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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200593datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date January 13, 1962dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=005930740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
January 13, 1962
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
January 13, 1962
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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> .

r. "" ....
:-- -

; I r \ >\.,.. '-a "-'- .'.._.- ......".-' o{ -. 'f' :.<:,;.'" ,.. ..," 1 .
"* ;.** T_**# Iu
... fs ; } ,
', .'- :,",: '''' "' J ''II.
.. ...
jj?; a << _

!_Miami Judge's Wife Freed Of Robbery-Slayin Charges At Preliminary .',

..Jf.Jf.: *- w w.' AA- *'




---. .,.--- ._' 4 t ;? 4:2: ., ;

'- ', -,-" -.. ..". '" Sfi'. or Florida"v- 12WTL. .

Eastside Man t
: Is Freed 'tr F1Orida .

H .
( :!


In Tavern M Brawl Killingz Ir -

: .

--- .-'...- '" -, -- ".. -- ,: _

VOL. 12-NO.- 40 SATURDAY JANUARY 13, 1962, 1.5. CENTS

a,. New Trial : SChedtI ,

A{ Y 'y.2 "For. Alachug PolicemanFareup


/ Believed Originated -Court'Grants: Cop New* Trial

-- ., .. ,

Over Negro-White Man's On Aggravated Asault ChargeGAINFSVILLF

'... .
HAINES CITY -- Cause, for, ,the. widespread rioting, which .
--A Tuesday hearing before Circuit Judge
..w- erupted here._ early this week has been attributed to a
> John Murrhree resulted in the granting of a new trial
'- white man end( Neero'Efrl". ,. .,.,. ...?. caught necking. it has
been for Alachua policeman Robert P. Owens who was con-
: reportedl i Tindall and Municipal Judge
e victed for assault last
aggravated on a Negro Nov.
Polk County chief deputy John &.
Dewell pleaded with
... In ordering that the conviction -
READYING FOR PIGEON PLEDGE: The Jax Urban League Guild has thrown its full support Claud Tindall stated that; the crowd to disperse and be set aside, I South's Negroes
one of the 78
behind the annual March of Dimes program which is already in progress. Negroes'arrested some were said' to have left. Judge Murphree said the

Tuesday afternoon, some of its members gathered on the spacious grounds of Mrs. turbance during the dis- When| "Tindall. said, "Every- court ,erred in the More Aggressive,
told him
Aziee Anderson residence, 4408 Moncrief Rd. to launch Mrs. Anderson's pledgeby of the 'body leave here or you will original trial in that it
incident According to
and said
the be "
homing pigeon. Ehown from left are: Mrs. Helen Wright, league program chair- arrested, more people did. not, instruct the jury t
l '- Rev Major Lawson, Southern
sta ement ,
waif' gnfad-by were "Said to have'-left'. it. "
I -' Jax..Urban9Leagde -Mrs. Anderson and j
Bowman", Executive Secretary ; "
man'} Juriius % 32 more 'pSfsons.The on the lesser offenses of Negroes are most aggressive I
Mrs. Fssie McCray, league president, both of whom are holding pigeon. reported that the assault and battery and than their counterparts in
r riot reportedly mob was not hostile toward
out just before ,simple assault. the North, although the
State Power / I Shot 4 Times them and that only one These were reported to southerners have far less t
Has To See/c. .. midnight at a -grill said to incident occurred, when a have been the main points ,
be largely patronized by Negro opportunities.
man resisted arrest
AttackerKillsAn // teen-agers. fc by an officer of the defense argumentsby Ih l. elaborating upon his. a
Charges Againsf Mrs. Thomas Atty. W. N. Avera' request -
Authorities said that the He was reportbd to have

'MIAMI -- Although freed of first degree murder charges Eastside man who was rioters numbered between attempted to wrest theofficer's for a new trial.
: The 51-year old Owens was
during a five-hour long hearing before Peace justice riddled by four pistol .160 and 200 persons at its pistol from him.
stabbed assault with
and then charged with
Ralph B. Ferguson Monday Mrs. Eugenia B. Thomas, wife bullets peak. They refused to move The pistol discharged into
death last Intent to commit second-
of Miami'of a first rfegro judge may still become the object bis assailant when police ordered them to the air.
was.freed. of degree murder in.the
a grand jury Indictment, by the state, it has been Saturday gQ home
I r. r. ..r charges during a Thursday --- I alleged beating of Ernest ,
died osed 4
morning hearing in 'justiceof j Mahammery, 31, last Sept. B
Justice Ferguson
Peace judgeship in the south New USD-Arcade's Dedication
said that evidence failed the Peace Dorcas B. Owens, who'is remainingat 3
slnve Reconstruction days *. i
Drake's' court.Theodore liberty under bond,

to show Mrs. Thomas''probable part cause"on in the was Miami not city reappointed commission by when the Moye,Jr., 27, of Slated Jan.. 15 From 211 continues to serve as a

alleged murder-robbery the 813 Bridier Street, was .. policeman in, Alachua. rzREV.
appointment of four Janl 15, epoch making event will be
slaying last Oct 28 of exonerated following the / On Monday an '"
city judges .
was made
in Jacksonville when the beautifully and.modernly.
Mrs. Beatrice (Tiiy) Jan. 5. | routine hearing. Burned
DuRflay, prominent Miami- Wounded during the affrayat reconstructed building at 743 w. Ashley Critically, I

Miami Florida Avenue Liquors Street the former home of the Frolic Theater, will
am ; Seeks ; Lad I II I
Co-Defendants Clarence i 817.E. First Pt. during'theincident be officially opened and dedicated for the purpose it

Simpson 28, and Aubrey Negro for I' was' Arthur Walker, reconstructed to serve. opening ceremonies will I Edward Alfred Daise, 7, of'!

Henry 27; were bound over 51, of 604 E. Third St. begin at 2 n.m.. and close at 11 p.m. '1325 E. Third St. who was J"-

to the Grand; Jury on First-, Pub/icf/ y;i'os.t.I. I Walker was treated for a. One part of the building 'i criticallY burned Monday at J I

degree murder charges. bullet wound in the back will be used strictly for his home, was reported to be

Another defendant John MIAMI -- Curing its Monday I[ at the local, hospital USO purposes. It will be a I{in critical condition Wed. MAJOR<< LAWSON; ,* f

night meeting, the Miami In another portion of the observations, Rev. Lawson i
Hillings, jr. 37, was Dot Sgt. J.L. Jordan said by a Duval Medical Center
Civil Service Board recOmMended building which is separate continued that Southern
freed tor Ferguson. witnesses told him Clark spokesman.
Mrs; Thomas was accused of that the city. from the US). will'be the Edward was alone in the Negroes take more advantage
drew a pistol and fired at
conspiring with Simpson and hire a public relations quarters for youth re- of their little rights and
house Wed at 9 a.m. when.
Moye, hitting him (Move) :
Henry in the Oct. 28 in- ialist--preterrably a creation. The youth center .:'' ,ii the accident occurred. His privileges .which "trickle"to .
four times and Walker once. 5 -
'4 cident. It was said that a flegro-to work exclusivelywith Moye then asked Clark to like the USO will be maintained other, Mrs Eule Mae Daise them through Dixie's

Mrs. Thomas' apartment was Negro groups. ? on a high standard 'J'I{had gone to Duval Medical segregation system. .
One of the take him to the hospitaland
primary functions
used as a "stakeout" for i of cleanliness, >: I(Center for treatment. Rev. Lawson can speak with
of the Moye agreed to do so. : :
new appointee .
the planned holdup of Mrs I I The youth will be well !,.' --i.. i Asst. Chief W. A. Jacksonand authority. He once lived in .
would be When the carrying the 'Iii
to car
Catherine Wilson' attract Negro ,.. : :: the South, and now resides
a a pBXU- supervised well protectedand < l fire Marshall E. C. ,
bent, believed to be a associations and conven- two men drew away from disciplined. The entire : i t ) i I McDermon said the youth told .in Detroit.. He was the
tions to the Miami area, it the store, Jordan said a '
"bo lit." minister who made headlines
headquarters at program will be manned ,- .' them he caught fire when he

1661 N. W, Fifth PI. was pointed out, police curb. car parked at the by a well rained I DR. FARTHA M. M. WHITE poured kerosene in the Stove in July, 1957 when he and,
It believed that
The robbery at the Wilson \. staff. .Another Milestone. Rescued By pair I another clergyman were ambushed -
critcism Moye told Investigators
apartment reportedly went Negro leaders PK Fartha M.M. White the Mrs. ,Essie Mae Hires and set upon and
welfare of people in Jack-
that he
that the urged Clark to let
off as planned, but Mrs. city's all-white founder and president of sonville. Her many contri-.! Bdward's aunt, heard the boy beaten by 8 white men some
publicity bureau him[ get into the policecar
Dunnaway is said to have lacks the Clara White Mission.Inc1. ''butions include the Clara screaming, and rescued him 20-niles from Montgomery,

scuffled with one of the necessary contacts tor in order to get to the with, all of.. its White Mission building at from the building. Bllis Ala. for their part in the

two gunman and his pistol dealing With Negroes ingeneral hospital but that Clark affiliates has made it 613 W. Ashley Streeta Suggs, 60, who lives at 1224 Montgomery bus boycott and.

p'rompted city speeded his car up saying Wear St. civil rights battle.
discharged killing the very emphatic that ijjejUSOd three story building with. was passing by and
officials Ti not taking to the
in considering you He almost lost his life
womn isaediately. epa rtpent yijl. beoperatecl..atrJ'ctI1 offices, large auditorium tore the burning'clothi e
the new' move. .: hospital I'M tafci&g you to f Edward' and still bears the scar
The rom
s body Suggs'suffered
case which shocked
the on a
the graveyardT1' "- Other places of refuge ]
entire nation has now ended Chaint&Q Stuart Morrison. non-segregated:basis it given to burns about the of.... his near-fatal< beating.
A &kort public
distance serviceby
from thet
its second preliminary, who was re-elected chairman was ,erected for the bene bands._ .
avert, Clark': s car a great founder and .
phase with the freeing of for a two-year tens during *} t' of the men, and' "
strafe prk4 ear, Jordan t president are the Old Folk '
Mrs. Rosas. it now retains Monday p Betting said that i faailies is the service of j
'said. ,Tkt two two began Home, 1449 Milhor. St. FLORIDA STAR
a setter of speculation as "it would h4 logical to y 'the United states, re- Mercy
scuffling and Clark'skaift Hospital, 1355Eartha
to whether the state will hire a Kme" tor the gardlws f race, creed IN EVERY
is sail to have l St. Milnor Day
pursue farther i Avesta-Y .newly.. proioiU. elt10 or color 'x:
"" .. !. droiptd tji tke: floor. Nursery, 1413 Eartha St. .. .
ition -. "- -. .. ... COLORED HOME
r : the
i '--- Jon*** Kid -grabbed Threes ,years, Eartha's Historical. :

judge L. &. Tfcci, the '.., .", -:'. (.<. ;."*.; tM'.kiift an*: stabbed I .Whit.>*.,x*kde vast' contrib -. Museum 4850 Moncrief Rd,,!- .SAY YES TO THE

first NWR-aywHKJisted" to a. _' ._.::. ..:.. :' .:./t.4/. .- Cliifc:to tl e iwk a4 arm. ile. 2- -- \ '" -
.7 -., J
; : -; >, -:; { : ; ff'< .' : : : "... ... .- r s., 4l ,' .

