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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
January 20, 1962
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
January 20, 1962
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Library I. I
: _
UalTorslty Of Florida
Duval Voters Are
Gainesville. Florida p.- -- Warned
.. .
i -.- .- .> I f

. a To He-Register At# Once ": ,


VOL 12-NO.. 4)) SATURDAY JANUARY 20, 1962 15 CENTSBOMBS ? I = ;_ Ii 1 1r Deadline/ Set

... 8? S j < I
January 31st

Attention is now being
6u called to all non-regis

tered and registered '

voters that now is

time to get straight on

T1 : the books.

The books will remain
.:. : ." open until 30 days before -

.. the date of the '
next election. Applic-

FBI May Conduct. Probe Youth Council. To Step Up IL ;:,;...::I'. ,i 4. ations been for mailed registrationhave out to

Of Negro Church Bombings Job Campaign And Boycotts .) .' be back filled and some in and have mailed even

failed to do that. An
BIRMINGHAM. Ala. -- indications
are that the fijI''will Ah NAACP Youth Council Negrojobrcamxaign, aided Ty appeal is being made to
conduct a thorough probe of the
bombings by' the FLORIDA STAR paid off this week with the ,hiringof all to get the cards
dynamite of three Negro churches which occurred here Ff
Tuesdag nhht a Negro counter-clerk by Berriers's Ice CreamCo. back in the mail as

police said tie first 1958 which was the object of a city-wide Npgro boycott early as possible.
t In 1956 several homes .
'explosion occurred last August. Those who have changed
,. purchased by Negroes on' .The Youth,CO\1D ,boycott -was. ..i aiJiItv'.VA'Cl.when ; ;= -- add #
.. :shortly ater 10 p.m..in]. ....; ." :-- -, : : ,: iJ.- : : :POS o.\o"' ses' must have the
New Bethel Baptist i :the fringe ofNegro- J. R. Berrier Owner of two ice, cretin stores at j cards back in the registrar -

Church; sotae seven white residential areas 1100 Hogan"St. and 21t W. 8th St. refused to employ s office before

'minutes later, St. were bombed'some to a Negro waitress after advertising. one in the Jan. 31. Those who have

Luke's African Methodist lesser degree and others Hogan street store window in conferences with Youth ,,. not Deceived cards may

Episcopal Zion Church being almost totally Council representatives he' admitted' that about, 80 go to the office. Regis-

some three blocks away, destroyed.Tincluded. percent of his business came from Negroes but said ter now and b.eat the

suffered an explosion' [i' among the he would' not hire Negroes on the grounds that his deadline.

) About 40 minutes bombed homes was that of 'white workers would not work with colored help. r .,
j later BERRIER'S ICF CREAM COMPANY. First and Hogan .
f jcivil rights leader Rev. After picket lines were thrown in front of the Hogan
Triumph Church of which has been the target of a Jax NAACP Youth Council Jax NAACP
Fred Shuttlesworth. I Street store, Berrier sought and was granted an
Kingdom of God in
and Florida STAR sponsored boycott since last August,
injunction against the Youth Council's picketing. I
Christapproximatelythree Bishop Charged recently hired a Negro waitress. Further action againstthe Plans Events
miles from At that time it seemed as though the Youth Council's
away company has been suspended following its new
the other churches, was With Contempt efforts to discourage Negroes from patronizing hiring policies. For New Year

.the scene of the third Berrier's were blocked. But following the grantingof '
( Florida STAR Photo )
explosion. Damage to the In 'Grace' Role/ the temporary; injunction by judge W. A. Stanly in J The Jax NAACP Adult Branch

Circuit Court in September the FLORIDA STAR came
churches amounted to launched its program for
several hundred dollars. PHILADELPHIA -- Because out, with a front page editorial bearing a headlinemore ComplaintsCause/ / Closing 1962 during two meetings

The bombings marked the he has refused to step than an inch high which read:, "STAY OUT OFBERRIER'S.
held this week in the
down as leader of the ." ,
first time in three and branch's Suite 312 in the
one half years that a cult, Bishop Walter -. The STAR editorial urging Negro citizens to cease qt Fla./ Business College Masonic Temple building

similar incident has McCullough, alleged patronizing Berrier's until they started hiring 410 Broad Street

occurred the other self-styled head of the. Negroes proved even more effective 'in that following'its The Florida Business and Vocational College which was
Last Monday night the
: being "an unsuccessful late "Sweet Daddy"Grace's publication there came an almost complete cut-off located at 1214 Jessie Street came to an abrupt end executive board met with

attempt to dynamite a multi-million .of Negro trade with Berrier's. \ recently when it was ordered closed by authorities
branch president Fey.J.B.F. .
dollar of
Negro-church here in united House >.Eric, 0. Simpson., editor of the'-'STAR-said: because of misrepresentation _of fact. rillians for theyear's
Prayer for All People
;faces contempt char2esoSt. 'Berrie'r' bowing to public sentiment ,is proof that nitn more man onehundredboarding i attempted to get his money initial meeting.
--- students
if, Negroes in Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa or any part was accused of man-handling Plans were laid for an

.. Pete Youths Stag-e Stand-In/ of Florida would support all-out boycotts when they day students including Hargrave thus creating invigorating. and stimulating -
veterans the school is
are called for by responsible gr9ups we could geta bodily inj ry. The case was program to be initiatedby
reported to have been
great deal accomplished here." tried in the court of the the board for the ensuing -
operating on promises that
Simpson said that more boycotts and picketing may justice of the Peace Court year.
materialized.It .
be expected against local firms, public utilities, and thrown out because of These plans were later
also reportedthat
city and county governments that are denying Negroes lack of evidence. .The' put into action by officersand
M the school was being r -
employment opportunites. president( had lost again. members during the

, Simpson said that It is an "utterly disgraceful" operated by non-paid teach- The building in which the. branch meeting held in the
ers, ill-fed students and
, situation whereby local firms and institutions that school was being operatedis organization's suite

i ,derive much of their profits from the Negro community non-existing advertised owned by the TTonen 's Thursday night.
classes. Teachers wanted
feteadfasJJj-refuse to employ' Negroes..' Society of Christian Service All branch meeting which
their money, students
A spokesman for the NAACP Youth Council said surveys of the Methodist will be announced reopen
,wanted what they paid for
l are being made of the hiring policies of a number of Church and furnishings to the general public.
and from all reports they
places and that plans are being outlined for &n all- owned'by another business
were weighed in the balance Facilities/ ,Are
F out drive against such institutions. % firm. Just about all the
and found wanting.
I Indications are that the Youth council is growing 'when the students grew school owned was the name Removed From

I tired of promises from downtown quarters and is and that wasn 't paid for
tired of existing con-
getting ready for action. according to'the firm that
ditions and attempted to Ala. Airport
supplied the food. \
out. they found they
>> : move J MONTGOMERY, ALA. What
POllCflORTS were blocked by the founder I
is believed to be petty revenge -
.STAND-INS: Four St. Petersburg theatres are the targetof college -
and president of the
Mrs. Carrie cooper, 25, her head on the. end of tre of a federal court
stand-in demonstrators by Negro youths who began Charles .
of 1111' Spearing Street H. Hargraves.It
She was taken to order occurred at ,"ontgomery's -
! their action on Jan. 11. The well dressed demonstrators was reported that he
was Injured during a Duval Medical Center for municipal airport

some said to be students from Gibb Junior domestic fight last Sun treatment. She received refused to allow them to when city officials reportedly '.

College, were reportedly fold by the theatre managers 'day, police reported. treatment and was re- get their belongings and ordered all restrooms -

that the movie houses were privately owned. All were, Mrs. Cooper said she And o leased. then that they solicitedthe padlocked, all

refused ticketing purchasing privileges. Two theatres. aid of local
p" her husband were having 'an Police said she will not, a repre- 'LSflfYESTOTHfSffWHUffiCH benches removed from the

.closed their box offices. The remaining two stopped ;;argument and he pushed prosecute Harry:B.. Cooper sentative. !' OF DIMES I waiting, rooo.. and water

selling tickets. .... .. iher aad she fell striking,. 31' her husband. = ,. .. One. of the teachers who .. talnp.lugged.Ft ..lirffoun .
.- t ....... ", ---:;----- -- -- -- -- ... i W' <':!!_' ------ -- ., ." '
/ '. .
J- V. .' r
a 4 .
r cl .. : .v.7 .. '..,.,.- ..... rT 6 '
: :F e. :
: -. ...,. ..-.' -' .
: .' z '. .i :
f' ..
'* ---7 ..
> .
; :
"- ..:, L3 >
; ? ,/ i(,. ,
: s.i J :} :;1- t- ,. ': r" ;, .; '.:' ... : i .,. ... I
c : :
:; : t> .
1- .'1 :'. : i

I '. ., l?'" ,} --- .
.c .t : : : .4 : '' -$ >- .. ,'.' .. ..

.-_., .
.v ...
: .. ,, 'j r,
: _, y ITh\'____ __y ,', ___"



,. I .. t- 1

o .' ... .' '. ) .. ; .

PAGE/.2 \ \, ; > .. :. s,; FLORIDA--' STAR .. .'. SATURDAY. JANUARY 20.. 1962 j

; ."_ ,I I i

.,.: ... .THE FLORIDA STAR 'Polilics As' Usual' a

NEWS T esftify

Published by The Florida Star Publishing Co.: NF\?: YORK Five new members were elected to

"Member of Associated Negro Press" -the Board of Directors of the NA CP Legal De-

l Tense and Fducational Fund, Inc. The electionwas

ERIC O. SIMPSON.......................;;............?..Managing Editoi f :. % held at the Board' annual meeting at the
Hotel Roosevelt in New Yor' City.
.HILDA WOOTEN......._.._......_.:_Circulation Manage
'-,-:/- The new members are Dr. James M. Nabr'it, Jr.

MAIN OFFICE & PLANT: of Washington D.C. ; Mr. Chauncey L. Waddellof

j 2323 Moncritf Road..........._......_......_. .Phone. E gln.4-6782' _.7 New York City; Attorney W. J. Durham of
j-', i v: --. '"' 1 Dallas Texas; Attorney Thomas B. Dyett of New

Mailing Address: ._ 1w York City, and Attorney David F. Feller of

'; P. O. Box 561, Jacksonville 1, Florida Washington, D. C.

