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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200595datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date January 27, 1962dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=005950740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
January 27, 1962
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
January 27, 1962
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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-- _. '


.. _--. ,--. -,: ,: '., -' ," .... --- .,.: ; :::: ,., .. ..? ,, .' ,";-...., ,
........ _. ... .., .., .
>' ... ''' ... :'?' ':r-:: ';; :; -- : '.0. --" ; '- ,'?) .- .. ,, r ) : ." .' '. '
f _



**- :


., $- MAN AD WFii .


J ,


! U. i \ _
.i ---
.jl' .
t '

I f J i \ ,RDAY JANUARY 27, 1962 15 CENTS Negro OfficialRefused He Did / Have You ?

I ''.. '
Room "' "'> ''?:Jjj:
,: '
'j ? :
18YearOIdLosesHand1nTrashTmckAident HoUSTON, TEX. -- Stating .
that he was "surprised"

and embarrassed' if

Assistant Secretary of

Labor George L. ?.
i r.qiL .
Weaver -- a Negro--was # F ,

forced to spend the y. ,C,i iy t dI
night in a room at a

private home followingthe _

refusal of a local

Killer Of Couple Caught Hospitalized In ] Duval Court hotel Weaver to, rent whose him was a told room.

Hiding In Sisters Home .'Tair' Condition Escapee IsMissing servation that he had although no re-he I s ryr

: ammy Lee Bradshaw, 18, said he saw his con-
GAINESVILLE A 57-year old Negro is being held without -
is listed in fair condition Still firmation slip for the
bond charged with the double-murder Sunday night
:at Brewster Hospital reservation, stated he
slaying of a man and wife: here .. ,.
following loss of his _.'"'1,;'i, ';' was turned away from the
Charged with the alleged .
left hand which was : : Shamrock Hilton hotel,
slaying is James Perry of Dade/ Teachers "i'! I f; ;
caught in a garbage truck \ said to be one of the
310 NW 8th Ave. Dead as a I "f':
packer on Benton Road city' largest.
result of the reported I If I fIlL
incident is Steve Gil- Head OffensiveMIAMI I Tuesday afternoon. I II Edward Drake, the Sham- ? .... y

Duval County Patrolman f rock's assistant manager
lisleem 52, and his wife f
By a margin of" H. D. Frederick said j I \ said several conventions
Tula, 43.reports
state 5,841 against and 557 for, '
Bradshaw was working on were expected at the
that the Gillislees had I
Dade's Classroom Teachers the back of private gar- i hotel and it was expected -

gone to Perry's home to Association Tuesday urged bage company's truck when to be full. Drake IECISTRkTION ii
get Louise
Poster, a
t enant. the county's teachers to the packer started after I reportedly did not make

boycott the state's con- several cans had bee an explanation con-

ARGUKFNT: ERUPTS troversial competence emptied into it. cerning Weaver s refusal.

... proposal for pay raises Patrolman Frederick said Weaver said, "Other
Y :>.v'f.* 'i e was",report d. ". that "when.'fe11bWworkers Negroes have .stayed at
Mrs. Foster told police : $flDllhi.IAIL' I
that an argument erupted The organizations pro- saw Bradshaw holding on to LT. the Shamrock. The Hilton

between the Gillislees and test came following the the revolving door, they Hotel Chain was one of student at Gibbs

results of a survdy which shouted but it the first to break the JERRY SWAN, towering Tampan and a
l Perry. Perry, she said, warnings JOHN MCCOY Petersburg, gets voting, registration r
showed Dade teachers did jr. College
fired twice at Gillislee was, too late.It .Object of Wide Search color barrier. Arnold instructor.
information from Mrs. Margaret
not of the plan.
hitting him both times approve was reported that the During fiscal year 1962, over reminder to Puval citizens to return I
This serves as a
The basic plan offeredby hand severed John who 43,500 tons of food will reach
with a .22 calibre pistol youth's was McCoy, escaped before Jan. 31st. Failure to
the state requires that hungry people in 17 countries as their renewal cards on or
and at Gillislees'wife from the wrist, and his arm from the Duval Criminal
qnce voter
,f a teacher obtain a score gifts from Americans through do so will result in their being dropped fro .
hitting her in the I was crushed. Court Jan. 17, is still CARE's Food Crusade. Ballard)
head. of 600 on a national Bradshaw was taken to the object of 'a widespread registration (photo By ... .

Perry fired once at Mrs. teacher exam, thus becoming Duval Medical Center and by officers of'

FOster before fleeing the rated as among the 'was later transferred to the Duval County Sheriff's. Horne

scene, police said. 30 percent of the most Brewster. department. 'Phoney' Rernodelers

effective teachers in the
McCoy is also known by

Police revealed that county to qualify for a Official's Son aliases of Frank Childs,

that Perry night was arrested at the home later of competency Among the .raise.several objections Enters Former James Frank Harrison.William Bush Childs and is Homeowners Warned About .

raised the
his sister. by
of brown complexion,. 5'F"in
Dade group was that of White School
police Chief W.D. Joiner height, weighs about \
placing the judgement ofa A terse warning is being issued this week to Negro tects their clients.Apparently .
disclosed that Perry had i 160-pounds, has black hair
teacher's competence in TAMPA---The property owners, some of whom are reportedly being s one of the
and had and
been convicted son of brown eyes.
the hands of one person, Floridas bilked out of their holdings in alarming numbers the companies dealing in home
served seven years of'a ; NAACP Field Anyone having knowledgeof
the principal with one Secretary. STAR was notified.The remodeling and construc-
20-year sentence for assault Robert W. McCoy's whereaboutsare
Intent Dade CTA official commenting Saunders report disclosed that rates .and. are, at the same. tion are not!
with to Jr. became the requested to immediately -
'we resist anyone second some construction com- time, paying their out- "An ounce of preventionis
murder in 1943. Negro child to contact the Duval
person controllingpart panies advertise that they standing bills to the worth a pound of cure! "
Perry, it was revealed, enter a school for whitesin County Sheriff's depart- ,
of our income." specialize in consolidationof original creditors.
beat a woman with a.lead Tampa. The seven year ment or if out of Jax, People with bad credit
This has also resulted in
all bills
pipe and locked her in the -' old second grader enrolledin their local law enforce- outstanding ratings, pensioners, or
Each $1 CARE Feod .Crusade when they contract; remodel many persons having lost
house. She was found alive the MacParlane Park ment officers. on compensation are
package sent to Pakistan gives or makerepairs on their homes the report
but in erious condition of milk. School on January 23. I er.sy prey for racketeers.
432 children a half-pint further. stated because
B.racial homes.
Policy Above all don '
,the following day. t deed
; they unknowingly signed.
Suggested Safety Steps
property over to
ChargedWith Armed----- Is/ 'Protested Here are some suggestions mortgages and promissorynotes have repair work anyone done.As to.

at the same time
which property owners a-
a result, it has been,
that they signed their
bout to have repairs made learned that
Defense Fund attorney numerous
their homes should
Colored people
are paying
filed a sweeping school"desegregation follow Therefore, it is most
: double because
money the
suit in
1. Make sure that the pertinent that property consolidation of
Savannah, Ga. this week.
owners do not sign .
-ji amount of all bills, plus not 'included in their
The complaint, filed the fact that they are to papers that. have not been I signed contracts.

January 18 in the Federal properly filled in with
be paid off appears on all.
""Jfer....:. District Court at Savan- facts and figures 'with
contracts before
they area
nah asked for a permanent Out Of
which the owners are $1500
., signed by property owner
!- enjoining the
injunction i familiar.
.. Check all papers
A A "3. "Board of: Public Instruc- signing and do not sign 'Other.Methods To FollowIt Mrs. Rosa Lee Curry 34,

tion of Chatham County is further suggestedthat of 1219 W. 15th Street was
promissory note before all
Ga. (Savannah), its mem- work is satisfactorily homeowners check at the victim of that age old

bers and the Superintendent completely. the county courthouse on trick': finding the pocket-

of Schools of Chatham all transactions in con- book that is often used by
2. Although many property
County, from continuing ': flim Hammers last Monday
nection with their property -
., owners are told the 'fi
-- ---------- --- their policy, practice, / *.> .when she turned over $1.500
TEEN-AGER BANDITS CAPTURED---Police rounded up five teen-agers who held u and nance .company will not put : ; I. *
custom and usage of As protectivemeasure f o them, police reported.
robbed an insurance collector at pistol point as he .was, making his rounds throughthe up money for the job unless a further
operating a compulsory have a reputable Police said Mrs. Curry was
600 block of Court H, last Wednesday night police reported. Police said the certain pape rs are .signed
biracial school system. in store at
attorney handle all trans- ,
.Do Not Sign Them !
teen-age bandits took approximately $300 from the agent. Taken into custody by
The suit was filed on behalf Julia and Bay Streets whena
police were Mack Wesley Wilson, 17 of 812 Nadia Lane; Benjamin Jackson, 18, of of thirty-s Negro As a result, these self- actions pertaining to theowner's man came up and told ber'j j

1525 Madison St., Willie Clifford Pitts 17. of 836 Court G. Willie LeeBradford. children who" now attend same property owners are property. he had Just found a wallet ;

17, of 625 N. Lincoln Court and one 16-year-old youth Patrolmen, A._ Jones and, segregated public 'schools paying the construction I Lawyers are bound bya with $2,100 in it

o. Bowman were given credit for' cracking? the case. V ,, ,.-. '. : in Savannah. companies their ,contracted code of ethics. that pro ;
: ::1
_".. ., '- :"'i+:" '.- .. .
'-J. :.l c.''n -,. <'...,. it ;i
,'. :" '.. :: !";'> ;T .

.' i
z .
,-y' V ., -
1 I

ft r

'b "'. : .. ,-'- ,
'' ,\ I

'-' .. ,' ,- .,' -- ,"- ,.-. '. --.... .. ., --



? -
-: -
7' .. '
: '
;' '" '- ;> '. --; -
\ .. : : -: : .
!:" { :
"r /

.. '

I' MiLi 2: .'-: \\ fl FIHM .ST *j _. ". ,''SATURDAY J UKilJUnr- 21. IK2fl .