'- "',$.:,.".. --e; { "'&?!Hi '..,4'.;. fi'f,.:i.f:7l .,* <, -: -'- -' ..K_' .. '.'"" I r.I .\\

\.: >" ., t
4- t ,.-., ; .',$'i' : ( :: : : : '-- :O t
-,.'- ::.' ,, ; :: Y
u d :"i,: .
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,_-: ----, -::.. .E,..'
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-'- -'-- --
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it .
: .'. ... 'r ;: 'w(';.::k:: 'r: ,;.. :r,!F' ,a', l tj: ,; Ai tJsut'w
THe FLORIDA. ,,'". +.,j"!> :r'.;. ,. ,.-,:,gttl'. :" ?';' -" + Politics
!I ". : !.,.. ..: fil"i'i.ur! r.'ft. .
(; :..... ;.}. ,
.' t .v 1':
.. fit W?" l1 ,
NEWS Press""A .T;! ., ,-'J.I" .. ..,"'? .tjt/... ,. o i -,
'; ,,, A. ,; v'"
1 J : 1 ,
r" r;..
L' .t...-.).It'.....,'.-4....,. "....t!,'"6,.,,.-. O' 'v.: ,_ -STEPPED-UP PROGRAM

,. IMembel"Published by The of AwoeUted, Florida Star ,, c .' -. .:-: .0. .: .' n W O PLEDGED BY WILKINS ". "'
Negro .
.. \: I .. '0 4
\: 1

.ERIC I 0- SIMPSON......._.._.............._........._.....J Aanaging. 'Edits 1 ,".\i.' NEW YORK---An accelerated program to enlarge

MV50N- E. WISE........:.._...........N..........M.................p/... Edit otHIIDA .. job opportunities for.Negro workers, to increase -
'''' << : 'i fez the Negro vote, and to speed desegregation -
ManageMAIN 1 1 RELIGIOUS of schools and other public institutionsand

f.: ....L.231....-:: .' OFFICE. & PUNT RACIAL .i .. IF" t t facilities was.pledged by NAACP. Executive

Mo"CJf Ro d.,-1 '._... .._.J hon. Elgin 4-6782' CQLORf : Secretary Roy Wilkins in his report to the
, I'Ir
I I ;y."..'.... Mailing Addrus: :* "' HATRED tr I/ NAACP membership at tfie' Ass oo.i, tion''s.. annual

r 'P. O.,Box 561, Jacksonville 1,' Florida .. '- I I. tsp meeting here.Reviewing .
S ) '. events of 1961, Mr. Wilkins noted
: L .Q.42'if,..2ld AVENDfcIAMJ.
: ; the loss of
;1 J the sobering statistics. upon
'. FLA. TFR Qi95'
OR *K48iG5 :
r, i. J r../ \ : : 1jr'I employment by Negroes, the extremely token
i "1'10' basis" which school desegregation proceeded -
; ..::.;,-- ;
; One Year, 5.00; HalfYear, $3.OQ : +:. ,, the "basic error of President "
% Mailed To You Anywhere In The United States "fJ
p a 1 Kennedy *s announced- policy of ; _
Subscription Payable In Advance Send Check or Money Order To_ ? I M i J' "
FLORIDA STAR-P., O..Box JACKSONVILLE FLORID/ /f.- no legislative action on .
.- r t 1. ', o rights, and the contribution CiVililr -

i 1 ', Freedom Riders in '

LETs CORRAL THE MAVERICKS denial of equality in interstate '

.. r travel. : 'I'the
In the fight to eliminate racial injusticesfrom The report, submitted on Jan. 2, \

the State of Florida we have an enviable r rti commended President Kennedy for

,record., No other southern state has made as 1r i e r. h1s personal role in civil rights and for the

much progress towards ending discrimination. as ,. very plain indications of his concern that

has been made in-the Orange Blossom State. 4'V conditions be improved, but expressed dis-

Most of the fighting has been done throughand s'r .1. appointment with his failure to seek new

with the personnel and funds of the ,f l ; ,. civil rights laws and to ban by executive

National Association for the Advancement of order racial discrimination in federally- I
Colored People. In factNall of the present sir aided housing.The .

i efforts by various organizations and groups in we y,& Sr y civil rights problem, Mr.Wilkins said, \

the fight for freedom were, made possible by 1J '.' S rJb canni t be solved by executive action alone,

the fifty-two years of struggle put forth by as was recognized by the 'Democratic party ,

the. NAACP. We believe that there can' be no ;DIVISIVE FORCES MUST BE ELIMINATED AMERICA WILL NOT PREVAIL platform. Until the Kennedy administration

argument against this fact. I. sponsors at least the legislation on the

in Jacksonville, as in tHere other cities items pledged in the party platform of 19PO. ,

throughout the state, we find that Negro lea it will be subject to criticism in the civil \

ders are struggling to obtain self-glory and Your Weekly rights field. The record, over as many years

fame by waging there own battles to end "J m- ..j8foras'cope 'as the President is old, reveals that what we

Crow" under the banners of organizations that Cu de frankly call the racial bloc in Congress can-

VE'T' we now' never existed when the ,,fighting was -- not be appeased; it has to be defeated. "

rough. Turning to the employment picture, Mr. Wilkins -

-_ By PABLO, The: ASTROLOGER reported that "during the year, the all-
Now we don't argue that there isn't need for ,

such organizations. There is plenty of room important assault upon employment ,discrimination .
' has continued and
:, for all of us to get into freedom fight. The ,

'r fact is that we have just begun to%scrape the EEE sobering ,statistics upon the loss "of employment -
LOVE TRAVEL. and of the restrictions
by Negroes
surface in our efforts, to end discrimination I
f dictate high priority f
those still employed
because of race. ,, upon
t But we do argue that full support should be ARIES I have had to live all thoughts and gather much- for the fight for equal opportunity in |\
Born March 21 thru April 1&1 M igth industrial centers one >
needed strength ( 'In northern
these without one, employment.
given the NAACP because of its know how and years l'
its successful campaigns in Jacksonville and For' a while it may have -1' it -looks as if this I thru 22nd). You are now out of every three Negro workers was unem-

( other areas of Florida against racial segregation seemed as if your social situation could be reversed I entering a phase when you ployed sometime during 1961. ,. ;

.obligations end expens' any time ,you de- may begin to feel the "Employment opportunities and training and I

threatened to get com- sire. a member of I weight of your burdens.Be upgrading for our workers must be the I
q Our efforts to increase.,Negro yoking strengthis t Become concernof
is being stymied because Negro Readers are pletely out of line. Re- clubs .that are. frequented considerate of those every local community. We, must have a sound/

." allowing petty disputes over political affiliations trench wherever you', feel 'spiritual forces. that who may'- want' to help". ', base in the' national economy else our precarious
hat the outgo is disproportionate bear them. '
to enter the picture. Little do they have been more or less ,i economic position could become the 1 I
to the in-
realize that not one of them, would be playing ignored during the past means of' throttling our drive toward first-
and do not delay
i one, I 6-80-55-14-65-685 "
politics if it had not been- for NAACP and its few decades. class citizenship.
putting mandates -
'In your CAPRICORN Noting the made toward full citizen "
efforts to open the "Lilly-white Democratic 1-20-66-15-62-261 progress I
Party which dominated Southern politics in into effect. Do not persist : Born ,Dec, 22 thru Jan.' 19 ship rights, during the past year, the NAACPI
I in butting your :There 'may be a little ,
: leader said: \\hearas other groups
the 40s and still does today. ? I
litilis;' our feeling that all of the ."MajorDomos head, against a bri'ckwall VIRGO 2! i resurgence. of optimismon workedoo"a'': project basis,*..*rs t ri ki n g' a t. one
if 24 thru Sept. .
.., some of 'your Born.Aug. the 16th17th. It
in locality usually with the
in Negro politics in Florida should .0.' problem one sane
talents have been found .As long, as you know that would .be very significantif
pledge full support of all NAACP efforts to I technique, the NAACP activity has stretched I
:wanting by the experts. you,have the abilities, it is accompanied by
conduct voter-registration on thereby uniting our across the nation and has dealt with a wide
and the necessary i a change in your basic
of phases b f the central problem including -
fight in this area and proving we are
i ,
3-70-22-16-63-372 material assets to see phil sopfIfes, one that
interested in making progress. The break schools, housing, employment, the
yod through all exigeni i would lift you much ;'
., and interstate travel
intra- ,
through in placing Negroes on jobs where they TAURUS .;. ,franchise, I
'dies, there seems, to be j jI. higher in the spiritual'plane.
Ihru 20 local state and
20 May action recreation, ,
have not worked before because of color in ourstate Born April. < police ,
little holding you: back Also make the
Jias been because ,of the efforts of NAACP .' II federal legislation, and with administrative
It would be propitous from carrying out yours necessary inquiries if: techniques
t and executive procedures. A variety of -
Here" old "Tried and Tested' has, throughits
i'or 'raising money ,v main indentions. Replenish you are, ,interested in a picket-
youth affiliates, shown the way. This is I has been employed. Our protest 'I
making. an' important purchase depicted stocks' particular trainingcourse
another reason why we should forget our personalities ing and selective buying campaigns extended ,I
or obtaining the or: make the purchasesthat I that would enable ;
.i into many states and localities.
and join in the fight.
jacking of an influential are essential for you to make better use, of I

.q ,But the best reason. whifch can be given for person (16th). 'Do not the- needs'. ,and comforts i your natual talents. And II
the need to unite is the spreading of our I
allow yourself to be of yourself and those who the time may be at hand

funds so thinly that we lost the effectivenessof agitated, or goaded into depend on :you.. You must- when ,you must part com-

our organizations. Much of the money ,that unwise statements, ,
making protect your holdings pany with .certain friends. Olq ,
, : the rain because of too .1JI/jJJI a FPlf ,
; goes down, many for they mId set you, .1 .(22nd).;
in Civil rights could
'organizations dabbling ,
back considerably (19th 4-70-99-1 8-7 1479AGUARIUS "
be%placed under the control of one_ group and "hru 22nd). Something$ I 5-ffO-77rl 6-59-537 :

channeled into the needed areas wrath more ;Jue to come to a conclusion I.. ( LIBRA I"Born Jan. 20 thru F.b. 18. ,. : : "
Born 24 thru Oci. ISo now
direct results. With all of the 'injunctions Sept : 'j ,
on. the 22nd., Inlo' e rch life, You: are not one to disregard .
o ,some" .1Or-
'' in their ..
sought by segregationists Florida the
future -
efforts to stop' the 'fight for freedom'4 it 2-90-88-13-43-291: 1'I : 'row, oTjLjtrouble must 'fall. -' and the measures. PepSi'fR '
-- Fortunately. are not
'and do it you eI
is essential that we do something I
you now adopt.should go
GEMINI '.disposed to become morbid -
now, to corral the mavericks who may cause us ors MaY 21 thru June 19 """' should far to mold it tot your !1l
and you respond -
to lose that which we have ;,gained through'_ '(." '
-Even: if you find yourself to your naturalinclinations desires. You are likelyto who think young1 1
-sweat and tears. prevented fromcaking feel the unrelenting t
to lookfar
i' Support the NAACP is our recommendation. to, established I pressure that is being --. ..
up your -i the silver lining
.. 4.,_.
'our readers. r manual occupations, exerted on you with a
/ ( 16th ) Marital or
there'is little stopping partnership difficultiesmay view to changing the

from cultivating your 'course of'your existence. .I-- ,
you be more pronounced, J 1 I

ind. It is possible that be Adapt yourself as quickly 35.11 ..: .
and some of them may J "J':&; s ''C am'

Tan'Xbpicsf you may encounter rebuffs ,due to divergent views and aracefullyas you ",...Xi r:' .' '.' .

.f you are a beginner, regarding the managemento can: '. as resistance will ". 'j- -f.: !.UH,ri F, 6 aI t', .

:.only create ... .. ..... ,
out you should not mutual funds. unnecessary ; .Gqt.i. ; I.' 0;ry ."I [cio.
bl.ems.Events wiilf ,, ..;. .
abandon your endeavors to''I j : '" pr -I .

make the grade by startin ,J. 3-36P-33-13-62-363 1.'SCORPIO 'place you in line for ,c.1 b ,i. L. ;%: '

allover again. /.; :" recognition (22nd). : '"1'J .:. H .
r.:" Bora 0eL.-. 24 thru Nor. 22
I : i t1 s + :! ':
7-40-66-18-75-746 have justice on
If-you (
'1t. 9-50-38-17-46-958 b l' ; : /
r your side, no matter howdeep .' -- .