.G.42 N.I 2nd AVENCfc .kti...:,.,...?. .:..-.. : Dr. Nabrit is President of Howard Universityin

MIAMI' FLA. TPR 43195 OB *R. 48105 cLL Washington, former Dean of the Howard Law

School and a well-known civil rights attorneywho
/' One Year, $5.00; Half'Year, $3.00 has argued pany National ssociation for
:.v* Mailed To You Anywhere In The United States the Advancement of Colored People cases. Tr.

Subscription Payable In Advance. Send Check or Money Order To, Nabrit is admitted to practice of law before
supreme Court and the United Ftr.tes

Supreme Court. r

LIVING ': f. ; Mr. Waddell is. Chairman of the Board of Directors -
_4--- ,.;y \Vaddell and Reed, Ire. ; Vice Presi-

dent, United Funds, Inc. ; President, Unit'ed f

One of the major advances in the treatment of ,>f, o : r Funds Canada, Ltd. ; and President United
Internatipnal Fund Ltd. He is
currently ?
the human> heart has been the pump-oxygenator, V
Trustee of Atlanta University and Morebouse
more commonly called theheartlung' machine,
College of Atlanta Ga. and of the
Pheln? k
which takes over the ,\vork of the heart and lungs !
Stokes Fund of New York City.
in circulating fresh blood through the body.
Attorney Purham is a member of the Texas Bar
Models presently in use are intricate, costly, i
Association who has engaged in thar
K 4 L 4 p more
extravagant in their use of blood for priming, ;
twenty-five major civil rights since bp
and demand a highly skilled team to operate in cases
began, ,Practicing in 1P32. He is now Resident
cardiac surgery.
Counsel of the NAACP Texas State Conference of
Now, however, a revolutionary pump-oxYgenator
_' Branches, Texas attorney for the colder State
which will be no larger than a portable TV set,
Mutual Life Insurance Corrppny.of Los Angeles,
so simple one technician operate it, and AMERicA. MUST DESTROY THIS MENACE OR LOSE WORITD RESPECT. Calif. and of the Universal Life Insurance
needing only two pints of blood for priming has
Company of Memphis Tenn.
been developed at Boston City Hospital and Mas- ,
Attorney. Dyett is 2 member of the firm of
sachusetts Institute of Technology, with Heart ;
Dyett, Alexander & Dinkins, 401 BroadwaY, New
Fund aid., 'Weekly' York City. He is a member of the New York
The oxygenator, radically different in design Your
County Lawyers Association, of the Association
from any previously developed, is expected to
of the Bar of the City of New York and of the
be useful not only in heart surgery but in car- I-tQrc'-scope Guide :
American Bar Association. He has .beennr
diac and pulmonary emergencies where the work
-- Assistant District Attorney for New Yo r l'
of the heart and lungs Trust be taken over quick -- By PABLO The ASTROLOGER
1 County under three District Pttorreysfroir
ly. I 1 27-197, and a member of the New York City
Now in its seventh working model, the machine :
LUCKY DAYS FOR Civil Fervice Commission. _
is ready for mass production after several
Mr. Feller is a member of the firmof_ Feller.
of medical and engineering research. BUSINESS .
years LOVE IRA VEL. Bredhoff and Anker which 'is currently general
Unlike any other oxygenator, it is so compact j
.. 1f counsel to the Industrial Unionism Departmentof
that it can be dropped whole into an autoclavefor ARIES -
conservative line the AFL-CIP and the United Steelworkers of
sterili7ation, be kept in sterile conditionand Born_ .Mara 21 ikru April 19 of great comfort to you
thru 26th). America. He has been an attorney for the T e-
be hooked up to a patient quickly, without It seems to be about time"to if you are in need of any
\ I \ partment of Justice, 1946-48; Chief LawClerk
.elaborate preparation. take a hard look at what 360551436365LEO (24th).
to the Chief Justice, of the United States,
Its/ operation is so foolproof and simple in you have achieved with the 9-30-22-14-32-932
1948-49; assistant general counsel to the CIO
execution that it is of special interest to of consolidatingyour Bor j
purpose July 23 tutu A
> 4 : SAGITTARIUS and United Steelworkers of America, 194-54;
small hospitals.The ., gains and plugging up This is a period for effective 1
I o> Born Nov..23 -thru Dec. 21, associate general counsel to the above organizations
pump-oxysenator is powered by oxygen, loopholes have .
neW any you may
collaboration, and
in 1054-55 and a partner in the lap
which not only removes dependence upon elec- left ip your hurry to get this should tootivate! your If you find yourself firm of Goldberg, Feller and Bredhoff, 1955-60.

tricity but handles several phases of the to the top. Your social obligations every decision and action. pursuing the course that .

machine's operation simultaneously. may ,also begin to "The"'most}fr tful days for has been outlined in the I Comment from the Capitol the about Iron the only Curtain country where outside the

Today's heart surgery is far more sophisticatedthan pall on you when you successful negotiations, to preceding periods, you may i government condones compulsory
most doctors dared dream of a generationago. realize that they are elaborate further on them. Anyone here want a- job? I union membership and
Just ;
accords get from
implement existing up $2 to $250 legalizes extortion of fees and
The pump-oxygenator stands as one of the taking too much out of you. (23rd.. 24th;. 26th). You may It seems quite favorable union initiation fee dependingon dues to get and hold a job?
most vital tools in all of medicine, serving for such adventures your trade and you're all set. Three Amendments to the Constitution -
have to submerge your own Wait now! That's just to, get the 9th, 10th and 14th
not only in heart but in other surgery.It 5-40-11-19-62-541 personality, to some ex- particularly if you have the job. You'll have to pony up guarantee us the right to workat
is an excellent example of the fruits of TAURUS tent. reason to doubt the sound- union dues every month to keep anx trade we wish.

research--long, tedious, expensive--but life- Born April 20. thru May .20You 1 1-80-77-15-59-875 J ness of accepted social dues it. The right union out can of'take your these pay Automobile The net worth Workers of the last United

saving. may still make a few VIRGO J II I concepts (23rd thru 26th) check like the withholding tax was 41000000. Reserves of yearr the j
and Social Security deductions..
important contributions to Born Aug. 24 .thru Sept. JEf: ""* International Ladies Garment v
: : > 7-80-99-17-78-789 Just sign here, union member! Workers Union amount to $350
SOMETHING TO KEEP the month's advances from As there is little changein CAPRICORN What's that? You want the 000,000. AFL-CIO has combined '
job but you don't want to join assets of over $40,000,000,000
the 23rd thru 26th
prospect for the remainder Born Qee. _22 ihru .Jan. 19 the union? Sony, pay up, or and a full time director of !investments

There is small doubt that renewed attacks will don't expect much more of' the month you You should feel a little no job! to manage the pen.
after that. Those who occupy Did you know that we are sion and welfare funds.
continue to be made on the pharmaceutical can only keep, on doing your surer of yourself if you ....

industry. It will be charged again and again the highest thrones best. One bright spot is have managed to get things :

that his industry--which, through costly and also figure among the lone- indicated by the fact. that going according to plan.
liest people on earth. And should begin to receivesome There is
often non-profitable research, has produced continuing empha- .JIIiIIIIaAi 4q1
remedies that have brought miraculous relief it, can be a long hard fall of the rewards* of sustained I sis on your income and outgo .

'and health to legions of people--operates; on for those who may event- endeavor (26th). and you may find your-

the all-the-traffic-will-bear principle. ually be called 'upon to From then on. you would self compelled to streng-

These charges can be powerfully refuted by vacate them. Ponder these find it more fruitful to then the controls rather now itSPepsi

simple sets of established statistics. To take possibilities, if you coast along from day 'to day, than otherwise (23rd 24th. IIIU

happen to have ideas, along I and to tackle your: prob- 26th. 27th) '
just 'one, over a recent 10-year period the i
the lines indicated (28th- lems one by one. Do not iq
wholesale price of drugs rose but three per go 3-60-33-13-65-363 q
29th). to extremes in* trying out '
cent, as against a 22 per cent surge in the I i AGUARIUS
average prices of all industrial products.But t diets that have not been E&rn, Jan. 20 thru .F.b. 18. .forthctob

there is much more to the drug story than 2-30-33-17-82-237 thoroughly tested and ap- Saturn is also called the think ypunl1

the cold figures. A factor which is frequently GEMINI 19)j proved by recognized great disciplinarian and r i
I Born. May. 21.. .. thru._June. ) authorities. .
overlooked is that the family breadwinner is, I its presence in a\Sun\ sign
This is of
often, back on the job much sooner because of one your more is often indicative of 1

modern drug therapy. He's getting his pay important periods when the 6-10-66-13-75-616' where it will 'devote the.

checks again--whereas, in past times, he might ideals and values you LIBRA j full force of its atten- ZLTh

have spent long periods of time in the hos- establish may become the Bo ..J Sept. 24tfcru"_ Oct. 23. tion. Once you recognizethat

pital or become -permanently incapacitated.To % cornerstones of your future It is generally agreed this may be' your turn ..

take an actual example, a surgeon had to existence. It would not be that each and every one of and that its effects, 1
give up his practice because of crippling bad judgment to consult us have a. particular mission though hard are for ultimate -\ 1

mature advisers whose back- to fulfill on earth. L. '...'-;
arthritis. Then he underwent extensive treatment good you will have .
grounds and careers. have Some know what it is almost .
with a newly developed drug. The resultwas less reason to feel sorry ;
been stamped as being :most from the momentof birth -, fii
that he could resume practice again--and for yourself. ':-,

perform his skills for the benefit of many competent in the fields in whereas others have to 8-40-55-l'8-56-845 .. ::..
which you are interested'(23rd undergo certain ordeals to -'
hundreds of people who might otherwise have PISCES :

.suffered because of his incapacity. thru 26th). Some of' discover their particular Jorn_ _F b. la &ra March 20 '-

This, of course, is just one example that you may' have the possibility assignment. Librans, in The continuing emphasis on .' ""7 ,'. .

could be cited out of numberless others-cover- of going to foreign particular, are now apt to privacy shelter and con- ,: j

ing all trades, all professions, and people of lands in order to completeyour go through a period of fidential natters should .

every age and position. It's something to keepin educations, or act in sorrow and disillusionment, act as your guid for a

mind when the attacks begin. again. ,JI. an official capacity. during the course of whichit code of conduct .during the /'

