin 5-974. In business I 10 days before of the NAACP and president of the Pensacola

of '-'Peace Sarah. (left), inspector-patrolBan. and Robert T' *ith, .rice ;15.*years.' Store hours: the'\. results, become known Jnter-denominational Ministerial Alliance. and C. R. .

; Bryan* s Court president. of, the agencr. < 6:30 A.M. to 6:'39 P.M.l the spokesman concluded. Harris, branch membership chairman
.... < .

'0 ,,; .. / s. -- \. ., ., .



.. .. _. ._. ..,1,_;,
-. .'. <..: -
___ _.; ti- -


.. .. .
..,- ., -'d ." ., ,
"";: ; ;' ; ; .,' ; ">(; ? c.,;; ,. 1' : ,' ; 'c. '" -. .'
, I '< Y \ ':5' ; : ;: -. ,?: ;o-" <

/ .
: ,, : 'r .


THE : /p///J' r'r1r/, Z a '
: z
.: .1.'e : 4 ff J /
NEWS SOUTHERN /$ /i / /, I /J / /J'

I. '
.Y 1
Published by The Florida Star Publishing Co GR aF BY ERIC O. SIMPSON'

"Member of Associated Negro

Press"'n NFW YORK---Notable improvements! in some aspects -

, ERIC O. SIMPSON...........................?...:......-.. Editor of race relations and civil rights,

/ALYSON: .E. WISE...................................::......:........:News EdDo acco plished'in the year just. past, form the

HILDA WOOTENi.........'................................Circulation Manage .focal point of the National Urban League year- r
..,.... ... .,
; .end report. t
Henry Steeger, NUL president in announcing

2323 Moncrief Road. ...................!................Phone..Elgin 4-6782 N R release of the four-page digest of the
;. t League's 1961 activities across the nation,
;. Mailing Address: :, .
.drew particular attention to the following
:'; P. O. Box 561, Jacksonville 1,' Florida '
_. ..',.? .:,' .,. -, excerpt from the introductory T ..
''' .
"j'' .; :' ; 642. N WJiid" AVENUEz paragraph of the document, as it 'f
:: .." MIAMt. FLA., FR48l'95 ,
Ofc-'1C48I05 relates to the advances noted: '-, .
4" .
:. "In some measurethese gains)
1 are due to a more positive .... 1
One Year, $5.00; Half Year,. $3.00 .
I _' r ,. exerted the
leadership Executive
Mailed To You Anywhere In The United States
Subscription Payable.In Advance. Send Check.or Money Order To, Branch of the Federal

FLORIDA STAR-P. O. Box JACKSONVILLE FLORIDA Government. Courageous action L

I .. '. '. .* f .by dedicated young....:: people--Negro.

'0. Y1 and white--and Federal concern that laws VP

A Hunger For Leadership. xSS enforced made a tangible improvement ir try

public's attitude toward the Negro's strupelp

The following consists .of excerpts from a year- for first class citizenship. '.

end: message written by Prank !/cIaufhlin.. long Despite these gains, Mr.i Steeger said in referring -

im industrial leader of .Seattle: to the year-end roundup the repoYt

"The year finds reople everywhere} rr.eatly'per-, discloses also that "Negroes are still, boxed

plexed and extremely apprehensive about their ... out of broad job fields because of discriminatory -

.elfare and per tiny. hiring as well as by hostile unions "

"The relationship of nations 1 throughout the and the fact that "Negro graduates, are increasing -

world is pt 2. for ebb. The understanding of the fascer than their absorption into job

people has not kept pace with the growth of levels utilizing their skills. "

complexity in human! affairs.
On the brighter side, and specifically with
"The of the greatest world TO BREAK HIS GRIP
crux crisis in FIRM CIVIL RIGHTS LEGISLATION NEEDED regard to the impact of the Urban League pro-
modern times is the further
weakening of man's
gram during 1961 the NUL president cited the I
spiritual dedication'and the erosion .
rapid of I
followingfromamong noteworthy examplesof
}his moral fiber. .
'The dollar. bill is no substitute for the advances reflected in the report:

Bible. There probably are no episodes in. our J 1 Your Weekly (1) A conference of executives from 50 major

history .irore destructive of the, '.American Peri t- ,corporations and officials froM 'ten i egro colleges

; age than the lure of Something for nothing, and .1 Horoscope Guide held in New York last spring under

the panacea of Security from the Cradle to the .... auspices of the NUL Commerce, and Industry:

Grave. 1 ,- By PABLO, The ASTROLOGER Council, to explore ways in which business p.nrt

'It is* tragic that at a time when ve are faced 0 industry can more effectively tap the reser-

with the greatest need for spiritual adherenceand :' WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR voir of Negro manpower now enrolled .in "col-

growth, for hard-core moral fiber, we sre leges and universities. -

witnessing .a constant deterioration of these ,BUSINESS LOVE- TRAVEL (2) Swift action ,by the League early in 14n1

attributes and u lities. r prompted investigation by the U.S. Departrent

*There, is a hunger for vise, intelligent _. of .HeaJLth, Fducation and Velfare of legisla-

courageous leadership. The very future of man- AFIESEbm tion in Louisiana which jeopardized the sus-
current bills promptly, specialists have. to offer,
Vind hovers between the Cuick end the Dead tenance and health of some 26,000 children ,
March :CI:I lhru Jpri I.I LAThe and banking the rest before and should not spurn
most of them Negroes. As a result the legislation -
-17th may be upsetting you run the risk of calling on then to aid
HEART was drastically modified.
enough in .so far as your being tempted by a whim you in combating your

One of the major advances in the treatment of social and emotional interests desire or attraction into .particular. afflictions (3) League Conference decisions spurred New
York State action concerning the so-called
the -human heart has been the pump-oxygenator, are concerned, parting. with them. < (14th-17th). "
i Newburgh plan for public welfare prac
more commonly called theN 9-20-22-19-21-921
heart-lung machine but the real showdown 1-40-33-15-56-143
tices. A court injunction resulted, and
', which takes over the work of the could take place, late LEG StflTT/FIUS '
around the country and the public at
heart and lungs in circulating fresh 18th and 19th. If havea Leagues
blood you fb m t tov': r3 th ru Cec. fl I
torn July 1toto9ustC2 alerted
through the body friend who is always Fverything seems to be large were" to the dangers of "New-

Models presently use are intricate, cost- available when you are in There.is little choice. building up to a climax burphism. ;

ly, extravagant in their use of blood for need of advice it may for you other than to hold that may be expected by (4) In Chicago League study brought to

priming, and demand a highly skilled team, tooperate spare you some anxious yourself strictly in check the 18th. Instead of find- light facts out of which grew charges that the
Board of Education was budgeting ?0
in cardiac surgery. moments to solicit it on and to give no one else ing yourself all the Chicago
way "
I Now, however, a.revolutionary pumpoxygenatorwhich these dates before you cause for offense. Do not out on a limb make sure per cent less per pupil for Negro schools
\.hi te. The Chicago UL urged
will be than forschool
no larger than a portable TV have taken actions that allow insurance policiesto that you have discovered

set, so simple one technician can operate it,, are irrevocable. lapse, and any additional a shelter that can with- officials to adopt "a positive policyof

and needing only two pints of blood for prim- 1-30-55-12-53-135 measures that stand anything which could integration to provide more economic use

ing has been 'developed at Boston City; Hospitaland I T/UFUS must be taken to insure possibly happen. Your of existing educational facilities.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 'fern pri !I. 20 thru P May ro the protection* of property problems are slated to (5) League sponsorship of, an eight-city Urban
with Heart Renewal Institute in Warren, Ohio brought
Fund aid. and domestic unity.
Don't take it for granted'that take on a different color
The \>xygenator, radically different in design you are out of the should be instituted with- (18th) together housing specialists from government

from any previously' developed. is expected to woods if the fireworks out delay. ; ... P-SO-33-18-3f-683 and private agencies, resulting in comprehensive -
be useful not .only in heart new approaches to housing problems.
surgery but in promised for the last 5-50-77-14-75-571. ? G'PPIOCRfrm :
'. "These but few of the achievements in
cardiac and pulmonary VI Fro were a
emergencies where the quarter failed to live up Dec. rr. thru Jan. IP
work of the heart and lungs must be taken over to their billing. If Fom Aug. 2M I thru Sept. 23 local communities throughout the country
If there is
any changein network of 62
quickly.Now brought about by the. gency's
If things have- been
always possible. that the the
in its seventh working model the machine \ planetary picture affiliates in 30 states and the District of
biggest building up toward.aclimax
punch was reserved I at this juncture it is '
is ready for Columbia, Mr. Steeger said.t -
mass production after -several .
for this quarter you may expect it not likely to be one for
years of medical engineering research.Unlike which has a large quotaof to cone by the 18th. You the better. Sharp dif-

any other oxygenator, it is 'so .'.compact -: problem planetary con- ray find that others are ferences of opinion Over

that it. can be dropped whole into an figurations. Outside of trying to shift their bur- religious or political .

autoclave for sterilization, be kept in ster- the 18th and 20th. when dens on your shoulders as matters or with.tn-laws. :

ile condition -and be hooked up to a patient things should be peaceful well, and you must be firm could generate into long-
quickly without elaborate q .
preparation. enough uou can expect in your rejection as you drawn out controversies It"

Its operation is so foolproof and simple in much to happen in your professional seem to :have about? .all that would impose severe

execution that it is of special interest to: and'domestic en- you 'can bear yourself. strains on our peace of .
small. .
hospitals. '"
vironments. 2-60-99-15-97-269 mind:
The new pump-oxygenator is '
powered -
oxygen, LIEFA 8-40-44-17-42-841
S ,
which not only removes dependence upon electricity 2-30-33-19-32-263 ."
Ebm Sept. 21 thru lkt. r3. /TV/WHS'
but handles several phases of the OMIKII :J ,
It is often when a danger fOm JelL CO thru Feb. 18 .
machine's ;
simultaneously. 21 I ..
thY thru 19'Travel .f
June "
seems to. be on the way out where trickery and persuasion .
Today's heart surgery is far more sophisti- I '
( should be avoided, that its sting is the did not. work new
cated than most doctors I
dared dream of a gen- hen there is good reasonto sharpest. You cannot and much more forceful
eration ago. The pump-oxygenator stands as one do so on the
15th 18tl afford to expose yourselfto tactics may be employedto
of the most'vital tools in all of medicine
and 19th. It be dif-
may a the hazards that were extract cash or other
serving not only in heart but in other
surgery ficult time to reach previously identified,.'as costly concessions from
It is an excellent example of the fruits of accords, mediate I
differences their potential power can you. Be especially on your
research--long, tedious, expensive but' life-
launch projects be and all
saving. extraordinarily strong guard against any ,

..,. -. ,- ... ",- or get along with neigh- (15th thru 19th), If you eventualities for some F'l'

I ,bors. kinsfolk or in-laws. have a business or sort of climax,is due to .