'.': : ..- Bora. JOB 36 thru JaIl 22 the predicament may 'Born Feb. 19 thru March 20 4r .
be spmeone will be the'ref The one who' has the, ,
The mistake that accompanies extricate (16th,
r '

,'j, the, beginning r"'l't t Jl,at the latest). success greatest_ and'stake in in keeping your ;;

t of this period may contain It may not be exactly
you happy and' out'.of'-f :
a highly valuable wis'e.tp. form any land -
ivc ; hara's way, may also J>e,";1"troubled \ .
lesson which: uld ,have a tinettachnents: if
) by the predicament 41
r- .very salutary, effect in 'yoUa>;e';%spoken for, and
that is : -
tu Lj .1. the conduct, of future : ; enjoying fairly high confronting !
: )1 a t. .you.should
r j .. ka affairs- (16th). Accept rank among those who, get't
enable both to
X you -
j ., .whatever: circumstances impose claim status privileges. *,
; apd you ; your heads. .together and
upon you
44-19-59-854 1400 1400
t will, benefit.. in, morerays ,..8...-50- to c :e.up with a scheme : ., ::. "

J:. s ; SAGITTARIUS ." .that could !solve everything -. ,< .
thru22ndX. l-f.
"' <: _than. one (19th ; < ; -JTJLTUREl---! .
f, 28 -Am D&e.. 21 ,: (16th-17th). p"uumay .
,, "' BOTH fer. : .' r"i .
: ; ll
., 0 .
i4 Si ; v KEN ,KNIGHT
brine -Sag!ttariansv .. h1
f ; tactics: if many '
5-20-44-15-68-824" :IT TrY.;tallJng : -- -

; t; ', .. R ,, -: J ( .,} your 'friends. and. ;dear. (>; ?*- closer t KNIGHT
.. :. -' n 0 TRAIN
: ,1.
i "-", : !"('f "'f'r -'* ", ". ones- ;..'are iaiposing too I 0 ,_ ,' d",7 S.' VM. -- 12-1, KTGHTLT ,>'\ t.c::
: "!, A. ;, ""' ,
IS .
.1 LBOhave : '- < 7 c.r f
much time and SWEET CHARIOT \
i your
V .
THATX3UN GOES OFF IN YOUR HOLST( i ;r J 2i lit. energies, when you feel SAY YOU SAW IT IN .,.:ao to 10:30 MONDAY ttTO VfODAT

CoaUaental YOU'LL; Features.BLOW YOUR .BRAiNS" OUT !'.: I" ,- If,jou lost a 1'81-* I the.seed, of peace and THE...' FLORIDA'" .. STAR.. I BLUES 10:30, .N -IN KoI'AY-t.hn, THE KNIGHT\\SATUKDAY

'> ." ., .liable.!. collaborator, or, : quiet, ..to.. collect. your. '' rI .JA j1tE. nDalDA:, _
:" -, .-'" ,. t"!r \ "J'J< : .. .


." .. .. '.0 ..', .


JANUARY 13 19162 1 1's

I!I JEurelca Lode. ,Another, "' I "Miss J.W. Johnson Jr. Wedding Bells

'Elects Officers Seeks Admission
The annual :lection of '
Gibbs 4' Quo. A. Secdon, 1105 Grant'iSt.
; officers for Eureka Lodge ; ., 25 and Irene Robinson 6417
No. 51, were, held recently 1' t Lockhart Dr. 29.
ST. PETERSBURG As Gibbs' .x.' a t .
J. G. Davissecretary, .4 Willie BryanT232i"RunSt, 61
announced. Junior College greeted and Christine G. Williams, 1658 .
Serving new terms are: more than 700 students .W. 28th St, 44.
Daniel returning to, the campus Nathaniel Ponder, 2354 Jean- BT _
Hudson, worship. from the happy ette St. 19 and Carolyn Jenkins, .LOUISE GGUINYARD: rOn
: ful master; Walter Ellis, another African studentwas ,i,,. "Rl W. 43rd St, ,16. _' .
senior.warden: Hudy Brew- J Herman Presley, 4932 Old St
ster, junior warden; A. L. in their midst Augustine Rd., 20 and Rosa L.
Holmes, treasurer; J. G. seeking enrollment at the Mosley, 2149 Caljon R&, 16. .f _
young institution: John M. Joseph 1534 W. 13th
Davis, secretary; Julius a'y St, 30 and Louise E. 'Grayson,
Twenty-year old
I Bronson, senior deacon; George '\ lc 1140 W. 25th St. 33. a recent visit, to the home of Dr. and ?rs. R. E.
N. W. Williams, junior 'Opondo of Kisumu, Kenya- ,:::r Elmer G. Lang, 518 W. Orange Smith I scribbled my name in the' very precious book reserved -
c .. St, 23 and Katetrean A. Dixon
East Africa, appeared on ... .
deacon; M. AT Borders, 1" '0"" "f':'. 1359 Franklin St., 19. for congratulations to Dr. Smith on receiving the
,1 senior Stewart; Lester the campus this week to ..c ,, Columbus Williams, 6821 Hema iGolden Graduate Award from Philadelphia College of
Moss junior stewart; enroll as a pre-medicine ,r. RiL, 41 and Hazel Batson, 6821 Pharmacy and Science. Inasmuch as the award represents
Washington Williams, lodge student.' t.r .' ..."' :, Hema Rd., 29. 50 years of successful practice I felt very humble in
s John H. Greene T523
His enrollment Spearing
recorder; Rev. E. T. St., 40 and Eva Davenport 5529 congratulating the semi-centennialist.
Williams, chaplain.The bring to three the totalof <::. 0 ... ... .. ii \ Cook St., 17 I would like to add a wish for a speedy recovery to
first meeting under African students on the Arthur Wilson, 1549 W. 22nd Dr. Smith who.is confined to bed because of illne's-s./
the local Junior College cam- :: :; ". : St, 29 and Vera L. West, 2054 member of the Jacksonville Medical,
r new officers was held :: >: Broadway, 19. Dr. Smith lsa
Tuesday=. night, Jan.8 in pus. Grishon Erastus and : : :i :; Elmer G. Lang, 518 W. OrangeSt 'Dental and Pharmaceutical Association, and Kappa Alpha 1

1 the, Lodge. s Hall, 913 Kaaau, also of Kenya, enrolled .- .. '.'.. .' 1i" '"' .,' (. 23 and Katetrean A. Dixon, Pis Fraternity where he serves as Dean of Pledges. Dr. i

Jefferson 'Street. in September. They .x'.-. .( ".,.k,' ;:,,'h:,",." 1359 Chas.Franklin R. McDonald St, 19., 4419 A St. Smith also is a member of the American Association for .
are the first of more than :'".'.:....\!i: :: 11-J ,.' ... 0 S.E., ,Washington. D. C., 22 and the Advancement of Science and the American Academy ol
Ch 'rthlI I 10 African students'ex- : Patricia A. V. Milian. 1644 W. Political and Social science.
pected to enroll at the '- \ 31st, 20. .
Retiring as part owner of the Economy Drug Store in

DirectorCOMING local junior college. : .- 11I: i: Duval. James St.,E.21 Andrews and Barbara, 1012 J.Maddox West- 1957, Dr. Smith is an active, participant, in the Ci.ty's

Oponda is the son of : 1012 W. Duval St, 16. civic-religious activities. He alto holds membership in
Esther Oponda, a widow ,who :: i Geo. S. Brouehton, 4205 Etta the National Association of Retali Druggists. Members of
engages in private farming.He .4: ,. ,,\. o..............'..;;, I' St., 26 and Mae F. Bolden. 2202 various organizations fraternal brothers and associatesare

attended a Catholic CONGRATULATIONS: Crowning of Carol Freeman (right) as ,Kennedy Texas, 20.Gibbs.Ave. Corpus Christi, urged to drop by the residence and to enscribe their

I j2 Mission School in Uganda "Miss james Weldon Johnson jr. High School for 1962," names in the golden book. 0

and was graduated from climaxed one of the institution's most interesting .
therd Choral .
in 1959. 'annual activities recently Debra Dennis, ruhnerup, '

I II .Following his schooling, (left) ranking ember of 'the court, placed the crown on Has .
he gained employment asa- the head of her majesty. Group I failed' to mention earlier to Mr. and Mrs. Fdward
clerk in the Deas of 2056 Davis Street that their lovely picturesque
Kenya (Photo By Williams)
I Farmers Association and Busy Month snow-laden tree has come to be a symbol to manyof us
Y ., .. .. .....
---1.- p- -- -
served as secretary of the : that Christmas is really appria Four hlng and that it boosts

r 20,000 member Kenya ST. PETERSBURG A flow spirit throughout the season. ,
I-th-i of requests for the famed
Federation of Labor-, .
Nakuru Branch. t Gibbs junior College ,

SOON' Choir Oponda, professing a 1 1l c oir's performances .for

., director Robert T, Simmonsand burning desire to gain an l I January has been receivedby The'New Year made its gallant entry, and all .resolutiont a 4

his 40 voice musical education and retprn to I. college officials and are now made and most of them broken. Many socially

aggregation of Gibbs help his fellow countrymen '. they all point to the retention prominent citizentry are now on 'crash' diets, tryingto
4 of the fine _reputation undo the damage done by the cOnsumed
Junior College .will be in says "thou sands and 1 ; many extra calories -
Tampa soon to appear on thousands of students in 1r the musical during the yuletide. Here and there we hear of a
; r aggregation received few gatherings celebrating bilated New Year tidings and
behalf of
i the Aurelio my country are not able to "
Fernandes Nursey-Kinder- complete their educationbut Lx C/2I>> em during the college's even a few post Christmas parties. These we will report,

I _. ___.___ __ : _. ._-_-_- _.... inception, I as they occur.
-- -- -- -- ----- -- -- -
Project The event they are still pre- -
'V bas been set for January pared to continue if there Choir director Robert T. Les Fleurs Club was one of the few exchanging gifts and
r '28 in St. Paul AYE Church is any alternative in Mr. and Mrs. Elijah Mr and Mrs. Sherman Simmons announced that revealing 1961 club sisters last Saturday night. The
Hack 1923 GrunthalSt. Adams, 1251 McMillian St. four major performancesare meeting held in the home
I at 4 p.m. doing so, 1' was of Mr. and Mrs. Dunlap.
Girl. 'I Boy. on tap for this month Members present were Mesdames Betty R. Belton, Cornelia

Conducts Fall, Out Study Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Mr. and Mrs. James alone and tentative plans Oree, Ruby Dwight Helen Grimes, Fay ,H. Helms, Irma

Brazell P. 0. Box 914 Brinkltfr, 1216 Tyler St. have been made for nume- Villarin Barbara Walker, Juanita Wyatt and Misses -

Green Cove Springs, Flti. Girl rous appearance during the Fstelle Williams and Myrtle Turner. Special guest was

Girl, Mr. and Mrs. Willie second semester.The Mrs.. Margaret S, Mathis who got top honors in.card play.