..."....- &

, .: THf'JLQRl --STAR-- Ptjtflcst4s! : J VSUAL.

h NEWS .f' .
i ... BY ERIC 0. SIMPSON*'
.Published by The Florida Star Publishing Coj
"Member of Associated Negro NEB all-out desegregation attack
Prell"e' YORK An
I f t>n Mississippi, the legal defense of protest
ERIC.0. SIMPSON.:...Managing Editors demonstrations, and the advance of school

ALYSON E. WISE......?................News Editor will be theraJ'or
ri Desegregation up from 'tokenism -
HILDA WOO TEN.........................................Circulation Manage activity
areas of civil rights legal
= N
-- -MAIN OFFICE & PLANT*:-: r D o.. _during 1962, Jack Greenberg said.

rI' 1' { : Mr. Greenberg recently succeeded
2323 Moncrief Road.. Phone,. ELgin 4-6782 ,
... ItLt Thurgood Marshall as Director-
'. I' .
Mailing Address: Counsel of the NAACP Legal Defense _
,. P. O. Box 561, Jacksonville 1, Florida and Fducational Fund.

*. 'Within the next year or two
: '" .642 N J J&d AVENUE* Mississippi will cover ground that
MIAM(. FLA.PR. 48195 bJ -l48105
.J took decades for the rest of the

.- SUBSCRIPTION RATES I- ht1I 'South. Greenberg predicts. He expects legal

One Year, $5.00; t1a1f Year, $3.00 inroads to be made into segregated public

Mailed To You Anywhere In The United States .,,. facilities such as hospitals, parks, beaches,
Subscription Payable Advance. Send Check or Money Order To i rs, public transportation, and in the near future,


Legal Defense Fund policy toward protest

r TRAVELING/ PRESIDENT demonstrations was enunciated by Thurgcod

o 4 ,. Marshall when the sit-ins began in 1960. Mr.

stated that hQ Defense Fund would
41 Marshall ;
4 0
Writing in _U. S. News & World Report, David
Lawrence devotes an editorial to whether or :( represent every person convicted in such
( demonstrations that sought its help. 'Mr.Marshall's .
not we should have a world traveling President. : 1 IG, r y I ? 3. "
policy will continue, assures
)' In the course of it, he touches on some of the I
enormous changes that have come about in a Greenberg.
The Defense Fund is now involved in approximately
very few years. 2,400 sit-in and ?50 Freedom Rider
Woodrow Wilson was the first President to go .
cases. The U. c. Suprerre Court has heard only
abroad while in office: He was out of toucDwith .
'0 one sit-in case. It ruled in December, 1961,
and the government for a prolonged -
Congress ..
(3. \ in favor, of 16 Negro students who were con-
.period of time and there was.much u c, '
_. ,. <;, of "breach of the peace" in BatonRoug
---- --- :: =:- -
criticism because of that. The critics said he
should have stayed home and sent his Secretaryof RELUCTANT TO FOLLOW OUR LEADERSHIP, UNTIL TH'E"CHAIHS' REMOVED ,' La. The Suprerre Court may hear othersitin
cases this year, tis seven ore cases
.. .
States in his place. --: -
have gone through all proceedings short of
President Fisenhower visited 31
petitioning the high Court. Some of these case
k while in 'office and, though there-was some -
involve the still undetermined legality of
criticism of his absences, it was much more HE--- Weekly
YourHoroscope state trespass lavs.
.. .
subdued than in Wilson s day. Now President --
,. '
# r When the Freedom Ride began last spring,
Kennedy has become a far-traveled President, ;
Guide-: Defense: Fund attorneys filed federal suits in
are his .
and many more long trips on agenda.Mr. _
Lawrence is heartily in favor of this ..... Jackson Miss and Montgomery PIa. seeking

trend. As he puts it, "Mr. Kennedy's task as By PABLO. The ASTROLOGER_ to enjoin state prosecutions of interstate
who using public
travelers were
the leader of the free word cannot be ful- I '
fi led merely by sitting in Washington and WHICH ARE'YOUR .iUCKY..DAYS FOR. facilities on a desegregated basis. The
federal court in Montgo ery entered an injunction -
reading the cable or radio messages from our
: I the discririnption and the
ambassadors. And he also observes, 'The BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL ,. banning. .

truth is the jet airplane. today has made a Jackson cale Ts currentlYheing appealed tp.
big difference. Between the speed of the ARIES ; the U. S. Supreme Court.

' jets and the excellence of modern communication Born Much_2l thru April 19 when you may find just the interested in accumulating Fund attorneys are also cooperating in the

systems, the President available at You may encounter op-' opening you have been resources for later. defense in state courts of the more than 300

all times. position if you plan to. waiting for. You may be 6-66-30-12-87-631 :Freedom Riders who were arrested in .Tacl'. on.
the rest of have their quite busy attending to AQUARIUS the of school desegregation Green-
Presidents, unlike us, spend more money on the 5 In area
own private jets..1 But jet aircraft have shrunk house. Aim to satisfy errands correspondence or Born Jan.,' 20' thru Fob. .18 berg sees the current struggle in terns of a

the world for everyone else top business. everybody. Find new chan- 'determining your plan ofction. "trench warfare" against 'tokenisr. "

people, tourists, students. They, too can nels for your creative Bold thinking is You may have to fight the 'The defense of 'token' plans by southern

make friends and wield an influence. And that, t energies. Reveal what is in required. phys disinclination togo officials has now nroved into a sort of white

one may hope, will prove to b e the basic your heart to those who I 1-22-80-17-72-128 -'w i iyour mind daresto collar crime category, he says. We\ don't

significance of the jet age. The result, then, have':captured your interest VIRGO J I explore. This is a sure pet the obvious 'we don't want any Negroes IP

will be an upsurge inthe kind 0 f international and, affection.. The sound Born Aug...24 thru Sept. 23 way.to miss the boat.. Your our schools' argument but rather, c relianceon

leaderstanding. this weary world so so of wedding bells may be ..duties tend to irk you. technicalities and the concealment of the
Some of your friendsmay *", 9 ** "
rely needs. heard. true reasons for exclusion. ;
.-.p 4-55-50-14-75-454 \ try to coax you into to .cone. up'with a scheme;: Greenberg sees no alternrtive other thin to

risky ventures. You have .especially ii they a'r fully support such "trench wnrfare". ections

FREE FOODS CADILLACS TAURUS ,... a right to decide for your- montonous. You may want .to until the total number of Negro children in

Americans are traditionally- a charitable" Born AprU 20 thru May 20; self. Keep away from individuals embark on a new course. desegregated schools is substantially in-

who are con- 7-11-20-15-78-712
people. They want to help and do help, the ioff would take your mind Hinually asking for moneyor crepsed. -

needy amongst us. to take a. current example, yourself to go visiting favors. All 's. well : PISCES 1 l

the government's project of distributing free with uplifting individuals. with when Born Feb. 19 thru March 20 :.,...
your world you
food to those in want--which has, as a corollary Delays in travel and mail
have found inner peace.Con- Listen to your loved ones
; the reduction of agricultural surpluses- deliveries may have to be ffoi4Zy?
:tinue to carry out your should they warn you a- .
' undoubtedly has powerful public support.But taken into account. The*
secret projects without gainst violating laws. itS
the best of plans and intentions can be accent is '.on. the home any now
arousing the curiosity of There be clash of
may a .
abused. A short time Life magazine ,
ago reported -
and family. You can make anyone. Success can be opinions later this -
: 'For the 1,401 U.S. countries now
considerable headway yours to relish at leisure. evening. A fine day to l Peps
receiving free groceries, the 110.2 million where you live and work. .
cost in 1961's first half is nearly quadruplethe 3-44-60-84-346 put your personal or joint 1y.. IMF-. N9r

$?Q. ? pillion in the same period last year. .. I LIBRA economy on a paying basis. for those

It has also vastly increased the popularityof GEMINI Borg Sept. 24 thru Oct. 23 Use your power justly if who think young

free groceries. Since January the number of : Bonj, May. -...21 thru- _JUDe. .. .19. You could run up against it has been your. lot to J

people getting them has risen from 4.1 to 6.2 It would save you money red tape if you have to acquire it. _

: million Recipients have included a New York and vexations to remain at deal with officialdom in 9-77-90-17-51-979. .

II City man who carried his bags away in a taxicab home and indulge in private any form. Figure out how I SAGITTARIUS

11 and some folks in Jefferson County, Texas pastimes. Do not encourage you can outsmart your I Burn NOT. 23thru Dec. 21

who took them! away in an air -'c on d i t i onpe. d loved ones to rivals. You may. find out .
Look into fiscal
v, Cadillac how good friends your
many you
It There must be much tougher administration: of impose on you. There is have when you have to call policies with 1\. .view,.of'
nothing like a pet hobbyto
\\s plans such as these, in order to separate the mind and on their services. Your placing them in.amore i"J
engage your favorable
f genuine needy from the cheap chiseler. The sad hopes could finally be perspective. '
take it off your worries. -
,You should feel
If fact is that any welfare state program Satisfy your creative' materialized. more
and more elated when
whether it be wise or foolish, essential or 8-88-10-16-69-816 ; .

) just politically-oriented, brings out the urges.2-33-70-16-93-237 .;.promisingevents follow ,

f.' worst in a great many people. 'SCORPIO"Bora one another. There are many

.' CANCER Oet. 24. ikru Nor. 22..: friends ready to come

: FIGHTING A WINNING BATTLE .flora Jua S& .ikru. July. 22 .. forward. ,'..
Things don't look too 755801842758IWIHIRS

:F, be beneficial to ,promising today either. You <..
It may '..
i iIi IL J- consult someone who can would not find it dis- I. *.,...'-:'
Ii agreeable if have the I
'jT you
Iit, point out certain flaws in \ .
company.of someone you --
your projects. You have -- '

r the go-ahead signal once love. Weather or other

I f you know how much it isgoing conditions may have a

to cost to get things disrupting 'effect on travel

done. A fine tIme to buy 8-33-70-19-34-837

sell or borrow. \ t..,

5-99-40-13-96-594" CAPRICORNs ...s tbi .Ta.zse"1_ MARCH : KEN KNIGHT .
LSD youngsters closely,
>>a rat July 2& To
and do likewise with your Invites You -

: It lakes a wise person to belongings when you are in

'< .;:: ttj understand life' completelyand public places. Games of ; 'qMdllTTRMW'
__ _
0 to find in.ess' chance not for
happ are
Joe !* a courageous rheumatoid arthritis'padeat. From head to toe he you. SO SAY YES TO THE NEW -,Startiaf At 7:00 P. M. Nigktly ----;.
,!s tormented by pain. His speech Is hapk by the spread of artbrW. e've Q..her !.Discontent is If your labors are only a :
to the Joints of his Jaw. March of DID finds provide the hope for the something. we build up manna to an end, you will MARCH OF DIMES
i I. prevention of arthritis.MeaawhBe,March of DfaM feeds orast be rated : .1400 WRH.Ci4O. -
; its- sfpert. ",the.-medical' care, -retjeked-. -- to hei-.-Je will. UK..'fgfct. !inside. Be on your toes not be uah pPl. YOU areS .

i :, \ .. .
: : -
' --if .,.. .: .,

. +, .. .
._ ...
<;;v: ,
!: "
.", :m.- f: "

:- -'.
:; :

_. .::



.. "

.. ; c : : -, .-" "C ... ,. .; ., < :, '


I -
jIT4. Mdc//son-Frfc/fe/; / Weddina Was New Si. Pius Catholic Church First .'