N I I fall thru 19th),
4-80-44-18-43-483, occupy a responsible position (17th
rillIP I devote all your PISCES
., ; rom June 20 thru July t2 attention to the strict Forn Feb. 19 thru March ID "

now itS-- ,: '.; Complete r protection for performance. of your If you have a .better: tinkling .-
:your valuable holdings duties. as to what is
'. : '
: n..IrfiIMI"- should be provided: through 7-10-11-13-61-713 lying in wait for you e it ::5 if KEN KNIGHT

insurance or any other. SODRPIOfl: ''.;', may be the better.p art. 6.if ,w i". :' '

it4 S efficacious means avail' Ibm Oct. 2V thruPov. 22The. valor to give it, a wideberth :'.. r.:.., -. Invites You ,To Listen To -

for t able to you, particularly battle may ,be neither instead of r shlng'9ut TRAINnJ

from the 14th thru 19th. won nor; lost,, at the start; to meet it head-on. "KNIGHT

tItiIIk ytIIIfl The returns you obtain of this 'quarter but it The price of. defiance ..maybe
: At 7OO i
"":Starting p.m. -
through your gainful en- does not mean that you counted in terms- of
-, ,.. .deavors and they should sh'ould' giv'e'uP the. loss .o'f face, a valuable,/:L 1400WRHC1400

f ... be satisfactory, may also .strug lc,.' You may need all>: ,-ally and peace of "mind .: .
'----- 'be :
: protected 'by paying -t enlightenment. that 3-79-66-15-65-368 '


.., ,t 'i j I
/ >'"
<0 .
-" ,

f ; ;"" :> ': .-' > ,, -- ; .."',, '" .;' I
1 t h. i I 1
r -=

_., *." .' ,-' "- ,-- ,- -- '--.- -,' .
:' ==

iA '. = I ,'f

I '
L '
'o'AGl ::

;ii'o..:.. :;{ .. o ,,

; -- 10, 1952

'r. O'Neal-Tripp/ Ceremony Wedding Bells-
-- .

f ': : .Applications fox
: I Maxriag

,-- _-:_'-..-,=- Unites Popular Couple License*

-', Boffin J. Goolsby, 910 Tyler

'R II- St. 18 and Elizabeth St6kes., 1047.
} W. Duval St, 18.

E Nathaniel Royal Jr.: 1579 W.

'By.LOUISE :34th St, 25 and Eddie M. Moore,
a I ,2051 Mars St 22
: ,
I G. GUINYARD- 4 c '
; Eddie L. Robinson* 664 W. 11th
l\ = rl ,!St, 23 and :Margaret Wooten 1901

.. s:Illinois St, Apt. B, 24.

: : ... :. ." .: J Russell L. Davis, 1370. Bridier
v St. 21 'and Delores W. Dennies.

: 1121 E. Union St,'17: ,

The Lincoln Golf and Country. Club has long been a James Elbert, Jr., 1731 Harper -
k St. 19 and Mary A.
favorite retreat for. Jacksonville popular set and it Bowes. 2018.

interesting to note the recent increase in activity. l Gilbert T. Jones, -205 AlgerSt;. FLAWING SESSION: Several members of the 1$61 Duval Heart "

Familiar faces are now seen dining' and dancing,nightly. Detroit, Mick, 21 and Constance Fund drive committee: meet recently in executive sessim with

I am also elated over the fact that patrons are takinga Bennett, 5308 Cord Ave., 18.. local officials Seated (foreground) are Miss Ruth Zimmer
new interest in dancing. Although the twist. is partially Reginald L. Tobey, 1725 E. campaign director and Warren M. Ashton executive director.

responsible for this, I ..find it 'highly pleasing rr Park Ave, New York, N, Y.; 24 Standing from left; C. Parham Johnson, vice general chairmn
and Bettie A. Harris, 1524 West ;
nevertheless. : : : 33rd St, 19. Adrian (Ken) Knight, general chairman, .and Joshua W. Willlaas..

it t. Andrew Jackson 341 Oak St/ social and civic organizations director.

28 and Mary E. Wilkerson. 1403 (Royal Art Studio fboto)
Miss Rose V. Judge.. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel W. 5th St, 29. .-

Judge, was a recent visitor in our city. ,She is now en Theo. J. Rushing 1544 Dot St, Hampton AlumniMeets Chairs Wil!!

f route to Verdon Prance, where she has lived for the %21 and Roylene Dixon 1914 Mc- i
Millan St, 17.
past seven years via way of Washington D.,C. and New
Fred A. Anderson 1618 Bar AprilCF.EFNSBOFO 7-8 Be PresentedMrs.

York City. nett St, 20 and Margaret :Holsey,

Miss Judge,, vice president of International Toast 4T 1988. W. 5th St, 20. Plans Elnora HembY and Nrs.

mistresses Club spoke at New. Stanton High School and 1 Andrew P. George Jr., 586 Fafa N.C. Willie % -
St. S.W. Atlanta annual North Carolina Mae Richardson of
Gan 21 and tim for the
the A.L. Lewis Branch YWCA during'her stay here. She
L. Webb 5632 Silverdale Ave., 17 Pegion meeting of the Grant Memorial AME Church
honored with while here hosted
was parties by
many Thos. McBride, 1328 Van BurenSt Institute Alumni will present chairs .to the
.Mr. and Mrs., L..M. Argrett; Mrs.. Lucille H. Butler; x.- 30 and Helen Jackson, 1338 Hampton trustees the church Feb.
to be heldat .
Miss Susie Chambers; Mrs G.M. White; Miss Lillian Mc- Highlighting the mid-winter social season was the\ Weare St., 30. Assocaition, .
Leroy Ford, 916 W. Church St April 7-8. 11.
MT College
Clellan;; Mr. and. Mrs. Henry Nash; Mr. and Mrs. Porcher beautiful wedding of Miss Cassazt ira- Inez 0 *Neal, the 32 and Ruby Moore, 1327 Madison at The presentallon'will be

Taylor; Mr. and Mrs, James Williams; Mrs. Golden CherryMrs. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. ROSCOQ l 0-eal' to William Lee St. 33.Wm.. .. were completed a held from 4 to 6 p.m. and a

Lottie Jones Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel Davis Mrs. H. Jones, 1420 W. 6th St. special meeting held here
; ;
Tripp the son of Mrs. Dorothy Curley of, Corona, N. Y. program will be rendered with
34 and Jessie .
I Hosiers P. Baety Rt 1, Box lastteek.
Eva ; Mrs. Dewey Wells; The Congenial Ladies the event taking place February 1 at 10 a.m during a 394, Thomasville Ga., 21., Mrs. J. T. McMillan as speaker -

Club; The West Jacksonville-' Garden Circle. ,, Mrs.' Golden nuptial mass in St. Pius Catholic Church Rev. (Father) Wm. Edwards, 514 W. State St for the occasion.for .

Cherry Mrs. Lottie Jones, and Mrs. Clarine' Limbric Lane 20 and Agnes Howard, 723 t .
Weldon wood, S.S.J. pastor officiating.The
W. Church St. 15. ---.r-- .-" -- -- tI ----,
hostesses and Criterion'Matrons Club Ches- I
; the ,. Mrs.
ter Satterwhi te..hostess. church altar was assecories and she wore a James E. Robinson, Gen. Del., ]
Atlantic Beach- Fla. 34 and Ari-
.. beautifully decorated with white carnation corsage. ,
lean Kirtsey 9 Claude 15.1 I '
A '
tall baskets of Chry- .
Mrs. .Lillian Davis, president, was. hostess, to the Mr. and Mrs. Tripp were Adell Whitson 693 Sexton ,.. Olq
f most recent meeting of Los Diamontes Bridge Club"" held santhemums green honored with a wedding're Ave., Memphis, Tenn., 37 and .
foliage and nuptial music Merrell A. Lee 735 Duval St, 21. t.
ception that evening in the .
in'th home of Mrs. Earnestine Poole. Mrs. Lydia Sweet Leonard .
was furnished by the Fletcher 330 Magnolia
G and Mrs. Vivian Lewis, were welcomed as new members. home of the bride's parents St, 21 and Odessa Willis 361

Mrs. Gloria Fart and Mrs. Luvenia NeWman were high organ. 1602 W., 15th St. at Earnest, St., 21. I J now itS
The bride who was given 7 Frank Capers, 20 E. State St.'
scorers in the club division, while Mrs. Farnestine p.m.fhe +acc:
in marriage by her father 24 and Mary J. Harrison, 634
Poole Qualified for the guest player's award. receiving line was Court D, 18. .