Mr. and Mrs. James Smith Hilliard, 1530 W. 11th forty-voice group is The month of February will mark this club's tu.nH

1410 Louisiana St. Girl. St. Boy. 2 busily preparing for its ,anniversary., A special event is being planned to commemorate .
Mr.' and Mrs, Sandy Har- Mr. and Mrs. Willie perry, Third Annual Clearwater the past decade. I ,

r fci ,rell. 1764 E. 27th St. 4274 Kantaga Dr. Boy. Benefit performance. The j ;; -

"Girl. Mr. and'Mrs. Harvey John- 1 Junior. College songmas ers '-S 't 1 .. S

Mr. and Mrs. M. Kohn, son, 1598 W.. 15th St. will be the featured

: : -' 616 Ct. C. Boy. Girl. artists for this event Mrs. Bertha Dallas, a former Jacksonville* citizen now

I LW ; ___ Mr. and Mrs Henry Fra- Mr. and Mrs. Peter New- I which is being presented residing at 115-41 174th Street, St. Albans, New York
'L'Y. zier, 4535 Trenton Dr. berry, 1264 W. 6th St. l to gain funds for the has been confined to her bed since ,the Christmas holidayHer

Boy. Girl. Ridgecrest Nursery- daughter, Mrs. Claire Williams Nelson, states that
Mr, and Mrs, Arthur Jenkins Mr. and Mrs. Lanier Kindergarten news of Jacksonville has always been a source of in-

433 W, 16th St.. ., *Richardson, 1515 McConihe Date for this major event spiration Mrs. Dallas. '

I Boy. ? St. Boy. is January 14 and it:will : ,? ', ,.
: ''be held in the audi '. ,
The Needy Might Benefit .
torium of Pinellas High 0. .
Myrna Spencer Tarbqrok School at, 4 p.m. The first meeting of the year for Les Unes Charmantes
N. Ct a senior in foods and
nutrition at A, and T. College, is, conductinga research Concert sponsors (promi- 'Bridge Club was held in the home of Mrs. Betty Sessions '

project, determining the rate of radio-activity nent citizens of Upper With Mrs. Frankie Handy as guest player. ,

buildup about the college campus. She started the Pinellas County), feel Mrs Charlotte Bostick and Mrs. Arnetta Walker were top
th at the listening scorers for the bridge session:
project during the
period in which Russia conducted
Ita recent nuclear tests, She tests daily milk being audience for the three Mrs. Norma R, White Mrs. Helen Gregory Mrs. Alma ;:

Consumed by A. and T, students .. annual performances should Daniels Mrs. Lydia Wooden, and Mrs. Priscilla Brown.
surge past the 2.000 mark. were on hand to congratulate the winners.
The superlative I \
performances .
P. i '1'' x of the choir on :.

b' previous occasions has Ie,

provided'considerable The west Twenty-first Street. home of Mr. and Mrs. Capers :-
1 assistance in launchingthe Thompson was the-scene of the first 1962 meeting of Entre I',

,J 1I' annual appeal for such Nous Bridge Club. Mrs. Ruth Boner was one of the guest
I a worthy cause. The many players, '

I'I'J THE GRANDOER CHARITY CLUB---distributed their annual ,'}music lovers who heard the Mrs. Elizabeth Simmons and Mrs. Doris Bennett and Mrs. -. e

Christmas boxes to needy families in various parts, of choir in 1959 and again- Charlotte Stewart were the happy recipients of club

the city. The,group celebrated the season with.. their, last year were lavish in 1)rizes.iMrs.. Stewart, being double, fortunate, was* also
& K1 e annual Christmas" dinner 0 at Tony's Seaford shack.'The I their ,praise of the choirs winner of the lovely door prize. .
performance. Miss Theora Leggins, Miss Ruth M. Broome. Miss Mozelle
officers and members are: G, U, Edwards, president; J
0 oAs the result of the Bruton, Miss Lauretta Jenkins, Mrs. Frances Johnson. !
D. filson, sect; M. Cothrell, treasurer; M. Waddell .
group's first appearance, Mrs. Aldonia Seabrook, and Mrs. Ruth Myers were also ,,
financial sect. ; G. Randolph J. T, Lawrence, .
R. R. Montgomery and'B.. Simmons this impression was publicized participants. in the meeting. ;*.' .
Learn "The excellence S 1 ..5S 1 -'ro .
of the chorus brought J -0, .-

Samuel F Yeffe To Leave. 'Kegee1USKEGEE 'applause' again and againto o ; 4
The Latest Scientific INSTITUTE, -AI a. 95,000 furnish a successionof Laboring under unusual circumstances this week, I am
bleb points tor'tbe for her invaluable .
Very grateful to Mrs. Faye Helms
Samuel p, Yette, director Holder of the master'sdegree almost two hours of recital. S
of the information Bureauat in journalism ,and .,'' assistance. .
.Methods Of Bartering Tuskegee Institute since government from Indiana .4.

1959, will join the news University Tette is also agraduate '

o staff of the Dayton (0.) of- Tennessee, J A&I Napkin Fold Handy t IIa a

journal Herald, a 154-year university wher be received For BuifefTab/e/ .
lorida Barber College old daily newspaper. a back 'lois degree ..
February 1. in English in 1951. Here's a napkin fold that's C- N
peculljr 'efxabufcte ,
A fproer Air Force information ;
His replacement In the -
because it males it easy for your
inforwtioo Bureau has not : officer be has guests tq pick up their napkin and
630 taught school in Rockwoodand .whrerware at the same time. .i
DAVIS ST. yet been aaaouaced.Tette r LI
.It 32 who came to ChatttBoogB Tennessee, -
was general assignment reporter -
Tuskegee after two years as
associate editor of Ebony for tae Afro-, 11asthm think young <

61 I &: ApptI4 Bapzine will work American Newspapers in a
torarleim. as a ...
general wsitaawt reporterwitb Baltimore aad'laahlatOQ, _!Q00iiyM.CIOAICTTIS Z
'JACiSaNYliLE mi the Ohio whose D. C.. aad has dome special : Q!. l1M'i r- L
,, .' paper. research ......M......
circulation is &b 0 u t'. assignment for 01 cOMPOUND I i

,,,,, Tine and Life magazines. ,
{ '? .. :. ..J''i'. -
.: ..
-rr -
., ; :
t a Y 'f -

.\ I ... : yaT
I "ti
lr l

'. .

SATURDAY JANUARY-13,1962 J .... t- -. '. -c. .. .. '
; .
; ;PA6E'4s.
J> .. .. i. ..
:'\ .;' j -.'-, .'-j- 1 ... .. .
: t" .., :: "
.. -. ., ', .... I" James Weldon/ / Johnson Branch YMCA Boys Chorus .First t .Baptist. ,' ; \, .':

: -- --
ci ,, '
Ann'ounces'A* ctly Ies'

C By Rosa L. Coffie

The Missionary Society ,

fs meets Sunday at 4 p.m. in

1: the auditorium of the ,

The young Veterans Club, inc. of Jacksonville will meet 1 .. \ church. Mrs. Arabella .j

Jan.' 14 at 9:30 a.m. in the, YMCA. Calendar, president, urges

Ilans for the building fund will be foremost on the .'- ,J all members to be present ,

agenda and: other business importance' will be transacted 'I .' officers.for the annual election of :;

z' x x I

.. .. j"1 f 'Sunday's ;Services.. ,

Robuck' Staple. and the Staple. Singers 'of, Chicago' ,'=. 111. 1 p ,
featuringMavis Staples, and .the Womack Brothers ofCincinnati. Lt M Sunday School "begins' at

','. Ohio, will be presented in a gospel singing ; Hjy 9: 20 a.mwithG. W.: Scott,

concert. Jan. 19 in the,Mt. Ararat Baptist, Church annes. ,!I'j t t, -' superintendent, in charge.
-, The pastor Rev. C. ,%B.

concert ,Jan. 19 in the Mt. Ararat Ba jtist Church, annex. Y hr Dailey, will review the

Also appearing will be the Gospel Echoes, The Bivins 1 ah lesson subject, 'One God.'

Specials Jacquelyn. Inez Fort.. k Morning worship services

The ,public; is being asked to support the: program. start at 11 a.m. with the

', pastor delivering the ser-
x ,". non. The Senior Choir and
j .' : __'. x, tfw
_ : '" : : ,' Ushers will serve throughout -
"* "*
Madam Edna Galmon Cooke of Washington, D. C. will be the day. .
The pastor is asking the *
featured a gospel musical. program Jan. 14 at 8:30 p.m. 1 s + +
Senior Choir ush'ers and
in the Mt. Ararat Baptist Church annex. r M
congregation members to
Also appearing will be the New Singing Sons, the Five ;
: accompany at 3 p.m. to 7.10nHope
Blind Boys of alabama,. the Five Blind Boys of Mississippi,
Baptist Church Rev.
the swan ,Silvertones of pittsburg pa.
E. R. Simpson pastor, to
The nationally know recording artists will be present- r

ing some of the latest gospel and spiritual selections. ., ,p a share In the pastor s andchurch's
4 anniversary k

... x x x eelebrat ion *
The BTU. with W. F. Till-

Woodlawn Presbyterian BethelBaptist man, president will hold a

,. short program beginning at
.: Church Notes .. JOINS JAX CULTURAL GROUPS: RF.cipients o? :city wide praise following their special program during Decemberin 5:45 p.m.During .

Is Scheduling/ Mt. Olive AME Church were the receptjy organized James Weldon Johnson Branch YMCA Boys' Choir which is the 7 p.m. evening

superviseiby William D. Cannon, director and Miss Dorothy Lang, pianist-accompanist. Advisors are Mrs. worship, the
pastor will
By L. N. Pearson Sr. Loyalty Month Eva C. Rosier, Mrs. B. J. V.'illiams and Carlton Bryant program director. Rev. B. J* William was host bring the final message of

pastor. Thomas B. Hargrave, Executive Secretary of James Weldon Johnson Branch. YMCA announced that the day.

Rev. Franklin D. Wilson, the successful concert has now.. become annual event
p Bethel Baptist Institutional .
pastor, will bring the Weekly Activities

message Sunday at Woodlawn Hogan Street church is at in 1058 the Gibbs 'Forms'O.rgaoizafionl -jr- Life MembershipsAdd ,

United Presbyterian Church The Male Chorus
midst of its annual Loyalty I
Laura and State sts. during $256,695& \ rehearsal at 8 p.m. Monday.
I Month services and they
the 11 a.m. services. He will NEW YORK A total of regular Prayer services -1
continue throughout
by supported by the united i "ST. { -a 'i 256695.00 in life membership will be held Tuesday at'7
January it has been announced PETERSBURG Fla. -
Church Choir with Mrs. payments was receivedby p.m. Wednesday night's
I by its ,pastor Rev. 'Rubbing ghoul ders'withUnited {
Rudyne Watson at the organ.A I Robert H. Wilson. Nations personalities the national office of Bible study 7 o'clock will

large following was out NAACP during 1961 / Kivie be conducted' by the pastor.
The services got .underway and problems in a 4
to hear R"ev.. Kaplan, chairman of The Roy Scouts
Wilson' s theAssociatiol meet Thurs-
with Dr. J. p. Reeder, of Contemporary Affairs
sermon last Sunday. Some )' s Life Membership day at 6:30: p.ra. The Fen for
Columbia S. C. and class .at Gibbs'JC has provided I
were baptized and added to Committee reported.I Choir's rehearses Thursdayat
former pastor of Zion the intellectual
the church roll. The Mr. Kaplan' 8 The
report, p.m. Youth Choir
Baptist Church of that city spark. outstanding
members are optomistic and submitted. to the Associ-, rehearses FridSJ.at. t p.m.
delivering the 'first seriesof activities that are in 4- '
the pastor is planning with.the ation' s annual meeting on Rehearsal for' the
sermons. keeping college's s
positively to begin build: Jan. 2, pointed out that an Children's Choir begins at
Monday jan. 15 through 'pursuit .of academic .
ing off the new site at 3066 additional $140,939.00 had 4 .pm; Saturday,
Jan, excellence. "
Friday 19' the Rev.E. _.' .
Woodlawn Road this year. Wear been retained-by the NAACR
f N. 'Bates, ?of Nashville, :. Chief activity of the, --4
asking each and .
every Tenn. will deliver the group according to L, Q.