/ may be made possible for rest of the month. Be par-

4-20-22-18-52-428". them to find themselves. ticularly cautious' and ./ .
I.I -Made "Goop""
Hom Modelling I CANCER .. (23rd thru 26th). Continueto tight-lipped
Bom! Jose 20 ibru July DIPlace'.a look'askance: at any .
Boy Scouts of Troop 340, Riverdale, New York, use teamwork limit particularly vulnerable to --
preparing a batch of modeling "goop" on a handy propane stove your games of chance. anY ill winds that may be I "
during the Greater New York Scouting Exposition., Several troops budget, credit-card spend- KENKNJGHT--
blowing thru 27th .
used the mixture to make kerchief slides, candlesticks and many ing and the suns you ear- (23rd ) -
decorative objects. It handles like clay but dries to a rock-like 8-SQz44-12-68-854.......... .- Do not consider schemes that
hardness. Argo edible starch and Morton Salt donated the two, mark for investment pur- -a IO may reflect on your own Invites You To Listen To '
important ingredients. poses. These are the only "' ,0. =24111- HOT. 22
.To make this inexpensive modeling material Mix 2 cups table integrity should they be : .
alt in 2/3 cup water in a saucepan. Place over low heat and stir measures that wpuld prove It should not take too brought to light eventu- 1
until thoroughly heated. In separate bowl mix 1 cup edible cornstarch truly effective, .should long to feel at home, and -
and cold water hot from stove tad ally. The next month will, .
1/2 remove
cup ; pan
be At
they YOU'would
P. Nightly -
. immediately. add starch to salt mixture. Stir. It should thicken to necessary. to readjust your habits to. bring even greater em- Starting At 7:00 ;

consistency of thick dough (if.it dots noV return to heat for about gain solid support altered conditions, if phasis on-your private or
one minute). Turn out on work surface and knead, just as with frcfl the one who,is vitally 'has'been :
dough, until evenly smooth. "Goop is ready for modeling 1>ut will change imposed on secret life. .
keep for'weeks if tightly wrapped foil.orxsaran. Drying time interested in your welfare, you by irrevocable circum- \ *
y&r\eL\\1jb humidity and size of.object if 'bold fast to the
._ : I,,--' I ,. stances.- _Friends, would be 6-SO-88-16-45r698, .
F .. r .1. > > ;) ..
.: "
L : r
".j. -
,( .. .
1t -

1 \

1dl-l .. ..' .., J e- __, '" '_' __- ', ;: ,,_ .'-_" '__ -' r ;.

__ .- -_ iii__ -



1 ": .to: '
I .'. '" ."\ .--.... .' '

?, .. II .
.... -
..r ,- '.' '

i'fll WecJdbig.Belis J : -.Slmk T Post Xmas Fete Celebrants

L- Z -
{L .J.

Deliveries s

Luther J. Lee 218 Davis St.., I I '
f 22 and Venus Clemons, 1314 Jes- 31rli*' ai -Bf.qwiier Botpta! G f 4

I* sie St, 15. ... f H-
Curtis Holmes, 1127 Kings Rd.,. Byf
i 27 and Johnnie.M..Sampson, 1127 .
: Road 31.
Kings ,
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Key, LOUISE aUINYSurprisingly (
t James E. Williams 1026 CarrieSt. ....
23 and Ethel D. Thomas, 2354 11437 Ft. Caroline Rd !" :;.
Brooklyn Rd. 23. birl.Mr .." '
: ,If ?;}. f
Robt M. Mills, 1769 W. 12th and Mrs. George Var- ... .. ., -
Hi' St, 25 and Annie L. Jones, 1769 ;g ;, t.
ner, 1837 !. 45th St. .
W. 12th St, 18. .r
Chas. Zimmerman, 821 Spear- .
ing St, 19 and Linda J. Williams Mr. and Mrs. Hubert .

1238 Odessa St, 15. Williams 1710 Hooker St. 1 r \ ., the recent cold spell did not put all

James A. Parrish, 122 Randolph Orange park, Pla. Girl. .-.4. I social activities on ice. A few events were cancelled, .

Ave... New Jersey, N. J., 21 and ; Mr. and Mrs Jlnmie ,t r d but several groups weathered the storm to keep .
Jeanette Phillips, 2071 W. 13th ;
St, 18. Bronner 2566 W. 45th St., r meeting on schedule. .

Jhn C. Kahn, 6215 118th St In this connection the Jacksonville Urban League

t. 21 and Flossie Jackson, 3248 Gilmore .- Boy.Mr: and Mrs. Oscar Eng- Guild deserves special mention for holding its annual
St, 18. election of officers
Wednesday evening in the lovely. .
lish, Rt. 1, Box 785 B,
Willie Bryant 2321 Run St. 61 .. and -comfortable penthouse of the Afro-American Life
and Christine G. Williams, 1658 Orange Park, Pla.t Boy.

W. 28th St., 44. Ur. and Mrs. E. Williams, sx Insurance Building.
2354 The new officers roster consists of Mrs. Essie D. Mc-
Nathaniel Ponder, 1216 Harrison St., Girl. Ta
ette St., 19 and Carolyn Jenkins, Mr. and Mrs. R. Collier Cray president; Mrs. Helen Wright, vice president;

2251 W. 43rd St, 16. .. 638 Ct. -H., Boy.. Mrs. Bertie Arter, recording secretary; Mrs. Claudia

Herman Presley 4932 Old St. Mr. and Mrs. W. Alexander, THE ANNUAL post Xmas Party by members of the Floradale Home Demonstration Club was Burris financial secretary; Mrs. Vanorian Schell,

Augustine Rd., 20 and Rosa L. 338 W. 18th St. Girl. held Monday night in the home of Mrs. Carrie L. Mathis, 4816' Amos St. Gifts were treasurer; Mrs. Pearl Miller, business manager; Miss
Mosley, 2149 Caljon Rd., 16. .
John M. Joseph, 1534 W. 13th Mr. and Mrs V. Collier, : exchanged and the evening's program was climaxed with the serving of a delicious Rossie French, chaplain; Mrs. Margaret Sutton his-

St. 30 and Louise E. Grayson, 827 2nd Avenue, Boy. buffet luncheon. Members shown from left are: Mrs. Luella L. Cummings, Mrs. Ethel torian; and Mrs. Margaret Kelly, parliamentarian.

1140 W. 25th St. 33. Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Harrisr Dunbar, Mrs. Estell Ponell, Mrs. Bessie Pearson, Mrs. Theresa Harper, Mrs. Margaret Committee chairman named by the president were; Public
Elmer G. Lang 518 W. OrangeSt.
23 and Katetrean A. Dixon 1189 W. 21st St. Boy. Grant, Mrs.. El.iza M. Jones, Mrs. Ollie Mae Haynes, Mrs. Wei lean Hands, Mrs.. Martha Relations, Mrs. Edith Davis; rules and bY-laws-lIrs.

1359 Franklin St.., 19. Mr. and Mrs. J. McFarland, Baker, Mrs. Creola H. Threndcrafts"\ ,. Mrs. AmyL.'- Gooden Mrs. Maud D. Hutson, and, Beaulah Joiner; program; Mrs. Helen B. Robinson;
Columbus Williams 6821 Hema Mrs. B. Polite. ,membership, Mrs. Clara Austin; welfare, Mrs. Azzie Lee
Rd., 41 and Hazel Batson, 6821 1491 W. 24th St. Girl. '
Hema Rd., 29. 0' (Florida STAR Photo) Anderson; and recreation and social, Mrs. Janet Johnson.
Another important event of the meeting was the presentation -

Deltas' Plan of a check to Mr: junius Bowman, executive

director of the Jacksonville Urban League. The check

Hey Watch'OutfAttractive I African Tour .Sheila Magdeline Joins Circle I Variety represented Show.results of the Guild' efforts in its 1962

1 Y,

Next SummerWASHINGTONpC. 1

Delta Gems Bridge Club, holding its. first meeting in the

1 i fi Sigma Theta Sorority Announced New Year, had a jolly time ar the Lincoln Golf and"

recently its plansto Country Club Saturday/evening. .
make Mrs. Alvenia Scriven hostess, invited Mrs. Margaret
a study tour of
Starkes as guest player. ,
eight African countriesfrom
6S ;- Miss Zelma Johnson and Mrs. Lois Avery were among
July 28 to August 28,
i 1962. r 5- recipients of club prizes. However, everyone was a

winner, for in addition to exchanging Christmas gifts,
The countries to be visiteare d
Guinea .II PF.. each person received a lovely gift from the hostess..
Senegal, Liberia : : -
Mrs Lydia Sweet was winner of the raffle. Enjoyingthe
Ghana Nigeria, the
meeting were: Mrs. Susie Thompson, Mrs. Marian
I Id It Sudan, Kenya, Ethiopia and
-1 i Egypt. The itinerary also Sutton Walker Mrs. Marie McClain, Mrs. Joyce Lawson,

i includes a tew days in Mrs. Catherine Jackson, Mrs., Myrtis Thomas Mrs. Sylvester -
-Bassard, and Mrs. Lillian Davis.
Italy and France. :

The purpose of the tour i's t-k
to provide the Sororitywith ./ 14. ......r-.
first-hand informationon 1h .
Keninettes Bridge Club followed through, with its
problems facing the
African continent. scheduled meeting Saturday evening in the west Twenty-

Under Delta's Inter= 5"S first Street home of Mr. and Mrs. Adrian Oliver. One

t national rs guest player participated in the meeting.Mrs. .
project, one of
five such public service Emmalee George, Mrs. Doris Bennett, Mrs. Barbara

Harper, and Mrs. Thelma Greene. were winners of club
projects, the Sorority

equipped the maternity wing prizes.
Other members present included Mrs. Clests Nicks, Miss:
of the Chania Medical Cen-
ter, (now called Riruta Gilliard Mrs. Sarah Lovett, Mrs. Pauline Davis; Mrs.* ,

Clinic) recently erected in Essie McCray Mrs. Ann Monroe, and Mrs. Pearl Mackey.

Kenya as Africa's first
a1.k }. native-operated hospital. 1 ,
Under its International
project also Delta helped Bella Donnas Bridge Club held its seasonal 'party recently

rehabilitate and build in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Artansil E. Macon,

Patricia Lawson, a freshman at A, ,& T. roads for a Haitian village 1571 West Twenty-first Street. .