Mrs., Gladys Bryant M.rs'. Juanita. .Davis, Mrs. GloriaFort selected a gown of white formed in the living' room Elliott P. Barrington Jr., '1645 .rs Peps
Peau-de-Soie that featureda W. 3rd St, 24 and Thelma Davis
; Mrs. Emma Morgan Mrs. Frankie Summers and Mrs. and Mrs. Beulah McClellan ,
detachable overskirt of 2524 Moncrief Rd., 25.... _
Thelma Geiger were among other members present. presented guests to members those
Raleigh J. Sr.
embroidered organza.. The Washington ,
.. of the line namely: Mr. 6415 Lobelia St, 54 and Jereline

fitted bodice was enhancedby and Mrs. Roscoe O Neil. the Smith, 1704 Belfonte .Dr.,. 21. who think young

All members were present when Classic ..Lassies'Bridge'Club a scarlet neckline and bride and groom Mrs. Agnes Leroy Jackson, 723 ''W Beavex .'. .

a t met Friday evening at the Lincoln Golf and Country short 'sleeves. Her ,shoulder Franklin. of Corona N. Y. St, '47 and Evelyn Noble 1129 --"-- -

s Club.' Mrs Minnie'Gadling was, hostess length veil was securedto grandmother of the groom;; Myrtle Ave., 30. .' ,":..r..taI

and a Juliette cap of lace. Samuel L. Ballingeri 1036 '.. .' ,
Mrs. Dorothy Mrs. Margaret Starkes Mrs. -
Mrs. Dorothy Curl ey, the 'y
Everson. St, 17 and Northa D. ;
Joan Spauldlng qualified for club prizes. She carried a prayerbook
groom's mother; Booker T. Lewis, 1437 Grunthal St, 16. "2.

Mrs. Juanita Williams. Mrs.o Helen .Toney Mrs. Margaret. showered with an orchid. Reddiok uncle of the Jos. J. Clark, in, 1532 W. 24th

Mathis. Mrs. Grace Sykes, Mrs. Carolyn Washington. nero only jewelry was a bride; Mrs. Milton Brant- St, 20 and Edith -A. Hill, 1631

among' other members single strand pearl Qeck1 Madison St, 20. -
and Mrs. Geneva Hendersdn were ley cousin of the bride;
Wm. L. Tripp 112-20 38th Ave.
ace .' a gift from the
present. Miss Linda Malpress and
c 'Queens, N. Y., 21 and CassandraL

: .groom. Hamilton E. Thompson the O'Neai. 1602 W. 15th St, 20.

Miss Linda .R. Malpress. maid of honor and best- Wm. Watson,, 1523 Swift St, YF
Mrs. Myrtis Thomas, Mrs. Catherine Jackson Mrs.. her maid of honor chose a 36 and Helen L. King. 4433 Bes'
man respectively.The '
Leila Jackson Mrs. Alpha Moore Miss Waltee McCrae ant sie. Circle W., 25.
blue. chiffon in
Mrs, Sola Wells were guests when Les Elites Bridge gown bride's 'table was Robt Davis, 1430 'W.. 2nd St' I ( _
k ballerina length and full overladen. with an imported 24 and Evelyn Jones, 837 Baker
Club met at the Lincoln Country Club Friday evening. i
skirt with Ave .
matching cum- white lace 'cloth. On each ,,27.Richard

Mrs. Marie McClain was hostess merbumb. Her head piece end were 'lighted candleabraand Myers, Jr., 2324 Butler _
Mrs. Elizabeth Simmons, Mrs. Johnnie Mitchell Mrs. of Ave, 32 and Rosa L. Williams,
crown was matching ma-
in.the center was a 2324 Butler Ave, 24.
Maxine Jackson and Mrs. Ann McIntosh were winners of ,
terial trimmed with circular -
scorer- % a huge four-tiered wedding'cake Theo. J, Smith, 1351 Mt. Her-
club prizes. Mrs. Alpha Moore washi.gh among
veil. She wore a topped by a bride man St, 17 and Wessie M. Sam
guest players however each of the guests received, nosegayof blue carnations and ,uels, 1018 Everson St, 19

a: lovely gift from, the hostess.Mrs. tied with net and ribbon. Tall groom.baskets" ..of. chrysanthemums .--A-:: ____YJ

.- Vermal McCbne. .Mr s. .Annie. B.. Minatee Mrs. '. Hamilton E. Thompson of were placed* ..
Alvenia Scriven Miss Lois' Avery and Mrs. Virginia Gray Baltimore Md. was bestman. "
at each end ,of the.' receiving -
were among members participating. in the meeting.
The bride's. mother se-
line. :
lected biege lace over some ... o a t r rs
A reminder to bridge players about Alpha Kappa Alpha After spending ti.me : ,
toaft with matching as- !
'with the the bride
Sorority' bridge tournament that will be held during guests .
Mr. and Mrs. Joel Collier. GOL t. ;;
secories: and her .
and left'that night
"AKA week, February 24 March 3. groom
2644 Bunche Dr. Boy.
of white carnations. .. $3.00 OHLY Per BottteBorder
Founder'sDay for: a, short honeymoon tripto a .
Gamma Rho Omega Chapter is staging a giant Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Denmark -
The groom's mother was Daytona Beach. .. _
Twentieth Anniversary celebration at that time. y
attired in yellow Organza I 1136 W. 3rd St. .J-
Out of .town guests were
with matching assecoriesand Booker T. Reddick Orlando: I Girl. ti SsO
H i
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hay-
she're corsage of Fla.; Mr. and Mrs. Milton
wood. Rt. 9, Box 427 A,
\ \ white carnations.The i + t ti
\ Brantley. Marianna Fla. ; .I y i t

grandmother of the Mrs. Agnes Franklin and Boy.
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar .Maples -
groom was gowned in blue Mrs. Dorothy CurleY 'both
2816 San DiegoRd.
silk Faille matching from New York.
Girl. ,

\ Hew .SfantonChoir Mr. and Mrs. Jimmie Sampson J
.,, ,
- :':': :
Sepia Ladies 717 Owens St. Boy.

To Sing Mr. and Mrs. J. Thomas

..:}t:..... Elect/ Officers 221 Osceola St.. Boy. ,
The New Stanton High .school .

i I;{;::.:"':. ':::::..)\: Glee Club, directed, by Mrs.' 1334 Mr.. W.and*21st Mrs.'St.James, Girl.Wiley, II_

p);, .);: if1r Alpha Hayes Moore, will be The annual election of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Culver :
.. ... ...." officers held duringa
, / 18 presented at 8:30 in a p recital. m. in Feb.the recent were meeting-by members 1645 N.. Myrtle: Ave: ,

Boy. 1
: ;; auditorium of St. Paul AME of. the_Sepia the'home Lades Mr. and Mrs.. AlphonsoRoss. ,
Church. Social Club in of p
1,1 4401 petaille. Dr. .
: : The speaker for the occasion Mrs. Perry Faulk. Girl. _
will be Rodell Roberts, New.officers are: Mrs. aBJTYPRODJTSE
Mr. and Mrs..Kenneth Davis -
instructor at New Stanton. Olean peacock. president;
5331 Newcombe St. ,
Mr. Roberts is Wrs. Viola Faulk' vice
NIFICENT a graduate o
r ; Boy.Mr.
president; Mrs. Vera 'C. .
York memberof
New University, a
.., ',:.' } and Mrs. James Glos- Now! Order Today! Order Now!
Anderson recording secre-
., Ebenezer Methodist t Church ,
: t.r. 1510 Ppwhatten. St. .
and vice chairman of the tary; Mrs France'Mitchell .
'. Boy. Send $3.00 in cash or money order to
W'q : ..."<.. Board of Directors of secretary; Mrs. '
: < Mrs and Yrs. Joe Bailey, Lena Horne-Jax DivisionP.O.
Gloria Glenn, financial
: : : Ebenezer Methodist churcThe :
,. ,, : secretary Mrs. Elizabeth 2957 Lippia Rd. .- Girl. Box 561 Jacksonville-1, Florida
is bean
:;:: :': program ,
sponsored by Leonard' J. .'pierce. treasurer Mrs. I ... *
: Name ------------------------------
; Gerturde Brown business -----
[ : Roberts Jr. in the interest ,
:ijOIiBqy,4pylPWSiNMM i ; .. .11.,.' .
Mrs. Leila Prawn r
of Choir 1 of St. Paul. manager;
Royal Crown .... --------
: : Appearing on the program report The next Cola .Street---: .- : --:
will be the Brewster Nurses meeting will, .beheld with ': .
'Ci ty' State---------------------------
mum H3UD* WIStt II rtWF il J _, WmiBf M..PflUL. Quartet under the directionof Mrs. Gertrude Brown. 1331 ,.
Miss Gloria Love. r. 25th Ftreet. '' .
'n :.

". I
..: .



I r I


: ,i




: -: ,
.' \ 'T
10, 1962 : FLIHIA STAI'

/" ..- ,.P'Gt 4

: Founder's Day .1 :Duval. Vocational E Minisfers, Parficipate WiffiNdf/ona/Counc/// / Race Relations/ First Baptist" -

Is 1 Set ByBishop ,Has New Courses PlanhedSunday Announces

Greene OOVAL.Wiliiam D., Sweet,

r principal of the Stanton By Methodists I I' Activities; ; .