'member to support the sermons. Harper, Contemporary I ROYAL ART STUDIO .
church s program in its
The third week, Monday Affairs instructor,, is
entirety this year in order
through Friday, the Rev. the formation: of the CLARENCE J.SIMON
to reach our goal,
Sunday" School will beginat Charles B. Dailey pastorof United Nations Club. ...... ''' 'PROPRIETOPSPECIALS

First Baptist Church Diligent research into i -:'.. f
9:30 a.m. with T. V. .
will preach each night. the operation, of the ,UN .1..:. .. >'; : ,
Huger -
in charge. Sunday Yi. ?riti-- .. '
Services are scheduled to was not the only reason : -." .,'.
School at the new site M
for the formation 'of the .. ...
begin at 7:30 P.M. Everyman .'
will begin at 9 a.m. with woman and child is group Mr. Harper states. ARTICLE--Fdward_ Forgers, a student in the junior .,\. 2.5x7's' Kolor, 1.Black'I White $6.95

Rev. F. D. Wilson in invited to attend the 'It. was a culmination of class at Florida A. and M. University law school has I ,

charge. our Sunday Schools meetings throughout this ,research in, the form been advised by the Lawyer's Titleand, Guaranty Fund 1 1-8x10 Opaltone & 3-35's $5.95

cordially invites friends month. Members of Bethel of a simulated General that his article, "'.ranked fourth out of approximately _

and visitors; to come and has been asked to attend Assembly meeting, helped to 25 articles' submitted in competition by the students Tops inCommericalWeddingsProttaiti'
study with
us. nightly and show loyalty to provide incentive for;.the of the law schools of Florida. Rodgers, (right) is '

.Prajer service and Bible the church. group for this, where being congratulated by Professor J. F. Gibbs, director .

study will' be held student interest reachedits of legal research at A. and M. He receiveda
Wednesday at 7:30 clock. Winter's Rough on Skin; 515 Davis St. EL 4-1894

Choir rehearsal, Thursdayat peak since each chose $50 check.. .
Prevent Dryness to represent a membercountry .
.. ..
8 ,p.m. Those wishing tot r .- -- -' ,' .'-
become members of our With Creams of the UN.

j congregation are. urged to Indoors or out, winter can bea I '. HOME ENTERTAINMENT CENTER;: I
Fisk's./ Fund :&" .
be present. rough season for your skin.

"There is no substitute To prevent dryness and "chap- .; .R JL STEREO PHONOGRAPH

for 'work.." pine it's a' good idea to practice Receives''Boost
moderation in makeup application I AM-FM
Go easy on rouge ana powder ind RADIO-23" TELEVISION
For a quick shine of bathroom cleanse your face oftener than' -
i and kitchen.faucets and towel bars usual with rich, oily creams tq restore : .
.,rub with Kleenex tissues or towels needed moisture. Work it in I .
1 after cleaning with your regular gently, avoiding. rough rubbing 'NASHVILLE, Terin. Pisk b FT _.. ,'_
cleah<; r. Paper towels are hand, ,-mott ns. University's, centennialfund -- ,"':.'-_t..' c --1: I Is
too for a fast wipe-up of the washbasin ;:; -
and tub. Always work with the muscle has received a $100 '.aa T+vqi -.--

structure. of your face neat againstit. boost from a camp.us JESSIE HARPER -. -. zL&t3 r l (fg) 'I -o f i

student organization, the _
Pat'aedm on, _using circular t e 0 CD G E) tJ
movements, and be especially Ivies of Pi of the Alpha Mrs.. -
: Harper invites, j. '
: careful around the avoid ( 'il" ,
to q
eyes Kappa Alpha Sorority. her ,. ., ''; -
stretching the skin.R many, friends and :
Fisk is well into the -
E. customers to call her at, : ,. ..';
first year o( trying to
EL 6-0489 or meet her'at ,,, x ..
raise million ?
i 829 Pearl Street. where she i .
: .r 1s :f
HOME IMPROVEMENTSConsolidated nationally for an extensive -
has joined the sales _
staff _' ,.
? -<: ,. -
development ar
L Down pro of State! & Peal Appliance
No Money Officials have .'
gram. expressed -
Co. 2823
dealers for all __
; Bills hope of raisingthe electrical gas appliances, ,:t.. jjlfl .''. .

x LGw Bank Rates money by 1966 when the televisions 4l : .
and stereos. ; .
..- '
j : ..
will'be : :
IILLDUFFEE school 100 years i ,. J I
tit Ail Work Guaranteed __
old.. C ; ; _
Sales -
Free :1rtneer''T:e.s 0 d-ay FL 9-2 j22 The gift from the Iviesis "

Room Added' lr rages. -. wnings. -. from the a first student, to, 'organi the fund S. 9.5

Carports' '" Drive Ways Rods etc : ,zation.' .:They ,raised the : I.:, G jONLr.1'1. ttl c III

through the / ,
:: ,, .Ch- in Link on Redwood, felst '.. ': .' money special : .
proj ect : fan. auction. :}
: and 2nd MORTGAGES :. .. ;Y' > .- < ., WITH PER
,, u r, .. CURTIS MATHES
"WE fiNANCE lIEU .DTNE.HAll". :, 4-- OPERATING MONTHS ....?* v .r-: _
.: ; :.:.- TRADE

HERCULES HOME. .... .IMPROVEMENT: COMPANY ..'' '> -;' I :--. ..... :.;, rg

If boots, : '-
:" ." '. your youngster enow ,
: :
0 ," '.
are just;a bit too IOBR tight 4. I "
now : f.
; ut J: Ji ...
6885 Phillips Highway you can add, to ifcee.lie. by tucking : ., T".... -.'
R t '
Kleenex. tissues in the.toe to : : State & Pearl Appliance Inc.
Within' ,
: 75 mils of Jacksonville take up the excess f. om. This will ,

flight, and Sunday : .lessen scuff'vlnmagf.:,If the next .. "
: BT.11
a 6-0489
:i pair of sloe 'K-a*fcalf-ue or: so ..., S29 Pearl Street Corner State and Pearl Phone ELgin _
larger, remove tie: tissues for c< '-. a ;. '. ._ .
.. proper fit. :
.. ,. ...,. .
: '.' -
"- ". ". ,:f',..;: \.. .

.. .,.. ,. .. '. "' &V. ; :
-J >- "- -J..; ,-:" ., ;.- : I -- ;;f. : :;;:; ; .

." '.' :. ,' ,, ... ."' -', ; =. iu. .
: -:' <-, '- : < ; -f-= ... : i.:
:, : .. T- ; -'?< .' r "' ,

; --
I' 0IJ
u ,


h : J

IJ SATURDAY. ; '13, 1962 ".. ,. '., ._. ,.. .FLORIDA STAR 'PAGE 5. I I II

1- : s.\ :r: tf : Lists "* '' "' : .Racial Barriers Weaver Withdraws .
0 ege Outstanding Students .
*" j' 'tOrdered '

I }! 1 From' ': .,,NAACP'? .. /Board' .;!"*,.. >.:

i r ,. j ;NEK YORK'--Thewitti-i! :
""drawal of Robert C. Weaver.'
I ; ErasedMONTGOMERYAla..FDllowin
tl d Federal Housing and Home
: :;
Ilr Finance Administrator;

[ -" :.: orders by a u. S. District from membership on the .
.. t Board of'Directors of the
i ; Court judge ,to desegregateall
/ facilities at the municipal I National Association for '
the Advancement of Colored
( ; airport here, a
y. city spokesman last 'wet k People was accepted "with
/ said all waiting room.seats regret' by the NAACP ,

t' I will be removed, fountains; Board at its first regul r'I I
; % plugged, and toilets will meeting this month. .
: a y be locked following the Dr. Weaver was one
of sixteen persons electedto
I integration order.
airport'ssegregation a three-year term as a.
The end'to the '
/ .. ordered member of the NAACP' I
r was byU.
S. District court judge Board. !Meanwhile in a j

[ 4 b Frank M. Johnson Jr. at the letter ,to NAACP Tiecutive j

; terminal Dannelly Field. Secretary Roy Wilkins he f j
explained thdt when he had I
'He also ruled that signs
[. -'" resigned as chairman of, '
'specifying 'Whites
I 4 May.
r ; a s 'Use/ and "Colored. May the Hoard last February I'
,r .he had intended to .remove
Use, must removed by I
4:: .: : _the following day. himself from "al, y 'rpl icy- I I
; : ; were among top student leaders who are to be listed in 'Who's baking position in the, I '

ges and Universit e 'Spigarn f AgainNAACP Association. '",
i left to right: (front row) Ruth Gavin New Bern, N. C.; Annie The letter wars read to r .

C. ; Lucinda Rodgers Pittsboro N. C.; Minnie Ruffin, Tarboro the Board following \the'" ,

I ; } Williamston, N. C. ; Iris Worley, Evergreen, N. C.; Marilyn PrexyNEW Association's, annual" .'. !:
N. C. and Ralph Parker, Southport, N. C. EW YORK Arthur B. meeting. In it Dr.J "ri" ;

,row are; jack Ezzell Roseboro, N. C. ; Lawrence Seibles pingran, New york attorney Denver expressed orprecinx.
Grady Jamison, Charlotte, N. C. ; Fannie May,, Morehead City, N.C. ; as re-elected president of tion for being renorcinnted!
yI : 'N. C.; Edna Singletary K nii;"'N, C. and Dianne Bell i he National Association for for .election to the (Hoard, .
'However. he said, ""I '
the Advancement of Colored I :
\ : Claude Airall, Jamaica, British West indies; George Gant, eople at the regular monthly must advise you that*,
I Alphonzo Stewart, Greensboro N. Cand Arthur Mangaroo, Jamaica, meeting of the Association'sBoard should I be elected ,1 I
: shall have to decline.
; of Directors here. '
serving as o MeMber of the.
Also re-elected I
were Bishop
Branches Total General Fund Board because J believe
; Stephen Gill Spottsrrood, I
would be
1 1,494 Units In' U.S.' Exceeds $1 Million chairman, Board of Directors; for me to accept inaprroprlnte'I a policymaking J -.- I
Alfred Baker Lewis, treasurer;
I .NEW YORK Units of the position in the
I NEW YORK. In 1961. for! Dr. Harry j. Greene, assis-
national Association lor : Association in view
the first time,, the general tant treasurer ; and Roy of
De- the Advancement of Colored fund income of the National Wilkins, executive secretary. : my official responsibilities j
People, 'now numbering 1,494in as Housing and Hone
Association for the
I 48 states, maintained abroad Brighten i Child's Room Finance Administrator
ment of C ;, oppor- > attack on racial bias This belief is. I. think,
exceeded With
00.000.00, Homemade DecorMust
throughout 1961, Gloster B. I consistent with'thisAdtrinistration's ,
Alfred Baker Lewis,
Current, the Association' s NAACP :Must children like nothing better j ethicpl
treasurer, reported at theAssociation's than ,
some room decorations i f I
was director of ..branches reported : annual their own. And with just a little standard regarding I
Jan. 5 this week. help from vou, they can have avoiding any appearance
meeting. them in a colorful: and inexpensive
Total NAACP membership asof way. of loss of co'rrlete in-:*. '
income for this fund Mr. .
Dec 26, he said in his partiality."I '
Lewis reported on Jan. 2. Here one suggestion snowman :
[: I may ;report; submitted at theannual [ounted' to 1018857.70/ wall decal, made from ad r" intend. of course ,

: em- NAACP meeting here [[through Dec. 26. More than hesico'cring material. to retainny, oenbership-.in ,"
; or on Jan. 2, amount's to half of the sum, $558,787, snowman Yuu'H probably illustration be able in to finda the Association and wish .

I t of "371,060. During the year came from local branches in this time of }'ear. Clip a it magazine ;ur- you continued success. *
J creed, 104 youth units and 59 the form of memberships and and trace it on onionskin or another
thin paper. Then retrace. .it ontoa
adult branches were char- heavier
special contributions pattern.
tered including one in
er de North Dakota for the first -
to In the history of the. S 'b' Iir

r'C 11 e d Association. < '
this I Among the numerous highlights -
r : of NAACP branch

{' ; J.lo ed. activity during thfc .year

I, ,:also was students the entry to of integrated 450 Negro I IT

: : cant schools in. Dade County,
appeal Fla. This was spurred by
they the legal work of the Miami

ted was, and Liberty the other'City hand units.On the. i: : : 1 ;iH : 'Ihese

de- Tampa pla. NAACP Petitioned -
for admission of
.streng ,
po- 70 children to "whi te'

oppor schools. Appeals resultedin

ters.admission of two youngs

Current asserted that Prices Good At Our New
"school placement laws are [

the rain deterrent to
I school integration In many
southern states. He -
1824 West Beaver St.
;(...... termed the 1961lbreakthrOuEt&1 .
'----'" ." as $,.. I 50 Yards West of the Farml Market. (U.S. 90)) ,
-'H* Nevertheless NAACP units : "

were instrumental, in the FLORIDA GRAD AFRESH .r:\
initial integration of C

.. schools in four Florida i"
t counties as well as in FRYERS

Atlanta, where nine Negro Lb

II boys and girls were .
I admitted to previously all-, t

; N/ HI iwhite schools.. -

C I "and",,, FRESH PORK
Higher Voter
:: +gee
,[ COM ,
," -
: I 35

: : : ) c-Ie"-4 Vtk,.FLA...AVK.bas/ ,..SfrengfhVVouWEnd SIDE, ? .