College, tosses a mean snow miss Ie for the benefit of stricken Guests were entertained with card games, and later
- by Hurricane Hazelin DCUBLF FIRST FOR '62 Eight-month-old Shelia Magdalene -
cameramen as the first big snow of winter hit Greensboro and club members exchanged gifts. The gift giving event was
1954 grants annual Cason, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Cason
N. C. last week.
made more interesting by each Bella Donna presenting a
scholarships to two studentat of Kansas City, Mo. was recipient of the NAACP's first
Miss Lawson a native of Danville Va. hopes to become gift to her Bellafonti (husband).
the Delhi School
junior life membership officially processed during -
a_ teacher in home economics. Mr. and Mrs. Alton Adams, Mr. and Mrs David Mathis,
... Work in Delhi, India. 1962. She is also the Association's first junior life
--- Taken during the "Sorority50th Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Grant, Mr. and Mrs. Dewey Lesesne,
f member in Kansas City. NAACP junior life memberships,
anniversary celebra- Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kelly, Mr. and urs. Joseph Thayer,
such Sheila's. cost only $100.00 payable quarterly.All .
tion, which lasts until Mr. and Mrs. Willie Bullard, Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel
youngsters 12" and under are eligible.
August 1963 Washington, and the Macons, were among those enjoying,
I *
E P I" the party. .. ,

Sorority Honors Its Outstanding Members \ -

.. ...... .
: 1 iJ"f ),.:.\ -: Heard constantly last week were sighs and laments from
<< >> *
far those who persons planning to attend The Ambassadors Costume

: !1 Tr Ball, all voicing the problem of what to wear. The
think young : n problem is made more acute by some costume houses refusing '

.. .. to rent costumes to certain groups.
..:r "r"'

,'.... : ;. ,3".J" ",
: ;<
-,- ,
I hear some other comments during the week that I

,.t IY feel will be of interest to Greeks-questions as to' why' i

''" the Pan-Hellenic Council is not functioning in Jacksonville -

HOME IMPROVEMENTS when eight graduate chapters and several: under- -

graduates are active here. There's food for though,
L : 110 Money illl '. fellow Greeks! ,

Bills COD.salidaled r
Law. Bank Rates .

F F Ail. Wokr6naraeteed' ,E S ROYAL I ART STUDIO .
g -
Sales Engineer ti +ata ; I :, :
9-2422 '
Call Me Today FL 5i
Free Estimates CLARENCE J.SIMON 1
; Roolls' AddedThrages.. \ A walegs "- f

Carports Drue Ways Reefs'\etc.: :. y/ wF PROPRIETOR S 1 '

Chain Link or Redwood Fence ,.... ;" ; SPECIALS i' : i

I "WE.1st FINANCE and WHERE 2nd .MORTGAGES OTHERS FAl"! '6i'f5: ... 1.\: x. ,..._. ."'. <- ....-.-: w 4v; 4 ;2.Sr; l-fehr, Black i & White' :$6jf: !

DELTA'S GOLDEN WOMEN -- Delta Sigma Theta's newly formed Alumnae Chapter at St.. t .

HERCuiESHOME IMPROVEMENT COMPANY. Petersburg, Fla recently held its firt annual charity ball, on which occasion it 1-8x10 Opaltonel- 3-3-5's 55.95. I : t;

cited three area ladies for outstanding contributions to their respective com-

6885 ,Phillips Highway munities. The Golden Women are from left, Mrs. Vivian Henry Clearwater. Mrs. Mae Tops --InCbmmericalWeddingsProfrailt I 1 [1.1

McRae. center, St. Petersburg, and Mrs. Maude Harris Bradenton, extreme right. Del- I
Within 15'milea of Jacksonville "
ta dignitaries making presentations to the Golden ladies include Mrs C. Bette Wimbish i
lit"and Sunday CauTPOj'S"6111"
national publications offIcer, 2nd from left; and Mrs.' Jack Gant Alumnae. Chapter vice .515 Davis St.. "fiL')1894. 1
president, St. Petersburg ." .- S --5 -, S :',1
,.- : -' :-.r.' -.4 ,,
\ :
I (
.1 1 I

ti i II
r t ;., -I





j PAGE-lI'_ _... FtORIM I ,/ STAR SATURDAY, JANUARY, 20, 1962
'- -

Alpha. Phi Alpha Fraternity;, "Installs.. Officers And Sumptuously. Banquets Gust. : ; : .

""... ,\
-: -! '
: \ :'


';" _
:JI', YY a Jx


I ,
,., \
/ : _
v : < f
,. ,i *s

y I Iy


_..__... -
'I ANNUAL AFFAIR "HATED-TOP: Tax chapter of .Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity held+ its annual election of-.j r- -
officers and then treated their wives K. Satterwhite. C. Williams Mr. and Mrs. I. *
and guests to the festive board Thursday night Jan. 11 at H. Burney II; Newly elected president and Mrs. H.
-Buster Ford's Restaurant. Elected to 't he James Green. Fecond photo from left: Wendell
'J new slate of officers. were H. James Greene! president Holmes past president; Atty. and Mrs. Otis Girir-
I. H. Burney II, second vice president : deau; Mr. and Mrs. Harold-Jackson Mr. and Mrs. Raiford
; Wendell Brown Jr. Rev.
,I Holmes treasurer; Otis Glr rdeau. parliamentarian -. o ; and Mrs. F. D. Wilson;
J ; A. St. George Richardson financial secretary; Harold Jackson, corresponding secretary -Mr. and Mrs. Charles Maxwell; Dr. Hunter H. Satterwhite; Capers Bradhao. toastmaster; and Mr. and
I Richard McBride sgt. at arms Jacob ; Mrs. George Richardson. Dr. and Mrs., .j. C. Downing not '
I ; Maxwell, editor of the Sphinx ,and Rev. F. Wilson chaplain- o'. shown. Third pix is a panoramic view.
.Seated first photo from. .
I : Mr.-- and Mrs. James Lewis Jr; Mr. .r and Mrs. Charles Simmons; James f (Florida STAR Photos) r


i Smith xAlummMeets'Sunday y; Fla. Missionary Burney Stomp Nuptials Was Brilliant'Event I IYoc.dlawn! PresbyterianChurch t

The newly organized chapter .Assembly Sets

of Johnson C. Smith Notes

University, Rev. Franklin I Jan. 21 Rally

D. Wilson president holds By L. N. Pearson Sr.

its regular monthly meeting I The Florida Chain of

Sunday at 6 p.m. in Rev. Missionary Assemblies R V i 6'r Church school will beginat
and Mrs. Wilson's residence announced that its annual 9: 00 a. m. at the new

3066 WOodlawn Rd. Youth Rally would be held site on 3066 Woodlawn Rd. '-
All members and persons at the, Church of the Good 4'i in the Westminster Hut

formerly affiliated as Shepherd, Park and Stockton I (d under the direction of Rev.

E students at Johnson C. Streets, January 21st from t Franklin D. Wilson, pastor
Smith'are cordially invitedto 2:30 to 6:00 P.M. The rallyis I: .ra Church school will beginat

join the new chapter and interdenominational and 9:30 a.m. in the sactu-

:' many contact Mrs. E angelyne speakers will include ary crfrWoodlawn United

Johnson 1338 GrotheSt. missionaries from various .:' Presbyterian Church at

.., or call EL 5-5302. sections of the world/ 1 : ,: t: State and Laura sts. withT.

WK._. Harper, chapter Principal speaker at the 1 V. Huger superintendent -
treasurer, who lost his' rally will be the Reverend r in charge. The

brother-in-law Rev. Ural jack W. Hedges, now pastor 3r x : ,, new Faith and Life Material

I Brewer Presbyterian of Smithfield Methodist is now being used by the
minister, in Charlestown Church. Rev. Hedges and his i' i church schools.

1 S.C. and the passing of wife served as" missionaries- Monthly workshops are

his wife's, aunt Mrs. on the Island.of Kauai in being held in connectionwith

Minnie Maxwell Williams the Hawaiian Islands from r ..f i the Faith and Life

here, will be absent from 1956 to 1961.Gainesville. Material Persons who
Sunday meeting. I \ would consider serving on
The : NAACP > .
chapter is asking its
o > the Church School staff are
4 members and friends to sendj 1 ,
t l( Meets Sunday invited to attend the
sympathy checks, sympathy .
"Gainesville -- The Gainesville workshops. This month'sworkshop
cards and expressions to :
is being demon-
the family at 1125 Grothe Branch of the
Street. National Association for strated by Elder S. Olin

Pearson on the use of the
the Advancement of Colored ;
Rev: Brewer will be buried j

Saturday, Jan. 20 in People will meet Sunday at ., Cross Roads. ,
I I.Methodjs Rev. Wilson minister,
Charleston S. C. 3 p.m. in Mt. Pleasant
t Church," 624 N. W. will bring, the messagebegshingat.11

Lloyd N. Pearson Sr. ,2nd Ave. King Roberts, representative a.m. Sunday

l Repprter announced. supported by the United
Sunday's meeting will OUTSTANDING EVENT on ,Jacksonville fall-winter social calendar was tie lovely wedding and reception Church Choir with C.. Bi

feature the annual member- which highlighted the Dec 28 wedding of Miss Miriam Stamps popular member of Jax younger-set to Summons at the organ. Our

ship drive which is now in Spurgeon .Martin stamps Jr. of McMinnville, Tenn. The brilliant event took place in St. Phillips doors are always open to

I Roberts Episcopal Church Rev. T, Vincent Harris rector, officiating. The beautiful ceremony was* conducted in visitors. .
progress said.
two parts, the first taking place 'on the Chancel steps which concerned public safety. The final Wednesday s Prayer Service -

t Greet Party Guests ceremony took place -in front of'the altar. Principals shown from left: Miss Julie Boston Miss Annette and Bible Stutiy will

S'. tPH. V. Harper and Miss Yvonne Cameron, bridesmaids; (Marva Wardlow, flower girl) ; Miss Belva Burney maid '" be held at 7:30 p.m. thurs-

With Window.Decoration of honor; .Mrs. and Mr. Stamps Edward Dixon bestman; Dr. Samuel Wimbish. Dr. Leodis Davis and Wil- day' s choir rehearsal will

fred Walker, ushers. Joseph Frye was head. usher. 350 people said to be the largest guest attendance begin at 8 p.m. *

I in the history of Jacksonville witnessed the ceremony and were present at the reception which followedin Our own Elder W. K.