Bishop Greene announced. Vocational High Evening
By Rosa L. Coffie
that the'-96th Founders'Day School announces the formation NASHVILLE TENN. -.Race t
First Baptist Church, 1025
of.JB4w.afd Waters Col- of a special, class 5 Relations Sunday will be
Jessie Street, will observe
legi.will'be'c lebrat d in Speed ,Reading. This observed by' Methodist
the 57th. anniversary of the
February 12-14. 1962 on popular course is being churches across the nation
church Feb. 18 at
p the campus of the college. currently taken ,by millions February 11. .
3:30 with Rev.
p.m. J. C.
The, Board of,Managers and of, Americans whoa On that day, members of ,
Sams and congregation of
the Trustees of" the college re realizing the importance The Methodist Church will
% Baptist Church and
will meet in the of being able, to seek to promote better '
Rev. A. B. Coleman and
library, Monday, February read fast and ,with good relations between the

12,' 1962 at 2 p. m. with understanding.The races, and they will try Congregation Metropolitan Baptist Shiloh Church',Iin

t Bishqp S. L. Greene,Chair- Speed Reading course 'ft to raise' $1,000,000 for charge of services.Rev. .

map, 'presiding. One of- the will be of special value, the 12 Methodist-related Williams
% F. N. pastorof
highlights of this meeting to college and high school Negro colleges and one
Antioch Baptist Church
will be. a report presented 'students and to educations 3 'student center.A .
e. Houston, Texas, will conduct
by President W. B. Stewart, 'who.will. have to read service of worship for
nightly evangelistical ser-
showing the rapid progressof large, amounts of printed: the annual observance has,
vices beginning at 7:30 p.m.
the college and the matter preparing for t estate' been prepared. by Methodist.
t.tJnday'night. Feb. 19 through
onward steps made in recent' required examina Bishop Everett W. Palmer,
f> Feb. 25th.Sunday.s .
Sunday night,
months, to .move toward, set-,. tions. Seattle Wash. and is
services will
: begin
ting th$ college in readiness '- Mr. Sweet announced that available*from the Methodist -
with Sunday School at 9:20a.m.
for its first evaltia- the Vocational High School Board of Education in
with G. W. Scott,
tion asa senior' college. had recently purchased the Nashville Tenn.

The loyal AME Presiding very latest teaching BREAKS PRECEDENT: Fifty-three AME: ministers, and eleven bishops from 25 states .The'R ace Relations Sunday superintendent, in charge. "
( The pastor will review the
Elders, Ministers, and Lay machine to be used in participated in a.f ve-dy seminar held recently in St. James AME Church, St. offerings will help Morgan
lesson. Morning worship will
Leaders are rallying be'hind connection with the Louis,' Mo., under the auspices of ,the National Council of Churches. The AME group's, Christian Center Baltimore '
li o'clock with Rev.
start at
the coll ege-to. make an* ;course. The instructor in scholarships were paid, by the AME Department of Minimum Salary. Listening. to.the Md. and the following -
,C. B. Dailey delivering
pastor -
the : .address "The Member Canvass" Rev. Dr. Malcolm .Blackburn of
appreciable contribution ; course has been on. Every. by p. New colleges: Bennett. *
the The
toward the'many needs specially trained in the York, Associate Executive Director, Dept. of Stewardship and Benevolence, National Greensboro, N.C.; Bethune- sermon.
senior choirs and senior
outstanding at the college. 'use of ,the' equipment by Council of Churches are Rev. Dr. H. Halph Johnson, director of the MS Department Cookman Daytona Beach
.. .
ushers will serve throughout
Faithful alumni( supported the manufacturer's repre- 'and, his. associate, Rev. Dr. Ezra M. Johnson, both of Memphis. :' Fla. ; Claflin Orangeburg *
I .
,. the day.
by the associate: alumni, sentative., The class, will l' l S.C. ; lark, Atlanta' Ga. :

the representing African, leaders Methodist. .in meet at the three Vocational nights weekly High S Parents Slate Ministers! Elect IWoodlawi?_Presbyterian Orleans Dillard; Huston-Tillotson University,. New meet The at missionary 4 pim. in Society the church will

Episcopal Church throughout School 521 W; Ashley St. Mew Officers Austin Texas; Meharry, auditorium. Members' will begin -

The i'n Annual ConcertThe Church, Notes' a series of discussionson
.this state and connectjyon course Public ,. Nashville Tenn, ; Morris-
the theme, 'ThtITwelvc:
i offered '
Speaking last town
? have pledged to contribute The Interdenominational at Morristpwn. Tenn. ; "
Isaiah Blocker By L. N. Pearson Sr- Conditions of Prayer. The
semester will also be'o.ffe Paine
some '($10,000.00). Ministerial Alliance met Augusta, Ga. ; Philander -.
Junior High School auditorium 'first discussion will be in
in this effort.Simpson. red again thissemester. recently in the assembly'room' Smith, Little Rock.
will .be the scene The United PresbyteriaYouth I Preference To Faith.
of Bfewster Methodist Hospital Ark. ; Rust Holly Springs.
for.the annual band 'concert a group organized fo Others following too next
Only'a limited number of Miss. and /
to elect officers for ; Wiley" Marshall
be sponsored by the the young people,. made ,thei eleven monthly meetings will
accepted.in .Texas.Aicman.
Sets persons ,the year.The .
the Speed Reading Class Band Parents Club March debut Sunday, Feb. 4. at 5p.c. be. Meditation, Confession,
Rev. J. S. Johnson '
9 at 8 p.m. in the Sanctuary of th r Consolation, Repentance
'so interested
persons are 1 pastor of St. Stephen ,AME HayesCompletes
Morgan Recital/ urged to register now. The- band, organized, inl Church, was elected president church with a unique progra Assurance, Submission, Obedi-

955 under,. its.pres.e.la .in ,the form of a Vesper, Ser ance, Abiding, Steadfastness,
replacing the Rev. J' B. F.
Mt. Tabor Director, Mrs.. Norma S. vice. The participants ,on th Basic!' Persistence and Patience.Mrs. .
The steward board of
bimpson 'Williams who has been
White, is practicing diligently program were as follows Arabella calendar, president -
Methodist Church.will/present! Plans Recital Superintendent of the Jacksonville M __
for the annual Prayers, Brenda Wylie. an 1. is requesting the
Mdrgin Jr. .
James in., recital. & District, Me.thodistI
"'" PAIATKA -- The 'officers presentation.
anc Denise Huger; reading Antoin presence .of all members.
Feb 25 at 7 p.nu. in the I Church1. : '
members of Mount Tabof"Baptis The 'band has attended. |
ette Gad line ; moderator Tuesday night's prayer
auditorium of the church.Mr. elected
Other officers were
Church will present Mis five district and state i Juliet Dixon; vice moderator services will start at 7
Morgan: is .a native of this, Rev. C. A. weaver, first vice
Allie Faye' Rountree'and Amos band festivals in.G! ns-
:jolita. Simmons; recordin o'clock. Wednesday night's
city, a graduate of : ,
: tanton'High
president Rev.S. Emory
Ealey, both of'Jacksonville, ville, Alachua, Fernandina secretary, Felisa Villarin Bible study beginning at 7

School, where he was a' .in" a musical recital immedi* Tallahassee Orlando and Felder, secretary; Rev. D. B. :assistant secretary, Joyc o' clock.will be conducted by

member of the Glee club, and 'ately' \ Barnes, treasurer; Rev. I.
following and has rated
has evenin .Jacksonville Dixon; treasurer, Debora I the pastor.
studied at BethuneCbokmanCbllege .. '
worship Sunday, -Fjeb.; 11 the .'superior in marching, concert McPherson, chaplian; Rev. R.' :!Robinspn; purpose- of organi ,
He is a memberof I The guest artists will be and sight reading each! If. Jones y parliamentarian) zatlon, Patricia A. Pearson ","" :
; ,
Choral the host Ensemble church and'and.Choir Simpson 2. I heard in a well rounded program year., Several students! Rev. J. ',BF.: .., ill" &.| s., !'ushers, Marshall. Johnson, an I Epfiesian Yotith

executive secretary
i featuring classical, participated in thetsplo Reginald R. cl sin
He will be. heard in =
spirit- semi-calssleal-and spiritual and ensemble activitiesand The next meeting is scheduled

uals,' classics'semiclassics; selections. were rated superiorand for Feb. 10 at 11 a.m. prayer Another, Janice newly Green.organize Slate/ Recital

and folk songs. ,Mr. Morgm will, Both artists are products excellent., Students in at the hospital., The newly .group of, the church known: a .. ....... \ .v
be accompanied by Miss Dorothy the band elected president will pre- The youth department
of the Duval County School now who received the Pairs and Spares, a clul of

Lang, a graduate of Boy Ian- system with Miss, Rountree festival awards last year sent the- program and other to clean -Ephesian Baptist ChurchiunoVr
spearhead sports an< LACKLAND AFB, Tex. Airman -
Haven School and Clark) having also sung with the; are: Peter Roulhac,' oseph officers will be appointed.A Christian physical education, Basic Nelson HayesJr. the direction of Mrs. Dolly

College' ,Atlanta, Georgia.Miss university choir while at MCRoy; Fay Harris; Hunter ',. city-wide Easter progra will make its debut Frida; son of Nelson Hayes Taylor will present a day of

Lang is employed in the Aurora will be planned ,at the next music Feb. 25 in auditoriumof
tending Fla. A&, university; Satterwhite. Dow night, Feb 16 at 8_p.m. ai 314 Sixth St. S, Jackson-

school system and a memberof Friends and the general and Diedre Satterwhite. .meeting. Wilder Recreation Center ville Beach, Fla. is the church beginning at

the church. public are invited. The band will present a Donation, $1.25 The clu being assigned to the il a.m. The ,pTogram: will

Valentine' Program at the ". United States Air Force continue through out.the.