I Jim Crow ,. t

: '
| PICHMONP. Va. If this .
state's Negroes double

AYE. their)voting strength, '
segregation vro'uld disappear 3FRF Ibs. .
"by popular demand "
1 : SEE leaSer;_' predicted a desegregation here

Jan 1. ,
Dr. Hilton A.' Reid "
.: : .f president ofthe: 'Virginia :i; $ :'

branch of the Southern I GROUND FVFRY'HOURn. ( -. ', 00- .
"' .. ; .
TRIO Leadership_ Conference ... ., .;... v
._ ..-,. -. ,. ." ,
I 1. "'
II ... urged-.those attending theNewYear's i:.,.... '' '
: Day 'pilgrimage I 'S.. :r..i" ";... 'c--'I1'. ;- ..rJ';"> ,... '" '
: :: for prayer and I 0 '
: tl t interracial, progress" to : :(1 ;k4t::_ .
,. '
i .', .. register 2,000 new f
:J .f
Negro voters in 1962. I I
f I I I ,

,\ 1 I

,f .

-- I (


-, -

-- .. -
-- '

ir 1- I'

PAGE 6 ,

r __ I. YI : &T'.College.1/ African- Sfuc/enfSoefcsEnro//men/ ; // FNI Slates Spring

IT'D'P .'Xti "-j-: ..L'j 4 1 ftY I

Semester Registration
BY CPaiftx"Tesa Teachers' Grant r'a., ../ -

ST. AUGUSTINE ,-- Regis- character high scholarship

Gets: $69,300 t ration for the Spring ,
WHEN THE UMPIRE YELLS PLAY BALL to open the 1962 Semes r.tPIWi and competency\ purposeful
Xr a Normal
baseball season; many new faces will be seen with GREENSBORO, N. C. A &: T and Industrial living. ,__
bail clubs. Sad Jones who the "workhorse' The College, is fully
various Sam was College has been awarded a ., 'College tall take place on
f6r the Ssn Francisco Giants finished the accredited by the Southern
grant of $69,300 by the January 31 instead of
11 season' with"an a14.won. and lost record and will National Science Foundation January 30 as it was pre'Viously Association of Colleges and

\ be pitching"' for Houston in 1962. for the operation of a scheduled. This Secondary Schools and the,

NORM! LARKER OF THE LOS ANGELES DODGERS will'also be I Summer institute for High announcement was made by Florida State Department of
said to be t Education. it is also a
has been
uniform. Larker
I seen in 'a Houston School Biology Teachers. Dr. Sankey c. Chao, Dean

I t I one' of the better first basemen in the game but, he Announcement of receiptof and James,s. cosby. Registrar member of the American:
I ori Education
l had take back seat to Gil Hodges and was never i. y! the
to a the grant was made. on by fs who also stated that
f able to show his real value to the club. ,Both 'players L' class instructions Association of American
C. Dowdy acting presi- and late ,
1 feel they can be of help to the Houston club. They dent. kf registration fee for the Colleges and the Association -

*also say they would like to play 2 or 3 years longer Spring Semester would" of Teacher Education
Dr. Artis p. Graves I + r begin
and when their playing days are over they would still .-1 t, Febrary Institutions. .
and on 1. PinaT"day"
professor of biology f or The College has facfjty of
like to remain in baseball in some capacity. Jdnes
chairman of the Departmentof .' registration or program which 40% of thenembers
wants to be a pitching coach. and LY change is
Biological Sciences Pebrary 13.
,during the Fall Semester.
WELCOME HOME WELCOME HOME llr. Frazier. Adolphu who authored the proposal Florida 'Normal and industrial -
1961. are holders of earned
., Frazier that is, the former Rattler of Florida A &: M has been named director of Memorial College
University. Frazier is a Jacksonville native and a the institute.Dr. is a Baptist church-re- s degrees. The

graduate of Stanton High School. After the Chicago Graves told reporters lated, co-educational faculty is. inter-racial.

I Bears had signed him thicr came up with the flimsy the.Institute has for itsobjectives four-year liberal arts intercultural and inter-
excuse that he was too light for heavy duty. He went. < : to strengthen : r college. it is.deeply
on to Denver and had one of the best years of his enrich and modernize the rooted in a Christian

career. The Broncos did not win the American Football subject matter backgroundof heritage for developing in Keep a variety of snacks on hand
for mends who drop in on wintry
League pennant but he proved' to the football world the participants; to young-people Christian weekends. Casual napkins will add

i that he was not too light to carry the mail for the stimulate quality educationin heritage "for developing 'in' color to the occasions and you'llsave
laundering of cloth
E j Broncos. Many of the hometown fans followed his performances biology by offering young people Christian too. your napkins

throughout the season and they neither saw, basic foundational .courses ,-- ,- -, -.. .'....-

heard nor read anything about Frazier s performancesthat ,
participants whose
AFRICAN STUDENT -- Gibbs Junior College science instructor -
could make them regret he was from Jacksonville
training needs further
Robert Williams (left), and co-ed Joyce
IF EVFRYTHING GOES WELL Jacksonville will have another '
upgrading and to improvethe
Stokes help African student George Opondox of Kenya,
representative in the pro ranks when Curtis Miranda,
of school.
quality high
Eest Africa, to gain an insight on the operations ofa
the rough, ready and willing', center of the Florida.A instruction in biology and microscope. The 20 year, old African native arrived now itS PePS!
& M Rattlers. After completing his work at the
thereby inspire in high on the campus early last week to enroll as a pre-med V.WI1Q
university he will enter the ranks. Fveryone who
1J 1 school students a greater student. He will begin classes in February following fbr those
knows Miranda can say that he is a clean cut sportsman,
desire for careers in orientation on the college campus. He is the third
{ a team man and represents the highest type of man- .
biological sciences.The African to enroll at Gibbs JC.
hood. He knows football play football and it is
institute is to be
believed that Miranda will be 'a credit to any pro conducted to nine weeks v (GJC staff photo by Ballard) think young ; ., ,R

team. / beginning on June 11 and
ONE OF.THE MOST BRILLIANT OF THF STARS on the football Physics Program Clark ExpandsATLANTA
concluding on August .10, It I
,I horizon was 'Abner Haynes of the Dallas Cowboys of
will be open only to those
pro' football team. Haynes goes down in history as' -- Clark Collegein Commission scholarship' f
who presently teaching L.
: being the newly organized American League s first Atlanta, Georgia may interested in getting his '.--'"- ,0' .
biology with at least
w Player of the Year Abner, the son of Bishop F.L., become a nationallyknowncenter .students to do original
three-years teaching
Haynes of the Pentacostal Church of God and Christ was for the study of ,research such work is
experience in the field
the youngest of Colorado, but, because of the serious I physics if plans go according already being conducted in
and who have several years WHEN YOU ARE ILL
illness of his father,... he was forced to stay close to of teacher expectabcyBiology to intentions of the departments of chemis I I'I I You Seek The Best Doctor

home. Dr. o. P. puri, chairmanof try and biology at Clark. WHen Your Doctor Preecribea:

A NEGRO STAR ENTERS NORTH TEXAS college. When North the physics department He also talks about gradu- Gel Experienced PharmadU

.Texas ,College in Denton. Texas became integrated in HeadTO at Clark. At the present ate Bourses for the To FLU Your Precripttoai 11
According To Your Doctor'st
September 1956 Abner and five other enrolled. 'j
Negroes time Clark provides the department. :Orders, w. Use Onlyrmrsy.so

Coach Odus Marshall of North Texas, says he laughs now physics instruction and Clark offers fourteen **. Beflt QuaUi* Dn1 **
Dr. C. E, Blaek
when he thicks of the day when Haynes reported for facilities for all undergraduate Physics courses to University .
football practice. He says Abner was so skinny his r a students in the Center students but' .

pants just hung on him. Marshall said he turned to the e I Atlanta 'university Center.Dr. plans call' for expansion to 3 REGISTERED PHARMACISTS TO SERVE TOULILiY'S

t other coaches and said Now isn't that some specimenfor t r purl a native of sixteen courses. president
a football player? India, began recently tomake Brawley has indicated that ,

HAYNES CARPIES THE BALL for North Texas state and 4i his plans materialize ewe want\ to'make this (1907 King Road ELgln ..827fA

within a week he established himself as the with .a .request to the physics department compar COMPLETE LINE OFt

r ",varsity halfback. He was only 5-11 and 160 pounds National Science Foundations able to any in this area Cosmetics Rubber Goods Candies Sundries

but it was 160 pounds of explosives. .Little Abner became i for a new X-ray machine and including Georgia Tech andEmory PRESCRIPTIONS CALLED FOR AND DELIVERED

t the first Negro to play football for major I 4 about $20,000.00 worth, of:: University." .. ,,,,,,, ----

College in Texas. His first big game he averaged 5.7 t S r physics equipment for the I'I'a n ;.
"I' ,
yards on every carry, caught 11 passes and scored r -_ college in the eantime :..1.L. 1 I II ---- -.-.-, ........--- ,
four touchdowns. ._ i, Dr. James p. Brawley, I I I f'-
DURING HAYNES FINAL YEAR AT COLLEGE he scored 14 fit is president of the college : BUSINESS DIRECTORY

touchdowns, ripped out 733 yards rushing for a dandy 6. equally enthusiastic about I I j
3 average and a 15-yard average for 16 pass re- in physics, I
developments Listed !
The Firms .Below and Throughout This Publication Are Rrco"'pnflt'r
ceptions. He was again chosen as the Most valuable authorized significant new .
DIRECT INSTITUTE: Dr, As Reputable Establishments; Specializing in Services And Pr,,ducts.I .
player. i purchases of equipment for
LITTLE ARNFR HAYNES was one of the most sought after Artis p. Graves professor a laboratory, which is I II ,

backs in the country before joining Dallas. of biology and already in Dr. purl's ROYAL ART STUDIO IMPERIAL SUNDRIES ....
chairman of the A, and T,

:xr:1LxEJ'NOW'S ; : I 'College Biology Department, words "fairly wellstockedfor I TtIoEP..E. ",'et4 Patent Medicines Cosmetics

basic physics study All Hair! Preparations,
THE will direct the A and T 519 DAVIS !JTREEY
TIME TO ORDER College Summer Institutefor but he adds that ouch more .J CO(5'I..t.' r'.. COR. BROAD & ASHLEY EL 42139JOHNNIE'S

'c 0 A tm I PocohontosBri9uehAnthraciteCoke High School Biology is needed. FUEL OILS -..

n CI1T.WIOI DIUVWY Teachers to be conductedat The young physicist, who '-7 ROOMING HOUSE

ALL SEASONS ICE & FUEL GO A and T College beginning last year studied Notre BYRD & SONS All MODERN CONVENIENCESRooms .
Atomic "
Dame on Energy
I' "" NORWOOD AVI. on June lj,
PHONE PO ".U 1 Clean and Repair by Day, Night or Weekt .-
WE SEll t All MAKES OF. *
: I 27 West Ashley St. ; EL 5.4025
uw: Oil and HEATERS \,
t '
a-. Honors 6334 Restlown Dr. 'PO 4-7516-7. -.h r--
To Receive

", BAKE R' S KEROSENE HOME DELIVERY r & Cocktail LoungeMechanic

r On Duty' Cordial Atmosphere
'PHOTO JAMES, fAULKNER Mechanic Where Old Friends Meet
1643 KINGS RD.-EL 3e09t
,,1. \3.8. W. .ADAMSEL,4-7437 ,
'" 31W5 WEDDINGS.PA1TYS -. State and j.ff.-rso" Sts. EL 6-9432' :

FAMILY ctoun -
r 4 OCCASIONS'' n Andrew J, Huff Funeral Hone JENNINGS MARKET

1830 Wright AY*. 24 HOUR- AMBULANCE SERVICE Groceries and Meats

RN7a Mary I.. Breaker, Mgr Fancy Citrus Boxes

y >: 1337 Davi l Street it 4-6496 or El 4-689 Bonded and Licensed Shippers

III 17$7>> Kings Rd, El 5.4278

o s .xi Yr

wr C, t'CANDIES.SUNDRIES Specializing' In Tasty., Foods I.

a S prescription; Coiled lor ond. Delivered; .