;D: Dr. Courtney Make your own window decora- theAfro-AmerJcahinsurance- Company? s spacious auditorium. ? Harper will be out of, the I;

,i'' Smith Jr. a former Jaxon tions to gr6et New Year's 'guests, (Photo By Baker ) city a .short time on account -
;ho recently received his using adhesive covering material. r of the death of his

;actor of Philosphy degree You'll need pencil, ruler, scissors Metropolitan; Celebrates56th St. Stephen Plans Stanton Glee Club Mrs. Nellie Mitchell brother-in-law Rev. Ural
and two rolls of Marvalon adhesive '
m chemistry from Iowa* covering-one carnation red t Evenly Youth Choir Recital Slates St. Paul To Be Honored Brewer, Presbyterian minister -

State University, is now a and one white. Draw two bell Rev., D. .W. Bass,, pastor, of Charleston, S. C.
shapes in the size you want on the
member of the Tuskegee Institute back of carnation red covering: ma- superintendent officers, Sunday Jan. 21st Recital Feb 18th Frank Brown Senior Choir Rev. Brewer !will be buried

I faculty. and members of Central. The J. s. Johnson Boardof The New Stanton High 1 of Second Baptist Church Saturday.Mr. .

Metropolitan CME Church St. Stephen AME Church will honor Mrs. Nellie Harper will return to
terial.Center School Glee club, directedby
will observe, the church's, will present the youth flrs. Alpha Hayes Moore, Mitchell the former the city at once on account -

56th anniversary Sunday Choir in a special recital will be presented in a president of the group of the death of bis

beginning at 9:30 a.m. in Jan. 21 at 7 ,p. m. in ,the recital Feb.. 18 at 3:30 Friday night, January 19, wife B aunt, Mrs.' Minnie
the church auditorium. auditorium of the church.It in the auditorium of the Maxwell Williams, a member
p.m. in the auditorium of
..Myrtle Ave, ojid Adams Phone EL 41468MM
? Supervising committees bas been announced that church beginning at 8 of Woodlawn United
St. Paul AME Church.
.. -. have arranged a unique sponsors are 'to' be solicited o' clock., Presbyterian Church, formerly
FULLY DRESSED Speaker for the event will
with RM kMiu, ...i. divkudi program, which should prove and invitations have' Mrs. Mitchell has served Laura St. PresbyterianChurch.
CATFISHSPECKLED I i."..*. te id tt. U. 49c be Rodell F. Roberts,
of great interest to all. been extended to the publicto in the choir for more than ,
Ic .. instructor at New Stanton.
TROUT ;ntlulNs u. U. Friends and the general attend. forty-three years and led J o'
tlte tiso Mr. Roberts is a graduateof
public are cordially The J. S Johnson Board the group in several
New York University a
BLUEFISH 35c49e. .
F.'X' invited. e ts
U. successful pro} during
will tea Fe.b.
,sponsor a : member of Ebenezer
KINGFISH STEAKS LIt. Heading the various, from 4 to 6 p.m. Mrs. Maaie Methodist Church and vice presidency., .

-Bett for browns ftttiU T.U.Jr.Acct.Exec. committees are: Tom Nelson Taylor is president and chairman of the Board of She is also active in su1E-
general superintendent; W. many other capacties of the
ST. AUCUSTINI FLIP FLOP UMITID AMOUNT Rev. J. S. Johnson is Directors at Brewster .
B. Simmons assistant church. She is a member of
FUHMKRS 49c pastor.:: Methodist Hospital.The 't
$251 tNr.HANDY DANDY u. EachShr'np .i superintendent; Miss Eunice program is being- Deaconesses Board 2 it is true that no other head, 4 '
2 Vz U. PIc v I Coker children's super- 0 treasurer of District 25
t ache powder ;is better faster '
,, Beveintr I $1.35 Washington Lodge sponsored by Leonard J. or
LARGESHRIMP I intendent; Mrs. Vetrice W. and member of the Senior than Goody's yet Goody
$110 Roberts jr. for choir 1
Lb. ruay rr.s. I Williams primary super- Women s Missionary Society. actually cost less.
51'I of .
St. Paul.Appearing
intendent; Mrs. Clementine 386 Holds Election Mrs. Mitchell is also
MEDIUM on the rogra.
8ge SpaRI.1a .' Brown, general 'secretary active int various clubland
SHRIMP Lb. will be the Brewster Nurses
Mtckirilli .... #: and-Miss Thomasina Williams % garden ci des of the city,
Quartet under the directionof
assistant secretary. Washington'Lodge and is a member of the S i

BUCK ,SHAD u. 35c Mrs. M. Pooler elected officers for the Miss Gloria Love. Order of Eastern Star.

new year during .a recent Friends are Invited.
ROE SHAD Lb.r 49- lEACH Attends FuneralMrs. meeting, held in odd r }- program and receptionwill

Maude pooler left' Fellows' Hall.. Members of the Royal palm highlight the affair. ,

ptt sl.hraar WHITING Sunday .to- % ,attend the The new slate includes: Christian Club will hold ,

WHITING LIt,29Prolate < LI. ,funeral of her )ro ther-in Eugene_ R. Sawyer, worshipful their regular meeting Good news forK

t *fa Spite.f HIp Sell law A. Tillaan in St. master; Norris Jones Sunday at 3 p.m. in the asthmatics

.: Petersburg.The senior warden. ; Jimmy L. home of Sister Mary Ellis, SpedaUdaow K
RED BASS 39c ...
YiV39cFLA.LOBSnRu.65c DOPItH bratchUI MSto
Tillaans Hardy. Junior warden .
were formerly : 604 W. 12th St. qalekly no*** cbofctng. oogtCMpte >
*nosm*utd.do it wttfcoct OMof
owner operators of Lewis; El Cherry; secretary iUnl 4rurs or Ml-nU ImtoeacmM.Oo .
Mrs. Mary Dixon, president, Ml TOM caa f.l Or.OvUds CraaIttafcUia 2 POWDERS s
; : Tlllnan's: ; s Grocery in St. -Jerome Forest;" treasurer; J la .u.a'sss arthM or__-
; -is requesting a fall ton* wlUtovtjroor ar..ectonoe. AM 12 POWDERS 25
.-- \ -' ', .. .' and Charlie drantet for M.
:" ". --- ... :: Petersburg. .,. Barlow tylcr.. membership attendance.
< '
-- : ,
." ..- ,, ... ;- A"
.. ,:
,, ', ., # .
: 1
... ... f".r
-' ";.. !.' :, ;; iiff
: -' : .. -/.< ": ::: .
E .: .
? ,.
.. .
1 "

.. ....,. .'<:..f'i.::7v, 'r'f:XI .. '. .,.
; -f" < ::"'.; f\ :' ,: : : .." .' ..
: "
: --i i-A> ... '.: -_. -- -.. ... ," I

,# r



'. ., .-. ," '.. = .. -
.Ii ;



;' '" / FLORtDA'STAR., :'PAGE 5
, ,SATURDAY; JWtttAfflf 20, 1962. ., -

I : i :: l"I' -

1 1i : :

J yf

.4- z

'I, I r J :


: :Weddings Dominated The Miami Social Scene During Recent- Holiday- Period

___ __ _
! ___ ___ O' --
*," ..?,, ., < :;..
I' a 4'y n ;"':

I fr 4Y'a (


i' ....

I .

,II ; -"'-./. .:-; 7 14JjI JJ "- ? : :- :-.,;:- .'



.. .

1C '

H :
) 11 :

7 'r ,
j4c -
Ec .: 1, ..

4: : J"II" \ "

." .

4 I d ; ":,"l --\. ?i.r: ,.
't.< 1I'J
.. .., ,;.;.1" ,', .
{ vy y' IfJ ,.
: H-....'V' .::ii -
& -. .... '" '-'......... ,.,., ... _-.-.- .--- -- S1 P
'College in center ph oto, Miss"Gwendolyn Moon, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. E. _Moon became
,I MIAMI RECENT HOLIDAY SEASON was featured by a number of brilliant matrimonial-events which. .
f. merged many of the city's socially promininent families. included in the pictorial .scenes above; the bride of James Jenkins of Atlanta Dec. 29, Rev. P. S. Brown, pastor of Mt. Tabor- Baptist

are some of the happy principals. It is hoped that more, will be included, in the.. next .-eaitiaiK. Church officiating. The bride graduated from Northwestern High School and from Hampton'Institute -

k of the STAR. in photo (left) Mr. and Mrs.-Theolus Alexander and wedding party are: shown. leaving. .! in 1961. The couple are making their home in Atlanta where they are both employed by

Walter's Chapel AME Church following their double ring ceremony which was officiated by Rev. ji., \ the board of public education. Miss Carolyn Bennett pledged her troth to Lt. Jim Black Dec.

J. Benson, pastor. The bride, given in marriage by her father_ Surie Alexander, graduated from' 20 in a candlelight ceremony in the bride's'home Rev. S. A. Thomas performing the ceremony. Mrs.

Northwestern High School and In 1960 from Fisk university. She is a prmmary teacher in Dunbar ; Black. is a oath. instructor- at Brownsville Junior High School.'- Lt. Black is stationed with the

f Elementary School. The groom is a native of Dublin, Gal,- and graduated from Savannah State Air Force at Fort Benning Georgia. "
I '

'St. James Sides :. Dade/ Teachers' Association Holds Annual Dinner Meeting Commission'TapsFour Burned Money

Homec ming Sunday Persons For
Believed Part
t: Clearance
On SUnday January"21. 1962 Group

the members nf St. James AME I F. : r : uy Of A&P Holdup

Church will-celebrate it- : f At a meeting of the City
Commissioners on Dec. 20, Six boys playing on a
Twelfth Annual Homecoming'Day.
; resolution adopted' vacant lot at 59th st. and
= At this time the entireSt. : a
James Church Family and r- establishing a Citizens 33rd ave. on Sunday, found
several stacks of charred
Advisory Committee "to
theirueBt will en3oy a
review the problems related 'paP money scorched
delicious dinner and have a ; j
to neighborhood re- coins. They told police
F --h
'' general reunion.. with their
.habiltation' and slum that they 8) so found a
friends. Rev. ;p
members and
c- ; clearance and to act in an shotgun near the pile of

Samuel Gay will be the \ advisory capacity to the money, but threw it away.
afternoon speaker and Rev. T Jr -
Director of Neighborhood Police connected the discovery
Williams will be the t ( /
j. j.
i1 Rehabilitation and the with the last May
evening speaker. ? J *:'r 26 of the A4P
n : .. City Manager' robbery
1 1 The following Grocery store at 3301 .. 'T.
/ c'
Slates Visit .. $:-
41 r
were appointed-to serve 62nd St. wLen four armed
\ : I. :
; i% ri 1 3 for a term of two years: bandits wIth sawed-off
Bernard Jaffe. J.J. Campos shotgun ran through the

: Walter Rucki. Leon De- same vacant lot after
) "4 : Hersh Kenneth Williams, sticking up the store,
David Stern. William Hersh police said -

.. + 1 ; rt Brown, William J. Owens, Harman Woods and William
Y A* ,," ,1. Y J f, Y
I i .4-- Dr. Elmer A": Ward, Charles Simmons were"arrested near

Hadley, J. J. Kislak the scene and charged with

; Gareth Reeves, Elizabeth the robbery but were sen-
-tc. -: ; -. --.- Virrick, Edward Czarneski. tenced to 20 years in

.,and Ray Mathes. prison for another crime

Y '. -- Mrs* Blake King was before they could be
'.4 appointed for a twoyearterm brought to trial.