-- -, __ u .. Band Miss Fort'ToAppear presents the introductor evening.
; _. --l call Parents meeting banquet. technical training course '
tomorrow night .J(\ Some of the participantsare
Monday Church school begins Sunday for engineer equipment ,
February 12 in the school ./n/ : Miss Catherine Thompson.
Feb. 11 at 9 a.m. in th specialists at Ft. Bel-
auditorium at 7:30 Vivian Ross Starlights.
p.m. Westminster Hut, 3066 Wood voir, Va.Airman .

This program will be a Hayes, who has Robert Prater, the Reid
E lawn Rd. and in the Sanctua;

preview for the annual St. StephenMis at ,Laura and State sts. a completed his basic mili- .Sisters and. others.-

now its Pepsi'yrtfe J4 concert. 9:30 a.m. with'T.. V. Huger tary training here, was
flI The following all "A" TAX FORMS. PREPAREDFor
; superintendent, in chargeRev. selected for the advanced .

students in the band will 'Jacqueline. \Ynez Fort Franklin D. Wilson course on the basis of his Your Convenience

be honored .at this 'meeting will, be ,presented.ID? & 'musical Interests and aptitudes.
pastor, will preach the 1

Lavern Hill, Renee Lewis, recital at St. StephenAME a. m. sermon supported by'th e A graduate of Douglas Income Tax Forms

Emerelle McNair. and Peter Church Feb., 11, at 8 p.m. Anderson High School.
United Church Choir with C Prepared By Specialist
Roulhac.Mrs. Miss fort will"feature
South Jacksonville the
E. Simmons Jr. at the organ
E.A. Roulhac, president classics, semi-classics,
Midweek worship and stud airman ,attended Gibbs At t Silver Star Liquors

urges all parentsto spirituals and folk, so>tgs. Junior College St.
will be held
Wednesday a 56B8 AVENUE B
make a ,special effortto The young. .artist isa member, I Petersburg. .
) 7:30 p.m. in the Sanctuary o ,
attend. of the Glee Club of James
the church. The church chat .
Weldon Johnson Jr. High
will reqears Thursday a
T it- School, Stanto-Musi-Cho and
+ 8 p.m. Members are urged t<
S. the Northwestern Chorus.
c attend both events. IDEAL FOR THLFIREPLACE
A,'member of St. Stephen AME '
J. B. Darby Jr. son of Mr. CQ 1L .
LISTENto Church, Hiss port has made Clean Burninf aM
Avc. and Adams Phone EL4-1468 and Mrs.: J. B. Darby Sr.
numerous radio and'televis Leek Lasting!
has passed the ,U. S. Civi CITY WIDE DtLIYIKY
ion in Florida
SHEEPNOSE 3& everything but rememberthis and .other appearances states. Singing Service examinations and ha: ALL SEASONS ICE & FUEL GO.

V. been assigned to the Jackson
: No other brand of headache since 6-years-old she has Sill NORWOOD AVL PHONE PO 4-4511

,BEACH WHITNING U. '3CLB. powders is better thanGoody's. won wide 'acclaim from the ville Post Office* where h

from th. So why pay more? now serves as a postal clerk
Black"SI.lass 32e public, and"was a first prizewinner
Atlantis He also attends Edward Water;

FULLY DRESSED at the Apollo heater College. V

CATF I S H ".*' vkA Rw ....... nIe dav' x in New york City. '
Mtn ....au. kN tea ..... TIC : Miss.Betty: Davis th

SPECKLED TROUT "Mt. .F u>. '. :., a i master. Ken Knight of ceremonies.will serve' Mrs.as daughter of Mr. and Mrs Grand Opening SaleFine

t Fred D. Davis of 2212 Whitnei
KINGFISH STEAKS 4Se a. Lillie Mae Smithand :Mrs. '
u. Street, is now a student at
"Bat for.l'. roWn-ftttttt !.1J.lr.Aeet.Exec.ST. '. liable Jones 4iJlserve; as \ Quality Vinyl Linoleum
> -- University of Miami. She
; -is the 'first colored studentto
SHUMP2Vt FLOUNDERS 39c 3 with the La Rosa ,Ladies and 'Warehouse Prices
live on the We ar ,
'257 ,.r < others serving as accoatpanists ..
Lfc. PIc It praying for her success'
for Miss Fort riU.'be Columbus 9X12 Rug $7.49
: (
SIr. 1eY_ t35 .'No success is gained without -
LARGESHRIMP Smith and Mrs. Theresa B.Wright. ; colorswa/ Sizes
8c great labor. Various
Lb. iI F p'.T FromSTEAK .
FMd.,IPtt... Maklt.. Housewives Linoleum Warehouse And Supply
,91LOO HT cwt. ....51'DMn Guest soloists r will be Miss ,

MEDIUM SHRIMP Lb. 8ge Sa.lah MaKlrllll-,.' -. ':35. '. r 12.2 POWDERS POWDERS 256 Cassandra Beatrice_ Neal'Polk, "Miss and Miss New '. Watch For !.5525 Beach. Blvd. Plenty- :Parking.. Spac

: -
Stanton of 1 9-61 62. ,.Mi'.Shopp.er

', .
.. ..' .-,- :. .

,- : .... ,. ': .
S s- 5 ,
.... I
I .

I "
\ ,

.. -. -.,5' -, _. -.',. .. .S, -'-
> '"
: '>< J'
',,, ?:

-- -

\ : -- -" -. ... .. ... '. -

... ,- .. ,, .r'- .... .' \
.J': -
;. '1 <
> :: ::: : _
.. ,, :

....SATURDAY.... .FEBRUARY 10, .1962' tiI r ... \ FLORIDA. STAR. : .PAGES;..--=---

II I POLICE REPORTS : .I 1 Rodell. F. Roberts. .,. Singer Taps Year book" Deaths and Funerals! HOSPITALIZED-- '---'-,-

.Main Speaker For WIlLIAm John Henry, .of, 1206
/j| Cavalier. Cleaners. 814 Anderson High ..School last Grunthal Street. The following Jaxons
-. 1 V. 8th Street vas held up Friday nig t. The loss Feb: ,18 Recital SMITH Mr. Willie James! of were; reported to be recuperating
and robbed last Wednesday Rodell F. Roberts, from various
was reported at $41. a 1557 W. 33rdStreet. '
between 8L30 a.m. and 8MO faculty member at Stanton X S .' illnesses'in local hospitals -
Patrolmen J., Seldon and i (ELVIN, Beverly Jean. bear
a.nr; police* reported. C. .Barton -investigated.'* Senior High School, will of 1332 W. 25th Street. this. week :
Mrs Lee Ethel Davis, **......*....*r..i. give the main address ; GADSON Mrs. Henrietta of J. W. Williams Sr..
manager said two men unknown Treated..Fo.r Assault .during .the program featuring 1203 W. 4th Street. Mrs. C. J. Walker '
I to her. came in and Lucius human, 59, ..of the New Stanton ROBINSCN.. Sam of 1317 Davis Mrs. Naoyne Massey,
asked for' lothes in the 3701 Stuart Street was Glee Club Sunday, Feb. 18at Street. Brewster: Hospital .
J name of Johnson. he. injured last Saturday at .\3:30 If.tI. in St. Paul MOSS Mrs. Mary Prances of ( Dr;,) Charles Irvine
1 started looking for .the 3703 Stuart Street, police AME Church main audi- 1523 Douglas Street. Little White Hospital.
i clothes and when she reported. torium. cz .1 I Tampa, Florida. .
LEIIS. John W. formerly of ._ _
f turned to tell .then they Fhunan said he was talking The program is being 434 Blochon Street. o.
I. could not be found, the, :with'a woman when Allen sponsored by Leonard J. FLOYD Charlie, former resident ALLIED DETECTIVE AGENCY
t'. short. nan! was holding, Love came up and hit bin Roberts Jr. in behalf of of this city. lic'Jacksonville's. -
gun and told her that it with his fist. He also said St. Paul's new Senior r rI TAYLOR, Miss BeulaH. of. leading
was a stick up. .he believed he was shot .Choir. Rt. 1. Box 96 F, Kingsferry Agency now has a full
The taller man went to in the left side. The speaker is a graduateof JACKSON Mrs. Lizzie, of staff of trained colored
the cash register nnd took The injured-man was takento Old Stanton High School 1051 telmetto Street. detectives to'handle domestic -
all the noney. He 'placed Duval Medical Center and while assigned to the BROWN Mts. Azurine Lewisof investigations. .
the money in a white sack where he was y-rayed and Pacific Theatre of Opera- 1401 Henry'Street, Mayport. child custody body guards,
the Manager said. The treated, but there were no tions with, the 13th BRADLEY. Mrs. Malissa of* missing persons, 1 trol'and
,, taller man left, walking. fractures, police said. Bomber Command during of 1611 Louisiana: Street. nite security.
east on 9th ftreet and the Police also said they World War II,. attended the I A CRUM, Rev. Chester A. Strictly Confidential.
t short man weqt west on 8th advised the injured man to University of Luzon and resident of Starke. Phone EX 83111or

street.A secure a warrant. the University of Manilla. HUDSON Mrs. Bertha of .
PO 5-9844
customer. cane in the Patrolmen M. L. Massey' while attending collegein Philadelphia, Pa.
robberg and S. Gaines investi- New York, he was a t5 _
gated. guidance counselor? 'at Man- __
i The customer stated that Ftore robbery hattan Guidance Center, _
one of the men was playing The Donald Brothers 'Con following' which he servedas
.basketball with a fectionary' 1502 Kings: public relations director CONGRATULATIONS: Gary (U. S. Bond" ) Anderson, one of
I team that was playing road was entered last Fun- at Fort Valley the ranking popular recording and stage stars of the
f. basketball at Dougals day and robbed of. jaoney State College nation, recently_ _visited u. his family here and thrilled TA

-- and merchandise. .._, ., -- '- students at'" James. .,.Wel.. don Johnson Junior High School
t ---- where he selected l Cherie Blackmon of 9-11 as "Miss

a Yearbook for l96Ll-62. "Other, contestants included
Janice Akery. Patsy Barnes, Clara Whiple Lavon ,
Williams, Patricia Chavis Myra Guyton Catherine
Johnson and Alpha ,Smith. Gary Anderson Sr. ,' Gary's
father and a member of the faculty introduced the
popular singer to the student body and faculty.