"V, .. ._ ._ _. .

,,' =
---- ---

.'::.: :....;: .. ... .
.. ,
I! ..,.H.,- B. '!t";" I ia.t4b +
1 f i # 4T(
t --- -
I ',' r r r _
T _
) L.4 -

,. .....y L
.. ,"..( k- ....[. .:
I ;; "l .,
Last week, friends of the Ambassadors Club Inc. ; 4 .: F'llf.t

were treated to another of its costume balls. The very ):;. t

delightful and colorful affair was held in the Duval ""-:.. +P n irks -,
f;;s.i..F_-:j"Hf.. :: _
County Armory with music by the Billy Moore Combo.It fJO fr -

seems as though our last few invitational dances r. 44 ,- 1 Shirk Beauticians Unit 38,
r ;
have coincided with a visit to the city by one of* a H ,. W : 'Meets Sunday

local boy who has made good, or is busy making a name .-, S-S- : A; Deliveries .
for himself. This time it was the very handsome teen- : A very important meetingof

age ideal Gary 'U.S.., Band" Anderson who sang a Born To the Trichology Beauti-
beautiful number. : cian's League Unit 38 of

the Orange Blossom State

Popular FAMU Grads UnitedIn Xmas Projects Mr. and Mrs. John Goodman Beauticians League willbe

I 1483 W. 26th St. held Sunday at 3 p.m. in
f .
A telephone call from Mrs. Joan Spaulding served as a A Success Girl the residence of Mrs.

wonderful reminder the elaborate "AKA Week" Impressive Nuptial Mass Mr. and Mrs. Gadson Pauline Shaw 644 W. 17th

planned by Gamma Pho Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Club CommentsThe Johnson 5577 VerberaRd. St. Mrs. Callie Jackson
Conducted in impressive splendor, the marriage of
Alpha Eorori ty. vThe observance is set for February 24- (Twins) Boy & Girl president, announced.
Miss Annette Elizabeth Madison popular debutante
March 3 and promises to be another "giant step" for Merry Hearts Xmas Mr. and Mrs. Marion All members are urged to
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Roosevelt D. Madison and Lt. Club wishes to announce
the AKA's.
Maule 2321 KinwoodA attend in order to discussand
Alvin B. Fridie, the son of Rev. and Mrs. W. N. Fridieof heir annual
Events scheduled for the week include the chapter'ETwentieth Xmas
A\ Girl initiate one of the nost!!
Orangeburg, S. C. was solemnized during the new Activities was 'a grand
Anniversary Party; a joint Founders' pay- Mr. and Mrs. isiah important agendas-of the
'Greek'Night" St. Pius Catholic Church's first wedding, Saturday success beginning with
20th Anniversary "Fun
open program;. Deeps, 1043 Causey Lane new Mrs. Jackson
Night-Bowling Tournament" 'Health Night'" 'Cin-- morning Dec. 23 during a nuptial mass Rev. (Father) the choral group Girl stated.year

derella Guidance Clinic; a bridge tournament; and Meldon Elwood officiating in the double ring ceremony.The visiting jails, hospit- Mr. and Mrs. Charles i"

Touth Day' bride had as her maid "'. als, old FOlks Home and
Quaintance 1553 Mrs. Julia Lattimore
Local /KA' s reronsible for the events include Miss of honor Miss ,Norma Jane chose to wear a biege the county Prison Farm Spearing StreetBoyMr.

Fstelle' Villiams, president; Mesdames Norma S. White, Wilson. Bridesmaids included imported nylon lace. dress where a xmas Programwas and Mrs. Davis Reporter

Alma Daniels Thelma ones, Arnetta Walker, Grace Miss Zeta Gibson, over green satin with rendered. Paden, 1338 West 30th .

Monroe, Luther James Iris Knox, /nnie Puth Williams Miss Barbara Richardson, 'matching accessories. She There were more than Street, Boy

Winona Britt, Florence T rner, Julia Hazzard, Joan Miss Jo Ann Kennerly, and carried a corsage of four hundred bags of Mr. and Mrs. clarence It's A GirlDr.

Willie Green Jolita Simmons Mrs. Adrianne Moore. orchids. food, and fruit givento
Spaulding. Mae Betty Brigman, 913 Illinois and Mrs. James Wilsonof
Howard, Rebecca Martin, Paralee Pavis, Mattie Campbell! Lorenzo Brown of Tampa, a The bride was a recent families at 10:00 Street, Boy 3622 Moncrief Rd. are

Nellyvonne Russell Camilla Thompson, P.uth.C. Solomon, classmate of the groom, honor graduate of Fla. 0' clock Xmas morning.At Mr. and, Mrs. Emmett + receiving widespread con-

Amy Currie, Lillian Alston, Mabel Wright, Mary Lucille was bestman. Serving as A&M University. She is a 2 p. m. the Xmas Foster, 662 Brady Court gratulations over the Jan.

Harper Guelda J. white, Rosenond Satterwhite, Luella .usher's were Roosevelt member of Delta Sigma Tree for the childrenwas Boy 19 birth of a beautiful,

McRride. Louise Durden, Florita Faith, Erma Ford, Lockl y, James Cohen Theta Sorority and was held where they Mr. and Mrs.' Walter bouncing 7-pound daughter

Pearl Miller Laurice Howard, Betty Howard, Helen Gibson Prince McIntosh and William Miss FAMU during the 1960- received bags of fruit, Smith 116 Chelsea st. Detra Lanet. Both mother

Mary Jones, Flizabeth Jasmin, Alyce Ingeram Smith. The flower girl and 61 term. candy and cookies and Girl and daughter -reportedly

Frances Johnson, Gwendolyn Fchell, lizabeth Bedding, ring bearer, respectively, The groom, also a recent toys. ice cream and doing fine. .

Johnny Cowart, Margaret Mitchell, Blanche Johnston, were the bride's little FAMU( graduate, is a memberof drinks were served. Wedding Bells

Dorothy Peterson, Vivian Ingeram, Aldonia.Seabrookand cousins, Debra and Orian Alpha phi Alpha Frater- On Tuesday a group .

i Louise Sheffield. Bazzle. nity. Both were members of visited the ForestHillCorrectional Applications for Marriage

Given in marriage by her Who's Who in American School Licenses

i i father, the bride was Colleges and Universities. for-girls. Every girl TRUE
Robt. Wells, 4239 Homer, Rd..
radiant in a lovely full ,
I Lt. Fridie is now serving was given a gift. All 19 and Loretta E. Mickens, 4939
The West Ninth Street home of Dr. and Mrs. ''Jerry' length gown of" tulle and with the u. S. Army as an of this could not have Campenella Dr., 18.

Iszard was the scene of the most. recent meetingof the chantilly lace over layersof airborne lieutenant. been done if it were Joaquin Barreras 620 West you can't buy better headache
starched net. The Church St, 25 and Patricia And- powders, even at double the
Smart Set Bridge Club. Mrs. Iszard, invited Mrs. Helen Immediately following the not for donations and
erson, 514 Odessa St., 21. price.
Toney as guest player.Mrs. fitted bodice featured a wedding, a reception was gifts from friends and Harold Lawton, 542 W. Union

Lola Schell, Mrs. Louise Walton, and Mrs. Charlotte Princess Ann neckline a- held in the home of thebride's the volunteer help of St., 23 and Amelia Edwards, 421

Stewart were high scorers for the evening, but dorned with opalescent parents at 1219 W. the following persons: Dewdrop St, 18. ." ,

gifts were exchanged .at the meeting everyone receiveda sequins, the long sleeves 28th St. Miss Gerliene Mrs. Mamie Crowd Mrs. St.Jessie, 23 and Brundage Lillie, 1730 M. Browder Callahan, '

'prize. forming a calla lilly Robinson and Miss Margie Marie Mangram Singleton, 1730 Callahan St., 27. r --; ,
Present, in addition to high scorers, were Mrs. point over her wrists. The Alvarez kept the gift Mrs. Grayce M. Bate- ,David Evans, 1277 W. 5th St., : r,

Thomasina Ingran Jones Mrs. Vivian' Holmes, Mrs. full gathered skirt was register,: ,Miss Harriet man, Mrs.: Dena Abraham 24 Bridier and SL Annie, 18. W. Mosley, 1307 l2 [ X

Joan Spaulding, Mrs. Nellyvonne Russell, Mrs. Elizabeth !. contrasted with layers of Witsell supervised- the Mrs. Sallie Blodg- James E. H.
Thompson, 723 7th
Downing, Mrs. Norma Bland, Mrs. Gloria Brooks, and lace. Her veil was elbow guest register; Alfred ett, Mrs. G. C. Bowen Ave. S., Nashville, Tenn., 23 and Goodu'sHEADACHE
.I Mrs. Thelma Lewis. length illusion veiling of J.Relefordintroduced the Mrs. Helen'McLaughlin, Lois A. Stanton, 818 J. C. Napier 1NtV AA[ 0000

imported nylon and chantilly guests; Mrs. Rose Bellinger, Mrs. Jessie patterson Ct., Nashville,Tenn., 22. POWDiVs
John Clark, 830 Blanche St. 70
lace secured to aqueen's ,
I served the wedding cake Mrs. ,Amy Currie Mrs. and Johnnie M. Campbell, 830 POWDERS 5C
crown of jewels.She and James..Bazzle served at Anna Parker Mrs.! Ellen Blanche St., 56. 12 POWDERS 25C
Red Ash- carried a white prayer the champagne bowl. Dennis Mrs. Ruby