.& ,4L1 ; .,. t :' to serve as a lay The money was burned by
adviser to the committee.The a recent fire in the lot,

group will hold its Sheriff Tom Kelly said

initial meeting on Tuesdayin Metro Crime Lab. membersare
> the offices of City searching the, area for

M. Melvin Reese. the rest of the loot and.,.
Fred Alexander, grand ::4 .I, the shotgun. -

high priest of the Royal Pensacola Clergy S. .

Arch Masons of the State

of Florida has scheduledan ANNUL PETE: The annual dinner meeting of the DCTA Representative Assembly was held recently at Phyllis fheatley Hear Top Psychologist

official I visit .tor.Uiaai Elementary School with Mrs. Elizabeth 43. Johnson as host principal special guests were principals from Dade and WHEN

Sunday Jan.21 to Broward counties and included Cato Roach PTA president; Mrs-- Irma Allen CTA president; principals Ben Stephenson -, PENSACOLA Dr. MarshallB.

:'aMdress ttje Masonic'familit and Mrs. Maude Storr. Seated from left are; Robbie Wright, principal Silver Oaks School; Chaplain Phillip Jones, head of the In-
j I 'at. Masonic Temple, 1742 Cooper Mrs. Marion Shannon second vice Psychology you can buy the world's finest
president; Eddie Lee Stevens, parliamentarian; Mrs. Annette,McNeal, dividual headache powders for less
NW 3rd Avenue Program first vice president; ato Roach, FSTA president; Mrs. Caroetta Cash Brown financial secretary. Standing Division Department of money, then why pay more?

gets underway at 2 p.m. Emanuel R. Fryar. Jr., FSTA president. Psychology the United Insist on Goody's.

All masons and members of States Naval School of

K the womens' department ( :Bryant Lauds Nuclear Seminar Howard- U. "Snowball" Aviation Medicine Pensa-
are urged tg be present. cola, Florida, addressed

,Rev. S. R. McKeev r's! A & M ,Alumni WASHINGTON, IX C. --- Socialist party leader. Norman Thomas I For Winter Birthday ,the weekly city wide mass

w T 1 :- ,'-. said recently that American democracy could 'not survive a meeting at the Mount'Canaan I t i
Passing Mourned Hqw about a different centerpiece : .1;
TALLAHASSEESpeaking, a thermonuclear war: with ]Russia and remain. intact. for your birthday youngster's BaptistChurchcorner
Rev. S. R. McKeever pastor during the kickoff of the rights. party table-one that's especially of Davis, and Mareno
added that leaders oT for winter-month ob
He appropriate a
of St. Mark Baptist Church institution's 75th anniversary Mr. Tnoisas'_ remarks case Streets, Thursday at 7:30'
both world servance.
died Wednesday. January lOt here Tuesday Gov. powersshould !after Dr.- Herman Kahn, ,p.m. -
.strive for a. peaceful It's a giant "tnowbaD", made'
at Jackson Memorial Hospital ,Farris Bryant praised nuclear weaposs.-consultantand from hardware cloth and tissues. I Dr. .Jones received a
.solution of critical world
after an extended period o f Florida ASH's graduates author of On Thermonuclear Have the man at the hardwarestore bachelors degree in_

illness. Rev. McKeever was for their'cooperation in problems by following the War, declared that cut cloth up to three-feet Philosophy from Yale

I ,the pastor of St. Mark fo preserving the harmonious Violence successful example .of non- the nation could survive a square.form the When square you into get the it shape home.of University. He holds the fin

the past 27 years. Funera :climate of governmental for Justice set nuclear attack fiven though a ball, leaving a 12-inch opening H.A. and Ph.D. degrees in 2 POWDERS 5*
forth by American the ton. Be suie to tape the "
't Thursday and-individual relation- Negroes to 100 million Psychology from the Uni--
services from 25 25
were raw edges with masking or friction 12 POWDERS
.January. : J8tE .at 1:00_ M:. 'shipsv_ ; t, :: f j r ,:in" their' '' struggle .for civil. _.lives ,night be, lost. tape so it doesn't scratch. 'varsity. of- California..c-.c._.::.-' .. .' -
,. .. ,' ,:
.. '
.' .t-
f' 2'j .
.. .
; :- '
i' : > "' .
: ,
;;; '
: .. -
"- t -
." tr ?- ; Rf
,.. : ( .
I ; '" ,.,::(' -;. ::; : -'' -
/ -Z .' :

( x.;"-{". .. .'' -- ,,:>: ,: c'_ :...c :.._'.;,,-' "':' \f. .:#;_ ;.?.. -... -1 ::: -::!:$ : .> ". # -- .. .-,r\":,...." ,..- 'O{'." tv:,::.:-:.::.... _. L

i I ,
... S


: !


-' -"-' .

: : : : ( .j

{ .:
''SATURDAY, JANUARY-20M9B2: _. -" _
J "- -'-!-:- *. t L.L J T..Industrial Be' r'Paffe rso : ; Offered I. f

P PoitierDarin : : TheafreSias. : i Specialist Visits A T n-stnt : .

--- ---- --------

Are CastPowerful : In, \. -Hit'In r Mp'phiSw -- I : ::: $1 lp" Million, For- Title/ Fight A I

I "
Movie; I I
Memphis Tenn. CORE fPHILADELPHIA. Pa. ---The P
One of' the most sen- members recently made the 'richest heavyweight: title

sational scenes in. "Point =first attempt todesrgreipita fight gate in the historyof
Kramer Pour. boxing may become a
Blank, Stanley- s Memphis theatres. ? Rb i
latest motion picture Negro CORE members using reality if heavyweight
which co-stars Sidney tickets bought by white" challenger Charles (Sonny) Y
Po'itier and Bobby Darin, CORE members, sought seatson '1 listen can mend his man-
revolvesaround tictactoe the main floor at the

a little kid s game-- Ualco Theatre. The

put to use no kid ever :theatre's policy, is to seat

dreamed.of., -Negro patrons in the balco- s .;,,'.
In ''Point Blank' ny. -i&:; ,

Poitier is a psychiatristin The CORE group encounteredno Sonny Liston

a Federal penitentiaryand difficulty entering the ,. ..
Darin is his patient, .theatre 'but the ticket- last week wants to get rid

an American Nazi Bund collecter refused their 'of his ,present? manager
leader. in this particularscene tickets and called the 'George Katz of this city

manager. 1 for wealthy Jack Nilon

scene, which does not include When 'the manager saw the h/ of Chester Pa.

Poitier. Darin and CORE: members he exclaimed, The change in Listen's
several of his rough-neck I 'OH LORD! What is th is?" managers is being blesseby

associates are seen drunkin He explained theth ea '!-'_s:: Cus Amato., manager of
a ban seating pplicy to the champion Floyd Pattersonwho

Their'idle, devilish\ group. They refused balco- Floyd Patterson refuses to give Liston
minds finally lead' them into ny seats and were given gerial trou"bles. a shot at the crown until

a game of tic-tac-toe, refunds. White and Negro .__Liston, it was reported Sonny's managerial difficulties -
carved, into the bar with CORE members, left together. SEARCH FOR, TALENT: Lewis J. Carter Jr. left Philadelphia, Pa. employee rela are cleared up. .

t an ice-pick. Before the Carl Bush, chairman of tions specialist with the Philco Corporation,, last week visited A. and T. Collegein -- _. ---. -----'- ---- -
game ends, the drunken Memphis CORE said this search of talented young engineers. He chats with Leo Williams, associate 'pro '.

rough-necks slash and first demonstration is the fessor of electrical engineering; Armand Richardson .professor of electrical engineering -
paint tic-tac-toe allover beginning of an intensive and Dr. Donald Edwards, chairman of the* Physics Department, all of the

the.floor, walls, mirror-- drive to desegregate all A. and T. faculty. d"
and end up painting tic-', local theatres. I10w1
tac-toe on the back of the Liberians/ .
frightened bartender s Your Negro Newspaper ,i.'po'l rUG Tif "
wife. Stands For The Rights I UP for those

Of The Negro People Aid
I To '
__ .r C. PaiSiani .AIIIsoD! ':. '1" Dept.. I r rr r who ..kWHEN

Cited For His LeadershipTHIRTYYEAR THE THREE MOST TALKED ABOUT football. players are Grain. \- thinkyoung

__ b Ernie Davis, fast moving halfback. of the University ,
of Syracuse, Bob Ferguson, the line plunging fullback WASHINGTON Liberia's.
of Ohio State University. and Sandy Stephens the All- Minister of Agricultureand i i ii iI

Americans. quarterback of Minnesota University. Each; Commerce ,Steven A. I .
1. ______
-- 0 '
one of the star players has been a star within his own Tolbert and its Ambassador ;
right. It seems now that Davis will be a teammate of*
to the United states S.. .. .. ,_ .
to Big Jim Brown of the Cleveland Browns in the National Edward Peal, conferred 'r

Football League. with officials of the YOU ARE ILL .