NAACP Announces MeetingIn Know That We Apprecaited Your Patronage And More Than

Invite You To Take. AdvantageOf
: _; order to step up its 410 Broad St. Welcome Your
current membership drive All members of the,Executive Our Big
SUGAR CHUCK ROAST program for 1962, the Jax Board are urged"to attend -
NAACP will meet every the next regular ses- DOLLAR'DAY :
\ Monday night starting at sion slated for Monday
.Ibs.19C p p.m. in Suite 312 in the night, Feb. 19 at 8 p.m. in
.39C Masonic Temple Building, organization's Masonic
:liroit.i ;9 ne' wnb jQ.f or m 1oreJ od'"ord er.f .I. bl'.YEGETQ Temple offices S Sa/fL1

E ---. ," ._, .

.F AB 1

one with's5.oo irmoie food HORMEL, LEAN, MEATY
order. .
With- i.. $5.00' --- .Or More--.Food-.. Or- -r i SPARE RIBS. 1 100


''A-rSUP '15 C OKRA.i 2514oz. c' :: 'k? FIRST PORK CUT CHOPS LBS.3 1 00

bottle 2 10oz. pkg.

I ARC TENDER 3. 1 00
.- 6-6001 435 E. BAY ST. L
Men's. Suits MOTORS Installed 3LBS. 00

BRA .; ...0 SAUSAGE .
.- 1
At t Retod Prices from $19 .
Transmissions FLA. GRADE "A" STEWING
..ti C 00

\ "., .'"...' { HENS' 2 v Hens. 1

t i" ., Hr ;..:..' '?'..-.... Will S WAP: $.. ,\",?. m.. ::,,- ; : Anything Of EqualVALUE. I AVC. WT. 5 IBS. .
.J o '.i- : I I I CAPITOL
.', L i 3 00
: 1

',,' 3
'\ 0' f
b -:. :. FRANKS 12 OZ. 1

CNta's Shees -' JUB! .& Up p -, HICKORK' SMOKED VzorWhoUSlob 3 1

LtI P i t A BONES 1IU 1
%e 1LL; I.atIies1Iees -Flat & Heels, I HECK 0.
j ; :Jj ktEAJ:
__ I
titlC = BEEF TRIPE 10 LBS i


___ .5 ::: \-' Limit 1
'. = v.e carry a full line ,of GENERAL ELECTRic WESTINGHOUSE. .

y Family -Buy now for TOMATOES 8
And Save at : .
< Bargain prices. 00
I SINCE 1942
,. U.S. NO. 1 IRISH '
-- .'; \
EL 4-1183 EX 8-7943
: 50 LB
J Shoe Stor* POTATOES BAG 100'

107 Florlda.AveaJacks vi le :Fl.., EL' 6-9445 SOL BERNSTEIN <.',. 3518 ANDREWS. I '.. LIMIT SO US. .
.. Qw..titJ RIgIM lain" .
... -
> \.

.'., ".-. :" ',. .-; ... i -': '



1 -- .. -- '_ --.:,,", t

-" _. -- -.." .-<- ... -
.- -
r i---

.I .
I .

-:. '. '.- \
.. ,:;- "

i I __ PAGE 6 ,FlIRJi-A- STAR '? .">,- r : SATURDAY FEBRUARY 10, 196!

4 iTT 4 Aid Available j
J ? S } .,

Tz1 c !; ,J j: For Expelled t 0

College Students

ir k Student Nonviolent Committee Coordinating -

announced this week that.Reed e
College in Oregon has

made availableseveral

scholarships for studentswho MIR
were forced to halt

their education as a result a
wri of their'involvement
A y
I in the.southern, civil
1005 HEADLINERS Heavyweight champion Floyd Patterson, Atlanta's Mayor Ivan Allen and the five national rights struggle.The .
ly known sports figures seen above will headline the 27th annual All-Sports Jamboree
The 100% Wrong college's "Sit-in
Club of The Atlanta Daily World in Atlanta on February ,2. At center is seen Chicago ,ttarles b. Finley, 'Scholarship Committee
I owner of the Kansas City Athletics "Pioneer Award"
honqree and speaker for the
: ; Flanking the said that grants ranging
spfcater are 'The Two Friends", recipients, John Mulvena. left, and Sandy Stephens, University of, Min- .from $100.00 to $2200.00

I nesota, capt in and quarterback. Coach A. S. Gait er, Florida A & M University, extreme left,' will, -lead' will be made available to
I the captains of his championshiprigers" to Atlanta to receive the Coca-Cola donated Harvey c. Fussell newly appointed vice president in
W. A: Scott,II. students who Qualify for
Memorial.Trophy, while Jackson State College's head football coo ch,. John -Merritt, extreme right' receives -addission to Reed as charge of special markets. Pepsi-Cola Company is shown

t the'Club's ."Coach of, the Year" honors for 'football. Each of the highly respected coaches has already freshmen or as transfer ,'here with Herbert L. Barnet. Pepsi-Cola president at

,received, honors for 1961. Mr. Gaither was ,named small colleges coach of the year, and Mr., Merritt received students. Limited loans 'compa y' s world headquarters' in New York' City. Mr.

the top.-coach honors in his conference. Bulova Watches and Gulf Oil are co-spons'ors of awards- ,inissell was elected by the Board of Directors to the
and work
'I with. Coca-Cola. campus opportunities new vice-presidency, marking his promotion from his
will 'also be
r t former post as director of-Pepsi's special markets

i McC/encfon/ Quits jq Available. _activities._ IJ
) 'I ::jr9lJK 1 r lit ur' College Board Entrance -r-'
Examinations will also be ART

1I L Ac'y By C. PARHAM JOHNSON 're uired. The deadline -J ROYAL STUDIOCLARENCE '

I for applications is .
I I >y 1'lH FEBRUARY TELL ON ITS: WAY it won' t be long now ,before J.SIMON
I February 1, 1962.
the pld horsehide will be resounding all over, th'e' .
The old familiar sounds as Interested students .; ; PROPRIETOR v
various training camps.
'I should contact the Sit-in
"Atta boy, baby" Let em go baby, I got em/-' "Get j
Scholarship Committee, -
I I II .r en outta there, "- and many more expressions known to Box 581, Reed College %. SPECIALS

.;C .M players and fans This warm balmy weather looks good, Portland, Oregon or the
I i! Ay> y4L1 feels good and is good for a bright outlook for baseball. student Nonviolent t Coordinating 2-57's, 1-Coor.! 1-Black 8 White $6.95

I THE JACKSONVILLE FUNS will be well fixed by the tine Committee, I
TdN training cam. opens, of course the Suns will not be 197& Auburn Avenue, N'.E. 1-810 Opaltone 13-3-5's $5.95

training here, butxfrom some of the names that have been. Atlanta, Georgia. ,

announced, everything looks bright for. a first class .
Triple A team. Several Negro stars will be on the roster. JFK's Aid FopsIn-

--- Now the one fine thing about Triple A baseball is that Commericol-Weddings-Protfails

iEf some of the most/well known names in baseball will be To ReTwinWorkers l
s I 515 Davis St. EL 4-1894
seen in action, with tears coming into Jacksonville. '

t JOHNNY' MCCLFNDQN, who Reached fame, as HI. TOrY If FILLED sI.o <" NFfPO participants in ,athletics. Sough ,. .. -.--
A&I' s Tigers court teams, recently gave Many! of them are familiar to sportsmen who have keptup -
: coach of the Cleveland Pipers' team contribution the !/ of
I pro with their through years any
Kennedy been called
American Basketball League. McClendon the old timers remember William H. Lewis, who was born I
to the'aban
upon revive CES
interference from the club's front office. in 188 in Berkley Va. Lewis was a noted lawyer, doned Area Redevelopment fLowfHPR

orator of his class at Harvard University. He played two Administration's

UL SuDoorted. By years of varsity football at.H ryard and was captain of retrain 1.200 displaced programto