Clean book topped with miniature Out of town guests were: Koelman Mrs. Erma
t' Burning V
white orchids.The
pearl Mrs. Ruby B. Johnson of Brookins, Mrs, Daisy I I
CITY WIDE DELIVERY earrings and necklace
Fort Lauderdale; Drs. Ford Mrs. Arellia -y \
ALL SEASONS ICE & FUEL GO. which she ,!Q re'were gifts Leodis Davis and SamuelVon Johnson, Mr. William t r

5883 NORWOOD AVL PHONE PO 4-4511 from the groom.
Wimbush of Nashville Smith Mr. J'D' Bradley -
The maid of honor
was Rev. Fridieof Rev. Dennis Rhodes
Tenn. ; W. N. ,
resplendent' in a street Orangeburg, s. C.; Mr. Mr. Ulysees Glover (OfllllthI ())
length of white lace
gown and Mrs. Talmadge O. Mr. Baymon Jefferson

over pink taffeta and Brunson, Rock Hill, S. C. ; Mrs. Lena McLaughlin Englishmen
carried a muff draped with .
Nathaniel Orange- Mrs. Madeline Jones

r ) flowers. Her shoes and burg, s. C. ; and Lorenzo a ton.McNair .
t IIIi/IIi1l'1 head piece were of coral. Brown of Tampa. win<<>> (dbrnmillK gnIm o00iwllxllW

The bridesmaids wore i-
Io;'" Several. prenuptialshowers
.k'.. LJWET dentical ensembles except. were given in the Royal Crown'" <<>> iu
their shoes and headdresswere Cola "
: bride's honor by friends. -
J1wit1tr pink. cdhriimillK G@JI\dl@Im 9 1 ;

t1SD The mother of the bride I

;: cjPepsi 's Honored At Anniversary .,

v b of them.And it's been that way for
I Most
.far those ,- .To be blunt about it,Cordon'sis

R I who F :' England's biggest selling gin-as it is '

in-- ,,, America's and the world's. :::
t1 .t. Why?Probably because we r.l

have always refused to ., '

'I Jr ROYAL ART STUDIO i 'f tamper with a good thing. i
r E -- ; 4( Gordon's still harks back to I ,

CLARENCE J.SIMONPROPRIETOP i! I Alexander Cordons original

1".'- : formula-conceived in
4 ... ki ., : London 193 years agosoits

:: distinctive dryness.and
flavour remain unchangedand OtST D
; ,, >
'" this IOHDOllDttr

rot..,2-5.xJ 7's. 1-Gdor, )1-llack &. Wiite. 'JOS'. P'18x10 x 21 day. unchallenged Ask for Gordon to by ....Mlf.,,GIN..<.......,,.../

f name at your favourite T.
D" t rzW Ir
Opaltone & 3-35's J5.95 x
i 11s tavern and package store. ....

s .tJ Tops -litCommericalWeddingsProtraits, Y -. "
i D1TIlUllOlDOl! DIY cm.not uurtu smn wsiatio riou ciui to rtoor.COtOQtt .
[::1. FETED: Mr. and Mrs. Henry IfcNair, (center) of 5234 Buick Avenue. were first anniversary -
.515 Davis St. EL 4.1894. celebrants January 19 when a host of friends and associates gathered in

their palatial hose to wish them many happy returns.

<' E ., .
1' .
'. o I '
.' f. *:"
: n
: o .,> '. .
t "
.: >
:: ..; ,: of
; ....

\ 1

c_ _' r _, .> '
-- --


",- 1 ,

I ... _- T J P .



Hew; USO-Arcade- Will Furnish- Sorely Needed'I Needed Services For Jax Youth. And Servicemen'S .


r y r rI





A WELCOME ADDITION TO THE COMMUNITY: The recently completed USO-Arcade, the ultra-modern, servicemen's SevenJay_ Adventist Church giving the invocation. Second pix shows Dr. bite flanked by Rev. Willie

youth center located at 743 W. Ashley St. was officially opened last week before a capacity atten- kith (left) 'and Dr. J. S. Johnson, pastor of St.. Stephen AME Church. Top ranked FTC Choir is posed

dance of well wishers and community leaders. Dr. Eartha M.M. White, noted public service leader of 'under theme considered most appropriate for the center. Servicemen and hostesses pose for cameramen ,

Jacksonville and the Florida community, local members of the clergy and civic groups contributed to in fourth photo. The USO-Arcade will perform a sorely needed mission for servicemen and dependents :

the opening nights program supported by the famed Edward Waters College Choir' under the direction of and will also program youth projects during the day. ..

Allen Green, conductor. A group of hostesses representing New Stanton Senior High School, chaperoned ( Royal Art & Billy Brown Photos )
by_Dr. Alpha Hayes Moore attended the event. Photo left shows Rev. H.M. Barker, pastor of Ephesus.Woodlawn' j
... .- '

I Presbyterian Bishop Green And Ministers Gef Official Welcome S, ,lestimpniai, is

J. C. Smith Plannd.For.
Church Holes Alumni Group sP.
'Mrs. Vaught

By L. N. Pearson Sr. Held Meeting! 1.
The Second Baptist Church

Church school on the 'new, formed will sponsor a Testimonialin
t The newly Jax
site at 3066 Woodlawn Road honor of Mrs. Gladys C.
Alumni Chapter of JohnsonC.
will begin at 9a.m. Sunday Vaught, during the evenint -
Smith university met
with Rev. F.D. Wilson, services, Jan. 28.
last Sunday afternoon in
pastor, in charge. Church The occasion Is'one of
the, home of its president,
school at Voodlawn United p p appreciation for untiring'
Rev. Franklin D. Wilson
Presbyterian Church, State : land vaired services, representing -
3066 Woodlawn Road.
and Laura sts. will beginat a period over
Following the invocation,
9:30 a.m.' with T. V. forty years.
the members engaged in a
Huger, superintendent, in discussion'on Under the leadership of
lengthy ways
charge.A the officials, the commit-
and means of building, a
representative from our tees are carrying out plansto
strong chapter in this
National Church Department make the affair one of
area in order to aid local
Christian Fduca- ty'i. the season.
boys and girls' through '
tion will be with us Sunday Mrs. Vaught begun her
college. Annual membershipdues .: ; -
Jan. 28. She will be : services during early
were set at 300. The :
:Present the entire day. childhood and has many
chapter will be named : I
At 3 p.m. the church outstanding works and
the next meeting.Rev. .
school staff, committeeson firsts to her credit. Most
T. Vincent Harris, 3
Christian Educationand' notable is her service in
rector of St. Phillips
Session will assemble fora the Music and Education
Episcopal Church closed the
combined meeting.Rev. Departments of the church.
meeting with a
Wilson will start prayer. She served as a member of
Members present were: Rev.
the Sunday morning worship'at the Frank Brown Choir 1 for
F. D. Wilson Rev. T. t
10:55 o'clock in the many years, and succeededthe

;Santuary of the church. He Vincent Harris, A* DMaxey late Professor Brownas
IW..M =
Ralford A. Brown Sr. fi
.will be supported by the choirster of the group.
Mr. and Mrs. Raiford A.
United Church Choir with t, Also during this period she
Mrs. Rudyne Watson at the Brown jr. Mrs. Evangelyne
'organized choir 3-and has
organ. 'Johnson Mrs. Mary L. :t' '- ; I : served as its director for

The choir is very happy Crumley. Mrs. F., D. Wilson
twenty-eight .
.to have Mrs. Dorothy Silas and Lloyd N. Pearson Sr. years.In
the Sunday School
Earl H. Combo with the Refreshments were served "
jand *
'.'a:. ; Department, she also holdsa
choir again. Mr. Combo is following the meeting., \\ ,...1- long record as the

one of the best tenor Any person 'who has
choirster and the principal
in graduated or attended \
singers ever perform v of the Vacation Bible
Woodlawn Presbyterian Johnson C. Smith University School.

Church's history. He is a is eligible to join
Presently Mrs. Vaught
retired this chapter. They may call ;
veteran postal
i heads the Music staff whichis
worker. Mrs. Evangelyne Johnson ./ +
I comprised of an associate -
There will be a meetingof 1338 McConlhe Street, director '
2 organists,

the congregation at ;3! and "3 pianists. under her

12:05 p.m. Sunday. The DIMES leadership a small child-
of the is
purpose I
to consider doing what is DO IT AGAIN ren choIr and a men's

chorus were organzied.The .
necessary to sell our
TAX 'FORMs PREPAREDFor combined choirs have
the 'of
property on corner

State and Laura sts. Your Convenience WE LCOM.--- Dayton_.Beac Major owen.. J. Eubanks (center.) made the official welcoming address when presented musicals.Mrs. several. outstanding -

Bishop Sherman L. Greene (left) prelate of the 11th African
Acute Asthma Income Tax Forms Episcopal district, presiding elders Vaught's service have
and ministers held their recent two-day planning board session in Mt. Olive
Rev. 0. Houston not been confined as her
Attacks Prepared By Specialist! (right) was host pastor. In bottom photo are shown and listed some of the district's representative
who talents have been felt in

rcspmtory New.gain yUld 8p lUvd tp cUUst...dUy 80 Couchin to(.discovery.'.flrtUmUMTS choking. by. : At Siher Star liquors_ attended the meeting Namely; Revs.' W. M. Robinson, Gainesville Dist.; w. c. Brookins St. Petersburg most areas of the 'church.

an mud.No waltin.No drugs Dist.; R. C. Snellings, Tallahassee Dist.; A. L. Bennett Quincy Dist. I.
; o. Ford
or paintullnl.ctlonL Wonderfully: .fT cthre Live oak Dist.; Paul She i$ a member of the
In reUarin free brthlnc. Now 5S68 AVENUE B Lee, Sanford Dist. -- Panama Dist.
; Rueluge, Daytona Beach Dist. F"
a TklUbl without pr..cr'! tloa.Ak.yourdrunut : ; H. Ashe Appalacheola Dist. ; Senior Women s Missionary

Q &nU.for. or Dr.Compound.Guilds Green UounUla .. F. C. sanchez Panama City Dist. ; E. A. Hurley, Marianna Dist. ; J. W. Walker, Pensacola Dist. ; j. s. Society, the only female

A Johnson, Jacksonville; J. C. Surrency. North ocala Dist..; D. A. Russell, Tampa Dist.; j. j. Jones, Fort member of the trustee'

Fyers Dist. ; M. M. Tynes, North Orlando Dist. ; C. T. Sykes, Monticello Dist.; A. L. Sampson South Ocala board, and renders serviceson

Evangelist Dist.; S. H. Hunter, East Tampa Dist. W. B. Coffey pierce Dist.
; FOrt ; K. S. DuPont, Madison Dist. ; J. A. many of the major Com-

Roberts, Miami Dist. ; A. W. Cottrell, president of the State's Allen Christian Endeavor League Revs. .A. mittees of arrangements.The .