I IMAKES4tSKIH : w ( I 1907 I King R d. EL 5,8276. r .Regular Heals Served Daily

MER VON'S PHARMACY 1929 Kings oad' L 4-9962

Free, Pick Up ond Delivery Service Jerf o Pharmacy, Inc. .
For All Your Drug Store Needs We fill Any Dorter's PrescriptionfgEE

I I D. HARRIS, RPH. Prop. Pick Up and Delivery 5trYicc

Open 8:90 Q-m, to 11:00() p."i.-7 Bgyi o week >; On Frt\ HpHpn

2735 W Edgewood Ave, PHARMACIST ON Duty ,

dark porfeet s PO 5-9267 Mown 8 powder Phones PO 51582 1 -
951 West DcMl. Strut fl *.926'
oaseMsnufodurtrs on ,
a ERNIE DAVIS brilliant All-American back from Syracuse ,.
University _who has already inked a contract with the : fATRONIZ? = ; : .
Clevelanda the National football Association '
Browns of : / -$;

i of Poiner'i .......&,"The" Jet with the. Ster will.be honored Flaira with an N" "Ernie Davis pay" ,Feb, 3 in Stir Advertiser:?; ) ; \, $" :t.W.JtrtUt UNION 1<< Every$T."t'Thwnd y-,9, p.fft\.-II ,;".024'

I. his hometown Y. .
\ I .
r '' .

I f.
:'1 '
I ... .
,.. ;' J I .j
.; "
,, .' '
: \ J : I -
.' L" ," ,'

r 1 ".
.... ..'
<:.,-=i ; ;l-:: <., : KK


I I _i L I .

: I j ,,. 'Ial .. .

IL'TT{: I : --'p= ?' 'Ji i. !


Ii!i Top Bruin ., Joe LouisPoysSelf. Lead A&T Aggies T opBi/ing(/ : ..Brown, : i,Cops. Wilma Again

/ Given 'Ashe'ORANGEBURG u.shersTitle'/ Receives Top

I II I In Movie ,NEW YORK -. Rolling up' a Sports Citation
S. C, -- In
total of1,408yards',
,NEW YORK Former world ratings released_ recently -
t Cleveland's big Jim
tI Pr heavyweight champion Joe : by the American
Brown led all other
I .Louis will, portray himselfin Tennis Association-, young
4s 1 rushers for the.fifth A rt
1 the current filming of Arthur Ashe of Richmond
consecutive. season, ,
1r 1 Jrw 'Requiem ifon.a H ,avjr- Va., already the National ''final league. statistics
weight, a featured role. junior singles champion 'was
t Louis will portray him- designated 1961 national
Brown's 1,408 yards, last
self asa wrestling referee i champion. !
fall was topped only by
in ,the David Ashe recently defeated '
his record 1. 527 yards
Suskind production which Cliff Buchholz to win
compiled in 1958 his
stars Anthony Quinn, 7 ....'' ,. P" sy the national championship,
y greatest year in this
A Jackie Gl ason. Mickey F topping a field of 25
department .
Rooney and Julie Harris. competitors in the competition -

t 3 The former Brown Bomber' I leading up to the' 3 Repeaters

has played numerous rolesin AMA champhionship. r

movies. q b Carolyn Williams of
1 1r OnCIAA Team
Portsmouth Va., is women's ,

Third Negro -, I It singles champion. Ashe is HAMPTON. Va. .Nelson

.:ow UCLA. Guthrie
attending of Winston Salem n

Gets lllirii.Athletic// Teachers College Maryland

,-j' Your Negro Newspaper .State's Robert Taylor, and

Post Hampton's Charles Holmes
P .
: Stands For The RightsOf
4.' were the lone. repeaters on

WALT HAZZARD star court- CHICAGO Popular sports Co-Captains; Hugh Evans, left- and ,Henry- Hank Marshall The. Negro,People the 1960 mythical CIAA

man with the UCLA Bruins, figure Joseph J. Ro- of the A. and T. College Aggies are. the mainsprings -, football squad. WII-MA RUDOLPH
is rated one of the most biqhaux became the third._ who ,have sparked the' A. and T. Collede Aggies to' a, The ) NEW YORK -- Wilma Rudolph:>> :

promising a'll 'round'players Negro to receive a top: ,' I sinning pace in basketball.. As the' holidays ended the Long And Short Of It threetime 1960 Olympic

'the West state. athletic. post_ when,' I sporting a respectable ;:7-t rec rd.with no.
,among .. I IrJte"was I Aggies were., .. .,. games gold medal winner,
Coast colleges. i.'i named to a ,t ree- in conference play. .* *; .v ; }1.< ;
v.; defeats ',. and holder of world recordsin
> year term oh the ILL. _
: the 100 and 60 meter-
Sports Fete Commission by --- .
:? "Athletic' r \I dashes, respectively, was
j ..otto Kerner Wilder/ Boxers W/i/ff/i/d/ / Turns 1;.: x A.A again selected the* top
F Lopez h"lThe t1 re. -yearl term be'gins I / / _
female athlete in the
t \
Show Gains nation when she was awarded
:TAMPA -- Al Lopez: '' v"Robichaux succeeds Out Champion .
1 the Frederic C; Miller
manager of .the Chicago Louis ,R.' Padzienda.. The '.
The Wilder Athletic Club .
.. trophy-last Thursday.The
White Box and one'of themast firet' Negro named to the LAGOS, Nigeria Mal
boxers have ,shown great presentation was made
popular figures in '.Commission, was formerOlympic Whitfield, the 1948
"; 1.;if, ,- improvement during the during a dinner given by
baseball, has acceptedan and Marquette Olympic dash champion, and
recent training sessions the Fraternal Order of
invitation to attend University'' now athletic director at ,
dashman, being held at the, Jefferson Eagles in Milwaukee
the first annual SportsAward the' 'new University 'ofNsukka $
.Ralph Metcalf, who is 'Vh
pool, according to '" 4 'x ffty Miss Rudolph became the
eastern Nigeria
here on
banquet presently serving on the
Julius Gui yard, coach- second Negro female athlete
"* "
Jan. 18., He will pay= Chicago city Council, has already produced a
Iticipa trainer. -
in to receive the
in the presentation -, v native' champion in the'
e. A Following Metcalf, Enoch
Frank. McDonald has the
award when
outstanding she
T bjf award J' ,, .ur .'j f I.. \P. Waters, current editorof best attendance and roadwork 880-yard run was signally cited in 1960. '
., More than 400 sports the Associated Negro >
: record for the monthof

'e I fans are expected to Press, was appointed December. NotReady ". fA 4 .'Negro Stars
attend the affair to during Adlai stevenson' CQ
Frank has a total of 32
.honor. ,: the. dty's out' ,administration. ,
miles roadwork. He was
standing ,amateur and k May Play
followed by the, veteran
professional athletes. Sugar '
Johnnie Thomas; with 29& ,
fib Pr.
Chargers Sign $20000 Offer miles.r Fred We'stbrook'' 'the 4 'v y .Y roya With Kentucky

BOSTON *- ,Promoter Sam smallest-boxer: : on the 1"" LEXINGTON Ky. --, Callingthe

SG's$ Jim BafesPASADENACalif. Silverman said he has squad, 119 pounds, has a a integration movement

offered form middleweight total of 28fc 1 miles. inevitable, Frank G. Dickey,

-" Sou- champion Sugar Ray Robinson Raymond Wilkes, a newcomer president of the universityof

thern Cal's, defensive $20, 000 to fight joe to the ,squad, will 3 Kentucky reported he

Denned,, local middleweight, be a strong contender for n
halfback Jim Bates who : I would be willing to let

was,injured in the first Feb. 6 in Boston Garden. lightweight honors in the 4 tFt Negroes play on the

game and remained out for Although Robinson was not Florida AAU Championship school s athletic teams.

the =rest of the season, '. available for immediate c Feb. 121i4\at the new 'It is just a matter of

signed V: 1962 contract' comment, it is known that Jacksonville 'Spo'rts Coli time before Negro players

with the San Diego :he has been trying to get seum. Frankie K. Glover 't will participate in
and James JET PROPULSION =- LA.. Jets Hal "King" Lea (left),
haraers.last week.. promoter Joe Louis to matchhim' Early _are back athletics Southeastern
; :, with the club again this and Bill Spivey are two reasons why the L. A. team '
wasralso with England
.Bates ,.. the. .fifth'' Terry Conference schools,' Dickey
'\e 'I. : ,1 > season and' are one of the better pro-basketball attractions .on
are lookingmuch
draft": choice'o'f. the DowneS in a title match for is reported to have stated.
better in the West Coast. '
I Chicago Bears. .' Dbwnes :portion of the .their boxing SANDY. STEPHENS
t ,
skills. '
world's crown. .PONDERING Minnesota's '

... --- .' '" ........- -..-- =- Paul 'Ro'binson., 185 pound. B6wTContest.Calls
..... All-American quarterback,.
"' heavyweight
'' who. drives cab Sandy Stephens, draft -

:> ,i,,: :: 7:: : ; for a local company, shows charge of the Cleveland OffPRARIE'

I great promise with his Browns, .has placed thumbs
= t VIEW, ;TEL -- in-'
fP s power 'punching. The team down the
t rfs On.anyprQ-jfootball:
r WitS ability find a suitable
practices.daily. from 7 p.m offers until after the firstid
I Ito*'9' p.'nu' :' ':at tl /Jeffersonpool" opponent for Prarie View
Hula ]
; game. in ,
.. caused .
.' '.' College cancellationof
;- ,
Hawaii ,
Pepsi I "* P MMMHBBMM-, the prarie View Bowl o

r 'Brown Bomber' Turns Promote) contest which .had been to mnx 1

for those scheduled for Jan. 1.