I to 'tention. the Ke later coached football at Harvard. He. also
Jtewa.: Oil Your
WASH.INGTON Mississippi farm workers,
-- Two top
football at Anherst. He elected to the Massa-
The played was
I officials of the National most of whom are Negroes.In t
j the -White chusetts Legislature in 1902. He was U.S. Attorney forNaturlization the DRUG STORE NEEDS
Urban League today received a telegram to
request of for all the New Fngland states He was
assurance personally from"President President January 25, i
que. appointed Assistant Attorney General of the United (
\1 Kennedy that, he interracial States by President Taft in 1911.MMYY Roy'Wilkins, executive Trade With Your Neighborhood Drag StoroWf
I 'will give a careful con- secretary of the National WILL MEET ANY PRICES ADVERTISED IN YOUR LOCAL PAPERS .
AND STUDENTS. of history remember I
agency were OF THF OLD TIMFPS ,
sideration recommend- Association, for the Advancement W.DeUnt'We Alto Fill All Doctors' PrecripHo
I president, the name of Matthew F. Bullock, who played foot-*
ations of Colored,
theysuggestedconcerning Young, Jr.t ball at Dartmouth College, was a member of the track
their People, said that "it is
I director, both tean- and coached football at Massachusetts Agricultural Dixie
in economic imperative that the Pharmacy
The College. Bullock was a graduate of Harvard Law School.He .
and social welfare developments Federal government proceed .
presented served in the YMCA in France in Forld Par 1, also
he has proposed for with the program on its
nection with physical director of troops in 1927.. Pe was appointedto own-, in view 1302 KINGS ROAD at MYRTLE AVENUE
immediate Federal at of the
al programs Parole Board of Massachusetts. In 1944 he was promo PHONES EL 5-5597-98
,, failure of Mississippi
ted* to chairman: of that:Aboard by Governor Leverett
authorities to act.The .
Saltonstall, who is now a U.S. Senator. program was initially PAY YOUR LIGHT, WATER AND TELEPHONE
DIn YOU KNOW THAT A NEGPO jockey rode the Kentucky .
announced on. Jan. 4 by theU. BILLS AT OUR STORE
.. Derby winner at Churchill Downs in 1875? Well that jockey -
S. Department of Labor
was Oscar Lewis. The horse he rode was Aristides.The ,-.- =
-_.-....:.. .
e'I last of the Negro jockeys was Jimmy Winkfield' who ---

won the. Derby twice. In 1901 he won with Eminence and in, I ""i: ,

1902 he won with Alan A-Dale. These'are just .a' few

things to remember. BUSINESS DIRECTORY

MAFSHALL (Major) TAYLOR generallyknown, as ."'}be Black

Cyclone, rose to be the world's champion bicycle The Firms
& Listed Below Are Recommended
M ARES .SKIN BLEACHES rider. He defeated the best men of his day, among them As Reputable

OLD FASHIONED"ItgKtcns were Kramer of America, Jacqueline of France' and Elle- Establishments Specializing Services and ProductsROYAL _
garde of Denmark. His mile record of 1 minute and 19 .
Skint + sec9nds remained unbeaten for a long time. 'Taylor was --

born in Indiana and was noted for his physique: He ART STUDIO

neither drank nor smoked. '
EL 4-1894

-*.rpowder vnai the great Negro fighters of the prize ring. it is said 515 DAVIS STREET JACKSONVILLE,_FLA.,
case Sk Specializing In Foods
that he did most in popularize. boxing.in England, first Tasty
home of the arts. Fe was born a slave on Staten island

.'N.Y. in 1773. He was taken to England by The Duke of Patent Medicines Cosmetics Regular Meals Served Daily

Northumberland, ,who had taken fancy to him. In Fngland
JarVrth All Hair
Manufacturers of Pouter's &rpamot'Th. Leading PreparationsCOR.
he defeated the best of his day. At sixty he defeated 1929 Kings Road EL 4-9962
Jack Carter for the championship, which 'was equivalentto ..

the world .championship. Extremely popular in spite -

ENROLL NOW .the color prejudice.! He taught boxing to Lord Byron, the LILLY=s. DRUG STORES, JOHNNIE'S ROOMING HOUSE

.great Fnglish poet. A Complete Line of All MODERN CONVENIENCESRooms


bask, In the sunlight of a rich heritage. He has nothin "
to 'hang his head over in regret or shame.: In every ,spor- '
Celled for end Delivered .
ting field, he has excelled. The foundation laid long Prescriptions!
OPEN before this day was just something for Joe Louis. Jackie, 1907 Kinds Rd. El L 58276MER
Robinson, Billy 0' Pee, Jim Brown, Althea Gibson, Wilm SPIRITUAL ADVISORS .

Rudolph Charles. Gifford, Jesse Owens and all other outstanding VON'S PHARMACYFree rvict Every Thursday p.m.
For' A limited Number Of Students For DAY and Negro athletes to use as ,stepping stones. 432 W. UNION ST. EL 4.0269
'- .. -- Pick Up and Delivery
in General, Secretarial Business Administration For All Your Drug Store Needs .FUEL OILS


lEARN DRESSMAKING r Open 8:00 a.m. to 11:00; p.m.-7 Days a week
its f 2735 W. Edgewood Ave. WE SELL Clean and 1
Phones PO S-1582-PO 5.9767Jerieo OIL and GAS HEATERS -

6334 lestlown Dr. PO 495167i,
: Hithinkyomg Inc. -
Pharmacy '

: 1J : ,ZL We Fill Any Doctor's Prescription ;.. '"

: -t FREE Pick Up and Delivery Service KEROSENE HOME DEUVERY

J Mechanic On Duty
.,_ Prescription. .


'- Hours 8:00 a.m. to 10:00, p.m.'Daily. ; : IKE JOSEPH, Proprietor
1832 Myrtle.Aye.. Corner 9th St. "ho' *
: ;
EL/3-9266 State and Jeffersdn Sts. EL 6.9432
."r'': -. ,
JACKSONVILLF FLORIDA .. 951 West Davb.&ttt
= -. -. .
; !. 7"- I. t,-* .- ..-- -.' .. -
-. ; t" .> v -/ .
f .. : .
.c.> ,. ," : '- .. .f'- '' ;
",! .f'J 4
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t -" '--'!'"-:" "' ... .... ....__ ,_ .f -,-, -... ._ ,. _....;,... --r. '---.r.. .' -

v I"I"I t J, _.. ,.y. I $4/i?ti 7 14 I ITenn.

.. .1 ...- ,

Tigers ToMeef Barons Get I '
AAU Ohio Instructor
Aggies' Whip
FAMUT -" New G. M. Speaks At t A&- TGPErnSBOP

ALIA HAS SEE -- Tennessee : Teachers 5. N. C: 'I""A top

a State A&I: University Tigers BIPMINGHAM.' Ala. (Special) professor at Ohio'State

have been added( to the 1962 Verdell Jackson, presidentOf GRE ?6BORO. N. C. -- The A&T ,University last Tuesday
Florida A&M the Birmingham Black College Aggies last Wednesday told an audience at A&T
University t
Rattlers' Barons and the' Philadelphia night bounced back into the College that physical education -
grid slate. Jake '
All Stars all Negro win circle tor outclassing the is- more than
Gaither, head, Coach and '
traveling baseball teams Ffejetteville .State Teachers 'exercises' .
'athletic director at' A&U,
announced the signing of 3 College Broncos 82-42. in a The speaker was Dr. Del-
announced recently that the -I'
Tennesseans w1ll'replacethesouth Earl E. Wulken as general "CIAA. basketball game played bert nberteu fer chairman -

manager of his organization here at the Charles Moore Graduate Committee of
Carolina State COllege'Bull
4 4w .' I Gymnasium. the Department of Physical
w ogs on the 62 schedule.The .
ffilken, 4F, Decatur, Ill Playing, without the servicesof Fduc tion. Ohio State
62 game will be played
here in Tallahassee. October is a former major league Co-captain Hugh Evans University at Columbus.

scout., He has been playmaker and leading scorer,' Seeking to remove some of
2,7. in Bragg Stadium., Thp: '
1 business'manager of a victim of a flu attack the the misunderstandingsabout
last time the two grid titans
I several clubs. and is an Aggies had their troubles in physical education
met Tennessee State edged the ,
ex-minor league pitcher. ,1 the first half but broke thegame the professor, who has
Rattlers, 41-39 in the .
Orange Blossom Classic in Jackson ,stated that the r wide.open early in the authored several text-
new General' Manager will ;second stanza. books.in the field, and who
Miami 56.
.in .
organize a new nationwide A&T took the lead with a edits the Harper, Prothers.
The 1O-game '
player procurement systemfor lay up by James Jackson 6-5 .series in School. of Public
) dule follows: .September 29, .
,his organization. Old- I.forward, but were matched. Health Fducatlon, Physical*
I Benedict College .(here); Oct.'
time Negro American League point for Education and Pecreation.
point during most
6, Lincoln ,University (here);
and former Baron.playersare of the first period. The and also the Journal ofSchool
October 13, Morris Brown
serving as scouts. Health.
visiting Teachers tied the
College, Atlanta, Ga.; Oct.
The Barons, known as the score at 17-all. at and
6:15.; $90.000
20; Bethune-Cookman College,' has Per
.Yankees of Negro .baseball I again ,at 25-25 with three- .
Daytona Beach; October 27,
presently consideringa minutes left in the half. The
Tennessee State (here); Nov.
3, North Carolina AW college threeweeks'foreign' tour the Aggies began to move during
during the 62 season. the last few minutes.
(here); Nov. 10. Allen University -
Marshall came into the ball
Columbia, S. C. ; K.
Nov. 17, southern University! Pro Confracfs(21EENSBCRO. : game at that point to' score
three straight field goals anda
Baton rouge, La.; Nov. 23,
free throw and Austin z
Texas Southern University,
N. -- Four-, Garner sank a free throw
Tampa; and December 8, Orange C ) ,
Blossom classic Uiami.Cepecfa star football players with while the Teachers were being
the A&T College Aggies last I held scoreless to give the