MotherDevine R. Richardson; West Jacksonville Dist.; Wl p. Jenkins, Lake City Dist. ; T. E. Shehee south Jacksonville honoree has also

.Dist.; L. D. Kennedy East Jacksonville Dist. ; R. E. Lamb, North Jacksonville Dist!. ; H. Me Cl en don, State brought honor to her church

God Sent Healer and Advisor Georgia candidate for the.bishopry; H. Cpursin Miami Dist. ; I. D. Hinson, bishopry candidate P.H., through conventional

Allen, North Miami Dist.; J. T. McMillon, Jacksonville. .. activities. National, Adult

An Prayers and Healings Free f a Instructorship, National

Art-You Suffering Sick Need Advice- Bolden Class DEATHS AND FUNERALS Baptist Sunday School Congress -

secretary to the
WATERS -- Mrs. Callie
finance committee, and

' A Waters of 715 W. palm Senior Women' auxiliary to
What your eyes see, your heart mast believe and ther Bolden- to lIege'sHospitAl CHURCHThe
t i Street.
your heart will convince you that this is the religious Aide Class the National Baptist Convention -
leader yon have been looking for. There is no pity for C of America.She .
elected. officers for John Henry Singleton of
tDtJse who are suffering and do not come to be helped. also serves'as Della
the current term Mrs. HEWS 5767 Harrison Avenue :
of the Worship, and is
One visit to this religious healer will convince c a
:Norma Ruxton. reporter BRONSON Moses L. 'member
of the
you that she is God's Messenger on earth. Mother De- finance committee -
announced this week. Bronson of 1201 W. 13th
of the Senior Women,
vine'has just received a statue of Saint Theresa n '
Office holders are: Street.
from Montreal, Canada. You oust touch the statue to be Auxiliary to the Progres-
ealed. Mrs. Rebecca Rhodes, Senior.', Missionary Society of St. Stephen AME JENKINS.Mrs.. Bessie sive Baptist State Con-

,president; Mrs. Elizabeth Church will present( a program Jan. 28 at 3:30 p.m. Jenkins of 1603 Kings vention of Florida and the
Gordon vice
the'11 tell your Past Present Future Love Courtship entitled:, :'The Back Home Hour." Many ministers who Road Meditational leader for the
president; Miss Bertha
Lucky Numbers Lucky Dais.--MOTHER DEVINE guarantees were trained at the church have been invited. BROWN -- Mrs. Eliza Senior Women Auxiliary to
Mae Canty, secretary;
to Help I Brown of penny Farm the East Florida and Bethany -
Miss 'Annie Ruth Scott,
Located on the Southside on Old St. Augustine Road. WILLIAMS -- Mrs. Minnie Baptist Association.

Take. Bus No. 37 to 4431 Old St. Augustine Road.. assistant secretary; < x; ,, x X < I .Maxwell Williams, 1125 I Prominent in both civic and
Willie Mae Fairfax,'
BRING THIS ADV. AND RB EIVE READING FOR $1:00 Street, educational fields, Mrs.

..---1-;; -.r.. _.._.._..,.,_ 'treasurer: Mrs. Ruthie' The annual convention of the Florida' District will ,"WELLS -- Aaron Wells of 'ught Is a member of the

:4 Mae watts chaplain; convene at True Vine Holiness Church 1439 Spearing 1407 W. 30th Street.

, OPEN 7'DAYS.. .ALL DAY'SUNDAYS. and Mrs. Barton ,Street., Jan. 25-28. .. ADAMS --peter Adams of Negro Business League of
.. --- --. .' re por_ t e r. ..' .The public. Invited. ,__ S 1018 Madison Street. Jackson, vil1e.
-, '" j ..,: ,
:. ,; -, :!> '

:-. /
... '.. '. '. d
--/:; :

"- 4I


\ I


F # .' ]
-'"' '", ,

\ "PAGE 5
., .. --- -- -- --- ---.-- -. .---..- ---...- ..
".' -':;- '-'.-" '- :: Y-' (. ; \ : '., : -
1! ;.. '
; L. J"tt';jy'>.'" l' ( .. "", q.; .. 11'
.: i .
? :'.d.0' W' ,: > ?]] ; .

"'t' : ....... .UM -" .. ._ ... .. 4- ...".. '_
..;. : .;.c.,: w 'j'fo';;; !- JIl"I : .., ..: ,....,'"
!! ... :;11I "' ; !\. "" '''
ry \ J i __ J' !'" ,
I ;c ',_-,, ,, : y ;I' L't: I. h' '; I Ir

r "-<.<;;-,. '. '' ,". ...,.". .... -" .-',,"'.-"i.Yj"- ...":''_..::-.-4 i''..:....--' =. J I, : .'- .' --.o':'..- "''.-...,- '1:. ',- .. -- t, .\ : I \I,1.I : _- ,: ; .__n.__ .._.,_._.

: \/:\ / : '

.. ,. .. .__ 2. ,. .......
t|, -. Celebrated Their; Golden Anniversary. North -South/ Beautician Model ..I. -C. Smith

I Annual Tourney Alu.mni

w+ The first meeting of the
Here Feb' 1923MIAMI : recently organized Johnson

C. Smith Alumni Associationof
Ray Mitchell's -.f South Florida was held
celebrated North-South { at the home of the presid-

Winter Golf tournament is ent, Isaac Withers. Main

scheduled for February 19-. business was setting up a
23, the Orange Blossom committee to make plans for
% \ i :7 Hotel Association of this raising funds for the

I city has announced.As Living Endowment of the
usual, the .famous winter School.
golf event mill be played The Ways and Means Com-

over the beautiful, Miami mittee appointed hasas
Springs Golf Course. It M+r ,: co-chairmen, iris Williams

r is expected ,that the- 1961 of OPa Locka and Claude
4 ra champions will defend. Pete k w Sxy Counts of Hollywood. Com-

> Brown, Jackson Miss. won mittee members are Mesdames
last year's professional "5' t- S"apt -it Chris"ta be lie Demeritte and

championship, with amateurs 4' Memolie Stubbs and C. S.
Willie Greer Nashville, Glascoe. 4
ii and Mrs. Elizabeth Wright, The next regular meeting

New York, being' crowned will be at the horny of
cir amp ions in their iris and Shirley, Williams

.di vis ion s.. ,, Opa Locka on February 17
The annual bathing beauty at 5 0' clock. out of town

MANY HAPPY RETURNS of the day was the theme offered to Mr. and Mrs. William S. contest and a'"number of members attending includedRev.

I Sturrups. pioneer residents of Coconut Grove area recently when over 150-guests other events including the and Mrs. james Barnett

honored them during their golden anniversary reception held in the home of their annual trophy ball, are 4 and Mr. and Mrs. Joseph
I son, William Sturrups Jr. at his Charles Avenue residence. Rev. (Father) Theodore scheduled for the week-long z' Stubbs of Ft. Pierce.
R. Gibson, rector of Christ Episcopal Church round of social events.
gave spiritual
blessings during. the
memorable event. Mr. Stirrups, the son of Methodist minister Members hotels of the 1ATTRACTIVF
: S. Stirrups of In -MeetAt
sponsoringMiamihotelassociation YW
Convenor's Harbour, came to the 1909.
Mrs. Stirrups, the. former. Ellen :
are Hampton
ri Augusta ingraham of Nassau arrived here one year later. The happy
couple are shown
with some of the beautiful House. Mary Elizabeth. Miami U.
gifts which
were lavished them
loyal friends. upon by their host of' Miami Carver, Sherman and J

.Sir John. .
Sylvia McFbrd is one of the main On Friday evening, January
: I I Mitchell.the reasons
\ Dunbar School Ploridarborn ;why fashion shows in the Miami area have become 19th The Young Women's
I Teachers Hold Tampa N/mroas'l/ pro .and founder of the well Christian Association of
I I -reigning success. In addition to her modeling
know tournament will
News con-
I, -1 chojjesMiss McFord is an experienced beautician. Miami held its Forty-second
Planning Session I tinue as director of the
Net $2,650TAMPA annual meeting on the
Adams elected ev en t.Alliance. --
Mr. was to ,
of its university
Holmes Elementary the Board of Management of Republican Seeks SeatMIAMI campus
of Miami in the beatifully
was hostess to Zone Fishermen in the Carver Branch
YMCA and // Hears. I decorated Student Union
meeting of Dade southwest Florida have appointed Chairman of the
Elementary School With a wide in the such 1 Building.. Pr. Dan Dodson,
thus far picked up $2,650 1962 Drive. past jobs as
pals on last Thursday, for Fchlitz-tagged fish Also appointed as Chairmanof Dr. Dietrich listing ,of background tackle manufacturer, drug Director Center For Human

j .11 We received caught during the 1962 the Red Division was experiences, Ralph W. agent souvenir salesman.He Relations New York
ments from the as Schmidt, 42; announced as he has served all University was guest
group Schlitz $500,000 Florida says
l' Paul Joseph fth grade .
speaker. Over 300 guests
work done by a Republican candidate for such connections to enable
the being Fishing Derby according Dietrich addressed
I' teacher. Congratulations! Dr. Martin. -
from far and attended
I children. We were to a second-week tally in Mrs. Poitier, Arithmetic the Interdenominational Congress in Dade 'County' himself.to contribute full near
>>, and almost nationality -
ally congratulated on Zone 1, where the Derby Supervisor visited 4th Ministerial 4th District. time between now and the every
t ETV and Spanish pro opened January 1. grade classrooms on Tuesdayto Alliance at its regular, Schmidt says he has held November election. was represented.PERSONALITIES" .