THE JACKSONVILLE BASEBALL FANS are looking forward toa U.S. Department of Agri- You Seek Th Best Doctor .
season of high class baseball with a Triple A team'. culture recently on long- When Your Doctor PrttcrlbM

The city has grown and is still growing into a great term credit purchase of Get To,Fill Experienced Your PmcrrplloM Plunamclsts. ..
; metropolitan center. Buildings of massive structure are grain under the Food, for According To Your oct='. "

: going up people are moving in and a new day is now at Peace Program. ;;. :Orders. w. UM Only
i IFj ;i I hand. The city has 'pro football., pro hockey, pro basket Such credit is made pos- Dr.aE.BJMk' The Bid 001, Draa AI '

I"" ball coning to the Gator Bowl and to the\'>.Coliseum.-. < The 'sible by Title IV of o Proprietor /
I. city has ice skating, pro wrestling matches, college Public Law 480, which pro- SERVE YOU : ,
I football high school football, 'basketball and base- 3 REGISTERED. PHARMACISTS TO .
vides for the use of U.S. .:
I ball. They may even go bowling,*, so why not. the;best in agricultural, commodities LILLY'S DRUG STORE ;
= baseball ? ? to assist the e on'omt'cdevelopment
THERF. IS' ONE THING SURE and certain that tans will of friendly 1907 Kings Road ELgfr 3-827 :

have an opportunity to see many of the. former major countries through the A COMPLETE LINE OF
leaguers and prospective major leaguers action. Cosmetics Rubber Goods Candle SundriesPRESCRIPTIONS
: many extension of long-term
Some will be on their way back to the major leaguesand dollar credit. -

'others are. on their way out. Whatever the case may .... ".- ..-. .,
be, they will be seen in action at the Jacksonville '

FREEDOM CRUSADE Roy Wilkins, 'Tight, NAACP baseball park when the season rolls around. rJ r '., ,,

executive secretary, receives scroll honoring his ANOTHER THING THAT MAKES the baseball picture in ; '

thirty years' service with the Association from ArthurB. Jacksonville look brighter is ,that the Suns will have BUSINESS DIRECTORY "
Spingarn president. Some 1,000 persons attended charge of everything. The concessions will be operatedby '

tribute dinner for Mr. Wilkins at New York's Hotel the club. ,' An official announcement has been made The Firms Listed 3eipw'JACKSONVILLE.and Throughout[ FLORIDA'This-Publication- Are Reco-nnencied! "
Roosevelt. A distinguished array of- Civil rights that Miguel Olmo Fernandez, the-brother-in-law of Suns
And Products. ,
As Establishments Specializing In "
leaders was on hand to honor the NAACP' s' top staff owner, Bob Maduro. will operate the concessions Reputable ,.0 .. -. Services .'
executive. President Kennedy and others sent warm A GREAT DAY IS IN STORE for baseball fans when the -

greetings. seasons opens if all plans that have been outlined by ROYAL ART STUDIO IMPERIAL, '; SUNDRIES :.,

i It the owner of the Jacksonville Suns are perfected. He Patent Medicines CosmeticsAll ,
!'ELEP I'a"" t.-'ess t
# ** ::1- has drawn some beautiful pictures of what the 1962 Leading Hair Preparations '-,'_

NOW'S'THE TIME TO ORDER baseball season will offer to the fans. Not only will JAC Sib. l 'Bob Maduro field a real team, but. every facility will 0 ,:" f"''
: Po j-
cahontas-Irqueh "
: C 0 A L 40' FUEL OILS w.-
AnHiracite-rCoke be used to make the fans enjoy being at a ball game. :- JOHNNIE'S ROOMING HOUSE -'
nil CITY-wIDI DELIVERY Big things are in store for Jacksonville. Well, every- BYRD & SONS ..
I ALL, SEA'SO.NS SCE I FUEL co.i one is well acquainted with the fact that the fans in Borne SERVICE ALL MODERN. CONVENIENCES "
ml NORWOOD AYE 1 PHONE P0.4=4511 the city are very loyal in supporting a team. Who can FUEL Repair Rooms by Day Night or Weetr'tS
'ond OF
Clean All
WE SElll 5-4025
forget when it ,27 West Ashley St. EL ,,
the days of the Jacksonville. Tars was a
miracle for them to win a game. But regardless to what PO 4-9516-7 a.- -. '.-. '.
happened there were always fans in the park. 6334 Restlawn Dr. CHEiRRY'S BAR ':.

IF MANKIND THE WORLD OVER would take a few lessons ," I INDEPENDENT OIL CO. '

; BAKER'S I from the athletes in the various fields of sports and .' KEROSENE HOME DELIVERY '. .. & Cocktail Lounger !

govern themselves accordingly, it goes without 'saying : Mechanic On Duty Cordial AtmpsphereWhere
that there would be less, friction in the land. On the ;, Mechanic Old Friends Meet :r
PHOTO field and off the field they are gentlemen at all JAMES FAULKNER; tB43 KINGS RD.EL 3-8OK .
times. Many of them make more money in one season that USE JOSEPH Proprietor" 6-9432- 11#8.W. ADAMS -EL"7C7

IMS. WEDDINGSPAITYS 'f the average man makes in a life time, and yet they are r ,State and Jefferson Sts..
.. FAMILY GftOUPSCHUKH8- still men. They are too big to be little, too broad to ,FUNERAL HOMES ;
be narrow, too>congenail to be selfish, and, too open
4 TEAS Huff Funeral Home MARKET
Ail OCCASION*' minded to be hypocritical.WHEN Andrew J. :

I I1130.WrIpt JIM BROWN OF CLEVELAND Abner Haynes'- f Dallas -.. : 24 HOUR. AMBULANCE SERVICE Groceries and Meats _'_.
A ... E'I-Stol- 1 Lenny Moore of Baltimore John Henry Johnson of Pitts- Mary L Breaker:, Mgr. Fancy Citrus Boxes >

burgh Emlen Tunnell of Green Bay Ted Dean of .' 1337 OeMs.Street'. .. -EL- .4-6896 or EL 4-6 I- >?f 9r : Bonded and Licensed Shippers$
Philadelphia Willie Galimore of Chicago Al Frazierof 1767 King Rd. EL 5-4278,
SIi Denver, or any of the other Negroes make a play .. .. URY s. DRUG STORES t

that calls for a pat on the back or a hand shake, the of ... .
Complete Line i''e.e ?
other players rush up to give, it to him while 70,QOO, or -
more fans sit in the stands watching What better cdCMETICS.; "- RUBBER GOODS

spirit of good will and brotherhood can 'be shown than CANDIES SUNDRIES FLORIDA STAR, ?
that?' They don' t get behind closed doors to do it. It Pr scrpIons; i CoW lor ond Delivered' "

is done in the open. 1907 Kings Rd. EL 5-8276 f IN EVERY
I e e THAT SAME SPIRIT EXISTED IN Jacksonville when Hank _J .

Aaron Felix Mantilla, Horace Garner Haifrerto Robinson VON'S PHARMACY 'COLORED HOME
and Ed Charles played at',the local -
.. Wes Covington
MAKE 4SKIN UEACHES and Delivery: Service, L.- JsricoWeRII 'p ln : ,
baseball park with the Jacksonville Braves. Yoif Just Froo Pick Up cy e
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na .
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I. ,
:' U.: % e > "o '1. ..'..r-. --. -: "' : :
r- j,


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t _

r 1.- .PAGE 7'

I' \ sv ( I r '. 1" .

ifS : .11'

..1i ........ .

1 a. -

; Jax 'Suns'ef\ I I.Joe Brown Sets Here's Your Reward Browns'Orange Bolstered LIU Luminary. BANKS Is WITHGLOBETROTTERS

Training Slate Title DefenseLES By Pair : .L

I The Jacksonville Suns VEGAS, "NEV. -_. Joe CHICAGO -- Ernie Banks,
i ii baseball's
greatest slugg-
Florida only Triple "A" Brown of Houston. Tex. CLEVELAND, OHIO -- Cleve-
ing shortstop, is
baseball entry will make will set a new record iw land Browns' Coach Paul now a
Brown is looking forward too grand slam attraction with
their spring training debutas among lightweight title

a team on APril 1 at holders when he defends his revitalized pro-grid Abe Saperstein's famous'

Kissimmee Florida their world crown against' Car- aggregation come next fall Harlem Globetrotters

spring raining, base i los Ortiz Feb. 24 here. with the acqisition of basketball team.

General Manager Bobby He's put his diadem on the former Syracuse stars Ernie The tall, slim ChicagoCub

Maduro announced today. line for the 12th time. Davis and John Brown. star' is currently on amonthlong
The Davis, one of the most tour with the
UP to this date Maduro announcement came from /
has complete a schedule of, Brown's. .. manager; Lou a sought after rookies in pro dazzling Trotters, who are

thirteen exhibition games VIscusi, after the 35-year football history, was I' ,. playing to capacity crowdson

scheduled at Kissimmee r old champ was named Fighterof nominated. to all major All- the west coast. Ernie is

Lake Wales and Lakeland the Year by Ring Magazine K a 'American teams 'last fall. t .. not a part of the Globetrotters -

on a home and home basis, leading boxing pUbli- Brown, a fast, 6'2" 248 >' court magic
/ ., ... however.He .
with Richmond, Denver cation. pound tackle, has been .. ..'. ,<.!
I Nashville and Amarillo as Brown the most active of clocked in 4.8-seconds for ......'.. ,. ...... \ '-,. is making personal

ring champions, has held 1 I' :: :; .: > appearances with Saper-
chief opponents.In 40 yards. L;;k : :L. : \. :. :
releasing the schedule, the title for six years. f I. Davis reportedly received I : ,.:;::'...':'.' : '" t1 stein's fabulous cage crew,
Maduro He won it by defeating Bud ( ,$80, 000 plus a $15,000 signing autographs before
said: I RANKED 6' 3" forwardEd
Smith in 1956. Since that j, bonus for signing a three- games and also serving as
'By limiting out competition t Johnson of Long islandU.
I time, he has easily defeated < year contract with the master of ceremonies
to Triple "A" and posessing a 23.5
all challengers. Cleveland. during Globetrotters'
'AA' teams we hope to I Tk. average thus far this
provide our players with a : I.fseason. is rated one of thej'top sparkling half-time

look at the level of com-, '! Campy To Pay ;; Eligible players in Gotham's entertainment show.