Due week signed contracts with Aggies a 33-25 halftime edge. I

professional football teams. .
Big RaiseSAN Leading 'the list were two- : e. x
,. senior halfbacks Joe Taylor Gibbs FLORIDA STARIN
FRANCISCO -- Orlando and. Eugene Cambridge. Taylor,

Cepeda, the National salarywas a six foot 196 pound speedster won I EVERYCOLORED TCP MAN: With his salary rais-

reported, to be in excess signed with the tiew Tork.j beating junior ed tp $90,000, Willie l Mays of

of $27,500, has received a Giants of the National Football Hampton the San Francisco Giants still

good raise, according club League. Cambridge who weighs ; 96-90. HOME 'lea err present day 'major

vice. president Charles Feeney._ 172 and stands at 5-9. Is ,the t leaguers s'their highest

'under contract. with the Dallas 3 for the salaried
Texans of the American most of -

I Football League. Both come Cobras
from Miami Fla. WHEN YOU ARE ILL
WHOt } You S..k The Best Dodor .
Two other
standouts, Robert
JC re-
When Your Doctor Proocrfbea
Faulkner a Charlotte N. C. rl to Get Experienced Phirmtdsis

makes the world's finest headache end, 5-11. 184 pounds and cobra To Fill Your PracripiioBa .

powders and sells them Harvey Keatbn. a Shelby, N. C. by a JC According To Your Doctor's
for less? defensive halfback at 5-11. ''Orders. w. Use Only ,
The Beat Quality Drugs AlJJ
Dr. C. E. Black
181 .pounds, have also signed J'c. s Moroon
with the Dallas Club. Faulkner 'the foul .Proprietor

will play the corner line- 8 in the, REGISTERED PHARMACISTS TO SERVE. YOULILLY'S
backer spot and Keaton has
play to .
been chosen as a defensive DRUG STORE

1907 Kings Road ELgin 3-827C
Goodu'sTMIV _asthma of Lake- Cosmetics Rubber Goods Candies Sundries

POWDERS .agony." Wesley, a .
the local
2 POWDERS 50 Dr. GuHd'aGr..n :
Mountain 10
points and

Canady ( .

,' ,..::1. .. for 8
'_.f .' throws Did the

: { A
rte. ,( ? scorers first barthant
'Ii _' 4 r 4J ./ i / freshman I :

Lakeland i to mix a

sophomore .
with 16.
J : r iye star martini useGordon's

,; d : : ; provided that Gin?

t f of

: : a veteran, Chances are he did.For when the martini

: introduced-around 1850-
Learn the top
Alexander Gordon's remarkable gin was.

__ Freddy each. already eighty-one years old. ,.

A The Latest Scientific Humbert Its distinctive dryness and fla C

. | points. vour,well known to Londoners
since 1769, had made it a

favorite on,;this side of theAtlantictob.The '
Methods Of Barbering Clown ; Gordon ., ltj-_, "'

you drink today.still harks GOROOH

back to Mr. Gordon's

T I 1 original formula...as 4 ,
lorida Barber :
College J
ti indeed it should. It NDOHDKY 711ED

made Gordon theworld's
4 ... 'GIN..w...,,..
biggest selling

(: 630 DAVIS ST. ; gi in. Tonight-when

: 4 ;you order a martini-

BI.. specify Gordon's.
Ccm erg B eater 61 ,& Approved r,. WTlUa Lorna MT CJ1FWH100%Mill,KVTUl SRUT180 PMCf.
Eroa i moon on rrN catltt..uractr.r PtOOOCT Of ate '


." ,...., : ;. .. .. .' .'
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'' : C'."'.'."'.:...' :. .: '" .' .'.. ,;.-'.,< : .


'POLICE I. FuntlMr"-. 1 ..
a EVANGELIST Man' And Woman ... Injured By. r Thru. Sat.. CLASSIFIED Johnnie's .Hotel

..': Husband's Friend \ All-Modern
Charged For Fighting ROOM FORWENT Conveniences

Bobby Knight 23, of 1950W Single Man preferred. Rooms. By Day.. Nite, .or. Week-
r MOTHER UE VINE Mrs. Leola McWhite, 28, of ti.
1 14th St., 'was injuredlast I 1664 w. 19th PO 8-5459 Call.El 6-7596. 741K West
1178 W. 9th St. was injured neat t
.Monday police said. Ashley Street.
1 last Toe at fOR
1627 RENT
Knight said he was sittingat ''
Healer and, Advisor. .. home watching TV when a W. 11th. St. police re- ." and Nice Big Furnished Rooms
ported.Mrs. for Pent. '
She'll Tell your Past Present and Future,' Love woman, whose name was A fascinating.Fabulous Woman I\ 1024 w. PuvalSt. REPAIR. SERVICE
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r after .
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listed Gloria Graham M-G.Mrs p.m.FL
Courts ip. Lucky Numbers Lucky Days. Mother DIVINE as Will repair Venetian blinds"and
guarantees to Helpl.! knocked on his door. When husband Charlie McWhite w 6-5462 guarantee upholstering=
Located on the Southside on Old-:St.; -Augustine d./ he opened 'the door, she were arguing and fightingand K ; FOR RENT. done with fabrics'at Mill
In Jacksonville. Florida. Look. :>...for the Palm Sign. and' started an argument and her husband's friend ; ... Beauty Booth in salon :prices. Free estimates on
Name grabbed him and cut him Willie James Daniels 23. ,3 work. Call EL 4-5841
I '.ALL DAY SUNDAYS of 1627 W. 11th Street fc. Specializing in Pair .
'OPEN 7 DAYS. MOTHER DEVINE!, on the forehead with a : --
Take ,Bus No. 37 to 4431 Old St. 'Augustine Road. bottle, he said. slipped up behind her and ROQSE< gun ay Styling. -
glass I tW NtED:
Tues. Stylist
Thru Beauty
-. '.. '. ...... -_...-.-".7-.......,._.....-"-.'- <............_.."""_____ ._ hit her on. the right side s Ot&aTOWHSMNCEtTOWN! 1346 Davis Street.
of her head with and unidentified !" 'Beauty Operators & Barbers
"tfUT WMB '1
instrument WHY PAY RENT? 3:lare wanted to New Holly-
causing a deep lacera- t Buy A Home. We have modern '':Rood Beauty Lounge 622 W.
tion. Ashley St. Call EL 4-9774.
Jtu rirra Colored Homes in the best
Mrs. McWhite went to Duval tug uusuirtutn IATIIBand location $100 down and :l jMr.; Porter ; EL 3-3245 Mr.
Medical Center in a privatecar. plus 1st run Thriller. uP. $52.00 per month ;:..IS._._ Anderson.
.Holt and released., Pun Nite 1811 Blvd. El 3-72Q3 ".t-i iD" flnl{ti1l1t'ill cHuuL
Patrolmen Ji Seldon andG. '
-- .
Thru Tues. ToombiS- Burton
x Bradley investigated. Boarder's Wanted
Teenage. -" Oui !Bu1l' H
.By The Week. Tasty JZnvise 4* :
Housewives ow' M<<.. Home Cooked Meals and Des- 2117 Wisher: Street.
: Jackie 1 son MuSrCOtOR serts Served in Clean Attractive Telephone KLnd-i w 9-1271
Chubby Checker Surroundings. Jacksonville 7. Florida. -
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Reasonable Prices.NELLIE'S
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Chinese Italian & American Dishes ColumbiaBowling 8 a.m. 5. p.m. ; 3323 Myrtle Avenue
PO 5-3400 El 3-1479 1 i Jacksonville; Fla. I
Facilities for Banquet Parties J Balls. .- ._-_ _... -.0.

.' Wedding- Receptions .., Contest 4 AH Colors & Weights .
Moncrief DriVe In' .
., Private Dinning Rooms Available;*'" '. Saturday Nitr{ $22.gS DRILLED guaranteed for life

With Bottle Club Facilities BALLS BAGS & SHOES & SHIfcTS. Fruit Market
Mem. Thru
Sat .
Mrs: Catherine Lee Spiritual Jamboree Sunday{from 5p.m. Arts Pro Shop ,
.. .*: Prop. Early Walker Lee. I 45th&Moncrief
-' Featuring t Mgr, 40' E. 8th ST. EL 34708IMPROVEMENTS : ,

Catherine. Lee Recoqding artist and other outstanding groups .; Big Willie Motley Proprietor _


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I .

6885 Phillips Highway with, $5.00..or. .more Joodj order., __
f/n :- Within 75 miles of Jacksonville .
_Night 'and. Sunday Cell PO '56711 Fresh Country


<:) t. .
c::) -____..""..... ---1-.. .
Pure Country 3 /Ibs



>:. FOHERIY OF THE SWINGING .l'es ;HENS 2 for '$, .Z5

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...." .. i
11" _
... r '0', .ip pius : _.
Alfred Benefield Helen Perry Mabelois Nichols HOG HASLETS/b.2/ %

ieJ Manager Cashier Cashier_ _'____

HtIIJ;, GraM Opening February 10, 1962 Hurry; FRESH EGGS


Soft Drilks Beer
Ice Cream &

CaNdy; Groceries' Patel Drugs 25C

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I Fresh Vegetables All !Kinds'For .
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4: ; .1'' 4 Open -Mo .-rhru Sun,.7a.m. to 12p.m..
S. ,, tllene El'3.5180
: .
'e "', .. .

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