gas well as evidence of Braving the coldest observe ccntentteaching meeting last Tuesday.The .

good work being done weather of the season and techniques and to check doctor's topic was PERSONALITIES
social studies and blustery winds that blew types of examinations de- 'The Church in East .

ft. The group took a up small craft warnings vised. Germany The Rev. Henry ", ,
interest in the along the Gulf coast for Welcome back to Miss Franklin McDowell led the devotions.The '

P board splay done by one 24-hour period during 1st grade teacher who Alliance was the questof
J' Resource Class. All the second week, anglers had been out for 8 days the Children's Home at

hers were compliments captured 31 Schlitztaggedfish with virus. infection. Our Kendall. After some \,
I evidences of learning worth $950. The first staff member, Mrs. Dorsett business matters were dealt

it seen in varies .areas week awards totalled remains ill for the third with, lunch was served. At
the group. $1.700 and included a week at her Richmond the end of the meeting the
,. i Special mention was number of "precaught"fish Heights home. group was taken on a tour H
to the custodial staff for which full values Mrs. Hawkins Curriculum of the grounds, which also .

the general appearance were paid. Assistant presented the included the Silver Oaks

the school. Hardy salt water fisher- Change of Semester scheduleto School. <.
:J Watch for Holmes pupils men 'reaped the lion's the Building Curriculum The meeting was arrangedin \

: Channel 2. "Know share of the second week-- Council on.Monday afternoon.Mr. the hope that the

l I School" Monday 26 fish worth $825 against Adams assisted her with ministers would see the *

Jan. 29, 8 P.m. Pl"I 5 fresh water fish worth answering questions and progress which is taking ,

I r 3 Year- Old Tricylist $125. The lucky catches making a few corrections.The place at Kendall and come ,Ed Cook Milton (Birtterbal) Smith
included one drum and one
schedule was distri- to realize the need for
snook, the first of each buted to the community in the
Killed Truck faculty on support Listen To!
By ,
caught in* the Derby this Tuesday afternoon. work tiiich is being done. .. '
\ t I year; 10 reds; 9 sheeps- Paul Joseph presided at It was obvious that one of '

Tragedy struck with heads; 6 trout;' 1 grouper; the second teacher arranged the great problem areas is 1' : WMBM 5

lentless swiftness and 3 bass. Faculty meeting of 1962 centered around.the child's

r Saturday, Jan. 20 when The Schlitz Fishing Derby last Tuesday. The brief re-entry into the community.This : '. MIAMI FLORIDA 1220 ON EVERY RADIO
3-year old tricyclist continues in'Zone 1 devotional period held much is where the churchcan :
; kjlled by a truck in through March 31. It opens, food for thought. Report be of untold assistance :.' ''''". .

driveway. in Zone 2 (southeast were given by the repre- said Mr. Williamson supervisor ,.'' :.- ,
Dead is Dwayne Puyol Florida) on bruary 1. sentatives to the various of division 'B" The Personality StationPERSgNALITIES '... ,

343 N. w. ,.9th Street. for three .months, then professional organizations. Commenting on Dr. Die- i !;. :,!!'
I for preliminary moves into two other Parents came out in numbersto trich's .
speech, Rev. :; ;
geographical areas of the PERSONALITIES :.
ation but later our school and Edward T. Graham has thisto
I without charges was state. talk wittt teachers on say: "We do not realizethe
i, truck's driver In each zone one fish yesterdayParentTeacherConference Y
blessing which
we enjoy '
,, .
carries a $10,000 tag. :
old isadore Warren of Day. Many through religious freedomin t.t." ;
; .
I N. W. 136th St. Last year, a $10.000 parents stopped in the America until we are ': ...
I Miami Accident fish was snagged, in Library at. the special told of conditions in other I
t tor Mel Stewart said Zone 1, just 18 hours invitation of the Librarianto countries. The sensing of

t stated he saw the lad after the Derby opened. see the library stock, this opportunity ought

L' the driveway side Thus far this year, the note the general arrangement 40 move us to help meet the
before he began backing 'big un" has eluded to be briefed on the need at Kendall" .

truck out of the capture. Nor has any library program and to Those present were:' PeVs. .

f. ,: and though that he fisherman yet come up witha check on their responsibility S.A. Cousin, William Savoy, /J
$1,000 fish, of which S
clear to back out. for the child's use H. McDowell Martin Die-
The victim was the son I I r there are 10 in Zone 1. of books-textbooks as wellas trich, L.R. Ross H. Green. : .
I Two of the second week's.catches .
r library books. This
-IrS. Virginia PnYCI. : was Amos Hall, Otis dandy; Ran- '
were. .worth $100 the second such library program .
EAGER dolph Thompson Matt. Fay- ...
PARTNERSAi each; one was tagged at "
to be held for
J a E. Hutcheson the "
I A son, T.C. C210lal InV cCa .
the effort $50; and the rest carried Parent-Teacher Conference '. :
has been ,
experience Kelly M.J. Macon, L. A. ., :
1 nations soon as $25 values. .: ,
foreign as I Day. :
,Roberts and Edward Graham. "
bl to help feed their own ;
$ "- --'. >1 > ,; 'r '" S S ,.

I t .> .' '. .. j. ;...;.' :<
'..... J i 'i.:
t .

t .

.. .
I ,

.1. -

UF '- ., : '. ------ -, .. -.- -. .. .. -- .." ....-.......,.., -........-........-..- a.t -,
.f .

\ .

.. .. ,' i : ... ", .... ':' '.. .- \
I. _, ,', "' i l '. "" .:" .oJ&;-..;,' .'-.. o. : -""' ': t.' : : -! .i-
'" ." ., .,....,.'.-:'; "'.,-....' :.,," r '. .,," -, -4 .. "':..i:ft"1' <-.'." .... '.." 1".' .... t .. t

,. '
', '

PJ&6: FlMlll SIAf? I
.. _, JANUARY 20.. 1962
"" :;
--7 -w--

c Jackie Almost Certainty For Shrine Acid/ Thrown. At CORE Group Merman Nipped In C/ose-One/

>-- *
; sfi
NEW ORLEANS, La.---Six New Orleans CORE members were

I I treated at the Flint- oodrich hospital for first
r.i degree burns received from carbolic acid. Two identi-

fiable white, segregationists threw the acid on their

1ti heads and down their backs as they sat-in at the

t Woolworth lunch counter. .

4. ,0retha 'Castle vicechairman
-r in at the lunch counter.
of New Orleans
During the sit-in the
CORE said she tried to
segregationists thr.ew
report the incident to
acid on Edward Holmes
1Z the New Orleans Police
Holmes. Willie
but was transferred from
Birch George Raymond,
person to ,person once she
Frank Onore, and a second
i identified herself.
L time on Edwin Clark. .
The CORE group picketedthe yttx
The CORE members con-
store for two hours
tinued their sit-in into
c c afternoon Pik
Saturday during
the night shopping hours.
which time the GOOD RACE!---
segrega- left
a member
The group has been demon- of the Morgan
tionists threw acid on State College swimming team
consoles Walter
strating at the variety Meares
Edwin Clark. deceived, captain of the A. and T. College tank
stores for more than a teamwho he
medical treatment and later year. defeated in a photo finish of the recent dual swim

joined the group sitting- i t meet between the two Colleges held last week at A. and

T. College. The Morgan club
--- won the meet.

GJC Student Is Honored '.i _. .. .
< -
a T
---'.---- ,
'-- :: "};? :,t: /f. :., i::', !?t),.

.,.,t. ".".".,..<..,.Y-71\c'.",.,, .,<
; < I"; : ; ;
'. ,
Vo':1i; .' ,
.-\'f :
MOST FEARED DURING HIS TIME: In 1947 major league color bars fell when Jackie .", }'.h"')' : J''c'> : ': : : fP r .r

Robinson, later to become one of baseball' s .most competitive and feared players iP!! {: :" \J:4 1 t

signed with the Brookly Dodgers. During the following ten years. Robinson emblazoned .

his name into the record books and helped pace the Dodgers tq innumerable <\' : : : for those _

successes. Retired now for over five years. Jackie is one of the leading can- '. 'f ;! SF1J

didates to Baseball's Hall. of Fame in Coop rtown. N. Y. : .who f
,,-. ,r, ;'#I." ,,....
J :', R
,. I' Support Your Nation's Unskilled-i !!% ; 4' ," .' "h\' think young ( t a

..... Mostly Negroes
j ._ ._. _
i L j ".
NEW YORK -- More than half _
3 of all 'unskilled -
9' You Seek Tto Bet Doctor Negro -
When Your Doctor PrMcribw :workers in the country were

Got Experienced PhumadaB unemployed for substantial

To Fill YourAccording PrfiCrip-tIGu ... periods during ,961 4
\ To Your Doctor r
Herbert Hill, NAACP labor
:Orders. W. UM Only /
Dr. C. E. Black n. Bet QualIty Drugs : ** secretary; reported to the

I' ,Proprietor Association' s annual meeting

here; .


added, "that the unskilled < !

; DRUG STORE Negro worker, 45 years of MAKES/2/:-SKIN BLEACHES

age and over, who lost his a
1907 Kings Road ELgin 3-827C : OLD FASHIONED"
A COMPLETE LINE OF: job will never again work g. t Y

Cosmetics Goods Candies Sundries. at productive gainful

i .

-:--- e lightens dark spots

l'PERSONALITIES PERSONALITIES .... effect/ powderManufacturers v. s ,
q .:",... ST. PETERSBURG---Tampa pre-law freshman Gwenaoiyn oase n -
I .
{ Jones of Gibbs Junior College is being cited for GJC
.J- # for her leadership ability' and academic achievements.Here .

: 'ci : she is being given some tips on her future pro-
''$ ) \
,! ;;: .. .':,
,. .. r:" :T fession from Attorney Frank White. I
... of Power's forgamot/Tht Jar with the Star"s '
3y (Photo by Ballard)
.. .... .
,- .
... ". -,
:'-.. I } (' -- .: ,HospitalizedBy B I I Si P.

CJ 1. ,_
) T ...


tard gas, attack hospita- The Firms Listed Below and Throughout This Publication Are Recommended!

lized COPE Field Secretary I As Reputable Establishments. Specializing) In Services And Products.