'petition, they will face I'i' Wife $150 Weekly _____ 4: 4 : ,collegiate circles. A Ernie, who was a basketball -

during the regular season junior, majoring in star during his high

and was ,part of the reason [ ;' school days in Dallas
history, Johnson formerly
NEW YORK -- Following. an i :
decided I Texas, says he would like
we to train in k| s
Florida. : order by Domestic Relations 1 1i i .r < i played with George Washing- nothing better than to put

| Court justice Joseph Dyer f fi ,::J I I ton High.
This schedule is also w. F ,* : on a uniform and play with

:i former major league star .. ":ai f. 1 the Trotters.
designed to make travel-. /
catcher Roy Campanella has 5 S. { "However "
/ ling to and from our r'J; % + *,01{: explainedwhen
been ordered to pay $150 a t '" '1 he Coined the Globe-
Kissimmee base as easy on \ .. .
+ :::t -
week to his wife Ruthie On T.V.
Jan.28 trotter organization for the
the J
boys as possible and Campanella for temporary MINNESOTA'S ALL-American quarterback Sandy Stephens .;. tour
through California and
the short Jumps will enable receives victory bus from his wife Prances -a'fter :
support, maintainance of. Kay J '
NEW YORK -- Favorites of the northwest, 'Phil
them to return to theirown their Glen L. 'I. home receiving the most valuable player award following ..... ..
cove Wrigley (owner of the Cubs
lodgings each night for : hoop fans in six continents )
Minnesota's .
and care of the couple's 21-3 victory over UCLA in the Rose Bowl. .
rest and basketball's amusingand made me promise that I
a 03od night's an
Stephens isiiow slated to '
three children. 's first ..!iit wouldn't
play baseketballon
: '> : Harlem Globetrotters -
the next
early all-star .
afterMrs. Negro quarterback.
The award was made "
will be spotlighted this trip. He gaye me
morning. Manager Ben { .
Campanella's -
attorney, }
Geraghty is wholeheartedlyin ; :!': :.. ,)....,, .,. ;. on their thrid nation- |i permission to make the tour
"'/"' ''''''' > :
favor of this arrangement former Judge Hubert T. I World's/ Champ/ N. Y. Ord'ers"'Arhie wide Tee Vee spectacular : with the understanding thatI

Dulany argued that the JACKIE ROBINSON
also because he will Sunday, Jan 28 from 2:30 would confine my activities -
have fresh athletes to partially-paralyzed star; To Meet Johnson I. .After Five Years 4:00 p.m. (EST) on the to meeting and talk-
has only been givingMrs. JACKIE ROBINSON, first ing with the fans
work with each day. CBS Television.Network.
Campanella $50 a week t x member of his race to break ,

April 1 Denver atRichmond voluntarily and had deprived 1 the color barrier in major

Kissimmee.April her of her automn-. :; 5 r' league baseball is now 1 TAX FACTS jj

3, atLake bile and all.of her charge ; eligible to become a
Wales. I '.
accounts. t n candidate for Baseball'
I April. 4. Richmond at I Hall of Fame in Coopers-
Kissimmee. Robinson Stole 1, town N. Y. In order to !I OF THE TAX fl c "_"

April 6. Denver at J become eligible as a COUECTORSBEST V

Kissimmee. Most Bases candidate, a player must I FRIENDS! ,
T. Denver
at fl' have played- at least 10 MORE REVENUE FROM % .
I Lakeland. Cincinnati, Ohio -- The TAXES THAN THE
:; years ,in the majors and to 1
April 10, Richmond National League' 'Most a vR
l"1.: ''> have been retirement no SIN IE PRODUCT I

Kissimmee. Valuable Player for 1951.. I II I L.; .... i... ;-, less than five years. AXE- sh''l/-, .1 ,, ),, H ERO I <.v..

April 11'Nashville at outfielder Frank Robinson, s Archie Moore Illl, ,

keland. led the loop with 22 thefts I New York Llghtheavy- BEAUTY IS A GIRL'SBEST Jill!

April 12,. Richmond at out of 25 tries last year ; Ii II weight Archie Moore, who !IN. Y. Yankees FRIEND- I

Lake Wales.April it was announced. i is recognized as world I BUT THE TAX ON I

13, Nashville Robby's teammate, Vada I title BEAUTY AIDSAMOUNTS A FUR COAT CAN BE
at holder in New York, podgeSt. Pete'sSegregation TO A&CL'S: MOST POPULAR -
lssimmee. Pinson, was a close second I Massachusetts, and ?JJ ONLY lOf ON FRIEND W' COLD RUGGED
RALPH BOSTON, world' Europe
I with stole 23 bases was't ;
April 14, Richmond at but champion running broad has received an ultimatum r OF lOt ON THE DOLLAR I

Kissimmee. t thrown .put. 10 times. I jumper' from Tennessee State, I, to sign for a title-go with !I DOES TAX COLLECTORS NOT WARM-THE ,I' '. ,

April 16. Richmond at Your Negro Newspaper pill attempt. to better- his I NBA Champ Harold Johnson ENTHUSIASM AS MUCH 1 t .!
Lake Wales. Stands For The RightsOf !amazing record of 26-feet I within 20 days, the New WHERE COMBINED t 'I
April 17, Richmond at York racial segregrationpractices FEDERAL-STATE TAXES f.
plus this according Boxing Commission
t Kissimmee.April I The Negro, People year were deftly sidetracked r AMOUNT TO SO PERCENT "
o sources'cloke to the 'announced. Of THE PWCE OF
t' here the world & SOLINE ItSELF,
| by p
19. Richmond at Sensational track star. Johnson, who has been i
I Toss a roll of towels
paper into '
Lake Wales. the for the chasing champion New York Yankees I
i, winter season. ,,4 Archie for
Dates for the with Kleenex towels are useful,for wiping seven who have leased a million
games : years in quest of
headlights and windshields and Sugar Fights a I.- _. .
; -
Amarillo are still to be j for wiping snow and water from title bout, filed a formal dollar park and will house l ,
set. ._ the floor of the car. hallenge every member in a hotel-
bv posting, a -
I : :. S -' February 3rd I i;$2, 500 forfeit I with the motel here. t

: : ;commission. The Yanks announced there
f S
.. I .i' \ .. will b.e no segregated
.t." : NEW YORK :
In a re-
. \ j seating at the park. They now itS
'- .'1 1f' .
.' scheduled bout Sugar Ray.: t! Wanfs 4

J"I; Robinson meets Danny Moyer j j exhibition A Y
-' I d Peps
in Madison Square Garden i
: '; With the Yanks are Elston
[Feb. 3, it has been announ- w
; Howard, Hector Lopez
ced. / I ReMakh'W for those
I pitchers Art Downing and
!; The bout was originally ,
Marshall Bridges.
who think
{slated : young
Han. 6 but was
'., >:--
;: cancelled due to an : .'. : Paced Win ;

aggravated injury to one of ':l

Ray' s hands.: The. match is I t
slated for 10-rounds. .!lcq kn.W j -

Learn S } Yen Dea't Hen tft ere to Town to Got

.: ',' 465 32 ----..: 99 90-. -342 87 tc :'* J I S LOW PRICES I

The Latest, Scientific{ 5 I .."I 1 I

Watch This Clown : rAY A f 0 Yew
? V 1,3

Methods. Of Barbering i 5 ,. 8 J.I It t I, ;., DRUG STORE NEEDS

i I
t .6 ". 8 1 4!II I II I ,
; Trofe With Yo.r NrigUMtbAod Orvg Sw -
College ; t I I > w.DeKttr-W.AUo FiB A*Docten* Pmaledea.


I Ingeoar Johansson 1 I

630 DAVIS ST. 175-29-315 ; ,...In Title Quest Dixie Pharmacy
./ t' ... 17'15. 67 Former world's' Jieavyweight t ...

champion Ingemar Johansson j Classy Hubie White, star' 5 5
.. < 8oIM nee be'* up- 1302 KINGS ROAD.MYRTLE AVKNUI
Sometime luis down said recently that a Swedishroup forward of VI1 Ian ova' a top- PHONES EL 5-5S17-9'

Comer '.Beei' 61 & Approved Be Ho work ate. It t.berscte as AroundXpMTNG is offering $2 ranked Owls recently

( million for a title bout scored 30-points to pace '
'JACKSONVILLE J FLA. I ATTRACTIONS this summer in Sweden his quintet to a 99-66 wind ,

,,:'. ;, '.'-'o ... 22' 39 74 etween: Floyd patter i1 animself over Seton 'Hall in Philadelphia BILLS AT Otflt STORE .

'. -;:>, : ."" M h ..).-, s <. recently '\ .' -_. .. ... .. .
S -
: :..\.-'' .', : ,.-. -. '. (" .1 1 :
S : -5, ,
f', .: I

---- -



-- -
I, ". 'Ts_ ._ .Matrons'Plon L. Classified '. ;
Firs -Tsta-TsaI: -_ J -Inc.Jacksoorilles --
Program' SundayMrs. LANSING, Mich. --- While, leading Agency'now
Couple To Lire bn Far* APr. FOR RENT
THE GREATEST In Orange Park Man Ppr ., .... Settled,Persons Only Jo1an;;;.',' .Hotel._: giving the new dance craze has a fall staff *of
Yard,' Para And Ualatenance y --the Twist--a clean bill trained colored detectives
HIGH ADVENTURE 4 Arey dirispen will be El 3-9942 $10 per leek AU-Modern Conveniences .
Work. life For House \ of health, Dr. Albert E.
,guest speaker for the 1774 SPIRES AVE. ROOMS, BjDaj,;'Hitc. ,;.or leek in-vestigations .
0ERMHWCOUniBAPIOlSWpreflti fork. [ftst ,
90 Children- Heustis state health com-
anniversary program scheduled Call El 67596. 741% lest (tbody guards, missinc per-
'H-are Own Furniture. missioner,
stated last week
:for Sunday at 3 p.m'by the Nice clean rooms hot and Ashley Street. ._ .sons patrol ft nlte se-
$75.00 leek start ._.. that that the new dance
Club of !
Call Matrons Progressive cold water. Men only. ( knrity.. Strictly Confi
Cb '
look like -
a pretty good S
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? Beauty Operators & Barbersare exercise Phone EX 83111 PO 59844
event will be held in the Convenient for transportation. or
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Line. your
HEN friend. He guarantees you (you &ll c1Y& C1l1dl .
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Mp'KgC .
work. Call EL 4-5841
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Po"itler Nice location. 2 Ig. Bdrms. BILLS'i
'Lg. living Room. Space A few boars spent'in

heater, ball. rms, nice friendly conversation selling -
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good income.
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HERSHEY SUGAR "ROSEHAHY"ROOSEELT nurses or mall. 'men. Call] '. -
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---- -- ---
I FL 41844.

: Slbs. : Thru--' ) .: ., .. J: W.HOUGABOOK.... Mechanic
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; : ,
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L B.
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I! '
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> L \
: ,..
i '
I .
I ,,. < ... 7'.: '->- .- -- j I. -1.

..... .
tr,: ,
;; .
< ?: ;' "

ii : : < : .. ., ....

.. : ; -. f .; -. /. ... -ft
1'y .J ;.l I '. ,. t .
.. : v : :-,'J "l?- ...' _:.....1. ", ..' "'1 '"..'\ \. { .'. I'I

1" ",

r ,'
-- l -
.->. : -,--