However officials announced -. \
who think young J 8l11tiJrfti U1lGi
: \, that the game has i7

f bYr J : .:. been scheduled for.December % rdori1 Gfum? '

'. .1 of this year in Houston i
I 1 .
., 'R'r. '-' --'- } y' a avY Gonder To Reds., $ : ..

t. r w.p. "* he did Forwhen the martini
k b.,a_ are
t1 > to G* Bridges- To Yanks/ Chances introduced-around 1850-

.LowtHayepRi NEW YORK -- The championNew Alexander Gordon's remarkable gin was

ESr -------ir" York Yankees trade4T. '
R substitute ,catcher Jesse .7J;: .' already ei, htY"Qne years old.
r .i' Its distinctive dryness and fla- q
Gonder to the Cincy Reds
I' {. : ii vour,well known to Londoners ,
:I .. 0 Yow for left-handed relief ''
since 1769, had made it a f'
pitcher Bridges

I. 'W k D tjG' STORE- NEEDS fWkhYeur recently, .it .was announced.J '. AtJantictoo.TbeGordon's favorite on this side. of:the ':" ,

.. : Watch This. Clown! you drink to4 y Still harks GORDON

I 'J t 'i _"1 : r N.&er1aoocf Drq Sheri'WI x 86-32-4 1. back to Mr.Go non's .
,. Fill AN Doctors'PrariDti.as' i tii ;:Sr r. original ;formula.,.as -
.W.D.Gia- W.Also 351-60-587 j
J .' ind ;d it should. ,I Itmade E y 7 LIED
jr l( Gordon'sthe" 5NDOHDRY>
Dixie Pharmacy 4- worlds biggest selling 1
... .* t 1'i ,,4'-:" ,.;' gin. Tonight":.::' when & w
r : .. '
,. ..
; : m'tini..z.
order _
ENTERS RING, -- Former all-time great world heavy- you
1 SD2 SINGS RQA*MYCTU AVBHtt 163-14-210 .: ,;
;:. ,it. 'HOH..Ultr.M... weight boxing champiop Joe Louis (left) recently ,, specify Gordon,
'f ..
.!' .;. ": Joined forces with John L. Horn of World Sports pro- L. .
S..tha. .i:s ',,>.
; ICUM Clt CII ftOH K30X CUll KUTUl SfltlTS.90 PIOCT.
PAY" YOUR LIGHT WATER AND; TELEPHONE motions, in Los. Angeles. The new promoters plan to pre-' .MSt -.s r.'. .....:::,:, > ,. OOfOOf'2 OtT Cli CO(TA.WOEf.L L PIOOOCT or B.S.L

i .. ., .. i';-' ay sent: se eralkmaJor.bouts In- le'ptrtsil) rena. Louis' 'He ...f 1irsib., JIt r f"r a

I : _- .-.'ti ILLS!l AT I OUIt. -<,STOREi; "... ..t.. :Q; I!: t. j at'1 yoI rllJi. ,iAtty; .&Martha* jefferson.Louisissecretary-J1.*. H. ..... .. ONmL-

., treasurer o the new "combTneT ." v. 11 JjA 1167 .
;-' I3P .. -:"'! : ,
.. ; to. :: '- "
Ti. : 1 ) ,. : .
,. "
..fICf !:t. : I (
lt ,1 l '; .
I '

I f \ ........ .

ni or, _o. I FLII1A STAR '. SATURDAY JANUARY 13. 1542
-- .

[ X j R S' PREPARED. ] ,-'. WHY WliRY', -: AlllFI" IETECTUE ._G iig.; Police' Reports I' Powell Says He'JI' Quit I

v For. Y_DLfft1 tHIYeBieltCe.. ; -:':' ANT XMAS,IIl l S ', JackdoDY111e.1ad1DIA, ,. lie:--. ... I) .,, -
) A few hours spent'in -- bit by another man last WASHINGTON Reiterating ,
,Income Tax Forms.JI''. friendly conrers,tion .se'fllnc ,IDCl" now has a' full SHOT BY ANOTHER Monday, police reported. what he has said before job in. 1964. .
staff of trained colored Powell who has publicizedsuch
will proylde Williams intoxicated Cong. Adam Clayton
Prepared By Speciafct, was Powell
detectives to intentions in the
a good Curtis Milton Fason. when he was hit in the told reporters in Puerto.
,At. Spier, Star.' liquors' ."'J, Call EL 68810. child custody investigations body guards 41, of 1071C Davis Street right eye for a unknown Rico recently that he is. his past, said he will resign

SEES. AVENUE. I: :' N.. Y. LIVE-IN MUD MAIDS. issing persons, i&trol'.and .was shot last Sunday while reason, police said. The considering giving up. Baptist pastorate Church ot in Abyssinia
nits Security. ', walking in the street. victim was taken to Duval politics for an insurance
you need a ,friend in N. Y. Police .
Strictly Confidential. reported.The Medical Center in police .
.. Let Mr. Harold of the .. Notice
: Phone EX 8-3111 wounded man said be 1 patrol car. He refused '
GNpkTslhth. ,' Mallory Agency be your or. "., .was walking in 1000 blockof treatment and was unableto 'Under New ManagementCHEATHMI'S .
friend. He guarantees youa I PO 5-8844 Davis Street, when he give any description of -
Couple To Live On live-in job in a good heard a voice from behind the suspect, police said. ., -"
In Orange Park Man For home,_ paying $30.00 to- :,tirllaJ 1! ; t e IIi n g,'&i m to wait a Patrolmen W. Wiggins .and '
And Maintenance STRAND "
lard,' Fan
$50.00 a week room ,Thro minute. When he looked ,j. Jackson..investigate'-. BARBECUE ,
For Salt i .
for> fife "' .
meals and V. \...
T. ..
around. a knownto ,
'fork. .!Jo Children- 3nst? 4- = hefsaw man .
.,' Bus tickets and expenses 10bleli.fkeiOff'But '"" ," t ... .. S. '
Hare, own Furniture. SkeJJways. Meant him as ,'Hack with a **** *** ** BARBECUE RIBS & CHICKEN
to New York in advances. in his"'hand. 'It looked -
175.00 leek Start ., gun : -
; like barrel shotgun
Call Co 4-4021 a single STABS BOYFRIENDA
Vast Have.Recent' References Harold, The Mallory Agency, Site:'Never Coif! f ,' he said. SANDWICHES .62 2 for $1.00 tax Inc.
576 Merrick Road Lynbrook
Mack said .to him 'You
37-year 'old
f New york.AVENUE. DIY iOROTHY caused me to pay out $250 stabbed last boyfriendwas Saturday -- Club Rooms Available

'-- --.------ -' :::------ DONAHUE I McGUIRE last,year for nothing, andI by his girl friend duringan :.For. :. Parties r Banquets. Meetings
CONNIE LLOYD am going to get for
you at
: argument 848 E. 1st
1v '
STEVENS_ .." NOLAN TCI it, Eason quoted Mack -as Street, police reported. Hours-, p.m. to 12 Midnight
udanSiade. saying. Eason said he ran Police said Mrs. Etta :
Mae 1446 X Myrtle Ave.
vPER) MgR E :S6n.TECHNIWIOR'twuWARNER; BRas.Plii and in his attempt to Williams, of 1050 Grant I. ,
: escape he heard a shot and Street walked up to Benjamin ---
.'. 2RdHit was hit. A few seconds
I Young and told him ,
l ___S61ftv.PO5'Jl01. '- 'KHlERftUHTBLASr later he heard another shot, to come and go home with PREMiERDiscount
G .. but was not hit the. 'second her, and when he. refused,
ruu.- time, he said.
a few words were exchangedand
-Visit The Store That's Fell If f GOBI_! THigs To Eat- The wounded man said he she stabbed him in the 'Center

r Bf ran on home and told his chest and ran.

PORK RIBS 1) ___...UllTG8A1m1T1RQOSE'lEl daughter to go and get his Police Sgt. Gilbreath
39C wife, he was taken to Duval arrested the
3 Down.Ib. T, Sunday Medical Center by .taxicab, 1st Street woman and at booked 1019E. G;: Korey Variety

Ibm Tues.. police-' reported
her on disorderly conduct
.WaterGroun '. Patrolmen M. Young and E. :a'nd fighting wmth a knife __ .1822 W. Beaver Street -

Jefferson, ntestigated. charges. Young was taken -

CORN ME t.14C' to Duval Medical Center in Bobbie Pins 1 -
****stees *
police ambulance. He told Safety Pins -
police he would.sign warrant .Panties
UA HIT BY UNKNOWN investigatingofficers Large 8 inch Comb ,-- -- :

-PURE LARD3iLarge said Ball Point Pens. .5Ladies
IIIS Alfonso Williams, 38, of Patrolmen'J.B. Gladen andB. 2
Jars' 1114 W. 22nd Street was E. Baxter investigated.Classified Shoe Laces 10 I
: 'I iSanHarjfjWash '

Girls Stretch Socks ,.

I KCHO S .5' 9. SILENCE i .1 Ladies Stretch Socks 15 ct' ;_ .

Center. -, .. Cuts LB. .. C. Childrens Stretch Socks. Cloths 7 It
y _- 'SKYVIEW, Sun. Riff' PATRONIZE WANTED Cotton Socks of all.sl. es No Limit ,

Wilson f -" Thru Tues.:. R f P'AdjsuI: '- -lOTS.( FOR COLORED x Men & Boys Stretc Belts .'
1. 00' ..
IJOLOGNA3 Ibs. $1; Audie MurphY, In' .
", Cash Paid Men's Shorts Each ,39ct. boys Shoes $11 1 88.
Johnnie' .

>White .artd. i. All-Uodern Conveniences 430 W. MONROE SI EU-3 --- -
I .. -1494.
2 PC ,
BACON 2 I ibs,4DC .,,""KING of THE. 'ROARING 20'$"1 i Call Rooms., El By*\6-7596.Oayf; Nite, 741H.pr reek West WANTED Men Stretch Socks 25 costums$1 29

p vm$395$ cash ion.1 .,jtel!!! Ashley Street. tW IRONING work, Mon. Tues. Reg .59, Res $ .,
Thurs. and Fri. Exp. '

.' ou fall rw Witt cHau(1 Honest. Call' EL 4-1164. .
.....- .' -. ._ '. .. 'Toonibs & Burton WANTED

:t 3'i --:--:: \. '__-'- 'd&'tvlcl J1 Out $udluJj." Matured married couple or
T. .',..:' ...Y Elderly Lady to occupy aSUPER
: S ;
: > 2117 Wiihart Street furnished apartment ,
.e : .r \. .:' :.: TefephoaVfUndertile g.f211 r'. : References preferred MARKETS
5- : :i,cks ,!_ 7FlorjdaHOUSABOOK_ : Call 3562288.
: .' 1
; r
..' (.
1)i' "
.. .., 'd ;) ::: ': ... AUTO Truck Driver wanted to do .
; .;': .. sSRYtC E CHUCK ROAST 39 l
',: ..' f1I7, GENERAL, AUTO REPAIR Local distances Hauling. No long, J
[: > : Good Salary I
.f : J' ", J:. W..HOUGABOOK. MechanIc Call PI 9-1271 FLORID G -
t361.Klngi: i Read I M& 4-3659 T|
.tr7" _.. I. FRESH HENS 19G Ib
:: ,:\". -. V I \. S. .', I I\ ) .REPAIR[ SERViC i [/. : B"eaufjr'oporators &Barbers} '

Will repair venetian !bl sand 'are wanted to New
: :guarantee up lBtering! Jrood Beauty iHOIIY-J'' MAXWELL ,
:done with fabt"t cs'at Millprices. t ( ]
-fcksr #PIPF; ; 111 1 : Free estimates ,! Ashley-fit,. Call EL .]
: on
:; 'if:' ( < : work '" ... J-S
> '/, -\ <./;> Anderson. > HOUSE COFFEE '
"" :, -" -
CDfCOOK.f: > ,P -. .:. i : ;MILTON (BUTTERBALL. SMITH, '.y-> ." --'- -
: : :/'<:i :: F ..d 8. Shoemaker .- -- "rI
,; : :
;,s-: '''': .' -... '. Listen To ,:/ : 43O W. 11b. bag 39C
< Monroe
.... '"-,; .. >. r ;-,,;:.,, '," .:: .Sf 5. ,

... .. : f.* !o :. ,.':<- /-c \ S 1E1 .-7494. "' '. with $5.00 or. more. food. order .
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403 BELFORT, STREET -- -- ------- -- 2 BR 1 BATH RED TOMATOES
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.... 422 BELFORT STREET 4. > 5 BR 2 BATH .
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403 IIOOCL4AN{ AVENUE-=- -------- -- 5 BR 1 BATH
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317 BELFORT STREET ----- 3 BR 1 BATH ii 303 cans. limit 2 witb $5.00 or more food. ..order
1810 .E,,?OTH, STREET : --------.r; -tBR i BATH .
i 1506 'E: 27TH STREET ---------- --p/2'BR 1 BATH
to .' McKenzie Fresh Frozen Greens.MUSTARDS.


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".:i .-: 331 STOCKTON' ST DUPLEX
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>s.".,..." :f "* 310 ACOSTA ST. DUPLEX( .. COLLARDS V

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