1 .. Henry Thomas Friday eve- /

.- I ..'. ning Jan 12 after a 'CORE ,. .

) s 1S 1/\ 1 '
'S C1 11 action project in Hunts- :ELEoP'.E! 4.'e94 Patent Medicines Cosmetics
Jy1 '
ville. DAVIS + All Leading Hair
515 TREE PreparationsCOR.
# : Thomas left Cumberland JACKSCtii1' -.c. ".A.
\ ;. BROAD & ASHLEY EL 4.2159
\ ED COOK. .. ,. .1 '. MILTON (BUTTERBALL);SMITH, .'": .ii1"' ,,1 Church after dispatchingCORE ,.FUEL OILS ". ., -f...-
f .-< W sit-in teams to five
:. '., : variety stores. Upon entering BYRD & SONS
,. ,. : .t" "I _
.: his car- with Henry FUEL OIL A BOTTLE SERVICE ?
; \: .. .' : ,. J: : GAS
t.: > Rooms by Day, Night or We k"*
Lee James they smelled a WE SELL| Clean and Repair All MAKES OF .
i .*
; / t strong odor. Thomas says, OIL and GAS HEATERS 27 West Ashley St. -; EL 5-4025
i' .
} ; .
WMBM Ve' though it was a stink 6334 Restlown Dr. PO 4-9516-7 UJ* "- 'tCHERRY'S

:' .,; .. .. bomb and let the air '
1. .., .f. car BTAR
r : ", '1 "' I INDEPENDENT OIL CO. .. .
',. .'" MIAMI FLORIDA. -- '" out for few ainutes" #
"; ..;.=:}; '. .., "- a ; ,
> l'
'. .:-: .1220_ON EVERY RADIO :. : : < I "''We called police and KEROSENE HOME DELIVERY ". & Cocktail l Lounge

: ; > then got in and drove fora Mechanic On Duty Cordial Afmpsphere
': ; '- -
i : .
; :. 3 ij. : few blocks. I felt, a JAMES FAULKNER Mechanic Where' Old Friends ,MeettB43
< KINGS RD.-EL 38O9tf38
:" burning sensation in the IJCE: JOSEPH, Proprietor
; ,f. The' Personality Station \: < ,;; L' \ seat of my pants and between State and Jefferson Sts. EL 6-9432-. w.. ADAMSEL, _'.7457GROCERIES ..

; l .: ,..
+r-; \ / ; my legs. I stoppedthe ,
: '
.. ., car and we jumped j

t PERSONALITIES bout, added the CORF Andrew J.JHuff Funeral Home JENNINGS MARKET

PERSONALITIES \'represe tative. ,
; fi and Meats '
They called a, cab and .
Mary L. Breaker, Mgr. Fancy Citrus Boxes
'tried to find a doctor _

:', r ". but were unable to do so 1337 Davis Street .-El 4-6896 or EL 4-689.,- Bonded and Licensed Shippers
w'I -
;... at first. Then they returned .- / 1767 Kings Rd. EL 5-4278
f:: _':; ';A' \ ,:, \ to Cumberland UJiY s. DRUG STORES

ii r- Church. A few minutes A Complete. Line of "' .' .- ."

I later Dr. John L. Cashin, COSMETICS RUBBER GOODS Jerico Pharmacy. .Inc.
... ..
a local dentist entered 'CANDIES SUNDRIES' We Fill Any odor's Prescription

3 the church and examined Prescriptions; Call//* for and Delivered : FREE Pick Up and Delivery Service
their clothing. It was his '
ir c \/i R J. EL 5-8276 .. On Prescription .
opinion that mustard gas l'I I 1907 Kings PHARMACIST ON DUTY

: was.involved.. : Hours 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m..Daity

y -. Dr. Cashin got in touch MER VON'S PHARMACY 951, Wit OeM Street El ..926a..

,. I I with,officers at the near- Free Pick Up and Delivery Service -

I I by Redstone Arsenal. They For All Your Drug ,Store Needs .. "
sent a team of doctors and .' MOTHER E. M. JONES ;.
.. .
I i. D. HARRIS, RPH., Prop. :!-I
II'BIaDe chemists over to examine I SWRITUAt ADVISOir'Service .: :.
: :
week *
8:00 to 11:00 p.m.-7 Days a : ,- .
Thomas and the car. Open ojn. ':4a '.,::;, ,",
: Every Thursday--8 5p jn.
Cafcway '
: .' sent to ,Huntsville 2735 W. Edgewood Avc. -:' i#<'
>.:WAMtCAU Thomas was \ 432 W. UNION. ST. El 4.0269 ;',
... ., Hospital at 1:00 Phones S-1582-PO 5-9267 =
: ,
-t .. .. : ,, ,
January 13. -!'' '
4.-, '
: '"


," '
-- h .
,: ;:; t


'' "

," "" .." ,, .. ,
; ,

"'" .
.. I

:am.iiw : ": .- : J ',PAGE 1

" 'UTURDAY IlMUARY! 20. 1962 _'. 'r.-.,. ____ ',- --...,. .. .
""' -- --

jLi ,54 P r cit; S I1 .

! .12..61'5 Me/efes/ Of The Year Wilt Continues; Hampton's Pirates, 33 Players On NBA RosterRODGERS


To Break Records, Suffer Slump ,

+ HAMPTON Va., January a
.. 19, 1962 ,The Hampton
: Lf Wilt Chamberlain, towering
f Institute basketballteam
l center of Philly Warriorsof
lost their fifth
... the NBL, is again -
and sixth games to
breaking all league individual -
Elizabeth City and
\ scoring records as t
Morgan State CollegesJan.
the 16-year old loop nears
13 and 15 the
I A"o J on
its current halfway mark.
HI court. The youthful
At this writing Chamber-
Pirates blew a'15. Pt.lead .
lain has scored 1992 pointsin
in losing to
contrast to 1481 tallies EMBRY ROBERTSON S. JONES
Morgan and the apparent -
scored at this same perioda stree on offensive NEW YORK KNICKS

year ago. ,, PLAYERS TP. AVG. REBS.
F;;;y,;; ...w. ,- He;also' is pace setter in the maneuvers.left Pirates WILLIE Naulls ...__..-- 819 22.1 422
JOHNNY GREEN ._ 695 16.9 531
I h' ) dipg2.. G K rebounds with 1053 grabs hapless in a 64-63 loss. AL BUTLER ._..._-.___ 252 12.6 119
ry .. for a 25.7 average, and is Head coach Willie CLEVELAND BUCKNER 171 5.7 115
.y': in second place in the Smith states that team SAM STITH* _._.____.._....._ 105 5.2 45
field goal percentage efficiency has been "On Reserve Roster.
column with .486 to leader very low because of

.. : Walt Bellamy'of Chicago's games that were lostto CHAMBERLAIN** __ 1993 48.6 1053:
y1 :,:'y4 %if.t ,r .504. apparently1 inferior AL ATTLES _____ 454 11.6 324
GUY RODGERS ______.....__ 345 8.4 181
Oscar Robertson, the outset.
Cincy teams at
-"IP.'F ue Leader in All 3 Depts.
: ; star, paces the playmakerswith

a.6...rI {s 492 assists for 12.0 ,
Changes Uniforms
per game average. Dolph {

t I Schayes of Syracuse, who
has been sidelined for

several days, leads free

throw pacemakers with an
r. '4w .891 average for 205 suc-
', ;F r cessful attempts out of
230 tries.


... FRED LaCOUR _._... ... .. 263 7.3 J36
Party Tips CLEO HILL ............ ..... .?.....-.. 236 6.6 109
BOB SIMS v..._...._...I..._.___...201SH1LLIE 6.:1 78
.yc For Younger Set McMILLON ........MN. 190 6.5 140
ELGIN (The Great) Baylor,

Planning a wintertime party for one of today's ranking HAL GREEK ,_ 820 20.0 270
CONGRATULATIONSRoger! Mari tb.e NerYork Yankees' new home run King, and Wilma
your youngsters them in ?the Be sure to include basketball players an JOE ROBERTS .......................,.?. 248 6.0 208
Rudolph, world's champion women's sprint star, congratulate one another after being excitement of
getting ready for the and ?
party captain of the Los Angeles
selected as the top male and female athletes of the year. Presentations were made it's good training, too.
recently during an annual nationwide sports jamboree in Milwaukee. Lakers' pro-club, is
.... ___ ... __._ T .. serving a stint in the U.
\J "_A.a1: )l lY r r
Va.Staters S. Army- for Uncle Sam.,
\ larensecurity Texans' Sign
l eve"UI: mnf5.iL'' Baylor's loss is being Il '

considered a stiff setbackfor w
I .. : J&: -- the coast's club. ;

l -&w---- /"
pyr 'J0
a ;:rPJ

? ArryK Is' Promoted PLAYERS TI' AVG. UEBS.

: SAM JONES ..... .....-. ...-.....-. 730 19.2 256
I. BILL RUSSELL .-.... .....w........... 728 19.1 :U:18:
TOM SANDERS 402 10.6 368
nowife Pepsi, i- K. C. JONES ..... 3.H J.3 127

Y y
F- I IY Ios'
fnr those who 1. {

think young 1 y


,. uIa.

J sg
K y56Ra:
Rd 1} vyP1

t -7 i- 1s % N.M 95:4{ .. ;...Gets GENE BAKER Promoted t NAULLS DUKES WALKER OIAMBERLU.. _

tI f I


I strong indicationsthat PLAYERS TP. A V(;. REDS.

MAKES WITH CRYIN TOWELL: Virginia state's football former Chicago Cubs WALT BELLAMY ..................... 10,4 29.5 6T.1
Coach William W. Lawson got out the crying towell infielder Gene Baker may SI GREEN .-.... ._..-.......-.. _. ,... 329 10.C 140!
I II "I after the Dallas Texans of the AFL signed four of his ANDY JOHNSON .-..... ..-....-.... 320 10.3 138:
I become the maj'ors first HORACE WALKER ............... 293 !).1 1507
players in group from left: Ernest Turner Sidney baseball
Negro manager. WOODY SAULDSBERRY _,-. 146 6.9 142
Swann and Dewayne Jeter. Joe Golden (not shown) was The 36-year old player who
1, fourth member. CINCINNATI ROYALS
r Ii managed the Batavis, N. Y.
i OSCAR ROBERTSON _i_ 1232 30.0 503
I team in the Class D. Pony <
I!I g .. loop last year has been BOOZER .. ..,.. ..........-... 5fi7 13.:; 437
I 1 signed as playingcoachby JOE BUCKHALTER ... .... SO 3.1 6G

YouLOW Do.'t Heft N..to Towa to G.t, Harold Cooper of the

Columbus Jets in the International -
i Learn
PRICES League. l-

I The Batavia team under

I The Latest Scientific Baker's management a
OR Yo.r finished in third place 4/ Y

last year. The previous

Methods Of Barbering i; DRUG STORE NEEDS. season seventh,place.Watch they. ended up in ,

Trad With Year N *9feb *ieo4 Drafl Stora
This down
( w.Dlif.-W.Alto Fall AM Doctent Pr criptfeM 16-48-20
Florida Barber College 815-11-394


I Dixie Pharmacy 7 .1 .s. DETROIT PISTONS


i' 3 0 RAY SCOTT 4G1 11.8us
mi KINGS ROAD ctMYITUAVBWt WALTER DUKEW.S .. .._- 357 9.1 398
PHONES EL 5-3W-W1 63 5 14 WILLIE JONES ....... 197 5.6 89

:Corner Beaver f I PAY YOUR LIGHT, WATER AND TELEPHONE ',; Sometimes ".'.
wpSometimes down I ELGIN BAYLOR- ..........-.......... 1603 38.3 758 .
j .. BILLS AT,OUR STORE : H. ht'c TOM HAWKINS _.. -.... 305 7.1 233
..IACkSONYILIE FLA:: odds subtracts '
FELIX _._ 249 5.6 278d
.- _..' -. __'.... I H. works It all arowri. -In Armed Forces. 1

I _




\ -
_, ,,' ,. 'j: ;.' :" ". ,_ : ;' '....', :',.'_ :. e"., } \.' ',. < ':. :",' .' .
"" -
\ .
'.. .

.," P/.GF 8 tANdU
ThL rt I It '
You need a friend in N.i
ie', :{a old of the Grand Opening Sale '
Ha.lory Agency be your

t LJfOOL.CE. friend.live-in He job guarantees in a good youa MU ,Fine Quality Vinyl Linoleum

home, paying $30.00 to Warehouse Prices
$50.00 a week, free. room, rl I \
lg' .meajs and T. V. !l 9X12 Rug $7.49Various
Bus tickets and expensesto
New York in advances. Colors And Sizes
: J comma 'co Ha !: SEND REFERENCES TO: Mr. .5 S : :y i Linoleum '..Warehouse And Supply

Harold, The Mallory Agency
576 Merrick Road, Lynbrook, 5525 Beach Blvd.. Plenty ,Parking Spaci
.. e -
.sta ntw.u Rw. .
,New york. -
Louis -- -- : ,- -:: --- -
7ao 9t -'
RITZ Starts Sundayo

a r Constant protection to your Family Home and Property for only 1-cent Per Hour from
o 10 p.m. -* 5 a.m. Nightly. 365 Nights per year for Only $6.00 every 3 months.! fALL
FULLLENGTHANDFAguloug* protected areas are patrolled in 1961 Ford Falcon cars equipped with 2-wayradio Phone ILMl
? 618
k fire'extinguishers. Oxygen Breathing apparatus,' first aid packs, all be ing standard':
ROOSEVELT- equipment. S l with lima! e..ftr. i.i..i.l .)
Tues FILM Our patrolmen, many of whom are former. servicemen, have been certified after having hyih wor4.. Iud tea Lb.
ast Run Hits 1 1IPST FOR I I IC '
THEFIRST been certified after having completed the following courses: Criminal investigation: TROUT ;:::;s i," u. 49c
tile "'"
ij First Aid; Civil Defense. For further information. Call ROBERT. SMITH.ALLIED DETECTIVE KINGFISH STEAKS 49c
TIMEgCHUBBY AGENCY! EX 8-3111 or PO 5-9844. I L
"Reet\nr brnilintt:attest T.U./r.Actf.T.rf'C.
..___. $057 p.r
plus 2nd Bg Hit A .Houses For Sale I 2V Lb. Pfrg. .__ Dklf. HANDY DANDY Each
"FEAR HO MORE" pfe live h API. FOR RENT Rent? LARGE Shrimp Deveiner $1.35STEAKFISHLb.59'
- 4 Room Apt. \Yhy Pay 98'c ..,
for Rent, SHRIMP Lb. hiley" "
SKINIEVII Couple To Live on Farm Modern 3 Bdrm Homes. Large I ,
$11.00 Weekly F *" FighM th* M"'t ond
In Orange Park Man For landscaped lots in colored L Dep. SI 2 00 per ewt.
Yard. Farm And Maintenance 2 Unfurnished Rooms $5.50 sub-disivion. $350 dwn. j MEDIUM 8ge Spanish
Work. Wife For HouseWork Weekly 1774 Spires Ave. Boulevard. J i SHRIMP Lb. Maokerelli 39c
1 No ChildrenMust: Call EL ..}J 9942., After Sun Realty-1811 l".
El 3-7203
'Ha v eO..n Furniture. 7:00 J,,.p.m.' BUCK SHAD u. 35c
-..-- 4 4 4a $75.00 Week Start ALLIFD DFTFCTIVF AGFNCY
.._.....".-110.'._- CHECKER Call Co 4-4021 S % HELP WANTED '--Inc.JacksonYllles .-- ROE SHAD u. 49'
plus Cg Hit t ijjy.VVWV WHUHNHWUNNDION Must Have Recent References Man & Wife to care for leading Agency'now frtih Shrlmpbeat SUA ROE
VICKI SPENCER has a full staff 'of
ti .: ''i1 t DID invalid elderly person- trained colored detectives WHITNINGlk 2-4.0.. Cello
: Wupptd
IE I MARCELS CLAY COLE Johnnie's ,Hotel Live On-Good Salary-Ref. to handle domestic investigations Produced in SONS of High Sen
L ot1
win S425 Cash'on.. ]Kite L.! and I A COlUUPIA"BLACK PICTURES DAKOTAS"Drive REtUSECBXl, i I ,All-Modern' Conveniences Veek-days 9-5 p.m. body guards missing persons RED BASS 4L\b.39c 4 9 ,.,,
, Rooms, Ry. Day., Nite. ,or Week patrol, & nite se- Pk<<
'urity, Strictly Confi- FLA. LOBSTER u.65c
Call El 6-7596. 741J4 West

MOAcrief: : In Ashley Street.WANTED. ._ .Slat: Advertfsers- Phone dential.EX 83111 or PO 59844 BLACK DRUM .i>. 29c BlUEFISH "w"X'::: :: 35c Lb.

Beauty Operators & Barbers HOMES FOR SALE.
Fruit Market are wanted to New Hollywood
Beauty Lounge. 622 W,
Ashley St. Call EL 49774.Mr. 2532 Calvin--$9,000 330 Acosta--$8750;
45th & Moncrief Porter. EL 3-3245 'Mr LAND

_I. S._ Anderson, _.__ __ Mandarin. .. Flyn Road .. 1 Acre ._. $1,200
Big Willie Motley Proprietor < GORDON W. BARBER SR.
'1V [ dlal.l! ,
Drum Fish 2 25c Burtontrka .
lb// J.s' JAX. ? FLA. El 4-f442

... .... 2H7 Wishart Street
lender TeJ t phoD6''FLudPnI 9- 211

"Jacksonville 7, Florida.; ;, .. HOME, IMPROVEMENTS


Will repair n *blijHis Bills Conselidaied REGULAR. PRACTICE. COME IN AND
JpJ.HAMBURGER and guarantee us>b4atering Low. Bank Rates MEET OUR EXPERIENCED MEAT MEN!
done with fabt' Mill IILLDUFPEE .
races. Free estimates on Ail Wok Guaranteed

$, OO work., -'4' Call. EL--- 4-5841 Sales Free Estimates Engineer Call,I Me. Today., FL 92412Rooms f HEAVY' WESTEkN

WHY WORRY Added nrages. wDings. SIRLOIN

3 //bs. ABOUT XMAS BILLS* Carports Drile Ways Roofs 'etc: cLB.

--, A few hours spent'in Chain Link or Redwood fence STEAK 6 9
friendly conversation selling -
Canned MilK AVDNS will providea lot and 2Dd MORTGAGES: .
Call EL 68810.HOUGABOOK.
8. cans 411w -- -- HERCULES
SERVICE 6885 Phillips Highway
'SUGAR'15Ibs.$1.00 '
GENERAL AUTO REPAIR Within 75 miles of JacksonvilleNSf4t
i: W..HOUGABOOK. Mechanic and CallPQ:'S-6111
1361 Kings Road ,FL 4-3659

-. with $5:00: or more food order

Stewing ROUND STEAK( 69

HENS 2 for $1.25. NO LIMIT LB.

-" ":::-' MARKETS
Steak O'Lean SUPER .

-. HINDS 49c

C1 fln : AVC. WT. 150 LBS.

,3 /Ibs.STEW .- ._ .CHUCK ROAST: GJRlis; 25,C We Cut. You Wrap Save IOc Per Lb.

BEEF 39C'b' 5 Ib I Bag PORTER SlicedBACON


Lean. 3 !lb. $1.00 ', ..",. '.'-. : !

__ oJ' i ;.". s100uMir


ILUrHBA QnAvL ft ,
2 Ibs. 19 : : ; FLORIDA GRADE "A"
I 5 (b Pkg. "
*,.. '
,Ib -:L'MW m with! $5.00 or more food ,order' LARGE 2 nos.EGGS C
15QFresh : ',
'Ib. ,, .
J '
"" "
.. I .
Vegetables All KindsFor > -', '
'Ib .Can : -
,3 29'C. : >

Free Delivery Call P.O 5-9287 SHORTING. : LIMIT 4 DOZ.

Open _MoruThru Sun,7 .m. to 12p.m. _:< ',Lien MK with $5.00 or nre feat order, : Quantity Rights Reserved
.. .
..... J -
.. : '
_' ; -
LJ. .
.. -.. '- ,




-.- ,-.. -" '- .- ,' -. --' -, -" .-, ';<>
--..:; '